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Enter Zyn. America's number one nicotine pouch is redefining what it means to enjoy nicotine. Find your Zyn today at zin. Com. Warning this product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical. On today's part of my take, week 11 in the NFL, we're going to start with fastest two minutes. We're going to talk about every game. The Super Bowl Browns. Are we thinking Super Bowl, Browns?


We're thinking Soupie.


Super Bowl, Browns. Niners still looking like they're rolling. Bills get back on track. We get the first bad half of CJ Straud and the Texans still win. Maybe a sign that they're very much legit. We're going to get to all the games. Also, Tommy DeVito, Jersey Juice. We'll get to that as well. We're going to get to all the games. We also have Who's Back of the week. It's all brought to you by our friends at Blue Chew. Have better sex with Blue Chew. Blue Chew is currently the only place to go for chewable versions of Sildenafil and Tadellafil. These ingredients help men achieve stronger, harder, and longer-lasting erections for sexual activity. It helps combat all forms of ED, which also includes performance anxiety and also maintaining an erection long enough for sex. The chewable tablets have the same active ingredients you'd find in Viagra and Cialis, but in chewable form and in a fraction of the cost. Blue Chew is all about confidence when it comes time to perform and having happy and healthy relationships. A Blue Chew subscription includes a free online consultation, 24/7 medical support, a prescription if approved, and discrete delivery straight to your door every month.


Chew it and do it. Use code PMT for your first month free. Chew it and do it. Use code PMT for your first month free. Okay, let's go. Boy. Boy. Now in the street, there is violence and a lot of work to be done. No place to hang out or wash in. And then I can't blame all on the sun. Oh, no. We're going to route down to Electric Avenue. And then we'll take it higher. Oh, we're going to rock down.


To electric avenue. It's part of my take, presented by Marshalls sports.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Monday, November 20th, week 11.




Got to save my voice, Teach.




Start in Pittsburgh, where I would walk 500 miles Garrett just to have a piece like his. Stop me if you heard this before, but Miles Garrett in a helmet were back in the news this week. You see those sweatpants? They were pretty big. Pretty big. Kenny G. Pickett took some costly auto sacks as the stealers often struggled. It was a pun battle as Big Ten West game broke out, but Dustin Anthony Hopkins was able to eat the stealers liver with some fava beans and a nice canty. As he kicked the game-winning field goal, screaming afterwards, Bulls, Peru. It's an for Super Bowl. Brown's 13, Steeler's 10.




To Duvall, where Calvin Riddley Scott returned from his Napoleon exile.


To score twice.


The Jaguars put another brick in the.


Wall of their defense as they recovered two fumbles saying, I'll see you on the.


For you, Sade of the moon.


Jeffrey, Bill Simmons scored, but it was too little too late as people are asking, Are the Jaguars having a moment? Are we sure the Titans aren't bad? Trevor Lawrence reminds me of that movie, Teen Wolf looks really intimidating, but I'm not so sure that the team from Hoosiers would mop the floor with them. Jaguars 31, Titans 14. Isn't that weird?


It's weird. Our good personal friend, Bill Simmons.


My personal friend, Bill.


Over to Houston where the Greg… looking out my back torch. Had some major CCRs, catches, conversions, and receptions. The Whitney Huston Texans just want to dance with somebody who lovies me. Thinking back to their previous head coach who got them into a position to draft boy genius C. J. Straud. Remember? Remember SingleBerrys? As Devon reminded everyone why he's good at football. Going for 112 and a score on the way to a Huston Texans win 21, 16. What?. In Carolina, people are asking if the Bryce is right.


As the Panther season is on a cliffhanger while.


David Tepper.


Is spay and neutering his coaches, keeping their on his desk.


Before the.


Game, Jerry Jones put Jimmy Johnson into the ultimate glory hole, the Dallas Ring of Honor, and there wasn't.


A dry eye in the house. Jared, pituitary-bland.


Hit a.


Personal ghost perk this year, making more house calls than Jerry Jones's favorite strippers. Is Jack back or.


Did he.


Just play the Panthers?






The Panthers, 10.


Up to Detroit, where Fields was back just in time to lose another game. Jared was golfly bad, then golfly good as the game swung late in the fourth quarter. The bears did their best impression of the Phoenix Suns locker room having four men scoring. And Dan Campbell's soup had his team playing with a lot of concentrate as they scored twice late in the fourth to take the lead. As for the bears, people are asking, Is it too late now to say sorry for hiring Matt Beaverfluss? Because yeah, he let everyone down. Lions 31, bears 26.


We go down south to Miami where Antonio Pierce-Brosnan is leaving no doubt about his firing coaching style as he has the Raiders rushing for approximately 0.007 yards per carry.


The Dolphins took the lead.


When Salvon scored late in the second. Cool clock, Ahmed.


Want to show that at the White House? Well, two of a fast, two of a furious tank of a loa had.


Some ludicrous cornrows, and it was Jalen Ramsey-Bolton who finished the job, neutering the Raiders'.




With a late interception. The Dolphins.


20, the Raiders 13.


Up to the frozen tundra where the seat is getting warm for Matt LaFloor. Stone, Marcus Smart, grit and grinded his way to a 51-yard score, and it looked like the San Diego Super Chargers were back. Jaden Cree took the Packers higher with a score and the game was tight going into the fourth when Romeo and Juliet Dobbs scored late, putting the Chargers season officially in dire straits. Brandon Staley, have you.


Heard this one? I haven't.


Heard it yet, boom. More like Brandon Faley.


That's a good.


One, boom. Because that guy fucking stinks. To you. Packers 23, Chargers 20. To Raleigh John, Maryland, where Raquan Barkley unloaded all.


36 chambers.


As the big Blue-Tang clan looked to wrap.


Up their first win in a month. Let us be the first to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving.


As Bryan de Baladine is getting ready for the big meal, allowing two sacks of Mayo. As David and the rest of the Camis, defense had Tommy de Chito looking like a snack. Much like my most personal friend, Dick Cheney's good friend, the Commanders are no longer in the hunt after getting their face blasted off by using the shotgun incorrectly.


Michael Sam-Howe.


Was not allowed to shower with his teammates after the game because there was no hot water at FedEx Field. And for the first time this year.




Rivera's team was unable to get rid of sweat.


The giants, 31.


The Commanders, 19.


For the last game, we're going to go out to our correspondent, Connor Meems, in Western New York.


We head up to Buffalo, where the jets.


Challenged the.


Bulls and blew up shortly after takeoff. Zach Wilson, his fucking ass.


Good one, Boom.


Thanks, Steige. The jets.


Turned and Tim didn't boil for more than 10 minutes, resulting in a noodle arm. Kaleel Shakira was on tonight and his hips.


Didn't lie, and I'm starting to feel an.


85-yard touchdown. Robert Tossed Salad.


Had to tackle Zach.




Before eating shit. No one circles.


The wagons like the Buffalo Bulls. Bills. Bills 32, Jet Six. Thank you, Memes.


Good one, boom.


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We hit the first three legs and the last leg is givante Williams.


Givante has got the ball.


Let's talk week 11. We had some great games. Feels like some statement wins and the number one statement win, the first game we're going to talk about, Browns 13, Steeler's 10, the Cleveland Browns are seven and three. The Cleveland Browns win with their third-string quarterback in D. T. R. The Cleveland Browns are for real.


They are. They're fun. Their defense is fun to watch. Miles Garrett had another great game today. Credit to Myles Garrett for picking up a Steeler's quarterback's helmet and not using it to swing on his head because there was a moment when he did a cubie sneak for a first down, helmet came off. Myles Garrett picked it up, and then the stealers line went over and immediately confiscated it. I was like, No, don't do this again. He was like, I'm not doing it again.


We've seen this before. I'm not doing it again. Miles Garrett, we alluded to it in the fastest two minutes did a video this week in front of the reporters where he was shirtless with gray sweatpants on and just cocked just like in everyone's face.


Yeah, that's why he's not a basketball player, actually, because he couldn't go between the legs because his big old penis would just knock.


The ball away. That was one of those moments where he can't even be mad at Miles because he just, guess what?


He's got it. Listen, if I had a hammer like that, I would be wearing gray sweatpants all the time.


All the time. And shirtless.


And I'd be shirtless. Like gray athletic shorts even.


Itry to always think about that. If I had a six-body, like a six-pack, I would be shirtless. In this office, the minute we start shooting hoops, I'd just rip off my shirt and be like, Yeah, pass me the ball. I'll be the skin.


I disagree. I think I would do what Adam Sandler does, which is he's pretty jacked up, but he always wears big, flowy clothes. Yeah, but he doesn't have six pack. Then I think he's got like a four pack. Then once every two years, he'll play basketball and he'll take it off and all of his friends are like, Yo, what the fuck, man?


Yeah, I'm talking like if I had Miles Garrett's body, I'd be driving my car shirtless. Basically, the minute I get home, shirtless.


If I had Miles Garrett's body, I think I would ruin it within maybe two weeks. Two weeks of living my lifestyle. One Sunday. He would just look like me right now.


Yeah, one Sunday. But this game, so the Browns, Stefanski went into a little bit of turtle mode in the second half. It felt like a big 10 West game where it was just field position, field position, field position. I thought the Browns, obviously their defensive line is elite and control the line of scrimage, but their offensive line played lights out in terms of they didn't run for an insane amount of yards. I think they were close to 100, but D. T. R. Was only sacked once. The final drive, he was able to move the ball down the field and get him into field goal range. The Browns are, I think they've lost two or three week one starters on their offensive line, and they're still able to... That's why I like the Browns because there isn't a lot of flash, but they control both lines of scrimage and you win football games that way.


It was a great game-wining drive by D. T. R. I think that in the second half, both teams were just pretty much not trying to be the one that made the mistake because both defenses are really good. They're like, D. T. R, please do not get a sack fumble. Please do not throw a bad interception. Just let's be conservative. Let's punth the ball. A punth was as good as a win for either team in the second half. Then at the end, when he had to do it, he did it. They're like the same football team, the Browns and the Steeler's. Where Steeler's fans, if it's like the bus meme, the Steeler's fans are the ones looking at the dark side being like, Our defense is awesome. Our quarterback hasn't played well, but we have a winning record. Then the Browns, they're looking at the light side saying the exact same thing. Yes. But yeah, the Browns defense is good enough to do some serious damage. They got Joe Flacko. They got Joe Flacko. Much to the dismay of R. G. 3, who had Photoshop's whipped up, ready to go of him and Browns uniforms. I heard that he was going to get the call.


Much to his dismay, he did not.


He was showing off this weekend, running with Davbo down on the field.


That was his workout take that he put out there for.


The Browns. It's 40 times.


But it would be so awesome if Joe Flacko won a Super Bowl with these Browns. As of Friday, I put a $1,000 future on the Browns thinking that they were going to get Joe Flacko. It pays out 50 to 1. I'm already down to 40 to 1. I'm making money on it already.


Joe Flacko is.


Worth that much. Joe Flacko gave a little bump and also probably this win. Dtr looking not incapable of doing the job probably helped out a little bit there.


Yeah, he looks okay.


If Joe Flacko wins a Super Bowl and he does like his normal Joe Flacko thing where he doesn't make any mistakes, gets the pass interferences, that would contribute so much to the Flacko discourse. It would make probably my entire year- It would.


Be a legacy defining- -career. Yeah, it would be a legacy defining.


Playoff for you. At that point, he's won two Super Bowels.


He probably would get a long term contract with the Browns.


He's elite. Give him a 10-year extension.


They just were like, Fuck it. Here's 300.


Million, Joe. Yeah, man, it would be awesome. It's probably because he's got five kids now and he's like, I really just want to get out of the house, so I'm down to play.


It's crazy to think the Browns fans had the most roller coaster. I mean, the whole season has been roller coaster with nick Chubb and the win, loss, win, loss. Just shone out for a little, but then coming back looking good, getting season-ending surgery. This week was a microcosm for their year that it's just absolute madness. But the Browns, if you're a Browns fan, I think where you're sitting right now and it's not a bad place to be, I think in the back of your head you're like, Yes, we don't really have a quarterback right now like DTR, young, Joe Flacko, old. It's going to be tough. But with that defense, no one wants to play you. No one wants to go up against the Browns. You can basically tell yourself, and I think it's not that wrong, I don't even think you're faking yourself out when you say it, that if we get into the playoffs and we have a chance, our defense is so good that we can win ugly games against pretty much any team.


Every time you bring up the Joe Flacko elite conversation, it's like, Well, he won a Super Bowl. Oh, yeah, well, guess what? So did Trent Dielfer. This is the Trent Dielfer model that the Browns are going to go with right now. Their defense is definitely good enough to play with any team of the league.


Late stage, Payton Manning.


Yeah, exactly. Like that Broncos team and... And the Browns, so today they beat the Stealers. They beat the Ravens and the Stealers in consecutive weeks for the first time in the entire history of their franchise.


Did you see? Now this is where it's clearly bothering Stealers fans. We do actually have Jersey Jerry here, which maybe we'll have him say a little something at the end here. Big Ben was live for this game. Oh, really? Big Ben was live for this game.


Who taught him how to go.


Live on Instagram? I don't know. He was live for this game. No, he was on YouTube, I think, with his podcast. He was sitting in his basement. Brown's fans, if you could maybe make an NFT of the last three seconds of this game, it is so worth it because Big Ben is sitting there and he's narrating the Hail Mary and the pitchback and everything. Then he just goes, This is the Brown Super Bowl. That's the Brown Super Bowl for them. That's the best feeling in the world if you're a Browns fan because you know when someone breaks out that this is your Super Bowl, that loss bothers them. He was.


Bothered by that. There have been a few of those on this show. Yeah, yes. But yeah, I could imagine that bothering Big Ben because he absolutely loved to kill the Browns. It was his favorite thing ever. Love beat this shit out of him.


And just salty, like the immediate, Oh, well, this. Oh, Browns? That's your Super Bowl. That's the saltiest response you can give. You know, it's almost on Twitter, it's like, Oh, you're triggered. You're mad. No, that is as mad as.


You can get. It was like Big Ben putting a walking boot on his ego saying that. There's a lot to be happy about if you're a Browns fan, for sure right now. You should enjoy this. You can think all the thoughts. You can think all the thoughts. I give Browns fans permission to think maybe we could possibly win.


A Super Bowl. I looked at their schedule, and I think they probably have at least four more wins in the rest of their season, which would get them to 11 wins. They have the Broncos and the Rams coming up on the road. You split that, that's a win. Jaguars and Bears, you're going to beat the Bears. That's two. Then you finish with Texans, Jets, Bangles. You could probably win two out of.


Three of those. I imagine that they probably will get to 11 wins, but I could see them getting to 12. Listen- It's awesome. -the defense is good enough. The defense is 100% legit. Then after the game, Mike Ford. Yeah, Jerry, maybe you can speak on this a little bit. See what Mike Ford did at the end of.


The game? This is torture for Jerry. We're watching a bet lose, and we're also just sucking the Browns dick.


Right in front of him. He took a terrible towel from the stands, gave them a Browns.


Is that.


Jerome Ford? Yeah, Jerome Ford. Mike Ford is the former Yankee. Yeah, Jerome Ford took the towel from the Steeler's fan, handed them a Browns towel, and then he took the terrible towel and he wiped his ass with it on the sidelines with the terrible towel. Yeah, I.


Mean, Benz Wright, this is the Brown Super Bowl. Oh, okay, so you're also triggered. Yeah, I'm not triggered. Yeah, right. No linebackers, no Minka, poor quarterback play. Listen, Steelers have a lot of winning ball games on their schedule, too. Okay. The only thing I'm mad about with this game is I really, really wish the Browns ended up kicking what, maybe it was a 35-yard field goal to win this game. They didn't really need those extra 15 yards. I was really hoping because they out gained the stealers by 10 yards. If the stealers had lost.




Had out gained the rounds, it would have been so perfect. But we do have the stealers. They have continued the streak. They have been out gained in every single game this year. Jerry, so where are you at? You think the stealers, you got to get off the mat, fight some more? Yeah, no- You're still in the playoffs right now.


Yeah, the season.


Is not dead yet, but.


If they drop this next game to the Bangles, season is cooked. Watching that offense is just so painful. Yeah, no, it's tough. You have not had fun watching a Steeler's game in years. 2018. Yeah, also it was Mike Ford, Jake.


Oh, double fact-check.


Oh, they have a.


Mike Ford? Wow, you.


Got me.


Jaylen Warren should get all the carries. He is the stealer's offense that the second half when he had that 75-yard touchdown run, he's so explosive. He's what you need for that offense because you need some type of spark and he's all-spark.


They didn't use him at all on that last minute drive at all.


That's crazy.


Yeah, and he had that great stiff arms today, too. He's without a doubt their best running back. We don't know if it's because he's actually that much faster than a normal player on the football field or if he's just that much faster than Nagey Harris. Yeah.


It is true, sicko stuff, but I do love watching a game like that where you know that punts matter so much and field position. A punt out of the end zone is a disaster. You need to down your punts in the five-yard line and get the ball back and basically punt your way to a.


Field goal. The game is just a slow war of attrition to see if you can maybe finagle your way into having great field position for the very last drive of the game. I love it. That's all I need. I love it.


I love those type of games. All right, next game. Texans 21, Cardinals 16. We had CJ Stroud's first bad half of football this year in the second half. He was phenomenal in the first half. There was a moment at half-time of the early games where CJ Stroud had more yards personally than any other team playing at the time. He had 259 yards in the first half, including an absolute dime to tank Dell. Then the second half, he was not good. He had three interceptions this game. All three were in plus territory. I think two of them were in the red zone. One was at the Cardinals 26. Afterwards, he was asked about it and he said, Steph Curry doesn't ever stop shooting. I'm going to keep letting it fly. So gunslinger.


I like that. I like that too. I like it too. Well, that mentality is only good if you're good. That mentality sucks if you suck. Yes. It's like I'm wearing a Jordan pool jersey right now. That is also his mentality. Yes. Not necessarily the right one that you want to have if you're not very good at playing that sport. Yes. I guess CJ Strowd has earned the right to just keep shooting at this point. He's that good where it's like, I want to go down having CJ Strowd. I trust him to take chances. He had his welcome to the NFL moment today. Yes. It's always good when your welcome to the NFL moment is also a game in which you win, in which you bounce back and win the game.


Double welcome to the NFL moment. He got absolutely smoked on a sack that I thought maybe he got concussed because he did have a couple of really bad interceptions in the second half. I think maybe only one of them, no, maybe both of them were after that. But he also has welcomed to the NFL moment where you know you've arrived when we start making a big deal of your pre-game routine. He plays 16 sports in a pre-game routine where he's like whippeding, it looked like a tennis ball on top of a stick. Something with the.


Hip thrust. In the exercise you'd see James Winston doing with his personal trainer and three dogs in.


The backyard. Yeah, or a BDSM's.


Like, Dungeon. Yeah, he was practicing foul shots. He was like throwing balls into the kicking net. It was great. But that is.


The fun. Yeah, that's like the sign you've really made it when we start freaking out over your pre-game routine. For this Texans game, they did not play their A-plus game. Weirdly, I'm more confident the Texans going forward because they proved that they can win games when CJ Strowd isn't perfect. Their defense bowed up, stopped the Cardinals three times on fourth down in the second half. I'm like, Listen, when you can win when you're not great, that's a sign of a really good team.


We said back in October that there's a chance that this team makes the playoffs. I'm almost ready to go one step further. I think that the Texans can win the division. Yeah. Because they play the Jaguars next weekend, right?


They already.


Beat them once. They beat them one time. If they beat the Jaguars, they, I believe, are in first place in that division.


Right now they're 6 and 4. I think the Jaguars are 7 and 3.


They would have the tie-breaker. That's a big game. The Texans could win that division. Like, CJ Straud is that good.


Yeah, that's a big fucking game. I'm excited for that game. As for the Cardinals, I don't know, Kylo looked awesome at times, and then he looked short sometimes, too. A couple of balls batted.


There's a lot of short guys on the Cardinals. That's how they operate. When he throws a pass to Rondell Moore, I think the average height on that play is five foot six.


Yeah, the Cardinals are officially, though, with Kyler Murray back, they are in full frisky, can pick off anyone mode.


They look like a competent football team, the Kyler's back. That's the best you can say about it. Again, this is like as good as it gets for the Cardinals, much like your bears, when you watch them, you want to see your quarterback play well. You want to see your team fight a little bit. Then ideally, you'd like to see them lose at the end to protect your draft pick.


Yeah, exactly. So good job, Cardinals. That's a win-win all around. All right, next game. Giants 31, Commanders 19, Tommy DeVito. Tommy DeVito Day. The guy has what he calls Jersey Juice. So Jersey Juice is to have confidence in the face of difficult situations. That was the motto all week in the giants facility. He was telling everyone, I got Jersey Juice. And he came out-.


I like Jersey juice. I like that phrase. And he threw, I call it, Tamito sauce.


Yeah. I mean, he outplayed Sam Howell. He threw three touchdowns. He now has more touchdown passes than any QB playing in New Jersey this season. That's Zach Wilson. Obviously, Aaron Roderick has got hurt. Daniel Jones, Tyra Taylor. Yeah, he also has five touchdown. The five touchdown passes he has this year are the most touchdown passes by a giant starter in his first two starts since 1950. Tommy DeVito might be a.


Franchise quarter. Again, he's got two starts and he has more touchdowns than Zach Wilson. We started every game except the first, in which he played three and a half quarters. Yes.


Tommy DeVito might be a franchise quarterback.


We made Tommy DeVito look like a franchise quarterback today. I was not confident going to this game. The commander should not be favored by nine points against anybody ever. I'm going to say that in perpetuity for the rest of the existence of the franchise. I was not confident. We lost the giants once already this year. Didn't surprise me that we lost again. Our defense looked like ass. We actually got a lot of sacks. We sacked Tommy nine times today. So knocked him around a little bit and then just on the back end, just completely, I think we played man to man for the entire game. Then Tommy just found the holes where he could. Credits to Tommy DeVito. He had a good game today. He looked like a serviceable quarterback. I'm just going to quote Magic Johnson because I feel like Magic Johnson said it the absolute best. Wow! Exclamation point. My Washington commanders turned the ball over six times today and gave the giants 24 points off turnovers. We lost 31-19. I agree, Magic. I agree that's a perfect encapsulation of the game. It's tough to win when you don't score more points than your opponent.


He fired that off like three hours after the game. That's been the highlight of my season, really, as a Commanders fan, is just seeing Magic Johnson tweet a game recap. It's beautiful. Way, way later after the game. Then post-game, there was no water in the commander's locker room, so players couldn't shower. The giants and commander's locker rooms, they didn't have hot water at all. The team said, We basically lost hot water. We tried to repair it. We couldn't fix it during the game, so sorry. This Ryan Fitzpatrick is watching this, he's like, I really wish I had played a full season there. That's my style, is to just go stink and drink afterwards. But the commanders are ass. They're ass-ass.


This is different than last week.


They're ass-ass. We lost to the worst team in football twice. I'm pretty sure that means we're the worst team in football.


Yeah. I guess my biggest question for you is Sam Howell was bad today. Yep. It was up against the defense that had given up 79 points in the last two games. Yep. How do you feel about that? Was it, Oh, they overlooked the giants? Or are you a little concerned because it felt like a step backwards? He had been playing great ball and then the Sacks came back. It's a step backwards. Then the three interceptions came back like it was bad. It's a step backwards. Tommy DeVito.


Outplayed him. Outplayed him. It was a big step backwards. But I still like Sam. I still think we focus on Sam. We build around Sam. I have not changed. He's still the guy. Sam's the guy. He had a bad day. You ever have a bad day? Yeah. It happens. Bad days happen. He had a bad day today, and a lot of people had a bad day today. I'm hoping that the day was bad enough to the point where Josh Harris just says, Okay, I'm going to fire Ron and Jack Del Rio. That would make my Thanksgiving. That would be great. If we went into Dallas on Thursday, let BNB coach for the rest of the season. Yeah, because I think he deserves a tryout to be a head coach. We want to see if he's the guy that we're going to keep around because Ron's got one year left on his contract. Bnb, I don't know what his contract is right now, but I assume he's going to be here next year in theory. We need to figure out if we want to make him the head coach or not, give him a shot. From this point out to the regular season ends, that's your team.


Yeah. That's your team. Let's see what you got.


Yeah. Hank. Yes. Surviver. Hank was on a buy this week. Hank actually, he is now a true loser because he did say to me, he's like, Man, having a buy week is nice. I was like, Yep. When you don't have to watch your bad team on Sunday, it's a comforting feeling. Yeah, stress-free. Yeah, but you did have stress. I did have stress.


I was in a survivor league. There was like 30 people left and I picked the commanders. Soon have done that. Tommy DeVito. They didn't let him pass for like two games. Yeah. He was awesome. Sammy Howles, the guy, they had 100 sacks. Yeah. They got blown out. It's actually the first- He did get blown out. It wasn't even close. It's the first time in 39 years that a team gave up nine sacks and then won a game by double digits. You assume going into it, the worst-case scenario is a sweat.


It also- It wasn't even that. -it wasn't even that. Yeah, the giants were covering easily and winning the game easily pretty much the entire game. I think it was one point, it was like 14-12. It also is a good reminder that tanking doesn't happen in the NFL because I saw a clip of Tommy DeVito and Saquan after the game and they were as happy as could be. They're not going to tank. They're out there playing their balls off. Saquan was awesome today. He caught two touchdowns. He was everywhere. Do we think Tommy DeVito has played himself into having a job as a backup going forward?


I think we just need to remember that this is the Washington Commanders that he played against. Yes. So keep that just in the back of your head when you're evaluating the TD film.


No, I know, but still, do you think he has, I mean-.


He's going to have a chance, yeah. He's got a chance. He's got a roster spot.


Yeah. He's got a roster spot. It's a backup.


Listen, Tommy, if you- And camp.


-if you had- It's got the.


Worst backup ever. If you had looked at the last two games that he played, I would say definitely no. Now it's a conversation that we're having. Which QB in New York would you rather have?


Josh Allen. Tommy DeVito. New Jersey. You got to say New Jersey. New Jersey.


Yeah, Tommy DeVito. Easy.


It is funny that he has more touchdown passes than Daniel Jones who... How big was Daniel Jones's contract? It was like $160 million.




Think it was 160 million. Four years, 160 million, and Tommy DeVito gets paid $44,000 an episode.


Yeah. Then he probably didn't need to shower after the game. He probably goes to his mom's house to shower, right? Yeah.


When you understand what he… I was reading more about it. He is right when he said that he probably couldn't find a house closer to the facility than his parents' house. A nine-minute drive.


Yeah. Also in that part of the country, you're paying a shitload of money. I do not make fun of him at all for staying at home. That's the dream.


Now he has a quarterback win. We talked about Tommy DeVito being a future PE teacher or high school coach, having the jersey in his office, being like, Hey, remember the time I went out and started against the Cowboys? Yeah. Don't worry about the score. Now he can be like, Remember the time? He's probably got a game ball. He probably got a game ball that he can put in his office and be like, Look at this. I won a football game in the NFL.


Yeah, I actually reached out to my mom, too. She was texted me during the game watching it and she said, This team just frustrates me. They seem unable to take advantage of opportunity. They always screw it up. She understands. My mom knows ball.


Yeah, she does. That was a tough game for the commander. Are we... There's no more yaffs.


We're out of the hunt. We're firmly out of the hunt. Listen, if we steal one from the Cowboys, I think now we have to steal every game for.


The rest of the season. Yeah, you got.


To steal them all. I think it's all steal. It's a must steal. You must steal all of them. It's a must steal game from now until the end of the season. We're not a very good team. In fact, we're a bad team. In fact, we're an ass team. In fact, we're an ass-ass team. It was just- Super ass? -watching it. No, I think ass-ass is worse.


Yeah, it.


Might be worse. We are ass-ass. Ass-ass. We're going ass to ass right now. Damn. We're human centipeding our own butthole.


Damn, that's tough. Shout out, Jersey juice. He's got a Ravel probably already trademarked that fucking.


Slime ball. Yeah, Jersey Juice. It's just Red Bull vodka.


Hey, Jersey juice. He has a little marinera on it, too. I like it, Jersey Juice. Okay, it is very Jersey to... He's so Jersey that he's like, Jersey Juice. It's like, New Jersey is the one place that people have to face adversity, unlike anywhere else.


That's what we do in Jersey.




Adversity is Tommy DeVito facing? Tommy DeVito- He.


Did have to be the quarterback at Syracuse and then transfer to Illinois.


It feels.


Like-that's some adversity.


-my guess is Tommy DeVito has had a pretty good life.


No, that's adversity.


Well, his parents look awesome.


I know, but again, quarterbacking for Syracuse is adversity.


Yeah, McDnab did it.


Yeah, and then having to quarterback for Brett Bielma, some adversity.


That would.


Be adversity. There's some.


Adversity there. I bet you they had some great dinners, though. Yeah, for sure.


Okay, next up, Dolphins 20, Raiders 13. Dolphins almost blew this game. Their offense was clunky. They were sloppy, some turnovers, but their defense, their defense looked good. I know it's Aden O'Connor, but this is why I had the Dolphins on taking them off fraudwatch. Jaylen Ramsey changes everything for the Vick van Gio defense. He was awesome. Had two picks. If the Dolphins can play the offense they played at the beginning of the year and the defense like they're playing right now, they are a formidable team.


Since Jaylen Ramsey is back there, averaging giving up only 13 points per game, which.


It's pretty good. It unlocks.


Everything for Vick van Gio. In a weird way, beating bad teams by a very small margin makes me more likely to take you off the fraud watch than if you had blown them out.


Right, because then the hype gets so crazy.


Yeah. If they had put up 70 points and won this game, I'd be like, Okay, big deal. You know what? I'll backtrack a little bit because I said against bad teams. This was actually the Dolphins' first win against a 500 team this year. Oh, wow. Because the Raiders were 500 going into today.


Which is crazy. Now the narrative is like the Dolphins finally beat a good team.


The Chargers were 0-0. Oh, yeah, that's true.


Thank you, Jake.


Good point. It's hard for the Raiders to be 5-5 and have a loss to the bears. That's hard to do. To be like, we got to find five wins other than this one. But yeah, I agree with you. The Dolphins, I'm more banking on their defense coming around and starting to play really well and expecting their offense to still be like a cheat code with Tyra Keel. Who is? Tyra Keel is out of this world. He has 1,22 yards through 10 games. He's on pace for 2,07 yards, which would be a record, obviously the extra game. No one's ever had 2,000 receiving yards in the NFL in a season. He also, which is a crazy stat, he now is fourth all time in Dolphins history for 100 yard receiving games. There's some franchises you could be like, That's not that crazy, but they did have Dan Marino. They were throwing it around. He's fourth all time. He's been on the Dolphins for a season and a half.


Yeah, very impressive. It's crazy. He's unguardable, just purely unguardable. If you're a Raiders fan, this is... I'm going to count this as a big time moral victory for the Raiders.


I think Antonio pierce might have gotten a job today.


Because your defense played good enough where you can be like, We held the Dolphins to what, 20 points? Yeah. That's something you can hang your hat on a little bit. If you're a fan of an NFL team that's got a good defense and you might be looking for a new coach, all you have to do is say like, Well, we're just a quarter back away. Yeah. We have a breaking moose.


Oh, you're still in the hunt.


You're still in the hunt. Wait, I got to get a picture of this.


You're still in the hunt. That's a missed it. That was perfect. Four and seven in the hunt. That was perfect. Four and seven in the hunt. No longer super ass in the hunt.


Okay, wait. My mom actually just updated me right now about the commanders. This is good. She said, I really don't know. It's like rehearsing an orchestra and the performance sounds weak as though things don't sound rehearsed. Is it the coaches for question marks?


She texted.


You at 11:00 PM? Yeah, she knows ball. Damn. Yeah.


She's right. She saw the in the hunt.


She's right. She was an orchestra teacher and she's like, Yeah, it's bad coaching. She gets it.


Back in the hunt. Back to what you were saying about the Dolphins, like winning a game close against a bad team. Maybe the Raiders aren't a terrible.


Terrible team. They're not. They were a bad team.


When Mcdann was a coach.


Yeah, right. That's true.


This was the first time the Dolphins won a game this year where they scored 20 points or less. That is a sign that things are changing where they can win a game ugly in a different style where they don't have to be like a front runner and just run and shoot all over your face.


They're figuring out.


Ways to win. I think the Dolphins are like, yeah, I'm close to getting them off the fraud watch. They're on the fraud watch. They're on the fraud watch, but it's for a good reason.


I want.


To take them off. That's why. The Broncos are trying to drive with a minute 45 left to try to win.


This game. I think they can do it.


I don't think they can do it. Straw poll?


I think they can win the game. I think they can win the game, and I think they can win the bet. They definitely can't win it. We still need a pass.


Interference in the end zone. Yeah, we need to pass interference in the end zone. That's the only play. I wonder if the Broncos will try to kick a field goal here because that's been their strategy all night is just to kick a field goal. Fumble. Yeah, but it was out of bounds. It was out of bounds. You didn't get it.


God damn this in the hunt graphic. You heard me. I was ready to.


Move on. Yeah, it just teases you.


I was ready to move on like 30 seconds ago, and now right when I thought it was going to bring me back in.


They got to get P. Ryan out. He just fumbled. You got to put him in the doghouse. No more snaps for him. Yeah, that ball was out of bounds. Okay, let's take a break. Let's do a couple of ads. And I agree with you, too, Antonio pierce. Don't make the same mistake twice, Mark Davis. You probably don't have to pay him that much. You're already paying two coaches that aren't coaching your football team. It's clear that the team is responding to them. They were in this game. Just give them the job. Yeah, you don't have to do the interviews. I think maybe he likes to interview and take people to do this.


For you, P. F. Changs. He likes to go out to dinner and likes to take people to the org, show them around Vegas a little bit.


You know what, Mark Davis? Here's what we'll do. Since you love to wine and dine people, take them to P. F. Changs, take them to the org, P. F. T. And I will absolutely interview for the head coaching job at the Las.


Vegas Raiders. Or if he wants, we can be the search firm. That's where the real Mark is at.


Ernie and Coursey.


I would love to be the head of a coaching search firm.


Ernie and Corsie gets paid a million bucks and he just is like, I'm going to call John Fox. Okay, coach hired.


You just look up coaches that have been fired in the last 10 years.


Preferably- Did you find your friends.


Preferably a coach that's been fired twice in the last 10 years. Like, get a reach read in there, you give them a list of names, and then you go golfing with half of them. Then you're like, Okay, well, we're just going to hire the guy you wanted to hire anyways.


What you say is to the GM in the front office, the owner, you say, Listen, what you guys need right now is stability. You need a guy who's done it before, not won a Super Bowl, but just been in the NFL for a while. You need stability. You need a professional organization. Here you go. I have found for you John Fox.


Here's Jeff Fisher's number. Yeah, that's what you.


Should do. We need to calm the seas. We need to just be on a steady course. Stability is the most important. You don't want one of these young guns that might end up being like an incredible coach like Kyle Schanehan. What has he proved? Oh, no. Let's go with a guy we all know. Hugh Jackson is out there. He went through some tough times. He knows stability.


You know it'd be great if they brought back Mike Schanehan, former Coach of the Raiders before he got-He's his name. Yeah. -he got trade away. That would be interesting because you could sell Mark Davis on the fact that if you want to Mike Shanahan all the fruits of the coaching tree, like look at all these.


Successful coaches, you.


Got to go to the roots and you got to get Mike in the building and then in 10 years, start hiring all of his assistants to be the head coach.


Then you'll be good. Then it will happen again. All right, let's take a break. We'll do a couple of ads and maybe the Broncos will score and win this game. We'll talk about that after these ads.


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All right, while we were doing ads, Russell Wilson just drove the Broncos down the field for a go-ahead touchdown with Courtland, Sutton. That was an incredible drive by Russ.


It was a nice pass. We got good Russ back officially.


Also, Giovante Williams, they used him in the two-point conversion play, and it didn't work, so that makes me.


Feel a little better. It would have been the worst if he had gotten the two-point conversion because he cares.


Yeah, exactly. You've been like, Oh, that was a goal line play, but we never got to goal line. Russell Wilson might be back.


He's back to, I guess, the better version of Russell that we saw at the end of his Seahawks career. He's not like back-to-old-old Russ. He's like Good Russ, not Great Russ. Right. But Good Russ with his team, obviously, we're seeing right now, you can win a lot of football games.


With good rust. Again, it's more like long-term picture where this is now not a situation where you're saying to yourself, We have to eat all this money and cut him because it's untenable. The Broncos are going to be five and five. They can close this out because Josh Dobbs still has a minute left. This game is far from over. But you have options now. You can use your draft pick. You can do a lot of different things if you are the Broncos and you want to go forward with Russ.


There might be too much time for Dobbs, though.


We have a minute, three seconds. I do think there might be too much time for Dobbs. Let's keep going and we'll update as this goes. All right, next up. Also, Jerry just got up and walked out, probably already in his car, probably already halfway back to Arlington Heights. The one nice thing about Jerry, he does it well. When he knows he's out, he's out. He's gone. He doesn't linger. He just is.


Like, I'm gone. How much money did Jerry lose tonight?




Dollars. Okay, that's.


What I thought. Although I gave him a loan because fuck banks and fuck interest rates on credit card charges. I helped him get out of credit card debt. If this had won, I was going to wipe out way his loan. He would have won. He didn't lose anything, except for the fact that he would have had his.


Loan wiped away. Which would have been very nice.


It would have been very nice for him. But we'll keep shooting this gambling. It happens. What are you going to do? It's about the stories and the friendships you make along the way. All right, next up. Lions 31, bears 26. This was the perfect, bears tank game. Justin Fields' back, looked great, used his legs, hit DJ Moore, climbed the pocket, hit DJ Moore with a dime, had 104 yards rushing. The bears controlled this game. Their defense was buzzing, turned over Jared Goff three times. Another turnover on a fumble. Then we got down to the last two minutes and the bears went to full tank offense where they just ran the ball up the middle twice and then took a deep shot that had no chance of being converted. It would be nice for Justin Fields to win a couple of games, but in terms of big picture, this was a perfect game because he looked good, the bears competed, and Matt Eberflus is 100 % not the coach and should be fired. He loses every game like this. He is a complete coward of a coach, and their draft position stays intact, and I can live with it.


This is the same conversation we're having last year, though, too.


I know. No, I know. What's the common denominator? Matt Hebriflus is a bad coach.


It's good, though. At least at this point, we know that Matt Hebriflus is not going to be around next year.


There were rumors that he was maybe going to save his job because the defense has been playing a lot better. That needs to just be snuffed out. He's a loser of a coach. He coaches games.


Too loose. This was the first time in NFL history that a team had a plus three turnover margin, 40 minutes time of possession and lost. It never happened, going back to 1932, teams were 48 and 0 until the bears did that today. Remember-this is.


His masterpiece. This is his masterpiece. Remember, this is also the Bearz had earlier this year a game where it was split time possession 30-30, but a plus five turnover margin against the Saints and lost that game. Matty Berflus is a loser of a head coach. He needs to be gone. I agree with you, though. It is like, Dejavous where it's like, are the bears just going to stick in this land of just like every time they lose? I'm like, it's okay, draft picks. I don't really have an answer to that question. It does feel like I'm in Groundhogs Day, and maybe I'm foolish to think that next year will be us breaking Groundhogs Day. But I guess that's what happens when you're Groundhogs Day. You think the next day you wake up, you're not going to be there anymore. I'm just telling myself next year, when we get to week one, we won't be there anymore. But yeah, we could be sitting here at this exact point next year and I'm having the exact same conversation with you and you're going to be like, Are you okay? Are you okay?


What do you think people called it before the movie Groundhogs Day came out?


I don't know.


It's a good question. Yeah, I don't know. I think that it just invented a new word for it, a new explanation for it. But yeah, it is the same conversation we had last year, but it's also completely logical on your end to say, It's good for the team if we get a better draft pick. It's good for the team if the defense plays well. It's good for the team if Justin Fields looks competitive. These are all bonuses. Those are all exactly what you're looking for, but a win accomplishes nothing.


Yeah, I'd say the biggest thing is you have to maybe win a game in September. Winning games in September might break you from this cycle where you're so quickly saying draft pick.


It would also help if you won a divisional game. Yeah, we don't win those. I think since Iberflus said, was it him or Poles had said, we're going to take the division. We're going to take the division, we're not going to give it back. No, he doesn't win them. Matt Iberflus has not won a divisional game.


Since he's been head coach. And he's leading in all of them. Yeah. Guess what? We're playing the Vikings on Monday night. It'll probably be the same thing where it's like they look good for a few quarters and they go into turtle mode. Yeah, whatever. I'm in Groundhogs Day. It's fine. I'll be fine. Two picks. I'm fine.


That is actually the right response after this game. It does sound like loser talk, but guess what? When you lose, you might as well get some advantage afterwards. This is like the most productive loss that you can possibly have. Your coach is one step closer to being fired and you do get a better draft pick out of it. It makes sense to spin it this way. I would definitely spin it that way if I were you.


I had another moment the other day where it just clicked on me because our good friend, Kyle Long, he didn't have his credit card, so he couldn't stay in the hotel when he came to Chicago, came to the office. He stayed in my house. When my son woke up and walked down the stairs, there's this behemoth of a man standing at the bottom of the stairs. He's like, What the hell? I was like, This is my friend, Kyle. He played for the bears. He immediately said, he's like, When the bears lose, they actually win. Kyle looked at me and he was like, Really? I was like, Yeah, dude. You know how it works here.


Listen, he's going to be in for a life of pain. You got to get started early on the.


Spin zones. When losses are wins, you win a lot. Yeah.


You almost never lose, actually.


As for the Lions.


Yeah, I was going to say if you're a Detroit fan, you probably had your diaper on today. This is a full diaper game. I'm going to give this two diapers on a scale of zero to two and a half diapers. It was bad. It was bad for the most part of the game. Then you ended up winning, so you got to be happy about that. The thing is, Jameson Williams, I think, makes a big difference now that he's getting into the flow of the offense. He is so fucking fast.


It's crazy. That, so Jared was not good today for the first 56 minutes of the game. He looked lost. He was turning the ball over. He was rushed in the pocket. Then when they came to winning time, they were down 12 with 4:15 left. He drove them down for a touchdown in a minute and 16, which is really the only way you can come back from down 12 is you have to do it very fast. That die me through to James and Williams was incredible. Then the last drive, he did the same thing where he just perfectly diced up the bears, moved the ball down the field for the game-winning touchdown. Also shout out Darnell Wright, my MVP of the week. That was great. For kicking the ball out of the end zone and not having the spread get in jeopardy.


Toucheson was about to recover that for a touchdown. No doubt about it.


But the lions are flirting with stuff right now.


I don't know. You know what, though? You could also say the Lions are learning how to win. In true Michigan form, they're battling through a whole bunch of adversity that they created.


For themselves. Okay, so I think this Lions team, this offense is very, very good. I have concerns about the defense. Lions fans probably would agree with this statement. It does feel at times when you look at their season thus far, can't apologize for being seven and three. Maybe a lot of weight put it on that first week, one win.


Against Chiefs. Yeah, when they didn't have Kelsey.


They're going to have a game coming up. Let me look at their schedule real quick, where they're going to have to beat… Sorry, they're eight and two. I apologize. People are going to definitely get some tweets right there. Now you've caught up. They're 8-2. I apologize. They have a game against the Cowboys, second last week of the season. That will be a big one.


How sick is it, though, if you're a Lions fan, that you get to enjoy this Thanksgiving game? Yeah.


That's awesome. No, look, they're going to go to the playoffs. I do think they can win playoff games. Their defense does make people nervous. The bears were able to move the ball very well on them. We had like 25 first downs. It's a lot of first downs.


That's a ton of first downs.


I don't think we had 25 first downs. Either way, Lions fans know where they stand. This season is awesome. You're building something awesome. Now that you are officially a good team at eight and two, the levels start to change where it's like, all right, you're eight and two. It's no longer the plucky underdog lions. You're eight and two. You have a stranglehold now on the NFC North because the Vikings just lost. You have to figure out can you win playoff games? That's the next step in this whole thing. They had 25 first downs. The Bear's had 25 first downs.


Here's another crazy stat here. Down by more than 10 points or I guess 10 points or more with less than five minutes ago, teams were 0 and 84. Make that 1 and 84 per the CBS Postgame show. I guess that's this season. It sounds like that's probably from this season. But that's crazy. If you're a Lions fan, your team doesn't give up. In the postgame, Dan Campbell was about to cry, talk to Aidan and Hutcherson. It just looks like a team that's very easy to root for. Here's another fun stat here. There's four teams that have never made a Super Bowl. It's the Lions, the Browns, the Jaguars, and the Texans. The Lions have not had a better start since 1954 than they have this year. The Browns have not had a better start since 1994. The Jaguars have not had a better start since 1999, and the Texans have not had a better start since 2018. Not as impressive with the Texas-For.


Those first three.


But the first three. Awesome. I mean, especially the Lions, you have not been eight and two since 1954.


The Lions and the Browns are good. Yeah. They're good football teams and they're going to be in the playoffs. I'm excited for that. The fan bases, those two fan bases deserve to have some type of happiness and be able to wake up on Sundays and be like, I'm excited to watch my football team play. Those are the little joys that make it all worth it. You wake up and you're like, I'm excited to watch this game.


If you live in a super cold climate like Detroit, I guess Cleveland is probably pretty bad weather too. You get a lot of that lake or the fact snow. If you live in a place like that in the wintertime, you have to have one sports team that you're excited about. You have to. That's the only way that you can get through those types of winners. The Lions fans are going to be super excited, at least through January because the team, they've got the best offense in the NFL. They have the number one offense. The Detroit Lions have the best offense, and it's not a fluke with Jameson Williams back. It's always good to have a guy that at the end of the day, you can just be like, go run past everyone and we'll just throw it down field.


And Jamir Kibbs, they have so many weapons. David Montgomery runs so hard.


Their offense of line is getting healthy, too.


That was perfect that David Montgomery scored the game-wining touchdown. Let him.


Walk for nothing.


For nothing. All right, wait. The game just ended. The Broncos won. We got to talk about the Broncos real quick. The Broncos might be good.


They're in the hunt.


This is three wins in a row. Sorry, four wins in a row. Two of them coming against the Bills and the Chiefs and a really red-hot Vikings team. Next week is going to be awesome. They're playing the Browns. That's going to be a huge… Whoever wins that game is… The Broncos still have a lot of work to do to get back in the playoff picture or to get firm in the playoff picture. But the Broncos might be good. I'm happy for Russ. I know that we are part of the problem in terms of everyone making fun of Russ. But again, that's the American dream. Just tear someone down and then build.


Them back up. I'm going to continue to make fun of Russell Wilson. Oh, for sure. It gives me so much joy to do that. If Russell Wilson has a problem with it, then he's actually the hater for making me not have as much fun making fun of him.


Dude, the AFC is so loaded. It's crazy. If Joe Borough didn't get hurt, there's eleven teams that all could have… I mean, the Colts are sitting in the ninth spot right now. It's nuts how good the AFC is. The Chargers are the 13th seat. We'll get to the Chargers for the 13th seat, actually, the next.


Game up. They stink.


All right.


Let's talk about it. Happy for.


Broncos fans, though. Your season is completely salvaged. Like Sean Payton, better coach than Nathaniel Hackney.


I would say that if the season had started four weeks ago, we'd be talking about the Broncos as being one of the best teams in the entire.


Yeah, 4-0 in the last four.


Yeah, they are playing good enough to be like, Well, they've beaten some good teams, we think. They are amongst the elite class of the AFC. But unfortunately for them, the first month and a half of the season happened.


Jake, next time we have an NFL player on the show, I would like to remind me to ask them this question because I think that there's maybe some truth in this theory of mine. When your team is bad and you're getting closer to the trade deadline and there are all these rumors that you're selling everyone and you're basically punting on the whole season to then get past the trade deadline and be like, Here's who we have. Let's go win some football games. That has to be a galvanizing effect because that is directly correlated to where the Broncos started playing good football because they were that team that they were like, Everyone's on the table. Come ask for it. We'll trade anyone. Then having no big trades happen and then being like, All right, guys, it's us now. They didn't completely dismantle this franchise. Let's go win some.


Football games. And true to the Sean Payton method of just nagging all your players, he probably came back to him and said to a certain select group of them, We tried to trade some of you. Nobody wanted you guys. We're just going to roll the dice with the people that we have. He probably just nagged them that much. Now they're like, Okay, we're on a fuck everybody mission. Let's at least put some good tape out there for next season. Or maybe he does have them bought in. It seems like he's doing a much better job with the guys. Maybe it was good for them to get their ass kicked like they did and get embarrassed by the dolphins. Yes. Maybe that might have been a moment. I would like to look that up, see the teams that have ever gotten 60 points dropped on them, what they do from that point until the rest of the season. If that happened towards the end of the season, if that happened in late November, early December, I feel like the Broncos just fold up and they give up on everything. But it happened early enough where they're like, Fuck, well, I don't have to deal withI don't have to deal with three more months of this.


I better figure something out. I better do everything that I can just that my life isn't completely miserable until February.


Yes. All right, next game. The Packers 23, Chargers 20. Let's talk about the Packers real quick, and then we have a lot to talk about with the Chargers. This is going to hurt me to say, but that was if you're a Packers fan, that was the win you've been waiting for where a lot of the young guys start to contribute. Jaden Reed, Romeo Dobbs, Jordan Love. This entire Packer season has been weird because they essentially said, We're going to have Jordan Love start. He's our franchise quarterback. And also, we're going to give him all young weapons around him and hope they can all figure it out together. And today they played well together and you finally feel like you're going in the right direction, which hurts me. But I have to at least give them credit. If you're a Packers fan, that was the type of win you're like, Okay, even though this season has been bad and they're not going to go to the playoffs, you see those little games where you're like, Oh, shit, we have talent. It will take a little bit of time to come along, but that talent is there.


Are we past the point where we can say that the chargers are even overrated? No, they suck. I think they just suck now. I don't expect more from the Chargers than what they're showing me. I think this was Jordan Love's first 300-yard passing game.


Yeah, it was the first time the Packers had a 300-yard passing game in 2022 games or something. It had.


Been a long time. You can stop asking Brandon Staley if he's going to stop calling the plays on defense because he snapped at a reporter. We had Coach snap alert in the post game where he was like, Stop asking. I'm going to stop you right now. Don't ask me that question anymore. I'm going to call the plays. I think he's probably candidate number one for end-season firing.


Yeah, it feels like it's happening soon. More concerning for the chargers than Brandon Staley snapping, which of course, he's going to snap because he is a defensive coach and his defense fucking sucks, is Justin Herbert. He is showing early onset rivers. He had a moment where he threw the ball down after it was either delay a game or something and stomped. It was almost exactly like Rivers.


Had thrown a little temper tantrum.


I do not blame him whatsoever. If you didn't watch this game and you want to be one of those Justin Herbert sucks guys, go for it. Justin Herbert got completely let down by his entire team. Keenan Allen dropped literally a ball in his chest for a touchdown. Quentin Johnson dropped a ball that was a perfect throw to get them in field goal range when they were down 23-20.


If not a touchdown.


Austin Echler fumbled at the two-yard line. Like Justin Herbert is not the problem. Everyone else is the problem. I know that probably sounds crazy, but it is the truth when you watch these games and you're like, How can everyone let this guy down so routinely? Then he gets to a point where he's showing early-onset rivers. I'm worried about that because that one little temper tantrum, I'm like, Oh, my God, I've seen this before in this charger's uniform. He's just frustrated everyone on.


His team. He is going into today. He was 29 and 29 as a starter, perfectly even. The chargers were 482 and 482 and 11 all time going into today. It is early onset rivers. It's streams. Since his first start, they had scored 1,502 points. You know how many points they had allowed since Herbert's first start? 1,502 points. They were the very definition of 50-50. Now they've given up three more points than and they've scored, and they're 482 and 483 and 11 all time. Herbert is now 29 and 30 as a start. That actually feels better. If you had told me 29 and 30, I'd say you're exactly right. They're a very average team, but we'll always find a way to just disappoint you at the very end.


We'll always flash to a point where we're like, Oh.


Watch out for the chargers. Yeah, but now that's what I'm saying. I don't think you can say that the chargers are underachieving anymore. No. I think the chargers are just the chargers. They're just the C words.


I went in this game and my entire analysis, I think we talked about it on Friday, it was like, The chargers shouldn't be three-point favorites on the road to anyone because the chargers will always find a way to make the game close and figure out a way to lose close when they should win. They should have won this game if you don't have all these drops and fumbles and everything. The chargers have six losses this year. Five of those losses are by three.


Points or less. Yeah, I would say that the chargers should always be two and a half point underdogs to everybody, no matter who it is. It'll probably end up 50-50 on either side.


They always do that. Someone will make the graphic, which I love, where it's like if you flip all the one possession games, what would your record be? I feel like every year if you flip all the one possession games for the chargers, they would be the best team in the league. They are like the bizarre world, upside down world of last year's Vikings, where they are in one score games and they always lose them.


The Stealers. Yeah. The Stealers this year. Yeah, the Chargers stink. I feel bad for Chargers fans. I actually had a bunch of them reach out to me last week.


It was the Lambo effect.


Like I said. Because there are a few people that went to the Cathedral, went to Lambo, check in the game. I guess Chargers fans probably travel pretty well.


You didn't realize, I didn't realize it either. The Packers do two, it's like the gold package they call it, two games a year where they sell a bunch of tickets because it takes forever to be on the Packers season ticket list. They sell a bunch of tickets to people who are on the list in the Milwaukee area. Basically, it happened with the Thursday Night game against the Lions, and all those people just sell the tickets for a shitload of money. The gold package games are the games where a bunch of opposing fans can get tickets.


Well, yeah, congrats if you're a Chargers fan that went to this game. I hope you had a good time at the Cathedral. I do apologize for saying that they weren't going to travel to this one. You're right, Lambo is a destination. Yeah. You want to take in a little bit of history.


It's Chargers-Panthers is the least travel to game. I would imagine. Or even Panthers-Chargers.


Yeah. Chargers, Falcons probably. You have to take your pic of any NFC South team besides the Saints.


Yeah, exactly. No one's like, I want to spend a whole weekend. No offense to Charlotte. It's actually a beautiful city, but it's not the stadium, isn't they?


Yeah, I mean, they moved the Bahamas Bowl to Charlotte.




That's how impressive it is. That's how beautiful it is. It's a great wintertime city.


Yeah, they moved the Maui to Asheville, so North Carolina gets it all.


That's right.


Okay, next game. Cowboys 33, Panthers 10. I don't know. Cowboys deserve credit for beating the shit out of the Panthers. They do. Yeah. I'll give them credit.


Per Jay Glaser, front of the program, Frank Reich's seat is hot, and it is in fact, the hottest in the NFL. I would put Staley's seat, it should be hotter than Frank Reich's seat. But when you add in the David Tepper effect.


I was going to say the Chargers are cheap. The Panthers, David Tepper, it feels like he will fire everyone even if he has to pay.


Them to go away. I would love to see how many one and done coaches they can do in perpetuity. Keep this thing moving. Let's just get one coach per year until you strike gold. It's not a good time to be a Panthers fan. You're probably bummed out about a lot of things. But on the other side, the Cowboys did what the Cowboys do, and they beat bad teams and they beat them soundly.


Dax playing well, though. You have to say, Dax playing well. Remember the famous quote? He's like, You won't see 10 intersections out of me. He's only at six. You got to give Dax credit.


Yeah, and give credit to Jimmy Johnson for being the most patient person in show business for the last 30 years. He had a little pregame meeting with Jerry Jones who said, We're going to put you into the Ring of Honor this year. We should have done this a long time ago. Then he said, We're actually going to induct you in, I think, December 30th of 1923. Then Jimmy was like, Wait, do you mean 2023? Jerry was like, Yeah, absolutely. I got my decades. I got my centuries confused. Credited Jimmy Johnson. He was a great coach. They talked about how he was not invited to be because of personal off-the-field issues that he had with Jimmy or Jerry. If I can change and you can change and we all can change, the long national nightmare is over, Jimmy Johnson will be getting into the Ring.


Of Honor. It is funny that Jerry Jones had, I guess you could count Bill Parcells as well in this category. He had one coach that would push back on him and he had all.


This success. Yeah.


-maybe there was something.


-berry Switzer. Maybe there's something-.


A Barry Switzer. -maybe there's something to be said for that.




Maybe you want a guy who will say, Hey, Jimmy or Jerry, no.




I'm the boss. You're not the boss.


Just a thought. I just love the idea that Jerry Jones, he grinds tape. Jerry Jones is at home right now probably with three fingers of Johnny Walker Blue. He's smelling his shoes and he's watching like Arkansas game tape trying to figure out which offensive line to take two rounds too high.


I respect- Their entire draft team.


Yeah. Their scout team. I respect the hell out of it because he does actually, it's not like Tepper who just parachute in and says, I want this guy. I want that guy. Jerry Jones actually grinds tape.


Yes. I had two more points in this game. Bryce Young threw another pick six to Daron Bland, who has his fourth pick six of the year. Also, Daron Bland. He has started 22 regular-season games. He has 11 intersections. The dude is literally averaging half an interception a game. He's a fifth-round pick.


That's insane. He has more touchdowns than Devante Adams.


It's crazy. He's been out of this world good. My last point, and I want to know what you think of this theory, I think the Cowboys are actually in a perfect spot for the Cowboys right now because there isn't that much hype with them right now because they have had a couple of tests that they failed, the 49ers, the Eagles. They might just be able to stay a little bit under the radar because they're a very good football team. I don't think anyone would say they're not a very good football team, but they're not talked about when it's peak cowboys hype. Like if they had beaten the 49ers or beaten the Eagles, they would be leading first take every single day. They would be talked about like they are Super Bowl favorites, all this stuff. They might be doing a good job of staying right underneath the fray where they could sneak.


Some teams. Here's what's going to happen. If the Eagles lose to the Chiefs on Monthonet football and the Cowboys beat the Commanders, which they probably will on Thanksgiving, then we're going to get all the takes of Super Bowl Cowboys. We're going to find out a lot about the team because they've got a very hard schedule coming up in just a little bit. They're going to have to play some very good teams to the point where I could see them going on a big losing streak throughout the end of November and through December. It's a possibility because their schedule is very, very hard. Counterpoint, if they win 50%, 60% of those games, then we will be talking about the Cowboys as being going into the playoffs. They should make some noise. They should make it to the Super Bowl.


Yeah, I was thinking about it because I do think the Cowboys are a very good team, but they're in that perfect spot because when you talk about the NFC, it's always Eagles 49ers. They're a distant third in those conversations. That might be where the Cowboys need to be.


I'm concerned about Mike the Parsons. He needs to step his weight up a little bit. He had his scuba C4 before the game and said that it affected him too hard. You can get on some pre-workout, man. Yeah, he threw off. One scuba C4, not that much. Actually, the perfect pre-workout exercise.


Yeah, it's probably why you're able to run everywhere. So stay on the protocol. All right, last of the early games, Jaguars 34, Titans 14, Trevor Lawrence back. Yeah.


We should have actually sniffed this out when Doug Peterson, when your head coach after a couple of weeks of you being injured, comes out and says something about how limited you are. Yeah. That's probably a good sign that you're no longer limited. We should get Florio to investigate a grand jury on that and see what they can turn up about the.


Injury report. I can't wait to talk.


To Florio. Yeah, he's got so much fan fiction.


He also was texting me because he wants to know if Dave's class action lawsuit that he's putting against the NFL. Dave, Port Neuer boss, has started a class action lawsuit against the Bangles. He's like, Is this for real? I want in.


Totally. I want in. Mike will be a dogged, dogged lawyer for you. Yes. I'm just going to talk to him. I'm going to make him talk about Bill Belichick the entire time just so that Hank has to listen to it.


Hank, where are you at with Bill Belichick?


Same as it ever was. You're a coach? Yeah.


Big game against Tommy DeVito coming up.


Must lose.


That actually was, Oh, you want to lose? Yeah. You're a fully tank. Winning does nothing. You're going to win that game, though. Probably. Because Tommy DeVito coming off the pinnacle of his life.


Yeah, I can't imagine he's hard to gameplan. No, you can figure him out. I think a competent defensive coach would be able to figure them out pretty easily. That's what I'm saying. He's not hard to game-playing. Yeah, Jack Doreal couldn't do it. Now, I was doing my radio hit that I do every Friday on 1/0/7 The Fan in DC, and they asked me about the Bill Belichick thing. And I realized just how much being on this show has really fucked up my entire perception because I completely recognize the fact that Bill Belichick, I don't think, is a great head coach anymore, but I would be willing to tolerate him on my team and just enduring more and more losing and passing up maybe good, successful, promising young head coaches just for the fact that it would troll Hank. That's how much this show has fucked me up. But also it would be very funny. I am hoping for that still. I mean, what young coach would you take over Bill Belichick? That's a crazy statement. There's young coaches out there. I was the most backhanded compliment, lie, cap statement you've ever made. I mean, you're done with Belichick.


No, but I'm saying you're like, Oh, I don't know if I would do it as a troll. No, you would do it for anything. You would do it over anyone. Name a young coach you would rather have than Bill Belchick. Okay, from a pure football standpoint right now, I would probably want Ben Johnson as a head coach. That's a lie. Why? What has Belichick done in the last couple of years? He made it to the playoffs with Mac Jones. That's true. That's a valid point.


Also, Hank could reverse it and be like he hasn't had a franchise quarterback, but Washington does.


Yeah. I don't know if I want Sam Howe to take a step back in terms of the coaching that he's getting, though, because right now he's got Rivera. As you brought up so astutely a couple of weeks ago, Belichick might not be able to talk to him the same way. Yeah, I mean, you want Phil Belichick. That was an unnecessary- No, I just want him just to fuck with you. -pull a shit statement. No, I'm being honest with you. I want him just to fuck with you. No, you just want him. That's okay. You can admit it. I want him to fuck with you. Yeah, no, you can admit that you want him. I don't want him. I do want him. I do want him. But the reasoning behind it is just so that I can… No, there can be two reasons.


Yeah, they're okay. Deep down you want him because you think he's a good coach.


There are two reasons.


Ben Johnson? Yeah. It's okay to admit. Your number one reason could be Hank, but you also-It's okay to admit that he's a good coach.


I don't know if he's a great coach anymore.


He's better than what you have now.


Yes. Better than Ben fucking Johnson.


He's better than any.


Other option out there. Agreed, Jake. Who is Ben Johnson?


Oc for the Lions.


Best offensive league.


We should talk about the Jaguars, Titans. Trevor Lawrence is back. He scored. He had four touchdowns today. He's actually three times in his career had four total touchdowns. He had two passing, two running. Two out of those three have come against the Titans. We got to remind ourselves that he.


Owns the Titans. The Titans do not look good.




They're ass. They look close to the keyword. Quit.


Yeah, their offensive line is bad. I feel bad for Will Levis. Yeah, they're bad. It felt like he was running for his life the entire game.


Yeah, at least if you're a Titans fan, you still have the thought in your head like Will Levis can be very, very good. He might be the guy.


Yeah. They're smart to have him be playing instead of Ryan Tano, because Ryan Tano probably is better than him right now. But you got to figure it out right now.


Yeah, but besides that, there's not a whole lot to look forward to if you're a Titansans fan for the remainder of the season.


No, you guys stink. It's a fact. The Jaguars scheduled win, Prisco scheduled win. That Texans game is going to be great. I'm very excited for it. That will be a huge, huge game for the AFC South. Let's take our last break and then we'll do the afternoon games.


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All right, afternoon games. 49ers, 27, Bucks, 14, Brock Purdy back to being elite.


That Brock Purdy was so good today. Also- So, so good today. He was dropping dimes at 74 yard to Ayuk was just an outstanding throw. He's the first 49ers quarterback with minimum of 20 attempts to have a perfect pass rating of 158.3. 49ers have had some pretty good quarterbacks over the course of their history. He's the first one to do that. That was just a stark reminder to me that I don't know what the fuck goes into a quarterback rating. Yeah, not- 158.3 is the best that you can do. I don't know how they come up with that. It's so stupid. I don't know the math. I don't know who decided to make it that as being the very maximum. Does anything? I think they just said, We want to invent a system where a good performance, one that looks good, is just over 100. That way, if you're over 100, it was a good day. Beneath 100, it was a bad day. But I have no idea the type of calculus that has to go into calculating that.


Yeah, it's the dumbest rating of.


All time. We should have asked Fitzy. I'm sure Fitzy could have explained.


It to you. No, I don't even think he knows. No one knows. That's how stupid it is. I'm working on it. Brandon, Is he deserves more credit for being an incredible wide receiver. He doesn't get talked about in that wide receiver one conversation because there's so much talent around him. But he is awesome. I'm also just happy that the Bucks... This would have fucked me up if the 49ers had lost to the Bucks. I needed this to happen just so I do know football. The 49ers are way better than the Bucks.


They matched up well against the Bucks.


Yeah, I just needed that so that I could feel that. George Kiddle did a double dab today. He actually sent it to me. I need to see it. He scored a touchdown. Double dab. Oh, that was nice.


Both hands.


No chicken. Both arms. No, no chicken. Double dab.


That's nice. Double dab. Kiddell is so fucking good.


I feel.


Bad for.


Hufonga out for the season. That sucks. He's one of the best players on the 49ers defense. That's going to be tough to swallow up your Niners fan. But still, everything looks like you're on the right track right now. This was a must-dominate game for the 49ers. They finished the mission today. It was a statement win for them. I'm still all in on that team.


Yeah, I'm all in on that team and the Bucks, they just stay in the, someone's got to win the NFC South, maybe the Bucks?


It could be the Bucks. It would be the craziest thing if the Bucks won. Who cares? It could be anybody except for the Panthers.


There really should be a rule that if you're not over 500 and you win the division, you don't get a home playoff game.


Yeah. At least in the NFC, the South division makes sense. In the AFC, the Colts being in the south really fucks me up, really screws me up.


Yeah. Okay, Ram Seahawks. Rams. Rams. I picked on Friday. I said I was going to buy back in on the Rams, even though I said they sucked a couple of weeks ago. Matt Stafford, gamer, throwing dimes in the second half. He was bad in the first half. The Rams was atrocious.


Do you see the hit that he took? Yeah. He got actually folded in half. Yeah. When he threw.


That interception. He's top three toughest dudes.


He's very tough.


He's very, very tough. But yeah, he was lights out at the end of the game. Cooper Cup got hurt, and he was still throwing dimes all over the field. The Seahawks, Drew Lock, that was something. He came in because Gino hurt his shoulder, I believe, elbow.


But he came.


Back in. He came back in because that's how bad Drew Lock is, that Gino was hurt. He's like, Well, I still have a better option. Drew Lock came in. He was two for six for three yards in an interception that cost him a game.


Did you see the play that he got injured on? It looked like Aaron Donald hit him like he was driving a car that ran over Gino Smith, just wrecked him. Then Drew Lock, he is the moxie king of the NFL. Nobody loves Drew Lock as much as Drew Lock does. Well, maybe I do love Drew Lock. Every time he comes into a game, I think back, maybe my worst take that I've ever had on this show that Drew Lock will be a five-time pro bowler. Just because I liked him on the sidelines. Who is he rapping to? Jeezy?


I don't know. Hank? I think so.


Yeah. He was just all for my city. Yeah. Ever since I saw that, I was like, Yeah, this guy, Drew Lock, he has it. I can't define it, but he's got it. I continue to be proven wrong by that. But every time I get something, I'm like, Maybe Drew Lock. We don't know. We need to also always remember the NFC West coaching circle. We always forget it every year. Mcveigh dominates Carroll. Carroll dominates Shanehan. Shanehan dominates McVeigh. Everybody dominates the Cardinals. Yeah.


That's why I took the Rams there. They swept the Seahawks. Now the Rams, we go back to someone's got to get that seven seed in the NFC. I know it was the Vikings for a minute there because they were playing really well. If they won this game tonight, they would have been in a stranglehold for the seventh seed. They still are two games up or whatever it is. They're six and five. But the Rams, if they put together a couple of wins, I think they have the Cardinals next, they could maybe flirt with it. I still have my money on the Vikings.


I need them to get over seven and a half wins. Then I'll be happy.


Yeah, this is a big step. This is a big step. Okay, last game, memes. Yes, sir. Bill's 32, Jet 6. This was quite something, memes. This sucked. Even knowing how shitty Zach Wilson is, it's as low as low could be. We put on this game. We had memes, and our colleague Tom Lay, sit front and center. Hank also bet on the Jet's money line. We flipped to the game, and it was flipped to the game. Not one second later, Jets fumbling the open kickoff. That was the sign of how bad this game was going to be. Zach Wilson got benched for Tim Boyle. Zach Wilson, there was a clip of him going back out on the field, jogging backwards, and he fell down. Zach Wilson ran over his head coach. Zach Wilson did everything today to make everyone be like, Why is Zach Wilson still playing quarterback for the New York Chats?


I actually saw the sideline thing a little bit differently. I thought that Sala saw his shot to injure Zach Wilson and threw him down a little bit hard. He put some stank on that tackle.


He gave him a.


Little bit extra. He wrapped him up and he threw him down on the ground. I think if Zach Wilson had gotten up and his thumbs dislocated, Sala would have been like, Yes, okay, great. Now I get to make the decision I've wanted to make for a while and let's move on. He said after the game, I don't know who we're starting as a quarterback next week. My guess is it's probably not the guy that he tried to injure. I think it's time now, memes. We can say, Zach Wilson, his ceiling is not Patrick Mohomes.


Yeah, no, I don't even think his ceiling is like Josh Dops. It's just bad right now. No, Josh Dops is really good. Yeah.


Chad Kelly is out there.


Yes. What are you? It's over. Before I had people jumping down my throat on Friday, remember I did say at the time I thought the jets could beat the Dolphins, that time is no longer. The jets cannot beat the Dolphins. Yeah, that time is past. That time is very much past. We might lose that game by 50. The jets are so fucking bad. You can tell too, what's unfortunately happened with you guys is Zach Wilson, he's infested, infected the defense where it's like, What are we doing? Why are we even playing?


Yeah, the.


Defense is quit. The whole team is quit.


It's just not fun right now. There was a weird report that came out right before the game that the jets are going to target Devante Adams and free agency, which is probably not the leak that you put out if your team is trying to win this year. You're just letting people know, Hey, just hang on with us because we're going to try to get better next season. Just please, bear with us. Now, are we officially not wanting Aaron Rodgers to.


Come back? No, he can't come back. I could see him being like, All right, I come back beginning of December. Now we run the table.


Aaron Rogers did that last year.


He was like, We're on the table now.


What? No, no, no. What? Have you seen- He's crazy. What did you see? -have you seen his offensive line, though?


I know, but Aaron Rogers, what? He has like two, three seasons left, maybe. Okay, but if you're four and seven because you're going to lose the Dolphins- I'm with you. How are you going to run the table and jump? Right now you'd have to jump five teams in the AFC. I'm with you. But Aaron Rogers and his head, knowing how good he is, just being like, I come back, we run the table, we win some games. This is just if you're Aaron Rogers. You're the third to last team in the AFC right now.


If you're.


Aaron Rogers- Still what? Second in the NFC?




Third. Third in the NFC. Third to last in the AFC.


If you're Aaron Rogers, why do you think he would want to come back and play for this team? He's got eyes. He watches the games.


I think he's only got so.


Much football left that he just.


Wants to come back and play. But he would hurt himself. I'm with you. I don't think he should play.


I think he should just wait.


Till next season.


But Aaron Rogers.


Himself could just want to come back and play.


Aaron Rogers is not stupid to the point where he would come back from a devastating ankle injury, risk it for a team that really has no chance to do anything.


No, I think you're right, but… It's bad.


There was.


Ant at least this is a bad spot you're in.


At least you had a sick postgame fight.




You guys scrapped it up in the tunnel.


Where's our hats? Deion Dawkins sent us hats.


Oh, sick. Over here. Yeah, you guys got into a fight after the game. That was awesome. At least you have a little bit of pride. What do we got here?


You are at a Snow University.


Oh, nice. Here, I'll run.


I think I have a virus on my computer. Hank, can someone help me after? Update, I've been trying to calculate QB rating.


And I have no idea what I'm doing.


That doesn't help my virus on my computer. I just had the McAfee antivirus thing pop up twice. That feels bad.


That's what they should call Aaron Rodger's weekly hit.


How do you...


That would be a good name for it. Antivirus. Mcafee's antivirus. I don't.


Know what I'm going to do. I'm in trouble. Yeah, look at these. You already showed your diversity. Shout out to our guy, Deion Dawkins. All-time moment when he got pushed. He laid like he was dead, and then he got up and he gave like an applause or looked for a curtain call. Yeah.


Do you see what he did before their last Prime Time game? No. Oh, yeah, give in. He arrived shirtless to the game. Yes. Which is a great move if you end up winning that game. If you lose, it doesn't look so great.


Yeah, doesn't look.


Great. That's a big fan.


Okay, so the Bills. Offense looked a little better. Josh was taking some more chances underneath, like not taking these risks, ran the ball well. Maybe Joe braided has figured something out. They also had a couple fumble-luck, where there was a fumble and they were all able to get on it. His one interception was a hail Mary. The Bulls, you needed this win bad. It was a sound beating of the jets. The Bulls do have their entire season in front of them in the fact that if they can somehow go, they have to play at the Eagles and at the Chiefs. If they can somehow win both those games, the Bulls are back to being a true Super Bowl contender.


I would say that the Bulls actually, they have the toughest schedule. They do. The Cowboys have a hard one, too. Eagle is not so easy. But the Bulls right now, they have to play the Eagles, Chiefs, Cowboys, Seawords, Patriots, that should be a win. Then they close out with the Dolphins. Right. They have opportunity.


Right, that's the thing.




Not dead dead. In a weird way, it's nice that they're like, All right, now we can go find out. Either we are or we aren't. If you win a bunch of those games, then you definitely are.


Yeah, they got rid of their entire margin for error.


Yeah, 100%. Mims, anything the last thing about the jets? I mean, it's so sad. Whose lines is that anyway on Friday? Dolphins at jets?


At jets.


Dolphins- Minus 12. No, 8 and a half. 8, 8, 8, 8, 8.


8, 8 and a half. I'm going to say Dolphins 9.


What do we got? Seven and a half.


Last thing, Max, our report that said.


Week 16, if they're in playoff contention, somebody.


Told me.


That it was sever second.


If week 16 is not- I just want to let you know that they're not going to be in playoff contention.


Week 16. Again, they're the third to worst team in the AFC.


Distinct. I'm not saying that their defense is bad. Their defense is actually good, but they've just reached the point where they're like, We have to be perfect and we're sick of having to be perfect.


The punter almost had more.


Passing hearts than Zach Wills. That was your best offensive play of the day. It's brutal. It was a great pass. They should have more said play quarterback. Maybe you have the special teams coach call plays?


I don't know. We're also just stuck with Nathaniel Hackett with Aaron Rodgershurt.


Did Hackett move up to the booth? Yep, first game in the booth. You hardly ever see that happen. It's usually come down from the booth where you've lost all privileges of sitting in a nice, cozy, airconditioned, heated room. But this is a move that I don't recall ever seeing that to a team that's not been playing so well in one side of the ball, like sending your guy away, like get further away from the guys.


Yeah, I've never seen that either. Yeah. But his.


Purpose was.


Get Aaron Rodgers here. His purpose also faded.


After they beat the Broncos. Yeah.


Now they.


Just stick. That was his purpose in going to Denver, too. It was just bring Aaron Rogers with you.


That was it.


Now we just can't score a touchdown. Brees Hall did apologize to you. He said, I'm sorry, Jets fans, they don't deserve this. I saw that. At least Brees said that he's... Do you accept his apology? I accept his apology. What about Izzy? How did Izzy do today? I didn't get to check his stat line.


He had one rush for 11 yards.




Yeah, we all bet him to.


Score a touch today. Thanks, Mims.




Izzy was what you were- No, he's not. Okay.


That was where you're putting your season on. Yeah, we needed some juice on offense. Thought he was going to spice things up. Nope. From the outside looking in, that was the craziest moment that you should have... It should have clicked for you when we were talking about this game on Friday and you're like, But we got our third string running back. Yeah, we should go back to Friday. All right, guess what? We got a return of a segment before we get to Who's Back of the Week. It is the O'Ready, direct take presented by Direct TV. Direct TV is the ultimate destination for pro football. It's where fans can get their pro football fix this season. Whether you're watching games live on TV or streaming app, Direct TV has you covered and you get direct TV without a satellite. Get a $400 reward card with 24-month Direct TV package and receipt of 23-24 NFL Sunday ticket from YouTube. Offer not endorsed or associated details at directTV. Com. I know we have directTV here in the office. We love direct TV. If you're a football fan, if you're a football guy, you got to have direct TV.


Get a $400 reward card with a 24-month direct TV package and receipt of 23-24 NFL Sunday ticket from YouTube. Offer not endorsed or associated details at directv. Com. All right, overly direct take. Hank.


My overly direct take is that I think the Bills are going to make the Super Bowl and then lose to the Cowboys.


That would be so painful. So, so painful for Bills fans.




Why would you even put that out there, Hank? I'm just being overly direct. You are. I think the Bills, everyone's written off the Bills. Sometimes going through such a bad loss like they did last week can turn things around. They've been there before. I think they're going to rally and make a deep run. All right.


That's an overly direct take.


I don't think it's super overly direct.


Okay. Pft, your.


Overly direct take. I think the Texans are going to win the division. That's my direct take. I think it's going to happen. I think if they're going to take it, they're not going to look back.


I like that.




They got to win on Sunday. But I like that. All right, my overly direct take, I think the Chiefs minus two and a half tomorrow night is stealing money. Tonight.


Max? I don't think you heard that.


My overly direct take, Max, is the Chiefs minus two and a half tonight is.


Stealing money. How is that? How could you not have heard that? What are you doing?


Patrick homes at home, Andy Reed, off a buy. All they got to do is win the game pretty much. Sure. I love.


That both of you are thinking this way because PFT was saying the same thing earlier. Okay. I do like to- Yeah, no, I love that you guys.


Like the Chiefs a lot. I love that you love that.


We like the Chiefs. Why do you love that, Max?


I love that you guys are dumb. You two are dumb. Oh, really? Tidal towers? Smart. No, but you two are dumb. I'm happy that the two dumb guys over there.


Really like the Chiefs. I like this that Philly's coming out big time. You know who's smart?


Stanford, Steve. Stanford, Steve loves the Eagles tomorrow.


Okay. That's what he said.


Fuck off. That's a rapport. We got all the Swiffs in the building. Meeting of the parents. Now, Taylor is out. Are they moving too quickly?


Are they canceled? Well, no, I think she's.


Out, right? Yeah, she's out because she had a show that she was supposed to do yesterday that they rescheduled to tomorrow. He just a fan died. Oh, really? I didn't know the reason. In Brazil. I didn't know the reason.


Too much heat.


Taylor Scott. Wow.


Damn, Hank. Clipped that for me. I'm going to tweet that out. Hank think-The fuck. Taylor was a murderer.


Do you think she's a murderer, Hank? I didn't say that. You said Taylor Scott. What does that mean? Travis Scott also had people die at his concert. Is that a good thing?


No, but I don't think that makes either of them murderers. I'll bet there's a lot of Swifties out there that if they had to die, they would like to die at a Taylor Swift concert.


I'll change the headline. I'll say Hank thinks Taylor Swift is no different than Travis Scott. Fair? Yeah, they're great artists. Okay, Jake, your overly direct take? My overly direct take, guys, is that Joe Flacko will lead the Cleveland Browns to an AFC North Division Championship.


No. I like it. You've been listening to P. I mean, everything P. F. T. Was just delusional. They're a half.


Game out. It's what regular-season meetings. Joe to come down to the tie breaker.




Couldn't even.


Throw a ball for the jet slash. Yeah, but now he's rested. You were talking about Joe Flacko in 2012 when he was okay back then. He was perfect in that post-season. It's 10 years later. All Joe needs to know- Eleven years later -is that if he has another great run, he's going to get another huge contract.


I'll say this, it could happen. Exactly. It's not going to be because of Joe Flacko.


Right. That's the entire point. Joe is like a skeleton of what formerly Joe was. But if he just does a thing where he attempts 15 passes a game and just relies on the defense, then people will get very, very mad if he happens to win a second.


Super Bowl. Throw some PIs.


That's what I'm hoping for. Yeah. If Joe Flacko is starting the playoffs, they won't make it past the division award. That's my overly direct take. That's overly direct. That's overly direct. Jake, I like your take. Thank you.


It's overly direct.


It's overly direct, Jake of the week.


Okay, let's finish up. We got Who's Back of the week. Before we do who's back of the Week, though, rowback question, rhoback. Com, promo code take, 20 % off your first purchase. Q zips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Go to rowback. Com right now and fleeces, rowback. Com. Before we do Who's Back of the Week, my rowback. Com question is, PFT, I think the fans want to hear how the weekend was. Let's talk about it.




Have one bone to pick.


With you. It's very exciting. All right, pick away.


Danny Boy Cain was never bit by a bear.


He was.


Attacked by a bear. He was to be attacked by a bear. That's my only bone.


After I said it, I realized I said the wrong word.


That's probably why he was upset that I didn't clear it with him first.


Factor fiction, a bear attack implies a bite.


No, it doesn't.


I think it might. No.




Doesn't imply a bite.


Let me step in. Let me.


Step in because Danny Boy is going to be very upset that you did not clear that with him before bringing his name up on the show.


I did. I DMed him. I talked to Danny Boy.


All the time. You said I would like to bring your.


Name up. I was like, I'm going to bring you up and I'm going to clear it that that.


Never happened. I said it didn't happen. I said he never got bit. He never got.


Spine flu. That was my only thing. You crushed.


It otherwise. I heard he is running for mayor. Is that true? No, not.


Running for mayor. He doesn't have an NIL deal.


Okay. You crushed a PFT except for you.


Didn't get $250,000. Which I would have had to match.


It would have been a problem. When they brought me out and they had me attempt the field goal and it was $250,000 to the local food bank, I didn't know that it was going to be that amount of money. I had no idea what was going to happen. They were just like, Hey, they want you to kick a field goal. I was like, Okay, great, let's do it. I step out and then Pat says it's $250,000 to charity. In that moment, I could not help myself. I just said, And Big Cat is going to match. Then the split second after I said it, you can see the look on my face where I'm like, Fuck, I might have just committed Big Cat.


To $2,000. I would have matched.


Yeah, I would have doubled, actually. I would have matched. Then I had to try to take it back. Then in the back of my head, I was thinking, if I make this, there's a good chance that people would just hit Big Cat out for two or three to three to three dollars. Also, it's Big Cat's fault. No, I'm just saying it's my fault for.


Saying it. We live in a match world. I would have matched. But either way, you.


Crushed it. You intentionally missed it. That was a mistake. I intentionally missed it to the right so that Big Cat, he would not have to pay $250,000 to charity. Some are calling me a hero for not giving money to charity. Not the people that need food. You're right. They're not. They're not calling you a hero right now. Would you have matched?


No. It's so easy to say you would have matched. He missed the kick, you idiot. I would have quadrupled.


I would have doubled and then I would have matched the quadruple.


I would have taken a $1 salary until everyone was fed if he had made the kick.


It was a very bad kick. I'm not going to say anything bad.


About Herbie. No, Herbie fucked you. It was also really sunny and you had a.


Jacket on. It was windy too out there. Herbie's Dog was really the highlight of the week. I got to hang out with Ben, backstage. Max walked in there and then Herbie's Dog made a beeline. Went straight to me. Because he knew that he's an emotional support dog and he knew that Max, number one, is a neurotic freak. Number two that he probably- We were really good friends. -he sensed how nervous Max was around the dog, and he's such a good dog that he went right over to Max. He was.


Like, No, dogs, no good guys.


That dog went over right over to.


The the good guy. Goodest guy.


It is a.


Good guy. When we were meeting Ben.


Probably thought you were a dog.




Probably started sniffing your ass. Dog guy. We all agreed that Ben is the goodest boy. I've never made a goodester boy than Ben. The best dog I've ever been before in my entire life. Then once I got on stage, it was like that part was easy. Hanging out next to Lee Corso, he's a very funny guy, sweet guy, and just sitting up there and chopping up. That was the easy part of it. That was really fun. It honestly was a holy shit moment. Thinking back to when I was on that campus, had no idea what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Then somehow I'm back there during college game day. That to me, that was the one day where I felt like maybe my life is the Truman Show. Maybe this is just a gigantic prank on me.


You crushed it. I was very proud of you. It was awesome to see. It was like you said, going back to your campus, that's such a cool moment. You crushed it. I think everyone watching AWS, everyone here was very proud of you. It was very cool. You were throwing fucking fastballs everywhere. All your lines were hitting. It was probably awesome to be able to be like, I'm back on campus to see my undefeated football team.


At the time, undefeated.


Football team.


Undefeated at the time. It was great. I apologize. For the record, I apologize for nothing.


People are saying, Max is the reason why they lost. Not me. But people are saying that I was watching the game because I was invested in the whole day. I was sitting at the park with my kids watching the game. That fourth and 18 was such an insane comeback. I was like, This is about to be the perfect day for PFT where the comeback and everything- It would have been great. -streamers going down the stadium.


It would have been great. However, we still should be playing for the Sunbelt Championship. I agree. One loss, we're still very much in first place in that division. But rough ending to the game, but it was still an awesome day. I regret nothing. I do not regret saying that I would declare Jamie to be national champions if they went undefeated because I would.


Well, you'd already said it, so you've already been said, do you regret bringing Max? He is.


A loser. I regret a little bit bringing Max. I didn't think about the Max vibe, the whole loser vibe. But Max was a great traveling companion, Max and memes.


But he is a loser. People are saying that he is the reason why J. M.


U. Lost. It's a good possibility. The funniest part of the day by far, though, was when I was walking out to kick the field goal. Max is walking right behind me. He looks like a villain in Home Alone, one of the burglars. He's got this beanie pulled down tight. He's wearing a black jacket. He's walking behind me and this kid just screams at me. Who was like you from the past? Yeah, it was my former self. He was like, Hey, PFT, tell Max that he's a fucking loser. I was like, Max is right behind me. He's like, Hey, Max, you're a fucking loser. It was great. He's going tosuck. Yeah. That's not how the clip went. How did it go? It had nothing to do with me. Oh, it said, Tell Max the Eagles suck. Tell Max the Eagles suck. Yeah.


And then it was.


And you.


Were like, He's right here. Tell him. He's like.


He got so excited to tell me to my… He was like.


Hey, Max, the Eagles suck.


Fuck the Eagles. People shouldn't do that to Max when he's in public. I agree. Yeah.


I have no.


Problem with that guy. That guy rocked. No, but yeah, if you see Max in public, don't say that. That's really lovely. I also got a small don't say he sucks. No.


Don't say he was the reason why that J. M. U. Lost because I've heard people saying that, and I will not say it, but people are saying it.


We had a couple of.


Interactions like that. We were waiting in line for the bathroom, and this guy was like, Hey, I have a friend who wanted me to tell you something-I don't really mean.


But I'm not going.


To say it. Then he was just like, Oh, he wants you to know that you're a loser.


It was pretty good. I got a small taste of what it must have been like to be Hank for two years where I was walking around the tailgate section and shout out to all the students there that were hanging out. They were great. Except for the one guy that kept offering me Coke and I was like, Dude, I can't do Coke in the middle of this tailgate. That's why you got to bring Nicky Smokes too.


This is a nice speed bump for everyone.


But I was getting some numbers yelled at me. I can only imagine what Hank's life must have been like for all that time where every interaction that he had was just a stranger yelling a number to him. Yeah, getting there before he moved to Chicago was, I don't know what I would have done this summer. This entire summer would have been miserable for you. But yeah, it was a great time. It was very cool. I had I had a blast there. I would have liked to win that game, but it wasn't meant to be. Would you have rather won the game or made the kick for the kids?


I would.


Have rather made the kick, Hank. Good question. No doubt about it because then Big Cat would have matched. I would have matched. I would have doubled his match, and so much money would have gone to the food bank.


I actually said to my kids at the park, I was like, If J. M. E. Pulls this off, I'm just going to donate $250,000 anyway.


But unfortunately. But they didn't. They couldn't. We'll never have that.


Yeah. They're incredible day, though. I was really, really hoping they were going to win that game because it felt like it was storybook how they came back at.


The end. You know what maybe the best part of the day was? I name drop, Pull Assassin. We all remember the scandal from Texas football a couple of years ago where the coach's girlfriend, who was an exotic dancer who has a monkey named Gia that dances with her on stage. There was a biting incident at Halloween. I mentioned her on the show and that's when Reece was like, Oh, shit, you're like a walking message board. Yep, that's me. I would go back stage afterwards and Stanford, Steve gets on FaceTime with Poole Assassin. Oh, hell, yeah. I got to talk to Pall Assassin. She's like, Yeah, my monkey's right here. She's like, Thank you for the love. I appreciate you. A lot of people have said bad things about me. Thanks for standing up for me. I love it. Happy to do it, Pall Assassin.


Speaking of which, do you guys see Chiefs of Holler? There's a documentary coming out tomorrow.




I saw a trailer on-I think ESPN Poole. I can't believe they turned around that fast. I think they have him on record letters from jail.


It's like serial. Yeah. You are now receiving a call from an inmate at a correctional facility?


He basically did everything that Billy said he was going to do.


That would have been great if Billy had done it.


Yeah, that's okay. But yeah, great day for you. It was very cool to see. Shout Lee Courtauld.




I know he's old, but we got to be nice to… America sucks with old people. We're really.


Mean to old people. We are.


Like Al Michaels. We got to be like the Italians where you just live with your elderly people.


There's still something great. Talk to Veto. I think my favorite part on stage was when Lee Corso just looked at me and goes, That pic stinks. I felt like it was- Like the.


Kansas State?


How many people? Yeah, unfortunately. I want to address the people out there because I am getting a lot of shit from people that took Kansas State- I.


Lost a lot of money.


On Kansas State because of you. -against the spread. Well, it was our friend Rico Bosco. Oh, it was because of him. It was his game of the year. He said, You mean a lot to me if you could shout out the game of the year. I did. Besides that, I think everybody came away from that appearance being like, PFT, Noseball. He's a respected college football analyst. But how could he give me the game of the year for Kansas State? To those people that I let down, I'm sorry that I let you down, but I trusted a good friend of mine, Rico. Unfortunately, his game of the year didn't hit. I'm not putting blame on Rico to be clear for this. It came out of my mouth. I said, Kansas State.


Oh, I am.


I lost a lot of that. But I was advised strongly to take Kansas State. I'm sorry to anybody that I let down, unfortunately. I trusted a friend too much. That's on me. Do you know what your game day record was? You made 15 picks, right? I didn't look it up. I basically just took down, they gave me the list on Friday night, and I just basically picked the teams that I thought I could write a two-second joke about. Fair. Yeah. That's a good strategy. Yeah.


Very good strategy. All right, who's back? Check out PMTV because the boys were with him. When is that coming out? Tuesday? Tuesday.


When's Viva.


Tv coming out? Let's see if Hank retweets it.


Wednesday. Okay.


That narrative is going now. No, no, no, no. You started the narrative. No, we've- I've been getting a lot of tweets about it. No, you haven't.


No, you haven't.


Oh, yes, I have. You started the narrative and it's going.


You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like Max might be in Hank's Dog House.


No. Did Hank have a little talking to you with the boys?




We hadn't- Did he.


Quell the mutiny? Are you in Hank's Doghouse? No.


Did you get one of them to flip Hank? That's what you got to do to get the mutiny off. You got to be like, Max, if you come back to my side, I'll make sure I take care of you. Memes is out. Yeah, man.


I asked the boys on the flight down there. I was like, Have you guys squashed beef with Hank? You guys talked to Hank yet? Max said, Yeah, I talked to Hank. We're good. I mean, I haven't talked to him. Yeah. That's sick.


All right, who's back of the week? Hank.


Who's back of the week is.


Tiger Woods. Yeah.


He's playing again. He's going to play in the Hero World Challenge. All right, that sounds like a legitimate golf tournament. He also who's back in a bad way, him and Royer doing this big indoor golf, Simulator League.


Oh, yeah, the bubble.


And it just exploded. The bubble exploded. They had some state-of-the-art.


Technology for.


This facility that's going to have an 80-foot projector screen and all these different green surfaces that they can change.


Basically, the.


Whole pitch for the league is the facility. It's in a tent and the tent popped or something. It imploded on it? The tent is just flat. Oh, that's tough. It was supposed to start- Did we get a time-lapse of it collapsing? I don't know. It was supposed to start pretty soon and I don't think that's happening now. It's tough, though, when your whole league is like this tent, essentially, and the tent. It's like the circus if the circus broke.


Also shout out, Rory. He won the road to Dubai, which is the most important.


That was his goal. Hey, that's your Super Bowl, Rory. Yeah. But yeah, Tiger will come back.


I guess. It's an unofficial PGA tour event hosted by him.


Okay. It's more like he's doing hosting a stand-up night. He's just. He's probably going to get to- But he's playing. Tiger should be allowed to ride in the car. Yeah. I'm just going to say it.


-he would never.


-he shouldn't drive the cart.


-no, he would never, though.


-he should not drive.


The car. You know he would never.


But he should be allowed to ride in the cart.


-he would never.


Just for the viewers out there.


But he would never. You don't think so? No chance. He's too proud. He's Tiger.


What if it meant that he could play with Charlie? What if it meant he could be on Charlie's.




While Charlie won his first major, of which he will win many. Just won a state championship? Yeah. Charlie did? Yeah. Respect.


Respect. Mad respect. All right, PFT, you're who's back?


My who's back? I have two. Swag Kelly's back. Did I see that Swag, Kelly won the CFL MVP award? Sure did.


Fuck yeah. They won the Green Cup?


No. No, they get bounced.


Oh, fuck.


But there was a great play, and I watched it. I was like, I have no idea how Canadian football works. They completed a pass 10 yards down field. Then the receiver pointed the ball. Then two guys tried to fair catch it. One guy caught it. The other guy, his teammate, tackled him, and then they started celebrating a hugging. Rugby. I had no idea what was going on, but it looked electric. The fans seemed to have a good time. But yeah, I guess Swag Kelly is the best CFL player, which is awesome, and he should be in the NFL.




The jets should be in.


The Nets. Absolutely.


My other who's back of the week is the Kansas State Cropes Judging team. They won their 32nd national championship yesterday. The biggest dynasty maybe in the history of college athletics.


Wish we had done a game of the.


Year on that. I know. The Cropes Judging team, I've seen the pictures of them in action. They look so intense. They are dialed in. They're like at microphones on seeds and shit. I don't know what they're looking for, but apparently, no one can touch them. There's got to be six schools that do this or something, right? I think there's probably a couple of dozen good schools, but Kansas State is just the best to ever do it.


I believe it. Shout out to them.


It's the best dynasty in all sports. 32 is too much. Looks like the Texas Tech? They are the best meat judges, right? They win all the meat judging championships. Yes. Kansas State is that, except just for crops. Love it. For vegetables.


Shout out to Kansas State, EMA. All right, my who's back of the week is our guy, Jaden Daniels. Eight touchdowns. Eight touchdowns on Saturday night against Georgia State.


That's crazy that he did that against Georgia.


Yeah, he lit up Georgia.


Eight touchdowns is eight touchdowns.


Yeah, but especially against Georgia. It was an incredible performance from him. I love that LSU was like, Fuck it, we're going to go playing video game style, just get our guys made touchdowns as possible. He is now the favorite to win.


The Heisman. I love it.


Let's finish the job. Text A&M next week. Let's finish the fucking job.


I do. I like the fact that LSU is now just strictly making this season about getting him the Heisman trophy. Yeah. I love that. Let's keep that going. I don't think that you can honestly make a case that it should be anybody except for Jay and Dale. I'm only saying that as a true college football fan, not because I put a future on him winning the Heisman Trophy.


I would agree. I'd concur. You know ball. Yeah. I know that you know ball, so I'm going to trust what you're saying right now and say, I agree.


Okay, yeah. Jane Daniels for Heisman, there is no second choice.


This week, Wednesday will have a show. Friday, we will not have a show. Wednesday's show will be extra long so that if you have to work on Friday, you first should quit your job because that's bullshit. But if you have to work on Friday, we'll give a point in Wednesday's show where you can stop and save some because we're going to do the Thanksgiving Day games, Black Friday games, talk college football. We have Mike Florio. We're going to have to talk some hardball because I think that him accepting his punishment is a sign he might be on the outs, which I'm excited for, except he might go to the chargers, which.


I'm not excited for. I also heard the Raiders.


Did you say that?


No, I heard the Raiders. There was a report that came out that that's one of the teams that he's looking at. But it also might be Harba linking himself to the Raiders again so that he could maybe get a salary increase. But I don't see Michigan giving him.


A massive-No, I think he took the punishment and was like, I'm focused on this year. Let's win some games. No more distractions. Clearly, you guys want me and you want me alone. I'll be out of your hair in four weeks.




All right, Jake, finish us off. My who's back.


For the week.


Is Feast Week. It is going on right now, one of the best weeks of the year for a sports fan. A lot of college basketball. It's 12:30 in the morning Eastern time, as I say this, and we're watching an overtime game right now. There is college basketball like 18 hours a day. The Maui Invitational, I know it's only November, but it is one of the most loaded fields you'll ever see.


Who we got? It's my favorite week of the year. I lose all my money. So Purdue and Zaga is a quarter final game, and that's a match of between two top 11 teams. Whose Shamana I got? Kansas. Love it. I love the Shamana. And still in Hawaii, but they moved it from Maui to Honolulu. Oh, I don't like that. Why would that happen? What's going on with the rims? There was unfortunate events.


Oh, big fire.


Hank, were you making a joke about Maui? Yeah, I was. Sorry. Apologies.


It's all right. Yeah.


You're a big man for admitting that.


Yeah. Actually, the why would happen is a good joke, usually. But now the soft rims, we don't know if they're soft rims. Yeah. It's a different location, but.


Same state. I always love when they have the paylist basketball coaches wearing the Hawaiian shirt. Yes. The guys that have not been outside that have not left a basketball arena for the last six years.


And we have some characters in this year's event too with those teams. Yeah. Ucl is in it. Mccronin, Chaka Smart, Market, Mark View.


Oh, McCronin wearing a Hawaiian shirt is going to pop. Yeah. It's going to be great.


It's going to be awesome all week. What are you doing? It's Peggy Kuzinsky.


They come to won the World Series.


They're showing the flashback because we're going to get show.


Actually, I like what they're doing right now. This is better than Wipeout. They're going to get.


Showing, dude.


We got credit counsel. We're watching TV right now and the local news without any other like, Hey, this is a taped thing message off the side. This is just playing flashbacks to the Cubs winning the World Series. When there's a bad week in the news, I fully support news stations re-airing really fun times that are happening.


I think they're just showing like, Hey, this is what we're hoping happens again now. Oh, it might be actually the anniversary. That's what it is. Today is probably the anniversary. It's also the anniversary.


November 19th? Oh, no, it's definitely not. It's the anniversary of Malice the Palace. I don't fucking know that. I don't know why they're doing this. They're just doing it, okay?


I like it. Remind people of happier time.


We're getting show way, dude. I did my season ticket draft. I've moved up the seats, so everyone in this room should.


Hope for Show-Aid. Can you imagine?


I get a lot.


Of seats. How far Show-Aid is going to hit balls with a wind blowing out? Oh, man. It's going to be incredible.


Yeah, November 19th would be pretty late to win the World Series.


Is that when they did the parade?


No, I was way off. They're just doing a retrospective because it was a fun time. It was a very fun time. Okay, great show, boys. Wednesday, we have Florio on. Let's finish with numbers.


Eighteen. The 19.


Three. 19. Do 88.


Do you remember 19? Eight, 71.


Shane? Pug had 88. 20. Pug, how are your ankle? 20.


What do you got, Shane? 10.


Pug signing his tweets, Pug is the greatest thing of all time.


I am Pug, under-reported. Big Cat gets it, 71. Yes. Wow. I needed that after the Givante Williams thing.


Where did 71 come from?


I've been doing the reverse of 17.


Congrats. Yes. Congrats, Big Cat.


Thank you.


Welcome to the club.


Now I got to get-You guys are going to align and go against us? Oh, for sure. Hank and I. Hank, come here. Imagine never getting this. Look at this. How about this turn? Imagine never getting this. Imagine never getting this. Not me and Hank. Not us. Fuck all of you. Hank and I are the best at this. Why are you on Hank's side? Why I'm on Hank's side? No, you're not. Hank, have you ever gotten this? I have. Have you?


Yes, I have. We were just about to do awhole show.




Max, how do you not understand? I know, but it's fucking Hank.


The whole.


Thing is just.


Everyone against Hank. It's everyone against Hank. This can turn very quickly. Day one guy. I've known Hank the longest in this room. Hank is always right. You guys got to shut the fuck up about this whole Viva TV thing and start promoting, all right? Hank knows the fucking vision of this room.


Max, one of us has to get it next. Yeah. Guess what?




Going to be fucked. But guess what? You're going to get turned on.


You're never going to get it. Never going to get it. Never going to get it. Never going to get it. Never going to get it. Never going to get it. Hank and I have gotten it. That's crazy. In our first month, two correct guesses are ready. Well, let's just say Hank and I are better than you guys. You are? That's a fact. That should be true. Hank and I are just superior brain intellect than everyone else in this room.


It sucks.


It's so easy. All you got to do is save the number. Hank, tell me how you got it.


I just said 52 and it.


Popped right up. Dude, I said 71. Boom, popped right up.


It's so easy.


I got to get this fucking… Is it so.


Easy, Hank? I mean, it's never been easier.


Bft, have you thought about just guessing the right number?


No, I don't. You should just try to guess the right… You're going to do that.


Next time.


Because Hank, did you- -makes me so much.


More angry than Hank getting it. You getting it and.




Being such a fucking asshole is making… Hank, when you got it, were you just like, You know what? I'm just going to guess the right number.


Yeah, I was thinking about it. I was like, Could I get the wrong number or I'd rather get the right number? I was like, You know what? I'm going to pick the right number. Then I did.


Yeah, I was like, Look, there's a hundred numbers. Let me just pick the one that is going to come up. Don't tell.


Me what to do, Max. Honestly, the best part about this whole thing is Max is trying to run the show. You cost me a game this week. I did blah, blah, blah, blah. I could talk.


About this. We can talk about getting the numbers. If you guys want to shut off the lights, Hank and I will just hang out talking about getting the numbers, which you guys have never gotten.


I got to turn on Max now.


Why? What do you mean you.


Have to turn on me? He cost you a fucking goal game. He cost me the national game, 60 %.


He costthe national.


Championship, Max. I didn't cost anyone shit. Also, one thing people are talking- Did he break a camera? Yeah, I was about to bring that up. I did not break a camera. I was about to bring that up. Max broke a camera on college game day because he bumped into it because you were clumsy. I was clumsy. Max hit the camera and then the next thing that happened is that it stopped working. It was a lens and nothing stopped working. Yeah, and then the makeup artist came up- Oh, a lens.


Those are cheap, right?


The lady came up to us. She was like, Your friend, Max, broke one of our cameras here.


She was.


Busting my balls hard for a while. Was she busting your balls or being like, You just broke a lens? No. She just broke a lens. I think she had a realistic gripe with Max that he caused $20,000 of damage.


We're on the same.


Team here, P. S. P. I don't think that we are, Max. I don't think you understand how this game works. I thought we were all on the team until you said.


It's everyone versus Hank. Now it's very clear it's just me and you and.


We're Foxhole guys. What you have to understand at this point, Max, is that Hank and Big Cat have a powerful alliance right now. Now it's every man for himself. Yeah.


Whoever gets.


It next- I got to get inside that.


Alliance as soon as possible. Whoever gets it next, we would love nothing more than one of you dimwits to just guess the right number and be part of our crew. But until that happens, we have no choice but to call you dimwits because again, Hank, how did you get it?


I set a number and then it popped.


Right up. There it is. I also was just like, guess the right number, and then it popped right up. We literally already did this conversation. Well, we could keep doing it.


Max, here's the thing that you're failing to grasp is that the next person to get the lotto ball actually is going to have some time where they can enjoy making fun of the people that haven't got it yet. After that next person gets it, then by the time you get it in that fourth spot, you're not going to have much time to make fun of the others.


It's shifts because there's, what, eight of us in here? Yeah. You have to be- You get past the four or five, then we just got to pick on one person. But right now, Hank and I are in the club and you guys, no.


Also, you only have 100 episodes to be elite. Otherwise, then it's.


Just a low average. That's a fact.


That you just made that up right now.


No, he's right.


Hank, how many episodes did it take you the first time?


Yeah, no, he was bad, but guess what? It took me what, Jake?


Like 12 episodes in a week.


It took me three episodes together. Guess what? That was the old machine. This is the new machine. What have you done.


For us lately? Who designed this new machine?


Hank? Jordan? That's interesting. Yeah, the flags.


Fly forever. You're the first one to always say that.


Yeah, that's true. It's interesting that.


Hank- Also, thank you, Jake, for not announcing it and ruining my moment when you do that with Hank.




When you were like, Oh, my God. No, when you were like, When you did it and I was mad because you made me mad about Hank getting it, but I needed to just listen. I just said it's all good. It's all good. Okay, I'll listen to that back because I actually would like that one. For some people, it's not a visual medium. Yeah, that's true. You just hear a screaming, you don't know what's going on. I'm going to listen to that back, Jake. I'm going to make an NFT out of that. I'm going to make an NFT out of that. I'm going to listen to it all the time. I just didn't like it when you did it for Hank, obviously.


Can you do a doot doot doot?


Doot doot doot. Big Cat gets the lottery ball. Yeah. Also Hank, too, because it's the two of us that have gotten it, so please. Doot doot doot. Big Cat and Hank get the lottery. Oh, that was great.


That was beautiful. And then can you do a… That's just for everything after Max does anything.


Yeah. Max is never going to get it.


Eagles Tonight though, right?


You guys are dumb. No. Hey, do we need to say it again? We got the lottery ball. You didn't. You're still dumb. We're two smart people in here. You're still dumb. It's not you. You're still dumb, and you're not good at picking games. Well, guess what? I picked this. That's not a game. I picked this. That's not a game. That's not a game. It is a number. It's literally a game. It's a game. It's a game. It's not a football game. Now you're putting on qualifiers. It's a game.


Max is so bad at these arguments.


Pft, you got to get it. Love you guys. I want you, PFT. I want you guys.


Love you guys. Listen, I'mthe only realistic person that... I'm feeling the heat right now. You are. Yeah, that's why I'm.


In the idiot. Because you're lumped in with the idiot. You're in the idiot group.


Yeah, I'm in there.


You're an idiot.


This is all.




Idiot group. The worst thing for me would be if Jake gets it next and then it's me, Max, memes, and Pug that haven't got it and Shane. Shane? And Shane. Now I'm in the group with the guy that got crossed up in basketball and then just Max and memes who are losers, that's going to be tough for me.


Yeah. You have to admit, I'm a loser right now.


No, Jake, I'm saying like… Thank you, Jake.


Thank you, Jake. Thank you, Jake. Thank you, your honesty.


It's really me and you that are fighting like hell for this next lottery ball spot.


Fuck you. Why aren't I fighting like hell? Because you're so stupid you're never going to get it, you idiot. I got it within three tries of playing this stupid fucking game. On the old machine.


Yeah, it's the same fucking game.


No, it's not. Yeah, it is. Because you'd never gotten this. Yeah. Actually, for them, it's harder for them because they're only 97, 98 balls in the other machine. Exactly. Yeah, this is way harder. I'm just saying. Thank you, Jake. Great point, Jake. That was a nerd nugget of the week. That was the nerd nugget.


Of the week.


I didn't have my number on the machine for.


Like a year and a month. I said I love you guys five minutes ago.


The show is over. Max, you- You- -You- -You- -You- -You- -You- -You are a loser. -you are a loser. -oh, I hadn't thought.


About that. Good point, Max. -that's a great point. -good point. -it's more impressive than never get it than get it.


That's true, memes. That's true.


That's an absolute loser talk. Memes has never, ever gotten it.


Max, you're never.


Going to get it.


You're never going to get.


It, Max. Love you guys. Love you guys. Show's over. Love you guys.




are the.


Things I've got to remember. You're the shining of the coming for you in a life.


Just to lay my life away. You are the things I've got to remember.


You're the.


Shining of the coming for you in a way. I'll be coming for you in a way. Take on me. Take on me. Take on me.