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Yo, next round is about to start.


You ready? Yeah.




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For real?


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For real.


That's a ton of car options.




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Dungeons and dragons we are back with Tim woods. If you are listening this right now and you want to watch it, go watch it everywhere that we post these videos because we did it on a green screen. But it was awesome. Probably our best dungeons and dragons yet. We are on vacation right now, but we taped this for everyone at home. Tim Woods, Nick Tarani, me, Hank, pft, Jake, all of us going on an adventure that took us so many twists and turns, great jokes, great laughter. It's the best. We love doing these episodes and we are brought to you by our friends at draftkings. We're excited to announce our partnership with DraftKings sportsbook. Draftkings will be our one stop shop for all things betting this week. New customers who deposit $5 or more can get a no sweat bet up to $1,000 on any sport. What's a no sweat bet? It's just like getting an offensive board. Miss your first shot, you get another chance to score with a bonus bet back. You can also follow what all of your favorite barstool personalities are betting on by joining the Barstool betting group on the draftking sportsbook app.


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Okay, let's go.


By now in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done. No papers hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh, no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher oh, we gonna rock down.


To electric it's pardon my take vision about Barcelona sports.


Welcome to pardon my take, presented by Draftking sportsbook. Go sign up right now. Use code, take new customers, get a no sweat bet up to $1,000 if your first bet loses. Today is Friday, February 16, and it's time for dungeons and dragons. So let's kick it to ourselves in the world of Tim woods. Welcome to part of my take. Today is Friday, February 16, and it's dungeons and dragons time. We are sitting right now with Tim woods, pft, Jake, Hank, and our good friend Nick Tarani.


Greg, thank you for having me back.


With how many G's?


Two as normal.




Two G's with Greg.






Ggreg. We're all dressed up, Tim. I got to take off the helmet.


That's how it is.


Cat's wearing a helmet right now.


I can't hear anything. I couldn't hear shit.


Tim, you arrived in full costume today.


I did? Yeah.


You look awesome.


Appreciate it.


I'm very excited about this. You thought about bringing your sword on the plane?


I did. I looked up whether TSA would accept foam swords. They do not. And so held on to my foam blade back at home. Didn't get to bring it. But I'm so honored to be in the presence of Anderil, the flame of the west right now.


Yeah, that's a sword. Here, Nick just got from the anus studio. So, Tim, I want you to get out of here on time and make your flight. I know it got delayed, but also I don't want you to get out of here too on time because I want you to have to get onto the plane wearing that full cock.


Yeah, 100%. I think if it's necessary, I will board the plane dressed as a ranger.


So we're taping this in mid January. If you are listening to this right now, you should also watch it because we're on the green screen again. So we're going to do all the graphics, the full immersion, and Tim is going to take us through an entire adventure. Let's first start with everyone saying what they're dressed as, and then we'll start with Tim taking us down the path.




So, Jake, what are you dressed as?




And what's your name?


My name is cake the elven wizard.


And what are you dressed as?


Cake the elven wizard.


Oh, okay. Yeah, absolutely.


You look like one of the old cartoons, like the Mickey mouse. You know what I'm talking about?


The fantasia.


Ruben stuttered.


One of their theme parks used to.


Have a giant blue hat.


Okay, so, Greg. Nick.


I'm Greg the paladin, and I'm dressed as George Washington.


Famous paladin. Famous historical paladin.


Yes. Yeah.


Gets powdered wig. I like the look.


Thank you.




Megan did your makeup.


She did.


Yeah, she did a really good job. Yeah, she did really good job.


Megan making up.


I'm wayne the hill dwarf bard, and I'm dressed as. I guess I'm dressed as Hillary Clinton, complete with a weapon and everything.


So I'll kill you.


You didn't have jeans on when you had the loincloth on for the first time?




When you watched the YouTube version? Actually, we did the 3d modeling, and Trey came by and I put this, like, leather garment in between my thighs. And so my ass is just going.


To be out on whole ass.


I love it.


Whole ass animated.


Tim, what are you dressed as?


I am going to be the dungeon master, but I'm dressed in my ranger fit, courtesy of felonfair, my larping group that I larp with. And this is my favorite costume.


Hell, yes.


With the cloak. It is, I think a good dungeon master type fit right here.


How big is a larping entourage?


The larp that I went to a few years or last year was over 300 people.


We got a larp. I've larped before.


Larping is great.


So much fun.




It's like very Game of Thrones. I was an archer. It was so much fun.




They do, like, the entire battles and stuff.


Huge battles.


It sounds like we should do this.


We should absolutely do it this summer. All right. I am norm the human barbarian. I'm dressed as a firefighter. Gay firefighter. Firefighter.






They've like, I didn't get a helmet. I didn't get a walkie talkie. I didn't get a hose.


Why the firefighter?


I don't just. I think the text one. Exactly. I was like, max, like, I need your costume. And I was like, what's everyone else being? And Max said, nick is George Washington. I said, cool, I'll be a fire of mine.


Yeah. Hand in hand.


They go hand in hand.


Yeah, exactly.


Should do the next one as the village people.


But, yeah, the helmet. I had the helmet on. I couldn't hear anything, so now I got the bucket.


Sort of a Chris Christie vibe.


Yeah, the pants don't really work. I'm a firefighter who's, like, going through NFL training camp.


I like that.




Who's that guy the Eagles drafted a while ago? Pretty much that guy.


Are you talking about Max Danza, the kicker?


No, Max. Who's the firefighter that you guys took in the first round that retired after, like, two seasons?


Okay. Max.


Not a real fan.


All right.


Pat or Tom.


Yeah, something irish.






I am Ehrlich. The eyes wide shut.


Oh, yeah.


I also ordered a costume on Amazon. Thought it came with a beard, but it didn't, so I had to improvise and found this mask.


You have a beard, though.


I do have a beard, but not a wizard beard. And even though I'm a warlock, you.


Should have shaved and put on a fake beard.


We don't have.


That's the same length as your issue.




Okay, so, Tim, take us away now.


I do also just want to say in honor of all of the weapons and stuff that we brought, it's just occurring to me right now, and I won't forget. I'm going to give each of us one magic item for everything that we have here. For Ehrlich the warlock. For the needler, I'm going to be giving you a wand of magic missile. It looks exactly like the needler. Just fires. Peep, peepee, peepee, pew. Little missiles at enemies. I'm giving you norm, the barbarian armor of fire resistance.




There you go. 100%. I am giving Wayne, the bearer of Android flame of the west, a plus one long sword. And I'm giving plus one daggers, a pair of them to the paladin.




And cake. I am seeing that you got some good robes there, so you're going to have a plus one robes of protection to add to your armor. Everyone's got a little bit of magic items this time around.


I forgot one thing before we start. Truce?


Of course.


We're in this together.


I don't plan on killing any of you.


I don't want to kill anyone.


Team first.


I want to put out fire.


Team. The team. The team. Yeah.


I'm excited.




Of course.




Bash brothers.


Okay, let's go.


Cool that Hank got a weapon that shoots needles and Jake got robes.


Jake, I'm so sorry. I didn't see any swords or anything, so I did the best I could.


You pretty much told Jake, like, you're wearing a condom all the time.


Protection is very important. Absolutely. Now, I do want to say that it has been so cool this year, getting to run so many games for the awls who have reached out to me. And I know I got to say in advance, I did promise all the awls that the adventure that I've been running for them all year was going to be the next adventure I would run for you guys. Except that something happened this year that is very big in the DND Community. We had our biggest video game ever come out, Balders Gate three. It has won all the awards. It has become this huge video game. And so we are going to play today, in theory, if we all want to, a Balders Gate themed DND game. I trust you love that 100% said it's going to be a little bit different. And I don't think anyone here has played Balders Gate three. But I did do a poll on twitter and apparently a lot of AWS and AWS I have run games for are definitely, like, big fans of this game. So I think they're going to like some of the references.


Can we go back calling them owls?


The Owls.


So Balders Gate, the video game comes out in terms of the community where it's just like everyone's talking about it.


Everybody's talking about it. I'd say it's bigger than DNd itself right now.


It has gotten so bigger than the game.


Exciting, and it's all based off of the DND rules. So it's literally the exact same game just played on a computer and I cannot recommend it enough. Best job they've done, taking the game we know and love and turning it into a video game experience. It's made it so easy because now I go into games and a lot of people are like, I do healing word and I'm like, tear in my eye, like, yes, you do. You know it from the game, so it's kind of cool.


And the sound track rocks, too.


Oh, it's very good. It has an amazing soundtrack. Great characters. We may even meet some of them. It is also a very sexy game. It is a horny game in the extreme, and I can't recommend it enough. 100%. You can do anything in the game, and that spills over into Morgan. Just combat is what I will say.


Live action.


Yeah, absolutely.


Jake, I like your robes.




They're going to come in handy.




Who knows? They prevent diseases as well.


What those wooden teeth do.


My first turn, I'm jerking off.


Absolutely, 100%.


George Washington would give the worst blowjobs.


Pop the teeth out.


That's true.




Wooden teeth, gummy it up.


What president would suck the best dick?


James Madison.


Yeah, definitely. Well, no. What about.


What about silver tongue Lyndon beach?


What about. Wouldn't it be Reagan? Because he's been taught by the best?


Oh, yeah.


I think he's the best at getting head. Well, maybe Clinton.






Actually, Obama, right?




Oh, yeah.


I saw the tug memo.


Larry Sinclair. Now, our adventure today is going to begin in a different spot than usual. We are already in the middle of the action because we have been abducted. What in the world of D d. Our last memories are that we were just in our local city, having a good time, maybe leaving a bar or something like that. And then suddenly, in the sky above the city, as people began screaming and pointing up, we saw a giant ship of some kind hurtling through the air above us. It looks like a giant nautilus, like those underwater creatures with tentacles that kind of form like a spiral shell. And this ship moves through the air. Tentacles are coming down out of it as they reach down towards people. Everyone who gets touched by one of the tentacles just vanishes as we're trying to run away. Our last memories are of one of the tentacles reaching down, touching us, and we are gone.


Sounds like a smiley face killer.


Absolutely. Suddenly, we are waking up in some sort of glass tube. Each of us is aware that these tubes seem to be embedded in the wall of a giant flying vessel of some kind. We can feel ourselves moving through space, and it seems as though the walls of this ship are biological. It's giving us very, like, xenomorph, alien vibes. The walls themselves are growing tentacles. They seem to be pulsing. And we are waking up one by one, all of us still with our gear on us. We have our armor, we have our weapons, and we are just now coming to as the ship seems to be bouncing around and shaking and there are explosions happening. This is all we know. What would we like to do right now?


Wait, so we're in test tubes.


We are in test tubes.


Are we in one tube? Are we in separate?


Great question.


Separate tubes.


You can see your companions in other tubes. As you're waking up, each of you is in your own tube. You're also noticing there are six other tubes, seem to have other individuals in them whom you do not recognize.


Are they liquid filled tubes?


They're not liquid filled. Such a good question. That is air question. Absolutely.


I think we've got to get out of these tubes.




Or is there a way where we can try to figure out who is in the other tubes?


You certainly can. In the other tubes, without even getting out of your tube, you can clearly see there are six other tubes. Three of them are filled with. There are three men, three women in the other tubes. Who are you most ratio right now?


Yeah. Pft.


Which one are you most interested in?


I'm interested in the guys who you care about.


You are aware that of the three guys in test tubes, one of them is clearly a wizard of some sort, wearing wizard robes and a hat. He's a human, but otherwise looks very similar to cake. There is another one who is dark skinned and seems their eyes are open and they're kind of still like comatose. And you notice he has a stone eye that keeps moving around of its own accord. And then there is an elven man with white hair and extremely pale skin.


Pete Carroll.


What about the chicks?


The chicks are. There seems to be a slow down on this one.


Go ahead.


Absolutely. First of all, everyone here is super sexy. All six of the test tube people, they are all super hot and even the ones with low charisma. And so the elven woman, first woman has a long black braid that is all bound up, going almost down to her waist, if I may.




Dibs, boys.


Okay. All right.


Absolutely fast. She seems to be wearing the robes of a cleric of some kind. Now, however, if anybody wants to who's looking at her, you can make a religion check to see if you can figure out what God does she follow? What God or goddess? Because there's gods of like, as we would know them. But there's also gods of war, there's gods of death. There's all kinds of different.


How interested are you in this chick sex God? You want to know what God.




No, I don't want to learn about a chick's past, man.


You think she's saving herself for marriage?




Damn. Yeah.


We don't care what God.


Absolutely. No worries. It's all one God.




Next woman is a red skinned woman. With huge black horns growing out of her head. She is a big, muscly woman, very clearly a barbarian, similar to norm. She also seems to have fire coming out of her head and, like, racing all over her skin.


I did saw you, bro.


Yeah, absolutely. I'm taking her for a rod. I'll give her a rod.


Absolutely. The final woman is not an elf. She has pointy ears and sort of greenish skin, and we are able to recognize it, especially the people with high arcana, like our wizard and warlock, that this is a race called a gith, or githyankai, as they are sometimes called among themselves. They are, in theory, people who come from another world entirely a warrior race. So while she's not as big as the redskinned horned woman, she is clearly some kind of warrior. She's wearing armor of sorts.


Are they real or not real?




Real or not real, the people in.


The test tubes, they seem very real, just as real as us. They're starting to wake up a little bit.


Are they firm? Are they supple?


Oh, yeah. They're very muscular. Very tight.


Tiny, petite.


Tiny, petite.


I would say the elven woman with the braid is a little petite. The gith woman is medium. And then the tiefling woman with red skin is a big muscle.


Big woman.




I like that.


Want to get out of these tubes?


Yeah, let's.


Absolutely. 100%. Who would like to try to get out of the tubes first? In theory. I'm wondering, what strategy would we want to use?


Yeah, let's go in order.




Now, how are you trying to get out of the tube? Doesn't seem like there's any way to open it from inside, but obviously, you could try something. You do have a wand of magic missile.


Is there anyone outside of the tubes.


That are keeping us? Great question. The only things we see outside the tube are there is some sort of big basin in the middle of this circular room and one door of sorts. And as you're looking like, it looks like a door out of this room, but there's no handle on it, and it's a shape that weirds you out until you realize you've seen shapes like this before. It's a sphincter door.


But wait, I have a question before you go, Hank. I'm the strongest one here, right?


Yes, that is true.


Could I break out of my own.


Tube as well as the paladin?


Could I break out of my own tube and then break my boys out?


Yes, you absolutely could. Now, I was trying to impress the to.


I was going to ask to do an inside check to see if I can sneak out of the tube to get you guys out discreetly. Because what if you breaking out wakes up?


Okay, all right.


Just for the record, big cat could.


I could break it out, but you don't want me to. That's fine.


I probably could, too.


I don't think you could break all.


Of a wand of magic missiles and other attack spells. You could try here. In terms of physical strength, it's norm first and then Greg the Paladin right after that.


But, like, let's keep it low key. We don't know who put us in these two.


Yeah, try your sneaky way. Yeah, do some finesse offense. I'll play man football.


Insight would be the skill for reading someone else's expressions and motives. If you're trying to do something sneaky, that would be stealth. Unfortunately, I don't know if there is a sneaky way that you can do this. There doesn't seem to be any lock that you're seeing, but you could try to do a sleight of hand check to look for handholds to push this open, potentially. Do you have the sleight of hand skill by any chance, under your skills? Probably not, no. Then you would just have a plus two on this. You could give it a try. That's really the only quiet thing you could do.


Character much of a reader?


Yeah, a little bit. Not so much as cake, but he.


Doesn'T do anything great.


Kind of makes infernal deals very well.


What's the old saying? You're only as strong as your weakest link? Oh, weakest link.


Okay, go ahead.


All right, I'll bust out. Let me bust out.


Absolutely. Are you trying to, like, bust out with your fists? Are you trying to look for eldritch blast? Eldritch blast. I love it. Very roll a blood.


Very discreet roll.


Two D twenty s. You fire off two eldritch blasts.


That would be a two.


That first one is just kind of ricochet around.


And that'll be a one.


What a blast.


The first beam ricochets all around the test tube and doesn't break it open. The second one also ricochets around the test tube and then hits you back for seven plus. I know. You add plus three to your damage. I'm marking you down as having ten points of damage right now.


Hurt yourself, bro.


So sorry.


Oh, hey, guys.


It's okay if I go first early.


Good attempt.


How does it happen? Now, wait.


Now that's his turn.


Okay, so I will break myself out. And break everyone else out. But a question, like, if I'm breaking Ehrlich out, is that going to hurt.


Him more potentially, if you were to, for example, get a one, somebody could get hurt.


All right, so why don't I break me out and then I'll get the three of them, and then we'll decide, because you call it a truce with Hank.


So you don't want to them.


I don't want to hurt them. So we might leave them in the tube.




I might not make it out of this tube.


Now, if you use your blast, man.


I, an athletic check, have said exactly.


Whichever d 20 you feel is luckiest.




These dice right here. Absolutely. That's a good one for sure. You got me. That's also a good 100%. Yeah, absolutely. I feel good. Absolutely. You do think that if you were to rage, you would get advantage on this roll? I would let you rage against. Even though there's no enemies, I would let you rage against this tube. Okay, well, that's not fair, but that looks like a twelve to me. And then you roll one more time. Just see if you do any better than a twelve.


Good roll.


Okay, 18. Okay, 18 plus seven is a 25 total. Now, you needed a 15 or higher to bust out, so with a 25, I'm going to say you bust out of your tube, you shatter this, almost like biologically grown Glass like material. It's even harder than glass, but you send it shattering through the air. You take no damage, and I'm going to let you climb out and free two of your companions. They could be your companions. They could also be the six sexy people in the test tubes.


Yeah, which one did you have dibs on?


Black braid.


Dude, don't cuck me.


While multiplayer and dibs is very important.


For romancing, so if, hypothetically speaking, Tim, I were to break out black braids, the other gentleman in the tube, they can see everything that's happening?




They're all waking up. Everybody can see what you're doing.






I'm supposed to be an escape from inside the tube.


As a team player, I'm going to break out Ehrlich and Greg.


Thank you.


Absolutely. You get broken?


No, sorry, sorry. Who's that?




I'm going to break out Wayne. That's my bad.


That seems right, never breaking out Ehrlich.




You force open the test tube that has Wayne and Greg, was it? Absolutely, 100%.




Washington, you three now are free.


Fuck yes, boys.




Have a little fun.


Can we put cake in the same tube as Ehrlich, you would have to.


Open up his tube and his tube to do that, as far as you can tell. Unless you have a magic spell that allows you to teleport. But that's a fifth level spell. You don't have that yet.




All right.


So it's me and the boys right now.


It is.


I think I might.


Should I just get the girls out?


Yeah, that's good.


You might want to get Jake out, too, because we could use him to maybe protect.




Scare the hose?


No, but you always need your highest level spell.


He's a perfect wind.


All right, I'll let Jake out. I'll let Jake out.


Absolutely. How would you like to get his tube open? Are you just using your muscles or are you trying something else?


Let's see. I'm looking at. I have sleight of hand.


You do have sleight of hand. I would let you. Especially from outside. It's easier. You can pick the lock from outside. Go ahead and roll a d 20 plus your sleight of hand.


So this is d 20.


That is a d ten. You want a d 20?


The one with 20 on it.


Call us for this truth.


My name is Ehrlich.


With a one, I am sorry to say.






I tried to force open this tube, and you pull, and you're, like, picking it. You're trying to force it open, and you give it another yank, and you actually stumble backwards toward the big basin of weird goo in the middle of the room. As you're tumbling towards it, you realize something. It has things swimming around in it. I would like you to make another roll. This is a dexterity saving throw to avoid tumbling into the basin. There you go. You start to pinwheel your arms a little bit. You're about to fall in. All the weird tadpoles inside begin to congregate near you like they can, almost like a little piranha. As you're getting closer and closer to water. And then you catch yourself. You don't fall in.


It's a bunch of goo filled with little tiny tadpoles.


Little tiny tadpoles. Since they're in a notice, I would let you real quick, just make a history check to see if any memories are coming back. As you look at these tads.


It's called the spank fact.


It is viscous. This goo.


This one.


Nine. And do you have history as a skill, by any chance?


You do.


Plus four.




With a plus four and nine. With a 13, you suddenly get a flash of memory. And anyone here on their turn can make another history check to try to remember more. You suddenly get a memory of when you were in the tube, somebody opening up your tube and you were like, no, give me five more minutes. And they grabbed you, they reached into this basin, took out one of the tadpoles, went to your eyeball, and the last thing you remember was the tadpole leaping into your eye. That is all, you know, pregnant on this place. And you have just freed cake. Cake. You are out.


All the boys are out.


Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry. You tumbled and did not manage to not fall into the tadpoles. I knew you succeeded on something I forgot you had not got.


I tried to get you into open.


Who would like to go next?


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I think we're bugged. I think there's something behind our eye.


Would you like to make a history check?


I would love to make a history check.




What do I roll for that to.


Be a d 20. And as a paladin, you would have a plus three. That's the d 20. Bingo. Right there. 1919. Plus three is a 22. You get a much more vivid memory. First of all, you know you've been tadpoled as well. In fact, you know every one of us has been tadpoled. We have had a tadpole inserted into our eye. It has crawled behind our eye, and we think it's burrowing into our. You can almost feel something in your brain.


The vaccine around the metaphor. They microchipped us.


You also get a memory of who did this. A figure looking you dead in the eyes. A squid like head with two eyes, a big, like, sort of cranium dome and four tentacles hanging down. This is not an italian. You think that this, with that history check, is a creature in the world of D d who creates biological flying ships known as a mind flayer. Mind flayers are one of the most dangerous and well known monsters in the d d universe. Stranger things.




So, Jake. Thank you. They are the villain in stranger things, and they are also one of the big villains in D D. You know that in D d, mind flayers tend to be more humanoid sized creatures, but still have amazing mental powers of mind control. You also know that tadpoles are how they reproduce. They insert tadpoles into other people and turn them into mind flayers.


Man, we're turning into mind flares.


We are turning into mind flares.


Can I do something right now?


You can. Absolutely.


I'm going to rip out my eyeball.


Oh, yes. Go ahead and roll me.




Rip out mine, too.


Can I rip out his, too?


Who would you like to try first?




But we not see after that.


In theory, you know, you'll get disadvantage on range attacks due to lack of depth perception. But that's all right.


I'll keep my eyeball.


I'm ripping out my eye.


Absolutely. I would like you, first of all, to make a wisdom saving throw to see if you can do this without flinching.


Okay, what do I roll for that?


A D 20. And you get to add plus four to this. 1515. That is enough. With a 19 total, you are not flinching. Go ahead and just roll me. You're not getting disadvantaged. Now to yank out your own eye. Plus five on this 1111 plus five is a 16. Are you just reaching with, like, kill.


Bill using one of my two daggers.


Oh, you take one of your magic daggers, that's going to give you an extra plus one on that with a 17. Because you're using the daggers, you are able to reach in behind your eye and pop it out.


The chicks see.


The chicks do see. You see them like, oh, and the priestess with the braid, she's just like, oh, avoiding her eyes. The big redskinned woman with the horns is like, oh, she's looking and she's giving you the thumbs up, right?


Works every time.


The gith woman is just nodding and very impressed with you. Your eye pops out and we can see as you look around, a little wiggling tail behind your eye. Now, I'm going to tell you one other thing is occurring to you. You do think that with that history check as it wiggles. Oh, better yet, it wiggles in your mind. You can feel it moving and you hear a voice suddenly in your mind, stop. Leave me alone. I can offer you power.


You do? Love power.


Love power.


I could give you the power over others.


Well, let's be careful with George Washington.


Mind control. Yeah, I like mind control.


Your mind is controlled. You can feel and they can see. The tail of the tadpole is starting to disappear into your brain. You have a choice. Do you try to get it out now or do you let it go?


Who has the smallest hands of the group?


That would be Ehrlich. But he's a gnome.




You just ripped out your eye.


Good for you.


Just going to, like, rip out your eye, right?


And then just nothing comes from it. I got to pull out this tadpole.


Absolutely. You can go for it. Roll me another d 20 to try to pull out the tadpole.


So, wait, I just might be eyeless with the tadpole still?


You might one absolutely.


Forget it.


You reach in and you're like, digging around in there. First of all, I didn't give you damage for just ripping out your eye. That'd be whole d twelve right there. Twelve points of damage. And then as you're fishing around in there, it's another d twelve. Three more damage. So right now you have taken 15 points of damage. Your original hit points are 52. So -15 is going to bring you down to 37 left. I am sorry.


Got a lot of self inflicted wounds.


The boys are going through it.


You see all the people in the test tubes just like, oh, one of them starts, like, gagging a little bit. The very pale elf man is just like, oh, goodness. And he, like, averts his eyes. It's pretty grizzly. Blood's pouring down your face right now. Absolutely.


What do the chicks think?


The chicks, actually, both the tiefling woman with red skin and the gith woman are both like. And they kind of look at each other and they're like, are you seeing this?


Did I just embarrass myself?


The two of them are very impressed. They really like it.




The priestess, not so much. She's pretty grossed out, it seems. Yeah. And cake, you are out of the tube right now.


What a turn, boy.


I want to be a team player and get our full team out of the tube.




You guys don't want me to.


No, I want you to come out. Let's leave him. He'll figure it out.


All right. Now, I would say you do have not many skills that would get people out of tubes, but you do have a knock spell which would open. Kill the door.


We kill the bad people.




We kill the bad people in theory.


You know that there are six other people in tubes. You don't know if they're good or bad. You know that there's all these weird tadpoles in the middle of the room in this basin, and there is a sphincter door leading out of here. You know that this ship must be controlled by evil mind flayers, but you don't see any of them right now. And you would also be like, it's kicking in. Like, wait, I think they put tadpoles in our head.


All right, so let's get out of this area.


Absolutely, 100%. Do you start to head for the sphincter door?


Yeah, he's not out of his tube yet.


Oh, I'm sorry. So, cake.


Oh, I'm not out.


You do have one spell that could open up your tube if you want to cast that. Otherwise, you can try to force it open, but that would be very difficult to do.


Yeah, I don't think I'm strong enough for that, silly.


So you cast the knock spell. Is that right? After all, is that right? I don't see that I'm giving you the knock spell. I forgot to give you that. And that would be a spell you would definitely have as a wizard. So, in theory, you're seeing all of them really working hard to force these doors open. You just cast a spell. We all just see his test tube opens on its own, and now you can climb out and you can start heading for that sphincter door if you want. Everyone is out now, except Ehrlich. And as you head for the sphincter door, you don't see any kind of handle or any other way to open it. Are you doing anything, or are you just walking right up to it?


I'm saying I'm better than you. I'm getting through this door.


Absolutely as you think. That thought, suddenly it opens up, almost like that, easy responding to your thought. You can see in the next room. There is another sphincter door beyond. And there is a humanoid figure lying on a table whose head has been cut open and their scalp removed. Their brain is exposed. Right. Now.


Question, does this humanoid figure have any extra eyes?


They do not. No, this is a human.


We need to get me an eyeball.


We need to find you an eye.


So sorry. They have two eyes.




As best you can tell, is the.


One I removed from surgery. Destroyed beyond repair, I would say.


How would you describe Ehrlich's eyes? Are they really good? Like, are two of his eyes beautiful?


You'd have to open me up, actually. He has an ability as a warlock called devil sight that lets him see in magical darkness and can see eyes. Actually, I want those fantastic.


Real bad.


Absolutely. And, yeah, in theory, those are the eyes that are available, Kate, you actually hear another different voice coming from out of that room, but it's another telepathic voice in your mind.


Help me.


Help me. It seems like you think that telepathic voice is coming from the body, but it's not moving at all, this body. And that was you breaking out with your action and moving into here. Ehrlich, that would bring us around to you again.


Let's go, Hank. Let's just reset real quick. Let's figure out what's going on here, because our minds are being controlled by some sort of tadpole put in us. So we're all, like, zombies right now. So what's the goal? Do we want to get everybody in that room out, or do we want to just get us out and then try to roll up to the front of the ship?


I would like to get the tadpole out of my mind. I don't want to be a sheep controlled by the big tadpole like these fellows.


Burrowed in deep.


Yeah, I would like to get the tadpole out.


Absolutely. As you start to think that thought, your tadpole speaks up. Oh, but you, you're someone who likes power. I can offer you control. I can offer you mind reading. It is trying to tempt you, that much is clear. As someone who has made deals with devils before, this would be another deal.


That didn't work out for me last time. I just get it out.


Absolutely, 100%. How are you going to try to get it out?


Can I like crossbow?


You could shoot a crossbow into your own eye. That would probably destroy the tadpole, but it could hurt them. Destroy your brain, most likely. No need that.




But there's another brain in that other room.


If it gets damaged, backup. Your first move is going to be suicide.


I do like how you just said light crossba the heaviest cross. Yeah, definitely.


Give it a shot. Hey.


Second movie tried to shoot his way out and hit him in the ass. And then he's like, might as well shoot myself, then it's over.


Give it a shot. Hey.


I'll point out you don't have a knock spell like the wizard would.


Unfortunately, I don't really know what to do here. I can't go over two on trying to get out.




Can I persuade it out of my mind?


You can try that if you would like.


You sounded pretty encouraging there. I'm going to do that.


Go ahead and roll a d. 20 plus 516. 16 plus five is a 21. As you try to think. Get out of. What are you saying? Into it specifically? And just get out of my mind?


Yeah, leave.


Absolutely, leave.


Go back to your home with a 21.


It begins to laugh at you at first. You can't make me go anywhere. I'm burrowing deeper and deeper into your mind. The only one who could get me out is the person who put me here. Now, he didn't need to tell you that. You just got him to spill some beans.




Can I ask who put me here?


Don't you know that already? Don't you remember? And then he feeds the memories back into your mind. The memories you had forgotten. The mind flayer, the tentacle mouthed creature that was holding a tadpole. And you saw it right before it went into your mind. It was like looking up at you like, yes, let me at that brain, leapt into your eye, crawled past into your brain. The mind flayer might be able to remove it again, potentially.


Can I ask where he is?


He'll even tell you that in like, a mocking way. He says, trying to fly the ship right now, it seems. And then we feel the ship bump and he goes. But it sounds like someone is making it a little difficult for him. And it seems like the ship is under attack in some capacity. As best you can tell, he is assuring you that the mindflayer right now must be at the front, the helm of the ship, trying to steer it at the moment. You could ask him one more question if you have another question.


Who are these other guys in the tube.


Oh, interesting. Yeah. Just other adventurers who have been picked up in your city. Who are you most curious about?


The Redskin.


The Redskin. Absolutely. The mind player says, the tadpole in your head says, just give me a moment. And suddenly you feel your mind connect with the red skinned teethling woman. Now, you're a gnome who made a deal with devils. You recognize this teethling woman has descended from devils. She is, like part human and part devil, and suddenly you get visions of her past. Her name is Karlak. She is a warrior for the devils of the nine hells. When we went to hell and fought devils there she is one of the soldiers. We might have even fought while we were there. And she is kind of dumb a little bit. She's a barbarian, and she's kind of like, hey, how's it going? What's up? She's kind of a bro and just here for a good time, but she doesn't even know how she got here, really.


And I can talk to her.


She looks at you, and, you know, she just got some of your memories as well. She connects with you, and she goes. And you know that she's signaling that you know about devils, same as me. And in fact, it may be that your patron is also her boss. She fights for the generals of the nine hells, and your boss, might is almost definitely one of the generals.


We have a lot in common.


You have a lot in common. 100%. And she waves at you, very excited.


So good turn, Hank. You're still in the tube, and you still have a reptile in your brain.


Yeah, you met a dumb chick.




Your dice roll now. But Tatpol did not agree to leave. You don't think he had to? Unfortunately. And first choice that is going to bring us to norm next. You like to do.


What are we thinking, boys? What are we thinking?


We got to get up the front of the ship, I think.


Right sphincter is already open.


Right sphincter's open. We can see the next room. We can just go right through this room to the next sphincter door. Or there's a voice that only cake heard, and there is a visible corpse with its head sawed open.


Should we get a cup of goo, just in case?


Yeah, get a cup of goo. So then what do we want to take? Should we let him out?


I feel bad for him.


Will it waste my turn if I let him out?


It would be your action for this turn. Yeah, I'll let it be your bonus. Actually, it can be your bonus action because you're raging already. Yeah. So this way you can do a frenzied attack with your bonus action. You'll still have another dice roll.


Okay, and what do I need to get to get them out?


You just need a 15 or higher. And you have advantage on this still. So you get to roll two times and you have a plus seven higher.


Man, I hope I get a 15.


You need an eight or higher on the die.


Get an eight.


Four. No, but you have a second roll if you want. Does he have to? He doesn't have to, no, 100%.


But wait, if he wastes this action that we can't get a cup of goo.


No, you'll still be able to. This is all just the bonus action.


All right, so I need an eight or higher.


I got a 17. You are able to, boom, yank this open.


Remember that?


Now, because you got a 24, I would also let you open one or even two other tubes if you want.


At least one.


Well, he's got mind control with the redskin.


Right? Good.


Got a mind connection, commander?




Yeah, we can use the devil.


Okay, well, let's get her out. And then who else?


What about Greg's chick?


She doesn't really fuck with me anymore after the eyeball situation.


What about.


What are the three dudes?


There is a. With white hair. There's a guy who's already bad, a dark skinned guy. We're not going to get it anywhere. A stone eye.


I kind of like the mincy eye.


Yeah, the stone eye guy. Because then at least you have someone that you can sympathize with. Yeah, you got a buddy. All right, let's get the stone eye guy.


Absolutely, 100%. First of all, you open up Carlax tube. Carla comes out. Oh, thanks so much. It's so good.


Oh, goodness.


She's already annoying me.


And as she comes out, her skin all bursts into flames. I really had to get that out of my system.




Hot flashes.


Oh, good. I didn't want to do it while I was still in the tube.


Push her in the goo.


And then you yank open the tube with the guy with the stone eye. And as he comes jumping out, he says, oh, goodness. Thank you so much. We have to get out of here somehow. And then he looks at you, Ehrlich, and you hear him connect in your mind, and he says, hey there. Are you a warlock by any chance?


Sure am.


He kind of tries to do this behind his back. I'm going to roll to see if anybody. Okay, that's a cock to die. Right there. I'm going to reroll that. That's just enough that only you see it. Ehrlich, he conjures up a little bit of fire in his hand so that only you can see. It's an eldritch blast. He's a warlock, too. Absolutely.


Wait, so I had one.


His name's Will, by the way.




I had one more action. Right. Can I rage puke the tadpole out?


You can try. Absolutely. Go for it. You go to rage puke. I'll give you advantage on it.


Okay. All right.


I'm a rage puke. Tadpole out.


Plus four on constitution.




Two is not going to be enough. I'll let you roll one more time. 1818. Plus four with a 20 or higher. You try your best to rage puke out the tadpole. The dadpole starts shrieking at you. Wait, I can offer you power. Do you still try to rage puke it out?


I think one of us got to get this tadpole out, right, just in case. Yeah, get the fucking tadpole out. Rage puke.


Absolutely. I'm going to allow it 100%.




And then it goes flying out of your mouth into the basin. Splash. And it begins swimming around.


Oh, no.


Can we catch it?


Oh, yeah, you can try to catch it. Go ahead and roll.


Yeah, let me catch.


You catch that. You can puke that thing out if you get a 20 or higher. Yes.


What the fuck?


By the way, this is not a true in the game, 100%.


Probably should have thought of that before you took out your eye. 1919.


You catch it in your hand.




And immediately it tries to race up your arm to get back into your body. It is doing a pretty good job. It's like the mummy, except instead of going under your skin like the scarabs, it's just quickly moving up your arm and it's trying to get back in through your eye. Roll another d 20 to try to stop it. 1313 plus two is just enough. Catch it in your hand. It's wiggling around. I'm just going to roll. And as long as it doesn't do super well, it can't burrow. No, it doesn't burrow into your hand. You've got your tadpole clenched down.


All right, so we got a tadpole, boys. We got a tadpole.


Love it. Absolutely.


Does he feel any different?




You don't know, but in theory, you're pukes a lot. Clear. That's true. Actually, the amount you puked, 100%. You're feeling pretty good, you're feeling hungry. Now?






Absolutely. And you're looking good.


All right, I have a question for you. So I have a plus five on performance here. One thing I know about lizards and amphibians, they've got ears that connect directly to their brain. Could I sing a note so high that the vibration of it kills everyone's tadpole?


You have kind of a counter charm ability, and that's similar to what you're describing. I'm going to let you try that. You can make a perform check to play, like, not the brown note, but the worm note that will destroy worms.


I'd like to destroy every worm except for the one that norm has in his hand, because I feel like we can.


We're going to test it.


I'm going to say this, though. You don't have a way to control which, unless, you know what if you try to cover up your worm as much as possible, but we don't know if you did a good job covering it until you already try this.




Are you willing to take that risk? Yes, I'm willing to. Absolutely.




That is not enough, unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that you try to play the note and you hear your worm, and all the other worms, including the one in your hand, start, like, bopping out to the music. And all the other people still in the test tube start, like, bopping out. Their worms are enjoying the music as well, and they start trying to hold their heads. It's obviously the gith woman starts freaking out. She's like, oh, get this thing out of my head. And suddenly we remember gith really don't like mind flayers, is what I would say.




I've always said that.


All right, should we.


Typical gith.


So is that my full action?


I'd say, actually, that's your bonus action. You can do an action.


All right, so for the real action, I feel like we got to go through this door.


We got to see the guy that's got his head cut off. Absolutely. Yeah. As soon as you start even looking in that direction, you hear, help me, help me, please. I'm in the head.


It's me.


I'm the one in the skull.




I think we got to rip that one out. That's, like, another worm that we can have.




Or do we experiment and put in?


Or is that what they want us to do?


What if we put your worm into the guy's head with the other worm and see what happens? Maybe they'll fight each other.


A damsel in distress disguise.


I'm down. You want my worm?




Can we put his worm into the other guy's head?


Absolutely. These worms do, as you start to approach, make a knowledge check real quick for me. This is a arcana check. You have a plus four. Okay. With a 15. You notice that the brain that is visible at the top of his skull, where it's been sawed off, looks swollen. It looks like it's too big, and it wiggles slightly. JFK, you think it's somehow alive, this brain. Okay, here. And you could grab his worm and try to walk over with it here.


Should I do that?


Okay, I'll take the worm.




Cover it up.


Cover it up.


Walk over with it.


And then I'd like to hold it right above the other person's brain to try to lure the other worm out.


You hold it there, the worm in your hand. First of all, roll and make sure nothing bad happens when you take the worm. Okay, that's the 17. Nothing bad happens. You got the firm grip on the worm. The worm starts to reach towards the brain, and then it stops and goes. And kind of goes limp. Like it's like, forget it. And then you realize that that brain is wiggling so much, like it's trying to climb out of the skull. You don't think it's an ordinary brain at all. It doesn't have a worm in it. It's something else entirely. And suddenly, with your 15 before you remember, mind flayers make creatures called intellect devourers that look like little brains that crawl around on four legs. You think you get a glimpse of a little leg inside that skull. Let me out.


Let me out, please.


Okay, so that brain is actually its own creature.


It's its own creature. Exactly right. You are realizing that. Just barely, with a 15 now.


All right?


And it seems like the tadpole doesn't want to go in. There's no tadpole in there right now, and your tadpole isn't interested. It tries to get back into your brain, and you're holding a. In fact, do you know this? Even though you have a tadpole in your head, this other tadpole is trying to still get into your head.


Okay. All right.


So is it Greg's stern?


I would say you have approached it, but you haven't done an action yet. It just kind of went limp. The tadpole and this brain creature, this intellect devour, is saying, let me out of here.


All right, so do we want to get the brain? Should we get the brain out?


Made by the flares.


That's not a brain at all.


This is a creation of the mind flayers.


So we ignore the brain, eat it. There's another sphincter.




Or do we can walk? Right.


I want to throw something in.


We might be hungry.


Should we throw the brain in the goo?


Throw the brain in the goo.


We can throw the brain in the goo.




Let's throw the brain in the goo.


Absolutely. So you go to reach and pull it out. You can make an acrobatics or slide of hand check to try to pull this.


I've got plus five.


Yeah, absolutely. You're great at this. That is a cocked die. I'm going to ask you to reroll that team, Tim. There we go. You try to get the brain out, you start damaging it. It tries to help you. It's giving you a reroll.




You're hurting me. Try one more time. It's trying to roll with authority.




With only an eleven, it starts to scream. You're hurting me. You're hurting me, brothers. And suddenly, from the ceiling, a brain with four legs drops down onto the ground on one of the walls. Suddenly, crawling out of a nearby like orifice, another intellect devourer comes out. They are closing in on you. Sorry, guys, this is bad vibes. Intellect devours and I'm going to roll them into initiative. They are going one, two. They're going right now after you. As they run towards you, one of them is going to suddenly shoot out a blue beam of energy towards your mind and misses. You kind of dodge out of the way of that beam. Then the other one fires a blue beam towards you. Unless I roll a one on this. And then they go after cake.


No. Okay.


Cake was the only one who was possibly close by. No. They both miss you. Well done. And they're racing towards you, firing these blue beams of energy. Then the one who you were trying to free tries to climb out. He frees himself. You see his legs rip out of the skull. He pushes himself free. He lands on the ground and begins growing tentacles out of his body. He shoots a blue beam out at you and misses as well. You're dodging and ducking and weaving all of these beams. You don't know what they would have done, but they don't look good. And that is your turn at this good turn. Bringing us to Greg. Next we're going to get back to.


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There's a team game. Should we run through the let's run through the other sphincter.


We might want to run might be.


Lined towards the other sphincter.


I will point out. They will follow you. Potentially they could follow you. You don't know that they will or not. But they could follow you through that sphincter door. Well, you could just keep running full speed and hopefully outrun them.


They were very adverse to the worms. Right.


The worms weren't interested.








Do we know who's the slowest amongst us?


That would be you and Ehrlich.


That's a surprise.


So I'm strong. Who's the shortest?


You are, actually. Barbarians have extra hell of a combo.


Strong ancestors.




I'm going to run to the sphincter.


Absolutely. You run to the next sphincter door. They're turning and watching you. These brains on legs. And as you run for the sphincter door, it's just shut. Right now.


I have a popper with me.




Okay. As you throw it at the. It just suddenly like. And it starts flapping a little bit. Like it's real loose right now. And as you see through that sphincter door, you can see more people on slabs. There is also creatures flying around in here. There is a hole in the wall and you can see flames billowing through the hole in the wall. And outside it is just a landscape of fire outside.




It's bad room. There's a really bad room.


You can see another tunnel leading out. Absolutely. There's another tunnel leading out of here. There is a console in front of the three people who are on slabs. Their heads are not sawed open and there is some sort of machine that they have been positioned around in three equidistant spots, forming a triangle around them. And then in front of the first one you can see there is a console with three buttons and three symbols. You cannot read what the symbols are.


I'm going to press one of the buttons.


Absolutely. You run up. There is a left button, a middle button and a right button. What button do you press, boys? You can also try to translate.


What button do you think?




First thing that came to my mind.


Middle left.


You press the left button. There are sparks on the machine and each of them shakes a little bit. The three people on the slabs. But nothing happens. Make an organic check to see if you know what might have transpired. Right. This is just a d 20 plus zero six. You don't know exactly what transpired right there, but that button didn't seem to really do anything. There's a middle button and a right button still. And I have another action that barely count as an action. Pressing a button.


I should press them all at once?


Yeah, you could press all three.


My forearm.




I would like to do that.


What's that?


I'll press all three.


You press all three. So which one do you press next?


I use my forearm and press them simultaneously.


You press them at the same time? Absolutely. Immediately, they all sit up and in unison say, attack. Attack. They have wires coming out of their head and then all of a sudden, they instantly spark and die before. Very.




I got to say, I'm mad that Baldersgate doesn't let you press two buttons at the same time. That was freaking genius.


Thank you so much.


That was really good. The boom right there. Absolutely love it. And so immediately, those three figures just fall dead to the ground. And you can see that there are these creatures flying around in the air. They look like a creature that you have seen accompanying Ehrlich. They look like imps, little devils that swarming in lola the imp swarming in through the cavity in the side of the wall. They are looking at you. They hiss and they begin getting ready to swoop down. They're going to do so after Ehrlich's turn, but not before. And so we've got some imps and then we've got intellect of hours that are going to be going after Wayne's turns.


A lot going on, boys.


A lot going on.


Absolutely. Now, that was only your bonus action. You still have an action, right now, if you would like to do something else.


I will heal myself, please.


Oh, yes, absolutely. You can use your lay on hands ability. And you have, at level six, up to 30 points. You could just give yourself half of those 15 points. You'd be back up to full 15, 100%. You put yourself back up to full hit points and you.


My eye doesn't grow back, does it?


No, actually, roll me a D 20. If you get an eleven or higher, your eye grows back.








But it's Milky. I have a real milky. Will the warlock we freed goes, hey, pretty cool look.


A real milky eye.


Absolutely. That milky eye. Absolutely. And that'll bring us to you next. Cake.




What would you like to do?


I would like to sacrifice my eye and give it to my friend.


Wait, I'll take it.


But I'm the smartest one.


I could go without an eye.


Right, Tim?


I guess it makes perfect sense. Absolutely. So I'll let you. I mean, in theory, you'll still have trouble seeing things further away, but as an elf, you have naturally good perception. So that'll just kind of counteract. Maybe go ahead and roll. You can either surgically remove the eye and give it to him, or you can use your magical skills. And that would be Arcana. That's probably better. Go ahead and roll a D 20 plus Arcana.


All right.


Magically, 1212 plus five is 17. Now I'm going to let you roll a D 20. Are you taking this eye from him?


I'm refusing the eyeball.


We're not a match.


Did he take his eye out?


Tell him you're refusing it before he takes his eye out.


You didn't ask if I wanted your eye.


Good call. I hardly know you.


That's a really big gift.


So what am I doing now?


You're holding your eye.


Oh, I lost mine, too.


And I'm.


It is out. I'd let you try to reinsert it, but that would be another Arcana check.


All right.


Let's do it. If he doesn't want it, I guess.


I'll be another Arcana check. This is all just your bonus action. I'll say 1717 plus Arcana plus five is absolutely enough. As long as you got a 20 or higher, you reinstall your eye.


So I tried helping my teammate out. He didn't want the help.


Your bonus action right there. What would you like to do with your action?


I have a plus seven investigation. I'd like to learn maybe more about those three things we killed.


Absolutely. Sorry. The three figures who are on the slabs. 100%. Go ahead and make an investigation check.




One. Oh, no. As you are trying to investigate it, you reach for some of the wires and try to examine them. Immediately, sparks begin to fly off. I'd like you to roll a D 20, dexterity saving throw to see 1111. And you only have, like, a plus three at best. That was not a 15 or higher case. We're going to be taking two of these D 810 points of lightning damage from the core.




As they electrocute you, that's going to bring you down to 28 out of 38 hit points. Fortunately, you are one of the squishiest among us. That makes sense. And so that was your action. Trying to examine that. Ehrlich. You are the only one still in the tube. I got him out.


That's right.


100% apologies. I didn't mark that down. You were out of the tube.


I need you to give me credit for that.


We did.






I would like to give Greg my eye.


This is eye secret Santa. I love it. 100%. And so go ahead. And how are you doing that light crossbow? I'd say using a light crossbow bowl. It's really good.


What can your guide to.


Pop it out.




Stopped reading his sheet after.


Got one move and he does it well.


Are you trying to fire the light crossbow or just take a light crossbow bolt to pop your eye? Pop it out. Pop it out. Absolutely. This will be a sleight of hand. The light one, in that case.




D 20.


Yeah, D 20 plus, like, five. I think I got two.




No, you are definitely hurting yourself, I'm sorry to say. You said light crossbow, so I'm going to give you the light crossbow damage on that, but not double it. That's just five points of damage in all, Ehrlich. That's going to bring you down to 30. Out of 45, you're at two thirds of your health left. And that was your action. Anything with your move or bonus action.


Bonus action.


Just do it again. One more time.


I'd let you try it again.


Yeah, try it again. Get that eye out.


All right, let's try it again.




Try the short sword this time.




That would be a better weapon for doing that 100 sword the whole time. What's your attack bonus with your short sword damage?


One. D six. Plus two.


What did they say right before that? D 20. Plus one.


D twenty. Plus five.




Absolutely. I'm going to give you advantage on this, since you're using a melee weapon as opposed to.


Yeah, improvised. 20.


Amazing. 100%. You are popping your eye out, and then the moment you do, it flies out and hovers in the air. It turns to you, and your patron says, you're closer to me than you've ever been. How did you get to my section of the nine hells? It's speaking to you through your eye. Your patron, and he says this. I'm sorry, did you tear out your eye for a reason? Did you want to give it to someone? I'll help you.


Yeah, I'd like to give it to Greg.


It flies towards Greg. Greg. This eye isn't even. He's not even asking you. It's just flying towards your eye socket. And with a critical hit, it even grows, like the optical nerves, like tentacles. Hits you in the eye and crawls in, tearing out your regrown, milky eye and replacing it with a gnomeish eye. What color are your eyes?






So you got this new blue eye, and suddenly you can see in the dark when you shut this eye.


What a good friend you are.


Absolutely. Well done. Good move right there. I like it. Ehrlich, that is going to bring us to you next.


I feel the vibes.


Well, now Hank doesn't have an eyeball.




Hold on. See, I feel the vibes are really high right now and everyone's helping each other, so I want to help. Give me your want to. The stone eye guy. He's been stuck this whole time, so I want to take Ehrlich's eye and swap it with the stone.




Absolutely. So Ehrlich's got one eye, right now.


You got stone in his head, and then our stone eye guy will have two eyes.


Do you tell him, I'm getting you an eye?


Yeah, bro, I'm going to get you an eye. I got an eye guy.


He starts to already say, this is part of a deal that I made with a. It's not important, but this is okay. And he's not even asking you to stop. You can absolutely take Ehrlich's eye if you want. Now, Ehrlich, are you letting him do this?


No, I'm just going to do it.


I just want to make sure you're resisting this. Is that right, Ehrlich?


No, he can have.


All right, just roll an athletics check and you have advantage on this.




Twelve. You have one more roll if you want. It's already going to be enough, though. But let me see if you crit was a cocktail. In theory, that did look kind of like a cocktail to me. So let's roll it again.


Yeah. Okay.


So we'll ignore that.




We'll take the twelve. Plus seven is a 19. You are able to tear his eye out.




And then you are able to bring it over to will. And will keeps waving his hand. He's like, I really don't need this eye, bro. I suppose as long as. And he pops his stone eye out, it floats there for a moment, just like Ehrlich's eye did. He takes Ehrlich's other eye, inserts it in and goes, I mean, this is pretty cool, I guess. And he looks around, I can see in the dark. Thank you. And he just pockets his stone that you want it.


Yeah, I'm going to put it in his head.


Make a persuasion check on him right now.


You gave him an eye and he pocketed his spare.


I didn't know you wanted this stone eye. He explains to a three you actually have minus one on persuasion. He says, I can't tell you why, but I need this stone eye. I can't give it to him. Now, Ehrlich, do you say anything? I let you talk as a reaction, even though it's not your turn to say something here. And you're blind right now, so you're just kind of trying to look in the direction you hear the voice.


How do I hellish rebuke?


You haven't been attacked.


You just took my eye out.


The only person you could. Ellis, rebuke is normal.


You said it was fine. You need to get that fucking stone, dude. That stone has something to do with it.


Something mystical.


The fact that he pocketed is a bad thing. Get that stone.


How can I get that stone?


You could either try to swipe it.


From him or try to do a mage hand. What about the bow?


You could use mage hand. That would give you advantage on swiping it from the light crossbow. You also could try to persuade him. Norm tried, but only got a two. You could try to tell Will.


Listen, I want him to shoot the crossbow blind.




Let'S do a light crossbow.


I'll try and shoot his pocket, so what the hell? Yeah, trying to fire it, Will. Is that right? I'll give you his stone eyeball. Stone eye, is that right?


Out of his pocket crossbow, penetrate a stone?


No, it hits underneath the stone and then pops out of his pocket.


If it critical hits, yes, I will say it knocks it out of his pocket. It won't destroy the stone for reasons we may get into. But if you hit it, then I will say it knocks it out of his pocket.


All right, what do I need to hit it?


I would say you need an 18 or higher.


And you have a plus.


Shoot six on this 1313. Well, sorry, you had a 13 on the die, is that right? Plus six is going to be a 19. That would be enough. But here's the problem. You have disadvantage because you are blind right now and you are firing her in the direction you can hear the voice. Roll one more time and take the lower number. So far, you're succeeding. If you can get another 13 or higher, you're good. 20.




So you do take the lower number. It's not a crit, but you shoot your light crossbow. It hits his stone and tears a hole in the bag he just tried to put it into. It falls out. It doesn't like a critical hit would have made it fly through the air. It falls out, it starts rolling, and I'm going to roll. If I get a six, it's towards you. It's directly towards Ehrlich right now. Ehrlich, I would let you try to roll, to scoop it up, but you have disadvantage. But before you do that, try to.


Scoop up a stone. As a blind guy, sometimes I take.


The lower number, I'll just ignore him. Were you trying to scoop it up first, the stone eye, or you let it roll towards him.


It might be heavy.


I would rather you get it.


All right, I'll scoop it.


I'll scoop.


Absolutely disadvantage. I can't see.


What do I need, really? Just a 15 or higher? Yes, 14 plus. Your athletics is enough. As long as Will doesn't beat you. Will's running for the eye. That's a cocked die.


Not enough.


No, not enough.


You grab the eye. So you currently have it. Ehrlich's looking around on the floor. Will's like, I need that. That's part of a deal that I made with someone, and it's very important. If I don't have that eye, I could get in huge trouble. And you see him try to point at you like I need to, and fire begins to build up in his eye, and then you see it flicker and die. And he tried to conjure fire in his hand, and it just flickers and dies away. And he looks you. Please, I need that.


No, I got that.


Yeah, absolutely. You got this stone eye. I'm going to roll to see how upset he is now. No, that was a cocktail. Let me see. No, he's just angry at you, but he's not lunging to try to grab it.


That's a you problem, right?


100% norm. You still have an action, I'd say.


Do you want to do.


What do you guys want to do?


I think we should fuck up these brains that are crawling after us.






Yeah, let's fuck them up.


100%. Absolutely, go ahead, piss. You are raging already. You can run up to one of these brains. You attack the brain that crawled out of the head, or you attack one of the other two brains.


Wait, say it again.


There's one of the intellect of ours crawled out of the skull, and then there's two others that crawled out of the ceiling and out of the wall.


Just quick question, because, PFD, maybe I'll lean on you to tell me which one we want to attack. But could I kill Hank?


Yeah. So Hank's gone. I have fireball.


He's blind. You have advantage.


I have fireball. So if you want to do something against Hank, now's a great time. Then on my turn, I.




Let's not. We got to turn him into, like, a welcome mat. Let's take off his legs and arms.




Okay. All right.


We got to go fast.




100%. So are you going rec list on this? 100%. He's blind. That means you get to roll three times and take the highest number, 14 so far.




Not a cock. 20 right there. Absolutely. With a critical hit, you're almost, like, lining up the shot, like, everyone see this? And he's like, I can't find my glasses. And, like. You just are going for the decapitating blow. You're using your grade ax. That's one d twelve hit. It's two d twelve. You get to roll.


All we tell Hank until it's his turn.




You're dead, man.


That's seven plus. It's just those two. Seven plus. Oh, apologies. No, you're using a great. Are you using a great sword or a great ax?


Great sword.


Okay, then. My mistake. You would actually be rolling this two times. So nine so far, and then roll again. Nine plus eight is 17, plus another six is going to be 23 damage. He's down to seven left.




And then you can roll a second attack if you wish.




Against the target?




Against the target.


Absolutely. Just roll three times against the target. No, you would roll the D 23 times.




Okay. Miss. That's a hit with an eleven so far.


What exactly.


I'm going after the target you have hit, but not crit for another two.




Six plus six damage auto rolls. He's got seven left.




That's all you're rolling. Four plus six is ten in all. That is a knockout blow.




And he is unconscious.


Tim. Who's he? What? Oh, hey, Hank.


Hey, Ehrlich.


Absolutely. Ehrlich, I am sorry to inform you that you have just been knocked conscious to the ground. You don't know who attacked you because you don't. You don't know. You were blind, anybody.


Erlick was blind in the corner taking a piss and just got bodied.


He was doing the velma on the ground and then just. And with the critical hit, that was an arm or a leg that got chopped off.


Let's go with a leg.


I'd say both legs.


Oh, both legs.


Okay, great.


Both legs. I know I don't have any actions left, but is there any, like, can I console Ehrlich? Because I don't know who.


He's unconscious right now. I just pet his hair like the PA to like, yeah, just pet his.


Hair like, hey, baby, I don't know.


Who hurt you 100%. Everybody in the tubes is like, what the fuck? You hear the intellect of hours? What's going on? Says one of them. And the other one's like, I don't know, but I think maybe we should just. And I'm going to roll all the intellect of hours. One of them is just like. I don't know what's going on, but I'm getting out of here. And one of the intellect hours just runs away. He's so confused. There's only two intellective powers.




It's actually a great strategy. Wayne, you would be up now and then the intellect of hours are going to get a chance to do something.


Okay, I think we got to fuck up these brains.


We'll keep fucking up these brains because that's what I was.


No, the targets.


Yeah, but it seems like they were.


Afraid of the violence we had with each other.




Was a good strategy.


Yeah, that was very confused. I wouldn't say they're scared. More like maybe we don't have to do anything here. Maybe we just leave and this problem will take care of itself.


So I can cast a spell. Could I cast a spell at the target? If there was an unconscious target, could I cast a spell on that thing to make it have nightmares?


Yes. Okay. You're thinking of the spell dissonant whispers. Is that right? Which Spell were you thinking of?


Yeah, maybe that one. Just let them have a really uncomfortable.


You're unconscious and have no legs and no eyes.


Snap. Sorry, 1 second. He could have done a Heller tribuca after the first attack.


He doesn't know who attacked.


He doesn't know who attacked him. So this is a moment of truth. I will look up the spell. Hellish rebuke. If it says that you need to see the target, then you are not allowed to do it. But if it makes ish, it almost always says that.


Lined rebuke.


You point your finger in the creature that damaged you.


Okay. It says.


Just said he didn't know.


You point your finger and the creature that damaged you is momentarily surrounded by a hellish flames. I will let you roll a.


He doesn't know.


I'll let you roll a D 20 to point your finger in the right direction. But it's a completely wild chance. You need to roll me a D twelve. That's this one. And if you get a natural twelve, you get it. Thank you.


Yeah, I mean, it's a guess.


You have a one in twelve chance. No, you fire off Elliot's rebuke. It was in the wrong direction. Unfortunately, it does not hit anybody. Unfortunately.


That's a good try though.


And yeah, Pft Wayne would be up right now.




I want to give him nightmares.


Absolutely 100% I'll say that can affect him. You're doing dissonant whispers now. I do want to point out that means that he will, basically. If three things hit him, then he's dead. If you get into melee and hit him in melee, that counts as two hits, not one. If you do this mental attack, that will count as one hit.




I don't know. Sword might actually be the better strategy.


Well, I don't know if I want to kill him. I just want to make him have a bad time.


Absolutely, 100%. If you whispers, then he'll have a bad time.


He might wake up soon and he'll be fist.




Let's take his tongue.


BFD. Make him dream that he lost his light crossbow. Worst dream possible.


Can we convince him that he did this to himself?


Oh, yes.




His own fault.


Absolutely, 100%. So you're casting the spell on him, is that right?




I'm going to say that while unconscious, I will let you roll one saving throw.


No eyes and no legs.


And no eyes and no legs. Blind, legless, unconscious. Ehrlich, please do roll one d twenty. Normally, you would have advantage on saving throws against this as a gnome, but since you're unconscious, I'm going to say that cancels out.


I do not have eyes in real life either.


Why'd you take the mask? Is actually working very well for this. He took out his own 18. Oh, dang. With an 18, that is enough that suddenly in your dream, a light crossbow appears trying to chase you, and you're, like, kind of dodging the shots as they're coming at you. In this dream, does he have legs in his dream? In his dream, he does.


Okay. All right.


100%. That's good.


So when he wakes up, he'll be disappointed.


Absolutely. He will be. Yeah.




Okay. What do I have left?


You have done your action. So you have your bonus action.


So my bonus action. I could cast another spell.




You could do a bonus action spell or inspire somebody. So your bonus actions are right here. You could either cast a bonus action spell, like healing a word, to heal somebody, or you could inspire somebody.


I could inspire an ally.


Absolutely. Inspiration means that on roll, they get to add a d eight and try to boost up that d 20 roll a little bit better whenever they want to use gassing up your boys. Absolutely. Exactly.


What about the stone eye guy? If we gassed him up, could he tell us what the stone is?


Well, I think that helps him. It would help him do.


I would say that if you give him inspiration, it'll give him the opportunity to use inspiration on a dice roll, but also it will make him like you more, and I would let you do a persuasion.


I feel like this stone is important.


So I could do that or I could gas up Greg and whatever Greg does on his turn is going to have bonus.


That's true.


All right.


Yeah, I like that. Super Greg.


Yeah, it's Katie and Draymond.


Yeah. Greg.


Well, you got this.


Greg with 3G.


Greg. Yes.


Greg with three g's.


Yeah. Shit. Okay.


Yeah, I want to do that.


I always say there's two types of bards. They're either playing music to inspire people or they're like a coach and they're going, go get them, tiger. So what are you saying to him exactly, to inspire him?


I'm just saying, hey, motherfucker, you got this.




That worked.




Yes. I am marking you down as having bardic inspiration, Greg. And whenever you want to use it, you can do it after you've rolled. So if it's like, oh, a twelve, but you needed a 15, then you get to roll the d eight and add that on and hope to get three or more. So you get to do it retroactively. So well done, Wayne. However, Wayne, after your turn, that is when the intellect devours, are going to be running toward us again. They are going to go after which.


You do think is the slowest one.




It would be you, unfortunately. But I have legs.


No, he has no legs.


Slowest one would definitely. I meant of the people who are conscious and who have legs, people who can move. You are the slowest. Wait, quick poll, but definitely the slowest person.


Everyone who has two eyes and two legs.


Yeah. Okay. Just.


All right.


I am sorry to say that first, Greg, an attack is coming at you as one of the intellect of ours comes bounding towards you and.




Greg, an armor class. Your armor class is higher than a 16. He got a 16. Just barely. This beam goes towards you and it glances off of your helmet. You are doing okay. And then, Wayne, one attack is definitely coming after you because you were the one who tried to free the brain and then made it mad, I believe. Is that right? Sure. Okay. 14, I believe, does not hit your armor class. No, it is 17. Well done. Excellent. And then that is going to bring us from the intellect of hours to Greg next. Then the imps are going to go.


Yeah, we do that.


I feel like we're kind of lost right now. There's imps above us.


Yes, they are about to go right after your turn.


Oh, boy.


And there is another hallway leading out of the room with these three dead people and the imps in the previous room with the intellect of hours.


And Ulrich is. He's not deaf yet, is he?


Ulrich is. He's not dead. Ehrlich is not deaf. No.




We wouldn't want that. Is there any like, deaf spells?


Death spell? Absolutely, there is a deafness spell. Paladins cannot.


Cutting one's ears off.




Can you still hear if you don't have ears?


Probably not as well.


Let's run to the hallway.


Absolutely. 100%. As you run towards the hallway. Intellect of hours are chasing you. Imps are chasing you. You go up this spiral. Not a staircase, but it sort of arcs upward and you can hear a lot of commotion beyond one more sphincter door. But it's the biggest one you've seen yet. And the battles that sound like they're happening beyond this door sound like they are crazy. Something big is happening beyond this door. You remember that. You need to think this door open. You haven't done that yet.


I have to think it open.


You have to think the thought to open the door.




I don't think we're ready yet.


Absolutely. You could make a perception check as a bonus action to listen. You would have a plus five on this.




Plus four.


Plus 20.


D 20. Plus four. It's a two with a six. You don't know any more information other than it's a big battle. You could try again with your action. Then that would be your whole turn, though.


Is there anything in this room in front of the door?


Nothing in front of the door?




I'd say no. With that perception check, you don't notice anything in front of the door?




Fellas, what are we thinking?


I'm thinking that unconscious, to get this reptile out of our brain, we probably have to kill like the person that put the reptiles in our brain. That's right.




And then all the rest will die.


You think that's what I think?


Work like that.


We still have one, right?


He's the captain of the ship. We have one in our last one. Holding it.




We could figure out what like can we torture it or have it lead us to its home?


Just drop it on the ground?


I don't know.


Can we make a leash?


Yeah, you could.


I would like to make a worm leash.


Absolutely, go ahead and with your action, make a worm leash. This will be a D 20. Plus.


I rolled a fucking four.


Okay, never mind then. We won't worry about what the bonus was. It was not enough. You try to make a little worm leash now you were just trying to make it. You weren't like letting the worm go and trying to catch it.




The worm is still firmly in grip, making sure. Actually, since you were holding it in your last turn, Wayne, just roll me a D 20. As long as you don't get a one. Nothing has happened with the worm. You're fine. Absolutely. You got a firm grip on the worm. You're attempt at making worm leash. You hold it up, it's like a teeny tiny little dental floss noose. And you're like, will this work? And we're all like, no, you're pretty sure it won't. That was unfortunately not a successful action, but that will lead us to the imps next. There are a total of three imps that are going to come swooping down at us, and the first one is going to be attacking Wayne. Wayne. As one of the imp swoops down, it gets tangled. What do you have in your hands? You got the sword, right?


The tadpole.


The tadpole, absolutely. It swoops down, kind of crashes into your shoulder and flops onto the ground. And the tadpole's trying to go for that imp. Do you let it go or no?


What do you think? Should we let the thing attack?


Well, what if we let the tadpole go in the imp and then the imp walks us there? So it's almost like a human leash.


We could just use a regular rope.


We also have those in our own brains, too.


True. But we. Oh, man, this is tough. But you don't want it to lead one of yourself.


I think it's more valuable that we have.


Okay. Tadpole.


Yeah, absolutely. That makes a ton of sense. It would have probably gone into the imp and then we would have lost control over it. Good job. And so that imp completely missed it, gets up and tries to fly away. The next imp is going to be swooping down towards Ehrlich, actually, his unconscious body, and imp is going for it. Imps are particularly.


You can't see them.


Exactly. This imp would have advantage normally, except that as it tries to get its advantage for him being blinded, suddenly an invisible shape swoops in, tackles that imp, and they begin fighting. We don't see what the Imp is fighting, but everyone here besides Eric can roll a D 20 real quick to see if you can remember what would be going on here. He is unconscious. Yeah, unfortunately. And he's also blind and legless.


I keep forgetting, like, OJ, we're going to find the killer. Just so you know. Okay, 15.


With a 15, and you have a plus zero on intelligence, so that is still enough with a 15 to remember. Lola. Lola is still around right now. She's been invisible this whole time, and she's an imp. So she's fighting imp versus imp right now. And this side, she seems to be protecting Ehrlich at the moment. So she is defending Ehrlich. She prevents that imp from hurting him.


Not doing a very good job.


And then the next Imp is going, where was she? You kind of took her by surprise as much as you took Ehrlich by surprise.


Take a piss.


And Greg, I'm sorry to say, you've got an imp swooping down at you and it just barely gets in. 18. Finally, one of the monsters hits, unfortunately, is going to be stinging you for minimum damage. Just four points of damage, bringing you down to 48. You are at full hit points, Greg. But then I'm going to need you to make a constitution saving throw against the Imps. Scorpion tail poison. Roll me a D 20 plus four to see if you can shake this off.


I rolled a two.


A two. I am sorry to say that you are going to be taking full poison damage, which is ten points of poison damage, bring you down to 38. Again, that is 14 points down. And that is going to be enough that you could heal it back, but that would be almost all of your healing that you have left. And that was the imps turn. Then that is going to bring us to cake next.




How many imps are still out there.


Tim, you can tell that there are three imps in the room with us, but there are more coming in every turn through that hole in the wall. So running past.


I want to destroy them all. I want to close that hole.


Absolutely, 100%. Oh, yes. Absolutely. Now, what spell would you be hoping to use to destroy them all? Fireball is a spell that would fireball.


Blast a fire at an enemy within 120ft.


You're not going to hurt an imp, though.


Please make an arcana check to see if you can remember what imps are resistant to.




With an 18, plus your history, or Arcana, you would know that imps are immune to fire damage. You do not want to use fireball. Now, do you have the spell thunderwave as a first level spell?




Thunder. Thunderclap is the cantrip version. I'm wondering. Yeah, thunderwave, thunder wave. Absolutely. Thunder wave is a spell you have used before to great effect. It's the fusero da from Skyrim. You just knock everybody in front of you back like bowling pins. I would say that you can roll a d six, the cube die, and the higher you roll, the more of these imps you can catch. All right, one burst.




Wait, that was a two on the die. The imps are so spread out, you would be able to hit one of the imps who is closest to the opening and then knock everything that's coming in through the opening backward. But it's only going to get one of the imps. The other two are still going to be in the room right now, unfortunately. Do you still want to use that strategy, or are you going to try something else? If you mention any other spells that may hit multiple targets, there may be better ones than thunderwave.


The magic missile.


Oh, magic missile could fire up to five missiles. If you do it as a third level spell slot, and you would be able to spread out those missiles across multiple targets. You know, each imp has ten hit points, and each missile deals one d. Four plus one damage. So two missiles could kill an imp, but three is more likely, and four is basically guaranteed to kill an imp. And you could have up to five of them.




Do you want to do magic Missiles or thunderwave or something else?


Magic missile?


Magic missile is a good choice. So how many of the five missiles are you firing? Five missiles, or.


Yeah, trying to kill.


Absolutely all out.


Fear me.


I missed your position.


You will die, 100% absolutely. You fire off three missiles. I want to point out. Sorry, I just remembered, Ehrlich has a wand of magic missiles that is now lying on the ground. Just so you know, if you wanted to, you could run and grab it.


I mean, he can't really use that, so I have to be responsible.


Pick up the needler. The needler is in his hands, but he can't keep you from just picking it up. Do you go and pick up the needler?




He wouldn't know I'm taking it.


I think I need to ask Hank to pass over the needler to Jake. Fleas. Absolutely. And, Jake, as you pick up the needler, you know that if you fire off every charge on this wand, except the final one, you can fire off. Let's see, that's six charges. You could fire off eight missiles. All right, let's do it. Now, if you use up all seven of the charges, you can actually fire off nine missiles. But there is a one in 20 chance that the wand then explodes in your hands. Do you want to take.


I'll roll the dice.


Absolutely. Let me a D 20 to see if the wand melts. If you get a one, it melts.




No, nine. It stays intact. You fire off all of the nine. Missiles that it can fire. And how are you splitting them up? Three missiles at each imp or a different arrangement?


I think I'm going to do one shot at each and try to kill all five.


Absolutely. So there's three imps. You've got nine missiles you could split up evenly. Three on each.




That works. It would be plus three. The minimum damage is six. We do have to roll to see if you can kill these imps. Go ahead and take these D fours.


I got them.


Well, actually, sorry, there's an invisible imp. No. So you cannot target an invisible imp with magic missile. You need to see a target for magic. So 3D fours, you're going three, D four. And whatever results you get, you're adding plus three to them. Combined. 411411. So that's six, plus three is nine. You brought an imp down to one hit point left. So if the three imps. Imp number one is at one out of ten hit points left. Go ahead and roll again for imp number two.


All 3d fours.


All 3d fours plus 323-4234 that's going to be enough. One imp is down. Now roll against imp number three. Best of all, it's magic damage. So he's taking 134134. That's eight. Plus three is eleven. Another imp is down. Two imps down. One down to a single hit point left. That is the one fighting Lola right now. Well done. So he's an imp fighting Lola. No other imps. There are also intellective hours. But I'm also going to roll. They're still sticking around right now, at least. And well done. Cake. That was an incredible job. That was your bonus action to go and grab the needler. And then you fire off those missiles and just start obliterating the imps like you got an AK 47. Just firing magical shots. Well done. That is going to bring us to Ehrlich's turn.


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Since you're not dead, I would like you to first roll a d 20. If you get a 20, you wake up, you have one hit point, and you get to do a full turn. Though you are still blind in Legolas. As long as you get an eleven or higher, you're doing okay.


You got a 15.


A 15.


You're doing okay right now. So let me just mark down ehrlich. Good job that you gotten one success and no failures. If you get three failures, you're dead. If you get three successes, you stabilize.


Still dreaming about the light crossbow?


You are still dreaming. You're dodging the light crossbow now in your dreams, but unfortunately, that is all you're able to do. However, what would Lola be trying to do right now? Lola could turn into another kind of animal. Lola is currently invisible. Lola could attack the other imp who's trying to hurt you. Who has one hit point left? Or Lola could try to do something to help you. But Lola is not particularly good at medicine. Checks to wake you up. But you could try, I guess.


Let's be a team player and take out the other imp.


And Lola has advantage.


It's a solid move.


Is the dot at the top or.


The dot is at the bottom?


So it's a nine.


Nine, absolutely. And you have advantage because she's invisible. Roll one more time. Seven. Seven. Okay, so we'll take the nine plus five is what she has. A 14 is enough, just barely, to hit the imp. Go ahead and roll. One d. Four damage against the imp. That would be the pyramid shaped one furthest from you. There you go. That brown one.


There you go.


You had it. That's.




Has more than four sides, actually.


It's got four numbers on it, right?


Yes. It has three numbers on each side, and it's always the number on top. You'll notice whichever. It should have four. Pretty sure it does, but I'm counting them.




One. Okay, so she gets a plus three on this. That's four damage so far. And the imp only takes two points of damage. But it only had one hit point left, and it is dead now. Well done. So Lola kills the last imp. The imps are all dead. And there are. Let's see. You didn't kind of flush out the imps who are trying to come in, but let's see if they're scared now. Oh, they are. Yes. The imps are all too scared to come in. Now, we have dealt with the imps. A bunch of imps cluster at the entrance, like the opening, and they fly away. Only intellective hours are the only enemy left in the room right now. We also now see Lola. She is no longer invisible. Lola has managed to finish off the last of the Imps. There is still one. Sorry, two intellective hours, one of whom is injured, one of whom is at full hit points, blocking our way to a big battle up ahead in what sounds like a big room, maybe towards the front of the ship. Norm, you would be up right now. What would you like to do?


All right, I think we got to go to the big battle, boy.


All of us.


Yeah. Well, a question for you, Tim. I'm a strong. I'm a big, strong guy.




Do I have a backpack or any type of rope or metal?


Certainly you do. Absolutely. You always got rope. You've got some big, heavy components and stuff, whatever you need.


So let me tie a rope around Ehrlich and I'll drag him.




Absolutely. You could pick him up and carry.


We'll drag him.




We don't want to leave him behind.


Certainly, absolutely.


Remember, truce.


I can't.


Rope around Ehrlich. It is remarkably easy for you, a human sized barbarian, to just drag this gnomish corpse around.


Drag him.


He's bumping on ridges as he goes out. He slurps over the sphincter door, and his face drags along kind of on him. And you're running kind of past these intellective hours. You get to this sphincter door that is not opened yet, that we can hear a big commotion on the other side.


Oh, shit.


Like to do.


Okay, what do we think?


Could make a perception check as a bonus action to hear more.


But I don't have a lot of perception.


No, you don't.


Is there any give to this sphincter? Is it like an asshole where you could force something small through?


Historically, they've been, like, responding to our thoughts, the doors. But you could just walk up to it, and there is, like, a little bit of space.


I'd be afraid if we force something through, we'd lose it because it's not attached to a rope.


Absolutely. Yeah.




A lot of, like, hamsters get lost in my ship.


Very often I have something attached to a rope.




You do.


Why don't we throw Ehrlich through there and check it out?


I want to emphasize.


You can pass out how he's small.


Enough that you can try to squeeze him through. He's going to be like. You're really going to be forcing.


I'll force him through, and I'll have the rope. And so I'm sure this rope is very long.




Long enough. Definitely.


Almost like fishing.


Absolutely. And you're not thinking for the door to open. You want it kind of tight as.


You try to force. Right. I want to stay tight, but I want to put him into the asshole.


Absolutely. So you can feel a little bit. Yeah, 100%. So go ahead and roll a d 20. You have advantage on this as an athletic.


Is this the first time somebody's done this, or do we need to go slow?


Yeah, I think so. Yeah, I would say so. You hear the ship go, ooh, a little bit. Oh, and it's a one. But you have advantage on this. At first, he gets halfway through, and then it goes and pushes it back out.


Can he spit on the door?


Yeah. Well, you got to spit on Ehrlich, actually. Yeah, absolutely. Spit on your finger. But, I mean, you've still got, like, a little bit of throw up and.


Okay, perfect. We'll use.


All right.






Absolutely. That is going to be enough with a plus seven for your athletics. You push it, and then you get some resistance, and then all of a sudden, it's like. And once he's more than halfway through. I was going to say, you grab, like, the legs are getting pulled through, but you actually don't see anything. As soon as he's halfway through, you just see his lower body get pulled through, and then a thump on the other side. Suddenly all the fighting stops, and you hear two voices. One in all of our minds, not mine, and not actually in his hand. Do hear this almost like it's coming from somebody side of that door. And then you hear another voice saying out loud, the same phrase, what the fuck? No eyes, no legs, slumped down into the room. And then they start to fight again real quick. But they're also kind of like. You hear one person in the background in the middle of the fight go, no, but like, what the fuck? And it's clearly distraught. I will also just say, is anyone grabbing this body? Yeah, actually, suddenly the rope starts to go. It's like something's caught.


Hold my hand.


Some kind of animal has got his body right.


Oh, no.


I'm just going to roll an attack to see how bad you're getting hit. He has an advantage because he's unconscious. Erlich, at the top of your sheet, what is your armor? 15. That's going to be enough. Just barely. Ehrlich, I'm sorry to say you're getting hurt.


I didn't want that to happen today. That was not my intention.


It was a melee attack. Something is chewing on his body.


Oh, can I pull it back? Can I pull it back?


Try to pull him back. You can roll with advantage, but you've got to beat. Something's fighting you on this. You've got to beat with a plus four. A 14, actually, a 15 in all is what you got to beat.


Do I have advantage?


You have advantage. You have a plus seven.








Best fish.


Just roll one more time. Make sure you didn't get a crit, because you do have advantage. 13. So you succeed. You pull the rope through. I like you just roll one more D 20. As long as you don't get a one or a two. Ehrlich, come.




You pull the rope, and then all of a sudden, it hits the sphincter door.


It stops.


You pull again. You yank. There's a snap.


Oh, no.


And the rope comes through. There's no Ehrlich. No Ehrlich. I'll probably be okay. That is your turn, Norm. The enemies into initiative, Norm. They're going right after your turn. It sounds like some sort of hellbeast or something is trying to tear apart his body. That's the worst kind of advantage. Now, I'll also.


Tim, doesn't he still have his light crossbow?


He does, actually. Did you keep it on his back or when you dragged it along?


Did you? Like.


I got to come clean, boys. I have it in my pack. Yeah, I was trying to help.


We have the light crossbow.




We saved it 100%. Lola is going to dive to try to slip through. Ehrlich, I will let you roll for Lola, but she's got to get a really good roll to come and try to save you at all.


Only real one that we got.


1515 on the dice. Is that right? Exactly.




That is with a plus five. Exactly enough. She squeezes through the sphincter, pops through on the other. Did you not want her to do that?


No, he doesn't.


Oh, you don't want to be alive.


I don't want to be here anymore.


She slips through and we hear her saying something in infernal. I don't think anybody else here speaks infernal, unfortunately. So we don't know what she's saying. But now we're going to see if she's convinced. Nope. The beast that is trying to attack you is not been convinced by Lola to stop, I am sorry to say. It is now going to take one final attack against you. And if I get a ten or higher on one of these, Ehrlich is dead, with a nine being the higher of the two roles. The dog is thrashing your body around, but doesn't manage to kill you just yet. Erlick, you're hanging on. At least until you're. I don't know how long you're going to last, actually. But you are alive still right now, and that is the creatures going on that initiative count. Wayne, we are up to you. The door is still not open. What would you like to do?


Is it cracked open at all?


There's an opening about this big. If you put your eye up to it, you should be able to see through that door. It's a kind of, like, brownish, like a conjunctivitis.




Okay, so what do we do with Hank's body?




Sorry, Ehrlich's body.


He's still alive.


This is a rescue mission on the other side of the sphincter door.


Now, if you open it, I'll heal him.




Can't lose him, man. I love that fucker.


Or what's left of I.


Could I disguise myself? Is that one of the things that I can do?


Yes, you can. You not only can disguise yourself, you have a spell to disguise yourself, you have the spell disguise self. And when you cast that, you can look like anybody you want. You could look like somebody specific or just like regular, normal human dude or something like that.


Could I look like Ehrlich?


Yes, you could. 100%.


Or just his legs?


No legs.


It's hard because you would kind of have to get down on your knees in order to be able to create this illusion, but, yes, you can. 100%.


Didn't we get a vision of the main guy? The guy flying the ship?




We know what the mind flayer looks like. We know that he has a squid like head with two black eyes and then four tentacles hanging down where his mouth is. We think he wraps those around people's skulls and slurps their brains.


I bet he's on the other side of that door.


That wouldn't work.


You don't think so?


No. He'd know.




If I disguised myself like Ehrlich, and then could I tie myself up on a rope and throw myself in there and try to grab Ehrlich and bring his corpse back?


You could definitely do that. I'm not sure if there's an advantage to looking like Ehrlich for that, but.


You definitely could do that through the door.


That's why it doesn't actually make you smaller. It just makes you look like somebody else. Once people reach out and touch you, they're like, something's wrong here.


We got to kill this squid guy.


The guy that's on the other side.


I think you might have the spell reduce, which shrinks you down Antman and Antman style. No, it doesn't shrink you down to teeny, tiny size, but it does shrink you down to half size, and that would make it much easier for you to squeeze through the hole. Why don't we just open smaller than.


Just want to open the door and.


Fuck, you could just think, open to the door.


Yeah, I want to open up the door and kill everything that's on the other side of that door.


Every single thing.


Is Ehrlich on the other side of that door?


Yes, he is.


Yeah, I guess besides him.


I guess we got to save him. That's my brother.


Okay, let's open up the door.




Let's all rage.


You think? Open to the door. The sphincter slurps open, and you see the helm of the ship. There are creatures fighting in here. One of them is a big, dark angel with black wings who seems to be wearing some sort of crown on her head. And there is a mind flare with tentacles hanging down, floating in the air, trying to blast this dark angel with psychic attacks. He turns to you, and he looks and sees Wayne. That's what you look like. And he thinks a thought into your mind. Thrall, come to my aid now. Get to the front of the ship. Activate the engine. We must get out of here now. I will keep this fiend at bay. Go ahead and roll just to see if you can figure out what's going on here. Why he seems to be treating you like an ally. What's your insight?




You don't have insight. Unfortunately, with that five, you don't know why he just called you thrall.




Treating you like a friend.


I feel like a good move would be to take over, control the ship and fly it, right? I can fly.




Yeah, you can.


I'm a pilot.




I want to do that.


Absolutely. On the sticks, you run past the mind flayer and this devil that are fighting. You jump over Ehrlich's body to do that. And as you run, Ehrlich's body has next to it, this big hellhound of some kind tearing him apart right now. Do you do anything to that hellhound?




Absolutely, 100%. Just as you do the boop. Make an animal handling check. Little bonus action right there.


I think I have bonus on good dog.


You have handle animal plus one on this. Awesome.


I just want to say he's a good boy.


He's a good boy. 100%. With a 16 plus one is a 17. You go, boop. And at first, he was, like, growling at you.


You go, boop.


And he goes. He crosses his eyes, looks at his nose, and goes. And then he goes back to mauling Ehrlich's body. Instead of chasing you, he had dropped Ehlich's body to chase you. And then instead, after you boop him, he goes back to mauling Ehrlich. And then you are able to run past. You're getting toward the front of the ship. I would like you to roll to see if you can make it all the way there without anyone trying to stop you.




That's with your. You have at least a plus two. That's a 15. That is enough. You are getting to the console, and what you are seeing is some sort of weird brain like mass with tentacles sticking out of it.




The mind player says, into your mind, activate the engine. You have no idea how the fuck to do that. He's expecting you to be able to, for some reason.


I just don't know how to fly. I don't know how to take off and land.




If you want to try to operate this, you can roll an arcana check. I must emphasize, out the front view screen, like there's a big windshield here. You can see where we are. Somehow this ship has ended up in the nine hells, and there are devils all around this ship. The mind blows. Like, we got to get out of here. You can try to pilot the ship with an Arcana check.


Okay, is there an ejection seat anywhere in this thing?


It would be an Arcana check to even understand this. If you roll well enough, you'll get options on what you can do here. You don't see an ejection seat. All right. Seven plus Arcana. You can do one thing here, but you cannot activate the engine. Whatever he means by that. But if you wanted to, I'd say with an eleven, you have found an ejection seat button.


Okay, so the rational thought here would be to eject the mind flare.


That would make perfect sense.


I also want to save my boy, Ehrlich.


Could we put Ehrlich onto the ejection, hold on.


And then shoot him into space?


Hold on.




But that dog. We like that dog. Good dog.


It's a good dog.


He's a good boy.




He wagged his tail. Okay, so what are my options again? I can do one action.


You can do one thing with this console. It can't be activating the engine. That's too complicated. You haven't figured out how to do it, but you can do one thing here. And if what you want to do is eject this, there's, like, a big jellyfish that you think the mind player would normally sit down on. It's like a big beanbag chair. You think that that will launch out of this ship if you press, like, this weird, bulbous knob sticking out?


What if I just, like, pull back real hard on the controls and then make everybody fall down?


Oh, yes. You could do that. 100%. There is a joystick for Hank, who's on a fleshy joystick of some kind. And if you pull back on that, this ship will go straight up, and everybody in here will have to make a saving throw not to fall over.


Really good with the fleshy joystick.


Absolutely. You grab the fleshy joystick. You pull back on it immediately. I'm going to ask you to roll first. And you have advantage because you know this is coming to not fall over. Okay, so far, so good. Roll one more time just to make sure. If it's a crit, you can't talk. Absolutely. You'll take the twelve. That's enough. You're just holding on to the joystick right now. Well done.


Anyone listening?


Ehrlich, just as an unconscious body, please roll me a d 20 to see how far you go flying. Ten is enough that you just kind of smack against this fleshy wall. And don't take any damage.


Just bear.


You take, like, no damage. If you took any damage, you'd be dead. You don't take any damage, luckily. And then I would like everybody else, Norm, cake and Greg, to make saving throws, please. And I'll roll for the enemy.


So I'm trying to knock the enemies over. I don't know if they're in the room yet.


Right. So everybody in this ship is going to have to make a saving throw right now. The intellect of hours, the mind flayer and that dark angel.


All right, so I'm making a saving throw.


What do you guys get?


I got 1212 is not quite enough for the Paladin. You're knocked over. 13 is not enough. No, actually, you have it plus three on this. That's a 15 or higher. You do not fall over a cake.




That's an 18.


That is a cock to die.


You tried.


That's a 13 and you have advantage. Roll one more time. That's already enough. But let's see if you crit. If you crit, you'll catch somebody else. That's a 15. That is going to be enough. I can catch Greg. You didn't get a 20, actually. Yes, you did. So you can catch Greg. That means thank you. Catch him. So we're all safe. And then I'm going to roll for the enemies first.


I'll just roll.


Splatted against the wall.




And the intellect of hours. I'll roll for each of them. The injured one gets splatted against the wall instantly killed. The injured intellect of hour is dead. Malaysia. Next. Intellective hour is just kind of getting knocked around. There's one intellective hour left. And then the mind flayer is going to roll. He falls over and takes damage. The mind flayer is getting two and one. Just three points of damage on the mind flayer. And then. Thank you so much. The dark angel is also going to fall over and he is going to take nine points of damage or she is going to take nine points of damage. And angel is going to take.




Nine points of damage. Neither of them seems like they're halfway dead, but they are prone on the ground. Kind of tangled up with each other right now. They certainly kind of can't come after you. The dark angel is looking at you like, I should go after you. Before you can do anything else, the mind player turns to you and your mind is like, could you steer straight, please, right now? And he seems to think that you should be obeying his commands, though you don't. And that is going to bring us from your turn then Wayne to the intellect devourers next. And the intellect devourers are going to try to. The one intellect devourer left is going to. I could see them going after Ehrlich, but let's roll for it. Nope.




One, two, three. Wayne. The intellect of hour, who is still alive, goes lunging at you. I'm going to need you to make an intelligence saving throw, please. As suddenly you feel this weird connection. Amazing. They try to get inside your head to do something to your head like they're trying to seize control. Does not work. Well done. That is going to bring us from Wayne all you know, you had done your bonus action to the hellhound and then you ran up and it was your action to control her.


She has a great dog.


Definitely worth it.


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That is going to bring us to Greg. Next.


Was caught by a norm.




Yes, 100%. So he put you.


I'm in your arms.


Yeah, you're in my arms.


Does it take an action to kiss.


Him on the cheek?


Yes, that's a free action.


Okay, I'll do that.


Thank you. But while I'm doing that, I want to reach into his pocket and take the eyeball.


Oh, the stone.


Because of the kiss. You're going to have advantage on this. Go ahead and roll two times. You don't have a great 15.


I forgot about the stone.




Two. So a 15. You have a minus one on sleight of hand as a. Or maybe a plus.


Do I still have the bard's blessing from.


Yes, you do.


Don't mind if I do.


You can roll a d eight now and add whatever you get on this to your roll.


A four.


Okay. Plus the you would roll the 15. Plus four is a 19. Minus one is 18. That is still enough to beat his roll. You take the stone out of his pocket and suddenly you hear a voice in your mind say, ah. A powerful hand has touched the stone. Do you wish to make a deal with me? You can roll a knowledge check to see if you know whose voice this is.


A one.


You have no idea who this voice rolling could be. A mind player. Could be your tadpole. There's lots of voices speaking in our minds right now. You don't know, but they are asking if you want to make a deal. And suddenly you see Will who's been hanging out in the back, kind of turn our direction, like he's hesitating and he's looking at you like he knows the voice is speaking to you at the moment.


This is too much for me. I want to throw it out of the ship.




As you go to throw it out of the ship. Will goes, no. And he jumps for it. Go ahead and roll me a d 20 real quick. Seven is still enough. With a plus five on. Like an unarmed or improvised throw. You throw it through the hole in the wall, out of the ship. Will jumps. No, and jumps out of the ship into hell.


I thought we were in the sky. Sorry, Will.




When he catches the ring as he's falling down to mount doom, he gets the stone, like.




And suddenly you see, like, wings start to grow out of his back. And then you hear a cackling voice that you're pretty sure he can hear. The wings go away. And he plummets down.


Now, did he make the catch?


He did make almost.


Oh, cool.


You know what?


Are you sure?


Roll a d 20 for him, Greg. This is for Will's role. An 1818 is enough. He catches the stone and then he begins to plummet down into the nine hells of burning fire below. And he disappears out of sight. Well done. He has left the ship. The stone eye is out of the ship. That was all just a bonus action for you. Is there anything else you want to do with an action?


I would like to heal.


Yes, you can, 100%. If you use up 14 points of healing, that brings you back up to full. You only have one point of healing left. Now, what I always give Paladins the opportunity to do is, normally you can only heal one person, but if you wanted to, I would let you give those 14 points to yourself and then reach out and touch somebody else to give them just one point of healing. Is there anyone you want to give one?


Anybody want it?


We're all pretty healthy.


I take it I'm holding you?


Yeah, I guess he's already touching me. I'll give him one point.


Absolutely. You give Norm one point of. Now, Norm was at full hit points. If you give him one hit point, then he'd feel like a wealthy. It feels good and it would make him good.


Thank you.


Yeah, I'll do it.


Good use of that overly 100%. Absolutely. In fact, I'll give you. You're at 60 out of 59. Right there. Over 59 hit points.


Listen, brother, we're going to make it through this, all of us.


Absolutely. He's not even a bard. And you feel inspired?


Real good.


Absolutely. That'll bring us from Greg's turn to cake's turn. Now, cake, two things I want to point out. Number one, you automatically know what Wayne is doing up there with his Arcana skill. He's great at Arcana. But there is one person here better at Arcana. It's you. Also, this is when the tadpole into your mind speaks and says something that nobody else has said. It has said to access my power, you can use it better than anyone else here. I could give you the power to mind control everyone on your. Everyone wanted to. Yes.


That'd be turning my back on all of them.


But wouldn't it make you better than them?


This is fake.


This is fake.


Is it life?


This is DND.




The world.


What do you mean?


D and D. It's different than the real world. I don't feel bad.


No, we're actually on an.


This is real.




Is DNd as real as it gets?


I'm confused.




And I'm angered.


I had to convince me no one would know. That's the thing. The patabolist even telling you this. Your spells require movement of hands and magic words. They know when you cast spells on them. But a psionic attack like this, they would never know until it's too late.


All right.


Let's do it.


Absolutely. I would like you to roll a wisdom saving throw to access this tadpole's full power. He's giving you advantage on this. Roll two times. 1818 is already roll one more time. Just see if you crit. It's already enough to do this against everybody here.


Though crit walk might be cocked, but.


It'S either a nine or eleven.


Moot point. Then we will ignore that you are taking the 18 plus seven is a 25. He gives you the chance to cast dominate person as a silent psionic attack on every one of your teammates.


We said we weren't going to.


Words meant something.


This is bullshit.


So what's the plan now, Tim?


Would you like to use mind control upon them? The illithid tadpole. The mind flayer tadpole is in your mind, giving you the power of the mind flayer's dominate person spell.




You want to do that? Absolutely. I'm going to need everybody who. And there's four people you can get. Ehrlich is unconscious. The only way?


You can't really control someone's mind.


He says you can control his mind, but only if I prod the tadpole in his head to wake him.




Would you like me to do that? Yeah, absolutely. When you do that, immediately, that tadpole tries to wake you up. Ehrlich, roll me a d 20 to see if your tadpole is able to wake you up. Four roll. Not able to wake you up, I'm sorry to say. The tadpole kind of reverberates in his head, trying to wake him up, but does not manage to. And the three people who are conscious, who you're trying to mind control, go ahead. And I need each of you to roll a wisdom saving throw. This is just a d 20 roll. You've already used your part of 17 is enough.




Get the fuck out of here, Jake.




That is cocked.




You know what? It looks cocked to me. Roll it right here.




Eleven plus, actually. Let's see. Do I see a wisdom based skill here? I think you have a plus two on wisdom, but you are not trained at this saving throw, I think. I don't think that is enough. Wayne. Wayne, you are under Cake's control. And how did you do, Greg? 1111 is actually, for a paladin, just enough.


I'm going to kill him.


Or on this, a 15 does the trick. So right now, the only person you have control over is Wayne. You can give him orders to do something. What would you like? And he's right at the console. You could run up to him and just tell him, help me with this. And he would give you advantage on doing something with the console if you wanted. Technically, you've used your bonus action. So far. You've not used your action yet.




You've used your action, but it would be a bonus action for you to run up and try to do something with the console. And you could get his help, or you could tell him to do something else with your.


I'd like to say, wayne, can I be your co pilot steering the ship?


Oh, that's nice.


You could have just asked me to take over my brain.




Pretty decent question to ask.


You command him to do that. Or do you just let him do as he wishes?


I'll do it.


Absolutely. You're commanding him?


Yeah, I'm commanding him, absolutely.


You are forced to be his copilot.




Stand up.


And now, are you running up and trying to control the ship in some capacity? Yes, absolutely. So run up. And Wayne is giving you advantage on this roll. Two arcana checks.


Advantage on that 20.




D 20. And you have a plus. 711, 1414, plus seven is a 21 if you wish. You think that this engine isn't just an engine to go up or down or left or right. It's an engine to go through the dimensions. You could go to another world if you wanted. Your choices are stay in hell and pilot around here, or go to a different plane of existence. Such as you could go back to our world, and then you'd have a big nautiloid ship in our world. You could also go to one of the elemental planes, like the plane of fire or the plane of air or something. Or you could go to other dimensions, like heaven is actually a dimension.


Sounds like a great.


There's actually several heavens. So if you're interested in heavens, I'll give you a menu if you want.


One has the thousand virgins.


Yeah, let's see. That would probably be Yizgard, the plane where war.


We could just crash the plane and go there.


Great battles.


It sounds like something that's happened before.


Let's all go to heaven.


Takes over control of somebody else's brain and has them crash a plane into heaven.


See, they thought I was turning on them, bringing them all to heaven. I'm doing them a favor.


So you could either go to warrior heaven. That's ye's guard. You could go to animal heaven. That's the beastlands. You could go to elf heaven. You could go to dwarf heaven. You could go to any of the.


Different dogs in animal heaven.


There are dogs in animal heaven? Every kind of animal.


As long as I bring my zurtec, we can go to animal heaven.


Does he have his zurch?




Go to the beastlands. Is that right? Okay.


Taking us to the beastlands, man.




You want to see dogs?


Absolutely. What are the other heavens? Warrior heaven, beast heaven. There's, like, the lawful good heaven, which is like, kind of more traditional heaven. And there's elven heaven, which is like a tree filled heaven, which one has chicks. Let's see. That would probably be Elysium. The neutral good heaven has, like, the most. Like. It's like everybody's just having an orgasm concert.


Oh, okay.


Yeah, we got to go really good.




We can try that one.


Are you allergic to cum? Do you need your zurtex just for dogs?


You're taking us to Elysium. Is that right? Roll me one. Arcana check. Just see if you know what the concern is about going to Elysium.


Cock die.






See? Helping the boys out.


I'm like a wingman.


Anybody who goes to Elysium, it's so perfect there that actually, of all the planes, you know, it's the one place where you can pretty much be guaranteed we're not going to run into any danger. The one danger is that you love it so much in Elysium, you have to make a saving throw or else you don't want to leave if you're.


Unconscious, can you have that orgasm feeling you cannot?


No. You'd be, like, really missing out on the best experience.


Well, when we chop the legs, how high do we chop?


Such a good question.


Came through one swipe. So I don't know if he has a cock.


I'm going to ask Norm, did you chop, like, from the. No, his cock down?




Yeah, 100%. Seems like he just got it.


All right, so he can't orgasm. But we made a truce before. I want my boys to be cool with everything. So could we maybe play ookie cookie with him? Orgasm on him?


Yeah, you could. Yeah, absolutely.


Can we heal him so he only has balls?


You could try.


Yeah, 100%, actually. You have that one point of healing left, right?




I would like to give that to him.


One ball.


He's got all ball. 100%, I'll say. Automatic. You've done that. Boom, you gave him. Now, if you give him one ball, he might wake up, though. Do you want him to wake up or you want him to just be unconscious with one ball? Do you want him to be awake with one ball or conscious with.


I think it's better if he's awake.


Let's wake the boy up.


Absolutely. Then you're giving him one point of healing. You wake up, Ehrlich, with no legs, no eyes, and you can feel that you have a single ball. And you're taking us to Elysium right now. Cake, I would like you to. First of all, first of all, you kind of reach out and there's these two tentacles. You know what you need to do? You take two of them, they're almost like Venus fly traps things a little bit, and you bring them towards each other and they link together and you strum it like a guitar string once. And as it reverberates, the reverberation goes through the whole ship. This dimensional rift opens up in front of the ship and we hurtle through it into just this beautiful golden field. It's the field from the beginning of gliator. Remember he said, you will meet me in Elysium. You see this beautiful golden field down below, and you see this beautiful, the most beautiful sunrise you have ever seen in your life. And suddenly, cake, you feel me? A wisdom saving.


We play tennis. Yeah.


Everyone is going to need to make a wisdom saving throw. And anyone who fails their wisdom saving throw does not ever want to leave Elysium. You can make the choice, Wayne, though if he commands you to, you will stay. Seven. You don't want to leave Norm.


Sounds fucking awesome.




Who got it too? Two, cake. You don't want to leave. And you're the one piloting the ship. 1616 is enough. As a paladin, you're used to fighting off temptation and stuff. You have control right now. 1515, Ehrlich. You also just barely have control. But right now, you're the one piloting the ship. Cake. Are you letting anyone else, I guess. Let me pause you there, Ehrlich. What would you like to do right now? You have a hit point a ball. No legs, no eyes, no crossbow. No crossbow. You feel for your crossbow on your back. It's gone.


His wand is gone too.


Your wand is gone too. Your needler is gone.


I would like to take a light crossbow, shoot it straight up in the air and just let it come down through my brain.


You go to reach for your light crossbow to kill yourself. You have no crossbow. And you must scream. You cannot even find your light crossbow to kill yourself with.


This is like that one music video from Metallica.


Yeah, exactly. I have no mouth and I must scream like, you want to kill yourself and you cannot kill yourself. Bingo. Bound by the mouth.




I would like to create a minor illusion you can do that.


There's adults everywhere. I'll be generous about this. What illusion do you want to do?


I would like the person that big head thinks he's orgasming him with looks like a woman, but it's actually a dude.


Okay, so this beautiful female angel comes swooping in, and this angel wants to have sex with you right now. Big cat, are you down for that?




All right, then I'm going to roll. Perfect. Yeah. The angel bends over. The angel.


Oh, yeah.




So hot.


Do you keep the illusion going the whole time?


Immediately after.


Absolutely. Immediately after you finish up, and then suddenly you look down, you drop the illusion. This dude angel looks back at you and says, that was great.


I'm like, yeah, no shit, bro.


Absolutely, 100%. And because you failed your saving throw against Elysium, you're down for this again. You're having a great time. More angels start showing up. You just get into angel pile right now.


Hank's big fucking move was to make me gay. Like it's a bad thing.








You fucked angel, dude.


Yeah, absolutely. I don't give angels an angel.


You also notice the angels just start swapping. Like, they just change their physical form whenever they want. They're just, like, changing, oh, you're down. And then they change to.


But I still come, right?


Absolutely. 100%. And because you're in Elysium, the moment you come, you just, like, want to come again. Awesome. Recovery time is, like, zero. Fantastic.


Shout out, blue chew.


Absolutely. So I guess that was your turn. But also your turn, Norm. Well, I'll say that's a bonus action. What do you want to do with your action?


Okay, what do we got to do to, like, are we just going to hang out here right now?


You don't want to leave. All you want to do is fuck.




But what do we have to do to complete this mission?


Kill anyone on this shit.


I was really curious where we would land on this. It sounds like we might fucking Elysium for the rest of.


I'm down to fucking Elysium.


Absolutely, 100%. That's what cakes wants to do. And unless someone can pilot us out of here, we're going to fucking Elysium. Not even until the day we die for all eternity.


Sounds like we won the game.


Kind of did. Right now, unless someone really wants to get. It's kind of like, I'm curious if the Paladin is like, no, I must not. But also, it's heaven, so it's not.


Like a paladin want to heaven. I just feel so bad for Hank, who just has a ball but can't come.


Yeah, I guess the last thing I would want to do is maybe if we could. He's awake, right?


Yes, he's awake.




His brain is conscious, but it is like one. Like, he can't see. He can talk, but he can't.


Oh, I know. We forgot. We have to chop up his arms, too.




So let's just finish that.


Or we just hit him in the ball.


Yeah, you know what? I'll just kick him in the ball.


Absolutely. Go to kick him in the one ball.


Rage kick, please.


Absolutely. Just roll me a D 20 to make sure elysium doesn't have an impact on you, stopping you from doing this. That is just enough that you feel this little tingle in your mind, and an angelic voice says, don't do it. But you can ignore that voice. Yeah, absolutely. Go to kick him.






Yeah, we'll take that. 100%. You have double advantage, but it's a move point. You kick him in the ball or action. 100%.


That's got to hurt.


Do you kick him so hard that he loses his last hit point.


Yeah, why not? Well, I want to kick him so hard, he pukes, too.


Absolutely. Could you just real quick, Hank, roll me a D 20 to see if you puke? Draw high. You don't 1919. You don't puke.


Damn it.


Absolutely, bitch. Technically, you get two attacks per turn. Do you want to kick him again?


You know what, actually, let's do the light crossbow in the ball.




You fire a light crossbow into his ball. Three, you have advantage because he's blind. One more time. Technically, you can't go reckless on this attack, but that's enough. You shoot him in the balls with a light crossbow. He is immediately knocked out at that point. That is for sure a knockout blow right there. You feel your one ball immediately explode. It was your own light cross.


He's unconscious now, right?


He is unconscious probably for forever.


Can I give him a set of golf clubs that I wanted to give to him when he was conscious?


Yeah, 100% fortunately.


Yeah, we'll have that be the last move.


Like, the nicest set of golf clubs ever. Hank, I want you to use Erlich, I want you to use these.


Have fun with them.


That was nice. You give him his unconscious body.




Do you, like, drop them really heavily on his body or just place it next to him?


Yeah, I drop them very heavily.


Very heavily.


Air me with some clubs in my life.


That is a. That you take one failed death save, you're almost dead as these clubs.




Fall in your body right now.




Are you doing anything else to him?


Yeah, I probably should do something else to him.




Can I shave him?


You can.


Shear him.


Go ahead and see. Are you trying to make it look good? No, absolutely. Just roll. We'll see.


Rolling like a bitch.


Still. He's unconscious now, so you can roll one more time. You have advantage. I mean, you shave off half of his beard, and then he's, like, shaken a little bit in his sleep, so you can't really get to the other half. Half his beard is gone. The other half is.


Wait, so half his beard. So we're going to.


Now, are you careful with that? Because that wasn't that good a dice roll. Were you being careful at least, or were you just being reckless?


I was trying to be super careful and not hurt him at all, so I hope I rolled good.


Absolutely. Well, you didn't roll very well, so unfortunately, you cut him a little bit while you're shaving him. That's another failed death save if he gets hurt one more time. Actually, that was a melee weapon.


Oh, no.


As you go for the shave, suddenly our nautilus ship bumps you look down, you've cut Ehrlich's throat.


Oh, he's ready.


Go. Cake.


Absolutely bleeding out.


I brought you to heaven. Now, Ehrlich, you bleed out at this point, unless somebody helps you, and I'm sorry to say that the Paladin, you've already used up all your healing, giving him his ball back. So you are out of healing magic.


How could I have been so short sighted?


To be fair, you could give him one of your healing spells that was lay on hands you've used up. You could give him a healing spell, or you could just make a medicine.


What's the healing spell?


Is it.


A healing spell would be called cure wounds. You roll a d eight and add plus two, and you give him that much healing back.


So if he got a little bit of healing back, like maybe he is alive, but is in so much pain for the rest of his life while.


We fuck, that would probably be the case.


But he could fuck.


Or you do know he's a dark warlock. You could just let him die and go to whatever fate his page.


We made a truce.


We made a truce.


Let him die.


I roll an 8%, you would be rolling a d eight plus two. And that's how many hit points he gets back.


I rolled a four.


Four plus two, he gets back. Six hit points, Ehrlich. Now, were you trying to prevent or control what body parts grow back?




What do you want to grow back?


I want his ball to reform from the arrow.




Yeah, I guess that's it.


That's just a ball grows and because it's six, instead of one hit point, just one ball grows and a lot bunch of hair grows on. You got a fully intact ball, right, juicy, and you are ready to go. But it's not your turn yet. And that is your action right there. Anything with your bonus action?


What if you give him.


Yeah, I want to pick him up and throw him.


Absolutely. Pick him up and throw him off.


No, I'm not going to do that.


I'm not going to do that. What do you throw him?


You should maybe get rid of his body and just leave him as a ball.


Just a ball?


Just a ball.


All right.


I'd like to chop his body off.




I think it means you're chopping his ball off, right?


No, you said it correctly. He wants to chop his body off. Leave the ball.


Understood. All right. So I will ask you to please roll an attack with advantage since he is still blind and he'll fucking do two. But you have advantage. Roll one more time. 1616 is enough that you are using your daggers. Is that right? Yeah, absolutely. I will say that as a simultaneous dagger attack, you are able, with your bonus, you don't even need to roll the damage. You can cut him off of his ball.


Just a ball.


You have his ball.


That's him.




And you think his soul has been. Roll me a religion check to make sure his soul gets pulled into his ball and out of his body as he lapse. Yeah.


A 19.


A 19 is enough. His soul is inside this testicle. You can see this little spirit swirling around. It has Ehrlich's face.








And Ehrlich, your patron, speaks into your mind and says, I can't help you, man.


I'm sorry.


You're a ball now. I wish I could help. And you think he could help, but he's not. And so, Greg, well done. That is going to bring us to cake next. Cake. You don't want to leave Elysium and you're really the one piling the ship. What would you like to do right now?


Do they all have partners that they can pleasure themselves?


More and more angels come in and just start fucking. And all the people that are coming out of the test tubes, they're all just banging each other right now. All the characters having sex.


I don't think we should.


You guys are mad at me. I actually controlled your mind and brought you to the promise.


How do we finish this? Should you put.


Should you put Hank's ball in one of our scrotums?


Three balls for one of us?




Do one of you want.


No, I think it's like joint custody.


We'll just teach.


We'll share on the weekend.




We just have two and a quarter balls.


Oh, actually, you know what we could do? We could fish with. We failed once before, but maybe we make a leash for the ball.


You could. 100%, I'd say if you spend time in Elysium just working on that, you automatically make a leash.


Okay, great.


Around the ball. And it can kind of roll around on its own. It's kind of like Mr. Potato head a little bit and like, it's on a leash. Erlich, I'm going to give you one chance here. Roll me a d 20. And if you get a 20, then what's going to happen is your patron is going to say, you won. What's the ball game again that Hank won recently? The lottery ball. Your patron is going to say, he won the lottery ball. And he's going to give you. What was the number you rolled again? Was it 42?


Not confirmed.


Drake Max is a bitch.


Well, we told him we welcomed him to the winter circle, but he denied.


It, so you haven't.


You can't even talk right now. You're a ball.


A real hairy one, too.


I believe you won on a 42 on the lottery ball. Was that right? 52. My bad. Okay, so if you get a 20 on this die right now, your patron is going to pull your soul out of this ball, bring you down to hell, and give you 52 hot devil women to fuck. And he's like, I'll get you out of elysium, but you have to come to hell and only fuck devil woman, who are Pretty crazy.


They're both people, so I don't know how much you would want that.




No, five. With a five, he goes, ah, man, I really tried. Sorry. Best of luck being a ball in Elysium. And I imagine months later, our nautiloid ship is just still floating through Elysium, but now it has, like, party lights coming out of it and stuff. There's music thumping inside of our nautiloid, and we are just nonstop orgy fucking.


Oh, hell, yes.


All of us.


And it's like everything our mind can.


Imagine, every pleasure you can imagine is every girl. We can imagine every girl. All your favorite foods, everything you have ever desired is in elysium.


Is there NFL on?


Yeah, 100%. And every game is, like, exactly as exciting as you.


Oh, every over.


Every game is, like, going into the most exciting moments, and then as soon as it gets boring, the channel just changes to a new, more exciting game. Kind of.


So happy.


Always the Super bowl, every.


That's how intense it is.


Congratulations, everyone.


Thank you.


As far as I'm concerned, incredible job.


Thank you.


Any last words about how that went for you?


It's always a blast playing this game.


Absolutely. 100%.


Well, Tim, you're the absolute best. Tim.


Thank you.


We love having you. We're going to do it again this summer, so thank you.


Absolutely. It's a pleasure to be out here for the first time, guys.


Thank you.


Thank you.




Okay. That's the show.


We had a ball.


Hell, yeah. Absolutely.


All right, numbers, boys. 4123-4177 feel like we've gotten that a bunch.


Love you guys.


Third time.


Third time.


Which is the most in the new era. Love you guys.


I don't know. I'll be coming for your lover I was coming for your love of days say after me like a better to be safe to tell you say up to me, like, the better to be safe to tell me y'all raping the same way you all think I got to remember shy


rain, it's. I.