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Hey, pardon my take, listeners. You can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime members can listen ad free on Amazon Music. The reviews are in for McDonald's hotter juicier burgers.


Let's hear what Hamburglar has to say.


What our old friend Hamburglar said is the patties are juicier. The bun is a thing of beauty. The cheese perfectly melted.




My burger dreams have come true. You heard him, folks.


These are McDonald's best burgers ever.




At most restaurants in this area.


Comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers. On today's part of my take, we have a very special guest. It is Joe Flacco. It's been a long time coming. The elite man himself. Awesome interview with really, really fun time with him. We're also going to talk the divisional round. We got four great football games. We're going to talk about some coaching news. We got coaches that we thought were going to be fired, that are not fired, and some other coaches still looking for a job. And then we're going to finish up with fire fest of the week. It's all brought to you by our friends at the farmer's dog this new year. The easiest healthy habit to start is one for your dog. The farmer's dog makes feeding real, healthy dog food easy and convenient. And your dog will absolutely love it. It's smart, healthy pet food. You can feel good about feeding your pup. That's why it's time to quit the kibble, kick the cans and start fresh. The farmer's dog makes and delivers fresh, healthy dog food right to your door. It's developed by vets, nutritionally balanced and made from real meat and veggies to the safety standards of human food.


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Now in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done no place to hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh no we gonna rock down to electric I venue and then we'll take it higher oh.


We gonna rock down to electric pardon my take presented by Barcelona sports.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Friday, January 19, and we have the divisional round boys. Before we do that, though, we should talk a little coaching news. Yeah. Because Mike McCarthy is staying. Mike Tomlin is staying. Nick Sirianni is potentially staying.


Probably staying.






And we don't know what's going to happen by tomorrow. But I am again tracking Arthur Blank's private jet. It's landing in Boston, Massachusetts right now.




Belichick Falcons collision course. I think it's happening.


It is happening.


It might have already happened by the time this comes out, I would say.


You want to break the news, Hank? You want to say it? No. Oh, okay. Could have been the first.


Give it to Leroy.




R-I-P-I mean, Blake.






Yeah. Mike McCarthy, though.


Stan, did you just kill my dog?


No. Yeah, you killed was. I was remembering.


What are you. Max?


Yeah, I guess I might have.


My bad.


Sorry. Let's go team by team. Mike McCarthy is staying. And you actually saw a bunch of people. Greg Olsen. Turns out he was right that someone wanted Mike McCarthy. It just happened to be Jerry Jones. Still wanted Mike McCarthy.


Jerry Jones fell all over himself. Fell all over himself to rehire Mike McCarthy for another year.




And it's not out of this world to have a coach in Dallas going into their last year because Jason Garrett did it. What happened with him afterwards?


He got fired.


He's on NBC.


He's torturing.


He's on the cock. So Mike McCarthy not going to be fired this year. As a Commanders fan, I said that it makes me very happy that Mike's coming back. And I know that they absolutely demolished the Commanders in the regular season. I know that Mike McCarthy is a very good regular season coach. But when you play against really good teams in the playoffs, you're going to have to win three games, maybe four games to win a Super bowl. And every game even the games that the Cowboys win have those small moments in them where you're like, if they're playing against a better team, that gets taken advantage of. So all I'm saying is, much like you with Aaron Rogers, when the Cowboys lose, that's my Super bowl, which I really, truly enjoy, and I'm glad that I'm going to get to enjoy that for the next year.




So Mike McCarthy is a good coach in the relative term that like, what, three straight years? Twelve and five. He obviously has a Super bowl. People were doing the resume thing yesterday where it's like, yeah, why wouldn't you fire Mike McCarthy? You got to keep a guy like that around because he's done good things in Dallas. Obviously, they haven't gone deep in the playoffs. People were also pointing out, look at Andy Reid before they started winning Super Bowls in Kansas City where it's like twelve and 410 and 611 and five. Everyone said he was a choke artist. The only issue with that is Patrick Mahomes showed up. I don't think Patrick Mahomes is showing up in Dallas.


You have Dak.




Dak is actually kind of like McNabb in that sense.




Where he's like a good quarterback.


Right. But it's like these two guys together in the pressure situations, will it falter? So initially I was like, that's stupid. They're bringing Mike McCarthy back and I don't have the smartest brain and I could be swayed very easily. And I was Jake Ferguson tweeting out the video of Mike McCarthy dancing with the big chain to 50 cent many men. I was like, yep. Okay, Mike McCarthy. This is a good rehire.




Because that was a video. Like, these guys obviously love them. And again, if you put pretty much any video with 50 cent many men, I'm going to be like, damn, that was badass.




It gets your blood going.




And you see a player, you watch it. Yeah, I have seen that before.


And it was cool.


It is cool. It's a cool look for Mike. If you're Mike McCarthy, it's good that you're coming back for another year. It's good to have another job. Good to not be fired. Also, the narrative every single week with Mike McCarthy is going to be for another year. How fired is this guy? Yeah, he's been fired for like two and a half years already.


Well, he could also just pick up some more hobies and become even the busier cat in Texas. He's already the busiest.




Start learning how to do a Rubik's cube. Start learning card tricks.


I'm happy because it gives us one more chance to bet against Mike McCarthy in the playoffs.


Yeah, it's good.


So just put a reminder in Jake. We'll just do that and we'll be happy. And then next year, he'll probably be fired. And that doesn't diminish that. He's a pretty good coach, but I just don't trust everything.


I'm not sure I like this new, kinder, gentler Jerry Jones.




Like, being so accepting of.


Although he kept Jason Garrett around for a very long time, sometimes I think.


He likes to do that. To torture them, though.




It's like, working for me is more of a punishment than me firing you.




How long was Jason Garrett the coach for the Cowboys? Because you think of Jerry Jones, you think of the. Like, Jimmy Johnson. We got to move on.


I'm the boss. Like, what, six years or.


I think it was way more than that. It was 112.


Eleven through 1910 years.


Ten years.


Ten years.


So that's 20 software updates.


Eight years too many.




Interim in 2010. And then eleven through 19.


Nine years permanent.


How do you feel, Hank, as a Cowboys fan?


I don't know how people can support this team. I don't know how you can have the regular seasons they've had and the playoff performances they've had, capped off by one of the stinkiest stinkers ever thrown in the history of football. That was as bad a performance as you can imagine, that everyone was leaving with maybe ten minutes left in the fourth quarter, like, maybe even before. It was never close. And it's just like, how do you root for them in the regular season, knowing that you have to win in the playoffs and regular season success means nothing. It doesn't translate. Dak is fucking horrible. Like Mike McCarthy, they were showing the videos where he was consoling Judy or not Judy.


CD Lamb.


CD Lamb on the sideline, like, in the first quarter, as if there was major tension between him and Dak. I I said, if they keep him around, I'm done with the Cowboys. I'm done with the Cowboys.




He lost the fan today.


You're asking, like, how can they keep this guy around if he's not about what Cowboys football should be about, which is winning playoff games? Jason Garrett was two and three in the playoffs, and before that, they hadn't.


One of those is Tony's fault, though.


Before that, they hadn't won a playoff game in a long ass time. Long ass. So the Cowboys, they don't win playoff games.


They get to the playoffs.




It's in their dna at this point. It's not the 90s anymore.


Yeah, but there's so many good coach. How can you, as an owner, watch that performance and be like, we're right.


Just, yeah, maybe Jerry's just like, getting old and you get older, you just don't want to have to deal with interviewing new people and talking, learning someone's new name.


There's so many coaches out there.


He might be getting too much perspective on the world.


I was.


You get older, you're like. You start to realize what's important. That's interpersonal relationships, friendships, what you're going to leave behind as your legacy. I think Jerry Jones is now entering that stage where he doesn't want to make any new enemies.


It is pretty shocking. If you had asked us on Sunday or no, Tuesday after the Cowboys or after the divisional round or the wild card round was over, would the Steelers, Eagles, and Cowboys all keep their coaches? No chance. You said yes. One of the three would have been gone.




Especially considering this is the best free agent coaching class maybe ever.


Yeah. So Mike McCarthy stays in Dallas. Mike Tomlin's staying in Pittsburgh. He said he's going to bring in quarterback competition. He's going to change some things or get a new offensive coordinator. He's also Mike Tomlin. I feel like the way the Steelers operate, he was on the hot seat for like one single day because now he's back and he probably will sign an extension this summer.




And it turns out that Mike Tomlin was just upset about the loss.




So when he was asked the question, he just didn't want to address that. That is kind of Mike Tomlin in a nutshell. He's like, okay, that's not important. So I'm not even going to address it. I'm going to walk away. But, yeah, he's going to be back. Probably stay the head coach for another ten years in Pittsburgh, I imagine. Although Varable would have been nice. I think we both wanted Varable to get that job if it was open. But, yeah, Tomlin, he's proven that he can do a lot of good work in Pittsburgh, maybe without a superstar quarterback, which is hard to do.




And we also do have to take a step back because we root for bad franchises. The coaching carousel, the revolving door is always going. It probably is correct for some of these franchises, specifically the Steelers, where it's like, yeah, they have a way and they're going to keep doing their way. And over time, it has worked. And yeah. Our reaction is different than how the Steelers operate, which is probably a good thing because we're very dumb.




When something goes bad with our teams, it never gets fixed.




The instant fix button is fire the coach. Yeah.


There's no chance that you can have some of these guys that we've had over the years and be like, let's give them another year, see how they do. It's like if things go bad, it's not getting any better.


Right. And we're talking about three playoff teams.




So it might get better in Pittsburgh, it might get better in Dallas, might get better in.






So that's the last one. Nick Sirianni possibly staying. Max.


There'S no report one way or.


The other right now.


Well, the report was that Jeffrey Lurie and Howie Roseman basically tasked Nick Sirianni with coming to them with a list of coordinators that he thinks are good for the, so the initial thought is, well, if a coach is looking for coordinators, he's probably kept his job. Then the report came out. Well, this same exact thing happened with Doug Peterson when he got fired. Jeff Laurie and Howie Rosen said, come to us with a list. It was not an adequate list for them, and they fired Doug Peterson. So that is what Max is hoping for, that Nick Sirianni can't get anyone to pick up the phone for him.


Yeah, basically Lori is asking Nick Sirianni, like, bring me a list, a presentation of guys that you think will make you suck less as a head coach.


I actually think it's something different. I think it's, give me a list of guys who still think that you're good, because if you're going to be an offensive or defensive coordinator for the Eagles, you're tying your future to Nick Sirianni. So it's kind of a fucked up test where it's like, how good of the coaches think that you're still. It's, it's genius.


Can you get anybody? Would the entire coaching staff be better with you or would it be better with a new guy that's bringing in.


His, like, if Nick Sirani comes to the owner and Howie Roseman with the names like Luke Getze and Patricia.




And they're like, wait, what?


Isn't that showing that you don't have that much faith in your head coach, though, saying, we don't really trust you? Show us the guys that you can bring in that will fix you.


Yeah, but I really do think it's like, how many people in the NFL still think that you're good. That's the list. Because if Nick Sirianni calls you up, you're making the calculation like, is this guy dead? I should I hitch my wagon to him? I like this move. This is actually kind of a genius move. It's going to be a list of guys who think that Nick Sirianni is still a good coach. That's all it is.


Well, I mean, it's also a roster.


What do you mean?


Like Cliff Kingsbury is looking at the Bears because Caleb Williams is coming, right? There's coordinators out there that could look at that Eagles offense and be like, of course I would love this job because of that personnel, but it's always.


A nerve wracking thing if you're a coordinator to be like, am I stepping into a job that I will be gone from in a year no matter what happens?


Yeah. Yes.


But I think that has just as much to do with the personnel than it does.


True, Sirianni.


You know what I would do if I were Nick Sirianni? I would put down a list of guys, like the top guys out. Like, like Ben Johnson told me that he would leave the Lions to come here as an offense coordinator. I was wondering then hope that they don't call those references.


Can he go to those people have to be in to come if he comes with that name.


Ideally you would want guys that are currently employed.


No, it has to be a list of names that Nick Sironi's actually talked to that say that they would be interested in coming.


Otherwise, I don't want to hear. I, if he goes to Laurie and puts those names down, he's not allowed to be like, all right, you keep your job. And then him to go back to Laurie, be like, oh, he, never mind.


Doesn't want to come anymore. It would have to be guys that are like quarterbacks, coaches. Because I don't think you could talk to an offensive coordinator. They got it currently under contract. Play callers?


Yeah, play callers.


Because Brian Johnson's a good quarterback coach, not a good Play caller.


Just get big Dom to run the defense.


So do you think that he's going to get fired?


If I had gun to my head, I would say no. I don't think he's brutal for you, but I don't think it's that for you. I think you guys, especially because you.


Said you weren't going to watch any.


Is he a must fire or can't keep?


Good question, Hank.


Wait, there's too many questions.


Must fire or can't keep?


I would say.


Let'S see how the.


No answers play out. Must fire or can't keep. Let's see how the very important question you have to answer. Yes, it is must fire or can't keep. Which one is it?


It can't keep.


Oh, that's bad for you.


So it's ownership.


Yeah, but if you can't keep someone, you could also be like, maybe I can keep them. If you must fire, you don't really change from must fire.




So you should have said must fire. You answer that.


No, because obviously, if he comes with some exciting coordinator.


Oh, no, he's back in.


If he comes with some exciting coordinator.


Names like coordinator merchant.




He needs to find the best coordinators.


I just think he's so.


Office space, and you're sitting him down the office. You say, Nick, what would you say it is you do here all day? Does he just, like, leaf through motivational booklets?


No, he probably would say, what do you think Rocky did all day? I want ran up the step.


I want that there to be a press conference.


He's going to bring, like, a frozen meat truck into training camp next year. Be like, beat the fuck out of these ribs.


Yeah. Here's a log. But, Tim, we're fighting the Russians.


The vets seemed like they backed mean.


Who's that? Jalen hurts. Jalen Hurts has not really, but, like.


Fletcher Cox, like, Ryder, who's the most.


Important person going forward on the Eagles?


Jalen hurts for sure.




Fletcher Cox. I think he said, that's a clown question, bro.




He pulled the Bryce Harper on him.


Something like that.




Jason Kelsey also was.


Well, he's not going to be on the team anymore.


He might be.


He doesn't really care.


He'll probably be in the front office or something. He'll be attached.


He pulled a great move yesterday.




If you guys going through McDonald's drive.


Through, I would take Kelsey as my head coach.


He gave an autograph jersey to his favorite drive thru worker.


How mad would you guys be if you were retiring and didn't get to reveal it on the podcast?


Well, he did. He said he's not retiring yet. He hasn't made the decision, but that was.


It's because he wants to do it on.


Yeah, on the podcast. We would never save something for the podcast.


I respect that. I respect that game.


Oh, of course.




That's a day one podcast guy move.




It's still upsetting.




Wait to announce your girlfriend on the podcast. You break up with your coach on the podcast. That sort of thing.




That would be getting broken up with if Nick Sirianni made Jason Kelsey retire. It's just basically saying, I can't do that anymore.


I want Jason Kelsey to be the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.


Oh, okay. Yeah, I like that. Leader of men. Leader of men.


Leader of men.


Pete Briscoe has completely changed Max's outlook. He's just been walking around being like, we need a leader of men.


I love that.


You had the wrongest guy on the show this year and you're like, yeah, you know what? He's right about that.


No, something about those words. I'm like, you know what?


Is it the leader, leader of men?


Or is it the men that you like?


I like the men. Nick Cianni might actually be a perfect college coach. His corny shit would work. Yeah, because those guys can leave after a couple years.




Oh, Max. Down bad. Okay, we're going to get into the games. It's sponsored by our friends at supercuts. While some gambles can be a rush, haircuts aren't like Forrest Gump's box of chocolates. It's better to know what you're going to get than to be surprised. Haircuts are the one thing you can't gamble with. I love to gamble, but if you gamble with haircut, you're crazy because it could be anything. Once they get going, there's no turning back. Supercuts, though, is the logical choice for real smart people to get their haircut. Their stylists get it. They know how to listen to what you want and give it to you at a reasonable price that's convenient to your schedule. You don't even have to gamble with convenience. Go online, use the app, pick up the phone, or just walk right in to one of the 2000 plus supercuts in the US. If for some reason you're one of the rare guests who's not satisfied, you can get it fixed for free. But that almost never happens, so you don't worry about it. That's a bet we're willing to make. For a real smart hair experience, simply walk into supercuts or visit to find the salon nearest you.


Don't gamble with your haircut. Gamble with the games this weekend. Do not gamble with your haircut. Go to supercuts. For a real smart hair experience, simply walk into supercuts or visit to find the salon nearest you. Okay, Saturday Texans going to Baltimore. Maybe some weather. Maybe some cold weather. The Baltimore Ravens have to win this.


Game we got a narrative going on, Lamar.




This is big time narrative, right? If he doesn't win this game, then that's going to follow him around for the rest of his career.


It's this specific game. I understand that Lamar needs to win a Super bowl to get into that next level, but this specific game, because if you play the Bills or Chiefs next round, that's a coin flip game. Anything can happen. You're a ten point favorite, nine and a half point favorite at home against a Houston Texans rookie head coach, rookie QB. You have to win this game if you're the Baltimore Ravens.


Yeah, I said that I was going to stop doubting CJ Stroud.




I'm not going to doubt CJ Stroud until he gives me a reason to. So I think the Ravens, I don't know. I don't want to sit there in trouble. But they've had two weeks off, right. So is this too much rest because week 18 they didn't play any of their starters and then last week, obviously they had the by week.


John Harbaugh, though, too much rest. He's been biohacking with the trip to London. Maybe he biohacked this week. I don't know how biohacked the two.


Weeks in a row.


I don't know how he. But maybe he did it.




So I have no reason to doubt CJ Stroud. So I'm not going to. We've got Demiko Ryan, and there was a clip of him. Did you see the clip from the Browns game where he was talking to his linebacker and he was saying, hey, the quarterback, when he moves to this side, slide right in front of his receiver. And then there was a clip that they edited in of Demiko back when he played undercutting his guy against Joe Flacco and then his linebacker steps in, pick six to the house. I'm not going to doubt Demiko. I'm not going to doubt CJ Stroud. The Ravens are a better team all around, but I don't know. The Texans have lightning in a bottle right now and I'm leaning towards them.




At least against the spread, I am.


Going to doubt them. Well, I'm not going to doubt CJ Stroud, but I'm going to more stamp an approval of the Baltimore Ravens and the style of football they play and their entire team because it's know Lamar has receivers now. Mark Andrews is going to be back. Dalvin Cook, watch out. Playoff. Dalvin.


Yeah, playoff D is back. Is Mark Andrews actually playing? I know he practiced questionable okay.


But likely he's been, you know, it might be we're going to wait another week with Mark Andrews. The Ravens defense, though, is what I'm betting on in this game, and I'll read you a quote from Patrick Queen and I'll then tell the context behind it. He said, we play a brand of football that people don't want to play. Everybody wants to be out here being cute, playing basketball and grass and stuff, and we are not. With all that you can do all that stuff, we're just going to hit you in the mouth every play. Honestly, we couldn't care less about all the pretty stuff you do, gimmick stuff. You'll have to line up and play football. You still have to get touched. So that's our mindset. That's how we want to come out and just hit people in the mouth. So that's Patrick Queen's quote. When was that Patrick Queen quote from? After the 49 ers game. The Ravens played the 49 ers, kicked the shit out of them. The Ravens played the Dolphins, kicked the shit out of them. Bobby Sloick, where did he come from?


San Fran.


Kyle Shanahan. Yeah, I think the Ravens defense is going to kick the shit out of them.


Do you think that? I would not say that the Texans offense is candy ass or gimmick.


It's not. But if there's some concepts that are the same, and I think that the Ravens defense, what they can do to confuse have they move safeties around. They get pressure with four, they get pressure with just. I think the Ravens defense. This is a Ravens defense statement game.




Take Lamar out of it. I think there's a Ravens defense statement game that this is a different defense than what the Texans have been playing. And yeah, the Browns had a very good defense this year, but they sucked on Saturday, last Saturday, and they weren't great on the road. But the string of defenses the Texans have played, I think this is a totally different beast.


You know who's rooting the hardest for the Texans this weekend? The s two cognition test people.




The ones that said that CJ Stroud couldn't process things quickly. Yes. I'll quickly flip back to that. I'll be like, I should have trusted the science if the Texans fail on the road, but yeah, something about CJ Stroud. I don't know. He's wise beyond his years.


He's incredible.


The defense for the Ravens is concerning. It's a really fucking good defense, and they do hit you in the mouth, but I don't think that the Texans offense is gimmicky. I don't think it's based on tricks. They don't run that many.


No, they don't. But I just think that this defense is going to. I think they're going to swarm them. I think they're going to confuse them. I think they're going to do a lot of stuff that again, the Texans have been incredible and CJ Stroud is incredible. I've said many mean best rookie season ever and there's like four quarterbacks I'd rather have over him right this second. I just think this Ravens defense statement game for the Ravens defense maybe bad weather statement game weather forecast for this.


Weekend in Baltimore, 27 as the high and it's going to be winds of up to 17 mph.


Run the football. Lamar is going to run the ball.


Also might fuck with the Texans kicking game because everyone always talks about not three Rivers, but Hines field, whatever it's called now, accreture being the hardest place to kick Baltimore. Very, very hard to kick to. Unless you kick there all the time.




Anyone else like anything in this game?


Lamar over rushing.


I like that.


I like Odell over 50 receiving yards. It's paying out two to one because Stingley is going to probably match up against Zay Flowers. And last week the Browns, I think they stayed away from their number one receiver, Cooper, I think 80% of the time. So I like the balls. Going to Odell this weekend?




All right. Do you have nerd Nuggets?


I do.




For the Houston Texans, last week, quarterback CJ Stroud passed Justin Herbert for the second most passing yards for the second most passing yards ever by a rookie, including postseason. Stroud now only trails Andrew Luck for the record and can break it by throwing for 303 yards on Saturday. Meanwhile, for the Ravens nerd Nugget of the week, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has a chance to lead the Ravens to their fourth AFC championship game during his tenure, all of which came between 2008 and 2012. John and his brother Jim, formerly of the 49 ers, are the only head coaches in NFL history to advance to three conference title games in their first five years as NFL head coaches.


That's pretty cool. Good for the harboss.


Yeah, Jim did it in his first three.


I have a Bird nugget. Okay, Bird Nugget for the Ravens of the week. Did you know that Ravens can mimic the sound of toilet flushing?


Oh, yeah, I didn't know that.


That's pretty cool. I almost want to get a Raven and just have it see it.


Do it.


If they lose.


That's an easy layup joke.


It is. Yeah.


Or if Lamar has to sprint to the bathroom.


Also, a highly respected mind that I take a lot of info from said that playing in a dome versus playing outside. Different game.


Different game. 100%.


That was Benjamin Mints. Yes, he told me that.


It's fact. It's fact.


It is fact.


I think they asked Tod bulls that this weekend about going up to Detroit. They're like, how are you preparing for the weather? He's like, well, it's inside.


And then, of course, like every story that ever happens online, then we had a bunch of people being like, it's fucked up. People are making fun of this reporter. She probably isn't covering this beat. Just shut up. It's a fucking. It's a funny clip. She thought the lines were playing outside. Leave it. That's it.


I think we can laugh about that.


Yeah, just chill. It's okay. We can just have a moment and then move on. No one's crucifying her. No one's saying anything bad. It was a funny moment. Tod Bowles handled it well. Okay, next game, packers at 49 ers. I'm also going to take the 49 ers in this game. I feel like we fall for it every year where it's like the one seed you don't see play. And then some team has a big upset because they're a lower seed. And you're like, well, they just want a playoff game. They're so hot.


They're pretty good.


Niners are also pretty good.


So the packers game against the Cowboys was very similar to the 49 ers game. Also against the Cowboys.




So you think that they might match up? I think the 49 ers defense is much, much better than the Cowboys in terms of the dudes that they have, minus Michael Parsons, obviously. And Cowboys, they've got some good cornerbacks, but they're getting Eric Armstead back. So you've got chase young, you've got Joey Bosa, and you've got Eric Armstead rushing the passer. I think that's going to be a nightmare for Green Bay.


I also think the bigger difference between the Cowboys and the 49 ers when playing against the packers is the Cowboys couldn't run the ball all year and they just couldn't. Tony Pollard had a disappointing year. They were never able to get a good ground game. Guess what the 49 ers can do?


They can run the fucking football.


They can run the fucking football. And they can also, even if they're not running it in a handoff. They can do swing passes and screen passes, and Christian McCaffrey can run all over. He's had, what, three weeks off now because he didn't play in that last week game or two weeks off. So he's going to be healthy.




I think the Niners are going to take it to him.




I also love the over in this game. It's my nuclear missile whale play.


Did you know the history between LaFleur and you have Sean McVeigh, who was, I guess, kind of referring to LaFleur as his older brother, even though Sean McVeigh was his boss. Back in 2017 when they were on the Rams, they got into a fight after practice. I think they were ten and one at the time. They got into a fight, spilled over into the coach's office. They started screaming at each other. Lafleur said, fire me. Just fucking fire me. And McVeigh said, I'm not going to fire you. I quit. So McVeigh said that he was going to quit because Lafleur wanted Sean McVeigh to fire him. And then Lafleur had to tell Sean McVeigh, no, don't quit. Don't quit. So then Lafleur rehired Sean McVeigh in that fight, and then he became what we all know of Sean McVeigh today. Okay, so they've got, obviously, a lot of history.


We're going to wait, Sean McVeigh or Kyle Shanahan?


This was Sean McVeigh and Matt Lafleur. And Matt Lafleur.


Yeah. Yeah.


But what I'm saying is we're gonna get the fucking graphic this weekend of the Kyle Shanahan coaching course, which is somehow crept to include Chris Forrester, the offensive line coach in San Francisco.


Just keep adding dudes.




Chris Forrester was the guy that snorted all that coke on that video. And then he's been, dudes aren't allowed.


To have fun anymore.


I think he snorted coke and then sent the video to, like, a hooker to impress her. I don't know what was going.


That's impressive.


Dude's rock moment. But, yeah.


Watch me take this whale.


He's been successfully rehabbed to the point where he's now included on the graphic with Bobby Sloick. And you've got a lot.




The graphic keeps getting bigger.


It gets bigger.


It gets bigger all the time.


And I hate. It's. It's haunting for you. I understand. Because they really just show it all the. Yeah, all the time. So you take the Packers.


I am going to take the Niners on.


Like, the Niners do have the packers number. They've been them, I think, three times in the playoffs in the last four or five years.




Great. They're my lord and savior. They are the protector. They're the night's watch. I won't be nervous if the packers somehow win this game. It's threat level midnight.




Because then it's like, what the fuck is happening? And Jordan Love is really goddamn good. He's going to have to be perfect to win this game.


He was perfect last week.


He was perfect last week.




If he does that again, then they could absolutely win this. I just, I think that the Niners are going to play with a lead. I think they're going to play their Bowley ball kind know lean on people.


If they play with a lead, I think they can win. But their run defense has really good stats this year. That's only because they always play with the lead.




So teams only get.


Aaron Jones is good.


They get like 50 yards rushing against the Niners because guess what? You're down by like 17 points in the first quarter.


Is Jair Alexander going to play?


He's doubtful. I saw. So we don't know.




Okay. Nerd nugget.


After last week's humongous performance, three touchdowns, packers running back Aaron Jones is now the franchise leader in rushing touchdowns in the postseason with seven of them. He's also now tied with Devontae Adams with eight total postseason touchdowns. And one more on Saturday night would put him at number two in franchise history.


That's surprising to me that he's their franchise leader with seven.


You said rushing.




In rushing touchdowns, considering how many times they've been to the playoffs. But they always had like a revolving Eddie Lacey. Eddie Lacey.




China food. Loved Eddie Lacey.


He's the best.


He was the best. Just didn't. I know you want me to lose weight? Not going to lose weight. Yeah.


For the Niners.


Sorry we couldn't have continued.


Go ahead.


This season, 49 ers running back Christian McCaffrey led the NFL with 1459 rushing yards. He became the first player since 1995 and only the fourth since 1970 to lead the NFL in rushing after every single week of an entire season.


Start to finish. Did you know that he also finished with 2023 all purpose yards? And he's the first player to ever finish with the same number of yards as the year.


You're joking.


I swear to God.




I'm glad you guys. That's an incredible stat.


Can you believe that?




Like all the year.


All the year.


I thought of it. I sat down in my head, holy, mentally added up every week of his yards because I keep track of that internally. And then I was like, wait, what year is it?


That might be the stat of the year.


I think it's stat of the year.


Stat of the year. Pft of the year. Stat of the year.


The other three running backs to lead after each week. Emmett Smith, Walter Payton and OJ Simpson.


Oh, okay. Murd Nugget of the week.




Good company. Minus one. Okay. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The Bucks going to the Lions. I'm nervous for the Lions because I was thinking about a narrative wise. The Lions have had a dream season. You had all the energy and everything going, beating Stafford. It was like an incredible moment. Sprinkles came back. We found that out on Sunday night. And then the like as a franchise, they've obviously won two Super Bowls. No disrespect to the Bucks, but the Bucks to come in and steal it would just be very sad.


It'd be heartbreaking. It would be very sad, especially if the packers win. And then you could have hosted the NFC championship game. I like the quote from Dan Campbell this week. He said to those fans that had her back, you deserve this for the doubters. Stay off our train. It's too late for you.


Love that.


He's not opening up the bandwagon. The bandwagon is shut. And he just loves train metaphors. He started out off hard knocks with that a couple of years ago when it was like lyrics. Yeah, yeah, they're fucking trained right now. I think they're going to roll over the Bucks. I think the Bucks pass defense on the road is one of the worst in the league. And Lions got a lot of guys.


Healthier, though. Now.


The Lions passing offense is one of the best in the league at home. They're going to blitz, and the moon is right, too.


Don't forget.


Oh, it is.


I believe it's.


That makes me feel confident.


I believe it's a waxing Gibbos this week.




I think the Lions are three and one in that type of moon.


I'm rooting for the Lions to beat the Bucks, but I'm nervous that the way the Lions play football with their secondary, it feels like every team can always get back in the game.


Can I give you an addition that they're making this week that you might not be thinking about?




James Houston. James Houston was very good when he was playing last year. He's been injured. He's been out. He's back. I think he's going to be ready to go.




I think that could make a difference because you watch how good their pass rush was last week against Matt Stafford and there was a lot of emotion definitely in the building. They wanted to hit Matt Stafford around. I think getting him back. They're going to get after Baker, who's not the most mobile right now because he's still a little dinged up.


I have a prop stat for everyone out there from my guys at sports info solutions. The Lions defense allowed the third most completions and fourth most yards to the slot receiver position. Okay, Chris Godwin, maybe look at looking for. If you're looking for some props, I'm.


Always looking for an angle.




Looking for value.


Chris Godwin does lead the Bucks in terms of receptions, yards, targets from the slot.


I just want Detroit to win this game.


I do, too. I do too. Very. Just there's something that makes me nervous about, just like, I feel like most Lions games have gone the similar way where it's like they look really good in the first half and then they just kind of hold on. So that's why the six and a half makes you like, I think the Lions are going to win. I don't know about the six and a half.


Maybe Lions first half. Take that bet.


Yeah, I don't hate that.


Probably a winning bet.


Rest advantage for the Lions. They get an extra day and they don't have to.




Hmm. Okay, maybe we do that. What are you thinking? Detroit? Grit?




Now are you hopping on the Lions because Lions fans might be like, hey, isn't this the Cowboys fan? Because then it would maybe blow again.


You know, for the uninformed, my original Cowboys fandom came from a future. My futures this season were the Dolphins and the Cowboys. Those are my regular season futures, that.


I had the most fraudulent teams in the world.


But wait, you rooted for the Cowboys.


Last season because of the future. That's how this whole thing started. Which is how I preface this, because.


Remember last year he put a future on the Cowboys because he was like, tom Brady is washed, so the Cowboys are going to beat him.


Nope, that was not true. I put it long before the playoff matchup. However, it's tough to find really good value this late in the playoffs. But my big brain thought I cooked up something smart. I parlayed to an NFC team with the Celtics to win the championship, and I parlayed an AFC team, the Celtics, win a championship. Those two teams, spicy. Lions, Bills. Because that's the matchup I want to see in the Super bowl just for the vibes.


That would be an incredible matchup.


I've been thinking about that. I want both those teams to win somehow, but I don't think I want to see them play each other.


But again, remember, we would get to dunk on everyone for the group.


I know there is that factor to, like, we had.


We had the Super bowl before everyone else.




And Jared. I love Jared.


I'm so happy.


Some room for.


I want to. I want to see the Lions keep going. I want to talk to Detroit Don again. Now, the question is, like, imagine a.


Podcast with Ed and.


Would be. We wouldn't even have to get guests and sprinkles.




Or them together. Yeah. Now, here's something I've been tossing around, and I don't want to get ahead of myself, but if the Lions somehow win this game and then they go to San Francisco. So let's assume the Niners win and the Lions win. Again, nothing set. Just hypothetical. Do you think that we should try to get Detroit Don and Superfan here for a stream? With a dump button?


Yeah, with a dump.


But toss it.


With a delay?


Yeah, with a delay.


I feel like they probably have a bar that they go to every weekend. No game.




They strike me as a living room set up, guys.




So I wouldn't want to mess with it. I would offer it, but I would not want to mess with it.


Also with those guys. What's in it for them? I mean, it would be great stream content, but this is fun with the board. How many runs do you.


Yeah, true. It actually would be mean because you. You're right. I want to be with them if they win, like, watching them lose, and then they would blame us if they lost.


We might have to maybe send, like, mincy to do some field reporting with them in Detroit.


All right, you want to get their.


Reactions, but they should be allowed to be in their element.


All right. I'm happy we talked it out. You're absolutely right.




Because if they were on the live stream, chances are, I mean, the 49 ers would be favored by quite bit that weekend. So you likely to be inviting them to broadcast and live stream their own.


Funeral, which people love to see. Max, he's died about a hundred times. Yeah, he's a star.


I love it. Keeps coming back, though.




Who are you rooting for in the max?


Oh, I'm lions all the way.




Corey has also asked me to not do that.


No, the opposite.


He wants me to be like, his emotional support.


Are you going to get in a Honolulu blue jumpsuit?


No, I said, I have one for you.


Thought, he's dressing up as a lion.


I have a jumpsuit you can wear on Sunday.


I don't like this. I don't like this at all. Why are we rooting for the Lions that beat you?


Like, respect. They're the better team. I want the team that beat us Super bowl.


There's a real fuckload of Lions fans out there that are like, keep Max away from our team.


The real thing.


Dan Campbell said he doesn't want you.




Dan Campbell said he doesn't want you. He said, stay off our train. It's too late for you.


But I'm not, like, a real fan. The real thing is, I need the Niners to lose, and there's no way that the Bucks can beat the Niners.


Why do you need the Niners? Oh, I know. I really need the Niners to lose. This is great. We need the Niners to win.


No, I really need.




We need the Niners.


Why do we need the Niners to lose?


Because he basically is saying that last year was such a fluke because Brock Purdy got hurt. So if the Niners go to the Super bowl, it eliminates all the Eagles success. And then, except for one little piece, Nick Sirianni's still there. We need the Niners to win. Oh, my God. You shouldn't have said that out loud.


You know, it'd be great, though.




If Brock Purdy has a minor injury, right? Let's say something small happens. Minor ankle injury, can't play in most of the game, and the 49 ers beat the fuck out of the packers, and then next round, they beat the fuck out of whoever, and they go to the Super bowl without Brock Purdy.


That would be good for me.


Yeah, that'd be good for him because he would be like, we were that good. Yeah.


Then they would be like, all right, what's your argument last year if you.


Just did it this year? I go back to saying you should not root for the Lions.


No. We need the 49 ers to win and win big. So that way we can be like and the Lions retroactively. The 49 ers should have been in the Super bowl against the Chiefs.


Got it? Yeah.


Stay far away, Detroit. Keep this man far away from your children.


You guys just gave me life. I love this. I'm going to be Niners.




Happy I asked.


This is great. I have so much Newfound life, love for football niners, Dan rolling up. They should have been back to back champs.


We haven't played the interview yet.


But you said we should be supporting.


Our boys in 2024. You never support your boys.


We don't want you supporting our boy.


Well, Joe Flacco is our boy. You're not our boy. And also, Matthew, rooting for the Eagles last year. I was rooting for the Eagles last year. Spoiler alert.


But in the interview, there's a lot of South Philly guys around Flacco that doubt them. We need you to also doubt people, to give them motivation.




Have you ever thought about that? Maybe you're just such a powerful force that having you root against somebody gives them so much to overcome.


I didn't see this angle with the Niners, and now that he said it out loud, it's fucking on. The Niners are a wagon.


And that would be a double win for you because, Max, the Packers losing.


Oh, yeah.


Well, was already rooting for the Niners, but I'm saying, like, I'm rooting for them to get to the Super bowl now because I want it to be erased. That's double misery.


We need to make it.


He's going to deal with 49 ers fans being like, you never would have beaten us.


We got to make it so that when the Niners eventually win, they use Max in their post game. Like they do with Florio.


Yes. And if he doesn't say anything, we can just do the AI.


We'll do AI, Max.


So you're saying that if the Niners play the Lions in the conference championship, you're going to be rooting for the Niners?


I'm saying that I don't want you rooting for either team.


In that case, I'll be rooting for whichever team wins.


I'm rooting for the Lions.


I'm rooting for whichever team ends up winning. That way we're going to out a winner.


We're going to root the over on that game?


Well, we're going to root for our personal friends to just crush it, have the games of their lives. All right, wait, do we do nerd nugget?


Not only have the Buccaneers won a bunch of playoff games since 2020, but Tampa Bay has won a good chunk of them with some breathing room. Their plus 64 playoff points margin since 2020 is the best in the NFL.


And we're not going to talk about.


Who is responsible for that.


Yeah, I mean, I brought up the Jordan Lut that Aaron Rogers in at and T Stadium, and look what happened.


Right the Bucks are different. They're different. I don't hate the Bucs. In fact, I think Baker Mayfield is a great story. He should be the comeback player of the year this year, and I will never root against Baker Mayfield. I think he's what?


I don't know. Baker was even on.


I like Baker. I've always liked Baker. No, he was in Cleveland. They pulled a comeback of the year.


Might be a stretch.


They pulled a Philly on him. They ran him out of town.




Also, they just won by 23. That's plus 23 with Baker.


Yeah. Oh, yeah.


That was the Eagles last week for the Lions, combining the regular season and postseason, the most rushing touchdowns a player has had in their first season with the Lions. David Montgomery, 14 this year. Barry Sanders, 14 in 1989. One more touchdown for Montgomery, the most ever rushing touchdowns by a line in their first.


Great player. Great player.


I would never let him walk out that door.




The run.


No. All right, last game, Chiefs at Bills. Before we do that, pardon my cheesesteak, big news. We teamed up with Uber Eats to bring the flavor straight to your doorstep. Craving that philly perfection. No problem. Just hit up the uber Eats app, scroll through our cheesesteak lineup, and let the flavor journey begin. Whether you're vibing with the classic Philly cheesesteak or feeling adventurous with one of our signature creations, pardon my cheesesteaks, just a few taps away, we're talking steak grilled to perfection, smothered in cheese that'll make you say, pardon me. This is heavenly. Open up the uber Eats app. Search for pardon my cheesesteaks. Get ready for a flavor touchdown right at your doorstep. Pardon us, but we're about to make your taste buds do a victory dance. Order now on Uber Eats or Thank you, everyone who orders it. We think we've actually fine tuned this to some really good cheesesteak. Perfect football food, perfect weekend food. Go and do it on Uber eats now or pardon my. All right, chiefs at bills. I don't know if I'm emotionally ready for this game.


Oh, I am. I'm very ready for this game.


I'm very mean. People have already accused us of being the glazers of buffalo. I'm rooting for the Bills. I think the Chiefs are going to win.


So Taylor is going to the game. I heard. And she better be careful.


Every time you say it, I'm like, Taylor, Juan. And then I remember that, oh, yeah, that singer, whatever her name is.


Yeah, Taylor Swift.


Oh, I recommended wig nuts to her. Haven't heard.


Yeah. Yeah.


I think she's going to have to be careful in Buffalo. Not because they're going to attack her, but because I think that if she's not careful, she could fall in love with somebody in Bill's mafia big time. She's going to fall in love.


Alpha energy everywhere.


Pinto Ron. Yeah, Pinto Ron is going to take her home. Yeah, Pinto Ron might be in her box.


One of those guys who jumps in the pit for the game. Yeah, they've been doing that.


Is she going to break a table? That'd be sick.


That would be sick if they lit her on fire and she broke a table.


She's been so know, uptight, proper little Miss Hollywood for the longest time. She's going to see some real men in Buffalo. She's going to be like, I didn't know that. I didn't know this was even an option.


Some beefy men with a buffalo wing hat on.


Oh, it'd be great if she over. If she did go to the Pinto Ron Tailgate. And she just got brazzers with ketchup and mustard.




Right to the face. I'm looking out for that race.


Buffalo Taylor on the field.


Something to look out for this weekend. The ref is Sean Hockey. Sean hockey loves roughing the passers. And if you were to think of like two quarterbacks that would get a lot of these calls, do a good.


Job of getting selling them. They both do a good job.




They're very good at making sure the refs see in roughing the passers. I feel like Sean hockey is going to have a legacy.


I, uh. So I'm very nervous for this game, for the Bills. Their defensive injuries have been insane. They're so bad. I've started following this account called banged up bills, which it could be like a porn site, maybe banged up bills. They have two linebackers who are limited practice or did not practice. Two cornerbacks that are limited practice, did not practice. Bernard Dodson, Johnson Benford, and then that doesn't even count. Rizul Douglas, who I think is going to play, but that feels like a lot. They've had a lot of injuries. The cornerback and linebacker position. Josh Allen's going to have to play a superhuman game. And then the stat. That is a scary stat. Patrick Mahomes as an underdog is seven and three, straight up and eight, one and one against the spread his career.


I would imagine that most of the games he's been underdogs. It's only by a couple. Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs, the Chiefs are again like, Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL and to bet against him in the playoffs is very tough to do.


But I feel like this year, so I want to go to our friend Hank here because he can probably speak to this. If Patrick Mahomes wins this game, it doesn't it feel like this is the part of the Brady legacy that he's doing where it's like there's some really great quarterbacks that just can't get through. Patrick Mahomes.




On the road, too. That's been a know the knock. He can't win on the road or.


Can'T win on the road.


I like that.


If he doesn't win this game, we will say he can't win on the road.


But it would be a double whammy.




Because it's know, you think of like Phil Rivers, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, like these guys who probably would have had multiple super, I mean, Peyton Manning obviously has multiple Super Bowls, won the second with the Broncos. Big Ben has two. Philip Rivers has. Like, they would have had more if Tom Brady wasn't sitting there in the AFC every single. I mean, and it feels like this is like the story arc of all these great quarterbacks that Mahomes is just snatching Super Bowls from them.


Peyton couldn't until he did.




And then he could. I feel like that's what's going to mean.


I'm rooting. I'm rooting my dick off for the Bills, but I'm very nervous for this game, for the Bills, just because their defensive. It's, you can't really make excuses. A lot of times it's the team that's healthiest at this time of year.


You know who is healthy on the Bills defense? Jordan Poyer, or should I say his actual name, which is, have you heard? I can't believe we didn't talk about this when the story came out like a month ago, Jordan Poyer, he went to, I think, costa Rica about a year ago, did ayahuasca, and he changed his personality to no longer being Jordan Poirier. It's DJ Pollo.


Oh, I like that.


And DJ Pollo, apparently while he's tripping on ayahuasca, he had an out of body experience where he saw his body lecturing. So, like, he gave himself a pep talk saying, like, you don't need alcohol, you don't need to doubt yourself.


I think he's sober now.


He's sober now because DJ Pollo told Jordan Poyer, you don't need all this stuff. So he coached himself up on ayahuasca.


Do you think DJ Poyo?


DJ Poyo.


Poyo told Jordan Poyer, like, good job with the wife.


Yeah, he did.




He said, also, you need to change some things in life, but stick with Rachel.


Rachel bushes.




You did a good job.


Nice work.




You know how they met? That was also in the same story that I read.




He was in the NFL. And she liked one of his posts on Instagram. He dm'd her and she was a freshman in college, and they're like, let's hang out. Wham, bam.




Thank you, ma'am.


Love. It's love.




They do have Boyer and what's his name line. They're two safeties.




I mean, he's a very good safety. Why is this escaping me? Right.


Demar Hamley.


Micah Hyde.


Micah Hyde. Thank you. Hyde and Poyer are healthy. It's just that middle. And their front four is healthy. It's just that middle of the defense is just battered.




Battered. Need Matt Milano to do, like, a Willis Reed.


You should do it.


Just do it, dude. Break your leg.


I'd play.


Put it back together.


Would you play?






I'd walk that shit off.


I don't know. Of the guys I listed, I feel like maybe two will play. One of them has a concussion. So I feel like for some reason, the science and concussions, the protocol in coming back from concussions, it becomes lesser amount of days as you get to the playoffs. Yeah, it was something about science.


It was like ten or 20% in the regular season. But the cold weather sets in.




You know, cold is an anti inflammatory, right? So your brain in the cold, it actually recovers much quicker.


That's a fact. That's a fact. All right, Jake Sunday.


Will Mark Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes's first ever road playoff game in six seasons. He's played 13 playoff games at Arrowhead, and he's eleven and two. The former Texas Tech quarterback has only worn a white jersey one time in his postseason career. It was last year in the Super bowl against the Eagles. They were the road team, technically, in Super Bowl 55 against the Bucks and lost. And last year's Super bowl as well. So it's rare to see mahomes in white in the playoffs.


Is he an Arrowhead merchant?


We'll find out.


Many are saying.


Many are saying, well, he also won a game in Miami at the Super bowl and Phoenix.


I'm just saying. Is he an arrowhead merchant. That's what we will be saying about him after this game.




And then for the Bills elite, protection for Josh Allen. The Bills allowed 24 sacks this season, the fewest in the NFL and four fewer than the Chiefs, who are next on the list. The 28 sacks allowed by the Bills are the fewest by any team since their 2011 team.


What's the lake doing this weekend? Do we know?


I think they dumped more snow, like this week, middle of the week.




Darpa. Who dumped more snow?


The lake.




The lake did.


The lake did.


It's a great lake.


Yeah, the lake. It's one of the five great lakes that we have.




I'm pretty sure. Looking up more snow.


Orchard park weather for Sunday. It's going to be a low of 15. So it's going to be football weather.




Can the Chiefs play in the cold? We don't know.


Late winter's handoff to early spring can be increasingly above average temperatures for many because I just went to weather that's good.


Oh, for.




We got El Nino.


I didn't know it was El Nino.


Rocking with El Nino this year.


Oh. Warmer than average temperatures developed deeper into the new season. Okay.


Do we ever find out if that video from last week at Arrowhead was real or fake? The one where they had the bottle of water that instantly froze?


I think it might have been real. There was like ten people that went to the hospital for hypothermia.


That kind of rocks.




I hope they had a special wing in the hospital in like, red and yellow decked out for them, especially rocks.


If it was any of the guys with their shirts off.




That's just like real men of genius shit. Yep. Okay, we're excited for games. You can watch us streaming all weekend. I think it's time we should get to our interview with Joe Flacco, which is a great interview. Before we do that, Pft, you got a quick word from our sponsors.


Joe Flacco is going to be brought to you by Chevy and the Chevy Silverado. It's a truck with commanding and unstoppable grit, legendary capability and dependability, too. We've all spent time, seat time, as they call it in the biz, behind the wheel of a silverado. And we're not just truck guys. We're Chevy truck guys. You know about the Zr. Two family of trucks lifted, ready for anything right from the factory. Now Silverado is taking it all to the next level with even more Silverado truck tech like available supercruise. Only supercruise lets you drive hands free and tow hands free on more than 400,000 miles of compatible roads. With over 138,000,000 miles of handsfree driving by customers, Supercruise will help you get to your adventure energized. And it's going to help drive you home. Go to where you can check out Silverado. Build your own Silverado online and learn important details about supercruise. And now, here's Joe Flacco.


Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest, Super bowl champion and champion of our hearts. It is Joe Flacco, Cleveland Browns quarterback. Hopefully Cleveland Browns quarterback next year. We can get into that, Joe. We have to start, though. Apologies. Happy birthday. Yesterday was your birthday.


Yes, it was. 39. You got it. I appreciate it.




So PFT and I are both January 1985 guys as well.


There we go.


So we're turning 39 at the end of the month. How's 39 feel? I'm scared to get there.


I wouldn't be. It's all good, man. The older we get and the better it is.


Yeah, well, I kind of feel like shit every day, so I'm hoping that once I turn 39, I'll just magically be better.


Well, eventually, when the older you get, if you feel like shit, you're just supposed to. So it starts to match up.




So I was reading, actually, before you came on, I saw an article back from 2021, I think about how your kids used to give you shit after jets games because you were losing and they'd be like, dad, you stink. You can't play quarterback. I'm curious to know, were your kids watching the Browns this year, and did they make up for any of that? Were they a little bit nicer to you after?


Know, it's funny, when all the good stuff's happening, they stay pretty quiet. You can just see big smiles on their face, but it's not like they're jumping out of their seat to come compliment me, that's for sure. You just have to kind of read their faces and take it for what it is.


I like that, though. You got just a group of haters in your house. Keep you motivated.


Listen, true Philadelphia born kids, that's for sure. Just natural born haters.




All right. So obviously the playoffs didn't go your guys way. How are you feeling, though? It was an awesome run. We've been a fan of yours for a very long time. It was great to see you back out there. Do you think, like, you're going to be. I want to see you play some more. Has this reinvigorated you? Where it's like. Because I think I heard the story, you were doing interviews to be in media, and then next thing you know, you're playing in the playoffs.


Honestly, man, that's the last thing I want to do is be doing interviews to get myself behind a camera. So I'm going to try to do this as long as possible and diminish those possibilities as much as I can. But, yeah, of course, I think anytime you have a two month period where you're able to play a lot of football and just have a ton of fun doing it, how lucky was I to just get on a team that was ready to make a run like that and just be around a bunch of great guys and be back into a locker room, man, it just reminded me of all of those things kind of come flooding back to you. I knew I wanted to play. I know I still want to play, but it's just a matter of getting the opportunity to do it. You don't know if that's going to come in what ways it's going to present itself. So definitely reinvigorated to it, if that's what you want to say, to get back out there and do it.


You made a lot of gms look stupid this year because this was the year where a lot of quarterbacks got hurt and we saw a lot of guys get their shot, and then you show up and it's like, wait, yeah, Joe Flacco's really goddamn good. Why wasn't Joe Flacco getting the call?


Yeah, it's know, I think when you're around the league, you see a bunch of things happen, and not everything makes sense. Some things do. It just is what it is. You have to be able to keep your head up and go with the flow to a certain extent. Listen, honestly, for me, it's tough to think about the calls that I didn't get because I did end up getting one and it ended up being a really good one. I really do think so much about playing quarterback in this league is about handling what you can handle, but at the same time, you want to be in a good situation with good football players and good coaches, and I think that's kind of what I was put in. I was lucky enough to be put in that situation.


What is it exactly about Cleveland that made it such a good fit for you?


I'll tell you what, man, that city, it's interesting. I don't know why it ends up being a fit the way it was but you can kind of figure out why you fit in the locker room and with the coaches because you're around those guys every single day and it's just awesome to kind of make those new friends and make those relationships. But I do think there was something special about just being there and the way that people treated me and the team. At the few weeks that I was there, I definitely felt a lot of love. My family did as well. I don't want to say people were going out of their way, but it was, and I don't go out of my way to go out. I kind of went from the facility to my apartment every now and then, grabbed a cup of coffee, facility, apartment, coffee. And the people were just unbelievable. And you could feel the excitement in the city. You could just tell that they're hungry for some winning football, and it was nice to get to that point in the year where you can play some meaningful games, but they're craving some playoff wins and a chance at that Super bowl.


So you could just feel the energy of that in the city.


Do you feel a little bit weird playing for the Browns, playing for a division rival, the Ravens? Like when you went in the facility the first time, you had to be like, am I a trader?


Oh, man, what a way to put it. Am I a trader? You know what? I think if it was right after the time that I was in Baltimore, it would have been a little bit different. But I had been on a couple of different teams at this point. I mean, I've been in Denver, I've been in Philly, I've been in New York. I've also seen the business side of this and just how know, listen, guys want to play football, I'm one of those guys that wants to play football. And if these guys are willing to give me a job, then, yeah, I'm going to go in there and test it. So I do think there's probably something to it. If I went right from Baltimore to Cleveland and wasn't traded there, maybe I chose to go there. I could see how that was. I mean, having said that, everybody, obviously the first question people ask, know, what's it like, man? Did you ever think you'd be in Cleveland after playing there all those years? And obviously not, but it didn't feel weird being in there. It felt like being back in the locker room. And for somebody that didn't get to do that for a couple of months through training camp in September, October, most of November, it just felt good to be part of a locker mean, I guess in one, really, the Baltimore organization came from had, when I was in mean, people know obviously good stories about being in Cleveland.


There's people from that organization in the front office that came from there. Matt Stover was still on the team. He played in mean. So in one respect, you can kind of see the connection between the two. I know it's not necessarily the greatest thing between the fans, especially in Cleveland and stuff like it's, it's kind of cool the way things work.


The. So I want to take it back a little bit because you're an all time confidence guy even this year. Like the stories about how you're out of the league but you're still practicing, you're going out with your family, throwing balls. The famous story about betting on yourself the year you win the Super bowl of free agency. All time confidence guy. But I didn't realize this, but I was reading about it. There was a time when you were in Delaware where you wanted to quit football, where you're like, maybe I should just play baseball.


Is that always, as with every story, there's like truths in the story. By the end of my junior year, I mean, no, I didn't want to quit football the first year I had at Delaware, but when I was looking at colleges, coming out of high school, playing baseball at some point was something that I had entertained and at least wanted to leave the option open to whether I could have played college baseball or not. Who knows? I brought it up to my football coach, to Casey Keeler when I was at Delaware, and he pretty quickly shot it was. And at that point I was okay with know he loves telling the story about kind of how Joe wanted to play baseball. And Joe, I think you're going to be okay. Just stick with the football thing. And he's got a whole story about it, which I love. And it's awesome for him to. No, I mean, there is things, of course, yeah, I did entertain wanting to play baseball, but it had nothing to do with not wanting to play football. I mean, obviously when you transfer from a division one school to a division one AA school, FCS school, yeah, there's thoughts that go through your head like, damn, can I do this?


And I think that's where family members and friends and being able to have that support system to keep your confidence going through those kind of year and a half, little bit of tough times that you have, and then you kind of come out of that. So, yeah, that definitely helped. And there's definitely doubt that creeped in your head. I mean, shoot, the last two months, you don't think there was doubt that creeped into my head? It happens all the time. I think that's such a big thing. And part of it is just kind of that's what is finding that daily routine and all those different things that distract you from yourself and all those bad thoughts going into your head. You don't want that shit, man. You want to go out there and you want to play and you want to think you're the man. And when you're not doing that, it is tough to think that. So you have to trick yourself to a certain extent, but more so, you just have to find things that you love to do that distract you from.


Having those thoughts so related off that you're at Delaware and people are like, hey, you're going to get drafted? At what point were you like, wait, I actually am going to get drafted in pretty high. I mean, being a first rounder because I would imagine the process of transferring being at, like you said, one aa, you're thinking like, all right, maybe I'll get drafted late in the draft and have a shot. Was there a moment where you're like, oh, shit. All these people telling me I'm going to get drafted really high, it actually might happen?


Yeah, that's the thought process is when I go like, okay, when you come out of high school and when you're a little kid, like, man, I want to be a first round pick and I want to do this. And then you're transferring down a level and you're like, all right, I'm going to have to get picked late. Maybe if I play well here, maybe I'll be a free agent. And after seeing how all that works, that's a tough path. Especially, even if that does happen and you do find yourself in a mini camp or whatever it is, that's a tough path. So went through that process even on draft day, at that point, I was like, okay, I'm pretty confident I'm going to be drafted here. But even coming from a small school, it's like, is it going to be the first round? Is it going to be the third or fourth round? When's this going to be? I was very reluctant to let people come into my house and film that day because I'm like, I don't know when I'm got to be picked here, guys, you could be here for three days, and it's not that bad of a thing because it's not like I'm going somewhere myself.


You guys are coming into my house, but yeah, I definitely wasn't super confident that I was going to be picked in the first round, which I was. It could have been 3rd, 4th round. Still, you never really know.


Yeah, it ended up being the perfect.


Fit with the Ravens. I heard that they loved you because of your arm and your ability to play in adverse weather conditions, which you have to know certainly in that division. So you get to the team and I don't know if you have a chip on your shoulder or what your motivation is at that point, but when did you first realize, like, yeah, I belong here, I can start in the NFL?


It's one of those things every time you go up the level there's a little bit of time where you're uncomfortable and I think that's necessary to get to that next level. You have to be able to deal with that uncomfort and not being comfortable. And I think it makes you better when you kind of can go through that and get to that next level. So by the time you're a fifth year senior or whatever you are, you're the guy in college, you're feeling good. You've already gotten past that. And now you realize, man, I'm going to have to go through that again. I'm going to have to walk into a brand new locker room where nobody has any inkling as to how well I can play and maybe I can't. And they're probably thinking, no, this guy probably can't play, but let's see. And you got to go prove to everybody on your team that you can play and then you have to get the confidence to kind of at least fake it that you feel like you're that guy in the beginning and then eventually become that guy. So my first year, the first off season, in the first training camp, kind of weird.


We had Troy Smith and Kyle Bowler on the team and I think they were kind of battling out to be the starter and Kyle ended up hurting his shoulder and Troy ended up coming down with a sickness for like a month and two months. I mean, it was something crazy. So kind of by know happenstance I end up being that guy. And I think as soon as you become the guy, I remember we were playing the St. Louis Rams back in St. Louis third preseason game. I wasn't supposed to play at all. Supposed to be Troy and Kyle split down the middle. Kyle gets hurt at the beginning of the week and Troy, I forget if he made the trip. I think he made the trip, but it was like, he's pretty sick. We don't know if he's going to make it. And the morning of the game, they told me, Joe, you're the only quarterback. You're playing the whole game. So I go from not playing at all. So you can imagine the mental mindset there to now you're playing the entire game. And I think going out there and playing the entire game and getting the confidence that, like, okay, this is just football.


I can do this and doing it well. That's when it was like, okay, man, you're the guy. And the mindset kind of switched. It was like I got through that period of the little hardships and trying to prove it to your teammates, trying to prove it to yourself, trying to prove it to your coaches that you can do this. And now it feels like everybody's starting to believe that you can do it, and it's just up to you to go do it. And I think that's when it kind of all changed and really became real.




What about meeting Ray Lewis for the first time? Was that intimidating?


Oh, my God. I tapped him on the shoulder. I think I was in the hot tub maybe the first time, and I just remembered watching him walk by. I didn't say shit to him, but I think one of the first times I tapped him on the shoulder and shook his hand, and it was like the hardest surface that I'd ever touched in my life. And it was like, you've grown up watching that guy run sideline to sideline and just be superhuman. It was definitely a surreal moment to be in the same locker room with a guy like that.




Those raven teams were interesting because you were obviously the leader of the offense, but you're more of a reserved guy. You're more low key. You never get too high, never get too low. And Ray is probably the most intense person to ever be created on planet Earth. So the two leaders in that locker room couldn't be further apart from each other. When Ray would speak, I've noticed this about Ray. Sometimes when he talks, it doesn't matter. Sometimes the actual words that he says, it's like the spirit that he's convinced you know what he's saying, regardless of the words. So you just sit there and nod. You just get pumped up. Just listen to him talk.




Dude, it's incredible. Everything that he did was just incredible. And it's so funny because I think a lot of people see the leaders that were on that team, and they know me, and they're kind of. There's a little bit of a push for people to try to get me to be like that, and it's, dude, like, the guys that are like Ray Lewis, they respect people for being themselves, I think. So I'm going to be myself, but I tell people, man, I never like coming out of the tunnel doing all that stuff. Not just coming out of the tunnel, because that is cool. Running out of a tunnel in an NFL stadium, I don't do anything. I literally put my head down and run. But when you hear people cheer, it's an awesome feeling. I eventually kind of became tired of it. Like, can't we just let the defense come out every single week? But growing up, I could care less to watch guys do different dances and different things like that coming out of the tunnel. And then you get to see Ray Lewis come out of the tunnel in person, and I swear to God, it might have been a week or two ago, we were in a QB meeting in Cleveland, and I was telling the young guys how bad I felt for them to never get to experience that in person.


It was one of the most incredible things I've ever seen on a football field, and it had nothing to do with the game. It was just him coming out of the tunnel, picking up a piece of sod, and doing his thing. I don't even know how much he probably. I wonder how much he really even wanted to do that at the end, but everybody else had so much that was riding on it. You would look over to the sideline of the team that we were playing, and every single person on that sideline, and probably all the coaches in the booth were looking towards that tunnel to see him come out. Yeah, it was incredible. And Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed also had awesome entrances, but his was just. It was just another level.


Yeah, it was iconic. It was iconic. All right, I have a dumb question for you. You throw an incredible spiral. We love watching you throw the deep ball. We call it a fuckable spiral. So my question to you is two part. Do you ever throw a ball? And you're like, damn, I throw a good spiral. Like, to this day, like, shock yourself. Like, man, Joe, you can really throw this fucking pig skin. And then the other question is, do you have a moment? I don't know how old you were, but the first time you threw one, you're like, wow, I could throw it.


It's funny, because people have been asking me these questions recently. I think everybody at some point has a throw where they were like, you come to the sideline, and you say to the other quarterbacks, oh, man, I don't know. I felt pretty good about that one. You try to humbly bring it up in a way that they can see right through it. They know what you're doing, but it's tough for you to not try to bring it up. And then I was just talking to somebody and they were asking me, when did you throw? When did you realize you could throw? And I remember I grew up 60ft from my elementary school and we were in the schoolyard throwing a football, me and my dad, and it was like an NFL sized football that he kind of thought was like, oh man, this is a real NFL ball. It wasn't a real NFL ball. It's fake leather. It weighed probably 10oz less than a real football weighs and all that. But I remember throwing it and like I said, I think I told the other guy this too. I could be making this story up completely.


I was eight years old. I think I was in first grade, but I threw a couple of passes to him and I just remember the look on his face kind of like, all right, that was pretty good, bud. You could tell that obviously he probably knew I could throw a little bit at that point. Like at least a baseball. He knew I could throw a baseball, but to pick up a decently sized football and be able to throw it, and then I just remember seeing a little bit of a look on his face and his reaction and being like, maybe I can throw him. That's pretty good. I don't know.


That's awesome. Yeah. Your dad got to see the first Joe Flacco throw. That guy. That kid can go and throw.


He's probably a little upset. He's like, he's better than I am.


Yeah, for sure.


I think there's a little bit of that.


Yeah. Have your kids done a flacco throw yet where you're like, oh, I see that. Not progressive.


My oldest son is getting better and better at throwing the ball. My second son is very natural at throwing the ball. He's obsessed with wide receivers. They're all obsessed with wide receivers. They all want to play wide out and I'll let them. But my second son for sure is going to have to play quarterback. I think he's just too natural of a thrower.


Oh, man, another line of flaccos would be awesome.


It'd be good for the world. Yeah, I mean, we got the flag football and the Olympics coming up.


I don't know, man. These kids, my kids are growing up a little bit different than I grew up. So I don't know if we want to see what they're all about. That could be trouble for everybody.


So another hypothesis that we've had. I don't think we're the only ones to point this out, but at your peak were very good at throwing slightly under thrown balls to draw pass interferences and we thought that sometimes you would do it intentionally. I don't know if you ever did it intentionally, but it was a strong suit of your offense where even if you had a missed throw, there was still a pretty good chance that you guys were going to get like 30 yards on a PI. Was that ever something that you actively thought about?


You know what? I wish you could think about that because that play works every single time. You're sitting at home on the couch and you're watching these NFL games and you're like, man, they got to do something about that rule. That's such a shit situation for those defensive guys. No, listen, when we had Tori Smith, Tory could get out there, he could run. You had to get used to throwing the ball out there to him. So I think that's part of it. And part of it is just.




Have to put the ball in the money and every now and then you're a little off. And if you put the ball up high and those guys can do a good job of jumping up, especially when those guys jump. When they jump and leave their feet, that's when they really get called. Listen, I wish I was good enough to actually actively think about under throwing balls because I knew I couldn't make a good enough pass and then next thing you know, we get pis. I think I've played with some guys that run good go balls and the amount that you do it, you're going to have a bunch of those.




I would assume your favorite throw was the touchdown to Jacoby Jones. Like the 70 yard touchdown against the broncos in your Super bowl run. Was that run, though? Could you feel like you were kind of in the zone? Because that was the best Joe Flacco, like betting on himself and now he's just balling out in the playoffs.


I think when you're in the middle of the run, you're just trying to take it week by week. Obviously, when you win a game like that, I think in the back of your head there is a little bit of like, man, I've seen guys win games like that. Like teams win games like that and then they go win the Super bowl.




I think we all probably had know. Listen, with that team, we had been through so much. We had been to two AFC championship games already we lost in New England the year before. Like, we were a confident team that had been through a lot, but I do think that gave us an extra boost. Winning that football game against Peyton Manning up in Denver. It gave us that little bit of know. You're not necessarily aware of it, but it just gave us that confidence because I remember being we went up to New England after that and where we lost the year before and we beat them, and I don't think anybody was thinking anything of it. We were like, yeah, we're going up to New England and we're going to win. And obviously, it's easy to say that looking back, but even in New Orleans down the Super bowl that year, there was just a sense of calm about everybody there. We were having fun, enjoying each other, and we were just ready to go win a football game. So, yeah, I think that definitely went a long way. It just gave us that extra little something that we probably didn't even realize was there, whether it was confidence or whether it was just like, man, we just got to go play.


Yeah, this is what it's about, is just going and playing football and playing as loose as you can, and it translates into victories.


So down in New Orleans during the Super bowl, lights go out at halftime. What was that like? How did you guys regroup? Were you talking to each other? Were you going over extra things or were you just sitting around, just waiting for the lights to come back on?


I think we were mostly sitting around, kind of fake stretching, acting like we were stretching and doing active warm ups just to kind of act like we were doing something. But I don't think anybody really knew what to do. And we didn't play very well after that. So it's just one of those things. Who knows how you're supposed to react to that? I'm sure you have to because we didn't know how long it was going to last either. Today they turn the lights back on and off with a flick of like it's not even a second back. Then it's like, all right, how long is it going to take these things to get going? And then do they need to warm up at all? What's the deal here? And I think it was not long after halftime either, which is an extra long show at that time of the year. It's such a blur. You remember pretty much nothing like how it actually was from that time, but I remember just mostly not doing that much.


I know it's a Super bowl, so there's a lot of pressure, but did you feel any extra pressure knowing your coach had to beat his brother because we've had both Harbaughs on we've had Jim Harbaugh on a bunch and you can tell it still bothers him that.


His brother beat know I'm an older brother. John's the older brother. I think I actually found like a little sense of comfort that fate was on our know the little brother ain't supposed to be the older brother in the Super bowl the first time they go know it's just not how it works.


Does still. I think that's probably the main reason why Jim is going to come back into the NFL at some point is because he can't live with the fact that his brother has a Super bowl over.


Yeah, I think I saw him say something about after he won the national championship. I think I saw him say something about that. He can sit at the big boy table now because he's won a championship. Listen, they're both incredible coaches. I don't think they need to do anything. I think they love to do it and they're really good at know. John has been in Baltimore his whole career, but everywhere Jim's gone he's made teams winner. He's made that team a winner. So it's pretty special.


Yeah. What is it about John that makes him such a great coach? Because it is watching the NFL and there's a few teams that have coaches have been along there for a long time, but there's a lot of teams just revolving door and John Harbaugh is one of those guys that it's just year in and year out. You have a consistently really good team. What is it compared to other coaches that he's doing that gives him that consistency?


Well, it's his attention to detail. I mean it's all the little things that you get to see a little bit of behind closed doors, but it's his attention to detail. He wants to have a physical football team. He's been around winning football teams. So he sees kind of what wins and what wins late in season. So what kind of people he needs to put on the roster. And it's a great organization. I mean, they have a lot of help. There's a lot of help around that building, a lot of people to rely on to make sure the roster is where it should be and capable of winning big football games.




If you were to use one word to describe your career and your ability as a quarterback, what would that one word be?


I don't have one.




You're asking the wrong guy.


Would it start with an e?


Yeah. Then an l. I wasn't even thinking about. Come on.


You know what? My four high school budies, four of my high school budies came out to the jets game on Thursday night, and one of them had sweatshirts made up with that on, so. And they were wearing them all freaking, um.


Shout out to barstool sports store.


That's probably where I'll let everybody else have fun.


You won't even say the e word. You won't even say elite. Are you sick of it?


A funny thing, man. Back when I came in, like back in 8910. Eleven, that's just the word everybody threw around. You know what I mean? It's the word everybody threw around. And I was winning a bunch of games in Baltimore, but my stats were never going to fly off the stat sheet and be like, oh, look at Joe Blacko. He threw for 350 yards and three touchdowns. But we were winning games, and we had a formula with how we won games. So I think that always kind of came, that word always came up around me because it was like, okay, he's winning a lot of football games here, and he is playing good football, but at the same time, it's not like he's throwing for 354 touchdowns every week like some of these other guys. So it was one of those things that was like, can we call him that or not? And then it kind of came, that thing.


It became the unanswerable question. You are, what happened, Joe, was. It was right around that time. You're right. And somebody talked about it on ESPN. Somebody brought it up one time, and then it felt like for the next two years, as they were talking about your contract, you would always be like.


Well, do you want to pay him?


Is he elite? It just became like a catchphrase that got attached to you. And then I sought out to answer the unanswerable question. And going on 13 years here, I still don't know. But I think that you are.


Wait, hold on.


Well, the funny thing is now people could like, listen, I have budies wearing this sweatshirt because they're like, yeah, damn right, he's elite. And I have detractors that are probably out there saying that are out there probably using it as kind of like one of those, kind of like a meme, a joke. They're joking about the fact that I am. So it kind of goes both ways.


But you are.


And listen, at the end of the, it's. It's a story. It's something to talk about. And I have a lot of fun with it. I'm always laughing. My buddy picked me up from my budy. I was going out to California. I forget what I was doing. I was visiting Pitta, Dennis Pitta, for some reason. And he had a couple people from his agency pick me up in the car, and they had some elite meter that they picked me up with, with my face on it, and they just got.


I wonder who made that.


Yeah, PFD made that. But it is an answerable question. PFD is just putting on real nice. He's being humble because is Joe Flacco Elite?


Pft, he won a Super bowl.


There it is.


That's all you have to.


Yeah, yeah, exactly. You know, you're elite for us.


There's more to it than that.


No, that's it. It's as simple as could be.


You got a ring. Flags fly forever. So the whole debate about that, for us, it was more about making fun of the people in the media that actually used that word and made, like, two years worth of content about it. It's like a meaningless title that you're assigned to a guy. And I heard that you had gotten sick of people saying that to you. So I felt personally bad. I just wanted to reach out and be like, joe, we're just bringing this up all the time because we're making fun of them for using.


Yeah, no, listen, I was never sick of it. Like I said, if people are having fun with it, then I'm all for it, man. I probably felt the same way that you guys feel about it. We're still talking about this stupid little thing that we're just trying to label random guys by. It's just funny that how long people can talk about something for, and usually they're using it to shit on you to some level. You know what I mean? But who cares? That is what it is, man. That's part of it. It's what makes it kind of fun.


Yeah, it's the quintessential. We have nothing to talk about in August. Let's tier the quarterbacks and call the top tier Elite. That's literally it. That's sports media. Like, hey, we don't have anything to talk about. All right, who's Elite this year? But you did win a Super bowl, so you are elite.


Yeah. People forget that.


That's a fact. That's a fact. So our good friend, I think you've seen his work, Stavros, big Joe Flacco guy. He's a good friend of ours. He's been on the show a bunch. What do you think about his videos? I mean, he loves you just a certain way you throw that spiral some about Flacco.


Yeah. Listen, he's awesome. I'm going to have to make an effort to get to one of his shows this offseason for sure. I just watched his special, but I was watching it by myself. I want to go out there and actually have the full experience, but he's unbelievable. And as you can imagine, everybody in my life sends me every single video that he's ever had. So I see them all and they're awesome.


Yeah, I mean, Savros is a huge fan. I'm sure that it would make his day, probably his life just hearing that. You want to come to one of.


His shows, you have to go to one of.


Yeah, you'll go. You'll love it.


So good.


He's a big. Know the Baltimore camo pants, the ones that Ravens fans, you know what?


So he must have been on the sideline at a game recently, and Chad Steele, who works in Baltimore, he's in their media, he's running the show over there, had a picture with him on the sideline and sent it to me and he was wearing the camo pants and I think he had his Ed Reid jersey on it. He was going strong.




It's the most Baltimore outfit that you can possibly.




What do I need to know about the camo pants? Because I have a future on the Ravens and someone sent me the camo pants, so I think I'm going to have to wear them on a live stream if they get to the AFC championship game. Like, do I have to fight someone?


I'm not really sure, to be honest with you. You have to ask Kenny.


I feel like I do. I feel like I got to just get in a little bit of tussle.


It is the one thing that Ravens fans, they're known for across the league. Like Pittsburgh. Yeah, you've got the terrible towel, but you don't have the black, gray and purple camouflage pants.


The best camouflage out there. It's badass.




All right, so who's the best player you ever played with? Or could be offense or defense, but guy who was just different. You watched and was just different.


Listen, I mean, that's easy. I mean, we just talked about.




Not Ray Lewis. Not Ray Lewis. Yeah.


Can I say Ed Reed?




Would Ed Reed pick you off in practice? Like all the.


Ah, I wouldn't say all the time. Ed was incredible, man. He was so fun to was. He was the best. It was like, you know what? So you grow up playing on the schoolyard or in your backyard or wherever you're playing and you're playing defense and, you know, you got a guy covered, but you're leaving him open by a couple of yards just so the quarterback throws the ball to him and then as soon as you see him go throw the ball, you go pick it.




And every kid that can kind of play a little bit, they do that. They just have a knack for going and picking a ball off or going and making sure they make the catch. And Ed Reed was doing those things in, you know, I swear to God, he was, like, leaving the guys, just that he knew where he could be on the field to get the guy to throw the ball and that he would be able to get there and make the pick. And you just expected pick sixes from him every game. It became that crazy. I think he sat out the first six games of one year, started on the pup list, and then he still had eight picks and who knows how many of those were for touchdowns. And a team would be driving on you and the next thing you would know, he'd go 100 yards on an interception return and they'd be tossing it back and forth to each other the whole way down the field. He was incredible just because he was such a good athlete. I always tell this story and I think it's true. Darren Sprouls caught a touchdown pass against us in San Diego out of the backfield.


He kind of just ran a little railroad out of the backfield and went like 80 yards for a touchdown. And a couple of series later, Ed Reed's like cover two safety on the left side of the field. And Darren Sprouls is coming out of the backfield on the right side of the field. Ed's supposed to be way back deep, and now I don't exactly know what defense, our defense was in there, but I'm pretty sure that's what it was. And Ed Beelines towards Darren sprouls on the complete other side of the field, nowhere near where he's supposed to be. And in this case, Vincent Jackson ended up catching a touchdown on the beat part of that side of the field. Now, I could be, like I said, I don't know exactly what our defense was. Maybe. Maybe I'm making this up to a certain extent of him freestyling back there, but that's what he was, man. He saw something, he made decisions, and he went and did mean he just such an unbelievable football player.


There's an all time. Clip of Belichick breaking down film with Tom Brady and they're watching an Ed Reed play where he was baiting the quarterback into doing something because he had put something on film earlier that season. So they were like doing like three layers of deception on each other. I think Belichick called it the best play that he's ever seen out of any player.




He was just so good at naturally doing that stuff. He just had that feel.


Yeah, there was one great, well, you probably won't think that it's a great series, but one of the most memorable series, when I think of Joe Flacco, I think of, I believe it was 2015 and it was against the Rams. And that's when you hurt your knee. You tore your ACL. Did you tear your MCL two, or was it just the ACL?


Yeah, the MCL was shot. I got that repaired, too.


So the final drive of that game, you played, what, the last three plays with a torn ACL and MCL to win the game. Did you ever think about coming out of the game at all or were you like, no, keep me in. We have a field goal drive to finish.


You know, I'd hurt my MCL a couple of times before that. And you're always kind of curious, man, did I just tear my knee? What did I just do? And this time I knew, I was like, okay, that's what a torn knee feels like. You could kind of feel the MCL get pushed in, and the ACL just kind of felt like a million bursts. It just felt like my knee blew up. So I remember thinking like, okay, you're not going to be able to do much here. Just get up and get off the field. Don't stay down. So I hop up and I start kind of like hopping on it, just kind of testing it out as I'm kind of half going to the sideline and I'm like, okay, it's not that bad. I know I tore my knee, but I can still kind of move and walk and kind of run on it a little bit. And we were near field goal range. I think I just handed the ball off a couple more times. I had just thrown a slam and I was standing in the pocket for like, the play was way over.


I was standing in the pocket kind of just thinking, all right, the play is over. And then boom, I got kind of caved in on. So I kind of let my guard down a little. It, and that's when it got hurt. But yeah, I just ended up handing the ball off for a couple more plays, and I walked to the sideline and said, guys, I just tore my knee. And I kind of went into the locker room, and right after we kicked the field goal to win, and that was it.




Crazy tough. Crazy tough ass tough motherfucker. Are you a tough motherfucker?


I still probably didn't want my family making fun of me for laying on the field and acting like. I don't know if I should say it here, but it's a popular word in our family, and I don't want to get in trouble, but I don't.


Want to be a pussy.


Yeah, I got you. I'll clean you up for you. You didn't say it.


I did.


Our Philly guy Max says it all the time.


We understand that. Yeah, we got a Philly guy who. It's like every other word out of his mouth, so don't worry.


It's like, for whatever reason, it was like, the one word that when we were, like, seven years old, we got away with saying in our.


Yeah, my son's man.


Now, I also like the fact that mild mannered, very nice Joe Flacco is surrounded by a bunch of haters that will call him pussy. Even your kids tell you that you stink.




You're just like, you know what?


That's right.


You're against the world, Joe.




All right, so I got a couple last questions. One was the famous, I alluded to it earlier, the bet on yourself here, where you win a super bowl. Was there any moment before that where your agent was like, hey, Joe, this is a lot of money. Like, we should probably take this deal. And you're like, nah, I'm about to go win the. Like, don't you worry.


I think at some point he probably had that thought process, but by the time I got to the end, I'll give him credit, he was fully with me. He was. Because I think some people were thinking, man, what the hell is your agent doing? And I was like, dude, my agent is doing what I'm telling them to do. It is what it is. Listen, it's funny the way that. It's not funny. It's crazy the way it all worked out. I mean, I didn't think it required winning a Super bowl to get paid. I mean, obviously today, look, it doesn't. If you're the quarterback of the franchise, you get paid. I mean, that just is what it is. In my first four years, we had been to the AFC championship game twice. From my standpoint, it was like, why would I take that when that's not necessarily what the rate is. It wasn't like a bet on myself thing. It was like, I can't do that. It wasn't about the money. It was just about being respected for the quarterback that I felt like I was. And I think there is probably an obligation to some extent as a quarterback to get as much as you can for the guys that are coming behind you, but ultimately, that doesn't matter.


Yeah, I never really looked at it as betting on myself. I just looked at it. It was like common sense decision. This is what I could have or this is what I should get. And like I said, it really was a common sense decision. I think most people that feel like they're good at something, if they were presented with that situation, would make the same decision. I just thought, like, to me, it just kind of made sense. And it is funny the way, it's crazy the way it worked out, but that's just kind of what happened. I don't know if it would have changed the outcome in terms of like three years, two years after that, three years after that, who knows what would have happened? Good bet.


Yeah, it was one of the best bets ever, like in sports history. There you go.


It really was a great bet. Also, once again, it's one of those things that people can make a good story and say, hey, Joe black bet on himself. How crazy is, you know, I didn't view it that way.


Did you ever think about leaving Baltimore after that season? Was that in the equation at all?


No, I don't think it ever got that far. I didn't want to do that. I'm a pretty loyal person, and just in terms of general in everything, so my mind doesn't go there. I don't really want to go there. I love that place, and that city is incredible. Such an unbelievable football town. The fact that it took as long as it did to get a football team back there after the colts left is crazy to me just because I think you can go to a game there each and every week and see how special it is.


Yeah, I'd imagine you're rooting for them. That's your pick to win the Super bowl.


I'm not rooting for anybody, man. When you're not the guy in it, man, it's like, oh, my God, who do I root for here? Why do I have to root for anybody? I think they are. I mean, look at them. They're 13 and four. They're rolling. When I looked at them in the beginning of the year when I was watching in the beginning of the year, they were winning football games and everybody was like, oh, yeah, they're the Ravens. They didn't look like they had put it all together yet, to be honest with you. They were scoring points, but I don't think it was necessarily the best yet. But, man, the last third of the season or so, they just really seemed to put it together in every little facet of the game. And they are looking good. Yeah, they're looking like the best right now. So they're going to be tough to beat, for sure.




All right, so in terms of a headline grab, you already said that you wanted to keep playing, that you got the confidence back. And we saw that the arm is very much still there. You can still play. Do you want to come back to Cleveland next?


Man, Cleveland was unbelievable. I'm definitely open to be back in Cleveland at the same, like, I don't want to rush to any decisions. Don't. I didn't know what the market for qbs was going to look like last spring, and I don't know what it's going to look like this spring. So I don't know if I'm going to have options or if I'm going to have zero options. I love Cleveland, though. I love the building, the people, everything about think, you know, it's funny when you get to see a few different organizations and then you go to Cleveland, and I don't think people really, I don't think you ever hear too many like, oh, man, cleveland's an awesome organization, and they've done this well and done that well, but I can't say enough good things about how that organization is being run right now and the atmosphere and the building and the way that guys feel like their future is headed. So I think it would be a very special place to be if I have the opportunity to go back there.




All right, so I got one last question. It's a row back question. Rho back. Use promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, shorts, joggers. I'm wearing the polo right now. Best clothes out there. Great golf attire. promo code take one thing I respected out of you, Joe, is that you voiced your displeasure for the wildcat offense and how stupid it is. How stupid did you feel when they made you stand out wide, just standing out there because the wildcat offense was great for when the one year that the Dolphins did it and it took everyone by surprise. Now teams run it and it's like there's no pass option. It's just a run. So you're not confusing anyone. You're just taking the ball out of your quarterback's hands.


I think when I express my displeasure for it, I probably wouldn't do it the same way today. I think sometimes personal things get in the way of other things. It probably wasn't the most important thing to express my distaste for it. Sometimes that's what you do. That's how you react in the moment. Maybe you look back and maybe that's not how I should have handled it, but it is. At the same time, if you're going to do it, just take me off the field, right? Let's get an actual football player here so that we can actually accomplish something for real. So, yeah, it is what it is. Like I said, I think at this point, hey, if that's what we want to do, all right, is it going to help us win? All right, let's do it. At the moment, I probably didn't quite feel that way, so, yeah, I said it.


I stood with you. You're absolutely right. If you have to run the wildcat, let your quarterback get off the field and put another wide receiver out there or someone who can block, like you're going to run it. So why are we playing these games? It makes no sense. You get a cornerback up in your.


Face, that's like trying to jam you at the line of scrimmage. Yeah, I don't need this shit.


Yeah, believe me, that's why when I go out there, I stay like five yards off the ball so there's no chance of me looking like an idiot. They're going to come up and surprise me and I'm going to act like a little baby. I'm going to act like somebody just came around the corner and scared me. That's the last thing that's going to happen to me. I'm not saying it couldn't happen to me. They could embarrass me big time. That's why I don't even leave it up in the air for it to happen.




I have one last, last question. Thank you, Joe. This has been awesome.


It's so much fun.


It's been a long time coming. We hope we have you back on. You're going to be great in media, by the way. When you decide to do that, you're going to be really good.




You're a good looking guy.


Yeah. You're.


No offense, but you're a good looking guy.


I don't want to be good. I don't want to do that.


No, you are. When you get the little beard going, the little. 05:00 shadow. You're hot.


You know?


You're literally hot.


There's one year Joe got a makeover. He came to gamble, like, looking all different. Yeah, looking like a grown ass man. That was a good year, Joe.


Guys got to pump each other up in 2024. You're a good looking dude. It's okay to sell.


I appreciate it, fellas.


All right, so my last, last question at your farthest, how far could you throw a football?


Right around 75 yards, maybe a little bit more. A little bit more. A little bit less on a given day, but yeah, I don't know if that's happening anymore. When I was coming out of college, I worked on throwing the ball far just because it was fun. Nowadays I don't really make it a priority, but I could still go throw it out through the goalpost from the 50 yard line. Maybe the opposite. 45.


That's awesome.


Love it. I lost able to do that. Love watching you throw passes. Well, joe, thank you, man. We wanted to have you on for a very long time and it didn't disappoint at all. So hopefully we get to keep watching you play football and like pft said, love to have you back on anytime.


Yeah, I love it, fellas. I appreciate it.


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All right, let's wrap it up. Another great week. That was awesome having joe flacco on.


He's the best.




Love joe.


He's definitely going to come back on. I just was smiling year to year having him on. Henry. Fire fest of the week.




My fire fest, I guess not really a fire fest. It's not that serious. But I was naive or kind of forgot about how crazy some people can be online. Obviously happened years ago. A couple of years ago I was in a public relationship. We had a public breakup. Dealing with all the kind of crazy people coming out of the woodwork and saying stuff was a lot. So I have actively avoided putting anything out there for the last three years. Keeping the private life private. But this I thought, know, the Tiffany thing going to Dallas was. It was content, it was show content. It was somewhat tongue in cheek, obviously. I like spending time with, but who's tongue? People online just take it way too far. They say crazy things and they kind of ruin the fun for everyone.


Oh, no. What did people say?


People were just sending egregious messages. People were just saying crazy stuff and just kind of taking the fun out of it is how I would describe it.


Should we do a just chill out, man? Yeah.


I should have known going into it that this was probably going to be the outcome.




But I will definitely be going back to zero dark private life mode.


Zero dark Henry. Yeah, I like that.


Because it's fun. I enjoy it. And 99% of the people are fun. They play along, it's all good banter. But then there's the 1% of people that will dm and just go way over the top.


The Internet.


That's all I'll say. Yeah, right. My firebase. I was naive.


You forgot.




I was blinded.


You forgot. The Internet is the Internet.




Especially guys a little different. Girls. Sometimes it gets a lot quickly. Yeah, but, yeah, that is my fire fest.


But you still had a fun week.


I had a great week. That is also the other part. They ruined it for the people. They ruined it for me.


No, it's the memories you have. True.




That hole in the wall will always be there.


What is this saying? Like the memories you keep your memories.


Take only pictures, leave only footprints, keep.


All those memories in the spank bank. Is that the saying?


Take only pictures, leave only leg imprints?


Yeah, it's good.


I like that, Hank.


And everything else goes in the spank bank. Sure. I'm rooting for you, Hank. To find love.


Thank you.


If that's what you want.




If you don't want it, then don't.


I'm rooting for you.


I'm rooting for you to find love and not tell anybody about.


Yeah. Yeah.


Well, that's unfortunately, what will happen.


Yeah, you'll find it. Sure. Hank. Single ladies press release.


You're not.


I'm not anything.


Oh, you're not talking about it. Oh, we're not talking about. My bad.


Hank's just Hank.


Hank is Hank, and he's a catch, 100%.


If I was on the market.


If he was on the market. And if he's not, then leave him alone. But if he is, then go get some.


I like this new, mysterious Hank.




The man of mystery.


I like this. Okay, well, yeah. Good reminder that the Internet is the Internet. I'm sorry that that happened to you or Tiff. Sounds like it might have happened more to Tiff.


No, not even names.




Okay. Pft.


Yeah, I had a pretty quick, clean week this week. I don't have a lot to complain about besides the cold, which continues to affect me in various ways that I never thought possible. First, my garage door got frozen shut to the ground, which I didn't think could happen. And then it was so cold outside the other day that my car told me it was being broken into. And so I just looked at my car, and they were like, warning, do not approach your car. There might be somebody breaking into it. I just looked outside at my car, and I was like, no, just the cold. It's just really cold.


The cold tried to break.


Yeah, Jack Frost broke into the car. So, yeah, besides that, I've had a pretty clean week. Overall, I am developing too much of an obsession with tracking flights online. So that's the one thing that I can do. And I love the flight tracking culture that gets built up around, especially college football. It's so good. I always say that if you had these college message boards on 911, those planes would be grounded immediately because the people that are able to track flights on flight aware are so fucking good at it. So I've been dealing my flight tracking obsession, and I also downloaded a flight simulator onto my phone now.


Hell, yeah.


Which I've been using everywhere that I go. And that's become more of a problem for me because you quickly realize I'll look up from my phone and be like, well, that was an hour and a half of me playing a flight simulator on my phone. Nothing better than that. And then people will be like, well, what did you accomplish in the last hour and a half of playing this flight simulator on your phone? And I'll be like, well, I got 700 ace coins. Like, oh, what is an ace coin? Well, with that many ace coins, I can buy this many pieces of silver. Oh, with that silver.


What do you get?


Oh, I get to buy this many pieces of gold. So basically, I've installed crypto in my own brain, and then you get the.


Pop up that's like, for a flash deal, 49, 99, you can get 1000 pieces of silver. I do it with all those phone games, and I just spend like $200. I'm like, what the fuck am I doing?


Between me and you, I did the flash deal the other day.


Yeah, of course.


I was like, wait, I can get a plane that has a nuclear tipped rocket on it. I want the fucking nuke. I want to nuke somebody.


Every time I do the sim golf or whatever it's called. Fuck, what is it? They have all pro pixel pro golf. I've done the Winter Olympics. Those are the best. You buy new skis. It only cost me $20.


This is my flappy dunk.


This is my first inapp purchase of my life on a game.


I wish I say the same.


I'm going back for more.


I probably spent thousands of dollars on inapp purchases. Been like, yeah, give me this.




Oh, I can get new clubs. Oh, I can throw it faster in this football game. Oh, great.


I'm thinking about going home tonight. I'm going to get an f 16. I'm going to get an f 22. I'm going to get that nuclear tip missile for sure. And, yeah, I'm just going to fill my hanger, my online Internet hanger, which is not real.


Don't. Little tip. As someone who's done a lot of the in game purchases, don't buy them all because you want to keep yourself having something you can.




Yeah, I want to earn some of this.


Yeah, because once you buy it all, then you're like, wait, I just spent $100, and now I beat the game.


I got off to such a good start in this game, too. So I was getting all these airplanes. I was getting all these upgrades just through my own skill. And I told myself, I'm not going to buy any coins. I'm not some fuck loser. I'm a good pilot, and I'm going to be able to earn them on my own. And then somehow, I don't know if they did this on purpose, but somehow after you achieve a little bit of initial success, it gets a lot harder to get the next airplanes. And then you're like, well, now I got to buy these fucking airplanes. So, yeah, my brain has become part of the algorithm right now.


Yeah, it happens. All right. My fire fest is I had an all time, all time mindfuck on Sunday, I took my son to a birthday party for one of his classmates. Five years old. The kid was turning, and I got in my car. I looked at the calendar to see where the birthday party was, and I was like, I kind of recognize this. Go to the birthday party, walk in. And it was my apartment that I lived in with four of my friends 16 years ago.




My exact apartment. I was sitting in my exact apartment from 16 years ago. And it was like I was just sitting there watching a magician with my four and a half year old with all his friends. Then we went to their playroom. Their playroom was my bedroom from 16 years ago.


It's your playroom?


Yeah, it was my playroom. It was the room that I think I've told the story before they renovate.


It that you flooded?


No, one of my roommates did flood the upstairs. He got drunk and fell asleep when he tried to draw a bath for himself, and he fell asleep like a fucking inch and a half of water. This is the apartment that I've told the story when we tried to get one of my budies to drink an entire bottle of Malort before the Super bowl, and then he puked everywhere in the house, including in my bedroom. That was the bedroom I was sitting in watching my son play with his friends, and I was just like, how the fuck did I get here?


Yeah, that's pretty wild.


It was a renovation level.


They redid the basement, wasn't carpet. It looked nice. When we got it, it was, like, me and four of my buddies, and it was like, we trashed it. I actually asked the owner because I was like, I used to live here. And they're like, what? They're like here? I was like, literally right here. And they're like, oh, yeah, someone bought the apartment complex, like, a few years ago and put a bunch of money into it, so it looked way nicer. But I was sitting in my bedroom.


At least they hadn't seen your direct result, correct? Like, you lived here, correct.




Damn, bitch.


You live here?




I mean, 16 years is a long time, but, yeah, it was a complete mind fuck just sitting there again, watching a magician with my four and a half year old.


It's like when you go into elementary school and you're like, wait, this is small, right? Why is this so small?


Even little things, like, my son was like, I got to go to the bathroom. I was like, well, I know where it is. I lived here.


You look around the room, you start crying, and they're like, oh, are you watching your son play? No, I'm just thinking about the time I won ten consecutive games with beer pong over the corner.






There should be a carfax for apartments where you can find out the injury report, tenants on the tenants that were there previously. So you know exactly what kind of bedroom was this?


Yeah, we did some shit in there. What are you going to say?


I still get a lot of my old. My mailbox gets two people's mails.




Oh, yeah.


Do I open these? I kind of want to know a little bit about them. No, I kind of gather.


Like, open them.


I have federal crime.


Federal crime.


But it's like they just keep showing up.


Yeah. And some of them are like, the front desk.




Or just throw it out.


That's what I would do.


It will find you. They'll figure out that they're sending the wrong people and then they'll find you.


Do return to sender on it. Yeah, send it back to them.


I always just leave other people's mail in my mailbox. Like, I take my mail and then I put the other mail back in the mailbox.


So your mailbox just became full.


I have a pretty big mailbox. Don't get a lot of mail. I probably check my mail maybe once a month.






Mail is so stupid, those years.




Packages are. What is mail? Anything in an envelope. Dumbest thing in the world. Send an email.


How big is your box, Max?


It's a big box.


Box of the year.


Oh, yeah.


Mailbox malebox. Oh, yeah.


It's wide.


It's a widest box.


Nominee? Throw them in there.


Yeah. My place in Austin that I used to live at, the last house that I had there, I got a dm from somebody. This was, like a year and a half, two years ago with a picture of my mail that was addressed to that house. There's an awl that lives in my own house.


Oh, shit.


My old house in Austin. Right now.




It's a mindfuck.


It is.


It's very weird.


In school, do you guys remember when you have to sign that? It's your textbook, and you would see who would have it the year before, and you would know them.


You're like, whoa.


I would fuck with people. I would put, like, Nolan Ryan. And then a couple years later. Wait, Nolan Ryan went here?




Three years before.


One time I just put your mom as my name. Just owned everybody that had that book.


Later. Got him. All right.


Cheek finishes off.




So my hotel room last weekend, it reeked of weed.


Oh, no, it was really bad. Call the cops.


No, I went back downstairs and got.


A new room that's like.


Wait, you did?




What'd you say?


Really bad.


Weed's a great smell not to live in. I kind of like, was it your room specifically, or, like, the way the room is?


There a list of previous tenants of that room? And Hank had just checked out.


Hank were in Fort Lauderdale last week.


Did the front door. Did the concierge. Like, you're a loser.


They were probably thinking it.


I don't care. I like the smell of weed.


I mean, it's better than cigarettes. Cigarettes might be my least.


No cigarettes. I would smell of all time. I'd have your back if you moved cigarettes. But weeds kind of get, like, a contact high.




PFCU invited us to the sigs inside bar, and I couldn't do it.


Yeah, Max and I had a great time. Probably smoked, like, 40 cigarettes that night.


Yeah, I would die.


Sorry, mom.


But it's only because we're inside. Like, we have to celebrate that. And your lungs regenerate. Like, we're not going to smoke.


That is cold air. Cleans it out.


Actually, I smoke cigarettes to quit vaping. And it actually worked. It's a great way to quit. Like a jewel. Yeah, I just smoke analog cigarettes. What do you think are the best smoke smells? I would put pipes as number one. Pipe.


Number one. We had a pipe phase. I had a pipe phase in college. We were smoking pipes in my apartment that smelled bad.


I would say pipes. One weed, two sigs, three cigars.


Cigars are terrible.


Don't those jewel pens have, like, cotton candy?


Yeah, but that smoke doesn't linger.


It dissipates.


Yeah, it's like vape.


Not anymore.


Actually, cigars are really bad.


Thanks to Obama, they banned all the flavors. Great job, Barack.


I have a chocolate factory right outside my.




Yeah, it smells so good.




I told memes that he was dropping me off the other day, and he was like, what do you mean? I'm like, literally, they're just making chocolate. If you put your window down, you can smell it and talking about it every day since.


Yeah, you can smell it, like, far away, too sometimes in the summer.


Max, did that have anything to do with why you chose? That.


Was the biggest difference I realized from New York to here was that when I walked outside of my apartment in New York, it was shit.


Now you live in Willy Wonka.




It'd be funny if everybody. Max's apartment were. If there were big boys. That'll happen.




No, Max and I are lifting. Yeah, we're crushing it.


I just said big. I said big, like powerful.


We're on week three of our lifting regimen.


Me and Max lifted today.


Yeah, I lifted a couple.


I saw you.


I started lifting.


You were taking weight off, though, when Max was done.


You guys are strong, okay? I don't judge.




We lifted before you went down to Texas.


Yeah, we did get a big pump in. Sure did, Jim. All right, 840 number.


All start numbers.


Want to take 840?




I'll take 71. 20 memes. Three pug.


99 pug.




You get eight.




Love you guys.


Talking away? Today's a my day to finally shine away? I'll be coming for your lover? For your love of love of me? Take me out I don't take. Never say I'm out tennis. But I'll be so a little life is okay? Stay up to me it's a better to be safe? It's all better to be safe? And something on me? Take me up? You.