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On today's pardon my take Grit Week, 20/20, weird grit week, but grit weak nonetheless, we have an awesome interview with prime time Deon Sanders. We also have an interview with a Real-Life sanitation worker, trash guy, garbage man. So we get the ins and outs of the garbage business and we also get to talk to prime time, pretty much two ends of the spectrum. Love it.


It's gonna be great. We have who's back in the week? A little baseball weekend recap. And then for our Monday reading, we check in with the other side of the where's a Waffle House off-White House fight?


The cook that was making eggs yesterday fucked up ways from like three or four months ago. We get hit. We get the story from the guy who was ordering the eggs. Remember his girlfriend wrote in. So his side of the story it is must listen to very excited for that. Before we get to all of that, we're brought to you by the cash app. We're always brought to you by the cash app. Cash app is the best app in the world, the easiest place.


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I would catch up one so download it right now. OK, let's go. Violence. Knock. Shit, shit, shit, shit. Welcome to part of my take. Presented by the cash app. Go download it right now use code bar so you get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars. The ASPCA today is Monday, July 27. And welcome to Grit Week. Little different this year. We obviously can't be going on the road. We can't be traveling in Vanny.


We can't be slumming it in Malibu with the celebs this year. Now in our defense. So if you are just if you are a new AWOL grit week is every single year we say we've done this every single year. We've got the podcast. So five years in a row, we have gone out. It was usually right before Memorial Day. We would go out on the road. We'd do a bunch interviews. We would see a different part of the country.


We've done the South. We've done the Midwest. We've done the West Coast. So this year, obviously, with the pandemic, we weren't able to go anywhere. We held off as long as we could. We were hoping that things would get better to the point where we could get on the road. It turns out it did it. We're gonna combine it with a training camp tour that we also do. Yes, we're going to go to like different training camps as they opened up in late July.


It became apparent that wasn't going to happen. Right. So we're making chicken salad out of chicken shit and it's gonna be fun. So we have some great interviews this week and on Wednesday starting at noon. So from noon on Wednesday to noon on Thursday, we're going to be doing a 24 hour livestream. We're not going to be sleeping. Stream athon, stream athon. We have a ton of stuff planned. We're gonna be raising some money. It's as gritty as you can get.


PFG is going to drink 24 beers. I'm going to eat 24 hotdogs. Billy Football is going to run a marathon on a treadmill. That's just a little taste of everything we're doing. Going to have some celebrity guests. We're going to have interviews calling and we're gonna have people that are playing us video games on the livestream. It's we've got a little bit everything. What's grittier than that? So it's it is the grittiest way that you can sit on your couch.


Pretty much. That's what growth 2020. We timed it perfectly. So it ends right when the NBA games pick back up. Right. So we're gonna try to watch those and pro just fall asleep on our car. Correct. So it we we have adapted. It's going to be a lot of fun. We hope that everyone will tune in during it. So that is grip week. We're in grip week. Feel gritty. Let's talk. We had sports this weekend.


Finally baseball all the way back. Any takeaways other than I saw you tweeting about this. But the on pace. Oh, for the 60 game season is going to be electric. It sucks though, because not as many people are doing the on pace tweets. You know, like it's like the first Robin of spring in early April. You always get the people who are like, oh, so Bryce Harper's on pace for 350 RBI. Yes. And I miss those tweets.


There aren't as many popping right now because it's not as cool to say like, oh, John Carlos. Stan is on pace for 60 steroid assisted home runs. Yes. You know, like, it doesn't pop the same way, but but there's still people out there that you're seeing in their native environment that are tweeting that out. And so my my hat goes off to you. Yes. So I had a few takeaways. The first was we're going to get more fights this year.


Although, actually and let me let me step back, because I don't know how they're going to fight social distancing. But there were I was watching the Cubs game. I want to download audio. But I was watching the Cubs game on Saturday, might have even been Friday. And it got testy. And after the game, they were interviewing guys in the clubhouse. They're like, yeah, we can hear literally everything the other team saying. Yeah.


So like, when they talk shit, we get pissed. Yeah. So it's like a totally new normal where you I think there might be more tempers flare because you can hear every slight, every, you know, remark that is said in an empty stadium. I really want the broadcast to turn off the pumped in crowd noise when there's a manager argument with the umpire, because that's the one thing. Like, I've always wanted to know exactly what gets said in those arguments we got treated two years ago to my ass is in the jackpot.


Yep. And those types of gold Lonza was won back when I think was Sparky Anderson got into a fight with an umpire where they had a miked up. That's just so awesome here. I want to hear every single fucking word that is said in those like belly to belly argue. Did you see in the Cardinals Pirates game? The new normal. It is so fucking funny. The Pirates manager comes out Shelton. He comes out and so the ump tosses him and they both are angry and they both pause to put on their masks.


Yeah. And they then stand five feet away from each other and scream at each other. It's like this is it's actually a great berry. Like it's a great way to have a. I have a. To be like, OK. Am I really mad? What am I mad about? Yeah. And take off, take a breath. It's like, all right, this one. I'm mad. It's a cool down period. It's like two boxers get into the ring before they start fighting.


You have to put on their masks. By the way. Quick time out.


We're we're in the middle of the fourth quarter of our team.


The water dogs playing the Atlas and Road at nine Judas Football is rooting for the fucking atlas. For some reason, he's a fucking loser. Billy, I don't. I still understand why you sat in this owner's suite of cars and you're like, I'm a roof of the atlas today.


Well, I think the Atlas have a lot of veterans with a lot of experience.


And I know they're an international team. You said it yourself. It's basically Team USA from a couple years ago. Right. So it's there, too. Used to playing the international game. Erica, you know, it's it's Paul Raible Anthony. It's Carmelo Anthony who wrote that they have basically the LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh of the Cross on one team.


Yes. And I get to pick wherever my lead is, Shanna. They just tied. They tied it up. We're falling apart. Fine. Whatever. The water dogs have the best years in the game. All right. So other baseball thoughts. I had the same teams fighting the obviously the now the manager in the arms fighting with the mass on the cardboard cut outs getting domed, which we mentioned on Friday. That happened. Yes. Awesome dog took a shot.


Yeah, there was there was another one where a homerun just went to cut a kid's head off. They need to keep those up, though. Yeah. I don't know. Just complete of a graveyard at the end of the season.


Dora Perram shows how dangerous it is to really attend a baseball game. Right. And then they have the sad mascots, which I can't get enough of. Yes. There's mascots in the stands. And it's so funny seeing mascots with no one around him, just being as sad as.


It's also funny watching the game develop and figure out like what works on TV and what doesn't work in this new normal. So they had you know, they had the computer generated farfel, which were hilarious. It was it was in 64 graphics that day. Yeah. Where they did do like any rendering whatsoever on the people. And they said they should actually like there should be a video game that just concentrates the most about like making the fans look as realistic as possible.


Use that technology for this guy to be sick, to have what would appear to be like an actual crowd. It's all fake. But then like instead of Madden, it would be just like just fat and poor fans. It would be just you don't get to play the game. You just get to go to the game, get to attend the game. Right. And they all, like, get into a fight maybe. Yeah. Right. Yeah.


So you. How many this week we got the charger. Yeah. How many beers can you drink. Yeah. And now one of the black hole. Yeah. You're at a Eagles game. Can you throw up on the person in front of you if they're cheering for the wrong team. Block the battery or run from yo, it's Santa Claus. You've got a slingshot. I like that. You power up in Buffalo through going through a table.


Yes. Be sick. Your health is low in the room table to read to. To reenergize. Yeah.


NFL fan 2k 20. I will be a sick someone write that game. Someone write that game. But yes. So the mascots are sad. The digital fans are weird. I actually like, I like a low level of the crowd.


Noise piped in crowd noise. Not too much but just kind of that low murmur that you hear at a baseball game.


That's soothing to have. It's nice. Yeah. Like when you're watching the Champions League and they have. They have that. Oh, yeah. Right. Low murmur down pat. Does it leave a true mark? They throw a chant in. Right. So at some point, which, by the way, watching a little football this week in football reminded me that when we did our Mount Rushmore of stadium pump up songs, nobody took the Oleo Layo lazy.


That's pretty good. That's that's the international jazz. Yes. But yeah, I think that, you know, it's preseason. Ah, it's the start of the season for the behind the scenes, you know, graphics guys to the behind the scenes sound guys so they'll learn how to hit the home run button and make the crowd like gradually stretch during and stop of it. Right. So that was baseball in NBA. They're not ready yet. Come in next week.


We're excited. They've actually had some pre-season games which look good. But the big story was Lou Williams and the strip club incident, which so fucking funny.


And so this league, because a Lou Williams, he left the bubble for I think his grandfather passed away. And then he was someone took a picture. One of his friends took a picture. A rapper, Jack Harlow, took a picture with Lou Williams pop in Magic City, the strip club in Atlanta, immediately deleted it and then had the excuse. Whatever was like wait looms as a strip club. He said, I was just reminiscing because I miss him.


Yeah. Meanwhile, old time. Meanwhile, picture they were wearing looms is wearing the facemask that they gave out. The NBA gave out in the bubble.


No, it's an old picture because I stand with. If we're going to blame anybody for this, I'm absolutely blaming Jack Harlow. Yeah. This is your fault, man. You should not. First of all, you're not allowed to take pictures in strip clubs. That's rule number one of any strip club you've ever been to in your life, correct? Like no cameras at any time. That's one. Number two, don't take a picture of your buddy in a strip club when you're not allowed to be in there, right?


No. For three, at least, have his back when he's like, I was just picking up food, which I totally empathize with. Yes, some strip clubs have wonderful food. Jaguars and Dallas, Texas, had one of the best breakfast buffets I've ever been to in my life. And let me say, it tells them a Lou Williams. He might have been there for the strippers, but he has had a history of saying that Magic City in Atlanta is his favorite food.


They're famous for their wings. There are there are years and years and years of tweets, like 10 years of tweets of people asking Lou Williams, like, what's your favorite spot? He says, Magic City every time. Yeah. So I believe him. I just love the idea of, like, tweeting out a picture and then just being like I just I was just too oh, just Instagram story because I miss him. Yeah. Reminisce, my old buddy.


Yeah. And listen. Simpler times. I would put on Green Day. I blame two people.


I blame one Jack Harlow. And then two, I blame Adam Silver because Adam Silver should have a strip club inside the bubble. There should be a strip. Yes. These are these are NBA players with needs. And that among these are casual lap dances and delicious lemon pepper barbecue wings.


Yes. Which, by the way, I never thought that lemon pepper barbecue would be a good combination until I tried it.


It's outstanding. Delicious. Yes.


Billy, you forgot the part where Lou Williams has wings named after him. Yes.


Magic City. Yeah. Look, I could call him my old lemon pepper ball dude. He's totally off the hook.


Now, I'm going to read a couple of these other flavors of wings that they have their uncle Jeff honey jerk that I'd buy right away. Joujou rudeboy jerk. OK, don't know about that justice. Magic sounds pretty sweet. And then they got the standard hot naked.


I got the wings are describing. I would go dancers, I go Uncle Jeff Honey Jr.. Uncle Jeff honey a jerk. Sounds like a good call. There's got to be a special recipe in that joujou rudeboy jerk. I don't know. It seems like we're getting into like a little hazing situation there. If, you know, I'm so hilarious, this league story. And then the only other thing which was kind of a big thing, Jamal Adams finally got traded, spoke it into existence, traded to the Seahawks.


I actually love this trade for the Jets.


Is that is it weird to say that they like the safety position? Is John's a great player. Yeah, but to give up what they end up giving up a first round. And what was it? What was the final trade hall?


The final trade hall, I believe was like they got Bill. You want to put this in there. Got to watch the big two first round picks, a fourth round pick and not so much. Yeah. It's a lot safer for safety. It's a win win as far as trades in the NFL go, because, one, they get rid of a player who was not happy there, didn't want to be there in the long term. And to the Jets, get players that can't be called busts for at least another three years.


Right. They just like punted on their future. They're like, OK, you can't accuse us of blowing this draft pick until we actually take the guy. So it's Jamal Adams and a fourth round pick to Seattle in exchange for Bradley McDougle first round pick in twenty twenty one third round pick in twenty twenty one. First round pick at twenty twenty two. That's a fucking haul. Like the Jets. That's a great deal for the Jets. It's because it's less because they lost, they traded up for Sam Donald and they've, you know, lost a little dropkick draft capital.


So now they get it back. I love that move for them.


The only danger in giving the Jets so many first round picks is now they've got they've got first round picks that they can kind of take a flyer on. Yes. They can get a little fast and loose with one of these guys and like pick a pick a slot guy out of a division one double a school that just jumps off the charts with his measure. Bulls in the first round, like, well, we've got a couple to burn through, right.


We can take a chance. And then the Jets, when they're feeling frisky, like they can take chances. That's a dangerous position for them to be in.


The Seahawks also are one of those teams that whenever they add, oh, now we're down, goddammit, fuck the Atlas 11 10.


The Seahawks are one of those teams that because of their, like, history, the minute they add a defensive player like, oh, shit, this is an unfair they're going to be so sick when the Ravens at Earl Thomas show like this isn't fair. Yeah. With the Seahawks, I yeah. I automatically just assume that Earl Thomas is still there. Roger Sherman still there. Right.


Possession will make a physical blue heelers yellow it. And you're like, damn, the Steelers that like just when you add a defensive player to a defensive team you like. This is not fair.


They should. I just thought of this. They should call their secondary the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone coverage. Jake Dash has.


Yeah. So that was a big story. I don't know. Lavon Bell was not his like. Fuck that. Yeah. Le'Veon Bell, he's he's pissed off at. Let me get this straight. I managed Molle. Yes. For forcing a trade.


Yeah. Out of Karrar team that he caressed not feel respected long term for.


Got it. I stand with Le'Veon on Bell. Yeah. People do all the hooting and hollering to get you brought in just to leave. Oh like people weird. Yo. The internet got these dudes doing whatever for attention even when they tell you shit they don't believe themselves. That was Le'Veon Bell. So maybe I guess he's saying that because Jamal Items tried to get Levie on Bill. Awarded him, now he feels betrayed. I don't know. It's tough.


Yeah, it's tough for Le'Veon Bell. Did Jamal Adams make a mixed tape announcing where he was gonna go? No. I remember that feels like that was forever ago, Alex. All the NFL journalists staying up until midnight trying to figure out how to find Lavie on Bell's mixtape. Yes. And then listening to every track and transcribing it. Trying to piece together the equation. Yeah. By way, I think we should fire our coach just straight up.


That was it. You can't have a loss like that.


Your was in the last 18 minutes of those last 18 minutes, a foot off the gas is unacceptable. I'm not saying the coach. What's the coach's name? Andy Copeland. Andy Copeland. What would you do? Copeland Dude. We were right now hotseat.


They were up eight, six at a half and scored two goals in the second half, six most dangerously in lacrosse. Everyone, dammit. That's sad. You think the outlier is going to make like six, eight. Box score.


T shirt. How do you lose that game? How do you lose that game? I want Andy Copeland. I want to call him right now. He should be on the hot seat.


The atlas should let you in the game. Shut up, Billy. I fucking hate that you root for the atlas. All right. Let's get you. Ah. Who's back? The week. Great week. Twenty twenty is here. And it may be a little different this year. Our friends frenzied Bud Light want to help it keep it special. That's why we are giving away a custom grip week fridge just like the one we have in studio. It's a sick beer fridge with our logo on the side for four football guys only on the front.


So we're given one of those away. All you have to do to enter is tweet. Hashtag, grit, fridge and hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter. Again, tweet, hashtag, grit, fridge and hashtag sweepstakes to enter no purchase necessary open to U.S. residents 21 plus and seven 30 20 see official rules it but like dot com sash grip frige for more details. Again hashtag grip frige hashtag sweepstakes on Twitter. And it's, it's a great it's a great Fritsche.


It's a great Fritsche. I can't believe that. I can't lose waterdog. I mean, it's a choke job that he lost, though Dallas didn't win. I don't want the Atlas to get points for this. We should just get negative.


God damn it. God damn. It's all right. Hank, your. Who's back to the week? I was back the week as the Mets.


Oh, we just heard about in the beginning the show. No, they had a there one strike away from winning their first game. Three, two lead. Blue, blue, blue save. Blue lead. Blue. The game on. It was just good, you know, like Saturday night, all the Mets fans.


I was I was at where I thought they won on Friday, though, or whatever it was. They went on Friday when I got to win a Sloan game of guys of the season, I was just good.


You know, it's one of those things like we're talking about the return of sports, everything. It's just like the more and more things like this happening, the more and more everything feels normal.


How is who's ASSP this Hank? He's fine. He's fine.


He's good at Luis Diaz and Luis Diaz. He blew the Save the News. Smiling Mets fans are not. No, no.


It does feel the nature is healing. Tweets like when Mets fans just start having meltdowns on Twitter, it does feel like, oh, my God, like Frank the Tank, who is a coworker of ours, saying the season's over after game two and predicting ten game long losing streak after that one.


It just is like, oh, this is getting like slipping into a nice warm bath.


That's that would be a great level in the Madden like fan simulator to be a Mets fan. Yeah, a side quest. Yeah. You give up on the Jets, you become fireman. Ed, you quit the Jets for a season, turn to the Mets and then go right back and watch them just punch you in the dick every single day.


All right. Is that it? All right. Great job. My thanks, Mike. Thanks. Good job. Hey, thanks. Good job. Thanks. My who's back in the week is Alex Smith. Oh, Smith. His personal doctor cleared him to resume football activities, which I don't think any personal doctor should ever clear. It'd be like, hey, go out there and just play football. That doesn't seem like something out of a family physician would do, would you?


You think he should use the Redskins doctor? Right. The Washington football team after the Washington football?


I'd say the personal doctors much, much more trusted than that. Well, so now he still has to get cleared by the Washington team doctor to play. But like, just I it just dawned on me a second ago that, like, what doctor is like, you should go play football. Right. That'll be good for you. I actually don't think that he probably would like that doctor is now sending him to, like, you know, The Simpsons.


Dr. Nick. Yeah. Yeah. Go get cleared by. Exactly. Gogi approved by the Washington team. But I mean good for Alex Smith. Like, I I'm excited for him because I he yeah. Obviously almost lost his leg a couple of years ago. I just don't think that playing on that field in in RL John, Maryland, is going to be a good thing for his leg. I don't know. I'd like to see him succeed somewhere.


And I think he's one of those guys that is probably going to be a quarterback coach, probably offensive coordinator eventually. He's got a shitload of money and he's like the greatest backup quarterback of all time. Like, he will coach up a guy that he's in the room with, like a younger guy that's there with him. So he's also part of one of my favorite trivia questions of all time. Is it the one where he didn't throw a touchdown pass to a wide receiver for, like a year and a half?


No, it's. What? College has the only as the only number one pick in football and basketball. Oh, okay. Who is in areas in the same year, I think, who was in basketball? Andrew Bogut. Oh, crazy. Yeah, pretty fun, right? That is it is fun trivia. I think it was the same. I think it's what what's college in the same year had had the first round pick. Yeah. 2005 was an Alex Smith as well.


I believe so. Believe so, yes.


That's where Noir's fun little trivia for you guys.


Another fun trivia fact is I think it was like 17 weeks in a row of NFL football that Alex Smith did not complete a touchdown pass to Irish.


Yes. That was also fun. Yeah. It's the trivia question is what team had the number one pick in football and basketball? Only one team ever.


Yes. So I hope Alex Smith does good. I don't know where he's going to end up landing. I don't know if he's going to actually play football this year, but I'm glad that he didn't have to have his leg amputated. Yeah, it seems like he's he's recovered, so that's cool.


Big time. All right. My who's back the week is Tom Thibodeau. He is back. Tibbs is back. He's got his five year deal, I think, with the Knicks has been finalized.


This is going to not work. Nothing's green. New York City like Tom to do. He is. He went from like he didn't trust the ownership in GM in Chicago. Thought they were bugging his office and everything fell apart. And now he's going to go work for James Dolan. Yeah. I guarantee you, Tibbs decides just like he lives in Staten Island, takes the ferry over every day is him versus the media.


It's gonna be great. I mean, good news for him is I think like half of the Knicks roster is old Bulls castaways. So I think he can probably just cobble together a team. But it's just that is that's not going to work.


Tibbs always struck me as a coach that is really, really good at getting the most out of mediocre talent and really, really bad at getting anything remotely good out of excellent talent.


Well, he's just he's he's all gastineau breaks. So, again, you know, game 20 is the same as the second round in the playoffs. And let's just say load management has become a phenomenon in the NBA. And Tibs does not understand.


He doesn't get that.


I would I would hire Tibbs in a second to coach the water dogs or at least to coach our coach. Oh, yeah. Dogs. Yeah. Miach fucking water does such an adequate, awful gas in the second half. Fuck that guy. God, you got to stay aggressive. Al Gore show he's out.


Hey, I'm firing him. We're firing him. I'm into my other who's back is out. Ryan Pace in his draft picks. So he traded Adam Shaheen, who was the forty fifth overall pick, second rounder in 2017 for a six rounder.


So that's that's a good asset manager hall.


Yeah. Inflation. Yeah. But but you guys only have, what, 10 tight ends now. Yeah. We're starting to get depleted. That's an issue. See what happened. He's not have the depth chart in front of him. I don't know. It's just, you know, it's always good to make sure that it's kind of Bela Checky and of Ryan Pace to just keep keep trading guys for picks. I even know the value just makes no sense.


I remember when he was drafted, it was there's a lot of talk in Chicago that because that was the Mitch draft, obviously, that Ryan Pace went out and got his Drew Brees and Jimmy Graham. Okay.


So we'll act in a way. How is he, Ryan Paice version of Drew Brees in a gym? I remember reading that articles like he understands his time and see in New Orleans. He understands needing a big tight end and a great quarterback. It's like, fuck, yes, Jews are ready to roll. Did you see the most hilarious sabermetrics? Yeah, our lifetime over the weekend. Somebody may deem this to me. Oh. Mitch Drabinsky has by far the highest quarterback rating in the NFL when it's exactly 66 degrees.


Six degrees. So the Dome Bears fan. Or better yet, just like go outside and light Styrofoam on fire or better yet. Why doesn't Ryan Paice fucking package that shit up and trade him for a first rounder to a dome team into a dome team or. I'm telling you, like people in Chicago. Just make your city warmer. Raise a bunch of cattle and farting all the time. Let's increase the methane gas if it's exactly 66.


Let's just remember that a guy like five, four. Yeah, that's perfect time.


But that's not fair either. Yeah. But doesn't matter. That's probably only chance you get.


I'm absolutely gonna open up my weather app every single Sunday morning as if it's 66. I'm unloading on Mitchell Triveni. Do you need the clock on the field, though? Yeah, I'm sure I needed the giant giant thermometer.


How do you think it's because he likes that temperature? Or do you think, like, there's something in his head when he sees that it's 66? No, he feels good.


I think we we just like we've been in this pandemic for so long that someone just dug so deep into stats that they finally found something.


It's probably like a late October game against the Dolphins. Someone one search every single temperature. Yeah. Oh, you know what it might have been. There was a I bet you I was at the game against the box.


They wasn't. I might not be at the game.


The box they put up. I think Mr. Six Touchdowns. And it was right around like five or six that had to have been it. That's how to beat it as we followed that game. That's Mitch Weatherbee. Yes. All right, Billy. Who's back?


My who's back in the week. This is impersonation. That bitch. Carol Baskets oh. Well, that's Frank Kelly in the audience. Dude tried anyway. You did.


Carol Baskin's was awarded the Tiger King, Joe Exotic former zoo in Oklahoma. So Carol Baskin sued Joe Exotic, his company.


His mother was in Ohio. No zoo, Oklahoma. Oh, yeah. Anyway, so she's getting the zoo. She won the long game.


She plays along, getting worn out on top. Her simple husband, her husband, memories.


She is now the tiger queen. OK, one. There you go. Billy, by the way, we'll do that. We'll do it after the interview. Exactly. Interviews with the Monday reading. But we'll also just recap Billy Sheet, which is fantastic. Let's get, though, to our interviews. We have Deon Sanders and then we have a sanitation worker from New York City. Ask him what it's like to be a garbage man. Grit Week.


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So take 10 for 10 percent off a dude products dot com. Okay, here he is. Prime time.


OK. We now welcome on a very, very special guest. It is NFL Hall of Famer, two time Super Bowl champion. You know, Miss Primetime, it is Deon Sanders. Shall we call you primetime or Deon? Which one? You're going to me. OK. Friends. You guys are friends, OK? All right. So, Brian, my first question and we just saw you sprint down the hallway. You said, OK, can I get 60 seconds?


I think you took about 45 of the 60. You are one of the few athletes in the world where I don't care what age you are. I assume that if you put on the pads or grabbed the bat, you could make a NFL or MLB team today. Do you think that that's true? Or my maybe exaggerating your skills?


That is true. But I would have to play a limited role. I know me. I got to set myself up for a situation to succeed. And not to fail, but that is true. OK. With that limited rowby. I could play nickel at a free safety and football. In baseball, I could pitch run. Yep, I could pitch wrong. I could get a late drop you down a block third. Beat it out. I completely would.




I'm assuming that you've seen the video that came out yesterday of T.O. and Tyreek Hill running one hundred yard dash against each other and then they ran the forty. Yeah, T.O.. I think he's 46 years old. Yeah. Deal is good. He looks pretty good for a 46 year old. The muscles on his back, it's just insane.


I've never seen that on even a statue. But he ran the 40 right afterwards. I think he ran it about four, four or five. My question is, do you think that you could outrun T.O. right now?


I get deal. Out of. We don't it. Good deal, OK? Yeah. OK. How fast do you think he'd run it in? I call it an MSP. Next man, I'm just gonna run next man. I'm gonna be the next man. The next man is a four six. I'm gonna be for it. The next man for five. I'm coming in at four. What's up? Better than the next man. OK. So your incredible career.


You know, you want to super, you know, titles you played in a World Series, you played two port sport athlete. Doesn't happen anymore, really at all.


Obviously, growing up, you knew you were an unbelievable athlete, but was there a moment where you're like, holy shit, like I am so much better than everyone.


Yes. When I came out. Well, no, no, I meant when I was a kid growing up in Fort Myers, man playing three sports, football, baseball, basketball, I knew I had it, but not just knowing was enough because I didn't want to settle with mediocrity. Even back then, I wanted to dominate, man. I wanted that high step. I wanted to. I was dancing in 74. So there isn't an NFL in 80.


That was not new to me. I've been dancing. I've been celebrating. I've been having a good time. Baseball, football, basketball. I was all state in that. I mean, so understanding the gift is one thing, but working your butt off to enhance, to get into to take a gift to another level. That was everything for me. OK. So let me let me read ask the question a little bit of a different way.


At what point in your career did you know that you had to put in more work and you couldn't get by just on that natural gift? Just see my mama workman.


I saw my momma work two jobs. You're doubling my whole childhood. And just it make ends meet. So I picked that work ethic from what I saw. And I picked up the game and the hustle part of it from my biological father. And I picked up the consistency of getting up, put on the uniform and going to work, like putting on a suit, putting on foot ball baseball, baseball uniform for my step father. So that's what you got to be careful what you do, right?


Your kids. I picked up those little things in a seven year old man, two story, seven years old. I told my mama, you know what, I we'll be rich one day. I'll make a lot of money. And you never know. We're going to Danu like she's a real go getter. The we'll cut the grass, right. Natto, you know, for ten years. So you get true story.


I go seven years old. You get to Florida State and you're one of the best athletes on campus immediately. I think you started as a freshman, right, on the football team. So was there a point when either you had to sit down and look yourself in the mirror or coach bowed and had to talk to you and say, now's the time where you need to step it up? The next level like this is no longer a high school football.


It's a little bit more difficult.


No, because. I came to out of state to change the game, to change the way the game was played. I mean, I've always thought like that. I remember my first few games. I it was rotate and it was a three cornered rotation. You know, these to a start. I come in the next series and the other guys sit down and we rotate. And then one time those two guys went out to one of the sporting goods stores and bought themselves towels and wristbands with the numbers on them.


And they didn't tell me. So our momentum, I'm warming up for the game. I say, oh, that's nice. To me, huh? They say, my bad. I said, You know what? I'm starting and I'm coming out about it. You know, I saw it in college.


That's when I started. And then come out again. Yeah. In college, Bobby Bouton, I think, is one of the most underrated coaches. What made him ever? What made him so special? He had. I mean, there's something I can't remember the exact stat, but it's something like 50 or like 10 years in a row where the Florida state finished in the top five, which is just like it's almost impossible how good he was for how long it was.


It was more than that. But what made him so special?


Coach Bouton was a wonderful human being, very personable, very spiritual. He's like a father being away from home that we all need, especially in the African-American community. But he had staff that was unbelievable. You do the history of Florida state for the state didn't fall off a little bit until all the little staff guys start leaving. Chuco model went to North Carolina State, I believe. Margaret went to Georgia. This guy went to that place, South Carolina.


This guy, one here, this guy went there and that's when things start going south. But until those guys start the party, he had a staff that was unbelievable. That could recruit is but all and then developed players like no other. Led by Matt Davies, the bad coach, Mickey Andrews. Florida State has put more guys in pros defensively than anything off is. The guys have been good, but not like the defense. Yeah, I just looked it up.


So to put it in perspective, Bobby Bowden had a 14 year stretch where the Florida State Seminoles finished in the top five. Nick Saban, in the end, the Alabama Crimson Tide, who'd been you know, you could say Nick Saban's run right now is probably the best run in college football history. He still they they had it in 2013. They finished seven and eight in the two polls last year. They finished eight eight like, you know, eight ranked eight in the coaches, eight in the AP.


So they only went four years in a row where they four or five years ago when they finished the top on 14 years in a row where they finish in the top five. That's insane. That's insane. But you got instant coach saved and loses his staff, whatever to you. True. True. I've got the whole staff that not just OCD. He loses everybody and then he has a treat. That's phenomenal. That's the difference. Yeah. Did he or did he ever give any shit about your dancing, some of the high stepping that you do?


Because Bobby seems like he's an old school type of guy.


Well, what I did dancing in college whatsoever. What you got to understand when you are a hard worker, what they say when you don't feel less want to leave, what they say when you play in two sports and you coming over to practice in between your two sports that you're playing on the college game. When they go Setton.


So tell me a little bit about being the hardest worker, because we talked to Jerry Rice here, but maybe six months ago he told us about racing that horse down in Mississippi.


I forget the horse's name, but what was your workout regimen like where you would put in more effort than everybody else?


I just wanted to be the greatest ever, man. I want to be the best ever. I don't want to be the best. And I've never heard about their race with Jerry Rice and the horse. And how can a human being a horse, that's a whole nother story. We'll go back to that later. But the work ethic was unbelievable because I just wanted to be the best. That's just who I was. That's how I got there. And I'm still that way right now.


I mean, I'm we'll get up in the morning to work out and do my thing even to this day. That's that's why my kids have a work ethic, because they see their farm work ethic. When I get off the zone, call what you guys. I'm gonna get on the Alamo, cut grabs like no other because of my work ethic. Yeah. So you have probably the most swag of any athlete ever. It's up to over in the Mount Rushmore.


Right. Yes, I know. No, I'm not in the Mount Rushmore. I am the Mount Rushmore. You. You are. That's fair. You are the Mount Rushmore. You personify swag. Was there ever a time, though, when maybe you call, you know, we're talking about yourself in the third person, just wearing ridiculous, awesome clothing, like in a limo or something, you just broke character. Like, what the fuck is this like?


This is crazy.


No, no, no. Because most of my stuff was premeditated. Like, most of it was choreographed. Most of my stuff, I knew what I was after. I was always thinking one, two steps ahead of the media and whatever. And I wish it would have been a model, a time like this where we had social media where I didn't have to manipulate the media and they didn't have to try to manipulate me and shoot me back. Once I told him it was great.


And they caught on to it three years later. But they wanted to take me down before that. It was it was a. Fine. It was a fun time, but never did I have one of those moments that I had to really look in the mirror and say. All right. Well done. OK. You know, you never who's never not not right. But like I'm looking at a picture right now, it is deep. It is the epitome of swag.


You have a dollar sign earring. You're on a phone. You have the gold sunglasses. You about 16 chains on you. You were in a jumpsuit like sweat suit that was drab. How dress today.


Are you. It's so fucking cool. What am I supposed to wear to draft day? Some overalls, some big shoes. What am I supposed wear? Drab day is the epitome. Drab day is like that. Like the country music. A wall or small country. God, what am I supposed to do it? Waylon Jennings.


No, I'm actually happy to answer you that way because it actually confirmed what I thought is that it's effortless, like cool. And you are that cool. And then it comes across as like, hey, this is what it is. Because I know, like, when we win, we'll do videos or something. You will put on a bunch of jewelry or do it like this is ridiculous. We look ridiculous. Let me give you the method behind the man.


Is that at and that time that was 88. Model downcourt, Fort Myers, Florida, was there in a crate capital of the country. In that time, everybody that was looked up to back then was not the athletes. It was the drug dealers. It was the hustle's. I wanted to show everybody in that state a man you could live a good life. Played his ball. Get your education. Go to college and you could do it with dad hustling.


Would the risk of of going to jail for the rest of your life? So that's where the jury came in, the girls. That's what the girls wanted to see. And that's what the guys respected in the air ratings insinuate. I mean, I'm doing my thing and I was making money just like you guys. You say ad from the police. So that was a whole message behind the Met. But often times you never get to the message.


Right. Because magnified Imette. Yeah. Yeah. And it's an unbelievable picture.


I mean, it is the coolest. It's one of the coolest pictures you can come up with, especially drafting. You are. It is the the dollar. The dollar bill. The dollar sign earing is so fucking bad ass that you have to. It is time to go from obscurity to notoriety. It is instantaneously when I get this phone call. Being broke is over. Oh yeah. Mom, we have made it. Go to your job. And I want you.


I don't condone profanity. Go coz everybody out and have your problem and leave Memorial Hospital. OK. We're good. You don't have to go back. You do not have to go back. Mom. Did she take that advice. Did she go in. It shuts people out. You know my mom as you did. I love. How long did it take for her to quit her job at that point? Immediately.


I love that. That's a good gift to give to a parent, one that's put in work like over the years and and kind of gone out of their way to help you achieve something. And then immediately saying, you're done. You're done. You've won.


But guess what the gift is. Gift is maintained. And that's why the stuff that I preach spoke about the work ethic and all the consistency. That's one that come because a lot of guys have done it. But, Mom, I had to go back to work because you're going to help your business properly. Mom, I worked. Since when? When was the last time you doubted yourself?


The other day when I shaved, I said, you know what, they're great. They're really good. I don't know if you should have took it all. You look good. You screwed out.


I like it was made me, but I could grow back in a week. That's the thing about I could grow a beard back in a week. So I doubt it myself. Just two days ago.


OK. But with an important thing are, you know, whether it be in the business world or whether it be broadcasting or athletically. When was the last time that primetime looked in the mirror and said Prime? I don't know. I don't know if you got it today.


Probably call him a play in high school football game. Like like we lost for the first time in two years this past season on on ESPN. And we won three straight three straight state titles and we're in overtime. And I called a play on fourth down that. I doubt I should it. Would something else who what the snap was on the ground and it killed me like it was a bad snap. So my son, which is the quarterback, had to drop is it takes it out.


The coverage picked about about the ground reset and try to make it happen. And we had two bad snaps in a row.


Thought third and fourth down. We lost. Should we kind of draw like any kid out and out of that call? Yeah. What time? What was the play call.


I don't recall it now, but I think it was a double in quarter hollow backside doubly. And on this side we need it's fourth and eight. We needed eight. She didn't make it.


OK, shoot. It's two o'clock right now. Yeah.


I don't know what as your computer tell you every hour on the hour what time it is yet. Why does it say like high a product? Yeah, I didn't see it. I'm not really computer literate, so I make my kids do all that stuff. That's why I got to live a good, clean life, because they have access to everything. I don't know too much about computers, of phones, anything. So.


So probably played on some of the best teams of all time. I'm not just talking about football because obviously you you played on the Forty Niners, you played on the Cowboys, you played on that Ravens defense, but also in baseball, you played on the mid 90s Braves. You played on the Yankees. What what was the best sports team that you've ever played on best as phone a best selling tap.


Both. Phone was Elad. Lana Graves, Caulkins. Yeah. You can't get them off one. Jerry Glanbia is the coach. Everything is everything. It was fun. We got our butts kicked, but we had fun. Talent wise. Probably the 90 or forty Niners. I think we had the number one defense and offense in the league. Steve Young was fantastic. I did my thing on the defensive side of the ball. I think he was the MVP of the league.


Offensively, I may be mistaken, but I think he was. And I had that claim on defense, and it was just it was still it. It was just straight still it just, you know, you got all is gonna score 30 or 40. And you just got to sit in the rocking chair the whole fourth quarter because the other team is trying to catch up. Did you did you guys start partying at all on the sideline in that Super Bowl?


No, no, wait. We we we knew know we're going to win. It was. No. Yeah. You're up like 50 in the third fourth quarter down. You know, we go away for the game, we will start. Right. Did you have a sip, though, like maybe, you know, pop a bottle on the sideline real quick?


First of all, I'd never taste alcohol in my life, so I wouldn't do that. Second about those guys is very straight laced, man. They were like, go click into time, you know, an old time clock. You put the card in. They did it. They they were like that. So when I came, I had to open that thing up and like, I was fine. Come on, man. So I was taking him out to the club.


I was taken in the part. I was taken in the do a double take would a little relaxed atmosphere. They were workaholics at that time that didn't know how to play. Yeah, I don't mind working, but you got to play to.


So you have one of the greatest quotes of all time too. Was that the if you look good. You feel good. Feel good. Really good. If you play good, the pigott. You knew what what I was gonna say. You just.


They'll say that way back in college I came up didn't you. But do you like what was. Where did you come up with it. And when you came out the first time you like oh my God, that's fucking genius. Because it's true.


Like like in college, everything like I say, it was premeditated because this agent made a mistake in my sophomore year and gave me a pamphlet of how much everybody made at that point in time. Defensive backs was not handsomely paid and it was one of the worst paid positions in the NFL. That's I got some bad debt because I promised my mom she's had to work. She'd never gone to work. So I had to come up with something. And I came up with this is this is this guy, which my nickname was print out for basketball, for high school.


But I had to enhance to stay, so I had to do some from enabling do some thinking and do some creative marketing. And that's what happened. So the dress code went to a whole nother level. I went to my senior my last game against the University of Florida last regular season and a tuxedo in a limo. That's got more to my last game because that was it. It was it. I know it was it.


That's great. I mean, it's smart. It's the whole promotion to get yourself paid more. But that oh, fuck that quota. Just all talk. It goes it's fudo. It was true. It is source Roder. I didn't even premeditate that, that that one just rolled right up top. Yeah it it is true. If you look good you feel good and if you feel good you play good. Yeah. Have you have a good read.


Yeah exactly.


If you ever had a bad game where before the game you were like man I just don't look good enough.


No. No never did you. Not crazy cause I don't even know how you think your mouth even taxed me that.


I also love your Twitter account because you really enjoy ending tweets with hashtag truth. So is it true?


Yeah, I've had a youth organization for the last I think is over a decade in our team. Name is truth. What truth means is trust in God. Respect myself and others understand I have unlimited possibilities. Try my best, never give up and honor the truth. Indiscrete at all that you could catch a kid five years old in this city would have to shirt on and say, what does that mean? And they go to rebate to regurgitate that to you expeditiously as well as their parents.


That's our creed. So that's really what that means is what I'm saying. OK, I like that you have your met Gary Busey, cause that that sounds like a beauty. Yes. Yes. That was abuse. This is hilarious. Yes, he is. He's hilarious. He's crazy. Yeah, he is. Literally. Yes. Yes. But in a good way. In a way that I made out of patience. Yeah. Not abusive you got to listen to because you got to Gramble lawless stuff and you got to find a nugget sitting right there.


What would you rather do, doubt yourself publicly or make a tackle.


Hey, find opposition to what you just said and I'm going to explain, OK?


Band one game. Well, I was reluctant and I missed the tech. Let me explain. My game was so strong. That was the thing they thought they found rule. That never happened. Don't you think if you could have saw me being that type of player, you do remember particular plays where they just magnified dead on television time at the time and time again? You're Navasota. That's a vicious rumor to criticize my great. So. Yeah. So.


And I find that very cool.


So would you say that maybe you should have been so good at playing cover, cover defense and intercepting passes because then people would realize that you weren't that bad of a tackler? No.


What I would say is, wouldn't you reached a pit at me, Mount Rushmore in far the more. When you have ever on the back of your name, like greatest ever. Ever. Not E.R., ever. Like ABH. I'm the greatest ever. They found some wrong. They you can't think of a player that was really ever that they didn't try to find something that was not great in this town. And that's what they try to come with me.


You have never in your life. My coaches has never was a prima. I need you to come up and make that tackle. I never tamminen stupid like that because it never happened. I'd never hurt my team in it. But you can't remember one game. Will you watch or you watch or whoever watching this said, you know what? He let me down his game. Hey, I didn't say I'd watch. I didn't say I want you to play it to me.


I'm watching clip right now. And Newton, stop him from saying that you of diving down, you should reach nobody's. They don't go to us.


I'm watching a clip right now from the Super Bowl. And on this play, they highlight this as a play that you didn't want to tackle on. But I'm watching it back. And you just were too fast that you ran in front of where the guy was going to be.


Now, you know, I know what particular where you come in. I would tell you what really happened on the play. It was a warning to our guys right behind that gut. So if I cut that guy legs out, which was my only opportunity to tackle the. I'm going hit not only about a guy, but to go ahead and mind you, I was playing all offense and defense that game. You know what? You lose me. What happened?


You're right. I'm watching it back. There's a guy it looks like a defensive tackle or no linebacker coming right at you.


Right behind ya. So what is gonna happen to me if I gregan down in front of that guy?


And also, you were you were also too fast. Just go with that spin zone. Just being. I outran the tackle.


Let's not find another one. I got it. All right. While he looks for another one. I had a question about playing both baseball and football because I don't think it's ever gonna happen again. I don't know who would do a reason why. Because kids don't have nerves. They're good enough. Not not. Great. But they don't have nerve right in there loving people to.


Put them in a box at an early age. You only play baseball. Well, you only play football. And you played it all year round or you only play basketball. And I've seen you play. You don't have time for those that don't make sense. Everybody I know wants to scream two streams of income. You want to do multiple things, but when it comes to sport, you got some idiot that ain't never done. Nothing is gonna tell you.


You can do one thing. I got time. By the way, I'm talking to him. But I could multitask. I'll wait for you to come up with not nothing.


When I'm coming up in right now, you're absolutely roasting Tony Romo for pointing something similar out. And I did. I just want to say I don't want that smoke. I don't want that's no problem. You can direct. I like.


My goodness. There's smoke. There was was about something else that was about teal smoke. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. That was bigger than that, that we're really f so. So my question is, was when you were doing both logistically, how hard was it? And did you ever feel like, man, if I didn't like if I didn't have to spend a little time in the film room today, it might help a little bit baseball or vice versa?


No, I barely did it. Samit changed the way it overlapped and they made it very comfortable for me to get in the helicopter in Atlanta flat over everybody and land. Yeah. Atlatl Woolton in and get out and do my thing. But not that never happened because when I was when I was playing, when I was really focused on the one thing and I'm not thinking about the other. And I had that Catoe ability to compartmentalize everything in life. But it's just not that.


Thanks sometimes. Yeah. But it did happen in the World Series. And you had an unbelievable World Series with with the Braves. You guys lost the Blue Jays. But during that time, like, were you in the zone constantly? I it's incredible to think about that. You're playing and they have found a way playing in the World Series. But you've been one for David Cone when have even played. Just so happens, baseball is analytical and there's a guy they were trying to punish.


I'm trying to help these Bulls win a World Series. I got a football contract and he was gonna punish me. I look at him. Since that make you think I'm going to miss out on the balcony scran against Dan Marino, Dupere playing in that more and not be out on the island. And I'm sitting on a bench for a straight man, not even a thought of getting in. So no. And I'm on a football contract. That's why we did a whole 30 30.


Because it's not because I'm on a football contract. But you try to punish me and let me play. Thank God. David Cole and I was hit like 600 to 700 lifetime of code. It wouldn't have been no David going. I would have never played in the world. So every time I see Cole. Oh, I see a ice cream cone. I just smile. I get you happy because it will run a code. I would never play.


I did find one more example, but I'm going to let you off the hook on it. I did. Oh, I did. I did. Yes, I did. It was against it when he gets Bo Jackson, though, so I can't I can't hate on you again, Steph.


I ran it through by Bo Jackson and Wellwood of the freshman chase down of 220 pound man. This chip sent straight from the hand of God. And you going to try to bring that up on me? That's I said I want to go. I read up on Boeke and he pulled my head and pushed me down like I was an infant. Me and Bo, we love each other. But that right there is like the elephant in the room when we see each other all the time.


Yeah, that was. Okay. I'm 18. Man, you can't indict me on that.


That's why I said I wasn't gonna bring it up. But the clip is out there. People want to watch it. You did break it. I didn't. I brought it up, but I retract. I will give you a pardon for that tackle. Is he the most athletic person you've ever been on a field with?


No. My cousin Jimbo. He was a crack head in. Good luck. Do don't. Well, he was very athletic because he would steal stuff when I came on college. You could never catch you could never catch it. And he would sell it. And I would have to go get it back at the hood in front of drug dealers. He was proud of the most athletic. My cousin Jimbo. But next to that, I think it was both.


Where are we prime with your fight against people who are terrible at using public bathrooms? Do you mean the guys that can't hit the water? Yeah. You did it. You did it. You did a rant on Twitter not too long ago about just not being able to hit the water. They just pissing all over the toilet. Is that not the worst thing? And then and now you got to pressure a wipe in the seats down or debunking the whole bathroom, because when you go out in your recognizable, they go, thank you.


Yeah, that's true. Well, I'm in I'm in it. I've got to make a decision. Yeah. Look, why do I think so? I got that. I got to really wrap my hands up and wipe somebody else's pee off the lips of the toilet when it's just sitting there like a gold treat too. And it just makes me mad. I did somebody leave a fifteen candy bars in the bottom of a toilet. And if you got in there is you.


That's. Well, no, you have to do if you're talking about like a public restroom with stalls, you got to do the kick open method. Kick it open. You got it. Yeah. If you see the man on you move on. You can leave a floater in there when you're recognizable. Because what we're saying, you gonna say, hey, Matt Ryan blued is love face time. Yeah. I would not go bottom out in this thing.


So I got to make a decision. Wait, now. Now that I'm thinking about it, you seem to kind of suspect you're kind of trying to get out ahead of it. Are you pulling up bathrooms left and right and you're trying to basically give yourself an alibi? I will get out. I'm in the club for baseball. See, look, a PSA. Everywhere I go up here, like on the outside peer. I love the freedom.


I love the air. I love the breeze. All happy every day I get up at night and goes out just to pee. Hold on. So that would actually be more in my favor of this argument. You aren't used to peeing in a toilet, doesn't have target. You don't have to target practice. You're sounding suspect now.


But what if you're not close to the toilet?


Are you going to do is there a split disparagingly? I said I just love. I remember seeing on Twitter being like, what the hell is this? Oh, OK. This is actually a very important issue. I do. It makes me mad. I got a root issue with. I do. I got issues.


I do agree with you, though, that taking a leak outside is much preferable to peeing indoors like they feel in grass underneath your feet. And just pissing outside is wonderful.


I can't do it. They've got bad feet. It's not the grass. It's the coolness and the freedom. Yeah, it's the freedom. And it's like the wind just whistling. They just the wind just whistles around your, you know. Where are your NBA balls and just. Just whistle.


The whistle of it going back to the bathroom thing. You don't strike me as a shy person. Why wouldn't you just walk out of the store and be like, just so you know, that's not a prime mess in there. That was there when I got into the bathroom.


So don't put it on. I don't have a problem. I don't have time to explain nothing to a stranger that I don't know. I'm trying to prove myself to you. It's almost like I'm admitting guilt. If you're walking in the bathroom when I'm coming up, dude, I'm trying to tell you, man, that was not me. Yeah. Good thing that was him. Yeah. That was prime. Prime. It was messy in there. He's got to get that.


It's something. Yeah. Like what. Oh what a forearm land. He said. Yeah. I like it here. Yeah. It actually would make sense. Your, your, your, you know you played in the NFL, you played in Major League Baseball. Everyone has to have one fault. He can't hit the toilet. Right. So that's how I think you once said rock bottom for you was laying between two or three women at a time.


Do you not understand what the phrase rock bottom is, if you could? We don't take the part of it. That was a silly. OK. Well, rock bottom. I don't think you know what that means. Yes, I do. I didn't say that was rock bottom. What I said is, could you imagine? No, I can't sleep it, you know, in a fifteen thousand square foot hole in not getting a risk. Can you imagine having hundreds of pairs of shoes that you can go in?


You're not going anywhere. You can't take a step in the right direction. Can you imagine have several cars and you can't go nowhere. Can you imagine? It was it was soliloquies like that. Then I said, can you imagine sleeping in between two and three women at a time? And then nobody satisfied. When you got up, could you imagine? Work harder. Yeah. Walking at a stadium with 60, 70, the people screen. It's ninety point, you know, your middle name.


It was a whole soliloquy of things that I say. Could you image.


Yeah, but all those things seem like really awesome stuff like, oh, I'm in a 50 square foot house. Oh, I've got too many shoes.


Yeah, well, I actually could imagine them not being able to satisfy two or three women. I mean that's. Yeah. Who could do that's. Yeah, yeah, but that's that was a long soliloquy of things that I just want to put you in the place. I wanted you to be me for a minute. OK, I'll see you a minute.


Yeah, that sounds sick. Do you? When you get going on a soliloquy like that, is there a part of your brain that's like, fuck, man, this is really good. Like, got my arm going. I'm prime right now. Oh, no, no. Because this is a butt. Like, I can hit a button and hit clubs, get like you got to as they like. So does leave you guys up. Not that I'm ready to get on a tractor and cause some great.


Yeah. Like that's the difference. That's, that's the dynamics of the personality. I could be this but I'm really that.


Mm hmm. What do you what do you like to do to relax.


I fish. Do I go out there and fish. Hell yeah. What do you catch out there Bass. I'm a Baska. When you're when you're on the fish. When you're on the boat.


Do you stand up and then pee over the edge or do you hold it every now and then. Every now and then. I do.


It's it's a challenge because it's almost like you're surfing and you're activating those leg muscles to, like, balance yourself and your piston out of a boat, either quantifiable or I have this one little round boat that I mean, it's just it only challenges to make sure I'm over the edge. Yeah. Yeah, I have rainbow.


It's really satisfying, though, to pee into a lake or into like an ocean, you know, nature's toilet. Yeah.


Because the water is gonna catch. Yeah. Are you angry at all that your hall fame bus doesn't really look like you? No, I'm not. Only thing I'm angry about is why would they take the band down. Yeah. Don't make no sense. Like like you told me you wanted to be me and that that was me. So I don't understand why that was the. That was a problem. Yes, it's not right. I'm looking at the picture right now.


They they didn't. That was mean. What they did. You're a lot. You're a good looking dude. And they I don't know what I did, but it's just different. It looked like a white dude from upstate New York, like Bruce Harrell would like his name, his hair like that. That's really what it looked like. It don't look like a private school. Harrill.


What was it? What was it like prepping for that speech? When you go in the Hall of Fame, because I felt like you could just step up to the mike and just talk.


Yeah. I didn't write anything down. Only thing is a few people that I didn't want to miss. Thank you. But as far as a speech like it's like a roll. It comes in your head and it just rolls down and you you tell the story. I could just see the story scrolling as I'm talking. What was it like when.


What's his name? David Baker. When when David Baker came to knock on your door at the hotel and say, hey, you may get a knock on my bill.


I won't go get it. I won't go put myself in that situation where you go get a chance to knock on my door or not. Malcolm, I don't tell me I'm good enough for your little committee. I won't doing it. I was actually coaching a youth football game versus Snooke when announcements up where we're it. And they stopped the game and said a prayer with Snooke, came over the microphone and he did that. This new tells you Snoop told us that you made the Hall of Fame.


Yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't doubt that is the most perfect time to come in tonight because you guys don't know how to do this. So imagine four of your guys in a room and they come and tell you to you guys, get to back as those two did. That's how it is. They come and tell you. Then they take the guys that did out the back door and nobody ever heard of. That's why T.O. said, I'm not doing it, because two years prior, every year he was the guy and he had to walk out the back door, didn't make it.


And that's very humbling. Yeah. Yeah. I never thought of it that way. But you're right. Yeah. I would put myself in a situation where would do me like that. Damn. I got kids. Yeah. Look up. Speaking of which, are are both your kids going to go pro. I hope so. It's looking like it could could be on the Clintons. Yeah. Are you going to go? I. I remember I think it was maybe January this year where you said you're going to be a head coach soon.


Are you still planning on doing that? Into college football. When. Twenty twenty one. I will be where. I don't know, but I will be OK. Are you gonna. Is it gonna be a package deal with your son's. Oh, no. But then I'm not a part of a package like I create a package. I'm not part. Oh, yeah, you did. You created the package. You created your sons. Yeah.


I create the package. I'm not gonna be a part.


Do you have any eligibility left? I would love to see you go back to college. Just they should just give Deon Sanders one year to go play with his son. Whatever college he wants to. Where would you go right now if you're being recruited?


What? My sons, plural. I won't do it together and I won't want to be there with them together. I don't want them on the same team. I mean, it's gonna be I would like that, which they probably wouldn't, but I would like if they were if it were up to, you know, what school would you go to if you were just come into your own right now?


That's tough, because I have to looked at it that way for defensive backs. What are you going to say? I'm I'm a lot like my youngest son and he's a lot like me. Where Florida State, one Florida state until my class got there to that eighty five class got there and things changed. So he's the kind of guy to say that I go to one of these majors, they can't be the same with without me. I want to go somewhere, make it all.


I want to make it that I want to change the game. That's the way the little man. Thanks, man. So that's why he chose you. You like it? That's smart. Our energy is eight minutes from a beach. Dubai.


Yeah, that's that's a good point as well. Quality of life and. Yeah, I. I like going to if you're picking a school and you're half leat I went to University Wisconsin, I don't know how they ever recruit anyone. They recruited me. Really? Yeah. How can they recruit a black man from Florida to Wisconsin? There's a hope. Did did I go visit? No. Not a stump. I had a curl. My curl was going to stand Wisconsin without it being gray.


I don't even know how to spell was spelled. Wisconsin property. Still don't make up. Oh, I'm not going to Wisconsin. I don't wear socks in high school. I don't own a jacket. When I went to the University of Georgia for a visit, I will put a little walkway in my curls from coming here to work. Why would you invite a kid from Florida to a visit in December? That's the dumbest thing. That's the dumb is better recruiting Indian student to top it all, he said.


Mr. Sanders, I hear you're pretty good. I'll tell you what. Once you red shirt. You're gonna really contribute. As I say, sir, with all due respect. I'm better than everything that you get at I. What I just saw. They just love to Georgia Tech. You want tell be better rich. Yeah. Better than everything you got on your feet. I really said that. Imagine imagine being the guy who wanted to get prime time to fucking red shirt.


What an idiot. Yeah. You know where he is right now. He recruited me, man. You're one of the few people. That's. That's cool. I love you guys. You guys probably do the. Too many people noted that I've really let you in on it, but they recruited me, my senior. That's crazy. How did it happen? I don't know. Yeah, that's my point, though. It's like I don't. You're saying your son's picking a place.


It's eight minutes from the beach. I never understand how Wisconsin ever gets anyone because it's like if I were recruited anywhere, I'd be like, fuck, I'm going to the desert. I'm going to the beach. Like, I'm gonna enjoy this. Right. Right. Yeah. Well, they do a great job. They've got a great program, too. Yeah. Yeah. Just run the ball problem. I got a little bit of history with you musically, so I purchased your C.D..


I, I'm sure. I believe it was called primetime, right. Yeah. I purchased it from Sam Goody back in 2007.


James, your favorite show must be the money. Why? Why you envy me. Also a banger.


You like that? Have to say another word.


Let me kiss. All right. If you don't have another work. Because if you remember that song. That was my favorite song. That was my favorite song. And the video was supposed to be at a press conference. When all is Mike sitting up in my face and I'm talking about why. Oh, my God. That was a hit. Did you write that? Did you write your own? Yes. That was a hit. Yes.


So I purchased it and it cost zero dollars when I bought it.


And in that role, you still got. OK. All right. Cause the message behind I liked. We can roll too.


And how subprime. Oh yeah. Yeah. I was driving down eighty five. That was the thought process there. Eighty five s in Atlanta. I had one last question for you. It's our body armor question. Go drink body armor. I'm a strawberry banana guy here. Body armor prime. You should be drinking body armor too. Yeah, it's delicious. You go to drink body armor, dot com or Amazon for any of their flavors. So this is technically we usually do Grit Week where we write before Memorial Day.


We we travel around the country. We interview people out of the van. Obviously, Corona virus happened. It canceled it. So we're doing it this week. You're going to be part of it. You're actually in the lead. So everyone thinks prime time. They think flash. They think, you know everything. Right. The jewelry. But you are a guy who made it to the highest level, the pro football hall of Fame. And you have to have had at least a little bit of grit to get there.


So what does grit mean to you and where have you in your life been like. Yeah, I got to just suck it up and be gritty. Red means being tenacious. Involving tenacity. Being hungry, being a fighter. Being a warrior. Just not stopping. Not with withstanding mass. Being a do not condemn what condone certain things, but yet a steel stay stand focused man. It went when I was in triple-A baseball. I think it was eighty eight playing for the Columbus Clippers.


I didn't really see the vision. I'm in Tripoli and I'm getting ready to be a millionaire in a matter of time. Why am I in Tripoli? Planet in a small town, Romney blesses all around the country in mind. My agent at the time, Eugene Parker, who passed on was like a brat. You got to suck it up, man. You trust me? Trust me. Having the leverage is going to pay dividends for you. And you can really play it is just suck it up.


I do. I'm going to get payment. Why? Why? I don't want to be here. And I had to really take a look at the mirror and say, you know what? I've got to sacrifice for what I want for that dream that I told my mother that dream of leaving kids out of my inner city and Fort Myers, Florida, and showing them the direction and showing them I'm not a quitter and I suck it up, man.


And the rest is history. I like that. It also means not being afraid to take some toilet paper off the roll and wipe up another man's pistol if you have to get to work at least four times for you for rapid. I love it. Well, thank you. Thank you. It was good to meet you, man.


Do you still have. Do you still have the dollar sign hearing? No, I don't. I to wear earrings and probably. Twenty years ago, I don't. OK. I love that idea. And guys, what do you guys like to do? My term for the quilt. What was your biggest hobby?


I watch a lot of sports gambling. You watch a lot of sports. Like, what's your favorite sport? I love. I love football. I like rugby. I like actually any sport.


You know what? I'll tell you what we need to do. You and I. You and I. Because we got here. We've got to reunite because that stuff you said a minute ago kind of ticked me off for you. I've been looking at my screen phone up and just looking at my guy in that job. But I apologize. I just want to be honest. So what we need to do to rekindle our relationship. We need to plan a rugby trip next summer.


And we need to get on a rugby team overseas and actually play a game. OK, I'm down to do that. I'm gonna. Yeah, we got to play a game.


I've been invited to join a couple rugby teams here in the United States.


Major, not rugby team. They know me. They know me. They won't let me get away with it. We've got to go in. And I have no each shred. Nez is my name. No eat srep nez. That's Deon Sanders backwards. I've gone bad in millions of restaurants or rich black men. You know, rich and rich black men as they go about it a lot as well. All around the country. Well, we need to go up under assumed names and join that cause I want to do it at least one.


OK. So OK. So that sounds like an awesome idea. Now for for me, we're gonna go to Vegas and I'm going to gamble with your money. Is our only play blackjack. OK. I'll play for you, but I'm very cheap. Yeah. So we'll do the we'll do the full primetime like draft day primetime experience. No, no, no, no. I'm very cheap. Like what I do if I go to Vegas, which I rarely do.


I put one hundred dollars in my pocket and I go downstairs. You egin more than that. Is it smart. I'm going to play five dollars. I will. Will Prime. Thank you so much. Has been so much fun. We really appreciate it man. And you're welcome anytime. God bless you. And I apologize that I did not have my phone. I had. That's my country. Go on this other phone network. Yeah. I apologize, guys.


I'm never late for anything. No, no, that's fine. This is perfect. No, no, no. That bothers me sincerely. I do. OK. We appreciate what I give you a pass. I forgive you. Yeah. Appreciate and wish there was some bonding to do because that I wouldn't listen to you.


Maybe you can teach me how to tackle cause I've got I also every deal.


My mother has this. Eighty eight. OK. All right. Thanks, Fran. Appreciate it.


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How are you doing with your average train on the Billy?


My average train is a ten flat because sometimes a game all day, but it's still doing great. All right.


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Another is something completely different.


Okay, we now welcome on a very special guests for Grit Week. Grit Week, of course, is sponsored by our friends at Dood Wife's. The original flushable wipes for guys. Well, everyone is stocking up on toilet paper. You need to be stocking up on dude wipes better than toilet paper. Dude wipes are multi-purpose. Use anywhere on your body to help you stay clean in Hygenic during this interesting time and all the time. If you're not using them yet while dropping a deuce, do yourself a favor, check them out, use code, take 10 percent off a dude products dot com code.


Take ten percent off at do Proxicom. It is a sanitation worker is out. Is that the exact title. It is Kucher who's a friend of the program, Sanitation Worker Trashmen. What's the correct way to say it in 2020.


Direct terminology sanitation worker. You are right for OK workers.


OK, well I actually had one of the questions I had written down right off the bat is do you ever do people ever assume that you're in the Mafia when you tell them what you do for a living?


I always tell them yes. Always say yes. They run away if great. OK, that's perfect. Like, I mean, why. Denied. If they already think that. Yes. Are there any, like, classic sanitation guy jokes that you make? Maybe too like a rookie, unlike his first run or something like that, just a bust his balls a little bit like what are some good inside jokes in the biz?


There's a few inside jokes. You say it's pick him up the job sticking out of his pockets. Links. Just so great. Shit like that. And then. Oh, yeah. That's the first game on Earth. Told me that. Stick with.


So when you're working, I always wondered what how long, how, how, how many, how big of an area can you cover as a sanitation worker like on a daily shift. What does that eight hours. You're working eight hours.


Yes. Were eight hours. Mostly in the morning, early morning, five a.m. you start and Popov's sections of different neighborhoods. You can't do that. Every neighborhood, once you reach Rupp's that one hour when they would just bust harassing. Get the job done at the local street by eight thirty nine o'clock. OK.


Yeah. I've always wanted that because it always does seem like the trash.


The sanitation workers excuse become during the morning time and they usually wake you up. Is there any neighborhood that you've ever worked in where the trash comes at like noon when people are at work?


Oh yeah. There's a few neighborhoods that you pick up during a 4:00 p.m. and then it's a few neighborhoods that you. The midnight shift. But usually when you store in the morning, you're done early enough. You go off the street, like I said, at nine o'clock, the latest we'll get to that that new shift from what I thought you were. Boy, the other people driving home from work. We try to know that people go to work for the 12th shift and those people come home for work.


Would you considered being a sanitation workers, being one of the hardest jobs that you've had?


Yeah, most definitely. It's strenuous. I've been doing it for 20 plus years. Exposing your body to your mind. Stressful, but it takes a lot of bills. I've done very well with others in the basement. I have no problems with whatever until the point post is.


What's the most stressful part of the sanitation workers job? Of trying to deal with the public is one thing. Plus, you're driving a big truck that accidents can happen. We consider ourselves one of the best drivers because we do have a commercial license. We do the truckers and we just try to avoid traffic accidents. People on the street now, every mopeds are everywhere. Bikes are everywhere. So it's stressful on the driver. Yeah.


What's the weirdest thing that you have found or seen in all your years of working in sanitation?


Well, a few things. Well, besides personal pets that we take care of. There's personal items that people throw away in the bedroom since we got it. We try not to touch with our bare hands, but yeah, we still throw away a few laughs. We've seen a couple of pictures that are thrown away that we have to throw as well. It's mostly a story that we have come up with before I started the job. Well, while we're training is all the trainers will tell us that there was a couch in the South Bronx that had drugs in it.


But that's a few things that we find, too. But I just missed it by a few weeks. So I want to be here and I'm saying, yeah.


So have you ever seen a dead body parts? Yes. I haven't seen a full dead body in whole parts.


When you're figuring out kind of your crew and who you're going to be working with on a particular day, is it the same crew over and over that you work with? And how do you decide who gets to drive? Who gets to stand on the back? Who gets to ride Qadi?


Right. Well, I do have a steady partner. He has over 50 in the. Based on years or all of your scenario, though, obviously, the driver, he's into the loader. We do switch it off once the. I'll load a route that helped drive the route. Most of the day shift is all the guys with a lot of time on the job. 12 years, 13 years and on most the night shifts, all the thing.


You guys follow those guys down around the clock working. See you guys get a morning shift. Yeah.


Who's the guy that puts it? What's the best position to have the one that you have to stick around the longest for? If I if I look in a trash, if I look at a garbage truck going down the street, how can I identify, like, OK, it's, you know, 7:00 in the morning, the guy that's driving that guy is like the captain of his squad.


What's the what's the best position for probably a driver. The driver runs the show and he decides one would take a break. If they can break. How will we get around in that? We know that one is on the route. Pretty much he's talking to the customers or the constituents. You know, I love seeing that one on the street. Well, pretty much the driver is I'm a driver. I could see. I could see. I've got my loader.


I can't help off. He's the captain. And I'd say, oh, the captain's job is always to get help.


Yeah, agreed. Do you guys look down on recycling men?


No, not necessarily. That's actually a lot of work. Now, these days, the recycling goes everyone to stay in all the drinking their wine and stay at home drinking the booze. Yeah. Yes. All the way to going up with this with the pandemic. And I don't want to look down on them. It's it's a lot of work, but it like no reflection longer than garbage rats, garbage rather shorter. Well, the recycling guys are putting the rest of the world stuff or way around.


What can I do to be a better sanitation citizen as somebody who produces a lot of waste, whether it be in the kitchen, whether it be household items, things of that nature.


What can I do to make your job easier? OK, I see the light in the bags, the better. If you have to go through your bag instead of two or three, I my car in the next two bags was carrying that extra 20 pounds in the bag. It might return the street. I've got to clean it up like I don't clean up. And, you know, the phone calls for me. But I have to take care of my and my route, my section, my area.


So I say the more bags, the better. I got to take an extra lap or two around the parts that follow me. OK.


Are there specific houses or buildings that you hate that you know, you're like, fuck these guys. They always they always fuck me over.


Absolutely. I have you on every route. We've got to smile and bite your tongue.


Just pick up the trash and go across the border. Are there any certain types of buildings? Are types of industries that produce we're smelling trash in others like a certain type of restaurant or a certain type of apartment building set up or something like that.


Yeah. I don't think of a few homes and nursing homes are my roots, those of a lot of diapers, a lot of food scraps and some food scraps and diapers from the maggots and the maggots. It was a nightmare. No, we won't. I could smell a maggot two blocks away and then I know what it is to use you, although that's not all. We don't let a thing like that.


What's the what's the biggest rat you've ever seen? Oh, I've seen rats and big cats. Are a few rats at all moments once they get to the raccoons and skunks at the Super Bowl. Interesting. Rats have their own Ralph go back to their previous in the buildings or the people's houses, records and stuff to try to protect their glories. So you're joining so far. See you tomorrow.


Yeah. You'll stand down to a raccoon. Absolutely. That's interesting. We have it. We have an intern that he re home raccoon. Would you if you caught a raccoon, would you dispose of it or would you drive it 30 minutes out of your way and release into a nice forest that we thought in the back of it the rest will be discussed?




Billy didn't. Billy chose the other option on that one. Yes. What are some physical attributes that you look for when you're evaluating who would be a good partner, who would be good sanitation worker?


Well, some attributes that that would be credited with. Yeah, well, I do hear a lot of praise in the streets. I do work in a neighborhood that I was born, raised and still live in. Well, you try to keep it nice and clean on my route. I do hear a lot of thanks. A lot of people call my garage a football establishment opponent acknowledging a loss. We are doing a great job. So it's good.


It means a lot when you are of course, there is five, six days a week, four, five, eight hours a day. And people are acknowledging all the hard work that we do. Yeah.


Oh, quick. Overrated or underrated for two parts of the sanitation business. Overrated or underrated. Hanging on the back of the truck. Well. Well, the truck goes down the street.


It's on the way. I used to love it. Are you in it for safety reasons to go off the back step or. Most of the trucks, though? That was maybe over 10 years ago. That's when a chance to get into the driver's pool to become a driver. I mean, it was fun. Twenty point four miles an hour in the back. But back when I had hair blowing in the wind. You can be all right.


And then overrated or underrated, hitting the lever and watching all the trash get eaten up by the trash truck.


It's it could be on the road, too. I like when parents come up with their kids in the carriages to watch us do it. You know, it's fun to see all the faces or expressions of the young kids that watch it. So it was just me and my partner. I let him do the walking from the truck, but there's kids there watching us. And I'll I'll stay around and I go talk to the parents of the kids. It's the policy with them, Will.


That's what they're jumping back to. Big cats. Question about the rats. Is there a certain neighborhood or a certain borough of New York that's known for maybe having more aggressive or larger rats than the others?


Oh, I mostly work in the Bronx. So in the northwest Bronx, I hate to say it's a cleaner garbage. Well, once you go a little south of where I am, I forget about rats everywhere else. Lots of lots of rats. You pick up one bag of garbage vibrates at a time. It's in the back of the building. Go back to the houses on the floors. They go another big five or six. Well, I've experienced that before.


I do see once a while now appear not not Riverdale in the Bronx. Well, it's not as bad as that state of South Bronx or or the northern behind the. I like I like that we just got to forget about it in the wild. That was yeah, it was a perfect forget about it, too.


How about that? Yeah. How many times you get in arguments with with with cars and like, hey, I'm like I'm trying to get around here and like you're honking and you're like, I'm working here. That kind of thing.


I used to when I first started years ago, I used to get into with them now more. No. I mean, I would do it. You also argue with the drivers. I mean, if you see a big white truck in the way, would you follow it? I mean, on a one way street or a narrow street brown. You see me down a street. Please go the other way.


Yeah. Yeah. Ah. Sometimes just a taxi driver will just turn down a street behind. You said they can keep the meter run and make a little extra coin. Oh yeah. That's that's No.


Oldest trick in the book. You brought something up earlier and made me think how you know, you work in a neighborhood that you grew up around. I have to imagine that a lot of people who work in your business do better work. If they pick up trash in a neighborhood, that means more to them that they grew up. And that's something that people look for when they're evaluating, like who they should hire as I go. Well, this guy lived in this neighborhood growing up, so he's going to take more pride in keeping it nice.




I do take pride of only a few of us in my garage that work on neighborhoods. What you can tell what you think prior to the old saying when I came, came are an old timer, said Logan. You can't see it from my house. Well, if you leave garbage, well, actually, I can. That's why I think everything make sure the whole day was clean because I didn't take it personal. I do a little what I do.


It is my neighborhood. If I don't do it, we will.


Yeah. All right. So I had one last question brought to you by Body Armor Week has brought to you by body armor. Go get body armor, sports, drink. I'm a strawberry banana guy. It's my favorite drink out there. It's summertime. Drink body armor, dot com or any other flavors on Amazon right now. That's drink body armor, dot com or or Amazon for any other flavors right now. Have you ever had someone puts a like gas canister or one of those little grill canisters and then have a blow up?


Oh yeah. Actually, I just happened this morning somewhere. But we do throw them in, but I make sure that the ah factor is not as tight as it could be. This with no press release sport or I do have to check the valves to make sure that we kept rolling in. But yeah, I work this morning. There's a big explosion because of the gas tank, the airtight. It was full but exploded in a truck. I heard one of our employees short sucks that I do take precautions with it.


But there are some things that we allow to some that that aren't. What if it's all rusted out? I can't read if it is legal or not. I just throw everything up and I hate to say, but I hope for the best.


Yeah. What about batteries? I've always heard that you shouldn't throw batteries, waste that to the big ball batteries if you have a big acid. You guys got hurt. You got killed with the acid. Oh yeah. So China was supposed to put them in the side of the chop and disposable all garage and fix it all. Well, you did. We put four batteries and stuff like that. Acid started. So we've been we have room for them.


We just discharged it at the local Garagos. I've one last question. It kind of dovetails on what big cap brought up earlier, if you look down on recycling, guys. Is there somebody there? Is there a group of employees, maybe public sector employees that you do have a rival rivalry with, whether it's friendly, you know, like FDNY and NYPD, they all you know, they have the basketball games and the football games against each other, things like that.


Is there a group that you guys look at you like those dudes are rivals?


Well, I really there's actually no I work with that as a lawyer. I don't believe a dollar. Everyone respects us to a degree, but we respect definitely alliance with the NYPD. The MTA is really like all football team play in the same league as them. Well, I only work there as a possible fireman. What it's what is really no longer like the pacifier. Where I work, we do share walks with the MTA. So it is annoying with all the traffic there.


That's the only way I can see the rivalry. We have 500 buses and 300 barbershops. Well, same time. So that's the only problem I have with the FDA. I respect everybody that works.


I like that, though. I liked it, Pete, that people give respect where respect is due. Yes. Entities. Absolutely. Well, I got a horse head into bed. Yeah. Cougar, thank you so much. We appreciate it, man. And gives us a little perfect way to to to get going with Grit Week. Talk to some of the grittiest profession, you know, professionals out there in terms of sanitation business.


Yeah. I appreciate you guys having me on. You know, like I said, I was just Posterous out there. You specifically were on your way to apologize, but a little ways to go. A long way to go around this region. Yeah.


Yeah. Thank you very much for your time. Do you have any questions for Deon Sanders? We're about to interview him. So maybe if you have a question, we can just allow.


I love Chrysler. I thought my guy was waiting on the Yankees for that one year, two years that he was the only guy was the best me. That's it. But last year to balance. You don't want. That would be a.


Go. There you go. I will. Thanks so much, man. We appreciate it. All right. Good luck, guys. No idea. All right. Thank you.


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OK, we have a Monday reading that we're very excited for before we do that. Billy has been doing a great job, the rebuilding of of Billy Soy Boy into a soy man. So he's been giving us a sheet before. Every single show that has the 10. We've been tasked with finding the ten biggest stories online. Now, this week, he said to us, he said, there's really only six stories. And we said, well, Billy, you have to have 10.


So I think what Bill he did was he just went to Discovery Channel because story was. Yeah, that's that's exactly what he did. Yes. Seven on. We'll read him out. Shot seven. Shark Week is happening August nine. That's a story.


Eight monkeys still covered 19 tests. Nine. I think. I think it was Beedie Raptor fossil found in Alaska. Hell, yeah.


He got he got a little fast and loose with the numbering here.


Ten Zoo Miami test gorilla for Kofi. Oh. That he didn't care about.


And then he did slim pickings for Monkey Temple residents as Kobe 19. So that's exactly a. He rounded out with headlines off from the Discovery Show. There are only six articles that were posted on the Internet today. Have all the Internet. Refah sheet is Jose Monkeys in a testing positive for gold. So here's a nice little a story that was number four on the list. Elon Musk denies allegation. He had a three way with Amber Heard and Cara Delevingne.


That. That's that's just like no one actually accused Elon Musk. Yeah, I'm going to deny I had one. Yeah. I would like to go on the record and say that I did not sleep with Wonder Woman. What's your name? Delgado. I couldn't. I did not. Despite all the rumors to the contrary, I did not have a dirty, kinky three way with Gargano and Cardi B also the lightning struck.


The Statue of Liberty at number five wasn't not like Wednesday last week. Yeah, that was I want to say Thursday night maybe.


Fuck. Good job, Billy. All right, let's get to our Monday reading. Although I did. I loved Rob Manfred when he was he was doing his speech on Thursday night. They were interviewing him for the Nats. That's a Yankees game on Thursday night. And he was just talking about what a great job they've done for player safety. And meanwhile, in the background, just like lightning strikes on every south side of music, you know, we're taking into account everything that we can to keep these guys safe and on the field.


And then, boom, like the U.S. Capitol explodes in the background.


So, so perfect. All right. Our Monday reading. It's rare because I don't think we've had any sequels. So if you remember, we did it probably, I don't know, few months ago, it was the story of a girlfriend writing in and saying, I love my boyfriend. We've been together for, you know, many years, but we go to Waffle House and every time he goes, he gets in a fight with the cook, the same cook.


And he and she basically said, I can't go there with him anymore. But I know he still is going there. He's ordering his eggs. The cook messes them up and then they fistfight. And they've been doing it every single like every other week for months.


It's just important to have a rival in this one. Yeah, I don't really see anything that weird about. But if this guy feels the need to defend himself and go off.


Yeah. So we have the boyfriend side, which is electric. So he paid someone someone tag me in this. It was posted on Facebook. So it starts with. So my girlfriend has an issue with the fact that I don't get along with the cook at our local Waffle House. Apparently she had such a problem with this that she posted about here and it blew it up and it blew up, but it's been removed. I'm not familiar with this substance actually was on Reddit, so I don't know the rules for posting or whatnot.


So I don't know why it was taken down regardless. I think my side of the story should be explained. Agreed. My girlfriend I have been together about three years, met in grad school, graduated, moved in together in a decent financial situation. We both work full time trying to get a head start on our college debts, yada, yada, yada. Clicked I. This is. This is backstory. We don't really need. One of the things I love is eating.


I'm not overweight or anything. And I go to the gym and watch my intake. But come on, eating is just so nice. Okay.


I totally agree dude. I particularly love breakfast food. My mom would always make eggs and pancakes and stuff like that for me when dad wasn't around. Their marriage wasn't amazing. Well, he certainly wasn't abused or neglected. There was a noticeable lack of being comfortable and at ease whenever Dad was around. It's interesting that it was a treat to be able to eat breakfast, right. Dad didn't like me eating breakfast. Right.


So there's some deeper. So on top of all this, for a while in middle school and into high school, this punk kid started bullying me. We'll call him Aaron. I've never been super confrontational. I like to just my male business and do my thing. I was a band kid, played trumpet. Aaron would do a lot of the small things to annoy me. And when I showed frustration, he would laugh and get others to laugh. His favorite thing to do was steal my trumpet and stick trash in it, like wanted a paper of food and make a spectacle of me when I'd be in the hall during passing period before band.


Trying to clean it out. This honestly sounds like something that Billy would do. Yes, absolutely. I guess there's something hilarious about a skinny kid with acne in a cheap haircut, not being happy. I had friends in school, but I was never socially high ranking. Probably because I didn't learn to be assertive and confident. So I was in college. As a result, schools always something to be endured rather than enjoyed. When Aaron dropped out of my sophomore year, things got a little better, but my social position was already cemented in place.


It's kind of sounds sad. So when I'd come home after a long day of putting up with shit Dad would never haunt, I going to find where this picks up. Dad would never express being happy to see me or make him or make himself available to talk. If I tried, he would just passively say something about me needing to learn not to care or something. He was never a comfort. So when he was gone, it was just me and mom at home.


Only child. I really felt safe and relaxed and she would make me delicious breakfast style food. Dad didn't care for it though, so if she made anyone he was home, he you'd make his opinion about it known.


So there he loves breakfast. Is it safe? Yes. Yes. And also, it sounds like what the dad's doing is the dad was trying to keep his son as a beta. Yeah. As he was growing up, he's like, I can't feed my kid protein in the morning cause he'll get bigger than me. That's very common. Dad? Yes.


Yes. I think it made my mom happy to see me, appreciate her in a way my dad never did. The point is, when she made this food, there was nothing but happiness, appreciation and love to share between us. So I love breakfast, food and always will. In my girlfriend and I's budget, we have a room to go out and eat fairly often, like a couple times a week. I love going to breakfast places like Denny's, Dunkin Donuts and Waffle House.


So we go to those once every week or two. She's got a small stomach that doesn't handle it. Can I throw a flag? Yeah. Denny's doesn't need to be included in that triumvir. No, I'm talking about the best breakfast places.


You don't put Denny's in the rarefied air that Waffle Houses and also Dunkin Donuts seems like like budgeting for don't like. Don't.


Don't. I feel you'd be hard pressed to spend more than like six dollars.


I think their most expensive value meal is like four ninety nine. Yeah. Delicious. But yeah, I'd be hard to be like Brewster's Millions and spend twenty dollars a ton. Yeah.


Just get out of here with a Denny's. You. You to include. I hope you get to include Waffle House. You get in a diner. Maybe yeah. Maybe a diner. Maybe a Bob Evans. Even their breakfast bowls are like twenty two hundred calories each. Delicious.


All right. So she's got a small to stomach that doesn't handle a lot of grease and fat. Well but she likes to have coffee and read her work. Like to demolish a plate of food.


I like this guy. Yeah. He just fucking loves breakfast. Yeah. And also he just like slid in just under the radar. By the way, my girlfriend gets diarrhoeal. Yeah.


Yeah. We were out running errands a couple months ago on a Saturday. I was craving some breakfast for lunch and there was a Waffle House a block away. So we headed there. We sat down to order. And when the waitress went back behind the counter, I thought I recognized the cook. I shouldn't have start of stared because he turned around and we briefly made eye contact. It was Aaron.


Yeah, I hadn't seen him in nearly ten years. He did not age well and it was obvious he had made much of his life. He looked surprise, but turned back around and kept working. Now I like my eggs a little runny. Some people think it's gross, but some some people don't need to express their opinions. Like I'm like, yeah, on the Internet. He likes you. He wants you. Shut the fuck up. I like my eggs.


Medium rare plus. Yeah. I ordered fried eggs a little runny. I also kept exchanging glances with ID and saw him realize how much more successful I had come to them.


You're listening to All in a Waffle House. You can not make a distinction between Waffle House employee and Waffle House customer.


Once you enter that square building with the yellow roof, we're all the same under God. You're not. You're not any better than last cook. I love it.


My satisfaction must have shown on my face. Was he wearing a fucking tuxedo or something? He narrowed his eyes a little and turned back to his skill in a frustrated way. He's got like a MacBook Pro and now we face and was all dressed up reading some court briefs or something. What could Aaron have possibly read on this kid to be like? He really made it in life. Yeah. My girlfriend was completely oblivious, browsing stuff on her phone.


Our food was served by eggs, were hard. I told the waitress tonight or runny eggs. So she took the plate back. I normally just roll with it when stuff like this happens. But I was really looking forward to runny eggs this day. Girlfriend gave me a weird look about it when the plate came back. My eggs were scrambled. What the fuck? I again said, this is not what I ordered. So the waitress took my plate back again.


Now is pretty busy in the restroom. Had we had the same waitresses, she probably would have noticed and said something to Aaron. But she was busy across the cafeteria. So young waiter came back to our table with my eggs. There were too hard boiled eggs.


I was tired of this, so I just hate them. Girlfriend was laughing, but I was pissed. Aaron gave me a sly grin as we left. I was going to tell my girlfriend all about it all, but I forgot about it until the next weekend. We were shopping in the morning and I remembered how Aaron ruined my Saturday. Now I like to forgive him. Let some. Go breakfast food special to me. Don't screw with that. I fucking love this guy.


Every man has as a line out as a guy. You have to have a code and disguise his happy place to just eating a delicious plate of eggs. I fucking love this guy. All right. So girlfriend wanted to go anywhere else, but we were going back and I was going to get my damn runny eggs. You get a Clint Eastwood fucking movie back from my eggs.


We got there and Aaron looked up and saw us. I ordered my eggs runny, but Aaron cut the yolks and cook them into the whites heart. So we asked what his problem was. And then I just want to eat my runny eggs and leave it at that. It was later in the day and passed the rush. So there weren't many people there. When I got my plate back, he had my eggs in the nests. Third, Aaron's a bully, but he's fucking 40.




I mean, you can see you can say that Aaron hasn't done much with his life, but the practical jokes have progressed so much since he was in high school. He's done a lot of. He used to just, like, shove trash into your trumpet. Now he's like going on procuring ness. He can make an elaborate practical joke. Good for him.


Fucking eggs and toast. I love breakfast food, but I hate the taste and feel of eggs and toast together. Well, it is very particular. Yes. I was pissed and this is Waffle House, so I threw it at Ecology's like, listen, any other place I would have just Atum. This is Waffle House. I can throw shit in a Waffle House. You are one with a cook. You're sitting right next to the kitchen. There's no barrier whatsoever.


House. Yeah. He picked it up and threw it back at me as he came around the counter as I stood up. He started to come at me and we got into a brawl. I was never that good at fighting wrestling, but I'm great at being pissed. And Aaron brought it out. After a moment, I realized this was stupid. So I said this was bullshit. And we left. I was knocking. Let Aaron have the victory here.


So the next weekend we went again. Girlfriend was pretty apprehensive, but I was going to talk to Aaron about it. But then I ordered my eggs. He scrambled them and put hash browns in them. So I stood up and kind kind of loudly said seriously and held up the plate.


He laughed and flicked hash browns at me with his pants, with the same look as when he shot spit wads at me in middle school. I slug my eggs and browns off my plate back at him. Girlfriends like stop. This is so stupid. But Aaron was already coming at me. We had a brawl, but he's bigger and I couldn't grip him with the layers of Waffle House grime and eggs all over.


We go again with the lead ism dripping off.


I said hi. So I slipped out some scrapie like that and we left. Girlfriend told me she won't come with me to that Waffle House again.


I also stocker let Aaron win this case. Is he addicted to getting his ass kicked? No. I fucking love this guy. He is such a hero. He is going to make the runny eggs like I wanted. I tried to explain everything to my girlfriend, but I was too pissed to think clearly. I went back and ordered alone. And I guess, Aaron, seeing me without my girlfriend, thought he was successfully causing problems between me and her.


He's right. He is. He's absolutely right.


I wouldn't say that Aaron is really causing all the problems. Yeah, that's true. Good point.


As a result, he doubled down that time. He didn't even make eggs. He said he picked Kip.


But it's a matter of principle. I have to stand beside the fights I choose. And for better or worse, I chose this one because of this. I went back on a weekly basis till the shutdown and I've tried to get the manager to come put him in his place. But the manager there doesn't care. And it doesn't even bother Aaron to clean the mess up what he did. Do you ever heard the saying, don't get in a fight with a guy who has nothing to lose?


Yeah, you. That's what you're doing here, buddy. Yeah. It's got nothing to lose. If you get into an argument with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level along with experience here. It's got you. Now, I know this seems like just a rant and it kinda is, but I'm posting this because my girlfriend really isn't responding well to this at all. No, no, no.




She took to read it and wrote like an exposé about your relationship, a fucking standing, and then may fight with the fucking cook at Waffle House. Huh.


Well, I'm getting a Brazilian jujitsu, you know. Yeah. We're getting married and moving to a new city this summer. But I'm probably gonna go back and let Aaron see my wedding ring so he knows he really accomplished nothing in causing me, my girlfriend to have problems that will show him that's really healthy.


However, my girlfriend disagrees with my philosophy of choosing my fights and sticking to them. Like I said, I'm usually willing to compromise on things and not make them a fight. But everyone got there, things they defend. For me, it's not about the food, but about not understanding to the force that I let push me down for so long. I don't think she realized how much this means to me. I don't know if I should give in to her and stop going back or if I should stand firm in my decision.


What should I do?


Well, I think this guy actually likes being in this fight. He like how he likes knowing that he is in the process of standing up for himself. Doing something that his old self wouldn't guess. So the second he goes back to the Wallflowers and they serve him the eggs that he wants. I think he's going to be a lost soul. He's going to dodge chasing the car. He's going to miss having that fight. He's going to, you know, to have a rival.


Yeah. So I obviously, I'm very much on this guy's side. I want him to win. I think he needs to start thinking a lot smarter. Though he needs to do like some kind of home alone trap on Aaron. You know, I mean, like, you're not going to beat him up. You're not going to unless you start doing steroids. Billy. Hit him up. But like some kind of banana peel or embarrassing situation, you can get this guy in.


You have to think smart. You have to, like, get this guy to be laughed at by everyone at Waffle House. And that's your big fat. You find out what kind of car he drives and then you fill up his car with eggs. Yes. Yeah. Like, if he drives a pickup truck, just crack a million eggs into the bed of the pickup truck. That's what you should you could also just bring some eggs when he's when he sends you like pancakes, starches, whipping eggs right in his face.


Yeah. Just like find him on a day when his window is just, like, barely cracked down. Yeah. Just slide a shit of Friday. Yeah. To his car and then just wait. It's kind of Monte Cristo stuff. You have to be patient with these things or you can mess with its supply chain and slip like, I don't know, like pepper spray or some sort of sneezing powder or like a firecracker into an egg that will eventually crack open in the kitchen.


Yeah, he's doing his cooking and then he's embarrassed at work. Yeah. I don't know. But you you you're you're you're not going to beat him on his home turf. No. You have to find a sneaky way to do this. Yes.


I just love this rivalry so goddamn much. So goddamn much. What do you think Billy. Bill You bet. He's taken off his shirt and now he's just wearing an Atlas jersey.


So I think Aaron's actually in this guy's mind.


The real winner, because he gets to eat breakfast food all day. So he's actually jealous of Aaron behind the count count.


Oh, my God, you're so angry. He's got Aaron's got his dream job. Yeah. He goes he's like, I've gone. And all these good old boys laugh. And I'm so angry in this guy. My enemies out here eating breakfast food all day. It true. He's like, it's so this guy, Aaron, is basically like working at like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Yeah. Breakfast everywhere. Or the person who was like, my cousin works at Nintendo.


Like, all they do is play video games. So that to him it's like, yeah, you can go into work and you just eat eggs all day and then you go home and get paid. And the last thing I would say is you need to stop the grape right now. Work your ass off by the Waffle House. Yeah. And then promote him. Promote him manager of the Waffle House, give him one hundred thousand dollar salary. But he loses everything his entire life.


Hundred thousand dollar salary the minute he cooks eggs incorrectly. So every day is the most intense day of his life. Cooking at you can do that or promote him to that level and then just pay him for the rest of his life and he'll be your friend. Yeah. To manage you because or just you pin a tax scheme on him. You embezzled money through the Waffle House and you leave a paper trail that implicates him as a manager. He goes to jail for 50 years.


Yeah. You get a shitload of money.


Yeah, I like it. So we've given you a lot. Hopefully you're a listener. Great focused. I do enjoy. Now, you know, we need Aaron inside. Yes, we absolutely need air. And I don't care that we got the other side. I thought that we're gonna hear from the cook. Oh, this we need Aaron say that's gonna be like one of the best times of his week. When this guy comes in the Waffle House and orders the eggs, he gets a creative outlet for his work.


He gets to kind of tap back into his glory days in high school where he can still bully a nerd. There's something very sad, but also like very beautiful about a bully from high school, like a jock being so committed to how he was a jock in high school that he still acts like that into his third. Right.


Right. Oh, God. Fantastic. All right.


That's our show, Grit Week. Get excited. Wednesday, we're going to have the live stream for 24 hours starting at noon. And we also some great guests. So get access. They said if we have any doctors out there, real doctors, not the Washington football team, doctors that can advise me as to whether or not I'm putting my health in jeopardy.


Drinking 24 beers. I think I am with twenty four hotdogs. I think I think I'm good because I'm never gonna get drunk. Right. I'm just going to maintain. Yeah. Like is your body exercise out one beer per hour.


We have to be AC for twenty four, just maintain a point or so little less than a bus.


All right. That is our show. Bill, you have your send off. Let me guess.