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On today's pardon my take, we got a two fer Friday, we got Hunter Henry from the San Diego Chargers and then Gotham Chopra, very interesting interview with him. He is done documentaries with some of the greatest athletes of all time, Tom Brady, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, cricket guy, cricket guy, Kelly Slater, all of them. You name it, you name it. He has done it. So very interesting interview talking about what makes these guys great.


And it's going to be a great show because it is a Friday. We also have a little football talk. Football was supposed to be back tonight, but that's OK. That's OK. We're going to talk a little NBA, a little hockey fire fest. We have it all. Also disability free show. So Billy haters out there. Yeah, Billy haters out there. If you want to prove that Billy shouldn't be on the show, you have to listen to it 17 times.


Jump to you.


It's in your hands. Numbers never lie. Yeah.


If this gets double, if this gets two million listeners, we will never let Billy speak again.


Fact. OK, before he gets all that, we're brought to you by the Kashef. It's great because he's not going to listen to this show.


No, actually, that's a great idea for marketing. Yeah, absolutely. Just be like this is Billy Free Show. Yes, yes. That's more TV show. Should take a page out that hire somebody that everyone likes to bully and says that they won't watch anymore. And then we'll take them out of that person.


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OK, let's go.


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The ASPCA today is Friday, August 7th.


And Jon Gruden has coronavirus now like it was your all time football guy. Move Jon Gruden, expect the unexpected guys. And he holds a zoo meeting and he has I think it was a special teams coach announces it to start. Coach Gruden is in the hospital. He's dealing with coronavirus. And all his players are like, oh, my God, what the fuck? And then they're like, just kidding. Gotcha.


Not but take this seriously. Yeah. Let's all learn a lesson from this lesson sunk in. Yeah. Your first clue that Jon Gruden was not in the hospital for coronaviruses. I don't think Jon Gruden would ever go to a hospital for anything. No. If he had coronavirus, he would just stand out like in the sun naked and just stare up at it until he felt better or he just die.


Or he would. I actually wouldn't be shocked if Jon Gruden, like, went back in time to like the 1920s and had a doctor on call who came to his house and was like, here, here you go, doc. He, Jon Gruden, either do what you just said and be like, I'm going to outfit. Or he would lay down in his bed and be like, this is my final resting place. Please get my papers in order.


He laid out at the 50 yard line and then have Mark Davis walk out there with that black leather suitcase that old timey doctors you to carry with a giant metal reflecting thing, the circular thing on his head, walk out there, take his vitals, pronounced him dead bearing that midfield in Las Vegas. I think that would be a fitting fitting in to Mr. Green.


What this does tell me, though, is that Jon Gruden thinks there is zero point zero percent chance that he actually ever does get coronavirus, because if you fake, you have coronavirus. Yeah. People are going to bash you and make fun of you when you actually do get coronavirus. But Jon Gruden is like, no, I feel confident that I will never get Carone of a football guy who cried wolf.


Yeah. Turn into. Yeah. I think you would actually be very funny though, if they had done it a little bit different and had Mark Davis host the zoo meeting. You remember how Al Davis treated Lane Kiffin when he was fired? Have Mark Davis like an overhead projector giving details about here's how you can protect yourself from the virus moving forward. But, yeah, I it was an all time football guy move for him to be like, let's learn a lesson from me pretending that I'm sick.


The unexpected. I actually I was thinking about that in terms of coaches that catch it. King coaches opt out of this year two.


Oh, because I have a theory.


Well, I have a big time steelwork theory. OK, before you give me your theory there, this isn't an opt out. It's actually an opt in. But the bowls, the reports out of Chicago, the Bulls are going to keep Jim Boylan because of the financial strain of coronavirus. So he's kind of benefiting from coronavirus the reverse way. What they don't want to pay him severances? Yeah. They don't want to have to pay him to leave when there might not be fans, next year's game.


So a really smart thinking, you know, let's get ahead of it. Yeah. Aggressive, no shady coach. Have a team be terrible for the short term so you don't lose, I don't know, like a couple million you could pay Jim Boylan with like a couple of basketballs in a new pair of Nike Zebb. Like, thanks for the honor. Yeah. It's good having a job. Yeah. Here's a hard hat with a Bulls logo on it.


I so my big time stay walk on this. Is that Bill Belichick. He might opt out if coaches can opt out. I'm not sure what the rules and regulations around that are, but he's got so many players on defense that are out. Right. If Bill Belichick pops out, McDaniels probably takes over. Right.


They go for Steve Belichick. But if McDaniels takes over, they go for. And twelve all of a sudden, no one wants to sign Josh McDaniels to a head coaching contract next year. He keeps the team together, maybe gets Trevor Lawrence.


The only problem. I like the theory. The only problem with the theory is Bill Belichick is definitely in the camp of football coaches that if they stop coaching football, they will immediately die. Yeah, JoPa. Yeah, that's.


Ah, he could get into lacrosse heavy this off season.


It served as a consultant, wouldn't be able to handle his body, wouldn't be able to handle not coaching. You're probably right about him a lot. Just put that in the back of your head since hair in case that does happen. I think that that's exactly what Belichick is reverse engineering here. Now, I think that there's a very simple solution for coaches. Just have a hold back guy, follow them around all the time, preventing them from getting within six feet of any other person.


Yeah, that's what they should. That's there's a reason why you have Deuce Gruden on your sidelines.


And to keep John away from other coaches, it's to be just a pit bull following you around, but. This so it was supposed to be the Hall of Fame game, I'm not going to bomb everyone out. It was it was supposed to be a Hall of Fame game tonight. We're going to have the hard knocks next week. We actually have Hunter Henry on the show who is being taped as we speak with hard knocks. But it's starting to get some of these football stories, gets the juices flowing because we not only had Jon Gruden faking coronavirus, but we had our first Mike Tomlin quote of the year.


And he said when talking about what was it? Oh, the players coming into camp in good physical shape, he said that was the jello we couldn't get back in the box.


I think what he was going for is toothpaste back into the tube. Correct. But Jello is definitely more football because there's nothing hygienic about gel. Also, gel close the grittiest desert known to man because you can. What does a package cost like 20 cents?


Yes, I'm pretty sure they Romita give it to you now. It doesn't it come in like powder. Yeah, I know it's the easiest thing ever to put back in a box. It's very, very. Yeah. You put the packet literally into the box, right. That's it. It's pretty simple to do.


Who did the who did the who had the quote that was like the greased up kid trying to get the greased up kid.


Eppstein No problem. Have you read the papers now. I walked to that. What was the. I don't know, that sounds good until now. It does Tomalin all this stuff. Kid looking Gryzlov kid. Yeah. Yeah. Google greased up kid images into a cage. Yemeni guy best of greased up tough guy.


Oh it was fok greased up. No don't got images of Bubba's. Got it. You got it.


It was, it was Rick Riley talking about. Yes, yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes. I'm going to find that. Yes it's greased up kid. Looks like a piano. He's like wait how you grease up kids.


Rick I saw another quote from Tomlin that said, We're expecting Roethlisberger to walk out of a phone booth and put his cape on.


Oh, so little Clark Kent action. That's that's the one thing that I am a little bit disappointed about in the Hall of Fame game besides just being able to gamble on unpredictable first game football. That's always fun. I, I was really looking forward to having Big Ben just standing on the sidelines underneath those lights and can because that field and those lights, they look like a high school game a little bit. Yeah. And having been out there in crosthwaite shape, I guess he's in right now, he's the lightest that he's ever been.


He looks good. You no. The quote was he's the lightest he's been in thirteen or fourteen years. They didn't say which fourteen years those were. It could have been the first four until Ben was in middle school. Yeah. He's never been this like before. But yeah I was looking forward to just seeing Ben on the sidelines with a twinkle in his eye, you know, that he wasn't going to get into the game. He wasn't going to go out there and play.


He was he was going to stand on the sidelines with an ice pack on every single joint in his body because he's already hurt, probably just waiting, you know, looking like he'd want to get in, like acting like he needed to be held back from getting in.


Yeah, that would have been that would have been a nice kick off the football season tonight.


Yes, it would have. Fuck, I want to find this quote. Someone someone try to find it. I just searched greased up Rick Reilly, Payton Grease fuck man.


It is very funny to see all these different head coaches, like possibly the worst equipped people in the world to handle a global pandemic and how they're choosing to implement these changes on their staffs. Write programs like there's a lot of talk about virtual bubbles. I'm really into virtual bubbles. Yes, a virtual bubble is just a bubble without the bubble.


And and the MLB is trying to get to a virtual bubble. They have new rules that basically they should have had to start, which we say extra innings. Start with the guy in third. Now, we said it. We said it. I think on Monday's show we're like, hey, why not just make a rule that if you get caught doing these things, you can't play anymore? Yeah, they actually did that. So thanks for listening, Rob Manfred, we appreciate it.


No more milk. Yeah, no more milk. No more going out to just random dinners. Going out.


Going out for milk. Definitely sounds like a Lenny Dykstra euphemism for hitting a teddy bear. Oh, one.


He's been extra horny online recently. I mean, that's not really news. The other football news we had, though, was Jim Harbaugh poked the bear. I fucking love Jim Harbaugh so much because he's just so competitive all the time. So there was trouble in paradise, Michigan and Ohio State. Yes. So they released the conferences are now releasing their schedules, all conference, Big Ten release. There's ten game conference schedule. Yeah, I know. Wisconsin somehow locked in and playing Rutgers and not playing Ohio State.


Penn State. Tough shit. It's going to be they're probably going to get to the playoffs just because this year and then everyone's going to be like, oh, I'm going to put three asterisks. Oh yeah. Oh, it's going to it's going to happen. But anyway, they were on a conference call and Jim Harbaugh pointed out that he saw a picture of a linebackers coach with Buckeye players, which isn't allowed until Friday. And Ryan Day said, how about I worry about my team and you worry about yours?


Then later on that night, Ryan Day, addressing his team, said he hopes the Wolverines better hope for a mercy rule this season because his team is going to hang one hundred on them. I I love this this oh, this gets the juices flowing, I'm like real hatred in sports is what keeps the world spinning, you know, it does.


It also gives Ohio State fans and Michigan fans something to bitch about besides coronaviruses online. So now they're attacking each other. Nature's healing. It's one of those situations. I am Team Harbaugh through and through. I think you are, too. Yeah, I find it.


Although it's hard to believe that in Ohio State, assistant coach would overlook something.


Yes, I thought he probably went up. He elevated to the proper the proper channels. Yes. I can't remember as a Penn State, our house does both elevate to the proper chain.


Yeah. I don't think that a head coach at Ohio State would ignore one of his assistant coaches doing something dumb.


They should actually, if if a school is smart, they should just have like an assistant to change his legally, change his name to proper channels. You can just tell him all the times that players get in trouble. It's not like, listen, we have told the proper channel or just have Urban Meyer issue an apology. Yeah, that'll be great. Like, I know he doesn't work there anymore. Retroactive. I'd have Urban Meyer like just notes about it real quick and be like we're committed to changing everything at Ohio State to conform with all the rules.


And he is a professor there. Right? Is he. I thought it was last year. He yes. He's on sabbatical. He has tenure already. He's on sabbatical to USC. Right. God damn it.


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I'm ready to go. I have my Sunday ticket ready to go use code PMT twenty at checkout for fifteen percent off. OK, other things we had before we get to our interviews. Hockey, I am not built for ten thirty puck drops getting old.


Dude I got three in the morning screaming and I was like one eye open. I did. I made the mistake where I watched the first two periods on my couch and then I was like, yeah, you know what I can, I can watch this on my iPad in bed and I'll be fine. And then I just spent the third period dozing in and out and woke up. Thank God. I think my Spidey senses with like seven minutes left and was like, OK, here we go.


But I just I, I feel like, you know, I feel like an athlete out there. I don't want to say I'm an athlete, but I feel like I'm doing just as much as athletes. It's always nice if your team's not playing in the late slot, you can kind of zone and zone. I do that exact same thing where you wake up and you missed two goals and you're like, oh, wow, that's cool. Yeah.


And then you kind of fade in for the last, you know, five, ten minutes of the game and then you stay at for overtime because overtime hockey in the playoffs is like a drug.


God I would not have made over time. You know, it was like, you know, it's not much longer. I still would have made it. Yeah.


But it's great when it's not your team playing, when it is your team in that late time slot, unless you live out on the West Coast. That's tough. That is for us as bloggers. That's as close as we get to competing in a marathon.


It zaps the energy and speaking, zapping energy. One of the annoyances of life that I'm so happy is back. My phone battery is obliterated because all I'm doing is checking scores all day, which is just like that's the best thing ever where I am chasing a charge all day long. And I'm sitting there like I had the realization today. I was like, why is my phone always at twenty five percent? Oh yeah. You have not stopped checking all of your bets like compulsively for the last five hours.


And that's the best feeling in the world.


Has your phone started to do that thing where maybe around five o'clock in the morning, if you wake up you check it and it stopped charging over night because it's like usually you finish charging me between the hours of six and eight a.m. so I'll catch up there and then you take it off the charger. You look at it, maybe put in a bed or something like that, put it back down. You never get it back into the charger. And you're you're like fifty percent when you were chasing, chasing a charge all day.


It's something you can't recover from. You just know it to when I wake up, when you wake up and you're like, this is going to be me. All day I'm going to be the dude looking for a charger all fucking day, we're going to say, hey, I was going to say, you talk about a few weeks ago, I think. But the iPhone is definitely. Oh, yeah. Oh, they're fucking they're just draining everyone's batteries way quicker than usual.


Yes. It's it's it's new iPhone season. Yeah.


For my group, it's been telling me when I wake up, it's like you are not getting as much sleep as you normally. Oh yeah. Because yeah. Because hockey goes until one thirty five hours sleep last night. Yeah. Hockey worth it. Just I should put that in the hoop. I should be like hockey. Yeah.


Log watching hockey on TV woop if you're listening right now that should be one of the strange categories that you can put in hockey is watching playoff hockey. Yes.


Because the heart rate really gets up there and then shout out to the NBA zero. I just don't have coronavirus tests anymore. Like they don't have any positives, which is it's that is the best sign that we can do this, because they keep every time they tweet that I autorickshaw, I'm like, yep, let's go.


They put their virtual bubble into a bubble. Let's face it, it is awesome. And right now, off the top of my head, there are more teams that nobody wants to play in the playoffs in the NBA at this point than there have ever been a fact. OK, no one wants to play Toronto in the playoffs. No one wants to play the Heat in the playoffs. No one wants to play Oklahoma City in the playoffs.


No one to play the Blazers in the playoffs, not even in the playoffs. Yep. No one wants to play the Rockets in the playoffs. I think people want to play the Clippers and the Bucks right now.


No, I don't want to play. Well, Hank just said the box of trash. Yeah. So therefore they are trash.


I mean, this game isn't over yet, but no one should be witnessing the bubble.


Hey, no one wants to play your Celtics, Mike. Excuse me. Mike Greenberg, Celtics. He picked them as his his sleeper team this year birthday. Happy birthday.


Oh, and new show called Greedy. Is that is that the name screenies with Carini?


They should've gotten somebody else named Grandioso, so could have been greedy and greedy. What kind of show? Chris Long and Mike Greenberg.


It's just you know, he said he wants to know he's got a radio show now. They get ESPN going. They're going heavy in the Greenberg Department. Yeah, they're going. Oh they put out like I imagine the suits at ESPN sat in a board meeting with a big chart and they're like, how can we get back to hear more greedy? Well, they just slapped a sticker like a refrigerator sticker on it of Mike Greenberg's face.


It's very simple math. It's which one of these anchors can carry the most ads during a given show. And it's great.


So they're riding the Greaney train until he dies of exhaust screening is like a Mount Everest Sherpa who's just got ads just going up the mountain. Yeah, you know how to get to the top.


He's got one 800 flowers and Mahinder Tractor on his back at the same time. Never been done before.


More Greaney. All right. Let's get to our interview. So we're going to do Hunter Henry first and then we have Gotham Chopra second. Gotham Chopra, if you don't know he is a documentarian, is that what you say? That documentary Saryan, he has worked with Tom Brady. He's worked with Kobe, LeBron, Kelly Slater, all these like incredible athletes. So he has some awesome stories. So it was great to talk to him. But before we get to Gotham and Hunter Henry, most guys have tried different ways last longer, but thinking about baseball doesn't always work.


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Right. So go to get Roman dotcom size taking it first month. Sweitzer just five dollars. We choose a monthly plan that's get Roman dotcom take. OK, here he is. Hunter Henry.


Oh, OK.


We now welcome on very special guest who is going to be on hard knocks. We should actually run this next. We want to run it on hard knocks on Monday or even Wednesday morning.


It's Hunter Henry from this we say San Diego Chargers, L.A. Chargers Hunter. Let's decide this right now. Will you do something for us to, like, give us a heads up like, hey, I'm on hard knocks and like, how can we get on hard knocks? Last year, we had Luke Wilson wear a t shirt on the day he got beat. You're probably not going to get cut because you signed a franchise tag, right? So that would be pretty dumb.


Yeah, probably bad. Probably bad. Not a good sign, but we could. Yeah, we could. Definitely wrote the brand for sure.


We could send you a shirt. OK, all right. So let's start there. How have you noticed the cameras already. Are they all up in your face, man.


This. Yes. You definitely notice them. You definitely notice them. But it's beginning to fade a little bit because. But this training camp is so weird so far. It's just it's just different than anything that I've ever experienced just because of covid and everything that's going on. But when we're there, you definitely notice the camera's a little bit they're definitely trying to pick up on the content just because last week we really weren't in the building. We had to pass all these COVA tests last week just to get into the building.


So it's been a little different training camp definitely to start.


So a couple of years ago, I think we had Joe Thomas on the show right before the Browns were on hard knocks. And we asked him, I think we correctly predicted that Bob Wiley was going to be the breakout star of Hard Knocks. In your opinion, who's one coach are like a guy on the team that we might not know on a national level that you think is going to be the guy that we're all talking about on Wednesday morning?


Oh, man. Gosta underrated star. We were talking about this the other day who had been underrated star. I'm excited for people to see Joey a little bit more when he doesn't show much personality. But this dude is just he's he's hilarious. Like everything he says is hilarious.


A low key saw a guy that's pretty funny. A coach has a lot of energy. Gus Bradley, our defensive coordinator, outfit on in on him. He has a great personality. Hilarious. So it'll be interesting to see the storylines, especially with the Rams coming into it with us. So it'll be interesting.


Are you guys are you guys at the same facility? Are you sharing facilities? No. No. Oh, you guys are you guys just a little bit of. Yeah, that's right. You guys are down it. Fuck. Where is it. That's where we're going.


Costa Mesa is technically the city that we're in our facility so hard knocks all up in your ass.


I worked so hard. Knocks is going to be the one thing that will once we start watching it, we'll be like, oh, football is coming back because we don't have the Hall of Fame game. Has it amidst everything. Has it felt like, oh yeah, we have a season coming up in like six weeks. This is this is crazy.


It hasn't. Yeah. Honestly, it's been so weird. Like I said, training camp is just obviously last week we weren't in the building and then this week is more of like just walk through and strength and conditioning. So literally we're just lifting and running kind of like we've been doing and doing walkthrough. So it kind of feels like OTAs in a way. So it kind of feels like we're still far away from the season. But I think once we start practicing and getting going to definitely ramp up, have you been running running routes, catching passes yet, or is it just strictly getting in shape before you get on the field?


Just getting in shape, man. It's crazy. It's so weird. Literally just meetings and we do a monsoon, you know, we kind of stay away from each other and when we can outside of the outside of the field. So, yeah, basically just strength conditioning. We're throwing the ball around in the walkthrough, but we're just walking through.


So even like the tight ends meetings that you have, those are all over. Zoome you don't have like a meeting room where it's just you guys.


So we did. Zoome Most of the time we just had our first one. We were in a big old room and there's four of us and we were like a huge ballroom and I could barely see the screen because I had to sit way in the back. We were like spaced out like crazy wear masks. So it's it's a different atmosphere for sure.


I just realized that's going to be tough for the bears to have their tight ends distance themselves because they've got. But you've got ten still. Right, nine. Nine titans dropping like flies by the Titans. Yeah. Like twelve a few days ago. What formation. That's the the 09 formation. Yeah. No. Yeah.


Oh not best personnel. You have great personnel.


How much do you not saying anything about Justin Herberg because I'm sure he's going to be great. But how much do you miss Phil Rivers.


Oh there's still a ton and he's, he's a stud and I mean he was just very underrated to me.


I mean he is just I think he's a Hall of Fame player. And, you know, everybody wants to debate that. But I think he is I mean, he he's a stud. And just the things that he does in the background that I got to see just firsthand how he prepares and how he plays. And just a player. He is the smack talk on the field. Just everything he is, man. He's just a true football player at quarterback man.


And it was just it was so fun to be around. So definitely it's it's weird him not being in there with him is is awesome.


You say smack talk on the field, but he doesn't swear. So what would he what is. Rivers smack talk like. Yeah, he's he's got a good sware replacements, Grace, where replacement's man Horsemen's is to go to Air Force mess is crazy. I love that. That's like when I showed up and he said horse like he yelled at me one time and said, that's awesome. Yes.


I was like, I don't know how to say back to that Golladay Day.


Countless other ones we've heard Gracious to Pete and gracious, gracious Grace Tippee is an all timer for sure, all time. That's he's always saying he just has a knack man on the field. Honestly, he's just a he's a clean smack talker. But he he he loves to smack talk in their head a little bit.


Yeah. Now, now we joke. We're obviously huge, huge football fans and we joke that it always like Sunday doesn't feel like Sunday until the Chargers are down to score late in the fourth quarter. It's like six forty five last game on the Red Zone channel. And Phil is like trying to bring you back. Do you feel that?


Have you had those moments? You're like we we're here again. Like deja vu yet again. Yeah.


Yeah. It's funny that we talk about it nonstop. Yeah. It's brutal. We put ourselves in every single game always and we somehow find a way to blow it and we make up ways to blow it.


You know, last year we, you know, we missed a field goal or we throw an interception at the end of the game or but we're always going to be there at the end. Like we're going to have a two minute drive to either go kick a field goal, to tie it to go to overtime or touchdown and win it.


Yeah, we're always there. And I mean, that's the biggest thing I think we're trying to focus on this year is just trying to finish games. I mean, you know, winning those close ones. I mean, that's really what the good teams in the NFL do. They win the close games. Yeah. And that's that's a four to five game swing on your win loss record. Well, what year was it?


I'm going to give you a compliment. What year was it? Twenty. Eighteen. I declare the Chargers the best team to not make the playoffs. That's true. Yeah. 2017, maybe. You guys, it's pretty much every year. You guys are the best team to not make the playoffs that go back. We started on for that year. Yeah. On a run. We won like nine out of the last 11.


I kept on saying, like, don't let the Chargers get in the playoffs. And everyone laughed at me. We were hot that year and we were I know we won the last game. We beat the Raiders and we were like the bills.


That was the year the bills got in. Yeah, the Jags, I'm pretty sure. And we blew the bills out. And so we were watching the bills and we saw that the bills got in and we were just like, oh my gosh, this is get the bills and they get in.


That goes back a long time. And Chargers history like I think there was one team I want to say, 2009 10, 2011, where the Chargers had the best offense in the NFL, by far the best defense by far. And then there were weird things like special teams, turnovers that for some reason took you guys from being like one of the best teams of the last couple of decades. I don't I don't think you made the playoffs that year anyway, so.


Yeah, it's the small stuff, I guess. So how does Anthony Lynn start this training camp being like, hey, this year is the year that we're not going to fuck up the details? Yeah, I think the biggest thing in prison right now, obviously, I mean, I think the team that handles covered the best right now is going to be one of the best teams at the end of the day. So we're trying to attack that in a way and approach the protocols.


Right. And do everything right. But I think just paying attention to details, man, and that's the biggest thing, you know, throughout the whole practice and then, you know, knowing situational football. So that's one thing we preach around there because we were trying to get better at situational football because, you know, for a while we just weren't playing good at the end of games and also playing good throughout the game, because sometimes those plays early on in the game take you out of the situation of how to be in a two minute drill and to go win the game.


So there's a lot that goes into it.


I think turnovers are huge. I think we're going to try to really focus on that. We had too many turnovers last year and also I know defensively we really didn't take the ball away as much. So those are two big things that help your football team every week.


So when you signed the franchise tag, from our perspective, whenever we see franchise tag, we're like, dude, that's sweet. Like, that's a shitload of money. But from your perspective, we like I just really want to I want a long term contract. Like, how does what's the thought process that happens when you sign on the dotted line for a lot of money, but it's just for one year.


Yeah, I mean, I was happy. I mean, I was excited for it. I mean, I get it for guys and I get it. I mean, I definitely wanted something long term for security and all that stuff. But at the same time, I'm excited. I mean, I've been banged up in my career, so I kind of know that I got to go out and kind of just prove it. And I kind of have that kind of chip on my shoulder.


So I'm excited to attack this this year under the franchise tag. I mean, it is a lot of money, so I'm excited about. In any aspect, and it's just another year to go, go play ball, man. So I'm excited. I want to go back to to when you were senior in college, the combine right afterwards, you you declined to do a lot of the workouts, but one of the two workouts that you elected to do was the bench press, where you put up 13 reps so we can take your man card on that if we want to play the Joe Buck right there.


So take your man card. Why did you decide, like, yeah, you know what, I'll bench and then you put up 13.


Why was that one of the ones you thought you actually put up? I put up 18 and they knocked off five four for my hips. Hips came off the bench a little too much. I said so eighteen but not five. So I looked kind of like a scrub. So that sucked. Definitely that one one hurt. But I thought I was going to do better in that. And honestly, come on. Which sucks. I hated the combine so much.


I'm just not built for the combine at all. I'm just not that kind of player. I'm more of just like a football player. I'm not going to blow you away in the combine drills or anything like that. I'm but I'm good at football. I like that. Yeah. That's a very good. And also my hips came up every time I tried to so I got zero. Yes. This is bullshit. Yeah.


So like if your hips come up at all on the bench they're like, hey, put your hips down. And then at the end like I was, they just need to stop me. At some point it was just but OK.


And he was like eighteen minus five, thirteen. And I'm just like wow that sucks.


We can spend that dough, you can be like I have the most explosive hips at the combine.


My hips were great. Yeah. For sure. I'm a big hips down. I'm not going to lie but yeah I'm trying to work on that.


So when you you went to Arkansas from Arkansas, did you get recruited by Bobby Petrino?


I did, yeah, I did. OK, so getting recruited by Bobby Petrino and then playing for Brett Bellemont, that's two different worlds, although kind of the same world in a weird way, maybe off field. I don't think I don't think that would fit on a motorcycle. Yeah, but when you go to Arkansas and now you're going to play because those Arkansas teams, the first three years, Brett Buma and I, I'm a Wisconsin guy, so I was pissed when he left.


But the first few years at Arkansas, you guys had a good team and he was playing Brett Buma football. I remember that you guys played Alabama that year. The closest they had a game like I think it was like 1716 in the rain. Was it weird, though, going to Arkansas being like, oh, I thought it was going to be a little more wide open and now we're just fucking cement mixing everyone and just running the ball down their throat?


Yeah. So it was actually for myself, I got recruited, Petrino left. He got into trouble my senior year. My junior year. Yeah, junior year. And then they did the whole John L. Smith thing brought in the interim for four months or whatever it was like the season. And then they hired Coach B, so honestly I, I honestly didn't really want to play for Petrino. I wasn't a big fan of them, honestly. And so I actually was honestly really close at that time.


It was I was really interested in Bama and Georgia were two to two teams coming after me. So I was like really close with those guys and I was really close. And then when Coach B got hired, I got to know Coach B, the Titans coach, there was coach a little funny and just it clicked man and coach, but produced so many times in the NFL. I was like, oh, this is a no brainer, you know?


I mean, he's worked with dudes that put, you know, the end goal of being in the NFL. So, you know, the offense was pro style we had and we brought in a lot of studs early on. Really, really did. I mean, I look back at our huddle on offense and pretty much all eleven guys in our huddle, my sophomore junior year playing NFL. So we had talent.


It was kind of like the Chargers that we lost a lot of close games at the end of the end of games. We really did to good teams. I mean, SCC West is brutal in itself. So, you know, but we definitely played basketball coach baseball.


Did you ever go out to dinner with Coach Buma? I never did. Never did, really? I still haven't yet. Yeah, I need to do that. Yeah.


He feels like the capital when I was getting recruited, but that's about it. OK, with the recruit then, you know. So he's, he's trying to. Put on his best vest, you know? Yeah, right now you're not party and you're not. He's probably letting everyone get seconds no black before he gets seconds kind of thing. Yeah. So he's a recurring guest of the show.


Yes. Yeah. When when he would come in to like the team dinners, he feels like a guy that would double dipped. I would take his dinner beforehand and then walk around the buffet line, be like I try to maybe just a little here.


They're like mac and cheese. Yeah. Just maybe do the standing where you just eat while you're standing and then go back.


I could see it for sure. Yeah, because he's great man. I love Coach B, you know, he's he's the man he really is. I mean, I have nothing bad to say about him. I know honestly, some Arkansas people, maybe Wisconsin people have stuff to say about them. But I love Coach B and I would love to voice that to everybody.


No, I actually honestly, I understood what he was doing because he had to be very Alvarez shadow. I was just more disappointed because I thought if he stayed at Wisconsin, he would have like that. He would have been able to be there for thirty years and run the same system for thirty years. Have been good for years. Well, yeah.


I mean I mean, we were paying good, we were paying him pretty good too. Yes. That along with I think the challenge of the T and attacking that. I mean that was, that was the highlight for him. I think that was he wanted to take that step up.


So you also had Arkansas, part of one of the craziest plays of all time. If you haven't seen it, I'm sure everyone has seen it. But if you don't remember it, it was overtime against Ole Miss. Fourteen twenty five in Hunter. Henry threw the ball backwards like basically wasn't looking and they converted the fourth and twenty five for a touchdown and won the game. How often do you go back and watch that play. And I've seen it so many times in the last I don't really watch it that much, but definitely when people bring it up and we talk through it, I've done some detailed walkthrough on it.


Yeah, I watch.


I mean, I've seen it a ton. Obviously, it's kind of famous in Arkansas and obviously and college football. I mean, it had big implications on college football even in that year. So it was I mean, it's just a crazy play. And I honestly never thought I'd be remembered for throwing the ball. I thought I'd make like a sweet catch in the end zone or something, but never really thought I'd be one throwing the ball like laterally it and be remembered for that.


It's an awesome play.


Jerry Jones, was he, like, paying you then and then he had to stop writing the checks once you signed with another NFL team or how did that work? Do you just switch the payroll over to the Chargers?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I switched it over. You know, he's a big, big, big donator over there in Arkansas for sure. We like Jerry Jones. So, you know, he's he's given a lot to Arkansas, but, yeah, he switched it over the Chargers. So the Chargers are smart and hands clean on that.


And have you ever met Bultman? I have it. Who's Bultmann?


Oh, well, you might not know Bultman, but he was.


Well, you run the San Diego team for one year after that. He was the unofficial mascot. He was the big super fan that had the. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Very civically engaged. He went to a number of town council meetings to try to keep you guys out. And then he sold his outfit for like sixty thousand. Yeah.


Foxx What a legend. What a legend. You just met him but yeah. In your mind. Yeah. Yeah I remember him. I remember he's a legend.


Who was your favorite teammate on that San Diego team and why was it Danny Woodhead.


Danny Woodhead for sure. I just remember showing up. You're a rookie, so you're showing up like. Just everything's big eyed anyway, like you're like my guys from the NFL, this is crazy and just meeting Danny and just him just like running jokes and just him and not Slawson just just getting after it in the locker room, you know, just lots of lots of good times in the locker room and even with those guys.


And then another I think another teammate segment or something like that was Gates honestly all time teammate, a great dude treating me like a little brother. I feel like Gates is still on the team.


He's going to play this year, right.


Like week nine and he's sitting out. He's going to hold out camp.


And then if I come back once the game starts, is it going to be awkward catching a pass from somebody not named Philip Rivers? Like kind of on a serious note, is there a big difference? Could you pick out of Philip Rivers spiral, like without seeing you through it compared to, you know, any backup that you've caught passes from or going back to your days at at Arkansas? Yeah, I probably could pick it out. Honestly, I've seen it so many times.


And then obviously a strong emotion is so unique. But, yeah, it's it's going to be different, definitely. But our our offense, honestly, is going to be completely different this year. So, you know, that's no shade to fill at all, but it's just what it is. And we'll definitely have a different kind of offense this year. You know, a lot more that a lot of a lot more different things that are going to entail.


All right.


So I'm going to ask this question in a way that not going to get you in trouble. Hmm, could take a second. Yeah, I'm trying to workshop it. You want to ask it to me and I want to be like, Hey dude, how much does it really suck to have no fans at the game? And like, when the Steelers come into play?


No. Oh, terrible towels. Like, how much is that?


Are you excited to see fewer Pittsburgh Steelers fans this year?


Yeah, honestly, even playing field for everybody this year.


So help us out a lot helps us out a lot. So we have a lot of experience, but we definitely have a lot of experience with what's going on this year. OK, no, it's but we were opening a new stadium and so we were very eager for the fans this year. I think that was the biggest thing. And so, you know, we honest, we really do. We do have great fans.


But when others come in, they kind of overshadow or the chiefs of the Packers or the Bears or the you know, just like every other team.


Yeah, I know. But I why I want I want the Chargers back in San Diego, but that's just me. So speaking of San Diego Chargers in the L.A. Chargers, have you picked out what your favorite new uniform is of the whole you guys? The Chargers absolutely nailed it like no other team. We roast uniforms all the time. They came out with all those uniforms and they all are fucking gorgeous. But is there one that you're like, I cannot wait to wear this one?


Obviously, I love the powder blue is the powder blue are are all time. I don't know. I have something with the they put kind of like a new navy blue and the navy blue and then the bow on the helmet is navy blue and we're wearing all navy that honestly I think that's my favorite one. And I'm always kind of been a Navy guy. I love our all Navy. I think they're sweet. Obviously, the powder blue are kind of honestly the best, but the Navy blues are.


So can you feel it in the locker room when you guys are wearing your, like, best uniforms? Can you feel it? Does it feel different, like, oh, fuck, we look awesome today?


Oh yeah, for sure. Definitely not. Look good. Feel good.


You know, like any time you walk out like that and you're feeling good, you know, you look good, you feel a little extra kind of swag about you see I'm so happy to answer it that way because as fans we just assume that players are wired the same way our stupid lizard brains are where we're like, oh my God, if we can wear those uniforms, we'd be so fast. So it's good to know that like that actually is going through your heads.


When you wear their uniforms, you're like, we look sick.


Oh, yeah. I mean, you're always trying to look good, man. Anybody tells you you're not. They're not. Then they're lying to you in a way, for sure. I mean, the you're trying to look good, look at yourself in the mirror and everything. But once you get in the game, you're not really thinking about it, obviously, but like before the game like that. And I kind of look we look sweet.


Oh, see, I'd be like you as soon as I as soon as I fell down or made a tackle or something and I was like, shit, I got grass stains on my uniform.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I think a hamstring injury during warm ups be you know, I'm just going to I'm rochell on the sideline, maybe stand behind a coach, try to get on TV a little bit, looking good. But as for that, like tackling shit now I'm good.


Yeah. No grass, no grass stains. Just keep it clean. The photos are going to look good because you got those sick warm up photos. So, you know, it'll be a good concept for you. Yeah, we we usually ask this question to a linebacker or defensive end, but I'm going to kind of flip it on you real quick, especially with Joey BOCES new contract he just got paid. Would you want to ever get any reps at defensive end?


Hmm. Yeah, I would love to.


That'd be fun. I would love to. I would love to kind of get that feel. I think I would need some work, but I think we could train I could transition to it.


Our safety, like Rob Gronkowski, like a Hail Mary or like that didn't work out. I think you're a better tackler than Rob at this point in your career, though. Yes.


Yeah, that one didn't work out for him, but yeah. Down that would be sick. I mean, I could learn from Joey. I mean, I think I'd be all right. Do you have to block him in practice. Oh yeah. Every day. Every day. How much does that suck. It definitely makes you better, definitely makes you better. We've gone against each other now for whatever it is four years. And so you kind of I mean, we get used to it and everything, but it makes you better.


Dude's a beast. I mean, he's just so just technically sound thing to like. Obviously he's a freak, but his hands and just everything he does is like he's just so detailed. And so it's he's a tough guy to block. Definitely makes you a better player. Bad hips, though.


I just looked at his combined stats and he had zero deductions and bench press.


So you're a little bit more explosive. Yeah. The explosion. Yeah, I guess I got them on explosion by five. You know, my hips were good.


Has he changed since signing his new contract? Is he like walking around like Mr. Big Shot? Absolutely not.


I saw him the next morning and it was just the same duty, just like the like.


He's just he's just drive and he's dry to dry humor is he's a great teammate. I love being around him. We came in the same year, same draft class. So it's it was crazy. I mean, we actually play I've known him since high school, too. I mean, we're the same age and everything.


So it's he's honestly been the same dude ever since that basically if he showed up the first day after that contract, he's driving like a slingshot. Yeah. He's got Yeah. The three wheel car just flipping everybody off, just looking.


Will he be the defensive end idol. He's the most low profile guy. Elliott low profile guy ever.


I had one last question. So taking you back to December. Twenty eighteen. You are injured. You're probably laying in bed, just waking up on the West Coast time. What happens to your phone when Stephen A.. Smith says he's excited to watch Hunter Henry tonight, even though you had been out for a very long time?


Oh, what a legend for that. I love that man. What a legend. Thanks. It's thanks, Steve. And a big shout out to you, man. Yeah, it was pretty crazy. I was actually went with the team to that game because we were playing the Chiefs and it was like a big Thursday night game. So I was like, I'm gonna go watch. This would be a fun game to go to. I want to go.


So and I was honestly starting to kind of come back from my ACL that year. So I was like, and that's what I kind of came back at of the year. So I was like, I'm a go to this game. And then I woke up in the hotel that morning and I'm getting blown up by everybody, like everybody, my Twitter, everything to text. I come down to the mail room and everybody's like, Damn, bro, you ready for tonight?


Like, I really look at everything. And then they're like, Yeah, Stevenage has been blowing you up. So I'm like, wow, this is crazy. I mean, it's just crazy, the whole process of it. I was like, what is going on? But I was a big shot at Steven for keeping me relevant.


Knowing your name. Yeah, he said he said he had a brain lock, which happens to the best of us.


He's read excellent talent when he was doing that. Yeah. Yes. That's a actually it's a good thing though, because if you wake up and your phone's getting blown up, blown up and you're like, holy shit, why am I trending on Twitter? That's probably the best reason that you could be trending is because Stephen A. Smith screwed something up and not because of something you did.


Yeah, for sure it was. Yeah. It's the best way to be trending on Twitter for sure. Absolutely. Absolutely.


What is your record going to be this year? Sixteen. Who knows the goal right in every game. But I'm going to take a week by week and I mean the Bengals with our first game. So did for that one and just got to take a week by week to start one up. So sixteen.


And I was what I heard during what I also heard was a guaranteed first week victory against the Bengals, one to no one to know.


Hey, man, you got to go on with confidence, man. If you don't go into the game thinking you're going to win, then I think every team goes in thinking they're going to win. And you've got to you've got to know you're going to win going into every week.


So or at least have a shot to win down seven with two minutes left.


That's not our plan this year. It's the new year. Moving on from that. Actually, I'm OK. Yeah, I'm OK with you guys moving on because I would rather just go with Phil to Indianapolis. It feels more natural. It's doing.


It's not a Chargers thing. Yeah, right. It's more of a reverse thing.


Oh, no, don't put that on Phil though. We love it. We know we love him. But he you know, it's it's it's not even the fact that you guys are down. It's more just like he gets so demonstrative and he's like kicking and doing audibles and just chucking it. And it's just it's the best.


Yeah, we well Rivers with his back against the wall is a delight to watch him. Yeah. It's Yeah. We've, we've done it a lot. We've done it a lot definitely these past years. We're going to definitely try to move on from it. That's, that's, that's our plan. Going into the twenty, twenty season for sure. I love it. I love it.


Well, well Hunter thank you so much. We appreciate it. Man. Good luck with hard knocks. We'll be watching. We'll send you something. Yeah. We're going to send your shirt and your shirt, the hat so you can wear it in hard knocks and we'll be like, oh, sure, I'll wrap it.


I'll wrap it for you guys. Guys, thank you so much. Man, can I talk to you?


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Oh OK. We now welcome on a very special guest. It is Gotham Chopra. He is a director, filmmaker. You've seen some of his great work and he created and directed Greatness Code now available on Apple TV. Plus its seven iconic athletes pulling back the curtain on what makes them great. You've been around these guys, LeBron James, Tom Brady, Alex Morgan, Usain Bolt, Shaun White, Katie Ledecky and Kelly Slater. So that's the seven you've also done.


Tom, first time you've worked with Kobe, you've done it all, man. You've done it all. You've been around some of the greatest athletes of all time. I guess. Let's start there. Who is the greatest? Can you give us a goat of all the goats?


Man, that's tough. You know, I'm going to go something kind of non with something not controversial, let's say, out of this series, like being around Kelly Slater. And maybe because it's a sport I don't really know very well. You know, I've surfed maybe twice in my life, but there's something now Kelly is kind of like Tom. He's in his 40s. He's been there, done it all. He's also lived this crazy life. So there was something kind of pretty, I don't know, just enchanting around him.


And Usain Bolt. He's another one. I mean, to me, like fastest man on the planet and heavyweight champion of the world, those are two like untouchable things, right? Yes. Yeah, I love. But we can sit around and debate is the greatest of all time, LeBron versus Jordan. But when you're like the fastest man on the planet, that's kind of untouchable.


Right. And the nice thing about sprinting is you can measure it and compare him to people that came, you know, ten years, twenty years, thirty years before. I've actually always wondered when it comes to an event like the 100 meter dash, how much faster do you think the human body can even go? Like, obviously, we can't run a 100 meter dash in five seconds. That's just beyond the scope of imagination. But at some point, we're going to top out, right?


You think? Yeah. I mean, yes, but, you know, the four minute mile for the longest time, like it was was the thing. And and we just we make quantum leaps every once in a while. I mean, like the Jordan LeBron, you know, debate is fascinating, but it's like, you know what, Jordan what LeBron is now like just physically and just everything about him, it's like you just don't see that like that.


That is unique to this era. It's like we've made an evolutionary leap or like even if you think ten years from now yanase like what? I mean, he's just like blazing a trail. So I mean, it's a great thing about. Sports, actually, I misspoke a second ago because Britney Spears ran the 100 meter dash in, what, four seconds in her gym, I think she put that online not too long ago. But being around all these people, all these people who are obviously like elite at their professions, who work harder than everybody else.


Is there a moment where you're sitting down, kind of going behind the scenes and watching the process where you're like this person is actually insane to be doing it this way?


Yeah, I think it's even like I'll go back to, like, Tom versus Time when I work on that. So when we started that, I think it was several weeks. It was only a few weeks after the twenty eight to three come back that Super Bowl against the Falcons. And it was probably what that happened in February. We were maybe at the end of March, I was out with him on a practice field filming and he was like working on his throwing motion and he had his throwing coach, Tom House with him.


And Tom was really like there was something about his hip, whatever, that he was like, I'm not it's not working right or whatever tweaking it. And I said to him, I said, did you like three weeks ago we won the Super Bowl in the greatest come. And he was like, yeah, that was like three weeks ago. Like for him it was just like, you know, that was yesterday. What do I care? That's over.


And he's thinking about the next one. And so that sort of maniacal and that's consistent. I mean, that's LeBron. That's like all of these people. It's just like there's this but this God given talents there and gifts. But there's just like this. Yeah. Maniacal devotion and this edge.


And it's always like a little bit of me versus everyone, like in this greatness Nisko thing you'll see consistently, like even with the Tom Brady's and the LeBron James, it's like no, like nobody believes in me. It's me against the world. Yeah. And so there's something just like sick in the mind with these athletes so themselves. Yeah.


So I had two questions about Tom versus Tom. The first one's a little silly, but you put in all this hard work and then the most memorable moment is Tom kissing his son on the lips. Were you like, what the hell like did you guys not watch the rest of it? It was really cool. It was Tom Brady like like he's never been seen before.


I mean, you know, it's like everything that Tom, especially off the field, like his smoothy became a thing. Right? Like, yeah. Because, you know, with Jack was a thing, but like the smoothy was a thing. And it's just because I think no one had ever been inside. No one, you know, he now he's on social media and everything. But the time like he didn't have an Instagram account, like he was barely.


So it just everything took on this larger than life. So I mean, I felt bad because especially with Jack, Jack was like, yeah, I'm like nine years old, but I wasn't particularly surprised or bothered by it.


It's just so funny when when you have such hard work and you put together something so big and then the one take or not the one take away, but the one that the Internet runs with, that's just the Internet, you can never control it. So my other question about Tom, first time and it was a debate that came up with the last dance and a lot of documentaries coming out. Where's the line when you are doing a documentary with the control of the person you are, you know, filming and their story and how much you let in, how much you can take out like the creative control, is that all decided beforehand?


And where do you kind of fall on the debate that's been going on in media? Yeah, look, I think this is somewhat I don't see GenerationOne because I'm not like some young whippersnapper or something, but there's like the sort of Ken Burns style documentary completely objective.


And, yeah, you you really there's no version of the subject having any control. But I would say, you know, working with Kobe in particular, and that was like the first high profile one, like there was no version of that. And the best version of that was going to be something that the subject was really invested in and I mean, emotionally like felt ownership over it. And so I sort of come from the perspective of like, well, I don't, quote, see full creative control or final cut or anything like that.


I do come from the school of like, no, this is a partnership. This is not on you, Kobe Bryant or Tom Brady. This is with you. And so, like every story, every question you're asking me is a choice. Like you, you make choices. And that's kind of what guides the story and you leave stuff out. And so, you know, that's just part of the process. I mean, it doesn't mean and I can tell you again, especially with Kobe, who's combative like he was, that was his nature.


I mean, there were endless creative, you know, debates. And I would say, like, I won my fair share, he won his fair. But that's part of the process.


Well, from from my personal perspective, I don't really have a problem with it, especially if it's if it's, you know, admitted it's full disclosure, like, hey, this person had part of the creative, you know, like it's not you're not trying to dupe us or be like, you know, we got inside Tom Brady and we're putting out stuff he didn't agree to. I actually appreciated on the level that all these athletes spend their entire career being covered and having the media and their fans project their own thoughts on them of who they are.


And this is maybe a chance for them to show their own side instead of having someone else tell them how they've thought about things or rumors or whatever it may be. So they almost get the power back, which is kind of a cool dynamic that we've never seen in sports until today.


Yeah, and look, this is a trend. A lot of athletes now have their own production companies or their entire platforms, uninterrupted players, Tribune and others that are really built on that premise of like them directly to the audience. I think, you know, people like myself still have a role in terms of helping to guide a story like where we're making a story and you have all the normal things, tension, conflict, set ups and payoffs and stuff like that.


So I think that's good. But I agree. Look, we're not trying to be manipulative ever. And there's definitely a line like you can feel that sometimes like when you are being lied to and therefore are you lying to the audience. And those are the areas that you really kind of have to be careful about. But I think in general, like you want to the subject to feel a sense of like, this is my story.


I want to share this. Otherwise you're going to end up like like everything else.


Right. So, yeah, it's interesting that you mentioned working with Kobe because I feel like Kobe gets so in depth on everything that he does. He's got like he had this passion behind him where he would focus, you know, solely on the task at hand. He would he would be able to kind of go into whatever field interested him and take that on with a guy like LeBron when you're working with him, how much you know, when you're talking about the creative ideas that you're coming up with together, is he getting down to the level of I want?


Here's who would be a great place for a montage. We should do a voice over here. Can we get Morgan Freeman to do that part? Like, how granular does it get with these athletes?


No. So, I mean, what you just described is Kobe Bryant was Kobe on the project. So like every little detail, like in the minutia, obsessive. And, you know, the truth is, like these guys are the same off the court that they are on the court. So that actually is not that surprising, right, that Kobe always wants to hand the ball in his hands, etc.. So the bronze kind of the opposite, right.


Like he's a he's thinking he's a facilitator. He's about like, how do I get my guys in the right position to do what they do best? And and so he does that kind of off the court as well. He's got a core group of guys, Maverick Carter, Rich Ball that he's grown up with, that he trusts. So actually working with the brawn is largely working with those guys because they kind of know what he likes and doesn't like.


I mean, he's he's a they're like the few times that I interacted with him, he's very supportive. Let me know how I can be. If you ask him for his opinion on something, he'll give it to you. But he's not the guy, at least in my experience, in the edit room, rolling his sleeves. Whereas Kobe I mean, I was with him two, three in the morning. The guy was like, no, no, he's leaving.


No one's leaving until we get this right. And, you know, it was recalled it affectionately Kobe jail. But, you know, that was that was the process with him.


So religion is sports and you're around all these athletes and it's a religion for them. Do they ever fully understand how it's a religion for fans? Like what? What do you what have you said? From being around these these, you know, men and women, do they fully understand the impact they have on their fans and how much of our happiness, which is sad to say, but it's true, is dependent on them?


Now, I think the guys and women later in their careers, like they they do like they've been around long enough. I mean, so, you know, when I started religion of sports and my two partners are Tom Brady and Michael Strahan, they both in it wasn't the business plan that got them.


It was, oh, no, I know what it means to be at the epicenter of this thing. I understand. You know, not only is this my life's purpose, I for Tom to play this game, but I know, like, I can feel it when I'm out there, just like what you know, how much is invested in me. And so I get this idea that sports it's not like like a religion. It is a religion.


And it sort of invokes the same type of feeling. So, yeah, I think a lot of them do towards the end. And it's partly it's also I mean, Tom's had this Forever Goodbye tour. We know how long it'll go on for, but it's it's that connection to the sport. It doesn't last forever.


Have you thought about flipping the, you know, like the camera? I mean, it wouldn't be flipping the camera on yourself, but flipping the camera and like following a Cleveland Browns fan who face paints and drinks, you know, Rome out of a bowling ball and throws a keg in the Mooney lot and then goes and screams his face off all day and then gets up at like 7:00 in the morning for his construction job on Monday morning after the Browns lose again.


That's the religion of sports.


We need that documentary to be true. We call those are the true believers. Yes. Yeah. No, I absolutely know how you market that. I'm not quite sure. But like, you know, like in terms of those people, those stories, as you guys know, I mean, they're out there. I mean, there's tens of thousands, if not millions of them. I mean, today, like opening day of baseball in the middle of this weird pandemic in this time, like just what?


Again, it's it's I'm going to watch. I know you guys might be Yankee fans. I'm a Red Sox fan, but I can't wait till seven o'clock when I can watch Yankees Nationals because of what it means, you know, and it's it's bigger than sports. Yeah. You mentioned Michael Strahan and Tom Brady. I'm interested to know what that relationship is like. If you've ever been in a room with those two, if I'm sure that, you know, they're friendly with each other.


Michael Strahan, it's hard not to like the guy, but does he ever just bring up the Super Bowl? And he's like, hey, look at this ring, Tom. Look at this one.


So they're like active members of the company, both on the board. Every single board meeting starts with Michael talking about that game and kind of like, you know, and for Tom, look, I mean, nine Super Bowls, six of them wins, but it's the losses and it's that loss. Eighteen in one loss that hurts the most. That's the most memorable. And so, yeah, and Michael does not miss a beat to sort of remind him that he was at the epicenter of that one.


And the weird thing about it is, in a way, I'm sure that that loss actually motivates Tom Brady to be the quarterback that he is today because he suffered that defeat on that eighteen in one season. That actually makes him greater down there.


It actually makes him stronger for sure. I mean, so great, this code, I always think there's like an analog to to greatness code, which is about failure, because the truth is it's the failures that are the most memorable for athletes and it's the one they'll always talk about. And even if you go like if you watch the series like LeBron, the game he talks about is in twenty twelve game six of the Eastern Conference finals. But really what it's about is game five, which he lost at home.


He talks about Paul Pierce getting a shot in his face and everything, and he's like it was because of that game and all because this was before all the championships. So it's that game everyone came LeBron loser. He can't win the big one. He's he's the choke and he's like that. It was the failure that sort of catapulted the success. And so that's another consistent thing you see with the greatest.


Yeah. So being around Tom Brady as much as you have been, I think most people are fascinated by the TV twelve method, his relationship with Alex Guerrero, my whole take and I totally uninformed, but Tom Brady is exceptional because Tom Brady is exceptional and his work ethic is exceptional. And he's also kind of a freak athlete in certain respects. And with or without Alex Guerrero, he does that. It's almost just like not a placebo effect, but it's like an extra thing to believe.


What was what's their relationship like? And do you really think that it's outgrow is like a major part in Tom Brady playing for as long as he's played? Because I feel like Tom Brady would have found a way no matter what.


Yeah, I mean, like, it's a good question. I'd say I've been around Tom a lot for the last three or four years and Alex is a huge part of his daily life, like Tom does not miss even during the off season. All the body work he does like just the pliability and all the weight, he doesn't use weights. Everything's about, you know, again, like stretching his muscles and stuff like that, lengthening and loosening. So I actually think, especially as his career has gone on and on in like the years I've had it up, I do think it's a big part.


Look, there is a there's a whole bunch of stuff they do, like the body work and of endless hydration, his sleep regulation.


I mean, there's a lot of stuff and I don't know where the line is like, oh, man, this stuff is functionally really important versus this is part of like items like, like I said, maniacal psychology. I'm not sure where that line is, but I would say I don't know, like especially Tom did have a catastrophic injury early in his career. And this was like that was the turning point for him. And if he hadn't done this, I mean, the statistics show that, well, guys don't keep playing this no matter how talented they are.


I mean, Tom's not the most talented guy and he'll be the first to say it. So there have been many more talented guys have not played as long as he has.


How much water does he drink today? The heat. I mean, you can, like, look on the I think I saw a clip today of him showing up at the Tampa Bay facility and he carries this jug and it's like super ionised. And again, like this is where I mean, to your point, that guy does that is that water have some secret in it that is prolonged use for I don't know. But Tom carries that thing around and I think he fills it multiple times a day.


And so he's just like he's he's a mad scientist, like when, you know, he's always tinkering with something. There's never a moment that he's not thinking about football.


So I was reading your Wikipedia page here, and one thing jumped off the page to me and I wanted to ask you about it.


It says that you were a lyrical adviser to Michael Jackson at one point. What what Michael Jackson songs did you write?


And so, you know, I mean, this can go into some crazy places, but like, yeah, I've known I knew Michael starting when I was pretty young. And then when I was in college in New York, I went to Columbia. And Michael used to live in the top of the Four Seasons there in New York City. And so I used to hang out with him and help him with some of the songs, mainly the album history.


So songs like Stranger in Moscow History, Ice Cream, will you be there, some of that stuff?


You know, I would just but that was like pre Internet, like it was like I was like, no, I was bringing, like, rhyming dictionary and thesaurus down to just like helping him find the right words. I mean, he did all the music, so I'm not going to take any credit for that.


Did you get any royalties off that? Yeah. So you guys can appreciate you know, I was in college at the time and I would go down and hang out with them and help like 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. And then, I mean, Michael would be like, hey, man, so how much do I owe you? And I'd be like, I don't know.


And he used to keep Pelo sacks full of money, like in his in his hotel suite or whatever, and he would just like give me cash. And at the time I thought I meant like five thousand sixty seven. I was like, OK, it's cool. And then I would call my friends and we would go out to some of the things that college students do. Sure. Five thousand dollars in their pocket and have some fun. And at the time I thought, like, this is great, man.


This is what I never thought about residuals or anything like that.


So that's almost better, though, than residuals. Like, if you gave me the choice, you can either get five thousand dollars cash when you're 21 years old in college or you can get like five thousand dollars a year from when you're twenty five until thirty five. I would take the five thousand dollar lump sum in college and just go have a hell of a night.


Yeah well and I have great stories to tell so you know. Yeah.


So you've been around all these people even counting Michael Jackson, but all these athletes out of all of them who commands a room the most, who's that guy or girl who you walk in the room and it's just or they walk in the room and all eyes on them and they just have control of the room. No matter what setting it is. It could be a boardroom, it could be a bar. Whatever it is, they just are that person.


I think any part of this answer might be because of what's happened, but Kobe was a rock star, like I'd never really been around anyone like that. And Kobe's when he was at the transition, obviously, like there was a pre social media Kobe era. And so, like he kind of right now, like because everyone's all over social media, you feel like even if you don't know them, you know them because you've been around them through there.


But Kobe had that. I remember like when we were working on the project, like we got to a point where, like, it was good, but it wasn't great.


And Kobe was like, hey, man, we're not done. We have a long way to go. And I was like, Kobe, we don't have any more money from the network Showtime at the time. And Kobe's like, set up a meeting, we'll get the money. And I remember like walking into that building and he was like wearing sunglasses and everything. And he it was like, oh, yeah, we're we should ask for more money because this guy just had a sort of charisma.


And yeah, we walked out like, you know, with as much money as we needed to finish that project. So Kobe had that. I mean, look, I have a like a deep friendship with Tom. So it's it's you know, I know him better and better. Yeah. Yeah. But so Tom has a charisma, too. I think people are very curious about him and everything. But yeah, Kobe had the sort of rock star like he used to fly.


I mean, sadly, again, ironically, but in a helicopter like it was like hanging out with Batman, you know, was just like so special.


Have you talked to Tom at all about it seems like he's coming out of his shell more. Is that a conscious decision that he's like, this is going to be different? Maybe. Maybe it's the Tampa move. Maybe it's the end of his career. But just he's definitely showing more Tom Brady than he used to.


Yeah, I think it's like it's been the culmination of actually a couple of years, actually. And Tom versus time was a big part of like the catalyst for that. But I think it's just it's it's over time. And I could you know, I'm a Patriots fan. I grew up so like I feel like I should have seen this coming and I probably didn't see it coming. But then I just denied it because as a Patriots fan, I probably didn't want it to happen.


But now, looking back, I'm like, oh, yeah, like he had to leave. Like, he just couldn't do it anymore in that environment. And and he still wanted to play. And I think he's really excited about the challenge. And I mean, I've been down there in Tampa with him for a few days and it's like he's he's got a different type of energy right now. Yeah. I've seen in the last few years.


Interesting. As a filmmaker, do you have a limit in your head as to how often you can use Gimme Shelter over a montage?


I mean, it's you know, it's all about having good editors and stuff. I mean, there's you know, that's the great thing about sports. It's like so cinematic, you know, and so and every sport is different.


Yeah. I had one last question. So kind of the reverse of my last question. Who's the one athlete, big star that you've been around? And you can't say Tom Brady because you just said that you know him so well.


That is just a regular guy or girl like they're you're shocked by, oh, my God, they've done all this stuff. And they just seem completely, you know, because we've been around athletes, famous people. It's no it's no diss on them that life changes when you have that type of stature. But then we'll meet a couple of people who like, wait, they're just a regular dude, like they're just completely normal. You wouldn't even know that they were an NBA player or an NFL player just by the way they talk and hang out.


Yeah, good question.


I mean, I have been around a lot, so I feel like I do have to say somebody I know pretty well you be interacted to. Last year I worked with Steph Curry for like almost a year. And Steph, I mean, rock star quality in some ways, but also just like a really sweet, humble guy, always around.


Family has three young kids. So that's a lot of hard work. He takes it really seriously. There's not like tons of help. He's doing everything father has to do. So and like, I went to the all star game with him last year, like when working together. And Steph was like, you know, he loves to call them the place down in North Carolina. There's like a chicken cook at a fast food cookout. Jangles Bojangles.


Bojangles chef is obsessed with bodging and he grew up down there. So it's like every moment he could he was like, let's go to coach ankles, you know? And it's just like a really sort of grounded guy in that way.


So he is probably the most relatable.


And is there somebody that you want to work with really badly in sports or otherwise that maybe you're struggling, maybe you've you thought about but haven't quite gotten around to making that introduction yet?


I mean, you know, like I kind of started with Kelly Slater, like there's sports actor. I would say that I'm I'm almost like I don't know as much. I grew up a huge, you know, basketball, football, baseball guy. So I look at Lewis Hamilton like Formula One or, you know, there's a lot of international soccer players that I find fascinating because it looks kind of not them necessarily, but what they represent.


So Muhammad Saliva plays for Liverpool, like Ronaldo, who in my opinion is like probably the most famous person on the planet, which is so weird. You know, fame is an interesting thing. So I kind of look at those just like those are interesting, you know, even bigger than the person. Those are things that are interesting.


Well, this been awesome, man. We really appreciate it. Very interesting stuff. I also really appreciate you. I don't know if you realize what I did there, but I asked you for the biggest alpha and then the most regular Joe and LeBron wasn't your answer for either of them. Interesting.


I don't know. LeBron as well aware know that we're LeBron. Well, some of us are LeBron haters sometimes. Did LeBron try to trade you away from his filmmaking team while he was working with you? You said he was the same off. The court is on the court. Yeah, he didn't. He didn't. But OK, so here's my thing about LeBron. LeBron is I mean, we could sit around debate and do the basketball court thing on the court, but like off the court, like what that guy stands for, what he's done.


And in all of that stuff, I have a big.


That's the that's the thing that kills me because I, like, hate LeBron. But I know he's such a good guy, which drives me insane. That drives me insane. I want him to be like I want someone be like, yeah, he was a real asshole. It's like no one's ever said that.


I mean, think about it like I mean, we won't veer into politics, but the next four months of what we're going to go, who is the one athlete who's going to stand up and speak out? Yeah, no. And for some.


Yeah. Before we let you go, we're trying to expand into the Indian market by talking about cricket every now and again. And you did you work closely? I'm going to butcher his name. Is it Tendulkar? Sachin Tendulkar.


Yeah, it's pretty good. Yeah. I'm the Master Blaster too. That might be easier. Oh, the master blaster. That's sick.


Like a Stevie Wonder song. Would you can you give us like a real quick headline that maybe we can use to market to an Indian audience about their favorite cricket player?


I mean, in a country of over a billion people of every faith, you know, on the planet, there's one God and it's the master blaster in a Sachin is he's everything.


He's LeBron plus Tom plus Usain Bolt. Times of million know in terms of what he means to that country and what he's meant to that sport.


OK, he might be my answer now. And somebody asked me just who's the who's the greatest athlete on planet Earth right now? Master Blaster. Master Blaster.


I like that. Cool, thanks, guys. It's super fun. Yeah. Thank you, man. A lot of fun. And if you're ever in New York, come by and let's do it in person.


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OK, let's finish up the show, we got fire fest coming up, we got Billy's, so Billy's not here. Hopefully we have doubled the downloads because then we'll kick Billy off forever. That's our promise.


You know what it's like when when Roger Goodell introduces a shitty rule that nobody likes and then he saves the game by removing that. Should you rule? Yes, actually, Billy, if you are listening, we do love you.


We love you. Well, he's not listening. And it's so perfectly Billy to, like, his stock was going back up and he's like, got to take a quick vacation, guys. Yep. So I'm going to be out of here. What I support is taking a vacation, OK?


Last week on part of my Take Billy Football introduced the conundrum of the Chinese seeds that were being mailed to America, what do they do?


Are they used for surveillance or are they used to as invasive species? Are they used to just screw with American rural communities? And today's part of my take, we get to the bottom of it. The mystery behind Chinese seeds will be unveiled next week and build football returns from his vacation because he knows the mystery and we don't know that has been serial on palmitate.


We'll find out on Sunday. And he's going to have no, he's not going to. He's just like what I thought you guys already talked about.


I bet he planted the seeds and then just doused him with steroids. Yes. Yes.


I want to go super super pumpkin to make these seeds extra. All right. So his sheet, though, he did give us a sheet, Jake. Paul got rated.


He's on steroids by the FBI. I talked to him about Twitch. No. What?


Now, he shot the guns. He had guns. Yeah. What is that?


We had like guns. Like, there's was like something like a helicopter or something like over his house. And he's had like guns like like chilling out in the backyard. So it's not even like they were just obviously like guns, free range guns in his backyard.


I think when you I think you get to a point of wealth that you just run out of things that you can buy. So you're like, no, I'm going to buy a shitload of guns.


Yeah, they're easily storable. You can hang them on the wall. They're almost artwork. And then when you buy a bunch of guns, you're like, well, someone might steal my guns. Need more guns. Yeah, we're good vlogger.


Yeah, yeah. When we had those areas, house, like half of his house is just guns because he's got to protect his gun. Yeah. He has the smaller guns up front. Right. And as you go through the house. Yeah. I think you're actually right because the more rooms you go through the bigger they get. Right. Until he's just got like an atom bomb in the basement. So it's a self-fulfilling prophecy.


You just need to keep buying guns until you have so many guns that your guns can never be touched.


Also, I think when you're as universally hated as Jake Paul, you probably have a lot of people that want to kill you.


Do we hate Jake Paul or is it logo? I think we like Logan, right? Logan Tylo gangers. Both of them.


Yeah. Why. They're just doing sports thing. Yeah. Yeah. That was Logan was a suicide for us. Oh I thought that was Jake is the gun guy.


I thought Jake was in the suicide for God help. OK, yeah. So we disavow the brothers. Yes.


Disavow all Paul brothers. And then also I saw Ziggy Ozzie Guillen went after Nick Swisher. I fucking love Ozzie Guillen. He he needs to I wish he was managing somewhere, but that guy, he will always speak his mind. He's fucking hilarious.


I wish that he had a podcast with Jay Mariotti actually. Yeah. Forget what he page. He what. He's fine on his own doing his own show. Yes. Just having those to go back and forth to be like he should actually do a podcast with radio legend from Chicago, Mike North, who they had many run ins and that would be they would just oil and water. That's about it.


Called the hard F word. Yes. Hard F, yes. Let's see, Clemson was named number one friend. Yeah. Friend or my buddy. Good friend. So this actually is bad for Clemson because like 90 percent of Dabbous motivational skills come from saying nobody respects.


Yes, they're not they're not unanimous. No. So not get enough respect for Clemson. We took that off the box. Yeah. Wild beavers in England.


And when right to remain, you know, we've run out of things in River Otter, Texas, Animal Planet portion I. I agree that there should not be beavers in Otter River. Yeah. You know, mind your business. Yeah, exactly. That's not your river. Stick to your own.


All right. So let's finish up with fire first. Let's finish up with fire first. We have a great weekend. Coming up, there's PGA Championship. All the sports are back. So excited, Brooks. We even mentioned Brooks. Brooks is tied for second to it. I'm not going to say it. I don't want to jinx anything. If Brooks wins the PGA, it would be sweet because I put in a bet. By the way, he's a legend for life, too.


So Bubba is actually a sneaky gambling guru. I don't know if he knows anything about the sports that we've been winning on this. I've been asking him for his advice and picks. And as a unit, me and Bubba are six four seven in our last seven. But this is also and we put we're heavily leveraged on Brooks to win the PGA. It's just beginner's luck.


Ride him. Ride it. Oh, I remember the first time one of the first times you ever bet horses that Joe's on. We'd when we sat down and we hit like a trifecta. Yeah. That was instantly my first race I think. Yeah. And I was like, yeah, let's bet this. And we hit it for like two hundred bucks like is it always this easy. Nope. Yeah.


I don't think I've won a horse race since that. Yeah. So yes. Ride him. OK, but give me a thank you Bubba. All right. Let's to fire first Hank.


I have a bunch, I have a bunch of. Oh good. All right.


Well let me take off my shoes.


OK, my first one. Speaking of vacations, you know, I don't really take any so I'm inexperienced and kind of the whole like how to figure this right now is is your vacation.


You realize that, like, your your job is to be on vacation. And right now your your work is to be like on a beach somewhere and your actual vacation is behind that microphone. I like that.


All right. So I was trying to go back to work. My family had a trip planned for some reason. I was always under the impression it was the first week of August. It's on it's on Block Island. I was like, oh, I got I booked in Block Island. Yeah, in Block Island, booked to rent a car, got a ferry ticket. And then there was a big storm coming in. I was like texting my parents was like, oh, I'm going to come actually Thursday morning not.


Wednesday night, and they're like, oh, well, we're not going to be there till next week, so I just had the completely wrong week, but I put all the things forth scheduled, you know, I got the time off from work. Luckily, that got approved by you guys. And I was just completely off on the week.


Yeah. So how much how much money did you lose in that few hundred dollars.


And it's tough breaking.


If you work an extra week though then you'll get all that money back. True. True.


Sorry Hank, I appreciate that. Thank you. Means a lot coming from you guys. I know how much you, you know, tell me to do so next week, though. You're taking a vacation. Yeah. Yeah. Okay.


So it's not you miss the most important part. He's trying to work as much as you can write. His family just wouldn't let him, right?


Exactly. My second one is I watched Doctor Disrespect. We've talked about him on the show. He finally came back, one on a live stream. I watch it for an hour and a half and it was just a holding screen and he never actually went live and he's doing it tomorrow. So that was just a waste of like two hours.


I thought he did another stream. I thought he did two streams. Today, he put out a song. Dr. Spectre's is addicted to making songs. He put out like a song that distract know basically, just like he just likes to show off his voice, I think.


OK, like, yeah, he's he likes to show off his voice and he likes to like his graphics are cool. Yes. That's pretty much it.


Right. So then he, he did, he went live quote unquote. But it was just a cool graphic that played for an hour and a half.


And I was just sitting there with my putting my hand like, what the fuck. That's kind of cool.


That's like the the red zone channel. If you go to it right now, you get a little taste of that. Yeah, pretty much. I have breaking news. So I think I think we're going to play this live. I haven't listened to it.


It's Brooks after the round.


I think he he's doing some drawing I in the day and just say I'm good, I'm going good. And there's no reason to be scientific. It's all the the numbers and stuff like that. I'm just gonna go play, which is the best. Congratulations on the if you just. Oh my God. He knows exactly what he's doing. Love it. I love it.


Oh I actually did sit down and watch that video that Hank was talking about the other day, the like fifteen minute long yo Bryson DeChambeau saga about him coming home from his final round of golf.


It is one island film.


It is one of the more insane things in his Bentley that I've ever seen in building a house. I have no idea what he was doing. There was one scene he's about to make breakfast and he set up his camera on his kitchen counter right next to the refrigerator. And then he closed the refrigerator door and turned towards the camera just to show his stomach and six pack in it. He deleted my aunt comment on Instagram last night.


That's messed up. A smart move. Yeah, they got big time and move. Are there ants on the course this week? I don't know. Are there ants in California? We should get. He's got to be. We should send him an ant farm. Yes, we should.


Yes, we should. But again, please stop talking. Don't Bryson the ant emoji. He does not like that. And you know, we're not trying to get under your skin too much like the fire ants love it.


All right. What else? And I have one reverse fire fest. OK, something really good that happened. Yeah.


So know a lot of you know, a lot of Wells downloaded the play Basel app. It got close to two hundred thousand, but thankfully. Well not thankfully it's unfortunate. But apparently people in Canada are not able to download the app because it's a different country and they have different regulations for that type of stuff. So I think that, you know, kept it under two hundred K, so I don't have to get a cat.


OK, OK, so you killed a cat. So we keep that storyline going. We will someday get you a cat maybe. Yes.


When we send Bryson an ant farm we will also send you cat. Yes.


See if we get a cat at some point I would have I'm in my word, when when I put when I put a cat pet on the line, I will. I know I'll always honor the vet. OK, what's your favorite?


My favorite rest of the week is I have to come up with new reasons and new ways to defend Tom Wilson. Oh yes.


Come back. No, no, he's not a scumbag, as I've said before. Go ahead. He's clumsy. Well, let's go back. I need to workshop a few ways. I don't actually happens to be falling.


People are saying that Tom Wilson's running into people's backs and boarding them dangerous lashing brains. And I don't think that that's the case at all. I don't know. The best I could come up with at this point is that people are afraid of Tom Wilson. They're afraid to make eye contact with him. And when you don't want to make eye contact with an alpha, like at a dog park, you'll never like, look at the alpha dog. If you're a small little pooch, they will turn their backs on Tom as he's approaching and he accidentally hits them in the behind.


Have you thought about just saying, fuck it and just put your hands up and be like, hey, you'd love him if he was on your team, too?


That's that's a great idea. You should just do it's a great way to defend a guy like that, just like, hey, guess what, I know he's a scumbag. I don't give a fuck because he's my son.


He's a guy that you love to play with but you hate playing against.


Right. Which is just the best code for he's a fucking asshole.


At least I don't think he's a fucking asshole. He's not a avory levels. OK, Avery Wright was a pest.


Tom Rationalises score. Maybe there's something different about the customs in Canada that he's not getting acquainted with just yet. He's struggling with culture shock.


Yes. And try slipping it. Is ISIS slippery? Yeah. Yeah. No, the ice in Toronto. I was really, really bad. We went over this, like if this was out in Edmonton, I think he'd be fine, he'd be, you know, fair play all the way, but nothing would have happened. As it stands, he is boarding people again. And I'm going to have to do some mental gymnastics to convince myself that it's not intentional.


My other firefighters, I'm working more breaking news.


Bones broke his driver. Oh, yes. Oh, wait. Do we ever find the Rick Riley tweet?


You know, did he break it out of gas? I don't know. Out of anger, out of rage, out of some sort of rage. Maybe he got it.


One last thing that's as relatable as it gets. Yeah, actually, it is not. No hard feelings. Oh, no. OK, so might not have broken it.


It broke. Oh be great. If he was fucking he was holding it. If he was it was I mean something that's like a court of law thing.


But if he was holding it and it broke he broke it. Breaking news again. We have more trouble.


God I guess this was a commercial or something would say, but this is a very wide proteges.


But that is what he's having for breakfast. He said eggs, bacon and nine protein shakes.


Oh, my God. Oh, I fucking love it. Bryson is probably going to complain to the PGA. Know it. Well, he's definitely calling like Brooks is being mean to.


Absolutely. He's like Brooks is bullying me on the phone.


It's also perfect because it's golf in there is like this unspoken, like gentleman's rule. But why wouldn't Mike Brooks is competing. It's pricing. It's fucking sports. Yeah. What, like it's trash talk?


I fucking listen, I think that it the shambo wants people to stop bullying them. Maybe then he should start doing the exact opposite of everything that he's done in his entire life.


But he would you know, he even if he did that, he would do it in a scientific way or at least like a video of like I'm going to do the Castanza.


Yeah, no, he would have like sabermetrics about who the most likable people in the world are like. He'd pull up a Tom Hanks look like an Excel spreadsheet, logging every word that he said, and then try to mimic those and then be like, yeah, OK, this is fake pricing. You know what?


I'm fine with this. I'm glad that there's a rivalry in golf. We needed something like this. The Tiger. Phil just doesn't do it for me. Yeah, I'm waiting. Yeah. Today was actually one of the first times that I've been watching golf and I've been more excited to watch somebody else besides Tiger. Oh yeah, it's been awesome. But, you know, I'm look at this picture.


It took us, what, like an hour and a half into the show. But fuck you, Bryson. Yeah, fuck them.


Ding Fuck you, Bryson to Champloo Chrisann, go cry. Cry me a river. So the golf, the head of his driver is just laying on the ground next to his feet. It's a very sad looking picture.


You can't it does not look like an anstead head. One whole scene right now because you're you can't like to wander through six. So he's got a long way to go. You can't use a new car. No, you don't get a new driver.


Can he call a rules official over here? He probably did.


Probably try to duct tape it. I don't know how I got so good. Here's what he said, what he said.


I guess it's all the swings I put in. Oh, my God.


So that's why you should never practice. Surprising that. So I guess I'm so strong. I didn't know my own strength again. This is a problem that Brooks would not have because he doesn't practice.




Right. His clubs are fresh. Always. All right. My fire fast is love the fire. Oh yeah. Go ahead.


My bed sucks, OK? My bed sucks now it's broken. And so I dread getting in and out of the bed. The slats always collapse. Every morning I wake up with a back ache now.


Feels like something you should fix. Yeah well I'm getting a Mindy Kaling situation.


Yeah. No, no. I've already put in an order for new bed but in the meantime, like have you, there's no worse feeling than being really tired at the end of the day or maybe after a 24 hour stream and all you want to do is lay down your bed and you dread laying down on it. You dread the feeling of the sky.


Yeah, I would have fixed that instantly. Well worth it. There's no way to fix it. I just have to order new bed and you know what that means. Now I have to assemble a new bed. Yes.


Sucks. All right. Live on Twitch. Yes. Oh, all right. My professors, I actually got an invite to be a virtual fan and I bought a hat. This is Laker Dan and I sat there for an hour waiting to get let in and never got let in like a fucking idiot and then found out Laker Dannatt's.


Yeah, I bought one at the store at the Lakers store. It came with a mini flag too. And are you joking? No.


Yes, I'm joking. Oh. And then we found out that LeBron just invited all his fucking kids from his school. No, fuck you, LeBron. Those guys, those kids are in Akron. They're not real Laker fan, the Cavs Twins. I'm a Laker fan.


He invited kids from a school on only third Tuesday night. It was on a school night. It was like six thirty. So it was early on on a school night all night nonetheless. Yes.


What about the second graders? Like being a second grader at one of those school? Yeah, just get fucked. They probably didn't learn anything this morning.


Dude, I'll remember this. LeBron, you don't want Laker Dan to show up. I'm just going to say that. You really, really don't, but it's kind of a threat. So be careful, do all right. See every Monday. Love you guys tucking away. I don't know what to say. Well, today is a day to find. Needless to say. And then my life is OK to me. It's the better to be safe and sound.


That saying it isn't just the. I'll be coming for you in. How many like. The. It's pardon my take presented by barstool sports.