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Hey, pardon my take, listeners. You can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime. Members can listen ad free on Amazon Music. The reviews are in for McDonald's hotter juicier burgers. Let's hear what Hamburglar has to say. What our old friend Hamburglar said is the patties are juicier, the bun is a thing of beauty, the cheese perfectly melted. Bravo. My burger dreams have come true. You heard him, folks. These are McDonald's best burgers ever.


A comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers.


On today's part of my take, we have our good friend Pete Prisco on the show, talking about the NFL playoffs so far, looking ahead, talking coaching vacancies. We're also going to talk about Monday's games. The Bills beating the Steelers, the Bucks beating the Eagles. Going to get into all of that. We have hot seat cool throne guys on chicks, great Wednesday show, and it's brought to you by our friends at game time. You shouldn't have to worry about when you're buying tickets to your next big event because game time is a fast and easy way to buy tickets for all sports, music, comedy and theater events near you. I've used it for football games, baseball games, comedy shows, live music. Game time has it all. I've gotten the best deals. They've even had one time where someone canceled their tickets. Game time got me a better seats at the same price. That's what gametime does. There's last minute tickets, flash deals, zone deals, easy to find and buy tickets for every kind of event in your area. And they're obsessed with finding ways to help you save money on tickets. Game time has deals on tickets right up to the start of the event and even an hour after its start.


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Washing and then I can't blame all.


On the sun oh no we gonna.


Rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher oh we gonna.


Rock down to electric pardon my take.


Presented by Barstool Sports.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Wednesday, January 17. And PFT. I don't know about you, but we're done with super wild card weekend. I feel like we just got to talk about the Cowboys loss more.


Yeah, so that's the good news if you're a fan of any other NFC east teams, is all the pressure was off you this postseason. Yeah, we're only talking about the Cowboys today. I still think, with the benefit of hindsight, another day to think about it. You got to extend both Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy. Yeah, I think, listen, you won 13 games, right.


But that was a debacle on Sunday. And again, there was games played Monday. But Sunday's Cowboys loss was the story that everyone's still talking about today and.


The fallout from it.




Especially Jerry Jones didn't go on the radio this week, hasn't said anything inflammatory since the press conference. I think there's a good know sometimes stability is your best ability.




And in big d, I think you got to keep the guys in town. Another guy that was in Dallas for a very long time, almost as long as Mike McCarthy is joining us on the couch today.


He's backwood is back.


Hank, we're just glad you made it home safe. I know that there was significant travel issues that delayed your return.


Well, and delayed the taping of this podcast because we are, it's really whatever.


Hank schedule Hank's delayed coming on the podcast is brought to you by roman swipes. Hank, how did things go with the travel? How are you feeling? What are your thoughts?


Yeah, it was just a hellacious past 24 hours for me. My flight Monday morning got canceled or moved to Tuesday at 06:00 a.m. So then I woke up on Tuesday.


They had no flights on Monday.


There's two airports in Chicago. I drove my car because I thought I was going to be there for like a day or two. There was flights to Midway, which was not the airport where my car was.


But that's a really long trip.


It's very far.


Yeah, I mean, it's an extra 2 hours plus. And I was like, okay, my flight's Tuesday morning at 06:00 a.m. I'll be back at eight. No harm, no foul.


I remember one time and I wanted to watch the games, I missed a flight. I think it was an elite.


What do you mean, the games? Dallas was the only game that was played?


No, the Eagles and the Bills.


Those two teams played. They did. Oh, shit.


Great games.


One time I missed a flight at O'Hare and I got into a cab and I went to midway afterwards.


Ball or move that flight.


And it was only. I think it was only like $30. Yeah, I guess that's pretty easy. Cops were cheaper back then, so maybe it was 2 hours.


Well, watching factor fiction. Watching games is important to this program.


Factor fiction. That was it though, right? Should we do hot seat, cool throne? Was there any other games? Max, that's a recap. Yeah.


I thought the Steelers showed some good fight.


Yeah, Max, any other games that we.


Cool throne sounds pretty good, actually.


We'll get to Max later because we do go in chronological order.


That's true. That's true. So, yes, the Steelers and Bills played. It was vintage bills and Steelers because it looked like the bills were going to dominate them, kill them up 21 nothing. That Josh Allen run was so awesome where he just juked everyone out of their shoes, kept on going, and then the bills offense just kind of stopped moving for a little bit. And the Steelers crawl back in, and then you look up and it's a seven point game in the fourth quarter. I was like, hey, what the fuck is going on? It was. It was so perfect because I think we were all sitting there like, I don't think the Steelers are going to win this game, but the Steelers, the way they play every single game, the fact they're in this. Yeah, they could win this game.


I didn't think the Steelers were going to win, but I did think that the Bills could lose that.


Right, right. Because it was like, they do spurts and then they're like, all right, we're good for a while. Yeah.


It takes a long time for them to refractorate or whatever that word is, for them to recover from their offensive scoring. At the start of the game, that game was almost over within the first, like seven minutes, six minutes of the game. Yeah. And then there was that one weird fumble that it looked like the Bills recovered.


Yeah. Went off, but Friarmu's head, but I.


Don'T think it hit his head. I didn't see any angle that hit his head. And then I am sick of the NFL analysts that they bring into the booth, that they just bring them on there to be, you know, the refs here's what they saw in the field. And you have to kind of defer to what they saw in the field. They just get their old friends to get in the booth and then suck their dicks.




And anyone with two eyes can watch some of these calls and be like, no, they fucked that one up. But at that point it felt like the game was over. Like game, set, match. It was going to be a blowout. But the Bills, yeah, they don't have like step on your throat capability.


Yeah, it was very weird. And now also, which is unfortunate for the Bills, they got even more defensive injuries. It feels like their front four is healthy and then their back end is healthy, their safeties are healthy, and then everything in the middle is hurt. And I think they had like three more starters go down, which we have five days until they play the Chiefs. I would say that's pretty nerve wracking for the Bills, who their defense has kind of turned around this season and now they're back to like guys who were playing in the preseason.


Yeah, things really turned around for the Bills when the 911 story came out. He's six and six, and since Sean McVeigh has had to publicly. Sean McDermott had to publicly disavow al Qaeda. Yes, if you're keeping stats six and.


O, but yeah, this is now we get what we want. The Bills and the Chiefs, yet again, this time in Buffalo, feels like they've never played in the playoffs, in Buffalo. Feels like they've never played in Buffalo, period. And I am very nervous for the Bills defense going up against Patrick Mahomes in the playoffs. It feels like they're going to have to patchwork something together here and maybe they just have to just do like their offense just has to go nuclear.


I think Bills Mafia needs to show up. This is a legacy game for Bills Mafia. It is, it is. And last week against the Steelers, it was fun. Do you see the report that came out early in the day on Monday? It said it was one of the aggregators, I forget which one. We need to get all the aggregators in a room together and see if they're the same person or not. Like the doves, the JPA footballs, the ML footballs, the NFL rookie watch shout.


Out ML football saying that the Falcons wanted or are going to trade for Justin Fields and give the Bears the 8th overall pick. Yeah, I would like to be that drunk at some point in my life. Yeah.


Also I think that they listen to the show and then they just take what we say and then break news from it sometimes.


So I actually heard it was the commanders giving their second pick for Justin Fields.


Is that what it is?


Yeah, that's what I heard.


I thought it was a second pick for the first overall pick.


No, it was the second pick. The commanders get the Justin Fields. The Bears now have first and second pick.


I don't like that.


Yeah, well, that's what I heard. Okay.


So he also said, this is just a wild report. Before the game on Monday, Buffalo Bills Stadium is going to be, for the first time in NFL history, any seat available for anyone, general admission because of the snow. So people could go in and then just sit wherever the fuck they wanted during the game.


That wasn't true.


Just completely untrue. Would have been awesome if it was. It actually made me think, like, southwest. It's southwest.




Do boarding groups for seating at stadium.


Well, you can upgrade to a one. A 15.


Yeah, that's true.


I do that sometime.


Yeah, you can pay for Jake probably checked.


I've never flown southwest before, and I was so confused when I got in the flight.


Yeah, that would hurt your brain because.


I had a nine, and so I was like, someone was in the seat, I thought because I was in nine. A what? It was.


Oh, you tried to move.


I did not.


I sat down in f on the other side and texted Tiffany. I was like, what is, like, is this just a free for all in southwest?


Wait, you're asking Tiffany Gomez for advice on how to handle yourself on an.


Yeah. Yeah. What's the etiquette here? Trustee level? Yeah.


Well, I was like, yeah. Should I boot this person out? She's like, no, it's a free for. That's barbaric.


Yeah, start screaming. So, yeah. The Bills march on Steelers now are in a weird spot because Mike Tomlin, after the game, was asked about his contract. The reporter barely got the word out. Like, I think the reporter said, you have one year left. And as the reporter said, one year left, Mike Tomlin just walked off. Yeah. So I don't know. I was thinking about it more because I do. Rooting for a bad team, seeing Mike Tomlin, 17 seasons over 500 every single year, going to the playoffs pretty consistently. But then when they said that the Steelers haven't won a playoff game since 2016, it kind of clicked on my head, and I was like, yeah, maybe Steelers fans are right, that it's not that Mike Tomlin's a bad coach. I think he's a really good coach, but maybe they need something new. Yeah.


And the fact that he didn't even address it if he was planning on sticking around, you probably coach. Speak your way out of that.


Yeah, just do a cliche.


My contract is coming up. Big cat would ask me if I play on center.


You've planning on sticking around. Your contract's up soon? Yes. Okay, so great. There you go, Mike. Tommy could have just been like, yeah, I got one year left on my deal. All you have to say is you can just say the term of your deal. That's a pretty easy way out of it. I got one year left on my. I'm coaching this team for the next year.


I'm currently the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


Yeah. And my contract says I'll be here for another year. Yeah.


So it doesn't sound like he's going to stick around. If I had to guess just based.


On that answer, I would say so, too. Also, it felt like now Kenny was active in the game last night. I think he could have come into the game because there was moments where I was like, mason Rudolph, this is turning back into a pumpkin. He just can't move. He's kind of a throwback. He's like a 90s quarterback was like, yeah, we just need a big guy. We don't need him to move at all. Just throw it.


John Elway sees him. He's like, that boy is a Bronco.




I wish I could go back in time and draft him.


They got a lot of questions, though, with Pittsburgh. They have good players, but in Pittsburgh you need to start winning playoff games.


So I think vrable, obviously, he's the culture fit there.


Be perfect.


The perfect fit for think. I really don't think that Tomlin's going to come back, but looking ahead, I'm just excited about the Chiefs and the Bills. Yeah, this is good for America.


And they set it up that last game on Sunday. Yeah. I'm very nervous about our Bills future, I'll be totally honest. Patrick Mahomes scares the fuck out of me for that. Yeah. I just. I just feel like the Bills defense is so many injuries. We'll see the injury report as it comes out later on this week, but they've lost everything. And shout out the field, shout out.


To the AFC for having the premier brand name quarterbacks that they're going to send to the Super bowl. We've got Mahomes, Allen Jackson, CJ Stroud's fun in the NFC. It's like all the unheralded, all like the upstart guys.


Our guy Jared Goff.


Our guy Jared Goff. The gritty guys. Yeah, you got the superstars in the AFC, and then you got the grinders, your brock purdies in the NFC.


It is funny how, because we watch all this football on super wild card weekend, you just kind of forget that the Niners and Ravens are in the playoffs in the one seat. Yeah.


There's a lot of bulletin board material if you're the Ravens. No one talked about us.


I did not talk about.


I didn't talk about.


And you also see a team win a playoff game, you're like, man, this team is hot. They won a playoff game. Yeah. What have the Ravens done in these playoffs?


Nothing. No points.


Absolutely nothing. The reviews are in for McDonald's hotter, juicier burgers. Let's hear what Hamburglar has to say. Bravo, rubble. What our old friend Hamburglar said is the patties are juicier. The bun is a thing of beauty. The cheese perfectly melted. Brahble. My burger dreams have come true. You heard him, folks. These are McDonald's best burgers ever. A comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers. So the other game, Bucks Eagles first. Let's give a ton of credit to the Bucks. Baker Mayfield. I'm happy for Baker Mayfield.


Me, too.


That was an incredible performance. He's been cast aside. They had the story. I think Troy said it, that he was kind of lost, and Sean McVeigh was like, just be you. Just be Baker Mayfield. He's found his mojo back. If you had said, what, two years ago, like, would Baker Mayfield ever win another playoff game? You probably would say, no. He now has as many wins in the playoffs as Dak Prescott. That's a fun fact. Really? Yeah.


From the Cowboys.


Yep. Dak Prescott from the Cowboys. Okay.


That's interesting because Baker's. He's had how many head coaches in six years? It was eight. He started in Hugh Jackson.




And then here's a name I hadn't thought of in a long time. Freddie Kitchens.


Freddie kitchens.


Remember him?


Yeah. Frank Reich, Steve Wilkes. He's gone through it all.


He's bounced around a little bit. It is awesome to see him. And he looked good last night.


He looked really good throwing the fuck out of the football. The Bucks still have good players. I know I've been hard on the Bucks because they're in the NFC south, and when you watch NFC south football, you're like, oh, man, this is tough to watch. Like, which team actually wants to win this division, but they still got really. I mean, Mike Evans dropped a couple. That would have been. That could have been an uglier. Game, but yeah, the Bucks and their defense played well. And Baker, I'm happy for Baker. That's good for Baker. It's also funny, know, we talk about the NFC east all year. There's no NFC east team left. There's an NFC south team, two NFC north teams. It's just poof, like that. Maybe the NFC south was a good division.


Who knows?


They beat each other.


They had, I think they were sending five guys on almost every single play. Like, that's what Tod Bowles does.


Everyone knew it was going to happen.


He blitzes one guy and you don't know which guy is going to blitz and confuse the fuck out of. Jalen Hurts confused the fuck out of the entire offense. The Eagles offense looked so disjointed. They were doing all these weird tunnel screens, bubble screens. They didn't attack the middle of the field. Jalen Hurts looked very uncomfortable when he.


Was running the ball.


Everything looked way wrong.


He wasn't even doing his favorite play that much of running right and throwing it out of bounds. He did it a couple of times.


They stopped the tush push last night. Yeah, they got safetied well, when they stopped the tush push, they also tried to rip his helmet off.


That's true.


Maybe that's the key.


I wish that safeties was just the end of the game. Well, if you get a safety, the game's over.


Here's an actual takeout, automatic win, and I'm dead serious about this. Safety should be worth more than two points.




Safety should be worth between four, three and five points.


Yeah, four points. If you told me before, if you.


Told me three, I'd be fine. Four fine, five fine. Safeties are so hard to do and they're so awesome. They're so awesome. The fact that they're only worth two points, it doesn't make any sense. It's the biggest win that you can have in terms of, like, physical football on defense. Yeah, an interception return for a touchdown is great. A safety, it's like, yeah, you manned up on them.




But it's the only thing where you can score and get the ball right back.


That's true.


That's true.


You do get the ball back.


If safeties were worth five points, but you didn't get the ball back, or.


You can elect, you can get seven points or, no, you can get five points, but you don't get the ball back. I like that. I did decide.


At any rate, I think safety should be worth more.


As for the Eagles Max, you know what why don't we play the clip first so people can get a sense of what Max was going through last night?


Because this was during the stream.


This was during the stream. And I want to say this because I know there's some people who are, oh, Max, like, turn off his. Know, we don't want to hear him. Max is pure Philadelphia in the fact that when the Eagles play poorly, Max thinks that that is like, his own life. Like, people are looking at him as, like, a pussy. People are being like, the Eagles can't tackle. You're soft to Max.


But no, the Eagles are an extension.


No, he's not. He's not. They're an extension of Max. But this rant was so perfect because it was all his aggression on how the Eagles were playing summed up. And Frank the tank was sitting laughing in the background. Because, as we've said many times, Max does have early onset Fleming. He is a perfect apprentice to Frank Fleming. Max, go ahead and play. It is after another missed tackle which gained the bucks. Like, I don't know, another first down.


Was it cold? Thought that. I thought that might have been a thing, but no.


Maybe for Florida standards, but no, it was not football.


I think I just corrected you. It was another missed tackle.


Another missed tackle.


Push the button.


So this is. No one's getting. No one's getting off their blocks.


Nobody will ever make a fucking tackle, ever. How many times tonight are they just.


Going to stand someone up and they get an extra five yards? It's every time. How many of you fuckers? How many, you fucking pussies?


Every single one of you should be ashamed of yourselves.


It's embarrassing. You're learning well, my young apprentice. He's your understudy. Oh, man. All right. So, Max, that was a great rant. It was straight from the heart. How are we feeling today?


I'll feel better once I hear about a coaching change.


Oh, you want what? Patricia gone?




Okay. So that will make you feel better.


That's one.




I want every one of them.


Every single one of them. Big Dom.


Big Dom. Big dom stays.


Okay. Big Dom.


Big Dom has stayed through multiple coaching generations. He was there when Andy was like.


Talk us through the game. I mean, that was pathetic. The Eagles were pathetic last night. Their offense was pathetic. Their defense was pathetic. They were everything that they've seen. And the craziest part is they were in that game until the safety, it was a one score game. Devontae Smith was the only one who was like, that guy came to play. How are you feeling?


I mean, it's just the worst. I mean, there's so many things that went wrong with that game, but it's everything that you've been seeing for the past five weeks. Everyone in Philly knew it was coming. There was a part of everyone that was, ah, maybe they'll flip the switch just because that's being a sports fan and always thinking that your team has some sort of chance, even though deep down every single person knew that that was going to happen. And it sucks, but it is what it is. And now we need a clean slate. Go towards next year. You still have good players. Get a real coach. Not some guy who's just doing stinking, stinking, stinking. Too much cursing last night.


Oh, your mom texted.


It's just like Philly mad libs out there. We just have to have someone who's a football guy who can coach football. Men like Pete Prisco is going to tell us. He kept talking about leaders of men. We need a leader of men on this team, not a best buddy who.


Does the cliche and says, rocky. And then yells, remember the game that who they beat? The Chiefs. Chief chiefs to go ten and one and he said, see ya. And then they went. And then two and six. You see that?


Somebody at the game poured a full bucket of popcorn on Nick.




No, that's fucked up.


Oh, that's fucked up.




No, I agree with.


It's popcorn.


No, but that's.


We found a lot.


I think we need to get.


You know, you love that. You just can't say that.


No, he doesn't.


He doesn't knock.


Is like, I wish it was a full beer.


Yeah, I wish it was more popcorn. He buried him alive, to be fair.


That guy was me last night. And last night I probably would have liked it. But now looking at it, it's like, I saw the video and it's like, this guy sucks. But come on, there's a respect factor, I guess.


All right, so, Max, you want everyone gone? Nick Sirianni went to the Super bowl last also.


This is also the worst collapse in the history of sports.


It really is, actually, when you think about it. We were throwing out teams and like, what you were saying. Shut up to Hank. Yes, teams that have collapsed, and there's been a lot of collapses. But when you add in the fact that the Eagles were very good last year and went to the Super bowl, and then the ten and one, it.


Was a coin flip Super bowl game.


It was coin flip Super bowl. You keep crying about the turf.


A couple of plays go a different way. The Eagles are Super bowl champions.




But you would keep a coach around because he has to make your team better moving forward. You don't keep a guy around because, like, hey, thanks for that Super bowl appearance.




And right now everything says the way that the locker room looked at the end of the year, players not picking up phone calls from their quarterbacks, you feel like maybe this is not something that he can repair.


In what way could you go into next year with a positive outlook? If he is still the coach of that team? Yeah. There's no way to get rid of what happened this year if he's still there next year.


Right. So they started ten and one, and their final point differential was negative 13.






That's bad.


Pretty bad.


The gauntlet. I told you about the gauntlet.


Yeah. No, but the ten and one was halfway through the gauntlet.


But not all the way through.


But you keep saying the gauntlet. If it was at the beginning of the gauntlet, it would make so much more sense.


No, the gauntlet took it out of them. No, but that's what a gauntlet does.


No, but you would have said up until the gauntlet, and then they played all the good teams. They beat more than half of the teams in the gauntlet.


So your offense, like your defense stunk. Your defense looked like. I mean, you heard the rant where you were screaming at them, which I think you're probably right.


No, they were soft.


They were soft, but their offense was so bad last night on third and fourth down, there were eleven plays. They had eleven third and fourth downs. They averaged 9.2 yards to go.


The play calling is so bad. There was one play that was to the middle of the field and it was the Devante Smith 60 yard catch.




Like, every single one is a bubble screen or Devante Smith go route hoping, come down with it. That's been the playbook for the entire year. AJ Brown, try and come down with it or bubble screen. Nothing is easy through the middle of the field. And I don't understand how you're an NFL head coach, you get paid millions of dollars and you don't make an adjustment one fucking time.


One stinking time from week one to.


Week to the wild card weekend. How do you not make an adjustment? It was so bad. How can you go into this game being, hmm, we're just going to do it again? And I told myself I wasn't going to get mad.


No, it's okay. Let it out. So Nick Siriani is a. Also Jason Kelsey is know hall of Fame career. Incredible career. That's sad. Some older pieces on your roster. You got to make a decision. About what? About the other thing. The elephant in the room that someone.


Oh, because he played for Alabama.


What? Oh, he did play. No, I'm not talking about Javante Smith. He's pretty skinny.




He's good. What about the other thing? What? Because he didn't play that well.


I know what you're trying to do. I'm not going to do it. What are you talking about?


I don't know. Why don't you tell me what I'm talking about?


How could I know what you're thinking?


Because you know exactly what I'm thinking.


I have no idea what you're talking about. You could be talking about anything.


Who do you in the room?


That was a little clue.


Yeah. Elephant.


Devante Smith. He went to Alabama sooner.


Sooner? No, think sooner than that. I got it. I know.


I'm trying to think of.


No, he knows 100% what I'm talking about. Is that an issue?


We don't want to get to the second round of questioning on this.


I don't think Jalen Hurts is an issue. But is he an issue? He did not look no. As good this year.


You guys said it all year. He didn't look himself. I think the knee was a serious thing that was lingering him on.


Wow. Two guys were sitting here every single week this year being like, the knee doesn't look.


No, I agree. I think he's a tough guy. He battled it out this year. I think that he was not 100%. I think there are things that are going to come out about his medicals after the year. I still think he threw the ball for the most part pretty well this year. I just don't think that he was put in a situation for him to succeed.


Led the league in least easy passes. That was my.


I didn't know that is a stat and I was trying to find it again. Someone sent me this graph of the most difficult passes thrown in the league. It was like one of those pie graph, square graph. It was some sort of graph. There's like the line. No, but it's like a diagonal line.




And it's like that's the base and.


You want to be above the four quadrants.


It's like who has just like the easiest amount of checkdowns, blah, blah, blah, passes and who throws the most difficult ball? It was projected completion percentage.


This is a great segment. Max explains a graph and it said.


That he was throwing the most difficult balls in the league.


But that doesn't mean he has the least.


And he had easy. No. Okay, it did.


If I had the graph by his.


Average, his average easiness of balls thrown was.


But he was completing the most difficult passes in the league and not throwing the easiest pass.


Got it. Is that his fault? Is that the offense's fault?


Maybe he should throw easier balls. Maybe you should change the shirts and be Jalen Hurts throwing club to Jalen Hurts passing club.


Checkdown club.


I mean, that's a good shirt in the barstool store. I don't know why you're saying anything.


Sounds like he's more of a thrower than a passer.


Well, what?


And he's getting paid a lot of money now.


Yeah, Jalen Hurts is still a good quarterback.


Okay, I agree. I agree. I don't know why we're even talking about you.


We're all trying to find the guy.


Who did Max you over the course of the season have said many times, don't pay quarterback.


I think that's more of like a NFL thing that you're starting to see that around the league.


Is anyone in this league with us right now? Have they paid a quarterback? You were talking specifically about the Eagles in the NFL?


Yes. Well, they might get relegated after last.


Regret. I think that's just the way of the league now is like a quarterback gets good, you have to pay them and then it hurts your team. We talk about this all the time of like your window.


Well, no, the majority of your window.


Is going to be when your quarterback is on its first contract.


What about if you just have a really good quarterback? It takes less money to help your team.




Tom Brady I get can also.


You can pay a quarterback a lot of money. They just have to be special.


But every quarterback is going to get that deal.


You got to know that they're special before you pay them that.


Like, I still think Jalen Hurts is a very good quarterback. Every quarterback needs a coach that is going to put them in a situation to win.


Yes, we're good. I actually agree with you. I do too.


Jalen hurts very still. Like a very top ten quarterback for sure.


Yeah, I would say I will 1000% say that. I think he's top ten. I think he was borderline top five going to this year. I think he's probably between five and ten.


Yeah. There was an interesting video that came out, I think mostly sports. One of our shows here at Barstool with Mark Titus and TJ tweeted this video out it was before.


Ebo's on that show, too. Oh, yeah.


And Ebo.


And Connor Griffin.


And Connor Griffin. Yeah, and Connor Griffin's mom. So when they showed this video of Jalen Hurts and Nick Siriani at the Super bowl and Nick looking across the field and flipping somebody off and Jalen, like, grabbing his hand and pulling it down, be like, what are you doing, man? And that's the second that the Eagles fell apart.


I think that was a Seahawks game.


Was that the Seahawks game?


He was yelling at Pete Carroll in the Seahawks game.


I thought for some reason it was at the.


I mean, you could also say that was the moment it felt.


Yeah, but he did have a back and forth with Pete Carroll this year. That was like him being like, what the fuck? Yeah.


But in that video in particular, you can definitely see a look on Jalen's face, like, I'm the leader of this team.


Yeah, I'm sick of this.


Nick is a clown. Yeah, that was the Nick's a clown moment.


I mean, Prisco is going to. I didn't. I didn't chime in when he was talking about it, but he's going to talk about, you need your head coach to be leaders of men. I don't know how you look at Nick Sirianni and be like, I think this guy is going to motivate a team through adversity.


I'd agree. So. All right, so couple other questions, because I want the Super bowl. It was a Super bowl. He had another one where he went after Pete Carroll that was like, what are you doing?


I think in this one, they showed a shot of Mahomes, right? And then they showed a shot. People thought he was flipping off Mahomes. I don't think that he was. He was flipping off somebody on the Chiefs. And, yeah, Jalen Hurts was just like, dude, what the fuck are you.


Why are you doing this? One other question. We'll get back to coaching. Did Quez Watkins not bring his phone last night? What happened?


Quez Watkins is not a good wide receiver. Like, he's just not good.


But he wasn't ready for the call.


No, he was not ready for.


Not ready for the call.


No one was ready for the call except for Devontae Smith.


Devontae Smith was fan.


Devontae Smith very.


He's an awesome. He's awesome. All right, so Nick Sirianni, if they don't fire him, how angry will you?


I will. I just won't care about anything going into next year if he's still the head coach.


You said that you would. You said that you would stop watching Eagles games if Nick Sirianni was.


I have to watch Eagles games. You said you'd, didn't you? If you guys will allow me to stop watching Eagles games, I will stop watching you.


I think if Nick Siriani is the coach, you have to stop watching them. But you can listen to them.


You get to close your eyes every time they show. Nick Sirianni.


No, because the only reason of not watching that I would do. The only reason of not watching is because I know what's going to happen and I don't want to be emotionally invested into that team.


I mean, how great would that content be, though, if Max was in the gambling cave with us? Just with the Steve Bartman earphones on, just screaming because the Eagles fucked up again.


Yeah, I do love to get.


You do have to get rid of him, though, because they're going to get rid of him. It's a disaster. It's a collapse of epic proportion. He looks like a clown. Now the question is, who do you want?


There's one guy I want for all of the right reasons and one bad.


Boy that you want for all the wrong ones. Yeah, tell me about the bad boy. He sounds more fun.




I mean, it would just be so, like, it would be so good if Bill Belichick.


Yeah, it would be awesome.


Be an unbelievable best story of all time. Hank would be. There was parts of me last night when I was getting really angry, like laying in bed at night, and I was like, but think about Hank. Like, if Bill Belichick comes, that's what.


You do in bed at.


Oh, yeah.


Were you thinking about Max this weekend?


I was not. I was.


Then who else do you want?


I'll take Harbaugh if he's available.


Okay, sure.


Which one?


Oh, good question.




I don't know. I could be convinced. There's a plethora of men out there.


Mike McCarthy.


No, not Mike McCarthy.


You want a plethora of men?


There's Ron Rivera. Not Ron Rivera. I'd maybe take Ron Rivera as DC.


No, you wouldn't.


Why not?






No, you should.






Congrats. You have him.


Josh McDaniel.




I would take him as an get. I could get excited for so many people out there. As long as it's not.




There are so many good coaches that are available right now, like the fan fiction that we're all writing in our heads.


And the Eagles still have a good roster and a desirable place to go for a coach. So I think that we should be in a good situation to get somebody.


Running out of guy. After three years. He went to the playoffs every single year. Went to the Super Bowl.


I like that framing of it. You're running him out of town.


Yeah. Doug Peterson won a Super bowl. Got ran out of town.


But I don't read.


Got run out of Super bowl.


Got run out of town.


Andrew Reid.


Popcorn on a coach.


Chip Kelly, great coach. Run out of town.


Chip Kelly was a really good coach.


Rich cotite ran him out of town.


Ran his ass out of town.


Budy Ryan, what they do to Buddy. Ran him out of town.


You know what would be great, though, outside of Bill Belichick being Jason Kelly.


Coach is ran him out of town.


The Cowboys hiring Nick Siriani. I would love to see him. Just have to flip right away.


Oh, my God, I would love with.


A ten gallon hat and just be like, I've always loved Dallas.


He brings a gun with him to the press conference.


Fuck Philadelphia. That rocky. He's a short italian guy. He sucks. That would be great to see him. Have to twist his brain for that. Bill Belichick low has been interviewed by the Falcons.




Which would be a very funny interview to watch. Just them being like, so how'd you do? Like, tell us a time. Tell us a time that you faced adversity in your job.




Like, well, there was this one Super bowl.


So we talked about the interview possibility with Belichick on Sunday night show where it's like, what do you even talk in an interview with this coach about? Regardless if it's the Falcons, that's crazy. But if it's anybody else, Whitney said.


Belichick should interview them. Yeah. Correct.


So what they're doing, the Falcons flew up, picked him up, and then flew him down, I believe, to Antigua.


Love it.


And interviewed him on Arthur Blank's yacht. So if you want to interview Bill Belichick, you have to take him on a vacation with you and then fly him back. I am.


He's no different than a recruit coming to. To you got to make sure that.


You got everything set up, nil deals, everything. Have him meet with the boosters.


He got game. So we talked about, hey, Alan gets.


Into that dorm room, I'm all over Arthur Blank's jet. We reported that he was going to be interviewed by the Falcons before it broke. I'm telling you right now. Next up hasn't been reported yet. Harbaugh will be interviewed by the Falcons.


Ooh, I like it.


The plane, I believe, just picked him up and is flying back to Atlanta with him right now for the interview.


Love that.


No Antigua.


Actually, no, it's.


It's. Harbaugh doesn't want to go in.


It looks close to. It's in the air right now. So it's approaching Atlanta. I don't know. They might just keep going and go be. If I was Harbaugh and I found out that Belichick got the Antigua interview, I'd be like, well, you clearly don't want me.


Yeah. Although Harbaugh probably is like, I don't want this frills. Just get me in a. No, no windows.


Harbaugh's not a beach vacation.


No, no windows. He wants to be just in a room, talk some football. I think Harbaugh's gonna end up going to the Chargers and then. Yeah. Bill Belichick to the Eagles would be great for the show. Bill Belichick to the Cowboys would be great for this show.


Belichick to the commanders would be great for the show. But I only want him to fuck with want.


I also want Hank to talk about if that were to happen.


What do you mean? He would become a diehard. Cowboys.


No eagles.


Oh, yeah. Talk about that, Hank. Good point. Max, you hate the city of Philadelphia so, so much.


Yeah. Honestly, it would be tough. I want to say I'd be a fan. I don't know if that would be true. Max would be so annoying. The scumbags of Philadelphia would be so annoying. I don't want to say this, but there's, like, best case scenario might be he wins, like, three games, goes on a losing streak, and they run him out of town. He can't break the record for the Eagles. That just can't.


Oh, man. The record, that was anyone else? Brutal.


Anyone else?


So you would agree at that point that it's Brady, not.


Philadelphia? It's Philadelphia.




You would have to.




You think Philadelphia can bring any man down?


We asked you. They asked you.


Proven it time and time again.


They have run a lot of people out of town.


They ran that kid. I already forgot his name.


They ran Hitchbot out of town.


Hitchbot? They kicked the shit out of Hitchbot.


Ran that asshole right out.


That rocked.


Hit the bricks, cyber boy.


I would love to see it. By the way, who sent that? Jake? Might have sent that. In a team meeting today, Mike Tomlin. Meme Senate told Steelers players the speculation about him stepping away is unfounded, and he plans on coaching the team in 2024. Sources say Tomlin, who is entering the final year's contract, is expected to address the media later this week. Could have been easier done just by taking that question and not walking off.


Yeah, it's kind of. But now. Now you have to think maybe Vrabel.


Maybe Vrabel would be great in Philadelphia.


I would take Vrabel for sure.


Leader of men.


Leader of men.


Leader of. Huh?




What else is it? You got some old guys on your roster, Max.


For sure. We have some young guys on the roster.


You got a lot of holes. I also was thinking about it more. I think the strategy for the Eagles to draft a bunch of Georgia players is smart, but then when you give them to Nick Sirianni, they're all like, who the fuck is this guy? They went from Kirby Smart to Nick Sirianni. That's where it falls apart. Yeah.


You think that's why Sirianni wears the visor, just to remind them?




Like a little continuity in their life.


Hey, I'm kind of doesn't work. Kind of like Kirby. It looks like a Halloween costume. He's Kirby smart for Halloween. Yeah. So what else we got anything else for? I mean, we're excited for the upcoming divisional round. I'm done doubting the bucks. I don't know. I think the Lions will win, but.


Fuck, I'm a huge lions guy.




Bill's lions is what I'm rooting for.


That'd be so tough for us.


Yeah. Well, you would prove grit week. Right after all the complainers.


Very true.


Yeah. Like, yeah, we had the Super bowl before everyone else. Yeah.


Bill's lions. That'd be awesome for America.


Yeah. But the bucks. Baker Mayfield is just a dog. He's a true dog.


That's an all time run out of town guy, too.






Now watching him. Yeah.


Never knew how good you had it.


Yep. Okay, let's do hot seat cool throne then. And then we'll get to Pete Prisco, talk a little more ball. Hot seat cool throne is brought to you by our friends at Chevy. Chevy Silverado has commanding an unstoppable grit, legendary capability, and dependability, too. We've all spent time, seat time, as they call in the biz, behind the wheel of the Silverado. And we're not just truck guys. We're Chevy truck guys. You know about the Zr. Two family of trucks lifted and ready for anything right from the factory. Now Silverado is taking it all to the next level with even more Silverado truck tech like available supercruise. Only supercruise lets you drive hands free and tow hands free on more than 400,000 miles of compatible roads with over 138,000,000 miles of hands free driving by customers supercruise will help you get your adventure energized, and it'll help drive you home. Go to right now, where you can check out the silverado. Build your own silverado online and learn important details about super cruise. Go right now. Get those beautiful silverado trucks. They're incredible. Best trucks ever. Thank you to Chevy, our wonderful sponsor, Hank hot seat cool throne.


The hot seat is myself.


Oh, why?


Oh, I delay the taping of the show.




Feel terrible about that.


No, you don't.


I do.


You don't at all.


I really do.


No, you really bad.


You wanted to be back here.


I did.


So bad you didn't get another flight.


I did get another flight. Yes, I did.


I thought it was the same flight that got delayed.


No, that flight this morning got canceled. That got delayed again till tomorrow, so I had to get another flight for.


Oh, but you couldn't have done that yesterday.


I show you the screenshot. Everything.


You took screenshots.


Jake was trying to track my flight and snitch on me. He can confirm.


Not true.


Jake was.


I was just. I'm hearing rumors, Jake. I'm hearing rumors. Rumors are curious.


It's disgusting how you're invading another man's privacy by tracking his plane.


I just like tracking planes the same way you do.




Why do you guys just hop on my interests and shut them down?


I was very clearly making a joke.


About myself, and I just heard that Jake was on you.


Jake? Were you looking at his flight?


Yeah, he was mentioning southwest. I had an interesting southwest experience last week, so I just wanted to see.


I like that, actually, Jake, I'm going to actually go reverse. Of everyone here every time Hank flies, I want you to track it, and I want you to give me updates on what's going on with his flights. I don't care if it's vacation, whatever. I want to know everything about Hank's flights.


He just got to give me the info.


Yeah, we'll get it. Don't you worry.


But, yeah, I feel like I've been on the hot seat the past couple of days. Everyone's tweeting at me, New York Post, writing articles, questioning whether or not Tiffany and I are dating. So I would like to set the record straight that we're not.


Oh, yeah.


We watched the Cowboys. That was kind of the one thing that really bonded us together the most, was our mutual love for the Cowboys. We did spend a really nice weekend together. She has lovely house, great dogs. We had a good time on Saturday, but after the Cowboys lost, I was kind of ranting about how we got to get rid of Dak Prescott. He is the worst quarterback of all time. He can't throw the ball, has the yips, whatever you want to say. Plays good in the regular season, doesn't show up in the playoffs, that's going to get you nowhere. And they should bring in know, get the defense going, change the culture. And she is more of a really big Dak Prescott fan. Wants to get an offensive minded coach in there to change things and the difference in ideology just kind of. Yeah, we were just kind of bickering and it was one of those things where we kind of just said, let's just call a spade a spade and go our separate ways.


Brutal. It's like when a couple breaks up because they can't decide if they want to have kids or not.


Yeah, we're still friends, but, yeah, I just think romantically it's not going to happen.


So are you going to see her anytime, ever again?


You never know. You never know what the future holds, big cat. You know, none of us could be here tomorrow.


Yeah, no, you're going to go that route.


Good point.


But you just don't know what's going to happen.


You had one day left on earth. Would you call her?


Yes, absolutely.


Okay. Say bye.


Or to say, hey, let's hang out.


You up.


We were just a chat.


Oh, okay. Just chat.


Is that the Kyle Shanahan? Like, anybody could die tomorrow.


So, yeah.


Why are you asking me this question about Jimmy Garoppolo?


That's exactly how you, if you could.


Die mean, I feel like you want to live life to the fullest.


If I die. Happiest in the world. Yeah, I had a great life.


Yeah, you'd be the happiest man in the world if you died tomorrow.


Oh, wow. What happened this weekend?


No, just everything. I have a great job, great friends, great family. I'm a lucky guy.


Yeah, you are. Luckiest.


But you guys had a good time, got along well?


Yeah, we had a great time.


Did you get lucky?




Or were you born lucky?


I was born Lucky. I was born lucky.




But, yeah, I damaged her house and she was fine with that. I thought it was really funny. And she was nice enough. I mean, she was nice enough to let me. Obviously, it wasn't ideal where I was like, hey, I missed my flight, I have to stay. And she was like, that's great. So it was fun.


Are you walking any different after that slip and fall?


Yeah, my leg is hurt. I've been limping.


You're walking differently after.


Is she also walking differently?


No, I think she's walking, walking same.


You are walking with a limp.




Can I see the knee? Is there a mark on there?


If there's no mark, you're the biggest alive. Oh, no, there's a mark. Okay. All right.


Did you know you were being taped when you hit the wall?


I didn't know I was being taped. I also didn't know that if I hurt the wall or not.


You hurt the wall?




I mean, one of the best videos. It's early in the year, but it's definitely in the running for best video of 2024.


I did offer to fix it. I was like, I probably can't fix it the way you're supposed to fix it, but let's say this was like we were trying to get a security deposit back. Like, I could make it look like the hole's not there. Yeah, she said she's going to try.


And get rid of this hole. No problem.


She's going to try and frame.


Oh, that would be nice. Okay. And your cool throne?


My cool throne is Billy Mitchell.


Ah, that was mine.


What happened with him?


He got all of his records reinstated. He's back.


King is back.


He keeps switching back and forth on this thing.


Yeah, no, the king is back, though.


Is it that guy Walter that's in his pocket that switched it back?


I don't know.


Twin galaxies?


Yeah, that's Walter from twin Galaxies.


He's back, though. He's all the way back. So it feels good to have Billy Mitchell get the respect he deserves.


He got a doctor to clear him.




From what statement?


The twin Galaxy statement said in fair consideration of the expert opinion provided by Dr. Zida on behalf of Mr. Mitchell and consistent with Twin Galaxy's dedication to the meticulous documentation and preservation of video game lore history, twin galaxy shall hear for reinstate all of Mr. Mitchell's scores as part of the official historical database of Twin Galaxy's website.


Love it. Wow. Good for Billy. All time heel. Got a doctor.


I wonder what that doctor is in.




What? He did it. He did it. Okay, good job. Good job, Hank.




Pfd your hot seat. Cool throne.


I'm just going to put wintertime on the hot seat because we've been baptized into Chicago winter for the past, like three days.




I'm worried about my pipes.


You weren't here.


Why? Right. They're all clean.


I have not been home. I don't know if they exploded or not.


You don't live in a condo building.


How do you not know if your pipes explode?


You don't live in a. I haven't been home.


I'm just worried. I see the videos of the lake looking like a hot spring. I'm like, God damn, it looks cold.


But you live in a condo.


I did the drip thing, but I don't know. It's leaving running water, going in your house intentionally, and then leaving for two days, that turns into four days.


I don't know, Bill.


Live in a condo. You have to do the drip.


They told me to. It's not a freestanding solo house. Everyone else using their water. Okay.




I feel like you would have gotten an email by now from your building.


They don't know. They haven't been inside. No one's been inside.




I think it's probably more likely that your house got flooded than it got frozen.


I'm concerned. I'll just say that.


What if the drip method. He just left it, like, fully on. Yeah, the wet bandits. How many drips did you leave on?


Four, three.


Which ones?


Sink, guest bathroom. Bathroom. Bathroom, shower.


I mean, condo. You can have frozen pipes, but I just. Yeah, okay. Good job, drip king.


But it's been bad. It's been really bad here.


Tomorrow is going to be 17 degrees. We're good. It was back.


It was negative 27. Wind chill this morning. I believe. It's been, like, negative 15, negative 20 on the windshield. It's been, like, negative eight. Actual degrees outside. And we're lucky enough where we can come in. We work indoors, we watch football, which we can't complain about facts. So we watch football this weekend, and.


We'Re also working a gym.


Also working a gym. And we're leaving the office, and me and big cat were walking out at the same time, and we're like, yeah, this sucks, but we just got to get through it. And big cat goes, yeah, but you know what? At least we got garages, so we don't have to spend that much time outside. It's so awesome having a garage. I was like, yeah, you're right. I love my garage. It makes it really easy to get there in the morning when I don't have to actually get outside until I get. Get to the office. So I get home. It's about how late were we there? Probably like, two. Yeah, right?


There was, like, one. Yeah.


132. And I get home, and I pull into my driveway. I hit the garage door opener on my garage. Nothing happens. And I hit it again. Nothing happens again. So I park on the street, go inside, check out the garage, and I hit the button again, and it starts lifting it up off the ground. Except the bottom of the garage is frozen to the driveway because we got snow and it was so fucking cold that froze the bottom of my garage door to the driveway. And the motor lifts the top of my garage and pulls it apart at the seam from the bottom of my garage. So now I've got a big hole in the middle of my garage from where the motor just pulled it up. I did not think that I knew Chicago winters were going to be tough. I didn't think it was like, freeze your garage door to the ground until it gets ripped apart by the motor.


Cold. Yeah. Last three days have sucked. It's been 17 degrees tomorrow and 40 on Monday.


A balmy 17 tomorrow.




I'm excited about that. My cool throne is Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan on the cool throne. First responder Hulk Hogan.




Lifesaver Hulk Hogan. There was a multi car accident in Clearwater, Florida. That's where all the golfers live, right? Yep. He was reportedly driving with a friend when they stopped to respond to the accident. Hogan helped the teen driver get out of her car by popping the car's airbags with tools he had on hand.


Love that, brother.


He just showed up and was like, oh, just like, stabbed it.


That was macho.


That was macho, man. Yeah, but he just showed up and stabbed the airbag with probably a knife, I would imagine.


Yeah, but if you're that, I feel like he's got an eclectic keychain.


He might just use his dick.


He's got a hog. Yeah, that's right. Shows up and just never saw it. Federal crime.


No, I never saw it. If you're that person and you get into a car accident, imagine that. And you rolled your car over multiple times, airbags off, and the first thing you see is like, hulk Hogan tearing your door off the handle, helping. You would think that you died.


Yeah. You think you're in heaven. It's like the american hero.


That's God. Yeah, I just. I've ascended.


Good job by Hulk Hogan.


Yeah, great job.


Yeah. All right. My hot seats is. Well, it was temporarily Lions fans, but I actually am going to back them. Kelly Stafford came out and said that Lions fans booed her four little daughters. She's since retracted, but that was a crazy lie. They booed Matt Stafford and they might have booed Kelly Stafford, but no one's like to say that your daughter's got booed is insane. Yeah, well, that was, like, an instant, like, we lost. Let me make them feel bad. I stand with Lions fans. There's no way. Unless you show me a video of a Lions fans pointing at the daughter and being like, see you, little girl. Boo. No chance.


So if your daughters are on camera with you and Matt Stafford.


Right. And there's booze, they're not booing.


They're not booing your daughters.


That's what I was saying. Unless you can tell me, I'm sure they're sitting in a suite, in the hallways of the suite. Someone booed the daughters. No chance. So, Lions fans, you're off the hot seat. I can see, Phil, I stood with Lions fans right from the jump on that one because that was one of those ones where it's like. I get it. You lost a very emotional game. The whole thing is emotional. Let me just throw out that they were mean to my kids.


Yeah, it's a smart cover.




It's a smart play for a second, if you know the right people in the media that will believe you at face value.


But I didn't believe it for a second.


Kelly Smollett.


Yeah. The booing of little kids. And also, it would be kind of funny. I don't want little kids get booed. But it's also, when little kids do get booed, it's like no one's actually booing out of malice. That's, like, kind of funny. Boo. The kid doesn't finish his popcorn fast enough when he's on the jumbotron.


To me, that'd be awesome. If Philly did it.




If Philly fans boo. Yeah. Go, birds. Right in her face, that would be funny. The same way that the two of fingers you think are funny.


Oh, yeah.


But if I saw, like, a Philly guy in full face paint with the shoulder pads on, like, booing a three year old girl, that would be so funny.


Booing's hot in the streets these days. It is.


Everyone's getting booed.


Otter is getting booed. Widow's getting booed. Nick Siriani getting booed. Popcorn dumped. Just booing.


All right.


My cool throne was Billy Mitchell as well. He's back. He's all the way back. The greatest villain of all time. Okay, Jake, your hot seat. Cool throne.


My hot seat is liberty football. They tweeted, getting it done in the classroom with a book emoji. And then the graphic says, 2.96 cumulative GPA.


Love that.


That's really good.


Yeah, it's actually not terrible.


No team, but really, they're like bragging.


About it as if it was a 4.0.


It is pretty good.


Well, it's the old play school. It's the old tip. If your GPA is below 3.0, leave.


It off the resume.


Just don't put it on the resume unless you had like a three eight.


Yeah, just leave it off. Just be like, graduated college.


What was your resume or your GPA in college?


Mine was high. I was pretty good in college because I found all the hacks where I just did bullshit classes. I was like, a three nine.


Oh, wow.


Nerd alert.


That's awesome. I got a c my freshman year, and then I literally just found the easiest classes that took no work. And I never took a math class, never took a language class. I found the oldest professor in the world to do, like, a history class. He just gave everyone an a. It's really. College is like, can you find the hacks? Yeah. Rate.


My professor was clutch.


Yeah, make sure you really pronounce that t in there. That's just enunciation.


Why, what was your GPA?


Two nine one.


Okay, so tweet it out.


What do you guys think my high school GPA was?


Two oh four.


No, you had, like, high school classes. You probably found your way into.


Oh, no, I was pretty close. What was it, 50?


I'm going to say 26230.


Okay, split the difference. Yeah, you are.


Doesn't matter.


No, doesn't matter at all.


Doesn't matter.


In fact, if you have a lower GPA, it's like a quarterback that throws interceptions sometimes.


It's like, yeah, you try. No, I admit that my GPA was like the juice ball era check down merch in college because I never took a class on Friday either. That's the other tip.


Yeah, I tried to get all classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. One year that was not working.


I did it every single year. I did not take a class on Friday after my first semester in college.


I did Tuesday Thursdays. One semester.


I did it every hard.


Just like, logistics. No, but only just Tuesday. Only Tuesday.


No Monday or Wednesdays either.


Yes, I would do that pretty much every single year. I said, yeah, maybe some Mondays, one Monday, Wednesday, but I did a lot of Tuesdays and Thursdays.


But if you try to do it where it's like all, like literally all classes on Tuesday or Thursday, it is impossible from a logistical point of view to just get physically from one room to another. But it was like, it would have been.


No, you could have night classes yeah. Also, I took night classes.


Also Thursdays. The tip, too, is like, I hit it on the nose of how many credits you needed to graduate. I did not do like, I had some friends who got. I think it was like, 120. You need, like, some of them were in the hit, 120. The last second I took a final.


In my senior year, I lived so close to Villanova that I took summer classes. Those are the easiest classes.


Oh, yeah. Summer classes just get an extra, like five.


They have some really hard classes that you can take in the summer, and they're like, half as difficult.


The other tip for college kids is if you go to a big school, it's either go to class or read the book, one or the other. Because professors don't really give a fuck. They basically teach you what's going to be on the test is in their class. Or if you don't go to the class, you can just read the whole book and you'll get everything you need.


I've got a hot tip. If you're looking to get out of a test, too, and you're a college student, no professor will ever call you on this. Tell them you got sprayed by a skunk. I did that one time. That was my excuse because there were skunks on campus. I was like, I got sprayed by a skunk. I can't make it in. I'm going to Walmart to get tomato juice today so I can clean up. And the professor, what are they going to do? Yeah, are they going to be like, come in and let me smell you? I already told you, I'm on the way to Walmart right now to get the tomato juice. I'll be cleaned up by the next time you see me.


College is a sham. It's a big trick.


Yeah, agreed.


You just got to get through the tricks.


Survive in advance.


It's tricks. You just find tricks and then you're like, all right, this class is easy. I'll take this again. I did a class that was called. I think it was not actually called it, but people called around campus. Clap for credit. It was just like, all the athletes. You just would go and listen to music. Yeah, clap for credit.


I took super bowl on society. It was pretty cool.


That's pretty.


The history of the Super Bowl.


I took dinosaurs, too.


That rocks.


That actually was a hard class, but it was online, so I cheated.


I took football coaching, which was awesome. My professor spent, like, five years compiling all this data to figure out whether or not you should take the ball or kick off in the first half. And he would only be like, I found out that if you receive the kickoff, your field position is actually worse over the course of the first half. And then I raised my hand. I said, what about the second half? Because it switches to the second half. He's like, I didn't take that into account when I was writing my thesis. So it's like, okay, this was a level of education we're dealing with here, but it was an awesome class.


That is a sick class. I love that class. All right. Cheek. What was your cool throne?


My cool throne are passengers who are on an airplane where the door blows off because Alaska Airlines is awarded them $1,500.


Oh, 1500.


Yeah, that's fucking it.


Sorry about.


Sorry about a refund of the original flight.


Sorry about you guys almost dying.


There's $1,500.


I wore my seatbelt.


I'd rather have nothing.


Yeah, honestly, it's insulting.


Door coming off. It has to start at ten grand.


No, it should just be like flights for life.


You probably have to sign something saying you're not going to sue them for would. Oh, I would be in a neck brace getting off that plane. I would get in the moment. You need an ambulance. You got to take me to a hospital. Oh, yes. I'd go to ketamine therapy for years.




Get over this trauma.




Okay. What do you got, Max?


I was just thinking flights for life might be worth.


Yeah, yeah.


But then stick with that one airline. And then what? If you park your car at midway, there's only going to.


The parking situation.


So crazy. You can't do that.


Also, if a plane with Alaska Airlines almost. I mean, that synchrates in the air.


That's not valid. No, it's not. To delay a whole day.


It was a holiday.


I would come back on the Monday being like, oh, in the middle of two games. I've done it. I did it when we lived in New York. JFK, Laguardia. Like, oh, I can get a better flight. Earlier flight. Okay, I'll just take an Uber.


It is the difference between flying into LaGuardia and flying into Newark.




That's fucking.


But on Martin Luther King day, there's no traffic.


Yeah, actually, no, it's actually way worse to fly into the New York airport. That example. Because it's way easier to just drive to the different airport here.


Sorry. We're going to track all your flights now. We're fine. We got a whole system in place. All right, let's get to our interview. We got Pete Prisco. Great interview with Pete Prisco. Our good friend. And then we'll finish up with guys on chicks on the other side.


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Fix today.


There really is no other option. And now here's Pete Prisco.


Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest, one of our very good friends. He is a senior NFL columnist for You can find him on CBS Sports HQ. It's Pete Prisco. We wanted to have him on because we're in the middle of the playoffs and we are now heading into the divisional round, and Pete's Jacksonville Jaguars are set to play their first playoff game as the one seed out of the AFC. So we thought we'd get Pete on to talk about his Jacksonville Jaguars before their big playoff game. Pete, you must have enjoyed the buy, right?


Yeah, the buy was great. And by the way, they're not my Jaguars. I just happened to pick them and I was an idiot. And believe me, you and you and every 50 million of your listeners have reminded me of my stupidity in picking Jacksonville to be the number one seed over and over and over. You did it, big cat. You did it about 20 times during the season. He's just relentless.


Yeah, every time they lost, I was like, was this scheduled? Was this scheduled, Pete?


What happened to the schedule?


Where was the schedule wrong?


Because you weren't wrong. The schedule was wrong.


No, I was wrong because the team stunk. I mean, let's be real. They had so many issues this year, and it starts with the roster. The general manager has not done a good job, and yet he still stays there over and over. He's the one guy that continues to be in the organization no matter who's running it. Bad decision. And then you had it all up and guys didn't play well. I think Doug Peterson's at fault for some of that. They seem like whenever they start reading their press clippings and think they're good, they go in the toilet. And so there were a variety of reasons that the quarterback didn't play as well. So add it all up and I made a stupid pick, and believe me, every one of your guys can continue to remind me because I deserve it.


It's the nature of the organization, I think, like, if, you know, even the Cowboys or you pick the Steelers, like a team that has won Super Bowls in their past, to win a Super bowl or go to a Super bowl, people can visualize it, they can see it. When you say the Jaguars are going to go to the Super bowl, it leaves an impression on people's brains in late August that they then stick with, and they're like, who is that Jaguars guy? Oh, yeah, Pete Prisco. And I might have reminded some people you did.


You were relentless. And by the way, what if you said, okay, the Lions, they've never been in the Super bowl, but if you said the Lions before the season, would you have gotten the same reaction? Probably not. And are the Lions capable of going to the Super bowl? Of course, they know when it's teams that never have been there. Of course, when you pick them and say they're going to get there for reasons that were laid out, by the way, I deserve the heat.


Give it to me. I appreciate that schedule.


I think a lot of people could have taken the easy way out and said the schedule, Trevor Lawrence was hurt, et cetera, et cetera. I appreciate you putting your hand up. So Pete is welcoming you to give him all the abuse online. Pete wants your abuse.


You're sick and he doesn't block people anymore.


No, not as many. If you get personal, I'll block you.




If you get personal, I'll block you. Other than that, no, I'm not blocking you.


All right.


So, Pete, looking back at super wild card weekend, the game stunk for the.


Most part, the Rams, Lions.


That was a good game. I enjoyed that one a lot. But for the most part, the rest of the game's not really interesting. What is the biggest surprise?


Well, I think the biggest surprise has to be Green Bay going in and winning the way they did. I thought they would hang around in the game, but to go in there and dominate the way they did, that was a bad look for, you know, everybody's all excited about Dan Quinn. The plan was awful. They had six defensive backs on the field the entire game. Not only that, their linebackers weighed 220 and 225. I think they're tiny. They got pushed around. The packers outsmarted them on that side of the ball and did whatever they wanted to. And by the way, there were a lot of people out there that were killing Jordan love before the season. A lot of them.


Many of them who.


No, Adam shine being one of them. I mean, he destroyed him. And the day I was there, he destroyed them. Him. And they were angry about it. I asked Jordan love about it. He didn't care. The players didn't care. They love that guy. That guy has a little bit of it to know. You can't see that when a guy comes out in the draft. You have no idea. He's got that in him. And I think that's played out. So that was a big surprise to me. It was the way they handled the Cowboys.


Yeah. Jordan loves playing incredible football. I've just admitted that he's probably a future hall of famer. The other thing, or maybe surprising, I don't know. The Eagles just basically dead team walking. What happens now? Nick Sirianni probably has to go, even though he's made the playoffs three years in a row, made a Super bowl. But that type of collapse, I don't think we've seen a collapse quite like that in the NFL in terms of how good they were last year to this year and then ten and one and then out in an embarrassing fashion.


Let me ask you this, though. When they were ten and one, did you think they looked like a ten and one team? They never looked like a dominant team that they were at the end of last season. They had issues. And here's part of the problem with the Eagles. They let age creep in in a lot of spots. The two corners. Those two guys were terrible slag. He and Bradbury both had issues. When they lost Maddox early in the season, that nickel corner became a problem. They didn't rush the passer like they did a year ago. And so on the other side of the ball, they were physical last year. They weren't physical at all. They got away from the run the entire season except for early in the season when Swift ran well. So I think Sirianni's in trouble in large part because of the way it played out. But think about that. You go from Super Bowl 1 January to February to fired the next January. Is that where we are in the NFL these days?


But I think when you think specifically about the, he's, I mean, he fired Andy Reid, who's one of the best coaches of all time. He fired Doug Peterson, what, a couple years after he won a Super bowl. So he has clearly shown that he's not going to be timid when it comes to making changes with the coaches.


Do we give Siriani any benefit of the doubt because he lost both his offensive and defensive coordinator from a year ago?


No, I think that's, it's an indictment on Sirianni.


Yeah, he's coordinating.


How's that an indictment on Siriani? They could leave for head coaching job.


No, that's great for his coordinators. But I'm saying that Siriani himself, you see what you get without these two guys with him? Like, what does he bring to the table? Answer me that, Pete. What does Nick Sirianni do? Really?


Don't, I don't know how he handles the room. I know he coaches. He answers questions with an attitude. I can tell you that. And that's the word, is that he has the edge and the attitude. Does that rub players the wrong way? Does that anger them? They didn't get better. So to answer your question, I will sit here and say that team was not better than they were a year ago. And that, you can say, is an indictment of the head coach, right?




So with Siriani in particular, would you say he lost the locker room?


Don't know.


It seemed like it, though. Did you see Jalen hurts when he was asked about him last night, about whether he didn't really give him a vote of confidence. And that's never a good look. When your quarterback, you saw Dak Prescott, he at least came out in defense of Mike McCarthy. He backed him. Jalen hurts didn't.


Yeah, well, Dak Prescott and Mike McCarthy might just be, they're like, hey, will you get my back? Will you get my back? Because we're both kind of got it. We got to at least have each other's back here because there's a chance we're both gone next year.


Well, let me ask you this. For all Dan Quinn's the greatest in the world. What lost the game the other day for the Cowboys was the offense or the defense. I know Prescott threw a couple bad.


Offense in the first half. Offense in the first half, you can't come out. You can't come out at home and look like that. I know the defense is bad and people will say Dak's stats because obviously second half, he put up a bunch of numbers.


Yeah, that was garbage.


But if you are Dac Prescott and you have Super bowl aspirations and you are home against a seven seed, seven and a half point dog, you have to come out and give your team a chance to be in the game right away. They were out of that game within 15 minutes. The way he looked, the long drive, touchdown, three and out, then some turnovers. He buried that team. I know the defense didn't play well, but Dac buried that team and he showed up way too late.


Yeah, I could see where he didn't play well. Don't get me wrong, but I go back to the Buffalo game. When they played Buffalo, remember Buffalo ran it down her throat for what, 270 yards that day? They barely even threw the football. And so you're too little. They're too little. They don't have enough bodies in there to counter out the run. And when you can't do that, you hit those shots down the field. So, yeah, that didn't play well, but they were the number one scoring offense in the national football League. This mean, so you got to take into account that.


Yeah, in the regular.


I mean, that's, that's what you get out of Dallas.


They've been great in the regular season.


And would you both fire Mike McCarthy and Nick Sirianni?


I think you should extend Mike McCarthy and Dak Prescott indefinitely in Dallas. And I think that you should make Nick Sirianni coach for life in Philadelphia.


I'm saying that as a real commander.


I would love that.


And that tells you all you need to know. Think about it that way. I think each fan base wants their coach gone.


Yeah, I'd fire both. I'd fire both, especially because who do you have right now? You have Harbaugh, you have Belichick, possibly.


Tomlin, because Belichick's done a wonderful job.


The last. Well, hold on, but Vrabel, Pete Carroll, like, there's some names out there that are significant upgrades. From what I mean, Nick Siriani is easier to me. Mike McCarthy, I get it. Like, he had a better season and then the playoff disappointment happens again. But yeah, I think both guys should be gone. If I were.


So Sirianni gets nothing for going to.


The Super bowl mean, you can ask the Philly sports faithful out there. We know one or two of mean.


I get it.


It's the way that it fell apart.


If he had won that game, which probably. Some people argue that the call was terrible and they probably should have won a game, would you still fire him this year?


Oh, if he won a Super bowl last year? No, you'd probably give him an extra year.


Just think about that for a second.


Yeah, but that's the difference. Maybe if he didn't cry, too. If he didn't cry at the Super bowl. Before the Super Bowl, I might keep.


I'm. I'm with young mean. Unless you have, like, a family death that relates to the football or something. Like Caleb Williams crying after he holding his mom. After.


Hold on. No, hold. You know, mental health is mental, so let's chill out with that. Caleb Williams might be a bear, so I'm going to watch what I say.


Yeah, but I still don't like crying after football games. That's just me.


Or before.


I think it's always appropriate to cry in the national anthem. You can do it like.




Sean Moreno, you remember that? When he had just tears streaming down his face. That's just love for you.


That's passion.


I mean, if you had a relative who was involved with it and was close to you and he died the week before or something, I get it. I understand that. But just for crying after a game or before a game, I like it.


You should write a pamphlet. Pete Prisco's advice for personal grieving.


I like it. The do's and don'ts for guys.


You know what? Believe me, I can talk about it. You got to laugh. That's first and foremost. You have to laugh over situations to get out to deal with the grief. I can promise you that. And that's lesson number one.


So with Tom Lin in particular, he kind of stormed out of the press conference. He turned and ran when they asked him about the one year left on his contract. That doesn't seem like the behavior of a man that plans on sticking around. If I were to guess otherwise, he just would have said, like, I'm going to be the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Do you think that there's any chance he just walks?


Know, you start hearing that and there's some rumblings around the league that he will walk. You know, it's a grind, guys. You know that you're around it long enough, it wears on you. These guys miss so many things in their lives. And I think at some point you got to step back from it. Bill Cowers never came back and he's enjoyed life since then. And I think guys get away from it. Mike Smith, the coach fire for the Falcons, never came back in any way, shape or form and enjoys his life. I think it's tough on these guys. So I think, would I be surprised if Mike Tomlin walked away? No, absolutely.


So if, let's say, hypothetically, Mike Tomlin's out there and hypothetically, he is not completely done with football. So he and the Steelers work out arrangement. He doesn't want to be there for whatever reason. Next year, rank the top five best coaching candidates because I feel like this is the best free agent class maybe in the history of head coaching.


Well, if Belichick is not the general manager, he's the best because Belichick the general manager got Belichick the coach in a lot of trouble. The roster stinks.


GM Belichick fired Bill Belichick, the head coach?


Yes. Bill Belichick, the GM should have been fired a long time ago. And so I think Belichick's the best coach. Tomlin's right behind him. I think right mean, Harbaugh will fix things, but the shelf life, you know, is going to be very short.


Who cares? Who cares? He wins.


He's a time bomb.


You want him in Chicago, don't you?


I wanted him so bad. I mean, it's not going to happen, but he wins. That's what he does.


He does. You know why he wins? Because he builds that thing physically. He builds both the offensive and defense everywhere he's been. Build the offense and defensive lines and go, that's the way he has to win in the NFL, if your two lines are good and you have a quarterback, you're winning no matter what else is.


Yeah. So we've had this debate and you watch the film, Pete, right now, let's throw contracts out of the situation. Where is CJ Stroud ranked in quarterbacks the NFL? Like, if we throw all contracts out of this situation and you call up and you're like, hey, we'll trade our quarterback for CJ Stroud. How many teams are actually willing to want to do that? And how many teams are hanging up?


Like, no, the question is how many teams won't do.


Yeah. Right, right. So how many teams will hang up.


And be like, no, you wouldn't do it with. Yeah, you wouldn't do it with. You wouldn't. You probably wouldn't do it with Lamar. I don't think.




You wouldn't do it with Burrow.


Yep. Is that it? I think that might be it. Which is crazy, isn't it?


Yeah. You want to hear high praise for me? This is high praise for I. In a million years, I never thought I'd say this about anybody. He makes me think of Dan Marino in his day heyday.




He makes it look so easy with the quick release and the ability to throw. Know he has a little more movement than Dan did, but the ability to decipher it and put it right on the numbers and he makes it look easy. There are a few guys that walk into this league and make it look that easy. That's why he reminds me of Marino. And remember, guys, Moreno wasn't as good in college as he was in the NFL.


Oh, cocaine.


Yeah, allegedly. And by the way, CJ Strauss wasn't as good in college as he is.


In the NFL and won't be.


That's a big claim because we actually were talking about it on Monday that think, you know, you can have this debate because you can look at the numbers differently and you can add playoff wins or not. But I think CJ Stroud is now in the conversation for best rookie quarterback year ever. And Damarino would obviously be in that conversation as well because he was phenomenal his rookie year. Won the MVP the second year. But that's the level he's playing at. Right. And it's. You're right, too, because the classic Damarino quote, there is no defense for a perfect pass. Like, that's what CJ Stroud's doing.


And you know the interesting thing, look, Diko Collins was a nice receiver, but he's made him into a big time receiver. Tank Dell, he was putting up numbers as a rookie. Moreno had Clayton and Duper. Neither one of those guys were great players. They were really good players and Marino made them that much better. I think that's what CJ Stroud does to Nico Collins, what he was doing with Tank Dell. And I think when you have that guy, look, everybody missed on him. Let's be real. Nobody thought he was going to be that. Nobody out there. And if you probably put the Texans on the lie detector, if they had the first pick, they probably would have taken Bryce Schunk. Okay, so they all missed on know. Nobody thought he was going to be this good.


No, I heard that CJ Stroud was always their guy no matter what. That's what the.


Fact. But you know what? He should have been Carolina's guy. That's what he should have been Carolina's guy.


You're wearing their colors right now. Let's talk about dolphins. As we all predicted, they went into Kansas City in a cold weather game and it was bad. It was really ugly. It's kind of what we've been leaning towards all year with them seeming to not be able to beat any good teams, just not being built for the cold. How do you fix, because we're talking about how to instill toughness in a team. Maybe it's not toughness, maybe it's something else. But you tell us, how do you fix the Miami Dolphins? Because they're not totally broken. They've got talent, they've got good players. But how do you fix them next year to make sure that they can win in January?


Well, the offensive line has to be better first and foremost. Losing the center really hurt their offensive line and they had guys going in and out the whole season. That matters. You talk about physical team, they ran the ball well all year long. They were great running the football. It's just a different style of running the football and that they get a lot of big chunk plays instead of wearing you down physically. So it looks different. Tua has to be better in big moments. On the think, you know, you saw the reports coming out of Kansas City. I don't necessarily believe this, but they said if he padded the ball, that means he's getting off his first read. He's done. And so you looked at that game and he didn't play very well. So yeah, I think it's two has to play better. They have to be more physical. They have to be willing to do different things, too. I like the creativity of earlier season is great, but you have to be able to, like you said, run the ball consistently, take the pressure off those shots and the injuries just decimated the defense.


Let's be real. How many teams can handle playing a playoff game without your top three pass rushers picking guys up off the street, your second corners out, your starting linebackers out and go out and try and defend against the Chiefs. And they actually played okay on defense in that.


Mean Mahomes also his receivers like the Miko Harbin. Just deciding to just stop a route was crazy when Mahomes is throwing a perfect pass. But it'll be interesting to see what happens with the Dolphins. Do you want to apologize for being wrong about Jared Goff?


How was I wrong about Jared Goff?


I don't know. I just saw your first tweet saying, what was it? One more thing I said the Lions had to learn how to win big games before the season. They have done that and more. I commit when I'm wrong. Jared Goff and that offense are tough to love.


No, I'm a big Jared Goff.


Okay, good.


By the way, I've told you guys this before. One day in training camp, I went to go talk to him years ago, and he walked up to me, he goes, you're the guy I heard on your podcast, by the way. He heard me with you guys. He's a big fan of you guys, so of course you guys love him. No, he doesn't get the do he deserves. He never has. We might be a lot like that. We take up for guys like that. With Josh Allen. I don't understand it. There's certain guys that just get ripped to shreds by the media for whatever reason, and I don't understand it. He's one of them, by the way.




So I think what big cat's getting at. And Pete. This is like Pete Prisco 101. It's in the handbook. You say you won't bet on a team to win a playoff game until they've already won a playoff game. You're like, they haven't proven to me that they can win when it counts in January. And then once they do that one year, then the next year, you're like, okay, yeah. They can win in January.


Correct. You have to prove. That's straight from the football textbook. You're right.


Prove to me. Prove it. So the Texans, the Lions and the packers surprised you a lot this weekend?








You can only go off what you see.


I picked Cleveland. I picked the Rams. So there you go.


Yeah. All right.


So what happens in Flacco? Is there a world where Joe Flacco starts at quarterback for the Cleveland Browns next year?


Is that.


Flacco in the mean? That's Joe Flacco. You get the great of Joe Flacco. You get the flacco of know. He threw some of the worst interceptions all season long, and you sat there and you go, okay, is this the start of it? I mean, it was a great story. I mean, don't get me wrong, coming off the street and playing the way he did, but, no, he's not the quarterback. Watson will be the quarterback. For obvious financial.


We missed. We'll miss Joe. That was a fun five weeks or whatever it was throwing. It was.


It was. And by the way, their defense just was awful. The great defense, they were terrible. They were a no show.


The other, I mean, we saw it a little bit on the road. All right, so talking, looking ahead to this weekend, who's going to shock the world? Because we have some interesting games outside of the Chiefs. I don't know what the Bucks Lions line is, but obviously the Chiefs Bills is lined as under a field goal game. The other three games seem to be. It's a six point line. The other three games are expected to be maybe not as close. So are we going to get a shock this weekend? Are we going to get someone's shock in the world?


Yes, but I don't know who will. Kansas City, you guys know this. Kansas City can win in Buffalo, particularly all the injuries at Buffalo. So that wouldn't be a shock.


That's not a shock? Yeah.


No. The shock would be if Green Bay pulls off the upset at San Francisco. Are they capable of doing it? I worry about their defense getting pushed. Know they've always had a problem stopping the run. It's been an issue for them for a long time. Can they stop the run? If they can stop the run, I think they'll move the ball in San Francisco. Their offensive line's playing great. And if you block the Niners, you're having success throwing against the Niners. I think they're susceptible in the secondary to the pass. So if they block them, they beat them and their lines playing well. I think they hang around in that game. I do. And would it at all shock me to see him win one? Would. I could see them winning that game.


So I want the Niners to win, obviously. But I think that it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if we had Detroit hosting an NFC championship game. How awesome would that be?


Well, you don't think the Bucks can win at Detroit?


No, I'm just saying I'm looking ahead.


If the Bucks win, then the Detroit wouldn't host an NFC championship.


Think about it. If the packers win and the Bucks win, the championship game would be in Tampa.


That would be weird.


That'd be very weird.


That would be weird. No, it'll be great for the league to have the Lions hosting a championship game. Are you kidding me? That place was rocking the other day. It was fantastic.


If we're looking at the NFL from the lens of it being scripted for ratings, the Super bowl would be the Lions and the Chiefs with Taylor Swift in the audience.


No idea. Would have been the Cowboys and the Chiefs. That would have been the ideal one.




But the Cowboys, that's in the NFL script every year. It's like the ending of an SVU show, they catch the bad guy at the end. Every year the Cowboys lose in the playoffs.


This will be great if what?


But ideal scenario from a tv standpoint, and an NFL standpoint would have been Cowboys Chiefs with Taylor Swift.


No, the ideal scenario is Lions Chiefs. PFt's right. And then the Lions beat the Chiefs and Taylor Swift sees Dan Campbell and she's like, I never knew there was such a thing as this. Alpha man. It's a whole new species. I'm going to do everything I can to date him and they become the new hot couple.


Yeah, I don't think that script's actually playing out. Okay, well, TMZ reporting that Kelsey's getting engaged this summer.


Well, that's a weird TMZ.


I thought somewhere some one of those sites.


Oh, yeah. Okay.


TMZ reporting six months in advance of you asking somebody to marry you. That must be so bizarre for Travis Kelsey.


By the way, I have Taylor Swift tickets for next October. Anybody want to buy them?




How much?


Where are they? Where you go. Where?


They're in Miami. My wife got them. She wants to go, but I don't know if we're going to go. Might sell them.


You want me to take your wife?


You will take your wife. All right.


Pete, is that a pineapple on the shelf behind you?


But you know what, though, think about it. My wife is a lot like me. So you guys would love you.


Yeah, we'd have a great time with your wife.


Don't make me get the machine gun.


Out my Tommy gun. Pete, we were talking about this. Another thing. I want your thoughts on Monday. Patrick Mahomes has twelve playoff wins already. It's six seasons in, he's got twelve playoff wins. I went through it. It's like Elway and Manning got their twelveth playoff win in their final seasons. He's got more playoff wins than Acman if he wins another Super bowl this year. Is it even a discussion that he's not number, he's number two, right? Does he pass Montana with three?


If he wins another one, he's number, he's. And he's far from done. That's the scary about end up. He might end up passing Brady as the greatest of all time in terms of Super Bowls, mvps, numbers, the whole deal. He's special and he carries that team every single week. I mean, the things he does. The tackles are getting beat on a consistent basis. And he's getting outside, making throws down the field, hitting guys with ropes for 60 yards and it's going right through their hands. I mean, it's amazing what they do now. I was at the last Buffalo Kansas City game in the regular season. They didn't play well in that game. Remember, that was the Darius Tony situation. But I think Buffalo, if they had so many injuries on defense, though, I mean, they lost a bunch of them yesterday, too. I hope those guys can get back because I want to see Mahomes on the road for the first time against the defense that's capable of playing against them, not some bunch of backups on the field.




What about the Ravens? What about Lamar? Can he win in the playoffs? Well, actually, let me back up. First of all, who gets your MVP vote?


It would be Lamar.


Okay. All right.


Good answer. I think he probably had the best. It's like him and Josh Allen, I think, is where the votes.


What Josh Allen's done is incredible. And you guys know how I feel about Josh Allen. What he's done is incredible. And he's another guy. Everybody just tears him to shreds and I don't get it. I don't get it. Yeah, he turns the ball over, but he's turning the ball over because he's pressing, because he puts that team on his back and carries mean. And by the way, Bret far threw a lot of interceptions and he was great as well. It takes trying to make plays. And you will throw interceptions. I've had many a quarterback tell me, look, if I didn't want to throw interceptions, I could play a whole season with throwing as few as you would imagine, but I wouldn't be taking any chances.




So with the Ravens this year, can Lamar start winning in the playoffs? Two time MVP? Probably.


I think this offense he's fitted, it fits him. It's different. They can throw it and they don't have to be a run heavy offense like they've been in the past. They can still run it, but I think this offense is very conducive to what he does. And he's played great throwing the football. Yeah, he can turn it on this week. The other side is what CJ Stroud does against that defense. The way they throw so many different looks at you. I think that's the more interesting one there.


Yeah. Okay. So, Pete, I had one last question for you. This has been awesome. We love having you on. It's a row back question. Rho back promo code take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. promo code take. Can you tell us where your best guess where all these guys are going to end up coaching the Belichick, Harbaugh, Tomlin. Where are some of these chess pieces going to move to?


Belichick's going to go to Atlanta.


That's official. I mean, that's the all time biggest cuck move of all. You can't do that if you're the Falcons. Yeah.


Yes, you can, because all you want to do if you're Arthur blank, all you want to do is win. But the problem with that scenario is how long is Belichick going to be there and who's going to play quarterback?




Because if you can't get Kirk cousins, for example, or somebody, a veteran quarterback, then you're going to draft a guy and his patience going to be, you know what I mean? I just think you're concerned. They could trade up with the Bears, by the way, and go get one of those quarterbacks. Or they could trade Justin Fields.


Yeah. I want a new quarterback.


You do?


Yeah. I think I just watching like CJ Stroud and Jordan Love and I like Justin Fields. I'll root for him for the rest of his career. I really want it to work. You have to be able to pass the ball and you have to be able to pass the ball with anticipation and you have to be able to make those big time throws. And he's shown flashes, but it's just, I don't like, it's like a question.


Do you see it or do you? That's a tough decision because you're sitting here saying to get Caleb Williams, what is he going to be? But when Justin Fields came out, everybody thought he was going to be it. You know what I mean?




You got to be careful with what you wish for. I know the foundation there. By the way, the Bears will be a playoff team next year no matter who plays quarterback.


That's right. I've been telling these idiots, Hank's not here. He's taking his 17th day in a row off because he's down with his little girlfriend in Dallas.


He's fixing her wall.


Yeah, he's fixing her wall. But I've been telling him that. He's been laughing in my face. They have an actual good foundation built well.


They got good tackles. One's a first year, one's a second year guy. You have the weapons. The runners are going to be. Both of those guys can run the football. And so Kemet's a good tight end. They need another pass rusher. They need another edge rusher. But the defense really grew up. They got to keep have the make. They will be a playoff team next year no matter who plays quarterback.


All right, so what are the other coaches?


Okay, so Belichick to Atlanta, I think Harbaugh to the Chargers makes all the sense in large part because it's the best job. You get the quarterback, you don't have to worry about the. So I think that's the best scenario for him. I think he does end up going there. I think Pierce will go back to the Raiders. I think that makes sense from that standpoint. And then Tomlin, if he walks away, I think he's going to walk away. I think he's done.




What about Vrabel?


That's a tough one. I think Mike Vable is a good football coach. I really do. And I think he's one of those guys that I think he needs to get with the times a little bit with the offense. I think that's something he's going to have to do in his next know. You can't just line up and hand it to a 240 pound back all the time. You have to be able to, you see this, you see where the game is played now. You got to be able to throw it around. But I still think he's a good coach. Where could he end up?


Pittsburgh is what we're thinking. He would be the perfect Steelers coach.


And you know what? That's a great job for him because he'd end up staying there for 30 years because they don't ever fire their coach.




Him and Arthur Smith getting back together, going to Pittsburgh.


And does Dan Quinn go back to Seattle?


I think probably you have to, like, at least if you're the Seahawks, you have to have a little bit of concern after that playoff game. I know it's one game and you can't really judge that based on the body of evidence that he's done in Dallas. But it would make me think, like, yeah, maybe we should interview a couple other guys.


Here's my problem, though, with when we hire these head coaches now, everybody wants, okay, well, he's a coordinator, so he's a coordinator of a good offense, so he'll be on a good team, so he'll be a good head coach or he's a bad coordinator. You need a guy like Dan Campbell. Dan Campbell wasn't a great coordinator. He's a leader of the team, and then he lets his coaches coach. Ben Johnson coaches the offense, Aaron Glenn coaches the defense, and Dan Campbell leads the team. That's what you need. You don't hire a guy based on his coordinating skills when he's on a good team with good players.


Yeah, no, it's a great. Even, even if you look at John Harbaugh, who is a special teams coach, I like when it's special teams coaches. Like, this guy is in the locker room with the dogs on the team, you know what I mean? Trying to get the most out of the guys that are fringe roster guys. He's a leader of men, right?


That's what you want. You want a guy who's going to coach his coaches and coach the players, not necessarily being x's and o's guy who's designing plays and calling the plays.


So top coordinators, because I feel like my commanders are going to zero in on a coordinator. I don't know if they're going to get Belichick a Vrabel, any of those.


I think they're going to go for Ben Johnson or.


Want Ben Johnson.


I see him on tv and I'm like, I want that, that offense. Give me that. I want that offense in DC. I would want either Ben Johnson or Bobby Slowick from Houston. But Aaron Glenn, like the defense in Detroit, they stunk for most of the year.


Again, though, leader of men. You want a guy that's going to lead. You want him to be able know, grab a guy by the shirt and say, get over here. You're going to do it this way or you're not playing.


Just hire Greg Ciano then.


No, come on now. You're going to an.


I mean, ideally, I would like my coach to be able to teach players how to play football well, yeah, but.


You can be both. You can be both. I just think sometimes, look, Ben Johnson, from everybody I talk to Ben and I don't know Ben Johnson, but Ben Johnson, people rave about Ben Johnson all the way across the board, all the way across. Leads, coaches, ex's nose, the whole thing.


That's what I want.


That'd be a great hire. That would be a great hire for Washington. But they hired their general manager, who has nothing but praise around the league from everybody. Look at some of the 49 ers drafts when he's been there, not the top guys down the line guys, and see how they stock that roster. He's done a nice job with that. Look, I was wrong about your commanders this year. I thought they'd be good this year and they weren't. But there's still some talent on that team. If somebody comes in there, they can finesse it and make it a better football team and get them going in that division.


Hope you're right, Pete.


Look at this. They're all pointing up. We kind of had the best.


You can make the argument. We had the best January in the entire NFC east.


Good point. I like that.


Yeah. Beast is back.


Yeah. The optimism is there and everybody else has issues.


Big cat are going to be in.


The NFC championship with the Giants. It's going to be easy work.


We're fucking winners now, big cat.


It's the Arrows pointing up. We're surrounded by losers. We got to change that. Get more winners around us. But we're winners officially.


All right, next year the Bears will be a playoff team and the commanders will be a better football team.


Oh, love it.


That's kind of better football team.


We're going to be playing better. I love you. Yeah. We're going to be playing good football next year, Pete. We will see you Super bowl week and maybe combine.


I will be there all week.


All right, Pete, I get together.


I got a bottle of mad dog with your name on it over here.


All right. It's Vegas, so anything goes in to be.


I know exactly what you're going to have. The tapered jeans and the button down shirt with the buttons have different patterns. You're going to be a real older. I'm trying to think of what the actual, it's going to be like.


A gray and black vertically striped dress shirt that goes too long, goes down.


To your mid thighs. Yes.


And you're going to have the jinkos on.


He's going to have a drink in his hand the whole entire week just talking to everyone drunk. Kind of like, hey, someone should get Pete home.


Maybe playing at the $5 blackjack table.


For like 16 hours.


You guys are confusing me with Will Brinson.


No. Will Brinson. He's going to the sphere and eating mushrooms.


You guys will be right behind them.


Yeah, that's fine. I would love to do that.


Crunchy, chewy things. Not that I've ever seen those.


Yeah. No. Was it Tom Hardy? Ed Hardy.


Ed Hardy.


Ed Hardy shirts. Yeah.


I've never been in an Ed Hardy shirt in my life.


You could pull off a true religion shirt, too.


Oh, yeah, that's the other one. True religion. The little stitches on the spearmint rhino. Pete. Oh, yeah. Are you a condom at a strip club guy?


I got married in Vegas, so it's like a lot of memories for me.


Are you a bring a condom to a strip club guy?




I don't even know what that question means. You got married in Vegas? Yeah.


Is your wife coming this no.


Oh, tell her we say hello. Oh, I believe she wants to go to Taylor Swift. We're available.


See, I don't want to admit this, but I want to sell those Taylor Swift tickets.


Yeah, no shit, dude. Probably a couple k. It's crazy.


More than that. Now, I looked the other day, and I remind her, I go sell them. I go, you go on a vacation? For what? You could get on those. You go on a vacation somewhere.


Yeah, just rent the movie, get the era's movie, and then go watch that in Hawaii.


Would you guys go?


No. Well, if one of my kids wanted to. My kids love Taylor Swift. So if one of my kids was like, oh, I want to go.


It depends on whose box I was going to be in.


In Taylor's box.


If it was Taylor's box, I would go. Yeah, I would go.


But that's the whole thing. You got to actually go to a stadium. Get out of the car.


Well, Pete, you're just describing going to a concert.


Yeah, no, what Pete's describing is also going to a football, too.


No, but I went and saw Dave Chappelle inside, like, a cozy casino arena. And it was nice because you don't have to deal with the getting out in the traffic and all that. 70,000 people, that's where it's a pain in the ass.


I agree with that.


Nothing worse than, like, after a big sporting event. Then you have to sit in a car, like, parked in the parking lot for another hour.




It's terrible, right?


Yeah, right. Awful. Okay. All right, Pete, we can't wait to see you. Thank you, as always.


I'll see you. Look forward to it, fellas.


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Yeah, I did, actually.


Seems to me that there should have been a slippery win wet sign on that floor.




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This is a paid advertisement.


All right, let's wrap up. We got guys on chicks. Henry.


Hey, dad.




Mr. Commentator. Loser. Max and frosty henry. Oh, I had a guy come over this weekend to watch some of the wild card games. I can hear memes laughing. We made a bet that the loser had to jump into my freezing cold pool. He lost the bet and after running to the shower, slipped and put a hole in my wall. Should I still have him over in the future even though he destroyed my.




Well, no, because it sounds like you guys don't get along. About dak Prescott.


I think it's already addressed. I feel like it was hypothetically, whatever could have happened here, I feel like you got to look past it. Love wins. And here's the thing. Life is about stories, right? So just think about it. Let's say two years, three years from now, because we've been saying we want to go to someone's wedding, a listener's wedding. Maybe go to this listener's weding. We're sitting at a wedding and there's a story told and be like, and remember the time your knee went through my wall? And we'll all laugh. And it was like, that was an incredible moment, these two lovebirds. I'm happy it worked out.


It's when we knew it was real, right? Yeah.


This is a fun leaving love bft.


It's a fun story that you can build around, right? For sure.




It's a very cute how we met story.


I don't know, like a, you know what? Right.


But in rom coms, they usually don't last years and years. And like, I don't know if there's another big event coming up soon that maybe you could meet up with. And it'll be a big production, a.


Big, like some super.


Yeah, some like a super event in a romantic city.


We'll look at the schedule and see if there's a super event coming up. Okay.


Hey, PMT boys.


Don't give up. That's our bottom line. I know sometimes we joke in this, but this is a dead serious response. Don't give up on love. Yeah. Also that guy and girl who had a great weekend and got to spend a little extra time because flights were canceled and there literally are no flights.


I didn't read one major part of the city another city, so I don't know what you're talking about.


The guy sounds like he's really cool and really hot. Probably has a big hammer to fix your wall with.


Hey, Pm Hank.


Were you concerned when you jumped in the freezing pool that your dick was going to be nonexistent like the bass pro shop guy when you jumped out?




I mean, you knew that was going to happen.


Yeah. So it did happen.


It happens to everyone.


Yeah. No, not me. Not me.


I think it's bigger when it gets cold.


Oh really?










Hey, PMT boys.


Bear weather.


I take the sleeves off.


I'm not cold. I'll never put on a condom in the cold.


I slept over at my new boyfriend's apartment. He doesn't have a dishwasher. I noticed in the morning he was doing dishes and only washing the tops of forks and spoons when I confronted him and told him he needs to wash the whole fork.




He said, why would he do that when only the top part goes in his mouth?




I think it's disgusting. And he will be bringing my own silverware. Am I overreacting or is he being practical?


Is this your first boyfriend?


That's an insane overreaction. Listen, I've lived in an apartment before without a dishwasher. It sucks. You go paper plates for a lot of stuff. What are you going to say, Max?


Continue. I have another question after you're done.


Yeah, you just go paper plates, a lot of stuff. But yeah, when you wash the dishes, it's a quick rinse. Yeah. What you do is you do the big soak. You plug your sink, just pour a bunch of soap in there, dump all your dishes in and then just rinse them off after about an hour.


Yeah, with a piece of silverware. What are you afraid of? Like the fingerprints on the edge of them. I don't really understand.


That's crazy.


The clean part is. The part that you need to be clean is cleaned right now. It's like with a coffee cup. If you have a coffee cup that you use every day at your house for breakfast. You should probably just reuse that coffee cup every day.


Do you guys wash when you have to do the dishes? Do you wash the big things in the sink and don't put them in the dishwasher to save room so you can overload the dishwasher?


I do all the time. The big things, like a big pot.


I'll always hand wash that because I'm like, I want to get everything. I don't like doing double dishes unless.


It'S the cast iron, because I feel like the cast iron gets way cleaner if you put in the dishwasher. But everything else, yeah.


There's nothing better than doing. You get all dishes done, take a nice piss in the sink, boom.


Do you wash the bottom of the pan?




Okay. I've gotten yelled at for not washing the entirety.


No. The fire burns.


I've had this and the handle. I've also gotten yelled at.


Washing dishes is very simple.


Handle. If you put your hand on, it's like the same thing as the four.


Yeah. If you see food, that's what you wash.




Everything else is clean.


The bottom of the pan sometimes gets greased, though. That's what you got to be careful about.


No, that's seasoning.


No. Yeah.


You don't season.


Seasoning on the bottom of the pan.




Wait, are you talking about the opposite side of the pan or the actual.


Pan, not where the food is, but where the burner goes?


Yeah. Seasoning on that.


No, I know. That was.


Yeah. You're overreacting. You're crazy, guy. Run. Don't run into a wall. Maybe do, because that's how love stories start.


My husband and I are in a heated debate. What's the average amount of wipes after a shit? I say three to five, and he says, 15 to 20, please help.


15 to 20, that's a lot. Go to a doctor.


You do have to stay there till it's done. Sometimes you'll have ones that are like, how do I still have poop in my ass?


I did have one of those earlier today, but it wasn't 15 to 20.


No. Well, dude, wipes. Shout out, dude, wipes. Who sponsors a bunch of stuff at Barstool? They are a lifesaver. I buy them at stores because I'm just like. I've completely converted to a wipes person.


You go wipe, then dry toilet paper.


No, you go dry toilet paper, then finish with the wipe.


You finish with the wipe?


Yeah. That's the only way you can finish.


I've been wipes my whole life.




Sometimes you can fold it in half for maximum usage or even.


Wait, you fold.


Wipe. Yeah, you wipe and then.


But that side's clean.


Oh, no, baby. Oh, no.


Yeah, it's clean.


I don't know. But then where's your hand touching.


Not the poop.


Where does the poop go?




You make a poop sandwich, then you.


Wipe, fold it over. That feels like a dangerous move. You're definitely getting poop on your hands.


And on your butt.


Or you're right. Pooping. You're smearing poop. You're painting your butt with poop.


No, it's saving the environment.


I don't know about.


He is saving the environment.




And I'm washing my hands for a long time after.


Yeah, you wash your off hand. I don't wash my offhand. Yeah.


How do you wash one hand? I need to think, like, how?


Squirt. And then like this.


No, you're already doing it.


Why wouldn't you just do both hands?


Sometimes I don't feel like washing my off hand. I mean, there's a hand that just doesn't get involved. Well, my left hand does not get involved whatsoever in my bathroom.


Mine does.


It doesn't.


I think we got different methods.


What do you mean?


You go back? Yeah, I go front and then I got to move them.




Yeah, I mix it up.


Yeah. A lot of people. You're wiping your balls.


It's like 50 50. No, I don't wipe my balls. No, you got to move the balls.


Yeah. No, it's not often. I'll usually wash both hands, but sometimes I feel. I don't feel like washing my offhand.


Are you a standard or sitter?


Sitter. Have to be. You can't be a stand. Everyone who's a standard just walks around with pooping. That's just a fat.


They're a child.


Those are people that just. They walk around with poop in their butt. I also am now realizing I'll do a lot more offhand wipe washing when I'm wiping my kids butt, because then it's like I'm not involved at all. I just come in, and I'm the closer. I just get yelled at from across the room, being like, I'm ready to be wiped. All right, here we go. Running from the bullpen. Let's wipe it up.


Let's end with that.




15 to 20 is. That's a lot of wipe.


That's a lot. But again, average. I don't think that's a good average. But we all have to admit there are times where it's like, if you actually went all the way till there was literally nothing, I'd still be in the shitter. It gets messy in there.


I think the only thing that you.


Just got to hop in the shower.


I think the only thing that makes sense for the 15 to 20 is if you're taking, like, four out at one time and then going back there.


Oh, I do.


That makes sense to me because for some reason, that feels better. So if you're only doing, like, four rounds of that, then I could see how it could get to 15 to 20.


The mega wiper, the mega messy.


And you have a stomachache.


Yeah, no, that's what I'm saying. There's times when it gets.


But sometimes the poops that are the messiest, you don't see them coming. No, you're like, that felt clean, right. And then what the fuck is happening, right?


The best feelings when you don't have anything to clean up.


Okay, good show, boys. Good show. We got a good show coming Friday, too, so get excited. All right, numbers.






71. 399. Pug. There you go. Pug. Oh, Pug had a nice tweet. He's an Eagles fan. Fire everyone. Pug. Yeah.


20. Fire, everyone.






Where's Shane? What is his number?


He's normally ten. Or now he's ten.


He's not here.


He's not here. Yeah, he's not here. He already won, too.


1111. So close. All right, see you on Friday.


Talking away I don't know what to.


Say I'll say it anyway today is another day to find you shine away I'll be coming for your love okay. I'll be coming for your love okay. I'll be coming for your love okay. Don't think only I'm needless to say I've said it but I be don't let him wait slowly learning that life is okay say after me it's a better to be safe and salvage the better to be safe and tell me is a better to be safe and salvage take on me drink on me take me in, drink on the aisle take on the aisle.