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Today'S part of my take we've got a twofer for the people. We have head coach Jimbo Fisher, currently not coaching, but we have a great discussion with him about the national championship on Monday night. His time at Texas a m. His time at Florida State. Jameis Winston, that is the theme of today's show because we also have Cam Jordan from the New Orleans Saints on the show. We also talked to him about Jameis Winston.


Somebody out there has to know Jameis Winston. And if you do, just play him today's episode. Yeah, please.


It's the Jamis episode. So great interview though with Cam Jordan, talked some ball with him, talked about the Saints playing in a big game this weekend, trying to get in the playoffs, being an older future hall of Famer in the NFL. We're going to talk about week 18, everything that's at stake, and we're going to do fire Fest of the week at the end before we do all of that. Optimum Nutrition it is a takeover episode. This episode is presented by Optimum nutrition. Are you ready to unlock more than 24? Adding gold standard 100% whey protein by optimum nutrition to your workout gives you 24 grams of high quality protein to support muscle building and recovery in rich, delicious flavors. An essential piece for building a routine that can help you get more with your workouts. We're all getting in shape this winter. Max and I lifted yesterday. I saw PFT was on the squat rack. Hank yet to see him, but he tells us six pack is coming. It is optimum nutrition. Feel better in 2024. Let's get in our best shape ever and do it with optimum nutrition. Put the world's number one sports nutrition brand to the test.


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Know that the gold standard, whey protein, that is literally the gold standard.


It is the gold standard. So go check it out. Okay, let's go, boy. Now in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done. No place to hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh, no we gonna rock down to electric I renu and then we take it higher. Always.


Pardon my take. Presented by Barcelona Sports.


Welcome to pardon my take. Today is Friday, January 5, and we have reached the finale of the NFL regular season, week 18. It came fast, boys.


You know what? I'm going to say it.


This is not a Rick Patino joke.


This is the start of the playoffs.


This is the start of the playoffs.


We got playoffs this.


Well, there's some teams that have already been playing in the playoffs.


Yeah, well, some teams since like, week one. Yeah, but yeah, we got playoff games this weekend.


We got playoff games this weekend. We've got a full week 18 card, a couple of Saturday games, full Sunday slate. I'm just going to say it right now. Enjoy it, embrace it, the chaos. I know there's some games that don't mean anything, but there's enough games that have enough implications. I'm very excited for this last full Sunday that we will get to spend together watching all the games. Yes. Reliving all the chaos. But we did get here and we got here fast. It goes. The seasons change. What was your favorite moment of the 2023 regular season?


Oh, there were so many good moments this year. I really like the Cadarius Tony storyline. Yes, that was good. It was fun. Follow along with that.


I like that one. Guy's girlfriend, what's her name? Travis Kelsey. Girlfriend, what's her name?


Oh, I thought you're going to say the gymnast.


I think she's a singer.


Oh, yeah, the singer. Yeah, the gymnast.


Also the gymnast who's dating the guy in Green Bay.


Yeah. Did she win anything?


Julie Ertz's husband. Julie ertz getting injured.


I'd say the number one story from the 2023 NFL regular season is everyone's favorite quarterback got hurt.


Yeah, except for Lamar.


Except for Lamar, who's won the mvp. Congratulations, Lamar. Congratulations, he has won the mvp, but yes, we have a full week 18 to get through, so I split it up this week.


You stole my ramp pin.


Oh, yeah. I was using it for the dozen. That's not for you. I had to do some Jeff delo trivia. Okay, so week 18, we have four games that mean absolutely nothing. So I wanted to just say them out loud so people can be like, did you talk about them? Yes. Maybe even put a timestamp. Browns at Bengals. Jets at Patriots. Broncos at Raiders.




They mean nothing.


Patriots mean a lot.


It does mean a lot, actually, that one. Browns at Bengals means nothing. We'll go slowly. Browns at Bengals means nothing.


It means absolutely nothing happens.


No injuries.


The real story behind this is actually my favorite story of the entire NFL season. The comeback of Joe Flacco.




Joe Flacco being back to the point where he's being rested as a star in the last game of the season.


Who would have thought?


It's amazing. And I heard our good friend Mark Titus was saying that the debate of Joe Flacco versus Damar Hamlin for comeback player of the year really comes down to what's more impressive, coming back from the dead or taking the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs? I actually think it's a little bit different. I would say that coming back from playing for the New York jets is more impressive than coming back from the.


Dead and then taking the Cleveland Browns to the playoffs. Yeah.


He's basically the next Jesus.


Yeah. It's insane what he's done, and I feel like the nation should be rooting for the Browns.




America's team.


The Browns or the Lions are the Michigan. We're already tied up with Michigan being America's team. No, the Browns and the Lions. If you're just going off, like, vibes off, what you would like to see happen, if you're rooting for the underdog, those are your two teams that you're rooting for.


They're the two teams that if you don't even bet on them, like, as a sports fan, I'm just like, yeah, it would be nice.


Let them have something.


No, no money involved. Just like, that'd be cool.




Yeah. All right, so Browns and Bengals means nothing. I'll push the Jets Patriots to mean something. Broncos at Raiders also means nothing. As long as we assume that Antonio Pierce has been hired full time again.


They should just remove that title, make him head coach for life, or at least just remove the interim tag before the game and get a nice little boost. I also think that the Raiders should remind people on black Monday we fired Josh McDaniels this, that you want to re bump that, re bump the stream when it comes to that.


Yeah. Schafter should retweet himself.


Yes, we remember this guy did get fired this year.




But yeah, this game really doesn't mean anything except you've got already a lot of the players of the Raiders coming out saying like, keep ap, keep ap, keep ap. It didn't work last time, but I think it's going to work this time.


I also think that the Raiders, I will probably, even though this game means nothing, bet on the Raiders simply in an old algorithm that I have, team that likes their head coach or interim head coach versus team that hates their head coach. Do you think they in week 18? Yeah, I think there's some guys that don't like him. He threw the whole offense under the bus.


Yeah, probably a couple of guys on the team don't like him that much, but also a couple of guys on the team probably didn't like Russ Wilson that much.


Yeah, but it doesn't it feel like the Broncos are probably going to do a pretty big changeover. Sean Payton's got to get his guys in. Yes.


All his guys.


He's got to get his guys in. So. And then the last game, that doesn't mean anything. Chiefs at Chargers means nothing. Chiefs are going to be resting starters. Chiefs are going to hopefully become the dangerous team that everyone's been waiting for them to become. And the Chargers, they also need to remind everyone they fired Brandon Staley. Yes.


They need to rebump that as think. I feel like the Chiefs are running like two separate practices this week, this week's team and then the real team that they're going to be playing with in the playoffs.




I did see a story come out the other day, though. Travis Kelsey will not be attending the Golden Globe awards. Oh, I think it was the Golden Globes.


He got to work.


He has to work because it's on a Sunday. Taylor Swift was going to be there. You have to wonder. Trouble in paradise not there to support.




I personally would go to Taylor Swift's award ceremony.


How many games has Taylor Swift's gone do this year? Like ten. All of them? Yeah. And he can't go to one little award show.


It seems toxic.


Are the Chiefs a better team if Travis Kelsey goes to the award show instead of play?


It might be Tiller deserves better. That's all I'm saying.


Yeah. All right, so let's get to the games that matter and we'll go through these games in chronological order. So we're starting with the Steelers and the Ravens on Saturday afternoon. The Steelers need to win and also have a bills loss or a Jaguars loss to get in. The Ravens have the one seed wrapped up. We get to do the rest versus Russ debate. It does feel like the Ravens are going to sit some of their key starters, which I think they should do. Yes. But I am of the belief that Tyler Huntley and the way this game goes that the Ravens are very live in this game.


I think they're live in this game because the Ravens are the best team in the NFL at playing games like this. Yeah, like Harbaugh prepares them to do this in the preseason.




So they don't lose in the preseason. Harbaugh takes it seriously. It doesn't matter if his second stringers are in, third stringers are in. They're trying to win those games. So it feels like the backup players on the Ravens are going to be more ready to go ahead and execute than any other team.


And there's just a simple math. You can't sit. Yeah, like you can't sit everyone. You need to have some guys out there. So you'll sit Lamar Jackson. I would know Odell will, assuming Roquan will probably sit. Probably Humphrey likely. Yeah, there's probably some defensive guys they got to sit. Just know ravens have had some bad luck from time to time. But as good as the Steelers been playing with Mason Rudolph, when you're getting three and a half points in the Steelers versus Ravens, I don't care. Just tell me who has the plus.


Sign next to them throughout the record books.


It doesn't matter.




I think this also happened in I think the year the Ravens got the one seed they played the Steelers week 18 with none of them play for and I think rg three beat them.


Yeah, I remember that game.


So that shows you that I would not think the Ravens are going to be just a pushover on Saturday afternoon.


I don't think they are at all. I don't think any team's really a pushover for the Steelers. They have to kind of fight everything out.


That's true.


Weird. Ref crew alert. It's the same refs as in the Cowboys Lions game. We thought they'd be done for the season. They're back in maybe one of the most important games.


Why would they put them on this game?


Why would they put them in a standalone game?


It's so stupid.


You got to bury that ref crew when there's like six other games kicking off.


Yeah, there's nothing going on on Saturday afternoon. Everyone's going to watch this game.


We're going to be focused on this and hopefully nothing weird happens. But it's these guys.


These guys.


It's these guys.


All you got to do is say these guys.


These guys are going to be our tv. TJ Watt also going for the sack lead in the NFL. He's at 17 right now, which puts him at number one. This would make him a three time NFL sack champion, which I don't think has been done before.


Also, TJ Watt, we talk about the baby bump. Is there a Jersey Jerry bump? I think there could be because our guy, Jersey Jerry, if you didn'tune in, spent 37 hours trying to hit a hole in one. He finally did it on the 37th hour. He was what, 2600 strokes to get a hole in one on the simulator. And in classic Jerry fashion. We've had Jerry on the show a couple of times. Most of our audience knows him. He used his speech because we're like, we need a speech. There was a hundred thousand people watching on YouTube and his speech was basically, I think this has earned me a dinner with TJ Watt. Please go to dinner with. Yeah. Yeah.


And so Jerry, I think Jerry will show TJ the same respect that TJ showed Jerry by watching the stream. Jerry will be watching this game.


Yeah. I feel like TJ is going to be like, what would Jerry do when he's trying to get this sack record? Yep. I don't see it any other way.


This is going to be bully mode for TJ Watt. Yeah, for sure. Yeah. So this is actually, I'm looking forward to this game. I always look forward to the Steelers Ravens game. This time it kind of means something. I want the Steelers to win because I'd like to see the Steelers in the playoffs reach that point earlier this year. I was saying, if there's one team I do not want to see, not in the terms of like, you don't want to run into this team in the playoffs. I did not want to see the Steelers in the playoffs. Now I kind of do.


Now it's the Jaguars. I don't want to see the Jaguars in the playoffs. I want the Steelers to win. I want the Texans colt winner would get in and the Bills to win. And then you get the Jaguars out of the playoffs. Yes. That's what I would, that would be a great setup ideally, and I'm sorry to Jags fans, but it's a tough watch. Yeah, it's tough watch.


They know.


Yeah. Okay, nerd Nugget from you, Jake.


The Steelers are 13 and three in regular season finale since 2007 when Mike Tomlin took the reins as head coach of Pittsburgh. There are 13 victories in regular season finales under Tomlin, the most in the NFL since 2007.


Okay, that is interesting, but he has already gotten his 9th win.


Yeah, I have my bird nugget of the week, actually, for this game, for the Ravens.


Let's go.


Did you know that a group of ravens is called a murder?


Oh, I did know that.


Actually, in a tribute to Ray Lewis.


Yes, I did know that.


Also crows also. I don't know if this is a good bit or not, but maybe my fire fest of the week ahead of time. I downloaded an AI voice and video simulator, and I've just been using it all afternoon doing celebrities, just, like, typing stuff to keep myself entertained. Actually, we have a special guest, Donald Trump, who has a prediction for this game, if you'd like to hear.


Okay. Okay.


Let's just see what Donald Trump has to know.


Lamar is really one of the top guys. Very fast with those feet of his. He is also a great supporter of our tremendous movement. I'll never forget when he tweeted Truz Trump. But I like Pittsburgh this weekend, guys. I know firsthand how hard it is to stop the steal on January 6.


Okay, so that's Trump.


That's pretty good.


He's on the Steelers this weekend.


That's good, AI.


Pretty good.


Really good. Yeah, that's pretty good, AI.


We're fucked. As a society. We're fucked.


Oh, yeah. Although Jerry just beat the machine. That's true. Yeah. Jerry might be the guy we need, like, at the front of the army. I'll take down a machine.


He's John Henry.




Someone tried doing boomers of you guys a few weeks ago.


Yeah, it didn't sound that close, though.


But they're trying.


Yeah. Okay, next game. Next game, we have the Texans and the Colts. A playoff game. It is a playoff game. So these teams, whoever wins this game will be in the playoffs. I will be happy with either result because I think both teams have had great seasons in different ways. The Colts were supposed to do know Anthony Richardson hurt Shane Steichen keeps them alive. They're now playing a home playoff game to get into the playoffs. And then CJ Stroud has been one of the stories of this year and how incredible he's been as a rookie. So both these teams have their own wrinkles and stories that I'd be like, you know what that's awesome that they made the playoffs.


I'm going to go ahead and say it. Whichever team loses this game, they have nothing to hang their head over. Nope, nothing to hang your head over.


You have something to build on.


You get something to build on big time. If you get into the playoffs, then you have something maybe even a little bit bigger to build on because you've got that one year playoff experience under the new regime.




But, yeah, both these teams, congratulations. I think both these teams should be congratulated for their performance in the AFC south this year.


Yes, I lean Texans just because it comes down to who do I trust more, CJ Stroud or Gardner Minshew? And I'm no offense to Gardner Minshew, but I'm going to say my answer is CJ Stroud. But it's basically a pick. Like, who knows?


I'm going to take the over and hope for the best.




Because the Colts offense is actually pretty good this year. I think they're top ten.


Well, and Shane Steichen, part of his thing is that he is not afraid to take shots, and especially if they get down a little bit, he's going to push the ball. So, yeah, the Colts overs have been good this year.


They've been really good this year.




I'm rooting for Shane Steichen. I would like to see him go farther than the Philadelphia Eagles.


Oh, that would be fun. I'm also rooting for Will Anderson to get a couple sacks and become the defensive rookie of the year. Okay. Because he should be.


For any particular reason?


No, I just think Will Anderson's been the defensive rookie of the year.


If I had a vote over Kalaja Kansi. Yeah, they're both pretty good.


They split. They'll split. Who do you have?




Okay, so who do you have?


I have Kalaja. Can't see as mine.


All right. I have Will Anderson. Jake, who do you have?


Will Anderson or Kalija with a K.


Cansey with a c. No, that's what I meant. Can't see.


With who do you have? Will Anderson or Kalijah Cansey?


Will Anderson.


Okay, memes, you got to break the tie. You got to break the tie, memes. I'll go Will Anderson. Okay, so Will Anderson has won the. Pardon my take. Defensive rookie of the year. We got everyone's vote.


Damn it.


No. What? Jalen Carter. Oh, would you celebrate that, Max?


I would. Celebrate is not the right word. I don't celebrate anything less than Super Bowls. Oh, really? You wouldn't drink champagne or anything before a Super bowl? That's your definition of celebration? Not mine. That was just a beverage.


He was just thirsty. Okay, Jake, what is your nerd nugget for this game?


Last week, Texans wide receiver Robert woods became the 12th active player in the NFL to reach 8000 receiving yards.


Okay, I can read the woods, right?


Yeah, but that's an underrated.


Wait, what was the twelveth active receiver.


To reach 8000 receiving yards?


Okay. Mike Evans. Yes. Antonio Brown. Active. Active. Sorry, not Antonio Brown.




AJ Brown.


Odell is not on there.


AJ Brown.


AJ Brown's not on there.


Odell's not on there.


Cooper Cup.


I said first.


Cooper Cup's not on there.


Okay. This sucks. This list sucks.


Puka Nakua. No, he's probably going to get the rookie receiving yard. Let's see.


EJ Tyree.


Kill is on there.


On there.


Oh, old guys. DeAndre and Julio Jones. Both. Yes.


Devante Adams.


Yes. This list sucks.






Good guess.




Terry McLaurin.


Wide receivers or tight ends as well?


One more tight end.


Travis Kelsey?


Two more tight ends.




One more tight end.




Mercedes Lewis.




Eric Ebron?


No. Mo.


Ali Cox?


One more tight end.


Darren Waller.


No. George kitten.


This tight end doesn't really play as much of a factor anymore, but he's still.


Yeah. Yeah. Okay. All right. Yeah. That list.


Stefan Diggs, Amari Cooper, Brandon Cooks, Keenan Allen.


You remember Stefan Diggs? Yeah, he was good.


Yeah, really good. He was really good his heyday earlier this year.


Yeah, until like six weeks ago.


Okay, we talked about browns, Bengals, Vikings, Lions. This game doesn't really mean anything if the Cowboys and Eagles both win as heavy favorites. Lions feel like they're in the three seat. Also, the Cowboys and eagles are playing later, so I guess the Lions have to try. Really. Are they locked in?


I think that they would want to try to win, but there are three.


And a half point underdogs at home, so that makes me think they're not going to try to win.


Let me see if they're locked.


See what I'm saying?


Lions play well.


I guess they wouldn't be if the Cowboys won because it'd be head to head, right? Yeah, I think that's. The Lions aren't dogs. I thought they were dogs.


Oh, they're going back to Nick.


Oh, they're all right. So that makes sense. They are trying to win. Yeah. I also think Dan Campbell can't. He wouldn't know how to try to lose.


I don't think he could tank. He's incapable of it.




So he's five and against the spread, against the Vikings. Something to keep in the back of your head, and I don't think he's going to tank this one.




They are playing for the opportunity to maybe jump the Cowboys if the Cowboys lose to the commanders, which is probably not going to happen with a win.


Dallas and Philly loss.


Yeah. Okay. So they need both of those.


They need both those things to happen. So I don't think that they're going to think. I think Dan Campbell will give a speech to his guys and he'll say, we have not earned the right to take our foot off the gas.


Yeah, I agree. And men like, also, this is a bad taste. You got to get the bad taste out of your mouth. Last Saturday did not go well. The ending sucked. I think the Lions are going to come out and be like, we got to get ourselves ready for the playoffs. We got to put some good tape out there. Maybe if they get, like, a big lead, they might pull some guys. But, yeah, I think they're going to try to win this game. And Kevin O'Connell deserves a lot of credit because he's a very good coach. I will never understand going with Jaron hall in that game on Sunday night.


No, he's trying to find the hot hand. That's what he's been trying to do is like, he's trying to time it out to go. Like, Jaron hall had a good week of practice, so I think he'll be better on Sunday. In this case, he's going back to Nick Mullins again. I guess Nick Mullins had a good week of practice.


Well, Nick Mullins is a competent quarterback. Yeah. Ish.


You have to see what Jaron hall has. I guess at some point, I would have gone with Josh. I would have stuck with Dobbs. Just be like, fuck it. Let's go.


Just keep going. Yeah. All right. Nerd Nugget for this game, Lions tight.


End Sam Laporta is just one of four rookies in NFL history to produce this season with at least 80 catches, 800 receiving yards and nine receiving touchdowns.


It is pretty crazy that the Lions traded TJ Hawkinson last year, and then they just got really good tight ends.


They got like a younger, better version of TJ.


Yeah. From the same school.


Yes, exactly. Yeah, they just went back.


Okay. Jaguars of Titans. I think this is Titans. Maybe outright.


So last week, Mike Vrabel had a great quote. I fucking can't stand losing.


No. So the reporter asked, how do you feel about losing? And he said, it fucking sucks. Yeah.


Losing fucking sucks.


And then he gave a whole answer and then he's like, you got anything else? Yeah, the reporter. It's a good answer. Belittled him.


It's a good answer from Vrabe's. I think that this is the Titans, too. I don't believe in the Jaguars.


It's just the Mike frable in a week eight team where nothing matters for his team against the Jacksonville Jaguars, who are battered and beaten and have not looked good. And yeah, they beat the Panthers and their defense looked good. But just, we've seen this. What was Carson Wentz and the Colts? Oh, no, that was the reverse. The Jaguars beat the Colts.


Jaguars beat the Colts.


But it's just something weird always happens in the AFC south in late season.


Game and this is variable Super bowl this year.


Also revenge. Remember the Titans lost the Jaguars in week 18 last year to get in the playoffs. So little revenge. That was Josh Dobbs.




Saturday night game.


I actually do think that Varable is going to have the team ready to play. Do we know, is it going to be Will Levis or is it going to be Tannehill?


I don't know.


It doesn't really factor into my equation. My equation is just Mike Vrabel. It's a one item equation.


So we get, oh, will Levis. I'm watching right now. He's dancing at practice.


I think it's Will Levis.


Nothing confirmed, but Levis is.


I've got someone, Nick Suss online got Will Levis feet picks. So it's just a zoomed in picture of his feet. He's got ankle wraps.


I love that Nick Suss.


Nick Suss got those will Levis feet pick.


Great account.


He moved. Wait, here it is. Will Levis moved. Okay. Not as well as last week. Worked third when all three were together and second when they reduced to only two getting work. So that kind of means it might.


Be Tan L and is Trevor Lawrence playing? He said that his shoulder feels better every day, so that's good. Trending in the right direction.


That's officially trending in the right direction.


Again, it doesn't factor to my equation. My equation is Mike Vrabel plus zero equals Mike Vrabel.




And so that's telling me to bet.


The Titans he's going to get the boys fired up one way or the other. Okay, nerd nugget.


For this game, Jaguars running back Travis EtN has eleven rushing touchdowns this season, becoming the first Jaguars since 2009 to record at least ten rushing touchdowns in a season. The last was MJD in 2009. They haven't had a good running back.


Okay. In a while.


Yeah, they used to have good ones, though. They had Fred Taylor.


Yeah. MJD. He got fat.


Yeah. He was always like, a little squatty body.


Good NFL Network personality, though.


Yeah, but he got fat.


Yeah, we got a little chunky. You remember when he knocked out Sean Merriman? Yeah, that was great. Good block.


He was awesome. So much fun to watch.


Short king.


Okay, Jets Patriots. Henry.




You want to lose this game?


We do.


I don't think Bill Belichick will lose this game.


Neither do I. But there are reports coming out that there's a lot of turmoil in the coaching staff locker room. Now that it seems like things might be over, there might be some airing of grievances, throwing people under the bus.


Oh, do tell.


I just read a report that someone said the staff was super dysfunctional. An anonymous source. Have we not read Hank this direct report for the last, like, ten weeks?


He's now believing it, and Hank's been.


Saying it's fan fiction. Well, now I'm trying to convince myself that we can lose this game.


Got it.


Yeah, that makes sense. I've been saying for the last three weeks, Bill Belichick will not lose to the Jets.


I feel like Bill Belichick, if he does get fired, they need to make that its own day. He can't go out with, like, he.


Can'T go out on Black Monday.


He can't go out on the black Monday. We can't scroll black Monday and be like, Dennis Allen fired. Nick Siriani fired. Bill Belichick fired. He needs his own day.


Well, he should be traded at the Super bowl.


That'd be funny if they fired Nick Sirianni before the playoff game.


Yeah, that'd be good.


Just realize that.


Wonder if that's possible. Yeah, I have a guest picker here for this game, too, if that's okay.




All right, let's see what he has to say. Hang on.


We don't win anymore in Washington, and it's quite sad. We are looking very strongly at bringing in Bill Belichick, a true patriot and great winner. He is a friend of mine, and the New York jets have been very nasty to him.


So I think he likes Bella. He said that the New York jets have been very nasty to him. What was the pick? You sound like a lib, Hank. No, you're nitpicking everything that President Trump says. He said he had a pick. He didn't have a pick. Okay, well, I think he likes the Patriots. This weekend.


He did not have a pick.


He did not. But the New York jets, in fact, have been very nasty to Bill Belichick and he's been very nasty back 15.


In a row, though.


Water always finds its level meme. Like the jets. No do. There's more due than the New York jets versus the Patriots.


Do you want to win this game? No. Really? No. But even to get the 15 in a row done. Yeah. So right now I'm saying no, but if they do win, I'll be like, yeah, they did it. And then Patriots will draft a quarterback that plays there for 15 more years.


And absolutely tortures the fan base. This actually might be the Izzy game.


What do you mean?


Izzy might get a full workload.


Oh, he might? Yeah.


Dalvin Cook's out.


Yeah. Oh, Izzy. Touchdown.


Is he out or did Dalvin Cook get cut?


Wait, is he out?


It's like cell phone.


In. Is he in?


Is he in? Wait, Dalvin Cook's playing or, I don't know, me?


That's what I'm asking you. Dalvin Cook out.


But is he out?


Is he in? Dalvin Cook out? I don't know if he's in. That's what we're asking. You got it.


No, he's out. Is he in?


I don't know if he's in.


Dalvin out.


Is he in?


Okay, great bit.


Okay, so is he in? Dalvin Cook also. Oh, no.


Dalvin Cook out.


Is he in?


Dalvin Cook is being given the opportunity to sign with a.


Seriously? Yeah.


Oh, that's why they let him go, was to give him the opportunity to get on a playoff roster.




Cut. He's not out. He's cut. I believe he's cut. Is he released?


Yeah, he's released.


He's been released.


Got it.


Okay, so that's why. That's why it's the.


Got it. Got it. Yeah. Dalvin contender? I don't think so. Tell them, like, the Chargers are still in it.


You know what I would do if I'm the Ravens? I would sign them just in case.


Yeah, that might not be terrible. Just in case. Just in case. Okay, nerd nugget for this game.


Reminder first for big cat to bet Patriots and under.


Forbid for big cat. Yeah. What did you say?


Reminder for big cat. Okay, maybe I misspoke, but I thought.


It was forbid cat.


The last time they played, you told.


Me to remind you under and the might, not the unders. The undersgross. I'm not going to bet the under, but I will bet the Patriots.


Patriots running back Ezekiel Elliott enters the final week of the season second on the team in receptions, only one catch behind leader Demario Douglas.


Oh, that's competent offense.


Never again.


If he out catches Douglas, it'll be the second straight season that a running back leads the Patriots in receptions and the 10th time in team history.




When your running back leads the team in receptions, that's like, if your safety leads the team in tackles, is there a team out there that has that occurring? Right. It's not, it's just not a good sign.


No, it's not a great sign. Matt Forte, I think, led the Bears in receptions a few years, but yeah.


Unless that person's Lashawn McCoy or Ladinian Thomason or.




Brian Westbrook.


Yeah. Okay, next game down the list. Falcons at Saints. If the Bucks lose, this becomes the battle for the NFC south. Kind of fun.


Kind of fun. I think the Saints, I love the Saints this weekend.


Yeah. I mean, the Falcons can't play on the road personally. That's what I was going to say.


The Falcons really can't play on the road at all. Arthur Smith, though. Saints are building on something. Really building, I think. What are they, three and one in their last four right now? So the Saints, in the last quarter of the season, the Saints have been trending towards being not just a playoff team, but a good playoff.


Probably the one seeds they would be.


So I'm riding with Carr, man. Arthur Smith, division rival, wants to spoil the season for the Saints.


Well, no, he's trying to get in the playoffs.


He's trying to get in the playoffs himself. He tries to spoil.


They're equal.


Right. And get into the playoffs.


If they win this game and the Bucks lose, they win the NFC south. They host a playoff game that's huge.


And spoil and spoil simultaneously. I personally love the Saints this weekend. All the Falcons.


Yeah. I kind of want the Saints to make the playoffs just because then maybe Jamis would get in. Yeah.


Saints making the playoffs and Derek Carr getting like a high ankle spraying. That'd be the ideal situation.


Yeah. And also just so Stephen Che, I would love to laugh in his face to the Panthers.


Yeah, that'd be nice.


Yeah. All right, nerd nugget for this game.


Shout out to today's guest. Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan's 116 and a half sacks since 2012 leads the NFL over that span. Von Miller and Chandler Jones right behind him with 112.


Future hall of Famer.


There you go.


We're going to get to it.


So the behind the scenes dialog that Hank and I were doing right there is that this game means a lot for who gets the second overall pick. Because if both the Patriots lose and the commanders lose, this is the most important game. This is like worth two games.


If the Saints win, it's good for you.


If the Saints win, then the commanders would probably get the second overall pick.


Got it.


And if the Falcons win, Patriots.


Yeah. It's to see who has to give their entire future assets to me.




I love it.


For the right to catch.


I love it.


But it's also loser of this will.


Have to just hand me all the picks. Hank.


I'll just say that a top three pick in this draft is pretty good. There's three, maybe even four.


You can get to one. It will cost you everything, but you can get to one. Gimme, gimme, gimme.


I have no idea who our new gym is going to be.


Ooh. This is actually tough for me because I got to figure out who's more likely to suck next year. Yeah.


Are you worried about Caleb Williams?


I don't know.


You got to wait for the I.


Got to see coaching outcome suck more.


Are you not worried about Caleb Williams, like becoming Patrick Mahomes 2.0?


Listen, I know you're on your hate me little. You started 2024 just being like, I'm just going to fucking propaganda. Get big cat. Just fucking stick it to him. No, I'm not worried. I got to figure out who's going to suck more.


We might be doing the process in DC.


I think it might be Washington, but.


Look at the history.


Yeah, but if Belichick's gone, your history is gone.


Yeah, and then we might get your history, right.


Oh, man.


You ever think about that? Belichick breaking the all time wins record on my sideline?


It will be very dependent on you guys. Coach, who you guys hire.


We're going to throw him a parade. We're going to treat Bill, we would treat you so good in DC. You would be a king to go. You go coach Navy football and lacrosse during the week, Bill. Man, Bill, you would be my main bitch.


Okay, so I think this is what I'm rooting for. I'm rooting for the Saints to win.




You get the second pick.


Yeah, you are.


Hank gets the third pick. Hank then gives me all the future picks. And then picks number one takes Caleb Williams. You take Drake May, and you have Bill Belichick. And Drake May turns out to be the better of the two.


I like that. That'd be then.


Oh, boy.


And then big cat, they both become hall of Famers.


That's really hard. When's the last time the number one and number two pick became hall of famers at a quarterback position? Never.


And then big cat drops back through luck. RG three, even further in the draft. And then you get Jaden Daniels, and then they're both better. Caleb Williams, who spends all his time taking pictures of his outfits. Skyrise apartments.


Yeah. What do you think about that? And then the jets get Michael Pennix and he's.


Yeah. Yeah, I like this.


This is fun.


This is a great future.


What are you looking for, Hank? He's looking for number one and number two. Half the quarterbacks in every first round suck.


They stink. Zero. The answer is zero.


Never been zero. So there's always a 50% chance that one of those guys going to stink.


There's always a winner and a loser.


Yeah, and sometimes both losers.


And there could easily be two losers. Given our team's history in terms of drafting long term solutions at the quarterback position, giving us a high pick does not necessarily mean we're going to take a better player.


Correct. But if the choice is out of your hands, then at least you can say, well, we had no choice. Exactly. Which is actually a great choice.


It is to have the choice to be forced.


Yes, exactly.


Forget about the noise and pressure around fitness. At New Year's. I use a peloton bike. I'm getting back on my bike in the new year. Going to get back in shape. But guess what? You shouldn't feel any pressure to have your body ready in three weeks. It's a process. You got to find joy in the process. The best way to do that is with Peloton. This new year. Peloton is making it easier to get started with up to $600 off peloton bike purchases and two months free membership. Shop Peloton's New Year's slash deals. That's one. slash deals. Terms apply.


Okay. Oh, no. Bucks Panthers. We got sidetracked there. Bucks Panthers. I think the Panthers are live in this game. I like all the shitty teams this week. I just want to say it right now. I'm probably going to be betting the worst teams possible.


Is David Tepper going to be suspended from attending this game? That's what I want to know.


$300,000 is a joke. He makes that in like an hour in interest.


Like the cushions of his couch have $300,000.


No, he probably has a ticker in his office. That's like you want to see how much I'm making just with my money sitting in all these stocks. Look. Yeah, 300,000 every second.


The drink that he threw probably was worth about three hundred k. Yeah.


According to front office sports today, it's the equivalent of finding the average American a dollar.


And that's worth it for a drink. Throw, like, a cup of coffee.


Yeah, that's worth it for a drink. Coffees. I've noticed people are going to get mad at you and say, you're out of touch.


It's a gallon of milk.


What could it cost? One dollars? 75 is what, a fucking month's rent?


No, I drink Stella blue coffee.


That's a fact.


And I get it in the coffee grinds.




And so therefore, you save money when you make it.


And we get it at the office.


And we get it at the office. Yeah. So it's a dollar 75 for coffee.


You know, there are people who police us because we got a little change in our pockets. They're like, these guys are so out of touch.


Yeah, well, whatever.


Remember when we did the Brock purdy and we're like, that's not a lot of money. Yes, it is a lot of money. $800,000. We're saying it's not a lot of money to be the leader of the.


MVP and not in the San Francisco area.




There are people that make $800,000 in San Francisco that drive Ubers on the.


Weekend, that step in human shit every day. Yeah, we've seen the videos on Twitter. Ian Michael Chung or whatever.


I'm just upset.


I'm just upset that we doesn't live in America. Who just bashes America.


Yeah, the guy that people eat it up. Yeah. He lives in, like, the Philippines.


He just is in my algorithm all the time. It's like America's dying. It's like, wait, dude, you don't live here.


America's still pretty good.


We fucking rock. Yeah.


We got the NFL, bitch.


Yeah. Every Sunday, motherfucker. Okay, what were we talking about?


We're talking about the Panthers.


Oh, yeah.


David Tepper coffee. Is David Tepper suspended for a just. I like the idea of suspending an owner from attending a game. That sounds fun to me, but that would actually.


No, he should have to attend this game.


Watching the Panthers is a punishment in and of itself.


Yeah. His actual punishment should be he has to sit down and watch the entire season back. Yeah, that would be.


Watch more Panthers.


Yeah. And watch more.


So I. I actually like the bucks this weekend. I like them a lot. I don't think that the Panthers don't have anything to play for.


That's why they're dangerous at all. I just love the idea of, because it doesn't it feel like every week 18, we have, like, one or two of these games that are just like, where the fuck did this come from? It's a team that needs to win and a team that doesn't give a fuck. What did Tommy give us? That stat on advisors? It's like a team that needs to win versus a team that doesn't have anything to play for. The team that needs to win is, like, 38% against the spread. So it happens. Might not be this game, but I'm going to say right now, I'm going to load up on the worst teams this week.


I think there's going to be a Kalija canti coming out party.


Okay. Maybe get that extra vote, that swing vote. Teams, open your eyes. Yes. Okay. Nerd nugget.


Buccaneers quarterback Baker Mayfield needs two passing touchdowns to join Tom Brady as the only players with 30 plus passing touchdowns in their first season with Tampa Bay and just the third player to do it overall for the team. Ooh, sneaky.


Good season. Tom Brady and baker mayfield have very similar numbers the last two years.




Yeah. Well, like, last year's Tom Brady versus this year's baker mayfield.


Okay, so not like Tom brady last year.


Yeah, last year's Tom Brady and this year's baker mayfield is very similar because.


I have very similar numbers to this.


Year'S Tom Brady, and they're also very similar teams. Yeah. Like, scratching and clawing. Not good. Maybe they're good. Maybe get a home playoff game and we're all going to buy into it and then, well, who would they play? They probably play a really good team that just. Best wild card.


They would. And if you look at the NFC, the good wild card teams have way better records than the Bucks would have.




They could probably be going up against a pretty good defense.


Yep, you'd think so. Who would they play? Does anyone have the playoff picture? If every favorite one, who would the Bucs play in the first round?


They would play against the Eagles.




At home, and we said they were really be. It would be heartbreaking for the Eagles to get bounced in the first round of the playoffs.


Yeah, I really need them to win that game.




We need max to get his. He needs to get back up.


I know.


On his feet.


I'll get to it.


Okay. We'll get to it. Okay. Next game, my Super Bowl, I might actually get a banner made just in case Bears, packers. I would like to address one thing. Henry Lockwood's propaganda machine. The clip came out. It was a good clip made by part of. There's one part of the clip, though, that I have a very big problem with.


Describe the clip for the.


It was the roller coaster of the Bears season. They started and they sucked and then they got better. And I was like, they're better. And then someone threw in the week 15 where I was like, it's over. The context on that clip is no one in this room realized they needed to beat the Browns to stay alive in the playoffs. So you guys were all goading me, being like, no, they could still make it. And I was like, no, it's over. They needed to beat the Browns, which I was correct about. So I wasn't saying the Bears sucked. I was saying, it's over. They're not going to make the playoffs.


You also were battling a lost voice, so it sounded like you were on the verge of.


Yes, so that was a fucked up clip. It was your guys fault for not realizing the playoff picture. I was just speaking fact. I was trying to believe, but that clip actually confirmed what I said. They started, they sucked. They got better. I said they got better. And the people who are like, if you're flip flopping, that's what fandom is, baby. I'm calling it like I see it.


I wasn't saying that you guys are like totally toe. I'm saying that looking forward to week 18, you have the opportunity to knock the packers out of the playoffs.


No, in that clip, you were saying they're still alive. They could play for a playoff spot in week 18. And I was saying, no, they had to beat the Browns to have that possible.


I also think there were some other things that could have happened along the way to make the Bears still mathematically alive because it would have been a miracle because the Bears weren't eliminated until last.


I understand, but they needed to beat the Browns. Yeah, they needed to beat the Browns to be alive. And everything that I said turned out to be exactly true.


But this is the Rams Giants game. They were like a field goal away from that being the case.


Then they would have needed like a tie and all this shit.


They needed tie in Sunday night football.


Because when they lost to the Browns, their playoff chances took a huge, huge dive.




Everyone was like, oh, no, they could still do it. Well, they could. I saw the future and I was like, they have to beat the Browns. I said it all that week, remember, I called it the gateway game. I said, they beat the Browns, then I think they could beat the Falcons. And Cardinals were playing for a playoff spot in week 18. So when we lost to the Browns and you guys were like, oh, no.


But you still kind of went through.


The gateway, you guys know?


Because I knew that you still believe in the team.


I believe in the team for next year. I hate you.


I think that this weekend, if you beat the packers, you're going to be so excited about this. You're going to bounce them to, this is something that you can build on next so much.


Also, everyone pointed out that a lot of Lions fans wanted Dan Campbell fired when they were one in six last year. And you're like, no. They all galvanized around him the whole season.


At the end of the season, at.


The end of the season, we're. At the end of the season. I'm galvanizing around the Bears and irrefluce. He's our coach. I don't think it was the majority.


Of Lions fans that wanted, remember, they.


Lost by, of course, 34 nothing that.


Wanted them to be fired. But I think overall, the overall sentiment was like, this sucks. He needs to figure out a way to turn.


It was bad when they were one.


In six, but I don't think they were all saying, fire this.


It was bad when they were one in six. What was the score of that Patriots game? I think they got shut out. Right.


But at the end of the season.


Everyone was, and where are we right now? What am I saying?


Yeah, he's our coach. I have nothing.


He's our coach. No choice. What more could you say about your coach than saying he's our coach?


I would die for him.


There's a fact. He's our coach.


I would die. You have your vote of confidence?


Yeah, full vote of confidence. He's our coach.


Important note for this weekend, if you're listening to this, LaFleur, Jaden Reed is from Chicago, so he needs to be a fucking captain.




All right.


Get your. Otherwise, you have no excuse. Might lose a coin flip or not. Defer.


You should defer incorrectly. Defer costs you a possession.


I'm very nervous for this game. I'm very excited for this game. Jordan Love has been playing great. There's nothing I can say about that. But playing spoiler would be incredible. An incredible. It would just be so, so good. It would be bookends, too, because we lost week one. That was a big, big game. That crushed me getting to week 18, all the momentum going to the next year, the fucking losers and slow brains. Like Hank would finally maybe wake up and be like, oh, maybe the Bears are building something. But he won't. He won't. The Bears will have to get to the playoffs next year, which they will for Hank to fucking realize it.


You call me a low brain? You mean to say slow?


No, low and slow. You got low and slow. You're low brain and your slow brain. What you have is you have a low amount of brain, and what you do have is slow.


Got it.




Because I've been anti high since January, so I thought that's what you were trying to say. Oh, no, he's also doing dry January.


I was just saying you have low brain cells.


Got it.


A low amount of brain cells. And those that you have slow.


Are you one for four in dry January, 2 for four. What's today? It's the fourth so far. I'm two for four. One and a half. That would put you in the baseball hall of Fame.


Just to update my new year's resolution. I'm three for four on days having a blizzard. Nice. And I'm also three for four on days having diarrhea. Studies are out. We'll see if those are correlated. We don't know yet. Yeah. I'm excited for this game. I'm going to get up for this game. We're going to be streaming this. Really want the Bears to win this game. And I'll be upset because I understand what's at stake. There's a lot of packers fans that are going to just have a lot of fun at my expense.


Was it Justin Field? They kind of poked the Bear a little bit. That said, in Green Bay, they don't really have a lot to do except go to football games. So I expect the crowd to be loud.


Yeah, no, that's a fact. That's not even poking the bear. That's actually respect.


They're going to prove them right.


No, that's respect. Yeah, they don't. And they go to football games, and they're a passionate fan base, and I've been on the brunt end of that passionate fan base many times. Nerd. Nugget.


Packers tight ends Tucker Kraft and Luke Musgrave are the second rookie tight end combo since the 1970 merger to both have at least 25 catches, 300 receiving yards and at least one receiving touchdown. The other? Robert Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.




Great players. Even better off the field.


Yeah. Okay, so which one of the two do you think is the murderer?


I think they're both good guys.


Musgrave sounds like a murderer.


All right, we talked Broncos, Raiders, Eagles, giants. Max, come forward.


This is like a new thing that.


You guys do where you say the Eagles game and then you just go silent.




I mean, nice.


Just let the room breathe.


Choose your own adventure. Do you want us to goad you into getting really mad or do you just want to get mad on your own?


It's actually, I'm not going to get. If we're being honest, the reason why we're doing this is because every single episode is like a new way that you're going to step in it. And so we kind of want to be like, go ahead, Max. How will we start this dance?


I'm not going to step in it today. Okay, so you have just 30 seconds to talk about your feelings in this game. I have thoughts.




I'm already opening up the door for me to change my mind on this team. I'm not saying I'm there yet, but the AJ Brown talked with the media the other day, has opened up my brain to be like, maybe we can come back.


What did he say?


And it may have also opened up my mind towards Nick Sirianni as well.


Oh, what did he say?


I. He just talked with the media, went after them for starting a bad narrative about the team, talked about how the guy. I mean, it was all normal things, but it was the way he said it. He wasn't doing coach talk. He was kind of going after the media and talking like a normal person. We in here know that we're right there and that we're good enough. We're not showing up on the field. Some of our coaches are taking a lot of the brunt, but it's really our fault on the field. He took responsibility in a way that wasn't like he was trained to say that. It was like a normal conversation that has a lot of Philadelphia convinced that the team might be back.




But I'm not saying that's me, but I'm saying that it's a lot of Philadelphia.




I'm not saying that I think that the team is back, but I'm opening up that maybe I could. That's just how I would describe your brain would be just a lot of Philadelphia floating around. So you got all this Philly floating around and there's a good part of it. It's like a soup that has yet to really come together. You got all the ingredients for believing in this team, and then with a big weekend, if you come out and you destroy the Giants, then it blends together into like a perfect dish and you're ready to go for the playoffs. I still don't think anything this weekend will change my opinion. But this weekend I'm still pessimistic. But going into next week, you're going.


To get optimistic again.


Now, not optimistic, but like not pessimistic.


Let me ask you a question, Max, and you have to be honest. So the AJ Brown, you kind of mumbled whatever. I still don't know what AJ Brown really said. Do you PFD.


Well, what he said was something to the media. Didn't sound like he had been trained.


To say he didn't do coach speak, but he then went attacked the media. But it wasn't coach speak. It was good.


It was good. And it sounds like they believe in Siriani.


Okay, yeah, sure. Which sounds like coach speak. It's a lot of film to be like, we believe in our coach, we trust in our guy.


He was literally speaking out his coach.




No, but you have to watch it. You have to watch it and you have to listen and you would understand.






That's not my question, though. My question is, is part of your belief in the Eagles making a run based on a meme stat thing that's been going around the Internet?


I would say more so AJ, be honest. I would say more so the AJ brown clip.


Be honest.


But that meme didn't hurt.


So there's a meme going around that has the 2012 Baltimore Ravens and how they finished the season, which was very similar to how the Eagles have finished the season. The 2012 Baltimore Ravens won the Super bowl. The interesting thing about that meme is who is pictured in that meme?


Ray Lewis.


That's the interesting part. Was he hurt? Because Ray Lewis did not play for basically the last ten weeks, I believe, of the season.


Darry Slay.


And then got his deer antler spray and played in all four playoff games and they won the Super bowl. That part feels important.


Darius Slay.


Darius Slay. Ray Lewis. Ray Lewis, captain of same defense, basically mayor of Baltimore, the vibes guy who comes out tunnel last.


Darius Slay.


Darius Slay, on the other hand, is.


Darius Slay still in Patricia's dog house? I don't think so. They definitely know they don't.


It just made me chuckle because I saw that and I was like, oh, that's interesting. And then my memory kicked in. I was like, wait. Yeah. The Ravens got Ray Lewis back.


You know what, though? If we're wrong about the Eagles, if the Eagles catch a little fire.


Oh, this show's over.


Max is going to.


Yeah, the show's over.




If the Eagles win the Super bowl this year, the show's over. We're not doing this.


No, but I've already opened myself up for. I'm not going to give you. I've opened myself up for you guys to be like, you can't celebrate this because I've already written the team off.


Oh, I didn't even think of that. But thank you. I'll put that in my back pocket.


I've already thought about that.




You saying that you kind of believe in this team, gives us a spark, and we're like, yeah, he does.


Yeah. This is what I wanted. I wanted this spark out of you.


But the spark isn't there yet. The spark. I'm just saying that some more memes.


Get them some more memes.


What's crazy is the Baltimore Ravens did this exact same thing and then they won the Super bowl that year.


Yeah, that's true.


In 2012, there's probably a lot, and they're a bird team. Also, a lot of hope. Similar areas on I 95.


Yeah, this could happen. Big cat, are you getting Ray Lewis back?


Darius Slay.




Maybe if Darius Slay does deer antler spray, you can get back.


I'm reading the quote here from AJ Brown. He started off by saying, golly, okay, let me get comfortable. That doesn't sound like coach.


That's certified non coach speak.


Speaking from the heart.




And then he said he apologized to his teammates because they shouldn't have to answer questions on my behalf. I'm a man. I could speak for myself. He hasn't talked to the media since. No, but it's the way he said it. It's the way he said it. It's different.


Okay. All right. Get the clip for us. We're going to listen to it. We can keep going. Find the full clip. I would like to judge this clip. Let's go, nerd Nugget for this. By the way, I like the Giants in this game.


I don't really have a feeling one way or another.


I'm just going again with my theme of just liking the bad team versus the good team. Well, the bad team versus the less bad team.


I have the quote.


Okay, pull it up for us.


We went on our own, like, for the Seattle game. That was on us.


We messed that up.


We improvised and we went on our own.


And Nick came out and said, I.


Wanted to try to get a flag or something crazy, like, he really made himself look like for us. I have nothing but respect for him.


You know what I'm saying?


Because not all coaches do that.


You know what, we rhyme with Nick, we ride with Brian.


We just got to come out. We just got to play ball.


That's all it is.


Is it one person messing up or something like that?


And not saying that somebody just trying.


To mess up, but it happens. We human.


You know what I'm saying?


But like I said, it's highs and lows and you see the glimpses.


So that's why I'm like, but we.


Right there, despite everything, despite everybody saying this, saying that we right there and we know we are. And that's the only thing that matters is we know you can say whatever.


You want to say, but when the.


Shit happens, then it's going to be like, oh, what is going on? What if it don't happen?


Then we're going to try again.


That's what it is. And that's how you have to approach life.




So did you get played by the media then, Max? Yeah, I'm dumb. I'm a dumb guy.


Fell for the fake news. I don't hate that quote.


Okay, let's go.


No, I kind of agree with you. That was a good quote.


If Sirianni actually said that to the media about the end of the Seattle game, just to get heat on himself and detract from his players or deflect the heat from his players, that's a mark of a great coach right there.




And I think that you guys. Yeah, it sounds like they're buying in, Max.


You should have a spark. This feels good.


Oh, this is.


Second. Take him a second. He's not as dumb as he looks.


That's a great quote.


That's one of the greatest leadership quotes. It's like that and JFK. Like, not what your country could do for you.


I was going to say that reminds me a lot of the Tim Tebow speech that he gave.


Yeah. You will not see a start of the championship dvd.


The cat max of the video to that tweet is from Philly Laz and says AJ Brown single handedly saving the Eagles season.


Yeah, I agree with that.


Good job, AJ.


You send us that? I want to retweet it.




Yeah. That's fucking huge. Huge.


I also like that he calls his coach Nick.




That shows that they're boys.


Yeah. It shows that there's not a lot of respect.


No, I was going to say, like, they're friends. You always want your coach to be your friend.


Yeah. Your best yeah. Yeah. Okay. Nerd nugget for. This is nerd Nugget of the week.


That's a sad.


Oh, why was that so sad, Jake?


I'll read it.


Oh, no, someone died. Yeah.


Should have been the Aaron Hernandez.


Literally? Yes. Wait, literally, someone died? Yeah. Okay.


This is from Ruben Frank in a now deleted tweet. Shout out to Bustin with the boys for getting my attention. Jason Kelsey is the 23rd offensive lineman in NFL history to make first team All Pro at least five times and the Pro bowl at least seven times. Of the 21 who are eligible for the hall of Fame, only one has not gotten in. That's Jim Tire, who murdered his wife.


In 1980 and never will.


That was a good nerd nugget of the week, Murd.


I think Merck Nugget would be good.


The sad nerd nugget.


So wait, but hang on, Jake, because I've listened to Peter King, a respected voice in the NFL community, discuss how he only votes based on your credentials on the field, not off sharp. So, wait, so what's this guy's name?




Wait, the journalist or the guy who.


The guy that did the.


Jim Tyrer.


Chris Benoit murder. Jim Tyrer.


Jim Tyrer.


Jim Tyrer, Peter King. You need to get Jim Tyrer in the hall of fame or else you're just full of shit.


So he murdered one wife and he's.


The only offensive lineman. Five all pros and seven pros.


What do you ever do?


Be in the hall of Fame?


Murdered his wife.


That is your first ever murder Nugget of the week.


Murder Nugget of the week. That was good, Jake. I like that. Okay. Seahawks Cardinals game doesn't mean a lot because the Seahawks need help. I think they need a decent amount of help. Correct. I'm going to look it up right now.


The Cardinals are frisky, though.


Cardinals are beyond frisky. They're maybe good. They could.


Green Bay loss.


Win with a green. Oh, so they don't need any help.


So you could get.


That's going to happen.


You could get the Seahawks into the playoffs.


Yeah. This is the exact same situation as last year. Seahawks weren't no Seahawks. Yeah.


Got in the playoffs because the Lions didn't.


Yes. Okay, perfect.


That's such a hilarious position. If you're a Seahawks fan, week 18 of the past two years has been just like death for you. You need so much stuff to, or really two things to happen, but you need to root as hard in one exact other game as you do in your game.


Yes. If you're a Seahawks fan and you win this game and then the Bears win this game. I want to see at least one Seahawks fan get a split. Bears Lions jersey. Yeah, please. Yeah. Just have to be number 18. Week 18 Bears Lions jersey.


Show some respect.


NFC north comes to save the day.


Again, standing on shoulders of giants.


Yeah, I think the Cardinals are alive. They're frisky, they're playing hard. Jonathan Gannon, not as dumb as we thought with the pew, pew, pew. It really does become like, as Nick Sirianni becomes dumber, Shane Syicht and Jonathan Gannon becomes smarter.


It's very true. Yeah.


Because you have to explain why the Eagles were so good last year and if you think that they're bad because Nick Sirianni, this year, ipso facto, the.


Coordinator, merchant, the pew, pew, pew explosives guy is legit. I think I told you that after week two this year. Big cat, right? Remember that?




Or is it week one? Week one, maybe. The defense plays hard, the offense, Kyler Murray. I'll say this, I've talked a lot of shit about Kyler Murray over the course of this show. He actually doesn't look bad. He looks like a guy that I would try to build around if I was in Arizona.


Yeah, I agree. He looks like a franchise quarterback.




Okay. Nerd Nugget.


With 1001 scrimmage yards this season, running back James Connor has joined Otis Anderson as the only players in Cardinals history to have 1000 plus scrimmage yards in each of their first three seasons with the team.




Did Otis Anderson commit any murders?


Not that I'm aware of.


Okay. All right, we did. Chiefs, Chargers, Rams, 49 ers. 49 ers have the one seed all locked up. Probably going to sit some guys. They should sit everyone.


I think the Rams might, too.


Yeah, the Rams might, too. The Rams could go to the 7th seed because the packers beat them. So if the packers win and the Rams lose, I believe they become the 7th seed and then would have to go to Dallas, who also beat them soundly. But yeah, the 49 ers hit everyone. The only thing that can stop the 49 ers are injuries in the Baltimore Ravens.


I think it's a vanilla off this weekend because there's a good chance.


Don't show anything. Yeah.


Both teams. I think this is going to be the most boring game possible.




Because Kyle Shanahan said there's a good chance that we would play this team again in two. You know, he's looking at the Rams, maybe beating the Lions, the Lions, or something along those lines. So, yeah, it's going to be a vanilla off. And Shanahan does have that great record against the Rams. Was he nine and one?




One loss being in the NFC championship game?


Yeah, I wish they covered, yeah, I.


Wish they covered that one, but, yeah, this is going to be a boring game. Maybe we get Carson Wentz this weekend.


Oh, how about that?


It's not a true season until we get Carson Wentz depressing another fan base.


That would be fun. Yeah. 49 ers. Sit. Everyone just do it. Rest versus rust. Yeah.


Well, the Rams, I predict they have a buy. They'll sit a lot of people. So that's extra rust, but they're not going to sit puka Nakua.




Because I think he's got, what, 29 yards to go until he breaks the rookie reception record.


He's got to do it. And as a fifth round pick, he's probably got an incentive.




He's probably got an incentive in his contract for $0.


Yeah, exactly. But I feel like Sean McVeigh is.


Going to do that. Yeah. Two weeks. You'd have two weeks off.


This is one of those games where you look at the schedule and you see Rams 49 ers and you think, oh, this would be a great game if it was played five weeks ago.




I would love to see this game in like early December.


Also, we had, remember earlier this year, the Rams feel gold to cover the spread. Yes. They might try to cover the some one way or the other. Okay. Nerd Nugget.


Nerd Nugget of the week.


What does it say about me that I like the nerd Nugget so much better than you like sadness? Yeah. The sound that you made was better.


This one might even be nerd nugget of the season.




Via Brian Knowles. With Christian McCaffrey resting in week 18, he will finish the year with 2023 yards from scrimmage. He is the first player in NFL history to have as many yards as the season.


As the. The year.




I hate how much you like that.


That sucks.


Come on.


That's not cool.


Next closest Gerald Riggs 1986 yards in 1985. Earl Campbell had 1981 yards in 1980.


I had zero yards in the year. Zero.




Just a fact that washes out this.


Entire, like that's something you actually are excited about.


I think it's cool.


Yeah, it is.


What are the ods?


Well, pretty high because no one was close. You had to get 19,900 yards and that didn't happen.


And they had to have clinched because he can't play this week.


Oh, wait, so the stat is he's the first player to ever sit out the last game of the season?




Okay, so no player has ever gotten the exact number of all purpose yards as the year.




Got it.


Maybe it was just russian yards or no yards from scrimmage.


No, it's got to be all yards. All right, I'm happy for you. I'm going to email the NFL and go through his film tape and be like, you actually gave him an extra yard. Take it away. Yeah. I'm going to figure out who I can hit up. We got to get.


That one's cool. I'm sorry.


Actually, you know what? I like Christian McCaffrey. I'll try to get him an extra yard.




Yeah, but then if he wins a Super bowl, you're going to do that? Yeah. Oh, man. Are there different sites that have different yardage? So we can just contest this right.


Now if you want.


It'd be nice if we can contest it. Okay, I'm going to work on this.


Maybe he had, like, a fumble that was actually an incomplete.


Any fucking. Does he have any passing yards? Does he have any passing yards? Christian McCaffrey throws pass. Throws pass. Does he have any passing yards?


1459 rushing, 564 receiving.


Pukas is 29 yards.


Okay, thank you for the correction.


Your team played him last week. You could have held them to one less yard. Yeah, so kind of your fault.


Yeah, it is. Ron Rivera.




He's to blame for everything.


Eagles played him.


Memes, would you like to apologize to me for that fake stack correction you gave me?


I apologize.


Thank you. Memes.


What was the stack I was right about?


Pooka Nakua needing 29 yards, not 25.


Fuck. He doesn't have any passing yards this year. God damn it.


Okay, I'm sure Brian Knowles, who is the chief writer for play sheet contributor, looked into this before tweeting it out.


Fuck, Brian.


Oh, so it's not like an official. Official recognized stat. It's Brian Knowles'stat. Yeah, but how does he not have.


Any pass yards this year? God damn it. Negative pass yards I'd even take. Okay, let's keep moving.


You guys are sad when I'm happy.


But wait, no.






How many yards does he have again?




What year is it right now?


The season.


The season is. We do. Hey, Jake, does he have 20, 23, 24 yards?


Oh, we do this.


It's never happened. It'll never happen.


Okay. It will never, ever happen.


Do the nerd nugget sound?


The NFL does not classify it as a two year season.


How many yards did Chris McCaffrey get in the playoffs last year in 2023?


Oh, good question.


Yes, good question.


Season got him first player to NFL as many yards as the in the.


Year the year 2023. He got way more yards in 2023.


I find it interesting that's 2024 and you're claiming that's 2023? Gaslighting all of this guy.


He's tried to make us think new year's never happened.


Good job.


Okay, Cowboys, the commanders. Yeah, that's my summary.


I'm pretty sure that we're going to get our ass kicked this weekend. It's going to be nice.


I would have been on the commanders.


Yeah, we'll probably do something stupid. Yeah, we did beat them in the last game of the season last year. That was Sam Howe's first start and crushed the Cowboys. They also sat a couple players, not all of them, but a couple of players. I'm looking forward to seeing my team on a football field on a Sunday afternoon, and that's about as far as I'll go for it.


That's nice.


I get 17 of these a year. I want to enjoy it. I want to be like, oh, there's my coach. Oh, there's my quarterback. Oh, there's my punter. Oh, there's my stadium that's falling apart. I want to recognize that. I want to enjoy it. I want to soak it in, and hopefully we'll lose the game and hopefully the Saints will win, and then we'll get the second overall.




So that's basically what I'm rooting for this weekend.


I'm going to bet the commanders hoping that the Cowboys go up and they say, hey, let's not get anyone hurt. Their offensive line's banged up. Did you see who got hurt? Tyler? Was it Tyler Smith?


Tyron. Tyron Smith?


No, Tyler. Their other cowboys. Fuck, he hurt his foot. He tore his planter fascia, but that's good. Tyler Smith.


Tyler Smith.


Tyler Smith. He tore it, though.


Yeah, he tore the whole thing, which is they. So all the reports that came out about this were like great news. He completely tore his planner fast.


He's going to play on it in the playoffs. And that makes me want to cry thinking about it, because apparently it's way.


Better to tear it than it is to partially tear it.


I don't know how that's possible.


I don't know either, but that's what everybody was saying. I think if it's torn, you can play in a torn one. I did this in high school.


All right, tell us how high school Max would play in the NFL playoffs.


I was in a boot for like six weeks. Was yours partially torn? Partially torn.


Were you told that you should have torn it the whole way? I don't remember that even your injuries are sad.




They're like, man, you're such a loser. You should have torn the whole thing.


You had the second best way to injure your plate of fascia. It felt like every time you touched your heel on something, you were like, stepping on glass.


That's not fun. Should have torn the whole thing.


Yeah, I would have torn it if I were you. I would have just gone down there.


I never partially tear my planet. Fuck that. I'd always go full tear.


I would keep running on until that thing snapped.


Yeah. All right.


Do you have, like, disgusting feet? Puke?




I mean, big cat tweeted the.


Uh, Jake.


Cowboys wide receiver C. D. Lamb has scored a Touchdown in eight straight games, the longest active streak in the NFL. Lamb is also the first Cowboys receiver to score in eight consecutive games.


Every time I hear a stat like that about Cowboys receivers, it blows my mind.


Yeah, if that's good, come. I loved the murd nugget. That one ruled.


Yeah, well, it also is ruled. Can you try to find more of.


Those, oh, breaking moves, breaking moves, breaking moves.


Per Adam Schefter, Dalvin Cook has cleared waivers and is now free to sign with whichever playoff contender he wants, per source. Why are we trying so hard to get Dalvin Cook on a playoff team?


I don't know.


Can somebody explain that to me? What's going on here?


It makes no sense.


I hope he wins the Super bowl now.


Yeah. I just don't play off Dalvin. We watched him. I mean, you watched some memes closely. He doesn't seem to have any burst.


It'd be cool if he was on the bills.


Oh, yeah, they have playoff Lenny, too.


That would be very cool.


And the brother was what we're talking about.


We were talking about the brothers.


Yeah, but that would be a sick.


That would be too many cooks.


Yeah. Literally. Yeah.


Playoff Dalvin. Yeah. I don't know what's going on with how these reports are being framed around Dalvin Cook. I just hope one day I have as good a pr team as yes.


Sign Dalvin Cook. They just think that they did it in the summer. They can just run the play again.


Yeah, exactly.


That's all it is.


He's going to take a tour.




You should just show up to different teams and be like, hey, it's me, Dalvin. Cook.


I'm here.


I'm here.


And dine me. Yeah. Playoff run starts now.


Forget about the noise and pressure around fitness at New Year's, I use a peloton bike. I'm getting back on my bike in the new year, going to get back in shape. But guess what? You shouldn't feel any pressure to have your body ready in three weeks. It's a process. You got to find joy in the process.




The best way to do that is with Peloton this new year. Peloton is making it easier to get started with up to $600 off peloton bike purchases and two months free membership. Shop Peloton's new year's Deals. That's deals. Terms apply.


Okay, bills at Dolphins to finish it off. I'm so excited for this game. It's going to be a great game. I'm nervous. I'm not going to bet this game because we put a future on the Bills. They need to win this. They can back in. So we'll know on Sunday night. Yeah.


What's the game that they need to focus on? Is that the Steelers game?


Steelers and the Jags?


Yeah, either or.


So. If either of those two teams lose, the Bills will not be playing for their playoff lives. They'll just be playing for the two seed. They're going to be motivated no matter what because it would obviously be potentially two home playoff games versus being on the road in the wild card weekend. But there would be a little pressure off knowing they could be in the playoffs even with a loss. But yeah, this will be the Dolphins kind of have to have a get right. And for the Dolphins to fall all the way to the 6th seed would be catastrophic considering the fact that the Bills were six and six and I think. What were the Dolphins? No, they were nine and three just a month ago.


So where would the Dolphins have to go on the road?


They would have to, most likely.


Chiefs are locked into the three, I believe.


So they'd go to Kansas City.




Hopefully get like a nice little snow game or like some cold weather to see if the Dolphins can play on the road in that environment.


It would be Tyreek's return because they played in Germany this year.


What a great story.


Tyreek's house is on fire this week.


I did see that.


Everyone's okay.


He does have a lot of baby monitors that are going at the same time. Probably overloaded the grid.


Well, it was actually a child who started it with a lighter that rocks.


Yeah, that kid's going to be cool.


Just got to tell him. Go outside with that.


Yeah, that kid's going to be awesome.




All the best people that I hang out with to this day were kids that started fires when they were like seven.


Yeah, that's a fact.


Hank definitely fire was cool when you were Hank. Really?


That's a lot.


Hank has definitely started a fire. If you were to ask one, is there one person that you know was definitely a kid that leaned way back in his chair in school to the point that he fell over and also maybe played with fire? Both those answers are going right at Hank Lockwood. I was a huge leaner. Still am. Yeah. Fire. I think my parents were good at proofing the house of lighters and stuff. They kept it away from me. It's probably smart. Probably for the best.


I have a stat for everyone just so that we can do one smart thing on this show from my friends at sports info solution. The Bills defense, they play a lot of middle of the field open coverage. That's cover two, cover four, cover six and two is the fourth best quarterback in the league against that. Okay, so might be Dolphins get back on track. Although no Jalen Waddle hurts a lot.


It does.


I feel like that's a big loss on their offense. And when you just eliminate one super, super fast guy that you have to worry about, makes it a little bit easier. And then obviously the Dolphins are going to deal without Bradley Chubb as well. Right.


For the rest of the season.


And Moster and Xavier Howard both didn't practice today.


Yeah, it's bad. So what are you hoping for just in terms of the setup for this game on Sunday night, how do you want to go into this game? I want to go into it now. Having it either be win or in or win or out for the Bills.


I don't.


Just in terms of getting amped up.


For the game, I understand that the boys don't. Based on what we put on the Bills to win the Super Bowl, I would rather not have a future die on Sunday night.


I would just like to feel a lot.


I know. I agree. I understand. If I eliminated that part, it would be pretty cool.


But you're not thinking about how cool it would be to have it be lose and go home and then you win that game.




That would be awesome.




What a thrill.


Wait, lose and go home and then you win.


So have the Bills be lose and you go home, but then you actually win that game. Like the scenario going, picture this.




They're back. Mike Tariqo, Chris Collinsworth, and the Bills have to win this game. And before Chris says a single word on the broadcast, he just laughs. This is the kind of football.


Yeah, no, I agree with you. For the television audience, it's absolutely that. Where the Bills are just. And it does feel like that's where the Bills season has always been, where the volatility is so high for their entire season, where they've looked great and they've looked really bad. To have a spot where they could be the two seed and also be out of the playoffs is perfect.


It is good. We have another celebrity pick for this game.


Oh, nice. Hopefully he actually makes a pick. This. Yeah.


I don't know. Let's see what he does.


Sean McDermott kind of had the right idea. Look, I tried to kill bin Laden for six years. It can't be any easier than beating Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs. Sorry about banning menthol vapes. Coach McDaniels can't be having too much fun. I like the know I ran up trillions of them.


There we go. That's it.


I like that.


He does like the Bills. Thank you. Former president Barack Obama.


He crushed that. He made a pick. He made a pick. You got that?


Hank made a pick.


Are you going to bet those picks?


I'll bet the Bills. I like the Bills.


You actually like the Bills? Yeah.


I think bills, lions, browns, like you had browns and lions in terms of non neutral rooting interest in the playoffs, and I would throw the Bills in there.




A Bills playoff run would be fun. Super bowl run, as with the Brown.


A lot of glazing.




The glazing meter would be high.


Only Jay Glazer. I'll do it. I'll do it again.


I don't know. If the Bills won the Super bowl, we would get accused of a lot of glazing, but we also could be like, fuck everyone who's like, they stink. Why are you glazing a team if it's Bills lion?


Super bowl grit week will be justified.


Yes. Start of the championship dvd. Yeah.


We'd also get wig nuts in.


Yeah. Yeah. Very true.


And I don't really understand glazing, so I get it. But it means, like, we're nutting on them. If they're trying to make fun of us, shouldn't it be like we're getting glazed by the.


Don'T? And I think this is a very vocal minority, so take it with a grain of salt, because I think there's so many people listen to this podcast that have no problem with how we operate. It always confuses me because I think one of the cool things about this show is that we are able to become friends with some of these athletes and they get the show and it's awesome when they have them on. I like protecting those things. That's a fun wrinkle to the show that we have some, like, we're not just a studio show. That's like, we're just talking about these guys. We never meet them. Some of them are our friends. That's fucking cool. Yeah, it is. I think that's a cool thing if people want us to just not be friends with anyone. And I guess we could do that. Just say, fuck. Fuck all these guys.


Yeah. I'll be known as a Bills glazer. Whatever.


I don't think they are going to win the Super bowl. They could, but they could. They could. That's really what it is. I don't think they will, but they.


Could if they win this game.


And if that's glazing, I don't know what I think.


We're also the first people to say this year that the Bills are just not a good team. When a lot of people are making excuses, being like, oh, they're going to figure this out, figure that out. They have not been a good team for most of the year.


Do you know what's actually helped us a little bit is the Patrick Mahomes has also been not good this year because a lot of times it's like, oh, you're glazing. Josh Allen. Patrick Holmes is way better. They both have been not great at times. Yeah. They're actually kind of very similar teams to bills and the Chiefs, where I don't think they're very good, but I also think they're super dangerous.


Okay, so what I'm officially rooting for now, I would like to see Kansas City Chiefs travel to Buffalo and have to play a game in Buffalo.


Oh, that'd be round two.


Could happen.




In round two, right?


Yeah. They never play in Buffalo.


That would be awesome. Yeah, that would be quite a game.


Yeah, quite a game.


Put it out into the universe.


Also could maybe get us to our Joe Flacco going to Baltimore.




Oh, man.


That would be second round.




The NFL rocks.


It rocks. I've been saying it for the last three weeks. I'm so excited for these playoffs. I don't remember being this excited for playoffs. Like, these playoffs are chaotic. They're so random. All right, nerd nugget in twelve career.


Starts against the Dolphins. Bills quarterback Josh Allen has led the Bills to a ten and two record 34 passing touchdowns. That's the most of any QB versus a single opponent since the start of 2018. He's also thrown multiple passing touchdowns in all twelve games in his career against the Dolphins, which is the longest streak by a quarterback against a single opponent in NFL history.


Yeah, he owns the Dolphins. It was the heat was the only thing that beat him.


What's the weather? Can we get a weather up 69 degrees?


It's not going to be hot, is it?


Really? Yeah. Ashley told us on advisor s 69 degrees. Noded in his pants. 69 degrees.


Oh, I remember potential rain, light rain, but nothing.


Okay. Little drizle. It smelled kind of cool.


Yeah, but this time of year it's always nice down.


Little light rain on the visors always look cool.


Although if it's like a light drizzle, doesn't that make the ball wetter than if it's super rainy?


I don't know.


I don't know how that works either. Yeah, it's just something I've heard.




I'm thinking about Josh Allen going into contact, trying to lateral the ball.


Yeah. Slipping.


Worried about that a little bit.


Shout out.


Our friend Alec Ingold, by the way, made a pro bowl.




Fullback for the Dolphins. Good to see that.


Hell yes. Okay, should we do our picks? And you got to update. It's over.


Should this just be me and meme speaking?


That's the only thing at stake here. It's a maximum.


Yeah, I'm fine with that. Hank already said I'm going to pick every bad team.


Law said I'm two and a half up on memes with two to play.


That's good. I like that. So just the two of you guys picked?


And it should be worth noting, Max has 18 and a half and memes has 18. So a tie favors max.


I like the bears a lot. I don't like the idea of them tying.


Shut up.


Well, last year I think there was a tie and we rolled it over to super wild card weekend.


Okay, last year. No. You're saying you don't like the idea of a tie? Yeah, I'm just thinking ahead.


If there's a tie. Yeah, we would just go to if there's a tie between the two of you. You guys both draft thing, right? No. You guys both will have to make three picks next week for the super wild card weekend.


Two man show.


Two man.


Two man show.


No. Okay. And then also, what's the pancakes update?


So pancakes is getting really tight in some places.


I'm having a historically bad.


It's like the same as the Eagles.


Hank 54, Jake 53 big cat 44 pft 43 max 36 memes 30.


Just a reminder for everyone, we're going to do this stream probably in the next week or two. It's the pancake challenge of hours and pancakes. So if memes loses, he would have 24 pancakes for 24 hours. So every pancake he eats is one less hour. Memes said that he'd be out of there in 3 hours, so we're doing zero for first. Says you could eat 21 pancakes in 3 hours.


Seven an hour.


There's no way.


I don't know.


Let's find out.


Okay, we will.


Zero pancakes for first. Three pancakes. Second and six pancakes. 1218 and 24.


We're in the great zone. I like that. Six or twelve. No problem.


A great meal of pancakes.


Yeah. I mean, I'll hang out for 4 hours.


If I win this, I'll be kind of bummed because I want to eat some pancakes.




First place sucks.




Maybe I can eat for.


No, absolutely not. You cannot have any. Not.




All right. All right. So, picks, did Jake just swear? Yeah, he did.


He said, damn, pancakes are good.


Yeah, but you can't do it because I'm going to follow the second place.


Of course.


You got to follow them.




I don't know if I'm rooting for six or twelve because we're one apart. Twelve. Root for 1212 is a little bit.


Of a challenge because I can spend 3 hours and then eat nine pancakes.




That sounds like a great morning to me.


Yeah. I think if I get six, I might just do two pancakes in 4 hours and hang with the boys. Yeah. Memes will be here. Memes thinking he can eat 21 pancakes in 3 hours is so wrong.


It's going to take him. My prediction. Twelve to 16 hours. It's crazy how bad I am at these punishments.


Well, you're just bad in general.


The only one that I didn't lose is the only thing I'm good at.


Which? Baseball.


What? The only thing bad at?






I mean, I was good at baseball. Oh, wait, I thought you were going to say eating. I. Yeah, that's true. No, but even that, I'm not good at. Yeah, you're really good at eating.


Was I good at eating the hot dogs?




You know why you guys roasted me?


Because I wasn't good at eating the hot dogs.


Oh, I misremember. Why don't you eat some pancakes and hot dogs.


That is another thing. I mean, that is another thing. So many l's that I have. But how about that, dub, when I just told Pete Weber to fuck off, when I bowled the strike to get out of there?


Yeah, I don't remember that.


That was a sick dub.


I don't remember that.


We have some more important to talk about. I think we just invented a delicious breakfast meal, which is a hot dog wrapped in a pancake. It's like the McGriddle of hot mcLicious. The Mclizie.


Oh, there's nothing better than putting a little syrup on your sausage.


I'm going to eat a Mclize.


We should add on a little wiener cheesesteak menu.




My fuck. My son and I, when he's changing, he's like, look at. Look at my wiener. My little wiener. And then the other day we were cooking and he's like, look at my hot dog. Look at my wiener. And then I was like, do you want a hot dog for dinner? And he's like, my penis. And I was like, oh, God, that happened. I don't know why that popped in my head, but, yeah, he said that in front of his mom and she's like, what? I got to correct that. Parenting.


No, he's doing great.


Wieners and hot dogs. It is funny to call your penis your hot dog. Your wiener.


We can take this out if big cat wants it out. But when we were coming back from Arizona.


Oh, yeah, no, you can keep this.


It was pretty funny. So we're flying back, and then his daughter goes like, I have.


Yeah. And then his son goes like, and I have a penis. They were just announcing it just for no reason.


I was like, yeah.


I think my daughter was like, and we both have butts.


Yeah, we both have butts.


Yeah. Cool.


Fucking nailed it.


We're just fucking doing anatomy for everyone. Okay. Picks. All right, I'm going lions minus three and a half because it is the earlier game and the games that matter to the Lions are after them.


So Dan Campbell will get the boys fired up.


Okay, five. And Max.


I really need to win this. And my favorite.


You don't think you're good at talking on a mic? No.


My favorite pick of this weekend is going to be bears plus three.


Yeah. All right, so you'll be with.




Let's fucking go.


Max is getting smarter. He's understood how to play this game I'm proud of.


Yep, yep.


And my total will be.


He doesn't realize, though, that the chess always works against him.


Yeah, I know.


Because if the Bears lose, I'll be sad, but then I'll be like, you're the loser.


Max has a.


You are the biggest loser.


He's memorized the opening game in. No. Once the knights get developed, he has.


A sick first move. And then he's like, wait, how did I end up with a gun at my head?


Felt. I don't really think ahead.


Okay. My total move would have been to take the packers, then laugh at me when they win.


No, because then when they lost, it would be like.


You would just be.


Like, if the bears win, you're going to be.


But it's a gamble.


You should try to maximize your happiness.


Right. You've basically just put yourself in a bad spot where it's like, if the bears win, you don't get any of the glories. I'm going to suck all that up.


I don't need the glory. I just don't want to do well.


The packers going by one or two, that's Max's best case scenario.


Yeah, I guess that's what you're rooting for. No, that's exactly, you win. You got one play. You got one play. Okay.


And then my total is Raven. Steelers under. I think it's 35.




35 and a half.


35. Was it 1710 the first time? I think that's supposed to be a shit weather game. And backup quarterbacks.


Okay, memes.


Damn. I was going to take the opposite, but I'll go over 45.


Bears packers. Oh. Lot resting on that game. Wait, so who's in lead right now?


Max is up a half. So if they tie, Max means is doing this.


So if Max wins on Saturday, so the Bears packers game could mean nothing.


It might.


Yeah. Yeah. Max could win Saturday. Memes could lose Sunday afternoon or morning.




And then Bears packers would mean nothing. We're hoping for both of them to win. So it means something or lose, be in conjunction. All right.


Or tie.


Or tie. All right. Fantasy fuck, boys. And then we'll get to our double interviews. We got Jimbo Fisher and Cam Jordan. What's up?


My name's Ronnie Ariva Dyerche.


Ronnie, my stardom.


Luke Litla.


Luke Litla.


16 year old dot phenom.




Made it all the way to the finals. Came up a little short, but he's 16 years old. He's the next. He's the next.


He's next. Who's your favorite dartist? Who's next? Luke Litla.


What's the ball guy's name?


Van Gerwin.


Van Gerwin. Michael Smith. Oh, Michael van Gerwin.


Oh. Michael van Gerwin. Wow. If you really like dots, you should maybe come to dots day next year.


It's Luke Litla season. I was in Chicago last year. My sit him. Stephen Hawking. Yeah.


Oh, appropriate. Absolute fraud. Piece of shit. Always be sitting.


He couldn't even talk.


He couldn't even walk.


He divorced his wife.


What a fucking loser. Yeah.


Then he shows up on the logs.


Oh, he's on the logs. He's on the logs.


He's on the logs. The logs.


Big time.


Doing some weird fucking shit. He was in a submarine. They built him a submarine and took him down underneath the Water.


Said, you heard you like to get wet. Ha.


Come on. Come on, Jake.




And my sith is football or my sleeper. Sleeper Saturday football. Best time of the year. Saturday playoff games. Games all weekend.


Hey, I got. Was it Ronnie? Ronnie.


Ronnie or Riva Dacci?


Ronnie. Riva Dacci. I got some breaking news for you. They play Saturday football all year. It's called college football big time. Okay. All right. Okay.


Hey, what's up? This is Tommy DeVito again.


How's it going, Tommy? How's it going?


I'm sitting this weekend. That's fine.




My stock this weekend is MLK merchandise. Make sure to do your holiday shopping a couple weeks early. If you have anybody in your close circle of friends or online communities, make sure to purchase your signed bus passes for your loved ones today to make sure they arrive in enough time. If there's anybody out there that you think might enjoy that, now's the time to act on it. I'm sitting my starters.




No calamari, no bruschetta this weekend. Got to rest up for the playoffs. Sit. Your starters going healthy, and my sleeper is Jimmy Kimmel. Jimmy Kimmel is going to be my sleeper. There's no evidence to support he is a pedophile. So, for the record, the fancy fuck boys will be the first to say, jimmy Kimmel, not a pedophile.


Not a pedophile.


To our knowledge on this show. You think Aaron Rodgers might be one of the redacted names?


Oh, I was thinking about it because.


I thought to myself, this might be a Taylor Swift situation where he signed with New York. So when you google Aaron Rodgers jets, it buries all the results.


Oh, yeah. Frozen, Disney.


Just something to think about. There is Aaron Rogers, a pedophile?


Lady doth protests too much.


We don't know.


All right, Mike. Stardom. What's up, guys? It's DJ Polly D. My stardom is football sandwich. Savor it. Love it. Make love to it. It's week 18. You got to fucking just embrace every second we got left. My sit him is Nick Siriani. That fucking fraud italian piece of shit. Fire him. I actually wrote this before I heard about AJ Brown.


AJ Brown did say AJ Brown. Nick.


Great guy. Yeah. So guess what, Nick the quick you're back into the stardoms, my sleep is Aaron Rodgers. Because Aaron Rodgers. I think he was just joking. Just kidding around. I think he was just.


It was a bit.


So guys being do. I do think he was joking. He's got a fucked up sense of humor. He is a like, if you watch that clip. I think he was joking.


Well, he's like, kind of implied that Kimmel runs in those circles.




And then Kimmel talked about him on his show and then Aaron Rodgers was to, I'm going to fire one last shot at him.


I just saw it and I was like, I don't think he's accusing him. I think he's just fucking around.


Well, a lot of people did say that he was on the list. That's the thing.




And I think there was somebody on the original logs that got passed around that might have been fake, might have been real. But even if they were real, all you saw was like, mmel at the end of somebody's name.




And so everyone was like, look, it's Jimmy Kimmel. Just for the record, I don't think that Jimmy Kimmel is on the list.


Yeah, I don't either.


And I will update that if I will.


No, you know, to. I'm going to deny it.


Jimmy Kimmel likes grown women.


Yes. Facts.


Grown ass women.


Put it out there. Okay, let's get to our interviews. We got Jimbo Fisher, Cam Jordan. Great interviews. Before we do that, pft, you want to talk about optimum nutrition?


Yeah, I love the optimum nutrition. Love it a lot. I've been using optimum nutrition for years. When I was in really good shape when I was playing rugby back in the day. Optimum nutrition gold standard way is the best protein there is. If you've resolved to take your workout game to the next level this year, you can unlock more in 24 with gold standard 100% whey protein powder by optimum nutrition. With 24 grams of protein that supports muscle and workout recovery in more than 20 easy mixing flavors, it's easy to meet your daily protein goals with gold standard 100% whey. We're getting back in shape. We're getting back in shape on this podcast. We're using optimum nutrition to do it. Build your routine. Unlock your potential. Available at stores nationwide. And now, here's Jimbo Fisher.


Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest. He is a BCS national champion coach. It is coach Jimbo Fisher. Coach, we're going to call you coach. Just so you know, we like to do that. We want to talk about everything, but we wanted to have you on to first and foremost talk about these playoffs and the national championship that's coming up. So we'll start there. What is it when you watch those semifinal games and it could be Michigan or Washington, what jumped out to you, what they're doing that has gotten them to this point? Playing for a title on, I mean.


You start with Michigan. I mean, Michigan's ability to overcome, play hard. And I know their ability on the defensive line to control Alabama's offensive line was a little bit. It's not shocking, but I think it surprised some people. And I think their ability on defense to create the game and dictate the game. I thought, you know, it's funny, I knew Jesse when he was a kid. I coached for his dad Rick for one year as the OC in Cincinnati. Me and Mike Tomlin were on staff there together and Jesse was a little kid running around there. It's funny how he's grown up and done such a mean. They really did a heck of a job on defense. I mean, it was amazing. McCarthy made the play. They were able to be physical, made plays when they had to make. You know, they've got that it factor. They're able to make the plays and do the things no matter what. I think all the controversy has really bonded that group of guys and they're on a mission. When you watch mean, same thing. Everybody doubts them. They've been an underdog and everything they do. And I'm going to tell you what, nobody in college football has made more big plays and more big moments than Michael Pennix has.


Yeah, their receivers are amazing, the offensive line is amazing. But you got to have that quarterback to do the things in the big moments and the big times. And Pennix is absolutely amazing right now and the year he's had and the things he's done and to mean maybe he's been the most consistent and best player in college football. I don't take that in any disrespect to anybody else, but man, he just. Every time they need something, he makes a play.




At the start of the Michigan game, they got off to a really slow start. When I think McCarthy threw an interception on the first pass of the game. It got overturned and brought back. But they seemed nervous. Both teams seemed nervous jumping into that game. What does it tell you about Michigan that they were able to see that and then put that immediately behind them and then focus on mean.


I think team, once they settle down and people on a mission, and I always say this, some guys can get caught in the moment and they stay in the moment. Other guys can. All right, that's there. I wash it behind me and it only matters what happens going forward. And that's a very mature team, a team that's driven, a team that has very good leadership and from a coaching standpoint and a player standpoint because like they said, all your great teams are player led teams. Everybody says that that's a player led team. All your great teams are player led teams. They take the messaging from the coaching to take it there and their ability to overcome, adapt and then to create a last drive and then to dominate the overtime like they did was pretty amazing.


Yeah, it was two great games. It's great that we have the playoff. Are you a fan of the twelve team playoff that we're going to have next year?


I definitely am, yeah.


More football, more fun.


Well, I think you're going to have. How many more? Think about this. Think about November now. All your games come at the end of November now there's what, six, eight teams that were really involved in a playoff and that's all you're watching now. You're going to have 25, 30 teams that are capable of getting in the playoff. And so I think the excitement of college football because I'm a thing, I hate to say this, the four team playoff to me wasn't as good as the BCs. I think the fourth team has been a let down a little bit. And I say that because of how they set it up with having you got five conference champions, only four spots, you created controversy off the bat. Twelve is going to clean it up a lot better in my opinion, to be a lot better deal.


I think so.


I think as a fan of college football you want to see an expanded playoff. I don't know. Do you think it's going to be.


Are we going to see upsets in.


The first round of a twelve round playoff or twelve team playoff?


I think you will think, here's the thing about playoffs where we're so different than pro football. The leagues never interact and never play each other. If it is, it's a one game deal. So you don't really know the significance of how good Washington is. When they play an SEC team or an SEC team that goes and plays the Big ten, you don't know how they're going to interact because like in pro football we get to see that regularly. In college football you don't get to see that. So I think you're going to see that. And I think what you don't tell the toll on those games and the injuries in those first rounds are going to lead to, I think, different teams in the background because now you only got to win one or two games. I mean, play one or two games. Now the number of games is going to change that, too because I think injuries and I think the teams that play in the tougher leagues are going to suffer more because you're going to have more. The toll on your body going the whole time is going to have a big impact, in my opinion.


It's been funny to see the conference pride really comes out, especially in the four team playoff. You got fans rooting for their conference almost. What about you? Were you pulling for Alabama, coach?


Yeah, I was.


Were you really?


I was pulling for Alabama, not just. I mean, Nick and I have been together a long time and I know everybody says we fight and argue and all that good stuff we did, but that's like, but we came from the same area and we coached together and I want him to win. I did want him to win and not anything against Jess. I want Michigan to do well. I knew Jesse and them, but just I knew nick and the guys in the know being in the.


Yeah. So speaking of coach Saban, this year was weird for him because it felt like he had a down team, but he then ended up back in the playoff. What is it about his program? You obviously have been around him a long time, coached against him. What is it about Nick Saban that makes it so that a season that you feel like could get away? He's just always got him on track, getting better every week.


Well, I think he's built a culture and they've had success and his word means that the players trust his word. But to me it's a consistent messaging. He never gets too high. He's a process oriented guy and that's what it's about. You've got to be process oriented to be successful. All the people in the world are successful, that consistently do it, are process oriented and they stay in that process. I think that's what it is. And I think he's driven. I mean, that's him, his competitive nature and what he does and he was able to message those guys, but they bought in. And where they really got better during the season, Millro got better and the offensive line got better. And I think that's the thing that let them down in the end is the offensive line. Michigan's defensive line got after him a little bit, but I think they're proven on their offensive line and matter of fact, the quarterback grew up in the second half of our game. We were ahead at halftime and we held him to negative yards rushing. They had 20 yards rushing as a team and he come out and threw for a bunch of yards.


So I mean, his development and what he did, but I think consistent messaging is what's allowed him to be successful.




So who do you have in the championship game this year? You're going to give another piece of bulletin board material to one of these teams?


Man, I tell you what, I want to study a little more. I mean, it's six one way half double. I know Michigan is a favorite by four and a half. I think their defensive line, what they've been as a team, McCarthy is underrated athletically, moves around, makes more plays than people give him credit for. But I go back that other thing, when you got a quarterback that makes every play, it's going to be an interesting. The offensive line at Washington, which is really good, the receivers at Washington which are really good in the quarterback going against that defense is going to be one heck of a matchup. And can Michigan establish long drives? They're running the football and controlling that, keeping him off the field. It's really an interesting dynamic of how they play out whose lines. And Pinix may not get the opportunities he gets most games if Michigan can control the ball and run the football like they want to. So I think it's interesting, but I'm not picking against Michigan. I think it's a toss up. I really do. But man, when you got a quarterback like pinnacks. But McCarthy is really good guys only lost one game as a starter.


That's like when James was for us. James was 27 and one that was the only loss he ever had was for us, for that kid. Two of your top four all time college football win leaders is James and McCarthy and then the other two guys ahead of them a long time ago. And there's a knack. Both are winners. So I think it's going to be a heck of a game. I don't have a decision yet if I have more film to watch, I could tell you, but it's going to be fun to watch.


Yeah. So we are huge Jamis fans, we love him. We think he's just a breath of fresh air. We want to see him get a starting job again in the NFL. You obviously coached him in college. Well, one question I have is the time he came out in his full uniform when he was suspended. What did you say to him there? That's one of my favorite. Because James just wants to play.


Well, here's the thing. It wasn't his fault. Oh, it was actually our equipment guy's fault. And here's what happened. His uniform was not supposed to be in his locker, okay? When he came down to the locker, it was always said, if your uniform is hanging in your locker, you dress well, for some reason. He was supposed to be suspended for a half of that game. The night before the game, the administration changed it to a full game, okay, the night before. Well, the equipment guys didn't get that memo, so they put his uniform in his locker thinking he was going to play the second half. When Jamis came down, he said, all right, the uniform is in my locker. I guess they want me to dress. He was just going to go on the sideline and stand, because the whole night before, when he found that out, he spent the whole time trying to get Sean Maguire ready. Jameis was fun to coach. Yeah, he was maybe the smartest individual I ever coached, and I don't know if teammates actually loved him to death. So when he came down, he just put the uniform on, went out to warm up instead, know, saying, I don't want to dress or be embarrassed.


So he was doing it and was going to stand on the sidelines. And actually, if we hadn't had the uniform in the locker room, he wouldn't address. So really he got a bump him rap for that. And I walked out and I said, james, you can't do that. And he said, yes, sir, and immediately ran in. So it wasn't a big deal. So really, it wasn't his fault.


Yeah. And it just becomes a clip in social media, and obviously people are like, I just assumed. Jameis just wants to play ball so bad. He's like, I'm going to put on my.


Oh, he would.




But he was the ultimate team guy. People have no Jameis. I'm gonna tell you this. As a player, he spent as much time with every walk on on our team as he did every starter. He knew the equipment guys, he knew the janitors. He knew everybody in that building, spoke to him, was nice to him, never saw himself as a celebrity, was always one of the guys and spent as much time with every walk on on that team as he did with the starters on the team. Jamis never saw that about himself and was the greatest teammate around and was the smarty individual and prepared. His preparation was unbelievable.




Did you ever have to dial him in during games? Because he does like to throw the ball around. He likes to take chances. He likes to make great.


Yeah, I always saw it aggressive, said, you know, you got to be aggressive, but you got to be intelligent. No one to do it. And Jameis always hit, and there was a couple of times on the sideline he'd get animated with, I didn't care, understand something. Here's how James was. I'll give you this as an example. If we practiced on Monday night and we did the basic things, and tomorrow we're going into first down, second down, our shot plays our short yardage goal line. Wednesdays is red zone, tight zone, all your calls. The night before he would go off the practice field, he would watch his film on his laptop. He would sit in there and watch film till about 930, 10:00 at night, and we left about 10, 10 30 on those nights, as it staff, I'd get a knock on a door about a half hour before I left. He'd say, coach, I know, tomorrow. Say, for instance, tomorrow is third down day in red zone. He said, I like these five things on third and five, third and three to six. I like these on seven to ten, third and long, red zone.


He would do it tonight. He said, I like these, and give me a list of things I like. He said, if you see anything else, we'll go over tomorrow. Whatever you see, this is what I see and what you see. So our preparation and interaction, I give him a lot of input in what we did, and we would communicate that way day, and then he would go in there the next day. So he was like a mean. He really was. And so we would own the sideline. We'd bicker about calls, and finally I'd say, james, that's enough. He'd say, yes, sir, and move on. But his preparation and time, people thought was disrespectful. It wasn't. The amount of time he prepared. And the things he did as a leader was undescribable, man. It really was. And the players knew it. So they would laugh at, they said, we act like old married couple on the field. In practice. We'd be arguing back and forth, and I said, all right. And I'd say, you know what? It's good to be the king. I'm the boss. Be quiet.


That's great. Yeah. I mean, he seems like that type of guy. So in terms of right now, there has to be a little small part of you that's like, obviously the ending at tech, Sam, wasn't exactly what you wanted, but you probably are thinking like, it's not the worst to have a little bit of break of the transfer portal, the nil, because it feels like the change in college football, football coaches now, that job just never, ever stops.


The last two to three years of this thing has been more change in college football than ever. It's unbelievable how this has transformed. And I tell somebody in February, you can't have kids on campus. In July you can't. That's just an NCAA rule. Every other weekend of every month of the year, you're working seven days a week every day. And you got recruits, you got people, there's somebody on your campus and things going on. Our staff work every other weekend except for those two months. I mean, so you basically 45 weekends a month around is what we worked year round and it's changed. Understand this. Think if the NFL was open free agency and now they just passed the other rule, that it's unlimited transfers. It wasn't just one. Now it's unlimited. You don't have to wait till you graduate. Think of every contract in the NFL right now was negotiable. I mean, it's unbelievable. And then people play tampering with players into that. I mean, college football right now, it needs a commissioner. It needs a commissioner and we need to do this thing the right way. I've got a lot. And go to get your 50 or 60 teams, whoever's going to be in division one.


Make it more like an NFL league. Intertwine your leagues of play a lot more so you can get a true playoff picture and play it more like you do the NFL and do it the right way.




Who do you think would be good in that role?


That's a good question. I mean, there could be a lot of guys. It could be an ex coach, I mean, an ex commissioner that runs it. I mean, a coach going to do it, but a commissioner has done. I haven't thought that out, but have to get some of your top commissions in the world and I think some of your ex top coaches or people have been in it would be good. Somebody who really has an inner work and understand the inner workings of what we as coaches and what a program goes through is going to be the guy that has to do that.


I'm going to throw a name out there. You might know this guy. I believe he's from West Virginia as well. Oliver luck?


Yeah. I mean, possibly could. I mean, I know of Oliver. I don't know Oliver because I grew up right there outside Morgantown, about 30 miles in Clarksburg. I say Nick and I are about 15 miles apart. Right there through there. But he would be a guy. But you need somebody with a worldly that really gets it, that understands it, and maybe it's one of your commissioners that are out there now. I don't know that, you know what I'm saying? But, man, this game, people have no idea the stress that's on a staff right now and the amount of people you have to have to run an organization now. People who want to cut back are crazy because the amount of time you got to spend on the phone with recruits, with your own players and the head coaches role, the head coaches that coach now, man, it's hard.




Because you're having to recruit your own players back and the relationships you're building, the ability to spend time during the day interacting with them, calling, talking with families. It's so different now that it's unbelievable.


I said it maybe a year or two ago, but I think a couple of teams have done it. But every program, major college football program, should have a GM, an actual GM who acts like a GM, like an NFL GM, where you're helping and assisting the roster building and all that stuff. Because I don't know how you can do both coaching and be a GM year round.


Well, your players always a coach. You can because they got to judge them, but you still got to prove them what you're playing and what you're doing with. But you got to have a GM who's all right. These are our guys. We're recruiting. This is what we do. We see the roster management. This way. There's no doubt you have a GM. We all hired him. We've been hired him for a long time. And you have to have him. And as the head coach, he's still got to have a good grasp and feel, because what can happen there is just like an NFL, which I don't always mean. You got a GM and a head coach. They can't be one. I don't think you can do both. But they got to have an label, working relationship. Yeah, that relationship right there. And a guy you can trust who knows what you want in players, who know what the system is, who know what the characteristics of people you want, all that. It's a very important role now. And the amount of people you got to hire because you don't understand the amount of phone time to recruit 25 guys, you're starting at 1000 to 600.


Then you're just winding that list down. The amount of phone time you're spending on the phone communicating with those guys is unbelievable because as head coach, the coaches got to go coach at some point, right? You got to have a whole personnel department and groups that recruit freshmen, recruit, recruit sophomores, group to recruit. Because if you're not recruiting the freshmen and sophomores right now, when you get an eight, you don't start to your juniors they say, well, you didn't want me, you're out. So you have no idea the amount of time and amount of people you have to have behind the scenes to run your organization.


Yeah, and then you got people leaking word to slice bread on social media, putting all sorts of things out there.


Sliced bread.


I'm going to just put this out there. I think sliced bread is probably a listener of this podcast if I had to bet. So I'd like to give you the opportunity to directly address sliced bread and his report about Texas a M. Here's.


What I'm going to tell you. The college football changed on a lie. I'm going to write a book on this one day. I'm going to write a book. When he wrote those numbers, I said, my God, where's it at? I wish that would have happened. Yeah, I really had all that. I mean, I'm going to tell you this, the amount of nil deals at a and m at that time in all sports combined, he said, we are class of 35 million. There's right at a million dollars for all sports combined. Yeah, that's what upset me so much about it is that. Not that you can insinuate all those things have always been said, guys, pop, but you were insinuating the families of it. And I'm telling you that was as far from the truth as anything was ever out here. Here's the big thing. All of the media went and ran with that story as truthful without ever checking it. And I'm talking about the big dogs.


Well, I'm talking about all the people.


We regarded as highly respected guys that college football changed on a lot. Well, I'm going to write a book about it one day.


You don't need to check it. It's sliced bread. He's the most reliable source out there. Sliced bread, 35 million.


That's written in stone.


Do you? Yeah.


Just funny how all that goes and everybody just says, oh, it's on the Internet. It's good. It had to happen. And that is as far from the truth as ever. And now it's turned into a zoo.


Did you ever think you'd get to a point in your coaching career, speaking of the Internet, where your buyout is discussed every single day? Because, listen, your contract's your contract, so you should never apologize for the money you make. But it did become like this big thing, Jimbo's buyout. People tweeting it, people talking about it. Everyone knows it by the back of their hand. Did you ever think you'd get to that point?


No. See, honestly, I don't have social media.




Believe that or not? No, I believe, tell me all the stuff we have to have and report it. So, I mean, it was, but no, I mean, it's amazing, but it doesn't surprise me. Anything on social media now, anything to get a hit or get a thing.


Yeah. Well, congrats on the buyout. It's a great number.


Thank you.


It's a great number.




Like Coach O's reaction, hey, I'm not complaining. Yeah, right.


When coach O had to leave of LSU, his reaction was like, when do you want me to leave and what door do you want me to walk out of? I'm sure you didn't want to finish your time at a. M. But at the same time you leave and you're like, hey, I can go play golf for a while.




It's about success. You want to have know. And I still think there was a heck of a team here if we didn't have some injuries. But we'll get into that later. But here's what I say about this for myself. I'll be fine. But here's what you hate about that. All those people. I'm talking about all the people in recruiting, all the support staff. That's the people. When a changeover is made, I mean, you're talking about 50, 70, 75, 80 people that can lose jobs.




You know what I'm saying? And the changeovers and everything that goes on, that's the people you're sad for.




I mean, it really is. And I feel like I let them down because we're not there. They were counting on me to have those jobs, and they don't have multi year contract. Our coaches all had. At least, they at least got one or two years left on a buyout. They're going to get jobs. They'll be fine. At least be able to get on their feet. Those other guys who are on year to year contract like we were when we first started coaching. We all coached on one year contract. That's the people I feel bad for and that you try to help out and make sure, try to find jobs all over the place for them.


Yeah. Tough business for them. I would assume you're going to get the itch to coach again at some point. You're not an old guy in terms of coaching terms.




Are you going to let it settle for a little bit and then be like, all right, where are my options?


Yeah, exactly right. I'm going to let it settle right now. A good thing I'm going to do is spend some time with my family. I actually got to see my son play his last four high school football games. I got to the state semifinals. It was great because you're missing that all the time working on our foundation for kids first fund and all those things, but just get to spend some time with them and in normal life. And, I mean, it does feel weird because you were working 1418 hours, days every day, and you wake up and you go, what I want to do day? And I said, whatever the hell I want.




That'S a weird deal. I mean, it really is. But eventually that time and what you do, you want to get back into it and get the right situation and get back in coaching.


And now you have the great line. Whenever you do coach again, you can be like, my wife told me I had to go get a job. That's like, I feel like that's every coach. She's like, I spent some time with my family. Then she told me, this is enough time. You got to go get a job.


Exactly right. I can say, everybody says, am I fine? I said, I'm fine at the people around me who struggle. Yeah, right up with me every day, who only had to do it for about an hour or two a day. Now they're having to do it all day.


Were you blindsided by the dismissal this year? Did you see this coming at all?




I mean, you don't ever see it coming because I still thought we were playing what we had a great game. We're going to hope we finish out well, probably eight and four or so have a chance to eight, four nine and four win nine games. And we had the injuries that you, because I really think the team we had coming and what we had going was going to be a really good football team. But hey, that's it. That's their choice. That's what they make. I wish them the best. And I hope those kids have success.




Now that you're no longer at a and M, maybe you can answer this question freely.


Be honest.


Do the yellow leaders, do they creep.


You out a little bit?


No, they're great. I'm going to tell you something now. Those guys, they work their tails off and the conditioning they're in, the amount of push ups and things they do, I always tell our players we got to be as good a condition as the Yale leaders. Man, those guys work their butts off. They're good guys. They really are.


Yeah. So the name Jimbo, as far as I can tell, it was because you were named Jim and there was too many gyms already in your family. Is that correct?


Yeah. My real name, John James. I'm a junior. John James Fisher, Jr. But you're right. So my dad was called Jim, Big Jim. I had an uncle Jim, Jimmy Lee. And there was Jim's and big Jim, Jimmy Lee, Jim. So my aunt one day tell you a funny story. This is a true story. I was in the first grade and I went to school. So every school teacher calls you by your real name. So the first month of school, I got whipped, put in a corner, got in trouble every day for about three to four weeks. So my aunt, who actually named me Jimbo, was the secretary to the principal at the school. So my teacher finally after, went up to her and said my aunt's name was Juanita. She said, juanita, I think your nephew John, I think he's either defiant and won't listen, or he has a hearing. I think he surely has a hearing. Not. He will not communicate with me. And my aunt just kept working. And she said, 180, I'm talking to you. She said, who are you talking about? She said, your nephew John. He won't listen to me.


She said, try calling him Jimbo. So she started calling me Jimbo and never got in trouble again. I never knew she was talking to me. I had no idea she was talking to me. I had no idea she was talking to.


That's great.


And because they called me. But she named me Jimbo when I was two. And it just stuck.


And I saw there was an Internet hoax a while back where people said that your actual nickname was slim Jimbo because all you would eat was slim Jims when you were a kid. I wish that were true. I wish that were true.


Me, too. Now you know where the slim gym stuff came from and all the. All right, here's social media. Here you go. Here's another social media. My son Trey, my oldest son, he made up a fake account and all these things. He was about 1210 or twelve, figuring it all out. And I was always, so they said, give me something about your dad. He made up this false narrative that I was going to own a beef jerky family and one of the company of that. That was what I ultimately wanted to do in slim. So all that stuff came from my son making it up on social media.


That's great.


In the mail, fans started sending me all this beef jerky, all this stuff. I'm going, why? I thought to myself, why in the hell is everybody sending me all this stuff? I mean, that's great. I don't mind it, but I guess. And my son was laughing. One day he pulled up his social media. He was like twelve, and he showed it to me. He made up all this whole false narrative of all these things I liked and what I wanted. So the fans were sending me all this stuff and he just made it all up.


So if you were to own a food processing company, what kind of snack would it be?


Oh, lord, I don't know what it be. Maybe it would be food processing. It would be some kind of slim Jim factory or something. It'd be deer jerky. Some kind of deer.


There you go. So can you describe what your. It might be too early to know exactly where you want to go, but what would be your ideal type of next job?


I mean, a job where you can win it and play and have beat competitive and win championships and win games and like we did at Florida State, like we did here. And it was still through 2020 till we had the injury. I always say this, I thought in 2020, we were truly the second best team in the country. It's funny at that time, at a and M in 2020, we were the only one lost team in the history of the SEC. Never make the playoff. Yeah, that was with an all SEC schedule. Yeah, we ended up re ranked fifth and they let Ohio State in with six wins and Notre Dane, who lost the conference championship just like Georgia did and got out because, see, I said, like doing the playoffs this year, if you want to pick the best four teams, Georgia is still one of those.




I mean, if you want to get down and you get down and Florida State should have been the play. I know it didn't go. I'm an advocate of. They went undefeated. They deserve to be in, you know, that whole dynamic of the know that went, but I want to go somewhere you can win and be successful, which there's a lot of programs out there and do it and you can recruit and have fun because I still love working with a kid. I love recruiting and the coaching part of this game. I know it's changed, but I still love it.


Yeah, we were big advocates for Florida State. If you win all your games like those kids, you tell them at the beginning of the season, hey, win your games and you have a chance to compete for national title. I don't care. Injuries and all that. That should be what sport is about.


It's about what you do between the white. Every time in sports is about overcoming whatever you got to overcome. They did that. They ought to got bonus points for it. Not taken away. We're not figure skating. Just didn't figure skating. You know what I mean? It's not judgmental and if you want to judge mental. I think Georgia's won. And we said, well, Alabama shouldn't have got in. Well, let me ask mean, I know Texas beat them, but everybody talking about you put two one loss teams ahead of them. You're not just one. You put two one loss teams ahead of an undefeated team, an ACC champion, which, whether they won or not, they deserve the right to be in. They earned the right to be in it. And that's the thing about sports. What you do between the white line and Texas beat Alabama when Alabama wasn't very good. Alabama was a much better team. I'm not saying so. I know it was head to head. But they also lost to Oklahoma, who lost to UCF, Oklahoma State. That's why I say the four team. What I don't like about it, if you look at the college playoff, here's the thing I had a problem with.


If you look at the rules and how it's set up, it was set up that they could do whatever they wanted to do with it.


Right? Yeah.


You know what I'm saying? It wasn't a cut and dry thing. That's why I said the BCs and the computer was actually better than what we had now.




Because this turned into an opinion mean and what we did and it was wrong. To Florida State. It was wrong. And to have five conferences and four guys getting a playoff, what sense does that make? That was the whole problem from the get go. It was flawed. It was flawed from the get go.


Yeah, because I think no one would have had a problem if it was four conferences and every conference champion just goes because then you play it in between the white lines and it's like, that's how it works.


But that does thing. I'm too. We got to do something with this. I'm a historian of football. I wanted the history of these bowl games to mean something. And it's sad to watch. I mean, the teams that have the guys play or have young teams, it's great because there's nothing like I don't care going to a bowl game and the bowl experience for those kids is tremendous. And what we've done to the bowl system is sad in my opinion.


It is. Yeah.


A lot of opt outs and I understand it from their perspective, though, if.


You'Re a player, I understand from the player's perspective. But what we do college football wise, even when there was only two teams, the bowl games meant a lot more for a kid to go win an orange bowl, go win a sugar bowl, go. If you're not in, if that's not one of the playoff things, that's a big deal. I remember sitting as a kid dreaming I could ever coach in one or play in one. It's a shame in my opinion.


Yeah, it's one of those things where like 30 years from now we're going to look back and explain the system that we had and it's like, oh, at the end of the season, if your team was above 500, they played some other random school in a stadium sponsored by a lawn mowing company and we're going to be like, wait, what? What does that have to do with football? But yeah, no, that's why I'm excited about the twelve team playoff because I think it's better. I definitely do meaningful football. But I guess the more important question of BCS or college football playoff, which trophy do you prefer? Because there's a correct answer to this.


Which trophy? In what regard?


I'm missing the actual trophy.


The crystal ball that they used to have or the new one, which is more of like a Lombardi type trophy.




Whichever one makes you the champion.




Because the crystal ball trophy was the best trophy.


It was sports.


It was incredible.


I don't think there's any doubt I liked it because I got to hold it up once.


Yeah, right. It's a great trophy. Right. So we just had holiday season in your house. Is there a rule now like, hey, Christmas tree can't go out on the curb until like January 1? We got to make sure.


That's a funny story. We had already put the Christmas tree out when that happened and so everybody was looking for something. I had did it before I ever made a decision to even leave Florida State, but so everybody's looking into everything again and I thought it was cute.




From now on, I'm going to have.


To be aware of that.


So if I have to change, I'm going to make sure we keep them in till after I go somewhere.


Yeah, you got to just make sure the Christmas tree stays in till January 1 just to be safe, because you don't want it. That was just peak college football message board. Just everyone looking for something. We're fans of the sport, and that is part of the sport. It's the storyline and all that stuff.


But listen, that's why so many people are passionate about. So many people love it. That's what makes it so great.




And the flight tracking is one of my favorite things, too, where guys on message boards, they track the tail numbers of the jets and they can figure out which coach is going to interview for which job. So you got to be all over that because I know that they're going to be watching planes going in and out of your hometown.


You know what somebody ought to do is get about six planes there and take them all off at once and go six different directions. See where they go.


It's more like the president when they get into the one limousine and then the decoys go elsewhere.


Exactly. You're in witness protection.


Yeah. I'm curious, from your perspective, what is.


It about West Virginia that makes for good coaches?


Genuine people? Listen, coaching is about one thing. It's about relationships. You can say it all, you want your knowledge, but you got to have a relationship and people got to know you're genuine. There's got to be an honesty to you. And I think, listen, West Virginia people are real people. Their pride is in West Virginia University. There's no proteins. People are genuine, they're honest, they're tough. And I mean, it's a hard living. Listen, my dad, I never forget this story. I was about twelve years old now. I was ten or eleven years old. And in that smart ellic routine, my dad was a coal miner. Matter of fact, he was blown up in a coal mine when I was two. He was in the hospital for six months and went back. After he was out for two years, he went back to the coal mines again and worked. If you're going to make money, that's where you work. That or a glass factory or something. It was a blue collar state. And I was real smart. I was being smart. I, like about 1112 years old, thought I knew all the answers and he grabbed me.


He had a way of doing things. Now I guess they put you in jail for it. He said, now I want to did one. I don't want to do schoolwork. I ain't doing it. He's all right. He grabbed me right by the back of the neck and my hair got hair and neck. If your dad ever did that, drugged me up the hill, threw me in a truck and said, come on. We went to the coal mine. We went to the coal mine. We got in the buggy, went a mile and a half down. He said, all right, get out. But I had him. I'll do this. Here's what you're about 30 minutes. I said, you know, dad, this ain't very funny. He said, you either going to get an education, son, or this is what you're going to be doing the rest of your life. You got two choices, you know what I'm saying? And I said, you know what? I'm going to get my education. And ball was a big thing. Sports is a big thing there. They love. And it's blue collar people, it's honesty. So I think the relationships you build, you're genuine, you're tough.


People in West Virginia tell you like it is. Don't ask them a question if you don't want the answer straight up. Yeah, I mean, it's just the way it is. It's just the people they are. Ball is important. And I didn't want to work in the coal mines. And I love ball. We grew up loving it. And you know what's funny? All right. I lived outside of Clark. Little town called Glen Falls. Little community. Little coal mining community. Nick lived in Menonga, which is a coal mine, you know, who lives 7 miles right in between us where he's from. And we're born and raised. John McKay. Okay, so you had him and then a fielding yoast, who won six national championships at the beginning of the 19 hundreds with Michigan. Lived about 15 or 20 miles in Grafton from a fairview on the other side. He was right in. So all of us. It's funny, within about a 25 miles radius, there's like 18 national championships.


That's crazy.


It's crazy. Yeah, it is crazy. But I think we love ball. There's genuine. There's a toughness to the people there. There's an honesty to them. And you get what you get. And guys want to blur. And we love ball.


Yeah. I don't know.


I mean, just always loved it.


Cradle of coaches. Well, coach, this has been awesome. I have one last question. It's a rowback question. promo code take. Use it. Get your Qzips polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, fleeces, everything. promo code take this has been so much fun. We appreciate your time. I had one guy that we had to ask about because I think that time is not like remembering him for his greatness as much as it should. And it's Bobby Bowden. If you look at the schedule, if you look at the years that he stacked up where it was just eleven win season after eleven win season, it really is incredible what he accomplished. So what was it about Bobby Bowden that you learned or that was special about him that made him such a great, great coach?


First let me say, I was so blessed to be there. Their family took me in like a son. I played for Terry and I got to go spend time. When they would go visit Florida State, they would take me. Now I was playing and coach, I would stay at their house. I would stay at Bobby's house and go to practice. I would go to bowl games. They would get me a room. When I was the OC at Sanford, I was 23 or 24 at the time. We went to the national playoffs. I remember going to the year I got the job. They were playing Penn State in the blockbuster bowl. Put me in a room when I got to go. Listen to coach Bowden organize a meeting all week, just set in the back. Listen to him call games with a headset on. I would sit and not be able to talk and just listen to him call plays. But Bobby was genuine. He was the most. I think he's the greatest person that ever walked the sideline. I don't mean that in any disrespect to anybody else. He was such a godly man, who he was every day, what he did every day, the things, the role we played.


And I'm going to tell you this in today's time, Bobby to make Florida State from 87 to 2000, they went 14 straight years being in the top five and won ten or more games when he's only playing eleven. That was that run from 1987 till then. If you remember, from 1980 to 86. You know, he lost six in a row to Florida and he only beat Miami once or twice. He had never had a record better than nine and three as he built Florida State. And that was after he went to two Orange bowls in 79 and 80 with Ron Simmons. You may not even be coaching today's world because they get rid of. And he had to establish Florida State as a winner. And it took him time. He was seven and four, eight and three. And he took those years but then once 87 hit the 79, 80 teams were great teams. They played back to back Orange Bowls, but he took off and won. But Bobby was the most genuine, honest person and he had things in perspective. It was God, family involved. And I was so blessed to have been around him and learned how to do things the right way.


He could sit with you and be with you for five minutes and you think you knew him for ten years.




And he never put himself above you. He knew who he was. He was as a human being. He was God first, family second, ball third. And that's sad. You're right. I'll say something to kids like coach Bowden. Who's that coach? I mean, we forget so quick in our society about how successful I got. One at the time was the winningest coach in college football history, 380 some games and national championships and played for so many and did it at a school that didn't have her. I mean, Florida state wasn't a football rich school. Never even started playing football like 848 or 49. It was a girl school till then, believe it or not. And what he did is, to me, he did more at that school than what he accomplished in any man in the history of college football. And he was the best gentleman that ever did it. A winner to me, is the best. I mean, the top coach of that person I've ever been around. And his family and what Jeff Terry, Tommy Justi, all this family and his kids, they treated me like a brother and a son. And I was so blessed to be at early ages with him.


And you're right, people don't appreciate what Bobby Bowden did and who he was the human being and who he was the coach and what he meant. And man, he was fun to call game. When I got to coach with him and be around him, he could call any play on any down and distance, man, he would let it fly. And he had the guts. I mean, just think of the fumble, rusky, when you're fourth and ten in a tie game with a minute and a half, with a minute 50 to go at Clemson on your own 20, and he hit the fumble, he hit the punt. Rusky, that won that game and won national. I mean, things he did, he was an amazing coach, amazing person.


Yeah, it's a great point too, about how quick coaches get fired these days, because you do look at it and it's like, yeah, that 86 season went seven four and one. They probably would have been like, oh, it's not working well.


In 85, he was nine and three and 84 he was seven, two and two and 83 was seven and four. And then when the peach ball, nine and three and 82, 81, he was six and five. Didn't go to a bowl game.




And then you wouldn't make it. And they let him keep going and in 87 and all of a sudden and he established how to win somewhere. They teach him somewhere that had never won at that level. We did it. Here's the bad thing. He did it 79, 80, had two great years, then had five or six years that were just good but not great. You'd fire the guy today.




You know what I'm saying? And then let him establish himself. But listen, he did more with less. And what he did was, he's an amazing man, amazing coach. I was so blessed to be able to be around him and see how things were supposed to be done.




I have one last question here for you. Who is the best player that you've ever coached? You can't say James.


Oh, my God.


We just talked about Jamis. I'm going to put Jameis in his own category. But you've coached a lot of good ones.


Oh, my God. I mean, you're talking about Derwin James. You're talking about Jalen Ramsey, talking about Timmy Jr. You're talking about Rashad Green is a guy in Florida state history that never got the credit. He's the all time lead receiver in ACC history. Yards and touchdowns and catches. It's Rashad Green. Then you go back to my LSU days. Whitworth and Spears and Clayton just accorded by Rohan, David JaMarcus. Man, I can't say that I'm going to tell you. LaMarcus Joyner, Kelvin Smith, those guys on that. I'm going to tell you this. People don't appreciate it. The 2013 team at Florida State, you realize it's the biggest point differential in college football history at teams that played at least ten games. Before that, I think army had like nine games and won by 52 points. That 2013 team won by 39.5 points a game.


That's crazy.


LSU broke the offensive record that year, beat us by one point in total points scored in the season, but had one more game. And we had James out at five games at halftime. But we averaged 51 seven or eigth and gave up twelve. LaMarcus Joyner, Kelvin Smith, Timmy Journegan, Devante Freeman. I've been able to be around so many unbelievable football players. I mean, Ronald Darby, PJ Williams, Jalen Ramsay, Derwin James. It's just Carlos Williams and then a and M guys I've been around some phenomenal. I mean, had great players at A and M. I mean, Trayvon Williams, people forget he ran 1700 yards for me. Yeah, Eric McCoy is a center, our quarterback. People don't give our quarterback the credit he did in his 2020 season. What he was able to be able to do that season was unbelievable and how he played and the season he had and what he did. So, I mean, I've been blessed to have so many of them. It's unbelievable.


That was a great example of just guys naming dudes.


Yeah, that was great.


All time listed, all the dudes put out there.




Didn't mention T Bob Ebear. I noticed.


I didn't coach him.


Okay. All right.


But you would have said you had, you know, the corners, Corey Webster, Travis Daniels, Randall, you can go through that whole dudes.


I love it. It's a great list.


It was unbelievable.


Yeah. Well, coach, thank you again. This has been so much fun. We appreciate your time.


Yeah, anytime, guys. Y'all got a great show, man. I love your show. It's good.


Thank you so much. Yeah, we'll definitely have you back on next season as long as you're not coaching, but maybe if you're coaching, too, we'll still have you back on.


It don't matter, whatever.


All right. Thanks so much, Jimbo. You.


See you, Jimbo.


See you guys. Have a great day.


Enough for something completely different. Okay. We now welcome on a very special guest, recurring guest. He is an NFL football player, also a podcaster. He's an eight time Pro Bowler. It is Cam Jordan. How you doing, Cam? Thanks for joining us and welcome back.


Yeah, I appreciate you having me back on. I'm doing okay. I can't say I'm doing phenomenal, but we started off, we ended 2023 on a great way.


Yeah, we're going to either run this, we were doing less shows this week, so we might run it after week 18, but we're taping this before week 18. But I actually wanted to start with that. It is right before week 18. How is the body feeling? And I actually kind of want to just know because we obviously watched the sport and we know, like, oh, everyone's dinged up this time of year, but we kind of just throw it off to the side like, yeah, you got to get out there and play. How bad is it, though, at this point of the year where you're like, my body is just broken.


I think my body is finally about to be healed. Oh, that makes more sense. We had bi week. What is that like week eleven, week twelve, a while ago. And you get that body back. You're like, yes, let's throw. It's time to go play. We play Atlanta. And in Atlanta game, a pile up happened and I end up on the wrong side of pile up. End up with a high ankle sprain, tore some ligament in my shinish ankle area and the synesthmosis, and I had to look it up 17 times because I had no idea what that even meant. And then they're like, hey, we're going to rehab this. You may be down this week. I was like, no, I don't go down. I was like, no, I'm playing this end up playing and added on a nice little low ankle to it. So I've been thugging it out, like, the last five weeks with a high end low ankle spraying on the left leg. I was like, anything for a team win. I was like, if I feel like if you guys feel like I'm in the best position to help this team win, I'm on the field.


And so I've just been relegated to first and second down, stopping the run. You know what that does to a defensive end's identity of, hey, I like to rush the pasture as well.


Just get out there.


I did not know that would been my, you never know. Didn't know that would been the last time I was able to really bend a corner up until this past weekend. I finally bent a corner and was like, I can push off again.


Yeah, that's crazy that you played your.


Way back into shape by playing a violent sport. We're talking about that earlier this season with Joe Burrow when he had kind of an ankle lower leg injury and he played his way back into shape, were you getting healthier throughout? Like, could you feel getting stronger? Because me, if I have an ankle sprain and I take like two steps, if I get up to go take a piss, I'm like, I got to go sit down. I just aggravated my ankle. But you were actually making improvements.


Yeah, I was like, working my way, like, Monday through Saturday. Whatever it takes to be like, all right, well, I'm in a boot until practice. Right after practice, I'm back in a boot. Whatever this takes. I'm in ice rehab doing all the electric stem. Whatever it takes. Whatever it is. I'm like, hey, going out? Nah, I don't need it. I was like, hey, family events. Hey, look, I'm on this ice and rehab. Ice, rehab, rest, elevation, the combination, right? And then Sunday play, and I wouldn't say get better. Probably reset you back a couple of days.




Like, right after the game, back in a boot Monday through Saturday, redo the whole situation. And then finally this week, I was like, I'm out of the boot by Thursday. What's up?




So it sounds like you're feeling a little bit better. Are we feeling good enough to play next year, too, or where are we at with that?


That's a no brainer, bro. I've never had this low of a sack total in my career since, like, rookie year. I'm already in my villain arc. I'm headed into my revenge season. Absolutely. I mean, black and gold is the only way I'll ever really play football anyways.




So I'm playing this, and I'm already spurned. I'm like, I'm spurned already.


I like that. Comeback player of the year next year. So, speaking of your career, you've been playing for a very long time. You're 34, and don't take disrespect to it because I would assume this happens to every player where the step is maybe a tiny bit slower, but how much now are you getting by on instinct and knowing the game better than you did maybe when you were younger? Because I love seeing players who can still play at a high level at. You're like, no, they're just Savier than everyone out there.


Yeah. I've always loved my ability to rely on, like, hey, I went to Cal. We're actually smarter people. But just you add that on with experience, and naturally you understand how to break down. Film what the nature of the game is, and luckily, I came into this league at, like they said, I was 287, but you look at my rookie film, and fluffy cam in a Reebok jersey was. I was. Miami area code might have been 305. I get it. I get it. So I lost some weight, probably gained an extra step or two, and I don't see myself slowing down. But even if I am slowing down a step, I've never relied on those first two steps anyways.




I've always been hand combat active and ready to put work in, so, honestly, I love the idea that I could be slowing down because I'm slowing down. That just makes everybody else look slower.


Yeah. Do you notice, though, in a game where there'll be, let's say, a handful of plays where you're like, oh, I just knew what was going to happen because I've been doing this for so long, and there was nothing they could do to stop me there because I can anticipate better than the guy across from me.


Facts. There's always going to be plays like that. There's always going to be a series. You're like, oh, I see what they did here. They got this condensed formation and you've got this offset running back. Whatever it is. I'm not going to allude to it, but there's a play against you. You line up, you look at the formation, you're like, smiling, getting down into the stance, you're like, yeah, I'm wrecking this.


That's. That must be the best feeling, just knowing.


And then you fall off the TFL. So then what does it.


That's great.


That's why players make plays, too. Would you slow them down? It was in the backfield immediately trying to tackle. What's the running back?






He slips through. Pete Warner comes down, smacks him. So it's still a like, it's a cause. Tfl my way. Not the same feeling as a TFL for me.




What are your thoughts on the hip drop tackle and the discourse surrounding the hip drop tackle? Because I'll tell you right now on this show, I don't think that there is such a thing as a hip drop tackle.


I've never even heard of the terminology hip drop tackle.


We need to find out who came up with that phrase.


Warren Sharp, probably warren sharp.


Somebody's trying to make a name for themselves. It's just tackling somebody. It's tackling somebody using your body weight. It's making a tackle from behind, which is there's only a couple ways to hit somebody for tackling them from behind.


I thought it would just been the competition committee.




It's got to be a panel of guys that never played football and knows all the analytics. They always implement two or three rules that strap a defensive end or strap a defensive player. It's like, oh, you can't. No tugging on the. Whatever. Slapping any part of the helmet is now a part of a face masking situation. You're like, bro, who made some of these rules? Like, you can't hit a quarterback low, you can't hit them too high. You can't hit a wide receiver who's defenseless, although he's already caught a ball and he just hasn't whipped his head around to lock eye confirmation. I just figure at some point in the next year or two, I'm going to have to ask permission to hit an offensive player like, hey, I'm running full speed.


Do you mind if I. Yeah.


You can't land on a quarterback like, we've seen that.


Crazy. There was, in fact, there was a play, tampa Bay game. Tyra Matthews hits Baker Mayfield, and they called it a late hit. He's within two steps, balls thrown. Like, that's a regular hit in any era except for today's era. That's a clean hit. In fact, if you would have took this to the 2000s, when I was growing up, watching guys like the freak and Julius Peppers, young Julius Peppers, you'd be like, bro, that was something you probably chew them out for. Like, why'd you hit him harder, right? And now it's like, hey, did you put a pillow down and read him a bedtime story before you laid him down ever so softly on a bed of crumpled leaves or something?


It's true.


Give a quarterback a flag.


Yeah, I like that.


My favorite is when a player tackles a quarterback, and on the way down, they take their arms off them to show, like, hey, I'm trying not to land with my entire body weight on them. And they still get a flag for it.


No doubt.




It's a league that's always loved their offense. You can do that. It's all about points.


That's true.


I'm sure fantasy football probably has a say in this in my mind. I don't know any more.


Yeah, I just play the game if.


It'S the best my abilities and let it lay where it lays.


You get a star player that gets hurt, and then they look at that tackle and they say, we need to take that tackle out of the game because we can't have our stars.


And that's a hip drop tackle. I'm like, has anybody ever, from peewee ball to high school ball to college to the pros, ever referred to it as, oh, yeah, got a hip drop tackle that.


Yeah. Yeah, it's true.


I can tell, though, you still miss sacking Matt Ryan. He must have been so fun to hit, man.


He was good to me over the years. I miss him dearly. Yeah. It's just one of those people that will always have a special place, like.


30 years from now.


They're like, hey, Cam, do you remember. Yeah, that guy, Matt Ryan, that great, kind man, good family man. Hit him a lot back in the day. Like, can't wait for those days when it's all said and done and my grandkids are looking at me like, dad used to play. Your grandpa used to play football?




There was this guy. He knew me really well. Right?


We used to meet a couple of times a year. So, speaking of which, what quarterback would you say has the best pocket awareness that you've played against. So maybe not like elusiveness where they can rip off a 50 yard run, but just for some reason they feel like they always have eyes in the back of their head and they're able to anticipate everything coming their way.


Man, I think Lamar is up there and I haven't played him two years, two years ago, last season, maybe last season, Lamar is up there. I think bake, the way he played this last game we played him, he was quite aware that we were surrounding him. I mean, he was trying to get out of there. I think we could have had probably four sacks on him. We left with two. I fell off one. I think they called a face mask on Brian Brazilie. I didn't know he was sort of that aware and or like sneaky.


So, so, Lamar, I have a question about this because this is something we talked about on the show. Lamar, I don't know if you know, this is 19 and one versus the NFC in his career now, is it crazy to say that? It's just he's such a freak and so different that teams that don't get to see him, it's that much more difficult to defend him because you just don't know that speed and elusiveness, you can't replicate it.


He's probably the fastest quarterback in the league, and when you think about it, yeah, you can't replicate that. But at the same time, he's just a playmaker. There's a reason why he's been a former MVP, probably will be MVP of this league this year. I mean, he's a top tier talent.




A lot of stories this week about tackles reporting as eligible and the referees making announcements after hearing who's coming in to be eligible to catch a pass. I'm actually curious to know from the defensive side of the ball, do you guys actually listen to what the ref say over the loudspeaker? Does that impact and directly affect what you're doing as defense to cover them?


I'm just going to speak from a defensive line perspective because it depends on coverage at times. So coverage, that would probably be a. Yes, defensive line. I mean, I'm a label, a pig. A pig and keep on going. You'd be like, oh, and you got an officer lineman in there instead of tight end. All right, so now instead of trying to put this man on his back, now I get to try and choke him out.


It is.


That's great. We were talking about it. Pft. Just mentioned it. Let people online the Twitter experts who break down film, how often do you scroll Twitter and you're like, these guys don't know what they're talking about because there's so many moving parts in an NFL game and what you guys are doing as a defense and what everyone's responsibility is. Do you get a chuckle when you see something and you're. That's. That definitely wasn't, like, the linebacker wasn't supposed to be doing that, so they did not make a mistake, or the defensive end was not supposed to be doing that. That's not a mistake. You're just watching film and guessing.


Hey, in this day and age, everybody's a critic. Everybody's a reporter. I feel like half the nation has a podcast.


That's true.


I've. I got friends back to the crib to have a podcast. Like, bro, when you go tune into mine offseason.


Yeah, but do you see it? Because I would love to have that superpower of, like, I feel like if I were a just. I just scroll Twitter every day and just dunk on those guys and be like, yeah, you see it every now and then. Like, Mitchell Schwartz did it, I think, last year, where someone was breaking down film, and Mitchell Schwartz was like, that's not what the offensive line was supposed to. You're not. You're just making shit.


I've never. I don't think I've ever fired back at anybody. Like, I mean, I will scroll Twitter, and sometimes I will drop some heat back at try. I try and go after people sometimes with the best of my. What would Kevin Durant's burner account say? Sometimes you got to get after somebody.



[02:32:31] I live for this. You should actually go listen to people's podcasts and critique their ad. Reads like you screwed up dropping the promo line.


It's not easy.


It's not easy. Yeah, I do what you do. You don't do what I do.






You play with maybe our favorite player in the NFL, Jameis Winston.




We've been fans of his for a long time. Just seems like a unique individual. Just solid vibes. Good guy. What was your experience like meeting Jameis, and what does he bring to that locker room that makes people like him so much?


Man, I've known Jameis probably since he got to the league because, of course, he was the number one overall pick for Tampa some years back. Met him in the backfield quite a lot, but then in, the couple, had a couple of run ins with him, and he was a great guy from, like, you could always make fun of him when you don't really know him. And you're like, bro, the stuff that he's doing on the sidelines, the antics, is hilarious. Over Tampa Bay, you'd be like, man. And then he comes to New Orleans Saints. I'm like, here we go. But you realize once you get to know James, he's like the warrior that you want in the locker room. If he's your boy. You guys go into a bar and there's 30 guys that are ready to fight. You want a boy like Jamis? James is all in. He'd be like, hey, it's time to go. It's go time. And he's you. If you're in the bar, you look at your boy. James is a guy that's already got war paint on. He's like, oh, didn't know it was time. And you're like, all right, well, I guess we're here.


So when you think about what he does on the football field, what he does in the locker room, what he brings to the locker room and the game, the energy that he brings, he's such a positive force. You can't help but love and respect. Like, sometimes you hear James, you'd be like, where was that even coming from? What does that pertain to? And you're like, bro, you look at his face and he's dead set. Like, today's a good day. Yes, it is. Yes, the hell it is. Why the hell not? Why can't it be a good day? He's such a positive force, bro. It's sort of hard not to. Like, once you know him, once you understand where he's come from, it's hard not to root for him at every turn.


Did you guys give him any shit for eating the w? Were you like, that was a little weird. Yeah. All right, good. But I feel like gets the shit.


If you look at it. I think his teammates at the time were giving him. He was in the dub, and everybody in the circle was like, what?


Yeah, but that's incredible that he's the type of guy that he can maybe have a couple of those moments, but you guys still ride for him, which it's pretty cool to watch.


Absolutely. Like I said, there's nobody more invested than Jameis. You can see some guys like, yeah, I play this. He loves this game from the top of the morning to the end of the night, and probably still, probably still at the facility right now, probably watching film ASAP. He's one of the last people to leave the building.


Jameis should have a podcast. If he doesn't already. Jamis should have a podcast. We're just like somebody who's having a bad day. It could be anybody, any line of work. Someone who's having a bad day comes in and Jamis just gasses you up, bro.


Now that.




Yeah, absolutely.


There's no way better. I mean, back when me and Mark had our know, he popped on and it was like, bro, you leave feeling. No matter. You just feel like, I didn't think about this in a feel. I feel more inspired and motivated.




Jamis is kind of a drug. You hang out with Jamis and after you've done your whole perspective changes, you leave better.


You talk to Jamis. You're like, if I was having an okay day, I'm going to make it a good day.




Jboo made it a good day, so I'm going to make it a good day.


Yeah. Fuck ayahuasca. Aaron Rodgers got it wrong. You just got to hang out with Jameis for a little bit.


You just got to hang out with Jameis. Jboo, he's going to get you right. Mentally, you're just going to be up there. Like, I'm on a different level.


God, I want to take a big hit of James.


Yeah. I have one bone to pick with you. Cam. You had this quote, facing breeze in practice. You said, helps the defense. It's not like we're going against Blake Portals. It's not like Drew is giving picks away. We're very good friends with Blake portals. Blake Portals went to an AFC championship game, if you don't remember. Would you like to take that back? He is the. No, he went to AFC championship game in the NFL and he should have.


Beaten the meant, like, ACC championship game.


No, AFC championship. They.


They should have beaten the Patriots, but the refs took away a touchdown. Miles. Jack was not down. Blake Bordeaux should have been in the.


I'm not. I'm not going to walk that one back.


What? He's the boat.


He was also your teammate.


He was, yeah, he was. He's the best of all time. Oh, boring.


No, the blakest of all time.


Wait, he was your teammate. Do you not remember?


Yeah, absolutely.


Yeah, absolutely. Great teammate.


Best bet, B. Backup of all time.


Okay, this feels mean.


This feels personal.


Yeah, no, not at all. I'm not going to walk it back. I may even stand on ten toes about it.


Drew Brees was good. Yeah, Drew Brees was pretty good at football. Speaking of other teammates, do you remember your time with Will Compton? Yeah, was he on the team for? How long was he on the team for?


I didn't even know he was.


I like to say, like a few months he was. We picked him up, like, halfway through the season and I think he made, like, another half of the other season.




Hash worked the season together.


Yeah. Is how you get to ten seasons. You just throw them kind of together and you're like, boom, ten seasons.


He's like a step linebacker.


I know nine seasons happened and then he was avidly searching for ten.


Well, he had a trial with the Falcons. We saw the tape.


Yeah, that was the twitter scroll. I saw that and I was like, listen here, boys, your boy's not down and out yet. And I was like, here we go. But I don't think that year ten ever got activated.


No. He had some takes about the Richard Mendenhall tweet from a couple of weeks ago, which I thought was a very funny concept. We ran the simulation here on Madden and I think the black team won. What was it, like, 65 to 59? So it was close.


We covered the spread. We covered the spread.




Tyreekill was an issue for a second.


That was happening, actually.




What would your spread be if you.


Were to just lay that the 60s sounded about right. And I mean, 35.




We got a lot of tight ends.


Yeah. But, like, zero defense on your side.


Defensive line.


Defensive line is really good.


I'm thinking about people who have to.


Like, yeah, that part's.


Nobody'S. It's going to be just a myriad of touchdowns through the air. The air assault is going to be rare. We're just hoping that you got Trey Henderson and TJ watt on opposite sides, rush and been in the corner at seven, so now all you have to do is step up.


Yeah, we're going to have to put.


The bose for you, but the bose is on the inside and they're going to be playing their ass off in that game. So you got to hope that they just hope that they clog the middle of the field.


You say Nick Bose is playing. He's supreme.


All pro.


It's Super bowl. It's Super bowl for them. Super bowl for them. Yeah.


It's just an interesting thought experiment. I'm glad that a lot of people could take it not so seriously and turn it into. It shouldn't have been made to be, like, a big debate. It should be just like a healthy, fun thing to talk about where everyone can laugh at themselves a little bit.


Well, I assume that that conversation happens all the time in the locker room.


Something like nobody ever thought to be.


Hmm. Let's pit.


Okay, maybe not all black offense.


I'm going off.


Doesn't sound like good ball.


I'm going off of what will Compton told us. So he just was having that conversation with himself.


I think a lot of times will. Well, he either had that in the back of his mind, or he would be seen always as, like, the gritty, scrappy, white, undersized linebacker. And so he thought about it in that term.




But, yeah, the full on debate probably didn't happen as much.


You should have it. Just throw it out with Trey Hendrickson.


I mean, I think it's happened because of. Yeah, it's not going to last long because most guys are going to laugh.




You brought up Trey Hendrickson. He had a very interesting style, and he still does. No gloves. Didn't wear gloves as a defensive lineman. How crazy is Savage?




I mean, practicing with them back in the day, we just look at him like, him and my guy, Marcus Davenport, you'd be missing chunks out of their fingers. And I was like, I don't know what you're proving here, but you've proven, like, if you're like, hey, I want mangled hands, this is the way to go about.


Yeah, it's. It's crazy watching that happen. This is a dumb question. Just how cool is it to have a guy on your team named Rashid Shahid?


Rashid Shaheed. The need for speed.


Yeah. See? All right, so you guys, like, every time I say his name, I have a little smile on my face. I'm like, yeah, that rules. And you have little Jordan Humphrey, right? Yeah.


No, Lil Jordan is over at Denver now.


Oh, yeah, that's right. He's in Denver. He was in the Saints.


He'd be balling. I liked LJ.


Yeah, those are some hall of fame names between the two of those guys. Yeah.


Do you guys get pumped up on the sidelines when Taysom gets in the game and you know, he's just going to run into, like, a linebacker's face.


You guys get pumped up when Taysom gets the game. The whole world gets pumped up when Taysom gets into the game because you know it's going to happen and they can't stop it. Yeah, sidelines, we just expect it.




Move the chains. Wait, he hasn't hacked the ball yet. Move the chains.




A human first down. It's crazy because on paper, you look at his skill set, you look at his size, I imagine that there's probably a few dozen people in the NFL that are his size, his weight, and run about the same speed. But for whatever reason, Taysom Hill will always get a first down and he'll always run through a linebacker. What is it that makes him different from all the other players that are, I guess, physically built the same way?


I have no idea how to answer that.




Yeah, we got this guy. When Taysom, first in the league from Green Bay, Sean Payton walks over. I'm in stretch lines, minding my business. Sean Payton walks over Taysom Hill, fastest running back, fastest quarterback in the last 40 years. Faster than this guy, this guy, this guy, this guy. And I'm like, all right, Sean. I was like, I doubt he's faster than RG three faster. I was like, no. Michael Vick, yada, yada, going through. He's like, no, this guy. Yeah. And then when he gets downhill, I said, look at Peyton Hills go.


Yeah, it's true. Have you thought that you, are you a hall of famer? I think you're pretty close. I think you're getting there.


I'd say seven and a half sacks from now for the world to say, I'm a hall of famer. Like, once I hit that 125 threshold, so sometime could be this game. So if I go for a seven and a half piece, that'd be amazing. But next year, somewhere in there, it's going to be like, all right, cemented 125. 125 is getting to a hall of fame. Last couple of years, you say I was a hall of famer, like five years ago.




You look at guys numbers and it looks good.


Yeah. We might have to start the Cam Jordan hall of Famer campaign on this podcast because it is true. Like, if you play a couple more years and you get in that 125 130, now you're, now you're in the top twenty s and everyone in the top twenty s is in the hall of Fame. Look at that.


Your words, not mine. Look, I'm going to focus on what I can control. We got to play Atlanta and we have to take care of business. I talk about accolades and such. After the season. All I care about is being the best teammate and best player I can be.


Can you rank the teams in the NFC south that you hate the most?


No, I only hate one team. I don't have to rank them.


Is it the Falcons?


Yeah, that's it.


Because I feel like the Saints are always getting to fights against the Bucks, too.


Over the course of my 13 year career, there has been turns where you're like, oh, man, they're annoying. They're annoying. Like oh, man, Cam Newton in his prime. Like, damn, he's annoying. He's just aggravating. But you didn't hate him. Nothing but the highest respect for Cam Newton. I'm like, bro, he's such a good player. You can't help but respect. Oh, man, Josh Freeman is doing really good. Or now McCown is doing really good and Fitzpatrick is doing good, or James is doing really good. The 75 quarterbacks that they've had over the last 13 years over Tampa Bay, they're like, really doing all right. So you're like, oh, man, this office lineman is aggravating, but you wouldn't be like those damn buccaneers. But you say the word fail, cons, and it just makes sense. Foul can't. You don't even understand. But my nose tackle Colin Sanders came in and was like, hey, man, he's like, bro, I don't get the hype between you guys in Atlanta, bro, we played them. And he was like, nah, I hate them. I mean, no, you get it. I get it.




Freaking hate these guys.


It's the best part of sports rivalries and true, true hatred.


Like, true hatred, I see black and red and I'm like, that's just a trash colorway. What are we doing here? Is this any given Sunday? Is this a movie? This is just like some kitty stuff.


Is it the team or is it the fans, too?


Not so much the fans. It's the team. Yeah, the fans. There's more annoying fans in this, probably. It's probably, like, riled up by our city as well, because we're just know.


Who'S the most annoying fan base.


You know who the most annoying fan base is?


Who? Cowboys. Cowboys. Oh, Eagles.


Cowboys. When they're successful, yes.


Okay, but philly, any time of the year. Okay.


Yeah, any time of the year, bro. I don't know why they're like, vegans. You don't ask if they're vegan or not.


They tell you.


You're like, what about our. Even I was talking about if it was cold outside or not. I didn't even say anything about Philly football.


Yeah, it's a fact.


It's like, how you doing?


We got fucking fire. Jesus Christ. All right, cam, I know you got to run in a minute.


I definitely got to run.


Yeah, I'll go. Last question. Rowback question. Promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Weird question, but if you remember, you played the Bears in the playoffs. It was like 2019 or 2020. You guys won. But did you know that Mitch Trubisky actually won the MVP of that game? Did that ever get back to the locker room? He won the MVP. Nickelodeon Valley.


No comment. Don't get me started.


No, but he won it. He won the MVP.


He got the blimp when he played it for.


Yeah, the Bears lost, but right next.


To the bordel's jersey put Mitch's.


Okay, this interview is over.


We actually do have, I think we have an MVP trophy around here. It's the Nickelodeon blimp with the slime on it.


Yeah. So you guys won the playoff game, but you didn't really win because you didn't win the MVP. That's my again.


So right there, that Jaguars bordels. There should be a Bears Trubisky.


Yeah, we have a type.


Yeah, we do.


We have a type. All right. Well, Cam, thank you so much, man. It was great having you back on. Hopefully we'll catch up some other time as well and have you back on because we love having you on.


I appreciate you guys. You guys have a blessed one.


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Firefest of the week, boys. Hank, firefest. You had to come back to work.


Had to come back to work. I committed to dry January.


Hank in private text, even in private text will clarify that he's not going to work. This private text, what does that mean? We were texting back and forth about just how awesome the jersey Jerry thing was and how great it was for the office. And we're just hit the ground running new year and he said, yeah, now that the holidays are over and everything's set up and everyone's settled, we can cook full steam ahead, parentheses, till summer. Parentheses, parentheses. And then back again in the fall. Private tax. Yep. He's keeping it in my head.


I like it. I like how he's committed to it, though. You're committed to being partially committed. We do have breaking moves. Breaking moves from Adam Schefter. Four time Pro bowl running back Dalvin Cook will sign for the playoffs with the Baltimore Ravens.


Pft called it broke it.


Not to brag, but I called it. I actually had it first.


Yeah, that's actually a good signing.


Please credit Pft.


Just have a guy there just in, so. But you also had it wrong because he did actually prove us wrong and signed with a contender.


But it's just weird how they keep.


Talking about, like, doubt ended up being true.


That is the correct place for him.


Signed with the number one contender. Yes.


In case they continue to have catastrophic injuries.


Yes. Okay, Hank.


But, yeah, I'm excited to go full seam ahead. Tis the season till summer. Pretty much dry January till summer. I did commit to dry January, or I was 30 days until stand up. I'm trying to be dry until stand up. Wait, when? Stand up? February 6. Okay, so your dry January doesn't actually start until Monday, but I committed to dry January. I tried to do dry January, and then on Tuesday, January 2, pft nine, some people went out to dinner. Some complimentary shots were brought over to the table, and I couldn't say no.


It already had gone.


And I had also, the day before, Hank had drank beer.


I've had two beers.


That was for work, though.


And two shots.




So I was chronicling Hank's adventures into pretty much dry January. He's like, make sure to put that the shots we're taking are only because of manners. Because everyone else at the table, except for Mensi, who declined to take the shot, and Stu, who also declined.


So you could have easily just declined two people at the table.


No, but it was because of manners.


But you saw Mincy and Stu, probably the one in two in terms of role models in America right now. Say no. And you.


Manners. Okay, manners. Hank's got great manners. I do have great manners, but I am for the next till stand up dry.




No drinks at all. No drinks at all. I don't like that look. I'm just not going to go out. I can't go out. We've talked about it. I want to do the laugh that.


You did to big cat the other.


Day when he talked about. That's what I'm silently laughing at. Well, yeah.


What are you doing this weekend? Nothing.


Not going out.


You want to party?




What if I party?


I'm not going.


Why? I don't party. So what if I party? You won't come committed.


Hank, do you want to go to the sigs inside bar? No, absolutely not. Have you gone yet? No, I need to go.


It's awesome.


I love sigs inside.


Okay. Pft.


Yeah, mine is. I just downloaded the AI celebrity voice impersonator. So that's what I'm going to be.


That might be our fire fest. I like it too, actually. A lot.


It's so good.


It is good.


It does sound a lot like I.


Probably have some weird china spyware on.


Mean, I do have TikTok, but yeah. I'm just looking through the list of people that I can impersonate. There's Miley Cyrus one on there that might be more for off air use. There's a lot.


There's a lot. Touch yourself. Pft.


I will not be saying that. I did actually have to delete one that I made with Miley Cyrus earlier, but that's unrelated. But yeah, so that's my weekend. Probably my next week is just fucking around with a celebrity voice impersonator. So yeah, it'll be productive.


I like that. All right, my fire fest. I'm now on the other side because obviously we all were kids at one point and being out of school was awesome. I'm on the other side. My kids have to go back to school. It's fucking crazy. My son has not been in school since December 22. He's not going back. Chicago public schools, they don't go back till Monday. Every day he wakes up and he says, what day is it? Yeah, do I go to school today? I was like, no. How can they do this?


I don't know.


Get them back to school.


And they're taking away snow days, too.


Get him back to school.


They're making him do, like, so confused.


Every day. He's just like, why am I not going to school? You're not yet. He's like, oh, then do I do today? He's like, why am I not going to school? I was like, because you don't have school today. He's like, so do I get donuts? I was like, no, it's not Saturday.


You might just think that he doesn't have school anymore.


It's just mass confusion and the kids need to be back in school. You got to get them in school. They got to be in school. It's funny, though, to see the opposite. I'm sure all of our parents probably agreed, like, kids got to be in school. You can't have them out of school. It's the worst. They got to be back in school. They just lose their mind every single day. Get them in my. I'll run on that platform school every day no matter what. Yeah, but wait till you have a kid, Hank. And you'll be like, school's the best, Jake. Yeah.


So I was flying during the first half of the Rose bowl. And the satellite on this plane was.


I mean, it wasn't that good of a first half.


Yeah, but just, like, scrambling.


That's such bullshit. They should give you a refund. What's the airline? I'll tweet.


No, there's just no way. I waste so much money. I waste so much money on wifi that I purchased that doesn't work half the time on a plane. You'll download the wifi thing or you'll pay for it, and then you'll just try to refresh the Internet over and over again for about 40 minutes, and then you land, and that's what you pay for.


So it was a lot of scrolling.




I bought the wifi and was able to stream it on YouTube tv for a little bit, but it still wasn't that reliable.


Yeah, that's a real fire fest.


But it was the first half only, so I didn't miss much, like you said.


Yeah, but that sucks. That's brutal. Okay, Max, you got a fire fest.


I've had a great week.


Oh, really?


Yeah. Delightful.


Starting on. The week starts on Sunday.


Yes. Really nice.


All right, I got to roll over here. Check out our new carpet numbers. 40, 1871, 8399, pug 20. And Shane usually guesses 1010 for Shane. Now he's got to guess. He's got to be every guesser. 58. 58. We're due for a winner soon. I don't know. No, we learned anything from Jersey Jerry.


We had two out of the gate.