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On today's part of my take, we have an extra long interview with Kevin Love, five time NBA all star gold medalists, NBA champion. We get into everything, we get into the Cavs, we get into his time with LeBron, we get into college, UCLA, Bill Walton, pretty much everything.


And it was an awesome interview. We sat there. We talked to his casual conversation. Also, we might be in his dog was there, too. His dog was there. Very cute. We might be in the market for a new Blake.


You'll find that out when you listen to his interview. What else we got?


Oh, we got sports are back. We have. Who's back of the week. We have the lottery machine going to pick everyone right now. If you're sitting here and you're in your your friends also may well just decide what number you're going to pick because and then bet it. We'll do that at the end of every show. And we also have Billy's list and Billy's going to do Heynckes taxes for him. We just found that out before the show.


Hank, don't shake your head.


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Right. Violence, I'm not I'm not going to you and I don't want to be like you, it's part of my team presented by bombs to sports.


Welcome to part of my take. Is anybody the cash have to go download it right now. Use code bars. You get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars. The ASPCA today is Monday, August 30 first. And we are watching sports on TV.


It is technically sports season is the fall.


That wasn't going to happen. I don't know about you, big cat, but I saw college football and said, oh, I saw college football on Saturday as well.


It was a terrible game, but that doesn't matter. I also. Oh my God, this game we're watching Utah, Denver, game six. So for anyone, all the jazz Nuggets fans like you never talk about the game. Here's me talking about the game.


We're watching it. So after was it Wednesday show when we said that the jazz and the Nuggets are the same team? They are. We we sat down, we did some sprinkles. We sparkled. And Jake actually forgot about the jazz because.


Right. Remember said he remembered the Nuggets. Yes.


They should allow whoever wins this game or whoever wins the series, they should just allow them to pick up like four players from the other team we wouldn't even know for.


Yeah. So, yeah, we had some college football on Saturday night. It was exciting to get the juices flowing, even though it was a crappy game.


But we also had this weekend the first sign, you know, when the temperature gets below 80 and you're like, oh, is that fall is a full blown in here.


It's not there yet, but is it they're never going to score again in this fucking time.


I thought about putting on I thought about putting on long pants this weekend. Yeah, I stepped outside.


I was like, maybe I shouldn't wear shorts. Like, no, that's crazy talk. It's still August. I'm rocking my shorts.


But yeah, there was like a chilly breeze. It was it felt glorious. So we did just go through what, like the college football schedule looks like the bones of the college football schedule. It was sad to go through what week two would have looked like with I think it was like Oregon and Ohio State and Texas LSU.


But let's not talk about that. Let's talk about sports that we can control. Right now. The Lakers are on to the next round. The Blazers, that was fun, but it's over. The Mavs are are eliminated as well. That was also fun, but it's over. Loukia is a people I love. When the Clippers finished off the Mavs, the whole story was, well, Lukas arrived. Yeah, he's arrived. He's a superstar. And I'm not going to argue with that.


But they also lost the series in the first round. Yeah, but he's arrived. Yeah, he has arrived. It was like, well, you need to put the pieces right. If you get the right pieces around Loukia, then they could continue for a championship. It's like, yeah, you could say that about a lot of good players. Right. If you put the right pieces around him, they all said they didn't have Kristaps. Yeah.


So this was out. So I think the series would have been a little bit different.


They also they also finally had to meet playoff P who showed up in the last two games playoff P has arrived there, also mainly scored fifteen points today, actually say whatever playoff Morris playoff DeMarcus mercurial march and asshole he the look on his face when he just straight up swung on.


Luka was hilarious an and then, then Jeff Van Gundy was like trying to figure out like should I go down the route of saying like this happened in the 90s, this was just a normal, like, hard foul. And then he had a bunch of people online tweeting, you know, getting really into it like, oh, this this is how they just shook hands in the 80s, punching you in the face right back when basketball players used to just like they would throw live scorpions at each other on the court back when men were men.


Yeah, Shaq was Shaq was like, hey, this is just hard. Basketball is like Shaq. You were fucking seven hundred pounds, right? Like, you can handle someone just slapping you, you know, on the head. They're never going to score again in this Denver, Utah game. And I have the over and there never ever since we started taping this podcast actually since pfft. Said you're good to such a fucked up thing to say.




The only points that jerk you're such a jerk move. I was trying to offer support. No you say you're good. I said you good.


And then what chance you would be very happy right now if they were you would not be blaming anything on me.


You can't say you're good. You weren't good. You're good. You point. No, I'm not. I get fifty two point. Just get out of bed in the morning.


Not good.


All right, Hank, congratulations on your Celtics win in game one wagon. Killed them, killed the Raptors. Never close. Was never really close. It really wasn't. How are you feeling? Are you feeling like there's maybe some championship? Oh, yeah.


Today was a by no means going to smoke the Raptors. Hopefully, you know, all the analysts, everyone was picking the Blazers, as you know, the team to watch out for last round. Everyone saying the heat. Now, they're like, oh, I've won. You know, they match up well with the. Looks like they could beat them, and if we put the heat in the conference finals, I think we would smoke them, too.


Oh, you saying that about about the heat? I'm saying that. Did you just hear me? I bet on the beat, the Charles Barkley, like the whole NBA, all that Charles Barkley, right?


Yeah, I'm blazers are going to sweep the Lakers. It was funny, the clip that was, I think I retweeted this morning of of the Lakers being an underdog, winning four to one because half of, you know, sports media had the Blazers beating the Lakers. Somehow they're never going to score again.


We just all along, we just wanted fun. You're good. You're good. It's going to stop saying that. But just say the opposite, OK? Duncan did get your fuck. Yeah, I know. Like, honestly, I was trying to get you up, but you're definitely fucked.


It's not who I am. Just saying. All right, what else is going on? We have what else is going on in sports. Oh, you got tense.


Come back Big Ten to that goal. It's so good today. We're so good to Johnson. Hats off to the course for putting on a good showing up until the very last. The horse had no clutch, Jean.


Yes, it dominated the entire week and just spanked the shit out of all the golfers.


And then Rahm hits, what, a sixty five, your five foot putt after Jack Johnson hit one on the 18th that he needed to go to the extra was it was incredible. Golf, golf is golf having a moment.


I think it is having. And you know what? I was just thinking about this. What America needs right now more than anything is something like we need a miracle and something that everybody can root for and be on the same team, pulling the same way.


What we need is Tiger Woods to be in contention on Sunday at the U.S. Open because like you remember at the Masters.


Yes, everybody get behind Tiger on Sunday.


That would be we need a moment in America where we're not at each other's throats or. Yeah, or Brooks. Either way, people will get.


Yeah, actually, no, I think one or the other.


I don't want to have to root against Tiger on Sunday, but I will if Brooks is and I am we we were joking about it like this is why we never should have killed Saddam Hussein because he was, he was the guy we just bring up every ten years. Like that's the back. Yeah. Who's the bad guy? That's the bad. Yeah. Just run back the Iraq war every ten years. I see that guy. He's a fucking asshole.


Yeah. All of our problems. What we should do problem.


So we should elect a bush every ten years and then re invade Iraq and then everyone is like yeah go USA.


Fuck yeah we're at war and now we're good. And then we all forget about fighting against each other or tiger be good at Arktika.


I'm going to the other. I would never see it. I don't think that low energy Jeb is going to win this year. So let's just get behind Tiger Woods, right. Whatever's the easiest. But it is it was a good sports weekend. There was I looked at that like Saturday board. And it was I think I had I think I've been on every single spread WNBA, MLS, MLS is back. There was some weird soccer.


I, I swear to God, in England, they just create more and more of these cups and trophies that it's like I thought I had a grip on it. And then Arsenal was just playing Liverpool for like the community or trophy I saw that was like the community shield on on right now.


How is this really a cup?


Yeah, but the MLS is back again and it's about to be back again in two weeks.


So back what is was the MLS even have an off season. They should just play year round. Right. Why do they have a season. They should just be the sport that's on TV or weird times. Yeah. The week and you just stumble across it.


Yeah. You probably get more viewers from just like happenstance when there's no other sports on at all.


Or they should just make it penalty kicks all the time. Do the penalty kick channel like the.


Yeah, it's all MLS was just all penalty kicks all the time.


I'd be in a penalty kicks and in between every penalty kick it's like it's either porn or it's like those 15 second pre rules that you see on YouTube.


So you sell an ad like every fifteen or could just be.


So what happens to me often is I watch the Cubs game on the MLB package and afterwards they run these ads and it's pretty much always just like, hey, you thought you were cooking your steak correctly. Well, here's how you should do it. And I just end up watching twenty minutes of some attractive lady and some fat bozo with a chef's hat cooking steak in front of a live studio audience. And I can't turn away.


It's always like some weird painted copper kettle that you cook it into, like some weird, incredible. You know what? I think I just solved Melissa's problem. Just call every game in the TV guide. Listen, just have it say, like try not to come challenge disunited versus Orlando and boom, you click on that. We're ready. I bet you I won't not. Yeah. So it's been a great weekend for sports. It was a great weekend for sports.


We got some good second round matchups coming. Oh, I forgot to mention that the rockets are now PIAC because Russ is back and I really, really want to see the Rockets versus the Lakers because that is a Frankenstein series.


It's going to be and the Rockets are going to play No. One over six six and the Lakers are going to play everyone over six. And then you're going to get people saying, like D'Antoni system is Mickey Mouse basketball, but it's still going to beat the Lakers. Right? LeBron James is going to it's going to be a flop. It makes no sense. Those two teams playing each other. And I'm very. Ready for it? I want that to go seven, LeBron James and James Harden driving at each other, both of them flopping at the same time.


That's going to be must see TV. Yes. Yes.


All right. So let's get to our who's back. Hank, you are going to have Billy do your taxes, correct? Absolutely not. We were talking about it before the show, and Billy was like, dude, I'm basically a CPA.


Billy is like, I'm sick with money.


He said, I took a class. I was like, Billy, I'm fully as capable as Googling the things that you would Google.


If you pay my taxes, basically get nice with Quicken. Let me ask you a question. Did you get a five hundred dollars from cash out last week? I didn't exactly know. He's the financial genius. Yeah, CPA Billy. True.


Don't have to report that on your taxes.


Well, now you did. Yeah, it's a gift. That's their CBO report. Squandered five thousand Shawshank Redemption.


No. Ten thousand. No. Twenty. Ten thousand. Ten thousand. Yeah. Whatever they said.


And joshing and Billy's profession at Microsoft Excel as per his resume that he gave us three.


I actually know how to use Excel. How many people do you think have fucked up their taxes just based on that one Shawshank tidbit? Probably so, yeah. Like, oh, I saw it in chargesheet were good.


Like, I can just give these gifts and we never have to pay taxes on any of it. All right, let's get you.


Who can break out of jail easier because that's true.


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Who's back the week. Is LeBron James losing in the finals. Oh so say to yourself. Well you know it's only the first round. How could that be true.


That's what I was saying. Well, shot clock violation. God fucking damn it. Oh, that's the worst. I mean, how do you have a shock? A shock.


Yeah. Yeah, that's tough. All right. You're not going to get this, don't you?


LeBron James has a son also named LeBron James. And today he joined the Face Clan EA Sports Organization, who had a Call of Duty championship match also this afternoon, which they lost.


Oh, I'm counting that. Three and seven in the finals. Yes, correct. Well, no. If LeBron James lost the championship today, so he lost another game in the first round, you might say.


So the Blazers still alive?


No, it was the championship. It was the championship. Yeah. But while LeBron James was technically kind of in the first row today.


Fuck. All right. You were wrong about the players. All right. So, Bronnie, technically. Technically, yes, I was wrong about the Blazers. If you want to split hairs, if you really want to get into it, I'll admit it. If you want to play a numbers game and be a be a big fucking nerd about it. Yeah, they lost in they didn't win in five games.


Technically the know, the thing that's weird about this is like obviously he's the number one, you know, basketball prospect. If all the other prospects start signing with like EA Sports organizations, I don't know how that's going to work with college once you know they're.


Oh, so we're going to snitch on Brawne so. Well, the one and done rule is going to be gone soon. So what percentage of Fais clan does Coach K own?


Hmm. Right.


That's Michael Starks money that's going into. No one knows who finances it. Right.


It'll be interesting to see, you know, obviously with him being LeBron James of of his generation, how like that's going to work on.


Can you go pro multiple sports? Yes, OK, but you be a pro gamer, but an athlete, a student athlete, you can't go Zero Dark Thirty. If you're a professional gamer, though, right, you can't log off, correct, right. He just has to quit playing, but his version is stopping exercising while he's like in the final four phase plan. I like that.


That's good. Who's back? Thanks to my who's back? The only one, by the way.


OK, my who's back the week is mystery teams. Yeah. Mystery teams are back in baseball. So does anyone know when the trade deadline is the 31st?


The hot stove league stops July 1st every year this year. I don't know when it is, but my 4:00 p.m. Monday, August 31st, 4:00 p.m. today.


Oh, yeah, that's so the Padres just like did like seven trades. Yes, it is the hot stove league, which also means that it's Bob Nightingale season on Twitter where you just like throw shit up in the air.


And it last Saturday. I always laugh when his tweets come across my timeline because his profile picture is just so funny and he's always wrong. Yeah, he looks like an indicted middle school teacher on his Twitter picture, but he was saying that there's a mystery team now. So it's not just not just the Padres that are going after Mike Clevenger. It's also a mystery team who has improved their offer.


So I don't think these mystery teams ever real. Yeah. This mystery team ever get the guy? Yes, there's always. Yeah, no mystery team has gotten guys OK. Yes. Swooping in last second franchise mode when you start a new team in Madden.


Yeah. You take everybody else. But yeah, I guess they're the mystery team is now the frontrunner. So he's he's the guy that got covid. Right. Or he like skipped out on.


No, Zach, please. But I think you did too. I think Clemenger was pissed. Exactly. Zach, I can't remember.


I think Clevenger's might have both violated protocol. Yeah. I think Levinger, they got it, but they both like one out or something. Right. He fucked his way out of Cleveland, Delante West.


All right. Is that it? Yeah. OK, my whose back is. Well, I got to the first is everyone tweeting about the Jaguars. How short a defensive window is because Janik and Gateway Drug Nelva absolutely crazy. Fucking that felt good. Johnny, Johnny, Johnny and Gateway traded to the Vikings. That's going to be a problem in the NFC North. But everyone was talking about how they were in the AFC championship game in twenty seventeen. And they now have two starters left from that from that game.


It's six pro bowlers that year on defense, all gone. Weird that none of them mentioned that Blake Bortles is also gone. Feels like that's when it started to go downhill. That's the real story. Right. OK, so they lost Jalen Ramsey like a bunch of really good linebackers and defensive ends. But the real story is you have to score points in this league. Yeah. If you want to compete in the AFC championship game and they got rid of the quarterback, I'm just excited for the Vikings defense to be great.


And then Kirk Cousins let them down. Yeah. Also, you think I'm worried about Janik in Gateway? Jimmy Graham is going to block that ass.


Everyone knows Malcolm is an elite blocker.


I've forgotten the different weapons that the Bears have added this offseason, but they got taken. And Jimmy Graham, dynamic duo two thousand. Yeah, 2000 eleven through 2015. Also, when they first got it, I had a tweet that was if we just get half of their production from last year, we're going to be great. And it was then an Asterix said actually it's twenty thirteen because they both had, like I think they combined had like twenty touchdowns.


Also, Jimmy Graham played basketball in college, probably just working out.


Right. We're good. All right. So we also my other who's back is Drainville pissing off of Twitter, which he does intentionally, but he did it on Friday night. He's weird. He's somehow made of famous celebrities death about him. Chadwick Boseman, which is very, very sad. You probably saw him. Black Panther also Van T-Mac not going to I mean, that was maybe not his best friend. That was my introduction to person. But yeah, Vontae Malcolm, no matter what.


But yeah, Ravell did the he tweeted about how he died on Jackie Robinson Day and he played Jackie Robinson and he was forty two. Jackie Robinson played for to Chuck Bosomy was 43 and then everyone got mad at him.


I, I have a plea for the internet though. Ravell just wants attention. Well so when everyone replies to him and calls him an asshole, he's that's the happiest he can possibly be.


I think his heart was in the right place on this tweet. He just wanted to point out a series of numbers that were the same as other numbers that were involved in someone, a beloved celebrity who had just died. Right.


That's what we're going to be the first look at these cool stats about this guy who died tragically. Yeah. He wanted to bring awareness to the fact that 42 was also featured in a movie that he was in, which happened to be his age. But like, are you really going to get mad at Ravell for that?


Everyone replying to him being like, delete this dude. I also I it tickles me when I see those people because they're like, this is not right. It's like if you are honoring Chadwick Boseman so well, you're spending your night arguing with Ravell. Mm hmm. Yeah, Purple has one. Yeah. Like what are we doing here? You're you're you're so, you know, beat up about his death day. You spent the night going at Ravell.


I actually think that Ravell shockingly would be one of. Very few people on Twitter that people would pay money to read his tweets and not because they like his nose, they want to know. Right. They like being able to dunk on Darren Reveillon online was actually worth it. Admission price.


Right. But it's also become a sport that's not even a sport anymore. It's like breathing, like you just do it. He tweets something we dunk on. It's kind of at least there is no video in this one. Yeah, that's true. Billy, your who's back?


I have two. Whose back to the whoa comes prepared.


First one is Kim Jong un is back from the coma.


Oh really? What about a sister? You hear his sisters now disappeared.


So I think that he did a switch to make sure to see whose loyalty she got a sex change and now she's Kim Jong un second who's back?


Also sort of communist related is the former Republic of Yugoslavia.


Joseph Nurkic posted a picture of him and he goes Some Balkan's boys. And it's a picture of Dominic Bogdan, Bojan, Djokic, Vukovich, Dragic and just all those European dudes. And I was realizing that all those guys were the countries they come from are all in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Right.


So like they're like if that Yugoslavia remain today, their Olympic team, national team would actually be pretty good.




Could maybe they were they were really good athletes back there. Like Yugoslavian soccer team was pretty good. Their basketball team is always nice.


That was just Asmar for Mark Cuban to what you just did. Yeah. Yeah. He was just like, say those names again pausing.


Yes do it do it again donc Bogdan Bogdanovic Bojan Bogdanovic You know how that is dogcatchers ass Jake dumpers.


Yeah I'll get yo if you ever seen a dunk like this Smale Magic Zubac Marjanovic 99 problems but it ain't one that caption that anyway.


Yeah ok Yugoslavia. Great job great job. Yugoslavia.


It's a sick name for a country too. Yeah I know. I'm tired of having to remember both Bosco's nonaggressive salvinia.


It's not a country anymore. Oh yeah. It's who's back. That's news to me. Billy is gone. Falcons not back to the Soviet billies reuniting the Eastern Bloc countries anyway.


A lot of these guys, which is Yugoslavia in the USSR, they were part.


Yeah, well, well I don't know if they don't like me. Satellite imagery. I don't know the history of Yugoslavia. You're just talking me on the side. You just looked at me and stop talking to Mike, just like would you say to me.


No, I was just sidebar with me. Well, yeah, it's just kind of cool. They can all said the same tailbacks.


A lot of the countries that they have like ethnic rivalries and stuff. So it's kind of a big show of unification of people give peace a chance.


Exactly right. Peace is back. Right. OK, all right. Let's get to our interview. Awesome interview coming up with Kevin Love. Really, really great. Cannot recommend enough before we do that. Body armor. It's finally unofficially summer. The weather is well, it's going to be fall soon. We got to update this copy. But that doesn't matter because every season is body armor season. I love my strawberry banana. I can drink that every single season.


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It's like a smoothie, but it's it's not bad for you. It's delicious. So go right now, drink body armor, drink body armor, dot com or on Amazon, get yourself distributed. You will not be disappointed. OK, here he is.


Kevin Love.


OK, we now welcome on very, very special guest, five time all star NBA champion, gold medalist Kevin Love.


Kevin, would you would you rather be a gold medalists or NBA champion?


It's kind of the Melo question here. Which one was more important to you?


I think for a legacy, probably. I mean, I think one hundred percent it's the sixteen, twenty sixteen championship.


That's wrong. Why do you hate America? I love America.


But America is such a superpower in general, let alone basketball. But like, you know, we look at who we got to put on the floor. It was a twenty year anniversary of the dream team. They were talking to us about being, you know, the second version of that twenty coming off the redeem team. But like, you know, we're supposed to win.


So, yeah, Big Cat said you were, what, a six time? All five times. I'm sorry. Do you really consider yourself a five time All-Star?


Because that first one, that was David Stern being like Kevin's going to fill in. IP, yeah, all right. Yes, but you do count that as an all star. It's kind of an asterisk by it. I always tell everybody it's like, OK, I've kind of I've kind of as far as being an all star, getting accolades in the NBA, like I've been a six man, most improved player, all NBA. I've been an all star starter, I've been all star straight up as a reserve and I've been an injury replacement.


So that first one. Yeah, it was a little like you would think I would have called him up and asked him, but we'll never know.


By the way, I did a bad job starting the interview. I wanted to ask, do you want the hard questions first or the easy questions first?


Well, I heard something about Primo Box, so. Yeah.


Do you want do you want. I think we want to lose a little big. You are. You are. You want to get wet. My beak like being so great at everything.


Kevin gritted everything.


That's a loaded question. That's an easy question.


Just this ball once I got there. Yeah. It's leading me. Yeah.


I don't know where you're headed with this, but yes, it's it's pretty fucking sweet. Yeah.


Yes, I would imagine. All right. Easy question. So obviously the bubbles going on right now, we're actually recording this right after the Bucs and the stoppage on Wednesday. Do you feel like you're being a little left out because of like everyone's talking about the NBA, everyone's watching the NBA.


The bubble has been fantastic. And for the teams that aren't involved, it's got to suck.


Yeah, I mean, you got to commend you know, it's hard for me not to say David Stern, but Commissioner Silver and everything that I mean, CP on the player side, Michelle Roberts, you know, all the players, too, because what they've been doing down there, the product's been amazing. Yes. It's it's almost like watching, you know, a heightened pick up game. Yeah. The scores have been in the one thirty one for these guys are put up monster numbers Luca did the other night.


Donovan Mitchell fifty twice in Jamal Murray.


He's Jamal Murray. He's coming back and guys are talking shit and you know Luka and Montrezl Harrell going back and forth. You mentioned Murray saying, you know, you can't guard me Lakers. I mean full playoff mode now after even myself saying it would be a good series between them and the Blazers. But I talked to JJ the other day, Redick about relevancy and us being in the delete aid and going into our own bubble and having to play and not knowing we're going to play into next season.


But yeah, it is really hard not to be a part of this, but thankfully we have our I mean like you guys too. It's, you know, our platforms in order to not only be backed in our messaging, but the NBA pushes us. That's why it's great on all sides. They push us into talking about, you know, certain messages or social injustice or everything that's going on with covid. And it's a global game. And we had Giannis who's Greek freak obviously from Greece MVP.


We have you know Slovenian. That was Rookie of the Year last year. Yeah. Obviously everybody knows that is in Loukia and then from the Cameroon. I mean we have the most improved player Suhakam.


So like it's a global game. We've got Andrew Wiggins Canadian. Canadian. Yeah yeah. Chiri Andrew Wiggins, Currey Australia.


Yeah. Yeah very good. People wouldn't know Delly. Yeah. Yep. Big Delly has his own children's book reaching that younger demo. I need to read that. Wow. Yeah.


No but it's a big one. He's like the rudie of of professional sport. Like NBA. Yeah I love them. I mean I always go back to after you guys won the championship when he was wearing that Hawaiian shirt, hoodie and pictures with two Coronas in his hands. Yeah. How good of a time did he have celebrating that?


So funny you ask that he was behind me like I had this, you know, convertible, you know, cut the roof off, whatever you fancy.


I don't know anything is like a ghostwrite Rolls Royce. And behind me, he has like a Fiat. Right. And everybody's going crazy for Delly because he's like a folk hero and like Delicia almost have a statue himself in Cleveland because every time he checks into a game and the year before in 2015, if you guys remember, he had to guard Steph.


Yeah. Like forty minutes plus a game. Yeah.


And there was I forget what game it was after was like four or five was at our place. So it must have been three or four because they, they had the better record in the last they had home court. The Warriors did came back and I remember his whole body was just gone. They put him on IVs, he was cramping throughout that time.


I'd never seen he almost had to go to hospital. Yeah. So like he he gives everything to the game.


So I appreciate that. But I remember, like, you know, I'm standing up. I got the two belts, I got the cigar. You know, I took Tristan's Cuban link and was wearing it.


So sweet, you know? And meanwhile, deli's just getting all the love from from the back I'm setting up.


I'm like, you know, in the big three there guy, you know, what's up? And then Delly is just getting so much that should put a statue.


It should be him like hitting Klay Thompson the nuts. Yes. As it stands.


And it's made out of like brick or nails or something. Did he ever piss you off in practice, like when he says go harder than ever. Oh yes. Yeah, whatever. And then when. You would retaliate is funny, like there's a situation where, you know, because he was going against Kyrie Kyrie a lot better, anybody who he plays, he's making a lot better. And there was a point where Kyrie just had enough and we might've lost a couple of games in the road in a row.


Excuse me. And if we that's the thing like we actually felt like because we had LeBron, there's just so much that comes with that. So therefore there was so much pressure on us to win, especially in the East. So like any time we lost two games in a row, the world was coming crumbling down, especially in those first couple of years. And, you know, Kyrie comes into practice.


They're going after it. You know, tensions are high. It's got to midway through the season and like, you know, there was a push, punches thrown the whole thing.


And just like, you know, why don't we do that to the other team, mate? Yeah. Why would do that to the other team? That's a good point. Yeah. And it is honest. I mean, when you say it like that and that Australian accent, he does make a good point. Yeah.


If it would have been me, you know, so you mentioned like LeBron and being on the Big Three, I, I'm a biased LeBron hater, so I just want that out there for everyone to understand. I think that's a common threat at bar. So.


Yeah, yeah. No, we have he's fun to laugh at. I do think that he's the best basketball, although I have an alternate persona of Laker Dan.


But yes, that I'm, I'm LeBron haters. So but I've always thought he is not a bad teammate, but his energy makes it difficult for his teammates to kind of exist because like you said, like when you win, it's it's LeBron. And when you lose, it's usually his supporting cast isn't good enough. Did you feel that like did you feel on on a given night? Like, if things go wrong, it's probably gonna be on me not.


Well, I definitely thought that actually mentioned that to JJ the other day was a lot of the onus when we lost or had troubles was, you know, I would say most of the time pointed at me like we had a new coach.


We were getting a getting to know each other. There was a bunch of hiccups, road bumps along the way. But, you know, for me, it was I was coming from a situation where I was getting almost twenty shots a game in Minnesota. And with that starting unit, whenever I was and we were rolling, I was catching about the elbow. I was playing the game from the inside out, how I was always taught. I get back to basketball.


But, you know, then I then I was just, you know, I was either at the break we call it the titty sometimes. Excuse me. Twenty twenty. You can't say that. Or I was in the corner just spreading the floor. So we had two guys, you know, we had a freight train playing downhill and then Kyrie who you guys. Just a magician's right.


One of the best ball handlers ever and best below the rim finish finisher excuse me I've ever seen in my life.


So we had to do whatever we could and sacrifice and I felt like I had to sacrifice the most in my game, especially in order to get the best out of them and the rest of our team.


So for me it was yeah, there was a lot a lot of layers that went to that. But in figuring it out, it did take me a long time. But I do say this about LeBron and people laugh when I say this, but he has such a gravitational pull in general that he's like a planet. Right. So if he wants to come in and he wants practice to be hard of his energy up, we're going hard. If he comes in and he's not talking to anybody, if he's, you know, pissed off in a bad mood, we've lost two in a row and that's warranted.


We're going to be so we're going to be so everybody is kind of hanging on to see how he's going to react to certain things. And he catches a lot of eyeballs. He's just that's who he is. It's fun, James. So I think there is a lot to that. But on the other side, it actually lifts you up and makes you a lot better. I think that's why and I truly do believe that we were probably the most talented, underachieving team in regular season, almost ever.


Like if you look at us on paper, you say they should win 60 plus games every year, 100 percent.


Right. And we're going, you know, well, it's still top heavy in the Western Conference, so therefore we're only playing those teams twice. Right. It's not like we're playing them four times to at our place to on the road, like we do at the Eastern Conference seems. So you would imagine we would, you know, get 60 plus wins, at least fifty five wins every single year and should be, you know, the first team in the Eastern Conference and potentially contending for home court advantage in the finals.


But again, come playoff time, come final time, we were locked in. And a lot of that has to do with our identity and who LeBron was during the regular season, because I'm always interested in this.


Does he would he like if you guys had a bad spell, was he like, yeah, I don't care because it's not the playoffs? Yeah. Because I always kind of respected that part of LeBron James is that he saw the bigger picture.




You see, teams will get ball like go balls to the wall in February. Like what do you do.


Yeah. Like this isn't what he consciously let the team know, like, hey, we're trying to win, but we're also not trying to get burnt out in the middle of January.


Yeah, I think he understands. I mean, I feel like we pretty much had our identity down when it came to playoff time that even that first year in fourteen fifteen. But I think it changes every series changes every kind of, I guess you could say section or time of the season because I think throughout. You want to continue to trend in a direction where it's conducive to winning come playoff time, so being locked in, continuing to string together as many wins as you could like, that's great.


But I think when we got to, you know, the twenty seventeen finals or even that year, which I thought was our I still do believe to this day our most talented team. And, you know, we lost four one in the finals, which is tough. I mean, a 73 and nine team, added Kevin Durant, one of the greatest players of all time. I mean, that's they added another MVP to the team. That's tough.


But, you know, I really do feel like we kind of not let the foot off the gas. But I'm thinking deep here that we just really wanted to make sure that we were rested. We were in the right place mentally. So really seeding didn't matter for us. Right. And home court, at least in the Eastern Conference, didn't matter for us because we knew when we locked in and we knew Tyler was so great when it came to X's and O's, when it came to to play calling, when it came to after timeouts, when it came to just schemes, you know, for defenses or what we're doing on the offensive end throughout the playoffs.


So we knew come playoff time that we were comfortable with new identity and moving forward, we were going to be great regardless of the seeding. So I think bronchitis, if we lost any game. Right. And I think we took that personal as well. So and the outside noise played a big part, too, like you try to say, oh, you don't listen to it, don't listen to it. But it finds you. It's just we live in twenty twenty.


It's an attention economy like so much is getting put into that.


Right. Interesting. Yeah.


So like it just is, is part of it you try to get away from. It's even like through through covid or the social injustice stuff.


It's like you try to stay away from it, keep informed, but it's going to find you. Yeah. And that's just kind of how it was for us. It was, it was a little bit of a soap opera and we really did thrive under chaos.


The more chaotic the better we did for whatever reason. Yeah.


Twenty eight. Twenty sixteen in the finals, game seven, the end of the game. You're supposed to lock down Steph Curry. Were you afraid in that moment or were you like I if I were you and this is probably why I'm not a basketball player, professional basketball player besides being only five, ten and a half.


But if you were if that were me, I would be your contract. Shit, I'm I'm actually five eight. But if I say five. Yeah. Six feet one or the issues.


By the way, these are six shoes because they give me three inches and they're not actually lifts. So technically I guess I am six feet right now. But if I were you and I were in that position, I would just be shitting myself. I'd be like, I hope I don't fuck this up. Well, is that what you were thinking? Or were you like, I got this? Yeah. I mean, naturally, you're going against the I mean, first time ever unanimous MVP, right?


This team. Seventy three and nine.


But again, I forgot to mention preparation when I came to tie in and our team in general, like we had gone over that particular play.


I mean, hundreds of times gone through it in film, hundreds of times had seen it throughout the game, especially in their fourth quarter package a number of times, because they wanted they knew that we were switching most time one through five, and that I was on Draymond. So I was, I was guarding the four. You know he's going to set the flare for four Klay and we weren't going to switch that come over the top. And then when, when he set the screen for staff and I think J.R. might have been ended up on a on Draymond after that.


But I always say it was actually you know I played great defense but as far as a defensive scheme and play it was actually a bad defensive possession because I wasn't supposed to let I supposed to deny the ball back to Steph and I let him get the ball back. So. So Draymond had caught it kind of in the corner. I was like, OK, I need I don't need Steph to to make this play because he's done it time and time again and you know, he throws it back to him.


I'm actually supposed to deny that, you know, luckily I kept my feet down, you know, knew everything was at stake. But I think part of the reason I was able to do that in that moment was because, yes, first of all, I was locked in. We went through it so many times. We prepared so many times. And that was a play that really stuck out to us in late game situation. But I think more than anything, it was my mindset change in the series.


You know, I come off a concussion. I hadn't played the next game in game three. We ended up winning. So I'm like, I'm just going to focus on defense and rebounding. That's all I'm going to focus on here. So when that time came, I was I was more ready than I probably otherwise would have been had I not decided to focus on that. If he drives on you, though, I'm sure that you know.


You know, it's funny. Yeah, I know. I did. It was a good defense. But he also I was guarding the three. You got to be like, thank God he took he took a shot there and not and we I've seen him make that shot.


I mean we all have. Yeah. Right. Time and time again against even bigger players. Right.


He comes back the next year in the finals. I think in game one maybe I think about the game to where they blew us out because game one was was crazy, really suspect foul called Charge Block. They went, you know, call it a charge, went back. There was a blocking foul that was suspect.


So it just had never happened before.


Is unprecedented in a in a in a game especially of that magnitude and NBA finals game. Yeah. Bron, as you know, one of the best finals performances of all time. You know, we go out there, I have a big game, guys are playing great. Guys are ready for the moment and we lose. It's like I just took the wind out of our sales.


So it's so so I'm sorry. So, yeah. So you're like just so that play. But in general, as a bigger guy. Yeah. When you get on an island with a guy with six handles, a point guard, are you just like in the back of your head like this fucking sucks.


Oh yeah.


I mean it's tough in today's NBA. It's tough because and you know, there's no hand checking in. Right. It's been like that for a while, but it's such a pace and space league now. I mean, take a look at the rockets.


They're the best example of it.


You know, there's a number of teams that, you know, I did a story with with Jackie McMullen, who, you know, was talking about the new era of the big men. And it said the last she said in the last five years, because we've advanced stats now and analytics for every single team, like we base kind of sometimes what we do on that. Right. And numbers tell a story. So she was saying that fifty percent of I mean, excuse me, post touches are fifty percent down in the last five years, I believe.


So you don't see a traditional 5min anymore. You even have guys like I mean, you know, we're talking about Milwaukee earlier, Brook Lopez out there shooting threes. You have Marc Gasol out there shooting threes, even vultures out there shooting threes.


Joel Embiid out there shooting not well but yeah he's out there shooting three you know like yeah if you don't have that in your game it's almost like you know can I put them in in certain situations. Because you have to guard, you have to switch, you have to guard ones and twos. You have to guard Steph, you have to guard Kyrie, you have to guard Russell Westbrook, James Harden. So switching on to them in the open floor and asking for help is already a disadvantage.


Damian Lillard same way like it's hard to do.


Steven Adams can't really play in the series against the Rockets. Like that's kind of what it is playing but you can't play him long minutes because it doesn't really fit with you. Help off of PJ Tucker.


He's getting in the corner shooting three. Right. He shot the most and I think maybe even the highest percentage of anybody in the league from from that corner there.


And he's yeah he's six, five, seven foot. And they're not able to take advantage of that. They go double. Somebody else has to beat you.


So, again, to answer your question, yeah, I think if I would have funneled him into the lane, we probably would have had to help and maybe they would have kicked it out to Clay or kicked it out to another player, but we would have made somebody else beat us.


Yeah, but in that moment, you know, he even said it, too. It's funny. He came out and like I said, I should have driven past.


I could have done it easily. Yeah, that's fair.


But, you know, so if I were you, I would watch the replay of that just like still nervous and think to myself, should I hope he doesn't drive? Yeah. By the way, I still watch that.


I've never watched the game in its entirety. I've never watched the game.


By the way, for the first pass, the first half of the game isn't even worth watching. Yeah. Because J.R. comes out and I think they're up eight points, he has two threes and scores of lab, but. I don't even watch the first half, I can remember walking back to the locker room with James Jones, who now works in the front office for the Phoenix Suns, really close friend of mine. And he I looked and I said, does this even feel like a Game seven?


And, you know, he had been a part of all the finals runs with with Bron. And he's like, no, really? Yeah.


And then in the room at halftime, was it like, where's the energy?


Where's the you know, we need accountability. So we came out in the second half and we were we were we were locked in and ready to go to the second half is amazing. Yeah, it's incredible. And I remember the last four minutes, I'm sitting here like this at a time out, but I remember the last four minutes. Really, nobody scored. Yeah. Yeah. I hit that big shot and Bron had the block to stop and Brown with a free throw line hit the one free throw it put us up for.


But I can remember sitting down, so it always went wrong at the front Chiri or excuse me, JRA myself, I was in the middle, Tristin in the car, Kyrie was always at the end, so LeBron and Kyrie on opposite sides of each other.


Yes, got it as far away from each other as you would say, I think both of them wanted to feel like they get to leave a huddle. Oh, no, no. I mean, I got you. Go ahead. So you're sitting there? Yes, I'm sitting there. Nobody's saying a word, but I can remember looking like everybody's going crazy. Phil Knight sitting right there. Lynn married, who's the head of Nike Global Basketball. I see.


You know, Guy Fieri, a guy.


Fury's obviously that guy. If you guys had guys who were on the show, he would love to have the. But for the grace of God go diners, Drive-Ins and drives. Yeah. Like this. And that could be like a conversational pivot, but yeah. Yeah. But I just remember, you know, I think everybody like we even had our fans there, the, you know, hundred people that were up there, friends and family. And you know, we're in this chaotic coliseum type experience, like they just let the lions.


All right. And I remember looking at everybody like. Oh, wow, we're like, we're going to win this, we're we're locked in and like, I'll never unless you're in that moment and the guys are all locked in and around because typically guys are going doing their own thing and and talk in whatever guys are, you know, loose with with the huddle. Most of the time we just we excel at a lot of the time because of how much talent we had.


But we are so locked in.


And when Tyler came in and sat down, he just kind of looked at us, drew up the play. And I actually believe that might have been when, you know, Kyrie, we came down in the possession and he hit the big shot, but that type of thing you just can't draw.


But I just remember how locked in we were in that still today like resonates with me in such a big way in those finals because you know, hearing basketball players talking to Kevin Durant always talks about like how much he appreciates just like great basketball. Did you have moments when you're in any of those finals, you're like, this is just insanely good basketball, like the level that both these teams are playing at. And the you know, the margin for error is so razor thin like this is.


Did you have a chance to like.


Well, yeah, actually getting back to walking into the locker room at halftime and it's a long walk at Oracle. All right, Oracle.


I mean, it's not gone, but it's moved into the city. But to us it's gone, which is which is too bad because what a great arena to play. Obviously hate the fans, but yeah. Also love the fans at the same time. Loud place. But we're walking back to Long Walk and.


You know, I think the margin for error question is great, because we were this is a team that we're playing against in the Warriors that if they get into double digits, you you get in your brain, you're like, oh, man, like you very seldom do you come back from double digits to this team. They have so much firepower. Klay and Steph get going, you know.


You know, Dre is is, you know, doing his thing. He's in the running for defensive player of the year every single year. And they just have the thing rolling. If they get Oracle going, it's so loud.


It's a tough place to play. Really, really tough. Maybe the hardest at that time because they were 73, nine and so good.


But we knew that if we didn't make up any of our ground from that eight point deficit, that if it got to double digits, we could be in trouble, especially in the second half. Guys are going to get a little you know, as I was going to get tired, guys are getting a little bit more tense. You know, guys are going to start doing things outside of maybe even their character or their game. And, you know, for that to happen to us would have been, you know, pretty tough because you've seen it time and time again, even in the playoffs and finals games as well.


We saw it the next year when we played them. Like, if you give them enough of, you know, a discrepancy, they're going to take it.


They scored nine points in like thirty seconds. Yeah. It's almost like you have to be up by ten at halftime because in that third quarter they can come out and they're the best third quarter team and they'll go in like a sixteen oh run like that before they're capable of that.


Quick. Yeah. And get the crowd going. That's going.


You know, it's just it's, it's a tough, tough place to play a been on the road like that. We had to be locked in so that the margin for error was incredibly, incredibly low.


That was just incredible though. After you did accomplish it, you win the championship. And then I always think that it's better that you were coming back from the West Coast because you got to take all these detours on the way. You got the party, right. Well, have a great time, J.R. Smith, and put a shirt on for, what, like a week?


And I mean, I feel like there's a whole summer. If he was playing he was playing Canterbury in Cleveland. He was playing the golf course with the shirt off. First of all, you have to tuck it in like, you know. Well, just the coolest thing was.


So I'll talk about the detour after I say this, but I went to New York after the fact and like everywhere we went, we're like, what's up, champ? Like, we got this. Take care of you. Oh, this is on us from the table over here sending you champagne. It's like it was pretty a pretty amazing, amazing ride. And all things considered, like unprecedented. Coming back from three one city, Cleveland. Fifty year, 52 year drought for a major sports championship like that was that was really cool.


And going back to the deli thing, like seeing the parade, you know, they put all the barricades up, but it seemed like everybody from the bordering states, everybody came in and they came in to Cleveland to to show their love.


If they were Cavs fan and put the barricades up, we were supposed to be a 45 minute deal, go down East 9th Street and then just, you know, go near the water where the Browns play and have this, you know, epic like soundstage and just huge field of a ton of people. But it was a three and a half hour thing because they broke through the barricades. And then if you've seen the photos, which are great. Yes, yes.


Everybody's right next to the car. I remember that security car that we had got his foot run over like three times. So one has 100 degree day like you.


I'm smoking a cigar pouring, you know, all the alcohol and wine that had the last three days. We had a party and went out the night before at my house, started there and went out. So we were out till 4:00 or 5:00 in the morning. They shut down the streets for us like it was it was a lot of beer pong at your house, right?


Yeah, we had three bars set up. It's pretty sweet. Yeah. Did you see the video of the guy eating shit. Mm. There was a Cavs fan in the parade, you know, at my house and.


No, I don't know. Yeah. You know, we didn't have the dog. I mean Jeremi have been pretty high and it's good to let them go. But the person at the parade, if people were like flying the street, like you mentioned, they had the police horses and the horses were shitting in the street. And one Cavs fan was so excited that he just runs out into the middle of the road, picks up a piece of horse shit and eats it, and then turns to the crowd.


Everybody applauds for. So you had a big hand in that. Does that make you feel good? Or do you want to say thank you to the guys, thank you to the guy that decided to eat horse shit? Yeah, I hope it was a it was tasty stallion or, you know, I'm trying to think of a Clydesdale. Yeah. How do you think your Clydesdale would be more.


I can show you the video if you like to watch it. I would love to ask if we can get a we get a reaction. But but let me interject for one last second. Here is that oh, first of all and I'm wearing the shirt, obviously huge stone-Cold fan used to try and Stonner people when I was in like fourth grade. Roar was so incredibly amazing back in the day and my best to me best intro ever like.




Glass shatters I'm still gives me chills today. We were actually actually when I score in Cleveland, that's what they play.


Really. Yeah. It's a great call that is.


But the no did the beer bash after the game. I think people have seen that video and stone-Cold gave big love to that.


But then people were throwing me beers in this car and I'm like, OK, there's this, you know, again, white Lamborghini, white Rolls Royce fan. I'm going three miles an hour. It's stagnant. It's, you know, hundred percent humidity. The heat index is one hundred and fifteen. I'm leaking, you know, 1942. And guys keep throwing me because I'm smashing. I'm doing the whole thing. And then, like, I grabbed the Blue Mountains cause throwing them out there right back to the guy, I'm like, no, no, no, I'm good.


So I'm like, all right, let's see what the crowd can do with these beer. So I'm like filming them. Everybody's taking photos by the. What I was really upset about with the Cleveland crowd and especially the men, is that they didn't know how to do a proper beer bash.


That's I mean, that's got to be you know, it's a lot younger. Yeah, too young. I mean, it's it's not rocket science. Like the GenZE. So it's literally just smashed.


Yeah, I got it. You got to crack the top.


Got to relieve some of the pressure just a little bit. So that's all you need.


It's not like shotgun. I've seen people mess that up way too many times. But the beer bash is is is a skill and it's a skill that everybody should learn. Like changing a tire. Absolutely.


Because there's it is something that I haven't done when I actually the last time I did was playing my 30th birthday is five years ago. But it is something that whenever people see you but it's a miles doing.


Yeah. They look at you like, oh, it's time to do. Yeah, it was actually like that might have been like the the first night big Cat and I ever party to. Yeah. Was on his birthday down in Arizona. Right. Yeah. And we got a party bus and then somebody played the stone cold entrance music on the party bus and then I was like, well I have to do this.


It's a what's to the best part of the best part about that? It was a party bus, but it actually was one of those like steel cage match. No, we had we had like some kind of giveaway where people got to party with us. So it's a bunch of strangers. And I just soaked them all in beer and they were like, well, this isn't funny. OK, OK, here's him with the wet socco with mankind.


Yes. Here is the video of the guy eating horse poop at the parade. This is great. I thought we were past that. No, no, this is going to watch.


OK, here you go. So this guy goes for once. His buddies are like, no, don't do. It's not the big guy. Yeah, yeah. You guys take us through.


I have sucked. It must be the temes. These weren't. Yeah. Real dirty. Temp's really dirty Temes. Live reaction. Yeah, he's got the Kenyan Martin tattoo on his neck to Kmart shots at Kmart. Wow.


Has he yet? Oh, he didn't spit out he fully. Yeah, yeah, full handful, too. I mean, not just like you said yourself. Yeah.


If that's your legacy, 52 years of eating shit, he took no use. I don't I don't do this shit anymore. And that immediately does it, right. Yeah. You don't do that. Of course. I'm free to tweet you.


I want your reaction in the moment when you read it. OK, well, if if I've read it or you know, you've read it.


Stop trying to find a way to fit out and just fit in. Be a part of something special. Just my thoughts that hurt my feelings.


What do you like when you read that?


Because I remember reading at the time, like, damn, I feel bad for Kevin Love like that because it was such a sub tweet to I mean, I don't know specifically you, but it was the whole team was specifically you.


I mean, it was it was like, you know, you do the 23 and me and and you get like I'm 80, like I was majority. That guy is like 80 percent. Kevin Love, you know, eight percent.


Dion Waiters, eight percent. Kyrie Irving, you know deli's like in the negative. Yeah. Right. It's like negative windshear.


They what know I was dead. You know, it's one of those things now like I look back I probably did take it personal in the moment and it was tough for me like I had to adjust. That's what all I wanted from those guys was to just have the recognition like, oh, this guy sacrificed a lot like his his learning curve. Having to do that is a little bit different. And like, considering where I came from to where I am now, like I need to be, you know, I didn't have a lot of vets and we almost had it like a big revolving door in Minnesota.


I think one year we had twenty seven different players. That's crazy. And and guys that were trying to make their their way into the league at one point, like Darko, Melitus was the highest paid player on the team.


That's great. So let's just imagine it's crazy. He's making like six million.


So we had one of the lowest payrolls, you know, a new coach, a new GM, you know, and just, you know, guys that didn't know how to win. So it's very, very tough for me to to to not have veterans. And so I had to go through it.


And that was only, I think, twenty, thirty games in when that sweet happened. So I think he was trying to find ways to get the best out of me. You get a rise out of me, but also like, you know, I'm going to play this to the media so that you come back and this doesn't happen again. So, you know, there was there was a lot to that. But since I mean, bronzer brother, did you walk into the locker room the next day?


You're like, what's up, man? Like, I saw the tweet. No, that sucked.


No, never talked about it now. Wow. Never, never acknowledge it at that.


I guess that's almost like the first test that he probably was putting you through. Like, I'm going to tweet this. It's going to be about you and then you're going to figure it out. We're going to move on.


Yeah. You're either going to fit in or fit. Yeah, you did. You did. Right away. Did you see anything to stop fitting out at that point?


Well, I was just upset, too, that, you know, they never put me in any of the fucking photos.


Yeah, no, I don't look like this out of. Yeah, I want to get some of that, you know, for the for the you know, we're a dying breed in the NBA. Yeah, I actually we're the minority.


You know, I put on for the for the Larry Bird's of the wing. Yeah. I wrote a whole goal in being like I think Dream Team XML. Yeah.


And I was like, I think Kevin loves taking the pictures.


Like I think they're going out. Yeah. LeBron making their Kevin they're making take a picture of us.


So one point I took somebody had done like a you know, Photoshop of of my face and it was like literally like a square, like you cut it out and it was like what I would do, like I'd be, you know, when I was young, I had the big Mark McGuire poster. Yeah. And it just slapped my face on. There were twenty five, which I just love that just my thoughts.


Part of it is it is just his, it's his Twitter. So did that take a little bit that he put in. Yeah. The fact that it was just his thoughts. Yeah. No one else took the sting out of it in a big way.


Yeah. Yeah. I just thought I might start. Yeah. Yeah. You never know what actually as I have like a obviously like most people do like a proverb as a quote I my oh my.


Yeah. I think I have something actually on my Instagram from Anthony Bourdain actually. No I do. So for me I think I might just if you put just my thoughts right.


A great name I really like it kind of deflates it like after this is when we post this on Monday, you need to like, quote, treat the part of my take.


I had a great time. Just my thoughts. Yeah. At a great time. We covered a lot primo boxes. Yeah.


That should be like the name of your autobiography. Yeah. Yeah, yes. My sit down to remember just my love. Yeah.


We're going to get back to K Love in a second. But before we do want to talk to you guys about three chai. I had some 3G over the weekend.


Loved it. It was an excellent way to fall asleep on Saturday night.


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I do have kind of a serious question for you. Is that OK? Yeah. OK, so I know banking. I have a back in college. Yeah.


Well this is how we get into the hard stuff and then later we'll talk about all the bad stuff. But back in college, I know that you definitely went through a hard time, or at least it seemed like you did with opposing fans. Right. Like they got a hold of your phone number. You got a lot of death threats. But also to interject, you might even get there at some point. But the worst thing and I got death threats, my family got death threats, the whole thing.


They said my uncle's music was bad.


Yeah, it's not cool. Beach Boys, we are living on the rock. So are you ashamed that your uncle wrote songs with Charles Manson?


Oh, no, no, that was Dennis. Oh, OK. Is that what your uncle told you? Nice.


Yes, smart. If you've read my uncle's autobiography, which I know you both have.


Huh? He actually said that kind of forgetting the names. Now, of course, like I should really know this, but his first son, Mike and his daughter, I don't know if it was summer, but the.


A couple of kids got babysat by one of the girls that Charles Manson. Wow. Yeah, I should really know that better. But I remember he also talks about, you know, he went out into the middle of the desert. I don't know if I don't think it was Spahn Ranch, but I don't know if it's one of the women that went up to Cielo Drive either. But he saw he said he Dennis came back all shaken up and he was trying to get away from the family anyways, but.


Came back and he was shaken, visibly shaken in front of the entire band and my uncle, he's like, I just saw Charlie shoot some black cat and stuff him down a well well. So I'm like, that's heavy duty.


Yes. So like to add that in that that was some heavy hitting stuff in in the autobiography. But Dennis was like he hit a house, I believe, in the Palisades where Charlie showed up and, you know, like dropped to his knees, went to his feet and kissed his feet and said, Oh, brother, it's so great to meet you. Kind of try to put him under the spell and they start living in this house.


Holy shit. Kind of like what we're doing right now. Yeah. Yeah. We came here and I saw you up and down your house. Yes, yes. Yeah, I like that.


I just thought you guys just that was it. That was a crazy, crazy time period. That's why it's crazy because once upon a time in Hollywood. Yeah. Which I love by the way. And that setting in that era. He actually comes up in a house where Dennis Wilson lives like he's asking for him, which is pretty, pretty crazy. So and it's amazing to me that they have his music to get out of here. They have his music on Spotify.




And if you've seen mine, Hunter, which I'm so upset that they canceled the shots, they can't wait. What? They canceled my daughter. Yeah, they stopped when they stopped it. What do you mean? Like there's going to be another season. Yeah.


Which they just went over the Atlanta child or murder. Excuse me.


I was a great, great season. Amazing. And they wouldn't talk to Charlie. They have like the real transcripts and stuff. But I remember holding four guys.


He's like he's you know, he's listen to his music is not that bad.


Yeah. If your uncle had let him in the Beach Boys. Yeah. We might be thinking about Charles Manson. Much different. Right. Right now.


Think there's not another season. Yeah, have you ever heard this? I actually if you heard the song, Garbage Can is a garbage, I don't know. I don't find myself listening to serial killer music.


Mean, I had to you know, I just went there to know you're not going to understand it. I just went there to to know, like, oh, you can find his music on Spotify. Why?


Yeah, that is that's really where I was going to listen to that. Other than to just, you know, if they're doing it for a paper. Yeah. That's a weird that's a weird fan.


Told you that your uncle's music sucks and that made you really that made your blood boil. Oh my God, I'm so angry. No, I actually didn't even understand how big my uncle's music. Well, I just you know, he's Uncle Mike. We went to all that stuff, you know, all the concerts. And it's still huge, like, you know, the fact that he was on Full House and John Stamos is playing drums, right?


Yeah, huge deal.


I mean, come on, until I got to UCLA and then all the parents and the kid, even the kids that were like, you know, my peers in a year, same year, year old or whatever, I was seven or eight.


I was there, you know, they were like, oh, you're Uncle Mike Love like Beach Boys.


And I love this. I love this this album, this, you know, I played this, you know, God only knows or something at my wedding or whatever it was. So that's what I knew, that he was big. But the worst thing I got and the funniest at the same time, not only like the death threats, obviously that goes back to the Manson stuff that I was. It had Pullman, Washington. We're playing Washington State and.


You know, whatever I had the night before, just like, you know, I was feeling some sort of way when sitting around, it's freezing cold. Yet here I am feeling like my temperature's through the roof. Right. And I start sweating all the way through my my blue jersey. I mentioned, like, the baby blue is the gold. Right. And we have the that year we had reached 100 national championships and we had to see super cool.


But no, I started screaming but sweat, that's much sweat. And so my, my college teammate. So I'm so close. But they still give me shit for that to this day. Yeah. I mean that will get inside anybody's head. But if you've ever had like you got to respect the swamp then.


Yes. What happens to everybody in the moment, to all the humidity, even though it was probably six degrees in Pullman, Washington and yeah.


Nowhere but you know, it was the swamp was real. And that's a color that shows up big time if you got. But what if it's like a light blue? It immediately turns, you know, need a hundred percent. Yeah. I couldn't wear gray bottoms forever here. I'm sick with gray bottoms like I'm OK now. Yeah. We're in Washington. Just has that effect on me. We're actually it was Aron Baynes was the center too.


OK, yeah. So I had my downunder was getting a little. Yes. Crazy. Yes.


On the way over we were talking about you in your college uniform. Have you ever worn a jersey that actually fits you your big baggy jersey guy. Right. That one was pretty. Yeah. I think it's it's PTSD from, you know, being as big as I was.


Sweet chinstrap. Yeah, there was.


And the other day actually to JJ, I was like, OK, you got to realize this. My mom was basically I was going to like great clips and then my mom was cutting my hair off and that was pretty apparent. When you look at those photos. Right. There's a very funny picture from I think it was like your senior year of high school where you're wearing these shorts that go down Pastor Shins with the on the New Jersey that goes down to your knees is like your team jersey that you were wearing at the time.


And here I can actually tell you it's horrible. I know. Exactly.


Were you worried at all when you lost weight like you were to lose all your power? Because that's where I'm trying to, like, stay a little bit heavier.


Yeah, this this one right here, that's the picture that talked about Slam Si Love Slam.


I had the slam diary my senior year. I had the slam diary. Yeah. And how about this? I was national not only national player, I was National Athlete of the Year. So when you show that guy that guy was national, that guy. I wonder you didn't want the more female national and gold medal for twenty years.


That's when the greatest I mean, female athletes of all time, let alone basketball players and that guy. Yeah, that's crazy.


I had always thought that when you were in college, this might be like one of those Berenstain Bears moments where you remember a memory that didn't actually happen to you. I was more Thomas the train, but OK, OK. But yeah, I thought that you were a big undershirt guy like you wore big white undershirts in college, but I can't find a picture of you wearing one.


Onli did you have to scrub in the I mean I wore the tanks tight-fitting tanks underneath and then when you you know keep it tight falls out. Yeah.


It's like you know you're dating in the winter in New York City. Right. Right. Yeah. I mean I saw this and you go home and it's just like and it works both ways right.


Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I mean you did it. Yeah. Yeah. Would you take. I did. Absolutely.


And that's why it's like I lost the wage because I was like I lost the weight and I started to slowly start wearing like tighter stuff.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Good. Major blow up. Lost like thirty pounds. Got rid of the chinstraps. Since I was sweet though I should have had to finish. That is I went to right when I got down there the first week I was at UCLA, I was before like my dad threw me the keys and was like, all right you go and figure it out like Oregon, we don't even our own gas.


So I'm going to the gas station. I'm like. I'll have 20 dollars unleaded, please, right? You know, so I you know, I lost my train of thought, but we were. You got UCLA? Yeah.


Oh, I got oh haircut. So I went down to my one of my dad's best friends, took me down to Carson, California, where he lives, and took me down to Carson, to our people barbershop.


But like. Our people, like I was like, OK, what do I go in and ask for? I got just just.


Do whatever I like, I figure it out, so he starts like gives me this chinstrap and then he takes the hair and just goes gives me like a one one and a half come in the next day.


Full chinstrap on Pache here. I'm completely white. I'm 278 pounds. All guys are looking at me like this.


But then you could balls this guy but racketball. So I got the respect, the great equalizer.


I have two more hair questions than because we're on this topic. How do you I understand, like when you're younger, you got bad haircuts. How do you explain the feed and the twenty eighteen NBA finals? That was atrocious.


So I started watching Peaky Blinders. Yeah.


Okay. Okay. Yeah.


No, this story that's true is not Tom Hardy looks cool, silly and looks like these guys are awesome.


Let's try this OK. And like nobody knows. That's what I tried to do. Yeah. No, no. Like a series I saw in the mirror. I'm like OK, here's a wrap up band. Down you go. I was like, oh great.


Now I have to be, you know. Forty million people are going to be watching. Yo. So that was that story and it didn't work out well for me. But once, you know, I just, I just was like, I'm gonna roll with it.


All right. So then gray hair to gray hair. Are you going to roll? I'm rolling, dying my hair. And I tell people, like, I let everyone know, I think you can't dye your hair in pretend that you don't like Coach K. I say like, hey, love you, coach. Here's my day. Like, I'll I'll treat you like my hair today. Everyone be cool about it. Are you going to go with Gray.


Yeah. You have to say like even though I get it just like right in my temples.


Yeah. So I get it kind of across the way excuse me.


And I'm just going to roll with it.


OK, it's like you know when they do those like just for men. Yes. Oh that's right. Guy has the black hair, the guy has like the full gray or white and yeah.


It Blandon it's like oh this guy's, he's too young to do this job. And this guy I just don't know if he has energy, but it's like you put them together and this distinguished scholar. Yeah. We should hire him. George Clooney lived in that world for like thirty years. Yeah. You could tell if he was forty or. Yeah. Defines dating Stacy Keibler and like.




You know, it's just, you know, OK, you're rolling with it. All right. That gives me a little bit. I'm still probably going to diet, but yes.


No, I think you got a little bit coming in out here. Yeah, no, I got the beer to it as a good luck. I still haven't gotten there yet, but both of my both my grandparents are both white, like for.


Right. Five. Yeah.


I think you should continue to I think I have to otherwise talk to like go on like twitch and have like teenagers bully me and also have just you got to hit the right demo.


I mean this show is. Yeah. Yeah. Right, right.


It's all of us have to. Yeah. Some kids have to think I'm still cool but I mean you got the have thing down.


I mean before we came on. Yes.


You can go now people are saying every time I take that my hair is receding, which it's not. But whatever that's that's just hat hair. That's what happens. Yeah. I've always wondered when it comes to big rebounders, a lot of like people's contracts rely on getting those rebound numbers up to a certain point over the course of the season. If there's a free throw being taken that's uncontested. So there's nobody out from the other team, try to rebound it.


Do you make sure that you get first position down there?


You're like, hey, this is oh, it's a known thing on our team and it's been that way, especially now we have Andre Drummond, who's like led the league in rebounding three, four times, but like Tristan Thompson, Larry Nance myself, but like Bron when he was we all steal rebounds from each other.


It's like you're good to have two rebounds stolen from LeBron. Every game with Andre Drummond might be three or four Tristan Thompson.


But at the free throw line, that's a battle. Even if it's coming off the other side, I might try and grab it.


We might even at some point knock it out of bounds because you just eyeball my ball, I'll get the fuck out. I got the, you know. Yeah, yeah. Like for us it's. Yeah, we still love. That's that's it, actually, I love that we we went over that because when they see this, they're going to know like. Yeah, yeah.


And they're can say you're just as bad as we are. Yes, I am. Yes. I just always wonder if there was like a hierarchy when it came to a scene where you're, you know, unquestionably the alpha, where you're like the veteran on that team. So anything you can't say anything. It's just every man for himself. It's just every man for himself when it comes to especially free throws, every man for himself. But if it's like coming so far out of the way to come and grab it.


Yeah. And doing it like way over somebody is like, I got this, you got it. And then it just comes out of nowhere.


Like that's that's hard shot success. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Right. That's excessive. Right. But you know I was taught from. An early age, she played tennis, individual sport, but there's no such thing as a selfish rebound either and a player, you create an extra possession for your team.


So, like and that was for my dad. Like you had a vested interest in. Yeah, obviously, me getting rebounds. Yes. But I'll probably teach my son that. Yeah, absolutely.


When did you first realize that you were second outlet passes?


I always kind of it was just a feel thing that I did. So back to Mark McGuire. I was talking about him, by the way. Great doc that they had. I hated it. You hated it. Yeah.


We thought it was why they didn't do steroids, by the way.


And this is not similar, but like, if everybody's juiced, love the long ball.


And I love it because people are throwing up. I agree. Right. I agree. But they just didn't mention it until the very end. They're like, oh, by the way, they came in with Barry Bonds, took the ring over. You're right.


They totally skipped it. And they only had Soza on there for like five or six minutes. So it's just basically like a Mark McGwire documentary that didn't mention what's too bad about the it's like it's saved that time. Saved baseball. Yeah, yeah.


I had like who has baseball posters up in the room tomorrow. If it's not like Aaron judge. Right, right. Right. It's, it's, I don't know.


I really, really hope that I don't know what the numbers say. Not a dying sport, but like baseball. That was an amazing time. That's why I love that. Maybe go back because I think on my.


It was my. I think Mark McGuire hit 61 or 62 on my 10th birthday because there's 98, right? Right.


So I was I was I was freaking I was watching every at bat. It was like my dad used to call me and when Griffey used to get up there. Right. A sweet swing. Yeah. That was a that was a crazy time.


So the outlet passes. You were watching baseball and you realize like, hey, are you playing baseball? And you're like, this is how I can explain. So my dad was like, oh, you want to get big like Mark McGuire here I am, 10 years old. I'm like curling over the bar and like, is it breaking because it's like this.


So that's what I was doing. Everything like for onlies, because remember, that used to be like, oh yeah. 22 inch forearms. Yeah. Yeah, that's natural.


Little did I know, but I started doing that and then I was watching. I actually used to shoot like that so I didn't have the strength because I played up three years with my brother at the time he was very young for his age and it really stayed back as he was the youngest kid in his class. And by the way, huge advantage for sports as well. Yeah, but no, I just that's how I shot. So I had the accuracy and I was like, I play with my brother.


Just make it, make it, make it. So any time I had a little bit of like an advantage, you can get the ball up and shoot it. Like, that's super, super accurate with with that shot. And then one summer I just sat like this at my uncle's house in Southern California and just took the ball and started it like two feet, worked all the way back, added my other hand. And then finally I started shooting like that.


So when I got into the game, we got a rebound, was thrown out of court.


I just launched. It was natural. Natural.


That's when I used to throw a fit, threatened to run away, smash everything in my room because I want to play football. I want to be the quarterback. Let alone we had you know, we did have a weight limit, you know, where I come from, you have a weight limit to play quarterback, which I don't understand. It's like they should have a rule, like you can't rush the ball, right? You can't run the ball.


Whereas, like, you know, if you're on defense, you can be as big as you want. Kill the guy. That's little. So you have a bigger quarterback anyways, a whole other can of worms there. But no, I just I want to play quarterback so bad that I was like, OK, here's my way. My dad's like, the paint is football. Use your elbows, use your body, use your leverage. And then when you get that ball, throw it ahead.


Plus, watch Bill Walton, a lot of us as old school, Boston Celtics, especially when he was the six man, it was cool to see them go against the Showtime Lakers. And, you know, the teams from that era were unbelievable. Right. And then on top of that, I'm named after Wes Unseld all passed away this year, so named after West until he had that great outlet pass over the head and from the chest, one arm, the whole thing.


So I was watching him a lot. And my dad had the presence of mind to have me watch both of those guys, but especially when considering that my dad played with him and the namesake and I would have met him, right?


Yeah. Middle name. Just clear that. OK, I would imagine there are also as Fat Kevin Love. It was nice to not have to run all the way down the court when you hit that perfect outlet pass and they score and it's like I can just feel here. Yeah, that's awesome. There's no defense. Yeah, right. I can say sorry, I did my job right off the court. I would, I would.


Especially if I had somebody who had a receiver type body or quality to them like that was the best. Yeah. Or throw it out to a fast point guard. It's three on two or two on one or one. I know. Like it's great.


It's, it was so cool too because you were I feel like when you came on the scene at UCLA and everyone started talking on a national level like you were known almost for that more than anything else, which is a very like you don't really have guys who get known for that.


But it was such a cool throwback thing. Like you got to check out Kevin Loves Passes. Yeah.


And at the time, I mean, I just was never known for my jumping. I could actually jump at the time. People forget that I jumped 35 inches at the combine max vert. And you know, it was funny to see the guys reactions all the way going up into my first few years and leaving like, OK, hey white boy. Actually my dad's it's so funny because on my dad's draft card was, you know, great shooter. Forward Center six nine University of Oregon runs the floor.


Well, you know, great frame, broad shoulders, good jumper for white guy.


I mean, it's really cool. We still have it back at home. I was talking to my brother about my my baseball and basketball cards. I was like, do we still have those that's here? Actually, that's cool. We brought this out and Griffey was my guy being from the Pacific Northwest. But you can see that my it actually does spell bass, but then I spell cards wrong, of course.


But, you know, my penmanship said, oh, there we go. Yeah, yeah. I love it. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah.


That was yesterday. Yeah it was yesterday. I read that when you were in college you reached out to Bill Walton for advice or like he was a mentor of yours. That is that accurate.


So Ben Howland, the coach at the time, like my college coach, my my only UCLA, he part of me now recruiting process. But once I had committed and signed my letter of intent, he put me on with Bill Walton. And I mean, the guy it's like Coach Wooden said, it was like, yeah, had a really bad stutter.


But once he thinks it's great, it's like now we just keep getting shut up. Yes.


Yeah. So no, really, we've been around. Oh, no. It was like three hours, three hours into it. He goes, how long does this go? Yeah. And we're like you.


You can decide when you want to leave. Bill. It was like, OK, you know, it was amazing.


Like I it was an Oregon UCLA game a couple of years back. And Russell had donated the money for Moses Center, which is men's and women's basketball. So it was you know, I did the weight room. He did the courts, which is cool because we were college roommates, especially on the road.


And I go out there and do this interview with ESPN. It's just like you can't get a word in edgewise. He's talking.


He's literally singing my uncle song, Barbara Ann or whatever, California girls. And I'm saying what is going on?


And so, like, they're in his ear and I can hear it because I had the headphones on. They're like, Bill, Bill, Bill, you have a commercial in two minutes. Yeah, it was hilarious. So I think that's like God talking to him. Yeah.


But he yeah. It's probably for the thirty minutes, you know, maybe he got a minute and a half and maybe 90 seconds of me talking. He's saying UCLA and the tradition and the women and what it stands for. And Coach Wooden said the pyramid of success. Let me tell you my favorite quotes from that stories. And you know Lou Alcindor and the big man and what your number means. And we're in there and world hazard and the hazard fence.


So like on and on and on and on and like, you know, God bless him. You could speak, you know, after having an awful stutter for for so long. Yeah.


That but it's like I mean, it sounds like you remember. Everything that he said is stuff that you pass it off like somehow. Yeah, yeah, when I was yeah, I think I was 17 years old when I committed.


So that was not as big for me when you played at UCLA, because I think I've heard stories that, like a lot of NBA pros, will go and play at UCLA over the summer. Yeah. So did you do that? Would you play with guys in the NBA and did you like did you think right away like I belong here? Yes, it did take a minute.


Well, it took a minute against guys like, you know, because I think my second day I walked in there and this was like, you know, ten days after I graduated from high school.


You're 18, 18 years old and cages in there.


They you know, they just got traded or is a Boston Celtic now. And, you know, they come back and they play that year. I think they lost in the finals. They come back the next year and win in 08, 09. I believe he was defensive play the are tell everybody like I played Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan twice and CGY within my first dozen games.


And that's that's a Western conference if you go through like the power forwards and center on it. Yeah, it's pretty remarkable. But yeah, my second day there I was like, man, I got a matchup against CGY.


So you played against him.


Well, he was, yeah. He was really cool. He didn't have to be. He was really cool because he didn't know who I was from anybody. And I was like I took him aside after well done.


And I said, hey, hey, listen, you know, how how how do I leverage how do I score on you when you're, you know, say six or seven one.


Right. Like, say, with Katie, he's not six. Nine was he's tall now. And, you know, he's like, get the fuck out.


I'm not giving you any. So Jordan Farmar, I remember, was there who was on the Lakers at the time, said, no, no, he's serious. You serious? So he took me aside for ten minutes and started work with me. It was just me there on the court. So I'll always remember Kaju for that. Wow. Then of course, I get drafted by Minnesota. He's the fifth pick. I'm the fifth pick. It's Minnesota.


He's like this guy Hot Shot is fuck this guy. Yeah. So he you know, he's barking. He's always like this, though. He never takes every game. So I respect about guys like him and Russ and I, I'm like Jordan. They never took a game. I'm really a possession of like those guys go hard.


That's a challenge in itself. Yeah. Even as he got older, he set the tone in practice, he set the tone. But yeah, when I got into the league that that changed a little bit because that now I was you know, at that time I wasn't a threat, but I was right. I was in the league and playing in Minnesota and playing the part for.


Wait, so you're eighteen and you're playing pickup basketball with NBA players and you're like running up and down the floor and you're holding your own.


That's not. Yeah, that's pretty. I always felt like I belonged. I you know, I think I in some ways it was unhealthy how much I just focused on it, like I always say, like I was I was an athlete. Student.


Yeah. No, we saw you spell. You can't spell, right. Yeah. Yeah. That was was a bad. We believe you on the basketball. Yeah it was.


But it's just yeah. I always felt like I belonged. Plus I think it was big familiar with the guys I was playing with too. So if, if you know there's three chords specifically, obviously you're running five shows, 30 guys out there. And if SC guys came, they would always be allowed on the floor. If you guys came, they were always allowed in the floor, at least five guys. So I was playing with Russell Westbrook, Darren Collison, Luke Amamou, guys like that were on my team.


So it was great. Like we felt like we had a vibe and had a good thing going. We came in ranked preseason number one. Yeah. That we had just come off of two final fours trying to make another one, which we did last to Memphis. Derrick Rose, tough one, but no, we felt like we belong. And actually, speaking of that, I can remember that my first day in the gym and I knew Russell, I knew Russ a little bit and we had become friends.


First day I was on campus.


I'm walking up and walking with my academic advisor, which didn't necessarily the but Kenny Donaldson, who actually acted as more of a therapist for me. But I remember Russ and I were crossing paths.


I was going to history class and he just seemed like, man, these sneakers I was weren't Jordan elevons with, like, no socks and didn't have them laced up.


And I'm sweating like crazy because, like, UCLA is like a fishbowl. So you have you know, we're all all the students say all the dorms. You come down, you have the athletic center, you have the student activity center, you have Pauley Pavilion, you know, you have the men's gym, you have everything walking up. Then it's the classes up, moonwalks. I'm leaking sweat. He's making fun of my tops backpack that I got from the McDonald's all American game.


My shirt, you know, this is where I layer up is like if I had a shirt like this on, I would have another down there so that one would soak up the sweat. Sure that one would soak up the sweat. And then I would have this like, yeah, I'm good. Yeah. And then the swamp was just like I would probably like put you know, I'm a bit I still tie the sweater around the waist.


Yeah. I still think. Yeah. Yeah sure. Feel like once you pass thirty it's like acceptable. Yes. Yeah. I mean if you are living in the Hamptons then yeah. You can tie it around your neck. Around your waist. Yes. It's a strong visit plus your summer in there. Thank you. Thank you. That's a little pretentious but yeah. Yeah, yeah.


It's a sweater type but no I can remember the first. Yeah. I love this one of them by the way speaking. It's got hot out here. Yeah it is. It's a good luck. Roll with it. The first time I saw Russ in the gym and we had played fives with but there was probably a six month, eight month window where I didn't see him play. And that first day he's grabbing rebounds top of the square. I bring it down, surveying the court coming down, see what he has, calls for a pick and roll comes back cross-grained.


The ball comes over, kind of Eurostep top of the square left hand.


I'm like, holy shit, this kid's going to be good. Like this kid's special, so people would ask me coming in because I got some interviews that hotshot number one player or whatever at UCLA, and they would ask me, like, who do you think's going to be a breakout star? Like, who do you see is going to be a breakout star? I'll stop you right there. Easiest question I'm going to answer all year. Russell Westbrook.


Darren Collison. Yeah, he's on my team. And like, I wasn't trying to make a homer job out of out of or be biased. I really believe that. So, you know, I can remember Darren Collison.


I think Michael's sprained in his left knee, right knee, whatever was. And he went down for not a dozen games, but close to I think it might have been double digit games that year. So Russell took over the point guard and that's when he just took off.


Yeah, it's pretty cool. So you weren't surprised at all when he was surprised?


And like Darren, both of his parents are Olympic level track athletes. Yeah. So, Darren, I mean, even to this day, he retired after ten years. He I mean, up and down the court from line to line, 94 feet, he top five fastest player in the league and at that point, probably the best player in college basketball. So I was out letting the ball to him. And so here comes Russ. He sees I got to rebound.


He knows. Just go to test the shot and go, boom, slam dunk. He starts dunking on guys. You start doing, I mean, just like everything with the ball. And that's when I mean, he just took a major step forward. Yeah. Because I think he got comfortable playing the point guard. We moving to the two guard. He defended. He got up and down. I hit him with the outlets. He made the right plays and nobody worked as hard as him.


Like I thought, OK, we'll be the first of the gym. I'll get my shots. I'll try to be the last to leave. I had to take two showers, mix water.


How do you manage that, by the way? I've been struggling with that this summer. I'm actually good. Do you take like a cold shower to stop sweating? Because I'll shower and then ten minutes later I'm just to shower in the morning. It's tough out here because we work out outside and it's so humid all the time that it's Blake Griffin here the other day. And he was he asked me, I don't know.


Thanks for letting us know that you were in town, Blake. Blake, you can he's like, oh, he did give the.


Oh, yeah, I've been on the show before.


I said, well, OK, well, yeah, time to help now. I'm not very happy with them. Right. Yeah. So now you're a best friend. Yeah. You're now you're late. You're Blake love right now. Yeah. I'm Blake. Friendship with Blake over. Yeah. Done friendship with Kevin on.


Appreciate it. Yeah. Yeah too. We should have said that because now being big ketter actually mad at playing. Yeah. No I'm pissed. Yeah. Just a heads up. Sorry Blake. Yeah. No it's still out here.


Mother's in here. Is he in the house rather. Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. Definitely still out here. Yeah he did. Is it is it is. Thirty minutes of maintenance work.


Is that all you were talking about was your earlier today.


Yeah. Blake. What the fuck? This interview is over. What a jerk. All right, what is your interview over for me, no matter how far back on rushes over seven oh oh oh you said this interview is over. Just my thoughts. Just my thoughts. I mean, look, get our sidebar right now. I'm going to call them. And let's see, I'm thinking, what a jerk. Yeah. I didn't realize when you said, oh, yeah, Blake was here earlier, I was like, he doesn't have to come on the show.


But just like, let us know that he's here.


Yeah, I'm I'm like, what are you doing that? What's it like, you know, like? Because he knows it's one of those. Sorry, man on a zoom.


Yeah, this guy has his phone on him all the time to we know that he picks up his phone usually like one point nine seconds. We time it.


He was literally planking today with his phone not not filming.


He was just like this was what may have made that up, but people are going to think it's true. God damn. Believe it. What a jerk are. All right. All right. Well, he'll call back. Let me try him if he. No, no, no, no. Don't do that. No, don't do that. That would be cool. Dude, I break that down. Will hurt me. Don't hurt me too much.


Don't do it. You're big into mental health. Yes. Don't don't hurt mine. I won't. I didn't know how that would happen.


That would affect you. I know how that can be. How a lot of people pick up my phone call. How has it been with real question? The you've been very outspoken about mental health and like I feel like you were maybe not a tipping point, but you were one of the first.


I think DeMar was the first. Yeah, but league was the reason I felt compelled and like I could do it.


So has it been what's it been like to be like that? Vulnerable.


I would assume people have been very receptive to it, but it's also got to be a little scary to just talk about it like that for sure, just because I mean, I think when I first press on my article that I just didn't know how people were going to respond. But for me, it was it was so many things leading up to that point that I was like, I just can't I was so hard for me to just be me, like unapologetically.


Kevin, like, I've come to the point now because there is such a huge community and I could have never guessed that that was the case. Like now I, I know a lot of the statistics, the numbers I'm continuing to learn tend to be an expert, but like I just try to consume as much as I can. So the idea of what's going on and plus coming out of covid and coming out of or being in and knowing what's going on with social injustice and Black Lives Matter, like, there's so much anxiety with the unknown and the stress and I'm going to be able to put food on the table.


Where's my next paycheck coming from? Can I even go outside or I can be able to see my baby born or I'm having to choose between going to work and being with my family. You know, if somebody passes away due to covid or otherwise, I can't go to their funeral. So there's like so much unknown. And then that leads to a deep and dark spiral of depression. And like with depression, you can I know for me, like, it only takes this much like you can fall apart at any moment, disproportionate to any circumstance.


Right. Right. Like and you tend to always say, like over general generalize.


I said this the other day that it's like you wake up and say, you know, take a sip of coffee. My coffee was shit. I must be shit. I'm a horrible person. Like and that's just how your mind goes like. So for me it's been really great to just pay it forward to because I do feel like it's a major theme of human potential for young and old, but for that younger demographic in that next generation, because I feel like because youth uprising is a big part of my story too, because I remember ten days before I wrote my article, it was Parkland, Florida had happened.


Yeah. And then you saw what those kids did for for even mental health related as well. But like gun reform and safety in classrooms and like, what are we going to do to change this paradigm and, you know, help, help the world, help the country in that way. So it's very complex. Like, I'm still learning a lot like I have globally. I know I just read this the other day that for every 10000 people suffering, there's one licensed therapist.


Wow. And the rate of depression, anxiety has gone way up. But in this second, as opposed to 20 percent quarter as opposed to twenty nineteen the second quarter now depression is quadrupled in America.


It's at least one in four people now, sir, over.


Are you able to kind of recognize if you're going through something that, like you said earlier, was like disproportional to. Yeah. How upset that you should be. You realize to recognize, like, when that's happening as opposed to just, you know, being upset about something that is normal to be to be triggering you for sure.


And I know a lot more now just in working with the therapist, but also like I talk about medication, like obviously there's there's Western and Eastern philosophy and a lot of the Eastern is like medication, is not it? And these drug companies are just trying to to profit and, you know, capitalize the whole thing. So but for me, medication has been huge getting that right. It just sets the baseline for me to actually do the real work.


It really has been amazing for me. So I know you know what? I wake up in the morning, I have my routine. I'm such a, you know, routine base person and a creature habit that if I do that, I know that those triggers will unless it's very it's a lot less likely that they will come up and they will rise. If I do forward motion and I always I live by this is quote, I'm a throw at you.


But first of all, you can't heal what you don't reveal. Like, I had to express it outwardly in order for me to to, you know, be myself and be comfortable. Hundred percent in my own skin, like the best, you know, say, oh, you know, Olympic gold medal and we start off with the Olympic gold medal and twenty sixteen world champion, you know, Cleveland Cavaliers, 52 year drought, the whole thing.


But one of the happiest moments in my life is when I just walked into a room and felt like. I'm just I'm just me, I can just be me in any situation so that come after, you know, I feel comfortable in my own skin more than I ever have, but so I know where my triggers through the work are going to come from. And I know, like when I start to get down that slippery slope, what can happen.


And because the thoughts like you have to recognize the thoughts, understand why you're doing that and doing the work, because the thoughts are the thing that can be really disturbing.


Yeah, I have to imagine that just for most professional athletes, it's such an unnatural position that you're put in when you when you think about like human beings as a species and just how the world works to have you under such a microscope where, you know, regardless of of whether or not people know you, you have 20 to 60 million people that have a strong opinion on you one way or the other. That's not like a a natural position for a human to be in.


And I would guess that that would really set off a lot of triggers for a lot of players. And they develop coping mechanisms that at times might not be healthy. Sometimes they are healthy. But for professional athletes to be speaking about it, it makes others, you know, vulnerable enough or I guess accepting the fact that, like, yeah, I've dealt with this stuff, too. So it's got to be it has been like a tidal wave almost.


I think it's actually it's a really good thing you guys vote. Yeah. Paul George came out and said the other day because when I was I was really struggling. I didn't factor in, you know, that this isn't verbatim, but he's like I didn't I discounted how big of a deal or how much mental health actually affects you, because I was dealing with anxiety. I was dealing with depression. So I hit him up. I'm I do for you to say that with help, like how big of a player you are, like that.


That is huge. Like working on social justice, education reform all the way across the board. NBA is an amazing job, I feel. But for him to say that is so bad. It's just like DeMar saying, because you also have to factor in like racial lines play a major factor when it comes to mental health. And, you know, if you're going out for a job in corporate America, you're coming up in, you know, classroom trying to be, you know, whatever is valedictorian or trying to have a lot of success.


Like if you if you allow that to be spoken, you put that out into the world.


You know, I had to say something to me at the Aspen Ideas Institute last year, and it was last, I believe, made he said he said something to the point of and this is what I got out of it, is that it's just another weapon that people who, you know, can use it against you will use it against you.


Yeah. So you don't want to be vulnerable. Plus, we don't have enough racial diversity in people that can treat people of color. So we need more people of color being therapists. We need more people of color working with them so that they can get the best out of them in any other way. Because we need early intervention. We need early intervention with these kids, because your brain is going to change way before your behavior. So finding that and however you can do the screening that as I mentioned earlier, that's going be huge.


That's going to be huge. But we have to level the playing field with that, create tools, have research, educate, continue to beat down the stigma. Like there's so much to this, so many layers to that. And the tough thing is if somebody has bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, you know, acute anxiety, depression, like you can't put, you know, myself and big cat into a box and say, OK, you guys both have bipolar disorder.


We're going to treat this one way. Right. We have to have alternative ways to know the triggers, you know, pinpoint exactly what know kids are going through, everybody's going through. And how are we going to treat this? Because it's just like with my meds, like I had to toy with it in order to get it right. How can we treat this person the right way so that they can reach, honestly, their full potential? And that sounds like, you know, a happy ending or a fairy tale version, like the work is going to take a long time for me.


I know that I will never get rid of this imbalance. Yeah. And it's something that I just had to change my relationship with.


But it's been really freeing for me.


That's all I say. It's worth the work and it does get better. You can manage it and, you know, it's going to be an issue, but it's also going to be better and more smooth overall. Yeah. If you do take that step. Yeah, I agree. Big cat like that was kind of a huge moment, I think. Yeah.


And I also think it's cool and I don't want people to think it's just me.


No, no, no. I remember seeing it being like for sure that Kevin Love like this is because yeah it is. There is a stigma male athlete like talking about this stuff is hard, so.


Right. And I like I understand that it's it's probably easy for me to to I mean, easier, I should say. And I mentioned the racial lines or, you know, somebody who doesn't have to worry about their bills, their kids. You know, it's you know, I'm a white boy from suburban America to family parent home that so many layers to it.


But it doesn't matter. It doesn't discriminate.


Also, it was like with, you know, Robin Williams, Diane or Kate Spade or you know, that Anthony Bourdain was a quote I was talking about on my Instagram earlier. It's. It just shows you that success is in a very good point, yeah, and like it just does not discriminate who you are, socioeconomic status, gender, whatever. It does not it doesn't care. And it's a lot of the time it's inherent. Like it's in your gene pool.


There's already that imbalance. So at any point somebody's going to deal with grievances, loss. It's I mean, I guess what I'm trying to say is it's there's so many layers to this. It's so complex. But it's really we're in a pandemic.


It's the pandemic that nobody's talking about. Right. Is global. It affects over 300 million people. Depression does. And anxiety. I mean, it's like I think it's one third of Americans now have, you know, are suffering from both anxiety and depression. That's every third person.


You can't heal what you don't reveal. I like that. I like the fact that it rhymes. I think that's a big thing. People remember I remember going jazy line. Oh, well, good. Yeah.


No, we knew that was a cheesy Yeah. Carter it was on the Carter but just text me saying call him back so I guess I'll call him back. OK, we can keep going.


Finally, the hard question, at what point did you realize that LeBron was an alcoholic?


Hold on, let me ask you this alcoholic, sheesh, no, he's not an alcoholic. He loves wine. Alcoholic.


Yeah, I'm saying, is it what's the lesser of two evils to be, like, drunk on wine or like power or drunk on power?


Well, I forget my proverb.


Did you feel pretty? Did you feel pressure to drink wine around him?


Yeah, like but again, victory is reserved for those willing to pay its price. True. OK, I like that to son Zo, but was that. Yeah. Art of war. Was he saying like drink this wine and you will win like Michael's secret stuff.


Yeah, but it was like the blood of blood of Christ. It's become a phenomenon. Yeah, it's pretty cool.


Sergeant McCollum has only five bottles of wine in his hotel room. Oh, I thought he brought it in.


I guess I offered. I offer.


I think we got it. You don't have that on film. But I offered I think he wanted to, like, sell it to everybody else that was there.


So we just had a shitload of cases brought in knowing that, like, they might not be able to get good wine in the bubble. I'm going to have the market cornered on it. That's right. It's a Jimmy Butler deal with coffee.


Coffee? Yeah. Twenty dollar coffee. Yes.


Who do you think is doing that right now with marijuana? Who's got a just a there's a stash, WJR. So that was my other question speaking.


J.R., what was the locker room like after the finals game when he ran out?


The clock was tough, you know, but a lot of people forget, you know, like there's so much like there's obviously in every game there's times where, like, fuck, I wish we had that possession back.


I wish we had time and score. You know, I think he was within a few feet of the basket right there. Tough, tough talk also with George Hill, like people forget the free throws as well. So it's like that's where it becomes like a you throw everything in and the accumulation like it was both.


Right. But that was that was tough because it's not like he threw it up there ball.


They threw it up and went over the bat, like threw it out. Got because shit, you know, pushed into the third row. He, like, went backwards.


Did he say anything in the locker room. Like what was the first. I felt it was like Mario Kart when you're in eighth place and you just want the blue shell to go backwards and you just start firing it.


Yes. Like when they're about to Bowser's Castle, just about to like. Yes, make the jump. So Warriors Stadium.


But who did it? Who's who talked, who talk first made the leap. Know who said something when you get in the locker room, Roger Smith.


Like, Yo, my bad. I think it was a given. Yeah, like you just don't say, oh, just put his head down and were like I mean, he knew. Yeah. And that that it was just a tough position because I love Swiss, love Swiss. He's such a good to so misunderstood. He's fucking he's just an awesome, awesome guy. But in that moment I mean everybody has that.


I just happened to be like when it happens on the biggest stage like that, it's just something that always excuse me, you'll never gets magnified.


Yeah. If I was tough, I have two tough questions. One, what kind of soup was it that Jerry Smith threw? Hmm.


That is a great question. It was. That's one my favorite was the camp tortilla soup. Oh, tortilla soup, that's pretty. If you like tortilla soup, depending on how you make it, you can hit a little different one.


Yeah. So nice and skinny. Did it have the chips in there? That's because I can cut somebody.


Yeah, no, I really can if they're still right. Yeah. Forget it. Yeah.


If it's got chips and then the hot sauce can sting afterwards. If you put like salsa I'm saying you have, if you have any Tabasco in there to chew or not so much, but you put the right hot sauce in there.


Right. It cuts you and then it gets into your port city. Yeah. Were you surprised how how big of a story that was afterwards that like the details of it was a cup of soup that was thrown.


Were you surprised that that was one your thing was. In perfect Cavs fashion, like I told you, we thrive on the chaos, like we had a NBA meeting after artifacts like a night, they say 90 minutes to 120, about two hours. And he walked in and just sat down like nothing happened.


The dog is here now, just sitting back. But Blake said that he doesn't have service. Who needs to face time already? Hey, man, I.


I just saw those those wildfires in Southern California. I was hoping I was calling in to see if you're OK. Yeah, I'm all good. OK, so is the smoke into your house in L.A.?


As far as I know? No, I'm on the East Coast, OK.


Oh, you're on the East Coast. Where are you? I'm on the Hamptons with you. That's funny. We're in the Hamptons. We're back. Yeah.


We're actually a Kevin Love's house right now. And have you ever been here? Have you ever been here?


No. No, I haven't. It looks, don't you? Oh, that's interesting, because it seems like you were planking with him this morning and you knew we were coming over and then you just were like, I don't want to see my guys. So I had to do it, but I completely forgot to do that. Oh, okay.


Yeah. All right. What happens? Well, I grew up in St. John's pretty bad. Yeah, Kevin's our new guy. Yeah. Yeah. You're out. I. Yes. Yes. Blake lovely.


He had home run derby with Seinfeld and E yeah. Kevin changed his name to Blake. OK, all right.


Well enjoy the Hamptons, man. We'll be here for the rest of the week.


Oh yes. I'm here till Sunday. I was just looking out for yourself. Thanks a lot. It's incredibly so somber. Yeah, you really don't seem know what makes it harder is he didn't even seem that upset that we caught him.


Yeah, whatever. Oh, show me your background. Yeah, OK. Oh, I forgot. Today was the day I got to go. Always go take long. Let's see. I have another question I got. Oh, I do have one last one.


So the barstool sports main account famously tweeted out a couple of years ago. It was a video of a bunch of it was a white guy dabbing around a bunch of black kids dabbing. Yeah. And the white guy was the last one up and tweeted like, this is Kevin Love trying to fit in with his teammates. And you replied, Well, being able to fit in with his teammates has gotten that little white kid a lot of primo bucks over the years.


So what is the what is the most important way to fit in to get primo box lose 30?


One hundred, actually. I mean, no, I think the respect I got from having a chinstrap probably led me into it. By the way, the best part of that whole thing is I was like, Primo, OK, where is the money?


It was the perfect emoji.


Yeah, it was to have that for boxing. It was great. Yeah. It also I don't know if it's FedEx or UPS, but you know, it was a very funny tweet.


But you when you were saying was it good. Yeah. Like a good comeback. When athletes respond like that, engage people, it's always a win for them.


Oh, it's amazing. By the way, I love Bastable. Yeah. So you you were because people definitely thought like, oh man, he was mad. I didn't think you were mad. Mean it was a great Copac. No. Yeah. Is an amazing back. And I would imagine if I came at you guys there would be some, some price to pay with the clap back. Yeah.


Maybe a little bit. But then I also like a year later you got a shipment of wine that came in a box, I think from LeBron, and you took a picture of it and you tweeted at us and you said, look at this. Primobolan Exactly.


So it takes on a life of its own, actually, like I have guys people on the road pretty well, but that's twenty twenty. Yeah. Well now they're going to miss him. Now they're going to say Blake. Yeah. I hope you're prepared for the your title.


I'm definitely your interim Blake right now until such time. Yeah. But typically we have interim head coach. You fired.


Well hang up on not to have this draw but did you tell them we were coming here? Yeah. Yes. This is like this is like your first year. We're going to see guys. You guys, we're David Stern right now.


We're giving you like I don't show goddammit Svensson's my witness goes Yeah I've been on show.


Guys are cool. That's like being like oh yeah this is my best friend and they're like yeah this is my friend. OK. Yeah. Oh that's a acquaintance. You got to know that we're actually really good friends. Yeah. Like Oh shit. Really got like that. Really. Yeah. I love you. I got your pal. Yeah. Primo boxers. Yeah. Oh. Happy for you. Yes. Great. Great. Oh I did have one last one.


Klay Thompson. You played Little League Baseball with them.


You do you. We now have pictures of that. We do. Why don't they shoot. Like when Clayton Kershaw and Matthew Stafford played. It was Clayton Kershaw. Matthew Stafford. Yeah. Yeah. Think those two they always throw that picture out there. Yeah. Like I feel like we never get that picture of you guys playing literally.


I think they did it once because I remember Van Gundy, you know, I think it was Mike Green, Van Gundy and Mark Jackson, like they always do the games together. Right. And they I actually love when they do the games, they have a great call. But they are they call the games great. But they they brought that up and they had you know, they highlighted the faces on this giant kid. Clay, is it more so young?


He was the only eleven year old on the twelve year old all star team.


Pretty cool. And yeah, Van Gundy always has, like, the good soundbites. He says, you know, can you imagine being one of those kids on that team and be like, I played with these two guys that are, you know, all multiple time all stars in the finals, all NBA guys like you.


Imagine what that must have been like, like looking back and looking. So it's a cool photo.


It's a really cool. Well, you guys are awesome. We were awesome.


We're we should have we felt like we should have made the Little League World Series, but we got at state we had this one guy that, like, threw there.


You did or you didn't. Yeah. What do you mean you felt like I should. I mean, we felt like you should have felt right. You know, we either did it. We did. We didn't make it. We had stayed. And we had this guy that threw like.


So how did you ever go to the. We know what we said. How do you say his name?


Some submarine. Yeah. This guy through basically submarine. He's thirty seven. We like you know, they do the the adjustment to you know, it's like inflation, right.




Ninety eight miles an hour these guys during heat and nobody can hit except for like top three hits. The bottom of our lineup was, was bad.


Well I felt like you should have won the entire thing.


Yeah. Thank you chef. I felt like we should. It's just my thoughts. Yes. I felt like this interview went really well. Yeah. And I felt like I was great friends with Blake Griffin until 30 minutes.


I was told I take some getting used to, but I felt like this out really well. You were good. Well, from the outside, people like, oh, what's this guy who says that?


And I just felt like LeBron James, LeBron James, you know, definitely was like Kevin Love takes some getting used to.


I think I think JJ was trying to scare you away with. Yes, he's got a podcast now. He's trying to keep you all to himself.


What are you going to do? Your podcasts. I'm sure you got one in the works. Everyone.


I mean, even as far as podcasts go, Basel is pretty much the way to go. Yeah.


If I'm not on, you know, but I'd be competing with you guys. Yeah, we could call. I want to be a celebrity. Guests stop fighting, stop trying to fit Kev out and start trying to fit Kevin.


Yeah. And I'll have a process where we say, yeah, well, you're a recurring guest now.


So when we do want you back on, we should be like in three months we'll just be like, hey, when you go to the Elite eight, perfect, which is a great name for it.


Is that is that an official name or is that just what you call it?


I mean, I've heard that before, so I just used it right. I think it's a great name. Yes. Delete it and leave a date. Good luck. Are you trying to win? How important is it to you to win the dillydally?


If you asked me three months from now and we ended up winning that if we won that, that would probably be all things considered with what's going on. If we won, that would be a big deal. Oh, listen, if the Bulls win that I'm making shirts.


I made shirts for them winning the summer league. Yeah, I want shirts even when we just start to eight, eight finalists and. Yeah. Said if you don't win, I'm going to say, listen, listen, we made it to the quarterfinals. Yes. I guess we could have won. You should have won. We felt like we can do that. Yeah. Yeah. Either win. All right. Well Kevin has been awesome in Washington.


Thank you for having us for making your way out to the Hamptons.


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Sometimes I like having a little just you know we walk away like a little shower, sometimes I just wipe with a dude wipe if I'm just peeing just as a as a nice little wipe my so I wipe my dick hole with the dude white. I'm not above doing that. Absolutely.


Should have a major white related fire first. I'll save. OK, that's probably Friday. Wow. Tizer everyone make sure that Billy remember is working for the week after twenty on Friday. Monday hasn't started yet and Billy's mentally checked out. Yeah. You're not going to remember that on Friday. And dude wipes.


They've got a new dude wiper 1000 bidet attachment which is a lean mean poop destroying machine and they have dude bombs, the two and one bomb that you drop in the toilet prior to. Do they create an indestructible barrier that's instantly neutralises stank in the air, leaving no trace of the crime use code. Take ten, get ten percent off a dude products dotcom. That's promo code. Take ten. Wipe yourself down dudes with dude wipe.


I just came up with that tagline right now. I think I be strong. I like that. All right, Jamal. Murray's insane right now, by the way. He's not. Forty four, 44 points. Seven for ten from three. Fifteen, four.


Twenty two field goals. They win this series and he averages more than forty. That'll be like insane. The craziest of all time, actually, Bill. You know what? I forgot to turn. I said I was fuck you are you don't believe that and not even watch him. You don't believe in that? No, I believe in that terrible gambler, in that terrible picaridin.


Both these teams stink more laid on. Fuck you for gamblers.


Give it to me. Go insane.


But, Billy, I forgot about a fire fest for you on Friday. Oh, that's. No, no way. That was another story. Right now they're going to get off. Here is what was on the line. Fucking insane. What was on the line anyways, Bill. What has he been. He's been averaging forty. It's like thirty eight before this game. I know he scored forty back. He scored over forty back-to-back with no turnovers, which is fucking ridiculous.


Jesus Christ, God, sorry, he scores more than 40 in game seven. It'll be over 40 for sure. They got to stop hitting these threes.


He scored 40 to 50. I just like to be on 12 and 14.


And now I'm scream three and four, Hank, that screws it. But, Billy, I forgot about your fire fest on Friday, so I tracked down with the help of our darling Jake, the actual preseason game that my avatar on Twitter, the picture that it was taken from, it was in October or no, were August 15, 2010, Titans Seahawks game. Yeah, we found the footage online. You have to watch the entire game. You can't look away.


You're going to watch it live on a live stream. So Livestream is going to be busy watching the football game. If Billy looks away, call him out because he can't look away from the screen. I want you to find the section, that game that my Twitter avatar was taken from and then make clips of it and take some more screenshots, because I want to find out who the students do I have to.


Do you find the right broadcast? I think so. The Seahawks, we found the Titans broadcast, but the one that we you still have to watch this. And if it's not in there, then we have to track down to the Seahawks version of the broadcast.




So you will be doing that on the live sort of love to uncover, but you can't look away.


You actually have to do work and you work in this circumstance is literally sitting still watching football on TV.


Can you do that? It's the easiest assignment you'll ever get, Billy. OK, I've got this.


All right. So anything on Billy's list before we get before we do our lottery numbers, let's see.


Bella Thorne ruined only fance. Oh, fuck.


And so did Billy. Yeah, I think it's more Billy. I do like this quote from less Miles. He said, Players opting out because of covid-19 concerns are actually opting into the pandemic.


Oh, they're letting the pandemic win. Exactly. Yeah. You're skimping for a virus. Wow. That's actually a great spin. It's a wonderful spin zone. I like that a lot.


Get naked and other advice to fend off a polar bear attack. OK, I like that. If it's white, say good night. Take your clothes off. That's how you can remember that.


Hmm. Boom. But don't do it on only fans because you won't get paid for it.


OK, so let's do. Oh sorry.


With Game do it was game two and three that he sucked at.


I'm looking at right now. All right.


We're ready to do the last it was I heard the broadcast earlier. It's thirty point eight.


I thought they said thirty eight like he's averaging thirty point eight points per game.


So it's still possible.


When I heard it earlier, I thought it was thirty eight, thirty point and then eight. Sounds like he's also averaging thirty points and eight points at the same time like so that would be thirty eight to, to your point.


All right. Ready for picks. Let's do it. So here's the deal. The beefy question I'm going to give the winner of this is going to get us link for butcher box. You ready for it? I'm only going to give it to the winner. OK, put your box the best. Receive quality meats delivered to your door. Now put your box. All right. What are you guys going to pick a number? I'm going. Seventeen.


Seventeen. Fuck seventeen. Was that where you were going to pick Kangas.


Closest to Evers. Closest it was closest.


Thirteen. Everyone knows Hank's lucky number. Eighty three. OK, someone write this down. I'm seventeen 70. I'm going to go fifty four. What numbers are hot right now.


Sixteen. All right. Here we go. Eighteen. Forty four. Forty four. Jake Scott. Forty four. What do I have Jake. I don't know what you say. Fifty fifty for a vacation for thirteen. Ninety six million.


Ninety six is the winner. Fuck. Ninety six is the winner. All right Billy put your box dot com slash PMT. Awesome. So that's your code. That is your code. Put your box dot com slash PMT. That's your code. Awesome.


Yeah. Let the meat talk bill. Yeah. Oh oh. Donovan Mitchell just threw chair. Donovan Mitchell was mad.


I do have a question for the lottery machine. OK, can it help us solve a problem here. Yeah.


Because Billy was trying to recruit us to do sober September, whatever that is. I guess Billy just doesn't want us to drink during September along with him, we said no emphatically.


That is not because I think we had any plans on getting loaded in September. But I don't want to be told what to do by Billy.


Yeah, but we talked about flipping it on him, OK. And just getting hammered extra during September. Well, Billy is not drinking at all. I like to call it September and I want to ask the lottery machine how many beers should I drink during September? Oh, OK.


Good one. I will, I will match this number. Ninety, I lost ninety six which is unfortunate. I will, I will abide by the lottery machine and the show with this. How many beers will pfft drink in September. I hope it's like three. And then you basically. You don't just drink liquor mad dog for yourself.


He didn't say how big the beers could be true for kegs.


That's like six hundred seventy beers, bro. You would never do.


I'm not going to lie. I really I really miss that. What do you say? You're too lazy to acquire.


Can you know 48? Well, I mean, I can't of course, called you out. You will not acquire college. So I guess I have to buy four kegs now. You you hold your ass.


I will buy a keg during September and I'll bring it into the office and everyone's allowed to have some except for you.


Wow. Foresighted for cake. For cake day is going to be six days. So I'm going to put it at your desk in a bucket. I mean to work if you like.


Hey guys. Like I'm not going to college.


I have no friends because they all left, which is very hurtful because I thought we were good friends. Oh yeah. But so then I'm like, hey, do you guys want to do this thing? Like it's stuff people do? And then it's like, no, fuck, you forgot to do something healthy.


Well, no, now I want to get loaded. You made me realize you rekindled my love for beer, Billy. Thank you.


And SEPs like such a good name.


SEPs. Yeah, that's a great name. September join join along. Let me know and let Billy know if you're going to play along with part of my take begats. You want to get involved. I'm in I'm in September.


We're all drinking four beers minimum this September. Beers with the boys. It's happening. Billy, I wish you could join but I might do so.


I got sober. I didn't agree yet. I don't have a partner.


I was keen to do so. I might join with you. Or am I not allowed?


You're not allowed. OK, so I guess I have to do sober September for Billy. Dude, I'm.


The boys are getting loaded. I will. I will like being away from my machine all weekend. Really sucked because I just I lost two or more.


You had so many questions. I just loves being around.


I just love being around. It's the power of this machine. What, Hank. What. Oh, you will go play your fucking call duty dude had nothing to do with that.


This is real life. I just laugh like when you guys are going to keep it tight, rein to keep it tight, you're going to get tight. And then we just like we do, we get a lottery machine. All right.


Last one last even a right question because. All right, fuck, I don't have to stop it and I can't. I'll do it. I got one I got when I got one for the next one. All right, Ribosomal. All right. Was that the odds is that 20 does, too does Hank suck at video games? Odds yes. Evens no. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh, it's a charity night, it's hard, you suck, dude, nerf guns to your lottery machine.


Should Hank have Billy do his taxes for him?


If it's a 51 to 100? I like it is, yes. OK, he's one to fifty is no. OK, Hank, you have to do it. I just won't do my taxes again for what is it. Damn it. I should've kept track of the numbers I was picking. OK, one more.


If it's or if it's twenty and above then hey Billy has to do it. Twenty eight of them are no twenty below. How about the twenty. Know if it's divisible by three. OK, divisible by three. It's divisible by four. Billy has to do a drunk twenty five shots and either goes all right to the lotto machine or spoken to Murray.


Fifty burger. Unbelievable. Dude is sick. All right. See everyone on one sec. I love you guys. And we have Billy's new segment which is Billy's fun fact Billy.


Ninety percent of koalas. You've got to talk louder. We'll talk later. 90 percent of koalas have chlamydia. I still can't really hear that this is an insane amount. One more time I had this really crazy about this really crazy dream getting where we went in the beginning, oh, 90 about 90 percent koalas have chlamydia and I had this crazy dream. I went to interview Elon Musk and we were like, why does he want to come on the show?


Like, there's no he's like white, like he knows who we are. And then we went to his house and he locked us and he was like, you're not allowed to leave the basement depositions. Billingsgate, he's got company.


You like to think anyway, like people who handle koalas at zoos sometimes catch chlamydia.


But anyway, ulamas wouldn't let us out to a cave, a hot take to charge his time machine.


And then we did. HUCKER We. Talking about the long delayed days on Monday, the. Exactly the same, the same. It's pardon my 10 presented by bar stools, but.