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On today's part of my take, we come back from. The last three days of I don't want to say war, but it is it's a type of war. It's since we were in war mode, we were I honestly, you have to go into a situation like this, ready to kill your bracket, ready to straight up murder it.


And we were just gambling everything and watching everything, consuming so much basketball. I think we've spent 30 plus hours in a bar the last four days. More than that even. But we're going to recap it all. We have it all. It's going to be a great show. I think that these are the best shows, actually, where I'll say this for the other side. But it's really a great show. And if you're feeling like we're feeling right now and you're thinking, hey, Monday I'm gonna watch a little more basketball because I eat more games, well, guess what?


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Thank you three tchi. OK, let's go.


The present violence, I'm not alone. I'm on the phone right now. You know, want to play its part in my team presented by Ball.


Let's look at the part of my team presented by three Childreach and gotten this third party checkup for five percent off your order today is Monday, March 22nd, and everyone in America's bracket is busted officially. Right. Or at least on the major platforms. I don't think anyone's got a correct bracket.


They're all so, so busted. So, so busted. And here was what I was going to say at the beginning of the show before the ad, which you should always listen to. Don't skip that shit. Don't don't skip that shit. We don't we don't gamble. Well, don't skip that.


Well, a lot of times during the ads we put in the best parts of the show, though. The secret tokens you're talking about. Yeah. Oh, yeah.


Well, don't say that. Well, I mean, the QR codes for bitcoins. Yes. What I was going to say is I love these shows, these specific shows that we're about to do right now because we match the mood of our listeners. We match the mood of America. We match the mood of every one guy and girl who has spent the last four days watching wall to wall basketball, whose eyes are bleeding, whose ears are ringing, whose brain is melting, and we still have eight more games to go.


My ass is asleep. My ass has been asleep for the last like twelve hours. You know how on your phone you can see like how many steps that you've taken and monitor, like how active you've been. I'm at an all time low I think four steps taken over the course of three days maybe in the history of the universe. And I bet you if there was an app that showed your couch how much ass time and screen time, how much ass time I had on my couch this weekend, it was probably, what, like thirty eight hours.




Thirty eight hours of ass time on a couch watching college basketball, bedsores. I was tongue in my asshole. Yeah. Something stung me. I have, I've straight up bed sores from the couch when they like when someone is bedridden and they have to like rotate their body position because they get so sore from just doing nothing. That is what I have on my whole body. You got to rotate my brain. This is throbbing like it. My brain is pulsating in the worst type of way.


And guess what? I loved every second of it. Yeah, it's absolute chaos. The brackets are completely busted and we're here to break it all down.


It took a year of not having March Madness to make you really realize how much you love it. Yeah, like, I love feeling this miserable right now and I want to walk something back, but I didn't get stung on my asshole. What happened was I felt a weird tingling sensation on my butt and it turned out that my asshole fell asleep from sitting on a chair too long. Yeah.


First time that's ever happened to my body right now is consists of like part Coors Light. Seventy five percent Tums, probably eighty five percent just poop.


One hundred percent reason to remember the name and and like one hundred and seventy five percent of just losing bets.


And bracket buster Hank is the podcast yet. All right, let's do it, let's break it down. So we're going to go region by region because we need guardrails for ourself on this show. I walked over to hit the bar an hour ago. I was like, hey, let's try to do it region by region, because I was just thinking about how we're going to talk about this. And I don't I need, like, memory triggers for all of these games and moments.


I don't remember like I was looking through all the games here. I don't remember anything about USC against Drake. Did that game happen? Yeah.


Evan Mobiling, baby mobily, baby number to pick Andy Hadfield's shout out. One of my favorite stories is whenever a school gets like a top recruit and also at the same time hires at top recruits dad as the coaching assistant coach. Yeah, Jackson State. Because I would do that all the time. All the time. All right. Well, Jake is also a witness, Jake, with getting us our preview of one shining moment where he's been documenting what he thinks will be in one shining moment.


Yeah, and we'll get to that. So let's start region by region. We're going to start in the south because I think South obviously has the number one story, and that is Oral Roberts, the second fifteen seed all time, the first being Dunk City, Andy Hadfield, and now at USC of Florida Gulf Coast in 2013. Oral Roberts is the second all time they stunned Florida. They are the story of the weekend. They are into the Sweet Sixteen.


And also, they kick the shit out of Ohio State, didn't kick the shit up, but it was that was a crazy game as well. Yeah, any time a 15 beat you to it, it does count as a shit kicking now because we're counting every time we we talk about whether or not it's an ass beating, we're in our own heads factoring in the spread that we gambled on. Right. So it's like, yeah, according to that, it was an ass kicking.


It's a it's interesting watching which big jays are making the oral jokes and which ones are staying away.


And I'll just January, February oral that John Rossi for listening either that or death taxes oral.


OK, wait, so I have a question for you. Yeah, I have a question for you. Oral Roberts. If you're an Ohio State fan, you should make those T-shirts. We should pay taxes or death taxes or I said, look, look over.


Chop chop, litigator's. Yes. If you're Ohio State. So the fact that it's named Oral Roberts Oral Bob beat you, the fact that that's the name of the school makes it so significantly worse because there are like 15. Beating it, too, is something people will bring up forever for Ohio State. Now, the question is, is it better or worse for Ohio State fans that oral bob is now in the Sweet Sixteen because they also beat Florida?


Is it worse because now their story becomes bigger and more like, you know, mythological, or is it better because we're now talking about them like oral? Bob is in the Sweet Sixteen. I don't even remember who they beat in the first. Right? Yeah.


I actually don't think that Oral Roberts University is allowed to technically go dancing. They're like liberty where it's like the town in Footloose. Yeah, it is. Where you can't actually advance the dance. But I think you're on to something. I, I don't think it's as bad under most circumstances because now the story is the school that sounds like a blowjob. They they're going on a little run here.


But with Ohio State, you have to factor in the Michigan factor, which is perhaps the most active message board community right there.


Fans are going to bring up the loss to Oral Roberts more than any other possible rival school in the entire country could. And it becomes a funny piece of trivia that will forever be brought up, like if you lose as a two seed and it is to pretty much any other team. Yeah. Or Lehigh or Colgate even like, oh, you're make two patients. Who cares? As long as Roberts is a killer. As long as it's not to like but fuck university.


Right. That's the only way it could be worse. Yeah. It's going to be. But then Ohio State's going to have like the easy comeback which is all has beaten us more times and Jim Harbaugh has. So then all over Harbaugh and then that's the way to pivot off that. But it's not good. But it would be a lot worse if it was just they won that one game. Right. And then they lost in the second. Right.


All right. So there the story of the tournament they're going to be matching up against must pass. Shout out our guy must us, Eric Musselman and the Arkansas Razorbacks into the Sweet Sixteen.


I love this about the must pass and especially shout out our guy, Anthony Rouda, who hooked us up with Musson, is on their staff. And I think he does most of the scheduling little little fun fact. Arkansas played Oral Roberts in December. They beat him by eleven. They were actually down at halftime, I believe. And the reason why they played him and this is March Madness, if it's like the one thing that defines March Madness is coaches stories and in the narratives of players and how we build everything up.


But Eric Musselman wanted to play teams that he thought lower conference teams that he thought were going to win their conference and be in the tournament. So that's why they scheduled Oral Roberts. I think they also played Abilene Christian.


They played Abilene Christian, Oral Roberts and North Texas.


So so they all their first by design that he was like, there's a chance we could play one of these teams. So we want to schedule the best teams in the lowest conferences. So this is if you were sitting here, I remember watching this game. This is five dimensional chess. Yeah. I think I bet on that game in December. And I watched it and I know I bet on that. And they hung tough. They did.


Oral Roberts by eleven, Abilene Christian by thirteen. Right. And North Texas by fifteen. But they felt good.


The fact that a December game between Arkansas and Oral Roberts was a preview for the Sweet Sixteen. A shot at the Elite eight is crazy. And now. So that gives me great I'm a must pass believer. Yeah. The runs that they go on when they when they decide to step on the gas pedal, they must pass. And they turned it on against Texas Tech. It was like there's no going back. They also have four names. It's electric.


Yosses Moody. Yeah. No, yeah. I love it. There's a fun. Is there any other mouth related team that they could because they got Colgate, Monroe, Monmouth's not in Ms.


Kenosis is issue. I think that's all the math. I think that they have the opportunity to become Lipscombe. Yeah. There we go, Jay. Thank you, Jay. Nice to you know.


All right. So so that's one one side of that or one part of the bracket. The other side. It sucks that the way that they made the tournament this year, that it's. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, because in a regular year, we would be doing the show on Thursday night and I would be saying the Wisconsin Badgers are the greatest team in the country because what they did to USC, your boy, Roy covid, you're twenty nine, you know, in the first round, going back at got twenty nine on first round games until he ran into the buzz saw.


That is the Wisconsin Badgers.


I agree with you. This performance from USC was abysmal. Like they look the only way I can describe it is USC looked like they were playing pool basketball. Yes. They would like get the ball, pivot around maybe like take a couple of steps, pass it. They they were having, like, no sort of motion. It just looked completely uncoordinated. I it was it was a painful game to watch as a die hard. You see, it was I do like USC as a as a die hard educator.


I've always had love for USC. I even spent after the game today, Wisconsin and Baylor. I spent about twenty minutes just going back into Duke men's basketball, Twitter and just retweeting all their losses. FROOD It made me feel better. You don't want me to make you want you want your friend to feel better. I do. I want. We all go a different way. But either way, that Friday night game, like if you if you had not watched any college basketball, if you wiped away all the records and you watched all the games on Friday, you would say Wisconsin is the great is the best team in the country.


Yeah. And then they showed up on Sunday and Baylor is so much better me. So that's what my thought was. Jake and I were in the more on pull together. We picked Wisconsin because we thought that like, wow, Wisconsin looks legit. They're going to score some points even against Baylor. We picked them. That was an unfortunate pick. And Jake, I would have given you my my half the earnings if we had won the 5000 dollars means a lot.


I appreciate. Oh, no. You would have given I thought you were going to give half to charity and then have to.


Jake No, I was going to give no, I was going to give Jake that and then I was going to give match is going to match the donation charity. And then I was going to give my half of the Bitcoin to TJ for Rutgers. Right. That's what's awesome about losing bets that are like in a team environment is you can say whatever you want after the fact.


I was going to match to Jake. The cat was. Yeah, I was I was actually going to match with with interest. So I was going to match as of Thursday, whatever that I appreciate you thinking of me. I would have donated some to the Barstow Fund, but. Yeah. Oh wow.


That was actually. Wow. So yeah.


How much. A thousand thousand. One or two more to. If you don't have a thousand I'll match. OK, I'll match. I'll double if I won. Yeah. I don't know.


But right now like. Oh no no no no hypothetical.


You're hypothetical actually. What. Right. And I would have matched doubles. Yeah. Yeah. You know I'll triple it, I'll triple your hypothetical match.


There it is. Hey look at that. We just raised five thousand dollars for the Park Slope Line if you want it. If Wisconsin covid that's good. Yeah. It looked like they were playing two different sports. It's just Beiler. You should not be allowed to dunk as much as Baylor was dunking today, especially knowing that Wisconsin Wisconsin's game is predicated off of taking charges, calling intelligent timeouts and just and like two foot set shots that go off the backboard.


Yeah, they're like they're a great YMCA team. And Baylor was like scraping their heads on the rim. Well, it really was. And I'm not saying that's just because I know that we we like to poke fun at the sadness that I experienced as a sports fan. This this wasn't the like heartbreak game. They had to beat Baylor in an unbelievable upset for me to then have my heart broken. This was never going to be like the as good as they were on Friday.


And that's so much fun. Tournament wins. Never apologize for tournament wins if your team wins the tournament. I don't care if they lose the next game like Wisconsin lost in the second round. Friday night was fucking awesome. I had a great time. I read all the recaps. It was awesome. The Baylor is just so, so good. Their guards are so good defensively and I'm not going to. They're just kids, OK? They're just kids.


I was I want to criticize, but I'm not going to because they're just kids. Well, I'm not criticizing when I say that Baylor was just like, wait, wait. No, I know. I just say other stuff about Greg Martin. He's just better than Wisconsin. Greg Guards', just a kid. I'd like to put my hand up and say I apologize for not giving Baylor enough respect. Turns up. Baylor was a team that people weren't respecting so much.


Well, so the reason why Baylor lost the respect was they had covid. And when they came back, they then lost to Kansas. Then they got bounced in the Big Twelve tournament. Everyone's like a different team now after the COPO.


So, yeah, it was like I mean, that's people. People kind of forgot about them. By the way, Baylor, if we're I'm not going to try to take away what you're about to do with your one shining moments. But if we're talking like storylines and what beat writers are looking to write about in the middle of the week, the Jackson Murfitt. The kid. Yeah. Who?


Just Maschmeyer. Matthew Mayer. What's your name? Why does he just. If it is actually his name, Matthew. Why, oh, what's our Twitter handles, Matt Jackson. OK, I was about to say, if Jackson isn't also the name of Malachi, then he needs to do some work.


Yes, we know that's a different guy. We brose he's the. Oh, he's the bench. Bob Mowatt Breaux of Matthew, man. Got it. OK, so when you search.


Wow. Jackson Mafate. Good job dude. Because he if you search Baylor, Mowatt, Jackson, Mafate comes up first.


Honestly never. I don't think that's actually because that actually is also part of marches the bench guys. And we'll get to Abilene Christian, by the way, I need to correct myself. OK, thank you. I didn't care on the bench. You didn't play it for Abilene Christian doing horns down down the court after the game going viral. So the bench mob guys and UCLA brose. So anyway, Matthew Mayor, he's going to get a lot of stories because, I mean, he catches the ball in that in that, like, elbow extended and he's just wet and he's got a sick ball and Baylor just jumps all over the place and their guards are insane.


And yeah, you're right. I think Baylor, we'll see hopefully them out of here. Yeah. But, you know, did Jackson Moffitt, Matthew Mayor, did he have a mullet before the tournament. Yes. Tournament. No, he had it before I knew it because there's a difference between a tournament mullet because I think the guy I could be wrong, but I think the guy from Gonzaga that's got the handlebar mustache, I think that's a tournament handlebar.


So the guy that looks kind of like like if Billy played in Leonard Skinner, the guy I'm talking about.


Yes. That to me seems like a tournament facial hair. This guy, I think, is legit.


I remember tweeting about Matthew Mayer like sometime in early February because he put lightning bolts in his mollet a sec. And I was like, oh, fuck, this guy's awesome guy, fuck you. And then he turned out to to show up. We forgot about Villanova, huh? That was funny. There's always the Villanova is the quintessential. I think Winthrop was even trending on Friday before the game because everyone picked Winthrop. The twelve five Villanova struggled down the stretch, conclusory gets hurt all these things.


And then. Oh yeah, Villanova turns out they're still pretty good, right. Still a really good coach. They still have J. Right. Yeah. And they got to the Sweet Sixteen fairly easy, even though North Texas, you know, upset Purdue in that made it a little easier for him.


Yeah. There there are some things that have changed this year that I don't know if they're going to impact the future of the sport entirely. But one of the things that's changed is the coach is not wearing suits all the time, just kind of gave up on that.


I think that if it's Jay right or Tony Bennett, like those guys are suit guys, I get uncomfortable seeing them not wearing suits on the sidelines. Yeah, like if we're talking about Huggy Bear, Huggy Bear should be allowed to wear like a robe and slippers.


And Rick Pitino is a suit guy. White suit. Yep, very one. Oh, I have to. I have something that's tied around his leg, you know. Yeah. Yeah. No, we'll get to it. We'll get to Iona. OK. Yeah I'm scared. Yeah. Yeah you should be ok. Is it. Do I was talking to you.


He's, he's going for you now.


Oh fuck. Fuck. Keep listening folks. I'm done. Yes. Stay tuned for that. But keep listening. I'll put it this way. If you've won a national championship, you should be required to wear a suit on the side of Bill Self.


No. Everyone else, yes, I like Bill Self and I think Bill Self has a nice like he's he's a good guy, but I agree. Coach Kaisa Sukhi Jr. writes that he was going to tie up if he was in the tournament, which is actually like it's been so long, I can't even envision Duke in. What is coach doing right now?


Do you think he's watching the games? Yeah, for sure. He's probably got a burner out there. You know what he's probably doing? He's probably writing down notes of every kid that took a three when they were up too much. Yeah, well, I'm going to have to going to have to go barging into that locker room next year and coach that team for him. Well, you know what it is. Coach K's probably got Burner's. He's probably the guy that was in the Ohio State.


Players like DM's on Instagram, like threatening is to say that sucks. I know that we joke about like the burner lifestyle on the show, which I still appreciate. I love all the burners out there. Burner Gang Squad up in Youngstown, Bob, my burner person.


Yeah, but like, it definitely goes way too far, like, oh, that's fucked up. They're just kids. Yeah, just Sayid's which I want to sell that shirt, but I realize out of context it probably wouldn't be good to walk around with a shirt that she says they're just kids. Yeah. Because you can interpret that one or two ways by that one by the death tax is an oral. Yeah. A one on one on the back datastore on the back there just right.


And then. Yeah. All right. So all right. Oh the other thing I want to say. Shout me shout north Texas mean green. Yeah. I just love, I love their jerseys. I love them being green. I also did you know this fun fact. I mean green is because of Joe Green. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I forgot. I don't think I even knew it.


I thought that that was a fake out. I thought somebody was psyching me out when they told me that. Yeah, there's no way they renamed their entire program after Joe Green.


No. And because the Winsor's thought that North Texas, when Joe Green went to play for Pittsburgh, he was mean Joe Green. They thought The Yinzer thought like it's a classic, like college friend meeting post college friends being like, oh, I thought that was your name. They thought he got the name mean Joe Green from Texas, North Texas, because they were the mean green. And really they just he he got it at North Texas, not because of North Texas state.


So he was renamed Mean Joe Green beer. Yes. No, you mean Joe Green. And then then he went to Pittsburgh in the users were like, dude, that's sick that your team name is mean green. Yeah. And your last name's green is like, no, I don't know if I have that right.


I'm still a little confused by this. I think they named the team Mean Green after Joe Green.


Look it up. Look it up. No, Texas mean green. They also have their nickname, their their mascot scrapie the Eagle. And they were like the e-mails guts out the albino squirrel. Yeah, that's pretty cool. Yeah.


I also wish every time I see you and see I wish they were called the College University of North Texas.


Yeah. That's probably cool. That might be we could put that on a shirt. Yeah that would be very cool.


Do you have it Henck. It doesn't say I'm trying to find out what their mascot in name was before Joe Green, right? It looks like this. How is the Eagles, though? Because they have scrappy.


No, but I'm telling you, Juan, I'm going to find it. I'm going to find the albino squirrel is pretty good. Here we go. Here we go.


I'm going to read it to you already. The name Mean Green was adopted by fans and media in 1966. North North Texas football defensive squad. The first season SEC in the nation with Joe Green. Hold on. Where did I read it?


OK, it doesn't say anything about before, though. It sounds like they called their defense like the purple people eaters. It sounds like they gave that nickname to their defense because of Mean Joe Green. And then they're like, you know what, the mean green is just a cool name. Let's stick with it. Kind of like the football team. You win a division championship roll with the football team is your name. Yeah, I like my version better, though.


I still don't really understand. Know if there's an official thing. The Pittsburgh was like, dude, your how's your name. Your name is mean Joe Green because of Texas. And he's like, no, that's just because I mean my name's Joe Green. And then they're like, but also North Texas green. Right. OK, got it. I thought you were saying shit. Maybe we are making me angry.


I thought you were saying there was a battle going on between Ginger's over how they got the name, kind of like the license plate battle that always rages on between Ohio and North Carolina about who invented the Wright brothers.


Yeah, no, this was I just made this up in my head, I think now that I'm replaying it. But I really like this last weekend. No, but I like this version. They were just like, damn, isn't that crazy coincidence that you played for the mean green in your last name's green and. But it's not.


There are some give and take to this opening weekend and how it's been scheduled out positive. All the brackets, we're lining them up. We're playing like one side of the break today. I love that it's easier to keep track of negative. Our brains are just they just turned to chowders. I'm so confused. So you get a podcast like this coming out on Monday morning. OK, wait, I want. Yes, I know. I got one last note about the South.


I'm not going to say anything bad. Oh, I have to ask those. I'm not going to say anything bad about Purdue. But God damn it, Purdue, the first time I think I've ever said nice things about Purdue and being like, watch out for Purdue. They fucking do that. So that will teach me to never be nice to Purdue again. And then the other note is shot at Virginia Tech for being the first team eliminated from the round of 64.


And that's they had a great season. Yeah. Congress number three in the you went you went to the big dance this year. That actually matters. OK, all right. Let's go to the Midwest. West. Yeah. Before we do that, a quick word from our friends at Outback Steakhouse. When the game is on, you don't want to leave the couch, but you do want to eat delicious food. You can get the best of both worlds with outback delivery.


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So do that now. Take you to Outback. We genuinely love Outback. Great place again. The bread. Fantastic. And now they deliver. So make sure that you check them out and you don't have to get off the couch. That is super, super easy. OK, Midwest. So turns out, well, Chicago is very, very good, which actually we knew, and if you want to make the argument that they were screwed with an eight seed in Illinois, we screwed more, being matched up with them as an eight seed.


I'll buy that argument because they're not an eight seed. But holy shit, they they actually, like, kick the shit out of Illinois. And Illinois is really, really good. Like I thought, Illinois Illinois is in my power rankings. No. One in the last three weeks of the season. Yeah.


Wow. Is right. I had a future on them like a sucker. Huh.


But it turns out that like CofI Coburn, despite being like the biggest person to ever exist, can be defended against if you have just like a bunch of guys that are 30 pounds kind of overweight with raggedy facial hair that make insanely good passes, which I love Cameron Crowe, he is not overweight.


He is. He's chemically tuned athlete. He's a king.


Sister Jean, I'm going to go off Sister Jean, real quick weight.


You want you want me to read her pre game?


Well, that's what I was going to say. Yeah, I'll read you girls read it, I'll read it and you go off. So she did the pregame prayer. Yeah, she said, as we play the fight fighting lineI, we asked for special help to overcome the team and get a great win. We hope to score early and make our opponents nervous. We have a great opportunity to convert rebounds as this team makes about fifty percent of layups and thirty percent of its three points.


Our defense can take care of that.


She thinks that she's Kirk Goldsberry. She thinks that she's an analytics person right now. Unreal. I, I saw somebody react to this tweet. I have to echo the sentiment, they said. Sister Jeanne, this is not a nice prayer. I'm not sure what they teach in convent, but praying for victory of games and praying to have the opposition nervous is very Christian, but not very Christ follower like. So Sister Jeanne is being attacked. I she does tend to overshadow the players sometimes.


You know what?


I'm I'm not going to I'm not going to go off on Sister Jeanne like I thought I would. Turns out she is 101 year old nun. So it feels like maybe that might be an instance of potentially punching down a little bit.


I think that's when you do go after speak truth to power. Yeah, I think Sister Jean's a witch. Well, here's the thing. No, I straight up. No, I think she's a witch. Pfft. Sister Jeanne like big God. If Big God's given a big, big religion is giving a presentation of why God exists, Sister Jeanne should be the number one slot because, you know, we've all prayed to God for wins and it very rarely happens.


Sister Jeanne is somehow just like not like has a direct line to God and being like, hey, can we get in a sweet 16 this year? That'd be nice. You might be coming for God's throne. That's what I'm saying. Like crazy. I think that she's a witch.


I think the final four was nice. But can we, you know, maybe up the ante this time?


I think it's like a little dark magic. I think that she's trying to what she's doing right now and big you're falling for it. She's she's drawing people away from God's light and more towards Sister Jean's life. So it's like the Beatles saying they were bigger than Jesus. Is that which Sister Jean is doing? Is she usurping God? Is she the Meghan Markle of the Kingdom of Heaven? What an awesome encore for her, though.


We've been talking about the mean Joe Green thing. I think it's only fair that this is what Loyola Chicago does. Sister Jean. Yes. He comes the name of the instead of the Ramblers. Yeah, they're the sister. Yes, the clutch.


I mean, think about it. Every time you hear Loyola, Chicago, you're going to think Sister Jean, I mean, Jean Green. Oh. So I like that she doesn't even try to like, clap anymore. She's just like lightly pats on the back of her hand, which might be because she's like one hundred and twenty. But still anyone who's that efficient with their time and space, like I'm cool with that.


But I do like watching Loyola play like, yeah, of course there's they're also passes that passes.


It's crazy. And also it's funny when you tweet about it, we get the same time as you're tweeting about soccer. People tend to think that you're not watching, but they're like, why are you talking about. Right. We're talking about soccer. It's like no camera network is not, in fact, a Bundesliga striker. Yeah.


Is a powerhouse of a center for Loyola Chicago. Here's a crazy thing. If you heard this, have you seen this? If you heard about this, people online tend to think that I look like Cameron can't win because that's all my mentions. I don't see it. I don't see either. It's like so with big cat, if anybody is like a little heavy, portly gentleman, I'm a man who can afford good meals instead of talking about his weight.


Why don't you talk about his sick footwork? Yeah, everyone knows about your job step. That's really mine.


That's what people would be like. Oh shit. If I seen that. Have I seen the footwork in the low post before? Oh yeah. That's big.


Yeah. Big Cat's got eyes in the back of his head like he's a great passer. But any time someone is like a little chunkier, might have some facial hair. It's big. Any time there's a man or a woman with long hair and sunglasses, it's me.


Yeah, I feel bad for Illinois. They had an unbelievable season. They just got like showing up. They got outcoached. They got out. Coach Brad Underwood got his his lunch stolen by Porter Moses. He got sweaty again. Did you notice that? Porter Mozer. What is it?


I think it's mozer. I can order Moses though. It's a fucking God gods on this team. Why do you think their coaches name Moses?


Let me if it was to journalists here, Jake, in March, like I want to write my byline, the lead will be you thought they were led by God and Sister Jean. Turns out Moses is their coach. There you go. It is Porter Moses. Moses, Mozer Moses. Either way, little Scott was fucking good. There's seven in ten Palm now, the seventh ranked team and pump. That's why I think, like, if you're Illinois, I think your range of emotions are one.


Brad Underwood really fucked this game up too. That was an awesome season and you're probably in good hands. And yeah, it didn't work out, but whatever. Illinois has had a rough go of it for a while, so it's good that they're back. And then three, they got totally fucked by the fact that Chicago was an eight in their fucking bracket. Yeah. And that team is really goddamn good.


Yeah, they may. Yeah. They made a lot of people look like fools picking against them hand up. I did that too. And now they get to move on. It looks like they're going to play against Oregon State. There's seven minutes left. No, let's not. 745 Oregon.


It's the best team in the country as of right now. Listen, I have a significant I went until after I lost all my potential earnings and donations in about a thirty, thirty minute span when Rutgers went out and then Florida blew it at the end. Yep. And so then I went on tilt, overcorrected the other way, fired a missile at Oregon State. So I'm. Hoping I'm hoping they can keep up that spread right now, because that would be wonderful for me personally, but then Loyola against Oregon State, like Loyola is going to go to the elite eight.


Well, organs, if organs, he wins this game and we'll finish by the end of the show, will know they they have like the way they're playing right now.


They have some of those UConn vibes where UConn just wasn't the best team and then they just didn't lose after going nowhere. That was the Kambah year was when they didn't lose going from the Big East, the year that they won as the seed was seven in twenty fourteen, a three in twenty eleven.


They wanted to seven. They want I spoke with Kevin Ollie. Yeah. Yeah right.


Right. But their organization is getting hot at the right time. The other thing with this bracket. Kyuss.


Yeah. Syracuse zone. The Zone.


The Zone will fuck you over those first minutes. West Virginia was listen I everyone's got a plan until they get zoned in the face. You think that you know the zone and like looking at the matchup going into this, it's like Huggy Bear used to coach in the Big East. He's seen the zone a few times. But you think that, you know, the zone, the zone has a way of sneaking up on you and you can't. It's funny because I actually think that there is something to it.


We talk about the lost art of the midrange jumper and how, like nobody shoots, you know, fifteen, sixteen foot jump shots anymore. NATO has a one point line to discourage kids from shooting it. That's actually kind of a weakness in that zone. You get a lot of looks from like 15, 16 feet, and the kids don't practice that shot anymore. Right. So. Schatzman Yeah, so so it's actually kind of worked its way back into fashion.


And it's it's honestly like the most perfect invention in the history of college basketball. Like, I can't think of a gimmicky type offense or defense besides maybe the triple option at certain schools that has existed for this long and will always fuck you up even when you know that it's coming for you.


Yeah, well, the zone, you know, it's coming and it still will like hits you like a fucking car. Yeah.


To zone in the first half there were like airballs or side of the rim bricks. Westridge passes were to nobody.


Yeah. Jake didn't even see that. No. I was watching the game. Yeah. Sorry.


Doesn't it just not like the car. I talked you talked about Liam know something about Jim Boeheim hitting people with his car. Yeah.


That people really don't do forget that picture of Jim Henson sixteen handing Tony Stewart a Syracuse Tony Stewart jersey.


I can't believe it was unreal. It can't be real. I think it's real. Can't be real. All right. Buddy Boeheim is incredible, by the way. Yes, buddy.


Buddy, him is a great reminder why we aren't NBA scouts. I don't want to steal like Ghaffour and John Paxon's, you know, territory here, but I always see the best player in the tournament. I'm like, that guy's the best player in the world. But he would be my number one pick if I were the Houston Rockets. But hip hop dude, he can't miss. He is gone. He scored twenty five points. You had six for thirteen in the last four games, which are all like postseason games, a tournament in the NCAA tournament.


He's shooting fifty five percent from three. He's twenty four for forty three. He just doesn't miss. I would use my first pick on him. I'm telling you he's going to be a ten time all star in the NBA.


Meanwhile, K Cunningham can hit a shot. Yeah right. It's weird. So. So Buddy Boeheim is the ultimate guy that you post the gif of the guy walking on fire any time buddy behind makes two three zero because the orange pops the flames work. But your mind like you tend to underestimate Buddy behind when you first see him because you just think that he's proud. Calipari Yes. And Brad Calipari was his tattoo earned Earnhardt. Gilbride Calipari earned so that Buddy Boeheim could give rights and Buddy Boeheim is giving big returns.


Jake was like take the over on his three pointers. And it was like the easiest part is his real name buddy.


I believe so. I know that that's weird. And his brother is Jimmy, the way he plays at Cornell, Jimmy and Buddy.


Oh, sorry, Jimmy. Like, what do you mean they have the Boeheim Bowl every year? Not this year, but I'm just in the sweet sixteen. Funny behind Jimmy season got canceled. I'm going to go getting the education. Yeah you're right. That's really going to do great play behind you fucking. Oh look at that. The Buddy Bowl. I love it. How does that work though.


Like in terms of I think when when Jim was raising both these kids, did he have to stop feeding buddies so he could recruit them?


Yeah. Or do we have to start putting Jaheim like naming your son? Buddy is essentially saying, I want a friend. I have no friends. Yeah. Like my only friend in life is Coach K. Yeah. Yeah. They got Broden buddy out there this weekend. It's Coach K and then and then Mike Wilbon for like two weeks a year. But oh my God. Syracuse fucking grads are so annoying we don't give them enough credit. We always go after Northwestern grads.


Yeah. But Syracuse blue checks are the worst there were and there was a big fight on the streets last night. I think there's Frank Izola was saying, well, Jake, you remember probably verbatim what he was saying about like it's like when Northwestern got in the tournament.


Maryland now has the best journalism school left.


Yeah. Oh, fighting words. And at the time, I don't think that Mizzou had been eliminated either.


I was speaking, you know, he called this is the real shot that he took. He called Syracuse journalists celebrity broadcaster. Oh, that's really he took his poor boy. He put a dot above your J. Yeah, they are glory boys. That's true. Yeah.


I also see someone tweeted out a September 13, twenty seventeen to forty seven sports coach visit Jim Boeheim from Syracuse, visits Buddy Boeheim.


That's great. Oh. Speaking of, we missed the greatest gambling trend of all time this weekend. Are you ready for it? I'm like actually very upset. At how many times will they play? Thank God I'm a country boy.


It's no, this is a system that we that we somehow escaped us and I'm beating myself up about it, so to speak. West Virginia, shut up. Bob Huggins, legend. The game gets his nine hundredth win on Friday night. Love Huggy Bear. Yeah, OK. That they lost. But Pat Forty said, I can't even say it's a straight face.


I saw they're not saying this is a causal relationship, but the three coaches who seem the least interested in wearing their masks this season.


We're Brad Underwood, Bob Huggins and Chris Beard. Gone, gone, gone. So if you don't wear your mask, your team will lose in Jesus Christ. Our guys bring like real even even if you are a rockstar. Yeah. Even if you're if you're the most cautious person in the world when it comes to masks like Jake is extremely cautious about. Yes. To make the leap that like, wow, was he saying that this is like a judgment that's been cast upon them by by karma or was he somebody out there?


We should have one more on matinées and you show on your bitcoin. Exactly. Yes. It also is very like is there an analytics department was part for me just watching every game in like, well, there I've tracked it. And Bob Huggins didn't have his mask around his nose for a total of eighteen minutes and twenty three seconds of game time.


Well, I mean, NATO is a guy that he's he was criticized this year for being like lax with his mask policies. And last I checked, Alabama is doing pretty good.


Yeah. The other one we had was it's hard to know this from Dan Wolken. It's hard to know if there's a connection. But Roger Ayres, the ref who tested positive for covid on Monday, officiated the eight ten title game Sunday between VCU and St. Bonaventure. He also worked Georgia Tech Miami on Thursday. It's hard to know if there's a connection, but here's my connection that I'm making. No, it's great when I'm a science. Whenever you start to take out, it's hard to know a connection.


Then you make the connection and that like you're arguing against yourself already, these guys are just waking up being like, OK, how can I figure out a way to whoa, we've covid into my takes at all times today.


Well, I think it's one of these things where a lot of sports journalists like to at some point they realize that they do not like sports enough to just enjoy sports. And so they have to, like, branch out to something bigger. They find something bigger that's more meaningful, whether that's like politics or health or whatever, expertize that they try to like moonlighters. But it's OK to just like like the NCAA tournaments. Yeah, I enjoy watching best.


Have a good time. That's OK to do too. Just hang out, watch some basketball. Yeah. Give your brain a break.


The other the last game in this bracket, Rutgers, Houston, Rutgers loses a devastating game. Yeah. And Jake lost a bitcoin.


I wasn't. It was just me and Brandon. Oh no. I was going to donate my first charity. Yeah.


And lost thousands and thousands of dollars from this podcast that we would have for small businesses, small businesses.


I so I guess the only spin zone for Rutgers is like, you feel something, you feel something you want to gain. You want to win a game of the tournament.


We're not taking that away from the game against Clemson was electric. They played their guts out against Houston. I, I hate to use the term. Was the moment too big? At the end of the game, the moment might have seemed too big for Rutgers and Houston.


Actually, don't hate you. I love you. I said it. I was like, fuck, yeah. That sounded like I knew what I was talking about.


Dude, Houston has to be the, like, blandest, least likable team that's good at basketball. They defense. Who likes Houston? Kelvin Simpson's jerk like who likes he is a jerk. Well I mean he's it hasn't got like a million infractions.


Oh no. Oh no. I mean he's got oh I don't know as a clear violation. He's a jerk.


No, I think he did. I want to say, you know what?


I think it was a Bruce Pearl who in Indiana for two years in Oklahoma.


What did he do? I think he left some recruits in limbo. So I think actually Gerke Slumdog Millionaire moment, I think he had, like, recruited Scottie Reynolds, Villanova superstar, to go to Oklahoma and then just like walked out.


I might be getting the Eric Gordon, but but he, like, recruited people, got their commitments and then just abandon them.


He's had a bunch of Iowa, whatever. I don't like him and I don't like Houston. Sorry, Houston. Look who's who's even a fan of Houston.


I do like their hand signal. So you're right. This is how unlikable Houston is. They're Hansen is the shocker. Yeah. It's the two fingers in one and they're called the Cougars and we don't even care enough to make sex jokes about it.


Right in the Houston is essentially the bad guy villain fo for like the team that you're rooting for in the Disney movie. Yeah, they're big city Houston Cougars and like they have no real personality injuries, like they're always good but never really good except in football where Dana is doing a tremendous job. Obviously I totally forgot about that. But yes, we love Dana Holgersson. That football team is incredible. And Fox Stadium legitimately love, you know, no football wise.


Their stadium is awesome. I went that's try that. I went, hey, I went four for six to die. Hank would have been nice if you threw in the fact that Dana was at Houston when I started this. You know, with everything you just said, if they start winning, then they'll be, you know, the bad boys, the big bad powerhouses like Dillon, the heal the team, that they're always there and they're good.


I'm not saying they're good. They are a good team, but Rutgers is this plucky underdog. But in the tournament like forty years, they're fucking winning. And then Houston's like, no, we're just going to take this.


Yeah. So if I'm Houston, you got to realize that you have an image problem and the best way to solve an image problem is generally through nostalgia. And the best way they can do that is just label their team Phi Slama Jamma. Yeah. And just focus on dunking for a year. Yeah. That's all it takes. Like we still call Gulf Coast Dunk City, right. Yeah, it's still their nickname and they might not have anyone who can actually touch rim anymore.


You're out. But if they just focus on dunking for one year, call themselves Phi Slama jama to like the return of the dunk. Then from that point on it's like, oh yeah, Houston, they dunk a lot and people will love them.


Yes, you're actually yeah. We need to do a throwback because. Right. Hakeem Olajuwon is a beloved like everyone loves the cumulation. That guy was incredible. Clyde Drexler like the whole thing. You're right. So go back to that. Like NC State has been living off their title forever. Yeah. Do that. Jimbo Varno. Right. Just do that. Pluckers let Chicago Bears like there's you can just say if our image right now isn't so great, just every like month and a half.


Have Jim Belushi do a documentary about your team.


Also, big jays love to drop to Houston. We have a problem whenever they lose. That's sure that's going to be a tough one to shake.


I just don't know. Like there's something about Houston where I just watch them. I'm like these guys because I think it's really the fact that they just don't play. The OAC is a tough it's tough conference, don't you think?


They just beat the shit out of everyone, but you never know if they're really for real. You know, they play good defense and their games are ugly. I don't know. It's just something about you. I think it's the fact that it's it's a big state school. It's in the fourth biggest city in the United States. But we don't look at it the same way that we look at other big states. Like I look at the University of Wisconsin.


I'm like, that's a state school. Right? Houston is, you know, the right there. Not even little brother in Texas. When you think of like they're a huge campus, they've got, like, I don't know, fifty thousand people that go to school there. But when I think of Texas. Excuse me, that's that's that's all the acid creeping up on me. I didn't ask for it. So I think of like University of Texas, I think of A&M, I think a Baylor before.


I think of Houston. Yes. Even though they're not even a state school like Houston has not done a good job representing themselves as being like we're Texas. Yes.


No, you're right. You're absolutely right. And I'm looking at there. Yeah. Because I'm looking at their recent tournament history. This is exactly why the last three years they've gone they were at second round loss to Michigan. I remember that game he lost by one point. They almost won at the Buzzer Beater. That was a Houston we have a problem game. Yeah. They went to the Sweet Sixteen losses of Kentucky and now they're in the Sweet Sixteen again.


So I always respect them as good team. But yeah, I guess they have to go to the final four for me to be like, you know what, I don't hate Houston more. Just like a they just snatch other teams dream. I don't hate them.


I just wish that they weren't as boring. And I mean, the fact is, they're just a football school down there.


Dana is just about Oregon State holds on here. It's an eight twelve, a ten in the way.


If you say, holy shit, I didn't even talk about Houston joining the big twelve. Was that ever even a part of the convo back in 2012 or whatever it was? I'm not sure. So that's a big misstep right there. At least get your name in the discussion for it. Yeah. All right.


Pfft. Yeah, we had a few cause like this weekend and we the mountains were very blue this weekend. Oh shit. Here. Almost three percent in ten seconds. OK, thank you.


And MONEYLINE would you do I have the over. I have a lot. I need the over.


OK, I've got the spread so I think I'm probably still good on that.


I had the over and Oregon State parlayed Oregon say money line and then I also bet Oklahoma State money line when they're done at halftime. Look over doesn't hit them.


I'm I'm down bad but we're good.


Yeah, but the mountains were extremely blue this weekend. I love Blue Mountains. We can't get enough of people tweeting us how blue their mountains are. I've seen the Blue Mountains and I grew up not too far from the Appalachians, which are the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are blue. These mountains are fucking blue when you're drinking a cold Coors Light. We love March Hoopes.


If there's anything better than March, whoops, it's Coors Light and more troops.


You've been waiting an entire year for this to come back. You filled this void in all of your time with a bunch of things that brought, you know, chill like a bread maker or fancy exercise bike. Couldn't be me. You've been looking for love in all the wrong places, but now more troops are back and there's nothing more chill than grabbing a cold Coors Light watching all the games. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill.


That's Coors Light, the mountains on the bottles and cans. They even turn blue when your beer is cold.


That's the best part of it. Honestly, that's the best part. I've been drinking exclusively Coors Light since they came on board as our sponsor. It's my favorite light beer in the world. I think it's big cash, favorite light beer in the world. Absolutely. I know that it's Billy's favorite light beer and actually Billy's favorite light beers, whatever he can steal from her office because light is delicious.


We love it causes letting fans trade in the crap that didn't bring them chill for Coors Light. So if you went out if you're in Las Vegas and Atlanta, you can receive up to two cases of Coors Light when you donate the extra stuff that you collected during quarantine based on the weight of those items and beer.


My one dumbbell that I bought, that goes up to 75 pounds. Remember that? Yep.


That's a lot of beer. That's a lot of Coors Light.


So if you know somebody who has a ton of stuff piled up that brings no chill to your home or if you have a big pile of stuff in your office, maybe I don't know anybody like that in this room right now. You can bring it in Las Vegas and Atlanta and get up to two cases of Coors Light, stock up with Coors Light and Coors Seltzer to make sure that you're ready to show and it's game time and get them both delivered straight to your door with drizzly or insta court tweet at us with hashtag cause empty lottery to this march with a picture of a Coors Light or your course seltzer and a lottery ball.


Number four, chance to win PMT Coors jumpsuit. Their sick jumpsuits celebrate responsibly. Coors Brewing Company Golden Colorado manufacturer's rebate alcohol purchase required 21 plus ends 327 21 void where prohibited visit Bitti Elsewise s.L.


Trade in rules for details.


OK, we're going to watch the end of this Oklahoma State game as we go to the next side of the bracket. This is fucking crazy man. I can't I six points in ten seconds. I can't believe we have eight more games tomorrow. I'm just. This is I feel so bad if you live if you're an Oregon fan and your game starts at nine o'clock on a Monday. Oh, that's tough.


Although maybe that's good. And then you get to watch their team play. Yeah. They, they get a chance to. Yeah, that's a good point.


Feel I feel for one thing I've learned this week and watching so much basketball with Jake Martius, I can't watch sports. Jake Marsch.


Jake is pure. He's a pure guy. You know what? I actually discovered a different side of Jake this weekend because we were teamed up in the game.


In context, I spent a lot of time with him, Jak's not a gambler, but he was this weekend, he becomes a very negative, aggressive person when watching games that he's betting like he o dog comes.


Oh, no, Jake dog comes out. Oh, yeah, yes, you do.


Like, any time, any time something is like 50 50, it's like we're fucked. It's over. Like he closes his computer, he's like, fuck, we're fucked. That's what isn't. There's also there was 10 Cantillano.


So well we were going to donate some of it for K. OK, ok. I get your positivity which is donor and I love it. Like I genuinely love it because it's very rare. We live in a very narcissistic or not narcissistic. Yes. I would say sweet, pessimistic. Pessimistic. There it is. Altruism. Cool.


That's what I was going for, cynical and pessimistic society. And Jake is pure and enjoy sports and loves March Madness. But when Wisconsin's getting like they're billers nuts, dragged in their face with Alsop's and dunks and they're down twelve and I hear from the back row. That's right, big guy. I just did a little run. I'm just like, shut the fuck up, chink. Like Let me die in peace.


He was also thinking of the spread. When he said that to you, he was like, Oh yeah, that doesn't have plus eight. He actually wants his team to advance either way. I love you, Jake, and I can watch sports. Do you? I love your love for March Madness. But it is right. They get to watch their team compete in Oregon. They didn't get to do that. They played against or they didn't play against VCU.


I guess they advanced VCU advances to play against what Ian Book and Jack Cohn and the covered region of Billy's bracket.


Yes, yes, yes. All right. Let's go let's go to that bracket so that you don't start with that. Oregon advances. They're playing Iowa. I must say something nice about Iowa. I was is fucking good. OK, Iowa fans, they are I'm I'm ready to admit it. They're fucking good. They are. I don't I still don't like Luka Garza, but I think Iowa is going to beat Oregon. Is that just because you think that Iowa is turbo Wisconsin?


No, it's because we don't got a lot left in the Big Ten, buddy. Yeah.


So, oh, you root for an entire division. That's more. Oh yeah. I saw some people do that leaving me and being like I was like, dude, you don't understand the difference between college or college sports and NFL. What is the difference? The fact that you get money like you get if you get bowl games, you get money, you personally get money. So the schools do OK and schools get money. Yeah. So the success of this of the conference actually matters for that.


You get, you know, the benefit of the doubt when doing the seeding, when doing March Madness, when doing bowl games, were doing college football playoffs. When that gets money, all that matters. So you actually take that series. Oh, I hate I and I actually will say I hate Iowa and I hate Ohio State and I hate all these schools. You won't actually say you hate the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas. Funny that we're actually having this conversation because I think that our relationship with the divisions is exactly the same.


I don't think it's even remotely I think it's exact you're you're the Dallas Cowboys success now that you're stable. You know, you're right. It doesn't it doesn't hurt me at all. But I was success does help Wisconsin when it comes to if they get better, Baldwin would still rather have them lose. No, I would.


I'm sick of getting I'm sick of everyone saying the big tent sucks. Like know exactly me. They no, it's to a tee. What's with the NFC East one year? Yeah, well, it's what I've been saying. I've been saying this for a few years because the best part about the NFC East years is you get what? Yeah. You get a bit. No, here's what happened. You only see the Giants are like you hated the Giants this year under the radar.


I kept on saying the Giants were an average team. You would say, no, they're not. And Giants fans came at you and you're like, all right, I'll just start rooting for the entire NFC East. No, that's not at all. That's what I'm. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Because the best thing that that you could say back in the day was like in the early 2000s. Mid 2000s was.


Yeah. The NFC East. We used to beat each other up back in the day. We had that run from 1986 through 1995, where it's all like pointing back to that era, the golden era, the NFC East. So it's always like on the horizon of like this is our resurgence as a division. That's that's what I tap into when I tap into the NFC East fandom.


But you do understand how different it is for college sports when it comes to like everything I know. I do understand the difference. There's there's a there's a tangible benefit. Right. You get from it. But I still think that you would rather see a Big Ten team lose.


I was I see Iowa like their arrival in football, like Ohio State. I'd rather I laughed. I thought that was hilarious. I wasn't like rooting for Ohio State against Oral Roberts. I don't give a fuck.


I do think that, like, it would be nice if the Big Ten could win a national title once in a while so that everyone's like, you suck. You don't you know, like, they they then just it's a trickle down effect. The entire conference, so I will lessen my fraud label on Iowa, but it's only in the interest of potentially getting a tweet from George Kittle at some point. I'm just saying this because it will be hilarious if I say all this nice stuff about Iowa.


And by the time this podcast comes out, they've lost. This is a strategic play on my part.


So I would they I mean, I was a 215, so I don't know what you can take away from that. I thought that Luca looked nice. He didn't look as sweaty and slippery and and like, what's the word I'm looking for with a pale, smooth skinned, slippery individual who's kind of big and hairy?


Yeah, there's a word out there, lummox.


Well, he is a galoot. Luca is. Like Lucas sighs If we were three hundred years ago, he would be the most famous person in this, like in a thousand mile radius of where he was born. Have you heard of Lucas? Yeah. Have you heard of the man who can throw rocks over his head? Yeah, well, yeah, he's 10 feet tall and can shoot five. All right. Yeah. He would be the king of Iowa.


Yes. Yes. But he would be Mr. Corn. He would I. I thought the tape played perfectly. A perfectly nice brand of basketball.


No, I'm just I'm literally just saying this just so that if they lose, it would be funny. Like I said, something nice. But all right, so organ's going to play them Gonzaga. They're just really, really good.


And they're going to probably cakewalk to the final four. Ohio, Ohio is the story of the tournament. I hope I know that Jake will have this on his one shining moment. But Ohio has Jason Preston, who if you've been watching college wrestling, you know who he is. They beat Illinois in November, kind of shocked them in champagne. But he is the story of the tournament because he's a former blogger turned college basketball player, turned possible NBA player.


And his story is awesome because he went from high school, averaged two points a game. Skip Bayless, who went to UConn, grew four inches as a freshman, went back to like a prep school where he went back to high school, has never been kissed. Yes, was awesome there. Nathan recruited this is a fucking teen movie, made a mix tape for himself that Bo Ryan's son Will, who is on the Ohio coaching staff, saw.


They recruited him and now he just upset Virginia, the reigning national champs. And he has got awesome hair. He's really good at basketball. He's he used to be a Pistons blogger. He's the story of the tournament. He's the one that if Ohio can win tomorrow against Creighton, there will be so many stories written about it.


That's that's my guy now. Yes, he's awesome. So I hadn't heard all these stories about the most impressive thing that you said right there to me was the fact that he was a Pistons blogger. Yes. Like a Pistons blogger in high school for like the last five years. You really have that much to write about. The fact that you were dedicated to writing about those questions tells me that you are open invite.


I want to hire this guy. And if you don't make it to the NBA, yes, I want to hire. But just as a Pistons blogger and he's got also the sentimental.


He was very so he's from Orlando. His mom was a big Pistons fan. They bonded over his mom, tragically passed away, I think, from cancer when he was sixteen. So I'm telling you, if they make it to the next street sixteen, Jim Nance is going to, like, just be openly sobbing with the story that he's going to be telling about this kid on our screen. He is going to be a darling of March so that the whole world talks about Jersey.


He's a junior. He's so not eligible for the tie, not eligible for a blogger. He probably wouldn't accept the title. Right.


Not part of the outfit, but you have to win the national title seven Gonzaga if they win tomorrow. Well, you think that is good? A little bit.


I am. I'm now rooting for. He's awesome. He's an awesome player. Ohio is just better than I mean, Virginia is up for a while, but they went to their classic Virginia. We're just not going to score for forever. By the way, Oregon State has won Oregon since the hardest job in the country. Let's go there. Incredible. The Beavers shot out the beaver beavers eight, a twelve and eleven in a two way region.


Just looking real quick here, Whitter We'd have to get to the final four to get a beaver a world matchup. Yes.


Yeah, it's a long way away that my friend's taken away. But either way, yeah. Jason Pressin tomorrow and also they call him Poor Man's Wilmslow because you got the same hair, OK, but llamo got hurt.


So maybe he's Richmonds also for the rest of the season is rich like ninety nine point ninety nine percent of people. Could be a poor man's. True. True.


So yeah, he is the guy that everyone should root for. He's the guy that's going to get talked about. The guys that almost became the darlings of March Madness were the Groves brothers from eastern Washington that had Kansas on the ropes. The first half, one of them looks like a lumberjack. The other looks like Bob Dylan.


No, they were straight up. It was super bad. Yeah, it was. It was the cover of Superbad. If it was about Teen Wolf meets Superbad, that's what you get with the Groves brothers. I was rooting hard for him. I always like a good brothers team. Yes, I know you got lots of brothers teams in March Madness. It also like I know that they're just brothers, but you got to just go buy twins. Yeah, it's way better to be the Grove twins than the gross brother.


I was disappointed when I heard that they were.


I actually I assumed they were twenty. It just say you're twins and that's when they're like, no, they're just brothers, even if. They are like, you know, just lie and say Irish twins probably are Irish twins, like born, what, eight months apart? Yeah, and like it's like the it's the the Martin Brothers in Nevada shout out my spouse. They were actually twins, but that just made them that much better than Caleb and Cody Martin.


Like Morris twins. Yeah, they you just got to be twins. I just like the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger in veto. Veto. I like the idea of twins changing. If one twin sucks and then or once one gets in foul trouble, the good twin does. And then they just switch jerseys at halftime real quick. Yeah. And then they come out. It's like, wow, the bad twin got good all of a sudden get a benched this guy for the rest of the game.


Buddy and Jimmy. Yeah. Jaheim the twins. But yeah they were. You need to win a game to be a true March Madness story. And they were that close. Yeah. Well they are they are definitely going to be in Jake's list of our guy Ryko. Boscoe said that he watched Bill Self do a beeline to Tanner Groves, the better of the twins, who I think is a senior at Eastern Washington, potential grad transfer to Kansas next year.


So that would be incredible. And he was a big guy, Harry, big guy who could shoot the three off like there are certain March, March guys. Jason Preston is one of them. Like they're just March Madness stories. Yeah. That you just love. And you see him on the screen. You're like, oh, that's a March Madness story.


Yeah, I miss those guys. I missed, like, all the storylines, all the weird shit that comes out. This guy, you know what they should do? There should be a tournament every year for teams that are eliminated where you take the best guys from all the teams that just got bounce and you let them play in one final game like an all star game.


Yeah, they do have a three three three at the final four. They can start winning money for the Smartie. Yeah, yeah. OK, I like that.


So they would both the twins would definitely be on my list. Who else would be.


There was one other big well Kamras Kronenburg obviously. Yeah but he's still around. Yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I will update you guys, we'll update the list as we go ok. Give me give me another name, another name they'll be on there, who got bound, who got bounced, UCP had some guys.


The gauchos are just cool. Yeah, it's a cool name.


Yeah, they have Jaroch, McGlaughlin and Grand Canyon, the Antelope Rock.


Recall them. Yeah. There was there was a guy in Cleveland State I think that cried like a lot, a lot of lost kids. Yeah. Just kids. If you're the biggest cryer's one is like the most upset after a loss. I want that guy to get another shot. I don't want that to be the last time he sees a basketball court.


I remember that because there was also a guy in Texas, Southern, who was crying a lot, a lot. And again, they're just kids. So I'm not going to say anything bad, but they're just kids. But like, if you're a 16 seed, did you just really think you're going to win?


Yeah, but you see in their face and their emotions, like the realization that this might be the last time they were down 20, I put on this shirt. Well, no, no.


Because the covid year. That's true. So they can all keep playing.


Yeah. But I think the biggest crowd should get a spot. Yes. Krier spot. Yes. All right. Before we get to the last part of the brackets, PFC Román.


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All right. Oregon State Advance is hottest team in the world. What a fucking tournament. What what gives us.


It's the best. I'm happy because I. So I got fucked by Oregon State like last Friday in the PAC 12 tournament. And this is a dangerous thing because you can go spight or you can be like, hey, you know what? Let's just roll with them. Thank God I thankfully have gone. Let's just roll with them. And I bet on them the last three games and it's been awesome. If you can't beat them, join them. Yeah, you have to you have to make that decision very quickly.


Like, are they are you going to have some fun and just fucking roll with it? Or are you going to be like, fuck them and keep feeding them till they lose? You know what?


I was just thinking one other kind of bonus about this March Madness. And don't get me wrong, I don't like the setup. I like Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday for the first round. My body is all screwed up. Monday is going to suck for you. If you have like a nine to five job. It's going to be awful to be bad for me, too, because I'm flying.


But this whole weekend with the game on Monday, it's like Daylight Savings Time took on an entire day. Right. Like pushed my entire week back 24 hours. Right. And we still like I still watched all the Thursday games. So felt like, yeah. Thursday, like Thursday had seven or eight types of basketball. Sixteen. Great.


Great job by the NCAA scheduling to bluebloods playing that, that actually made everybody want to watch all the games on Thursday night because having UCLA and Michigan State go up against each other, it was like that's it felt like a tournament game at that point. So I felt like a tournament day. My prediction is the NCAA is going to think about doing something similar to that next year. I don't know if it's going to be like the entire schedule is thrown off again, but they'll definitely have, like, the two biggest names that are they might even there might be some monkey business when it comes to the last four in where they don't invite teams like smaller alumni bases.


They just get to bonafied, like giant state schools to square off in that first game for ratings. Right.


Right. So and also shout out Tom Izzo for getting angry.


Tom Izzo. Listen, Tom Izzo, I'm just going to I'm going to put all of my Curry Bowl complaints on Tom Izzo, and we call it Isabeau. The end of that game was a case in point.


Players don't drive to the bucket anymore. Yes, in the last 10 seconds of the game. Well, let's that's a perfect segue way to Abilene Christian East, driving to the pocket, getting a completely fucked up phantom call. That was not a foul, but that's the point that if you go to the bucket, some sometimes things can happen. That game was to say it was a rock fight is like it is is actually really offensive to rock fights because there was a moment where it's the end of Saturday night and Texas has twenty three turnovers and the US like they had to stop, the refs had to stop the game for like the fourth time in three minutes because someone was gushing blood.


And you're like, what is going on here in Abilene. Christian's coach has a fucking clear herpes on alleged perp cold sore. We're like jumbo clipper. It was on top and bottom, literally. This is the greatest year to have a herpes outbreak during the tournament.


Just keep your goddamn mascot for St. Pat for t shirt tweeted about that guy instead of everybody else.


I can't believe that guy hates wearing masks so much that he won't even cover up a herb like double herb. And so he also looked a lot like Will Muschamp, by the way. Yeah. Which was pretty funny. Just yes, it was like getting sweaty and screaming at Texas because it might have just been Willmar. Yes, we don't know. But at the end of that game, there was a I think they had to take a double time out towards the end because his blood sport was too much.


The floor was bleeding. Yes. Like it was like you were you were watching the game in a haunted house that you were staying at and like house sitting for a weekend. The floor was just it was oozing blood up from the ground. It was a crazy of the game. They took the ball to the hole. A guy who was, what, fifty six percent foul shooter? Yup. Go six point makes both of them that I mean, that's the most clutch foul shots that I've seen in a long time.




He in the game was just it was terrible but great. And it was march in like when people say how can you watch college basketball. It's not like even close to NBA product, like no duh, the NBA is incredible. The shot we had, we had our guy, Blake Griffin, who dunks no big deal up in one corner watching the Nets game. And if you just glanced up there and you saw, like, any open shot, just be a perfect swish.


You're like, whoa, what sport is that? It's not what we're watching. We're just bricks, bricks, bricks. But it's the drama and it's the fact that this game sucked. But it was incredible. But shout out to that coach. So, Joe Golding, I saw this tweet from Christianity. He said, so Abilene Christian joined Division one basketball in twenty fourteen. Since then, there can be some rankings. Three forty eight, three forty two three seventeen to ninety eight to sixty two.


One fifty to one eighty four now eighty. So it's little. You can watch him build this program until this point where they beat an in-state team. Shaka Smart. This was like the resurgence year for Shaka Smart who saved his job. You have to shave your head again. Yeah, I. The fact that you shake your head and you had that air is still like bald people everywhere. Hate, shock, response. It's jarring looking at.


Yes, it's very strange. I mean, the nice thing we all I always compare him to Bill Self are not Bill Self, Rick Barnes and shocking as much performance at least wasn't as bad as University of Tennessee's. So I still think I'm going to chalk this this year goes to Shaka Smart. Yes, it was it Texas. I mean turn the ball over twenty three times is impressive. That's impressive. Like that's, that's really, really hard to do.


And then the horns down at the end. Oh can't have horns that I love the horns.


Texas is back. All right. Other other parts of this bracket turns out what I said last week about everyone talking about how the Georgetown was incredible and Patrick Ewing in the Big East tournament turns out maybe not so much. So Colorado just torched them. Yeah, they Hank got in my own head and just walked around saying, you got to respect the Big East. And I asked him the name, the big teams, the Big East. You got six, seven.


He's got Louisville, Syracuse. He's just Florida. Yeah. So he got in my head. I don't want to say I told you so about Georgetown, but I told you exactly. So when we interviewed Stanford. Steve, you know, this is this is a duty. And I feel bad rooting against Georgetown because I like Georgia. I want to root for Georgetown. I want to be like, this is the return of old school, punch you in the face.


No blood, no foul basketball. I want to move from. I like Patrick Ewing. I think he's a nice guy. I think he's obviously like a living legend. He's probably doing good stuff at Georgetown. But it was just it was all the warning signs were were blinking bright red saying this is not the team that you want to bet on. I said it on Sunday night like they beat it's great they won the Big East, but the Big East was not the Big East this year with some of the problems, Nova getting all the injuries, the P bomb from from Doug McDermott.


Like the other team, Marquette wasn't good. Seton Hall was a disappointment. LSU say Bonaventure's was another that was the Winthrop effect, where everyone was like state bodies, they're good, they're awesome, it's over. Never.


It's a fun one to abbreviate, right. A lot of people like to talk about the mid majors that they can toss like a little. I know a fun fact about them. You can call them the Barney's. And LSU was just it was dominant. It was, yeah. So I felt like a fool for that one. Will wait. Yeah. Michigan LSU is going to be a great game and then the bottom of the bracket. Shut up.


Maryland never really close with UConn. When UConn was in my final four waps.


Oh, I had the best was a love.


I love when people try to like dunk on us for our opinions, not realizing like, dude, we won. We give opinions basically constantly. Yeah. And also you you're probably smarter than us. Yeah. To hearing my voice right now. Yeah.


We're idiots three. We're ninety five percent of the time joking and for we're like setu we're idiots. So there was a treat. I don't know if it was the Maryland Jake except for Jake with Maryland account and Billy the Maryland account I don't think was a Maryland account, but it was someone made a list of everyone who picked UConn and it was, it said sports media experts.


And I was at the top a list of like I'm an expert in me for for Creighton to because I wanted to see Santa Barbara.


We're experts. I guess I am not. And listen, if I were an expert, I'd have a lot more money in my gambling account right now.


Yeah. So we are not experts, despite how I guess impressive. We might sound knowledgeable.


We might sound we're we're absolutely not that I think that Maryland it's either an iron sharpens iron situation or Maryland recruited, um, BCS social media person because Maryland's Twitter account. It's been pretty good recently. Yeah, no doubt. Like they've been they've been tweeting the Where's Duke stuff. They they put up a fire meme where it was the tortoise as the stunt guy and said twerps on it. That made me laugh. It is funny. This is stuff that the University of Maryland would not have done were it not for the unbusy upset of UVA a couple of years ago, where their neighbor absolutely posterized all of Twitter for a solid three hours.


Right, right. Exactly. It's Maryland. Charlotte, Maryland. I don't want to be on the bad side of Maryland.


I don't want Scott Van Pelt to just hate us because he's very passionate.


What time's their game tomorrow? What time's your game? Jake, stand by.


It's not early. So there I was first. Yeah, they're playing Alabama, so can make sure to face time. Stanford, Steve. Yes. Tomorrow during the during the game. So they are seven forty five cents. Seven forty five is OK. So they're playing Alabama tomorrow. Alabama Boediono. Yep, it patiño, Rick Pitino got bounced. You want to you want to read the text? I'm not going to make a 15 second joke. Let me read the text messages I got after the game for my stalker, Dan Katz.


I am a close. Well, I am I am a close to Rick Coach, Rick Pitino and even closer to Richard Pitino. We understand you have shown a level of respect for Coach Rick and that is appreciated. I have. I've shown a great level of respect for Coach Rick Pitino. I think he did a great job with Iona this year. He's a legend of the game Hall of Famer. This layoff in the middle of a two day layoff.


Unbelievable story. So he said, let me just go back because I just threw in a lot of stuff. We understand you've shown a level of respect for Coach Rick, and that is. Appreciate it. We also know your piece of shit sidekick is still defaming coach Iona was a great success. And we will show your side, kick some manners one way or another.


What I'll take the one way I don't want the other, whatever the other way is, doesn't sound like it's for me. And I just wrote back and I said, here's his address.


Oh, thank you. So, all right.


I will I respect what Rick Pitino has done. I absolutely do. I've transferred my stock team. Listen, I've always respected Coach Pitino. He's a Hall of Famer. The championships that they won in Louisville should count. The batter should be up. I've always said that I think he's a great coach. What he did over in Greece was wonderful, just like the ability to go over there and transform a foreign program like that in a country that you don't have any experience in.


He's a legend. It's the stuff legends are made of. And then he comes back here, takes Iona, guides them through a covid year where they I mean, you talk about adversity and a tumultuous season. I only probably had it worse than anybody. And they needed the steady, guiding, slippery hand of Rick Pitino to guide them through this career and put down into this match up. And they're fortunate that they got bounced in the first round.


But I think I like what he's doing at the program, Bearcat, and it'll be interesting to see how long he lasts at.


OK, so no, this is a serious no, it's fine. It's you think that he's going to go to. That's fine. It's on you now. It's not me. It's on you. Tom, you. I've shown respect for Coach Rick.


I just I said a lot of nice things about coach. Sure.


Sure you did. That said a lot of nice. It actually wasn't me that said all those things in the past. It was it was Billy. Billy, his Billy. It was Billy. So Billy actually framed. Yeah. Billy said all those things that you think that I said, let's not joke that we had for a while.


Let's see how drunk Billy is right now.


Billy Texas at 1:00 in the morning back home. Oh, I'm sorry to not call Billy.


No, he's OK. He's probably study now. He texted us at four o'clock this afternoon. He's like, hey, you guys need me to hop on Zoome for the show tonight, which was translation. Hey, can I get fucking drunk as shit and plays war zone. Yes, you come let's. Do you think he picks up.


No. I think he's going to. I think he's going to what does he going to sleep at 1:00 in the morning if he's smart, he wouldn't pick I would pick up it's 12 30.


I would not pick up this call. I would say that I went to bed. Yeah, because you can you could.


He knows you. He hit the ignore his powers. That was like three rings. No, no. I think he's young and I think he's a bit younger. Did you see his tweet earlier today? Where is where he he put up a tweet saying, like, should I stay at college, yes or no? And one of them was like, the mountains are blue.


So, yeah, he's definitely young.


And he was a pole. I said, please help console option one was drive home and get good sleep. And the second one was you only get college once with own emoji, the letter R and then a blue square C.


So Billy, some advice in the future. You don't have to put up a poll. You can just get drunk.


You don't actually think he would say that to us? I actually think he was smart. I respect I respect all these moves he's made because I think we called them back. No. Well, I asked Twitter what I should do and they told me to stay, so I had to.


Yeah, it's sure the people decide to follow the people's people to listeners fault that Billy's drunk tonight. But I'll be serious about Rick Pitino. I think that he's a very good coach and I think that he's done a good job at Iona. I hope that he stays there. I like having Rick Pitino on Long Island. I hope he builds into a big program because I hate Long Island.


I think it's what New Rochelle, I can't close at all. That's close enough. But I like what he's done and I hope he sticks around and I actually enjoy college basketball is a better place when Rick Pitino is on the sidelines.


Yes. Agreed. All right. Let's do who's 08?


Do you have Kronin in your one shining moments? I do not. Wow.


They could have made it. They still have one extra game, but no UCLA, MIT, Cronin's dad, they hadn't seen each other in like a year. That was a nice moment. And they. That's a big story. Yeah, I love that.


They're like that. And so it's ah it's so funny where it's like we're watching these kids play and you know, like half the screen time is just to the coaches dad anxious, watching, like, gang fights over here.


What are you watching?


Spring break is back. Really. Wait, hold on. Let's do who's back of the week and then how I listen. I know we'll finish up with your list. We'll finish with your list. But before we get who's back to the week, who's back the week is the cash shop. The cash shop is back. The stock market. Investors hope to catch up, buy and sell Bitcoin on the cash app, and, of course, download the cash app and into the referral code.


Partial. You received ten dollars for free, ten dollars for free and ten dollars goes to S.P.C.A. The cash app is officially back. It is totally back. Download the cash out from the App Store or Google Play store today. The cash app. Cash up, cash up. Thank you to the cash app. Go download it and buy some bitcoin. Hey, why don't you start. The spring break is back because you're watching just people kick the shit out of each other.


Yeah, I want to see this Despierta going on for like three minutes and it's just as violent as it was when it started. Let me see this now. I want to see this fight. This looks like a royal rumble.


I just I love will keep sprinting in one out literally from tonight.


It's absolutely. Absolutely.


I'm my neutralism something absolutely crazy presentation. New Year's Resolution Spring. Holy shit.


This is awesome. Yeah. Those are titties. Oh yeah. I already seen three tits. Oh my God. Dude, you know what always amazes me with these type of videos is like the the presence of mind for the cameraman to just get all the.


Yeah, that's really, really what they're talking there.


The tweet the tweet is from at one K Miamis Nutt's right now, Brahe crime emoji.


If you want to go look I oh more titties. Just got more. There were some good ones too. Yeah. St Patrick's Day one.


There was one where this girl just had her left boob hanging out the entire time in the fight and then she adjusted it and one second later her right boob popped out. It happened.


You can't script that. That was incredible fights.


And there was. Oh my God. Someone just ended up fully naked.


There was also the video that you see, the spring break video of the kid escaping the cop car and everyone starts running with them.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely amazing.


Body of spring breaks back my other. Whose back was Kylie Jenner, everyone's favorite. Kardashian was in the news.


Her personal hairstylist had to get brain surgery needed like sixty thousand dollars. And Kylie Jenner, the billionaire, was nice enough to post on her story the go fund me for her personal hairstylist.


Sixty thousand dollar surgery. And she herself donated five K.


So that's great. Good for her, you know. Yeah. Yeah. Rucker's it hit. We would have thought we would be thousand dollar. I would have personally matched Kylie genocide thousand the same. And I think that Kylie can probably make the case that the exposure that she gave the go fund me via re tweet was probably worth what, two hundred thousand dollars.


Is that kind of the going rate? So really her her hairstylist owes. Will that be one hundred and forty thousand dollars, so she should expect an invoice? Yeah, so she's just, you know, she's training for all the right reasons.


By the way, the the video on loopier next Saturday, you have the Syracuse Games at 10:00. That's perfect because that's when the beacons are going in 2016. So there you go. Yeah, but but either way, the guy, David Warlick, warlock, he's great. He has great names all on your own.


He said they define an upset as a team seeded five spots or more lower than their opponent. They've the this year's already set the record with eleven such occurrences. And we're midway through the second round.


Jake, I want to back up real quick. You said you follow him year round. I guess that there are people that you don't like. I do, yes. Seasonally. Yeah. Yeah, I do that with some people. So, yeah.


So what's, what's that schedule like. That's never I've never heard of that before.


So like Kirtzman, I don't want to get Tiger Truckers opinions like all moral, but that's, that's when you get the real it's like when people are bored out of season. Yeah.


Yeah. No I don't follow this. Exactly. I mean Tiger Track is definitely a guy.


Well it's actually multiple, but in the middle of a race like the. I think it's multiple people.


Shut up. Yeah. What are they doing now? I don't know, I don't follow Tiger Tiger is that Tiger is in the hospital. I think he's at home now. Up, Tiger. Shut up, shut up, just big ups, Tiger respect. Just we haven't said that in a while. So big ups, Tiger hope he's doing OK.


Sure. Today for next Sunday. Remind me. Oh, he should do that every Sunday until Sunday. We're going to wear red. All right. Who's your who's back.


Who's back of the week is going to be drugs.


Oh, not a drug. God, not a drug. Well, I mean, come get your man cat. Yeah, because the Chicago Cubs have a prospect. I saw those names. Jesus, probably. Jesus, Jesus. Carmichael was arrested after police found 21 pounds of meth in his team equipment bag. And so I guess he's been on the team since 2015. So it's not like a new guy.


21 pounds of meth is Walter White levels. So that's like 21 pounds pound. I don't think that my bag, if you check, if you like, put your bag on that thing at the airport where they weigh it. I guess it's called a scale. I don't think my bag usually babies that I do have.


That's I don't I don't check that one big hat. That's a tiny bag.


But, you know, I'm saying what did you how did you get that? Do you sell, like, wrapping paper door to door? And then you got that as a prize?


That's funny joke. I mean, it's a joke. So I. I had shoulder surgery for a torn labrum, OK? When I was playing rugby, I was in the Division three state championship, OK, when I was in Texas, when I started, I, they took me out of the game, we said so we were winning. We came in second place. They took me out of the game too. We were winning anyways. Regardless, I had shoulder surgery, OK?


And my mom was like, you need a bag that you're going to be traveling a little bit. You need to bag that.


You can put up on the airplane into the overhead compartment by your cooler as you reach from your shoulder surgery. I couldn't lift my arm up. And so then that was the bag that I carry. Got it. Yeah. And I still carry it for some reason.


It's like when I saw Ken Rosenthal on the plane and he put the bag up, he hopped up on the seat. Yeah. Like, I want to make fun of that. But he was like, holy shit, you got to know.


Yeah, OK, man, I just stood in the front or check it.


I just I would just buy clothes when I got there rather than do that, not me. So I can start to talk, I can dunk my education right over how you did it so quickly. It's clearly something he's good at. Yeah. It was like one motion.


But regardless what I'm saying is like when you fly with a bag and you put the most bags, don't weigh more than twenty pounds, even if you're traveling like for a weekend, that's a significant amount of meth. So I don't know if the cubs have. Yeah. This is the Chicago Cubs. Are they. Yeah. Front for the cartels. Is this something that's an organizational thing to decide to do that I wouldn't put it past Ricketts to make money any which way.


Maybe this guy will find a way to make money. That's why Theo left. Yeah, he found out about it. He will find a way to make money.


If he it would not shock me, he'd actually be kind of it'd be good for baseball. Yeah. If the Chicago Cubs were just straight up like the Juarez cartel.


Fine by me, maybe that would get rickets. Yeah, actually, I don't know. I don't want them out, but yeah, he's whatever.


Yeah. I fully think I was I was hanging with some friends before we did the stream today and we were joking about because one of my buddies who I have season tickets to the Cubs with, he were joking that Ricketts is going to do like he's going to open up the stadium. Twenty percent, they're going to have one concession and then they're going to surge pricing on that. It's going to be genius. Yeah.


Yeah, it's absolutely going to happen. All right. So my who's back is the Big Ten. I actually have a list. So people have been saying they suck. They do. But I have a list of teams that are still in the tournament that are in the Big Ten. Rucker's covered eight and a half easily. You'd agree. You're wearing. I do agree with that. Michigan actually still in it, Ohio, because Bo Ryan's son recruited Jason Preston and also Mack is Big Ten Junior.


And I think also that since Ohio State got bounced, Ohio takes their place. Correct? The universe, correct? Yeah.


Wisconsin just for their Friday night performance. That's what I mean. It's trivia. Now, Roy Williams is twenty nine and one in the first round.


Who's the one loss? Wisconsin, Maryland, Iowa, Gonzaga. We talked about with Mark Titus, Jalen Suggs, Mr. Basketball from Minnesota, Loyola's Big Ten Country. That's a no brainer, right? Yeah.


I mean, Cameron Trautwig is the Big Ten mascot, right? If you had a mascot for the entire conference. Yes, it's him.


Yes, Alabama. Because NATO got his, I think, graduate degree from Madison.


So middle school teacher in Michigan.


There you go. Yeah, Arkansas. I'm at Jaquiss. Yeah, Arkansas. Just because we're friends with Eric Musselman and I think it is. Yeah, no, that counts. And I think his dad coached outpaced his dad coached Minnesota and fun his dad coachmen. Sort of an Oregon state wasn't was Obama's brother in law?


Oh, yeah, he was the head coach was the point that counts and tackles the head coach around with Henkle Hinkle's in Indiana Don.


There we go, Jake.


You know, it takes Tankel. Jake has consistently one up. Your fun facts in this area is no screaming. You know, we should actually do at some point we should sit down and make mascots for every conference.


Yeah, he should. We absolutely need that. That's a good like off season, by the way.


Oh, who's back of the week? Did you see Joe Biden going up the stairs? Yeah, that's all I got. Fucking hate it twice. You know what? You can't you can't do what Joe Biden did. And that is the initial reaction whenever you trip. Going upstairs is let me speed my pace up to show everyone how athletic I am. And I didn't trip up the stairs. Well, then you just trip up more stairs. Yeah.


So it's Gerald Ford. He tripped going down the stairs when he was getting off the plane with Joe Biden. Should have done when you trip on a staircase or anywhere, if you ever trip, you look down at the ground where you just tripped and you act like there's something that you stepped on you like, what was it like?


What was that you like? You scuff it up a little bit with your foot. You try to get whatever the divot was. Yup. It was it was not a good performance by by Uncle Joe.


I would just lay there and have them caught me off. That would be one fall down the stairs. Yeah. Was like, hey, I broke my neck. What are you going to say. It would be so not rooting for this to happen. But if a president were to like be walking up the stairs into Air Force One trip, going up the stairs and then fall over the railing like thirty feet, and you would objectively be very funny, just laugh thinking about it.


Yeah. All right. Let's wrap up the show with Jake. This is Jake's predictions for one shining moment. So I asked him to take a running tally as we watch games all weekend, what he thinks will end up in one shining moment. This is important because we're going to like we will watch one shining moment and we will fact check against it.


Yeah, OK, I'll try my best. OK, ok. I like this toss. Yeah. This is basically like if you, a young Jake Marsch dreamed of doing something like this.


Yeah, I'm all for it. No one. The Virginia Tech tying three to four stoate that was an unrelated.


Yeah. Yeah. Was that deep three. Did they win. I didn't end up mattering but it is still. Yeah. It's going to be in there and I pushed them big time.


I tweeted out to the floor to win beforehand. Did almost cost us Santarus. Yeah you did. Yeah.


The under also from that game my husband was going to be blood because every time there's someone with bloody on the floor they just show it. And they showed the blood on the floor. They showed the slowmo. So Florida's Tiree Appleby had a bloody nose.


I feel like you're fighting for your life. You're a shooting star. Yeah. Yeah. Huh. Oh, fighting for your life. Yeah.


Something from the Roberts upset. Yep. Something all those years. No one knows they I mean, open our end asness.


There are two sharp shooters OK. Just them making threes and you know what it should be. They should just in real quick cut in that meme of the what you see versus what she sees. Yeah. For the Oral Roberts. Yes. Yeah.


I'm shining moment is bigger than Meems. Please, please.


It's so harsh. It's the day meme and there's a one shining moment. Is the game out. Yes, I agree.


The very important that actually sparked this assignment, Gonzaga had a someone threw it off the backboard and the other guy dunked it. I'm like, that's going to make one spark this. That's right. That's right. They did that, I guess. Awful. Say Tanagra is getting taken out for eastern Washington. Crying Yep.


That'll do it. Yeah. Ohio's Ohio's Dagar three against Virginia. Yep. Here's what I told my here's is my long shot. They are going to put a random VCU highlight from the regular season.


No. To give them their shine. Isn't that great. Or the conference championship, maybe them cutting down the nets.


Yeah, they can't get that one shining moment they made the team.


What do you think they have to be included? Jake's absolutely right. But they didn't win their tournament, so maybe not fair like if it was.


But they don't they don't put just one or two in. No, they try to put everyone at large. Like I'm saying. Maybe they'll just put it. Dan Wolken tweeted, I'm I'm telling you, like they're going to include something. Yeah, OK. This is where Jake's big journal, his brain is like. He's got a radar lock.


Yes, OK. Yeah. Sister Jean crowd shot. That's obvious. Maybe here doing the the hand pat hand. Yeah. Yeah.


Rucker's his first tournament since 1983. So maybe a shot or a dunk or crowd shot.


Oh they deserve credit. They haven't been one to show Jackie prio. Yeah. Buddy Beckham making a three.


There's plenty to choose from a Beyler monster dunk somewhere over Wisconsin.


There were like I don't know Tamati.


And then one more I had it was late night last night. The Abilene Christian player. During Hornes down, after reading Taxus, I don't know that might not is that not NCAA like. Yeah, good sportsmanship. Well, the University of Texas would like threatened to withhold all their financial aid that they would ever give to any other school. Yeah, yeah. It's the NCAA disrespect themselves, Hank.


What about the UCLA? Yeah. We can get them OK. We still have the second round. Yeah. OK, I'll tweet out since the show will all be ready because I want a running list so don't tweet it. OK, just be back for Wednesday and then we're going to fact check ok. Yeah. It's going to be the majority of these are on speaking Rucker's.


And can you describe to me what this meme is real quick? No, it's so it looks like Tony Soprano, Tony Soprano on the right that says Rutgers and then Houston on the left, and that's Christopher and he's killing them after a car accident. I tweeted this out when Rutgers is winning. This is a scene from The Sopranos where he kills Christopher.


Did you see my. Hundreds of thousands of listener suicides last night? It was Tony, because I never saw this Tony and Paulie Walnuts on a boat. I did see that pussy. I saw that Sarah. That was before you ruined the show for me on Pussy, because then not the face. Yeah, well, I hope they can throw it at me so I can go on his thing. I'm totally not. We're talking about a lot of shit.


I know you're talking about the Rochereau. The Sopranos. Remember?


You remember when when the guy with the ponytail, what's his name? Fury. Fury. You remember when Ferrell was thinking about pushing Tony in the car because he was trying to fuck Carmela and they were in love. You know, they never had sex.


I don't think they shared some passionate scenes of dancing in Italy and whatever. They emotionally cheated. Yes, she was dreaming about fucking them. She fantasized about she told Tony that one time I've been fantasizing about Furo, but she was mad at Tony because Tony was being flagrante with his infidelity. She wasn't mad. It was cheating. She was just mad that he didn't respect her enough to keep it quiet.


Also, speaking of Sopranos, that one picture of me from Friday where I'm very large, barrel chested. I look like Kameruka, I know I look like you could be in the barrel chested men are back its power.


All right, random number waitin, what, 20?


One more giant whose back of the week? Blake Griffin. Oh, yeah, yeah, yes. He dunks. Yeah. I just feel like we should give it. Yes. Like, ah, no, no, no, dude, he can. We don't have to make a big deal of it.


It was totally Condong first dunk in 1980. I don't think we should like it is what it is.


You know, it was also his first points. I'm pretty sure that he was like, I'm not going to score until I don't know.


Yes, it was awesome. Yeah, it was great. Yeah, I think there was an earthquake.


My pick is eight ninety nine twenty eighteen sixty six thousand sixty one.


Damn. We've got a fun fact Jake. Pull up and in fact.


Stand by. Stand by. Love you guys, stand by. I really love you guys. Love all of you. Everywhere he goes, parents will selflessly help each other out. Talking to a lot of know what to say satanically, today is a day to find him shying away. Coming for your love, keep shying away. The upcoming book, The Love of to take up on me. Take me up on. Are. I'll be gone. I'll be gone in.


Pardon my two cents by bar stool sports.