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All right, bang, bang, what's up, everybody, it's Eddie, we got to let the people know that St. Patrick's Day is now available in the barstool store, all you got to do is go to store, barstool, sports, dotcom, go get your green, get ready for St. Patrick's Day and yeah, go do it and enjoy your podcast, whatever you listen to. Sure. It's a great show. Hop into it.


Now, on today's part in my take, we have a twofer.


We have Max Haoma fresh off his Genesis Open Win Genesis halftime show, just halftime open win. And then we have Arian Foster doing a draft of the top conspiracy theories in honor of the debut of Macra Dosing and Aryan's new podcast. We will leave it up to the people to vote. So listen to that and then we'll put it up to a vote. And the winner of the vote gets a free T-shirt.


Yeah, whatever conspiracy theory wins, we will send and that person implicated party T-shirt.


Yes, we have obviously Tiger Woods news. We are all going to be rich off of top shot. We have guys on ChiX. We have a dramatic reading a pack Wednesday show for you and it's all brought to you by our friends at Verizon. You've heard us talk a lot about how Verizon 5G ultra wide band makes gaming better, ultra low lag console quality gaming on the go. Well, we're not just talking gaming, Verizon design. They're 5G to make the things we do every day better with the coverage of 5G nationwide, millions of people can now do what they love in Verizon, 5G quality, like work with their teams and 5G clarity.


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Global claim based on open source. No independent analysis.


OK, let's go.


Right. No military violence, I'm not. Look, I'm like, oh, do that. And I don't want to be like my take for high schools.


Welcome to part of my take is by Verizon side.


Today is Wednesday, February 24th, and we are about to be rich again.


What was the last thing we were about to be rich on Dodo's?


Oh, by the way, my douche figurine arrived today. Oh, nice. I'm wearing my Dodge sweatshirt to the moon. No, we are going to be rich on top shot. Now, the real news today was Tiger Woods got into a car accident. We hope he's OK. It would have felt weird to start the show being like today is February 24th and Tiger Woods got in a car car accident.


Yeah. So he's just not trying to bump you out heavily. Right. Right. Don't talk about it a little bit. Like we obviously hope that Tiger is OK. Yeah, it seems like he is. Yeah. You know what? Right now we're waiting for the facts to come out.


So I did break my cardinal rule of just not tweeting right away when something happens. I, I, I didn't even make a joke of it. I made more of an observation that the L.A. Sheriff's County tweeted in the Masters green color, green and yellow color to announce that Tiger Woods got in a car accident that was in poor taste. That was my bad. I do hope he's OK.


And as Max Home Brooks kept your fans. We hope the tiger. No. Yes, exactly. No, I do. It's it's a it's a rule that is in place for a reason that there's no reason to tweet about anything when, like, facts are murky.


Yeah. Because no one cares that much about my opinion. Well, that was my fuck up my bad. I took a mecca for Caron Butler.


Yeah. There. How many pounds was Brigham's. 265 out of high school. Yeah. So so yeah. We obviously hope that Tiger's OK. It's still like a little bit unclear what the injuries are, how serious they are. So it's probably better to air on the side of caution. Correct.


And also here's what I didn't do and I don't think people should do is speculate on what could have caused it.


The real story is that he got in a car accident. You hope he's OK. The actual car crash looked really bad.


It seems like from all reports that it is something with his legs. And I saw a tweet from someone in his camp saying that like he's in stable condition, so he's going to be OK. But there are clearly injuries from it.


This this feels like one of those situations where TMZ is shockingly just going to crush everybody in terms of breaking the most accurate, most up to date news. Yes, they pull like rabbits out of their hats, you know, a couple of times a year. When it comes to major celebrity stories like this, I feel like I'm waiting on TMZ to wait for the facts to come out before I will let my facts come out. Yeah.


So here's the report I was reading. Tiger Woods has a non-life threatening injuries per spokesman on a CBS affiliate just now. So, yeah, let's hope he's OK and let's hope, you know, it's weird to say it.


I saw a lot of people tweeting you just kind of weird to be like, I hope he plays golf again. But it's also like the inner sports fan to be like, yeah, I hope he plays golf again. Yep, he's OK.


And also just know that we interviewed Max Haoma on Monday when this happened. So we do ask him a couple of questions about getting to meet Tiger, which he says hero. He had said that he was you know, he'd been trying to get Tiger to give him a high five at Riviera for the last twenty years. So we asked him a little bit about that. But that was done before any of this. So if you hear him talking about Tiger, it's not that he's glossing over.


It was just in the past. It was.


Yeah, we did it on Monday when when we could get him. He's not a time off to win. OK, so that happened again.


Hope, hope everything's OK.


But we are so real thing to see, especially because like I mean the like I, I don't know, it's weird to go back in time and think about the Kobe, you know how shocking all of that was. Then you hear this and you see the picture, you're like holy fucking shit.


That is way more severe. And I know that there were some people in the Basel office and I understand it in that the used there used to be a yearly like joke tweet story that would go around being like Joe Flacco or Drew Brees or Jay Cutler broke their legs in a car accident.


Yeah, I think it happened twice to Drew Brees. It happened once. Terry Bradshaw. Right.


Mike Florio killed Terry Bradshaw at one point. It's weird to to see that and realize that there's actually a lot of people probably weren't on the Internet in 2013 14 were. This actually did happen all the time. So when you see Tiger Woods car accident, leg injuries, I like you. It's a throwback. Obviously, that's not the case here, but that I can see the confusion there. Yeah. Yeah. When I told stories were crazy when I first come out and honestly, like one of the better life acts I've had in the last couple of years.


Is turning on Twitter notifications from Adam Schefter. Yeah, because he's always got it. He's on top of everything when when it comes out from Adam, if it's an MRI or if it's an X-ray of somebody's hand or if it's the fact that Cam Newton's on the Patriots and we get to break in the middle of the show, it's actually like a good thing. Brian tape. Yeah, he has the weapon for.


Yep, that's true. He hardly ever falls for any fake news stories, so he's pretty good about the tweet. So.


All right. So yeah. Hope Tiger's OK. I hope everything works out. Scary, scary news story. But we are going to get rich. We are going to get rich.


Top shot. I was so I spent the morning being skeptical in the afternoon, being a true believer.


Dude, I'm such a believer because the second I realized that it was exactly what trading cards are except online I'm in because some guy just sat down one day and was like, I'm going to make pictures of baseball players worth a lot of money. Yeah, because people will want to look at them. And that if you think about that guy, when that guy came out, people were like, dude, you're crazy, nobody wants those. So here's why I was skeptical.


I was skeptical because I live life with too hard and fast rules. One is everyone's trying to scam everyone at all times. OK, so someone's going to get their nut off while everyone else holds the bag.


If you're not if you're not doing the scam and you're getting scammed, correct. Yeah, too is when I hear about a scam or this isn't a scam. This is real. When I hear about something, the latest and greatest new thing, it's too late.


And that's really that is, I think, truthful.


The minute that it hits my ears or I understand something, the money that was to be made has already been made. I am the most the cooler, whatever you want to call it. But when I show up to the party, the party's usually over.


Wouldn't you guys agree? Yeah, I think like I think that's fair. So I walk in the door and I'm like, hey, let's all get drunk.


And everyone's like, dude, time to go home. There are studies that have been done like I know in the tech industry. It's like you've got your the people that develop the product. Then you have like the early stage adopters that really get to become experts on it. Then you have like the tipping point and then just pass the tipping point. You have like the sucker public that gets in at the very end and doesn't really understand where this thing came from that we are we're not the last of the heart.


I think we're the first of the suckers. So sometimes we can get in and we'll be a little bit suck, will be less Sukkari then the majority of people. But we're still like the first suckers.


Yeah, we're the first tranche of suckers because they know that, like, OK, I might be maybe a couple days ahead of Time magazine, but that might be like pushing it.


It might not be a couple of days. It might be o day before your parents read it on, you know, in a magazine or a newspaper. I might have found out about it twenty four hours before that.


So I'm typically like four days before my mom puts a Facebook post up. That's up. Yeah. And about five days before Rick Reilly makes a joke about it. So that is exactly you're right. That's where we are. I think we can still we can still get rich off this, though, because I bought the most pristine mint condition gif of Alex Caruso blocking James Harden. It is sick, paid 500 bucks for it. Oh, well, here's here's the thing.


Real cash.


Yeah, well, it was a coin. It's all made up. Yeah. So money's not Monopoly.


Couldn't use Coinbase to pay for stuff.


OK, so I tried to buy a Jimmy Butler gift. Right. But I couldn't. This is what made me skeptical about the entire operation. I was excited. I was pumped up. I was ready to spend three thousand dollars on a gif of Jimmy Butler hitting a jump shot. I was ready to do. I was trying to do it. And the technology was like, hey, we're not selling them right now. Chill. The site's not working.


If you're say if you can't take three thousand dollars for me, the first of the suckers, to me that's a red flag that you're not really going to be able to bilk the real idiots out there. Yeah, you know. Well, so I have a different experience so far.


I have someone else running my account for me and I this is truly I'm too old, Billy. I was immediately gifted three of the same Otto Porter plays. And I don't know if those people realize, like I, I actually do watch the Bulls and I know Otto Porter's not like this isn't going to be valuable. So thank you for the gift. But it's clear you're probably using it as a tax write off, trying to be like that's a loss on Otto Porter.


How about a little how about some Patrick Williams, the rookie for the Bulls, who has, by the way, one of my favorite new nicknames, the poor.


Why is he the poor? He's like the claw. He's like Kawhi, but he's the poor. OK, Stacy King's been calling him the par. I kind of like that. Yeah, it's that nice pause.


Only have they've only got the three fingers and thumbs. They're huge. JP should be the pause. Yeah. Paul and is Patrick Williams I think.


Yeah. So I mean that's cool. I wish that they would expand the field a little bit because right now it's like when when Topps used to come out with baseball cards, they'd have everybody on there. They'd have like even the bench players, they have the backup shortstop on there. But now it's like just the stars on here. So I can't even find a. There are no Delli, maybe they're like super expensive. Well, Black Orchid, magic card.


Yeah, my my entire investment strategy is to cornered the market on Luchador. OK, so I'm putting everyone in the torture chamber. We're going to buy all the Luchador. And then when Luchador wins MVP, everyone's like, we're all the blue Dort top shots. Oh yeah. One guy owns them all. I like we got that.


We got the torture chamber. We got Matthew Skell Vedova. It's going to tell us we're going to be pretty leverage with Marcus Smart right now.


Are you got a couple of steals. OK, let's just take a step back for a second. I did make this point earlier today when skeptic Big Cat came out. But do you think there's a little bit? Just a tiny bit. I made this point that we're in a pandemic, the economy. A lot of people are out of work. It's tough times for people. Do you think that the rise in Get-Rich-Quick schemes might have something to do with that?


I think that we're going to see a lot more weird shit like this. Yeah, this is actually you know what? I actually think that the top shot is like the tipping point of the get rich quick schemes, because up until now they've been remarkably successful. We've seen a lot of get rich quick schemes that have actually gotten a lot of people rich quick.


Well, a lot of people have also lost money on GameStop, right. I'm seeing all that stuff right.


But I feel like right now is when we're hitting the time zone where the pandemic lasted long enough, where people are cooped up in their houses thinking of these crazy ideas and then starting to develop them like eight months, nine months later when they actually hit the market. Like, think about the shittiest ideas you had about the world and things that sound like a good idea to you. In late March, early April last year, riding a bike around Manhattan, riding a bike around Manhattan in the rain, starting a video game franchise with a fake character that would no one would ever watch that.


No, but like we did, people did have terrible ideas about everything back then. Yep. Still do to this day. And now those quarantine ideas, those isolation ideas are now about to just flood the market. Right. So this might be the last of the good quarantine ideas to flood the market. Regardless, when I see people spending, you know, a hundred thousand dollars on gifts, I want to be a part of that. Right?




And I mean, I've seen Billies minings. What are you mining, Billy? You're my. Yeah. See, there's there's all kinds of things. I every time I go back to my my desk, Billy and Marty Mush and I'm not going to lump you in there Hank. That's all right.


I'm in have a new scheme that's like, hey, this is the way follow me to, you know, the land of yachts.


Yeah. Mansions. So so I had an idea because people are getting really into, like, figuring out different derivative.


But that was like those are like the guys in Wolf of Wall Street. Yeah. Well, so those guys went to jail, but they all got all along. Also, I like how it's like you got to be a shark. You got to be like Jordan Belfort. Like that guy was a crook. Yeah, criminal and a felon.


But he also got laid like those guys got stolen. He did. They got laid off. They got laid on planes. Yeah, they did Quaaludes.


It was not even the mile high club. I don't think if you just fuck out in the open on a plane. No, this is sweet.


So I was thinking that we got to have our own way of selling stock and stuff. Right. Like the Green Bay Packers do it. I'm an owner. I feel good about being, you know, and I don't regret that investment. What if we sold stock? And Billy. Hmm? What else is it as his owners, couldn't we issue stock? And Billy, you're on me.


Yeah, well, you know, did you read your contract? You didn't read your contract. Yeah. Talk into the money, Billy.


Right now, Billy is there's a bull market on Billy. Yeah, no, Billy got Billy's got a little bit of shine on them.


Billy's Jose Canseco stripped away the parts to. Yeah. Yeah. To sell you sell your gallbladder. Yeah. Your kidney organs are probably your eyeballs.


Steve, we, I don't want to brag but I probably of some pristine organ we could we could like Bain Capital.


Yeah. We could be like a private equity firm and I bet your right hand could fetch like if we if we put it out there on the market, we're like this right hand was a college quarterback at one point it's over ten inches. We should there we go. We can transfer it to Trey. Let's maybe just the fingers.


We'll just sell the fingers. I pieces of Billy, yeah, I honestly think collectible pieces of bill, we could make money selling like either pictures or actual parts of Billy and we just block it. You know, that's that's the tricky part. I don't know how to do the block chain besides just saying like it's the block chain. Right. It's just a block.


Can you define it in HD? Yeah. Can you get it? If we get if it's HFT, we're good.


If you say something's blocking, can somebody be like that's fraud.


If it's not on the block chain block chain is what makes all these things possible to have any value because it almost makes them like a material good block chain has got their history.


HFT. OK, yeah. Billy's on the block chain. Yeah. Pieces of official NFTE.


Come on Hank, you're the guy that I'm trusting in all of this and you can't even get the whatever the NFTE Mueller three.


No, Hank was thinking high frequency trading. Right. Yeah. And is the whole reason when I said how do I know this isn't a scam, you're like NFTE, right.


Nonfunctional tokens, fungible. God damn it. We'll see how much it's done this time if is worth now. Oh, all right. Let people get so mad, by the way, when you just call it a gift. Yeah, but that's that's what it is. Yeah. It's you're buying again. It's a gift. Right.


I mean, that's the thing. It's like trading cards. The concept of trading cards also sounds ridiculous, but with the trading card, you're buying a picture of someone that's maybe that's really where the skeptic skepticism came from it.


But those are dad and me where I'm like, I don't want to see you get hurt, because I do think there's a there's a little bit of a vibe, an undercurrent in the office where people think I'm about to get fucking rich. I don't think that's going to happen.


I don't think I'm going to get rich. I think I'm going to be in the market. I'm going to be the real values. If you can get packs, you know, something got to be in in tune with getting the raffles. Hope to get lucky. I need a pack. I don't think I'm gonna to retire off this money, but I think, you know, I'm going to make this money work for me.


OK, we go just listen to this rather than just you know, this is the description of my gift and that's why you hustle back on D. Los Angeles Lakers fan favorite guard Alex Caruso channels teammate LeBron James with his beautiful chase down block on James Harden of the Houston Rockets during their Western Conference semifinal series on September 12th, 2020. That sounds like it's worth at least 700.


Should get Mark Jackson to read it. Do you sell also Fan Gun, by the way?


Pfft. It's also the only time you'll get to NBA finals game on September 12th.


Good point. Yep. And and James Harden playing in a what semifinal actually like going for a layup in a semifinal and semifinals are not finals game.




Instead of passing the ball a playoff game in September 12th. What a moment. Yeah.


Quick question. Just the plot to sell it or is it a marketplace you have to sell.


I don't know the price. Yeah. Don't ask too many. The algorithm does it. The quick way to get me back out of top shot is when you ask me questions that I can't answer and then I feel dumb again. So please, no more questions at this time.


OK, let's do hotsy cool thrown and we've got two interviews coming up and then some good segments and guys on the other side.


Hey Cotswolds, my hot seat is Grand Theft Auto. Hmm. Illinois lawmakers, they want to ban Grand Theft Auto because there's been a spike in carjackings in Chicago.


Why this? This is like a bummer.


This is like 1992, about seventeen years too late, right? This one. Yeah, I know. This is Marilyn Manson, the Marilyn Manson thing, where it's like he listening to his music makes you violent.


Right. Of their hot seat is Oklahoma. Football took a ton of it.


A tough look for the entire program, a much bigger Oklahoma football player getting smoked. Also, you know, good thing for him, like a good advertising for many shortcomings. You know, you can beat up the big bad bully. Yeah. You just do some training.


Do you think so? The video, if you haven't seen it, was essentially a bar fight porn.


Yeah. Ben Bennett, like, you know, every day. Ben offscreen right. Versus bad college football bully.


So do you think that there's part of the guy was wearing a turtleneck was perfect? Yeah. The part of the football team is like he's a he's a placeholder, right.


He's always he's a wide receiver holder. Oh, yeah. It it definitely not hurts the Oklahoma football brand to be like, watch this Oklahoma football player get beat up. It's like putting a placeholder. He's a specialist or he is a specialist.


So he the actual fight, the way he went down, there's been a lot of red flags that came up for the whole year. Yeah. One the kid that he was fighting, he just had wrestler's hair. That's that is a wrestler haircut and a wrestler smirk. Yeah. You should be able to. I could spot that a mile away, too.


He's already bleeding and he's smiling with the blood and he's happy. Three he's wearing cowboy boots. No cowboy hat. That is that's the opposite of what I'm doing. Like if you see me in a bar you want like I am the perfect person for you to fight. Right. But if you see a guy who's wearing just the boots, not trying to show off with a cowboy hat, that dude is he will he will fuck you. You will throw you into a green combine for when he said when he turned to his body and said, which one do you want?


Yeah, that should have been a quick de-escalation, my bad guys, because that was a line out of a Steven Seagal movie where they just start ripping people's hearts out of their chest.


Five and most importantly, he look like he's on steroids. Cauliflower ears.


Yes, that is the number. Well, yeah, that that is. Yeah. That's actually. Yeah.


So I might not be able to see his ear though. Yeah. I don't actually see the people said cornflour. I didn't see the cauliflower.


You just assume because that hair I assume like the oldest, that's the oldest rule in the book. Like if guy has cauliflower, stay far away.


Well we actually discussed this I think a few years ago on the podcast we kept. But it would be a great business idea for a clinic to open up that would give you cosmetic cauliflowers that they should have for the Simpkin.


Yeah, we call it was a Beethoven. Yeah. Who went deaf. Yes. Yeah.


He got his ears box yet. Beethoven. Yeah. Called Beethoven. Come to Beethoven. Tough as fuck.


So those are Heartsease tales about those Morehouse's Michael Bobby Shmita rapper got killed today back.


Sure. The cat fell. Oh no. Yeah, yeah. It's a big day. Big day for Farat.


Hmm. Yeah, huge. I mean, we've been culter on the money, been waiting for this day.


The baby didn't die. Did he know. OK, somebody started that rumor on Billy's Twitter stream last night.


What. Yeah. Jojo.


See what might come after him. So that could happen soon, but OK. Best to baby stories that I always tell as I saw him landing a helicopter in a strip club parking lot with you a little bit. No, that was the baby. Do you have multiple baby stories? No. Yeah, that's my best one. My my second Lysa. No, no. My second best one is right now when I got the baby confused a little baby this a little bit.


Not the difference between them. One is the one is little. OK, I'm pretty sure I saw the baby.


I don't think they could afford a helicopter landing a strip club parking lot.


Yeah. That's a baby. Oh is it. Little baby is way bigger. Yes. OK, it's confusing. You understand why.


Like the littlest baby being bigger than dub dub there's only one. He is the baby. I think there's a little baby. There's a lot of little babies.


There's a t a baby to the. Oh Lord.


OK, what about Big Baby.


That's Glen Davis. He's retired. Yeah.


OK, all right. Fifty. My hot seat is Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Washington football team, because it sounds like Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, wants to buy the Washington football team wants to become the majority owner of the team. So there are some reports. There's a lot of you know what there is there's a ton of scuttlebutt out there. There's chatter. Yeah, there's a lot of chatter that Jeff Bezos has been in discussions with different financing groups, although I don't know why he would need to involve anybody else in this process.


If you're one of them, they'll they'll just get finance. I guess so. But like, that's kind of a beta move. If you're the richest person in the world and you choose, like waste time financing a sale when you could just, like, write one check handed to him.


I don't know if he could. I never understand this stuff. When I see people with roses in their Twitter username being like, if Jeff Bezos just emptied out his savings account, he could, you know, cure world hunger.


I don't think that's how it works. So he I don't think he's liquid like that. Right. Well, he's like he's got a bunch of heart attacks.


Oh, he I think actually, if he did get liquid, it would like crumble the world's markets, right?


Yeah. No, I think that part's real. Like if he went to the bank and he was like, I'll take 80 billion he wants.


And he also wants to like if he's like I want to sell all my stock and cash out everything. Yeah, I think the whole world.


OK, so yeah, it does make sense that he would have to involve other people. And why use your money when he use other people's money. Right.


You don't get rich by not borrowing when interest rates are at historic low. So he's trying to buy the Washington football team allegedly. Dan Snyder said he's not going to sell. I believe he's never I believe him, too. But if Jeff Bezos, who is the richest man in the world, wants to pay like six, seven billion dollars for an NFL franchise, if Dan Snyder doesn't want to sell still at that point, you're going to see all the owners, all the rest of the owners in the league try their very best to push Dan Snyder out, because that will make all of their franchises increased by like another billion dollars.


So like these dudes, these rich dudes, they'll band together and they'll act as one when it's in all their interests. But when there's like 30 other dudes that are going to benefit and Dan Snyder is not, they're going to turn on Dan Snyder so quick.


But the problem is Dan Snyder probably knows some shit about every single owner that he could then just release.


Yeah, and Intenser does feel like one. If you make a list of spite owners, he's probably at the top of it.


So I would agree with you if we were talking about Jerry Jones. But Dan Snyder, I don't think he's smart enough. Or the people that he would hire to collect dirt on other people, I think would just end up being yes. Men and not to just end up playing basketball and doing cocaine off each other's bodies.


OK, but here's another counterpoint, though. If you're Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder being in the division, you want to keep that there? It's well, yeah, rather having Jeff Bezos own a team and like, put robots in charge of everything and automate it and win all the games.


And Jeff Bezos would have access to all the Amazon Web Services, next gen stats. That would be a great scouting department. So I, I will say I would much rather have I really want Jeff Bezos to own the football. Think everyone wants to. In my dream, it would effectively put an end to my dream of one day owning the team. But I would accept this and I would I would go far as to say I will only shop, I will only consume things that I buy from Amazon for Jeff Bezos.


So, Jeff, that's another three thousand dollars in your pocket for the next year. That's a do it for glory. Write a calendar year. It's your call. Jeff, do you want my money or not? Yeah, caught me. Jeff, my cool throne is accountability. Because the kid apologized to Cam Newton, the kid from the seven on seven said he was sorry the wheels are in motion, said he was very sorry about it. And now Cam is going to mentor Kim, might bring him under his wing.


Kim is absolutely going to meet up with this kid. You think?


Yeah, no. So I've looked into this.


Cam Newton talks a lot of shit at these seven on seven camps, right, Hunt?


So, honestly, if the kid was talking shit, that kid and that kid came back at him. Take what you dish out. Yeah, I don't feel bad for Cam anymore.


I actually think that the real problem here is seven on seven football. I think that the kids, the kids not afraid of getting pancaked by defensive tackle and then he just he learns that there are no consequences in life. Next thing you know, he's talking shit to an opera quarterback.


Now, seven on seven is beautiful. It gives you the reps in the passing game. Yeah. If you hate if you hate him. But when you hate him, real beauty of the game like us.


Well, it's extra on top of that. Seven on seven is a beautiful concept.


I don't know about that, Billy. I love you don't like running. You don't like power rushing attack. He doesn't like being rushed. Well, that's a different you can do sometimes not game modes, but like formations where it's solely running.


I like old school football with big uglies up front. I like what I like.


Wisconsin versus Stanford games with army watching. Yeah. In the stands. Oh yeah. Army providing security. Yes. Sounds times. Yeah. So I, I think that it is going to happen. I think Cam is going to absolutely reach out to this kid, take him under his wing.


But still if I were Cam that that was your one chance to just clock kid. Yeah. And no one would ever blame you. And I, I honestly I had this debate over the weekend. I've been thinking a lot about it. I think that I could beat up any ten year old in the country, probably the world world.


I don't think that there's a ten year old in the world. So, yes, I think OK.


So no, I already disagree. Yeah, I just think it's Instagram. You've seen a ten year old. All right. So I'm sure I saw this kid's Boxing Day.


I didn't Google image search of world's strongest ten year old. All right. And there's I mean, just let me just throw this out there. Yeah.


We've had Aaron Donald on the show last time. Didn't go so well. We had Dick Metcalf on the show who's great. Those guys both said that they were insane amounts of weight at ten years, not a ten years. Let me throw another one at you.


Could be. I'm stronger. Could be was wrestling bears when he was like seven.


But there were the friendly bears out there. There is a comparison. Russia are like two girls on college campuses, center Turkistan or one of the stands that could kick your ass, not not a ten years old.


I think I could beat up any ten year old in the entire world there, get small little bones. I'd outweigh almost all of them, if not all of them. Now, once you bump it up to like twelve, then there are a ton of those kids that could kick my ass. How is Kendrick Perkins kid pre pre puberty? I could defeat any ten year old in the world. How old's Kendrick Perkins kid?


That kid's a fucking. Oh, yes.


The viral video from last January, he was in second grades, which means he'd been taller than you in second grade.


Third grade is like, wait, how tall is he is? He's like five, ten. And really, yeah, he's he's enormous, but he doesn't have the aggression. He's a ten year old. I think he might know, you know, hey, we're going to put it in them.


No, I would kick Perkins's son's ass.


Oh my God. It's January nine. Now do this. This kid might be older than ten. Now this kid would fuck you up, but even even if he's older than ten a year ago, he would fuck him. No, no.


Because then that's when you really hit your growth. I going be on a ten year old wrestler could definitely take you down. Absolutely not. Now you look like the yo, you look like the I'm way better at wrestling than I am at fighting.


I would I would I would submit that kid I would smother would fuck you, I would I would put them in a fucking full Nelson, make him cry for his mom. All right.


My Hotsy not that I want to do any of that, but I'm saying, like, if if it's like, you know, Andy Kaufman was the inter gender wrestling champion of the entire world, like, I could be the the child, the child man boxing champion of the world.


I mean, people forget I am actually the belt holder in women's arm wrestling.


Yeah. So, yeah, it's not Bragge.


It's a fact. I won the belt. Fat, strong man strong. Felt like she actually said that to me after. She's like, you feel like a big strong man.


I was like, yeah, yeah I do like totally I got a belt.


All right. Hotseat us. Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen have a podcast.


Think this is the end of. I think this is the end of the bubble.


Yeah, it's actually it's actually called Born in the USA. I don't know what it is. That would be a great name for it if it's a great troll. But yes, there yeah. The it is the end. It's the end of the bubble I would say. Wouldn't you put it out there like if you had it five years ago I asked you what would be the the apex of podcasting.


I think people. Oh yeah. And Bruce Springsteen doing a podcast at his fucking show came out on the same day as my new show.


What are those guys even talk about like? So you're really rich? Yeah, they're the first one. They did it like a deep dove on Alex Jones. Oh, yeah, that's right.




What if that's what it was and Obama was like, well, ah, he was right. Yeah. Yeah, you're right. You're right.


Fuck that's my God. Oh man.


Then my cool drones Bartolo Colon because he hit a fucking dinger and didn't touch home plate. But that doesn't matter. Yeah.


He talks about it with Whitney, but like the settings and the esthetics of that home run made it a million times. But there in the middle of a jungle.


Yes, Bartolo Colon is going to be like a folk hero. I hope we just get these videos from him every three years. For the next 40 years.


You just come back. Oh, he might be able to come back. I bet you he could give you some innings.


Was that was that his interfamily annual baseball game? I think it's a turkey ball. It's just his secret family versus real one. Yes. Billy, go ahead. My hotseat Meek Mill.


Vanessa Bryant is very angry at Meek Mill for some of his leaked lyrics in those lyrics are cool topic, Billy.


Well, not go off.


Yeah. And if I ever lack I'm going out with my chopper, it'd be another Kobie. So he's in very hot water for those lyrics. And El Chapo, his wife, has been arrested for drug charges.


Billy, would she do Billy's learning, by the way? Billy, he's learning that if he just picks the least funny topics, we won't steal.


Mm. That's true. That's very true. Meek Mill has made insensitive remarks about Kobe Bryant and Kobe Bryant's widow. Grieving widow is upset. That is my topic.


What if Billy became our Tom Rinaldi, where he did like every sob story just so that we couldn't make Janey for. Yes.


Genius, you know, by the way, I'll. His wife's mug shots. Yeah, hot. Pretty good. Hot.


Can you say no? You know, you can't you do do you live like next to don't you. Attractive.


Oh yeah. He is. Is he still in Brooklyn. No, they probably I think they sent him out because they sent him out to the Alcatraz of the Rockies.


Yeah. Remember that you might do. Or someone well respected.


See, I think listen, it's hard to look in the mug shot. She looked good. My cool thrown. She also probably ride or die.


Yeah. Yeah. I don't think there's there's no more rider. I think that's actually the option. Yeah. You either ride or you die. True. She's ride. My cool throne is Steven Adams.


He recently moved to New Orleans and is taking up work, work, farming worms.


He says it completes the cycle. He bought five pounds of Nightcrawler worms and he now estimates to have over twenty pounds of worms, which he uses to recycle his food leftovers.


OK, he says that the recent cold snap has been really terrible for production, but he says that he's really enjoying his new home in New Orleans.


OK, that's great. I would imagine that the Stephens Addams Families, Steven Adams family that lives in New Zealand would be like Billy would probably worship them as gods because they're all like I think they average somewhere between six foot seven and six foot ten in height. Yep. They're all like three hundred pounds. And his sister, he is one of the bigger ones because she's strong and she's a shot putter in the Olympics. And so it's a family of like nine giants that just roam the plains of New Zealand and they do cool stuff with animals.


I feel like that. That's like your ideal situation. That's pretty awesome. Yeah. We should I want to introduce you to Peter. Haven't we actually do need to get Steven Adams on the show? He's been one of the people that we've wanted on forever. And he's so down to earth. Yeah. Such a chill guy. I am literally a worm farm.


Yeah. You can't be more down to earth, right. That's yeah. That's very good. Yeah. I mean, how many Kate Upton boobs, Billy.


Um. All right, here we go. Let's get to our interviews, we got Max Honma first and we have Aaron Foster. Hello, Fresh. You got to check out. Hello, fresh, whole fresh cuts out. What about you?


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Max Haoma Woo. All right. We now welcome on our good friend Max Haoma. Fresh off of the Genesis Open Championship, some people are calling it the fifth major, one point six seven million dollars. Now, we had to restart the Zoome call, but I got to ask again for the people you give your caddie, what ten percent have have you thought about maybe bumping it up because he gave you a little extra? Oh, no. Are you kidding me?


Are you still there? I'm here. Oh, the computer changed.


The computer changed a look. You're still there.


I'm not talking like this, so. Yeah, no, you actually sound way better this time, but the computer just. OK, all right. We got you. All right. One point seven million. Your caddy did get you out of that tree shot, right? So you're not going to give him a little more than 10 percent.


Yeah, like, I'm just not probably I might buy him a beer, but yes, I guess. Yeah, I love Joe. But unfortunately, he agreed to ten percent. He said that he agreed to like ten percent plus. Yeah. But I think I think he's fairly happy so I think we're we'll be all right.


It's a decent payday for him. And everybody was rooting for you. I don't think that. I mean, obviously, you know, Tony is a very likable guy and a lot of people are pulling for him, too. But like at least on my Twitter feed, I saw just a bunch of people that have gotten to know you from Twitter, just very excited to see you excelling like this. And you've been playing really good golf the last several weeks.


So it was it was awesome to see Win. Who was the coolest person that you saw? Wish you congratulations. Was it Big Cat or Aaron Rodgers? It's tough not to pick one. You got to pick lots of Max to say Aaron Rodgers, that was definitely Aaron Rodgers Faulk, that guy, he didn't mean it.


He did not mean it.


He just said it because it was cool to say he didn't pick until he sounded like he meant.


I actually didn't congratulate you. I just said, let's go there. You have to kind of congratulated me by telling me I'm no longer a man.


I took your man card. You were crying on national television. I know. So embarrassing. Yeah. So. All right. So the 18th. I want to talk about that real quick.


My theory is you fucked up that pot because at some point in a tournament, you at least have the thought popped in your head like, man, I've lost a lot of people on Twitter.


What wonder what they're saying right now.


Is that is there any truth to that?


Yeah, that's that's what I was thinking. I was like, I'm I feel like I'm a philanthropic guy. I got to give some back to the community. Here is there's an olive branch of me sucking and you guys can all just have fun with it. Also, I say, well, this yesterday the Dodgers took, I don't know, six years to figure out how to put it together with a lot of, I don't know, relatable moments like that.


So I was like, oh, maybe I'll throw in throwing one more just absolute blunder and see if I can get myself out of it.


Yeah, I mean, you did overcome that adversity. And after you missed that putt, I was just like, oh, no, there's no way that this is happening because you've got to be able to bounce back like super fast. How long did you give yourself to be, like, upset and and mad at yourself for missing that putt? And how long did it take you to, like, snap back and be like, OK, I can do this, I can actually win the tournament?


Yeah, it was weird.


I actually got out of it pretty quick. I kind of laughed. I told my I told Joe I choked and he's like, no, you're good. Like, we'll go in and on in the playoffs. So kind of didn't it didn't sit with me. I was just more I was more like embarrassed because like Tiger Woods is up there on the hill. He's about to give out the trophy. And he's like, the clutch is human ever. So I was like, man, you know, that's not a great look in front of in front of him.


But I don't know. I felt so calm yesterday. It was it was hard to to it's hard to lose like that edge I had and even one one bad. But I didn't feel like it changed everything to me. And it was pretty fun. I never been in a playoff before, so I had to kind of see what that was like. You know, I just got to test the waters.


Yeah. You you should actually give your caddie more just because him saying like, oh, no, you're good because you did choke. That was a choke putt. Yeah. Yeah. I said I tweeted right away.


I was like, oh, no, Max, how the hell can you come back on Twitter? Like, if you lost that? I mean.


Oh yeah. You didn't shut it down there. Is that part of it? So does it ever think do you ever think about like does your mind wander at all playing 72 holes? Like are there times when you're playing and you just sort of thinking about something else or is it laser focus? It's impossible to have laser focus for 72 holes, right?


No, dude, I. I never break my focus now. I just I, I spaced out. I definitely didn't think I will say. I guess this is a this is good for me because I did not think about getting roasted on Twitter after I choked on eighteen. However, I do think about that at times when I hit like a really bad shot, I'm like, oh no. I mean I, I've put myself out there like I unfortunately deserve it.


Yeah. So I was I never thought about that, but yeah. Had I lost it I would have been along. I think I just have to unsubscribe from Twitter. I might just have to become like a tick tock influence or something.


No, I think the move is if that ever happens, if you ever find yourself in that situation, I think you come back on Twitter right away and you just start talking about something totally different, like like you who's pumped for this next Clippers game tonight?


Yeah, just ignore it. That's the way to deal with it and just let everyone else, because people will roast you no matter what. But if you play into it being like, no, I'm I'm here to just tweet every fucking dribble of this game, they'll catch on and then you become a hero again.


That's actually a really good angle. Yeah, I just become like the sports better guy on Twitter, be like, oh, I love the net plus minus six and a half tonight. It's a lock of the century five star play.


That's actually it's a genius idea to become a sports town because then every bet that you miss, that's what people are talking about, like, wow, that sucks at gambling. Everyone forgets about the fact that you miss that. Put on what a loser. Yes, yeah, yes, I did. The shot. The tree shot. You alluded to it earlier. When I saw the ball next to the tree, I was like, if I was Max, I would say that it's impact that the ball is just sunk into the ground.


Maybe call overrules official after you already move it. Like, how how does that play out? Like when you're talking about the strategy with your caddie, how do you guys decide what to do in that moment? That's a great question.


Yeah. Didn't they get it plugged? Didn't really try that angle. Yeah. He didn't really know what I was trying to do. He thought I was just trying to hit it right of the green and then like, hopefully make a long putt or chip it in or whatever. And I had this weird feeling I was going to be off the hook. So we kind of talked it out. But on shots like that, I feel like in that situation I was kind of like, you just got to trust me a little bit and I don't know how to explain what I'm about to do, but it might be cool.


So just I don't know, just trust me for once. Yeah, I like that. Send it.


So you said that was the first time you were in an overtime playoff. Did you talk to Tony Pheno after like was just a quick handshake and that's it.


Or do you see him after in the clubhouse or anything?


No, I didn't get to talk to him. I mean, I like Tony. Tony's like like you said, he's like a fan favorite and a player favorite is the greatest dude I know. He's not had a lot of luck winning. He's played some amazing golf so that I felt his pain a little bit, but. I don't there's not a lot to say at that point, but I mean, he's an insanely good golfer. I was fortunate, obviously, to come out yesterday on top.


But I mean, it was it's it's weird. Like when you I like golf. Like when I when I watch golf at home on at times I keep up with it and like, root for somebody like Tony all the time. Then all of a sudden you're in a playoff with the dude and you kind of have to be in the front row seat it. So it's a it's a kind of a weird juxtaposition as a big word for you. And I don't know, I did not suck.


I'd be lying if I said I was really bummed out. But I mean, it was is weird feeling well. And I ask that just because, you know, with golf, a lot of times the guy a guy will win and the person he's playing with is not even in the you know what I mean? Like you fall back or whatever. So it's not this like, hey, we're actually shaking hands. I beat you one on one here.


But when you get to the playoff, you do have that moment. It's got to feel a little out of the ordinary because that's not how it usually goes with golf. You beat the field. It's not, oh, I just beat you one on one and now we're shaking hands.


Yeah, it's like the it's not like the Who is a harbor. And the coach of the Lions, Jim Schwartz, is like just bumped it. Yeah. Yeah. I said yeah he needs more of that. It's like people body and each other.


Yes I like that. Yeah. For that. And then you tweeted afterwards, you said I spent over a dozen years trying to get Tiger to give me a high five at Riviera and today he handed me a trophy haha. What a world hashtag golf. First of all, great job using the hashtag golf. You are an expert on Twitter obviously. And then second of all, did you get a high five from Tiger or did he just give you the trophy.


I'm not going to high five. I got know the the fist bump but it was cool man. Yeah. Take off. That is like the easiest way to get I think attractions in the golf community. I got a podcast with my buddy Shane Bacon called Get a Grip. So we started this hashtag Dolf thing and it's like the dumbest but simplest thing because I mean, you can on anything if you just say like, hey, Christian Yelich hit a home run like hashtag baseball.


Yeah. Normal people are gonna think it's funny and then like kind of the die hard to make. Oh nice. I could start hashtag baseball and find this tweet about critchfield home run. So it was kind of one of those things where it's like I came full circle. I watch that do play at that golf course like a million times and then to be like standing on a green while he's like, hey, congratulations, you won. I was like, yeah, this is not this is not how I saw this going.


Even as a kid is still it's it was super surreal.


Yeah, I would imagine so. So I have to ask, can, can you win the Masters this year?


We're asking a lot of good questions. Ah, I think I have a better chance than I did last year, but so that was a zero chance. Yeah. So I think, you know, I talk about being one percent better, so maybe we're one, two percent now. I think we're climbing. We're definitely trending.


So you can actually win the Masters. I can win the Masters. It's definitely possible. I'm going to try super hard.


Are you in it? Do you get invited. Yeah. Because you won this tournament or not. Yes. Oh, so that's so what else comes with it. I love how this golf like I love the if you win this tournament then you get invited to this tournament. So what did you get outside of the one point six, seven million dollars.


Not to brag.


Yeah, yeah. I mean the one six, seven, eight I got I want a car. OK, I got into the tournament next. We are this week so I got a I got to fly out to Florida.


Oh no, no, don't go to Puerto Rico. Don't play don't want to win that Max. No it's not Puerto Rico. It's the one that's the the the main event, OK, because the other one don't win that one. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not planning on it.


You guys actually talk about that because we just learned about that last night.


And so also I was also wrong. I know it's huge. I noticed that when you guys tweeted, I couldn't believe it because it's been like inside like golf world, you know. And then Victor Hovland broke it this year. And it's been like it's been kind of like a known untalked about thing for a while. And I saw you guys tweet about it. I was like, oh, no, this is getting a lot of traction.


Yes, it's all right. So you're not playing Puerto Rico. So you got a car, you got the next tournament. What else did you get?


I don't know. My wife got me chick fillet today, so that counts as like that. OK, that's great. Did you get any good? Did you get like a parking spot at the golf course?


Yeah, I just have to carry around my own sign and put up after I parked.


We do get you get to do that. You get to play in the genesis open for life. Do you get like that?


I got to I'll text I'll text my best friend Tiger now and see and see if that see if I'm allowed now.


OK, how does that work when you win a free car like did you have to sit down and fill out paperwork yesterday in order to drive it home, get it registered.


I haven't seen any paperwork. I'm starting to think I'm not getting in. The car is not real. Yeah, it seems like.


Yeah, maybe there's his bonus outside of 10 percent. He gets this fake car that I've been promised.


Yes. All right. So what? So the Masters a couple of weeks or know a couple of months away. Are you in the U.S. Open now? Yeah, fuck, yeah, dude, you're like a for now. Hell yeah. Is it to have this dream every year I have a New Year's resolution to be better at golf than I am at Twitter. And I really think I'm getting close. Yeah, I would say so. I would agree with you on that.


Or is it too soon to start talking about the Ryder Cup?




I don't think it's ever too soon. We might as well get the buzz out there. They give captain's picks so I can start I can start my plea for a captain's pick, give it a shot. See, you got to got to throw some bait out there and just see if Captain Stricker all kind of saddle himself up with me. But I don't know that that's one that wasn't really on my radar until like late last year. And now I'd be crazy.


There's nothing in there. There's there's a little buzz. I think we got a little we got a little traction. So hopefully keep playing some good golf. But right now, just kind of got to keep doing the same stuff I've been doing because it's been it's been working pretty well.


I think it's fair to say you are playing the best golf of anybody on tour right now. Right. You just won. Yeah.


Yes, tactically speaking, I am. What about that? Playing the best of what have you done for me lately. League. Yeah, yeah.


I got to practice today. So I guess maybe somebody practice today. Now they're ahead of me. I don't know how that. What have you done for me lately. You would think right now. But I get to play this week so I can stay on pace and hopefully I mean I'm sure if I shoot only one under on Thursday I'll get yelled at for sucking. But that's kind of that comes with the territory.


Yeah. What about the approach shot that you hit on eighteen? Because I don't think that people are talking enough about that because you stuck that within two and a half feet. You won the tournament. You just you didn't know you're going to choke it away. But that shot was the clutch shot that no one is going to talk about from now on. Like, you kind of got a little bit gypped on that. That should have been your signature moment.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure I screwed that up myself. I'm kind of glad they're not talking about their shot as much because then they have to talk about what happened right after that shot. So back to taking attention away from the choking part. And yeah, I don't really mind that they're avoiding the whole fiasco.


Yeah, OK. What grade are you in the open championship now I'm looking at. Yeah you are. You're in all this shit. How does that work. What did you trigger. It is the genesis open. Carry that motto. It's world, it's world ranking started. So you're thirty eighth ranked right now and that bumped you up to a point where now you're in all these tournaments.


Basically I think you've got to be top 60 and there's not enough time for me to get out. I don't know, something like that.


OK, so you can't possibly screw it up. I going recommend you stop playing. Yeah. If you miss every cut you're still in, that's what you're saying. Hopefully I'll do the math.


And if that's possible, I might just sit at home for you. Yeah, that's probably why we're not like elite athletes. But that's mean because I'm talented. I try not to drop in the rankings.


Nobody move this point. Yeah. Yeah. With that.


All right, Max, my last question was, since we've had you on last, the Dodgers had a big free agent signing with Trevor Bower. Are you a little nervous, though, that you now are the second biggest dick on Twitter in the Dodger community?


Yeah, maybe we got a nice guy to fight the other day with Noah Syndergaard. Yeah, I like that fire. Trevor went to the buy rival high school, so I was like, grow up, like hating how good he was at baseball. So it's nice to be on on his team now. It feels it feels good, but I guess the Dodgers got a little better feels kind of this one feels kind of dirty, but I'll take it.


Yeah. No, I mean, we've had Trevor on a couple of times. People don't like him. I think he's funny and fascinating.


He seems awesome. Yeah, he's different.


He's just like literally an Internet troll. That's great at pitching. Right. So that irritates a lot of people. But I think he's like he's genuine about it. He's like, yeah, I think he even told us, like, I just do it for the lolls. Yeah. And hearing somebody say that in real life you're like, dude, you are you are a sentient ready account. Right. Right. You're just trolls. You're on like he said out loud.


Yes. He said that you said those words so you can't like. Yeah.


You can't hate on him. It's like he's he's a guy who was built to be an Internet troll as a living. He just so happens to be able to throw a baseball really.


Well, I need to I need to put that into my like every day jargon.


You don't know. You don't know. It didn't sound at that point. Yeah. You just become like part electronics. Yeah.


Do not do that. Yeah. OK, that's fair. You know what, you're right now you're you're like still a little drunk off the victory that you're like I could do this, I could start seeing laws and people be cool with it. Don't will will be your sober test here. Yeah. No I think yeah.


When you're, when you're, when you got the hot hand, you just, you kind of do anything. Why I got friends like you guys. Tell me what I. Can I do? Yeah, I think you I think you'll find your way, you've got a good head on your shoulders. I do have two more questions, though, like things that I'm always interested in about golf tournaments when you win them. I'm always curious about the big checks.


Did you get a big check?


So I didn't I got one from the when I was on the web dot com tour and it was awesome. I was like, oh, this is so cool. And like, I did not get one.


I was bummed that is box I what I would demand. But we can send you a big check. I would rather have the one point six seven like that is a big check. So. Yeah. Yeah. Right. So where is that direct deposit or how does that work.


Yeah. Tomorrow I like eight a.m. or something.


That's crazy. And then. Yeah. Right. Yeah. That's just a refresh of your bank account like. Oh oh yeah.


Do you have, do you have notification set up when stuff hits your account. You've got to set that. Oh yeah. Because that's what it's incoming. I got a little notification, slow day and you're like OK, tomorrow's going to be like OK, that'll be a great day for you.


And then the other thing is they kept calling your home course. How many home courses do you get as a golfer? Because I. I feel like I've heard of Tiger Woods having like three different home courses.


Yeah, you get a lot. I would say that Revers is definitely not my home pass. I wasn't even allowed to play there till my team played national championship in college when I was like twenty one. So it's definitely not my home course just from there. But I think in golf they definitely throw that around. I'm pretty sure I live in Arizona now. I'm pretty sure they'd say I have three home courses here, I probably got four in L.A. and probably one random one somewhere else where like maybe I played when I was like a kid or maybe my uncle play one time.


So golf, they definitely we got a lot of bad we got a lot of bad little sayings and there's a lot of bad stuff going around about, you know, hey, he's so big, he could be a football player in the NFL or, you know, it's his home course. And you're like, well, he he's been here three times in his life. So we've got to golf is kind of corny, but I don't know. They're doing their best.


I love that stuff. So that's that's the interesting part of it. Does anyone have the Masters or Gus's or home course Freddie Couples? Probably Freddy Couples, I think for a while it was fun, Taylor Charles, how I think this was his, of course, I'm not sure if that's true, but that's pretty sick.


Yeah, it was Jack's home course. All right. Yeah. He could just say that Condoleezza Rice needs Condoleezza Rice is on course.


Patrick Regling, it is Condoleezza Rice. Course, I'm going to start I'll start saying it's my home cause I've got a better chance of winning if it's my own course, you know? Yeah.


I don't think you have a good chance, but. I have a chance, though, and you just got to remember, do you do you. He does. Like I said, I'm going to bet on you and you better not let me down. I bet on you.


And you let me down. Well, all right. Just make sure you chirped me if I do let you down. But if I win. Wait, no, no, hold on, Max.


I didn't even bet on you to win. I bet on you to fucking make the cut.


Oh, I got I apologize, I, I set the bar low and you still went under it. Yeah. You know, I was the limbo of a lifetime. I missed the cut after after all that. But hey. I don't know, I can only go up from here, so that's kind of good. All right. I'm I'm a believer. I'm just, you know what? You need someone in your camp to be like, hey, you have no chance.


So that way you can't have every 100 percent. Yeah, right. Yeah.


You've got to have people to hold you accountable, give you a bulletin board material. I mean, that's important stuff. Yeah. So there you go. Zero percent chance and I will be betting on you.


All right. Well, Max, thanks, man. We really appreciate it. And good luck in Florida. Not Puerto Rico.


Right? Don't do not Puerto Rico, Heleno. All right.


Good luck next weekend in Florida. And we'll we'll talk to you before the Masters.


Yeah. Congratulations. All right. Sounds good. Yeah. Thank you. You guys are the best. Appreciate you.


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OK, we now welcome on our good friend Arian Foster. You can subscribe to macro dosing with pfft. Now it is out on where you can get podcasts, comes out every Tuesday talking conspiracy theories, all kinds of cool stuff. We're going to do a Mount Rushmore of sports conspiracy theories. Before we do that, Aaron, can I ask you real quick, do you still know anyone in the Texans organization? And holy shit, is that a disaster?


Yes, I do know people still there. And I do agree that it is a disaster. Man Yeah.


The the Jack EPB guy, he's quickly become one of my favorite people in all sports just because he's he's very clearly Rasputin. Right. Like he I don't think he has any discernible talent. I want to stand up. Actually, he is very funny doing stand up being like, hey, have you ever noticed that people from California are like this and then people from Texas are like, this is pretty high level shit. I love that guy.


Just stand up yet. You haven't seen it? I have not seen this. Oh, my God, I got it. Can we put a clip of the stand up in here and make sure you're going to some of the your favorite line?


But have you gone to New York? Right. You go to New York and I mean, you walk in the state with this news, you walk in the state. What are you looking at? What are you looking at an opportunity to gain? I mean, what are you looking at? What's not clear what you look at and some your kid has your son is here for the game. Let's go out and get serious. Right. And then we're I'm like in Boston, right.


Everybody says this program is huge. It's like, yeah, we got to go park the car. We got to do what? What are you talking about? We have a the car. It's amazing.


So, yeah, he's like a standup comedian, but he's he's just like a guy that got the ear of the entire organization and they're just kind of turned it all over to him. Do you know anybody that works with Jack EPB?


Not the first time I heard of him was actually when Andre Johnson said that tweet out and I got like thousands of like, yo, look at this, because Dre don't really talk that much.


And so they were everybody's like, Jackie has to go. And I was I would have Fargas Jack be. And I had no idea who he was. I had never met him, never heard of him. And I guess he's like, I don't even know what his job title is, but I guess he's like running shit. I have no idea. He went there to shit.


Yeah. Like Team Chappell to basically calling all the shots.


I mean, if you're I guess if you're going to do it, that's the guy to do it. I have no idea. It's very bad.


He's an extremely talented con man from what it sounds like. So I respect that.


All right. So in in the spirit of macro dosing, we do our favorite sports conspiracy theories.


We all have one. Then we'll pick the top four.


So how do we want to start who we want to start? You want to start? Let's go. Let's go. Pfft. Aaron, Hank, Jake, Billy. And then I'll finish and then we'll pick our top four from there.


OK, my conspiracy is the Curt Schilling sock because there's actually like some smoke to that. There's some evidence that the blood on the sock was not actually blood.


It was what. Game six of the 2004 ALCS, and he was he was pitching like with an obvious injury, I think that part was real.


I think that he had like a heel Achilles type injury that he had just gotten sutures on.


But then his foot started to leak it just like it took over his entire sock. He was bleeding so badly he would have had to have like a six inch gash on the back of a seal and pierce through the game. What do you mean?


So, yeah, this one I feel like this is a do you think that this you actually think that it was a catch? I think that it was fake.


Yeah, I think that was fake.


So then 2007, the play by play announcer for the Orioles was, ah, the color guy for the Orioles was Doug Mirabelli. And Doug Mirabelli said that it was paint, that it was that it was red paint that he put on a sock.


He said that during a broadcast.


And then Schilling was like, you know, he got really pissed off about it. It was like it wasn't paint, it was real blood. But they still haven't tested the sock.


They need to, you know, have the sock. The whole thing has a sock. You know what?


Yeah, they should they should say if we test the sock and it's all blood, then Curt Schilling can get in the Hall of Fame. Yeah, I'd be willing to do that. Yeah. Yeah.


I think that it was it was probably like a little bit of blood on there. So there's probably like a kernel of truth to that conspiracy. But I do think that it's a shitload of paint that that got put back there to make Curt Schilling look like he was, you know, pitching his absolute balls off.


But walk me through. So you're you're Curt Schilling going into the biggest game of your entire life against the Yankees in Yankee Stadium, trying to make the greatest comeback in like, you know, no one believes in you. Yeah. Your focus on the game. But you decide to think, let me, you know, take time in between innings to get some blood and put it on my sock, which is already injured, like he was limping around.


He was clearly hurt.


Yeah. What part of why I do that makes you think that he would be thinking about this from a rational point of view?


That is that is a good point.


Curt Schilling definitely got crazier. Yes. So that you can't be like fully.


It's not today's Curt, but he was always a little bit crazy. So when Curt Schilling got the ball, I would say more independent thinker. One of the yeah, he's he's a free thinker. Nothing's out of bounds. When he got to Boston. People forget one of the very first things they did in Boston was he saw a drunk driver on the freeway and followed that person home on the phone with 911, one being like, yo, there's a drunk person on the road and I'm going to give you the location.


I'm not going to leave until the cop comes up here.


So that's you. You can make that argument that, like, maybe if the person was going to be a danger to themselves or others, that it was a good thing that he did. I could hear that argument. But then he went he did a press tour afterwards and went on like every radio station. Boston was like, hey, I just I just knocked on this drunk driver last night. Do you want to interview me about it? So, like, he's always been a little bit off his rocker when it comes to that sort of shit.




Yeah, I mean, let's throw it in there. Yeah, that's that's that's the first one. We're going to vote on the top four after this. So bloody sock game. What do you think about that.


Do do they have the socks. Do is that really a thing. Is the sock like somewhere.


Yeah. Yeah I think it's in the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. Yeah. The sock they got to test is that. Yeah. You have to just suck. That would be I mean it would be great theater to, to do like a big live stream of the sock being tested.


So I'm telling you, you look like Curt Schilling. And if that if that sock is real and his his leg was leaking that badly during one of the most important playoff games in baseball history and he pitched that.


Well, I say that that should make the case for him to be in the hall. Yes. Yes, I agree with that. All right.


So go ahead. What was his injury? What was his injury that they said that caused us to bleed like that? He had because Achilles his ankle? Yeah, it was his Achilles ankle.


He had just had like some sutures put in. So he had a real injury. But they said that it was the sutures that started to leak. I've never seen I've seen some pretty gruesome foot injuries in my day. I actually survived one of my own.


I've never seen a foot bleed like that from just stitches coming out, loose angle tendon back into the skin, emergency procedure done.


So he had so he had an Achilles tendon, guess I'm guessing a tear apart, whatever.


But the team doctors also didn't like it was it was done at the last minute. So, like, they kind of, you know, hacked it together.


Well, why was it does it seem like a team doctor thing to do? Like he went into the dugout and like Pedro Martinez rubbed some of the some of that juice that they all sipped on over to try to give you more vitality.


You remember that juice? I love I love the conspiracy about that juice, which juice. But so before game seven, when they passed around that they said it was whiskey. It was actually like a Dominican drink that is supposed to give you, like, more vitality and increase your testosterone. It's got like herbs and weird shit in there that's supposed to basically give selling.


Basically give you boners. Yeah. When you go out onto the field. So I don't know, maybe they rub that on its up it up. But I do think that that, that conspiracy. There is true, I think, that there was pain at least mixed into the sock. OK, so, Erin, what's your sports conspiracy theory? We got one down, but. Right. All right. So it's kind of like a conglomeration. Of conspiracies, but it's the same thing, so Michael Jordan's gambling thing, because a lot of a lot of things have manifested from it.


So it's like the reason why he retired originally in 93 was because he got suspended for gambling. Right. And then a little bit more like deep was that his father actually died because he was a gambling debt. Yeah.


And so it's like just just the whole the whole lore around Michael Jordan's gambling is intriguing.


And that that caused him to retire from the league and play baseball.


Yeah. That David Stern sat him down and was like, hey, you you have to take a step back because your gambling is out of control. I heard.


I heard he got well, I ain't heard. But have I heard how this conspiracy goes is that they actually suspended him, but they just kept it under wraps because it would have been bad for the league.


So the only thing that that doesn't like I wouldn't understand about that is that would eventually get out. Right. Someone would talk about that like that would be sure. Yeah, you would. I should have. Yeah. Go ahead.


Sorry, I said I was I was I should I should have prefaced it without on leadership but is so much lower.


Right. Right. It's it's true.


It's one of those situations where Michael Jordan clearly loves to gamble. His father was killed, murdered. And it was, you know, under weird circumstances. And then he I it feels like it's a it's one of those conspiracy theories that there's enough, like, elements that are truthful that I don't think he was actually suspended or told to to quit basketball because of his gambling. But there's enough around it. That is true. That lets you be like, OK, maybe this was actually true, which is actually the perfect like that's the perfect conspiracy theory.


I think.


I think the only way that that could have worked is if it was like David Stern and one of his top assistants found out from somebody who is close to whoever Michael Jordan owed the money to found out like the ridiculous sum that it might have been. And then he had a one on one meeting with Jordan, told Jordan. And he's like, just say that you retiring, don't tell anyone else. And then Jordan just acted like he was retiring and came back after he paid his debts off.


Right. That that possibly could have worked out. But, yeah, it was a bizarre set of circumstances for sure.


And he clearly I mean, he admitted himself. He had a he he had a competition problem, that he didn't have a gambling problem. He had a competition problem. Totally different.


Yeah, that's a euphemism. I yes. Yes.


All right, Hank, your conspiracy theory.


My conspiracy theory. Odd, because I think this would be a great movie, especially if you involve the actual person. But Cal Ripken in the middle of a streak, got in a fight with Kevin Costner, wasn't going to be able to play because Kevin Costner was hooking up with his wife. And the Orioles said there was a power outage and canceled the game to keep the streak alive. Yeah, yeah.


That's a great one. All time conspiracy. So and imagine if they got Kevin Costner to, you know, be in the movie.




To play it. Wait, what? He played Cal Ripken because he loves playing athletes. True. That would be great if he played Cal Ripken. What if. OK, so that that one we had Cal Ripken on the show a while ago and we were told, like, don't ask the question about Kevin Costner and his wife going into the interview. And we didn't know the conspiracy or maybe we had heard of it, but we definitely weren't going to ask him, like, hey, did you catch Kevin Costner fucking your wife during our interview?


But they told us not to. And he actually brought it up during the interview because we were talking about, like, weird theories about his streak. And then he just volunteered all these reasons.


Why couldn't it have been true, like given the time frame, like where Kevin Costner was at the time and like the time of the game.


And there's reports like he was in the dugout when the power outage happened. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. Yeah. He claims that there are people, although I'm sure that there were beat writers, for example, that would have had Cal Ripken's back. Exactly.


The question is, Aaron, do you think morals were involved like. Yeah. Orchestrated the power outage.


Was there is there any person you ever played with that had the power to be like, I'm going to call the team and be like, we have to? I guess football's a lot different than baseball, but would you buy this at all in terms of how an organization is set up and a player having that type of power?


No, because I think in order for that, maybe like a LeBron right, he would have to, like, go to the head, somebody like that.


But definitely nobody in football, football players are just viewed differently than than basketball players and even baseball players, but that you just have to have like an extremely everybody would have to be involved because there's television networks, there's just contracts and there's so much money involved like.


Cats, especially with a helmet, don't have that much pull, not yet, not even match up. Maybe match, maybe, yeah, maybe match up. I like that one, though, it go out to my guy, Matt. He just retired, man. Yeah, no, not necessarily. He said on part of my take. He's not he's not officially retiring yet. He did say that if he gets offered a contract, he might come back.


Well, he got a fuck and he got a text from me for no reason. Yeah. Yeah. You might have to take that back and hit the thumbs down on that text. I'm almost I'm a screenshot and posted, but this is a.


All right, Jake, your. I had. Oh yes, I'm fine. Eloise are fighting I up. Yeah.


Jake took one of mine. Jake on him on. All right. So go ahead, Jake. You go first. Jake, go ahead.


Taking the block out Super Bowl between the Harbaugh's. Oh, Billy.


That's how it works. You have to be prepared with more than one. How do you not learn this every go, Jake? So what was it what was a conspiracy theory behind that? Oh, that it was a blowout and the NFL wanted to give some more.


That's right. Time to get the 49ers back in the game. Ended up kind of working.


Yeah, I did. Yeah. So was that the Beyonce at halftime? I don't know. All right, sweet. Now, Erin, let me ask this. Does the NFL have that type of power where they were Roger Goodell could hit a switch and blackout the Super Bowl just so that they could keep people watching and get the 49ers back in the game?


They could. I do think they could, but I don't know why they would. Why would you why would you do that? I was when I think about conspiracies, I always think about the why. Right.


And and when you start doing that, they do them, then that's when it gets. But I do think the NFL could I mean, they literally cover it up, deflate gate.


I don't know what the hell they do. They cover it up. Concussion studies.


Yeah, I tried to hide that like. So it's not not it's feasible that they would cover some shit up. But I don't know about getting the 49ers back in the game. Yes.


How would that work, though? Like if you Roger Goodell and you had let's just say there was a big light switch in front of you at halftime and you saw that the Ravens were winning by double digits, like, would it occur to you to flip that switch, knowing that it's more likely if there's a longer halftime, that the Niners are going to come out and play better in the second half?


That doesn't make that much sense. Yeah, well, hopefully so.


The evidence to support that it was staged was that all of the, you know, dress rehearsals by Beyonce, it took that exact same amount of power. The lighting was tested time and time again. So for them to say like, oh, we didn't know is going to draw this much power and cause an issue is like they that's the number one thing they test.


Right. And surge protectors. Yeah, right.


So that was like one of the reasons why it's kind of like, you know, if it's 2086 in viewership is actually seriously tampering off, let's block this thing out.


And then everyone's going, what's going on? Yeah, I was twenty eight, six with thirteen minutes left in the third quarter.


I wonder how many times that's happened in the Superdome too. Yeah. How many times have there been. The lights have gone out because it does, the lights going out in a stadium is not crazy. That's how you know we've all watched the game where that has happened.


Remember it happened the Monday Night Football game. I think it was the 49ers and the Steelers.


I feel like it happens a lot in baseball because there's so many games. Yeah, like at least once or twice a season. It's about as frequent as Beatles's. Right. Right.


All right, Pilly, my conspiracy theory is going to be the Russian doping conspiracy that actually has a lot more truth. So the Sochi Olympics, the Russians were swapping out their past and doing all sorts of stuff to cover up their athletes doping. And this is the conspiracy part to gain nationalistic pride in order to invade Crimea. Mm hmm. Which there's a lot of evidence for.


The athletes were going to invade. No, but that would have been a sick plan. Putin was putting it together. Yeah, it's this is this is a conspiracy theory, OK?


This is real. Well, it's there's a lot of conspiracies are true, though.


Yeah. Yeah. OK, throw a dart.


So somebody had a great idea because we experiment with like playing some music in the background of a podcast.


When we're talking we think we're just going to play like the serious music when Billy starts talking because Serious Billy came out on the podcast and he's got like all these theories and he's dropping big words and shit on us.


He actually he gave Aaron a little bit of perspective, Danny, about what it's like to grow up as Billy football when you get pulled over by the cops for for driving too fast because you're listening to Led Zeppelin. That was crazy. Absolutely.


Yeah, that was that was I envy that my brother.


But next time I get pulled over on my ass, the officer. You have any podcast to recommend that I don't make this mistake again. Yeah. Yeah.


Recognize Billy said he got pulled over because he was listening to Led Zeppelin driving too fast and the officer pulled him over and was like, wow, you listen, Led Zeppelin. Yeah. That makes me drive fast. To tell you what, I recommend that instead of writing your ticket, I'm just going to recommend that you start listen to a podcast instead while you drive and be like, thank you, officer.


And you let him on his way that. Did they did. I did have 100 percent yes, 100 percent true. I got off OK. Yeah. You didn't answer my question, though, the whole story. What is true? Yes. A good story. OK, how the hell did I get.


This is a great story. What else do I get on the podcast.


I got I got pulled over. I was like, I don't want to get a speeding ticket anymore. So no more loud, fast music.


That's how it started. Listen to part of my take now. I'm fucking here on this couch. All right. Mine is going to be the Rinaldo at the World Cup in France in 1998. So this like a two parter because Ronaldo is the best player in the world.


Having a great tournament, had a seizure out of nowhere right before the final. And so some people think he was drugged. Some people think that he was there's there's there's like so many layers to this conspiracy theory. Some people thought he was drugged so that then Brazil wouldn't win. But then they got gifted the 2006 World Cup in like payment for it. And then on top of all that, he played in the game, played off all France wins.


They there's a conspiracy theory that Nike, because they had invested so much in Brazil, the Brazilian team and Ronaldo is Nike athletes that Nike forced him to play, even though he was like less than 24 hours after seizure. And Nike basically stepped in and was like, he has to play no matter what, put them in the game. And he was awful. And they ended up losing. I could see Nike having that much power.


I honestly think that Nike has more power than the NFL. It's also like a soccer conspiracy theories. There's so much shady shit that happens in the world of soccer. Yeah. It really just lends itself to these things.


Anything that's FIFA. Jason is right. Primed for some corruption. Right. Right. So that that would be mine. All right. What would you say? Honorable mentions. Honorable mentions. Go ahead. The flu game. Jordan was hung over.


OK, yeah, that's right. That when he explained like somebody came in with a pizza and then the pizza guy wasn't actually the pizza guy that to me that didn't I wasn't him who explained that was his trainer guy.


Yeah. Yeah, I, I don't really buy that. So OK. I think he might have, I think Jordan might have had some brown liquor and smoked too many cigars.


The only reason that that like would not even be more impressive. The hung over. Yes. I'm sure the obviously the Ewing frozen envelope which I love that one. I believe that one 100 percent NBA definitely has.


There's a lot like where there's smoke, there's fire. There's so many. Right.


The time, like twenty two teams arguing in ref that by 2002 the Lakers versus the Kings and basically getting the Lakers into the finals, fixing LeBron for his championship.


Oh that's one. I don't know. That was one.


Was that one Eastern Conference finals against Celtics. Say the him a bunch of calls made sure they won.


OK, OK. Yeah. After they were you know, they lost the Mavericks, they got upset and they're like, we can't let this happen again. Yeah.


What about the LeBron Delante West situation? And that's just bizarre conspiracy.


I don't know if that's a conspiracy.


I think that happened. Yeah, that might have just happened. Yeah. And also just like kind of sad. Also Hope Delante is doing well. Yeah. Yeah.


The the alley Sonny Liston fight the phantom knockout. We know a little something about those. Yeah. Yeah. On this show. Mm hmm. Right. Billy. No comment. I can say OK, I did what I did.


I'm not hip. Billy got a phantom knock. Whatever. Yeah.


Knocked out Jose Canseco knocked him out clean out.


I hit him with two inside hooks and he went down. They did a boxing match like two weeks ago and Jose was getting paid a shitload of money to do it because we sold some paper views for it. And so Billy went in there. To Billy's credit, he fought them like straight up, hit him a few times. Jose quit after about 13 seconds, fell down on the ground and just he faked an injury. He was like, oh, my back hurts, my knee hurts, my shoulder hurts.


I can't fight anymore. So he gave up after seriously about 13 seconds in the ring with Billy, bro. Billy Guy hands.


Hold on. I do have hands. I do have hands. I'm pretty heavy hands. I'm working on technique and quickness, but I got heavy hands.


Is there footage of this. Yeah. We can pull it up. Yeah, I'll send it to them.


Please send me this. Holy shit. I see. Billy.


Yeah. It's pretty great he fucked him up. Hank, you have any, any Roger Goodell related conspiracies. You throw out the deflate gate.


I mean, yes, that's one of those like it's not really a you do that one, Hank. I was trying. I know I tried to I figured everyone assumed I would. Yeah.


So, Aaron, Hank actually went to jail for Tom Brady because when he was suspended, he did a little bit of civil disobedience in the NFL lobby and basically handcuffed himself down there until he got he got actually like arrested and put in jail. But how can you explain how the NFL fucked up the deflate gate investigation? Because I don't know. I honestly don't know, like what you believe about that.


Let me let me let me go back in the memories. Go for it, let's go, Hank. They came out with the Wells report that and then there was a lot of holes in that in the Wells report, and they conducted this big internal investigation that took months and months and months. And all this money didn't really prove anything conclusive, but they still dock the Patriots, whatever it was like. Draft picks, fines are suspended. Tom Brady, there was a whole witch hunt.


And like there was no real conclusive, conclusive evidence other than just the ball boy. And the Wells report, which was NFL paid lawyer who obviously was in Roger Goodell's pocket pushing this narrative. Got it.


OK, so besides the evidence that they collected, it was all bogus, but the it was cold. There's a lot of, like variables to the past make that much of a difference. That's the other thing. It was you know, it was a 42 to six game. Honestly, I think that's probably the best defense that you could ever make. It's like there's one it's like, yeah, the ball was a little underinflated. Who gives a fuck?


We beat the shit out of the Colts, but they didn't want to be wrong.


So they were like, all right, we're going to we're just going to drag this out and then just fuck.


You also want to, like, go ahead. They they they just decided to enforce it, like doing that out of nowhere.


Like Aaron Rodgers used to play with a super pumped up ball and like, you know, quarterbacks, I mean, Aaron probably knows, like in the NFL, like they want their balls a certain way because they got to throw it.


So, like.


So you think that was cheating or did you think it was kind of bogus? Like, that's like Billy says, every every quarterback wants their balls a certain way.


Yeah. And I remember when I first came out and people were asking about it, I was like, yo, they don't have nothing to do with cats. Not technically, no. I have nothing to do with getting blown out like that.


I don't matter like like the ball is the ball, right.


It's like it's an objective object in the game. Like it just didn't have that much bearing on when it lost. Like it's not like I don't know, it's not a gloves in boxing where you can play it. It's not the same thing.


So it's like because they still have to throw, they still have to catch.


There's no like it is what it is. Right. And that's so stupid. What do you say.


I would connect the dots. Yeah. What if we had a Jordan type situation where the NFL needed to punish Tom Brady for something that we don't know about maybe relating to Alex Guerrero and Unidentified Chemicals? No, found in his testing.


It was the NFL versus the they would have just said they would have been very open about it and be like, yeah, but they couldn't prove cheating. There's more of a chance to prove about the balls than anything.


So it was like getting Al Capone on tax evasion. Exactly. Said of the murder. OK, yeah.


Uh, I think your your your thought is correct, but it's more it was Goodell and the NFL versus the Patriots versus, you know, Tom Brady and Tom Brady was a collateralize. Yeah.


OK, Aaron, I just sent you the video of Billy knocking out Hosseini's. So instant reaction. OK, I'm in particular. I'm all right. It's over.


And that was it this week. Great. All right. So I think what would you do while Aaron pulls it up? I think we should. We have six. Let's do let's leave it up to people to vote tomorrow. We'll do three and three.


And then the bottom vote getter on each three and three is dominated. Got yeah. It'll be good.


Get a discussion going with the people. Yeah. All right.


So Aaron's going to pull it up.


We're going to get his reaction to Billy Football knocking out Jose Canseco, OK. Oh look, listen. Neither one of our guy has you just he just has less hands than, you know.


I'm not denying that. But I mean, why is he like this? What has happened? I mean, I guess this is my. Wow. How did he not even try to. Oh, my God, no. Right, your form is terrible.


His form is just exponential to the gym today.


But what I appreciate about you is how high up you would I mean, you did knock out Jose Canseco. That's how they say, like, that's a legend.


And you stood over him, dog. You still did over him. Yeah. And screamed at him while he was on the ground. What did you say? I kind of realized he was quitting.


So I was like, get up, earn your money, get your fucking money. And yeah, I was like, I'm going to totally different headspace at that moment.


Do you have any questions for Billy about what type of headspace mentality he was in when he was getting ready for that fight?


I mean, you had to like like like there has to be one of those things where you're, like, unsure if you should go through with it and all that.


It was it was a it was a one way mission.


Did you actually train for you actually train. I train. Oh yeah. I train solo. Yeah. He cross training. Yeah.


I was kind of disappointed last so little because I thought I was going to have to like, you know, you say you're going to war.


Yeah. But it was fun looking back, he definitely did not train for what I was going to.


He didn't train that hard.


Yeah. I go to the gym like two or three times a week.


How many days a week? Yeah. He may be like jogged, you know, like eight. I don't even know if jogs. Yeah.


I think maybe like the night before the way in he was like, oh shit, I got a big way in tomorrow I'm going to let me go sit in the sauna. Yeah.


I mean he showed up at two hundred and seventy pounds like no one fights at 270 pounds. It's like well like Brock Lesnar didn't even fight at 270 pounds.


Yes. That is so out of his mind. He just asked you how much you weigh, Billy.


Oh, I at the time of the fight I was 208 pounds 208. So Jose was a lot bigger than he had it.


Seventy pound different race. Yeah. I like right now I'm twenty five. I dropped down for the fight. But what was it like fighting a guy who's like that much bigger, that much taller than you.


Well I knew he was going to have zero speed air conditioning. So get in his face, throw 100 punches, 140.


And he said I dropped down for the fight. He's he's a what was he going to outmuscle?


Jose Canseco. An absolute weapon.


All right. Well, Aaron, thank you. Ever go subscribe again? Macro dosing, first episodes out about Alex Jones. What's what's up?


So it's going to be so we're still talking. We've got some options out. We're going to run through it. I think Aryan's going to lead the way on episode two. But we've got it's going to be good. We don't have the exact title yet. We don't have the exact topic.


But we're going to talk about that during the week. But, yeah, go listen to it. Macro dosing, check it out on YouTube, Spotify, iTunes, everywhere. Also shout out three 342 productions whose it's like a coal venture between Basel and 342 productions with a guy, Tommy. So, yeah, go subscribe Leever Review.


Billy will say anything that you leave in a five star review. He'll read it out loud on the podcast. That's a promise. There it is. All right. Thanks, Aaron. I appreciate you all, man.


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OK, let's wrap up.


We got a couple of things here. We got guys being dudes. So this is a study out of where? Out of UVA. OK, and what was the study? So the study at UVA was they they took a sample group of guys and girls and they put them in a room and they were told that they were going in there to think, right. So you can go in this room to think. There were also switches that were put in the rooms.


The switches controlled a mild electronic shock that they could administer to themselves. It was called a painful shock. Right. I told you, you guys sit in this room by yourself, sit here quietly for fifteen minutes. You can use the switch if you want to. There, put in there about seventy percent of the dudes hit the switch to feel the shot, and about 25 percent of the girls hit the switch to feel the shot. So the guy is actually a lot of people are like, yo.


Makes guys look really dumb. No, no, no, no, no, this is this is smart with the guys. Curiosity, yeah, curiosity. You want to know your environment that you're in there with the.


This study cracks me up because they didn't need to do it. Like, it's essentially saying guys are stupid and will live shorter lives because they make dumb decisions that harm themselves. Yes. So where why do we need to study?


You know, you don't need the study. And it is it is a no. But isn't it personally like that?


I would I would hate I would rather shocked myself than if you put me in a room where I had to sit up straight. Yes. Without any electronic. Tell you what, if you just put me in a room with a phone that wasn't connected to the Internet, probably within fifteen minutes I'm going to shock myself to I can only place so much Candy Crush.


There's also a element of, you know, like when you have something significant happen during the day, you remember that day, it's a memory. You're making a memory by shocking yourself. That's otherwise. You just sat in a room, didn't shock yourself, went on with your day. You live in unfulfilled, boring ass life.


And can you imagine leaving that room and then, like, going back to your friend's house and you're like, what did you do today? And telling them, I sat in a room for fifteen minutes with a button that could have shocked me and I didn't press it. Yeah, that's that's so lame. That was the worst I would kick you out of my home. Yes. We should actually do some kind of experiment like this as well here.


I want to know how many times they shock themselves. So you think I just kept on going?


I bet there's like a five percent who just like shock cauliflower here. Guys said, yeah, you start you start pounding off. Well, shot yourself repeatedly. Just the search for stimulation. The ultimate cut.


Yeah, human being. Human body craves contact. It's true. All right. The other thing we had was a quick, dramatic reading of this Seth Wickersham article that just came out about the players union, DeMaurice Smith, all the like things behind the go behind closed doors in the NFL. And Jerry Jones is obviously stole the show, as always, right? Yeah, he always will steal the show. He absolutely brought the Thunder. But it's also like Dominique Foxworth is in there, Jerry Richardson and DeMaurice Smith are in this dramatic reading.


So we got to figure out let's actually you know what?


Let's have let's have Jake read it, OK? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, come out OK. So, you know, you have to read it.


How read it. How it goes. All right. Well, give us know give us a course is a reading. You're reading it and can you do accents. Bank. Bank. OK, I think they do some accents too. Like what. The Jerry Jones accent. Yeah.


Look my dad grew up on a farm. He's got this. Got to come on.


This would be a lot of fun. All right. Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys took the floor. Look, my daddy grew up on a farm in southwest Missouri. Every so often in the spring, the wind would come from a different part of the country and the moon with a different way. And the owls would start f ing the chickens. Nobody. Billy's an owl. Nobody knew where he was going with the story.


The owls are f mm i n g the chickens, Jones continued. It makes no sense. It makes no sense that they turn this down. But the great thing for us you to be much better. No, no, no. You're crushing this.


We're not playing seventeen games, Jerry said executive committee member Dominique Foxworth, who now who now works for ESPN. It's not going to happen. Richard sat straight straighter in his chair. Which ones? Oh, this is.


Oh, it's this Jerry Richardson now he's come in. Yeah, I don't know.


Have an accent from Southern also. Yeah. With a dash of misogyny. Wow. Jeans Friday for Crittenden's jeans. Friday is a little turned on. I'm out.


What. No horny voice. No, I'll do southern. OK, I believe you go.


Forty degrees. All right. Richardson sat straighter in his chair.


We can make you we don't have to ask you. We're being nice by not saying fuck you.


You have to do it all right now, Jake. We're not being nice by not telling you. Fuck you, we're not playing, we're being nice by not telling you fuck you will play with replacement players, Richardson said.


We're being nice, but not telling you. Fuck you. Good luck filling up stadiums with Ryan Leaf quarterback.


Foxworth replied It was getting out of hand. Oh, no. That's a lot to Murray-Smith, that's a lot of fun. Have you eaten? Yeah. OK, great job, boys. Fuck you off. I fuck you all.


Can you imagine how much money these meetings would make if they were live streamed live on pay per view? Yeah, I'd love to see Jerry Jones get up there and address the room. Poor Ryan Leaf gets a ricochet shot. Yeah, that was that was tough. When do you actually think that owls were fucking Jerry Jones's chickens?


Yes, Billy, I read in a farmer's almanac. There you go. But even have to answer, Billy.


That's some that's some actual magic stuff. Farmer's Almanac. Yeah, it is. The world's getting fat and being like, all right, well, we're going to get 100 inches of snow this year. Yeah, the way the mosquitoes on the tree, I was reading one just for like content purposes.


And it was pretty interesting. What kind of content did you make out?


Well, I was trying to make a gambling content with the Farmer's Almanac because it tells the future. OK, how'd that go? I can relate to. OK, good try though. Nice try.


Oh by the way, Billy, Billy had asked to be part of the Mac producing podcast on Sunday night to be our Jamie and I said yes. And then 12 hours later, Billy just didn't show up for work. So that was that was classic. Billy, we're we're working on it, though. He'll be there next week.


He's telling the truth. Yeah, he's telling the truth. Tell the truth. All right. Go ahead, Hank.


Guys on chicks.


Hey, sexy daddy cat and tall cut property. So I asked my boyfriend in the day if he jacks off in the bathroom and he said yes, sometimes when he's getting ready in the morning. I asked why the bathroom smelled like nasty come. And he told me he throws his cum tissues in the trash rather than flushing it. What's wrong with my boyfriend and why does it smell so bad?


Well, I'm trying I'm trying to figure out this process here because he's in the bathroom jacking off. Why didn't you just do it in the shower?


And why did you do in the toilet? Yeah, well, yeah. First of all, if you're not jacking off in the shower, there's a toilet right there. That's where tissue goes. Right. Second of all, the shower is right there where you don't need tissues.


It seems like he's actually picking the worst amount of steps. Yeah.


Why is he just shooting the toilet? That's what I'm saying, is you try to mark his territory, either shooting the toilet, shooting the shower or flush the tissue. Yeah, your boyfriend sucks. Hey, hardbody cat.


Pfft, cowboy hat guy and honk. A few months ago I wrote you all telling my boyfriend saving money he had been gambling with for my future engagement ring. Today is our two year anniversary and he got me a gift with some of said money. The gift was pretty pricey too. Do you think he's being honest now?


What about his gambling? He's not proposing where he won money.


That's what she's implying. No, I don't think so.


He probably stopped gambling. It's actually a great window into his finances to see, like, how much do you usually lose gambling if like two months later, your gift is really nice, you can kind of do the math and be like, oh, so you're putting five grand on the line every weekend? Yeah, he must just not like the board.


It happens. It does.


Hey, Bobcat PDF and blue balls. Billy, I've recently discovered my boyfriend has a really weird fetish for Valentine's Day.


He bought me a stuffed bear with some hearts on it and I thought it was cute and we'll put it on my bed after making it.


However, later that night when we were doing it, he insisted that the bear stay in the bed and watch us as we get it on. This is a little weird, but I did not think much of it. He would even look at the bear during sex and say things like you like what you see. As we continued, he then grabbed the bear and started choking. It would not stop until we were done. It has gotten worse every time we have sex.


Since then, he continues to say dirty things and grabbed the bear whenever we get really into it. To make matters worse, I notice there's a small hole in the bears. But do you think he is doing this as a joke or does he really have a fetish for this?


There's a camera in there. Yeah, this is a nanny cam. Oh, I was going to say, I think you're fucking your dog. It's it's just nanny grabbing the toy bear and roughing it up. It's true.


It's a nanny cam this day. They hide cameras in stuffed bears. Yeah. And you leave them out on your couch to see like what the nanny or what the babysitter does.


We did. We have a nanny cam in this studio for Billy Vincent. Oh, yeah. Are you serious? Yeah.


And the Dick bobblehead wave to it. Billy, are you serious? Wave to it. All right.


I have a confession. The Mountain Dew bottle was mine. Wow. I mean, we knew that I'd rather hear it from me than you already see. Yeah, no, but he's definitely on only fans account.


He's uploading this content. You might want to you might want to dissect just next time. Just ask him for fifty percent of the earnings.


Yeah. Yeah. No dude. What. Seventy five. Come on. Well he put in power the women production value that was used. It was just glass ceiling. It fucking shame on you Billy.


He said cat and cowboy. Pfft. Me and my boyfriend. I'm a dating for a while and he's always at the gym. He goes like twice a day and I was a little insecure so I asked to go with him just to make sure he's actually going in the gym and not cheating. He's kind of acting weird about it, but finally gave in the dad when he said he was maxing out his max on bench was 185.


I said, do you think he's cheating on me? Because how could someone who is always hard working all day wait, wait, wait, wait, only be able to bench. Go back a second, you said that this guy, like, works out twice a day, Barney's and his Macs is what he said he is maxing out, but as Max mentioned, only 185.


Oh, my God. Do you think he is cheating on me? Oh, my God. You're one eight five.


There's really no other explanation. You're you're either dating, like, the biggest soy boy being a bitch or he's cheating on you. Wow. 185 is just ridiculously low.


I mean, Billy, doesn't he? Or he's in fight club.


What once you notice that and what Billy saying, that's where he goes secretly. Yeah. Oh I think she would notice that. Yeah. Oh OK. I think he's a great fighter.


Powerlifting and fighting isn't really compatible. Right.


So I realize that OK, maybe he maybe he might be like, well you are, you're one and oh dude I know, but like you lose track means.


But when you were working out, before you knew that you were going to fight, you were you already getting trained. You were getting your body ready for a fight even before Jose Canseco, his name was even mentioned. True. That's why you were at 105. Maybe maybe this guy's got like he might be maybe still in the closet. And when he says he's going to get a workout at the gym, he says, I got at gyms and he says it really fast.


I'm just going to hang out with his buddy.


Either way, don't shame on me. One eighty five. If you go to the gym in any type type of regularity and you are 185, that's absolutely pathetic.


Really, really.


I think I could bench twenty five. I've been in the gym in years. Most gyms will actually revoke your membership if you go there every day because you're like you're obviously you're right. You're not getting out of this. What you're putting into. Right.


QWhy rep out one eighty five right now. Yes. Heard you probably do it. I probably get hurt but I could probably do it.


Actually took some of the weights home over the weekend to practice so I don't think we have one eighty five here.


Yeah I could definitely do it. My husband's birthday is Friday. He's AWOL and has most of your merch. He only tells you that he wants cash for a gift. What do you recommend I get him cash.


Cash. Just cash. He couldn't be more transparent. He wants cash. You know what? The greatest gift in the world cash is amazing. Cash is king will never turn down cash. However, we're getting close enough to the end of this pandemic thing where if somebody gave me like a hundred dollar Dave and Buster's gift card right now, I would be fucking pumped. It would be something to look forward to in the future where I'm like May 15th, we're going to fucking busters.


Yeah, remember that. Remember the days in the pandemic, like the first week or two when everyone's like, hey, if we just buy gift cards to your favorite restaurant, we'll keep it in business?


Yeah, I do remember that. That was cool. It turns out it took Dave Portnoy. Yeah, but everybody gets Save the World.


Yeah. Cash. Just get them cash. Cash is the best you can buy whatever you want. All right, let's do numbers.


Bill, you got to give me an eighteen nineteen point eighteen eighteen.


I think about any nice numbers sometime in nineteen seventy four there was a chimpanzee war that lasted seven years called the Kamay Chimpanzee War, where two rival chimpanzee troops seventy went to war.


Jane Goodall recorded this machine is taunting you, Hank, taunting you out of three four seven.


Oh, you are nineteen. Now you're being taunted. It's actually just trailing you. Nineteen comes suffering so badly that that chimpanzee war thinks it's crazy.


And then a third separatist group arised. It's actually a documentary on it. That's very cool.


OK, we should love you guys.


I'm talking to a lot of you know what to say.


I'll see you later today. The day to find. Shying away. To say about Sparling's Sparling's. I would love to say to me, well, it's better to be safe than sorry, seems to me it's better to be safe in some way gonne.