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Silverado and the Chevy Zr two family on today's part. In my take, we have a twofer for the people. We have Texas quarterback, many year pro in the NFL, Colt McCoy talking about Texas being back. And then we also have in studio Sean Stilato, agent of Tommy DeVito, just.


A good guy, getting inducted, American Sports hall of Fame later on that day.


Yes, good fucking guy. We're going to talk Monday Night Football. There should be some stuff that we have to talk about there. Maybe some Richard Mendehal who got the whole world in a tizzy for 24 hours, which I appreciated. Hot seat, cool throne, and we'll wrap up with guys on chicks. And it's all brought to you by our friends at Chevy. There's a new family with unstoppable grit, and they're the official partners that. Pardon my take, family. And that is the Chevy Silverado Zr two family. The first ever Silverado heavy duty Zr two joins a franchise to make Chevy Zr two the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your offroad adventures take you. With exclusive multimatic DSSV dampers, rugged mud terrain tires, and up to 14 available camera views, the Chevy Silverado Zr two and the Silverado HD Zr two, a family with commanding and unstoppable grit. Head to and check out the Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy Zr two s. The official trucks of pardon my take. Thank you to We are truck people because of Chevy. So go to right now and check out the official trucks.


Pardon my take. Okay, let's go, boy. Now, in the street there is violence and a lot of work to be done no place to hang out or washing and then I can't blame all on the sun oh, no we got a rock down to electric I brand new and then we'll take it higher oh, we gonna rock down to electric.


It'S part of my take isn't about march to sport.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Wednesday, December 20, and Drew Locke is back.


He's him. Drew Locke.


Hey, pft. Hold on.


The moxie King.


Before we start, we should probably put our backpack on.


Strap up, strap up.


Put our backpack on.


What's the difference between the backpack and then the strap?


That's seatbelt. Seatbelt, seatbelt. And this is to secure the bag.


I don't know about you, but I was cool when I was a kid so I used to rock just one arm in the backpack so I'd strap up like that.


I also used to take the seatbelt and put it behind me.


That's pretty sick.






Real badass.


Yeah, we don't give a fuck. Yeah, I'll do anything.


Monday Night Football. It was a great game, fellas. A great game.


It really was. It was a fun game. And going into the game there was a lot of talk about who was going to play a quarterback for the Seahawks. Would it be Gino Smith? Would it be Drew Locke? Drew Locke had his Gino Smith moment Monday night Football. The Seahawks are leading the league now. They've got two quarterbacks that have. That was awesome. Interviews after a big Monday night Football win. Drew Locke. My take that he would make four Pro Bowls, which I said like four years ago, three years ago on this program. Now it's at an all time high. I think it's even higher than it was when I said it at the time. To be more likely, he's probably not going to do that, but it's closer than it was yesterday. And it was cool to see Drew Locke emotional after the game. Not like with the whole jeezy swaggy guy, just like a humble, thankful, almost in tears type of guy. When DK came up to him, you saw him like dap him up and he did the real life. Shaquille O'Neal. I owe you an apology, young man. I was not familiar with your game.


Yeah, it was cool. It was cool. It's cool to root for a story like that. Drew Locke, the Seahawks season is saved where now they are still like neck and neck, where they're tied at seven and seven with the Vikings and the Rams and the Saints. Yeah. Drew Locke having that moment, having everyone talking about him. It also is nice because in the Drew Locke Tom Herman famous battle where Texas was back for a moment and he did the backpack against Drew Locke's mizzou team in that bowl game. Tom Herman is now at FAU. He's four and eight, had a four and eight season Drew Locke has won the war.


He killed Tom Herman.


He killed, it was. We even had Joe Buck. Joe Buck was in his bag on Monday night. He had a couple times, he said, analytics says to go for it, but that doesn't factor in Drew Locke, which I thought was very funny. Drew Locke kind of made him look stupid there. He also had a moment where he did the Dwight Howard Gordon Hayward tweet, basically in real life, where he's like, the Eagles are trying to win their first game without big Dom on the sideline. He's watching from up above.


I saw that. Yeah, that was very know, I don't know if he actually meant to say that he was dead or not.


No, he was just kind of, yeah.


Big Don was up in the booth enjoying some snacks up there, but, yeah.


Drew Locke, it was a great moment for Drew Locke. Great moment for the Seahawks. It was weird how we, I don't remember a time when we had a game where we were like 5 minutes before kickoff and everyone was like, I don't know who's going to start tonight.


Really, for either team. Yeah, I think it was a couple hours before that said Jalen Hurts was actually going to make the start, but, yeah, it was totally up in the air. This is the 7th straight Monday night Football with an upset.




Which is crazy.


That is crazy.


This is good for football. There was a moment there at the end of the game when I believe it was the Eagles driving and Pete Carroll used a timeout and, no, no. The Seahawks were driving. Pete Carroll used a timeout for no real reason. And then Nick Sirianni got a chance to look at the replay because they called the timeout. Siriani throws the challenge flag. The Eagles win the challenge. And then after the challenge was over, Pete Carroll was asking the refs like, hey, do I get my timeout back? Yeah, right afterwards. And Sirianni looked him and he goes, what the fuck are you doing?


No, you don't get.


But, yeah, Pete Carroll was like, please. It's like a kid that gets sent to time out and he's like, can I bring my game boy to time out?


I made a mistake.


No, you fucked up. Fucked up Pete. And yeah, the Drew Locke drive at the end of the game, I think everybody had the same thought, which was too much time on the clock for.


Drew Locke, too much time for Drew Locke.


And he just started feeding the ball to DK, and DK went bully mode on everybody.


DK. That one catch was, I mean, it was insane how he ended up catching that ball. Yeah. And DK was like, he had basically nothing for the first three quarters. Showed up when it mattered. Jackson Smith. Najigba is awesome. It was good for the Seahawks. It's fun when the Seahawks are rocking. That stadium's rocking. Drew Locke has his moments. It's fun. Yeah.


Pete Carroll wearing the backwards hat at the podium after the game.




People forget how old Pete Carroll is.


He's so old.


He looks better than most of the 40 year olds that I know.


He's the oldest by age and the youngest by spirit. Yeah. He is. He really is like a lost boy.


He's forever 21.




We also had some discourse last night regarding the tush push.




And whether or not they're going to ban it.


We haven't done this yet.


I've come full circle on the tush push now. I kind of want the twush push banned just so that we can stop debating whether or not the twush push is going to be banned. Yeah, I'm sick of it.


And also, Jason, not sick of the.


Play, to be clear, the play should stay. I'm just sick of people debating whether the play should be gone.


Jason Kelsey got flagged for moving the ball forward before the tush push, which he's been doing forever. They decided. I do think it is funny. The refs, like, they got so much blowback from the Chiefs in the Cadarius Tony thing, where they've just been calling everyone offsides for a week and a half. Yeah. They're like, no, see, we call it all the time.


We're going to take you out back and make you smoke the whole pack of offsides. See how much. Yeah. I have a question, though. Okay, Max, do you regret making this game a must win because you lost? A must win?




They lost semester one.


So the season's over.


The Eagles will not be winning the.


Super bowl this year.


Oh, no.


Oh, season over. Oh, no.


Put out the press clippings. And now Max also said that he's not going to get angry today. Correct. And he's not going to talk. He's going to pull a Hank.


I'll talk when you need me to talk.


Okay, great. So that's already out the window. Max is also. We were debating putting Max on the couch. I think Max is better when he's behind the glass, like a gorilla harambe rip at the zoo, where he can get a little bit more aggravated when he's behind the glass and that's separating us. Yeah.


It's like, you ever seen a dog behind a fence. When you walk by in the yard and they just start barking at you, and then you open up the fence gate, and they just snuggle rub up against you.


That's Max. I have some questions for Max.




He's testy. Hank, do you have any questions for Max? Yeah, I have a few.


Hank, why don't you take.


Why don't you start? Well, we have some questions. Don't get mad.


I'm not mad.


But if you do get mad, that's okay because you're behind the glass.


I'm not mad.


Do you think if Marcus Mariota starts that game, the Eagles score a touchdown?


What the fuck kind of question. He'd score a touchdown.


He throws a touchdown.


They actually did score a touchdown.


Yeah, they did score touchdowns.


And, Jalen, they scored two.


Next question.


Oh, your next question.


I mean, that was so dumb.


Next question.




He did score two touchdowns.


Okay. It wasn't the best start. All right, let me. Hank, we'll just go around the horn with questions. Max, you've talked a lot about two.


He didn't pass any touchdowns.


It was a whiff on the first.


All right, that's fine.


We'll come back around to you. It's okay. Max, there's been a lot of talk about the defense. Defense actually played pretty well last night. When are you going to finally say that the offense is also a problem?


Offense. Big problem.


Big problem. Okay, so. And when are you going to ask the question is Jalen hurts the guy?




Okay, so you don't have to ask question.


Why do you think he's the guy?


I think he's proven enough to this point of his career that he's still the guy. He had a very bad game last night.


He hasn't looked right all year.


Is he himself this year?


I don't think so.


He may not be himself.


Would you still suck his dick right now? There was a moment where I would, but not currently.


He's not playing well enough or because he's sick?


He is sick. Safety. Health and safety is number one. Always comes number one. He's not playing good football right now. He's turning the ball over too much. He was probably too sick to play last night. Although I don't understand how sickness could account for why the fuck you would throw that ball.


Quez Watkins.


Or at the end of the game.




Kenneth Gainwell was wide open right in front of you to get 15 yards and give Jake Elliott a shot to put it to overtime. And then you just throw a deep.




Into double coverage that has no chance of ever getting caught. And if it does get caught, you're still in the same position as if you were to just do a checkdown and go 20 yards.




Max, I was watching Jalen hurts last night. I was thinking to myself, you could chalk this up to an illness game, like the flu game.


Yeah, but I won't.


But then he just wasn't good at throwing the ball. He was still really good at rushing the ball.


He had offense looks just clunky.


He had 82 yards rushing last night.


I don't think they play calling is good.


I don't know if you can chalk that one up to him being sick.


I didn't.


Yeah. Shane Steichen actually should get coach of the year by virtue of how bad the Eagles offense. Correct.


It's a good point.


Max, another question. You tweeted, james Bradbury must have had the worst final drive in the history of football there. Can you think of any other drives that James Bradbury maybe made a big mistake? This was worse than the Super bowl.


He was targeted on every reception. He was worse than the wasn't. I don't think you should have called that play. I get the Super bowl, but I.


Don'T think you get the Super Bowl.


I get the Super Bowl.


I guess last night was a must win. And Max never said the Super bowl was a must win. Yeah.


Would you make the Super Bowl?


Super bowl was a must win. Lost a must win there, too.


So you're. I think you're actually over five on must.




Prevented. If you had made this. It can't lose.


No. Get mad.


That's something.


Yeah. Okay. Hank, you got a question?


Hank's banned from questions.


Was his foot down at the end?


I don't care about another thing. Don't care about. Even if his foot wasn't down, you still have 6 seconds left, and you still need to get 20 yards and kick a field goal. Even if that wasn't an interception, the chances of them winning that game were so astronomically low because he made the decision to make that throw in the first place. So I don't give a fuck about that interception, and I hate that people were talking about it like it was a big deal because it didn't matter. They were losing that game whether that was called an interception or not.


And you're not mad?


And I'm not mad, but I'm just speaking emotionally.


So are you worried about the would.


Everyone'S getting Jalen Carter, though. Jalen Carter was so good.


Window talk. Window talk was that the window last year?


No, the window continued into this year, but the coaching has been fucking mean.


So you're ruining a window?


Yeah, this was a window ruining year.


What's an ideal record for the rest of the season?


Another stupid question.


They're not going to lose another game.


Yeah. Here's the thing about the.


Might. You got italian on italian crime going on. You have to put Big Dom back on the sideline. This is counteract Tommy DeVito.


Well, I have a stat for you, Max, since Big Dom has. So before Big Dom got kicked off the sideline, the Eagles were ten and one. Since Big Dom has been kicked off the sideline, they're owing three, being outscored 74 to 43. How does that affect the play calling?


Well, I mean, big Dom, obviously. Big factor to that sideline. Did you see AJ Brown last night?


Yeah, he got in the face of.


A Seahawks pip squeak after he was bumped by a member of the staff on the sideline.


Yeah, but the game should probably be thrown out.


But again, no anti italian discrimination.


Once again, I agree with that. How do you know that guy wasn't italian?


That guy wasn't italian.


There are no Italians in Seattle.




Okay, so, Max, looking at the rest of your season, you're probably going to go owing three. I hope you go owing three, because if you don't, then, yeah, you're right. Season over. I'm sorry. Three and three, and you're going to win all three games. I'm pretty sure you're going to win all three games.




Is the division now a must win for you guys?


Oh, it doesn't matter. This team sucks. They're not going to do anything. Do you really think that that football team can go into Seattle and win a game in the playoffs?




I mean, you might go.


They don't.


Might go into Tampa Bay or not. Seattle, San Francisco.




North Dallas.


No, there's no chance.




Who cares? That was the thing about last night. It really doesn't change anything of the actual season. They were going to get the two seat anyway. The Niners are going to beat the Ravens this weekend. Even if the Eagles went out, it.


Doesn'T make them big regardless, because question.


Guys would win your division.


Could that team beat the 49 ers team with no quarterback?


I don't know. Right now. I don't think they.


Good question, Hank. No, Sam, question.


No, Sam Darnold would beat the fuck out of this team, right.


No, but no quarterback.


No quarterback.


It's happened before.




The only reason that.


Again, are they good enough to do that again.


I don't know. This team sucks. This team can't beat anyone.


This team sucks. Do we need to go back and think, like, were the Eagles ever actually really good, or did they just beat a San Francisco team with no quarterback?




No quarterback.


So they were, they might never have been good.


They were a faulty holding play away from a Super bowl last year. Now it's faulty.


Oh, it's faulty. Yeah. The craziest part about this Eagles team is, like, the defense has been bad and it completely covered up for the fact that the offense has not looked right in a long time. Long time. Yeah.


Matt. Patricia, the defensive game plan was better last night than it has been in a while.


I really want you to have a pencil in your ear going forward, especially with the way the defense is playing. They played well last night.


James Bradbury is such a joke. Just an absolute.


I'm going to give you one last chance to take back your tweet.






I mean, he got targeted five times. Five receptions, 92 yards, one drive.


That's pretty bad.


Not great. What about your running game? Because I felt like Swift looked pretty good last night.


For the most part, the running game looked better.


Lane Johnson with an ultimate bounce back.


Yeah, that was crazy.


Your life.


I thought he was dead. He comes back one play, that was.


A window closing right there when he starts screaming on the ground and you're like, oh, shit, his legs broken, his ankle's broken. That would have been like, dead dead. You would have been dead, dead dead. But he came and now you're like, dead, dead alive.


Barely. Life support.


Like, Jesus.


Life support, alive.


Okay, Max. Well, yeah, I'm sad because it feels like you'll still get up for the playoffs, though.


Yeah. They're going to beat fucking Tommy Devito by like 30 next week, and I'm going to be all the way back. And then they're going to play whoever in the second round of the playoffs. Cardinals, the Giants and Cardinals back to back.




Giants. It's a Cardinals sandwich. It's Giants, Cardinals, giants.


Is the season over? If you lose any of those games.


The season is already over.


He said it's a must win that he lost.


He lost. A must win.


Season over, season's over.


Their offense looks like he, like if he doesn't see it, he just runs out of the pocket and then just throws it out of bounds. I feel like that happens every time. Every single play happens like that. It's a lot of throwaways.


You're ten and four, max.




Like if the Patriots were ten and four and going through this, I would be fighting back. And you're just giving in.


Yeah, he'd be talking three game losing. Also the Patriots.


I would say the QB was sick. He's going to get healthy. We made it to the Super bowl last year. We know what we need to do to make it.


You would have said survive in advance.


No, this is the difference between us Patriots fans and Eagles fans. We got championship dna, championship pedigree. We know that the haters are coming at us right now, but these games don't even. Max, the only games that should matter to you as a winning franchise should start in January.


Get right before the playoffs. This is the time to get right.


It's a good wake up call. It's a great wake up call.


You're going to get three wake up calls in a row.


You're going to have, yeah, you've had a lot of wake up calls. It's like you're hungover now, but one.


Of them doesn't count because your QB is sick.


Are you worried that you're one in four ever since Nick Sirianni, or one in three ever since Nick Sirianni came off the field in Kansas City and said, how you like that shit?


Yeah, Nick Sirianni is slowly turning into a.




A massive whatever.


If the losses start happening, Nick Sirianni looks different. No.


There's a lot of discourse in my Eagles group chats, talking about what the fuck Nick Sirianni actually does on. I'm not saying that, but other people are.


Is he a system head coach?


I just by the either it's Sean Desai's Fault or Brian Johnson's fault, why the offense looks bad or why the defense looks bad. What does the head coach do?


Max, I have a fix for you. So the offense looks really bad. You have a former offensive coordinator. They can fix it right away.


I know he was already asked, will there be any changes to the offensive play calling? He said, no.


Wait, that would be talking about Nick Sirianni said that? No. Yeah, but who are you talking about? Who could fix it?


Frank Reich.


Oh no, I was talking about Matt Patricia. No, it'd be very funny if they.


Had Matt Patricia being offensive and defensive coordinator at the same time and then Nick Sirianni, just a guy that plays rocky videos.


Wait, so you don't want Matt Patricia to help with the offense?




Look what he did to the defense.


Defense looks rocket science. You guys were being mean about the defense.


So it's Josh Dobbs and he has 17 turnovers. You know who else has 17 turnovers? Jalen Hurts.




Tied with Josh Dobbs. Tied with Josh Allen. Should we be keeping that same energy for Jalen Hurts that we have for Josh Allen?


He's out of my top five. Oh, is he officially no longer elite? No longer elite. Top five is as follows. Mahomes, Allen, purdy, Lamar Burrow. Well, no, he's hurt. He's hurt.


I still take Baker.


Tweet it.


Why did you use a 6th? I don't like the way you counted.


I did count like that.


You counted the four and then you used.


That was weird.


That was weird.


That was really weird.


If we're going just based off this week in the NFL, you have to put Baker in your top.




You might put Drew Locke in your top five.


No, Burrow's in there, but he's hurt. But right now, think about this.


Drew Locke just beat a guy that's in your top five. How is he not in your top five?


Well, no longer in my top five.


Because he got beaten.




We're going to make a graphic of your top five.


Jalen hurts. No longer in my top five.


Yeah, it's a good graphic.


Can I be honest? I would suck a dick for Jalen Hurts.


I don't know if I'd do that anymore. I would maybe hand job, but suck a dick.


Suck it.




No. Swallow.


I don't think so, man. There's something off and he's got all the weapons and offensive line is great. It might be play calling. Maybe they just are in a rut. I don't know. He has not looked himself this year. How many interceptions you said?


Well, he has 17 turnovers.


Turnovers? Yeah.


I don't know how that breaks down with interceptions, but yes, 17 turnovers. That ties him with Josh Dobbs, Josh Allen and Sam Howe.


What if the Super bowl was Jalen hurts peak?


It might have been.


That's what I'm saying.


Sometimes you don't even know that the window is closing until after it's shut.


It's real. I'm not going to say what I.


Was going to say.


It's like the Bears last week window was open for like four days and now it's shut because you're probably goes by that fast.


Four days and three quarters.


You're probably going to lose Kelsey in this. We're probably going to retire.


You could lose Lane in the offseason.


Lane could retire.


Let your cox, Brandon Cox could retire.


Brandon Guram. Jesus.


I mean, Lane could retire he was talking about retiring before last year or at the end of last year.


Big Dom should offer him a job.


Big Dom might retire.


Big Dom might retire.


Big Dom.


No, big Dom? Yeah, big Dom. He's dying in the streets or in jail.


I mean, after only two ways we go.




Well, there's only two ways we go out in this life.


Not him. He's back for the playoffs, by the way. It's only regular season suspension.


Oh, that's.


He might be back on.




That's going to be great for momentum.


Huge. All right.


To Tampa Bay. You don't think that you could beat the bucks on the road? Shut up. I'm trying to pump you up. Max.


I do think that.




All right.


Is that a successful season?


I don't know. I'm just trying to beating the first.


Round of the little one play at a time. Max, you're talking about playoffs. I know. You're talking like, the season is over.


You're ten and four looking at the playoffs.


They did lose the must win.


They're only one of three teams in the NFL to clinch a playoff spot. You know how many teams would die to be in the playoffs right now?


I will.


Loser talk.


Yeah, he's a loser.


I am a loser. Everyone keeps saying loser.


I also would like just a clip of it. Can you say it again with the camera on you?




Come on.




Please. Say it. Please.


I just said it. I just said it. You just like to poke me.


I'm not. I'm just asking you to say it again.


I do feel like I'm in a zoo. I'm a zoo animal.


All right, let's talk something else.


JK, clean up after max.


After this is over. Richard Mendenhall had everyone talking on Twitter x because he basically said that white guys can't have an opinion on football anymore.


I've got the direct quote. I'm sick of average white guys commenting on football. Sounds like he's been listening to part of my take.




Y'all not even good at football. Can we please replace the Pro bowl with an all black versus all white ball so these cats can stop trying to teach me who's good at football. I'm better than your goat. He actually has a great idea. Now, the ratings for this game would be off the charts.


Off the chart.


I think everybody would tune into this. The problem would be you get some people rooting just, like, a little bit too hard for their side.


When he tweeted this, there were some people who had the all white roster way too quickly. Yeah. Like, wait, you've been thinking about.


You've been thinking about it?


Listen, he's like, here's our offensive line, and we got all the tight ends. Like, whoa, shit. I had to think about it for a second.


Offensive line would be stacked. We'd have, like, tight end, almost all the Eagles offensive line.


I actually have a theory that Rashad Menenhall might be. He might actually be doing this in favor of Christian McCaffrey getting the MVP, because when he put this out there, I think we all had the same reaction. We went through, know the Rolodex in your head and, like, christian McCaffrey is the guy. You're like, yeah, we got him.


Difference maker.


We have literally the best player in the NFL, right?


Christian McCaffrey is so good at football that he could make an all white team beat an all black.


Yeah. His MVP case gets a huge bump because a bunch of white dudes are walking around on the Internet being like, you forgot about Christian McCaffrey.


I had a different thought initially. My first thought was Patrick Mahomes, all time quarterback.


Yeah. Both sides.


Or if there's a draft which could get very problematic very fast.


Oh, the whole thing would be Holmes goes, one.


One. Just not so much so that you can have them, but also so the other side can't have them. The running back position. I like our chances with McCaffrey.




Tight ends again. I feel like we're stacked. Stacked. I think Darren Waller would probably start.


We're stacked with a black team. We'd have kittle, Kelsey Hawkinson.


We get Porta, we get Taysom Hill in at fullback.


Taysom Hill.


And then Tebow. Tebow would be great, dude. Tebow would ball out. You know who would ball out in this game would be the boses. Yeah, this would be the boses.


And Riley Cooper.


Riley Cooper. Bring him back for one last round. We'd have to recruit Julian Edelman to come back to play one game at cornerback for us.




Otherwise we're fucked.


No, we need cooper de Jean.


Cooper de Jean. And there was Riley Moss, who was also cornerback at Iowa, who's on the Broncos now.


We're basically playing Iowa football. We're just going to punt the ball. Coffin corner.


Only fair way to do this kicking.


Is a huge advantage.


Not as much as you think, because I crunched the numbers. We got Justin Tucker, and then Justin Reed would be the kicker for the all black team. He was the guy that made that field goal for the Texans in spot duty.


Well, no. What about the oh, yeah, field goals. We have the punter for the Steelers.


Yeah, Harvin for the Steelers would punt, but Reed also, is it Justin or Jason Reed? One of the two. Anyways, I think he kicked a 60 yard field goal in practice for the Chiefs last year, so he's actually pretty good. The real issue is at wide receiver. Well, no, we're pretty thin at wide receiver.


The real issue is our entire secondary. It's a very fun hypothetical and I do think people like the majority of the Internet had fun with it. There was a few people who were like, this is offensive. Shut the fuck up. It's a fun, stupid hypothetical that you can't tell me that every NFL locker room hasn't had this debate before. Once you get to secondary, it's like, oh, man, we're going to have to control the clock. We're going to have to run the ball, run the ball, run the ball. I don't think we can be letting our defense out there for very long.


That's what I mean when it comes to the wide receiver being the difference maker because they're going to have Tyreek Hill and there's nobody that can guard Tyreek Hill in the NFL right now. And now we're going to have to ask a college punt returner to put the clamps on Tyreek Hill.


But you have to hit him at the line.


The other solution is they have to start Kaderius Tony and then maybe we get a couple points off an interception, off a drop pass.


You get pressure on the quarterback or.


Just sack every play.


Yeah, I just don't over, over 2 seconds. Our secondary can't hold up.


Can't do it.


I think you just got to play a deep, deep zone and just keep everything ahead of you and make them go down the field hoping they don't get sacked at least once. With like, we're going to have to get a lot of strip sacks.


Yeah. Play prevent defense. And then on our defensive line we got a lot of good pass rushers. We got TJ Watt, both bosas, we have Max Crosby, we have Trey Hendrickson. And not a lot of interior depth. Maybe Aiden Hutchinson can play.


What do we do about Vita Bay?


I think there's a samoan team.


Okay. The samoan team would probably win every.


They would win. Yeah, for sure.


It was fun, though. Fun hypothetical. And we also had Antonio Brown. It was a day of Steelers just tweeting random things online.




Antonio Brown said that hotel sex hit different nut everywhere. Nut on the tv.




Everywhere. As one to I wouldn't put it back. If he was just like, hold on, babe, I'm about to nut. Get me the tv. Take it off the wall for me.


He probably watches porn and he thinks that he's actually, like, nutting on the person.


His laptop pov porn.


Yeah, his laptop's just covered in a thin film.




At least he's not nutting on the remote control. Yes, that would be worse.


Tv is still weird.


Tv is still strange.


Still a little weird.


But also, would you expect anything less?




Probably nuts on the tv when he's on tv watching his old highlights of, like, stomping a browns punter out. I like the fact that the debate was brought up by Mendenhall and not say, toby Gerhardt or as you said, riley Cooper or a white guy. Will Compton or Will Compton's initiating this debate.


Will's video was very funny.


Yeah, I'm happy to have this debate in a fun way and not in a serious way, but there are some people getting very, very serious and prideful about who'd win this. That's why I'm saying they probably shouldn't ever play this game because the tailgate and fights in the stands, it would be bad. If you want to destroy America. This is how you start a civil war, people.


And it's very funny to people mansplaining to other football players. Like, how could you even entertain this debate? Like, someone was said to JJ Watt, you're just ignoring the blatant racism for this. God forbid a white guy stands up for himself. And JJ Watt was just like, dude, you don't need to be offended. He said, white guys can't play football. And I looked myself in the mirror, I was like, wait, I can play. Like, he's having fun on the Internet. Yeah, fun.


I also think, can you imagine if they did college game day before the game and then Lee Corso put on the mascot head?


That would be a problem.


That would be very funny. Yeah, I would like. Should. Can we sim this? We can.


We build rosters in. Chuck is our guy. Chuck who works here? I misread. So Chuck is actually getting married in a couple weeks. And I was scrolling through Twitter this morning and I saw Chuck's Tweet saying, anybody on here good with creating custom rosters for Madden? Need some help getting around salary cap issue? Dms open? So I pulled Chuck in my office and would like, literally was like, dude, like, respect. Like, you're about to get married and all you care about is your fucking Madden franchise. He's like, no, I'm trying to make the. We should. We should.


The game he's on. Think. What's the spread? I think I have.


Do we call it All Blacks?


That's what he said. That's also New Zealand rugby team.


Yeah. Right. Confusion.


I'm going to take the african american team and they're going to lay 25.


No, I'm going to say 14 and a half. I would say twelve and a half. If it gets to 14, I'm hammering the all whites.




No, I think the.


Control the ball, control the possession. A weakness.


Glaring weakness is a glaring weakness.




No, and it is.


It's also might have been.


I don't know how like that. It's funny to debate and hypothetical. Maybe there's ways to scheme it, but.


It might have also been Jason Seahorne just hitting Rashad Mendehal up and being here. Just do this hypothetical real quick so everyone can remind everyone that I was the last white cornerback 20 years ago. Yeah.


Who's the coach? I feel like Belichick would be the natural fit. Right.




That's basically his wide receiver room anyway.


I mean, Tomlin would definitely.


Tomlin. Mike McDaniel. People forget Dan Campbell.


Is it a high scoring game?


It's a high scoring game.


I kind of want Dan Campbell, if it's one game, to unite all the players.




Who are they going to listen? I guess maybe Belichick, but, yeah, Dan.


Campbell would be a good leader. I think just scream at. Because you have to sit down before the game and be like, nobody believes in you.




No one look at the. And do you think it'd be high scoring, Jake?


I'd say the total would be like 52.




So you can't say a couple of things. If you're talking about betting on this game, you can't say, I'm going to hammer the all black team. And you can't say white team wins in a shootout. Can't do that.


I think you could say that white team wins in a shootout. Yeah.


Maybe just delete that one.


No, I mean, that's. Listen, it's all in context of. We're talking about football.


Yeah, we're talking about football.


Yeah, we're talking about football right now. It's fun. Hypothetical. Mendenhal. Out of nowhere.


Mendenhall's got some all time tweets, too.


Yeah, he does.


Remember when bin Laden died and tweeted out like. It's funny to see a lot of you guys celebrating a man's death. There's two sides to every story.


Yeah. Let's wait for all the facts to come out on this guy. Bin Laden even will.


I mean played in the league. So it's like people that get mad at him. It's like I played in the league. This is what we talk about. And Mendenthal just tweeting a picture of him with the Super bowl.


Actually it wasn't a Super Bowl. Mendenhal was an AFC championship. People were yelling at him about like hey, you know. And then he tweeted out a picture to dunk on people of him holding the AFC championship trophy in the air. And then a lot of people were responding with his fumble in the Super bowl, which was caused by one of the All Pro whites, Clay Matthews.


Okay, the only other thing I had before we get to hot sea cool throne, I got a little QB column a, column b blind resume. You want to do it? Yeah. Okay. You ready? 1st 48 career starts record for QB 120 and 28 record for QB 219 and 29 passer rating for QB 180 passer rating for QB 280 much the same pass touchdowns interception 55 to 35, 55 to 33. Both had 12,000 yards. Both 6.7 yards per attempt. Okay, who's QB one? Who's QB two?


I think they were pretty even, right? Yes, almost exactly.




I'm going to say the two qbs not in each order. Trevor Lawrence and Fields?


No. Okay, Trevor Lawrence and Daniel Jones. But I also saw the Trevor Lawrence Justin fields one going around and my point is Trevor Lawrence is starting to feel the heat. He is starting to get blind resumed a lot.


He is. I still think he'll be fine. But we have the expectation for Trevor Lawrence because he never lost and never lost.


Trevor Lawrence gets the benefit of playing in Jacksonville media not as harsh and also the Jaguars are, I don't think like being hurtful to Jaguars fans, a loser organization. So he gets a little bit more leeway. But once you see the blind resumes, it's like uh oh, here comes the narrative changing shifting on you. It's like the first sign. If you see a random blind resume for your quarterback, you got to stop yourself and be like, wait a second, why are a bunch of accounts doing this?


Why am I getting blind resume? Yeah, Trevor Lawrence, when he was brought into the league, they asked him about playing in a small market. He had a great answer for it. He said actually Jacksonville is the biggest market. If you're talking about total area of the city.


He's a weird dude.


It's got more miles in it than the other NFL city. Yeah, he's a strange guy.


He's a strange guy.


Strange guy.


I think he should get a neck tattoo.


Just become his brother slowly.


Well, no, his brother's more like artsy fartsy. Yeah. It's like an artist.


Oh, you're thinking neck tattoo as in, like, hard? Like a mechanic?




Neck tattoo. I used to sell cars with a guy who had a neck tattoo, and his neck tattoo just said the word money on it right across the front of his neck.


I like that.


That's tough if you're going to a car dealership and you're like, I hope I don't get fucked over by a salesman on this deal. And he has a neck tattoo that says money going across.


I like that a lot. I like that a lot. But, yeah. Trevor Lawrence, the first time you get blind, resumed. I'm just saying, it's always the sign that something's up. It's like a squirrel with, like, a fluffy tail, and you're like, we're going to have a bad winter. Yeah. A blind resume is like, hey, the narrative is shifting here.


He might also just need to cut his hair.


Could cut his hair.


No long haired quarterback has ever won a Super bowl. People forget that. Also, when you're doing a blind resume, if you're doing the silhouettes with Trevor Lawrence, you can spot Trevor Lawrence flow. That's Trevor Lawrence?


Yes. Okay, let's do hot seat cool throne. We got more to talk about. Hot seat cool throne, brought to you by our friends at Coors Light. Coors Light helps you find moments to unwind. Big work presentation. Follow with a happy hour. Some friends in a cold Coors light weekend chores take Saturday off. Hit the tailgate. Even if you don't have tickets to the game, whenever you need to hit reset, reach for a Coors light. It's made to chill. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill, and that's Coors light. The mountains on the bottles and cans even turn blue when your beer is cold. That way you always know when it's time to chill. When you need to hit reset, just open a Coors light. It's mountain cold. Refreshment made to chill. Coors Light is the one I choose when I need to unwind. So when you want to hit reset, reach for the beer that's made to chill, get Coors light delivered straight to your door with drizzly or instacart by going to celebrate responsibly. Coors brewing company, golden, Colorado. Coors light the best beer out there. The coldest beer out there.


Our favorite beer. Go right now. Get Coors light with or drizzly or instacart. Coors light. The best beer in the world. Hank. Hot seat. Quilter up.


My hot seat is m rata.






Who's that?


Emily Radajowski. She's an actress. Podcast?


Don't play dumb.


I'm not familiar with the game.


She had kind of, like, standing courtside tickets to Knicks games. Wherever she wanted to go, she would get comp. Courtside tickets. She left. They had a comeback. 21 point win against the heat.


Wait, she was on the wood?


She was on the wood. She left in the middle of the game.


In the.


Loves touching the wood in the middle of a comeback. And then she tried to get tickets for Rangers game, and she was told she could not get comp tickets. She could not get comp tickets for Rangers or Knicks games, but she could buy tickets whenever you want.


Okay, so I kind of respect James Dolan for.


James Dolan is petty.


He's the pettiest.


He's the pettiest person in the entire world. He bans everybody. He had, like, facial recognition software put in on the security cameras and then people's pictures that he had personally banned from games upload to the system so they'd be able to tell when they were in his building.




Killer cat.


What? Remember? Yeah. Rapperboard.


Oh, okay. I thought you said James Dolan killed a.


No, not that we know of. He flipped out, though, so.


Yeah. And Charles Oakley.




And all of us, actually.






So me and big Cat were going to host a show at one of his properties in New York. Had nothing to do with the garden. And Dolan got word of it and was like, nope, they're not welcome inside these doors.


Yeah, no, he's a petty king.


It was the thing with the stand up. Trying to find a venue, too, because he owns all the places in Vegas.


That's why we couldn't book the sphere. Right.


There's also a chance he just might be doing, like.


I'll just give out mushrooms to everyone.


What if we got the sphere and we turned the entire picture into just that one post workout pic of.


Also, James Olan just might be doing fifth grade. Be mean to the hot girl thing.


Oh, yeah.


Could work. Yeah. Put gum in her hair.


You're not allowed here anymore. Yeah, sorry.


He has a boys club, and now Em Rada is like, oh, man, James Dolan. He's so mean to me, but it's kind of funny. Yeah.


Every other guy in the world is trying to get me onto their wood.




And James Dolan is throwing me off his game. And then in like a week, you have a walk back where you're like, you know what? We're going to unban Imrat from this building, and then it's going to be Imrat night, and I'm going to have to host, and so I'm going to show you all around, take you on a tour of the facilities. Yeah. Listen, smart move. I'm coming around a little bit on old James Dolan.


He is funny.


His kazoo band is not. It's not the worst kazoo band I've ever heard in my life.


He's one of those owners that you would never want to be your owner, but from afar, he's very.


Yeah, yeah.


Then my cool was it was healthy debate with the all white versus all black team. Also, John Moran is back.


Oh, yeah.


That was going to be my.


I tried to find. Apparently they don't have offers or, like, markets for NBA comeback player of the year. But I was curious if he was on there.


What's he coming back from?




From having a gun.


Addicted to guns. He loves guns.


He does.




I'm rooting for him.




It's a very simple.


He should wouldn't come back.


All he has to do is not be filmed in an Instagram live holding a gun.


I'm rooting for him to play well. Come back. Everything go well. I'm also kind of rooting for him to flash another gun on Instagram. It's funny. It's funny to me. It's kind of the James Dolan thing where it's kind of funny if he just keeps going, it gets funnier and funny.


Like a bigger gun.




It was rpg.


It was like, oh, this is a problem. The first couple of times, and then it was like, wait, he literally can't stop doing this now. It's kind of funny. I think. I don't want anyone to get hurt. Yeah.


It would be great if he just became a big second amendment guy.




And he was doing. I mean, he's already doing, like, the front facing car selfie videos.


Right. If he's like, these are my rights.


He openly says, like, I'm here to protect myself and my rights as the good Lord gave us in the second amendment.


Yeah. I don't want him shooting anyone. I don't want anyone get hurt. I just want him to just keep making all the NBA writers and people online have a serious talk about John Morant holding a gun.


Also hasn't John Morant done more to raise awareness about gun safety and the dangers of gun use than every NBA player that hasn't shown a gun on instagram live multiple times?




We're having the conversation because of John Moran.


We are also. You see, the Lakers put up a.


Banner, so that's going to be my.


Oh, shit, that was another one.


So far I've had three of my hot seats. Cool throw.


That's okay.


Do you have bowl game collapses on there?


I had that.


No, I didn't have bowl game. But I saw OdU.


ODU was up 28 nothing and lost.


They were not only up 28 nothing, western Kentucky put in their third stringers and they blew a 28 nothing lead and then got a field goal blocked in regulation with like 3 minutes left. And then in overtime, ODU was on the 1 yd line, couldn't score, then got a penalty. They got another field goal blocked. It was bowl games. I might be out of bowl games. I love bowl games. And I say this and I'll probably bet it tonight. I love bowl games, but it causes so much pain this time of year. To watch these teams play means nothing. In the swings, the ups and downs, it was quite an experience. It was like right at like 04:00 when you're like, I shouldn't be watching this bowl game. I have way too much money riding on players I don't know and transfer portals. Everyone's. I'm probably going to take, let's see. Marshall tonight.


I'm in a weird situation this year where now I have a can't miss bowl game with my team for the first time ever.




And it's happening. Like, was it Saturday? That's the 23rd. Going to be around family. They've never had to deal with the excuse of, hey, I need to be checked out of this family, get together, together because my team is playing in a bowl game before.


Do you need them to?


JMU is different though than work.


Do you need them?


At least it's a little easier to be like on my college team, bowl game.


You need them to talk to my entire family because that's all Wisconsin games. No, every game. No, but I mean literally every game. I'm like, I'm sorry, guys. I'm gambling on a bowl game.


You are a good example of like, this could be way worse.


Yeah, no, all my memories of this two week stretch in the calendar is just like, what? Bowl games happen.


Yeah, sorry. I'm going home for only two and a half days, one of which I'm going to be watching a JMU game and then I'm flying back on Christmas day to do the part of my take podcast. It could be so much worse. And then just have a live stream of big cat just gambling the entire. That's, that's not a bad strategy, actually.


Yeah. I mean, listen, I love this time of year. I hate this time of year, but I love this time of year. Pfc.


There's also NFL Saturday, so you could say it's work.


There you go.


NFL Saturdays work. But then now I'm going to have to go to a place that has two going to be. I'm going to have to pull an all time just excuse type of weekend. I'm going to have to be on my a game.


Okay. What do you got? Your hot seat cool. Thrown.


My hot seat is the University of Georgia because they lost star quarterback Dylan Riola and he committed yesterday to the University of Nebraska where his father went. So the corn huskers are back. The Georgia fans didn't do a very good job of preventing his plane from taking off from Athens and flying up to Lincoln, Nebraska. So he was able to commit to Nebraska and then he announces his intention with an all time poem. Did you read his.


It was. It was kind of like an Andrew dice clay without any offensive things in it.


You kept waiting for him to be.


Like, oh yeah, read it because I thought it was a joke when I saw it.


I did, too.


I thought it was a troll.


In the realm of college dreams, where purpose takes flight. I don't know what that means. Purpose taking flight.




Sounds like a Sean McVeigh or Sean McDermott. Preseason speech entered, Dylan Raiola crafting his narrative in the night, once lured by Georgia, where powerhouse glory gleamed. That's good alliteration right there.




Yet Nebraska's purpose in his heart brightly beamed. This is so like in the scarlet and cream. Is that what they're called?


Scarlet and cream.


Nebraska is the scarlet and cream.


What are they?


That's hilarious. Scarlet and cream in the scarlet and cream, that's the COVID of the Metallica Loda album is actually scarlet cream.


Scarlet cream, gray and lighter cream.


Okay, lighter cream.


Oh, even a lighter cream.


They got two cream. If you have two creams, do you have one?


Colors of pantone.


Scarlet and cream is not invoked like battle.


It does not. In the scarlet and cream were legacies entwined. Dylan, like Rogers Rosier and Crouch, a hero in the line, no longer a cog and some powerhouse machine, but a quarterback with an even grander ambition. So fellow fans await with hope in the air for Dylan to choose his purpose, to declare in a weekend's decision destiny calls to fulfill his purpose. Where a new dynasty enthralls. This sounds like a 9th grade poetry concept.


It's so crazy.


Ap lit.




Analyzing all the types of poems, he's.


Already a bust in my eyes.


I also think that I'm happy for.


Nebraska fans, but you can't be feeling good about that poem.


Yeah, I don't know. I feel like he wrote this poem using thesaurus or not thesaurus to figure out what rhymes with calls to fulfill his purpose. Where a new dynasty enthralls. What does enthralls mean, Hank?


Enthralls makes you curious. It excites you.




I'm enthralled?


Yeah, you're enthralled.


Capture the fascinated attention of can a new dynasty enthrall?


Yeah. Also thought of a dynasty.


How are you going to have a dynasty in today's college football? You're going to transfer next year. No.


That means he's got to stay for at least two seasons if we're doing dynasty.


Yeah, I was good for Nebraska. I'm not trying to shit on Nebraska. I'm happy. I want Nebraska to be good. That poem ruined it all for me. Yeah. The minute I saw the poem, I was like, what is going on?


It's a tough fight. It's very corny, but that's actually good for Nebraska.




And I think we're just getting old because it's like all the top recruits, like Caleb Williams, he cries. It's like all this stuff is so goofy. But then it's like he's the number one recruit. This is the number one recruit. It's so goofy, but maybe it's just us.


Is he a warrior poet?


I missed the days when a guy would just sit on a local telecast and do the fake, like reach for this hat, then take the other one. That would be it.


They could have just done a haiku and made it quicker.


They could have just not done that. They could have just said, he's going to Nebraska. Everyone was excited about it. Yeah.


He could have literally said, I want to play football for the Nebraska corn Huskers and Matt rule.




Go big red. Actually, a great poem.




Go big red is a perfect poem.


Yes. Go big red. Okay. Your cool throne.


My cool throne is banner talk. Banner talk in the NBA, the Los Angeles Lakers unveiled their in season tournament championship banner last night. They unveiled it amongst the NBA championship banners that they have hanging up at the Staples center, whatever they called it now. It's always a Staples center to me. I'm like Bill Plasky.


Yeah. I think it's crypto.


Is it really?


I think it's something else now.


Oh, yeah.


They changed it again.


It was the crypto cell.


It's the Staples center.


No, it is crypto.




The Heat changed there.

[00:51:10], a crypto type.


So a lot of people are talking about whether or not there should be a banner, whether or not it should be unveiled in season, whether or not the in season tournament should be something to be this proud of. I actually have a solution for this because I think that if you're Adam Silver, you want your players to celebrate the in season tournament, because then it means next year's in season tournament will be taken more seriously.




There should just be one banner, and the team that wins it should get to have it in their arena for the remainder of that year into next year, where they have to give it up and another team then gets to possess that banner. Because you can't have every NBA team eventually having an in season. It's also, it's good for the league that the Lakers won the first one because if it was the Pacers that won the first one, then next year, if there's a team that's historically not great that wins it, then it's almost like you don't want to win. It comes like a joke of a banner, but having just one banner that gets passed around, I think is the way out of this one.


I think it should just be like. It shouldn't be a banner. It should be like a large patch. That way, if you do win the actual title, you can put the patch on the real banner.




So it's like almost like a girl scout.


Yeah, I like that.


Adding some flair.


Or you get it on your jersey.




You get to wear the patch on your jersey.


Yeah. Like something like that. Because it shouldn't be a full banner. That was the only thing I didn't like. Banners are banner. Those should be raised for real reasons. Like if you're retiring a number or you win a title, this one should be. Or if you're the Colts and, you know, second in the AFC south, those are the type of things you raise banners for. This should be like a patch that can be added to a banner.


So every team has a banner, and then you have to earn the patches.


Every team should actually raise a banner for where they finish in that season, and then you add a patch if you won the in season tournament.


Actually, what about this would be funny.


If you had to raise like a last place, like the Pistons had to raise like a six win banner.


I like where you're at in terms of shaming teams for not being, well, what if every team that didn't win had to raise a banner that said NBA in season tournament loser.


Yeah. And it's a picture of Max face. Yeah. I am a loser. Yeah.


Every team, the winner doesn't even get anything. They just get the right to not have a loser banner.


I like that.


I like that, too.




Or just a giant loser banner. I think we just solved it.


Yeah. Shaming teams should be more like the Pistons next year should have to raise a banner being like, we won four games. Yeah.


I mean, a banner at the end of the day is a participation trophy that you get for not winning.


Right. I also shouldn't talk about the Pistons because, do you know, fun fact, not losing. The Pistons have been over 500 for more days this year than the Bulls. I think it's like two days. The Pistons beat the Bulls to go to two and one and the Bulls are one and two. I don't think the Pistons have won.


Yeah, they haven't. What are they, 24, 24 game losing streak?


Two and 25.




They're technically two and one.


The Wizards owe the Pistons a giant thank you card. Giant thank you card. It's like you don't have to be faster than the tiger. You just have to be faster than the guy that's running against you against the Tiger.


Did you see that Jordan Poole highlight the other night?


It's awesome. Jordan Poole. Listen, buying league pass this year for Wizards highlights has been the best investment of my life.


Jordan Poole. For people who missed it, there was like 40 seconds left and he was going to chuck up a three. He flopped after the chucked up three. Like trying to get a call, no call. Then the Wizards stole the ball back. He got the ball back like 3 seconds later and then slipped where he had flopped and fallen down on the floor. And it was like instant karma.


Ball don't lie.


Yeah. All right, my hot seat is us, boys. We've done it again. Swifties are back after us. So this comes from TikTok user book B. Danny, shout out. She's a listener. She's awl. I'll take awls any way they come. So she had this analysis of our discussion about Taylor Swift and the f word on Monday's show. I'll play it for you. This from her TikTok show Taylor Swift.


Up in the box, and she used the f word loudly. And you have to wonder, is that the kind of girl that we want as the face of the NFL? Nope, I don't think so.


Yeah. As a father of a swift. Yeah. I think I'm gonna have to ban it now.


I mean, it's disgusting.


My son did actually say fuck it the other day, and I had him tell me it again because I wanted to laugh. And then I was like, don't ever fucking say that. I have no words, absolutely no words for this. If I even have to explain why that was so disgustingly misogynistic and hypocritical and double standard, I have no hope for humanity.


Okay, first of all, if she has to even explain, first of all, it's misogynic.




And right off the bat, you're telling me not very educated, mispronouncing that word. Second of all, she didn't really refute our point.


No, she.


Taylor Swift taught your son how to use the f word. And now your son is probably going to get kicked out of preschool and it's because of Mrs. Swift.


Yes, she's a bad example for all.


Of us, Miss Swift.


It also was very funny that she listened to that as it was dead serious and then heard me tell a story about my son saying the f word of me saying I had to have him repeat it so I could laugh and then told him to never fucking do it again. And she couldn't connect the two.




That was really galaxy brain shit. Yeah. Listen, she was like, I'm going to take them seriously here. And then I just, wow, the NFL.


They cannot deal with the face of the league saying cuss words. No, the NFL, the shield is about more than that. It's about integrity. It's about covering up concussion usage. And it's about a lot of other stuff. But it's not about swearing in front of kids. That's a bad example for the children. I think that Taylor Swift should be banned from all NFL games.




And broadcasts. Yes. Until she goes to rehab to try to get off her addiction to cussing.


And there was some people in the comments saying, like, oh, but Mahomes swears. I've never seen him swear.


I've never seen Pat.


I've never seen him swear.




I've never seen a coach swear. There's no room for swearing in sports.


Listen, watch hard knocks and you watch how the coaches talk to their players, right? They're setting a good example. They're trying to teach them the power of positive reinforcement. There's no shaming. That's why we like watching that stuff. And the NFL, it's the one place in America that we can go to escape the Taylor Swift's of the world. They should slap the parental advisory stick. She should have to get a parental advisory tattoo on her arm until she can prove to herself and to us and to children that she's a good role model.


Don't even make me explain why her saying the f word is problematic. I don't want to do it.


Do you know what the f word stands for in the history of the f word?


I don't even want to do.


If you don't know already, then I don't have the energy to explain that to you for free.


Yeah. Do you know how many people have been f worded?


A lot.




Listen, f wording is trauma.


Yeah. Because the world is overpopulated. And guess how all these people have gotten here? F wording.


F wording. There was a guy in Germany that rose to power in the 1920s, and he was there because his parents f worded global warming.


Global warming. Well, no, Taylor Swift doesn't care about that. She has a private jet. True. Yeah.


I'm okay with private.


Yeah. Yeah, I am, too. Go on, queen be mother.


We're actually. We're the biggest Taylor Swift fans in existence because we want Taylor to succeed. And she's got a bunch of cronies out there that apologize and make excuses for her foul language and her potty mouth. And all we want Taylor to do is to be a great role model, because, honestly, she's better than that.


Do you know what it is? I'm not trying to tell Taylor Swift what to do. She's a grown ass woman. She can slay queen all she wants. What I'm trying to say is there is no place for swearing at a football game in the stands. Like, come on. And this is a place where people are supposed to come together in sport, enjoy each other. Like, you see, like cowboys and Eagles fans hand in hand, watching their teams go. And at the end of the game, they shake hands and they say, great game, fella, and they walk away. Yeah, that's what happened.


Did you see the army navy game?




Those guys, at the end of the day, they're all for a common don't. They don't hate each other going into the game. They're there to watch good football. And not only is it the cussing, but it's also the alcohol use that Taylor Swift has brought into football. They made a point of not showing fans ever consuming alcohol on screen at NFA games until Taylor Swift gets up there with her cran soda and she's slurping it down for all of America to see. Now all of her kids are walking and being like, oh, I want to drink. They think it's called a Taylor Swift. They think that drinking is called, oh, I'm swifting. No, it's not. Okay. And it's not fun. And millions of people die every year because of alcohol. And to have Taylor Swift glorifying that and swearing on national tv in the same season, I just think she's so much better than that.


Yeah, well, is she, though? I don't even want to talk about it. I don't want to explain it if she is or not.


We don't have the words.


Yeah, make sure you clip all this so that we can put it out. Last thing about this, I really just love the idea that maybe this woman listens and she's like, got him again, or got him again.


She might be doing a double troll on that. Thought occurred to me this morning when I watched it a second time, and I was like, maybe she's just like, the biggest awl of all so far in on it.


The comments.


I feel like it's more likely than that because who's like, it's one thing when people see clips. The whole first thing happened because of a clip. And that with algorithms and stuff, it might just get fed to you. If you're not a fan, if you're listening to a podcast feed, the way that she was in the video.




How do you get there? If you don't understand satire, do it.


Make a clip of it the best.


No, the video she had was her.


Yeah, that's what I'm saying. So it wasn't taken.


She didn't like.


That's what I'm saying.


I think it's more likely that she's there trolling us. It's more likely than that, than her listening and not understanding satire.


Right. But I watched her other videos.


Maybe someone sent it to her. That was my takeaway, was like, the first thing. If it's a clip that happens, clips get taken out of context all the time. That's social media. But to be on listening as if she was listening to it regularly and then to big cat's point was like, gotcha.


If she was actually trolling us, I would want to maybe hire her because I think that would be a very funny addition to the show to have somebody whose entire job is to get pissed off at things that we say out of context and to go viral. Being like, these Guys are the worst.




That would be the best marketing we could ever have.


Oh, wait, Dave did just chime in. I love, uh, all the comments section was like, being like, I can't believe Dave employs these guys. He's got a comment on it. He literally just tweeted pervert my take back up to their usual misogynistic tricks. It's crazy how threatened they are by females watching.


Oh, this is great.


It's so great.


Pervert my take.


Pervert my take.


Hard on my take.


Yeah, man. The f word. Not here, not now, not ever.




He loves pervert my take.


Loves it. He thinks the funniest thing ever.


Did he come up with that?


Yeah, but all you got to do is hit him back with the Davey Democrat, and he'll shut up.






I regret to inform you that Dave Portnoy has gone woke Davey Democrat trying.


To police language yet again.


Yeah, this is sad.


Okay. Oh, wait. I have a cool throne. No, I don't. It was Nebraska. Dylan Royola.


We all just took each other's repeatedly.


Yeah, we did, Jake.


My hot seat is the mayor of New York City.




Eric Adams.


This guy's quite something.


I think I love this guy now.




So he was asked on Pixelven local news. Describe 2023 in one word.


Every day you wake up.


Mr. Mayor, we've come to the end of what was a very eventful 2023.




So when you look at the totality of the year, if you had to describe it, and it's tough to do in one word, what would that word be? And tell me why New York?


This is a place where every day you wake up, you could experience everything from a plane crashing into our trade center to a person who's celebrating a new business that's open. This is a very complicated city, and that's why it's the greatest city on.


The globe, Mr. Mayor. So that's quite a take.


No reason why I need to add that he's on the hot seat.


Yeah. No multiple words. This is just kind of new.




I think it's like Eric Adams is not on the hot seat, because this is kind of what Eric Adams is.




And he's just basically a guy that seems like he has a head injury that gets paraded in front of the media every now and again and just says, know, I think a lot of things are true at the same time in this city. And you have to appreciate all points of view. Thank you. This has been Mayor Adams. That's kind of what he does.


Quite a quote. I mean, cheering on a business mask. Death plane goes into the towers. One and the same. Yeah.


That's what makes this city great.


Yeah. Well, you take the good with the bad.


Two words for a one word.


Yeah. Yeah.


You don't really have to do anything to be mayor of New York. That's what I've realized from living there, because everyone's going to hate you no matter what. So the best strategy is to just not do.


Yeah. Yeah. Not even live there. Yeah. Didn't Eric Adams not live there?


He lived in New Jersey.


Yeah. He had, like, a fake apartment in Brooklyn. Yeah.


I think I would be a great mayor of New York. I think I really would. I wouldn't do shit.


Yeah. You got to just be like, a couple of free concerts here and there. Maybe some kind of new drone. Robot police dog. Yeah.


They hire an exterminator for, like, 200k.




Or on the rats.


I would get, like, robocop on the rats. I'll get Robocop to patrol the sewer, destroy all the. I would probably bring it. What eats rats? Snakes. I would just dump.






I would dump cheese. I would dump a fuckload.


Not obvious.


I would dump a fuckload of snakes into the sewers and be like, solve the rat problem. Then I would build a beach on the Hudson river and be like, go to the beach. It's fun. Now New York has everything.


No, I would put a bunch of shitload of snakes into the sewer system, get all the rats, and then I would get all the irish people to dress up in kilts and then go beat the snakes off the island. And then we have St. Patrick's Day, too.


I think no matter what, in New York, it's impossible to have an approval rating as mayor of, like, over 50%.


Yeah. No.


Unless the teams are winning, someone has.


To do the job. Yeah. But they don't.


I know.


Yeah. Ever. It's kind of crazy at this point.


Do you think if the Yankees.


Giuliani, he wasn't like.


Was the peak of.


Giuliani wasn't.


Was the peak of the New York.


People loved him because it was like, yeah, the Yankees.


The peak of New York sports in the last, like, five years was that DeVito and Zach Wilson won offensive player of the week at the same week. They're a joke.


I think. So two teams of city.


Oh, judge, hang the banner.




Most home runs ever.


And he's a home run champion officially is not. Okay. What's your cool throne?


My cool throne is my alma mater. Syracuse football. They are having arguably the best season in all of college football. Oh, my. What about Kyle McCord?


Okay, what about Nebraska?


Okay. But now this is a debate that we're going to have in the transfer portal is a player who's not good. Good because he went to a better team.


Well, I think people are trashing Kyle McCord because he had Ohio state standards at Syracuse, if you go nine and three, that's amazing.


You know, he wasn't good, though.


But he went eleven and one.


Yeah. Their defense did very well and he wasn't good.




Marvin Harrison.


Great player, great family, exciting.


Again, Syracuse standards.


Okay. Yeah.


Well, are you excited about this being the best offseason? Because you got a player who used to be highly.


Yeah. You know his name. Yeah.


Five star. Yeah, we got a five star guy.


That's fair.


If you're Syracuse, you should celebrate this.


But, Jake.


Yeah, we are. I don't know if you should say that. You've had the best offseason of any.


Program in my book.




Yeah, you can have a book. Yeah, you can have a book.


Yeah. No, there's been some teams. I will not have. Literally has everyone come to the men. They're fucking killing it. Okay, should we get to our got? Let's start with Colt McCoy. And then we have Sean Stallato in studio. Colt McCoy is brought to you by our friends at body armor. It's time for interview with Colt McCoy. Shout out to body armor. Body armor helps us stay hydrated throughout our interviews with the biggest guests in the world. Packed with electrolytes and no artificial sweeteners, flavors or dyes, body armor hydrates the best athletes in the world, and more importantly, us. During interviews, buy body armor today, visit the body armor Amazon store or retailers nationwide. Okay, here he is, Colt McCoy. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest. It is longtime quarterback in the NFL, Texas legend Colt McCoy. We thought it'd be perfect. Get you on, talk a little NFL, talk a little college football. And let's start. There is Texas back.


Hey, I tell you what, it's been fun to watch them this year because they've won a lot of close games and then you always want to play good down the stretch and games that we felt like they probably should have blown the guys out, they maybe struggled with, but they ultimately found a way to win. And towards the end of the season, I told everyone around me, like, these guys are playing great. The Iowa State game on the road. That kind of was a trap game, came back home, handled. Texas Tech, played good in the big mean. They're just, they're trending up, in my opinion, and that's a great place to be.




And on the other side, you've got Alabama also trending up. Have you allowed yourself, you can't look ahead, can't look past any opponents? Have you allowed yourself to think about potential revenge game, rematch, Alabama, Texas in the national championship game?


My mind hasn't gone there fully yet, but that would be awesome. That would be incredible. I think for the fans, I think for everybody in Texas. We felt good going into that game back in 2009. Yeah, you had ended, but for now, it's like, got to get through Washington, but that would be awesome. And it'd be in our backyard right there in Houston.


Yeah, you had a great team back then. I was in Austin at the time. I remember how electric the feeling was in Texas for that little run. But are you ready and at a point in life to admit that the clock operator screwed up when you were playing against Nebraska and that you shouldn't have had time left to kick a field goal? Can we say that for all the Nebraska fans out there, the Huskers? Do you apologize to them?


The amount of Nebraska teammates I've had throughout my career in the NFL that won't look at me the first time they see me. It's a high number. The Will Compton's of the. But I think, I think we all know the ball has to hit the ground for the clock to stop.




And I got lucky that the ball hit whatever it was, the side of the bleachers or the ground. I wouldn't have been able to tell you that rule before. If they tell you to throw the ball away, they say throw it in the nickel seats or whatever. Now everybody knows when the ball hits the ground, that's when the clock stops or whatever.


More importantly from that game, how scary was Nadagama de Su and going up against him? Because that was a season that he should have won the Heisman. He was like the best player in college football by a large margin. But going up against him, he dominated that game. He dominated every game he played in. Was it scary going up against him being like, there's nothing my guys can do in front of me. I just know that at least like five or six times I'm going to have to have him running after me a game?


Yeah, we had played pretty good that year. We were actually, in my opinion, better in 2008 than we were in 2009. But in 2009, it was like, there's a lot of new players, a lot of young receivers, but we found ways to win. And leading into that game, we had been playing good. We blew out a m the week before and we all heard about ensue, right? You hear about him all year, but you don't really know how good he was until you got out on the field and played against mean and we tried to double team him. It wasn't working. They were constantly in the backfield. But if you did double team, know his running budy, jared crick on the other side was like making plays. I mean, their defensive game plan against us that day, we couldn't do anything. We dropped a couple of touchdowns early in the game that would have made a big difference, but we got the ball late and found a way to go down and get a field goal and sneak out of there. But that was not a fun game, I promise.


Yeah, they beat you up pretty good in that game. I remember watching it going back to just growing up with the name Colt McCoy. Did you know from a young age that your parents just wanted you very much to be a quarterback?


Well, I was fortunate because my dad was my high school football coach, right? We lived in small towns out in West Texas, and having him as my coach was awesome, right? And so I didn't know if I was ever going to have the chance to go play college football. In fact, I didn't get recruited until very late. I thought I was going to go play college basketball. That's what I wanted to do. And then we had a pretty good team at my small West Texas high school, and we won a bunch of games kind of my junior and senior year. And right before my senior year started, I ended up going to one of those one day minicamps that schools have now, or they did back then, and kind of started on the side of the field where it was just kind of not that great of players. And then by the end of the day, you kind of end up in the section where there's the good players and all of a sudden people are like, where are you from? What's your name? And that's kind of how it happened. I got recruited late and kind of snuck into Ut.


I think everybody was disappointed they didn't get Ryan Perilu or Mark Sanchez. Those were the two guys in my class. And then the best thing that ever happened to me was I red shirted and was able to sit in the meetings and be at practice and run scout team the year that we won the national championship in five with Pence Young. And then I had to earn my way after that. Fought off competition every year at UT. It's how it is. And ended up getting to play for four years, which has been a huge blessing.


Yeah, I just remember seeing the name Colt McCoy and I thought to myself, it's just that man's destiny that he's the starting quarterback at the University of Texas. You can't have Colt McCoy on your roster and be like, I think that's QB two. I know you earned it, but the name alone, you were always going to be the quarterback.


Was it a nickname that was given to you because your real name is Dan? I didn't know you were allowed to do that. My name's Dan.


It's my middle name. But for whatever reason, everyone in my family has gone by their middle names. All the guys in my family.




I don't know.


I didn't know I was allowed to do that. I would have been a everybody.


Colt is a great.


So sick.


Colt is an all time name. You can't be mad at Colt. That's just Colt being Colt.




Hey, are you officially, um, after last up, I had an elbow surgery and I fought through it, man. I worked hard. Otas and training camp, like, I managed it and things, and when I got released by the Cardinals, it's not at the point where I feel, like, really good about it. I'm working through it. I certainly have had opportunities and taken a lot of calls, but it's just still bothering me, dude. So we'll see.


Yeah. Because you are a quintessential, and I hope you don't take this the wrong way because being in the NFL for as long as you are very hard to do, but you are the quintessential guy who can go win us a game. Like, oh, let's give Colt McCoy a call. In a pinch, he can go win you a game. Yeah.


I appreciate that. I have certainly had a lot of opportunities in NFL my whole time. Played 14 years. Sort of my Achilles heel has been when I've had the opportunity to kind of, like, grab it by the reins. I've had an injury, I've gotten hurt.




Which is frustrating. And this last time, dude, I was fighting and fighting and fighting and these elbows are nagging, man. I understand the game at this point, 14 years in, kind of what it takes for me, for my family, and I certainly would love to get back in. My elbow is not feeling great.


Yeah, that sucks.


Was one of those calls that you got this year from a team that's in New York and wears green.


Yeah, that was early happened. You know, golly, what a Bummer. I'm a huge. I've just, the whole time I've been in, like, I've had the chance to watch him play against him, and, golly, what a bummer that was. A couple plays in or whatever, for that to happen to not only him, but to the jets. Right. That was going to be a cool.


Yeah. Yeah. So this year in the NFL feels like we've had a lot of injuries, a lot of backup quarterbacks. You've backed up some guys. You've obviously started a lot of games. What's the one thing that we don't understand about being a backup quarterback? That when a guy comes in and isn't successful right away and we shit on him, we've got it wrong? Because I think maybe even it's just not getting the snaps. How much that actually matters? How much does that actually matter? If you're not getting first team reps in training camp as the season starts, then you're just thrust in there. Yeah.


I mean, listen, everyone thinks being a backup quarterback is a glorious job.




You get paid and you don't have to play much. You don't have to put your body through the wringer, and a lot of that is true. Everybody wants to play, though.




And so I think for me, the years that I've been a backup in the NFL, it's just you work hard, you work harder, you're there earlier, you're there later, because I used to always like to give whoever the starter was a lot of my notes, like, things that the extra time that I've put in, I see them doing this on these situations. Right. And that helped the guy in front of me, but that also helped me. Right. Because you never know at what point you're going to get put in. And I always wanted to be the guy that if I was put in that situation, everybody knew I was ready to go. That's not easy to do. It requires a lot, and I think you look across the league, there's some guys who are doing it really well right now. Right. Jake Browning in Cincinnati, like, coming off the bench and playing as well as he has. Gardner Menshu in Indy, he's put together some really nice games, and it's a tribute to them and how hard they've worked and sort of their career path to kind of just figure out how to be in that role.


A lot of it is, I would say one of the most important things across the league is how good is your quarterback room from just everyday standpoint? Are you boys, do you trust each other? There's a camaraderie in there, right? And those rooms that seem to have, that are the teams that seem to be pretty good, and a lot of that has to do with the backup quarterback. You want to bring value to the room based on your knowledge, based on your skill set, but you're there to help. You're an extra set of eyes for the offensive coordinator during the game. You're the one talking to the quarterback in game like adjustments, all that. So I love being in that position. We all wanted to play, but I got to see it in a lot of different rooms. I learned a lot of different offenses. I kind of looked at it as another arrow in my quiver every time I learned a new system and dude, I just love the game. Right. I'm bummed that I'm not out there, but at the same time, I count my blessings for 14 years.


Yeah, get that elbow right, we might see it back out there again. What's the best room that you've ever been a part of over your career?


Oh, man, I've been in a lot. I would say the best dude who made the biggest difference for me was my rookie year in Cleveland, Jake Delone. Jake was really talented quarterback, obviously went to a Super bowl, should have won a Super bowl against New England. Right late in his career. He gets scooped up by the Browns. He's the up, he gets an ankle sprain. I ended up being thrust into there like week four or five of my rookie year, and I played good in my rookie year, but a lot of it had to do with him and just, he'd seen the game he played in NFL Europe, the stories he could tell, the kind of guy that he was. And for me, I never dreamed of going to the NFL, so I was going to. If I ever get in position like Jake is, where I'm a starter and I lose my job, I'm going to act the exact same way. Jake acted with class, with character. He's helpful, and if he's not on the field, he's bringing value in so many other ways to the entire football.


Team and a sportsmanship. He's a very cool guy. Jake is awesome.


Awesome, dude, awesome. Sometimes you can't understand him. He's got that Louisiana cajun vibe to him. You're like, what did you just. But like, he's awesome.


It's funny. You were talking about how you can ingratiate yourself into a quarterback room as a backup. We were talking to Chase Daniel last year and he said his move was to always go in and buy the most expensive espresso machine coffee maker possible and then bring that in and then that upgrades the room. But everyone's like, shit. Chase just upgraded our room with a piece of hardware and now everybody likes him. Would you like come in first day? Hey, here's a bunch of donuts. Bring in breakfast for everybody.


Did you have a a. That's a better move by Chase. For know, one of the things I started doing late in my know was I would sit down, I would run the scout team, right, or most of the time, and I would meet with the defensive coordinator going into the week, like, hey, I don't think that this pressure is going to work or I don't think this coverage. It's easy to see. You're not confusing me at all. I know exactly where to go with the ball. There was a lot of good dialog late in my career and I felt like I added a lot of value that way, that I was able to give some good feedback to coordinators. And I learned a lot of defense that way, too, like rules and responsibilities of secondary players, rushers. And so I think being in that role, you always have to get yourself ready to play. That's the most important thing. But then it's like, okay, if I'm going to be here 12 hours a day away from my family grinding all the time, extra, I'm going to actually learn things that have value and they're going to help me forever, right?


How I see the game, how I watch a game, how I can coaches call all the time, how can you talk their language? That's the things that I really tried to bring value in with a scout team.


That's interesting to me, hearing a backup talk about that because I always imagine like a scout team quarterback doing method acting, going to that week, like, oh, I got to be Lamar Jackson this week in practice. So you get real stretched out. You start running. How much would you adapt your game to whichever quarterback you were trying to simulate?


That's a great point. The weeks that we would play Lamar Jackson, they definitely insert like a receiver who was going to juke people. I just sit back and watch. But the weeks they would play more heavy pass game, you would enjoy those weeks because it's like you're going to see a lot of different coverages. You're going to be able to give good feedback on how you can make decisions. Is it a lot of postnap reads? Like, how did my eye see it? Just little things like that. So, dude. Yeah. I miss the NFL, man. The competitive environment. There's nothing like, you know, I just having a hard time, know, you know what you need to feel like to go out and play. And we're getting there.


Yeah. One of the weirdest stories I read about you was that time Jay Gruden said that you drank a gallon of milk a day. Do you remember that? You came out and clarified afterwards that you drank a gallon of milk, like, every five or six days. But I think that if someone says you drink a gallon of milk a day, that kind of implies you drink a way too much milk. So do you drink too much milk?


He was talking about raw milk, wasn't he?


Raw milk, yeah. I think he even called it the.


Teat, straight from the source.


Yeah, he couldn't. He forgot the word for utter.


Did you have a cow that you would go visit every morning? Just lay down underneath?


That's a sticky world you start talking about.


There's a lot of rules and regulations.


I grew up, my grandparents had a farm, and we were kind of always in and out, helping, spending summers out there. And we had dairy cows for a little bit growing up, so we always drank raw milk. And as I got older, it was kind of the running joke. I drink a lot of milk. And I think he walked down into the cafe one morning, I might have brought, like, a jug of raw milk to work or something, something random. And he was like, what are you drinking? And I said, milk. He's like, what kind of milk? And it was like, in one of those glass jars or whatever. He's like, this, like, dual milk? Is this, like, from this raw? And we just kind of had some banter going back and forth, and all of a sudden he's like, can't believe it. He's talking about it. I'm letting him try it. And that story kind of ran wild.


Yeah, it did. But you drink a lot of milk.


Yeah, of course.


How much?


I would say probably, like a gallon right now. Like a gallon a week, probably. And my kids drink a lot of milk.


How many glasses a day?


Probably a big glass for breakfast and a big glass for dinner.


Oh, you got a milk.


You drink milk with dinner.


I like that.


Harbaugh, does that.


Think it's a. I think it's a product of kind of like where you grew up, Texas thing.


I don't. Strong bones. Yeah.


I mean, I don't hate it there's worse things that your quarterback could be known for.


Is that milk than milk?




That would have been awesome if you were just like, yeah, I don't drink that much milk. You're just sipping on a little milk at like noon. You got a milk problem?


You addicted to milk? Yeah, I saw you drinking out of a styrofoam cup. I was like, is that some sipping on the lean?


Yeah, I don't think it should be ashamed, by the way. I feel like milk gets shamed. It's like mayo and milk gets shamed. Milk is delicious.


Since when was milk bad for you?


I agree.


Milk's been good my whole life.


Yeah, it lets cows grow big and strong. Yeah, I want to be strong like bull.


Right. We're milk boys for sure.


Yeah. Actually, me and big cat had a thing where we would take a personal gallon of milk around with us and then just chug it until we threw up. That was pretty much the end of the bit. Yeah, it was a short lived bit.




We're going to get back to Colt McCoy in a second. It's brought to you by Viator. Viator is a website and an app where you can book travel experiences like pub crawls, boat tours, museums and more. They offer everything from simple tours to extreme adventures. With over 300,000 bookable experiences in 190 countries, there's something for everyone. I actually ran into a group that was on a Viator pub tour the other night. One of the guys told me this is the best night of my life and it's from Viator. Hank and I went on a little excursion with Viator. It was awesome. Plus, Viator's travel experience have millions of real traveler reviews, so you have the information that you need to book the best activities for your trip. Again, there's over 300,000 bookable experiences in 190 countries. There's something for everyone. Viator is the best way to book a travel experience. There's always flexibility, always support. They have free cancelation, payment options and 24/7 service. Download the Viator app now. Use code Viator ten for 10% off your first booking. One app over 300,000 experiences that you'll remember. Do more with Viator. Download the Viator app now.


Use code Viator ten for 10% off your first booking. And now here's more. Colt McCoy. I want to ask another question about Jay Gruden because I love Jay, man.


He's one of my favorites of all time.


I like him, too. I'm a Redskins football team commanders fan. Whatever the next name is, I'll be a fan of that, too. And when you were on the team, I always felt like you got a little bit of a raw deal. I felt like Colt McCoy should have gotten a chance, an opportunity to be the starting quarterback. You filled in nicely in some spots. I remember he had a big win in Dallas. That was an awesome game, but I always thought that you should have had the opportunity to see if you could be the full time star of the team. Do you feel like you ever really got that opportunity?


Know? I think. I think the hard part there was like Robert Griffin won rookie of the know the year before I got there, and he certainly established himself as the guy and then he battled with some injuries and then Kirk stepped in and played. And then I had an opportunity and kind of got banged up late in the season and then it was kind of, let's go back into the next year and Kirk ended up getting the job and then there was a two year span in there where I didn't take a snap. I mean, Kirk played every know. All our games were kind of going down the wire. We won the east one year. Like Kirk played.




Again, I mentioned this earlier. We all want to love. The reason I stuck around Washington for so long is because I love Jay and I love the system. I felt like I had a good grasp of what we were trying to do offensively and when Sean was the coordinator, when Kevin was the like, I felt good in know and then I had my chance when Alex went know and then three weeks later I break my leg and it's like there was always like a little bit of an injury, that little bit of something that just kind of got the rug swept out from under me because of those kind of nagging injuries or broken whatever it was. But looking back, man, I learned so much football there and Jay was great to me. Like, I was there the whole time Jay was there. We were tight. We're still tight. He's phenomenal football coach, so smart. His style is very unique, but he was able to coach Sean up to be the coordinator, coach Kevin up to be the like. Those guys learned a lot from him, too. And I think people forget, you know, I have nothing but good experiences from my time in Washington.


Wish we could have won more, wish I wouldn't have dealt with some injuries, but at the end of the day, that's part of the game. I tell people all the time, if you're going to play football, there's 100% chance you're going to get hurt. You just hope it's not like the big hurts like the big.


Yeah, yeah. I want to go back to Texas real quick in this game. Coming. You do, you talk to some guys on the staff. You're watching every. How, how are you feeling going into this game against Washington and also specifically Quinn, yours and his progression? Because it feels like this is the year that he's made that jump and he's looked incredible for spurts this.


No. Okay, I'll start off with Quinn. I think Quinn is playing right. Like, I think he's got good weapons around, know probably a first or second round tight end. A couple NFL receivers that are going to play in the know the offensive line has stayed healthy and they're playing. You know, you look at the progression Quinn has made from last year till this year, it's exactly how it should. And that's, that's a credit to like, he's very accurate with the football. He doesn't turn it over very like, I feel very good about our game against Washington. The thing that I keep thinking about with Washington is like we match up pretty good, but it's like even if Washington plays a bad game, there are two receivers on the outside could quietly have 150 yards receiving and that's like the equalizer. It doesn't matter at that point. They're still going to score, they're still going to make plays and all of a sudden they're in it at the end of the game and they find ways to win. And Pinix is a really veteran, seasoned guy. He's accurate with the then and then. Washington is also well coached.


I haven't watched all their games. I watch a couple and it's like the adjustments they make. By the time they get into the third, fourth quarter, they're rolling right. They're just sound football team. So I want to keep saying like, no, Texas is going to light them up. But I also know that even if Washington plays bad, the receivers are good enough to keep him in the game.


Yeah. And the point on Washington's coach, Kalen Deborah is a good one because they've been in a lot more games where it's been tight and he's had to push the right buttons, know, go for it. Whereas Texas, obviously the game against Alabama was close ish and the game against Oklahoma didn't go well. Maybe some things you'd want back most of the other games, maybe Kansas State, but Texas blew out a lot of teams, too.


Yeah. No, again, I go back to the point I originally, yeah, Texas should have won the Oklahoma game.




We broke down late, we went down and scored, and then they pulled out a drive 80 yards in less than a minute. That shouldn't have happened, right? But I think just overall, in general, when I look at Texas, I think they also had some slip ups, like at Houston, at home against BYU, they didn't really put their foot on the gas and they go up 21 to nothing or whatever. And then all of a sudden in the fourth quarter, it's a one score game. You want to eliminate those kind of things and then once you got through those, you found ways to win. Now, I just think that Texas has really kind of set the standard for themselves and they're playing at a high level now. For Washington, it's like, how good is the Pac twelve? I think the Pac twelve is pretty good. They got a lot of teams that won eight or nine games, so it was competitive every week and Washington ran the table. So I think Washington is better than what people think. I think Texas is going to have to play well, but I still like Texas with the upper hand.




So you talked about the Red river shootout. Are we in favor of bringing back the Red river shootout? You played in the shootout before. It was the rivalry. It's so much better when you just call it the shootout. We can agree on that, right?


I agree 100%.


It doesn't have that same. It's going to be a big game no matter what, but it's more fun in the lead up when it's called the shootout. That's something I think, as America we can agree on and dial it back a little bit.


100%. And I am glad that the game's staying at the cotton ball. That's where it needed to stay. They signed a big extension. Like the atmosphere there. The crowd split right down the middle, sharing the same tunnel, the old school locker rooms. Everything about that game is perfect, other than we need to call it the shootout.


Yeah, it's at the state fair. You got the cowboy hat, the golden cowboy hat, one of the best trophies in sports. I'm thinking back also to when you were at Texas and the photo shoot that you did where you're wearing the hard hat. You know the question I'm about to ask? The hard hat with a sledgehammer and the head of the sledgehammer is a football. When you were doing that photo shoot, were you like, damn, I look awesome right now?


No, I was sitting there, I was talking to the guy, and the people behind me are kind of like snickering and laughing. I'm like, hey, the amount of crap I'm going to get for this picture is going to be forever. And it's so true. I'm in a couple of group texts with a bunch of my old teammates. Somebody will throw something out there once a month, and it never fails that that picture gets thrown in there.




It's like the picture they have of.


Me when I call street every single time.


You could win NFL MVP, and your boys in the group chat would just respond with a picture of you holding the sledgehammer football.




Hey, who's going to win the Texas game? I don't know. Call the guy with a hard hat and a hammer.


If Texas wins, that picture will be used nonstop. Oh, yeah.


I'm going to tweet it out for sure.


Yeah. Texas all the way back.


Oh, man. Whoever took that picture loves this conversation.




Get some royalties off.


Do you ever get sick of the Texas back conversation? We have fun with it. I think you guys got to win it all to be all the way back, right?


100%. And I'll say it's been annoying over the last 13 years or whatever.


Good. Mission accomplished. Yeah. That's what we want.


But I think it's brought on, right. If you look at the program at Texas, we've had three head coaches since coach Brown left, right? There's been transition. But the one thing that never changes is the expectations of the fans and of the university.




And they haven't met those expectations. And it's hard. I remember, I don't want to always talk about me and our teams, but my first two years after the national championship, we went ten and three both years, and it was like, I didn't want to go to class. People hated you.




It was boring. It was dull. Everybody's like, oh, you guys stuck. It's like we just went ten and three. I think Texans won ten games in a row for like twelve or 13 years, right? That's a standard. And so now, I think the fans ability to just give Stark some time a few years, let him. That was always the thing that I was preaching was like, guys, this isn't like an overnight transition. Now, I will say with the nil and the portal, and it can happen a lot quicker now, but back then, before this all happened, that was hard to do. And so I'm just thankful that we've won the close games this year, the trap games. We found a way to win, and now we've put ourselves in a position to ultimately, everything that we want to accomplish is right in front of us.




Do text back and forth with McConaughey because I'm interested in knowing what he's got planned for the pregame speech for the semifinal.


There is no telling, but I love Matthew, the minister of culture. Any big game, you're going to see his face a lot. But he loves the program. He'll probably have an awesome pregame speech. Hopefully somebody can record it. Very passionate. And yeah, I look forward to seeing him down there in the sugar bowl.


He should bring in a husky on a leash, be like, you got a dog walk.


Put a muzzle on.


Yeah, muzzle these guys.




You were talking about the nil and how Texas is able to build and build and build. They get arch Manning on campus right now. So I'm getting a game against Texas Tech this season and my take on arch Manning, which is probably I'm very dumb and wrong about 99.9% of things that I say. So my stupid take on arch Manning is that right now he's too good at playing quarterback. If you saw those passes he was throwing, they were right on the dot, bouncing off guys hands in the end zone. They weren't ready to catch Arch Manning's passes yet. The receivers might need another year in arch Manning's system in order to catch up to the genius that is arch Manning.


I love. Listen, like, I've been around arch quite a bit. I mean, gone back to some spring practices. I remember when I was helping sort of recruit him to UT. Now, listen, I'm not taking any credit for that at all. I just was around a little bit. He was so much more prepared and ready and mature than what I was when I came on campus. Right. He's got the script as he's watching practice. He's not even on campus yet. He hasn't even signed yet, right? But he knows the formations. He knows the shifts and the motions. He knows the protection. The dude is really smart in football, right? He's mature and I know he's worked really hard. I'm thankful that he got a red shirt. I'm thankful that he got to play a little bit. I'm very bullish on him. I'm high on him because I know the character that he has, the family situation. He's seen elite level quarterback his whole life, starting with his grandpa, right? So their family has always been so nice to me. I don't want to compare Arch Manning with Garrett Gilbert, but when I was in school, love Garrett Gilbert.


Like had a nice, but like, he never lost a game in high school. He was right in Lake Travis, right in the backyard. Like he was crowned as king before he ever got on campus. And the moment he threw a pick or two, or they lost a couple of home games, it was like everything turned on him. It wasn't necessarily his fault, right. But it was the expectation for just astronomical. And I sense a little bit of that with Arch. Although I think Arch has a very good head on his shoulder. I think he's going to handle it all. Like, I know he wants to play, and he's got a chance to sit and watch Quinn play. Quinn's done great. Quinn's executed Sark's offense to a right, so he's got a good picture of what it's supposed to look like. And whenever Arch gets his chance, I know that this year will be very. I've told him, I said the best thing that ever happened to me was red shirting.




I know it's not that cool to do, and it sucks, especially in this day and age, but I'm just telling you, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. And hopefully that turns out to be the case for arch, too.


And you recruited him.


You hand delivered arch manning to Texas. Thank you, Colt McCoy. You brought Texas back.


Good job. Yeah, it was fun. All right, I have one last question. Appreciate the time, Colt. This has been fun. Rowback question. Rho back promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Going back to the national title one last time, the Rose bowl. Obviously, you get injured. At what point did you realize on the broadcast, they were talking about you playing catch with your dad underneath the stadium? Because then it became like. It was like lore was like, oh, my God, he's testing out his shoulder underneath the stadium with his dad. Probably would have wished that just didn't get talked about because you were injured and you were just trying to get back on. On the field. But did someone tell you right after, like, hey, that whole broadcast, the second half, was all about that dude?


No, I had no idea. I mean, had it been my left arm, I'd never missed a snap, right? I couldn't control anything. I hate the narrative where it's like you were trying to go to the league, like, all that. That's so not accurate. That wasn't even a thought for me.




If I wanted to do that, I would have left after my junior year.




To be fully frank, that injury stayed with me for years. Years. Nerves are different for everybody, right? And mine was, like, in my neck, and it took my whole arm out for weeks, months, and it's doing rehab and all of that for years. Right. It's very annoying. But I tried in a lot. I didn't have the grip. I didn't have strength. You've fallen asleep on your arm before and you wake up and that thing's just, like, heavy. Right. It's exactly the feeling that I had for several weeks after.


I feel like that kind of injury, too, is really tough for viewers to understand. Kind of like Brock purdy where it's like, he looks fine. Why can't he just throw the ball? Like, if I was in that game, I'd just throw the ball.


I would have gone back in the.


If you, if you blow your knee out, it's like, oh, we saw that he can't walk. That makes sense.


Yeah, exactly. And it's hard to explain, right. You weren't carted off the field. It's part of the game.




Guys who have had severe stingers before, they know. Right. But if you're a defender and you're a tackler, you go right back in the game. I'm a thrower of the football accurately. There's no way you can do that, right. Ask anybody who's had it.




And so the moment, the time, that was by far the worst time. I never really experienced injuries up to that point in my career. That was just the worst.




It's just physically impossible.


Not necessarily for me, but for, like, think about. I hated it for my coaches, for my teammates. Those guys had never played with anybody. I got to play for four years. They didn't take it snaps with anybody else up at that point. Right. It was just a sucker punch for me and for everybody else. And you live and you learn, you move on and you look back, and that's football. And hate it.


Your dad did win like, dad of the year that year for that story, though, just like, obviously we didn't see it, but the visual that they were setting up like colts. Dad's trying to get him warmed up back in the game, underneath the bleachers of the Rose bowl.


Was he running?


Dad of the year? Yeah.


The amount of security they had in the stadium, like, I don't know how he even made it down. I think he just jumped the fence and ran in the locker room.


Dad of the year.


Nobody's stopping me.


If there's a dad, he's like, that's my son in there.


You can get past any security. It was cool. Maybe you should have tried, like, an iv of, like, a drip of milk going directly into your.




That might work.


I have one last, last question. You can confirm or deny this, and I'm not going to say where I heard it from, but a little birdie told me that at one point in your NFL career, you were so well liked by your teammates that you had a coach that had to tell the team, hey, I know that Colts having a barbecue this weekend, but would you mind going to the starting quarterbacks party before you go to Colts barbecue?


I'm denying that all the way.


Okay. Gotcha.


They were able to go to your barbecue without going to the other guys. Is that what you're saying?


It was just a lack of communication. It happens sometimes.


See how well liked he is?


That's just so well liked.


You're the best dude ever. I want to go to your barbecue right now. Fuck big cat's barbecue. I don't want to go to my barbecue. Colts. Yeah. Good teammate. I've always said that to be a backup for a long time in the NFL, and you started as well, but you have to have a certain personality that people are drawn to you. Like, whenever they say a big name, oh, why isn't that guy a backup? Why isn't he still in the league? It's like it takes a certain type of cat to be able to be selfless like that in a locker room setting like that.


Yeah. Again, there's a lot of big personalities. Right. And I think one of the advantages that I've had, if we're talking about this, is that since I was three years old, I was the water boil on my dad's football teams, right? My heroes growing up were the quarterbacks that played for my dad in high school. I thought, man, I'd be extremely lucky to get to go play college football someday. Texas wasn't even on my radar. You kidding me? Texas is. That's ut. I was going to just go play at the local d two school and be happy. And so you develop an appreciation for the game. And I never wanted to cheat the game. I always wanted to give it all I had. And whether I was starting or backup or water boy, that's just how I was raised and taught. And this game has done so much for me and for my family. And it's like, man, I'm proud to got to play as long as I had. It's been a dream. I think there are a lot of egos in football, right? There's some big name guys and guys who have been super successful, but I'll be the first to tell you there's so many people in my life that have played a pivotal role in getting to me or getting me where I've been able to go.


Right. I certainly have to admit that good coaches, good teammates, family has been great teachers, coaches along the way. So, yeah, man, it's been awesome.


Yeah, well, appreciate it. Again, great time having you on. If we're ever in the same spot, if you're ever in Chicago, please come by. Maybe we'll throw a football around under the Rose bowl bleachers, the whole. No, this is awesome, man. We appreciate and we're still rooting for you. If you do decide to come back and play some more in the going.


To, what's going to happen with your Chicago Bears quarterback?


You want to come play? Listen, the backup quarterback is always the most popular guy in do think.


I do think since builds has come back from his, he's played pretty good football.


Yeah, I'm in full. Whatever they decide to just. I'll just go all in on that. I'm done. It's too much debating it and talking about it. I'm tired.


You know what the worst is?


Figure it out and I'll just go with that.


If you have a plan of attack and then the team doesn't follow what you want to do.




And then they stink and then you have that additional mindset of just, they.


Should have followed me.


I would have been right. And then that makes it worse.


Yeah, I'm just going with the flow.


Just get in the backseat.


Yeah, whatever they do, I'm just going to be like, that was the smartest thing ever. I'm just going to retroactively decide. Yeah.


There you go.


It's a good strategy. Well, thanks so much, Colt, man. Appreciate it.


All right, guys, I appreciate it.


Thank you.


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And now for something completely different. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest in studio. It is super agent Tommy Devito's. Agent reps a lot of players in the NFL. Sean Stolato, he's here on our couch. Sean, thank you for coming by. We appreciate it. And more than that, you're in Chicago because today you're being inducted into the Italian American Sports hall of Fame. I didn't even know that was a thing.


Come on.


And you're in.


Well, you're not italian, so how would you know?


Well, hold on, hold on. I actually brought. So it's PFT wars. Italian jersey. Yeah.


I'm 1% sicilian. And then big cat also has some close family connections here.


Not italian, but supportive. I'm a proud italian father.


Hey, we believe in adopting non Italian.


Yeah. I mean, I'm an italian father. Yeah. My kids are a quarter italian. I'm nothing. No, but I'm supportive. Yeah. You know what?


That's the main thing.


You got passion in your heart and you love ball and you're representing the flag.


But supportive.


I respect that.


Yes, it has been for my kids. Porter Italian, for sure. Yeah.


A great story this year. And going to the hall of Fame. This is like the perfect week to do it, too, because you were everywhere on Monday night. You were all over the sidelines. Now you go to the Italian American Sports hall of Fame. I was looking at some of the names. It's very impressive, the names that are in the Italian American Sports hall of Fame. Growing up, what italian sports player did you look up to? You got Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Mike Tariko. The list goes on. Was there one guy that you look.


Yeah. Joe Montana was a guy. I admired that San Francisco team. Look at the Patriots in the late 80s with putrid. And the 49 ers were kind of winning. But I always admired Joe and his grittiness, and that was someone I emulated until I met him before a 49 ers game and he stunned me. But all good, Joe. But, no. To stand on the rocky Maciano, Joe DiMaggio, and to be able to stand on the shoulders of those great men, it's very humbling and I'm honored. But at the end of the day, it's all about who came before me. All my ancestors, my late uncle. I developed a major passion for boxing. His name was Frankie Steele Stolato, and he fought Tony DeMarco, the 1955 welterweight champion of the world, twice at the old garden, over a girl named Grace, developing that passion for boxing and rocky and then boom boom Mancini. I'm happy, but at the same token, I'm absorbing it. But giving my kids to kind of see something like this. My four daughters are my greatest accomplishments. I think it's cool. And my parents been married 62 years.




So they'll be there. They took the train out. They don't fly. And then my wife, who's my everything, my wife, Krista.


Yeah. So when did you find out you're getting inducted? Because the timing is very funny, where I was like, wait, did they just see this guy on Monday football? They're like, we got to get him in the hall of fame.


No, I got the phone call from Ron and Este the end of August.


So this is coming. Yeah.


I'm not going to lie, it was an emotional call. You don't think of hall of Fames. You grind, you follow your bliss. I played at every level. I had a good high school career, prep school, division one football and basketball. Played a couple of years of arena football for Jeff Brom was one of them, the coach of Louisville. And then obviously getting into the space, opening up SCS sports over ten years ago. But my teammates, my coaches, obviously my clients, and then my ancestors. So it takes a village.




And I'm excited where we're at right now, but still, like an artificial intelligence, still a lot of growth potential that I'm looking forward to tapping into.


So, Tommy DeVito, how did that work? How did you land him? Was it just. You just walked in and you kissed him on the cheek and he was like, all right, you're my agent. You know what, because it's a perfect seeing you on Monday football, it was like a perfect storybook. Like, we got Tommy DeVito, the cutlets, he swept the nation. Everyone's rooting for him. And then who's this agent who's got on the phone looking great, and he's italian, too. It's perfect.


How I landed him is I made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Tommy, I knew, was a baller from years back, elite eleven kid, 2018 Darkhouse for the Heisman trophy went out to the Oregon open and outperformed to, let's face it, guys that go commit early, whether it's politics, whether it's schemes, whether it's coaches. Syracuse didn't work, but it's a testament to Tommy's upbringing and goes reinvents himself at know. I knew Tommy following Illinois, his ability to process, his ability to make those intermediate throws, his ability to comprehend multiple playbooks, I put all premiums on that. How to quantify it. It's unfortunate that 2008 teams didn't see the value in Tommy DeVito.




But let's face it, the goat, brady, I mean, he went 6th round, 199th pick.




And I'm not saying tommy's the goat or Tom Brady, rather, but I think he's a phenomenal player. I don't even think he scratched what he will become because he's got a boulder of cutlets on his shoulder.


Do you kiss all your agents parents on the cheek or just Tommy?


Well, I mean, his father kissed me first, and as Italians, we reciprocate. I give you a gift, you give me a gift back.


He kissed first. He made the first move.


He made the first move. And I just thought it was, like, a perfect, like the three tenors you saw. We're in sync where I kissed him. He kissed his son, and it was Belicimo.


It was perfect. So, on the sideline before the game, you were on the phone, presumably making a big deal, making moves. You weren't actually on the phone with it. You knew the cameras on.


You're talking to yourself. Yeah.


You were like, I got to act.


Like hell did I know the camera is on?


You spent the whole, like, 3 hours.


It's a good move.


I love the guess, you know, look. It's like watching a mystery movie. Maybe you might not ever. You know, I was. I was trying to close a deal that I've been going back and forth with because I drove down, and then my Sienna Sicily, my five year old, we always do bedtime stories and a phone call before bed if daddy's on the road. So it was cool to have that moment with her. And you can see Tommy was locked in. But, yeah, it was funny to get. Who was he on the phone with? But that's the transparency to that question.


I thought it was a little out of bounds, a little out of line, what Eli said on Monday night Football, he said that your nickname was slimy.


You know what? It was actually, Peyton? I was.


Oh, okay.


And I was extremely disappointed to hear know one of the better ones to play the position and play the game. And the thing about me is, he's never met me. He doesn't know me. Make that statement. I'm a dad of four daughters and a wife. I think it was very shocking. I was disappointed. But at the end of the day, you know what? I live my life. Be curious. Don't be judgmental.


Yeah. It was anti italian discrimination.


And the thing is, too, I'm so proud of my heritage.




That is the world to me.


Wait, you're italian?


I think I am. I don't know.


The shoes are awesome.


So these shoes are very special. So the boat on the side of the shoe is the SS canopic. Now, Pasquale, my grandfather Pasqualina, his mom Francesco, his dad left Sambayas, which you can see right there. Small village in Captain Zaro Calabria, Italy. On the lowest possible means ss canopic, 1300 other immigrants in third class, $14 to their name. So I am 272. That's my entriment number. And I just want to have a part of them with me. My heritage, my ancestors. They're kind of my fix. When you're in the tower of terror as an agent, you're high, you're low. But I think about them on that boat. Very little means and everything that comes as an agent, because a lot of times you can't control it. Guys get cut. Politics. You recruit a kid for twelve months and you come in second. But yeah, so that's very. I got something wild to wear tonight. A little bit more. We're going to turn it up a little bit for Sunday. But I'm the same. Listen, what you see is what you get. I am organic. I haven't changed. If you look at my track record, it's not like I'm just trying to be some guy.


Yeah, like that. My cause, Mike Leetz, that's what you're doing, right? That's you.


You pretty much put it in terms.


Yeah, yeah. That is. You speak Italian.


I'm excited to see what you have planned for Sunday down in New Orleans. So it does seem like America is rooting for Tommy DeVito, right?


Know, look, Tommy, if you think about know the underdog, it's what this country is built on. And he has went out there week after week and he's cut his, you know, when he was going through the Syracuse days, know, obviously overlooked through the know. He didn't use that as a crutch and say, why me? Tommy went out there when I met with coach Gable right after the draft in his office. Hey, he's going to have an uphill battle. That's what he said to me. Hey, you know what? We're ready to go. He knew there was three quarterbacks and at the end of the day, we all know you can't project injuries. And he has gotten just better and better and better. And he's comfortable now. And he won the locker room. Look, that fan base is very unique, very passionate, and they got that gritty jersey. So he's given pump and hope in a lot of those fans and a lot of people in that area. Let's face it. I mean, we've had a broken country. A lot of things have happened and it's great. It's a great success story. But he's far from. He's not content, he's hungry.


It is great.


And he's very locked in all this media hype and all the Tommy cutlets thing. We're focused on winning football games. I'm focused on servicing my clients and Tommy and taking care of them on and off the field. That's the mission, that's the focus and that's how we do it.


So how many clients do you represent in the NFL right now?


So I've got a total of twelve clients.


Okay. So I love your story too, because you do feel like kind of an underdog as well. Because you hear there's the big agencies, the CAA, the WMe. A lot of these guys are just going to. Okay, everyone does this. Let's do this. How did you start your business? How do you go from one client to twelve clients? How do you go throughout those years? Because it is a very tough business to be in. And if you're an outsider, it's even tougher.


It's like an old italian woman that's not going to give her secret ingredients to her sauce.


Okay, I like that.


Look, I build it a little differently than most. And you've got a combination. There's a lot of those big goliaths out there. But I take pride in my worksmanship and doing this a long time. And I try to just obviously evaluate characters. Important to me. But a lot of things. Money changes people and things change. I've been doing this a long time and you just try to get the right guys on the.


Do you, do you represent sports media personalities?


You know, it's funny, I had some people reach out regarding that.


I know one guy, Rico Bosco. He's doing contract negotiations. I think you would probably be a good agent to deal with Dave for Rico.


Yeah. Not italian, but he's got an italian name.


Okay, so he changed his last name. Everyone calls me Shano because they asked, what's Sean? I'm like, my mother loves Sean Connery, but you can call me Shannon if it makes it feel more.


Yes. Yes.


You think you could help Rico out in negotiation with Dave Portnoy?


Without a doubt. I know Portnoy. He's kind of tough, I hear, but.


Well, so you wrote a book.


I had to bring it in.


Yeah, well, he was saying, like, who writes a book about one high school football game? So you beat his team?


I mean, it's funny. See, that's being judgmental and not really understanding all the parallels through the story.


Right. Well, I think also because you beat.


His team yeah, we beat him on that. We went over there and pissed on their turf.


Yeah. And it was Tod McShay, right? Yeah.


I want to say roughly around 10,000 people there. It's the national game of the week on sports channel.




This is the heart of the lockout for NHL major league baseball. They were undefeated. We're undefeated. We just went through a really crazy week. Teachers go on strike. Halloween day, Salem, mass. Kids have a forfeiture of their season. Break into school, steal their equipment stash at a local field, ministration comes out, says, hey, if you coach, we're going to terminate you. Union grabs the coaches and says, your job description in the collective bargaining agreement has no relevance to coach and coach the kids. And they hit him with a seasoned assist document. Now, they couldn't get that equitable remedy of an injunction because he had two different contracts. So that night, we defy the seasoned assist. The superintendent in a school compares the coach live tv to Jim Jones and David Koresha starting a football cult. Now, I intertwine the parallels of 1692 witchcraft trials, modern day witch hunt, tallest legendary coach. It even gets better. We get to school that day going over swamp Scott, and coaches aren't allowed on the bus. So right before the game starts, the coaches run out, arm locked out of dark vans to coach the kids.


Wow. Okay, I take it back. That's not just a football game.


And my connection to the story is I was living with my grandmother. She lived with us, who was dying. I was a quarterback of the team. And when I talk about miraculous wins and divine intervention, we're talking the swampskaw game. It even gets better the next two games. But what they do in Salem, Mass. They're preserving the legacies of the witches, the falsely accused people that were hung and executed. All I'm trying to do is persevere the legacies of my former teammates and our coaches.


Yeah, that's a great story. That's not just a football game.


No, it isn't. So, unfortunately, they were just there, and the better team won that day. That's all I got to say.


Yeah, we're going to get back to Sean Stilado in a second. He's being brought to you by the farmer's dog. The results of switching your dog's food from kibble to fresh can seem like magic. When a senior dog starts acting like a puppy again and the pickiest of eaters can't wait for dinner time, you might think that some spells were cast, but the farmer's dog doesn't use any sorcery or secret ingredients to make their fresh food. They just use science. Blake absolutely loves the farmer's dog. He's got a beef. He's got a chicken. He's got a turkey. He loves it all. You can't imagine how excited Blake is for dinner time, for breakfast time. This morning, I let him outside to go pee. I start to make his food. I take the packet out of the refrigerator. I open it up, put it into his bowl. I look outside. He has not gone outside to pee. He's sitting at the door, through the window, drooling, waiting for his breakfast. He loves the farmer's dog. It's the best option for dogs at all. Life stages for Blake. He's a puppy. He's grown so fast. I think he's up to about 75 pounds right now with Stella.


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But the only thing I do know is the witch trials, because that's what you learn growing up. But you were telling me about how the city had to be rebuilt, this whole uprising with the city. So what's it like growing up in Salem, Massachusetts? And how did it make you who you are right now?


Salem turned me into a man. Made me a conqueror. I always say we grew up very humble beginnings. Eight of us, three bedroom house and witchcraft heights.


It's a great name.


It is great name. But I got to say this. People are coming through the city. They think it's a theme park. People live there. People pissing on people's lawns and going down slides in people's yards and double parking in front of people's as they're trying to back up. It's crazy. I mean, you get millions of people come through there, but it's great for the city. But I'm trying to just carve out a little history there and say, you know what? Salem, mass. Is more than just the witches.




It's a football town. It's a town of some Italians, but it was great. It gave me a platform to really use as a springboard. And the year after high school was my biggest year of my life. I went to prep school for a year. The owners, which is coincidentally where John. Tish.


Steve Tish. Yeah.


And I happened to meet John for the first time, and he went to the gunnery, and he was someone I looked up to in terms of learning all about him and what a great man. And that was cool to have some facetime with him before Monday night football, before everything kind of went down, which is kind of crazy.


Yeah. So we were talking about this on, I think, Wednesday's show. What is it about Italians that it feels like they're the last group that everyone's okay just making fun of, and it feels like Italians are cool with it. Like, listen, I can do it because I'm a proud italian father, and one of my favorite producers is italian. We got Christopher de Lente over there. Hey, Dente. He's a hairy motherfucker. Yeah.


Al dente. De lente.


Yeah. He's got that classic italian temper.


Oh, he does.


You got a little Sicilian in him.


You got some in there.


My wife's half sicilian.


No Sicilian?


No Sicilian. What is it?


I think my family's from Bruto.






Yeah. So he's got, like, he'll go zero to 60 and like that.


Is it sauce or gravy?


Sauce or gravy?




Sauce. See? Okay. But what is it about Italians? It does feel like they're the last people that everyone can kind of have fun making jokes about and stereotyping. Everyone's doing this well.


It's so much passion, heritage.




I mean, we hug, we kiss. We love fashion and sports shit. They used to kill each other in the roman days and the roman coliseum, that gladiator stuff. But I think it's just they're gritty. When they came to this country, they were very discriminated against and it was very tough for them. And I think in terms of one thing I'll say about Italians that I'm proud of is they didn't stay complacent. They evolved and climbed the economic ladder. And I think that's just that gritty underdog approach. And I share know the same values my ancestors carried over in the know. Loyalty, generosity, hard work, grittiness, faith, family. I carry those and try to implement those in the core values of my kids.


Yeah, I think it's also because Italians love to bust balls.


Yeah, they're funny.


So you feel like you can bust balls.


Hey, we're in the Chicago. I'm dying to meet Sebastian. I mean, Sebastian called Tommy. He definitely gave me a couple ab workouts.


Yeah, you're jacked. I don't think people know that about you. If you go to your Instagram page, you fire off thirst traps like it's going outside.


Oh, you got your shirt off.


Yeah, this guy's got, like, an eight pack.




I told my wife I got to maintain eight pack till I'm 60, so I got about 15 years. But I had a couple of agents I hired and fired. And I remember one saying, you can never get out of shape. Like, you got to be ready for the call. So I kind of just kept that going. And I do get to rewind the clock back. Once a year, I played in a celebrity charity flag football game, and this year, I'll be catching balls either from T Mac Tracy, McGrady, or RG three the day before in Vegas. But the makeup of, hey, I got to fight for my guys, and I train like I'm fighting.


Do you train with your clients?


Sometimes, yeah, I do a lot of boxing and a lot of martial arts. Got a green belt in Kempo. I ran Boston marathon a few times. I raised about $10,000 for inner city kids, so who knows? People are trying to get in my ear. Hey, your late uncle was a boxer, right? Why don't you box another agent? I'm like, jesus, man. I don't want to hurt anybody.


That was smart, what you did there, by the way, mentioning the marathon, but saying you raised money because no one cares about anyone running a marathon.


Yeah, that's like, for you.


Got us with the charity.


Well, good sports and kids with severe disabilities.


Yeah, see, you're doing it again. It is.


Well, you know what I did write.


I wanted to make fun of you for being like, yeah, I ran a couple of marathons. Anyone could run.


I was hurting. I was nearly crying. 37 degrees but I'll tell you this, 2008, I ran it. We just had my Sophia Bella, and my wife's in the hospital. And I was neck and neck with Lance Armstrong, first half marathon. And I'm proud to say I did not train once. I just went out and ran the marathon.


That's insane.


That's crazy. So how many times a day do you say to yourself, like, what would probably.


I live my life kind of like a rocky Balboa meets Daniel Larusso?


Okay. Are you ever, like, looking in the mirror, like, hey, Sean, what would Rocky do? Yeah, let's get it together.


Tough it out.




Drink some fucking raw eggs or go punch some meat.


Yeah, go fight a Russian.


Yeah, go fight a Russian. That's a little like a heavyweight. Like six 4240. And you're like five 8170. That's kind of interesting how people really bought into that.


Yeah, I know different. They never would have commissioned that fight.


It's just a sanctioned murder.


No, it isn't. But I'll tell you, I watched and got jacked up, and I was throwing some. When I watch it, I still get. Yeah, I mean, he did all that crazy, unorthodox stuff. And I really look through those lenses and a lot of how I conduct business, how I train, I'm doing a lot of different things. I jump into the ocean in January and do some cold recovery work. Five in the morning. And I remember when I was playing arena balls at Nahant beach, and it was literally beginning of December, and I just tortured myself in Gallows Hill in Salem. 93 yards of Boggin Hill. I drove down. I went and I had cops on a two x four whatever, the little.




ATV. And they came down and said, sir, is everything okay? Like, don't hurt yourself. They thought I was trying to kill myself. I was like, with all due respect, it's the office. I'm just trying to get some recovery work in.




Sizing yourself to death.


Yeah, exactly.


That's great. How do you maintain the motivation that you get from being an underdog when you're going through all these successful times? Right now, I don't know if people could call you an underdog. You're going to the Italian Sports hall of Fame.


Yeah, I'll always be an underdog. It's just the way I was always the shortest, smallest in stature, lightest, not the smartest. I didn't hit the ovarian lottery. But you know what? I had something with the family component was important to me, but I kind of surrounded my entire office. Man cave is surrounded by my clients jerseys, the autograph, footballs, some awards. But I'm plastered with a lot of my ancestors. So I just bring myself back to what were they going through on that ss cannabis when they came to this country with very little means, but how did they lack of security? I mean, we live.


Think about it.


You got the cell phone, you got computers, you can google anything. AI is beautiful today. So that kind of keeps me just like, you know what? We got this perspective. And honestly, I have a strong faith. That's so important. And that's the backbone of our family. And my wife has been the one who's kept me because let's face it, every great man needs a good man, needs a good woman. And she's kept me from when I was low. I have got my Jerry Maguire stories that I could share. There'll be a later date. But she's really kept me, my faith up to go out here and just continue to build this thing. And it's crazy. The beautiful thing about football as a player and even asian, it's resiliency.


We're all wired like, yeah, a couple last questions. So, like we said, you're being inducted in Italian American Sports hall of Fame tonight. Is it like the masters? Did you get to pick your menu?


You know what, I didn't get to pick my menu, but I do as crazy.


Better be good food.


Yeah, it better be good food. But it's a lot of pressure. It's not going to hang with my wife's cutlets, my mother's meatballs, my grandmother's lasagna and linguini. But I'm sure it'll be decent.




But, you know, in the hall of Fame, I got to give this speech that I've repped a few times. I thought I was going to get a few more reps in with the week. Got crazy. And trying to close out a couple of deals for Tommy. And obviously my quarterback, EJ Perry, worked out for the Patriots. So any gms listening in the league.


This kid, they all listen.


EJ Perry is an absolute baller. Hits a golf ball 360 yards, 360 dunks, and he'll go on the whiteboard and do some Matt Damon stuff from goodwill hunting.


I love it. You'd be shocked when we go to the combine in Indy in February, the amount of scouts that come up and say they listen to the show and we're like, why? We're stupid.


Yeah, we're actively making teams worse.


Yeah. If you listen to us, your team's going to suck.


But I like this EJ Perry kid. And over had college, so we went.


To Boston College and then he transferred to play for his uncle. His uncle was a hell of a player. We played against each other. James Perry Brown.




Broke every record in the Germany. Then he goes out, has the greatest performance in the East west shrine game. 153.9 quarterback rating. A few guys that played in that game. Tom Brady, Bret five. John Elway backs it up in the combine.


Wait, he played better than John Elway? John Elway is like 60.


No, I'm saying in past performance.


Oh, okay.


All right, sorry, that was a little ambiguous. And then he goes to the combine.


If he was going up against.


And he has the most athletic test score out of any quarterback.


Let's get him. We're EJ Perry guys now. Yeah.


What teams? I'm looking at his wikipedia right now. He's been on the Jaguars, Texans, the Michigan Panthers, and then the Texans again.




And he just worked out for the Patriots this past Tuesday.


All practice. They got a quarterback.


Yeah. No, I don't know.


I think I got a pretty good judgment on talent.


Yeah, I.


Hands down, we're EJ Perry guys. We will help you.


EJ is exceptional.


Do you want us to make sign It'll just say, I'm telling you, he could drive a golf ball 360 yards.


EJ is a freak. Look, you got to remember what EJ, he grew up in a family of coaches. Father, high school football coach, uncle. A Harvard guy played at Harvard. Other uncle coached at the Texans for nine years. He's a college coach now. I mean, they don't make them like this kid. Yeah, but how many players are on the street that are hidden gems?


Yeah, you should use us because we are one for one. We did draft I don't know if you heard of Josh Allen. He's pretty good at quarterback.


Yeah, I think he came out of Wyoming.


Yeah, you probably saw because he probably would have gone undrafted if we didn't make that.


There was little to no punch around. And like we said, the gms listened to this show and we gassed them up hard.


Well, gas up EJ. He's ready. He's the best he's ever been. I think. Look at. I think I earned a little validation on my assessment of talent. And he's.




Yeah, I'm excited for this weekend. Should be fun down in New Orleans and looking forward to seeing some other guys play on Saturday night as.


Yeah, yeah, it's been a crazy week for you, and we appreciate you stopping by. Sounds like a week of a lifetime, really. Is there any particular part of your speech night? Any lines that you're working on? You want to just give, like, one last rep right now?


Help you, man? What do I want? There's definitely a part of the speech that I hope the listeners tonight, because I kind of want to save it for a chuckle, but, I mean, I think at the end of the know, really naked. James Baldwin, the great writer, came and said, naked, I come into this world. Naked. I shall leave, so leave a legacy that you and your family are proud of and that can carry on. And Frank Sinatra made the words, the best is yet to come. I listen to a lot of his music, and I just love the song my way. So I am blessed to be doing this and running Ses sports my way, and I'm excited to embrace tonight.


Yeah, big night.


It's great. It's a great week. All right, last question I had for you. It's a rowback question. Rho back promo code take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, everything. promo code take. So we're going to run this next week. Quickly tell us your seven fishes, because it's going to be right before Christmas.


Seven fishes.


What's on?


Well, like, growing up as a kid.




It's challenging now because my wife's got a shellfish allergy, and my daughter Gianna's got a shellfish. My daughter Gianna, her and I wrote a early chapter book. She suffers from juvenile arthritis.




And we wrote this together. And I actually visited Chicago Children's Hospital yesterday and brought gifts. And she made these pockets full of sunshines, little kits to go to the kids with toys in them, which I'm cool. Mean, look at. If I'm not eating at the house, it'd be lobster. It would be white fish a little bit. I would say it would be some clams.


Clams, yeah.


What else? My late grandma, my nana used to make unbelievable stuffed squid, and her breadcrumbs were al Dante. I'm a big italian sardine guy. I need those omegas for my cognitive function. I do like, a really high end, good tuna where I'm losing track of numbers.


I think that was five or six. Yeah.


I mean, if I had to go shrimp. Yeah. I would say not shrimp. Or I would go with just regular pale and eat shrimp. The big jumbo shrimp with that husk radish appetizer, little appetizer. Best it is. My wife makes a really good homemade ravioli which is kind of cool. And my mother in law.


You might need a Sean Stilado cookbook. That'd be good.


Yeah, but I'm mentioning that. But we're talking about working out. My diet is really clean six days a week. Like scary clean, but 7th day, that's it. I'm eating like I'm 320 pounds.


Is that Sunday?


Sunday, Sunday cheat day. And I eat a whole entire bag of kettle chips. Jalapeno kettle chips. Early afternoon when I'm home with a smile on my face.


I love that.


But I'm out there Monday morning and I'm living.




Yeah, grinding.


Not to tell you how to do your job, but you need to have a word with ESPN about the cutlets. Graphic. Do you see the chicken cutlets they put up?


That's not chicken cutlets. No, it know, probably the designer was an know the digital guy.


But representation matters.


That's why you need an, you know, experience creates wisdom. I'm sure they'll get it right the second time.


All right, well, Sean, thank you so much. Congratulations again. It feels everything, these moments that you have in your life where it's like everything's kind of setting into place. It's really cool to watch.


No, I'm very blessed and still ultra motivated. But I'll always be the kid from witchcraft Heights, 1970. So that being said, wax on, wax off.


Sean Stilato is brought to you by Chili's. Fast food isn't cheap anymore and social media is filled with complaints. Chili's three for me is the unbeatable value out there right now. You get a bottomless drink, bottomless chips and salsa, and an entree like a cheeseburger and fries, all for just 1099. That's a crazy good deal. Crazy good value. Chili's three for me is way more quality food than anything you're going to find in a drive through. Plus you get to go to Chili's. Get into Chili's. Try the three for me. The best 1099 that you can eat.


All right, let's wrap up the show, guys.


On chicks, on holidays. On holidays, it is the holidays. And in the spirit of giving and the holidays, I just like to clean up and I will gladly do another pick this weekend. Hank, no extra 7 minutes for the holidays. Well, we agreed to the extra 7 minutes, but you know what?


For the holidays, what are you cleaning up?


I'm going to wipe that slate clean. It's the spirit of giving, especially to the less fortunate. And if Hank's comfortable taking the charity of having an extra pick this weekend for the holidays. It's the time to give to charity. This is the time of year when I opened up my pocketbook to various charities. Henry Lockwood is going to be one of them. So, Hank, congratulations on being a charity case. And happy.


I was, I was getting frustrated in the moment because it was like one of those clear signs where all you had to do is give in to Hank and everyone be like, hank is a charity case. Instead you resisted. Everyone's like, pft. Scared. Yeah, it was one of like those, these games come up all the time in this office where it's like if you react correctly, people are just going to be like, that guy is being a bitch about it.




For the record, I didn't bring up an extra game.




So the reason why I was upset about was because Hank has been dancing around this and then he got in Max's ear and told Max to ask for the holiday. For the extra game, for the holiday. So I was mad at Hank taking the ultimate cowards way out and not even bringing up himself. And so I didn't want to give any ground to that. But now I've had some time to.


Think about it and.


Yeah, let's do. It's the season of charity giving.


What were you saying, Matt?


I said Hank had nothing to do with that. I just thought it would be good for the show if we had an extra game.


We'll find out.


Made it a little bit more competitive.


The pancakes are getting interesting.


I mean, I've gone from first to last.


Within two weeks, Jake has been really cooking the books. Man. If Max lost this too and had to do 24 hours stream. You guys really think I'm cheating?


I'll just eat the 24 pancakes.


No, I don't think you're cheating. Similar to what I was just saying with the PFT Hank thing. I like saying you're cheating. So then you get upset when I will not look into it. And I trust you more than any person on this show.


Appreciate it.


So that's the joke there where it's like you didn't hit a hole in one.


No, that's true. He did not hit.


Right, exactly. And that was Kirk made a joke.


So part of my take, Kirk Manahan would never.


Okay, guys on chicks.


Hey guys. My boyfriend and I are in our early thirty s and have been living together for about a year now and neither of us can surprise the other. We agreed to find presents for each other, scavenger hunt style. Like gift cards towards a romantic date night, each other's favorite Christmas treat and so on. Do you guys have any creative scavenger hunt ideas that I can surprise my boyfriend? He's an awl, loves sports. Sports betting, video games, talking shit on Twitter and arguing football.


Oh, that means he's definitely a troll.


We're also big Florida state talking shit on Twitter, so he's extra down this December after getting totally raw by the committee. Thanks, guys.


If the girlfriend knows the boyfriend likes to talk shit on Twitter, that means he has many burner accounts.


It means that he's talking shit on Twitter a lot, that there's just date nights during the week where she's like, what are you doing on your phone? He's like, I'm just replying to big cat telling me he's a pussy.


Yeah, that means he's a prime candidate for. I used to listen to part of my take all the time. Then they let Max on. I hate the show now. Now I only listen all the time.


And I know that Max is on the show all the time because I listen all the.


I've gone. My listening has gone from all the time to all the time.


We love those people too, by the way.


For the record, I do love those people. They're passionate.


Yeah. If you've been dating for long enough, it's hard to surprise sometimes. I may recommend a tattoo. That's going to be my answer to everything now.


It's just get a tattoo, surprise.




Bomb, get them a dog. That's really all you can do in terms of surprising a significant other. If you've been dating them or married to them for a long time, you have to make a big life decision without consulting them. That is a surprise. Buy a house.


Get him a car.




Here's what you do.


Like something that's really reckless, you go.


Out and you rent a car and then you put a giant fucking bow on it in the driveway. Have him come home. I got you this car. And then like two days later we got to take the car back. Yeah, that would be a good surprise.


Put your life savings on a parlay. Reckless surprise. Yeah.


Do people still ice each other? Is that a thing that happens? Sure, just ice them.




Hey, PMT boys. My boyfriend works Christmas day, so we're celebrating Christmas Eve and splitting time between his family and mine. When I asked him if that's okay, he said, as long as my parents have Sunday ticket, I blame you guys for his football obsession. But my question is, should I be annoyed that there's football on a holiday.


Wait, he works on Christmas Day? That's just watching football.


Read the question again, Hank.


My boyfriend works Christmas Day, so we're celebrating Christmas Eve and splitting time between his family and mine. When I asked him if that's as long as my parents have Sunday tickets.


Christmas Eve day is a Sunday. There's going to be NFL on all day on Sunday. Yeah, I think that's appropriate question, but.


No, you shouldn't be annoyed.


No, I don't like when football is on Christmas because it's like, you already have Christmas, you already have stuff happening. I'd rather have them be separate. I would.


But if it's on a Sunday, it's on a Sunday.


Yeah, right. There's nothing you can do about it. But if I had to pick the perfect time, I think Christmas on Thursday is probably the best. Christmas Eve Thursday. So that way Friday is Christmas and then you get the extra. You know what I mean? Like, you leave work on Tuesday before Christmas, you don't come back till the fifth.


I think the perfect set up is Christmas Eve on Wednesday.


Wednesday. Okay.


Christmas Day on Thursday. Everyone gets that day off. Then you have the weekend, and then next week you've got New Year's Eve.


You get like two weeks off. You get two weeks off.


Two full weeks off. At that point. That's the ideal setup. Listen, the NFL has us by the balls. They could put an NFL game on any calendar day of the year and we would have no choice but to watch it.




I'm not going to turn my back on the.


That's my point is like, I'd rather. I'll watch the NFL no matter what. I'd rather have it on a day when we don't have something else.


If the NFL had a surprise midday game on election day, democracy would stop in America. There would be no elections anymore.


Ooh, Christmas is on a Wednesday next year.




Have you heard anyone talk about the NBA Christmas games this year?


No. The NFL has killed.


Like, it's crazy. I forgot. Like, NBA used to be owned was that was like when the NBA started. Now when's the NBA going to start?


Well, is that just because the NFL has had like the last three years where we've been on a weekend?


I think so.


I think that's right. Maybe like because they did the Saturday Christmas day, like last year, there was a bunch of think it's. I think we're now out of the cycle where the NFL will take Christmas. No, they'll find out.


They'll figure out a way. They'll do a special Wednesday game.




And then football on Wednesday.




MLB will probably do like their draft on Christmas.


Oh, Jared.


And nobody will know.


Jared hit me back just to close a loop on that. Jared Krabbis, our good friend who we tried to call at like midnight on Sunday, he hit me back. He said that someone from MLB texted him on Saturday night being like, are you watching this? And he replied, what are you talking about? And the guy from the MLB was like, exactly like, this was a bad idea. Right now.


When you've lost Jerry Carabas.




You've lost everyone.


You've lost America. He didn't know.


So I just moved in with my boyfriend. I thought it would be a fun idea if we started making nice elaborate dinners on Sunday since we have time to do so. Unlike during the week, he doesn't want to because every NFL Sunday he orders a twelve inch italian sub and a twelve inch cheesesteak for the 01:00 and 04:00 games. He complains nonstop about his stomach hurts all day Sunday, but says it's part of the fun to be immobilized watching football all day with the food. What should I do?


I mean, this guy's got the plan almost perfectly, right? You have to have two separate meals for each game. And even if you're not hungry for the 04:00 game, you have to start a new meal just to give your body like a new feeling. I'm putting myself through a new experience because there's a new game on. I don't know. All these questions are just kind of like, how come you guys are so degenerate when it comes to your bodies in football?


Yeah, I wish I operated a different way where I felt good on Sundays, but that's kind of crazy, right? Last couple of Sundays when dinner time comes around, I'm like, I don't even know if I want to eat. Yeah. And then I do. Out of peer pressure.


Maybe you do a six inch for each game.


Yeah, how about that?


And chips.


Two sub method. I used to do that all the time. Just order two when you order subs and then you have one for later.


Have him do all the food prep. You can do the cooking.


Yeah, it's not a bad idea.


Well, sounds like he's ordering a part of my cheesesteak more than merry plug.


God, yeah.


Big cat combo.


All right, last one. Hey, big cat.




Big stinky loser. Max.




I have a holiday question for you. What is an appropriate price range for a significant other of one year. Love you guys.


Good question. Are you pregnant? If you're pregnant, I think it doubles, but I'm going to say $250.


I was going to say 300, depending on how good the blowjobs are. Yeah.


If he's really good.


If he's good at giving you a blow job.


No, if he's good at getting heads.




I'm terrible. I'm maybe the worst person in the world at getting heads.


Three to five. Yeah. A year. I think 500 sounds about right.




A year is kind of serious.


500 is a lot, but a year.


Is kind of serious.


It depends on what his financial situation is like.




This could be a college kid.




Yeah. If you're in college, I'd say anywhere.


College is different. An adult year relationship is 500. Not that crazy.


If you're 30 or above, I would say 500 is probably in the right zone.


Once you start at 500 after a year, what's two years?


Yeah, you got to leave.


Yeah, but then remember, it goes down until you have to get married, and then after that, you just stop.


You just forget everything.




I don't have to get.


And it's also joint bank account. Who cares?


I'm over 500 this year, for the record.


Are you? Yeah.




What'd you get?


Everyone knows. Don't worry about it. No spoilers.


Bleep it out.


Why would. I could just not say it, but.


I want to know.


You could bleep it out.


I could just tell you later. I just want everyone.


Why bring it up on the show?


You just wanted to flex that. You spent $500 precisely correct.


Is it something for yourself, too, though? Is it like a.


This is what Max is doing is very sneaky. His girlfriend's going to hear this, and then she's going to be like, oh, fuck, I got to get.


No, it'll be like one of my girlfriend's friends boyfriends will tell their. It'll get back.


Is it a vacuum? Don't do that, dude.


I did that one year. I almost got a girl, a roomba, a really nice one, but, like, a top of the line one where I was pumped about, too. And then it's like, I thought what I was doing was taking away the responsibility of vacuuming. No, but then I thought to myself, it's not a good look to get a woman a vacuum for Christmas.


All right, so 300.


Maybe my worst idea. I think it fluctuates anywhere between one and five, depending on what stage of life you're in.


Definitely. Yeah. Anything over. If you're 28 or older. I think 500 is inappropriate for a year because that 28 or older year relationship, you're not just jumping into year relationships. Yeah, but if you're in your early twenty s and, like 200, 300, I.


Think it also matters whether or not this is the first Christmas that they've had together. They've been together for a year. What did you get her on the first Christmas?


Oh, actually, that's actually how it's decided. Are you spending Christmas together? If it's a yes, then it's 500. If it's a no, then it's like 200. Yeah. Because if you are, then that's serious. That's families. That's everything.


Also, you have to take into account the flight at that age. Well, I spent 300 on the flight, so I'm only spending 100 on your gift.


True. All right, good show, boys. Friday. Oh, we have our good friend Julian Edelman back. He's going to be in studio tomorrow. All right.


Defensive back on the all white team.


Yeah, I walked by. They're simming it.




We were down twelve with a minute left.


I saw the entire first half. I think Tyreek Hill had 250 yards in the first half.


Yeah. It looked like we were going to cover, though.


Yeah, because this is twelve and a half.


Yeah. All right, numbers 40. 1871.






Shane. Ten.


Pug. 74.


Are you going to say pug?


I need Pug to win this.


I just need pug. What's Pug's number again?




Do that thing where you rig it for. But for pug.


74. Pug.




Is that the first 100 ever? No, the old machine. Every number hit. Did we have 100?


Come on, mash, you know this.


Remember when Hank got it for the first time?


It was the last number, too. It was crazy moment I could forget.


Yeah. Why do you need Pug to get it?


Because it would be fun.


Just fun to root for.


I mean, but you rooting for pug means you'll never get it.


My team wins more than everyone else's teams. That is a narrative. That I am the biggest loser. My teams are the best.


But are they?




You don't win anything.


No one wins anything.


But you really don't win anything.


You never see any wins.




But you have the biggest losses, correct?




Which would make you the biggest loser.


But you won two Super Bowls. Been to an NBA final.


Shut up. Stanley cup, no one cares about you. Another Super bowl, you can't hang the finals because. Won a World Series. Yeah, I got a World Series and.


A Stanley cup in the last whatever. Ten years. No.


Well, yeah. I mean, if we're talking about ten years.


Show started.


Yes. All right. Since the show started, I have a World Series.


I've only been here for a year.


What do you have since the show started?


I have so many finals appearances.


Yeah, exactly.


Hang the banner.


Yeah. So don't root for Pug.


I'm going to root for Pug.


All right, well, Pug will never get it. Pug, have you ever gotten this?


Have you ever gotten it in the old one?


Pug, have you ever gotten. I have not, thanks to Max. Yeah.


Pug is also an Eagles fan.


Yeah, but he's a nice one.


He's different.


Yeah, we're rooting for. We're rooting for Pug's eagles. We're not rooting for your eagles.


Hey, memes, can we just add in a clip of Max saying, I'm a loser one more time? At the end of the show, I.


Am going to edit that in which I will do it because I just do whatever you guys say.


You're great at your job, Max.


Love you guys.


I am a loser talking away I'm.


The one I may update anyway David shy I'm coming to the love of I'm coming to the level take me I don't say I'm sending away life is okay say up me it's a better to be safe to tell me.


It'S a better to be safe to tell it's a better to be safe.


To tell me.


Make me I think that it.


Shine away I'll be coming.


For you anyway coming for you anyway.


I'll be coming for you anyway take.


On me, baby I Jim Gaffigan here with some more straight talk now.


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