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The reviews are in for McDonald's hotter juicier burgers. Let's hear what Hamburglar has to say. What our old friend Hamburglar said is the patties are juicier, the bun is a thing of beauty, the cheese perfectly melted.




My burger dreams have come true. You heard him, folks. These are McDonald's best burgers ever.


Available at most restaurants in this area. Comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers on today's part. In my take, we have our good friend Chris long back on the show. It's been too long for Chris Long, one of the first guests in pardon my take history. We're going to talk some ball with him, maybe some coaching, hirings, teams keeping their coaches catch up with him. We're going to do a little cleanup from Sunday. We got Joel and B dropping a 70 piece on Wembanyana's face. We're going to do hot seat cool throne faqs, listener faqs, and it's all together with our friends from Apple TV. This message comes from masters of the air on Apple TV. Plus from the executive producers behind Banda Brothers and the Pacific comes the next masterpiece about the pilots who fought in the skies against Hitler in World War II.


P 51 mustangs.


This is just made for you. I meant literally your show.


They got it out of my brain.




Is it starring Danny Woodhead?


It is not starring Danny Woodhead, but it's going to be incredible. It's a must watch. Austin Butler takes flight in the nine episode limited series. It's a thrilling and emotional epic that is not to be missed. Experience Masters of the air only on Apple TV. Plus, January 26 is when it's coming out. So it's later this week. It is the PFT show. I'm very excited for this show.


I'm so excited.


I can't wait to watch it. I just watched Band of brothers for the first time.




I saw that great show.


This hits my to I don't want to be that guy, but I did read the book.


Okay, well that's nice.




I think that I need to have some sort of world War II knowledge being injected in my brain at all times or else I start to get antsy and I'm like, wait, I'm going to have to learn about World War I just so I can learn about world War no. I've got my new show.


I'm watching masters of the air so go check it out on Apple TV plus it's a thrilling and emotional epic that is not to be missed. Experience Masters of the air only on Apple TV Plus January 26 go check it out January 26, masters of the air okay, let's go.


Boy. Now in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done no place to hang out on washing and then I can't blame all on the sun oh no we.


Got a rock down to Electric Avenue.


And then we'll take it higher always.


Part of my take isn't about martial sports.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Wednesday, January 24, and Joel and Bead is really, really good at basketball. I feel like we need to lead. We're going to talk some, some cleanup from Sunday, but Joel Embiid 70 piece I hate to say this, I hate to lead the show with this, but our esports analyst Darren Ravel actually had a great idea that on January 22, every single year, the day that Kobe dropped 81 on the Raptors, every team should have to try to break the record.


I like that idea. That's good.


It was a good idea by him.


Because we had Carl Anthony Towns also monitoring Joel Embiid's situation very closely. So close, in fact, that at halftime, I forget how many points he had at half 53. But the players on the Timberwolves knew that Embiid had 59 at halftime, and they told him. And when they got back on the court, they started telling their assistant coaches like, hey, we need to get the ball to cat more because he has to outscore Embiid tonight. And then after the game, the Timberwolves coach was like, I've never seen such a display of unprofessional basketball before. Just trying to feed cat to get him over. And it was Embiid did it by just putting his ass in Wimby's face.


Yes, it was. So I tuned into both games and like the Timberwolves, it was very clear that's all they were trying to do. It's so perfectly Carl Anthony Towns because I feel like as good of a player as he is, he's kind of like a little bit of a running joke. And the fact that Joe MB did that 70 easy, and then you have Carl Anthony Towns in a loss, get 62, and then his coach be like, that was immature basketball. That was a joke of a basketball game. And the Timberwolves are, by the way, in first place in the west that they're having a great season. But it was just so perfect career arc for Carl Anthony Towns to have that type of night and just be like, and we lost.




You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to bet on James Harden in his next game to go out there and try to score like 55, 60 points. Yeah, I feel like he's got something to prove.


He's got to answer.


He's got to answer for it.


Joel Embiid was incredible. It was the 9th time that someone has scored or 9th player to score 70 plus wilt has done it six times. It's crazy because it was also the Sixers record. So it was 70 and it was Sixers record. He also said Joel Embiid to go against the Carl Anthony Towns and his night in the Timberwolves. Joel Embiid said after the game, the only thing I told my teammates was please don't force it and let's play good basketball. Let's just play basketball. If I'm open, pass it. If I'm not, just make sure you make the right play. It's unfortunate that Daniel House got booed because he did for shooting it, but we were just trying to play the right way and make the right plays. But I think obviously I made shots and they found me a lot. So that's ultimate team guy. Joel Embiid, ultimate team guy. He probably won't be able to win MVP because he's going to miss too many games this year. He's already missed eleven out of 40.


Well, they don't hang banners for mvps.


That's true.


They don't celebrate that.


It will be very funny if Joe Embiid has like an even better year than last year. But because he plays like 64 games instead of 65, that'll be the quickest that everyone will turn on a rule.




So I'm trying to count how many times Wilt Chamberlain has scored more than 60 points. It looks like it's 25 or 26 times.




Plus 76 times.


I think just for the record, he had 100 points one game and then.


He had, if you believe that he.


Had 12345 games of 70 points or more.




Fucking insane. Just to go back and look at the stats, especially that one year where he averaged 50 points and I think 20 rebounds. 50 and 20 for an entire season. Yeah, indeed is a beast. It was a mismatch on defense and.


It was tough because pop, I think he was a little tongue in cheek, but he said they were going to hammer his ass before the game. It was funny too, watching Joe Embiid walk by Wemby. And see how tall he was. And you could see his face.


He's like, whoa.


After he's like, I know I'm tall, but damn, that guy's tall.


I just like the idea that Joel Embiid can walk up to Wimby and have the same reaction we all do, which is you look at a very tall person, and you just say, how tall are you?




Do you play basketball?




You play basketball?


That's the reason why Zach Edie plays basketball, so that when people ask him, do you play basketball?


He can be like, yes, Joe Embiid, the last 16 games. So this is over the last six weeks, he's averaging 40.3 points, 11.9 rebounds, 5.1 assists, and he's shooting 57.4 from the floor and 41.7 from three. He's out of this world 90% from.


The free throw line, at least if you're a Philly sports fan, if you're, like, a diehard Eagles fan, diehard Phillies fan, at least you got to sit home and watch this last night and take in every single second of it and be like, you know what? It's been a tough year for us, but this was just a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch this as it happened and appreciate greatness that you have and not to have, like, me and you shitting all over your experience.




It's like a where were you? Moment. Where were you?


Everybody remembers where they were watching this game.




So, Max, where were you?


I did not watch the second half.


Oh, no.


God damn it. You were so close to just getting only praise.




Where were you?


My girlfriend's in town. Went to go to the movie. I mean, it was a game against the Spurs. I didn't think it was going to be this historic game against the spurs.


It was historic.


I know it was.


And then I started getting the tweets, and I watched the entire fourth quarter.


Because I have to tune know. And I got. It was one of those things where you go to the movies. I'm a respectful guy at the movies. I don't like to look at my phone. And then the second it's over, I looked at it. The first thing I see is the ESPN notifications. Then, like, four texts being like, holy shit, are you watching this?


And you weren't.


How do you respond to people calling you a casual. That's the worst thing you can call a man.


Well, I also couldn't tweet about it because it was an hour after I. If I started tweeting about it. People were going to be like, what the fuck?


Where were you?


So now I guess people will know. There was nothing I could have done. I was at the movies. I missed the game. I'm really upset I missed the game. But Joel Embiid is.


Of you know what, Max? I understand, because I remember when Derek Rose got traded from the bulls. I was at a Cubs game, and I immediately rushed home and wrote a blog. But it's kind of the same thing.


What do you.


You know, it sucks to.


Yeah, it sucks when your team.


Again, I immediately rushed home to write a blog.


But, yeah, I mean, I don't write blogs.


Yeah, you could have fired off a tweet, a video.


Yeah, but it's an hour truth. I had a tweet that was typed out, ready to go, and then I was like, it's too late. People are just going to be like, where were. This has been the talk of Twitter for an hour.


I want to note one important thing. I think this is the first time I've seen Hank wear a celtics hat this year. Was that on purpose?


No. Today? No.


Okay. Hank, you would never miss a 70 point game.


Never. I do have one thing that.


It's the worst part of being a fan. Max, I actually have your back. There's no worse feeling than having a random, crazy game happen. And you're like, fuck.


That game shouldn't have been, like, a meaningful game.


It's the worst. You're like, God damn it. I cannot believe this. Go ahead, Hank.


This is tough to admit, but it's true. Roan, coworker, good friend, has a podcast with Pat Bev, who's on the Sixers. I listen to that podcast, and I have grown to really like Pat Bev. I like the belt to ass tour. It's fun to follow. And I've caught myself being like, damn. I'm not rooting for the Sixers. And obviously, when they play the. It's. It's fade on sight.


But I don't like this.


I don't hate the. I. I like roan. I love pap. I like the show. A like, the belt to assore is a great name. Every time they win, he's just like, belt to assore, belt to ass tour.


They have tour.


They've got a lot more likable. And after the game, you could see his teammates. They were, like, pouring everything in the locker room on. Were they dumped? Like, a bucket of ice water. They were spraying beers, champagne on him. It seemed like a pretty cool place to be, which is like, way better vibes for this Sixers team than we've seen in the past.


James Harden.


James Harden.


It's just Tyrese Maxey.


James Harden would never spill a drink.


It's correct. Tyrese Maxi being the number two rather than James Harden being the number two is just a world of difference, of likability and guys. Tyrese Maxey is one of the most likable guys in the NBA.


Yeah. And there are other teams making moves now, too. Maybe some panic moves in Milwaukee.


Did you see Joe Bruntie's back?


Milwaukee fired their coach and top candidate. Top candidate Doc Rivers.




Get him back in there.


Get him back in the mix.


Buck Sixers playoff.


Let Joe Brunty just do his thing. I love Joe Prunty.


Team prunty.




I don't want even the possibility of Doc Rivers. If Doc. That would be.


What if Doc figures out how to.


Coach in the championship caliber?




Yeah, it, either way, it was a fun night in the NBA.


If there's anybody who has the experience of how to make the Sixers lose in the playoffs, it would be.


It would be Doc Rivers.




Might be a great fit.


That's a great point. But yeah, it was a fun night in the league. That would be a very cool thing. If every January 22, it's like every team is just going to be like, we're going to fucking go for it.


Celtics beat the Mavs. Jalen Brown crossed up.


Luca Leaky Black made a free throw. One of the greatest calls. Shout out the Hornets announcer Collins. Yeah, he was freaking out as his first free throw that he'd ever made in his career. So he was going nuts. He was going nuts when Carl Anthony Towns are shooting threes, too.


Are you a little bit worried about sack?




He's sitting.


Oh, yeah.


I mean, I've said it the whole year. If this team is healthy in the playoffs, they'll win the championship. Chris Saps has been an amazing addition. Funnest Celtics team to watch since the big three. I'm excited for the playoffs. We just got to stay healthy.


Yeah, just got to stay healthy.


And then I think the Heat got some heat culture.


And they got Terry Rosier.


He's good for.


He loves heat culture. He loves Wade.


Yeah, and the Knicks. Knicks haven't lost. Haven't the Knicks not lost since they got OG.


They've only lost one time since I got OG. How many games?


I think nine.


Oh, that's a significant amount.




We're going to do a full NBA preview after the Super bowl. We're going to tape it with Rosillo at the Super bowl so we'll get it in person. This was kind of a mini NBA preview.


We can't mention Terry Rosier's best tweets without bringing up the Osama one. One of the best NBA tweets of all time. Osama should have hooped instead of trying to kill people because he tall as hell.




Facts only.


He would have had a sick inside out game.


Post game.




You guys want to know Adel Castro, something crazy.


Yeah. What?


You mentioned Kobe's anniversary. What was the lottery ball on Monday?


24. Is that pre Colorado Kobe or post? I can never remember. Eight. He switched his number, I think.


I don't know which was which, but.


Yeah, I don't know.


I don't know.


Number 24.


Well, you brought this up. You brought this up, Jake. You brought up.


Yeah, but you're still a great.


But when I think 24, I'll think of him as eight. So I can't remember which one it is. You did bring that up. It was pre. 24 was so. He was 24 when Colorado happened, though.


Yeah. Okay.


And he was eight.


That's why.


I guess 24 80.


I always take eight because.


But you just brought up a whole.


24 2nd saying it was crazy that Kobe's anniversary. 24.




I just want to make sure that our listeners know that we do not endorse 24 Kobe.




Eight Kobe, on the other hand. Mama mentality, mamba.




Is that how it works? I feel like eight Kobe is when the bad stuff happened. Then he switched.


No, it. Oh, I don't know. You tell me.


Yeah, I think it's eight Kobe.


No, Jake endorses. I like eight Kobe because before that I had no idea. He likes 24 Kobe. After Colorado, when you already had already happened.


Oh, yeah.


We could be flexible here.


He endorsed move this around. Endorses whitewashing.


Yeah, right. No, I was just saying we could. Pointing out the idea we're shapeshifters when it comes to arguments that our ball.


Machine, which has a one in 100 chance of every number hitting, happened to be one of Kobe's numbers on the night he dropped 81.




That's all.


Yeah, wild.


The reviews are in for McDonald's hotter juicier burgers. Let's hear what hamburglar has to say.


Bravo, rubble.


What our old friend Hamburglar said is the patties are juicier, the bun is a thing of beauty. The cheese perfectly melted.




My burger dreams have come true. You heard them, folks. These are McDonald's best burgers ever.




Available at most restaurants in this area. Comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers. Okay, should we talk a little cleanup from Sunday?


Let's clean it up.


Let's clean it up.


A lot of people upset about analytics out there.


Oh, my God.


Analytics. I have a take, and that's. People just use the word. They substitute the word analytics in whenever there's a number that they don't like, and they're like, this is analytics.


So I had a similar take that we should just eliminate the word analytics because someone pointed out to me, and it made perfect sense, they're like, analytics is to sports as woke is to politics, where the word woke just gets used or canceled, even gets used for everything. And it's like. But you didn't actually get canceled. Like, analytics. You're just trying to give your team a better chance of winning here. I don't even know. It's like simple math.


My favorite is people who are baseball fans, and they're like, I hate these new saber metrics and analytics. Let's go back to talking about batting average. Yeah, that's the same thing. It's just like, they figured out a better way to figure out baseball and the efficiency of a batter in football. It's pretty simple. I think it's pretty simple. We're not smart people. We're not good at math. But we do understand that if you go for it when you're down 14, then you have two chances to go for it.




It's also just a simple question of, do you want your team to try to win the game, the best chance to win the game, or do you want to just play it safe and be like, let's just go to overtime? Like, I want my team to try to win the game. And if you add up all the math, if you said, hey, you have a 60% chance of winning the game this way, or a 40% chance winning, I always want to go with the 60%. And also, I don't know if that's the actual percentages. Don't sue me. But that's kind of what it comes down to, is like, you have a higher chance of winning the game if you go this route. Why would you ever choose the other one? Because that's what they did in the past.


They just need to rebrand and be like, if you are in favor of not listening to these analytics, you're actually rooting for kickers and punters, the dwebiest people on planet Earth.


So this was my other thought. I think the problem with analytics is you can make the argument, and I think it's a fair argument, that analytics or advanced statistics, saber metrics, all these things, has in a way ruined baseball and basketball. I think that's a fair argument to make. Baseball, home runs, there's less hitting, opposite field, less stolen bases. Although they've made the rules, they've literally made the rules to bring that back in the game. There's less action, pitch to pitch with analytics and how teams are building the roster. Basketball, similar way where it's become just three point shots or dunks and the art of the mid range has kind of been lost. Football is the one sport where analytics and advanced metrics has made football significantly more exciting. And I think that there's just a lot of people who just either are too young or don't remember that. Like 90s football and early 2000s football, when it wasn't even a question. If you had a fourth and two, you'd punt. Why would you want that? It's so much more exciting when a team goes for fourth down on the goal line. Those are the exciting plays.


I think it's because old coaches, when they retire, they get grumpy and they start complaining about the new way of doing football. And everybody wants to be able to identify with those old coaches. So they're like, John Madden hated this. I want to be like John Madden.


Someone pointed out John Madden had a saying, take the points however you can get. I can't remember what the quote is, but John Madden also, and God rest his soul, probably the greatest football guy of all time. John Madden famously said that the Patriots should play for the overtime when Tom Brady was driving for their first Super bowl.


And then once they won, he admitted he was right.


Yeah, right.


Also, yeah, take the points. That's a great quote because it makes sense. It's like you don't want to take points off the board, right? You want to take three points, is more than zero points. John Madden is right about that. But what's more than three points? Seven points. What's more than seven points? Eight points.


Right? And I get it.


So I agree the points.


I am a big believer in that. There's a feel for the game, and you can't just say, oh, a spreadsheet says this, we got to do it. I'm completely in agreement with that. But this one is like a simple math equation where it's like, if you can convert a two point conversion over 50% chance, go for it twice, you're going to need another touchdown anyway. And people are like, well, how many times it work? Well, I think the packers did it to the Saints this year. The Titans did it to the Dolphins. The Bucks almost pulled it off against the Bills. Like, most teams are doing this now. So if most coaches have realized that this is actually in their favor, I think there's probably something there. Instead of just being like, you got to kick the extra point.


I went back and I reviewed my interview with Ron Rivera from before the Super bowl in 2015, I think 2016, and he was at that time known as Riverboat Ron. And he had Cam Newton as his quarterback.




Cam Newton. That year, I think he was the best short yardage back of all time in the NFL in that one year, in his efficiency. So if you had one, two, three yards to go, Cam Newton was the best that we've ever seen doing it. And I asked Ron, I was like, why don't you just go for two every time? And he's like, well, I'm not a mathematician, but if you get 95% of one point, that's pretty good. That's a sure thing. I was like, yeah, but if you have 50% or more of two, which is bigger, and he's like, I'm not a mathematician. I'm a football coach.




Well, we don't expect you to be a mathematician, but we should expect coaches to know that one is greater than zero point 95.




And people are afraid of the failure of not getting both. But you got to also think about the positive of if you get the first, you can win the game in regulation. I really do think that analytics, as a word, has been thrown around to a point that it doesn't even make sense anymore. And more than that, I just implore people to remember what 90s football and before that was, and it was punts and field goals and teams not taking chances and playing it by the book, and it wasn't more exciting. Football today is the most exciting it's ever been.


And if you look at where the future of football is going, like, the coaches that are coming up now, they believe in this type of stuff, right? This is what football is going to be.


So get with it.


Get with the times.


I was shocked. I guess it really was like, because it was the playoffs, but we have been on this go for two. When you score down 14 for like, it feels like three years.


I think it's the first thing that we learned about advanced stats.


It's also the only math that I've ever fully comprehended. So I feel confidently speaking about never. I've said it before, but I've never been in a room with calculus. I barely know trigonometry or did. I don't know it anymore. This is the only math that I feel confident in, that I'm like, every time that it comes up, I feel like Oppenheimer and I'm like, yeah, do you want some fucking advanced math? I got it for you.


Zach Galfinakis.




Just like, seeing the equations floating in.


Front of my face, that's how I feel. Speaking of analytics, I guess I had a couple of stats from our friend Aaron Schatz. Now that we know what DVOA is, I thought this would be interesting to bring up. This one hurts, though, for Bills fans. So if you're a Bills fan, you're probably, you survived the longest Monday ever, which was on Monday, and Josh Allen did say we woke up, so that's good. But in terms of best four year runs of DVOA without making it to a single Super bowl, the Bills are now the second best team ever. So the Saints in the 2017 to 2020, obviously, we know what happened with the NFC championship, are number one. And then there's a list of like Steve Young's niners in the Eagles from 2008 to 2011. The Saints again in that little time frame a few years ago. So that kind of hurts. Colts. The Colts, yeah. Wait, I also have three year. Hold on, let me find the three years he did, four years and then three years, three year span. DVOA. I'm going to find that for you.




I would imagine like mid two thousand.


S. Two thousand and three to two thousand and five colts are like 7th or eigth on this list, but in a three year span, the Bills are number one. This iteration of the bills, that hurts because it's like we. It's. I don't know what the fix is because they're a really good team and it shows that they're a really good team, but something's got to fix.


And Josh's cap number goes way up next year, too. I know there are ways that you can get around that you can defer stuff and the cap isn't real for the most part. Unless you're the Saints, then you're just perpetually in cap hell and your team is 35 years old all the time. But for the Bills, it's going to get harder, not easier, over the next couple of years.


They're old. That's the other thing. I was reading an article by Mike Sando that showed basically like two years ago or two years ago, whenever they traded Tyree kill, the Chiefs basically made a concerted effort. Get younger on defense as the Bills got older. So it's like the Bills have a lot of guys in their late 20s, early thirty s, and the Chiefs have a lot of really young guys that they've plugged in there that now extends the Mahomes window and they have to rebuild on the fly. And now the Bills are at a crossroads.




And they're a really good team. Their DVOA shows that they're the best team in a three year span to not make a Super bowl.


Now, it does feel like Belichick is going to go to the Falcons, but Rex Ryan threw something out yesterday that I don't hate Belichick. To the Bills, they have a coach. They currently have a head coach.


They have a coach.


Oh my God.


Yeah, the puns. Think of the puns.


That's all I was thinking.


It actually, it makes sense, I think, for a team that wants to win right now. You think Belichick gives a flung fuck about competing against the. No, he doesn't. He probably is not revelant, not too happy with how things ended. So if I'm Belichick, I would put feelers out there and be like, if you give me a call, I will answer the phone.


Schefter said he's not getting other calls.




And there also was a weird report that the Falcons front offices kind of doesn't want Bill Belichick to come in, which is, I guess they just are trying to preserve their own.


But, yeah, it's exactly what they're like.


I don't know. I'd rather win football games.




If you're a team that's like, well, they also need to get a quarterback.




So if you're Belichick, I would almost feel like the Bills job would be a better, like an easier transition than Atlanta having to find another quarterback. You've proven that it's not so easy for you to do, Bill.




Mel Kuiper is saying that the Bears could get a first round pick for Justin Fields.


Oh, wow.


The report is out there. Other DVOA that I wanted to bring up. So Aaron Schatz also did his weighted DVOA, which, if you remember from our interview with him, obviously weighted more towards the most recent games. The Baltimore Ravens are the best team through the divisional round that he's ever charted. And so he had a chart and it was 14 teams, and ten of the 14 ended up winning the Super bowl and the few that didn't was seven Patriots. You also have the Bills from 2020. So it basically is Mahomes stopped that. And then you also have the Patriots from 2012. Harbaugh stopped that. And now you get Harbaugh and Mahomes going up to see who can go to the Super bowl. So fun little wrinkle.


That's a fun wrinkle. I also read that with the Chiefs. I believe it's every time they've beaten the Bills in the playoffs, they've lost in the next round. So that leans towards Ravens to me. What do you think about that, Hank?


I mean, anytime you have a once in a generation guy like Pat Mahomes as an underdog, you got to take him.


Patrick Mahomes being 13 and one in the playoffs against people not named Tom Brady.






40 year old Tom Brady also.




What happened in the Super Bowl?


Joe Burrow being the one other guy who won in the AFC championship game in Burrowhead. Did you see ESPN posted, like, a graphic that said Mahomes house instead of high Mark Stadium? That was really lame.


That's just the name of it now.


Yeah, it was just Mahomes House.


Yeah, no, that's Jason Kelsey's house.


It's like, what? Mahomes house. Okay. Hank, are you going to bet on the Chiefs?


Oh, yeah.


You have to.


Lock of the century.


I've also done some soul searching about the NFC championship game, and I think you guys are set with who you're rooting for, but I think I've reached my limit of pulling even remotely for a division. Done. I'm done with the Lions. I think I have to just go Niners because they're a division rival. Like, I told you, I was reaching my limit, and I've reached my limit. I was kidding.


Was in my dream last night.


Oh, wait. What?


I don't really remember what the dream was. It was just one of those, like, you obviously forget what happened, but.


Whoa. Was it a cheer for his dream?




I woke up, I was like, was I talking to George kiddo? I was like, no, that was a dream.


You got to figure out. You got to go that dream. Figure out what he told you.


The signs.


I figured out who I'm rooting for, too. It's Detroit. It has to be like, I like the Niners. I do. And I love watching their offense. I think they're a very fun team. They're dominant. They got a lot of former football teams on there. So I have that connection.


But against our friends.


What about our friends? In Detroit, Hank.


Well, this is good. We can split it. We can split the vote.


I'm just going.




Yeah, I just. I gotta go with. It's the Lions. It's the Lions playing in the NFC championship. It's a no brainer if you don't have a dog in the fight.


Shut up, Max.


It's the fucking Lions. It's Detroit playing to go to a Super Bowl. San Francisco, you'll have your shot again. You have a very good team. You have an amazingly talented roster, but.


You understand where I'm coming. I reached my limit with the division rival. I was like, all right, I can't do this anymore. Like, if they had played the Packers, I would have been rooting for the Lions very, very hard. But now I got to step away. At some point, you got to be like, I was thinking more about the whippet conversation. Got to step away. I'm not rooting for my brother to get an awesome job.


Detroit Don, though.


Detroit Don dan.


I do love Detroit Don and Detroit Don in the Super bowl. Going to the Super bowl, sprinkles cost.


Us a lot of money, but that.


Would be so fun.


Great week. A lot of money. Listen, if it happens, the Niners fans, I'm buying tickets for Detroit. John and superfans. So it is what it is. Sprinkles. I forgot about sprinkles.


Yeah, she came back.


I forgot about sprinkles. We also had the Titans hire a coach, so Brian Callahan, son of Bill Callahan. Tom Callahan. Big Tom Callahan's son.




It's a big Tom Callahan's son.




So, yeah, he comes from a good stock. Great of offensive line coaches and running the damn ball.


So here's a weird stat, and we're going to talk to Chris long about this a little bit, because Pete Prisco mentioned the leader of men, the CEO head coach, which. Very funny when you actually look at it, Nick Sirianni. Is that because he doesn't call plays anymore, but you have. Harbaugh and Dan Campbell are the two left that are, quote unquote, like, the leader of men CEO. They're not actually calling plays. Tomlin was also in the playoffs, one of those types. So it feels like as much as Pete Prisco thinks that that's what you should hire, it's going the opposite way in the NFL, because with Brian Callahan getting hired by the Titans, every single team has changed their offensive coordinator since the start of 2022 season.


That's crazy.






That's wild to think about.


And you could maybe say Kyle Shanahan calls a play. So he's the only one who hasn't changed. But every other one after the 2021 season has had a change and some of them been promotion within like Ben Johnson was obviously on the coaching staff and is now OC. But they're all have.


There's, there's also a shitload of irish head coaches now in the NFL.




Like very blatantly irish last names. Yeah, they're everywhere. I have to wonder if Tennessee is going to try to get his dad to come in and coach the offensive.


I think he is.


That would rock father and son duo.


He's got to be. But it is a interesting point on where the league is going that it feels like offensive coordinators. You hire an offensive coordinator hoping that they know, crush that side of the ball and then you just piece together a defensive staff that feels like how it's going. Because we also lost Pete Carroll. I should have mentioned Pete Carroll. CEO head coach Pete Carroll may be.


Back in the mix, though.


Oh, yeah.


So they were saying the Chargers are within striking distance with Harbaugh.




I guess they brought in the wife for the next interview, so things are getting very serious. But Carroll, his name has also been tossed to the mix with Chargers. I like that because I don't think he's. I don't. Pete Carroll would go insane if he stopped coaching.


Yeah. He'd just be chewing through every piece of gum in the world.


His entire life is just on a football field.


Last thing I had. Oh, I had one other thing. We did not do a good enough job of just saying how incredible Chris Jones is as a football player because watching back that throw that missed in the end zone, that was Chris Jones bumping into Josh Allen.


Yeah, he had digs underneath and he went for the home run. He went for the touchdown, which I like.




I like the fact that they were trying to score and he thought that he had a throw open, but yeah, Chris Jones just bull rushed him.


It was some stat. Like he lined up like five or six times on the edge down the stretch and every single time he just wrecked the play. And he is like one of those, you need one of those dudes in the playoffs who's like, okay, when we get to the fourth quarter of a tight game, you're just going to start taking over and single handedly wrecking plays.




It's going to be a great weekend of football. So excited about this weekend.


I'm very, very excited. Okay. So last thing I had was, what do we make of this report out of Philadelphia that Jalen Hurts might be a diva.


Oh, I didn't see that one. Yeah, you'll have to explain that one to me, because. What does it say?


There was reports that Jalen Hurts was a little detached this season from the team, and now the report did say that he's a great guy, but he doesn't always know when he comes off as standoffish.


Yeah, like, when he does those videos of him shopping at target, he sets his camera up. A lot of people are like, hey, why are you asking for all this attention?


Getting a haircut.




Putting on his sweatpants, staring at the tv.


There's been bullshit coming out of the media from the Eagles all year, so it's all a bunch of crap. Everyone knows the Eagles gets clicks right now, so they're making stuff up or they're fabricating or they're embellishing. What is going on in that Eagles locker room? And it's disgusting.


Oh, that's an interesting word. Change you just made. Fabrication would be making it up. Embellishment means there's a little kernel of truth.


Well, there's probably one person who's in the equipment room who probably said some bullshit that wasn't true.




Do you think that there's a little bit of diva to him?




I think Jalen Hurts is a great leader of men and a good quarterback.


Little standoffish.


So even better person than he is a football player. What you just said. Yes, I want my quarterback to be way better of a player. Yes, I want a dickhead for a quarterback that wins.


He's good as both. And then Florio is trying to start this narrative that he's getting traded.


Uh oh.


Florio will, fiction writer. I respect that. About, like, there's nothing off limits.


He put out something. It was like, if the Eagles wanted to trade Jalen hurts, it would be very easy for them.


Well, yeah, I would assume so. He's really good at quarterback.


It was some bullshit about his contract that makes it.




Florio is like a stoner that doesn't smoke weed, gets baked, and it's like, you know what would be cool to write about?


He's a starter. That doesn't.


Trading the eagle, trading.


That'd be. That'd be cool. That'd be wild.


He gets baked on his own foot. What's the crazy thing Tom Brady coming back to? He's going to play quarterback for the Patriots next year now that bill's out of town.


Did you see that report, by the way?


Could happen.


That Kyle Shanahan told Brock Purdy he's the start. This is also, we don't know if this is true, but it was reported that Kyle Shanahan, before the season, told Brock Purdy he's a starter unless Tom Brady wants to come back.


I like that. Yeah, I think that probably is true. If Tom Brady wanted to come back, I think almost every team in the league would be like, yeah, sorry. You know what? You're going to ride the bench for.


A year if Brock Purdy gets hurt again in the NFC championship game. I want Philip, Tom Brady.


No, I want Philip Rivers. Like, philip Rivers should be the guy.


Yeah, I agree.


We were promised Philip Rivers last year or Big Ben would be pretty sweet.


Rg three.


Didn't Big Ben say, like, so disrespectful of Sam Darnold?


Didn't Big Ben say, I did get a call last year about the 49 ers, like, to see if I wanted.


It was probably a prank call.


I think Big Ben just said that. But, yeah, give me Big Ben or Philip Rivers.


It was probably like a reporter from Pittsburgh being like, would you take the job if the Niners called you?




He's like, well, I did technically get a call about the Niners, so I'm not lying.


I hope that Brock Purdy doesn't get hurt.


I don't want him to get, but.


If he does, that would kind of rock just to see who Kyle would.


Come up with again. Sam Darnold is on the roster.


I don't think it's going to be Sam.




Tom Brady in the Super bowl against Mahomes.


Now, this is fan fiction.


That would be great. Against Mahomes. Taylor Swift watching.




Holy shit.


I mean, it is. We've seen a lot of stuff about how the NFL wants Taylor Swift at this game.


Yeah. Right.


It's rigged, and it's rigged. And Warren sharp just put out a stat about the official that they called in. They hit the Scott Foster button in the NFL. The official that's going to be refing this game, home teams lose at a much, much higher rate. Who is it with this guy?


I think it's Sean Smith.


Is that the guy's name?




He sounds like a fake name.


He calls a lot of false starts. Perfect guy on the home team. Not so many on the away team, like, disproportionately. There's a big difference there. So they called in the big guns to try to make Lamar win this or to make Lamar lose game.


Here are the numbers. Sean Smith on the Chiefs game the last three years. With other refs, home teams win 56% of the time, but with Smith, home win rates dropped to 41%.


Oh, no.


See, I thought it would be different, Jake. I thought that the NFL would want Taylor Swift to not be at the game because there's so many people out there that said that they were going to stop watching football because Taylor Swift's on it. So they want to make sure that she's nowhere near the Super bowl this year.


Also, the Swifties have done a deep dive. I think she has an errors tour concert very far away. Either Australia or Japan.


Japan. Yeah, we talked about that. She better if she's a real one.


Before she would get the time back. So it's possible on her pj.


The game thread from the Swifties was so funny. I don't know if you guys saw back or it was here was one of them. I hope that the Bills kicker doesn't beat himself up too much. It's an awful situation to be in. I hope that he's around a great support system. Someone else wrote, I feel like I want to cry and puke and also like, I can't breathe. I'm assuming this is fairly normal in this kind of game.




Football rocks. Welcome to football, swifties.


What is a touchback? I'm so lost. It's great. Yeah. Swifties.


I think it's been great for the game this year because it brings in so many people who just don't watch football. And some of them are going to still watch football after this Taylor Swift era. Pun intended.


I don't know if there's a ton that are going to stick around.


Maybe not a ton, but think of.


How big her audience is. 100 million swifties start watching. If a million of them stick around, that's a million more football fans.


Football does rock.




Depends how the breakup goes.


Yeah, that's true. But if they get engaged, you're breaking them up.


No, if there is one and it doesn't know, the swifties don't like how it went down.


What if Taylor did like, a fuck football song that was like a number one hit? That would be bad for the league. We'd have to grab our swords.




She blames the relationship on football, of his commitment to football, not his commitment to her.


He didn't go to the Golden Globes because he had a game or something.


Little does Taylor know, Travis Kelsey's not even that committed to football. We're way more committed. He only plays in one game a week. We watch all of them I think.


Romo said they were married again on the broadcast.


Yeah, he's just doing that. Really. He's just getting freaky.


He did it earlier in the season. I think he made another comment.


He doesn't care. I don't know about that. Forgot we had Romo in the Super bowl this year.


Oh, God.


Yeah, I forgot about that.


His hairpiece, allegedly. I'm just saying, look at the hairline next time. Romo's a little Lego hairline.


It's a little poofy.


He's got a poof where there was no poof before.


It looks very full.


Yeah, a little too full.


A little too Carl Ravich like little for a guy. Wore a helmet and a hat for a long time.


Bill Self.




He said, there's your brother in law on the CBS broadcast.


Got it.


Yeah, got it.


He's putting the ring on her.


Yeah, he did.


Think again.


I think that Tony's trying to push them apart. I think that this is a wedge issue. I think Tony's trying to swoop in on Taylor Swift.




All right, let's do hot sea cool throne. It's brought to you by our friends at Coors Light. When you're juggling work, family and life in general, things can feel chaotic. That's why Coors light helps you find moments to reset and refresh all year long. Whenever you need to hit the reset, reach for a Coors light. It's made to chill. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill, and that's coors light. We love drinking Coors light while we're watching ball Friday afternoon. Friday evening, you get off work, sink into that couch. Coors Light is your perfect friend for that moment when it's time to chill. Coors light is a beer I reach for. So when you want to hit the reset, grab the beer that's made to chill. Get Coors light delivered straight to your door with drizzly or instacart by going to slash, take, celebrate responsibly. Coors brewing company, golden, Colorado. Coors light, the best beer ever created. Okay, hot seat. Cool throne. Henry.


My hot seat is Tristan Thompson.


Oh, yeah.


Got busted for steroids.




He's taking 25 game suspension, taking the world's worst steroids.




I went immediately to my number one source of steroids in the world that I know named Billy football, and he said the craziest thing is that he was taking broke boy steroids. Oh, stuff frat boys and TikTokers use to bulk up.


Oh, don't want that.


He was doing it for the look, not for the functionality. Damn, that makes sense.


Maybe he was doing it to get less horny. Yeah, he is an all time horny guy.


Very horny guy. Maybe he's trying to sterilize himself.




Get his balls smaller so it doesn't sperm as much.


Remember when he just had a sex tape?


I kind of forgot about that.


That was weird.


It was.


It was like 10 seconds, but it was just like. And it was also. I feel like it was. Did the girl release it to be like, he's cheating on you?


Yeah, I feel like with cell phones and technology, like the sex tape game. It's not a tape.


It's not a tape. Yeah, you're right.


It changed.




But, yeah.


Is he still married to Chloe?


I don't know.


Is it just a sex video?


Wait, is he married to Chloe still someone google that.


I don't know. It goes back to my theory. Never trust a guy named Tristan. Tristan's a bad trust name.


That's fair.


It's got Trist right in there.




My other hot seat was they're taking Chuck Schumer. Said that they're a pouch full of problems and they need to get reined in.


Who's Chuck Schumer?


He's a cinema authority leader. New York happy.


I didn't know who that was.


Yeah, I saw the video that he put out. He makes zero sense in his explanation.


Sounds like a guy who needs Zen.


He does need to chill out. Yeah, he needs a lip pillow. That's what you need, Chuck. Because he said, like, yeah, there's a problem with a company that packs so much nicotine into one item and then they promote it with the social media. He just has no fucking idea what he's talking about. The problem with senators is they get a bunch of nerds that are their staffers that have to find these little pet projects to work on. Losers like, what are you up to? Well, I'm putting together this presentation for Chuck on my issue, which is that I think Zen suck because I'm a nerd. And then Chuck Schumer is like, yeah, this is good. I like this.


Get Washington, DC late.


I don't think they're married.


Okay, who?


Chuck Schumer? No, Chuck and Amy Schumer.




It's her dad.


That's her dad?




Is it really her dad? No, there's no way.


Same last name.


Let's see.


Amy Schumer, dad. Chuck Schumer. Let's see what this relationship is. They I think they are related.




They're cousins.


Oh, look at you, Hank.


How about that?


Get in the policy.


I know my, uh, my cool throw was math, but we already went over all that. One other thing that I was thinking during the games on Saturday, and I think it happened Sunday, that I thought was just a thing. I did do some research, and I realized that it was just my patriots derangement system.


Hold on.


Time out. I just want to go backward a little bit. What was the research? What it looked like. I want to know what exactly research for you is.


I looked up articles that pulled the stats.




And showed the stats of the thing that I was referencing.


Did you read the articles?


Yeah, I read the article. I read the graphs. Looked at the graphs.


So what did the graphs say?


I thought. And I realized after doing my research that it was just because I'm a Patriots fan, but I thought that it was just a fundamental rule that you defer the toss. The Texans didn't defer the toss. They elected to receive. They went three and out. They tied the game before half. Ravens got the ball back, scored, and the game was basically over. And I believe the packers did it, too. And it just doesn't make sense. Why would you not defer? Why would you not get the ball back to start the second half? I just assumed that was, like, a cardinal fundamental rule. And then when you look at the stats, the Patriots, it's like, 95% of the time, they defer, and then it goes down from there. But I think you should just defer every time.


I think a lot of coaches saw the Patriots deferring, and they thought to themselves, well, if Belichick defers, then we should defer, too. Yeah, because he knows what he's doing.


Has it happened recently? I know it's happened, like, once or twice where a guy will fuck up and one guy will say, like, we defer, and then they'll be like, all right, we'll kick off.


And then.


You get it both times?


Yeah, you get it both times. Jair Alexander almost did captain.




I also like, during the 49 ers game, they said Kyle Shanahan likes to do the thing where he scores before half, gets the ball back, and scores again.


Love the middle eight. Yeah, people love talking.


Hey, if you can, like, yeah, if.


You can score right before half and then score right out of half, that's pretty good.


That's Kyle Shanahan's signature move.


It's a two for one score, two touchdowns.


If I were a head coach in the NFL, I would like to do the thing where I score every time I have the ball.




I would also pin my ear back on defense, and then I would get off the field on third down.


It's a good strategy to score.




Always defer.


Always defer.


My hot seat is Ugga.






R-I-P. Ugga. This was Ugga ten. So Ugga passed away on Tuesday morning in Savannah. Ugga X passed away quietly. Ugga X. He was the mascot following the OR. He retired following the 2022 season, and then Boom took over as Ugga eleven. This was the best Ugga in the history, by far.


Wait, his name is Boom or his name is Ugga eleven?


It's Ugga eleven, but his real name is boom. It's like the Dalai Lama's name isn't Dalai Lama. You have a name, and then you get the title of Dalai llama, and then when you retire, you're no longer Dalai Lama anymore.


Got it.


They both like kissing kids with their tongues.


It's like Nebraska always has to have a quarterback named Martinez.


Got it. Yeah.


So Ugga was promoted to being the mat oR, excuse me, it was Q was promoted to being Uga.




November 21, 2015. And then he retired as the most decorated of all the bulldog mascots. As a mascot, they had a record of 91 and 18. They won two College Football playoff national championships. Great dog. Very good dog.


Incredible dog.


Rest in peace. R-I-P. My cool throne is mock drafts because Mel Kuiper Jr. Just released his first mock draft to the public. Do you want to know who you got, Hank?




In order, the Bears take Caleb Williams.




Number one.


I'm in. I'm also officially in. I just want to say that I've done a lot of soul searching, especially that Mel Kuiper's like, oh, we can get a first for Justin Fields. Let's just do it.


With the second pick, Washington commanders select Jaden Daniels.


Oh, LSU. Wrinkle.


Little wrinkle. With a third overall pick, the Patriots take Drake May.


Oh, we're all getting new QB.


How about that? Yes, we're getting new QB.


That by the just, I know that we've talked about this a lot, that the draft goes through us. If all three of our teams take qbs for this podcast, it's like we are intertwined forever. For the next five years, it's just going to be a debate between the three of us. Mexican standoff. Which QB was a good QB?


And two of the three of us will hate one of the other people.


One has to be elite.


One guy is going to be awesome.


Two are going to suck, and two.


Are going to suck, and then we're going to fucking despise the person that.


Got the good quarterback, and it's going to be, oh, my God. The pressure is just insane.


So I think what Mel is doing here, and it's smart. This is what Mel likes to do. They always call it, like, mock draft 1.0, and then you can have draft 1.1, and then later you do two, then 2.1. You can just update your mock draft from here until the actual day that it's done. I think he put Daniels that high because later he'll have them switch.




And he'll be like, you know what? More information has come to light. New research has come out, and I think that now the commanders are leaning towards Drake.


May, you got to wait for pro day combine.


Yeah. You get some iteration of your mock draft is right.




And this one did not have trades, I don't think. But I always like the hypothetical trades because that's the ultimate fanfiction.


You can tune into our junior draft analyst, Stephen Shay, because he usually does a mock draft with, like, 15 trades.




And they're all wrong. They're all incredibly incorrect. Also, big cat, I think you got a dunze.






So that's a nice little one combo.


But, yeah.


Love mock draft season. And it does hit different being at the top of the draft. Just give me all the content right now. Let me just daydream about having a new quarterback. I know be fantastic.


I'm really going to be sad. Hopefully the Bears don't have the first pick next year because that would mean they would suck really bad. But having the first pick is an addiction.


Well, you just said you could trade fields for a first rounder.


Yeah, maybe we'll get. Yeah, maybe, like, the Falcons will suck. Being able to root against the team is awesome. Hmm. Okay. All right, my hot seat is the goat conversation because Kevin Durant is asking why he's not in the goat conversation.


He's also firing back at people on Twitter. Kevin Durant's in his bag right now.


Yeah, he destroyed that thing.


So he went on Twitter today.


Are we still saying took to Twitter?


Took to Twitter.


We used to say that all the time. You can't take to x, right? You take to Twitter.


Yes. He asked why he's not in the goat conversation, and someone replied, jacob the clipper said, would mga be in the goat combo if he left the bowls in 1990 and joined the bad boy? Pistons or if LeBron left the Cavs and joined the big three of the Celtics in 2010. Kevin Durant said, I can sit at any table at any time and talk basketball comfortably with anybody that has played the game. But Jacob the clipper said, I couldn't. Nobody knows you, bro. Move around. You have no credentials. In my world.


Move around is such a good burn.


Move around. And then he had another one. Someone was basically like, dude, you're tweeting too much, bro. Still replying to people on Twitter. You're so shameless. He wrote, you got to accept that you won't change my mind on these things, and me saying them out loud has no real effect on your life. You can just ignore me and move on. You don't have to engage. Great point. That's a great point.


You know who could stand to use some of that advice?




Kevin Durant, probably.


Yeah, he did hit a shot against the Bulls. I was watching that game, the game winner, where it was like, maybe he should be in the goat conversation because he, like, double clutched, moving away from his body. He's really good.


Very, very good.


But the goat conversation just got a little murky. If Kevin Durant's in it, I put.


Steph Curry up there.


He's in the go.


I'm putting Steph Curry in the go conversation. Oh, there is some breaking news.


KD gets another ring. I think he's in it. In the conversation.


You think so?


Where, though?




Okay. It doesn't say kdE on the bucks. KD on the Celtics.






So you're sounding like Jacob the Clipper.


Well, yeah, you got it. I mean, even LeBron, at least he got one. Not on the super team.


A real one. LeBron has r1 ring.


It bums like Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.




It is very funny. Whenever this debate comes up, it's like, yeah, well, he had player. Every team in the history of the NBA needs good players.


Yeah, the Bulls had some pretty good players.


Scottie Pippen, top 51 of the best players ever. It's very funny. Obviously, I changed the dynamic when you move to a team that's already established and really good, but every team ever that has won a championship had a lot of good players.


Yeah. We have a quick update here from the NBA about what's going on up in is kind of. This is a wild story. This looks like the Athletic font. I know the Athletic font. It says. League sources say Doc Rivers, who signed on as an ESPN analyst after getting fired by Philadelphia in May, began to serve as an informal consultant to Griffin at the behest of the Bucks. One month later, multiple sources briefed on the matter now indicate that Rivers is the serious leader for the now vacant position. So he's little thing for choice of key stakeholders. This is Dick Cheney. This is Dick Cheney in the year 1999, 2000, when George Bush was like, I need you to find me a vice president. Go out and see what's going on. And then Dick Cheney is like, it should be me. Yeah, I'm your vice president.


He set this whole thing up. Conflict of interest. By the way, I listened to Doc Rivers on ESPN. Now I don't know what. He was clearly compromised.


I can't believe that ESPN would ever show bias.


This is bullshit to any team. Give me my money back or just let me log in once. Yeah, stay logged in. I've been going through this bullshit trying.


To read Mel Kuiper's draft today. No joke. I have tried to log in six times to ESPN plus to read the unlocked article, and they keep not letting me. It's. It fucking sucks. And not to say anything about when I try to watch a UFC fight on their app and it kicks you out. You have to sign back in. It's an unusable website, dude.


Let me watch Mississippi Valley State because I have the over, okay. I try to log in, kicks me out. Can't log in. Let me watch my college basketball games. No one else is watching.


This is the worst. Also, I kind of respect, in a funny way, doc Rivers.




Like, it's power. It's good having a guy that's just like, going behind.


I'm going to take a year off from coaching while trying to get my next coaching job with the best player in the world. Smart.


Giannis's brother.


Yes. I was just seeing. That was bait. I was throwing out some bait to these two.


Yeah, I was going to say he already did that. He already coached the team with the best.


He coached the.


Oh, and beat.


Ate Jokic's lunch last many. How many rings does he have?


What did he have for lunch?


Ate his lunch.


Yeah. How many? Don't do rings. We're not ring culture.


We're having the goat.


No, no, let's not do rings.


Pf. You cannot have a goat.


Hold on.


Follow me here. Don't do the rings. That's very. Let's. Because know anything can happen in the NBA playoffs. Why don't we bring it down a little bit? How many conference championships has Jokic and Embiid been to?


He doesn't have to play the Celtics.


Wait, so Embiid's never been to a conference championship.


Joe's never played the Celtics.




How many titles does this iteration have? The Celtics have.


Moot points.


I don't know. I think it's a pretty relevant point. If you're saying, like, they have to get past the Celtics, I would assume that means that dynasty where it's like Tom Brady.


Yeah, they're good at stopping big.


Wait, so the Celtics are good at stopping big men?


What if they have a dynasty of stopping big?


What if the Celtics were to play against a team in the finals that had a good big man? What would happen then?


Oh, I don't know. Let's keep right. All right. My cool throne, Max. This is a good one. My cool throne is me and Max, because we've been lifting now four weeks, and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling stronger, and people are probably going to be haterade on us, Max, because we're going to get in shape. We've lost, like, five pounds just fucking getting the metabolism going. So watch out. Max and I are going to be weapons.


I feel strong.


I feel better. Yeah, I do, too.


The free lunch every day is tough for the diet, but good thing you.


Just didn't get it today.


I did. I know it did come.


It was good. It's crazy how, I don't know when we learned this as kids, what point we're like, oh, yeah, to get in shape, you got to run. That's so wrong. Cardio. Okay, fine. Play a little basketball once a week. Dude, lifting weights is the best way to get in shape because you just feel stronger and you start, your metabolism goes, feels good.


You get the HGh going. If you do squats, you bend heavy.




Now, I've considered adding a new wrinkle to my workout routine, which is so far. I'm doing some weights, I do the sauna. Thinking about adding in the cold tub.


Ooh, I am too.


The cold plunge in the morning.


You want to do it?


Yeah. Yeah.


I think I got a cold tub plug.


I do, too. He's been bothering me.


Is his name Billy?




Okay. Mine's named Spilly.


No offense to the guy, but he's just been like, when you get it, when you get it.


But I think my plan is, first thing in the morning, here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to wake up, and before I have time to even wake up or think about anything, just get in my routine, go into the bathroom, sit in the cold, plunge be in there for a minute and then get out. And then I think that means that you lose, like, 20 pounds.




You get happier, smarter, don't need coffee. Sleep better. Well, we want people to drink coffee.


I drink coffee for the taste.


Okay, so bleep that.


Yes. I have a thing that whenever I'm at the beach, I always tell. Just a quick tightening. If you go into the cold water, it like.


Yeah, tighten up. Shit, dude. Do 20 push ups. Get in the cold water.


Like, the cold water, the flabbiness just comes a little bit less flabby.




I imagine that if you're just sitting, we should do a podcast from a cold plunge, see what kind of takes come out. I think you probably do your best thinking.


Grit week. Yeah, that's as gritty as it gets.


Maybe I'll just do a live stream every morning, like, as I get in the cold plunge. Ask me anything about sports. Rapid fire takes. Ice cold takes.


Yeah, kind of like that.


Yeah. Okay.


Jake, your hot seat cool throne.


My hot seat. Baseball writers. It's that time of year. They're posting their hall of fame ballot, and by the time you're listening to this podcast, the class will be revealed.


No Barry Bonds.


What do you guys think?


It's a sham.


It's a mockery of an institution without Barry Bonds.


Who do you think's getting in?


Doesn't matter.


Seeing the nominees.


Who are they?


Adrian Beltray.




There's so many nominees.


Don't touch his head.




Every year. Dan Heron. Joe should get in.


Joe Mauer. Excuse me. Tod Helton. Gary Sheffield.


Are you reading the whole list? No, I was the. Who's supposed to get in?


Chase Hutley.


I mean, Barry Bonds should get in. Barry Bonds and Arod should be in.




Roger Clemens should be.


Chase Hotly.


Andrew Jones is awesome.


So we'll see.


Gary Sheffield should be in. I don't know what his stats are, but just watching him, watching the bat.


Yeah. Great.


Bat fact.




My cool throne, puppa plug God.


Did you do a God?




Rough and rowdy.


Yes, there's that.


Is that like the reggae plug God?




Rough and rowdy. Thursday night, Providence Hank of PFT will be there. I'll be there. Singing the anthem, calling the fights.


First Thursday, rough and rowdy.


Yeah, it's $20 too. It's a little cheaper.


Bobby Lang fighting.


Bobby Lang's fighting. Defending his title. And also, if you buy it on Thursday, you can watch it all weekend. So if you can't watch it Thursday, buy it because it's going to be great. It's going to be great entertainment. I love doing rough and rowdy Thursday night. Providence. Providence is one of our most electric crowds too. Remember a few years ago when I tried to sing the canadian national anthem and everyone booed me and I just laughed? That was awesome.


Huge weekend in Providence. Too far off. Rough and rowdy. Then Ed Cooley's return Saturday.






You think they're going to give him round of applause? Oh, they'll be nice.


Yeah, they'll be nice.


Yeah, they'll be nice.


Is it going to be at the dunk? Yeah, they'll be nice.


They'll be nice.


That's one of those stadiums. I never should have changed.


Okay, let's get to an awesome interview with Chris Long, talking all the ball coaches, matchups, everything. Before we do that, pft, you got a quick word from one of our great sponsors. Yes, we're on our way to the.


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Great hungover food too. Fantastic food any day of the week. Raising canes, it's the best. And now here's Chris Long.


Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest. He's one of our longtime friends, I think like second or third guest ever in pardon my take history. It is Chris Long 2nd. First. No, you were first.


Your dad was the second, technically, because he was in the background.


Yeah, you were the first. And it was a five minute interview.


That sucked because it did suck. I remember walking around my house and then answering the door because my dad was coming over and I was like, I'm on this show, pardon my take. And he's like, what's then, you know, like three, four years down line, you guys are landing the big fish in. Howie and I watched the interview.


It was, we, we thought it was very funny if we did four good minutes instead of five good minutes like PTI. And I remember we asked you like two questions, then we tried to play you off and we're like, pft and I both afterwards, like, that was the dumbest idea ever. We can't do that again. Like, we got Chris long and we spent four minutes talking to him. But go check out Chris. The Green light podcast is phenomenal. He's also on inside the NFL. He's everywhere. The longs are taking over. Chris.




Great to see you. Let's talk some. So I got a lot of questions, we got some coaching questions, but let's talk first about what we just watched, what we have coming up. Patrick Mahomes, the thief of joy for every city that's not Kansas City. When you watch, like, when you're watching that game on Sunday, were you like, yeah, they're going to win this game because it's Patrick Mahomes?




I mean, to be honest, I did not enjoy winning money on that. Like Chiefs plus three. It just felt like the thing to do and not because of just Patrick Mahomes. I think also because of the rest advantage. You guys know it's a two day difference. And if you try to imagine how your body feels on a Friday relative to a Thursday or a Saturday relative to a Thursday, I think you put yourself in that position and you think about all the injuries the Bills had. I'm not making excuses for like, obviously I thought before the game that the Chiefs had a good chance to win this thing. But I think in the second half, that thing kind of like, especially with Kansas City's run game, the monkey jumped on their back and it just became a thing where that rest really showed up. And I thought, not to get too technical, but I thought Buffalo was a little bit stubborn trying to run the ball and stay conservative late on some of those drives into heavy. Then, you know, Josh, the deep balls are there. So at the end of the game, I'm just sitting there and I'm not even happy I won the money.


It's like, I hate the fact that Josh lost and I hate the fact that we got to hear the takes again as if QB wins is a stat anyways. But on top of it, the teams that he's lost to for the most part in the playoffs have been the Chiefs and Joe Burrow in the snow. And the guy has got 100 rating for his career in the postseason. He's 21 touchdowns, four interceptions. He's not the reason they're losing these games, but you know how it goes.




So how would you fix the bills? It sounds to me like you don't think there's a lot that needs to be fixed. Maybe a small change in philosophy, better injury. Like what is the actual fix if you're a Bills fan? Because I know things are going to get dicey with the cap.


Move the team to the like it is dicey with the cap. You bring up a great point and obviously Diggs his issues down the mean. He was getting like three targets less a game. And I think sometimes when like a Joe Brady comes in, we can't see the invisible part of being a quarterback, which is just like what's in his head as far as like, do I have to get the ball to like on some of these picks? Is he forcing the ball to Diggs? Because you have a great player that you want to get the ball to and I don't think he's a pain in the ass or anything. I'm not saying that, but I think a new coordinator can come in sometimes and be like, hey, we're going to run the, um. And I think the tough part is Josh and Diggs play really good backyard ball together. But when you add some structure to the offense, when you run a lot of two tight end sets, he just didn't get the ball as much. So I think you definitely need better wide receivers. You need better rushers, right? Like von Miller, as great as he is, you didn't get the juice out of him that you got in years.


Um, so I think in those areas they have to improve, but when it comes to, you know, people were jumping to fire him after the game. I actually thought they overachieved this year, especially relative to the injuries on defense once they lost. Matt Milano, he's like my favorite linebacker in the game. I could not believe that they were able to kind of stick the landing on this run, especially with trey White down, Dequan Jones for stretches, a whole bunch of guys, and then going in that game even more. I thought that the only thing that Sean could have got fired over was the 911 eleven. Yeah, I was saying after the game, I felt like Andy Reid should have got up there and been like, ladies and gentlemen, we got incredible.




Or like the rock. I'm here to announce that we've compromised to the fullest extent. Sean McDermott and the Buffalo Bills.


Do you remember when John Cena. This is my favorite thing ever, when John Cena stopped the wrestling match.


Yeah, that's what I meant.


Yeah, it was Cena. And he was like, I just want to stop the event here and let you know that Osama bin Laden is dead.


Listen, with John Cena, I know that we joke around a lot, but I didn't think that was cool.


A guy died.


A guy died. And we don't like to joke about that. Even if it is like he's still a person that had a family.


Yeah, Chris. So the other team in the AFC that. Yeah, it's always like, what have you last seen? So, like, we saw the Bills Chiefs game on Sunday night. So that becomes the talk. On Monday, the Ravens destroyed the Texans. And from your perspective, because you know ball and you played defense for a very long time, what is it about their defense? Because it's not even like they have incredible, like, they don't have a Bosa or Miles Garrett or TJ Watt on their defensive line, but as a collective unit, they play some of the nastiest defense and they're getting after the quarterback. What is it about what they're doing that has you stop? Can anyone score on that defense?


Yeah, I mean, dude, I got into some shit with Ravens fans earlier this year because I was kind of like, they don't have any superstars. And I didn't mean that as a slight. I just mean like when you rolled the ball out on this team, start the season, that defense is so evenly distributed. It's not like to your .1 star, Roquan Smith is the closest thing to a superstar, in my opinion, they have, but he's an off ball linebacker. We don't value those guys. The same, obviously, bears in big cat, but I also was talking to Bobby Wagner about this because he came through inside the NFL today and that trade, it's easy to say Bears, you're idiots. And this is my take, is like, if you to ship Roquan to a team that didn't have the front, that they know you might not be having the same conversation, it's hard to compare the situations. And then on top of it, I know that you pick up TJ Edwards and the dude from Buffalo and it costs you about the more but you kind of fix the like, I think oftentimes with these trades you look at it like there's a clear winner and a clear loser.


I think the nuance is that Baltimore has these guys that unlock all his potential. I think Judavian Clowney, people have tried to talk about him in certain lights throughout his career because of the sack numbers and he's a really good rusher, but he was never the kind of rusher. And I know something about this that would justify being a top five pick. The one thing that he does really well is he is a demon in the run game. And like you watched him this weekend, setting edges, disrupting things. Matabique. That guy should have been in the conversation for defensive player of the year and he's just this kind of like short, nondescript defensive tackle that doesn't have a big name and he's just taken it over. I think Kyle Hamilton, the versatility, you look at the stuff that they did in the San Francisco game with him, where they aligned him, they have such great freedom and they drafted. So like most of the guys getting snaps on defense are young guys that they brought up in their system. So do I think they can get the ball moved on? I think. I think that coordinator has done a tremendous know.


You could look at some games where you got some teams that ran some more gap scheme. There were teams that were not afraid to run the ball on them. Like LA. Start the game with seven runs and you don't think about LA as some juggernaut on the ground. But that's kind of the meat and potatoes of what they do. Everything comes off of bit. Cleveland got into gap scheme and wore them out. I'm not saying Kansas City is going to be able to do this, but I've been harping on it all year and maybe they go the other way and throw the ball 40 times, but I think this run game with Pacheco and some of the big bodies they have inside can kind of keep things interesting for them. I think the bigger question is spags against, right?


Yeah, it's. By the way, I want to just say the Pacheco point is a great point because the Chiefs don't have the receivers they've had in the past, but Pacheco is the best running back that Patrick Owens had. He runs so nasty and he's so good and it's like, it's such a complement to their game. But yeah, you're right. Spags versus Lamar. Like Spags is going to want to blitz Lamar. It happened on Saturday, they blitzed him 70% of the time and he ate him up. But usually Lamar hasn't been the best against the blitz. So how do you think that's going to go?


I don't want to take anything away from Lamar because what we're doing here is cutting hairs and talking about ways that the dog could win or most people think the Ravens are the better team, and they are. They have more talent. But as you know, in the playoffs, it's just game plan. It's who plays better that day. And I think Kansas City has played ten to 15% better in the playoffs. Like a lot of teams do, they just figure out ways to turn it on. I think teams like, hey, Virginia, Tony Bennett using that as an example, not.


To be cute here, the guy who lost to a 16 seed.


Yes, but we both have ties to Tony Bennett, so I'm going to use that. And maybe you're a little bitter, but here's the thing with Tony Bennett or Virginia fan, I always look at things through rosy colored glasses. Take the 16 seed loss out of it. Okay? I don't mean to own myself here, but when you have a really good coach that can develop players and develop the team, the ceiling is always higher than you think. And so as a Virginia fan, I'm always like, well, we might suck week one, but we'll be better. We might still lose to UMBC, but we'll be better at the end of the season. I think having an, having, you know, Patrick Mahomes, you never know. And that's why I wouldn't come off this Chiefs things this year. They're going to get better in the playoffs. And I think watching Demiko Ryan's not only in the first matchup, but the second one and seeing the pressure that got home in the first half of both those games and then the adjustments that they made offensively, that's the chess match because you're going to look at what they did to adjust and Spags is looking at that the same way that know the Ravens are looking at the way the Bills dented them in the run game.


I think if you're looking at two things that these franchises are looking at this week, these teams, it's, hey, can we manufacture pressure? What's our plan? Are we going to drop eight sometimes? Is there something we can glean from the adjustments they made?




So what would you want Lamar Jackson to have to do if you're the Chiefs defense, if you're spags, you want to take away what Lamar does best I assume that would mean like limit his running opportunities, right.


I think the thing he does know, I just want to be clear about this, is he's been throwing the football at a high, high level, like some of these areas in the field that he's hitting, and not just hitting the areas of the field and the throws, but the quick release, the arm angles, and it's not for show. You know how people are like, he didn't need to drop his arm angle there. The dude is a magician throwing the football. But the last thing I want from him, as dangerous as he is running the ball, is I don't want a five second down. I don't want these downs where they get three guys out in the route they max protect and one of these deep overs is going to come open because he just buys know, like you like your group up front, sure. But Spags has been great at manufacturing pressure, maybe second only to the Ravens this year coming up with free runners. And I think if you can speed Lamar up to where, hey, make him hit a shot outside the numbers, he's a great deep ball thrower. He's been a little inconsistent at times this year, but I'll take that over.


Hey, it's going to be a six second down and mixing it up and staying out of man in situations because you all know this, if you're in man, the quarterback under center or in shotgun, he knows that and he knows backs are turned right. And so that's a big one. And Willie Gay is a big deal this weekend. If he doesn't play, he's the one backer that has the speed to at least hang with Lamar in a spy situation. If they don't have that, they have to look elsewhere.


I have a question for you, though. Mark Andrews, he potentially could play. I feel like that would be huge, obviously, for the Ravens because not only because Mark Andrews is phenomenal player, but likely has gotten a ton of reps, a lot of confidence, and now if you have guys spying him and you have two tight ends that can catch the ball over the middle of the field, everything gets a little bit more convoluted for how the Chiefs can play that. Is that a fair assessment, that if Andrew plays, that's tough now because the middle of the field becomes a big problem for the Chiefs?


I think it's really tough because I thought one of the adjustments that was going to be interesting to see is when Mark Andrews left, likely is not an inline guy, so they would split him out and get him in these creative situations and they'd run Ricard, the big ass fullback that we all know and love at tight end and that sort of thing. But having a guy in the core again, who you also are afraid of catching the ball is like. It's a real wrinkle and you don't know how to match some of these personnel sets. I thought if he was coming back last week, they would have know Houston because of the COVID three. They. You know that cover three, you're going to have two seams that guys are working. And now if you got two tight ends in a situation like that, that's not as much of what Kansas City does. But Kansas City is down a starting safety and I don't know what the status of the number two is, so it could be a big thing.




I'm glad you brought up Pat Ricard. We do love him. Project Pat Beast. He's built. Was he like 305 pounds? Six foot three, fullback, tight end offensive lineman. Sometimes as a defensive lineman, if you're going up against a team that's got like a punishing fullback, does it just make your day suck that much more knowing you're going to get chipped by this guy? How does having one of the best fullbacks in the league change your mentality going into a game?


Well, honestly, I kind of love it because I know they're going to run stuff that I know they're going to run things that are in my wheelhouse. I know they're going to run trap, I know they're going to bring him across the formation and try to kick you out and that sort of thing. And defensive ends, we're used to taking on pulling guards and that sort of thing. I honestly, the worst kind of guy to line up against was a tight end with like, long ass arms. I'd much rather deal with a team that's going to feature a fullback than has a tight end that's got reach on me. And some of the defenses you're in, you're lined up, head up on that guy and that sort of thing. So when I saw a good fullback, I just more wanted to come up and shake his hand and be like.


Thank you for your service.


Thank you for your. You know, there's not a lot of you.


Yeah, yeah.


I can tell my kids I played against a fullback and so it's just Ricard, Engel and a couple guys in the league now, but I think they love Pat Ricard because you could see early in the season, even with Keaton Mitchell coming on and Justice Hill and all the backs they have in the backfield, like were explosive for them at different points of the year. They love having him on the field and they feel like they can put him in different spots. He can play tight ending, play full know. They ask a lot of him.


So, Chris, where are we at with Brock Purdy? Does he stink or is he elite? You can only answer one way.


Isn't that funny that that's kind of what it like? And I thought Cam Newton made some good points, right? But I think there's a spectrum of game managers and I like rebranding it. Game executive, we were talking about this because if you're a game executive, that just sounds good. You know, like when you get promoted and people want better titles for the next job and that sort of thing.




It's like every accounting firm has a billion vps.




Oh, you're a vice president. It's like, well, yeah, there's like 3000 of them.




That counts.


I like just call him a man. Like you're a gay man.


He's a gay man. He's a gay man. I don't think this is such an emotional topic for everybody.


It's crazy.


If you don't want to put Purdy in the category of. I think there's two categories of quarterbacks in the league and here I am again, being binary. But there's a group of six to seven guys that you can win because of. You can win a Super bowl because of. And they're, you know, those guys are obviously like Mahomes, Burrow Allen, Lamar, Herbert. If he proves something more, Jordan Love is going to be a guy they talk about in that class next year. If he continues this run. Stafford, I think is in that group. Stroud, I think, like you say, jalen Hurts.


That's interesting.


Jalen Hurts is right on the outside of that. Like, I think you got to earn your way into that category. And I think Jalen Hurts is capable of playing at an MVP level. He showed you that. But I think there are certain guys that the dependency on a good scheme and things being right is a little bit higher. And so for me to not call Jalen Hurts one of the top five to six quarterbacks in the league. We've gotten so emotional as fans and I think as players too. Like players, they take everything personal. Jalen Hurts is the guy one on my team. He's not the problem in Philly. But I don't think it's a hot take to separate that echelon of quarterbacks from Hertz, who's had more football that didn't look like the MVP season than that did. And so, long story short, I think Purdy deserves a lot of credit. I think he's a fringe top ten guy. Wherever you want to put him. On the inside of that top ten, on the outside of the top ten. I think he shows me a lot of stuff, like when you compare him to another quarterback, Dan, who you and I got in spirited discussions over down in Miami.


I think the closest comparison was like a guy and trying to figure out how big of a part of their winning is he.




I've always been a fan of Jay Cutler. I know you hate him.


Jay's on.


I know. That's why I did that.


We walked him out there today because there's some stat where quarterbacks with two touchdowns and two rushing touchdowns in the playoffs. It's like Otto Graham and five athletic guys and then Cutler.


Yes, yes. But yeah, you were talking about Tua. Yes, there are those discussions.


But the point is, like, Brock Purdy, to me, he's made enough plays off platform that I don't call him a game manager. Now, is he sure? Like, did he look bad for a lot of the game the other night? Was the ball wet? Was he trying to glove on? Did he seem tentative? Yeah, but I also think you come out of that game and we're trashing Brock Purdy. And I'm being fair here. He made the throws he had to make in the fourth quarter. That throw he made to Jennings on third and ten was incredible. And then the third and five Diuk the honeyhole ball to Conley on that last drive, he did the things he was supposed to do. And so for most quarterbacks, that's the conversation is like, did you do enough? And I think in that situation he did enough. And ironically, Jordan Love, who I would take over Brock Purdy if we were drafting. He did not do the things that you had to do and that had to make you excited as a Bears fan.




It was the other thing that with Brock Purdy, especially that Saturday night game and the rain and everything, I do think that we kind of diminish the fact that Debo got hurt and Kyle Shanahan probably had a big portion of that game plan around Debo Samuel. So now you're like, all right, this is how we were going to attack him and now we've lost Samuel. Like, it's not making excuses, but it does change how a quarterback can look.


Yeah, it's real. It's real. And I'm not caping for Brock, if somebody's sitting here listening, because people just, they're so emotional on these. Like, I'm not saying he's elite, but what I am saying is when Debo's out, it's a big difference. And I think sometimes we underestimate that. I think also another interesting thing with, you know, he said he wanted to get paid as a wide receiver and a running back, and now we're seeing why because he really does take on like, a running back. Not, I love Debo Samuel. He does not care about getting right. Like, he's always going to take contact, and that's something I respect. But at the same time, for the Niners, the guy hasn't played, I think, a full season in five years, and that comes with the territory of being him. But when these games pop up, you have to have contingency plans, you have to have other options and other ways you can play the game. He is so important, and I think they missed him. And now you go into a game against the, like, I don't know about you guys. I saw seven points as soon as the game finished, and I know there's a reason that number is being hung there, but I don't know about you, Dan.


I rushed.


Yeah, so, so about the Lions, because you are a defensive guy and it's been fair all year to be like, hey, look, the Lions offense is dynamic. Their offensive line is great. They can run the ball. Jared's been playing at an elite level, but their secondary is a concern. It feels like they've gotten a little bit better here in the stretch run. Have you noticed that? Or is it more like they're holding on? And especially the Rams game where it's like they look great at the start of the game, then they kind of held on at the end.


They're always going to have to hold on in the end a little bit. I mean, they definitely, like, if you go into next year with the Lions, you're like, yeah, we need a lockdown corner or something like that. But I think CJ helps coming back. I also think Aaron, Glenn, as much shit as he's caught this year, because at times they have been bad. Like just capital b bad. But since week ten, we looked at this early down pressures. You watch these games. I think Tampa had a third and 15, a third and 17, a third and 18 all in the first half. That's because of early down pressure. And he upticked the early down pressure by more than 10% over this time period. When you're talking about 24% to 38% or 36%. That's a big difference. It's not like 70 to 80 guy math I heard you guys talking about. Boy, math I thought was great. But that adjustment, to me, if you want to cover up some of the deficiencies you have on the back end, let's get people off schedule. And I think sending guys like Melan Fanwu, sending guys like Brian Branch, they've done that really well on early downs.


And I think this week, you got to be careful because Shanahan, he's a little bit different now. They did it to McVeigh, they did it to Baker and Canalis. Good coordinators and offensive minds. But this is different. I think you got to be a little careful.




You brought up Brian Branch.


Where are we at on the mouthpieces as accessories trend that's going on the NFL?


Brian branch, he's the only one that.


I like because he's got the green mouthpiece that sticks out like an antenna above his helmet. I like that one. But you see guys like pickens wearing two mouthpieces, neither one in their mouth. Diggs. Diggs has his flopping all over the place. Did you ever do that?


No, I had to bite down on my damn. On my mouthpiece, so I didn't bite my tongue off or chip all my teeth. Like, when I hit people, I crack my teeth. And I just cannot believe that some of these guys are out there, like, just raw dogging it.


Yeah, it's crazy.


It's insane to me. But it does look kind of cool. I guess I thought we were cracking down on that stuff because they used to be real sticklers about your mouthpiece, and they used to be real sticklers about your chin strap. And I think that they give the skill guys a little leeway.




The dude on Georgia that's got. He's got one in his mouth, one hanging from his mouthpiece, and then another in his ear hole.


He's got three of.


Mean. If branch plays football the way he's played at times, he can put a mouthpiece pretty much wherever he mean on his.


Yeah. I got one last thing about the NFC championship game. Then I want to ask you a little bit about coaching and some of the vacancies. So we were talking about on Sunday. The one thing that's crazy about the Niners defense is they have these dudes kind of opposite of the Ravens. They have the names on the defensive line, but a guy like Chase Young, it feels like multiple times a game, he's biting on fakes. Or he's going down and not setting the edge. It feels like the Lions run game should be able to move the ball on them. What is it about the Niners defense that you've watched where you're like, is it just undisciplined because they have the talent, but there's times where it's like, it doesn't feel like it's coming through on what they're playing well, I think.


There'S part of it, sure. I also think you look at a defensive line like that, and those guys make a lot of know as sack know a lot of their names because they're great pass rushers. They're also good stout run defenders. Not like I look at Chase Young and say he's a liability if you run the ball at him. But they're like, you come out of the Dallas game when you're Green Bay. And going back to that game, I think people were like, are they going to be able to do this against know they're not certain other groups in the run game. Like, you can get yardage on the ground on those, you know, for Green Bay, it was, let's hit the perimeter. You got some really fast flow linebackers. Let's get Aaron Jones out in space. Let's mess with them with motion. And I think you can get those backers as good as they are. A step behind a perimeter run, and you could see what it would do. And to give credit to the San Francisco front, when Green Bay got in the red zone, and that's what lost in the game, every first down play, it felt like they were losing two yards on, like, split.


And and that, to me says when you get down in a smaller area in the field, while Green Bay could run the ball at will on Dallas, when they didn't have the space to work, know, in the red zone where things get tighter and they had to run in the teeth of the defense, those guys did a pretty good job. So I will say this like, four two a pop on the ground. I think Dallas, four one a pop on the ground. If you're San Francisco, Detroit can run the ball. They got a guy, Penny Sewell, who you guys know is. I don't think you understand how frustrating it is to see not only a scheme, I think they build the scheme around the offensive line. You know, some teams build schemes around quarterbacks, and this sort of not taking anything away from Jared because he's been great, but the run game is what butters their bread. And so, like Panay, Sewell's a guy who, I've seen him in the open field running at a defensive end where you're like all to. I have to set the edge on this guy. He's trying to kick me out.


He's the only guy I've seen. And maybe Trent Williams could do this ironically because he's the other guy that you can build things around in the run game that are very creative. He'll pass you up, he'll fake so you stop your feet.


He got us with a hesitate. He froze. No, wait.


You got us with a pen a sewell.


You literally froze when you said, stop your feet. That was perfect. We were like, oh, wait, there you go.


Even on Riverside was hit me with the hesi. But that's how athletic he is. He's going to pass up the end man on live scrimmage, block him by the threat of him running you over, and then slow that guy down so he's not part of the play, and then go run Jamel Dean over. Yeah, and I think the only guy that's like that really in the run game is so, you know, Ragnaro is out there playing his ass off. Those guys work really well together. Ben Johnson is a, is a real good know. I think he's going to be able to run the ball a little bit.


Yeah, that's a great point about is you do see that a few times game where it's like the threat just stops people.


You can't do that. Just to be fair, because I know Niners fans are sitting here and thinking like, hey, we're just building up the lines. The Niners, I remember the Thanksgiving game when they were all puddled around the turkey and it was like one guy after another. It was like, oh, there's, there's Nick Bosa. There's, oh, kittle. He forgot to show. Like it just was another blue chip guy after another. And I think they have more blue chip guys than anybody in the league. And when you look at that front, they got a ton of blue chip guys. And the one thing that I think could give Detroit trouble is they can get pressure with Bowles. Had to dial it up and it didn't get there.


What about the Detroit Lions passing game? I do love Ben Johnson. I love him a lot. Maybe too much. Maybe I'm putting all my eggs in the Ben Johnson basket. But talk to us about the Lions passing offense, because I noticed in the last game they had two opportunities where it felt like they could just run the ball because they were doing it really well. They were getting, like you said, a huge number of yards per carry. And then Ben Johnson said, I'm going to actually throw the ball and we're going to keep it in bounds. We're going to milk the clock that way. What is it about his passing game that's so hard to defend that's unique about Ben Johnson?


Well, I think for sure, look at the last two games, you had a third and 15. I think that the Bucks had that drive that they go up 30, 117 and kind of put it out of reach even though there was a third and 15, that you're like, get them off the field, right? You got to get this team off the field. There's not too many teams that can convert in situations like those consecutive weeks because they did to the Rams, too. And that's why the Rams ran out of time and lost a bunch of yardage on that last drive is because they converted on a third and very long. There's not a lot of teams that are dangerous enough to do that but also run the ball at the caliber they do. And I think they own the middle of the field. I think that's the biggest thing is they have Amon Ra St. Brown, who's as strong at the catch point as any slot guy. He's a great, you know, with no disrespect to anybody who's been doing it at a high level. Like there's going to be a discussion over the next couple of years who's the best tighter in the league.


And I feel like at this point he's in line him. And like, when you look at the whole package, blocking, receiving, I think this guy Laporta, he understands zone. He's sure handed at the catch point when you're throwing the ball in tight man coverage. I think he understands the scramble drill. And when you have those two guys in the middle of the field, it can be scary for other teams. Now, what San Francisco has is a very good linebacking. You know, you could argue the same thing with the speed that Tampa has and that sort of thing, but it'll be interesting to see in the middle of the field. Another thing is, this is why you wish they had somebody outside so bad. Maybe this is a big Jameson Williams game, because I thought coming into the Green Bay game, what I wanted to see was like my favorite player, Romeo Dobbs on Ambry Thomas, and I wanted to see, because when they're in nickel, they got to kick Lenore inside, and Ambry, they don't travel him. So you can actually pick your matchup and you put one of those big guys out there and if they'd have had more time, I think they would have gone to more of that stuff.


I don't know that Detroit has a matchup that they're like. I love that on Ambry Thomas. It would be nice if you had a big number one outside.




All right, quickly, coaching. Nick Sirianni, you obviously played for the Eagles. You watch all the games. You talked to some guys. Is he able to correct this?


He's able to correct it because he corrected it when he seeded play calling the first year. And I think what's so interesting about this and unique know, number one, the guy's been to a Super bowl. It was two years ago, but the guy's been to Super Bowl. I think the only other guy that got fired that soon after going to Super bowl would be Callahan. He was a Raiders coach back in the day and they got their asses kicked. You're talking about a team that was, you know, a fumble away from beating prime in the, in the, you know, like maybe you could say the call, whatever, they lost fair and square. But the point is he did get him there. He deserves some credit. But I will say, know when you seed play calling your first year, I would liken seeding play calling as an offensive head coach to a death sentence. It's like an illness that your days are numbered. How long can you hang on? That's going to be predicated on how good the guy is that you give the play calling duties to. And that's the guy that he gave the play calling duties to was so good, he got a head coaching job in Shane and Steichen.


So I think what's really interesting is how many guys that call plays and then seed that responsibility as head coaches get two, three iterations of replacement play callers and survive that. They must really love who he is, right? They must love the guy. And when you talk to players, they absolutely love him. Now, I also don't think that offensively, personnel is the issue. I don't think the quarterback's the problem. I don't think it was a scheme, and Nick hired that coordinator and the DC, and I don't know how much he meddled in Brian Johnson's business. But I think this time around, if you're going to have him back, you know full well how rare this scenario is if you stick with him. And you also know that you have to hire the coordinators. And lastly, I think if you punt on this year, somebody might be like why the hell are they doing it? Because I understand somebody being like, fire the guy. I'm not saying that's what I think, but what I am saying is, if you're Howie Roseman, if you're Jeffrey Lori, you look around at nine vacancies or whatever it's been, do you really want to be the 9th or 10th team and with this situation, hope that you find the next guy?


I don't know if that's the case. Maybe you sit it out a year and see what happens and know that we'll be picking a lot higher in the order if we make a move like that. Because I don't think anybody expected this, you know, this bad run at the end of the season, so you don't get your ducks in a row. Another thing I think is interesting, Vic Fangio was in that building. I don't mean as a head coach, but the problems they had on defense. Vic Fangio was in there as a consultant last year. And you remember Gannon went to Phoenix, to Arizona, and they didn't know that Austin Fort was talking to Gannon. There was that whole thing, but they missed out on their opportunity maybe to be like, hey, Fangio, you want to stick around, right? Arthur Smith, who just got fired in like, there's a guy who's called plays, you know, he can call plays. Maybe he needs to not be the head coach anymore. I get nervous about hiring a guy who hasn't called plays before, outside of, like, a Frank Smith, because McDaniel breathed on him down in Miami.


I get nervous about that because what you're trying to do is hit the head coaching cycle a year. Like, all the coordinators are getting head coaching.




And if they're not getting a head coaching job, they're a good coordinator, and it's a lateral move. Why would you go to the Eagles?


It's a backwards move. Know, you just saw that run and the temperature in the building isn't great. It doesn't seem like. But I just want to be fair to Nick because he did get him there. He's not a play calling head coach. That's another thing. Look around the league. How many offensive head coaches don't call the plays?


Yeah, that's what I was going to ask, because we've had this debate, the CEO head coach versus hiring an OC. You played for both. Which one do you think team should be? Because it feels like the CEO head coach is kind of Harbaugh's. Harbaugh and Campbell are both in that Tomlin. But like Pete Carroll got fired or whatever happened, know, gone back and forth.




He's been, I want to be a CEO now. I want to be the play caller if I'm starting a franchise. And Demiko Ryan's is a perfect example to what I'm about to say. But I also think you got to realize, and I'm not taking anything away from Demiko because I think he's done a hell of a job not only of picking Bobby Sloick, but calling the defense. He's a hell of a play caller, but you have a CJ stroud and you have what Caserio has gotten done in the draft and that sort of thing. And what makes me nervous about defensive head coaches is inevitably when your rookie quarterback or your unproven quarterback has success, you're going to lose that play. So, like McDermott and then I don't even know why I called him dable. I've been calling him dable for four years. But when, you know, it was like, there was a little bit of a regression and then you had to find your way with Joe Brady. I mean, Jalen hurts and Stiken when he left, that's what makes me nervous about defensive head coach. It might be out of his control, but it makes me nervous.


I would go with an offensive play caller because that's what I look around and see. And I don't trust owners to find the walk around. Like, what I mean by walk around guy is a CEO. The guy like Dan Campbell. You're going to trust a billionaire to find the guy with the biggest edge when it comes to social intelligence, communication, leadership? That's why I think it's really hard for these owners is like, okay, if we're not going to go offensive play caller, then I got to read the room and I got to read the person. Like, these guys are bubble boys. These, these owners never seen a fucking Dan Campbell in their life. What other organization, what other industry in the United States hires so inefficiently where it's like, I'm going to get a guy that doesn't understand what's going on at all and I'm going to make a decision, and there's not enough input from people who really get the guy. You know what I'm saying?




If Dan Campbell had walked into, like, david Tepper's office to interview David Tepper would fucking hate him.


It's such a good point.


He'd fucking. That's another thing, Jeffrey. Lori doesn't want to look like David Tepper. And just firing people willy nilly. Speaking of Ben Johnson, Ben Johnson was like, I'm not getting on the Titanic last year.


Smart move.


You know what I'm saying? So I also think Ben Johnson has a lot of leverage now. Like he's talking about big money and that sort of thing. I think every coach that gets an opportunity shouldn't necessarily take the opportunity, and I think Ben's a really good example of that.


Good advice. So with the remaining, the coaching vacancies that are there, obviously in Philly, they're keeping them, but a lot of empty seats around the league. Can you rank the openings? What are your favorite openings?


Ooh, my favorite openings. Go through them real quick. La, you've got Chargers, Chargers.


You've got Panthers, Falcons, Falcons, commanders.


Panthers are already, you've got this owner who showed his ass and if he's not going anywhere, that's a big part of the conversation. I'm not being funny when I say that. It's incredible to me that somebody could fuck up the viability of the job that you're trying to fill so badly. So he's their last. Okay. Because you got to fix the quarterback and the whole thing. I would put Atlanta up there kind of high just because look around the division and you're like, all right, we already got some playmakers, like whoever we hire. If we hired Bill, and if you talk about like, if I'm Bill, I'm looking in the NFC because he's smart. There's not as many good quarterbacks. So that factors into why I would rank Atlanta High. Like, if you want to get there and be successful, who's the second best quarterback in the NFC? People aren't going to be able to tell me. I can tell you who. It's Matt Stafford.


He's like Kale Williams.


Yeah, exactly. You hope.




But that's the point is that job is attractive for me because of the division and because of some of the other things. I think LA is really attractive. People get scared off because of the cap and all that. Justin Herbert, I don't mean to be cliche, but if anybody could fix that guy or this team, and I don't think he needs all the fixing, they're going to be pretty solid. I think New England's an interesting job because you got to follow Bill, and that's a tough one. But I think, I really like Mayo. I think Tennessee is a sneaky good job.




And are we leaving anybody else out?


Yeah, there's another team commander.


Seattle is a great job.


Yeah, there's another Washington, too.




Washington's a great job, obviously. Pft. Like, you've got your pick of the litter, which I've made it clear, like my stance on drafting a quarterback high. It's russian roulette with four bullets in the chamber. That's mathematically what it comes out to. And it's left to the teams that have to play it and the commanders have to play that game. You could bridge how and that sort of thing. I think Seattle is a great job, man. I really do. If you look around the, you know, you've got purdy. At some point, they're going to have to pay him or start over at quarterback.




So that window changes for them a little bit. At some point, Matt Stafford has to die of old. He probably, his arm will still work at that point, but at some point he has to retire. And then Arizona, it's like of think. I think Seattle is a lot of fun and they got a really good GM. That's something people like. Like having Schneider, that's a situation walk into and be like, yeah, that guy. He can pick them.




All right. I know you got to run. Last question. Rowback question. Rho back promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase cues. Polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, everything. promo code take. This has been awesome, Chris. I feel like I've learned a lot of football, so I'll go full of shit. No, you're not. You know, your ball and everyone go.


How stoned are you?


Not at all.


I got to go to a charity event after this.


Yeah, you are. I like when Chris is high. He gives us better information.


I've been working on a rule where I don't smoke till it gets dark out.




Oh, that's a good one.


Well, going to move to the Arctic.


Yeah, it's like 450.


I'm going to move to Alaska.


Yeah, but go listen to Greenlight with Chris. You get a lot of football knowledge. And then also Macon. Yeah, and Macon. Last question, non football question. How's three kid life? Because you've joined it. It's a different beast.


It is different, isn't it? The way I would liken it, to explain it to people is like, number one. There's no explaining it. Just like one kid or two kids or three kids. You have an evolutionary thing that kicks in no matter what. You'll figure it out. But I think the hardest thing is the third kid is where you really put some of your fringe, enjoyable activities in the casket.




You don't realize it. But all the little shit that you used to do to waste time, you just don't waste any more time. There's no more time to waste. When there were two kids, you could escape or waste time or the smoke breaks are easy, but three, you really are leaving somebody to play. It's not zone. It's not man to man. It's like a box in one.


Well, it's the reset, too, that I try. When people ask me, it's like, you get to a point with two kids where it's like, oh, two and a half, four and a half, we can go out and do stuff. And they're like, oh, baby, reset.


Back to home, dude. And also the reset of, like, mindset. We had a kid, my oldest son, Waylon's seven, Luke's five. So we waited so long. And now my wife goes to the damn doctor, and they're like, so this is a geriatric pregnancy?




And she's like, what the fuck did you just like? And she comes over there. They tried to call me, like, a boomer.


Yeah. That's all based on where you are in the country, though, because when my wife had our first, she was 34, and the doctor was like, oh, it's New York City. They're like, oh, teen mom.


Because in New York, people are like, wait until they're 60 years old, right? In rural America where I live, all my boys from high school had kids, like, immediately. They were like, people before the industrial revolution were like, we need as many kids as possible, so we keep the farm operating. That's not how y'all do it in New York. So they don't have terms like that.


Is it like prevent defense where it's not, man, it's not just like bend but don't break.


It's kind of like defending three. Know, it's to, we got to travel with Calvin. We got to put two over top of him.


Can't double.




Yeah, it's every day. It's the variables, because every day one of them can wake up and be like, I'm be Calvin Johnson day. Some days they wake up and they're, you know, like, I'm late stage Wes Welker. I can defend this.


Who's today, Davis?


Who's going to be, oh, here goes Shakir running down the sideline. I can't catch him.


Yeah, I need three. You know, I need that dependable slot receiver that's just going to show up, not say a word and catch the ball. But, yeah, you do get some days where you've got a couple divas and sometimes you got a bad coordinator. I'm not going to lie. Sometimes my wife is not good at making plans, and I'm the guy that's like, hey, logistically, maybe we should fucking do this. Hierarchy works.




And you're sitting there and you're like, I'm just the CEO. What? You can't blame. Oh, all right. Well, Chris, thank you so much, man. We appreciate your time. We love having you on the first guest ever in pardon my take history. We'll see you in Vegas.


Hey, it's good to see you guys. And Hank, I hope you had an incredible trip down to Jerry's world. It looked like a lot of fun.


Hank's on vacation.


Yeah, he's not even in. Yeah, he's not even this room. All right, thanks, Chris. Okay, let's wrap up the show brought to you by our friend Stell blue coffee. Go buy stellblue Or Amazon store. We got some things coming for the big game week, so get excited. Some announcements coming up. Stella blue coffee. Really good coffee. I drink it every single day. This show is powered on. Stella blue coffee. So go check it out. And also, puppies in the office on my. So we're. There will be puppies here because we are giving back money to Paws Chicago. So quarterly we do it. I got the big check. We're going to have puppies here on Tuesday. So shout out, paws Chicago. Shout out all the dogs. All right, Hank. FaQs.


Hey, PMT. Especially those with top draft picks, not Max. When the show is just getting started. Who is the first guest who really got what the show is all about? Ray Rado comes to mind in the agreeing that the warriors were better without curry. But is there a guest that stands out to you? I had to google this.


I forgot about Ray roddo.


Whoa. Old Ray.


Ray's an institution.


Who was the first guest to get it? Do you have a list of the first guests?


Chris Long.


Yeah, he got it right off the bat. Got it. Who was it?




Bomani got it too.


Kyle Wilter.


Kyle Wilter. Got it.




Mark Titus.


Titus definitely got it. He's a guy who just gets it. That's a fact. Except for that thing he said.




Did Titus get it too much?


Yeah, when he said that. Very controversial thing. Wait, they're pulling it up right now.


Sam Decker was an early one.


Yep. All right, here we go. Titus was. So we went Chris Long. Titus. Sam Decker. Oh, wait, Chris Long wasn't the first.


Mike Portnoy.


This is also not an official list.


Mike Portnoy website. All right, keep going up. Keep going up. Let's see. Stacey King did not get it. Brandon McCarthy is a good one. He got it.




Johnny Bench.


Yeah, we had Johnny Bench on the.


Remember? So the.


He didn't get it. I don't think you.


Johnny Bench did not get it. But remember, there was the only time we did. There's only two times, I think we've done interviews not with both of us or three times. One was rugby player, one was Super Bowl Minnesota. You had to had a family emergency, so I had to interview Alex Smith on my own. And then the other one was right when we started, there was a Chicago card convention, and I interviewed Barry Sanders, David justice, and one other maybe Stacey King. And it was. Yeah, it was. It's. We need both of us for the interviews.


Dr. James Andrews. Got it.


Dr. James Andrews really did get.


Kevin O'Connell. I filled in for you.




Kevin O'Connell. Yeah, but I was there.




Peter King does not get it.


Adrian Green got it.


Still owes me money.




AJ Green does.


Richie. Definitely.


Richie incognito. Got it. Oh, Randy Moss. Randy Moss got it. And Blake. Blake is early on as well. Blake portals. He definitely got it. Zach Campbell will probably. Oh, Marlins man still doesn't got it.


But he does.


But he does. But he doesn't.


He doesn't get it so much.


Perfect. I don't want to touch him. Michael rapport didn't go well. It has ended Barstool. But I'll say that the first couple interviews were very. I mean, the cat killer saga was.


He did take the cat killer accusations very.




And this is good. This is a trip down memory lane. Blake Griffin has always gotten it.


Actually, I would say, you know what? Out of all the people on this list, there's a lot of people that we named that we knew going into the interview, so they got it. Joe Buck might be one.




He didn't know us, and then he got it.


Joe Buck was the gateway drug for everyone getting it.




That's a fact.






That was a good episode. Yeah.


Large feline future Ben Johnson fan, draft guru Hank and friends. What's an idea you guys had for content, whether it be on the show or just for Barstool in general that you really liked but couldn't pull off for one reason or another?


I've wanted to rent a convertible on every single trip that we've been on together.


You also wanted to rollerblade from LA.


To San Diego, which I think we should have done. That would have been a great grit week. Wouldn't.


The one that still makes me laugh to this day was when we went to New Orleans for the national championship game. And Pft very seriously was like, what if we got a fanboat to go back to Baton Rouge that night after the game? Like, people would be like, applauding us coming to Baton.


No, I think it just would have rocked.


I think we made the right choice staying in New Orleans, getting Joe Burrow and coach O on the podcast.


There's like a common trend in all these ideas, which is very inconvenient. Modes of transportation.




For content.




Thankfully, I've given up on that. I'll be getting an El Camino soon there.


We mean, I was thinking way too far ahead. We only made it one episode, but I was pretty hell bent on the premiere of season two of Barcelona van talk. Jumping out of a plane like we're in a plane.




Barcelona plane talk.


I would have done it.


Wouldn't have done it.


Yeah, that's before I knew you were scared of heights.


Yeah, I kept that hidden from you guys.


Yeah, you did. So we went to the Empire State building. Shout out, Tyler O'Day.


Fuck that building.


Hey, stash cat Lagunai's PFt and biggest loser, Max. What's a moment from the show each of you guys always think back on and is now a key memory in your head. Love you guys.


A key memory in our head, looking back. You know what? Maybe when we started doing Larry's picks, you know what? I'll kind of like, zoom out on.


That a little bit.


We did one Larry's picks, where it was me, big cat, and we had special guest Stu finer on that show. You remember that?


He'll do any pick show.


You remember that? He will. And we screamed at the camera. We got fired up. Yeah, that was a pretty cool moment. And then Stu, obviously what he's become. Like, he's now fucking Stu finer, baby.


Yeah, that one was a big one. I'm trying to think what other like.


Well, no, we. No, no. You did it without Stu finer. We did it without Stu finer. We posted on Facebook and then he commented on Facebook.


Oh, yeah. Saved his life. He said he had a gun in.


His mouth and, like, someone, someone we worked with worked with his neighbor. It was like, I can get you guys Stu finer. Yeah, that's how that whole thing started.


I feel like any of the times where we've been let into facilities have always still kind of blow my mind. You know what mean?


The Rick Petino press conference.


Rick Petino press conference. But, like, I'm trying to think, what was the first. Like, we went to Kansas City, they let us.


They were like, remember we walked into the facility, though?


Remember when we walked in the Kansas City Chiefs facility and they were doing a retirement day for one of their former players, and they were all lined up on the staircase and we thought they were welcoming us and clapping for us. We're like, holy shit.


It felt like the ending of big fish. When the guys going out to the lake.


Yeah, Vikings. We went to the Vikings very early on the Cubs spring training. That was kind of like a holy shit. Like, Theo's sitting with us. This is pretty damn cool.


I remember the first Sunday of the first football season, the Boomers. That wasn't a plan.




That just kind of happened. I remember we should do this.


Remember also the first couple of football seasons, we would not watch all the games together.




Like, we'd start watching the games at home and then we'd come in in the afternoon.




It's kind of weird to think, uh.


I remember the first Sunday that we started doing the boomers and we were just sitting there. I forget who said it. One of the two of us said, like, benjamin Netanyahu, Roethlisberger and, like, a Chris Berman voice. And they're like, that's. Should we should write that into the show.




You got the music going. Yeah, fired us up.


Besides colleagues from the office, what do you guys miss most about NYC? Or what's the biggest upgrade and what's the biggest downgrade moving from NYC to Chicago?


I miss living in shit all day and walking to work through piss and then never not being around people.


All the miss. There's parts of me that miss a little bit of NYC just because it is true. Like, if you've ever lived in New York City, you do feel like you're in the center of the world. There is that feeling, you know what I mean? Where shit is. Yeah. And then I miss Roan. I miss Roan a lot.




The people.


There's roan a lot. There's a lot of good. A lot.


A lot of good people in New York that I miss. But, yeah, as far as, like, living in the city, people aren't supposed to live in New York City.


It's hard. It's a hard place to live unless you're like a billionaire, and then it's the coolest place to live in the world.


But you know where else is cool? Everywhere else.


That's true. That's a fact. But like those billionaire row on Central park, that's a pretty cool place to live.


Yeah, it's not bad. But guess what? If you're a billionaire, you still have to deal with traffic.


That's true. That's a fact. I was thinking about that the other day, like, how I would go from Brooklyn to work. It would take, like, 45 minutes to an hour, depending on everything. And then I'd go back at 04:00. And then I'd go back to work at, like, 07:00. Now it's like ten minutes. It's pretty nice.




Of Chicago.


That's it. Did we have one?


There was another one.


I thought there was one more memes. Yeah. All right, we'll just talk about it. The baseball video.


I have it.




What's up, PMT crew? Oh, it's a plant. There's a plant.


Yeah, there's a plant. So let's talk about it. The baseball. What's up?


PMT, mostly pug. So, zet, did you write this memes? What happened to the dinger's only punishment footage that I will never see the light of day?


No, it's coming. It's coming next week.


And also, how many heartbreaking losses will Max get away with before he has to do soggy sorrows?


Oh, yeah, we got to bring back soggy sorrows.


We do have to bring back soggy sorrows.


I mean, at this point, if Max hasn't done it, it's kind of like no longer a thing. You've had five different things. You've had.


When the Sixers lose this year, we will do soggy sorrows. Fine. And if the Sixers win the title, the rest of the podcast will get wet. Hank kind of did Patriots. But if the Sixers beat the Cowboys, if the Sixers win the title this year, we will do an entire podcast with all of us sopping wet and max completely dry. That's fair.


I think that's fair.


Yeah, that's completely fair. Never going to happen. So the baseball video is coming out next week. So here's the deal. We taped it. It was great. We wanted to get Joe Buck involved. Is it coming out next?




No. If it's not out next week, just.


But should we say.


It'S been done? The video part has been done.


Video has been done for the last.


Two and a half.


So Joe Buck has been working. I don't know if everyone knows Monday Night Football. We have scrounged up all of our money and we were able to hire Joe Buck for approximately 90 seconds of the call. Then we're going to have our good friend Nick Turini call the rest of it. So Joe has been gracious enough. 90 seconds, that's all we could afford. We sold all of our board apes.


It's against the University of Illinois Chicago against their varsity baseball team. I want to know what people think the over under is going to be for runs allowed.




Six outs. I'm pitching big cats catching Max in center field. Hank, where were you?




Jake, where were you?




Left field.




Six outs. Six outs. Jersey. Jerry, umpire didn't give us a great strike zone.


No, he did not. Jerry called it fair.


Well, yeah, let's not give it too much away.


All right, well, that's what we got. So get excited. It's coming. We're going to get it done.


I thought it was going to be after bowl. I had that written into my.


All right, so it's after Super bowl, not next week.




Oh, you had it written into your.


Oh, is it part of the standup?


Okay, so it'll be after Super bowl because you know what? That'll be our vacation week anyway. So you'll get dungeons and dragons, you'll get the baseball video, you'll get everything.


So we'll do the best of next week then.


Okay. Yeah.


So just going to tie things up.


We're going to do the best of.


When the video doesn't come out next week. Should you or should you still not tweet at Max?


No, you should tweet at Hank because.


No, they can put it out next week. They can put it out next week. We talked about this a couple of weeks ago, and it was said after Super bowl, so I planned for that.




Okay, I don't want to ruin your.


No, it's one joke. I was just going to be like, I actually pay up my bets on like, pft in the baseball. That was the joke.




Rockets. Laughter.


You know what? Here's what we'll do. Here's a good, I'll still say it anyway, here's a good compromise. We'll do the baseball video after the Super bowl. We'll do the bonk list next week. People want the bonk list.


We'll make that a PMTV.




Well, it's going to be on the podcast.


Oh, yeah.


Oh, you need a PMTV. That's why we need the baseball video.


No, we don't need it.


You know what? You'll get everything when you get it. We'll put the baseball video on this.


We do have the baseball video that we are just sitting on.


All right. Baseball, baseball video. Best of and bonk list all next week.


That's almost too much content.


Next week? No, I don't know. You're going to get it. We're going to plan everything, and we'll update everything for you on Friday or Monday. We'll tell you the schedule. That's fair.


Also, all the people that bought tickets to Vegas.


You're sick fucks. We crashed the site in 2 seconds, and then it sold out in, like, four. You were kind of worried, Hank. You were like, can everyone promote this?


What's like, who's. Who wants to come to this?


Everyone. No one should want to come to this. Everyone wants to go to it.


You're going to be great.


So excited.


I can't wait for you.


Break a leg. Numbers?






I'm going to go back to 71.


99. Pug.


Actually, 40. 40. 40.




Can you just change like that?


Yeah. All right.


I'll take eight.


Oh, Kobe.




That's what I was before.


What was everyone's number? Say it again.






86. That's Shane. I have 71.


Hank, what do you have?




PFC has 859.




Love you guys.


Kane is in the building.




I don't. Away. I don't know what to say. I say it anyway today is another day to find you shine away I'll be coming for your love of dream shine away I'll be coming for your love of dream sweet let me say all the sunny but I don't wait Sunday only jump. You must say every little I just play my worry you all things I've got to remember shine away love it coming for you anyway shying away love it coming for you when you like take on, take on know you I.