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Our award. Do us a favor to win the Heisman?


Jaden Daniels is right now, which Hank did say mission accomplished. We just got to be careful with that. There's no shot. Okay, all right, listen, we're not even in the show yet. You're talking about the game. The game. You're right. Listen, we're not even in the show yet. I can't text. No, we're not even in the show yet. What game are you talking about?


You were live texting about Oregon, Washington.


Yes, that wasn't mission accomplished because I needed Oregon. Whatever. All right, neither here nor there.


You needed them to win the game. Mission accomplished.


Neither here nor there. If you can sense Hank's tone, he's ready to fight because we also are going to talk about the 24-hour stream that will start today at 9:00 PM. He's come with his brass knuckle.


Central time.


He's come ready to fight. Ready to smile. Ready to smile.


Ready to smile. Yes. Oh, I know. That's what it is right now.


We're going to get into all of that. Hank stormed into the studio today. Yes.


Again, we're not even in the show yet. Hank? It's been a while. We're not even in the show yet. Wait, okay. The Gaslighting has started. It's going to be a great show and Hotse, Coolthrone, and FAQs. Before we do all that, Chevy, there's a new family with Unstoppable grit, and they're the official partners of the Pardon My Take family, and that is the Chevy Silverado ZR2 family. The first ever heavy-duty ZR2 joins the franchise to make Chevy ZR2 the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your off-road adventures take you with exclusive, multi-matic, DSSV, dampers, rugged mud terrain, tires, and up to 14 available camera views. Chevy Silverado, ZR2 and Silverado HD, ZR2, a family with commanding and unstoppable grit. Head to chevy. Com. Check out the Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy ZR2s, the official trucks of Pardon My Take. We are a Chevy podcast. We love Chevy. If you're thinking about becoming a truck person, go head over to chevy. Com. Check out those Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy ZR2s. The official trucks, a pardon, might take the best trucks ever created. That is what Chevy does.


We love Chevy. Chevy loves us. Go right now to chevy. Com. Okay, let's go. All right, let's go. Boy. Boy. Now in the street there is violence and a lot of work to be done. Welcome to Part of My Take. No place to hang out or wash in. And then I can't blame all on the sun. Oh, no. We're going to rock down to electric revenue. And then we'll.




It higher. Oh, we're going to rock down to.


Electric revenue. It's part of my take, presented by Barcero sports.




To Part of my take. Today is Wednesday, December sixth, and Jake Browning has arrived. He is.


Elite BFC. I got a question. Is Jake Browning him?


He might be. We watched Monday Night Football. Everyone expected the Bengals. They were 10-point underdogs to just roll over. Then Jake Browning said, No, not so fast. 32 for 37, 354 yards and a Bengals win and a Trevor Lawrence injury. It looks like the entire AFC picture is now.


Up for grabs. Yeah, was it four out of seven quarterbacks that are currently in the AFC playoffs? They're on their backup quarterbacks?


Yeah, and I think in the League, I think it's 14 teams are now playing backup quarterbacks.


Sam Hill keeps climbing up those standings.


This League, this year, if you're wondering like, Hey, why is everything fucked up? Well, yeah, we got a lot of backup quarterbacks going right now. Right now it's the Jags. We don't know how long. The Steelers, we don't know how long. The Browns for the rest of the season. The Colts for the.


Rest of the season. I would count Joe Flacko as a starter, though. He's a backup. He's got starter pedigree. But yeah, it's a bloodbath out there. Actually, if you look at the standings right now in the AFC, you could make the argument that 8, 9, and 10 could beat 5, 6, and 7.


8, 9, 10.


And 11. And 11.


Yeah. The Texans, the Broncos, the Bengals, and the Bills. It's just crazy because this is how the NFL season goes where you go into the season, you say the AFC is a gauntlet. The AFC is going to be incredible to watch. All these great quarterbacks. Now we're sitting here in the first week of December and everyone's injured and the Chiefs have caught their fourth loss. Now it all switches to, is the NFC the real gauntlet? Is NFC really the actual conference this year? Because, yeah, if you had to do a power rankings of teams, the NFC would have what, three of the top five teams right now?


Yeah. I think they would. Yeah, 49ers, I think, number one.


Yeah, 49ers, one. Then you could maybe go Ravens or Eagles. Yeah. And then- Cowboys in there. -cowboys are somewhere in there. Then I don't know, maybe the Chiefs. I mean, the Jaguars- Dolphins. -dolfins. I'm very high on the Dolphins. Yeah, the Lions defense.


Lions is us.


I want to just say real quick, Lions fans, listen, we have been very supportive of the Lions. It is not Lion's hate to say, Can't trust the defense. That's a statement of fact. I still think the Lions.




Possibly win multiple playoff games, but saying the defense is not good is a true statement of fact. There is no bias. There's no hate. It's just a fact. The Lions don't have a defense that will... The Lions have a defense that will make every game a nail-biter.


I think the Lions can't score almost anybody, though. That's the thing, which is why I love these lions. I feel like Dan Campbell, he can put his foot on the gas and just be like he can will his way into having a tough defense. Defense. You know what he'll do? He'll just challenge his defense. You know what I did this week of practice? I challenged my defense to step up, and then they'll step up. But yeah, the Jaguars, it looks like it might have been a lucky break with Trevor Lawrence.


Can we get him a cart? Yeah. I don't know what Jacksonville is doing. He was walking all the way to.


The locker room. That's the thing is Jacksonville, I think amongst any city in the USA, Jacksonville, Florida probably has the most golf carts. They didn't use a single one on Trevor. He said he wanted to walk to the training room. Why? I don't know. I guess what I want to show you is tough.


It was so sad when they showed him back in the tunnel and it was like five minutes later. Here he is. He's still going.


Yeah, he walked home last night after the game. But apparently what happened was, this is according to Uncle Chaps, he hurt himself and then he told the guys on the team like, I don't want a cart, I want to walk. I want to look tough. At that point, you need to be like, No, we're going to get you a cart. Give me your keys. You've had to watch. We got a driver for you. You'll be fine.


Shout out to Trey Henderson, giving them a quick prayer right there. I blame- In the moment, that was actually very classy.


The biggest winner of last night was that poor equipment manager, Waterboy, on the Jaguars who cost them a time-out. That drive was cooking. He runs onto the field. I don't know why he ran out of the field. They charged the Jaguars with a timeout. I believe it was the first play after that timeout, Trevor Lawrence gets hurt. You can't tell me that Trevor Lawrence gets hurt if that guy wasn't on the field. Butterfly effect. But apparently, it's a high ankle sprain. I've got to take that. I don't believe.


But-you're going to get the surgeries? You're going to get the.


Alabama ankle? No tightrope. I'm hearing no tightrope. I just want to get to this take before or Danny Cannell does. Okay? Yeah. Trevor Lawrence needs to know in that moment, he can't act like that's a season-ending injury. Yeah. I would have walked off. You know what? I would have stayed in the game.


The way he got up and then he went back down. It was weird because there was a high ankle sprain, but he also got folded in half his knee.


Right after the high ankle sprain.


Yeah. Now the Jaguars have to go play at the Browns and a good defense, and they have the Ravens after that. Pete Prisco might be sweating a little bit with his Jaguars thoughts, although they finished the season with the Panthers and the Titan. I think the Jaguars will still go to the playoffs, but that sucks. It felt like it was the first time I think Jacksonville had a Monday night game in over a decade. It was also the first time the Bengals won a Monday night game on the road in 20 years.


Criscow's walked back that take, though. He says that even with Trevor, the defense doesn't look good enough.


Oh, no. Yeah, they did. Jake Browning was incredible.




Was good. I know that they have weapons, but Jake Browning, good for Jake Browning, he probably made, I don't know, 10-plus million dollars being able to be a backup now for a very long time.


Yeah, it was a big night for him. I think we misjudged Jake Browning on the ground beef and honey comment that he made, that he only eats ground beef and honey as his diet. Yeah. That's actually cool.


But it's also not even like it's good. That was my point. Yeah. It tastes good. It's not like a big sacrifice.


But it's, I don't know, it's very primal. If you see me in a fight with the jaguar, pour honey on me.


Yeah. The stat is from Stad Hill. That was the first Bengals Monday Night road win since 1990.


It was very weird seeing the Jacksonville pool at night. Yeah. I can't remember the last time I'd.


Seen it. Yeah, it was very uncomfortable with them staying on it.


Yeah, I liked it.


Yeah, he was.


Like, get it off. I enjoyed it. Get the pool off. There was also the matter of a near-Tai at the end of the game. It feels like the Bangles-Tai more than any team in recent history. They just give off Tai vibes.


Well, it's the.


Donovan-nab game. Yeah, and I think.


The most.


Famous Tai ever. I think they tied one in England, too. They've had some pretty noteworthy ties recently. This would have been another one. Did you know, because I looked it up, the Jaguars have never tied a game? They're the only team in the NFL that have no ties on the history. That's pretty cool. Do you know who leads the league.


In ties? It's got to be an old franchise. Yes. Because they just did Ties and they were like, That's the game.


Giants? They didn't have overtime for a long time until 1972. The Bears. Okay. You know how many Ties that the Bear have? A hundred. They have 42 Ties.


Yeah. I mean, they're Tie games back in the day.


Here's the craziest part. They don't have a single tie since 1972.


Yeah, so it's all pre-tie ties.


Yeah. You could say the bears don't have a tie either.


Yeah, the ties. It is pretty crazy that pre-1960s, they would just tie games and be like… Thinking even about Michigan, Ohio State playing. They would just tie.


That's the end.


They'd be like, That was it. Guess next year we'll find out who's better. Good game, everyone. How is that possible? That's the most un-American thing of all time.




Agree. We also had Christian Kirk smash his own nuts. That was tough. Mr. Belvedere. I know that it says it's a groin or abdomen, but watching that replay, I think he just squished his own nuts. That's why you got to sleep with the pillow in.


Between your legs. They called it a core injury. That is your core. Your nuts are the very definition of.


Your core. It's everything. It's your power. It's your life.


It's your virality. The interception that Josh Allen had last night was very hilarious. Yes. That was the definition of too cute. Zach Taylor got a little too cute with it. You got Jake Browning out there dealing.




32 for 37. It wasn't only short passes. He was throwing the ball all over the field. Now, part of that is because I think the Bangles have a pretty good roster. T. Higgins, he's a big difference maker, too. You can just get the ball and Jamar Chase his hands and he'll do crazy shit with it. But yeah, Jake Browning.


Looked good. Jake Browning had… Trevor Lawrence has been in the league for what, four years now? Jake Browning had… It would be the third most yards Trevor Lawrence has ever thrown for. Trevor Lawrence has only thrown… His highest game is 368. He has a game of 364, and Jake Browning yesterday threw for 354. It was a great game. Jake Browning might be next up.


It was a.


Really good game. Yeah, and the helmets looked awesome. Yeah, it was a fun game. It's fun to have these games. It's like, hey, it's a reminder. You think that game is going to suck on paper, then it was awesome. Now we have The Patriot Stealers, and we got to just suck it up.


What if this game is awesome? This game actually could be so bad that it's fun.


Yeah, it could be. Like Bronco's Colts last year.


Bronco's Colts sucked.


It was so bad that it was memorable.




Sucked for about three quarters and then it got fun. It got funny. This might be fun the entire time because it's going to be so bad.


Yeah, it could be very funny. Before we talk about Thursday, because we're going to have that stream as well, memes, Zach Wilson. That's a thing. Zach Wilson, if people missed it, Zach Wilson, Robert Salah said that he's thinking about going back to Zach Wilson. Now there's a report that Zach Wilson is thinking about not playing because why would he? Yeah, and then Aaron Rogers.


Also said that that.


Report was horse shit.


Oh, yeah. Aaron doesn't trust the media, but it was an anonymous source, so you have to take that with a grain of salt. If Zach Wilson doesn't want to come back and play, that's some bullshit right there. That's bullshit. They rode with you for a long time. They're trying to go back to you. It's not like they mistreated Zach Wilson. We can fairly say that. There are some players where you can make an argument they never really got a fair shake, whether it be like coaches being fired and thrown under the bus by people. Zach Wilson was put on top of.


The bus. I think he's thinking like, They're probably going to cut me, so I don't want to get injured. But yeah, Robert Salah stayed with you for a lot longer than he should have, probably to his own detriment.


For sure, for his own detriment. Yeah, he had every opportunity to throw Zach under the bus. After every game where Zach would do something new that was a completely brand new fuck-up for him, Robert Salah would be like, There's some things that I think he could do better, but I think he's the guy that's going to get in the film room and work on things and we won't make the same mistake twice. He always said he had the nicest way of saying, Zach Wilson, stop. Yeah, he sucks. If that report's true, I don't really think he had much of a career lined up as a backup. He doesn't give me backup vibes. Your backup can't have a bandana.


But you know it's the NFL and there's always a coach who's like, I can fix that. They're like, Oh, well, his arm talent is still there. You got a bunch of Billy footballs running around as OCs being like, I could get the.


Most out of that. That's a very.


Scary thought. Yeah, but it's true. Everyone thinks you always... It seems like you always get at least one more shot. Yeah.


If you're, what was he? Second? Second overall? There will be a team that brings them on.


But I don't-Even Josh Rosen got a couple other bounce back spots that he didn't get a lot of the playing time, but he at least.


Got a look.


Guys get looks.


Yeah, memes. What do you think? Do you need the Zach, Wilson, Spark?




Right now, it's just had a.


Total disaster. They cut Tim Boyle today. Why?


They lanced him.


They brought in Bret Rypen. Okay.


I'm going to.


Guess he's going to be the quarterback. This is so… This is so… He doesn't want to be that. This is like... It feels like the jets are running a fundraiser to see who will start a quarterback. It might as well just do that. Why not just have a fan giveaway, play a game for the jets as quarterback?




Yeah. Like the movie Invincible?


Yeah, it does seem like Make a Wish.


It's insane that they're, I mean, they cut Tim Boyle being like, Yeah, and we'll get someone else. Yeah. I mean, you're already at Tim Boyle.


Where is Colt McCoy? Where is Colt McCoy? What is Colt McCoy doing right now? How does he not have this-Why.


Is it RG3?


He wants that job. Rg-3 will take it. Yeah.


It's actually ironic because Grit Week 2021, Billy bought a Zach Wilson jersey at the Football Hall of.


Fame in Canton. Yeah.


Oh, really? At the.


Gift shop. Yeah. There was a Zach Wilson jersey in the Football Hall of everything.


He was a rookie.


He hadn't played yet.


It was.


Like a big deal.


Yeah, it's bad.


I'm reaching out to RG-3 right now for comment. Would you play for the Jets? I will update you. He's going to be.


Like, Yeah, I'm in. Max, also for you, Shaq Leonard?




Big Dom picking him up at the airport.


That was- Old?


That was last week's picture. When he visited, he picked him up.


From the airport. So is Big Dom in in jail? Is he in trouble?


I'm pretty sure he was on Chris Long's show.


Oh, he's wearing a wire.


Was that not last week as well or earlier?


That could have also.


Been earlier. I think Big Dom might be in trouble because the NFL is going to….


The NFL is going to come for him, and then that might be the best.


Thing to do. The Eagles might have to leave the NFL.


Leave the NFL?


Go to the S. T. Or something.


I think it'd be funny if Dom came out of the sidelines with a whole new look, like a mustache. He's in witness.


Protection program. No, because then he wouldn't be Dom. If he came in looking like a nerd? Yeah. No. No, no.


No, no, no.


No, no, no. You don't take the Italian out of Dom.


You don't.


Nerdify Dom. Yeah, come on. No, no, no, no, no.


This is Dom we're talking about.


But yeah, Shaq Leonard. Shaq Leonard, big pickup. You need guys. He's a guy.


Text back from RG3. I said, Would you play for the jets? Hypothetically. Rg3 says, Hypothetically, yes.


Okay, he's in.


Robert Griffin III has agreed to play for the New York Jets. Memes. Make the call.


Why not do it, memes? I mean, why not? Let's just run it.


There's no reason. Let's see how.


Weird we could get this season.


Right, that's what I'm saying. Bring Tebo back, RG 3, Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Mengo.


Jeff George. Just do it all.


They're releasing.


Like everybody they signed during the.


Preseason, too. This season is just an absolute disaster. It's very funny. Our friend, Steve Pallatt Zolo from Pro Football Focus, he had a good idea, which is that there should be no trade deadline for quarterbacks. Yeah. I agree with that.


For the good of the league, you should be able to move something. Imagine, Kyle Murray could have stepped in on the judge this year.


I think, did we talk about that a month ago?


I don't know.


I think we did. But yeah, there should not be. There should not be because it would be better for the game if we had that chance. Okay, we talked a little college football and then we got to get to the 24-hour stream. We're brought to you by friends at ourselves. Pardon my, Cheesestake. We've just unleashed a menu that will have your mouth watering. In no time. Hold on to your taste receptors because we're introducing the stars of the show, the Chicken, Bacon, Ranch, Cheesestake, the Irresistible Chicken Tenders, and the monumental big cat combo. Whether you're a cheesestake aficionado, a finger-food enthusiast, or simply someone who values the art of comfort, cuisine, this menu has something for everyone. Order now on pardonmycheesestake. Com, also available on Uber Eats. It's the best football food. Do it right now. You know what? Let's justListen, Thursday night is going to suck. Make it a part of my cheesestake night. Let's all get some part of my cheesesteak. That's what we're going to get here. Part of my cheesestake, order now on partofmycheesestake. Com, also available on Uber Eats.


What's this look, Hank?


Hank's mad dog in me. Was the low man part of a Hot Sequels or.


Do you want to do it now? I think Low Man deserves- Yeah, I did, too.


Yeah, what's Hot College football? Jaden Daniels is a finalist for the Heisman. It's he, Marvin Harrison, Michael Pennex, and Bo Nicks. I also liked that the Heisman released it and put out all their stats and J. And Daniels just has better stats than all of them. I think all the votes have been cast.


I don't think media members are allowed to.


Talk about it after. No, they aren't. It's in God's hands now.


I think they should have invited SweAT from Texas. You got to get one big boy up there.




I mean, Jordan Travis, too. They said it was such a big deal that he wasn't.


Invite- Oh, you're going to do that, Jake?


I mean, I saw it online, but it's true. At least.


Invite him. Yeah. His numbers probably weren't there to be invited.


We know who's actually to blame for Florida State not getting in now. We found that out yesterday. Who? It's Jake Skye Trump. Actually, it's not Jake Skye Trump. I got to say, the Santamonian. Trump weighed in on it. Trump weighed in on it and said on Truth Social, It's a really bad lobbying effort. Let's blame the sanctemonious. I like that. Meatball Ron is to blame. To be fair, I didn't hear Ron DeSantis say shit. No, he wasn't fighting. Wait, is Florida State University, is that a school that's run by the state of Florida? It is. Who's the governor of Florida?.




St. Timonious. Meet Ball Ron. Should have said something.


Also, Senator Rick Scott released a statement, too.


Oh, yeah. This part of the process is people just releasing statements and strongly worded letters. I think they even actually… I think Rick Scott said that the state of Florida is going to give a million dollars to sue the N. C. A, which.


Will-i'm sure that's going to.


Work out. Yeah, that's going to be like two days of lawyers. Yeah, that's not-They're just going to be.


Like, All right, we got nothing. I always love it when politicians weigh in a week late on a sports issue that their staff has told them that they should talk about because it's relevant right now. They always mispronounce the player's name, screw everything up.


Yeah, was it Ted Cruz's basketball goal?


The basketball ring maybe. Yeah, or something like that. I think, was it Ted Kennedy that messed up Davidortiz or Manny Ramirez?


Yeah, it's- Hondo. It's bad.


K-jane Hondo.


Whenever politicians try to get in the mix with sports. But yeah, the FSU, the fans, I think, are cut. We said this on Sunday, but the good news is you can fight about this on Twitter forever.




They are, and they should. They should keep going.


Keep doing it. 100% use this as an opportunity if you beat Georgia to claim that natty.


Without a doubt.


You both sell national championship.


Yeah, we're in. We're fighting for Florida State. Then we have the transfer portal, which I think there was 4,000 kids went in the transfer. It's insanity. There's also a little smoke going around Ohio State because they had 11 guys go in the transfer portal, including Kyle McCord. Then there's some reports that Ryan Day is maybe shopping himself to the NFL.


Interesting. That never works, though. No. The only time that's ever worked, Jimmy Johnson, right? Yeah. Who else?


You can't shop yourself. You're talking about college?


Jumping from college to the… Harball.


Is the other one. Harball is Pete Carroll, but he was NFL.


Then college. He was the NFL first. But strictly like a college coach jumping to the NFL, I think the only times it's worked, Jimmy Johnson, and then you can make the case.


We're probably missing one. We always do this to ourselves. Matt Rule.


Matt Rule. Urban Meyer.




Steve Spurrier. Very Switzer. He won a.


Super Bowl. He did with Jimmy Johnson's guys. That was, yeah, a little asterisk there. Nick Saban. Joey Harrington said that nick Saban, they were turning the corner. Bobby Patrino. They were ready to go.


Bobby is.


The one- A lot of failed guys.


He wrote in on a cocktail napkin and left in the locker room to peace him out.


Cliff Kings, right? Bill O'Brien, 52 and 48.


But he was NFL first.


Yeah, he was with the Patriots and then he went to the Penn State and then he went to Texas. Yeah.


It's tough. It's a tough jump to make.


I just want to go ahead and predict this. Whatever team hires Ryan Day as an NFL coach will be a complete failure. It would help their soul. It would be funny. I'm not rooting for the Panthers to keep up this streak that they're on with Tepper, but it would be a Tepper move to just forget his second to last mistake and go back to that well again, give him a seven-year contract, you'd be like, boom, splash play. Yeah.


Look, we got the hot name that has just been dragged and can't beat. I mean, that would be an all-time coward move by Ryan Day to run away from Michigan. You can't do that. You have to stay. You have to stay and try to beat them. You have to go out on a win.


Basically, you have to just figure out a way to cheat harder.




That's the name of the game in college football.


Cheat harder, get better players. I mean, they already get really good players, but they got to figure it out. Yeah, Ryan Day, you can't do it. You can't do it. Okay, Lowman Trophy.


Yes. The most prestigious award. Oh, we.


Forgot Chip Kelly. He was great.


Yeah, Chip Kelly was good for one season. Yeah.


Remember he coached the Niners for a season?


Yeah, that was weird. Don't forget that. That was weird. But he was good on the Eagles for one season. Yeah. The Lowman Trophy is the most prestigious award in college football. It goes to the nation's top fullback. I sent out the ballets over the weekend to get our finalists down. There are a lot of great fullbacks out there. The committee is strong this year. Committee is very strong. On the committee, I have received a word from Cole Kuberlick, John Kuhn. We've got Aaron Ripkowski. We've got Lorenzo Neel.




Allstate. Just a who's who. I like this. A full-back's weighing in on this award, as well as Hank/Tom Fernale.




Andy Staples is on there, too. We have a finalist right now, so I'm just going to read them down for you. The finalist for the Lowman Trophy, the best fullback in college football, Ben Sinnet from Kansas State.




Ernest Crownrower from Texas A&M. What a name. Max Brederson from Michigan. Kaleel Mullings from Michigan. Great names. Owen Burke from Air Force. Stone Ibe from SMU. Hayden Large from Iowa, Eli Heidenreik from Navy. Heidenreik literally translates to Argentina.


I love that. Yes.


We've got some good names. I think these are the most fullbackest names in history of the Lowman Trophy that we're dealing with right now. I just actually had one more come in. Okay, it's another nomination for Ernest Crownrower from Texas A&M.


People might be asking, is he at the leg up right now?


He might.


Well, I'm leaning large just after hearing the names. Yeah, you're a Sarge king. A large husband winning there.


That would be good. I mean, Hayden Large going into the season, I think he was the favorite just for the picture. He is the guy that's like 6-3, 2-80, 2-90.


When are we going to announce it?


We could either announce it on the Barcelona Bowl. Oh, yeah, the bowl game. Yeah, yeah, yeah. We'll do that. In the pregame ceremony, we'll do it last year. It went to Hunter Lepke. He's on the Cowboys now. We'll announce it in the pregame for the Arizona Bowl between Wyoming and Toledo.


Yes. I think we're on the air around 4:00 PM Eastern time. Okay.


December 30th. Nice. That's going to be exciting. And then on CW.


And Barclay.


Tv. Yeah. All right, should we talk about the elephant in the room? Max?


That was mean.


Sorry, Max, that was mean. Twenty-four hours stream is starting today, 9:00 PM Central. It's going to be on the Pardon My Take YouTube. For people who don't remember Mount Rushmore season, this was the punishment. Max and Hank will be going into a room and they will not leave for 24 hours outside of bathroom breaks.


What's the famous saying, Hell is other people. Basically, you're just going to be hanging out with another guy in a room for 24 hours. Twenty-four hours. There will be challenges, there will be activities, none of which you're aware.


Of at this point. You guys are very nervous. We had a meeting yesterday. Okay, you're not nervous. Sorry, one on the record, not nervous. We had a meeting yesterday, and PFT can back me up. Jake was there as well. I said, quote, There can't be anything that is deemed as torture. That's what I said. I said, There was ideas thrown out there and I said, No, that's borderline torture. We're not doing torture. We have activities for you guys to fill your hours.


Yeah, you guys won't be bored.


Right. We're doing things that will be fun that people will have fun watching you do. So what is your issue? Who said there was issues? Oh, you guys have so many issues.


Hey, shut up. You came in the room and you're like, We got some stuff we have to talk about with this.


Yeah, go ahead. Let's hear it.


No, and this is a losing battle. I know the gas lights are on, the lamps are fully stalked with oil and ready to light it. Is it oil or.


Is it gas?


-light into the night, whatever it might be. This might sound like sour grapes, and it probably is.


Pick Jerome, Betis, and the rams.


If the situations were reversed- I want to read- -before Hank starts to.


Complain about this. I can ask, What's Hank? I want to read.


A quote from Hank. It's actually you talking because it's your own words. This is from June 28th, 2023. I let my entire family down with today's Mount Rushmore. Simply have to be better. You yourself admitted that this is a self-inflicted wound.


Yeah, no, I have no issue. We lost Mount Rushmore. I had max on my team. I was really just anchored. I don't think I can do about that. It is what it is.


What about the week.


That you- It's the final week.


What about... The week you got two drunk one Friday and then you're like, I couldn't do it?


What about the week when he went away and I.




Dominated it. Great. Hank's gaslighting you.


Yeah, you guys stacked the deck.


You guys stacked the deck. You said, Hey, me and-.


Every accusation from Hank is a confession.


-are the entire pie chart of the fans of the show are fans of me and Big Cat. Let's be on one team who just started on the show and Hank as another team.


Wait, just started? Billy and I... Max had been on the show for nine months.


We were last place for three.




Weeks. Yeah, and then Billy started.


Buying votes. Your issue is with the.


Mount Rushmore? I don't know.


Why you're going at me right now. Yeah, Hank is just shooting.


At everyone. No, again, this is-.


Again, the Mount Rushmore is the past.


We lost Mount Rushmore.


Fair and Square. You've attacked everyone in this room so far.


This is a reverse Bukaki. Again, and it is what it is, I'm on the soldier. Is it? Is it? Is it what it is? I'm ready for battle. We're not allowed to have our phones for 24 hours. My only.


Thing that I would think- You have opportunities to win your phones.


-listeners and friends is if situations were reversed, you guys would have rigged this.


Yeah. I said yes. Starting at.


9:00 PM is crazy. Why? Because we have a full day of work. Basically, you're making us do a 36 hours straight thing to wait. If we were starting at a time where it makes sense for 24 hours and you can rest. You want to start at 8:00? I'm going to be up all day.


Why don't you nap during the day?


Yeah, you can nap. You can sleep in the- I had to do two days of work. But you can sleep in the stream.


But that's-.


You're allowed to sleep.


He didn't think about that.


No, I have thought about that.


He doesn't want to think about that. Are you afraid that you're going to get a bone in your sleep?


Definitely. I mean, everyone gets bone in their sleep.


That's natural. They ain't what... I'm a bunch of Pws watching it get a.


Boulder to sleep. Okay, new rule. You have to sleep on your back and only in boxer shorts.


No, sleep talking is a concern for sure. But if the situation is reversed, it just- Agreed. -you guys would make this way easier for yourself.


I do remember grit week 2020, the 24 hours we started at noon.


Great, Jake. Yeah. What time you want to start?


No, it is what it is. It's too late.


We can't switch. We're not trying to get the answer. You want to start at 8:00? You want to start.


A little earlier? No, 8:00 would have hurt us.




Get in there at 8:00. Because we're not recording until after Thursday Night Football.


Yeah, it.


Doesn't make a difference. That doesn't make any difference.


Because you would have to record after-.


You could come watch Thursday Night Football with us?


No, but that means nothing.


I'm going to be asleep by Thursday Night Football 100%. But we.


Have to do the show after.




It's basically we're doing a.


40-hour-that's fine. That's fine.


Don't come in to sleep in tomorrow.


You're not, Hank. What part of this don't you understand? At two o'clock. It starts at 9:00 PM on Wednesday. Two o'clock. Then it ends... No, it starts at 9:00 PM on Wednesday.


I said, You can sleep in. He said, We have advisors. We have advisors.


At two o'clock. You're going to start this stream at 9:00 PM on Wednesday, and then you're going to be done at 9:00 PM on Thursday. You can sleep on Wednesday afternoon. You can sleep over the course of the night. I don't see what the problem is.


You're going to make me be awake for the Patriot Stream?


No. You can go.


Sleep during. You could sleep on the stream.




I don't want to sleep on the stream.


I think.


You're just- I would sleep on the stream.


We could take a couple of little snoozes.


You have to sleep. Why don't you just take a bunch of Nightquil tonight and sleep in?


You already did that on Saturday.


I don't think that, no.


My plan is I- I free-balled some Nightquil the other night. I overdosed myself bad. I didn't have the cup.


You just guessed it?


I just did two gulps.


Oh, no. Two gulps.


Is too much. So your issue is- I don't have any issues.


I'm excited for- You're mad about the Mount Rushmore. I'm not mad about the Mount Rushmore. I'm really excited for the stream. It's going to be a lot of chatting with the chat, a lot of interaction.


Would you guys like to start at 8:00 so that way you can sleep during the Patriots game and then we can do the show at 11:00?


No, I would rather start at 9:00. Okay. I don't understand why you want to start at 8:00.


I don't. I'm trying to help Hank in any way that he wants.


The problem that Hank's found himself in right now is he wants something to complain about. When we start to address his concerns, then he acts like that doesn't actually address his concern.


I have no complaints. I have no concerns. My only point, which is valid and BigCat has said it is if you guys had lost, you guys would be doing like six hours and be on.


Your phone for a while. That's not true. We would not be doing six hours. We would be doing 24 hours.


I would go.


Without my phone. You still have a chance to win your phone.


Yeah, I don't think we can be complaining.


Until-right, that's the point. You're actually doing the worst thing possible.


I'm promoting.


I'm excited. Here's a little tip. If you had not complained-.


I haven't.


-for the last 15 minutes and you had gone into the 24-hour stream and you realize that it was not bad. Then maybe we do one bad thing and you're like, This is bullshit. All the fans would be like, Yeah, that is bullshit. Instead, you pre-complaint- I have not. -and the fact that it's going to actually be fun and fun to watch, you're going to look like a big pussy.


Well, it's a good thing I.


Haven't complained that.


Right. Yeah. Except when you stormed in here this morning, you're like, We got to talk about this. It's bullshit. Why are we starting.


At this time? Do you want to know one.


Thing we're going to do?


No. You know it's a good teaser for the people to watch. You want to know one thing you're going to do? You guys are going to paint. You're going to paint some art.


For us.


Okay, so there you go.


Yeah, we already.


Told them that.


I want to bring.


An art award. Can I bring a book?


They're going to be reading. They will be reading materials for you.


You're going to read, Hank?




Could- Yeah, we're going to do popcorn reading.


With that. There's a chance you're going to get to play some video games. There's fun things that are involved.


In this. -there will be physical activity. Yeah. Like you're going to get a sweat.


You're going to get a nice sweat. You're also going to get four meals from Chef Donnie.


How about that?


You complaining makes you look like a baby. We have not. It's going to be fun.


I haven't complained.


We have come up with all these things that will make it fun for people to watch and fun for you guys to interact.


I have one fear. I have one fear and one.


Fear only. Don't complain. No. Go ahead. Tell us your fear. Please, Max. Poop.


Oh, blindfold. Yeah, he's blindfold poop.


I don't know what that means, but as long.


As- No, you.


Guys- I asked if I need to take an emote on before I.


Go on. No, this was part of the torture talk.




Will be a.


Litter box.


There will be no restrictions on using the bathroom. But it's scouts on her. Don't start going to the bathroom every two minutes.




If you guys need to go to the bathroom, you have to go to the bathroom. We're not going to try to torture you. When you need to go, you can go.


I'm fine with pissing in bottles, but.


The pool is my only word. No, you can go piss too. We're not-.




Careful with that one. -we're not making this. We literally, Max, we're making it so that Hank can't complain because we know that that's what Hank wants to do. We had this discussion. We're like, Should we do bathroom breaks? No. If you have to go to the bathroom, you just raise your hand and go to the bathroom.


I would never complain. Yeah, right. What's this?


This is going to suck for you now because you complain. I haven't.


Complained at all.


It's going to be fun.


Have a positive attitude about it, Hank.


I always have a positive attitude.


I'm the author of the show. What was your question?


What is the Golden Mug time?


Yeah, we're going to be doing Golden Mug, Stel Blue on Thursday. There will be a chance for people who want to buy something on stillbluecoffee. Com that day, we will give out a phone number that people can call into and talk to Hank and Max at some point in the stream. We have guests, too.


This will be all in the part of my take.




Correct? Yes. We have guests. I'm going to get a tattoo?


I believe the Twitch channel, too. Yeah, it's going to be great. It's going to be so much fun.


I'm excited.


No, you're not.


No, I'm not.


Yeah, I'm excited.


I'm very excited.


Max, credit to Max. He has not complained once. He gets the credit.


I did question the poop. That was the.


Only time. I answered it. Would you think that's a good answer?


Yeah. No, great answer. Whenever you need to go. That was my.


Only work. You've been in jail before. This is going to be so much easier.


Yeah. Literally, it's not even a box. The original idea was going to be like a white box. You're in a podcast room.


Yeah, we're going to put a straight jacket on you. Why are you-.


This is- Why are you- He's waiting for credits.


For you? He's waiting for somebody- Credits to you? For what? For not complaining? Okay, credit to.


Me for not complaining. How long were you in jail for? How many hours?


Twenty-four. Which time?




There's multiple.


I was in jail from three o'clock PM. We got arrested thinking we were going to get out the same day. We got in the car. They were like, Yeah, you guys got arrested way too late in the day. We're not going to be able to process you to the morning. We got arrested as early as you can get, so you have to be in there all day and knock it out to the next morning. We're there from 3:00 PM until.


7:00 AM. That's hard time.


Yeah. Hard time.


Diver boy. I'm thinking Hank might have some text messages he's going to want to be responding to. It might be hard to explain.




You're up to.


Tiffany can watch the stream.


Yeah. It's in the chat.


All right. What? Do you have one last thing? One last non-complaint?


No, no, not a complaint. A goal, excitement. It would be sick. I don't know how we could do this, but we have 970,000 on TikTok. What do we have on Instagram memes?




946. 946 and Twitter.


We have.


905.9. 905.9. If there was ever, I don't know what the add-on would be, but this could be me volunteering, not complaining, volunteering. If we can somehow get all three to one million in the same stream, I would do another 24 hours. Oh!




What about a month?


You do a month? No. Is that what you're asking me? Yeah, I don't know. Get you to to a million, too.


One of my ideas that we're not doing because it's torture would be just Hank sitting and staring at a camera without saying a word for five hours.


I'm definitely going to have to click a bunch of buttons. That's called Sunday Night in the part of my take studio. That's true.


You think you could do that, Hank?


I could do anything.


You could do anything. You're a smart boy.


Strong, smart, good looking. Yeah, except for a Wind Mountain Rushmore.


Yeah, throw and bet us.


You lost the taco bell vote. Yeah.


Although that was bullshit because Jake and Billy just did AI version. Yeah, that's true.


I've never eaten taco bell. I've never had taco bell. What do you want me to do?


Yeah. Okay, let's do Hot Seed, Cool Throne. Are you processing? I feel like you have your processing face on. Excited face. Excited. Okay, great. Hot Seed, Cool Throne brought to you by our friends at Corez Light. Corez Light helps you find moments to unwind. Big work presentation. Follow it with a happy hour. Some friends in a Corez Light. Weekend chores take Saturday off and hit the tailgate. Even if you don't have tickets to the game, whenever you need to hit reset, reach for a Corez Light. It's made to chill. There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill, and that is Corez Light. The mountains on the bottles and cans even turn blue when your beer is cold. That way you always know when it's time to chill, when you need to hit reset, just open a Corez Light. It's mountain cold, refreshment, made to chill. I love having a Corez Light on a Friday night. Kids are asleep, a little football, basketball on TV. Go open to Coars Light, chill out. Coars Light is the one I choose when I need to unwind. When you want to hit reset, reach for the beer that's made to chill.


Get Coars Light delivered straight to your door with Drizly or Inscarp by going to coarslight. Com/take, celebrate responsibly. Coars Brewing Company, Golden Colorado. Hot seat, cool throne, Hank.


My hot seat, we just talked about it, was me, Max.


Oh, okay. You want to talk about it more?




What did you have written down for your hot seat for that?




Sounds like a complaint.


It was just.


A lot of complaints. I have written down HotSeed, me, and Max.


Okay, glad we covered that.


Are you sick?


Yeah, I'm recovering. This is going to just, whatever. My cool throne...


It's so close to a complaint.


My cool throne is video games. Yes. I've been a big, big month for video games. I feel like Fortnite has come back. They've had their highest player base ever. Warzones is coming out today. I'm missing out on the WarZone premiere because of the 24 hours stream, but it drops on Wednesday. Then GTA 6 finally released their trailer yesterday.


Yeah, we've done it. We've gotten to the point where I can't tell if it's a video game or real life.


Unfortunately, it doesn't come out till 2027.


But that clip of the girl shaking her booty on the car, I was like, Is that real? It finally happened where my brain can't process video games in reality.


When GPA first came out, it's impossible. It was unlike anything you'd ever seen. No previous video game even allowed you to come close to breaking the law like that, except for maybe like Cruz and USA. But then GTA pops out and you're like, You can just drive over every pedestrian, pick up hookers, shoot people on the street is awesome.


Yeah, they're back. I feel like the original GPA is like it was impossible to… You'd get a crime and then you'd be arrested within a minute. It was so hard to evade.


The cops. Yeah, all those stars.


But then it got fun. Say that video games are back.


I'm excited for War Zone. Gpa does look sweet. Looks so sweet. We're going to have to get in. Looks so sweet. My hot seat is amateurism. Amatureism on the hot seat. The NCAA is putting forth a new, I don't know if it's a regulation or just an opportunity. They're making it so that certain colleges, any college, as a matter of fact, can contribute up to $30,000 a year put it in a trust for 50% of their athletes. I saw this. This is a big step towards getting players actually paid, paid by the schools. That's the difference. In IL, you can have a group of the biggest car dealerships in Knoxville, Tennessee, get together and they're like, Hey, we've got $5 million for you to give out to anybody that's at the transfer portal. Then the school will then interface with the player, recruit them. The NIL group will then be like, Okay, we're going to pay you. Now this could directly come from the school itselfNice. Which pretty much means we're going to have… If you think that the haves and have-nots are bad right now, once this gets into place, it's going to be like the major leagues or college sports, and then everybody else is the minor leagues if this actually ends up happening.


I read a whole article and I got more confused.


Yeah, the article I read was pretty much like, if you're a rich school with a big endowment and a wealthy alumni base, congratulations. Texas A&M. Because you're going to be- Congratulations. Yeah, finally Texas A&M will be able to afford- To get 10 wins. -to pay money to try to get wins. My cool throne is Yokitch. Yeah. Yokitch, did you know that he leads the NBA in points, rebounds, and assists right now? Jesus. It's fucking insane what Yokitch is doing. He's so good. I feel like we're in the trap of not appreciating how great Jokic is. Yeah, let's get going. We take more time, Jay. Can you put a reminder? Do a monthly reminder. What day.


Of the month do you want it? Wait, what number is it?


That should be today. 15? No. He's four? No. Fifteen? Yeah, I know. All right, I know, Ball.


Is that a good plan?


Fifteenth every month? The 15th of every month, we should set aside to just say something to you. To remind ourselves that Yokech is unreal. We did this a few years ago.


With Steph Curry. Yeah, he's the best.


Player in the world. I know, Steph Curry, Washed.


We also will have an NBA preview probably in two months with Ryan Rosillo. Get ready for that. Yeah, Yokitch is out of this world good.


Did you see that thread that Rosillo put out the other day of him on the artwork for part of my take episodes and he gets progressively fatter?


Yeah, I don't know if we're doing that on purpose, but it's funny if we are. Shout out, trig. I think is trig is doing on purpose. I love that.


Good work. I love that.


I love that.




Well, we're still.


Figuring it out. I know. He said to keep it in the dark for as long as possible.


I mean, it's.


Pretty obvious. He texted me months ago. He was like, I'm just going to keep sending you a picture of him and just wait until.


He figures it out.


Also, we're still in pod wars right now on Twitter.


With who? Well, we have his back.


We can.


Cut this.


If we have to. No, we don't have to. Give it to us. Who's in pod wars with?


Levitard basically went at Spotify saying that they put out false numbers for the top 10.


Oh, because they weren't in the top 10? That's convenient.


Then Rosilla was.


Like- All right, I got.


Rosilla's back. Rosilla says, Do you guys really want to do this?


Let me know. I'm retweeting it. We stand with Rosilla. He's our guy. Yeah, pod wars. We're not in this pod war, but we're standing by and standing back.


Also, we were number two, so it's like maybe we can- I actually.


Agree with Levitar. They're suppressing our numbers and they're giving all our listens to a switch boyfriend.


You got to start dating Taylor or.


Beyonce or Duolipa. Duolipa is single.




Trying to feature.


Hank, do it. Okay, my hot seat is the Blue Jays because it came out that… What was the exact tweet? It was something about show hey, visiting with the Blue Jays. I think by show hey's.




The Blue Jays should be eliminated.


They should be. I saw something very, very smart that they did here in Chicago and the way back from the airport. There's just a giant billboard of show hey, O'Tany listing all of his stats and how good he is. That somebody very clearly spent probably figures on in that prominent location just for the one trip that O'Tanya is going to make from O'Hare Airport to downtown Chicago. I love that.


Smart use of money. Ken Rosenthal said, Show hey, O'Tiny Blue Jays believed to have met Monday at Teams Florida Complex. See you, buddy. See you, Blue Jays. What?


They're doing this forever. They just did the same thing for the Dodgers. I think that's gone. See you, Dodgers. I think that's gone.


I haven't seen one for the Cubs.


Well, it was Night.


And Gayle, but the Red.


Sox aren't interested.


Night and Gayle said that the Cubs, they believe Showhays interest in the Cubs is waning, which I think given Bob Night and Gayle's.


Track record, that's a very good thing. That's a good thing. His Twitter picture is so funny. He always looks like a gym teacher. I think we should just report New York Yankees have also met with Showhay O'Tanya, put that out there that way Shohay will get pissed off and take them off the list. We should just do fake reports for the teams that he's visited.




Shohay Ohtani has now officially visited with every team in Major League Baseball, except for the nationals, Cubs, Philies, and the Red Sox. Yes.


My cool throne is the NBA in-season tournament because it rocks. Pacers beat the Celtics last night. The Pelicans beat the Kings. It was an awesome crowd. Did you watch the game, Hank?


I'm sorry, I'm reading. I'm trying to get into this podcast war.


Oh, okay. You know what? That's actually more important.


What are you talking about? Did you watch the Celtics got bounced in the in-season tournament?


Yeah, no, I watched.


Were you upset? Yeah. See, that means it worked. Yeah. That's good.


I have a question about the in-season tournament.


The courts are fucking disgusting. Yeah, they are. The courts are fucking discussion. Yeah, they are. They are. I watched the Robin Barclay flip to that. It was just like, This is disgusting.


Isn't the entire season an end-season tournament to see who wins their division?


But their players get paid. Yeah. It's working. I will say that I was critical at first. It didn't make sense in the beginning, but now that it's more organized, it's like quarter finals, semi-finals, finals. It's like, Yeah, I want to win. For the players, it's like, Yeah, let's win a million dollars. You're playing hard in November, which is the goal. I like the point differential.


The crowd was awesome.


The crowd is good. I've liked the strategy at end of games when it's like, Yeah, you're winning, but you have to keep your foot on the gas because point differential is a tie-breaker and stuff. You just blowouts. You're still trying to blow them out. I'm a fan.


Yeah, the tournament becomes more real once-Of course, it's got to go. Once you see a bracket at that point, it's like my brain can comprehend that.


And a seed and a score bug, a.


Little number. I was already thinking T-shirts we would have sold in-season tournament champion T-shirts would have been funny.


So you were upset. That means it worked. Yeah. Good. All right. Yeah, in-season tournament. All right, Jake, your hot seat, cool. What's wrong?


My hot seat is nick Sabin. His phone number got leaked and apparently 250 anonymous callers called him. -that's it? -a lot of FSU fans.


That's very little. Yeah, that seems pretty light.


But he answered some of them.


He did?




Calling me every name in the book, talking about how we shouldn't be in the playoff.


Can you bring up his number, Jake?


I don't have it. He's probably changing it by now.


John Rich wrote a.


Blog on it. That's awesome, though. Okay.


Yeah. So he's open to the haters. Yeah. My cool throne is Tuah. Tuah played the guitar on the Manning cast on Monday night. Yeah. I think he's going to collab with Darius Rucker.


Oh, we love Darius Rucker NFL collabs.


That one clip of Tua dodging the rush is so awesome.


We just shook his shoulder. We just shook his shoulder. Yeah.


That was pretty. Darius Rucker said, I'm in for a Tua collab.


There we go. Huge. Tuah and Darius.


I want to.


Be with Tua.


Oody, my favorite band.


Who is your favorite band?


Well, it's an inside joke because I got exposed for not knowing them.


Oh, yeah, that's right. Two years ago. That's right.


Three years ago. That's right. Who is your favorite band, Jake?


Put Punk.


Brought to you by Bustle Sport. You don't listen. You don'tI mean, Jake's one of those weirdos that doesn't listen to music.


Correct. I mean, I listen to music, but I'm not going to go out of my way to pick a certain artist.


Well, no, that means you don't listen to music.


Did you have even have a Spotify wrapped?


Yeah, it was like part of my take.


No, but you.


Have music too.


Taylor Swift.


So if you're in a car, you're not turning on the radio. Jesus. What about on a plane? On a plane?


Today's hits.


The plane you won't listen to music?


Or watch something.


What about when when Mr. Positions as an action? Yeah. You listen.


To R. Kelly on.


He listens to like, what's that? Carter?


I don't know.


What you're talking about.


I don't know what you're talking about.


Oh, Boomerick. Yeah. Yeah. Why are these lights flashing?


Also hello from YouTube from our new camera angle. We got memes in the mix now. Memes is on camera.


Everybody's been.


Wanting to see. You can look at memes. Yeah. Memes is a beautiful boy. Look at him. He's so beautiful. Memes is not a people person. Just so everyone knows, he doesn't bite, but he does. Memes was born out of the internet.


I feel like this is the first time people are seeing memes for some people.


Yeah, memes is-Now he's.


Been in videos.


Luki, one of the best athletes here at this company. He would never know it by the way he walks.


Memes, I have a new best friend for you, too. Liam, the No Context College football guy we just hired. He is literally born from the internet just like you. He has the same mannerisms where it's like if you talk to him, he's like, I don't really want to do this. You guys are going to- I just want to meme.


-so well. Yeah.


He wears sandals inside. Yeah, you guys, we just hired another memes. You guys should become best friends.


I don't think memes likes him.


Oh, no.


No, I.


Like them.


This place isn't big enough for two of us.


Yeah, that's my vibe of what memes is doing. This is my turf.


Yeah, I'm the guy who's ornery and tough to talk to. What the fuck? We already got one of these.


I take screenshots.


Yeah, I post pictures of you looking as fat as possible.


Oh, that's not me.


No, that's you.




Totally me. That's you. All right, let's get to our interview. We got a great interview. We got Moe and Franz Wagner from The Magic. Great, great interview with both these guys in studio. It's brought to you by our friends at Body Armor. Shout out to Body Armor. Body Armor helps us stay hydrated throughout our interviews with the biggest guests in the world. Packed with electrolytes and no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes, Body Armor hydrates the best athletes in the world, and more importantly, us during interviews. By Body Armor today, visit the Body Armor Amazon store at Retailers Nationwide. Available in stores nationwide, head on over to Body Armor Store on Amazon and get yours today. Okay, here they are, Mo and Franz Wagner. Okay, we now welcome on two very special guests. They're brothers. I think this is the first time we had brothers on at the same time. Yeah. Yeah.


Well, we had the Kuomos on.




Kuomos went sideways real fast.


We have the Wagner brothers, Moe and Franz from the Orlando Magic in studio. Thank you guys for joining us. First question, did I say your last name correctly? Is it a V? Should I.


Do the V? No, if you say it American like that, you said.


It right. Okay, but did I sound like a pose or were people like, he clearly, he's American. He just tried to go the Wagner.


No, that's the right way to say it.


Okay. All right, good. I appreciate that. Yes. Thank you guys for coming in. We're very excited to have you on the show. We're going to talk about your whole career. First, let's jump into this season. You guys playing good ball, the Magic. I feel like the Magic got a little... People are talking about the Magic. Palo, you guys. Is it weird to play together in the NBA? Because it's pretty crazy to have two brothers on the same team.


Yeah, it's super special, obviously. It's super unique. We got super lucky. I got drafted to the Magic mold sign there the same year. We're definitely enjoying it. It took a little bit of an adjustment period, I would say.


At first. What was the adjustment period?


Yeah, what was the.


Adjustment period? There's a lot of emotion that comes with it. We're both very emotional. When stuff doesn't go maybe all the way on the court, there's a lot more stuff that comes up from the past and stuff like that when you get married to each other.


In practice, you're Yeah, stuff like that. I remember when we were five and you were.


Trying to do this. Exactly. A lot of that stuff comes up sometimes. But obviously, it's super cool for both of us, for the whole family. We're making the most out.


Of it. Who's the more emotional of the two of you? That's tough.


I would say Mo.


Who's the messy bitch?


Mo, you're the emotional one? I'm more external emotionally, I would say. I let it all out. In France, it's a little more low key. But if you know him really well, you know when he has his phases as well. I've obviously known him his entire life, so I can say that he's very emotional.


As well. Yeah, so being on the same team, what's the locker room dynamic where everyone's like, these guys are brothers? Has anyone ever jokingly tried to talk shit to one of you about the other? This guy, Moe's game sucks. He's like, Dude, that's my brother.


Well, I think we find a pretty good balance to obviously embrace the brother thing, but also at the same time with different individuals and not everything I do front has to do in the other way around. There's a certain boundary and with teammates as well, and we embrace that difference in relationship. We also don't want to side with each other. I know where our teammates feel weird about it. I think we've gotten into a very good organic habit in the locker room to just respect each other as teammates and not only as brothers.


Yeah. Has there been a moment where you have to make a decision Wait, this would be a good opportunity for me to agree with everybody else that's not my brother just to show them like, Hey, I'm on your side.


Yeah, it's cool.


I think that's not that big a thing. I think if Mo says something that I don't agree with, I'll be totally honest and tell him that.


Yeah. Sure will.


I love the healthy sibling rivalry between you two. Can you guys complement each other? Can each brother say something to the other one of maybe one thing that they do well that you wish you could do better?


You want us to do that live? Yeah. Yeah, I can start. I think, Franz has the ability to like, he has a very healthy curiosity about everything. He comes in a room, observes everything, and takes what he wants, what he needs for his life and makes sense out of that. I think it's pretty unique for his age. I sometimes forget that he's 22, right? Twenty-two years old. Twenty-two years old. He's very mature for his age. That's something I wish I had a little more where I could just observe and just take everything, what I want and what I don't want. It's very reflective on that end.


That was nice. That was good. That was a good answer.


I had that ready. I prepared for the part.




Right, so Frans. I would say what I like about how Moe just comes into a room is Moe is Moe. He won't change for anybody else. He's going to be straight up with you. I wish I had that sometimes a little more. I think sometimes I'm a little bit more on the more conservative side. Don't want to take sides right away or say my opinion right away out loud if I don't know somebody in the room yet. Moe is just being himself all the time. I think that's something that I can.


Still do a little bit more. It's interesting you brought that up because I had a question about this. Last year, Killian Hayes.


I knew this was going to get out of there.


Through a punch, a sucker punch through a sucker punch to the back of Moe's head. - Damn. Notice that you weren't anywhere in the clip. I know there's a rule that you can't leave the bench. Were you on the bench at the time?


I was on the bench.


-all right, so you.


Can maybeI did leave the bench.


You did.


Leave the bench? -i was the last one to leave.


The bench. Okay, but I saw that clip, I remember what happened. I was like, Where the fuck.




Frans? That's a very good point. I felt bad for two different reasons. One, it was my brother, and I didn't stick up for him in the moment. Two, I got fined because I still left the bank. I was the worst of both worlds.


Double whammy. When you watched the clip back, did you notice that?


I'll be honest with you, I had a lot going on. I didn't really care about what Frans did in that moment. I honestly just tried to get out of that hole.


You were in the middle of it.


That was a rough week.


I think even if he had gotten up, he would not have been able to get in there.


Exactly. There was a lot going on. My least worry was what Frans is doing right now. Just try to get out of that. If that doesn't happen in front of the bench either, I don't think any of this is happening anyway. You don't want to be on YouTube and social media because of stuff like that. I'll tell you that much. That's where my head was at.


Yeah. I mean, it would have been nice to see Frans in there. Just saying it. The Morris twins.


I'll tell you what- The Morris twins. I'll tell you what, I'll make up for it if Frans ever gets hit in the back of my head.


I'd be right there. You guys are brothers. All right, so I wanted to talk about your path to the NBA because obviously Germany, there's Dirk and there's players from Germany, but it's not like a ton of players in the NBA in Germany. What was it like playing basketball in Germany when you were kids? It's not the main sport. What was that like? Was it hard to find leagues? Was it hard to find an outlet for playing basketball as a kid?


Well, I think it's not difficult to find an outlet. The main difference is that basketball is super popular here, and part of the reason is because everybody plays it in school. Right. That's the first accessibility is the easiest part. You just go on the basketball team in high school, and then when you play there, you're the man, and you're supposed to go to college, and all of a sudden, the NBA is right there. You can watch it every night on national television. For us, it's like a such.


A- You made that sound way too easy.


I mean.


Obviously- All we got to do is just be like the man in high school, then college, then the NBA. Everyone does it. Yeah.


Obviously, it's not easy at all. I didn't mean to sound like that, but it's just a very accessible world. For us, it's more you got to get up at 3:00 AM in the morning if you want to watch these games. You really got to have that thought that you're going to make that happen for yourself and come up with that on your own. I think that's the biggest challenge because that's not necessarily a German mentality either to say, Yeah, fuck it, I'll do it. I think that's the biggest challenge. You go to a club, you have to be able to coordinate school with club. That's not very time-efficient. You got to be growing up very early, and it's a different style of basketball, too, that you learn to play. Those are challenges that make it a lot harder or seem a lot harder at first. But once you get to college, there's a lot good to take from that as well.


I do think we take it for granted that those baseball, football, basketball, even hockey, there's an outlet right when you're a little kid. My kid's in tee-ball. My kid's already playing basketball. It's offered everywhere. What are you saying? You said style. What's the main difference in learning European basketball that when you came over to America you're like, Oh, this is different. Maybe something that helped you more than you realized.


We can have a whole podcast about that. We can talk about... Frans and I talk about this all the time because I think the biggest thing is you learn to play without the ball. I think it's not about you when you learn to play in Europe. I don't think I scored more than 25 points before I got to college. It's never about the individual. It's always you learn how to play very organized at a very young age. You see that in the NBA, too, that European players just know how to play with each other. Then in college, it's all of a sudden you get there and it's like, Okay, it's like this raw mentality. I have to kill you to get the spot, and I have to start, and all these things that were very new for us, but which we needed to in order to get to the NBA because it's America.


Right. Yeah, you have to get minutes at some point. You have to show what you can do if you want to get to the NBA.


Exactly. You have to adjust to that mentality and take it on on your own. Because if you don't, they'll test you in that first practice. If you can't take on that mentality, then...


America has made you more selfish. I like that.


It's good. That's a great way to summarize it. I was like, I'm old. One of.


Our greatest ex-ports. It is.


More competitive.


Let's say.


Yeah, more competitive. That's a good way to put it. When you were growing up, was Durk everything? Is he just a basketball god over in Germany?


Yeah, you can say that. Yeah, basketball god for sure. But at the same time, I wanted to say this earlier. We don't grow up in Europe with the pressure of needing to make the NBA. Kids here, they grow up, all want to make the NFL or the NBA. That's all they care about when they play the sport. We grow up, we want to play for our team in Berlin. That's what we dream of when we grow up. And then as we get older, maybe your prospect, now you start thinking about that, but it's never NBA or bus, you know what I mean? I think with Dirk, he's definitely a huge figure, a huge athlete in Germany. But because basketball is just not that popular standpoint, it's not like a star would be here. Or sports in general, honestly, aren't as much a part of society back home.


When did you guys realize like, Oh, we have goals that are bigger than just playing for our team in Berlin. We're going to be in the NBA. What was that moment? Was it someone who pushed you there or a scout who was like, Yo, you guys are really good?


I will say that. I don't know how Frans feels about that, but that took me the most energy to come up with that mentality of, F everything. I'm going to do this and I'm going to believe in it, even though nobody here else talks about it. That took me a lot of energy. There was a click moment when I was 15 years old. I really wanted to go to college because our parents went to school, went to university, and we wanted to connect basketball in and the school aspect of it. Then through that, I realized, okay, there's more that we can do. Then at some point, I wanted to go to college because I want to go to the NBA. At a certain point, I just said, Fuck this. I want to go to the League. I'm going to do that and I'm going to figure it out. That wasn't really a plan B. I was too crazy to have a plan B, but I was also not arrogant enough to say, I'm going to make the league. You have that for yourself. That takes a lot of energy and a lot of belief. I'm lucky it worked out.


It could have gone any other way, too.


Yeah. Why Michigan? What made you decide that Michigan was the right place for you to go from Jersey? Because if I grew up in Europe and I was thinking about the United States, I would probably think Los Angeles.




Arizona, somewhere nice, maybe Hawaii, go play out there. Why Michigan?


Well, next time tell them to offer me. Watch as to how it works.


I love when you said that. You sound like a diehard villain.


I had one offer. Coach, B-Line, believed me. He said, Here, we want you to come to Michigan. It's cold, but it's a good school. They play very European, obviously Big Ten, super slow basketball relatively. They played five out, which was good for me. It's very skill-oriented. I feel like that was a fit. Then I was either going to Michigan or stay at home. I just took the risk.


In France, was it Michigan or nothing else for you? Or did you get offered other places?


I got offered really... I didn't decide that I was actually going to Michigan until it was, I want to say May or June or something like that, so really late that summer. I got some offers really late because some of the guys left for the NBA at other schools. But for me, it was more between choosing Michigan or staying at home and signing a contract there. I was waiting because B-Line had just left to go to the NBA, and I was waiting who was going to be the next coach. Once Joan got the job, I really connected with him. I felt really comfortable. I knew the school, just the experience-wise, obviously I knew that from Moe that that was going to be fun.


I waited on that. You brought up Joan, but since you did bring up Joan, I went to Wisconsin.


Yeah. Where's this headed? I don't know.


What's your coach doing? He's smushing people's faces? You had to say like, This is ridiculous. This is not... You guys call yourself Michigan men and you smush people in the face?


I mean, he's sticking up.


For his team. For a handshake? He's getting upset.


About a handshake? Something had to happen, I'm sure. I'm not saying I'm condoning any violence or anything like that. I think we.


Removedi think we were moved enough to say that that was awesome.


I was great for the sport. I said right in the beginning, I love rivalries. I love those moments.


I think we're not getting in trouble if we say that. Obviously, that was crazy. But at the same time, I was like, Yeah, that's.


My guy. That was a good Michigan man answer that you just gave. He hate to see violence and then it's.


Like-closed the ranks.


-it's beautiful. -connor Stallion. -it's beautiful. -conversation. No, we can just say that kicked ass.


Did he practice that? He's like, Listen, guys, if we lose by 30, I'll smush someone's face like that, and here's how.


I don't know if you practice it, but that's the type of coach you want to play for that stands up for your team and really is part of the group. I think, Joan did that while I was there and he's still doing that. Like I said, I'm not condoling any violence, but...


But it was funny.


We definitely won that fight, too.


No, you guys lost by 20 and you got upset about the timeout. It was crazy. All right, so other question about Michigan, not a great thing for you, Mo.


That Villanova game, we.


Were there in the building. I want to say this the nice way possible because obviously you guys had an incredible run. That entire run was insane to the finals. But at what point in that game were you like, Oh, we're fucked. Because we felt it maybe five minutes in, we're like, Oh, no.


Philanthrop is this good. Yeah. When you look at that roster, it's crazy. It's crazy. -it's ridiculous. They have five NBA players, six NBA players that started all NBA five. In college, that's so unique. The fact that we were even in the game within the first 10 minutes is pretty special. We had a pretty good team, too. I have a hard time letting go of things in general, but that sometimes still haunts me, obviously, because you don't get that close ever.


Well, it shouldn't haunt you. You could play that game a hundred times, you would have lost a hundred times.


Yeah, I know. You're probably right. It was bad timing, but it's not about that. You just think, okay, what would have happened if you won that thing? You know what I mean? It was an.


Incredible run. It was incredible. You guys did it in the Big Ten Championship Game. Was that the year the plane crash year?


No, that was the year.


Before, which.


We won the Big Ten Championship as well. Thanks for bringing that up.


That was good.


No, that was awesome. I mean, I had an incredible couple of years at Michigan. I'm super grateful for that time. Obviously, it's a weird feeling after a game like that because you're relieved at the same time. I remember it was such a crazy couple of weeks that you just... You're just happy it's over with almost. Then you just got crushed by 20. You're so pissed you're going on campus and it's so nasty.


Yeah, we bet Viranova in that game.


That was the easiest one of all time. When Dante, Divit, and Cingill scores that many points against you, it's like, okay.


They're rough. What did you bet on the Florida-Wisconsan game when Chioza hit.


That three? What do you care about that? I think.


That's a valid question.


What do you care about that?


No, what did you bet on that? That was a mess for you, too.


Yeah, we were there. We were there for it. Yeah, okay, I see it. That's fine.


What do we think about hardball?


Love it. Yeah.


We love hardball. We love hardball.


I understand being against what Michigan is being accused of. If you're a rival school, you probably hate Michigan's guts right now. But it's such a funny scandal. It's so funny.


That you have- Can I ask you this question? Yeah. You guys are Americans. We aren't. Facts. What do you think about... In our business, in our sport, that's called scouting?




What do you think about the whole thing?


The reason why you can't do it in college football is because not every school has the same athletics budget. It wouldn't be fair if some teams could afford to send five scouts to every away game when they weren't playing. Whereas some smaller schools would not have the resources to be able to send people out to do that. That's why the rules in place. But it seems like Hunter Stallions didn't expense any of his trips, and he might have just done it out of the good of his own heart to go on these trips. It's a big heart. Which is, I guess, abiding by the spirit of the rule, if not the letter of the law. But you're right, it is scouting. It's just trying to make it so. Well, every other team is going to say that they don't do that. Right. I'm sure some teams do, but they're saying, Michigan is the only team that's doing it that's unfair.


Here's the part. I think it's cheating in the fact that, yes, by the letter of the law is cheating. But the part that bothers me is all the big ten teams complaining about it because that's such an excuse. You're getting your teeth kicked in by them for the last two years. Find a way to beat them. I hate the excuse thing. That's the part that bothers me. Go find a way to beat them. Do you guys do that? Do you have a Magic Scout? I don't even think you could.


What could you do? We have like 20 scouts in the building just for living. That's why I'm so confused about it. We can call our plays and the opposite team knows exactly what we're running. You still got to stop it. I've never played football, so I don't know how it works. We've had this conversation a lot on the dinner table or in a lunch table lately within the team. But I guess it's different in football. When you really know a route or a play, it's easier to stop it. But I think it's ridiculous, to be honest with you. And the funny thing is we got the signs now, so you can take the three game suspension, but we'll still know.


What's running, right?


Yeah. Well, he gets coached during the week.




He asked to just sit out on Saturdays.


He can't coach on Saturdays. Yeah. Speaking of scouting, when was the first time someone came and scouted you guys in Germany? Did you notice right away? You're like, Oh, there's that fat American sitting in a Tom of the Bahamas shirt.


I think you don't really notice as a player. I know for sure that at the FIBA tournaments, when you play for your national team, when you're under-16, under-18, that type of stuff, there's a lot of NBA scouts there. I know that now, but I wasn't really aware at.


That point. That's probably better because I would definitely be like, There's a scout, and then just have a terrible game.


Yeah, I had no clue. I was way too... No, I had no clue.


You guys won not Olympics. What did you guys win? The World Cup. The World Cup. The World Cup. The Beaver World Cup? Beaver World Cup. Who did you guys beat in the final?


Was it.


The US?


Serbia. Okay. Yes, we beat in.


The semifinal. Who is on the US team?


Let's go through the team.


Bunch of Linova guys actually.


Paulo Bankara was on the team.




Is he good?


He's solid. Okay. All right. Tyrese Hallibard and.


Anthony Edwards. We didn't send our.


Best, but not our best and brightest.


Do we really want to get into.


The game? If we sent our first team, how much do we beat you guys by?


We shall see in the Olympics. Yeah, we shall see.


I've heard you talk about having to guard Kevin Durant and maybe your welcome to the NBA moment.




You heard that? Yeah, I listened to it. I did some scouting.


I did some dumb shit, I would be honest with you. In my first couple of years. I talk a lot, obviously, and I've put that back a little bit. But one of the first times I matched up against Kevin Durant, and obviously, dude, I'm a huge NBA fan. I know all these guys from YouTube. I watched all these games at night. Frans and I would get up at night and watch these players. All of a sudden, I'm on the court with them. Obviously, in my first year, I'm a little starstruck. Kevin Durant guards me, and I think he's not taking me serious at all. He doesn't even know who I was. I'm on a pick-and-pop three, and he fouls me. And I didn't realize it was him and turned around and said, Yeah, you can't guard me. That's crazy. I have no credibility whatsoever at this point. And it's Kevin Durant I just talked smack to. And at that point, it was the Warriors. He was on The Warriors. And it was him, Draymond Green, and DeMarcus Cousins that were on the free throw line box out talking shit to me while I was shooting three free throws.


Oh, my God. I'm telling you, I was so shook.


Did you make them?


I made one out of three. I think there's a replay. You can see Queen Cook on the sideline laughing his ass off because those three guys were going.


Yeah, those are three of the worst guys.


To want to just- I set myself up for that, though. I deserve all of that.


You can't.


Guard me.


You can't guard me. You can't guard me. I turned around and I see KD and I was like, What did you just say?


Oh, no. We're going to get back to Mo and Frans in a second. They're brought to you by Papparoni. Blake absolutely loves Papparoni. It's his first football season. He's a terrible gambler, but he loves watching football with his dad. We always chow down on Papparoni. I fed him probably seven or eight pieces of Papparoni during the second half of the game last night alone. He loves this stuff. Papparoni treats are Blake's favorite snack on game days. Papparoni treats are delicious for dogs. He'll do anything for Papparoni. He'll sit, he'll stay, he'll lay down, he'll wave. He loves his tricks. When I have a pepperoni in my hand, even when he just thinks I have a pepperoni in my hand, he'll do whatever I want. Go to his crate, bark on command. He does it all. Blake's the best and he loves pepperoni. He's my BFF and you can celebrate your favorite sports team with your BFF, your pup. Be your best friends, best friend with pepperoni treats. Go to pepperoni. Com, find a bag near you. That's P-U-P-P-E-R-O-N-I. Com. Pepperoni. Com, find a bag near you. Now here's more of the Wagner's.


Do you have any of those moments, Frans, where you're like, Oh, this is different. The NBA is maybe not like Boogie, Cousins yelling at you on the free throw line, but some moment where you're like, Okay, I got to focus a little more because this is definitely harder than it was.


In college. I mean, I remember my first, I think it was our first preseason game, we're playing the Celtics, and I was guarding Jason Tatom in the post. He did this quick spin move, and I was still standing there as he was dunking the ball. I didn't even notice that he had left. That was the one moment I was like, Yo, this is so much faster, so much quicker. Kevin Durant, I tried to guard him as best as I could in an actual game then, and I think he won 11 for 12 or 30 points. You try all you can, but he's just like it's a workout.


On hard shots, too. It's not layups.


It's insane shots.


Yeah, you're playing what you think is the best defense that you can against him, and then there's nothing you can do.


About it. He's just working out by himself. That's how it feels.


Yeah. Do you guys live together?




What's that like?


It's fun. We live in a house that's probably a little too big for both of us, but it's awesome. We both have our private space. Moe's upstairs, I'm downstairs. We're catching up on some time that we lost when Moe went to Michigan and later on in the NBA.


Do you guys have moments where you are hanging out in the NBA and you're like, Remember when we used to wake up at 3:00 in the morning, watch YouTube videos together as teenagers? Because that's got to be a whole mind-flop.


I think this all the time. Even when we pulled up to the United Center yesterday, I'm like, This is so crazy. This is a big-ass arena and people actually pay to watch us play. But we talk about this all the time. I've been in the league for four years without him, obviously living by myself. It gets lonely real quick. You only get to play basketball so much a day and then you have all the rest of the day in some city that you've never lived in to spend by yourself. Having a roommate or having that camaraderie is just really cool. You can share it. Obviously, saying out loud, too, that this is cool what we're doing has so much value and reminds you of how grateful you should be to do this job.


Who's the hardest guy to guard and not named Kevin Durant? For both of you.


I mean, there's players you can't really guard. Joel and Beat, for example, is one of those guys where you have to make it difficult for him. Yokech. Before the game, you decide what you want to take away or what you want to challenge them in. The rest you just live with without admitting weakness here. But it's just like the skill set and it's just so incredible in this league that it's just make it as difficult as you can for him and then live with the result.


Yeah, because I remember, I think JJ Redik said it on his podcast that the misconception that guys in the NBA don't play defense is so off.




The stupidest thing. It's that the guys in the NBA are so good at offense that there are certain people that you can't do anything. You can try your.


Best, but-You can't. Right.


We're trying our best.


We're trying.


Who's the toughest guy to play against? Who's the most tenacious defender that you've had to go up against?


He gets 28 shots a game, so I'm like, I'm not going to speak on that.


Hey, you fill it up. What are you averaging this year?


I don't know. Let's stay away.


From the average. Oh, why not?


Wait, you don't read your box scores? You don't keep track.


Of your stats? I don't look at numbers.


I don't-Fron's averaging... Why wouldn't you know how much you're.


Averaging a game? I think it's bad to.


Try to-.


18.3. -try to play a game and try to hit 18.3 points again.


You know what I mean? Well, it'd be tough to hit 18.3, but yeah.




Get what I'm saying. 18,5 and 3, that's pretty damn good. Yeah, so who's the guy who when you have to match up against him, you're like, this is going to be a long... Not a long night, but it's going to be harder than usual.


I would say PJ Tucker because he's really physical. Kauai Leonard, we just played the Clippers.


His arms are.


So long. And he's so strong. People don't realize it. Really can't move them. There's no point in even trying.


Hey, do you guys think that zone defense is coward defense? It is, right? You probably played in Europe.


A lot, right? As an offense, it means that they're having a problem stopping you with a five-on-five defense.


They're almost admitting it.


At the end of the day, though, if you win with a zone offense, you won. I don't care. You know what I mean? If you win with a zone defense, you won, too. Incentives to score more points. That's true. If you can't figure out a zone, that always makes you look more foolish than the zone defense.


Right. Do you like playing zone defense?


Like being on defense? Yeah.


I would just get like... I would be standing there and just be like, Oh, wait, where am I supposed to stand?


Yeah, that is actually a thing. We spend 99 % of our time in practice playing man defense. Then when we're in the game, sometimes we throw a zone out there just to throw it off the other team. We're definitely not as used to playing zone defense as we are in man. Right. It's just way different. It's not that it's more chill or you have to move less or anything like that. You have to actually communicate a lot more because you're not doing it as much.


You're not a habit yet. -filling space, yeah. -yeah. Have you guys ever been in the zone? In the zone? Like in the zone shooting-wise. -yeah. -has there been a game? What game? Do you remember it? Could you feel different when you were in the zone? You're like, This is just no matter what I throw up there, it's going in. -yeah.


-that's going to run. It's an amazing feeling.


I would imagine it's the.


Best feeling in the world. I had a one time in college, and ever since then, it's been-.


How many did you score?


I scored 22 points and a half.


Which is a lot.


In college. Yeah. Oh, and it felt so good. You go into half times like what just happened? It's so much fun.


That's awesome. What about you, Frans?


I would say my first real good game in the NBA, I wouldn't say I was in the zone... I didn't think I was in the whole game, but I had a stretch in the fourth. It's just that perfect mix of relaxation, focus. You're just in that perfect mind spot. Like you said, everything you're throwing up there feels like it's going in.


I would have been in the zone once.


It would be so good. I would just hope that the game would never end. Let's keep playing something good. I would also try to recreate everything I did that day, the next time I played. Do the same breakfast, lunch, same routine. Everything. Don't change a single thing. The same underwear. So Patrick the Holmes does.


He wears the same underwear. Do you wash the underwear after.


The game? He says he doesn't.


That's nasty. How many games are there a year?


Seventeen? Seventeen now, yeah, 17 games.


And the playoffs. I'm watching the NBA for.


17 games. Do you guys have an NFL team you root for? Have you what? Do you have an NFL.


Team you root for? We're root for the Finns, the Finns Up.


Okay, there.






Were you guys kids when they started putting NFL games in Germany? Yes. Did you go? Is it weird? Tell us from your perspective. No, not on TV, but the.


Actual game. No, I never went to an actual game in Germany. But I think a couple of years ago, I don't know exactly how long, but they would put out the Sunday games, which is like prime time back home. They would show two of those at home. That's a memory of mine, doing my homework, watching the game with my dad. There's actually a really big following. That's why they have games there now.


It's the best sport in the world.


Did you ever think about playing American football? No. You'd be tight ends. You'd be great tight ends.




Block. Yeah, one quarter.


Did you guys play soccer growing up? Yeah. Because I was going to say there probably was a moment where all the soccer players like, You're going to really waste your time with this basketball thing. Now you can laugh at them and be like, That wasn't a waste. Look at us.


I played at the same time for two years. I always say that I would be a really good soccer player. My brother doesn't really believe me, but I'm tall. I had a great time playing soccer. It was.


Really cool. With Jeremy, he's got a history of very tall soccer players that were pretty good. Yeah, but.


Not this tall. Not that tall. Six, eleven on the soccer pitch.


It's very tall. These guys are so fast. Yeah, it's no train. The defenders most of the times are the tallest ones, right? Right. They're going up against Messi and all these guys. These guys are so fast.


You don't think you can stop B-Roy-Sanee and they're like, 1-1?


Kima Olajuwon, he was a goalkeeper for the Nigerian National team. Was he? Yeah. But it seems weird because he's so far from the ground, so you just shoot low on him and it goes in. But yeah, he was a really good soccer player for.


A while. What team do you guys root for in soccer? Byron?


I'm a big Veda, Breem fan. I don't know if that says anything.


Is that First League?


It's the First League. It's a Bundesliga. It's a Bundesliga, exactly. It's a team in the north.


You guys suck. It sounds like you suck.


The way you're saying it, you suck. Kind of healthy midfield.


Yeah, sounds like.


You suck. Like the bears.


And the NFL. No, we're not healthy midfield. We're the worst.




Always the worst.


Sorry. I'm sorry. No, that's fair. That's a fair shot. I like it. I like those. What's the one thing that people, fans, get wrong about the NBA? They don't understand it. The one thing, whether it be how tough the grind is or like I was saying about how everyone's good at offense and that's not means that you're not trying on defense, what's the thing that you could correct if you hear fan criticism? You're like, That's not exactly how it works.


I have one thing that comes to mind, right? Don't DM me about your bets. Okay, that's fair. I don't.


Give a shit. I got to delete it.


But what if you had a parlay and you just need to get one more fucking rebound?


Yeah, I understand that, but that's your fault for betting. I really don't give a rat's ass about your bet.


That's a fair response.


That's the one thing that I'm not here for your bets. Okay.


It's getting out of hand. It's like 10, 15 people at a time.


Every game. They're going.




Too. Yeah, they.






These guys sound nuts.


The worst.


You don't.


Have anybody that works here.


That would.


Dm a player after a bad loss.


No, it's fun, though, obviously. I'm not against that. But just.


Don't DM me. Yeah, that's fair. Well, you could also just not look at the DMs.


Yeah, that's a good point.


Yeah. So maybe it's actually on you.




It's on you. Yeah, what are you looking for in your DMs, Mo?


Well, I mean, depends on the city. Yeah.


Oh, man. All right, so I had one last question. It's a rowback question. Rhoback. Com, use promo code take. Qzips, Polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, rowback. Com, promo code take 20 % off first purchase. Since we did talk a little Big Ten, what's the toughest place to play in the big 10?


I will say Michigan State or Ohio State. They have the big student section. They obviously go crazy for the Michigan game, big rivalry. It's always a special time.


What about you?


Dark Horse, Purdue.


Oh, it was good.


Purdue, it's also so dark in there. The fans are all wear black. It's like they're on top of you almost. The student section is on top of the bench almost. It feels weird.


I gave you guys an opening there to say, Coal Center, because the refs always call.


The games differently. You know what's funny about that arena? It's like a lot of like... Because Madison is such a cool, normal city where people that are in students live too, they're quiet for 35 minutes.


The student section is in the end. They should put it behind the bench.


Yeah, I agree. But they go on a run and then all of a sudden that place is live. It's insane. It could be quiet for 35 minutes and then they go on one little run and call center.


Is cool. I think it's because they drink so much before the games. They don't get in until midway through the second quarter.


It's hard to cheer when you have a belly full of cheesecards.


Yeah, good answer though with Michigan State because I feel like Michigan State is a very hard place to play. Any team that goes in there and wins a game, they have to be an elite basketball player.


They've already lost a couple of games this year.


Oh, they did?


They lose to who?


I don't know. I'm not a big college player. I'm going to look it up. I think they lost their first game at home.


They lost their first game at home?




No, there's.


No way they lost.


That's no way. Look it up.


Okay. Are you talking about Tom Izzow at Michigan State?




They lost to James Madison.


Oh, shit. Do we know anyone who went to James Madison?


I got a helmet up here. That's crazy, though, that.


They- It is.


Oh, yeah. How much did they lose by?


It was overtime, but.


It doesn't matter. I mean, it still counts.


No, but I agree with you. Going to Michigan State, you were a legit threat to win the national championship if you can win a game there.


Yeah. They show up early for the game in warmups. They talking shit to you.


They know shit about you, too. I can't remember.


I did their research. What's the most personal somebody's gotten in the crowd? Actually, don't say that because then other people will say that. Yeah, true.




Camera. I'll pivot to a different last question. When you guys were growing up, would you guys just beat the shit out of the neighbors? Right. How intimidating was your family? We've got the tallest, most athletic people in our city that live in the same house. Would you play basketball against someone and just dunk on them.


All the time? We only just should have done that. Yeah, why didn't you? Not very violent people.


It's soft. Very tall.


But-personal life.


-yeah. -yeah.


No fighters. We would fight each other.


Yeah, me and Moe.


But that's about it.


Who wins?


Well, I had a legit advantage being five years old or four and a half years older, so there's a physical advantage there. Ever since that's even, we haven't fought just because we're adults now.


When was the last time you guys wrestled? You can't tell me there hasn't been one time when you're living in the big house, too much room.


No, we don't wrestle.


No, we don't wrestle.


You tussle a little.


You don't wrestle? You don't wrestle.


Hypothetically, if you were to wrestle, who wins right now?


Well, Mike Raffling is pretty good.




A big U-of-C five. I like U-of-C, so I think I have an advantage, too.


Were you nervous, Mo, that Frans was going to get taller than you?


No, but I will say there's, I mean, being a big brother, I think everybody can relate to that. There is a point where you're playing one-on-one your entire life, and then there's an age where at some point he pulls out a move and you're low key like, realize, Okay, one more month and I cannot guard this move.


That's when I stopped playing it.


Yeah, that had to feel awesome, Frans, when you had that move.


I didn't let him know.


That's the thing. He didn't let me know. I never got the actual- But.


You knew. You knew when he stopped playing. He was like, I don't want to play anymore.


It's like, Oh, shit. He actually got by me.


You're probably like, Where did you learn that from? Because I never showed that move. What's this?


I figured something out here.


That's great. All right, well, thank you, guys. Awesome time having you in studio. Anytime you're in Chicago, we'd love to have you stop by. For sure. You can shoot on our 10-foot, two-inch rims, which are the stupidest.


Rims ever.


Yeah, how do you mess that up? I don't know. We have the tallest basketball rims in the world. No one has ever made a basketball rim over 10 feet.


It's crazy. Feels like like...


I think we're getting pranked.


I think it's the guy that built this office, Hank, just being like, Hey, no dunking. Because we'd all be able to dunk if it was 10 feet.


Right. Obviously. Well, thank you guys. Best of luck for the rest of.


The season. Appreciate you guys. Thank you.




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Okay, let's do some FAQs. It's been a while. Hank, you ready? Fire them up. Fire them up. Fire them up. Fire them up. By the way, you guys, have you guys looked at the schedule this weekend? It's going to fucking rock.


We got Chiefs Bills.


We got Eagles Cowboys. Eagles Cowboys. Which I think, Max, you were exempt from streaming. I think New York is going to stream it with Smity. You're happy. We'll maybe watch the second half while we're taping the show.


Yeah, we'll have.


Clips for sure. Which would be even better for the people at home.


Yeah, I mean, whatever.


It doesn't matter. Yeah, we can watch you react as it's happening.




Make a PMTV? Yeah, maybe make a PMTV out of it. Yeah, we have that, Chief Spills, Cowboys, Eagles. We have Rams, Ravens, which is going to be a great game.




Niners, right? Double Monday night.


Yeah. Colts, Bangles, low key.


Yeah. Yeah, that's right. Double Monday Night game. Don't be caught off guard. There are two Monday Night games this week. For what reason? I don't know. But they're going to kick off at the exact same time.


It's actually a good strategy because they're both games that.


Aren't great. They're bad games. Yeah.


I think the Dolphins is playing one of them. But still, you can just flip to the one that has a better game or have two TVs. All right, Hank, I think he's...


Whenever you all decide to hang up the mic, are you all going to do a Kobe retirement tour or tell us all of a sudden, like braided? Please never retire. I have nightmares of this hypothetical.


Wait, when braided retired, he retired and then he came back, though.


Remember? True. We talked about this with Cam and Brandon Marshall about doing a tour. I've always thought in my head that when we do end up hanging up the cleets, we're going to do a sellout, like Aerosmith when they're like 75 tour. Or we're more just going to be like, Yeah, we're going to make like 20 million dollars being washed up podcast or doing one final tour.


We could do the kiss version of that, which is you do that tour five times in a row where you're like, This is the retirement tour. Then you come back, retire again. Then you come back.


Retire again. What if we did one final tour and it was the drugs-only tour.


We died at the last episode.


We were just like, Man, these guys, they got to get off the road.






Killing them. I mean, AI is going to take over for this podcast eventually.


Yeah. No, I don't think we would do a… That would be crazy if we just did a… All right, and that's the last episode. I don't think we'd do that. I think it would be a much more calculated landing the plane. But that's not a problem we have to think about right now. Although we're going on year eight.


It's crazy. -you're into.


A decade. It's like, who.


-odd years? That's 50 years.


Yeah, we don't know what podcast is going to be.


No podcast is going to.


Be cigarettes. Also, this is about to be a leap year, so it's going to be the actual anniversary. -yes. -november 29th.




-year two. It's going to be your second year, yeah.


No, the podcast, it's like cigarettes in the 50s. Everyone did them.


Yeah, and they didn't know what the effect was.


In 20 years, everyone that has a podcast, they're going to have like-.


They podcast it.


Every day. Yeah, they're going to have a brain tumor.


Yeah, hunched over, can't hear. Fat. Bob Lee will come back and be like, These podcasters put their lights.


On the line. I would not let my son be a podcaster. Nope.


I'd let him be a TikTok star.


That's an important thing. Get them started early.


Memes sent these questions, but this one says, Hey, PMT, just wanted to ask what your thoughts were on Hanky Hazards beating PFD and the money match. Oh, interesting. I don't think- What else we can expect from.


The industry? I was a witness.


Yeah, Jake- Nobody won. No one won. It was a tie.


I won the match.


We tied- We tied nothing.


Though, right? We tied zero-zero.


I won the match. Then we went double or nothing. Then we won triple or nothing.


You lost that. You lost that. Oh, so no.


One won. I owed Hank $0 and Hank owed me $0. So no.


One won? No one. But I.


Won the match. It was a good matchup.


It was fun. How bad did you win it? Or how much did you win it by?


Six holes?


Yeah, Hank won it by a considerable amount.


Hank does spend all his time on that simulate.


He does. He knew how to put. I didn't know how to put until the last five holes when Jake had to step in and show me how to AM on the simulator, which Hank knew because he plays it all the time. Also, Hank selected the golf course, which was very, very suited to you. You just said, Hey, do you want to play this course?


Shout out to Dan Earle. He played it.


Yes. Yeah, Hank had a course of his choosing. It was a home field advantage for him, and we tied.


Every Sunday, we come in to watch football and Hank bets some crazy hungry dog parlay and watches one quarter and sees his team suck and then just goes to the simulator.


I can't express how bad my gambling has been this year.


Like losing?




And you used to be good.


Yeah, I used to have fun. Now the season's over. I keep being like, Well, maybe I'll have a good week and get back into it. Then I don't and then it just gets worse.


You should just ride the Gremlin over three and a half fuel goal bet. It's the only bet that's kept me afloat the last.


Three years. I need a 15-leger.


Okay. See, that's your problem. This is a money maker. I don't know why more people don't bet it. It makes money for me. I suck at gambling besides that. That's really main.


You should have just bet the Niners against the Eagles like I did.


I bet the Eagles.


Oh, no.


Big Cat, PFT, honk, loser, max, Jake, and memes. What is one game or sports moment that happened before the PMT was founded that you wish you guys could have reacted or covered on the pod? Also, I write with Hank, firm believer in the Lighthouse.


Malice to the Palace is the answer.


It would have been incredible.


Malice to the Palace is the answer. Yeah. Because it also would be like, you can't pick specific to our own teams because then it's something that is a national that that and Mantai Teo would have been awesome.


It would.


Have been crazy for you. Mantai Teo, Tiger Woods would have been awesome.


Yeah, the Thanksgiving? Yes. That would.


Have been incredible.


And the text that got leaked afterwards? Yes. Oh, yeah. Yes. We would have done dramatic readings of those.


But I think Mallest in the Palace, if we had recorded right after Mallest in the Palace, would have been incredible.


Cubs guy?


You're talking about Bartman. Steve Bartman. Yeah, no, I'm saying that taking out specific things to reach ourselves.


But aside from you, just.


Like in general.


As a show.


Thing, that would have been. Yes, yes. Viranova, Buzzerbeater?


Yeah, I mean.


That-we were doing the pod then.


Yeah, it was a month in. It was 2016. April of 2016.


Yeah. There's some good ones, though.


Malicep, the Palace would have been just all time.


All time. So many funny. I don't say would have been fun. We would have thought Lynsanny would have lasted forever. We would have.


Been very wrong about that. Lebron's first title would have been tough for you guys.


Oh, I wouldn't have potted. I would have loved that. I wouldn't have potted.


You mean Duane Wade's first title? Yeah. Well, I was going to say second title.


All right, Hank, what else? 18 and 1 for Hank would have been, Oh, my God.


Oh, that.


Would have been the best. Oh, my God. Oh, man. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I don't know. That was the second time. I mean, what about- Aaron Boon? No, what about fucking Eagles's Patriots First Super Bowl.


Would have been great. That would have been awesome, too.


Yeah. That would have been awesome. Or even the second one because Max wasn't on the show yet. That might be the answer.


And the Philly Special.


You would have been so mad at Max. That would have been insane. Holy fuck. I think that might be the number one answer.


All right, last one. Big fan. Appreciate all the content you guys bring us, AWS. I would love to know the most holy shit moment when the podcast was first starting. We realized this is bigger than we ever thought it could be. Whether it was you were able to get on or even a single notable person that told you they were a listener, whatever it is, thanks again for all you guys do. Pft, rooting for you and surviving Barstool. If you come at the king, you best not miss. Yeah, we're all rooting for PFT.


At this point. It was fun.


It was fun. Actually, so I don't know what the first holy shit moment. I always go back to Joe Bucks or Scott Van Pelt. I think going to Bristol and getting to interview Scott Van Pelt because we obviously were friends of them, but that was a big one. I have them all the time, though, so I can tell this story now. When we did Surviving Barstool, everyone go buy it. Not really a spoiler. I was eliminated in four hours. I went to stay at a hotel all week. At the hotel, the Celtics were staying at the hotel. I was in an elevator with Derek White, and I felt like such a loser because I was like, I was like, I recognize him. I was like, Yeah, like, Oh, you guys got a game? I was like, Yeah, I have a podcast and my producer is a huge Celtics fan. He was just like, Yeah, I listen to your podcast all the time. I was like, Fuck yeah, dude. That's very cool. That's fucking awesome. He's going to come on the show. But those moments, whenever an athlete says they listen, it still blows me away.


For me, it was first Super Bowl that we covered. That was in Houston, right? The Houston Super Bowl. At the Barstol party, Guy Fiery was there. Guy Fiery was like, Hey, man, I love part of my take. I was like, That is.


Pretty cool.


That's pretty fucking cool. I can just die right now. Guy knows who I am. Yeah.


What about you, Hank?


I have them all the time. I mean, any athlete, it's different for you guys because you're the host, but any athlete that recognizes me or I go to introduce myself and I go, What's up, Hank? I'm just like, What's up?


That's the thing. Yeah. When an athlete knows us, it doesn't go away. That part does not go away where I'm still like, What.


The fuck? Especially now with some of even the Will Levises of the world who are like, they've been listening since they were in high school.


Will Levis told us when we went to dinner with him in Kentucky during the Breeders Cup. It was like me, Dave, Jerry, Elio. He was like, Yeah, I was playing guess at us when I was like 13.


Yeah. I was like, Cool. The people that have come up, because Jared was a fan of Barcell when the podcast first started, which was crazy because he just got drafted number one and was hitting you up being like, Come out and stuff.


Yeah, come party.


Yeah. Fuck, you just got drafted number one and you just want to hang out with us.


He's been in the NFL for eight years.


But he was more just a fan of Barcell. But there's now people that are fans of the podcast that are coming up and pros and stuff. It's like, Holy shit. We've been doing.


This for a while. It is one of those things that I'm happy that we haven't gotten jaded in this respect because it really does. It still is the coolest thing ever. Whenever someone who plays sports or manages or whatever, coaches is like, Oh, hey, I'm a fan of you. I'm like, Really?


For me, it.


Was just.


Crazy people listen. I still tell them I just assume people don't listen.


I know, right? It's the weirdest thing. It'll fuck with.


Your head. I think some of the Spotify rap numbers and stuff you see.


Yeah, I'm like, Oh, fuck. People like to hang with us, and it's awesome.


When we saw our golf head cover on Charlie Woods's bag, that was a big moment for me.


But it's good, though, because it really would suck if we got to a point where an athlete. If Derek White was like, Yeah, listen, I'd be like, Of course he does. That would suck.


Yeah, can I get a picture? You'd be.


Like, Time to hang it up. You can't get excited about this. I was legitimately excited. I told you right away. I was like, I saw Derek White. He listens.


Which is crazy. I remember.


I saw.


Derek White. Another holy shit moment. It might.


Have been Blake.


The first couple of months of it was the podcast that we had with Marlin's Man and Foul Ball guy. Oh, Marlin's. Getting both those guys on the show at the same time. I knew we had something special.


Marlin's Man texted me.






Oh, here we go. I got a phone call the day after.


Marlin's Man texted me, this is pretty-.


You got to listen to this. He was saying he was going to sue me.




Is threatening me. Also, when I hung out with Marlin's man and he took me up to his condo in Miami and then pointed out all the different properties that he owned along the beach. I didn't know if I was going to leave that hotel room or not for about 15 minutes. That's cool. That was.


Pretty cool. Marlin's been texting me. This is pretty breaking news. We can cut this if we don't want to put it in Max and Mims. Marlin's been texting me, Although Dolphins 9 and 3, all three losses against teams with winning records, and I think all nine wins against teams with losing or 500 records, FYI.


Okay, yeah.


We should cut that. Pretty big stat. We should probably cut that. I don't know if anyone else knows that. I liked getting that random text from Marlin's mic. Pretty sure that was a graphic on the TV when they were playing on Sunday. It was. It was that weird one where Mike McDaniel was jumping over hurdles.


Don't think Cowboys have a pretty similar stat?


Yeah. They need to beat someone. I mean, they beat.


The Seahawks.


Okay, good show, boys. Tune into the 24-hour stream starting at nine o'clock. Central. Central. You sure you don't.


Want to go to eight? Part of my take, you two. We can go eight.


Let's go eight. No? Max saying no. Okay, nine o'clock. Okay, numbers. I get this 3, 71. I get this 3, 71.


Want to switch pause if I.


Get this. Pug 27.


Pft, did you hear what he said? We'll split 12 hours.




I'll match.


No, I'll do 12. I'll do 12. No, it's just for Hank.


What the fuck? Twenty-seven, you said?


If Hank gets it, PFC and I will both do 12 hours and Hank is out.


17. Wow. Come on. Actually, 40, 40, 40, 40. Oh, no.


I'm going to take 17.


Yeah, I.


Have 71. And what if you guys get it?


Shut up, Jake.


It has to be- What.


The fuck up?


No, it doesn't. It's got to be fair. I'm doing 40.


For all to do. Shut up.




3, and 71. What does your guess? Max and Jake? Twenty.


I mean, that's 27.


And memes?




Sixty-two. Oh, man. Man, 17 would have rocked.


That would have been awesome.


All right, see you.


Everyone, 24 hours straight.


Partomyball. Com.


Love you guys. I hope you're fine. I hope you're fine. Today is another day to find you. Shine away. I'll be coming for you, love of day. For you, love of day. Love of day. Take on me. Take me on. I'll be gone. And I don't want tobe thrown away. Needless to say. I'm all dissentants, but I'll be thrown away. No, no, no. But life is okay. Say to me, it's no better to be safe and sorry. To be safe and sorry. To be safe and sorry. To be safe and sorry. Take on me. Takeon me. I'll be gone. After what? After what? After what? After what? After what? After what? Things like you say, yeah, you did laugh, but just to blame a worry the way you're a little lover. Just to pay my worries away. You're all the things I've got to remember. Are you shying away? Well, I'll be caring for you anyway.


Take on me.


Take me on. I.