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Today is part of my take, we have a two fer showing some range, we've got Hall of Famer Joe Montana on the show, Joe Cool comeback kid.


And then we also have Eikon who is a legend in his own right, rapper, maybe building a city in Africa that we talked to him about extensively. He's got his own Bitcoin called a coin. Really fascinating interview. Awesome interview. That was actually one where, Hank, we have a process of of who we, like, agree to have as guests. Hank didn't even ask us. He was just like, yeah, we're going to do a con.


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Today is Monday, August 17th. Boys, there's so many fucking sports.


It's awesome. It's great.


Every day, every day afternoon before you go to bed, you turn the TV on and there's sports on. There's meaningful sports everywhere.


Everywhere as far as the eye can see. An overload of sports unless you're a Cardinals fan. Well, I guess they came back and they came back.


But yeah, it's been and they had four home runs in a row hit on them. I yeah, they did. I was lost. I forgot just how heartbreaking it is to be a hockey fan in the playoffs when your team stinks to capitalist's.


All right. So let's start there. Do you think the Caps maybe regret not signing Barry Trotz consider the fact that he's working?


Yeah, right now he's working. Barry Trotz has never been a master tactician of any sort.


But Todd Reardon, he looks he he does look like Kevin alone behind the bench every game, just like the spill in Chile over himself trying to figure out what to do. And he's just he's shot the bed and the caps here.


That's an underrated story, though. Could we just talk about that for a second? The fact that, like the fact the Capitals didn't resign their Stanley Cup winning coach after he won a Stanley Cup is still so fucking crazy to me.


I know there's money and all that stuff, but how do you win a cup and not bring that guy back, especially just the way that he looks?


He just looks like a hockey guy. He's got no neck. His chin extends direct.


He's got like Takio spikes from the from the shoulders up going on.


He's just a little sausage. Listen, he's he's a fun coach. He's a player's coach. And it's all a cop.


Once you get to the playoffs, it's all about just like making your team comfortable. Right. You just need a coach that that people want to play hard for. Todd Reardon is not that guy. The power play for the Capitals is as bad as I've ever seen in an NHL games. Like they need a good coach, really.


Stanley Cup winning. So I've I've resigned. Well, I. I quit on the team hand up. I quit on the team. Wow. I realized on Friday that I'd watched every goal that that went in for the islanders year and I didn't watch any of the goals that the cap scored. So today I listen to it on the radio instead of watching the game still on and listening to hockey on the radio sucks.


Yeah, because, like, they talk so quickly about where the puck is, who's got it that I found myself. I actually cheered when the caps got scored on because.


Oh wait, I thought that was our goal, Tam.


So yeah, we're done over over Blackhawks. They're fighting, they're scratching and clawing. There's also been it's just been I mean, the Blackhawks are probably going to lose on Tuesday night. We're going to have a double soggy sorrow's on Tuesday night show Supersaurus. But they did. They they did. They fought. They fought hard, got out, shot by a billion. And Corey Crawford was like, hey, I'm going to throw it back real quick and have a helluva game hockey playoff.


So, like, I was watching that entire Flame Stars game, there's just nothing like it. Even without the fans. There's nothing like it in Hank. We should at least Bruins. Hank, we should at least ask your opinion on Tukur Rask going with the very bizarre comments of like, yeah, just trying to have fun out there and then opting out the next day, which I will defend him in a little bit where we do this thing in the media, we we're like we just want guys to give real answers.


And he gave a very real answer and then he gets killed for it. But still, it's a weird look.


The Boston media is always like hated to harass people have always wanted him out. But and he said, as for family, so it's one of those things where it's hard to hate on them. You can't hate on them. You don't know what's going on behind the scenes and all that stuff. But it's crazy that he went into the bubble.


Like who? Who leaves the bubble? Yeah, in the playoffs.


But in the playoffs, it just that quarter, just like I'm just trying to have fun out there. Like, it's not really it doesn't really feel like real hockey, just trying to have fun reading between the lines.


It sounded like after what I said, blowing game seven last year, like you'd think he'd want some revenge for that, you know, like he was there one game away from the cup. The playoffs are starting. This is your time. Like, if you're not having fun, it's like three weeks.


But you saw the reaction, like from his teammates. It seemed like there's something going on, but not public. They say even that, like nobody questioned this, we're all on his side, whatever.


That's where it's like it makes it literally makes no sense for someone to go into the bubble and then leave unless there's something serious going on. So you have to just assume something serious going on.


The I have had this thought that this is the easiest for if you're a fan of a team that loses in the playoffs, whether it be NBA. The Stanley Cup playoffs, this is the easiest letdown of all time because you can play that game in your mind, like what's the point of even winning a cup if you can't go to games or go to the bars with your friends or when the cup if you win the cup, like have a parade, like you can't even have a parade.


It's. So it is the easiest let down. Everyone should enjoy it if your team loses. Just enjoyed the fact that this will be the easiest letdown of all time that we'll ever have as fans.


Yeah, I was just looking forward to the potential of maybe watching meaningful hockey game for myself. Right. Like into September potentially. That would have been cool. Yeah, I've I've pretty much given up on the season now that, say, quit on the team. That said you took a risk. That said, I'm removing myself from the fan bubble, but don't let us win one, because if we win one, then we got was that we got Curt and then we got Pedro and then anything can happen.


Game seven, Tuka pf Tuka. You have to go. That works. Yeah. Just announce that you're opting out right before the game. Actually just wait until, until, until they get it to go. Yeah. I'm opting out. I'm still technically listen I'm just, I'm having fun but you know it doesn't feel the same. Doesn't feel like playoff hockey. Yeah.


And you guys don't really fall like that inside Boston Media. But there are some beautiful like takeaways going on where it's like, you know, a lot of the radio guys wanted to go out the whole season. And then when he pops out, they're like, well, what? How can you do that?


Yeah, there's some you you do this shaunessy season. Yeah, we do that thing in all of media where it's like we want these guys to give an honest answer, not the canned answer that you hear all the time, you know, played, played hard, going to try to win a game, played sixty minutes. But he actually gave a real answer was like it doesn't feel like playoff hockey and then we shit on it. We I mean I guess that's just we're all hypocrites.


Well I don't I don't think too many people shit on it. Like I saw some people in the media like here and they're doing it. But from the verbiage that, like the team was saying about it, I think everybody kind of realizes maybe maybe we don't have all the facts about race.


Well, not the opt out, the shitting on the OP. That's weird because it's like if there's a family issue, I'm saying shitting on the like, I'm just trying to have fun out there. Yeah. Playoff. Right, right. Yeah. That that is an honest answer that then gets shit on and it's like, yeah. You know what, we're all fucking hypocrites and assholes. Yeah. Listen, the guy was trying to have fun playing a game and that's what I don't even think he said anything that was that bad.


It's just like you want as a fan. You want the athletes to be as like born and invested in and they're never they never win.


They probably won't be. But at least let us maintain that veneer of just being like, yeah, these guys care more than me. You have, because then I don't feel like a huge loser. Yeah. You get them every now and then. That's why I always love, like, a guy like Joakim Noah. It's like, hey, he cares just as much as me. Yes. Being reminded guys become your like champions really in sports. I just don't want to be reminded of the fact that it makes no sense that I care so much about something that is so inconsequential.


So let me maintain.


We also have the NBA playoffs set. We had a great play in game, which I think they're going to do now forever, which will be great. The eighty nine point game which happened on Saturday, two thirty. I don't I do not know why it was two thirty on Saturday. That was very bizarre. But we have the Blazers as the eight seed the final team to make it. I am the media has Blazers derangement syndrome.


Oh, I love the Blazers. They have Blazers derangement syndrome. The Lakers are going to fuck the Blazers up, put it up, put it right it down. Quote it five games. Maybe they're going to about the bubble MVP honors coming from Laker. Dan, straight to your years. The Lakers are going to fuck them up.


Do you have the bubble? And Lou Williams, right. Did one of the Lakers starting players, mom, just die from Corona and he's playing for her on another night?


Yeah. Yeah, that changes things a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. But now is it Lakers and six Lakers and seven. Oh, it was going to be his Blazers in six. Do the Lakers have Slim Melo on their team. Slim Melo Excel, who excels in bubble environments like the Olympics. Dude Melo.


Great point. Yeah thank you.


Melo is so washed and I know he hit that three big hit that three he hit that hit clutch or in a game they won by five. All right. Play that thirty minutes he hit the three. I don't know. Damian Lillard being an unselfish superstar Damian Lillard is incredible and CJ McCollum is incredible. The Blazers play pickup basketball they do not play defense. Yeah so true when they play against the Lakers. I, I think the Lakers just need to get three consecutive stops and the game's over.


I don't know, I don't know. Listen it could happen in the election calendar. Nobody talks about all the punches that Buster Douglas threw that didn't connect. Nobody talks about the kicks that Appalachian State didn't block against Michigan. This is what we do. We shouldn't talk. We shouldn't focus on on Melo and the eighty three percent of the threes that he missed. We should focus on the fact that he's rebranded as Slim Melo, Robert Orrie.


But how many times is LeBron I. So this is different because the bubble and everything's weird, but how many times is LeBron have to do that thing where at the at some point the year league fixes games wins at some point the year he, like the team, doesn't look right because he he knows he knows that the playoffs are different and he's not going to he doesn't care if they didn't, you know, they coasted to the to the one seed they won that like halfway through the bubble.


And then when they start playing the Blazers, they're going to kick their ass and everyone's like, oh yeah, Anthony Davis, LeBron James are really fucking they are good. But get you're turning your back on the podcast community by going against CJ McCollum. Well, the Lakers do the Lakers have any podcast? Everyone knows how to die hard Laker fan. Actually, I bet you Dwight Howard probably does a secret podcast.


Yes. About I love him. He's an expert assassin. He is so awesome. At the end of games, they're going to lose in five.


Maybe maybe I'm taking the over on that. OK, saying I think I think Glazer's in six blazers. Blazers. OK, same career.


I am fully bought into the media derangement syndrome of emblazed Blazers.


The Lakers will get a hashtag Blazers. No. Yeah, no I just, I just said I just bet it.


I just made that bet you made that bet? Yeah, me for you, correct, under any circumstances. Get a Blazer's are the most fun team right now to watch. And a lot of that is because they played really hard knowing that they had to play really hard.


So just like it won by, like literally every game, let me enjoy like a day and a half of being like, yeah, I could do it. I enjoy watching the Blazers. I'm just going to call out what I'm seeing is everyone being like, dude, blazer's live dawg.


No. Oh, shut up. Not going to happen, Damian.


So team of Destiny, if we're handing out our bubble of oh, the grandmother, Warren, are those actual awards not doing it?


Just everyone in media is doing it. I think so. OK, our bubble award MVP. You want to give it to Dame? Sure.


I'm going to Warren and I was a sweet and dame.


The NBA officially announced. Oh, it did. Yeah. Oh, well, that's what I'm saying. That's what I'm saying. So Dame deserved it, without a doubt. To your finish second, I think Booker finish second. Devin Booker also. Yeah.


The Suns, they would have listened. It's bullshit. Go on the field, in the bubble and not in the playoffs. I know they should have gotten statistically right.


Should any other NBA before the games actually start. Hank, are you excited the Celtics are going to kill the Sixers?


Yeah, it's like my favorite part of the year, although it feels like Springs. It's like, you know, first round of playoffs, Celtics work the Sixers.


You have to be a little worried that Ben Simmons is out, though. No, because they are objectively better when it's just in beat. We'll see.


Well, nobody gets banged up too, though. Yeah, he is. And also saw the Sixers. I feel like the Celtics have only athletic wings in the Sixers have done well. Also, Kenny, the jet was saying that Ben Simmons is going to be able to shoot in the bubble because they're no fans around to be true.


But then he hurt his knee, then he hurt his knee and he's got like foreign bodies floating around in his knee, right? Yeah. So it doesn't sound great.


Any other let's see. I don't see any big upsets happening in the first round. I feel like this is unfortunate.


The Raptors you keep an eye on think that guy on it. Keep an eye on it. That's all I'm saying. OK, I got one eye on it. Yeah. Keep an eye on. Oh what about.


I feel like we all have bubble derangements. I do like anything could happen and then I'm the higher seeds are going to win like it always happens the NBA and then we'll get into the playoffs.


I'm convinced that the bucks are just absolute garbage. I was in fact. Yeah. Because I love the books I've been playing. Well who are they playing the first round?


The Majano should be suspended for the first three games. That's bullshit. No. One, if you got ahead of you headbutt someone in the blocks are going to know what that world gets suspended for. Only one game. They're going to your Jeunesse.


They're going to beat the magic by twenty seven in game one. And we're all gonna be like, oh yeah, another one. You know what, I am desensitized to headbutts recently like that.


We'll never have as good of a head as Zinedine Zidane. It on them in the was it Massarotti or whatever in the World Cup finals. That's fact. So this Jeunesse headbutt that was a little love tap.


Yes. One and a half games. Any other. I'm trying to think if there's any other NBA playoff like matchups that I guess I am excited for. Like the other one that everyone's going to sell them in is they're going to be like Loukia against the Clippers. That one's going to be another one. We're Clippers are going probably one in five. Maybe Kawhi takes a game off because of his knee or whatever.


I think Mike Connollys going home. Yup. Because this is bigger than sports, way bigger than sports. So Denver, Utah, which as we've said, should be played at altitude, or at least if if it's a Utah home game, they should allow like one or two of those synthetic fans on the screens to be yelling very harmless cuss words.


Young Chris Paul versus the Rockets. Yes, Chris Paul versus Rockets. Russell. Well, Russell Westbrook, who's I don't think playing Game one versus the Thunder, that will be fantastic.


Either way, just day basketball, the shot out the NBA.


I don't I don't even know if they had a choice because they didn't want to run concurrent games. But I was nervous for a while going into the playoffs that they wouldn't do these afternoon games. They're doing them for the first round.


Thank thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Well, they've got to step it up because hockey in the first round had so many like double triple overtime games, which sucks, by the way, if you're at work and you're trying to pretend that you're working and not watching hockey and then you end up staying like three hours late, your boss is like, well, you're really working hard. You're like, no, it's the fifth overtime. Yeah, it's happening, right? Yes.


All right. So the only other news that I had is the Big Ten football is definitely going to come back.


Yeah, for sure. So there's a petition. Yeah. To change that or there's a petition. Justin Field started when it's up to like two hundred thousand signatures. Right.


I would say conservatively I've signed it seventy five times. Well they should do. We're like whichever team has the most players sign it. That's the Big Ten champion. Yeah. I've just been anyone who says anything mean to me on Twitter today. I've just been taking their Twitter handle and just signing the petition for. Yeah. The Big Ten CS using those numbers this year. The season is going to consist of a couple more schedule releases. They get cancelled and then this petition that goes out, you're still very much in the bargaining stage.


Oh, yeah. No, the fact that the fact that this petition has 200000 signatures and people are starting to be like, well, you know, it's kind of like whenever whenever there's a change dog like changelog, let's end racism. Well, this might actually do it has it changed or has that bring back football? Has it changed, Doug, petition ever accomplish anything? I don't think it has. I don't know.


I like the one that's take Kylie Jenner out of the WAP music video there. Again, I had to sign that delete the snacking video. What if what if there was a bubble for fans like this is still bargaining right now.


What if Wisconsin fans hypothetically could sign up and be like, hey, if you let us go into games, we will bubble ourselves? Like, can you imagine the environment? That would be ninety thousand. It'd be great. LSU fans just camped out in Baton Rouge. Yes. What if now? OK, let's talk about solutions instead of excuses like John Taffer. What if there was a rule saying that the SEC could have fansite games if those that that that existed, if those fans.


Well, a lot of teams are saying that they're not. I think yeah. I feel like this is going to fucking have a schedule like they're going to play college football like nothing is. Right.


OK, so I'll put it this way. A lot of NFL teams have already said no fans in stadiums. What if they said you cannot change games if we shoot you up with this vaccine from Russia and then we and then we monitor you. So in reality, it would be like a real world application of the vaccine test. Yes.


In what you're saying that the people that the test, the the vaccine on are going to be the only people allowed to go to games.


Yeah, and you're right, even if it's like an SS school, which probably doesn't a lot of their fans don't want to get a vaccine. What if you said you could attend games if you got this vaccine?


I guarantee you a lot of people would. I would I tell you right now that. Right. This pocket of chance. You know, it's true. Absolutely. No question. You sign a waiver. I take the Russian one.


If you give me some Russian vaccine, you're like, but this will make sure that football happens. Yeah.


In so it bubbles are the answer to everything. Billy. Yes. Why don't you realize they should just put the USA in a bubble.


Yeah, they should put the world in a bubble. Yeah. OK, boom. Done world in a bubble. covid solved huh.


Everyone has to get tested. Wear mask bubble. Yup. This concludes our segment. Our heads are in the sand. Yes. But I, I would say there was there's a 10 percent chance that I think that this fucking stupid petition online is going to actually change something.


Well so what. And when I say ten percent obviously, I mean like 60 percent.


So as far as the commissioner of the big it's a hundred percent going to have, I think he just basically he wants to say, we don't know. There's a lot of stuff that I don't know and I'm scared to death of getting sued.


Dude, his son is playing for Texas A&M. Yeah, it's going to happen. This fuck everyone signed the petition. Do your fucking do your job. Signed the petition, signed it for your dog. Sign it for your neighbor. Sign the petition. I think if we get to a million, they have no choice but to play big tent for chord change, dawg.


Yes, we're here. We're here making positive changes. Let's fucking do it. All right. Let's get to who's back of the week.


I bet Sean McVay would just, like, cut up all of his shirts to donate them as masks for all the St. Louis or the L.A. Rams. Yes.


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Check out.


All right. Who's back the week. Hey I'm in fact I actually forgot we we talked how he misses the beginning. Alex Smith is back.


Oh yeah he is the dude.


Can we just say it is. Stop spraying slippery liquids around Alex Smith's feet.


They put up a video of like Alex Smith and his family celebrating the fact that he was returned to play football again.


And he doesn't look like he can play football. He his leg.


I think I could play football better than he could play football.


I don't he couldn't he couldn't avoid the rush of his five year old spraying like Disney on them.


And then they put out pictures of his leg. And it's like disturbing not.


Well, his leg is in basically a forever cast right now. He doesn't go anywhere that that like I style compression sleeve that goes from his ankle to his testicles. And I guess it's like keep germs out of his leg, like as much as possible. But I, I want him to play.


But I don't don't don't want you know, I want to see him out there, be happy but I don't. Alex, please. What Dr. Redskins' him or excuse me, the Washington football team doctor.


I also just loved everyone. Just saw that like red meat of Ottery tweets. Just tweeting like Alex Smith broke is like two years ago this day, like, you know, we all thought he was going to get amputated and now he's cleared it.


Yeah, right. It's seven thousand three tweets. I saw that tweet seventeen hundred times. Yes. It's like Ryan Shazier walking out to to midfield to flip a coin. They're like the doctors have cleared him. Isn't this a great story.


Oh I don't know Jim.


He also almost broke his ankle. The flip flop. Do you see that. That would have been. I don't I mean that objectively would have been worse if he had just broke his ankle like his other ankle. Bubu celebrating, becoming coming back. Yeah, it is like kids create a slippery driveway and he just shatters his leg. Yeah, his other leg. That would have been one of the funniest videos of all time. Mean I'm comfortable saying keep all liquids away from Alex Smith's leg at all costs.


Don't even pee on your feet. Alex Smith in the shower.


Oh, just don't shower. Yeah, I don't think he can just say things yourself. What's it's like it's like a giant sleeve that he wears. But it also is a constant reminder that like, hey, that leg's fucked up. Yes. Very fucked up. He's got like the the black patch that NBA players wear on their jerseys just in remembrance of his legs. Yes.


Or Fabia, what else you got? My mother whose back was canceled culture. Oh, these people will stop at nothing until everyone in the world is is canceled. And last week they got my boy Genghis Khan.


Oh, crazy. Yeah. This can't the guy let the guy let the guy die in peace. The only know he only killed like eleven third of the population.


Eleven percent. Big cat. Don't know. Don't exaggerate. It's part of the problem.


Yeah but we did get people saying like hey, Genghis Khan had some good ideas. Without him we would not be in the place that we are. What were you saying Billy.


You were something about there saying that he set up a system of checks and balances in government.


Well, yeah, I'll murder you if you say anything bad about. Well, I'll either fuck you or murder you. You choose like there's something like seven percent of the population has his Y chromosome, which makes you pretty insane.


Wasn't there the argument that he actually helped in global warming because he killed so many people? Yes. Live long enough to become you know, it's like what's the. Well, it's no little girl, Gretta. Now, it's like rather than Genghis Khan is basically the same.


If you're dead long enough, you'll also become a villain. So live long and die young enough to be a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain. But then you die and then you get good again and then you get bad.


And once Twitter gets invented, dude free Ganga's brigades canceled. Not all cons. They spread horses.


What horses got spread because the Mongols OK, no one rode horses spread them. Yeah. Like the use of them. Yeah they, they, they left, probably left some horses when they left.


So horses.


OK, so secretary would not exist without just can't.


Thank you Barbaro the the Alex Smith of horses would not have existed without Genghis Khan Gascón. All right, put your shoes back, my who's back of the week is Carl Slotter. Oh, yes, right. My my little hobby horse that that I, I fucking love cow slaughter. He is the epitome. Every team has this quarterback, the quarterback that is the best preseason quarterback of all time. And you always think in the back of your head, like this guy could be a superstar if only everybody else saw him.


What I'm seeing in him, I think he's thrown eleven touchdowns, one interception, like eleven hundred passing yards. He has the highest preseason completion percentage of any quarterback ever, I'm pretty sure. And I think he's going to your Bears, but there's no preseason, but there's no preseason this year. So we're finally going to get to see what slaughter will be like in a non preseason environment.


Are we in the short story right now? Sure. I saw slo mo video. Michalowski looks awesome.


There you go.


There he was a fucking perfect spiral. Oh, it was a perfect spiral. He got it. I feel good. We also got our first taste of Joe Burrow in a Bengals uniform. Yes. Throwing like a six yard slant to AJ Green love. It looked awesome. Yes, the ball was a spiral going on. It was slowmo.


That's all it takes to make your quarterback look awesome. But I saw this. I want to close that spiral.


I was like, oh, my God, he hit him in stride. There was no defense being played. But that doesn't matter in stride. Perfect spiral.


Just going to say, there you go out Star Mitchell's back because twenty twenty weird shit happened. Let's do it.


Maybe because of like the pressure that Slotter is putting on him from from behind both him and Nick Foles.


He won the MVP. Oh well why was that laugh. Why was that a lot on something completely different.


I was thinking, I was saying about Mitch totally. Any other who's back. Yeah. Bar fights are back.


There's a bar fight on my street this weekend, which is fucking sweet because it's like, yes, we haven't had any bar fights since the lockdown started.


That's a major watershed moment. And yeah, I was like twelve people. I got a notification on my little neighborhood app so.


Oh so what's up Karen. Big time. Oh yeah. People. Yeah. So no I fucking care.


And I went outside and I walked Leroy around the corner and it was like shattered glass everywhere. And there are police officers. It was like, yes, it's fucking sweet nature.


See. How did you give a statement. I did not give a stay. Probably offered. No. Oh please. I hung around. Let me say something.


I hung around for a second to see if there was going to be news cameras showing up. Then I really know I heard this, but I came right downstairs. It was like, whoa, what's going on?


Oh, I see you guys later. All right. My who's back is Mark Jackson. Mark Jackson is back. So the Bulls fire Jim Boylan on Friday, which I got to give a shout out to Jim Boylan, because as terrible of a coach that he is and he is truly, truly terrible, like never has anyone been less qualified for a job than Jim Boylan. I still will miss him because it was on this podcast. Yeah, that's true.


No, Billy is more qualified to be on this podcast than Jim Boylan was to coach an NBA team. That's a bold statement. Thank you, Jim Boylan.


I'm going to miss him still because of his quotes about soul, his quotes about growth plates, his random timeouts, the time that he burned all his time out with like six minutes left in the fourth quarter.


The time he did hockey shifts the time that he had the bulls do a practice after back to back.


And then the team had a mutiny and then he had a leadership committee.


What about the time card punches at the time card? There's so many moves. I do want to just say one quote that sums up the essence of Jim Boylan. I forgot about this. I saw it on my timeline in twenty nineteen.


He must have I don't know where he was or what was going on. Well I guess I know what was going on. Earthquake Jim Boyland talking about earthquakes said I just think it's awesome, the power of nature to think that something can move that building that much. It's all inspiring to me.


So that just tells you what he is. He Jim Boylan, would there be an earthquake? And you just stand underneath the building being like, watch this building top. That's going to be sick.


I let them die. I like that. He's fascinated by nature. It's like that insane clown posse song about magnets. Yeah, like, holy shit. People don't take time to think about nature. Small miracles. But Jim Getlin does.


Jim, but so Jim Boylan is fired. I don't know who the bulls are going to hire, but also the pelicans fired Alvin Gentry. So Mark Jackson is now going to be talked about. And I think I heard it correctly that he said Zion was his rookie of the year over the weekend, which is awesome, because it's just such a shill move by a guy who's been calling Zion fat all year to then have the pelicans fire Alvin Gentry and him being like this Zion kid, he's good.


Listen, Mark Jackson knows how to get a job, want to and keep a job. Usually that's one thing that is very, very good at.


I think he I think Mark Jackson is realizing. That the longer he stays announcing the like, someone's going to be like, hey, we should probably be done with Mark Jackson as the announcer. Yeah, so he knows that it's time to get a job as a coach. I hope to God to start with the Bulls, but I do hope to God it is with the pelicans, because I'd love to just watch that. Well, that ruined Zion and everyone be like, what the fuck then?


And then I will win an NBA title the minute Mark Jackson got fired. Right. This is how this is now dog brains in America, where we see somebody on TV long enough talking about a sport and we think that they are capable now of coaching.


Oh, I don't think anyone I love Mark Jackson is capable. Oh, he's started he started to convince people, oh, no, he's going to get a job. So something that doesn't mean. No, that doesn't mean anyone thinks he's capable. That just means that idiots in the front office are just going with a name.


Right? That's what I'm saying. Yeah, but that they know he's not. But that's that's what we think is like we see somebody on TV enough and they become an expert. And so, I mean, you forget Mark Jackson, a symbol that Golden State Warriors team. Yes. Kevin Durant would not have a ring if it weren't for Mark Geragos.


Really, did he? He he he put in the culture that ended up winning. Yep. Those titles. Billy, you're who's back lacrosse.


OK, so PLL just.


Yeah, yeah. But Chris Hogan just signed with the Jets, his fourth uff AFC East team, meaning that we're going to hear La Crosby brought up in every Jets broadcasts.


Yeah. So got a collect call.


I like that, I like that he's played for every single team in that division. Now he knows all the secrets.


You want to talk about going to jail this weekend. I did not go to jail until he got arrested on Thursday night. Yeah, I did not get arrested.


You were it was weird because you were up drunk tweeting until like eleven, thirty midnight and then you didn't tweet for sixteen hours. And your first tweet back was if you mix pre workout tequila, 100 percent chance you go to jail.


No, I did not go to jail. So he didn't mix pre workout and tequila. No I didn't.


Because you'd go to jail. Oh OK. So that was the Dallas thought.


You just took a little you know, you went Zero Dark Thirty on Friday. Yeah. Just out of.


Hey, can you guys give me a break. I'm mourning the loss of my frog. Yeah. What happened? That was that was a very graphic thing to put on Twitter. Just randomly raw dog in a dead frog in our face.


Well, our IP. But why are happy birthday. Maybe like a true trigger. Its name is Bertha. Her name was. Yeah, she was a girl.


Yes, I'm sure. How did you find out? Because the female touch frogs are larger than the males anyway. Did you touch Bertha's pussy like it.


Did you look at it.


Don't have be honest with me.


No, it's really, really this is not happening. You know, I got arrested. I got arrested. Yeah, I got arrested. That's what you get arrested then. Fingering is fraud. I got arrested.


I don't don't put dead frogs on the Twitter timeline, I it was all rap dead fish more so when he puts his dogs boner pictures up there.


No, I know they're funny. They always are the voters. Oh yeah. Yeah. You keep fingering frogs. No I don't.


Oh. Why wouldn't he be horny. How old was your frog. It's a song layer in Billy's little basement.


I'm not 100 percent sure, but I had it for five years. OK, five years.


It feels like a long time to skip and. And I lasted. So we don't deserve sex frogs. Jesus Christ. Come on.


Well, no, the frog stuff, the little far like he just like she just died. Do you think she's at peace? Yes. She finally frog heaven. Yeah.


Do you feel a little bit responsible for not feeding her on Thursday night through Friday afternoon.


You were in prison. We started jail.


Wait, do you really you have a frog and contingency plan on if you do get arrested. Yeah. Who takes care of your animals? The frogs can go without food for like a couple of days ago.


Clearly, the reason I don't go to prison is that I want to get home to my animals.


That's actually actually the only reason I farm. The only reason I have not gone to prison is the animals. So you can thank them, man.


All right. All right. Bertha, I do feel bad. Sorry for your loss. Thank you, everyone.


Please say sorry for Billy's loss on Twitter. Well, thank you. And don't say that he fingered his frog. All right, let's get to.


Ah, gee, that's better than soy bean frog. Oh, I. Are you sure? I don't know what's reality. No.


Yeah, it's got the word beast in it though. Yeah. If you're going to call, if you're going to say Billy practices BSOD don't realize the beast. Yeah.


If it was, if it was called Prasert chirality Billy would be using that thing as a flashlight. Capitalize the piece. That's all we want. All right, let's get you got Joe Montana and then Eikon right after before we get to Joe Montana. You know everything about your favorite team and how they're dealing with the pandemic. But do you know enough about you?


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Optimize your performance with Woop today. OK, here he is, Joe Montana.


Oh OK. We now welcome on very, very special guest.


He is an NFL Hall of Famer, four time Super Bowl winner undefeated in the Super Bowl. It is Joe Montana, he's here with Guinness because Guinness is the proud to announce their new partnership, an official beer of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish alumni and fans. Joe, obviously, is a very famous alum from Notre Dame. So thank you for joining us, Joe. I love Guinness, by the way. So I think we might you might send us some free ones that I'm right here, that you know what?


I think you're too late. They're already on the way, I believe. Let's go to a more common misconception about Guinness is that it's a fall and wintertime drink.


It's a year round drink.


Oh, we like Guinness no matter the weather. Yes. Well, I fell in love with it when we were over and we were actually in Dublin. Our trainer, our girls were jumping and talked us into going over there and looking at horses. And the one trainer said, hey, when this when they're done training horses, let's go get a pint of Guinness. I said, OK, sounds good to me. And then next thing you know, every day after that, I'm going, Hey, Charlie, anytime I think it's time for Guinness, we might be a little behind.


You know, it it's different over there. Yeah, I along with it over there. And it's I've been a fan ever since and it's great being a part of this partnership. Yeah. Today I think it's two great traditions getting together and do some great things. So let's talk quickly about Notre Dame.


Going to talk about everything else. But are you how optimistic, pessimistic do you feel that Notre Dame is going to be playing football this year?


Well, you know, I was just talking to one of the guys from the Chicago Tribune, and I said, you're probably closer than what's what's happening? What do you hear? And he said that I guess a doctor from Duke came out and said that they can go give it a try. And I go even if they do. What is college football going to be like without some of these conferences not playing? I mean, what are you going to do, watch the same conference?


Every you know, I don't know how they run college for NCAA football without having them all run. And I don't know why the NCAA didn't make a decision as an umbrella as opposed to letting everybody make their own decision. Because I was college football. I mean. I'm not you know, it's Notre Dame, you hate Michigan, but what you would do without the big 10 or the PAC 12, I mean, Notre Dame C. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


It's going to be different. Hopefully they can the ACC can figure out a way to to make it happen in the fall. But from like a student athlete perspective, I feel like it's going to be one of those things where you get in and they're going to wait until the last minute to make a decision because they're kind of running out the clock. You know, they don't know what the science is going to look like two weeks from now, three weeks from now.


I have to imagine that that's going to be in the back of all these kids heads as they're preparing, like they're learning a new playbook. They're learning these systems, but they're also still thinking like this could all just be a big waste of time.


Well, I think the one thing that you want to do, if you're a player, if you're going to have a season, you want to make sure that you're still prepared. And I think the best way to do that is staying involved with the team if if the teams are allowed to even be together or even on your own. So. And a lot of those guys have aspirations to make it to the NFL, right. And so if the season doesn't happen, you still have to stay in shape because the NFL will probably figure out some way to, you know, have a few more combines to try to be able to look at guys.


And, you know, you feel bad for some of those seniors, because if you look at it, if you take a look at Joe Burrow's right, if Joe Burbles doesn't have a senior year, he's not the first big draft. So you never know who's going to be that surprise bust out guys that, you know, just increase their marketability to the NFL. And, you know, who wants to miss their last their last season? They have to go this way.


Yeah. Know a lot of seniors are playing their last time of football. And it's sad to see, you know, I haven't been a part of that all my life. It's just sad to see that they will have that opportunity.


Did you curse the green jerseys at Notre Dame? You know, I grew up with Notre Dame being blue and gold, and there was so much excitement around the green. I don't remember my initial reaction when we were told I'm I'm I'm pretty sure Divin pulled the captains in and told them told us what was going to happen. But that was after we went to the pep rally the night before. And he kept talking about wearing green, wearing green and like.


Oh, and blue and white when we were blue, and then it kind of filled us in and then, you know, there was a lot of excitement in the locker room. So you kind of joined in and you know you know what it is? They say whatever it takes, right? Yes. We're going to have a pretty good year. So they stick around for a while.


But but they I feel like Notre Dame wearing the green jersey the last like 20 years. They haven't won a big game. The green jerseys have flipped. They went from a Mighty Ducks story where, you know, you guys you guys warm up in one Jersey, go in the locker room, put on the green jerseys. Everyone's pumped beat USC to now whenever Notre Dame wears green jersey, I'm sitting there like they got no shot.


I hadn't noticed that. But you're probably right. I don't know. It's one we'll have to mention that to them. Yeah, maybe they don't know it's happening. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I hadn't noticed that, but yeah I'd get rid of them that.


Yeah, yeah. So I was right there and I think college uniforms are fun though.


Yeah. You need to have a little more fun with. There's a little bit. Do you like the suit.


The metallic helmet. Are you more of a fan of like the matte gold. You know, see the metallic one up close in person. Is there spectacular looking. And I like the shininess so yeah. I don't mind the upgrade to the gold of the match. Still nice. But you know, when I have a bunch of options, everybody else does. Yeah.


I was looking back at your history here. You were a teammate of Rudi's at Notre Dame.


Rudy. Rudy. I don't know who that is, Rudy Ruediger.


But my question was, how much do the guys that actually played on that team resent Rudy for totally taking the storyline of how good that team was? And now everyone can only talk about Rudy from now on.


Well, I won't lie well, he got a ration of crap every time we saw one and he quit showing up on a couple of places because it's pretty well, you know, the locker room is pretty brutal anyway. But, you know, I mean, the Rudy story made a great we made a great movie and a lot of it was embellished. And you know what? I run into Rudy on the road here and there. We laugh about it because, you know, he knows that, you know, I tell the truth about it.


And there were a lot of things that happened. Yeah. He got and he got a sack. Was the crowd chanting no more good? I told my jersey no. So did he get carried off the field? He got carried off by three of the biggest pranksters in the team and they who said, I wish it. We know no one had gotten carried out. We have never done it. But they were always, you know, Rudy worked hard.


I won't lie. It is a walk on. He came in, got his butt kicked every day. And it was great to see that he got in and got us back on a lifetime memory for him and it became a movie. But, you know, so like a lot of movies, they all get their movies trying to hack it. Every time someone is telling about Rudy. You really want to know about Rudy? Oh, don't tell me it's not true.


Don't tell me it's I made a good movie, but, you know, there are a lot of them, but there's a lot of things that didn't happen. Yeah.


When you sat down with Bill Walsh for the first time, did you know right away that, like, this guy just sees the game differently and what he's got going on is a different level of any kind of football I've played?


Yeah, by far. I mean, right away from day one in the meetings when you're speaking to him and and you could tell he was different, but when you got him in front of the chalkboard or the whiteboard and, you know, he started drawing up plays and talking about progressions and blitz's and reeds and. It was different than anything I'd had to that point. Yeah, I mean, I knew I was in someplace special at that time and and it was just trying to stay there as long as I could.


Yeah. Yeah.


Do you ever look back, you know, judging by era is interesting in the NFL because the games evolved so much. Do you ever do like a projection in your head of what your touchdowns and yards would look like in 2020 if you were Prime Joe Montana and all the rules were slanted towards the offense?


No, because I don't want to get mad. Yeah, that's smart. That's right. Yeah. And I just, you know, we talk about how, you know, the rule change makes it easier. And I always say it does make it easier when you can stand there and know that you're not taking it smack because it used to be what separated everybody back then is who can stay in that pocket, stand there knowing there's a guy running right down the middle of you.


And as soon as you release his ball, you're going to get planted in the back. Can you throw it accurately? And that was the separator for most teams, for most quarterbacks. And, you know, they don't have to deal with that today and. Does it make it easier? Yeah, someone games still difficult, but for someone at that level makes it a little bit easier.


It is crazy though to see like in 1980. Let's see. Oh, no. See you. You were you're throwing like 500, 400 passes a season, 400 passes this season, which really only comes out to like I don't know, it's like twenty four, twenty five past attempts. Like you don't see that really in the NFL today. And you had you know, you had a season where you led the league in touchdowns with 31 touchdowns. That's that's probably like the seventh or eighth guy now in twenty twenty because of the stats being so inflated.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, as a quarterback, you love to be playing now, you know, the rules kind of want you to put the ball in the air and you know, with the group that we had when I left the 49ers with Jerry and John Taylor and Brett Jones. And in that group, you know, it's hard to say what could happen. You know, we probably John Taylor would have probably caught a lot more balls because we'd be throwing a lot more.


And, you know, I always feel bad for John because here you are playing across from a guy like Jerry Rice and you're running like double comebacks and you're going John Taylor, John Taylor, Jerry Rice. And you look over there and John Taylor was wide open and you talked and John never said a word. I mean, never complained. But I mean, he's he's a freak. Yeah. I mean, he went twice. I mean, he's one of the only two guys ever go 95 yards twice in one game for touchdowns.


And he just had a unique ability to make people miss. And within two steps, he's full speed. And, you know, I feel bad that we can, you know, target him a little bit more. Glad to see you caught a touchdown supercooled win. You know, it makes you feel good. And then Jerry wins the MVP and yeah, it would be fun to have that group today. Yeah, we feel Bill felt that if we threw the ball into the 30s, we were going to lose.


Huh. That was interesting. It's like completely reversed now. Yeah.


So Bill actually said this about you said there was something hypnotic about him that look, when he was dropping back, he was poetic and his movements almost sensuous. Everything's so fluid, so much under control. Did did you turn Bill Walsh on when you were playing quarterback? Would you, like, look at him and catch him, like biting his lip and just watching film?


You know? You know, the one thing he demanded was the footwork was like a big thing for him. And that how you drop back, how you hit that last step, whether it's stepping up into the pocket or hitting that back foot and let it go, he wanted it a certain way. And, you know, I think I'd fit into what, you know, he envisioned as a doing the things the right way. And we worked on those fundamentals every day.


I mean, I thought I was done with fundamentals long before that, but I was stressed every day by hand. Footwork, footwork, footwork. If I hear bend your knees one more time and I have nightmares already, you know, you make a bad throw in the first thing I'd say and you straighten your knees. You know, he was always the little things that made a difference or more that you know how active you can be with the ball.


And he felt it was all driven from your waist down, huh?


What's your favorite John Candy movie, Uncle Buck? That's the right answer. Correct answer. I'm sure you've been asked this a million times about the famous John Candy moment in right before you lead the team on a 92 yard drive in the Super Bowl in the fourth quarter with three minutes left, you say to the huddle, hey, look, there's John Candy over there and everyone looks and sees John Candy eating popcorn in the front row. So my question is going to be a little maybe different.


But were you always, Joe, cool? Were you always unflappable like that? Was the game kind of always slow for you or was that something you learned through the years and were able to gain as a skill?


I think the one thing Bill taught me was like, when you get into Sunday, when you're going into Sunday, I think it's like taking a test, you know, in school when you walk in and take a test in school. You're nervous if you haven't done your homework and prepared for that test, right? And but if you go in there prepared, there's yeah, you might still be nervous about the test a little bit, but it's not the same.


It's not that. Oh, my God. What am I going to get? What am I going to do? It's more about am I getting an A or B? And and that's kind of his preparation was for perfection. He wanted any mistakes and especially from the quarterback side of it. And he won new every day to come to practice like it was a game. And try to be perfect. Try to complete 100 percent of your passes. He wanted the ball 12 inches in front of the numbers.


He wanted a guy running a hook. He goes, you can see where the defender is, throw the ball in the opposite number. Tell that with the signal to that guy, the receiver, to turn that direction so it doesn't turn get hit in the face, going the other way. And so he he demanded accuracy and perfection in that position. And if you go back and look, whether it was me, Steve Young, Steve Berg, Steve Bono, you know, you don't see a lot of our guys diving and jumping from balls very often, you know, on a rare occasion.


But that's because he demanded that kind of, you know, perfection of the quarterback. He goes, I want you basically to handle all of those guys. Yeah, interesting. That was his approach.


It's like if you can take care of all the details and be confident in your preparation, then you have the you're not going to have as much stuff to worry about on Sunday. And you go out there and you have fun.


You can go see John Kennedy in the front row. Was that now is that move really just to calm down your huddle? No, actually, star struck by John Kennedy.


No, I met with John a couple of times. They tried to get me to go to Canada a number of years before that. But the thing was really for Harris, Barton Harris, Barton was a people person. So every every night on the Superbowl, we were free for dinner before and during the week. And Harris was like a little kid. He'd come back and try and tell you what celebrities he saw and he was so excited. And so TV time out like eight minutes or so.


They're really long in the Super Bowl. And so I've been down to the sideline once, maybe even twice. I'm just standing there. And all of a sudden between Iris's shoulders and the tight end, John Candy was framed and I didn't remember her saying anything about John Candy. We're still waiting for the signal to start. So I went over to Harris and said, Hey, John Candy. He looked over the sideline and he he started mumbling a bunch of stuff about Super Bowl.


I couldn't understand half of it, but we're trying to win Super Bowl. John, can you look at each other?


Both. And I thought he would appreciate it, but I think he appreciates it today more than he did back then. But now I was just I was just trying to just be myself. And, you know, we're getting ready to run a two minute offense that I know, you know, we've done a million times and we've done it against probably the toughest time every Thursday of every week when we run it against our own defense and or first the first defense.


So I know I wasn't concerned about it. Yeah, it's the only really field goal anyway to just so that's true.


We got the touchdown so big. I mentioned your nickname Joe. Cool. I don't think it's fair that your name is Joe Montana. Your nickname is Joe Cool. And you also have another nickname, The Comeback Kid.


That's like you have three them all very cool names. And it's just like, hey man, save some for the rest of us.


Well, that was funny when they always were trying to give me nicknames and the one somebody said I already had a nickname in Joe Montana. I knew what I needed was a real name. And they sent me a plaque, a name plaque from my locker, said David Gibson.


It's just like a normal Joe name. Yeah, it is a normal man.


Yeah, but I mean, Joe Montana is you have definitely had that moment where, like, I obviously am a tremendous talent. Had four Super Bowls Hall of Famer put that extra like one percent of allure is because of the name Joe Montana.


Well, thank you. Oh, my parents would be proud that. Yes. Imagine being a GM and you have an option of who to draft. And Joe Montana is one of the options, right? No, I think I'm going to pass.


If you're Joe Smith, I don't know if Guinness is doing a deal with you right now. It's sure to be honest for super cool. But you know Joe Montana.


Well, thank you. I appreciate it.


So it's interesting. There's the John Candy story. But I think the the more popular celebrity sighting that you had and one of your big games is at the catch.


Do you know who is who was there at the catch?


I don't know.


Chris Berman, you don't remember seeing Chris Berman in a combat zone over? Yes, Berman. Look at all that. Harry Brady also there. He was there. But that's that's an afterthought.


Boomer was there. How how much more sign do you think that moment has gotten? Because Chris Berman brings it up like four times a year and plays the replay of him standing, right?


Well, he's a huge, huge forty Niners fan and a big and a great friend of Mr. Diallo. So so I'm sure he loves putting it up there and just the energy he brings. I love, you know, still to this day, it's he's been around a long time and it's been a good friend also at the same time. But he's fun to listen to and especially when the baseball hitting the home run. Yeah, yeah.


Yes, yes. That's right. Were you mean like you kind of just threw it up there, right? Like that, why Clark made the play, you just were like, I hope this works well the way it was supposed to set a pick for Freddy Solomon and Freddy actually fell down until that play. We had never thrown into Dwight. And his job really at that point is he realized what happened and he has to get to the back of the end zone and then slide back towards the pylon in the back.


And I'm supposed to throw it above his head. And if he misses it, it goes out of bounds. And when I let it go, I got knocked down. But as I let it go, like the first part of it felt like I was going to be a little above his head, maybe, you know, maybe a little jump. But I didn't imagine it was that high. And when I hit the ground and I heard the crowd roar for the touchdown, that kind of was what I thought till I got to the sideline.


And our equipment manager said to me, boy, your buddy seagrass that time and he goes, he jumped out of the stadium. Yeah. He said, I go, Chico, he's white. He can't jump.


It is the catch, not the throw.


I mean, it was an unbelievable catch to change it, to throw out the throw. You would have made a catch, but he was going for it.


That's got to be such a cool moment to get like smashed by a linebacker lineman and not see the end of the play, but just hear the crowd roar and be like, yup, we did it. Yeah.


There's you know, unfortunately, there are a number of times where as you let the ball go, you get that you don't see a lot of it. And, you know, you made the mistake on occasion to try to to watch it. And two things usually happen. Well, one typically had somehow you get hurt. I got tired of getting whiplash in my head because I'm trying to watch. And as you watch and the last thing hit is your head on the turf or first game in Tampa.


When I was with the Chiefs, I threw a post pattern and JJ Burden and I'm trying to watch it. And I got hit and I put my hands back and I ended up like chipping a bone in my wrist and and then then he dropped it. So it's got to hang on my getting hit, but catch it. Yeah. Yeah. But no, I mean but it is, it's the it's kind of crazy game's fun and hopefully something happens with it and we can watch it, sit back, enjoy a nice pint of Guinness time and hopefully I'll be back.


But, you know, just, you know, like we all say, this partnership between Notre Dame and Guinness is something special. A lot of tradition behind it, heading in the same direction, looking for a lot of the same goals and movement, not only in sports, but around the country, trying to make is trying to make the place a better place for all of us.


So, yeah, you know what I really miss right now? I miss I miss going into a bar, into a pub and ordering a Guinness and drinking and inside. Yeah, it feels like it's been years since I've done that. I need that. I don't get back. It's not fall until that happens.


Oh, it was ice. And when I was in Kansas City or Center. Tim Gunn. No, no Damer he had he had an Irish pub so we always end up down there. So it's not so.


So when you went to Kansas City, it kind of correlates a little bit to what Tom Brady is going through right now. He had a lot of success with his first team. He's synonymous with the Patriots. I think a lot of people would say you're synonymous with the 49ers. When you get to Kansas City, do you find yourself in a position where you have to kind of reestablish yourself as the man? Or was there any sort of like kind of breaking in period where you, you know, you were working to win over those new teammates?


I think one of the things that happens is as. When you go to a new team like that, the first thing they want to see, first of all, your personality, when you get in the locker room and the other for acceptance is when you get on the field, they want to see what's what makes you different. And, you know, there's a weird I was just looking at some stuff because we're filling some things here in the head.


Carl Peterson talking about the first seven on seven. And he said, I don't think the ball hit the ground. And I'm sitting there at seven on seven, hopefully never hits the ground on seven seven. But, you know, it's something that I guess it sounded like they hadn't seen before in a long time. And, you know, you slowly work your way into the acceptance and, you know, the first training camp and, you know, playing golf in the afternoon or at lunchtime with the with the with the guys and hurry up and run over there and play like four or five holes before we had to go back to practice.


But, you know, it just takes doing the things and, you know, just for acceptance into that. And but someone like Tom, you know, you won't have you won't have a problem his personality lends itself to. Yeah. Easy acceptance and obviously what he's been able to accomplish. And, well, they got a good team down there, the defense and the numbers they put up offensively. And then you had you had him and that crazy man, Gronk, in the mix and he knows what's going to happen.


Yeah. All right. So I had one last question, Joe. It is our zip recruiter question. With the seamless experience from start to finish, just like this question, Zipcar takes care of your recruiting right now. You can try it. Recruiter for free ads. That recruiter dotcom slash, take four Super Bowls, big time college football, play games, you know, storied Hall of Fame career. Is there one game or one moment that you find yourself daydreaming about or dreaming about that you go back into?


And it just kind of it's it's that one memory that's seared into your brain that you always go back to. I think it was plan, I want to say was the ADHD, and I can never remember the year too many hits in the head, I think. But we were playing Philadelphia in Philadelphia with Buddy. Ryan was there. And, you know, we were going into the game and everybody was saying how, you know, we're we're not big enough and we're a finesse team.


We can't handle the pressure and the power and the physical part of the game that they bring that the Eagles brought to us at that time. And, you know, the first play, I think was the first series we did a blitz and I had Jerry for about 60, maybe 70 yards for a touchdown. And I'm sitting there thinking, this is this is going to be easier than I thought. And then from that point on, I never pick myself up off the ground more times through a game in my life.


And in, you know, we got behind and we were fortunate. We scored a bunch of touchdowns in the fourth quarter come comeback to beat back there. And that's one that really sticks. And in the end, mainly because we we were ahead and all we was third and five or third and three. And we just had to back out a little, regroup, try to get the first down in the game, would have been over in the back, sitting there wide open.


And instead of throwing the ball back, you see our coaches head go. I let it go, I let it fly down the field, the Jerian and for a touchdown. And I was we got off the sideline. He said, well, you're lucky you completed that.


I said, that's interesting, though, that it's a game that's not, you know, one of the Super Bowl wins or one of the big Notre Dame wins. That's that's interesting.


Well, you want you know that there are some Philly fans out there that still remember that to this day. Yeah. And they hate Joe Montana and they will never allow your name to be uttered in their house because of that regular season game. Hmm.


Yeah, that was probably the one. That's awesome. That's awesome.


Well, Joe, this has been so much fun. We thank you. We're excited for our Guinness to get here. Yes. And you're welcome back anytime. Appreciate it. You guys have a good one. Always fun to listen to.


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Guaranteed Mugsy dotcom use code PMT at checkout. OK, here he is Eikon.


Oh OK. We now welcome on the Legend of the Game. He has a new mixtape coming out Ain't No Peace. It is Eikon. Eikon. It's great to have you on man. You are a legend of the game. We were actually listening to some of your songs to get us hyped for this interview and we got there. Awesome. That's my first question. They're fucking awesome, dude.


Thank you, man. Thank you so much. So how are you doing?


When the new mixtape when's it coming out. What you can you can you tell people what they should be expecting. Yeah.


So no peace actually just released. It's actually on all I mean all your digital platforms as we speak right now. It dropped last Friday. This EP is called a no P specifically because of all the social things that was that's been going on in the last during quarantine and certainly before, you know, with all the police brutality and all the stuff that's going on within the urban neighborhoods, you know, the miscommunication between civilians and police officers and things of this nature.


So I kind of wanted to address some of that musically from not from a political side or hostile side, but just from a person in a peaceful side. So people can really understand this kind of reaction and how life is really. Can be taken in a small little turn on one little incident, so I kind of want to create it more from a utility standpoint to give every audience an idea and understand the characteristics between both sides to be able to hear it.


But through music, I like.


Yeah, no, that's I think that's a good cause to be working towards. Can you help me understand because just talk to me like I'm a four year old, like I'm an idiot. But I've always wondered what the difference is between an EP, a mixtape, an album and a record is right.


So a record and an album and an LP is all the same. OK, right. So that's just like a body of work. An EP is like a mini version of an album. It's like one song short from an official album. An official album is eight songs or more. Got it. You know, and anything less than that is an EP. So it's just like a small body of work, right? A mixtape is a combination of both.


The only difference is a mixtape is more made for the culture. So when you make a mixtape, you're not really doing it for profit. You're either doing it to showcase your talent or you're doing it to spread a specific type of message. Got it. And that on a platform outside of después mixtape sites, block sites, it could be anywhere and everything, but you don't really care to monetize it because it's really more so something that just you put out for the people and for your fans.


I got a mixtape is like for fun. I got I got another question, like a five year old. How sick is it to go platinum?


Oh, dude, I think especially when you don't expect to go platinum, that's when it becomes sick.


So did you not expect to go platinum when you. Because you've gone platinum three times. Right. Right.


But you know, it funny, though, every record that I ever put out, like my first album, one, two and three, all went Diamond. Right. And Diamond is 10 million records. So when you go Diamond, when you do 10 million or more, you go diamond. Then you got gold, which is five hundred thousand and platinum, which is a million. Anything you. So ultimately when I first when I first started putting records out, I was never innoculate type person.


I really didn't care if I sold. I just wanted to be popular and I wanted everybody to know my song to sing along. Right. And I didn't even know that there were a chart or even anything. So when they told me I went platinum, I just assumed at that time, oh, wow, I'm known all over America. I didn't think that platinum was a million records, so you know what I mean? Be right. And then when I went diamond, I was like, oh, shit.


So that means I've known all over the globe. Yeah. I mean, there's ten million records sold. But the way I like the way I like looked at it and the way it was actually presented, it pretty meant the same thing. Because normally when you go platinum, that means everyone in America pretty much is hip to what you got going on. And by the time you go diamond, I mean everybody in the globe pretty much knows your song or heard of it.


And I read that you are also the ringtone king. So there are more ringtones featuring Eikon songs than any other artists out there. Is there an award for that to go like cellular? Do you go five G what's at what level do you establish yourself as a ringtone king?


And that's actually a great question because I was getting Plax from Verizon and Sprint on congratulations, you know, a million ringtones, so 10 million ringtones so that I got this big old plaque with a billion ringtone. So and I was like, wow. But at the time, my only focus was honestly selling ringtones because I realized I did an average song, you know, was paying one ninety nine for the single on iTunes. You remember those days out and then the ringtone was only 15 seconds of the song, but it was four ninety nine.


So I did numbers out like well hold up, you know if one ninety nine gives you a full song and for nine I give you 15 seconds of the song is shifting my whole business model. I was straight for the ringtones and every song I made, I made sure I did all ringtones for it and I made sure that it was based around. Every time somebody called you, that song would come on. I did three things. First, it made me more money.


Number two, it promoted the song because every time you hear it, it's like, who's that? Or, Oh, I got to go pick up that. I need to go listen to. That's always reminding people that I existed, you know, so. And then the third reason was nobody really was thinking like that, you know, at that time. So it became something that actually became a huge benefit. I end up being on the Guinness Book of World Records for most ringtones sold in the world.


And the thing that I never gave on my digital rights, I was able to really make more money just from selling ringtones that I did in my label made from selling my album.


That's crazy. So was there ever a song that you wrote like in and you're like, you know what? This song is going to sound great in the club or the bar, but it's really going to sound great in someone's Nokia. Like we like we got to make sure we got to fix this. So it really pops on the phones.


Right. So now the funny part about it, my first album, when I made those records, I didn't anticipate ringtones because at that time ringtones didn't exist. But by the time. But what ended up happening on my first album, the biggest ringtone record that. So was Mr. Lonely, you know, so but then by the time the second album came, I knew that Rintoul's would be huge. You know, to me, though, so the songs I made on that album specifically was made for a phone ring, which was actually sound cool.


And one of them was smack that another one to love you.


So have you written a song that is like specifically geared towards like this song is about being called On the phone?


Oh, yes, I actually did that and that that I was going to suppose I was supposed to do a deal with Samsung for that specific song on all the handhelds. And then that's when the merge happened at Universal and everything kind of shifted a whole nother way. And I couldn't quite make the deal because Universal at the time own my masters. So I kind of lost that opportunity. But I was already thinking that.


Yeah, you mentioned smack that. Do you ever think that at somewhere, somewhere in the world, at any given time, two strangers are grinding for the first time to smack that? Mm hmm.


Happening right now. Right now. Right this second. Right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah.


You're you're making people fall in love right now on the dance floor.


Yeah, that's bad. Yeah, it's true.


It's happening right now. So another part of your career that is underrated is that your eye for talent is exceptional. You signed Lady Gaga and T Pain before they kind of blew up. What was it or what is it that you see in people or what's that defining factor that you're like, OK, this person, they have it. I have to be working with them. Man.


I think the IT factor you can never describe is just you you just don't know until you see it and you're like, oh shit, that's it. Like that that you like. It's not so hard. It's almost like an instinct like you run down the street and some tells you to make a left turn, but then you don't follow your instinct, you make a right turn and then something bad happens and you're like, damn, I knew I should've made that left.


My instincts told me that's how it is with finding a superstar. Your instincts tells you, oh, shit, that's a star right there. You just know I don't know how to explain it. I just.


So you felt it when you first saw Lady Gaga. You're like, OK, that's it. Like, she's going to be incredible.


Oh, 100 percent from the moment I met her. But then she made it. She confirmed it when she went in to boost the demo, the song out. That's when I was like, oh yes, this chick is a star.


Is there somebody that you've met that you've been like, I don't know. And you kind of passed on them and then you saw a couple of years later they blew up. And you're like, shit, man, I wasn't right that day.


Yeah. And every day I'd be like, damn, how did I miss that one? But it was great. Oh, really?


Well, no, I'm with you. I agree with you. So so what was the what was your first introduction to Drake? You you like heard him. You saw him and you're like, nope. Not going to have it. No, no.


Actually this was before years before I even met Drake, I had an artist named Cardinal Official and he was also from Canada. And Carti brought me a mix tape that he did before the I think the recording I was the best I ever had. Yeah. So we played with a mix tape, but at the time he didn't sound obviously anything like you. Sounds a day because he sounded more like Eminem type of rapper at that time, you know what I mean?


And in my mind I'm like, yeah, he's a dope rapper, but there's someone out there that kind of the style was super similar and was very like it just wasn't original enough for me.


OK, so, yeah, I mean, looking back on it, that probably cost you tens of millions of dollars. That sucks.


I mean, you're not going to catch them all and you know, you really can't. You really can't. You can say predict someone's growth because everyone grows differently. And boy, did that boy grow because I mean, even I think that was a mom would still be around thought that Trey Songz was going to be bigger than Drake. You know, no one's anticipated Drake's growing the way he grew. Like right now, he's probably one of my favorite rappers.


If I had to pick one.


Yeah, that's that's wild. That that that is like your coaching career almost is that you've got Lady Gaga and all those people that have kind of like followed you long what what type of mentorship to provide to them to like help them reach that star status?


Well, it's more so just kind of polishing and like injecting the confidence and what they already have because you really can't like I always I always disagree when people say, well, they can make people or I made you or because of me, you wouldn't be who you are. Always believe that people have natural talents. And you you got to help them discover that talent within themselves, because once they get that confident, then they can man their show. You positive that you never even saw was even there.


You know what I mean? That was kind of hinders artists from getting to that place is that lack of fearlessness and that lack of confidence. I think the moment they acquired those two parts, man, sky's the limit as to how far they can go.


Can we talk real quick about your city that you're building? You're building a future futuristic city in Africa that has its own cryptocurrency called a coin. Now, did you do this whole thing? Because a coin is just like the perfect game for cryptocurrency. You're. I got to build a cryptocurrency, might as well build the city around that. Well, it was actually is almost in that order, almost in that order. So I got involved in cryptocurrency back in 2013 14 when I met Brock peers.


At the time, he was one of the biggest Bitcoin holders. And he is very influential in the Bitcoin world, considered to be one of the founders of a group of other founders. But he's like super impactful in that space. And a guy named Ken Rakowski who actually introduced me to him. So he kind of school me to what it was, how it was moving. And at the time, I saw how digital payments were growing really fast.


Can they work because they were already doing it in Africa, you know, but they hadn't reached in America yet to that level. So I kind of already understood the concept. But then when he walked me through the process of how Bitcoin worked the back end and then, you know, gave me the idea of what all black chain meant and how would actually reach, you know, was impactful to the platform itself. That's what I was like, oh, this is the solution for Africa.


So I said I got to create my own African coin. So I called it the A coin for African coin.


It just so happens. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I was like, this was meant for me. This is perfect.


You know, the thing it all kind of rolled together, but then you have a coin. You all in mind is a utilization utilizations coin. So I have to have something you can utilize it towards. Right. You can't have a coin and you can spend it or you can't use it towards anything of value. So my whole idea is I want to tokenized not only the entrepreneurs all throughout Africa and the resources of Africa already has to get, but something on everyday, basic, everyday life.


We start to realize that you can go to certain parts of villages and people were using their cell phone minutes as currency, like they will go in and buy some fish and then transfer like maybe 10 minutes of cell phone minutes for the purchase of that. That's how crazy and how you can say how unconfident they were of the local dollar. So that's what I said. OK, we need to create not only the A coin, but we want to create what we now call the atomic swap, where you can actually take your cell phone minutes and you can actually convert those to actually eight coins and speal real currency.


And when you travel outside of Africa, those to have and hold the same value, we Tomac swap just barazani.


That's very cool. So it's how you like that. Yes, I really like it. How is the city going.


Where are you in terms of the the building of the city like the Old City, it took about five years to materialize to where we are today. It's an eight billion dollar project. But then we had we brought it down to a six billion dollar project just last month. We were able to secure the six billion dollars for the city. So now we have everything in order, including the master plan of the city. And come January of twenty, twenty one, we start construction.


So first phase, which will be in three phases of your year project. First phase is the first three years. Will you be able to after the first phase of the first building project, you'll be able to fly into the city, have fun work and play by twenty, twenty four. What a plan.


Well I mean like you talk about dreaming big, I mean eight billion dollars is more than six million. Budget also takes ACORN. Yeah, exactly. So you are building an entire city. What goes along with that for you. Like do you become king of that city or when you fly in, like what type of rights do you get there?


Yeah. So what I'm trying to do is make it a free zone. Where is a tax free zone? And also I'm trying to set it up to where when you come into ACORN, I mean, ACORN City, you also come in, you can actually apply for your own passport to the city. So it becomes a city independent of the city that is actually sitting in. And we want to do it all throughout Africa and eventually one day take it outside of America, I mean, outside of Africa, into America and also into certain places like India, China and other places in Latin America.


But to ask your question, yeah, I would be considered pretty much the king of the city because I will be only so sorry.


You said that you want people to fly and have fun. What does that look like? What is your vision for the city?


Oh, man, the city is crazy. Like we have a tech district where you got all the make up that will be based in there. We're working out now partnerships now. You know, we want the world to have to be able to come and be to visit the Amazon or the Googles of the Apples of the world or the Alibaba of the world. Places like that was all tech hubs and stuff like that. Then we have the entertainment side of it.


Where are we going to have recording studios for music, film studios for film development and things of that nature. And then, of course, we got mad soundstages for their stadiums, for football games, whether it's soccer or football or wherever and things like that, and also major concerts as well. And then we have the theme park section where's all family friendly. So it was like a small mini Disney World that's connected to that's all. All the tourists come.


They could bring their children, keep them busy. You know, I'm saying that we also have the business district where just all Fortune 500 companies know major Fortune, five companies that does looking for bases within Africa. They could actually set their home base. All of Africa right there in ACoNs City and be, you know, pretty much open and have access to everything that actually, you know, just wrapped around it. So it's pretty much a 360 concept idea.


We'll also have hospitals in their own police department, own fire department and of real infrastructure that actually goes through the whole process. And we're also about to kill everybody because we're trying to get the Hyperloop, which is a train system that gets from A to Z within seconds. Like like I don't know if you guys read up on the Hyperloop, but it's one of the things that I get you from like one point to about five miles in like two or three seconds little.


I should wait.


That is that Elon Musk? Have you been talking? Have you been working with Elon Elon?


Actually, I think I don't want to go too far with this information because some of it is qualified. I mean, what they call confidential, but and some of it might be true, might not be true. But there has been some real conversations as to what's name now now managing the project and bought it from Elon. What's the name, the one own version, Richard Branson.


Yeah, right now. Is the Richard Branson concept an idea? I think Elon is still attached to it somehow. But, you know, I know my people when they were talking, they were talking amongst those to those two people there.


So this project sounds like something I would come up with if I was, like, really high in a room with my friends. And the next morning I'd wake up the next day and be like, that was a cool conversation, but I'm never going to take any steps towards doing it right, because it's actually like an insane amount of work to do. Have you thought about just like stopping it? I bet I bet that would be a rush if you were just like, nah, you know what?


Never mind. I'm going to give up. Like, it seems like a lot of points along the way that you could give up on this.


Yeah. The thing is, like to me, it was more about the adventure. Right. And it never started to become a project of this magnitude. It started off as, you know, buying the land and started building real estate on it and things like this. As time went on, I did start to splurge. You know, we started to expand even wider, start to figure out how we can scale it out and how we can make it bigger.


And in time, it just became this big. But I think it's all about collaboration. You know, treat my business ventures just the same way I treat music. You know, you don't really have or know anything in that space. You hire professionals in that space and just paint them with their words and you won't get your full value out of it. And before you know it, they bring in other professionals that actually adds to it. And you have a full team that's really just working for you and then becomes your vision that they're helping you execute them.


And so I'm assuming that you're going to be able to purchase Eikon ringtones with ACORN. That way you get the transaction fee as well.


So what I want yeah, your ringtones, ringback tones, all the pictures, you've already got a Gucci store in there.


I'm looking at a picture of your city, pretty and the major hot top, top brands.


They're all going to be within the shopping district. So when you go there, you won't miss a beat like. But the difference is you're going to discover stuff over there and designs over that you would never see anywhere else in the world. Because, I mean, one of the most amazing, craziest out of the space and I was world type design is all African men and stop and stuff that they come up with mentally. It's just our team, them up with real design designers and top notch, you know, like brands with those type of designs.


It's all exclusive to Eikon city. I guarantee you you're going to go out there coming back looking crazy. Are you going have a sports team? Oh, yeah. We plan to do that, too, because I don't know if you know that NBA Africa has now been active. So I've been a part of that in the beginning of the stages. So we all plan to also have a team that I'm working on and speaking to NBA Africa about it constantly to have his own team as well.


Do you know what the team name is going to be?


I haven't figured that out yet, but it's going to be related to convict somehow.


OK, God damn doesn't. What a cool idea. I don't think that people necessarily know that. But when they think about the dude that sings don't matter. He's also the guy that brought electricity to, what, fourteen countries in Africa. So you've actually executed on some of this before. Is it at fourteen now?


We're at 16 countries all throughout Africa. We have pilots everywhere there. And the whole idea for that, as you know, was to electrify the rural areas and the villages and places where people didn't have access and end up becoming a for profit business now where we were actually a full, like utilized utilization tool for energy there. So we have a full energy company now. So it's like and we also we were so successful in Africa that we created our company here in America where we're doing it on a utility scale as well, where we're in Texas and also in Arizona doing about two point, I think, three gigawatts of electricity that we're doing through solar to provide electricity.


And now we're working on a full unfollowed project. Now, what would decommission all the coal plants and turning them into solar, solar and renewable sources of energy?


So let's just say flashforward like 60, 70 years, maybe it's thousand ninety or something like that. What do you want? What does ACN want to? Be known by when this is when when your life's over, when people are remembering your career and your life, do you want to be known as a musician, as an entrepreneur? As ringtone? Yeah, all these people that will be walking around that were probably conceived to your songs, what do you what do you want them to think about when they hear the name Eikon?


Well, I think it's going to be all of the above, but in the end of it, I just want them to say, wow, you do made a huge impact. Like he really made an impact. And then when they say, well, how did he make an impact? There's a list of things that they can mention to say this is how he did it. Wow.


So I had another music question I've always been curious about, like how the collaboration works, whether it be you collaborating on someone else's album or they collaborating on your album. How does that work? Do you always have that in mind? Like, all right, I want to work with X, Y and Z. I have to then do something for them. Or how does that all kind of play out?


Well, it's interesting because it's really a mixture of all of the above. Again, in the beginning, when I first started, my collaboration was very tactical. I had to find like I had to think about everything. So I was very strategic as to how and who collaborated in the beginning, because ultimately I did it to gain a fan base so I would look at all my pieces and see what I was getting airplay and where I was super popular in areas where I wasn't as popular.


Then I will collaborate with the most popular artists in that area to be introduced by that market. So that's how I was able to grow as fast as I did. And then once you get there, you start to create all these friends that you collaborate with in the past and it becomes something that's fun for you guys to just do it. And then on a business level, of course, when you don't know people as well as you do, you charge them whatever your fee is, and then he charges you, whatever his fee is.


At that moment, we want it to charge each other because it wasn't coming from our pocket. The label was paying for it. So we will make money for each other, you know what I mean? Yeah, but now direct to consumer and everything is so independently done, it's like if we come out of pocket is literally coming out of our pocket. So now we do what you call a basic swap. I do a song for you, you do a song for me.


And then we split the royalties or publishing or wherever down the middle.


Oh, that's cool. OK, so yeah, in today's, you know, in the age of digital music, I've always heard that the artists are getting the short end of the stick more and more on this. I'm sure that this is something that you've thought about is like how how does the music industry self correct so that all the money isn't going either to a big corporation that is the platform for it or the record labels, especially now, since you can't tour, like, how have you kind of seen the future of the music industry taking shape in a way that could benefit the artists?


Well, the only way it benefits the artists is if the artist is independent. But that's only if the artist is already an A-list artist, already has a name or audience for themselves, then the independent independent route is the best way to go. Somebody like me, definitely independent. One thousand percent. If it's an artist that's unknown and needs to build that base, then attach themselves to a label or some kind of organization or brand is the best way for them to go.


So you almost have to sacrifice yourself to become valuable enough to do it yourself. But but if you start with someone from the beginning, I think it's only right to allow them to attach and somehow participate in future earnings because they did contribute to helping you get to where you are. But I guess that's that's the person, a person morale or that person's, you know, integrity to an extent. But if they just a shrewd businessman, they will probably utilize the label of someone as a stepping stone to get to that point, then completely branch off to do their own thing.


So I had one last question has been awesome. And everyone should listen to ACoNs new mixtape, which is out now. Make sure you do that. So my last question, it's called Ain't No Peace, by the way. So my last question, it's the zip recruiter question. With the seamless experience from start to finish, just like this question, Zipora takes care of your recruiting right now. You can try Zipp recruiting for free at Zipp recruiter dotcom slash take.


This is kind of a dumb question. It's a zip recruiter question, but it's a dumb question. You were the first solo artist to hold both the number one and two spots simultaneously on the Billboard Hot 100. Was there ever a moment that you got sick of hearing your own song just constantly played when you were like when it was really hot and it was everywhere you when it was ACORN, ACORN, ACORN, was there ever a moment like, let's listen to something else?


Well, to be honest, I was tired of hearing my voice. Yeah. Yeah, you were everywhere. Everywhere.


It wasn't a station I would turn to because sometimes I would try I would try to turn to even an AM station that just escaped. And even the stations, they would do talk breaks and then they may have one song that may play within four or five hours. And it happens to be one of my songs.


And I'm like, oh, right, right. I mean, I was everywhere. That's why it had gotten to the point where I just stopped listening to music altogether because I would have to hear it everywhere I went, whether I was in a restaurant or bowling. Or, you know, and then on top of everyone being everybody here myself, I would have constant tours and shows where I had to also sing it to. Yes, you know, believe me when I tell you.


And every every phone that I was next to, if they had a ringtone, most likely was one of my songs. So imagine hearing my high pitched voice when I took that break and went back to Africa. It was like it was perfect, you know? So it kind of allowed me to kind of reset a little bit. But yeah, to ask you a question, I did get out of hearing.


So that's when when they were number one and two simultaneously. Were you rooting for one song over the other to be number one?


Dude, I didn't even know what that meant at the time. I just thought, OK, of smack that one. No one else gets what I want to love you also. Number one, I didn't know I didn't even know it was fine to get flop swaps. Like, I had no idea what was going on until they came and they said, you know what just happened? I was like, no. Do you got your number on both your songs, number one and number two at the same time?


And then they swap places. Then the other number two is number one. And number one.


That's awesome. That's awesome about it. The data option. Yeah. Yeah, it's incredible. Well, Eikon this has been awesome, man. We really appreciate it, everyone. Like I said, go listen to ACORN's new mixtape, Ain't No Peace. And we're excited for the city. I'm I want to go to the city. Yes. When it's ready to go. I want to go to the city.


Now, let's listen. I can't wait to host you guys, man. I'm super excited, bro.


Can you gamble on sports there? They got listen, we got everything set up all the way. And no, this will seem crazy and a lot of people don't even know. But we don't have in a city one of the biggest surfing conventions in the city. So if you guys are in the surfing that bro and I know the son of God right now in all of Africa is one of the biggest surfing destinations in the world, in the world.


OK, above all, I'm everywhere.


I'm not into surfing, but I'll get into surfing for I go visit your city. You got it. You got me. And you want to I'm like, I'm serious with that surf. And people don't know that.


OK, I know this sounds awesome. You've thought of everything. All right. Well, are you going to run for president?


If I do run, it's probably going to be either twenty twenty five or twenty twenty nine.


Well, neither of those are election years, so you'll probably win or twenty twenty eight. OK, I like don't I. I think I'd be cool to just run for president in years when there's not an election. Yeah. Just do your own thing. Have you ever had an idea and been like no that's too crazy.


That's too wild. I'm not going to do that now.


You know, I've actually got I've never know, you know, what I did one time. And that was to skydive. I said, oh, yeah, I'm a do it. Then I got on the plane, went 30000 feet in the sky. It was a ten thousand ten. Yeah, it was ten thousand feet in the sky. And I said, no, I'm not going to do it. But then I got all the way up there and felt like a plus yes or no.


I came this fall. I got to go do it. And then I finally did it. And then now no matter where I go in the world, I always got to find if they got sky diving, I'll hop off the plane.


What, so now you're just skydiving, too? It's amazing.


I've done it once, but that's the only time I ever need to do it. I'm never doing it again.


Do it depends on where you do it. And if you do it in an area where it's cold, the experience is different. But when you do an area like Dubai or the Middle East, Africa or someplace where it's naturally hot, it's I don't know what it is. I think because the heat, it allows you to float slower because somehow the heat kind of keeps you to what you can kind of manage. It's rising up.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's but it's a different experience. It's like you're floating.


Well, I love all your ideas. Eikon, you're like Elon Musk is looking up to outer space. He's like, I'm going to go explore that planet. I'm going to go land on this asteroid and try to fuck it. You're like, I'm focused on Earth. There's so much stuff that I can do down here. And it sounds like you've been very successful. So I wish you the best. I can't wait to visit Econ City and spend like a thousand dollars worth of equipment every minute.


So I'm a sucker. I'm the person that you want to go visit. Eikon city.


Yes. I'll give you that people love it, love it. All right, well, thank you so much. They can really appreciate it, man. Now you got it.


Thank you so much for that. Interview with Akon was brought to you by Norton 360 with LifeLock in these challenging times. It's amazing that we can stay so connected. And you've probably been relying on your Wi-Fi connections more than usual. So between working from home shopping online or binge watching your favorite show on your devices, your private info is more exposed than ever. And cyber criminals keep finding new ways to take it. Every time you bank, every time you shop, every time you browse online, you can be vulnerable to cyber criminals.


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All right, let's finish up with a couple of segments and Billy's list. By the way, Hank, that was dirty what you just did. Hank just texted me a text. The group, if the Lakers advance past the first round, they plan to wear Black Mamba jerseys to honor Kobe Bryant in the following rounds.


Respected. So that means that after I just went on that rant about how the players have no chance, the players will absolutely win and then they'll never wear the jerseys. Well, yeah. And Laker Dan will strike again.


That sounds like I just said it'd be a shame, which wouldn't be blazers in five.


Oh, I revise my prediction. Oh, Bliss five. Yeah. Keep talking. I'll drop it to four.


Oh fucking crazy. You won't do it. Blazers in five still.


OK, we have talking soccer. Messi. Messi got his shit push.


He's the only guy on the field he wants to do so. He's gonna throw and catch, cannot kick and throw the ball and we can at the same time or.


Yeah but he can't stop. He can't play defense and offense the same. He can't stop. It goes from Bayern Munich. That was stop whatever gets.


You know who wasn't playing on Friday. Renaldo is already out. He's out. Yeah, but Messi now wants to transfer. He wants to it even though he's got another year. Let's get some with some winners. Why doesn't Messi go to MLS? Hmm.


He's Landow needs the guy. There you go. What? He's like thirty three. Oh, he's right. About that time he would fucking wreck the MLS.


They should just give Messi in MLS team. Yes. I'd be like, hey, bring bring me whoever you want.


They make them out of thin air. Yes. Yeah. Here, Messi, you get the Youngstown penguins, they go, boom, done.


And you don't have to worry about the tax evasion charges that everybody gets in soccer. You're single year.


No, you actually they should give him a team in Delaware. Boom tax haven messe. You get the Delaware Fightin Dells. Yeah. The Delaware. Delaware, yeah.


DOMAs. Oh nice. Nice. I like that. Yeah.


Messe I hope, I hope he does eventually come to the MLS. I'm sure that he will in like seven years once he's totally washed up. Yeah. But they're saying he might go to man said your menu and that was talking to Talibe.


Cool down for it. I need my guy, I need my goat to be with some winners.


If the loser if you don't think he's the goat then you're a fucking idiot. Yes. Fucking stupid. I also have a Mike Greenberg's dumb rules this just came across. Yeah. So this is per Jon Heyman said, new MLB covid rule players who test positive can apply to return to play in ten days, even if they continue to test positive, but still need MLB joint committee, OK, and they're very likely to be allowed back after fourteen days.


Even with continuing positives, reasoning contagiousness dissipates. So baseball I guess is like twenty steps ahead of the rest of the world when it comes.


I'm actually. You know what? I'm going to give baseball a little bit of credit on this one, because for once they're doing something that doesn't involve just like slapping an extra DH on there and calling that how they're addressing it. Yes. OK, so verbal meme, good up the tank of water. Is everything going to shit? And then the tape that's going to flex steel that's going over it is more Rob Manfred's brain.


Yeah, he's he's got a lab coat on and he's figured out this covid thing just fucking loves DHS.


Yeah. UFC, by the way, we should at least talk about it. The Époque fight fellow is shit. And now everyone obviously saw Step AIDS. I spoke with Cormie because we had poked him in the eye. Earlier in the flight, right, so it was a little like, hey, even of all fair in love and war, we can just poke the fuck out of each other.


But that thing was NuQ Sudeep to the knuckles.


He found the G spot in Daniel Cormier's brain. That was a nasty look. And then even after the fight Cormie I was like, yeah, I still can't see on my left eye. Yeah.


I ever again that look like that was like billion is Frogs'. Yeah.


That's how hard he went and got, he got really deep in there.


Yes. I think you left a ring behind. Hopefully Daniel Cormie doesn't die like Bertha. Would you rather get poked in the eye, be a frog who got fingered by Billy? No. Or have somebody stomp on your foot in an animal fight?


Oh, I would say stomped on the foot. Yeah, probably. Yeah, yeah. Poke the eye.


You're just never right again. The nice part about getting fingered by Billy, if you're a frog, is at least you die afterwards. So you have to think about it too much. Yeah, that's true.


I'm officially unemployable.


Oh, that's that happened a long time ago, my friend. All right. Last subplots to Billy's list. Oh, yeah. Take a look at the old package here, but let's see the packet's.


A-Rod, clear cut, favorite to buy the Mets from the Alex Jones Times. Mm hmm.


Let's see. None of these are really.


Billy, did you put anything about the fire tornado on here? Well, fire. Tornado was wild. That is the story of weather. Hey, dude, like 20, 20 is not bad enough.


Put that on your bingo card. Yeah, 20, 20.


Is there anything about storms? That's another one that's getting the cheap like the Cormie steep époque. Steep 20-20 Daniel Cormier. All of us. It's those are free.


That's free cloud online folks. It's going to be something out. We've got the 20 20.


It's going to be so sweet on January 1st when everything starts to kick ass again.


Yeah. All right. Here's a good one. Let's finish with this. How strong? Regardless, I generally strong guerrilla's are four to nine times stronger than the average male human being.


According to Guinness Book of Records, silverback gorilla can lift up to eighteen hundred pounds of dead weight.


In comparison, a well-trained human being can lift a maximum of four hundred and ten kilograms. Nine hundred pounds. This is a very rough calculation. There are many variables to consider, but it gives us good general picture.


How do we know that there are there gyms in nature that be hundred pounds? We think about this.


A gorilla is never trained in bodybuilding. That's true powerlifting. So never got him on a cycle. So think about how much they could lift it. They train.


Yeah, it's fucked up that whenever we get an awesome gorilla in captivity, we just teach it sign language and give it a cat that's going to die eventually. Right. Instead of just putting it in a gym and being like, yo, get some, get depressed, dude. Yeah, spot me. All right.


That's a good way to end the show, Billy, that you have. We'll see everyone Wednesday. We're going to run on Wednesday.


We got a lot of stuff. Yeah, we got a lot of we got a lot of people have to have a sidebar. Yes, we have a lot of people.


But yes, maybe someone from the list. Maybe someone from which list. No.


Oh yeah. Maybe someone from the list. But actually never mind. Probably, but never mind. Probably don't worry about it. The Civil War. Danny Woodhead is still on the list.


Yeah, OK, got it. And also Wednesday be ready because we're probably do double sorgi Sorrell's. Yeah. Patty and I are going to.


All your dreams are coming true folks and going to take a shower live together.


We hit the meme pressors there. Yeah. I love you guys.


I'm warning you, Billy, you're sitting Shiva right now. It's going to be me today.


I honestly I think you have a leg up on him.


Oh, jeez. Enough of that. Would you like this song about a dead frog? Your frog is fucking dead, dude. She is of the essence.


Imagine it as a frog anyway. What a bitch.


Any other any thoughts, Billy? No, I'm like upset. You're upset that your frog standard that we made fun of it.


Now that the Internet's going to be telling me that I fuck frogs. No, you don't fucking me. Just your finger sucks anyway.


Love you guys talking. I don't know what else to do with today's unobtainium. He was set up by the Wilhite and willing to make a deal when he came across this young man picking the guitar and playing it as the devil jumped up on a crystal ball. Let me tell you what I guess you didn't know, but I'm a guitar player, too. And if you care to take this there, I'll make a bet with you. You're pretty damn good, drummer boy, but give the devil his due out better guitar.


Gold Against Your Soul says I'm better than you. But the boy said, My name is Johnny and it might be a sin, but I'll take your bet. You're going to regret I'm the best that's ever been said. Needless to say, in. And he pulled that pic across strings and made an evil hiss and a fan of demythologising. It sounded just like this the same day, just like. Until after that. Let me show you how to forgive me.


It's pardon my take presented by barstool sports.