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Hey, pardon my take, listeners. You can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube. Prime. Members can listen ad free on Amazon music on today's pardon my take. It's our last show from Las Vegas, Super Bowl 58. Coming up, we're gonna talk about the game, our picks, our favorite prop pick s. We also have two great interviews for everyone. We have George Kittle, who will be in the Super bowl playing for the 49 ers, and then an awesome interview with Max Crosby. Kind of a cool, full circle moment because we did have Max Crosby on the radio shows the last time the Niners and Chiefs played in Miami. He's had an incredible story. He's gotten sober. He's become one of the best players in the NFL. So it was awesome talking to him. We'll finish up with Fire fest. And it's all brought to you by our friends at Quest Nutrition. You've been seeing us eating it all week. Quest was founded in 2010 with the goal of hacking one problem, to create a high protein bar that wasn't packed with net carbs and actually tasted good. The first quest bar was hand rolled in a kitchen.


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Sports. Welcome to pardon my take. Today is Friday, February 9, soup bowl 58. We are here. It's going to happen. The last game of the 2023 24 season. We made it. We made it. We have to talk some picks. We have to talk some props. How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling good. I've got a lot of energy this week. I don't know what it is. I haven't really been sleeping much more than normal in a Super bowl week. Probably like six, six and a half hours a night. But waking up feeling good, I don't know. Maybe they do pump, like, oxygen into the casinos down here. Yeah, whatever it is, I'm feeling good. I feel good, too. I feel strong. I've been doing a good job of going to sleep early to take care of my voice. I felt like I was about to lose it on Wednesday night. I was like, you know what? I'm going to go to bed at 10:00. Yeah, I'm going to go to bed 10:00. For the listeners, I have not been going to bed at 10:00. I've been playing a lot of roulette. Hank was on fire at through lead table the other night.


Good job, Hank. Thank you. Yeah. And then he was on fire kind of at the blackjack table in the opposite way. Good job. Yeah, my chips were on fire. I feel good as well. I slept for 13 hours last night. Let's go. Interviewed rosillo. My phone died during it, so I was like, I'll go back to my room, charge it up for a minute, and then in the time before it turned back on, I fell asleep and woke up at 05:00 a.m. And I feel great. So I'm ready to finish the week strong. Take on the day. How many times have you guys worked out this week? I walked today for, like, 3 miles once for ten minutes. I worked out one time. I ran on the treadmill for about ten minutes. Yeah. And you feel great if you do that on vacation. I also was working out specifically because I've been trying to hunt down a certain person that will remain unnamed. It was a trying to just go to the gym to see if I could see your stalking. It's a little bit of stalking, light stalking, but actually it's for a good cause.


I'm not the one who's stalking. I'm stalking on behalf of someone, not for you. You're like a spy, right? Yes. Yeah. You're spying. You're not stalking. I'm the tip of the spear. I'm the first one out there. Do they call James Bond a stalker? No, he's a fucking spy. If it doesn't work out that I find this person, I will reveal who the person was on Sunday night show. It's an unnamed commissioner. Okay, well, there it is. We'll just have to cut that. We'll have to cut that because we are still stalking. Or light stalking. Stalking for someone else. Bleep that one out. Yeah, bleep it. Jake, how you feeling? You went to radio row. I went to radio row this morning. Big Jake, go back after this. I have a day pass, so I'm going to take advantage of it. Did you have the hearts in your eyes just being like, look at all these guys at home. Look at these microphones. You're at home. Yeah. Okay. You know, this podcast is pretty big. Yeah, we're in the media, too. You can't have two homes. You can't have two homes. Okay. But you were really at home.


Yeah. Okay. What did you see? Boomer and Carton. Geo. I saw Stephen A. I saw CJ Stroud, Michael Vick. That was just on one lap. It's funny that you said Florio first. Yeah, Florio. Big names out there. Florio, CJ Stroud, Michael Vick. You know who's who of the NFL? Stephen a. Smith. I think that's his name. I was catching up. I did a hit on the new house student radio station. Nice. Giving back. Giving back. What advice did you give the youngsters? I said, keep in touch with your connections because you never know. All you need is one connection for things to work out. Nice. Yeah. I mentioned how the only time I ever lied to you guys was before I met you. What did you lie about? When you guys asked if I'm locally in New York and you said no? I said yes because I knew you wouldn't take me seriously. Got it. Where were you locally? Florida. Oh, that's a good lie. Yeah. We should probably fire you now. Very good. Lie retroactively. Yeah. Allegations have come to light. Plagiarism was there plagiarism? George O'Leary, remember when he got hired for, like, a day at rock?


Yeah. But it was cool. Okay, back. Good. All right, well, let's talk about the game. Pumped about this game. I'm excited about this game as am. I'm getting more confident as the week goes on. I don't know. That's probably a bad thing, right? It's a really bad thing. I like the Niners, and I love Christian McCaffrey as. I mean, I don't hate. Just. I think I'm going to stick with the Chiefs. I'll leave myself an opening right before kickoff if I want to change, but I've thought about it very hard. I think the Chiefs defense is better than people realize. And I think spags is going to put on a master class and Mahomes is Mahomes. And there's just so many things that I just keep going back to. Like the Chiefs. They've just been there, done that. They know how to win these games. And no disrespect to Brock Purdy, who, by the way, ESPN's running out of things to talk about. So he's gone. Instead of a game manager, they were debating today whether he's a game changer next week. Is he a game? Is he, is he elite? He's going to be the new Joe Flacco.


He might this game. If he wins this game, he's going to be in the elite conversation because guess what? He won a Super bowl. Yeah, no, I've seen a lot of that going on. The game manager, game changer. We're just trying to figure out ways to say that Brock Purdy is not as good as Patrick Mahomes. Right. And the one thing that's made me very nervous about the Chiefs is that there is, as of right now, 70% of the money is on the Chiefs. Yeah. So that's happened twice before. 60. This would be the highest ever on one side. The last two times, 68%. Both of these was the Patriots when they beat the Rams in 2019. So Patriots had the majority of the money. So that was public. Was right. The other one, though, is scary because 68% of the money was on the Broncos when they lost to the Seahawks by a billion. It doesn't really do anything to prove one way or the other other than I'm just still confused. Yeah, I don't think that's going to happen in this game because obviously you're right about the defense. The 49 ers defense actually isn't that great.


And especially since Hofanga has been out, their third down defense hasn't been great. Guess what Patrick Mahomes does? He always gets third down conversions. That feels like he just breaks teams backs with plays out of nowhere in third down. And their pass rush win rate has gone down since getting Chase Young. Yeah, they've gotten worse at getting to the quarterback since Chase has been on the team. But I think the Niners are just going to run the ball. They're going to run the ball. Run the ball. Run the ball. If Christian McCaffrey gets two touchdowns and the 49 ers win, I think that McCaffrey is going to end up with the MVP. I agree with that. The only thing is, I agree that they're going to run the ball. They're going to run the ball a lot. They're one stat that should have you a little scared. And this is going to be a game of chess. So I've shouted them out before, but my guys from sports info solutions, the Chiefs defense stacks the box on 14% of the plays. That's 20 eigth highest rate in the league. So they play a lot of light box, and the Niners actually like to run against a stack box and throw against a light box.


So it's kind of reversed where the Chiefs are going to dare the Niners to throw and the Niners are going to have looks that they usually throw in. It's very weird to me. They pass against a stack box. Yeah. They pass against a light box. Yes. The Niners like to run the ball against stack boxes. 48% stack box run rate, highest in the league. That doesn't make any sense to me. I know, but, yeah, weird. Okay. I saw that stat and I was like, that's weird. And so as much as I think the Niners will be able to run the Chiefs deep, secondary has been so good. And if you say, okay, Christian McCaffrey is going to have 125 yards, but the Niners pass offense is only going to have 150. I think the Chiefs would take that. Yeah, it probably would. Right? Even Christopher McCaffrey, he could have an incredible game. You'll still be in some passing downs where you have to pick up a long third down. And the Chiefs have been like, legarius need has shut down every number one. Just, I don't know. I just keep going back to that. And then my heart wants Kittle, who we're going to talk to in a second, to win the Super bowl.


So I am as twisted as possible. Yeah, you are. I'm an absolute mess. I would love to get kittle a Super bowl. I'd love to get Trent Williams a Super bowl. I'd like to see that happen. And, like, the Niners, they haven't been a long suffering franchise. It's not like Niners are like, oh, shit, we haven't won a Super Bowl. I mean, it's been a while since they've won a Super bowl. They're one of the elite franchise. They're one of the elite franchise. And the fact they're always competitive, too, it feels like more often than not, the 49 ers have a pretty good team, at least recently. So it's not like you've got David versus Goliath in this. And one thing that does make me worried about the 49 ers is the kicker. Moody makes me nervous. Makes me very nervous. Even his makes don't look good. Kicker and kicker quarterback coaches, I think those are all on the chief side. I was thinking about this today. I woke up and my first thought, because I was watching get up as one does, and they were talking about, like, clutch players, right? Really interesting conversation.


And I was like, can a coach be clutch? You don't normally hear about coaches being clutch. Maybe Kyle Shanahan's just not clutch. Yeah, maybe he isn't. Yeah. Andy Reid is. Andy Reid is clutch as fuck, but he. Reid, super clutch. Super bowl experience. Andy Reid used to not be clutch. What, he got clutch? Yeah. He gained the clutch gene. He mutated himself. He just had to get to a certain age and became clutch. He biohacked his body and spawned the clutch gene. What were you going to say, man? Yeah. I was going to say that was his number one reason of why he wasn't Philly, because he wasn't clutch. Yeah. I don't think the coach is clutch. I think it's the quarterback. Yeah. Quarterback is clutch. Yeah. Donovan McNabb, Patrick Mahomes. Big difference. Huge difference. Either way, I do think these two teams are like. I think McNab has more in common with his dad. What? McNabb? McNabb has more in common with Patrick Mahomes dad. McNabb was a good player. Let's not. Wasn't a good quarterback. He's very good. I'm not talking about on the, about between the other lines. You thought he was talking about Patrick Holmes, senior, as a quarterback.


Well, I don't know. He's a good quarterback. Either way, this game, I expect this game to be a great game. I'll be disappointed if it's not a great game. You'll be disappointed. The game. I will. Yeah. Because these two teams are really fucking good. My expectations were higher for you. Game. Seriously? Yeah. No, I'm very upset. It should be a good game. A lot of big name players. There's not like a whole bunch of excitement in terms of spicy storylines going to this game. It's more like, okay, we've got two good teams. We kind of expected both these teams to be in the conversation, and there's no real bad blood, which kind of sucks. I would like somebody to, I don't know, get into a fight with somebody else, stir some shit up in the media. Yeah. Debo. To go on his podcast and be like, Kaderius Tony's a bitch. Kaderius Tony better not be playing if Kaderius Tony's active. Yeah, you should switch. You should. No, I'm not joking. That would make me switch. Yeah. If he's part of any game plan, I would switch to the Niners. He kind of won the Super bowl last year.


He did kind of win the Super bowl last year. That's true. He did have a clutch play. He is clutch. Yeah, he is clutch. Yeah. It does feel like whatever's going to happen is either going to be Mahomes, goat, legacy, all that talk on Monday, or, holy shit, Brock Purdy won a Super bowl. Yeah. Holy shit, Brock Purdy won a Super bowl. Would be pretty fun. It would be very fun. Yeah. Because then I just keep going back to the fact that I do not want to start Sunday night's show. Monday show with the Kansas City Chiefs are Super bowl champions. And I bet on the Niners. Yeah. That's what I don't want. I have no problem doing that. Yeah. I'm fine with just. He's kicked my teeth in enough. I have a fun little Super bowl stat for you from our friend Jay Cuda. Do you know there's never been a seven yard touchdown run in the Super Bowl? I did see that. Yeah. That's fucking awesome. It's pretty weird. I kind of want to bet exactly seven yard touchdown run. Is that an option? I don't know, but that's a wild thing for.


He had all the listed. Is that the only yards? No, there's a ton of yards that haven't happened. But obviously, it's like when you get further down the line, there hasn't been a twelve yard or 13 yard touchdown run, but seven, you'd think. Yeah. Think there'd be a seven yard. That feels like McCaffrey territory, right? Yeah. Seven yards. Yeah. Also, I think I saw a stat that was like, the team that's closer to the Super bowl site usually wins. That means really nothing but Niners. The Niners are closer? Yeah. Do we want to do prop bets? Let's do got. I got some ones I'm very confident in some ones that I'm terrified of. Okay, well, Max, you have some prop bets, too? Yeah, I got prop bets. Okay. Go ahead. This first one's really fun. It's probably the most fun thing in football. It's what I care about the most. I don't really care about wins and losses as much as I care about this. It has happened three times in the Super bowl have involved the Denver Broncos. Oh, interesting. Okay. Wins and losses. Okay, so, PFD, what are your confident? Let's start with the confident, and we'll go.


You want me confident? To crazy. You want me to give you a confident one? Yeah. No fucking. Oh, no, doinks. We're running it back. I got doinked big time last year, and I just realized I'm talking about Moody, and even his makes are close to being misses. And also last year, it was bucker that doinked. It was Bucker that doinked. He's a good kicker. There's no chance he double doinks. No chance. So what I'm doing is I'm going to have my vengeance on the doink from last year. I'm going to double my bet this year and go, no doinks. Hank, will you be responding in kind? I have to. Yeah, you have to doink. You're a fucking asshole, Hank. Hank, you're such a dickhead. What are the. It's. -750 it's an investment. It's an investment. It's safe now. Hank, you were dickhead last year about it. You basically just bet it. I was a winner last year. No, you made it happen, and you lost me a bunch of money. I literally said in real time. I was like, that. The ods are too good to pass up. You think we have two Super Bowls in a row with doinks?


No, but get a calculator. It doesn't happen just out of spite. Out of spite. After all I've done for you? Do you want me to ride? No. 750? I could never. No. That's a crazy number. It's an investment. That's a crazy number. It's an investment. Okay. I have one that I like. That is not crazy, but it's a fun one. I think I've betted every single Super bowl, not only tails. We all betting tails. Tails, yeah. Over two and a half players to throw a pass. I love that because you just feel like there has to be at least one trick play in this game. Debo. Maybe Kelsey. Someone's going to have what, McCaffrey? Someone gets injured for a second. Injuries, yeah. Although when they get injured for a second, they usually hand it just love. I always love it. Because you're just rooting for a trick play to happen. Yeah. The Chiefs do love tinkering around in the red zone. Empty the clip. Empty the clip. Yeah. Let's have a trick play. You could even get, like, a little double reverse where the wide receiver just tosses it just a little bit. Forward. I'd like that a lot.


Hank, what's your favorite two? My last two Super Bowls, I went mega on opening kick. Touchback or not touchback. I forget which one. I think it was touchback. It was touchback that hit for the Rams. Everyone think it was like 25 times in a row. It hadn't hit. It did last year. No doink or doink. That hit easy. It was easy. Shut up. But it was. It was too easy. It was very easy. Honestly, I would not be betting this if I hadn't gotten doink. No, it's a spike bet. You have to spite bet. I have to double down. And guess what? If it doinks again, I'm going to double down again next year. There is one prop bet on here that I'll be loading up, unloading the clip, emptying the clip, putting it all on this one prop. Will any punt result in a touchback? Yes. I have that one, too. Hank, let's ride. Yeah. How does that not happen? It's got to hit. So it is plus 135. Those are just fun ones. Every punt we got a chance, there's going to be a fucking touchback on one of these punts. Adrenaline's pumping, you're trying to cough and corner goes five yards too far.


Punch touchback. Yeah. Like, Ray. Ray McLeod is going to be standing on the ten. He's going to wave his hand over his head, signaling a fair catch, and at the last second, he's going to sprint away. The ball is going to bounce at the seven, roll into the end zone, and all the players on the Chiefs are going to be like, oh, I thought he was going to fair catch it, and then we're going to be like, we're rich. Yeah, I love that. Let's do it. Okay. I'm in on that with you guys. What other ones you guys got? I'm doing over 1.5 coaches challenges. Throwing the flag. Let's get the flags out there. Oh, I love doing the first time out, too. Yeah, that's a good one. Yeah, that one's just Andy Reed. Yeah, I had that, too. I wanted to do Niners first challenge because I think the guys on the field are going to be going for Mahomes. Mahomes will always get the benefit of the doubt. So that Niners first challenge was -105 you think the refs. The script is in. They need Mahomes, Kelsey Swift to win. Correct. So they're going to call something a little shady, and Cal is going to be like, yeah, correct.


Got it. Correct. I like that, that's good logic. You guys are talking about it. But the team with the most third down conversions, Chiefs. -120 okay. Love that. Like Mahomes, like you just said, mahomes converts, he makes plays happen especially early. Yeah. The over 1.5 coaches challenges, by the way, it's plus 303 to one. So I like that. I like color of body armor. Port on wedding coach. Clear water. Okay. Body armor. Sport water. Okay, nice. Plus 700. They're just going to do some sport. Water on alkaline water. Travis Kelsey, MVP for the storyline. I just don't see a way that Kelsey gets MVP and Mahomes doesn't, though, because they're sick of Mahomes. Who? The media. And they want to give it to Kelsey. You think the media is sick of Mahomes? No, but I'm just saying that this just sounded right. Fatigue. Yeah, it did sound right. The only way, the real answer is there's no way. Yeah, there's no way. But if you're looking for an answer, it's fatigue or the storyline, the media votes. But again, it would have to be that Kelsey got like, if Kelsey has two touchdowns, 125 yards, Patrick Mahomes would have to have an interception and only like 200 yards.


Yeah, he'd have to play bad, right? He'd have to play bad, but the Chiefs would win and Kelsey had to go off. Yeah, if Kelsey goes off, have like a miraculous catch. Isn't that. How did Edelman win that year? Edelman won a Super Bowl MVP. I mean, the Cooper cup won a couple of years ago. I think the best MVP, that's not one of the quarterbacks or Christian McCaffrey is Debo. Because could he could do the Debo thing where he takes like a seven yard slant to the house, he's going to run the ball as well. Debo could end up with a crazy stat line that doesn't directly say Brock Purdy was the MVP, whereas everyone else receiver. It's very hard to make the argument how a receiver could get it or a tight end without the quarterback Winning. What about kicker? What about kicker MVP? Nine to three. I don't know. I don't like moody, but now I really do like him, actually. No, if a kicker was going to win, they would just give it to the defense. No, because if a kick, listen, these kickers are going to be so good, they're going to be splitting the uprights, balls going to be selling right down the middle.


Shut the fuck up. Here's one that I really love, actually. Now that I'm looking through these list of propits. I love every prop bet that I'm making. So I am confident in all these, but that's every single time I think the Bucks Chiefs Super Bowl, I had ten prop ups and I went one and nine and before the game I was like, this is going to rock. Yeah, I'm going to win all. No, I've got it figured out. I've got it all figured out. This is one of those bets I've been doing during the playoffs where you find something weird and the ods are so good on it and you think to yourself, why doesn't this happen in every single game? Like, why are these ods like that? And so I hit on one of those. I lost on one of them, but this one seems too easy to be plus 2200. So it's 22 to one, each team to score one or more touchdowns and one or more field goals in each half.




So both teams need a touchdown and field goal in each half. I did this. How does that not hit? I did this for Bills Chiefs. Yeah. It's impossible. It's not impossible. It's very hard. You have a limited. Harder than you realize. It's extremely hard. It's also hard for a team like the Chiefs who, if they have a lead at halftime, they're going to go in just full. I mean, they're under in every second half has been insane. Yeah. That means you need four scoring drives and a half. There's only, what, like. No, you just need two scoring. Yeah, you're right. Yeah, it's a lot. You only get what each team gets. Three or four. You just saw the 22. You know what? I'll do it. I saw 22. You said it. Jake said it's 22. I'm just thinking why? The last one that I like is length of longest drive over 77 and a half yards. I like that. Okay. You don't even have to score. You just have to go over 77 and a half yards. Yeah, it's good. Crazy if you didn't score that. But both offenses should and that could also be a huge play.


Yeah. I hope we get a couple of huge shop play. Hank, are you actually. But you're betting doink, I want you to. Oh, yeah, he definitely. I want you to because I want to beat you again. The other lock that I like is longest drive over 80 and a half. Wait, what? Are you serious? Serious clerk. What just happened? He just said. Wait, hold on. Let him cook. Let him cook. Go ahead. Why do you think. Hold up, hold up. Let him cook. We're talking about profits. And the one I love. I was just looking, researching, maybe not fully listening. I literally just said, over 77 and a half yards, longest drive, and then I was. Yeah, no, that's a huge difference. I like 80. 80. 80. Wait, what are your ods, Hank? It was maybe 10 seconds ago. Yeah. Couldn't have been quick. The next thing after I said, oh, maybe a big play. Don't have to score. Yeah, you just dropped that. All right, well, we're in lockstep, Hank. Great minds. Not unless it's a 78 yard drive. Then you're not. Yeah, there was discourse around it. It was thing. I know the position, Hanks, and it's the worst feeling, just getting caught.


Well, no, I heard 77 and a half. I just want to make it clear that yours? I liked 80 and a half. Different bet. Yeah, no, completely different bet. Baby bump. Better value cornerback luxerious. Need to get an interception. Yeah, you said a baby. I don't know if we can translate that to the defense, though. Didn't Schrager have Lujarius need scoring a pick six? No, that's. What's his name. Oh, McDuffie. Yeah, McDuffie. If you want to do an exact score, 34 28, chiefs. Okay, that's what traeger. 24, chiefs. We are writing with Boomer, right? Yes. That is mvs first touchdown score and Kyle ushek anytime touchdown score. Yep. I also think that I'm just going to bet Travis Kelsey to score. Touchdown. It seems like a smart bet. You have to do it. Last one I love is a doink field goal. Thanks. It's going to be my last. Okay. Nice. Travis Kelsey scored a. Yeah. Nice. Nice. All right. Wait, so do we have a nerd nugget? Well, I have a top five countdown. I don't have to read them all. Five nerd nuggets. I don't have to read them all. They're all really cool.


Well, I can just do one. How about top two? Okay. Hello? Oh, shit. I got an emergency at home. I got to go. All right. Good luck, big cat. All right, I heard you guys on Sunday when PFT is like, he was excited and big cat's like, no, I'm not going to be as down on the nerd nugget noise because I don't have headphones in. True. So it will be less grading on my. Okay. Mind, body and soul. But your nerd nugget of the week. Don't do that for both of them, please. No. Okay, there are five nerd nuggets I have five. All right, give me two. I mean, listen. Give us all five. It's the last game season. Yeah. You don't have to hear this again. Until September, there will not be nerd Nuggets for March madness. Okay, I was thinking about it, but I'll cancel it for next season. No, let's go. It's the soup bowl. We got to fucking do it. Yeah. You got five nerd nuggets. I want to hear all of them. All right. And we'll grade them. Let's do this. Let's grade them on zero. Like the dunk contest.


Zero to ten, each one. What's the over under of Jake's nerd nuggets for the total score? 30. So, max, 150 times five is 150. That's too high of a number. Zero to five. Okay. Zero to five. What's the max? 75. Okay, perfect. 75. Shout out, supercuts. Yes. I'm going to just think about my 25 points that could come at them. I think the over under for me is going to be about twelve and a half. Okay. I was going to say mine's going to be, like, around six and a half. Okay. Ten. Okay. All right, so, Jake, if you can beat, let's say, 30 out of 75, then the nerd Nuggets hit. Okay. Big moment. Last chance. All right. Someone count, Max, count. We got our best guy on it. Yeah, he just took off his shoes and socks. He's ready to go. Gammy fan. Okay, excluding the Super bowl, head to head, in the history of the Chiefs and 49 ers, their records are dead even. Seven wins, seven losses apiece. The Chiefs and 49 ers also have identical all time winning percentages. 54.8%. Okay. Via Jcuda, zero. Because you did. Excluding the Super bowl.


That's a pretty big game. That's a big game. I was thinking from Jcuda. Yes. That was long. I was losing. Zero two. So that's not your stat, Jake. Well, none of these are. Yeah, you don't create stats. Yeah, someone does. Yeah, someone does. Also, Jcuda. The part of it is the visualization you, like, put black and then the gray. But I think the excluding the Super bowl is a pretty big piece of this. I'm going to give it a two because it is kind of wild that they're exactly even. Okay, so what do you got? Four? Yeah. All right. If the 49 ers win, Ed and Christian McCaffrey will be just the second father son duo to win a Super bowl for the same franchise. Steve Diosi and Zach Diosi who both played for the Giants. Related to that, Ed McCaffrey and Mike Shanahan won three Super Bowls together. Now their sons, Christian and Kyle, have a chance to win one together. Okay. I like that one. Yeah, I'll give it a three. I'll give it a three. I'm going to give it a two. Okay, so we're up to give it a two because we had said that Super bowl storyline, but still cool.


13 total. Also, here's another wild one. Tack this one on Jake. The last running back to win Super bowl mvp was who? Terrell Davis. Terrell Davis played for Mike Shanahan. Whoa. On Ed McCaffrey. All right. Terrell Davis and Christian McCaffrey probably have met. Probably. Oh, I want to get, like, a young picture of. I think I actually saw one recently. That was pretty cool. That would be wild. Yeah. Number three umpire Terry Killens is a member of the officiating crew for Super Bowl 58. Why is this significant? He will become the first player ever to both play and officiate a Super Bowl. Killens was a member of the 99 Titans that played in Super Bowl 34. It's narc behavior, though. Like, if you're an NFL player and you're like, I can't wait to become a cop. Yeah, no, I think that's a one for me. It's a cool one. Yeah. But they lost the Super bowl also. Yeah. Why would you want to become a ref after being a player? It's weird, isn't it? It's very weird. I really like the way that you said, why is this significant? Yeah, that was good. I'm going to give it a two.


It's like you're giving an essay. Like a school essay. Why is this significant? Why is this significant? I'm going to go, thesis is this guy played and rept in a Super bowl. I'm going to go three. Okay. I'm at 19. Okay. Two to go. Oh, wow. I'm ahead of pace. I'm like, right on pace. Yeah. All right, number two. This is from an awl Dylan. The only quarterbacks to beat Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs so far are Tom Brady and Joe Burrow, whose backups were once Blaine Gabbard and Brandon Allen in games where they beat Mahomes. Guess who two of the backups in Super Bowl 58 are? Blaine Gabbard and Brandon Allen. I'm going to give us a five. That's a good one. I'll give you a four on that one. That's kind of cool. I'm going to go three. Brandon Allen, the third string. Yeah. Two of the backups, but that's still crazy. Down to a two. They were the well Darnold. Yeah. Yeah. Two. I'm going two. What do we got? You gave a stats that are pro Mahomes losing. Are you betting on the Chiefs or the put? I bet on the Chiefs.


The game ended and you convinced me to bet on the Chiefs, so I put the bet in on the Chiefs. You made him do that. You can't cash out in. You're okay. So I've been taking it all in and then I'm going to make a decision Saturday or Sunday when I get back. But it's hard for me to think about cashing out and betting on the Niners. Why? Just because it's the Chiefs. And like we've said a million times, if you lose with Mahomes, it's Sunday night and if you guys are both in the 49 ers, we're losers. Yeah, but think about how smart, you can't get mad at me because you were the one that made me put the bet in the. Convinced me to put the bet in the first place. Think about how smart you'd feel, though, if Brock purdy beat Patrick Mahomes. But also much like, I think it was the packers. Whatever the game big cat talked about or game of the year, if I lose the bet and the Chiefs lose, I won't be that. Right? So you'll be like, okay, Mahomes didn't win a. Yeah. Yeah. That's how I'm feeling as the.


It's what we talked about with Boomer. There's certain people, Belichick, Saban, Mahomes, Brady, where you can double lose because you can bet against them and then feel like the biggest idiot being like, why didn't you bet on these guys? So I'm probably not going to. I'm probably just going to go megalock on touchback punt Chiefs. Yeah, I think I'm probably going to load up on props, too. Okay, touchback. So we're at 28. Okay. With one to go. That brings us to zero. Nerd nugget of Super Bowl 58 keeps getting worse. Zero went all out for that one. Okay. With the 49 ers and Chiefs having no Alabama, it doesn't matter what anything said from here on out. Say anything with the 49 ers, literally, you could just be like, and the nerd nugget is pft. Big cat and Hank are getting a million dollars from me. I'd be like, zero. Okay, with the 49 ers and Chiefs having no Alabama players on the active roster, a remarkable streak will continue. No player who finished college at Alabama has scored a point in the history of the Super bowl. Players from 143 other colleges, ranging from the coast guard, one point to Miami, 84 have scored in a Super bowl.


That's pretty cool. That is a good stat, Jake, I got to say. But it's a zero for me. But that's a great stat. It was a great stat. The only thing is finish because Jalen hurts. But it's also. But how many players drop out early because they're. Well, not. Is this a degree? No player finished college at Alabama, so I don't know what that means. Wait. Devontae Smith didn't score? This is from Josh Dubois, the AP? I think so. Oh, okay. So I need two from Hank to graduate. What happens if you don't graduate? I don't think anything. I'll give you one and a half. Give him 1.99. All right, so zeros from you guys. It's Alabama. It's a Super bowl. That is crazy. Stunning stat. Jake. We did agree it's a good stat, but our score that we gave you of zero, which means nothing, doesn't. Yeah, the song was three times longer, conservatively. That was a fish jam you just did. It was freebird. Those are your nerd nuggets of the 2024. That is a crazy stat. Now, is it? Touchdown throws. No. Coast Guard got one point. Well, Jalen hurts. Well, touchdowns.


Touchdown throws. Joe Neema. Yeah. Like in fantasy, they have to quarterback, but, yeah, you're betting on an anytime touchdown score. That is crazy. The fact that it's Alabama is insane. Yeah. Okay. People from the Coast Guard have. Yeah. All right. Good job, Jake. Thanks. Yeah. Not good enough. 29.99. Something to shoot for. That was a great. So it just happened that way. I completely lost track of the scores. Yeah, we know. Backup boy had you after, like, said, we got our best guy on it. Did you think he was being. I got three of the best big boys. I've added some to the bonk list this week, Hank, to back you up. Nice. I haven't done a single horny thing this week while watching Miley Cyrus on tv. Yeah. Final thoughts about the Super bowl? Anything. Who's wearing white? Chiefs are, I think. No, Chiefs wearing red. Oh, they. Oh, that means something. That hurts you. Why? I just feel like the Chiefs. Red. Although no, Chiefs and white. That's what scares me. Yeah, chiefs and white scare me. I have one more prop. Over 75. Yeah. Over 75. I wonder what the alt line to that actually would be.


Wait, so what did the Chiefs wear in the first one that they played? They were red in the 49 ers one. So they won that one. They wore red in the bucks one. They won that one. Did they wear red last year? They were white in the bucks one. You're right. They're one in one. In red. What did they wear last year? I think they were white. Last year they were white. So in red, they're one in one. Yeah. Okay, so they're beatable. They're beatable. And they're beatable in red. And they can win. And they can win, but they're beatable. That's like all the stats and everything that I've looked up. This, whatever, however long we've been thinking about the Super bowl, it just always leads back to these two teams are really good. I don't know who's going to win. Yeah, I'm fucked. I love the idea of Brock Purdy winning a Super bowl, and then for the next, like ten years, people are going to be like, you know, you just got to find like, a Brock purdy in the 7th round of the draft. Yeah. That's all. A little bit of money.


Yeah. Okay, before we get to our interview with George Kittle, want to shout out our friends at Supercuts if you want a free haircut after this year's big game. Well, the big game's final score meets or beats 75 points. You could win a free haircut at supercuts. Why 75? Because supercuts has been cutting America's hair since 1975. And 75 just so happens to be the highest ever score of the big game. So we're looking for the over on a Super cuts high score of 75 points. We were two points off of 75 last year. We're rooting for points. Love supercuts. I get my haircut at Supercuts. The one on Ashland. Head to To register, read the terms and conditions and for eligibility. That's to register today. Thank you to Supercuts. Go sign up right now. Root for points, free haircuts, nothing better. to register, read the terms and conditions and for eligibility. That's to register today. Okay, here he is, George Kittle. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest, one of our good friends. You can't tell the story of the history of, pardon my take without George Kittle.


We're here, Super bowl week. He was able to get us access to the hotel. George, first of all, thank you for doing that. We're excited to have you back on back at the Super bowl. Yeah. Well, first, thanks for having me back. I'm still wearing my recurring guest shirt. It's somewhere in the coming. It's coming. It's coming. I said it a while ago. Right? Like three years ago. Three people have those shirts. I think Rachel Nicholas has one, Spencer Hawes has one, and Randy Moss has the other. Those are three good people to have them. Well, the horse racing Randy Moss. The white Randy Moss. Yeah. All right. We have told this story before, but the first time we ever met George was when we were actually at 49 ers camp in 2018. What was your rookie year? It was 18 because McVencie was there. 18. And we interviewed Kyle Shanahan and Joe Staley McGregor, John lynch and Joe Staley. And Staley said to us, they're like, hey, we got this rookie tight end who's a big fan of you guys. Can you just take a picture? And we're like, yeah, I guess we'll take a picture with a fan.


It turns out he's the best tight end in the league. So that was fun. And then we had John for the Super bowl in Miami. Didn't go great. But my first question is that clip of you on the sideline, are you sick of that clip yet of you saying, I will be back? I get tagged in a bunch. A bunch? Yeah, sure. I do a pretty good job of not diving into all the Super bowl social media stuff, so I don't see it too often. If I click on the tag button, that's most of my tagged photos and tweets. And what are they called?


They still called tweets?


Yeah. Posts. X videos. You're featured on one of the most viewed x videos of all time, which is pretty cool. You and Drake. It is what it is. Have you seen the Drake? He burst onto the scene this morning, did he not? I think he leaked that himself. He looks good. He looks great. He looks good. I saw someone talking about. They're like, it doesn't hurt him by. Yeah, no, not at all. As someone who has bad angles all the time on the Internet, I would say that was a good angle. That was a great angle. Great angle. But in that clip, it wasn't that you said, like, I will be back. You said, I will be back with a vengeance. So do you have a vengeance right now? Yeah, it's building up. It's not something like, I'm not sitting in vengeance right now. Like, just oozing vengeance. No, it's nothing like that. It's just you learn from your opportunities. You can sit in sorrow and stuff like that. Or I also, like my dad always tells me, speak things into existence, so. Hey, man, that one got away from me. I want to be back.


Speak it into existence. And now I have another opportunity, and hopefully you'll see that side of me on Sunday. I want to see vengeance on Sunday. Yeah, I do, too. I would love to see it. Would that mean I win? Yeah, I would love to see that. Then are you treating it like you've been to a Super bowl? So are you doing anything different, or are you just like, it's football. We're playing football. Playing football. I definitely learned things. The biggest thing when you go to a Super bowl, like the flashing lights, the interviews, the people that want to take you places, the restaurants, like, oh, hey, come eat here. Your agent wants to get food with you. My agent actually hasn't asked me to, so. Good for him. But that's, like, the story I hear from everybody. I think the last time we went to Miami, I think you get caught up in the hype of the Super bowl, and I think it's the team who does the best job of sticking to your routine, making sure your body's healthy, your mind's healthy, and that you're ready to roll and not really worry about the outside stuff.


Yeah. So I think that's one of the best things we've learned as a team. Annoying podcasters asking you to come on like, this is always great for me. Yeah, we appreciate that very much because it's very funny how we're set up. The NFL gives us no access whatsoever, doesn't want us near anything, and then this will be two years in a row where we're just, like, waltzed into the team hotel. Yeah. Like, yeah, we're okay. Yeah, I like you guys. Yeah. You guys have my stamp of approval. Appreciate that. Last time, it was before the Super bowl. We interviewed you and you talked about your dad writing you the letters. Yeah. Did he blame himself for not writing a good enough letter? Because I bet you he's going to have a hell of a letter for you on Sunday. Yeah. No, I will say he definitely was like, wow, that's a great question. Internally, he probably blames himself, but he would never say that to me. Yeah. You know what? I think me and big cat made you a visual letter. I think we put a video out again. Or do we no, we don't do it.


I think maybe it's us. We should take the blame for that. You should take the blame. Yeah. Well, I've told you and that I'm doing game of the year right now, as of right now in the Chiefs, which is good for you, because I'm the worst gamer ever. My heart is all niners. I want you to win a Super bowl very badly, that I will get in front of the train and hopefully lose money for you to win a Super bowl, because I want you to be a Super bowl winner. How could you be a better friend than that? Yeah. It's like, I want you to have. You deserve a Super bowl ring. Thank you. And you seem like a guy who wear it all the time. If you get one, I would like to wear it. That'd be fun. That'd be a fun opportunity. I also noticed that you've officially made it, and I want to say you've made it because I feel like you don't make it until one of those Twitter ex guys, influencers, like a Joe Pompliano or one of those guys, does a long thread about someone. So I saw there was a long thread about you the other day.


Was there? Which was very cool. What was? Didn't. I didn't know some of the stories. So it was basically about your perseverance making. My mom sent me that. Yeah, it was very cool. So I had no idea. And you could tell the story, obviously, because your life. But on national signing day, there was a chance you were just not going to go to Iowa. Yeah, there was. So what exactly transpired? I didn't talk to a single coach. Like, I went to a couple of Iowa football camps growing up. Did fine. But in high school, I was like, six one and a half. Six 2175 pounds. Not a lot going on there. And so my dad was in contact with one of their coaches because my dad played there. Kirk parents was in my dad's wedding, my parents wedding. So they had that relationship, and they're like, hey, we have a couple scholarship offers out. If they all say no, hey, George might get one. If they say yes, we can talk about doing, like, a gray shirt, which is like, you show up a whole semester early and you start that following season. That would have been tough.


Yes. That's not like. And then on signing day, like, chilling. I vote off from Weber State, Air Force and Navy. It's my three offers. Super sick. That's crazy. You've been awesome at Navy. You literally were told. Yeah, there's two guys that if they say yes, you're just shit out of luck. So, like, two guys said no, and then they gave a scholarship to an office alignment, defense alignment from Illinois. And then I got the last one. That's insane. That was awesome. And do you think about that moment where it's like, hey, things could have been very different. If you go to Air Force Navy, you probably can't play in the pros because you got to be in the air force of the Navy. You're not wrong. Yeah, it would have been. And now you're the best tight end, Travis. Kelsey said that, by the way, you're the best tight end in the NFL. Thanks, Travis. It's an awesome story. I had no, the whole, the thread also was, know when he got there, he was small, but Kirk Forens was basically like, this guy doesn't quit. He's got a motor. And getting into, what was it between your sophomore and junior year or junior and senior year?


Going into my retro junior and my retro junior year. So my fourth year of college, that's when the switch, the light bulb went off and I was like, oh, football. What was it? What was it that flipped for you? It was a combination of the bowl game we played in the tax slayer bowl, and we lost like a billion to zero to Tennessee. Okay, that's like an Iowa tradition. I was over four in bowl games, okay? But we lost that game, and I was like fourth on the depth chart. And I got younger guys ahead of me and stuff, and I was like, this sucks. I'm not going to achieve my, like, I have two years left. I've been kind of, like, squandering a little bit. And then literally that season, that's like, whatever, winter workouts and stuff like that. Pat Inger was in the building, and Kirk Ferrins always told the story about how Pat, like, his first two and a half years at Iowa, just kind of. He got hammered, went out all the time, and then he would fight people, so he'd get in trouble all the time. I just asked him, I was like, what?


Switch flip for you? And he was like, I just realized that I like football a lot, and I like that more than partying. And I was like, I like the party and I love football, so I'm going to try that same thing. Literally just kind of reprioritized my goals, and it just kind of a switch flip for me. Started making plays in practice and then, not going to lie either, there are a couple of injuries ahead of me, too. And so I just got thrown into an opportunity. I took advantage of it. That's awesome. It's crazy because you see everyone who's playing in the Super bowl, you're like, oh, they were the best for their whole life. Like, they were. Yeah, it's a grind people don't see. So I'm happy for that thread that we got posted. Thank you, man. Yeah, it was a fun one, man. What about when you get to the there? Because we were talking to Max Crosby the other day and he was saying that he got motherfucked for his first, like six weeks, eight weeks being on the team in camp, they would pull up all his clips and practice, be like, well, you did everything wrong here, basically.


So when you got to the NFL, did you hit the ground running or was there like a big learning curve for you? A little bit of both. What was really beneficial for me was with coach Shanahan's run game outside zone gap scheme. That's what we did to, so, like, when they showed up, I was like, oh, I know how to do like, that's good. I'm great. And it took me a while to get used to blocking all NFL football players and stuff. Like, like, I did a really good job in rookie minicamp. Otas did a great job. My first training camp, I got hurt. I think it was like the first day of pads. They pulled my hamstring. That was tough. But I was doing really well in the run game stuff, so I had no worries there. And then the pass game stuff, I just kind of picked up. But I made some big plays in OTAs. They were like, oh, this kid can play a little bit. And then, like, I had one preseason game where I scored a touchdown. CJ threw me a ball in the flat and I ran. I broke a tackle in the end zone, and they traded our starting tight end the next day.


And I was like, oh, hey, okay. You're like the Leo meme. Like me. It's me now. I was then, but I did have that also. I did get yelled at. I'll never forget my rookie year. We're playing Minnesota in a preseason game, and I wouldn't say I was going through the motions. I was just kind of like, wow, this is really cool. I'm NFL football player, but I wasn't dialed in at that time. And I had like three or four mas in a row in the first half. And I come in at halftime and my old Titans coach, he's in. He like, I'm going in to listen to Kyle, like, break down. Hey, this is what we're going to do. And one of the guys like, hey, Embry wants to see you in the coach locker room. Like, oh, great. This is going to be a great conversation. I go in there, I've never been yelled at like that in my entire life. And John Embry's like, I view him like he's like my dad in the NFL. Nothing but respect for the like, he's one of the reasons I am where I am today and just helped me develop a mindset.


But he basically just said, he was like, what do you think you're doing? Like, you are squandering your opportunity. You have an opportunity to be a starting tight in the NFL. Figure it out. Are you going to play? Are you just going to, are you going to screw it off and you're going to lose this opportunity? You're never going to have an opportunity again. Like, this is your opportunity. Go do something. Light switch flip. Had a great second half, played at a high level and it just kind of took off from there. That's awesome. So if you had to pick right now scoring a touchdown or pancake block because you had both in these playoffs so far, you had the touchdown against the packers and then you had the pancake block on Aiden Hutchinson, which was football porn. Which one do you like to do more? That was literally just for the NFC north, too. Yeah, you did. Yeah, you just conquered the NFC North. I did text you before the packers game. I was like, you are my lord and savior. Please protect me. That was a great. And you were like, I got you.


That was a great meme that you sent me. Yeah, I needed it. You didn't in the Super Bowl. I think I would take a touchdown because those are hard to come by. But yeah, you get a nice block and Christian runs right off of it and he goes for 20 yards and just like that was very fulfilling. So yeah, I like pancaking people, especially defensive ends. Yeah. And you also love just catching the ball and just dominating people. You do not want to go down. No, why would I? I don't get that many opportunities. So when I get the ball, I don't really want to get tackled. Yeah, I think there's score. The pancake on Aiden was great because when we watched it we were like, I guarantee you he's laughing during this play and then NFL films puts out the clip later in the week and it was like, yeah, you are laughing during the play and what was the word he said? He receptive. Yeah, you messed with his proprioceptiveness. Our helmets got a little clicked together, and he was like, I messed with my proprioception. I was like, that's not a football word.


Yeah. That's a kid from Michigan. That's a Michigan guy being like, you beat the fuck out of me. Yeah. I guess I was like, I'm more of, like, a protein guy. That's the term that I would use. But, like, proprioception, sure. I get it. But I think, like, 75% of the people that watch that were like, I got to google that. Yeah. How often do you laugh during a game? 75% of it. Yeah. Chuckling to myself the entire time. Because it must be fun to just run people over. I would laugh, too. That'd be, like, the highlight of my life. I see, like, debo make a cool catch. Like, he's really good. That's so cool. So you want a touchdown? You want a touchdown. Super Bowl. I get that. I was just told downstairs that an Iowa player has never scored in the Super bowl before. Oh, wow. It would be a big first. What is it about Iowa that you guys just can't play offense and then you have the best tight ends in the league? It's crazy. Porter Hawkinson, you. No offense. But then you watch Iowa football. They had more punt yards than offensive yards.


Tori Taylor. A punt? God. You know what, man? I don't know what it is. Don't know if it's a combination of. They have a lot of young guys. Recruiting is a part of it. I'm not in the building every single day. I don't see it. But the defense obviously, is doing really good things. Or coach. Well, I think the team's coach. Well, it's just got to have. I think they just got to have to kind of reboot the offense. You just got to try something different. Like Wisconsin tried something different. Like, was it amazingly successful? No, but was it better than Iowa? Yeah, it was. Just try something different. Because if you keep pouring out, like, a top five offense and top five special teams unit, and you have a top 80 offense, you're going to win games. And the fact that they won ten games this year, it's crazy. You should have won eleven. Yeah, they should have. Yeah. The Minnesota game, that was BS. Yeah. No, it was. Can you imagine if they won eleven games? What if they would have snuck into the playoffs? Honestly, that's what I was rooting for. I think you tweeted something about that or x something about that.


It was crazy because I think I'm the only one. I always think the badgers and the Hawkeyes are kind of like long lost. I said, they're like Cane and undertaker. They're long lost brothers where they play very similar style of football. And then we went to the running gun this year, and you guys just keep sucking at offense, but you're winning games. And I'm like, I might be the only football fan in the world who's like, I kind of want that. I wish that we were Iowa this year because there's something about it. Like, you're winning games. That's what's the cool part. Winning is, no matter how it happens, just winning is fun. Winning is so much fun. Every game was like twelve to six. I think their over under was like 30 in all their games and they still went like eleven to one. Did they have like two of the lowest over under the history of college football? It was Northwestern, 28 and a half. I bet the over on that at Wrigley Field. Was it the under? Oh, yeah, big time. I think there were maybe 1210, seven or something. Incredible. I respect the hell out of Iowa fans because they show up and they are the drunkest fan base I've ever seen.


They drink more than any. They drank Wrigley field out. Yeah, they did. They drank out Wrigleyville, too. The bars ran out of beer. There was a guy that was. I went to dinner before the game, like the Friday night before the game, and I went to, like, a nice steakhouse and it was just full of people wearing their nicest Iowa pullovers. Yeah, pullovers. I got my golf shirt. Like, I'm getting dressed up tonight for a state. Got to have high oil on. Before the game kicked off, I was in the bathroom at Wrigley Field and they have like the trough style urinal. Amazing. And this dude comes in, Iowa fan, head to toe and just goes up right next to me at the trough, takes his pants down and starts to take a shit. Dude's rock. And everyone in the bathroom is like, dude, stop. The game hasn't kicked off yet. Wait till halftime for this, bro. Yeah. But, yeah, I do respect Iowa football. Do you have a touchdown celebration plan in case you score? Well, I got asked this yesterday because it's on Nickelodeon. So I was like, there has to be like some type of SpongeBob dance that you can, like they're bringing around town or something like that.


SpongeBob is a football guy. Jim Harbaugh taught us that. He's one of Jim Harbaugh's relentless enthusiasm. He just goes to work every day flipping patties and he loves it. He loves the. What do you think a krabby Patty. Like, what burger do you think most closely a Krabby Patty would relate to? Probably. Are they square? This is a problem. You've unfortunately hit a point where PFT and I are a little too old. Max is laughing right now. We kind of Miss SpongeBob. But you know what a Krabby Patty is kind of. Sure. It's the burgers that he makes. Yeah, the burgers that he makes. You have no idea. We watched one SpongeBob episode. Are you a dad? Super high. Yeah. They're not there yet, though. On the way to not. Can't watch that yet. No, they watch weird, like, fucking. I watch these two russian kids named Vlad and Nikki play with their toys. It's fucked up. What's the chick on YouTube that has, like, a billion followers? Ms. Rachel. Yeah, Ms. Rachel. I've heard about her. Listen, when a kid finds a new show, you're just like, oh, my. Like, this is going to be painful, but, yeah, I look forward to the day I get to SpongeBob.


But, yeah, PFD and I, we watched one SpongeBob episode, like, super, super high, and we're like, this was funny. But, yeah, we missed it. I wish we were SpongeBob. It is funny. I appreciate the show. I could probably go back and watch the entire catalog right now. The first, like, ten years is phenomenal television. That's a lot of years. That's how many years. What are they on now? It's been on for, like, it's still 20 something. 20? Yeah. Like, the first ten years are absolutely outrageous. Fuck. Okay, do a SpongeBob dance. I like that. Yeah, that's a good idea. Always dab again. Let me ask you. Dab is coming back. It will never die as long as I'm here. I love the dab. So the playoff games this year, you guys have come back big time in both games. Were you guys aware of the Kyle Shanahan stat that they show on Fox? Dude, that's all I get asked the entire week after every loss. Did you guys know that? You. By me. Did you tell Kyle after? You're like, hey, dude, you did it. You got one. You did it. No, I didn't say it to Kyle.


I should. I'll go say it to him right now. After this. Two now. I think.


Hey, look at him.


Look at us. Yeah, look at us. What's tough about that stat, too, is like, our first two years, we weren't very good. Yeah, you were like, wasn't there a year. You guys were two and 14. No, that was before us. Right before my rookie year. We started the year and nine, and then Jimmy G came. We won the last five. Pause. We won the last five games. And then the next year he got hurt and we went four and twelve. That's just a tough stat. We weren't a good team. Right. If you're down 21 in the fourth quarter, that unfortunately adds to the stat. Yeah, it's like, okay, we weren't going to come back. We were down 14 points often. That's true. All right, so that stat is bullshit. It is bullshit. When did you know that you were going to win, though? When did you think, okay, we got this. The Lions game. Yeah. When they went for it on fourth down. Oh, damn it. We defended Dan Campbell on that. When that didn't hit. And we go down and score a touchdown instantly. And then we got the fumbles like, ah, yeah, that's out of the bag.


We're rolling. The best way to determine whether or not a call is correct or not isn't necessarily through numbers. It's like what the opposing team and their fans want you to do in that situation. So did you want him to go for it in a fourth down? Yeah. You didn't want a field goal, even though the kicker is not very good. He looked great that night. Chip shot. All those chip shots. They were so slow and so soft. They just got. It kind of fell into this. We're going to cut this part of the podcast. So you were hoping for him to go for a fourth down? Well, I'm not in the defensive meetings, but I think we planned for them to go for every fourth down. Fourth and four or less. We're like, they're probably going to go for it. Why not? Would it have been equal momentum if he had attempted a field goal and missed? I think it would have been very. Yeah, that would have been equal. They go, we're back, Justin. So either one, the fact that they did that the entire season, that's their mo. That is their identity.


So, okay. If you're a player on that staff, how could you be mad at doing that? Right? You should. They went for the kill. They did. They went for the kill because you score a touchdown there and you go up. Would have been 21. Right. That's kind of a tough one to come back from. That was always our point with how Dan Campbell coached this year is like, for us, sitting on the couch, we're like, what the fuck is he doing? But everyone on that sideline knows before the game. These are the situations we're attacked. What's that? Like, high school coach that they never punted? Yeah, that guy rocked. Yeah, for sure. But just like, when you have that mindset, like, hey, if we get it to within fourth and three, we're going for it no matter what. You just have a confidence about it. And it's just like, your whole team has that confidence. So it's like, yeah, why would we not go court? We've done it the entire season, and I'm assuming their percentage on. It's pretty good, right? 17 for 20 on fourth and three or less. Pretty damn good. Yeah, why would you not?


Again, even if you bleed off another three minutes on the clock, even if you kick a field goal three plays later, a chip shot. Yeah. You're still running time off the clock now. Hey, I'm happy that they went for it and missed. So, all right, the other game, the packers game, I said you dropped a ball. I did, but I said that you are probably the number one guy who drops a ball, and you're like, all right, kill is going to do something awesome. Coming up. When you drop a ball, are you like, I'm next play? Like, throw it to me right now. I'm ready to go. Yeah, please give me the ball back. Yeah, I'm sorry that I had a lapse of football brain. Yeah. Because it does feel like you bounce back faster than anyone. Yeah, man, you got to flip the switch. What I've learned in football is, like, you can't let things snowball, good or bad. You can have a great play, but if you go into the next play, oh, dude, I'm so cool and stuff, who knows? You can get your legs taken out from underneath you. Shit like that.


So I just try to reset after every single play. But when you have a mess up. And also, I feel like I hold myself to a high standard of play. It's like when you do something like that, you're like, all right, let's not do that again. Let's just go out there and do something good. All right, so I was right. Do you just wipe it? Do you just act like the play didn't happen? Or do you use it as motivation? Like, next play, I got this because I feel like those are two very different. I'm more of a. It's flushed for me. I didn't think about it again until people tweeted at me, and they're like, I hate you. And I was like, yeah, I'm sorry. I caught a ball two plays later. I'm sorry. Yeah, the rain was bad, though. Dude, that was crazy. Yeah, it is crazy. It's like, then you switch to the leather gloves, which are awesome. When it's really wet, those things are like glue. It's super cool. But the second it stops raining and the ball is dry. Very slippery. Yeah, you can see I literally just turned my head, because if you're wearing the normal sticky gloves, you can catch it.


It's pretty easy. Those things, ball hit, just slipped right through them. And I looked, I was like, well, are you ready for the turf in Vegas? Because I don't want another turf incident. Well, two years in a row, we've got the sodfather pulling his tricks. Last year in the Super bowl. This year, they got you on UNLV's field, which I guess you guys are practicing on pillows. I don't know how soft that is. Is that overblown, or is that a real thing? To me, it's nice. That was a good copy burp. Yeah. To me, it's overblown. I've played on bad fields. I've played on bad fields in the NFL. I've practiced on bad fields. Like, we were in Colorado Springs last year, and our practice field was frozen, and there are divots everywhere, and we still practice. Now, granted, wasn't like a full speed thing, but we got through it. It's field is not that they're trying really hard on it. They're out there. They're drying. It was a little soft because of the water, like. Yeah. Poured rain three days in a row. It's a new grass. Yeah. But by the time we get there tomorrow, I'm not really concerned with.


Yeah, but you got to be ready. You got to bring some extra cleats for. They wheel this grass in. I don't fucking. We've talked like, hey, have your seven studs ready. Okay. That type of stuff. You know what's crazy, though? Like, 2019. We played in Washington and that monsoon, the mud bowl thing. I didn't wear seven studs in that. I've never worn seven studs. I always just wear my cleats. I don't slip very often, though. Yeah. What about last year when that game was crazy? I didn't play in that one. Okay. Yeah. No. The mayor of Chicago asked me to not play in that game so you guys could get a win. Yes. And then. Do you remember that guy? Then he tweeted out, you guys all predicted that the Bears. How many games did you went to? Yeah, no, it was. How many games was it, too? Yeah, the Bears were two and one. He's like, so much for these media pundits being like, the Bears are going to suck this year and they're going to go two and 14. Year. Three and 14. And then we went three and 14. Two and one to three and 14, Gabriel.


Yeah. It was so good. So good. Such a great tweet. Such an idiot. You did play in DC this year, though, so that's a bad field, Mike. That was fine. It was good this year. That was fine. I didn't notice it. Some grass fields in December, they're a little slick and there's some sanded and stuff, but I'd rather play on that. Like, Cincinnati's turf field's brutal. New Orleans turf field, brutal. I don't know how those guys play on it because how sore you are after doing stuff on turf. Like your ankles, just. Your joints are just like, oh, my. Like, I have to sleep in a nice. Yeah. And like, when you play on, like, I never feel like, like there's other bumps and bruises, but, like, it just adds to it. We're a grass podcast for sure. We're for the players. Thank you. Player safety. How did we convince the World cup? Oh, they're changing it still. They're changing it for the soccer players. Yeah. So for the soccer players, they're changing it. They're going to bring in grass on all stadiums that are turf and they're also not using the names of the stadiums.


They're just being like, it's Dallas Stadium, it's New York Stadium, San Francisco Stadium. Is it San Francisco Stadium or Santa Clara Stadium? Santa Clara Clara Stadium, probably. Yeah, I think so. Yeah. Interesting. All right. So your quarterback gets a lot of, let's say, media fodder. Oh, it's a good word. Brock Purdy, for some reason, it's every single game. It's like if he has not a great game, he stinks. If he has a great game, he's elite. Does he tune out all of that? And I would assume that you guys have full trust in him. It's kind of funny to you to see all this discussion tune out. Yes. I don't think he's not very active on social media at all, which, good for him. As you shouldn't be. Like when you're the quarterback of the San Francisco 49 ers and you're following Joe Montana and Steve Young, the expectations are pretty high for you when you lace it up, quarterback. So I think he does a good job. He doesn't really do any social media stuff? I think he has like two posts this whole year, which is like, hey, good for you, man. He's just focused on winning and, yeah, I think everybody has confidence in him.


Everyone has trust in him. You just see the plays he makes. Like, oh, wow. He had four interceptions for his Baltimore. After the third one, I was like, hey, please keep throwing it. Don't get scared. Don't sit back there. And like, I don't know if I should just throw it. It happens, man. Like, we're going to get through this with her. We're not going to get through this without you. We need you. You're the guy that. We're really good because of you. Yeah. It breaks my heart that he's not active on social media. And you probably haven't seen this yet, but this just came out today, a comparison of Brock Purdy to another guy in american history. Let me show you because it's actually fascinating. FDR, here we go right here. This is from Josh Chavis. Been trying to figure out who Brock pretty looks like for the last two years, and it's Lee Harvey Oswald. And look at that. There's Brock and then there's Lee. Yeah, pretty wild. They kind of look like gunslingers. That middle photo looks. Yeah, I'll give you that one. Yeah, you can see it, right? Yeah. Maybe show that to Brock.


Will you send that to me? Yeah, 100%. Throw it to him. What were you doing? Yeah. Are you back from the dead? All right, so given the fact you guys are in the Super bowl this year. Yeah, we are. That's cool. Last year, obviously, Brock got hurt in the NFC championship game. I think the fact that you're in the Super bowl just proves that you guys were way better than the Eagles. I said it PFD. Do you agree? I think you would have won that game easily. Easily. I was a huge fan of our game plan. Yeah. I was a huge fan of everything. Yeah. A lot of Eagles fan. None in this room, Max, are rooting hard against you because they're trying to keep the sanctity of their NFC championship alive. No, don't do that. Yeah, well, no, that's what Max. It's a totally different. He doesn't. He thinks it's the same year. Look, so this is my thing, too. If you're an Eagles fan, you should 100% believe that you would have won that game regardless. You guys had, Eagles were fantastic last year. They played at a high level, beat the crap out of everybody.


And you could see on the tape like, yeah, they kind of ran through our defense last year. You could say that. But also, you look at Brock permit, you can't lie and not say that would have been at least a close game. Yeah, for sure. Like 31 to seven. Was that a realistic score? No, not at all. Hey, if Brock would have played the whole game, we would have lost, like 20, 117. Sure. It is what it is, but I believe that we would have won with Brock because I think he's such a good player. Yeah, I think you would have, too. Or at least it would have been a close game because everyone's like, oh, we beat you by 24. I'm like, dude, come on. I didn't have a quarterback for two quarters. Yeah. No, yeah. I'm not disagreeing with that. That it would have been a close game at least. Obviously not having a quarterback is going to take points off of the board for a really team. Yeah. When Christian McCaffrey is playing quarterback and you have eleven guys on the box. Yeah, that was pretty one dimensional. Pretty good for us.


That was pretty good for the Eagles. If I was a Niners fan, that situation, I would have had a huge. I'd be like, you guys stink. Yeah, well, I've just gotten. A lot of. Niners fans are strong online. Oh, yeah, there's a lot of. But, like, over any fan base, even, like, Cowboys fans, I get more shit from Niners fans about the Eagles than the Cowboys. Yeah, the faithful. Don't forget, man. Yeah. So that's why I've been battling Niners fans all year. And it wasn't great when you beat the shit out of us this year. I know. So you're saying this right now, but also, if the Niners lose in the Super bowl, you're going to take a victory laps for sure. Well, it depends how they lose, because we also lost to the Chiefs last year. True, but you won this. Did we get a win this year? Right? Can I show you something funny? Yeah, please. This was like three weeks after we beat the Eagles. My buddy for the Predators, Phil Forsberg, they were going to play Philadelphia Flyers, and he sends me this photo. They're on the bus to the game, and this was outside of a coffee shop.


Debo wasn't lying. It's a sign outside of a Philadelphia coffee shop that said Debo wasn't lying. Yeah, well, that was big discourse because everyone was ready to be like, shut the fuck up, Debo. We're better anyway. And then we got. That started the demise of Philly. And he also had three touchdowns when the biggest player on the field when the big Dom got kicked out, were you like, oh, we got this game. That whole sequence of events. I was like, there's no way that we're about to just give this game up. Because first off, Dre Greenlaw, one of our best players on defense, gone. And then we had 215 or penalties on that drive. I'm like, we're about to give up a touchdown, and they're going to have all the momentum in the world. But then, fortunately, we were able to go back and answer on offense. That kind of, like, settled it. Yeah, but big Dom, losing Drake, Greenlaw's. You can figure out a game plan. Yeah, we'll figure out losing big Dom. That ended the season. Yeah. He wasn't on the sideline for any game, right? No, he was allowed to coach during the week.


I think he was allowed to coach during the week. You know, I've heard nothing but a fantastic things about big Dom. Yeah. No, he's a legend. We're a big Dom podcast. I would love to meet him. I would love to meet him, too. Yeah, he's a legend. You guys have anybody on the team like, that's an unsung hero like big Dom? I got a couple. Well, Mike a. He's our head of security. He's cool. Dude. He was like a motorcycle cop in Oakland for a long time, which was pretty sick. That'sick. He's the head of security for Titan you. He comes down for Titan you every single year, which is sick. Love that. And then we have a guy in the kitchen.


His name's Luis.


And he just walks up to. He goes, super kettle. Have a great day today. But he says that to everybody. Super. This is fantastic. Oh, that's a vibes guy. Is he here? Yeah, he's here. Okay. And he's like, five. Five. It's incredible. Oh, that's awesome. Super Lauis. It's fantastic. Did you see David Carr say that? Better looking than Travis Kelsey. It was weird. I'm married. Yeah. Thanks. Yeah. Well, he was like, yeah, Taylor Swift. If she saw Greg, she'd be like, maybe I picked the wrong tight end. That's a weird thing to. You're married. Super weird thing to say, but thanks. Yeah, I think it's a. Thanks. I think it's a compliment. Just, like, from. I don't know, as weird. Yeah. I think you're hotter than Travis Kelsey. Thank you. I think I like your style of football better than I like Travis Kelsey style of football. Hey, look, we both play the same position. We just play it differently. And at an elite level. Do you guys talked at all this week? Yeah, I saw him last night for a little bit. Okay. That's about it. Yeah. Because he was at TEU. He was.


Is he coming back? Yeah. No matter what happens on Sunday. I would hope so because I lost and then I went to tighten you. Oh, that's true. So I would assume that he would do the same. Well, you did create tight end you with Greg, so you kind of would have to. They literally play it in your backyard. They do play my. Like you said, the founding fathers would be me, Travis. And there. Oh, yeah. I would assume he's going to be there. All right. Unless he's a crazy busy guy, though. I can't imagine. Can't imagine a lot of commercials. We're not going to talk about a lot of commercials. Other things we want to talk about. You can ask me anything. I just don't. No, I don't want to get you. When you agree to come on Super bowl week, the goal is to get out of this interview clean. And we could. With no huge headlines. Yeah, we go down a bad path. Got like five things. No, we're going to hold it all. Just. Sam that I might. This. I would just won't respond. Who do you think is going to be in Taylor's box on Sunday?


In the suite. He said box. The suite. I said, what? He said box. He said box. I'll pass. This might be a regional dialect thing. Like, some people say box. Some people say sweet. Some people say sweet. Box. I have a hype video. It's going to be a Taylor sweet box. I'm going to pass. I have a really awesome hype video I want to show you, but I don't want to show it to you on air because I don't want them to. Then turn it against us. Okay, cool. We'll cut. Yeah. I'll show it to you after. It's a good video. Yeah, I can't wait. Really make you think about a lot of stuff. Yeah. All right, let's do the last question. Rowback question. Rho back. Promo code. Take 20% off, first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Do you have that somewhere? I got it in my head. Do it so many times. Everything. rho back. Okay, last question. Last. Your coach. Who we're big fans of Kyle Shanahan. Yes, sir. Probably two or three times a year. He wears the legends hoodie with. Pardon my take on it. Yeah. Does he know what we?


Yeah. Okay. Every time I see it, I'm like, I think he's wearing it because it's a comfortable hoodie. That is the main reason. But he's also aware of who we are. Kyle's a creature. We had him on. Kyle's a creature of habit where he walks into his office and then whatever is the closest thing to him or like, whatever we've won in. Oh, I'm going to wear that again. Okay. He's like a normal football guy. He's superstitious about weird things. But I need to get him more of more. If you get him more stuff, he would only wear it. I'm pretty sure he's got a pretty good track record because he worked in the playoffs last year. I remember that. That was not the Eagles week. I think that was his week. It was. And you guys won that game. It might not be the worst thing if you put it on for the post game press conference. Yeah. After a win in the Super bowl. Throw it out there. If you brought it, I'll ask him, does he bring you in for the meetings? And he's like, okay, here's the game plan this week.


Christian is getting three touchdowns. Yes. Is it like a disappointment if Christian McCaffrey scores one touchdown? Yeah. I mean, I think the surest bet in all of sports is Christian McCaffrey. He just scores every time no matter what. I think, like, running backs, you should score touchdowns, especially when you get down to the red zone, especially in our offense. You can see that in the seven years that I've been here is we get to the Reds and we're going to run the ball and try to run the ball, and then you throw Christian into it and it's like, okay, well, we're going to design a play for Debo to score. Ayuka be the second read. George, you're going to be here. And then fourth read, one on one versus their milk check is going to be Christian McCaffrey. And, oh, that's an easy. Dislob it in there. So it's kind of like we're all just running distraction routes for Christian, which I'm totally fine with because, hey, if you do win, hey, I'll hit you. But if you don't win, christian's the easiest check down the world because he's going to break one tackle. Maybe Kyle Ushek scored touchdown.


By the way, does Kyle ushek hate us? Why? For quigs? Yeah. Who's Quigs? Yeah. So for people who don't know Quigs, Quigs Quigs. One of our quigs is a great editor. What are we doing? Quigs is a very important part of barstool. Quigs likes to troll online. Quigs tweeted, I'm commenting on all of her name's Kristen. Kristen Yusek's Instagram posts with her jackets. Just saying tacky. Kristen found that tweet and replied and was like, that's not very nice. Almost instantly, I assumed the chain of command went Kristen to Kyle. I saw it on. Saw it. I saw the response. George texted me a screenshot. He said, who the fuck is this guy? I'm going to beat his ass. I never thought I'd be in a spot where I have to defend and. But, yeah, Quigs is not. He's a very good guy. He just likes to have fun online. But it was a very fun. I sent it to Quigs, and he was like, oh, fuck. So is Kyle mad at us? Was he aware of. Don't. I haven't talked to him about it, but I did clear it up. We love it. I sent your response back to Kristen, and she said, thanks for having my back.


We got sent my. I sent your response to Quigs and he said, oh, fuck, I'm fucked. Yeah. And I was like, no, I got your back, Quigs, when I see you, I can't wait. Honestly, I would be a little bit afraid of Quigs, not for what he can do to you physically, but what he can do online. I'm going to somehow find a way to get the swifties to hate him. Okay. And then it doesn't matter. Yeah, that's very true. Could they topple a government? Yeah, easily. We've survived easily. They're about to. Did you at the election. I got it bad. I got it so bad. I got it from all fronts. I'm honestly just impressed. It's incredible. It was a tough week. The worst part, actually, was that my wife's a swifty, and I kept on trying to explain to her that it was a funny joke all week. And she's like, you keep saying it, and it's not funny. You keep telling me. I don't understand it. She's like, but it's not funny. It's not funny. I was like, I have nowhere to go with this. You apologize? You just stopped. No, I never apologized.


Good. We just went harder. Yeah, we went way harder. And then to the point where it's like, okay, these guys, they took it so hard that now it's cool again. Yeah. And I have the karma because my kids love listening to Taylor Swift, so I have to listen to it every day in the car, so it's karma on me. What's your favorite Taylor Swift song? Love story. Paper ring. Isn't love story fantastic? Love story is great. All too well. Bollock version. Yeah. She's good. She's good. I have to admit. She's a great artist. All right, so we were talking about this, and this is nothing to do with the game, but when did Taylor Swift, like, her popularity, go to the most famous? Started dating a podcaster? I think that's clearly a full sign. Like, want to get super famous? Date a podcast. I thought it was after the red album. Yeah. No, she's been the most famous person in the world for a very long. Kanye made her famous. Kind of. Yeah. Oh, shit. No, I didn't mean to say. Yeah, I did not mean to say. Yeah, we're going to clip that. I'm not a part of all.


I'm not a part of that at all. Great artist. Even better human being. We actually owe Taylor Swift fans. You're unreal. We're Taylor Swift fans. We're swifties. We're 100%. She is an incredible artist. Have you ever been to a concert? No. Phenomenal. I know. I've been to two. Really? Yeah. She goes with Levi Stadium, like, whenever she's on tour. Fantastic. We'll have to go. Let me ask you this about Kyle, though. Shanahan or juice? Juice. Cool. Love juice. Love fullbacks. Are you guys working anything interesting? Like red zone looks for Juice. He scored in the last one. He did? Yeah, he did. He scored in the last. We had Boomer on the podcast. You want to know another fun statistic? Is any game that me and Kyle have both scored in, we've won. Oh, you want to know another fun statistic? Jersey Jerry has put Kyle ushek touchdown in every parlay he's ever done and never won. He's always like, I got seven out of my eight. I just need you check. Did Boomer say first touchdown? No, first. Anytime, juice. First touchdown was Ayuk. I think it was juice. No, it was someone else.


Fuck. I think I put the. I think it was mvs. It was mvs. Okay. Yeah. I'm going to bet on Juice again. We're fans of all the 49 ers. I like you guys, too. Yeah. I don't know else you want to talk to. I can go grab them. Trent Williams? Yeah. Brock purdy. He might be unavailable right now. Okay. Yeah, we'll walk out with you and maybe you can just say hi to some guys. Does he respect your blocking game? Yeah. Because I would imagine getting a compliment from Trent Williams. It's pretty cool in the blocking game is, like, as good as it gets. Yeah. I lined up next to a first bout hall of famer, and he's still playing at a first bout hall of fame level, too. Yeah. So it's like one of the coolest things ever. Is that contagious? Is the physicality contagious? Like, you see him lay somebody out and you're like, fuck, I want to do that. Um, I had that before I played with him. But when you line up next to him, it's just like, I have zero doubt in my head that we're going to block the heck out of the guy that we're going against.


Yeah, we have a play like, hey, you're going to double team that guy up to the linebacker. I'm just like, yeah, good luck, man. You can get away with anything. Trent's on your side. Time to learn grass. That dude will show up. It's crazy. Just, he's like, hey, don't touch him. Just go. I'm like, all right, sounds good. I'll let you do you, man. No one else can do that. It's pretty sick. There was one pregame thing where Trent came in. There was like a scuffle going on, and then he shows up and then immediately both sides just clear out. That was the Browns game. The Browns game, yeah. Like, it looked like it was going to come to blows. And then everyone's like, oh, Trent Williams is here. I'm a head out SpongeBob. Well, George, that's a spongebob meme. Yes. Thank you so much. Yeah, we know it. Best of luck in the Super bowl. We're rooting for, you know, we always pull for you. You can't tell the history of pardon my take without George Kittle. That's fact. That's crazy. That's a fact. From the tight end who we were like, fuck, we'll take a picture with them.


Is there going to be a Greg of the year anytime we could do one? Yeah. I'm so confused that, honestly, I don't know what your name is. And he corrects people saying I'm Greg. He did that to someone the other day on twitter, Ari. Yeah, well, he said, jorg kittle, everybody. I was like, hey, jorg, I'm Greg. I was like, wait, fuck, I screwed up in my head all the time. But, yeah, good luck in the Super bowl. We're rooting for you. And we love you. Oh, dude. I love you guys. Love you, too. Love that. Love that. Good luck. George Kittle was brought to you by our great friends over at Coors Light. All aboard the chill train. The chill train is back. That's right. The beer train that we all love is making its triumphant return, spreading joy and more importantly, beer to America. Hanging with friends and family to watch the big game is the best. But as the game heats up, it can get intense. That's why Coors light has that signature ice cold refreshment. To keep you feeling chill for the big game. Stock up on Coors light and you can choose chill.


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So you've been doing stuff. Where were you before this? You're doing radio row?


No, I just came from Lowe's with the guys. We did a little love for Lowe's. We're there for an hour. Did some signings, kiss some babies.


Nice. Yeah. And so invisalign. Did you get invisalign?


Yeah. Got the invisalign in right now. Just started a few days ago. So. Yeah, I didn't grow up again. Braces or anything.


Fix them.


It's about time.


Yeah. I can't even tell you're wearing them. Yeah.


I appreciate that.


Invisalign does suck for everyone who had to suffer through braces. Because now everyone's caught up in invisalign is so much easier.


Yeah, way easier.


You didn't have to do that.


Yeah, smooth. You just eat. You take them out when you eat and you're good.


Yeah. I had braces for, I think, five years when I was a kid. It sucks that invisalign wasn't around. It really does. It would have changed my entire childhood. Yeah.


I was going to say five years is a long time.


Yeah, well, they didn't do anything for the last three years. I kept going in. They were like, okay, let's just change the bands on here. All right. See, you need a check from your parents, by the way, on the way out. No, invisalign. What injuries are you working with right now? Because you got the sleeve on your left leg and then you have a cast on your right leg. What's going on?


So I got my bursa removed out of my knee.




A couple of weeks ago, so I was dealing with that for majority of the season, so thank God I got that out. It was a pain in the ass, but yeah, I got that done. It'll be like two to three months. And then the hand, I tore my UCL tendon in my thumb, so I had to get that.


When did you do that?


I did that versus jets, like week ten, I think.


So you just were like, fuck it, I'm playing the rest of the season. Yeah.


I mean, it happens. A little bangs up and little bruises and shit like that. So they made it work.


I appreciate you saying it happens, because if I had either of those injuries, I'd probably just be in a ball crying, being like, I'm not podcasting today. Yeah. So it happens.


It just happens. It's normal.


Yeah. Played through a UCL for seven weeks.


Yeah, something like that.


Does that affect anything?


Not necessarily. I mean, they got like, guards, they put on your thumbs and tape it. So it kind of just keeps it locked in. So I started doing it with both of mean. It didn't bother me that much. It's annoying, but most of the.


I got a stupid question to start off. Start real well with this interview. So your name? Max with two x's. I looked it up. That is your God given name? Yes. That's the most badass thing ever.


I appreciate.


Like, did your parents know? They're like, we're going to create a badass and we're going to name them Max with Double X's. I thought that was an addition. I thought you add the double x when it's like, oh, I'm a beast. Like, I'm going to be an awesome pro. It's like a helmet sticker. Yeah, right. Every all pro, you add another x to your name. It's like you either become like a Pro bowl defensive lineman or a porn star with the extra x. Yeah. And you got the extra x. Yeah.


I really had no other options in life. I had to really step up to the plate.


When you were growing up, you're like, this is awesome. I have two x's.


No, I always loved it. I thought it was dope, but the story was just. I was a huge baby. I was almost twelve pounds of birth and my mom put an extra x on it and that was it.


Wait, so she literally did, like, XXL?


Yeah, basically. They had to break my collarbone. I was stuck. I was all messed up from that.


You were going to be just Max with one x?


I believe so.


And then you came out and they're like, this baby needs another. We caught a big one.


Legitimately, we got a big one. So my mom added another.


Could you do it? Like, what if they were all capitalized, too? Like uppercase letters in your first name? What if you were that big? Yeah, that would rock, too.


Yeah. I mean, I would go with it. I'd be unique.


That's an awesome story, and you have a million awesome stories. We were saying before, because legend Mac legend Brogan Roback is here. We're Big Mac fans. Eastern Michigan. You only got offered to Eastern Michigan?


Yeah, my only offer.


No one else was like, hey, you can come walk on or anything.


No, it was pretty quick. I was a linebacker my whole life. I was a linebacker, fullback, running back, all childhood, all middle school, all high school. And my last year, going into my senior year, I grew like four inches. So I was like six five, and I was goofy. I was growing into my body, I was in pain. I wasn't twitchy at all. And I was just trying to figure it out. And we got new coaches that came in from Westlake. Like, they had, like, drew Brees. Like, it's a legendary school. So I was like, I'm trying to play tight end. So they come in, they're like, listen, you're going to play DN and tight end. You're not playing linebacker anymore. Just listen to us and we're going to get you an offer. So that's literally what it was. I had no film at DN until my last year, so Eastern had a camp, like, the summer before my last year in high school, and I went there, did both positions, and then they offered me so I had no film or anything and they just took a chance and that was it. I committed like two weeks later.


That's incredible. Yeah, and we love maxing. Are there times when you're playing the NFL and you're like, this is cake because I've been at Kalamazoo in the middle of November on a Wednesday night in front of 100 people.


Yeah, I mean, we've had some classic ones. We were at Ball State in Muncie, Indiana on like a Tuesday night, one of the greatest games in football history. It was like literally election night. It was like 48 to 45. We won in like what, double overtime or something. There was maybe 50 people out. It was a monsoon. It was freezing and, yeah, he was going crazy.




In the rain, everything. It was wild.




That's best football on earth.


Yeah, it is. When you think of Mac action, you usually don't think of like 48 to 45 games, fucking shootout in that kind of weather. That's a special game because it's like, yeah, there are only 200 people in the stands. You experience that more with your team than you do with the environment of the stadium, which is cool.


Yeah, I guess it was different. Honestly, it's crazy because I grew up playing high school football in Texas, so our games were 15,000 jam packed, full tailgates. It was crazy. And then I go to Eastern and at that time, my first year were one in eleven. They were like talking about shutting the whole program down. We had no fans in the crowd, so I went to Eastern and I had less fans when I first got there. Yeah, it was crazy. So I was a little thrown off, so we changed it. We end up going to a bunch of bowl games and things and now they're still going to bowl games, but it took a lot of time. When I first got there, it was like a ghost town.


It was bad and it was the grit factor. You guys did the concrete entrance when that happened, when your coach was like, this is what we're going to do. What was the locker room like? Were they like, are you sure we're going to do this?


It's funny because I committed and my senior year I watched every eastern game and it was like the first game of the season and that was when Creighton first got hired. So I turn on the tv in the morning and it was not top ten and it was them as number one and they were on the team at the time. I wasn't there yet and it took literally like two minutes to get the wall down and it was hilarious. So my boys are clowning me because of Eastern, trying to knock the wall down, and I'm like, all right, we're off to a great start.


Brogan here talking that. Is that Mike on? Because. Is that Mike on? Brogan, tell us what your coach said after that, too, when you were on not top ten. Yeah, I mean, he pretty much brought us in the next morning after the game because I think we got butchered, which is even worse. So we're in there, and before we go watch film, he pretty much is like, I know we've seen the not top ten, and we're all looking around like it's the elephant in the room. And we're all like, coach, we got to stop that. And he's like, no, you're not seeing it. You're not seeing what I'm seeing. That's why we're going to continue doing it, because no one can tell us what we're going to do. And just goes on this rant, and they're still knocking down that fucking wall. I love it. He did. Was it the JFK speech? We choose to go to the moon not because it's easy, but because it's hard. He did that about busting down a cinder block wall. Were you a little bit tired after breaking down that wall?


I did it, I think once or twice. There was, like, three main people, like offense, defense, and special teams, like the players of the week. You would get the hammer, and you would have to be the one to knock it down. And I think I believe that might be wrong, but didn't they get, like, lighter cinder blocks after that end of getting lighter cinder blocks so you could actually knock the thing down? Yeah, you hit it, like, two times and then just kick the thing through, and then you're good. So, yeah, it was a learned skill, but we figured it out.


And you're playing on a gray field.


Gray field factory.




It was legendary. Yeah, we loved it.


You said you weren't twitchy at the time. Was there a moment where you're like, now I'm twitchy? What was your first twitch?


My first twitch, I would say, is when I lost a bunch of weight before I went to college, when I was growing, I grew, like I said, four inches. My body ached. I was just eating more, and I was just kind of gumpy and big, and my body was hurting. So before I went to eastern, I lost a bunch of weight because I didn't want to feel like that. I felt horrible. I felt slow and everything like that, so I lost a bunch of weight. I got skinny as hell, but I felt athletic and I was jumping and moving better. So then once I got to eastern, I was able to put on some better weight, and then it was a process.


And it's an awesome story because, like I said, only offer is eastern. Then you get drafted by the Raiders in, what, the fourth round? And you're like, third string right away. So are you thinking, like, I'm not going to make this team or you have the confidence I'm going to be one of the best defensive players in the NFL?


No doubt. I've always had a ton of confidence. That's never been an issue for me. It was just about all the other little things, and so for me, it was like I came in as whatever. I was third string when I got into camp, but for me, I just wanted a chance. I was like, I know if I can get drafted on any team, I'm going to have a chance. Just give me in the locker room, it doesn't matter. Put me on the field, I'm going to be good. And once I just start cleaning up everything off the field and cleaning up eating habits and just putting it all together, that's why I'm here today, because I do it every single day, no details left behind. So, yeah, I never had a confident, you know, never had any lack of confidence when it comes to playing football. But once I put it all together, then that's why. So I'm here.


One of your biggest fans is one of our favorite people in the world, Brian Baldinger. Baldi. He called you the Condor. He came up with that name for you, right?




When you heard it, were you like, that's a fucking sick nickname.


Oh, I loved it. I loved it. It was honestly crazy. Like, my first three games in the NFL, they were probably the hardest football games. Like, I'm used to playing every single snap. Like, in college, I would play, never come off the field. I'm a rhythm guy. Like, I need to get into a rhythm and get know, whatever. So I come in, they're like, yeah, you're going to be a rotational guy. You're going to play some first and second down, and you're not even on third downs. I'm like, what the fuck? I'm playing like 1520 snaps. And those first three games, NFL, I was so bad mentally. I was at my lowest when it comes to confidence. I had coach Buckner, who was just hard as hell. I mean, he was just not. I thought I was the worst player in the world. He would come to the meetings and just crush me. And Clee. The other rookie, Clee Farrell from Clemson, he's just getting crushed. And I'm like, I don't know if I could play in the league. And I've never felt, like, lack of confidence on a football field before. So we go into Indy that week, it was the fourth game of the year, my rookie season, and Benson Mayo was the starting edge.


He goes down right before the game, and Buck comes in there, like, literally 30 minutes before kickoffs. Like, max, you're up on third downs, you're going. And that was it. So I went into the game, played like, 50 snaps, had my breakout game, and I've started ever since.


That's incredible.


And that's when Baldi made the video. He made the Condor video versus the Colts, and that was how it all started.


I love how fired up he gets about football. Football is the best.


He's the best.


Now, you never come off the field. There was some stat that was insane. That was like, you played, like, 98% of the snaps. Yeah. How are you able to do that versus everyone else? Like, you see guys, even the best guys have to come off every now and then. You just have a motor that just never stops.


Yeah, I mean, it really comes down to just mentality and preparation. I train all year round. Like, I'm injured right now. These guys are standing my house. We have stuff to do all day, and it doesn't matter. From 711 this morning, I got my strength coach coming over, got my rehab guy. I'm rehab and doing everything every single day. I don't take time off. I meal prep 365. It doesn't stop. So for me, being able to play that many snaps, but do it at a high level, I want to be able to change. Change the game and make other guys kind of look in the mirror and be like, damn, why can't I play that many snaps? Not like I'm 240 pounds. Like, I'm 260 pounds and playing just as much as dbs are playing, which is not common at all.


Yeah, that kind of makes you a try hard.


Yeah, I guess just a little bit.


You're making everyone else have to play more.


Yeah, I want to be that guy.


You know, there's other teams that are like, why can't you be like, max?


Why are you coming off the field 100%? That's my main goal.


I love. That's your goal, though, is to set such a high standard for work ethic. Everybody out there is like, oh, shit, I need to be playing more football. Yeah. I had no idea I could do that. I did hear one interview with you where you said sometimes people call you a try hard. Yeah. Do you take that as an insult? It seems like I would like players on my favorite football team to try hard.


When you're a kid, usually that's like a diss. Like, try hard. You don't want to be that kid. But, I mean, we're all in the NFL, and I take it as a.


Compliment, so guilty is charged. Max Crosby is a try hard. Yeah. We're going to do a graphic try hard.


I'll get a shirt with everything. I'm perfectly okay with that.


So the other part of your story, which is crazy, because you talked about the beginning of your career, and is it four years sober now or close to it?


About to be four years.


About to be four years sober, which is an awesome, awesome story. Very inspirational to everyone. But you spent the first two years, three years of your career not sober, and you still were like, you must feel like a superhuman now, having that many years sober and being able to do these things and being like, how the hell was I? How was my former self able to do that?


Honestly, I don't know. It's crazy to think about, but honestly, it's nuts. I remember in Miami when I was with y'all my rookie year, and I did that, I was hungover, and I felt like shit. And I think I drank a beer with you all on the show, and I don't even know how I was able to operate like that back then. But, yeah, it's honestly, it's funny. My sponsor, right when I got sober, he's like, listen, this is your superpower. He's like, nobody's doing what you're doing. You have to realize that. So I kind of take that into effect with not only being sober, but my football shit, my training. I'm not wasting any energy at the club or trying to recover from the night before. Like, I'm always on it. If I'm traveling to LA or traveling to do something for work or business, whatever, I call my nutritionist, he calls the hotels. I have meals waiting for me. It's all the time. So I'm putting my energy into good shit, and it's got me exactly where I am.


Congrats on four years sober. It's incredible.


I appreciate it.


Yeah, I would imagine the sleep factor is huge, too.


When you rest, your body's actually recovering 100%. It doesn't stop. Like, I got the whole recovery thing in my house. Now I cold tub seven days a week, all year round. Too much of a pussy.


I'm going to start cold tubing.


You have to game changer every morning, bro.


It changes. How long do you go for?


I do two sets of ten minutes every.


Try hard. Try hard. Try hard.


Even the guys, bro. Why do you do. I'm like, I'm doing it because you're not.


You do a cold tub to recover from your cold tub 100%.


I do it before practice. Practice.


I feel like you are a try hard. I feel like we got you at barstool for, like, a week. We would probably bully it out of you, and you'd just be like, yeah, I'll take another pizza. Let's watch the game.


No, slowly start changing. You'd be like, all right, I'm going to get in here. I'm going to get in the building. I would bother you every day.


Day one, you walk in, me and big cat sitting on the couch. We got tv on. We got raising canes, chicken tenders. We got four diet cokes in front of us. And my shirt is, like, up over my stomach because I've gotten fat. It's just, like, supporting my t shirt. What do you say to us to get us to straighten our shit out?


Well, it's crazy, because the thing is, you guys would come in, I would already be in the building. The lights would just be turned on. Nice spread of different type of proteins, greens, everything, and we'd be dialed in.


I think there'd be a revolution.


Yeah, I would. Slowly. All it takes is one. It starts with you, and then all of a sudden, he starts feeling like shit because he's left out. And then, okay, I'm going to start eating then. You got abs now. And then you get a couple more girls here and there. And now you just be a part of the crew.


Now we're fucking.


Now everyone's. Now we're fucking.


Everything's good.


Everything's on point.


It would be a very funny test, because I feel like it would be the unstoppable force versus the immovable object. Like, Max, come on, we're going to bet some college basketball games and sit on the couch. Why don't you want to do that with the boys?


No, I would definitely. I would know. We do our mean, it's not like I'm not having fun, but I just like staying dialed in. It makes me feel better about myself.


Yeah, and you've done, obviously, like, we're kidding around, but what you've accomplished after getting sober is pretty impressive. And on a real note, though, I was wondering about this earlier. You go, you check yourself into rehab, which is hard to. Right? Like, there's a big mental block that a lot of people have, whether they're embarrassed, they're ashamed, whatever the case may be, they don't want to seek treatment. And then you get out of there and you come back to Las Vegas. And as an outsider that hasn't spent that much time in Las Vegas, it seems like a very hard city to maintain that lifestyle in. Was there, like, a shock to you when you got back? How did you adjust for that?


Honestly, I ended up staying in LA. I did my 30 days in rehab. I was in LA the whole time. And then I was like, I want to go back home. I want to go back to my girls. My dogs are there, whatever, and they're like, no, you're going to. It's basically like a halfway house. And you get out of prison, it's like, called a sober living. So it's a bunch of guys, like eight to ten of us in a crib, and they all just got out of rehab, too. So you're living together, doing stuff, but you're doing meetings during the day and all different type of stuff. And I end up staying there for another three months. So that's honestly the best thing I did because I wanted to go home really badly, but I didn't. I just sucked it up. I stayed there for another three months, and then I ended up going into training camp, like, straight out of sober living. So, honestly, if I didn't do that, I don't know if I would have stayed sober. But it helped me prepare. Like going back to Vegas, I was ready. The first step is literally just admitting you have a problem.


So that's really what it was. I'm like, it doesn't matter where I'm at. If I was in Ipsilane, Michigan, they know how it was. I was raising hell. It doesn't matter where I'm at. It could be Vegas or whatever. Obviously, there's more temptation here, but I live in Henderson. It's quiet. I do my thing. If I want to come to the strip, it's 20 minutes drive, but I'm not going to the clubs or whatever. I'm smoking my cigars. It's about it.


That's a great message, too, because I feel like a lot of people who struggle with it, and that feeling of, okay, I did rehab, I'm cured. And, like, Jerry, who we talk to all the time, he stresses it all the time every day is a challenge, and if you think of it that way, you're not ever thinking like, oh, I'm good. I'm fine. I can be around stuff. I'm good. Like having that extra buffer that probably saved your life.


Yeah, 100%. I mean, you need a ton of checks and balances from sponsors. Support your friend group. When I first got sober, they're like, the one thing you got to change is everything.




I'm like, what the fuck does that mean?


I'm in the NFL.


How is that possible? Yeah, literally everything. Like your friend group, who you hang with, all the people you did wrong in the back. You got to go and go dig up those graves and go apologize and do all these things that you're not typically used to doing and are uncomfortable, but at the end of the day, when you clean your side of the street, it's just like, okay, I did my part. I know I was wrong, whatever. And you just keep moving forward, and that's how you do it. You got to do it literally every single day.


That's awesome. You're mentioning cigars. You're a big cigar, our guy. So am I. I like black and milds. I like the flavored wood tips. That's my preferred cigar.


You like woods?


Okay. You like the plastic ones? Yeah. I mean, I'll smoke whatever black and mild you put in front of me, but I've tried to get into cigars. I can't do it. The smell gets into everything. I don't necessarily enjoy it. How many cigars would you say that you go through in, like a month?


In a month? Honestly, during the season, I just smoke a cigar after the game.


Yeah, you did that after the Chiefs game. And I was like, yeah, that might have been a little too much.


What do you mean?


I don't know. Like, you guys weren't in the playoffs. You smoked a cigar.


We smoked cigar after every game.


All right. Okay, then that's fine. You smoke it after a loss.


No, I mean, if it's like me personally, I go home and I put my film on.


Put in the locker room.


Yeah, like, locker room. That's like our new shit with Ap. It's like we're going to smoke our shit.


Okay. I like that. I would die for Antonio Pierce.


He's the man.


Motivate anyone.


Yeah, in a month. I mean, probably. This depends. Maybe six to eight on the low end, maybe twelve if I'm.


What's a good starter cigar?


I would say starter. Like a Monte Cristo or like a Pedrone okay. Pedrone. Like, 50th anniversary is my favorite.


Okay, I might get into that. Let's talk about Antonio Pierce real quick. Seems like an all time motivation guy gets everyone rallied up. Now, let me phrase it the right way. We've all had bosses we don't like. Then switching to a boss you do. Like, there's just a hypothetical example right away. So if you hypothetically went from a boss that everyone's like, I hate, this guy is the worst, to a hypothetically like Antonio Pierce, what would the vibes be like in the locker room?


I mean, the vibes were immaculate. Everyone was happy. I don't know if you're politically correct, but it's just like everyone already loved know. Everyone heard about us having the state of the union type meeting before Josh got, and, like, everybody shared their piece. And Josh was in Dave Ziggler. Like, everyone was in there, and AP was one of the coaches to stand up there and share his feelings, and nobody held shit back. Everything was on the table, and it was uncomfortable for a lot of people. So I think once AP did that in front of the team and then he was announced a week later, that was like the first time everybody kind of heard him in front of the team talk. So it wasn't like some big surprise or anything, like, like the defensive side. We know how AP is. He's dope as hell. He's a great leader, cool as shit, knew everybody. But once everybody kind of got to hear him, then it was just like easy transition and we were rolling.


Yeah. You could tell right away just how you guys were. I think that first game was it maybe the Giants. It was almost instant from the kickoff. Like, guys flying around physical football, it seems like, were you pumped that he got the head coaching job? I feel like the rich, like, we love rich. Versace, too. It was like, are the Raiders going to make a mistake and not get a guy that they there? Was it ever in doubt that you're like, oh, man, I hope we keep AP, but it could go a different way.


Yeah, I mean, you never know. That's the thing. I've been with the Raiders going on my 6th year now, so I've seen it off, so you really don't know what to expect. But I had a good idea that AP was coming back. But until it happens, you're still kind of a little bit nervous. I was public about it. I was very out in the open. We need to hire AP. Whatever. And I was just literally speaking for the guys.




So some people were irritated because they're like, he's messing up the coaching process, and there's a lot of great coaches this year. I'm like, well, there's only one raider coach. We're different than everybody, so AP is our guy. That's how I feel. That's how everyone feels. That's how the equipment people feel, that's how everyone feels. So don't overthink it. We got our guy in the building. Let's keep building and we'll see what happens.


When you said that publicly to me, it sounded like Max might not play if they don't hire AP. That thought occur to you? How much is a year guy would you have played? You were so obviously passionate about? I think Max only wants to play football for AP next year.


Yeah, no, 100%. That's how I felt. Like, I've never wanted to leave the Raiders. I want to be here for my whole career. But honestly, what I was saying, some people took it the wrong way, as in, like, it's either AP or I'm gone. That's not what my message was. My message was, I want everybody to be on the same page when it comes to winning. I want everyone to have the same mindset. I'm going to get better every single year. I'm going to come in the building early, I'm going to work the way I work, because every single year I'm continuously getting better because of the work I do. As simple as that. It's every day. I'm trying to set the standard for everybody in that building. So if the higher ups, or whoever it is, are not aligned with winning, then I don't want to be a part of that. Why would I? You know what I mean? I want to win. I want them to think the same way. I want them to keep, all right, what's the next level? What's the next? Not get content and just be like, all right, we're just going to keep doing what we always done.


It hasn't worked. So let's all fucking think outside the box. Let's be fucking grown men about it, and let's keep winning and keep growing in the right direction. So that's what my message was, and some people took it as nobody's above the shield and whatever. I'm like, bro, I got the shield tatted on me. Yeah, I fucking go out there and play tattoos. A lot of tattoos. It does blend in a little bit, but at the end of the day, I'll put my life on the line to go play. I've proven that over and over. I've played injured, I've had five surgeries, and I've never missed a single game. So it's like, I'm a raider to the core. I want everyone to think like that. It's not like, fuck you all. I'm out of here. Never. I love the fans. I love Raider Nation, but I want everyone to think about, all right, how are we going to win? I'm going into year six already. It flies. I want to be able to win.


Yeah. I got a question for you, big gat. How funny do you think it was during that team meeting when Antonio Pierce said, remember that Giants team that beat the Patriots? And then Josh McDaniels got pissed off because he's like, you can't make fun of the Patriots. Yeah. How funny do you think that was? I think it's very funny. Yeah, I think it's very funny. Very funny.


I don't know who leaked that shit.


Yeah, but it was funny.


He talked about a bunch of different things, but that was one of the reports. I'm like, all right, someone definitely is trying to get some clicks. Yeah, someone made that topic.


Yeah, I clicked.


They're like, josh, I'm clicking on it right now. It definitely sounded convincing, but, I mean, he didn't storm out of the meeting and that was totally. I don't know who fabricated that.


All right, so most important question I have for you. Have you ever gone to PF Changs with Mark Davis?


I have never. No.


What the fuck?


No, I know.


How does he not. You gotta get that in your contract. Take you to P. F Chang's. We're big Mark Davis fans. Oh, I love Mark Davis has got all the swag. We want him on the show so bad. We want to go to PF Changs with him. He's the best.


He's the best. He'll go by himself.




He'll sit at a slot machine at a casino and just hanging out.


I love it.


He's just one of the guys. Yeah, 100%.


Yeah. All right, so the Super bowl coming up. Patrick Mahomes. You obviously play him twice a year, best friend. Yeah. One thing I love that you do is I feel like rivalries mean something to you and you don't like these guys. I love that there was a pregame. I think you guys got into it a little bit before the Christmas game. I just love that that's what sports are about. But Pat from Holmes, in terms of sacking him, like, how do you defend him? What the hell is the answer? Because he's so goddamn good.


Yeah, no, he's the best. So every time you play him, you have to be coordinated. You have to do your absolute best. I don't know if you do your absolute best, you have to do everything in your power and fucking energy, every fiber in your body, to keep him in the pocket. If he keeps plays alive, that's where he's magical. He does all the crazy shit, throws it left handed and he just finds people. But if you keep him in the pocket, that's your best bet. And I'm not saying it's 100% is going to stop them, but that's your best chance. And you watched us play him on Christmas. We kept him in the pocket. We rushed the fuck out of him. We were hunting him all game. That's what your mind has to be like. All right, I know what I'm getting into. Track shoes on. I'm fucking running all day long, right? You look at the gps like they have the gps monitors on us. It should be the highest it is all year because he's just going to keep running and running. So that's kind of what it is. You got to be relentless and your whole front's got to think like that.


So every time I play him, I know what it is I'm going to be chasing all day long. And you got to be geared up for that.


What about when he gets to the sideline? Because he's really good at getting those extra yards where guys, like, they don't let up, but they also.


You can't stop. I mean, there was a play this year where he was literally backpedaling. He was near the sideline and I ran from like the opposite side and I just fucking smoked him in the chin. And I'm like, no matter what, he is going down all game. You have to hit him all game and make him uncomfortable. But the thing about him, he's not a bitch. He's going to keep coming back. He's going to keep playing. And for us, it's like, no, we're going to just make him uncomfortable. All games. Yeah, that's the best.


Wait, if he's not a bitch, what quarterback is a bitch?


I won't name any. There's more than one?




There's a lot of them.


Mad bitches. Well, I'm sure there's some quarterbacks, you hit them and they're like, no, moss, they're crying.


Yeah, there's a lot of them that cry.


What quarterback makes the funniest sound when you hit them?


Funniest sound. Probably Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson rolls over, and I'm like, almost feel bad sometimes, but, yeah, I'll probably say, good. I'll do respect.


It's got to be such a good feeling to get a sack. Have you had to change how you hit a quarterback? Do you think about that shit? Like, oh, if I'm sacking, I better try to take my weight off him in midair, because we'll throw a flag.


Yeah. Honestly, no, it's almost like a skill now. You get a hold of them and you're trying to rag doll them, or you just know, like, back in the day, I was literally trying to break collarbones. Every time you get him, I'm driving him through the soil. That's the only way I'm doing it. But now it's just like, you can't land full body weight. You know a flag is coming. So it's like getting a face mask. You grab somebody with a face mask, you know the flag is coming. It's the same thing. So now you just got to be a little bit more aware and under control. I would say I did notice you.


Do the move where you wrap them up and then swing them.


Yeah, I did that to my homes last year. I grab them and I just turn them away so you can't look downfield and you can't do shit.


That's got to feel like the best moment when you know you got them.


Oh, 100%. There's no better feeling. Like TFL's tack, all that's great, but, like, sacking the quarterback in a big third down, there's literally nothing better.


Yeah. I want to go back to. I believe it was 2019. Was that your rookie year? Yeah, 2019. Your first training camp, I believe that was the Antonio Brown training camp. Right. You remember when he flew in on a hot air balloon on the first day of training camp? Yeah.


That we had hard knocks. We had everything.


Were you like, is this what the NFL is like? There's cameras around me all the time. My receiver's toes are frozen off. He's trying to fight the GM.


Yeah. I mean, when I say, like, I've seen it, know, being on the Raiders, I've seen it all. That offseason, we signed AB Vontez Burfick, Richie Incognito. It was like the longest yarden was your coach. Gruden's the coach. It was a fucking reality television show.




So it was incredible. Those guys even, like, you think about Vantez Burfik, you think he's like, some serial killer. He's one of the coolest dudes ever. Great leader. But just being around those dudes, that was my first experience ever. So it was different. It was crazy. Like, the AB shit was in the news every single day. I'm like, this is so much different.


I'm used to Eastern.


We barely get coverage on ESPN. Maybe ESPN too. Get a couple of highlights. This shit was on tv every single day, so it was different.


What's it like playing for coach Gruden? Did he get pissed off at you because you were too good at defense and practice? You would fuck up his offense.


He would get irritated. He literally threatened to cut me on the middle of the field, one of my first training camp. And his thing, like, he's an offensive coach and I've always had offensive coaches till AP got here. But he would get so mad about batting balls. Like, we'd be in practice doing team and he refused to let us bat the ball. But I would tell him, like, why the fuck are we practicing? To not bat the balls, but in a game, they're going to be doing the same shit, so what's the point? But he's an offensive guy, so he wants his shit to practice, to move a certain way. So I'm not even thinking. I'm just trying to make plays and whatever. I'm a third string. I'm just trying to do everything. So it was like second week of training camp, I swat a ball down and I'm fucking hype celebrating, and he's all looking at me all irritated. Whatever happens again, boom, swat a ball down. Then it happens at the end of practice, I swat it for the third time. He's like, stop fucking.


Stop swatting the fucking ball.


Down goes.


I'll fucking cut your ass. I swear to God, if you do it one more time.


I'm looking at him like, all right. And then just go back to the huddle. Like, he shut down practice and motherfucker. And I'm like, what? But, yeah, I'm not used to it. In college, we do whatever the fuck we hit the scout team, quarterbacks, and you bat one Derek car ball, you're getting motherfuck. He loved that about me because I would just fucking go 100 miles an hour. But at the same time, he motherfucked me all the time just about batting balls. And it's an offensive coach thing. Daniels is the same way. He fucking hated it, is what it is.


That's incredible. Have you talked to Aiden O'Connell at all about his course? Of course. He needs to shave it?


No, honestly, the first conversation I had with him when he came in as a rookie, I spotted him a couple of times. I didn't know who he was, knew he's coming from Purdue, but I seen him with the stash, and I didn't know if it was, like, a fucking. A prank or, like, his thing or whatever it was. And he's sitting there in the squat rack doing a workout, and I just went out of my way, went up to him, is there a story? Like, what's going on with the stash? He's like, honestly, he's like, I was trying to grow a beard, but it didn't grow out right and whatever. And he's like, then I just shaved, and I just kept the stash, and I looked myself in the mirror. He's like, I kind of like this. He just went with it, and that's been his thing ever since. I'm like, honestly, I fuck with it. I respect it. That's his deal. Just fucking. Just ride the wave. Get a couple of sponsorships and ride the wave.


We can't all grow good facial hair. Sometimes you got to shoot your shot a little bit and see what comes out. The Thursday night game this year against the Chargers, that was awesome. Congrats. Yeah, congrats on being in that game. Yeah, thanks. In the first half, could you just tell, like, I don't think the Chargers want to play football right now?


No. Yeah, they didn't want any part of it. I mean, you could tell they were going through a lot. Herbert got hurt. They had all type of shit going on. Everyone's talking about their coach might get fired. And then we just lost to the Vikings, three to zero.


That was bad.


Like, the ugliest game ever. Defensive dream. They didn't do shit all game. We lose by three points, and everybody was pissed. Offensive guys, they couldn't score a single point, so they're getting killed for the next three days. And it was a quick turnaround, so I know they were itching to get back on the field. So we went out there, like, right out the gate. Boom, boom, boom. Every time we were on defense, it was like, pick, fumble. Yeah, it was just. Every fucking play, we were just laughing at the game. Yeah, it was like, I've never been a part of a game like that. I didn't play the fourth quarter, and I didn't even play, like, the last drive of the third quarter. So I'm just hanging out my helmets over there. I'm like, I've never been a part this shit. I'm like, that's what it feels like to be on a fucking. A dominant team. You know what I mean? So, yeah, it was a different experience, but we kicked the shit out.


Yeah, you did. Like, a lot of fun. I have a question about your tattoos. How many tattoos do you have?


No idea.


Okay. No idea. You do have a tattoo, though. You're a girl dad. As a girl dad to girl dad, I can ask you this question. You have a tattoo on your chest says be legendary. No. Yeah. With Muhammad Ali, Kobe, MJ, and your daughter.




That's a lot of pressure on her.


Yeah, it is, dude.


That's a fucking lot of pressure.


It's a lot of pressure.


Did you think about that?


She's going to be a legend, so for me, I know how I am. She's got my genetic pool, so I love being pushed. I love when something triggers me. So, yeah, listen, this is where you're at.




This is where we're going. So be prepared.


Okay. Very high. Yeah, I read that and I was like, damn, that's a lot of pressure.


Ton of pressure.


She's on a Mount Rushmore.


She's on Mount Rushmore immediately.


Did you get the DAC treatment on that? Did you get put under sedated? Yeah. How long?


Two sessions. It was like 13 hours total. Back to back days.


Were you, like, totally knocked out?


Knocked? They came to my house as five different people, and I was in my living room, knocked out. My agent flew in. He was worried about it. My wife is freaking out. Everyone was like, I'm like, I'm fine. I'll be good. A bunch of players do it. And, yeah, I did it. It was smooth. And honestly, after the fact, I wasn't, like, that sore.


Legendary. Yeah, you should have gotten. You getting the tattoo on your chest.


Me getting tattooed?


Yeah. Like you getting knocked out for a two day session in the tattoo artist, tattooing that on your chest, that would have been unique. Maybe the next one took, and then we could see how long it took. Seeing your chest.


It's brilliant.


Yeah, I might have to do that now. Yeah. It also sounds like a nice little vacation. Two days.


Yeah. I timed it up perfect where I had a week off of training, so it was like, two weeks before training camp will always take a week. I need to get my body back together. And so I was like, all right.




We're tatting here. Tatting here. And I was just cooked.


Tough question. There was a hypothetical on the Internet a couple of months ago that will Compton got involved in a lot. It was the all black team versus all white team. You were debated a lot. I think your name actually trended for, like, two days. Do you want to say which team you're going to play for? There was the best is where people would post the post game videos of you in the locker room with a scar. And they're like, yeah, he's on our team.


I've seen a million of them. Honestly, like I said, I want to be on the winning team. We got a bunch of white corners. I'm going for the winning choice. They want me, I'm there.


Did you sit back and laugh? You were literally the point of debate for days.


And I'm just sitting at home like, what the fuck? You have nothing better to do? They're like, oh, no, we got him. Fuck y'all. And they're talking about trade scenarios and all type of shit. They're like, yeah, you take Russell Wilson.


You had to have felt good, though. You were like the hottest commodity on the team.


It was funny, bro. It was hilarious. Internet is undefeated.


It really is. It's also like, I feel like, speaking for the white delegation, we have a lot of great pass rushers on our team right now in the NFL. So we're like, well, if we do have a trade, yeah, we would do it. Give us Jalen Ramsey. Yeah, I'll take.


It's all business.




We can figure that out.


What was Will Compton like as a teammate? Was he more of a try hard than you?


I wouldn't say that. I mean, he's just a morale. He's the first team all morale. He just comes in the locker room. He's always just doing his thing. He was hilarious. And when we went on our run, he had the playoff Willie shit going. We had t shirts. He's a character, bro. So having him in the locker room was funny as hell. He's just cracking jokes and just, honestly, he didn't have to play a snap, but we needed him. He was supposed to be.


He's an all time glue guy. We get the same thing when he comes to our office. It's like, when he shows up, it's like he's a glue guy.


He's like the Udonis Haslam in the locker room. No question.


I like that. I like how you put it, too. It's like he doesn't even have to play. In fact, we don't want him to play. But he's great in the locker room, honestly.


Yeah. Pray to God it never gets to that. But, yeah, no doubt.


Yeah, it's a legend. All right, well, this has been awesome. We got a special guest for our last question. Rowback question. 20% off first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Use promo code, take 20% off it is the one and only Jersey Jerry. Who? You guys know each other? He's got a bone to pick with you. Yeah, he definitely heard what he said about Vontez Burfick. He's got stuff he wants you to sign. Of course. All right, Jerry, bits and pieces of the interview is really good. Oh, you were sleeping. Yeah, other room. You were taking a nap during the interview. Yeah, but I heard bits and bits and pieces. Like all black white team was good.


As you were going out of your.


Okay, so, Jerry, go ahead. I mean, you guys have known each other for a while, right?


For two years.


Two years now.


A couple of years, yeah.


Friend of Jerry's, right? Yeah. Max. Hope my sobriety brother. Of course. Big fan. Absolutely. All right, I got two. I got two. All right, go ahead. As many as you want. All right, so this goes back. He's got the date in June of last year.


June, last.




Less than a year.


No, less than a year. Or a year and a half ago. Year and a half. Year and a half. Happy Father's Day, Max. Enjoy the day, brother. Best of luck this year. Appreciate you, my brother. Max responds, I said, listen, let me send you some bread for a jersey or whatever. He's like, you want a jersey? I'm like, yes, Max. For me and my cousin. He's a diehards Raiders fan and a huge fan of yours. I'm with him right now. He loves you. No response. Oh, Jerry, can I jump in real quick? Yeah. When you sent that text to him, now, is this a DM or a text? DM. DM. DM. Okay, when you sent that DM to him and you offered to send him some money for a jersey, did you think that Max was going to be like, yeah, venmo me? Absolutely not. A couple hundred dollars. All right, also, follow up question. The Father's Day feels like it was a hollow wish because you went straight Father's day to, can I have a jersey? Yes, exactly. Okay. Yeah. So you admit that. I admit that. Were you using Father's Day as an excuse to get in touch with.


Well, no, he's recent new dad at the time. I'm a dad, and I just thought it was the right time to do it. Okay. Right. For a jersey. Yeah. I mean, Father's Day, you're having a great day spend with your kids, why would he say no? You know what? You know, then I hit him up about hey, next to Trump. Incredible stuff. No response. Wait, what is it? What was that? Well, he was at the USC. Go see his big USC. That's incredible. You know what I mean? September 19, I swear, this past year, hey Max, I still need that sign. Why do you make me do this? You do it to yourself, all these players, big cat, why did you make Jersey Jerry DM Max and ask him. He knows all my football fans are and he's like, oh, why don't you come on PMT for one question. I'm like, okay. And then he's like, yeah, I'm sure you dm them. I was like, yeah, well, the jersey, you know that Dan say come on PMT, one question and then I'm always in the same spot. But again it starts with you. I know you're asking for the jersey.


Okay, so this is the last time I asked. I said, hey Max, I still need that Jersey. Can't wait to watch you play Sunday night.


That was it.


That's it. No, you didn't respond, but then you responded to one of my stories and then I was like, you know what, I'm done. But I do have shoes that Max has sent me that I would love to get signed. Okay. He didn't like my dad's shoes so he sent me a pair of air Max. Oh, nice. Just happened to bring him to Vegas. Yeah, second question. Dan, please, one more. Was that even a question? I think that was just like funny. Okay, yeah. Seriously. No, but are you going to get a jersey?


Yeah, I mean, we got to figure it out.


We still don't have the jersey. Maybe. We'll figure it out. We'll figure it out, we'll figure it out. But don't let him off. No, figure it out. Then you're going to DM in a month and he's going to be like, he's 20 minutes away. I go to the house.




Last question, off the record. On the record. Sorry, we're on the record.


Ten cameras in the room.


Couldn't be more on the record. You can't pick yourself. Who is the best defensive player in football right now?


I can't pick myself?




Okay, I know you want me to answer this a certain way. I've seen many of your spiels about a man with two letters for first. Definitely. I mean, if it's not.


Mean, Miles Garrett's good. Aaron Donald, doesn't Miles Garrett have more sacks than TJ? No, it's 13. TJ has 19. And Miles Garrett is going to win defensive player of the year. I will say this on record, though. On record, I will say this on record, I will be putting a wager on Max Crosby to win defensive players next year.


What do you take into account out of who's the best defensive player? Is it just sacks?


Whether or not he plays for the.


Steelers or if he plays for you?


It's usually Steelers. Yes, but I just think the last three, four years he's been that guy. But I will say this, I have said it, and Dan could test this. Max is. Dude, there's like TJ right now. Max is like on him right now. And it gets me nervous.


I like that.




Gives me more motivation.


No, I think Max, I think next year. Next year you're going to see. I think, Max, you're going to win the title next year. I really do.


I appreciate that.


How many years you got left on the contract?




Jerry, I mean, he's a steel. You look like a steel.


You never know. But, yeah, I would say, honestly, TJ, if not TJ, you got to look at. I mean, it's hard not to say Aaron Donald, even though he didn't have 20 taxes here, but nobody game plans. People like Aaron Donald. Miles Garrett's right there, too. I would say, like us four. I mean, Bosa is in that conversation.


Micah? Yeah.


Micah. There's like six guys right now. Yeah, right in that. But TJ, if he wins it, I.


Don'T think he's going to win it, though. I don't think he's going to win. I think Miles is going to win. I think they feel bad that he's never won it and they're going to give it to him. But how do you give it to a guy that 13 sacks, that's it. TJ got 19. You know what I mean?


What do you think matters most?


How many sacks does you have?


14 and a half.


But every year, Max is building. Yeah, he's on my ass.


It's my goal. Trust me. I remember all those arguments. Taylor Lawan, argument.


I'm a stacker. I don't know anything about the offensive lineman, how they feel like, hey, who's the best? Every professional offensive lineman I spoke to said they'd rather go up against TJ than Miles Garrett.




Is that Kyle? Kyle Taylor Lawan, everybody. Dan, you're making embarrassment. No, I'm not. No, I'm not. Jerry did a great job. Jerry did a great job. What did you think about his comment regarding Vantez Burfick? I'll tell you what, I sleep for that one. Yeah, you were sleeping. Very complimentary, Vantez. Really? Yeah.


He was a great dude. I mean, we were talking about that 2019 team where we had ab.


He's not like a leader of men or anything.


He was a great leader. Great dude, great locker room. I mean, it just once he saw somebody going across the middle. He saw red and put his head down and killed you. So he just couldn't help himself. But other than that, he's good.


I got a last question for you. When are we going to get to see Max Crosby, the tight end, in an NFL game? Maybe get some touchdowns?


I'm not going to lie to you. I've had plays in for the last couple years and they haven't used. No, I've used them in practice. Miraculous catch. Nice toe tap on the sideline. We do some one on ones. I'm catching it. I'm just waiting for my moment. So honestly, you never know, but we'll see. I mean, I've had a bunch of different offensive coordinators, like, no, we're going to get it in there, then we run it in practice. It looks great. And then we just never run.


We need it. Do you have a touchdown celebration set?


I mean, I don't know if I score a touchdown, I'm going in the crowd. I'm getting up in the crowd.


You can find the gorilla. That guy rocks.


Yeah, I don't know about that, but.


No bad ideas. You should kiss Mark Davis. Yeah, because he's hot. All right, well, max, this has been awesome, man. Your story is incredible. It's crazy. I kind of forgot that we talked to you. What was it? It was Miami. That was like two months before you went sober, right?


Yeah. Literally two months before.


That's nuts. And it's. I mean, your career is incredible. You're a fun guy to watch and root for. So congrats and defensive player of the year next year. Right in Jerry's face. I'm betting on it. Oh, yeah, he's betting. Yeah. All right, so then we'll all celebrate.






Amen. We'll come back. Come back to Vegas. We'll celebrate.


We're going to be so in such good shape next year. Just being on the max crosby mentality.


Oh, yeah. You guys are going to be shredded.


I want to get my hands on you for like two days. I bet you I can get you to stop working out.


You think?


Yeah. Come hang around a little bit. Today's fire fest segment is sponsored by our friends at Morgan and Morgan. Fixing your fire fest is hard. Submitting a claim with Morgan and Morgan is easy. Doing stand up for 15 or 45 minutes or an hour or an hour and seven minutes is hard. Submitting a claim with Morgan Morgan is easy. If you're ever injured, you can check out Morgan and Morgan. They're america's largest injury law firm. They have over 100 offices nationwide, more than 1000 lawyers with over $20 billion recovered for over 500,000 clients. Morgan and Morgan has a proven track record of fighting to get you full and fair compensation. If you're ever injured, you can check out Morgan and Morgan. Their fee is free unless they win. For more information, go to pmt. Or you can dial poundlaw. That's pound five, two nine from your cell phone. That's f o PMT or Poundlaw, pound five two nine from your cell. This is a paid advertisement. Okay, fire fest of the week. Hank, wrap us up.


It's been a good week.


My fire fest is over.


Obviously the last couple of weeks was.


A stand up, so I feel happy and relieved. So not too much to report. My only fire fest would really just be people that play blackjack and don't hit on 16. Anybody in particular? There was a woman that I hit the table a little bit this morning and there was a woman who just did it like three different times and it got me quite tilted. Yeah, I had to get up after the second time because the dealer would have busted. If she had hit, she would have got 20. Didn't happen. I lost all three times. That's brutal. Jerry does that from time to time, too. Jerry doubles on twelve. Yeah, he doubles on twelve and sometimes he will just not hit on like a 13. Yeah, well, depend. Is this against a ten? I'm assuming against a ten. Yeah. Four or five or six. Can't blame him. No, obviously not. No, I'm saying, yeah. Seven, 8910. Yeah. Other than that, great week. Great week. Pft. Yeah, I had a pretty good week. I don't have a fire fest. I guess my fire fest is we just did an interview and I kind of cried during it, so that's going to be bad when that comes out.


So, yeah, I just have that to look forward to. You didn't cry? I got a little emotional. Yeah, I got a cry, but yeah, besides that, I don't know. It's been a good week. Okay. I'm loving Vegas. Okay. Yeah. Viva Las Vegas. All right. My fire fest. Everyone saw on Monday we accosted Mark Davis. We do not have Mark Davis on the show. We're hopefully going to get him at some point. Even though we accosted him. I had another run in with someone who I'd love to have on the show, but I chickened out. And that's my fire fest. I took a piss next to Tony Romo last night, and I was like, what's up, Tony? And that's all I said, because I was like, this guy, if I say part of my, like, he probably knows a little bit about a little bit. He might have listened to the interview with his. What, brother in law? Yeah. He also was wearing a backpack. Someone he worked with. Definitely know bravel sends him the clips. I pussied out. So I replayed it a bunch of times. Also, it's kind of weird in the bathroom, but, yeah, Tony Romo saw him real life.


Didn't say, oh, I don't know about that piss. Know Tony or something like that, which I also was thinking about doing the stream. I don't. But, yeah, he was. He had a backpack on. It was weird. Yeah. What is he, like six? Yeah. I don't know. It was like a leather backpack, too. He's probably coming from, like, a coach's meeting. I don't know. He was walking towards the high rollers room after we left the bathroom, so I don't know. Did you fist pump him? No, I followed behind him for a little bit. Did he answer you? Yeah. He's like, hey, that was it? Yeah. I mean, it's weird to say hello to someone when you're taking a piss next to him. It would have been a great video, though, if you took your phone out and you're like, hey, Tony. Yeah, come on. Part of my take. Come on. Part of my take, dude. Come on, pee boy. We've been really mean to you. Okay, Jake. Yeah. First off, apologies for saying radio row is my home. I should have said, like, natural habitat. Yeah. We have microphones here. Yeah, but outside of work, people.


You want people wearing suits behind a microphone. Yeah. Right. You want professionalism. Yeah. Vegas just gives me anxiety just the whole way. Yeah, the lights. It always feels like you need to be moving. Like, if I'm in my hotel room, I'm like, where's everyone else? I mean, you lived in New York City. Yeah, but that's different. Okay. Like Times Square. Yeah, different. There's a very funny interaction with Jake and the lady at the roulette table. And Jake was standing next to me as we were all playing. And this drunk lady behind us was, like, leaning over him, like, trying to place bets. And Jake was standing, watching, supporting his friends. And the lady was like, aren't you going to bet anything? And Jake was like, no, I'm just know. Supporting my friends and rooting for my friends. It went, lady yourself. The lady was like, why aren't you betting? And Jake's like, there's plenty of time later on the week for think. I think Jake's about to get nasty on the table. Last couple of days, Wednesday was positions. Still time to rebound. But, yeah, Vegas is just like, where should I be? Yeah, radio row strip club.


Yeah, radio row. Max, you got a fire fest. I farted. That makes it sound like it was only one. I don't know any of these farts. Your fire fest is that you had a burrito. Ripping, ripping. Did you guys see my tweet last night? No. The guy who ordered two sodas, the waiter comes over and starts pouring a soda. I was like, I didn't order this soda. And then he puts another one on the table. I was like, oh, my God. Somebody just fucking two sodas, Max. Yeah, you see Max, get him two sodas. No, do not get me two sodas. Every time you see him in public, get him two sodas. But the man needs two sodas. The best thing to happen to Max, though, was. Yeah, yeah. Dave hates memes. Yeah, memes, what's your fire fest? Had a pretty good. Oh, okay. No, this week sucked dick. Sunday night Wi Fi didn't work. James Winston interview took too long to upload. And then I bombed on stage in front of Dave and Frank Fleming, who won't forget about this ever. No, Frank playing the cricket sound was very rude. Very rude. Chad, how'd you think the week went?


Save the hater. Let Chad have the mic real quick. Chad's our sound guy. He's been with us all week. We always do this. Super bowl week. Chad, what do you think about this operation? Operation here is all good.


I think the week went well, especially for the recordings and the stuff that I did. Met some really cool people.


Got a shout out to boy. Yes. Chad got a picture with.


Yeah, dad was stoked about that, too, because he's the IO boy.


All right. Love it. Yeah, great week. All right. Shout out, Chad. Shout out, Chad. Last year, we gave a whole shout out to our sound guy, then he fucked up the audio. Super Bowl Sunday. But we're not going to be here Sunday. So great, Chad. Yeah. So this audio is not fucked, Chad. Hopefully. Hopefully not. Oh, I do have another real fire fest. I just remembered I started vaping again this week, and I blame Hank Lockwood for getting me into it because Hank was so stressed out on Sunday. When we got here, he just started ripping a vape. I was like, what are you doing, dude? Rip in a vape? He's like, yeah, I'm just trying to calm the nerves. I was like, hank, let me get a drag of that. And I took a drag, and then about 2 hours later, I went, bought my own rig. Nice. Now I'm back on the hard stuff. Yeah, nice. I'm going to have to start smoking. I smoked cigarettes last night to wean myself off the vape. That's the best way to quit vape. So I'm just going to have to smoke more cigarettes. Okay. I love that our hotel is smoke free.


I hate that. All right, let's get to ourselves. Back in studio. Last one with the schwam, everyone. Enjoy super bowl Sunday, and we will see you on Monday morning. All right, super bowl week wrapped. The big game is coming up, and we still got the schwam for the lottery balls all week long. If you've been following along, he guessed 22. On Monday, it was 56. He guessed 18. On Wednesday, it was 22. So now what do you do, number choice? Do I do it in roman numerals? Super bowl 58. Okay, 58. I'll go 71 again. I'll go eight again. 40 for Hank, 18 for Jake memes. Shane, 21 and three for memes. All it one first time. One's one first time it's ever hit one. Love you guys. Oh, boom. If we're still recording, do you have a first touchdown pick? Oh, yeah. For the people. This is important stuff. Very important. First touchdown. You wanted me to make it goofy or try to win it. No, you want to win it. Whatever you think. Whatever you say. We're going to bet. That's true. Well, he's the favorite of it, right? Like, Kelsey's the lowest number.


No, McCaffrey would definitely be. McCaffrey's numbers are nuts. Yeah, I'd like to come up with some. Hurting my head too much. What about gray, the other tight end on the Chiefs? That would be. Yeah, it's going to Touchdown. Not right away. Kelsey's the obvious. How about just for the heck of it? I don't know that you should bet this. I will. Nothing you can do. No, don't say no. Don't let them talk you out of it. Say it. We won't worry. Tell you what, we won't bet. We've already given our pick for the game. Yeah, so I've said the Chiefs will win, which doesn't mean they're going to score first. This is a me problem, not a you problem. Whatever you say, I'm going to bet. But that's not your fault. That's my fault. Boy, are we so happy with Valdez scantling. Okay. All mean now. That's got to be a big number. Big number. It's in. It's in. Don't put a lot of shekels on. Oh, we're putting a lot. I have no choice on it. Oh, yeah, we're putting a lot. I can't say something that's expect us not to take it. The plan is simple.


I'm going to put a lot of money on tails that will hit and then we put all the winnings on Valdez scantling. That's the Super Bowls. Tails never fails. Is that true? Yeah. Tails never fails. It rhymes. Yeah. Definitely not lost a lot of money on. You have to bet the over on the national anthem, too. Always. How long it. Yeah. Yeah. You have to bet over. Yeah. Who's singing it this year? Reba McIntyre. Okay, well, that could go either way. She might not be of the last five tales. Three of the last five. Okay, three. Last five. We're on tails. Valdez scantling. Love it. That's not going to be their early game. No, I love it, but you can't talk me out of my game plan. It's just like a feel good. Yeah. This is my first 15 plays scripted. It's tails. It's a pizza. It's Valdez scantling. We got it all set. I think if Valdez scantling scores the first touchdown, I think the 49 ers would be like, what is. This does not feel good to us. Yeah, we might as well just quit right now. It's going to be 22 to 18.


Yeah. That's be the way that he would call that. Yeah, I don't think so. Because if they're at the 25, they're at the ten. He's not going to do it. It would have to be like from the third and one of those weird Andy Reed red zone plays, they have two guys in motion. Shovel pass to a reverse coming around the edge. Yeah. But I don't know that he would carry. Well, they're not going to give it a meek. Probably not. No. I mean, Miko throwing the ball. If you're like, at midfield. Send them long. Yeah. So Miko throwing the ball. This is getting real. I like it. Yeah, I like it. I'm retiring. We're not doing a show next year. I'm going to win so much money on this. I'm retiring. Yeah, we're still on. I'm going to retire. We'll just have you come talk ball. We won't even have microphones. Miko. He can write. He's the fastest. Yep. Okay. Bets in. Fastest. Ayuk's pretty fast. Debo's pretty fast. McCaffrey's pretty fast. They're all pretty fast. Yeah, they are. They're all fast. I'd love to see us check score. But they don't run him like.


Okay. So we'll go mvs first. Touchdown. Ushek. Anytime. Touchdown. Love it. There's the plan. Five or six times a game. They can't talk me out of it. I know. I was trying to not go chalk. They did give him the ball, I think, inside the five last week. I think he got a touch. So he'll get one. Yeah. That was just dress rehearsal. We're in. Yeah, we're in. I like it. I think that might have more of a shot. Well, not a first score. Anytime. I don't like it. I love it. Valder scaling might be in anytime. Yeah, we're going first. And anytime. All right, fuck it. What else would be a first? Here we go. Mvs, anytime. Plus 550. 1st touchdown. 31. I like that. 31 to one. And then anytime. Anytime. No, sorry. First is 31 to one. Okay. Hammer play. You check. Anytime. Ten to one. I like that. Perfect. I like that. Okay. All right. No, he should be about eight to one. So I think you're getting a good value. Yeah, you're getting some value there. Valdez scaling is 31. So what are they? McCaffrey and Kelsey or whatever they are for first or anytime.


No, first, actually, Travis, Kelsey first is eight to one. Not bad. Pretty good. Yeah. Can't go lower than him. McCaffrey is plus 361st touchdown. Which is absurd. This is perfect. Boom. I'm going to parlay Ushek. Anytime. Touchdown. With Marquez Valdez scantling first touchdown. Five grand to win. $1 million. Done. If you were asking me that, I wouldn't. I'm going to do it. All right. Thank you. There's difficult names to spell. Yeah. So that should count. Yeah. Use check. Why not? Why not us? All right. Thank you. Boom. As always, you're the best. I didn't realize we were in the speakeasy. They love you guys. Love you guys. Talking away I don't know what I say I say anyway today's a my day to find you shine away I'll be coming for your lover


little way to me it's not better to be safe it's all better to be safe wake on me take me I.