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My burger dreams have come true. You heard them, folks. These are McDonald's best burgers ever, available.


At most restaurants in this area.


Comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers on today's part of my take, we have the divisional round recap. Our NFC and AFC championships are set. There are four teams left. That was a roller coaster of a weekend. We're going to recap everything. We're going to do fastest two minutes, some great games, some teams that looked awesome. We're also going to do who's back of the week. Before we get to all of that, we're brought to you by our friends at game time. If you're looking to go to maybe the AFC or NFC championship, game time is what you need right now. You shouldn't have to worry when you're buying tickets to your next big event. Game time is the fast and easy way to buy tickets for all sports, music, comedy and theater events near you. I've used gametime for everything. Last second football tickets, baseball tickets. I've gone to comedy shows. Game time has it all. And you can go through the game time app. You can see everything they have in your city. Or if you're traveling for something, game time will be there for you. So they're obsessed with finding ways to help you save money on tickets.


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Download game time today last minute tickets, lowest price guaranteed. Okay, let's go, boy.


Now in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done no place to hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh no we got a rock down to electric I revenue and then we take it higher oh we gonna rock down to electric.


It'S part of my take isn't about March to sport.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Monday, January 22, and it's NFL divisional round.




Get him. We start in Baltimore, where Stephen the Sims gave the Texans a fake life with a first half punt return for a touchdown. But Lamarcha the Penguins Jackson, who was the star of the movie as he waddled all over the icy turf of Baltimore, running for 102 scores. Admiral Nelson Aguilar was rumming through the back of the end zone on a dark and stormy day. And it's time to tuck in PJ Stroud in his jam jams as the texan season goes night night. Ravens 34, Texans ten out west as the darkness was creeping over Paolo Alto, packers fans were screaming, I believe in.


A thing called love.


The Niners quarterback had to brock out all the haters as he battled through a Brocky performance. But he came through in the end and he proclaimed, let there be Brock. They were handing out free scoops of touchdowns at the McCaffrey Terria and Dre Green. Law in order, was restored in the end as Salamanders Carlson wants to crawl under a warm rock as the packers are off to see the lizard, the wonderful lizard of the Oz season. Niners 24, Packers 21 on Sunday, Jared naked ladies and the Lions had one week to think about this game in the old apartment for a ticket to the NFC championship game, Jameer lives ran left, gaining 6ft of separation for the big Blue, reminding Lions fans of another b sanders they all adore. I'm once again asking you to run the ball. Dan Campbell the Bucks made a valiant comeback. Mike Tyler Blevins looked at his special teams coach and said, I'll never understand how college and NFL teams allow kickers that just miss. Would love opinions on this. Derek Barnes and Noble made it so it wasn't such a hard cover for Lions fans at the end as he sealed the trip to San Francisco with an interception.


The Detroit Lions are in the NFC championship game. Lions $31.23 and we finish in Buffalo as Taylor Swift stopped by on her new era's tour. It's actually called High Mark Stadium.




Travis Kelsey scored twice, throwing up a heart, taunting Demar Hamlin. And he took that personally, calling his own number on a fake putt and getting a busy signal. Mikola Hardman coughed the ball up, giving the Bills life. But it was Tyler Bass who clearly didn't take any of Sean McDermott's speech to heart as he failed to hit either of the two uprights. No one kicks it right wide right in crucial moments like the Buffalo Bill Chiefs 27, the Bills 24. And that was fastest two minutes from the divisional round. Brought to you by our friends at Chevy. The Chevy Silverado has commanding an unstoppable grit, legendary capability and dependability, too. We've all spent time, seat time, as they call it in the biz, behind the wheel of a Silverado. And we're not just truck guys, we're Chevy truck guys. You know about the Zr. Two family of trucks lifted and ready for anything right from the factory. Now Silverado is taking it all to the next level with even more Silverado truck tech like available supercruise. Only Supercruise lets you drive hands free and tow hands free on more than 400,000 miles of compatible roads.


With over 138,000,000 miles of hands free driving by customers, Supercruise will help you get to your adventure energized, and it'll help drive you home. Go to, where you can check out Silverado, build your own Silverado online and learn important details about Supercruise. Okay, divisional round in the. That was. I feel like I got punched with the amount of football we watched because it was such high stakes football, and it was like, good game after good game. The first game wasn't great. We're going to get to every game, but big moments after big moments. It was awesome.


This is my favorite week of football. It always is. Every year, divisional round, super wild card weekend is nice just because they put the super on there. You get amped up about that. But divisional round, you get good teams. You weed out some of the phonies.


I have a take. I kind of like championship Sunday the most because I like. Here's. All right, listen. I know it's less football, but there's just something special about booking a trip to the Super bowl. It feels historic.


I don't know, as a fan, if you're a fan of one.


No, just watching it, even. Just watching it. Even if you're not a fan of either team, it's like, well, this is the Super bowl. The Super bowl means, so get, you get that week where all the fans of the team that booked it. It's like you don't even have to think about the game. You just get to celebrate it.


This is, to me, even better than Super bowl weekend. I'm kind of like Belichick. You get the championship trophy. Just hand it right back. Here you go. I don't even look at this. I like divisional round, man.


It was awesome. It's an awesome weekend.


It's just data, too. If one of the games is a stinker.


Yeah, no, you're right. There's a high likelihood that one of the games will be a blowout and you're like, fuck, I feel unfulfilled. But, yeah, this was a great weekend. It was great weekend of football.


It was good.


I think for the most part, the better teams won. Yeah, we can say that, right?




I actually think all four better teams won.


I think so.


I think all four better teams won. So we're going to get. Think about it. I have no qualms with the four advancing.




We're going to get great matchups in the championship weekend.


Yeah, I'm very excited about it.




The two best teams in each conference are in the championship game, and we're.


In a little bit of a pickle on the NFC side.


Yes. Well, we have friends on both sides. Just points.


Just give me points.




All right, let's get into it. Ravens 34, Texans ten. The first game on Saturday. We could talk about the Texans later and how this season was great for them, but this was the Ravens. What I thought was my don't overthink a game of the weekend. The Ravens defense was the story of this game because it felt like everyone was saying, ooh, rest first. Russ, how's Lamar and the offense going to look? The Ravens defense was so good that they let Lamar and the offense get a half of getting their feet wet, and then in the second half, they completely destroyed them.


They made adjustments at halftime.


Yeah, but the Ravens defense was good.


The whole Ravens defense was awesome the entire time.


They're so goddamn tough and, like, nasty.


The Texans weren't able to do anything. No, they did nothing on offense. I don't think they ran a play inside the red zone the entire time.


No, they couldn't run the ball at all. And it felt like every coverage that they were like the Ravens. What the Ravens do so well, too, is they don't even have these elite pass rushers. They have guys, obviously they're very good, but their coverage confuses quarterbacks so much that they just always are being able to get to the passer because there's nothing there.




The only time the Texans were able to do anything offensively is if CJ Stroud made an incredible throw, right. And broke off a chunk of like 2025 yards. And it was in like the tightest windows possible. Had to his guide and stride. It had to be perfect throw. Besides that, there was absolutely nothing that the Texans could do on that side of the ball.


It was that first half play where he rolled out and I can't remember who he hit. It might have been singletary, who Patrick Creen was guarding him. And it was like Patrick Creen was completely smothering him, and CJ Stroud put it in the only spot that he could catch it. And we all were like, damn, CJ Stroud. And then we had a moment and realized that's not really sustainable offense. No, that was basically the perfect pass to get a good play, and they weren't able to do that over and over and again.




That was the only offense that the Texans had. Besides that, they did absolutely nothing. The Ravens defense was incredible in the second half. Whatever they figured out at halftime to adjust, because the Texans, they blitzed way more than the Ravens were expecting.


I give them credit, miko credit. It worked. We're going to just try to do this.


So the Texans did. I think everything that the Texans could possibly do in this game, I think they just ran into a limitation of like, who the Texans are versus who the Ravens are.




They kept it close in the first half. It was 1010 going into halftime, right? Yeah, it was tied up and they were blitzing, I think, 70% of the time, which is not something that Demiko Ryan's does, but he's like, we got to do something different. Coaches have to win this game for us.


And you saw it, Lamar ran for 100 yards, and there was a couple where it was like, oh, everyone's blitzing around the edge. Let me just run for 30 yards in the middle of the field.


Yeah, they did a couple of those sweet design keepers where Lamar would like, fake the handoff, tuck the ball and just sprint around the edge. And then they started running pass variations on that same play. At that point, the Texans are like, well, we can't do anything.


Yeah, there's nothing we can do.


So if you're a Texans fan, you don't hang your head. Nothing to hang your head about this season?


No, it's an incredible season.


Great season. And I think if you're a Texans fan, you know what you have to do in the offseason to get better, but at least you know that you have hope. Is your window is beginning to open.


Yes. Wide open window. I did not realize until they showed the graphic that the Texans are the only franchise in the NFL to never be in a conference championship game. That's a bummer.


Well, yeah, that's because it started in what, 2001?


So do the Jaguars. So the Jaguars couple, the Panthers have been in a super.


Well, the Jaguars, Panthers, that was what, 96, 97, something like that. But, yeah, it's kind of a bummer for Texans fans. You had some good teams. You had some good talent.


Yeah, it just sucks because it was a great season, a great first season for CJ Stroud. I called it the best rookie year for a QB ever, and you just ran into an absolute buzsaw. And the Ravens have been demolishing teams like, this always happens where the teams that get the buy, you kind of forget that they're there because you watch six games of playoff football on super wild card weekend. And then the Ravens again. They started a little slow on offense, but their defense was ready from the first whistle. And the Ravens are the only team to shut out the Texans from the end zone this entire season. And also, they did it twice.


Pretty impressive.


So no one else did it even once? The Ravens did it twice. I know it was CJ Stroud's first start week one, but still, that's a hell of an accomplishment when the Texans offense had been playing very, very well down the stretch.


Yeah, your first and last game of the season as Texans just getting your ass kicked by the Ravens. This fucking guy.


The offense did not score touchdowns.


Their special teams was the difference maker for them. That's how they got their points for the Texans. But, yeah, they did nothing on offense the entire time. And CJ Stroud did play really well in the first half. I thought, given the circumstances against that team, he did everything that he could. And I have a take because I saw a lot of people saying that CJ Stroud, the news kind of came out that, that cognition test thing. It was a fake test.


Oh, yeah. I wanted to talk about that.




So it was not the real test, apparently. Apparently CJ didn't want to take the test because he's like, fuck this. I'm not going to take your fake test that I'm not getting paid for. I'm tired and I'm hungry, and it's 11:00 at night. I just got into town. And so somebody leaked his test result was even his. People are saying that he should sue the s two people. I disagree. I think that David Tepper should sue the s two people because I am studying for the bar exam, and you have to prove that you have financial damages and liability. David Tepper could very easily be like, you fucked over my entire operation.


But then where does it stop? Because then David Tepper could also sue the restaurant that had the scallops on the menu.


That's true. That was entrapment. Yeah, he could also sue himself.


He could sue himself. The s two cognition test, or whatever the fuck it's called. Nice one. Nice try, guys. Tried to pull a fast one on us. Yeah, because you had it leaked that CJ Stroud performed poorly on it. And then CJ Stroud was absolutely incredible. And the one thing that your test was supposed to test was anticipation and processing. And CJ Stroud is incredible at both of those things. So then you're like, hey, how can we make it so that people still think our test means something? Oh, we'll just say that it was an incorrect test score and it never should have been counted.


It was a nice run we had.


Nice try, s two. We're going to remember this one because they're literally just trying to cover their ass. Like, combine seasons coming up.




Oh, no. That whole CJ Stroud thing. Like s two. People probably were rooting against CJ Stroud every single week so that they could say their test shows everything. And it is the one key that every franchise needs is that single test. And then when CJ shroud ended up being incredible and rookie of the year and all these things, they have to cover their ass some way. So they're like, haha. Just a prank.


Go back to measuring skulls. Yeah, how about that? Figure out some other angle that nobody has yet.


Yeah. A couple other things I want to talk about. Playoff Dalvin. Playoff Dalvin. He had a nice long run. And I wouldn't mention playoff Dalvin because he wasn't really in the game much. But playoff Dalvin then went on a retweet spree about playoff Dalvin that I just love. He was retweeting everyone who was talking about Dalvin Cook. We bet on him over eight and a half yards. He was retweeting us. The Ravens tweeted when 30 one's numbers called. He's going to answer just that one run. And he just said, keep calling. And then he just. Easy money. He had just a bunch of like, stay healthy and keep moving forward. A bunch of pictures. I loved it. He's pumped to be playoff Dalvin.




Playoff Dalvin is.


You would have thought he's got some.


Spunk in those legs and it was.


Just because Gus Edwards got hurt.




No, if you looked at Dalvin Cook's twitter, you would have thought he had like 25 carries for 100.


What do he end with?


I think he had like four carries for like 28 yards.


Easy money.


And one of them was for 21 yards. Listen, believe in yourself. Playoff Dalvin.


Let's see, for 23.


Okay, 23. That's good. Yeah, sure.


That's long of 19.


That's a fine average.


Eight for 23. Long of 19, maybe not.




Money, 74.


Keep calling, keep calling. Let's go. Playoff Dalvin. Keep calling.


Yeah, listen, playoff Dalvin shows up for big games and he shows up for the first carry. He's good for a burst.




John Harbaugh dancing, too, was awesome.




He was doing the Saturday night fever in the locker room. He looked great. Afterwards, somebody pointed out he did the actual emoji for the guy dancing in your phone. If you look at your phone right now and I think you just type in dancing if you're a guy. The thing that shows up is Harbaugh in the flesh.


Isn't that guy purple, too?


He's purple, yeah. The year of Harbaugh.


Yeah, the year of Harbaugh. And his brother was on the sideline.


It's happening.


Jim was taking a lot of interviews this week. Is Jim Harbaugh still the coach at the University of taking. I think he's taken three head coaching interviews.




So the latest that I saw is that he's taken a few head coaching interviews. I think he did an interview with someone before the Ravens game and he talked about the passing of the torch and it was leaked that his contract that he has been negotiating with Michigan while doing these interviews has an immunity clause in it, which I love.


So he's negotiating on both sides of the table.




So the immunity clause is if the NCAA suspends him or finds him guilty of anything, Michigan cannot fire him. Rules.


Every coach, every coach, instead of putting in like a massive buyout, is going to start doing this.




I mean, well, he's in a certain spot in terms of leverage. Where he can do that because he just won the national title for the first time since like 1948. So. Yeah, he can do that immunity clause.


He does do the leverage tour every offseason, though.




This one feels, it feels like he's taking these opportunities pretty seriously at the NFL level.


Yeah, I feel like this week we're going to start getting some announcements. Bill Belichick to the Falcons, Harbaugh to the Chargers, that type of stuff.


Ben Johnson to the commanders.


Ben Johnson to commanders. John Harbaugh. He's back in the AFC championship game. Crazy that this is the first AFC championship game Baltimore will host.


Yeah. That is.


Well, at the bank.


At the bank. And by the way, I meant to say this, that crowd was awesome. The crowd was at a game had, I think the Texans had like seven or eight pre snap penalties where they were just jumping off sides constantly. False starts constantly. That was all crowd.


Baltimore's a very tough place to play.




And they love their Ravens, so it is going to be cool to see them. I hope they get the later game.


They do not have.


They won't because it's going to be San Francisco.


Wait, do they have the later game?


I can't imagine that it would.


No, they swap it every year.


They swap it.


They swap, yeah.


Because sometimes you'll notice, like, it'll be daytime for the NFC starting. It doesn't matter.


It's predetermined.


It would be so good if it was a night game in Baltimore.


I know that would.


Although second half will be eastern fourth.




It'll be dark.


I like that. Good for Baltimore. I'm happy for him. Happy for the fans, happy for Stavi. Did another pump up video as Ronnie for the Ravens.


Get those camo pants on.


It's so funny when Stavi does the pump up videos because he knows that it's going out for the team account and he has to watch what he says very carefully. And if you've ever seen any of the old Ronnie videos where he talks about, like, getting his dick sucked, he has to be very careful with his choice of words and what he chooses to say.




But yeah.


Happy for Ravens fans. Happy for Baltimore. First AFC championship game in the city of Baltimore since 1970.


It's crazy. And their defense is ferocious. I think they're the best defense left. I think that's pretty easy to say at this point.




I think the Niners have a lot of dudes, but the packers were able to run the ball down their throat. The Ravens, they just have guys everywhere and they do have. It's crazy how some of these organizations do it where it's like something about the guys that came before you and like, Ray Lewis and Suggs and that defense and Reed. Like, I feel like Patrick Queen and Roquan and these guys play that same way with that edge. And they're like, well, that's just Ravens football.


You don't want to let the guys before you down or they'll stab you.


Isn't it nuts, though? Because you're like, okay, they're just playing Ravens football where they just beat the fuck out of you, gang tackle you. They're like, never letting you get extra yards. And they just play with a nastiness that that's just Ravens football.


I like saying they got dudes on every level. Yeah, that's what you say if you're a football guy.


They do.


They got Judavion, Clowney, they got Patrick Queen, Roquan, and then Kyle Hamilton is a fucking monster.


And Marlon Humphrey didn't even play in this game.


Yeah, I know. So it was, it was an ass kicking through and through. I'm beginning to think maybe the problem with Lamar this whole time in the playoffs was just that you don't get to play NFC teams if you want to make it to the AFC championship game.




And somehow he's gotten over that hump.


This will be a big test. It's Lamar, like, last step going against Patrick Mahomes, who just keeps winning in the playoffs. That's all he. I mean, we'll see. Patrick Mahomes has proven that he can win on the road as well.


Yeah, he has. So, Max, I'm curious to know, as a Philly guy, are you a little bit upset that they call their stadium the bank? There can only be one bank. We should do bank of the year takeies.


Bank of the year.


Bank of the year takeies.


Sure. That's the least of my worries right now. Oh, what are you worried?


It sounds like you got a lot of worries.


Oh, we could go to the next game. It sounds like you have other worries the next game. Niners 24, Packers 21, San Francisco 49. Ers are proving yet again that last year they probably should have been the NFC representative.


Yeah, but Brock Purdy did not play last year. The difference was fourth quarter Brock this year.




I actually love this game for the Brock Purdy just discussion.


Oh, yeah.


It's the best. It was perfect.


It's perfect because no matter what your opinion of Brock Purdy was going into this game, that's still your opinion coming out of this game, and it was a very bumpy road to get there.




So purdy stunk. He can't play in the rain. He had some issues with the glove.


He was literally padding his jersey during the snap. Yeah, during the dropback.


I mean, he had the glove off before the game. Put the glove on, played with that for a little bit, then took the glove off based on how much it was raining or how his hand felt, I always say skin to skin feels better. No glove, no love. Take it off. And in the fourth quarter, Brock Purdy went back to looking good. But before that, he wasn't just, like, missing throws. He was making bad choices and missing throws at the same time. It was just very uncomfortable.


It was the perfect Brock purdy game because if you watch it, you're like, this guy, is he good? And then the last drive he was. Last two drives, he was very good. And it also was the perfect Kyle Shanahan game one, because he finally got that statistic off his resume, although it's still very bad up until they showed it on the graphics. Kyle Shanahan, this was his first time ever winning a game, playoffs or regular season. Trailing by five or more going into the fourth quarter, he was owing 31. He's now one in 31 in those situations. But Kyle Shanahan, I don't know what deal he made with the devil or something, but it's just so perfect that you basically make the perfect football coach in terms of demeanor, scheme, like intellect, all these things. And then you say, but let's just tweak it a little bit to fuck with him. Let's give him a quarterback he never fully, fully trusts and also give him shit for brains when it comes to clock management.




And that's Kyle Shanahan.


Everything that makes a great football coach also makes you way less inclined to be really good at math right at the end of a game. So when it comes to those situations, you would rather have a guy that has just played Madden nonstop for the last 20 years and never left his couch, making those decisions about when to call a timeout, all that stuff, all the game management stuff. And Kyle Shanahan has spent his entire life coaching actual football, being around football guys. So it is weird. Like, at the end of every game, he could put together a great game plan and he'll have one Mike McCarthy type decision, right?


And it's perfect because you never want the guy who's insanely good looking, also has an incredible sense of humor and is, like, super nice. You can't have it all. Al Shanahana has almost all. He's one of the, if not the best coaches in the NFL. And then he has that little piece. It's like, oh, yeah, we keep you normal, we keep you humble.


But he.


Well, there's also the calf tattoo that he has. I wish he had a better quarterback's name tattooed on his calf than Chris.


That's true. He, though, gets that monkey off his back. The one win now is big. I feel like that stat still, though, stands until he gets like ten or eleven.


It's hard to beat a team 32 times in a row.


Yeah, 32 times in a row. Up five. That end of the first half, that was concerning if you're a Niners fan, because it felt like Kyle Shanahan doesn't fully trust Brock Purdy because he was struggling and they were just doing weird shit at the end of the first half.


Yeah, he does not trust Brock Purdy all the way. I wouldn't have trust him all the way. But he had no choice but to go back to him in the fourth quarter. And for some reason, Brock just decided, oh, yeah, everyone said I was a top five quarterback this year. Start playing like it.


And he did play well at the end. But do you think there was ever a moment on the sideline that Kyle Shannon and Sam Darnold locked eyes?




Sam Darnold was like, dude, number one pick.




Just think about it.


I was texting my budy in Scotland who became a 49 ers fan out of nowhere, like 20 years ago. And so he's up at 03:00 a.m. In the morning watching this game, and he's just like, they need to put in Sam Donald right now.




I mean, Brock's not coming back from.


There were moments where you're like, what is going on with Brock Purdy? But the good news is Christian McCaffrey is still the best running back in football. That run that he broke, that kept the Niners in the game, kittle was a monster.


I think McCaffrey was inspired by Kittle. When Kittle got the ball in his hands and he's like, I'm just going to try to tackle everybody while I run. I think McCaffrey's like, oh, yeah, we're playing football.


Kittle was a monster. Kittle's also one of the top guys because he had that one drop pass in the last drive. He dropped that one pass and it's like, he's one of the top guys where you're like, the next ball that goes to him, he's catching no matter what. And he did.


He's going to catch it out of the anger.




Because he gets so mad at himself. You're like, that's a dog. He's so mad at himself that there's no way he's going to drop this next pass.


I'm a little bit concerned about the 49 ers defense. If I'm a Niners fan, I'm smashing the concern button. It's not the panic button yet. It's right next to the panic button. But they've got a lot of names on the defense, right?




And their defensive line is not very good against the run. They just happen to play with the lead a lot.


I was going to say.




And they've got Bosa, who's supposed to be able to get to the passer. Then you've got Chase Young.


Chase Young stinks.


Chase Young. What did I tell you this entire season? Would I tell you when I.


No, he does.


When you got Montez sweat.




Montez sweat's a much better player than Chase Young.


Non ball knowers were like, chase Young went cheaper than Montez sweat. Chase Young, now, he doesn't stink, but when a team runs it at you constantly, yes, there's something wrong, and they constantly were running it at him.


Chase Young's problem, besides the fact that he was drafted second overall, so there's a big expectations, and he's a physical freak. He looks so intimidated. He looks like such a good football player that when he doesn't put up any stats, you're like, what's going on with this guy? I mean, it's the predator dreadlocks. He's just a monster of a human being. And when you don't show up, it's kind of glaringly obvious and they can't stop the run. Chase isn't that great at getting to the passer. He hasn't really been with the exception of like a four game span where he turned it on real quick. He is coming off injuries, though, so I'll give that to him. And then on the backside of your defense, was it Ambry Thomas? Is that the cornerback's name? That guy was getting cooked. The defense does not look that good, and I'd be a little bit worried about that if I was the Niners.


Chase Young is also good for like three to five times a game. It feels like he just completely whiffs on the direction of where the play is. He'll, he'll go down and the play will be going wide. And he's like, where was this? You just let the quarterback roll right past you or the running back run right past you. You're in the wrong position. He floats a little.


I've got a lot of experience watching Chase Young. I can give you the guide to it. He'll either stand up straight and extend his arm and then stand there like he's playing the run and it'll be a pass play. He leads the league in tackling non ball carriers. So if there's like a read option or a play action that goes, know, you fake it to the running back, Chase Young will knock the snot out of that guy.




He'll be in the backfield so quick hitting that running back, and then your quarterback runs around him.




First down.




We should talk about the packers, though. Yeah. So I'm not going to do my usual thing because it's a little different this year. The packers completely overachieved what they were expected for this season. They're in a rebuilding year. This is very different than the last years of Aaron Rodgers where it was like, one more run, one more run, and he'd keep losing in hilarious fashion. I'd raise a banner and be the happiest night. I was very happy the packers lost. But it's a little different when I think most packers fans are like, we just opened up a window. Our quarterback showed us that he can win on the road in the playoffs. Like, the last two months. He was one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. That's just a fact. But he did also have some bad moments in the end of the game. He had his Bret Favre moment. I don't know if you saw the side by side cross his body. The video, it was identical to Bret Favre throwing the interception in overtime in the NFC championship game, Vikings versus Saints.


But with like 10 seconds left in the fourth quarter.


Oh, it was in the fourth quarter.


Vikings. They were in field goal range.


That's right.


And Bret Farv threw it through it.


He's like, fuck it.


The announcer was so funny. I think it was Paul Allen. He's the guy that does the announcing for the Vikings.




He was like, what are you doing right now? This is not against the Lions. This is the NFC championship game to go to the Super bowl. It was a ridiculous play that Bret made, and you're right, it was side by side. Exactly the same as what Jordan love.


It was exactly the same. It was exactly the think. No, it was overtime. That game did go to overtime. I don't know if that was the overtime interception.


I think it was in the fourth quarter and it was tied. And the Vikings.


Then he did that.


The Vikings were about to win the game and then went to overtime.


Yeah. Either way, that entire last, what, 1517 minutes for Jordan Love was not great. He kind of turned back into Jordan love from the beginning of the season where he was, like, trying to play a little bit of hero ball. But I'm a realist. I understand how good he looks and how good he probably is. So I'm not going to sit here and pretend that this was like, oh, incredible. The packers. I'm very happy the packers lost. The Niners are my lord and savior. People were making a bunch of memes where it's they. I don't even know what movie. It's one of those Avenger movies where it's like the bears, like, we can't do anything carefully.


He's a hero. Yeah, that's the.


But he can. And it's thanos or something. And the Niners. Nope. I fuck it up.


No, I know it's not, Hank. I was just trying to get people.


Help me. Help me.


I was talking.


Yeah, I did the Spider man thing just to piss people off. Yours is Thor.


Ragnarok. Ragnarok. Can you explain it to me? Meme?


So Thor says I can't stop you.


And then evil guys, it's like a one on one.


It looks like the hero is about to lose. It's like, I can't stop you. But then.


And then the apocalypse guy comes out. Yeah, so is the night. The Niners are my apocalypse guy. Does he have a name? Shane.




Does he have a name? The Niners. The Apocalypse guy. You can't hear what you're saying. This is a flaw in Thor.


Ragnarok. When we need to get it, I can't stop him, but he can. Who's that? Who's the he?


Who is he? I want to give credit to the he Starlord. There are some people very angry. Is that his name? No, there are people very angry right now. Is it thanos? Is it Ragnarok? It's a chick.




The Niners are a chick. Is she hot? Okay, players, the packers are the chick. We're beating up a chick. We can't beat up a chick. She's strong. Okay, but then does that make it right? I'm just going to say ragnarok is the Niners.


Is that okay?




All right. Ragnarok are the Niners for me. But yes, the packers have everything in front of them, their window is open. I get it. The Niners, though, thank God. Every single year, every single time the Niners are in the tournament with the packers, the Packers will just see the Niners and just.


I love watching Jordan Love's little step back. James Harden throw that.


He does.


Yeah, he's always throwing off that back foot, and every time he throws it, you're like, oh, he's throwing off his back foot and it's a perfect pass. No, he was strength and accuracy. He gets off. Stepping back like that is crazy. I wonder if somebody's going to try to fix that in the, to me, like, that's something that a quarterback coach might unintentionally fuck up. Be like, we got to work on your mechanics, Jordan. You can get another 7 throwing power on that and fuck up his accuracy. I hope they don't because he's fun to watch.


Yeah, he's not fun to watch. What is his name? Sirter surtur. I need a more bad. I'm going to go with ragnarok. Yeah, ragnarok sounds way more cool. Here's the snipers are my ragnarok.


You'll appreciate this, big cat. The packers have lost five playoff games with a lead in the final five minutes since 2000, the most of any team in the NFL. They lost this game. They lost also against the 49 Ers in 2021. Seahawks 2015, Seahawks 2014, and Max's birds back in.


Those are your gammies.


Seahawks 2014 was my personal favorite.


Those happened.


Yeah. I did see our friend Sam decker being like, I don't know how much more this a fan base can take, and I didn't want to get in the dirt, but I want to just be like, dude, shut up. You're in the playoffs every year. I would love to lose tragically in the playoffs.


I like going at the tournament, too. You're in the tournament?




Once you get in the dance.




You don't want to see the packers, do not want to see the Niners, but incredible season for them. Matt Lafleur is a very good coach. He now has the biggest test of his coaching career and the fact that he has to fire Joe Berry. And Joe Berry did a little bit at the end where it's like, cowboys game was good. Obviously, they beat the Bears a couple games towards the end of the season. They turned around. But I was so perplexed by that last drive that the Niners had where it's like the Niners have the ball. It's, what was it, 24 20? So, you know, they're going for a touchdown or, no, it was. Sorry. It was 20, 117. It was 20, 117. Niners are down. Niners have the ball. They're starting to move the ball. It's like a gamble of like, we need to get the ball back if they're going to score. That is the perfect time to just be as aggressive as you can to try to fuck shit up, try to get an interception, try to get a big sack, a fumble. But the packers kind of just sat back and let the Niners just march down the field.


And that was, to me, like, the difference in the game. It's like that is the moment that you just go balls to the wall and try to make a big play and end the game right there. Because if you play soft coverage and you let the Niners run the ball down your throat, they're going to score and you're also not going to get the ball back with the tone of time, which they did have enough time.


I disagree with you, though. The toughest test of LaFleur's career is if you're down by, what, eight points and there's two minutes left and you're going up against Tom Brady, do you kick a field goal? This actually might be a good result for LaFleur in the long term because he's going to hate kickers.


Well, that story that was told on.


The broadcast, Tom and Ronaldi's report, that.


Was one of the most shocking things I've ever heard. A sideline reporter said, if you didn't watch the game or you weren't listening to the game, you're at a bar. They said that every time Anders Carlson goes up to kick, Matt Lafleur goes to rich basacia and says a prayer. That's not a good thing for your kicker. No, you don't have to say a.


Prayer, but this might be good for LaFleur. He doesn't trust his kicker so much that maybe he just won't use his kicker when he's down by eight.


It also is like a very. The packers are really what they do better than anyone else is they draft and they build their roster. And so they drafted a kicker this year and they're like, we're going to build this guy up. And he stinks. It was a bad hold.


It was a bad hold.


But he also stunk all year.


He did stink all year. I saw a screenshot of the hold, looked like Kirk Herb street. Not a good hold at all. Tilted way to the side. His hand was all over the back of it.




I feel like I'm being pretty gracious, though, right now. I'm not reveling in it. I mean, I did say that I'm going to go to sleep at night dreaming of Caleb Williams and dreaming of Jordan love, throwing two back breaking interceptions in the last 17 minutes of a playoff game. And then I had to correct myself because I was like, wait, that actually happened? I don't have to dream about it, but other than that, I feel like I've been pretty classy.


Drake Greenlaw needs to learn how to go down. Yeah.


Although I feel like he was just trying to get the COVID for it.


He's like, DJ Khaled, when you catch that ball. His whole team was screaming at him.


I know.


Like guys on the field were telling him, take a knee, go down.


He ran out of the camera shot.




The game is literally over right now.


The first one was even crazier where he just kept on changing direction for no reason.




I don't know if he wasn't even looking for somebody to ladder the ball to. He thought he was going to run the ball back.


He was going backwards, sideways everywhere, and it was just like, what are you doing?


He was doing like a Barry Sanders run on the way back and you knew he was going to fumble the ball, too. It was like, dude, just go down. Please take a knee. You have nothing more to prove. He might have been trying to get the COVID.


Do you think Purdy is going to have confidence now? That was a tough game for him and it was wet and all that shit. Do you think he's going to play better in the NFC championship game or do you think he's going to get hurt?


Be. It'll be interesting because if he does get hurt, then I don't think that the Niners have a chance in hell.


Sam Darnold.


If he does get hurt or if he doesn't get hurt, then I think that they cakewalk their way to think.




I think we're looking at it right.


Now and fucking with Max.


Right? I think everyone can agree that last year's NFC championship game, he has a huge asterisk knowing that the Niners are the best team in the NFC. What, because they won the divisional round by three points?




No, but we could see Brock Purdy, like, healthy Brock Purdy.


Healthy Brock purdy, different. It's a different guy in the fourth.


Quarter, especially in the second half.


Beat the seven seed. Oh, so you're holding on hope. Okay, so we'll table this for next week. If the Niners win next week. Won by 30 in that. Well, they didn't have a quarterback. No. In the divisional round, we're talking. Okay, against the Giants. Against the seven seed packers. What?


He's got you there.




They both beat the seven seed?




No, the Giants were not the 7th seed.




The Giants would not the 7th.


They were the 6th seed.


Way better.


They beat the Vikings in the three seeds.


A way better seed than the 7th seed. What's better? Seed, six or seven? You know you're making my point, right?




This is a bad argument for you.


Fuck am I? Fuck.


I did.


I just trapped myself. God damn it. I said we'll table it. Yeah, we'll table it. We'll table it till next week. Yeah, but it's a different animal. Did fuck myself up there. Eat my ragnarok. Someone get me a ragnarok.


The Lions pass rush is much better than the Niners right now.


Yeah. The Lions can win this game. Yeah, absolutely. No, fuck. Now Max is nodding.


It's a possibility.


They can't.


You know what, Max? You know what? You're such a loser that you're trying to hold on. Basically the sanctity of losing in the Super bowl. That's the real loser thing.


Well, also, if they play the Chiefs, I'm still real.


If you had won shit out of.


Them in the Super Bowl, I still have.


If you won the Super bowl last year, I'd understand your argument because you'd be like, I don't want anyone to say there's an asterisk on our Super bowl win. But you didn't even win the Super bowl. So you're just saying we don't want an asterisk on our NFC championship for a guy who doesn't raise banners. I just hate Niners fans. Because they were mad that they didn't have a quarterback?


Yeah, because all they do is curious.


Did the 49 ers play against the Eagles this year?


Yeah, they did. They killed them. Those are two different teams. Wait, no, but.




They played in San Francisco in the Eagles game last year. Was at the link. Shane Steichen wasn't there. Wait, where did they play this year?


Oh, no, they played at the link.


At the link.


Yeah, but it was close.


It was close.


Well, if we're talking about Red.


No, actually it's 42 to 19.


The Eagles beat the Bills and the.


Chiefs, which is the best game of the weekend. So if we're talking about regular season games and they also lost to the jets, if we're talking about regular season. They also lost to.


Well, we're talking about two teams. If only there was some way to figure out which team was better, the Eagles or the 49.


We're talking about regular season games.


I just don't know if that regular.


Season games don't matter.




I wish there wasn't some sort of simulation we could do to see which team would win.


It's sometimes not about going to the Super bowl. It's like, you have to do it the next year to confirm that going.


To the Super bowl was real friendly reminder.


That's really what it counts.


If the Niners somehow beat Eagles last year, they were about to sign Philip Rivers to play in the Super Bowl.


I know.


That's such bullshit.


That happens.


That's the one thing that I am mad about at Kyle Shanahan about, is that he put that out there after the fact. Dude, please keep that. That's fan fiction that I would nut myself over thinking about. You need to keep that shit quiet. I would much rather not have known that that would have been the case.




But the Niners showed some holes against Packers. I will say for packers fans, you can't really complain because your team is always good. But that was a game that it felt like the packers were the better team for like 50 minutes of the game.


Yeah, it did.


And so the Niners were lucky. I'll say that they got away.


If they were lucky. They just made plays at the end. And the packers stopped making plays, but.


They played poorly for a lot of the game. The Niners did not play up to their expectations for most of the game.


Yeah, but it really did come down to, like, Jordan loves. I mean, that interception he threw at the end of the game was like, there was no reason for him to throw that ball. They had a couple timeouts. They had time. They were just trying to get a field goal there to take it to overtime. That was a dumb throw.




And then we'll see what happens with. Apparently we should give Kyle Shanahan some credit for this. At halftime, he told everybody, change your shoes.


Yeah, big shoes.


Which guy? If you're the home team, that should never be an issue.




You have plenty of experience playing on the field. I'm sure you've played on that playing surface in, like, mild rain before.


That shouldn't surprise you.




Like, oh, man, it rains here and it's kind of hard to run around.


Change your shoes at halftime. I think he told all the skill position guys that love it. Yeah, good coaching.


Good coaching.


All right.


Let's take a break and then we'll get to our Sunday games. Two great games.




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Okay, it's a great day. Lions $31.23 I'm going to get this in before Jake comes back from his pee break. The Lions are in the NFC championship game for the first time since 1991. Also the first time since 1991 an amateur won a PGA event, which also happened.


We might get to that later. Yeah, but yeah, that's wild.


That's why I get that.


That's a great stat.


Also, Jake is rooting for the Lions and the Chiefs to be in the Super bowl. So it's the first games the same as the Super bowl.


The bookends.




What a storyline that was.


Rooting for storyline.




I can't wait till he brings this up later. It's going to be great. We already talked about it.


It will be so, yeah, this is a fun game. It was very fun game. It got sneaky close at the very end. It felt like things might be slipping away from the lines a little bit. My takeaway is that the Detroit Lions are now two and o in Super Bowls this year.




They won their Super bowl last week. They won another Super bowl again. They're going to set the all time record for Super bowl wins in one season. Super bowl wins because Dan Campbell was crying after this game, too, using the word man all the time. It's good. It's a nice emotional release to get to watch Detroit enjoy this joy. So I like it.


It's an incredible story. The fact that it was three years to the day of Dan Campbell's introductory press conference where he said, biting kneecaps and everything, it's an insane turnaround. It's the same story. They're in the NFC championship game for the first time in 33 years. It did get close because the Bucks did a pretty good job stopping the Lions the first half. And Goff, just like his fourth quarter was awesome. He had two drives, 75 yards, 89 yards, both for touchdowns. He started the fourth quarter, I think it was like eleven straight completions for 131 yards and a touchdown. He just went nuclear on them. That was the difference. It was a close game. And then Jared Goff just started making big plays and big throws and Amon Ross St. Brown. It might be my favorite receiver that's not on my team because his hands are so strong, the catches he makes, and he's just so dependable. He's so strong and he is so strong.




And then Jamir Gibbs. I don't know. I can't remember. We might have laughed at it. I don't think we did, though. But a lot of people laughed at Jamir Gibbs getting drafted 8th overall last year. Turns out he's a difference maker that's used correctly. And you saw it when he, like, he'll just have one or two plays a game where he breaks loose and no one can touch him. And having that type of dynamic force on your offense is so huge in.


The playoffs, you can instantly tell when it's a rookie running back that has the ball in their hands because they've got those rookie legs, they've got the rookie speed. That's different. And when he gets the ball, it's like, oh, yeah, that guy just has more bursts than everybody else. And he had a very good game running the ball, carried the ball only nine times, but for 74 yards, they use him perfectly. And so what's crazy about Detroit, on those drives that you mentioned, that was prime time for the Lions to just take the air out of the ball. Just like, run the ball, kill the clock, don't let the Bucks have enough possessions to win the game. And what Ben Johnson and the offense did was they said, you know what? We actually trust Jared Goff to make intermediate passes as an extension of the run game.




And we're going to kill the clock that way. And it, like, it's a shocking game plan. You would think everything you know about Dan Campbell is like, run the damn ball at that point. No. Ben Johnson said, we're going to throw the ball and we're going to kill the clock that way. And it worked to perfection. So the Detroit Lions offense is. They did two things today. That was one that surprised me. That was really good. And the second thing was, I think it was fourth and goal. And you'd think at a time like that, this is where the Lions like to break out their funky plays.




Their weird ones, where they get a tackle eligible, throw the ball out. They lined up with a tackle eligible formation. It looked like it was going to be a weird play. They started doing all sorts of motion, and they just said, you know what? I'm going to run the fucking ball down your throat, up the middle.


With our third running, our third, Reynolds, who everyone thinks is not going to get the ball because why would you hand the ball off to a guy not named David Montgomery or Jameer Gibbs?


Which, based on everything you've seen with the Lions this year, no one saw that coming. No one saw that play coming. And it worked perfectly. And so I love the Lions offense. I love Ben Johnson. I just want to say that again. I love Ben Johnson. Ben Johnson. I love you very much now and always do the right thing.


You have Ben Johnson at home. Eric B.


Enemy. Not yet.


Not yet.




No. You have a Ben Johnson at home.


Eric B. Enemy. Great guy. You know what? Great football coach. Even better human being.




Ben Johnson at home. Than the flash to Eric B.




No. New coach.


Yeah. No.


The Lions and their know, they give up big plays in the secondary, but they also. I don't know what it was. It was either Aaron Glenn was doing a great job at dialing stuff up, or the. Like, there was, I think, three times, maybe four times, where they had a blitzer that was completely unblocked and just completely screwed up. The Bucks drive by sacking Baker Mayfield and. Yeah, like Frank Ragnau, that dude's a warrior. His knee got bent up so bad, and then, like five plays later, he was bodying Vita Vay on a fourth and one at the goal line, and.


The same thing happened again. It was like his ankle got caught at a 90 degree angle underneath him when he got rolled up by Jerry Goff the first time, and then he goes back in, shoves Vitave, and then somebody else falls into that same leg, giving him the same injury again.






He's a monster. And that offensive line is just monsters. They're getting that one play where they had Panae Sewell out. He was doing the Trent Williams. He was just throwing people out of the way and just trucking people down the field, which is so much fun to watch.


And you're right about the pass rush. The pass rush. It felt like they were getting two guys to baker every single time.




And they'd just be jumping, like, actual lines, and they can feeding on somebody just, like, swarming them.


Yeah, they can stop the run. I know Rashad White did have, like, one or two big runs, but they can stop the run like they do kind of have what it takes to play against the 49 ers. That crowd was electric again. Yeah, the Lions are on an incredible run. It was a great game. And Jared showing up in the fourth quarter, like I said, that was the difference in the game because it was kind of a stalemate back and forth, and they just completely blew him out in the fourth quarter. Obviously, the score is a little bit closer because the bucks scored went for two, which. How many times we got to explain it? There were so many people didn't understand it. Maybe it was just because it was a playoff game.


You're down by 14 points in the fourth quarter, and you score a touchdown, you go for two. Why is that? Because if you don't make it, you can go for two the second time. If you do get it, then you can kick an extra point for the win and two point conversions. Now, depending on your offense, because I wouldn't say this about every offense in the correct, but depending on how good your offense is, it's about a 50 50 shot of converting the two point conversion.


It's simple math. You're planning on going for two twice if you have to. And if you can hit your two point conversion over 50%, the math says you will get one of the two.


It's the only math that I'm confident in. It's that and how many beers do you drink in an hour that puts you over the legal limit. Yeah, that's boy math.




People ask what that is.


That's exactly where boy math also is.




Figuring out over unders, measuring from the base.


Yeah, that's boy math. Boy math. Boy math. Trying to get your brain to figure out, okay, like 155 in college basketball. What do we need for the fouls? How much does a team have to be up late to be in that foul zone? Boy math.


Also stopping the gas pump right when it hits $20. Yeah, that's boy math.


Boy math. Not counting calories when you're eating standing up. Boy math.


Also facts. Mike Evans had 147 yards. How many yards he would have had if he caught every ball? I know he had some drops. He had some bad drops. But Baker said that he wants to return next year, and he says if he comes back, he wants Mike Evans back next year.


He's a free agent.




Baker is a free agent. No, so is Mike Evans and Mike Evans. So it might be like a duo coming back together.


I don't know.


Baker's going to need some money. They're going to have to pay Baker to come back.


Yeah. The of I've shit on the bucks this year, but I did not expect them to be in the divisional round. They were tougher than I thought they were, and it does feel like if they can add a couple pieces, maybe in the secondary, bring Baker back, they could have something.


I'm just glad that Baker is thriving.




I hope he's got his forever home.


He's a tough motherfucker, too.




Although he's got to lose the visor.




Got to lose the visor.


Had no chance.


No quarterback wearing a visor ever won a Super bowl.


Yeah. This is an awesome game, though. Lions fans are just on cloud nine right now. They're America's sweetheart.


They are.


Are they America's team?


They are America's team, for sure.


Without a doubt.


So with the Lions, I feel like if the Lions get to win a Super bowl, they'll get probably like a two year grace period before America starts to turn on. Oh, we turn on people pretty quick. We turn on people pretty quickly. Dan Campbell could be mayor of Detroit. If he wanted to easily, he would win in a landslide.




But, yeah, I feel like Lions fans have suffered so much throughout the years. You don't really have too many asshole Lions fans out there.


Maybe they're Tim Allen. He's a snitch.


He is a snitch. Stop snitching.


Remember when we killed him?


Yeah. Rip. Tim Allen trended for people who don't.


Know when Covid happened, we couldn't do grit week, so we did a 24 hours live stream instead. And at, like, five in the morning, we just started tweeting about Tim Allen and telling the whole chat to start tweeting about Tim Allen. So when everyone woke up the next day, Tim Allen was the number one trend on Twitter. And it was only because we started tweeting about him, and everyone was like, did Tim Allen die?


And we dabbled in fake news on this podcast.


Yeah, for sure, it was a great moment.


But, yeah.


Who are the big Detroit fans? You got, what's his name? Tim from. I think you should leave.


Tim Robinson.


Tim Robinson.


Sam Richardson.


Sam Richardson. Eminem is big. You've got Kid rock. Where's Kid Rock been this entire time?


Jared actually said he wants to see Kid rock out there.


Kid Rock has been mia these entire playoffs. Where's he at? Is he at that big estate that his dad born him on?


I don't know.


I don't know.


What are you going to say?


I'm blanking on his name. He was in the Barry Sanders documentary. The guy from dumb and dumber.


Oh, yeah.


Jeff Daniels. Oh, it is big.


He's from Tony Scheffler's hometown. Chelsea.




Tony Scheffler.


Tony Scheffler.


Big Lions fan.




Barry Sanders. Calvin Johnson.




In Orlofsky.


Matt Stafford most days.








Thinking of his daughters. They hate his daughters.




She actually went and doubled back down.


And said that they were booing.


They were daughters.




That's actually the right move by Kelly Stafford.




You can't be like, you're right. I just use that sympathy. You have to be like, no, they slipping my daughters off.


They're booing. But, yeah, lions are american. And sprinkles was there.




Detroit don let us know that sprinkles was in attendance. So that's a great story. And, yeah, the are. It's crazy. Lions in the NFC championship game. Who would have thought? It's nuts and they can win that game.


You know, it's real tough for the Lions going to this. Were they were the hot pick. People were talking about the Lions a lot based on how they finished last year and everything that we know about them, and they managed to live up and surpass those expectations.




Which is very tough to do.


Yeah, it's a great story arc, especially with last year, and it was like one in six. And Dan Campbell, like, is he the right guy? And just the way they finished last year to this year, it's awesome. I'm happy for Lions fans.


I am, too, except for Kid Rock. Where the fuck have you been? Kid rock.


Yeah, I was telling you guys before that it's funny because you guys can root for the Lions with all your heart, whereas I'm sitting here being like, I'm happy for Lions fans. I'm rooting for Jared hard. But there also is a feeling like, if the Lions do win a Super bowl, I'm like, fuck. But we play them two times a year. I don't like the Lions, but when you're down for so long and the Bears are also down, it's like, brother, fuck, fuck the packers. Now the brother's getting a nice job and a big house, and I'm like, hey, wait a second. I like that. I thought we were in, like, squalor together.


You like the Lions? You know, I liked them before they sold out.




You like the Lions? Well, name five of their heartbreaking losses.


It sucks because Lions fans, Bears fans, like, we used to do whippets and drink too much and stay up too late and have dead end jobs, and now they're fucking got a suit and tie in corporate America, and they're killing it, and they got kids and everything's going well for them, and I'm still doing the whippets in my underwear.


That sounds like it's true. That's a comedy. It's like. But then that's what always happens. Right now at the end of that movie, what always happens to your character is you end up realizing, oh, shit, I got to get out and get a job.


No, I think the way I would like this one to go is I'd like the lines to just be like, you know what? We tried that whole success thing. We want to do whippets with you, slap it to base.




You, like, fall in love with your brother's wife? Yeah, something like that.


Wait, what?


I feel like that happens.


Fall in love with your brother's wife?


Yeah, like, they're not good for each other, but you guys actually are really.


Good for each other, I would actually say.


And your brother's kind of a piece.


Of shit that marries his brother's wife is the asshole in that situation.


I think it's more.


No, I'm saying.


I'm just.


That's sometimes how these movies play out.


The lion's character would win the Lombardi, and then I would kill him and steal it and then do life in jail. That's how you're thinking of Hank.


Hank's just invented. He's writing right now.


We're all writing.


Hank, think. I want you to flesh out that plotline a little bit. Maybe you can put it into boner dog.


All I'm going to say.


No, it is a movie. It is a movie.


I'm going to say is Lions fans enjoy it. It's an incredible run, but it's like a Ben kind of want to do some whippets and have no responsibility. This is a big game. You're probably nervous going into this game. Yeah, I haven't been nervous for a game in a long time.


Is that the plot of something about Mary?


Is it?


You know, what is the plot of something about Mary? Mary is dating Bret Favre, but she's actually a 49 ers fan.




Mary was happy about that game.


True. What are you looking up, Hank?


Nothing. Don't worry about it.


No, Hank's writing a movie. Hank, I want you to write this movie in a way that's heartwarming and charming.


I think in something about Mary, he's describing the antagonist, though. There's multiple guys obsessed with Mary.




But there's the one guy who steals.


There's no brother.


There's no brother.


But that's.


Well, there is a brother. Frank and Beans.


That's true.




So that. Actually, I would be that brother.




Steal her from Frank.


And would be. I would be walking around being like, you want to have a catch? No one wants to have a catch with me.




No, Hank is just. Hank's freestyling a movie right now, which I love.




Go off the dome. It works. There's something there.




I just want us to all be happy in the end, but I don't think that's going to happen. Okay.


In order for you to be happy, the older brother has to not be happy.


Right. Which is a shitty thing. But also, that's the only way I can get happiness, or I can just keep doing with it. You know what? You know what tomorrow's gonna have?


You know what, big cat? This would be perfect. If the Lions make the Super bowl and lose it, then Equinimius St. Brown goes to the Super bowl and wins.


No, no, I got this. I got this. The Lions go to the Super bowl and win it. And I'm sitting in my underwear doing whippets, being an asshole, like, total shithead. And then in the last scene, the hot chick walks in and she's going to fix my whole life. She's like, get up. Get a job. You're better than this. You have more to give to the world. And that hot chick, Caleb Williams. Oh, I like that. Yeah. And then we all live happy.


That's good.




You also have your other friends that you can do activities with. Enjoy the draft together.




Yeah, we can enjoy the draft.


Oh, yeah.


PFC and.


Yeah. Yeah.


But I'm talking know. Yeah, we're talking divisional because we got to play.


This is like an annual boys trip that we all make to the draft. And we get really shitty and loaded before the draft every year because we love it, because we get to get good players. And then the girl, Caleb Williams, convince you, like, hey, you don't need to hang out with those guys anymore. You're better than them.


I got you. You don't have to be high in the draft. Your happiness doesn't have to come from the number one pick.


It is kind of nice being so high up in the draft, though.


Oh, yeah, it's the best.


Get like a two month buzz off that.




No, every team that loses is a bigger loser than us. Yeah, that's what I was saying last year.


It's a fact.


The packers, all these teams, they're bigger losers than I am.


I was talking to Max about that after the Eagles lost. Like, our season was way better. Yeah, way better in the long run.




Eagles got good draft capital this year. Okay, we got 2 seconds.


I mean, we better spot than the Bucks.


Bucks dropped four spots. You'll pick some good players and then Nick Sirianni will coach them up. You'll pick some good players and then Nick Siriani will be like, hey, two truths in a lie. Let's do an icebreaker, guys. All right, last game.


We'll get to that later.


Chiefs 27, Bills 24. Man, that was an incredible game. And I guess we should start with the Bills. I feel profound sadness for Bills Mafia. The fact that they lost on a wide right is so mean. Like, the world is just a mean place for. That's just. There's nothing else to say. And we knew that was the type of, like, even in the first quarter, second quarter, we're like, this is going to be whoever has the ball last. And to miss that, you know, there was a drop by Diggs that was big. Josh missed that throw in the end zone. There's these plays that you look and you're like, fuck, that was it. Like they had. And it as it's gone pretty much for the entire Bills franchise, it's those losses. They only have those losses.


I'll give you a small amount of silver lining if you're a Bills fan. The way that this game ended sucked. It was bad, obviously. The wide Scott Norwood from Damu, the U, the University of James Madison, that brought back a lot of old memories. But I think losing the game this way is a little bit better than if he makes that kick. You kick off to Patrick Mahomes, he's got a minute, 40 seconds left, and then he drives down the field and puts a dagger in your heart again. I think that's slightly better. I don't think it's good. I don't think it's anything that they'll be happy about thinking about tonight. But in a world where Mahomes goes down and does that same thing to them again, I think you would choose missing a Field goal because you can be like, fucking kickers. You can be like, God damn it, a fucking kicker did it to us again. As opposed to Patrick Mahomes, who's there and is going to continue to be there.


Yeah, I guess I could see what you're saying. I think there's a special tragedy in missing a kick and not having enough time. So it's like the missed kick goes right to the kneel.


That's the end of the game.


That is the worst feeling where it's like, what just happened? How did this game end on that? And he really missed that kick. That was never going in. Yeah, it was never going in.


Bad kick.


And the bills, I said it on Friday, Patrick Mahomes is the new Tom Brady. They just will steal joy from every franchise in the AFC for the next 15 years. That's just a fact. Patrick Mahomes isn't inevitable. That's what he is. He wins playoff games better than anyone else. That's his 13th playoff win. He's the best quarterback in the national football League. It's not even a debate. I know that every year we try to do a debate. I think we've actually been pretty consistent. There is no debate.


There's no debate.


There is no debate. He is the best. The Chiefs defense was not great today. They got bullyballed for three and a half quarters, and then yeah, he's just inevitable. That's what he does. He just takes it from everyone. This exact conversation. Remember, hank, I brought it up to you, where it's like what the Patriots did was they made rivers and. And Big Ben. Those guys would have had more Super Bowls if it weren't for Tom Brady and the Patriots. Patrick Mahomes is directly responsible for stealing joy from other.




He's inevitable.


Do you think that hyper.


He's Thanos.


Which one is he?


Did Thanos die?


Thanos killed himself.


Oh, yeah. Wait, no. Tony Stark. R-I-P. Tony Stark.


Thanos killed himself, right?


No, the ant went up his ass.


Tony Stark kills himself. Tony Stark kills himself.


No, but when Thanos snapped, that killed himself.


And then Tony Stark's brother starts fucking. Robbie Fox is gonna. People are gonna tell Robbie Fox to listen to this. And Robbie Fox can get very mad at us.


Which Avengers was baby Yoda in two. Second one. That was the one that I said. That was a good one.


Baby Yoda is. Yeah, good for him.


Spinoff movie, been about time.


Reverse representation matters. If you're a Yoda out there, you were a baby once.


Is that like baby Gronk?


It's Grogu, but yeah.






I thought it was a grogu. I thought Grogu was the name of the species.




Okay, his name is Grogu. I don't like baby Yoda anymore. That's literally his name. Grogu.


He's baby Yoda.


How many little dogs do you think are named Grogu? So many.


A lot.


So many Grogu.


The most annoying dogs.


Yeah. And they just dress him up and they're like, my little Grogu.




If every dog was named Grogu, I'd.


Turn into Max so fast. And my little Grogu. Travis Kelsey decided that he was not done yet, even though there was a report, I think Michelle Tefoya, who? I don't know. Where is she? I don't know.


She pops up every now and again on Fox News.




So she was like, yeah, he's going to retire. They're going to do a joint retirement. Travis and Jason. Who? Jason Kelsey. Mvp of the game. Even though he didn't play in that, he basically was like, I have one chance to go to Buffalo as a fan and I'm going to live it up as much as I can. He had his shirt off for the entirety of the game. He was at Pinto Ron's tailgate, drinking out of a bowling ball. He just lived it up.


And every time they caught him on camera, when it was candid and he was just like, in the back, not the star of the shot. He was chugging a beer, a different beer every single time. So he's fucking hammered right now. Leaving the game. He probably drank three or four celebration beers after the game was over. And speaking of rom coms, I've seen enough to know that he is right now. He got on Taylor Swift's private jet. They're flying back to Kansas City. He's the big, older, unkempt brother of the love interest. He's going to throw up on your girlfriend on the way back, and it's going to be a very funny situation on that plane.


And ruin her dress.


And ruin her dress. But she's going to be like, you know what? This is the family that I'm choosing.




And a wild bunch. And I love it. They love me.


I've changed my tune recently on Taylor Swift. The people that scream at their televisions when they show one clip of Taylor Swift for about the worst 3 seconds. That's the worst. Those people are actually ruining football.




Not Taylor Swift.


No, you're absolutely right.


Taylor Swift had a great box. That was actually Jason Kelsey's box tonight. Big hairy box.




I like that box.


And Taylor Swift was in his box.


He added to box of the year nominee.


Yeah, that's Jason Kelsey's box is better than Taylor Swift's box.




Are you saying screaming support or screaming anger?






Like, if you get. Actually, we have fun on this show, but if you actually are upset when they show, like, watching. I like seeing Taylor Swift's box.


It's like kneeling for the can. How mad can you.






So although there was a report that Taylor Swift didn't take off her hat for the anthem. Not my report.


That was Ben Menz that put that.


Yeah, Ben Mince put that out there. Tweeted him. If you have a problem with. Yeah, no.


So Travis Kelsey not retiring.


Travis Kelsey was awesome tonight, and he had two touchdowns, and he was like, big time players make big time plays. Type of think he was also wide open. Yeah, no, he was. Well, the second touchdown was a good play by him.


He had some contested catches, for sure.


I think Mahomes and Kelsey have the most touchdown. They do have touchdowns now. And they've done it in what, five and a half, six years?


They've got 16. That's the most for any quarterback receiver duo in NFL postseason nerd nugget two weeks ago.


Yeah, that's insane. They're so good. Patrick Mahomes is so good. He's inevitable. He has reached that inevitable point. How does it feel, Hank, watching it from the outside, seeing like, this is how other people felt about the Patriots now. This is what the Mahomes and the Chiefs are like. It is every single year. Book them in the AFC championship game no matter what.


Yeah, I feel, and I said I feel really bad for Buffalo fans. This is what it was like for everyone that was watching. That fucking sucks.


You didn't realize you were, this must suck.


You've learned.


And to be on the side, obviously, I'm just a casual fan, don't care one way or the other that much. To be an actual fan of the bills in this situation would be devastating.


I'm ready to say it. They have to make a change at coach. I think they need to move on in a different direction. There's too much. There's just too much sadness that's falling if you're a coach. Some coaches eat those losses. Some coaches just like, absorb them into their bodies and get sad. And they carry that baggage with them for forever. Sean McDermott has just, he's been around for too many bad moments.




And you need to change the vibe in that locker room.


I don't know what else you can do because, yes, there's a million plays in a game and you can point to it. Like I said, josh Allen misses that touchdown throw at the end of the, the catch goes through his, or the ball goes through his hands on that deep shot. Demar Hamlin, what a move. What a move. I mean, it was a check. They had the look on the field.


They had the look. They talked about the look in practice and they got it. They said just in case they don't line up eleven players on special teams, Demar is going to call his own number. I thought Travis Kelsey was doing, he did the Taylor swift heart that she invented. I thought he was just taunting Demar Han.


He was. But you can't, like, what else can you do? I mean, you could say, oh, well, the Bills defense was hurt, but. So the Chiefs lost like three starters in the middle of this game.




So it's like there's no real thing that you can point to. Like, oh, we were this step. No, no, it's Patrick Mahomes. And what he does is he wins playoff games. And I think we all had the feeling when we were watching it, we're like, mahomes is going to win this game is somehow some way, because that's what he. It's just. It's insane.


Yeah, I had that feeling pretty much the entire game when it was whoever has the ball last felt like was going to win. Well, guess who that usually is in these types of games? It's usually Mahomes, and he usually wins the game. Josh Allen ran like a goddamn beast today, though. He played well. He had that nice little lateral that he did in the first half, proving that it works. And then at the end of the game, he had a very costly fumble that could have been way worse. It was a bad time to fumble the football. He got lucky that Kincaid reached out and grabbed it.


That was really, though, because the Bills recovered that one. The game was pretty clean, other than Tamar Hamlin calling his own number, which was negated by McColl Hardman fumbling out of the end zone. So, like I said, I don't know what you can do if you're a Bills fan. You're just, Patrick Mahomes is better, and he's going to be better for a very long time, and that's just the reality of it, which sucks so much if you're a Bills fan.


It'd be so cool if Josh was in the NFC and we got to see this game in the Super bowl all the time.


That was also part of it. We had a conversation during the game where it's like watching Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, even CJ Stroud in these playoffs, you're like, you need to just take a shot at a guy who has that ceiling because I just can't envision my team, your team, Hank's team playing in those type of games right now.


It would stink. It would really, really stink.


It's a fact. You know, it. You know, watching that, it's like, yeah, this is different. Football.


Oh, yeah. We'll be back, sport.


Oh, will you?




I wouldn't count.


I'll you get Kayla Williams.




What's her bet?


Hank and I made a bet. This was when we had a gambling partner, so we couldn't talk about it on the air. I think it was Patriots.


What is it?


No Patriots will make the Super bowl in the next five years. Yes or no? If yes, then I owe Hank $50,000. If no, then Hank owes me $20,000.


Yeah. Did we do that in the summer?


You were still on Mac Jones.


It was after we dug.


I was still on Mac Jones. I didn't have the season that I just had. Yeah, but, yeah, we'll get there. New coach top three pick.


You're down one year already. You got four years left.


Yeah, but look how fast the Lions did it.


The Lions aren't in the Super bowl, but they're close.


We can get there.


There's a path.


It's make to the playoffs.


There's a path.


Get to the Super bowl.


That is a path. Correct.


How we're going to get there?


It would be very tough to make the Super bowl if you didn't make the playoffs.


There's a path.


Let's do. I think it's the very vocal minority. It's that one guy, OJ McDuffie on his stan account tweets me nonstop because he doesn't want us to say anything nice about any other quarterback. So let's do a Patrick Mahomes crazy stats because there will still be some Kansas City fans who are like, you guys didn't give us enough credit. Even though I think we spent the last ten minutes saying Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback on earth.


He might be the best quarterback to ever play. He's on pace to be factor fiction. Hank, how many Super Bowls he's on pace.


I actually have one stat for you, Hank. That's a crazy Patrick Mahomes stat. But then a backdoor Tom Brady stat. You ready for it? Patrick Mahomes is eight and two in the playoffs when down seven plus points, which is insane.




Two losses were to Tom Brady.


There you go.


But here's some Patrick Mahomes stats. Josh Allen is 17 and in his career when he doesn't have a turnover, he's now 17 and one. Patrick Mahomes is the one. Patrick Mahomes is in his 6th full season. Patrick Mahomes has never not played in the AFC championship game as a starter. As a starter, yes. Six full seasons.




I don't count his first season as one of the seasons. He has never not played in the AFC championship game. That's fucking insane.




It would be so awesome to have a.


He's just, it's just every single year and he's so good in every big moment. He just shows up and, yeah, he's a thief of joy for everyone else in the NFL, but God damn it, Kansas City fans, it must be. Tell me how it feels, because I know, like I said, there's a vocal minority that's constantly like, we need more credit. I think most Kansas City fans are just sitting back being like, this is awesome. Every year is awesome. Even when you look bad during the regular season, which the Chiefs did look bad. It doesn't just. And you had that, too. Some years where it's like you have down regular seasons, but when it comes to January, there's going to be a guy who's there every single year, and his name is Patrick Mahomes.


But counterpoint, if they don't win the Super bowl this year, then they're starting to get into squandered the window opportunity.


I mean, the window so large for him.


They got a huge window.


They're going to change the whole team. Like, Patrick Mahomes is going to play with an entirely different roster five years from now and still be doing.


Yeah, it's like Wes Welker and Randy Moss.


Is he going to start, though?


Like different eras?


Yeah, but Cap's going up.


Besides Travis, Kelsey and Pacheco at their skill positions this year, they have nobody. Rashid Rice is nice and he's getting better, but like you saw with you, give, he can't trust most of the guys he passes to. MBs had some nice catches today, but you still can't trust that guy.


Their receivers next year won't be worse.


They won't be any worse.


Tony probably be better.


Tony won this game by sitting out. I don't know if he was like, coach, you can't play me or what happened with that, but it was a miracle that he wasn't playing because that would have been very bad for them. They're going to be better at wide receiver next year. They'll have some guys that can catch the ball. And it's like right now, all that stuff that we've seen from the Chiefs this entire season, all the big holes that they have, it doesn't matter because you're in the AFC championship game and now it's Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. It's like, you still have Patrick Mahomes to go to the Super bowl. You're in a pretty fucking good spot.


And he's doing like, again, he's kind of proven your Hank. Like, he's doing it with a team that's not as good as it was three years ago, he's still doing it. Like, these receivers are not good. Rashid Rice has gotten very good, but his cast of characters are less than when he won a Super Bowl a couple of years ago and he's still back in the.


I'm not. He's on pace, but there's a long way to go.




Like, you can be on pace. You can have a good first lap.


But I would bet on Patrick Mahomes because every time I somehow have a future going up against him. It goes up in flames.


When we're still doing this show ten years from now, you will find no bigger Patrick Mahomes hater than Hank Lockwood. Yeah, that might have to start pretty soon, Hank.


That's true.


Have you thought about when are you going to start hating Mahomes?


I've never liked him.




See, I've always liked, like, he's good quarterback.


He's fun to watch. But obviously they were a rival of ours.


He's a nice guy.


He's come on the show. I don't hate him personally, but, yeah, I don't want him to keep winning Super Bowls. If he wins this Super bowl, then.


It'S threat level midnight.


It's a good time to slander.


Yeah, you got to amp that hate up. I'm looking forward to you. You know what? This is going to be good for us because Hank will be our shield on this podcast. So any Kansas City fan that thinks that we don't like the Chiefs, it's actually not me and big cat. We love Patrick Mahomes.




Is this guy who's injecting all of his anti Mahomes, pro Tom Brady bias into it?


If he wins, you do it this time. It's a good time to slander.


If he wins the Super bowl with these wide receivers, it really does prove the point.


That makes no sense.


It makes a lot of sense, Hank.


The Patriots have notoriously not had good wide receivers. Julian Edelman is a great wide receiver.


I was Randy watching.


He didn't win a Super bowl, so that doesn't really say anything. When I was reminiscing the other day, Belichick left.


You have to say receivers. You have to say gronk.


28 to three games.


I was shocked with the receivers. Like, I kind of forgot. Obviously it was Edelman.


Well, James White caught 14 balls.


Chris Hogan.


Where'd he go to school?


The U. Diversity of Wisconsin.


There we go.


But the Patriots, like, there's been many examples. Gronk didn't play in every single Super bowl like that. 28 to three game. It was Edelman, Amandola, Chris Hogan.


But Amandola was pretty good.


No, I know.


I'm not saying they're bad.


I'm just saying white players aren't good wide receivers.


Malcolm Mitchell, six for 70.


But here's the thing.


What did he do after that?


But my point is nothing.


Hennett, five.


Patrick Mahomes. Marketing was 100 years old to the AFC championship with this group. And I'm not proves that he's just going to be there every single year.


He was only in the league for two years.


Yeah, but he was making crucial catches. But Mahomes is going to be here every single year because he's proving that he can get here every single year. And you know how it is. Like AFC championship games. They're kind of coin flip games. Like you can't just guarantee. But getting to the AFC championship game every year means that you have a shot every single year to win a Super bowl. And that's what he's going to do. Just his presence is going to do that.


I got a little triggered. That point is correct that it proves he's going to do it. But it also was true for Brady. Like Brady also, right.


I'm agreeing with you. I think it's a mirror image where the Chiefs are going to turn over the roster two or three times in his career and it doesn't matter because it's Patrick Mahomes. They're going to have all new guys like we'll be ten years from now doing this show and you'll be the number one Patrick Mahomes hater. And PFT. And I would be like, this is crazy how he keeps doing it and he'll have a bunch of guys that are like in middle school right now playing on his team and winning and going to the AFC championship game and winning Super Bowls. Think about that. There's going to be guys. There's a kid right now, maybe a kid who's listening to this show, who's twelve years old, who's going to be catching balls from Patrick Mahomes in an AFC championship game in year 2035.


Like winning Mahomes last Super bowl on.


The way out of that is how good Patrick Mahomes is. That's the mind blowing part. There's a 13 year old right now who will be Patrick Mahomes main target in the 2035 AFC championship.


Maybe digs, maybe gronk.




So I guess what I'm saying is my hope is that they lose this year. They don't win the Super bowl and then just Joe Burrow or Josh Allen. They can beat him once and then maybe the next Mahomes comes along and after it's all said and done, it's like he was the best quarterback of all time. So talented. But he only won like three Super Bowls.


That's the path you need Joe.


Need Joe.


Three is a lot of need, Josh, by the way.


Yeah, it's a decent amount ton. Imagine having double that.


I would love to have the statement, only three Super Bowls.


My life would be so much better if I had even a that was.


One of those moments where you don't realize the privilege you're talking know he only won three super big and I.


Were extremely complimentary of the Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, Hank Lockwood had to slander Patrick Mahomes. That's unfortunate, but it's to be expected.


But I do want to hear from Chiefs fans because I assume most Chiefs fans are just sitting back being like this fucking rocks every year rocks. And you know that it's going to rock for the next decade.


Yeah, it is pretty cool.


A lot of pressure, though.


A lot of pressure. All right, so let's talk about the games real quick. Just initial reaction before we do that. PFT, do a couple of ads and then let's talk. Maybe play whose line is in any way, and quickly talk about the championship games, which we'll talk about a lot more this week.


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Okay, I did see the lines, so I will recuse myself. You guys want to guess?


I've not seen them, what they are?


I will tell you. I know you know.


All right, I'm going to say San Francisco is favored by five and a.


Ooh, you got an edge in your model because the niners are favored by seven.


Seven. Okay, I do have an edge. You love the mean can brock play outdoors? That's the big discussion. And so on the other side, I'm going to say the Ravens by three and a half.


Yes, you're right. It opened at three, moved that to three and a half.


Yeah, that makes sense because the bills were two and a half today.




And so the Ravens, I imagine are factored into that as being a little bit.


I, even though we just did that whole talk about how incredible the Chiefs are, and I did while watching that game, I was like, the big winner here is the Ravens because it felt like everyone got injured on both sides of the ball. I don't know what the Chiefs injuries will look like, but I think there was three offensive starters that went out or defensive. Defensive starters that went out at various points of the game. And the Ravens have that extra day and they had a week off and their defense is not the same as what the Chiefs faced in the Dolphins or the bills. And again, I say all this knowing that Patrick Mahomes is inevitable.




I mean, everything just said.


No, I know everything three and a half is.


And I could tell, you could get that guy that you just described. Plus, it's, he's, he's, I think, eight.


And three as an. Yeah, you got to bet the have. I have a Ravens feature, but I know that it's in a very, it's the same thing. I'm going to be doing deja vu on Friday. What I say on the show, I think the Chiefs are going to win the game against the Bills on Friday. This week. I'm going to say I think the Chiefs are going to win this game, but I'm just riding with it.


The Ravens defense is much, much better than the Bills defense.




Way better.


And it's going to be, Lamar's going to have to. Lamar is going to have to be great. Lamar, which he's been all year and I believe in him. But yeah, I mean, Patrick Mahomes is a three and a half point underdog. How do you not take that?


It's going to have to be remarkable.


He's going to have to be remarkable. And as for the Lions, I feel like the Lions can win that.


Yeah, they can. They definitely can. I think the Lions are way better than the packers right now at this moment. I know they played this year, but I think the Lions are on a hot streak right now. The defense looks great, way better than it did back on Thanksgiving. Yeah. So anything's possible. I'm going to take the Lions. I'm telling you that right now. And I think I might take the Ravens. I might take the Ravens.


It's crazy.


It's crazy.


It's insane.


It's insane.


Once in a generation quarterback.


Oh, I like what got. We hit him. We hit him with something. No, I hit myself. No, but we hit him. I mean, you guys were just literally hurt. He's hurt right now.




He's hurt. We can't win.


We get accused of glazing Patrick Mahomes.


Yeah, well, that was like, I think.


The longest segment in the history of this show was you guys just talking about Patrick Mahomes.


The guy's going to, he's been only been in the AFC championship game. He's never not been in the AFC championship game. It's insane.


Hank's mad right now.


Hank's, Hank does love a plus sign.


Yeah, but I get it. But we struck a. He's not going to make the Super bowl now, people. Is that good? Now people are lost to Joe Burrow already. He lost to Lamar Jackson. I think we finally passed the test. When people are like, you guys don't talk enough about how great the Chiefs are they were right because we had to hit the Hank test the minute we got Hank mad means that we've done our job. Talking about how great the Chiefs are.


We've put Patrick Mahomes in the proper historical.


Finally, like, I feel like we finally.


Yeah, it's probably going to be the Ravens.


No, I said the Chiefs.


I know, but PFD has set me.


Also. Hank, Hank, one thing you should know is I'm a terrible. Like, if I'm saying I like the Ravens, you should know I am giving Patrick Mahomes enough credit in my own sick way because I'm so bad at betting.


Here's what's going to happen. If the Chiefs win on Sunday, I'm just going to have to make a literal graveyard, maybe put it behind me. And it's just Patrick Mahomes smiling, and it's Eagles 22 to one, bills 35 to one, ravens 18 to one. Patrick Mahomes is the grim reaper for anything. Next year, I'm going to just put.


My kids at 2014 draft or 2017.


Okay, don't do that 2014. Don't do that. Next year, I think I'm just going to put my kids responsibly, my kids college education, on the Chiefs to win the Super bowl, no matter what the price, in August, and just be like, I don't care.


We already declared that they won the AFC west next year.


You guys had me set the reminder, then I told you, and you're like, screw that.


No, because we're very dumb. I just not never going to do a future. Oh, and the Bengals, too. I forgot the Bengals last year, too. He just killed that. He just slays them. He's really good, Hank. But what about the Ravens? Great.


He's great.


I love it.


Well, no, I'm with you.


I'm with you.


You convinced me. Like, I'm going to unload on the Chiefs. He's an underdog.


How is that money? How is that proposition?


And he can win on the road. Yeah, we found that out today.




Padmer Holmes can fix the economy. Just be an underdog.




Everyone can be a millionaire tomorrow. We should actually make that TikTok. Here's how I made a million. I took a mortgage out of my house, and then I bet on patch from home as an underdog hustle.




Okay, let's finish up the show. Who's back of the week? Brought to you by our friends at Rowback. The Roback question is, who's back of the week? Go to rho back promo code take 20% off your first purchase cues. Polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. promo code. Take Hank. Who's back of the week?


My who's back of the week is amateurs.


Oh, wow.


Stole my who's back of the week again? It's like six weeks in a row, Hank.


Get better. Think smarter, not harder.


Wait, how can I think. You did the same one I did, right?


So you should think, like, I'm going to always take yours, because I think ahead, and then you have to think about what I wouldn't take.


Okay, challenge accepted.




Now I'm going to think about what you would think that I wouldn't take and then take that.




Nick Dunlap, golfer, won the Amex Open. He is 20 years old, Alabama. So he's an amateur. Prize purse was one and a half million dollars. He wins none of that, and prize money just goes down. So the guy that came in second, Nick Pazantite, got the 1.5 million, so on and so forth.


That rules.


Yeah, that's a tough. It's tough. Obviously, he's going to have a great career ahead of him, but it can't feel good. As good as it probably feels to win the tournament, to be like, damn, I didn't win him.


I could have got a million dollars.


Yeah, he'll probably get an IL.


We actually could do that in the state of Illinois. If you bet on a team to win a college championship and Illinois ends up winning and you have the second place team, you'd get the money.


Oh, that's pretty cool.




So we could do that.


28 under par. Is that what he was?




29 under par. And he gets no money, like Hank said, but somebody. He should drop his venmo. He should let everyone know what his venmo is. Or at the very least, he should set up a meeting with Mohammed bin Salman. MBS could actually make this right.


Yeah, just cut a stroke of a pen right now. That was incredible, though, because we were watching it. We thought that he was going to choke a million times.


Yeah, he had a double bogey, I think, the 6th or 7th hole. And you thought he was toast. He birdied the next hole and just came right back.


Not crazy.


Apparently, he teaches Nick Saban putting lessons.


Yeah, he called into the Golf channel.


And he was saying that it was cool to see.


Very cool. Congrats.


33 years since the last time Phil.


Mickelson played with Justin Thomas in the final round. Also went to Alabama.


Wait, how long has it been?


Big count.


33 years.




That's a long time for.


And we're the youngest amateur ever.




Since 1910.


Between sport, between years like that and the massive sports calendar, to have something so unlikely happen 34 years apart.




33 years.




The last time an amateur won a PJ event was 1991. I don't know who was.


What was even happening in 1991 in.


Like, the NFC championship game or something.


I know the Redskins made the Super bowl that year.




I forget who they beat the playoffs.




In the NFC championship game.


I saw Mike. What's up?


Oh, I was trying to fill in the blanks.


Oh, what do you got?


The Lions.


Oh, we already talked about it.




I know.


That's why I did. No, we literally already talked about it when you went and took a piss.


Oh, really?


Yeah, because we were trying to beat you to it.






I said this.


It's our first time in 33 years also an amateur. I was like, let's get this wild out before Jake comes back from his piss.


Well, the wild I tweeted out today is I'm rooting for the Chiefs and Lions.


Talked about that.


Yeah, we talked about that, too, actually.




Covered it. Yeah, no, we literally. You can listen back. I was like, Jake rooting for this storyline is Peak Jake.




And jackets. Jackets and sick jackets.


What was your jacket of the week, Hank?


I like the Nike ones.


Yeah, the Nike ones.




He hanks on my side.


Those are clean. All the CBS ones. Black on black was.


Yeah, that was my jacket of the week.


I have a question for you guys about our dear friend Tony Romo. Is he rocking hair plugs?




Or a wig?


That would kind of take him down a notch. I'd like that. He's got a little Carl ravage separation.


Between the poof and the scalp. I noticed.




I don't know. Something to keep an eye on.


By the way, since we're doing crazy stats, I completely forgot about this. Did you guys see that Christian McCaffrey on Saturday? He scored two touchdowns. He now has 23 touchdowns this year.


Does he really?




The year is 2023.


That's wild.


Wild. Pretty crazy.


Pretty cool.


Yeah, pretty cool.


My who's back of the week is the pit. This is why I was rooting for Buffalo today, for their pit. Have you guys heard about the legend of the pit?


Well, and also, we can't get Josh Allen's dick out of our mouth.


That's true. Hang on.


I'll pull it out. Crazy. We could podcast, and I got some.


Pubes in my teeth. Yeah, the pit in Buffalo or in Orchard park is the new hotness for pregame activities. So apparently it actually started. I think it's September this year. Remember we did that story about the Bills fan that was, like, tripping on all sorts of psychedelics and went down there and had to be evacuated and arrested because he was, like, covered in human excrement. He was covered in shit and he was, like, tripping balls on acid. And for the past five weeks at home games, there's been a different bills fan that's jumped down into the pit to the point where they have had to put up fences all around and have security being like, you have to stay out of this pit. Stay out of the pit. You might get seriously injured or die if you go in the pit. Bills Mafia doesn't give a fuck now. It's a challenge to them. No, it's like, well, I got to get in that fucking pit. We're on a hot streak right now.




So today before the game, there was a Bills fan that jumped down into the pit again. That's going to be a tradition. It's going to be the new jumping off. There's really no difference between jumping onto a table and shattering it then jumping into the pit. It's the same thing. It's like, here's something that you shouldn't do, right? Well, guess what? I'm going to do it because I'm drunk enough.




So that tradition, I predict, is going to continue in Buffalo big time. We got to go down the pit.


We got to go in the pit.


Go in that pit. The pit's back.


All right.




Who's back? I got two. The first is Tara Van Derver, Stanford head coach. She broke the record for winningest coach in college basketball history. She's always been my goat. Coach. T is what I call her.


You can't make an argument that she's not the greatest college basketball coach of all time.


It's unassailable.




Whatever. She deserves it.


She's a goat.


She deserves the number.


Summit? Not as many wins as Tara Vandervir.




Not as many wins.


Name some more college coaches.


Yeah, go ahead.


Who else could even be close?


Kim Mulkey. Not as many wins. Anyone in the men's side?


Dean Smith.


Nope. Not as many wins.


John wooden.


John Wooden has to.


Nope. Not as many wins. Anyone else? Hank? Any other brain busters?


Nope. It's good. Who's back?


Okay. Coach. No, not as many wins.


Bobby Knight.


Nope. Not as many wins.


He's got to be up there, right?




But not as many wins.


She coached the Olympics too, probably.




How many gold medals?


She probably doesn't need six.


That pad.




She probably didn't force her way to keep coaching the Olympics. When it's very clear that you coach for one cycle and that's it.


Is that it?


Does she dye her hair?


Let's see.


No, she doesn't.


Why would you start.


She did coach in the Olympics.


Yes. Fuck yes.


She won a goal gold in 96 in Atlanta.




Wait, just. Yeah, because she understood you don't just sit on this job and keep coaching the Olympics so that you can get fucking LeBron to facetime a recruit and be like, come to Stanford.


Got it. Interesting.


That's what I was going to say. And then my other who's back is also coaches Nick Sirianni. I think he's going to keep his job. So congrats.




I'm excited for him. Good. Coach pugs.


If he.




If he.


If there's one person that can fix the mess that Nick Sirianni has created, it's Nick Sirianni. Yeah.


I can then say pug.


He's probably got some cool trust fall. Know something new coordinators is good.




Nice ropes course.




He's going to take you. Just a leadership team building experience. An escape room maybe?




I'd like to know what percentage of escape rooms are booked by corporate retreats that everybody hates going to.




And Nick Sirianni.


Nick Sirianni.


So anyone want to say congrats to Nick Sirianni?


Congrats to Nick Sirianni.




It's hard to keep your job in.


This is Max. Congrats, coach Sirianni. Coach S. Jake said it. Oh, you didn't want to say congrats.




I'm happy. Continuity is important.


Yeah. Look at the Steelers.




If Brian Johnson is also back. Okay, so this is who we're now rooting for to come back.


What are you going to do?


It's just on the 2025.






What did you guys think about the Caitlin Clark situation?




My who's back of the week is debates about courtstorm.


Oh, yeah.




Nice flop. It was a flop.


I saw the alternate angle.


It was a flop.


Caitlin Clark, who is the goat in women's college basketball?


How many wins?


I don't know exactly.


What about Candace Parker?


She is the active goat.


Sue Bird.


Active in college. Women's college basketball.




They lost Angel Reese. She's won a title then.




Angel Reese beat her head.




It's like Mahomes and Josh, the most.


Exciting women's college basketball player right now.


You're Caitlin Clark Glazer.






Quick laser.


She hasn't won shit.


She's like Doug McDermot.


She's a choke artist.


She's a great college basketball player. Yeah, so she's very good. Lost at Ohio State. Ohio State stormed the court, and there was a little bit of a.


Wait, is there an alternate collision? Can I see it?


There was a collision.


I didn't see the alternate. I saw the main one that I was like, that's a flop.


What's the name of our second best college football reporter?


Brandon Walker.




Go to his twitter timeline. He has that video pulled up.


I'm going to pull it up. I mean, I knew it was a flop from the regular angle.


He's the second mic on mostly sports.


Oh, my God.


It's like reverse assault.


Yeah, no, she pushed her.


So she fell to the ground, grabbed her head, and then she got apologized to by Ohio State's athletic.


Oh, my God.


She leaned into the contact.


The girl was just running, minding her own business, and Caitlin Clark shoved her and then just did a pirouette and fell. This is to. I gotta go. Our friend Hawkeyes, I gotta see what he's probably having. A.


Actually, I put part of the blame on Caitlin Clark for the flop and the other part of the blame on Ohio State University because. And I'm usually completely in favor of courtstorming. Ohio State.


Come on.


You're Ohio State?




Come on. Act like you've been there before.


All courtstorming is good.


Can't. They can't beat Michigan, so they got to do it. Uh, I think he pivoted once he saw the extra flop.


Also, Ohio State's ranked right now.


Yeah, well, again, I am in favor.


That's an all time flop.




Oh, my God.


If you're a college kid, you're having fun in a game. Definitely storm the court. I'm saying it would be nice if Ohio State expected to win a game like that.


I'm mad now.


Yeah, the girl kind of tries to avoid it, too.


Justice for the other girl. Damn, that's bad, because Kaylin Clark is one of. She's so much fun to watch, and she's so good at. It's. I think we had this take last. Like, it's great that women's basketball has gotten to a point where people are hating and talking shit. Yes. That means that people care, but there are a lot of people who hate Caitlin Clark. Of other teams, this is going to be just red meat for.


It's giving you a lot of material to work with.


She's at 45 today.




And lost. That would be glazing, Jake.


That's what you're doing.


I'd be like if we said Josh Allen played a perfect game. He did not. That's fact.


She had seven turnovers. Not a perfect.


How many shots did she miss, Jake?


She was.


I can't hear you over a dick in your mouth. Fucking glazer. It is good, though.


Like, yeah, you're 1225.


After the women's national championship game last year, everyone was mad online arguing about the game right. And treating it like you should treat right. Sports should be as opposed to just rooting for everyone and hoping that everyone has fun and plays well.


A great lesson in life is sports should trigger you.




You should be very triggered by the outcome of a sports right.


Like, look at Hank.


Right, exactly.


You should be able to.


I was triggered when the Bills lost.


You should be able to talk for 2 hours after the games are over about how one game that has absolutely nothing to do with your favorite team makes you angry.




Because they might one day threaten the legacy of your favorite team. You should get viscerally upset. You should want to punch somebody in the face. You get so mad about that.


No, I'm not upset. I'm just upset when you have to listen and are succumbed to the glazing. You're in the room next door just listening to. And then after that, they walk out and they're like, yeah, that guy sucked.


You would have sucked Tom Brady's dick in an instant if he asked you to.


Yeah, he went to jail for him. But then I wouldn't reverse like I.


Said, and then go walk away. Our job is Omar Jackson.


Pft, we've done, we, I apologize for all of the last six years of this show. Anyone who said that we did not treat the Chiefs, give them as much respect as they deserve, you were right. Now you are wrong, because we triggered Hank, and that was the moment. That was the moment it all crystallized where it's like, oh, okay, we've done it.


When a Super bowl.


Yeah, Hank, you know what? You're going to have to not only hate, you're going to hate the Chiefs entirely because you're going to have to start hating Mahomes. And if they win another Super bowl, you're going to have to start hating Andy Reid.


You should start finding these 13 year olds that are going to end up being on the Chiefs and start hating them early. Yeah, get on the hate early. Look at some big boards from 2032. All right, good show, boys.


Great show.


Only three games of football left. Cherish it. Love it. We have some good shows coming up. Okay, numbers 18, 43, 99. Pug. 71. Shane? 2021.


Yeah, I'm going to change it. 15 for Mahomes. Oh, shout out, blaze.


All right, I'm going to change it to six for the amount of AFC championships mahomes gone to.




I'm going to change it to eight.


What's eight?


Lamar Jackson, hater I take every time. 24 Mahomes can win 24 Super Bowls. That's incredible.


That was going to be two and four.


Wow. See everyone on Wednesday.


Love you guys.


Talking away. I don't know what I'm to say. I'm saying. Anyway, June update to find you shine away I'm coming for your love of day shine away I'm coming for your love of grace on the way on me I love you on the day on me I love just to play my the reason you all think I've got to remember shine away welcome for you anyway shine away welcome to you anyway take on me take on me I take on me close.