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Up, guys?


It's Frankie and Trent here from the Barstool.




For Play Podcast.




Us, golf.


Is very simple, but little.


Things can.


Make it.


Super stressful. Is that.


Right, Trent? That is incredibly. The group ahead of us is taken forever, so.


You've turned.


Into the shank of potomies.


You're hitting balls left, you're.


Hitting balls right.


Instead of getting irritated.


Fireball Whisky is there to.


Help you.


Say F it.


Forget the.




Stuff and just have.


Some damn fun.


Fireball is the birdie shot in golf. The 50-milliliter shooters are perfect for the golf course.


You throw.


A bunch in your bag and you are ready.


To go whenever you need them. Plus, no shot.


Glass or.


Chaser is needed. You just crack.


It open and you let.




Rip. We love having.


Fireball in our golf bag. We're just constantly letting those nips rip. I love Fireball. I love the cinnamon taste. I am a huge fan.


So before your next.


Trip to the links, pick up an ice.


Cold 10-pack.


Of Fireball. On today's part of my take, we've got football. Week 10 in the NFL. Some incredible games, incredible witching hour. Some teams being officially back. It was a great Sunday. It was a great Sunday, except for the first game, the international game. Everything else rocked. We're going to get to all the games, talk about everything that happened on Sunday. We're going to do fastest two minutes. We got a little who's back. It's a Monday with part of my take in football. Nothing better. Well, there's one thing better. It is game time. The exclusive ticketing partner of Barstool Sports. You shouldn't have to worry when you're buying tickets to your next big event because GameTime is a fast and easy way to buy tickets to all sports, music, comedy, and theater events near you. I've used GameTime countless amount of times, and they always hook it up. The best deals, flash deals, last-second deals. You can also see your seats from the app. You know exactly what you're getting. And if something happens to your tickets, they'll take care of you. That's the game time difference. They're obsessed with finding ways to help you save money on tickets.


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And then a lot of work to be done.


No place to hang out or wash in. And then I can't be all on the sun. Oh, no. We're going to wrap down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher. Oh, we're going to wrap.






Electric. It's a part of my take, there's in the.


Barsfield sports. Welcome to part of my take. Today is Monday, November 13th, week 10. What? What?


I'm trying.


To think. I'm trying.


To think. I'm trying to think. I'm trying to think.


Some spread. Tick, tick, tick.


The Raiders are losing.


We start in Cincinnati, where Trent, Steve, Irwin was trying to put a barb right in the heart of the Texans' playoffing chances, but luggage boy D'Amico treant Ryan had other plans when he packed a dub. The game went back and forth when Jarjar Chase said, Misa catch a touchdown. Misa always open. But they left too much time on the clock for the Strowd boys as he found Noah, a brown-eyed woman wearing red and looking clean as Matt Samandela kicked one upstream to seal the win. Texans 30, Bangles 27. Huh? Texans?


Sticking the AFC North, we head to Baltimore, where Kyle Honey-Beak Hamilton caught a sweet spiral from DeSianne Watson's sticky hands to start the scoring. It was all Ravens to start, but they're not ending this show at Jerome Ford Theater early as La Mary Todd-Lincon-Jackson was left crying at the end of the plays. Craig knew some things are bigger than sports, returned to pick six, and Dustin Tucker-Hopkins showed the Ravens there is more than one guy that could kick a game winner as the Browns.


Stun the Ravens.


33, 31. We head west to Pittsburgh, where the Stealers and Packers met. Jailen, Warren Peace was booking it to the tune of 101 yards in a score, and Najee, Scott Harris avoided any awkward encounters by handshaking tacklers all day. With a last gasp, the Packers fell short as Keano Neal for the anthem said, I'm calling game with a big pic and like a robbery scene on a Nest doorbell camera, the Stealers walked all over doormat the floor and easily took the pack. Stealers 23, Packers 19. What?


Down to Jacksonville, where just like Mark Twain, the reports of the 49ers death have been greatly exaggerated as Debo Samuel Clemens painted the Jaguars defense white. Trevor Forrens had his ball sailing all over the course, adding to some wildly inaccurate drives. Christian McAfrey becomes the second player in NFL history to go on a one-game scoreless streak after scoring in his previous 17 games. The 49ers 34, the Jacksonville.


Jaguars 3. We head to Germany, where we have our special beat reporter, Henry Lockwood, on the case.


Hank, over to Deutsche. Chad, Ryland, or by C, started off the scoring early with an early field goal before Jonathan Taylor-Swiff said Carma is a goal line touchdown on fourth and one, giving the Colts a resounding 7-3 lead.


On his.






Matthew, Marvin, Gay, and Chaudinay's kick got told to talk to the talk to the talk to the hand. But unfortunately, the Patriots offense didn't capitalize or do anything remotely exciting all day. In the fourth quarter, Quack Jones threw an absolute duck of an interception at the one-yard line.


Landing him on the bench.




Bailey, fratpee.




The game at QB.


Unfortunately, he couldn't shake the defense with his fake spike and threw an interception to seal the game. Coltsville marching 10-6.


Down to Dallas, where Tommy de Vito took the stage and said, Hey, I'm trying to throw an interception here. Watch where you're playing defense. As the giants were subject to anti-Italian discrimination, aka a Reco case, as famous Italian-American Mike Tarico Doudle ran all over the giants defense. The Cowboys looked like they were feasting on Easter dinner as they broke out the old Cooks-Lams playbook. As and Brandon both scored. Some are asking if Brian Davel is about to be swimming with his seven fishes come.


Christmas time. Oh.


Oh, my good friend.




Dable. Oh, what? Get his ass fired.


He's in trouble. He's like Jeff Nadeu, you got to take down that video.


What? Cowboys 49, giants 17.


Out west to LA, where Jameer Cribs took a tour of the Chargers' home and showed everyone where the magic happens in the End Zone twice. A big 12 game broke out between these two teams as the Lions, born and raised in South Detroit, said, We don't stop the Keen. As Allen made two journeys to the End Zone, John C. Riley Patterson got his dick wet with a game winner, and that's what I call a Dewey Cox. But I'm… Lions, 41, Chargers, 38.


Out in Washington, where Washington was playing Washington.


Huh? Don't make thosetake your fucking head, Max.


There was an unsolvable mystery for the commander's defense. Who the hell is Zach Charbonne-Ramsay? It was a rock show as Steven Tyler Lockett and Gino Aerosmith said, Can you, Kenneth Walker, this way? As the Seahawks found their offensive rhythm in the second half. The Commanders almost stole it late when Welcome to Miami, Benvinito a Diami, Brown scored to tie the game, but Washington got smacked in the face like they were.


Hosting the Oscars.


As Jason Myers kicked game winner, Seahawks 29, the Commanders, 26.


Standing on.




Corner, James Winston down in Nola. Such a fine sight to see.


It's James Winston.




Got that dog in him.


Two touchdowns and two INTs.


Come on, Doc.


You're going to make us sob. At the very least, you deserve a starting job. Saints don't go margin. Vikings 27, Saints 19. That is the fastest two minutes. Week 10, brought to you by our friends at Chevy. There's a new family with unstoppable grit and they're the official partners of the Pardon My Take family. That is the Chevy Silverado ZR2 family. The first ever Silverado heavy duty ZR2 joins the franchise to make Chevy ZR2 the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your off-road adventures take you with exclusive, multi-matic, DSSV, dampers, rugged mud terrain tires, and up to 14 available camera views. The Chevy Silverado ZR2 and Silverado HD ZR2, a family with commanding and unstoppable grit. Head to chevy. Com. Check out the Chevy Silverado and family of Chevy ZR2s, the official trucks. Pardon my take, Chevy. We are a Chevy podcast. If you're thinking about being a truck person, Chevy is the way to go. Okay, week 10 in the books, we are watching jets, raiders. It's disgusting.


It's football.


It's disgusting. We have to say when things are disgusting. It is gross. We're still watching it, but it is disgusting.


They almost scored two touchdowns, actually. Zach Wilson had a touchdown run that was called back because he stepped out of bounds on the two. He did a Zach Prescott and went out of bounds early. Then, Bruce Hall scored a touchdown, which was taken back by a flag on the one-yard line. The end zone has been breached twice, but neither one of which counted.


Neither counted. I bring up that we're watching it right now to set the stage because memes will maybe chime in. Basically, the entire night has been screaming, Yes! No! Not again! With every good jets play that then comes back with a penalty. But I wanted to just start by mentioning this game because we're going to get into every game from week 10. I don't think even if this game ends 9-6, it will be as bad as the first game we're going to talk about Colts 10, Patriots 6. Oh, without a doubt. It was, thankfully, the international experience is over, I believe, for this year. We're done. No more international games, I believe. Well, we saw... Is there a game in Mexico?


We saw two really bad... Which game do you think was worse in terms of exporting American football as a product? The Colts-Patriots game or Uganda losing 0-14 against Kenya?


Yeah, we had a couple of ringers there on the Uganda team.


I guess.


They could be ringers. Yeah, they're ringers. Hank. Yes. You're not making eye contact.


He's wearing sunglasses.


Colt's 10?


Shut the fuck up, Hank.


All right, that's a good way to start. Colt's 10.


Patrick-no, Hank's already off to a bad start because he came in firing. What? Hank, you need to stop the because you always deflect when it comes to your patriots. I don't.


I mean, even for a team that is very much tanking and bad, this felt like a new low.


Yeah. No, it was disgusting. It was before the interception of the fourth quarter.


Which maybe was one of the worst interceptions I've ever seen.


Throughout my life. I think it was the worst. Yeah. Matt Jones had a guy in the end zone and he underthrew him by about.


12 yards. He went on his back heel when he didn't.


Even need to. When I say he underthrew him by 12 yards, I believe he attempted the pass from the 10-yard line.


Yeah, I think it was Gaseki he was trying to hit was falling down in the end zone and the ball got intercepted at.


The five. Yeah, it was.


Pretty bad. Prior to that, I forget what the exact situation was, but it was a third down, maybe a third and two or something. They didn't convert. It was another incomplete. They showed the completion immediately cut to Robert Kraft, who just did straight up, just went, ducked his head and just looked down like he was depressed. It went and then his Robert Kraft being like.


Fuck this.


Yeah. It was a sigh.


It was as bad as it gets.


You also had Bill O'Brien bitching out Mac Jones like he was a teenager who had done something very, very bad. You had Mac Jones with his cry face. They kept on showing him after he'd thrown that interception, looking like he was in the most pain he's ever been in, except for that time that he twisted his ankle and looked like he got shot. In the DUI? Yeah, in the DUI. Mac Jones is horrifically, horrifically bad at quarterbacking in the NFL.


Not the guy.


I think- I'm officially official. -hank, we've done it.


What if he had better coaching? That interception might have been on the coaching team.


What if he had better offensive line?




There was also a moment that you didn't mention, Hank, after the game where Belichick just buried his face into his hands. He was embarrassed to be there. I don't know if he was embarrassed of his team, if he's embarrassed of himself, if he's just closing his eyes and picturing himself and land over Maryland, I don't know what he was doing, but he looked deeply upset after that loss. A way I've never seen from Bill.


Because it should have been a win. It was an ugly game. It was disgusting to watch. I woke up early and the whole time I was thinking, I would love to just go back to sleep. I knew I could go to sleep and wake up and not much would have changed. But I stayed up. I watched the whole thing. It was so boring. Yeah.


Ezekiel Elliot looked not bad.


Yeah, he was actually running.


The ball well. Here are Mondrae as well. The Colts, by the way. The Colts, Shane Styken is a good coach. They're five and five.


Garden and Mitchell made some good throws. It was the drive immediately after the crafts ducky his head in just depression. Gardner, Minchou scramble had a good third down conversion. He looked, it was like, Oh, I wish we had that guy on our team, and he's a backup.


Here's how bad this game was. The highlight of the game was when they showed the time laps of the roof collapsing into the scoreboard, which is very cool. It was sick. Very, very cool. But that was the highlight of the entire football experience in Germany today.


But even with all that being said, it was fourth quarter. The Patriots had a wide open look for a touchdown to go up in the fourth quarter, which is all you can ask for as a coach. That's probably why it was duck in his head because it's like they should have won the game despite all that.


I'm going to push back on you, Big Cat. That was a great time-lapse montage that we saw for sure. I don't want to take anything away from the roof. But as somebody that enjoys Patriots failures, given how much they've won, and I think Patriots fans are even like, Yeah, you know what? We had a really nice run, so I don't feel bad saying this about it. But watching the Mac Jones interception, I laughed.


So much. Oh, yeah, his face after.


Then when Bailey Zappi did the fake spike interception, I laughed very hard again.


He was in his bag. He was in his bag.


Because it's.


Like- That's the greatest play in sports. You have to go for that. I will never… It didn't work out well.




The Dan Marino. You got to go for it. When you see the fake spike like, Oh, my God. They got to throw it. It's got to be wide open. Then it was like- Three guys. -four culture. It was just.


Waiting for the ball to come to him. It was very, very funny. I think that Gairdner-Minshu, this was a peak Gairdner-Minshu game where he was jumping around the pocket, making one-footed throws, jumping it through the air and just doing crazy shit that happened to work out. When that happens with Gairdner, he's one of the most fun quarterbacks to watch when it's working for him. Granted, it only worked like... It's not like the Colts lit it up on offense or anything, but there were a couple of key drives where he played well. I feel optimistic about the Colts as a whole because it seems like they've got a decent roster. When Anthony Richardson gets back and he appears to be a pretty good head coach. Yeah, it's a good sign for the Colts that you didn't lose this game. If you're a Patriots fan, is this rock bottom?


Has to be.


Yeah, it is. I don't know that you can really like….


Do you know how to avoid rock bottom?


We're being held up. I know everyone's like….


There's like a blinking light that tells you, watch out. If you hit this, it's going to be rock bottom.


But it's like we're always going to be held up by the six Super Bowels. You can't really… Yeah, but.


This is rock bottom in the post- Super Bowl era.


For sure.


Well, actually, it could get lower.




Don't know. You could keep playing Mac Jones.


Is there a worse… If you're Mac Jones, there's no situation worse than getting benched with zero timeouts. They could have just let him do the last drive. They easily could have. But the interception was that bad. You got benched. The Patriots had a chance to drive down the field with no timeouts and win. They put in Bailey Zappy, cold, no warmups, no reps. They put them in basically being like, Fuck you, Mac Jones. Then you have to take the longest plane ride like you're probably going to take. It doesn't.


Get worse. You have to overdose on the ambient on the way back. I have a couple of spins for you, though, Hank. Okay, you ready for these? Sure. Okay. One is I'm pretty sure the page is to have a buy next week. That's great. Now, you are not used to this feeling, but when you root for a very bad team, the buy week is the greatest reprieve you can possibly have because you can sit and watch football and not be tortured for a Sunday. Even the bears playing on Thursday was a reprieve for me where I woke up and I was like, I don't have to watch the bears today. This is nice. This is awesome. Spinzo number two. I was thinking about this after the Mac Jones interception, which was maybe the funniest. We should actually remind us, Max or memes, Jake is on a flight on the way back, so he's not here right now. For takey of the year, he should be worse, interception of.


The year. Just give it right now. It was Carson, Wents, and Jason.


Yeah, it was so, so bad. But here's the spin, though. It's hard to follow Tom braided. It's not hard to follow Mac Jones. You've had a nice buffer. He's the guy after Tom braided. Then the next guy can be like, Well, I'm following Mac Jones. I'm not following Tom braided. It's a very low bar. That's actually pretty nice for the next guy. Yeah, I like that.


Yeah. If you think about who the next coach of your team is going to be, who would you want?


That depresses me. I did. I actually had a similar thought to the Mac Jones. It's impossible to fall to Tom braided like that. That went through my mind. In the anals of history.


You nailed that.


It's going to get Mac Jones will be forgotten about. But the Belichick leaving is going to impress me.


Especially when he goes to the commanders.


It will truly be the end of, and obviously I'm 30, so my childhood is long gone, but it will be the end of my childhood. No, don't tell yourself. All my Boston sports, heroes, Ortiz, Charra, Bergeron.


Paul, Pierre.


Kevin Garnett, braided, Edelman, they're all gone. But in terms of like, Charra was there my whole childhood. He was just always on the Bruins. He was always the Burns captain,ortez is the same, braided the same, Paul pierce the same, Belichick being gone will be the truly the last end of an era, and I just don't want.


It to happen. This would really complete the big three for DC Sports, stealing washed up former Boston athletes and coaches because we got Charra for a season. We rented him. We got Paul pierce at the end of his career and Belichick.


Is there a chance it happens tomorrow?


According to these fan fiction rumors, Boston Globe.


It is the by week.


What did they say in the globe?


You told me.


Oh, last week. Is there anything new?


I don't know.




So terrible game. Yes, there's a chance.


Actually, I watched the last five minutes of the game because I was like, I made the calculation in my head. I'm going to follow this on Gamecast, see how it goes, spend some time with my kids. I've never been happier that I made that decision because that was one of those games. If I have on, it's a tough explanation for why that game is on at 8:30 in the morning.


Yeah, I just kept lie-betting the Patriots like three times. I was.


So mad. Oh, no. I was so mad. And they almost.


Won it. They won.


An all-time cliché shot, not really a cliché shot, but memes put up a picture of Adam Geiss. It says Bill Belichick with the Hall of Fame QB. Now, you might remember Adam Geiss from coaching the jets really poorly, but memes chose to use a version of him where he's the Dolphins coach, where he actually wasn't that bad on the Dolphins. He went to the playoffs. He went to the playoffs, yeah. I think he was seven to nine in his worst.


Season there. The meme said that was the first picture he could find.




I believe it. A man who lives on the internet couldn't find past picture number one when he searched Adam Geiss.


But yeah, I mean, Hank, congrats on all your success in the past. You've had an incredible run as a sports town.


Also, if you search right now, Adam Geiss' images-Celtics.


Yeah, I mean, you have. There's no question that Boston has been Title Town for the last 20 years.


If the Celtics stay healthy, it's going to happen again.


Is that a guarantee?




Oh, okay.


If their starting lineup is in the playoffs.


Their starting lineup.


That's a guarantee.


Poizingas, Drew Holladay, Jason Catom. Tyrese Maxi dropped.


At a 50-burger today.


Who cares?


I'd also like to reverse my stance on Tyrese Maxi. You're not trying to make Fetch happen. Tyrese Maxi, he's very, very good.


Yes. Opra Memes is making a sack sound right now. I just looked up Adam Gase on the internet and clicked images and the first six images are all jets, Adam Gase. That means he's a liar. Nice try. What about mobile?


Mobile? We didn't check mobile.


Okay, let me look at mobile. Adam Gase, mobile. Either way, the Colts deserve a lot of credit. Shane Styke and if you went in this season and you said the Colts already not a great roster. If you're going to lose Anthony Richard and you're going to be five and five heading into your buy week, that's incredible.


Yeah, and also thiswas the first time in four years that Carter Menchou won back-to-back games. Yeah. Credit to Carter. It's hot. Make his place. You know what? Watching him today, he made me want to buy an El Camino again. Yeah. I think if the Colts have a winning record, I will buy an El Camino.


You might have to do it. I just checked mobile and yes, again, it was all jets. So, memes the liar.


Nope, it was the dolphins. I got out of the shower, pressed send, hopped in my car. You were nude? Wait, were you naked when you sent that tweet? Well, the game ended once I got out of the shower. Yeah? Yeah, I guess it was.




I also was going to go take a walk. I was like, Fuck this game. I'm going to take a walk. It's over. Then I put on clothes and saw the Bailey Zappy thing. I was like, I got to watch this out.


You're going to watch Bailey Zappy do a fake spike. Sorry, I didn't even get any frustration. Mac Jones getting yelled at. There was so much anger behind Bill O'Brien's face, his voice. I couldn't hear his voice, but you could feel it. The frustration with Mac Jones as a human being. I think he hates him as a human being. I think it's that level.


There's a lot of, even the Bell Check, although those are videos from the summer or whatever, but it just feels like the coaching staff is on some like, Fuck it, we're on the way out. Who cares? Let them hear it. We're not coaching them for the season.


I just hate you. We're not building anything. None of this is going to be here next year.


So Hank, you dodged the question, though. I understand losing your heroes, they're no longer around. That's tough. I feel for you on that one. But the question was, have you thought about who you'd want next as a.


Head coach? No.


You haven't given them that any thought?






John Fox.


Would love Vrabel.


Yeah. I mean, they brought him back. They brought him back to Foxburg.


Mark Tresman. No. Okay.


Sean thought about it. Sean McVeigh.


Jules would be cool.


Jules, okay. Head Coach.


Why not? Why not?


Jeff Saturday. Randy Moss. Yeah. Okay.


Steve Belichick.


Steve Belchick, Freible.


Adam Finitari.


Vince Wilford.


Yeah, winners. A lot of names. A lot of names. Patriot Way. Okay, next game. Now we're into some good games. There were some great games today. We're starting to get like... Some of these games are going to have big time playoff implications when we get to it later in the season. But Texans 30, Bengals 27, CJ Strowd, unbelievable. Now, he had a terrible pick at the end of the game that let the Bengals get back in the game. But the way he was throwing the ball all day, the way he drove him down the field for the game-winning field goal, if the playoffs started today, the Houston Texans would be the seventh seat and the Bengals and Bills would be outside looking it.


I think we can say now there's enough evidence. The Texas are just good. Yeah. Just good. C. J. Straud is elite. He's a great quarterback. He's the lead Liger in yards per game and total yards. Also, people forget his name, C. J, we don't know what the J stands for. It's Coleridge Bernard Straud IV. There's no Jay.


In CJ. It's like Homer J.


Simpson? Yeah, he's no J. Simpson. Yeah. He's Coleridge Bernard Straud IV.


The way he looks in the pocket, he's so comfortable. We were talking about it with the commanders. The feeling of watching a quarterback throw it downfield and be like, Good things are about to happen. Every time C. J. Stryld throws it down field, you're like, He's got a plan. He's going to hit someone. It's going to be a big gain. That's the best feeling in.


The world. He just plays with such confidence. It's crazy for a rookie to be playing like that. The ball looks so good coming out.


Of the box. The ball.


Looks good. I want to get the pitch tracker on there, see what the RPMs are because he feels like he has the.


Fastest spiral. He has like he's been doing where he's not even stepping and throwing, where he's just throwing flat footed and just throwing absolute dimes down the field. It was the perfect ending for the Texans because you had CJ Strow make a mistake that he shouldn't have made in that last interception when he was trying to throw it to Tank Bell. It'd be like, Oh, no, here comes rookie, Bengals, Joe Borough, they win these games. Then he was able to take him down the field. For the Bengals, this is a pretty big loss because this is why you don't start slow. You can't.


Really- They don't really have any room.


For error. Right. The Bengals started slow last year. Then they won what, like 12 games in a row, so it erased it. Losing a game to the Texans at home when you were basically a Tyler Boyd drop away from winning this game has to hurt a lot. Joe Borough, the first drive, it was awesome. Then for the middle quarters, this is what happened with the Bengals. The two things that make me nervous about the Bengals, because I still obviously think they're a very good team, their defense got gashed today and their defense has been not as elite as it has been in the Super Bowl run or when they went to the Super Bowl. Their secondary has some problems. Then their offense goes into weird tank mode for stretches where it's like they'll either get a awesome drive where everything looks perfect or it will be a flurry of three and out in a row and you're like, What's going on here?


Yeah, and they have zero margin for error. They're going to the Ravens, Steelers at the Jaguars, Colts, Vikings at the Steelers, at the Chiefs, and the Browns. I don't know what the Saber metrics on that are. I imagine that's probably the most difficult schedule from here to the end of the season that the Bangles have to go through. It's not easy. They gave themselves no room for error, no margin whatsoever. They needed this one big time. I think they'll still figure it out because they do have the talent and their defense usually is good enough to keep them in any game. I don't think there's anything wrong with Joe. I don't think there's anything super wrong with the offense. They're just too streaky right now. But they put themselves in bad shape.


It's their defense can't solely win games with their defense. Today, CJ Strowd hadThey had 544 total yards on the Bangles defense. They gashed the Bangles defense.


Credit to D'Amico Ryan. D'amico Ryan's now has the highest winning percentage and the fourth most wins all time in Texas history with five. That's crazy. I'm going to say that again, the fourth most wins all time in Texas history with five wins. That's huge. Dom Capers is only 13 away, even though he coached there for years. Also, Stroud Boy's shirts are live in the Barcelor store.


Check them out. We should make another shirt too for C. J. Stroud because now that he has proven that he is the real deal, people are saying maybe MVP race, his quote, I'm not a test taker, I play football, is an all-time quote because that's one of those quotes that if you aren't good, that will backfire in your face so poorly. It will just be like, Everyone will tweet it at you. I'm not a test taker, I play football. Well, you don't play football well. Now that quote looks awesome because it's the Cardell Jones.


I was going to say it's an upgraded version. The Cardell was like JV version.


Of-i'm not here to play school.


I didn't come here to play school. Also, I was doing some research on Bobby Sloak because I'm starting to look into coaches for next year, next season, potentially on The Commanders. Sloak is going to get a bunch of interviews, I think, this offseason because he's a great offensive coordinator. I just want him on the commander so that they can't use him as ammo to be like, Here's another former coach that's now really good somewhere. He went to Michigan Tech, which I didn't realize was a school until this morning. Yes, hockey school. Hockey school up as far north in Michigan as you can get.


He's a good offensive coordinator. He's become a lot better because C. J. Straud was like, Let me throw the ball. Because he started the season with a lot of, Every single drive, we're running on first down, no matter what. Now C. J. Straud, I'd like to see a little more out of him just because I feel like C. J. Straud almost forced his hand being like, Yo, dude, I'm really good. Let me throw the ball.


But the bar.


Is so low. You have so many weapons.


The bar is so low that if you just have an offensive coordinator that has the presence of mind to be like, I've got a really good young quarterback. Let's work with his strengths and let's change our offense to suit what's going on.


With him. My point is, it was, CJ Strowd actually said it to him. Good. He said it in a press conference. He's like, Dude, let me throw.


But a lot of guys wouldn't listen. And at least.


He listened. Yeah, they have so many. I mean, Noah Brown has been incredible. Noah Brown's got back to back 150-plus yard games. Tankell is awesome. I respect- They're running the ball.


I respect Noah Brown because he's got so much confidence in himself. He was a college guy that didn't really play well in college. Then after two seasons, he was like, You know what? Fuck it. I'm just going to go to the draft. He was on the Cowboys, right? Yeah, he was, I think, a seventh round pick, and he was projected to be a seventh round pick. He was like, Fuck this. I don't want to stay at school anymore. I want to go to the NFL. I think Ezekiel Elliot campaigned for the Cowboys to draft him.


Should have kept them. Yeah, I think the Texans might go to the playoffs. Oh, Zach Wilson just fumbled. What happened there, Mims?


I hope we get no touchdowns.


Yeah, we might have no touchdowns. 9-9. I think the Texas might go to the playoffs.


I think they might, too. We looked at their schedule.


Their schedule is- Four weeks ago. -i counted it, 10 wins is very doable because they have games against the Cardinals, Broncos, Titans, twice, Colts, jets. Those are winnable games. They already beat the Jags. They could beat the Jags again.


How did they lose to the Panthers?


I don't know. That one was a mystery. Yeah, that one is a mystery.


I think Frank Reik is undefeated after the by.. It doesn't lose off a buy. -yeah. All right.


Makes sense. Yeah, that is. That makes perfect sense.


Frank Reik after a buy.


Sometimes football is that easy.


Death taxes Frank Reik after a buy week.


Why were you, memes, Zach Wilson just dropped back on his own 10-yard line and threw the ball 50 yards and memes put his hands up like it was going to be a completion. It's the opposite of what we're saying with C. J. Strauss. When Zach Wilson throws the ball downfield, only bad things can happen.


Maybe an interception there would have been good.


Yeah, a little arm pun for you?


It looked good. That is the best moment you can reach though, as a fan. When your quarterback changes, when he crosses over into being like, Oh, shit, he's passing the ball. That sucks. What's going to happen? Was it even near the goal? Into, yes, he's passing the ball. This rocks.


Yeah, this is going to be a completion. Who's open, streaking down the field right now that he's going to hit in.




Stride. Yeah. All right, next up. Other big game from Sunday. The Browns, 33, the Ravens, 31. This was a crazy, crazy game because if you watched the first half, you thought the Ravens were going to win by a billion. You thought it was going to be a Seahawks game, a Lions game that the Ravens have just been killing opponents at home. The game started 10 seconds in, pick six from DeShan Watson, and they couldn't have looked worse. Then the second half started, and I think I might have to say it, to Sean Watson has officially arrived as Cleveland Brown because he was to start the game. He was 6 for 20 for 79 yards. In the second half, he was 14 for 14 for 134 yards in a touchdown and drove him down the field for the game-wining field goal. As much as the Ravens blew this game, the Browns just hung in there and didn't quit. That was maybe the biggest Browns' win they've had maybe since they beat the Steeler's in the playoffs.




Long-ass time.


Long-ass time. Very long time for them. Yeah, to Sean, I think he started one for nine with an interception. He was so bad with an interception. With a pick six. Yeah, with a pick six. It was about as bad as you could get. Keaton Mitchell had three carries, 34 yards, 11 yards per carry. But that's okay because Gus Edwards had a big day. He had 11 carries for 24 yards. Maybe Harbaud just doesn't want another good player to get injured, so that's why they stopped running him in the second half.


Brown's defense is good.


I think he got... Yeah, but I mean, he could get more than one carry in the second half. They played with the lead for, I think, all but 40 seconds of the game. It's crazy that Harbaut didn't go back to him. We also should have the conversation, is Justin Tucker washed?


He got a kick blocked. It was like a 50-plus yarder.


He's now one for five from 50-plus yards this year. Uh-oh. Uh-oh. Happens. For the record, every team should want Justin Tucker. Uh-oh. He's probably.


Not washed. There was one play. Again, if you watch this game, you know the Browns were basically dead in the water. It felt like they had no chance. They didn't show up to play. They were down 14 points to second half. That David Nujoku run after the catch where he just started just bullying Ravens defenders, that was the turning point. They were like, Oh, yeah, we can play with these guys.


Did you see his Instagram post?




In Joku, he put up a post after the game. The last slide of it was Stavi. Oh! Stavi- Love it. -crying about being a.


Ravens fan. No, that's not Stavi. That's what's his name?


Oh, Ronnie. It was Ronnie from Dundalkin. Yeah, so funny.


That was crazy, though. The Browns like that. These are games that Browns do not win. They came and they won it because these are the games that Browns sleepwalk, get killed. Everyone says, What's wrong with the Browns? Oh, well, they're the Browns. Then they win this game. Not only do they win it, but Joshan Watson looks right for the first time in three years in that second half. If you're a Browns fan, this has to be one of the best wins you've.


Ever had. Yeah, you're very happy about it. You're right. This is the first time that they've won a game that they've been down 14 or more points in since 2018.


They didn't blink. They just kept on playing defense. The pick six, sometimes you got to get those fluky bounces where it just dropped right into Greg Newsom's hands.


That was a crazy, crazy.


Pick six.


Crazy pick six. He was off the screen until the ball landed. Then all of a sudden, he's got the.


Ball in his hands. It was great because it was basically the same old Ravens and the fact that they should have won this game by a lot and they couldn't put him away. Then it was the opposite of the same old Browns in that everything we've expected from the Browns, they were able to just throw out and say, No, we're going to win this game. Yeah. Oh, and a fumble.


Memes, what are you doing with tackling? You look like USC.


Memes, this game is lost. The Raiders are going to win this game. It's tank time. That's tough.


The Browns were down, not only were they down 14 points, they were down 31 to 17, which is the biggest 14-point deficit that you can have. When you look at it, you're like, That's at least 21 points.


That's when David Nujoku said, I'm going to fucking take this game over. I could feel it, too. We were watching the Gamma Cave and I had the Ravens. I was like, This game is not over because it feels like the Browns are still playing very hard and they're coming after the Ravens. I don't know. The Ravens, they're really good still, but it's the same shit that always happens with them where they can't put.


Teams away. I'm also going to declare a winner of the by-week, and that's the Chiefs. Chiefs won this by-week because the Jaguars lost and the Browns lost. No, the Ravens. One of the Ravens lost to the Browns. I'm just going to toss the bangles in there, too. The Bangles also lost. Congratulations to the Chiefs.


Yeah, the Chiefs keep winning. Travis, Kelsey, oh, my God. Did you see him.


And Taylor? Oh, that was everything.


-i saw.


A big cat, but I can't even.


Yeah, I was crying.


I couldn't even.


I was crying when I saw Taylor Swift kiss her boyfriend.


It was everything.


Because I've never seen a boyfriend and girlfriend kiss before.




Was goals. It was everything I've ever wanted in my life.


I was crying. It was like Max and his friend. That's how deeply in love.


They were. Oh, my God. My heart is fluttering, just talking about two consensual adults kissing.


It was so good to see that on film, though.


Yeah, well, I liked it on film. Okay. That was a lot. It was a lot seeing all the tweets about everything.


Yeah, it was. It was a lot. They kissed each other. They kissed.


They are dating.


Well, she said, Carmen is the guy on The Chief.




Then, oh, but Hank, you don't even know. Did you see her backup dancers when she said that? Oh, my God, I couldn't even. Yeah.


What's his name?


Watch it. You won't even.


Did the dance that they do? Who's what's his name? The backup dancer. Everyone knows his name. All the Swiftys know that. Yeah, Phil. Phil, the backup dancer. All the Swifties.


You guys are haters. That was a cool clip.


What? That was cool.


I liked it.






The Haters... Carmen is the.


Guy on.


The Chief. No, we're not talking about it. We don't care about that clip. We're talking about her kissing her boyfriend. She was like, Oh, my God. I can't even believe this. No, but it was the run up. It was nice. It was nice to see. Oh, wow. Max. Sorry, I love love. You know what this is? Max, are you in the doghouse? What? What are you talking about? You sound like a guy talking to the doghouse right now. That's just not true. Yeah, you are. That is just not true.


I'm trying to figure out your angle.


Yeah, he's in the doghouse. I'm not. I just like Taylor Swift. Am I saying anything the first time? You are speaking like a man who has been living in the doghouse. No, I am not in the doghouse. Why don't you speak up when and Big Cat were being perverts? Wrong. You know that I love Taylor Swift. Wrong. Why don't you say something? Those guys are disgusting.


Do we know who took that video? Because it seemed like they were ready for it. It seemed like they had the perfect angle. It was-I think it was staged personally. I think it was all a big set-up. Pfizer probably did it. It was actually Dr. Fauci that was staying there holding.


The camera. Everyone please tweet to Max tomorrow and just tell him, Hey, stay strong, dude. We've all been in the dark. This is just not true. I'm in the funny. We all say shit that we don't want to say when we're in the Doghouse, Max. I get it.


Kelly Keigs, our colleague, I love Kelly Keigs. I love Kelly. She live tweets. She finds streams of these concert and live tweets the concerts and is like, Oh, my God! She's playing a song.


They're going to propose?


Oh, my God. She's playing.






She said, Taylor.


She's doing a concert.


Now, Kelly and I have talked about this before because her phantom is no different than our phantom because wesit and we sit and we watch Monday Night Football, we live tweeted like, They're running Wildcat. Oh, shit. They didn't pass. We are the same people. We just have different likes. I will always encourage Kelly to be herself in that respect because that's what we do. But the kissing one, like they kissed, Max.


It was everything. I thought it was cute.


Oh, my God. He's so- I'm not. I'm not. He's deep in the doghouse.


This is just a false narrative.


This is bad. Max is in trouble. Not true.


Not true. Yeah, you are.


Not in trouble. I didn't repost it.


Did you sleep in your girlfriend's roommate's bed again?


No. Touch on Raiders. Jets fucking suck.


You sound like Chewbaca there, memes. The Jets are bad.


I can't do it. I used to be able to do that.


Yeah, I bet on the Jets. I'm a fucking moron. Okay, next game, Niners, Jaguars. The Niners are back. Niners 34, Jaguars 3. The Niners turns out for all the hand-wringing about the Niners 3 game losing streak when they get Debo, Samuel, Trent, Williams, and a healthy Christian McAfrey back, they are really fucking good.


They looked a lot better. They looked a lot better. Even the threat of Trent, Williams being out in space, there was one touchdown that they had. I think it was on Debo's touchdown. Trent was just pulling out to the left side, running like 25 yards down the field, looking terrifying like he always does. The cornerback just starts taking the wrong angle and running away from Trent Williams. I don't think he maybe touched his arm briefly. Didn't really throw a block, but just his presence. He's like a gravitational force that makes people sprint away from you. Yes, and it makes the entire offense so much better when he's playing. The 49ers are without a doubt back. The defense look good, too.


Yeah, they.


Were flying around. Chase Young and nick Bosa combined off the edge, they're going to be a force.


To be recognized. You could tell that they had a come to Jesus moment with their defensive unit being like, Hey, guys, what the fuck are we doing? We have so much talent. Why are we not playing better? Krish McAfrey, I thought he was more injured than he was letting on because everyone... We do it as a fans where we're like, Oh, it's just an oblique. I guarantee if any of us had an oblique injury, we would probably not podcast for a month. He is actually a perfect sign of sometimes it's actually good to sit out so that people realize, Oh, we miss you so much, instead of playing injured and not as well. Because today I think he averaged 5.9 yards per carry. He had that burst.


Back to him. Yeah, here's what we do. If you're injured, we're like, Oh, this guy's a bum.


Yeah. Oh, he's not tough enough to play through it.


Yeah, you say, Oh, this guy's a bum. Then they're like, Well, he's injured. Then we say, Well, stop making excuses for him. He's healthy enough to play. Sometimes you aren't healthy enough to play.


Yeah, but you're just a tough motherfucker like Krish Mccafrey. It was funny to the Niners trying to get him a touchdown at the end.


They went to him on all four down.


They're up 34-3 and they were inside the 10-yard line and Brock Purdy was throwing passes.


It was awesome. I think he was going to do the chicken dance to try to get everybody a free chicken sandwich at Shake Shack if he had scored. America missed out on chicken. It sucks. Everyone that scored touchdown today that didn't do the dance is a selfish prick. Give the people free chicken. It's that simple. Just give us free chicken. I almost said that I was going to match, and then I realized that would put me in the middle of the line. A lot. Don't do that.


You're not going to have to match.


If a player takes their pants off after scoring a touchdown and takes a shit in the end zone, I will pay for George Pickens bail to get out of jail for doing that. Oh, wow. How about that? That's huge. I think he's probably the only one that would take me up on that. And some cheesestakes. And some-Yeah, and.


Free- -some free-cheesestakes. We should do a cheesestakes giveaway. I don't.


Know if we have that.


No, but we should just make a player do something crazy like that.


If Kiddle scores a touchdown.


And then he pulls up his shirt and then he says, Please subscribe to Pardon My Take. They're my best friends.


In the whole world. Well, he also might get fined for that because I don't think you can show words. We'll pay.


For that.


Pay for is fine.


And then we'll give- free Pardon My Cheese Steaks for everyone who buys $50 worth of Pardon My Cheese Steaks.




Yeah, that sounds like a good deal. Okay, balls in your court, kiddo.


Buy 10, get one free.




It's like a punch card.


Yeah, that's perfect.


Did you see that the Jaguars, they have a party button that they press at the start of every fourth quarter? Oh, no. This was a very sad party button. Hank, you saw the video? Very funny. It was pretty bad. They got the hype guys down on the field, like amping people up a giant button that they hit.


You got to know when not to press.


The party button. You got to put the party button away.


Well, I think it was an ad. I thinkit's like you got to just do the party button in the first quarter.


Yeah, you got to do the party button right with the kickoff.


Because the whole stadium started booing.


Yeah, they booed the.


Party button. You should boo the party button. The Jaguars.


Max would be so bad at pushing that button. Yeah, he would. I was waiting for that joke.




Jaguars. Are they frauds?


I think we have to have the conversation.


I think.


They might be. Because the only good team that they beaten is the Bills. We don't know if the Bills are even that good. It was in England. When they.


Got to.


Stay for the second week. When they stayed for the second week. We don't know if the Jaguars are good or not. I mean, Trevor Lawrence hasn't been that great this year.


No, he had three turnovers, say, two picks and.


A fumble. He's been good. Don't get me wrong. Trevor Lawrence, I think, he's a fine young man, but he's a better human being than he is a football player at.


This moment. At this moment?


Yeah. I would love to change my tune on Trevor.


Yeah, I think the Jaguars might be frauds. I don't think we'll get much pushback because I think Jaguars fans are a little different than their state brothers down south in Miami. I think Jaguars fans know. They feel like a fan base that is always waiting for this other shoe to drop. They were dreading this game like, Man, if we don't look good. Because they scored nine points against the Chiefs. They scored three points against the Niners. Those are two teams that are very likely going to be in the Super Bowl and you weren't really competitive against either. Yeah, I think they might be in the fraud tier.


The reason why Prisco had them in the Super Bowl is because of the schedule. What did he say? It's a scheduled dummy?


Yeah, he had them in the Super Bowl, but not winning the Super Bowl.


Yeah, because their schedule was so easy. I don't know how... Because they get the by because their schedule was so easy. Right. That way their playoff schedule would be easy. Would also be easy. But that's not necessarily true because you still have to play.


Good team. They lose the tie breaker to the Chiefs and they also have three losses and the Chiefs only have two.


The good news, if you're a Jaguars fan, you have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 games in which I think you'll be favored for the rest of the season.


Okay. Schedule gets back to being nice.


Yeah, so schedule be good. I think this was a... Pete had this as a loss anyways, right? When he looked at the schedule. So just get back on track against the Titans. You'll be fine. Yeah.


Also, Brock party looked good again.


He looked really good.


Yeah, he's fine. He's going to be fine. I think we're at a safe place with Brock Purdy in the fact that if he has all his weapons, Trent Williams and Debo Samuel being very important weapons, he will look like a very good quarterback.


You're right, Trent Williams is a weapon. Yeah. Like at offensive line.


He's without-He doesn't have to worry about the entire left side. He just knows that he's going to be fine.


There's one thing that concerns me about the Niners. One thing. I just want to put this in the file to pay attention to. Most people—and you'll probably start looking at it in the Browns game. Their kicker isn't very good. No. Moody is not very good. He was good.


In college, too.


That's the crazy part. He makes a lot of field goals that barely go in. In a lot of extra points that just barely sneak in. He's not very accurate. He might end up being a good kicker. That's what's so weird is the kicker position is one where if you're not great right off the bat, then you probably won't have any career whatsoever. You don't really have time to grow into it. But he so far has not looked, I would be very worried about the Niners playing in a close game and trusting him as the kicker.


Yeah, I would as well.


He was like a fifth round pick, wasn't he? I don't know, he was a draft. They took him in the draft somewhere, so it's probably unlikely to have gone for.


A while. I think he might have.


Been a- Was he a third rounder?


Third rounder, yeah.


They took him to the draft. You don't want to admit that you fucked up a draft pick and move on, but they did that with Trey Lance. If I was John Lynch, I would probably get a new kicker. That's all I'm going to say.


Yeah, I remember him at Michigan being very good. I think he hit some very big kicks, too, at that game against Illinois last year in the sandwich spot. Yeah, I don't know what's going on with him.


Who is the kicker from Florida State? Aguayo? Yeah. The one that his brother tore the turtle in half?


Yeah, that was so.


Fucked up. That was pretty fucked up. Yeah, really fucked up.


Frat Boys just hanging out.


Just guys being dude- Two.


Of them.


Turtles in half. I've never heard Billy get more angry at a player than when he found out that this dude abused a reptile.


Turtle in half. Yeah, that's bad. That's bad. Okay, before we get to the next games, quick word from our sponsors, Proximo, Spirits, that is proper number 12, Rich and Smooth. Proper number 12 Irish whiskey. The new smooth to the core, proper number 12 Irish apple. New crisp and fresh, proper number 12 Irish apple founded by Connor McGregor. For every bottle sold, the donation is made to support our brave first responders. Shoot your shot a proper number 12 Irish whiskey. Pour the roar, order your bottle of proper number 12 Irish whiskey from Drizly. Today I was drinking it this weekend when I was down at TCU. It was awesome. It is the best whiskey out there. Perfect for tailgates, football tailgates. It's whiskey season. It is officially whiskey season and the new proper number 12 Irish apple is especially delicious, so, so smooth. So pour the roar, order your bottle of proper number 12 Irish whiskey from Drizly. Shoot Your Shot. For every bottle sold, a donation is made to support our brave first responders who are given back as well. We're also brought to you by our friends at Duracel. Few sports are more technically demanding than auto racing because of those standards.


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It was right in front of us all this time. The Vikings are in a five-game winning streak, the longest streak in the NFL right now. They're the seventh team since the merger to start one and four and win the next five. All six of those other teams have made the playoffs. The Vikings, they're good. They're just a good team. They figured out their defense, and they've done this all without Justin Jefferson.


It's crazy. Interesting. They're five and a without Justin Jefferson.


They have done it all without Justin Jefferson. Josh Dobbs, listen, the Josh Dobbs experience might fall off at some point because we've known it in the past, but it is fun when it's going.


We do fall in love with quarterbacks like this so easily. In fact, this is the second time this year we've fallen in love with Josh Dobbs.


Yeah, it's.


Fun when it's good. We fell in love with Josh Dobbs. We fell out of love with him when he was on the cardals. We're like, Okay, well, the Josh Dobbs thing was fun, but let's move on. Now we're back in on Josh Dobbs in a huge way. Yes. Because he actually has a good team around him.


He seems like the.


Best guy ever. Impossible to root against.


Yes. I was looking at it, the Viking schedule. They're six and four, started one and 4, crazy. They could win 10 or 11 games. I could see it. They play the Broncos, the Bear, the Raiders. They didn't have to play the Bengals, and they finished the season with the Lions twice and the Packers. They split the Lions games. They should be able to beat the Broncos, Bear, and Raiders, right? And they beat the Packers. That's five wins, six wins. That's 10 or 11 win team.


Yeah, I could see it. It's crazy. They're good. Josh Dobbs at least learned the name of one of his receivers, TJ Hawkinson. Yes. He loves TJ.


Who broke his back at one point in this game.


Yeah, he's a beast. He had 11 catches today. He also, he hooked up with Jordan Addison a few times. He spreads the ball run. He's just a good quarterback. You cannot tell me that Josh Dobbs is not a starting caliber quarterback in the NFL.


Right now. The one thing with Josh Dobbs is he can obviously use his feet. He had a couple of awesome runs today that look like video game runs, but he always keeps his eyes downfield when he's running and when he's moving around in the pocket. Yeah, Josh Dobbs is fun. Then on the other side, we got to see James, and James gave us all of James. He had two touchdowns, two interceptions, threw a couple of James passes. That one touchdown, he made one incredible pass to Crystal Lavy, who made it equally as incredible catch. Then he made a touchdown pass where he threw it all the way across the field that no one in the world would make that pass except for James Winston. It worked. It was like, This is awesome. We get to see James. He then threw a couple of picks. But the only thing that will save me from being so fucking sick of the Saint shit, because I am, I'm sick of the Saints. They're a bummer to watch because it's like they have enough guys on the team that you think they're going to be okay. Then they come out and they just play like shit.


James Winston is the only thing that.


Could save them. Yeah, that 10-minute span that you're talking about, James threw a pass that only James Winston would ever even attempt. It worked out and it was awesome. Then about eight minutes later, he threw a pass that only James Winston would ever even attempt and it got picked off. That's why we love watching games. It's the best. I will settle for having a full-on Tasom Hill game where he gets 11 carries. He gets throwing the ball three times. He passes for a touchdown and he takes like, I don't know, 10 snaps under center, 11 snaps under center. I'll settle for one of those. I think the common denominator is just that Derrick car is a bummer to watch play football. He really is. He looks sad. It might be the eyeliner. He looks too goth to play football. But something about watching Derrick car starting a game for a team that's on television just makes you ignore that game for most of you.


I feel like Derrick Car is just firmly in that camp of if you're a teammate of Derrick Car, you love him to death because he does seem like a great dude. But when you watch him, you're like, Can we just stop? Can we just do something anything else besides watching Derrick Car play football right now?


You know what I think it is? He reminds me a lot of… He has late-stage Drew breeze, where the last season and a half of watching Drew breeze, that's what Derek Carr looks like every game that he starts. That's a bummer. It's a bummer. But when you get James in there, it's a shot in the arm. He is football cocaine.


Yeah, it was awesome to watch.


The highs to the lows, it's all good.


In terms of my pinky, I think I was at a one when... Well, I was at a zero when the Vikings were one and four. Then they won a couple of games and Kirk Cousins got hurt. I went to a two when they won a couple of games. Kirk Cousins gets hurt. I go back down to a 1. With Josh Dobbs and the fact they've won five straight in a row, I think I have to admit that I'm at a 4 at least.


Kirk's done for the year no matter what, right?


Yes. He's not going to go to the Oana and get stem cell like Aaron Rogers did.


Oh, yeah. Oh, Ball. Kirk's very much against Stem cell.


Yeah. Wait, memes? Did you get the ball? Fuck you. No, you did not get the ball. I am at a four.


And a half. I completely forgotten that they were your Pinky team. That's how little of the Vikings being a threat really played into my mind until recently.


Now there are shades of the original Pinky team, the Texans. When I picked the Texans and they won 10 in a row and still lost in the playoffs. But I'm pretty confident that Vikings aren't going to win the Super Bowl, but I'm also equally as confident that the Vikings will be in.


The playoffs. Yeah. Which is scary. I wonder if we're going to get more people from Minnesota shaving their eyebrows off. That'd be cool. That seemed like it was the start of something good.


Yeah. Do it for Josh Dobbs. He's fun. He's very fun. At least Josh Dobbs has gotten himself an awesome backup quarterback contract for a.


Long time. Yeah, it's amazing that he bounced around as much as he did. No team saw this guy and was like, Let's just make him our backup. We can just keep him. Yeah.


Okay, next up, memes, you're in the torture chamber. You're losing this game. You know that.


Yep. Say it.


We're losing this game. Okay.


But home to a field goal.


Okay, so you're not fully there yet. Steelers 23, Packers 19, the Pittsburgh Steelers have done it again. They got out gained. Yet again, they are six and three and they've been out gained by their opponent in every single game they've played this year. They're the first team to do that and have a winning record since 1940. They are the breaking bad. They can't keep getting away with this. I love watching it. It's fun to watch because they find new ways to look bad and still win games.


It's crazy. I hope it happens every single game of the season. Yeah. I hope they do it.


All the way to the Super Bowl.


Exactly. That'd be great, wouldn't it? If they got outgained in the Super Bowl, still won.


People would be.


So mad. We talked a lot of shit about the Steelers a couple of years ago during COVID year, Jets Ball. Jets Ball. Now you need.


Zach Wilson.


To do something. Where they were the worst 11-0 team of all time. Remember that? Yes. We made fun of him. This dealer team, I'm actually rooting for. I hope this continues to happen. My question to you, Big Cat, is this an indictment of Mike Tomlin that he keeps getting out gained in every game? Or is it a credit to Mike Tomlin that in spite of getting out gained in every single game, he figures out weird ways.


To win? Mike Tomlin is an incredible coach. Everything that I've seen from, and we've had this discussion before, but finding out how crazy Big Ben, Livian Bell, and Antonio Brown all were, the fact that Mike Tomlin kept that team together, he gets all the credit in the world for me. I think he's an incredible coach. You brought up the 11-0 team because I know people get upset when we put the fraud tag on the Dolphins or the Jaguars. The Stealers can't get the fraud tag because I don't think anyone thinks they're that good. They just win game.


They're not fraudulent. They are who.


They are. Yeah, right. They're not a very good team, but they have a very good record.


Yeah, they have a point differential. Again, bear in mind, they are six and three right now? Yeah, six and three. They're six and three. They have a point differential of negative 26.




Crazy. Well, last year with the giants, did we call them frauds or did we just say like...


No, because I never.


Thought that they were- It was the Vikings.


Because to be frauds, you have to be talked about like you're going to be a Super Bowl contending team. No one thought the giants.


Last- It was the Vikings, I mean.


Yeah, the Vikings were because they had won all those games by one score and they had a crazy record. They won the NFC North. The Steelers, they're not good, but their record is good.




Don't know what else.


To say. I don't think anybody, even Steelers fans, look at this, Steelers. In fact, a lot of Steelers fans are like, I can't fucking stand Mike Tomlin. It's more of this shit. He's still, they're mad because they keep winning. Mike Tomlin is definitely not going to get fired.


Well, he wouldn't get fired.


Anyway because it's Pittsburgh. It's Pittsburgh. But to Tomlin's credit, he has 27, seven and one in one score games. That's a big enough sample to see that maybe Mike Tomlin is doing some small things. You know what we did this week? New wrinkle for Mike Tomlin this week. He paid local refs to come out in referee uniforms because they've gotten fucked by the refs so many times to actually official their practices.


Is this like doing a basketball game with the police?


Exactly. Yeah. He was like, Okay, well, we're going to have them close. We're going to figure out how refs operate what we can and can't get away with. I love it.


Smart guy. Yeah. Very smart guy. In a weird, perverse way, the Steelers are fun to watch because you know exactly what you're going to get when you watch the stealers game. You're going to get a lot of frustrating offensive drives. You're going to get TJ Watt being a monster. Their defense making a couple of big plays. I think while we were watching this, when the Packers were up going into the fourth quarter or it was maybe late third, I was like, The Stealers have them right where they want them. Again, yeah. This is exactly where the Stealers want to be. They want to be down less than a touchdown and be like, All we need is one drive, and then we just play defense. That's exactly what they did. They're weirdly fun to watch. They ran the ball today, which is more an indictment on the Packers' atrocious run D that they thought they figured out for two games. But yeah, Jalen Warren and had 183 yards on 31 carries.


And Niazi didn't look bad. No. Although he does look bad when they give Jaylen Warren a carry right after Nage Harris carry, where you watch that and you say, Well, that guy's way faster. Yeah. Why are they playing this heavier?


Yeah, he looks so much more exposed. Yeah, Jaden Warren did that spin move to no one.


That worked. Yeah, it was great. I will say for Packers fans, you're probably upset about the lateral that wasn't called. I would agree with you on that. I need somebody who's much smarter than me to explain why that pass from Kenny Pickett wasn't ruled a lateral that was scooped up by the Packers and then returned for a touchdown. Because it very obvious. I think it went backwards. At the very, very least, it went side to side. Then they reviewed it. Then what's that ref simp that they bring out there? That Narc?


Blondino? No, I don't think it was Blondino. Blondino at least has some balls and we'll.


Call them. Yeah, I.


Know who's-Terry McAuliffe? Yeah. What's that? Terry McAuliffe? Yeah. Terry McAuliffe has the balls to get on TV and say, You didn't see what you just saw. It was right on 1984. He was like, That was wrong. Clearly forward pass. I hate when they do that. Unless I'm insane, that was very obviously a lateral that should have been allowed to be picked up by the Packers.


Yeah, it was, Perlax effect.


Perlox effect.


Good call, Hank. Yeah, the Packers. Perlax effect again?


It's that a line from above might not actually be accurate or something.


Yeah, it's pretty good. With the angles?


Yeah. The Packers, Jordan Love actually looked… He made some nice plays downfield in the first half. He also threw two interceptions to end the game. Again, I think that this guy is the guy and you have to give him an extension. He showed you enough with those… He did throw a dime touchdown pass to, I think it was Reed. I can't remember. But yeah, you got to keep going forward with him. He's the guy. He clearly is the guy. Couldn't be more.


The guy. Let's get some of those gifts going. I love those when it's always extend your team's rivals, worst player. Yeah, Let's get some of those going forward.


I need it. He's the guy. Also, TJ Watt is now second all time, most Sachs in first 100 games. Reggie White, 105. Tj Watt 88, JJ Watt 87 and a half, which is cool for the Wats, but also reminds you how sick.


Reggie White was. Reggie might have been the strongest NFL player of all time.


He'd just throw offensive line man.


The hump move that he would do with one arm and just push an offensive line man seven yards behind the line of scrimage. I feel like every week we get another TJ JJ stat. Then JJ is like, Man, this is so cool. I couldn't imagine being a kid and growing up. The perspective is just killing me right now. Then we start to lose sight of the perspective because from our perspective, it's like, Okay, I've- Another one? -i've been hit over the head with this. But I just want to remind myself to have the perspective to look at JJ Watt's perspective and say, That is really cool that you and your.


Brother can do that. Watt stats are score agamis.




I lose the perspective because they keep happening.


They keep happening. There are too many great Watt. The Watt family is so good at football that I've become numb to how good at football.


Yeah, you can find a stat. There's a stat for that for every single big Watt stat. My memes just had a smile on his face like things are going great. Zach Wilson is moving the ball.


I keep saying to Max, they should just.


Kick the field goal now.


So they.


Give themselves enough time to get another.


Field goal. Another field goal? Or a fumble. Yeah, I agree.


That was almost a great pass to Garrett Wilson. How are you feeling, Memes?


I'm feeling good.




I don't know. He shouldn't.


Yeah, that's crazy. Zach Wilson is Mr. Fourth quarter. He leaves.


The league in fourth quarter. I mean, that's the one good Zach Wilson pass that you're going to get.


Yeah, and Garrett Wilson didn't get it. He had to get one before. All right, Max. Sorry, memes. Third and fourth. It's 16 to 12 raiders. You need this first down and you are going to get it.


Wow! Great job.


Okay, we'll go back to memes in a second. All right, last early game, Bucks 20, Titan 6.


This game stunk. Yeah, I don't really have too many notes on the Bucks, Titans game.


The way.


You said that. Yeah, well, it was like very-It was the Bucks playing the Titans and the Bucks won.


I only have a couple of notes. Mike Evans is good for a comically bad drop every few weeks. He had one today, but then he actually turned around and had 143 yards in a touchdown. But for a guy who's a future Hall of Famer, he is if he retired tomorrow, he'd be in the Hall of Fame. Incredible wide receiver. But there still is like three or four times a year, he gets thrown to football and it looks like he's never touched the football.


In his life. It's like him and Mike Allstatt are the two best offensive players in Bucks history. Yeah. You can confidently say that. Or maybe Tom braided.


Did you see that drop?




Twisted him up and he fell down like he was in.


A sitcom. My note on this game was related to that drop. Do you know what his explanation was? What? He said he was thinking about which fan in the front row he was going to give the ball to if he had caught that touchback.


The Steven Jay effect.


He admitted to it. He was like, Yeah, I fucked up. I was thinking about the fan. I had the fan picked out of my head and I tried to catch it and I thought about my celebration before I caught it, which is, I'll say this, it's better to drop a ball because you're thinking about that than it is if you drop a ball on the two-yard line before you run into the end zone, which is.


A big problem. But yeah, Mike Evans, it looked like a scene like Kramer comes in the door and you throw him a football and he drops it and then he hits over everything in the kitchen. That's how he fell. But then he came back and played well. The Titans's offense is very hard to watch. Will Levis is obviously.


A rookie. He got beat up a.


Lot today. They're trying to figure it out. The Titans are officially in trying to figure it out mode. They got to figure.


Everything out. They've been there for a while. If I were to ask you, Big Cat, what do you think the Titans record is in their last 16 games? Not good.


It's eight and eight.


Three and 13.


Yeah, because remember, they collapsed last year. They've not been good this year. Somehow, some way, the Bucks are not a good football team, but they are, I think, maybe the best team in the NFC South.




Be. The Saints are the only other answer because we'll get to the Falcons in a little bit, but yeah, I guess. This NFC South sucks. It's bad. It's the worst.


It's the worst. But you got to band together if you're the NFC South. You just got to say like, We beat each other up. That's the old NFC Beasts playbook.


But it's crazy to watch the Bucks play football and be like, This could very well be a home playoff team.


Yeah. That's the weird part about it is somebody has to host that fourth spot.


Yeah, the Cowboys might have to go to Tampa Bay.




Which I guess they did last year.


Hank. Who won?


Your Cowboys. Yeah. I saw a guy in Texas onSaturday. It was like.


I love- Which one?


Well, I saw a lot of guys. Yeah, you're right. How many guys did you see? One guy, hundreds of guys. One guy came up to me and was like, I'm a huge ADW and I love that Hank is a Cowboys fan now.


Fuck yeah.


He was like, Finally, representation matters. I could see myself in this podcasting booth.


Finally, somebody in national media roots for the Dallas Cowboys.


Finally, we're talking about the Cowboys.


We should get a former Cowboys player on the show.


I've always said we need a Cowboys fan. I would love to get a Cowboys fan just to- Pass. Exactly. For that reason right there. We should get just a Cowboy fan. We have Moose preseason. Oh, Jake's here. Hey, Jake. Oh, hey, Jake.


Welcome back, Jake. Thank you. No, I'm saying we should have a former Cowboys player because every single media company has at least two former Cowboys. I can't decide. It would just be great. Actually, Max, it might be bad for your job security because if there's one person that we would like to laugh at more for their misery than an Eagles fan, it would probably be a Cowboys fan. I don't hate, hate Philly like Hank does, but watching Cowboys fans go through misery is the absolute best.


I don't hate Philly at all. I just love watching the lose.


It would be great to get a seven-foot, like a 130-pound Cowboys fan and just put them next to Max, the perfect 10, and just watch them just go at it.


All the time.


I mean, I'm not short. You would be against a 7'1 footer? Yeah.


Welcome to my life.


Are you saying you'd look tall next to a 7'1 footer? No, but the way you say that.


Made it sound like-.




Short. I was short. You're not short, but if you hang out with a seven-footer.


Max, you got to just worry about being in the doghouse. I'm not in the fucking doghouse. I don't know why you keep saying that. Right, exactly. Okay, before we get to the afternoon games, let's take a break, and then we will maybe narrate the end of the Jets game that they are on the 23-yard line trying to score a touchdown.


Before we get to the rest of the games, I want to talk to you about Coors Light. I had some Coars Light on Friday. I had two Coars Lights on Saturday. Blake got behind the bar. He was serving drinks at the local pub. I was enjoying some Coars Light watching college football. J. M. U. Duke's winning, enjoying a Coars Light. Mountains were Blue. It was the perfect Saturday. Fall doesn't have to be a buzz kill. Coars Light helps you find moments to unwind. If you have a big work presentation, you can follow it with a happy hour, some friends, and a cold Coars Light. If you got weekend chores, take Saturday off, hit the tailgate. Even if you don't have tickets to the game, whenever you need to hit reset, reach for a Coars Light. It's made.


To chill. There's the Zach Wilson interview stuff.


Oh, Zach. Just Zach Wilson. If you're a Jets fan and you need to chill, I highly recommend reaching for an ice-cold Coars Light. Memes, what color are the mountains?




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Oh, memes, that interception. Talk us through it. That was just too many plays for Zach Wilson on that tribe. There was 11 plays. You can't have 11 plays.


It was so bad. It's the guy.


The guy wasn't open.


You could see.


The linebacker coming down. Zach Wilson couldn't see him.


Yeah. But it was so clear. Now they're going to get a first down on the second down. Oh, no. Stop.


This is actually even meaner that they're going to.


Let - He's going to throw.


Another- -have the ball again. You're going to think like, Oh, maybe he'll do it.


Memes. Do you want Aaron Rogers to come back in December? What's our record? Now let's say you lose two more games. No. One more game. No. You have to go undefeated and play the rest of November.


At the Bulls and the Dolphins, next two games.


Must wins.


It's too bad because the back half of your schedule gets a little bit easier. Yeah, we played the Commanders.


Oh! We can't score a touchdown, so it doesn't matter. I was just.


Busting balls.


We can't score a touchdown. We just watched two prime time games where they can't score a touchdown.


Yeah, that's true. They can't.


Score a touch. Why do they keep not flexing the jets out? My theory this week is Mike Tariko loves Vegas. Tarico made nine references to like, Oh, you know what happens in Vegas? Stay in Vegas. Oh, yeah, things get wild out here in the desert, smoking cigar late at night. I feel like Mike Tarico was like, No, we're going to go to Vegas. You can't flex that out. Well, even with Aaron Rogers, if he was playing, this wasn't even the best game. They would definitely keep him, though. They want Aaron Rogers. But Ravens Browns would.


Have been good.


Jaguars 49ers. What's your theory? How close do you think he actually is? Do you think he's going to come back this year? I think he wants to. I don't think he's ready.


So the jets are going to get the ball back with a minute and time out. You're just going to have to go through the torture again. It's going.


To happen again. Can I bet on him to throw another pick? Yeah, probably. I'm going to try to do that live.


He's definitely going to throw another pick.




Has to. But maybe, you know what, memes? Maybe this will be the greatest thing ever. Like the giants game? No, I'm saying maybe we're taping right now. Maybe you're going to have your moment, your memes arrival moment. It's almost a passing of the torch in the studio. Jake came in late. He had a flight. Max is in the doghouse and is saying all types of pussy shit. I'm not in the doghouse. Now you are going to be the alpha.


If he pulls.


It off? Yeah. This is your moment.


All right, let's go.


Okay, here we go. My theory is they don't want to flex out any games where the Super Bowl is taking place. They want to show off the venue as much as possible. Oh, that is a good theory, Jay. Because this is their second home one. They beat the Stealors in week three, and then they have a Thursday night game against the Chargers in December. Three home primetime games is a lot. Yeah, that's a good theory because, yeah, the Raiders weren't supposed to be good. Okay, I like that theory. Okay, next game, Lion's Chargers. Unbelievable game. This is what a game. What a game.


If you like offense, it was great.


Yes. This was, The Lion's offense is so good. I know a lot of the Chargers defense being so bad. The Lion's defense was not so good. I walked away from this game being like, I guess the Lions can win shootouts, but man, their defense got torched. Poor Justin Herbert. Justin Herbert played his ass off. He has the second most money invested in a defense in the NFL, Steeler's being one, Charger's being two, and a defensive head coach. That defense fucking sucks. They're miserable. Lions players were running open everywhere. There was a fourth and five or six that the Lions ran the ball.


And they ran it for a first time. It was fourth and five and Dan Campbell says go for it, which is a ballsy play. Then to run an inside handoff against a defensive coach, just like kicking dirt in the little nerd's face. That's what it was. It was Dan Campbell be like, Yeah, I'm a football guy. You're not. Yeah.


In the Lions offense now that their offensive line is healthy, they look like they are all the way back on offense, which makes him a very scary team. I don't know. Their defense was driving me insane. It felt like Justin Herbert. It really did feel no matter what, whoever had the ball last was going to win the game because no one could stop either team at any point.


Yeah, I want to go back to October 22nd of last year.


Oh, my God. Zach Wilson just made an incredible pass.


October 22nd of last year, Dan Campbell said, This is rock bottom.


Why aren't they using their timeout, memes?


They just.


Wasted seconds. They wasted eight seconds. Come on, Bob. You call him Bob? No, it's Bob's Law.


I think Bob's saying that you owe me more seconds.


Yeah, I put those seconds.


Back on the clock. Give me every second that I lost. But yeah, October 22nd last year, Dan Campbell said, This is rock bottom for us, guys. This is the most heartbreaking loss we can have. Since that loss, they are 16 and 5. Yeah, they're good. He called it. They're good. Just like Hank called rock bottom earlier today, Dan Campbell called it October last year. He was right.


I think it was that game against the Patriots, they didn't score.


It might have been. Yeah. My how tides have turned since then, huh? Yes. I was like really the fork in the road for two franchises. But yeah, the Lions, they can win in different ways.


I don't know if they can win in different ways. They have to just score a shitload.


Of points. No, they can beat the shit out of you sometimes.


No, I'm just saying their defenses. I don't know if Aaron Glenn makes adjustments. Yeah, watching that game was so stressful because I bet a lot on the lions and being like, Whenever the Chargers have the ball, it's not a question of will they score? It's just when.


Will they score? Their defense is Sus for sure. Zach Wilson, what's he going to do? Throwing it deep.


Oh, my God. It almost worked. All right, we have one last play here, and then we'll get back to the Lions Chargers. Five seconds on the clock. Memes can be the alpha of this studio if he wins this game. If Zach Wilson pulls off, you know he's got the arm strength, memes.


This would be so sick.


This would be so sick.


I could just do that.


Out of bounds. What are you doing? This would be so sick, memes. Imagine if he does it? Imagine. He's not going to do it.


He looks a little panic right now. You don't believe.


He's going to do this. Spoiler alert. He's not going to do it. What if he just.


Does it? He's going to do it. Oh, we're going to.


Do it. We're going to get a time out.


What's the most Zach Wilson way to end this game? I think a fumble, a sack fumble would be.


Pretty good. Yeah, like a 20-yard sack. Yeah. Throwing it away.




Sideline. Gets battered down, hit right back to him. Then he runs out of bounds.


Yeah, the pass gets deflected. There's still time. Like, he throws a quick pass to try to get a couple more yards. It gets battered down. He catches it, and then he gets tackled in bounds. He tries to throw it again on his way down. And that's it. That's it.


And that's it. It's so funny. I can't believe you actually think this could happen. Maybe I'll look like the biggest idiot ever, but spoiler alert, I'm not going to. I bet on the jets. I would love for this to happen, memes. This would be incredible win. All right, Meeves, here you go. Zach Wilson taking the snap. He's going back and he's going to get zapped.


No, he's running backwards.


He's going straight backwards.


Let him rip. Let him rip. Let him rip, Zach.


He lets it rip. It is- Oh, my God! -oh, my God! It was almost caught. That was actually as close as you.


Can get. Was that Garrett Wilson?


Let's just say right now that was an incredible play by Zach Wilson to avoid that sack. That's why you drafted him. That's why you got to give him a new contract.


That was the off-platform throw. Yeah, it was. Roll into the left, throw into his right.


That was literally the full Zach Wilson. That's why you get that guy. That was so close, memes.


We got to see this replay. Yeah, he touched it.




Touched it. I think he got his.


Hands all over it. He's still not going to get it on the replay memes.


Oh, no, Hank. Rude.


What you're like? You're like, Let me see this replay.


It's not going.


To make it better. We found out today that memes has Hank's number saved in his phone as Henemy. A budding rivalry. Not even a budding. It is a rivalry.


It's full-blown.


I love memes.


Yeah, that's my boy.


Give me a life. All right, we're never going to see the replay. We're never going to see the replay. They're not going to show the replay. Maybe he caught it, memes, and that's why they're not showing the replay.


They will. They got to show the handshakes first.


Because that's live. Okay, here it is. Let's watch the replay.


See how close he was, memes.


He's going to make it.


Better, memes. Incredible job by Zach Wilson to avoid the sack. Got a little help from the ref. What a throw. I don't think anyone could have caught it.


No, I think you touched though.


I don't think it.


Was catchable. That was a great play by Zach Wilson. I don't know what the hezzy hey. Against Crosby.


He definitely could have.


Caught it. Garrett Wilson could have caught that.


Oh, Garrett Wilson. All he's got to do is be a little bit better.


Oh, the guy in front of him. Is that Conchlan? Yeah, Conchlan took it away from Garrett Wilson.


Sorry, memes. Sorry, memes.


This sucks. Yeah. Devante, Adams, smiling.


Recap real quick, memes. Your season is over?


The season is over again.


Okay. Still can't score a touchdown. No longer the best team in the NFC?


No longer.


I think we're bottom 15 in the NFC. Okay, bottom 15 in the NFC. 16 teams.


Bottom 15.


Not the worst. Okay, and Aaron Rodger is not coming back. Aaron Rodgers.


Is not coming back. I don't think.


Joe Douglas.


Is coming.


Back either. Oh, he's built this roster, I mean. It's a good roster. I saw him trending a lot. It's a good roster. Josh Dobbs is.


Doing good. Do you think they're going.


To- Oh, yeah. Josh could win some games with the jets. Josh Dobbs is a big reason why Joe Douglas has been trending.


Yeah, because they just said, We're going to stick. Well, I heard Salah last week when they were talking about like, there was somebody in the press that was asking him, Why haven't you brought in a new quarterback yet? Why aren't we giving Zach Wilson some competition? They did with Trevor Simeon, right? But they're not giving him a chance to start. Not anything. They're addressing him. Yeah. The question was a fair question, and Salah said as much. He was like, You know, that's like… I'm going to respect that question. It's a good question. It's just we're going to go with the guy that we have right now. It almost felt like it was coming from above him, whether that was Joe Douglas or if it was Woody Johnson saying, No, let's stick with Zach Wilson. Don't bring anybody else in it. It felt like it wasn't his call to make.


Josh Jobs would have won that game.




Josh Jobs.


Would have won that game. Carson Wentz might have won that game. Carson Wentz reached out.


Did you see that report? Twice. Oh, he reached out. It was.


So pathetic. He reached out again after Monday night. He's so thirsty. Again, I say if Carson Wentz showed up at my doorstep, I would call the police. But he asked twice. He asked twice. He's like, Please, let me play football. He's like, Are you sure?


Yeah, I really want to play.


They're like, Nope. They're like, Well, yeah, we'll be back in touch with you and let you know. He's like, Yeah, I never really heard back about that job opening. I wanted to follow up. He said I nailed the interview. Because I sent my resume in and I got a read receipt on it, and so I wanted to follow up on that.


Man, sorry, memes. Lion's Chargers. Back to Lion's Chargers. I don't understand what the Chargers are doing. They spend all that money on defense and they don't have any linebackers. That was the shocking thing in this game where it was just the running game, the Lions ran all over them, and then any time they wanted, they had guys crossing the middle of the.


Field wide open. There were a million times when, whether it was St. Brown or somebody else, would catch the ball seven yards down field, and then they'd run an additional seven yards before getting that. They might not have linebackers. Yeah, they might not. It might just be a defensive line and then you've got four defensive backs and they forget to put linebackers out there. The middle of the field was incredibly.


Wide open. Yeah, and Ben Johnson is an awesome playcaller. That was a fourth down when he threw the over the top tight end touchdown? That was sick. Lines are so much fun to watch. I'm just very worried that their defense is not good. Maybe it's just Justin Herbert's very good because I really do... If you watch this game and anyone who's like, Justin Herbert's not really good, you're just not watching the game because he is really good and his defense is really, really bad.


They look really good. The Lions defense look good against the Raiders under offensive genius Josh McDaniels. Let's not forget that. Yeah, let's talk about this real quick. Actually, congrats to the Lions. Your defense was good enough to get Josh McDaniels fired, which is a net positive for football. Then you had a good game against the Bucks too.


Which is also not a good offense.


Also not a good offense.


Yeah, so who is very one dimensional, can't run the ball. Yeah, that's not...


I guess they look good against the Falcons, too.


Yeah, but the Seahawks put up 37 on them.


Yeah, the defense is definitely suspect.


It's crazy because watching the Lions play defenses is so frustrating because I feel like there's so many times where they almost get a sack and they just don't. Then it's like, Oh, that's a 15-yard play. I guess maybe that's just the difference, the game of inches, ever heard of it? But it is, Lions fans, I feel bad for you because your offense is so legit and watching that defense is is tough on certain Sundays. But you're off- When you start playing really good quarterbacks, that's who's most likely going to be in.


The playoffs. But the good news is you might be able to outscore most teams. Yeah. You're off- And.


You'll play.


Fun football. Jerry Goff is great. He's awesome. I'm glad that we held our stock on Jerry Goff. I'm surprised Hank didn't sell that one, too. We probably did. Kind of a little bit. Well, I think Hank said he's great on play action. Yeah. But we remain committed to Jerry Goff being an.


Elite quarterback. He rooted against him in the.


Super Bowl. He did root against him in the Super Bowl. Incredible. Jameer Gibbs also was so fun to watch. I love rookie running backs when they have those fast legs and they got the rookie legs. You can tell instantly if it's a rookie that's running the ball.




Montgomery is back. He's back officially.


By the way, we got breaking moves. This just came in. It's a text from Paul Rabel. Tuesday, we're going to find out where the water dog's home is. Tuesday, the sport center 2:00 PM, we're going to find out where the water dog's home is. I've had conversations with Paul. I have an inkling of where we might be. We talked about a bunch of different cities. There was talks about Chicago, Denver, Great Lakes, Philadelphia, all these cities. I'm very excited to see where the.


Water Dogs are going to be. We should call our stadium The Dog House.


Yes, that would be perfect for Max. He'd feel right at home. That's exciting. We're going to find out where the Water Dogs live.


I'm very excited about that.


Tuesday at two o'clock Eastern on sports center, Paul is going to tell us what city will be the home of the.


Water dogs. This is a revenge season, too.




Oh, big time. We're angry. Big time. We don't do second place.


Yes. Okay, so- I.


Hope heads roll. Heads need to roll.


That's huge. I think maybe new logos, too, which will be cool because then we can do throwback logos.






That. Throwback Day.


Back to 2021.


Yeah, that.


Actually- Next time we have Paul on, we got to tell them, Change your logo every year. That way, your throwback logo. Everyone loves a throwback logo.


I think that any time a team wins a championship, they should retire that logo. Like when the run is over-.


Because then you.


Remember it. You can stay with it for the next season, I guess. But then maybe retire it once you don't win again and say, Okay, that's the Super Bowl logo.


I like that. I like that a lot. So Tuesday, 2:00 PM Eastern sports center, Paul Rable is going to tell us where the Water Dogs live. And then we're going to... I mean, it's going to be big news for us, boys. Huge news. All right, back to football. Cardinals of Falcons, Kyler Murray is back. So back. He looked good.


He looked really good. He was so fast today. So fast. Kind of adorable running.


Around back there. And he's got a... Trey McBride is a legit weapon for him. Kyler Murray took them on a game-winning field goal drive that he could have easily scored a touchdown. They got all the way down to the.


Five-yard line. Yeah, it's fun. You forget that there's a lot of stuff off the field, a lot of conversation about Kyler Murray, whether or not he really loves playing football. When he's on the field, he looks awesome. He looks like he's having fun.


When he's playing. The League is more fun when Kyler Murray is playing, especially because he plays for the Cardinals, which is usually an afternoon time slot team. You usually get a couple of games that there's three, four games. If two of them suck, you're like, Fuck, this sucks. When Tyler Murray is involved, the games usually are fun.


He's the only player that he can drift back like 5 or 10 yards in the pocket and a defensive lineman will be running at him. Then they'll be like, Wait, I'm in a whole lot of space with Tyler Murray, and they'll stop pursuing them for a sack. And they'll just stand there and wait for him to turn around, run towards him because they know that if you run at him, he's going to step around you and now there's even more space for him to go to. He's very fun to watch with the ball.


I had fun watching Kyle Murray today. I thought he was going to be rusty.


If you're a Falcons fan, correct me if I'm wrong, but they've now lost to the Vikings, Titans, and Cardinals, which are three teams in a row with quarterbacks with exactly zero starts for those teams between the three of them. On the season, yeah. On the season. Yeah. I guess you could say Arthur Smith is getting hosed because he doesn't have tape to watch on these guys before they play, but that's a bad look.


Yeah, the seat might be getting hot for our friend Arthur, to put it mildly.


Yeah. Heineke got injured today, so they put Ritter back in. Say something nice about Desmond Ritter. Didn't look bad when he came back in the game.


I thought he looked bad. He at least tried.


He didn't look as bad.


He tried to throw it downfield.




That would be the nicest thing I could say about Desmond Ritter, where he in the past, he would not throw it downfield. He tried a couple of times.


We got Bison today. Bison, Robinson got a full workload. Yeah. Point out of the doghouse.


Which Arthur Smith's proved that's not a winning formula. Out of the doghouse. All of you nerds.


Were wrong. Twenty-two carries doesn't make you win. Don't ask how many receptions Kyle Pits had and how many yards he had. That doesn't matter. But you got your Bison wish.


You had three for 30.


Three for 30.




A blow-sum thing. -the baby bomb did not work. David Ball was a late edition. It was.


After we recorded. Yeah, there should be a warning if it's Kyle Pitt specifically.


Thank you to the Cardinals because they won a game. Now the updated tankathon is the Panthers in sole position of the first pick, which is the Bear's Pick. Huge. Thank you to the Cardinals. I think they could probably win a few games here with Tyler Murray. Hank, would you like to know who you're selecting? Yes, please. You're now third. It goes Caleb Williams, Drake May, Marvin Harrison Jr, to the Patriot. Love that.


Who's going to throw on the wall? Bailey Zappe?


Yeah, Bailey Zappe has some nice zip on a couple of those passes.


Listen, if you get Marvin Harrison Jr, that can get you so excited for a very long time.


Would you be less excited about Bailey Zappe if his name wasn't Bailey Zappi? I think I would. I think the name, it's just electric. Yeah.


Bailey Zappi was awesome in college. Loved to watch him play ball. Okay, next up, Cowboys, giants. Oh, boy. The giants. Say something nice about the giants. Tommy DeVito's family looks awesome. Central casting. The most Italian New Jersey family you could see. There was the whole story this week that Tommy DeVito still lives at home and was like, Why wouldn't I get my laundry done, chicken cutlets?






Perfect. It is. I wanted to defend him on this because he lives in New Jersey. He lives pretty close to New York. It's not cheap to live there. He's not getting paid a whole lot of money. His mom's.


Probably a.


Great cook. His mom is probably awesome. He's probably got a good setup there. Shout out to Tommy DeVito, who's wearing the TD gold chain around his neck during the game.


If there's ever a community that you can get away with that, it's the Italian community. You live at home until you find a wife.


It's perfect. His mom probably won't let him move out.


Your mom is your wife until you find a wife.


His mom looked like she wanted to kick Brian Davel's ass during this game. What the fuck are you doing to my son? His dad was like, That's your fucking door-to-door downplay? Yeah. His dad is perfect. Yeah, his family was the best part of this game.


Just using their hands to yell at the giants and everything.


There were a few plays in the first half, especially where the game plan seemed to be just get Tommy DeVito as far away from the ball as possible. They had him run out wide and they would do a last-second Wildcat thing. When they split him out wide, they split him out very wide. They told him, Run off the field. Whatever you do, don't touch the ball during this play.


You know what I always think about with guys like Tommy DeVito, who they probably don't have a long career in the NFL. Just give it time, Tommy DeVito, because at some point in your life, 10 years from now, you'll be working a job, maybe coaching football. You'll have your giants, Tommy DeVito, game worn jersey, hung up in your office and you'll be like, Yeah, I threw a few touchdown passes in the NFL.


What do you think his next job is going to be? I think meat salesman. Coach? I think maybe steak. He might sell steak door to door.


Yeah, maybe garbage.


Yeah, I could get into garbage. Waste management. Sanitation. Yeah, sanitation.


-yeah, sanitation.


-no, but like-.


Dad does. -yeah, you got to- He's in the plumbing and heating business. All right, so perfect. But he is like, just think about that, Tommy. People are joking on you right now. You've been put in a terrible, terrible spot. But at some point, enough time will pass that people will be like, Oh, yeah, remember Tommy DeVito? That was fun.


I love the fact that they're not even trying to put Matt Barkley in the game. If you look at Matt Barkley's Wikipedia page, at least earlier today, it listed him as being a former NFL quarterback, even though he's been on, I think he's been on the team for a week maybe. But they're not even thinking about him. They're saying next week we're rolling with Tommy DeVito again. Tommy. Yeah. He's so Italian. He is the tank top, the best possible guy you can have to tank if you're the New York giants.


Yeah. And the giants had seven... Their first seven drives had one first down. They didn't gain more than 17 yards until their ninth possession. Then Tommy DeVito did have two touchdown passes. But in the first half, the Cowboys had 28 points and the giants had 27 yards.




Wasn't good. And the Cowboys came out a little slow, like dashed through a bad interception. But then there's nothing that the Cowboys like doing more than just beating the fuck out of bad teams. And Daq looked awesome. He made great throws. That is the Cowboy way. They've won 12 straight at home. This season alone, their scores at home is 170 to 50.


It's pretty good everybody got involved.


They're just beating the fuck out of teams. They beat the giants this year, 89 to 17.


Yeah, I don't know what we can take away from this game for the Cowboys. No, it's like more of the same. I think it's just like it adds to what we already thought about the Cowboys earlier.


Yeah, the Cowboys are just… If they play a bad team, take them every single day.


I feel bad for Saquon Barkley. I feel so bad for him. Going to this game, he knew that it was just basically going to be him on offense, and then they were just going to hope that everything worked out. The game plan was like, get through this game without Saquon injuring himself somehow. They were down, I think, 28 to zero, and Saquon was just looking up at the scoreboard, just like, get me the fuck out of here, please.


It was sad to watch. It was sad to watch. Yeah, this game went... Listen, I know that I'm a bad gambler, but I took the Cowboys today because I was like, This spread isn't enough. It's not enough.


I took the Cowboys. I took Tommy DeVitos under for passing yards, which was 157 and a half somehow.


Did he hit it? No. Did he hit.


The over? No, 86. He hit 86. Which is actually a pretty good game for Tommy.


Yeah, Tommy hit two touchdown passes. Yeah. That was not bad. He had.


Two touchdowns, one at reception.


That's a good game.


That's pretty good.


That's pretty good for Tommy DeVito. I'll say this. 186. Oh, 175, I think, was their total yards. Yeah, 172.


He no longer looked like the example of could you get a first down if you were put in as an NFL quarterback? Yes. He looks serviceable.


At times. Yeah, at times. Yeah, I think that the Cowboys, it'd be nice if they played the BCS error because they score style points against these bad teams. That's what they do.


That's what they do. Computer bumped them up in the rankings.


Yeah, exactly. All right, last game. Seahawks 29, Commanders 26. You know what? I'll make it the rowback question of the week. Rhoback. Com, use promo code. Take 20 % off your first purchase. Ques, polas, hoodies, jogger shorts. Fleases. Fleases. Rowback. Com, promo code take. The most comfortable clothes in the world. I wear the joggers every single Sunday. Love rowback. Go to rowback. Com right now. Use promoCode Take. Pft. Yes. We think in Yoffs?


Yoffs. I got to switch around a couple of games.


Okay, you got to move some.


Things around. I got to move some things around. This one I had as a win in my spreadsheet in my head. You know what we have to do? We got to steal one. We got to steal one. Now we have to steal one against the Dolphins. We got to steal one. If we steal one against the Dolphins, then there's still a path there. I don't really have expectations for this team anymore. It seems like the Minnesota Vikings are good enough where I don't necessarily think that my original plan to get to nine wins would get us into the playoffs. The Vikings might get nine or 10. We do have the tie-breaker over the Falcons, which is nice though.


But today- That won't come in handy whatsoever.


I'm just saying- That actually will hurt your traffic. I know, I just read. I read that was one good thing that the commanders have done, so we do have that tie-breaker. It's okay to run the ball. I just want to say for reference, Eric, being me, it's okay to run the ball. You can run the football. It's the Andy Reed system. It's the Andy Reed system where they use the running backs as an extension of the pass game, or I guess the short passing game is really an extension of the running game that they do.


Which the short passing game worked.


It does work. Bryan Robinson had a great touchdown off that. Really, the two best plays of the day came off. Sam House scrambling out of the pocket, finding a running back, and then getting a big gain off it. Sam House, still the guy. He's 100% the guy.


Yeah, that touchdown drive at the end was awesome.


He's great. He had 312 yards, three touchdowns, no receptions. He's not taking sacks like he used to. He got sacked three times a day. But it's not as bad as it was in the past. He's learning. He's growing. We've seen growth. I'm close to saying I'm okay with tanking at this point, but the fact that we're in the hunt graphic, the in the hunt graphic fucks me up all the time because the in the hunt graphic is a very powerful narcotic. If you have a bad team and you should be rooting for them to tank to get a better draft pick. But you see that fucking in the hunt graphic and you think to yourself, Well, we can make the playoffs. Listen, Pittsburgh Steeler, they won the Super Bowl as a wild card. It's happened before. It happens actually not that infrequently where you make a little run in the playoffs. You start deluding yourself and you think, Fuck, I'm in the hunt. If I could just get out of the hunt and into the game, just give me a chip in the chair. I didn't think it could happen in the playoffs. It doesn't really work out that way.


I should stop thinking about that. But every time they put that fucking in the hunt graphic up, I want to win that game.


You know the bears are one game behind the commanders, and we have the tie-breaker.


You're almost in the hunt.


Just putting in a perspective that the Commanders might be closer to.


The bottom. That sounds like some fuzzy math to me. There's no way.


I just want to throw that.


Out there. You're one game behind the Commanders? Come home.


Did you see? Wait, no. I know.


The in the hunt always fucks me up. If I'm in the hunt around Thanksgiving, it's like, let's fucking go, boys. Time to nut up. Okay. It's ball time.


-counterpoint, Big Cat. Here's the in the hunt graphic. Are the bears on there?


No, but I'm just saying you're one more loss than a bear's win away from being-This is before or.


After the loss?


This was before the loss. We were the first one. We were the first one in the hunt, though. We're the top of the in the hunt.


No, the In the hunt is my favorite graphic in the world. I just aspire to be in the hunt in Thanksgiving. Show me the In the hunt. I'm like.


Oh, yes. I'm also learning that the- We're still in the hunt. The in the hunt graphic is.


Actually bad. They've definitely made the in the hunt graphic bigger. They've put everyone in the hunt.


They tried to rebrand it last year with the sniffing around. I like sniffing around and lurking.


I do think Sam how it was great, though. Do you think that they should.


Have gone for two? Yes, that's the other thing. Like, Ron Rivera, you pussy. Riverboat Ron. No. Has anybody ever called you that? I was screaming at the TV, Go for two. We're on the road. Our defense sucked.


The only reason I would say not to go for two there was there was a lot of time left.


Yeah, but our.


Defense sucked. No, I know. But I feel like you go for two when there's 10 seconds left. It's like the game is over.


It probably wouldn't have affected the outcome of this game because our defense was going to give up a drive to Gino Smith anyways.


Who was great.


At the end. He was very- Gino.


Looked like, I did have the theory that maybe I was too hard on Gino after he played the Ravens and the Browns. Gino looked back to being okay.


Yeah, he looked okay. I think he looked pretty good today and our defense was bad. Somehow you lose our two best pass rushers and you can't generate pressure on the quarterback. It's weird when that happens. Yeah, defense is really bad. Fire, Jack Del Rio, fire, Ron Rivera. Ron Rivera is definitely a guy that's been mentally checked out for weeks. Just weeks. He doesn't give a shit.


Guess what? You're going to beat the giants next week and you'll be even more in the hunt.


Yeah, that's the thing is we're now nine and a half point favorites at home against the giants. We win that game and then we're back at the top of the in the hunt graphic. Then I want to win another game after that. Then we got to steal one against the Dolphins. Then anything can happen. Anything can happen. Then we got Chilling on the bump.


Yep, Rams, Jets, who memes through in the white towel.


We're not out of it yet.


You still do have to play the 49ers and cowboys.


We might steal one against the Cowboys, too.


We'll have to play the cowboys.


Twice in the 49ers. But we might steal the last game against the cowboys.


Yeah, you're not going to beat the cowboys in Dallas because that's when they like to get their.


Bcs rating on it. That's when they like to beat up on bad teams.


Thanksgiving? No, it's not Thanksgiving. Wait, is it Thanksgiving? Yeah, it is Thanksgiving.


Oh, God. I got to watch the Commanders. We're going to win on Thanksgiving. We're going to steal one. We're going to steal one on the road, Thanksgiving, and then we're going to steal one against the 40. They're.


They raged or.


Voice, they did not. They did not steal one. Then we're going to steal one against the Dolphins. Then we're going to steal one against the Cowboys at the end of the season because the Cowboys will be already set in their playoff spot in week 18. They will.


I feel like if they lose in Thanksgiving, that's going to mean they're going to probably need to get another win.


Yeah, that's true. You just-We're.


Going to tie them on Thanksgiving.


Yeah, if you beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving, they will have to play week 18.


We're going to tie them on Thanksgiving, and then that tie will put them into the third spot and they'll be locked in the third spot in the playoffs and then they won't have to play week.


Then don't let the Eagles see the Commanders.


You don't want to see us three times.


You do not want.


To see. It's hard to beat a team three times, Big Cat. Yeah.


Is that true? Max, you should be worried about that.


I agree.


With PFT. I don't want to see the Commanders.


In the playoffs.


Yeah, exactly.


I'm the biggest Sam Howe believer out there.


Thank you for the support. Sam Howe is now four and one lifetime against Super Bowl winning coaches. This being his first loss.




Pete Carroll. Yeah, Seahawks, they look good offensively. It's hard to say how much of that was just the commander's dog shit defense and how much was Seattle actually figuring something out. But yeah, credit to them. They're a good team. Yeah, they are. I think the Seahawks are a good team. That's a tough place to play.


They're a good team that I don't think can win the Super Bowl. Yeah, I agree with that. Let's do that real quick. Teams that can win the Super Bowl. I was thinking about it another way because we obviously have friends on the show and anytime they have a bad game, everyone's like, They're overrated. There are certain quarterbacks that I don't care if they have two, three bad games in a row. I'm not going to say that they're bad. Josh Allen, Joe Borough, Patrick Mahomes, some of these quarterbacks like- Jared.


Jared would never have three bad games in a row.


These are the quarterbacks like, I think they're pretty good. Don't one game doesn't make it.


Front of the program.


If he plays against a good team. All right, teams that can win the Super Bowl.


Dolphins. Chiefs.


Dolphins can't win the Super Bowl.


Yes, they can.


You think so? Yeah. Have they beaten any good teams?


No, but they can.


They can, okay. All right, my list is Kansas City, Baltimore, Cincinnati in the AFC.


I'm going to add one to that big cat.


I actually might add one, too.


Are you thinking.


What I'm thinking? I'm thinking we're going to say it three, two, one, ready? I was.


Going to say Browns. Okay, Browns.


Yeah, I might add the Browns.


Because to Sean, like you said- It's good. If he's good, that defense is good enough. Defense wins championships.


People forget that. Yeah. Then in the NFC, I have an Eagles 49ers.


Cowboys? No. Wait, have we actually determined that the Cowboys are officially frauds? Because that was a statement loss that they had at Philadelphia.


Yeah, they won that loss.


They won that loss. They won the.


Loss big time. Max even admitted it. He's like, They shouldn't have. That's not what I said. If the Eagles were honorable people, they would have given the.


Cowboys that win. If the Eagles were smart, they would have given that win because that way you give a false sense of confidence to your opponent and know you can beat them.


Here are the teams that the Dallas Cowboys have beaten this year. The New York giants, the New York jets, the New England Patriots, the Los Angeles Chargers, the Los Angeles Rams, the New York giants. Okay. Hank. Not exactly Murderer's Row.


Was that the Chargers without Ostekler?


Might have been. They will have games that they can prove it, though. They play the Eagles, Bulls, Dolphins in a row and Lions all in a row in December. That will be actually, holy shit. Their December schedule is Seahawks, Eagles, Bulls, Dolphins, Lions.




Well, yeah, I'm talking about.


Playoff teams. Well, and the hunt.


That's five potential playoff teams right there. We have four teams in the AFC and two teams in the NFC. Lions fans are going to be mad at you. Listen, I think the Lions are a great story. Their offense is incredible. Their defense, they have to be able to stop someone. Maybe they figure it out. They do have a lot of defensive talent. You have to be able to see them.


Stop someone. I think if you were to ask Lions fans truthfully right now, do you think this team could win the Super Bowl? They would probably say, no.


I guess there is a style. The Lions fans are- They.


Could- They've been waiting for.


This season. No, I mean, they're having a great time. I don't want to take anything away from the season because if you're a Lions fan, you should go to every away game. You should throw parties during NFL Sunday. You should get on message boards and brag and invade other teams message boards and be like, Fuck you were the Lions. We're not going anywhere. You should do all that stuff. But I also think that they know that their defense is not good enough right now to be able to beat teams in the playoff.


Yeah, this is the right now, by the way. This could change. There could be material changes. The Lions defense, I know that it's become an offensive league, but defense, you still need a very good defense.


You do. Especially in the playoffs. I don't know if that's true.


But it sounds good to say. Lions going to Philadelphia? Lions going to San Francisco?


San Francisco, maybe not.


But- Oh, you have the You have the Niners over the Eagles right now. Yeah. Oh, okay. Maybe the Lions can just outscore teams. If you outscore them, you win.


It's true.


So score points.


And jail and hurts might not be healthy. So maybe the offense of the Eagles couldn't outscore the Lions.


I'll put the Lions in a parentheses. Maybe the Lions and Browns. That actually feels a perfect place for both of them. They're in our tickler file of could be. They also have an easy schedule coming up, so more wins could be on the way. Yeah. 7-2 Detroit.


Yeah. It'd be so good if the Steeler just won the Super Bowl.


The Lions two Lions home playoff games would fucking rock. Man, that would rock.


I just want one.


Yeah, but if they can keep winning games, they could get two. They'd get.


The two. Yeah, but just imagine the pop that it's going to get.




Big pop. Thanksgiving is going to pop too.


Yeah, Thanksgiving is going to pop. Okay, let's finish up the show with Who's Back of the Week. We got one last ad, PFT.


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Okay, who's back in the week? Henry.


I got a couple.


Hank, you're so prepared.


Thank you. We talked about that.


Oh, that's weird. Do we have the report?


Yeah, it's ready for Wednesday.


Oh. Is it ready?


Yeah. I mean, it's… I got to do a final look-through.


You just said it was ready.


For a while. Aws were very upset.


Yeah, I apologize seven times.


That's not enough. The notes app tactic usually works if.


You want to. You think maybe your lack of preparation set the tone for The Patriots this weekend?


Yeah, possibly.


First one was-It's good that you were golfing all Friday night instead of working on your report.


I thought Hank wasn't golfing on weekends.


I was at work. We were streaming.


Yeah, you should have been working on your report.




Aws desperately want to see.


Credit to Hank, he was dialed, though. You're playing pretty well.


First one was- A lot of practice. -travis Scott and Taylor Swift. We talked about that.


Travis who?




Scott. Travis Scott. I'd imagine. Travis, Kelsey, and Taylor Swift. I talked about that already maxed in the doghouse.


Yeah, oh, my God. Is he in the doghouse? Not in the doghouse.


Not in the doghouse.


It was so cute. Oh, my gosh. I respect it. It was so cute to see that.


-i respect love and I respect the.


Kelsey family.


My second one is Max Homa.




He won the African World Cup of Golf.


Fuck yes. I didn't even know there was golf being.


Played this weekend. That's actually, it's more important than the road tanks. It is. It's the road to Dubai. This is.


The road to Dubai. This is the road to Dubai. Yeah. I don't know how that works.


How much did he make?


I don't know that.


Let's find out.


But he had- Find that out for us. He put up an Instagram story where he was on just a bunch of people's shoulders, like they were throwing him up in the air. The locals.


Were doing some ceremony.




Was like, crowd surfing.


What's that called, Jake, in a Jewish wedding? Is there a name for that?


Well, there's The Horra.


It looked like he was doing The Horra.


That's when you go on the chairs.


Yeah, he was basically doing that, minus the chair. They were just tossing.


Him up in the air. He is a member of the tribe.


It's great. Great vibes all around. Then my last two's back of the week is more of just a grape. This is more just something I want to get off my chest because it's going to keep coming up. I fucking hate the NBA midseason tournament courts.




Hate them. I don't understand why they do it. They all look gross. The Suns was one of the most disgusting courts I've ever seen. The Celtics court was cool design-wise, but still I'd rather just the traditional court. This is just going to be something that bothers me every time I turn on the NBA and they have.


These courts. Yeah, it's like, I don't mind the fact that they make me miss the wood. You watch one game and you're like, I really miss just the old-fashioned, the floor of Boston Garden. I miss looking at that natural stuff.


Yeah, but it looks like you're watching a WAC mid-conference, like a random college basketball game.


It does look beneath the NBA.


Way beneath the NBA.


So far beneath them.




Don't play games in China.


Just to do a mental calendar, it's only on Friday nights the next few weeks. Okay, I won't be watching. If it's a Friday night until they go to Vegas, you'll be expecting that.


All right, it's good to know that I can expect it. But yeah, it bothers me, especially the Suns one. The Suns one wasn't terrible. The design was cool in theory, what they did with it. But it's not as good as the regular court. The Suns court was just an abomination.


Yeah, when other college football programs started to do the different colored fields after Boise State. When Boise State had it, it's fun. It's like, Oh, that's the blue field. Geese die on it every year. That was cool. Then once Western Washington comes out with the blood red, Eastern Michigan, as the gray, where it looks like you're playing in Pleasantville, it gets to be a little bit much.


Yeah, I'd agree.


That's it.


We all stand together. Max won just north of a million.


Oh, nice.


Oh, congrats. You don't have to pay taxes on that either. This is in Africa.


South Africa. Anything internationally, you don't have to. No state income tax. You don't have to.


Pft, who's.


Your who's back? My who's back of the week is James Harden.




Harden is back. He's playing with the Clipper. The Clipper's are now 0 and 4 with James Harden in the lineup for him. He had a great quote. Did you see his quote last week? No. They asked him if he was a system player because he was talking about his coaching in the past. He said, I'm not a system player. I am the system. Oh, hell, yeah. Which is a hell of a quote. Great quote. Then they went out and lost a couple of games. I guess he's a system player. Say what you want about James Harden, but the man has been nothing but consistent.




The years. That is a fact. His system is get to the foul line, annoy every dad that's watching the game, and then just go home as soon as the season's over.


Did you hear that clip? There was a Clipper's announcement that went viral that just.


Ripped him away. Oh, the Mavs' announcement.




Mavs' announcement. Yeah. He was like, Everyone gave you everything you want, and you're too dumb to realize that maybe you're the problem.


Yeah, which was very right. Okay, my who's back is something I want us to do as a collective here. It's the Heisman race.




Have a pretty big podcast, sports podcast. Maybe we could influence some people. I think as a group, we should get behind Jaden Daniels plus 550.


I agree. At the end of the game on Saturday, I think he was at plus 900. Before that game, he was at plus 2,000.


I think we should get behind Jaden Daniels, make that bet, and try to bang on that drum.


He is the best player in college football.


He's the best player in college football. It's become a team award. He's the best player in college football. You don't want to do it, Hank? I need a buy-in from everyone because what we have to do is basically propaganda stats of Jaden Daniels to get everyone in the world being like, Did you know Jaden Daniels is actually better than everyone else?






Harrison Jr, if they beat Michigan, he's going to win it.




Do you just want him to win the Heisman so that when you get him on the Patriots, he can be Heisman.


Trophy winner? No, I think what's going to end up happening is going to be the winner of the Bow Nicks first Michael Pennex in the Pack 12 Championship game.


It could be, but Jane Daniels is the best player in.


College football. I agree. That's why I'm saying we should do it.


We saw the Ohio State. We saw that game up close and personal. Ohio State quarterback is terrible.


But why do we do this?


The fact that is putting up these numbers. I'm down to it.


Why don't we do it? As a team, as a group, as a collective? I'm down. I'm doing it right now.


You don't sound that down, Hank.


I'm down. I'm just being honest. Before, we're talking it out like you said, we're.


Doing it as a group. I want to do it, Big Ken. I'm just-I'm just kicking myself because I had the bet locked in on Saturday night during the game. Oh, that's so cool. Then I didn't do it, and then the odds got so much better.


Wait, so then we're.


Not going to do it? No, I'll do it. I'll still do it.


I'll do it. My phone is out there.


I'll still do it. Memes, Max, Jake, we could influence some people. I'll root for you guys. I'll publicize it. Jaden Daniels is having an insane, insane season. I'll tell you what, the best quarterback in the country.




Cat. I'm going to - We did a stats blog on Barstool.




Every day. The case for why Jaden-Yes.


He puts that hole on him.




Day. Pack 12.


Stats are inflated.


You could also.


Go that route. Yeah, good point. Don't play.


Defense in the Pack 12. Yeah.


He's also, if you look at the past winners of the Heisman Trophy, he is the only one who compares to them. Like, Ponyx and Michael Pennox do not have similar numbers in all the categories. Jane Daniels has them and surpassed them in a lot of them. He has 38 total touchdowns. This is Michael Pennox have? We might have to start bashing Michael Pennox. Michael Pennox played in Indiana.


Michael Pennox is a great quarterback.


Michael Pennox also has.




A Dunezay. Yes. There we go. He's almost on the.


Same level as Marvin Harrison Jr.


Look at this. Michael Pennox has 30 total touchdowns. Jane Daniels has 38.


Tell you what, I'm going to ride with you on this.


Michael Pennox, rushing yards, guess what they are?


A lot.




27. Oh, no way.


Because they do the.


Stupid like-Yeah, because college stats.


Yeah, but you just said it's a team award. Jane Daniels has 918. That's a lot more. Team award. But his defense thinks that's not his fault.




Like you said- Did you say it's a team award? It's not.


You just said that.


No, it's become a team award.


But it's not. They're going to give it to a QB who's lost versus a QB that's undefeated or.


A Widers. They played Georgia State and Texas A. M. He's got to put up video game stats against Georgia State.


I'm ready for it. I like that Hank is still the quarterback Wins guy. I love.


The quarterback. I'm not. I'm trying to I'm talking it out with you using your own logic.


You know what the problem is with the quarterback wins debate? Is somehow everybody that is anti-judging wins as a stat now says that Justin Herbert is the best quarterback to ever play the game. Yeah. There is something to the quarterback win stat, but it's not everything. It's obviously not even that much of it. But Jane Daniels is like the perfect test case of it where he's the best player in college football. His defense is just so bad. Let's get it going. It's incredibly bad. You can't hold a win against Jay and Daniels. That's what I'm saying.


Let's get it going.


Tell you what, I will lock in this bet. I'll make it my biggest bet of the season.




We just go- Big cat, if I can count on your support in the ongoing letter writing campaign against the NCAA for James Madison.


Yeah, I'm going to need you to explain it to me better than you explained it to me earlier. Not right now, but in private, and I will absolutely help you.




I 100% have your back. Jake, finish us off. First off, I would like to correct myself to the NBA in the season tournament is Tuesdays and Fridays. Oh, no. Double trouble. They didn't do it the first week because it was election days. There are no games. But Tuesdays and Fridays.


Through November.




Also such a hassle. Think about the fucking poor people at these arenas. You think they give a fuck about the in-season tournament? They have to switch out the hardwood every other day.


A lot of them are doing it for hockey anyway, so it doesn't really make a difference. Still not right.


Wait, what do you mean?


Most of.




Arenas are changing over from hardwood to ice no matter what.


What about New Orleans? Yeah, the Smoothie King. The good people down at the Smoothie King Arena. They have to do.


So much. I think about the people and I would imagine that there is some annoyance of like, we have now three courts factor in.


Agreed. My who's back is Coach K. He returned to Cameron Indore for a big game for Duke against Arizona. I thought he wasn't going to games. And they lost.


He looks so unhappy.


That's interesting. Caleb Love transferred to Arizona after eliminating Coach K in his final season and bald out and waved by to the camera crazy.


That's interesting. You can see how pissed off he looked?


I did.


The whole crowd was cheering for him. His wife looking great as ever, standing next to him, trying to amp the people up. Coach K just looked like he'd rather be anywhere else.




Was interesting.


That's interesting.


Let the guy live.


Duke is here in Chicago tomorrow, Champions Class. Huh, who.


Are they playing? It's Duke, Kansas.


Michigan State. They play at Michigan State. It's the four Blue Bloods. Why was Coach K there, Hank?


Izo lost his Blue Blood.


Explain that, Hank.


Why was the coach at the place where he has a court named after him watching one of their biggest games of the year?


He's not the coach anymore. He's not the coach anymore.


Former Coach. I mean, it's Coach K court.


Was he at the game? It was.


A question. Factor fiction. Alumni has returned to their schools all the time to watch big games.


Now when they say they'll never do it.


When did he say that?


What's the exact quote? Okay, I've just got a random quote pulled up here from Coach K. Per John Roestein, Coach K tells me that he does not plan to-.


He's also not an alum.


-any games.






Suck on that, bitch.


I mean, you guys are just some psych. You guys are.


Grasping at shit. He doesn't want to be a distraction for John Shire.


That's what we could have used this time instead of talking about Coach K to go over the Lighthouse, but we don't have that presentation.


You asked.


For a Wednesday. And Max is in the Dog House and memes is not the alpha.


But Hank, you said that it was going to be done on Thursday.


I could present it right now.


Oh, you could? Yeah. All right.


Do you want me to?


Now we're wait for Wednesday. Okay. All right.


That was an all-time just stalemate right there. Hank was like, Please don't call my Bluff. Then Big Cat was like, I don't want to call his Bluff and have him do a bullshit presentation that's halfway done. I couldn't present it. It's not done.


It's not done. All right, numbers.








Big O-chow. Show me the O-chow. Twenty-nine.


Twenty-nine for Pug. There we are. I heard you. Twenty-nine for Pug. I think peopleated of it. Twenty for memes.


That was max.


Max? Three. Three for memes, Shane? Ten. 95. 95. A lot of high numbers in this numbers. Let's not try it.


Love you guys.




Is in the building.






Playing that word, the word.


You are things I've got to remember. Shying away, I'll be coming for you anyway. Shying away, I'll be coming for you anyway. Take on me. Take on me. Take on me. Take on me. Take me on the easy, take me on the easy. I'll be coming for you anyway. Take on me. Take on me. Take me on. Take on me.