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On today's part of my take, we've got George Kittel, our good friend, best tight end in the entire NFL, Greg Kittel, where did he finish in that? We'll have to look that up before we interview him. We're we're taping this right now in the morning. We've done the week, 24 hour stream. We're actually in the middle of the stream right now, Sharrow. Everyone was watching the stream. We have those two guests, which are great.


We're going to do a SpongeBob episode reading We haven't slept in like twenty eight hours. Right now. It's probably a little drunk. I'm on dog. Twenty two, two more to go before twenty two right now. Yep. So we have all that. We have a recap of great week. We have fire fast SpongeBob reading with our good friend Nick Nökkvi. Nick, they get confused for each other often. And before we get to all of that, before we get to our Friday show, a quick word from our friends at the cash.


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We're not talking no position of the Washington and you can blame it all on the side and no. I'll tell you what, I. Welcome to part of my take presented by the cash app, go download it right now, use code bar so you get ten dollars free. Ten dollars. The ASPCA today is Friday, July thirty first. And we are coming to you live after not having slept for twenty eight, nine hours and week 20, 20, 24 hour live stream has been completed.


So our brains are absolute garbage.


Yeah my my entire head feels like a bowl of oatmeal right now. My stomach feels like a drum and bass concert is going on it. I don't feel great but that's what great week is about. It's about persevering. We're here. We're somewhat lucid. No. And sports are back. Sports are back. So first, a shout out to everyone. The tune in the week. Twenty twenty. We raised like I think the final number is going to be around twenty thousand dollars for the kids.


It was, it basically was we created like a grade school sleepover where we never went to sleep. We played games, we played video games during twenty four beers. Billy ran a marathon in like eight hours out of nowhere. He just decided he would just take care of all of it right off the top.


I twenty four hot dogs. We had fun. We laughed, we fucked around. We got Tim Allen trending just randomly. We decided at five a.m. who's the weirdest random celebrity that we get trending so everyone will wake up and think that person died? We did that with Tim Allen. He actually just tweeted being like, what do you think it's like to wake up and think everyone thinks you're dead?


Yeah, no, he actually thought he was dead when you wake up this morning. So shout out Tim Allen. Way to get trending, bro. But yeah, it was awesome. The whole thing was awesome. We have not slept. It was a great time. Actually wrote down a couple of notes, some highlights. OK, here's one highlight. When Big Cap blew a four star lead in my party and had to run a mile saving me from running my second mile.


OK, did you have that one too? No, I didn't have that one. That one sucked. Oh, I had this. I wrote this down. The new Madden sucks. This is going to be the oldest I've ever sounded. But the movements, my eyes cannot understand the movements. They are all herky jerky. I don't understand how the players move in that game.


It's too hard to play because the kids grow up playing those games that have higher frame rates. We grew up playing real football games like Madden ninety five when the quarterbacks didn't have names and they were not on the field. There were four plays that you could run and they all sucked. That's when football was football. Our eyes aren't used to this stuff. It's just I feel like I'm having a seizure when I'm no, I really do feel super old saying it.


But when we played it, I could not understand. Like, why is everyone moving like this? These games have gotten too realistic. Give me some give me some more glitches. Give me some weird shit. Give me it. So it's hard to like run through someone or juke someone. It's just I don't know. Not for me. Yeah. Hank thought the words superlatives was super relatives. Yep, yep, sure did. I'm a fanatic reader, I'm a fanatic reader, frenetic, he totally thought that Billy Billy's highlight was both running a marathon in the first eight hours, but he also cooked two of the worst meals I've ever seen cooked back to back to dinner and breakfast.


Just incredible. I actually so bad that I want to create a new video series where Billy is just the Washington Generals of food shows and we just put them up against everyone in the world and watch him lose so that it's that funny.


I think that if you put Billy up against a really good cook, they would probably lose because it would be so psyched out by Billy just pouring beer into whatever recipe as putting eggs and beans in a blender with what else was in their hot dogs, hot dogs, an entire package of hot dogs, seasoning onions, even hours later, watching people walk into the office, their immediate face just gave the stank face of like, what is going on in this office.


It was something that was cooked four hours ago on the opposite side of the building.


It looked like flavored ice cream. It was bad. It was it looked like a cross between that and cat vomit. Yeah.


So Billy has three rules is a cook rule. No one is. They're all ingredients. That's his saying. When you say, Billy, what the fuck are you doing right now? That smells and it looks terrible. He says they're all ingredients, dude. Number two is let them eat talk. So that means just don't put any seasoning on any meat. Just let it talk. And number three is every meal cooked needs beer so that Billy can drink it.


This is these are things are true.


You know, really, I was sort of in a in a danger zone and my brain was cooking because I just ran a marathon and I also had no sleep. So wasn't my best stuff. I was sort of just like like the one thing was make substance.


It was memorable, though, if that's all that we're looking for out of this and it was super memorable. And then to cap it off, Billy has a flair for the dramatic. Thirty seconds before the end of the scream, Billy just sort of breaks the couch, broke the couch, starts, he starts doing curls with the couch because he's so pumped. And I think two legs of the couch broke off. Yeah.


But I honestly think this was this is the best. I mean, we've talked about the the beginning of the comeback for Billy.


Your performance on the live stream was a plus, a plus plus marathon. Top Chef, a plus plus. What else do we have.


Memories or it's all fuzzy. I was like five fifteen.


Yeah. Jake was opening cards, pack of cards every single hour, rebellion task and one hour. I just he was like any any guesses for who the first card is. And I just said Buster Posey. And it was Buster Posey. That was when I was a witch for thirty seven.


I thought you were Criss Angel at that point.


I thought you were a street magician. Then the six Liam Liam whispered to Rudy, What? No, I said, Liam, think of a number and whisper to someone. And I got that right. And I was like, at this very moment in time, I am a witch on earth. I thought you were two for a while. It was cool and then it fell apart. But yeah, I was we were getting ready to throw you into a bathtub and see if you think I feel like I'll be honest, I am drunk.


I'm hungover all at the same time. I don't know that I've ever been in that mental state before. I'm feeling like this is a three day comedown from me. Oh, yeah, yeah.


This is going to be like Monday morning.


I'll start to kind of edge myself out of this. It's going to be like the best.


I remember, though, waking up and being delirious. No real NBA action.


I agree, though, because I don't I think I'm so delirious that I'm not going to be able to fall asleep. I think I'm too tired.


I think I stayed up past it all about I think I can nap either. I know. I'm just too excited right now. I'm too excited that I'm done with it and then I can nap to actually sit down and fall asleep.


I probably drank Schroder's now, but Hank brings up a good point.


There should be basketball, so let's predict what's going to happen. The Pelicans and the Pelicans, the Celtics, Blazers, who they play, just the Pelicans, the Jazz and the Clippers and the Lakers isn't healthy.


Yes, he is, because they rushed him through the quarantine. So he's back. How crazy to think back to March that Rudy Gobert testing positive probably led to this bubble being created. We probably would never have bubble life. True, we weren't. Lou Williams would never have gotten caught eating wings at a strip club in Atlanta. Sure, it wasn't for Rudy Gobert. The butterfly effect from that one test. The ripples will be felt for centuries. I think the pelicans are going to win.


I think the Clippers are going to win.


Lock it up. Noted. Does the season count. Yeah, not if LeBron wins.


Correct. Good answer. Great answer. So yeah, we'll have basketball this weekend. That's going to be fucking awesome.


And in hockey later this week. Weekend to right. Sunday. Yep. Yep. No, I think the Blackhawks on Saturday maybe. Let's go Joe Kelly. That guy. That's funny.


That's a funny face to face. It was Philip Rivers like that he was doing. He was just sticking his tongue out. Yeah. Maybe a little bit more profanity. Yeah. Yeah. I got introduced to Joe Kelly Fight Club and I went back and watched this tape of him fighting against the Yankees from a couple of years ago.


I was just let the boys fight. And then Rob Manfred has the balls to suspend Joe Kelly for looking awesome and making dumb faces. And the Astros have been at all. And I saw some people trying to make the argument like it's egregious that Joe Kelly, like he was too close to someone's head, like, listen, no one should get beaned in the head.


But if there were someone to get beat in the head to be the Astros and the dude also like during quarantine, he had a net set up, an injured and he missed the neck completely and hit his house.


That's true. Like he has proven he has proven on the record that he had control issues only two months ago.


And that is that is such a litmus test of do you take sports too seriously?


If you see Joe Kelly, do the pouty face, the Astros in your initial reaction is, oh, my God, how could he know your reaction to be that's fucking hilarious.


That is actually social distancing was an appropriate way to fight just by throwing baseballs at each other. Right. You don't want to get too close and start punching. Someone might cough on you again. Don't throw baseballs at people's heads. But the Astros also have to kind of expect that bad things are going to probably happen to him for a little bit of time. So was this Rob Manfred saying, like, if anybody hits Astros, just so you know, I'm going to spend you eight games?


I think it was I think it was more the headhunting, which I get. Yeah, I get that portion is a little high. Yes. I get that portion of that.


Like, if you're going to being someone, you know, do it in the in as green. I would say that took us, it took us, took this region hip. So yeah. That happened. Oh Patrick Mahomes is going to be pissed. He was number four on the top 100 list and then he put in there, he tweeted out a little like noted.


Oh, got it. Got it.


So who's going to be ahead of him, Aaron? Donald, I don't know. Who is that? Let's predict who's ahead of Patrick Mahomes list. George Kittle, number seven on the show in a minute. Yeah. Oh, we got Danny. Vitalii, wait, wait. Is this the is this the list? Where we at? Man, I'm tired, I have no I have no idea where Jackson No.


One, Russell Wilson, number two and number three homes for I guess also agree with Patrick Mahomes here. Yeah, come on. I think Aaron Donald is the guy that you put ahead of Patrick Mahomes to remind everybody that you watch football, they watch the tape speak.


Well, Aaron Donald's really the best player. Yeah. Which he's awesome.


Don't get me wrong, but I don't know. And then Russell Wilson, also a very good player.


But come on, Patrick Mahomes is coming off. Like, what more does the guy need to do?


Nothing. He's our number one. Yeah, we we're releasing the part of my Take One list. Commence debating right now. Here's the entire list. Patrick fucking Mahomes Patrick Mahomes number one.


Oh, number two, Chad Kelley. Chad Kelly.


No, that's right. Yeah, I accept that. Chad Kelly.


Number two, I think that's probably about oh, Kevin Durant, Trouble in Paradise. He got into a Twitter beef with God today. Really? Yeah. He added, God, that's how you know that you're serious. What do you say? Put up the tweet right now. He said, yo at God, we good questionmark.


So calling out God, this league, this universe knew last chance.


You all right. Let's get the rest of the week. Yeah. OK, well let me get the ed. Hold on. Last chance.


You know, it's fine. Just hasn't been good in a few seasons. Yeah. The coaches like a good person this time. Right. Who knows.


Season one of last chance to do though is still worth a read. Watch that. It was fire. Dude, I am so fucked in the head right now.


I like my eyes feel swollen. You ever get that we're eyes. Oh yeah. My whole body like my organs are swollen. Can I get I want to get popped like a sausage.


I want someone to poke Brookie with with a fork, a knife and just have some of your juices. Just give me a little pop. Pop. I don't need that. I need to be swale.


All right. Here we go. Before we get too far fetched, a Bud Light filled week. Twenty twenty is in the books. As sports come back, Bud Light wants to make sure your fridge is stocked.


Had Bud Light dotcom slash delivery for the virtual beer vendor. So you don't miss any action. Bud Light or Bud Light seltzer delivered straight to your door again. That's Bud Light dotcom slash delivery. We have not picked a winner yet for the Bud Light fridge. We will announce the winner on Monday's show guaranteed. We forgot to do that because we've been up for 24 hours. Arbat that's on us. Tokamak, Okafor and Graham Butler, they're not bad fucked up.


OK, we fucked up five past the week, Hank. My five rest of the week.


Is that I my favorite part of the week is that Billy didn't do a fire fest and I can tell already saying big cat disgusting makes me fire first, is that.


No, I'm Bill.


You're not up there for you forgetting your fire first.


No, no, it's on Big Cat now. My fire fest of the week is that we got Tim Allen trending and I had never seen the tweet that he had before that said, if we evolved from apes, why are there still apes? Checkmate. I that's some knowledge I should have had before. Like, uh. Mm hmm.


It's a very fine line between Tim Allen and Chris. Chris Berman noises.


But like, that's a whoa. Like we evolved from what he's like. He's Chris Berman with a job. So they're all right.


Billy, I might have fucked up my foot running a marathon on one day notice. Yeah. And I'm brain dead. Yeah, you're. Well, that's not now. I'm a parent myself, I'm Brenda what? Oh, you realize that yourself? No, I'm just I feel stupid.


Also, you've got to tell your mom that you were coming home last night.


Yeah. Oh, yeah. That's that's a huge one. Dude, you should have done that. Yeah. Now, she was like, where where are you this morning? I was like, Matthew, how do you miss telling her that?


I don't know. I just said, you're working late, right? Yeah. And anyway, dude, I.


I can't do this right now. Yeah, I can. No, no, no.


We're pretty much done. If Hank has a fire for us, we're pretty much done. My fire fest is that my dog just bites everything that is exists in my apartment. I don't really know how to stop them.


I put peanut butter on stuff, make it a fighting dog.


Yeah. Yeah. Turn into it, huh. Killer dioxins. Yeah. What nips.


It's got sharp teeth. Yeah. It's puppy. Yeah. You know I used to do Leroy Skin says I used to just pretend like everything every time he put his teeth on me pillows I just be like oh like I got a really bad yelp like another.


And then they, then they feel bad. Yeah. Yeah.


Your dog also if they nip you, you nip them back. Yeah.


That's actually bite your tongue. It's a little nip and just a little piss on them. Mm. Don't you like a nipple.


Just give me a little nip and if they do those territorial small pins where there's not like a spray, it's like those little like deposits pee on top of that.


Yeah. Yes. So they know Pyle. Yeah sure they know. Oh shit.


I can't mark my teeth in order to fully train your dog you're going to need at least ten to twelve piles scattered around your apartment. That's just science, dude.


You have to do tug of war with him with your teeth and beat them right where they won't respect you.


Right, right, right, right, right, right. OK. All right. Let's get to George Kittle then we got big show. Then we have SpongeBob Square Pants table. Read that we did it like seven in the morning.


I don't even know I was blacking in and out. That was talking funny. So make sure you watch that or listen to that. Watch out. Listen to that. And then Monday, we have CJ McCollum, CJ McCollum, great recurring guest, awesome interview. What did we do that?


That was yesterday at two. Yeah, four hours ago. Yeah. That was has no idea where I am right now. What was the what time.


She was eleven yesterday. Over twenty six hours. Yeah. Why am I here.


That Sox. I woke up at six am but seriously thank you everyone for joining a great week.


Twenty twenty. That was so much fun. We had to, we had to sleep, we had to sleep over with no sleep. Love you guys. You know this is we're going to the ad again.


I have no idea what to wear. Strictly on autopilot right now.


See the ad we were going to go, we still got show left. We still love you. We love we do still love you, though.


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No chaffing. Watch. I'm going to keep doing the ad while I wipe with my dude.


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George Kittle Woo.


OK we now welcome on just clap. Yeah he's a pro remember. He auditioned for my job.


Yeah. Oh that's right. Yeah. We're in here. We're literally walked from the 24 hour grit stream into. This interview, we couldn't think of a better guest to have on to finish off gret week than our good friend Greg Kittel.


Greg, it's great to see you, man. Hey, it's good to see you guys.


It's your 24 hour stream was pretty incredible. Thank you.


Was a wild ride. Yeah. What was your favorite part?


I know you run out of bonds was kind of brutal. They got, you know, hot dogs.


Yeah, well, we just were like like at one point I looked down on the ground and they're just burns everywhere because we just it was it was basically just a sleepover. And we just started throwing shit. The room became a trashcan. Right. So that and then that just kind of defeated my my buns.


But then it was you blew a four star lead. I just saw that on Twitter. Yeah. Yeah. Mario party. Dude, you got to bring that up. That's fucked up. You want to talk about it. It was crazy. Honestly, I don't think if you played that game a hundred times, the the way the things went down, it wasn't right. It wasn't fair. And then I had to run another mile with 17 hot dogs in my belly.


I felt bad. I felt bad watching Big Cat run, but I wasn't going to stop it now. It sucked, man. You know, it also sucked. What? Losing the Super Bowl was going to say, are you over it? I think it's always going to say my dad was a good Segway, right? Good. Yeah, about the same level of competition, the same, you know.


So, yeah, I get it. Yeah. I think it's just always going to suck, but I'm good with it at this point. Listen, as I think I can relate, I've had loss like that for Starlene Mario party. No big deal. But honest question. We, we actually interviewed you that week because you're such a good friend. You came over with your entire entourage of I was like 17 cops that were that were on detail with you just because you're like, let's just make sure George doesn't start shotgunning beers at any point this week.


But it does suck. We were rooting for you. I appreciate. I do. I think it is a stupid question to be like, how long does it take to get over? But I think it is also an interesting question, like how you know, how at what point were you not thinking about it all the time or it wasn't like, you know, because everyone who's played any sport, they replay the game immediately after. And I would imagine it's magnified to that like ultra level when it's the Super Bowl.


Oh, it really sucks like that. First month and a half, two months after that. That was not fun. Well, I mean, think about like you trained the whole off season and then it's five months of football and then you lose the last game. You're like, well, that just sucks. It's like a year your life gone. But I mean, I definitely look back. You appreciate it. I mean, we won fifteen games, which is pretty sick that I had a fun time doing it too.


But then after that you just kind of look forward to the new season and now I'm just ready to play football if they let us play. And I'm excited to finally get back on the field. Did Roger Goodell ever issue you a formal apology for that pass interference, call that bogus pass interference call in the second quarter?


No, unfortunately, I did not get that unless it's in my other email, but I didn't get that.


You know, he was just making sure that the refs called that to stick it to Sean Payton because Kyle Rudolph got away with that same exact stiff arm that you had. And so he just wanted to piss Sean off a little bit more. He was like, hey, call call that same thing on Greg.


You guys remember fucking everything. That's crazy.


I actually this just popped in my brain. Was it? I think it was you when they had that clip of Kyle on the sidelines. I think it was maybe the NFC championship game where he went up to the referees like, yo, there they're going to they're going to hold George here. Yeah. They can't they can't guard him here. Watch for it. And then you got the flag, do you? When you saw that clip, were you like, holy shit, that's pretty cool that he's doing that.


No, he said that when he installed the play on Thursday for a third down, he look, when they get this far, like when we're in this formation and this guy covers you, he always holds. So does push him inside and break out. He's going to hold you. And I was like, all right, sounds good. And then it happened. Yeah. Like I said, the dude's a wizard.


It's pretty fun to play for him. That's insane. What a guy you guys drafted another block blocking tight in this year. Are you guys just going to smash people?


I could be like, I'm excited. Charlie is a good dude. We were actually we were running around together and he was like, hey, this pass and stuff is kind of boring. We're going to start talking about one game. And I was like, you're my guy. Like, I needed that out of you. Yeah, we're in a line outside zone.


You're going to throw the ball like nine times a game. It's going to be awesome. But for some reason, the way that you guys play offense, the way that you guys run the ball, it almost makes it seem like it's a passing attack because it's dynamic and like it bounces outside and it's crazy. It's like like the plays that they draw up are fun. The blocking schemes are awesome. So when you're installing those, like, how long does that take to learn these like small, intricate details of the blocking schemes?


It's actually really difficult. Like our our run game meeting on Wednesday is like when you do first and second down runs and that's like a forty five minutes to an hour meeting that we install like forty run plays. And then by the end of the week we're like sixty I think sixty or seventy five somewhere in there. And then yeah but each one is very different and each week it brings like a whole new different set of challenges like we play the Carolina Panthers was when we really installed like all of our motions and stuff in the backfield.


And that was a trip because I, I know you have a play called Hornet. You got a play called WASP. And they both mean similar things, but they're completely different at the same time and change our rules. So it's definitely a learning process. But by the end of the year, we kind of got used to it, which is and that's why you could see, like our run game is pretty popular in the playoffs.


How many plays do you know? Good question.


I flush everything after every single week. Really? Yeah, just delete it all, because we have a brand new install basically every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Wait, just like if you guys are, I don't know, well, maybe maybe it did happen with the Falcons. Were you guys you ever see a team? We are like now we don't need to do anything new. Like, they stink.


No, like, so that was like Kyle's playbook and like, it just evolved so much since then. But like, we still have a lot of similarities in their offense because we watch a lot of their tape when we play NFC South guys, or they definitely like I said, they do a lot of stuff that we do. But now that Kyle and we have McDaniels on the floor, you know, that little group, that trio. Yeah, it's definitely evolved a lot.


And it's really exciting when you when you throw guys off of you like that. Playing in New Orleans last year, are you like I'm I'm just such a fucking man.


It's a great question. I really like how you're talking to, like, two people who are so delirious.


I know it's not like you're like leaning against this. You're asking a question with your eyes. Yeah. Yeah. But you're getting the unfiltered brain. Like, that's a stupid question. But it's also a smart question because I got to think that that moment is like, holy shit. Like I am a fucking beast.


Yeah. Like immediately afterwards I, I definitely said things like that. Probably I said a lot of swear words and stuff like that, but like going back and watching these guys, like I was pretty damn sick, like holy shit, I was, I can't believe I did that. That's, that's more of it's more of just like wow I, I get to go do that sometimes and it looks a lot cooler than I think it is, but it was actually pretty fucking dope.


Yeah. I'm super fucking dope. Yeah. What about the Seahawks. They just got Jamal Adams basically to try to stop you. So that means that you're worth what, two first round picks and a third at least. Right, if my math adds up, I guess, yeah. Have you watched any tape on them?


Of course, that well, we plot when he was on the Jets we're going to play on this year. So I definitely watch Jamal Adams. He's a hell of a player, so I'm just excited like the NFC West is. That's some competition out there, like from the Cardinals to the Rams and now the Seahawks definitely are. And so it's going to be a really fun conference playing. And Jamal Adams just is going to make a lot more fun for us.


Wait, holy shit.


I didn't I realize because you're doing the twenty four hour stream, but you made history.


You in the NFL top one hundred that they've done for a decade now. You ranked number seven overall. That's the top tight end ever since they've been doing it for the last decade. That's pretty well that's.


Did you not you knew that like you're someone texted you. It was like, holy shit, man.


No, I was actually interrupt for text me on Wednesday and said, hey, low key. But this is what you got ranked. I said, I just got my own personal scoop from Ian Rapoport. Oh yeah.


Yeah. How about that. You should have replied have been like already like pumped guys already told Leroy told me years ago Hank or Hank or he told me two days ago. Yeah, right. Yeah.


Don't let them have that satisfaction because what he's doing is he's trying to get one over on you. He's like, I know something that you don't know. So here it is. You got to just go back and be like, yeah, they told me that so long ago, man. That's like, I can't believe you that late.


I'm learning from you guys. I like that. Yeah, yeah, yes. Got to be coachable. Okay, I'll take that. I'll be back. Yeah. Have you thought about asking in hand like maybe hand me the ball sometimes and just let me run with it.


What he does. Having the ball sometimes. Yes.


OK, so that's, that's a yes. Sounds like he's a head coach. Student of the game. Yeah. Do you, have you asked Kyle Shanahan, hey, can I get the ball more and let me run with it. Just put it in my hands.


No, I usually ask him is to run the ball more because that's what we're best at. You just want to finish people. I like blocking people. It's really fun moving a man from point A to point B against as well. It's pretty satisfying. I mean, that's that's true grit. So, wait, do you have a definition for grit? Huh, to my own definition of regret.


Yeah, or is it I'd have to imagine grit has come up once or twice when your dad writes fucking Moby Dick to you every Sunday morning, that it has multiple times that secret to me is taking pleasure in doing all the things that no one else wants to fucking know.


Yeah, yeah. Great. Being comfortable, being uncomfortable hearing will look at you. Yeah. That's a good one to kind of credit.


Danny, what had he told us that we had two hours ago? Danny Woodhead didn't give that to every coach. I've learned that from every coach since like my fifth grade football coach, which was my dad.


So yeah. Yeah. What did he what he wrote to you before the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl. Let's see. It was a 14 pager. So I was a lot. Well, that was the most I've read in a while.


I'm giving you credit for a book. Thank you. I appreciate that. And it's cool to there's pictures in it, too. So it's kind of a picture book. They're nice drawings.


Or did he just like print out pictures?


No, it's like my dad uses like photos of things that I like just from our relationships. Like when I was a kid, I used to read me Lord of the Rings, like as a bedtime story. And so, like, he uses Lord of the Rings, photos, Matrix photos, Star Wars, he just kind of goes off. Everything from my childhood just kind of makes me feel like it's still a kid's game. I got to best point to the letters, I guess this remembrance that it's never too big now.


Yeah, financeable letter. It was pretty fun.


Wait, so what was one of the where it was one of the better things in that letter and that letter. Oh my goodness. Like I said, I usually flush stuff after every game, but usually it's he does a great job of there's usually like a paragraph right in the middle that he just drops about twelve F bombs and tells everybody to go after themselves. And that's usually inspires me, just kind of locks me in and I'm just like, you know, like screw that guy, screw that guy, screw that guy's fan, screw that guy.


And it's just I really enjoy those things. Yeah.


That's awesome. I like how he starts it off. He's like, hey, these are some things that are very important to me better. But after just like five paragraphs, he's like, fuck everybody up your fucking man. Fuck, you're fucking Kittel. Yeah.


Put your face through the terminal and then he always comes back and, like, mellows out at the end to send, you know, I'm proud of you. I love you. Just go out and play football. I'm like that middle paragraph is always the one that I just get them fired up.


I love it, dude. I got I got a tweet for you. I just searched I searched your name on Twitter COSAC, who I think is a coach. Is social video content for a forty Niners.


Wait, no. You work for four years.


I've seen Kojak on Twitter. He's a nice guy. Yeah. He says this is yeah. This is a great tweet. This, you just, you just nailed everything in this one starts with not sure who needs to hear this. I love one tweet. Start like that.


So I just wanting it like you tweeted. So you want everyone to hear it. But and they said but George Kittle deserves this moment. He's talking about the top ten player that he's is not only a top ten player in the NFL, but he's a really good person. Oh, I actually I'm going to throw a flag on this Kojak dude. Why can't you say he's not only a top ten player in the NFL, but a top ten guy ever?


Yeah. Give you top ten stats ever.


I like that. Yeah. Like like I said, you guys are great coaches. We just got to he's got to improve. It's all right. Yes. His next week will be better. I know it will be. I must start doing that.


Not sure who needs to hear this. Well your tweet.


Yeah. Starting a tweet with an open letter. I don't know who needs to hear this, but wear a mask. Yeah. Oh yeah. That's a good one. Would you consider yourself to be an even better guy off the field?


I try to be. I think that's why I have success on the field, because I try to be as nice as I can off the field. And I'm a big Kakamega like I believe in, you know, everything to do off the field definitely correlates on the field. So I think yeah, I think I'm a nice guy. Yeah.


That was a hard hitting journalism question. Really nice guy. I think you're cool. Yeah. Yeah. You're on you're on a roll right now man. I'm nailing it.


I'm out though. I literally have no more questions. Here's here's a good question. How soon into training camp are you going to wait to bust out the Canadian impression? Probably the opening. Like as soon as I walk in and I have a camera on me, it'll be.


Oh, hey there. Yeah, oh, hey, how are you doing? I just call myself, it's too much fun. It's the best. It feels so good to say it. I have another question that popped in my head. Are you going without fans in the stands? Are you going to struggle with, like, the adrenaline and the getting pumped up and ready to go? Oh, I think it'll be a challenge for everybody, but no, I mean, like, I just love football the way it is.


Like I like I love practicing every single day and the fact that now I get to go actually hit people and, you know, try to bury people. It doesn't matter if there's not anybody there because it's just going to be fun to do in front of my teammates. I just expection.


Do they get pissed off at you in training camp? Are they like, hey, Greg, maybe take it easy on a couple of these reps? Know, I totally take like I go hard in training camp, but I don't pancake people training camp I don't like that's it's not good for team, you know, team chemistry, bad vibes. Oh no.


This is my drink body armor question. Oh, drink body armor. Because actually answering the question. Yeah. On a microphone on top of a pallet of body armor. Yes. I'm a bit weak. So my question is, Billy, do you have any questions feel way really.


Did you just say Mr. Kittel. Yeah, it's Greg. This figure that out. Yeah. Come on, dude.


Sorry, I was just wondering what your favorite Moby Dick quote was.


No, that isn't actually. It was talking about how long the he's that writes him a lot.


Anyway, I think I have a movie that I think they don't give me headphones. I don't know what they're talking about. But anyway, I think you'd really like this one because he's of into Joker Tattoo.


I love it.


There is no folly of the beasts of the Earth, which is not infinitely outdone by the madness of men who really tweeted at me, I love it.


I'm going to tweet that at you. It's a man is the most dangerous animal. Exactly.


So when you try and get hyped up and there's no crowd, I think that that might help.


I'm going to want to, but I like that. That's that's my only question.


You have more questions. Like give me another question, man.


OK, Joker, can you tell the story behind you? Joker Tattoo.


My Joker Tattoo. Oh, yes, of course I can. So the Joker Tattoo. I know. So for me, football, I think it's like ten percent your physical abilities because everyone in the NFL is like an all-American football player. They're all the best high school football player, best player on their team. And so what can elevate you to the next level is, you know, I think 90 percent of the game is played above your shoulders, just in your head.


It's like the mental side of it. And so I'm big into alter egos.


And so, yeah, I'm big into that. I know, like Bo Jackson said, he played like every time he played football. It wasn't him playing. It was Jason Carroll, like scary movies and so like that was his alter ego. And so I was thinking about alter ego for me. And something I always loved is the Heath Ledger joker. And so part of it, it's kind of like the chaos of it. And it's something that I channel is an alter ego.


I play football.


And that's kind of that's that's I see like Soucek because like you go like mode, you do psycho shit on the field and I can totally see how you just like go into that zone and like there's that one video of you just blocking a guy like outside the back of the end zone. I think it was.


It's like you're just laughing the whole time. Yeah, it's like super awesome. And like I try to go psycho mode sometimes, but I don't have lot of outlets anymore. Yeah, but also I kind of went psycho mode like the past twenty four hours, like staying up. So you're going to help these other psychos.


Yeah, I went psycho mode. I was in me on that, that was in me on that treadmill with Greg.


What are some ways that you can recommend to me to go psycho mode in his everyday life. I was like in the offseason, I lift weights and that's like I work out really hard, like that's part of what I do workout maybe, you know, come back. And even though Bearcats up by four stars, you still beat them. Something like that. Yeah, as big, big companies, I put my psychomotor no, that's that's fair. Super Bowl.


I think that's incommode. Yeah, wait, you brought up the Super Bowl, so I got I got free shots.


Yeah. A few people watch the Super Bowl, dude. Prove it. I bet on you guys.


I couldn't I would have, though, yeah, I know you can't, but I did and I was feeling real good in the third quarter and feeling real smart and I was doing the whole it's hard nosed football and like they're just built differen in. The Forty Niners will smash you.


So you're it's your fault that you're saying you're Jackson because, you know, I did help the Chiefs big time every time the chiefs were down and said, thanks for coming out, chiefs.


Yeah, I know. I saw those, I saw that I was like, you dirty dog.


Yeah. So I guess it was my fault. God damn it. Did you have you watched the replay of the Super Bowl on TV? On TV? No. Yeah, I've not see, I haven't seen like Shakira Jaylo at halftime. Yeah. How was that. Michael Wilbon had a stroke because he got so horny.


Lordy Lordy. That was Watergate. Yeah. And then actually this is probably something that you don't see on the game film. But we notice his fans at the end of the second half when the Chiefs were about to punt, John Lynch was standing up in the booth trying to call a time out from the booth. And you ever see that clip?


Yeah, they I have seen that clip. Yeah. Yeah, I we were all like, screaming at the TV like, oh, God, I'll call a time out. Yeah. Yeah, right. Right there. Were you wondering, like, why don't we get an extra 40 seconds like let's call this time out, let's go down the field.


Well didn't we get a timeout after that. You might have got 50 seconds ticked off. Like I said, I flush everything, especially like that one, I don't really remember much the details pretty fun, but I do go back and watch it, but I will say, yeah, John, let's call it a time out from the booth. It's pretty spectacular.


How do you flush things? I want to learn how to do that. I don't know. I just really don't remember much of the details about it. And it's just like intentional that it's just like, yeah, I don't really remember that anymore.


I'll tell you. Go, Joker choking Bill. I fucking love it, man. Yeah. Yeah, I hear you fine, Billy.


I know he showed up. He showed us his game film. He showed up in his interview. He showed up in the interview for inturn.


I actually looked up his resume the other day and he said he's very experienced with Photoshop. Oh, my God.


He had like five pages, George. He had five pages stapled. And like I'd say 80 percent of his resume was made up. And we were like when we interviewed him, we're like, dude, this is made up. And he's like, yeah, were like, oh yeah. Well, okay, fine. Yeah. Like, all right. It's almost like they think you make it. Yeah. I think he included a hyperlink to his high school highlight team, but he was on printed out paper.


So like, you can't you can't click on a piece of paper and click. Right.


So yeah, he was was something I just put my free time in my spark reading. What was your forty time.


Forty nine oh oh. Here's a good question.


I had forty nine hands.


Hanton, I mean I speak at this the other day. Do you think that players get faster after they run the combine when they're coming out of college. Like if you took a really speedy guy that ran like a four, three or four four after two or three years in the NFL, do you think he'd run faster or slower?


I know for a fact that run a faster time right now for sure. Not even close, I think. I mean, like a.. Like, you know, like John Ross ran a while ago for, oh, five or something for one something. I don't know how much faster. One seven four one. So I don't know how much faster he can get. But like I think a lot of guys like I hit puberty like age twenty three, I swear.


And so like I could definitely run faster now.


Yeah. I said I would, I said that guys in the NFL run faster a couple of years in because they know what to do with their body and they're, it's a job now. So it's not like, you know, you can't go to the gym at certain times or, you know, you have classes. It's a full time job in the off season. You are paying someone to help train you and all that stuff.


Yeah, no, it's definitely a lot. I like I like the NFL a lot better. The freedom and being able to do whatever I want to do is much more fun. And actually I'm a lot more responsible now. I don't just go get really drunk two to three nights a week. Yes, I wish I could, but we're working on that, yeah. All right, I have one last question for you. Actually, it wasn't a question.


I just want to say thank you because you were one of the day one rider. I coached dogs, guys.


Oh, dude, I didn't. I tell you, I said, dude, you got to start screaming and stuff. Oh, yeah.


Yes. Yes. I knew you would always text me and be like when I was panicking because I panicked like a bitch all the time. You like to just stick to the plan. You got this. You got this like half the time you'd be wrong and I would just panic and shit down my pants. But I always appreciate that. I'd like I'd like throw a crippling late interception. I look at my text message after the game, like you got this man, you're going to win this game like.


No, but I know George got my back always, man.


Ryder, die. You kidding me? Dogs love it. Love it.


Yeah, but going back to Toledo is definitely one of my favorite movies that you pulled.


Had to we're going to get the key to city. We're going to try to walk on. He's got eligibility left, I think I do. Yeah. I don't want to go back to college, but, you know, big time program like Toledo has thugs built from the ground. I feel like they just let me. Yes, you should take a journalism class.


Oh, that's not bad. Not a bad idea. Could a big Jay that is like you could show off a little bit and they're like, Yeah, like I'm a big Jay. But like, all day you're always trying to get better, right? Yeah, I'll be honest. I think I'd feel out of journalism school pretty quickly. I mean, you've seen my dog's Twitter account. Yeah, I don't exactly have high standards.


I think journalism is evolving, especially to what you guys do every single day. Yes. So maybe you could teach. You should teach a class. There you go.


Can I kick on the team if I'm a professor? That be cool. That sounds like a Disney script, right? There is the.


Yeah. Wow. You had a Disney movie right in front of you guys.


I like that. I like we're on it. Well, George, thank you so much for joining us, man. Best way to end Gret week. Appreciate it. Hope we will see you soon. Good luck this year. And we love you. I love you guys, too.


I'm just waiting for my recurring guest shirt. I'm going to be on its way.


The on its. I promise you, you move though.


You move recently. Right. I don't know, maybe. Yeah, it's a pandemic, Heynckes, right, it's a pandemic, dude, the mail is very often sent me those coffee choose. Either they can just wait. And I know it's a pandemic.


People can't get tests. They're not going to get a t shirt from a second rate podcast. It's a pandemic. Second rate. I like that. No, you're not. Yeah.


Yeah. All right. Well, we love you, man. Thank you so much.


Thanks for having me on that interview.


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And now for something completely different.


OK, we now welcome on a very special guest, maybe the biggest guest we've ever had. Yeah, we've had we've had Cain, we had the undertaker, the undertaker. We've had Dwight Howard. But I think you might be the biggest. It is the big show. Paul White, he has a new show out called The Big Show Show on Netflix. You've got to watch it. Big show. What do you do? We go by Paulie.


We go by big show. It did. I answered all kinds of ads to show big show like show, whatever, you know, show, OK, this show show works. Everybody calls me a show. So that works. Yes.


So it's great to have you on. I've I've been a big fan of yours for a very long time. Let's talk about the Netflix show first. So it's it's obviously your family and raising three daughters. And I love it because I would assume raising three daughters is more difficult than wrestling for like 20 plus years in the WWE.


Is that correct? I think they both have their own unique challenges. This partnership that we did with Netflix has been an incredible journey. One to do a family comedy in front of a live audience has been a gold mine for a long time. I believe me, it was a heck of a learning curve at first, understanding how to hit the timing on the jokes and understand the writing. And I thought our writers did a great job of melding what it's like to be a superstar and then try to also reintegrate yourself back into the family when you're off the road.


So it's been really good. We got another episode drop in August 10th. It's a cross promotion, one with some other shows. It's called Game On. So it's kind of a little bit of an Olympic take this year. We think we're going to do pretty good because we've got Lola, who is our our regular athlete. So hopefully things will turn out well for us. All right.


So what did you take from the wrestling world from dealing with a guy like, I don't know, hypothetically the MWS, and now you use that in how to raise small children?


Well, it's it's funny. I'm do you hear something? That's my bird. You have a bird. What kind of. He's an Amazon, but I have another word for it starts the and ends with a knee, but anyway.


OK. Amazing, amazing.


Amazon is an Amazon but he's also he's got. Yeah, exactly. I think what I take from it is you can't overpacked that much as a WWE superstar because you're not around. I mean, the family is going to have lives are going to have their own schedules, are going to do their own things. And then you reintegrate yourself. And it's a it's a fine line to to do that without being overbearing. But I've never been the rough, angry dad has never been my thing.


I'm always to sit down and talk to me kind of guy. OK, what were you thinking. OK, what made you think that was OK? Mm hmm. Do you understand what you did was not OK. Well, we need to talk about this. We're going to move forward. We're moving forward. OK, so I don't have to worry about this again. OK, you're not going to paint the cat, you know, with nail polish.


OK, good. OK, move on. Painting the cats are painting the cat's nails.


Oh the cat itself. It was, it was a nightmare. She was little when it happened. So you can say that she wanted to she want to give the cat a leopard.


A leopard look. And it was just, you know, pink nail polish all over the cat look like, you know, the cat was was mugged in a in a in a bad part of town.


So I want to get into your wrestling career. But before I do that, how pumped are you with the way Wichita State basketball has played in the last decade, that you get a little residual bump from that because which your state is one of those a little little rub from the from the Shockers.


Yeah, if you it's funny because. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Here's the thing. When I went to it's just yeah. We didn't have that great season but you know Coach go and got fired halfway through the season. They let him stay on and coach which made it a really awkward environment for him and for us, his talent. I remember that team that we had at Wichita State was probably one of the most athletic teams around.


We had seven or eight guys with forty plus vertical weeks to Plodders Johnson, John Smith, Robert George, Winston Peterson. I mean, these guys could just incredible athletes. But we were also young. Wichita State was a dominant force back when they had Xavier McDaniel and Cliff Livingston and Antoine Carr, you know, but, you know, they had so many violations, they couldn't go to a tournament. Right. You know what I mean? To now to see a town like Wichita that really supports Wichita State community supports the team that Henry Arena, even when we were terrible, there wasn't a available seat.


You know, I think it's almost 11000 back then. And it was full and it was exciting and people are passionate about it. So to see the team finally start firing on all cylinders, it's a really great boon for the town. And, yeah, it's it's a nice little feather in my cap. Now, people say, oh, you went to Wichita State and they, like, get excited about it. Yeah. So it's a big you appreciate the road.


Wait, so hold on. I got to go back. Your coach was fired halfway through the season, but allowed to stay on. Yeah, that's awkward.


It was really awkward. It was so awkward. I mean, you know, as far as Coach Collins, the one that recruited me out of high school and he's a guy I want to play for, and it was just a real weird dynamic where they let him go. Basically, you're done. And they started recruiting for other coaches halfway through the season, but they let him finish out his term, rather making that announcement at the end of the season and made it like halfway through.


I think we're like seven or eight games in. And they made that decision. That's so sad. I feel so bad for his teammates because it's really hard. It's not like your you build the relationship with the coach. This guy recruited you. You understand his program you believe is going to do with you as a talent. And then he's replaced and it kind of breaks everything up. I mean, some of the guys went on to different things.


I don't think our team I don't think we started much after that. They brought in Scott Thompson from Rice, which I understand he's supposed to be a really great guy, but he wasn't somebody that I wanted to play for. He wasn't the guy I recruited. But, you know, things work out. You know, I got a second opportunity to get a chance to go into professional wrestling. So I think it all worked out. Yeah. So I was a good free throw shooter, though.


Yeah, I might have to. It's a little late, but I was a good free throws. You could you still dunk and I still don't know. Yeah I can. Now it's not the going up that worries me. It's coming down.


Right. That's the hard part. Yeah. That's like me drinking. It's like I can, I can drink that. I want to get hung over. Yeah. Yeah. That's a good thing. It's like, I mean I'll shoot around every now and then play a game of horse. That's but I've got no desire to, to try to duck you know. Yeah. To me it just seems like the, the risk reward factor is it's just not worth it.


I'm good. Right.


So before you got into wrestling I read that you were a bounty hunter and I have to. Imagine that you were the most intimidating bounty hunter of all time. It's like we said, glorious, like we've seen on TV with like Lorenzo Lamas or somebody like that. I'm not that kind of. What was it that I was work for a bail bondsman in and Wichita for a couple of things. And I was a nice guy sitting be cool. And the car, you can be a dick and ride the truck.


So, Joyce, did you ever actually put somebody like you to look at the car? I have, yeah.


That's badass. That's awesome.


Now, it's not it's not that rewarding ever job. Believe me. You understand. Like, when I was doing it, I was working with someone and, you know, I was doing that for like 50 bucks. So it was it like it was just incredible. You know, it was like 50 bucks. You do it once in a while, pick somebody up. And most people are cool when they have stuff like that, the whole running people down.


And I didn't experience any that just showed up. Hey, you got to come in and fill out the paperwork and is what you've got to do. You know, most people were most people really didn't realize that they had screwed up. I mean, they just had other things going on and they weren't trying to be bad. It's just, you know, things happen. Yeah.


Also, if the show is knocking on your door, I don't I don't think I would run from you. I think I would be like, you know what? You got me.


Well, you got to stand back then. I look like Lurch from you know, from the Addams Family. I was like seven foot tall and like three hundred and fifteen pounds is a real long narrow had these giant hands. I probably look like a I don't think I was that intimidating back then. I look like some kind of alien, probably a transplanted alien from outer space or something so that my big mullet. You think my mullet was my most intimidating factor.


I mean, I keep saying that you weren't intimidated, but you just keep on describing more and more intimidating things, right?


You can have having one, three, 15 months at that. And they dragged down to the ground. Yeah. From my IROC Camaro. I don't think of that because I grew up with it.


I mean, I was six to twelve, so I've never been one to realize sometimes just how freakishly big I think I was. You know, I remember being on the playground as kids and like, you know, parents who come get their kids and make them leave the playground because who was this 20 year old, weird looking adult like of mice and men out there on the playground? You know? Yeah, it's hard to tell them down 12, I'm shaving, but I'm really twelve as a twelve year old.


That's got to be kind of awkward to like you. You have to deal with that. You know, you have to deal with other parents, kind of like telling their kids it's not OK to be around you. You're like, I'm just trying to be a kid here. Did that how did that affect you growing up?


It was rough for a long time. I think it made me a little bit introverted. It made me more of a reader, more of a person that appreciated friendships. I mean, when I got in high school and was a good athlete and stuff, but I still hung around kids who played Dungeons and Dragons. You know, I I had friends in all different classes. I wasn't just a jock. I did a little bit of everything. So I think it prepared me to learn to appreciate friendships and how to make friendships and be open.


And I developed a sense of humor with it, too, because that's one thing that I've always tried to do, is have a sense of humor, made people comfortable in my presence. And then, you know, usually after a while you've been around me the size and all that stuff goes away. You just realize I'm a big goofball, so it wears off.


So in your wrestling career, you turned heel and then turned back, I think more than any.


And there were terms in NASCAR. But, yeah, any wrestler ever was there ever a moment, which is actually a testament that you can play both and you can go back and forth. Was there ever a moment, though, where you forgot whether you were supposed to be the bad guy or the good guy and like screwed up? Resectable? Yeah, multiple nights. I had to look across the board before I went to gorilla like Adventureland and my smiling or frowning, I don't know, like my character.


So my character is schizophrenic. And I had these nervous breakdowns of multiple personalities. And so then I would turn three times of the show. Right. You know, I mean, it was unreal. But, you know, I'm proud of the fact that whatever we needed me to do for my character, I was able to pull off. I needed him to hate me, like in London to get him to chat, you fat wanker, and then come back a year later.


Have you still got it? So I think that's pretty good testament. Which which did you like more? I like being a Gillmore. I think it's easier for me. I can tell that visual story of we've all understand it's in it's in our DNA, our genetics. We understand overcoming larger predators. And, you know, David versus Goliath, all the stories that we've heard. So when I have that much size, it can influence that pressure and then turn around and make that like some of the matches I had with Ray Mysterio, where you look at Ray and I, you think there was just no way.


But then to tell that story in the ring, there were Ray starts to make a comeback. It's a six or nine, the goes pop. And then the reaction from the crowd is just it's overwhelming when you. Do your job right as a bad guy in sports entertainment, as a heel, when your shoulders are getting 10, one, two, three, and it's so loud, the crowd, every person in the arena is count with one, two, three.


That's just an incredible feeling as getting the cover. I like that about you. Never bothered me either way to put guys over. That's never been an issue.


I saw an interview with you where you were saying, you know what, I didn't have the best record in the history of WWE. I don't have the most titles, but you've made a lot of memories.


You've made like you, you take pride in the art of losing sometimes because you recognize that it's a part of the greater show going on around you and you're playing a role that's like the greatest thing ever for wrestling.


That's that's the only way you can look at if you start trying to keep track of win loss records. And I think that's what ego comes into play and causes a lot of a lot of bad experiences for a lot of talent. Yeah, you're going to do well in the beginning because they're trying to establish you. They're trying to build tons of talent. And then if you want to have a 20 year career. Twenty five year career, there are very few John Cena, Stone Cold, Steve Austin's The Rocks that very few of those guys, they're going to be put at that top position where talent is going to be made basically to be fed to them because they're the ones that are carrying the Weigert.


You have to know your role and where you come into play. And to get enjoyment of your career, you have to understand what role they play. And, you know, rock just the promoter time know your role. Well, yeah, it's it's a it's it can be taken as a dig, but it's also a good lesson to learn as a talent because you never know when the opportunity is going to be given to you and you have to be ready for that opportunity.


And you have to know that whoever is in charge, booking or creative writing, they know that they can count on you to deliver. You know, I mean, I think for one time I think I had an and seven or eight Russell mini record. I want to do a reverse undertaker record. Has somebody found out about it? And I want to match and screwed my record up. So but I take a lot of pride in in working with talent that goes on to have long successful careers.


You know, I'm very proud of working with John Cena. I'm very proud of working with with Roman Reigns and Brian Stroman. There's a lot of guys that I've got to work with over the years and help them along their journey, you know, and I'm still here, so I must be doing something right. Yeah. So we're going to I love that answer.


And we're going to run this during on Friday during our great week. So we do this every year. What what guy that you've been around is the toughest guy in terms of you've seen him injured and you could not believe that he went out there and performed and you're like, this guy has supernatural grit and toughness. What's the one guy that comes to mind when I ask that there's three guys that come to mind?


OK, one is undertaker. Number two is Kane. And the other one is John Ceder. Hmm. I've seen John Cena wrestle with a torn cornea. I've seen him. He had neck surgery in Pittsburgh at 11 a.m. At five p.m. he came by the arena to say hi to everyone. It was just a good night on Raw, you know what I mean? Like, I've seen I did a podcast on surgery.


Just it's another level that guys like that set the bar, too. You know, I've seen Kane, you know, have a completely loadout S.I. joint in a match, you know, to to, you know, numbness in his leg and extreme pain. And I've seen can't pull it together to finish the match. You know, Undertaker will, although I've seen Undertaker just do this ridiculous how that guy goes in pain. I've seen him wrestle 103 fever, get an IV bag as soon as he got back through the curtain, you know, where the guy had some kind of stomach flu and running the fever, but he still wouldn't put the match on that kind of internal gut is it's inspiring those of us to get it.


You don't talk about your pain. You don't whine about it because it doesn't matter. You go out there and you get the job done. If you're on the card and the fans pay to see it, then you show up. If you're breathing, you can get it done. You find a way. I had to wrestle edge and taken Washington for a pay per view and I had a bone fragment locked in my knee. So my knee either was bent or straight and I was going to get surgery the next day and I was talking to take her back.


I said, I don't know, do I? Resolutions. Are you going to see the doctor tomorrow? I'll lock it up and go. She will work around it. So I had to put a straight leg brace on her. I could have been my leg. This giant knee brace on that locked my knee in a position where I could move it and went out there. Did the triple threat with that. You take her and got through the match.


I know, but I'm proud of myself that I got through it because I didn't let us down it and let take it down. I didn't let the fans down. Do you mean it's not like you deserve a medal for it, but that's kind of your job is to you know, that's why we work so hard to always put on a show for our fans. We know the responsibility that we carry. And if we can, we will.


Do you remember, I must have been Wrestle Mania 2014 because I found I searched my Twitter of mentions the fake show and I wrote seriously, people who say wrestling is fake aren't watching a dead big show right now. And then I said, although joke's on me because I'm pretty sure I just watched the big show die. What was that?


Did you die on? What I don't know is January 26, 2014, maybe Wrestle Mania 2014. Did you die? I don't know.


Not that I'm aware of. I mean, you know, I'm still here. I don't I don't know if you're still here.


I know there's all kinds of rumors. There's rumors that I got the biggest one that I was shot and killed. Yeah, I think it was the Onion. I remember that I was shot and killed because I think got inside of a cage match and I went crazy like a wild bear. So let's go play that kind of stuff. Makes me laugh. Yeah, that's that's extremely funny. And I appreciate the nod from The Onion for bringing up my name and making it relevant.


Yeah. No, I have to die. I mean, a lot of people think my career has died a lot over the years, but I still keep coming around so. Oh you're serious. Yeah. Shot dead.


Have you thought about coming back is the big nasty because that was the that was a great nickname. The original one.


Oh the big nasty bastard. Yeah. That was, that was a lot of fun. I was actually a pretty cool shirt but our, our business model has shifted from those days. So is mine. I'm a TV dad now. I could be the big the big, big nice dad. Big business that you had one of the all time entrances when you came out.


I think it was your first time in WWE. You were hiding underneath the ring in the steel cage.


Right. And Valentine's Day massacre. Vince, had you cut through the bottom of the ring and you just emerged out of it. And like every wrestling fan from that point on was always like, is there somebody hiding under the ring? This time is like how you read one story in the paper about like a snake found in the toilet. And now you just check your toilet every single time biters and.


Great, right? Yeah. Yeah. Everyone thought that there was always maybe a wrestler, maybe you underneath the ring the whole time. But I guess what I'm getting at is it had to be an easier entrance for you because you know your first time and you don't have to take your time going down the ramp. You don't have to get nervous looking at the crowd. You just pop up and immediately you just throw stone-Cold into a chain link fence. Right.


That must have been pretty easy to do.


I know, actually, it was nerve racking because I never I never when I think about WWE, I think about the line in G.I. Jane where they talk about, you know, you're going to learn to operate at a tempo, you know, when he's giving that speech about their operational tempo and how hard they're going to work and how fast things are going to come out. You that line, that movie always makes you think about our company and what we do.


Because things change on a dime with us. I've seen entire shows change that, you know, at seven forty five and we go on the air back in the day, we go live on the air and I see the entire show changed, you know. Forty five minutes an hour before the show starts. So the idea of coming through the ring and the creativity that WB always puts out to try to find a different way to do things was unreal.


I remember it was loud into the ring as I was loaded one or two matches before. So you're under the Ring the Rings movement, so it's loud in your ear and you've got to pay attention to your cue and know what's going on and the adrenaline. But it's not like you can be in the back and do jumping jacks or toe touches or something to stretch you warm up. I'm huddled under there. So your muscles are cramping, your legs are cramping.


It's not comfortable. It's not like there's a lounge chair and not like Hornswoggle under the ring. We had like a nice little lounge set up. Now, it wasn't like that. So but it was a cool experience looking back now to to make that kind of dramatic entrance. That's one thing that I think our company has always done well on, is when they want to feature something and make it special, they find a way to do it. Yeah, it's pretty cool.


All right. I had one last question. We are in great week, so were sponsored by body armor. Go to body armor, body armor, dotcom, strawberry bananas, my favorite. You can find them on Amazon as well. Floyd Mayweather punch you in the nose. He does punch that hard, does he?


Well, he didn't punch me that hard because he was being nice. You know, we did that angle when I told Floyd before we did it that he needed to break my nose to get this thing going. I said, don't put it through the back of my head. But if you don't bust my nose, we're not going to get anywhere with this angle. Right. You've got to get it going. And I had spent a year boxing and stuff like that.


You know, I was kind of getting used to believing that sounds weird, but getting punched in the face every day. So it wasn't to me at the time. It didn't seem like that big a deal. You know, when you look back at the video and see how Mayweather did it is through these very solid punches in. I didn't want to hit me hard and break his hand either. You got it. Figured we had a half a billion dollar fighter, right.


That we have doing this angle. So we have to take care of him, you know, like a like a Fabergé. And the hardest part with Floyd was, is try to talk him out of doing crazy stuff because he's such a big fan. And his enthusiasm, you know, he wanted me to chop him and wanted me to stand on him. And but when he threw those punches, they were so fast, I only counted half of all.


He hit me like three or four times.


I think he hit me like seven or eight. And then the last one was a little left hook. It just went right across my nose and tipped the end of it and didn't even really mess up my nose. But he made it bleed and did a great job. He's such a pro. I can't explain how much fun I had working with him. And that angle was one of the biggest promotions I've ever done. But he understands, just like, you know, Muhammad Ali and all those great guys that understood that fight promotion in that trash talking in that game play.


He understands that was so much fun to work with the other night. He was a pretty cool dude. It really was. You get him away from the cameras and all that other stuff is he's a he's a very, very skilled professional. I enjoyed working with I love that.


I love that your idea of a great time was getting punched in the face seven times and having your nose broken. That's all I so I look, I'm not going to write an award winning novel any time soon. I got to work with what I got. Yes. Yes. Well, it's been awesome, man. We really appreciate everyone. Check out the big shows, show on Netflix. Also deserve a shout out to you because I think you are wrestling your entire career, your family, Netflix, show everything you've done.


I think still the pinnacle is you had a cameo in Cisco's Thong Song, which should be like that's a first ballot Hall of Famers. That's the first ballot Hall of Fame song like that is a that's a cultural song that you see it and you're like, I know exactly where I was when I first heard that song. I can't believe all of America. I love this song.


Yeah, I know. I can't believe what I got paid to do that. It's ridiculous. Hey, guys, that was a very cool experience. And thank you to to Cisco for putting me in a thong song. I'm a product of music culture now. Yeah. There you go.


That's awesome. All right. Well, thanks so much, Paul. We really appreciate it, man.


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OK, let's finish up the show, which people are watching this live right now. They could be like, holy fuck, they just time traveled. Yeah, we did. So it's nine thirty right now.


You can say that you saw this live, you kids. It's like seeing Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock.


I don't ever wanna watch the Grinch stream. It was awesome. Got some acid in my head band.


We're so fucked mentally right now. And we're going to finish the show. A great show, a great week with the first ever SpongeBob table reading done by part of my take with special guest Nick Noxubee. Nick, important distinction, USUN.


Sometimes we'd be like, hey, is that that KBE guy? It's like, no, it's Nick. So the what is the name of this episode? This is the pizzeria episode. The pizza delivery episode. Now, just point of order here. Are we doing the voices of the actual characters or are we just going freeform what is SpongeBob voice.


What the fuck is that. And are you laughing.


Oh shit that was funny Billy.


What Squidward. Hurry up with those chair, SpongeBob, OK, Hill is actually really good at all these.


OK, and then what about OK, I'm going to do mine straight. I don't know if I can do a voice. Could give me a voice I could do for Tony Montana. Oh yeah, I could. Who's the bad guy? All right, let's do it. About Mr. Krabs. Which that voice I heard.


Okay. All right. I'll give it a shot. All right. So it's the pizzeria episode. Squidward is played by me. Hey, Mr. Krabs. Played by Patty.


I'm SpongeBob L'Isle the Fish, played by Nick, my favorite SpongeBob character to Yelp and other tips.


Do you play this?


You play a good word. I'm crabs. There's only like two lines for crabs. OK, I'm Squidward. All right. So do squid. Was good. Good check there. Hank and Hank will be Mr. Crabs. All right, let's do it. So pretty Squidward and see whose narrator do a narrative voice in this cartoon voice.


Nick, can you make sure.


All right, Nick nearing the scene starts at the Krusty Krab with SpongeBob cleaning a table. Hurry up with those chairs, SpongeBob. It's after closing and I'd like to go home. Phone rings I got it.


I got it coming. Now I have leaves for phone, but Squidward answers.


First, SpongeBob falls to the floor and exclaims. Hello. Sorry, sir, we're closed.


Mr. Crab snatches phone. Ahoy there, grandpa. How can I help you? Customer explains Order over phone. Peter, eyes turn into dollar signs, of course we have pizza. Oh, Mr. Krabs. That was Patrick Mahomes as Squidward. Heynckes Tatsumi. I see that I was texting some 250 I deliver is going to bring it right over hangs up Mr. Crabb's We don't serve pizza.


Mr. Krabs gets a plate of Krabby patties and turns it into a pizza. Then he puts it in a box. We don't deliver, we don't deliver, give Squidward the pizza by youtoo.


Can't you just get SpongeBob to do it? Good idea, they're starting with, you know, the SpongeBob sneaks over, smiling big.


That's not what I had in mind.


Front and check antenna touches the boat antenna making it vibrate.


Check bumper check bumper sticker.


Bumper sticker says I break for sea urchin, check on caps the tire pressure and puts his mouth on it, causing him to inflate like a balloon and talking to squeaky high pitched voice while he is down the size of a giant parade balloon that blows out the rest of the pressure and Squidward space, returning him to his normal size and voice check vehicle inspection complete.


We're really making history here, Squidward. That lucky customer is going to get the first Krabby Patty Pizza ever. Good. Then you drive tosses his hat away. I get I'm still in boarding school. Come on, SpongeBob. It's just around the corner.


So bad. Well yeah, but just do what you do in school. Well ok. Wait, wait. Don't tell me back at all. Huh. Back it up right back it up.


Turns to move the shift.


Back it off. OK, I'll get shifted into reverse. SpongeBob reverse. Oh yeah. Reverse.


SpongeBob imagines the words forward and backward turning into Korean characters.


Back it up shifts gears backing up, backing up backs up really fast.


What is going on. Give me the little sponge Bob. Give me the wheel. Oh fork. So back it up.


Back it up. Back up, they go over a bumpy area with rocks and then they spin around and around and around screaming, the next morning the boat goes over five hills backing up.


The boat stops with no fuel left backing up.


Well, you're backed up. And you know what? I think we're out of gas. And you know what else? We're in the middle of nowhere. And you know what else? I think the pizza's getting cold and the pizzas go, oh, the piece is called Not the Pizza. Oh, how could it get any worse like that with time out?


I think it might get worse. Kicks boat in the boats. Gasoline becomes fuel again and it drives away in the distance without them.


Well, we could stick a little bit of that. Squidward genericized later. Both walk on the sand. Oh, oh, oh. Singing the classic pizza is the pizza for you and me, because pizza is the pizza, by the way, people are saying I have a terrible SpongeBob impression. I want to know what the fuck it sounds like. I've never seen an episode of my life. Give me another Squidward line real quick.


And my feet are killing me.


You guys, I just want you to, like, go towards a big guy. So I'm going. Hi. Yeah, you need that.


You need a name. You got to be all right. All right. I'm so much good work. I was adrift for a while. So you know how to do that again.


Do that again, Billy. Billy, SpongeBob.


OK, and my feet are killing me.


Well, I tripped over SpongeBob, who is lying on the ground. It's an old pioneer chick. SpongeBob. What are you doing? I started a movie once. It's working. SpongeBob, this is no time for Josh. It's working. What is it, Jack? Sixty. Well, now I can show you how the pirate is hitchhiked, starts dancing in the road while wearing a hat.


Squidward sits on a rock while playing with a wooden spoon class and flashing breakdancers, honks his truck. He's stopping, he's stopping.


Squidward realizes he's not stopping and grabs SpongeBob out of the way where they are covered in sand. Thanks to the truck, Squidward narrows his eyes at the smiling SpongeBob.


Wait, time out. Is there a is there an actual song?


The song The Crusty Crab Pizza is the pizza for you and me. So forget festive to that. There is a pizza. I like your version better. Yeah, it is free speech.


Yeah. All right. What do I do. And where are we. Is that. No he's. Oh the classic pizza. Is that pizza for you and me.


I think where pizza the wind blows on Squidward nose making it touch his face so he puts it down only for it to touch his face again. So he puts it in his mouth.


Is that pizza pre-delivery. The crust pizza is the pizza. Very tasty.


SpongeBob gets carried around in the air by the huge winds where you let go. That stupid. All right.


Still being carried around in the air. I can't. It's when the customer who cares about the customer. I do what I don't when stops and SpongeBob gasps Squidward starts flying again. Like all that pizza now runs over Squidward. Oh, holding SpongeBob legs, SpongeBob.


Like all that better. Now it's for the customer SpongeBob like all the on.


Now dude, I don't know what we're doing.


I did say that. I think I thought I was going to get worse. It has gotten worse. Hang onto the paint.


The tornado spits them both out. SpongeBob uses the pizza as a parachute, but Squidward falls hard onto the ground. Hey, hey. Crawls up to the screen. We're thrown out of the room. A tumbleweed rolls by. We're doomed. How are we going to get home? Which way do we go? SpongeBob lands, what are we gonna do now? There's no road here. I think the town's this way. Oh, don't tell me, Jack.


Throw the pioneers.


That's right. Points to a Mossy Rock moss always points to civilization. That way. That way there. SpongeBob NOD's. So let me get this straight. You think we should go that one. Yep. Well then I'm going this way. Huh. Squid. Hey I don't think trust me, I know where I'm going.


Pans out to show another city in the other direction that classic pizza is the pizza. Absolutely pizza. Later, SpongeBob is walking backwards, SpongeBob. The script said, starts beatboxing The dad was doing right there. There it is.


Later, SpongeBob is walking backwards, SpongeBob pants on a split in two and move up and down simultaneously as he continues to beatbox still later. Classic crab pizza is the pizza get for you and me. Crab pizza for you, cross the croci and the crab and the pizza inside later, they're both lying face down in the sand spot where you got to eat something.


I heard in times of hardship, the pain is really coral.


Squidward, eat some coral. No, maybe it wasn't coral. Squidward spits out the coral maybe once in a month. Give me the to when I remember now it was coral. Give it to me. No, we promise it's for the customary fancy music plays.


You're right. It's for the customer. Yeah. Well maybe we better check on it. Make sure it's ok. Well just a peek.


Opens box. He shuts it quickly. OK, it's fine. No, no I think I saw something. Opens Box. I don't know. I was wrong. It looks ok. Sure is a fine looking pizza. Yeah. What's that is, is that the change?


Yeah, and the pepperoni, yeah, SpongeBob slurps Oh, looks good, huh?


Snaps out of it Wait a second, I know what you're trying to do. Squidward closes box I'm not letting you eat the pizza. Give me that pizza.


Now, don't make me taking I from want to get away Chase's SpongeBob.


Get back here, SpongeBob. Give me a break. Now SpongeBob. Now SpongeBob. Now, right now. Now runs into Squidward.


I got pizza and you're going to hand it over one way or another. Look, we're saved. Sure we're safe. Now get me some pizza. No, really. Squid. We're saved. We're safe. We save. He jumps in and out of his pants. Were you cut down to a conga beat?


Safe to say, stay safe to say that they ripped himself apart in two parts, go in circles and then they connect again, SpongeBob starts doing a conga dance.


De de de de de de de de de de. We are saying, hey, that's just a stupid boner. It's not just a boulder. It's a rock, rock, rock. It's a big rock, climbs up it and rubs it all.


The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles and it's a great shape.


Sparks you forget the stalwart pioneers. You ever notice that they're not on the block, that because they were lousy hitchhikers ekwall and took direction from Audi. And now you're telling me that they thought they could drive? SpongeBob runs over Squidward with the boulder rocks hold under control, they stop outside the customer's house.


I can't wait to see the look on our customers face trying.


Lyle from Liverpool, England. OK, perfect.


Yeah, I can't do that.


Congratulations on your crappy pizza is here. I can't do a live report on it. Well, thanks, bro. Wow.


Wow. Thanks. I've been dying for one of the. I can't do accents.


Oh my God. Oh, well, thanks, bro. I've been dying for one of these. I can't wait to see the look on our customers face. Dongdong Congratulations, Saria.


Crowded party pizzas. Hey. Wow. Thanks.


I've been dying for one of these. Where's my drink. What drink. My drink. My diet. Doctor, don't tell me you've come to drink. But you didn't order any how am I supposed to eat this pizza without my drink? But but but tears start rolling down his face.


Didn't you ever think of the customer throws the pizza at SpongeBob face? You call yourself a delivery boy? Well, I ain't buying. Slammed the door.


SpongeBob goes over to Squidward, smiling and trying not to cry on sponge.


And it's OK, sponge.


SpongeBob drops the pizza, falls over, starts sobbing and absorbs his tears over and over. Sponge Squidward gets angry, grabs the pizza, stomps towards the customer's house and pounds on the door.


Another one. Look, I told your little friend I am paying for that now. Yes, OK, cool. Well, that's what's on the house.


Slams the pizza box in the orange fish's face to change his man. He shot and ate the whole thing in one bite. No, no drink, not now, take me home jumps on the rock, are you kidding? We had just enough time to make it back to work. Backs up the rock where they are instantly at the crusty crab work screen cuts to black. Oh, my egg and tentacles and my.


You guys, how wonderful. Let's run it back to you. Let's do it, but let's do it backwards. Oh, fuck. What a experience that was. I got to watch SpongeBob to try to figure out his voice.


You know what? After reading through that, I can see what Jim Harbaugh loves about him. Yes, simple. He's a hard worker. He's enthusiastic. Yes.


All right. That is our show. We will see everyone on Monday. We have a great, great interview with a long time AWOL fan, favorite recurring guest, CJ McCollum from The Bubble. So we'll see you then. Love you guys.


Billy, Billy, your monologue. Well, I've been up for about twenty eight hours now.


I got up at six thirty on Wednesday morning is now Thursday 14th. Through this time I pushed myself to my physical and mental inpatient. I ran my six point two miles. Hundred hours with my work is extremely short. My eyes keep twitching, I don't know. What is happening, and I think I can start to see sounds of you guys.