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Oh, should we start this show? Yeah, I'm down just buying a car in Carvana first.


Oh, for real?


Yeah, it's super convenient. I already got pre qualified in 2 minutes. All I had to do is answer a few questions.


Ooh, that's helpful.


And now just customizing down in monthly payments.


Oh, that's a very fair deal.






Just bought a car. And you get to take me to.


The Carvana vending machine in a couple.


Days to pick it up.


Ooh, I'm kind of busy. Visit to finance your next car.


Financing, subject to credit approval on today's pardon my take. James Winston. We got him. He came to the office for a full day. We've been sitting on it for about three weeks now just waiting for this interview to come out. It was everything we wanted and more.


I love Jameis.


It was the best.


I love Jameis. A little bit of something for everybody in this.


Yes. Yes. So, incredible interview to kick off Super bowl week, we are here in Las Vegas. We're going to do who's back the week. We're going to talk about Cliff Kingsbury to the commanders. We're going to talk about Max being the grossest person in the world to sit next to in an airplane. And then at the end of the show, because it's the first Monday that we've had without football to talk about, we will have Max and memes recap the Grammys. So they're in charge right now of distilling the Grammys and giving us everything that happened. Who says we can't do everything right?




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So 75 points or more since they started in 1975. And go right now to to register. That's to register today. Okay, let's go. By.


Now in the street there is.


Violence and a lot of work to be done no place to hang out or washing and then I can't blame all on the sun oh, no we got a rock down to electric I rendu and then we'll take it higher oh, we got a rock down to.


Electric it's pardon my take presented by Marshall sports.


Higher. Welcome to pardon my take. Today is Monday, February 5, and boys James Winston episode.


Very excited about this. James is the best. He hung out for about like, what.


4 hours longer than the Barcelona office.


Maybe longer than that. We played some basketball with him. He put us through some drills. We got videos coming. PMTV coming out on Thursday. He ate some meals with Donnie.


I believe it was the hardest thing to have to sit on this interview because he came three weeks ago, and we knew that if we showed that he was in the office, people be like, we want the interview right now. Which totally understand, because I wanted to post the interview right away, but we're like Super bowl week. Another white whale checked off the list. We did not sing standing on a corner to him. That was the only regret I had. Sorry.


Yeah, I mean, big cat's right. We've sat on a lot of really hard stuff before, and this was definitely the hardest and the longest we've had to sit on.


Yes. Yes. You get it, Hank. It was a sex, sex problem. But it's an awesome interview, so get excited. It's going to be great. We got some stuff we got to talk about before we do. What do we want to do first?


Well, we can let the speculation begin.


Okay. Yeah. Let's talk about this Cliff Kingsbury to the commanders.


So, per Adam Schafter, let the speculation begin. Cliff Kingsbury coached Caleb Williams last season. Williams was a standout quarterback at Gonzaga High School in DC. The commanders currently hold the number two overall pick and are in striking distance. So per Adam Schefter, let the speculation begin. I'm going to speculate so hard. I'm going to theorize. I'm going to postulate all over the place. Oh, my God. I'm going to contemplate and it's going to be great. And the fact of the matter is that this is a trade that could happen between the commanders and the bears, which could tear this podcast apart. That's one thing that definitely could happen, and Hank's very happy about that. It'd be a lot more vacation time for you, Hank. It's also a good possibility that given the draft history and the trade history that we both have in our franchises past, we might both fuck.


This would say, I would make the guess right now that the commanders have already fucked this up because no one has overplayed their hand more than the commanders have already overplayed their hand. They had Caleb Williams'dad given being a source to Colin coward earlier in the week, retracted. But at first he was like, I'm hearing out of Caleb Williams camp that he doesn't want to play in Chicago.


Do you think the commanders told him.


To do Caleb Williams? I think Caleb Williams probably wants to play. I'm saying Caleb Williams dad overplayed that hand.


Got it.


Then they got Cliff Kingsbury overplaying that hand where you get the connection, it's very clear that they want Caleb Williams. So I'm fine with trading the number one pick for all of the Picks.




So I want all of the picks. You guys have overplayed your hand to the point where it's, like, obvious that you're lusting for this guy.


I am.


And that's a bad spot to be in a negotiation three months out.


Okay, so I've got the draft value chart right here. I agree. Throw it out because we have the second overall pick.


Well, you know what?


You guys can basically, because if you're not going to take Caleb one, you can take whoever you're going to take anyways at two.




Fuck the draft value chart. I wrote down a few things that I would like, and we can start in the negotiation.




No one Terry McLaurin.




The pickback for Montez sweat. No, I want the commander's new name to be the junior Bears. And I also. Yeah, that would be.


I'm into the junior bears.


Oh, that's the Cubs. No, I want junior bears.


Junior bears again.


And then I want Tyrese Maxey on the bulls.




Yeah. I'm going to authorize starting my negotiation.




I'm going to authorize Tyrese Maxey and the junior Bears.


I did hear it was very funny. The Ben Johnson fallout was a big time. He said, he said situation where Ben Johnson claimed there was reports that Ben Johnson thought they were too much. They weren't football guys, they were too much basketball guys. And then the commanders were like, he didn't interview well and wanted too much money. And everyone's finger pointing. But I like the idea that he walked in and was like, smells like basketball in here. I don't like this.


So I will authorize Tyrese Maxey on behalf of Josh Harris.


That's fine.


We'll trade him.


I would take hurt.


We'll throw him in.


He's hurt. I don't want him.


He could be a nice piece. Yeah. So we'll do both of those. And then I'm also looking through. Who do you want from the devils?


The guy who Frank said he broke his.


Jack Hughes. Yeah, we'll give you Jack Hughes and Tyrese Maxey and we'll toss in Joel Embiid. And I would be willing to.


And the first pick, by the way, the first pick in the draft for the next three years, I would be.


Willing to also throw in the Montez sweat pick because that's a nice humiliation thing where it's like, oh, we gave you this pick. Actually, no, we got him for free. I'm going to give you the second overall pick. No. To Terry McLaurin the next year.


I will authorize after that's first, the.


Second round pick, which really, all by the draft value chart, all the commanders would need to do by this. Since we do have the second pick, it would actually be an overpay if we just threw in pick 34.


Well, guess what? You're overpaying. You're overpaying because you guys have made it very clear you want Caleb Williams, and that is the dumbest thing you can do.


Now, what if, hypothetically, there was a guy by the name of Eli Manning that got drafted a while ago?


You remember him?




So Eli, he actually got drafted by.


The Chargers, which is crazy.


And then he went up there, took a picture, did the whole thing, and then his dad told the Chargers he's not going to play down San Diego. We're going to have to work some sort of trade out here. Now, what if Caleb Williams dad, who seems to also have no problems going in front of the press, what if he says to the bears, my son's.


Not going to play Caleb Williams. Dad's name?


I'm not sure.


What's his last name? Williams. Oh, so it's not Manning. Okay, so then we can just throw that out. Okay. Because Archie Manning is the shadow commissioner. That's why that happened.


That's a fact.


And the other time was John Elway because he's going to play for the Yankees. Is Caleb Williams going to go play for the Yankees?


He might.


Okay, well, maybe he should start throwing some baseball. Learn baseball, buddy.


That would actually be great if somehow they got in touch with the learners and they said, hey, we need the nationals to also draft Caleb. We know that he's not a baseball player, but just draft him.


Listen, it's going to be an interesting couple months of speculation. I just know that the hand has been overplayed by the commanders as quickly as it could possibly.


I will overplay. If there's anything you know about me, it's that I overplay every hand that I have. So I'm happy to deal with this one.


And on top of all that, a certain friend of the program who sometimes shares thoughts with Henry Lockwood has said that he actually thinks Drake may might be the better quarterback.




He's been getting in my ear about that.


Who's this guy?


I don't know. He's got a dog avatar. He looks like.


Great takes.


Great takes.


I am a little concerned about having a quarterback named Caleb potentially. Well, if you get quarterbacks named Caleb, they're funny guys and they're good glue guys. You want morale, if you want a supervisor, morale. If you want them to interview your other star players with their fat friend in the podcast with them, yeah, I think that would be great. But I don't know about a quarterback named Caleb.


Well, just go with the UNC quarterback. Yeah.


Would you rather quarterback named Caleb or a quarterback that went to UNC?


That was kind of awkward that Drake May and Sam Howell were sitting next to each other at the Duke UNC.


Game and Drake May.


It's a joke, by the way. Duke is done.


Drake May is so much taller.


Yeah, Duke is done forever. Yeah, they're a joke.


I watched that game for the first half.


I was like, it's a joke. They're a big out.


If you want Terry McLaurin, I said no.


Once you want Marvin Harrison Jr. And then you have a great wide receiver.


Core, you stay out of asking.


That's a good question, Hank, because stay out of that. If you're trading the number one overall pick, then I would assume that you would not want to take that guy first overall. You could still get whoever you wanted with the second overall.


Want Terry McCoy. I want as many weapons.


I want everything.


We're going to get everything.


Weapons for Justin?


No, for whoever. We take number two. Got it.


Who might be the better quarterback?


This is just going to be according to Tom Frenelli. It's not going to be good for the podcast. No, it's not. But maybe it's going to be great. Hank's just looking for anybody else to take heat today because he is a little bit nervous about his special little show that's coming up on Tuesday. And I understand that.


But be honest for a second. If the commanders do trade for Kyle Williams, they are going to have to overpay. At this point. They have overplayed their one. The one thing that happens with drafts is if it's very obvious one team wants some guy and worse, and the Bears are sitting there at like, yeah, okay, now you have to pay a ton for it.


And you know what?


It's not going to be a regular.


I'm expecting, unless he does pull an Eli Manning. I am expecting a little bit of an overpay.


Eli Manning was a manning, right? Manning's run everything.


I mean, Caleb Williams was asking people for equity in the team.


Those were ML football accounts. If Caleb Williams gets drafted one overall by the Bears, he's going to be playing for the Bears.




It's a possibility that he might not, though. That's all I'm saying. It's a possibility.


What, doing what, by just sitting out?




I just don't see, it just doesn't make sense.


It's probably not going to happen, but.


It'S a lot of money.


But it could. And in terms of an overpay, yeah, there's going to be an overpay there because number one, Caleb Williams is, he's been projected for the last like three years as being this franchise changing quarterback. So there will be a little bit of an overpay built into it. But at least knowing that we've got high picks in the second round, we have the Montez sweatpick. To me, as long as it's not like multiple firsts.


I need at least two firsts.


I've heard on shows before. People talk about like, if, you know, there was no salary capper, you could start speculating tomorrow. Speculate for you take Patrick Mahomes first and do whatever it takes to get Patrick Mahomes because he's that much more valuable to your franchise.




So don't you think it'd be worth it if you could get a guy like that?


I'd say a lot.


I'd say if we're getting a top five quarterback or a guy that would evolve into a top five Quarterback in the NFL, I would say that a little bit of overpayment is actually an underpayment.


All the picks on every pick for the rest of the time.


So we're going to pick.


So all the picks for the rest of the time. I take all the picks. All the picks for the rest of the time.


Got it.


That's how I'd negotiate.


Commander Caleb it might happen. I don't know. It is weird how Cliff, he was going to be the OC for the Raiders and that seemed like it was a done deal and then he backed out of that the last second and next thing you know, he's going to DC. It's almost like he knew something was in order. So I would imagine that something is cooking.


More logical thing is the commanders are desperate to try to get Caleb Williams. They're like, we got to get Cliff Kingsbury and overpay for him. Wouldn't that be more than you? Wouldn't that be more logical? I mean, you're thinking about it, only that benefits you. Wouldn't it also be logical that the commanders are like, we need to figure out a way to get Caleb Williams. Let's pay Cliff Kingsbury a ton of money to come here. Yeah.


Which came first, chicken or the egg? I don't know. I don't think anybody knows what happened, but I would assume that either we overpaid Cliff like a motherfucker, which we probably don't need to do because he's still collecting that fat check from the cardinals.




The one where he said he was going to go live in Thailand for like nine years. So I don't know if we're overpaying, and we might be, but if we're not, then I have to think that he had it in the back of his head that something's going to go down in DC that's not going to go down in Vegas.


Yeah, I just don't think anything has been decided yet. So I don't know how like Josh, I mean, he's a basketball guy, so he probably doesn't know how football.


This is all speculation. We're just speculating. Adam Schaffer told us to let the speculation begin. This is all pure speculation. But I do know that I would be very happy with Caleb Williams. He would make my little heart grow three sizes that day.


You have to pay a lot for. Probably going to suck anyway.


We'll keep this going, man. Imagine that. Then we got Cliff. Hot young offense coordinator.


Yeah. Because we got new owner. We got awesome leader with Cliff.


Leader of men.


USC was awesome this year with Cliff.


Caleb was pretty good Notre Dame game.


Caleb could play this game. I'm basically taking everything that people, all the Justin Fields fans use against me when I say I want Caleb Williams, and I'm just going to weaponize it back at you.


I've never.


People say like, oh, the Notre Dame game is like, I don't give a fuck about one game in.


I've never once said anything bad about Cliff Kingsbury. Don't look it up. But whatever it takes. And I would be very happy and very excited for a breath of fresh air with Washington football if that happened.


Okay, other things. We're in Vegas. It's a Super bowl. Someone told me that I say soup bowl on Twitter. Do I say soup bowl? I think I say Super bowl correctly.


Soup or bowl?


I say soup. Let me find the tweet. It was a very od thing. I don't think I've ever. Now I'm like, very.


By the way, he said, can you.


Please stop saying soup bowl? It's two syllables. Super bowl. You like your soup, we get it. Maybe he's talking to you, but Jesus Christ, you talk on the air for a living. Learn to say simple english words, for fuck's sake.


No, we won't.


I'm pretty sure I say Super Bowl.


Super bowl. It's a pretty easy thing to say.


Super Bowl.


Super bowl.


Oh, yeah, that's right.


Big game.


So the legal rumors are true. You do get sued every time you say Super bowl without Roger Goodell coming over and signing it in blood. Then you are not allowed to say Super bowl. So good thing that Barcelona sports is worth one dollars now, Roger, so you won't be able to get shit out of us.


Super bowl. We're here in Vegas for the big game. I'm starting to think about switching to the 49 ers.


Join me.


I'm getting the thoughts in my head.


I put in the biggest bet of my life on the 49 ers and I feel like we can stop. Patrick Mahomes.




See, I say this every time.


We can be the ones to do it.


And we have Chris Berman coming on Wednesday. And we talked it out a little bit about just how stupid you feel when you lose money going against Patrick Mahomes. The last time I bet on Patrick Mahomes in a playoff game I believe was the Super bowl against the Super Bowl. I might be screwed no matter which door I choose.


Listen, we can do it together. This is it. This is like, okay, Josh couldn't do it. Lamar can't do it. We can do this. We can be the ones to stop him.


Hank, you're thinking of it, too. Yeah.


Do it, Hank.




I already put the bet in, and I can't cash out in Vegas, so I will be taking everything in and making a decision on.


I mean, like, this would be us against Patrick Mahomes and Taylor Swift. And we are really good at disappointing women. And we have an opportunity to disappoint like, a billion of them at the same time by the Chiefs losing this game.


Okay, well, story developing. Story developing.


Let the speculation begin.


Let the speculation begin. What side we're going to. I'm sure everyone was dying to know what side we're going to bet on as a podcast.


Well, I think it's like 75% of the money and the bets have come in on the Chiefs.


Yeah, that was just me just hammering the Chiefs right after the Ravens loss. But, yeah, we'll see. Story developing. The other news we got Joe MB officially needs surgery. Yeah, he's got a knee flap.


Yeah, knee flap meniscus. That's not a good injury. So they said. Unknown timetable for recovery. I did check pro football doc Dr. David Chow's timeline a couple of days ago. He said if it's the surgery that we think he needs, it's unlikely he's going to return. It's football. Yeah, football guy, not a basketball guy.




Josh Harris would be able to tell you.


When could he earliest return? Well, it has to be before the conference final. It'd probably be in the conference final.


It'd probably be after they played Jokic.




Let me see.


Max, how are you feeling about this?


I don't know.


I'm all over the place.


Okay, wow.


What else is going on?


Should we just.


No, I'm sorry. I want to update this here. He said recovery could easily leak into playoffs, so he could be back at some point.


I think he'll be back, but now it's worried about getting there without him beat. Maybe he's just not score 50 every.


Maybe he's the one who's keeping you from getting to the conference finals. Yeah. Belt to ass tour continues.




And papev. All right, let's get to.


Max is on edge for other reasons. So we flew to Vegas today. Max was coming from New York. We all flew from Chicago. I had to sit next to. Well, let's just say this PFD.


Let's set the table this way.


I had to sit next to what I thought was most annoying person to ever sit next to on a plane.


Who's that?


Henry Lockwood. He was just hitting me and anxious. He, like, elbowed me when I fell asleep before.




Before the flight even took off. And he took off his shoes instantly.


And gross.


Was hitting me. Was, like, trying to tickle me. Was, like, moving my food around. Just an annoying pest. He had that annoying energy of, like, I'm about to do like this right now because he's about to do his stand up. So I would say he's the most annoying person to ever sit next to you on a plane. So I was trying to talk to.


You to get some advice, and you literally, like, don't fucking speak to me. Yeah, just put your headphones on and turn them.


I was trying to take a nap.


So the first time I ever sat next to Hank on an airplane with you, we were taking off, and this is probably 2016, 2017. And I'm sitting next to him, and then he just starts puking all over himself. And yogurt's coming up. He's trying to catch it in his hands. It's splattering everywhere. And I was like, hank, what's going on, man? I get anxious flights, and usually I get really high, but I didn't get high enough before this flight, so I puked my go gourd all over, and then I rode over to the hotel in the same car as Hank. The first thing Hank said, guys, you guys take your shoes off on a flight, right?




And I was like, no, never. I never take my shoes off on a flight. Was this my living room?


No. We have breaking moose. Breaking moose. Adam Schefter has got his brain all scrambled. He just tweeted, chiefs and commanders both have now arrived in Las Vegas. The week of Super Bowl 58 officially is underway. Let's go.


We did it.


We made it.


49 ers, just not a participant. Yeah. So Hank is not a great flyer, but he was just annoying pest. But I still love him. He just was touching me too much. Like you being touching me.


The shoes off on a flight is a wild move.


Yeah. And I get touched all day. Touch me constantly.


I like to sleep on flights. It's way easier to sleep with my shoes off. I took a shower before the flight. I put on fresh pair of clean socks.


But you have to understand, hank day to day, I'm constantly in a state of, like, I need a nap so bad. And then someone comes and just hits me in the balls. Or like, oh, daddy, wake up. And then I got on a plane. I was like, oh, I can nap. And I had my other kid just fucking smashing me every time I took a nap.


No one wants to see your socks. No one wants to smell your feet on a plane, though.


You can't smell my feet. They're clean. They were so bad.


Yeah, you lie.


Hank thinks that he's the only person on God's green earth with good smelling feet.


Yeah, okay.


But so he was the worst person to ever sit next to, right?


Apparently not. Big cat. I'm glad you brought this up. I got a text because we were watching the Grammys go down here, and Miley, by the way, fantastic. Great job, Miley. Great outfits. I was taking a picture of the screen, and Max was standing in front of the screen as I took the picture. I tweeted it out, and I got a text message from very good friend of mine, friend of the program, Diana Rossini from the athletic.


She's a reporter. She's a reporter.


She actually did report this. I complimented her reporting because it was so detailed. Apparently, she sat next to Max on the flight. She wasn't sure it was Max, though, which I'm going to ding Diana for that, for not immediately recognizing Max. Tough to miss guy. But she said, does Max live in New York? Because I sat next to a guy in a plane who is really.


Get on the couch.


Come over here, Max. I got to read this from the start.




All right.


PSD brought this up right before.


Well, she's a reporter. I'm reading a report. We read Adam Chester's report.


Chad, our audio guy, he's going to make sure you're set. You're screaming in the mic. You're good.




PFD brought this up right before.


Well, she texted me right before we started, and he won't tell me what it is.


Now he's going to tell you.


I know, but now we're just doing it live.


Well, no, this tape.


This is so bad.


You edit the podcast.


That's true.


I ate a burrito. I ate a burrito.




It's good.


I've been very anxious for the past, like, couple weeks, and seeing Max as anxious is actually making feel touched me at all.


Let's get to it. Let's get to it here.


Stop touching me. Excited for Vegas.


Does Max live?


This is like a nightmare. This is a nightmare.


Okay, well, this is so you sat.


Next to Diana on the plane, not realizing that you're a gross human being. And now she's reporting.


Exclusive report from Diana Rossini of the Athletic. I sat next to a guy in a plane who is really big. Is Max big?


Yes. Confirmed. Yes.


Ha ha. Yeah, he was in New York this weekend. That was me. She said, he's disgusting. He ate his food on the plane like a monster. Was basically breathing heavy and smelling terrible. Don't tell him I said it, but I was so grossed out. Ask him if he sat aisle row. If so, he farted during his naps. I was texting with NFL people the entire flight. He had a chance to see super private convos. He missed out. He was sitting right next to me ripping farts during the nap. And there's 1234 fives, seven peas on ripping. He is one of the most disgusting human beings I've ever sat next to. Ask him if he scarfs some burrito sandwich before we took off. Is that you, Max?


You ate a burrito right before you took off?


I was really late getting to the airport. The fact that we're putting this on the show is bullshit.


No, it's not.


Yes, it is.


Okay, you sat next to a reporter. She's reporting.


She goes on, he's definitely single. But then, cute face, by the way. Cute face, Max. And also, no, he's not.


Was. Might be after this.


He was completely in his own world. He smelled of hungover. He's also very unhealthy. Two sodas. He listens to his music way too loudly. I'm very concerned about Max's overall health. He was blasting techno.


These are all facts because he hasn't disputed anything he was farting.


Well, obviously, I didn't know about the farting in my sleeve, to be fair. We were sitting next to the. I mean, the farting, I guess. Okay, really defend. But we were sitting directly next to the bathroom, which is, like, the bathroom smell.


Yeah, it could have been the bathroom. She said, I don't want to be mean spirited.


Thanks for starting off here, Diana, but.


I changed poopy diapers six to eight times a day, and his fart smelled like my kid's diaper genie.


Oh, no.


I recently read about a guy who got kicked off a plane for farting so much. And I texted my husband and said, I want this guy kicked off. Swear to God.


Oh, no.


That's an exclusive report.


I guess I was sleeping. How are you supposed to know that when you're sleeping?


Yeah, maybe don't eat a burrito before you get on a flight.


So this is what happened. I woke up at a 110 flight. I woke up at 1115. Panic, absolute panic. And it's a five and a half hour flight from New York. No shower.


Oh, no. Literally, like, coming out of your pool.


Booze coming out of my. It was a late night last night. I would have gone, like 14 hours without eating. Like, I needed to get something. I go, there's lines out the ass for all the food places. There was mexican place. That was the only place, the only one that didn't have a line.


Please don't eat this before you get on a plane.




That I could go get food and still make the flight.


It could have been any.


It was my only choice.


And you just ended up with next to a reporter.


Then you spent.


That was your only mistake?


Yeah. You spent the whole flight trying to chase whatever you did last night. Listen to techno farting your dreams away.


Like, oh, my God, I hope that I'm not sitting next to a journalist.


Yeah, how am I supposed to know that? I was farting in my sleep. I was sleeping.


That's a good point.


You kept saying, like, oh, you have to know what you did. How am I supposed to know that that's true? How am I supposed to know that?


She did not say anything about a boner.


She's my enemy.


We're going to have her on comedy.


You're also my enemy.


And you'll get to refute this report face.




So you're saying she deserves, like, an award?


Yeah. No, pfc. You were reading it. I was watching his face. Two sodas. Techno facts. Everything else is facts. So the farting is when you're hungover?




I had a late night last night. A Diet coke feels good.


Two of them.


Well, I also had the Mexican.


Sodas are good.


I fall asleep on every flight. No, you did this one on flights. And one of my biggest fears is like, I'll wake up after falling asleep for, like, a five hour flight and be like, this person next to me is probably texting people. And being like, this person is an.


Absolute what I had to deal with today with you.


So that's my biggest.


What happened to you is this is.


The worst thing that could possibly happen to you.


What about the flight crashing?


This is.


Oh, you know what this is? This is karma for Max hoping that we crash our plane. That's true.


Hey, Max, I hope you had a really good flight.


Yeah, I hope you had a really good flight where you didn't fart at.


Damn, but I wish that I could because I have zero recollection of a single fart. To my knowledge, I had zero farts. But if I was sleeping, I could have been. I think the fact that the burrito.


Doesn'T help the case.


What did he correct?


Two sodas. Little carbonation in the gut.


Two sodas and you woke up first? Probably didn't have time.


Five and a half hour flight.


Let's talk.


Like two sodas. Not that big of a.


You could have used the far.


How many times on a football Sunday? One football Sunday. How many sodas goes through that gambling?


Well, she just said, I'm worried about him.


He's not healthy. He looks like.




What you guys did. I've never had two sodas over 5 hours. Never 5 hours.


Because I don't want to fart. You know what, Max?


This might be good, though. This might just be like a kick in the ass. Like, time to get healthy again.


All right, Max, fuck off. You go back to your seat. We'll talk to you for the Grammys.


I've done nothing for the Grammys.


Max had been stressed out about this.


Report because she just kept sending to those sweatpants. Those farts just fucking escaped, though.


She just kept sending me more and more information about the flight, and he was just sweating.


We were next to the bathroom where we were sitting. It couldn't have been closer.


Why didn't you just go take a shit?


I didn't have to shit, was it? No, I was in the aisle. She was in the also middle seat. She can't get a better seat.




Yeah, fair point. Far back. Yeah, far back.


You're that close.


You can feel them.


She can probably feel.


But the bathroom did smell like the bathroom. There could have been other smells that were contributing to this. Everyone knows if you sit next to the bathroom on an airport, you're fucked. We were directly next to was like, there was no aisle to the left of us. It was just bathroom.


Max is doing the Fauci right now where it's like, what if this crazy new type of disease that emanated from Wuhan wasn't actually from the lab, but it was from.


I don't. The farting.


I don't.


It does make sense.


Let me smell your sweatpants.


All right, so, Max, the farting does make sense, but I do think sitting next to the bathroom definitely contributed to the bad smell.


Did you think about getting up to go use the bathroom to fart in the bathroom?


Because I've done that not even once. I didn't even know that I had.


He didn't have to fart. He farted in his sleep, to my knowledge.


To my knowledge. I didn't have to fart.


I didn't have to shit.


I didn't get up to piss or anything.


You do not. Nothing's proven.


You know what? It also could. Maybe she was farting, and she's looking for someone to pin it on, and she's got Max.


He ate a burrito before getting on a five hour flight. He farted. Look at him. That's a fart. He's a walking fart.


I kind of want to take Max's side of this and think maybe she had a very unhealthy breakfast. No, she was farting. I am not. She saw the best scapegoat of all time. Like, this guy's fat.


I'm going to read him.


I'm going to pin it all on Max. And if someone goes, like, to Max's.


Point, if someone goes, takes a huge.


Shit in the bathroom, and it opens, she's like, oh, this fat guy next to me is farting.




Especially if you got a fat guy next to you farting. He's very easy.


Easy person to pin something like that on.


All right, Max, well, you're dismissed for.


It did feel a little mean at times.


I mean, yeah.


Italians. You guys don't look after each other anymore.






The fact that.


Look at his pants when he gets up. She also said they're fart pants.


She was having very important text conversations regarding the eagles. And Max very easily seen all the information.


I think you could see a fart coming out of there right now.


Okay. Anything else in the sports world that we got to do, we got to hit before we get to who's.


I always love big episodes that we have with big interviews, and then we just go completely off the rails. And first time listeners have to listen to Max's fart escapade.


Yeah, like, listen. He doesn't fart that often.


Guys, I love Max.




I'm very glad that Max flew from.


I had one good day on this show. I had one day on Friday of people.


Oh, yeah. Because the baseball video.


The baseball video people were finally giving me compliments, and now it's just tomorrow.


You shouldn't have told us that. We hope we have a really safe flight. That's really the moral of the story.


That's just, honestly, terrible luck. You can't script getting sat next to a little reporter that's a friend of the program.


I know it's tough, but also, maybe.


You should have recognized her and not farted. A little more formal.


Maybe you could have said, hi.


Hello. Hey. I just so you know, you literally just said.


He was like, that's my nightmare.


But if I was sat next to.


Her, I'd be like, what's up, Diana? By the way? I would have been like, super hungover.


I just had to eat this burrito. I'm really sorry.


Whatever happens, going to be farting.


There's sometimes where I sit next to people. I'm like, whatever happens, I apologize if I talk in my sleep, because sometimes I talk in my sleep. So you can get ahead of it.




And at least then, if she was texting PFD, then she's just kind of a scumbag.


But with one hand on the burrito, the other hand, you shake her hand, you're like, listen, this is going to be a fart factory in a minute. Sorry about that.


Diet Coke, please.


Another one.


I would have simply paid for her upgrade to first class so she didn't have to sit next to me.


Yeah, tough.


Or complain.


Be like, I can't believe we're sitting next to the bathroom. It already smells.


Oh, yeah.


Put that in her. That's just a fact.


The bathroom did smell.


No burrito. Like, literally, gaslight burrito would be like, oh, it smells so bad after that guy walked out of the bathroom, doesn't it?


The burrito is the game changer. But it would have a burrito if she didn't see you have a burrito, you would be able to get out of all this. But you're in jail. You're in fart jail.


Yeah, but it was panic. It was like, I got to make this flight. I got to eat something. Hank, you know, like, getting to the airport, and you got, like, 10 minutes until. I had, like, 5 minutes until boarding, and I needed to.




I'm telling you, I've done this probably hundreds of times. Again, it's just not sitting next to a reporter that's a friend of the.


What the fuck?


I've said many times.


There's people out there that have texted about me and the person next to me on this flight.




Because I talk in my sleep, and I fall asleep on every flight, and so I wake up, and I'm like, throw up. Fuck. What was I saying in my sleep?


This was actually.


You're not going to tell me, and we're going to go on our separate ways.


This is probably the worst person for you. To be sat next to today, literally in the entire world, like out of 7 billion people.


It's fate. Yeah. All right, let's do who's back of the week and then we'll talk to maxim memes at the end for the Grammys. Who's back the week? Brought to you by our friends at Coors Light. Hanging with friends and family to watch the big game is the best. But as the game heats up, it can get intense. That's why Cores Light has that signature ice cold refreshment to keep you feeling chill. For the big game, stock up on Coors Light and choose chill. You might even remember an iconic beer train that is known for spreading good vibes and Coors light to those who need it. After twelve years on hiatus, cores light beer train is coming out of retirement for the big game. Cracking open an ice cold cores light. Listening to that sweet sounds of love train. Nothing better. When it's time for a refresh, just open a Coors light. I know I'll have a couple of Coors light during the big game. It's basically the nostalgia train for me. It's hit me having that train come back in our lives. Coors light, the coldest, best beer in the world. One of the best commercials ever created.


It's back. There's only one beer out there for the chillest big game and that's Cores light. Stock up or get Coors Light delivered straight to your door with Instacart by going to go right now or order it on Instacart. Celebrate responsibly. Cores Brewing company Golden, Colorado win in Vegas. Go ahead, Jack. Open that Coors light. Hank, your who's back of the week?


My who's back of the week is Shane Gillis.


That was mine as well.


Fellow stand up comedian. He will be both at the top of your going. He got announced to the SNL cast, I believe it was five years ago. He got fired from SNL five days later and now he has risen to the top, become more and more famous, more and more popular. Now he's been asked to come back and host SNL this Saturday.


It's the best.


It's awesome. And it reminds me of when Norm McDonald got fired from SNL back in the day and then a year later they hired him to come back and host the show. He had the best opening joke in his monolog ever. He said, well, twelve months ago I was so funny that I wasn't even allowed in the building and now they want me to host the show. So either I got way funnier in the past year or now. The show just sucks, which is like the perfect way to roast him. I hope Gillis does something like that.


I'm sure that he is. So Shane is a friend of the program. We're going to have him on. We've almost had him on like seven times, but our scheduling has been screwed up. We actually might try to get him on this week. If not, he's coming to Chicago in a couple weeks. He has, though, a little bit of an issue at hand because we oftentimes make bets that we. Well, I guess I've never had to cut off my pinky, but someday I might have to. Shane did say a few years ago that if he ever hosts SNL, he's just going to Bud Dwyer on his monolog. Yes. You don't know who Bud Dwyer is. It's a politician who shot himself in the head, in the mouth, committed suicide live on tv. So he said that he was going to do live from New York, this gun in my mouth. And then. So now people are like, are you going to do it? It would rule, I don't want him to die. No, I don't want.


But it would also rule maybe some great special effects. Yeah, put that into place.


Either way, it's like the ultimate win. Like, SNL has completely cratered and bottomed out. The crazy cancel mob went after him in this one little piece of time and flash forward five years and he is the most famous, the best comedian going right now. And they're like, you know what could save our show? Shane Gillis.


I want to know why he agreed to do it, because I'm sure he has a reason. I'm sure he has something planned for it. But if I were him, I would be like, fuck you guys.


But he can now say fuck you, guys on their show, which would be great. Yeah, which is going to be great also for him.


21 savage. I don't know if you guys saw this.




He was on Aidan Ross's stream and.


Basically got caught cheating.


Like, he was cutting cards. They were doing a card game. Him and one of the guys in his crew basically marked cards so that they could cheat. It was on a live stream with 100,000 people watching. So everyone in the chat was just like, he's cheating. He's clearly cheating. The chat caught in real time. They went through in real time. We're like, dude, these cars are cut. It was like super awkward, super viral. But now he's going to be on it, too, so it's ripe.


For jokes.


It's going to be one of the biggest.


SNL, the most watched. I'm going to watch. Yeah. I haven't watched SNL in years.


It's going to be a funny stand up show on funny stand up show Tuesday. Finally here. Cores light. Going to be drinking a lot of Coors light on Tuesday.


And you can buy a pay per view to watch it. 499. You don't have to, but you should.


Because honestly, Hank was so, so good on Wednesday that he's going to crush this and you guys are going to want to see it. So make sure to buy.


And I've seen a lot of people being like, this is bullshit. You're charging 499 for this. And I agree. I agree. Fuck that.


You were so good.


Well, here's what I'll say.


You shouldn't pay like us charging you.


They should get you to host SNL. You were so funny.


If we hit a certain amount of pay per views, I've decided that I'm going to give Hank a certain amount of money to play blackjack with in Vegas and maybe we'll make a video out of it.


Or you just not buy, but that's.


Or you could buy it and Hank could play some blackjack, high stakes blackjack.


Or you could just not buy it.


Or you could just buy it.


Tuesday, I think, seven Vegas, ten eastern.


I think we're going to smash a watermelon.




Because Hank called PFT and I today.


Facetime audio to us, which, by the way, in the History of the podcast, I don't think we've ever done a.


Three way facetime call. I was in the middle of packing, like, panicking, trying to get out, and Hank called us and was like, I was packing and I'm thinking this guitar thing we were going to do, I don't really know the song that well, so maybe we'll do something else. PFCI texted right after Hank just was packing and was like, I don't want to carry a guitar. And so he tried to call us and know I have this great idea where it doesn't involve a guitar. You were in the middle of packing? I'm still getting a guitar.


No, I'm still playing guitar.


No, but the whole thing was like, you texted us to be like, I don't really want to pack this guitar. So I'm going to call the guys and be like, hey, what if I just didn't bring the guitar?


Yeah, well, that's why I got off the phone as fast by. I was like, whatever, dude. I don't care. You clearly don't want to bring this guitar.


You guys are involved.


I wanted to get your approval. I didn't want you to come and be like, wait a second. What about what we were supposed to originally plan? So I was just confirming because diligent.


You were just trying to find an excuse to be like, I don't want to bring this guitar. Why?


The real issue is that I was going to have to Uber to PFTs and then get the guitar case and then go to the airport.


No, it's very clear you didn't want to do the guitar.


I'm playing guitar. I'm buying a guitar in Vegas. There will still be guitar, which might get smashed.


Okay. All right. PFD, your who's back.


My who's back of the week is drug use. Performance enhancing drug use. There's a new olympics coming out. I don't know if you guys have seen the news about this, but it's an all steroids Olympics.


Love it.


That's going to happen. It's called the enhanced games. Right. And it's being developed by Christian Angermeyer. These are all, like, private equity guys that are doing this and Peter Thiel, the guy from PayPal. And they said, just as the Olympic games were revived and renovated in 1896 for the victorian world, the enhanced games is once again renovating the Olympic model for the 21st century. In the era of accelerating technological and scientific change, the world needs a sporting event that embraces the future, particularly advances in medical science. And therefore they're starting the Olympic games where every contestant is going to be allowed to dope, which means we're going to get all kinds of crazy records. We have a bunch of freaks running around out there. The Russians will probably dominate.


It's going to be awesome.


Tristan Thompson will be allowed to play basketball.


This is going to be awesome. They have to have a home run derby.


Oh, got to do home run derby. Home run derby will be important. And the guy that they used to make the announcement is 100 meters sprinter. And he has a time that's faster than Usain Bolt, but he's like, but they wouldn't count. He acted like he got canceled using peds, which is very funny. But, yeah, we're going to see some crazy fucking time.


I love it.


It's going to be fantastic.


That sounds way better than the regular Olympics.


I'm going to watch hard.


Yeah, I got billion.


Yeah, we got billion. Okay. Mai, who's back of the week is college basketball in general. We had a great weekend of college basketball, a ton of awesome games.


Everybody lost.


Duke sucks. But in specific, Robbie Avila from Indiana State. Indiana State's really good. So I noticed this guy probably three or four weeks ago. He's a big dude. Maybe not the most cut up guy in the world, but he's good.


He's very good in Indiana.


And he's got. He is. If Indiana State gets to the tournament, which they are, the best team in the Missouri Valley. Right. Like, this guy could capture the hearts of.


He's next. He's next up for.


I mean, I love college basketball all year round, but I went to UIC versus Southern Illinois with my son on Saturday, so I was just hoops all day.


I saw one person, I forget who it was. So I'm sorry if I'm not giving you credit. On Twitter, they said that guy's nickname is now Larry blurred because he's got, like, the foggy goggles.


Yeah. I think Matt Jones also said that people were calling him cream Abdul Jabbar.


Oh, I love that.


That one's good, too.


Cream Abdul jabar.


Yeah. So Robbie Avila is going to be. He's going to capture the hearts of America. We need Indiana State to get to the tournament. Yes. Do you know the Indiana state? Indiana doesn't play Indiana state because they just embarrassed him every time they play him. I did not know that Indiana state, I think last time they played him was like 2017, and they won by, like, 20.




So Indiana is just scared of them.


The old school Indiana state jerseys are so fire, too. The light blue ones.




Those are some of the best uniforms.


Yeah. And Indiana basketball is in a bad spot right now. I mean, I will admit that a lot of the Indiana basketball discourse that I get is through Dan Dockich's twitter, and he's just having a constant meltdown about it. And it's fun to watch.


Yeah, I would say Dan Dockich is one of my big sources. The other big source that I have is big t. So I get a heavy dose of Tennessee propaganda all the time. Dalton Connect is fucking awesome. And Ziegler, I've liked Ziegler for the last two years because he's a short king. Like I like. I like the volunteers. Volunteers and cougars, those are my two teams.


I mean, Yukon keeps winning. They just went down. Stores south dominated at MSG. It was a great weekend of college basketball. Villanova got another big win, and Purdue beat Wisconsin. I'll admit that Purdue is very good. Zackie is just too tall. I go back and forth because college basketball, to me, is a lot of hating guys year over year. It obviously has changed in the past, like 15 years. So I hate Zach Edie, but I also respect the fact that he's been around long enough that I've gotten my hate up to such a great level. Yeah, it's nice.


It is nice.


Banging my fist. Be like, this fucking guy is too tall.


Yeah. Like having 39 year olds such as ourselves developing these intense rivalries with 1819.


Year old Zach Edie is like 28.


He's pretty old. Yeah. He's so big. And when he moves, I always say it does look like there's somebody inside of him controlling his limbs with levers, like a big brain inside of his chest being like, okay, move your right hand now. Move your left hand now.


Also, Baylor, whoever made their new arena, which looks sick, I don't know how they fucked up the camera. The, it's basically the nosebleeds I've never seen. Like, I just don't understand how they could do that. They made a new arena and they just forgot that they have to televise.


Make it easy on tv. Vandy's like that, too. Vandy's a weird arena.


Washington as well. Okay, should we do it? Should we get to Jamis? Is it time? I'm going to say it's one of the best interviews we've ever had, because Jamis is that electric of a person. Before we do that, pft, why don't you tell us who we're brought to you by?


Jamis has been brought to you by our great friends over at Quest Nutrition. We've got all the quest nutrition stuff over here, right here in the studio in Vegas. It was founded in 2010 with the goal of hacking one problem, to create a high protein bar that wasn't packed with net carbs and actually tasted good. The first Quest bar was hand rolled in a kitchen. Now, Quest has over 65 products ranging from bars to chips to candies. Quest is constantly searching for new ways to make your favorite foods questified. From bars to chips to cookies and candy, Quest continues to make protein forward foods that aren't packed with net carbs and sugar, but are always packed with taste. It's athlete worthy nutrition. But these snacks aren't just for athletes, so even we can snack deliciously while still getting our macros in. The snacks are for everyone because they satisfy your cravings while still helping you stay on your quest. Quest supports you on your quest, delivering great tasting food that you can make part of your daily workout or your daily life. I love quest bars. I've been eating quest bars for the last 14 years.


I love quest. Delicious. They taste good. And the chips are also fantastic. Chips are great. Fuel every adventure with a tasty snack or two or three from Quest nutrition. And now here's James Winston.


Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest. It's been a long time coming. It is Heisman Trophy winner, national champion pro Bowler, and also just one of the best teammates ever. That's our guest, but I think we'll find that through this interview.


It's Jamis.


Winston. Jamis, thank you for coming here. We appreciate it. You flew to Chicago to come on this show. So first of all, thank you because we've wanted to have you on for a very long time and this is a thrill for us to have you in studio.


No, I'm grateful to be in presence. I mean, I've heard the very first time I heard about Parma tape was Ryan Griffin, who quarterback with me in Tampa, and he always told me, hey, Dan loves you. Pft. They're all pulling for you. So I'm just grateful to be here in this beautiful studio, man. And I just got so much respect for what y'all doing and the audience that you're inspiring and influencing. So it's an honor.


I love it. I love it. And also just for people who are listening, we don't know what the Super bowl is yet because we're taping this in mid to late January. We're going to run it Super bowl week. So if we make a statement about one of the teams and it's like, what are you guys talking about? That's the context behind it. But yes, thank you for being here. I don't even know where. There's so much stuff I want to talk about.


There's a lot. How are you feeling right now?


How's the.


Yes, I know that you had the vertebrae issues. You had some tendons going on. So how are you doing?


Yeah, I'm healing. I think that's like one of the biggest thing that me and Nadia talk about this season because it's been three years in a row where I've been injured, I've been not where I want to be heading to the offseason. So a lot of other people, like pts and athletic trainers, they have most of my schedule because I'm doing rehab, I have to be at dislocation for an extended period of time just to really do the due diligence of the process of healing.




So I'm very excited and grateful that I get to attack this offseason healthier and be able to grow.


Yeah. You were playing with back fracture at one point.




That's incredible. Was there even a doubt that you were like, I'm still playing. Like, I got to get out there with my guys?


Well, I believe it's always that warrior mentality once you get in between the lines. I think a lot of players deal with so much that it's second nature just to go out there and battle and go out there and give you all, because we all know that these opportunities don't last, right? So I would rather risk everything for my brothers and be out there and take advantage of the opportunity that I have than to be just not doing it just because of a little pain. And I think that's just a credit to really all the athletic trainers and the doctors that help get you back on the field. But it's also a credit to the mental toughness that these guys have day in and day out.


Well, that's. I mean, our theory is you're one of the best teammates from everyone we've talked to. Obviously the end of the, you know, made some headlines with the last game in Jamal Williams. Did it feel good, though, seeing all your teammates come to your back? Because it was like tweet after tweet and people commenting being like, we ride for Jameis. This was a team decision. We love our guy. It had to feel pretty good.


Like seeing it was. I was grateful that my boys, they rode with me, but they see me every single day. They know the intent of my heart and I went and approached some of the higher ups in the organization just to get their perspective and talk to them about it. And they really handled it really well having conversations with them because again, they know my intent. They see me working with the practice squad receivers on off days to ensure that they're going to be prepared if their numbers call. They see me working with the young DBS, making sure that they know how the quarterbacks on the other team or the offensive coordinators trying to attack them in certain situations. So I think they know the intent of my heart. So when you are in a building with guys and you are battling with them and you go through a full season with guys, when you have an opportunity like that, I feel like that was one of the most unique opportunities that really the NFL has ever seen. When you get ball at the one, the ball at the 1 significance of your team and a brother that you are looking for.


And that's just what I am. I'm all in on increasing the people that's around me. So when we have that opportunity, it's never out of disrespect. It's never out of strife. It's out of like, man, this is love. It's a trust and commitment that I have with my brothers, and I'm so grateful that we were able to just continue to show how connected we were as a team through any type of adversity because we wanted to focus on the win.




That was a great win to finish the season because we were playing for a lot. That was a playoff game in our eyes, because we didn't know what our future held after that.


Yeah. And credit to you, by the way, for that reporter who you handled that well when you're like, no disrespect. You guys gotten a little no disrespect off because he kept on being like, I thought it was disrespectful. It's like, well, I didn't.


Well, you got to respect people's perspective. That's just how I was raised. I'm going to respect any perspective that you're coming off from. But I know what my intent was, and I think sometimes we are so conditioned, really conditioned by facts, circumstances, and situations that we're like, it's out of tradition for that to happen. It's out of tradition for you to run a play out of victory. And I do believe that was probably the largest thing about us running a play out of victory, and I think it's behind us. But I believe if I would do anything, I would tell the guys, like, hey, we probably wouldn't do it out of victory.


Yeah, line up regular.


Yeah, line up regularly. But the thing about the play is we are having a conversation in the huddle, and the defense knew, right. My right guard, they asked us, are you taking the knee? My right guard sees he's like, we're not taking the knee. So they were prepared. It wasn't just like, okay, they're not even getting in their stances. But at the end of the day, I'm a forward thinker, and we have to put that behind us and keep going. But I'm grateful that I got a chance to address that because not a lot of people understand, again, the longevity of a season, the work that it goes into, especially when you got a guy that led the league in touchdowns, 17 touchdowns last year with one team in his first year, he's making a change in his life. This is his first time being able to get in the end zone. So that feeling of, again, trust and commitment as brothers was amazing.


Yeah, it was great to watch. And yeah, as big Cat said, your teammates all had your back afterwards, they were like, it was a team decision. We did it for the right reasons. I think when people ask you about it, they try to make you feel bad about the decision. But I know that you did it because the things you asked Jamal Williams to do this year that he's not used to doing, and he did it as a good teammate. I think you said it best. There was a video that went viral the other day. You said, king the man.




So that's what you're doing. You're trying to help out your teammates, so you're looking forward and you got a big offseason in front of you. I know that you love New Orleans. You've become like a New Orleans guy. Are you planning on staying in New Orleans? Are you planning on spreading your wings, going somewhere else, seeing what the market.


Has to offer you? Yeah. The biggest thing about my love for New Orleans is this is I feel like the first city that truly embraced my, just who I am, what I stand for, how I move. And I think it's just like the south, like that southern hospitality. I'm from Alabama, so grew up watching Drew Brees, grew up watching Aaron Brooks, the early years of the Saints, and just saw how they grew. So when I was able to get thrown into this environment, I was just like, man, I had so much gratitude to be here because I am 5 hours from home. Her dad's side of the family is from New Orleans, so I instantly felt a connection with this city and the way that they represent their guys, the way that they bring culture.


It's a different country. New Orleans you go to New Orleans is a different country. It's the coolest thing in the world because it's unlike any other place in America.


It really is. We were talking about Bourbon street earlier. You're like, man, where am I at? Yeah. But in terms of this offseason, I feel like I've played every role that a quarterback can play with the New Orleans Saints. I've been a starter, I've been a backup. I've been someone to help bring up some of the young bucks. I'm very intentional with everything that I do. So wherever I'm at, obviously my main goal is to be a starring quarterback in this league. And when that opportunity presents itself, that will be what takes me away from any place because that's my dream. That's my goal. My dream and my passion is to win a Super bowl, lead a team to the Super bowl in any way, any shape or form. So I'm definitely able to do those things from a behind the scenes perspective, but I think just the hunger of a competitor wants to be out there in between those lines, wants to be out there having an opportunity and doing his best to lead his team to the promised land. The Bible talks about Moses and know how Aaron was a great brother for Moses, but Moses is who gets the stories.


Starting quarterback, he is the prophet that they listen to. Aaron was a great help, and he lived according to his purpose, but I want to have that level of significance, and everyone has their own story, everyone has their own calling to purpose. But it's different when you're that guy.


Moses was him.


If you have two Moses, you don't.


Have one Moses was that dude, right? Yeah, one of.




All right, so a story that maybe gets misconstrued. So I want to hear it from you. Before you got lasik, were you playing quarterback blind? Because that was when it came out that you got Lasik and you're like, now I can read license plates, and now I can do all this. Hold on. Was Jameis actually the greatest quarterback ever? Because he couldn't see and he was still putting up crazy numbers.


Yeah. Well, I had astigmatism, right? But my vision wasn't. I wasn't blind. I think I was like, 60 20 in my right eye, and I was like 40 20 in my left eye, so I wasn't blind. Right. And that's why in college, everybody used to give me for the squinting. Yeah, but I was squinting all the way in high school, and this was, like, my sophomore year where I had to go and get a prescription for reading glasses. My vision went bad, but I was having these migraines, and pinkies was going on, and we went to the doctor, and they was like, well, it's because you're straining with your eyes. I was like, what do you mean, I'm straining my eyes? Because I could see very far away. But when things got up close, it was tough. So reading and studying, I would get migraines, and it would be very bad. So I think that's where, when I got to the bucks, I was coming on my fifth year option, and I was like, man, if I can do anything to enhance my ability or grow just a little bit, if having perfect vision is the thing that's limiting me from that, I'm going to go get basic.


And then I did the research about how it lasts for, like, 25 years. And you just got to go and keep getting. I was like, 25 years, my NFL career. I'll probably be a GM by the end. This is worth it.


Yeah. Could you notice the difference right away?


Instantly? Yeah, man. When I was up under the thing, it was kind of weird because I didn't feel it, but I could smell my eyeball burning. Oh, jeez. You know what I'm saying? Because they did it with a laser. I could smell like, no one has ever smelt burnt eyeballs. You can only imagine that type of smell. That is so when I smelled, when I got up the doctor, anytime you wake up and the doctor is smiling, he has his mask on, but I can see a smile. He's like, I've done this amazing work. I can see clearly now. The rain is gone. I was just like, this is amazing.


It cured James Winston's eyes.


The funny part is, like, I had to wear p of t shades for the first six weeks. Really? First three days, I had these bifocals.


On the old people glasses. Like, blind people glasses. It's always good to see a doctor, like, celebrating after a surgery.


You're like, okay, that's confident.


Yeah, that went well.


That's world class. I know the job was done.


The first time you stepped on a field after the surgery, were you like, this is a lot easier.


Well, the depth perception was the biggest thing. I didn't even realize because my old thing, obviously, I can see big figures, like, coming at me and reading coverage and just seeing how. And that's more mental with pre snap reads and just seeing the rotation and things of that nature. But I just feel like the depth of a linebacker, like eight yards and twelve yards, is completely different. And when you're able to identify and confirm that someone is dropping at a shorter depth than really sinking back, you're able to trust that throw and confirm it and let it rip, versus when you're just dropping back and you're just like, I feel the rotation, I feel the depth, but I trust in my arm more than I trust in and can confirm the depth of a linebacker dropping or the width that a safety is getting now. It's just like, there's no second guess. Like I said, no second guessing. It's just trust and confirm and let it rip. That was the biggest improvement when you.


Played for coach Arians. We've had him on the show a couple of times. Great, dude. I think he might be the one person in the world that loves the deep ball as much as you do. You guys both just love to air the ball out. What was that like learning from him? Because he's been called quarterback Whisper, but also his offense is weird where in your first year in a system with him, a lot of times there's so many options that the receivers have that it takes a little bit to get on the same page. But what was it like working with coach Arians?


Yeah, it was an amazing experience working with him because he was actually the first person that gave me this vision of being a Super bowl winning champion quarterback. He used to have these camps in Birmingham, Alabama, that nadia's husband, Otis, my trainer right now, Otis Leverette, used to put on at this place called Sports blast. And I went there two years in a row and I won an know and he would show me his ring and he would let me know like, hey, you gonna be a great quarterback in the NFL one day? And I was like, hey, coach, I appreciate freaking officer coordinator for at that time, Mr. Pittsburgh Silvers that he wanted with. And I was like, man, I'm grateful. Grateful for that. So when he got into Tampa, I was like, okay, this is it. This is who I've been molded to play for. He's the one that gave me this vision. So I just think his perspective of really just making the defense stop you not surrendering to what you're getting, but like, hey, we're going to attack you because that's what the defense does. Well, the defense are reactors, but when they bliss, that's a form of attacking.




You know what I'm saying? So his philosophy is like, we're going to make the defense have to stop us. We're not going to focus on what they're doing and make our offense built off what they're doing. But I really spent a lot of time with Clyde Christensen and Byron Leftwich. So I feel like Ba was in that role. Know he's bringing the mentality, he's bringing the system. But man, Byron, he really did his thing in terms of just calling plays, in terms of like he was the coordinator running meetings. So being able to not only get coached by someone who I had on a high pillar, that inspired me, but seeing a quarterback who's played in this league who was coached by Ba, you know what I'm saying? Who. I admire everyone. When you think about Byron Lefferts, you think about the courageous drive he had and Marshall would have broke leg. So you play for bigger. You can never play bigger than yourself, but with emotions and mentality, you always have. Like you're looking for a certain edge, like why do I want to fight for this guy? I want to fight for Byron because Byron played this position.


Byron has been in my shoes, you know what I'm saying? He knows exactly how, you know, why do you want to fight for b? I want to fight for Ba because Ba inspired me to do this job. He confirmed that I could have this opportunity. And I can't forget Clyde Christensen. And people don't realize about Clyde. I feel like that was my best technique year. It was an amazing year. I led the league in passing yards and I led the league well. I was second to the MVP in touchdowns. MVP was Mark Jackson that year. But Clyde Christensen, who trained pay Manning for all those years at Indy, Tom Moore, who's the office coordinator with pay Manning. So the level of gratitude that I just had, who Ba brought know, you see, when I left, they won a Super bowl is because Ba brought in that culture and he was preparing the bucks to know. Obviously he has a larger role in Tampa Bay, but just the people that he surrounds his player with. I was just thinking about the doctors that he brought know the recovery mechanism that he brought in. The strength coach Anthony Peroli that he brought.


He him coming from Pittsburgh and seeing Indianapolis, he brought that Super bowl winning culture back to Tampa Bay. I was grateful to him.


When you got a guy that believes in you, that has that type of pedigree, then you want to live up to his expectations, right? It's like since you said it, I don't want to disappoint you, so I'm going to do everything I can because now you've made me believe in myself and I want you to be right about me.


Right? Yeah, absolutely. I think that works both ways, especially when I've been doing a lot of stuff just on mindfulness, of learning to be more self aware and understanding how to convey my emotions. And I believe initially when I first got into this league, I was a people pleaser just because, man, my dad coached me in little league. So just my early years of being a football player, I wanted to please my dad.




You know what I'm saying? I want to make sure every coach that I've had in my whole life I view from a lens of my father because I respect my authority. Every time I say that, I think about soft part. Yeah, respect authority. But anyways, so that's just how I was wired. So when you are in an opportunity where you got authoritative figure that you trust, that instills that trust in you and you're a person that's a people pleaser. You're going to do everything that they say to a t. So when you run a meeting, someone says, risk it. No biscuit. You know what I'm saying? You're like, okay, yeah, risk it. Sometimes the biscuit kind of gets away from you. But I think, like you said, pft. When you have people that believe in you, and I think that's where I'm looking for a job opportunity, someone that believes that I can lead their team to a Super bowl, and obviously that comes with actions, you know what I'm saying? That's why this offseason is so important. That's why I take pride of being a great teammate. Because when you're able to act upon what you want to achieve, that's how you truly obtain success.


Yeah. So you mentioned baseball. I wanted to talk baseball real quick. You were a great baseball player. You loved playing baseball, I assume, because you played in college as well. Do you think you could have played in major leagues? What were you throwing?


So at the end of Florida State, I was topping out at 98, but I said 92, 95, and, man, I miss baseball so much. I truly believe that me not playing baseball did not allow me to achieve certain athletic movements on the football field that I was when I was playing baseball every single day. Really, from a hidden perspective, I didn't realize how much thoracic, like, lumbar rotation that I was not able to be as powerful in because I was a switch hitter.




So when you in the cages and you batting from the right side, taking up to 500 cuts on the right side and then 500 cuts on the left side, when you're doing that, think about your thoracic rotation. You know what I'm saying? You move in a lot and you look at, I would say, the most prolific quarterbacks in the league now, they have different arm slaps, they have an uncanny ability to throw in different situations with their body being contort from a different way, from a different plane. So I feel like that I had to focus more on doing t spine rotations and practicing yoga just a little bit more to get that rotation. But it's different when you have a different sport that's allowing you to do those movements.


Yeah, it's a hot topic now, too, with kids and specialization, and it feels like most people who make it to the pros are like, no, let the kids play all the sports. It will teach them something that they'll pick up for whatever sport they want to go forward with. Because just focusing on one sport you're taking away all these different skills that they might learn in baseball or whatever. So do you think you would have played in the big league?


I do believe that I would have made it to the show. Do you think you could maybe still.


Maybe second act? Dion? You like Dion?


Listen, I promise you, I believe in myself. Yeah, any time of the day. But out of respect for the people that still put in the work to make it to the show, baseball is one of the most failing sports there is out there. Obviously, golf is very defeating. If you don't practice baseball is the scenarios that you're put in. I feel like, especially when you talk about kids specializing on certain things, it teaches you different disciplines. When you think about a pitcher, as a pitcher, your job is to hit the mitt, right. But literally, it's you and the ball, right? And that is it. They say it's you and the catcher, but the batter has a say. So it's you and the ball. It's about your location. It's about. Okay, let's take a calculated risk here, okay? I know this guy. His hot spot is high and inside, right? So instead of throwing a four scene that's just going to be flat and let him hit his pitch, you throw a two scene so it runs in a little bit more on his hands, so he thinks he sees it coming. Boom, you get his hands.


It's very calculated things between that as a batter, right? When I think about a batter, first thing I think about is a quarterback. You know what I'm saying? I don't know what the pitchers do. I know what his stuff is. Right? Quarterback. I know what a defense's lead coverage is. You know what I'm saying? I know. Versus a different front. I know what I'm probably going to get. I've done study the different tendencies of the pressures that they like to bring at a certain time. But as a batter, you're like, okay, I watch fam on this pitcher. I know he likes change ups low and away with one strike. So I'm going to prepare for that. But I have to react to the fastball, right. So when I'm sitting behind the center, okay, I know that the big bangio defense is going to show a too high shell for the majority, but once I get to snap, I have to again trust and confirm, like, oh, I have rotation. All right, well, the rotation is to the strength, okay? It's covered three. So, boom, my eyes start here. And as a batter, you think about a quarterback, you have the same amount, really, probably less time as a batter because you have to react to the ball, but you don't have Davion Clowney and Miles Garrett and Parsons rushing you.


So when you think about those disciplines that baseball teaches you and how you can relate it to football, how you can relate it to boxing in terms like being in a pocket, being able to take purposeful strikes as a boxer, when you think about Floyd Mayweather, people know him about his defense, but when you look at his strike, like, his strike, like he's landing a very high percentage of his strikes. When you think about. I think in today's game, quarterbacks are having such high completion percentages is because offenses are created more for the quick game, for throws behind the line of scrimmage that allow people to catch and run. And we think about boxing. Those are those jabs, those are those jabs. But the ability to hit, the ability to knock somebody out, the ability to hit a ball 60, to throw a ball 60 yards down the field, that's the dagger, that's the stake in the heart. So I think these disciplines, and I'm so happy that you brought up the spatialization, I think you learn so many different experiences in different sports that you won't be able to really learn in life until you experience it.




And we've seen some of that in your famous workout videos that you like to post online. We're big fans. I know that sometimes you post them and you're like, yeah, people are going to laugh at this one, but it's funny. And I'm doing this with a purpose. My favorite one, I think, is the one where you drop back and you have a baseball bat in your hand and then you're in the pocket and you just swing a baseball bat from the pocket. You're like, that's just a dude that loves sports right there. Or the blindfolded three point shot that you made with a football.


That was a good one.


Towels and the dog backyard.


Yeah. What's your favorite one that you put out?


My whole life, I've always got this. I'm sure you tried to do that. Or like, oh, you're doing this on purpose. I was like, I'm very intentional in everything that I do. So when I'm doing something, I'm all in. Yeah. It's not jokes, it's not fun and games. To me. This is my work. This is my craft. Right. This is my passion. Like I said, bruce Aarons inspired me to be a Super bowl win. But I've been training for this moment. For these moments. You don't spend ten years in NFL for fun and jokes and games, right? Spend ten years because you love the game and you love the people, you love everyone that's involved with that game. So these drills that I do, I'm making these drills up based off of what I'm experiencing on the field. You know what I'm saying? Again, I didn't continue to play baseball, so how can I enhance my torque? How can I make sure that my hip to shoulder dissociation is being detailed? I'm to going get in the pocket. I'm assimilate with my helmet. I'm going to take my drops and I'm going to take a swing.


Those are things that happens. Big shout out to CJ Stroud in the prolific year that he's having. When CJ Stroud is taking swings, baseball swings on the sideline, it's magic. When CJ Stroud is shooting basketball like before the game, it's magic because this game is predicated on what winning. You win. Ain't nobody making fun of no jokes. Yeah, this is amazing. Look at the technique that he's using when he's swinging that bat.


It's so true.


I definitely embrace the laughter. Laughter gives you life sometimes. I could be funny, but I also embrace the grind. I embrace the thought that me and my trainer put into these workouts. I embrace the lessons that we learn because we paying attention to feedback. How can you get better if you don't understand why you're doing something or you don't gain perspective? We're always pushing to be greater than what we were. If you're not trying to get better, you definitely get worse.


Yeah, that's true.


Right. So when I approach the offseason, that's why I'm having meetings with Nadia and that's why my assistant is traveling with me. You know what I'm saying? Because I still got to get my work in just because obviously, I'm grateful to be here with y'all, but things are still being you. Do you believe, let me ask you, what do y'all believe made barstool such a household name? Is it because of the people that you had on the show, or is it because of the undercover work that y'all do every single day before y'all even got to this platform to allow you to be who you are?


It's a good point, because we have a dream job. We have the best job in the world. But I do think there's sometimes where we don't give ourselves enough credit, where we work really hard and we work long hours and it's fun. That's the problem is, like, when we say work, it's like we get to go watch 12 hours of football and everyone would want to do that. But, yeah, I think we do put in that effort because we always want to be giving our best effort. Like, we don't want to show up and not be ready for doing a show. So, yeah, it's true.


There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and went on behind the scenes before we were at this platform. Like, the work that nobody really sees. When you're grinding on the way up, on the way up, on the way up, you spend more time learning your craft, detailing your craft on the way up to prepare you for once you get to that level. So, yeah, there's a lot of stuff that people, I guess, haven't seen, but I guess a lot of that work was also just also watching football.


Yeah, it is funny because I always think about people who have made it in life. The one thing I always don't like is that they kind of forget about the lucky breaks along the way. And we've had a lot of lucky breaks. We've had things break our way, different paths that we've taken. We went left, we went right. So I also just admit that, that we have luck. Anyone who's successful has gotten a lucky break at some point. And to pretend that didn't exist, that always bothers me where they're like, well, I was always great. I was always going to be great. No, you had something happen in your life where a lucky break propelled you even further.


So, yeah, I challenge you on that take. I believe in four leaf clovers because I've seen some. Okay, so I know luck can be real, but I'm not really a big proponent of luck.


You don't think there's any luck that.


Has got like, well, I don't believe that anything's happened. I don't think there's no such thing as a coincidence. Yeah, I believe it's intentional. Everything that we're doing is either enhancing where we're at right now. Either we are being a person of increase, or we really just.


Yeah, well, okay, so, for example, your relationship with Jimbo Fisher, which is an incredible relationship, we had Jimbo on, you guys won a national title together. I'm sure you were recruited a bunch of different places. There's a chance that you go somewhere else or the decision is different. There's a little bit of luck involved that you and Jimbo were the perfect marriage at that perfect time in both of your careers. So it's not saying that you're lucky. It's that there's little things that happen along the way that you're like, you look back and you're like, oh, that was really good that it happened. Exactly that.


No, and, and again, like, I don't, I don't disagree with your method. I just believe that Jimbo and I were, it was already know. Like, I think the biggest thing that people miss, and this is what social media gives us, it gives us instant access to everyone's lives. But I think people miss the people factor, really being around other people and building on those connections that you already have or those connections that you have yet to make. And I think when you are around people with similar energy, with a similar mindset, those energies, they work towards each other. They go together. Jimbo had a lot to prove. Jimbo was, you know, he was coming from LSU, he was filling in the steps of, you know, the legend coach. And this is state. Like, I get it. Florida State isn't in the SEC, but historically, this has been a dominant college. And for you to fill up the shoes of Bobby Baum and for people to always connect you with Nick Saban your entire career, you have a chip on your shoulder to say like, hey, I'm going to accomplish something that again, I'm going to have my moses moment.


Yeah, I'm not going to be Aaron. It's nothing wrong with being Aaron, but I'm going to be Moses. And when I got with Jimbo, Jimbo expressed that to me because unlike a lot of people, a lot of people just, it's not judging. But some people aren't wired the way that others, you hear the term like, we ain't cut from the same cloth. I instantly knew Jimbo and I were cut from the same cloth because Jimbo wanted a championship. He was going to do whatever he could to get that. I'm a kid from Alabama. I'm 35 minutes from Alabama. Listen, people, when I committed to Florida state, the things that happened to me and my family was unbelievable. Living in the state of Alabama, 35 minutes from Tuscaloosa, I mean, my mailbox, I can get beat down. You know what I'm saying? Thank Lord Home Depot had these mailboxes you can stick in the ground. I felt that, man, and this is something that's serious. I felt like one time, well, not one time. I still don't have grass that grows in my front yard at my hometown house. I still don't because I felt like somebody poisoned my grass.




You know what I'm saying?


Harvey uptight, he's the guy that poisoned the oaks at tumors corn.


And, you know, I don't want to blame Harvey or anybody, but I believe something happened. Like, how does my grass just stop growing?


Yeah, I think Harvey got you on.


And I smelt gasoline when I got home. Like, me and my dad, we talk about this. My grandmother working at, she worked at UAB Medical West, God rest her soul, and she was an avid Alabama fan. And fans would send my grandmother, my grandmother hate mail. My grandma. You going at grandma?




You know what saying, like, just because her grandson ain't going to like that is the stuff that you go through. And what it does is I read this book called Callous on my soul by Dick Gregory, and it just basically a biopic of his life and some of the things that he went through and some of the influential people that he was with. But what he talks about, basically, the premise is that all of these things that he went through, they built the callous. And a lot of people look at calluses as like, I got a callus on my hand, but it's building another layer. It's making that area stronger. You know what I'm saying? So all these things that I went through, it made me stronger. So. Same with Jimbo. Jimbo, Ethan, his son was going through a lot with, you know, all the things that he does with the kids first foundation. So you just think about the level of perseverance that you have to have every single day because you're looking in your son's eyes and seeing the pain that he's going through. And you have to claim 110 other kids as your son because you have to lead a university like Florida state after Bobby Bound, oh, under Nick Saban.


So you're like, man, I want something for myself. So that connection they had, really, the biggest thing he did was his best friend was Mike Martin Jr. The son of Mike Martin, the legendary coach. Shout out to meet in eleven. But they had a meme with me. That's a big thing. Your football coach, man. You believe in me. I'm much. You're going to let me play baseball. You're going to say that the baseball coach is your best friend.




And we sitting there eating together, breaking bread together. So I get to talk football and baseball. What did I want to accomplish in college? I wanted to win a national championship. Right? And if I could do that in football and baseball, yes, I'm going to state.


Yeah. Yeah.


They're the only ones that said that you could play baseball, right?


Well, LSU, they said that I could play baseball. Alabama actually said that I could play baseball. Alabama. I really felt like the recruitment that I had at Alabama probably helped their baseball program a little bit, because after they didn't get me, they started building these big baseball facilities and stuff like that. And I'm just going to hold that to heart. I'm going to say it was because of me.




Named the stadium after.


Yeah. The only team that said that I couldn't play baseball was Florida. Oh, the Florida Gators. And I'm gonna get y'all a quick story. I went to Friday night lights. It was like a camp at Florida. It was me, a guy named Zeke pike, who was an amazing guy, and I just love how his life has changed and how he's serving the lord and just doing great things in the community. Shout out to Zeke. But we were there competing, and I forgot who it was. Who was the office of coordinator. But anyways, I'm at Florida, right? And we own, like, this recruiting trip, and, man, I win mvp of the camp. I show out, you know what I'm saying? I walk up to. That's probably why I don't know his name, because he told me that I couldn't play. This is the office coordinator of the Florida Gators. This ain't even the head coach. I'm not even talking to the head coach. The office of coordinator told me, you ain't going to be able to play baseball here. And I said, oh. I said, okay. I said, well, I probably won't go here. You know what saying, like, literally the years, like, when you think about a kid from, like, I'm thinking, like, okay.


One of my guys was, we had Jamarcus Russell, we had Pat White, we had Philip Rivers. And these are Alabama quarterbacks that did not go to an Alabama school. So you have these people, and you just look at the course of what they've achieved in their life. And Pat White, like, he did great things at West Virginia. Phil Rivers, he's a hall of fame quarterback one day. And Jamar Russell, he was the number one pick. So he did some great things at LSU. Won a national championship there. Well, no, he didn't win a national.


I think he beat some great things at LSU.


So I was like, man, I'm going to take this chance. And at this time, this is when Alabama was the traditional pro style offense, where their quarterback really wasn't making an impact on their team. They were surrounded by great talent and a great defense. So the opportunity to go to Florida State, team up with Jimbo, who's an offensive mind, and be around those players and dominate and go against the SEC, do you know how great it was? And it was crazy. It was great to be Auburn in the national championship.




And one, it's an SEC team. I wish it would have been Alabama. That probably gave me a little bit more street cred. It would have burned more of your grass in the state. The whole house, probably. But funny story about Auburn. And really, this is the mindset that people in Alabama have when it comes to their football teams. I just won a heisman and I'm walking, I'm walking in the grocery store, me and one of my best friends, Tanner Brown, we're walking in like a diller's or something, and this nice old lady comes up and he's, hey, like, don't I know you from know? That happens. A. Like, I was maybe like, how are, like, do you need any help? Because this is an old lady. She's like, no, I'm good. She's like, nick Marshall, right? And I said, yes, ma'am. Nick Marshall is nothing against Nick Marshall, but I play for Florida State. I don't have an orange. Listen, I'm at the mall. I don't have an orange in blue. I promise you. I got on regular clothes so I can get it, but I don't look nothing like Nick Marshall. You know what saying and like for her to attach.


When you're Alabama, you attach greatness with. If you go into know, like, so I missed out on that. So I'm sorry to all my Alabama people that I didn't go to.


What year was the camp? Because I just looked it up. It's either Steve Adasio or it might have been Charlie Weiss who told you can't play baseball.


So I think Charlie Weiss was the head coach.


No, he was offensive coordinator for Will Muschamp.


Okay. No, this was 2010.


Okay, so it was Steve Adasio. Be a dude.


Not Steve Adasio. This guy ended up going to Auburn to be the office coordinator at Auburn, too.


Big mistake by him. Massive, big mistake by him.


Yes, it was a huge. But it wasn't Steve Adasio. What was the quarterback coach's name? I'm going to look it up.


I remember that Auburn. Natty, that was on your birthday, wasn't it?


Yeah, it was.


You won the national championship on your birthday?




If I were you, I wouldn't believe in luck either. That doesn't feel like luck. That feels like it was supposed to happen.


It's supposed to happen before the national championship game. When you are on that high stage, a lot of people try to contact you and have conversation, build relationships with you. There were two people that I was able to build a relationship with during that time. One of those people was Bo Jackson. And I'm going to tell you about Bo Jackson. And another, those people were literally, just literally a one day relationship with this person because he got back to me and really my wife. And that was Eric Thomas. Eric Thomas, man, literally called him while I was out in LA. He reached out to me, man, and prayed for me, gave me some words of wisdom. And that was basically all the motivation I needed to go out there and lead the troops.




You know what saying, like, you get a call from Eric Thomas and just what he stands for, the motivation that he's been inspiring me and my wife. Well, now wife, but my girlfriend at the time, our whole life. So shout out to ET and the work that he's doing. But Bo Jackson, Auburn guy. Auburn guy.


By the way, the guy was Scott Loeffler.


Scott Loeffler.


Leave him alone.


It was Scott Loughler. Yeah, that's exactly who it was. It was Scott Loughler. And he ended up going to Auburn. Yeah, he did. So let's talk about Bo Jackson. One, there are two people from Bessemer, Alabama that I would see made me and inspired me to be who one is Demigo Ryan's.




He actually was my first signed football. Oh, yeah. My uncle had coached him in high school. Really coached him from Lily all the way up. So shout out to Miko in Houston what he's doing there. And Bo Jackson, both of them from Bessemer. Bo Jackson is from Bessemer, Alabama. I've met D'Amico. I talked to him and Carrie Rose, too. I want to leave him out, but the first time I talked to Bo Jackson was after I won the heisman. And you're from Bessmer, Alabama. Now, I know he lived in Chicago and all that, but he was calling me and he was, you know, what's up, Jabo? And I was like, my name, I told him, what's up, Jameson? That's not my name, but I'm grateful to be talking to you, man. This man, he called me. I don't know what booster from Auburn was in his pockets or in his ear, but he would call me at all times of the night, like wanting to talk, saying like, hey, this uncle Bo, you know what I'm saying? Just calling to check in on you. I'm like, uncle Bo, I ain't talked to you in my whole life, and I'm from your neighborhood.


You know what I'm saying? You calling me right before the national championship game. And listen, when is the next time I talked to Bo Jackson? After the national championship? No, after the national game. I didn't hear from. Again. Next time I heard from was at a panini signing.


How you beat in.


Your head a little. When I look back at it, I was, you know, I kind of give credit to Uncle Bo because he was doing everything. He knew I loved him. He gonna call me at all times at a night, waking you up, inspiring me to WHOOP his team even more. You know what I'm saying?


That's cool.


That was so funny, man. So shout out to Bo Jackson one. D'Amico was a great baseball player, too, in high school. So you got those two people from your same city, and I ain't talking about a suburban area or on the outskirts. Like, man, we are from the same city.




You know what I'm saying? We probably were born at the same hospital, you know what I'm saying? And you got two people that. How can you not be inspired to be your best self when you got two people that already paid the foundation.


For maybe the best athlete of all time in Bo Jackson?




Talk about a baseball and a football player.


The only person you can say is prime.


Yeah. Dion.


Yeah. That's the only person you can put.


In that to be that good at both.


Or Charlie Ward because he hooped.




That's crazy thing about Charlie Ward, where people don't give him enough respect. He won the Heisman trophy and didn't get drafted.




He played in the NBA.


Crazy. It's crazy. He'd get drafted.


Hold on. But still got drafted in the first round. Yeah. Okay.


Come on now.


Yeah. Think about that.


That's incredible. That really is.


Think about what pat White would have been in today's.


I know, I know.


You have all these quarterbacks that were head of their time.


It's true.


You know what I'm saying? But didn't get the opportunity because of other things.




You know what I'm saying? We don't know why.


What was the guy's name? He played Florida state role.


Was it? Myron. Myron role.


So he was an elite athlete and then what's he now? Like, a heart surgeon?


Yeah, he's a surgeon. And I believe he's a government official in. Is it Panama? It's not Panama, but he was there. But he was a government official from his native country. The Bahamas.




I thought he did some work in the Bahamas.


I think so, too.


He was a great player, too.




Really, really good.




We play this game with everybody that comes on the show. I've got four cities, just random cities, and you tell me which one you like the best. Which one you could maybe see yourself living in. Seattle, Atlanta, Washington, DC, and Foxboro, Massachusetts.


Just four random cities.


Random cities.


Totally random.


Which one of those cities?


I mean, they sound random.


They're very random.


Oh, in Denver and Denver.


Yeah, I was waiting for that one random. Anyone that accepts me. Yeah. But I would just say this. Atlanta, I grew up an hour and a half from, like I'm from, you know, I think that would be a beautiful time for just my family. The accessibility that it'll have for my other family, my surrounding family. That would be beautiful. But I feel like I'm the attraction. I'm the thing. Like, I'm the city that is going to bring joy, love, trust, peace, integrity to any location that I'm at. Because I'm a man of increase.






I am the city that's powerful.


It really is. So wherever it may be, that city is going to begin. Someone that is ready, a kingdom, man, that is prepared to grow. Everyone around them.


I want to sign you right now.




I am inspired.


All right. I have an awkward question, but I have to ask it because our fans would be very upset if I didn't.




Jamis one of one. The Twitter handle.




Are you familiar?


I am.


He's a very big fan.


He is.


He loves you.


Very big.


That's it. He just loves you. Is it good to have a rider like that?


Because he loves. And that's what I mean, it's some stuff that's just not luck.




When you have someone like, I never met the guy. Never been on the phone with the guy. Her husband wrote a book with them and forward a book with them, and I never had any interaction with them. So when God send you an angel like that, man, this man be backing me and my dad. He the one that be retweeting. I'm not as active on social media, but I'm going to look at my dad. You're retweeting because he don't know nothing about no Twitter. My dad called Twitter Tritter. Luckily, it's x now, so you can't mess that up. It was amazing to see because when this book came out, my trainer, like, we like we prepare. I didn't know he's for a book. And then the book come out and now I got people asking me like, hey, is this James's burner account?




First of all, I don't have the time to represent myself like that on a social media base. If I'm going to represent myself, I'm going to do that in between the lines. Yes. But I just view it as an angel in disguise. I'm grateful for James one on one. And wherever you at, I appreciate. He sent me emails, emails of encouragement. Sometimes he'll shoot to me like you. He will send me random cities that I need to be contemplating on and he'll have everybody on the line. He'll have Nadia on the CCS. I'm just okay, like, thank you.


Yeah, he rides. And for people who are unfamiliar, you can buy the book on Amazon. I own the book. It's James Winston Derangement syndrome. How media bias causes us to overlook the start of a hall of fame NFL career. It's great. It's a great book.


Thank you.


I mean, he rides for you. I need a Jameis.


One of one.


I need a guy just riding for me.


We all do.




We all need those people that just got out of.


Gets in the, he gets in the corners of the Internet and he just fights.


He has stats that I've never seen before.


I'm grateful for him.




I need to take him to a negotiating meeting. Yeah, serious.


I mean, he'll pull up your best at. He actually probably should put together some pamphlets for you when you're hitting the free age.


They're ready.


Oh, yeah, no, he doesn't have to put them together. Yeah, I remember sleeping on them.


So the last season that you did play and you played to your fullest extent or before the injury, you had what, 14 touchdowns, three interceptions in New Orleans, you can play, you can still start. And I hope that another team sees that and brings a city to their city because the NFL is more fun when James Winston is a starting quarterback. That's fact for sure. Do you have a game or a single drive or throw that you look back on and you're like, I played that to me is my calling card. Like, this is what I can bring to you.


It's a number of games that just come to mind. The game in the La Coliseum against the Rams. My rookie year against Philly tied the rookie record for touchdowns. And Philly was my favorite team growing up. Ironically, Andy Reid, I just loved him. And big Donovan, my nap. But I don't really feel like I played my best game yet. I'm such a in the moment type of person. I'm starving for that chance to do it again. And I think when you look back on my career and when you look back on certain games, just like the final play is behind me, what's next? What can I create next? Who can I bring Jord to? Like, how high can I go if I'm sitting here? First of all, I'm grateful for all my experiences. I'm grateful for those games that I did that have. The LA game was really fun just because that was my second time, third time being back LA after we lost to Oregon. So I really wanted that game, you know what I'm saying, against the Rams in 2019. But this is what I do. This is not who I am, but this is what I do.


It's my passion to go out there and bums of Baghdad, throw five touchdowns, you know what I'm saying? And lead that Super bowl winning drive with 13 seconds or a minute and 13 seconds on the clock, that's what I've been trained to do. And trust me, it ain't going to be by coincidence when I'm in that opportunity again, when I'm awarded with that.


Opportunity again, I hope you get in that opportunity. We'll play this clip and we'll go mega viral.




He saw it all.


So one thing that it's pretty clear about you, you believe in yourself and you have that internal confidence and you know what you can accomplish. What was it like kind of taking a step back and consciously saying, I am willing to be a backup quarterback? Because you don't talk like a backup quarterback. You have that faith in yourself. You're ready to be the guy. Was it like an adjustment period that you had to deal with in New Orleans where you had to dial it back? Were you just like, if I'm going to be a backup quarterback, I'm going to be the best backup quarterback that the league's ever seen?


Yeah, well, that faith in myself comes from my resilient faith in my lord and savior Jesus Christ. That's where that comes in. And I know and I trust in him. Proverbs three five says, trust in the Lord with your whole heart and lean not into your own understanding. Right. So I trust in him wholeheartedly and no matter what, again, no matter what condition, circumstances or facts there are surrounding who I am or what I do, that does not define me. I don't let anyone else or anything define what my next move of who I'm going to be or what I'm going to accomplish. But I would have to say my first opportunity to be a backup quarterback was a very great gig. And I give a lot of credit to Sean Payton for this because I think that was a year where it was kind of back to college, where I had to make a decision for my career, for where I would go. And that decision came clear when I talked on the phone with Sean Payne and got a chance to work with Drew Brees again. This is a guy that I looked up to, got a chance to meet a couple of times out in San Diego, just through a rock church.


Pastor Miles McPherson had George Whitfield, actually one of my old quarterback coaches. He had set up a meeting with pastor Miles McPherson in San Diego, and Drew Brees was the guest speaker one day, and I got a chance to meet him out there. So that was amazing. But anyways, being able to work with Sean, who is a fearless, passionate competitor. Drew was the hall of fame face, the hall of fame quarterback, and the resilient, surgical player. But that was Sean Payton's culture at New Orleans Saints. That team was a reflection of who he is, the tenacity Sean Payton was. He was the man of the city. He is the one that embraced the culture of New Orleans, and he gave that to me. I remember a story with Sean, and I'm going to get to backup. I don't like talking about being a backup because I don't like that place. You know what I'm saying? Even though I cherish every place that I'm in. Right. But Sean, man, we in the airport and it's doing Covid, right? Hurricane just came, so we're leaving through not privately, not chartered, but like a regular airport. Like, we checking in through MsY in New Orleans, and it's a know right there.


And he's asking for know. I got my headphones on. I can't hear. And Sean tells the fan, get out of here. He's not going to sign your autograph. And he kind of shoes the guys off. But he looks at me, he's like, we're not here to kiss any babies. I don't want you here to be a politician. I want you here to be a quarterback. And that stuck with me because that's how Drew approached the game. Drew wasn't in it to be liked by everyone. Drew had a chip on his shoulder. Know one team didn't believe in him.


I think he literally did have a chip on his shoulder.


Yeah, he did the MRI literally he had a real chip on his shoulder, but one team didn't believe him, so he was going to make his next opportunity the spot, and that's what he did. So being able to be in that building, I just had one year with him. But be able to serve Drew Brees, like, that's what people don't look like. I served Drew Brees for a year, you know what I'm saying? I saw him getting banged up and having to overcome things and sending him plays and sending him suggestions like this. Drew Brees, like, drew looking at me like this, come on, James, I really don't need your help. I'm talking, it means. And there'll be times where he'll just peek down, down there. I'm just like, okay, let me be quiet. But that's the love that even Drew Brees is in the room. And I got love for this game. I'm willing to say something in front of Drew Brees. So I think, again, I've played every role that a quarterback could play to an organization. However, I embrace every opportunity I get. But my desire and my passion is being a Super bowl winning quarterback.


And you win Super Bowls by being the starting quarterback. That's when they deem you as a Super bowl winning quarterback. When you are starting, even if it's just that game, they're not going to say the backup quarterback. They were like, oh, he won a Super Bowl. Super bowl champion. Super bowl winning quarterback. Yeah.


Doug Williams.




Doug Williams came in off the bench.


But I didn't put Doug Williams because he was the first. He was the first african american quarterback. He broke barriers, his resilience, and I was blessed because DJ Williams was a quarterback coach at the Saints. Yeah.


And Doug worked in Tampa Bay.


Doug worked in Tampa Bay. Yes. But that's barriers. Right. So when you achieve something like that, I got the vision. I've already seen it happen because obviously he was a starter and then obviously the next season he was a starter the year before and the next season some things had happened. But when his opportunity presented himself, he's just not a Super bowl winning quarterback, he's a Super Bowl MVP.


And he dominated that quarterback.






It was unbelievable. So shout out to Doug Williams and thank you for paving a way for all young african american quarterbacks.




Dreaming to do what you did.


Yes. Yeah.


When you were coming up, did you ever like playing ball when you were a, you did any coach try to be like, I don't know if you're going to play quarterback, can you try running the ball. Like, being a wide receiver, did you fall into that at all, or at the time, was it like you were so talented that they were like, yeah, Jamis is going to be the quarterback no matter what?


Well, when I got to town, my high school, I started as a freshman, right? But I was competing against an upperclassman that was at quarterback, and we had a good relationship. His name was Wayne Carroll, and he ended up going to receiver and almost was all state and receiver. So I've never been in a situation where a quarterback told me, like, hey, you gonna play a different position? I have played some cornerback and some linebacker. It was amazing. I'm a football player. I want to be a Super bowl winner, but I'm a football player at heart, so that's always fun. But no, Wayne Carroll, his selflessness, to go and be my best receiver, that me, I feel like it gave me a mind shift, because it's like the tables have turned. Like, I was the first african american quarterback at my high school. So that was kind of a unique feeling. That was a lot of pressure as a 9th grader, being in this rural city in Alabama. But I think that situation gave me perspective because I was like, okay, the tables have turned. But this guy, he didn't complain. We got into a lot just because he was an alpha, too, and I was an alpha, but he did his job.


What did my dad teach me from lily? Like, hey, no matter what, where the coach push you, this is a big baseball saying. No matter what, where the coach push you, you go out there and you do your best.




You know what saying? So, like, I continue to carry those values up until now.


So Wayne Carroll was a white guy.




That's a beautiful moment for America. Rural Alabama, white quarterback.


He was a redhead. White guy. Redheaded.




White guy. And they said, you know what? You look more like an athlete. I'd like you to go play wide receiver. We're going to put Jameis Winston.


That's beautiful. Quarterback look, running a wing tea. Yeah.


Rip. Racism.


Yeah, there it is.


But Wayne's the man. Yeah.


Can we talk about eating a dub?


Yes, let's talk about it.


Oh, he got one up there. That looks good. That looks like good dub. Want to eat it?


Put it in the oven a little.


Bit more when you did that? Well, we've talked to Cam Jordan about it. We talked to some other teammates of yours, and they're like, it's Jamis. It's Jamis from the outside world being like, oh, that's like, we all love Jamis. It inspired us. How long have you been eating, dubs?


I've been eating know since the beginning. It started a long, long time ago. And that's because my last name is w. And the first four letters of my last name spells out wins. Fact check me. It's probably right on wikipedia.


I'll be damned.


But it all stemmed from one of my favorite motivational speeches. And it all surrounds about a bowl of. Do you all remember the soup? The Alphabet soup?




You know what I'm saying?


Of course.


I always just talk about like, hey, we scraping the bowl today, we scraping up. We eating up everything right? And we only looking for dubs in the Alphabet soup. There's a lot of different options out there. But we looking for w's. We eating all the w's in the Alphabet soup. But this one game, ironically, the true thing happened in New Orleans. It was at New Orleans and we lost the game. That's why I'm still selling ew t shirts. You know what I'm saying? We've been way bigger. We'd have won the game. That's why winning is so important. Winning defines everything. And you two are winning in what you all do. I'm winning in life. I will be getting more wins on the football field. But anyways, eat the w. I'm talking. And I'm inspiring the guys like, hey, what are we eating today? I already had the Alphabet soup conversation early in the year, you know what I'm saying? Yeah. And we ate the w. I was.


Like, what are we eating?


I was like, we're eating w. So what this is, you know what I'm saying? It's a w. We eating that w. You know what saying? Like, so I took the w out the soup. I already had the w ready and prepared. Yeah, I think it went left when I started actually eating the w. And when I ate the real w and then proceeded to dap up Deshaun Jackson. I think that was the worst person to dap up because Deshaun from Cali rl hall of famer first, he don't got no time for no eat the. Just he looking like, give me some touchdowns. Give me the ball, james. Like, hey, worry about eat the w. And when I tried to dap him up in the eye contact we made doing that, I think it was a powerful speech. It really was. I was banged up. I had a grade three ac sprain. I'm going in. I'm fine. That and we've been losing. I'm just. How are we going to will this team to get a win in the superdome? My first NFL win was against Drew Brees and beating the Saints in the superdome. So I'm just like, I got good vibes here, you know what I'm saying?


We didn't win that game, but I felt it was powerful.




When you think about what is eating a w, it's just winning. Yeah. It's doing something to push you towards what you want to accomplish. And that's what sometimes it can get misconstrued about me, that I'm a jokester, you know, I'm goofy. I'm just all in. I'm all in for the people that I work with every single day. I'm all in for my brothers, my sisters. Like, man, I'm having conversations with the janitor, you know what I'm saying? I'm having conversations with the lunch ladies. That's my family. You know what I'm saying? We put in too much work not to enjoy what we do and not to express how we feel. I think that's a lot of thing. A lot of people want to express things with their thumbs. A lot of people want to express things from a facade, like from a story that probably got a green screen behind them. No one wants to express their feelings out loud. We're lacking genuine people. Like, they really speak their truth and have no explanation for it. You know what I'm saying? I don't have to explain to you why I said this. I don't have to explain to you why I did this.


Trust that it came from great intentions of my heart, and trust that with all of a sudden, I got your back. Because again, what I want for myself, I want for you.




So if I'm all in, I want you to be all in.


I love that.


That's a leader, right?


Yeah. I'm ready to eat a dub right there. That is a leader.


It is fair to point out that that was the sequel to the Alphabet soup w. We kind of just jumped in and all we had with no context. Yeah, just eat the w. But it was like that. It's like trying to jump into a second movie without seeing the first one. You're not going to understand what goes on behind the scenes.


When we make our ad commercial for our eat the w shirts, it's going to start off with just a bowl of soup and it's going to be a w just floating in the middle. And then I'm going to come out of the soup and eat the w and then slide back in the soup. Come on. It's going to say eat a w on the top.


I mean, every other time I eat Alphabet soup from now on, I'm just going to eat the w's. W's only.


Why would you eat anything else?


Imagine touching an l. No, you're vegan now. Are w's vegan?


There are a couple vegan W's. Okay.


All right, good.


So I got this from endomic and sue. We're just challenging my body and trying different diets in the course of an offseason. So this one time, literally the year after, was it the COVID year? Nadia, what year was it? Was it 2020 where I went full vegan for six months. And that was very challenging. Being a southern boy from Alabama, it was challenging, but it was very beneficial. I went from 250 to 207 in a matter of eight weeks. Wow. Right? And it just was me eating great food, losing a lot of just bad weight. But it was painful because I love to eat meat and I love to eat good. But I think anything that you can do to, again, increase where status, your health, your brain function, to be the best that you can be, you have to do it. So I'm thankful that he put me on blood work. You know what I'm saying? I didn't know anything about blood work. I just thought you get a regular checkup. Now I'm getting blood work. And they got 18 to 50 tubes of blood. Benjamin, I don't think I have enough blood to.


But you always are thankful for new and prosperous ideas or recommendations to better yourself.


Yeah, that's smart. I should go vegan. It'd be lost that much weight.


Impossible to be a vegan in New Orleans, I would think. Because the food down there is just.


So good, it's so challenging. But you don't understand when you have the plant based diet, you don't understand how much animal fat or animal substances are in just regular vegetarian meals. It's in everything. So I went the easier route and I just did fruit and salads and just a variety of walnuts, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, things in that nature to just help me not even have to worry about all the ins and outs of. Is this vegan? I think that's probably why I lost so much weight, right? Because was I eating enough? I have no idea. I just know that my energy felt the same every single day. I know that I was moving better than ever and I was skinny. I lost my gut. So I was proud of that. But when it came to moving in that pocket and breaking tackles. And I was just like, yeah, let me go and eat me a nice steak.


Yeah, you gotta get your weight up a little bit. If you were to have, like, one last meal in New Orleans, what would it be?


Well, I have an amazing chef, chef Tatiana and chef Jewel Robinson. Chef Jewel is the mother of famous chef chef Kwami Onwatche, who owns tatianas in New York. And it was rated the number one restaurant in the country last year and top 50 in the world.


Is that nigerian food?


So is it pan american? It's kind of caribbean and african. But is he nigerian?


I remember I read an article about him.


His dad is nigerian. It's really, like a mix of Cajun. It's really a mix of everything that he's been through. Because chef told me a story how she sent him to live. Was it Africa or where was it? Yeah, she sent him to live in Africa. The granddad was a chef, so his granddad was a chef and a popular chef, and that was his mom's dad. Right. So it just ran in the family. So he basically took, let's think of gumbo. He took african cuisine. He took New Orleans cuisine. He took la cuisine and just made it all into his own thing. I have his cookbook. I had to send it to y'all just to get the term of the type of cuisine it's here. But I know one thing. It's delicious. So no matter what type of cuisine it is, it's amazing.




Right? So my favorite meal would be probably something from Tatiana's. Her name is actually Tatiana, and he named it after her. And he has an amazing short rib there. What is the name of the short rib?


Just, like, fall.


Sounds very good.


Yeah, it's unbelievable.




In the vibe there. It's right there in the Lincoln center. And it's just amazing.


Yeah. So we got a couple last questions. It's been unbelievable. Janus, you're an all time vibes guy. You really are. The vibes are high when you're talking. So this one's from our good friend Stephen Che, who's a diehard Bucks fan, who. This is actually a pretty detailed question, but he said he wanted to know. You played with a lot of great players, but two guys that are constantly overlooked are Levante David and Demario Davis. Who do you think is more underrated between the two of them? Levante David's been doing it forever. Yeah, it's crazy.


I don't know who's more underrated, but I know the caliber of men they both are. And I know, both of them should be and will be hall of famers. I feel like the most underrated player I play with, honestly, that people don't give enough respect to is Mike Evans. Oh, yeah. I think he's the person that flies up on the radar a lot. I felt like Levante flew up on the radar, but I think literally he's like, fine wine. Him and Demario, the older that they get, the better that they have been playing. I'm grateful for the relationship that I have with Demario and how he helped increase me with my faith. He's just an unbelievable man, father and leader. And just being around him in New Orleans was really a treat to my heart with Levante. The competitor that he is and a man that he is, is like they're similar individuals, but the way that they approach the game and the way that they prepare is I'm just. I'm grateful for Levante because he was kind of like one of the old heads that helped me in the league, helped me move around him and, you know, were those people that kind of took me on their wing.


Jeremy McCoy, Vincent Jackson and Levante kind of took me under their wing and showed know how to be a pro. What are the things that I need to be doing? So I'm grateful for both of them. But like I said, the most underrated player that don't get enough respect is Mike Evans.


We did a whole thing on it a couple of weeks ago where it's like Mike Evans, if you look at it, he is going to be. If he plays five, six more years, it will be Mike Evans. And like Randy Moss and Jerry Rice and to, and this vaunted group of receivers that are just unassailable. It's like these are the top five guys and people don't give him enough credit. Like 1000 yards every single year. He's been in the league for ten.


Years and you look at statistical things, but when you look at the size, the speed to bend, how he's running these routes, like how he's creating separation, like he's doing it in a detailed, skilled way, he's not doing it because of his unique athletic ability or his talent. He's doing it because he trains in this way. I really think he's doing it because if you ever looked at his toes, you will see how powerful he was. Because his toes look like they just dig in the ground. I'm a feet guy because I wanted to be a podiatrist when I grew up. I haven't achieved that yet, but it's probably going to come. But anyway, Mike was just an amazing player. And I played with Deshaun and I played with another excellent receiver, Mike Thomas. Those guys, Mike Thomas and Deshaun, they're both Cali guys, so they love the ball. Right, Mike, he don't complain about nothing. Yeah, he don't give you no beef. You know what I'm saying? He's just a cool, laid back person that's going to show up to work, do his job, and it's going to outdo everybody on the field. He's so dominant that he doesn't get the respect that he deserves because, like you said, we talk about the stats, but he's been doing this since he got in the league.


It's crazy since he's got.


And you don't. And you leave him off all pros, you leave him off Pro bowls and stuff like that. I'm just like, man, the NFL coach don't know what they missing with Mike Evans because those are the men that the NFL, they put on that pedestal, those great fathers, those great men. The NFL man of the year. That's another goal of mine. Like people that's giving back to their community, doing it silently, not looking for a pat on the back, but doing it because that's just who they are. You know what I'm saying? They were put. It ain't by coincidence that they like that either. Yeah. They went through certain things in their life that inspired them and influenced them to be who they just shout out to.


Yeah. Yeah.


It's interesting you brought up the fact that Cali receivers like the ball. Can you describe what's the difference between California receivers? Receivers from Texas and maybe Florida wide receivers?


Well, the Cali receivers, I feel like they are so influenced by the lifestyle in California. They are born to be superstars. Right. So when they are put in an environment where they are the alphas and they are the stars, I think they're going to take full advantage of that responsibility. So I just think their thirst for wanting the ball, whether it's challenging times, feeling like they're always open, even if they're triple covered, I think that's always just going to be something that they yearn for. Texas, man, I feel like Texas is the majority of Texas. They're so lifted up through high school in their young days because Texas, everybody talk about Friday nights. So they are experiencing an NFL lifestyle in middle school. You know what I'm saying? That's just how big the stardom. And you think about Friday night lights and all that stuff. That's how big it is in Texas.


In middle school and high school they have a class for football during school hours.


High school they have hot tubs, saunas, steam rooms and indoor facilities.


Yeah, we rose since they were twelve.


We were in Dallas and I forget the high school we were at but this is where Mark Cuban, Jerry Jones, Sam, Matt Stafford went here.


Oh yeah. Highland, Highland park.


Yeah. They got an indoor facility that looks better than our indoor facility. This is a high school in Texas. So I think Texas receivers, they just, I feel like they're different but Mike is different. Mike is from always. I always tell this to people and this is something that me and my trainer talk about a lot. If you are born around like you have a different way of life, you function differently. And I just feel like you function differently because water, like water has no soul. It doesn't discriminate against anybody. You get in that water it's going to take you wherever it goes. So I feel like people that are around water, they are very strong will. They're one with water, you know what I'm saying? And Mike is from Galveston. If you've been to Galveston, Galveston is known know. I don't know what they're known for because I'm not from there but I know they have a beach. You know what I'm saying? And it's not a pretty beach.




You're known for oil. It's some of the dirtiest sand in.


Yes. Yeah. But it's not a pretty beach. So Mike is from that saying it might be oil muck but it's still muck. So he's a little different. I don't classify him as like the regular Texas receivers but C. D. Lamb is a Texas receiver. I know he had a dominating year.




Is Brandon cooks from Texas?


Brandon cooks might.




And then Florida wide receivers.


Florida I feel and let me be impeccable with my words, Florida wide receivers are probably most one when you in Florida and you play rob, I think they're the most savviest receivers because I believe it is so many raw receiver coaches in the state of Florida that are working like you got route God, you know what I'm saying? You got Goldfeet Global. That's just two people that I know that I work with.


Route God.


Yeah, that's my dog. But they're working on their feet like when you look at foot they got, they got some of this, they got some of that. But I feel like all of them, they need to get a psychiatrist and just share with them some of the things that they went through. I'm talking about probably from when they were born, they need someone to talk to and that's how I view the Florida receivers. But I'm going to tell you something about Florida and I'm pretty sure Cali is like this and other places, but the lower you go in Florida the more you get out of florida. Tallahassee is south alabama, South Georgia. So if you from the Panama city like the panhandle across you like an, you know, like south Georgia, you know I feel like jacksonville South Carolina like all that's the same, you know what I'm saying? You're a little wild but you know what I'm saying, you, southern hospitality, you go down like kenny shaw is in orlando, Kerman whiff, they're whole different people, you know what I'm saying? Than Kevin benjamin who's an hour south of kenny shaw and he's from, you know, he's completely different.


AntQUON BOLDEN right. A little hour south of like these people are. They're just different. And I'm grateful, honestly. That's why I'm so happy I went to Florida state because I was able to build relationships with people that were just, they thought differently, they had different perspectives and communicating with them for us to win was a challenge. It really was, because I'm a person where I'm for everybody, you know what I'm saying? And sometimes these players, they were for orlando, they were for belglade, they were for fort Lauderdale, they were for miami, you know what I'm saying? More than they were for everybody just because they're so. I feel like miami, not miami, but Florida players are so like specifically miami, they run in clicks. If you see one person from miami you're going to see ten people from miami, right? And those ten people might be living in the same house. So when you go and knock on somebody door saying like hey we're going to go throw these routes on the field, you had to say what's up to the cousin, you had to dap up the auntie, you know what I'm saying? You probably going to have to kick some roman noodles because some kids gonna be running around before they come out and say they're ready to go throw, you know what saying?




So I think they run in clicks because they function off a lot of community and I think Florida has a lot of. I would credit the old heads in Florida. How am I defining old heads? I define old heads or people that have experienced high things. I think they do a good job of giving back to their kids in like, you see the Ocho Cincos out there working with the young guys. You see all the older people that have been there and done it, building up these young athletes that are soon to be where they are one day. So I give that credit to Florida, but I feel like Florida is definitely the most confrontational receiver out of them all. But I believe. Don't. This is my opinion. I believe that Florida receivers have an entire different work ethic and grind than receivers from other places. Yeah.


All right, so I have one last question. Jamis. It's the rowback question. Rho back. Use promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, fleeces, vests, everything. I have to apologize for something. So during COVID when there was no sports, I started playing video games on NCAA 2014. I believe it was the old one, and I started streaming it. People were watching. And I got the OC job at Florida State, and it was the last year that you were in the game and I did have a game. I threw six interceptions with you, so I apologize. We did win the Fiesta bowl, though.


Yes. Okay, so you won throwing six interceptions.


No, I don't think I won that game. I think I lost that game, but I wanted to apologize. Do you accept my apology I threw six interceptions with you?


No, I don't accept your apology, but I'm grateful that you shared that with me.


Okay. All right. That was a really nice way to say, why the fuck did you throw six interceptions?


I'm very tough on myself. Yeah, I think you have to be able to laugh at yourself, but you got things that, you know, you have to eliminate your energy. Yeah.


It was the ACC championship game, Georgia.


Tech, and that's what I'm saying.




So once you told me that, once you said six, that's a number. I believe in numbers. And then you said. And I was like, okay, that's eliminated from my mind. So I don't forgive him, but I'm grateful that he shared that with me because now I'm going to be able to process that and move forward. Yeah, great.


But I feel good about moving on from this. I'm going to eliminate it from my listen as well.


What about, can we get another NCAA game?


I know.


I'm so frustrated that playing matting is so challenging. I know right now I was like, I tell my brother all the time because he's a young, up and coming athlete. And he's going to be a beast. Jonah Winston, be sure. Make sure barstool retweets my last highlight video that I put. Jonah Winston. Yes. So I told my brother I wish I would have played Madden more growing up and won Super Bowls on Madden and visualized that because I spent so much time winning Heismans and winning championships on NCAA. You know what I'm saying? I didn't play enough Madden, you know what I'm saying? So now I'm going back and I'm having to take my rating down from all Madden to All Pro, and then I'm losing the All Pro and I'm like, okay, I'm not going to rookie. I got to go to whatever the next one is. And I'm like, I'm getting these wins.


But this doesn't feel real.


And then I play my brother and he's 21, scumping me. You ask those questions, picking your team. You play on all manner, you play on all pro. I'm all just. Okay, how can I sneak this all pro?


Do you have yourself as a starting quarterback when you play Madden?


Every single. Hell yeah.


Hell yeah. So you have yourself starting. You play as the Saints.




Jameis Winston starting and you're trying to win a Super Bowl. I think you need to just grind at it. The game has become a lot harder recently.


Yeah, they made it really grind has started. Pft.




This is very intentional, me earning a super bowl. You got to see it. Yeah, no, I believe you. Yeah. But you guys, even though you probably can't pinpoint the time, but you saw yourself being in this role, you visioned it somewhere. And I know the lord has a vision for me and I have to visualize what I want for myself that is going to glorify his kingdom by visualizing what I want for myself to honor him. You know what I'm saying? So I think in everything that you do, you got to find a way to experience that. And sometimes it might take six interceptions in college against Georgia Tech, you know what I'm saying? And then you got to eliminate that and go back to the next game and win the fiesta bowl.


Yeah, well, I apologize again. It was Georgia Tech. The Georgia tech official account made fun of me for it, and I might have thrown you under the bus. I said it was Jameis through six picks, not me. Even though I was playing the game, I was saying I was offensive.


Don't worry about that. I'm a custom today.


Okay. Yes. But yeah, I'm good that we could just bury that now I felt like it was weighing on me. I think it stopped us from winning an Addie that year.


Can you keep us up to date.


On your Madden progress? I want to know when you win a Super bowl.


Yeah, I will. Yes.


Because I think that people will believe in you, too. Once the world can visualize Jameis Winston win a Super bowl, then I think that's 6 billion people that will be sharing in that vision.


It's going to help you.


Well, Jamis, this has been awesome. We want you on anytime you want to come back on. This exceeded everything we thought. It's been a long time coming, but this was so great and so thankful that you made the trip because it's so much better in person. So.




Thank you so much. We really appreciate it. We're fans for life. So neither of us are Jamis one of one?




But we have talked to him. So we ride, we ride, he sends us out. If he needs to send us out, we'll go muck it up with some people.


You need any angels in free agency?


Yeah, we got the word.


Say the word.


We got your back.


Listen, the person I'm praying to, he got me. But I'm grateful for this opportunity to be with you guys and to share this energy like you guys are men of increase.




And that's what I am going to surround myself with and be unapologetic for it. Yep.


Love it.


So I appreciate y'all. All right.


Thank you so much.


Thanks, Jamis. Jamis was brought to you by game time. It's Super bowl week. If you're trying to get in, use game time. Max got in with game time last year, right?


He did.


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Okay, wrapping up. I hope everyone loved the James interview as much as we did. That was so much fun. We will definitely have him on again.


He's going to be Moses.


I feel like we could have talked to him forever. We can definitely do a whole other interview. But yeah, he's the best.


He's going to be Moses.


We need him to get a starting job. We need more James office for 8 hours.


He talked about it, but I was thinking back on it because I think that interview was at like 11:00 a.m.. Yeah. And I think at 05:00 he was like, still on the. I was doing something else. I came out of a meeting and went to the golf simulator and he was just.


But it was great. It's nice. We've had Cam Newton and Brandon marshall, Jamis, Chris Berman, who's coming on Wednesday. Like, anyone who wants to come, come hang out with us for a day because it's not like, yeah, Jules not coming to just do an interview. It's coming to hang out, do a bunch of stuff with us. So thank you to Jamis for making the trip for us. So much fun. So much fun. He is maybe my favorite player ever.


The nicest dude ever. Nicest dude ever.


And now.


Now we're texting with Jamis.


Yeah, now he's our boy.


He's our boy.


He's our boy.


Great dude. Best friends.


All right.


Was there anything else that happened today, big cat and maybe pop culture, arts, music, anything like that, that we should cover the Grammys. The Grammy awards?




No, that's what I said. I said, we got to do our Grammys. Recap.


Yeah, we're setting them up.


Yeah. Come on, Max. Come back. Try not to fart on your walk over here, but keep it about the Grammys burrito boy.


I'm on Max's side.


I'm not.


I think he kind of got set up by the universe. I'm not blaming Diana for accurately reporting because that's her job, to report on things, but this was just like, God. You can only point at God and be like, you put me in the situation.


Yeah, I wasn't sleeping, and I was just, like, outwardly farting like that would be bad, but what am I supposed. I don't know.


I'm going to say that I have no sympathy for Max. This is direct karma for saying, I hope you have a really safe flight.


You had a really safe flight.


Yeah. He was fucking around with airplanes. And what happened to him? He ate a burrito, farted his face off in front of a reporter.


Also, I was asleep on the flight today, and the person next to me just ripped open the window in the middle of the flight and woke me up with the sunlight. Kind of crazy.


Who was next to you?


Oh, it was me. Because I was awake. Because Hank elbowed me as hard as anyone's ever elbowed me when I was asleep.


Also, you're allowed to open up the window shades.




But not like, well, you opened it.


Too aggressively after he aggressively elbowed me.


Also, Hank is 4000ft in the air.


There's nothing to see.


Hank is so happy this happened to you, Max. I'm not happy, but Hank is so happy.


All of you are so happy.


We actually weren't 40,000ft in the air. I know exactly when it happened because I fell asleep before we took off. You elbowed me before we took off. So I woke up and as we were taking off, you fell asleep. And I opened the window to see what would it look like when we were taking off.


And also learned some about planes. It's 737. The operational ceiling is usually about 33,000. I guess it could go up to 40,000, but very rarely does that happen. So why don't you look at a map?


All right. Grammys. Grammys. So Travis Kelsey was there to support Taylor Swift? No, she goes to what?


Taylor Swift went with Lana Del Rey.


How many touchdowns does she have?




Wait, but Taylor Swift goes to all of Travis Kelsey's games?


Yeah, but he's super bowl.


Oh, okay. But they're playing right now.


Is he here?


He's prepping for Super bowl.


Oh, interesting.


They are here. Well, actually, yeah.


No, the chiefs and the commanders are.


Here, so he could have just taken a flight right after. He could have just taken a flight right after the Grammys.


I'm just telling you. I'm just reporting.


I don't think she has like a private jet or anything like that that she could put him on.


This is such a.


Did Billy strings win anything?


Nope. Tony Mitchell's right now, is that incorrect?


I don't know.


Looking great.


That's correct. Grammys are bullshit.


Tracy Chapman.


Tracy Chapman and Luke Holmes did fast car. People were liking it on twitter.




One of the best songs.


Yeah. Because people were mad that Luke Combs was doing fast car, being like. Even though Tracy Chapman, I think, said like, go ahead, cover my song. So now we get the full circle. They did it together. Beautiful moment.


Beautiful moment. Alex Earl was there.


How was she? No disrespect.


What songs?


All respect, she doesn't sing.


Braxton Barrios is one of our guys. He's a thirst trapper. Hair, by the way, has been looking incredible.


That's just a double thirst trap.




No, they're the hottest couple ever. No, I was going to go down his path, Zach. Really? Sex together, I'd assume. Yeah. That's all I want to say.


I think that they enjoy having sex with each other. Each person is probably the first person that the others had sex with. That's like, oh, now I get why sex is.


Yeah, you're hot.


You're hot enough.


You're hot too.




Zach Bryan was there with our coworker Brianna chicken.


Shout out, Brie.


Shout out.


Yeah. She was sitting like 4ft from Taylor Swift.


Pretty cool.


I wonder if she said anything about. She was like, hey, they talk about you a lot on. Pardon my take, pervert.


My take.


Yeah, pervert.


My take.




What was Taylor wearing?


A white and black dress and she.


Had a watch on her neck.


I did notice the.


I love the swifties who do like, I think they're called Tianon, maybe, who try to decipher everything that Taylor Swift does. Taylor Swift is the most obvious person ever whenever she's trying to send a message. She was wearing a necklace that was set to midnight.




Does that mean something happens at Midnight?


She telegraphs all of her stuff.


How many awards did she win?


She did not win song of the year.




She did not win.


Who did?


Billie Eilish.


Oh, for the Barbie song.


Barbie song.


Nice. Okay.




I saw Mike.


Yep, yep.


Won three Grammys. Jewels, then got arrested.


Yeah, that rocks. That's. So.


Wait, what did he get arrested for.


We don't know.


Don't know.




So as of now, I think it rocks if it's something really bad and that sucks.


Yeah. That's good for street cred, but probably sucks for the after party. His boys are still party, but it.


Is good for street cred.




Killer Mike's awesome.


Although it's kind of weird because you saw it. They're doing it where the Clippers in the Lakers play. He was just in the concourse getting arrested. That kind of sucked.


It does suck. So it might have been the thing where they'd been looking for him in LA for a while.


We know he's going to be.


We know he's going to be at the Grammys.




Who votes on the Grammys?


I don't know. The academy. Price Waterhouse. Cooper.


Jay Z called out the recording academy for never giving Beyonce album of the year.


Okay, nice.


Big wife guy.




Kyle Juicek.


Yep, yep.


Taylor, it's Kanye, babe, it's Kanye.


Shout out Kyle Juicek's wife for dunking on Quigs.


Yep. Yeah.


By the way, stand with her.


I'm a fan of any full back's.


Wife's a fucking piece of shit.




She'S not making a jacket, all right? She can't make a jacket for anybody if they're playing against her husband.


I think she already has made them.


Yeah, she's already made a new one.


Taylor's not going to wear the same thing twice, right?


She never does.


And Kristen can't, like, you can't make something for that.


You just can't.


Kristen, is it Krista Kristen. I would wear a Kristen Yuscheck jersey. That's how much I like her work. Respectfully.


Would it say the full name?




And it could even have her husband's number on it and be, like, a 49 ers one.




I just want to call you shack.


Yeah. I feel like that's just whatever. Taylor Swift did announce new album, Midnight.


Wait, a new album? Or is it a cover of rolls?


I don't know.


That was like.


Jake, is that you?




Who here's fucking pumped for the Super bowl nerd nugget sound?


I'm pumped.


I'm pumped, too.


I'll say. I'm pumped. I'm so pumped we're not wearing headphones in this studio, so I can deal with it. Yeah, I'll be pumped.


I'm very pumped.


It's usually the headphones.


Taylor Swift announced new. Wait, I just said that. Yeah, it's called the tortured poets department. And is releasing on April 19.


Okay, cool.


There's a couple of good ones.


Music for once.


There's a couple of memes ones that are thrown in here.


Okay. The memes ones.


Ozempic is a problem.




Because Lainey Wilson is that her name used to have a fat ass.




Backup boy.




Oprah wood. That's.


Okay. Oprah looked good.


Why is that problematic?




Okay, Hank, keep. Go on. Piece it all together. He's saying that Oprah started the fires in Maui. Oh, you said you're. That's what you're getting to.


You said that.


Okay. I love when Hank gets just little pieces of news. He never actually can piece it all together, but he's just like Oprah, problem fires. Okay, what else?


I think that's it.




That was great job.


You got one meme.


Stevie Wonder blind.


Confirmed. Confirmed. Confirmed how he presented award to Mariah Carey this weekend. And she walked up and he left his hand. Stevie Wonder confirmed.


I've seen a video where he catches a mic stand as it's falling over. I've seen that. You can feel that he waved high to Shaq one time, said, hi, shaq.


Stevie Wonder's the best. I saw him once in concert. It was one of the best concerts I've ever seen.




Songs in the key of life will change your life.




Listen to that album.




All right. Well, good job, boys. Great show. We have something special for the lottery ball this week. We have the schwam picking a ball every single episode because he was in the office on Friday. Wednesday we have the schwam on the show. And we might have someone sitting in Hank's chair to start the show, which I think AWS will be very excited for. It's Super bowl week. We're going to go all out for the AwL Super bowl week. So let's kick it to ourselves back in our studio.


I'm sorry for farting.


No, you aren't.


I am. I'm embarrassed.


Okay, we're going to wrap up the show. We have a special guest on Wednesday. You can see him right now sitting on the couch. Great interview as always. A Super bowl tradition with the schwam. And we figured, why not have the Schwam guest numbers with us all week? So every single show this week, we'll end with the Schwam numbers. We'll let you go first. So I could pick how many? One number. One number. If you get one of these this week. And this is a tease for the Wednesday show. Yeah, this is a tease for the Wednesday show. Can't tell you why. Yeah. 22. 22. Okay. I like that.


I'll go eight.


I'll go 71. 40 for Hank. Three. Three for memes. 18 for Jake Shane. 21 for Shane.


If you get this, I think we have to retire the ball.


Yeah. Look at this thing. I'm not allowed to look. 56. 56. So no one was even within 20? No, that happens a lot.


It's okay.


Love you guys.


I don't know what. Anyway. Today is another day to find you?


Shine away I'll be coming for your lover you love?




away? Life is okay?


Stay after me? It's a better to be safe than.


Sorry to be safe?


It's always.


Take me out?


I don't.


Keep talking.