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On today's part of my take, we have a two fer. We have Julian Edelman, Super Bowl champion, AFC Championship Weekend veteran, talking about Tom Brady, talking about his career. He's not retiring.


And then we have, by my estimation, like that. Well, he's not retiring, then retiring. Tune in late May find out maybe. And then we have, by my estimation, the greatest baseball player of all time. Yeah, I said it, Greg Maddux. Whoa. OK, well, I guess we talk about that as well when he goes up against Barry Bonds. So awesome interview with Mad Dog. Great to interviews. We also have a preview of Championship Sunday Fire Fest.


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So go download the cash app right now. Use Code Bar so you get ten dollars free, ten dollars to ask, download it, download it, download the cash app. OK, let's go. Now, in the street violence, I'm not having an abortion, I'm all, oh, I'll do you get high. Oh, sounds to like to. Yeah.


Welcome to part of my take presented by the cash up to go download right now use code so you get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars to ASPCA. Today is Friday. Thank you. Friday, January 22nd and ding ding ding. Gum it down. Gum it, it just gets the stew out of me. Philip Rivers has retired. It's probably the most depressed I've ever been about a retirement of a player that doesn't play for one of my teams.


It's a bunch of horse mess. I was sick too when I saw it. I mean, this is a guy that has given so much joy to us and defensive backs on Sunday afternoons. I'm going to be I'm going to be missing him next year. I mean, hopefully we can get Jamous or a quarterback that is of his same ilk to provide us with the same type a type of late Sunday drama.


But, yeah, this is one of those where were you moments like now I, I feel old now when I feel like I'm 29 years old.


It absolutely. You're twenty nine. I'm thirty five going on 50. I, I had a moment where it happened, I processed it, I tweeted some of my favorite clips and then I said to myself, wait, I'm actually kind of really upset about this because Philip Rivers and I was thinking about I was trying to understand my emotions. I was really trying to get in touch. This is great too. That, like the most emotional thing that happens to us is a football player retires, I would say man card.


But I think in this circumstance you're allowed to cry during the national anthem and when Philip Rivers retires.


So I was I was trying to do some self-diagnosis, really looking in. It's it's you know, mental health is in the news every day. We're in tune with our emotions.


So I was wondering why I feel this way, because we also had, you know, Eli Manning, retired, Peyton Manning, retired guys who have been part of our NFL Sundays for many, many years. But the difference is when Eli Manning retired, we knew it was kind of over when Peyton Manning retired, even though he won a Super Bowl, it was kind of over. Philip Rivers wasn't Philip Rivers in the last few years.


His arm strength wasn't there, but he still was a joy to watch and he was still fun and his teams were still competitive. So it feels like, you know, I'm happy that he's going out on his terms. I'm happy that we won't get some, like, terrible, terrible year. Philip Rivers, where we all it just gets sad.


But I still think he could have played another year. So that's why it hurts me. And there are so many Sundays where he was we made the joke many, many times, but he was the anchor to Sunday at six thirty seven o'clock. After watching so much football all weekend long, Phil Rivers was there trying to lead a furious comeback, trying to bring the Chargers or the Colts this last year back and win a game in a hilarious fashion. And we thank him.


And I'm sad. I actually went and looked up a stat he led, I think it was by over one hundred the amount of passes thrown in the fourth quarter when his team is down one score in the last ten years. And is that not the most perfect Jagow Rivers stat you've ever seen? And I'm pulling it up. Here it is. It is. Six hundred and four. The next closest one is Matt Ryan at five hundred and sixty.


So that's Philip Rivers and I love them forever.


Well, the only reason Matt Ryan isn't even higher than that is because, like, he doesn't throw that many passes when they're behind. He throws a shitload of passes when they're ahead and then very few at the end when they give up the lead. So he only gets like two passes in late in the fourth quarter with Philip Rivers.


He is missed her first, second and third quarter and then the fourth quarter. Actually, that is where you get the most distilled version of Philip Rivers. And it's hard to put a pin on when Philip Rivers was at his peak.


Like if I were to ask you what year where we had peaked, Philip Rivers, I don't really know when that was because I remember the stuff like him lying on his back and jumping up in the air like a bullfrog that's getting fucked more than I do. The really, really good Philip Rivers, where he got to the AFC championship game.


So pick Philip Rivers to me, started when he was playing that game against the Broncos. And Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers are screaming at each other across the sidelines. I think that was his arrival were like, oh, man, this is going to be fun. I do think that AFC championship game, when he played on a torn ACL and, you know, will obviously get to the Hall of Fame debate. But Phil Rivers had some bad luck.


It's a team sport. It's actually crazy. To look at the numbers and realize how like your career and, you know, I think you'll eventually get in the Hall of Fame, he's not a first ballot Hall of Famer. I think he will eventually get it. But he obviously will get dinged for the lack of playoff wins in the lack of a signature win and the lack of a Super Bowl.


But when you actually look at it with Philip Rivers versus Eli Manning versus Ben Roethlisberger, Eli and Ben both have two Super Bowls. Philip Rivers was the better quarterback in terms of numbers throughout his career. So it's I don't know. I just he was such a and honestly, if I were in the Hall of Fame committee, if David Baker was our boss, I would be like, OK, all your numbers mean nothing to me. Like, he was so much fun to watch.


I don't really care. Like, I can't think of football the last 20 years without Philip Rivers. And yeah, he was never the greatest quarterback in the league because he played with Brady and Peyton and all these guys and Brees at the height of their abilities. But he was the most fun for a very long time.


So I think that there actually does need to be a hall of very good people. Forget that it's the Hall of Fame and not the hall of very good. But we should make the hall a very good and put people like him and like Matt Schaub fun guys, people that that gave us moments in football, that gave us years and memories that that we can't just like let be lost to the sands of time that need to be memorialized in some way, even if they're not good enough to get into the Hall of Fame.


And I actually I do think that Philip Rivers should be a Hall of Famer. I agree with you on that. I think. Yeah, I mean, it's fun to go back and say, like, what if the Chargers had drafted Eli Manning and he didn't hold out and demand a trade to the Giants?


I mean, that that to me, I think that Philip Rivers would have won more Super Bowls and Eli Manning did.


Yeah. And so here's another stat to back it up. So Robert Mays tweeted this out. Rank and EPA expected. I think what's EPA expected points added is that since two from twenty six to twenty, twenty or twenty twenty, Philip Rivers was six. Overall, Big Ben was twelve, Eli was thirty five. So like, yes, Super Bowl smatter. I'm not saying they don't, they clearly do. Like Ben and Eli have those Super Bowls.


Those guys are first ballot Hall of Famers because of their Super Bowls. But my argument would be Philip Rivers still deserves to be in the Hall of Fame eventually because it is a team sport. And he was you know, he was part of some very good teams, never got all the way, you know, to the top of the mountain. But that also is I like that's also kind of perfectly Philip Rivers, too, you know what I mean?


Like, the whole story is perfect. And his retirement statement to Adam Schefter and to the league was so funny when he he said, I appreciate the opposing defenses, making it challenging physically and mentally every week. I also enjoyed the banter. I appreciate the referees for putting up with all my fussing. I think I was right most of the time. Dadgum it and like that. Philip Rivers, it is in his retirement statement, he thanked the defenses and the referees and his seventeen children.


And that's perfect.


Philip Rivers, Philip Rivers, the story of a man who tried and tried as you might keep climbing that hill but never reached the climax. That's I think that's what we always think of when we think of Phil. I think that after he retires, he should definitely I mean, there's talk about him going into the booth. And I think it'd be awesome on television. I think if Philip Rivers would be a he's going to go home, try to coach high school football, try to do that.


And then he's going be like, shit, I got all these kids. This is a real pain in the ass having to be a dad all the time. So I better do something that takes me at least out of the house for three or four days week.


I think he's going to be a football coach forever and he's going to win like a million Alabama, you know, class five state titles and whatnot. Also, let's just throw this out there, because this one needs to be said. Two hundred and forty consecutive starts. That's fucking insane. Brett Favre obviously has the record. But just think about how physically taxing an NFL season is and how many, like how hard it must be to play that many games in a row, never missing one played on an ACL and the AC DC on the AFC championship game like that should be mentioned in the Phil Rivers story.


And that that game streak, it's almost as impressive as any number streak you're in. I mean, like it's almost as impressive as any touchdown streak or past completion, anything like that. Playing that many games, the NFL consecutively is fucking incredible.


Yeah. I mean, Eli, have when when Ben McAdoo pulled him out for that one game for really no reason. I don't know.


Let me see, Eli. I mean, obviously, Eli, but there's actually a lot of games.


But there's Phillip also had some games where he was like, I'm just not going to not be the starter today, like, regardless of how I'm feeling. So he was just a guy that's like you can never lose your job if you never let the next guy in. Yeah. Two hundred and ten.


Two hundred. Ten was Eli to forty was Philip Rivers and Eli. I mean we joked about it, but it did have the last few years where he self sacked for preservation. Yeah. Maybe if I take as many hits. Mr. Stats. Dan stats.


You have Philip Rivers career. Winning percentage. Oh, I don't you I don't have it in front of me, I just remember that Eli was perfect 500, right? Yeah, no, I do have it. Actually, I lied. Eli was one hundred and seventeen and one hundred and seventeen. Philip Rivers was one thirty four and 106. There you have it. Big Ben was obviously on a lot better teams. One fifty six and seventy four.


I just think again, I'm not saying that Philip Rivers, you can sit here and be like he was better than Big Ben or Eli. Statistically he was. But obviously super rules matter. They absolutely matter. He just should be in the whole thing again. It should be. He was more fun than Eli Manning.


Yeah. And Eli Manning was fun. He was very good. There's a lot of fun against Eli Manning.


But Philip Rivers, he you're right. This was like the funnest quarterback class of all time. All time. And Philip Rivers was head and shoulders above the others. Yeah. So. All right. So we say goodbye to a legend, but good news. You know, as one birth happens or one death happens, a birth happens. We get Dan Campbell, head coach Dan Campbell. Now, he was an interim head coach for a while for the Dolphins there.


But holy shit, was that not the greatest press conference of all time? If you missed it, Dan Campbell was hired as new Lions head coach. He did a press conference where he accent. He accidentally swore and then he had the quote, we're going to kick you in the teeth. And when you punch us back, we're going to smile at you. And when you knock us down, we're going to get get up and on the way up, we're going to bite a kneecap off.


Does Dan Campbell think he's coaching actual lions?


He thinks he's coaching war. He's going to war up there. I do take exception. We said another birth happens.


Dan Campbell was not he was not born. He was forged. This is a dude that came out in iron and twisted steel. He is my favorite interim coach of all time. I'd even put him above Jim Tomsula. Oh, coach.


Terms of Kocho was well coached, has kind of risen above that.


He wanted so much play when he was interim.


But Dan Campbell, I think, is the ultimate essence of an interim head coach. And this press conference was perfect. His whole mentality basically is we're going to be more physical than you. He's was just always ready to engage another human being physically. He's just like always on the lookout for that. And he just his mentality is that of like a porcupine. He's like, you're going to kick our ass. But you know what? We're really going to make you hurt when you do it.


You're going to hate you're going to hate beating the lions.


Yes. And he also, you know, people obviously are clowning on it because I think we pointed this out last week that the first thing that Patricia did with the Lions was run the Oklahoma drill. The first thing Dan Campbell did with the Dolphins when his interim head coach was run the Oklahoma drill. But I think the way that did Campbell presents it is going guys will buy in more than they did with Matt. Patricia, because Matt Patricia had a little bit of an arrogance to him, a little bit of, hey, I was with Belichick.


I know what I'm saying. Dan Campbell is just a dude. So much so on his office door. It just said the dude. It's a Dan Campbell, the dude. He is he is a guy. And I don't know if it will last forever. And he has to clearly hire some smart people around him. But he's a guy. If you polled the NFL, I guarantee you there would be a majority of NFL players being like, I love to play for a guy like that.


Yeah, I think his players will absolutely like him and enjoy it. The only thing is if he gets you know, if it's a four and 12 season, that might be a little bit much at the end of the year to have, like Dan, basically tying you to a chariot and riding you around practice, you know, for the last game of the year. But I think, you know, the Batalla, he needs to bring back the metalhead practice.


Would you call him Dan Talca? Dan Talika? I like I like Dan Tarah. Dan Terriers. Pretty sweet because because he used to be he was a cowboy from hell. And I know that that's like a Texas band and they're fucking that. If I were listening to Danta, chances are I'm getting to fight that day like they're going to be I think they're going to be like three to four all out training camp brawls this summer.


And Danta is going to fucking love it. He's going to eat it up and they're going to hug after.


Yeah, yeah. Oh, brawl. And they're all going to be like, dude, that was awesome. We're fucking team now. Yeah.


Whereas if you got into a brawl with Matt Patricia, he would just kind of sit there and smile and smirk and be thinking to himself like this is good that they're doing that. But then he would punish you, I'm sure, after the fact, like we can't be throwing hands at him. Dan Campbell will make the team hug it out, bitch, after every single brawl. So I think they're definitely going to be a physical team.


We're really the ones that are lucky here with Dan Campbell because like, he got a six year deal, big cat, six years, six years is so long for a first time head coach.


And, you know, they never fire guys. Fire people. Yeah, exactly. So I think I think Detroit to Detroit, they tend to be. They do. Yeah. But six years, I don't know. I feel like he's he's got to stick around for at least three of them. Right. Yeah, three.


He gets three. I agree with that. Three. Three feels like we'll get at least three D in Kabul. And I really was like I do think the world works this way where it was sad to lose Phil Rivers and you need a character. For her to take his place and there it is, it's it's Dan Tara, it's Dan Talika and we have Urban. Now, by the way, did you see on a side note, did you see who urban goddesses GM know?


Balki, the guy, Jim Harbaugh. And yeah, he had the biggest feuds ever on their way out in San Francisco. That is such I love that Urban Meyer is bringing Ohio State, Michigan fuds to the NFL with that. It was it was a this league higher if this were the NBA. Yeah, it is a passive aggressive move. It was a direct shot at Harbaugh for really no reason whatsoever.


But fuck that. Yeah, I like a good team. And Nick Saban got our guy. He got he got one of the dogs.


He got Doug Cameron as is what, offensive line coach. Yeah. Offensive line coach, which that's going to be great. Doug on the sideline. I was thinking about that too, because I think the bears are losing their offensive line coach like me. And I wish we had gotten Doug Cameron, but then I realized like it, it really is a genius thing to do for a coach that just got fired because you're going to Alabama and you know you're going to win.


You're going to almost like it's almost a cleanse of your body, because if you're a coach, you got fired. You probably lost a lot. Now you get to go get a cleanse like a nice spa year where you win and dominate the fuck out of everyone else. And it's not like there's going to be any firings in Alabama. The only thing that happens, Alabama, is guys get hired to new jobs. So it's the greatest rehabilitation program of all time.


Nick Saban needs more credit for rehabilitating football guys and setting them back out in the wild.


How quickly do you think it takes to get rehabilitated by saving like if you coach Alabama for two months, do you think you'll get another job right after that? Yeah, I think so.


I think if they win a national title, by the way. So I'm in Detroit right now. Yeah. Everyone's joining me for the weekend, but I'm hearing the pipes right now. It is so loud.


It's so loud in the room. A is in the room with you right now.


Well, they're voice activated. That's the problem. He's a loser, gets a loser.


If he comes back in the room, bring him over to the mic because I feel like he should have to address our listeners.


He's been explained to listeners what it's so loud in here.


He just groaned. I think he was jerking off, which is weird because he actually can't produce come after discectomy no longer nuts. Do you want to address them? No, I've worked on the pipes.


He's worked on the work down the pipe. Yeah. Yeah I heard, I heard you were working on the pipes.


You fucking fucking drain the pipes keep drain the pipes. I said I actually do think that Dan Campbell would implement the ideas that we gave Matt. Patricia, when we were up there talking to them, doing the interview with him, that Matt Patricia just kind of like looked at us, smirked. He was kind of he was a prick and like a lovely way. But if we gave those same ideas to Dan Campbell, he'd be like, I'm going to write all these down because I'll use at least one of them.


Like the idea of of having the factory clock, the punch clock right up to where every day the the lion or the sheep that you ignore because lions don't care about the opinions of them. I think that he could win. Did Campbell would get along very, very well. Swimming.


Yes. Yes. And Nabagesera is one of the weirdest interviews because we had fun with it. We thought it was funny. And then it just didn't translate to the podcast where people were like, man, he was a dick. Like, no, actually, he was he was nice in person. Like, he wasn't it was kind of a jokey way. But that's, you know, Dan Campbell, we will try to interview Dan Campbell. We have a request out there.


Dan Campbell, you probably listen to this show because you're a football guy. What up? First of all, congrats on the hire. That's awesome. Six years. You'll probably be there all six. But also, let us come interview while we're in Detroit.


Yeah, please do. Here's a free recommendation. There's just a taste of some of the stuff that we'll throw at you in person. Just get heavier weights. I don't know why more coaches don't do that. Just I get heavier weights than you currently have in the weight room. Got the silver metal ones. Yeah. Just have you just as long as you can be.


Like we lift heavier weights than any team in the NFL. That's the Dantrell Way. Yeah.


Maybe get the guys doing the Scottish Big League toss that they do help you feel like remember what everyone was. Remember when Sean Payton took his sabbatical and came back and tried to get everyone to do Crosthwaite on the Saints and they all got injured? I think Campbell definitely has some like, hey, we're all going to do Navy SEAL training and everyone's getting injured. That feels like a Dan Campbell move waiting to happen.


Look around. Look at the guy next to you and the guy next to you. Two of you are going to die, too.


We're going to think you're going to throw out your back before training camp even begins.


The only problem might be that he's too alpha. Imagine, imagine, like being an alpha dog because you need a couple alpha dogs on your defense and on your offensive line leadership. Imagine like having a coach that you knew was always going to be alpha over top of you. That might be an issue right there.


Yeah, it's true. I mean, that's that's a good point. Like, you could if he might have to put on some pads, you might have to play he might have to get out there and play and show him how it's done. I hate that either. All right. Let's get to conference champion. Your preview then we got two great interviews, Julian Edelman and Greg Maddox, coming up. Before we do that, Pepsi Pepsi is bringing you a lifetime experience like never before, grabbing skin your Pepsi.


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Actually, once I checked into my hotel room, I had a refrigerator full of Pepsi. So I am good to go for the weekend. Go again. Pepsi halftime dotcom. Thank you to Pepsi, our wonderful sponsor. All right, conference championship. Let's do it. Let's start with the battle, the baize, or as Chris Berman used to call it, the Bay of Pigs, Tom Brady going up to Lambeau. I have talked myself into the bucks, being able to beat the Packers.


No surprise. But I have I have fully talked myself into it. I don't know. I just have talked myself into it. I talked myself into it. I don't think so. I don't think so. I think I think Green Bay is going to be able to handle it pretty easily.


The weather right now, it's scheduled to be twenty nine degrees and snowy in Lambeau Field like that. To me, just that's a Packers win. God is on their side this week.


I have your big cat. Let me just let me try to rephrase it to you in a way that you can accept the fact that the Packers are going to win. Just say like this feels like an Aaron Jones game to me, but they can't.


The Bucs defense is run. Defense is the strength of their defense in Vedova. I don't know if he's going to play. It'd be crazy if he did. But if he plays even half the snaps, that's a nice addition for them. I just here's here's what I like. I look back at the Packers season. They're not frauds. They're clearly not frauds. Aaron Rodgers been playing. He's the MVP. He's been playing an incredible level. I just think it's going to be a coin, I think both of these games are going to be coin flip games that whoever makes a play like late in the fourth quarter, I know this sounds cliche, but it's clearly like this is actually saying something with how good these teams are.


You're not going to have Tom Brady panic. You're not going to have Tom Brady, like, go behind, you know what I mean? Like the Packers game script pretty much every game as they come out hot, they're really good in the first second quarter and then they'll sit on the ball a little bit. Tom Brady is not going to be afraid if they're down 14, nothing right out of the gate. They were down 10 nothing. And they won thirty ten earlier this year.


I have a crazy stat for you that that Hank, you're going to love this. I saw this tweeted out this weekend and we talked about Phil Rivers. It's a team sport. So this is a team sport. Tom Brady obviously has been on some really good teams. But if you took Tom Brady after turning thirty seven years old, he has fourteen playoff wins. Peyton Manning has fourteen drew this Peyton Manning's career, Drew Brees career, Aaron Rodgers and Ben Roethlisberger their entire career versus Tom Brady after he turned thirty seven.


Tom Brady has more playoff wins. And Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, the same amount as Peyton Manning. And like all these stats, it's crazy. He basically has a full career after the age of thirty seven that all these other guys have. And I just we talked about it on Monday, but. He just he just what is he going to stop being like, getting big wins that we don't expect, right?


Yeah, I'm very much looking forward to this game. I mean, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs against each other. It does it literally does not get better than that in football. It doesn't get. So I've talked myself I have talked myself into the box beating the Packers because I know that I need like I think if the Packers get to the Super Bowl, then they're just going to win it. I don't I just can't handle that.


I can't handle that.


OK, I understand that. But I still think the Packers are going to win this weekend. And we joked about Brady not being a cold weather quarterback, being a Florida kid from California. I do think that Bruce Arians is not a cold weather coach. I think he's a warm weather coach. But Brady is coaching now. Did you hear Brady is doing a full time play calling? What about firing?


We have Bruce Arians is just set himself up for, like, the perfect like he's just middle of perfectly where he was, like, criticizing Brady. And then once they got Goodis, I like Brady doing a lot of the coaching. Now, they didn't do that New England. So that's why we're one. Yeah, but then we can be like, well, Brady was coaching.


So I agree with you in that we will get a Bruce Arians face was look like he had no oxygen in his his skull when he was in a dome in New Orleans last week. It was how ready it was. Lambeau. Yeah, in Lambeau.


Like, we're going to get Tom Coughlin face to the max. I think you actually need to to probably cover him in Vaseline before he even goes outside this weekend just in case. Because Bruce Arians. Yeah, this is a life alert. He should have a life alert instead of the red flag just in case something goes wrong.


I'm going to need a Panton check on Bruce Arians face this weekend, because last weekend it was it was like a purple. It was it was like darker red than the team colors were. So, yeah. Going to need a definite Pantone check it that he's probably going to just have a flask on the sideline to keep warm. If I know Bruce Arians, he's got yeah. He's got like a couple of nips, a crown stashed away.


Man I'm so nervous about this game. I really need the Packers lose you.


Can I can I do something real quick? I'm just a future call here. Aaron Rodgers, he announced that he was going to do in jeopardy or sports jeopardy. Who's going to be hosting it? I actually think that Aaron Rodgers is going to eventually be the full time host of Jeopardy. I think he's going to be after he retires. I think he will. I thought it was Kenny, Connecticut. I think I think Aaron Rodgers is going to like doing it too much.


And it combines like all his favorite things, mustaches being smarter than everybody and letting everybody know that you're smarter than them. So, like, I think that he's going to really enjoy hosting Jeopardy! Just stick around.


So you're saying pretty much my only shot now at this point to get rid of Aaron Rodgers? I need like Pat McCaffrey to have a kid and then keep that kid from eating beans and then have him tweet it and then get canceled and then cancel Aaron Rodgers by association. Yes, OK.


All right. Well, I will I will work on that. How you can make that happen. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It's not that crazy. I will try, I will try to to to get Pat these unborn child, to get addicted to beans and never be able to learn how to use a can opener.


Fork fork.


I was going to be around forever. He just got by the way here I'm a prop. I don't even know if the props are up yet. I'm going to get to my I can't lose play. I think Chris Goblin's can have a big game. There it is. Gire Alexander's one of the best corners in the league. So it's going to be interesting. Like, I think it's going to be up to Antonio Brown D OK, Gronk, Scottie Miller, Chris Godwin, to do a lot of the heavy lifting here, playoff play, playoff Lenny by the shirt.


Now we actually we are collaborating with play off Lenny on this show.


That makes sense because I was confused why he was like promoting the shirt. Yeah.


You know, he hit me up. This is cause I to play off Lenny and he's embracing the nickname. Yes, it's great. We better go play off Lenny from Joe Buck this weekend. All right. Up over there. Sixty three and a half yards. He's got one. Chris Godwin.


I like that. All right. I'm going to take the over and his catches. All right. So AFC championship game now I said it on Monday and I'm sticking with it. I think the bills are going to win and I wouldn't be surprised if they win convincingly. I agree, and it's not just me. It's not just because I bet on the bills earlier in the week when I thought that Patrick Mahomes is going to be out with a concussion, which is not going to happen.


He's just practicing.


He's just taking all the snaps and practice. And they're saying he's had to delete a tweet earlier this week because it was Patrick Mahomes very clearly as the number one quarterback and the QB one. And meanwhile, after practice and he reads like he's in the concussion protocol and they had to delete the tweet because it's like, yeah, obviously he's going to be starting his foot is an issue.


The toe is an issue.


I'm kind of mad at you, by the way, because you let your human side you became too much of a human being like Patrick Mahomes might not play. Yeah. And you forgot that this is football and they're going to make him play no matter what.


I forgot that Roger Goodell was in charge of the NFL. Yes.


You thought for a second that we actually cared about player safety. Yeah. Roger Goodell probably would delay the game by week. No offense to calling coward. He probably would just to make Patrick moments, but he would probably personally go that you would infect himself with covid and go into the Chiefs locker room and just piss all over the place, ensuring that they had enough tests to get the game postponed.


Yeah. And by the way, we care about player safety. The NFL does not care about player safety. We want that on the record. We do, but we just know better that the NFL does not and their star player is going to play and they'll find any way to spin it that it wasn't a concussion and it was a choke nerve.


And whatever it may be, I just I think we're going to get the best bill's performance. And I do there's there has to be a point the chiefs have not covered in nine weeks now. So I guess really, if you're betting on the chiefs this week, you're saying they're just going to flip that switch we're talking about and they will be those chiefs.


And maybe that's true because patriotism still is the best quarterback in the NFL.


Yeah, and those chiefs, to be clear, if those chiefs show up, I think those chiefs beat those bills. But I think I think those bills beat these chiefs. Well, let me throw this out there, too, because remember, those chiefs still last year were down, what, twenty four to the Texans, 10 or 14 to the Titans. These bills are better than those two teams like they just are right when they go down. Bye bye.


If they spot the bills. Seventeen points, that's going to be very, very difficult. It's not the same as playing against Texans defense. They can't stop anything or Titans defense that was slightly fraudulent like that.


Right. It's just not the same. But those Texans are very bad, don't get me wrong on defense. But those chiefs were just like when they flip that switch for the last three quarters of those games, it was they were on the bills.


Can't stop that. And they won so convincingly that if that switch does get flipped, I don't think that the bills can stop that either. But I haven't seen those chiefs, with the exception of maybe like a couple of halfs this year for the first time that the Bucs.


Yeah, first half against the Bucs when they just torched the box. That was the last time it really felt like those chiefs showed up.


What at what point, though, would they have to flip the switch by? What I'm trying to say is the bills are good enough that if you don't flip the switch in time, it will be it will be too late. Like it would be too late for if the chiefs are down and they're like, hey, we're just going to flip the switch in the fourth quarter. I don't think that's possible against these bills.


I think seventeen points at halftime, that's the cutoff line. If it's fourteen, then the chiefs are still in switch territory. If it's above that, then I think the bills have it. But yeah, I agree. I think that the bills are going to win. And I might I might even double down on my bet because I feel here's why.


Because I feel so shitty about the bet. I feel like I was an idiot for thinking that Roger Goodell was going to take player safety seriously and that Patrick Mahomes probably wasn't going to play week after concussion and at the time hand up. I didn't know that he just had nerve stroke or whatever it was. I thought he actually had a concussion because that's what was reported and that's what he probably had.


But I feel so bad about the bet and so uncomfortable with where I am.


I might double down on it because those are the types of bets that I usually win. I always lose the ones that I that I love, the ones that I'm super confident about. Oh yeah. Percent time lose those. So I feel I feel a little dicey about it, but I think I'm going to double down and I think it's going to be bills. I'm going to say bills by six.


This is now making me very nervous because we're both way too confident in the bills and it feels like a Monday show. We're like, oh yeah.


Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback on planet Earth. WAPs. Yep.


Yeah. What about Booker, though? What about Booker? Booker's had what about Booker?


He's got issues. He is the opposite of me.


He can't hit a short field goal or an end point. And I think we're going to get I think we're going to get to wow. Josh Allen plays I won't get to a where he's like, holy shit, arrival. This could be the coronation of Josh Allen, because if you. You think that goes both ways, though, with the patch of the homes? Yeah, I'm saying I'm saying, wow, Josh Allen like, what the fuck?


Oh, without hating our friends on other you guys talk about how he does crazy shit.


He just does sell the books. He panics and just. Yeah, you're right. He does do that. You're talking about a difference between like a wild and a whoa play.


You're you're talking about there's Josh Allen has one place where it's like, holy shit, that was incredible. And then he also has. No, no, no, no, no, no. Yes, please. Yeah. It's like, what are you doing? What are you doing? What are you doing? Oh, my God. It worked.


And then he's got. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. No plays. Yeah, that's those are the ones where he matches the buttons and then he's got no place like it's like he's a horse that needs to be restrained.


But either way just sounds either way it's going to be fucking awesome.


These are the two quarterbacks, the longest arms in the league, and it's going to be nuts. They're just gonna be throwing the ball all over the place.


So we're going to be wrong about one of these games or both of these games. But I don't give a fuck because they are it is one of the most exciting championship. You know, some days we've had in a long time. It's it's yeah. It's the top four quarterbacks in the league. Would you not say it is the top four quarterbacks in the league this year? Yeah.


What does that happen where we get all the top four quarterbacks in the NFL this season are playing on championship Sunday. You can't ask for more than that.


And no matter what, we're going to get a great Super Bowl match up. We've got it could be Mahomes Rodgers. It could be Mahomes Brady. It could be the first home Super Bowl for Tom Brady. That's going to be a great storyline. Allen versus Rodgers, Jordan Love versus Chad Heny. That's true. Matt Barkley could start in the Super Bowl. There's all kinds of combinations. Whoever the backup in Tampa is, probably Byron Leftwich, Ryan Griffin, Ryan Griffin, I'll say.


Yeah, Tom.


Versus time to time versus time. Yeah. All of these.


Tom's been kicking time's ass. Yeah. It really hasn't been a competition. Yeah. No one beats time, but like Tom Brady kind of has. Yeah. All right. You want to hear the can't lose parlay. Let's see what you guys tell me. Which part of this loses before you do.


I got a question you can't you can't lose parlays lost a bunch of money this year, right?


Wrong. Thanks for asking, Patty. So we had we went back. We were getting accused of being a losing bet every single week. Yes. It has lost more than its won. But guess what? It's always a big plus money that. So if you have bet the can't lose probably every single week this year, you'd be up point seventy five units. There you go. So we've you've been one hundred. No, I'm not going to say that.


GEBEL Responsively, one 800. GEBRE All right, Michigan. Michigan is going to be live noon today, noon today. Michigan's can be lots of the can't lose parlay. We'll be there. You download the barstool sportsbook app, you put in money. If you play with the money, you put in pennies matching it for small businesses in Michigan. So it's going to the bar stool. Fun. So we are you'll see all types of promos. Ask yourself this.


Do you want a promo that helps small businesses? It helps your community that helps people around you? Well, that's Penn. That is Bastable Sportsbook app. So go download it. Put in money. It's super easy process. You can bet legally as of noon on today and they can't lose. Probably will be in there also. I it hasn't been fully set up yet, but I think I'm going to be introducing a new bet on Sunday where you get the combined points.


You can either bet the underdog or the favorite. So what is it right now? It's like three and three and a half. Yeah, the game. So it's six. You get six and a half. So it's like the bucks win outright. You now have to say the bucks win by three. You now have the bills plus nine and a half carries over to the other game.


Yes. OK, yes.


Or if the favorite blows them out so you can beat favorite or underdog and it's a combined back kind of fun deal. Right. I like it. I like that. Yeah. All right. So here it is. Bucks plus eight and a half bills plus eight and a half both. The game's over. Forty five. That's can't lose parlay. It's going to probably be like plus four hundred thoughts.


I love it. I'm scared how much I love it.


I love it to wait both games over forty five and a half. Forty five over forty five. And then it's eight and a half, eight and a half for both.


The teams can be cold and snowy though.


Big cat snow doesn't matter. I think we're going to get down July 2nd. Yeah. And we're paying attention to the interview. Hank.


I'm just saying I'm just I'm just trying to, you know, play that can lose just so everyone knows it can technically lose, but it can't lose, but also gamble responsibly if Patrick Mahomes is Toback's up.


And by the way, the whole turf toe thing, turf toe is a very serious injury. That's why I keep saying it's more serious than a concussion, even though it's not turf. Toe is just a completely mislabelled injury. If it had a cooler name and a more dangerous sounding name to it, I think people would respect a lot more. But turf toe just sounds like a stubbed toe that she called. Five foot or trench, paralyzed foot, the devil's ankle.


Yeah, yeah, can't can't walk injury. Yeah. Amputation, diabetes, prii. Yes, yes, pre death. Everything's pre death, right. Yeah. So just keep your eye on Patrick Mahomes. Right.


So that's all I'm saying. All right, let's get to our interviews. And we have Julian Edelman and Greg Maddux. Great to interview. Then we'll finish with fire the week after you had something you want to tell people about.


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Also get a 60 day risk free trial. So there's nothing that you have to lose. Visits simply safe dotcom PMT for your free security camera today. That's simply safe. Dotcom Togepi empty. And now here's Julian Edelman. OK, we now welcome on our very good friend, three time Super Bowl champion Julian Edelman, future Hall of Famer, future Hall of Famer Julian Edelman on the show.


Been too long. Let's start here, Jules. Can we get you to reconsider your retirement from football?


Hey, you guys are nuts. What are you talking about? We don't want you to retire. We don't want you to retire. What do you talk? You're not retiring, correct?


Right now, we're being a dad right now and we're sitting back and we're training, getting our body ready for the next year. And, you know, it's it's time to get away from football right now. OK, long crazy year. Yeah. All right.


So breaking news, gentlemen, is not retiring from football. Thankfully, we could dispel that because we saw Philip Rivers retire and we're like, oh, Jules, probably next.


He had a great career. He had an unbelievable career. But I don't know. We're not we're not there yet. Right now. It's a time like I said, it's going to be. This whole year was so jacked up, man, like it was so long, I just need to decompress for a little bit and I'm out in L.A. right now and, you know, taking my kid to school and picking her up and doing those kind of things that you don't get to do during the season.


And I'm enjoying that right now. So don't know necessarily know what you guys are talking about.


Yeah, I was. It's more it's more along the lines of we've had so many of our stars retire recently that we're just leading every conversation off with. You're not retiring, are you? Because like, we're worried that everybody that we talk to is on the way up.


But you're not you're not you had you had a knee thing this year that you're recovering from. I wanted to clear this up right off the bat, because I've been I've been following Adam Schefter, his Twitter account pretty carefully over the last six months.


And he always uses this exact phrase about your knee. Maybe you can explain to me what it means. Julian Edelman underwent a precautionary standard procedure this morning. What is what's a precautionary standard procedure?


That one baffled me, too. I don't know. I don't know who's leaking all these things, but I all F Schechner has got me on it was it was was it preemptive knee surgery?


Because that's what that's what it sounds like he said there.


Yeah. I don't know what he was trying to sound. I had to go in and get some stuff taken out. I don't think any time you go into your knee, it's a good thing. So, you know, but Schaffner, he's got his ways of putting everything.


Are you feeling OK? Right. Like, are you. Does it feel good or are you healthy? I'm getting there, man.


I'm getting there. It was it was a rough year when it came to just my physicality and how I felt. You know, it's it's it's it's tough, boys. It's tough. But this is the time where you sit and you self reflect and you self evaluate yourself, scout yourself throughout all of last year and you really go in and try to develop a formula and try to develop a game plan for how you're going to take the off season. And that's that's the process I'm in right now.


All right. So Scout.


Yeah. So I was obviously joking. You're not retiring, but do you you say it's a tough year and it's been a tough year for a lot of people. How weird is it to not be in playoff football right now? Because that feels like for you at least, it was so routine that every year come January, you were ready to go. You had your beard very long. I bet you that probably is nice not to have that long, you know, growth beard because you're good looking dude.


No offense. Is it weird, though, to sit here in January and be like I should be playing in playoff football right now?


It is. You know, since I, I got to New England in 2009, we didn't. It's the first year we didn't win the division, let alone go to the playoffs, so it's definitely it's super weird sitting and watching teams play in the division round when, you know, usually this is your first week, you know, you're going in and you're going to get some reps and put towards the game plan off the bye week. There's always like a pep in your step.


You know, the years grind, the, you know, the first eight weeks. You're you're cool because you're. You're coming off the off season then, like week 11 through. Thirteen year like miserable because things are nagging, things are adding up, and then you should leave by going in. I've been fortunate enough to be part of teams that have had a lot of bi weeks go into the playoffs. And that's when you get your second, third win and things start realigning and that's when you start allowing your team.


So it's been it's been definitely different, you know. But as a football fan, I mean, I've been sitting and watching games and, you know, it's been fun to watch the games and system your former teammates play on multiple teams. Yes, it's been cool.


So you brought it up watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play. Is it like the SpongeBob Meems, where you're you're up in the window and you're looking down? You're like they're having a great oh, and they have Scotty Miller down there. That doesn't make me feel bad at all. Yeah.


A, he's a stud. He's got some speed now. It's you know, it's it's kind of like a relationship where you guys kind of our marriage you grew apart. But you still love each other, you know, you still love each other, you still may have a couple of kids, we have three kids. So there's like, you know, there's there's still communication of of what you guys are going through and how you're doing. But you both got your own lives that you have to keep on going towards.


And that's that's kind of how it's like I want to see those guys do. Well, it's awesome seeing Gronk and Tommy doing well and playing and and making big plays. And, you know, right now, it's it's obviously definitely weird, but it is what it is. When is Tom Brady going to retire?


Are you you've been around him more than anyone else. You know, in terms of career wise, we're sitting here being like he's 43 and yeah, he's not Tom Brady, but he's still making throws down the field. It's not like some of the other older quarterbacks. You seeing Peyton or Drew Brees on their way out, like, is this shocked you at all?


Is there a moment where you're like, hey, he's got to eventually, like eventually has to end? Right. But maybe not.


My respect level for Tom goes up each year to the older I get, you know, I'm thirty four turning thirty five. And, you know, it gets more and more difficult when you compound in this league and to see him, you know, going out at forty three, playing, you know, really good ball. It's, it's, it's inspiring. That's what it is. Do I, I don't know what his, his plan is but knowing him I mean it's all when that little fire turns off and his little chest and I don't think that things are going to be turn off your soon because the.


That's the one thing that you can pull away from, Tom, when you when I played with a lot of guys is is his competitive stamina is second to zero to No. One. Absolutely no one. I mean, he he comes in every day, you know, with a purpose with with, you know, trying to improve something. He eats, breathes and sleeps this stuff. And, you know, I. I've never doubted them and I don't think anyone should.


So I think he'll go when he wants to go. It does sound routine to just say that because it's cliche and everyone's like, oh, yeah, this guy's competitive stamina is competitive drive. But I think about like my own personal life, like I take almost I take at least a half day off every day.


You don't I mean, like others, there's a couple hours every day where I'm like, yeah, I must sit back and just do nothing or, you know, scroll the Internet or watch some basketball.


Well, it's scrolling.


The Internet is also your job. Kind of like I'm going to look at the different websites for a couple hours, but I have a competitive drive that's like medium, I would say.


I mean, you guys are doing pretty well. I mean, you're competing at a high level in this in this world that you're in. So I would say you're competitive. STEM is higher than what you think.


Well, that's also a little tricky, just like you telling everybody that he doesn't work hard. So then nobody else tries to work as hard as he does. And then people like you are like, no, no.


But you do work really. But there are days like Tom Brady, would he come in on a well, I guess during the week, let's say off season, would you come in like on a Friday, in the off season and be like, hey, we're going to take a little easy today? Or it's like, no, I want to get this done?


No, I mean, any time we go out, we would work. If there were no there would be no taking it easy unless it's like a down day. And he has a certain amount of throws that he wants to do or I have a certain amount of routes that I would want to do. I mean, you would go into that, but you would. You would it would be formulated. Right. You know, like today is going to be kind of like a chill day.


But he's going in with that that that that glare in his eye, that stare that he has and he's going to attack it. That's just the guy he is now. I'm sure, you know, he takes days off and, you know, him and Alex have, you know, a routine and a formula that they do where they probably, you know, look into all those things, how many throws he needs, how many this how many that, you know, they've got it down to a science.


I mean, the guy has been doing it for this is his twenty first year. I mean, if you do anything for twenty one years, I mean, you're going to find ways to just refine and evolve and, and get better at.


Yeah, I am sure if you guys listen to your interviews from what, like five years ago, you're like, damn, I wish it was, I sounded like, you know what I mean. Yeah, yeah. No more. No better.


Pretty good. But it is wouldn't you say. There are definitely like Fridays are you know on Monday we're like, hey, I'm going to come in and I'm just going to kind of hang out, I'm going to fuck around.


This feels like a purpose to my day today. Yeah, there's definitely those days.


Yeah. I mean, we all have those days, but sometimes you have to be like you have to schedule that day just for your your mental clock, for your mental well-being like.


All right. Well, I've been grinding way too hard for these last like six, seven days. Let me have a day or two or you know, I go two days on, one day off, you know, I mean, there's a lot of things you got to take care of switching off season, you know, but during the season, there's an old saying that would say, you know, you'd sit and say, put everything in the drawer and deal with it after the season.


Like like he bring up this draw like four or five times, like after week fourteen, like. All right, put it all in the drawer. We got you know, you've got to go out and do this. You know, we all understand that bills, taxes, like let's just put it in a drawer and we'll worry about that after the season.


I like that. I'm going to try it. Yeah. I also like that you bring up, like, scheduling your downtime, because if you schedule, like, a shitload of downtime, then that's technically work. You're not wasting your time. Actually, it's a rest day. Yeah. If you just call it a rest day and have it on your calendar, you can do what you can be as much of a degenerate as you want. That day is like, listen, this is this is self care today.


Mm hmm. You got to recharge the batteries, got to recharge the batteries.


Sometimes you need, you know, just to chill and hop on a war zone game or or watch some some TVs, Netflix or something and just chill. Yeah.


You want to squat up in a war zone sometime.


I mean, I think we have you and I have.


Yeah. I don't think we used to play. I don't think I've played with you yet.


I've got a team going we got to meet in and Aaron Rip Koski or just threaten Fools on War Zone recently.


Are you doing a resurgence to the Quad's resurgence. Are you doing an actual old event, the old map.


No, we're doing we're Verdasco. We're in Verdasco big time.


I like to keep it. I like to keep it in the you know, the what is it? A rebirth, the rebirth.


Rebirth. It's quicker. It's just quicker. It's fast paced.


You know, you guys can respond. There's a little different kind of strategy towards it again.


Yeah. Yeah. You get you operate a different playoff football.


By the way. What do you think Bill Belichick is doing right this second? Because that's I mean, you are a player. So like you said, you know, working on your body to recharge, he's got to be going crazy, right?


Well. He's one of the most extraordinary humans when it comes to, like, never really getting complacent and dealing with his time to make the team better. So, like, the fact that we're not in the playoffs right now, he's probably putting in extra time to evaluate going forward what we have to do. It's a full self scale to have like everyone in the building working on every single player, on the squad, on the off the practice squad and evaluating every single thing that everyone does.


And that's how he goes into the draft and then going from the draft and the free agency. I mean, March 15th, this is when we start. You know, I think he's he's probably doing a lot of that. And, you know, he's he's big into the player personnel thing as well.


So I guess I get that you're you're definitely rooting for the Buccaneers right out of the NFC.


You know, I'm just rooting for people to do well.


Hmm. Interesting. Why aren't you rooting for the Bucs? Interesting.


Hey, I only root for one team. Who's that for the San Francisco 49ers, OK? I mean, you know, I grew up in the Bay Area. What about what about in the AFC?


Is there a part of you that you respect the bills because you've been playing against the bills, you know, twice a year for forever and you'd like to see them do good? Or are you are you finding yourself rooting more against them because they are kind of one of your rivals?


I'm very I'm excited for the bills. I'm super excited for that. That team, that city. I mean, I've gone there for a lot of years and and their fan base is crazy. It's everything that everyone thinks it is. It's it's one of the most extraordinary places to play. I mean, I've literally been on a field and seeing. A dildo thrown on the field like it's unreal every time you go in there and you win, they have the most creative ways to flip you off that I've ever seen in my life from everyone.


I'm talking six year olds, grandmas, parents. I mean, it's unbelievable to see them do well. And I think it's cool for the league. I mean, I think I think it's great for the league that they're doing well and they ball over there. And that coaching staff, he was part of our for a while and we had a good relationship. You know, I've I've sat and talked with Beazley over the years of just picking each other's brains and and seeing Josh Allen the way he's been able to play in addition to Digges.


I mean, this has been an absolute monster in that offense. And they're scheming up things for him. And and they just got they got a good thing going. And it would be pretty cool to see a team like that going and do well.


Yeah. Yeah. What temperature does it officially suck to play football and where's the where's the cut off?


I would say when you start hitting in the teens. When you start getting teens, because then the wind brings you below like zero. Mm hmm. Those are always the tougher ones when it's windy.


I mean, if it's cold and it's still it's fine. It's cold and it's still it's fine. It's more if it's cold and you have that wind, that wind's blowing. I mean, we play the game and 13 against Denver. It was windy as heck and it wasn't the coldest game. It was probably like maybe twenty eight degrees. But like the wind was was ripping. And once you get that wind, it just goes through all the layers of clothes and it's it's miserable.


The balls hard, your hands hurt. So I would say, you know, that area is pretty tough. Yeah.


Because I still I still go ahead. But no, go ahead. I still pick to play in the cold though of a rain any day. Really like like a like a thirty seven degree rain is the worst thing to play in when it's so cold, but it's still really cold and it's wet. You rather go in the snow or have it cold in the snow.


I would assume the snow always like people think whenever they see snow, like, oh, there's going to be no offense, but I always assume that the snow is good for the offense because you know where you're going and they don't. So you always get a little bit of a benefit in the snow, right?


I love the snow. I was a mudder. I'm a mudder. So like, you know, if you have good balance and like you said, you know where you're going. The defense is doing it backwards. I mean, I've had I've had I've loved playing in the snow over the years. We've had some cool games against Tennessee and we went to Chicago Soldier Field and Score.


That was in Austin. Yeah, that was that was honestly one of my favorite games in my career.


Just because of I've never been I never really knew about Soldier Field and the brigade. And we had the snow game in Chicago and we the I think we had the old unis on to it was fun. I've always. Yeah.


That I've heard that Bill likes to put the thermometer in the visiting team's hallway so they have to see what the temperature is. And sometimes he'll make it like a few degrees extra cold. So they have to like, look directly at it when they're going on the field. And he doesn't put that in your tunnel on the way out in the field. Is that true?


I do not know any of that. You know, I don't know if that's just regulation or anything.


Think we float that a good we float at a good area. We abide by everything that you can and cannot do.


How much time during that does that does bring us? I remember playing against the raging Cajuns and they had the similar thing like that back in college.


And they're like, you're fifty feet below sea level.


Like the temperature's hotter, like right in front of our locker rooms.


But not not knowing how much time during the week do you have to just rehearse in front of the mirror, the boilerplate talking points that Belichick has approved for you? I like to do.


I mean, I've been doing it for a while, so it takes me roughly about five to ten minutes on a Tuesday after what we can and can't talk about. So it's usually around there, but I'm sure it's tougher for the younger guys.


What speaking of your old games, what was your favorite game? Non Super Bowl day. You think back is there or maybe this question, do you ever like if you dream or you find your mind going to a specific game over time, which game is it?


The last two games? My favorite game was definitely when we went to the AFC Championship in Kansas City.


I thought that's probably one of my my all time favorite games because there's denuclearise on third down and they just weren't guarding you.


Hey, I don't know. But I remember we went to like two or three AFC championships prior to that in Denver and got beat. And there was like a stigma that we can only win, you know, at home and and going there and playing. I mean, that teams that teams and electric team in an electric stadium, that place gets rockin. That was the fun. That was just like that. A very fun football game, just the competitive level.


Going back and forth, I mean, it was it was insane, honestly, I remember on that that penalty, I always I always think about this. I forgot who it was, but on the penalty were Tom through the pick and it was offsides. One of the safeties came up to me and said, you guys had a hell of year like and I was sitting there and I'm like. Fuck that, we really just loot and then I saw the Flash Difford Yeah it was and I was like, holy moly.


I literally saw like that year in front of my eyes of all the hard work and everything that you do for a season, like it just went to shit like that. And then we had like a second life. It was insane. That was a crazy cool game. And then I was. I was really. In 15, when we went to Denver, we were kind of banged up and we lost on a two point conversion, you know, that was that was a rough one that I think about a lot.


The air that was the air one Dave said was we were giving him shit on the rundown.


He said he forgot to account for the air. So maybe that's what happened. He just didn't he forgot that it was a mile high.


I'm not even going to libro. We were sitting there. It was Peyton's like, you know, later years and we're like Denver. Januaries can be freezing. There's going to be snow. We're going to have crazy competitive advantage. Peyton can't hold the ball this that which he could do.


But we were just you know, you always want things to go in your favor, at least what we thought was and then it was a seventy five degree beautiful, a unreal. They ended up playing great game. We we were we were banged up and just couldn't get make enough plays. But yeah. Now when that one sticks out, I don't I don't like that one.


I like a big catch phrase. That question like do you dream like when you dream about football. Do you actually dream about football.


I do. I have the same dream that I've been dreaming since I was like eighteen or like thirteen years old. There was this place in Santa Clara. I think it could have been Santa Clara High. We used to play this little Pop Warner team and I remember I went up the sideline and I broke like a run. And I always want and I remember talking to, like, this older football player. He was in high school and he told me to try to do like a stiff arm spin, like stiff arm him and then spin on him.


And I I didn't do it one time. And I think of that same play like I got to use this stiff arm spin at the sideline. Like, I still think about it, too. All right. It's gnarly.


Have you ever pulled it off in a game? Never. You got to do it. You've got to keep playing until you do it right.


That's when you know that it's time to retire. That's your future, Julian.


Great White Buffalo.


Yeah. Yeah. First off, literally just walk off after that play just like I'm done.


I've accomplished everything the other way so that so I'm the fifth elo and I see it and then it just comes or no.


So like future Julian is going to be pushing books off of a bookshelf, telling them, letting you know when it's time for you to, to retire.


And it's going to be like he's going to come to you during a play and it's going to be set up perfectly. Your stiff arm, do it on the sideline, spin around him, gain a couple of extra yards, maybe even get a touchdown. And then at that point, you'll know that it's time like he'll send you a message from the future.


There has to be like, yeah, like something happened to the scoreboard, because sometimes when you're running in the open field, you look at the scoreboard, so you look at the scoreboard. I always like to look to see in the rear view, if you can, you know, you got up on the Jets or something. So something happens and there you see some on the scoreboard and you pop out the spin. We're going to keep the farm spin.


We're going to make sure that that this happens at some point for you. It's got it. Yeah, it's got it.


Can we play a little a little word association here? I'm just going to say, like, two words at a time, and then you just tell me what you think about those two words.


All right, first one to Sean Watson. Hmm hmm hmm hmm.


Insane, insane, insane, insane. Carson Wentz.


Hmm. Just random words. Hmm. How many words can I use?


As high as you want. Whenever you want. Yeah.


Looking forward to the next opportunity. OK, Mr. Besuki.


Nature, Besuki.


That's good. That's actually a good analysis right there. Just his name. Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah. Midstream is Mr. Stavisky Jameis Winston.


Oh, good one. I mean, you're only as good as your last throw. Oh, I do favors to New England. It happened. There it is. Perfect.


I, I saw that play. I know you guys are going to go absolutely bananas over that whole thing. It was a great throw.


How could you not would you would you do if you were in the huddle and your and your quarterback, whether it be Tom Brady or Cam Newton this year, tried to eat a W right in front of your face.


I would, you know, try the side of it. Yes, I did. You done know that?


Yeah. Yeah. You're going to eat. Oh, you got some there's still some meat on that bone. Let me get a little let me get a little lick on that.


Is a W vegan because Cam Newton, he doesn't eat meat at all right now.


He does not even eat. Oh OK.


Billy, football thinks that that makes him a bad quarterback. You know that, right?


This Billy football. Where's he at? Where is this guy? We don't got him. He's in the protocols. No, he's in the protocol. Yeah, he's in the protocol.


Why is he fighting? Can say go.


Yes. Yes, but he's currently in the protocol. What protocol? Listen, concussion, not concussion.


Over the course of the week, there are certain steps that we take and we look at every day as an opportunity to get better. And Billy is certainly looking out all those steps to get better.


Right now, we're next question. Billy is ready to be medically cleared. He'll be medically cleared. That's all we're going to say about that day.


Better than yesterday. He's just today. Better than yesterday. Yeah, that's right.


Do you think are you worried about it? Do you think he can beat Canseco? I don't know. I hope he doesn't get killed by Canseco. I don't care if he does. Canseco you know, he's a big, lovable, flaccid meat. He sucks.


So I don't know what burly football looks like as I listen to you guys. Right. So I. I really don't know. I have no clue what he looks like. Is he blond?


Yeah, yeah, yeah. What does he sound like to describe. Yeah, I don't think he was like a blanket. I thought he was maybe like a short like brunette kid like maybe a little pudgy.


You're talking about like you're just describing both of us now you have lighter hair.


I'm talking like a real dark brunette.


He's he's like six two, six, three. And yeah, he doesn't look like this. He's like two hundred and thirty pounds. He's I think he's going to win. I really do because he's he's quick and he played college well kind of he kind of played football well. No he played football. He played football. He actually was also new a highlight. He was a beast. I don't know, but Jose Canseco, I mean, he's he's a man, but I mean, you went up against some big dudes yourself.


You're undersized for a wide receiver for for an NFL player. Like, you know, that it's not about the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight. The dog fact.


Yeah, but the dog still has to have some some, you know, like I don't know. I don't know, Billy. Like that ejemplo. A little kid, he seems young, he is young, but he's also built 17, you know, he's like his brain is 12, but his body is like twenty three.


He ran a marathon with no training whatsoever. Just got on the treadmill. And did it seem like he's a good athlete?


I mean, that's I mean, that's impressive.


He seems like he knows all this stuff now for sure.


Yeah. He he thinks that he knows, he knows a lot of words, but I don't think he knows what any of them mean.


Sometimes I'm trying to find a video that I can highlight tape, video that I can send to you that will will hopefully change your opinion and you'll be completely team Billy football. Oh, I got a question for you.


I'm not Team Billy football. I want Billy to do well, but I just I mean, I don't know. How old is Canseco now?


Like fifteen hundred ten.


I mean, he's getting old and I'm just I'm just getting a guess here Jules.


I don't think can say goes on the TV twelve method. I don't think he's skipping, you know, strawberries and ice cream and stuff.


Yeah. I don't know. We'll see. Do you have to be a good fight.


Do you have any advice for him, like as a scrappy, undersized dude, like when you were going into a game and you knew that you were going to have to do a lot of run blocking and you had to set an edge out there and block could do that was, you know, seventy pounds heavier than you. How would you prepare for that?


That's when you just take a teaspoon of cement and let them drop and you just got to go, hmmm, take a teaspoon and you have to be careful how you phrase that, because Billy actually will and yes, some.


And so a little cement dye.


Nah, yeah. Yeah. I'm he's a big kid. I just saw a picture of him.


Yeah. Here, watch that video I just sent you and we'll end with that. By the way, you were a what the hell's a what is a water.


Yeah. Perfect hydration. It's a it's a it's a great water company. What is this you sent to me on the internet.


Yeah. I just know I just texted you. I'll text you. I just texted you a video of Billy football and then you tell me if you if you think he can handle it.


Selection is this huddle as a standard huddle soundtrack.


Is that one play? Yeah, searching for it. He's the quarterback, Joe.


Yeah, we go see him fucking truck, that kid truckster. That's like football that just helped me out.


That just help me out right there. Yes. Got it. Yeah. Might have it.


We might need you to have a video because remember you, Jules actually helped Hank in his fight, sending a video, pumping them up so we might have to call on you to pump him up as well, because I know he would get very excited about that house.


All Hammerin Hank doing.


He's great. Thank you so much. I'm great. Great. How are you doing? I'm great in bed. I'm just been chillin, you know, doing my thing.


He's in for dance with people like he's taking a mental year off because the Patriots didn't make the playoffs. He's been very you know, he's taken a year off. It's covid year.


It's not you know, it's not it's not a real year in twenty.


Twenty was rough is a rough one. But you're coming by twenty one. Yes. Hank is also only one game. Hank's also not retiring. So, yes, none of us who retire.


Still here is the no retirement podcast. Are there way to seven. Yeah. There you go Jules. Thank you man. Up with that as always.


We appreciate it man. Always. He's always bashing Pittsburgh under his breath.


Now why. What happened with that? He doesn't like to back because he thinks that New England is going to be the first franchise to ever get seven Super Bowls.


So he says Stairway to seven and Pittsburgh people think that they invented it, but they didn't. That's a that's a beef. I don't know.


Yeah, sure. All right. Well, thank you, Joe. You're not aware of. Thank you, Jones. We're not aware of that. We're going to be watching for a stiff arm in a spin move on the sideline.


That's I love that, by the way. I love that so much because that is such a that was such a good peek into the difference between fandom and actually playing the sport.


Like everyone who's listening is like, yeah, fuck you, hey, Stairway to Heaven. And you're like, I have no idea what you guys are talking about.


I just go and play the games like and win the Super Bowl's only three. Only three, bro. We don't want to lol.


All right. Yeah, you're the best. Jewelz. We appreciate it, man. All right, fellas, it's always a pleasure. Good to see you, buddy.


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And now for something completely different.


OK, we now welcome on a very, very special guest. It is Hall of Famer, one of the greatest pitchers of all time, Greg Maddux, absolute legend. Greg, you are here because there's a golf tournament coming up. So January 21st to 24th, the at the Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club, Orlando, the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions, one point two million dollar purse. That's pretty nice. So that's coming up. I watch on the Golf Channel, right?


Yeah, absolutely. And I think that one point is for the women. I think the guys are playing for like five hundred thousand. So OK, OK, perfect game in the tournaments.


Raised almost four million dollars for charity. So that's awesome. Yeah.


Yeah. Real good. Even a lot of fun. I mean for me personally it's good to reconnect with all the guys I used to play with and against and and also meet some guys from, from all the other sports as well. So it's it's a pretty funny man. I'm glad that Kobe didn't take this one over because it's something I've look forward to the last couple of years. Yeah. Smoltz make you put this tournament on every year just so he can win and get another trophy and collect that 500000 dollar purse.


Yeah, I'll tell you what, he's pretty good man. He was swinging good today. I know today was fun. Got a chance to play. I haven't. Schmaltzy Greg Olsen caddying for Smoltz, so it was a lot of fun being out there today. That's great.


So everyone, you can watch it on the Golf Channel and NBC actually on Saturday and Sunday. So I introduced you as one of the greatest pitchers of all time. I truly believe that. It's great to have you on talk some baseball, whatever else you want to talk about. I guess I don't even know where to start because there's so many awesome Greg Maddux stories. Where should we start?


This is this how about you guys? Because your legend has grown over the years because I don't know how many people in our audience actually got to watch you pitch. I used to I used to spend summers essentially just watching Braves games every single day. So I watched you pitch a lot. And there are a lot of like Paul Bunyan type rumors about you. So maybe we can start out by. Yeah, by knocking some of those out. First one.


Not yet. Sure. Not sure. Maybe expand on the story. I like that.


Yeah. Did you intentionally give up a homerun to Jeff Bagwell one time.


Didn't intentionally give up a home run. But there are times where you try to have the hitter have some success off you. So, you know, he'll be sitting on it for the rest of the year. So I think, you know, I had a coach that that told me what a hitter is, remember, and they remember success. So, you know, if they get you on a certain pitch, they're going to be sitting on it for a long time.


So so the story goes that you essentially were like, I'm going to let him have a little success knowing that I'll probably see him in the postseason. And when I see him in the postseason, he'll be looking for that pitch and I won't give it to him.


Well, hopefully that was the plan anyway, you know, but it did it mostly in spring training. I think you tried to plant a seed in guys heads in spring training and and, you know, try to get away from it once the season starts.


I heard a story that you didn't even did. You train in the off season. You just show up to spring training in your command would be there and you'd be like, all right, let's go. The first time I'm throwing a ball since the playoffs last year.


No, I trained. I trained. I didn't throw a lot, but I took care of my shoulder. I had a real good physical therapist in Vegas. I went and saw him four times a week and learn how to take care of my arm and definitely try to take care of my body in the off season.


As far as the throwing goes, a little bit of old school. You know, I'm going to kind of save my bullets for the season. And, you know, we had enough time in spring training to get ready. You know, I didn't and I didn't feel like I had to.


I felt like I had enough time to get ready to throw one hundred pitches just with the spring training going on. Yeah, OK.


Yeah, go ahead. I was going to say there was another story out there about you that when you'd be facing off against like Gary Sheffield, who's extremely intimidating hitter, I would imagine going up against you would sometimes be like, you know what, I'll let him get to the warning track on me as long as I hit a homerun.


That's not. Well, no, that's not true. I had one with Schefflera again. It was spring training and Sheffield loved the ball inside. And if he got beat inside, he was not going to get beat inside ever again. And I remember telling Chipper he was playing third base at the time. And I go, hey, man, I'm going to throw Sheffield all fastballs in today. So if you want to back up and get in left field, go ahead, because he's going to rocket something down.


But no, I think Sheffield was our right fielder once and I think it was a different hitter.


And I knew that if I executed my pitch, that hitter would hit the ball right underneath that three ninety sign and right center. I knew he didn't have enough to get over it.


And I remember asking Shep, you know, hey, you see that three ninety nine.


If it lands five feet in front of it, it should be an easy play for you. So I think that's kind of where that story came from. It wasn't, again, Chef Jeff getting it over that three ninety nine.


He was good. Yeah. Yeah. But there were a lot of hitters that had just enough power to reach the warning track to right field.


And, you know, as long as they didn't pull, you can keep him in the park.


Did you remember every pitch that you threw? Because I also read a story where you, you know, once everything became computers and you had a printed out script of, like, every pitch you had thrown and you went up to someone, you're like, hey, this is wrong. Like it says right here that I threw a fastball to Tony Gwynn in 1993. That was actually a changeup. Like, what's going on?


Yeah, it really wasn't like that. I think a lot of it was they were that they had that guy, what was it called, the inside game or something. They had some kind of scouting things set up where they tracked all the pitches and everything. And this was late in my career. And come to find out, it was a bunch of college kids in Florida watching the games on TV and doing it. And, you know, they would they would get some pitches wrong on that.


I didn't remember every pitch I threw, I don't think. Anybody could do that, but, you know, I watched a lot of video, I relied more on video and getting my own scouting reports than all the inside pitch, that's what it was called. And, you know, they just had all the stats on there and you'd get you'd pick your nuggets out of it.


There were some good ones on there. I remember reading some of them. And, you know, the guy hit 080 on changeups. Until strike one, but after strike one, if you threw him a changeup, he hit like something like five 20 on Changeup so you could know and pick out stuff like that and and use it to your advantage. But again, the hitter had the same thing, too. I think everybody knew I was going to throw him a fastball away and a changeup.


So it's pretty much strength against strength.


This is a testament, though, to the legend of Greg Maddux, because you say in your right, you know, it would be impossible to remember every single pitch. You threw so many of them. But if there were ever a guy to be able to remember every single pitch, it would be Greg Maddux now. Was there ever a pitcher or a hitter that you saw that thought the game the way that you did and used? You know, because I I think you would say maybe you would, because you're humble.


But the way you thought the game, the way you saw the game was almost like a superpower compared to your competition. Is there anyone that you went up against? It's like that guy clearly was thinking the game on a different level, the level that I'm on, a hitter, hitter or a pitcher now.


I mean, there were a lot of guys you played the guessing game with. You know, I didn't I really trusted what I saw, know I didn't have a game plan scripted out. I mean, I had an idea what the hitter's strength and and and weaknesses were, but I always trusted my eyes. You know, hitters can change in a heartbeat. You know, they could you could see a move up in the box. You can see them move back.


You can see their hips flying open. I mean, I really trusted what I saw on the field. And and I kind of pitched off my last pitch, probably more than anybody, ball or strike. Regardless, I think each pitch kind of sets up the next pitch and sometimes the hitter will do something that will make you, you know, maybe throw throw it to a different area. So, you know, just a lot of trust in what I saw.


You know, I had a pretty good I had a pretty good follow through where I was able to see pretty good. And, you know, once once the ball left my hand, I was kind of watching the hitter more and I was the ball going to the plate.


I read one time that you had like three different circled changeups. Is that is that true? Are there three different ways to throw a circle change?


Yeah. I mean, changeup is kind of a field pitch. And every five days you're kind of throwing a different you're just trying to find the right feel for it. And, you know, I had one circle change, but I had about five swing thoughts to go with it before I threw it. And it was just a matter of finding what thoughts. Right. For that day, I knew as the game would go on, I always felt like my changeup would get better.


So we're talking about hitters. You're you know, you won four in a row, Cy Young's, which never been done. Eight time. All Star Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn, though. Tony Gwynn. Yeah. Hit for fifteen off. You never struck out. One hundred and seven played appearances. What struck them out? One by one call.


But, you know, so what was it about him was like? That's really the only guy. And we can talk about Barry Bonds, too, because you said you just you tried to pitch Barry Bonds once and you realize it wasn't for you. But Tony Gwynn, what was it about him that made him so special?


Well, he could he can hit a two hopper to the left fielder with the best of them. And no question, he was a very good hitter. Probably the best pure hitter that I played against Barry is easily the best hitter I've played against. There's a little bit of a difference. You know, he was hit in four eighty five, I got him down 60 points late, so there you go. Thank you.


Know, my whole philosophy was, if I can keep it in front of the outfield better than the guy I'm facing, then I'm going to win. And Tony Gwynn, Barry Bonds as a young pitcher, that was when I learned how you don't beat hitters, you beat lineups and you have to pick your fights. And, you know, I was I didn't want to give up a single to left with Tony Gwynn, but I sure gave up a lot of them, you know what I mean?


But try to keep it in front of the outfield. Make sure you get Tony Fernandez out, Ken Caminiti, and then you can still beat that team with Tony Stanton on first or second base.


Do you think that's a lost art in today's game, like beating a line up, not a hitter? Do you think guys are thinking that way, or is it a lot more like mano a mano and trying to strike guys out? Because we've seen, you know, the game has changed a lot. Home run strikeouts, you know, guys pitching one hundred miles an hour.


Do you think that's loss?


You know, I try to keep it in front of the outfield. I see a lot of pitchers today trying to make a mess. And, you know, they go strike one down when they want to. And then you see a lot of balls out of the zone. You know, I like to attack the strike zone a little bit more just so I could pitch during the games. You know, I really believe and still do today that the hardest count to hit in is 02.


And so why not throw a strike and make them hit two? No, I agree. You see you see guys spray one up top, bounce two in the dirt, and then they miss and now it's three, two and the hitters back in the count. So, you know, just a different philosophy. Now, I think if I threw ninety five with a wicked slider like half these guys do today, you know, I might, I might, I probably would try to strike more guys out too.


I just really just wasn't who I was or what I did.


Was there a point in your career where you thought about going for it, where you were like, you know what, if I can get three, four extra miles per hour my fastball, I can become a dominant power pitcher. And you kind of had to reel yourself back and say, hey, this is what you do best. Why don't you just become the best at all time at it?


Yeah, I felt my fastball was good enough. You know, I did throw it hard. It might not have came out fast, but I put a lot of effort into my fastball. I think I was taught that movement and location are more important than velocity. I was taught that being able to change speeds was more important than velocity. So, you know, I just came up with a different coach.


I learned that in high school when I was just getting started.


And, you know, I remember my coach told me at the time, he goes, you know, you're going to throw hard enough to get drafted, but you're going to need movement to get to the big leagues and win in the big leagues. And, you know, I'll never forget that day. I was sixteen years old when I was trying to make it sink and very fortunate to have that guy in my corner back. And his name was Ralph Nader, by the way.


He actually died my junior year in high school, but I spent about two years with them and and he kind of laid laid down the foundation for me and, you know, was all about movement and location. It was never about blossom.


That's what our guy, Dan Heron, says. Future Hall of Famer dinner. You agree that Dan Herron's a Hall of Famer, right? I have to look them up.


I know he was good back in the day. I know I didn't win twenty some games with Arizona.


Oh, yeah. So the A's, too, I think is the lowest Siara in World Series history. A minimum of six innings pitched to the lowest.


That's not a that's not a cherry pick stat or anything. But yeah, he does.


Do you speak in the Hall of Fame? What the hell was up with the two point eight percent of voters? Are you like that was a complete slap in your face. You were you should have been in the unanimous Hall of Famer. That that's complete bullshit.


Well, thank you. I mean, you know, just honestly, you're happy to get in. I'm surprised I didn't piss off more writers than I did. But, you know, I was it's pretty it's a pretty big honor just to get in there and to be able to go there and walk down, to walk down from the hotel down where you have breakfast and and see all the guys you looked up to. You know, I grew up a huge Reds fan, so I remember walking down the stairs, going into breakfast and I saw Joe Morgan and Tony Perez, Johnny Bench, and those are the guys that I idolized growing up.


And pretty special feeling.


So, you know, the two percent, you know, what is it? Water off a duck's back or whatever. It is. What it is, I don't know. I hate.


There it is. Yeah. What was the process like for finding out that you got in? Got a call from Jeff Eidelson from the Hall of Fame, and you said you made it, you know, pop open a bottle of wine, had a drink and got ready to get inducted the following year or the following summer of all the numbers that you have in the crazy statistics.


Is it safe to say that your state that you went 10 straight seasons with at least one stolen base never getting caught stealing, is that are you most proud of that? Because that's a hilarious and it feels like that was a Greg Maddox. Like you knew that in the back of your mind, like I got to steal base and I can't get caught stealing.


You know, I never really caught stealing a base. I did get thrown out of third base twice because Chipper struck up. It was first and second three to count. So Bobby sent the runners and Chipper struck out and they threw me out a third by ten feet.


But, you know, it was fun. It was fun. It was fun being a baseball player. You know, I you know, I don't I'm not a fan of the DH. I get it. But I'm glad I never had I'm glad I never had a day. I enjoyed playing the game. I enjoyed hitting running the bases and all that stuff.


It was it was actually fun. Was a good time. Yeah.


And your all time coach guy on the base paths, which is a lost look. We need pitchers to start doing that more.


Yeah. I was back in the day. Back in the 80s. Yeah. Yeah. Oh man. You had to, you had to have a jacket on out there.


Did that actually help. Because I remember you would not only wear the coat on the base path, but in between innings you would just put one arm into the coat just to keep just keep your arm loose and warmed up for the next game. That actually make a difference.


Kind of, I don't know, just maybe superstition or whatever. Who knows? I think, you know, just more comfortable with something on it than sitting there, you know, especially if it was when you don't you don't really want the wind blowing on it.


And yeah, just what it is, what it is, it's no big deal. Probably superstition more than anything.


Leo Mazzone, the pitching coach, he was a big time rock and guy. If you've never seen him, he just he was always moving back and forth throughout the entire game. Did that make you nervous?


I mean, it kind of bugs you a little bit. I mean, you're trying to watch the game and the guys walking in front of you. So but, you know, he did it every day. You got used to it. It was really weird my first year over there when he's up there rockin. But, you know, you get used to it over time.


And, you know, Leo could coach some good philosophies about pitching, you know, enjoyed pitching for him as well.


Have you thought about being a manager, knowing that you know so much about the game and all these stories about how how you saw the game?


Uh, no, not really. I think there's a lot more to it than that. I think, you know, you got to be a leader. You got to get along with players. You've got to you've got to handle the media. There's a lot of responsibilities besides just the X's and O's. You know, I've always been the X's and O's.


I did. Do a little part time coaching and enjoy that I was a young lady the last four years doing that as well. So, I mean, you know, I do like being around the game. I do like watching it. I enjoyed coaching just on a part time level. I also enjoy being retired. It's nice to be retired and and kind of do what you want to do every day.


You see, you say that like you wouldn't be a great manager with, like, the clubhouse and the media. Like, you're great with the media, you're great. I mean, there's legendary stories that we can get into of Greg Maddox, the greatest anchor of all time. I, I are you just being humble like you would be an incredible manager of the big league level?


Well, you have to, you know. That's the word I'm looking for. I mean, you have to be able to connect with all the players, you know, and manage each and every player separately, you've got to handle your coaching staff. I mean, it's a lot of time. It's a lot of responsibility. You know, that's something I don't think I like. I said, I enjoy being retired as well. You know, I enjoy the game.


But at the same time, I also enjoy being retired. I mean, I played for twenty five years and half of my kids growing up and I was kind of nice to catch up later, teenage years and everything.


So, you know, I'm not a good enough people person, I think to be the kind of manager that I would like to be.


I don't know about that because I had alluded to some of the pranks and we had Tom Glavine on the show. He was one of our very first guests that we ever had. And he told us a lot of great Greg Maddock stories. Not sure how many of them are 100 percent true. There was one, I think. Were you you you probably made up you cleaned yourself with someone's undershirt, I'll put it that way.


And then that what I said, I worked my butt on. What was his shirt. Yeah. Yeah, that one. See, I don't remember doing that. And and especially to Walt because I liked Walt.


Walt was just a class act and a good guy and I'm like, there's no way I would ever do that to him so somebody could have done it.


And I got blamed for it. But I need to ask Walter about that next time I see him and say, hey, Walt, is this true?


I really do this to you because I mean, I know, you know, as we get older, we forget a lot of stuff, but I don't remember that you're bad luck.


Yeah, absolutely. Wipe your ass. Yeah, you absolutely did. We also had we also had Andre Dawson on the show and he's told a story about you pissing in the hot tub.


But OK, that was true.


But that was just a joke without pissing on other guys. Like I feel like you were probably the most fun guy to be around in the clubhouse.


Only if they got me first, I would get even. I would never start it, but I would get even.


I mean, that was the thing, you know, that is a different world back then.


You do that now, they might put you in jail for two weeks.


You know, it's just that's true. Also, the clubhouse is like I mean, the Cubs clubhouse up until like three years ago, you probably could piss on everyone because the showers were like right next to each other. So that probably helped with the pranks, the proximity that everyone had together in old clubhouses.


Yeah, just stupid fun really is was, you know, guys having a good time. And, you know, I mean, it was there were some scenes in there.


And, you know, I was we had we had good times, guys being do what was causing you think you'd be the perfect teammate. But it was it was the worst that anybody ever got you.


Uh, I think Blauser got me a couple of times, you know, he would get you. He would get you when you're in the crapper. He had do something to you when you're in there, you could never see it coming.


So am speaking of legendary stories, is the Brad Penney story real? So the story goes that, Brad, you knew Brad Penney's pitching better than Brad Penny and you once called an entire game for him. And I think he shut out the Cubs. And you were calling every pitch for him from the dugout. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, I had just gotten traded from the Cubs to the Dodgers and he was in it and, you know, ask if I do it. And I said, yeah, I'll do it. I enjoy doing it, I'll do it. And yeah. And, you know, he threw every pitch right where he was supposed to throw it. I mean, it was it was pretty impressive how well he located not only his fastball but his breaking ball and changeup that day.


I mean, it was it was a pretty solid game. So I mean, his command was so good, even if you screwed up and Calderon, the she still put it in a place where they couldn't hit it.


One of my favorite rivalries to watch was you against the umpire's brain. So you would get a lot of you would get some strikes called that other pitchers wouldn't get. But it's because you kind of like lead them into calling those strikes. And then I'm sure at some point in your career, the umpires heard all this and they're like, we need to call Greg a little bit tighter. So then you had to, like, overcome the umpires being afraid to call those outside pitches or those pitches inside on the left handed batter.


How would you manipulate the umpire's brain over the course of a game?


You know, I what? I never did that. I, I had my catcher set up in a certain spot and I tried to throw it in there.


And, you know, we took a lot of abuse for that, not only me, but a couple other guys on the team.


And I remember Charton pitches like Glavine and Smoltz. And, you know, the umpire was given in two or three inches off of one side of the plate. They would throw it there if the other pitcher did it. The umpire would still call it, but the thing was, we'd throw like seven or eight pitches out there and the other pitcher would throw two or three, and then we would get accused of getting more pitches. And then the other guy and came down.


We were making more pitches than the other guy. I mean, the strike zone is the same for both sides. And, you know, I mean, a lot of that left in the mid 90s. You know, I think there were certain players that had different strike zones. There were certain pitchers that had different strike zones. But, you know, it was it that left probably in the 90s. So Tony Gwynn was the hardest guy in the world to get strike one on.


And the pitcher comes up, you can throw it anywhere and get strike one. So there was a different set of standards back in the 80s, early 90s, but kind of got cleaned up pretty, pretty quick.


What did you think of the entire Astros controversy and, you know, the like? Obviously, they got caught cheating. Like, what was your take on it? Were you were you mad? Because it's like, hey, we I did it with my brain. I didn't need, you know, computers and, you know, video cameras in the outfield and stuff like, what was your word? You ultimately land on that.


That's different way cheating. I mean, you know, if a pitcher's tip and pitches or a hitters tip and location or one of your field matters is moving too early and giving away pitches, that's baseball.


That's one thing. You've got to be able to disguise your pitches. But to have to have some guy on a computer and a button sitting in the video room and and seeing what the catcher is putting down, I mean, that's there's that there's no place for that in the game. That's, you know, that's cheating. That's cheating. That's not looking for an edge. That's flat out cheating and it's pretty disgusted with it. I'm not going to lie to you.


I think it's it's a shame that they would do that, you know? I know. You hear growing up, if you're not cheating, you're not trying, but I mean, that's that's that's a whole new that's a whole new way to cheat right there. You know, I think it's you know, if you're going 70 in a 60 five, it's not that big a deal. But you start going one hundred, it becomes a big deal.


And I think that just kind of went way overboard on that.


Do you think you would have still been able to get the entire Astros lineup out, pick Greg Maddux, Astros, GM?


I don't think anybody could have got them out if they know what's coming at good hitters, too. It's not like they needed to cheat. They had some pretty good hitters. Yeah.


So, you know, that was a shame it happened. You know, I kind of feel bad for the Dodgers for that.


Yeah. Yeah. Is it when you're looking at an opposing batter and you're trying to get inside their head and figure out what pitch they're sitting on, how much of that did you use to rely on on the study that you win, that you put in before the game? And how much based on like their body language or or the situation, like, would you try to get actually inside their head to be like, this is Aubrey Huff. He's dumb as shit.


He's going to be sitting on a fastball?


Well, yeah. I mean, he thought that way sometimes, but mostly you wanted to know how they hitters saw the ball coming out of your hand.


And, you know, if if I if I knew how he saw the ball coming out of my hand, I know I could throw cutters, sinkers and changeups all kind of through the same spot and have, you know, have one pitch end up in three different places. So that was kind of how I looked at it. So a lot of it that's when I said it goes pitch to pitch based on the last pitch, what you throw next.


A lot of it has to do with where did he see that last pitch come out of my hand at and how can I throw that pitch again and have it be something different? That was kind of what I was trying to do.


So the quote that I alluded to earlier about Barry Bonds, which is very funny, you said, how do I pitch to Bonds? Very simply, I did not tried it once. Wasn't for me.


Yeah. He was just kind of league to pitch, too. I mean, because you throw him that as balls away and if it mattered at all, you just walked them. So he was like, no, that dude was so easy to hit the ball in this ball for, you know, being as good as he was.


But yeah, I mean, the big thing with Barry Bonds is, again, it goes back. You know, you you've got to get the guy out before him and the guy out after him. So, you know, look at the year.


Jeff can't have that one year. Jeff Kent was a pretty good player. And, you know, he got everybody after Barry.


And also there's kind of the Barry Bonds effect. You know, if you're a pitcher and you're out there and you're facing the best player in the league, as soon as that at bats over, you kind of go OK, and the next at bat kind of sneaks up on you.


So I think you have to be very aware of of after you have a a match up like that that you don't let your guard down before the next guy steps in.


What was your mindset as you were pitching during a game where you were you one of those guys that goes out there and you're nervous? You have to chug Pepto Bismack before your your appearance and you use those nerves or we call them both.


You know, I think a lot of nerves and, you know, you're a lot of calmness as well. So I think, you know, you you'd have to fight through the nerves, some games and some games you wouldn't some days you would be calm. But, you know, I try to stay calm on the days I pitch. You know, I didn't. You know, I didn't try to come to the park and put my game face on and be Johnny tough guy and all that, like you see some guys being, you know, I was I was who I was.


And, you know, I try to keep it as simple as possible. I could just locate and change speeds. I think I'll be OK.


What are you most proud of? Let's just call your Cy Young Awards or the season that you hit. Was it two twenty four?


Well, I mean, I'm most proud of one in the World Series in ninety five. I mean that to me that was, that was the highlight of my career. The Cy Young Award called the Gold Gloves are cool hitting home runs. That's way cool. I mean, it's pretty cool hitting a home that's probably cool and still in the base, but nothing tops that ring.


I mean, when you get a chance to share success with your teammates, your coaches, your neighbors in Atlanta, you know that you you live around with all season. And and just just to be able to share something with the whole city was pretty cool.


So this question sucks. So I'm just going to preface it with it. But it is something we talked about actually this week with Drew Brees retiring. Is there a part of you that looks back on that braves the 90s and winning all those division titles and being like, man, we should have we should have had one more like we should add one or two more.


Absolutely. You know, it's been nice to win four, five, you know, I thought. There were a couple of years where we were easily the best team, but we didn't get it done and it was it was a tough pill to swallow. The 14 straight division titles and to be a part of 11 of those is is pretty special. I think that's never been done in any sport. That's something I feel pretty proud about.


It's kind of it's kind of hard to complain when you go to the postseason every year and you don't get a ring. You know, it's pretty special just to go to the postseason. It's not as easy as we made it look.


And I'd love to have a few more rings, but I'm happy I got one.


If you were to take one guy besides you, you can't use yourself. If you've got Smoltz, Glavine and Avery all at their peaks and you got one game to win, who would you send out there?


That's a tough one. You couldn't pick a wrong guy, really. I mean, all three answers are right.


I think, you know, flip a coin between Smoltz and laugh. You know, I think Avery was pretty good, too. I mean, that's a tough question. I mean, you know, I think looking back at it, Smoltz, he probably had the better track record in the postseason. But then again, GLADD did win the deciding game through shutout to get the World Series ring. So they're both pretty special pitchers.


What about expanding that? What about expanding that to any pitcher that was in the big leagues when you pitched in your career? Who's the one guy that you like? That's the guy I'd put out there, probably Mariano Rivera.


OK, you know, I know he's a closer. You had to pick a starter. Yeah. I mean, you know, for my money, I always thought the best pitcher was Clemens.


Coming up, the guy that I played with in my era, you know, I thought he was a complete dominant pitcher. I think he had not only not only the the the great stuff, the great God given ability to throw fastballs and sliders and command. I thought he had a really good game plans as well. I thought he I thought he was a very good pitcher that had great stuff. Then he was just kind of known for blowing guys away and everything.


But I think he was a complete pitcher. I saw him pitch to both sides of the plate, up, down, hard, soft. And it was it was pretty impressive.


I would take Tim Wakefield at his best, like on one of the nights when, I don't know, the humidity was just right in the ball.


Was dancing impossible? Yeah.


Did you ever think to yourself, like, maybe I should give this knuckleball in shot?


I mean, I try to throw a couple. I know my hands were too small, so I could I could never really do it, but my fingernails and had small hands. So that pitch kind of wasn't for me.


Bad combo. What about so I think I remember you having a special catcher. There would be like matics catcher nights when Harvey Lopez would take a night off. Did that did that ever piss you off?


Was he ever like, Hey man, I'm not chopped liver. I'm pretty good?


No, not at all. My first year with Hobie, I mean, I won twenty games with Hobie and then come up the following year and Bobby said that he wanted Hobie to catch like one hundred and forty games a year, something like that, or one hundred and twenty games a year I think is what it was. And he said if he gave Hobie my games off he would only have to find him like ten more off days during the season.


So that was kind of the whole thing about that. That was that was Bobby June.


One hundred sixty games, not just for that night. And, you know, I always got the back up guy and worked out good. You know, you start to develop really good relationships with your catcher that way. And, you know, he was fired up to play as I was because we both sat on the bench for the last four days. Yeah.


And you're missing. The other point is that you actually proved that you could catch Greg Maddux with your eyes closed like that actually is something that that was proven.


We did do that one day in the bullpen in San Francisco. But I was with the Padres and we were just screwing around and having fun at like two o'clock in the afternoon one day.


And I'm trying to remember the guy, some crazy Australian guy, you know, and Kyrie Irving took about four or five throws before he finally caught one.




So so there was a guy standing. There's a guy standing a few feet. There's a guy standing a few feet from the catcher. And he would say he would say now to when the catcher should Close's met and after two or three throws, he was able to do it where you would throw it exactly where it needs to be. And the guy would say now and the catcher would actually literally catch Greg Maddux with his eyes close.


Yeah, he did it. It was pretty cool. It was a lot of fun. I remember the first one I threw hit him in the glove and it bounced off and then I about hit him in the kneecap. And then I whistled one right over his head. And then I think the fourth one he actually cut. So it was pretty cool. That's awesome.


I remember you being a big cover your mouth when you're talking to the catcher guy, so when you have your meetings at the mound, like some guys just cover their mouth, you got in there like you were eating popcorn out of it, covered your entire face. Do you think that that batters are actually, like, able to sit back there and read your lips?


Curtis Pride, could you make no Curtis Pride, the deaf guy that played Montreal. But yeah, there would be meetings on the mound and then he would tell the manager what they said.


So, you know, I think you can read some lips. You could see a fastball in changeup away or curve ball, whatever, if you can read lips.


So was just kind of a way of guarding against that. You're you get paranoid out there sometimes.




How many times how many times would you be pulled from a game or have the manager come out and try to take you out of the game and you were able to successfully tell them like, no, I'm staying in this game, you're not taking me out?


Uh, probably zero. You know, my managers were pretty good. I always got the benefit of the doubt, you know, and I would always tell my managers or suggest to them that, look, I'll lie for you, never to you. If you're going to come out and ask me how I'm doing, I'll tell you the truth. And I think I can get the next hitter out. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm going to take ego out of it and give you an honest answer, because, you know, I want to win.


I want to win my games. And sometimes you're not good enough to win your games and maybe your teammates can win them for you. So, you know, I never lied to my managers. I never had to talk them in or out of anything. Just give me an honest opinion and think I got pulled from a game once that I was kind of pissed I got taken out of.


Bobby Cox was an all time great, too, and I could watch them. Yeah. And I could tell when he was feeling extra spicy that day, he'd start to get into an argument with the umpire and like the top of the first, were there days when you could just see Bobby trotting around? You're like, Bobby wants to get tostada.


Yeah, we used to try to call how many pitches in the game before you yells at the umpire and the numbers were two, three, five.


It was going to be in the first met. What pitch was it? One game where it was first pitch of the game, you know, so.


You know, that was just Bobby being Bobby cheering for his guys. He was always in your corner. Loved playing for him. I think all the guys loved playing for him. Wasn't just a pitcher's. I think the hitters enjoyed playing for him as well. And he knew how to treat people in the right way.


All right. So this has been awesome. We really appreciate it. I have one more stat for you. From July 1993 to May 2000, you started two hundred and thirteen Geeves games for the Braves and you only had two hundred and twelve walks. I love these stats because they're like, I don't think we'll see them ever again. These types of that type of command hurt that they're that's good.


I don't think they should. Intentional walks in there, though. Honest with you. I agree.


I'm sure, though I'm sure there's intentional walks, a lot of intentional walks because how many times are you walking in place to get to the pitcher, you know?


Yeah. Yeah. I don't think those should count, but they count. But, you know, I'm a pitcher.


All right. Well, Greg, this has been so much fun. We really appreciate it. Legend, you're a recurring guest now, so you have to come on whenever we ask you, just so you know, that's part of your contract. But everyone, check out the Diamond Resorts Tournament of Champions. It is this weekend. You can watch the Golf Channel and NBC.


I got one last question for you. This is more just like asking you to rate big cats guilty. You were a pitcher in the mid 90s. You saw the best pitching goatees of all time. I think it was like it was is mandated. I'm pretty sure that if you were a relief pitcher, you had to have the VanDyke scale of one to ten are like scale of Steve Bedrosian to come up with those just ranked big cats go to.


Good, good luck there. I think he might be he's pretending to be. It was go to my rank and you're kind of cutting out on me a little bit. This is big cat Scotty. Oh. Oh, there we go. Yeah, yeah. I kind of like a little thing like a fake Steven Groschen.


He said fake Steve Bedrosian. Oh, but that's not bad because bedrocks you don't want to push on his face. That's just that's just Mad Dog being Mad Dog. He's you're like, you know, it's just guys busting each other's balls. I got it. We're teammates now.




It's pretty cool, as you're doing for the small businesses, by the way. Thank you. Yeah. It's been awesome. It's been awesome to watch. But we are. We really are. Yeah they oh they've been all of those videos are incredible.


Absolutely. All right. Thanks, guys. All right. Appreciate it.


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All right, fire fest. Great Friday show, by the way. Right. It was a Friday show. Friday show.


My apologies. Last week. It did actually. I did have a bad gambling weekend. So because of the lack of Friday. So just a programming. We'll all be in Detroit this weekend, make sure you watch us, will be on live stream during the games. And then we're going to be back here in a couple of weeks for the Super Bowl. Like I said, we're going to try to get Dan Campbell. Why haven't we just called the man Campbell?


Man, Campbell is good, too. I've called Ming Campbell.


OK, so man Campbell and then also Dan Kirby, we're trying. If anyone's listening, we're trying to get, pfft, his most overrated coach of all time on the podcast, Tom Izzo, which would be electric.


So they have a much named after him, according to Austin. Yeah. January, February, Izzo, April, May. That's right.


They win, which actually is kind of perfect. Rosty Rossing didn't even realize that he kind of negative himself on that because the final four is always in April.


Yeah, that's true. And that's exactly why people are saying this type of stuff about Izzo is because he's not named after championship month. He always. Right? Yeah, sure. He'll win the first two rounds of the tournament.


And by the way, my take on Izzo is it's a pretty I'm squatting on the table. I'm not saying that he's overrated. I'm just saying people one day soon, eventually we'll start saying that Tom Izzo is overrated.


That was just a simple reminder, because if we do interview him, I want you to have to say that to his face. I well, very funny. Yeah, I know you well. All right. Firefights of the week. Let me start. So I, I flew to Detroit today. I am so out of practice in traveling. I did the following things. I forgot to pack deodorant, toothbrush, underwear, not even a single pair of underwear.


And then on top of all of that, I went to the airport. What did you set out to do? I just I handed. Did you pack? I packed this morning. I packed everything else. I have like seven sweatshirts, jeans, couple pairs of shoes, socks. And then I just was going through my bag when I got here and there just wasn't underwear where the underwear was supposed to be. So I did all that. And then when I was at the airport, I sat down.


I got I got there way too early because I'm out of practice. I was there like an hour and a half early for my flight, sat down, ate some lunch, got up, just left my coat in the booth and just like my winter coat. So I don't have that anymore either. At least I swear it's not right. Yeah, right. It's I'm so out of practice of like doing anything but going from my apartment to the office and back to my apartment that I, I have to relearn how to act in society.


So. Yeah, yeah. That sucked a lot.


That's tough soxer. The one I always forget. But underwear. Underwear, that's a tough one to forget. So have you gone to the store yet or are you just going to go Freebo. I'm going, I'm going to go to the store after this and I agree with you.


Sock's it feels like you can buy socks and it's not really much of a difference buying all new underwear. You I'm going to feel off. I'm going to feel like, oh yeah, it's going to be like starchy.


It's going to have the fuzz on it because you can't wash it before you put it on when you buy me undies. I actually think that when, like, the only socks that I've. Just in the last probably 10 years are socks that I've bought out of town when I forgot my old socks, so it's a good excuse to read up on brand new pair of socks.


I might just not bring socks to me just so I can get some new bones.


There we go. All right. What do you got? My final test is I still have a Christmas tree in my house. So it's what is it, the 22nd of January right now?


I did pay 300 dollars for the Christmas tree. So I'm getting my money's worth right now. It's it's like a birthday tree. That's what I'm telling myself.


But it's it's in bad shape. It's in really bad shape. And if you have a Christmas tree that far into January, you can't just take it out to the curb because they've done the Christmas tree collection. I don't think I don't think that they do. They don't just pick up trees if you leave the tree on the sidewalk all year round. So, no, I have to figure out how to get somebody to come to my apartment and get my tree from me.


And then I have to deal with the shame of, yeah, I still have my tree.


What? Why wouldn't you just plant it in my apartment or outside? No, outside. You know, throw it away. Just plan it, put it outside.


There's really no grass near my apartment.


There's got to be those those little wells like, you know, on the street you don't man hogs piss a man.


Oh man. I can take the man in street and then plant the tree in the sewer, plant your tree and commemorated to Tommy Lasorda.


We'll do a whole fucking thing for it.


I'm down for that. I'm absolutely not because I don't know what else to do with it.


Once I a plant this tree one time in like April, I, I lived on a highway and we had taken her tree out like to the side yard and then we got a notice from the homeowner's association. So I had to take this tree and run across three lanes of a highway out to the median. I just threw the tree into the median and then ran back into my house. So every day for like the next six months, I saw my dead just skeleton of a Christmas tree.


Sitting in the middle of the highway is pretty cool.


And people almost crashed every day. No, I waited down. I actually did kind of planted in a way. I wedged it.


It was more of a wedge. Oh, the grass median. OK, got it. Yeah. No, no it wasn't. I didn't just like throw it onto a concrete barrier and then run back. It was like a significant strip of land, wedged it into some, some rocks before somebody came. Took it. All right, Hank, I have a couple of.


My first one is I didn't make any hilarious Bernie Sanders setting, Meems. Oh yeah.


That mean bermed burned out pretty quick. I lost sleep that last night. Was that look Sameem has ever been used out.


Yeah. Yeah. It has to be. Has to be. I was after five minutes. Yeah. Everyone fucking our colleague B.W. Carland had posted up someone did a painting of it like two hours after like who the fuck is paint. Just lying around to paint of me. I guess. Painters do.


Yeah. My other one.


So well this sounds to me like you had a meme, a specific one you wanted to do and then you realize it's too late.


So why don't you just verbalize it, talk it out. All right. It's it's Bernie Sanders sitting. Yeah, but he's in a cat. What he's wearing.


He's wearing the mittens and the gloves and he's sitting in the coat. Hilarious. He's sitting like the coach from the other team, too, by the way. Yeah, I think this is very hilarious.


Hank, I'm once again asking you to continue your meme. All right. And then he's he's sitting at the pub with the Peaky Blinders. OK, that's good.


Yeah. Just imagine that had gone out at like twelve to one on Wednesday. Right. Like, I was I was I was really paying attention. And by the time I tuned in and saw, you know, how hilarious it was, it was too late. And I just really I lost sleep over it.


Yeah, I know my other one. So this one I was talking about whether or not I even say it before because I might just like double firefights myself with this. But I my my H back unit needs to get like work done because it like the heat will turn on then just turn off after twenty minutes. So you're emailing back with my landlord and the person that is coming in, he was like, oh I can come on on Friday by the way, I'm in all caps.


Huge fan of chicks in the office and part of my take. Oh. So it's just, it's just the awkwardness is my firefights that this guy that's a huge fan and just can be chill in my apartment, obviously judging the shit out of it. And me and just Normie, Normie, it's just a nice guy I'm sure is a nice guy and I'm sure I'm just overthinking it. And just being like this is just the awkwardness, just awkward.


You know, you're going to be sneaking pictures of Normy.


He's going to have his phone out. He probably thinks he's going to get a threesome. Hank, in his wildest dreams is don't you only speak Spanish at home, though? So it's going to be tough for him.




See, I thought you said that you always wanted to raise Norman is Espanol speaker. So you only speak Spanish at home?


Yeah, I've been getting hooked on phonics. I learned my Spanish. Yeah. So so he seems like a nice guy. But unfortunately, if you come to his house and he's there, he will not understand what you're so well.


That's why it's really just awkward. But my hope is that I was like, do you think if I say this, he'll hear it by eleven? I am when he supposed to come and he was like, probably not, so I'm just hoping that when this guy hears it, it's after he's already been in my apartment. Otherwise, it's going to be even more awkward. Yeah.


And if you're if you listen to it right now, just bring a cat over and just let it loose in his apartment.


No, if you're listening to right now, dude, you actually sound like a really sweet dude.


So you're cool to, like, hang out for a while. Maybe it's a war zone. Yeah, I like that jet scream with him.


Yeah. I'll hop on street, go live. Go like one guy. Dude, why not. Are you not do not like our fans. No I don't.


What I'm saying it's not, it's really it has nothing to do with the guy. I'm sure he's a great guy. It's just you know how it is. It's just awkward.


It just it's just I actually I would rather the people that come into my house, I would rather pretend that they don't know I exist. Right. Then I'll really be like, hey, I know you disagree.


I disagree. I think that's way I think that's cool that he did that this way. I would so much it's like I would much rather someone just said outright then imagine if they like as they were leaving, they're like, hey, just a heads up. I'm a huge fan. You're like, well, but the damage is done then.


Yeah. Then it's like, what did I say? What I do like do you take a picture? I think it's way better that you just know it's because now you can just be like, hey, this all records are on the table here.


I guess I'd rather him say it on the way out. I could be like, all right. And then then it's already over. The deed is done. There's nothing you can do to change the past.


Oh, if you're listening, unless your tenant give Hank give Hank a real clear picture of how to fix the pipes in this office.


He'll probably know, right? Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you have some extra time will pass out.


I would gladly pay hundreds of dollars to have somebody fix this thing just so I can pull that over Pete's head for the rest of his life. Just yes, I took care of myself.


Fucked Pete. Pete still here. Just clean the pipes. He's still here. He's like one day I'm going to come. I'm going to just keep. Yeah, keep trying.


Yeah, he's I can just hear him masturbating in the other room. All right. Jake, do you have a fire first?


Yeah, I showed up to my orthodontist appointment this morning to get some more Invisalign from my bottom row, and they told me my appointment was canceled.


I'm like, no, you canceled the day of that blizzard in December. It's a blizzard. Remember the blizzard in December? We had like six inches of snow. Yeah, yeah.


But you go to the doctor, too. Yeah.


Oh, my God. Help us. That's why. Oh, man. You want to do a numbers. Yeah. Let's go with it.


I'm going to go eight 800. I'm going to do it again. Nine fun fact in ancient Greece, pigeons deliver the results of the Olympics. What you say back at hundred fifty two. I feel like it's between the fifty to fifty to fifty to five to what is it.


Fifty to fifty to fifty. Wow. A five peat fifth one. These two. We had four flights.


Yours is our fifth last December 27th. Jeez.


Not fifty two's got a dynasty to about fifty two is not on the roulette wheel for week. Yeah it goes. Yeah. Go down the barstool sports recap. Play Fisking gamble responsibly.


You know we should do this weekend. We should have somebody in this room playing the lotto machine and then telling us what number to put our bets on on the roulette like. Yes. Can you imagine if that hits zero.


Yes. Double zero on Sunday? We can, yeah. On Sunday we can, yeah. What about Saturday? Saturday. I don't think people come in the office. OK, we'll see. All right. Love you guys.


There once was a ship that put to sea in the name and that ship was the ability. The winds blew hard about it.


Don't blow me bully boys blow talking to a lot of. Today is not the day to fight, shying away from it for your love of shying away from coming, for your love a john.


Take me out of here. Needless to say, I'd said in spite of being still a little further than the wife is, OK, say to me it's far better to be safe than sorry. To me, it's better to see the sun gone. Soon may come to bring us sugar and tea and run by the.