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On today's part of my take, we have Mike Golic, senior talk to him about the last couple of weeks. His radio show obviously ended talk about his Hall of Fame radio career, some inside the biz, really honest, candid interview from Michael Vick. And I thought it was great. It was it was cool to hear him talk about his career, maybe some of the things that he's not so happy about and how they ended, but also some of the good things about his career.


We have that. We have fire fest of the week. We have an NBA playoff picture set except for the eight nine seed, which we will find out.


And we have Ross.


We're returning Ross listener Ross with our friend Joey Molinaro, great fancy farm boy named Monero, Joey Molinaro. He's going to do some calling coward style roasts for us at the end of the show. Before we get to all that, part of my take is brought to you by the Kashyap. Not only is the easiest place to send money to your friends, it's the safest. So make sure you download the cash app. Right now it is super safe because you don't need to be handing people money.


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I am in the stage of grief where I am. What is what are the different stages of grief. Denial already there. That was, that was basically the two months. Now bargaining is the second. OK, so I think I moved directly to bargaining when I was like, let's try to get some of the weird NFL games in place. The college football. Right. What's three? Three is acceptance. And the thing is that it is just three, I think.


So there's an actual there's an acronym that we learned in psych called Dabdoub, Dabdoub, Nijole, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance, depression, acceptance.


OK, so depression still in bargaining then, by the way, Jake, is Heynckes on vacation again? Well deserved. Yeah. So we got its Jake, Bubba and Billy here. So I'm in bargaining because this is my bargain. I don't really want to watch college football without the bands and the student section, but we like the home crowd. Like, what does that. Did they say? They say the bands would be canceled. Well, the game's canceled.


The bands are canceled.


They do know that. No, I'm talking about Big Ten and PAC 12. OK, like, I'm like, you know what?


If, like, if they had it and there were no fans and there's no student section and no band like what would that even if they could pump in the band sound. I know. I need to see it. I need to see it. So it sounds to me that you're in the acceptance part. Oh, that is that. Well, your your acceptance is contingent on denial. Right. So you're not really accepting this is a fake acceptance on your part.


OK, yeah. I'll, I'll accept that, that. Yes. That's better than denial. That's better than depression. So now you're just fake happy about it. And I don't know what's going to happen with the rest of the conferences, but we'll see.


There's just some high level meetings all the time. Big Twelve is trying to save everything. I guess.


I think I think the FCC is going to do it. The FCC is in full on fucking mode or at least like we're going to delay, delay, delay, delay, delay until the very last second. They might even delay again. Yeah, right now, the kickoff is September 26 or something like that. VLCC they might just push it back to October, then they might just push it back to November and be like we'll cram in a full 10 game schedule in five weeks and I'll still like hang on.


Yeah. Just give me that little tiny, tiny bit of also I don't think they'll play if they're alone.


I think they will play if the ACC in the Big Twelve is in there. But I agree with you, like I said that about March Madness, like don't cancel anything, just keep pretending that it's going to happen in a week and then push it off another week and I'll be happy about that.


I want to hear what Finebaum callers are saying right now. If Finebaum callers are still focusing on actual football, then I have hope. But if they're starting to enter those stages of grief, then I think that might be a problem there. Like the canary in a coal mine once. Once Phyllis from Tuscaloosa calls up and she's like, covid ain't play nobody. Powell at that point, I'm going to be like, yeah, might not happen.


Yeah, actually. What's the name? Harvey Updike. Like, rest in peace. He died at the right time. Well, I think it's causation there. I think college football, the lack of college. He would be Lewis. Harvey Updike. Yes.


So we also the other part of like accepting all the news this week is perspective, because UMass head football coach Walt Bell had the football guide, the millennium quote. He said, You know, my dad passed away in 2008. My biological mom died in 2012. And to be honest with you, this is probably a tougher day than both of those footballs that, wow, football is dead. Yeah, that's I mean, that's an all time football guy quote for sure.


Can I actually defend him for a second? Because people were obviously saying, like, this is crazy. I kind of get where he's coming from, only one, because it seemed like his relationship with his mom saying biological mother feels like there's more to it than just, you know, I mean, it might not be in his life. And also, instead of saying died for her, he said Odie's. Right. Right. So so there's something there.


But I actually understand what he's saying because canceling the football season, he has to take the grief and be the guy for one hundred other guys. Mm hmm. Grief of losing someone in your family. You can you deal with that alone? This is a grief where he has to stand in front of 100 hundred kids and be like, we're not playing football this year and has to, like, basically shoulder that burden for them. Well, it's tough for him.


I think that's different. I think it's different.


You can't there's no funeral for a college football season. Well, they should bury you can't get over it. They should. There should absolutely be a funeral for it. Billy, where are you going?


So you say the shoulders of 100 hundred dreams die. Yeah. Yeah. There we go. What a quote, Billy. That really. That's on your head. Shoulders of a dream. Shoulders of one. He has to shoulder the burden of one dream.


Yes, that's what I said. Shoulder, shoulder, one hundred dreams. Yeah.


I mean, it's tough. It's tough for him. I get that. But it is like now I want to bet on that guy to win every single game next year. Yeah, we should. Bubba has three fourths of a degree from UMass. Half. Oh only half. Yeah. OK, half.


We have the greatest like like the the combo of Jake who went to Syracuse Journalism School, the second best behind what's the name. Newhouse. You went to Medill. Well new. No, Columbia's pretty good to guys, this little shtick or making fun of news. But you realize you're praising rival school.


No, but I'm a Columbia guy. I'm Mizzou guy. It goes Mizzou. That looks like a big journalism. Journalists. Bubba did have half a degree at UMass. Hank did a quarter of a degree at southern New Hampshire. And Billy is one hundred percent going to drop out. So I like this, but go ahead.


What are we going to say about the UMass football season? Last year, they gave up the most points by a mile. Yes, he's this sad and like they get the shit kicked out of him every single week. He's a mess. Like it was the school who gave up. The second most points was, like, not even close to that meeting. Yes. They give up on average about 50 points a game.


And this is the worst of his. Yeah, this is still the worst.


I would say like losing to UConn by forty eight would probably be worse. You would think. You would think. But yeah, it is funny to to put that into perspective and be like they get the shit kicked out of them so, so bad. And he's like guys bad news, we're not going to lose a billion. They gave up six hundred and thirty two points in twelve games last year. And I want to say second was like in the four hundreds.


What they were one in eleven they want they won the famous ACRON game show. Jack Mack. Good pick dude. And so they 632. I'm doing the quick math. They gave up fifty two points a game.


Fox with what stage of grief is that when you just like maligned your parents death, that's like that's going to be super depression. Right. Right, right. So yeah. So we had that quote. So that's perspective. There's some truth to it though. Yeah. Because yes. You're going to repeat what I just said. No, because football is always a constant in football guy's lives.




Everything else can just like shit hit the fan but like you're always like getting the shit kicked out of you on a Saturday or playing football like you can understand that.


But like when football gets canceled, you never accounted for the football made since football makes me think and things like that made sense. And now you can pretend you don't have a family if you coach football. In fact, you probably do. You can't pretend that there's football if you have a family, right? Exactly.


Yeah, OK, that's on the shoulders of dreams of one hundred souls. You got no that made sense. I, I mean why are you getting upset when my season got canceled.


So like this close to home, do you wish that your parents had died instead of. Yeah, let me think about that.


I think that we should address the big news of the day. Yeah. And that is the Seahawks undrafted cornerback. Yes. Keema Seiver and Kimmie's severe. And he he was busted for trying to sneak a girl into the training camp bubble that they've established in Seattle. And he got caught and immediately cut from the team. He had her where Seahawks gear like a Seahawks hoodie so that he could pretend that she was one of his teammates. I love it, brought her in, got cut, and now he's just without job because he was too horny.


But he's famous. Horny Hall of Fame. Yeah, him. Rick Pitino, Bill O'Reilly, Stephen A. Smith. Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton.


Barbara Corcoran. Yeah. Brenda Walker. The panda that that repopulated the entire population of pandas because you fuck so good. So, yeah, he is the legion of Poon is what I'm calling this.


You know, this group of Seahawks cornerback, it's. He actually like should bill every football coach in America, because they're going to use this, like this is going to be the first slide that everyone shows on, you know, the next time they have a meeting. Don't be this guy.


Or if you're a smart coach, just like get a couple Instagram thoughts, sign them to your 80 man roster and just have them live inside your own bubble.


Well, they're letting fucking happening in the NBA bubble now. Thank God they're in phase two. I think so. We do have an NBA. That's phase two. I think it is. I get your dick started fucking. So we do have an NBA playoff picture. It's starting on well, technically on Saturday night is to play in game right now as we're taping this, Memphis is up by ten. I don't think you know Giannis isn't playing because he headbutted Mo Bogner.


I think this going to win so it's going to be and I'm going to say Portland's going to win. They're not going to lose. The game is not going to lose their playoff. Damian play off. Damian Right. Exactly. So it's going to be Memphis versus Portland in that eight nine game on Saturday night. And then if the nine seed wins, they play again Sunday night. But we have our playoff picture. It's the bucks versus the magic sweep.


Raptors versus the Nets probably sweep the Celtics for Sixers, which I feel like this is the 17th time they've played. I'm rooting last three playoff.


You know what? I'm actually rooting for the Nets because I can't name a single player on the nets right now. And somehow they haven't been terrible inside this bubble.


Yeah, they're like just. Well, I mean, the line for terrible was the Wizards. Yes. And they were just above that.


They tried their hardest to to go over, but they won their last one by accident and then Heat Pacers for the four or five match up. How are you feeling about your Heat?


I like my heat. OK, I love you. Underestimate the heat culture. That's right. Oh yeah, that's right.


We have I always forget that we have a South Florida fan here, except for the Yankees.


Udonis Haslem still on the Heat. Yeah, he should be. They should bring him back every year just for the playoffs. Just so that you can point out, Andre Iguodala is on. He's still here. And they also have the combo of Duncan Robinson, another hero, which a lot of ideas and bring them in and out is like, here you go. Did you see that picture? I think it was like a couple of days ago when viral it was Gordon Hayward rejecting somebody and the guy's jersey on the back said equality.


So it just looked like Hayward was like swatting a quality that's pretty good. The NBA has come up with me like their jerseys now, like are so memorable. Yeah. Every time I see the one that says I'm a man, even though I'm sure it means something personal to the player, that's where I always wish the number was forty underneath. I'd be sweet. Yes.


All right. So Western Conference Lakers versus the eight nine match up Clippers versus the Mavs, which is going to be OK. So you're saying it's going to be a million points.


You're saying that there's no chance whatsoever that the Suns get in. They need Memphis to lose its suns versus blazers would be awesome. Suns were everything we wanted to root for, but maybe we're wrong. Maybe by the time you're listen, it's like, hey, guess what? The Grizzlies have lost because the Grizzlies have been a disappointment ever since they've been in the bubble. And the Suns, they should just they made the Zion rule. Why not just make the Suns are more fun?


Yeah. What are the Suns right now? They're like seven and two. No, seven and seven at seven on the bubble. They won't be undefeated in the bubble.


Maybe they should they should absolutely make a rule allowing the Suns. And although the Blazers I mean, they are I think they are a team that could beat the Lakers first round. No, I said could.


Yes, yes. OK, yes. If Anthony Davis and LeBron both get injured. Yep, they absolutely could. They could do that. Nuggets versus jazz. They should just let that one be played at high altitude. Hold on. That's a perfect match up for my high altitude idea. They're both used to it. Yeah. Just do it. And then rockets first thunder, which would be great. We've got some some bad blood.


If you think the NBA doesn't engineer their schedules on our matchups. Rockets, thunder. Holy shit. Harden and Chris Paul, how many did you think Chris Paul is going to going to punch in the first round?


Oh yeah. He's all the jokes, all Matt. So that's going to be starting on Monday. Very excited for that. Hockey playoffs have been incredible. We're taping this before the Blackhawks game. I'm going to assume they won one in one series. That's fine. Caps caps are going to win tonight. There you go. On Friday night on Friday.


Tonight from what happened, what happened to the ice? The ice. It's bad ice in Toronto.


Tom Wilson beat the shit out of somebody because he hit Nick Backstrom and probably broke rib. The dreaded upper body injury right now is what he's dealing with. Seems like the caps deal with this in the first round every time in the playoffs. But guess what? We've been down one oh before. We've been down to it before.


Usually lose, but we've won, been there, been there, done that. And then the big news of the day is we got a new rich friend, George Kittle. Greg Kittel, our good friend, signs a seventy five million dollar contract with San Francisco 49ers biggest contract and title in history. Yeah, I'm so happy for him because we were actually talking about this last week. It's so crazy to think that George Kittle, because he was a fifth round draft pick.


He is. Arguably, the best tight end in the game, you could obviously make the argument that now the clock is back or Travis Kalsi, I'm going to say he's the best tight end in the game. He's the best side in the game. And he has played in the NFL for three years and he has made less than two million dollars total. That's insane. So the fact that he you know, they were able to figure out this deal, he gets paid for for what he deserved.


It's awesome. It's awesome because I can't imagine the stress of being that good and like, not capitalizing on it. And also shout out to Greg Kittel because he went out of his way to let us get credit for last night's word again.


He he told Kyle Shanahan and Ian Rapoport. Yes. That he wanted to wait for the news to be broken by part of my take. Yes. So if you saw right after PMed tweeted out, Ford tweeted his tweet out and then afterwards shout out to Shafter. Today was a banner day for them. Schefter and being late on contracts, but adding a little piece of information that nobody asked for. So today, right after the cable news broke, Adam Schefter tweeted out and said he now makes more money than Hunter Henry, which is the big question everyone is asking.


And then later on, after he missed out on the Kelsi news, he tweeted out just a picture of Travis Kelsey and said, big day, tight ends getting paid. Travis Kelce just got a contract. So he put a nice job. A Yeah, a little Getty Images addition onto the new season.


So, yeah, shout out our guy Greg. Very excited for him, much deserved. And it's got to feel awesome. Yeah, I told me he's got a live stream signing it and like just go through the emotions.


Yeah. You think he's going to cry. Oh yeah. He's going to tap the Joker signature and then go absolutely apeshit. Do you think his dad's going to write him like a mini novel before he signs a contract? I think so. That would be pretty cool. Maybe we can actually get Papa Kindle to like, you know, now that we know now there's some money floating around, maybe he can actually, like, get a binding for the for the novels or like put a proper cover on it.


Let's get this up. Let's let's let's stop using it. Fourteen pages stapled together like he's building football. We should get it goes you get a publishing deal. Yeah. But you should sign George Kittles dad. Yeah. Have him motivate America.


We will sign him for not write us a letter.


George Kittles dad. Before every podcast that we do. Yes. Tell us to not be afraid to be great today.


So that was that's pretty much everything that's going on. We have Ross coming up. We also have Billy's list. We want to fire first. Yeah, let's do it. All right. Before we get too far fetched, you got a quick Adoree. Yeah, well, it's three key and I think we all know about three Chibi now.


I took some three chai on Sunday night, I believe was the last time I did. We just got done recording part of my take. I got home, had a little bit of trouble falling asleep. Afterwards I went straight to my cabinet, got the three czi I think it was cold, like comfortably numb. It was one of their oils. Put that under my tongue, let it marinate for about a minute, fell asleep in about 45 minutes.


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And if you know anything about the industry, five percent is a great discount.


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Go to number three, dotcom, get your Delta eight vapes, gummies, tinctures and oils using promo code PMT at checkout. Get five percent off that order. You have to be twenty one to purchase PMT. Check out the number three dotcom.


All right, let's do it. Fire first of the week. Let's have everyone put in their fire fast. Let's start with bubble.


Pretty simple show. Every weekend sucks now because there's nowhere to go and so then there's pretty much just nothing to look forward to ever.


Wow. So that's heavy. That is heavy, Bubba. I mean, last last weekend I realized it like Friday I went to a new. Pizza place, and I was like super excited about it, and then that was at like eight o'clock on Friday.


Can I give you a tip? Yeah. Donuts on Saturday morning. True. Every Saturday morning I'm actually going and getting the donuts and then eating the donuts is the greatest.


Forty five minutes of my week, the deli that I go to, they do like a special on Saturday and I look forward to that. Yes, I get the same sandwich every single Saturday. Yeah. No, it sounds like you got to have these little things.


Yes. Just just pick a movie every weekend to watch on Saturday night and then you have that to look forward to all week. It doesn't matter if it sucks. Yeah. It's the little things AMC is opening back up yet.


AMC theaters are trying to open up nationwide and they're going to be charging like 15 cents to get in. That's how much it costs to to die. But, yeah, I don't know about you guys, but I don't think I don't think I'm going to go to a movie.


I've seen Outbreak too many times. So that's where it all starts at the movie theater.


This it would be great. I do like going to the movies because it feels like an event, but it would be nice if this just changes everything where every movie you can buy right away.


Yeah, it'd be wonderful. Like fuck going to move. You're going to charge me like a quarter to buy an unregistered African monkey right now. Like I've seen this movie before. I'm not going to be going to your movie theater.


Right, Jake, you're fired first.


So obviously the whole ankle thing, but we're going to get Bastianelli. Any thoughts? No comment.


And I mean, I'm here. I'm I'm just going to. Jay, can I give you just like let me give you a little bit of ammo. Yeah. To to clap back. Yeah.


Billy spends all his time playing video games. Yeah, that's true.


I know he's ah he's a video. You are a nerd.


If I didn't play video games I'd be like out playing sports. I can't I can't have any physical contact with anybody because of this. Because you're a nerd, the body craves contact. You're going to turn you in.


And I look forward to playing video games because I get a rush nervous. It's like there's a split second where it alerts somebody video game.


Tyler can talk to them, yell and scream, profanity at them.


Everything you're describing, saying things that a nerd would do is the closest thing to trash talk.


Yeah. Can I read this tweet? You dudes, I need help. I don't know what to build now that Bruin is nerved.


I saw that and I was like, no, you're a nerd and you're playing tennis. Yeah, right. Kittles tennis.


Jake's out there building muscle, making gains it. Guess what, you can play tennis. You said you can't play sports. You can play tennis, golf, wear your fucking tennis whites. You decide you want to be golf a fucking thing.


If I want to be, I'm a bad boy to you, bad boy.


I'm like Andre Agassi. You're dating white married Steffi Graf racquets. She didn't break no sports jacket. Here's where I draw the line.


Jake contact injury on his ankle. He injured himself. Playing sports was on. That's a non was last time you got injured playing video, non contact.


He made contact with the court. He got he tripped on a surface.


It hurt achieving greatness by beating me and Hank at the same time. Let's get back on track. OK, Jake, you're fired by fire first. Obviously, the whole ankle thing. I'm here to say I will still be participating in Monday. Still streams against tank third and final match.


You're going to play ping pong? Yes, I am playing down. I'm not backing down. I'll only be coming on. It's got nothing on Jake Martin.


He's coming off a vacation. He's going to be fat and happy. Tan be out of tune in.


So two weeks ago I was taking all my shirts out of the office to take them to the dry cleaners and I thought there would be one right next door, right under this building.


It was closed. Find another one to walk down. It was closed. I eventually went to nine dry cleaners that were all closed.


I guess they closed early like three o'clock.


And I just found myself back at my apartment. So I was just carrying, like a big ass bag.


Yeah, I was just staring for dress shirts for the broadcast. Why are you looking at me, Billy? It's Jak's Firefox's. Why are you looking?


Because he needs to steal the spotlight that me just any time I get I get to see how Billy's got to take it over.


Generally I have zero light anyway. Uh huh. Billy, why should you. That's a good far fetched. Jake. Billy, why don't you do your fire fast. You have the difference between you and us, Jake.


You had four different dress shirts and you took them to get them dry cleaned. Yeah, I've had one dress shirt that I've kept at the office for five years, and I have, like I put it on when I have to do something on camera that requires a collared shirt and I just like throw it back in the bottle.


And every time every time he puts on a collar or buttons, I'm just like, who does. Yeah. Looks at me like mentally for the cause. You feel clean. It helps your confidence.


That's true on the mike I always wear. Yeah. I always wear a clean shirt when I'm podcasting. That's right. No one. Exactly.


All right, Billy. So I've been trying a lot of different pre workouts lately and yesterday and. He had kindly let me go home a little early, yeah, so why don't you tell the whole story? So I was just asked you what time?


What time? It was three o'clock. No, it wasn't.


No, I left it three a.m. to you. I said that you gave me the puppy eyes being like you asked it to.


And I said, Billy, I said it was a real tough day. I said, I got thirty nine. But that was because you fucked up and you thought you had to be there at nine. No, I got. You really mean not like your arm up with questions. I was like, Billy, why are you here so early. He's like don't we have an interview in 20 minutes? And he's like, nope, it's an hour.


And you're like Billy got here at 9:00, came up with questions for somebody that we weren't interviewing and then asked at two o'clock, what do you guys need me for the rest of the day? And I said, Billy, why don't you tell me what you plan on doing yesterday? And your answer was, well, I was going to take some pre workout and play Call of Duty.


No, I was going to workout and then play call.


So that's the only that's the only thing I do like because you can't do anything else anyway.


So I tried this new pre workout and I always take Perico right before I get home. I right before I start going home and it kicks in when I get home so I can work out. Anyway, this shit hit me when I was in the middle of traffic and it was kind of like I start getting a nerd.


That's not even funny. It is. It's those do it. Did you call the racket's nerdy traffic? I bet you're buckling up pussy.


Fuck you. Oh, well, you got your anti-lock brakes on.


I ripped my fucking steering wheel off. So it's just like, oh, and then and then it wore off by the time I got home, but I still worked out.


And then I got that I was like playing Call of Duty.


I got punched. That's nice. That's tough. But like I always like also shit myself. Yeah. Right.


Yeah you did. Then then a woman looked at me and I was like, what? I just shit myself. And she was like, you're hot. And I was like, OK, cool. And then then I went to phase two of her four fifty. What do you got. My favorite parts of the week is the Washington football team, formerly known as the R Word, might be up for sale and I'm three billion dollars short.


So the minority owners are pressuring Dan Snyder to sell the team, which has been something that's been going on for the last two months. There are reports out now that Snyder is now hiring an investigative firm to look into whoever leaked the fake reports about all the bad stuff like the Eppstein type stuff right to a company in India. It turns out that one of his former employees may be linked to one of the minority owners of the team. So this is like Shakespearean stuff.


If William Shakespeare cared about a football team that never had more than six wins and it's getting really nasty and Snyder is closer than he's ever been to selling the team, I need to figure out a way to raise three billion dollars. OK, we could do it. What about sperm banks? How much does it cost for a sperm charged by the sperm? Not for myself. One sperm. Yeah, I charged by the sperm. Sperm singular. Yeah.


What is it? I don't know. I just need some get rich quick scheme. That's all I need. All right.


Well, there's no reason to have you here, Bill, if you can't tell us the price of sperm won a coin, haven't you?


Haven't you done the sperm thing? What, donated sperm? Yeah. No. Oh, just plasma.


You did white blood cells. White blood cells. OK, yeah. I feel like those are I feel like if you start giving your plasma and blood constantly for money, you're going to eventually just give sperm. Yeah.


Blood and white blood cells and sperm are very similar. You just look at the cover of Metallica's Load album and they're all together, right. They're mixed together as one healthy batch.


All right. We're going to get you three billion dollars, three billion dollars.


Any good ideas? Anyone know?


What are you guys what are we doing? I can I got let me think. Let me think. Bring back college football. I'll be the guy who did it if I got all I need to do is convince everybody in China to give me a dollar fifty.


Yeah. We spent like an entire day trying to figure out how to get 50000.


Yeah. New a little new asking price for what had you need. We really need to break it down a little bit smaller. We have to do baby. You know what, I've got an idea. I've got an offer right now.


I just checked my email. Four billion dollars. What I'm being offered for Danny Woodhead. I'll let it go for three just because I'm being nice. I want to give an award winning just quarter. So again.


Twenty five percent off use promo code by the Redskins jump in front of Jeff Bezos car while he's driving.


That's a good idea. It'd be a good idea or get a cyber truck die in it. OK, yeah, it's true.


You take out a big insurance. Yeah, but then again, Leroy gets the team. Yes, yes. Yeah. OK, I got it.


Billy, why don't you here's what you wrote in the cyber. You get a cyber truck. No, I'm no, I'm not killing Leroy. You get in a cyber truck, you drive in front of Jeff Bezos.


So now Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos and you add me to your will I as far as your er why we get a fake body double nerd, you won't even die.


I mean, that is like the ultimate like I have to work. Badasses have to wear my seatbelt, know when we do that, get more than three billion, then use one billion to play college football.


OK, I'm down with that. All right. We've got to get going. OK, no time. All my fire fest the week is obviously everyone heard the big news. We had Deon Sanders on on Wednesday. He's now a coworker. I was reminded on Wednesday morning that before my son was being born, going through names, I was pushing for d'Eon. And it just brought up a lot of bad memories because Deon Katz is like the most electric game ever.


It's also a good name for a cartoon cat. Yeah. So I, I just was I went back down the spiral of like, damn, my son's name is not Deon.


So, you know, what's the name, Deon. We talk a lot about quarterback names and you can just see somebody and you're like that name is a quarterback like Johnny Manziel on Parker Wilson, John Parker, Wilson, John David Buty, all these hypothetical names, great quarterback names, Deon Cats. You tell me that you're not starting the tailback. Yeah. Dion Cats is getting the lecture. He's getting thirty touches. He got Doug's just so that I can name every player Deon Cats.


You can also just always add a middle name. Yeah. Like no one says you have to change middle name but you can add a second.


Deon Neon cats. Yeah. Dunn Yes. That's my favorite. All right. Let's get to Mike Golic before we do that. Put your box is back when it comes to meat quality matters, but there's more to it than texture and taste. Put your box. Has the best meat ever delivered directly to your door. You don't have to go to the grocery store. Not everyone has that convenient access to high quality meat. And that's why we have put your box 100 percent grass fed finish, be free range organic chicken, heritage bread, pork or wild caught salmon.


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Take right now and get yourself some high quality meat. Get ready to go. Don't be a nerd like Philly football. Get yourself some meat. Put your box dotcom slash take. OK, here he is my Golic.


OK, we now welcome on recurring guest friend of the program, radio Hall of Famer. Does that weird to say Radio Hall of Fame. Yeah, it's wild because I've been in two of those Hall of Fame and along with playing football I wrestled and I ended up in a wrestling hall of fame, but only as a distinguished American. So the only Hall of fame I'm in for actually playing a sport is my high school. So, you know, push comes to shove.


I'd like to be in the Hall of Fame for actually playing or but it's cool that I guess you're in the Radio Hall of Fame.


It is. Mike Golic, Legend of the Game. Great to have you on. So it's been, what, a week and a half now since, you know, you're off radio. The first question I think all of America wants to know, have you been able to adjust your sleep or are you still waking up at four in the morning and being like, fuck this socks?


Oh, I mean, I know. I mean, I don't know when I'm going to get out of that mode. I mean, the one thing I have done is I turned off the four fifteen alarm I had before the twenty two years at ESPN. I lived in Arizona while I was doing it. I felt it was called NFL type, but not NFL Live. And I was calling college games for ESPN. I was doing local radio in Phoenix for three years during during the morning show.


So for actually twenty five years I've been getting up at four fifteen. So now I turn the alarm off. But no, it's going to be a while. I still kind of stir and look at the clock at four fifteen but now I can just roll over and go back to sleep.


That must have been kind of a bittersweet moment for you. Like the ceremonial changing of the alarm clock. You know, you're doing that for what was it, twenty years every morning, a total of twenty five years.


And yeah, I mean, listen it to me. It's more bitter than sweet because I still want to be doing morning radio. I didn't want it to end, so I would much rather still be getting up at four fifteen. I love doing it, I love being involved in it. I hope to, to do it again, you know, at some point. So. Over that, over time, the sweetness in the memories and I've had a lot of great memories obviously are going to be there, but I'd still much rather be doing the show.


Yeah, I mean, that one clip that kind of went viral a week ago where it was your son Gojo telling you like, hey, you were always a dad first. You were obviously like a great mentor to me. I got to work with my dad. I think we all watched that. We all, like, teared up a little bit. That was a really, really nice way to end the show. Was that a surprise you? Did you know it was going to get mushy like that?


No, no.


In fact, you know, the whole last show, I knew that I was going to have my family on for the last hour. Trey was was nice enough to I said, Trey, the last hour, I'd like to have my family. And he said, I will step aside. But Herm Edwards had contacted us and said he wanted to come on to say goodbye to Trey. They're very good friends. And Herm could only, you know, him being out on the West Coast, out in Arizona.


You can only do it at nine thirty our time. So nine o'clock rolled around. It was just me and my family. At nine thirty, Trey came back in and and Herm came on. And then the last eight minutes, the last segment was just me and my family again. And I had planned and I'm glad I did it at nine o'clock, talked about the listeners over the years and growing a bond with them in a relationship and stuff because I planned on kind of doing that again at the end at the last few minutes.


And then all of a sudden Mike started going and I was like, oh shit. I'm like, man, I. I almost made it through this thing, you know, I always wonder if I was going to get emotional. I knew my wife was going to be bawling the whole time anyway and then might know. I had no idea. I guess she told the rest of the family to make sure he had the last couple of minutes so he could do that.


I did not know that was coming. And boy, that that that hit like a ton of bricks. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I want to get you just mentioned you want to keep you would love to still be on radio and I want to get back to that before I do that. Just to follow up on this, have you had the ability to take a step back and kind of soak it all in that you mean a lot to people and you have been part of their lives for two decades plus because I think that's one thing and our careers are a lot.


You know, we've been doing it for a lot less time than you. But that's one thing that we all kind of fail at, is to take a step back and be like, oh, you know what? These a lot of people out there truly have a relationship with us. And it's fun to sometimes recognize that and kind of soak it all in. Have you been able to do that?


I have. And I really, because of social media, one of the biggest in having done this for over two decades now. When I first started, we were taking faxes from from listeners. You know, millennials are going, what the hell is at the fax paper would fall behind the machine and roll up because I've never come out the right way. I mean, that's how it was. Now with social media, you get that immediate kind of response.


So I was overwhelmed and humbled, not from the people saying, hey, you know, they should me. And in that show, not not for that. It was for I feel like I knew you. I feel like I knew your family. I feel like we were friends. If I saw you in a restaurant or airport, I. I knew I could come up to you and say hi because it felt like we had a relationship. That to me was one of the more cool things and one of the things in all honesty that I wanted.


Because as you guys know, when you do this, you need to give yourself to everybody you need you need to as far as you everybody personally wants to go open yourselves up and let people know you anybody can turn on a show and just have someone throw, you know, sports information at him and throw, you know, stats at him and shit. But let him get to know you, you know, and let them in the good and the bad.


You know, Mike was nine. Jake was eight. Sidney was five when I started radio ESPN. And I told them early on, listen, our lives are going to be out there, guys, the good and the bad. We're just we're just going to let it let it be out there. And by the time, you know, ESPN said I was done with this Mike thirty Jake's twenty nine, Sidneys twenty five. So there was a lot of life in there that we opened up to everybody else to hear their feedback and saying how much they enjoyed that.


That was that was very touched.


So a quick follow up on that. I'm curious because, you know, when you started, you just said, you know, your kids were nine, seven and five. And it also was a different time because the Internet wasn't what it is today. Right. I you know, my son's one years old. I've kind of made the conscious decision that I'm not going to be just putting him online because I don't want him to one day wake up and be like, oh, dad, just been blasphemy on Instagram, you know, crying when I'm two years old there.


You know, like, he doesn't he hasn't consented to that. Like, I don't want I want to give him a normal life. Do you think if you were if we could go back twenty years, but it's twenty twenty. So you're starting your career right now. Would you do the same thing, would you be as open of a book or would you be like maybe the Internet's a little bit of a darker, scarier place these days is.


Certainly would make me think more, because I know especially from my wife, you know, when my boys were playing at Notre Dame and and, you know, the Internet can be tough on on on athletes, on anybody and family. And some of the stuff she heard about the kids and stuff that that, you know, kids blow up and not worry about it. But it's tough on a parent.


I, I want to sit here and say I probably would have done it the same way. But it's very difficult for me to say that because you're right now, again, my youngest at that point was five, still not an adult. So it's not like, hey, Sidney, can I have your consent to do this? I was a parent. If I wanted to do it right, I was going to do it. So I get what you're saying.


I would like to say I would have done it. But that's a very difficult one to answer because there is no doubt the climate is completely a 180 from what was going on when I started this. Yeah, that's what the Pugs are for. That's how you that's how you bring like your family to the Internet. And everybody loves a good pug. You never, ever, ever lose with dogs, whatever they can do. And they could sit there, they sit there on camera and lick themselves and nobody will care.


Yeah. I mean, it's a dog, so it's cool. It's true. And I do think that, you know, 20 years ago, you're able to share what you want to share and keep away. Like now it's it's kind of all or nothing. And it's so 24/7 that it's just in the Internet is forever kind of thing, that it just feels different.


The biggest difference, I guess the way I would say it is you can't partially open the door. Right? You know, you and I decided my wife and I decided we were going to open the door. But again, so I started it here in Phoenix where the kids were even younger. That was nineteen ninety five, you know. So when I started ESPN in 98, as we said, it's a different time. We just decided to open the door and let our family in.


But you're right now. You can't you can't partially do it because you partially do it. The Internet knows how to how to rip the door open. Right. You know. Right. Really kind of kind of get everything out there. So it's definitely different now. I can absolutely see your point for sure. Yeah.


Can we clean something up real quick here just just so that we know for posterity, Mike and Mike. So I tweeted this at you when it was announced that you were moving on, but you were you were a big part of my life growing up and not just like going through high school, but college and some jobs that I had afterwards where I think a lot of people can relate, where maybe they have a bad day or they're not looking forward to going to work for whatever reason.


And even if it's just like five, ten minutes in the car on the way to work, if you can make somebody's day like two percent better, that's a small thing, but it's actually a big thing. You know, it adds up, if you can, just me, because from the start of the day, you might be in a slightly better mood. That might change after that happens later on that day. You might be nicer to somebody and then that stuff keeps going forward.


So I just want to say thank you because it didn't it didn't really occur to me, as you know, as you're in the moment. But looking back on it for me, it's like that's a big thing that adds up. And yeah. So I just want to say thank you for that. It's very important to me that that I had something like that that could, you know, put a bright spot in today. You know, and I appreciate that.


And I appreciate both of you guys, you know, tweeting about it. Everything, whether that was it's a very cool thing to hear from your peers. And I respect the hell out of you guys and what you're doing. So to hear from people in the business as well as listeners and viewers was a cool thing. But to that point. I think that was probably some of the best stuff I've heard from people was I remember obviously one thing was it made me feel real over some of the stories.


When I was in grade school, my parents or my dad would drive me to work. That was our time together. Listening to you talk about sports, I had a kid text or tweet me and say I listen to you. When I was delivering papers when I was 14, I can tell I was listening to you when I was getting up for morning football workouts in high school. I listen to you when I was getting up for to go to class in college.


I listen to you when I was deployed, you know, and my my first, you know, going to do it. And I'm like, oh, my God. I mean, A, I'm old, but B, I mean, that was it to me. That was I was never a hot guy. If I had a strong opinion there and there are some things that push my buttons, I would say it. But I wasn't a high tech guy, wasn't a yelling guy.


I was going to tell you of my experiences as a pro athlete, my experience as a father, whether it was sports or outside of sports. And I just kind of wanted to talk with people, not at people. And I think that's what I felt best about in hearing a lot of the responses is people felt like when they got up in the morning, they turned aside when we were on ESPN, too, and just went about their morning like they were listening to us on the radio and went about their day.


And then when they went into the car, they turned us on the radio. It was part of their morning habit. It was just like turning on a friend and just hearing maybe laugh, just like you said, maybe laughing a little bit, you know, maybe get a little information, get maybe get a little insight into something. And that was it.


Just take a little bit. I was again, I wasn't there to blow your mind. I was just there to kind of guide you until your morning got going, wherever it was supposed to get going. And I was fortunate enough to do it for a for a couple of decades.


So if we establish whether or not you were the first Mike or the second Mike on the logo.


Well, I mean, listen, I don't miss Tsoi. I'll put it actually my morning radio, ESPN didn't start with Mike and Mike. It started with me and Tony, bruddah. We were the first ones to start morning radio in nineteen ninety eight. And then he left the next year or right before two thousand like October of ninety nine. And then we were searching for a new partner and we decided on Greaney right at the beginning of two thousand.


So I was the first mike on the show before I became Mike and Mike. So I guess I think if you write that down into law, that would mean I'd be the first Mike. Right. I mean, would you guys agree with that?


Let it be written. Let it be known. Yeah. Oh, there you go.


How how is your relationship with Greaney these days? Because obviously there's a lot of stuff written when Mike and Mike ended and, you know, people are saying, oh, they weren't talking. I you know, I never know what's truth and what's what's fiction. But how where do you guys stand now?


You know what? It did not end well. That's pretty much been public. I was was surprised it ended for the guy that was running ESPN at that time who had John Skipper and Greaney wanted to go do his own thing. So I was surprised it ended. And obviously it's been pretty documented. I didn't like the way it ended and how it went about. I would say Greta and I and we've seen each other since. But, you know, he does the morning show.


We get up and I do was doing the morning show. So we would have really no interaction in the morning. We always lived far away from one another and outside of even Mike, if we never really hung out. His kids weren't even born when we started the show. So we never really had a lot in common. And I think that's one of the things that helped make Mike and Mike work a little bit, was we were we were so different.


So quite honestly, the way it ended, when we see each other, we've seen each other, we're cordial. But that's that's pretty much it in all honesty, that there really isn't much of a relationship anymore. It's a shame. But, you know, that's that's just the way it goes sometimes. And that's just where it is now. You know what the future holds. But right now, that's pretty much where it is.


I respect your approach to all this because, you know, this time around as well, you said that you were kind of blindsided and you found out on Twitter right like that the show was ending. Is there a part of you that holds a little bit of resentment where you're like, you know, I put in years and years and years this company and Greaney kind of that end did not well. And Greaney went went and got his big New York City.


And then this this iteration you find out on Twitter, is there a part of you that has resentment or you like, listen, I'm blessed. I have bigger things. My life is pretty damn good.


Well, I mean, listen, you can I can be very focused on that or you can have a lot of emotions. And I mean, I'm human. So you do it for this long and. And I guess it's wrong to expect expect is the wrong word, there were there were thoughts, there had been talks that they weren't sure what they were going to do with the morning show. And I've I've always been for the 20 years there and actually my whole life I've been to say it to my face guy let me know behind closed doors, whatever.


I'm not a locker room talker. Tell me what's going on. And the thought was, well, we're not sure what we're going to do. And I'm like, well, if you're sure I'm not going to be back and you look at someone, just tell me. And they said, well, you know, we're not sure what we're going to do right now. And it was basically one of the media guys writing an article that basically said, you know, it's going to be a different show.


And I was just like, oh, my God. I mean, just let me know. I've had some of the toughest coaches in the world telling me I suck on film. You're not going to hurt my feelings. Right.


You know what? I may not like what you hear, what I hear, but I mean, just tell me. So, yes, I did not that did not go well. And in all honesty, the people that were involved in that decision, when I finally did talk to them, I let them know how I felt. And I've always been a guy that was going to do that. And I didn't talk about that to the media or anything.


I said, I'll handle it the way I want to handle it. But then as far as am I bitter, I'm a little bummed it ended that way. But then but then reality out. The reality of it is I was cut twice in the NFL. I was cut by the Houston Oilers, and then I was cut my last team, the Miami Dolphins. And I didn't agree with me being cut both times. And I told the coach that.


But you know what? It didn't matter, right? They didn't care what I had to say. That's what they wanted to do. So that's the way I look at it. While I wish it would have ended differently, we know it all ends at some point. So it ended this way. I wasn't overly happy about it, but I couldn't control that. So I looked at it that way. You know, the ESPN brass decided that they wanted to cut me from the morning show.


I didn't agree with it. I told them I didn't agree with it. I told them I think it's the wrong move, but it doesn't matter what I think. It didn't matter that I said that they were like the coach and they said it's going to be over. So, you know, you can't sit there and kick rocks and keep your head down. It's like, all right. Well, you know, I know I'm not done in this business.


I'm going to keep going. And I'm under contract with ESPN to the end of the year. So I actually, you know, it's weird. You know, a lot of people are like, man, just sit there and take their money. You know, that's the way it works. It's just reality. I get paid until the end of the year whether I sit on my ass or what. But I didn't want to do that. I'm like, I want to do something, you know, I just want to sit there.


So I actually went to them and I said, let me call college games again. That's what I first did when I got out of the NFL, is I call college games before I even started doing studio shows or radio. So and they were like, OK, you know, well, you can do that now. We don't even know how much we were going through the whole college football thing.


So we'll see how that plays out. And then at the end of the year, we'll see where it goes. But, yeah, I don't I don't plan on retiring, that's for sure.


I respect it, though. I mean, that's it's a classy thing. And I think it's it's kind of rare today because there's like we go back to the Internet, the Internet is full of drama. And I respect the hell out of doing it like you're doing it and face to face and not spilling tea everywhere and telling everyone, you know, this is how I feel and not hiding that, you know, it's not it's the way I was brought up, quite honestly.


I'm just kind of doing what my parents kind of taught me. And in all honesty, it just I just do it because that's the way I learn to do it. And I hope my kids do it that way as well. And I've already seen cases where they do. You know, where again, listen, we're all grown ups here. I mean, we can take criticism. And that's one of the things sometimes it's like they don't people don't think you can take criticism.


Just let's be up front, man. You know, we don't always have to agree on everything, but let's just know where you stand. I've always said that about a coach. Just tell me where I stand. I may not like where you think I stand, but at least that I know where I stand and I know what I have to work on if I'm going to continue to be on your team, whatever team that is in sports or in life.


So it's the way I was raised and it's the way I try and raise my kids as well. Yeah. And with the relationship that you had with Greaney was seventeen, eighteen years, I believe, on the air together.


You know, that's a long time. That's a relationship that's longer than most marriages last at that point. So I was wondering if you had any advice for us, because we have a similar dynamic going on where I'm an athlete, I work with a big journalist, and so sometimes, you know, we buttheads over that over who's the nerd? Who's the jock. Do you have any advice for us about how to keep our relationship fresh over seventeen, eighteen years?


Well, you know what? We would agree what we always did. And it's so weird because you do talk about it like a couple. It's like it's like me and my wife. We never we never go to bed angry if something happens during that day. Used to square it out before your head hits the pillow. And for green. And I, you know, we certainly. So talked as the show was getting going and he was open to bringing his family in it, we knew we didn't want to be kind of a blue type of a morning show.


We were going to do that. Disney probably wouldn't really like that anyway, but we did want to go down that road. So basically for Green and I it was just. Don't take things personal with one another, you know, for for the run that we had, the ending's a different thing. That was the end of the show. But as far as what you're talking about is as far as partners in the show, we disagreed 20, you know, on air and on the show, but we never took it personal with each other.


So it's not like ever after a show where we disagreed on something that we went we went home that day mad at one another. We we realized it was a show. It was our opinions. And we respected each other's opinions because we did come at it from two different sides, a side of an athlete, side of a journalist. So there was some disagreement in the way we looked at things. But I think that really helped the show. But that's what I would say to to anybody, you know, starting out in this or going on like you guys are going is just just make sure that you know where your line is between everybody so you don't cross anything personal on air that nobody wants.


Like if if you don't want your kid involved on air, the other person don't talk about your kid on air. You know, you have to have those kind of things set and just understand there's going to be differences. And like any good couple of men, you in your head hits the pillow at night. Don't go to bed angry. Yeah, usually.


Pfft, scratches my back at night, I take it. Yeah. There you go.


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Take now back to more.


Mike Golic, since you it's been a week and a half. Like we said, I assume that you have a lot of thoughts on what's happened this past week in college football. As a guy who played college football, your brothers played college football, your son played college sons, played college football. Where do you stand on the Big Ten canceling their season, the PAC 12 canceling their season? If Mike Junior was still at Notre Dame right now, would you be like we got to play this season or would you say, hey, let's listen to the president and the experts in and, you know, shut it all down?


Well, as a parent, my only role would be would I? Because these players don't have a union to to help them. Right. So a lot of the players, you know, they have their parents to help decide what they want to do. I would I would I would have sent both Mike and Jay to Notre Dame. I said, go, go there, follow their guidelines. And if they cancel, the season was nothing I can do about that.


I don't have a saying.


Neither would Mike or Jake or neither do these players have a say in it. But I would send them. Yes, I would say go and follow the protocols. Follow the procedures. You know, again, trying to tell an eighteen to twenty two year old be smart on campus. You know, that's difficult to do. But I credit those schools that have had a lot of testing and very few positive tests. But in all honesty, they could be in the bubble right now, much like you see the NBA and WNBA and MLS and NHL in a bubble, that's kind of where the colleges were when the athletes went back on campus to work out they were in the athletic bubble.


But now that's going to change. If students are allowed on campus, all of a sudden you're adding thousands of students. So that game may change a little bit. I would absolutely have sent my kids and then they would follow the protocols and just have to listen to what everyone is going on. It seemed. Now, again, I'm not in these conversations, but I'm not sure. And I'd like to hear from the PAC 12 and the Big Ten why you decided it.


Now, what make you had this decision now? Because it's conference play. We already know that the FCC was already going to push back a week to September 12. The FCC wasn't start until, I think the twenty sixth. So you can give yourself a little bit more of a runway to see where this is going to go. So unless and I haven't heard I don't know if you guys have heard, but I have not heard from the PAC 12 or Big Ten, the commissioners.


Why did you feel you need to make the decision now and not give it a little more runway? That would be one of my first questions.


Yeah. Yeah, I don't think. There's an answer to that yet I think most conferences find themselves in the position of, you know, we learn something new every week. And so the longer I can delay this from from starting, the more information we're going to have. The Big Ten kind of painted themselves into a corner by saying not only are we not playing, but we're also going to spring football. Do you see any logistical way that spring football can happen?


Let me put it this way. The pros who get paid a hell of a lot of money, these are adults, these are men with family, these people that have a union, their league says two teams play in February. Right. Two teams play in the Super Bowl. Everybody's done before that. So just take the two teams in the Super Bowl for getting the teams that are done at the end of the regular season and not lose in the playoffs the next time those two teams in the Super Bowl in February put pads on is the end of July.


So do your math. March, April, May, June, July. That's five months for just to keep the TV longer for the other 30 teams right before they even put pads on again. You're talking about putting kids in pads, and I know they do it for spring football, 15 practices and then a spring game, which can be whatever it is. It's not a play against other teams in a season, quote unquote. So now they're going to play a spring season and they're going to play till April, maybe May, hitting another team.


So playing full contact football, not a spring game, but playing against other teams. So now you're in the main, you know, when they put on pads the next season, August, the beginning of August, June, July, beginning of August, a little over two months for student athletes. And I'm doing the air quotes, student athletes, you're giving them two and a half months of recovery time, of which in that recovery time, you have to start your workouts again after you try and recover from playing it sees it.


So that is a ludicrous thought to say, oh, yeah, the pros are getting over five months off before they put on pads and you're going to do it to college students in two and a half months, forgetting even the fact you won't have it now. People will watch it. There's football. Don't get me wrong, there's the fan side of the player side and the players are still going to want to play because when you're 18, 19, 20, you just want to play ball.


The one thing you are going to miss is you only have one big player, one top player. Right. Would you why would Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence, any big time player? They're not playing in spring because the NFL is under no guidelines to move their draft back to help out. The NFL is going to do what they want to do, even if they move their draft back. Those guys aren't playing.


So that to me, someone answer me that question, right. The pros get five and a half months off and college kids, your college players are given two and a half months off from pad to pass.


I think they're just giving us false hope. And that's been the whole thing. I'm OK with false. Actually, in a weird way. I'm OK with also, too. I think it sucks to say. But the SEC in the ACC, the Big 12, it feels like they're almost false hope where somewhere in mid-September they can kind of make the argument, well, we tried our hardest and we went as far as we could. We went a month longer than the Big Ten in the PAC 12, and we kind of came to the same conclusion.


I hope that's not true. I hope we can get some college football.


But it just feels like one thing I don't think you're considers Mike is that there's a good possibility that Notre Dame could play on St. Patrick's Day if the ACC moved everything to the spring. And I'm just looking forward to drinking a shitload of beer before that game.


Listen, I'm hammered anyway, so it doesn't affect me. You know, it's just you know what it is? It's another day that ends in Y where I get to drink beer. This time it's green, so I'm cool with it. There you go.


One one thing I have noticed over the years is that you've kind of you've evolved your stance in particular on looking at the NCAA and looking at the whole notion of student athletes and maybe how there's exploitation there. Was that was that largely in part from watching your sons and daughters go through the system? Or was that something that came about by talking to administrators and other people around sports?


I think it was an evolution of all of that, of seeing where the game is going, see the money involved in the game, certainly seeing my kids. Now, listen, I. I didn't come from a lot of money at all. If I had ten bucks in my pocket when I was at Notre Dame, I was lucky. But, you know, we all managed just fine. Now, my kids were fortunate enough to be in a different situation because things were going well for me where I was working to make money for them to to have it.


But a lot of kids don't. A lot of players don't. And I saw a lot of that as well. Now, as as I said, and you're right, it has changed a little bit because I had always said, listen, we all did it in the eighties. They did it in the 70s. My brother Bob did it in the 70s. People did it before they let you go there. You get fed there, you get your meals, you know, you get you get a free education and only one percent move on to the NFL.


The rest of you have a great education. And the first time you get a paycheck, none of it has to go to paying back any kind of student loan. So there are positives to that. So you're right, for a while I was like, man, that they get they get a lot. And I do think they do still get you can't just discount a scholarship. And what it means, again, for those that have to go into the real world because most are not going into pro sports, the.


You don't have a student, a student assistance to pay up. There is something to that. But as you watch it more and more and see the money out there. Listen, if I just thought, OK, is there a way and the way I like it with the name and name, image and likeness is you're not taking it. Because the first thing that worried me because Sydney was a swimmer, a lot of her friends were soccer players.


A lot of my Jake's friends were lacrosse players. If the schools have to pay all the athletes, then you're looking at the possibility of schools trying to justify the money by saying we have to cut other sports. Yeah, and those that are sports, you get cut like my wrestling program. And Notre Dame was cut a few years after I left. But you're going to start cutting track and field and swimming and lacrosse and all that. So name, image and likeness, that money isn't coming from the school.


So they can't cry poor. You know, a lot of them, they couldn't cry poor anyway, even if they had to pay players. But I didn't want to go down that road where every school had to do it and they legitimately had to cut some other sports. Because you know what? The swimmers, the lacrosse players, the volleyball players, the soccer players, they were just as hard as the football players and basketball players, just as hard, sometimes harder.


But there's there's no revenue sport. That's that's just the way it is. There's doesn't make the money. So they're always on the chopping block. While I understand that, I'd like to see them in a position for name, image and likeness. So they're not going to get a ton of money, I don't know. There's going to be very, very few. Even once that goes through, that will get a ton of money. But it would be nice to see the trickle down of some people in all the different sports being able to take advantage of.


Yeah, I have I have one last hard question for you. Then I then I'll wrap up with an easy one. So you're your son, Michael Jr., who we consider a friend I think is very talented. But obviously people on the outside are going to say nepotism. And you say he got a job because Dad, what what advice do you give to him in that situation, knowing that he's he's good on his own merit, but he has to prove himself even more because of his last name and my name, actually.


Yeah. So. Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah.


And listen, I don't want the biggest mistake I made once we both work for the same company is when we have to do trips for flights for the company. I never should have gave him my same name. We get screwed up all the time on that, you know, because I, we've been fortunate enough to fly first class and sometimes he'll get it and I won't.


And that's just not accept. No, no. But to answer that question, he is so smart and he understands. He knows he got his shot because of the name. He understands it and he knows because of that that he has to prove himself. And the one thing I would like people to understand is if he wasn't good on the air, they weren't going to keep him on the air. Because what it can do and I'll make a bigger reference here, it gets you a chance.


Yeah. And then what do you make with that chance? If you're not good, then you're not going to continue with that chance. It doesn't work that way. So Mike has been great because he disarms it. He's like me, very self deprecating and he will admit it. Or if somebody comes after him, he will be self-deprecating about it. And what that does, it just kind of disarms everybody. It's like, well, OK, he's kind of ripping himself.


So I guess there's no reason for me to really rip them anymore. And here's the way I look at it as well. You know, just let's just take our school, Notre Dame, take anybody's college. When you graduate college, you have a you have a kind of a network, right. Of people who work in the real world from that graduated from from college. You know, I'll just take Notre Dame. If a Notre Dame student is trying to get a job, they'll put them in touch with maybe a Notre Dame grad who works in that field.


And a lot of times and we know this is how it works, that student that a graduate student, they may get a break because it's a Notre Dame alumni working in this job that gives them a job, correct? I mean, this happens all the class rank. Just show the class ring, baby. I mean, it happened. So what it does, it gives them an opportunity because they were Notre Dame grad in there. No. Someone from Notre Dame in a business.


So they get a chance. And this is true for pick a school, name a school for the alumni to help out, for those people to get a job. And then they have a chance. And then if you perform in the job, you keep it. If you don't, then you don't. So I'm not fully admit he got his chance sooner rather than later because of the last name. And it was up to him to make the most of those pressure on him, for he knew he had to deal with it.


I think he deals with it. Well, I think he does a great job. He speaks better than I do and he's smarter than I am. But I'm his dad. So people are going to say, well, you're his father, you're going to say that. But looking at it as a person in the industry, he's really good at what he does. So that's going to take care of itself will always be the people out there. They're going to say, you got it because of this or that.


And he'll be the first one to say, yeah, that's right, I did. And I knew I had to make the most of it to try and keep keep my job.


Yeah, I also. How when they first introduced him to ESPN, they kind of they made him earn it a little bit, they put him on it like, I don't know, they, like, locked him in a room with two guards at two a.m. every morning or something like that, which, I mean, for the grace of God go I. But it was it was a situation where he wasn't like immediately put into primetime or anything like that.


Right. So it was like, OK, if you can make these overnight time slots worked and eventually will bump you up. And he cut his teeth that way.


He did four to six. He went it was first and last before Jason Fitz took it over, like the first and last. And then he would do the first hour of our show. And then that eventually led to all four hours on our show. And Jason finished doing first and last. So you're right, he had to cut his teeth doing that. He actually, before he even did that, his first gig, he went on with the Sunday after Sunday morning.


Fantasy football guys, the field Yates is of the world and Stephania Belles of the world and Matthew Bury's of the World, he would be on for four hours with those guys on Sunday morning. He did that for a while before he even got the four to six gig and started that. And then probably I mean, you guys know hell, you'll know what I said. Then he did that friggin show on Sunday morning with God. All of a sudden Scotch is better.


If my son I'm like, oh, my God, what am I doing here?


You know what? What direction is he going to go in now? So I just had to kind of put my blinders on. I close my eyes on that one, but that still has been great for me. They had a lot of fun doing that. I think they're going to actually start that up again because podcast of the world, hell, that's what I'm doing now with my family. We do our Sorry in Advance with Family podcast where, you know, there's so many bleeps in it because of my daughter Sydney.


My God, it's unbelievable. But it's a lot of fun to get the family together and just kind of talk about life. Yes.


So I want to ask about the transition from Greaney to Trey. So did you have to, like, forget every Harry Met Sally quote and kind of update your brain to just start thinking in terms of Anchorman and Step Brothers and he Will Ferrell movie to understand the references?


Yes, it was very different because Greaney and I literally when he sat down and when, as I said, we were auditioning, there were 13 people that were up to be my co-host after 20 Broadleaf and Greaney was not one of them. Greaney was just filling in for a day or two until the next quote unquote candidate sat down. But reading, I just clicked chemistry wise, really well, you know, the nerd and the athlete, you know, we kind of we kind of played that game and it turned out working real well now with Trey right now.


So that's a first time Greenan I even met was when he sat down and did that show. We did one or two more. And then all of a sudden we were doing a show together and we didn't even barely knew one another. Trey and I have known had known each other since 2003 because after I first started out with Mark Belal and Sean Salisbury, Meryl Hodgkin, who was NFL tonight, then and then Malone left and then eventually Trey took over.


It was then I felt like I was doing college football games, Mike and Mike and NFL Live. And Trey was almost four years and trailer five minutes for me in Connecticut.


Oh, yes. Oh, yeah. OK, yeah. All right. Well, play. Yes, yes, yes. I do see bears.


So we knew each other. So we had a relationship and we, we were more, more alike, personality wise. And you're right, it was different being who is a TV anchor as opposed to Greaney more the journalist. So it was different in the fact that Trey and I knew each other for so many years before we even started.


Do you buy his explanation about the bear?


Oh, that it was that it was that day and not an old picture? Well, I think he said that it was an old picture that a bear came to his porch.


He didn't make that. He says he didn't mean for people to interpret the picture of the bear that he put up as being like, this is the bear that I just saw. He just found a picture of a bear.


I have seen bears on his property because where his house is, I've been to his house and where his words are. I have seen bears. I have seen his dogs by the bears. So if and now that particular bear, I don't know if that was, but I have seen bears on his property. Yes.


OK, OK. I'm still dubious to the bear claims. Yeah. Yeah. I think I think you and a lot of people. Yeah. You know, and I just it's one of those things I just let lay with Trey.


Well let him Trey gets to smoking his weed and all that stuff. Yeah. I keep track of where we can let you guys try and get that out of here. Yes, yes we have many, many times. All right. So I have one last question. It's the mehndi soft question the day. Go to me Ondes dot com slash PMT to get fifteen percent off your first purchase.


So I when you were doing your last show, Twitter and Instagram, they were doing flashbacks and it was really cool to see your whole career. But I noticed something you and I share a similarity in that are weight yo yos drastically. So have you looked back and been like holy shit, like I'm fat, I'm skinny, I'm fat. I'm I'm I'm never really skinny, but like, you know, I mean, like, eat it. It's it's crazy to see it.


How what's your secret to always putting the weight back on like I did?


Well, first and foremost, I remember one of the few times ago I saw you guys, you guys were both walking around with big African jugs of water. You guys are doing some crazy things.


Tell us what the hell. Yeah. Yeah. Nutritionism had us pissed that. Yes, yes, I remember that.


Gallon jugs of water walking around drinking. Listen, I was a bad ass. There was no doubt about it. I finished playing at thirty one thirty two years old. I was three hundred pounds and I thought I was in decent shape and I would say and I hated working out when I was done, I stopped working out but I kept eating and a. A few years later, I literally walked out of the shower, caught my glimpse in the mirror, and I was like, what do I look like, a vanilla milkshake?


It was disgusting. I was like I was like three hundred and fifteen sloppy pounds. And I'm like, all right. Just for my health, I got I got to lose some weight. So I got down into the two nineties and that I was in my early 40s and Mike and Mike was obviously going on and I was diagnosed as a type two diabetic and my dad was as well. So it didn't really shock me being the size I was and it was in my family.


So I'm like, all right, I know I got to lose weight more. So I got down into the 60s, but I jumped to the 80s in the 60s, and I said I got to I got to really get serious about it. So I did. And through the help of my wife, without question. I mean, the biggest thing and I'm sure you go through it as well as snack, and she got rid of all the bullshit snacks in the house.


So it was more clean eating. And I'm like two thirty five to forty now and I'm like my high school weight and I feel great. I've had 12 surgeries total, but I've had stem cell on my knee and shoulders to where I can now run and lift again. I feel like I'm in great shape. And the good thing is because of the yo yo, your right is I've held this weight for about five years now at about two thirty five to forty, so I feel really good, but I was certainly big boned.


Is that long term.


Well Lafi it's it's good to be able to be when you're, when you're at your lightest to be looking back at pictures and being like, oh look at that fat ass. It sucks. Alternatively when you're at one of your heaviest, but you can look back and be like, oh, that was when I was doing well on my diet. Holy shit. How far they've gotten. Yeah.


What what what I did is when we look back and you're right, there were so many pictures out of memories and stuff, I would look at my wife. I said, why wouldn't you tell me what I was? I mean, you live with me every day. She goes, I didn't think you were that big. I said, look at me. I'm a fucking donut away from exploding. I mean, say something to me, you know?


But so I like I said, I feel I feel right now, I probably eat. I probably eighty eighty five. Good, ten, fifteen bad. Listen, I still love my sweets, I still love my beer, but I just do a little more moderation to try and to try and keep it down. And you know, I want to deal with my type two diabetes, you know, be around for a while to aggravate my kids because that's my job.




Yes. It that's going to be tough. Yeah. Maybe you're not tweeting out snacking. Yes. That's a tough one for you.


I'm asking is tough. And I'm in I'm in the torture chamber now of of my son is now eating like real food. So it's just like here goldfish for you, ten for me and leftovers not in the world of leftovers.


Yeah. Yeah. And see, I'm, I'm out of that spot now because when I was in that spot, it's exactly right. You know, if I had a snack, it wasn't one peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It was two. Yeah. It was in one bowl of cereal. It was too. I mean, for God's sake, when I was feeding my kids the pineapple delight, it was called the baby food shit. I was eating that.


It was so good. So, yeah, you're in a bad spot. It takes way more discipline. I don't think you have at all know to be able to do it.


Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. No, I'll be up again. Listen, I'm I when I get down, I know that it's just a ticking time bomb until I get back up. So we'll just trying to delay it as long as possible. This this has been awesome. We really appreciate you joining us. You're welcome. Any time. So, listen, I love you guys.


I respect the hell out of you guys. I love what you do. So and yeah, any time you want, man, I'm looking I got to get my takes going somewhere now.


All lined up now I actually you need to start doing is writing them down and then maybe like once a month we'll just have you just rattle them off and then it would be even funnier if it's like, you know you're like I think these this Blazers team is probably going to win the title and they don't even make the playoffs so we can do retroviral tapes.


I was told there'd be no writing once college is over. I'm done writing. Sorry, it doesn't happen anymore.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, thank you very much for joining us. I have one last question. Over the course of those twenty years you were on the radio, this is an ongoing saga. As I mentioned, I was a listener. I was a frequent listener. How many times did you wash your coffee cup?


Oh, man. While I probably. I'll be honest, I probably took it home three times to actually run through the actual dishwasher. Other than that, I would just rent it out with water and just leave it on my desk. Sometimes I would even rent it out with water. So twenty two years and probably got put in the dishwasher three times. Oh, it was down.


No, I don't think that's not if it's coffee it adds to the seasoning of the ceramic doesn't really do any harm. Yeah.


I listen I'm also one of those guys that I'm not afraid to eat some some dirt or some germs. I think it helps my music.


I agree that. I agree with that. Well, Mike, thank you so much. Give our best to the rest of the family. We love the Goldex and we'll hopefully talk soon. Sounds good. Thanks, guys.


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OK, let's wrap up.


We're going to have Joey Molinaro in here for a second for due out in a second to Rose quickly. Just go through Billy's list. I actually only want to talk about one thing on Billy's list.


Stevo duct taped himself to a billboard in Los Angeles. That was cool, but no, I wanted to talk about number seven on Billy's list. Billy now is running out of topics. He he copy and pasted an ad that says sideline reporters more interesting than the game is just a chick's ass. Hmm.


Yeah, I put those. It's an ad that I put one of those ads, you know, like one of those click baity. Oh, you do every list. Wow. I guess three days. That says a lot about me, you know. So that's one example. I am I am a follower. I don't the whole list. Yeah. All right. So so that's pretty awesome. And also, you see, Brooks said he regrets some of his.


Let me read this. Brooks said, I honestly was struggling coming down the end of the third round. I was well back and I saw in mind it's not a birdie to go minus seven. I was focused on Dustin. I had no idea who is 88, my minus eight or with me at seven. To be honest, when I'm looking at leaderboard, I'm never looking who is behind me or tied with me. I only look ahead. I view myself as going forward no matter what, so I regret that part of it.


That's what I was trying to say, that I didn't know who is on the leaderboard at the point because I hadn't looked. I just generally didn't know.


The guys at eight and seven see this where we said people are going to go after our guy, Brooks Brooks. He's focus on who's in front of him. He's not there to finish second with haters. Man, there's sick. I think that's where some of the cocky stuff comes from, because I always think I can win. I truly believe it. Yep. And you know what? I this is an Asterix major championship. There were no no fans in attendance.


I think Brooks feeds off that crowd energy. Yeah. Most guys, the moment gets too big for him. So this is Brooks is playing with like a four stroke handicap, one stroke per round when he would just, like, nut out an eagle. Yeah. And instead settle for a birdie. It's because there's no fans to entertain. He's an excellent golfer.


It sucks that people are going to hate him, but we know the real truth. And then also, Billy, did you make this chart?


I found that. I read it.


OK, I was going to give you credit because Jason Derulo thought cats would change the world. And then there's a chart that says release of Cats movie, and then it goes down and says things going to shit.


Hmm. December twenty nineteen twenty nineteen.


So, yeah, everything went to shit. The world went to shit. Damn. OK, that sucks. OK, we're going to finish up the show the week with first time on the show. Our friend Joey Molinaro, the fantasy fuck boy come to real life. But no, if you don't follow him, he is hilarious. He's been a bar stool now for, I don't know, like three or four months. For five months. Yeah, pretty much.


Right when shit went to shit. Yes. That's when you signed. He's based out of Indianapolis, but he's here in New York this week. He's going to be here often in the fall. Very, very, very, very funny. So go for him. He's also got a cup of Joey that comes out on Monday mornings, possibly even coming up. Yeah, OK, so everyone listen to that. So we're going to have Joey does unbelievable impressions.


We had people roast us as Colin Coward analogies and give it a shot. If it's weird, you can just start going back to your regular voice. But I think this would be good. OK, thanks Bearcat for that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Wow.


This is the hard part. Looks like a God combined with every guy who has ever sat on a college lawn playing guitar and brought their hotness score down by four.


Is it. That's pretty good. A fake tough guy claims Twitch comments don't affect him as he consistently. Plays into their hands and the dad cracks where the way what the fuck is this?


Yeah, they don't always they write like Hank, the grammar is always bad on those. Yeah, I always do it on purpose. Hank, look back.


Not a lot of punctuation going on that actually makes sense. I think that. So maybe Hank is actually a genius and it's just that everything he has to read is bad. I also could have edited these before sending to you.


So that's OK. So so you can just finish out one of your regular voice. OK, OK. A fake. Yeah. Because I don't know what's a fake. Tough guy claims Twitch comments don't affect him as he consistently plays into their hands and the non dad cracks dad jokes which only gets sympathy laughs from the intern. That's pfft that they bully because he didn't get it. Yeah I think so. But yeah, he's probably there are you know, I'm I'm the fake tough guy.


You're not affected by Twitter, you know. No, Pattie's the non dad who makes dad. You're the guy that doesn't get the jokes until it makes sense. Right. But you laugh anyway. You cheat about the non dad dad jokes.


Let me shift gears of this to guys with failed first careers. Converse with the Internet.


Adopt an illiterate college dropout, Billy Darren Rovell, a steroid using.


Oh, wait. No, no, no, no. That's not Billy. That's Hank. That's Hank. Hank is the illiterate college dropout.


Billy is a steroid using these three special teams player and a colorless cameraman, William and they fight against Ghost as they try to make up new content during a lockdown while their fans only say they aren't as good as they used to be.


Yup. Yup. It is interesting, though, that, like you have to specify in the future over which illiterate person on the podcast is many.


Yes, there are many drug tests.


Well, let me start with this, Melissa. Melissa Etheridge, Melissa Etheridge, you guys know her. And Phat Lynott gamble away their 750000 dollar podcast checks while their least favorite wide receiver asked them to tell them about the rabbits.


That's you, the Mice and Men joke. Yeah. You're the tall, stupid, socially challenged guy that we're also one day big journalist.


Hold on, photojournalistic.


Also, if Hank shaved, he look like a Bob's Burgers character.


That's good. Bob's Burgers, Fox Network. Good.


A dad who drank too much Slim Fast, Big Hat and a crystal meth addicted Kid Rock pursue their dream. Oh, well, you wait. That's on me. That's on me.


By the way, crystal meth addicted Kid Rock is redundant. Yeah, it's safe to say. Exactly.


So we can just say Kid Rock pursue their dream of playing Dungeons and Dragons instead of talking about football.


I'm not a football team. A lot of football going on right now. OK, how about this one? Joy? Pfft. Where's Paudie? Sorry, I couldn't see him behind that five seven grain of rice.


Yeah, I've also seen mustard. You know, uh, what we're here for you guys.


I feel like I see a tank outside every local AA meeting. Pfft, pfft.


Looks like a hungover sorority girl from a bottom tier house in Big Cat.


Yeah, yeah. You know, big cat, big cats, mustache. Just shave the stache. You'll never be Mike Ditka. OK, OK. And then the last one here based off of big cats inferiority complex. Pfft. I'll bet his dick is the same length as Billy's college football highlights.


Oh I was a ricochet shot that went sideways on you. This hurt played. No thank you.


That was fantastic Joey. So hold on. Hold on. I don't think I was going to take semi one more and I could do I can do like Kocho. So sorry.


I'm going to take over here. I got one of the coach. Oh yeah. Sorry. Pick where you say no. I was going to say how is how's the first six months of partial. But it's been great man. I like being in the office better than just like working from my apartment like a you know, schmuck just like on my own. Yeah. But you know, you get you got family. You got cats. I got a cat.


Three cats. You're like you're bordering on becoming crazy cat.


Oh not Porter. Yeah. No I think. Oh he's there. He's a cat guy. Three cats. Yeah you're crazy.


But if you get one more then you're crazy.


Guy has a tattoo of his cat you see crazy katka.


You have a tattoo of you have a tattoo of representing all three, representing all three of the guys.


Billy has something to say but I'll just speak for Billy yet he just knows I already know that his cats and they're actually giant and kind of cool.


Also their alpha character, their model, because I got one that is a definite alpha cat. Yeah. And then one's just a bitch. But Rimi Big Alpha get ok. I was in my intro video, I was like, I'm ready for Big Cat to meet my little cat. Yes. I mean my favorite thing is whenever a cat person is like I got a cat but it's so cool as a dog it's like well you could just get. Yeah, dog, yeah, but you never have to teach your cat how to shit or wear shit or piss.


Yeah, OK, sure. In your house you literally set it up and then they just magically know it's in your right, in your defense. You're right. It did take like, I don't know, two days for me to have to teach way.


It. It was two days of my life. I do. I do. I have like the Death Star basically. And my fucking you don't know you're on Star Wars guy, so. Yeah. But what is it like. What do you what do you mean you have the Death Star like.


I have the Death Star version of a litter box and it's like literally it works on its own. All right. You know what I'm flipping because you've owned you've owned the cat guy thing so much being like I'm going to combine my three cats and Star Wars. I'm back on your side. Thank you. OK, big cat on with the cat guy. I love it. Here we go.


Kocho with the last one pharmacologic guzzles was incomprehensible behavior to make it strongest and the youth of America.


It's all right. We'll see everyone on Monday. Thanks, guys. Love you guys.


Billy, I've been having a lot of thoughts lately.


First thing is, we had that comment from the UMass football coach about how mourning the loss of football is and really hard.


Let me just tell you something. There's a time in every football guy's life where he becomes a football game, where football is the only constant in your life.


That's where True Grit was born, when everything around you is hectic, crazy, stressful. Football is the only constant. I think this also applies to football guys, guys. And with this, the only thing I have to look forward to when I was drinking free workout video games, working out and I would like to give you permission to get absolutely bombed, how much is. They're all the same. Yeah, they're all given the same thought the last ten, but there's no more.


He keeps cutting government run. I think it about the fact that the politicians anymore we just talk about the animals.


And this will next week come with something where you write something that Dayna soukous, Jan, crocodilian species that lived in North America circa six thousand years ago, it was basically a giant alligator. Oh, yes. If he doesn't love you anymore, he doesn't say it. I already said, remember who loves you already said it.