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Hey, what's up, guys, it's big cat.


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We recap the games. We have our Super Bowl. Fifty five match up ready to go. The Tampa Bay Bucs are hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. We're going to talk about that. We got Conor McGregor big fight on Saturday night.


A little Coach K. You like it, Hank? Little Coach K, he's back. You know he's back. We're going to do it all, though.


A football Monday on part of my take. Also, just a reminder, it technically is the start of birthday week. So, yeah, it is birthday week, really. Technically it's birthday week. My birthday Saturday. Sunday, Danny Woodhead somewhere in between.


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Ten dollars. The today is Monday, January twenty fifth championship Sunday.


We start in the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field with the Battle of the Bays as Bruce Springsteen's Aryan's Offense was born in the USA by Bob Evans ordered a famous Super Bowl as he pulled his sausage out early and feasted. Scotty Miller Lite couldn't be bottled up and Aaron Rodgers had a hard time slugging it out with Davonte. Sam Adams, Boston vlogger Tom Brady has another couple of weeks of putting out weird videos and thankfully, unlike twenty seventeen, his thumbnail is intact.


Matt Loeffler confused his order of operations and made a subtraction by addition, multiplying the vision that has sprung up with his exponentially negative quarterback. Aaron Rodgers is the world's foremost atheist, and today it proved that Chris Godwin's Buccaneers thirty won the Green Bay Packers.


Twenty six womp, womp, womp Takakura study water.


Daryl Williams saw his defense and said, Let's go, Prasada and let's get down here and Mahomes Mahomes Mahomes Mahomes Holmes Maltravers, Kelsey Holmes tonight. It's going to be a good night working out the jars and Josh was working out the car. Josh Josh outplayed Funky and was clopping that Tyler base after that missed extra point. While baby it's cold outside, Beasley had to cut vegetables to stick around so they could score at the end the night. And then our tribute to our sort of starving president William Henry Harrison.


Booker said Hail to the Chiefs and ensure that they do well at least last until February before being buried Yankee Doodle Dandy. Reid put another feather in his cap and we'll be calling his late night dinner macaroni as Danica Patrick Mahomes is excited. He doesn't have a date with Aaron Rodgers. Next week kicks thirty eight pounds playful. All right. Championship Sunday in the books.


Super Championship, Super Championship, Sunday, Super Bowl set.


We got the Bucs and the Chiefs. Should we do?


What's that line? Real quick? Let's do that. OK, what's the line up? Right. I haven't looked at. All right. What's the line? What's the line?


Favorite game that is going to be the Chiefs. Three and a half. Yep. You nailed it. You nailed it. Is it really. Yeah. You're really good. You're really good at this game. I swear to God. I know. I believe you. It's crazy. I believe you. What's the overunder you would think would be better? A gambler who.


It's over under over under fifty six oh fifty seven percent.


Still pretty good. That was smart to show that you didn't cheat on the line. Yeah, that's fucking galaxy Brianna. All right. Super Bowl.


Fifty five. So fucking good at what's the line. And when it comes time to place a bet I'm at like thirty seven percent. You should be on the other side of the table. You should be the odds. That's right. Yeah.


All right. So we are set. We're going to recap both games. Let's start with the NFC championship game. The Buccaneers. Thirty one, the Packers twenty six.


This game, I don't know where you want to start because there's so much to talk.


I feel like we have to start at the big part of it, the most cowardice field goal of all time. Matt Leffler, I do not understand what you're doing. I actually now this is my love of like the best day of the year is when the Packers lose in the playoffs, because I know the Bears aren't good enough to ever be in the playoffs, but they were this year, whatever, but they weren't good enough to be there. You're right.


Not good enough to be there. But I watch Matt LaFleur press conference and all he could pretty much say was it's a process, the process. It's a process. This is a process. We'll go back and look at the process.


But the decision to kick a field goal with two, ten to fifteen left, three timeouts down, eight on the seven yard line fourth and goal so that you can seemingly go from down one or down one score to down. One score or needing a touchdown to needing a touchdown and then kick it back to the box and hope you get a stop, which you would have had to get anyway if you didn't get the fourth, if you can get the fourth down and you still need a touchdown was so beyond.


I actually we were on a live stream in the barstool sports here in Detroit. I made the joke like, do you kick a field goal here? People like, no. And I was like, dude, I was joking. Like, obviously you don't. And then they did.


I'll tell you exactly what the process was from Matt LeFleur, because I know what he was thinking in that situation. He was thinking three points is better than zero points. That's that's all that's as far as his brain went. He should blame the chart. I don't know if he's blamed the chart yet, but as we've said on the show, if you just have a chart to blame, then you absolve yourself of responsibility. Like, listen, the software told me, do it, not my fault.


I call the process, but the process did it. It was the process is call.


But it was it was really dumb. It was. I mean, I still can't believe that had happened. It would have been better if he had missed the field goal. Yeah. Because at least that would have been better field position. Yeah. Right. Maybe that's what he was thinking. Like, OK, this is just basically a punt that I can ensure we'll get down inside, what, the ten yard line.


So that's one way to think about it. But it doesn't make any sense at all. None. Zero. I've tried so hard to understand what he was thinking and I can't find a way to like wrap my head around it because again, if you go for it and you don't get it, you have to get a stop.


If you kick a field goal and then kick off, you have to get a stop. You have to get a stop. Either way, there's only one way that you could potentially tie the game, and that's going for it. It just like, you know, let's play a little game. How bad was Malphurs field goal? I'll tell you how bad it was.


We got a classic Rick Riley tweet from it. Yeah, that's not bad. I'm glad you're bringing this. Not so bad.


So Rick Riley tweeted, kicking a field goal while you while you're down eight helps you the way a ham sandwich helps you when you're drowning. Yeah, dumbest move ever. Hashtag love fail. That's how bad it was when Rick Riley brings out his fucking material, too.


Yeah, he just went into his garage and he opened up his toolbox and sitting at the top was a ham sandwich while drowning tweet. Yeah. And he was like, here we go. Going to pull this out. It really deserves it in this situation. That's when, you know, you've when Rick Warren is doing his dumb jokes to tell you how dumb you are, you've reached it. That is universally the dumbest move.


Yeah. Or if your mama, Cass, the ham sandwich can accomplish both at the same time. True. But yeah, Rick Reilly, not only that was the tweet incredible, but it was also a classic Rick rally like two hours late.


Yeah. It came at halftime. He's in said he's in Italy, so he's up really late at night trying to figure that one out.


It was it was also preposterous. It was your first call just on the record, like if you are drowning, I would rather have a ham sandwich than not. You don't want to eat well, you don't want to swim on an empty stomach. Right.


But like, if you're if you're you know, if you're if you're dead, like you're dying. Right.


I would rather have one last bite of a ham sandwich that have one less bite. Nothing. Right.


So it's like at the end of of the town when Jeremy Renner takes out one last sip of the soda before he gets shot.


Yeah, I got you.


That makes if you said I could have nothing more ham sandwich while drowning, give me the ham sandwich. Yes. And bread for that floats. Everyone, you can maybe sit on the ham sandwich for a few seconds, maybe get yourself a few seconds more life. Yeah.


Don't recall. That was great.


So we not only do we have Rick Riley weigh in, we actually we had America's two most big thinkers, big picture thinkers weighing one, Rick Riley to Billy football, because as we're struggling to figure out why they kicked this field goal, Billy says, I think I figured out the fourth down field goal situation.


Buckle up. OK, OK, here we go. A touchdown on fourth down plus two point conversion plus defensive stop for overtime was less likely to win than three points on fourth down and an onside kick or a defensive stop. Two minute warning, three time outs plus touchdown for a win. So kicking the field goal is the best path to win. That makes no sense.


It makes it makes zero sense.


I'm glad Billy's at home crunching the numbers because you still need to stop either. So if Billy was crunching the numbers like that, wouldn't the best way to go about it is to actually score the touchdown, not get the two point conversion? Yes. Stop them and then kick a field goal for while.


I was actually going to say in Billy's mind, it's it's right, but it's wrong because like you could argue that there's like some sort of math percentage. If they had scored the touchdown right there and then completely botched the extra point, that almost would be better for yes, we better be in the lead a yes.


Either way. Either way.


So, Billy, I admire your passion. Billy, thank you for your passion. But it was it was it was so dumb.


And you brought up the Dan Quinn field goal. So, yeah, that's actually a stat. So I joke about it. It's joke that I've never let die, but I think today is actually the day I have to let it die. And call it now on that loffler, so if you're a longtime listener of the show, Dan Quinn in twenty fifteen on fourth and goal from like the two down four kicked a field goal and then kick the ball back to the forty Niners.


So the Packers are the first team to attempt a field goal when trailing by four to eight points in the final three minutes of a game since Dan Quinn did that on November 8th, 2015. So I think today's the day. It is officially that the torch has been passed up, that it is now a matter of law.


All right. Here's a wild stat, big cat.


Do you know who the quarterbacks coach was for that game? Matt, before it was Matt LaFleur we got. So he had his hands.


Yes. The coaching tree of Dan Quinn must be watered from time to time with the tears of sorrow.


He was like, Wait, I've been in this situation before. Oh, yeah. Kick a field. Yeah. So you can blame Dan Quinn for how this happened. It is true.


There's a direct parallel between the two satis field goals of all time.


We should probably talk a little bit about, well, let's talk about the Eagles. Let's get to the bucks in a minute, because we've got to do a lot of bucks. They won. But let's finish with let's talk a little more packers in that. What about the third down? Well, all right. So right. So the field goal decision was baffling, stupid, moronic, but it wasn't really the reason why the Packers lost the game.


Now, Packers fans will obviously talk about the pass interference, which there was a phantom pass interference call to end the game. And there's also a pass interference call that probably should have gone their way on. Aaron Rodgers.


And I don't I don't think you can say it is a phantom passer. If it was to end the game, he grabbed his shirt, he grabbed the flop.


It was a flop. Like that's like that's what I would like to agree with you, but I know that the screenshots will get me because the screenshots are really bad on it where he's like he stretches his jersey out to like a triplex.


I'm being I'm being totally unbiased, like I'm very, very happy the Packers lost. It was a joy to watch that game. I bet on the box. I love the Bucs all week. There was a joy, truly a joy. But I'm putting myself in the shoes of a Packers fan for this one second. And I think that that is a reasonable call to be upset about. It's not going to go your way. It's a fifty fifty like you could have seen them not calling that, you know what I mean?


Like, if they didn't see the Bucs are furious. Oh, he did. He flopped. But the the Packers lost the game. In my mind when Tom Brady throws back-to-back interceptions and the Packers go six passes, two punts. Yeah. That's when that one makes no sense to me. They, they that's where Matt before maybe trusting Aaron Rodgers a little too much. And that was where like when you get to back to back interceptions and you get nothing out of it besides punts, not even timewasting like nothing, not even a little bit of drive.


That's where you point to. And you're like, that's where you lost the game. Yeah, I actually think that they lost the game before that. I think they lost the game at the end of the first half. Yeah.


Win win on that. I think it was a third down. They did the Gregg Williams defense though.


So it was for it was it was a double, it was back to back big balls by Bruce Arians. So his fourth down. Yep. And like four or five, maybe even six on plus field for them. 13 seconds left. They go for it, get it and then the next play they throw deep. That's right in the Packers were just terrible covid so they were in single high safety, they had press coverage. So it was like Gregg Williams without the all out blitz.


It was a little Dr. Heat. Right. It was like we're just going to put one guy back there in the middle of the field. He's not going to be able to make it over. Scott, it was Scotty time. That's what we kept saying was. And then it dawned on me it was like it should be Miller time. Yeah, but it's like a clock.


Antonio Brown where now I remember Scottie Time more than the nickname that I should have said, but it was a terrible defensive call.


Awful, awful. And at that point it was like, yeah, if you're going to have Scottie Miller running behind you, all he does is score touchdowns.


Scottie Miller is not going to catch like three yards slant in that situation. Right. He's going deep. He's going to turn on the burners. He's going to try to go deep.


And to give that up, it went into halftime. I think there's twenty one ten. That's when the game was.


There was no there was no timeouts. So they only they either scored touchdown or the half silver. And Mike Payton definitely deserves a lot of blame like this is back to back NFC championship games where they got exposed.


And I still I don't understand for the life of me, like Jason Alexander is one of the best cornerbacks in the league. And half the time he wasn't guarding either Chris Godwin or Mike Evans is like, what are you doing? Yeah, you know, I mean, when when when a team puts a cornerback on one side, like, let's lock down this side. But Mike Evans and Chris got a really fucking good. And, you know, I thought the Brady wasn't like great.


Those interceptions weren't great, but I felt like the Bucs had a great gameplan offensively. Overall taking shots, playoff LENNI playoff, Lenny's run.


That run was awesome. He tried very hard to get tackled for negative one yard run. If you don't tackle playoff linae for negative one yard, he's going to get at least six or seven on you.


But the the unit to me is the Bucs defense deserves way more credit like they were. And this was it was clear that the. Packers' Mth Bakhtiyari a lot because shabbier and GVP like that was a revolving door. I think you've got three sacks. It was crazy. He had an all time game fingers all the time game. Yeah.


And then the dude on the Packers was playing with the Omeish Club, GPP. You see that thing. Yeah, that was like the size I was Mega Man's hand that you shouldn't be allowed to play with that.


But we talked about this last week and since the Bucs was hit hard, like they're fucking Invicta vedova, how the fuck is for you to be out there?


He broke, so he shattered his ankle. Two months ago. We watched that game was a Thursday night game against the Bears week five. And I thought he was going to be out there maybe for, I don't know, a few snaps. I feel like he never came off the field.


All I know is I'm going up to the attic right now. I'm opening up the old wooden box that I've got up there. I'm blowing dust off it and I'm taking out my take that I retired like three years ago.


Todd Bowles, great coach. Yeah. Todd Bowles, top eight.


It was. Yeah, it was a great he once you won 10 games on the Jets, forget that torture game one year, I think in one year. Yeah. Really.


Todd Bowles is a very good I think it was it was two years one.


Well his last two years combined with that he also total I think he won ten games at some point. Did he. Making that up entirely.


I think you're tired.


I don't I don't think I would retroactively really making that statistic to fit one of my harebrained Terry cat. That doesn't seem. I'm looking it up, probably did win 10 games, OK? Yeah, and then he won five games, five, four. That's top ten but ten games.


Look at that and then everything. But that was not accepted. That wasn't with his recruits. It wasn't. No. So he's got to go to a team is loaded right now. Yeah. He's got to go to Ohio State. Yeah. And then he'll be fine. But yeah.


Todd, those great typos, he should, he should get another shot.


He outcoached them on defense. The Buxton's was great. Tom Brady, this is a big time.


No one's going to talk about those three interceptions game. Yeah, those are going to get washed. Those are going to get those are going to get under the rug. We'll never discuss it again. And they all started to happen once the sun started to go down. And it holds true. And it's also going to be for the reply, guys, you know, the the spam reply guys that have either little fraud. Yeah. Stats or the Tom Brady stats in there, like this year he like won this and they basically spin everything is these two are the most overrated people.


So you will definitely get three interceptions in the NFC championship game on that list. One last Packers note, Aaron Rodgers clearly wants out of Green Bay. Interesting.


I will. He said he's uncertain about his future because, again, I know I'm certain I know how sad this is to tell on myself that the best day of the year when the Packers lose in the playoffs, because it's all I have to look forward to as a football fan. But watching like the Packers Twitter meltdown, because Aaron Rodgers said like like if thanks. Thanks for a great season and and obviously blame Matt for for the field goal, which he should have.


I'm pretty sure Aaron Rodgers is going to be back on the Packers next year. I don't know you. Don't you think he said on certain?


All I know is that I'm very much looking forward to an off season speculation.


Yes, I'm looking forward to analyzing every single, like, facial expression that Aaron Rodgers makes, everything that he says to think that maybe he's going to leave town because I mean, maybe if he wants to follow in his footsteps, he should go to the bears instantly suck.


He would go somewhere else and then like on a two year deal and then go back to the division to go no further to the Vikings.


First Jets. I thought he went to the Vikings. No Jets? No. He went to suggest he went to the Jets.


So Aaron Rodgers, I didn't go to a championship because we ended Corey Wooten ended his career. Yeah, Vikings go to go to bat. Bad was so bad with the Jets. The Jets were so bad with him.


Yeah, maybe go, I don't know, go to the Panthers maybe and then send a few dick pics, get kicked out of town and then go to the bears. Yeah. Where you can beat. I could actually see him wanting to go back to the division just to beat the Packers if they don't treat him. I mean that was what.


Yeah, that was what Brett Favre wanted to do. I you ever seen the video? So I forgot he played one year, just one year for the Jets for some reason that like transition year, it was a leap year for him. But he had a I watch a video. So that game Corey Wooten ended his career on, like it was the year it was the two years that the Vikings were playing outdoors. And it was so cold. Devin Hester returned an awesome kick.


It was so cold, snowy like ended his career. Brett Favre tells the story that he just woke up in the locker room and asked the trainer was like, what happened? He's like, yeah, you got you got pretty dinged up there. And he's like, all right. And he ate two chili dogs and had a hot cocoa and just retired. And then it was the Joe Weber.


Yeah, yeah. That is definitely what Brett Favre thought.


Cure to concussion, too. Yeah, for sure. Chilidog. So even though Tom Brady had a pretty mediocre performance, he threw a lot of really threw some head scratchers.


There's some scratches that he got picked off three times, even though that happened at the end of the game.


And in situations like that, like at the end of the first half, when you have to like execute situationally and understand everything well, like where the ball needs to go. If you need to get out of bounds on this play, how quickly snap the ball when to use your timeouts, stuff like that.


Tom Brady is a fucking genius when he comes out and he doesn't he doesn't have the arm strength anymore. See, I think it's not bad, but it's not vintage Tom Brady.


He's just such a fucking genius when it comes to making those tiny decisions.


I actually don't I don't know if it's the arm strength, by the way. I think I think his arm strength is almost still there. It's it's weirdly like his his quickness in the in the pocket, like Tom Brady's greatest asset has always been that he can move in the pocket and avoid the pass rush pretty much better that like he has a sixth sense. And, you know, when like an analyst is like, oh, he's not a mobile quarterback, but he's the most mobile quarterback because he does actually do things.


He's he's got functional mobility. Yeah. That no one else can do. I think that has got lost like a tiny little step. Yeah. That makes it a little harder for the throws.


What's going on, Bubba. On TV. Yeah, there's a big cat. Dave Fire. That is pretty cool. Yeah.


Is it only on here in Michigan. And yeah, but he has lost a little on his arm, but I still think he can make all the throws. My point is, I think there's that little you know what I mean? When he's moving around in the pocket, it's just a tiny little bit slower.


But still and there are still there are a couple of times he hit the eject button as he was making a pass. I think there was a guy coming at him and he just, like, jumped away from him as he was doing. He's like, I don't want to get hit anymore.


But my my conspiracy theory is that I think that the TB 12 thing might be completely bogus in that I don't know how much the actual exercise he does, how much the diet he does, he probably doesn't even eat a special diet.


I think Tom Brady just spends all his time playing Madden and he created TV 12 to be like, this is the reason that I'm so good. And he just plays Madden constantly to figure out these end of game situations. Yeah, because he's so he's perfect in him. I can't remember the last time.


I mean. Well, I can when he was playing the Bears and he forgot what time it was.


Yeah that was that, that's a that's because of the Alzheimer's. That's not because of actually like knowing the situation of the game.


So I going to go the opposite way and maybe we should all be on the TV channel method because it's fucking insane that he's still playing. I mean, I've been drinking 400 ounces of water a day. It's insane. And the stats now that come out of this are like this is it's a joke now. So Tom Brady has played or participated in eighteen percent of all Super Bowls. Ten, ten super is his tenth Super Bowl. There's been fifty five total.


He has as many AFC championship wins sorry, NFC championship wins as Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers and Rex Grossman, who is trending no big deal. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees, by the way, have been in the NFC for like fifteen plus years.


Yeah, he has double the amount of playoff wins as the second best quarterback of all time. That's insane.


It's very true to Joe Montana. Sixteen. How that's fucking stupid. It's crazy.


When you put it like that, you can pretty much take three of the best quarterbacks of all time and combine their playoff wins. And Brady has more than them.


It doesn't matter which Brady has been in the NFC for one season. Tom Brady has as many NFC wins over NFC teams in the playoffs as Drew Brees. He complete career came in.


He cocked the NFC, he did Tampa Bay buccaneer.


It's fucking crazy. Like all these stats are insane. And I mean, is he ever going to stop? I have no idea. I honestly don't know.


So, I mean, if he becomes the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl in his home stadium, which, by the way, is so perfectly covid, I think I said a couple of months or a couple of weeks ago that we've been wanting this forever. Yeah. To be like what we'll be like, will we be fans? And then we get it the year that there are no fans.


Well, Bruce Willis Bruce can walk to the game and walk out after a few cocktails. But Brady in his home stadium, winning the Super Bowl in the NFC East. You have to think like, is he going to go into the Hall of Fame as a buccaneer?


That's a pretty big deal. If he does. That was in the NFC East or the NFC South. Yeah, sorry. But if he comes in and completely dominates the NFC, that's a that's a big deal. Wouldn't you agree that maybe like a Greg Maddux where he goes in is both? I don't think so.


Just as an NFL shield on his head.


No, it's just it's like it's it's just crazy that he's still doing this and that. I don't know. It's fucking insane.


The other people, it got, you know, clouded by the federal decision.


But the Buccaneers kick returner inexplicably getting the ball and sliding and getting that windy average time out like I was.


I was so mad that to that to play it was field goal to that was just like what's going on right now? It was actually a really, really fun, entertaining game. Yeah. Because, like, think about all the touchdowns. They were just big play touchdowns, playoff lunney fucking doing crazy shit.


I if you're I don't know what like Packers like this is now. How many more shots does Aaron Rodgers have. Maybe none. And Davante Adams had not the best game those they were trying to force.


Devonta, they were trying to make Davante Adams happen a lot, especially at that end of the game sequence.


I think they threw the ball to him like three times. I know going into the game, Matt LeFleur, he had the mindset of like no one's talking about how great Devante Adams is, right.


Because, well, to be fair, I didn't realize that he had eighteen touchdowns this year, which is great. I thought he had like fourteen, thirteen. But he's he is like the best receiver in the NFL. At least this year. You could make that argument.


He and he had so many I saw a chart. I think it was like nine games where he scored first. So the TD prop, like first to score. Yes. Was usually like plus 400 plus five hundred, but it like ended up being like plus two fifty for anybody.


Yeah. It's crazy. He's had such a good year and LeFleur going in this game had a big mindset of like no one's talking enough about Devante Adams. And so he was trying to force the ball to him a lot. He he was absolutely trying to like steer in this direction. And the Buccaneers defense kind of recognizing the Buccaneers defense keyed on them.


And yeah, I think I mean. Obviously, the floor got outcoached, I thought I made the statement that the Packers threw that game, you could go back, watch it from start to end.


There was a lot of there were a lot of decisions that were made. No, that made absolutely zero sense to the.


So one last note on on there. Wide receiver Marta Marquez, Valdes Scantlin, who I said was going to drop a big ball, actually played the best game for, like any of their position players. He was he was pretty, pretty good in handling big plays and was open a lot of the Packers.


If your Packers fan the worst part about this loss, and I hate to remind you of it, but this was truly the Packers beating the Packers like they beat themselves. That was a very winnable game throughout. And they made those mistake, like, again, going back to the fact that they didn't score, they didn't get even a first down off two interceptions, back-to-back interceptions. And you don't get a first down. You can't win like that.


Their clock management was also weird, too. Throughout the entire game. They they would run the clock down the play clock down to one or two zero before they stopped the ball. There was like zero sense of urgency at all the whole time, even at the end on that last drive, like, yes, you can score here, but still you need you need to be urgent. Like this is the end of the game. Yeah, it was really bizarre what they were doing.


So I'd like to I'd like to officially take back when I said that Sean McVay was no longer the top tier from the floor, I think.


Yeah. Owned real quick. Sean McVay would never get close enough to scoring a touchdown against the Tom Brady team to decide for a field goal.


Yes, that was I still I still cannot believe that. I still cannot believe that any other things on this game. I'm the one last that I had. The Brady stat, which is crazy, is that he's played in the NFL, starting in the NFL for twenty seasons. He's gone to Tennessee rules.


That's literally half the time. That's so it's just half the time.


Incredibly selfish. That's so fucking stupid.


Oh we didn't bring this up when it came to Rick Riley's tweet, the hashtag LA Fail.


No I said that. Yeah but hashtag feel I looked it up.


He's the only person that use the hashtag. Oh, why didn't more people do that. People need to jump on it. That's a hashtag. That's really the process.


The process betrayed Battleford today. Yeah. It's as simple as that. Get a new charbroil.


Yeah it's man that was I still I was looking for someone to explain it to me. I still can't. Maybe someone someone explain it to me tomorrow morning. Tell me exactly in the dumbest terms possible why it made any sense whatsoever.


I think you have to find somebody that's just as dumb as Matt or maybe move forward. Just tell me he I don't think he's going to I think he knows he screwed up.


Oh, man, I love when coaches make mistakes like that and they have to go and explain it and it ruled when he was just like, we got a process and we just got to follow the process, like, OK, cool, dude.


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OK AFC Championship game. I wrote down.


Woops not woop woop.


Woops I forgot how fucking good Patrick Mahomes the Chiefs are. I, I'm going to put my hand up. I fucked up. I took a Mikac for Caron Butler. Ryan Gomez is like two hundred sixty five pounds out of high school. Not bad.


Not bad. I fucked up. I got swept up in Bill's Mafia, I got swept up in our friend Josh Allen, who we love dearly. I got swept up in the new guy on the block.


I got swept up in the fresh new thing. That's fun. That's giving you joy. All year. I forgot that Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback on Earth right now. Andy Reid is pretty damn good. Travis Kelce, he's the best tight end.


And Tyreek Hill is literally impossible to tackle or stop.


And when you have Kelce and Hill on all cylinders, then you run out of things to do when Michael Hardman's playing well. Yeah. So you, you need one guy to fuck up on that one that affects.


Well they're good. We've got the chiefs are great.


We talked, I don't know how they do this, but when they're on offense the field looks like they're playing on like it's twice as wide as a regular field because they're able to spread you out so much and then you're guarding these really fast guys on the outside. Guess what? Kelce is wide open down the middle for six yards every time Tyreek Hill when he runs with the ball he ruins football for me. Yeah he's legal. He pretty. It's illegal.


You wonder why he runs football. Because then when they hand the ball off to Daryl Williams, you're like that dude's running under water.


Slow motion. He's the slowest person I've ever seen.


Tyreek Hill he he jukes flag it every step. Flog it. I'm going, I'm going back to the Packers when they do illegal shit like Tiriel run so fast. If you're a ref throw a flag, maybe take a review. I don't know what you're reviewing but it's too fast. Yeah he is literally speeding, it's speeding and you should be like pull them over and be like, hey Tyreke you can't. It's not fair trying to guard Tyreek Hill in the open field, trying to tackle him once he gets the ball.


It's more dangerous for defenders then a cut block than a block from behind. You're more likely to get injured trying to keep up with that guy.


Well and he also he did his Tyreek Hill fake injury does the human body is not.


He is in for that many Dukes square foot. He is the king of that because I as someone who been on the bills, I don't root for injuries.


But when he got he had like that sixty year run and he came up a little gimpy as I go and then I forgot. Oh yes Tyreek Hill. He does that every single time.


He has a long run but I waps I fucked up like the chiefs are so fucking good and yes. Guess what. Turns out they can flip the switch, they can flip it whenever they want. It doesn't really matter. You know I went back to how they weren't playing well down the stretch. It wasn't just the playoffs. People were saying, well didn't you see it last year? Yes, I saw it last year. Last year they were still killing teams.


The regular season down the stretch. This year, they looked weird like that foul I watch up maybe was a Falcons game that got too much of my head where they should have lost. Had a couple like that, though.


Yeah, they had a couple of weird games. So I was in the same mindset where, like, I always knew that the switch was there and they could flip of course.


But, but I forgot that that is that it flips so hard. Right, because they flip the fuck out of the switch.


Shorted switch. Yeah. They shorted the breakers, they broke that. We had to go, we had to go in the basement and and feel like an electrician. Yeah. And switch it and be like, honey, we got up, we fixed it. That talk about like low key things will make you feel super manly going to the breakers and just flipping it back and forth, you know, fix all the lights in the house, changing an air filter.




It should take you like two minutes to do. It'll probably take you like fifteen or twenty if you like me. But when you're done, you're like I'm basically a father figure right now.


I'm Philip Rivers.


It's I every time I do it, I'm just. I do. Yeah. Tim Allen. It's nice. Yeah. Scratch my scratch the hair on my chest. What about him man.


What about when you just hammer one nail into the wall to hang a picture. Oh yeah.


It's got to be the kind of picture that has the wire across the back. Yup. I can't like break the ruler out level and make sure that the two holes are in the right spot.


But yeah. Pounding one nail, flipping the switch.


I've been doing a lot of placing a light bulbs. Yeah. Light bulb. I've been doing a lot of like baby proofing around my house. So it's just it's the easiest thing. Baby proofing is actually like a baby could do it installing these things. And every time I do it, I'm like another fucking job well done.


I mean, one day I hope to replace the the fridge light bulb that's been out for two years now. I'll get around to fuck it. All right. So so it was chiefs are back.


It was these chiefs right now are those chiefs that we remember, the chiefs that can score at will.


Like I don't know how you keep up with them. I don't think that you can. And the bills offense wasn't good tonight. No, they were bad tonight.


Josh was off. He was all he had. They had to have the perfect game to beat these chiefs. And I don't I don't think that game exists right now. No.


So there's a couple of things. Are the bills offense? Like Josh, I was off. He was missing guys a little bit.


The whole blitz fucked him up like it. They called the chiefs fucking what's his name? Spagnola, who just he just rotates around the NFL. He's one of those guys. Yeah. He he had a perfect game plan for them because it felt like I mean, Josh Allen usually is good for one thirty yard sack. He had a few tonight. He. The league and dropping back, almost getting sacked, stiff arming somebody, yeah, and then them, like twirling him around for a while as he looks for a receiver to throw the ball to 50 yards downfield and then eventually getting sacked or just like in the graphs, graphs call it, because it happens like four or five times a game to where he never hits the ground.


But he's sacked for like 30 yards.


Yeah, right. And it's it's just the bills were the chiefs were just really good. They they played great defense. They played incredible offense. Obviously. I just man, it sucked.


It just really wanted it to be was another one where he left that. What is it we've got to Ilive instead of Ninja Warrior? Yes. Katy Perry's tweeting about going vegan. Oh, she's not. She's 95 percent ready to go 100 percent vegan.


Oh, and I kind of like that. Ninety five percent ready to go. Go 100 percent. Yeah, sure. So am I.


Yeah, I'm right. I'm you know what, I'm. Ninety six ninety six percent ready. I probably won't ever reach all the way so I don't know how you stop chiefs it. It is impossible. The fact that Kelsey had 13 catches for one hundred eighteen yards and Tony Romo even said it was like you got to do something different, like yeah. Maybe try to hit him. What do you do? I don't know. He basically was saying to her was essentially saying one of your D linemen needs to assault him.


Like, that's the only solution.


I think that Patrick Mahomes is also the most flexible quarterback in terms of just like his body is able to, like, turn in weird angles as he's throwing the ball, he's like Gumby back.


That toe was totally fine. The toe is not fine. I mean, they had that one design run for him. And you looked a little corny. I mean, he was totally fine.


Well, yeah, I'm sure they gave him the painkilling injection. You can't have one like within span two weeks. Right. You can have two pain killing injections.


I'm choosing the Russian jumpsuit, by the way.


OK, yeah. So was the bet was that he thought petulance wasn't going to play because of a concussion toe. Then it sort of became he wasn't going to be good ish.


I was just grasping at straws at the end.


And then I used I took some of that energy and threw it into my bills are going to basically we could not have from I was trying to find reasons to justify my my heart and direction, wanting to bet on the ball from start to finish.


I don't think that PFG and I combined could have gotten the game worse than this one. Yeah, like we just totally we were we Kevin Chili did it. We just spilled chili all over ourselves. It was bad. And then we watch bedroom's just dunk us in chili over and over and over and over.


We say if the chiefs convert that fourth and one or third in one play where they just throw it to the guy like on the out route for the fifth time in a row, no, I become an NFL coach.


I probably wrote it down. I showed it to like this happened the last two weeks. And they did the exact same play twice in a row.


It's the Tyreek Hill doing like Tyreek Hill going out to the flat, do a quick juk. Going out to the flat is the most guaranteed play in all of sports. I think at this point it it does not feel like you can defend it now. I don't know. He has to like he's tried yet. I know he's so quick but he can run just so much fast. I think it's put three guys on.


You just have to unless he drops and just to say to the outside of them and then hope that he doesn't cut and hope that, like, I don't know what to do because you can't run with them.


So I guess you just like you line up two yards close to the sideline and Tyreek Hill is I think you can be like, OK, I'm just going to be here and hopefully they'll like somebody will tip the ball, they try to throw it across the finish.


I think they need to do last boyscout, they just got to bring a handgun gun. You got to have one player gets a gun and they stop the ball and you don't don't I'm not saying you should shoot Tyreek Hill, but you should pull it out and like hands up and hopefully he'd be like go that way. It slows him down a little bit because he's still going to get in his route and probably catch the ball.


You filter him into double coverage with the gun. There's no, there's no other way. It's just so good.


And when Michael Hardman gets the ball and he's running it when he has the ball, he's the first guy on the field. Yeah. You should not be allowed to have two guys like that.


All right.


So we got to talk about Sean McDermott and his field goal decisions. But before that, I. I noticed something with Patrick Mahomes.


And so in the first half, it felt like the bills were a like a hair away from tackling him three or four times.


He's usually in third down. They were so close. And I was saying to myself, oh, my God, if the bills can just get home once or twice, this will like this could actually work for them. And then it dawned on me, no, you fucking idiot. It's not that the bills are that close. It's a Patrick Mahomes is so good at knowing when to get rid of the ball and how to move in the pocket, that he gives the illusion that the defense is that close to getting him.


But they're never that close to getting they are never close to actually getting consistent like pressure on him where he can't get these throws off. He's just making it seem like that because he lets his progressions go so far and his arm is so good and he can throw from any, like, stance that it just all works.


So a lot of times with Mahomes will do is he'll beat the defender to running at a spot right where they'll think that they're about to sack him. So he'll like he'll pull the Olian, right.


Put himself in harm's way. It's incredible using himself as the bait.


And then at the last second, he's like, well, I knew that you were going to take a step in this direction. Now I'm safe home here.


But you always think like, oh, my God, we're so close. We almost got him. You never were close. You knew they were. Never close because he he knows exactly what he's doing and he knows that he can make all the throws from all the angles, no problem.


I think you get a gun for Tyreek Hill and you get a lasso for Mahomes, maybe a chainsaw for Kelsey.


Yeah. Yeah. You're gonna need some heavy duty shit. We the only way to beat the Chiefs is to actually kill them off to kill somebody when someone needs to die.


And until that happens, it's I don't see how the Bucs beat them.


All right. So here here's the here's the only thing I'll throw out. I'm going to probably bet the Chiefs Erik Fisher went out with an injury. Yeah. Look like an Achilles. We saw what happened when the Packers didn't have their tackle with Bakhtiyari. I'm just saying that would be the only thing that makes me a little nervous because the Bucs pass rush. I know we just did that whole speech, but they do have some fucking dudes who can get after the quarterback and with a bit of a now, like taking up seventeen, like he just takes up space.


That's the only thing I would throw out there. I think you're looking at it right now. No, I'm not. I'm going to take the chiefs. I'm just saying, if you're looking for a way to take the bucks, I do think missing Eric Fisher because they already are missing Mitchell Schwartz is a little that's important. One wouldn't feel coming back for the bucks.


You're also overlooking the chiefs dudes, because they've got some dudes on defense. To Chris Jones and Frank Clark, there's no confirmed dudes, but the Bucs offensive line has done a pretty good job. And the bucks, like Antoine Winfield Junior being out today was significant like that. He's been very, very good for them as a safety. No, hopefully get him back. I again, I'm not going to make the same mistake that I just made. I feel so stupid when when Patrick Mahomes does what he does.


So I'm not going to make the same mistake I'm going to bet on. My bet is the chiefs.


I'm just giving people, if you're looking for it, if you're looking for something to be like, oh, maybe I think Eric Fisher's injury could be that.


Yeah, if you look for something to be like maybe just be like Tom Brady, it's Tom Brady. Yeah, he's he's one.


But I think you have some homes where he's been in the Super Bowl ten times in twenty years. Right. Patrick Mahomes so is so what happens?


What happens if Tom Brady beats Mahomes? Let's get to some legacy talk. Yeah. If Brady beats Mahomes, I feel like Mahomes has to win two more Super Bowls and Tom Brady to be considered as good as he was.


Yes, wait, so moms that have harmony, so like if Tom Brady beats Mahomes in the Super Bowl nine, it adds another one.


Two more. Yeah, two more because the head to head tiebreaker has to go to Brady.


Well, I don't know if it was nine, though. I don't know if it's it's a weird or whatever we can do that. We have two weeks to do that, to be OK. If Brady does win, though, he will officially have more Super Bowl wins in any franchise in the NFL. That's stupid.


If Mahomes 127, if Mahomes wins, he'll be the first quarterback to win either MVP or Super Bowl in each of his first three seasons. And it will also be the youngest quarterback to win multiple Super Bowls.


It's also a dynasty. It's also officially a dinosaur. The Chiefs won this, right? No, no. Three and three and five years.


No, if they want another one, they would if they won three in a row. Yeah, I think Dynasty is always three or four or three in a row.


It's three, three, three, four, five, two, three, four. You're only saying that because of the Patriots.


And that's they're both dinosaurs. Yes. Three or four or five is a dynasty.


Yeah. Well, we'll see how they might depend. We'll see how the toe holds. It went one one and then you missed two and the other team wins those two. Yeah.


So it does depend on because if there's an overlapping dynasty that that's still there, dynasty I think I just if he goes to for the Chiefs and then to for the Washington football team, one for the Chiefs and then three more for the football team, then that's the football team's dynasty.


Right, right. Right. That's decades. And the Pistons were not dynasties like the Rockets won two.


Oh, I think the rockets you were not. They were. There were not. They were mini dynasty. No, they weren't. But they weren't. No, there are many. No, you can't. Now, two back to back. It's not nice. There were many dynasty.


No. Yeah. Only Jordan. No, but you need to win more than two. I think you have to win. I think three's the threshold for a dynasty. Is there was it was the Pistons, er, well, no, then you get a decade, so you get a decade like like if the chiefs, the chiefs now have pretty much dibs on this upcoming decade. So we'll look back and be like that was the decade of the Chiefs.




But one of those wins was the twenty eighteen season. Right. But will it spill over. OK, so because obviously the Patriots were the the two previous decades probably. Although maybe a little. No, no.


Because no, that's the C C that's the part that we just figured it out just from that. If any other team had won three Super Bowls during that stretch. Yeah. They would have a little bit of claim, but that no one had more than two. So two is three is the threshold for a dynasty. OK, so like the Giants, you can't say the Giants have a claim for the last 20 years because the only one to.


And you know what you can say, though, about like the rockets or the Pistons, you can say like that they had a nice little run. The Rockets had a nice a nice little run. Their nice little run.


Right. Ninety three. You need to win three titles to have official claim of a dynasty or decade. I think that's fair. So.


Sean McDermott feels now I'm OK with him. Yeah, well, I'm not OK with the second one. The first one I understood and people were I was debating with people online who thought it was very stupid. So the situation is twenty one nine going into the half fourth goal, fourth, fourth down. And goal was to think four down and go like the three kick a field goal. Everyone says you can't kick a field goal and beat Mahomes agreed that offense is incredible.


I my only defense of it is the human element of if you don't get that fourth down, you it is so deflating to go into the into the halftime locker room. And on top of that analytics, guys, I got a little aha moment for the analytics boys out there and girls. Part of the analytics of going for it on fourth and goal is that you get to pin them deep. Yeah, this is the end of the half. So you don't get the you don't get to pin them deep.


Right. So you don't get the benefit of we're pinning them deep. You if you miss it, you just miss it and it's.


Oh yeah. Do you want three points or do you want zero points or do you want to try and try and maybe not get your seven points that you want and the chiefs get the ball to start the second half.


If you let's just say you go for it, you don't get it into the half chiefs come out, they probably score touchdown. It's game over this game. At that point, there's nothing that you can do. So yeah. You want your three points while you can get them going into the half.


I don't, I don't have a problem with it, but I think the second time that they kicked the field goal, that was basically saying like we need to put some points on the ball.


When I had a pen in it, what it was, it was like an elongated punt, right?


It was like, let's kick this field goal, get three points, hope that we can hold the chiefs to a field goal.


And then it's like nothing happened at all. It's our ball ballgame that's they were just trying to get to that next point in the game, chiefs go score touchdown. Obviously, that's what the Chiefs do. It was it was like grasping at a little there. Yeah.


That one I had a problem with just because now it's third it's it's the third quarter. You do get the consolation prize of pinning them because it's the middle of the quarter. Yeah. It's running out. Time's running out fast. You have to start getting, you know, some serious points going.


I if you if you think that the end of the first half was stupid, I'm not going to disagree with you. Like, I would have been fine with him going for it. I'm just saying from a human element, I do understand what Sean McDermott was thinking. I don't think that makes like it's not right or wrong. I just get what he's thinking about before. I did not get what he's thinking like Sean McDermott in the third quarter. I did not get what he's thinking.


So that's kind of my when I can kind of understand what the coach is thinking. I have I'm at least a little bit more accepting.


Also, I feel like if the Chiefs had not won that Super Bowl last year, we would not have overlooked the Chiefs this year because we very much hung over Andy Reid and all that stuff.


And so this year, it was like we started to get to the point where if we're going to have the bills be this close to getting to a Super Bowl, we're going all in within.


Now, if if Reid was still looking for his first title in the homes, was there such a fun team that I think it would've been like 50/50?


Like I still would have been more open to acknowledging that the chiefs were really spectacular and all right, because I'll be pulling so hard for Andy Reid and he looks extremely happy.


He looked extremely happy. I just love Andy Reid and Faulk.


It's different, but it is different. By the way, why isn't anyone thrown out there? I know the buzz is always the enemy deserves a job. He does deserve a head coaching job.


But why isn't anyone thrown out there that maybe he's just waiting for any Reid to retire?


Because if Andy Reid and just hear me out like he does deserve a job, I'm not I'm not excusing him not having a job. But if you're the enemy and Andy Reid says to you, I'm going three more years, four more years, you still get like fifteen years of get Mahomes and like that.


That makes it I don't know, I wait three or four years to have Patrick. Oh, I would too.


So it's weird that no one's turn out that could possibly be because he keeps saying that he wants to be a head coach and that he does these and he does the it. Maybe he's just maybe he's just sucking at him on purpose, maybe being like many interviews. He's like, don't hire me, maybe don't want the job.


Loves getting the frequent flyer miles. So like every single winner, he knows that he'll do like three or four interviews, accumulate some points.


Wouldn't it be so black, maybe, maybe plant like really bad advice in the minds of these front offices and then come back and stick around?


I think that would make sense. If it were me if I was Eric being me, I would absolutely stick around knowing that, like, this is guaranteed thing here.


I've got maybe the greatest talent at quarterback to ever play as opposed to going to like, I don't know, like Minnesota. You're going to like Arizona.


Well, I, I it would be very funny. Behind me was just going to all these interviews and just walking in and saying, hey guys, good to meet you. I actually don't want the job, but I just want to take the interview so that people think I want like, you know, so my name stays out there.


That would be great, you know, because maybe he gets an interview, maybe he's just waiting and maybe there will be an interview where it is a talent as good or maybe a step down from home is like, OK, I'll go take that. So I've got to keep my name out there. But I don't know. I just thought of that, like, if I were Eric the enemy and Andy Reid, you know, over a couple of cheeseburgers, like, hey, I'm do this for two more years.


I mean, when two more rings, I'm going to finish with three and then. You can have this because, you know, Mahomes wants me and me stick around, too. Yeah, yeah. The oh, Woyzeck, we've got to say, the Super Bowl is really it's Mahomes versus Brady.


It's the battle of the playoffs. What do you mean? Playoff game in first playoff Leny.


Oh, Damian set out Always-On for the whole year. Zanta for a whole year. But if playoff Lunney he's not in. Yeah, yeah. But I want to go buy a shirt. We actually we're working with Leonard Fournette a very funny. He just slid in my arms like, hey, you want to make a shirt.


Like it's very confusing because it's it's. Was it Daryl Williams? Daryl Williams as we are now. Damien Williams. Yeah. So I could see they're both D Williams play off Darryl.


Oh, one other thing to talk about is I just like saying playoff is Tom Brady against the team that took his ACL. Yeah, the revenge game. True.


And and we're going to get a lot of stories about how Patrick Mahomes was in kindergarten when Tom Brady won his first.


Yeah. So that will be fun. I'm looking forward.


We'll do our whole Super Bowl storylines next week. I'm very excited about that. One last note, Bills fans. I it sucks to lose, but in a weird way, when you lose to such a good opponent and they kind of it was never close, I think you can look back and be like, that was a really fun year. And it's it's one of those losses that the future feels so bright right now. And sports are fickle. Nothing's guaranteed, you know, you could go away with I mean, I don't know, Bills fans as they fucking know.


But I do think this is one of those losses that's a little different than yours is different than the Saints loss, different than the Packers loss is different from missing a field goal wide.


Right? You're right. It's the end of a Super Bowl. You know what you can't say about this? You can't say it was a heartbreaking playoff loss. Right? If you can say like you got your asses kicked, right. And the better team probably won. But at the end of the day, you can look back at the season and say that was what a trip that was.


That was fucking fun. Like the twenty twenty bills were a really fun football team. So I think there's a little solace in that, that you can say to yourself, that was really fun. Any loss Sox, any playoff loss sucks, but the future looks pretty fucking bright. And Brian Daboll saying, yeah, that's all that.


That also is nice.


That's big. It was the host was excited tonight for for Josh Allen. Like early on in the game, you could tell he was out there with, like, a little more adrenaline going. Yeah. Because he did the thing where he was like salen throws by, you know, seven twenty yards over somebody.


But that's what you get when you got he's got a livelihood's. You can't tell the hose.


When I say that it sounds like I'm a pimp hose, but you ain't. And you look like you got to get you've got to get your hos under control. But do you you make the steps when you make this is actually out of line. It's it's a step. It's a process. You had the weird Texans playoff loss last year. This year, you win two playoff games. You go to the AFC championship game. It's climbing the mountain.


So it does you know, if the bills had lost in the first round this year, it would have been very, very disappointing. But they've taken that next step next year. It's you know, the difference between the conference championship and the Super Bowl is pretty fucking big.


Do you think that the chiefs would still win like thirteen games a year if they were not allowed to run the ball?


Because I do. Could they would the teams know that? Yeah. That might change it. I mean, you can you can scramble for a first down. Right. But I think the screen passes.


You can throw. They didn't run it all, but the team was like they had to expect at least a little bit of a run. They could.


You're allowed to run the ball five times a game.


Yeah. Then they could win 38. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. All right. Let's get to football by the week.


Can I say one thing? Yeah. I think the bills took advantage of the offsetting penalties at the end of that fight because. Yeah.


Oh, that was such a funny that was so I threw the ball at the guy and then as long as you get one player involved, it all set right there was right there where it hit on Josh.


And one penalty it cancels out.


Yes. Just feast on it. Yes. That's how that's how you beat the chiefs. Also, what the hell was Bruce Arians doing? Not declining the penalty that the Packers did? That was dumbest thing I've ever seen. It was really dumb. Yeah, I don't know. There were so many weird things that happened in that game that my only explanation was like either the Packers are throwing the game and the the the Bucs are trying to catch them by doing more boneheaded things to see if the Packers will take advantage of their mistakes to catch them in a blatant cheat.


That was really the only explanation I had. It was such such a weirdly coached game.


I also think the Packers have the weather to blame because it was not cold enough.


It was so it was we were lied to about the weather. Yeah, they said it wasn't cold. They said it was twenty five degrees. They they said that there was snow on the ground. I saw pictures of snow covering Lambeau Field. They were using like 20 foot long. It looked like just coke straws to blow.


The snow was awesome. And it was it was a fucking snow globe in there like an hour before kickoff. I tune in.


It's sunny. Yeah. It looks like it's 55 degrees. Look, there it looked. We were lied to by somebody beautiful. Yeah. They should blame the weather because I think they win that game of colder weather. They might. Yeah.


Or if there's at least some snow on the field. Yeah. You win that game.


Yes. They should be allowed to have a heated field. They do get heated for a while. I know they shouldn't be allowed to happen. That's what I'm saying. Should not be. Yeah.


Yeah. I agree with the point. I mean, it's not even frozen to the thought, right? There was there was one point in the afternoon game or in the late game where Mahomes got tackled, got like shoved over on the sideline. And he landed right next to one of those giant hitters, you know, the big tubes that they have, the jet engines and you have to stay back at least six feet. You have that Ben Roethlisberger two feet from.


Yeah, he puts his cock in there.


Yeah, just giant fleshlight.


Mahomes fell down, like, right next to it. And I was thinking for a second, like, what if somebody got pushed right there and got tackled right there with that just like melt their skin off? Yeah. They should probably move that back a little bit.


I don't think it would melt the skin off. Would it be fun to think about. It would be very fun to not. I don't want anyone to know.


We're saying it's fun to think about. Think about. Yeah, right.


Like oh and then they're out for the season. Oh this is not going to happen to the Bears. All right.


Let's get to football together. We can wrap up a football guy the week and whose back of the week little Conor McGregor talk. Pfft.


You had oh jack pocket right in someone just winnability.


Someone in Michigan just won a cool billion dollars. I'm actually surprised it's not Hank because we got hot Hank this weekend. Hank has won every single bet that he's made. It's infuriating. Yeah, maybe not every single one.


We'll talk about that after pretty much on who's back. He's won basically every single bet. He's probably got a billion dollars in his pocket right now. If you want to play the Powerball, if you want to play the Mega Millions, a very easy way to play it is with Jack Pocket.


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Yeah. Scott, the Detroit D tear his face.


We got to get him on the show. Yes. Dan, it's crazy. He actually he's probably listener. Well, he's not only a listener, but I think I had 50 50 people requesting that he's on the show and then people saying, when was that interview you did with Dan Campbell because they just assumed we had him on.


Yeah. Which is a fair assumption. I would I would love open invite.


You say the time and place and I will be there for Dan can also find these abilities.


So if you don't like them, OK, Billy are passing the buck. What if the leadership respects you that he deserves the credit. Yeah. OK, Vance Vance McDonald, who's retiring, he said I'll miss holding a football, running into a human being as hard as I possibly can.


Heath Miller, they got to get another Jim Harbaugh saw that quote, just like came instantly from South Carolina, created a child.


And then Chris, he just he just went back into his cabin in the woods for a while. He's a god damn. And I come out once every five years. Yes.


South Carolina strength and conditioning coach Luke Day, who in his introductory press conference said he's a cold brew and not a red ball guy, quoted a psychologist, Angela Duckworth. Oh, about that. I don't like that.


I don't like the psychologist. Angela Duckworth has made nasty little grit industrial complex around the world.


She yeah. Yeah. Psychology should not be studying grit. Yeah.


And then lastly, a Victor Neilson, who is a Bills fan and a cancer survivor, he after ringing the bell, he jumped through.


I saw that was awesome. That was awesome. So to be happy that you're cancer free, Victor, some some good nominees this week.


Good job, Jake. Good job, Billy. No good job. Any way to go. Jake is our Billy.


All right. Vote for it. We're going to blog it before we do. Who's back? We should talk about Conor McGregor.


So I personally think. He should have dodged those punches. That's just me. I don't know, you got to get hit once to let yourself know you're in a fight. That was so he had a broken leg.


It wasn't there wasn't the punches. That was the problem. I it sucks because I love watching Conor McGregor. He's electric. He's fun. Shaved McGregor. I don't know. That was a bad ass look.


Kind of like a triple H look nose grainne when you get hit with a shaved head, the hair doesn't wave around. Yep. So I feel like punches glance off your head more if it's shaved.


But he got his ass kicked and it was a it was a beat down at the end but he was picking his spots before that. He was like tagging the guy up on his chin, on his nose and he was really good. I was, I was well actually no one gets more angry than diehard UFC fans when you get any fact wrong. Like, it almost makes you not want to watch it. They I would imagine they drive more people off by just.


Well, actually, everyone on Twitter like, dude, I'm a fight fan. I like to watch fights. I like to watch boxing. I like to watch UFC. I always will. That's not my number one sport.


I like to watch it. Like, just chill out there. Hockey fans with back taxes. Yeah, like, I some guy told me today that MacGregor's in his prime, like I, I have eyes. He's thirty two. He used to be champ. Champ. Yeah.


I mean he almost beat Floyd Mayweather. Yeah. I'm sure he's got a he's got a couple of payday's coming up on a trilogy with a trilogy with Nadiya's. He's not going away. I asked the question, is he done in terms of like is he done being a threat for the belt consistently. That feels like it feels like that. I don't know it well enough, but it feels like that just by the fact that he's fought like three times the last four years.


And one of them was an old dude we beat and they lost twice.


I don't feel like he's totally done. They're talking about us. And part of my not part of my take is on TV show. Yo, by the way, my dad would want to see someone would do with our life. Right. I want to say sorry to Jules. We love Jules coming on. He was like, dude, thanks so much. Now people are talking about retirement. I was like, woops, my bad.


Oh, Jules, he he wants to be considered for having Turtle named after him. OK, so he was like, you're right about turf. Toe to toe hurts like a bitch and it's named like a bitch. Yeah.


He's like, yeah, they have Tommy John surgery named after a player. Yep.


He's a you should name so after a player so we can call it like little squirrel squirrel toe squirrel squirrel foot squirrel Tulsans. Yeah. I like squirrel Julian.


I don't know this is much other than Ninja Warrior. Yeah. Just see my hockey on television.


The fuck is going on is just going after us right now.


Where were we.


So my most people trying to watch the app on ESPN plus apparently looked like the end of that fight with Conor McGregor getting tagged in the face repeatedly.


I guess that's broken. Yeah. Big surprise. It's broken every fucking time I try to watch it. You guys laughed at me when I said that it didn't work on an LG TV. Guess what? It doesn't work on any TV now. And Dana White was crashing people's periscopes reporting them to the FBI. But I feel like at that point there were just too many people.


It was like they were storming Dana White's capitol. Right. And they're like, if all of us scream it at once, you can't arrest us. All is fine. We're going to break on through.


So I don't know what Dana White's going to do, but I'll put it this way. ESPN plus, ain't it, Dana?


No, it ain't it.


Hey, do you want to congratulate Jeff on getting poorer? We all were watching the fight together and Hank was going to bat for a smart and.


Yeah, good job, but it was an all time contrarian.


Hank Bat, I told you before, I know it's not like I know times where we come in and we're on the opposite side here. And I was like, Big Cat. It was totally fine.


I saw the stat fade. The public guy was like, eighty six or 90 percent of the money is on McGregor. You're right. I was. I'm just going to do it.


I'm going to send it. It was smart. It was. And I was we were livestream. So like if you want to watch the whole time I was like, he's losing, he's losing, he's losing, he's not learning anything. McGregor's learning everything. And then it just turned in two seconds.


We got he got that one punch to the side of his head. Yeah. And then McGregor didn't know how to defend from that point on. But Hank, it wasn't only that. It was also afterwards in the blackjack table. Well, I was playing pretty well in blackjack.


And then I sit down with Hank and Hank just immediately drains me of all my money. He like triples his money. I mean, I lose all mine. I go back. I really I get more money.


Sit down next to him again. Hank again triples his money.


I lose all my money again. I mean, at least you got like time and enjoyment, not enjoyment. No, you got to do something. I put three wins. I said, Hank, come with me. We're going to the roulette table. I gave him a five hundred dollars chip. I'm like, let's see if this hot streak is real. You pick. And then right as he picks, I'm like, fuck it, double it.


I gave another five hundred dollars chip and lost it a thousand dollars in two seconds because Hank's apparently his hot streak is only for him. No, he's got selfish hot streak.


Well I actually think that adds to his. Yeah.


He texted me to his hot streak that we keep losing around him. Yeah. But I need him feel out like. This was it was I was basically a scientist like I had to find out, is this man the hottest man on earth? And if so, I would like some of this. I would like some residual hotness. I'd like to get near the hotter and burn the heater and burn my skin. Turns out doesn't work for me. Just fucking epic black.


And it was as red as red.


Could be nice. Had red nose as black. Oh was fuck. I don't even I just knew that I was like fuck the crazies. I was, I had a moment and I like it was I was dead serious. Let's go to the roulette table and I had a number of pics. I thought you were going to give me five. I thought I was number 23. I was like, let's go. Was it.


Yeah, no, no, no. It was yeah. You said that I hated him. He's like for a no fun. Yeah, no, that was that was the mood I was in and that exact thing that was disgustingly arrogant of you. I got this.


You probably thought that you were going to hit it. Yeah, I did. All right. Let's before we do whose back of the week, you know, who should have used Norton VPN to protect themselves? Who's Conor McGregor couldn't fucking get his hands up. Yeah.


And real gamers like me know that in order to get good, you need to shield up and not just in the game, but with your devices and your connections. We've got what a tournament coming tournament continues on Thursday night. Biegel. Bergel. What does that mean? Partial gaming, partial gaming.


The most prestigious league in EA Sports kulaks. Our team is in fifth place.




In Rakowski was just mowing people down. Was he nerving people. Is nothing good. No, it's bad. Oh yeah.


Oh he was. He's getting from crying. He's frying people, his fry people. And when we're gaming you know that we're using norten entyvio reasoning dorning three sixty four gamers is what we're using. So they've got the gaming community hooked up with all their protection that they are able to offer you in the game. They will keep you in the game. But with your devices and connections, cyber criminals could attack your new gaming rig with malware, steal access to your gamer accounts and even take over your webcam.


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Ten thousand dollars, really good loadout. I had four kills, by the way, the other night, four kills. And they weren't Mickey Mouse skills. They were like real killers in a war zone.


And for Danske not to brag, don't let today's cyber threats bring upon a real life boss fight. You need Norton 360 for gamers security for your PC and devices that block cyber threats. You get a VPN for your online privacy, dark web monitoring for your gamer tags and more, all with fewer notifications. Nobody can prevent all cybercrime, but Daughton 360 for gamers can help shield you from cyber criminals. Save 20 percent off your first year at Norton Dotcom gamers with promo code PMT use promo code PMT at dot dotcom slash gamers get twenty percent off Norén three for gamers at Norton Dotcom Gamers Promo Code PMG.


All right, who's back of the week, Hank? Our boy, Dickie V Dickie Tally die diehard Bucs fan.


Apparently he was tweeting. So the first tweet that started is started off.


And this is not this is an ad. I'll eat my column. If this all turns out to be.


I don't know if this is an ad you have to chug a large size of Pepto Bisbal deal, OK?


Extra large and not not if it comes out like he might get a Pepto Bismullah deal after the fact.


But if it comes out that this was an ad the whole time, I would chug a full bottle because it was so funny and it was natural. I believe he tweeted the first tweet that started off. He said, every time Rodgers in the Packers get the ball, I need some Pepto Bismullah with like an old man selfie of him holding a bottle. And then he just that was just a theme that he went with. Like two minutes later. He said, I can't take it.


My stomach is rumbling. Warrane, get me that Pepto baby with another a different it's the same exact. He's in the same seat with the same bottle, but it's a slightly different angle. And then he was taking sips.


JP got a sip. He goes super JP baby go bux petrol. Bisbal My stomach cannot take it. A man decides national football conference title Super Bowl with him drinking the petrol. Bismullah just an electric series of tweets.


The Pepto. How much how much damage did you do to that he had to finish the whole thing. I wanted to be able to see through, but it was it was I was laughing my ass off as it was prime primetime dickeyville.


What a time to be alive for Dickeyville right now. Like one, you are still alive to your Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay. And you have going for your second title this year. You're going to your third title game. Huge. Unreal.


Also, just what a time to be alive for all of us. Right. Like people always I think it's overused to say this website is free. But when you've got Digby's slamming Pepto like drinking FiveFingers in the course of two hours and posting pictures of it the entire time, like imagine going back and telling you when you were like green, the guy that loses his fucking mind over LeBron James doing behind the back pass is going to be yujing diarrhea medicine in your face on Twitter dotcom.


I would be I would be pumped to your point. I think it's all been worth his shit's going to be so. Jet-Black, you said the fact that it's a lot at the beginning of the season, he kind of said, oh, yeah.


Like I might like I might be out of here soon, guys. What do you mean? And now he's got his three hometown champions. True. Good. Good for Deqi. Also, Conor McGregor. Meems, there's just so hilarious Bernie Cool's run.


Well, no, because now they're combined. They're combining. Everyone's like, oh, this is amazing. I can't believe Bernie is getting combined into every new thing that comes out. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of it.


Shut up for Bernie. I was kind of funny you there. So that's Mascotte in the game. Get it.


Because he was sitting there. Yeah, I saw it.


I was starting to get it. But no storm. No I don't think you get Henck doesn't get it. It was Bernie. No I don't think you get like Bernie as a story. We explain to us what is funny about Bernie sitting there.


So it's like he's sitting there. No, he doesn't get it, but he's in those where he's like, if it's a TV show like Game of Thrones, but it's Bernie Sanders in game doesn't get it.


Where is Mittens on ran with needles on granny. It could be like. Yeah, like his brain is in a wheelchair. Bring him in in a wheelchair and Bernie Sanders was sitting in a chair.


No, you don't know what. This guy does not get it.


Yeah. If Hank if you see Hank tweeting any Bernie Meems, just respond to him. Don't get it. Hank's a casual. Don't get it, dude.


Don't pretend like you know who's back who to my who's back of the week is the Matt Stafford jackpot.


Oh, let's go. So that staff Matt Stafford is well, just Detroit's back in general.


They got Dan Campbell, they got beat up. They got us. And they're they're rebuilding. They're starting over. I think this is the right move. I actually think it's like people who are Detroit Lions fans are very pumped to see Matt Stafford maybe go somewhere good.


Yeah, no, I was listening to sports talk radio today and there was a lot of that.


There was a lot of people being like, if you love someone, set them free.


We had a great time to I just want I wanted to be happy. Yeah, that's life. And so now we can live tweeted Dickeyville.


I just forgot how funny it was because I responded in real time when it happened because it was like, I'll go back after his big cat, like pop up onto my timeline to be like Big Cat tweeted like five, ten times during my Susie the Adsit hit.


I'm tweeting during the show then when we're driving. That's true. I haven't point I don't have a chance. I mean, Jesus Christ. But it's not just mass. Like I would have like to drive my car this morning, but you slept in and fucking hijacked the keys.


I'm sure I should have brought that. Yeah, but more than that, Matt Stafford.


Yes. Is the quarterback photo shops. Are there still going stronger than ever? Yeah.


So Matt Stafford, it was like it was a bonanza of Photoshop. So Matt Stafford, as soon as the Lions announced that he's not going to be coming back.


Yes. And I mean, they're all great. I can't choose a favorite one because they're all perfect, I think.


I mean, I hope he goes somewhere good and gets to like a championship game because then I could say he's a Hall of Famer.


Yeah, I think you can still say it. Yeah, I can still say whatever. I mean, I said we're going to kill the chiefs, say, well, fuck, I want my who's back who is Coach K being an absolute asshole.


So if you missed it, Coach K was asked a question after another loss to Louisville on Saturday by a student reporter from the Duke Chronicle, Jake Piazza.


Who what do you think about that?


Jake asked Coach K, where do you guys go from here? Which is a very routine question, but that's a very bad year. And Coach K essentially embarrassed and belittled this kid, saying, what is your major what do you like if you have a bad econ test? What if I asked you when you came out of the E contest, where do you go from here and spun it and to all about me, Coach K, like, how could you ever ask about my team when we're in a pandemic?


There are bigger things going on right now.


What do we mean. He turned into a life lesson for the kid and he really taught him something. He's OK. How about some pizza eating.


You ask a question by the way, who's coach asking Coach K like where do you go from here after loss?


That's as dumb as that question is. That's probably a more relevant question than nine. 80 percent of the shit that they get asked for. Yes. To me, it seems like perfectly normal this year. Where where do you go from here? And then he was like, well, I need to teach you about manners, young man. I wish I wish this kid. And he's he's a big J. We can get your take on it, Jake, but like, he's a big J, so he probably has a career in front of him where he doesn't want to screw things up.


But I wish he had been like, where do I go after any contest? I go back to my dorm room and watch you get fucking house.


Bipin, you idiot. I mean, I have to take another year econ because I've lost so much money this year.


It's like Coach K is such. How can you defend this, Hank? He's such a jerk. He was so small. Just a jerk. He's a quintessential jerk.


Maybe to the outside, but you know. Yeah, he's a jerk. He's a leader of men.


He's a jerk. If you're Chris Duhon or his wife, he's not that bad a guy.


Well, I've seen you know, I've seen like Baron Davis chirped him on Twitter and then a lot of the you know, the former Duke players are like, whoa, whoa, whoa, man, chill out.


So you think, oh, the players that he pays are going to have his back. No shit. He's a jerk to other people. Listen, maybe it's time for Coach K to think about stepping back.


Oh, OK. It is. I, I didn't want to say it, Hank, but this is like when you start to get a little older and a little short with your fuse, this isn't great. Like this is NAPI coach case definitely in this snappy territory where it's going to get worse. He's this isn't the last time he snaps on someone.


No, remember, he did what every team in the tournament at the beginning of the season did not believe in this team this year.


Oh, I just saw this. Jeff Capel defended him. So, of course, probably not that good a guy. Yeah. Yeah. Jeff Capel, where are you seeing this picture? I'm looking at your screen. I just made it up.


All right. What are your thoughts on that, Jake? And also, who's back to the week? Yeah, my thoughts are very respectable question. The student showed some poise soon. Journalist, the journalist. Yeah, I think this is actually this is actually going to help the student journalist because now everybody knows his name. JP is now a household name. Yeah. And the sports media industry forget it's like, oh no, I'm delighted. I like the name Jake.


Honestly, Jake, like your last name involves me, maybe EWR.


What's up, Jake Doorjambs. A cool question you asked. Don't let Coach K being a prick to you.


The Italian version of Jake Marshall would be a very hilarious reporter to have just just reporting on Italian meatball business. He has a story to tell the rest of his life. Yeah, it's pretty cool. It's true. You're back, bro. Yeah. My who's back? Another college basketball coach and making bad headlines. Slotting the dorms is my who's back. Jerry Stackhouse, the head coach of Vanderbilt. He deemed a Vanderbilt fan. Your life must be miserable.


The fans are not sure if you noticed, but the more passionate fans. And he said that's bull. SJT fans, real fans support fake obsessed fan.


So, oh, he's just in the middle of people were saying that they were part of that process.


Why you dropped a spell on Friday show. Well, yeah, I know. I know.


I had somebody of the Dems and said they would pay a thousand dollars to the Bristol Fund if Jake would cuss on the air.


Oh, imagine if you did a cameo that was just Suares.


If they show proof, I'll do it. Oh, OK. Let's go. Oh, what about ten thousand dollars. Racial slur. Homophobic slur.


Yeah. No, twenty twenty thousand dollars. Any slur of your choice.


But you have to do it in a Nazi uniform.


No. OK, all right, fine. We just what we got we are just seeing how much you like small business. Blackface. No.


OK, good. See he's a good boy. He's a good boy. He passed. Yeah. People are very bad. People are not happy that I tweeted about David Duke of Providence the other day.


I know you got to say you've got to stop using that full name just to do something about the task of Providence. Dave Duke. No comms, no David Duke. Yeah, let's not we'll just roll with it.


It's like it's like AFC with me. Yeah.


Point guard Duke. Yeah. So if that AWOL shows proof, I will curse. Curse.


But none of the bad stuff we just said we were just testing them all that we did. It's got to be a curse that's missing out on Stephen Page. Yeah. Damn hell guys are all generic.


Yep. That's actually a fact.


I got a random number generator. Oh OK. Yeah. Ready. I wish you were going to say what. Twenty three. Twenty three. Twenty three.


Eighty eight. Eighty eighty five. All right Jake. You can watch to confirm I'll say ninety eight.


Forty five.


Twenty five. Hanks' favorite multibillions after sixty nine. Devin White, a big white fence.


All right. We'll see everyone on Wednesday. Let me guess. Oh.