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On today's part of my take, we got a lot to talk about, sports obviously stopped on Wednesday. We will discuss the boycotts in the protests in the NBA, MLB, MLS didn't forget about you, MLS, WNBA, every sport in professional sports all across the sports world.


Do not forget about sports. We have Sham's Terania from the athletic friend of the program. He's been on the show before. NBA reporter. He's in the bubble. He tells us exactly what's going on, what's going to happen going forward with the NBA playoffs. We have actor Danny Trejo. You probably recognize him as the bad ass guy in every single movie ever. We have Fire Fest of the Week. We have documentary review of Big Ben is Bigger than Ben, episode one.


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OK, let's go.


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Today is Friday, August twenty eighth.


I have a quote for you guys. You ready? Yeah. Guess what guys. Everything is going to shit. The world is fucking crumbling but we have sports back so just say fuck it and listen to part of my take.


That was me last Friday. Good quote.


Jinx sports are back. Sports are no longer big. Sports Week sports are coming back maybe Friday, maybe maybe Friday.


But yeah, yesterday was a big day in terms of no sports. It caught us all by surprise. Everybody was expecting the the bucks and the magic to play the magic had their buses lined up to leave. They were going to Turks and Caicos. They were excited to get the hell out of the bubble and go and get their asses kicked by the Bucs. And the bucks didn't show up on the court. And then everything kind of dominated from there.


Yes. And the NBA went on strike. It was a crazy day. It was it felt like a historic day. I did say that on Twitter. Obviously, there were the cynics that were like, nothing's going to change. And I get that. We can talk about that in a minute. But I, I don't remember a day when all the sports just stopped in protest.


Last time this happened was a preseason game. The Celtics Bill Russell decided to to boycott a game back. I think it was like the seventies, but it was a preseason game.


Right. So, like, this is a yes, it's a bubble game, which feels a little bit different, but it's definitely the first time that this has ever happened.


Also, Andrew Luck last year, true for the whole twenty nineteen, the magic were very surprised when that we're going to say sixty one, 1961.


All right. So obviously this show, everyone knows the show is lighthearted in nature. We don't usually get into serious topics, but this is a topic that is very, very heavy in the sports world. I guess simply put, I I'll always support the right to to protest in this country.


Like like being able to use your leverage and power to protest, to try to enact change is kind of the most American thing you can do in my mind personally. It's why this country so great is that you have the ability to say, I don't agree with something, I want to change something. And you can wake up tomorrow morning and it's not you know, Putin's put you in jail, right?


Well, that's what happens every single day when the games are being played. It's the result of like a collective bargaining agreement between the owners and the players. And the owners are like, we want to make money through the rules that are set up right now. Here's where your collective bargaining stakes is going to be in. The players agree to that. But then if the players want to protest is their right and they people are saying like they don't have anything at stake, they're millionaires.


They actually do have a lot at stake, which would get into a little bit. Wissam's like, yes, they have a great job. I think they all probably love their jobs, but they are putting it on the line not only in terms of their reputation, but also future earnings if the salary cap does go down because of the actions that they take. Yeah. So like, yeah, they have some skin in the game, too. And I said this online yesterday, maybe I can clarify a little bit, but there are a lot of people who just want to watch sports.


And I totally understand that sports is an outlet. It's an escape for a lot of people. I get to escape from me all the time. Yes, I fucking love sports.


OK, we have approached approach for the most part on this show. Yeah, we treat sports as an escape. Yes, it's an escape and it's a wonderful escape and it kicks ass and it's awesome. But there are a lot of people that say, you know, the kind of shut up and dribble crowd like I want to be entertained. Don't don't mix politics with sports, that sort of thing. That's that's fun. You can think that way.


But I also think that what we've seen over the last, you know, a couple of months and especially the last few years, I don't think it's ever going to go back to players not using their leverage in terms of getting into political arguments or political discussions or activism or that sort of thing. So at this point, it's like you can either stop watching sports entirely or you can just kind of accept that this is going to be the new normal.


You're not always going to agree with what the players are protesting for are all their views on everything. But I think that it's you're putting your head in the sand if you think that it's ever going to go back to more of the way it was when these two things didn't interact as much.


Yeah, I agree with that. I really comes down to to to this for me. I'm not going to tell a black person how to feel about this. Right. I don't think anyone sitting in my shoes should or like, you know, like that's that's kind of where it comes down. Like, it boils down to I know there are a lot of people who are hurting in this country. For various different reasons from all walks of life, we're not doing well, like everything is kind of feels like the world's falling apart.


20/20 has not been a banner year, to put it lightly. And I know that, you know, people have lost their jobs and people are saying, well, athletes are getting to play a kid's game and all that. I get that people have grievances and they feel hurt in different ways. But at the end of the day, I'm not going to tell black people how to feel about this. And I don't think you should either.


Yeah, but I also not to tell other people how to feel about it, too, because that's that's kind of thing like if you disagree with me, that's fine. You know, I'm not going to change my opinion on this matter. But if you think differently and you want to tell me that, that's fine. I also said yesterday that I'm not going to waste my energy on Twitter. Twitter is a broken platform for any type of real discussion or discourse.


No one goes to Twitter to hear anyone else's frame of mind, anyone else. They don't go to Twitter and say, I'm going to read a tweet and now change my opinion. They go to Twitter to see the tweet that either makes them mad and makes them want to reply in anger or they go and see in their own echo chamber and bubble and retweeted and then they pat each other on the back. And it's all kind of bullshit and everyone's kind of full of shit.


So I'm not going to do it on Twitter. I'll say what I think here on radio, whatever videos we do, and that's kind of it.


Yeah, I know I agree with you. I think that it's very tough to have this conversation because there is a lot of nuance in having these types of conversations online is impossible, because no matter what you say, somebody can extrapolate your point and then be like, well, this fact in this case goes against what you're saying right now. But I think the bigger picture is the NBA players and even the ownership and players in other sports to want to see some progress made.


They want to see some tangible progress made, whether that's reforming how like district attorneys interact with police in terms of like officer involved shootings, that sort of thing, I think that's a noble cause. And I applaud them for standing up for what they believe. But again, like this is you're right, the best place to have this discourse is probably not on Twitter dot com.


One last thing in a semi serious way, but I, I get the cynic view of this thing. I totally do, because I find myself being more cynical every single passing day. So I get the response of all this out a game. What the fuck is going to change. I get I get like people would have that cynical view because it's hard to change things. Like it's very, very hard. All I'm going to say is give it a chance.


And let's see. It's better than saying nothing can ever change ever. I'm never going to be that person because that person. What's the point? If nothing in your life can ever change for the better, you should just stop living. Oh, so it's like this is the whole the whole thing is like try to to to use whatever you can to make change. Maybe change doesn't happen today. Maybe it doesn't happen tomorrow, maybe just have a ten years, maybe don't have one hundred years.


But at least trying is better than saying nothing will ever change. Just like give up.


Yeah. I think that what the players want to accomplish is a noble goal. Right. They want they want fewer black people to be killed by police officers. Right. I think everybody can agree that if that were to happen, that would be a good thing. Not a bad thing. Now it's just a matter of trying to figure out how that can happen logistically, how what steps can be taken to address it in the right way. I think good for the players for for using the power that they have.


Again, don't know how it's going to pan out. I do know that Stephen A. Smith right now is wearing his transition glasses on TV, and that is this very, very serious look. Oh, yeah. Look at that. The rosy come the blue shade. That is a man that he looks like down where he backs. That looks good. All right. So so we kind of talked about the more serious side. Can we talk about the funnier side with the positive side?


Yes. For about 12 hours, Blazers and five became a possibility. True. True. When LeBron James said that the Lakers weren't going to play anymore, then at that point it was like, this is this is actually literally blazers in five. Yes, I am right. And I felt good about being right.


But then it looks like they're going to play, which listen, if it takes me admitting I was wrong about blazers and five to bring the NBA back and have them play a full postseason, that'll be my cross to bear. Yeah. So happy. Yes.


OK, that's that's huge. Where you. So LeBron was definitely pissed that he he that the Bucs did it went rogue, right. Yes, very pissed. Yes.


LeBron, he knew that he had to make a stand during the meeting because he was like, how am I not the face of what's right. Right.


And I get that like he's he's the biggest player. He is the league. But it's the all the innerworkings are very it's it's listen, it's obviously a bigger than sports cause. But then it's also funny to be like like that this league aspect of it did like they're still they're still human beings. They're still pecking order in the NBA. Yeah. So it's funny to think about like. Oh. I got like, yeah, I guess LeBron probably was, man, LeBron got a text saying, like, George Hill is starting this movie.


Who the fuck is George Clooney? Right. Even though he was a teammate of us. Yeah, but especially because he's like, I thought I sent that guy to Canada. Right.


I also I did appreciate the referee walk, you know, just waiting for Joe West to pop out of a bush with his with his white armband and be like, hey, guys, I've been trying to get respect for refs. And then they'd be like, wait, Joe, this isn't about respect for refs. He's like, oh, shit, never mind. You guys matter. Sure. He's like, finally someone standing up for the referees of the world like Joe.


That's not what we're talking.


Referees have been leading the charge on all this. They went from having the the segregated black and white stripes on their shirts to incorporate to blending them into a nice shade of gray. Right. Yeah. They've really been taking the start on it.


I love these Stephen A. Smith glasses there. I hope he keeps these on. These are fantastic. He looks he's on mute, so I don't know why he's saying. But I'll tell you, I agree with every worry that he's making great points.


Stephen Smith for president, he said that he would run and that he would dominate any debate against anyone. But he just doesn't feel like interjecting himself into politics, making great fucking point shakes, trying to get it. I don't think get closed captioning. That's all right. It's OK. It's actually better that we don't know what he's saying right now. That way we can imagine. Yes. Points.


Any other thoughts? I actually I actually think that a lot of it has to do like this all coming to a head yesterday. It's like training camp, right? These guys have been locked in a bubble for forever. They're just all pissed off all the time. By now. They have to be they have to be sick and tired. They have to be bored.


They've been so upset. I all right. Now it's just like at the training camp, you just want to fight everyone.


It was it was cool to see some sports teams follow suit. There's baseball protests, obviously, WNBA and Charlotte, the MLS, MLS hopped in and even though they were back. But now I do.


That was a good yarn. Thanks. Thanks. Wow. It's hard. It's a big catch. Just mentioning MLS and Hank instinctively boom.


You you you slept in the car for an hour all the way back from where we were interviewing.


We have Kevin Love coming on Monday. It's fucking awesome interview.


It was like a three hour drive. And I'm like a child when I'm in a moving vehicle for more than an hour, I fell asleep. And as you guys know, once I get woken up, I'm just pissed off and want to go back to sleep.


So are you tired right now?


I just need to I just think Bull or, you know, whenever Hank gets grumpy, let's just put him in the back of your car, but can't just drive him around the block until he was, you know.


No, it's OK. Oh, good job.


He got up. He did. He did it. Like when someone's doing the dishes, like, OK, can I help.


Right as they were finished. Also shout out to the Cubs yesterday, Jason Heyward was like, I'm not going to play, but you guys go ahead and play. Yes. And his teammates are OK. Yeah, well, Dexter Fowler too, with the card Dexter followed with his brother Cardinals. It's like I said earlier, it's like if your girlfriend or wife is like, no, you know, I'm just feeling tired. You go out, though, have fun with the boys and you're like, hell, yeah.


All right. See you later. Let's see it for him, baby. Yeah. Come back drunk as fuck. Yes.


So crazy day. I do think it's going to be a day that will remember because it's never it's never happened. Like we said, not for very long.


Hey, you asked me to fucking talk to you about social justice. You you're just yawning in my backswing. Has asked me to get angry, asked me, forget it. Hank thinks that the NBA should kick the bucks. The Raptors. Yeah.


Who else out. That's fine. Kick the Sixers out to anyway. Right. Just for the hell of it next year. So. Yeah. And kick the Lakers out. Right.


And the Clippers and I would imagine with the Rockets, the Lakers. I want to be there anyway.


I said I would imagine playoff P was like, yo, I just got good in the playoffs. Yeah. Like we can't stop this now please. Right. Oh Hank.


Hank's about to he's fighting. He fought that off with his eyes. Hank closed his eyes and we're all right.


So we're going to talk to Sham's a little bit more about it in a minute. But let's do some firefights. We still have the Big Ben documentary review coming up.


That's going to be a great place to do a fire fest.


Before we do that, this whole thing is coming off the rails. Pretty.


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Breaking news breaking.


This is a big one, folks report all 10 athletic director directors are finally in agreement and asking Commissioner Kevin Warren to revisit fall football season, including Michigan and Michigan State per source.


This is per R.E. Abrahams report.


Serious back, baby. Sir, yacht. Wait, do you have it set up for you? I just got a.. It would be like, look who's back. And I read it and I was like, no, not a guy.


It's making a lot of sense. This is all it was like once a week pop up with this report. Just keep himself relevant.


I'm ready to get hurt, to get ready to get hurt again. I want for this guy.


There's people that are listening to this and think like, oh, shit. Like they probably listen live. And then they thought, you're being serious.


Well, I'll explain to you know, it's very odd. Is it serious? Is a choose your own adventure source. He's wrong all the time. One hundred percent of the time he pretty much makes it up. But if you want to live in a fantasy land like I do this in a serious and you know, ignorance is bliss in this respect.


I do love the fact that like twice a week the Big Ten comes back from. Yes, yes. It's Schrodinger's for conference report. There are some parents that are showing up outside Bicton House. So maybe it's back. I just heard that two Nebraska players were suing the big do it.


And now the Big Ten is like shitting their pants because documents will be open for discovery, which I would love to see how athletic directors reach a consensus about anything.


Kevin Warren resigned, sir. Resign. I'm going to start tweeting that every day. Resign or not resign. Resign.


Is it spelled the same way? That's always very confusing. Resign, resign. Resign with no Dasch. Resign with Z. Resign, sir. All right, Hank, my professors. Your fucking Yong's.


I can't talk jollying. That's one of my firefights. My second one is. So we all got hooked up with these PCs and they're like state of the art. Nice, really nice pieces of equipment. But in my apartment, like where I play video games, whatever, you obviously need to run Internet into the PC, but where my Wi-Fi router is on the exact opposite side of where zoned out my desk is, this is nerd talk.


So I have to run. Well, it's more like a whore, like, you know, it's more like like girlfriend talk. I need to figure out a way to run a hundred foot wire, like across my apartment over some. Here's what she said. Without her being like, absolutely not easy.


Here's what you do. Just wrap Christmas lights around the wire. Christmas lights will make the inside of any apartment.


Look, the doctor like green and red ones do the white ones. Yeah, the white ones are the real cloud. Yeah. You can like she'll think she's in 500 days of summer every single night. You can like, hang a giant fish above your bed as long as you stuff it filled with Christmas lights and girls will be like that thing is so silly.


I would just run it between where the wall meets the floor boards. Yeah. You could also do that and just get excited. I think. Chris, talk to over that. That goes through that crosses doorways and shit will just sneak in though.


You can buy a strip like the little bump thing that you put in the doorway. Billy.


Great idea. I'm pretty good d y. Yeah you are. Do you.


I want to do your do your self driving you insane. Do yourself it, do you it, do you it. You're good at doing yourself. Why. Yeah you do yourself. Hey just get like a bunch of like carpets, just run castles along the floor. You're so close it's I can't, I can't explain it enough.


It's literally like the worst place possible.


OK then do the Christmas lights idea. Yeah. You're going to get so laid she won't even know that there's internet in the house. Yeah. You got this dude. It's going to be sick. Is that you're only fired first this week and the morning and on the on it again I've reached the point where I've heard Hank Johnson many times that soothing to me is comforting.


That's how I know he's OK. All right. What's your fire first? My fire first of the week is I bought a new pair of shoes and they're six shoes and they're awesome. And I love them. And they make me look like I'm five foot ten and a half because they have a big air bubble in the heel. Yeah.


You might say to yourself, that's a sick thing. That's not a fire fest because check these out like the heels on these suckers.


Yeah, you're wearing lifts. They're my new favorite pair wearing.


What's the problem now is Irman, choose your way back in the day. Now is your wear. Nike Zoom 720 is for all the kids are wearing them. But my problem is now I can't wear any other pair of shoes because I'm going to feel short as fuck in a normal pair of shoes. So I'm basically stuck in these until I die.


Yes, that does happen when you start wearing live.


Yeah, it's going to be like, you know, how people at their funerals that have that have wigs, they like snatch that wig off and everyone's like, oh, holy shit, this guy was bald the whole time, dude. Like, people are going to try these shoes off my feet when I'm eighty five years old or however and in my casket I'll be like, damn, this was a shortcakes.


Yeah, yeah. I'll you know, I'll make sure they stay on your feet in your casket. Thank you. I appreciate. I'll stand guard. You're in charge. Yeah. Don't touch the feet. Somebody. Yeah. Nobody touch the feet.


I mean that means you Billy's only fan subscriber's. Yes. I want somebody guard my grave like the unknown soldier. Yeah. Well you shift spots. I like that.


I mean by the way, I peep for some reason the twitch chat is decided to tell me to have a receding hairline.


I do not think I have receding hairline, but if here's what the twitch chat doesn't realize. I want to be bald because if I were bald, you achieve it, no, I want to be naturally bald. If I were naturally bald, I would go and get the worst toupee ever and just dare people to talk about it. Yeah. Or just be like, go ahead and fucking talk to me about my my skunk on the top of my head.


You won't ah. Just embrace the horseshoe pattern. There aren't that many guys outside of Todd Reardon, the coach, the capitalist who embraces the like Reeth hairstyle. There's a niche out there for guys. They have a toupee that admit they have a toupee and just tell people like, go ahead. You won't fucking make jokes about.


Yeah, you can show up like different days of the week with slightly different hair. Yes. Like, oh, unbleached today. Yes.


It's I really do kind of want to go bald but I naturally I have beautiful hair so there's nothing I can do about it. All right. My professor, I have to. The first is Brian Urlacher was trending all day. We were asking your bald guys, we were out in the Hamptons. I think his hair plugs actually went to his like went into his brain. But we were out in the Hamptons interviewing Kevin Love. So I saw it and I was like, well, we've got to do an interview, kind of just ignore this for a second.


Came back still trending. I actually Diffa Fest really is like I don't understand people who still at this point in time, like are shocked when their favorite athlete has a bad take. A bad opinion. Yeah. A bad opinion.


Like, oh wow. You, you, you still think like your favorite athlete because he was good at sports has good opinion.


It's not just that. I think it's everyone who who likes a certain athlete thinks and wishes and hopes that all their opinions are exactly. And never arms never. They match up perfectly. Yeah. And in this case I think Prysner lacquers opinion matched up with, like, no one.


No, no. Yeah. I mean, I wonder what like Lance Briggs thinks when he sees that, but he still can't. Yeah, thanks.


No, he did not steal a car. He crashed his Lambo and then reported it stolen.


Big fucking difference. But yeah, that was quite a day for Brian Urlacher. My other fire fest is I have finally got my lottery machine. So when the NHL had their ping pong snafu, I said I need a lottery machine. Fifteen hundred dollars later, Alibaba via China. I have purchased my lottery machine.


So we're going to we're going to plug it in and we're going to let it go to select a good I would say you should put one ping pong ball in there.


That's like the Knicks, but have it waited and so it never gets sucked up.


So here's so here's what we're going to do. So turn it on, Billie. Here's we're going to we're just going to do a no. We'll probably do at the end of the show going forward. But we're just going to pick a random number and start betting with their friends.


What number is going to be picked when what? How many balls? One, one, two one one one ball. So we got it. It's on.


Oh, boy. Listen to this thing. Listen to this thing. There might be too many balls in there. It's what. It's so exciting. It's so exciting. Oh, it almost. Oh, no. Sorry, no, no, let it go, let it go all the way down, let it go, cool it down. Look at that. Number four, number 40, Mike Alstott, number 40. So if you had No.


40, which on a game that we didn't announce until right now, you win. There you go. But, yeah, we'll do it. We'll do maybe. Well, Billy does his speech at the end with take on me. I'll pick a random number. So start betting with your friends. I don't know how you would bet it.


If you're listening to the show together, then start betting for the first time.


Also, let's do one more two on you want three Bill Akino numbers. Yeah. Do you want more. I think I could do three. Do three. It's fucking exhilarating. Dude, this is like the greatest day of my life going.


Yeah, hit three. Hit three smash hits right here. Oh, here we go.


Welcome to the part of my take lottery. No lottery, no. Check your tickets. Check your tickets, folks. We have three high number nine 9D. I can't find the bottles at six. Ninety six. Ninety six. If you have no ninety six check. Here's your card number ninety six. We have this second number about to be picked. The second number. Lucky Lotto. Eighty three. Ninety six. Eighty three. What will we have last.


Will we have the Powerball number. Powerball numbers are single digit. That means the double winner. Double winner with the Powerball number. Will we have a Powerball here on the part of my takes lottery? The last number? Eighty four. Eighty four. So ninety six. Eighty three and eighty four.


Wow, that's kind of crazy. That's nice. Yes, sir. If your birthday is I guess there's no birthday that matches that. So you'll have to keep listening to see if your birthday is trying to palmitate. If we draw your birthday in part my take let us know. We'll send you something.


Do one more. Do one more. Two one more. This is fucking awesome.


You ask a question. Fifty odds and evens. Odds. Yes evens no. Pick a number between one and one hundred. Let's see, let's see what the slot machine can do. Yes I did it. Did it know it said. No, no, no, no.


The answer will not be between on and on. You know that was the last before. No. Rousselot no. It said no before you said pick a number between one and one hundred and the lottery machine was even so it said no, but it also picked a no, no, no.


That was the number to say no. It was saying no. It was saying I will not. And it hasn't picked another number. I wonder if it'll ever pick a number. But try to pick another number, pick a number, another number between one and it's off.


It's off. We got it. We got to come up with you. We broke. We got to come up with a name for that. We broke it.


Actually, I unpolitically. Go ahead. You're fired by fire.


First of the week. Is that my. I'm out of the game. Oh, I'm out now.


What you just know because. No, no, it got ruined. Is this in no way got too real for me other than solidarity with the NBA? Yes.


OK, yes, I am going on strike on a football, but my feet are staying in the shoes because what happened to you guys said jerk off to another guy to weird other feet.


Influencers start reaching out to me. Why did you do Kilojoule?


That's pretty cool. I'll help you. OK, time little fairy feed princess reaches out to you. You gave me that. I don't I don't want people to look for that time how to reach out to them.


Unfortunately, you have now become at the whims of the lottery machine.


So we are going to decide if Billy has to do this or not. OK, this is why we bought the machine. So really, this is final. This is final. You know, I'm not joking. Like, if you if you disobey the lottery machine, you're fired. OK, all right.


Pick a number.


And if that number doesn't come out, you have to keep doing odds and evens out tonight. So odds odds will be that you have to keep doing your feet. Billy feet. Ball evens is you can end it forever. OK, all right. Here we go.


I like how Billy's thought process was like I didn't mind doing the thing when they're only like thirty guys, Jack.


Yeah, but now the chick showed up, that little misfit princess I to agree on. All right. So odds what do we say. Odds that you have to do it. Yeah. Odds you have to do it. Evens you could stop.


OK, all right. Hit it one. Here we go.


And you have to do it and you cannot disobey this. This is the lottery machine's decision and you have to do it and you have to do it and you have to do it. Fifty six. God damn. It's double or nothing.


No, no, that's ninety five because that's ninety five. That's ninety five. Look at it. Ninety five. Ninety five. This really has to keep it simple. I no you know what, I'm going to respect the lottery machine. This is why we got it. You're done. You're done with Billy people. Football is retired. OK, that's fair. That's fair. I will respect a lottery machine.


You're going to miss it. Yeah, you're gonna miss the attention.


You are just like make twenty bucks before that. Yeah. Dude, there are other ways. Yeah. I give you permission if there's anyone who's got like a fucking ping pong ball fetish, you can use this. Perfect. Yeah, so start doing that on.


Oh, I guarantee you, there's definitely like some Asmar ping pong.


Well, and also the ping pong. Shouldn't the ping pong out of the vagina those videos? Not that I've seen them, but I have.


All right. Let's get you a first.


The access to what? Oh, what was going to happen if I didn't ask? I just. You just eat it. Yeah. You should go home, go tonight, go to bed and prepare just in case I'm cold.


OK, it's better to be overprepared than underprepared. That's that's the most Jake Marsch thing any time journalists say it's right there. So but check how many firefights if you just swallow.


Are you have a list of them.




Are you like going to bed with just fire fests in your brain? No. Well, here's the thing. The last time you guys asked me, I talked about the dry cleaning thing. Yeah, I was a few weeks old, so. Yeah, it was a backpack. OK, yeah.


OK, so first we were in here until like one thirty in the morning doing spiracles the other day and I couldn't, I couldn't figure out the Kansas City Royals or an MLB team.


So that's just my fault for not the pressure got to me.


Yeah that was bad Jake. To be fair they are, they're somewhat forgettable. Yeah. But I gave you the hint that they had on it was press. You had one empty spot in El Centro. I said they've won a World Series in the last ten years.


You know, it's my fault. Know that second, I had a dream the other day that the college basketball season continued in Vermont, beat Hartford, won nineteen eighty two. We clinched our ticket to the dance. Then I woke up and I got sad because that's not true. Didn't happen. It's not a dream. That's a premonition. There's a big difference between the two. So when they play against each other, I bet your entire mortgage on Vermont.


Right. But I won't be there.


So are they going to play against each other? Do they schedule each other? I mean, they're at the conference.


Oh, the conference finals. Conference title game.


So the first time they play against each other next year. Yeah, I odds are going to be Vermont evens are going to be hard for. Go ahead. Odds are Vermont evens are Hartford, Hartford and and beat them in three years.


Just shut up and trust a lot of them. She really odds are when I say as from observer, it's all right, we'll take Vermont, Vermont, Vermont. Thirty five. Thirty five. There you go. Vermont. Okay. Yeah, I got you. I can do a million more. Right.


Even even LeBron on MJ.


OK for twenty three and six. Oh yeah. No I don't think we can do that.


Yeah I think we have. Oh Billy. You're going to lose him. Right. Hit it Billy. Hit it. No, no. If the number twenty three comes up it's MJ. Yes. Odds are MJ. Yeah. Yeah.


No just number twenty three and then whatever LeBron number is was it six now. It's it. Yeah it's LeBron more. Twenty three.


Oh that's a coincidence. Weird odds MJ. Odds are MJ even LeBron. I don't like this. No I don't like this. No game. No broke. No broke. Broke again. Let's get to our assembled in China. Oh I broke. Yeah I broke again. No, no, no. Because it broke. It's just stop. Not for the official stuff. No. Yeah. Totally broke. All right.


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Oh OK.


We now welcome on our friend, recurring guest, NBA insider and writer for the athletic and stadium. It is Sham's Terania Sham's. Thank you for joining us. We know you're very, very busy. You have been doing a bunch of different things. You are joining us live from the bubble. So we wanted to have you on because we want to better understand what's going on in the NBA, what took place last 24 hours. So why don't we just start there from the beginning of how everything unfolded on Wednesday and then we'll get up to present day and where we're going?


Yeah. So, you know, throughout the day yesterday, on Wednesday, the sense wasn't that. The players are really going to seriously boycott. I think there was honestly talk about it, there was definitely players that were considering it, but the actualization of going through with it was something that no one saw coming player. Other players across the league, executives across the league, the owners, like no one, saw this coming. And so, you know, as I reported, you know, it really sparked pregame in the Milwaukee Bucks locker room.


George Hill was the first player to say, guys, I'm not comfortable. I don't think we should be out there playing. We we we need to we need to sit. And Sterling Brown, his teammate, agreed with them. Giannis Antetokounmpo was the third player from what I'm told that stepped in and said We're not playing. If you're not playing we're all going to sit. And once that happened, the Orlando Magic players were warming up and so it was a shock to them.


They intended to play, they wanted to play. But once they saw that Milwaukee set, they ended up going back to the locker room. And that was your first boycott. And it became a domino effect throughout the league. Once you saw one team do it, you know, blindsided everyone. And that was something that was later raised. And there was frustration toward the Bucs for blindsiding different players around the league. But these actions don't happen if you involve everyone, because there's so many different opinions that that go on.


And the Bucs, I mean, obviously, they took a stand. Yeah.


So when George Hill decided that he wasn't going to play, was was his thought that, like, we're done? I don't because I know he had felt uncomfortable being in the bubble to begin with was his thought like I don't feel comfortable finishing this out, let's go. Or was his thought just like we need to not play for today?


From what I'm told, the Bucs only intended to sit that one game, forfeit the game. They offered the Orlando Magic or forfeit the game, get three two in the series and move on the next day. But once the Orlando Magic also went back into the locker room, did not accept the forfeit and it became a boycott. It became both both teams or strike, however you want to phrase it. Both teams decided to sit and and it became a unifying point for everyone around the league.


You had Russell Westbrook, Chris Paul. They entered their arena fully prepared to play. Russell Westbrook was going to give his quad a chance to play. I was told there was strong optimism he was going to return for that game five. But then him and Chris Paul huddled up and the decision was made. If one set of teams decide that they're going to sit, we have to sit as well. We have to stay unified.


So after that, so so we have all three games get canceled yesterday in protest. And then last night it seemed like basically all the players in Orlando got together.


Was that maybe can walk us through what happened there? The some of the players, all the players, whatever you got from your reporting, got got together and had a heated discussion on what they were going to do going forward, is that right?


Yeah. So Chris Paul, I'm told, is the one that that's that called this eight PM meeting last night in Orlando got most all players. I mean, I haven't heard of a single player, that marquee player especially. But you had rank and file players ended the bench players. Everyone showed out to this meeting. And the environment was basically it was an open forum for discussion. One of the first things that came up was, yo, Milwaukee.


What why did you guys, in a way, go rogue and blindside the rest of us? Like you should have given us a heads up. We could have planned. We could have prepared. We could have done a joint thing. And from what I'm told, Kyle Korver was one of the guys that had to answer first. And he said, listen, guys, I apologize. We should have been more communicative and we should have told you guys.


And from from there, it sparked a lot of tense moments. And you had players calling out the Bucs. You had different guys, you know, coming out and giving their thoughts and their feelings. Players know LeBron James and a couple other guys challenging ownership and feeling that the owners across the league aren't doing enough, are not being proactive enough, and are just being reactive. They want owners to take a stand and take steps and really create change, not just talk verbally or or through financial commitments around.


So when LeBron James, I guess the reporting I've read that he was one of the ones that was not in favor of continuing this postseason as it's going right now with him. And I guess the Clippers were the others when it became apparent that there might be an issue going forward for those two teams. Did all the other teams say, well, I guess we might just not play? Or was there talk amongst the other teams of like maybe we will move forward without the L.A. teams?


It was like this where? Urso situation, where I think the Clippers and Lakers expected that everyone around the league was was. I think everyone around the Lakers and the Clippers expected that all the other teams would also sit and would vote to sit and they would all be unified. But once the votes came in, the Lakers and Clippers were the only two teams that had voted to boycott the rest of the season. And so then the argument came to, what are we doing here?


If we're not unified? We have two powerhouse teams that are electing not to play or are making the poll or the vote not to play. And Udonis Haslem of The Heat was one of the key figures. I'm told that that led a moment in a segment of that meeting after the vote. And basically it was like like we need to come together. What are we doing here? You know, what are we really going to do to create change?


And if the Lakers and Clippers aren't playing, why are we all here? How will the season go on? And at that point or shortly thereafter, LeBron James exited the meeting and the Lakers and Clippers weren't far behind. The rest of the players stayed in the room for a little bit before departing into the night. I'm told meetings went from four to five in the morning before the 11:00 a.m. meeting on Thursday.


OK, so I thought this might be a question you don't even know the answer to, but I think a lot of people are wondering the protests. Like, from my perspective, I support the protest. Obviously, I think that's the most American thing you can do, is protest peacefully in any manner and try to get use your leverage to enact change. What exactly are the changes they are looking for? Like what's the actual action and has that been formulated?


Because obviously it was a crazy day, a day that probably will end up being historical because we've never seen anything like this in sports. But what will be the follow up? I think that's a lot of people are saying what's the follow up? If they're going to start playing again in a couple of days, what is going to change?


That's a great question. I think in a perfect world, what the players want is what what you know, what they feel would be justice for Brianna Taylors and Jacob Blake for the world. That's in a perfect world, but that doesn't happen overnight. That's what they were told by the attorney general of Wisconsin. Josh called when they got a hold of them on Wednesday night, that there's a process that needs to play out. That's what they were told.


And so I think these players would love to enact just quick changes. But, you know, as you guys know, it doesn't necessarily happen like that based on city and state governments and the federal government. It just doesn't happen like that. So if you can't do it overnight, then you can't if the players can't fully control the uncontrollable, how else are they going to enact change? And I think this is their way of sparking the dialogue, trying to spark them and the owners.


This in a lot of ways, this call should have happened the first week of the bubble. Guys like they should have gotten on a call with all the owners. Right, as they entered the bubble and hash things out and gotten everything on the table. But it took all these different events occurring to Jacob Blake shooting and just the emotions running high. And that's what led to this owners meeting that that took place today as well.


Yeah, I think when you see the video of a man getting shot seven times in the back and then the following night, you know, three people getting shot and you can't look away from it, the video is right there for everybody to see. That's what makes people really feel like they need to take action. And I'm a big fan. I agree. I think that peaceful protest is the best thing, the best way that you can go about doing this.


And I get the sense that from the owners side, they, in theory agree with their players. They want to support their players, at least a lot of them do. But it also is going to take, you know, a big, you know, deep, deep gulp from all those guys that are in ownership positions to be like, OK, I'm going to have to sacrifice some of my money and some of some of my equity in the in the teams that I own in order to, like, support my players.


Have you gotten the sense that the owners are on board with this one hundred percent or behind the scenes?


Are they frustrated even if a couple of frustrated at the end of the day? You know, I think Adam Silver and the majority of owners do want to work hand in hand with the players. And that's what the players challenge the owners about, from my understanding, on Thursday, which was we need you guys to be proactive, like you guys can't just take a backseat at every single stop. Like, you know, the owners at different points have wanted the players to kind of take lead on this.


Right. But it should be a joint initiative, according to the players. And that's what they expressed to to the owners. The league office today that the owners created a three hundred million dollar fund to help empower black communities. And that is something that the league has never done. I can't remember any pro sports league that has created a fund of that amount of money from the owners of that organization, but. I think the players want change, they want to see action and you have all these different owners, Michael Jordan, I'm told, has been very instrumental behind the scenes.


Steve Ballmer told of the Clippers. He was a guy that was very vocal on this owner's call, just trying to find ways to help. And I think at the end of the day, the owners understand where the players are coming from for the most part and want to help.


Where's Adam Silver and all this like he is? He he obviously was blindsided. But is he just like, you know, we got to figure out how to get your grievances heard? Or is it we got to figure out a way to get everyone playing again?


I mean, listen, from a business standpoint, I think both sides, players and the league office, everyone understands how important it is to play a game. So that's for sure. But I think Adam Silver has always been pretty informative, pretty vocal with the players, pretty accessible to the players. He had a a hour plus phone call with the players on early in May, and he really was very, very inclusive to the players on the process.


You don't hear a commissioner get on a call for over an hour and really break everything down the way Adam Silver did. So I think overall he's trying to be as inclusive to the players as possible. But again, these are these are players who day to day their feelings of their different moods. It's changing every day.


Are the players under advisement from anybody that's kind of looking forward in the future? Because right now, as emotions are high and there are certain goals that they want to accomplish, goals that I think are important and necessary for them to take a look at. But there are things there's impacts that could happen, unforeseen consequences, that kind of domino from a decision like stopping these playoffs entirely, whether that be the salary cap in the future or something like that, that could economically affect, you know, maybe not the biggest superstars in the league as much, but some of the other guys who might not be paid as much money moving forward.


Do they have somebody that is communicating with them, kind of advising them on what those consequences might be and how they're going to play out should they choose to do things like go on strike?


Yeah, no question. I mean, you've had guys like C.J. McCollum. He's been very vocal for the last really couple of months trying to explain to players the financial losses that they could occur if they sit the entire season. You're looking at 10 percent plus pay cut losses. And Michelle Roberts was also on the call on Wednesday night, also on Thursday. And what she's explaining to the players is all of you guys are going to incur a loss for this season.


But these are losses we anticipate. If you guys don't play, the losses are going to be far greater. And the negotiations for the collective bargaining agreement, which are slowly but surely trying to progress here, those are going to be a lot more difficult. And either way, no one is really fully know how to say this. I think I think for the first time, Michelle Roberts vocalized the possibility of a lockout to the players and and and really expressing to them that I can't rule that out if you guys play or don't play.


But here are the ramifications for if you don't play, it just becomes it's just a practical matter. It becomes harder to negotiate. Right. Right.


All right. So you have been I've seen you everywhere in the last like 24 hours. You've been crushing it. I know you're on very, very little sleep and we appreciate your time. My last question is, when do you like sitting here? Right now. We're taping this Thursday night. When do you think that games will resume? If they will resume, I should put it that way. And if they do resume, do you think that it's going we're going to see the, you know, finality of the playoffs?


Is it going to play out where kind of everyone's head at right now with that?


Yeah, my sense is, you know, the games will either begin Friday or Saturday. It's seeming more and more like Saturday because, you know, you want to give maybe these guys one more day of self care and good practice for some of these teams. Some of these teams have even gone back in a practice like Orlando, Milwaukee. They haven't practiced. They didn't practice today. They had this meeting. And so I think that could become important as well for for for these guys, for these teams.


I think now that they've gotten past this major hurdle that the playoffs finish up. But guys, you guys know how fluid this is. So I don't know if I'm betting anything.


One last thing for me. Was there any sense from some of the magic players that they were ready, bags packed, ready to go? They were anticipating losing in five against the Bucs and then they got blindsided by this and they were like, Jesus, we just wanted to leave the bubble, man.


I think that's I don't know. I don't know how obvious that is or isn't. I don't know, I mean, listen, let's just put it like this, I think that they fully wanted to play that game and get that game out of the way. And, you know, not only just them, but there was talk last like emotions were so high, guys, that there was talk throughout the bubble that, you know, what if I leave?


What if what if I you know, what can I do to get out of it? Like so many emotions, so much being said in the spur of the moment that I think, you know, having a night to sleep on it probably did everyone a bit cool. All right.


Thank you so much for your time. We did also see there was maybe a Twitter, I think was a screengrab of LeBron playing Madden last night. Can you say that that was not true?


I do not have knowledge of that situation, but I can check and get out. No, that's OK. That's OK. That's Twitter. Twitter gets crazy in these moments. So in the new Madden came out, so people were trying to claim he was on that. I don't think he was.


I think I think I reported that he had exited the meeting, walked out and then not like 15, 20 minutes later, someone sent me a text of that tweet saying LeBron left the meeting to go play Madden to each their own.


I mean, that's probably a very funny. Yeah. Yes, that's true. That's true. They're just like us.


We'll say it's not confirmed. We don't think he did. But when you have Madden going on the new Madden coming out and then everyone being like, you know, trapped at home right now, you probably get those rumors. Ciampa Thank you so much, man. We really appreciate it. And good luck the rest of the way in the bubble.


Guys, appreciate you as always. Thank you. Take care, man.


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OK, we now welcome on a very special guest. He's been in a million movies. He has a new documentary out and he also has a taco, let's say this, a taco.


He's going to be a taco titan very soon because you have taco restaurants and you're going to keep building them. Is Danny Trejo, great to have you on. Thank you. You have your Rams hat on, so let's start there. What? You know, we are ready. Yeah, we're a sports podcast. What do you think about the Rams this year?


You move over there. They got it. They got they're going to do it. They got that new stadium, my cousin that that did thirty eight years in prison. And while he was there, he learned electrician, electrical. And right now it's got what got him out of prison. And we're he's working on that. So I got to see the inside of that. And it is you know what it's going to be like the tenth wonder of the world.


Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, I don't believe a little birdie told me that back in the day used to sneak into the Coliseum and to Dodger games. So how are you going to see how you guys sneak into this stadium?


Oh, I have to. I don't have to anymore. But you know what's so funny? You because they didn't have the kind of security, you know, that they got now, it was you could just stand by a bathroom and wait till up till a family walk by and just walk in with that family. And they would kind of like, oh, good. They adopted a little Mexican kid. And you just know, it's like kind of like, you know, they get cavity searched and stuff.




Unless you have that one security guard from that meme that just like taps everybody on the side and lets them. Yes, but yeah, you're right now it's like they've got they brought electronics into the whole situation. You have to scan your ticket, all that stuff. So you're excited for the Rams season, obviously, you think that Sean McVay is going to get back on the right track? I think that last year was just a little hiccup for him.


Hey, we got the only coach that looks like he just got out of high school, OK?


I mean, and if you watch him on the sidelines, he's almost it looks like he's playing sandlot football, so I love it.


I met him. I met up most of the team. They're all just unbelievable.


Yeah, it's good. I think it's going to be an interesting year in L.A. So it never even occurred to you to root for the Chargers?


Well, you know what it's like. I'm an L.A. fan, so I like the Lakers and I like the Clippers. I like the Rams. I like the Chargers. I'm a I'm an L.A. fan and I'm born and raised in Los Angeles. So if wherever my teams go, that's where I go. It's going to be fun. If the if the Chargers and the and the Rams play in the Super Bowl, I'm going to watch one and half, one half and then I am going to strip naked across the field.


The other side. I like you. Everybody will see all the tattoos I got there.


What's your favorite tattoo they have. You know, the one on my chest was done by a guy named Harry Superjail Ross, and and he did it. We did it in prison. Right. This is a big Mexican lady, you know? And, you know, it was funny because you get prison tattoos, but you think you're getting out. Well, I didn't think I was getting out, so I put this monster on my chest. If I would have thought I was getting out of put a little, you know, like Tweety Bird.


Right. Right. So maybe famously made a made Harry famous to love it.


So, you know, when I introduced you here, I said, you've been in a million movies and I wasn't really joking. There's a stretch there in your career where you were in like 10 movies a year. How how do you keep that straight? How do you keep it straight, what you're promoting, what you're in lines, all that stuff? I mean, that is that's very, very impressive.


How many movies you've been in most of my lines. But the first five years of my career, I played inmate number one, literally. Right. You know. Oh, I never had a name, inmate number one. And and the directors all knew that I had this big tattoo. So every time I walked on set to take take your shirt off and say something prison. OK, so I had and I get paid. So it was like I was your inmate number one or bad guy or or chalo dude, you know.


And what but I was, you know, making a living in fact the first time I ever got interviewed because I was getting a little bit famous, I had this girl fresh out of interview school, you know, she said, Oh, Danny, don't you feel you're being typecast?


And I didn't I didn't know. What do you mean you. Well, you're being a little bit sketchy. You're being stereotyped as what? And she says, well, you're always playing the mean Chicano dude with tattoos. And I thought about it. I think I said I said, hey, lady, I am the mean Chicano dude. You know, they got it right. They don't got Marky Wahlberg. Play it, play it straight.


I'm sure I'm looking through your career here and especially from like 1995 until 2001, you went on a run of action movies that I don't think will ever be replicated. I don't think that anybody will be able to put together this resume. You were in desperado heat from dusk till dawn. Anakonda con air. And then Inferno, then reindeer games and then hard right turn Spy Kids, so Spy Kids was a little change of pace for you, I would imagine.


Was that like a challenge?


Spy kids, let me be in any airport in the world and hear Mommy look the man from Spy Kids in 45 different languages.


Yeah, they watched that all over the world. Yeah. And it's from the time I did from dusk to dawn, I've been I've been sleeping to sell Hayek.


There you go. Nice pillow there. I like it.


So when you're when you're in prison and like we said, there's a new documentary out about Danny Trejo life. When you were in prison, you were in San Quentin and you were a champion boxer in prison. Was there a moment where you're like, I am the baddest dude in the world? Because, like, I would imagine winning a boxing championship in prison just makes you the baddest guy in the world? Let me tell you something.


It was funny because I was walking around with this friend of mine were walking in the yard. Right. And we're talking about our goals in life. And my goal was to be, well, just a lightweight champion, you know, and know. My goal had to be lightweight champion San Quentin. And this guy, stupid little shit. I'd like to stab him, he said.


You've got a very high goal we talking about, you know, that was that was as high as my mind could think. You know, you get you get to a place where that's your world. I couldn't think of boxing on the streets. I just thought about it my whole life. Ambition was to be lightweight champion of San Quentin. And I ended up lightweight and welterweight champion. There you go. So you surpass that.


Oh, well, hold on. Shout out. J.J. and Jocelin just got married in Deadwood, South Dakota, the Adams house, and they were all wearing masks.


Was that where did you get that shout out from? What did you just read that from J.J.? They just sent it to me from from on the phone that you sent it to me from South Dakota. Do J.J.. That's that's my my mechanic's son.


God, I thought you just I thought you just, like, randomly do shout outs all day is you can you just get it in. You shout it out.


Hey, let me tell you, I, I, I watched this kid rise up from like a year old and right now he's an unbelievable mechanic if you are ever in.


Still more Los Angeles, California. Hey, that's your mechanic look. Yeah, we've been through a couple of times driving an old van. Yeah, actually I wish that we had that name a couple of years ago. Yeah. Like last year. And great. We would be nice.


Let me tell you that I have a 65 Buick Riviera. I have a 56 Chevy Bel Air. They keep them things running beautifully.


All right. So let's back up to your prison life. You end up becoming a champion boxer. You get out, you become a boxing instructor to somebody on a movie. And then was it was it the director that noticed you and was like, hey, I want to put you in the background. What happened?


What happened? You know, like I was a drug counselor and I'm making one hundred and eighty dollars a week. Before taxes and and and I'm trying to do this, this extra stuff, you know, and they give you an extra 50 bucks cash, all right, they pay you.


And any cash in the in the in the 80s was good, you know, like 80 but 50 bucks cash. We go I get a call from one of the guys that was working with a working.


As a drug counselor, you know, one of my kids and he says, Danny, you check out the agency, the agency that we were working with, send us to this movie called Runaway Train and. I go on this movie and. I ran into a friend of mine named Eddie Bunker, but but I didn't really recognize him. He looked when the the the. The producer said, take off your shirt, not the producer, the first aid.


Take off your shirt. And he sees that the tattoo. And so I'm standing there without a shirt and I'm now I'm going to be like the little guy again with no shirt.


And this guy comes up with Danny Trail. Yeah. And he really bonker. And he says, Danny, I saw you in the light weight and walked away. Tytler percent when I go, Yeah, BUNGHOLE And this guy was was was unbelievably famous in prison because he knew how to write rits, you know. Right.


Yeah, yeah. Well, get out of jail. And that's got to be grammatically correct and and in the language of the court. And so he would make money come out of Millionaire the joint from writing Ritz. And he said, What are you doing here? And I said, I'm making 50 bucks.


What do you think? You are still boxing. I said, no, no, I don't get a face no more. And he said, Oh. We need somebody trained with the actors how to box. He adapted the screenplay. You know, he's a writer, and I said, what's it pay? And he said three, 20 a day. And I said, How bad you want this guy beat up? I thought, oh, no, I thought he'd come on.


I wasn't making 320 in a week. Right. And he's 20 a day.


I said I couldn't understand how bad you want to beat up and how many days you want me to beat him up, you know, and and you know, no, you've got to be careful. Really high strung. Then he might sock you, Eddie, for 320 bucks. Give him a stick. Are you crazy? I've been beat up every beat me up for 320 and. Though we already had somebody, Castelo, to boss Eric in this movie, and I started training him, and then when the two guys, Eric and the like, Eric's is pretty as a sister, OK?


And and and the other guy, I called him Antonio Banderas, Spanish. You know, he was real good looking kid, slender and kind of guy you would want for your show partner if you were doing a lot of time in prison. And so there, you know, and oh, so look, it didn't look good and Andre didn't like it, so.


They picked me to fight Eric because it was a contrast, right, right, so and then that was your first acting gig. Now all the acting gigs and you talked about it, you know, being somewhat typecast, is there ever a time where someone's like, oh, there's Danny Trejo, like do something badass, like be a bad ass, like, you know how comedians are like, hey, go see something funny. Is there do people expect you to, like, be this mean bad ass guy when they meet you in real life?


No, people are pretty respectful in real life. Yeah, I would I wouldn't run up to a guy with that on his chest.


Yeah. And ask him to say do something silly.


Yeah, that's true. That's a very good point. Turn.


Yes, but but people do allow a mug for camera any time. I love I love taking pictures and signing autographs cause it's such a beautiful way to make somebody's day just right. People have said you made our vacation. And so, you know, not just like mug for the camera, look like they're joking me or something.


Yeah. OK, so you can, like, flip that switch because you're you're a really nice guy and you look really happy, like a really positive person.


Do you have a switch that you can flip to just immediately get back to what a director said that a director is doing a movie with Mickey Rourke. And I killed about nine people in the first 20 minutes of this movie.


And I'm running up the steps. And they told me this girl was a was was a stunt girl. So you're slappers. So I'm running up the step. I got a rifle, bam. It looked like I hit her with a rifle. She fell down and up and still up. But then the director said, cut. And I went over. I started playing with my kids immediately, you know. And so, yeah, I can go back to being that guy in prison that that has the look that says, look, I'll kill you and then I'm going to go kill the guy.


The dry cleaned your clothes.


So so I can I can do that, you know, but I got to get out of here really quick because it's a sickening feeling.


Yeah. Yeah. Do you have a number of people that you've killed in movies? Is there like a tally.


I know, but I've died more than anybody in the film industry. I got the record. OK, so everybody says, hey, how come you always dies? Because I love going to the bank, that's why. Yeah.


Do you do you know how many times you've done it? No, I think we do it. I think they said sixty three deaths. That's a lot.


God, that's crazy. Who's the best actor you've worked with? Oh, God, I love Robert De Niro.


You know what? I swear to God, many years so.


He is unbelievable to watch because when he first did he come on, he actually pushed me into another category of actors, you know, because you got Robert De Niro, Val, I'll be your Huckleberry, your Val Kilmer, Al Pacino, John Boy, that top top of the list, you know, and end up and I'm working with them.


And it was like that pushed my stock up a little, you know, I mean, and and to watch to watch the middle, to watch the little, you know, you see, that's the guy you know.


Yes. He is one of America's greatest actors.


Yeah. Yeah. What about what about Conair. What about Nick Cage. How was he on set. Nick.


Nick is called me. It was a weird movie. They got all the wannabe tough guys in Hollywood and put them on the same plane. Yeah. So it was funny because somebody would spit when somebody was a bit further because it would turn into a beat. Everything turned into a competition. Yeah.


Alpha Energy. Yeah. You know, and there was people don't know it but got our producer named Kuzak. People don't realize Kuzak is a bad mother. People don't realize it. His sensa is is Benny the jet Benny the jet with five time world kickboxing champion write him and Chuck Norris are like the real. If you ever want to shut up, if you ever want to shut up. Jean-Claude Van Damme, who's the tall guy of a Steven Seagal.


Steven, if you ever want to shut them up. Just mentioned Chuck Norris. Yeah.


Yeah. Wait, so do you think that John Cusack could beat up Steven Seagal?


No. Oh, God, you don't realize Chuck. Benny, the jet is. Is is. John Cusack's sensei and I watched John Dujayl bend a heavy bag. You know, the heavy bags that are there, the bags that are all the way down. Yeah, yeah. You know, the tall ones.


I watched him kick one and Bendit, I go, wow. So that means broken ribs, broken legs, broken arms. He will break anything he gets and because he's being taught by Bennie and end up. And it was funny because every time, every lunch break Benny would come get me and take me away, you know. I mean. And what's up.


What's up with you, Benny?


Look, I grew up with Ben's older brother, Mando. That's who taught Benny and up and it's. Come on, what is it? I mean, why would I sit by? So we always sit in his dojo on the set of guys because then you grew up my brother. I know you don't play well with others and you're not a good sport. And these guys all want to find out who got the biggest bit.


You know, and I know it's funny because we were all sitting around one day and they were all you're talking about this and my just big mouth and Nicolas Cage out of the clear blue sky said, you know what, only one of you sometimes I'd be scared of me in a dark alley. Strayhorn And I'm all by myself. I look at you like, why me? Like Nicholas Cage definitely has Alpha Energy.


I just looked it up. You do have the record. You've died 65 times. Yeah, that's as of February. Twenty twenty. I'm sure you've probably done like well I guess with the pandemic. Haven't done that many movies, but I'm sure you got like ten you come back.


I did a couple of times in February. Yeah. Right. He's dying. Yeah. Sixty five times. That is the record. What is the secret to dying.


Let me tell them that my death scene in Heat was one of the best scenes vet, that it was unblinded market as one of the best scenes. And I remember asking me and Robert De Niro were sitting there and he goes, Danny, hi. How are you going to play this? And I don't know, Bob, what do you think? And he says, I think you're almost dead. I think you're I think you're dead. But you just have enough to ask me to beg you to kill me.


You kill you. For a split second, when he said, what do you think I want to say now, Bob, I didn't I don't see it that way. But but Bob, you know what? But that's what I was thinking. I did it that way. And, you know, I followed his advice and, man, I sort of got it. We had we had Michael Mann crying in that scene.


Yeah. It's a great scene and it's a great movie. Do you have dogs?


Lots of them. Well, I got eight dogs. Yeah.


Do you ever do the thing where you pretend to die in front of your dogs and see if they'll come over and, like, try to wake you up?


You know what? Let me change them. Then I got one dog. You have an empty leg. He's going to try to help you. OK? I got three other dogs that lick the hell out of here, you know?


So it's like, yeah, I've got you.


So last year, you saved a baby from an overturned car and you made some headlines. And I love the quote you had. You said, everything good that has happened to me has happened as a result of helping someone else. And that's kind of a cool way to look at, you know, life, because what you're basically I mean, you could you could speak to it. But like every circumstance you been into and we talked about, your start as an actor is helping someone else out.


And that then leads to something bigger. So are you just walking around being like, how can I help? How can I get my karma points?


Absolutely. Every one of my friends has has. Thermal underwear and socks. Anybody that I call a friend has thermal underwear and socks in the trunk of their car because they pass them out to the homeless here. That's why we buy 25 hamburgers every other day and just give it to people, you know. I mean, you know, because you don't want to say. And I don't. I don't. I don't. We've been passing out food to the hospitals and stuff from my restaurants, you know, every other week, every week on this pandemic stuff.


And it's funny because every time we pass out Pampers, the ladies feel safe to do that. Do you do you have Pampers? Do you have Pampers? You know? So I bought 150 boxes of Pampers. I didn't know peppers were that expensive shit Chicago brokers, but but we would pass up Pepper and Morio, my assistant, he said, you know what's going to happen right now?


We go to the joint to watch. If we get a nickname like, hey, hoggish, come here.


You know, brother loves love. I mean, literally, they give you a nickname. It would be like, you know, Pampers loves. Yeah.


I mean, that's a great philosophy to have. It's just it's saying what you put out in this world is going to come right back at you. And I think I've heard about that a lot in Hollywood, that if you are a nice person, you're a hard worker and you're willing to do you know what you're asked at the beginning that snowballs. And looking at the at the list of movies you've been in and shit, how how many films overall have you acted?


And do you know, I think I think I mean, 300 cheeses. Yes. Like that.


Starting from absolutely nothing like starting from no acting career whatsoever and building an house. You have to be a first timer like 33 or whatever it was. Yeah. You know, there's no thirty eight I think. Thirty eight cheese.


Let me, let me tell you.


On my resume, it's the San Quentin drama arts, and I made that up because because standing on the floor, like especially if, you know, there's going to be a riot, you know, it's come everybody knows and you're standing there, you got four inches of steel in your in your belt and you're trying to act like you're not scared.


You're trying to act like you are close to me. I'll kill you. And and when you hear. All inmates return to your cell, recall, your mandatory recall, you feel, oh, thank you.


You know you know how to act relieved. Yeah.


So Terry, this has been awesome. I have one last question to me on this soft question of the day. Go to M.D. Dotcom slash PMG to get 15 percent off your first purchase. So you have trails, tacos and you have treehouse donuts and coffee and trails cantina and trails cantina. Now, give me your favorite taco or in a book, Treehouse Tacos. That's awesome. Cookbook of all our recipes. Favorite Taco and favorite donut, by the way.


That's like the best combo. If you had your own type of restaurant and be like, I'm going to own a taco shop and a donut shop, that's pretty damn good.


You know what I told him? Everything good that's happened to me has happened as a direct result of helping someone else. Yeah, I literally trail beer to.


Oh yeah. Do you like Mike Ditka? Just put your face on anything that I read that you did. And I don't drink when everybody tells me that beer beers really good. Let me tell you something. My agent listen to your agents. Do what your agent say. My agent wanted me to do this movie. It was called Bad Ass. No money, no money. Right. It's a no budget movie. That means they give you a lunch.


I got a I got a I got a chance to do a movie over here for about 60 grand. And I feel let's do this little, you know, done. You know what? Listen, this is this is a good this is good. This is really, really good. Said no damn money.


And I hate smart women anyway. So she says, so we do this movie Bad Ass Damn Thing turns into a trilogy, right.


I mean three times on and then but I met on this movie, I met a producer named Ash Shaw and he saw that I eat good food, not only bad food, I won't eat processed food.


I eat you good food and. And he asked me what restaurant jokingly, I said, trails, tacos, we did bad ass, bad ass, bad ass is bad ass two and then bad ass on the bayou.


Danny Glover and and when we did Bad Ass on the bayou, he brought me they he brought me a business plan, but he was thick and I don't read anything that doesn't have four killings in the first page.


And so good action or nothing. So I gave it to that smart lady act, you know, agent and.


And I gave it to my secretary and they both said. Women, smart women, they both said. Hey, this isn't a bad idea, Danny. There are they're not asking for 100 grand upfront. They're not asking for any kind of just. OK, so I wouldn't be in the I wouldn't be in the restaurant business if it was a smart ladies in any way, so I got like seven restaurants right now in a donut shop. We've got to we got a restaurant, the airport, like the book got, you know.


Oh, yeah.


That's what you know, you made it happen. You got a little restaurant in you and your tacos are like twenty five dollars in a restaurant. In an airport.


Yeah. Yeah.


Look, you've made me pay so much money for your tacos in the airport, but yeah, that's when you that's when you've made it.


So that's what you made. And it's that I go there because I check on them all the time.


I just go, they're just like, hey Bronco, what do are you doing in ice cream place.


So we have ice cream in our in our, in our, you know, restaurants, OK, not in the donut and the donut shop we have we have doughnut ice cream and it's delicious.


Oh hell yeah. Everything that sounds so well.


Let me tell you, if you go to the donut shop and you order the the pineapple fritter, just eat one. If you eat too, you'll need rehab.


OK, right. Good work. Good. Heads up. Good heads up. Well, Danny, there's been awesome man. We really appreciate it. You're welcome back. Anytime you want to talk about the Rams this fall, we'll have you on any time you got it.


Any time, man. Yeah. You guys all right? Thanks, man. Thank you all.


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You can try it for free. The smartest way to hire.


By the way, I in my favorite restaurant is talking about how I disagreed with Urlacher and I don't know how people can still think that their favorite players think like them. Matt Forte just released a statement like basically calling them out. And now I'm like, oh, my forte, I, I knew I always loved him.


And then doing it again, then he's going to be like, yeah, he'll just treat something like the cubs fucking suck. But this fucking guy. Yeah, exactly.


Five, five years from now he's going to be like going on a rant like in favor of Wayfair. Yes. Yes, yes. So while they on Twitter look I'll tell everywhere.


Look, I tell him. Yeah, you are pretty tall. That's actually I'm really very way that's like you're not everyone knows you're not your normal height like I've said.


Everyone knows you're not your normal height. Look at this, I'm almost as tall as Billy. Now, what's up, Schwartzbach? Are you your stuff?


Yeah, those are lifts you're wearing? Nothing. I left the Nike Zoom seven twenty six looking to see that those are not lifts. Let me see that. Let me see my friend. These are have that we have that box cutter. These are standard standard errors right now.


Listen, every basketball player in the world wears these. All right, let's do.


We got Billy's list. Billy, you got a list. Yeah, I got this. Where's your list? It's very funny. We're down to one sheet. It's front and back.


I believe the number one topic of the day is Barbie with Hulk muscles. There's a there's an attractive Russian woman woman who can lift more than two hundred kilograms. That is the biggest story in the news cycle.


Yeah, I love it. That's good.


Then the bills cut Steven Hauschka for Jones. My might drop out.


That sucks. So I like really excited for that boy.


I like this as Billy's number three here. He said that Roy Jones is thinking about withdrawing from his highly anticipated bout, but then he said that he never Billy never said why he was think about dropping. What is it?


They change the date of the fight. He doesn't like to change a date. Yeah.


Oh, he's just like this. Just like what does astrology. Yeah.


So astral. He's not a logical thing. Said astronomy.


That would have been wrong if he has plans for November talking to like.


All right, let's finish up the show, let's finish up the show is going to go and I actually like this topic on the back here in NYC, the London Air Bridge reportedly being discussed by U.S. and U.K..


I like that. Like you can drive from the United States to England over a bridge like a giant er a giant bridge, or you jump on an airplane.


That's also an area I'm not exactly sure, but just sounded cool. So it is definitely an airplane.


I mean I'm sure that's like the Concorde, why they stopped doing the Concorde. It just blew up once or twice. Yeah. That's I mean you got there so much faster.


Yeah. Bridge if there was an air, you know, it could happen. John Madden could drive over there to announce all the London Jaguars games because he doesn't fly.


But Air bridge just you know what scientists just mean. Remake the Titanic, just build another Titanic. Put God himself. Could not see the ship on the bottom of it, run the exact same route and be like, fuck you, God.


All right. I got it. All right. Here we go. Oh, we say no. I'm just saying, like, build another Titanic. Yes. Yeah, they did. They are. Are they. Yes. Good. I think they're building a Titanic and build a dress and they were just waiting for it to fall.


So an air bridge between London, New York, to enable travelers to sidestep quarantine is being discussed in top level UK U.S. government talks.


The Telegraph understands. And then I have to pay for the article, which so they're going to build a bridge to help us get past covid.


I would imagine that this bridge would probably take longer than a month. I want to find a free article. Had no idea what it was. Er bridge. Bridge.


Well big cat's looking. Oh it's just OK Dad. Come on Billy. It's official. We're starting a plan for regional er bridges that would allow visitors from low risk areas such as New York City across the pond to Britain. It's such just people want to go get their fucking meat pies in in England.


Check out the last story that R. Kelly in solitary confinement following jailhouse beat down. I'm fine with that as shit rock. He did sweet school. Yeah, that is actually cool.


I am incarcerated. I got my face lacerated. They would. Yeah. Pretty flat. He he should get beat up all right. Took a beating like it got masturbated. Let's finish, let's finish the show with bigger than Ben. Bigger than Ben. Yes. Episode one Big Ben's documentary. Now before we get to it, Jake, I had tasked you. I thought it would have been hilarious because we pulled this up and it turns out it is true.


He is making a documentary. I just love the fact that, like someone in Big, Big Ben's camp was like, hey, man, like last dance, like Brady's making documentaries.


I think LeBron got something out. Like the hot thing to do right now is to make documentaries. And then Big Ben was like, I'm in. And he made a fucking 14 minute YouTube video.


And it was basically just a love letter to his wife right here. I can summarize it for he was basically saying, like, you know, last year was really tough for me. I missed being around my teammates, but fortunately, I gained the best teammate of all my wife.


Yeah, it was all it was all coach speech at the beginning. All right. But I thought it would have been funnier if when we had pulled it up, it was just like a children's cartoon that just showed things that were literally bigger than Ben Roethlisberger. Yes.


So I had Jake attached, Jake, with finding things that are bigger than Ben Roethlisberger and telling us how much bigger. So what do you have? We've got three. I want some of the this I think there are people who still do that. Give us the bigger than Ben Kartu, Taiwanese animators, three height comparisons in three way comparison. OK, we'll start at the height. He's six foot five listed. That's the. Eleven to forty six point seven, five football fields, OK?


Bigger than Ben, forty six point five times bigger than Ben, one point one six Hosa Altuve is OK, go into Ben, then go inside of Ben.


And then two hundred and twenty six point six bends will reach the peak of the Empire State Building.


That's it. That's twenty six. I think I do the math right now.


That's crazy. That would be them standing on each other's heads. Yeah. Shoulders. Right, right. Yeah right. But that's just crazy.


That's, that's very interesting. Thing was around fourteen hundred feet, two hundred and twenty six times bigger than back to twenty six times six. Yeah. Two hundred twenty six times is bigger than Ben that. You know what I've always struggled to figure out a way to describe Big Ben's posture, but I think I have and the way that he walks around with his head like perfectly upright, he looks like he's balancing another Ben Roethlisberger on the top of his head.


Yes. He's like Katie Ledecky. Yeah. Doing the Falcons in the winter with the milkshake. All right. And then what about weight?


So obviously, they play at Heinz Field, 240 pounds, his listed height, the same as ninety two bottles of twenty ounce bottles of Heinz ketchup.


So he's ninety two times bigger than Heinz ketchup. His weight the equivalent to ninety two. Yeah, but that's not bigger than bet, right. I think he's right. I screwed up the whole. That's ok. That's ok. The same size has been. Yeah these are all same sizes. Got to be as big as Ben. You would need that matchup.


Seventy point five nine er cast F.P. Walking Boots. OK and then four hundred and eighty dishes of dynamite. Schrimpf Chiang's.


So you screwed up the whole weight thing.


I mean I think I screwed up the entirety of the task. No, no, no. Empire State Buildings.


Two hundred and sixty times bigger than Ben or. Yeah yeah you got that.


Oh here comes Billy. Wait it's OK to make mistakes Jake. Sometimes everyone makes no seriously like don't let these guys ok.


That's OK. Maybe I wasn't clear. I also think that I'd be so mad that we handle Jake messing up so differently than him. No, I'm like, hey, Jake, that's me, dude. And then Billy does one thing wrong. I'm like, Bill, you fucking idiot. I just I just said, like, it's OK.


This is this is Billy's way of reminding Jake that he messed up. Yeah, but listen. Hey, Jake, me and you, you're just like me. Both of the same thing. Amesys all right. I apologize. No, that's OK.


That's OK. Maybe maybe a tweet to make up for tomorrow things that are bigger than Ben. Yeah.


OK, I did think it was funny that I like the way that they were describing his injury when he met with the trainer and the trainer was like, well Ben. Well, he told me that I have one of two options. You can either not have surgery and not play football again or you can have surgery and play football. Can you just describe literally every injury in the history?


It was got so somber. I thought they were going to diagnose Ben with a brain tumor and he had the trainer. It was great. The trainer and the doctor both giving a quote. There was essentially like the hey, we need to remind everyone that Ben's the toughest. And the quote was like, yeah, he told me I couldn't go back. And he never tells me I can't go back in. And then it cuts the trainers like, yeah, I never tell him he can't go back in.


And the doctors, like, he basically he played in Cincinnati where he couldn't lift his arm over. So it was the portion of the bigger than Ben where it's just like here's how tough Ben is and just listing everything. But it was it was a love story to his wife, to his own pain tolerance, I would say. And then also I didn't understand the beginning when he was talking about all the haters. And it's like, who is really hating Ben?


I mean, us, but out of love. No, we don't. But we don't think he's bad. We never say that Big Ben's bad. Who says he's bad? They were battling back from missing the playoffs by a game, not even by half a game. Right.


They they were a tie away from making the playoffs and Big Ben's last excuse before season before he got hurt. And so, yeah, there was a season full of doubters and haters.


Well, that was the the summer of, like, AB and Levien. Right. Right. Like when they both left. Yeah. So maybe we did. Maybe this was a story with a target audience for me. You, Le'Veon Bell and AB.


Yes. And his wife and his wife. His wife. So the ending. Oh my God. Ready to run through a brick wall when his wife was like I talked to Ben and I said, are you secure with your like everything you've done? Are you happy with everything you've done in your career, which was like insert? Oh, yeah, Ben won Super Bowls. Ben did this. And then he Ben replied to me, thank you. Which is how cold are you to your wife that you say that like when she's like, hey, are you happy with your career?


And he says, thank you. I've processed what you've told me, I'm not done yet.


And then Imagine Dragons kicks in next week on Bigger than Ben. He works out for the first time in twelve years, doesn't she?


And he gets surgery and we're going to find out. This will probably second episode of bigger, but then Ben will probably be. The we've never seen an injury like this. Oh, for sure. It's like three out of five ligaments are gone. Holy shit, this is how most players would have asked me to just either cut it off or kill them on the spot. Yeah, not been. I also think that there's a big part of this where Ben was like, I'm in the best shape that I've been in my entire adult life working out like I lost a lot of weight.


Yep. So can we make a documentary of me in a t shirt right now so I can, like, memorialize this period in my life before I put on 40 more pounds in October?


Yes, yes. And he will be, like you said earlier, bigger than Ben now.


Yes, Jake. Yeah. We need to find out how much bigger than Ben. Ben will be in as soon as he gets a little chill in the air for the Steelers. Yeah. All right. I should call this hard knocks.


Oh, that would be to me. Well, no, because I lost a lot of weight. I'm good. I mean, that's too many hard knocks to me. Ben Roethlisberger. All right. That is our show. Awesome interview with Kevin Love coming on Monday. Awesome. Awesome interview. We were just out there.


We spent like an hour and a half with him, talked everything very open about everything. Also, we might be breaking up with Blake Griffin, but so you have to listen on Monday to find out why it made me miss doing interviews in person so much.


Should we do one more? Yeah, let's do one more. All right. Hit it, Billy. Hank, do you have a question to ask the machine? Ask the machine real quick as we go.


Oh, just pfft. Love the AWOL hotties. No bullshit even is. Yes. Oh, my God, this is even as I love you. Oh, what is the others? Two thirty four. I love you guys. My machine doesn't lie, confirmed Billy. Do you have any final thoughts? Yes. Yes. Into this weekend. Yes, I do. No, no, no. I actually was only playing this time. I actually exactly when I will start this new thing.


I believe you. The fun fact is every word before every and the absolute relief, you guys, the fun fact that you do this, the largest dromedary camel population is actually in Australia, nowhere in the Middle East.


The fun facts about a stupid animal, no one gives a fuck. It's a fucking camel, bro. You don't people don't think camels in Australia. No one cares about animals like you do. What is dromedary?


I mean, one hump, which is the double hump paid by Dory. No. All right.


We suck it. No. Oh. Oh, yes. All right. Yeah, right. Let me do one more. One more, one more. And someone pick a number. Seventeen. Hit it. Hit it, Billy. Hit it.


Everyone pick a number quick to two. Fifty to forty five. Thirty two. Seventy three thirty to one to see someone else deliver it to number thirty to seventy three oh ninety eight. Wow. I reckon it was forty. Not usually I don't do this but go on. But I'm the out of the kitchen and anybody got any minute. Looking like the one I'm about the. I'm not trying to be the best way to do things to do this.


You must be a third grader. So let me give you the. Hot and fresh out of it. Like a lot of the thinking about the. Not showing up for. I'm not going to forget about the. More than. I'm gonna my mom over the weekend about the.