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On today's pardon my take, we have Kenny, the Jet Smith we talked to him about and be a bubble life working with Charles Barkley inside the NBA, all that stuff. We have Fire Fest of the week. The big report on the Redskins being a fucked up organization has been released. We will discuss that. We're going to do a little bonus Friday. Guys on ChiX because we didn't do it on Wednesday. Bubble talk packed show.


This is the last show before the first week that sports come. I'll say that again just to get everyone pumped up next week when you wake up on Monday morning. Sports will be in that week. In that week. So let's get to it before we do that part. My take is brought to by the cash out. Not always the easiest place. Send money to your friends. It's the safest. It's the number one social distancing app. It's a number one app in the world I trusted so much.


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Go download it right now. Use code bar stool. You get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars the ASPCA. Today is Friday, July 17th, and shocking news to absolutely no one. The Washington Redskins organization is rotten to the core.


To be fair, Dan Snyder has never been accused of having like the pulse of his organization in any way, shape or form or that's on the field or off the field.


It was a bad report. It was bad. It was very, very bad. House of Crepe Space, House of creative's, got to do whatever.


Fortunately, I think I think everybody that was named in it is no longer with the organization. That doesn't mean that it's still not like a rotten culture right there. Well, Bruce Allen, he was he was one and saying we have a damn good culture, damn strong last year and he's gone as well.


So everybody that was really named is gone except for Snyder, who obviously is still there. I don't think that this is going to force him to sell. No.


And actually, I think that the other NFL owners and I think a lot of NFL teams are gonna look at this report and be like, well, we can't forced Snyder to sell because we all have some of the same stuff probably happening under our own roof. Now, you're going to see a lot of people say, like this was not as big as what we anticipated. It was 15 different former employees, different women making accusations at different like five different departments of the former Redskins, the R words.


But it was not what the rumors were saying it was. And that's that worked in Snyder's favor. So, like Monday, rumors started trickle out. Tuesday, they got a little worse by Wednesday. I saw, like, Jeffrey Epstein's name, like Snyder was going to be on the plane logs for that. Then on Thursday, he had the reports coming out that Snyder allegedly paid off refs, which that would be an odd.


I knew he's a bad business man. But for Snyder to pay off refs and go three and 13, that would be an all time bad business move even for him.


All right, sweet. I want to back up because obviously the story itself is horrific. The fact that all these women is probably more it, knowing that that's the culture there, felt so uncomfortable at work and it was such a bad culture and credit to anyone who came forward and spoke up and was like these guys. This is just a terrible, terrible place. And they all should be held accountable for it.


The media part pisses me off to no end because anyone who said outloud there's a big report coming just to flex their own muscles and pull in like and boost their own fucking social clout and say, I know something you don't know. Get ready for it. You're a douchebag because you basically made it about that. And it shouldn't be about that. It should be about the actual report and the women that came forward. And you actually helped out Dan Snyder by gassing this up.


So much show if you sat there and like I've been hearing. I know this like a lot of reports, a lot of rumblings. Fuck you, man. This is the worst part about social media and how the media works now, where everyone has to try to flex about how they have something before everyone else. When the actual story is bad, really bad. But because you made it such a big deal going. Up until Thursday night, it basically, like you just said, it makes it almost lets Dan Snyder escape by being like, well, there weren't that fit the things that we thought were going to be there, that people were sharing text messages, pretending that they were in the know.


I got the same text message tweeted, it means sent to me like a hundred times on Thursday. Everyone had been like, here are the details. It was crazy. So maybe I listen, I'm not going to pretend that the media is going to do it differently next time because they won't now do the same thing. They'll do the same exact thing and make the same mistakes. But it should be called out because it sucks that it kind of overshadowed all the women that came for.


It is. It's a bad report. And if you look at what came out in Carolina couple years ago with Jerry Richardson, removed jeans Friday, that whole thing. It's very similar. In fact, you can make the argument that this is worse than a lot of ways. It doesn't directly named Dan Snyder except for saying like he was absolutely aware of it.


And he he should and also don't like male cheerleaders and he doesn't like male cheerleaders. He made one of his his employees, who used to be a male cheerleader in college, do cartwheels to keep him entertained like a scene from succession or something like that. So it was, um, it's a bad report. I don't think that Snyder is going to sell. I don't think that that's going to happen, even though the minority owners are trying to sell their stakes.


Yeah. I don't know how that's going. That's not like way above. My pay grade to even understand how people with that much money go about selling minority shares in the team to like influence maybe a hostile takeover. I don't know if that's possible or not.


I do own a minority share in the breakers and the water. Dogs ever sign up, but we never sign the paper.


Do you think that the CEO of FedEx signed paperwork when he know we all like so much stuff that we never signed paperwork for? Yeah. But that's actually good. So if we can't, we ever have to. We usually get we never sign paperwork. Yeah.


Yeah, exactly. So we're not culpable for anything that happens under our watch, which is always a good place to be. But yeah, it was a bad report. It was. There's, there's nothing positive that you can take out of this. It it's not really a surprise to a lot of people that have been around Washington. And like I grew up a fan of the team. And it's sad. It's so sad what's happened. That's why don't talk about them being my favorite franchise that much.


I don't like I don't root for them. Like, I root for my other favorite teams because this type of stuff is the rule, not the exception. It happens all the time. And, you know, that's a poisonous culture.


And it's difficult to love a team that you grew up loving for the long term when this stuff happens all the time and there's very little to be happy about. In fact, I sat down. You know, you've seen like the A to Z guide of why Redskins fan should hate Dan Snyder that Dave McKinnon wrote a while ago in the Washington City Paper.


You saw it. You've seen like all the reasons why Dan Snyder is not a good person and why Redskins fans should not like him. But I actually think that sitting down and listing the ten best things that have happened to the team since he's been the owner is actually worse. To read it out loud. And it puts in perspective, you're like, holy shit, this is actually this is as good as it gets. Right. For Skins fans. Yeah.


So I made a top ten list. You only started 10 or at one wherever you want.


Section five, search fox hard five. OK, number five, go five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.


One, two, three, four.


And these are all dead serious. When I say, like, these are my favorite memories. These are the things that I look back at fondly as a Redskins fan. These are actually them. Number five, I have looking at our coaching staff from 2012 and being like, man, we had Kyle Shanahan and we had Sean McVay and we had Matt LeFleur. That was pretty cool.


That's a that's good that we hadn't been through. We had good assistant.


Well, you haven't heard my top. Oh yeah. They get pretty good after that. Your true number six. We went five and three in the second half of the season with Marty Schottenheimer. And then we fired Marty right afterwards. But still we went five and three. That's you after starting out oh and five that year. That's that's pretty big rats. Huge was that's very memorable. Number seven, we did go nine and seven with Kirk Cousins.


Yeah. And then on top of that we didn't pay Kirk Cousins. Ninety million dollars.


Smart move. So that's it. That's a feather in our cap right there. Number eight, we had two really good left tackles that played really well for a long time. Chris Samuels and Trent Williams, two guys were awesome stalwarts to watch on the left side. And then they both quit in their prime because they would rather quit than play for the team. Yeah, but still that seems negative. There's some but there's something cool about watching. It pauses.


But every game you're watching these guys, you're like, yeah, these guys are awesome. I love having these guys keep positive. Number nine, Sean Taylor. Yes.


His presence, Sean Taylor was awesome for like two and half years when he was her number ten. Colt McCoy was the backup one time and he came in during a Monday Night Football game and he beat Dallas. That's ten.


That was tight. Feels like a regular season game.


And it feels like where we've been in Dallas, you know, then you want me to go number one one. No, go for OK four, then I'll count down tonight.


Yeah. Number four, offense gets in there. This is where it gets really good.


We won five games in a row in 2005 and Clinton Portis was dressing up as characters during those interviews. Yep, I remember that.


The big glasses and I'm in by the way, the stuff that I'm listen here. This goes back to like 97. So this is twenty three years. These are the best things that happened to number four was we won five games in a row. Number three, just when Gibbs came back.


Yep. And was like, all this could work. Yeah, it didn't. It was it was an off season where we were like, holy shit, Gibbs is back. That's awesome. Yeah. Number two was four months of Robert Griffin.


And today I was going to say it has to be one or two. Yeah. Four months. And then that cut short because the field was sandpaper. It was actually just kitty litter that we spray painted green. Yeah. Towards Nia because Dan Snyder told Mike Shanahan, hey, please play Robert Griffin.


And then the number one best part of the Snyder era was we won a playoff game. We beat Chris Simms on the road in the playoff game, and we scored one offensive touchdown.


Chris Simms is mean to Blake Bortles and Chris Simms. I don't think he had a spleen at the time, so he beat his spleen list quarterback by seven points and scored a touchdown on offense wins win. And that was the best part of being a Redskins fan for the last twenty three years. That's pretty good.


That's pretty good. Top ten list I makes being a Bears fan seem pretty sweet. It's not competition. I'm just saying. Yeah, I'm just saying it's, it's been miserable. It's awful.


So I don't know what like happens from here. I don't. Think like we said, I don't think Snyder gets has the force is forced to sell team. By the way, just as a total aside, as an extra like cherry on the shit sandwich. That is Daniel Snyder's Washington Redskins doing the name change on Monday, knowing that this reports coming out. What a fucking asshole. Like, what an asshole.


And then he kept letting, like, small little details trickle out during the week so that the report would have to go back and be edited and then fact checked again. So they kept pushing it back like day by day by day and now. But he did hire a lawyer to take a look at things. OK. That will usually strain yourself. You hire a single lawyer to examine your organization.


The only positive I say is that Darren reveals a fucking idiot again. Yeah. So Darren Revelle took his take. He read a story detailing rampant sexual harassment in an organization, 15 women coming forward, bravely coming forward. And his takeaway was sorry to disappoint Redskin fans even in the cancer culture. That story, while horrific, isn't going to take down Daniel Snyder.


Those is number one, takeaway number one, which is, of course, of course, Revelle, like just figured out like to tweet about cancel calls. You've got to look at the brands there. Yeah. Kids of culture is officially canceled because Revelle knows about him. Yeah.


That's that's exactly right. When he gets on board something when it's either him or Chris Cillizza. Once they get on the bandwagon of something, it's officially done. You can't talk about E.M.S..


So the other thing that we had going on, which seems like forever ago, because there's been a lot of news today, is Twitter getting hacked and restoring itself to like 2010 Twitter when it was awesome and there were no blue checkmarks. And I've got to say, that was awesome to watch. I was so happy to see people like Nobu Checkmarks, myself included, like I was. That's fun. Twitter fun.


Twitter was back is pretty soon figured it all. No, no. But it was actually no, it was great. Were you PFG a little. Because you are like you kind of sold out when you said you were running for sheriff. Yeah. And then he did. I didn't want to. They forced upon me. Even though you will. You also replied to the email that I gave him back. Who wants to give. No. I gave back that show with the act and then I got another show.


But then I got another one on the same day as everyone else. No, Twitter just forced it on me. It just happened. Also, I never got a blue checkmark because this is gonna blow your mind. It's actually white checkmark that's surrounded by blue. Nice privilege.


The it was great, though, to watch Twitter just like implode. And it was so lame to watch other people retreat their old the blue check march retreat, their old tweets.


I hated that. It's like you've got to make it about blue checkmarks. Find a burner Yanda burner. Exactly. We'll remember you, Leroy. Yeah. Billy was so nervous when I told me give me the keys to his fucking Twitter account. He was like, what are you going to do? Would you like the most guilty response possible? I was like, dude, I'm too far off, like three tweets and you're gonna get a couple hundred followers.


It was kind of nice, though, to scrolling through Twitter and not reading anything about, like The New York Times op ed department. Hard to her first letter. Oh. Like, it was it was cool if politics were taken out of Twitter. It was it was blissful. Yeah. I'd actually be I would outspoken myself if it meant that I could just scroll a website and not be angry. We are self-loathing white check. Oh, I hate.


I hate. I mean, I, I have such a love hate relationship with Twitter and it's become very much hate recently.


It is a trash Web site. Yeah. All right. So that happened.


Hank, you felt you felt awesome, right? Yeah.


You know, Trick once was a great moment to check one's. I was just like, you know, interact with my friends. And you guys were unable to we were out there.


Liam went to my Instagram comments and was like, sorry about Twitter row running up the score. All right, fine. What ended up happening with the hack?


They so they hack into a bunch of prominent accounts and then said, if you like, reply to this or send me Bitcoin, I'll send you double the Bitcoin that you sent me. So Elon Musk tweeted something like that out. I think they had Joe Biden's, too.


Bill Gates still gate, which is like what? Bill Gates getting hacked his way. But that's a terrible hack. Did they make any money? I think yes. Yeah. I mean, a shitload of money, 70 grand or something. Oh, that could've been a fake tweet.


That could've been how it went. Did come from blue check. Modern on my eyes on fake or not real or not, are not up to speed this week. I saw one tweet that does like look at how much money this person's made is disgusting. Mm hmm.


Are you going to. And I believe usually. Are you officially retracting Will Smith and 50 Cent? Yes. Wow, that's big. You were adamant. I was.


I don't say I was Sheheen. Who was is one of those. I, I, I, you know, had some self reflection. I looked myself in the mirror and I was like, you're not on your game.


Was it Steet? Was it being in company of Steven Shay that. And then waking up to like a hundred people tweeting me being like this was the most fake thing of all? Yes. That's a great feel.


That usually is like, you know, if you check your mentions and there's a common theme, it's like, all right, this is doesn't get it. Probably a mistake. Just seeing a million of. I said Russell Westbrook had a triple double season like duty was three is like, OK. Yeah. I said what I felt. But then there was yet one day L.G. thing, too. Yeah. However, the old generally average. Well the L.G. thing I mean LG is I don't I, I do not take back my disdain for not being a figure out you algaes to blame.


Yes. LG if you have like that's losing. I couldn't believe it.


If you have Hulu and you have Disney Plus as part of your apps and you don't have ESPN Plus now you see LG.


Yeah, I was soccer idol. LG, you're fucking fucker.


Yep. Very much. Very disappointing. All right, let's get to a fire fest. We did the 50 cent thing.


Did he make that? Did 50 Cent create the screenshots? He definitely did. That's so dirty. Yeah. So it is kind of rude. That's what 50 Cent does. He does. He eat 50 Cent is fast and loose with his Instagram account.


He will post some crazy stuff. He was blasting some guy a year or so ago being like, this guy owes me money and just posting about him nonstop. He does not give a fuck. Don't get on a bad side of 50.


The best was the whenever one was doing the ice bucket challenge and he just turned it into a competition between him and Floyd Mayweather trying to get him to read.


He joined, right? Yeah. Yeah, that's right. He's brutal. All right. Before we hit Fire Fest, it is summer. It is short season. It is bird dog season. So bird dogs are the best shorts out there. Its gym shorts with a built in, silky soft inner liner that makes underwear obsolete. You also a bird dog pants. They're comfortable all summer.


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You will not take these things off, I promise you. Once again, go to Bird Dog XCOM, use code, take Bird Dog XCOM, use code take and you will not be disappointed. You will not be disappointed with bird dogs.


OK, who wants to go first. Hey, thank you. Go first. Yeah.


My fire fest. Oh no I have, I have so many. Would you like.


Oh wow. Maybe I can give you one that you don't have to worry about. Which one of yours you have to pay. Yes please do. Okay. How about. Have you seen what's happening with baseball with the Nationals.


Yankees opening opening day is next Thursday. They might have to just not play the game in DC. Instead, they have to play it in Florida.


Why would I go to Florida? Because DC, I guess because there are restrictions they don't allow for. Seems like the writers.


So either Fredericksburg, Virginia, I think. Or Florida. Dennis thought was going to be on my left. I was going to be on here. Thank you for taking. I got one for you. You got a dog that was going to be mine. And you now have to take it to the vet and you are late to work.


And I haven't getting a lot of sleep. So it's like. But, you know, as you know, big cat working with you for so long. It's nice. Have some to relate to. Like both being fathers now, not getting a lot of sleep. Yeah. So it's it's good to be able to now be on your level and understand and then the level of tiredness. Yeah.


And also you're pretty extra tired because your dogs had an Instagram account for like three days and already has like 17 posts and 11000 followers.


How is he going to break news? How? I was thinking about that yesterday.


We'll see. We'll see. We'll talk to you. We'll see. We'll see what other veteran dogs committee. Norman.


It'd be good to have you had Norm. Is it Normy Norman? I was some big. Would you call Yoko Ono. Breaking this fucking podcast up because you're always late to stuff.


Well, Moho, let it out.


Also, it's got to. Huh. Yeah. That was also I think it's dark. Yoko, that was awesome.


Borderline maybe an excuse. I kind of just forgot about that meeting and blamed the dogs as the meetings you set up.


Yes. Nothing worse than getting a text. Like I was walking out of my house and like this. I was like, are you here? And like, that's like the worst time to get close. Like, no, I. You text me.


It probably means I'm supposed to be here in this weird zone where I feel like everyone needs to re learn the rules to society and how to, like, be here for a workday. Like, we open up the office and we have everyone. They sent out an email and they were like, hey, you don't come in if you don't want to like. Absolutely no pressure. But there's been like eight people here. Yeah. You like ever was like, oh, sick dude.


Having a meeting was crazy. We actually had like a business meeting the other day. Yeah.


It really took a. It's pretty much where this crew. Part of my take is like 70 percent of the office.


Yeah. It's weird to have to like, get dressed and put on pants to talk business or. So I think that's I think you get a pass for that. Yeah. But please don't we call that a BILLI when you just lie about why you're late. Don't do that. I won't.


I won't go. Trust me, it's it's been very enlightening having to deal with deal with that this summer. Yeah. But the meeting was about crew. Could you gonna be very exciting.


More is coming soon. Yeah. Week is going is gonna be a little something different this year obviously because we can't go and he won't go anywhere. But was it fun.


We'll try to make it work. Yes. All right. Fifty.


My fire fest of the week is Rice University. Rice University has announced that they're going to open this fall, but the classes are going to be outdoors in a tent and you have to bring your own chair. It's BYOB for rice.


Whoa. Yeah. So it's actually gonna be like a fire festival. I'm sure they'll hand out shitty lunches and Styrofoam containers. Blink 182 is not gonna be there.


Most likely that's completely ruined. Remember the day when you're when you're like, hey, let's do class outside? Yeah, great. Now that's ruined.


And it's Houston. It's you in September and October. You're gonna be like, can we have class inside today, please?


Have bonus fire fest taxes. Oh, I'm sure. I'm trying to do them. Curve's yesterday, right? Two days ago.


And there's you might as well just give up, though, if you haven't done it now.


Give up. There's really no difference between not paying and now and not paying it ever.


Right. You already mentioned late. You're late. So what are you trying? What do you really pregnant, you know. What are you. Are you actually doing them right now? Yeah. Okay, well, let's walk through them.


I need to I need to get another form that I don't know where to find it. I don't know who to ask.


Oh, that's the worst when you're on Turbo Tax and make sure the IRS is Web site and download a PDA.


Yeah. Like, could you just upload, like, a random piece of paper? I don't know. I don't find it.


It's like almost like Homer Simpson balling up his taxes and throwing into lies. Like if you upload a PDAF, it will let you submit. And then once you submit, they'll be like, oh, you uploaded like upload a blank piece of paper, make shit, I'd hit the wrong thing and then you get an extension.


There's upload like a podcast, audio file and hopes. Yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to like a blank white piece of paper and be like, fuck. I thought that it must've scanned incorrectly and there's no I don't know who.


I literally don't know who to contact to get this. And it's the offices and open. So I can't go upstairs and like ask someone who to contact, like at the IRS.


No, I think someone's here. Oh. Probably has no one. My niece.


You know, he should do hack instead of putting that form on there, you should just attach it. And this is prerecorded. This is from Monday. Yes. It from one that you should attach J.


Hey, show a picture of wood and send it into the U.S. government. Oh, just troll.


Yeah. Government loves me, but taxes. Yeah. Here's your extension. Extended down to the floor. Yeah. OK.


All right. So do that. Do any of those things. You've got this IPSC which you fired first. It was Rice University at Rice University. Yeah. Thoughts and prayers to all the students there that are just to sweat their socks off outside.


Yes. All right. My fire fest. I have two. One is I've already been accused of killing the word glazy. And that was quick. I feel like I is just getting started. Classes are hot dogs. And I've already been told, hey, dude, it's not cool when you say it. So that's song I've been seeing glazy a lot, though recently. I've been seeing Glazy Meems glazy pictures left and right. I said, why did Glazy become such a thing?


But I Tweedie, I was a gamma glazy gladiator. And then Coley, our co-worker, was like, dude, we were hoping that we could at least get this through summer before you figured it out. So sorry. I kind of killed that. And then my other fire fest is I'm a father too now. So I have my son, my actual son. And I actually have to housebreak Billy football. I'm taking it upon myself. He's been acting out.


He's terrible manners. I am going to if I want this on the record. So PFG Hank, Jake Liem, if Billy does something rude to you, you can absolutely come to me and blame it on me. I will take honest for it and we will make this boy a man after what I've seen the last week and a half. We're gonna do this as a team. OK, Billy.


Okay. What do you have anything to say for yourself? I don't really know what I did wrong.


He first probably teach you that I will teach you. So we don't get those guns.


We don't know. We order dinner every single night when we when we work late here. And the food came and Billy took the bag, started rifling through it, took his food out, started eating his food and just didn't take anything else out of the bag. I was like, oh, that's all the food. And just we're gonna work teach you manners. It's just simple manners. You're not a bad person. It's just manners.


I'm very open to growth as a person. Yes, I'm very welcoming of them.


Now, you also just are late everyday. And to be fair, Billy did take his shoes off and he washed them with his other clothes.


OK, so we got steps that we can do this. You're gonna be the finest young man I've ever created. I'm very excited. Yes. I'm gonna have you I want you in a suit and tie on Sunday usually. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, Jake's got one for you. Look good. Feel good. Feel good podcast.


Yeah. That's a test, by the way. I have to wear a suit. Yeah.


And it's I. Billy, did you were saying before Jake did you do the thing I asked you to do two days ago. His taxes. No, I said I asked you to do taxes two days ago with the hashtag.


Do you have a fund to help your forming?


Oh, he didn't. No, he didn't. Why would I have to here to Guy?


I'd like to report a violation from Bill. I thought I don't have the number on PFG. Here's here's just stopped at a search zone three.


A very big cat fathering Billy. Excuse he would say. But dude, I got you a cherry coke today.


He did. He well it was a cherry coke zero. Yeah. And Billy, to his credit, has learned that he should show up with a Cherry Coke.


He he comes in the office with things from Duane Reade and then he's like, oh, my job here is done.


I'm also pretty sure he just wants to go to Duane Reade anyways. He has to buy snacks.


We got this dude. We got this first order of business. Do the thing PFG asked you two days ago.


Well, OK, thank you. You're fired first. My fire fest of the week. I had a pretty solid week after all.


It's been like I'm just crushed. Muted. We're neck and neck. Home work. I'm doing everything great.


Billy York.


No complaints here, guys. Oh, you've lost your. I got one for you. Lost your woop charger on the jet ski as well.


No, I have my charger. I found my charger. I've been hitting my head on the same board at over. You know, it's pretty fun.


No. Five is the week for Saint Thomas's College in Minnesota. They are getting bumped up from DS3 to Daewon, meaning that all the D3 recruits who are sitting on the bench get on a DS3 team are now having to play watch D1 schools.


So now they're D1 athletes, though, right? Ones. It's it's a benefit. But then you're going to be playing D1 athletes and getting dunked on and just absolutely destroyed the next couple years until you can recruit like D1 recruits, spends on, you're gonna go on SportsCenter a lot when you actually get dumped on by some hoster.


Good. Yeah. The Shawn Bradley effect.


Yeah. Well, it's just been a great week for me.


OK. You're crushing it. Very good. Here, here's one thing I don't have to work with you on is your confidence.


That's sad. No, it's really kind of way. Yeah. No, it's.


They actually do need to use dog whisperer techniques on him. So what Cesar Millan always says is when you enter a room with your dog, you just you don't make eye contact with it. You make eye contact and you greet everybody else. All the humans in the room get their hellos. And then and only then do you go over to doggy scratch upon the ears. Hands up. He also says three things that a happy dog needs.


That happy Billy needs his on your dog in this order. OK. There's exercise which Bill has been doing, I think we don't know. He looks kind of fat, but I think he's been. Oh he looks really.


That dropped to a recently intermittent fasting. Fat is the reason why I'm. Going through the food so quickly, this is my first meal of the day. OK. So it's always more star athlete, so you should be gaining weight. Well, I have a lot of muscle. OK, so no one is exercise.


I 100 percent squat and bench more than anybody. And because of that, I think that makes me the alpha. So I disagree. Number two is discipline. We need to work on this. Yes. You know what? We need to look ourselves in the mirror. Yes. And maybe, you know, we should do.


You know, they put Cesar Millan puts those vests on dogs, make them think that they always have a job and they're always working. We should give Billy a dog vest. Yeah. And just make him have, like, water bottles in it all the time. Yeah. So he can carry Diet Cokes.


Underneath is like a Saint Bernard underneath his chin. Yeah. Just yeah. Just a barrel of a milkshake that you're bringing around to us. And then number three's affection and then only, only after he completes step one two.


Do we give you a boy. Yeah.


And then then PFG will kiss you on the lips.


No, I swear. 70, 75.


Billy, we got this man. I'm having an amazing time. All right. Love you, Billy.


Let's we do really love you. We wouldn't if you if we didn't love you, we wouldn't invest our time in you.


I'm serious about getting a squirt gun, though. Fornia. Yeah.


That's also everyone on line. Be nice to Billy. Let's go. Positive reinforcement for a week. Let's try a week of positive reinforcement for Billy. Everyone. Yes. Can I say puff online? Yeah, it is. I know it is. All right. Before we get to Kenny, the Jet Smith, quick word from our friends at Roman. Most guys have tried different ways to last longer, but thinking about baseball doesn't always work. The folks at Roman, an online men's health company, are changing the game with Roman swipes.


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OK. We now welcome on a very special guest. Two time NBA champion inside the NBA on TNT. Future Hall of Famer as a commentator maybe. And also he has a basketball camp, a virtual basketball camp, jet academy that is giving verst virtual basketball camp lessons right now with NBA and WNBA stars. Let's start there. We'll get into everything else. What what are you teaching everyone? Can we sign up for it? How old do you have to be?


A lot of questions. There is no age limit, honestly. You know, with a pandemic social distance, then. Thanks for having me on, guys. But, you know, my basketball camp full canceled. My kids cancel, canceled. You know, what are we going to do? So why I thought why should the development if you want to you know, you from red ball to why when I married my high school team, I want to be a great player.


I want to make my ague team Washington development stop. So I created the the Academy, the jet academy. And what it does is it's an online. It works on any device, anywhere, anytime. All you need is cell service, a Wi-Fi and my cell, Kemba Walker, Trey Young, Victor Oladipo, all NBA all star. Breanna Stewart, the WNBA MVP Brittney Griner. We become your personal trainer for our half an hour, half a day.


But what differentiates it guys? It's Asla so you can ask questions, you can upload your video and all you have to do is go to Jedi Academy. Kamkar Khan explains everything. You come in. Log in and we could even make you guys players. OK, I can play by play at the Jet Academy camp dot com.


Do you have do you have anything in place though. Like if I were to sign up. Can I skip. I'm going to skip a couple of the drills when I, when I run out of gas and then hop back in at the end. Do you have anything that for for guys like me who, you know, are gonna cheat?


Those are guys those guys I've seen through my whole career. They cheat themselves. There's guys who will cheat on spread's their whole life. So you just joining the club? Brother Robert is joining the club. Oh, yeah. On a did academy camp.


I was the king of getting real close to the line when we were running suicides at the end of camp. And I would get super close, but I whenever reached out and all the way touched the line. And then my favorite part of any summer basketball camp was the last day when they handed out awards and the camp counselors were trying to figure out, OK, what do we give the award for the. It is not very good. And they had to, like, invent an award for me every year.


I think they gave me like best at taking charges. Are you giving out, like, paper plate awards at the end of it?


I do have, you know, everyone who participates. There is things that we give out. We do not give paper plate awards. OK.


So the award will be real. I think overall, again, just a pullback behind a curtain of what these guys are, what we've done. I always thought for me, the summertime, if I didn't work out individually, I wouldn't make it to the NBA. Not it wasn't a games. It was an individual work that I put in because I knew what I needed to work on. So now you get to do side by side with Trey Young, Kemba Walker, Victor Oladipo Giana.


You stole it. You get to go side by side with them and do the things that they throw. Got them there. That's the difference. Again Jedi Academy Camp Dot com.


So for people who obviously are listening, not watching this, Kenny's got an awesome flex going. He's got his grand piano behind him with framed perfectly with his Emmies on either side of his ear. That just happens to be there. Right. Like you didn't you didn't plan that well.


I didn't even know you took there at the dinner table. And now it's up to me. It's kind of, you know, use it as a toothpick. So, yeah, I did not know that that was there.


Yes. So let's talk about inside the NBA, because I everyone loves the show. It is a cult classic. It's ratings classic to people. People love watching it. And I, I love shows like this because you know that network executives are sitting around the country trying to replicate it. And I've always thought the reason why it works is the chemistry that you guys have. And you guys are truly friends. Maybe not Shaq all the time, but you guys are totally friends.


What is the secret sauce to you if you had to define exactly why it works?


Secret sauce is out, people running behind me. I think he is the authentic being authentic. Like there is no like you say this, you argue this point. You take the right. He takes the left. It's how you feel being authentic to what it is. So if we all think. Right, we're all gonna thing. Right, that we all think differently. We're gonna think differently that. I think a lot of shows that I've been on or at least tried to have me on at times, you know, they would say, well, can you take this point?


But I don't believe that. Right. Yeah, but we just need a contrast now. Well, I'm not the guy to find a guy who really believes in that. I think those are the kind of things that people read it to. They understand we're not just arguing to argue or we're not just a great just agree. We love the game. We love the players inside the game. I authentically love them in terms of fans and fandom. But we also Krikor Chico, we all cook orcas also.


So, you know, you're not doing this right or you're doing it wrong.


So you wouldn't you say you just now are you say things that you believe they're authentic. So that means that what you said. I think it was last week that LeBron might be in your top 10 all time. You authentically believe that?


Yeah. I think for me, my top five players of all time and this is we're talking about threads of greatness like. Let's separate this with the threads of greatness. But, you know, I'm old enough to actually have seen these guys when they were in their superpowers. So I've seen Michael Jordan and his superpowers. I've seen Kareem Abdul Jabbar when he was Kareem Abdul Jabbar. The superpower. I see them when he was Lew Alcindor. I seen, you know, the Greeks be great.


So when I'm comparing it, I'm like, well, it looks very similar to what he's doing or it even look better at times. So I'm not going on a reference of highlights. So if he wanted to dect to directorate's a jump into the top job of all time for short but what, three championships and he's still on that trajectory. He's not there yet. In my opinion. Just in my opinion, will he be there? Yeah, I think he will.


But is he there now? I would have. Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, you know, ahead of him. I would just just personally me.


So how long after you said that take?


Did it take for World Wide West or one of the Wran's people to show up at your doorstep and just knock and just stand there and just start like pounding their fist, being like, hey, Kenny, you know, we got to straighten this out.


It wasn't it wasn't even him. It was my 12 year old son. If LeBron felt ever so, we actually I did an Instagram blog with him on Sunday like it's father versus son. He was telling me why I was wrong. And we have pictures of LeBron. He's like one of the few players that we have in the house, like a big system. And actually, you have a great deal of affinity towards the block. I have some backstory that you know about his mom and how he's taking care of my mom at times and set things up, you know, but I'm going to be honest, in my opinion.


I think Kareem Abdul Jabbar right now, I would put him there. But like I said, it's threads of greatness. But the broad James trajectory has him there. What I have to deal with in my own household for. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, have you ever put out a take on inside the NBA where you say it, you believe it, and then you hear from the player that you're talking about and they object to whatever it is you're saying and you end up changing your mind, not in terms of something like ballbuster.


This is barbershop talk where we're talking like, you know, who's the greatest with this team be. But in terms of, like, content, where it's like, no, I actually said this about you in the game and I was right or wrong. Never. Never. I changed it because I never say like. You don't play, what, half hard, you'll play with El Paso. I know. You didn't get back on defense. I run to the big board and I go.


Here it is. Like, so I'm I'm really back. And most of my points up with Phil. I very rarely jump into the barbershop talk like, who's the greatest of all time? You know, that kind of stuff. Very rarely we do that. We cause we're on once a week. So we're covering the game itself. If we want every day, that's when you kind of nag. Now it's a pandemic. I'm going on a lot of shows.


I'm having a lot of fun. And we start I get into the barbershop talk. And so which is a little bit different.


Yeah. When you're getting after Shaq, can you tell his breaking point? Because I feel like he's had it a few times where he's been legitimately angry at you guys. Do you do you know, like right at the limit to where we like. All right, let's let's back up or does it sometimes afterwards, like he's still pissed.


I know the limit. I know the limit. And I always push up to that limit. I want him to try. I might get him to the edge. I'm going to get him where he takes off his jackets and ready to jump over the cliff. As soon as he goes like this, I pull it back like I want him to always get to that moment, especially with Chuck. I want him to get there. I want it, though.


Kerosene on it just way becomes well gone and not burn.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like that. You're really good at it. Kind of it being a pastor on that show and you just set it right there. You try to get Charles and and Shaq going at each other more than you try to immediately get Shaq upset at you. What's one thing that you can say to Shaq that, you know, we'll get under his skin immediately?


I have to disagree with Chuck. What if I really believe and I agree with Chuck? He gets mad at me and I'm like, but I really do believe this. Right. So any time Chuck and I are on the same wavelength of thought that Bob was shot, would Alquist what about something that will always get under Chuck's skin?


Do you have that button? I mean, I feel like he doesn't he doesn't really care when people bring up the rings argument. But is does that can you bother him with that or is it something that you would get.


Chuck, probably most is. Social issues. So, like, it's not really basketball issues that bother him. What if you disagree with him? You know, I think that could get under his skin. However. I love the fact that he allows our show to talk more than sport. Yeah, before him. You know, we were a very adept basketball. So now we became a debt, very adept TV show.


Yemen will be a greatest basketball show. So one of the greatest TV shows. Two different things.


And and it's a testament to all your guy's character. But I also think you see it a lot right now where people are trying to figure out how can you talk politics, social issues while also talking about sports. You guys do it authentically where it's not. It does. It never feels like we're being preached to. It feels like it's a discussion. I think that's the important distinction that you guys are able to navigate in. A lot of people aren't like a lot of shows are not able to do that.


Well, you have that. You have the talking in culture like. How it affects the culture. What you doing sometimes or your life? If you're talking about it from a third person party, it doesn't resonate like. We're going to talk about social issues, how it's affected me, how it's affecting you. And so the viewpoint becomes real. But if you just say how it's affecting others and never growing. Bringing your point of view of how it affects you, then then it's fate.


One thing I've noticed about the show is it seems like you go into each program with kind of an idea of what you're going to talk about. But it also seems like you're very willing to kind of throw away what the plan was if you guys get carried away or start getting hot about a particular topic. How far in advance do you. Do you plan out the show and what like how much of the plan? The production going into every single program that you take.


Do you think you actually end up hitting versus how much is just like what's getting you going the moment we're gonna continue down this path?


I've not been to a production meeting in 20 years. I love it. Yeah, I've read that where you basically got out of the second one you ever went to. And that was a genius move by you.


Yeah, I just like it because there's nothing going to happen on a basketball. What I haven't seen I've been part of. So it's really about analyzing what's happening. Like, I've really any trust with Jim Colly Opportunity trust that I'm going to pay attention. Well, I'm not. That's right. So you really are paying attention to things that you would never see, you know, and then, like you said, we don't always stay on course because we would go if I was sitting now, I'd be like, OK, why you wear sunglasses?


He's not. Is it right for him and not for you? We would talk about your sunglasses and why you wear sunglasses that he's not.


Is it brighter in there than you are? I've got an eye issue. Plus my eyes are so beautiful that it would distract from anybody that's watching this right now. They just be focused on just trying to be like, how can I get with that dude over there and start paying attention?


I'm not saying that his basketball point are making. I'm not saying what you just said is not true. But I now I know why. Yeah.


So are you. You're. Are you going into the bubble as of now?


There's nothing concrete. OK. But there is a plan for us to possibly want us to go. I'm not sure if it would help. I would probably like to experience it, to see it, but that's my that's my mind saying that, well, my body is like, why would I want to do that?


Right. So how do you, you know, play in the NBA and knowing these guys are now going to be isolated somewhat from their families, from the outside world? How do you think that's going to affect a team? There has to be there for like two, three months. Do you think it's going to be you know, they're going to come together more? Or do you think there's going to be that lack of release where guys are able to go out and be apart from the team and let loose and now they don't have that?


I don't know if there's any correct answer. You know, I don't I have no idea. For me, you know, I've been on like select teams that's been overseas for the whole summer away from your family that kind of has that kind of feel. And what just you're just running around with twelve with fifteen guys all all summer. So I think it has that feeling to it when you're in it. You know. The days aren't as long as you might think because you're practicing and the exhaustion of plasticine, you know, like you need your sleep.


You're going hard. And a lot of times those teams now go on twice a day. Guys are coming back doing their own individual work. So that first. Month kind of breezes by it's actually when there's less teams there. Right. Because then there's going to be space in between games was not everyone's plan, because when play will play out. Everyone's gonna be. Oh, let me watch this game. Maybe she this play. Let me go with it.


But then when it's like now it's only six teams left. Four teams left. That's when I. That's this mental strain I think. Yeah.


Who do you think it's going to favor more so. A team that's got more of a veteran presence on it where they might not feel that edge to have to go out and party all the time or are, you know, just go, you know, entertain themselves at night or a younger team that has more energy naturally, and they're able to bounce back and recover from games quicker.


Well, the party all the time is what keeps you motivated. That teams don't lose no matter what. But I think. Younger teams have an advantage because the lack of experience of playing on a road is no longer a factor. True. Everybody's in the same boat. There's no fans, there's no anxiety of that. So you just kind of go at it. So for me, I think the lack of anxiety to actually play on the road is big.


I would assume, though, you also played with guys who they didn't really wake up until they were in front of a crowd. Do you think that's gonna be weird for them? Where the. Not the great. Not yet. Not not not great plays I played with. Didn't play great at other times. So. Marginal guys, yes, but not great players. What about shooting? Do you think that it's gonna be tougher to shoot when there's not a crowd behind the basket or is it gonna be easier?


I don't think that differentiates it from me. We're asking again.


I'm asking him. Yeah, I take him over. I bet over's are on. These are just us dancing around gambling. Yes. And tell us who's going to win it.


I would say that. The lack of anxiety is going to allow players that you probably didn't think were great players. Go out. This guy is not bad. Now I see what he's in the league at that level for because he's going to give extra minute because he's not going to have that away crowd or that travel or that all of the responsibilities. Other than basketball, they've got to play better. So if you want your things, some guys are going to average more than 10 points that typically don't.


Who do you think Ben Simmons is going to finally hit a three? Oh, without question. He'll shoot threes in this environment. He'll shoot Zeke because the anxiety will be there. You haven't got a key in his first game. You 083 is your escape almost.


I actually like that. I actually agree with you because I think that part, a lot of his not taking three has been mental. And the crowd's reaction and everybody.


Oh it now. Go. Yeah. To go like that a lot. Yeah.


I'm going to absolutely hammer that prop up. What player in the NBA right now. Do you think like is there somebody that you've got your eye on, like when this guy retires he would fit in really well with our group on TNT.


Man, you know, God bless the boys. You know, Kobe Bryant was one. I was hoping and praying that he would, you know, come to I would like that would be the ultimate five like. Yeah. If we had the ability to have Kobe on one end and Shaq on the other, you know, and just being able to come back. The stories that Shaq always lies about, you know, about the championship Rud's. And then I just think that would have been the ultimate.


Man, I would have been open a partner and it would've been a five man death and we would've been like a Jackson five. He would have elevated us either. I would have got famous going to a hotel. We would have stopped me every Sunday because I'm part of the Jackson five and I wouldn't have been Tito.


We had Horace Grant on the show a couple of months ago and we asked him about the famous Nick Anderson game. You obviously were on the Rockets. Then he said that if Dick Anderson hits one of those free throws, that's a different series. The Magic probably win it, win the championship. What from your perspective, watching that happen when at all? Yeah. He said that that that killed their confidence. And, you know, there are a young team and they had the game won and that happens.


And it's like, oh, man, we'd like this stage might be too big for us. When you're watching that on the court, like, is there a small part of you that's like, man, this is brutal for this guy. He can't fucking hit a free throw.


No, I wasn't I wasn't nervous for him. I'm happy because I got to shoot the three. Tied up the Senate in overtime. Yeah. So which kind of broken NBA record on that from me? So, no, I was not. I mean, you're competitive. You're not feeling sad for the other person.


You're not. But. I'm interested I said that because. I don't think they would have won the championship. Maybe would have been closer. Right. They felt that way. But obviously it would have won the game because they didn't win any. Right. They would have won one. But the reason I say that is because as the Rockets we play Phoenix that year and we lost, I think on the year before, we lost two games and we were up 20 both games and they came back and beat us and we were down three one.


But that's what makes you the champion, that you could take the adversity and go. No, we're not going to lose our confidence over this because we really had to. And we're going to beat them because that's how we would have thought we would like. What the hell is Kenny? I'm gonna miss four free throws. Nick Anderson numbers. We'll pick those again in a game like that's how we would've been set, right. That's never gonna happen.


We were up 20. He missed for free throws, ones that got up. We don't smash these guys. And that's the momentum we would have had. Differently. So I don't think that they had the mindset of a champion. Yeah, I see you're saying that's a good point. I just see it's always, oh, we wouldn't be sitting in a locker room right up and up. Right. We would have been encouraged. But not it, honestly.


And it's always weird watching younger teams having that like fragile nature where when things start to go wrong, if they haven't really experienced it at that level, like you're saying, that they can't really rebound from it. They can't be. All right. Let's figure this out with the problem.


Yeah, it's a problem because I would have yeah. I wouldn't think I would have thought that they would felt that way. I would, you know, I definitely wouldn't.


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Get two pairs for 48 bucks. And now back to Kenny, the Jet Smith.


You also had to take that. You think that even if Jordan had been on the Bulls, your Rockets team would've been able to handle your business and take care of the Bulls in the finals for those two years? You still you stand by that take still.


I think Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player I ever seen in my life, but I don't think he had the greatest teams those two years. And the reason was the God. You were talking two hours. Brent was in Orlando and then Dennis Rodman at the time was in San Antonio. So they didn't have the two pieces that helped them when the first three or the second three. And they weren't there yet. I don't think you know, I think the reason they lost Orlando, even when Michael came back, it was wind number 45 and switch 23 was not because he wasn't good enough.


I just think his team wasn't good enough because. Horace was in Orlando, so they were small shack. Killing him inside. Oh, horrors, occurence of rebound, petty posting up. They lost for two weeks. We swept that to light. So they just weren't good enough as a team. Michael was still a best player. But, you know, he's got to be father. I think you have as close to 30 in the playoffs that year.


So what if they were bigger man? If they had Rodman? I mean, I don't know if two rings out of him, like amount of case without no baby, not without Horace Grant and without. Rodman. No, I don't think they would have done. Are you concerned that by saying that Jordan is going to take that personally and he's going to invent a time machine just to go back in time to kick your ass in those playoffs?


I took I took it personally that they didn't put us more in the documentary. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you you played with MJ, obviously, at North Carolina when you were a freshman. Did you at that moment, did you know, like, this guy's just different than everyone.


You know, you saw the growth, though. Like, Michael's the only player I ever met. That when I met in. As a basketball player, the things that he was, his weaknesses, my time. Three years later, we were talking. Those were his strengths. Like, I've never seen anything like that. Like, oh, you know, you're not really a great jump shooter. His ball handling. OK, now those are the best two things he does.


Yeah, like what? With me. Like it went from not being the best to being that to me.


I've never seen a LeBron is great. You know, I don't know if his weaknesses that he came into the league that Kobe, you know, and Kobe had. He's done. He'd done that at times as well. Yeah. Assistant basis. You know, magic. You know, magic wasn't a great three. He became a better three point. But it wasn't like he became the best three point shooter in the league. Michael became the best at it.


But that to me separated him than anything else.


Yeah. Adding on every summer of being like, hey, I'm going to add this to my game. I don't know. Dumb of them added.


Yeah. We're talking about. It's your strength. Yeah. Like Kareem, you know, he had the skyhook and then all of a sudden you go, no, no, no. When he left the league he shot three is better than anyone. Yeah. Hey, wait a minute. Like what?


What? Why do you think that Kim Olajuwon is like maybe one of the most underrated guys of all time? Feels like he doesn't get discussed in the same way when you're talking about all time greats.


But he was an all time great into, you know. Without question, top ten, eleven, that best player ever to play the game. But, you know, the social media, you know the. It was didn't have a night, you got a tonic, Bill. You know me. Yeah. Doesn't exist anymore. You know, like it just revelation. It just never like socially. People didn't he didn't embrace that. Right. You know, in that era.


So I think that's more to do with it and anything else. But long as he has me on television, I'm a Piper's praises all the time.


Yeah, you're the perfect hype, man. So there's a lot of talk about you joining a front office. I think you even admitted that eventually you will. It's not a matter of if. It's a matter of when. You also said I was reading an article that you said every team in the league has told me something. They've told no one else. So you can't prove it. You want to go down the list. Like, what have the Cavs told you that you.


They've told no one else.


What year?


Just give us a small team like Jimmy. It's kind of like I always get the call and say they'll also I get because I think the difference is I talked to runners, agents, players, general managers and owners. I'm a guy. No. One, over the course of time that has that wealth of information that consistently needs to use it. So for me, you know, I I knew I knew when it was going to be number one pick.


Did you try to talk him out of it? Now, it's not my job because that wasn't a question. I only answer the question to be W. I don't. I don't work with you. So you go. Do you think it's a good gig? I'm not going to go. Yes, I know. I've I didn't say yes. No, but if you say. Do you know about her? What is this? Plenty of witnesses.


Because we're thinking about taking him number one. You know what? I'm going to tell you what strengths and weaknesses. Yeah. You've got to be really specific to get the information we wanted out of me that I know I'm not going to just say things I hear that you should know also. OK.


So specific question. What's one thing that you were told before everyone else that turned out to be true, that you didn't get like maybe credit for of breaking the news. But we'll let you will allow you in this moment to be like, oh, I knew that before Boge. I knew that before Sham's. I knew that before everyone.


Well, I'll say I'm not really a breaker of new right. So I don't have like that. I don't get like this trade is about to happen. I get this is what happened in practice. What should we do with this player from a player's point of view? How should we discipline this guy? What would you want if Gaza as a player? How would that make you feel? Or players call me and go, well, this has happened me with ownership.


How should I react to him this way? So I don't look this way or this. I need to get this message out so I don't want to look like I'm, you know, doing this on a team. And this is not really. So I get more of that than like the secret sauce of who got traded. OK, I get the information that make you makes that would make you a better player team or organization. That's what I that's the information that I usually get asked about.


Well, I have the information that you need to do that.


OK, let's drill it down even further then. So we're good friends with Blake Griffin that the lob city clippers. Why was the demise of the Lob City Clippers all Chris Paul's fault?


I don't know. It was all Chris ballboy. I don't I don't know that that's accurate.


Kenny's scratching his hand. He's looking up to I don't think that's accurate. I would get like if that happened, let's say in that time I would get a call, like I'm having an issue dealing with let's say let's say if it's Chris or this didn't happen. I'm just saying how hypothetically would happen. I would get a call from Chris and he would say, well, you know, I'm dealing with my big and bleep and this is the problem I'm having.


Every time I give him this information, he's taking it this way. What's a better way to do it? So you said him standing. Yeah. Now, I already know that there might be some information about, oh, there's some friction, but I'm helping you solve it, OK? I'm not I'm not getting a call like, yo, Chris Paul is a jerk. That is that up here. See you later. Say it on TV.


But I'm not getting that call.


OK, so how. All right. So let's go to something real that was more of an inside joke because we always just try to have Blake Griffin's back, the Kyrie LeBron fallout.


Well, I'll give you some information about Blake, OK? I was the one who told him to jump over the car. Oh, I was. Hey, I was his. They gave me as a as a dump consultant. I was not consulted and I and they risk the original dunk he was gonna dump or a Bentley. And throw it up in the air. Go Aliyu and dunk over Bently, but because the MBBS had a deal with Kiya.


They made a move to kill you. That's right. Yeah, good. Yes, so that's it. And I think Blake said that he wanted to jump over a convertible initially, and I thought it was a convertible, but, yeah, convertible Bentley.


I think he said that on our show.


And then he got to counties that came in with the idea. Nice that I'm going to bring. And I said I to have a choir singing. I could believe I could fly. I'll be like the preacher. And I did the whole heightmap thing and he came out. I couldn't believe I could fly. Yes. And choir. And he jumped over around the moment, so.


All right. So. So background stuff that Kenny Smith knows. Kyrie going from Cleveland to Boston and Boston due to the Nets. What has been going on. Like what. What have you been hearing about a guy like Kyrie and did you see that's what was happening. That's again that's done. That's usually because he had issues right. That Steven A.. But you're still picking it up as a. A negative call. Got it right. It's also a positive thought process that calls.


It's like I'm in this moment, how do I get better? You know, it's not always this guy sucks. How do I get rid of him? How do I treat him? What would you do? It's more like, man, we just drafted. We just traded for Kyrie. Right. How? Like, as a point guard, what can I put in place to make him flourish. Like I will get that call.


So yeah. I see you're saying. What about that. I mean so it's more how do I make my organization better. Not always. How do I tear down a guy next.


Would you ever make a call without them reaching out to you? Like would you ever call James Harden and be like, hey, maybe don't get sick with the flu before this playoff game next year?


I very rarely offer advice to players. Management, I would call I would call a general manager, an owner, a preteen president, you know, different relationship because I know how I feel as a player. A player should always, first line of defense, always be his coaching staff.


So when you when you when you bring that into it as a fandom person who was around him or knows him, then you're. Polluting the environment. And that's not a good does not a place that. I think I should be. I should never be the one that could pollute the environment based on, you know, I do have tenure. I do have relationships. So I never call a player first. Like, I never look at the game and go, yeah, what the hell are you doing?


I was like, I wait for that call right now in the summertime. Hey, bubble, bubble. Hey, financial guys. Whatever my big as this guy is is the accurate. Oh for sure. I'll leave you in the right direction. But I'm never in the middle of it going to pollute your team because I don't know what how you even got to that place some time through in your practices. Like have you been in practice doing the right things that you have these interactions?


Sometimes I don't know how you got there. Right. I don't like being looked at.


OK. I have one last question. It's actually my most important question. I'm very curious. What is the buffet scene like behind this, you know, before inside the NBA or when you guys are watching games? What's that like? What are we eating? What are Shaq or Shaq and Charles just going to town? I'd imagine it's pretty good, right?


It's like what's behind you as Tom Waits is heavy, brother. I get that buffet is pretty happy. It's. It's a smorgasbord of different. Ethnic foods. It's you. You know, some sometimes you go, OK. It's a starry night. It's never just a time. Never just Asian. It's it's everything. It's soul food. It's Asian. It's Italian. It's everything. It's it's a collection. It's never just. It's never is. Taco Tuesday.


Right. Do you ever do you ever like are you ever sitting there in all or can you tell when Shaq or Charles are in the zone? It's like, damn, they're putting it on tonight. Like they're going for it.


I, I have to be careful. Not to put on my 50 crown cur with them because it's so much around and you just walk by, see cupcake. You want on is good, you know, see a piece of Costa slice of pizza. You just grab it because you're just nervous eating. I, I'd to be careful about that nervous eat around those guys.


Is there a hierarchy in terms of who gets to hit certain parts of the buffet first and people have to wait their turn? I don't see the differences.


It's not a buffet. We have carte blanche to order at any restaurant. Oh, I like that.


So it is it's comp law.


Who's the captain, though? Who's the who's the guy who's calling the shots and where you're ordering from? I had the longest tenure, so I'm always first. OK. You can order from anywhere. Yeah. Chuck's just adding on a lot of adding on. You know, the runner is just hoping that they want to eat at the same place either. So he doesn't have to go to eight places where he's typically gone to five restaurants. Oh, that's perfect.


That's that's like I mean, we have a mini version we're looking at.


This was invented and postmarks would have been it because of us. Yes. Yes. We do something similar where we just sit here and we just like half our night is deciding where we're going to order from. But we only usually do one or two restaurants, not five. We got to up our game. It's been awesome, Kenny. Oh, one last last question is Jimmy Butler, top 15 player? In the NBA now? Yeah, oh, I did, too.


I know him at all times. Oh. I mean, without having a list in front of me. Yeah. He's definitely top five in his position. OK. OK. There are 12 editions. Yeah, all around 25. Yes, he is definitely top bobbers position. Hmm. You know what I'll have an unlisted for? Well, my plans for its position and literally and it's young. It's not. It's not it's not 10 guys better.


And Jimmy Butler and the two opposition. Yeah. OK, OK.


That's a longstanding beef we have on the show. It sounds like you're saying he's anywhere between between six and twenty five at his position.


So, you know, do that with the NBA. Yeah. Are you going to be on two boards? You know, since the way Wade retired, the top two boards in the league, you know that that's gonna you know, where you have to kind of start there.


Sounds like you're saying six, ten days, which I agree with, is kind of out of like no one really cared for. No one player. He's definitely in there. Yeah. It would be a God, and I'm going to store it after and go get. I'm also going to see if I'm one. If I was running a team, you would be gone. Go get which you will be someday. Kenny, this has been awesome. We really appreciate it, man.


Landru and check out Jet Academy. Go ahead. Let me get a lock. Before we let you go so we can make some headlines. Give me your guarantee. Who's winning the title this year?


I will say that, you know, before it started, I was a Lakers Clippers. Whoever wins Milwaukee. I will say one of those. There is another team that will be in the NBA finals besides those three who. OK. I don't know. It is because I got to see. Some guys might have guts. Guys got beards. I know I might not recognize certain guys. So you're going to have different last names on a jerseys, like I've got to figure out who's that.


But it will not be the people that were leading the way. When big stop. OK. So we're just going to take liberty with that and say that you're predicting the Nets to win the NBA title. Nets. Pelicans.


I would say don't be surprised if you see Denver, Dallas. Or Boston in the finals. All right, mate, thanks, dad. Good. That's good headline. There we go. We appreciate it. Yeah. Jedi Academy. Sign up if you're trying to get better. No age limit so you can go back to school. And, Kenny, that's been awesome. We really appreciate it, man. And I.


Dot com. Come on, baby. I got to take it. All right. Thanks, man. Precede it. Thank you. Thanks, Matt.


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Zip recruiter dot com slash p MDT.


OK, let's finish up with some segments. First up, we have football guy the week coach O who said we need football.


Football is the lifeblood of our country. Now he said this because it seems like with every passing day, college football is in more of a precarious situation to actually go off on time.


If I had a bet right now. I actually don't know. I don't fucking know. It's just if I had to bet and I might bow, I still think I think NFL is gonna happen. I don't know if college football is gonna have I saw something from j.J. Ward earlier today that actually made me a little nervous. He listed all the things that need to happen in order for them to get to training camp. Yeah, I think training camp starts in like a week and a half or something like that.


And they still don't have any. They don't have testing. They don't have basically anything that you need to get back.


It might not open on time, but I still think we're going to get NFL. I'm not very confident. College football, after reading the statements from Sankei of the SCCA and from Emmert from the instability, it's so bad that Rick Pitino is the only one who's making sense.


Rick Pitino keep saying we need to push the college basketball season to January 1st so that we can somehow preserve. March Madness replied, Oh, shit. Now, big delay guy. Rick Pitino is the guy who is speaking the most since don't like. Unfortunately, it feels like everyone in charge is using our brains for this where they're like saying to themselves, let's just wait a couple weeks and maybe this will go away. You'll just stop. Yeah.


Many are literally using our logic and we are dumb fucking people.


I think that the NCW, they probably had someone do the Twitter shutdown because then all the white checkmarks out there. We're not saying all the doom and gloom stuff about it not happening. So they're just reading the timeline. They're like, yeah. That's awesome. I think we can make this app. It's so bad that I've I've read all these statements and everyone talking about it. I'm like, wait, you're thinking like me and I'm an idiot. Yeah.


The reality is that you learn this as you become an adult. But nobody has any idea what the fuck they're talking about. Right.


The person in charge. We need someone to figure this out to keep football. But, yeah, I. I'm pretty sure the NFL is running the same exact playbook where they're like, you know what?


August 1st is so far away. And they've been saying that themselves for last five months. Guess what? August 1st is two weeks.


You know what we need? We need some sort of czar. Feel like there haven't been enough czars in the news recently. If Roger Goodell just appointed like a corvids czar to make all these decisions for him, then at least at that point, he's like, it's off my shoulders. I've got Mizar telling me what to do. Yeah. And then it's just a lackey for him.


The czars just is just simmons' and sell. Yeah. Talking on apoc basically. Yeah. Yeah. Mike Greenberg. Be the. He was. Yeah.


That works too. All right. So that's happening. I don't know. College football. I'm bummed but. All right.


We're stay positive. We're going to do the thing we're most do. It's. It's gonna fit. It's going to figure itself out. It's going to happen. Listen, to figure us college football. Is going to happen. Last week of August, we're gonna have week zero.


Did you hear about this going to Magrane it? Yeah. The vaccine's going to happen. Would happen. There's the medicine that some people on Twitter say works perfectly and other people say doesn't work at all.


Open air. Yeah. Coronavirus can't live in the air. Ah, it goes away in the summertime. Summertime, hot heat. It's good.


I'm actually starting to talk myself into the idea that maybe springtime college football might even be cooler. Mm hmm.


I don't know why, but I'm just convincing myself, like maybe maybe weekends are just strictly for NFL. Yeah. This year.


And that's, by the way, one thing that we haven't thought about is the implications on fantasy football.


We'd like players that might be testing positive later on the week.


Oh, there have to have a Korona waiver. Waiver wire is going to be intense. Matthew Berry has probably like just been heads down, just coding, brand new application reading about all this stuff.


Yeah. Michelle Obama's got a podcast coming in. Yeah, I just saw that, Mike. What's happening? Who? She voted by Spotify.


Is she cohosting or is. Is it just her strictly show her. We're fucked. Mm hmm. Cancel it.


Cancel GMT. All right. We have bubble talk. Dwight Howard got caught without a mask snitch line. The stitch line has been poppin. I do not know why the NBA is not giving us a livestream, this snitch line.


Like when a bald eagles about to have a baby. Just give us some. Give us Windhorst sitting in a room. You just picking up the phone and being like oh Dame Lillard would you say Dwight Howard's. I went to mask. OK, cool. Yeah.


I think Dwight Howard probably snitched on himself. I think he just wanted to break. I've a feeling is Jeff Van Gundy in the bubble I would assume. Cause he's gonna call games. He'll probably be there. Yeah. So he probably snitched on four for now. Finally getting back for his brothers then and got to join Twitter recently.


He's electric. So you guys might as you guys see his cookie tweet.


No, that's that's what a sentence. As I pull this up, I'm going to make a prediction. Oh, I did see that they're going to ban players from shotgunning beers on camera because it's probably like insensitive. I'm waiting for that to happen because, like, you just want a trend where all the players are shotgunning beers.


It's also a very funny trend to watch NBA players when you take away their ability to move around and be like they're they're richer than everyone, but they can't spend their money. They just resort to being college kids. They're just not it's great. They gets it's basically like the walking. Backwards in evolution, like, oh, what do we do? I don't know. Shocking speakers if you walk into a supermarket and buy store bought cookies. Would you really buy anything other than Chips Ahoy?


Seems like such an obvious choice to me. No.


Stan Van. Yeah. Stan. Yeah. I would say Oreos maybe. Nice double stereos.


Oh, sweet. Just Staubach. Yeah. He just blinded by the hoi.


What about Tait's triploid. He hates her now. Like everywhere.


I would say Chips Ahoy Chewy double stuff. Oreos or the goats. I need a crunch in mind. I go Chips Ahoy, Eminem.


Crunch, crunch. Down crunch.


All right. So that's bubble updatable. Oh, yeah. They're more of like a K. You're like a precursor to like a power bar.


Yeah, they're in the cookie aisle. I put it this way. I went there. So there's a lot of stuff and I wouldn't be shocked if you knew I was.


If you cut into a cereal's a cookie and it was a fig Newton inside. I would not really surprise me. It's a frosting sale.


What time out? Say what you said again, BFE and then I'm going to see what I'm about. No, I'm just saying, like Fig Newtons. A cake. Yeah. OK. Agreed. It's it's a weird and I'm yoza frosting sandwiches scenario is not a cookie. You said an Oreo is a sandwich.


There's no sound sickly. It's a. It's cookies is a glitziest anyway. It's a cookie. It's not one thing I don't care about your goofy in a pastry.


What. It's pastry. Fig Newton. Yeah it is.


It is a type. It's on me guys. That's on me. That's on me. I told them I line. I didn't tell them. It isn't tight the pastry. I'll say that. So no I'm just kidding with you.


You could go to fucking great day Bodhgaya. You're really great. They're doing nothing.


No fucking favorite tank. You know, it's like I'm really letting fucking go. Went off on go now to Chad.


I need to go off on your ass is going to help you know. Give us go Billig get 60 seconds here. Go off on the haters. You can put me in the hater group. I'm you.


I'm gonna to do it and I'm not going to do it. Wow. See he's our number one bigger man. That's good. Some say even too big of a man that was you know, you just did that was like you taking aggressive dogs food away as they were eating.


And he just let you do it. Yeah.


You didn't bite my hand. I was good building. Awesome. You're all wound up. That's a good boy. Good job here. The guy.


Yeah. Cook I what? No, they're, they're, they're you're talking fucking you talking about can Orio in and took you know the top part off that single black chip is a cookie.


Are you saying that it was a cake orioles'. A cookie is a frosting sandwich. This is the most disgusting thing you've ever said.


Hey Billy are Oreos cookie. Hank you would nuts douchebag heisting.


I used that douchebag. It's a what I have is 50. You're the fucking one that eats. You eat them every single day. Yes. Ice cream sandwich.


Arcudi cookie jar sandwich was a cookie. If I do I tell you to fuck you cookie. Then you orio just say no fucking matter. Yes. Get that. Billy is still mad. Get it. Get it.


Hank rules matter in this society, ok? An ice cream sandwich has malleable bread on the ice like a chocolate bread almost on the outside.


Yeah. Ice cream sandwich with two cookies in between. Dan, I gotcha. I should have say Salewicz it's a cookie. An Oreo is.


No, I know that's not ice cream in the Middle East across states freeze dried, is it a freeze of free is a Auriel freeze dried ice cream sandwich?


Yes. Yes. Oh, thank you.


We need sports packs. We do. Walking, even talking about why you guys aren't chicks. The perfect ending. What am I talking about? Hey, what are we doing that would you ever watch an ice cream sandwich before you eat it?


No. Would you wash Nooria of water? Yes.


Different thing. What the fuck. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, I try. I know. Try to try it.


Yeah. It's how you get some orioles'. You wash your Auriel. Yes he does. Yeah. I think it's actually just delicious.


No it's not why it's truck. Try it because he's a weird because it's the same as milk. No, no.


I fucking hate you. Does anybody scream. And neither is Leo. Wait. Yes. You said you don't. It makes your stomach weird.


Shit. Are you lactose intolerant, Jake? No, he's just the bus with him. You don't eat ice cream.


Now Billy is spreading fake rumors.


I like ice cream sometimes I don't like tests my stomach with weird shit.


Ice cream is real weirdo douche bag gerbil meme. We're just the fucking oversized orange. The Orange County choppers guys. Yeah, I would know.


What were your own shit across the room. Epeli was actually mad at Liam because he thought that Liam was lactose intolerant. He thought that that was a a trail.


Who's idea. Why don't you eat ice cream.


It makes me sick. Yeah. So he's lactose intolerant. You're lactose intolerant. If he's lactose intolerant. Okay, like that's like he is. If it makes him sick, he's ICAO's. You want to call the soy boy, right? Call the soy milk. Do it, Billy. Know. Very hurtful. Your boy Bill.


You call don't call Billy a soy boy online. Do not do that. That's my one.


Ask where's the. You feel we got your soy online the fucking yet again. You hop on stream, play some fucking wars, ZoGo, silly boy, silly voice over like fucking song. OK, so here it is. Everyone, please do not call Billy football soy boy online, comma, soy man.


Yes. I legitimately couldn't do anything for the guys. My hashtag work that was supposed to do. Come on time.


Oh wait, wait, wait, wait. Not one line. Yes. Well, I mean, you're I really mean you're blaming your lack of work ethic on being called a soy boy.


Ivy League cyberbully. That's the biggest soy boy thing that you can do is I blame not being able to work on being caught.


So is this the best part of you? So he could just if he just keeps talking, he will step in. You just said you didn't do a PFG Ashu do two days ago because people are calling you a soy boy.


No, I really don't know what to do anymore. Yes, I like you know. You do. No, I don't. I don't know. So you do nothing like there's nothing for me to do. Get the dye show up.


I get Dikla. Iljimae like, think about. Okay. I have a firefighter here in my day. You're in my head. You had to talk on a show and then there's nothing else.


Show us that you actually really don't have to talk on the show. You have to sit there and occasionally chime in. Something funny. Give us your thoughts. All right. Well, you know, Billy, I'll put this. You don't have to be funny. Just give us your thoughts. You know what?


Here's what we're also going to do, Billy. Well, how do you start cooking for us? I cook all the time, right?


Yes, we're certainly good. This guy. Done. I don't. Every day. Really?


I'm going to give you my credit card to start cooking for. OK. I will cook for you guys every day. OK, perfect. When you guys start having dinner. You're gonna cook it ok. I will cook dinner every time. This list the three things that you're best at cooking hotdogs and glass' steak.


OK. No. Well, you don't season it will you.


Let desk's let the meat talk this through.


What does working with those two really looks like you're gonna you're going to give me. I want to be no carbs to back my back on ketosis. All right. Perfect. That will get you back. All right. That is our show guys on chicks. Now, what's this into here?


This is a perfect ending. There's a perfect man who I. Lucy, funny shit. No, there's a perfect ending. This is a great debate about cookies and Belotti and talking about Eddie.


Yeah, I don't know. That's the point, Zac. This is the perfect way to end the last week before sports start. You know what? We have seven days until sports. Yes.


OK, so we've we've made it. When you wake up on Monday morning, we will have sport. It's our Sports Week.


It's sports. That's it all next week.


And part of my take is Sports Week by Throwback Hydrographic dedicated to sport. Yes.


Who would have ever thought that? Like there'd be no sports? You know, did you. Whoa.


Do now. Like always has been. Damn. They get into sports.


It's like. It's like a nine. Like it's always there. But then boom. No sports.


Say love you guys say love you guy.


Then we'll let Billy once you just kind of just talk over and over. Take on me.


Love you guys. I love. I don't actually love you. Think people call me so.


In fact in my job I keep saying I didn't seconding boys for the sport.


Well I think about this. You like you're seven years old. Like sports is like the biggest console in your life because you understand, because you know that you're standing outside government school like it's just sports.


And then there's like like two meals a day. And then there's always sports.


But then you never think, oh, food's going to stop sports, you're going to stop. But what do we. Like what? And then it stops. And now you just get a podcast room with six dudes and you don't know what your job is. Anyway.