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Today is part of my take, we have recurring guest friend of the program, CJ McCollum, from the NBA bubble.


We interviewed him actually during great week, great week stream. So we interviewed him on Thursday or Wednesday. It was like hour two of the day. Yeah, we ducked out for just a couple of minutes. Awesome interview with him. He's one of our favorite recurring guests. Been too long, but we get a good look into what the bubble life is like, how he feels about Slim Melo being a walking bucket and much, much more. We have sports officially all the way back.


It felt great. We're going to talk about that. Who's back of the week? PR one on one for the Mets because everyone thought that Jose, how did you say his name? Billy Jose to suspend us? No, but what did you say originally?


I said Jose suspect is not a suspect.


Suspense was dead for like five minutes and now he's opting out. We'll get to that. And before we do all of that, our friends at the cash shop, we are always presented by the cash appear in the cash app studio. Part of my take loves the cash app. It is the easiest place to send money to your friends. It's also the safest the number one social distancing app in the world, the number one app in the world. So use the cash app.


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Ten dollars to the ASPCA. Today is Monday, August 3rd. And sports are all the way back there, all the way back. It was so fucking good this weekend. I got the three TVs set up again. I fired them all up to have something on all three NBA, MLB, Hockey, horse racing, fox guys.


It was tough. It was actually a little bit tough on Thursday, Friday night, because I'm you know, I'm making the transition to a new cable system in my apartment right now.


So I don't have my my back button ready to go.


I don't have the channels all set up in the back of my mind. So it was great. It was preseason for sports viewers, too, but it was awesome, especially Friday night, especially Saturday night, all obviously Sunday during the day when golf got in the mix. It was sports all the way being back. And it felt really, really it was it's crazy to think of a time when we didn't have sports where we are seemingly in the clear.


And I say seemingly just because we don't know what's going to happen with baseball, I feel like every single team has had positives, actually, except for the Cub Scout, the Cubs. They should probably win it. If the Cubs are the only team that don't get across a positive, do they win the title? Yeah. So it's kind of hard to tell me, Chris. He has diarrhea. Yeah. It's just it's just smart. It's actually very, very smart on his part to just call it diarrhea.


Nobody will ever ask you follow up.


Do you still want to exploit. Didn't want to play. It was like I think I might have Corona. No, he gave himself a pinstripe in all seriousness, like Rob Manfred being like, I'm going to threaten you guys if you don't start following the rules, we're going to cancel the league. I don't. It's Rob Manfred. Does he realize he's the commissioner? He's the one who can who can help, like he could maybe put in place a rule that if you get caught doing something that puts everyone else in jeopardy, you can be suspended for the rest of the year.


Like the Cubs don't have a positive. And I think it is because Anthony Rizzo and Jon Lester, cancer survivor, so they're taking extra extra precaution, but they're showing that you're able to do it by being extra, extra, extra cautious and not being fucking idiots. And I just don't understand why Rob Manfred like his statement on Friday where he threatened everyone, like, hey, if you don't start following the rules, we're canceling this shit. Dude, you are the commissioner.


Yo, he said that the players need to do a better job. He's like the players need to do a better job. You know what, Rob Manfred, I don't recall you ever saying to cancel Jersey exchanges after games. That's a good step. You could take maybe ban or only do divisional play like college football that that seems to work for them so far. Well, we're kind of doing that, yeah. Geographical. Geographic, yeah. Staying geographical with it.


Maybe get involved in some of the text threads that they've got going on with. They're decide whether you're giving the players the power, where they decide whether or not they want to play that day. These are all just like things that a commissioner should be taking care of. And in American sports, you really only have to be slightly better than the hockey commissioner as long as you can stand. Not doing as long as you can stay, like slightly less problematic than the commissioner of the NHL, then your your job is safe.


Rob Manfred has put himself to take on big time. He just has to rob Manfred has to go to go to bed every single night. He probably like writing in his nightstand. He pulls out his Roger Goodell voodoo doll and starts poking it with pins being like, please fuck this up, Goodell, please fuck this up, because if you fuck this up, no one will give a shit. You know, I don't care that I have been an absolute debacle with with handling Major League Baseball coming back.


Well, you know how when you're when you're playing golf and somebody hits their shot and as we often do, get to see their lie, right? Yeah, I've seen it on television. I think he brought it up and he played Mario Party or something like that. Yes, but you get to see the lie. Should we play some more party after this?


I'm down maybe thirty five years before four stars. Sorry, we should just go a lot. But but, you know, I'm saying, like, you get to see somebody like you get to see what the putts are going to look like when you hit it. That is exactly what's happening right now for Roger Goodell with baseball, because the NFL model right now is essentially baseball's model. You start out with a training camp, you start out with something that's more controlled, where you can kind of monitor the comings and goings of the players and the coaches.


And then once the season starts, you're kind of just left up to the best devices of your coach and your captains. And there's no real rules. There's no bubble. Right now, the NFL is getting a prime example of what happens when you do. Won't have a system in place, and so Goodell, if he's smart, he should be looking at this, but that is drifting wide to the right and he should take his line accordingly and be like, hey, maybe we should have some sort of regulation.


The one thing that I think the NFL still has going for it is that pretty much kicks ass. No, I was going to say that pretty much every single player is just going to lie when they have coronavirus. I think there will be a whole team that's sick and we just won't know about it. Well, it's yeah, that's if Ciano is still in the league. It's in the culture of the NFL to be like, no, we're good.


I don't have coronavirus. Let me play. It's going to be the Raiders because Jon Gruden already said that he wants to smash the covid virus into the ground. Right. So I honestly believe that Jon Gruden could defeat the coronavirus.


So it's mental either way. MLB, it will be for now. For now, MLB is back. But it was great basketball. I'm going to give all the credit in the world to basketball because the games, like with no fans, they've made it as good as possible. Yet they really have the atmosphere's cool. The fans, the the the digital fans are a little weird, but I still it's still nice to visually see that, like, something is going on in the background that's not just completely empty.


Jim and I just the whole thing. They've done a great job. The game feels like it like really feels like good games and fun. And I'm thinking about the playoffs and it's going to be exciting and it's going to be super interesting. And guess what? They're in a bubble, so we aren't worried about it. Like baseball, where we're like, hey, let's enjoy baseball for a couple of days because it might be taken away from us at any moment.


The piped in crowd noise is pretty cool. I really want to be in charge of controlling the booze. I love when the booze kick in. Yeah, there's some guy who's like, OK, yeah, we need to do this call and you know that the refs are pissed off. You know that Joey Crawford would eject a digital fan if he was still in the league. And that would be amazing to watch. My only qualm with a digital fan is for some reason, they don't make every seat filled with offense like they're like one out of every five seats.


Just doesn't have a digital fan. Like, you could just you know that you don't have to have that seat empty right there. Right. They don't need the social distance. They're not actually in the stands.


My only issue with the way the NBA is going is they really need to figure out a way to limit the amount of oxygen that goes in when the Nuggets have a home game. I think that would be cool. You have to give one to have one thing be like, hey, that's that's similar to playing on the road in Denver, or at least put Jack Nicholson in the front and center at the Lakers game. So that's pretty cool. Or the Lakers have drapey at every single game wearing a different jersey.


I'd be sick, too, but it really has like when you're watching these NBA games, it doesn't for as weird as this year has been, it is weird. Weirder sports have been. It really is as as like close to the real things you can get.


I thought that EPL soccer did a pretty good job, too, with a chance and everything like that. Yeah, I'm talking about America. Yeah, Americans real sports. And I was talking soccer on track. They should you know what they should do. Let's just like dive in all the way when it comes to digital enhancements. And let's give some more here to Alex Caruso. Ah, just shaved bald.


Alex, either way to Alex Caruso. There was a did you guys see the funny meme of Jr. Smith? Like looking very quizzically at the back of Caruso's jersey back? I thought his last name was Caruso. Yeah, because that part does get a little confusing when everyone's obviously they have different messages on the back of their jerseys. And then I'm pretty sure Kawhi, which is so quiet, he was like, no, I'm just he's just Leonard.


I'm Leonard. He's Leonard. And the Clippers are weird because the Clippers have like five or six players that have the messages at the top. And then if you come to real name, that's at the bottom. Yeah. You get the tramp stamp with your last name on it and the smaller your back love the Kawhi. There was even a clip of Kawhi getting fucked with by one of the Morris twins and he's just still not having any of it.


It's pretty fucked up that the robot fans aren't all cheering for Kawhi. Yes, traders.


Yes, I know. Hockey was great too. Yeah, hockey was great. Hockey ended racism as well that it just said end racism. Oh I thought yes. No, no. Just said end racism to start. And I was like, damn, that's a good I like on the ice. Like why didn't we think of that. Oh like on the ice. No, it was just a big banner to start every game that end racism. I was like got a point.


It'd be pretty short, probably cut that shit out. It'd be pretty sick if if hockey just like hired some goon like, like Cam Neely looking dude to skate out onto the ice before every game wearing a jersey that just just said racism on the back and then just get the shit kicked out of him by one of the enforcers. Yeah. That's a fucking sweet. Yeah. Be like the Vegas Knights, you know, pregame whole when they have the EDM concert.


But yeah. Yeah, hockey was great. It was great. Like that was another one where they've done a really good job. It feels obviously nothing's going to feel like playoff hockey without the crowds, but it's as close as it can get.


Can I jump back real quick to Alex Caruso? Because I love Alex Caruso, because he has now reached the point. I wrote this down when I was watching the game. He has become he started out being underrated, but then he was so underrated that he became overrated. But now it's swung back and now he's like, overrated, underrated. So now he's under. Raided again, and so every time he makes a good defensive play, the announcers have to remind us, like Alex Caruso, really good athlete, very good defensively.


Yeah. And so soon probably, I'd say like in the next two weeks it'll swing back the other way where he'll be overrated again. But I love watching that pendulum swing on a scrappy, gritty coaches sometimes playing Alex.




And the only the only complaint I had about the NBA really was that I don't know who missed the message, but the pelicans, not realizing the whole reason they were invited was a good sign in the playoffs than playing him. Twenty nine minutes over two games, which I get. The second game was a blowout of all blowouts. But still, we wanted to watch Tzion. Yeah, he's a little heavy, but we still wanted to watch him. And you played him twenty nine minutes in two games.


He runs when he runs. He's like leaning forward like a like a tired eight year old. Have you noticed that about you. Like stomps his feet. Yeah. And he just kind of starts tilting forward. But it's a restriction bro.


I just, I got it's burst restriction. We really should just skip for the NBA should just put their hand up and be like, you know what, these next six games of the regular season, we're going to cancel them because the pelicans are not going to play ball.


Can you tell me what the difference between burst restriction and load management is? No, they're just different ways to us to not make premature ejaculation jokes.


Also, our boy JJ got done dirty. Auspine what it was, they went sad face on everyone, but yes, was especially sad. So is this going to be, what, the first time in 12 years that JJ doesn't make the playoffs? Yes. Yes. It's going to be sad. End of an era. Yeah. And he's going to be on the pot on Wednesday, too, so we'll have to bring that up to him over and over.


Like, dude, that's going to be weird.


This is going to be weird. Not losing the first round here is going to be weird. Not playing in August. Yeah, it must be crazy. JJ Redick Golf Clubs. Meem the old the old Ovechkin one. Can I, can I bum you guys out for a second. How can I do so good. I know but no one. I just bought myself. I felt so bad on Thursday doing Wednesday Friday show and now I feel so good on, so fully recovered.


By the way your GP left here. You are so drunk and tired. Yeah. Maybe because I drank tonight. Appears in twenty four hours. Your idea of when we were about to tape like noon and you're like what if we just went and took naps and we just did the rest of the show at like nine pm and it was all time future you moment. You're like I just pushed this off. I don't think you truly understood, like where my brain was at that point because.


Yeah, I love you guys halfway through the show. It's well, I do love them. I love them. Double time that episode. But it sucks so bad. I'm sure it sucks having to eat all those hot dogs. But like I was not myself at that point because there was so much fucking alcohol that was that the idea to be like, let's do this in nine hours. So I go home, I go home, I fall asleep on my floor on the floor of my apartment, and I'm laying on Leroy's chest.


And I woke up because Leroy kind of tried to stand up and I go, What is it, Billy? And then I just looked at me and I was like, I mean. I mean, buddy. Yeah, I definitely didn't call you Billy. And then every time I close my eyes, I would just see Mario party and I would hear the sounds. The Mario party was just like it fucked me up for about twelve hours.


So by the way, the final tally for the week. Twenty four hour stream. I'll wait to Bullmoose out. I'll wait. I'll do it. We'll do this segment. I'll do it. Let's pull myself for a second. All right. High for a little bit longer. Final tally.


We got just shy of thirty thousand dollars that we are donating. So shout out to all the awards to Warren Sharpe and to Matt Walsh who also donated a bunch of money and the cash app. So thirty thousand dollars that we are going to be donating to the kids, the hospital network. That's fucking awesome for something that we didn't really, like, set up a lot beforehand that we're going to do the donation. But thank you, everyone who donated.


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OK, who's back of the week. I was back shagger first.


Yeah. I don't know you and I don't know Hank. Why don't you go first. Hank you're you always good. Why are you being, why are you being passive aggressive.


Usually. Usually get queued up. I don't want to speak out of turn. You being coy. Who's backing up because Antz.


Oh last week we talked when when Bryson was trying to get the rules official to give him a drop because there was some energy nearby this weekend. Our boy Blake Koepka a.k.a. Brooks, he told them he had it into a similar area where there where that was.


That was the same day that was on on Thursday. Bryson flipped out because the next day was the next day, Thursday, there were two arms around. And then the next day, the next day, the next day, Blake did that. That's what I said. And I thought you said last week. Well, on Thursday show we talked about. Yeah. Which was last week.


Right. On Fridays. On Fridays. We talked about Bryson on Thursday.


Follow up. Brooke's headed into the same place. Fifteen year old.


I honestly don't remember talking about Bryson on Thursday. He left the rules officially as I can I get a drop.


There's ants over here and the rules official. Sorry to come over. It's like I'm just kidding. So he was he was trolling around. It was great. And then there was this tweet, which apparently is from 2013, but it's still scary. Nonetheless, it was going viral. It's had one million cannibal ants trapped in Soviet nuclear weapons bunker have escaped.


Hmm. Fuck. So are they is this like a Spider-Man situation? No, it's more like a Rat Island situation.


What about an Antman situation, Paul Rudd, or is this like a like Ukraine and a nuclear meltdown situation?


No, just like instead of regular ant or nuclear ants, you kill you. Hey, and you should tweet that. You should tweet that tweet price.


And every morning, just to scare the ants, the ants escaping the plague is the best like to brazen such a bitch. And then Blake's like, hey dude, we're playing golf, chill the fuck out and play golf. So when when Bryson did that, when I saw the video and shit of him freaking out about the two fire ants, I thought it was fake. I could not believe that it was real. You believe that a grown man would be like, there's one end here and then wait, there's I've got two ants near my ball.


And then he calls a rules official over to to alert them to the fact that they're zoo ants next to his ball. He's just I don't want to say that I respect what a bitch is, but because I don't know. But I like having a bit. Oh, I like having a bitch around that. You can be like, hey, that's a bitch. If he had, like, a little bit of in on the joke sensibility to it, it would be totally different.


But he doesn't know. He does not. And so we need Brooks, the common man, the people's golfer, to keep him in check. And that was great. Great. By Brooks Bryson. You're still a bitch.


And then Bryson said that he he hopes that he can live to be 130 or 140 God, maybe in dog years.


I really die from Pastorek. Hope I don't Rob Lowe because and I'd have to be on the same earth as Bryson. Yeah. Bryson's really challenge. He's playing chicken with all of us. Yeah, right. You. Oh, you wanted to live to your nineties. Well guess what, that's another fifty five more years of price and shambles. Bryson being like, hey, I'm going to live till I'm 140 and challenging all his peers to not kill themselves.


You would be such an asshole too. If we got to one hundred forty he'd be telling everyone about it. Oh yeah. There's the whole town. Hey I'm under 40 and Duchamp's. Still wearing those stupid fucking hats. Just a heads up, you know, it's not good for your health steroids.


I was going to say it's bad when you're roid rage against Antz. Yeah, that's that's in life expectancy. Check yourself. Yeah, Botha's. Yeah. Yeah, he's roid rage against against his own biological clock I guess is all good. Science is expensive. Yeah. He's been a big price. If you're going to die when you're one hundred fifty who's your who's back.


Who's back of the week is Mike Lennon. Yeah. Mike Lennon is back baby because. Bless you Hank. Because Garder Minshew has opted out of the twenty twenty third NFL season and I had to look up who the Jaguars backup quarterback is. Turns out it's Mike Glennon. So we've got him back. The neck is back. How how amazing would that be if Mike Glennon went out there and tore it up and then Nick Foles was a quarterback for the Bears and stunk all be so great, so many Photoshop.


So that's what I would look like if Mike Glenn was a Bears squad. I've been down the Glenn and try the whole thing. He is not a good quarterback.


All these shooters, you know you know what he's really good for, though? Every year we have to have at least one quarterback that's the perfect person for half of Twitter to quote, tweet and be like Colin Kaepernick isn't on an NFL team. But this person, yes, Mike, is like the perfect person to focus our attention on there. By the way, we were to leave and I were talking before the show. I hope that through everything that happens in this world in this past year, the one thing that we keep going with is whenever we just quit something, we say opt out because it's great.


Like I'm going to start opting out. Yeah. Or like that's a bad example. You know, when I start losing in a video game, I'm opting out instead of rage. I'm quitting. I'm opting out. I'm simply opting out. Are you going to tell me I can't opt out of this workout opting out? I like that.


Yeah, it's a way nicer way of saying now I'm just not going to do it. This off the other, I'm not I'm not belittling anyone who is opting out because there's actual health issues. I'm saying we need to recapture opting out for our pathetic reasons that we're actually pussies in our real life. They're not. Yeah, but we are. So we're going to take opt out and use it for our lean. We're going to co-op that co opt out.


Right. Can we just opt out of doing a podcast. Yeah, we could opt out of anything do. Yeah. But imagine you just you send in your opt out letter. I'm opting out of sex. I'm out of here, I'm opting out. Dontrelle Willis is pitching to someone who's listening right now who might be thinking considering quitting their job sometime in the future.


Please do it by opting out. They'll be great. I actually would be curious to see if somebody could quit their job but say that they're opting out and then still collect a salary. Try it. You know how it's worth giving it a shot? Yes, opting out. I didn't realize Gardner opted out. Yeah. You opted out today. I don't know. I'm very unclear about C.J. Mosley opted out. The Jets are going to be that's that's a problem for the Jets.


So that's just not wanting to play for the Jets. You're just opting out of being playing for either the Jets or Mets.


It should also always be a free pass on the opted out. I think you just caught Korona. No, no. Minshew Yeah. Or mostly, I'm pretty sure mostly opted out. I think they both opted out. You meant you did not opt out. Oh, wow. Really?


To your entire Jaguars plays five players on the reserves covid-19 list.


That's just like that's like he's just Corran 57. Oh, he has he has to opt out of nothing. I was on the same page, but when I saw that I want to opt out. Yeah. When I said, hey, when you saw that, what did it. It seemed like he was opting out, right. Yes.


But it's still being negotiated and finalized. But the players opt out to line at this point is looking like Wednesday.


So he just has grown. And so they put him on the list of players that aren't going to be training because of Korona.


OK, I'd like to opt out of this episode. No, no. So really, there's five players and apparently three of them.


They're all roommates. MINSHEW Got it.


WALKER And when I was in safe government, she doesn't seem like a guy who's going to opt out. Mm hmm. He doesn't have a family. I get it for people who have families. And like, there's real reasons guys are opting out. And I totally understand it. But I'd be shocked if Minshew did OK because he falls in the same category as Matt Stafford.


So both those players, it's a list. The covid-19 list is for players who either tested positive or who have been quarantined after having been in close contact with infected person or persons.


We're all learning together here. So he has not opted out. So he has neither one of those players have opted out, as far as I can tell. But they are on the covid-19 list, which means that they're CEIBS. They're just chillin for a while until they test all the tests come back negative.


Got it. Got it. So we could have no Glenanne. We could well, Glidden is going to be there, but we could have no Glenanne that we have to watch.


I think the probability is high that we have a McLennon sighting this year.


Do you think I mean, she's going to opt out? No, I hope not. He's fun. You will keep you keep the Jaguars fun. Yep.


All if the Jaguars want to tank, go with Glenanne. That's all I'm saying. It could go with Carter, too, and just have fun and lose a more.


You know, aesthetically pleasing way to to tank with government, you versus Michael. I don't think there's a quarterback room in the NFL that has two different starting quarterbacks that are so different as Carter, Minshew and McLennon.


Yeah, they don't even speak the same language. Yeah, they're like a Nickelodeon cartoon. Yeah. Yeah. OK, my whose back of the week is Daredevil Danville's back.


He's fucking clapping back, boys. I like to opt out of this part of the. He's he's clapping back daredevil's clap him back so much that he does this thing where he when he claps back on someone, he'll then post it on his Instagram to to show the world how much you clap back. You ready for this clap back. Someone said, Darren, I don't know you in real life, but judging you from your Twitter persona, you literally would be the last person invited to any of the fun shit I'm going to later today.


And he clapped back with as a 42 year old man with a wife and three children, an awesome barbecue and a great backyard. I doubt I would come even if you invited me roasted dude. He's got as a three, three, three kids. I also like t he used awesome barbecue and great backyard, but he just plainly said his wife and three children like him and he didn't he wasn't like, I have a great wife and three amazing children know the super super relatives are meant for the barbecue and the great backyard.


We had a barbecue.


Do you think Karen actually has. I highly doubt this is an awesome barbecue.


I highly doubt that d'Urbervilles barbecue is awesome. I think he's probably got a mid range backyard because he posted on Instagram.


Yeah. Like every team at a barbecue. But it's a huge backyard. Three guys who says I have an awesome barbecue. Nobody, not nobody that has Q and a dork I. Who do you say you have to be, because I have a second hand Weber that yeah, exactly. Exactly. When you described it, you know what you said? You said what you had. You said, I have a second hand preowned. Well, if you have an awesome barbecue, you don't say I have an awesome barbecue.


You say I took half of an oil drum and I cleaned out my buddies. We welded in a couple of fires. You explain exactly what your barbecue is, if it's awesome, an awesome barbecue. You know, what that tells me tells me he's got a fucking propane tank that he has to wheel in and out like a bitch every week and probably two burners on that motherfucker. Yeah, I got an awesome chicken coop in my backyard and awesome barbecue.


You wanna come over to my awesome barbecue? Everyone's barbecue is awesome. That's what it is. You're just grilling meats. It's pretty fucking cool. Yeah. Just look, I love that that was a clap.


If you have a little green egg, you say I have a little green egg. You don't say, hey, I've got a pretty cool meat smoking device out back.


So, yeah, 42 year old man with a wife and three children and an awesome baby. I can't believe he's forty two. Yeah. It's always shocking. He really is.


He's got the the brain of one hundred and forty year old Bryson DeChambeau. Dude it's like Wilford Brimley all ripe. That guy has been old his whole life. Yes. I mean he was born old. Yeah.


I mean the diabetes guy when you're known as being the spokesperson for for a debilitating disease, when you live that long, it's always in your name. That's right. Yeah.


There no, they don't make Wilfred's anymore. I'd say. First of all, we I'm doubtless opt out list, but anybody new here?


Oh, Lorenzo Cain did opt out recently, OK. And I like A.S.A., which we will get to. I like when they just use the MLB logo instead of the team location roster like this person is, is opting out of being an athlete this year.


This person is opting out, but no one wanted him on their team anyway.


Yeah, but he's out as a Grumman's. Yeah, right. All right, Billy, finish off who's back of the week, who's back the week to real quick one murder hornets.


There's another link posted that they're back and whatever, but I want to give them airtime.


OK, you know what you're doing, Bill? You're falling for the New York Post, quote, tweet Olympic's game. They've they've been on a fucking tear recently.


And they're getting you to they're just trying to make a story where they're on the hunt for this like murder hornet's nest. And they need to find it before there's a second nest and they spread and it's too late. And I was like, you know, that's like get Bruce Willis on. That is like an exterminator. Yeah. Or something.


But my real who's back the week is seasons. Yeah. Dude, it's August. Yeah. That's not the change. That's seasonal. Sun is summer. Sun of summer. Well yes. September is still summer.


No I mean August for me is always like oh sun.


Oh. Because back to school. Yeah. Yeah. You're still in the mode where like I got you, you go to the department store with your mom and you see backpacks on sale and you the back is the worst.




Like I'm having a little bit of like anxiety like oh shit. Like what the fuck.


So, so now I welcome to the real world. Like that doesn't happen anymore. Yeah. Your summers are meeting.


It's actually right now because football is around the corner.


I just drop out of school. Yes. You should have done that three years.


I'm opting out of college.


Opting out of college first try to get a bunch of your teammates to like make demands just in case they give you some shit. Oh, you saw it happen. What's going on with the PAC 12? Yeah, the players are they're banding together and they're like, hey, which to their credit, like it doesn't really seem like colleges have thought out the whole. We have students on campus and athletes on campus together and they're both taking different precautions. So to their credit, it's like, yeah, we're not being looked after and we're here to make money for you.


So why don't you do something about it? You should still, like, just try to get one last thing for four D three football players. Yeah. For Yo Yo credit, the PAC 12.


They obviously read part of the deal because they anchored the fuck out of that and they did and they were asking for some crazy shit.


They just skip, they just pass go and they're like, yeah, we want to be paid too. Yeah. Yeah. What's the worst they're going to say. The very worst thing that could happen is you're at the same place that you're at now, so why not ask for everything.


Yeah, ask for money and you might wind up with some like good covid tests. Yeah. That's kind of what they're hoping for. Yeah. We'll give you a mask but all you have to do is ask for everybody. You know, Larry, that's not going to do it. So they got to fucking, you know, shoot for the moon. All right. Yes.


You should come in. I can see man where he'll slide. Scott, right. Yeah. Commerce Commissionership and all. I could see Larry Scott implementing a shrewd box type system where he just make like Scott's dollars and he just hands out like twenty dollars per practice that you would send to all the players, which will be redeemable in like thirty years. Yeah. For a piece of his estate. He's why the PAC 12. You can't watch like half the games.


He's wide like there they have. It's very funny if you actually look into it like the SEC commissioners office is like the second floor of a walk up in Birmingham, Alabama. And Larry Scott, the PAC 12 commissioner's office, is like a high tech startup in San Francisco, like in the most expensive place to get real estate. And he just like that's the kind of shit he does and just takes money from the school. How bad? Does he want to admit Hawaii just so he can put his office out?


Yeah, seriously? Yeah, he's a fucking idiot. So shout out the PAC 12 for at least those players for at least anchoring the negotiation to maybe get some proper testing. And I'm not really smart enough to understand all the implications of everything that they're asking for, because I've seen a lot of people arguing back and forth about how much money would be for certain things, what it would mean for different sports. I'm just happy if the players are able to start making money like anybody else would be if they go to school.


Like if you go to college, if you're not a student athlete, you can get a job, right. You can make money. Players should be able to get a job and they should also be able to profit off their name.


And like, my rule is pretty, pretty easy when there's something that when there's an issue that comes up with, you know, whether or not they should pay the players. Just read Doug Gottlieb's Twitter and then do the opposite. Yep. Yep. And then if he tweets too much, just opt out of the whole conversation.


That's what I do. If I was a football coach, I would want my players to be able to profit out there like this because then they'd all start becoming twitch streamers and they just be playing video games to make money. And they would say, oh, no, no. But then instead of like Friday night, like, you know, they're not getting in trouble. They're legitimately just being nerds.


They're just drinking Mountain Dew, taking Adderall, staying up till 4:00 a.m..


You now, if they're playing night, yeah, that's fine.


But yeah, no, but if they're gamers then in their off time that the game anyway. So they're just not going out and getting in trouble.


Yeah. So are NCAA athletes allowed to be twitch streamers, you know, asking of money. No, they're not allowed to get money.


Not even from Twitch. No. No that's fucked up. Yeah. What about from Ticktock. That's from China chat. China actually well declined.


Did you see the Clemson ticktock. Oh my God. The Clemson players doing it. They do that. The Taylor Swift takedown is really cringe.


I didn't I was pretty cringe. I'm going to opt out of that answer. Your fishing, opting out of school, not officially. I may opt out of on campus. OK, but so I might be doing homework all the time.


Can we take your classes for you so that we actually should take one class together? OK, all right. I'm sure that's not like you probably will get in trouble, but we'll do it. I wonder it.


What class are you taking that I could just like take one of your tests for you without doing any study?


I actually take pretty high class dame. You're already pretty smart.


I think I'm taking like a dinosaurs to take a paleontology class.


Dinosaurs just said dinosaurs do paleontology. All right. Let's get to our interview with C.J. McCollum before we do that. Bose's back after coming on as a sponsor of our NFL draft coverage there. Now, a partner in the part of my Take podcast, they hooked us all up with these awesome seven hundred headphones, Bose headphones. Seven hundred are perfect for when it's time to enjoy your music, work from home or listen to your favorite podcast. Pardon my take.


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Go buy them right now you will not be disappointed. OK, here he is. CJ McCollum. Move.


OK, we now welcome on one of our favorite recurring guests. It's the second time on. The first time was electric. Everyone loved him. It is CJ McCollum from the Portland Trailblazers. C.J., thank you for joining us. We appreciate it. Let's just let's talk about your wine real quick, because we're going to talk a lot of bubble talk. And I feel like wine is a must inside the bubble. So you've become. Oh, what is it?


You're not familiar. What do you how do you say Somalia? Somalia. What are you now? What are you?


Uh, I'm a proud owner of my own label. Here it is. Ninety one in partnership with Edelstein. I'm not a song. OK, I could tell you a little bit about certain lines. I can tell you what the pair with certain lines and the very basics. I know the process of making wine, but I won't pretend to be able to complete blind tasting like we see on Netflix.


OK, that's pretty smart on your part though, because the NBA in general has gotten really into wine. I feel like over the last like three or four years. I don't know if that was like LeBron that got it all started. That can. Got everybody hooked on one, he was like, hey, take this one, first one's free, next one's going to cost you. But it's nice on your part to cash in on that. And now you can distribute to your teammates, guys and other teams and make a ton of money.


So very smart business idea.


Appreciate it. Yeah, it's been cool to be in the bubble. I had about 70 bottles shipped that actually doesn't go on sale until September. Ninety one. But just kind of feeling everybody out there having to taste the wine, get some feedback, get some reviews. They've been very positive considering how young the wine is with it being an 18. But I've enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to continue to learn more about wine and share and get through this this bubble situation with some good grapes.


OK, so let's talk about the bubble from a scale of one to ten. How bad is it? And do you have you had that moment where you're like, I can't complain because Rondo kind of ruined it for everyone else when he said the Motel six and everyone was like, wait, that's a nice hotel. So how how is it for real? I don't know if he's being sarcastic or not, but. My room is great, I'm not going to take a picture of it or show you a video, but I'm happy with my accommodations, they take great care of me personally.


I mean, they were joking the other day. We were like, yeah, I can stay here for as long as long as I needed to. But then you just miss most is being able to move around your family, your loved ones. That's the hard part. The food you get used to it. There's there's some different options that they have daily. You're able to order some food from it, from a few different places, catering services, restaurants, etc.


, that they signed off on. But it's just the moving around aspect. You can't drive the shuttles that run to the other two hotels. You can't go anywhere else. That's the that's the tough part. So on a scale of one to 10, as I say, eight, OK, because we're safe. Everyone's getting negatives. We're testing daily. They've done a great job of kind of controlling our situation. You can get wine and you can get shipments in, which is very, very crucial, especially during these off days where you can lay by the pool and drink some bubbly.


And I guess you get extra brownie points because we get to play, although we get to go open and know that everybody is.


What about the pay per view situation in the room? Who pays for that? Who's who's covered and all that stuff at the gym there? Is that come out of your pocket or is that the NBA?


Well, they they drop this off fire sticks. We got the Disney plus. I don't know how to set up the Disney class yet, but I hear like a three three month free membership. So I'm I try to milk that.


I save some money. Yeah. Yeah. I would imagine, too, though it must it must be nice being able to maybe hang out with guys, not only your own teammates, because you haven't seen in a while with you guys all being in the same place. And is there like some element that's kind of a summer camp feel to it? Because maybe I'm just projecting here, but hanging out with everyone and being like, we're all stuck here, let's make a good time out of it would be kind of fun.


Yeah, we had some great nights, tell a lot of stories, drinking a lot of wine over dinner or rotating. Who pays for it. It's definitely like a tournament is like a it's like an all boys school here. Obviously it's cool, but.


You do miss being able to leave, you do miss being able to do a lot of things that you are accustomed to doing, but we're all making the best of it. The fact that we can go to other hotels now is cool because you have friends and other teams. There's like six or seven teams in the yacht club, but there's two other hotels where you can go eat at their restaurant. You can go with your friends. There's boats, there's different events you can do.


They got barbers, mani pedi. I can get my hair braided disputations here. They have, like, almost everything you could you could think of they they they cross their data, their eyes and made it. I mean, no offense to the other sports, but you see what's happening with the sports and and how they haven't really been able to control it the same way we're going to control it. It's mainly because they don't let us do anything.


Let's go anywhere. They don't let anyone it. Right.


So is Adam Silver telling you directly that you need to beat the Grizzlies and lose the pelicans, or is that something that's just coming from your coach being like, hey, we need Tzion in the playoffs that's happening?


I that I actually I haven't talked to Adam specifically about Zaa or the Grizzlies.


If you beat hypothetically, if you were beating the Grizzlies, would you expect to see one red dot on your chest walking home or would there be one of the chiefs and then one right between your eyes?


The Blazers would all be asymptomatic and well, you've got to cancel the season interest.


You get a false positive one is now. I think obviously Zion is the future of the league. It's clear, strong, talented player. He's got a lot of different skill sets to offer. I'm sure the league would like to see certain match ups, but I think it has to do with us maybe go out there who we do we supposed to do. And we like to ruin the party. We like to ruin parties for everyone. And we feel like we have a great chance, a situation where we get to play games and have a chance to make the playoffs.


I guess you couldn't ask for more, just more so about how we execute, how we play and we look forward to trying to get into this playoff.


Are you happy that getting stuff by the rim that happened in the preseason so less people were watching? Or is it worse now? Because I'm bringing it up and people are like, wait, what happened? This is it. You got totally stopped by the totally stop. The video is accessible online. Yeah. And if you'd like to watch, that's why I never try to dunk because that could happen.


I think it was funny because the comments are hilarious. They're like, oh, he got a Korean team, fifteen or twenty eight or so. I said it's like, no, I just missed the dunk people all the time. Yeah. They've seen us play in like four months. So you forgot. But I think I can handle those types of things because I think it's funny. I would, I would laugh at the guy that that happens to so I can laugh with people when his feet.


But I look for the dunking again and like actually being able to execute it better. Someone said that I should have some Sprite in my room or something like that because of the way I hit the rim. And it was reminiscent of that. But it's all fun and games. If you can't laugh at yourself, I think you just take life too seriously.


What's what's your mentality? After you missed that dunk, do you want to go up there and try it again? Do you want to throw it down or would you rather be like, OK, you know what I mean? To settle back into my game, step back into three, then I'll be good.


One would keep it a with. So I was stiff man like this is one. I make up excuses now.


Coach told us before the game he's like, you're playing twenty minutes tonight. Ten minutes in the first quarter and third quarter I'm at end up I'm like coach. I don't want to sit the entire second quarter, sit for halftime and then have to go back in after playing an hour ago tonight. I'll be fine. So we played the first quarter, we set the entire second quarter, go through halftime in the third quarter, starts looking at each other like I'm you start out everybody.


Everybody is tight, moving slow and Nurk is back after fifteen months so Nurk gets the rebound I get the rebound and he's yelling to me He's like Go back to work Go back door like wise come up the court like that I cannot go back door I catch the ball and I just blacked out. I took it in stride. I went back and normally I go to enhance the safety. I try to give back a little bit. Yeah. And as I'm jumping, I'm running out of talent.


You know, I my talent, I feel it. So I try to go as fast as possible. So I try to throw it down like quick and I'm thinking I, I overpower it. Yeah. So I don't overpower him. I hit the rim straight on about it. Then at that moment I'm falling. I'm thinking, all right, you missed the dunk, don't get hurt. So I said, I'm trying to try to make sure I don't get hurt because that's just insult to injury.


Yeah. Oh yeah.


We're not going to Yeah. That one. If you if you get hurt like getting stuff by the rim, you might want to just retire. That might feel like it's OK. We've had a nice run. It's time to walk away.


But I must say I executed a Miss Dunk flawless. Yes you did. Just ran out of talent. I like that there's times when that happens. So in terms of like play in your team.


Do you guys feel like you are back where you were like, you know, ended the season in March, or is it still a little rough around the league just trying to get everyone back up to speed?


I think most guys are close. I can speak for our team. I feel like a lot of people took care of themselves once they knew there was a chance we could come back. They started working out. There was plenty of time to kind of change your diet, go back to getting getting in the gym, getting in shape, hydrating properly, and then being able to go through training camp and your markets. We went through weeks of individual workouts for most teams.


Come here, you get to practice against each other. We've been here since July seventh or eighth. So we're looking at three weeks to four weeks of practice before you go into your first actual game. So I think for us, we feel good. We took good care of our bodies in our shape. Most teams took it seriously. Some teams really need this training camp to kind to get the rest out. But all in all, I think they've done a pretty good job of preparing us and we can get treatment daily around the clock.


I was getting ready to leave at 10 p.m. last night to kind of recover and get ready for Friday. So the good thing about being in the bubble is there's no travel, there's no getting on planes and having to go through those things. You just take a ten minute bus ride in 10 minutes back.


I've got to off the record questions for you. So these are off the record. They're still going to be the podcast, but but they're off the record. First off the record question, who are some of those teams hypothetically that have been a little more rusty? Maybe they've been tightened in the training room a lot, that sort of thing. Off the record.


Off the record now.


I mean, just to know who who have a chance to make the playoffs and who doesn't, quite frankly, like looking back how many games out you are. You've got to be three and a half games out to have a chance to play. We're three and a half games out as it stands right now. So we just have to continue to either keep pace or outpace. Memphis, New Orleans, Sacramento. We have to head to head with Sacramento.


We have the we don't have the tiebreaker with New Orleans. So we have to have a better record, essentially. OK, so for us, we're in the hotel with six or seven teams. So it's US, Spurs, Memphis, Sacramento, Wizards, Suns, and I think that's it. OK, you're the bubble.


I got you. I understand what you're saying. I'm picking up what you're putting down right now.


We're all the teams that are currently, as it stands, not in the playoffs. Yes.


So Wizards are looking great right now is what I'm hearing from you. John is looking healthier than he's been in years.


Just to hear shots of my guy, John and Brad Brown. Look, Brad's here and John's not here.


Yeah. Yeah. So my my second off the record question is just what's the shooting been like in the bubble? Like, has there been an adjustment period, do do you expect for teams to be shooting at a lower percentage during these playoffs?


Well, weird. And there's no fans. The backdrop is different. There's no travel. Everybody's more fresh because you have four months off. So I think guys will shoot the same or better because some people that can't shoot actually worked on their games and then some people just still can't shoot because it's just not in their nature.


Yep, that's me, Lord, given that talent. But I think looking at what I've seen so far, it looks like most people worked on their games. It looks like most people will be pretty fresh to start. And I would expect guys to be really locked in, especially understand that you only got eight games. It's one thing to have to play a whole season. It's another thing to know that, like, we only got eight games and then we either make the playoffs or we don't.


Let's just leave it all out there. Go as hard as we can not leave anything in the tape.


Do you think there'll be more or less trash talking? Because more even though even though we'll be able to pick it up a little bit, like the mix will pick it up better, you think they're going to pick up some fouls?


Based on what I've been hearing so far and the things that I say that normally can't be heard with fans, they're going to have to try to blurt out with crowd noise. They're going to try to delay it. But you're going to hear a lot of. Illegal content is that is is the more trash talk, because guys have to, like amp themselves up more and there's the lack of I would imagine it's a little weird. You don't get that just adrenaline boost of coming out to a packed house.


You have to kind of find it somewhere else or they. Is that why it's more they're talking themselves into it a little bit? Yeah, it's both.


It's like you see yourself out, you got to trick yourself into like this. People here watch it. And then the other part is it's like a it's like playing with your friends, right. You talk trash against people, you know, like your friends and it's you score and it's almost like curse words and obscenities and just randomly to kind of pop yourself up and then you, like, talk trash back and forth.


And it's like they score and it's like three other team scores and they're like, you got somebody score on a smaller player and they're walking down the court like he's a baby baby out the road and do random things, people yelling out like Benihana.


It's time to cook just random random stuff and then other things I can't say.


So I'm what you're telling me is that a team that might have the strongest bench mob actually has a huge advantage because they've got a massive cheering section for him. They've got like a little home court advantage. So the teams that you've seen, which bench mob is the best?


I mean, we've got a really good bench mob. I've seen I've watched a couple of games on TV, the Lakers, they celebrate like every basket you got dances I've seen other teams like. Choreography. Like do choreography on free throws that were like some somebody said somebody stands and then they move around. It's like a roller coaster ride, like everybody's doing different stuff, I guess, to kind of stay engaged, stay locked in, and you just need that momentum boost.


Toronto Raptors, we played and we were talking like crazy the whole game. The ref had to stop the game and say, look, if anybody else says anything, we're going to have to start to people out of the situation. So it was just fun. We know each other, but it's just fun to talk trash when it's an empty gym. There's nobody there and you're competing like you're trying to win. And it becomes a little personal on the court is personal that when you leave, it's just business as usual.




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I don't have the number.


I've never been asleep so that's convenient. You don't have the number. That sounds great. Not too much to. No, they gave the number to everybody.


A long as nobody's bringing any positives in here, I don't really care. Do your thing. Live your life, man. Leave me alone. I stay. I stay on my little corner, sweep out the way I got my line. I got my water, got some organs, finest. So I'm just enjoying my situation.


OK, it's line though. Someone's calling it someone's calling the snitch line.


People are definitely calling this initialised. One hundred percent. I've heard about it. People complain about people not wearing masks and it's it's interesting that I'm not I'm not one to judge people and everybody's going to live their best life. As long as you're not costing around me or potentially exposed to the virus. I don't care what you do. You stay away from me. Let me stay in my little space, live my life. Yeah.


So maybe keep like an extra six feet between you and Michael Porter. Junior, I feel like that might be a good idea for right now. Have you had the special I call on you? Not that I know of.


I mean, I don't know what you would tell on me for doing it. Like I'm just living my best life in a bubble. Hmm.


I feel like some teams have designated snitches where they say, OK, we need you to call up the two best players on every team that we play against. Or what about calling this?


I'd be like C.J. tried to dunk and he's not he's not about that life right now.


I'm a school man. I get buckets, man. You do? Yeah.


Yeah, I listen, I think that I've had a long stay woke. There's a gym in New York where Melo who we got to talk about Slim Melo, he practices with a bunch of pros. I think you maybe have been there too. I'm convinced that the basket is bigger because everyone, just like no one misses at that gym. But I've seen your training videos. Do you edit them? Do you make sure that it's always just buckets? Because it's it is incredible how good you look in your training videos.


But that's everyone, I guess.


I mean, I look good in games, too, but true. Yes, you do. But but what's behind the training video when you put out a training video? Let's keep that one out. Let's keep that brick out.


No, I clip, I clip all my stuff. So you'll see makes messes too, depending on what they catch. But we're such elite shooters that even the worst player on the team is great. In the empty chair, it's. Crazy, yeah, unbelievable how I locked in, how the mechanics, everything falls into line, if you if you catch the right person shooting for two or three or four minutes, they might not miss. So if you just record a one minute video on Instagram, it's one minute of just makes it may be 20 minutes in a row.


I can make twenty five, 50, 60 shots in a row. And if you clip it for one minute, it's like I did miss because I didn't miss for one minute. Right. I think that's the misconception fans get is that you watch Sinochem like Dwight Howard can shoot threes to McGee to get the energy in by themselves edited. Yeah. And you see eight makes in a row and be like, well, why does he do it in the game?


It's like, well, that's not his rule. That's not his job. But he is capable. There's so many players that are capable of doing things, especially in a gym by themselves. It's just more about opportunity. And I think that, you know, that the gym that we play in the summertime, guys make shots because for one, we don't play much defense at all. And for two, everybody's fresh. It's the summertime. You're living your best life and there's no worries.


Like everybody just out there hoping there's no place being called. There's no there's no interviews after the game or are none of that stuff. You just go out there like a child and go home.


Yeah, I can remember who said it once. Put it put it all into perspective. They're like the difference between the NBA and everything else is if you took the tenth best player on an NBA roster, they would be the best shooter on every single college team across the board. Honestly, like, without a doubt, any any, you know, big man moment, whatever it is, just pick the tenth best shooter on an NBA team. And there they are, the number one option for every single college team.


They are depending on what team, because obviously there are some players that are elite. If you want to win back to put JJ Redick right, like he's going to be the best shooter. But for the most part, NBA players like the last guy on the bench is like an animal, right? Still. Yeah. What he does not play right. So another animal.


So how do you how do the elite of the elite get ready that separates them from, like, the guys that might be the fifth or sixth best shooter on the team, like mentally, do you do meditate? What do you do to get in the mindset to go out there and not worry about all that shit and just execute the mechanics? Everything, man.


Like I got a read man. Holy shit. You can see.


Oh damn. Who are you trying to impress?


But I'm in a bubble by myself. There's no I'm just trying to I'm just trying to improve my knowledge and overall understanding of life. But I think that is that two percent to 10 percent. Right. It's the mental edge is the ability to lock in its ability to focus. We all good. We all have talent. We all have the same resources. We've got elite trainers. We all can hire chefs. We all can do those things. It's just about discipline and then the ability to be able to overcome obstacles.


Right. So some people are great when everything is going well, when they're successful and they're making shots, everything's great. Everything in your life is going well. Some people can't handle the opposite failure. Miss Shots, media talking about you. Your relationship might not be going well. Family stuff might be going on, but all that affects your performance. Some people have the ability to compartmentalize everything like Kobe, rest in peace. He could compartmentalize everything, like when when things are going well and things aren't going well, they have an ability to lock in like that, like LeBron, Tom Brady, some of the elite.


Pat Mahomes, you could put him in the conversation now, like the switch that goes off to wear down twenty five, down twenty eight. Doesn't matter because they still think they're the greatest. I still think they're unstoppable. Still at best. Some people waver, some people get unsure of themselves. And that's why there's two percent of elite. And then there's the ninety eight percent. Ninety nine percent that are really good. Have the talent and the ability don't have the mindset.


They don't have the drive or they don't have the discipline.


Yeah, that makes sense. So like if you have a game and you warm up and you feel good, do you tell everyone on your team like this it's this me tonight, like make sure I get the ball and and has that ever backfired? Have you ever thought that you had it? And then it's like, whoa, we don't have it. I thought I did.


I've had both both situations happen. I've made every shot and warm ups like I've shot, like gone through my spots, my my routine and not missed for like ten minutes. And I'm like always going to be a good night. And I've missed every shot I've thought through warm ups and missed every shot. I have to make ten free throws in a row. When I finish two switches, I go through like a series of switches, makes off the dribble, catch and shoot.


I've gone through it and I have a 20 minute slot is taking me thirty five or forty minutes like I've been shooting in someone else's slot to try to finish thinking it's going to be a terrible game. Forty. So like it's once you get in the game and you get into rhythm like it's hit or miss I think shift and change. But your mindset and my mindset never changes. Like I can miss every shot I could be over. Twelve, thirteen is going to miss thirteen.


Fourteen. Got to go in. Oh I mean it's got to make fourteen year old like it's only a matter of time before I say lol I love. Averages, so for me, that's how it's always been, but for some people, they're superstitious, they've got to do this, they got to do that to me is like I've tried everything just to throw off that mindset of I have to do this all right now, but I can not take it at face time I grew.


I could not face my girl, but I'm still going to be locked in and able to play in those pregame shoot arounds or just in practice in general. What is Dame's range like when he's like when he's going through his routines? Does he sit and do like 50 foot shots and just practice those or what's that like?


He can comfortably shoot from half court. He's strong. He's got like the reflection is crazy. He's got a good dip. He works on it. He knows how to get the proper arc on the ball. And it's almost like a straight shot. But it's not for him because it's just like it's really effortless. He doesn't jumps. Yeah, but he works on that stuff. And that's the thing people at home watch and they're like, well, why they do this and why they do that.


It's like we've all practiced everything that we do. I don't go out there and just experiment. I work on stuff and then I translate that to the game. It's like the pre draft, the rough draft in the final paper. So for him, he works on thirty footers, he works on forty footers, he works all step back, step back. Right. Just like the shot he hit against the thunder. They literally had video of him doing that same shot in OKC the night before game one.


Yeah. Late into the night before game three like his trainer Phil Beckner had to feel he actually just had somebody take a picture. And he's like, I had a feeling that he was going to need to shoot a shot from this far. Like, did Dame have to shoot it from forty feet? No, I did have to.


I'm really glad that he did, though. It was I'm glad to make the ending in that picture. I got to get that picture side like this one waving away so I can I can laugh about it in ten years and fifteen years.


Yeah, you're right. I mean the striking thing about that shot is when he shoots it, it looks like a normal person shooting a three point shot. He's not he's not like carrying a bunch of momentum forward. His limbs aren't flying out. He's not, you know, the mechanics.


He's not. You guys do mechanics in, like, the craziest spots. And it's just nothing breaks like it's like the Ray Allen, Ray Allen taking a shot and he could be, you know, coming off a ball screen, going momentum all the way to the left. And he gets his perfect like body square. And everything is like how you do that. I know you guys are crazy.


Stress, it's repetition is confidence is understanding. And then your body gets used to it like have you ever it's probably like a bad comparison, but have you ever driven home in like like did I stop at a red light like.


Yeah, yeah. So just zone out. Yeah. Yeah. Like and that turn left like how did I get here. So I mean that's how it is when you're hooping, like you do it every day, like your body just kind of takes control and you just kind of let like let your body react to certain things. And then I'll watch this film and I'll be like, damn, I did that.


That's kind of cool experience. That's like me looking at my debit card statement on, like a Sunday morning. No, but I mean, you are the same.


No, but that actually happens sometimes. We'll do a podcast there. Like, what do we talk about. Yeah, right. That was a great show. And it's like I don't even remember what people were like, tweet us something I said and I'm like, wow, I must have blacked out. I just ran my mouth off I guess. And I don't know about do this all the time.


These are the blackouts without the alcohol. Yes, yes. Yes. Slim mellow.


How slim is he as my guy.


Like Guy Slim. He loves the nicknames too by the likes to make sure you guys reinforce this. OK, he's definitely slim. He's taking great care of himself, especially over the break. We got a little bit of time in on the track. We did some running. We walked our dogs. We were like live into the all American dream of the corn team life out there and in the middle of nowhere, walking dogs and conditioning juice and drinking wine.


But he's taking great care of himself is slim. He's in good shape. He's ready to play. And I mean I mean, you guys seen the video. He right him short shorts that his whole leg out and is is proud of the progress he's made his chef. They've done it. They've done a great job. And I told him he should have been in Oregon a long time ago. I'm going to I'm going to go into the details.


But he's doing he's doing really well. And we're looking forward to making this playoff push. I think I think that we're in a position to to hopefully do some some real damage. Yes.


Yeah. It was one of those guys that, you know, his career has lasted so long. Obviously, people, you know, make jokes online. But he is one of those guys. When you watch him warm up or work in the gym in the summer, he literally does not miss. He is it's so insane. You remind yourself like, oh, yeah, Carmelo Anthony, he's one of the best pure scorers like ever. It's insane.


It's twenty five thousand plus points for a reason. I mean, like there's consistency, this like is like the ten thousand hour, you know what I mean? You become an expert. He's got millions of hours. Yes. Yeah. It's like it's like literally walking the dog or or changing a diaper as you become a pitch becomes easier and easier than you just get used to. And it's it's a habit or nature. So he's a walking bucket will be a walk in bucket.


Yes, I like that. The walking buck. Oh yeah. That's a. Oh yeah. Are you and Kevin Durant. Good. Now, you know we have it was like two years ago you came on and we I like this whole podcast started beef that went viral between the two of you.


That was strategic game plan. Man we we took advantage of the system. Yeah. Of the podcast. I left them some wine and in return he helped boost my ratings. And I'm thankful for it. Honestly, that's that's my homie to this day. To this day, that's my homie. And I got to check on them, see how he's doing. Now, he's getting close to to returning and looking forward to getting back out there. Yeah.


It also gave us the most I guess it was like twenty eighteen. But whatever this moment, twenty nineteen Lineweaver. I just did your fucking podcast which that's like pretty much that's like the biggest sign of disrespect. I went to your wedding day. Yeah. Yeah, yes, yeah.


And only a part of it. I'm enjoying it while all this is happening. So I'm getting the news slow. I'm like six am I to like lift it. And I started my day and then I'm on Twitter, I'm trending. I'm like, what is this now? And then I'm like, let me hit him on the side. Like What what is this. Before I was crazy about like, what's going on here.


Oh, were you hurt by the snake emoji? I thought it was hilarious.


And it was it was really funny. It was well it was well done on both parts, honestly.


Yeah. He played me and I bought them the other day. People were reaching out to like our staff, like C.J. and Katie. All right. Yeah, we're good. I just talked to him yesterday. Good.


And they all cut my tweet out of it. They cut my tweet like everyone would just tweet, just your reply to me and then his reply to you. It's like, wait, hold on. So but that's just how the Internet works. Yeah. I mean, you played us like a fiddle, to be honest with you, although, like, I don't believe you, but I do believe that Kevin Durant would do something like that. He would be engaged in a scheme like that to try to, like, just boost his friend's podcast.


In this case, I think he actually did unironically tweet the snake emoji. Are you? Yes.


Now, he did that on purpose for sure. Like the snake emoji was like the icing on the cake. That would be like me putting a cupcake in there. Yeah. Yeah.


Ah, the good the clown emoji is always a good one too. That just that gets under your skin. You also you also had a beef with you called Skip Bayless. What did you call him. Scrap something. What did you call him. You burned him. Good scrap. Scrap Bayless. That's good. That's good. Burn. Why didn't you do you why did you call Scrap Bayless.


Give me to come on the shelf man. They just want to give me the boost the ratings. I told them no, but you're welcome to come on my podcast.


Yeah I like that. Yeah. One hour shift. Yeah he did you two to one point four points per game. That's the worst part about Skip Bill is the fact that anyone found out that the average one point four points per game because when he just bashes people nonstop, you can just throw it right back in his face, like, how do I argue with you?


But you average one point game.


You you know how hard it is to average one point four points a game. Skip probably wish never play basketball. That's going to be way better. Impossible to do. It means you don't make one layup a game.


Yeah, I would rather average zero points a game than one point four points. No. You rather play. Yes. Yeah. He skipped bail is definitely in his heart of hearts is like I wish I did not play junior varsity basketball because it would be better to not have played than to average one point four points per game.


He would have been better off doing the box scores. Yes. Yeah, that's true. There's just been a journalist through and through.


He should have been wiping the sweat off the floor to the top. Oh, I respect I respect your commitment to the podcast publicity game too. You understand that controversy gets eyeballs. Did you be honest with me when you found out that the NBA was being suspended for the year? That was not live on your podcast? Right. You said I'm going to continue recording my podcast so I can give a live reaction to it. And then people like, oh, shit.


CJ found out live on his iPod. By the way, his podcast is Pull Up with CJ McCollum, Him and Jordan Schultz. Sorry, I want to throw that in a plug for you, but yeah, no, please plug.


But here's the thing. That's what you're talking about. A genius. But word to mother on everything I love. I was literally doing a podcast with Melo in my office. We're sitting here doing a podcast. We've got a game the next day and I get a text from the NBA early. It takes me out before they release. They like you all to see anybody get cancer. Yeah, yeah. Players have tested positive. And like recording like what?


So I'm like, yo, mo. Some players have tested positive seasons, but you can't tell like. Fuck out of here and I'm like, yeah, like body cancel. So 20 minutes later, I'm watching like I got my TV here to the right knee and Melo was sitting like, this actually comes from my agency sitting right here recording. That's like taking pictures so I can post social and I'm watching the game and I watch like the Oklahoma City Thunder.


If somebody else leave the floor, like you warm up, like the buzzer goes off, they leave the floor. And I'm like, wow, this is real time. This is really happening. So I go to the cellar, crack open two bottles. I'm like playing tomorrow. We might as well might as well have ourselves a night. And that's literally what happened. I couldn't I couldn't scripted it better. The funny part is that the podcast wasn't going to come out to the next day anyway.


So we recorded it. I sent it to my producer. They chopped it up and they put it out in the morning.


So last time you were on, you gave us the HESI. Hey, do you have a any variations off the HESI Hey or new moves that you've been working on that you're going to unveil?


Just give me a situation, because around campus I've been Yero and people even even in the hallways.


Ginóbili I think people are saying like it just depends on my mood. You've got to give me a situation, a scenario, and I'd give the street off the streets. OK, I.


So you're down one with fifteen seconds left I you're on the right side. Everyone's cleared out to the left. You're going up against James Harden. What do you do.


Oh yeah. Well everybody get out the way. I got one this. You know, when you say you got one that means yeah. Yeah it can't check. Hey now hey now I'm tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet the across big they cross they crossed at. Right. I mean step back. Step back to freedom. Blastoise face off.


OK, here's one other one other scenario. Tweet you're there in the you just get off the elevator, you're walking down the hallway of your hotel and it's one guy walking the other way. It's LeBron. That's it. What do you do? You give him a little. He's walking the opposite. He's walking towards you.


You just see long hotel room. He's walking towards the elevator. You just walked off. No one else is around.


Well, that's the homie so as to say what's up to him.


But if I wanted to joke with him, I might eurostep him or something like that or do his patented move where he like look at you look down at the Arab League really high now that I played.


I grew up so I grew up in Brazil. So I've known him since I was like twelve or thirteen.


So I just say this was good. Well, that's a perfect segue way for my last question. What's what's up with your Browns? Man, that was the most hyped up team in the history of pro sports. And we're Baqer guys, so we're rooting for him. But damn, that sucked last year.


Yeah, it did. It did. And, you know, it sucks sucks when you spend money and you you go to road games on off days and you watch your parents lose to the Cardinals.


Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I mean like that that hurt my heart. Or you fly to Oakland and you watch your Browns blow a game against the Raiders or you watch Nesfield Field goals and then the refs call late. Hear about Garrett losing the Rams. Yeah. Yeah, that hurt that we we had some close losses, but I think that's that's what builds character, honestly. Like, we have to learn how to win. We have to learn how to play together all this talent.


We have all these pieces, but we didn't know how to use we did not utilize them properly. So I think now I've gone through a full season. LBJ is how the Lakers locked in. He understands what's at stake here. You got all these weapons around you. He knows how to use them. Now he's doing what he's supposed to do. Myles got pay. He got some of that anger out the way on a Rudolph. Yeah. And looking forward to coming back and having a pro ball here.


We got juice. We got an all pro. All right. Linebacker at linebacker, all pro, all world running back. We have the pieces we brought in receivers brought in tight end. So now it's just about can we all stay negative for one? There's no season with a bunch of positives and we execute it. Can we go ninety seven to get in as the wild card because. I feel like we can get into the playoffs with our talent.


Anything is possible. Anything is possible. So I like that you're doing nine and seven. It's good for the season last year. What were you thinking? 12 and 10 hours?


Six, seven. But I didn't factor in a lot of different things. Like I didn't factor in losing Myles Garrett.


I don't think anyone did in that respect.


That really a little wrench into things. But did, in fact, some of those close losses that we always seem to have as browns.


Yeah, it didn't factor in that you had like basically a fan coaching the team. That hurts as well. That always is tough.


We love Freddy Kitchens. We'd have him on the podcast in two seconds, but he was ready, would admit himself sometimes. I think Freddy just ran out of talent. Yes. Yeah, right.


Sometimes you get a job and you're just, you know, maybe it's a little maybe we're ready for that. Yeah.


Maybe someone promoted you right too fast. It's the Peter Principle, right?


You get promoted to a point of end of the day, coaches, coach and players play. So you got a coach who's supposed to coach and now our players got to play. They're going to show up. And there's no excuses. There's no injury stuff. There's none of that. We've got to show up and play and perform. A quarterback's got a quarterback, running backs got to run receivers got to catch the ball. There's no excuses.


Yeah, I like where your head's at. It's saying like we learned how not to lose last year. We lost in every single heartbreaking way possible and we've learned from that. So now maybe we'll win nine games. Maybe we'll make a wild card. I think that's a much healthier perspective as Browns definitely quality.


I've had some unhealthy Sundays watching them, watching my browns. And, you know, historically, the bye week and draft night have been our favorite parts of the year, but now we have more hope. Yes.


Yes, we'll see. Thanks, man. This has been fun. We love having you on your big time, big time fan favorite. Yeah. Shout out your wine. Check out your podcast. Pull up, Jim, calm mccollom.


Heritage 91 Dotcom. Oh, there we go. That sounds great. And best of luck. And yeah, hopefully you guys make the playoffs.


Hopefully you have that chance to blast off in someone's face cause I look forward to it. Great. I think it's going to be a great time for all the kids out there losing it. Yeah. Well yeah. All right. Reading is crucial.


Yeah. And drink a lot of wine. Yeah. Drink all the wine you can. I read a book, this quarantine. So we're kind of the same. I actually do you. There was a tweet that went viral that said the hardest part about reading a book is not is not telling anyone that you read it. So that's always the hardest part for me. When I read a book, I let the whole world know that I've read a book.


Yeah, I'm finished. I finished two books so far. They're encouraging, so I'll keep on keep a running tally and be sure to let the whole world.


Yes, yeah. I just tweet out reading again every time I start reading. Just let everyone know I'm on the clock. Hashtag Did you read today. Yeah.


I mean you can tweet out a picture of a bunch of books like a big stack of books. Everybody just be like, oh wow. He must be really smart. He's learned, you know, I just bought books. You don't have to read them. You're buying like biopsies.


Yeah, they look good. Yeah. All right. Well, C.J., thanks so much, man. We always appreciate it. Good to see you, man. All right.


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OK, let's get some segments.


First up, we have trouble in paradise for the Green Bay Packers because Metaphore said today are about Aaron Rodgers.


Aaron is our quarterback and I see him here for a really long time. Hmm. Yeah.


It's always good when you have to say who your quarterback is. It's like the vote of confidence in a head coach. Rex is our quarterback. Rex is our quarterback.


It's also interesting, he said he sees him here for a really long time, which either is a lie or he just forgot that they drafted Jordan Love with the first round pick. I mean, I think so.


If Aaron Rodgers plays really well this year, which he probably will, he might opt out. I could see Aaron Rodgers opting out. Actually, he seems like a guy that could take a year off. Yeah, maybe go hang out in California with one of his new girlfriends. Yeah. The house that he bought her, because it's simple.


But I think that if he does play this year and he plays well, it's going to be the Brett Favre thing. They're going to give him two more years. They'll probably make him do press conferences with Jordan Love, just like remind him that he's there breathing over his shoulder. Yes. And then after a couple of seasons, he'll go somewhere else.


It would be a real shame if Aaron went back to the tequila. Real shame. Real shame or the Scotch.


I just love the idea of just saying Aaron is our quarterback, like, no duh, but maybe it isn't. No. Danny Moore, I'll put it this way.


Aaron Rodgers, right now, if if NFL teams were available on like Zillow or any of those house shopped like real estate apps, he would be looking at Las Vegas right now. He'd be like swiping around, checking out maybe Jacksonville. No state income tax there, probably be checking out Tennessee at some point. No state income tax. They're either looking down at the Dallas Cowboys. He'll would be looking he would rather, I think, play for Mike McCarthy right now than Matt LaFleur.


Yes. Who can say what you want about Mike McCarthy?


But he never acquired a good quarterback to play behind him and he could go. Aaron Rodgers, always good in Jerry world. So maybe he goes down to Dallas. That's right. They use that as leverage against Dak. Skip Bayless would absolutely shit himself. Yeah. Oh, that would be what would he do? I don't know. It's got to be a package deal with him. Mason Crossbar.


Yeah, he he'd have to, I'd have to get it. Get Aaron Rodgers Cowboys Jersey on the ready for his dick. Hi. Microwave. You know what though, like when Mike McCarthy was the coach of the Packers, he got he would like specifically bring in bad quarterbacks just to make Aaron Rodgers feel like he was, well, slighted or. No, no. He'd bring him in to make Aaron Rodgers feel OK. Oh, yeah. Like, OK.


You know that Deshaun Kizer isn't going to take your spot. Yes. Now, Matt Leffler doesn't have all that background with Aaron Rodgers and he doesn't know how to treat them. So now he's just like he's really stuck with him. So, Aaron Rodgers, I actually agree with you that, like I could see this season totally blowing things up between the two of them.


Yes. What just fell out of we were just watching something just fell out of a Red Sox pitchers hat.


Is that legal? He just has he has a card underneath his hat. I think it's the stats that's kind of funny, actually.


Can you do that? He was looking at it earlier. I think it has something to do with like the thing with the catcher. I would like to see pitchers start to wear like arm sleeves like quarterbacks. That would be kind of cool to be nice with all the stats and where to pitch a guy. Yeah, like a play sheet. Yeah. Let's have it happen.


It looked like one of those things that just taught you that says do not eat this packet. You always want to eat. It's like I didn't want to eat it until you fucking told me not to. Now it looks delicious. Sorry I got distracted by live sports. Pretty nice. Not sorry. You want to do the segment. Me out. Yeah. Bum me out featuring Big Cat. Thursday night would be the Hall of Fame game.


Oh come on man.


That would have been the first. Yeah. Like oh my God. There's football on our TV. No, no helmets. No it wouldn't because the season got pushed back. But it would, it would have to be next Thursday. No, it would have been Thursday don't would have been Thursday under regular circumstances. It would have been Thursday. OK, let's have an umba.


OK, six weeks from tonight is the first NFL Sunday. Let's go. Right.


Good job. Let's go. Jake, who would it have been on on Thursday night at the hall?


I think it was the Steelers and I don't know. Who else, cowboys, maybe who it depends on who's going. Yes, Steelers and Cowboys.


OK, I've got Steelers who is going to the Hall of Fame, Steelers all hmm.


Minus six and a half and over under is 40, which is the best when it's the first. And that would have been the start of hard knocks.


Yeah. Fuck yeah. Are you taking the arm. Yeah. I would take the over and then watches like the third string, four string guys who aren't even going to make the roster suck and I'm like damn but at least I get to see football on my screen. You see the NBC graphic.


Yeah. It just feels good. It does. It feels good for about a quarter. It feels good for less than a quarter. It feels good for four minutes tops.


I mean, you'll get you'll see Andy Dalton a little bit this year. That would be kind of cool. All right. I get to see Mike McCarthy in those colors. That's really what I would be looking forward to myself, seeing how those how that accents his fat face.


Yeah, that's a dinger. Oh, damn. Is that Aaron Judge? How many homeless you have? Five games in five. Five games. He has five home runs, five days test PC test. Wow. He's on pace for fifty five home runs. That's not that many. That's going to be a record actually. No. Well how many games they played. They played seven. So. So he's actually on pace for fifty eight game home runs because he missed the first two games, the home run five games in a row.


He's going to hit a home run every game for the rest of the season. You'd have to assume now if he hits, if he hit sixty one home runs this year, is that the new year. Is that the new record. Yes, I'd have to say so. I would say probably. All right, let's finish up. I'm going to bum you out too. Yeah. Real quick, this Thursday, the fifth major, the PGA champion, drew yes through six major six Travelers' Travelers' and the fifth John Deere is the fourth.


That is true. We have a major. We have a major. All right. So let's finish up with our one on one. Unsuspicious was dead, but then he wasn't. The way the Mets handled that is very classic match.


Well, it's also just so Mets to any other franchise and they're like, we can't find this guy. Everyone's like, oh, my God, I hope he's OK. The Mets announce we can't find this guy. And everyone's like, well, he's dead. You know what? I just assumed that he defected from the Mets. And he did. And he did. That's it. He opted out. He is the first Cuban to ever defect from the New York Mets, which was very smart of him because I think it's a contract year.


And he was batting like one twenty one. Yes. And I think they also took some money away from him for his whole ranch, tripping and hurting himself on his ranch incident. Well, abor was chasing him. Yeah. Fair. And then the boar saw that he tripped and fell and the boar lost interest and he's playing golf. What a weird career that what do you call him. Juan Suspect.


Jose Jose Testbeds. I mean suspicious is a case study and a guy that had like three outfield put out in the first, I think, week of the season back in 2013, 2014. And he's always going to be that guy in my head where I'm like, pay this guy thirty million dollars a year. He's worth it because there's nothing more underrated in sports, I don't think, than like a six 300 foot bomb from deep right field, straight to third base.


Well, and he also had the he was playing for the A's, so no one watched him except for all of his highlights. Yeah. It's like, holy shit, this guy is electric. That's true. But he was electric for the Mets even when when they went to the World Series, he was pretty damn good. But it will it was a weird, totally Mets story to have a guy be like, wait, is he dead in the way that the Mets handled it?


I think that their GM I forget the guy's name. He's a shithead. He put he put the news out there knowing rotis his name. No, he sucks.


Yeah, he's he's he was the last person cut from the water dogs this year. Went on to be the GM of the Mets.


And he said he's going to take your spot on Outer Banks tank. He said that suspicious was going missing. He's gone missing. So everybody be on the lookout for him. He knew that cesspit is packed up his shit and left because he was opting out.


But he used to be suspicious, his agent.


And so he's pissed that you're Minister Jose, as many of you might know him and he's commonly known as ended up signing with Roc Nation. And so now he's got an axe to grind with him. So now he's like feeding all this shit into the media when I mean, first your first thought. If somebody just ditches the Mets, if you're if you're an ugly person and you're on a date with a hot chick and they just like go to the bathroom at a restaurant and leave, you don't immediately suspect that they're dead, right?


You know what it feels like they've got ditched again. Yes. You know, they're wearing a Mets polo. You're probably like they got hit by a truck. Yeah. Yeah. We owe them a shitload of money.


He's a he's dead. Tommy John. Surgery right now. All right. That is our show. Anything that we missed. Billy on your sheet.


Let's check it out. Um, oh.


Oh, space. Oh yeah. What? She went through space. We came back. You also had a space race, you got pretty serious on the sheet today. I did it in depth. I liked it. They caught the guy who killed Blue Checkmarks. And you spelled blue like the blue cheese.


Yeah, you did like that. Yeah, I like that. It made me hungry for some wings. So that's, you know, how to do that. 17 year old was the kid who hacked. That's crazy, man. These fucking kids these days not sound old, but these kids these days. Let's see, Sean McDermott says back up our mascot.


That's the official that's the official slogan of the bills this year. And then finally, diabetes. He didn't even just believe it even put down Wilford Brimley name. He just said diabetes guy passed away was considered the world's first meme.


Is that true? No. Everyone knew the diabetes. Yeah, but that was the world's first meme. Yeah. No, it's definitely like Zerwas kid or something like Brian.


I was going to say that the comeback, Steve, like before the Internet, like everyone knew about diabetes didn't exist before that.


Yeah, they did. The hieroglyphics in the pyramids. It's like all the girls. Dot, dot. So then you were wrong. I don't know. And it's a good shot. You didn't think we were going to get to the last page?


Yeah. Let's be honest. I did a full breakdown on all the PAC 12 players demand.


Right. You were hoping that. Yeah, I never really wrote the paper being like there's no way the teachers are going to read the six page of this. Yeah, well, good. I do like this picture of Brooks.


Kapua just in a fucking dog camera.


Yeah. And I'd like to throw a flag on earlier in today's episode because I'm pretty sure we didn't talk about Bryson on Friday show because I went home from the show and then I saw the news break in, the video come out of break. And when I was laying in bed, I want to call you up, but I think that String did a number on your brain.


It did. But I. What?


Well, Haig's comments were still correct the way he was describing it, because he was saying last week, which was last week, and that the next day it Brooks did the thing that was correct.


What I was trying to say was that we did not discuss the Bryson thing on the show. I don't remember on Thursday, if we did, I was blacked out. And I accept no, I'm opting out of responsibility for that. Yeah, I mean, we could have.


We could not have. We could have. We could have. What do you think, Jake?


Do you have it? I'm doing my research. He's doing his research, folks. He's doing his research.


The well, the Bryson Ants thing happened on the 30th, which was Thursday. Correct.


Did Brooks mimic him on Thursday, Friday, Friday, Friday.


But it might not have talked about. What time did the Bryson thing happen? It was on the south side. Exactly. So we were out of here. There you go. OK, we're both right. I'm opting out. Yeah. All right. I'll see you on Wednesday. Ripe Wilford Brimley.


I didn't want that to sound disrespectful.


I love you guys. What's between Petey, by the way, to your. You don't know you're signing off. Oh, so I just never really hear people say it instead of saying, by the way, old man, old man says, what was I going to talk about?


So I was thinking about whether to go back to school. And I really don't know what to do. And it's a very pressing decision because we go back on campus and let them track me or do I just like to online school and just keep doing this stuff? Sure. But, you know, it's a lot weighing on my mind. I foothill better having a boot on Friday.


Then I took the boot off to realize I'm stupid and I'd rather just been paying Joe Rogan in a I don't think that you have to say, oh, listen, Milano's more direct competition. Oh, um, anyway, I love you guys. I hope you have a good one. I want you an Amber Alert, OK?


I want to do all the information that, you know, SpongeBob.


Okay, so you to be. It's pardon my tape presented by bar sports.