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On today's pardon my take, we have the one and only mayor of Flavor Town, it is Guy Fiete. I screwed up and I did the American cancer, his name.


You gave me a look. We corrected it right away. Guy Fiete, awesome interview. One of those areas. We just wish we had more time. And I think he'll give us more time eventually. But a good 30 minutes with Guy. His energy is off off the charts.


He also gave us food, brought a bunch of food from his or had it delivered at nine a.m. Nothing like eating a cheeseburger and wings at nine a.m. on a Friday morning. We have NBA all star game, which is going on during this show dunk contest. College basketball, big news with Blake Griffin going to the Nets. A couple segments. Great show for everyone. Get excited. It is the best time of year. It's March. This is March.


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Today is Monday, March 8th. And you are listening to the number one Brooklyn Nets podcast in the world.


I love the Nets, man, the Nets. They've always been my team. We're crazy for where we live, right down the street from the hometown. Guys, I'm pumped. I'm very excited to have the nets to root for now because they are like going into it. They're the most hilarious team by far. Yes. And then they added somebody who's even more hilarious, but in a different way. Right. You can't root against a team that's that's comprised of Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Kevin Durant and Blake Griffin.


It's rare that you get like Joe Harris.


Obviously I, I wanted him to go to the Bulls, but I think the bulls are probably a year away from being title contenders. But one year.


Yeah, one year. One year away from being title contenders.


And I still have actually enjoyed watching this Bulls team. And I have high hopes for them to make the playoffs. But the Nets are very, very far and away. My second team now, because I'm just rooting for Blake Griffin. I actually don't I don't care really for the rest of the team. It's really just I'm rooting for the Blake Griffin portion of the Brooklyn Nets and maybe a little bit of the Joe Harris and a sliver of the Kevin Durant if he comes on this block and the Kyrie Irving, too, because like, yes, he's ridiculous and he's he's a weird guy, but he's entertaining him walking around the arena before every game burning sage.


I love that stuff. Like if you're, if you're going to be a team that's like a super team, at least have these big personalities on it. Like the Warriors were great. But I think their problem was most people like the Warriors. The only reason that people didn't like them is because they were looked at as being a little bit unfair and taking some of the fun out of the game, knowing who was going to win going into every season.


But they didn't have that like actual, like personality hate thing going on. Well, this team, you either love them or you hate them. And now I'm going to hate to love them and love to hate them. Jake, I need you to make us a pie chart. I think we need to do, like, win shares. We need to to to divvy up who we're actually rooting for on the Brooklyn Nets. I think right off the bat it's seventy percent.


Blake Griffin. Yeah. Seventy percent said I go even higher than that. Eighty percent. Blake Griffin and we get five percent Joe Harris four to DeAndre.


Yeah I'm going to give yeah. Yeah. For percentages. Andre Jordan I'm going to give four to Kevin Durant.


I'm going to give four to one less than Joe Harris, three to Kevin Durant. Are you writing this down Jake. What is he doing. What are you doing. Know just drop the spreadsheet I'm going to give to, to Kevin Durant but that can be bumped up to ten if he comes on the show. I'm going to give to to Steve Nash, but he's got to be dribbling a soccer ball, Jay, when he gets four legs and back.


No. Yeah, OK, we're going way over 100. But I'm going to give five to James Harden Fat James Harden, though it depends on his BMI.




So he can earn it's like equity. He can earn more of the ability.


We'd like everyone else who's in his contract. Every five pounds you press on, he gets another. The fatter he is.


Yeah, the the more we're into. And also I'm going to add more percentage to James Harden if he does some hilariously bad things in the playoffs, like if he misses a shot and then Blake has to save the team, that would be any time he gets to be blamed. I'm in on that.


I would say five percent to Katie and then add one percentage for each of his burners that way and then three to come to Kyrie and five to Mike D'Antoni. Because remember that time we sat next to him, he ate a salad salad and I was drinking a white wine. We didn't talk to him, but we sat next. We knew it was him. And also I saw him once in Brooklyn. I said, What's up, coach? And he just nodded.


And I think he was freaked out because, like, why would anyone call him coach on the street?


Well, they don't have a coach in Brooklyn, right. Depending on what day of the week. It is just a cycle that around. I'm really hoping that Blake goes there and then he can just immediately play like old Blake again. Yeah, change of scenery will be good for him. He's going to dunk for the first time since twenty nineteen. Mark my words. Oh yeah. Twenty, twenty one is the year of Blake Griffin dunking.


He's going to talk in the first game. Can you read that back to us Jake. Well I missed the first time. Philly, can you read that back to us. Do you have a way of looking at big. Councilman scramjets I yes, so we are now rooting for the Brooklyn Nets for Blake. Do we care? Now, I'm going to just offer something up there. And I we were going to bring it up whenever he comes back on the show, which hopefully will be soon.


Did you guys see the New York Times article where it was podcasters picking their favorite podcast? Blake Griffin picked DAX Shepard. Excuse me.


Yeah, no, I didn't see that. Yes, I. I actually saw it was 79 percent. You know what I did when I saw I saw it on Friday. Someone tweeted about us and I just closed my computer and I was like, nope, not going to look, I'm not going to ruin my Friday. I don't want to think about this. It hurt my feelings so much, so profoundly disgusted that I just pretended it didn't happen.


It's disgusting. And I don't have a subscription, so I couldn't go back and read it.


He's he's been on the DAX Shepard podcast, right? I have no idea. Maybe not. Maybe it's one of those things that's just him trying to get on the show. Yeah. Yeah, that could be it. Yeah, yeah.


Yeah, that's right. You're right. It was probably just a joke. Yeah, it was classic. You know. You know what this is. Yeah. He's got a new show coming out where you prank the prank. He knows that we're pranksters. Yeah. He's pranking us. And he was like, yeah, OK, you almost had us. What's, what's the what's the number one rule for like player of the year. Like you can't try too hard.


So if he had set us down, we're going to try hard and it would have been like, oh, you're just trying to win Blake the year. No, he's going to Nagus with DAX. This is classic Blake. You have to know him to get it. Are we going to go to games?


Are probably not. I'll go. I'll go. Go to. I've been offered Mets tickets before and I'm like, do I have to. I don't know.


Yeah, sure. I'll go to, you know and I'll go to game. Fucking why not. Hey, you wanna go.


I'll go. No, no, Billy. That was an invitation. Yeah. We'll go together. We'll go to a game. Oh you know what I just remembered? I just remembered this. So me and Blake have had this thing where after every single show that he does, every interview that he does with us, we talk about like, hey, have you listen to DAX Shepard podcast? We joke because neither one of us has listened to. Right.


And we both think it's probably bad. And so him saying that that was like actually a wink and a nod to us. Very funny. You probably don't get the joke. That's funny. Yeah, it's so funny. Yeah. So I'm not getting hurt.


My that's funny. He's a funny guy. I really did it. It was almost like I was what's his name in succession when the rocket blows up and he's just like not going to look at this. That's what Paul Giamatti. No. What's his fucking name. Kinderhook and cocain.


Yeah. What was. No, it wasn't going to Brian Calkin. No, it's Kieran Culkin.


But what's his fucking name.


The guy that jacks off to the lawyers. Yeah. Fuck. What is his name guys.


See, that's the problem. How do we not know he's Roman. Roman, the theme song is so good. Yeah. That you don't really absorb any of the actual names of the characters.


How many guys do you think have gotten laid by just playing the theme song on a piano at a party.


Got to be a few at least. Yeah, I going to be a few more than one because I feel like that is the new. Hey, you know what? I know how to play. It's like playing Freebird on your guitar. Like you. I know how to. Oh I fucking know how to play session theme song and everyone's looking me.


I'm actually shocked that there hasn't been a rap song that comes out that samples that as a backup track. I me it would be fire.


Yeah it was. There was. Oh it was fire. It was kind of disappointing. Oh OK.


Well then some as far as we know there hasn't been one, so it's open for anyone else to do it. Right. Yeah. Agreed. For, for our ears. For our elder ears. Right. OK, what else we got college basketball. Hank, did you see the poll I put up shocking results. I did not. Over 30000 people want Coach K fired. Wow.


So I put up a poll when they were getting the shit kicked out of them by UNC. I said, should Coach K retire after this game or after the ACC Turner?


So that's that's that's not firing or retiring when you retire. Retire. I actually agree with the first statement you made. Like, I would look very hard at firing coach. I would fire to. But people want them to retire. They want him gone. I don't know if he's earned the right to make that decision about when he retires.


Yeah. See, this is not over. This is a tournament. He he doesn't even care. That was he didn't care.


No fight yous bad side was they they laid down and died.


Yeah, they did. Yes they did. Do you think he is no longer in touch with the youth of America?


I mean, he's an older guy. I think he's done a good job bringing in, you know, the Nolan Smith, the younger coaches to stay in touch with the younger guys instead of trying to be like, you know, how you doing, fellow kids? It's tough year, man.


So you're saying he doesn't communicate with his players anymore.


So I guess what I would ask you to do is what is an old man? What exactly does Coach K do these days?


He inspires he gives wisdom of teaching the greatest basketball players in the world. All world is what other teams do you write?


He does like to teach other teams. He coached USA Basketball, all the pros, any player that comes to Duke, he can be like, hey, all your favorite players. I coached all of them and they all love me because I'm Coach K. Yeah. What other coach can say that?


I don't know. I don't I don't see Coach K walking away. I see the Duke Board of Regents. I'm just going to make that up. That's probably exists. They're going to have to say institution.


That's what the institution is going to have to see. Illuminati is actually. Do you think that you think Coach K, here's how he can save his job. We all talk about how he takes the D away from players. You're not allowed to wear the D. He needs to paint over the K on the court.


He should not have that initial. He should not be able to handle his hair. Yeah, that's right. Go gray, go crazy, mix it up a little bit. Do the opposite of Colin Coward would actually work.


Yeah we probably would because like Roy Williams definitely is that if he weren't great you would be like, wow.


Well I mean that's it's a great I don't make fun of them. Yeah. It's a great opportunity to teach your kids, like, look at all these gray hairs you've given me this year. I was great until this group of players really screwed me up. Yeah.


Also, his best player, you know, is on the team anymore. So what do you expect?


Oh, he they were better without. Are you going to say quit?


No, he just you know, he made a business. Oh you. I cured you made a business decision.


What other big, big news that we have from the weekend, Jake. Do you want to you want to give us the rundown? There was chaos. CBS sorry about in it. Sorry about the Vermont.


So there was chaos in the mid major conference tournament world on Saturday, five number one seeds lost in their conference tournament today. Another one loss to. Oh, it's all a blur there.


James Madison. James Madison. Yeah, it was. Yes. So there's chaos on that end. Bad week for Duke's all around. This time last week, we were talking about how Michigan might be the best team in the country that they lose. Yeah, Baylor is now back to full strength. They kicked the crowd noise, the best attack. Illinois has already lost number one seed.


And at the end of this, Gonzaga still the on the team I love, by the way, which, Jake, you stress Annunciation pronunciation about everything you said earlier today, like the worst thing you can do is mispronounce a player's name on a broadcast. Yeah. And you've just been around college basketball so long that you hit the strength really well. I love that length and strength.


I the only time that you ever hear pronounced that way. Yeah. I also saw that. Do you see Travis Ford, coach of St. Louis, complain about Jim playing time? No, it was it was very good. Petty college basketball shit. So the eight tournament was playing in. It was half Richmond, half VCU. Yeah. So they played in two different gyms. So St. Louis had to play Saint Bodies in the gym that St. Bonnies had played in the night before.


OK, say bodies was the one seed. Yeah. So they probably should like they also were getting to wear white jerseys and like you didn't but he, he kept on complaining that that's why they lost. They got more time.


They had shooters on that. That's better. Yeah I like that. I there's something about a college basketball. I mean I guess it's college football too. We always laugh about that. But college men's basketball and college football coaches scorned. They feel like the world has screwed them over and they get so, so upset and they sound so petty and it's awesome to watch. Yeah.


Every time I am enjoying the rivalry that's starting to bubble up between the Big Twelve and the Big Ten going, well, you hear people be like, you know, you know, the big the big ten's got their deeper.


They've got a lot of they got a lot of boys. They're the big twelve. The teams at the top are better than teams at the top of the Big Ten. Disagree. We'll see. We'll find out soon enough. Yeah. Because Gonzaga will probably win it all. Yeah, which I'm sure have to get in four shots for the PAC 12 to get in first tactically right now as of this podcast, because there's only five teams to punch their ticket.


Yeah, true. Good point. Five autobahns.


I'm just, you know, send the law down right now. If Gonzaga does not go to the PAC 12 actually within the next five years that they're on a fraud count. Yeah, you're on a fraud countdown where teams are starting right now. Would you say five years, an acceptable time limit for. Yes. Anything longer than that. And you're doing it for your Mickey Mouse. You know what? I'm going to I'm going to give them. So I'm going to actually say they can go to Mountain West, OK, because the PAC 12 is tough for them because of the football.


They don't play football. I don't think Gonzaga not well mountain.


If they go to the Mountain West, I'll start to to think a little bit more. You know, Utah State. San Diego State seems like seems like a lot. Roissy, Colorado State, nobody on Alvie, at least there are some there are some good teams there. They have to play some of the big ball.


I think Mark, few is scared of Matt Cronin. Problems of McCrone probably. And yeah, I mean, he's probably actually scared of Dana Altman. He should be. By the way, he's the new January. February. It should be Altman, right, Jake? Yeah, I guess he's Oregon. Every year they do this where it's like sixteen as it is. Ah yeah. Not a tournament.


It's five ball, five game. That's fine. I don't give a fuck Wisconsin's. You don't give me the state. Want to hear you're feeling my feelings are hurt.


Give me the stat though Soboba ask who's the Big Ten official. I don't complain about officials by the way. I just listen to stats.


Wisconsin is sixteen and eleven this year, two and eight with Bo Borowski on the floor donning the stripes. Fourteen and three without him.


Wow, wow. The end of that game was just. It was painful to watch. Yeah, we're talking with the Iowa Wisconsin game. It was horrible. I mean, this is a problem.


I don't want to be accused of stealing our friend Mercilus take, even though it's the take that I think everyone with a brain should have.


But he does say it more eloquently. But review in NBA and college basketball has ruined the watch ability of basketball games because it just the last five minutes take forever.


And they look at every little piece of the game and did it go off? This guy did this like they were reviewing. Oh, man. His shoulder kind of went into his chin. Is that a flagrant it was unwatchable.


They need to dial it back. They need to make very specific rules of what you can and can't review.


Like, I actually don't mind the which person deflected this ball out of bounds. The only problem with them using in this game was it was after they had done three reviews already. And so it's like, oh, God, here comes another one. But the stuff where it's like what part of the body made contact with what part of the other guy's body? That's too much for me.


Here's what I want. I want there to be a shot clock. I want the shot clock on reviews, because not only would it speed it up and make it like if you can't figure it out within 30 seconds, stop.


Right. But we'd also get the beautiful moment, which happens sometimes in college games when if you can think back far enough, when there were fans in the stands and they would and a good student section would fake someone out on the shot clock if we could fake out a ref being like five, four, three, two, one, he's got ten seconds left.


Would be the greatest moment of Debbie. Great. Or they could go, you know how they always use those TVs that are like the size of the Arkley TV or the Michael Scott plasma screen on the wall. If they could go to actually using screens that were like even half that size. And if you can't tell what happened on a seven inch TV get, you can get as close to it as you want. If you can't tell what happened in the seven inch TV calling the court stance.


Yeah, yeah.


It was impossible to watch the end of that game. It was it was terrible. Or just have it be to have, you know, what it should be like ten random fans in the front row and they get a buzzer and they get to decide, OK, majority rules.


I like that I like makes it even harder to win on the road.


I also like I feel like Luka Garza is he maybe is eating his way out of Iowa. He's he's put on some pounds this year.


He's announced they're retiring is number immediately after the game. Here's the problem. Luka Garza.


I do not like Luka Garza, but it's a moment where it's like a spider man, me, because my hatred for Luka Garza is pretty much everyone else's hatred for every white guy at Wisconsin. Yep. So I realize I have to simmer it down because I can't be vocal, be like, fuck, dad, he's not that good. He's just fucking tall and he's like, oh yeah, please. Fundamental whatever. Fuck that.


I'm just telling on myself. Yeah. So I'm going to let it pass. Just a great a big guy that looks like he orders extra mail and everything. Frustrating to play differen. Yeah. Well you know he doesn't play also frustrating to play defense against because he's just he's very sweaty and every time you try to guard him you look like that scene. And along came Polly, where your face just. Yes. Slides down his big wet arm.


He's a monster. Yeah. He's a huge, huge person.


Also, Wisconsin should only be allowed to have a Davisson. Or a bohanon on the floor at any given time. Yeah, they can't be allowed to have all these guys out there. What do you mean?


I'm just saying, like, they you should only be it's kind of like the Duke theory. There should be one guy that you hate on the floor. All right. At any given time. No, I always got the ball.


Yeah, I know. But I'm saying like his brother when a player like that.


Yes, yes. Yes.


So I had one other college thing. Fuck.


Oh, Illinois was very impressive. That was very impressive.


And Oklahoma State one without Kategaya, not West Virginia. So it's the Kate Cunningham theory. Yep. Your best players out. You actually play better. Bryce Harper theses.


Interesting, but he's also different in Jalen Johns. He's number one pick in the draft.


I have a very woak about Kate Cunningham. Yeah. He just every every game that I've watched of his, which admittedly is probably less than ten.


I know one of them that you're referring to, but every game that I've watched with him, he does something where I'm like, well, that was laughably hilarious.


Well, he did like four of them in the game. We watch. Yeah. Together against Texas. Against Texas. Yes, there was that one.


I think that's totally if you can't make a take on a player based off of one game that you watched him, I don't want to live.


So that's fair because I think that's when I establish my baseline take. And then every other time I've watched, I've been like, prove me wrong. Right? And he hasn't proved me wrong. Right.


Is Oklahoma State allowed in, Jake? Have they decided to get there?


As long as the NCAA doesn't make a ruling, the appeal pens through that smart.


OK, OK. Oh, that would be crazy. If they wouldn't win, the NCAA could do it over the next five days. That's crazy.


And then maybe Gonzaga would steal their bid if they didn't win.


The BYU can be that. But still.


OK, all I'm saying is I can't believe people are opting to watch an interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when Oregon is finally at full strength.


That's actually strength. Excuse me. That's John Rothstein. Jon Ralston. Tweet that. Yeah, I love him on Twitter. He's the best. He's the best.


All right. So speaking of the of basketball, we're watching the NBA all star game right now. They've ruined it with the elum ending, which pilly.


Thank you for explaining that to us there. Are you not giving the person credit?


Oh, Elum Elum should be Jason Elam. No, no. You yeah. You did that. You didn't explain it.


Billy was like twenty four and during the fourth quarter it was like it's like playing pickup. You go first to twenty one we play pickup except in this it's the numbers difference. Yeah. And I made pool perfect.


So the actual game I still don't understand why they're doing an all star game, but the dunk contest happened. Who won the dunk contest. I have no idea.


Simon Simmons, the guy from Portland. OK, the guy that jumped really high, that's a made up. That guy the guy that looked down at the rim as we fix the before we did the show for Neil Simon.


Oh, I thought his name. That's why I thought it was made up when he said Simon Simmons. I was like, that's not a real name. I mean, I was just I was hedging. Got the correct pronunciation. Simon Simon Simmons sounds like a catch. It's like, does it exist? Simon Simmons. Yeah, every Simmons. Penny Simmons.


Right. But it only has one arm. That's why it may have looked like Simon got it.


So we came up with a fix to the dunk contest because they've done all the dunks they need to just make the dunk contest. It should be themed every single year. So like one year should be who can dunk from the farthest away one year. What we say the rim, highest rim, the heaviest ball who heaviest ball, who can conducted with the most close on the warchus wearing.


So like someone's dunking in Timberland's high heels or roller skates. Yeah. Imagine someone dunks and roller skates.


Ice skates. Ice. Yeah. Huh. Yeah.


Who can have, who can be wearing the pair of pants that fits the worst. Do that have it be a theme here. Oh in a second. If they're all wearing suits I would watch that. Yeah. Yes. Naked a dress. Can you, can you do it naked. Because that's scary.


I probably would not watch it. Yeah. What would you fall on your penis without. Would hurt. Way more injured I would imagine. Falling right on your dick if you don't just smash ups.


If you don't think a little bit of clothes stops, all kinds of injuries, you're crazy.


I think they should do a rebounding contest and listen to this. Yeah, I know they do the bunting contest in the Korean all star game for baseball. They should do a rebounding contest where it's like Jokic but he's got a blindfold on and so there's somebody just shooting breaks it's like Oh it's been ten minutes have been Simmons be like the all time shooter guy and then Jokic is just in the paint with a blindfold on hearing and feeling where the rebound is going to go.


Yeah. See how many people can get it. Like you get twenty rebounds to try, see how many you can get out of that missing. I like that. I would watch that.


So yeah. Mike Greenberg's dumb rules. We just fixed it. Oh yeah. They, I really don't understand like the all star games, they just don't. Baseball's really the only all star game that really actually works because you can't not throw hard, you know what I mean. And yes, one on one, it's just like no one's even playing. I guess it's if they just had Steph Curry just shooting from half court for three hours, that.


Would be better. I like that when he was doing the three point contest, which he won easily, that that contest should just be renamed the Are You Steph Curry contest. Yeah, OK, you're not curry. You win.


Congratulations. What if it was Estrus West again and the winning team got more salary cap room for the next year?


Oh that'll be cool then. People play hard. That would be very cool. Yeah. Because you can't do the like final home court advantage. Right. That doesn't really work out that well.


But if it will get one extra like mid-level exception. Yeah. Yeah. One extra guy that. Yeah.


What they made him play handball teams. Yeah. Best athletes in the world. Handball players.


All right, let's do who's back. And then we got Guy Fieri very excited about this interview. Nothing happened in football this weekend, right? Oh, Russell Wilson just really wants to be traded.


Yeah. That's still kind of like bubbling out there. Yeah. Oh, Josh Gordon caught a touchdown pass and the fake.


Oh, he did a walk off Hail Mary. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Good for him. That's significant.


Yeah. The Russell Wilson thing, it feels like he really wants to get traded even though he hasn't fully said he wants to get traded.


But for someone who hasn't said trade me, he's done everything else.


I saw somebody put the theory out there. I don't have the name in front of me. There's a tweet that I saw a couple of days ago, but the theory was like, what if the bears sent a shitload of pics to the Texans? Texans send Deshaun Watson to Seattle, Russell Wilson sends or Shettleston, Russell Wilson to Chicago. Done three way trade done. I think everybody's happy. Whatever I don't Jacky's to be pretends that he's reloading.


This is the best like three weeks of my life that Russell Wilson could potentially be a there. Yeah it's really the best. All right, let's JuJu's back of the week brought to you by Kashef. The stock market is back. Investing through the cash app is back. You can buy and sell bitcoin on the cash app. If you've been hearing about Bitcoin, you like. What is this? Why why am I not in it? Well, guess what?


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It's super easy to use. Download the cash app right now. Use Code Bar so you get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars S.P.C.A..


The cash app on the App Store Google Play Store today. Think of the cash out of the cash app whose back of the week. The cash app. Hank, I got a couple.


First one is our guy Bryson. The Shambo. Hmm. What do you do Matt.


I know. I know. It's on a participant in math. He did have an unbelievable drive. He drove it like 360 yards over. Yeah. But he didn't win over the lake.


Now, he did win, but then what happened? So he must have gotten like at least an eagle on that hole, right? I don't know. But, you know, he just got into the wrong spot on the green.


Gosh, 30, like everybody else tonight, you know, smile and be like, wow, that was that was a cool shot. I knew I had a perfectly objectively.


I'm watching it, smiling it.


This is we're going to get we're going to do a segment with Trevor about Trevor Bower later.


But someone did point out to me that. Liking Trevor Bauer and hating Bryson DeChambeau is very contradictory, so I'm trying to deal with that in my head.


I also saw that there was one instance where Bryson, he he hit his approach, shot past the green into the rough because because there was a sprinkler head near his foot, he was like, I get relief from the sprinkler head.


And then he got to take his drop essentially on the green as opposed to in the roof, because technically he understood that rule. Meanwhile, Lee Westwood has to hit the ball out of a divot that Bryson probably made himself three days earlier on the fairway. So it doesn't make you don't want me to forget it.


That was a stupid thought by me. Were Brooks kept guys who are homosexuals, we're not going to do anything else.


OK, who's back? Is Tom Wilson being a scumbag? Oh, yes, you took mine. Except it was the NFL's hatred of Tom Wilson. Got it.


There's never been what? I can't remember what year it was that I argued with our colleague Nate. And his entire argument was Tom Wilson's never been suspended from a regular season game.


And then since then, it's like, how many games has he been? Swell. So I went back. I looked at the stats of Tom Wilson and this is a new Tom Wilson that we're dealing with right now. In fact, under the NFL's own laws, they're not considering his past infractions because he's been squeaky clean the last like year and a half. So it's been it's been a couple of years since he's been watching it.


Yeah. He hasn't been suspended for this type of play in Arizona. Carries over, obviously. No, because it was so long ago.


I don't even remember the last time that this happened. So how many suspects Hanks' just upset because. Well, no, I think if you if you're a scumbag and you got suspended for being a scumbag and then two years later you do a scumbag. If the shoe fits carry over two years later, Hank, think back to yourself.


Two years ago, you didn't even have a dog. You're a completely different person. Lost the plot here. No, I'm just saying, like, people change over the course, but he hasn't.


He's the same guy.


If I still didn't have a dog, then you're arguing because I still know he's clumsy.


He's just he's very clumsy. Yeah, he's he's it just keeps happening to him, but it hasn't happened for two years.


Oh, wow. OK, whatever I do.


The other thing I, I do like how I do like anyone in two years where the Bruins play the Capitals like every other day. Yeah. It's kind of fun. It is.


I do like that aspect of it. It's like because every time that there's a at tonight Oh the capital there's, there's some bad blood that develops over the course of those games. If anything, the NHL should be thanking Tom Wilson for making the game relevant right now because people are talking about it.


I also learned that I just have no idea of what an illegal hit in hockey is, because you can see people are playing the they were showing the replay of it.


And people like this guy is a huge scumbag. I was like, I I'm sure that there's something that's egregious about the hit, but it looks no different to me than hits that I see like ten times a game.


Yeah, no, it's hockey. Twitter debating hits is always fun. Yeah. If you could just really argue whatever way you want.


Exactly. And speaking of comeback kids, Peter Yone all time bad beat. If you had bet, Peter on this weekend, he like need he need his opponent with thirty seconds left in the fight that he easily won. He didn't need to do it. They just need him in the head. Why not. Dude, I don't know.


He said, he said he said his corner. He said he looked over his corner. I was like should I hit him? And they said yes. Even though the ref was like, he's down. He's on his knee. And so he just said he was listening to his corner, but he just like, fuck the guy who did.


The more we finish him, literally fifty. I'm looking at his timeline right now. The only time he hasn't been suspended was literally just last year. Last year, no suspensions in a in a in a covid shorten. But the year but the year before that, it was like the start of the year. Oh, okay. Okay. So essentially that's an extra year. It's it's scrolling down. It's like twenty, eighteen to twenty six.


But if you, if you look at how the NHL judges suspensions, they're not taking into account those hits because and this is probably my favorite part about Tom Wilson is that the Capitals video staff has been cutting up clips of Tom Wilson not hitting people dirty, nice. And sending them to the league office in the last couple of years being like, look, he's learning. He's not doing what you would think Tom Wilson would be doing. They may like Mark a highlight clip of him laying off people's heads.


That's smart. Don't get me wrong, if Tom Wilson played on the penguins, I would hate him. Yeah, I would be probably leading the charge to get him kicked out of the NHL. But he doesn't. And that's just a fact.


I got I miss fucking fans in the stands so bad. Brant Seabrook retired officially on Friday, and I was at Game seven, 2013 when they beat the Red Wings in the second round overtime game seven goal. I watch the clip back and I got chills and I almost got teary eyed being like, remember life with fans in the stands, never going to a sports game.


Yeah, you kind of you remember barhopping. You remember like. Yeah, sometimes we used to do this. You've probably never done this. Oh he actually has. You just turned twenty one. But what we used to do back in the day you would go out with your friends to a bar and then you'd be like, oh my friends are at this other bar, that's like a five minute walk. Then you go to that. Bar later and then you go to another bar and then someone would say, like, hey, if you want to do karaoke and then you'd be like, No, I just did karaoke last week.


So you go to a different bar and then you go to another bar. And then at two thirty in the morning, you'd all go home and you'd be hammered and it would be awesome. And then you'd wake up in the morning with pictures from all these different bars. You were out with other people. It was honestly amazing.


He's confused. He doesn't know what this is. That's a lot of you can move around.


And then you'd have to go back to one of the bars because you left your credit card. One of them. Yeah. And you didn't know which one account was. What's happened?


Were they all crowded?


I'm honestly super excited to leave my debit card behind at a bar for the first time in a year and a half.


All right. Well, do you have a who's back or. That was. Well, that was one of mine. So the other one's going to be whose back is the United States emasculating British royalty? Because Megan and Prince, what's his name, didn't interview with Oprah.


Charles? No, no. Charles is I think he's the one that's dying, the one that always looks like he's a corpse.


That's the one that I it was almost like Laker Dan situation. I bashed him in front of troops last week and then he, like, had emergency surgery on his heart.


That's just because this interview, that guy, no chance he's actually alive. Yeah, no, he's that he's the Al Davis level. Yeah, it's bad. It's like when Al Davis that last year, like, dude, I think you're actually it's bad.


But so basically Oprah was doing an interview just being like spill the tea.


It was just it was just a Tea Party, but it was another time that we that's another time we've emasculated the British, by the way. And so they had Megan talk about all the behind the scenes dirt.


It looked really bad for the British royalty. And it's just kind of a nice throwback to, you know, the last couple hundred years where it's so bizarre to me that they even still have a royal family. But if I'm almost to the point where I think that America should just have a king and queen to because instantly people will care more about our king and queen than the British king and queen. Well, we do.


And Lord Ashton, I was going to say there was erosions and Lola Bunny would be a great day for the old Lola Bunny.


They're officially divorced, goddammit. OK, well, you say Hank. About them, I just the market in general, just this is a very confusing concept, there's a I guess, but what is it? It's Prince Harry. No, yeah. Yeah. Harry and Harry. And then William.


They should have Prince Harry. Could we could it could have been a five minute interview. Been like, listen. It sucked being a ginger in in the royal family, like people didn't respect me and the story. And if your name's Harry and you're going bald, you've got to get plugs. Yeah, well, no, he's not.


But he's his brother. Oh, yeah. His brother was very. Baldessari is going in the back. Yeah.


Oh, they had a nice angle, especially in the back and a nice angle like he did the Carlos Boozer like spray to the front of the last one.


All right. My whose back is just Joe Leonardi and bracketology and Blind Resume is I fucking love it. I've been eat it up. I'm looking at Brackett's every day up and down. He still is in his bunker. He actually was like, nothing has changed for him. He was already doing covid protocols for the last 20 years.


Him and Adam Morrison were the two most prepared people going into twenty twenty. It's incredible.


So he's just sitting in his basement getting ready on his graney like half the time. It doesn't even come in clear, but he's just in there. That's the down though. Yeah.


Like it would look weird if he was in HD and he had all these like touch screens behind him and he turned into Steve Kornacki all of a sudden, like, I like the old school throwback eight bit.


Joe Leonardi. There's something comforting about that. I have a theory, though. I think Joe Leonardi is secretly miserable because in twenty twenty one, it's the Mel Kiper Theory, right?


Mel Kiper was the king forever because he was the only one who was doing it. Now there's a shitload of people who draw stuff. Tom Cruise, I'll say it way better than Mel at the job. Right. I think Julian Arties just constantly looking over his shoulder like there's going to be a kid someday that comes and just nails every single year. And if I slip up, if I get if I put BYU on the nine seed and they end up being a ten, it's curtains for me.


Joel Leonardi, Jeff DeLillo and I were thinking about doing bracketology on the website next year.


Exactly. And you if you get it perfect, it will be a story. I mean. No, but I'm sure. Sure. Yeah.


So there's I think it has to be secretly miserable to be Jovanotti because he's got one thing. He's been doing it forever. And if some kid who's got like a stronger calculator comes along and figures it out, he's going to be screwed.


So is it a conflict of interest for him to be an employee of a college that he's evaluating, but also the head of this evaluation department also just want to want to just biggest issues is one.


St Joseph's is on the bubble. He always. But he always puts them in. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. It's like it's like A-Rod. No offense.


It's like A-Rod commentating on ESPN, on baseball, on what I'm just saying, like it's a conflict of interest because he's a baseball in general, you know, because A-Rod has business relationships with the Mets, right? No. What team is he?


We think you're using it for Jessica Mendoza.


Just. Yeah, that's all I'm saying. Yes, but A-Rod would have he stayed at. Yes. I don't know if you bought the Mets. I don't think so. No. If he had actually bought the Mets, probably not.


Not that I care. I mean, he would have been funny if he tried to and commentated his own games, but. All right. So you're going to do a check bracketology next season? Yeah, sure.


OK, also, Justin, and those are left the Mets.


So Scatch, OK, but she left ESPN. Jessica Mendoza will leave that job. She'll shift our focus to a broadcasting role. OK, so that was a conflict of interest. Yeah. So. All right, Billy, I have two whose back real quick.


College baseball is back. Absolutely. Electricity, you know, B.S. scored nine runs in the bottom of the ninth to come back and win. It was insane, you know, like the Tulane pitcher, you know, just all the posturing, like Virginia Tech has a home run hammer. It's pretty electric shower. Jared Kravitz, who's been covering it like it's so electric, the home run hammer go off about that.


What is the home run? He you if you hit a home run, you get to take a sledgehammer and slam it while your whole team's around you hyping you up. That is that is so high. ElectriCities. I got to hide the sledgehammer at senior night. Yeah.


So that's so hype. Anyway, also I also like the sound that the ball makes off the bat in college. I would like to see a baseball game like Major League Baseball game where they just overdub the ping instead of the sound of the wood on the ball. So much better. Mm hmm.


And anyway, a good old fashioned asp. Well, things my mother, who's back, Tim Elliott during the UFC card, was beating up his opponent and he was over him and he was like he brought up he was like he's like Herge beat up a woman in 2008. Well, what are you going to do? Like, you're going to do the same thing.


It was just pre hype that is just like. Yeah. So old fashioned ass whipping his back. Yes.


And sledgehammers. Yep. Yep. And ping. Ping. Yeah.


OK, Jake, you got anything? The chills every time. March Madness theme song plays on CBS. I just got the chills. It is nice. It's the best time of year. It is.


I think that it officially starts to when we when we get March Madness, when our sadness is played, it always feels like, OK, when CBS starts shifting from NFL to college basketball, that's when, you know, till, yeah, mid-February.


And then I'll have gene steroids or telling us the results on a Sunday afternoon. The Big Ten official. Yeah. No he is. I love that part about in. Also, when you first hear the CBS music, you know that the master's music is coming next, huh? You know that that's about to happen. You're about to hear a great team dance. Hello, friends.


It really is. Again, I think we've talked about this, but having March Madness back this year, I'll never get over last year ever.


I mean, won't be on my dying bed. You know, I was entrenched in a program that could have been a Cinderella team just snatched away from us.


I did, by the way, have my first wedding day in probably forever today. So watch your heart at the right. Positive on at the right time.


Now watch out. Let's go to war.


Yesterday I went 11 and 12, 23. I had an opinion, but it's just it's just a battle. I mean, never out. Some of those you don't really have. Oh, I had an opinion on every single one of them looking at no match. I had an opinion. I feel like.


No, no, OK, no, I do the same thing every Saturday morning, like eleven o'clock. I just stare at the whole thing and I go down. I'm like like that. Like that, like that. Like that. And then I'll go back and I'll make sure I didn't miss any injury stuff. Sometimes I still do. And if I end up with twenty three end up with twenty three plays.


So how many games are on day one of the NCAA. Sixteen games. It was four on Thursday. It's that ridiculous because I definitely have opinions on sixteen games. I bet every day.


Every second. Of course every single day. If you have a gambling problem call waiting or gambling.


All right, let's get in the bed Bath Beyond Brawl and good old fashioned ass kicking ass.


What is that. Those just a fight in Bed, Bath and Beyond. Oh yeah. Yeah.


When they when they try not to accept that that 20 percent coupon that you have, that's like seven years old. I love it. How else are you gonna settle that bed.


Bath and Beyond. Not a fighting store. Oh yeah. I guess it is. I really believe you've never been there when they have like that the the kitchen aid mixer and there's just one of them left.


People get real pissed off about it.


I also think I think it's kind of like IKEA where IKEA and like Bed, Bath and Beyond are miserable couple stores. So like there's already tension. You go in with tension. So if anyone steps to you, it's on right away. Like you're not happy to be in Bed Bath Beyond on a Saturday, top three fighting stores.


Well, Wal-Mart's number one Wal-Mart. Yeah, Wal-Mart's definitely up there. Publix, I would say a crystal burger post, 1:00 a.m. to has to be department store. OK, Waffle House, Wal Mart, not a department store. Yeah, the Waffle House. Wal Mart.


Whoo hoo!


Alos yeah. The Home Depot runs a tight ship.


You can't fight you can't fight in here because it's all Olympic athletes at work. And then I kick your ass. You could just throw throw like Sam's Club Costco into one Home Depot.


There's a lot of camaraderie. Yeah.


It's like, oh you got a guy that's next to you telling you about the tools that you're looking at and making suggestions. There's like a gold medalist that's showing you where the fucking, you know, wood nails are patriotic, wants to help each other for shit.


I actually I would say like a party depot or party city. Yeah. Probably has a lot of fire.


Maybe maybe old school. Now, this is dating usability. Don't make fun of us. But like Toys R US. Yeah.


Could could get a little of a Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby maybe right after church.


Tractor supply.


Yeah. Yeah. UFC glove store. Fight shop. Yeah.


I mean the answer's easy jhansi. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Although that's kind of like Home Depot got brochures helping each other. Yeah.


But then the guy tells you something, he's like no I already read that thread on for body building. That's good.


I remember I went into a GNC when I was like oh probably nineteen years old trying to get, trying to get gains and I walked in, I was like, I'm looking for something that like I can put on muscle and like cut fat.


And I Kosmidis you're like, all right, yeah. I'm going to get you these things. They're, they're round and they usually are black and they're in different sizes and you have to lift them repeatedly. And I was like, yeah. And he's like, I'm talking about weights, dude, you got to fucking lift weights.


I'm like, God, this is so sad. All right, cool.


You fucking on me, man. And then I ended up buying a bunch of creatine. All right, let's do guy theory. Wait, how how'd you pronounce that creatine?


No. Fifty fifty three.


Creatine. Creatine. There's people in this office who are. It's great. Like getting to this point of our career where we have 19 year olds in the office and they're they're discovering they're like, oh, creatine.


Like, yeah, you're just going to feel bloated.


Yeah. You're going to you're going to shit through a keyhole. You're going to be able to poop through a screen door. And Billy's just just prescribing it left and right.


I'm going to get a little Sasquatch jacket by the end. OK, do it to you. Hilarious. All right, guy Fiete coming up in a second. Brought to you. Our friends at Chevy, the strongest, most advanced Silverado ever, the strongest, most advanced Silverado ever, Silverado strong, that's dependable. If you're trying to be a truck person and you're trying to do the tailgating, the hauling, the towing, the off roading, the moving day, helping out your friend or family member, move road trips, whatever it may be, Chevy Silverado is the truck to do it.


I test drove a Chevy Silverado. And guess what? My son has a little mini Chevy Silverado.


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Not if you're driving right now, but close your eyes and think Chevy Silverado. I look cool. I get to tow some stuff, I get to haul some stuff.


I get to go on road trips and I'm going to be comfortable doing it. And that's a Chevy Silverado. And we're running our special deal, which has not been approved. But I actually think that every Chevy dealership in America has at least one AWOL in it. So if you buy a Chevy Silverado, you get 100 bucks free for if you mentioned Kotick and a free taking free tank of gas, it actually worked. We had someone tweet us in there like I actually did it and I bought a truck.


So Chevy, thank you very much. We love you. You're one of our favorite sponsors. And the Chevy Silverado is the greatest truck that's ever been created. OK, here he is, Guy Fiete.


OK, we now welcome on a very, very, very special guest. Long overdue. We've wanted him on the show for a very long time. It is the one and only mayor of Flavor Town, Guy Fieri. He's here. Tournament of Champions is debuting on Sunday night, March 7th. So March yeah, March 7th. I got my dates right. Checking out Food Network.


You can also watch it on Hulu Guy. We are so excited for this interview. And I actually we just said it before we started. My first question is I got into the office around 845 walking behind me with someone with huge bags of food from your restaurant. Now, was this specially for us or do you give food to every podcast you go on?


Well, considering that you're the only podcast that I'm on today, it's only for you. Perfect.


Perfect. It was so special to see at 9:00 in the morning.


Just so you know, I set you like four kitchens where. Yeah. So I know that's got to be a bunch of folks around there that are hungry and having and being in this food industry my whole life. I know that there's nothing worse to talk about food not getting to taste the food. So I wanted to make sure that you were all taken care of and and more to come. Now, this is a great this this flavor town kitchen has been unbelievable.


You know, our industry has been hit so hard. And I know you all highlight food on a regular basis and in love. Dave and his work of his pizza reviews, I got to tell you, the industry got hit so hard, the industry's had to pivot and change. And I think that the the guests and the consumers are out. You the people are out there eating, are realizing that delivery and to go are such a great new medium.


You can't you know, there's not enough a lot of restaurants even open for in-house dining, especially on the East Coast. And it's just not it. They're just not going to make enough money on doing it on twenty five percent occupancy. So everybody is really gears in delivery. So having a bunch of restaurants around the country already and wanting to expand that, we said, listen, let's find some restaurant partners that have big kitchens and have staff that they want to keep employed and keep working.


And let's set up some guy, Fiete, you know, American Kitchen and bar some some flavor town and and make it available across country. So we're at one hundred and fifty locations. Twenty five thirty cities now and and expanding so that and I hope you guys enjoy it.


Oh I don't greatest grandkids. I loved it. And that's, that's a genius idea like taking place already have the infrastructure that need people that have people that might not have enough work at the time and then giving them an opportunity to continue working as a restaurant industry shutdown. That's very cool. I had I think it's the first time I've ever had like half a bacon cheeseburger and a Cubano sandwich for breakfast. Yeah, I had a wing at nine a.m. before 10 a.m. and it was hot.


And I was like, how does a guy guy did this happen? As you said, we need to hang out more often. Yeah, we need to hang out. And I need to get you on a championship diet here. This is how we do it. I mean, we roll out early with the bacon, mac and cheese, the Cuban sandwich, some big poppers, a few wings, location dip. This is we should probably going to be dangerous if we hang out there.




Are they're almost too much flavor, I think, in one room. Do you ever get. Talk of sick of talking about food. You know, I could throw it right back to you guys. Do you ever get sick of talking about sports? You ever get sick of talking about crazy things or, you know, I mean, it's it's what's in my blood. It's what I've always done. It's what I love and and anything all things and everything that have to do with food.


I mean, I, I read menus like novels. You know, I sit there and I went to we were just at a Cuban restaurant in Florida the other day and I'm sitting there and I made my decision about what I was going to have. And my wife said, Rudy, what do you what what what are you doing? And why are you reading the rest of the menu? Because what he's reading and I'm like, well, I just want to see what you know, what they're talking about here, what these things, these descriptions and why did they put that menu item there and not here?


You know, no, this is what I you know, it's it's what I do. It's what I it's what I enjoy. I read cookbooks for fun, so it's never good, never get sick of it. And the great thing is it's kind of just like the world of sports as well. It's never the same thing tomorrow. You know, it's just evolving forever. You'll never be you never know at all about it as well. That's my my other favorite thing.


It's it's it's it's new every day.


I really have to have a passion for considering I'm sure that everybody that talks to you, they they just want to talk about food. That's like the first thing that they bring up. So you have to actually be in love with it to be able to continue like this. This has been your life for the last, what, like 35, 40 years? You really have to be like zeroed in on it and really enjoy it to continue to do what you're doing.


Well, it's like when someone comes up and talk to you about something, it's nice to talk to people that know something about it. It's when they come in and they go, oh, I hate that kind of food. And I go, Why? Well, because I hate vegetables. I don't know that we're going to talk much. You know this you're not coming off on a foundation of reality. You know, that makes it a little difficult to engage.


But, you know, the world has changed about food or at least our world has changed in the United States has changed about food dramatically, especially. And unfortunately, we've had the pandemic. But you've got to find the silver lining out of things. And people really learned more about food, I think in this last year. They've learned to cook better. I know that for a fact. They've learned to accept different styles of food because they've had two different cultures of food.


And I think when you open up your mind, when you open up your palate to food, I think you open up your mind. I think you open up and say, oh, let me understand about this type of Eastern European food or this Indian food or this you know, this culture of food or. Wow, this this preparation style, you know, why is this done? I just think that it's it's food represents a lot more than just the consumption of calories or consumption of proteins.


It's it's a concept, really. It's an experience.


So like eating like eating a bacon American cheeseburger in a studio in New York.


In New York. Yes. So so the one thing that I love about you guys that you are you and I mean that in the way that you are authentic to yourself and you make food fun. And you were talking about, you know, correlating to us, talking about sports. When we started this podcast, we kind of always said, well, let's have fun with it. You know, it shouldn't be serious. When you started Triple D, did you have that as a conscious decision, like, hey, I'm going to be something for the people, for the common people, or was it I'm just following what I love and eventually it's going to work out.


I guys, I wish I could remember that far back when I started Triple D, you know, as you guys get older, you'll start to realize you start to lose the connection. It evolved first when it started, as is it, I honestly like the first year or two years that we did it, I'm like, wow, this will go on a couple of years, you know, and then we'll be done. And then all of a sudden I realized, oh, my God, this country is so huge.


This world of food is so much bigger than I even imagined. And this will happen forever. I mean, I'll be doing this thing in a walker. Try to get my son Hunter to figure it out. Now, put on some weight, kid, and you start driving. You know how to drive a stick shift. You're going to have to take over in a few years. It's what it has become. What it always was for me is here's a great chance to show all these small little restaurant owners, these mom and pops.


And I'm a mom. I was a mom and pop restaurant at the time. Hey, here's a great way to give them a ton of attention, send a bunch of people to them and maybe this can help. Well, I didn't have any idea what the impact would be. I mean, zero. I mean, if I thought it was going to be this big, it was ten miles long. And so that's been an amazing side of it.


And now what it is, is to continue that, but also to not have any boundaries. You know, it's kind of like me being on your show today. I mean, how awesome to talk about food on on this great sports podcast where but you guys talk about everything and you guys have become. Worldly in that respect. So I think that it's in that same idea. Have fun, be genuine respect, you know, respect the the program, treat people great and don't and don't establish it and don't take yourself too seriously and don't get too rigid, but be flexible on what could happen.


I think those are bits of the that's been the recipe for us.


You've definitely brought like a relentless positive energy to food television, which is something that it was missing. I think, you know, sometimes it gets like a little stuffy, gets a little full of itself, especially in, like, the food criticism realm. And so I think people naturally gravitated towards that. And my favorite part of any of the episode is right after you take the bite, figuring out which level guy figure is going to react. Excuse me, Guy Fiete, because there are three levels, right?


In my opinion.


The first I love these theories. This to me is the drop after the the first.


When you think something's good, not great, you take the bite and you look at the person, you nod and you're like, that's out of bounds, man, as you're chewing right through. No is the second one is you take a bite and then you just put your hands on the table like you're like you're LeBron coming out of the game and needing a quick breath, like you just start breathing as you're thinking about it and and you just kind of get lost in your brain.


Right. And then the ultimate guy, Fiete compliment is when you take a bite and then you tell the camera like Amanita minutes processes and then you go in for bite two as the camera is like panning out from you. Would you say that's that's a fair assessment of like the three levels of how much you like something?


Well, I think you've got I think that your guy impersonations are spot on. And matter of fact, if you could cover a couple of shows next Thursday for me, it would really help open my schedule up.


There are differences of Exubera of exclamation and exuberance and contemplation, first and foremost, if I don't like it, you don't see it?


Oh, I think OK, so here's my theory. I think if you don't the you are harsh on people, which I actually love because it's supposed to be fun. But I think your is when you say something is the real deal, you're just literally saying it's real. And that's the that's the baseline of niceness. So it's probably not great, but it's real. It's actually it's tangible. You are touching it. It's the real deal. That's that's OK.


I don't really like this, but I'm going to say something nice to you.


I've never been psychoanalyzed on a trip. I've never had it broke it down. Like, this is actually really going, hey, guys, I'm going to tell you what I'm going to do is I'm going to start paying better attention to this because I don't know what the hell you're talking about it all the time. Look, first thing I just tell people is, one, I won't bullshit you if I don't like it. I don't I don't like it.


There's a difference, of course, on this podcast. OK, OK. Yeah, you can just finish. I'll tell you what it is. No different things affect you at different times. Like sometimes you really get in.


I've been watching Sean turn that part down for me. I've been watching thirty, I'm thirty. The ESPN. I just been watching all of those. I just I just watched the Ali Larry Holmes fight the final fight in the eighties. I mean, gosh, I remember that fight. I remember the whole thing that I just now I get to a different age where, like, I'm really interested in all the complexities of what was going on. So I think that there's different times of different food striking different ways.


Also, there's something on top of it about where you are, where you are recently, where you can head space on and on. And so I can't say that there is a definitive explanation to say this is the thing that I specifically do when I have that feeling. Whatever is coming out at the time that I say it is what is really going on. And sometimes when I have to do this. Yeah, yeah, I'm trying to figure out what the hell I'm going to say, what word you're going to make up.


So do you have another show and it's not it? Listen, it's the weirdest thing. I don't have any of these words. I don't say quantification because I'm trying to be funny. I don't make this shit. I mean, if they've got to have great editors because there are more there's more smack talk going on than you could ever imagine that if the blooper videos. I'm going to. You ever see the bloopers that happened at the show? Yes.


That's for real.


And there's and that's that's picking they'll send me 30 of them and say, OK, which one do you want at the end of the show? Because it's somebody falling over, get knocked over, somebody cussing, dog barking, whatever the lights go out or whatever.


So there's always crazy stuff that happens. But no take you to get to your whole thing. It's it's not it's not. There is one thing that does happen.


Sometimes and they don't show it as often because it takes a lot of time, but sometimes I'll walk off set. Hmm, I'll take a bite of something and I'll take off on a walk.


You know, I just need some time to be alone because I have to get myself away from the food because I'll shove more in my mouth.


Oh, OK. So they don't know you. And it's a different and it's a weird animal, you know, because it can chop off the the tail end of what you might be the final bite line, but you don't have that much time. Yeah. Because it goes only 22 minutes long with commercials. So but a great question.


We're going to get back to Guy in a second. But before we do, this interview is being brought to you by Woop Woop.


Billy, when you say I have to take a piss, the mike can pick you up. I know you're not wearing your headphones. I know. I know you're whispering it.


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Take it, check out fifteen percent off and now here's more guy free.


So while we're on the Sang's what comes first. You actually try something on a flip flop or you get served something in a trash can lid because I think you have to do one of the two. You whenever you say something could be good on a flip flop, it's so good you could eat it on a flip flop and then when it's so much food, serve in a trash can that I think eventually if you do the show for as long as you want to do the show, you have to do one or the other.


The people need it.


I think that it's probably a and I was just in Florida shooting triple D and I wore flip flops the entire time.


And I'll tell you guys, are you guys flip flop guys? Not really in the summer. Oh, have you ever tried ufs no. Oh s.o.s the bomb flip. I'ma send you some. OK bomb. Bomb got him right. But I wear those because they got great arch support and they and so I'm there and the joke is every time someone sees me flip flops they'll say to me, would you put that on a flip flop. And I don't know where that came from guys.


I was thinking at the food, I was saying that the food was so great that even on my flip flop, which I've been wearing, it would still be great. That was the whole reason for that stupid line or that crazy line is because it was like this would even be good on a flip flop.


And you don't know what you're going to say, like flavor town, flavor town never started as Flavor Town was a one time I said it. And I said, this looks like it was I think it was a pizza, I it looks like the manhole cover in to harmless. Yeah. Walking through the airport, I got my film crew with me. We're going to shoot D somewhere and someone goes. The man who played it down. Am I going to play with some other people said play for town?


And I said to Chico, who's my number one camera guy, my DP? I said, let's play it. Because remember, you said the thing about the pizza delivery time. So then we brought it up again.


I said something and some guy had a plate and I said, it's like a bus, the steering wheel of the bus and flavor town.


Oh, it man blew up from the clubs and played thing.


That's where it was born. I'm not kidding. And it now has taken on to and now we have flavor town kitchen. So it's a whole it's a whole nother world.


I mean, it's something that's just so much fun to say. Right. Like if you eat if you take a bite of something that's really spicy and you're like, that is flavor town, baby. Like you feel you feel better after you say, yeah, when you see a big pot or something, you're like, that's a hot tub in Flavor Town. That's my favorite when you do that.


But see that. And I'm glad you guys you get it because you have your own vernacular in your own words and sayings and your double entendres that you guys play. And I'll tell you, it is a way to explain that a big hot.


Gotcha, then you know, Castroville, and you go like, you know, right there, that's the volcano of flavor in your mind can go, oh, crazy big over the top. Must be delicious. You know, something Guidetti would eat. That's a triple detail that has its own little place. So it's become its own little descriptives style and attitude. But it's fun. And I listen that you guys hit nail on the head. I'm positive.


I believe in the better opportunities that we have than the worse. And I think that, you know, like this pandemic we've been facing, we found the chance to rally as a country and support one another and and find the better, you know, and there's so many people that have lost so much and have been through such terrible times that I'm just happy that someone can hear Flavor Town or Order to Flavor Town or we can have this podcast and and make somebody smile or make somebody not think about the terrible shit that's going on and keep it on the upswing, because that's what we got to do for sure.


We got to find you got to find the silver lining. Yeah, definitely.


I actually have I've got two suggestions for where you can take more. You can leave them. But the first would be I know you do run into that experience time and again where you don't exactly know what to say to somebody about their food. If you don't like. I know you say you don't put it on the air, but what I say, if I'm eating food in front of somebody that made it for me, I don't want to offend them.


I say there's a lot going on in here, a lot of flavors going on in here. And it's not a lot it can be totally true and you can hate the flavors. But if you say like, man, there's a lot going on in here, it's not really an insult, but it's not also lying to their face, you know, and you've got a great vocabulary, a great style about it.


And you're great. And that's that's the right way to treat people. Everybody they made it and gave it to you because they intended it to make you happy. You let it go like how bad I can screw this up and see this guy choke it down. So that is a great way to say it. And there's been several times more than several Schubin, hundreds of times when I've had a chef make me something and it hasn't worked. And I've just looked right at him and said, Chef, this doesn't work now.


I'm a chef. So I have that right to say that. And I do it with the utmost respect. If I think they can handle that, they know. If I don't think you're ready to handle it, I've got nothing to prove to do this. I I'm not going into shape. I'm not a food critic. I'm not in that realm. That's not my style. That's on my energy. I don't. But if I do think that I could explain to him maybe something where they took a misstep or something might have happened, then I'll do that.


But there's no shaming people and making people feel bad, especially about foods. But that's like having some guy play music on stage. You go you're playing in the wrong key. You know who would do it? I know he does that. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


The second suggestion that I had, because I've started to deal with with heartburn over the last six, seven years of my life, and I really suck at getting it under control because I love eating all the foods that give me heartburn. Why not combine them and do almost if you're making chicken wings, do a Tums. Dry rub on the outside are like sprinkle it on like seasoning. So you combine the Tums with the hot food that you're about to eat.


Have you ever tried something like that?


You've got a lot going on here. Yeah, I did a lot of flip flopping flip, but give it a thought guy. I feel like it's solving the problem before it starts.


I shot a place one time on triple D and they had these ice cream machines and they made all this crazy styles of ice cream. And I told the guy the same thing. It's like, man, I get heartburn all the time. So she after all the indulgent food I eat, I said, let's make some let's make some Pepto abysmal ice cream. So we made it and got Pepco abysmal. And it actually wasn't bad for anybody that has heartburn.


If you could think what would be more soothing than something coating your stomach made you. That's super ice cold. Yeah. Didn't sell though. It didn't sell. Had a lot of big flavors going on and there was a lot of effort. Not a good effort. Not exactly. Not winning the game with this one. I don't know how that would actually at all be possible to put any type of any antacid on. And I did some great really commercial.


And I'm a big I love spicy food. I love all levels of food, and I love wine. I love all the things that participate in heartburn. And I'll I'll I will tell you is typically it has to do with diet. And that's about all I can tell you. Yeah. Is what you eat, what you eat when you eat.


So think about that one. I have to ask this question. Your die hard sports fan. Raiders. Warriors. What is Mark Davis order PF Chang's.


I know Mark my wonderful guy. Yup. Mark's wonderful guy. I think Mark would play it. I think Mark would play it right up the middle. I think he would go. Orange chicken, chicken fried rice, egg roll. They could go right up the middle. I don't I don't really see him diversifying it now. Gruden, on the other hand. Yeah, my brother, he's a food. He's into food. He's been on triple day with me.


He's a food guy. He he'd go wherever I took him. If I if I want to take him out of change and we want to go down the street to some funky little Thai joint where there's only two tables and you got to get it, eat it out of a plastic container, out of a Styrofoam container in the back of the 68 Camaro sitting on the seat on the hatchback, he'd go for anything. And and then and then round two if we wanted to go to the next place.


So he's you know, he's a little bit more he's a little bit more on the wild side of the culinary aspect.


And you and Gruden, I would imagine, just sit there just complimenting the food in the most, like, hyperbolic way possible. And it's just the most fun of all time because both you guys have that enthusiasm.


Coach, to me is and we talk on a regular basis, is one of those guys that if you want if you want to find the positive aspect of what's going on in the world and how to look at the upside of the down situation. God, that guy, he's he wrote the book, man. He wrote the book. And it's I'm so happy to be in love. The Love the Raiders Die Hard. The Vegas move was so tough for me as it was for everybody here in Northern California.


But having gone to college at you and LV graduated the year we won the NCAA, the running Rebs, that was the only thing that was going to make me at all, OK, is we left Oakland and we went there. But we have a better stadium and more often on and on. But now he is the he is the he is the king of bringing a good energy and and looking at things the right way. And boy, he's had some challenges.


You guys know me, but he's it's great. We're on an upswing. I mean, we are going in the right direction. We are getting collected and unified. And I think the stadium I think Vegas is great for us when you guys didn't ask all this. But I'm I'm super passionate and super, super excited. I have a restaurant in the stadium which I could listen. I've been disappointed about not being able to open on time or have an issue or whatever.


Got I was so bummed. We were so ready. We train and train the staff. We were ready to go and we didn't get to open.


And it's the sexiest stadium in North America, Allegiant Stadium. You, you know, look at the look in your eyes. You've seen it. You've done it, Pat. Yeah. Is right.


It is Vegas. Here's what Vegas is always. And I thought it was so crazy. People say, oh, I can't bring major sports to Vegas because people know, you know what, it's the best place to go for sports because you got great accommodations. I mean, I've been I've been to so many Super Bowls and I've seen some really bad hotels because the city can't handle the load of the millions or the thousands, if not millions, the thousands of people that come there.


And so you're displaced and all this kind of stuff that happens in Vegas is perfect for it because it can handle the hundreds of thousands. And people love to come around the stadium. They may not go to the game, but they love to come to the energy of the stadium. So and you just so many different aspects. It's great. And the stadium beautiful. And the Raiders deserve it. Playing in Oakland. You're playing in that stadium for for a long time.


They needed a refresh. And this is a tough move. But but but positive in a lot of ways.


So, guys, I know you got to go. You're busy, guy. You have to come back on.


You have to come back on four any time you think we have a million other questions that will leave. But I had one last question. Do you ever get weirded out when you see people in public who are dressed exactly like you because you do have impeccable style and there's a whole group of men that I think just like cosplay as Guy Fieri all the time, like their life is now your fashion, your style, does that weird you out? A little Halloween costumes, I think wear the one when it really I kind of had to go.


Hold on a second. It's the greatest form of flattery. You know, I give it the I give it the Elvis theory. You know, he did Elvis did it right. Still to this day, people are still out there doing the impressions of the king. The only time that it doesn't sit well with me and this is the saddest thing I can ever tell you. And it bums me out like you don't even know, because, listen, if you want to have bleached blond hair and tattoos and go for it, you know what?


I it is kind of how I ended up. So it is what it is. But please don't tell people that you're me and then have them buy you drinks and take your picture, because I'm not kidding you guys. I'm this is no bullshit in the thousands of people sending me pictures. To my you know, to my address, I don't have to find the address and saying it was so great hanging out with you in Las Vegas and would you sign the picture?


And I have to write back to people and say, I'm sorry, this is not me, it's a different guy.


And and I'll send them an autographed picture of me, but they're not in it. And it breaks my heart because why do people like that? Why make people think that that's such a shitty thing to do? So that just kind of. But that's the only thing that bothers me. Otherwise, I didn't do what they have done in New York. All the other shit. You just wait for the Vatican, by the way, if we had that covered, it might have happened this year.


Oh, worried. Yeah, I'm very worried.


Show up and I'm going to have the best guy non Guidetti outfit and people like that.


You really look like him and they're not going to know. We're in. We're in. I love it.


Yes. That sounds like the best time ever that New York City will be renamed Flavor Town for a day.


That would not be the funniest to go there. And they think it's are you. But I'll have a bad accent or something. I'm going to make it work. You what? I'm going to film it.


Are we got to stop by the show when you do that? And we got to talk for like an hour and a half because we'll do a 24 hour marathon.


Yes. I love it. Thank you so much, Guy. We really appreciate it, guys. Thanks for having me. Love it. You guys rock. All right. Good luck, you guys.


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All right, let's wrap up. We got a couple of segments. First up, we got just chill out, man for Trevor Bauer. Trevor Bauer told reporters that on Saturday in a spring training game, he pitched an inning using only one eye because he likes to challenge himself.


I like it. Say it's no different than using a batting donut. Take a couple of practice cuts at spring training.


I love the Trevor Bauer makes people upset. He really makes people upset and even hardcore. Like I know people who are baseball fans that also get it, you know. And when I say get it, meaning baseball has to figure out a way to get younger and more fun and and, you know, faster and you can share the highlights. And they still get pissed off about Trevor Bauer. Yeah, he is. He is an Internet troll. Right.


He's an ignorant come to real life. And him doing stuff like this, I don't think a single person out there was like this is a really smart thing that Trevor Bauer did.


Trevor Bauer is if Reddit was a human being, he would be Trevor Bauer. And everybody absolutely got so mad about this stunt that he did. And I personally don't really care one way or the other. So I find it hilarious. And I also don't believe it. Yeah, people are talking about it. I'm pretty sure that somebody else would have noticed, although it's spring training, the closest cameras are located like 300 yards away. Correct. And they're in like Ken Rosenthal's Motorola Razr.


So you can't really see the clarity of the picture like you would like to. But yeah, I don't believe that he did. He maybe through one pitch. I don't I do not care. Maybe there was a knot in his iPhone pitch.


Right, if you like. It's just one of those funny things that it's funny to see and it's funny to laugh about.


And Trevor Bauer just makes people mad.


And I like that he should try doing it on LSD like Doc Ellis did that he sure he will. If you want to talk about the most impressive athletic feats of all time, I'd say throwing a no hitter on LSD is probably number one. And number two.


Yes, but it isn't isn't isn't he like the baseball version of Presenta Shimbo? We've already talked about this, Hank. I don't care the duality of man also, OK?


I don't have many different. I can hold three different thoughts in my head.


It using your Luka Garza logic right earlier. Yeah. I think that you would also have to support. No, no, because I.


I like Brooks and. I only rep one and a half golfers, Max, sorry, until you win a major, you have golf. So wait, what if Trevor Bowers pulled the books, though? I would have.


What if you put a Bryson and he put on like 60 pounds worth?


Yeah, I'm just like, you know, water, weight and muscle.


That would be very funny. Right. But the difference between Trevor Bauer and Bryson is Bryson uses stuff like math. Trevor Bauer uses stuff like upvotes.


So like he he he he does not approach the game from the same nerd perspective that Bryson does.


And also, I think Trevor Bauer doesn't like complain about the rules the way Bryson does.


Bryson's a big like this is not fair. Oh, like I had a little bit of the sniffles during the Masters.


I don't know, tank don't get in trouble for spelling.


I'm a hypocrite. OK, him throwing the ball over the center field fence was way cooler than Bryson DeChambeau hitting a golf ball over water.


The end of the day, I'm a hypocrite and I do not care. I like who I like. All right. We also have one to one for the Washington football team. Also, I have a stay.


OK on it. Go ahead, PFC. This is your story. So I microdots for the very first time in my life on Friday morning. And I'm not going to say that that directly contributed to me seeing this entire web of online lies coming together. But I'm not going to say that didn't help either. So I started to notice that over the last two days there were a shitload of accounts that had been created. In October of twenty twenty. There were all tweeting things about Dan Snyder, like great job, Dan Snyder showing the NFL what it means to be a diverse organization.


Great job, Dan Snyder. Be the change that you want to see in the world. I see you. Great job to the Washington football team. Dan Snyder gets it. Everybody else at the NFL league office should take notice. And I was like, wait. Now it is possible that lots of women unanimously across the board are independently tweeting good things about Dan Snyder. But I did some digging on it and it'll shock you to find out that they're more than likely hundreds of bots that we're all created around the same time to just heap praise on Dan Snyder.


Right. When the Jeff Bezos takeover of the Washington football team started to get their very first like the first babblings of it starting right to the surface. Right. So so, yeah. Dan Snyder, essentially somebody in the Redskins organization paid for a shitload of Twitter bots to just do nothing all day. But tweet praise for Dan Snyder, huh? Interesting.


So my real stay woke is you found this and I initially thought, like so regular brain Dan Snyder did this. He had a bunch of bots tweet nice things about him. Second, what's the second brain when it's like, you know, that meme universe, brain, universe, brain. Jeff Bezos did this to set Dan Snyder up and then fucking galaxy for Galaxy Brain.


Pfft, he has done all of this right there, was created all these accounts so that Dan Snyder to uncover it, make Dan Snyder look bad. So Jeff Bezos would buy the team also to add onto Galaxy Brand.


Actually, I guess Galaxy Brand should come before Universe Brain, whatever it may be.


No, it comes after universe is smaller than the galaxy. Right.


Did a coincidence of this all happen after gate? No, no, I'm saying like to catch a burner. Turns out you have to think like microdots. So I think yeah, I think that the burner and developing that part of my brain last week made me more in tune with the universe when it comes to it.


May maybe one with the burner account. No, but it was a brilliant plan. But he set that up.


Yeah. So I do think that Dan Snyder, because I think it's you, because here's why Dan Snyder works harder on ways to seem like a good person than he would have to work to actually be a good person. It's kind of been his M.O. throughout his entire tenure of ownership. So like this is this is right out of his playbook. And you knew that to waste a bunch of time trying to cheat the guy, that that puts in so much time trying to figure out the answers on the test when you could have just spent that 30 minutes studying.




And you knew that. Listen to me. Thinks the lady doth protest too much.


I'm flattered. I'm flattered that you would think that this would be something that I would do, right? Mm hmm. Very flattered. Oh, interesting. So. All right, we're going to finish up the show. I did have one last segment, drunk texts from Billy at one thirty in the morning saying, I love you guys.


I thought it was sweet. Within two minutes, I replied, No one else is going to say it, Billy. So I will love you, too.


I just know one day me over and over. I love you guys like drunk.


Anyone can get a little drunk with their bros and start texting all their other brothers being like, I love you guys. You get a little sentimental. And then when I when I said that to Billy, when I saw him today, he's like, dude, my fucking college friends get me so drunk like it was their fault. Well, you have to me. How blue are the mountains on Friday.


So blue. Yeah. So so blue.


Responsibly use responsibly saying I love you too Billy. I just like to do it sober. It's so we're at the sober sex portion of our relationship.


I just I'm, I'm different. I love Billy when I'm drunk.


I believe we can fucking have just like boloney breath and still fuck no. OK, fine. I'm like a big fucking old three o'clock in the afternoon on Saturday. We're both a little bloated. We'll fuck.


No, I'm still I'm still leaving Billy's house to take a dump.


We're not we're not together. We don't we don't fart in front of each other. Billy, I'm calling every Monday.


Every single Monday. I swear to God, I'm like, I am not going to tell Billy that I love them this weekend. And then Friday night at like twelve thirty, I'll kiss, always wake up.


I always do. And then all Muslims are like, bro, you said you wouldn't. All right, let's watch the end of the game. Here we go.


We're going to get fucked unless we hit this shot, Hank. Oh, we're fucked by the Eli Manning. That's such bullshit. Oh, that's such bullshit.


Did they add all the points up? Yeah. Oh, we need this three. Yeah. And so we need. What did you get. Three. Nineteen.


Yes. All right. Boom. I was about six. I was about to put a curse on Jason Needham's house. I'm OK. Wait. Oh what an ending. So I know that's game, but why are game timers. So do they score all those points in the fourth quarter?


Yeah, 170 to 150 in the fourth. But that's what they were doing before. No, that's just one quarter. So they scored they scored three, 320 points in the fourth quarter.


Yeah, well that's what they call it. You Lemonde. Why would they switch it. What do you mean.


It's because he was always a good kicker and he would kick at the end of the game. Yeah. Because he was the king of three pointer so I want to make his scoring.


Twenty three. Give me number eight. Thirty eighteen. Nineteen fifty.


This is usually the time to show individual mouse sperm are bigger than elephant sperm. Seventy five. I love you guys. Damn September 7th. Remember Grandpa Bingo. Tucking away, I don't know what to say about she in today's days find by shying away often and and for your love of the coming for your love of. We say. It's better to be safe. So is the better to be safe. So. Just the famous phrase. All things go to.


Anyway, we're coming for you. He's got. It's pardon my take presented by barstool sports.