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On today's part of my take, we have our good friend, Kirk Herb Street, on the show talking college football. We're going to talk a little Monday Night football, Hotseat, Cool Throne, Guys on the next back, Great Wednesday show. It's all brought to you by our friends at Chevy. There's a new family with Unstoppable grit, and they are the official partners of the Part of My Take family, and that is the Chevy Silverado ZR2 family, the first ever Silverado Heavy Duty, ZR2 joins a franchise to make Chevy ZR2 the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your off-road adventures take you. With exclusive, multi-matic, DSSV, dampers, rugged mud-terrain tires and up to 14 available camera views. The Chevy Silverado is a ZR2 and Silverado HD ZR2 are a family with commanding and unstoppable grit. Head to chevy. Com. Check out the Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy ZR2s, the official trucks. Pardon my take, we are a Chevy podcast. We love Chevy. If you're thinking about becoming a truck person, Chevy is the place. Go right now to chevy. Com and check out the new family of Chevy Silverado, family of Chevy ZR2, the official trucks of Pardon my take.


Okay, let's go. Jay. Boy. Boy. Now in the street, there is violence and a lot of work to be done. No place to hang out or wash in. And then that can't blame all on the sun. Oh, no. We're going to wrap.




To electric avenue. And then we'll take it higher. Oh, we're going to.


Wrap down to electric avenue. It's part of my take, this is in my.






Welcome to part of my take. Today is Wednesday, November 29th, and the bears might be back, PFT.


Yeah, their defense is back. I wish I loved anything as much as Matt Ibroflus loves throwing tunnel screens.


Well, yeah, Luke Getzee.


Luke Getzee.


Luke Getzee loves throwing tunnel screens. Monday Night Football was an abomination of football. Did it? Now I'm biased. It was a nice flashback. I was watching the bears, but did it become… Was it so bad it became fun.


At any point? It was fun because you don't know what was going to happen. You didn't know how the ball was going to get turnover next, what the bears were going to do an offense to squander, great field position. It was a great pass at the end of the game. He threw the pass when he counted, so Justin Fields has to be happy about that. I was addicted to just looking at Justin Fields' passing charts after the game, and it was just green dots directly to the side, nothing across the middle whatsoever. They say that they have confidence in him as a quarterback. You should let him throw the ball to the middle of the field once in a while.


Yes. Some of it is on Justin Fields because there are times where it feels like he maybe holds on to the ball too long. We talked at length about his drop backs being a little slower than everyone else's. But overall, and this is so I've struggled with this because, and you correctly called me out last week about being in the same spot again this year where it's like, Oh, losses are good. We're in Groundhogs Day. I'm actually happy they won. I know that you're happy they won. I am. Hank, you're happy they won. I'm happy they won because the bears might finally be done in the total tank-off and start actually playing some decent football. They're four and four in their last eight. Their defense looks awesome. Montez sweat for the people who laughed at that trade. I think it was just general knee-jerk reaction because of the Chase-Claypool thing. The defense is flying around, playing great. The offense has dudes. Dj Moore is awesome. Cole Comet is good. We can talk about Justin Fields and what that means. But for the first time in a very long time, I am optimistic about the Chicago bears and where they're headed because I think you can build off of what they've done defensively.


Ryan Poles brought in Jermaine Edmunds and TJ Edwards and all these guys that are playing well and a really good draft pick with Darnell Wright. I don't know what's going to happen with Heberflus. I think he should still be fired. But I am, for the first time in a long time like, Hey, the bears actually have… We're no longer just like a million pieces away. We're a few pieces away from being a good football team. Yeah, the defense is- The quarterback might be.


One of the biggest- The defense is really good. I think that that's not a fluke. If you watch the camera on Ryan Polis throughout the game, there's no way for him to know when the camera's on him. Somebody should let him know when they're focusing on him on the main broadcast because he was just shaking his head like, I can't believe this shit. But then after the game, they won and he looked like the happiest person on Earth. They unleashed it at the end, just enough to make it count. I agree that SweAT is an impact maker on defense. I told you he was better than Chase Young.


No, you were not one of those people. I get it. When you root for a bad franchise, you become the butt of a lot of jokes. People were like, Why would they do this? Why not just sign him in freeagency? He's like, Well, you don't know if he's going to sign in free agency. You don't know what the price is going to be. Ryan Polis was aggressive. He got an impact player that's going to be very good and signed him long term.


What I don't want to have happen is for all of us to turn on Josh Dobbs because it feels like we're starting to have the conversation. I've heard a lot of people talk about like, Well, maybe this is why Josh Dobbs has been on so many teams in the last three years. Now, he had a bad game last night. Very bad game last night. Very bad game. I still want Josh Dobbs around. I'm not going to forget what Josh Dobbs did for America this season, taking just dog shit Cardinals games and making them entertaining for us. That time where he filled in for Kurt Cousins on two days… or not Kurt Cousins, backup-backup came in on two days' notice, didn't know the receiver's names. I am willing to overlook a bad game or two from Josh Dobbs and just trust the process with him and just know that, yeah, he's probably not a long-term situational starter for anybody. But Josh Dobbs still has a place in this NFL and he's good enough to play.


Yeah, he maybe should just not learn the playbook because we talked about this when he went to Minnesota and played well in the first couple of games. When he was in Arizona, he had been signed to the Cardinals two weeks before the season started and played well in September, maybe it's just learning the playbook is too much.


What's the name of that learning curve? I think it might just be called the learning curve. But if you start at a new job, sometimes you're really good at the start because you don't know anything. Right. You ask a lot of questions and then you think you know everything. You just play free football. After you think you know everything, then you get bad and then you get good again once you do actually know everything.


We need to.


Find him getting good again. We need to just keep him playing football in the NFL until he gets good again.


Yes, I like that. The Vikings, that was a bad loss to the Vikings because now you have the Packers and Rams breathing down their throat.


Great loss for the.


Lions, though. Great loss for the Lions. Lions have to play the Bears next week after the by week.


Was this the Eberflus' first.


Divisional win? Yes. It took 30 weeks, 30 regular-season weeks for the Eberflus-Poles combo to make good on their guarantee. Ryan Poles, in his introductory press conference, said, We're going to take the North and we're never going to give.


It back. This is the start.


This is the start. This is day one. I know people will shit on me for being optimistic here, but I really do feel like the first time I can see everything that Poles is doing and the defense, building on the defense and having a true number one wide receiver, having a true number one tight end, having a really good Darnell right. It does still all come down to what they want to do with Justin Fields. I guess I'm open to whatever the next coach, hopefully the next coach, decides because I've talked myself into maybe doing Marvin Harrison and offensive lineman and seeing if you could get Justin Fields to take another step forward. Or if the new coach comes in and says, We need a quarterback, all right, draft your quarterback. But they have, again, it comes back to the fact that for the first time in a long time, the bears don't feel they're like three or four guys away, not 15 guys away.


I think it all depends on where the Panthers finish up. It looks like you're probably going to have the first.


Overall pick. That's the part that I don't care about winning because we have that in our back pocket.


If you have the first overall pick, I think the move is probably to try to trade Justin Fields. How many years does he have left? He's two, I believe. Two. See what you can.


Get for him. You have to decide on his option at the end of.


Next year. Decide on it and then, yeah, see what you can get for him. Then I think the new coach is going to probably want to go in a different direction.


I also was very happy for Justin Fields because his defense has let him down a lot. Last year, there was a lot of games where he played okay and the defense gave up like 30 points. It was nice to have a reversal where the fumble was bad, very bad. I think we all expected it to happen. Then the defense bowed up and they were able to win the game. At the very end of the game. It's weird to think. It is the first time in a year and a half where I'm like, Yeah, I'm actually happy because for culture-wise, I know the tanking helps the draft pick, but at some point you have to win so that you just can start to shed the loser culture.


You know what would be great, though, if somehow a coach was so good at tanking that they drew up specific plays and designed intersections. The play is all right, you're going to hit this.


Db on this route. Well, Josh Jobs was doing that last night.


Yeah, so you got to hit this guy on this route, and then that's going to give him a better chance to return for six and see how well you can execute on your intentionally bad plays. That's next level shit. I don't think the NFL is ready for it yet. At the very end of the game, was your butthole just a little bit tight? About the kick? When they started throwing the ball back and forth, back and.


Forth back and forth?


Oh, yeah. Until they threw the flag for illegal forward pass, I was thinking like when we watched the jets on Black Friday, this could happen to the bears. If it's going to happen to a team, it could happen to the bears.


Usually, I don't get nervous till they're on the 40, the opposing 40. They got to about midfield. But yeah, I know people are going to be like, What the fuck? Why are you being optimistic? I'm optimistic about The Bear. It's for the first time in a long time, I can see that the pieces are starting to come into place and Ryan Pol is doing a good job. He's brought in some good free agents, trades, all that stuff.


They do- They do look like they're happy with each other in the back room. Honestly, I think they like each other, which is sometimes when you go through a season like this where you lose a lot, especially early on, you just start to not be that pumped about coming to work. I've seen that before.


The one thing I'm nervous about is the bear's schedule at the end of the season is not that hard. We had the Lions next week or after the by week at home. Then obviously at Browns, Brown's defense is really good, but we don't know who's going to be playing quarterback. Cardinals, Falcons at Packers. Matty Puflus might be able to keep his job, which that scares me. I really want to just be promoted to DC. I don't think he is. He's a really good defensive coordinator. He's doing stuff that Alan Williams never dreamt of doing. He is coaching this defense to be there significantly better the last whatever, month and a half. But yeah, that's my only concern. It really comes down to this. The bears have all the options in front of them. I can see all the pieces. I'm very optimistic. Now you have to execute and make the right decisions, which we all know that could.


Blow up in our face. It could. Don't get me wrong, it was a shitty game. Yeah, no, it was a terrible game. Was a.


Really bad game. The bears should have won by.


Like 21. You have a right to be optimistic about the future. But for most of America watching that, it was bad. It was so bad that Troy just started laughing in the fourth quarter. Yeah, the offense was bad. I think they threw another three-yard loss on a screenplay to a wide receiver. Troy, he didn't have any commentaries. He probably just wanted to reach out to the telescope and draw the dick and balls on it because it was laughably bad offense from the bears for a very long time. They did enough to win. Great. Good for the bears. I'm happy for the bears. I'm happy that I think you guys are actually ahead of us. I miscalculated that because the first high breaker is not head to head. No, it's who you play. I think the first high breaker is strength of schedule. You guys are ahead of us by just a little bit. Who do you have on Sunday?




Week. By week, okay. Yeah, we're-We have the Dolphins, so we're going.


To lose. Right now, the Patriots are the third pick, the Bears are the fourth pick, and the Commanders are the fifth pick.




Love it. Look at us.


Who would have thought?


However-look at us.


-if you look at the top.


Of- Look at.


Us, Hank. -projected- If you were to go to the Combine this.


Year and actually scout. Yeah, we're projecting cap space for next year. I think that's the order that it's into. I think we're the top three. Listen, if you're buying- Look at us. -you're buying stock, you should be buying stock in our phantom right now. This room is about to become winners in 3-5 years.


I used our good friend, Tom Franelli, is a safe space sounding board for a lot of stuff because we're both Paris fans working sports media. We were saying maybe playoffs next year. It's scary, but yeah. I'm having one good victory Tuesday.


What's your record right now?


We're four and eight.


Why not.


Playoffs this year? Four and four in the last eight.


You're in the hunt.


Yeah, I don't think playoffs this year. I don't think that's going.


To happen. You're in the hunt. I'm just trying to talk you into it.


Also, I told my son that we won the game and he was actually very excited. So tanking, maybe not. Then he got me back by asking to listen to Taylor Swift on the car ride to school.


He's got a good taste.


I think he's.


Doing that to troll me. You got to separate the art from the artist of Taylor Swift. Great musician, terrible human being.


No, we banged out some Taylor Swift. I turned it on. I'm not a monster. I was like, Let's listen to some Taylor Swift. All right, good news for the Vikings, Justin Jefferson is back, right? I got a shift or a notification.


About him. I might have.


Missed that one. This was his last week to be on the IR.


Okay. Jordan Addison looked good again last night for the most part.


Well, that was more Josh Jobs throwing him out of bounds.


Yeah, that should have been a touchdown.


That was a crazy play. Yeah, he's activated. Okay. Then also Aaron Rogers said that anyone who says that he made up his injury can go fuck themselves.


Okay. Yeah. I do that several times a day.


So any other NFL stuff before we talk a little college ball?


Yeah, Bryce Young got the dreaded vote of confidence from his owner. So David Tepper gave a big press conference today, answered questions. They asked him about the choice to draft Bryce Young over C. J. Straud. He made sure to say several times, this was unanimous. Everybody in the room said it's unanimous. Sounds like he's trying to get out in front of the story that Frank Reich is probably going to say, which is he's going to say, I won C. J. Straud. That's a classic former coach move. But Tepper made sure to say several times it was unanimous. We all agreed on this. Do you remember that? I think it was an Independence Day when they decide to nuke the United States because of all the aliens. Yeah. Where the President was like, I need everybody to be unanimous about this because this is what I want to do. I don't want somebody going to the press later. I think that's what Tepper was saying during the draft process. We have to be all in on Bryce Young. You tell me that you're all in right now, Frank. Frank was like, Sir, yes, sir, I'm all in.


We should say, what was the guy's name? The reporter? He's now officially off the hot seat. Kunkel. Kunkel, who his wife is in AWS as well. He tweeted us and was like, My wife was very happy to hear my name getting said, even though it's a fake name, Kunkel. But yeah, he is off the hot seat because he reported that Frank Reiss's seat was on fire and we said that if he doesn't get fired on Monday, then Kunkel is on the hot seat. Kunkle, you're on the.


Cool throne. Cool throne for sure.


Yeah, but David Tepper is, I mean, he's so quickly become the worst owner. I don't know. I mean, Dan Styer leaving Helped.


Yeah, helped out a whole lot. I mean, the Bear's owner.


Yeah, although they're like-.


But they're not a cartoon super villain.


Yeah, they're passively bad. He's aggressively bad. Where he's doing too much. He's the problem. There's a lot of owners that you're like, Hey, could you do maybe a more or hire the right people? He's like, I'm going to just fix all these problems by micromanaging and firing people.


I'm going to run the team myself. Frank Reich, congratulations to Frank Reich. He's now double dipping on buyouts. Good for him.


Back to back to years. He gets fired mid-season.


He's getting money from Mr. Ursey as well as Mr. Tepper right now. I heard a little rumor, Max. Maybe you can address this. Frank Reich, who do you used to be the offensive coordinator for? Eagles? Yeah. What about him going, Is he coming home?




Set of eyes?


Right now it's looking like Johnson's going to be a top candidate for a head coach in the offseason. I would have no problem with Frank Wright coming home.


Being an OC for the birds. I could see them bringing him in for the rest of the season as an offensive consultant. They like doing that. Just get another guy in the building. No, not now. You don't think so?


Not now. He could come in the building now. I'd take him back. He could come in now.


Or- He won the Super Bowl? -send him out to LA, reunite him with Carson Wentz, recreate some of that man. No, I'll take him.


Chris Tables, their interim head coach, who did... He has coached a game when Matt Nagey got COVID in 2021. He coached one game for the bears.


Who could forget?


Yeah. He is their interim. I'm going to have to decide if he can get a little dead coach bounce for them.




Might just be bad.


I like David Tepper, though. Just in the sense.


Of like- Well, yeah, because he's not our owner. He's not our owner. Right.


He's fun to talk about and he's fun to observe. Actually, I was lucky enough to have dinner with him in Cabo on Valentine's Day this year. I don't know if I told you guys that. What? Yeah. Well, he was sitting at the table directly next to mine at the resort. How do I say this? Diplomatically. His wife really likes Pino Griggio a lot. A whole lot.




Doesn't? Yeah, a lot.


Damn, she's vacationing with billionaires.


She had a great time.


Yeah. Yeah, he-I'm.


Not on any flight-.


What happened after?


We all went back to the suite, had a good time.


He does rule on the fact that super, super rich guys that get everything they want for their entire life then get to a point where what they've done doesn't work anymore is very fun to watch. Yeah. It's like, I'm just going to do the same thing I've done all my life because that's why I'm rich. It's like, Well, the NFL works a little different, buddy.


It's everyone else's problem. It's not mine.


Right. Exactly. Exactly. All right. Anything else to NFL? We'll do some college. We have a Herb Street on, so we're going to do a bunch of college with him.


I think we can get into it more on Friday show. But I just want to say, Max, I feel disrespected for the Eagles because now I think they're a three-point underdog.


Two and a half.


No, I think it moved. It moved? Yeah, I think it moved to three earlier. I think it jumped up to three. I still think that the 49ers might win this game, but this is actually giving Ciriani all the ammunition that he could ever need. He's perpetually looking for a way to call himself an underdog, as most coaches are. But this is gold for him. Yeah. He's going to be.


Blasting rocky. Damn, Max.




Guys must suck. Three-point underdogs.


At home. What's your record, Max?


That'd be 10 and 1.


Yeah. 10 and 1. Well, the Niners are better than that, right? Nope. Weird.


I bet the Niners are minus one. What do you mean they're minus one? I bet them a minus one on Sunday night. You just keep making up lines. You just keep making up lines. I'll show you my bets. Bosco? You want to see my bet slip? Here. Minus one? When was it at minus one? Come here, come here. I know you believe me, but come look and confirm. So that Max, yet again, loser Max and his loser excuses can fucking shut up. Look at that right there. Is that not minus one? That's minus one. That's minus one. All right, fine. You're just a bird's hater now. You know what it is? You're upset that you didn't place your future earlier because you had this whole plan that the Eagles are going to lose all these games during this gauntlet. My plan is still going to work. My plan is still going to work. The Eagles are going to lose all these games during this gauntlet, and then you were going to hop on, and it's not going to play. It's still going to work. It's still going to work. That's what it is. I just saw it in your face.


Yeah, of course it is. Of course it is. No, duh. No, duh. All right, let's do a little college football and then we'll do Hot Seed, Cool Throne. We're brought to you by our friends at Grammarly. When it comes to writing, Grammarly is there to support you from start to finish. For over 10 years, Grammarly has been powered by AI technology you can trust to help you across all the places where you write the most. So when you're stuck with writing at work, Grammarly can help you get started with ideas, outlines, and even tips if you need to polish your writing. Grammarly can help paraphrase and rewrite to be more concise instantly. Simply select the text that you want to rewrite and give Grammarly a prompt. Need to draft an important email and don't know where to start Grammarly has suggestions to jumpstart your writing. This is great. Writer's block is real. Grammarly is there to help you. The best part is it's free to use. So start being more productive at work. Go to grammarly. Com/podcast to download for free today. That's G-R-A-M-M-A-R-L-Y. Com/podcast today. Grammarly. Com/podcast to download for free today. This is a great product because there's many times where I don't write an email because I don't want to start the email.


Have someone start it for you. Go to grammarly. Grammarly. Com/podcast. Okay, quick College football because we do talk with Herbie about a lot of it. One thing we didn't talk to him about, though, I actually think this might be the worst loss for a fan base ever in Ohio State.




So hear me out. They had an opportunity on Saturday to essentially erase three years of Michigan football and go back to when Ohio State, I think there was a stretch from or whatever to 2021, where they had won every single time except for two. If they had won on Saturday, they could have all gone around and said, The only reason you beat us was because you cheated. The minute you couldn't cheat anymore, all the normalcy has been restored in the world and we're better than you. It's just a blip on the radar, you cheaters. Now Michigan, with their backup, with their interim head coach, Sharon Moore, who called a great game, gets to be like, You guys cried, you bitched, you moaned, you started investigations, and we still just ran the ball down your throat.


I think you might be right because you're always looking for an excuse to lose a rivalry game like that. You had a built-in one saying like, Okay, it was all done like cloak and dagger shit behind the scenes. You can't beat us man on man. Sharon Moore, I think, here's the take. Sharon Moore, by being a step head coach that only visits on weekends, he was actually in a better position than Ryan Day was because he can let his freak flag fly and doesn't really have to worry about, Okay, well, I have to be a Michigan head coach that beats Ohio State. He's just there keeping the seat warm for Jim when he comes back.


Although he might be the guy in next year.


He could go for it. He could go for it when he wanted to. He made some really aggressive calls. And Ohio State, Ryan Day, I don't think Ohio State played a bad game at all. I thought Ohio State played a pretty good game overall. Agreed. It was just a good game of football. The funniest part of the game, I don't know if you caught this. I'm a bit of a flyboy. I saw during the flyover before the game, you see the plane that they flew over. Yes. It looked like it was a Delta Airlines flight. Yes. It was not your standard B-2, F-22, F-18, F-16. I can keep going. But it was a President. A President is a spy airplane. It's a dedicated spy, espionage surveillance airplane that they flew over the stadium. That has to be the most expensive troll of all time.




Michigan can do it.


They can do it. Stephen Ross probably just wrote the check.


And it worked. I mean, I wouldn't be surprised if Harball was in there. I put him in some fatigue, strap a parachute on him. But I think that's the most expensive troll. Yeah.


It really is. I have to say, it's almost like, I think, is Skins game in golf. When the whole like if you have a hole, it counts as two to the next one. That was a Skins game in football. They basically could have won three games in one.


Yeah, they could have won that actively.


And now, yeah, and Ryan Day. I agree with you. Ohio State, it wasn't like the last two years where Michigan was like, We're just more physical than you. We're tougher than you. We kick the shit out of you. This was a very even game. It just came down to Ryan Day being a little too conservative in a couple of moments that the end of half when he was like, Hey, let's have our kicker who's never kicked this far in a rivalry game in cold weather, tried the longest kick ever instead of trying to get a few more yards.


Did he make the first one, though?


He did, which I think is always a stupid thing to do.


To follow through? Yeah. As a kicker, I would always like a warm-up shot, though.


But once you make it once, you're just like, Fuck, can I do that again?


Yeah, it's like Trump's theory of your body being a battery. Once you lose that, it's gone forever. That's one less main kick that you'll ever have in your entire life. You can make a chip shot in practice. Yeah, it was weird at the end of the half. If I were the kicker, I would definitely take that shot, but it worked. Icing the kicker works. People forget that. There's studies out there that have shown that on long fuel goals, Icing the kicker is actually like, you can prove that it's 5%, 10% better, depending on the kicker, obviously. But I want to stand up real quick for the big house. The Big House. The Big House gets slandered sometimes because of the way it's designed.


Yeah, it's great for this game. It gets loud for this game.


It was so fucking. I've watched many games played at Michigan before, and I've never thought to myself, It's actually not that loud on the field. It always seems loud on the field to me. I just think that it could be even louder. Yeah, I know it could. There's no disrespect to it. It's very, very loud, but you could do a whole.


Lot better. Oh, yeah. I've been to, I don't know, probably four or five games of The Big House. It's an insane stadium. It's impressive just the size. It's also very cool because you walk in basically halfway up, so it's sunken. When you're walking in on the street level, you're 70 rows up or whatever it is. It's very cool. But yeah, the way it's set out is the sound escapes. But that game, yeah, it was so loud. Yeah, it was great. Going on the field after, it was a great college football Saturday. We had the Iron Bowl, which was just insane, which we talked to Herbie about. The one thing we didn't talk about, the Apple Cup was awesome. Cailen Deboard, that fourth down call where he did the trick play on his own 20, the balls on that, through your entire season, is on the line right there. He's like, Yeah, this is when I got this play, which was like a fake handoff pitch outside that went for 40 yards. That was a great game. In Washington, they are like TCU last year. They just find a way to win these games.


Yeah, the Apple Cup is a very underrated rivalry, too. I think unless you're from the Northwest, you don't understand just how much those two fan bases hate each other, it's bad. It's almost like SEC level on that game day. They're at each other's throats. I am glad. Would they extend to five years?


I think.


So, yeah. At least they got something right with all the realignment. Yeah, keep some of these traditions. Also, we had our first Arch Manning sighting in Texas. They beat the fuck out of Texas Tech. Texas Tech, yes. It was a whamping. I forget how many they won by. I think they were up by 50 at the time.




57-7, won by 50. Arch Manning gets in, I think at the end of the third quarters when they put him in the game. I have a take about Arch Manning. Are you ready for this? Because you have to have a take about Arch Manning. I think I figured out what mine is going to be early. I think Arch Manning might be too good of a quarterback. I don't think that there are receivers out there that are good enough to play with Arch Manning. He had two touchdown passes. I think it was on his first drive that were just fucking laser beams right on their hands. Bounced off their hands. It was too good of a ball? Yeah, too good of a ball. I don't think maybe Josh McDaniels, offensive genius, who's just too advanced for the modern day NFL, maybe he could figure out a way to get Archman and quarterback in the future. I like this team. But you remember when we were watching March Madness and Marquise Noel? Yeah. He's throwing those passes between his legs behind the back. Surprising his guys. Surprising his guys. The ball was going out of bounds. I think Arch is up to those tricks.


I think he's too good at playing quarterback. I like that. He's so good that he sucks.




Like that.


Yeah, Arch Manning. Let's get him in the game. Yeah. All right, so we have a lot more college football talk. Don't be upset that we're not doing everything because we're going to get through all the playoff iterations and everything with Kirk Herb Street. That was a great Saturday. That was just a great college football Saturday where it's just all these rivalry games, chaos everywhere. We still haven't had the big chaos, which maybe happens this Championship Saturday. It feels like we're always right there and we haven't had the, Oh, man, now everything's flipped up.


I'm rooting for chaos. Yeah, I love it.


I'm rooting for them to have to admit that games don't matter, which is what they're going to admit. I think games matter, but I think they're going to… I want them to have to just put in Alabama over Texas and then the whole farce of it be like, Games don't matter. No one should schedule anyone.


Yeah. We talked to Herbie about it, but the whole Florida State thing, I had an aha moment this morning when I woke up and I was like, Wait a second. They want to have big names in this playoff. Right now, Florida State, even though they are a big name traditionally, they don't have the same buzz as like a Texas would have. I'm just thinking that Florida State will get fucked. If Florida State wins by 40 points, then.


They'll- The Cardell Jones. Then they'll get in. Yeah, the.


Cardell Jones. Then they'll get in. But if you're a Siminal fan, I'm sorry, but I think you're about to get fucked.


I don't think so. Games have to matter. They have to matter. But yeah, we'll do an extended conversation with Herbie in a minute about that. Let's do Hotsea, Cool Throne. It's brought to you by our friends at Corez Light. Fall doesn't have to be a buzz kill. Corez Light helps you find moments to unwind. Big work presentation. Follow it with a happy hour, some friends in a cold Corez Light. Weekend chores take Saturday off and hit the tailgate. Even if you don't have tickets to the game, whenever you need to hit reset, reach for CoreLight, it's made to chill. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill, and that's Coors Light. The mountains on the bottles and cans even turned blue when your beer is cold. That way you always know when it's time to chill, when you hit reset, just open a Coars Light. It's a mountain-cold refreshment, made to chill. Coars Light is the one I choose when I need to unwind. So when you want to hit reset, reach for the beer that's made to chill, grab a Coars Light. Coars Light, our favorite beer in the world. Coars Light is also the coldest beer in the world.


Get Coars Delight delivered straight to your door with Drizly or Instacart by going to coreslight. Com/take. Celebrate responsibly Core's Brewing Company, Golden Colorado, and go enjoy a nice cold Coars Light. Perfect. Holiday season. This is the stretch of the year where you can just have a nice cold Coars Light on a Tuesday night. No problem. It's holiday season. It's holiday cheer. All right, Hank, my hot.


Seat is sports illustrated.


Oh, yeah. I had that too, Hank.


Let's do it. It's a Saturday for journalism. Let's do it.


Let's get into it. I'm stealing our hot seats.


Tragic day for journalism. I mean, the biggest magazine in our lives, my life growing up was the sports illustrated. That was the premier place for sports articles, read the back page. They got caught for hiring an AI firm to not only write fake articles, but they made fake AI looking headshots for the fake writers. Yeah. That the articles would appear real. They got called out for it, deleted all the articles, and then released a statement on X, closing all the comments. They basically were like, We hired a third party website. We didn't know what they were doing. We have a process. We were in the middle of checking this out when this came to light and so we've taken them down. Trying to take no blame for it, but it was clear that they just tried to outsource.


Everything to AI. This makes me question everything now. Yeah. Was Rick Riley a real person? Was Peter King a real person?


Yeah, it was funny watching a bunch of the sports illustrated people be like, I actually was a real person.


Yeah, I'm not convinced that Peter King is real. I actually think Peter King is fake.


I'd agree.


Peter Kings, he's not real. He's AI. You know what their business model was for the last three years? It was basically like, look at this funny tweet. They would just find a funny tweet from a player, and then the headline would be like, You won't believe what Shaq just tweeted. Then it would just be a screenshot of the tweet. I'm pretty sure all those were written by just AI, just robots.


I don't fully understand AI. I did see that AI singer.


Oh, she sucks.


Sucks. She's awful. That was actually my first moment where I was like, Everyone who's getting upset about AI? No, AI sucks.


Nothing to worry about.


We beat AI. I think it would be funny if AI's only body that it ever caught was sports illustrative. If you told a 13-year-old PFT and Big Cat when you're sitting on the shitter reading Rick Riley back page, you're like, The future is going to be scary. Sports illustrative is going to be run by robots. That's it?


Yeah. Okay. I'll take that trade. Also, I feel very secure in my job. I don't think that we would ever be able to take over by AI. Do you think there's no AI? No, we could. No, there's no AI. That's stupid enough for having the same discussions that we have.


How would they get things wrong all the time? Don't computers get things right?


Yeah. Can you imagine an AI having a debate about whether or not the moon is good?


I can just do one of.


The lines. Yeah. It couldn't happen. Bad takes. Bad takes?


Okay. We have the voice stuff.


Should be very wrong about things.


I think we're close to the terminator, distinction. No, you.


Know what-.


Matrix and Terminator are all one movie.




Getting very close to the AI is here. Everyone thinks it's bad. But the second that it fixes itself and gets good, we're fucked. Then it's over.


You're being a mouthpiece for big AI because I actually.


Think- No, I'm anti AI.




Think we need to accept that it's a threat. Listen- I don't think there's anything we can do.


Honestly at this point. That's why you're being a mouthpiece for it. I agree with our friend, Jay Caspian-Kang, on this. He is of the mindset, and I agree with him 100% that the people who are being terrified about AI and all this buzz about AI, like taking over everyone's job, taking over the world, that's marketing. That the AI people are trying to get out there to build buzz about AI? You think it's advanced.


It's also one of those situations where you have to ask yourself, Are we too online? The answer is always yes. Do regular people think about AI? Are they having- They're.


Going to be the first ones.


But it's a big fucking world out there. I feel like this is one of those debates that happens on Twitter, and we have to take a step back and be like, Whoa, we're way too online. Who cares?


I think we should care. Ai is definitely coming for the trucking industry first, and then the truckers aren't going to put up with that shit. They're just going to park their big rigs on the highways and be like, come and take it. Yeah, the truckers will figure it out for us. Truckers always save us. Shout out truckers.


By the way, you mentioned our friend, Jay Casby and King. He had a really good point about the Auburn loss in the Iron Bowl. He said, Devastating for Auburn fans. Only comparable thing I can think of is when Coach K brought 80 plus former players to Cameron for his last game and lost to Caroline and then apologized to the crowd and said they would finish the season strong and then they lost again in the final four.




I like that. That is really the only thing comparable.


I liked it.


I think I might change this hurt or injured board to just how it shows since Big Cats shoehorned Coach K into it.


He said, Jay Caspian King. I saw a tweet that was very funny that I retweeted.


I basically said that.




Was PFT's fault. Yeah, it was.


My fault. He brought up Jay Caspian King.


On my other hot seat, not AI. I think I got a computer virus. So if you get any emails or.


Anything-what happened?


I was-You can't.


Just be like, Oh, blah, blah, blah. I got a computer virus. Pft, what's your hot seat?


How did you get it, Hank?


I was downloading a... I was making an editing a video and I was downloading a song from YouTube to MP3, classic.




Got hit with the fake download button. I hit that and it opened up and then I wasn't paying attention. I got an allow or decline screen for like, I thought it was to get the download, so I clicked allow, but it was for push notifications from this hack website. Then I just got a million push notifications.


Oh, no. I did this. This is hack.


This is hack. Hank, you're officially a boomer now.


Oh, no. I did this exact same thing last week that I just kept getting all the push notifications, but I just went into my settings and turned it off and I.


Haven't noticed anything.


I didn't do anything. There is nothing scarier than that moment when you do the one-click too many. Then you basically tell yourself that if you can just X out fast enough, you'll be fine. X, X, X, X. You're like, All right, I'm good. I'm good.


I just turned my computer off.


The notification came up was like, Your Gmail is being hacked, open. I clicked open and I was like, No, no, no, no. I did two clicks too many. Piss up. I should be fine. We'll see, though.


Just something to keep in mind. We have to keep an eye on you now. I have a rule with my mom that before she clicks on any links, she asked to send me a screenshot of it and I.


Tell her.


It's said download on the button. I think you need to ask us. That's tough, Hank. You got to let us know when you're thinking about.


Downloading stuff. I was trying to make a highlight reel. You're a.


C-suite guy.


I'm fucking dunking on you.


This actually might be why.


You're old. Wait, what were we going to make a.


Highlight reel of? From Surviving Barcelain when I went five or six on new shooting. I made it. It's out there.




Gotten the most at this company?




Got what? Who's gotten scammed?










Oh, yeah, Erica does get scammed left and right. We get texts from fake Ericas all the time.


See, Sweet Life.


Yeah. But this also means you might be getting old. We're the young whipper, snappers that are going to come in and look at your computer and be like, Let's fix this real quick.


For you. I don't think I've ever gotten hacked.


There's beans. There's beans in.


The computer. I'm just preemptively saying it just in case. Pete said he thinks I'm fine.


You ever see that video? Which one? The guy puts... He has a desktop and he just puts five cans of beans in his desktop. Then he hires a geek squad guy to come check it out. The guy opens it up. He's like, There's beans in here. He's like, What do you mean? There's beans in the computer. That's you, Hank.


Yeah. My cool throw is The Sun, the fucking sun. Aaron Rogers.




Yeah. I like the tweet.


Like the tweet, yeah.


About sunscreen basically being here. I'll read the tweet.


Yeah, I saw this. It's like Tom braided. Drink a bunch of water.


Yeah, it's from Russell O'Kong, proud base parent moment. My four-year-old stopped me and asked why other people use sunscreen. I looked at him seriously and responded, Corporations push propaganda machines to make the masses believe the sun is bad for them. We have a different view. Now let's go.


Yes. That parent sucks.


It's on that butthole. Just get the tank going. Russell O'Cone, he's the former officer of Lyman. I think he took his entire salary in crypto. Yeah, he did.


That parent could have easily just been like, sunscreen is bullshit.


You just say that. It's also like a Ruth Kandif.


Yeah, that's not a real conversation. There's no way. No one talks to their kids like that.


Why would a four-year-old stuff… I mean, you know better. No. Why do other.


People use sunscreen? No, my son has probably asked that. I don't want to put on sunscreen. I'm like, Well, you got to.


My four-year-old son, Chris, he respects the son. That's day one stuff as a dad.


Whenever a kid asks why, you just say because. That's it. Game over.


Also, selling based dad merchandise would probably do a lot of merch. Yeah. A lot of sales.


All right, PFT, you're.


Hotsea, CoolTron? Well, Hank stole my HotSea with the AI thing. What an asshole. I'm just going to say, Hotseat the PGA Tour. Oh, Because Tiger Woods says that he's going to come back and play one event per month next year. Love it. The Tiger is back in the news. I hope he does. I hope he does.


That'd be the cool throw.


What's that, Hank?


Wouldn't the PJ like that be the best?


No, because Tiger is going to beat all of them.


But the tour will be thrilled.




Hot seats.


The other players. The other players. Thank you, Jake. That's what he made. Yeah, that's right. That was.


Too many- Follow along, Hank. You got to fucking do what you're going to do. You've got to do. You got a.


Virus in your brain? You said the PGA tour. The PGA tour is thrilled.


By-the PGA tour roster is.


On the roster. Yes, the roster.


The What the fuck up? Can you cut off Hank's mic, please?


You got a virus in your brain.


Thanks, Max. My cool throne is Darren Ravel. Darren Ravel left the Action Network. Now that he's left or fired? Don't know. I'm ambiguous. Now he's gone. Now he can do fun stuff like come on, part of my take, which is great. He's going back to sports business full-time. He's not working. Oh, no. He's going to be at another competitor? Damn it. We can't have him on the show. Fuck. I don't know where he's going. I was hoping that Darren would be able to come on the show now that he no longer worked at the Action Network.


Well, Jake said he's not. Sports business isn't a… Do you want me to correct?


Yeah, correct.


Sports business isn't a place.


Okay, so where's….


That's true. Well, for Darren, it is.


He will be working.


At… It's like Narnia. -most likely. He just walks in and heJust like he looks through and there's waterfalls and there's prices on people wearing Ray-Bans and how much did they get for wearing Pumas instead of Nikes.


There's a Beckett's MLK Junior catalog.


That is a place for him.


Yeah, but thank you for destroying the joke, Hank. I appreciate that. We're just saying that Ravel will not be able to come on part of my take, but that's all right.


We've had this debate for years. I think one time.


I know. I just don't like him.


That'd be great.


I like him now.


He gave me this job.


His existence. Darren Ravel can come on this show if he honestly answers all questions about Northwestern and Pat's Fitzgerald.


I want three pieces of his African-American memorabilia. Yeah. Which I would be donating to.


A museum. No, you want.


Over three. Over three. Three-plus. It's going to a museum, Darren.


That's funny. On this day of all days, call me racist.


If he comes on the show, I just want to have this approver film on a TV above me.


He had a little bit of self-awareness when he did tweet. Yeah, so he gets points for that. But yeah, Ravel, if you want to answer all questions about Pat and Cheryl and over three pieces of memorabilia to PFT.


You guys have to pledge that you're not going to prank him like.


Last time. Oh, yeah, PFT totally to prank him by doing the shake my hand and then-No, when you got-You guys called him up, right? No, he did download too slow and Darry was like, I don't like that. You know what I'm saying? When he called in.


And you hung up on him.


E-sports? We used to.


Call him. Yeah, E-sports. We did that multiple times. You'relike, Well, Darren, what's up? And he started talking. You're like, Sorry, loser.


And you hung up on him right away.


The entire interview is going to be a prank.


Should we call him right now?




Let's go and call him. Let's ask him where his next place is, and I'm just going to hang up on him. Let's see if he's going to hang up on him. Hello.




Darin, it's Big Cat from Part of My Take. We were wondering if you had any comment about your next move in sports business. Is this being taped? This is being taped. I hung up.






Mean. That was mean.


That was so mean. You remember what his comment was going to be?


You remember when we tried to fight me at Rough and Rowdy and he wanted like three million dollars? I'd fight him for free, for the record.


I didn't like that.






Don't know. I think it was mean.


Hanging up on him? Yeah. Jake, riddle me this, riddle me that. What is meaner? Hanging up on Darren Revelle before we just brutally make fun of him? Or keeping him on the line and making fun of him? I don't know. I don't know.


Okay. All right, my hot seat is the Black Hawks because one, Patrick Cain is a Red Wing, which is disgusting to see, even though I love Patrick Cain forever. Two, the Black Hawks, somehow they always get into these situations where something happens and then rumors start and they're never just forthright about it. But Corey Perry has been released and there's some rumors going around the internet. Who knows what happened? But I'll just say this. The Black Hawks should do a better job of making sure they protect Connor Bidard at all costs. He's your franchise player. Maybe just do a press conference and explain what happened.


Yeah, or at least give a security detail to his mom. I think this is going to be really bad for Bidard because every other player in the league, every other fan in the league when Bidard visits town now has some raw meat. They've got a lot.


Of ammo. How do you fuck this up? This is your fucking franchise guy. It's your franchise guy.


If you're scouting a franchise guy, you want to make sure that his mom is not attractive.


I don't like the rumors that you're starting.


I'm not starting a rumor.


Corey Perry did something bad. It had nothing to do with anything else. That's my official statement. Put it out.


Okay. He did something-.


Here's my official statement. Corey Perry did something bad. It had nothing to do with anything else. Protect Connor Bernard at all costs. But that is not related to the Corey Perry thing. That's my official statement.


That's fair.


All right, my cool throne is men because similar to the sunscreen thing, I don't know if you guys saw this, but there was a viral tweet that went around the internet. This woman tweeted, To me, a physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy man does the following. I don't know if we can check off the list, see if that we're there. Doesn't vape?


Yeah, for the last.


Three days. Okay, doesn't smoke weed, doesn't get vaxed, doesn't watch porn, lifts weights weekly, prioritizes sleep.




I don't do that. Eats lots of steak and eggs. Yeah. Doesn't drink tap water.


I don't. I drink body armor.


Doesn't use AirPods. I don't.


I don't either.


Would choose a podcast over music. Yeah, that's a lot.


Every day, Hank. You're part of my take. You work at a podcast, Hank. You work.


At a podcast factory.


I don't listen to other ones.


That's what we do. We come in here and we turn on the engines and we make podcasts. Right, but.


Then I'm not going to listen to competitors. I don't want to give them downloads.


No, we listen to our own show. We self-scout. We should do a buy week next year.


Yeah, we're self-scout. Of course, Hank says.


Yeah, of course, Hank says. Yeah. We did a buy week and we self-scouted and did all... We had new plays and everything. Cook's with butter, G, talo, and Evo.


Butter, yes. Is that extra virgin olive oil? Is that the last one?




Yeah, of course.


Everybody does. Doesn't eat and drink out of plastic. Oh, no. Uses fluoride-free toothpaste.


Who cares? No, that shit doesn't work.


I thought fluoride was good.


For you. It's good for your teeth. Yeah, it is good for your teeth. But that's probably also a tap water thing.


Doesn't wear aluminum deodorant. Wears 100 % cotton underwear. Doesn't trust the government. Doesn't plaque out every weekend. No, not anymore.


Utilizes cold plunging in the sauna, gets daily sunlight and grounding, knows birth control is poison, uses natural remedies when sick, has some type of daily spiritual practice, isn't stuck in a soul-sucking 9-5, has hobbies and passions in his life.


I'm betting like 40% on those.


Yeah. It's pretty good. Yeah, so that's the ideal man.


Is grounding like what Liverpool taught us where you just walk outside barefoot?


I think it's when you're touching an electrical pole. You need to make sure that you don't use both hands.


It's what Justin Fields did.


Yeah, he did. Oh, you want to do that, buddy? Mac Jones is a grounding king. Yeah, I know.


Yeah, it's so hard for referees to even tell when he's intentionally grounding because it looks like every other pass. They have to get up and have a little discussion. Was that one of those passes from Mac Jones that he was trying to throw to somebody?


Yeah. I mean, I'm not going to defend him anymore, so these comments don't hurt me.


Okay, fine. We're tanking.


It's always great.


Okay, fine. Just don't know that you can't make jokes like that.


It was a.


Reference on that joke. No, it was a joke.




It was topical, right? It was topical. They did play Monday Night Football. Okay, Jake, your hot seat, Cool Throne. Yeah, it's funny you guys were just talking about this because my hot seat is Bill Belichick. Oh.


Rex Ryan on get up on ESPN. He went off.


I don't know. On Bellachek and the Patriots. Oh, wait. No, this is new. This is new. This is new. Yeah. We thought this was the Alex Smith thing. No, no, no. Okay, all right. This is from yesterday.


He said, Can I just say this?


Bill Belichick, please stop.


Just name your dang starter. It doesn't matter. They both stink like we care about your team. Your team stinks.


Oh, fighting words for a guy.


Actually accurate.


Yeah. Greeny wasn't there.


He has COVID.


Hope he gets well soon. Oh, no. Yeah, Rex Ryan. People still….


Greeny, yeah.


Greeny are still getting COVID?


I can see.


Tommy Smokes. Yeah, I can see Jake.




They go and test? Pull in some cocoa?




I don't know.


That's news to me. But yeah. Do you think there's someone who's living in New York City right now that has still not gone out? Howard Stern.


No, everyone's gone out. No, Howard Stern doesn't. I think he makes the Grubhub guy just drop it at his door and then walk down the hallway to take a picture of it.


Okay. Yeah, my.


Co-throne, Pop Tarts.


Pop Tarts. The Pop Tarts bowl is happening. They announced.


That the mascot is going.


To be edible and the winning.


Team can eat part of.


The mascot after they win.


The Pop.


Tarts bowl.


Yes, this rules. They should do that with Bloopy.


It's the second best bowl this season behind.


The Barclays Sport at Zonable. He'd probably taste delicious, that fat fuck.


It would be.


So good.


Oh, my God. He looks like he's fried. Yeah.


You just fucking just put a little salt on him. He actually already has a bunch of salt after the Philly made him cry.


Yeah, Bloopy would look great just on a Waffle House menu. Yeah. He looks.


So fun. I'd like to spit roast him.


I'd broil him.


Oh. I mean, subpoena. Watch him scream in a boiling water, like a lobster. You know what I'd do?


I'd make him into a s'more. Just put a big stick right up his ass out of his mouth. I could see that. And then hold him over and open fire. Yeah.


Well, he screamed.


Phil, he was mean to me. I like Bloopy. I just think that he would be very tasteful. I do not like that. I just want to eat him. No.


Max and I… Look, see Max? We're back together finally. One thing about me and Max, we don't like bloopy. No, fuck that, man. Okay, time for our interview with Kirk Herb Street and shout out to Body Armor. Body Armor helps us stay hydrated throughout our interviews with the biggest in the world. Packed with electrolytes and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes, Body Armor hydrates the best athletes in the world, and more importantly, us during interviews. By Body Armor today, visit the Body Armor Amazon store or retailers nationwide. Strawberry banana, my favorite, favorite Body Armor drink. I also just drink the water all the time. Available in stores nationwide. Head on over to Body Armor Store on Amazon and get yours today. Okay, we now welcome on our very good friend. It is Kirk Herb Street. We're going to talk some college football. You obviously see him every Saturday morning, college game day. You see him calling the biggest game every Saturday night. You also see him on Thursday night football, calling NFL. So maybe we'll mix in a little NFL here. But, Herb, let's start big picture. This is maybe the most exciting championship weekend we've had because we have four teams that are undefeated.


I don't think that's ever happened this late in the season. Let's just dive right into the college football playoff and what you see in terms of the pass every team has. If everyone holds serve, let's say the favorites win, so Oregon beats Washington, I'd say the committee probably has it easy that they can just put in all four or three undefeated in Oregon, correct? Florida State?


I think they will. I think the one thing we have to consider, and I like Florida State, I just called their game the other night, but the loss of Jordan-Travis to me is pretty significant. I think that we have to be careful. We live in an era where it's like, Okay, they're undefeated, so they're in because they're in a power five. I don't do that. I'm really big on the best four teams. Now, it's subjective, like who you guys think, who I think, who other people think. I don't have a dog in a fight here. If Oregon wins and they're a one-lost team and they beat Washington on Friday night, I can't not put Oregon in. I think they're one of the best teams. I think they have been all year. If Georgia wins, if Michigan wins, if Florida State wins, if Oregon wins, if Texas wins, we got a serious dilemma. That committee, no matter what they do, is wrong. No matter who they put in, they're going to be wrong. But I just don't... I'm not a big fan. If you think Florida State is one of the best teams with Tate Rodamecker, then that's no problem.


But I'm just not big on they're undefeated, so we have to put them in. If you think they're still one of the best for, then let's put them in.


But not.




They're unbeaten. I was thinking about this because we talked about Florida State on the show a couple of days ago, and we said it's the right thing to do to put Florida State in. You can't say, Well, they're worse because they have a different quarterback. Hypothetically, they wouldn't be as big of a threat. But then it occurred to me, and I still think it would be the right thing to do to put Florida State in, but we're talking about college football here, and we're talking about some pretty large media conglomerates that are thinking about ratings as well. If you think that they're going to do the right thing over putting in a bigger brand name with a more, I guess, well, Florida State would be a big brand name, but minus they're starting a quarterback, that's a big deal for ratings. It seems to me like the more I think about it, the more they would go towards Texas just simply for the ratings factor. I'm putting on my college football playoff rigged hat and saying they do want ratings. They're trying to make money. I think that that's a fair point to make too.


I can fix that for you because I've been calling all these games since it started. I call it one of the semifinal games and I call the National Championship. I have all the whole time we've done this. I can assure you that ESPN is not. I can promise you I'm not defending ESPN. I can promise you if you look at the ratings, that doesn't hold up. If we were doing it, if ESPN was involved on ratings, it would be Georgia and Michigan. Forget, if Alabama loses, it's fine.


Put them in. Ohio State.


Yeah. Ohio State. That's what they would do. This is more of the committee isolated wherever they are in Texas trying to figure out, Listen, the ratings are okay. They're not NFL ratings. They're good. But there's really not much of a bump when you put in these big brands versus not. It's really not even... That's more of a conspiracy theory on Twitter than it is reality. I promise you it's not a reality thing at all. Espn is not on the phone saying, We really need Georgia. It's not real. You guys can think that, but I can promise you it's not. What's real is in calling all these games. Now, last year we had Ohio State, Georgia, we had TCU, Michigan. Those games were great. They came down to the wire. I said this to Pat the other day, you know what the average margin of victory has been since 2014 when this thing started? Yeah, it's been a problem. The playoffs have stopped. The average margin of victory has been 19. As a guy who calls these games, I don't want to do the right thing. If you talk to Bill Hancock and we had lots of meetings about this, they're not supposed to do the right thing.


Their job is to put the best four teams in the playoff. Now, again, it's subjective. Who you think and I think of the best four are different, and that's fine. But that's what that group is supposed to do, not What do we think about ratings. That's bullshit. Put the fucking best four teams in the game. That's the end of.


The day, that's it. Okay, I agree with you. I want to see the best four teams, but can we at least agree that the games should matter? That's really what it comes down to. Yeah, 100%. Florida State being an undefeated team, and then the Texas-Alabama problem that people are throwing out there. Listen, a lot of this stuff is probably going to get figured out. We spend a lot of time hand-wringing all this stuff, and then we'll probably wake up on Sunday morning and Georgia would have won and Michigan won and maybe Florida State wins, maybe Oregon or Washington, maybe it's all four undefeated teams. It's not even an issue. But I really do believe that the games have to matter. If it's a Texas-Alabama issue, the game head to head has to matter, and that has to be otherwise, what's the point of playing the season?


Yeah, there's so many what ifs. I don't know when you guys are going to air this, but if Alabama wins, if.


Alabama- It's a problem for the committee. It's a problem.


Holy cow. We're almost just assuming Georgia is going to win. That's still nick Saban with a quarterback in Jalen Millrow who can make plays with his feet. I mean, you never know. It's still Alabama defense. This is not Georgia over the last two years where they have three or four or five first rounders all over the field. They're a great team, but it's not… That game could be competitive.


Absolutely. If Alabama were to win, I can't even imagine where we are. Let's just say that if Alabama wins and Michigan wins and Oregon or Washington wins and Florida State wins and Texas wins, and all those things are not like pie in the sky. Those things are probably pretty practical, everything else I.


Just said.


What the hell do you do? Let's just sit and work it out.


Michigan is a lock. Yep. Pac-12 is a lock.


Pac-12 should be. If Oregon.


Wins, they're.


Sitting there with.


One loss. Yeah, but yeah, you're right. You're right. So PAC-12 may be a question mark. Florida State, I would assume would be a lock.


You would think Florida State would be a lock. Then we've got two spots and you got Texas who beat Alabama sitting there as big PAC-12 and big 12 champs, and Alabama just beat Georgia.


It's a problem.


It's really hard not to put Texas in.


Yeah, does Texas's win over Alabama get better because Alabama then beat Georgia?


I would think.




Could make the argument it was the best win of the season.


Right. You know what's unfortunate in this scenario? If Oregon beats Washington, I think that they would keep Oregon out and it would be Texas and Alabama because here's the only thing, and I know you said conspiracy theory, all this stuff, but who's going to complain about Oregon being out? The Pac-12 doesn't exist anymore. It's the last chance. Unfortunately, I think Oregon is one of the top best four teams, but I think that that would probably be what they would do because I just can't have them in no SCC final four.


You know what's really, really sad here is in doing this and living this every minute of every day, Oregon is in the best conference in the country, top to bottom. I know if you look at their strength of schedule, maybe it doesn't show that. But if you really have watched the PAC-12 this year, there aren't a lot of easy wins in that conference. What you're saying, I mean, you imagine keeping and Alabama out if they beat Georgia?


No, I think it's too.




Wouldn't make a case.


Again, going back to what we originally said, it's supposed to be the best four teams. How can you not say Georgia is one of the best four teams even if they lose to Alabama?


I know. It would just be so weird to see a team coming off a loss like that against another team that should be in there also getting in. What are you doing? Run it back? Is it going to be a rematch?




It's crazy. If Alabama wins, the committee might just have to… I mean, they're dead.


They need Florida State to lose under that circumstances. They are.


Very much older than Florida State.


They need Georgia, Michigan to win and Louisville to win, and then they.


Can- They can figure it out. But yeah, it's fascinating because it really is the craziest Championship Saturday I can remember. All right, so other things. You're an Ohio State guy. The game was phenomenal on Saturday, Michigan, Ohio State. Tell us how you're feeling about Ryan Day and what you think Buckeye fans are thinking going forward. Because Ryan Day has a phenomenal coach. I think it's something like 39-0 against big 10 teams not named Michigan. I think he's 40 and three overall in the big 10. Does Ryan Day have a Michigan problem? Because it felt like going into this game, they built their team back up to be as tough as Michigan. The last two years, Michigan was tougher. This year, Ohio State had some nastyness to him. They had some shit to him. But Ryan Day had one or two chances in that game where he got a little conservative and he didn't coach. He didn't have the wrinkles that you need to win that type of game and was saying, We'll just go out there and we'll play our game and hope we win. Do you think he has a problem going forward with Michigan and the fanbase?


I think there's two things that can be true here. I think number one, me personally, would even consider even talking about firing Ryan Day. I wouldn't. Number two, he definitely has a Michigan problem. I think both of those things can be true. This game is cyclical. The pressure that the way teams get in the other team's head. Ohio State lived in Michigan's head for a number of years with Trestel and Urban Meyer. Jim Harball, to his credit, at one point, they were ready to fire him. Now that he's completely turned this thing around. I think now there is... I would say this, if I were Ryan Day and I were looking, Okay, we put everything into this. We got to get tougher. I've always felt that when Ohio State is tougher, the recruiting that they have done from the end of the Urban Meyer era to now, they recruit nationally. They go to Florida, they go to Georgia, they go to North Carolina, they go to Texas, they go to California. If you look at the Ohio State roster, they're not a ton of Ohio guys. I would suggest maybe looking at that aspect of the roster and finding more Ohio guys that qualify to be on the United States roster to make them appreciate what this game really means.


Because you can put slogans up.




Can do a fourth quarter drill. This is the Michigan drill. You can do all the things. You can have a clock up in the Woody Hayes facility, do all those things. But the reality is when we watch the game, it feels like the Michigan team plays as a group where they play with a chip on their shoulder and they're mad at the world and they play with something to prove. In the last three years, that has been more than what Ohio State has brought to the table in that game.


It's such a great point because I always have thought that one of the greatest things that Urban Meyer did and didn't get enough credit for was he made a bunch of kids, 18-year-olds from Florida and California and Texas hate Michigan. He made it so that that team hated Michigan. Those kids have no reason to have that type of hate for arrival in the Midwest when they're from Florida, California. But he had that instilled in that team, and they wanted to pulverize him every time they played in November.


100 %. I feel like right now, Ohio State has great players and they have a great culture. But when it comes to that game because it's become a psychological aspect of the game, I still think Michigan has a bunch of guys that are great players, but maybe not quite as recruited at the level of Ohio State, and they got a chip on their shoulder to prove that they are collectively better than the Marvin Harrison Jr, and the Mecca, the Bucca, and all the great individual superstars that Ohio State has, they have a chip on their shoulder to show Ohio State, we have a better culture, we're better than you. Right now, that United front is more powerful than what Ohio State has. Even with that being said, they had the ball late, they had a chance, they moved the ball into Michigan territory, and you got to give Michigan all the credit in the world. They made the plays that they had to win the game.


I feel like enough losses in a row you're going to start to get that hate buildup naturally. You're going to start to put that chip on that shoulder. You're going to start to put that chip on that shoulder. It's going to be four or five years and maybe naturally that'll happen. They'll be like, Yeah, I hate those guys. Or you could just stage a fake kidnapping of Bruce and be like, Michigan did it. Let's go get these sons of bitches back. That's what I would do as head coach personally. I think it was the first quarter of the game, the touchdown, great throw. Tremendous throw between two Ohio State Buckeye defenders. Was it a touchdown? Because I feel like this is going to be a play that we're going to argue about for the next 20 years, which I love. I love that about college football fan bases. But in your opinion, touchdown or turnover?


Tough one there. Let's just say the defensive back wasn't there and he caught the ball the way he did, and then as he came to the ground, the ball, instead of going into an Ohio State defender's arms, it went onto the ground. I think they probably would have called that incomplete. With that being said, it's hard and it's very easy to sit there and just say, Well, you're an Ohio State guy. Honestly, I don't care. If it's a touchdown, it's a touchdown. If it's not, it's not. But I just think, yeah, it was a critical moment in the game, but they reviewed it. I can't remember. Did they say confirmed or they say stands?


I think they called it a touchdown.


It was called a touchdown. I think if it had been called incomplete on the field or if it had been called and intersects.


I'm saying on the replay, did they say confirmed or they say call is staying? I just think if the defensive back isn't there because we're all learning over these last four or five years, going back to Des, Brian, you got to complete the process of the catch, which means when you're in the end zone, the ball cannot squirt and then fall out. That's the only thing that I would have looked at there to maybe say that it would have been, whoever it ended up in whoever's arms, I think the Ohio State player took it away from him, you could easily have said it could have been a turnover there that Ohio State would have had a touchback.


Yeah. It's just going to be fun because you can always go back and point at that and be like, We got ref. Screwed us, which is a very valuable piece of copium to have if you're a fan. We're going to get back to Herbie in a second. He's brought to you by Morgan & Morgan. Morgan & Morgan is America's largest injury firm. They've got some facts for you here. Thirty-five % of all fatal accidents occur between 6:00 PM and midnight. People aged 25-34 have the highest amount of drivers involved in car crashes. People aged 15-24 have the highest rate of emergency room visits due to car accidents of any age group. Morgan & Morgan is America's largest injury law firm. They have over 100 offices nationwide and more than 800 lawyers. With over $15 billion recovered for over 300,000 clients, Morgan & Morgan has a proven track record of fighting to get you full and fair compensation. They've been fighting for the people for over 35 years. Submitting an injury claim with Morgan & Morgan is so easy, entertaining clients is hard. Submitting an injury claim with Morgan & Morgan is easy. Winning the lotto at PMT is hard unless you're Jake or Hank.


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We're going to.


Be voting for, for our hypothetical Heisman vote. We'll just go off whoever you think should win the Heisman trophy this year. Whatever you say, we're going to blindly follow that. Who do you have winning the Heisman trophy?


Well, I have Jaden Daniels.


Winning the win. Good pick. Good pick. Good pick.


Good pick. Good pick. Good pick. Good pick. Yeah, you're right. That's weird. I took a future on him a couple.


Weeks ago. Me too. It was-.


Oh, no way.


-highly leveraged in.


The game. What did you get at? We got a five and a half to one. Full disclosure to our audience, we said, Hey, we're going to bet this and we're also going to just become PR team for Jaden Daniel. But I didn't know that.


Herbie had him. We had no idea. We had no idea. He has a trophy. You know Ball. I mean, you watch more football than anybody.


Listen, he has been by far, like when you think of a Heisman winner and you watch his plays, that's the guy you think of. With that being said, I'm with you guys. I am going to hold my vote. I'm going to watch Bo Nicks against Washington and Pennex, that game. If Bo Nicks goes off, you could maybe be in jeopardy there. The other thing that's in wildcard is some of these older voters, you got voted there, it was over 1,000 guys that vote on this thing. Some people have already voted. Right. The fact that LSU has three losses, there are people that are like, I will not vote for a person that has… It's like an old-school way of voting, but there are people that won't vote for a guy that had three losses. Go back and look at the Heisman. It almost always is a quarterback or a superstar of a team that's in the top three or four of the country. It's just like, Who's the MVP of that team? Bo Nicks. There you go. It's normally that. But in my opinion, it should go to the most dynamic playmaker. That player has been Jaden Daniels up to this point.


Bo Nicks has a chance Friday in the Pack-12 Championship, and we'll see what he does.


Yeah, the best case you could make is Lamar Jackson's 2016 team because they had three losses as well. He was phenomenal and he was the best player in college football. I think that would be the one because listen, when you watch all the games, I know that LSU is not going to be in the college football playoff. They're not in the SCC Championship. Their defense gave up 55 points to O'Miss. That can't be held against Jaden Daniels. He has been so phenomenal. I do like to do the game of if you flopped players, like if Bo Nicks was on LSU, how many wins would they have three, four losses? If Jaden Daniels is on Oregon? I don't know. I just think Jaden Daniels shouldn't get dinged for his defense being historically bad.


Yeah, and I'm glad you brought up Lamar Jackson because that is an example, but it's also an outlier. I mean, if you look in the last 20 years. But it does set a precedent to show you that it's happened in the past, and maybe people will look at that. Because the guy is one of the best running backs in the country and he's playing quarterback. I mean, he's averaging almost eight yards of carry and he does stuff and he's not just a runner. He's had a big year throwing the football. He's going to be a great NFL player with the way the NFL game is trending to more of almost like a dual threat ability. Jaden Daniels is made for this new NFL because he can really throw the football well. I think he's a dynamic guy. He's had Heisman moments all year. We'll see. I think it'll be a fascinating race, though, between.


Those two. All right, so hypothetical, if you were calling the Iron Bull on Saturday, what would your call have been after Auburn decided to rush to and put a QB spy on Jalen Millrow on a fourth and 31 because that was one of the craziest decisions I've ever seen in terms of defensive calling plays at the end of a game.


Well, there's a couple of things. I don't know if I would have recovered from the play before that. I was like, What the hell.


Just happened?


He went three or four yards past the line of scrimage.


They tried to go back. Then he came back.


And then he threw it. I'm like, What's.


Happening to me? He had done it a couple of times that game. He did one and another one where he was like five yards past and.


He threw it. But with everything at stake, he had the ball that snapped over his head, then he crosses the line. You're thinking, Alabama is just doomed. They're just not going to win this game. That, to me, that's what made the moment just like.




The hell just happened? What is it about the Iron Bull that gives us these moments? That's what I think blew everybody away was, two ahead the national championship throw, but plays leading up to that, it was like, Oh, boy, they're going to lose. Then he hits Devante Smith and you're like, Oh, my gosh, one of those great moments for Alabama.


I would have.


Probably lost it the way Fowler and I did when we were watching. We were 30 seconds from going on air. We have a quad box. While you're calling games, I'm watching games as I'm calling a game. There's other games going on. I want to see what's going on in those games when we go to a break. We have our quad box still with the earlier games, the 3:30 games. I'm hitting Fowler, showing him the replay of Millro going across the line and bringing it back. The producer is like, Guys, we got to get ready. He's like, All right, watch the last play. Then there's a time-out. He's like, Herbie, we're like a minute away. I got to do. We got to watch this play. We're watching it. Then the play happened and we just like, You guys, I don't know where you were. You probably lost your mind.


The best part about that play is I think I can confidently say for the rest of my life that was the worst touchdown game-winning drive of all time. Because Alabama was like so bad in that time. They got the ball, they got the muffunt. They were gifted the field position. They did everything they could to not win the game, and then they won the game.


But to answer your question, I think, and again, I guess on paper it makes sense why you drop everybody and you take all the receivers away. But what Mill Road did do a good job of, if you go back and look at that Skycam view, is they had receivers down the middle, they were all doubled. He found the matchup where at least it was a one-on-one. I don't know who the defensive back was. I think it was maybe number four. That, you feel so bad for that guy because in that rivalry, as much as Millroe in Alabama will forever be remembered, that poor guy, I don't know if he's going to go into the portal, I don't know what he's… But their fans are relentless. It's like he couldn't... He didn't find the ball. He never saw the football thrown, and then he loses the receiver. By the time he reacted, the guy, of course, Bon, goes up and makes that play. But yeah, one of the worst game-winning drives ever.




Think you should be allowed to advance and buff punch. I'm always confused about that. Every time a player, they know the rules on special teams, they get it and they take off towards the end zone. It seems like that's a dumb rule. You should be allowed to take it as far as you can get it before you get tackled. Credit to Millrow, he looked off the defense, too. His head was pointed at the field, went.


To the.


Right a little bit.


Yeah. He was here, and I think he was seeing those double teams, and then at the last second, he saw that and he just basically just.


Threw up a prayer. Yeah, I think Auburn would have been better if they had rushed zero players and if they had rushed two.


It would have.


At least confused them. Then youis you put everybody back in the end zone and.


The- Actually, you're probably right. That way you double everybody. Yeah.


The QB spy, it's like, what is the QB spy doing there? That person might as well not be on the field at all. Right. You're right.


Because he's not going to take off and run, obviously. Or just bring pressure.


Right, yeah. Or bring five.


Forcing to get the ball out fast. Bring 5 or 6. I know it's risky because maybe you're leaving some man coverage out there, then people would say, What the hell are you doing, Blitz? If you give one up, you're always going to be wrong. You know what I mean?




I noticed that you have a special guest that walked by. Can we say hi to Ben? Ben the dog is right next to you. Ben is the star of the show on Game Day by the way.


Ben's the most famous dog in the world right now.


He's super famous. He's the best. He's such a good dog that he even went up to Max, who hates dogs and is terrified of dogs. Hey, Ben. How's it going? Good boy.


Look at him. He's just chilling. Hey, buddy. He's just hanging.


He just hangs out in the right there. Then I got this guy. That's Mitch.


Is Mitch jealous? Because I feel like Mitch doesn't get any shine at all.


Then that's Theo down there.


Oh, Theo. Now, Herbie, be honest with me, because you take Ben with you now, and I saw him on the field before the game, Florida State. How many fields has he pissed on?


You know what? I'm very, very calculated with that. I know his.


Pattern, the.


Way you know your infants, a toddler's pattern. I feed him around 7:30. He takes care of business post-breakfast. Then we're good to right around noon, 1:00-ish, feed him again around 2:00. Then when we've been on the road, I've always gone outside the stadium usually around.


5:30, take.


Care of the second round, and then he's good until postgame.


You have that answer down, Pat. It's clear he definitely pisses on the field. We know that. Now here's the wildcard.


Last week at the Swamp, I didn't have time to get that second round in. I took him out on the field with me. The Florida social media people were all over, Ben, not me, all over him. A trainer came by and I was like, I had him a little more on the leash than normal because I didn't want him to get do what you're describing. I said, Hey, man, can I get a bag? I said, If he.


Drops a dose here.


On the small, it's.


Going to be everywhere.


I got to pick it up. I don't want to because I was terrified that he was going to do that right on the 40-yard line, right by the Gator midfield. I thought he might do it. But we got out of there unscaved and he took care of it at the FPO after.


The game. You just almost have to be waiting to catch that thing in the air. Don't let it hit the ground. Get right underneath him. I met your guy Ryan when I was in Harrisonburg. Yeah, Ryan's been great. We talked about Ben's schedule. He said there's been some times where he's been outside with Ben before the games for about 30 minutes, just walking him back and forth across the same strip of grass Hey, man, please just take a piss so I can just get you on this field right now.


Yeah. Since we've been on the road way more than I even recognized before, he's almost gotten to the point where he goes on command. I tell him, if you get to a certain piece of grass and it's timed up right, everything is like a very much a cycle. Then game day, he'll come out like a J. M. U, he came out, basically said hi to the crowd. The crowd was massive and loud. Then Ryan takes him back in into the production room and just hangs out. It's been great to take him on the field pre-game. I'll take him out there and players are kicking. When the specialists are out there, the teams are just coming out. The players come over full uniform, they're petting them. Then he'll go back to the bus during the beginning of the game. Then he'll come into the booth, usually around half time, and just hangs out in the booth right around our feet. Fowler has been cool about it. Then we head out right after the game. But yeah, he's been awesome. He's great at the hotels. He's spoiled.


Rodden, really. Yeah, he's the goodest boy. He really is. He's good. He's an awesome, awesome. But me and Big Cat can actually go on command.


Yeah, you should spoil your dogs.


I'd share not.


So much. Herbie, I want to ask you this because I've pushed back when people have complained about it. There's a sector of college football fans that are bemoaning the fact that we're going to a 12-team playoff because maybe the regular season doesn't matter as much. I completely push back on it because I think of some of these games like even Mizzou, Tennessee, a couple of weeks ago. That's an elimination game. All these games matter. Oregon State, if they could have caught a win against Washington or Oregon down the stretch, they could have been in. You agree that the college football playoff, the 12-team playoff is going to make the regular season even more fun. Yeah, there'll be some weird wrinkles. Like Michigan, Ohio State would be weird, but they're still playing for a one seed and a home playoff game and a buy. But I would assume that you're all in on the 12-team playoff, right?


Yeah, I like getting more teams in. I think it's more fun, gives more teams a chance. A team like Missouri right now, if you put them in, it'd be like, Whoa, are you sure you want to play Missouri right now? I think that's good. What's bad specifically for me in the Big Ten is you lose the divisions. Imagine Ohio State, Michigan, this Saturday playing in the Big Ten Championship. I think that wrinkle to me is going to be odd and going to take some time to get used to. Michigan deserves credit. They just beat Ohio State. They shouldn't have to, a week later now go have to play them again in Indianapolis. That, to me, I'm not necessarily a massive fan of. I think at the top, like Ohio State lose, I think the AP maybe dropped Ohio State, wherever they weresix. Two can get down to six. You lose, in this case, if that's what the committee has them at the final ranking, they lose a buy. Instead of getting the buy as a top four team, now you're hosting a first round matchup. Is that a massive penalty for losing to Michigan with everything on the line this year and losing and now you're, See you next year?


Now, next year it's going to be... Well, depending, I guess if you lose to them again, would you drop all the way out? Would you go from 6-13? I don't know. But I do think I'm just looking at the poll right now. You got Ole Miss at 11, you got Penn State at 10, Missouri at 9, Oklahoma is there at 12, LSU with Jane Daniels is at 13, Arizona is at 14. They're another fun team.


They're really good.


Those debates are going to now... The argument is just going to slide down to that 11, 12, 13, 14 debate, just like you have, I guess, with March Madness, when teams argue who should be in and who should be out. There's always going to be arguments. I think the regular season can't lose its importance. Really, the Conference Championship, other than the SEC, because I don't know if you guys ever been to that, that is typically the best atmosphere of the entire year because that region, that still matters as much, if not more, than the National Championship. This Saturday, if you guys are free, should go down to Atlanta and watch Alabama and Georgia in that dome. Because if you go to Indy and watch Michigan and Iowa, it's just not the same. I'm sure you've been to Wisconsin there.


I have.


It's a good game, but.


It's just a good game. No, it's a little different. Yeah, no, you're absolutely right. Listen, it would be hilarious if Iowa beat Michigan. I don't think they can. Oh, my God. Like in a 12-team playoff, Iowa, obviously that Minnesota game, they got screwed. But like, Iowa is one of my favorite teams in college football, even though they're a rival of Wisconsin just because it makes people so angry that they keep winning these games the way they're winning them. It drives people crazy.


They're like the bears right now. The way the bears won last night is how they win.


They win.


Field position, they're going to win turnover margin, they get a great punner, and they're not going to give up a lot of touchdowns. Their offense is more about, Let's work the clock. Not score. Let's just work the clock and maybe we'll score if the defense gives us a short field. That's got to be their plan Saturday against JJ McCarthy.


I saw them at Wrigley Field when they played against Northwestern, and it was one of the most beautifully painful experiences of my life watching Iowa football. If you're an Iowa football fan, your only hope is to just get blind drunk at the games and hope that at the end of the day, your score is higher than theirs. Let's play hypothetical game.


Take the under.


That's the point.


Take the under. They're 10 and 2 to the under, and the average of their 10 and two to the under and the average of their over-unders is 34 and a half. It's insane.




Has to be a new record.


It's insane. Let's play the hypothetical game just because it's fun. If they didn't get-.


Real quick, speaking of betting, you guys brought that up. I got a new bet that you guys got to get into. If the Blue Jackets ever accidentally take the lead in the third.




Usually you can grab the brewing or whatever they're playing, like plus 170, plus 200. Yeah, they blow it. They blow it. It's a block. I made a nice shot the other night. It's a guarantee.


We'll have that on our system, on our tech system that we're going to invent with the Blue Jackets. Columbus has a thorough lead. I like that.


If they ever have the lead in the third.


I like it. I'm going to try that one out. If hypothetically, Iowa had beaten Minnesota, if they didn't have that bogus fair catch call, and then Iowa beats Michigan, does Iowa get into the playoff?


But see, that goes back to our original talk or conversation. If they were undefeated. Now, if they beat Michigan and they're undefeated, they probably do. They probably do. If they have one loss and they're playing the way they've done all year, I would just go back to, are they one of the best four? That's what I would say. I get to see as big ten champs, they would.


Probably get in.


The problem is the way they lost to Penn State would probably preclude them because it's like they couldn't even move ball. That would be like, Hey, we don't want to watch this again. But I still love Iowa. They make everyone so upset. It's great.


Yeah, they do. They do.


People get worked up about them.


What I love is they've always got tight ends that get to the NFL and they're outstanding at catching the ball.


Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And lineman, generally. They did a job of producing a big linemann.


We're going to get back to Herbie in a second, but he's being brought to you by the farmer's dog. My dog, Blake, loves the farmer's dog. He eats it twice a day. He's grown like a weed. He's super healthy. And most importantly, he absolutely loves his food. Can't get enough of it. The results of switching your dog's food from kibble to fresh can seem like magic. When a senior dog starts acting like a puppy again and the pickiest of eaters can't wait until dinner time, you might think some spells were cast. But the farmer's dog doesn't use any sorcery. They don't use any secret ingredients. They make their food fresh. It's just science. The farmer's dog makes and delivers fresh, healthy dog food-pre-portioned dog food. It's developed by vets, nutritionally balanced, and made from real, healthy ingredients to human food safety standards. He loves this stuff. He really can't get enough of it. He's doing so good on the farmer's dog. Stella also eats the farmer's dog. They both love it. The official dog food, a part of my take. Traditional dry and wet dog food options are highly processed. They can use much lower ingredients than they claim to, and they're extremely difficult to portion accurately.


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Com/barstool23. That's Amazon. Com/barstool23. Now here's more Herbie. Herbie, what goes on inside the room at the College Football Playoff Committee? Are we talking? Is there a nice spread out there? Do they have a buffet? Is there a bar? Are people having drinks in there?


I don't know. I've never been there. I'm like you guys. Luckily, I've been at my house the last few weeks that they've done this. I don't have to worry about going down there. I think should ask Heather Denningstead. She goes down there and sits outside the room and talks to them, but I'm sure they feed them pretty well. But I've talked with some guys. I talked to Alvie about it when he was on there. I think the coaches generally... A lot of people bring in the analytics, and then you hope that the football coaches are the ones that are bringing the football part of it into the equation. Because like I said, if you just get caught up in the metrics of what makes a good team, I think you end up going down the wrong path. That's part of it, but that's not all.


Of it. Yeah. I just want to know if there's fights that break out in there, if people start yelling at each other. How heated does it get? I want to see I wonder. I think it should be recorded. We should be able to watch this debate, right?


That would be great. When Alvy was in there with his pinky ring on, I'd call him Al Capone, he was in there getting after people. But I don't know. I don't know the committee this year to know what energy we got going in that room. But if there's ever a year to argue and get after each other, this will be at.


Sunday morning. Yeah. The other part of what we got going on with college football right now is obviously the coaching carousel is going to start heating up. Mike Elko going to Texas A&M, which I think is a good hire. I thought Mark Stubes would have been a good hire, too, but that's a whole other issue with Texas A&M fans. Who do you have circled right now is a guy who you think is going to get a job and be successful right away?


Well, the Elko hire. Can you guys fill me in? I left Florida State, Florida, to Swamp.


Texted Stubes because the story broke that he took the job. Texted Stubes Hey, man, congrats. You've done great things in Lexington. I hate to see you leave there, but wish you all the best. And got on a plane and then I was about 30 minutes into the flight and then I heard he didn't get the job.


Yeah. From what I understand, Texas A&M fans are under the impression that they've won a national championship in the last 100 years and that Mark Stubes was beneath them to.


Be their head coach. Wow! You honestly think that's what it was?


Yes, I absolutely do.


Is he a Shiono?


Yeah. Kind of, yeah. I mean, it was obviously a little bit of different circumstances, but yeah, I think they revolted, which is crazy because Mark Stubes- He's a great coach.


He's a very good guy. Also, we don't really know what happened. We're speculating too, but every A&M fan went into panic mode with Mark Stubes. It was the worst hire ever. I don't understand why because what he's done in Kentucky is incredible.


He's also won 10 games twice as many times as Texas A&M has in the last 20 years.


Mark Stubes, think about… I look at the college game as almost now become more of haves and have-nots. He's been a have-not his entire time at UK. Look what he's done. I don't know what he's averaged, eight wins probably a year at UK. No one's ever done that. You sent him down to A&M with those resources and that NIL money and the facilities they have. I'm not saying Mike Elko is not going to do a good job, but if that's how it went down and they thought Mark was beneath them, man, they should have been thankful that they had a chance to get him. I think he would have done a.


Good job there.


I agree. I do think that Elko is going to be a good coach for an A&M too. I think either way, it was going to be a good thing, but for whatever reason, they're happy with Elco.


Yeah. As far as a coach out there, I mean, there aren't a lot of big jobs open right now. I think John Smith going to Michigan State is going to be a really challenging job for him because of everything that's going on. They just finished a $200 million new facility, which will help this new world of the arms races and NIL money. If they're going to give him a chance to get involved in NIL, I think he has the right blueprint for the culture that I think fits from Corvalous to East Lansing. I think it's very similar, being he was a second class citizen to Oregon in that state. He's going to be the same thing in the state of Michigan to the University of Michigan. I think he understands what it takes. I think he's going to take some time to clean that image up, but I think he could get it going there. I don't know.


Name another job. Huston is open and we are Dan Hologerson guys. Unfortunately, they fired Dana. But I feel like that's got to be a pretty attractive opening, right?


What's in the Big 12 now? I think they've gone from being a have not to now a have.




Of the conference that they're in. What's the future, really, with this 12-team playoff? Remember, we were all speculating that the SEC and the Big Ten is going to be the behemoths and it's going to be everyone else, are we done? Is there more realignment coming? Is the Big 12, what it is now? Are they done? What's left? Remember, there's talk about Clemson might join the SCC. Are they going to be able to get out of their contract? I don't know if we're actually done, done, but we need to be done, I think, before.


Next season. I think what's going to happen is going to be similar to how all of the cable we went to streaming and now we have all these streaming apps and now we're bundling streaming apps, which is literally what cable was. I think what we're going to do is we're going to keep realigning until then the big ten has a big ten west conference and it's just what the Pack 12 was. Right. And so it's going to just be we're going to accidentally get right back to where we were where it's like, Oh, that looks exactly like what the Pac-12 was. And that looks exactly like what the PAK 12 was.


I'm with you on that. I think at some point we get to like 40 or 50 teams and we just divide it up.


Into- In the region, yeah. We're like, Hey, let's call it the Big 12 and the Big 10 and the Big 12. It's like.


Wait, what the fuck? It's going to be like the NFL. It's going to be the AFC and the NFC and there'll be divisions within it and they'll call it those conferences. We'll be all the way back where we started the.


Yeah, which I'm fine with. I'm cool if we got back there because then we can keep some traditional rivalries.


What they should do is relegation like in soccer where you have the ability to jump up to that highest division. If you're like a group of five school, you have the ability to jump up, boom, now you're basically a power five school. If you keep stinking, you get relegated right down. That to me seems like that would be a very fun thing to watch. But yeah, I think we're going towards there's going to be like two super conferences, and then those super conferences like the NFC and NFC will have the divisions.


Yeah, which I'm fine with.


The bigger issue, guys, is I think they're going to have to break away from the NCAA or they're going to have to restructure the NCWA or just put the big football division in its own category. Then they're going to have to partner with the players in some way, a collective bargaining agreement—and the reason I say that is they're not making any headway at all when it comes to controlling NIL or portal or any rules at all. They're going to have to put some rules together, partner with the players, let the players have some representatives, either former players or current players or mix of the two, and then break away from the NCAA, create your own governing body, and then find out, Okay, hey, guys, players, are you cool with NIL being this role? Okay, sign off on that. Transfer portal. Let's have these dates and that dates. Great. Okay, revenue sharing, ESPN, Fox Money, whoever's putting money in, players get this much, the leagues get this much. You're going to have to get there at some point. Otherwise, I just don't see how they sustain the model that we're currently on. I don't think it's practical.


Agreed. Last thing in college football then maybe we could talk a little AFL. What is the ultimate doomsday scenario? I just mostly like saying doomsday scenario.




Scenario, the ultimate is Alabama beats Georgia. They're not going to lose to Iowa. Michigan is going to win. Whatever happens Friday between Oregon and Washington, if you want doomsday, give Oregon a win because they have the one loss. Throw in a Florida State win.


How about a narrow win? -for the loss? For Florida State? Yeah, like a 1.1 win.


Yeah, last second field goal. Last second field goal with a backup quarterback. Didn't look great. Sloppy game. Louisville just lost to Kentucky. Takes them a last second with a backup quarterback to beat Louisville. Then Texas ends up winning in an ugly game against Mike Gandhi and the mullet against Oklahoma State. That's, I think, the biggest doomsday that you.


Could have. Then on record, who would your final four be? Just so that we can have some fan base. Under that doomsday? Yeah, they get mad at you.


I'm not going to answer that.


Until it's a.


You answer that. You answer that.


Okay, under that situation, let's see, who are the biggest fan bases on Twitter? Because they hate me no matter what I say. I've got Michigan. I've got- That's an easy one. -alabama.


I've got-Wow. You're putting them on the table there.


I got Texas and then I got-.


Oregon or Florida State?


No, you know what? I'm going to go no SEC. I'm going to get everybody mad at me. I'm going to say Michigan, Oregon, Texas, and Florida State. There we go. How about that?


I like it. Just not to make the most people mad. Then you know what? Then the SEC fans can take the SEC Championship and they'll say that's really the national title.


Yeah, exactly. I want to hear what you say, Big Cat, because I think Michigan would.


Be a lock.


I think Texas would be a lock. I think Oregon would be in. I think the debate would be between Alabama and undefeated Florida State.


I know that the idea of the four best teams right now, I will stand on it forever that the game should matter. I think that that actually pisses off the least amount of people because you can just go back to them and be like, Look, games matter. Games Matter. Games Matter. That's it. Games Matter is in play.


Would you put Texas in?


Yeah, games matter. Texas has to go over Alabama.


Would you put Alabama in? Because Games Matter, they just beat the best team in the country.


Right, but you're saying in Florida State is undefeated? Yeah. Yeah, I'd put Florida State in. I'd go, I- You'd leave Alabama.


You'd leave Alabama. Yeah, or you could have the debate about Oregon and Alabama there and be like, Well, Alabama just had the best win of the season.


But this is dead serious. One thing to remember is when the committee does this is actually in their handbook. When they're evaluating teams, when they get to what they call a cluster, and this is what we're describing as a cluster, they don't weigh one more than the other, remember that. Head-to-head doesn't outweigh conference champion. They look at head-to-head. That's one of the things they take into consideration. They look at common opponent. It's another thing they take into consideration. Conference champion. That's something that goes into consideration. There's four or five things that they look at that if you get to those cluster of teams, they find a differentiator. Texas gets the head-to-head against Alabama. Alabama is a conference champion. Texas is a conference champion. Then at the end of the day, if they say, You know what? We just think Alabama is better, then they would say, The cluster thing doesn't matter, Alabama would go ahead. But that just gives you an idea.


I get it. That would hit people off because you could be like, Oh, Alabama is better. Well, here's 34, 24 in Tuscaloosa. Right.


I understand the cluster tie-breaker thing, but also it sounds like a lot of different ways to try to figure out if Alabama is better than Texas because they beat a lot of teams that aren't Texas.




Look at Oregon and Washington.




Lost to Washington, and they're a 10-point favorite. They're 10-point favorite this weekend in their rematch.




Go by Games Matter, Washington beat Oregon. If they didn't have this rematch, your guys' logic would be, Washington should go in over Oregon because they're a better team, and they beat them head to head. Vegas says, Oregon's not only a better team, they're a.




Better team. You know what I'm saying?


The weird thing for Texas, it actually would have benefited them if BYU had beaten Oklahoma State on Saturday, so they could have had a rematch against Oklahoma. I do think that helps a lot when you can avenge your won loss and do it convincingly. It erases it.


I just missed the days when somebody would go in the back room and press a button and then a computer would be like, Texas is better.




And USC. I don't even think those computers existed. I think it was just guys in.


A room. You remember the Sagerun ratings?


The Sagerun ratings? Oh, listen, I remember when I first found the Sagerun ratings in USA Today, and I was like, Did I just find the cheat code to winning all the money? I just take the team that's favored by more points and has the higher rating. But the Sagrin ratings would drive.




Crazy, though, dude.


Because it'd be like, Ohio State just beat Wisconsin. Or Wisconsin beat Ohio State, and Ohio State still ranked ahead of them the next week.


I know.


It's the best, though. It brought chess into the equation. How the yellow chess? Yeah. Yeah, you really did feel like a.


Genius when you were reading it. Yeah, when I found that, I really was like, Oh, my God. I found the Holy Grail. I just got to take the team rated higher. This is going to be great. I have one last question. We'll do a little NFL. Rowback question, rhoback. Com, promo code, take 20% off your first purchase. Q zips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Okay, so Thursday Night Football. This is a question. We are big Al Michaels guys. My question really is, does Al hear any of the outside noise of being like, Oh, Al doesn't have the same enthusiasm? I thought he brought it for Black Friday. Does he hear it? Because I love Al. I feel like he's someone who's had so many seminal moments as a sports fan. He is called that I will always have reverence for him. But does he hear when people are like, Oh, he doesn't have any juice. He's mailing it in.


There are a lot of layers here. Nfl football, even in a prime time setting, and Thursday Night Football, we've had great schedule this year. We've had some great games. I find myself, if you listen to me call the Florida State game or this weekend when I'm calling, I'm standing the whole game. Fowler is standing the whole game. There's energy that's just unparalleled in these college atmospheric. Whether you're at a place like your spot in Madison or J. M. U. Or or wherever you are, you get caught up in the moment that you're performing in. I think Al, when he would do Thursday night or Sunday night football or Monday Night football, those games were massive. You're doing big games and your voice projects based on the setting that you're in. These Thursday Night games, they're good, they're good atmospheric, but I don't think they're at the level of a Sunday Night game or when I'm doing these Saturday Night games. I think your voice always matches with what you're doing. I think everyone is holding the Jacksonville game, the playoff game last year against him. I didn't work with him in that game. I think it was Tony, Dungee did, and they got a lot of criticism after that game.


I think it's almost like social media is. They're using that as a narrative, and they're just using that. In one time in the Indie Denver game, he talked about how what a shitty game it was that we were doing. It was. It's almost like they're using those two examples to just say, Al Michaels hates Thursday night. Al Michaels has lost it. As the guy sitting next to him, I'm like you. I'm sitting next to Al Michaels. It'd be like you sitting next to him. I'm his biggest fan of all time. Going back to the 1980 Olympics and to be working with him is very surreal. I've noticed that Al Michaels is very much like me. When the game warrants excitement, he brings excitement. When the game is flatlined, and let's face it, not just Thursday night, there are a lot of NFL games that are flatlined. I mean, last night's game, it sucked.




Where the NFL is right now. There's about 10 teams that get you on the edge of your seat, and there's about 20-22 teams that are just trying to find an identity, whether it's injuries or whatever it might be. I think Al hears it. He disagrees with it. He's really enjoying, I think, our crew and what we're doing and what we have to work with on Thursday night to be at his age, and I marvel at what he does. I'm not just telling you guys that. A producer is talking in his ear. He's always recognizing and ID-ing typically… I'm the right guy every time at his age. I'm blown away by it. I'm not just saying that to say what? Defend the guy. I'm being honest with you guys. He hears the noise. I don't think he's like, I'll show them. I'm going to really bring it this week. He's definitely not doing that. He has more of an FU attitude about it than I'm going to show them. He thinks it's a bunch of bullshit. I think it's a bunch of bullshit. I think it's just a narrative that social media is.


Running with. You know what it is? It's that the games are so bad very frequently on Thursday nights that-.


Well, no, not.




Nights. But since it's a standalone and if a game is bad in a standalone, we need somebody to be angry at. Then people are just like, Taking out their frustration on Al, make this shitty game more entertaining for me. Why can't you do that? But no, I agree. I don't think that Al Michaels is actually a good representation of what we're feeling on the couch if you're watching a game that doesn't have you on the edge of your seat. When you have a good one, I still feel like he's been really, really good.


Yeah. You're right, Herbey. The product overall, there's been some really tough games to watch, and that's just the reality of it.


But dude, talk to Troy and Joe. He and I text. I know it's… Because I go back, I remember I watched Thursday Night Football and they had the uniforms on and it was just always like a C or a D game. If you looked at our schedule in August and you looked at what we ended up having, you looked at that Miami, New York Jets game with the Air Rogers and two of them. This is back in August. We're like, Holy shit, what a great game. Joe Burrow going against Lamar Jackson. We've had so many games. Even New England and Pittsburgh, who we have in a couple of weeks, you're thinking, Boy, this schedule is going to be great. It's turned out when we got a ton of injuries. Not us.


The League. The League, yes.


Troy gets a lot of games like this as well. It is what it is. It's where the NFL, unfortunately, is. I think my take on it is a lot of quarterback injuries, a lot of offensive lineman injuries, a lot of dominant defensive lineman, and a lot of really poor offensive football is where we are right now as a league. You know?


Yeah. It's what it is. You're right. It's a lot of circumstance. We have Monday Night Football next week is Bangles, Jaguars. We thought that game was going to be incredible. Joe Borough, Trevor Lawrence, guess what? Now we're watching Jake Browning and it's like, Okay, the juice is out of it. Yeah, it does feel like the quarterback… The NFL goes as the quarterbacks go. When there's a cluster of quarterback injuries, you see it in the product.




You got the Cowboys on Thursday. Are you one of the media members that's going to gas up the Cowboys? Do you think that they could be Super Bowl champions? Could they win the Super Bowl?


If they played the way they have the last three weeks, now they haven't played anybody great. We're going to find out about Dallas in the next few weeks because their schedule is about to get real. But right now, you could argue that Dax playing the best that he has in his career. Number two, Mike McCarthy calling plays. I think there's a rhythm right now. They have balance, they can run, they can throw. The defense with Dan Crenerr, right now, there's a lot there to like, but I think everybody wants to see them play against the big boys and see how they do in the coming weeks. But right now, man, it's one of the better teams. In an NFL watered down, they definitely stand out. In the NFC, you got Philly, you got San Fran, Detroit, if they can get back to playing the way they were, and you got Dallas. Those teams right now are.


Definitely standing out. I think Jerry might have lifted the curse when he allowed Jimmy Johnson to the Ring of Honor. I'm a big curse guy. I feel like that was a Combo Breaker.




That's good. That's fair.


All right, well, Herbie, always great to have you on. You love football just as much as we love football. It's going to be great to watch Florida State maybe get in on Saturday night and we're going to watch Cowboys and Seahawks on Thursday. You're the busiest guy in the world. I did have, oh, I forgot. I should have brought this up because I can't be a fraud.


You don't.


Like the thing? Yeah, the map thing. Yeah. It's not that I don't like it. Listen, we're lucky enough to travel first class as well, or private plane as well for some of these shows. It's not really that taxing to travel when you get to fly private. It isn't. You get to show up, you get on the plane, you get to put your feet up, you got snacks.


The travel is not the travel, the actual in the plane travel.


I'll take that. Do you have Wi-Fi on your private plane? This is now the least relatable conversation of all time to be like, Hey, let's come here. Because we don't have, I would say that we don't usually have good working Wi-Fi. That actually is a crisis.


I think it's a hit or miss. It's the hardest job in America.


It's hit or miss. Let me just tell you this week because I'm not complaining, I'll just tell you this week what I did. I'm here at my house Monday and Tuesday. I fly to Dallas Wednesday. The prep is the worst part of my job. The actual travel and the games, that part is enjoyable, but the prep is what really bogs you down. But Wednesday to Dallas, call the game Thursday night. Right after the game, I fly to Las Vegas. When I land, I call Oregon, Washington, that night.




After that game, I get over around midnight. I'll fly to Atlanta. Right when I land, I think I might go to the hotel, I might just go to the set and I'll do college game day from 9:00 to 12:00. Then Sunday we do the selection show. Okay, that's a.


Pretty big week of work. Okay, fine. I don't.


Think it's the actual flight and Ben's with me, so I'm really spoiled. I don't think that that'd go on for me too.


Yeah, it was a very nit-picky thing of me, I have to admit. I was just like, I don't like to tweet. I don't really know why.


There was.


One tweet you had.


You know what you should do, dude? You should come with me one week.


You'd love it. No, what I need to do is I need to do one of those for me where it's just like the… The art is going from to the bathroom to the refrigerator back to the TV. It's like, Look at this. Look at my Saturday. What a shit show.


That would be a classic. By the way, Dave, what's the guy's name? The big Ohio State guy?


The Dave. Big EV. Yeah.


I felt so bad.


For the big EV. It's tough for him. He just.


Gets- I mean, Dave, the one I saw where he's in a.


Car and.


The big guy is just acted, looking out the window. Dave is just priceless with his real quiet. Didn't even say anything. He's like, It's tough.


I hate to see you like this.


I just hate to see you. I was talking about like, Why can I just been a fan of cars? Yeah, a mechanic. I've got to work on car motors my entire life.


The good news from Big EV is if he keeps losing, he has a job for life because Dave will just keep you around to do that every single year. Oh, my God.




Is too good. Yeah, it was quite a day.


One day, you boys are going to let me come hang out and.


Go, Where are you? The war room is. Yes, come.


Watch some football. I want to come hang.


Out there. Are you familiar with Frank the Tank? Yes. Yeah. What do you think about Frank?


He's a Metts, Dolphins.


-who are his teams? Metz, Dolphins, Devils, Notre Dame, Nicks, Seaton Hall. Is he being real? -oh, yeah, Seton Hall. -he's going to be.


Mysterious when he gets dejected.


-oh, yeah. It's all too real. Yeah.


What are… He does.


All that? That's dead serious. Dead serious. He lives and dies with his teams. That's what we love.


That's why we watch. Just know if you're calling a Dolphins game and they're losing, Frank is cussing you up and down. He's biting a hole through his shirt being like.


Fucking Kirk Herb Street. Yep, it's true. Svp always laughs.


At him. Please.




Me in for the post-season.


I need.


To come in there and just I just want to yell at people and.


Get yelled at.


Yes. Actually, Frank needs to have one of those maps of how he gets around the country. Yes. That would be interesting.


All right, well, Herbie, thank you, as always, man. We love you. Appreciate you coming on. And good luck with your week this week.


All right. You got it, man.


Good to see you, Herbie.




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Okay, time for Guys on Chicks. Also Friday, huge episode. We have Cam Newton and Brandon Marshall in studio. They're in Chicago right now. If you're listening to this and you want something to do on Wednesday night, tonight, I am Iconic tour at the City Rewinery. There's still tickets. They're doing a live podcast. We might have to go because I think we're friends with.


Them now. You can ask Cam anything. Cam is an open book.


Yes. Great interview with them coming on PMT on Friday, but I think we might be friends with them now, so we might have to go. But if you're thinking about doing something, it was an awesome interview and they're going to put on a great show.


I agree. I want to print out all my old blogs about Cam Newton and just hand deliver them to him.


Yes. All right. Guys on Chicks. Hank. Reading.


Reading. Hey, question about a piss jug here. I've been dating my boyfriend for about one and a half years now and recently discovered he pisses in a body armor bottle at night. His bathroom is literally five steps away from his bed, and I don't understand why he urinates that instead of the toilet like a normal man. Last week, I stayed over at his place for Thanksgiving, and couldn't help but stare at the body armor bottle next to his bed. I threw it out and he got mad at me. Is this normal? Does my boyfriend have issues?


You can't touch a piss jug.


Like that. This is a very, very normal issue. It's not our fault. Guys, we learned this habit. I don't know if you went to college, but you go to college and you have to do this because sometimes your bathroom is not close to your dorm room.


I know that I was on the bottom bunk, but there was a bunch of my friends who had top bunks, and then you have to walk all the way down the hallway. It's like, Yeah, you need a piss jug.


Exactly. The act of waking up and walking down the hallway makes you awake. You can't get back to sleep after a good piss.


Yeah. No, piss jugs play. As long as it's designated piss jug.




The only thing. It has to be a-Is.


There an age.


Limit on piss jugs? No. No, because-No, you actually all age two piss jugs. When you get old and you're in hospice care, you use piss jugs again.


Yeah, it's diapersars and piss jugs.


What's your problem with piss jugs, Hank? Sounds like you're judging. You have judgy eyes.


I don't have a problem with piss jugs. I just think that you guys even said yourself that you used to use piss jugs, but now you don't. I feel like it's one of those things you age out of.


Okay, I just took a piss. Otherwise, I would piss in this jug right in.


Your face. I personally have not used a piss jug in probably five years.


I have not used a piss.


Jug in a month. No, that's not true. Road trips. Road trips count.


That's different, though. Mobile piss jugs are a lot different than stationary in your house.


Okay, I'm going to start using a piss jug in this studio.


I might just pee right now.


Yeah, I'm going to start using a piss jug in this studio. I just took a huge piss. There's no better feeling than a big fucking piss. Just ripping a.


Huge pisser. Powerful. You feel.


Like a new man.


He's pissing. Well, not yet. I'm just in a belt.


All right, next one.


Hello, fat cat. Pore FT. What the fuck? Cake, Marsh, and Big Belly, Maxie boy. I recently found out- He.


Had vacations with David Tepper.


I recently found out that my boyfriend of four months still has Tinder on his phone. He gave me his phone while he was driving to send a text, and I had to Snoop, obviously. Oh, no. He hasn't sent a message since we've been dating, but he's an attractive guy, so he still gets messages from other girls he doesn't reply to. When I confronted him, he said he kept it as a confidence boost and a reminder that he's got options if I get too clingey and or annoying. Should I break up with him or is this normal guy behavior?


I think you should break up with him.


Yeah, I mean, you can't. You don't talk about options if you're dating someone. Yeah, we got to keep your.


Options open, right? Maybe he doesn't think you're dating.


But this is like if you're a GM of a team like, Yeah, that guy is untradable, but make an offer.


Yeah, I went on one dating app date and I was like, I'm never doing this again, but I still have it. And sometimes I just check it just to see.


There you go. There's a piss right.


In your face. Piss junk right in your face, Hank?




This trigger you? Am I triggering you? Are you mad?


Like, if Patrick homes is untradable, but what if someone offered a lifetime of number one picks?


Yeah, that's a good point. Like, everyone's expendable. Right.


Everyone has.


A price. Especially after four months.


After four months, yeah. Four months is still, yeah, that's still in the zone of.


Feeling it out.


How long-I don't know if he hasn't sent any messages?


Yeah, he just has. He just forgot to delete.


Also, who deletes apps?


I think Tinder is one of those that I think the youths make a big deal about when it's officially official. I have removed Tinder from my phone.


Yeah. I actually, Hank, I've been thinking about cleaning up my phone because I have so many apps. I download stupid games and all this shit. I don't know where to start. I want to be one of those people who has shit organized on their phone, but I can't.


No, no chance. My phone is just like a Jackson, Pollock pain. Just apps scattered everywhere. Hank, do you want to hold on to this for me?


Okay, we're hearing someone. Jake, they didn't close the door fully. That's why. Yeah, it's still open. Okay, next question.


Hi, guys. I'm running a college football pick-in from my office and we were in our last week. My company's president is currently leading the season's standings. Looks like he's going to win the pool. His son is also in the pool and neither him nor his son have paid me the $133 entry fee.


How can.


I ask the president to pay for the pool or should I just cover him and his sons' buy and pay the full amount? No. Thank you for your help and go, Raven.


I think you have to send an email to the entire pool being like, Hey, some people, including those at the very top, have not paid yet. If you don't pay, then you are not eligible to win.


If he is going to win, though, the other option, you could just give him the cash minus his entry fee and his son's entry fee.


It's a principle of the thing, though. That is.


Fucked up. You got to pay. Yeah, you have to pay.


I think you got a public shame.


You've got to pay to play. You've got to say- You got to pay to play. Hey, buddy.


You've got to pay up. Pony up. You're in this pool just like everybody else.


Being cheap. Do you need a loan? You say that to your boss. I know times are tough.


You need a little help. I can float you. Have you seen the price of milk these days? Sleepy Joe got you down. I'll cover you if you need it.


All right, Hank. Last one.


Me and my boyfriend are going to move in together in May. I've been trying to convince him that we need a dog. He's not fully convinced he might be too much work/money while also just moving in together. But I'm a teacher, so I have summers off, so I think it'd be the perfect time to get a dog. I have a while to convince him any tips. Ps, I would just get my own dog, but I want the full summer to train him.


Is this Max? Are we talking about Max? No. Is there a house? Is there a house for the dog, too?


Here's the reality of it. This is fine because you should get the dog because having a dog is awesome. In every dog ownership situation with a couple, there's one person who it's their dog a little bit more. That's okay. That just means you're probably going to have to take care of the dog a little bit more because he wasn't the one who was like, We need a dog. You were the one who's like, We need a dog. If you know that going in, then get the dog because he'll fall in love with the dog. He'll start helping out with the dog. But to start, it will be like you'll get blamed for a couple of things being like, You wanted the dog, but it will be fine.


Get the dog. I think now is the perfect time to do it, though. If you're a teacher in the summers, this is what summers are for now. Yeah. You got to take advantage of that time. Or you could divide responsibilities, draw a line down the center of the dog. He takes care of the mouth. You take care of the butt and the piss, all that stuff.


Get the dog.


Get the dog. No one's ever regretted getting a dog. In fact, every person out there knows somebody-What.


About Kujo?


Kujo is great. Great dog. But every family knows someone where the dad did not want a dog and the mom gets a dog. At first, dad's like, This mother fucking dog. Then by the end, the dog and the dad are in separate.


Yeah, of course.


That's how it always works. Have you guys seen The Drop? No.




Yes, I have. I'm worried. Great movie. I just started watching it last night and I'm halfway through.


I can't remember. Well, no, James Candofini does die in real life.


Okay, I assumed. I'm just.


Worried about the dog. No, that's a great movie. I can't remember. I think you're okay. I think there's a website that says, Does the Dog Die?


Oh, really? Yeah, I'm pretty sure. That's a great website. We need that. If you're thinking about getting a dog, sign a pre-pup in case you guys break up, decide, figure out who gets the dog afterwards.


That's a fact.


Okay, great show, boys. Numbers?




70. 71.


Three, three, three. Eight and Cam Newton one and one.


You wanted one, okay. Twenty. Three. I tried.


To give him two, but.


He wanted- Sixty-two. Sixty-two. Sixty-two. What are you looking at, Max? Nothing. It's just going to be… How's your toe feeling, bitch? My toe actually feels.


Almost back. Almost back. Yeah, I saw during the producer bowl, Max was too injured to play botchie ball.


That's not true.


I said I would have played Bocce ball. I did too. You were gridding on the sidelines.


No, well, there was another event that got axed that I was ready performing. Yeah, everyone please subscribe to Stoolstream's YouTube because we're going to start doing a ton more of those. It's going to be great.


Oh, yeah.


It's going to be great.


Oh, yeah.


Max, you look like a bitch jumping up and down. Well, I didn't want to get my foot stepped on. Oh, okay. Love you guys. But I still wanted to celebrate.


With my squad.


-love you guys.


- Boys.


Love you guys. Love you guys. That video was.


So good.




Talking away. I don't know what to say, I'm saying anyway.


Today is on my day to.


Find you. So I ain't away.


I'll be.


Coming for.


You, love of three. So I ain't away. I'll be coming for you, love of three. Shying away. I'm coming for you, love of three. Take me on. Take me on. Take me on. I'll be gone. Do anything you want to. We gotto be safe. We're on the A.


We're on the A. We're on the A. We're on the A. We're on the A. We're on the A. We're on the A. We're on the A. So needless to save, so I won't say yes. But I'll be told in a way. Because all the learning is okay to stay on me. Make me-I'm so needless to save. I won't take it. Don't let it away. Because nothing to learn and to talk is okay. Say something to me. It's no better to be safe than something. Say something to me. It's no better to be safe than something. Take off. Take off. Take off. Take off. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. I'll be gone. Things that you say every little I hope just to play my part and be in the way you.


Are the things I've got to remember.


We're shining away.


I'm coming for you anyway. Shining away.


I'm coming for you, my life. Shining away. I'm coming for you, my life. Hey, come on, me. Take me, take me. Oh, take on me. I'll be gone. Yeah, take on me. Take on me. Take me. I'll take me. Take on, take on take on take on.