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On today's part of my take, we have Miami Heat player guard Duncan Robinson. Great interview with him. Eastern Conference champion.


Yeah, well, and also D3 runner up, NBA runner up D one runner and one runner up. Billy actually asked that question because he's an asshole. We have that.


We have some clean up on the divisional round. Patrick Mahomes hotsy cool thrown the Mets.


GM sent 62 unsolicited text messages.


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OK, let's go. Now, in the street violence, I'm not hung out, I'm all the way out to L.A. and you get high, sounds to be like kids go to yeah. Welcome to part of my take presented by the cash shop.


Go download right now. Use Code Bar so you get ten dollars for free. Ten dollars. The ASPCA today is Wednesday, January 20th. Happy Marcus Mariota Day.


That is the holiday that we all know that we all celebrate. I guess like a month ago when we created a holiday that we don't even know why we created it. I think I know why. I think I remember it was like when Marcus Mariota was playing on Thursday Night Football and he played well.


No, no, no. We're going to be okay. We're going to go to we won. We have no recollection.


Yeah. For the record, Jake. Right. For some recording. Jake, I remember it's Marcus Mariota. This is the problem with Jake. He is that well it's actually a good thing, good problem to have but I would say we're not really good preppers. We're not, we're kind of a fly by the seat of our pants guys. Jake is now the de facto part of my take historian. So when we say shit like Hey Jake Marcus Mariota Day, January 20th, he actually remembers when you you know what little chance I remember.


He holds future us accountable, which I don't like. I mean we're just saying things all the time that we'll take care of in a couple of months. And Jake is like, hey, remember that deadline you said for yourself, I'd rather just forget about it. OK, so.


So tell us about this week. Twelve of the NFL season. The Raiders lost the Falcons. Forty three to six. Oh, and Nathan Peterman came into the game, went three or five. And I think one of you said, let's see Marcus Mariota. OK, let's see, let's hear it.


If you're Derek Carr, it's got to be so much worse to get benched for Nathan Peterman than for Marcus Mariota, right. Correct. I would much rather see Mariota come in off the sidelines.


If you're going to go with this guy we need to put that in.


Forgot he did to put that in like a Google calendar. Jake. Yeah. January 17th for remember Marcus Mariota.


Yeah. See if he's a little sister's birthday. There we go. Now remember remember Marcus Mariota on that day. Is that that, is that a Tuesday or Wednesday. What is it. I don't know when that will be.


Oh no I only give two options. Yeah. Someday I'll be here. So actually sorry. No offense to your sister Hank but let's move it back. Yeah. Let's go to actually let's go to the following Wednesday. It seems like Tuesday. Tuesday it seems like a Tuesday type for a Wednesday show.


Wednesday is inauguration. Tuesday is the night that I really want to talk to be busy on that. I'm just looking at my outlook calendar. Are you are you saying the election is official? We're not talking about. OK, all right. Well, I'm just saying who said the past? You know, the holiday kabulov on your Apple calendars because that's what came on.


He didn't say who was getting inaugurated.


Yes, true. Yes. Good point. Yeah, that's a good point. All right. So put it in. That's Marcus big 2009.


Remember, you get inaugurated if you when you get re inaugurated. OK, well, all right. So there we go. You know, it's hey, people, listen to this. And that was we sound like fucking idiot. That was the dumbest thing I've ever listened to it. I just like it happened exactly how I three options are a fake. All we remember to know since we're talking about a Falcons Chargers game and then Falcons Raiders game and he starts reminding us about his sister's birthday.


And people are like, this is compelling stuff. Yes. I automatic shot somebody.


Happy birthday, Mario. Today traded today is Marcus Mariota.


It's also pardon day. Yes. Well we're recording this before the pardons come out. I'm excited. I'm hoping Tiger King gets off. He's got a limo on standby to go silkroad pardon.


Dr. Heat. Pardon. Gregg Williams.


Let's some let's do some Marcus Mariota facts. I don't even know. I think he's so boring he doesn't have facts. I just looked Marcus Mariota backs and it says Marcus Mariota was six feet four inch so Marcus Mariota is dead.


So, all right, Marcus Mariota, what's your father? He's from Hawaii. There we go. Papa Bless. October 30th, 1993 was his birthday. That's actually not too far off from when we decided to make Marcus Mariota. That's that's Halloween.


Almost one month exactly with the November 30th. There we go. The stars align. This is 11 Titanic Facts about Marcus Mariota, his magical NFL debut.


He won the combined King Award after running a four point forty eight forty yard dash in high school.


OK, he's the combined king. Wow Marcus Mariota the combined King.


Do you have anything for Jake? In the first half of his debut, he was eight eight for 162 yards and two touchdowns. That's his first game ever. He just turned out to be pretty good. Woops, we're going to say Jake, I'm still looking.


Yeah, there's no way he's so boring. OK, well happy Abby Marcus Mariota today. That's official. It is officially in the calendar Marcus Mariota day every year January it's remember Mark Alliteration his first and last name.


Boten Dario. You had to look that up. No it was just. Yeah my emergency fact.


All right so happy Marcus Mariota Data everyone. Hopefully everyone has a great Marcus Mario today.


Let's talk some other stuff. How about the Mets general manager getting fired for 62 text messages to a female reporter including a dick pic. I think it was dick pic. Part of the 62 dick pic was I think included at the tail end of the sixty two.


Then she answered after the dick pic and then he sent like three more saying, I'm sorry, but then Dejoy more.


Yeah, yeah. Being like you didn't get back to me about what do you like the dick pic. Yes. So I've got two thoughts on this. First of all, on top of everything else, obviously he's a scumbag and he got fired, deserves to be fired. First of all, after that, he's also a terrible negotiator. Hmm. What that's what do they teach you in negotiating school? Do they teach you to just, like, look really thirsty and keep calling people and then we'll call you back?


He I don't know. I mean, sales. You're supposed to be persistent, right? I, I guess this also is an indictment then on the Indians because they just traded Lindor to the Mets.


Yes. This guy executed Detroit. They did business.


They took his blood money. Second of all, what do you disavow because he was on the Cubs? Well, he's a Mets GM. He was on the Cubs was just about the Mets. Yes, I do disavow his Mets, GM. I think we should all just remember that he's a Mets GM. He has the Mets GM or was the Mets GM. My second big takeaways, this is an all time guy who wears Oakley sunglasses. Move.


Yeah, he's a big time Oakley. If you look at the picture that they have, he's wearing Square O'Kelly's. And you can tell a lot about a guy by the sunglasses he wears. Yeah. If you wear cost of sunglasses, you go deep sea fishing twice a year. You probably have a DUI in Florida. If you were shady, raise your cool you you're the Blache. That's true.


And then if you're an ugly guy, you probably sent dick pics during child support meetings.


Yes, I would. I would say, well, this wasn't during a child support meeting. Well, you don't know that. Well, it might have been. I mean, let's the probably the worst excuse of all time when he said those are actually just stock images because who doesn't have stock images of random erect penises in their phone? Yeah.


So he went with the stuff like that is also a sign like, hey, man, don't go with your first defense because your first offense is going to be terrible, like, hey, it was stock images.


I my biggest takeaway from this is we need like a school that like everyone, you know, people go to college or trade school wherever we need like a one month seminar where people can just learn to be normal human beings. Because this was when I read this story and I saw that he had 62 unanswered text messages.


I like throw out just the dick pic, which is way out of bounds and unsolicited dick, because we had a chance to begin with.


But 62 text messages over like a couple months with no reply. Dude, you need to learn, like just a tiny bit of shame.


Yeah, because that is that's the craziest. It made me like cringe and have shivers down my spine.


I can't if I text someone over a two day span and text him three times and they don't respond, I'm like, well, fuck me, I'll kill myself. Yeah, there's I don't want to talk.


Either they're dead or you've got the wrong number. Right. Here's a solution.


Every guy out there should have a number in their phone that they label as let's just call it Kathleen from the bar. And it's a number that goes nowhere and you just fire off all your dick pics to that. Do that number is out into state.


And he was doing the winky face and he was doing. Yeah. That's also embarrassing to have your GM shoot off a magik. Like questionmark, like questionmark. Like questionmark this guy I he just maybe it's maybe it's because I don't know, like he's pretty, he's, you know, achieved great things with GM, so he probably thinks like he well he's the GM of the Mets, the GM, the Mets. But he was like, oh my shit doesn't stink.


I'm on the GM and the Mets. It's just a I'm a I'm a smart guy.


No, you're not. You're actually a fucking idiot. Yeah. Because sixty two. How do you even go back from that? By the way, you don't you look at pictures and say that. So here's the thing. They've got the blackout picture there. So he knows that if he keeps fucking up, they're liable to drop the uncensored version.


You mean the stock image stock talking? Yeah, the Getty, the the picture of via Getty's penis.


How about thinking that that will be a good a good way to get out of this. Be like, yeah, dude who doesn't have stock images.


So he went, why won't you answer me? Beautiful. Am I annoying you? If you have to ask him, I annoy you.


Your annoying answer is yes. I was going to say a question mark. I want to say 62 text messages is Precrime, but it's not. It's just crime. Crime. Yeah.


So that was the big news of Monday night going into Tuesday. And credit Steve Cohen, who I don't I was reading his Twitter.


I'm a little jealous of of Mets fans relationship with Steve Cohen.


It's because it is like he had he had a tweet being like, what do you guys want new at Citi Field? And people were just responding. Like Lenny Balls is in there being like, we need more beer.


And like, you know, I mean, it's it was just it was responding to people and it was like, I don't know, there's something about Steve Cohen. Maybe maybe the shine will wear off eventually.


But I have no affinity towards the Mets whatsoever. But there's something very sweet about the Mets fans relationship. They really just got out of, like the worst relationship with the Wilpon and now they have cool new dad who will tweet them back and be like, hey, guys, you want to do a trade?


Let's let's crowdsource a trade.


Who do you guys want on the team? And the people are like, hey, we want your stories. Like, All right, I'll go get Trevor Noah.


And it's very much a double edged sword because once things start to go bad, yeah, he's going to have a different entire outlook on Twitter. But it does go to show you that no matter how many billions of dollars you get in your life, the one thing that you're always going to want is to will to own a sports team and then to be cool online. Yes.


And this guy so Steve Cohen, he did deal with it correctly and that he fired him pretty much instantly in the morning. But he had a moment last night where I was like, this guy tweets all the time, where's his tweet? So that also is a double edged sword where if you're the tweet guy, you can't be like, whoa, he's got no way to get in touch. Like, he'll do a press conference. Like, no, he he goes directly to the fans, which is cool until there's some issue.


And he's like, well, you got to actually address he's going to have to hire like a heavy dude that gives the bad news to the fan base so that he can continue to have this, like, cool Uncle Steve persona that he should just have Frank the Tank be his press secretary for any bad news that needs to be delivered. Yes. Yes, I love that.


I know I'm jealous of the Steve Cohen relationship to Mets fans have with him. Also, Darren Derval, please tell me how much how much advertising Oakley got out of that deal.


Yeah, plastered everywhere like the minors that came out of exactly like the minors. Yeah.


Also, could you imagine I can't imagine the GM from any other team doing this, and I don't know them personally, but this just feels like a problem that would only happen with the Mets.


Right. Billy Beane would be like and it finally being given happened with the Mets. It did happen with the Cubs, but it's the Mets. Yeah. Let's just be honest. It's the Mets GM.


I can see why they hired him and then he'd have a smart GM like Billy Beane gets in trouble for sending pictures of his balls. It's like balls are underrated. They're undervalued.


The the the the cubs like Theo, it might actually be. Now, his greatest move ever was leaving the Cubs right before everything just fell apart because Jon Lester is now a Washington national. Collishaw We're like you. Darvish gets traded. This comes out the baby come. All this happens.


And it's like Theo might have seen something. So I went and looked. Glennis response. Steve Cohen was Steve. I mean, how about that? Like, he's Steve Cohen, the owner of the Mets is letting gleni balls call him by by his first name, says, Steve, can we add more all inclusive tickets, including alcohol around the stadium, like in the Eminem's sweet seats? Thanks. I'll hang up and listen, Glenn. He just wants to pay one price for all his food and beer, OK?


Is that so hard? It shouldn't be. Just can we have a buffet instead of instead of, like, the handicapped railings and take you down?


Oh, my God. It's so fucking good. All right. So, yes, Jerry Porter, scumbag. Very cringeworthy. Sixty two on just guys. This is more than three. You she probably doesn't want to talk to you anymore. OK, three over three days. That's a good sign to stop texting.


Yeah. And I think as far as dick pics go, just never send them. Just don't, just don't. Unless you have a notarized form that's been signed, dated, stamped that says I would like to see your penis on my cell phone.


Well, it's also like a scared straight like if you are I think Mark Cuban maybe has told us, like if you send a dick pick out, you're sending it to the whole Internet because eventually it will.


Oh, yeah, it's going to come going well, unless it's a stock image, which again, I'm going to stock image penis. Yeah, he should have been smarter and done like Getty Images over it.


Yeah. His stock is having a nice cup of coffee. I do feel bad for the reporter. I mean, this is this is essentially like. We hear these stories like, hey, this is what it's like to be a woman in sports, you're like, oh, fuck, 60 to fucking text messages. That's crazy and scary and weird.


So maybe it was a stalker because it's blurred out. You can't see it. Maybe it is the diagram that you see in health class. It's this one, the one you see in health class. That's just the penis. This one had this one had mean gadgety shower in it because it makes it even worse.


Who hasn't sent this to a girl? Oh, my God. Nothing gets a girl going like seeing the health class.


He obviously Kernville someone in his jeans, which is that's a weener move. And I mean that. Not as a whiner like. I mean that Anthony Weiner. Yes, he did that move. He has been in the news.


He would send pictures, I think, like when he was hanging out with his kids of his penis in his underwear. Mm hmm.


So it's not a dick pic. Yeah. All right. Divisional round, just clean up. So Patrick Mahomes apparently doesn't have a concussion, which we talked about on Sunday, but it's now coming out. He has a pinched nerve.


Yeah, it's his neck. So it was just a neck issue that caused the entire left side of his body. He basically had a stroke over the span of a quarter. Second is what you're saying, wear a neck, just shut down one side of his body entirely and now he's fine.


So he is in the concussion protocol? Oh, he is. Because he doesn't need to be.


Once you get put in the protocol, there's no getting out unless you pass the test at the end of the week. Yeah. So I'm I'm ready to say that I think that he will pass the concussion protocol test at the end of the week. I think we're not paying enough attention to his foot injury. He's got turf toe. He's going to play is the most serious injury in all of football.


So he's going to play through both. And but I do agree that, like the toe would, it's going to make it harder for him to be 100 percent Patrick Holmes. And a lot of people got mad at me because I said the bills could blow out the chiefs.


That was I guess I should have just phrased it the same way I've been like, it's a coin flip game. Yeah, that's how I see it. I was more saying that like a chiefs could blow out the bills. I'm saying a blowout wouldn't surprise me either way.


Like, I think that it just wouldn't pay the bills. People think the bills blowing up the chiefs would be some shocking result. But to me, it wouldn't be because I think both these teams are so fucking good that if either shows up with their eight plus game, they will blow out the opponent.


Yeah, the bills. That's really what the bills have had like three games this year where if they play like those bills. Right, they win this game. Right. The chiefs have had how many perfect games have the Chiefs had this year?


And I covered in nine nine straight games. Yeah. But also the lines are like six and a half. No, some of them not really like that. The chiefs, I can remember them having at least two eight plus games bills. I'm remembering like three eight plus games. Yeah.


But even the Chiefs eight plus games like the Bucs, they had an eight plus half, remember, and then they kind of let the bucks back in. Cute. So I don't know if it's going to be I'm very excited for the championship someday. I think we have some good guest on on Friday to break it down who maybe has been in a few championship Sundays. But yeah, it's all going to be awesome.


What was the bet that we had, Hank? It was it Patrick Mahomes doesn't play. It had nothing to do with a head injury just if he didn't play, right? Yep. OK, so if he doesn't play because of the toe, I still win the bet. I still get to capture Normy for we can make him fat. Yeah, I think that's, that's, that's true. I'm going to feed him so much bad stuff.


He's going to put all butter, he's going to play. And on the last day I'm going to give him all the stuff that gives him diarrhea right before I give him back to you. He's going to play. Yeah, probably. You're right. He's going to play. Yeah, he's going to play.


I mean, Colin Coward tried to say that the NFL should postpone the game if Patrick Mahomes can't play, which was coward, just being like, hey, I want to go viral for a bad opinion, which he does want someone.


Yeah, I can't imagine that everybody that listens to his show is the vice president of marketing or like works in finance and understands that the dollar bills mean everything. And he's like, yeah, DC suite guys in between take in between their their shareholder conference calls are just tuned into the herd real quick, get some takes and put me on mute again.


What else we got. Oh we did get a little bit. I was watching the Box Nets game on Monday night. We got a little taste of who gets the last shot.


So we had two last shot situation. So they were down, I think it was by two another down by one. Harden took the last shot with forty seconds left and then Miss got the rebound. Pass it to Kevin Durant who then drained the last shot and then they were up to with thirty seconds left. So it's like who's taking the last dagger shot that was Durant OK and then Kyrie might be coming back tonight.


So I think this is like a next level conversation of who gets the last shot. I think we're in kind of who's the odd man out territory, the odd man out. So I think we've got to Batman's in Harden and Durant and then Kyrie is kind of going to end up being Robin on the side. So those two are definitely going to click up. I'll put it this way. I think it's like Blink 182. I think that that Kevin Durant and James Harden are Mark and Travis and then obviously Kyrie's Tom and then he's off somewhere studying Julian aliens and then he's going to get pushed off to the side.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm very excited to have the odd man out conversation. Yes.


I mean, this is. Again, where the fans have won. All right, let's do hotsy quarter and then we got Duncan Robinson, a little more NBA talk before we do that, cause Seltzer isn't your average seltzer there on a mission to restore America's rivers? Cause Seltzer is launching the world's easiest volunteer program you've ever seen in your life, whatever you're doing, by simply cracking open a can. Of course, Seltzer, you're volunteering. You're probably saying, hey, that's crazy.


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My hotseat is your gote. Big cat maggoty. No. You go like Djokovic the joker.


Oh yeah. And this guy I watched one Wimbledon back years ago when I got attached to this fucking scumbag.


You guys made it here. You guys may remember, but he's better than Federer. A few months ago, he hosted his own tennis event in like the peak of covid.


Yeah, that was like no regulations. It turned out to be a super spreader event. And it basically like they traced it back better than spreader. They traced it back to, like, spreading coronaviruses all over the Balkans.


OK, and this one event then. So the Australian Open Australia has covered under control. They have a bunch of like precautions, regulations and stuff. Djokovic sent in basically his own list of requests and suggestions on how they can actually do a better job with covid.


So he's helping. He's trying to help and they're trying to help. They shot it down immediately. We're like fucking idiots. So why don't we ever take advice from the guy who had his own tennis event?


Because he knows what not to do, because he already spread it. Every suggestions were to basically, like, lessen the restrictions, like make it easier, basically. Just he wanted to he was selfish, so just selfish.


Actually, I agree with Big Cat a little bit on this, because if you're going to play in a music festival, you would hire Billy McFarland because he's made all the mistakes right. He knows all the potholes. He knows all the danger areas. So, yeah, like bring Djokovic and there haven't been the points.


But have you ever watched Catch me if you can boom, they can yell fire that dude.


OK, so Djokovic is the perfect guy to hire. He's also let's let's let's just spin it this way, Hank. We talk about how much we love SEC coaches, how funny they are. He just sounds like you see Coach Herd immunity. Yeah.


He's like, let's all get it and then we don't get it. He sounds like proven to be wrong.


If you if you bred Mike Leach with Trevor Bauer, maybe a little dabo in them. Yeah. Yeah. Why not.


I will say there is a nice video of him he's quarantining in his hotel room, going on the balcony and watching some kids play on the street. Yeah.


And he can probably watch those kids if he can watch. So that's. Thanks, Jake.


You know what? Some things some things are bigger than sports. I don't even like tennis. Something that's amazing. But he is better than Federer.


So he went out there and he he looked at kids from his hotel room balcony. Yeah. See what or two. Gentlemen, it's very nice. He was like giving them some OK, you know what, six months from now.


Not during the point. Novak Djokovic day. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


During the point he was probably spitting on the kids like you actually know. Jack, you need this to be stronger.


Jake, make this. Well, that's always fun. About a year later, where your spit lands.


Yeah. A year later, it's Marcus Mariota Novak that. Yes, both of them. Yeah. Twenty, twenty two. I mean we found out very quickly that Marcus Mariota is the most boring person to ever have a day for, so I guess they're sharing their day.


Yeah. Yeah. Eleven is still just Mariota today.


Twenty twenty one on a Wednesday.


No record. No you know. Yeah you're right. Shift Marcus back to January. I just went about doing it on Hank's sister's birthday.


It's always Monday. It's always so I'm like that is already. Yeah yeah. This is always Martin Luther King Jr slash Novak Djokovic had the closest Tuesday to January 18th. OK, January 18th. Twenty twenty two marks. Mario today, Novak Djokovic, perfect day after Hank's sister's birthday.


And my cool throne is the pecky for. Blindness. Yeah, they started filming season five today, and now I so I watched the Peaky Blinders during quarantine and before I watched the pic I was like, I can't spoil it because I don't remember what happens. I watch a during quarantine and now that statement rings true because, like, I don't really even remember exactly what happens at the end of the seasons. But they started recording, started filming season five.


Then the director like Xrayed or whatever, said that there's going to be a feature film that comes out and the entire thing, which is that's hype.


Like, that's a that's an exciting. Yeah, it's better than a season. Like, it's just a nice, like, entourage. Yeah. Yeah.


The problem with that is they're going to not have the subtitles in the movie theater. That's going to be a big pain in the ass.


Well, are we ever going back to movie theaters? Can we all agree that, you know, like on a movie I creativity. I like to do that. Let's go to the movies.


Like, I feel like I ran a marathon tour that I worked out.


I want I don't want movie theaters go away, but I'm saying give me the option to be able to buy every single movie at home right away.


But then, like, that's just let me have that off, because then I would just I would do you I focus better on a movie in the movie theaters the first time than I do at home. Yeah.


You're what? You're forced to watch it? Yeah. You're not looking at your phone. You're not getting as much. Yeah, I do. Subtitles They need to have subtitled theaters for Peaky Blinders for sure.


Yeah I'm right. OK, ok. I said I think that's cool Terance.


That's just doing the minimum guy. My hot seat is being able to talk about the Houston Texans on television. So Dan Orlovsky was talking about the Texans GM mess, just the entire just shit show that is the front office right now in Houston. And he said that it's worse than is being reported and it's worse than it's so bad. I can't say it on television.


What's worse than being reported? They they murdered Deshaun Watson. He said it is rotting in the stadium. It's so bad. I can't talk about it on television so that that takes my brain to the point where, like, there's murders. Yeah. There's just they're taking phone calls from Tashaun Watson and just picking up the phone, saying the N-word and hanging up on them like crazy. How bad could it get that you can't say it on television and he hasn't even notes about it yet?


I then we know that it could get worse. It could always if it's not stopped, then it's the worst it could possibly be like Doug Peterson's playing that needs Sudfeld for a few drives.


Yeah, but what could the worst of the worst what are they doing in that office? Is it satanic orgies? They are. They are hijacked by a dude who just. Yeah, they're going to prey on it. And I actually I feel like there's a part of them and there's actually a part of me like maybe one percent. I'm not I'm not a God guy.


But like, if they pray hard enough, could they win a Super Bowl?


Yeah, I think so. Right, like it's I don't know, but then you have to think that every other franchise is probably praying not as hard as they are. So you've got other franchises are actually trying to get better on the football field. They're saying, let's forget the football field. Let's just pray the fuck out of this thing right now.


If you're Joel Osteen, you need to go to the Houston Texans Stadium right now because you can probably get hired. Yeah. If you walk in the door with enough confidence, which I know you have fly your little private jet across town, landed on the 50 yard line, step off and declare yourself the head coach of the Houston Texans and say, God delivered me a message. I bet you that Jacky's to be would say, that's our guy, right.


God has delivered us like that's the thing with with prayer though. Like I don't think it's going to work.


I don't think that the praying will replace keeping Deshaun Watson and making sound roster decisions.


But what about thoughts and prayers. Oh I don't know. They're trying something different. I'm not thinking outside the box.


Yeah, I just I need to know what's so bad that that Dan Orlovsky can't say it on television. Oh, man.


They should let Deshaun Watson be the coach. Yeah, why not. Fuck it. Yeah. My cool on his sea shanties.


How about how about one more thought about this, how about the fact that like Bill O'Brien has to be so happy that he left and everyone's like Bill O'Brien's the worst. What a shit show. And it got way worse. Turns out Bill was keeping the team together.


He was the only he might have been bad. But, man, do you regret getting rid of him?


Well, you know why? Because of Bill O'Brien. At least you had a guy you could point at and say that's the problem and the bad guy and just the bad guy. You don't have anyone you can point at, right? Then you're like, what the fuck? What's going on here? They should just make up like an interim general manager and have everybody be mad at that guy. Yes, it doesn't even exist. But the fact that there's nobody to blame makes it way worse.


Yup. My couth honesty. Shanti's oh yes. He Shanti's are back in a big way. Have you have you seen and heard the sea shanties.


I don't understand what a sea shanty is.


It's like, it's like the devil singing a lullaby. Oh yeah. I saw Roan's. That was great. The Irish does a bad rap. No he did the Irish rap sea shanty.


Oh yes he shanties are like yo ho ho. In a way you did that, that type of thing. You saw the Packer fan too. That made me want to puke. They've gone very viral on the last couple of weeks. People are getting really into sea shanties. I want to I feel like we should do a sea shanty for Billy. We should write a sea shanty because we did that one for Hank.


Aren't you to imagine dragons? I'm doing it. Imagine Dragons one. But now see, chances are just so hot. OK, we'll do that.


Can you come back? I hope you die. I hope you die. And if you don't, don't come back ever again. I just about that I want I missed.


I truly do miss Billy. Yeah. Yeah I do.


It's good to have somebody that you can point out and blame.


He's a O'Brien. Someone dropped a bunch of heavy boxes in the studio and they're just going to sit here until he comes to eye on this building as well. I fucking miss that guy because you know what he at least would have been like, hey, one order dinner.


Yeah, I would have remembered to order dinner.


He kept us on schedule for dinners. And and he would sometimes if if the studio got too crowded with beer, he'd be like, hey, guys, can I clean this up and take a few of these cases home for you guys? Those kind of nice.


All right. My hot seats is the NCAA. So they screwed up the schedule.


That screw up is probably the wrong word. They changed the schedule for the basketball tournament, March Madness. And I know I would say, well, at least there's going to be March Madness this year. Agreed. But they have eliminated the first Thursday. I think this is just for this year. Right, Jake? This is know remember, they didn't eliminate it. They're still the first.


No, they eliminated it because Thursday is the greatest day in the calendar when you're like, we have four days of this.


It is the best day ever. So they've changed it.


It now goes Friday. So Thursday is a first for Friday, Saturday, first round Sunday, Monday, round two. So we're going to be watching.


I see. I can't I can't get into this. It's tough. Like doing Monday is not a day to be tuning into Tru TV. It's a recovery day. It is. Can you imagine how sad that's gone?


I got a cockerell on the true TV. He always does. Like waking up to seeing this on TV. Yeah, like some like crime shows. Yeah, it's like Castle usually.


Yeah. So, so. And then I do actually like that. They're the sweet sixteen in the lead eight. Sweet Sixteen is Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I'm OK with that because Elite eight is it's weird when you have the Elite Eight on that Saturday and Sunday and you're like wait there's only two games. Yeah.


Like where's the rest of my basketball? Whereas now you'll work all day Monday and then you get basketball at the end of the day.


But the fucking eye, the second round being on a Monday is just my brain cannot understand it.


It really sucks because that is the end of that week where you get the Thursday and the Friday off, where you check out on Wednesday afternoon. You know that that's the last piece of work. You're doing that right. And then Thursday morning, you come in and you can just kind of coast into the weekend. Now, you check out on that Friday morning, which is fine, take that Friday off or if you're at work, don't do any work.


But then on Monday morning, that's a whole new week, so. If you don't do any work on that Monday, your bosses can be like, what the hell? This is a new week, we've got to get shit done right. It really pushes a problem on you where you have to work while watching the games as opposed to pretending it's also just change.


You do change. And what about the vasectomies? When are we going to do this? Someone's getting screwed out of their vasectomy. Someone's going to get a vasectomy on that Thursday. Let us know if you've scheduled a vasectomy on that Thursday.


And now it is four games.


You're going to go in, come back and you're going to have like a bag of frozen peas on your nuts and you're going to be watching like Murray State play against Creighton. Yeah.


And then we'll your battles. And then Monday you're going to be back at work and there's more games on. All right.


Michael Throne is the state of Michigan because of our sportsbook cap is coming to the state of Michigan on Friday at 12:00 p.m., we will be live the barstool sports book app. You can download it right now. Actually, you can put your money right now. We're also matching pennies, matching. If you deposit and play with the with what you deposit, they will match for the bar stool fund in the state of Michigan. So going to help local businesses in the state of Michigan and will be a Greek town watching the conference championship games on Sunday.


You can watch us on a live stream and go download the app.


Very excited about that. Detroit's one, my favorite cities. Even if you don't live in Michigan, it's nice to have the app.


I got to use it to check lines and stuff. Yeah, exactly. And play a game. What's the line? Yeah. How else are you going.


Pretty good at that one. Yeah. It has a line moved in in the Buffalo game. It's two and a half right now. Let me see.


Which would I. Yeah it's weird. I mean I guess people think the bills are good. Jake, do you have problems.


Yeah. Hotsy is the Australian cricket team. Yeah. India upset them.


India had a bunch of India wagan. Yeah. I wouldn't call that an upset. As a matter of fact, Jake, you've lost a lot of our Indian listeners.


But can I give the context, by the way, Duke is not ranked for the first time in like forever.


Neither is North Carolina.


Do you think Coach K mentioned that he's going to India's cricket team, gutted by injuries and deflated by hearing racist abuse from the home crowd, defeated a confident Australian team on its home turf. The one is being called one of the greatest in India's cricketing history.


Yeah, all right. I said this was like such a Cinderella story for you to win this game. Very happy for the thirty four thirty. Yeah. How long did the game last?


I don't know. Six days. Five. Yeah, five weeks.


Cool. Thrown as Willy Wonka. They're making a prequel in twenty twenty four. Well this is how much I've already read. Yeah. Yeah. The review wasn't the reviews. Yeah. Yeah.


There's just no originality anymore. Sad. It is sad. Like let's just look at movies that made money. How can we squeeze more money out of it. Let's make a prequel that no one cares about. Like no one gives a fuck what Willy Wonka was doing.


I like I don't know, just Boehner don't make Boehner dogs. I'm actually. How did he how do you come up with that factory and why wasn't he seen for a long time? It's not Charlie, it's Willy Wonka. Yeah, I'm kind of. How do you get all the fucking what's called Plumpers? How where those guys come from? I'm talking about. I mean, I are these questions. We don't want the answer. I don't know.


I'm with I'm once again asking you to stop making movies.


I don't it's not a remake. It's a prequel. Prequel. Is it gritty?


If you just put the word gritty prequel and then I'm all in I'm the more I'm thinking about it, some fucking random dude, single dude in his, like 50s owns a chocolate factory. He hasn't been seen for twenty years. He's got a bunch of bloopers going around in a chocolate river and all this scary shit.


How the fuck did that happen?


I don't know. But if you got Joaquin Phoenix to play the role, I'm back. I'm in. I'm in, I'm in. Now that I've talked it through, I'm in on this movie because I have a lot of questions. All right. Let's get to our interview with Duncan Robinson. Great interview with Duncan Robinson. Always awesome to have a guest on who listens to the show, gets a show and can also give shit to Billy.


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Oh, OK.


We now welcome on a very special guest. It is Duncan Robinson from the Miami Heat. He has a new podcast. It is called The Long Shot.


It is under the JJ Redick three for two productions. It's coming out, I think. I don't know what we're going to put this out next week. So it just it already is out. You can download it, you can get it anywhere. You can get podcasts. Duncan, thank you for joining us. We start anytime someone comes on is like I got a new podcast like what's your problem, man? Are you trying to you try to squeeze us out?


What's going on here?


I don't think you need to worry about that. I think you guys have solidified your your place within the market, but more so just trying to motivate, you know what I mean. Just provide some more competition, hopefully inspire you guys to stay on the top of your game, which you've been on for quite some time.


So, you know, we appreciate hungry dogs run faster. So it's good to have somebody nipping at the old heels there. I saw you had a great game yesterday. Congratulations. We tried to impress us. You just doing that so we would guess you up a little bit when he came on here, that was in the back of my mind.


I think it probably would have been more impressive if it was in a winning effort. But, you know, nonetheless, I do what you can. So fortunate we're able to get it done.


Yeah, it's got to be so sweet to just catch fire and just know that, like, every time you shoot the ball, it's going to go in like that Steph Curry video that came out a couple of weeks ago when he hit, was it like 103 threes in a row and practice? What's what's the most consecutive threes that you've made just in a gym by yourself?


I'd probably say I think somewhere around the 60s, I think Steph was one hundred and five, which was incredibly impressive. I've never got on video like that.


But yeah, I think I'm somewhere in in the sixties. God damn.


It must feel like a superhero. Yeah, that that's awesome. I so badly want to be able to shoot a three pointer like that, even like ten in a row would be incredible. Yeah.


I mean I, I feel that way towards dunking and being able to jump really high. So I feel you in that, that sort of emotion of want. But yeah, I can do the shooting thing, but the other areas I sure am.


That's a it's a debate that we've had on the show before. What Secher being able to like throw down a sick dunk or just getting really hot from three in a in a in a pickup perspective.


Like, I've always I've always thought, like in a pick up perspective, when someone gets really hot from three and you're playing pickup basketball and they can basically end the game, it's the coolest thing. Where's the dunk? You know, guys dunk sometimes, but it's always like, all right, dude, you're kind of showing off in a pickup game.


I don't know. I think I'd push back on that. I feel like in a regular pickup setting, dunks would be just more impressive in that anyone can kind of get hot and string together four or five makes from three in a row. But you're not like going through a lot of random courts and seeing guys just like flying through the air, dunking on people.


Yeah, I mean, I guess it's usually the dunks happen like on on fast breaks when no one's around and they can like, really line themselves up.


I think if it's a pickup game where there's another guy on the court that can also dunk, then it's called a dunk. But if you're like the only one out there, then it's a little bit of an asshole. Move. Yes.


Play below the radar. All right. So people know I think most people know your back story, but let's go through it again just because it is incredible. You went to college, Williams College, which no one really knows of. It's a Division three. You were an athlete there. You transferred to Michigan. You played three years of Michigan. Was it a national title in Division three and Division one and then ended up in the NBA like, so what?


Like it was there a moment in time where, like, holy shit, this is actually happening? Like, I'm actually doing this because Williams College to the NBA, that's that's insane. I would imagine Williams College is not much different than a like a really good pick up game.


No offense, Williams College, but offense is better than a really good game. I will say that small college basketball does not get the recognition that it probably deserves. But with that being said, there were various moments throughout the journey when I was like, I can't believe this is actually happening. But also like when I transferred to Michigan, I wasn't like some stud in Michigan either. I was very much a role player. I was on good teams, fortunate to be on some some really good teams and win a lot.


But I wasn't dislike Sure-fire thing that I was going to be an NBA player. So it's always kind of been this like an incremental process of growth and realization that I might have a chance to be able to do something. So, you know, just just being able to take advantage of opportunities, basically.


Would you say that if other kids that were in Division three, let's say let's say Williams specifically, let's just use Williams as an example. If they played sports at Williams, if they had any bit of like can do attitude or like stick to liveness, they too can be successful in life. Or do you think that maybe you're just the unicorn and you're different than everyone else?


No, I don't think I'm any sort of unicorn or different. You know, I don't want to put a ceiling or a cap on anybody. But, you know, if you're out of place like Williams, I was a great school, so I wouldn't blame people for, like, leaning into the academic side of that, you know, and being successful. What if you're not otherworld you're not very smart, though.


Yeah. You're also stupid. Yeah, dumb. But you play a sport. Williams Would you recommend maybe if you have any eligibility left, maybe go into a big state school like Michigan to use up that one you're athletically and maybe get some buzz going towards your athletic career?


Yeah, that probably seems like the right move.


Yeah, I was it at that point, if you're in Division three athlete and you're not very smart, I still think you're capable of doing anything. You put your mind to it. But yeah. Yeah. That you've got some bigs working against you. It's interesting.


On a real note, you mentioned how, you know, you weren't sure are there were a lot of people out there who weren't sure that your game would translate from what it was in college as kind of a role player, like a catch and shoot guy pretty much into the NBA. But as you I guess you had you had the heat. Can I take a chance on you? They believed in a little bit. Was there a moment when you were practicing or maybe it was, you know, like in a developmental league where you realized, hey, I can do this?


Like, this is an actual opportunity for me that I can succeed at?


Yeah, that probably came in the summer league. You know, I reference kind of my role in Michigan. And I think Summer League allowed me to kind of be viewed in a little bit of a different light on that. I was asked to do a little bit more and given some more opportunities. So when I had I had a pretty good start to summer league. And at that point I was like started thinking maybe I could I could maybe do this.


And then I spent a year basically in the going back and forth with the heat. And then from there it just kind of builds over time.


I read that, that Spoelstra makes you run sprints if you pump fake in practice. Is that still true to like encourage you to to trust your shot and pull the trigger?


I will pass that. Fortunately, that that was early on when I. When I. First got the training camp my first year because I couldn't wrap my mind around this idea that he wanted me to shoot every time I touched it. Basically, it was just like so strange to me that I was on the same team as like Dwyane Wade and won like three NBA championships. But I'm the one like the undrafted guy who averaged eight points a game his senior year in college to shoot it every time.


So there's definitely some some push and pull with that. And then once I finally was able to kind of wrap my mind around that and just be like super aggressive. That's when it all kind of started to come together, I guess.


How much did you have to pay Jimmy Butler for the coffee? I didn't pay Jimmy anything. I normally drink coffee. Oh, I'll drink coffee. But I wouldn't I wouldn't have paid him even if I did. I think that's an absolute scam of a deal, 20 dollars.


But it was really good coffee. I heard we did. Other people pay. Other people paid. Right.


Other people did pay once again that you heard it was really good cop. I mean, who really knows? I mean, he's he's controlling the narrative with that type of stuff, directing what comes out of big face coffee. So, I mean, I heard it was like pretty good relative to what we had to deal with or what we are exposed to on the bubble.


But I don't think it was like anything above and beyond. Well, at least that was that's my interpretation of it.


If you just charge twenty dollars for coffee, then people will assume that it's good. It's one of those things where it's like psychologically controlling, it's expensive, therefore I'm enjoying it.


Right. And he has all like the different like me. I don't even know how to make coffee really. But like he has all the different machines and devices to like and has access to all the best beans, whatever you want to call it. So maybe it is really good. I don't I wouldn't be able to tell like I tried McDonald's or Dunkin Donuts coffee and they would taste the same to me. I'm just not a big coffee guy person.


Well, I owe you an apology then, because when we when the story came out in the summer and we were talking about like who's who's actually buying this coffee, I pretty much was like, yeah, I mean, Duncan Robinson and Meyers Leonard are on the team, like essentially calling you guys bitches. But I was like, yeah, they're definitely paying whatever Jimmy says, the coffee prices.


So my apology. You did not buy the coffee. Was there like that run. Obviously guys came short, but the bubble run like we talked to a few different people who are in the bubble over the last few months.


Was it helpful for you guys to all be together all the time and like have that cohesive unit and get along with each other? Does it seem like you guys got along?


Yeah, we felt that it was a big competitive advantage for us, mostly just because we really enjoyed being around each other. And I think that there are other teams around the league, the Clippers. It may be that way. So for us, it was like an opportunity to to use that as an advantage. And we also had guys that were like kind of willing to embrace what comes with basically being in isolation for one hundred days, just being able to lock in and focus on the opportunity at hand.


So I think it helped us for sure. But it's a challenge certainly wasn't easy. I mean, one hundred days without seeing your family, friends or basically being able to leave the confines of Disney World is definitely a challenge.


Is there anything that you miss about the bubble? Huh?


I don't know about Miss, but I did really enjoy, like. You know, professional basketball is very different than college basketball, and they're like in college, you do everything with your teammates and you live together, you train, you study like you do everything you practice games, travel, all that stuff. And professionalism is different. And that guys show up. And then when they leave, they go home to their families and treated very much like a job.


So I like the bubble in that we are together. We were always around each other. And you've got to know your teammates just on a different level, which I was I was appreciative of and really the beneficiary of in that I had the opportunity to sit down with guys like Andre Jimmi and really get to, like, pick their brain on different things.


So is Jimmy Butler a good teammate, a great teammate? I don't understand the media twist on on what he is not saying. You guys know for sure you guys don't.


I think he's a top five player. He is slender. Jimmy Butler. I know. No, no, I used to slander him, but Jimmy Butler, like legitimately has become one of my favorite players in the entire NBA. But he used to slander him a lot.


Yeah, I mean, I, I will say this like, I don't necessarily blame, like, the general public for developing those types of opinions, because that's what you hear from the media, like that's where it gets pushed. You know, now that I've had the opportunity to kind of be in it and see what he's like on a day to day, like he he's a great teammate. He challenges people and he pushes people. And, you know, a lot of people aren't willing or wanting to maybe hear that.


But in reality, it's just it's just trying to achieve success to try to win and try to push you and try to get a better version of yourself. So he certainly had a huge impact on my career and I'm thankful to have played with them.


Yeah, it was really just the twelve thing things. The Bulls, his exit from the Bulls was one hundred percent blamed on the bulls and then the T wolves, you know, they didn't want to pay him a long term deal and that they they separate.


But it seems like I would like from the outside, I think most people now have kind of change their perception. Been like he's clearly a good teammate.


He's clearly a guy who, you know, the whole argument was, can you win a championship with him being like the the best guy? You were pretty damn close. And obviously, LeBron is an ad. It's it's very hard to beat them. But you guys were pretty close. Do you think there was it was there any party that's like if we didn't have a couple of those injuries because like Dragic gets injured, Bam gets injured, do you think that that series would have been maybe a little bit more competitive?


Yeah, obviously the competitive side of of us, we really believe that. And we know that when we're at our best we're we're capable of beating anybody. It's obviously not a perfect game and it's not gonna be a perfect situation or scenario. So you have guys go down like that. You don't want to make excuses or put asterisks on things, because that's just not how basketball works. You know, people do it or sports in general. You know, people deal with injuries and still find ways.


So certainly no excuses. But obviously, we would have loved to have played that whole series with a full and healthy roster and see where the chips have fallen on. That doesn't guarantee anything. But I think it certainly would have had a better chance at a shooter who has six tattoos.


You were Tyler hero.


I mean, one's got to how it's got to go to Tyler. I don't have any job to do. So I think by default he's got to take it. Oh, I tell you.


Hey, I thought you had an arm tattoo. There is a if you look up a picture of yourself on Google Images, there's a picture of you with an arm tattoo.


Yeah, I don't I don't spend too much time on Google Images of myself, but that may have been started in that there was some controversy or basically a story that kind of big push from JJ Redick, actually, because, you know, he's got the sleeve and everything that I should get some tattoos to kind of raise my credibility and respect around the league and that that would help. So I've been thinking about it. You know, I don't know if you guys have any opinions on that, if you think I should.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely.


Bring back barbed wire. Yeah. Barbed wire is always a winning move. Yes, absolutely. Get it. It just makes you instantly, like everything about your game will be better if you have a sleeve.


Yeah, I've got that. I've also thought that like from a disrespect standpoint, you know, like whether those are the opposition, you know, I, I particularly like in the playoffs, I got targeted a lot on defense. I figured maybe that would happen a little bit less if I had some sort, not me.


So how much does that suck?


Like when when you could tell the other team is essentially their game plan is like, let's just do pick and roll.


Still, Duncan Robinson is one on one with LeBron. Do you what are you saying to yourself in those moments?


I mean, we we put in schemes to like try to avoid that. Not good. Like basketball like. No, please. Oh yeah. Yeah, yeah. So like there's obviously like defensive schemes on like shows and like hard edges and stuff like that to like just kind of put too on the ball for a second and have me rotate out. So I'm not you know, I pretty much switch in everybody. With everybody in the league, except like those those guys like LeBron, which honestly like I'm just like I'm not built to guard.


That's not like a shameful thing to be like, hey, I can't guard LeBron James. Yeah, there's there's like it's. For a while there, it was hard and it was kind of like a mentally like a mental hurdle I had to get over. But then it was also like, you know what? It's not really personal. Of course, we're going to be better as a team of Jimmy or Bam! Are guarding is guarding LeBron instead of me like that.


That's just a fact. I don't think anyone would argue with that. So if we can figure out a way for me not to be on LeBron, then that would be very beneficial.


So so knowing that then, was it hurtful to your feelings when SPO is like at the white board and he's like the make sure that Duncan never gets left out, not on an island defense like this is specifically we're scheming everything up doing film study for you.


Did that hurt your feelings? I mean, it's, it's once again like it's all in the pursuit of winning, you know, like you can't get caught too much in your emotions and try to go down that path like it's not personal. It's just about winning. And it also helps that I'm not the only one on our team that does it like it and makes it feel a little bit better that I'm not just like the odd guy out that just has to show on every ball screen that there are.


You know, it's LeBron like there's other there's other people that can go to like I'm not the only one. So that that feels better. But at the same time, like, it's just getting over the fact that, like, it's just about winning. Like when you look at it like that, it's like some guys don't get asked to shoot threes and I and I do. So that's not personal.


It's just about what we're going to get back to Duncan in just one second before we do want to talk to you guys about three Chey. Just read up on the three key. I'm very happy, man. Love three. She loves sitting down, poppin a little gummy on a on a Wednesday night, much like tonight. You can bet that I'm going to be on my couch with about half a Gumee in my system starting at about eight p.m. three chai is the best.


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And now back to more Duncan Robinson.


So your name is Duncan Robinson. How upset are your parents that you're not on the Spurs? Hmm.


They're not upset at all. I think a lot of people missed this one just basically in that I was born the Tim Duncan or. Yeah, Tim Duncan. Dave Robinson. Er, so it just doesn't line up. But with that being said, it would make for a great story if I were to be on the Spurs. Yeah.


But you know, it still works out just you know, we're going to take that completely out of context, that quote that you just said. So Duncan Robinson demands trade to San Antonio.


Yeah. Yeah, definitely. Definitely not demanding a trade. Anyway, I'm very happy with that.


How hated would you have been if you were a four year starter at Duke? He was very hated, by the way.


Just your face probably not up there with like the JJ Redick and Grayson Allen, mostly just because I probably wouldn't have had their statistical resumé. Like you got to remember, those guys are hated because of how great they were. Like they were great college players. Yes. There were some other things thrown in there.


Yeah, well, you know, whatever. So I think I would have been like a couple tiers below, even maybe like a John Scheier. I think he was kind of hated as well. Maybe some threshold.


He was he wasn't so much hated as he was like punchable, like you just wanted to hit him and bully him a little bit.


I get I get that a lot, though. I get the punchable face a lot. I don't know I don't know if you guys have any insight into this. What makes a face punchable? Because clearly mine seems to be to the general public.


It's long. You have a long face, not like in a bad way. You're good looking dude. I can say that we're pumping each other. In 2021, but I think there's like enough there's enough face there. Yeah, I mean, I think you've got a good haircut now, but I can tell that you used to not have a good haircut, so I would have liked to punch you, like, maybe five years ago.


Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, that's reason. Yeah. I mean, I agree with the long face, I, I get made fun of the fact that big head I think it's like low hanging fruit of a joke. But if people want to make it that's fine.


Yeah. No I again you're a good looking dude, but it's like whenever I think of punchable faces, people with tiny faces you don't want to punch because you might miss.


Yeah, but isn't there also the downside of like a bigger head, potentially like than hurting your hand. True. True.


You got a lot ahead. Yeah. You punch back. Not only that. Right. Right. I so we're good friends with Mark Titus and the story came out. I think he he tweeted out in September that when you were at Michigan, you hit him up being like, hey, wondering if I can get some career advice because you thought that you didn't have a career in the NBA. So one I want to know, like, was that real?


Were you actually like, this is over, I'm going to be a media person. And then, too, I'm looking at the text right now. You text like a crazy person. What was the breakup in these texts is midsentence that you'd start a new text? Yeah. So once again, I think that got taken out of context a little bit. I mean, I'm reading that that's the context.


Yeah, well, the first part of your statement, OK, the fact that at I'll address later part being in that it was actually for a class we were supposed to like, it was for a career planning class. So, you know, I was a sports management major and we're in class and we have to reach out to somebody in our fields who feel that we might be interested. So it's not like I could interview whatever JJ Redick like that.


It just wouldn't have flown. So I reached out to Mark just because I'd listen to some of his stuff and I had a mutual connection and at that point, like it was something I was potentially interested in. And at that point I was definitely not like a sure fire NBA player, but it was something to just kind of check the box and maybe have it in the back pocket. In terms of the text, I don't remember the exact formatting of the text.


I certainly didn't think that it would be under, like, public scrutiny at this point. I thought it was just between us. But I understand that's how the world works. We're just everything is open to the general.


The media runs with everything. Mark, do you like Mark Titus? Yeah. He was chasing you. We can just say it right now. He was straight up chasing you and it's fucked up what he did.


I don't think so, because Mark and I are legitimately friends. So with that being said, I don't I don't mind. It's different if it was like some random person who was just kind of like being opportunistic in the moment and trying to go viral or whatever, but he was legitimately just posting like I him and I have constant communication now. So it was it was fun for me.


I actually am realizing it right now. I've put it together. So if you read it, if you look at the texts, they're like broken up each in the middle of a sentence, a new paragraph. You know what it is? Titus was like the longest. Oh, I'm an android, dude. I'm a fucking hipster. I'm not I'm not going to be an Apple guy. Like, I'm not cool at all. You guys tell me what to buy.


And he recently became an iPhone guy like six months ago. So I bet that's why the techs come through like that.


I figured it out, so I totally sent it as one. OK, the formatting got screwed up on his cricket. Wireless pay as you go is special.


So not only is it a cloud chaser, but he made you look bad. So he's really just a shithead.


I don't I don't think he's a good ours.


Let me ask you this. Would you ever take a screenshot of one of his text messages, like where maybe he came off a little bit thirsty and then publicize it on the Internet and tell everybody about it?


Well, you know, we have we have different jobs, like he's in the media sphere. So people want to see like he's responsible for producing content. I'm responsible for playing basketball. So I think that's the most important.


Margaritis, he's a it's true. You're right. He's one of us blog boys. And you're out there actually making millions shooting hoops. His dream. You're the man in the fucking line of it. I love getting to put a jersey on Mark.


Put a jersey on Mark Warner Jersey. A very good golliwog. Yeah. Yeah.


Like a big ass baggy white t shirt. He made a complete joke of the competition.


Try not to touch the ball. It's a farce.


We actually do love Mark. Yeah, we can say all this stuff and you're allowed to call me a shithead, too, if you'd like to.


I'm good at Marks. A good guy. I'm a fan of his. I've been on his show multiple times. I hope to have him on line. So we're all good.


OK, one of my one of my fantasies is if I was ever that good at basketball and had, you know, a sick three point shot, it would be to just roll up to some random pick up game or like an outside game dressed like a complete nerd and, like, sandbag the shit out of him. And then in the game, I just start making it rain on them and put up like 50, 60 points, like nonstop. Nobody could guard me.


Have you ever done that or has the thought ever occurred to you?


Like that would be pretty cool if I could just show up to, like Lifetime Fitness wearing, you know, the shortest bike shorts possible, like an old school Looney Tunes T-shirt, and then just stay on the court for like six hours at a time.


You know, I've thought about doing that. The problem is that I'm like six, seven, six, eight. So any, like, random basketball game, I'm by far still like the tallest player there. And that that alone separates me, you know what I mean? So it's hard for me to, like, totally lean into, like the Billy Hoyle white men can't jump type of thing just because, like, if I was like five, ten or five eleven, then it would be different because I would just kind of blend in.


But I still stick out just in that regard.


Yeah. We were at the national championship game, Villanova, Michigan. How much does that suck?


I was tough and it was I was Villanova. We are not are not there are not a lot of games that I have like, deep rooted regret about, but that is certainly one of them. I mean, I just laid an egg and we laid an egg as a team, they were really good, obviously, and they played great, but I was tough.


I was going to say you shouldn't regret that. That was Villanova was just incredible as the Dante. Dante couldn't miss.


We were we were in the stadium, which is the worst stadium ever to watch a basketball game in San Antonio. Like, I don't know how they have final fours there, but it was I mean, it wasn't your fault. It wasn't Michigan's fault. Villanova was a fucking wagon. And they just came out, blitzed you guys.


Yeah. Now, they they were tough and they played they were playing really well at the right time, more so for myself, like a personal standpoint of I just didn't play well that game. So, you know, your last college game, you want to just leave a little bit more of an impact. And we actually we made a run in the second half. You probably don't remember that. We all thought it was more of a run than it actually was to get it like right around like eleven or twelve where it's like, you know, if you make a run from there and you get it's like five or six and it kind of gets interesting, but we just weren't able to to get it to that.


No, we do remember because we all bet big on Villanova. So when you made a mini baby run, we're like, wait, is this and then, like, not just kidding, this is the easiest bed ever.


So you so you had absolutely no faith. No, none. No, we were we were fucking high, five heavily leveraged and they started whapping threes like right from the get go. We're like this is awesome.


Well I thought there'd at least be some big time loyalty there now. Yeah.


I mean if you guys had won I would have just flipped it and been like Yeah, Big Ten and I shouldn't have brought this up because now you can mention we're taping this right after Michigan had like was a forty six to three run on Wisconsin. I've never seen anything like it. Yeah.


That was I didn't get to watch because we played last night, but I watch the highlights and now Michigan looks tough right now.


Oh actually this is an appropriate question for that. So you were when you were a senior at Michigan, how old were you. Twenty three. Twenty four.


I was twenty three for the whole season and then I turned twenty four in April after the year.


OK, so Wisconsin's very old team wise, they have like a lot of older guys. Is it can you be too old in college. Like is that a thing now.


I think that's a thing. I think that it's really like the the young teams early on that's trouble. But like, you know, a team like Wisconsin, when you have that age and experience, particularly early on, is when you're going to be really good because you just have that is such an advantage. And then as teams grow and learn and start to figure things out over the year, I think that becomes less and less of an advantage. But I mean, Wisconsin is obviously tough in Michigan.


Just they're on a roll in last night.


Yeah, they're awesome. I do. I am going to use that, though, the two old and college line and just be like joints are getting a good point against nineteen year old arthritis, a ton of, you know, bouncin.


What are you going to do?


Have you ever thought about faking your birth certificate and saying that you're a couple of years younger like they do in baseball sometimes?


You know, I think that would do wonders for my career. I think unfortunately now they kind of break out that I'm twenty six and then my third year, which is incredibly old. But if I could actually go back and make that happen, I think that would really be advantageous to my playing career.


Was that kind of strange getting to the NBA? And you're a rookie. Yeah, but you're, you know, three years older, four years older than the other rookies. And there is there a big age gap at that point between someone who's who's twenty four as a professional and someone who's twenty?


The weirdest part of it was being a rookie at twenty four and having like our leader or one of our leaders bam being twenty two and like me being one of the young guys but being twenty four and bam being like our captain that twenty like it was just kind of like demoralizing in that sense. But you also always have to have the perspective and like remind yourself like you know what, I'm just run my own race over here, you know, I just like blinders on to stay locked in.


Our internal football is like dying to talk to you. So I think you listen to the show. So I think you knew what we were talking about at the start of the show. We we're talking about Williams. I think most people picked up on that. But Billy is essentially the dunking Rob. It's like, remember, those old commercials like this is your brain is your brain on drugs? It's like this is your brain. Duncan Robinson, whapping threes in the NBA.


This is your brain on drugs, Billy Football sitting on a broken couch with us idiots as an intern.


That's that's pretty much the difference between the two roads have divided Williams College. What you could be. And what if you just fail at everything.


But that's really football. That's my introduction.


Winning at the highest level. You like winning at the highest level. So he's looking forward to a fight against Jose Canseco, Billy's dominating life.


You know, we were talking about Billy, right? You did, right? Yeah. OK, I will say, though, I will say Billy Scrouge. I mean, he's an intern for the basically the biggest podcast in America. I do a much better than we need.


He's winning it. Like a quick question, Doug, do you know that you probably are the only. A person in history to lose in a D3 championship, Wisconsin, Whitewater, D1 championship and an NBA final and the only point in history, really brutal.


Is there a question, though, that that was nuts? I just it's a it's it's kind of crazy, but it's not a question, though.


OK, that's not all. Some more question. Why don't you be polite to our guests on dunking? Go ahead.


Well, I'm just confused as to how you would think that. I wouldn't know that.


I don't agree with me also every single day of my life, acknowledging the fact that I've made it to the championship at all three levels in lost.


Well, that is the real question. That's what keeps me going. Yeah. Which was the worst. Hmm.


I would probably I mean, it's really hard. Yeah.


I would say like the Michigan one hurt, but we as we alluded to earlier, like that game was pretty much over with. Ten minutes to go. The Wisconsin one was we won like we were going to win four seconds on the clock. I missed a shot. Our big man tips it in, like the game zone. And I we're going to win. I'm thinking to myself running back on defense, we just want a national championship and the kid goes to the floor in two point whatever seconds and scores at the buzzer.


So that one, like just the change of emotions to lose in that way, was like crushing for sure.


So a lot of people are saying that, you know, Mike Meyer should have taken that shot at the lot of of Wisconsin, tons of money.


Why do you open every show by talking about what if, you know, a lot of people think that you may have not been able to, you know, do a D three the rigors of a D three schedule class athletics. It might have been a little too much.


And that's why you had to go D one with a lot more, you know, funding and stuff. But anyway, huge fan. And I just wanted to know if you could retreat if sports, because they always tweet about you and they just been trying to get your attention.


But, you know, if you could think I gosh, I'm I'm not active on Twitter, but I'll be sure to do that.


I get Quinn is great. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Absolutely. It's terrible questions. Here's my last question. We like to do this. So Duncan Robinson has a podcast. Everyone should listen to it. It's it's out now. It's called The Long Shot. It's under the JJ Redick three for two productions.


So we do the people also ask on Google if you just type in your name, like what do they also ask? The top question is, is Duncan Robinson good? That's the question people are wondering. Care to discuss I think that I think that's a fair question, particularly with kind of the fact that I kind of came onto the scene last year. I think there's probably a lot of people out there that would argue that I'm not that good, but I'm more concerned with the people in my corner who who do believe in me.


And I try not to get too caught up in that sort of stuff. But it's certainly a fair question that I think warrants asking clearly. I mean, that's what the public want to know.


I think it's I think you're good. The actual like someone it must be a blog or something, but they're like Duncan Robinson is good.


So I'm looking at this one answer right here and said Duncan Robinson is a six foot eight flamethrower out of Michigan. Whoa.


Are you a flame thrower? That's that's pretty fucking cool.


Yeah, that's a title I haven't leaned into fully, but I'll take it.


I think that's a good idea for the tattoo. Get flames on your right arm and then you hit a three minute.


You lose me there with the right arm, though I'm not touching the right arm. The right arm needs to be preserved at all costs strictly for the buckets.


All right. Well, the left arm get flames on it. You hold up the left and you do the number three when you hit a shot, you've got that. You've got a bucket on your team, Tyler Hero, and you've got a flamethrower on the team. You can't you can't beat that.


That could work. I could work.


Do you guys, my last last question I forgot to ask this. Do you guys play better in the city uniforms, do you think?


I would probably say, no, I don't really think it makes a difference, my first year, though, there was a legitimate conspiracy that the city uniforms were like colourist or or whatever you want to call it. We could not win to the point where we actually we called the league and changed like on a last second notice, like we're not going to do it anymore.


So. So you just contradicted yourself, though, because when you're like it doesn't matter. I think it does matter. And then you just proved that it does matter because you guys suck.


But it's that two years ago there's a new year. The energy had shifted. The city uniforms are no longer what they once were. They're different colors and everything's changed. The courts changed with it. It's totally a different experience. You can project that former experience onto these New Jersey. I've been down there. Is it easier to shoot in an empty arena?


Like I know the bubble was different because it was an arena, but what is it like shooting in an arena with no one, no fans?


It's easier. If anything, I'd probably say it's it's harder, not like ridiculously harder, but it's just strange, like having such a giant arena, eighteen thousand person arena and just have it be dead silent and empty is weird. So that's been an adjustment. The bubble is nice because we were shooting in empty arenas, but they were made to be empty arenas. You know, there's a tight backdrop there with the fake fans and everything. So it didn't feel like you were in this giant place.


But the empty arenas have definitely been an adjustment. Mm hmm.


My last question is, how cool is Pat Riley? Mm.


So cool. Just he just brings it every time you see him, the slicked back hair, the just the aura, it precedes him and he, he lives up to it fully. So super fortunate to learn from him and just be in his organization because he is truly the godfather.


He's just the coolest. He's just he's always been the coolest. Yeah. Billy, you got one last question.


If I was coming off as a dick, I was actually some of your former teammates and they want me to bust your balls up. What don't.


I was really. That's the excuse. You're going if you're going to be a dick, you don't apologize for the Astros claims to own it. Own it. I'm a dick. So who are you texting with?


Tell Dunkin's so he can at least some of his former teammates say their names.


I want your names. Yeah, I will not reveal my sources.


No, say one of their names. Come on, Billy. No, no.


I'm going to expose them like that. Do you still talk to are you still friends with those guys? I don't know.


It's I'm I'm still I'm still good friends with a handful of people from was. But that's why I'm very, very curious to see how he's talking.


OK, so one thing that you need to learn about, Bill, is he's also a liar. So he's probably not texting with anybody from Williams.


And that's why he's saying, I'm not going to give away my sources, because Billy would absolutely give up his sources in a heartbeat if he thought he was in trouble. Right.


So here's what we're gonna do. We're going to end end the interview and he's going to tell you right after we ended. So, Duncan, thank you very much for joining us. Everyone go download the long shot. Best of luck in the podcast. World has been fun. You also are now a recurring guest. You have to come on anytime we ask and also have to bring Jimmy Butler next time. But we appreciate it. Man, it was good talking to you.


I appreciate it.


Thanks for having me on. Always been a big fan of the show. So honored to be included.


Thank you. Thank you. And hopefully you can we'll cut this part. But go ahead. Tell him. Yes, we are.


We're going to cut it. Cut it. What do we got?


It was some guys it was some guys who had been like, you know, freshmen and sophomores when you were senior. Just say their names.


Shut up, OK? I don't actually I never played with. But I know I know. Billy over oversold his his connections to your teammates, chocker.


Duncan Robinson was brought to you by our great friends over at CBS all access the road to Super Bowl. Fifty five continues on CBS All Access with the AFC Championship presented by Intuit Turbo Tax Live. The Buffalo Bills are they're going to visit the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday at six thirty PM Eastern Kansas City, defend their Super Bowl title or is Josh Allen and his rocket arm. And the Buffalo Bills is going to reach their first Super Bowl since 1993. Watch it live on CBS All Access.


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OK, let's finish up.


We got guys on ChiX Hank fake news as well.


Little little mix and mash s'mores mix and match. Here we go. Hey, guys, my last semester of college started today, and I just wanted to say thanks for making the past four plus years of my life a lot funnier. I don't really have a job lined up yet currently, and I don't really know what I want to do. I was wondering if you guys had any advice.


Only fense. Only fence, only fences saturated with girls right now, that's what I read, that there are too many that have logged on, which is making it tough on the early adopters of it. Yeah, but I feel like there's probably still a market for dudes. Yeah, only fans of Twitch Streamer.


Right. Yeah, just please also feels like start playing more video games, crypto fun, financier or minor or minor demining we have to do to get a crypto mind set up.


If you have to ask, you can't afford it moved up. I don't understand. Move to Chile.


Yeah, to the boys. Everyone's blogging as much as the old days. Love the show.


Yes, I do. I very much miss blogging a lot. I used to blog. I mean in the old old days lose my only job would blog 12 times a day. So being locked in on the Internet like that was a lot of fun. I miss it a lot.


I very much miss the Monday morning bowel movement. I used to love writing that column, but I can't anymore because of time, obviously.


But I think we both we both kind of feel that blogging things and being forced to write things makes you think about it more in a way that would prepare you to talk about it. Absolutely. So I miss doing that.


I think I'm going to get back into the blog game, though, once football season. I am not going there again. There have been discussions.


Yeah, I'm not I'm not going to make any promises I can't keep. So I will not be getting. Yeah.


It's like it's something has to be locked in to correct that. You have to really be like locked in. Otherwise it's not something you can just come and go and do.


That's the that when like back in the day it was literally wake up, take cell out, grab a cup of coffee, sit at my computer for eight hours straight and like, read everything that comes across every joke, every story, everything. And like when you would go away for two hours, you felt like you missed a year on the Internet. Yeah. Yeah. It's a weird thing like that. If you if you like, don't look at the Internet for four hours, you feel like you missed ten years.


But if you don't look at the Internet for a week, you feel like you missed absolutely nothing.


How long do you think you can go right now without using the Internet at all for anything?


The rest of my life, no. On vacation, no Netflix. Oh, no. No scrolling on your phone? None.


If I'm from somewhere tropical zero zero zero zero hours seconds. Ten days. Ten days if I'm at vacation. Yeah, yeah. I mean, you're totally checked out.


My body is are you actually do that every time you go on vacation. Yeah. And we need anything from you. That's what you need to do when you're on vacation. You to unwind.


My favorite part of when Hank goes on vacation is when we toss something into a show and then like six days later, later we'll hear Hank, we'll get a text being like, hey, just listen to the show.


Yeah, I will not I will not be vacation shamed. My husband is addicted to nicotine pouches. The small way nicotine vessels have become the bane of my existence. Not only is an incredibly unattractive you see the pouch bulging out of his mouth, but he's developed a concerning habit of leaving use pouches throughout our home. Gross. There is no rhyme or reason to worry. Places them. No room is safe. Oftentimes I find them on flushed in the toilet, littered across his bedside table or in the side compartment of the car door.


Even worse, our seven month old puppy and six month old son have become obsessed with finding the aforementioned pouches and putting them in their mouths.


If my son sees on the ground, that's bad, he picks it up and hands it to his dad.


At this point, he's enabling the addiction. How can I convince my husband to quit? I'm begging you to read this on the show. As I know he'll be listening in response while the public shaming.


OK, listen, dude, you're gross though. Actually dipping nicotine pouches, not tobacco. I'm not going to shame that leaving them out is a fucking psycho move. Leaving them out for your son is beyond psycho. Move your gross. Fix it. Just do dip like responsibly. Don't do it in front of your kid. Don't leave it around your house. And also for the wife, you should just start leaving your tampons everywhere and be like, oh, we're just leaving shit out.


Yeah. Oh, here it is. I think that's that's a fair compromise. It sounds like he's not doing the dip and the spit. It's just the white pouches. So it's really weird for him to just like take something out of his mouth and put it on a desk. That's crazy. Yeah, it's crazy.


I've got I've got the only thing crazier is is leaving an unopened Mountain Dew for Mountain Dew bottle.


I be disgusted. And if that's the case, leave his ass. But my I have a suggestion this might be a little too nuts. Just get a trash can. Just put it trash cans in rooms. Yeah. Everywhere.


Just haven't put get the biggest trash can you can get. Yeah. That's my dream house having like a dumpster in my kitchen. No, here's what you do and you never have to take out the trash.


Here's what you do. Spot the problem. Just put trash cans in every room and have the little basketball hoop above the trash cans. Yes. And then it's a game for him. Yep. And every time he makes a shot, you'll have to, like, applaud for him. Cheer.


Yeah, my life is going well for me, but I do sometimes think about how sweet life was when I was in college and I just had to like LB's outside garbage cans inside because I only had to take out the trash once every two weeks. And that was incredible. Sometimes there was actually a little there was a phase there where we didn't even have trash bags.


Now that I'm thinking, yeah, that's really fun. I used to push mine on the porch and we'd have a controlled burn. We got in trouble for permits. Yeah, those are the days lately.


Immediately after my boyfriend comes, he starts humming the riff to Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes. I've asked him to stop, but he insists that is instinctive. Like a cat purring. How do I get him to stop, have him start doing it while you're fucking. That seems that seems more like during sex song than a postcoital him. Yeah, Don, I don't.


I don't. Yeah, that's like a good stroke. Yeah. That's a rhythm that's not after.


Yeah. After. You need to like you need to chill out. That's like actually it's foreplay. That's like a kickoff song like. Right. As you know Kirkup Street and Chris Fouler like in We're Live you know, Happy Valley.


Yeah. Then you're like let's get it going.


Yeah. That's where I can get him on something else for get him on the Fox NFL injury music. Yeah.


Etre pussy and hum that guaranteed come to that and that's uh hey there.


Jumpsuit genius's. My boyfriend got drunk on Saturday night and got his ears pierced by some girl at a party. He really likes them for some reason and I'm not sure if I should give them some time to grow on me or if I should tell them to take out what's got broadcasting.


It's weird.


I feel like that he's he had sex with that girl. Well, then he's like the best way to pretend that we didn't have sex is let me pierce your ear, because then that could be the story of how I know you.


What's more intimate? Having sex with somebody inside of them or having a girl put something inside of you? His ears got pegged by this girl.


Yes. That's weird. You got a weird boyfriend.


No, I've been AWOL since the Marlins man foul ball guy episode. Whatever happened to the Saturday? Let's get weird podcast. What made you guys this place people forget. I don't.


I think we've Toledoans podcast, but I was before I moved to New York, I was living at home and Marlins man was so upset after that podcast, like I remember being on speakerphone, my mom like laughing, but he was like calling me, like, threatened to like, sue me and like, do it.


Like, he went he was very upset, like initially after that episode came out.


Yes. Yes. I don't know why. I don't know.


We have three times a week is a good amount of podcasts. I think doing the fourth we're like, wait, what are we doing here?


Also, we don't want to be that. There's some podcasts out there that like chop up to show a 17 different ways so that they can say they're number one.


Yeah. And on Saturdays, no, but the average listenership would go down, but total downloads would go up. Right. And we just kind of like, what do we do. We just have to be like every time we put out heat, I mean those people listen to those platinum every time with no features, right? That's what we do on Mondays.


We're not trying to put out a bunch of fucking besides singles and then like be like, oh, but it's actually two twenty two hundred million. No, no.


We put our platinum every time banger's no matter what. It's just a fact.


Part of my take is number one. Oh you think.


I mean we you know what though we don't brag because you know what? When you get to a point where you just don't have to brag because the people know, the real people know, get ahead, stay. Don't let everyone else try to tell you some other story. Just know what it is and how it's been for basically five years. That's our speech, that's like. Feels good to say that everything like wildlings being like we sell the most food in America because we sold 48 chicken wings to everything.


Yeah, it does feel good every now and then to just be like, guess what, guys?


This is what actually is the reality. All right.


This will end with this little fun, fun little anecdote over the summer. My boyfriend, Dan Billy asking to race and Billy basically called him a scrawny bitch parentheses, which is don't read this out loud and parentheses. He hasn't listened to PMT since. How do I get him to start listening and wait?


Billy called him a bitch. Billy's off Will. Billy's off the show.


We kick Billy off the show after realizing that use profanity like that. I was going to say people the same thing. Really.


I was I would love to see that I was going to say something there that was actually going to cost us Billy.


So I'm not going to say what I was going to say was if Billy football costs us one listener, then we will we will fire Billy football. But then I'll get a bunch of tweets that will be like, I haven't listened since Billy's on, just like, well, how do you know how to do that?


No, because then people are telling us, oh, true, God, let us know if you no longer listen because it's a billy football and he's right.


OK, perfect. Got them. Got him. Mousetrap. All right, nine, I got to put some balls back in this animal fat 18. OK, animal fat looking it up right now.


Animal fact dogs left under the care of PFG committer put on 80 pounds of body weight per week.


Elephants can't jump.


So this is how they navigate through terrain. Oh, that's a pity. Why did you shave today? All right. So it's with your look. No, no, no, wait. I mean, no, no, it's it's a good question. And it's fair because I didn't mean to shave this much today. I was going to say, got I got I got out of hand. So I was trying to I was trying to trim myself up a little bit because the goatee at the bottom was along.


The patches on the sides were a little wavy, tried to shave it. It eventually just started to look like only the goatee by accident, goatee and you're doing goatee. And so I didn't want to come into the office being like, look at me, I'm in goatee, but I didn't want to do that. So I'm like, fuck it, let's just go scorched earth. And now I look like I'm a six year old.


Yeah, I mean, it's I mean, it would be the same if I shaved everyone be like, why'd you shave. Yeah.


So well, I mean, I think you're probably more well known for your facial hair. Yeah I am the same. Yes. Hank too. Hank doesn't shave.


Yeah. When Hank shows us to shave it is. No it is a side show.


We do shaved, shaved, shaved face, you know, like straight up shaved face. Yeah. We should you bald faced bald. We should.


And just be like these are the guys you actually listening to Disavow.


Oh I didn't, I just like grew my beard out because I was like lazy and I shaved this one and then I shaved it thinking it was something I could like.


Yeah. I was like, oh, just shave my face. Yeah. And then people were like, horrified. Yeah. And I realized I could never I threw up.


It was like Teddy Bridgewater name. Yeah I can. No I'm just a beard guy now. Reports coming from HQ, everyone keeps throwing up.


It was terrible. I walked in the office. Oh no. There's nothing worse than changing your look in any way and having everyone just have like really, really strong reactions is good. It's like a nice way to like, why'd you shave the beard?


No one shops. I mean, I know that was that was actually on the eve of clinching a World Series, no less.


That was horrifying. Horrifying.


Yeah. Couple of you looked like an infected toe. Oh, my God. I actually. Oh, I don't know. We might have to cut that part because people are going to listen to that and then remember, don't worry.


Look, don't remember that.


All right, here we go. Number eight nine one hundred eighteen. The closest penguin suit is totally wrong, James. Oh, man, if it's one hundred eight fifty nine. We had 59 before London, Fletcher, stand by, first timer, I love you guys. All right. See you guys Friday, NetSol.


With you. So. For talking away, I don't know what to say, did you do fine? Coming to you live shot, coming to your lover, de de de de de de de de de de de de de de.


But the whole thing is that, say, just you to.


Anyway, de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de de.


Be put in a.