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On today's Pardon My Take, we have JJ Redick from The Bubble, awesome conversation with JJ.


We talk about the season starting back up, playing with Tzion how much Coach K paid Zaim how JJ can get hateable again because people like him, which means the world is not right.


We also have hotseat cool thrown guys on ChiX Billies big sheet big sheet with Billy also Billy gets might actually be leaving us soon. Don't get too excited guys. You'll find out during the JJ Redick interview because he might hire Billy.


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Right now, street the violence and ISIS does not hang out the washing and all the way out to shake hands and higher ground to delay fighting.


Welcome to part of my take presented by the cash strapped. Go download it right now. Use code bar stool. You get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars the ASPCA. Today is Wednesday, August 5th. Guys, I'm just happy. I'm just happy. I'm just walking in here. You're back. I'm just watching sports in the middle of the day. I'm like at noon game start. I'm just happy. Yeah. My only issue is they kind of all blur together.


Doesn't match. I had a second screen. Devin Booker hit him.


Devin Booker had a fucking sick buzzer beater, you know. Awesome.


I'm on board the Devin Booker train just watching his body language. After he made the shot, he basically went to sleep. There's no fear the shot went in and he didn't sell his head, went down on the hardwood and he just closed his eyes like a person like that that has ended up fouled. And he was in and one refs blew that one. But a person that reacts like that, that guy is a dude.


Just just don't send him a double team in off, you know, off season scrimmages. Yes. And don't let him tweet. Don't let him tweet. But the Suns. Yeah. I mean, it's everything's been great. Songs are actually three and oh, they're not going to make the playoffs, but it's cool to see young like everyone's playing really well. And then you've got hockey which I forgot how much it sucks to stay up till 1:00 in the morning to watch your team lose.


But that's even even that I did with a smile on my face because I was like, you know what, it's OK because I can cut myself and I bleed again. I'm not prepared for overtime, playoff hockey for meaningful games. Yeah, yeah. I saw the Caps get into an overtime game yesterday against the Lightning. That game doesn't really count for anything besides seeding. So it's not a true, like adrenaline rush that you normally get. We're either going to survive or die at the end of it.


But still, like you gave me a little taste and now I'm now, I'm afraid again over time hockey. So all is right in the world.


Yes, all's right in the world. I had so I was staying up to like one of the morning to watch the Blackhawks. I had to kind of dumb half sleep ideas. One was why why aren't we just doing the NCAA tournament right now? Like, if someone. Something to do with school? Who cares? Yeah, hey, whoever wants to win the presidential election, just pay for it like that would be pretty good. Or how about putting them in a bubble?


And let's just do the NCAA tournament, just have a gymnast show up in a gym and whoever shows up, they get to compete. Yeah. Winner gets his time.


I'm good with that. Just maybe do the 16 top 16 teams. I don't know to start. Yeah, well, yeah, that's true. Duke has eliminated themselves, but we're basically watching uncivilly tournament with basketball all day. Like just send the college teams. Let's just fucking do it.


Can someone explain to me, going back to hockey, the difference between the ice in Edmonton and the ice in Toronto? Because the Toronto ice succubi, Toronto ice is super choppy. It's like it's like ice soup. It's like a stew. Almost else has to play Ambonese. But when you play, the other part is when you play three games a day there, it sucks even more.


At the end of the night, they got bad Zambonis out in Toronto. That's what time people are telling me.


Yeah, OK. I think it's all figured out further south. So superior you get Southern during the day.


The sun is directly over the arena. So it makes it it makes it hotter inside there. Nice and cool. I love the trick though. The hat trick where they had the production assistant walk down onto the ice carrying a single hat in her hand and threw it over the over the glass onto the ice. They should get a T-shirt cannon. They should have a T-shirt installed up in the broadcast booth and they can just fire hats onto the ice from like a Gatling gun.


It's also so funny. Hockey is a similar sport, hockey and baseball or similar sports, where, like, if you see a basketball or football player like those guys are just for they're either tall, they're huge, they're they're built. When you're watching hockey or baseball, like I was watching the Hawks game last night, comic David had a hat trick and they did like a weird training with Connor McDavid. You know, during the quarantine, he was like doing squats with his dog.


And I just looked at him. I was like, this guy. This guy's like one of the best hockey players in the world because he just looks like a regular dude. But he's fucking good. Yeah, really good. You guys are built different, unfairly good. So my other high weird idea was how crazy would it be if Ron Artest was still playing in the NBA, that he would go nuts, you know, because of the jersey?


Oh, I thought you talked about no fans for him to go no no's into the stands and he just treats it like office space and start smashing equipment.


He'd be like peace. World peace. Oh, yeah, peace. I don't know. I just thought of piece of it like twelve in the morning. I was just like, no, that's crazy. That's a very good idea. What if it was world peace? Like what would his message be because he already is world peace. Like how much bigger can you get. The world peace. World peace, world peace would be a great game. But like yeah you're there, your world peace.


You know, I was I was the only little life jacket for NBA players. Just change your last name, then you put whatever you want. I do appreciate it.


The NBA started putting the names on the bottom so that you, like, went to the eighth guy, comes off the bench like, oh, that's who it is. Yes.


It's not just another Plumlee. Oh, no, it isn't a diploma. It's not it's not for every player. I don't think it's for just for certain players. No, no, no.


I know they did but he had, he had a vote on top and Millsap on the bottom and he's number four.


Yeah. So yeah. And Jared had enough. Morente knows like so we've just had too much, too much like what the hell they did start doing. I think after the first game they're like people don't know who's like the, like I said, the guys on the bench. So they started putting their names on back which I appreciate. But yeah I just. World peace. World peace. I had a drunk idea or a no, it's a high idea.


Yesterday it was about gofers because it was so.


Brooks did you see that? BROOKS Keppra. He's got a new policy coming out because somebody always looks hot.


Somebody was tripping on the course last week and said something like, Brooks is playing so poorly, you should be a truck driver. And he was driving a rain delay. Oh, I'll fight him. And so he replied, Yeah, Brinks truck, which is pretty good comeback.


Pretty good. Come back, suck our dicks, anonymous guy. But I was thinking like, why don't why don't golfers have uniforms like our assures me that that the fans can wear. If I want to go out and support Brooks, koepka I have to spend like 20 weeks in a gym and get swoll as shit for people to know that I'm a good supporter. Dude, why don't we make uniforms or jerseys for golfers? How about why don't golfer?


Why can't why can't golfers wear shorts? How stupid is that a good question. Like when they played in the shell open in Houston in the middle of August and it's 2000 degrees. Why can't they wear shorts?


Our kilt, you know, Bryson would actually wear it killed.


By the way, if you wear Romper Arop him four years late, it could be a real shame if people started tweeting and emoji is that price and to shame, real shame during the PGA Championship. I think we, like you now have a bingo board. Where have we bash price? And yet in this episode, a bitch Sheck, he's replaced Daceyville.


Arabize the person that we hate to give shine to, but we will regardless.


We mentioned every single episode to listen, Daryn. Just he's just tweeting things. You guys are taking it wrong. That's true. He's just facts. Know what your fucking facts.


Only I think that. We could jump to the NFL real quick, I did have one thing I wanted to address. I'm I'm starting to get afraid for the NFL season gardener, though, so gardeners. OK, we can get to that in a second. But is it time for the NFL to either consider football Ireland or just a hostile takeover of Canada to ensure that we have a site that is covid free?


I think, like I said on Monday, I think it was Monday show. I'm just confident that football, after doing it for so many years, they'll just all lie about it. Hmm. Yeah. All the doctors and players will just lie about it and. Yeah, I mean, I guess it's the wrong thing to do, but I also I'm not going to accuse anyone of lying, buying my buying. Roland is looking sweeter and sweeter by the day, isn't it?


Yes, I'd agree. But yeah, football. I don't know. It's just so weird. Everything's weird right now because you should be seeing clips from training camps and stuff. And I feel like you don't see any of that stuff. You see, every every team has done the welcome back. We're just a bunch of guys walking in the facility and that's it. The Lions. Have you seen their sanitising protocol?


No, I saw that Kelly staffer just as the Broncos. Yeah, the Broncos.


The Lions, they have the little like spring, whatever the fuck that is.


The Broncos. Yeah, I said it was a surprise. Shanahan that was his old tanning machine. They just replaced with, like a disinfectant Lysol.


So they're good. They have those. Yeah.


Kelly Stafford went after the NFL because I guess Matt Sanford, I'd like two false negatives or something false positive sides of the whole thing is crazy.


She said that her kids were being bullied on the schoolyard because they were saying, oh, your dad's got Korona to him, which kind of believe that, yeah, it's fucked kids.


We kids. That was great, by the way. Jeter getting in front of everyone and being like, hey, everyone, stop caronna shaming. Aha. So my guys went out to the bar.


You don't shame somebody. If they have measles, you don't shave, you don't shame people. If they have, you know, like lupus, you shame people, herpes or herpes.


Well yeah we kind of do. Yeah we do all the time.


So one of my favorite things to do, as a matter of fact, I say I don't I don't want Dez Bryant to test positive for the coronavirus. But all I'm saying is that if he does, I've got a tweet ready that's going to go mega viral.


Oh, does it help make headline of I have mega mega like insanely viral, but everyone is going to make that same joke and I want to laugh. You know what I'm doing? I'm getting ahead of it on alerts on TNT.


I would have tweeted that out if it wasn't a mean thing to tweet.


And but just so you know that everybody that does tweet, those are all collectively. Those are my engagements, right? Yeah.


And those up, that's as viral as you can get. Yes. You're going to go more viral than that. Ellen tweet. Got that weird bleep her name, bleep her name, then the tweet, then the tweet that also had Kevin Spacey in it. Mm hmm. Yeah. People don't talk about that. We just forget about that part. All right, let's Kizzia hotsy cool thrown hotsy cool thrown is brought to you by the Bud Light seltzer on the hot seat this week.


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It looked delicious. Bud Light seltzer is delicious. Always Bud Light dotcom slash delivery.


Go right now. Bud Light dotcom slash delivery. OK, Hank, your hotseat and your cool throne. Don't get serious, OK?


I'm going to get serious. How I'm going to use my serious car.


Will we all we all each get a serious car. Yeah. We use it like systemic racism and you use it for.


Well it's my cool thing so get to that. But you know what, I'm going to get my hot seat.


I'll get straight to my cool throne. You I'm to get serious. My Hofstee was drunk. I'll let you guys figure that out.


But my cool throne, he's getting serious. I'm going to use my serious car.


Juju, it's rozzers, AWOL, stoolies free money if you like.


Free money. This is something that we've been working on for upwards of like eight months. That was something I was supposed to start right when the coronavirus pandemic started this. Your baby pushed off.


It is my baby. You can't Normy was I have multiple babies to work on normally for eight months. Exactly. Play barstool. It's an app you can download today. Today is the launch of the app within. That is going to be stool streams, which is my baby, Jake is like I guess, you know, he's kind of like my coat, my mom, my mom.


In this situation, we it's our baby together.


Wait, so Jake is your mom. So it's JJ. Jake is the mom. The mom who had the baby.


My see my brothers is my see you know what I think you know, you're the mom, Jake.


My side name for me. Yeah. Oh, Jake's a dad and you're helping and you're you're the one who's held it in your body. Just post it. Yeah. Jake's carrying. What's Billy. Billy is not involved.


OK, that's actually a great selling point. Yes. Play basketball. You can download in the App Store. We're going to be doing broadcast every day. And the kick is that if you at six six questions, you can fill it out in a minute. If you go six four six, you win five hundred dollars, what's free to play?


So it takes a minute to fill out. All you have to do is download the play basketball app in the App Store. We're going to be doing them two times a week to start. We're going to work our way up to more. Pfft. You guys are going to be in the first Jenga broadcast a week from today, a week from Wednesday.


Play basketball, download the app rated five stars. Let's get that thing going. And that's my serious. 500 dollars, 500 dollars, and it's no one goes six for six, so let's say, you know, five, 10000 people all enter the contest.


No one goes six for six carries over the next contest. So the winner of the next contest wins a thousand dollars. All right.


So is that one hundred? So we're going to be playing like ping pong on it. Yeah. And then people can watch at home. And what can they do to interact?


They make they can make pick. So it's like there's going to be three match ups per broadcast. Let's say it's, you know, me and pfft, Jake and Marty Mowhoush and Hub's and Frankie Borrelli. You make picks for each of those three. If you download the app, you'll understand it.


But you make picks if you go six or six, 500 dollars in your pocket. No question to ask a question, Hank.


Yes. Oh, you said no questions asked. No, no. You can ask O question, Hank. What's what's stopping someone from throwing games and having a huge scandal take over stool's every contestant that is involved in school teams will be signing a waiver.


If they break any of the rules on that waiver, they will be blackballed from the league forever.


I haven't signed a waiver yet. I just like to say that, OK, what happens if you blackpoll everyone in the office?


Then you'll all probably get in trouble from our parent company, Penn National, because, you know, this is you know, this is a reader. This is a great company. This is a greater company initiative. So if you guys are big cat, I mean, I know you have stock in the company. I feel like you should be.


So are you trying to, you know, help boost it up?


But if you choose not to, that's you know, that's your decision. I'm oh, I listen, hey, don't accuse me of anything. Don't say that we're not I don't say that we're not stocks me. I'm saying it to go up your stocks.


Me, I'm like the fucking hacker in the social network. I'm trying to just find the hole so I can help you out.


Yes, there will be absolutely no you know, no cheating. We're on the up and up. No, no.


Listen, I have integrity for the point shaving. No point. I don't think you can point shave Jenga.


No, you can't. It's true. There are no points. Billy's thinking about it until you figure out a way to play basketball in the App Store.


Please download it. My life depends on you. Oh, actually, yes, I do.


I need. Wow.


If play barstool doesn't do well you will. I might give it away.


No, you have to go back. Doesn't depend on it. Come on Hank.


Hank has to get a cat. If, if it doesn't go well why don't we say more than 25000 people sign up.


It's more than 200000 people sign up on drop. I will get a cat.


OK, there you go. Two hundred thousand. Yeah, we get to pick out the cat.


No, it has to go hypoallergenic. My girlfriend's allergic to cats. Cumberlands cat. It's got now it's got to be hypoallergenic. I should pick it out.


We'll get one of those fucking sheets as long as it's hypoallergenic. 200000 they want. You got you should get them one of those cats without any for. Yeah. The ones that look like Dr. Laura.


Yeah. Yeah. OK, 200000 people download a lot of people.


I'll get a cat, give them till Thursday after big cat. Isn't there like a there's like a Filipino service. I think it's called oDesk where you can pay guys to just download apps to like, you know, we need real figure that we'll download.


OK, yeah. Real downloads. Real downloads. You got it. So you will get a real cat, 200000 people. Yep. All right, let's fucking do it. Everyone do it.


No, but seriously, we're very excited for this play barstool in the App Store. Got in the App Store. Oh, what app store.


Wherever you download apps and if you want to watch some of the broadcast still streams YouTube channel. We've uploaded all the you know, we've done a lot of practice runs, a lot of stuff like that. Check that out, see the product.


Any question you probably saw a bunch of it in great week, like how we were doing it. It's it's fucking sick. Yes. Yeah. And seeing how much it was born for this. Yeah. It is just a very, very small appetizer of what we're going to be putting on here.


Right. And with the money involved, you can win money free to enter. No risk. High reward takes a minute to fill out your money.


Your fellow middle grads. I'm not in the middle. You know, you want to model Jake, Michael Wilbon, Hitler and Ravell.


Oh, I see your fellow medial grads, are they like, dude, that's sick, you're getting to call Jenga? Yeah. I mean, it is.


I'm excited. It's no, I'm the dream. Yeah. I'm going to prep for every broadcast as if I'm calling game seven. The world's.


Yes. Yes. I mean you prep for every match that I can ping pong. Right. We do like one pre game. We do a pre game production meetings and everything.


Like, yeah, no, you're incredible for for the job. I'm very excited for all this.


Thank you. Tom Hanks. Good job. That's all for all this finally unveiling ject the dad, Hank the mom.


Good job, Billy, for just staying out of the way.


All right. What's your high school? Tarong My hotseat is the coronavirus. That's right. It's back on the hot seat because we've discovered a vaccine. And that's just being Guardsmen's. Yes, Guardsmen's. You tested positive. And he said that the virus took one look at him and turned the other way. So even though we reported on Monday that Gardner was out for the season, that was a mistake, which I did correct in real time. As I learned what the covid list was, Gardner just shook off the virus in.


I think a day and a half, two, yes, so just be garder, Machu Picchu, like drink drink from the hose was quote, took one look at me and ran the other way. Exactly. Coronavirus. I like that.


My other hot seat is Vince McMahon because the Rock purchased the NFL. And my understanding of the situation is Vince had a shell company that ran the NFL last year. Right. That company declared bankruptcy. It was going to go up for auction, I believe today was going to go up. The rock, swooped in, bought it for 15 million before it went to an open auction. And I think that this is work. I think that I think that this is a situation where the rock bought McMahon's baby from underneath him.


And now it's going to be like a WWE style feud, which is what the NFL should be in the first place. It should be about like entertainment. You know, it should be about like have all these back storylines were maybe like a popular podcast or gets a job on things like that to goose up the ratings a little bit. But the rock is going to be running the show. I think it's going to be electric entertainment when it does come back.


And I think they're going to bring it back in February.


And I'm going to say anything because I don't want to thank you, but categorizes everything I say I'm going to abstain. But I did opt out of the NFL. Yeah. So all that shit that I was talking about going to MetLife, this is just mostly me not having to travel to MetLife Stadium every Sunday, which is only like 30 minutes away. But still it's Sunday. I want to watch the pregame shows. So I'm opting out of the NFL.


I am declaring myself eligible for the NFL again when it starts in February. My cool throne is milk. Milk is on the cool throne. Derek Jeter way. Look at me like that. I don't know. I'm ready for milk. Derek Jeter said that one of the guys on the Marlins tested positive. He wasn't going out. These guys were going out and partying. One went to a dinner at a house. He didn't specify what house it could have been, International House of Pancakes or Waffle House, but it was at a house.


He went out for dinner, not at a party. And the other person that got it went out to get a glass of milk. So I'm actually, I, I would understand, leaving a hotel room to go out to get a glass of milk. If you have like a dry batch of cookies, if you milk is one of those things where if you get it in your head that you need a glass milk, you have to go get a glass of milk.


You know, you got a hankering for it.


Absolutely. If it's beer, it's a you just don't have a beer or just get one out of your mini fridge. They don't have milk in mini fridge in hotel rooms. If you get in your head that you're thirsty and you need milked washdown down Oreos, guess where are going to do come hell or high water? You're going to go get some fucking milk milk.


And did you see Chocolate Milk's viral marketing campaign? No. Katie Ledecky swimming the length of a oh yes, I was sick. Was that hard? No spin zone, everyone was like, this is the craziest thing ever, and I'm actually just asking the question, was that hard? I don't know. I think it's yeah, it's pretty difficult. But that's not something that it'd be like if someone shot a basketball for me. I don't think you can walk down the same distance with a like.


Yes, it's hard, OK. I've never I don't have anything to compare.


No one in this room could do more than like two strokes.


I totally disagree.


Also, she, I believe, was wearing a snorkel so she couldn't move her head at all. The normal swimming stroke. You're taking your breath.


Every gesture that would require you moving your head a lot.


You go with the snorkel. I could do it. It just means she has great swimming for him now. So, yeah, she's. Yeah, that's a good balance. Yeah. So I could get that linear travel.


Yeah. I mean we don't we would never know because we only swim underwater at the EverBank in Jacksonville.


All right. My hotseat is unfortunately our good friend Jim Harbaugh because there was a story told on a podcast. What podcast was it. I don't even know one of those podcasts out there.


What, Jim Harbaugh. Another milk fan? Yes, another milk fan.


He would absolutely leave the hotel room. He has. And he will again. Isaiah Wilson said that he was going to he was being recruited by Michigan and he decided not to go there because when Harbaugh came for the visit, Harbaugh didn't take his cleats off inside. It actually was Boston with the boys. That was a callback joke to the time.


We didn't give him a shout out and he got really mad. It's our good friends will continue the one they had Isaiah Wilson on. And he said, yeah, Saban didn't hug him, so he didn't go to Alabama and Harbaugh, that would be a plus for me. Yeah. Carbos click clack and around the hardwood floors with his cleats on it.


So buried in that story is the fact that Harbaugh travels with cleats. Oh, yeah. Like he's riding in a car with cleats. He's probably hitting the gas pedal. He's getting on an airplane and they tell him to take his shoes off at TSA is like, fuck you, I'm not wearing shoes. Yes, these are cleats, cleats, cleats.


So I that's just hard about being harbor my cool thrown where you say I scrimmage against Isaiah Wilson was really fucking high school.


No, they weren't allowed to touch me. I was a quarterback. Yeah.


My cool throne is I have two Big Ben is on my cool throne because Big Ben, no one likes to tell you how injured they are as much as Big Ben. So he did an interview on ESPN and talked about all the elbow injuries that he had last year.


So he said, as far as I'm aware, it's happened. It's just it sorry it's happened to just kind of everyday people on the street, if you will. So you're like, oh, Big Ben's being relatable. And then the next sentence was, from what I've been told, it's never happened to a quarterback of this magnitude. I believe there was at least one other, another quarterback that had one, maybe two torn off. But from what I understand, not three.


So he's flexing about his three torn ligaments in his elbow.


Do you have three ligaments in your elbow, Big Ben? Big Ben? Does Big Ben, does he put just such a funny like Big Ben? Hey, want to ask me how injured I was? Oh, you asked. Oh, well, now you're asking.


I was very it's never been seen before. They should rename that like you have your Achilles heel. You've got Roethlisberger elbow means you can't shake off any more credible.


I can't believe he's still alive. My other cool Colts, his Lakers fans, because after they clinched the number one seed, Kyle Kuzma tweeted Real Laker fans remember the losing seasons. Here you go. Number one, they haven't been in the last five years, but I would agree. Real Laker fans, they remember you know, it was tough to go from Kobe and Shaq to just Kobe to just LeBron to LeBron. And and it's been a lot of years in there.


You're forgetting when they went from Magic Johnson. Yes. To Kobe and from Kareem to Magic. Oh, yeah. And then you're forgetting before that to Wilt. He didn't win that much, but yeah. It's been real ones.


No, it's been. Yes, for sure. Oh. What's it been like as a Laker danford. No, no. I'm a Laker Dan fan. Yes, yes. There's a lot of liquor, Dan. Fans who are not fans of Lakers but are fans and Laker. Dan and the implications you should absolutely get on TV as long as you're going to try to number one Laker fan, Laker Dan. But yeah, the so funny whatever executed there.


So people were like, how the fuck are you a Laker fan?


I'm just I'm just an Alex Caruso fan. I root for one guy. And that's when the Blackhawks lost at 1:00 in the morning. I was three. Well, still have my Lakers and everyone's like, what the fuck? All right, Bill, you're hotsy Calderon.


OK, well, you got to remember, I'm the last person does hotsy Calderon.


So all the ones I had lined up sometimes get taken, pretend that we didn't do it yet and rattle them off. OK, I was going to go cool thrown SFL and my hotseat was going to be milk.


I'm getting milk, but my new one, my hotseat is trees. Trees are on the hot seat. Yeah. Because it's hurricane season and a lot of trees go down.


Wait, so Billy, this hotseat is literally you looking outside the window. No, no it. This hot seat was Billy trying to reinforce to us why he was late today because there was a tree that was blown down across one street, allegedly, supposedly reminding us that it wasn't his fault he was late again.


And Billy, correct me, my theory is you woke up this morning, maybe even went to sleep last night. You're like, oh, hurricane, I can just leave late for work and then say there was a hurricane.


No, it's a tropical storm officially. And I gave myself an extra 30 minutes and texted, pfft, early. And why did you just text?


Pretty well, because you owe me the. But he does that because you don't text me. Yeah. So he does the thing where he texts one of us, he plays us again. He's like, well I texted you guys. Yeah.


My aunt told me it was on the chat, OK, hotsy trees because they fall down a lot in hurricanes.


OK, and everyone's power.


I also have no Parioli and power. You live in a barn though so you have hotseat power. Looking at you right now, you don't have a lot of power.


Oh true. Very true. Hey, you're fat fat ass. I'm not heard you. You lost someone. Philly Fed left ability I believe. Fat ball. No, I'm not sure if football is belly full belly fat anymore.


I'm not fat.


My body fat percentage is probably way lower than yours.


But the thirty five year old found no way. Dude, I also believe I ran a marathon. You're not.


You did not want to create a boy boy if you're fat. Yeah. The thing is that we should make believe football shirts. Pelli shirts. No.


Yeah that would be cool. All three of them. It would be funny.


Cool thrown salmonella. What was that.


Why don't you figure out what's wrong with drink instead of what is going wrong with you. Was more his favorite rapper.


You know, he's posting like basketball clubs, getting roasted on the Internet for having to dribble.


And now Jay Cole just got offered a trial with the Pistons for so Drake as a as a baller hotseat. That sucks. Sorry.


Pretty heartbreaking. All right. Good try. You're billies back. You're back. I get the nicest treat. Someone was like you're dealing doubles. Know that, Billy. Never luck. Yeah. And nice guys.


You're definitely fatter than Roethlisberger though. Oh yeah. He's skinny way fat. He said he's like in the best shape of his life.


You know, I'm like close after that marathon. I like have a four pack.


I'm going to pull up the quote. You're the second fattest guy here behind me. Oh, yeah. It's Burger said, I'm lighter than I've been in thirteen or fourteen. I think Jake is sneaky fat.


No, I knew you were going to say that. Yes. We don't like you and Jake. Jake, I don't know. I don't you know, we've actually accidentally hold on, Jake. What we've accidentally done.


We've created the Brady Bunch. No, we we've recreated Salisbury and what's his name. Oh, Clayton. Clayton. Yeah. We literally recreate Salisbury. Hinckley, we believe. Yeah. Billy, you start saying Dick to anyone. Yeah. Jake find or. Yeah. Especially that find a picture of Billy with a shitty haircut that you can bring up. We got to do it. Call him a nerd more often we get to have you guys debate each other.


We're going to have you guys do it. Yeah. That question's. Yeah. OK, Billy, I will give you credit.


I was a little chunky my high school days. I was my home cake because my at my house, my home friends call me cake. They still do because everyone loves cake and everyone loves Jake right there.


Yeah, that's why. That's right. Very cool. Very, very cool. My birthday junior year, they told me to come outside and they just kicked me in the face.


Was they just through cake? And that's our friends from today. That's on the South Philly. I mean, Salisbury. I was a little hesitant because I thought they were there because I was a little chunky back in the day.


But the slogan makes sense. Yes. Everyone everyone everyone does love Jake and everyone does love cake, right? Yeah. No, that actually makes perfect sense. They don't say that about football. Not everyone loves Beliz. No, no one loves Bill Belichick.


Did your friends ever throw everyone loves loves Waterstones. Ha.


I didn't hear what he said. Yeah. He burned you OK.


Yeah. I would actually like to congratulate Hank on his duo's win with gleni.


What is this.


What are we doing a show for him. Is this just like, oh I've just got my time. I don't know.


All right, let's get straight to this. An ad before I do. Yeah. So, Billy, I want to talk about my good friends over at three. Chey, if you are like Billy and you like nothing more than just chillin out, hanging out on your couch and not being super active, one of the best ways to do that is with Richie. You've heard us talk about Richie on this show. It's actually no joke.


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Now, JJ Redick OK, we now welcome on recurring guest friend of the program and apparently he's coming for our job because he's got a new podcast company. It's JJ Redick. Three for two productions was announced this week. The old man in the three is his new podcast with our friend Tommy Altor. Congratulations on that, JJ We're going to talk basketball, but let's talk podcasting first.


What gives, man? Well, my contract with the ringer was up. I've been there for three years and four for Tommy and I. We just wanted to own the podcast. I figured, like, I had been doing podcasts for four years and it felt like it was time for me to actually own the podcast.


And look, we're going to take our time with the company. But, you know, the goal is just to develop and build out a little podcast network and see where it goes.


So you have, I'm sure, been talking to a lot of people about podcasting, lawyers, you know, producers, all that stuff. I mean, you have two experts here. You got any questions?


I was actually wanted to ask you guys what you thought of the name.


Well, the old man in the three, right off the bat, you're eliminating a big portion of the sports podcast audience because you're using a book pun. Yeah, you're right. I'm smarter than everyone.


Hemingway So we are actively trying to get as far away from books as possible. I guess you're the thinking man's NBA podcast. So Ernest Hemingway, you couldn't have gone with, like for whom the bell tolls.


Hmm. That could have been good. Mm hmm. Good. A farewell to arms because you're getting skinny these days. You're not as well as you used to be. Yeah. You could have gone with a couple of other directions if you're going Hemingway. But all in all, I mean, it's good. It's not part of my take, which is right. The original write, you had to basters off something else.


And you also I noticed you did the three, four, two productions. I was like, oh, that's funny, what is that? And then I read up about it. And you at the end of your workouts, you have to make 342 shots or no on Sundays, is that right? Yeah, every Sunday during the off season. So that's bullshit.


That's bullshit that you made the production company so that everyone has to ask you like, oh JJ you make three hundred and forty two shots on Sundays. Tell us what that's about. It's self-serving to me for sure. Self-serving to the ego. Yeah.


I did have a question. As you know, Tommy is a good friend of ours. If you guys don't know Tommy altor, anytime you see me and Big Cat in a picture with random celebrities that we probably shouldn't be hanging out with, it's because Tommy arranged a dinner that we tagged along for. My question for you is, what is Tommy's job? Hmm.


I've known Tommy for four years. I still don't know what his job is. He has he has titles. I know he works at Desists and Métro. I know he works on the shop. He works on my podcast, our podcast. But I'm not sure. I'm not sure.


I think he needs honestly, he needs to come out with a little bit of like some clarity on what exactly his role is in this whole thing.


Either that or I mean, there's the whole mystery aspect of it, which kind of makes it more intriguing. It's like, oh, who is this guy? Is it a remarkable, though, how many people he knows he knows everybody? Yeah, literally everybody. Everyone. Last year I took a vacation with him and I left I flew home right after the Fourth of July from Amsterdam. And then Tommy was like, oh, you should have stuck around.


And we hung out with Lizzo the next day.


And I guess Lizzo Lizzo took my spot on the vacations and immediately increase the clout of that crowd. So, yeah, you've got a podcast right now. Is he with you in the bubble?


I try to sneak him in. He he did not he did not fit into the NBA's protocol. He is he's just an L.A. man.


We're just like you guys. We're recording over Zoome only we're not six feet apart.


So it's, you know, the Zoome thing for us and I'm sure for you guys too has just been a game changer. Yeah. The last, the last five months. And apparently Zoome existed before the pandemic. No that's false. No chance. That's it. We all just found out about it.


So who's the better podcast in the NBA, you or CJ McCollum, who has a good podcast?


I think I have a great podcast.


Oh, this Little League big time. We had C.J. on Monday's show. I noticed that his room is a little bit bigger than yours. What's up? Do you? Fourteen years in the league, you don't get a bigger room than that.


No, I actually got the smallest room of anyone on my team and most of the guys are on the other side of the hallway and their patio looks at the pool.


Jrue Holiday sent me a picture of his patio, actually looks at this big open field. Brandon Ingram is two doors down for me. He has a fucking apartment with a kitchen and like three bedrooms. My patio looks at a bush. I look. I literally look at a green bush. That's it.


I well, I don't know what he respects. Yeah. What the hell. You been in the league for a very long time. Apparently there were four rooms for every team that were considered like the upgraded rooms.


And I see where I fall in the hierarchy with the pelicans.


It's blatantly obvious. It's blatantly obvious. What about Tzion where they put him up? He's, he's got he's I'm sure he's got one of the four rooms. I think it's, I think it's bye bye for sure. Zion. I would guess Drew has some sort of upgrade. I think he has like do you guys see that door behind me. Yeah. See the door behind me. Yeah. That's like to a connecting room. Jrue has access to his connecting room.


I do not. I thought it got out.


So the the NBA restart. It's been fantastic. It really has kind of felt, at least from the viewer's perspective, like, you know, the energy's there, they've done the best they can without fans. Has it felt weird playing in the Games. Has it felt a little like different and how so like, you know, game to game with no one in the stands?


Yeah, the scrimmages were super weird. They hadn't started pumping in crowd noise, which is a topic that I want to talk about because it's that in itself is bizarre. But the scrimmages, it was just like a quiet, sullen gym.


And when you shoot free throws, you could hear a pin drop. And so I'm just worried the whole time that somebody on the other team is going to, you know, scream, scream something out. Right as I get ready to shoot. It also feels like you're on a Broadway stage because there's like makeshift locker rooms and you walk down a corridor and there's these giant curtains and you walk through the curtains and boom, you're sort of on stage. There's these bright lights that are on scaffolds.


I've watched games on television. It looks normal. It looks like you're watching a Summerlee game while you're playing. It does not feel normal at all. Huh?


So with the pumping crowd noise, is it to the point where it's about the same volume as a normal basketball game, or can you still hear everybody else as they're chirping you on the court?


Well, it's because it's coming in from like an audio system. And I don't know. I don't feel like Disney has necessarily upgraded their audio system in the last ten or fifteen years. So it's it's very muffled. It's just like muffled noise in the background. And we're playing last night against Memphis and we get towards the end of the game. And Alvin Gentry, who is obviously an older gentleman, he's he's wearing a mask and he's screaming instruction at us while Memphis is shooting free throws.


This is down the stretch of the game and no one can understand what he's saying. You can't read his lips. He's got a fucking mask on. That's a good sign.


So I feel like in a normal game, right on free throws. What do you hear? You hear murmurs. Everybody's sort of murmuring, right? There's not like real noise. And and for us, it's like constant audio input while we're playing. Huh.


What about the fake fans that are in the audience, the screens? Can you see all those people at home are we can see them at home. Can you see them while you're playing?


Yes. And what do you think of the fake fans? I don't mind them. I like I like I mean, they're real fans. I guess they're real people. They're real. I just not there. I applied today to be a virtual fan for Laker games. Really? I thought you'd be a fan for the Bulls. All right. Well, never mind. Never mind. I'm sorry. Yeah, never mind. Oh, OK. Listen, I listen, the Wizards got the Wizards got invited, the Bulls in good morning, JJ You won last night because this podcast was going to be a full road show about how your playoff streak is coming to an end.


But I guess technically you guys are still alive right now. Have you thought about that? Because everyone's talking about it. JJ Redick always made the playoffs, which you must have won a couple of titles.


No, and thank you for that. Thank you. That's that's that's not a sore subject at all for me, believe me.


Are you are you though, like, conscious of it? Because it is very impressive to be in the league fourteen years and always make, you know, be on a team that makes the playoffs. That's an impressive feat.


When it got to like year ten or eleven, I was like, oh, wait a minute, I've never missed the playoffs. The first like six or seven years. You just it just normal and then you get later on in your career and, you know, then you're like, oh, I kind of want this streak to stay alive for my whole career. But the funny thing is, when I went to Philly, obviously I went to Philly to take the one year bag.


We all know that.


But when I went to Philly, I. I didn't you know, I expected us to make the playoffs because I actually thought that team was was built really well with Joel and Ben, but there was really no guarantee that that would happen. And the same thing happened coming to New Orleans and the Western Conference. Obviously, top to bottom is is probably a little bit stronger. So I'm just I'm honestly just happy to be in a position where if we went out like we're going to be in the playoff game playing game, if we went out, we're going to be in the playing game.


And that is credit to Zion. Because did did the NBA, like, give you guys a memo or did they just give you a wink, like, hey, we're building all these rules just to have Zion in the playoffs, which we said we've been long standing. We're totally cool with because we want Zion in the playoffs. So we're cool with everything they've done. But it felt like it was all built for the Pelicans and Zion to get to the playoffs.


I would agree with that. Maybe not all of it, but that's almost certainly a large portion of having these these play in games and these seeding games was for Zion. Yeah, that's true.


I mean, it's a superstar league. This is why we watch basketball. We watch basketball for obviously for team greatness, but mostly for individual greatness. We watch basketball so we can talk about James Harden or talk about Giannis or talk about LeBron or you know, Tzion in this case, like that's why people love the NBA. And in some ways we've like commodified this into an individual sport, which is sometimes frustrating, I think. Not necessarily like I'm frustrated with Zion.


It becomes frustrating for the average for for me to think about the average fan and how they view the NBA, because to me, basketball is sort of the ultimate team sport. Maybe soccer's the other one, but those two are the two.


Well well, the frustrating part from a fan perspective is if you don't have one of the top ten guys, it feels like your team's going absolutely nowhere. And to get one of those, you know it's kind of you mentioned Giannis I don't like to box. I hate Bucs fans but I feel for them sometimes because we're two years away from Giannis being a free agent and we're already talking about him being a free agent and sometimes it feels like the NBA is more about that than it is about the actual game being played.


That's a very valid point. It's a complaint of mine. I don't know if I've ever really talked about it publicly, but it's certainly a complaint of mine that so much attention is paid, you know, to the trade deadline and the draft and free agency and two years away from ex players, free agency. We we don't focus enough on the actual game at times.


And I just want to point something out about the basketball, the basketball itself so far in the bubble, like we're seeing high level games.


I'm I'm I'm actually pleasantly surprised, maybe even a little bit shocked at how in shape everybody has been.


The shot making has been unbelievable that Boston Portland game down the stretch. It was like big shot after big shot right after that. Jaren Jackson, you know, hits that unbelievable shot to tie the game against San Antonio, our first game against Utah. That was a great game. Lakers, Clippers right after that great game. It's just been high level basketball. It's been amazing. It's it's been incredible. And I was cautiously optimistic going in. But it has reached all of those like marks for me that the Bucks Rockets game, I watched that entire game, I think it was Sunday night.


And I was just thinking the whole time, like, I can't wait for the playoffs because this is going to be phenomenal. These teams are locked in. And you're right, like, I don't know if it's better shooting background or maybe the defense hasn't been all the way there because it's hard to, you know, talk on defense when we haven't seen your guys in five months. But it's been, you know, high paced and high scoring, which I think most people want to see, except the old nineties NBA fans who want to watch.


Eighty one to seventy nine basketball. By the way, have you guys ever, like, re watched the 2005.


Spurs, Detroit Pistons finals. Yeah, great. So every time a great series, highly competitive, but it's like seventy one to sixty nine.


Yeah, I'm always shocked just watching games from, you know, just 15 years ago when they come up on my TV and you see the resolution, it's not high definition. It looks like it was 1987 as a coalition.


I can't believe I actually sat down and was looking forward to watching these games in 2005, that that series was very, very funny because it was I don't think anyone I think I'm looking at right now, the Pistons went to scored over a 100 in game four, but there was an overtime game that was 96. Ninety five in overtime game. And then game seven was 81. 74 was a final, which is like 81. 74 is a low scoring game when the third quarter ends right now.


That Mavs. Was it the Mavs Houston game.


Yes, it was like eighty five. It was an all star game. It was an all star. Yes. Yes.


I'm looking at your contracts right now actually. So let's talk about you, because the JJ Redick impending unrestricted free agency begins the exact same year as Giannis. So everyone's talking about like what's JJ going to do in two years. Is he going to retire and become a full time podcast or is he waiting to see where Giannis goes then he's going to ride the coattails there.


Try to win that first vote for my understanding after Giannis I think I am the number two free agent that summer.


Yeah that's what I'm looking at right now.


Yeah, no for sure.


You know what I did and I have actually talked about this a bunch but when you have kids your perspective changes on things and my boys are getting ready to be six and four next month actually this month in about three weeks they'll be six and four at the end of August. And being away from them for the last six weeks, while we've we've been in New Orleans and been here, you really feel like you're missing out on a lot.


And when this contract is up, I think I will have to sort of go year by year. Obviously, you want to be offered a job and my body has to be able to function and and I have to be able to play. But at some point, the family stuff will outweigh my love for the game. It's inevitable. I know it's coming.


So nets are nicks. That makes sense. And would you actually finally break it on pardon my tape? Because when you signed with the pelicans, I don't know if I said this out loud. It was very frustrating. But I saw you like three hours before on the street and you almost told me you I wanted to tell you so that I won't. I saw in your face, like, where are you going? And you're like, I can't say.


And then it was like, no joke. Like maybe an hour and a half later, like JJ Redick, the pelicans like, come on dude, give us one more.


To be fair, he gives it to Woj because Woj gave him his start writing about the NBA. Scratch his back. That's true.


What's crazy is that I don't give Woj anything. I mean we, we talk about this is players all the time. Like if you don't want Woj to know something, don't tell your agent. Do not. The agents are the ones that are it's not even leaking. It's just like, hey, my guy is going to go here or whatever. But I mean, we can all agree. Like, he tweeted this out. It's you know, the deadline started at to start at six p.m. that Sunday.


He tweets out at six or one p.m. You know, JJ is going to the Pelicans. It's pretty obvious. I had made my decision prior to the start of free agency. So I had known for basically like a week that I was going to New Orleans.


And so when you asked me that, because I had already told my family members, I had already told people, it just it was almost like second nature where I was like, no, I'm going to I'm going to go play for the pelicans. And then I was like, probably not a good idea because I wanted to be it right away. So you would have definitely tweeted it. I would have actually been like, hold on, say it again for the camera and catch you on on camera saying it.


They've been like tampering with wear a wire. Yeah, right.


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And now more JJ Redick. When you went to the Pelicans, have you had the conversation about how much Coach K paid Tzion like have you been like how much did you get, how much did I get. Kind of compare and or do you not do that to we lose you. He froze and froze. Your sat in Motel six in Orlando. Didn't compare.


So. All right so Tzion won't tell you how much Coach K paid him. Got it.


I'm not touching any of that. Yeah, I'm not touching anything like just. All right. I understand it makes sense. Like Don't ask, don't tell kind of thing with Coach K, you know, he, he takes care of his guy.


Listen, Marrable, Coach K has never, never done that. To my knowledge. He definitely didn't pay me personal.


Chef Capel, perhaps the best chef Kapil pays him. That's right. Got the cash. Is not even there anymore. He's. I know, I know. It's going to probably hurt Duke. Isn't that convenient or it's going to help now.


There's no fingerprints whatsoever on it.


I know this is coming. Hey have you guys talked about this on your show yet by the way, what's going on with these, these the PAC 12 players?


Yeah, we've mentioned it briefly on Sunday night's show. So we are we're we're of the mindset that like. Yeah, ask for whatever you want. Like, why not anchor the conversation, right. With all your demands and then maybe you'll get some of them.


And also, if Doug Gottlieb thinks it's a bad idea, that means it's probably a good idea.


Yeah, his takes are terrible. I read his back. I read his back and forth with Bomani Jones. I think that was yesterday.


I mean, yeah, he's got awful. It's interesting, I think given. What covid has done to some of these athletic departments. It's inevitable now, it's inevitable that, you know, power five football and basketball players are going to be compensated in some form. It's inevitable, right? It's going to happen.


And not I'm not just saying from the like this. Obviously, you know, the NCAA, I think, is going to allow players to use their likeness starting after next season.


But it's it's inevitable that there's going to be some form of compensation. I I read this great article. I think meta meta Chim's actually put it out about athletic department spending, how essentially the way these departments work is the more money they intake, the more money they spend. So when they say, well, we don't have any money to pay the players, it's because they've upgraded the bus. Or are they you're now flying on a nicer private plane or you have an 80 foot scoreboard instead of a 60 foot scoreboard.


So the money is being spent. It's not like they're just, you know, hoarding this this this revenue. We're talking about hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. They're not hoarding it. They're spending it. But the people who are actually earning the money, i.e. the players, the product, they're not necessarily reaping the financial rewards of that.


Yeah, it's I've been lucky enough to like tor a few different football facilities. And it's incredible because the amount of money they pour into those facilities is insane. And essentially it's an arms race where the minute you break ground with the facility, it's already kind of like you're already ready to do it again in ten years because that's just what they keep doing. And like everyone keeps building these insane places, like, hey, we've got a bowling alley, we're not going to pay you, but you got a nap pod.


But we're not going to pay you from you, from your perspective, in your personal perspective. When you were at Duke, did you feel like you were being taken advantage of? It didn't really cross my mind a ton.


And I don't want to say I was like naive, but I in a sense, I was because I had grown up in a country I had grown up two hours from Tobacco Road.


And my entire life all I wanted to do was play for Duke. And so while I was there, it was like living out your your wildest dream every day. And I remember my senior year, I got wind of the fact that just the bookstore on campus, just that one individual location had sold something like 5000 Duke for Nike jerseys. And those jerseys were going for, like, you know, 75 bucks, 100 bucks somewhere around that at the time.


And I thought to myself, man, like, obviously the school is profiting off this with their licensing agreement. Nike's profiting off of this. The NCAA, I'm sure, is getting a cut. Like I. I had to take out a my parents had to take out a loan my senior year just so I could sort of like pay bills because I didn't have cash flow. My scholarship check was not covering my basic living expenses. And believe me, I was not living extravagantly.


I just wanted to buy food. And that was that year. And obviously, too, I mean, we're selling out everywhere we go. We're playing on ESPN every game. I'm on the cover of magazines. That was the first time it hit me. Like maybe maybe the system is set up incorrectly.


And it is it's it's the hard part of the argument is it's the one percent are really getting screwed. The guys who are there selling jerseys and they're on covers like the JJ Redick, where is there's also a lot if you're looking at a football team, there's, I don't know, eighty out of a hundred guys or eighty five out of 100 guys who aren't going to sniff the pros who probably are having a great experience getting a scholarship, getting to be part of a team in a Division one atmosphere.


That's really, really cool. But it is that like those big money driver guys that are getting basically robbed of a few years of, like, high earning years for them.


Yeah, I don't think there's an easy answer to this to this debate.


It's a very complicated issue when you add in the fact that there are nonrevenue producing sports and how those sports ultimately get funded.


Anecdotally, I saw in one of these articles I was reading the other day that that Mena put out, she was talking about how, you know, D2 and D3 athletic departments have numerous sports. They have lacrosse, they have tennis.


They're able to fund those places. So it's every time this sort of comes up, I always say like.


I don't know what the answer is in terms of compensation, what that looks like, do we pay the best players more? Do we pay them less? Do we pay them a market rate? I don't know.


But I know the system that is in place right now is not how it should be. There needs to be some sort of change it to argue for amateurism based on a system that was set up in the 1930s and 1940s prior to billion dollar TV contracts and ticket sales.


And merchandising is crazy. Amateurism does not exist in high level college basketball and high level college football.


Yeah, these guys are not amateurs. Yeah, yeah. I honestly think that they should just they just put it all above board and be like boosters can pay players and because because guess what, everyone knows everyone's counter to that will be well you know, Alabama and Clemson will win all the title. Well, that's what happens. All right.


We would have one and two. Guess what will also happen if guys if boosters can pay money to players above the board? I mean, rich, rich people don't like to just hand their money away. So when they make a mistake on paying an eighteen year old kid and the kid doesn't pan out, they're going to think twice about the next, you know, kid. And it will it will correct. And it will be a little bit overblown at first, but then it will kind of come back down to earth.


And I think you'll probably end up with the same exact thing you have right now, except players getting a chance to make some money during their college.


I actually think it might be a little more fair. Yeah, come to that, because it's not just the traditional powerhouses that have these dedicated, like rich alumni that's spread out across the country.


That's valid. Yeah, that's a valid point.


And if T. Boone Pickens. Yeah, if you almost if you make it like if you're donating to a state institution, you give some sort of tax break or something like that, imagine that. If, like billionaires and millionaires could get tax breaks for paying players to attend their school, I'm sure things would kind of level out right all across the right.


Like instantly you brought up meet his name a couple of times, which is perfect because she fired off a tweet last night during your game. I want to bring up she said every time Zion does a cool thing with JJ, I'm struck anew by the improbability of living in a moment where two of the NBA's most likable teammates went to Duke, do you feel like you've sold out because you're no longer looked at as the asshole? And is that maybe why you're losing your love for the game, as you said earlier?


Hmm. So the only reason I played the game in the first place was to be an asshole. You gave me an outlet, to be honest.


No, but every player that goes to do that, to a certain extent, they enjoy being hated. That's why you guys get together in those little huddles every time the ref blows the whistle, every like every five seconds at a Duke game, you guys get together, you huddle up on the floor. Remember, guys, everyone hates us. If you could take if you could take a time machine, we go back to twenty six or five and be like, hey, in twenty twenty, people are actually going to want to hear what JJ Redick says.


Oh that's crazy. That's actually a wild thought. Yeah. That's a no thanks dude. You're going to pull, you're going to play a podcast which you don't even know exists yet of JJ Redick talking and being like Oh he's actually an interesting, likeable guy. No, thank fuck that.


I'm opting out of that. Do you feel bad or do you miss being hated? I still feel like I'm hated. No, you're not. You're not. No, no.


Nothing like nothing like I was not. Nothing like it. Duke, I think I talked about this the last time I was on the show, like, yeah, it required therapy, man. I was fucking nineteen years old and I had to deal with this. And, you know, you're already at that age, you're unsure of yourself. You have all these insecurities. We all have insecurities, but especially at that age, you're sort of becoming an adult.


And I didn't know how to deal with that. And and so became this this cycle where I would I would see the hate, I would feel the hate, I would hear the hate.


And then I would react to that. And then my reaction would garner more hate and more disdain. And that cycle just kept repeating itself. Yeah, I, I feel like by my senior year I had sort of got the the on the court antics under control, but people still loathe me.


And, and then even when I got in the NBA, like I was having this talk the other day with one of my with one of my teammates when I was first in the NBA, when I first got in the NBA and I and I wasn't playing, I could I could sense that people loved that.


They love that I was stuck to the bench in Orlando.


They enjoyed that that there was this sense of like, oh, people are really enjoying seeing me, fail me, count me as one.


So say something.


Hey, I have no I have no doubt that you are one of those people. Oh, yeah. I like this guy's a bus.


Let's make you hateable again.


Say something controversial on our show to tell everybody that you have a Nickelback tattoo that we can all make fun. I am fat. Yeah, I do have I do have a Kings of Leon tattoo, I've I'm very embarrassed about it. That's pretty bad. I was in twenty sixteen. Huh, indorse.


Very bored. No, I got very bored during the lockout. I got very bored during the NBA lockout in 2011.


And there was this I, I don't even know how to describe it.


It was a bar slash tattoo parlor slash teaching studio for pole dancing.


And yes, it was very odd. And Chelsea and I and our friends, we would go there on the weekends and the guy we got to know, the owners.


And I think at some point maybe Chelsea and her friends maybe took one of those dancing lessons. And then I decided I was just going to like, I'm going to get my my forearm tattooed. And I ended up with Kings of Leon Lyrica. I'm very embarrassed about hateable.


That's hey, that's good. We're making progress. What's the lyric that you got? Your sex is on fire. Yeah, it's from Pyro.


OK, pyro song, pyro, single book of matches going to burn. What's standing in the way?


Oh, you got to say to me, OK, now you combine that and then maybe also bring back the quarter sleeve cut off that used I we're back in business. Holy shit.


I actually I've been meaning the last few years because I got the I obviously got my sleeve, I got my sleeve put over sort of the kings of Leon Lyrica.


It's also I should also point out there's a there's a match and there's like some smoke coming off.


Oh. Like you just blew out a match. It's a terrible rider. Yeah. Yeah. Anyways, I want to get that portion lasered off. I'm going to get it lasered off, OK.


It's going to be gone at some point soon so I'm less hateable. Yeah. No, you got to keep it. So speaking of hateable, you played against the Grizzlies on Monday night. Is there a moment in the game where you lock eyes with Grayson Allen and you're like, yeah, dude, like I know we know you're me. Like, yeah, you got you got it. Spiderman. I mean, like, we're the same guy. I don't think we're the same guy, but we've we've had a somewhat similar experience.


So, yes. Grayson, I've talked about it before and there was definitely an acknowledgment last night.


I like that. I like to just like catch you can catch your, you know, across the court, like there he is, OK, he's you know, he won't trip you.


That's nice.


I actually thought there was a moment last night where he was going to he was going to do something like that, but he didn't have it out of habit.


You can see it in his eyes as he's like, come on, just something didn't look right about his face.


And I was like, eyes coming. He goes in berserker mode and just sticks his leg out. Yeah. And then just kind of blacked out for a second. Yes.


So I had to ask questions. Well, actually, speaking of Berserker mode, you have a podcast company. I'm a shout out again three for two productions which launched this week. The Old Man in the three. We have a podcast that we're ready to pitch you right now. I said, Oh, you're building show. Let's do it. OK, do it. So it's actually not ours. It's our intern, Billy. Billy Football is 21 and the podcast is just going to be called Who's Doing Steroids?


And Billy is just going to talk about who he thinks is doing steroids at any given time. Are you in for it? I don't. That's more on Brand with with you guys.


I'm not the guy I should tell you. I'm not saying it's I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's a lovely picture, I hope. OK, OK.


So it's going to be done seven days a week every morning. It's going to be snippets, it's going to be twenty minutes. And we're going to talk about a random dude and we're going to say is he's on steroids or not. So we're going to take a random guy and be like, OK, Mike, the situation, steroids.


And then we're going to explain why he's on steroids. We're going to explain quotes that show steroid rage.


We're going to talk about his physique and what symbolizes show like low body fat, high vascularity. That's a sign of Anvar.


That's a steroid. We're going to take, like, you know, guys who admitted to being on steroids and want to talk about their steroid cycles.


And then and then we're going to we're going to have a certain segments.


Like one segment is athletes we definitely think are on steroids.


And we're going to theorize the entire thing on steroids. Yeah, a segment. So it's a segment to say it's athletes. Then we're going to do like like like Hollywood figures are definitely on steroids. And also there's another segment here. Listen to this segment. People who should do steroids.


Yes. Yes. So that's my podcast. I hope you. Time of year. Yes.


You asked for this. JJ, you started a production company. You're going to go. Actually, I actually don't hate the idea. I don't know why it has to be a daily show. I think you may you may run out of people to accuse of doing steroids.


That's what everybody wants. He's got the segments. The title of the podcast is Who's Doing Steroids, Questionmark? Yeah, it's not we're not accusing or asking question to cover your ass. You're a businessman.


Maybe the podcast is like, here are people who would sue us if we accused them of doing steroids. And here's why I would say that they were doing steroids and why they would sue us.


Yeah, come on. I have a couple other podcast ideas.


Let's do one more. OK, you know. OK, all right. Yeah, one more. Go ahead.




So this podcast is called Super Cool Animal Stories, and every week we're going to go find the coolest animal stories we can on the Internet. Like Reddit. They don't even if you like, we'll find some good sources and then just talk about, like, you know, cute animal stories, violent animal stories, shark attacks, bear attacks, you know, cryptozoology attacks.


We're going to have people who got abducted by aliens on the show and tell their stories. Again, that's another podcast project.


Don't cannibalize your podcast.


But I've so many podcast ideas.


I think I think I could really be an asset to where he's up for you. But I'm Bill Timetable's cash billi. Just curious, you're just an intern right now.


You're just kind of these kind of are you more than I am now.


He's got a two hundred thousand dollar buyout. Yeah. So if you want to get him home pay.


Well no, no, it's a two hundred thousand dollar fee to negotiate with him. Oh it's like baseball. Yeah. You Darvas. Yeah. I like you. When you pay us two hundred thousand dollars then the negotiation window opens and then you have to sign him.


I also have a podcast on biohacking where we talk about different research chemicals.


So it's really I really believe I've actually got I've actually got to go. Billy, I'm so sorry you're really missing out here.


Last question, JJ, you became a meme obviously quickly on Saturday. I think it was how quickly it was. It was the TV truck. Did you guys dirty? It was like just a perfect montage of bad body language on the pelicans. And you were featured. How quickly after the game do you know, like, oh, shit. Like, they got me. As soon as I turned my phone on, I had probably fifteen text messages from people like you, from friends like you that would send me sort of that sort of thing and be like, oh, shit.


Well, I mean, I want it on the record that you have kind of bought your way of me not bashing you, because I think I just tweeted the clip and said that the guys in the truck really did them dirty. I saw that. Yeah. No, I give you credit. Thank you. You have my back on that because I could have that. It was more like, hey, here's what's happening. I'm not going to say what everyone's thinking.


Everyone else make the JJ Redick jokes. I didn't do it. I made a joke I couldn't resist. It was a layup. Your legs were up. You looked like you were getting a pap smear and they were talking about Zion Williamson burst restriction. And like all the stars were on, I was like, I got to make a joke that Zion just busted inside.


JJ took like, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you having pot. His friendship. They forced my hand. Yeah, yeah.


Please subscribe and go listen to the old man in the three podcast. First episodes are dropping Wednesday, August 5th and Thursday, August six. We got Damian Lillard, Stacey Abrams and a bunch of other big NBA guests lined up over the next two weeks. Thank you.


Graduation's again, JJ. Thanks, Jason. I appreciate you guys.


Thank you for that.


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It's me on dotcom take. That's me on dotcom take.


All right. Let's finish up the show. We got Pilley sheet, by the way, that I just saw this picture of Devin Booker's game winner, the surrender cobra in virtual fans is fucking do they do they hit a button and all the fans do that? No, there are a lot of fans doing that behind him.


It's fucking hilarious. That's incredible. Yeah, that should be a poster. It move over. MJ Vázquez.


I'm just happy sports. Sports, baby. All right. So the only thing I noticed on Billy's sheet that we didn't really hit on is VIF. There was a beef recall, there's a beef recall. And then obviously Clay Travis and Darren Ravell went at it on Twitter. And I actually I'd I'd rather just die.


Yeah, I have to read them during fight on Twitter. No matter who wins, we all lose. Yeah.


Confrontation. Yeah.


Like if you're like, hey, you have to go to prison for the next 20 years or you have to spend the next two days reading their back and forth. I'd choose prison. Yeah. It's like the most popular nerd versus the least popular not nerd. Yes.


Yes. Which ones. Which and they're both. Yeah. They go back and forth, just slide back and forth. Holy shit. Do they suck.


They are at the center of the Venn diagram of the most annoying type of people to at least 40 people.


Right. It's just they've commandeered they've took a singular Venn diagram of shit and they've just turned it into something that whenever they fight, they always get trending and they always just screw up my timeline because that's the last. Those are the last people I want to see talking, the last phases I want to see in my life. There are also two people who have somehow found made their work in sports media without ever talking about sports. Yes, they literally never talk about sports anymore.


Well, either of Clay talks about not talking about sports. Right. And Darren talks about the business of sports, which no one wants to talk about. Yep. God, they suck actually to this guy.


And this is all going to end with Clay making Darren a job offer. Yeah. And and Darren probably accepting it if it's not money.


And then and then Jason Whitlock writing some stupid, weird fanfic about how they're now like Godfather two. Yeah, yeah. Darren is Fredo and they're the ones out on the boat. I think that's going to be a wire situation. Yet the only other one I saw, though, was this guy, Karen Scott, who got the weird the weird seeds.


I noticed they stop talking about the podcast charts.


And I thought, oh, yeah, that's why we're down to look, it seems like we've been doing this for five years now. And it's weird how everyone always talks about the podcast charts for a while and then just suddenly and we don't really talk about it.


Weird what we did when we first started.


Yeah, but and then we realize, what, five years and we're doing just fine.


Remember when we were beating cereal and we're like, we're the number one topic that was real. Yes, that's right. But that is true. I give everyone gets a grace period of the first two months of their podcast to talk about how high it is rated. I will actually totally cop that. But after that, it's like, come on, dude.


But you are. You are and you are the mystery seed that this is quite a story because I saw this over the weekend says man plants mystery seeds from China.


Here's what happened.


Now, Billy did not include what happened after the fact. So we that's that's our cereal. How can we do the cereal? Can we find out, OK, this show, can you say that they it says it, right? No, no, no, no, no. Literally it doesn't say yeah. OK, no, Billy, no, we're we're going to. No it doesn't, it doesn't. He doesn't say so because they're sending squash for some reason we're going to save this.


That's all.


We're going to save this for Friday. Billy, Billy, keep your mouth shut because this is a cliffhanger.


Yeah, well, Billy, I want actually an extra cliffhanger, so I want you to come on Friday. I want three things. Two of them can be lies.


One of them has to be the truth. Oh, he's going to be here Friday, I believe. Fired. We're going to get to the bottom of the mystery. But I saw the story over the weekend, and I guess the US government was saying, do not plant seeds that come shipped to you from China. Fuck that. If I get mystery seeds, the first thing I'm going to do is plant those.


I'm going to water a lot of what if it was one of those StubHub ticket trees? Yeah, there you go.


What if it was a giant beanstalk that led you to a golden goose? Yeah, we're going to take a tree in the backyard. Are you serious? Dude, go to any game.


I'm planting every ticket, tree money, tree trees back on the road. Fuck the money tree ticket tree.


All right. So on Friday, as part of my take, we will uncover the mystery of what happens when you plant the mystery. Really?


You have to write us. You have to write us. I was going to prepare, OK? So prepare it and then we'll read it, OK? All right. All right. Let's do guys. All chicks and let's get out of here.


Is it weird talking about past relationship with your boyfriend, sex partners, dislikes, likes, etc.? No, because at some point that's all you have to talk about people. If you don't bring it up, then it becomes an issue.


I think after like a couple of years, like, hey, it's weird that you never talk about it.


I don't think you should bring it up. Yeah, I don't think you should bring in. I think it's a bad idea. Well, in what way are you saying, like, are you saying like sex life? I think everything. I don't think it's ever like, hey, so I was thinking about my ex or ex-girlfriend. I think it's one of those situations you just let the past be the past. Don't need to talk about it. That's that's it.


Just will always end up in something bad. Hello. In the past.


Hello, sir. Cat. Hello, sir. Committer Sir. Cat and the other guys. Recently my Twitter crush slid into my dorms and we were having the best conversations about sport and life and whatnot. Recently I sent up a nude photo of my very nice breasts and he in turn sent photos as well. This is escalated, as you can all imagine.


But my question is, what is the next step? Do we travel across country to have random Internet stranger sex during a pandemic or do we keep adding to each other?


Spank bank, please help me. This is a perfect time to just, like, fire off all the nudes that you've thought.


Like, maybe this one didn't make the cut, like, empty the chambers. What I say you really want to get to know somebody before you buy a plane ticket?


Mm hmm.


Yeah. Wait crosscountry. Yes. You know, there's penises in your neighborhood. I've been on you porn enough to see that there are horny singles all over my street, cyber all the way.


Cyber do the full cyber and then decide my husband of two days only wants to play golf on our honeymoon.


What can I get him? What can I do to get him to put out divorce him, threatened to divorce him.


So he's he's treating the honeymoon like he treated his bachelor party, invite his brothers with him.


I think I think this is actually a good thing. You should be like, go ahead and play golf. Just make the rule. He's got to be done by noon and then just get yourself a fucking massage every single day. Like that's what you do. Because guess what? He's going to go play golf by himself. He's a nerd. Let him do that. Just be like you got to be back by noon. So and then and then it's like, hey, this is great.


Our relationship is off to a great start and you'll wait to go home to divorce. Yeah. The trick is not going to playing golf.


The trick to a good relationship is to just spend as little time together as possible. So when you see each other, you have all sorts of stories that you can tell about how your day was.


How also did you marry a golf guy and not realize it like golf guys exists in all they do is golf.


I hope you're prepared that every vacation you go on is going to be loosely tied around what golf courses are nearby. Hey, honey, can I bring my clubs?


Yeah, he's he's going to like suggest hey, why don't we go out to let's go to Scottsdale for a week. Yeah. Oh yes. That sounds nice. Good weather dry. Nice restaurants and club. No he's just going to be out at the waste management.


There is no something to be said. I feel like golf guys that travel for specifically for golf won't cheat on you.


The the business golf guys will. Mm hmm. Though like I'm just going to play a few rounds, like I play a few rounds here and there. That guy will cheat on you. The I want to go to Scotland and all I want to do is play golf at one golf. That's his form of cheating on me.


It's just like I'm going this is my way to escape.


The worst he's going to do is he's going to get a little frisky with the old guy behind the counter when he's buying balls. Yeah. Or the girl. Yeah, he better not even because if he's not obsessed with golf, he's not going to drink while he golf. Just keep your eye on the fact that a heavy golf guy in his early to mid 20s is on a direct path to become an exotic trophy hunter by the time he's in his mid 40s.


What you have to find out is how many golf books does he own? If you have at least three golf books, that's just pictures of golf on your coffee table. That guy won't cheat.


Sup, guys? Are boys really worried about the size of their dick? Why not worry? Just I've accepted. I've come to terms with my penis. At this point. I'm not going to do anything to impress it. It's not going to do anything impress me.


There was a time when I was worried because I was like, that's it. Are we done? We're done growing. That sucked. But after that, you just kind of move on. Hi, guys.


I love the show and I need some help. I've been dating this guy for over a year and I can't help but feel like I am too young to be in a serious relationship.


I'm twenty four, but I literally can't get myself to break up with them. I could see me and being together down the road, but right now I want to be single and be a ho. I'm still young and hot. Is it worth possibly losing him to break up or should I live my life or should I live my life?


I hope he's still around in a few years.


And if so, what's the best way to break up? I would actually propose to him and then get him to be the one to say no thanks. And then you can always go back to that. Well, then at that point you actually have a built in excuse to go have some wild years. You're like, Oh, I just got my heart broken by this guy. I need some time to figure me out. He's going to think that you're doing a Julia Roberts going over to India and riding elephants for six weeks when reality you're just going down to the Tenderloin, getting dick down like nobody's business.




By way, you answered your own question. You want to be a ho. You said that you ho. Do you think do you think girl hey, big cat, NFL kicker. No XIAFLEX extra for record.


I'm going to claim that because I was offered a tryout, I'm now an ex NFL kicker. Got it.


Grumpy Hank and Billy. So. My boyfriend loves free balling, I get it that he wants airflow, especially since it's summer, but he free balls all the time at home, in public, at work.


It became too much for me when we were at a friend's barbecue and I was sitting crisscross applesauce. And one of my friends is nuts.


OMG, how can I start wearing briefs? Yeah, that's it's a tough luck. Don't don't make the jump from nothing to brief's. That's, that's number one.


And if I've been at a family reunion before where the weird uncle is wearing super short khakis and his balls are just hanging out that well on one hand that is goes on the other hand, you can't you can't get to that point when you're still in your 20s or 30s.


Dude, I I'm kind of down with this guy. He's free balling and sitting Indian style, like, what the fuck? You can't you can do one or the other. You can't do both.


All right.


Last one, sub PMT, you guys, my boyfriend always calls me brother.


What do y'all think that means, brother? Sometimes I'll ask him a question instead of him saying straight up no, he will say no, brother. Yeah, he's just a hot dog.


And so it's good to know the black jacket get laid. No. Yeah. I mean, Hulk Hogan made it popular, so. And he's iconic. What more do you want. That's actually the highest. Right.


What if she said also she might be a Game of Thrones fan? Incest is bad. Yeah, that's true.


We're going to say, hey, I was going to say, what if she's like, oh, so you're wrestling? Fanny said, no. Then what? Well, you can be not a wrestling fan, but still a hulk, a maniac. He had a reality show. Yeah, true. Yeah, yeah.


I'm a big fan of Bubba the Love Sponge. I mean, big daughter.


Yep. All right. That's our show, Billy. You got something planned? A little bit.


Wait. Love you guys. Love you, too.


Down the plane. I was telling them.


Knock you down a little bit, play Barzilai, download the play Barshop, download the play Barshop. Hengel, get a cat. Love you guys. Billy, what are your closing thoughts for the day?


Well, a lot of things on my mind today as I was driving to work, Billy has prepared anything. There is a tree that fell on the road, you know, right.


When he hasn't prepared. Well, he also but that's what he burned to hotseat cool throne's that he didn't have. Well, this is Billies.


I was thinking about not playing the game. Yeah.


Billy, do do more SpongeBob Impression's, but that's Torchy.


I'm coming to. So this time.