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Chevy Silverado and the Chevy ZR2 family. On today's part of my take, we have football. We're back from Thanksgiving break. We have a ton of football to talk about. What are we week of football. We're going to break down every game. We're going to do fastest two minutes. Also, Max is now on the IR, foot injury that I'm going to make him send me the picture, which is supposed to be disgusting. We have a great show for you. It's Monday, it's football. And it's brought to you by our friends at Verizon. Takeover episode. Tis the season for Great Savings AWS. Cyber Monday is here, and you know what that means. Now is the time to get the people you love, the gifts they'll love with unbeatable deals from Verizon this holiday trade in any iPhone in any condition and get the new iPhone 15 Pro with titanium and iPad and Apple Watch SE all on Verizon with Unlimited, ultimate. That's an incredible deal. I've always been a Verizon guy. That's an incredible deal. So sure, watching football by the fire this holiday season is nice, but there's no bigger win than saving on great Apple gifts for the whole family.


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Yeah, I am too. I'm actually going to take advantage of.


This deal. I need a new iPhone. I could use a new iPad. I need a new Apple Watch. I'm getting the unlimited ultimate. So, verison. Com/take go today. Okay, let's go. Now in the street there is violence, and a lot of stuff work to be done. No place to hang out or wash in. And then I can't wave all on the sun. Oh, no. We're going to rock down to electric avenue. And then we'll take it higher.


Oh, we're going to rock down to electric avenue. It's a part of my take, presented by Marcell sports.


Welcome to a part of my take. Today is Monday, November 27th, week 12. What?


What? What? What? What? What? What? What? What? Let's be the last to wish you and yours a happy Thanksgiving. What?


Stuffed turkey. We start in Detroit on Thanksgiving where Christian what? Sin said yeah. From the windows to the wall. He caught all of Jordan's balls. All, skeet, skeet, motherfucker. All, skeet, skeet, goddamn. Speaking of balls, Jared took a couple of costly sacks as Lions fans were looking for the closest Sam LaPorter potty on Turkey Day. Jaden, Lou Reed, and the Packers took a walk on the wild side this season, cosplaying as a shitty team, but now they're back to five and six and in the hunt.


Huh? Packers.


Packers 29. Stop me if you heard this before. The Lions 22, they lose on Thanksgiving.


Down to Dallas, where Jamie Lee, Curtis Samuel had 100 yards, but he wished he could be trading places with Dan.


Daakroid, Prescott from the Holidays.


It was Daq's giving as there were Brandon Cooxing some seedy lamb chops and Tony Pollard greens and leaving everyone, Cavante, burpin. After 45 points. Mike McCarthy enjoyed the one day.


A year.


Where looking fat just means.


You're happy.


As the Cowboys roll, Dallas 45, the Washington Commanders 10.


We move along to the first ever Black Friday NFL game where you can listen to Tim, Susan, Boyle on Amazon Music ad-free with a subscription to Amazon Prime. Javan, Hollin' Oats said, What I want is to intercept hell marys, put the ball in my hand and carry. Score a touchdown. Yeah, oh, yeah. You don't make friends of Sala as Jets fans are wondering how Roberts still has a job. Dolphins 34, Jets 13.


We move on to Sunday, where CJ, Stroud Mary was throwing, throwing, throwing, bullshitank dog. Doctor Trivorky and Lawrence had Texans fans updating their living Will Anderson as they got put out of their misery. Calvin Squiggly was playing Red Light, Green Light with a Texan secondary, scoring a huge touchdown. I'm not the world's most physical guy, but if I need 58 yards, I'd kick it 59 dola. Doak, doak, doak, doak, doak, doak, doak. As the game ends on Matt, Amadola's, doy. Jaguars, 24.




21. We head over to New Jersey, the Meadowlands, where we have our Beat reporter, Henry Lockwood on the scene. Yes, guys, I'm here in the Meadowlands. Fans of the Big Blue were grateful this week for Mac & Cheese Jones when Bailey's Irish zappie.


Throwing picks and stumbling, fumbling.


Fumbling the ball all day long. Tommy, Don Vito.


Said, Bam, I'm Italian.


Randy Bullock got off the cheeseburgers and on the scoreboard with a go ahead field goal in the fourth quarter. Then Chad, Ry, Landon, Donovan kicked the game tie and field goal wide left and the giant pass to New England in the pooper bowl 13-10. I'm Italian. Thank you, Henry.




Over to Cincinnati, where Bengals fans are still Jake Frowning about Joe Borough's last season. Eddie William Faulkner worked on a script and brought the sound and the fury on the Bengals defense to the tune of 16 points. The game turned on Trenton Hunter S. Thompson's interception as he has Steeler's fans hoping to feel fear and loathing in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl, and Cincinnati's playoff hopes are officially gonzo. Steeler's 16, Bangles 10.


Up to a mile high where, Samoji, hold on a second, I got to go take a PE ride. Looks like a number one back when Coach said.


You're in, pal.


Dorian gray, Thompson, Robinson decay before our very eyes, leading him to need a walker to finish the game. Like Stewarte Finner, after a weekend of pleasuring his wife, he's half man, half fish. He's trout man who scored a pivotal touchdown to give the Broncos a win.




Broncos 29, the Browns 12.


We now head over to Philadelphia, PA, where we have our intrepid reporter, the one-legged man. Max, Christopher DeLente.


Max, definitely watch the game.


The first half Philadelphia Seables were getting raw doged up and down the field to an early 10-point deficit. Then all of a sudden, Haley and Herd started making it rain all over the Bills defense and eventually set up Make, Elliot, to extend the game. Josh Gideon Allen was hooking up with 13 and 14 all.


Day, but.


His last snap of OT got exposed as he couldn't connect with Davis to win the game.


Eagles win 34-31.


Make Elliot. That was an inspired choice.


How did you come up with that one? He made it. He made it, boom. Standing on a corner, James Swanson down in Nola. Such a fine sight to see. It's Bison, my Lord. He needs to carry it more. And the Falcons in the catbird's sea.


Come on, dude.


Pits. You've got to do it.


And then Ludacris came.


From after.




Move, bitch. The Falcons win. Saints don't go, March. Twenty-four. Twenty-six, 14. I think. Twenty-four, 15. We knew it. And that is week 12, fastest two minutes brought to you by our friends at Chevy. There's a new family with unstoppable grit, and they're the official partners of the Part of My Take family. And that is the Chevy Silverado ZR2 family. The first ever Silverado Heavy Duty ZR2 joins the franchise to make Chevy ZR2 the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your off-road adventures take you with exclusive, multi-matic, DSSV, dampers, rugged mud terrain tires, and up to 14 available camera views. The Chevy Silverado ZR2 and Silverado HD ZR2, a family with commanding and unstoppable grit. Head to chevy. Com right now and check out the Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy ZR2s, the official trucks, or pardon my take, we are a Chevy family. We are Chevy people. If you're thinking about becoming a truck person, Chevy is the only place to look to, chevy. Com. Right now, check out Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy ZR2s, the official trucks. Pardon my take. Okay, week 12 in the books.


Holy shit, that was a lot of football we watched, boys. Thanksgiving week, we've survived.


We survived. I don't know if Scott Hanson survived. Thoughts and prayers to him. They had to evacuate the Red Zone studio this afternoon. We were without Scott Hanson for a couple.


Of minutes. All-time football guy move. People were saying that maybe the alarm was going off because they were trying to warn us that we had Jason Garrett on Sunday Night Football.


I would.


Appreciate it.


I would.


Appreciate some heads up. That is an Amber alert thing. We should have Amber alerts for sports fans, backup quarterbacks, Jason Garrett being on our TV on Sunday Night. These are the most important things, a mascot dying. We should be able to, I wonder if we could actually do that, create up a text message service.


Also if a starting running back has a baby or a wide.


Receiver has a baby. We decide what gets sent out.


Yeah, Jason Garrett would have been a nice heads up. I said it's like watching Boogie nights with your parents if it's a big game. It just takes all the fun out of it. You're trying to watch what should be an important game to theoretically, well, one good team, one theoretically good team. Yes. Not very good. Then you have to hear Jason Garrett drone on. You know what? I'm going to stand up for Mike Tarico here. He ruined Mike Tarico's moment. Mike Tarico tried to have a nice little moment with America. They were fading off into commercial break with a nice picturesque sunset over the Pacific Ocean. Mike Tarico and his calming voice said something like, We'll see you guys in just a little bit. Then Jason Gerew was like, Yeah, this is very nice, Mike. It ruined the moment.


He's the worst.


It's a complete burner killer.


We will talk about that game. Justin Tucker just missed easy kick. Is he washed?


He might be washed. Yeah, he's on washed watch.


He might be washed. But yes, we are going to get to every game. We're back from Thanksgiving. I think that right now if you gave me a drug test, they'd be like, I don't know how this man has survived. He's 95 % pepto, bismo, and Tums. I'm struggling. My body is broken.


I'm all on sodium. My body is completely salty. I feel like Hank.


I tried to eat dinner tonight and I had two bites. I was like, I can't eat.


I can't eat anymore. I've been on that.


All the left. First time in my life.


My problem is I'm trying to start a new clean living diet so I can get some Super.


Bowl abs this year. This is a.


Perfect time for it. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Right now, it's very hard because I've got so much leftovers in my house. I don't want to waste. There are starving kids all across the world that could use a nice plate of food. I feel like I should eat it for them. It's just the most unhealthy food possible. I'm on that fried turkey morning, noon, night diet right now.


Yeah, so we're going to pick up the pieces. We're back. We are going to talk about Thanksgiving Day games and Black Friday games and then get into every other game from Sunday. Let's hop into it. Let's get right into it. The Packers 29, the Lions 22, the Lions got killed by the moon. Jay Cuda, who does an incredible job on Twitter, tweeted out before the game that the Lions are 0 and 12 going into Thursday's game when playing on Thanksgiving with a wax and gibbous moon. They are now 0 and 13 under those circumstances.


Sounds like some astrology shit.


Listen, if astrology will win me money, I will be the biggest weirdo astrologyist of all time.


Yeah, so which one is waxing? That's when it's coming in. Yeah. That's when the moon is starting to fill up. In Gibbsbis. In Gibbsbis. Okay. I don't know what it means, but yeah, again, that should be also on our text alert thread.


That would 100% be it. Yeah, but the lions, it was sad to see the lions lose, but it was also comforting to be like, Oh, yeah, even though they're good, yeah, nothing's changed. They lose on Thanksgiving.


Well, so the Lions aren't that bad historically on Thanksgiving. We remember it when they do lose, and it just falls into place. But they're not the worst team on Thanksgiving. They're pretty bad. They're not great, but they're far from the worst. They're like middle of the pack in terms of overall record. Do you know why they play on Thanksgiving every year?


It was some deal with the motor.


Companies, right? No, it was their former owner.


You can just always say motor companies.


With Detroit. With Detroit, yeah. The former owner also owned a network of TV stations and radio stations. That's right. He wanted to give them a nationwide audience to increase brand awareness about the lions. He was just like, Let's just do a Thanksgiving Day game. It worked. Now it just became The Lion's thing.


They are, by the way, six and 18 this century. They're bad on Thanksgiving.




Century, yeah. No, they won a lot of games on Thanksgiving when we weren't alive. They have been bad on Thanksgiving. They've had, I think, a seven or eight-game losing streak and a six-game losing streak that they're currently on. They're bad on Thanksgiving.


Yes, I was just looking up overall records earlier in the week on Thanksgiving. They're under 500. There's a lot of teams that... Yeah, the 37, 44, and 2 on Thanksgiving, so that's what I saw. Yeah. If you're a Lions fan, Panic Button is in the palm of your hand, I would say, right? It's not because your team stinks because I think the Lions will be fine and they'll figure a way out. But the Vikings also have a very real chance. If they beat the bears on Monday Night Football, the Vikings could be in the discussion for the division. They still have to play the Lions twice.


The thing about the Lions is right now, our guy, Jared's Goff, is in a little bit of a mini slump. He's won and won in his mini slump. He beat the bears, not playing his best game. The same thing happened on Thanksgiving Day where the ball was getting turned over a lot, fumbles, under pressure, missing some throws. You just have to hope that he gets out of his mini slump, which I think he will. But that is the difference right now with how the Lions look because their defense is not going to be the one that wins them games. It's got to be their offense. So when their offense isn't clicking perfectly, they look like not a great team.


We're football guys, so we know that the strength of the Lions should be their offensive line. Yes. In the middle of their offensive line hasn't been playing that well. Well- There was a lot of pressure on Jared. I'll say that the Fumble, when he was trying to throw the ball early on of the game, I don't think that's entirely on Jared.


Rashan Gehry is really fucking good. He's a really fucking good football player, and he was everywhere on Thursday. I do want to briefly talk about the Packers, and I want to say this has got to be a safe space. No Packers fans can tweet this at me. What I'm about to say does not count. Jordan Love might actually be good, and it's starting to scare me. He might actually be good. This is the difference between dysfunctional franchises and functional franchises like the Green Bay Packers, where this season was lost for them. It was a completely lost cause. They looked like trash. They were a bad football team. They have come along here in the last few weeks, won some games. Now they're in the hunt more than they're five and six. Someone's going to get this seventh seed in the NFC, and they could absolutely get into the playoffs. That's the difference between a functional and dysfunctional franchise is when they look like everything's lost and that the season is over, they could still somehow sneak into the play.


I think that for most franchises that aren't like the Packards, like our beloved teams, when you stink, it's a terminal illness. There's no turning back. You're like, We just stink. You're going to stink. As a matter of fact, you're going to get worse as the season keeps going. There's no cure. There's no cure for whatever you have when you're a dysfunctional franchise. Then if you're a good franchise, there's enough stability around you where maybe you can keep practicing football and get better at football and play your way out of a slump. I would pump the brakes. I know that you're afraid about Jordan Love. I would not concern myself too much with Jordan Love being an elite quarterback.


He looked a lot better. His receivers are getting a lot better because they're all very young and they tried to basically have an entire young team on the fly and see if they could patch together. Again, I'm not even talking about the Vikings being in the playoffs because we've been looking at who's going to win the seventh seed. Now it's who's going to win the sixth and seventh because the Seahawks are completely reeling and the Seahawks have to play the Cowboys, they have to play the Niners, and I think they have to play the Eagles all in a row. Those three games in a row, it could flop. It could be the Rams and the Packers in the playoffs just like that. It's scaring me. I know, again, Packers fans can't use this against me. I think Jordan Love might be good and it's starting to worry me. He looked a lot better. He was throwing the ball around.


Yeah, but at least good is his ceiling. I don't think he's going to be great.


But his receivers are now like Christian Watson finally got his head out of his ass, Jaden Reed. All these guys that they really did him a disservice by putting all these young guys on his team and being like, We're not going to give you one, Starworth old receiver that can help you, like an Adam Thielen in the Panthers, who obviously that hasn't worked out well. But it's all coming along here and they've strung some games along and they start to look like a real team. At five and six, I don't know, man, I'm a little nervous. They don't have the toughest schedule. They still have the giants, the Bucks, and the Panthers on their schedule after they play the Chiefs next week. The Packers are going to probably get to nine or 10 wins and I'm going to have to kill myself.


If I were the Lions, I'd be- Again.


This shouldn't be.


Used against me. I would be way more concerned with the Vikings because they have the bears, raiders, bangles, then two games against the lions and the Packers. The Vikings have a very real window right now.


To- Yeah, no, but again, the Seahawks are the other team. The Seahawks are faltering. The Seahawks look bad and they have some really tough games going. We've been thinking like, Oh, the Seahawks are in the playoffs. I've thought that. Now I don't think that's the case. Again, it's complete and utter bullshit that in a rebuilding year, you can make the playoffs. That should be not allowed. You should have to declare before the season starts whether you're rebuilding or not. Then you are not eligible for the playoffs if you're rebuilding.


Functional teams don't have dedicated rebuilding.


Yeah, they rebuild. This is bullshit.


Rebuilding is bullshit. Rebuilding is much like in The Hunt graphic where if you're a shitty franchise, you just say that you're rebuilding and then that gives you permission to stink for that year. At least for that year, you have.


An excuse. I've thought my way out of this. Aaron Rodgers didn't make the playoffs last year. Yeah. I know, but that's... I'd say join Love better than Aaron Rodgers, but that's my worst nightmare. No, it's bad. It's bad. I feel bad for the Lions fans because this was supposed to be the big Thanksgiving where you guys are a really good team and everything goes well. What I would say to the Lions fans, I assume most of the Lions fans listening to this show have already watched it, but I did watch the Barry Sanders documentary on Friday night. Awesome documentary. Barry Sanders is incredible. I love watching him run. The craziest Barry Sanders stat that I completely forgot or maybe just never even knew. The year that he had 2,000 yards rushing, 1997, he finished with 2,053 yards. How many yards did he have in his first two games that season?


Oh, shit. I don't know if it's going to be a whole lot or not very many at all, so I don't know.


He had 53 yards his first two games. That's crazy. He had 2,000 yards rushing in the last 14 games.






It's insane. Also, if you look at Barry Sanders's Oklahoma State stats, those are incredible.


He was crazy. I also just didn't know that his dad was a diehard Oklahoma fan. Barry Sanders was just like, Yeah, I'm going to go to Oklahoma State.


Good for him.


Yeah. His whole career just not wanting the limelight and just being like... I mean, he should be celebrated. I know there was a weird cooling off period between him and the Lions, but I also didn't realize that he had two times in his career, a player on the Lions had to be taken off in an ambulance. One of them got paralyzed. The other had a really bad neck injury. They talked about it. They're like, That was part of him being like, Maybe I don't want to play.


This anymore. Yeah, good for Barry. Barry walked away at the top of.


His game. Yeah, so Lions fans, watch that documentary.


Lions fans also, I know that you're thinking about the Panic Button, I still think they're going to win the division. I don't think there's anything inherently broken about the Lions.


No, it's a slump.


For golf right now. They had a couple of bad bounces. The moon was- The.


Moon was a real motherfucker.


-waxing, gibbous. That moon, go somewhere else, moon.


You fucking Kirk's. Do we really need the moon for anything? I feel like the moon is washed.


Is the moon washed because-They always say for the tides?


Yeah, I think the tides have figured it out, buddy. Kind of overrated. Okay, so the earth has existed for what? I don't know. Depending on how religious you are, anywhere between 20,000 and 20 million years, I think the tides know their role. Yes.


They know their lane.


Like the moon. What does it do? I might have to be anti- moon.


You want to go anti- moon, Hank?


I don't think so. Join the party. Why not? Why do you like the moon?


You're always scared.


Because it controls the oceans. I'm a big ocean guy. Oh, so that you can find your way if you're sailing at night if there's a full moon? You're right. That would be nice. Yeah, just the tides and everything.


It plays.


A vital part. Without the moon, we wouldn't exist.


-is that true? -i don't think that's true. I don't think that's true. The moon has.


Always beenI don't think we need the moon.


For shit. The thing is, the moon is-We need the moon. If we didn't.


Have the moon, we'd spin out of orbit.


No, you're thinkingthat you're thinking of something else.


We should just let the moon off its leash. Just push it. Could we push.


The moon? Yeah, just ram it real quick. The moon was supposed to be like the Earth's fullback, intercepting comets and asteroids and shit. Which it did do. Which it did a great job at. But the game has evolved to the point where we don't need a fullback anymore. We could just.


Shoot down.


It's more wide open. When was the last time that you saw a new crater form on the moon because it knocked out an asteroid? It's been years.


It has been doing shit for us. You don't know about the other side.


I don't think the moon could play in this era. The dark side. Watch, that's all.


I'm saying. By the way, Jake, could you please put a reminder in the files for me that I need to make sure that I win my first bet on Thanksgiving next year? That really just changes my whole mood for the end. Thanksgiving Day? Yeah, Thanksgiving Day. The first game is the most important game of the day. It changes the entire tenor of the day, how you conduct yourself around your family, all of it. That's a must-win. I don't put enough effort into trying to make that a must-win. I just took the lions and I was like, Oh, yeah, they're going to win the Packers stink. Then I was just Danny, doom and gloom until the cowboys, romped, womp'd.


Crushed the commanders. Hand up also, this lions game snuck up on me. Central time, early kickoff, it really snuck up on me. I was not prepared.


Also, we had a little controversy because the Packers didn't get a turkey. They didn't get a turkey at the end. There was a theory that Greg Olson actually ruined the turkey because he shoved his hand inside the turkey during one of the breaks. And then.


There was another-How is that a theory? Isn't that either something that happened or just happened?


Yeah, well, I don't think anyone's going to own up to it. And then there was another theory that the Fox Telecast had seared the Lion's logo into the turkey, so they didn't want to give it to the Packer.


Oh, so Fox chinksed it.


Yeah, they might have chinksed it.


Fox stopped the country soon. And the moon. This is Arizona all over again.


And the moon. Both things, hand in hand. Okay, let's talk about the next game. Cowboys 45, Commanders 10. This was such an ass kicking that the Dallas Cowboys hit a turkey in the Salvation Army bucket. That would be bad enough because they were like, Hey, we're going to win by so much. After we score one time, we're going to go and we're going to eat the turkey out of there. And Doug Prescott said afterwards that he was thinking about doing it. He was weighing it around like, Hey, we're probably going to get a penalty. Then he happened to see Mike McCarthy and Jerry Jones before the game and he told Jerry and Jerry was like, Fuck yeah, do that. Then that would be bad enough. But the worst part is that Doug Prescott said afterwards, they were actually going to do it after they went up 31-10 with 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter. But they were like, Nah, we'll score again. Then they waited and they did it when they went up 38-10.


That was the worst part to me was, Okay, you want to hide a turkey in Salvation Army Kettle? Yeah. Go ahead, do that. Last week, we proved that we were get engaged during a sack celebration bad. Now this week, we're hide a turkey and celebrate a touchdown. But if you're going to do it, do it when you're up by 20 points late in the fourth. Don't wait until you break 40 points almost and break that out on me. Whatever, I asked for a wamping. I said I'd love a wamping. I wanted it. I was like, Oh, S and M me up. 50 Shades of gray. Beat the shit out of me, Daddy. That's what I wanted. It because I wanted Ron Rivera to get fired. I almost accomplished that mission. Jack Del Rio got the ax. He's fired. He's gone. I'm happy about that. Now, it's an interesting game because going into Thanksgiving, NFL teams were 57 and-no in the last 25 seasons when they had a game where they had 100-plus rushing yards, 250-plus passing yards, 35-minute time of possession, no more than 25 penalty yards, and no more than one turnover. The did that, and they lost by 35 points.


You got.


To score.


You got to score. That's important. Scoring is important. We were good until we got to the 30-yard line and then the offense stunk after that. The defense was awful. This might be the worst defense that I've ever seen in my life.


It got Jack Del.


Rio fired. It's a firing game. It got Jack Del Rio fired. Now, my theory is Ron Rivera is going to take over the defense. He's going to retire at the end of the season. He made a side deal with Josh Harris being like, Please don't fire me. I'm going to stick around. I'm going to let Eric be enemy run the show. He's going to act like the head coach. He's going to take care of everything on the offensive.


Side of the ball.


Like a job interview. Like a job interview, which I wanted, except I wanted Ron gone too. But I'm pretty sure that Ron is going to… He's such a classy guy. You remember how he went out in Charlotte where they let him address the team and the media after they.


Fired him? He did a press conference.


After he got fired. Yeah, so Ron's a classy guy. No one wants to fire Ron, especially not during Salute to Service month. His parents are in the military. I think what is going to happen is B-Enemy is going to be the de facto head coach for the rest of the season. He's going to get a shot to prove himself and then clean house after the season is over. Good job to the Cowboys. Cowboys are great. Cowboys beat the fuck out of bad teams. You found a pretty fucking bad team.


The Cowboys are really good right now. I know that they're playing some bad teams, and they've had two big games that they've lost against really good teams. Basically, the two teams in front of them and the Eagles and the Niners. But Dave Prescott is playing out of his mind. He's had four out of the last five games, 300 plus yards. The Cowboys at home this year are 5-0 for a combined score of 205-60. That's an average score of 41-12. It the Cowboys deserve credit. I know that they still have to prove that they can beat the Eagles or the 49ers, but the Cowboys are really fucking good right now. I had the theory a couple of weeks ago where it's like they're in the perfect spot where everyone talks about the Eagles and 49ers and not every single show is leading with the Cowboys, but they are a really, really good team. If you have a conversation about the three teams in the NFC, the Cowboys have to be in it.


I think the Cowboys could win.


The Super Bowl. Yeah.


Definitely, without a doubt.


And Daron Blaine, insane. His fifth pick six of the season, that's an NFL record and it's week 12. Insane. He has more touchdowns than like... He's got to have more touchdowns than Zach Wilson, right?


Yeah, I'd say so.


I would have to guess, right? No. Does he memes? No, Zach Wilson has six. Oh, okay. So John Blaine will get it soon.


Soon enough. I know he has more than DK Metcalfe because DK said that after the game. Oh, shit. He's got more.


Touchdowns than I did. Also, Nance had an incredible call on the- He did. He was ready for it. He said you're watching history, folks. Yeah, he did have a very good call for that. But yeah, the Cowboys are really good. Yeah, the Cowboys are good. I got to.


Give them credit. The Cowboys could 100 % win the Super Bowl. I'm not down playing that at all. I still think the 49ers are better. I think the Eagles are better. But depending on how it all shakes out, the Cowboys are in that conversation. Yeah, the.


Problem for the Cowboys is that the team ahead of them is in their division, so they don't get to play home games in the playoffs. That's the biggest problem because they just kill teams.


At home. Now, on the other side of the coin, I'm all over tankathon. Com, baby. I'm on it. Big Cat, I'm rooting for the best for your bears. I hope your bears win tomorrow night. I'm on your side. Let's go, bears. Has nothing to do with the fact that Washington would then potentially take the fourth pick from the bears. Then now we're looking at maybe Masarati, Marv.


Listen, I'm cool with anything because the Panthers suck so bad and I don't think they're going to win another game. I'm good with that. I would just- I'd be fine with the bears maybe trying to win a game every now.


And then. How the turntables for me. Yeah. I was thinking the office about a month ago.


We were just having a discussion out there, obviously outside of Jake and Max, who are Eagles and Dolphins, I might have the best team out of the rest of us.


Right now, yeah.


Commanders, jets, Patriots, and then Shane is sitting there in his sad charger's sweatshirt, even though the chargers did kick the shit out of the bears, so you probably can't make that argument. But the bears are not as bad as the Commanders, the jets, and the Patriots right now.


I agree. This is a recent low. I was about to say all-time low, but no, we've been much worse than this before.


Can you believe that a couple of weeks ago you're.


Thinking yoffs? That's what I just said. Four weeks ago, I was thinking yoffs. I did the schedule.


I've seen some Commanders fans tweet they'd rather have Sam Howell than Josh Allen.


We're not going to go down that road.


Did you see that.


Commander's fans? You can't even say many people are saying. You have to say-.


I saw all.


Commander's fans. -a person said that. This is a straw man argument. I reject the premise.


Of your argument. While Josh Allen has 500 yards of offense and almost takes the bills to a victory on.


His back? I do still think that Sam Howell is the guy.


I do, too. Yeah, yeah.


Our problems are not the offense. Our offense line is so bad. But Sam Howe is not the problem at all. Actually, I think we're in a good position with Sam Howe. This year, he's basically a rookie. He's now one-to-one all-time against the Cowboys, so that's good. But it's not his fault. The defense is historically bad, and the offensive line is very, very bad. I think we're in a good position because he's not counting for much money against the cap. We're going to get Bill Belichick. It's going to be fine.


Yeah, everything's going to be fine.


Yeah, everything's going to be fine.


All right, next game, Thursday night. The Lions-Packers game was close, but the Lions scored late to make it close. The majority of the games or felt like the majority of gameplay was in blowouts because the Niners kicked the shit out of the Seahawks 31-13. The Niners are all the way back. Brock Purdy didn't even have his, it wasn't like Brock Purdy show. It was just their defense is awesome. Krish McHafrey was just running all over everyone. Next week, Niners Eagles is going to be awesome.


Yeah. I'm actually thinking that Brock Purdy had a very good game, though. He did, but statistically, it wasn't his best game. But he made some throws where my only note that I wrote down on this game when I was watching it was a simple question. Is Brock Purdy now a gunslinger? As he transitioned from being a game manager, a guy that won't lose you a game to then he was a system quarterback for a little bit, and then he went and got so much moxie that I think he might be part gunsling. Yeah.


No, I'm not saying that he was bad. I'm saying that it wasn't like he was 200 yards until that last touchdown pass to Brandon, which was a great touchdown pass. I'm saying it wasn't like Brock Purdy. It wasn't one of those 300-yard games where it's like, Holy shit, Brock Purdy is hitting everyone. It was Krishnan Caffrey just running it down their face and their defense being unbelievable.


Yeah, I think that Brock, though, he's evolving in front of.


Our very eyes. He might be a gunslinger. He did a throw, a pick six. That is a sign.


Of a gunslinger. Exactly. It's part of the deal. The neon green jerseys did play at night. I like to look at that at night. Yeah. It sucks when you're getting your ass kicked and you're wearing a jersey like that. But it was at least visually entertaining for America while they were coming down from a food coma.


I think the Seahawks are in deep.


Deep trouble. They might be.


Gino does not look right and then having to go at the Cowboys, at the 49ers next two weeks. They're in.


Deep trouble. Yeah.


It feels like this is going to what they thought was a promising season. I was buying them earlier this season. It has derailed, and now they have to start saying, Oh, we probably need to find a quarterback.


Well, it's nice when you have Kenneth Walker running the football for you. Yeah, and it's not.


Nice when you don't.


It's not nice when you don't at all. I think the Seahawks are a perfectly average team capable of having spurts of good. They'll have a game or two per season where they beat a team that they shouldn't beat, and then they'll have a game or two where they lose their team that they shouldn't lose too. But they are what they are, perfectly.


Average teams. Yeah, I'm just looking right now, too, because they have six wins. The Lions win was a good win. Then their other five wins are against the Panthers, the giants, the Cardinals, the Commanders, and that Browns game that they probably shouldn't have won that they.


Did win. Yeah.


That's not exactly.


Murderers Row. No, I think that they are the.


Completely average. The Panthers, giants, Cardinals, Commanders are four of the worst teams in.


The NFL. Yeah.


Maybe I'm not buying the Seahawks as much. Okay.


You know what you're doing, though? You're writing Gino off.


I am writing. I will absolutely write Gino off. I'm going to take the cowboys on Thursday night when they're at home against Seahawks.


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Nicotine experience that's.


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Enter Zyn. America's number one nicotine.


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Nicotine is an addictive chemical. Black Friday. What a game that was. What a game that was. Dolphins 34, Jets 13. We had maybe the craziest play. I don't remember a play happening like that where the Jets tried to throw a hail Mary at the end of half and Javan Holland returned it 99 yards. You could make the argument that the reason why that happened was because their shitty quarterback that they benched that they drafted two overall was not the game and Tim Boyle was starting the game because Tim Boyle doesn't have the armstrength to get it all the way into the end zone.


Well, Tim Boyle was starting the game because his name is not Zach Wilson. They're like, Okay, we're going to try somebody who's not Zach and see if that helps at all. It was a good strategy because I think we know there's enough body of evidence as to what Zach Wilson is.


I think we know what Tim.


Boyle is. Now we know for sure. But at least he's bad, but not in the same way that Zach Wilson is bad.


That was an all-time jets moment. An all-time jets moment. Memes. I mean, you were probably watching it with your dad. Were you screaming? Were you yelling?


I was at a bar with.


Probably 100 jets fans, and we.


Thought they were going to take a knee.


Then you just see him running down the field and everybody just starts screaming, Oh, no, what's happening? Happening. Oh, no, it's happening. Tim Boyle gets his ankles broken and they're like, Oh, my God. The bartender is just like, The fucking jets. It's just.


Every single week. Al Michaels couldn't even believe it. Al Michaels woke up from his coma and he had a little spice in his voice when he was announcing that one. Memes in a weird way, is the best part of your week, every week when the Philadelphia Eagles win a game? Because you can be like, We're the only team that beat them.


You got to hope they go what would be 19 and 1?




19 and 1.


Twenty and 1? Yeah, and then who beat them?


19 and 1? Yeah. It was like the Bangles when Mike White beat them and then.


Went to the Super.


Bowl and you're like, Oh, good. They would have went to the Super Bowl. Yeah, we were there. It was so jets. The Dolphins played very well. I mean, Two-Aid wasn't even that good, but their defense, that's why I've been switched my opinion on the Dolphins. I did have one crazy Dolphins fan try to clip that clip from two months ago when I was like, The jets right now could beat the Dolphins. I bet on the Dolphins on Friday. That was easy. Jail and Philips, though, getting hurt is a big loss for them. The MetLife turf claims another six since 2020, which they changed the turf this year. But since 2020, there have been six ACL tears and three Achilles tears on the MetLife turf.


Yeah, it's Cursed. That's where the black cat was on that primetime game.


I guess they do play double the game, so maybe that's skewed now that I'm thinking about it.


Yeah, it's SoFi. Yeah, that's true. Wait, that's what we need to do is match it up.


Head to head. Sofi. Yeah, but either way, that turf sucks. Yeah, that one you just.


Pushed off.


It just snapped. Yeah, memes. I got a question for you. Yeah. How much of the blame on this season do you put on Aaron Rogers? I was thinking about it.


On his Achilles or.


Aaron Rogers himself? I'm thinking Aaron Rogers himself. Listen, I'm a reformed Aaron Rogers hater. I no longer hate him. But I'm starting to just toss around the idea that him saying that he's going to come back this year might have hurt the jets a little bit in the fact that they didn't go out and try to get another QB. They are dealing with Nathaniel Hackett as the OC. They also have a roster full of guys, Tim Boyle being one of them, that are his friends that he had everyone sign. Did Aaron Rogers hold you guys hostage this year? He might have held us hostage. He might have. And Packers fans are nodding along right now.


It doesn't sound like Aaron Rogers.


You're like, Yep, yeah.


Alan Mazard was a healthy scratch this week.


Randall Cobb hasn't played. Delvin Cook. Tim Boyle is your backup.


Tim Boyle is the You spent all season talking about how you're going to go out and get Tevonte Adams later.


Just like that carrot has been out there like he's going to come back. If he had just said, Achilles, I'm out. Does the jet season look a little bit different? Do they get more aggressive? This is probably more of a Joe Douglas Roberts-Sala problem than Aaron Rogers, but I just was thinking about it. I was thinking about it.


I think it might come from the top down. I think it might.


Be old Woody. Is everyone going to.


Get fired? Woody might be involved in this because I think Woody, maybe it was Joe Douglas. I don't know. I'm not privileged to these conversations. But I feel like they didn't replace Zach Wilson because of an instruction for the top. Because if you're Robert Sala and you watch Zach Wilson play quarterback, I hope you're not dumb enough to think maybe this guy could be the answer.


But the backup was Tim Boyle.




Didn't go and get someone else.


That's what I'm saying. I think that they wanted to put all their faith in Zach Wilson and not have... He might be the guy that doesn't do well when a clearly better player is on the roster with him.


Yeah, but you can't even think like that.


I know, but I'm saying that's I have a feeling that it came from... That's not Sala's choice. I don't think if it is, if Robert Salah truly thought that Zach Wilson was going to be good enough to keep them in playoff contention until Aaron Rogers got back on his own, Robert Salah should be fired.


Right. But the biggest problem in the whole conversation is until Aaron Rogers comes back, why was that always the plan? Yeah.


Do you think Aaron Rogers wants to come back, even if they're not in playoff contention? Definitely not. You don't think there's a small portion of them that wants to be like, Look at me. I'm the one that came back from Achilles in three months?


Maybe. I'm still buying the Jets long term because if Aaron Rogers is back, this team would be very good if Aaron Rogers was quarterbacking for them. That's a fact. Their defense, and we talked about it on whatever it was the day we did the preview, their defense quit because they know as soon as that 99-yard intercession gets returned, their defense played well in the first half. Yeah, the game is over. And the game is over. And your defense goes into every game being like, if we give up 10 points, the game is over. You can't play defense like that.


Didn't they interview Robert Sala right after that Hale Mary interception, pick six? Yeah, he was on his way to the locker room. What do you say if you're Robert Sala? Well, fuck, that's the first time that's ever happened in the game.


Do you want everyone fired? Fresh start? Yeah. I think you got to. It's just such a confusing process because Robert Sala.


Had the.


Opportunity to switch him all the entire season.


I'm just so confused about this entire Jet's team. How does he do?


Robert Sala.


Said after the.


Game that Izzy, his pass protection.




What's holding him back. Then somebody shared a clip of Davencook and three guys just run right by him, Sackin' Timboi. I did bet Izzy to score a touchdown again, you motherfucker. Well, you did that to me. I thought he was a game-changer. I know. He was very good in the pre-season. I have a good stat for you, Mims. You ready for it? I'm ready. Okay, the jets, this is from our friend, Stad-Hole, the jets broke their streak of 17 straight third-down plays that didn't convert for a first-down. They had 17 in a row dating back to the game before. That's pretty cool. They broke the streak. Yeah, that's cool. Well, here's the other part of the stat. 17 is actually tied for the most third-down attempts that didn't convert for a first-down with two other teams in the NFL this year. So you're not the worst.


Who are the other.


Two teams, Pica? That would be the New England Patriots and the Washington Commanders. Now is that stat happy?


Yeah, that's a.


Little better. Yeah, that's pretty good. 17 straight third-downs.


It's a lot. That's a lot of third-downs. There's nothing worse than that because you're getting a third-down a lot and then nothing's happening. It's bad. I feel bad for you, Mims. I feel happy for Jake, though, because the Dolphins do look like they are a legit team now. Yeah.


I mean, J. L. And. Phillips is going to hurt a lot because Bradley Chubb was getting a lot of one-on-ones. That sucks. That sucks. I really was starting to feel good about the Dolphins as a team because their defense was coming along and looking really good. Now, I don't know. Yeah, listen, they have a chance to really get in a groove here. They have Commanders, Titans, jets. There's a very good chance they're 11 and three heading into Christmas.


Jay, can you finish me off? Can you just take care of Ron for me? The Cowboys got me wrong. I feel like at this point.


You're not going to fire him midseason. No. It would have.


Been this weekend. If you hang 100 on Riverboat Ron's defense, he will be fired.


Please. Yeah.


Oh, I would take 100. Yeah. It would just be cool to see a 100 point game. It would.


Be awesome. Also, people are saying the Dolphins haven't beaten a good team. They've now put 70 up on a team that is right on the cusp of being in.


The playoffs. That was those Broncos. Yeah, those are those Broncos. Those Broncos are not these Broncos. Right, but they-No, you can't do that, Jake. It's those Broncos.


All right, I'm saying, yeah, it's fast. No, Dolphins are good.


I actually think these dolphins might be better than those 70 points. That put up 70 points.


I've taken the dolphins off fraudwatch. We'll see when they play the Cowboys in a month if Fraudwatch comes back. If they get killed by the Cowboys, then it's back to Fraudwatch. But right now, I'm high on the dolphins. And now with the division, with the bills losing today, it's.


Opening up. I still have the Dolphins on Fraudwatch, but you can earn your way off. So if they stick to their details, if they show me some improvement, signs of improvement, then I'm willing to take them off fraud, but they have to beat the cowboys. But they're still on there. I just want to say that I think that they've shown enough where I'm willing to consider their application for, what's the word I'm looking for? That's the opposite of relegation. -promotion. -advanced promotion. I'm willing to accept their application for promotion. Yes.


Did you guys see Alex Smith just completely dunking on Rex Ryan by accident today?


Yeah. Well, he was also dunking on Hank, too, with that. He made a lot of interesting points.


Tom braided said that the league is mediocre right now. Listen, we watched every Sunday. There's not great quarterback. There's been a lot of quarterback injuries. Not great quarterback play going on right now. But Alex Smith was like, Tom braided, you played in the weakest division every single year. And like Lex Ryan sitting right next to him, Coach of the Jets and the Bills. And he was just like, Fuck, dude. What are you doing?


But Lex even had to be like, He's making some good points. He understood. The Jets were very bad with the exception of what, like two years? And the Bills were pretty bad the entire time. The Dolphins were pretty bad the entire time. The Patriots pretty much had six games in hand before the season even.


Kicked off. Tom braided has thrown Hank a lifeline because walked in today and he was like, I agree with Tom braided. The league stinks right now. Yeah, we were watching a lot of bad football. The one year that the Patriots suck. You're like, Yeah, you know what? Who would even want to win the Super Bowl this year?




Tainted. It sucks. No, I mean, a Super Bowl wins a Super Bowl win, but we watch every game.


Like I said, and there's some ugly.


Ugly football. There's some ugly football. There's some ugly football. All right, let's move to Sunday. Before we do that, we have Verizon takeover, PFT.


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The offer won't be here for long. Go take advantage of it at verison. Com/take. That's verison. Com/take. I'm going to go there after the show. Verison. Com/take.


Okay, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. We had an awesome, awesome game in the early slate. Jaguars 24, Texans 21. We should do that thing, PFT, where we're like, Is this the future Manning versus braided? Yeah, no-It's Lawrence versus Straud. Oh, man, we're in for a treat. We get this for the next decade.


I'm excited about it. I am too, actually. It does seem like a good rivalry that started. Trevor Lawrence had a great quote when they asked him about it after the game. They're like, Do you enjoy playing against great teams in your own division and building up that rivalry? He was like, No, I wish that every other team in my division stunk. That'd be the best. But if we're doing, I'm willing to expand it to the entire division, Big Cat. I'm willing to say that the AFC South- The Young Guns? -that is the future conference of quarterbacks. Young Guns? The Young Guns.




Minshu? Yeah, Minshu, Anthony Richardson, double two-headed monster, and then Straud and Lawrence. This game was awesome. It was very fun. I was impressed with both teams. Trevor Lawrence looked very good.


Trevor Lawrence looked.


Good, yeah. And he was using his legs again, which is good to see. Cj Straud also looked incredible, though. I think the Texans were probably four inches from winning this game. On that field goal, bounced off the perfect center of the upright and doinked off. It was.


Because Straud- We're going to.


Overtime, yeah. Yeah, Straud took a bad sack there at the end of the game, backed him up a little bit.


That was-That Josh Allen was awesome.


Josh Allen was great. He had, how many pressure? I think he had 12 pressures today. He was everywhere. Which is insane. Most of those came against Laramie Tunsel, who's an awesome player. I am very excited to watch the Jags and the Texas play for the next 30 years.


So C. J. Straud was good. C. J. Straud is maybe too comfortable in the pocket. There were times where he was just hanging out and it's crazy to watch. He's that good. He's just like, Yeah, I'm just going to stand here. I'm good. I know where everyone is on the field. I don't have to worry about it. But the Jaguars are the story. The Jaguars take a stranglehold on the AFC South. They are eight and three. They are legit. This was a big road win for them when it felt like everyone was like, Texans, Texans, Texans. The only thing I'd say about the Jaguars, and Jaguars fans know this, their red zone offense continues to be just so confusing. It feels like they're able to move the ball then they get to the red zone and shit just breaks down, throws are late. Trevor Lawrence missed Evan Ingram where he just threw it late. That is one of those when you look through the season, you have little things that you look to and you're like, Oh, this might be a problem later. I think that might be the problem later unless they figure it out.


Here's a tip. Calvin Riddley is awesome. We're throwing the ball to him in the red zone. That would be a good strategy. They have a 93 % chance to win the AFC South right now.


Yeah, no.


They're a good team. They're a very good team. I actually thought that the Texans should have gone for it on that fourth and 12th. That's how good CJ Strowd was playing at the end of the game, where they sent Amadola out to try a 58-yarder. I was like, Are you sure they're not going to go forward here?


He also looked like he kicked it way too casually.


He hit it too high. He got too much air underneath it. I think he knew the second that it happened. But I don't think you could have put it more in the center of the up rights. It was a crazy kick.


The other part of this game that I thought the Texans lost it, even though it didn't end up, I think the Jaguars missed a field goal, but there was that confusing sequence when the Texans had third and one and they went deep pass and then they had fourth and one. I think it was their own 45. They went another deep pass when they needed one yard. It was like, What are you guys doing? Maybe falling a little bit too in love with how awesome CJ Strauss is, and he is awesome, but that one made no sense to me.


Yeah, the game also could have been a lot different if at the end of the first half, they got some points. The Jaguars got points. They went for it with virtually no time remaining. The Texans just bowed up on defense. It felt like it changed the momentum. By the way, I agree with the call. I liked it.


I don't like going for it at the end of the half when you don't get the benefit of flipping the field. I like going for fourth and one on the one-yard line. If the penalty of not getting it is that the other team has to start their drive on the one-yard line. I just like coaches. I feel like you usually get a pun back and you get good field position.


You lose that benefit. But I also like coaches that say if- Yeah, Doug Peters is going to do it. -if we can't get a yard, we don't deserve to win this football game.


Yeah, Doug Peters is going to do that 100 times out of 100. I guess the math, and I'm not a big math guy, but I always whenever you go for it on fourth and one from the one you're line, you don't get it, you're like, All right, at least safety.


We're about to get a safety. Yeah, you have that benefit. But I like the aggressiveness, and I like believing in your offense at the end of the half and being like, Okay, let's step on their throats.


Yeah, but the Jaguars are good. The Jaguars are good. Pete Prisco was right. We have to give Pete Prisco credit. Pete Priscoe was right. Jaguars are eight and three. Very much in the conversation for the one seed, even though they did lose to the Chief. Do they play the Ravens? They have not played the Ravens yet. They play the Ravens in a couple of weeks, which will be a big game. I think this is a Sunday night game. Yeah, that will be a big game for the potential one seed. But yeah, the Jaguars are very good and they will almost, what did you say?


93 %? 93 % chance.


Now they're looking for.


That one seed. I'm just trying to do the math on this. I know two-point conversion, teams make it what, like around between like 15- Depending on the offense. -15 points of the time, depending on the offense. If it's at the one-yard line, you would think that that would be quite a bit higher, like 60% of the time, right? Right. If a touchdown and extra points with seven points, you could figure that's probably worth around four points, 3.7 points or whatever per time.


You have lost me, but.


I keep going. Then if field goal is worth three, that's not totally automatic. It's like 99 % of the time if you kick it from one. I feel like the math does favor going for it on the one-yard line at the end of that half. Even though you're right, getting the benefit of if you don't get it, you can still claw two points back.


Or just get a pun. If you stop them, you get a great plus field position on your next drive.


That's big. I like the aggressiveness from Doug. Doug is going to do what Doug is going to do.


He was going to do it. All right, next up, the Indianapolis Cults, who, if the season ended right this second, would be in the playoffs.


Beat the Bucks 27-20.


The Cults, they're just a fun team to watch.


Everything's starting to look good for the Cults. Jonathan Taylor looks like old Jonathan Taylor. He was just running through people, getting to the second level. He had a couple of touchdowns. I mean, they're not super flashy, but they just win games. I do think the Bucks stink. I think the Bucks stink. I know that I am biased because we have a coworker who refuses to admit the fact the Bucks stink. Even though Baker Mayfield's a tough motherfucker and he's just like, continues to try to just piece everything together, the Bucks do stink. But the Cults are six and five and the seventh seed right now. No one thought that was going to happen.


I think there's a chance they hang on to it, too.


What was their preseason win total?


We just have to remember here's what's happening right now. I can feel it happening in real time. Baker Mayfield is very good at home. Sorry, not Baker Mayfield. Gairdner, who's very good at home.


I know the same guy.


He's not that great on the road. We always fall in love with Gairdner when he wins a game because he's fun to watch and it's electric watching him when he's playing well. We forget that the bad with Gairdner can be pretty bad. But the Colts, I guess they probably control their own destiny.


Right now. They're over under for preseason over with six and a half.


Yeah, six.


And a half.


Good team.


They're just good. They have some very winnable games coming up on their schedule. I was looking at it and I think a reasonable estimation is the Colts getting to nine, possibly 10 wins, which is crazy. This is Shane Styke and Coach of the Year. Yeah, him.


Coach of the Year. Mike Tomlin.


I mean, it's crazy. You always have to mention Tomlin. Like losing your first round pick, whatever, two games into the season and sitting here in the end of November and being in the playoffs, it's nuts. He's a really good coach.


Did you see what happened with Shaq Barrett this week?


Yeah, he retired, but then.


Came to the game. No, so he didn't retire, actually. It was phrased very weird. I think it came out on Tuesday, and it just said, Thank you for everything that you've done for us, Shaq. It was a message from the Colts organization. Then the story came out that they cut him, but it made it seem like either he was retired, asked for his release, or died. It was a very somber message that they sent out. Then they ended up waving him. He cleared waivers. Then he went to the game and watched from a suite in the Colts Stadium.


Yeah, what's.


Going on? I don't know what's going on with that. Also, I don't know how he cleared waivers because I feel like there's enough teams out there that need a linebacker. I know that his back's not great, but it was a really.


Weird situation. Yeah, we also had Jim Arseye getting into a battle with, I think, first take on Tuesday. He was very upset. He was very, very upset. Let's see. First Take, you're going to get your ass sued because there was no alcohol, no illegal drugs, $29,000 is low for me to be carrying in 2014 arrest. I give away $2,000 to $10,000 to the homeless and need it on the street all the time and pass it on making the world better. They said, And on first take, the woman that preceded Stephen A, how dare you pretend to know me? I don't know your name. I don't care too. If my black mother, Dorothy, wasstill alive. You'd be in some big, hot water. You are a mean and ugly. You are a nothing burger.


Shout out to black mom, Dorothy.


Dorothy Bloodsaw was my black mom. She carried me in the house in Lincoln Wood, Illinois, on 1959, June, and raised me in the light of Christ. I would if not for her unconditional love. She showed me that Jesus was my savior. I owe everything to her. Yeah, he went on a.


Real-he said he pulled some of my best parents are black. Yeah, he.


Went on a weird tweet. Yeah, he was mad at first take.


Yeah, well, I'm going to.


Take Mr. Herce- He's an emoji guy, too. Oh, a big time.


Big time emoji. I've got, naturally, I have notifications on for every Jim Herce tweet, and they're 99% just emojis that he uses to quote tweet stuff with. I guess he's talking about the arrest where he had like $36,000 in a bag. Then I think there might have been some prescription drugs which aren't technically illegal, which might be the point that he's disputing on that one. Regardless, I'm just going to be on Team on this one. Yeah, Team on this one. I just feel like, Jim, I owe you.


Yeah, I think it was the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and he was just going on a tweet storm. Remember when he got pulled over, too? He was like, Billionaires get profiled.




He was like in a Rev 4.


It's true. It's very true.


With sweatpants on.


I also think he was parked in the median, which might have something to do with him getting pulled over.




Do get profiled.


Yeah. It's bullshit. I agree. But yeah, the Colts are good. I'm high on the Colts. It's got to feel good to be a Colts fan. Not only are we in the playoffs right now, but our first round pick hasn't played. We still have that going in our back pocket.


Yeah, when a backup quarterback comes in and you guys are above 500, that's the mark of a franchise that seems to be in good hands. Shane Styken. Mr. Ursa.


Shane Styken, Coach of the Year. All right, next one. Falcons 24, St. 16, the NFC South leading Atlanta Falcons at five and six. They are five and six. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but I think we did talk about this that this is where the Falcons are going to maybe string off a couple of wins and take the NFC south.


Yeah. In Arthur Smith, he took Bison out of the doghouse. Took Bison out of.


The doghouse. I think.


You could say he's officially outside now, right? Yeah. Bison is maybe he's close to being off the leash.


19 touches, 123 yards, two touchdowns.


He's going. He's awesome. I would like to see him as a bell cow. I want to see him just carry the ball as much.


As possible. This is what we were saying all along. He was waiting till football season really started after Thanksgiving is when you start running your.


Running back. Well, so he comes from Tennessee, right? Yeah. Arthur Smith, tractor-Sito season. That's a point. He's using that blueprint right now in Atlanta. Yeah, the Falcons, listen, the division is- Five and six. -at Shit Mountain in the NFC South, and they're the king. Someone's got to win it. The King tird that's on top. I think that they've got the best layout for holding on to that until the playoff. I do like their chances. Arthur Smith said that the Falcons' six remaining games are going to feel like six lifetimes. I think that's probably true because it seems like the Falcons, you're not going to blow anybody out.


They played the Panthers and Bears.


I don't know if they're built for a blowout, though. That's the thing about the Falcons.


Their defense- They won by nine today. Eight today.


-it's usually pretty good. Yeah, but it was.


Also- Nine.


It never felt like the Falcons were completely in control of that game. Yeah. It felt like it was close.


For most. 24-15, I said 16. That's my fault. Well, the Saints, we do this everywhere. I'm so sick of the Saints. Get out.


Of my face. But I think I love Tasim Hill now.


Yeah, although Jesse Bates, he had the two plays. He forced a fumble on Tasim Hill and he had the pick six on Derrick car, which if you are going to play Derrick Car and he's going to throw pick sixes like that, put in James Winston. James Winston is.


Way more fun. James would have at least done a better job trying to make the tackle. Yeah.


Shane, can you pass me some tums?






The Falcons moved their offensive coordinator to the booth. He's now watching the game from above because he thought that it would help Ritter with what he got to see up top. Again, this is not something that I think I've ever heard of until Hackett did it for the jets. But moving a coordinator up into the booth, that's got to be the best promotion ever. Shout out to him for getting that done.


Shane, he needs some too. He needs some tums too. Oh, no, he's got to change that. Yeah, I liked moving the offensive coordinator up and down, back.


And forth. Who do you got? A team of Cordarell-Paterson or a team of Tasim Hills?


Tasim. Cordarell doesn't pass.


Yeah, but he's faster.


He is faster.


I think a team of Cordarells on defense would neutralize Tasims on offense.




Body is so broken. But then also Tasim Hill would like to fuck up out of Cordyrell-Paterson on defense.


I just got like a flash of heartburn and I really haven't eaten today.


My body's broken. 30 to 30 Thai. What did you eat in the past.


Four days? Everything. It's so bad. I'm literally like this is people think that podcasting is easy. It's not. My body is a dumpster right now. It's a garbage disposal. If you split me open, it would just be like stuff-crying and just gross things just coming out. Yeah, quarter of Patterson is really fast. Yeah. Sorry, I'm literally about to have a heart attack.


It'd be a real shame. It would be a real shame. Imagine the numbers.


It would be great numbers. I promise you this, if I have a heart attack, I'll do it on show.


I will.


I'll time it and I'll do it on air.


I hope that you don't. But if.


You did-No, listen, if I could have a heart attack that I could survive, I hope I do have it on air. That would be electric. I was just like, Guys, anyone else not be able to feel their left arm right now?


It'd be way worse if you went home and had a heart attack. Yeah. We're closer to the hospital right here. That's why I'm saying it. Yeah.


Jake is cringing at this. But I have no problem. As long as you're okay at the end. Right, exactly. I'm saying a minor heart attack. It's not a big deal. I mean, people have minor heart.


Attacks all the time. Big Cat recording an episode of part of my take from a hospital like Hugh Freys in a bed would be also great for numbers.


No days off. I think the three tums have settled me down to the point where whatever was happening to my body just a minute ago is no longer happening. Good. It might have been just having to talk about the NFC South. My body is like, Don't do this. Don't do it again. You said this every single week that you're sick of the saints. My body is literally revolting. It's saying it will not take.


The saints. The saints are also pulling out every trick in the book. They're putting on different uniforms trying to look cooler.


The helmets.


They wore today suck. You can't fool us. We know that you're the saints. We know what happens underneath those uniforms.


Yeah, it's gross. Okay, next up, NFC South. What are the odds right now for the Falcons to win the NFC South? They're probably-.


I would imagine.


If they're like- It's the wrong time to bet on them now that they finally have.


Taken over the NFC. They're probably minus 150.


Ask yourself this. It's a simple question. Not all rooting interests, all bias, everything aside, which team would you like to see in a playoff game? The answer is the Falcons. I would like to see B. John. Robinson in a playoff game. Yeah. That's simple.


Oh, the coolest thing about this game was Ludacris getting repelled from the rafter. Oh, yes. And landing at the 50-yard line, like the stories foretold. He was singing move, bitch. That was amazing. That to me, rivaled the Creed half-time performance. Granted, it wasn't on the national scale because it wasn't on Thanksgiving. But I fucking love Ludacris, and that was incredible.


The Saints right now are plus 1.15. They don't even have the Panthers listed. Are they actually eliminated? I think they might be. No, they.


Have to be. With 10 losses?


No, I guess because the other teams have to play each other. Yeah, I know that someone's got to get wins, so I think they might be.


Mathematically eliminated. We have six more games or six more weeks. They've had their buy.


Yeah, they have five more games.


Okay, so they have five more games.


No, they have six more games.


17. Have they had their buy?


I don't know.


That's the question. Jake, can you look up.


If the-All four teams have played 11 games. They've all had their buy.


They've all had their buy. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 weeks left. They're eliminating. Six weeks left, they can get six more wins, right?


Yeah, but what I'm saying is Atlanta and Tampa have to play each other. That has to happen. They could be a tie scenario. Yeah, they're eliminated. They're gone. Yeah, they're gone. All right, Steeler's, Bengals. Steeler's 16, Bengals 10. The Steeler's offense looked okay.




Four hundred yards of offense. First time in how many games, PFT?


I know it was since 2020.


Yeah, it was since week two, 2020, 58 games. Yeah.


58 games. I was hoping that the Steelers would have a million yards, put up 400, 420 yards and out gain the Bangles and then lose. Close, that would have been awesome. If now all of a sudden the Steelers offense was good, except they just couldn't get the job done on the points department like they were in the past. But yeah, maybe it's not Kenny being unlocked. Maybe it's about Naja being unchained because Niajees look pretty good today.


I was going to say I actually thought the biggest difference was Pat Freiermuth getting passes in the middle of the field. They realized they could use the middle of the field. He had over 100 yards. That was, Hey, look, we can actually throw in the middle of the field. This is allowed. Yeah, the Steelers' offense looked good. They didn't score a lot of points. They still struggled in the red zone, but their offense looked good. They moved the ball better than they have all.


Season long. I also liked Mike Tomlin after the game saying, Guys like myself and Kenny were judged based on winning and losing, and we don't run from that, he and I are winners today. Basically just saying like, Hey, whatever ugly stats you want to throw at us, we'll just take the ones that make us look good, which are wins and losses. The wins and losses. Which I understand. We have to have a national conversation about mouthpieces because it's been something that's been brewn up for a while. You notice it a lot when the Bulls are playing because you got Digs and Gabe Davis, and they have their mouthpieces that just hang down in front of their numbers the entire time. It seems like they flop up and get their field division sometimes, but whatever. That's an old man yelling at Cloud thing if you're that upset about a mouthpiece hanging out. Jamar Chase today had his mouthpiece in his hand during a play. Now he made a catch, which is incredible. That is incredible. He made a.


Great sideline catch. Did he hold the mouthpiece.


While making the catch? Well, yes. Well, he did not maintain possession of the mouthpiece through two steps in a football act. Not as incredible. Not a total catch. But he did have it in his hand when he made the catch and then dropped it after he secured the ball. What are we doing with mouthpieces now? Because I feel like they've.


Become-they're supposed to be in your mouth.


They're an accessory now? Yeah, they're not handpieces. The safety-What.


Did you sound like, old man?


The safety on the lions has it sticking out of his helmet. Yeah. Can we just, kids, wear your mouthpiece or don't. You know what? You don't have to wear your mouthpiece. But if you don't wear your mouthpiece, why is it just hanging off your face mask?


I blame Baby Grunk. I feel like he definitely doesn't put his mouthpiece in his mouth. Steph Curry.


Steph Curry? Yeah, problematic.




Where are the heroes? Where are the real leaders of.


This generation? Yeah, we need someone to do an interview with their mouthpiece in after the game and just be like, This is what it is. This is where it should be. The Bengals, their season is over, obviously, ended when Joe Bro was out for the year. Jake Browning, though. Yeah, he wasn't good.




I love when a backup quarterback comes in and we start learning weird facts about them. They're basically testing you to be like, How dumb of a gambler can you be? Will you bet on this based on this stupid backup quarterback fact? The fact that almost got me to take to Pengles today was,tonah, Williams was high school teammates with Jake Browning. I think they won some state championship wrestling together. He said that Jake Browning wants it so bad. All spring and summer this year, he ate nothing but ground beef, salt, and honey.


Why does that help you play football?


I don't know, but that also doesn't like you're just eating steak.


It's not that bad. Ground beef, salt, and honey.


That sounds pretty good.


Sounds like a diet that an actual bear would be on.


Yeah, but that also sounds like I would eat that. Maybe that's what I need to get on. But yeah, that was the fun. That really actually should be the test, like how deep do you have to dig to get a fun fact about a backup quarterback? Then when you find out that they've been eating ground beef, salt and honey, it's like, Okay, this guy stinks.


That sounds like a diet that a knockoff version of Andrew Tate would put you on. Yeah. Like increase your testosterone and make you irresistible to women. It's like this is the diet that the American bison eats and they're the strongest, most powerful animal known to man. Just eat honey from a tree and then lightly salt your meat.


I need my backup quarterbacks. The good stats are like, this guy actually was a state champion javelin thrower or something. Did you know he actually got D1 offers for basketball? Not he just ate crappy food for an entire spring.


And summer. I'll do you one better. I'll just say if he has four stars in front of his name coming out of high school or better. That would be great because you're like, Wait, maybe there's something inside him in there somewhere. Wasn't he in the college football playoff?


He was. He got blanked.


Yeah. They should just roll with that. He got Washington to the college football playoff. Yeah, they got- That's a pretty.


Impressive feat. -that was one of the worst. All right, Jake Browning, he was a four-star.


There you.


Go, four-star recruit. He was a four-star. That's pretty good. He eats ground beef, honey, and salt. Cool. All right, next game. Giants 10, Patriots 7.


Wait, we should talk about Mike Tomlin and his Thanksgiving. Oh, yeah. Mike Tomlin invited George Pickens over to his house for Thanksgiving.


Which is probably why Deante Johnson made one of the worst efforts I've ever seen on a fumble. That is going to be bad tape for him on.


Monday morning. I went back and watched it. It's not just after the fumble, the entire play. It was the play after he dropped the touchdown, where he was on the side of the field that the play was being run to. It was up the middle, but it was still his side. He just stood up. You know, remember how like Jay Cutler, when they put him in the wild cat offense? He's out at wide receiver. He just stood straight up. I'm not supposed to be out here. That's what Deante Johnson looked like, where he just stood up and then he walked towards the ball, saw the funnel, was like, Not my problem. Not my problem. Not my problem. That's somebody else's area of responsibility. I'm on break right now.


Yeah, but George Pickens was at Mike Tomlin's Thanksgiving.


Which I love. Incredible. I absolutely love that. Mike Tomlin was probably just like, Hey, George, just chill out. Look, we're getting along right now. Just calm down.


Yeah, we were saying that when George Pickens gets his first penalty in the game, Mike Thomas will be like, Dude, we talked about this.


At Thanksgiving. Yeah, come on, George.


Come on. We went over this.


And he looked better today, too. There were a couple of times where he made a nice catch and defense back on his face and George Pickens just walked away.


So we need Deante Johnson to go to Mike Thomas Christmas.




Do it. What we're saying. All right, next game. Giants 10, Patriots 7. Hank, you're a motherfucker.


What? What?


It's Thanksgiving. It's the holidays, guys.


I don't know. I'm positive vibes. I miss you guys.


I don't know how you did this, but The Patriots have like, they're tanking correctly. It's crazy. They're so bad. They're tanking correctly, which completely salvages your season. You're tanking correctly. Yeah, it was a great loss. You're a terrible team.


It was a very good loss.


It was a terrible loss. I pose this question, is Mac Jones so bad that we have to start feeling bad for him? Because he's so bad. He's so, so bad that I might start feeling a little sad for him because his job is to play quarterback, and he cannot play quarterback.


I don't feel bad for Mac Jones at all. He went to Alabama. True.


He had a great- All right, this is good. I don't want to feel.


Bad for you either. He had a great career at Alabama. He was a high first round pick, sought after in the NFL. He gets there. He gets all these-.


He has a hot girlfriend.


Probably has a hot girlfriend. He gets all these Patriots fans that are used to winning and success behind him off the bat being like, Look at us. We've got our future quarterback. The dynasty continues. It rolls on. I'm not sad for Mac Jones at all.


All right, I just posed a question. I'm happy you brought me back down to Earthkidz. There is a point when people get so bad at their job that you start to be like, Damn, it's not his fault. Don't put him out there anymore, which I think they probably will stop putting.


Him out there. Also don't forget the fact that he tries to kick people in the penis and punches people in the penis repeatedly.


Penis toucher. Do you want to take those back now? You don't have to defend him anymore? Yeah. Yeah, he was a penis toucher. You knew that all along. He was touching. He was going for-He's playing hard.




Someone else does that in the future, they will be playing hard too, for my team. Yeah, you're taking correctly.


Yeah. I mean, Mac Jones did some terrible throws.


Bailey is happy he looked okay. I was saying it in the fourth quarter that we were heading to Tyville.


If the field goal had gone.


In, it definitely would have ended in a tie.


But I was.


Happy I had missed. Didn't have to watch overtime, didn't have to win.


Better draft position. You lost to Tommy DeVito, which is fun. Yeah, I hate that.


I hate that.


I love it. I love it.


I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I love it. I thank you. So shout out to Danny Boy hustle hard. He was with Tommy DeVito's dad today. Tommy DeVito's Danny Boy FaceTime me on the stream, got to talk to Tommy DeVito's dad. He gave me one in real life. We're definitely going to have on the stream. For all the people that might not remember who Danny Boy Hustlehard is. Everyone knows who Danny Boy Hustlehard. He's a stand-up guy, great guy. He works with a lot of the players. He picked up Antonio Brown from the stadium. Recurring guest. Recurring guest, Danny Boy Hustlehard. He's also close with our good friend, Brooks Kepka. He drives a lot of those guys around. But yeah, we will get Tommy DeVito's dad on this show. That's a guarantee.


It's not so bad losing Tommy DeVito. It's actually fun. I don't mind losing Tommy DeVito. Let the giants have their moment with him because he is a memory that giants fans will have forever.


He's so fun.


This is a core memory that's going to be stored in the mind. It's going to be the two Super Bowels with Eli Manning and then the Tommy DeVito era. They're going to be the most memorable points for the giants of the last 30 years. Let them have their fun because he is fun. He sucked so bad when he first got in. We all thought there's no chance that this guy even gets a second chance getting onto the field. He's actually played pretty decent.




Two starts. Two starts. Well, now, granted in this start-It's an absolute stanker team. Yep, correct.


The giants-Suitball Coach he won against. He's the first undrafted quarterback to beat Bill Belichick since Jake Delombe in 2005.


Wow. The giants were the first team ever to win a game where they scored 10 or fewer points, got sacked six or more times, and had fewer than 20 rushing attempts. This is a special win.


There also wasn't a score until a minute and 53 left in the first half. That was the longest time it took for a score to happen this year.


Yeah, it was tough. Hank, there have been a lot of lows for your Patriots this year. But in a weird way, I don't know if this was one of them. This might have been a lie because-No.


That's what I'm saying. That's why he's a motherfucker.


-you wanted to lose the game. When we're looking back at all the historic lows that you've had this season, there's the Saints's game. Remember when you guys got shut out at home? There's that one. Oh, really? I don't even remember that. There was the Commanders game. There was the Germany game. There are quite a few games that have really.


Stood out. But you see what I'm saying? Yeah.


He's flipped it.


I know. The Patriots being a 4-Win team would have been great for us to poke them. Yeah. The Patriots are tanking… I'm saying correctly, they're going to be the second or maybe first pick. It's insane. You're going to get Caleb Williams or Drake May. It's bullshit.


Yeah, no, I.


Understand that. They're doing the like-I don't want Caleb Williams. I'll say it right now.




The fingernails? Is it the crying?




The wanting ownership. I don't think that was real. Crying.


I have no problem with the fingernails, but I don't really have a problem with the crying. I just don't know. I feel like there's a lot of character issues.


Oh, character issues.


You know, it's interesting because I think that the wanting ownership thing, that might have been a report from our good friend Mike Florio. Oh! Then Hank trust implicitly.


Huh. Well, they've talked about it in games and he's played.


Right. The report, I believe, was from Mike Florio. I thought maybe it's.


Fan fiction or informed speculation.


Sorry. Informed speculation.


Informed speculation.


Yeah, no, this is crazy that you were tanking correctly. It just happened overnight where it was like, Oh, the Patriots are bad. Ha-ha, they're bad. Now it's like, No, no, they're so bad. They're doing this correctly.


Yeah, just keep losing.


Winning does nothing.


I like how Belichick, over the course of the week, was just saying, I told every player on our team to be ready to play, and I'm not going to name a starter until the game. Then the game happens and it's Mac Jones again. That was a very funny way to handle the whole week of like, Is he going to start Bailey Zappy or not?


Shout out to Bill. It's the meme, the scoby-doo meme. We pulled the the hood off. He's like, Oh, it's still Mac Jones.


Surprise, it's Mac Jones again, guys. And it.


Probably will be next week, too.




No. I don't know. I mean, Bailey Zubby didn't look that good. He threw an interception. A bad one. But you don't want them to look that good. Yeah, so Mac Jones is the tank commander.




He looks so lost. So, so lost.


Yeah, he sees a little bit of pressure.


He just.


Throws the ball and forgets that.


There's eleven guys on the other side that can catch it. It's facts.


The interception he had today was so bad. There was somebody in his face and he threw the ball about like, this one was only probably five yards short of the receiver and the linebacker or the DB was just like, Yeah, thank you.


No, he throws interception. Did he think that guy was on his team? Because he throws it where it would be like the cornerback is running a perfect route to catch the ball as a wide receiver, but he's a cornerback.


Once you see someone running at him, he just throws it.




Like, Fuck.


He doesn't know where.


Yeah, he's going to- He's playing quarterback how we would.


Play quarter. He's going to complete a pass to somebody.


He does throw a very interceptable ball because he puts a lot of air under it.


Yeah, it's super catchable. It's like he's being punished for being too good of a quarterback.


Yeah, you should keep him in. Yeah. What is that? Tommy DeVito. Yeah, you don't like that? It's Italian discrimination you're doing right now. They can't talk with their hands?


I don't think Hank can do that because you don't have any Italian blood. When you do it, it's a slur. Irish. When I do it, it's for my people. It's a little much.


Okay. But it's fine. You might be a little upset that Tommy DeVito beat you.




It's embarrassing, but that's.


Just the season.


This is.


Living like a loser. Is your Super Bowl now the last game of the season against the jets?


Memes. My Super Bowl is the end of the last.


Game of the season, so I don't have to watch anymore. But I still feel like as much as you want to tank, you're still going to want to beat the jets.


If it's close, no.




Winning or losing has us at the first or fifth pick, I want to lose. James was talking like the Patriots-Jets game. James is a loser. He was talking big time loser. He was talking like it was Indiana Purdue playing for the old wooden bucket. He's like, If the jets win week 18 against the Patriots, I think it will save Sol's job. What are we talking about? The Patriots are bad. They're tanking.




They are legitimately tanking now. They are officially tanking. They're not trying to win games. They're doing it correctly. They're going to lose up. Memes, that was loser talk. Yeah, but the jets haven't beat the Patriots.




What, 2015? But still, why would you want Sala saved?


Yeah, you're right. It's such a meaningless game for you. That's the thing.


But it's not for memes. It means.


A lot to you. But it shouldn't is the thing. It should not mean anything to you in that game because you're going to look back three years from now potentially and say, Shit, you know what? That. If the Redskins had lost that game to the Miami Dolphins, my quarterback would be Joe Borough. That's where you're at right now, Mims. I'm speaking you like I'm talking to myself from the future and trying to show you how impactful a meaningless game could be to you. You want to lose. Hank is correct.


Be smart, Mims.


Hank is a great loser, which I never thought I'd say about him.


No, that's why he's a motherfucker. He's been able to flip it so quickly. If he said five wins, it'd be totally different. My body's falling apart. Okay, Titans, Panthers. Do we have to talk about this game? Titan 17, Panthers 10?


No, I don't think we need to talk about it. But the only thing is David Tepper walked out of the locker room after the game shaking his head and saying, Fuck.


Oh, I got Frank Reich's on the hot seat.


Can I correct you on that? It's worse than that big cat. It's worse. Per Will Cunkle. Is that a fake name? -sounds like a fan. -am I getting Will Cunkle? I think it's real. Per Will Kunkel. I'm told Frank Reich's coaching seat is, quote, on fire. On fire. Per source. On fire. If you put his seats on fire and he's not actually fired tomorrow, Will Kunkel should lose whatever.


Checkmark he has. This is why when we go to the depressed rankings of franchises, I think the Panthers are still won because David Tepper, like Panthers fans, you're going to have to deal with this guy fucking up for the next 5-10 years until he realizes he can't be a micromanager of an NFL franchise. Then there will be a moment where he realizes he has to stop being this guy, but he's not going to stop being this guy for a while.


Bring back James Friday. Yeah, that's right, our IP. But what's going to happen is he's going to say that he's realized he can't be a micromanager in about two years. Right. And he's still very much going to micromanage. But he's going to be like, I've learned that I have to take a step back and let the football people make the football decisions. Then that's not going to work out because he's still going to be behind the scenes managing everything. Then I'd say probably like three years after that, he's going to take a half-season off being a micromanager. It's something that you have to wean yourself off. Yeah, you're a guy that's as powerful as David Tepper has.


Been in his past life. I'm not wishing anything ill on David Tepper, but a lot of times the becoming less of a micromanager, he has to have a major life incident to be perspective. Maybe I don't need to be in the office all the time.




I don't know.


I went for a soft one.


Yeah, that was a nice soft one.


I appreciate that. Trial separation. Trial separation. He has to go through some emotional strife.


Maybe like, Oh, you know what? Maybe his private plane has some really bad turbulence. Yeah.


It's like a... Eye-opening moment.


Yeah, almost famous. He has a moment where he's like, I'm about to die. Maybe I shouldn't be a dick to all my coaches.


Maybe if one of his yachts burns down when he's not on it, but he was supposed to be on it at the time.


The market crashes.


Yeah. No, I think it's like you've got one of your yachts in the grand came and you were supposed to be there, but you got called away on emergency business to fire your head coach. And while you're supposed to be on that yacht, it burned to the ground.


Microwave started a fire on the yacht.


And you could have died on that yacht. Then you have your come to Jesus moment where you're like, Okay, some things are bigger than me fucking with my sports.


I got to chill out. I got to rub my brass testicles that are sitting on my... That just alone. The fact that he has brass testicles sitting on his desk and he rubs them. I don't-.


How can you be a coach and walk into that office and your boss has nuts on their desk and think that you are anything but neutered?


You have to walk into that office. I think Frank Reich has to meet with him like six times a week.


Well, he's probably in the office the entire time just getting berated. Oh, man. Frank Reich looks so sad today. He looks like an elderly bird and he's just so depressed. He doesn't want to be doing that job.


Anymore, right? The other thing that will happen is David Tepper, Enough losing will happen that he'll be like, Maybe I don't know what I'm doing. Because that also happens to these owners where they're like, Fuck, I don't know what I'm doing, and I would rather win than be in control.


But usually the reaction is, We're losing so badly that I need to do what I'm doing, but harder. Then that fucks everything up worse.


Good on the Titans for winning.


Yeah. Also good on Will Levis after the game, owning a mistake. He said, I think I used Capitulate instead of matriculate in the presser today. It's been killing me. I apologize to all my former English teachers. Thank you, Will. Will gets it. I think Will Levis gets it.


That's good. Hank, difference between Capitulate, Matriculate?


Matriculate is when you're working the ball down the field. Yeah. Capitulate is a sickness. Capitulate is like a David Tepper's yacht could capitulate. Actually, it's capsize. It gets sick. It gets COVID. Like bow to you. That's like to say, Okay, you got it.


Like the bow of a boat?


Yes, like the bow of a boat. Surrender. What about ejaculate, Hank? Which one is that?


I love when people use that wrong. You got ejaculated from the game. That always makes you laugh. People are doing it on purpose now and that doesn't make me laugh. Because there was an original guy who did that and it was fucking awesome. How could you ejaculate them for this?


Mistakes are funny. Also, you can say ejaculate when you're talking. It also means to talk, to say a lot of words. Like I'm ejaculating right now.


You should use that. Use it every day. Yeah, it's an ejaculation podcast.


That's what we do. All podcasts are ejaculating. This podcast is just all of us, just five dudes ejaculating for two hours.


Okay. My body is like, I'm like a geyser right now. I'm bubbling over. I'm about to my I'm ejaculating. I'm ejaculating. All kinds of noises and everything. I don't think the Panthers are going to win a game again. They should. They have the Bucks.




At the Bucks. That's not a win. At Saint's.






Win. Loss.


Packers. Loss. At Jaguars. Loss. Bucks again.


I think Bucks at Home.


Last game we played. Again? Yeah, maybe. What was your guys bet with Steve Smith preseason? We won it. I think he said five wins.


It doesn't feel good to win that bet.


It's like hats. Yeah, we get hats. We get hats.


We get free hats. Counterpoint to the Mac Jones thing, I do feel bad for Bryce Young.


Yeah, I do.


Because I.


Feel like this is-And he seems like a nice guy.


This is malpractice, what he's having to experience. He does seem like a nice guy. He's never, to my knowledge, punched anybody in their testicles or penis. I feel bad for him.


I cried in a DUI picture.


I feel bad for Panthers fans, too.


Yeah, no, it's bad. It's bleak. It's very bleak. Because you're just being this bad and then not having your pic. Yeah. It's a real shame. All right, before we do the afternoon games, we got Verizon again. Take over.


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I might even get an iPhone for somebody in my family. My mom needs a new phone. Might be getting mom a brand new iPhone. Maybe I'll give her the iPad too. Maybe I'll give her the Apple Watch. Maybe I'll give that to somebody else as a gift this holiday season. But the point is, Verizon's got the best deals on the planet. Right now, check them out at verison. Com/take.


Okay, afternoon games, RAMs, 37, Cardinals, 14. The Rams are back. Or did they play the Cardinals?


They played the Cardinals today. Tyler Murray had just enough plays to make you be like, Okay, this guy is still fun. He's still good. That first drive was great. First drive was incredible. But yeah, the RAMs, they played the Cardinals today. They took care of business.


But the RAMs are like, they have write what was wrong. Maybe it's just the schedule got a lot softer. I think what was wrong… Matt Stafford came back.


Yeah, what was wrong was that Brett Ripen was a quarterback.


Yeah, but they also… I mean, Matt Stafford played in the game against the Stealers. You played in the game against the Cowboys. Yeah, the Rams are in that group of teams like, Hey, someone's got to get the six and.


Seven seed. Yeah, they're not out of it. The fun story from this game was the Cardinals linebacker, Jesse Lukita, he got a flat tire on the way to the game, and then a Cardinals fan on the way to State Farm stopped him, picked him up and drove him to the stadium. That's cool. That's your dream scenario as a diehard. If you're a diehard Cardinals fan, that's as good as it gets right there. Yeah. I was like, Oh, I drove the guy to the stadium. That is very good. Good for me. I'm part of.


The team. Kyrin Williams was incredible. The Rans were just running it down the Cardinale's face. The entire second half, they were running down their face. He had 143 yards on the ground, 61 in the air and two touchdowns.


He was awesome. Yeah, Sean McVeigh should be talked about in not the same era, but he's similar to Mike Schanohan, where he can plug and play running back and get results out.


Of him. I got chastised when we did our NFL coaches draft and I picked him, I think, in my first or second round. People online were like, Sean McVeigh is overrated. He won one.


Super Bowl. Sean McVeigh, he's a very good coach.


He's an incredible coach.


He's a really good coach. By the way, Jake, remind us maybe July 26th, we'll do the coaches draft again. That's Friday, the 25th? Yes, perfect. I already have all time rankings for position groups that day. That's a busy day. I can take the GLC to the E-Conclass.


That's a.


Full show. That whole day? Yeah, both of those on that day.


Okay, so that's a full show. Well, in the summer? Yeah, July 25th. That's a perfect time to just do a show of complete nonsense. I have to do.


Summer school? Yeah. It's also around the takeies, usually. No, it's a little later.


A couple of weeks later. Yeah, we'll be okay then.


We'll be good. We're tripling up that day? Yeah. All right. Yeah, put it on there. That won't be a problem for us.


I'm thinking 49ers quarterbacks might.




Forty-nines quarterbacks is pretty good. -probably the best.


One, right? Forty-nines quarterback is pretty good. Yeah. Where would you go with... I guess you'd have to go Chiefs, tight ends.


Yeah. You get Tony Gonzalez and Travis Kelsey with that one. You can get those, too. Well, I mean... What about Packers quarterbacks? Oh, good point.


I won two Super Bulls. What about Patriots quarterbacks? Just Mac Jones.


You go Patriots tight ends. Yeah. Aaron Hernandez between the lines. It was pretty good.


Yeah. Okay. I had one other thing from this game. Pft. This is a question for you specifically for no reason whatsoever.


Greg Dorch. Yeah.


He did the too small.


He did.


When the Cardinals were down 37-8, he scored a touchdown and make it 37-14. He did the too small. Greg Dorch is 5-7. That's too small to do the too small.


No, I think thatI think Greg Dorch has probably been hit with the too small his entire life.


But 37, 14- He.


Gets a chance. Listen, I'm taking the score out of the equation. You asked me if he was too small to do the.


Too small. Okay, but no, I think the score matters.


No, I don't think it does.


I think it.


Definitely does. I think if you're asking me, are you asking me is he too small and do the too small?


It's a two-part combo question because the score matters.


I think that the.


Score-if he had done the too.


Small-the score is his own question.


-in a winning game, I would have been like, Eh. But then he did it. Then I was like, Wait, isn't he short? Doing it when you're losing by that much leads to follow-up questions mostly, How tall are.


You, Greg Dorch? If you are losing by that much, you should never do the too small, regardless of the size you are, because you're opening yourself up for directly just somebody points at the scoreboard. Correct. Then they point at the score and they say your score is too small. You're opening yourself up for that. Correct. Now, if you're a 5-7 person and you happen to score a touchdown that puts you up by 30 points, then you can do the too small. Then they're too small. That's fine. I don't think he's too small to do the too small. I think their score was too small.


But I think if he was like 6-3 and he does the too small even down 37-14, at least it's not like the follow-up question doesn't happen where it's like, Hey, how tall are you? I think he opened himself up.


I think if you're tall and you're down by that much and you do the too small, everyone's just like, That dude's an asshole. If you're short and you do too small, at least you have people like me, who are taller, by the way, than 5'7, who pointed him and say that's the first time he's been able to do the too small on somebody. He just he saw a shot and took it. Not the right time, not the right place, but I understand why he did it. I mean, he's probably gotten too small his entire life. Oh, so many times. And so turnabout is what he's looking for on this one. But yeah, you should not do the too small if you're down by 20 points. Yeah.


Okay, next up, Bronco is 29, Browns 12. Jake, go ahead. Got me. Let's go. It was weird because it happened on safety. It was 27-12, and they got a meaningless safety at the end of the game, the Broncos.


It was never on the radar. Jake, do you think that Gami's have gone too mainstream? Do you think Gami's sold out because-Have.


We had.


This conversation before? No, I'm not saying that there are too many. I'm saying have they gone too mainstream?


Like too many people know about them?


Because the broadcast of the game put it on the final score that Jake has a picture with that said this is the first time the score has ever happened in the NFL history.


Yeah, so it's a real stat that the NFL is tracking now.


Yeah, there's always a real stat. Yeah, but if they're acknowledging it, it's a big deal. Is this mission accomplished? You've got the NFL to acknowledge it? Yeah, pretty much. But listen, I'm reformed. You need to enjoy your gammies however you want because it makes you happy. Exactly. My point about him happening too often is-This is a big year for us. -this is a huge year for Garmin. We've been getting a Garmin bukaki.


Yeah, it's been a lot. I support you, Jake. My question was just, do you feel like if you're a fan of an underground band and then you see them on MTV, you're like, All these people aren't really fans of this, but name three other songs.


Yeah, you were freaking out about Garmin way before it became mainstream. Yeah, but now the whole world knows about it. Jake ejaculates every time there's a Gami.


Yeah, he does.


Yeah, he's doing it right now. Yeah.


Oh, you just ejaculate again.




Nice. You got quite the salmon.


There, Jake. Yeah, the Browns, this was a scheduled in the roller coaster Browns season, this was a scheduled lose the game and also get a bunch of injuries.


Miles Garrett.


Miles Garrett and.


Mario Cooper. That's not good.


Dtr got concussed. They can't have a couple weeks in a row where people don't get hurt and also good things happen.


Yeah, Miles Garrett seems like I don't know what it was. He said after the game that he felt a pop in his shoulder. That's not what you want to hear in a press conference. No. You'd much rather not hear the pop. But the Browns, I feel bad because I do want Joe Flacko to get in, but I don't even think that Joe Flacko can fix this because they seem to be snake bit.




Might get hurt. On the other side, oh, he definitely would.


Get hurt. Yeah. Also, I don't really understand the Browns. I know that their season, they're trying to cobble it all together offensively. Their defense is still very, very good. They threw the ball 42 times today. With PJ Walker and D. T. R, just run the ball. Run the ball. Be triple option.


You know what? I didn't think that D. T. R. Looked that bad when he was playing.


But still, just right. I think they had a goal line at the end of the first half where they might have passed on second and third down. Just run the ball down people's throat. You're averaging four and a half yards of carry. Just run the fucking ball.


I agree with that. That's what Kevin Stefanski should always do. He should get it tattooed and he should look at it every single day. He should stare himself in the mirror and says, Run the damn ball. They did have a touchdown pass that was dropped. I think it was in Joku that.


Dropped it. Yeah, his hands. He's all-time. One game he can look like the best tight end in the world, and the next game, do his hands work?


Yeah. The way that we're talking about the Browns, it sounds like they're four and seven. No. They're actually seven and four.


But it's harder and harder to see the path forward with when all these guys keep getting injured.


Especially in that division, which is going to be really, really tough. On the other side, the Broncos. The Broncos might be playing the best football in the AFC right now.


You said they're the best team in the NFL right now.


No, I'm saying they're.


Playing the best football. I'm saying you said that. You were testing. You were trial ballooning that on the stream, and everyone's like, What?


But look at who they've beaten recently. I'm talking about the last four weeks. I'm talking about right now, the Broncos are, I think, undeniably a good team.


No, they are. They are. Their defense has been completely… Now, obviously, the 70-point game skews a lot of things, but the first five games of the season, they were giving up 36.2 points per game. The last six games, they've been giving up 16.5 points per game. They figured out Russell Wilson wasn't letting the world on fire today, but making enough plays. The Broncos are good. They are good. They're inching closer and closer to that seven-seed. Could you win Coach? You know what? Sean Payton might be my.


Coach of the Year. Sean Payton might be my comeback player of the Year. Yeah. From what he's done to himself this year. From the giant hole he's had to crawl out of to get the Broncos where they are right now. It's honestly incredible. Russell Wilson does look like he cares. That's the thing. At the start of the season and last year, he didn't really look like he cared that much. Now he looks like he's playing for his teammates, which is great to see.


And his teammates look like they like him. Yeah. Next week, actually, is a lose-releave-town game. Broncos-texans.




Because right now, the Broncos are the ninth seed or ninth in the standings and the Texans are eighth. That's going to be a huge separation.


Colts, Broncos-Texans, gun to your head who makes the playoffs. Texans.


Texans. Bills. Bills. But the Bills have such a hard schedule.


I think the Bills might be done.


If we did the same thing that we did with the NFC where it's like, Who would you want to see? It's Texans or Bills. Yeah. No offense to the Broncos or the Colts, but I would like to see CJ Strowder, Josh Allen, is the.


Seventh seat. I would, too. Well, also it might be two of those teams that get in.


Yeah, because the Browns might start falling apart for the Browns, especially if Myles Garrett's hurt. Yep. Okay, next game, Chiefs Raiders. Remember when the Raiders were up, 14-nothing? The final score was 31-17.


Yeah, so the Chiefs learned how to play football in the second half.


It wasn't even the second half. It was the third drive. The third drive. The first two drives, they had 13 total yards. Then after that, they scored on their next seven drives, they scored 31 points. Patrick homes had almost 300 yards passing. They basically woke up and were like, Hey, wait, we're the Chiefs. What are we doing right now?


Rashee Rice. That's what happened.


Is that what we've been saying?


Rashee Rice might be the guy in Kansas City. Now, it's a very low bar considering the receivers that they have right now. They didn't really have any other options because Tony was out, Hardman was out. Rice had over 100 yards. I think he's their first 100-yard wide receiver of the season, which is crazy to think that Patrick Mohomes and that offense, they have not had a 100-yard receiver yet this season. Rasheed Rice, look good today. He probably could have had more if they didn't take their foot off the pedal at the end.


This is the old visualization trick. It's Patrick Mohomes sitting down. He's sitting somewhere in the Kansas City. Let's say he's sitting in a big room overlooking the Kansas City Chief Practice Field with Aaron Andrews. It's late December and Aaron Andrews is like, Talk to me about how these young receivers have come along. Then they show a highlight of Rashee Rice just ripping people up. That's exactly what's going to happen. That's what's going to happen. I can't wait for that clip to happen and I'm going to be like, See? You just visualize it. They have no more Fox games this year. Okay, fuck, Jake.


Tracy Wolfson.


Damn it. Who else does the CBS? Those... Like Nate Burlson? Maybe Nate Burlson. No. God damn it. Who else does the sit down? Yeah. Boomer does that? I don't know. I'm just saying the studio could be something of a help. Kyle Long might. Actually, that's-Yeah, Kyle. Tony Gonzalez. Yeah, Tony Gonzalez, I could see that for sure. Okay, all right. But one of those guys will be sitting there. Or they have a Monday night game. It could be like Michelle Bisoner-Buck. Michelle Biesner-Buck. That's it. When's the next Monday night game? Because they play The Patriots. And you can flex Monday night now. But that also is a time to fill a lot of air being like, Let's do a whole broadcast about Patrick at Homes.


Passing of the torch.


It's going to happen. But if that game stays, Michelle Biesner-Bucks doing that piece. Yeah, it's going to happen because the Chiefs, like Rasheed Rice, this was the first game, like you said, PFT. First time over 100 yards. One of these guys is going to come along. It's going to be probably Rasheed Rice.


And they're going to be fine. Somebody has to because it seems like every week there's a different receiver on the Chiefs who absolutely stinks. It's good to have one guy that you can depend on. He's from SMU, right? I believe so. Smu guy. Yeah, the Chiefs, I think they figured out a way to turn their offense around. They did get 17 points in the second half today after being held scoreless in all second halfs going back a month.




Credit to Andy Reed. The Chiefs will be fine. We've always said the Chiefs will be fine.


Their defense was awesome in the second half, too. They held the Devante-Adamson no catches in the second half, 113 yards total against the Raiders offense. Chiefs defense is good. Chiefs defense is very good, and the Chiefs will be fine. But it was weird watching the first... We knew it, though, watching it. The Chiefs were down 14-nothing and we're like, Should we lie about the Chiefs? They were plus 120 to win the game, which is ridiculous, down 14-nothing. That's just that people know the Chiefs.


Are the Chiefs. If you're a Raiders fan, Josh Jacobs is awesome. I had fun watching Josh Jacobs. They should have been giving him the ball more this season, last season, the season before.


Hang the banner. You're up 14-nothing on the Chiefs.






Looked like it.


Was going to.


Be a win. Also, Antonio pierce, maybe future head coach.


Yeah, Tony pierce. Yeah, Tony. Tony P. Tony P and LV. You like that, Hank? All right, last game. Max, Eagles is 37, Bill is 34. Now, just so everyone knows, Max did not watch a snap of.


This game. That's incorrect.


Oh, how many snaps did you watch?


I watched a quarter and a half at the beginning.


And then overtime.


What happened during the game, Max? The Eagles won the football game? No, but I mean, what happened? Why weren't you watching the rest of the game? I was on a plane.


Oh, that's interesting. Did you not know that they play football on Sundays in the fall? I did know that. Oh, you're dealing with the same burps as I have where it's like your body can't speak and it has too much air. My body is just a blimp right now. My body is dead. My entire body is dead. Yeah, your body is dead. Let's talk about that before we talk about the game. Your foot, you had a medical-We should talk about the game. No, you had a medical emergency. Your foot, you have a little walking boot on now? Yes. Yeah, it is cute. You had a medical emergency, an infection that you've been dealing with for a year. Not for a year. For people who are going to say, Hey, is a foot injury? Maybe amputation. Does Max have diabetes? He does not. He might, actually. Not diabetes. He might, but he doesn't right now that we know of. No. What's happening with your foot?


I just have an infection in my foot. I was at.


The ER till four o'clock last night.


I'm running on fumes. How did you get an infection in your foot?


I had an ingrown.






Last week.


It was removed. And then since the.


Removal, it got very infected. But it's been infected for how many months? That's incorrect. You've talked about your foot hurting for quite a while. I've had a.


Problem with.


Ingrowns in my foot for about a.


Month, but I.


Normally get it removed.


And then it's all right. You're just a disgusting human being. I mean, people have ingrown toenail. That's the thing. Yeah, but listen, I'm going to give you a little tip here, Max. As a larger man myself, whenever you have- You keep.


Bringing… Everything comes back.


To this.


Well, here's.


The thing. Here's the thing. Yes, because when you have these type of medical issues- You're such a fucking dickhead. No, when you have these- You're just such a fucking dickhead. No, when you have medical issues and you also are fat, people always are like, Damn, dude, you're gross. That happens to me, too. Yeah, I got a fucking... It was like a real fucking thing. I was at the fucking ER. People were like, Oh, can he not reach his feet? Things like that. Can we just talk about the fucking- Can you just send me the picture of your foot?


I'm tired. Hope you feel better.


Hank, are you loving this?


Max, I do like your slipper that you've got on. It's real nice.


I don't even.


Know what.


I'm doing. I don't even know.


What I'm looking at on my phone.


Right now. You're sending me the picture of your foot because you said it's so gross. Me too. Who wants.


To see? Just send it to everybody.


Send it to everyone, buddy. Send it to everyone. You get everyone's reaction at the same time. I'm nervous. I'm nervous. I'm nervous. Why is that? I mean, we can cut this. Is this because your fingers are too fat? You can't tell?


You're such a fart.


It's true, though. It's like when there's a fart in the room, everyone points to the fat guy. I know. When something like a medical emergency, they're like, Well, you probably should take better care of yourself. That happens to me?


Oh, Max.


Oh, that's not that bad. I don't think it's that bad. No, that's not that bad. It's just like a bad bug bite. It's pretty bad.


No, it's not that bad. I don't.


Like feet. Can we put it in the YouTube? No. Why not? Because it's going to take me to get the YouTube taken down. Please put it in the YouTube. It's going to get the YouTube taken down. No, I won't. All right, I'll tweet it tomorrow if enough people ask me. No, don't tweet it. Yeah, I will. I will. People are going to ask.


Max, at what point did you decide to get that looked at?


When the whole toe was red? No.


It's not even red. It's like purple.


Yeah. It looks like a penis. Looks like a frostbite.


Yeah. Yeah, it was a serious thing. Your toenails are gross, dude. I also just got a fucking pedicure.


Wait, you went and you got a pedicure with a.


Massive swollen leg. Those women, I'd like to interview one of those women. Have you ever seen anything like this? You're just an ingrown toenail factory. Was that part of the doghouse?


We could get.


Pedicures together? The doghouse. Why did you get a pedicure? My mom.


Wanted me to get.


A pedicure. I don't know. I got a pedicure. Just kidding. I zoomed in.


It's pretty bad. Yeah, it's bad.


Yeah, it's bad.


Did they drain it?


Honestly, no, they didn't. The memes almost just puked. I don't think it's that bad. Yeah, zoom in on it. Yeah, I'm looking like-He's gross. He's got an ingrown toenail. He doesn't know. He can't reach his teeth. -like ingrown toenails happen. No, they don't if you take care of it. Jake, didn't you have an ingrown? Yes, I had one. But when it starts to get ingrown, you cut it. No, you don't understand what a fucking ingrown toenail is. I went to urgent care. It goes into your skin. You can't cut it. Jake, no offense to you, Jake, but you go into urgent care does not count as a medical emergency. I go for anything.


Yeah, I know. Like, C's a dog and goes into urgent care. I know Max is right, though, because ingrown is different where you can't cut it out. You have to.


Get it removed. There's a point before that you can cut it out. No, you don't know what an ingrown doonail is. Okay, I guess I'm just a Can we talk about the Eagles? I'm a freak athlete, a donis that has a perfect body. All right, Eagles, 37, Bills, 34. Eagles are just good, and they just make big plays. That, Jaylen Hart's touchdown pass toOlamidee. Olamidee is the kiosk. Thank you, Jake. That's beautiful. Was incredible. Jake, Elliot, 60-yard field goal. Make Elliot. They just make big play after big play after big play. That's just what they are. If you want to say that they're lucky, go ahead and say they're lucky. I think it's just they have dogs that.


Make big plays. They're lucky, but they're lucky all the time. That means that they're doing things to make themselves lucky, which is such a good trait to have for a team. Some people are asking if they're the worst 10-1 team of all time. I'm not going to ask that question. I do not think they are. I don't think that they are. I think that there's at least a few teams that were 10-1 that are worse than this team. I think they're just very good. I think they're good. The elements suck today. It was a shitty day in Philadelphia. Jalen Hertz didn't play his best game. He threw some touchdowns, but in the first half, he had 33 yards passing. It wasn't great from him early on. They are just good. They do a lot of small things really well. On the other side of it, I think that there's something about the Bills and about Josh where they're just snakebit in a weird way. I have an idea. There's got to be a German word for someone who's consistently great, but also extremely unlucky.








Mcdermott. Mcdermott is the German word.


The German word.


Sean McDermott.


The defense at the end of the game on that final drive- He did it again.


-was bad. Soft zone. Kills the bills again. Look, I like Sean McDermott. He's been on the show a couple of times. He's a very nice guy. I think he's a good coach. I think right now they've gotten to a point where maybe it's just a change of scenery because not only the soft zone, but the timeout, there's 25 seconds left and you have two timeouts and Jake Elliot's coming out for a 59-yard field goal and they're rushing out for a 59-yard field goal. Why in the fucking world do you use one of those timeouts to ice the kicker? When you have Josh Allen on the other sideline who's playing his balls off and with two timeouts in 20 seconds, you can get 30, 40 yards. It made no sense. Then they go and they kneel it and they play chicken shit football for overtime. Sean McDermott, I honestly think he has the coaching yips right now.


Yeah, the defenses at the end were bad. Those timeouts actually mattered at the end of the game. I also think they should have tried to get some yards even with one timeout. Right. At the end of the game. Yes, agreed. It was bullshit. But you definitely would have rather had two timeouts. You probably still wouldn't have tried to go for it to get two timeouts. But I feel bad. Josh made that throw in overtime. That should have been a touchdown. Yeah, Gabe Davis. Gabe Davis ran the wrong route. I hated to see that. Obviously, I'm partial to the Bills because I like Josh Allen. We're very biased. That's the reason why I was rooting for the Bills today. I like Josh. I want to see him succeed. I like Buffalo. I want to see their fans be happy. I want to see them get to the playoffs. It seems like they've reached the point where bad shit, unlucky shit happens to Josh all the time in Buffalo. For whatever reason it is, you can talk about the defense, you can talk about a lot of stuff. It just seems like there's something weird going on there where I feel bad and I want to see them succeed, but it doesn't feel like they're in the right position to do that right now.


I'm going to ask a question that I don't really want the answer to because I think I'm just going to get triggered online if I ask this question. But are we partially to blame for people just not liking Josh Allen? I don't get it. He had one bad pick. If you watched that game and thought Josh Allen was the problem, you're out of your fucking mind. He was balling his ass off. He was making every play. He had four total touchdowns. He was running everywhere for every first down. He was throwing the ball. That Stephan Digg's throw was insane. He had one bad pick, you're right. But they... This was, Edward retweeted this after the game. This game, this was the 40th time a team since 1970 had 500 yards of offense, 10-3rd down conversions and a positive turnover margin. Teams were 39 and 0 up until this point. Like Josh Allen, that was not an offensive problem. They scored 34 points with 500 yards of offense. He played almost a perfect game. The Bulls defense just let them down. Again, I'm not even taking it away from the Eagles because the Eagles just make big play after big play after big play.


That's what they do. They just make big plays. They are a bunch of dogs that make big championship type plays when the moment calls.


For it. Yeah. What about Josh being 0 and 6 in overtime?


Again, that's a- I know and the fact that the rule got.


Changed for him. That's a stat that's going to follow him around.


But I understand Josh Allen has not played great for periods. He was really good to that. The reason that the Bills are 6 and 6, and Josh has had some bad games that have put him in this hole. They played bad team. They lost the Patriots, they lost the Broncos, they lost the Jets. If they win any of those three games or two out of three of them, it's a completely different looking season right now. You can't excuse away the games where he's looked bad. Today was not one of those games. If you're criticizing Josh Allen after this game, you're wrong. He has had games that have put them in this spot where they now are must-win throughout the rest of the year.


Yeah. Max, as an Eagles fan that did not watch the game, what are your thoughts on how the Eagles played today?


The Eagles made plays at the end of the game to win. The times when I watched, they look good. I saw- Well, no, the first quarter, they didn't look good. They were up 7-0. I literally got onto the plane after Jalen Hertz scored to go up 7-0.


I mean, this was a huge win for you, Max. Me and Big Cat were talking about this before you got in here today. The Eagles played so well. I almost feel like you should be on a plane for as many games as possible. You justThey didn't play that well. They won.




Yeah, they won a big game.


They did, and they've won lots.


Of big games. Yeah. Well, I'm just saying the thought was tossed around to send Max on an airplane every Sunday and just have you fly to Indianapolis and back. Or a helicopter.


Or a.


Helicopter that just hugged.


Eft made a joke about the helicopter that I'm not going to repeat because you'd get.


Mad at me. I did not make the joke about the helicopter. I asked.


A question. Could Max fit in a helicopter? I didn't.


Say that. I said, I don't want to say the question, but there might be regulations. I was thinking about safety.


I appreciate you.


Thinking about my safety. Thanks, Max.


I didn't say it.


I know. I didn't say it either. I was wondering.


Yeah, I know.


I appreciate you guys not saying that. But if we were to put you on a first class flight every Sunday and you'd have to miss every Eagles game.


I would not like to miss every.


Eagles game, no.


Okay, all.


Right, we'll think about it. I'm going to write down here, Max would.


Not Max, do you think it's a fair assessment? Because I think the Eagles are going to make people very angry because these games have a way of going about it where the Eagles don't look like the Chiefs looked better than the Eagles on Monday night. The Bulls look better than the Eagles tonight. The Eagles make- The Patriots.


Look better than the Eagles opening night.


I don't know about that. The Eagles make the winning plays when it counts. That's just what they do. Yeah, at this point, I don't care how you win. Just get the one seed.


Everyone's going to be on.


The Niners.


Next week. It's going to be great. No, I'm going to be on the Eagles. No, you're going to be on the Niners. I love the Eagles.


I'm shocked that the Eagles are dogs.


I love the Eagles next week. Yeah, no. But it's a revenge game for the Eagles, for the Niners saying that they only lost because of Brock purdy. They took away your win. I know they lost. No, I mean, the Niners have been butt hurt about that game for a while. I like that. That's weird.


It's good to get a butt hurt in the wild.


You would totally not be butt hurt if you were in the NFC Championship game and your quarterback cut hurt in the first quarter. No, but it's one thing if the fans can be, but the players have been crying about it for years.


Feels like years.


It feels like years. Actually, not even a literal year.


Less than a year. Also, quick fact check, the Patriots were never winning against the Eagles in week one. I just want to fact check that. We're about accuracy on the show.


You have the reigned.




True. It also reigned to that. And it was the first Lighthouse game.


That's true. Yeah. But yeah, congratulations. The Eagles are just good. They do a lot of little things correctly. They're a well-coached team.


Then one of these days they're going to put the second half and the first half together. And watch out. Then that'll be nice. Watch out. No, Jaylen Hertz was like… Great teams are able to figure it out when everything is not great. It was clear that their offense wasn't great today, and he was able to figure it out, make the big plays.


After the game, they talked to Jordan Melada, and he said, We actually could not believe that the Bills were running that defense when we got that look.


I know. It's bad. You're terrible, dude. He's got the hips. He's got.


The hips. That's not what you want to hear if you're a Bills fan. We knew the look that we were getting and we knew we were going to score a touchdown.




It seemed so easy. It seemed so… Every time the Eagles got the ball, whether it was the drive that got them in field goal range, which was, by the way, a bomb from Jake Elliot.


Just absolutely nuked.


That kick. -nuked that kick. -in the rain. -in the rain. -in the rain and the wind.


There was that-Ben Minz said it was the best kick in NFL history.




Don't disagree. The best kick in NFL- You said he could argue it. There's never been more recency bias than Ben Minz watching that ball go through the upfront to say that was the best kick in NFL history. I mean, it was a really.


Good kick. Jake Elliot said it.


Was the best kick of his career.


Yeah, I believe that. It was a.


Great kick. It was a great kick. He also had a game winner that was a 64-yarder against the giants, but he said this one was better, harder because of the rain and the wind.


A couple of good wins against the commanders, too. But this was a.


Great kick. Do we think the Bulls have any chance of making the playoffs? They have to play at Kansas City and then the Cowboys.


We've been saying must win for the last couple of weeks about the Bulls. At some point when they keep losing must-wins, we have to.


Say like-Well, they did win the must win against the jets.


Yeah, I think they're one and two in their last three must wins, which is not good.


No, it's a bad season for them because it's just, again, I know that people really don't like the fact that we're friends with Josh Allen and we like him, but he has put them in this hole, but today was not the reason why they lost this game. I think that's a fair assessment. Josh was really good to-Yeah. No, his play earlier in the season has put them behind the eight ball, but today was not the day to be like, Josh Allen stinks, or Sam Howe is better than Josh Allen.


I would not say that. I never.


Said it.


For the record, there are going to be people that listen to you and say, One.


Washington-yeah, no, it wasn't you. It was not you. It was our good friend, Nate.


You could say it. It's our friend, Eric.


Yeah. It was.


Not me.


Who's not you. Not me.


Who's not you. What if they go 2-0 in their next two must-wins? I guess the Chiefs and the Cowboys. If they go 2-0 in those two games.


Reasonably speaking, I think the seventh seed in the AFC has to get to 10 wins. They have to go 4-1. They have to go 4-1 in the rest of the season.


The answer is-They have to go 1-1 in their next two must-wins.


Yeah, they have to go 1-1 in their next two message wins, and then they got.


To win out. Then they have a can't lose at the end of the season against the Dolphins. Yes.


Okay. Well, the Dolphins might if- They might not be playing for anything. Hopefully, a long way to go. Yeah. No, I think it's probably the odds are very much stacked against the Bills right now. And Sean McDermott has the coaching yips. That defense, soft zone, it was crazy. And I know guys were gas, but man.


They were also a half second away from forcing a fumble on AJ Brown. Yeah.


Also, I hate to say this because Max is going to love that I say this, but the Eagles didn't have Lane Johnson today. He's really fucking good.


They looked a lot worse on their offensive line.


Without Lane. He's really fucking good. Yeah, you like to give the Niner's passes for what did you train Williams. What? I literally just did that. I literally just mentioned that Lane Johnson was not in the game. I know. I just had.


That in my head.


To say before we started talking about this. And then I forgot it. And then I forgot it and then you said it, so I just had to say it. Okay. Yeah, it doesn't count because I literally said- It doesn't count. I was literally excusing the fact that Lane Johnson.


Wasn't playing. From the first play of the game, that line did not look.


As good. Good players matter. Good players matter. For every team.


Good players matter. And Fletcher Cox. Also, Jason, Kelsey almost cost them the game with his false starts.




False starts. The Eagles won despite one of their best offensive line, but not playing and their Hall of Fame center having one of the worst fourth quarters of his life. But then he made a great block on the Hertz game-wining touchdown. He did, yeah. I think he had to shit himself. There was something about he.


Had to go to the bathroom in between. He ran to the locker room to go to the bathroom before overtime started.


How is.


A guy like that not get a toe infection and you do?


I don't know, man. He could.


People could get it. People could get it. Toe infection is real. People could get it. People could get it. They almost amputated your foot. I'm still not out of the woodwork. I mean, this thing is not getting better. That's not the same.


I don't mean to say- Woodwork? I'm not.


Out of the- Wood?


I'm not out of the woodwork.


He said, I'm not out of.


The woodwork. I don't mean scary. I think Bob Marley had a toe infection.


Yeah, the CIA put cancer in his foot.


Yeah, then he died. Yeah.


Wow. What if the AWSand there's a CIA operative, AWS who works at the CIA. He's like, I can't take Max anymore. Billy. Yeah. I almost had to stay in the hospital.


For this week.


For a week? They said three days. I swear to God, that.


Was the discussion I was having. Max, would you cut your toe off if it meant that the Eagles won the Super Bowl?


I would 100 % do that for the bears. Yeah. I thought that was not a yes. Put it down as not a yes. No, that answer is yes. That was not a yes. I'm dealing with a lot of foot shit right now. It's in my head. The foot has got.


Prime real estate in.


My brain.


Right now. You got footbrain.


-i got footprint. It's got to suck to have a major injury that you can't reach.


I'm the most flexible guy on this show. Oh, no, I'm way more flexible.


I'm way more flexible. Who's the one who sits cross-legged every day? Yeah, you're a freak like that. That's fake. Can you touch your toes? Yes.


What's your Vsit?


I don't know.


What were you about to say? That was the one that I couldn't do? No, that was always my best one.


Vsit? Yeah. All right, we'll have a flexibility off, PMTV this week. We'll do a.


Stretch call. That sounds.


Like a Viva TV. It might be a Viva TV, depending on where you're at. No, we'll do it in the parking lot. It'll be PMTV. Rowback question. Promo code take 20 % off your first purchase, Ques, Polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, and and vests. They just sent me a big care package. Pft, what are your thoughts on Chargers Ravens?


Well, let's see. Eccler's hurt or at least he's running really slow. He's old, washed. Justin Herbert leads the league in sick passes and runs that don't really amount to any points on the board. Yeah. Joey Bos is eating Raisenbrand because he's probably taking painkillers for his injured foot, so he has to shit and he can't shit yet. That's my wrap-up of where things are over the chargers.


The Ravens look good defensively, offensively. They're just going to have these games, I guess.




Where it's like, Hey, can you pick up a big third down? I don't know. I still am very high on the Ravens.


Yeah, I would be too. A road primetime game is tough to win.


Hey, win a game. Guess what? Defense matters a lot and the Ravens have one of the best defenses in the league. As of right now, they have the one seed and the AFC.


Also get Jason Garrett to fuck off my television. The worst. I did not consent to Jason Garrett.


That's a fact.


You should have to opt in.


With Jason Garrett. That's part of our text message thing. We need to.


Do this. Opt in.


Hank, can we get this figured out? A text message service where we send updates before anything that we think is important. To who? To people who opt in. I would opt in if someone did this for me. A player having a baby, a mascot dying, a weird cool uniform that we've never seen before, Jason Garrett being on our TV, Soft rims in a basketball game. These are the important things. I'll look into starting the service. Okay, thank you, Jake. It's basically reminders, but just mass text. Yeah, but we need to... It's an Amber alert. We need to take over your phone and just be like, Hey, guess what? Bevo died. Texas. Lock of the year. All right. Shit like that. Important stuff. I'm on it.


Boston Scott is playing against the giants. Yeah. Touchdown.


Jake Browning, his only fun fact is he eats hamburger helper. Don't bet on them. Yeah, that shit. I would opt in.


For a service like that. Wax and gibbets.


Yes, yes. Wax and gibbet. Very important. These are important things. Tommy DeVito. We just send this right before Tommy DeVito start.


His parents are there.


Yeah. It's a family affair. Okay.


Henry. You think Tommy Davito has watched The Sopranos?


Yeah. Probably, yeah. It's like you putting on a home movie from when you were a kid. Yeah. That's the same thing as him putting on.


The Sopranos. This is what we're about. We're going to watch The Columbus Day. Uncle Tony. The Columbus Day episode again. Yeah.


All right. Hank, who's back of the week?


I have a couple of first ones, Dolly Parton. Yeah, she.


Was great. Yeah, Wood.




Did the half.


Time show of the Cowboys-Commanders game?




Looked great.


What was our good friend and colleagues to find her tweet?


I just tweeted Wood because she looked great. She really did.


She's 77. I did a classic.


I said Queen. Yeah, not me. I was full of white wine and piss and vinegar. Listen, you can't accuse me of being horny for Dolly Parton. Of course, I'm horny for Dolly Parton. Everyone should be horny for Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton is the best American that we've ever had. She's wonderful. She's 77. She looks like she's 47. She gave a great performance, great singer, great entertainer. He said.


I don't care how old Dolly Parton is, I would suck those tits dry.




Very classy. It could have been way worse.


For him. Yeah, I expected worse, to be honest. I've heard worse. She buys a book for every kid in Tennessee every year. She's just a good person. Shout out Dolly Parton. Dolly World. Yeah. You ever been? Yeah. It's great.


And then my other, who's actually.


Is that in Gatlinburg? I forget the name of the town that it's in. I think it is. I've been to Gatlinburg. I believe it was Dolly World. Dollywood. Dollywood. My other- That's what I was saying at my television.


My other who's back is C-Un-Punk.


Yeah. He was.


In AWS. Now he's in W-W-E.


I don't fully understand it, but he.


Gets the craziest pops. I've never really understood the Cian punk hype, just being bluntly honest. But whenever he would come on this show, clips would do crazy numbers.


Whenever he.


Does anything.


People freak.


The fuck out. Everyone ejaculated. Yeah, everyone lost their minds because he went from... He was back in the NBA. Yeah. He had a bunch of takes about how NBA wrestlers should be ashamed of themselves for taking Saudi money, right? Then he went to the NBA. That's interesting.


Yeah, but he's back. He is back. Big time back. Broke the Internet. That was one of the- The Cardassian Dumper.


That was one of those things where I was watching college football and CM punk was just taking over Twitter. I wish I could understand the passion behind CM punk. I don't get it because I don't follow wrestling, but it seems like something people are.


Really into. He's a cult hero. He speaks power to what? I mean, this is going to get wrestling.


People upset.


Uh-no. I like Cian punk. Just so you know. I feel like it's almost...


I don't know enough to say this, but I'm going to say it anyway.


I feel like it's almost like a Kaepernick situation. No. Not the like- Because he was wrestling in the AEW as of three months ago. He was still wrestling. Wrrestling well? Yeah. Maybe not.


At his peak. You're saying that he's not good?


Yeah, I'm saying it's just all talk and they're like talking about him like he was- This is a big deal. -four years ago and he was in a big time. -he's just always in the headlines, but I haven't seen a lot of action.


Okay. From what I know about it- I said it. -he's still technically a very good wrestling. I'm not a big wrestling fan, so I don't pay attention to all the storylines. But from what I know, he's still very much, if not at the top of his game.


Close to it. Also just a great all-time character in wrestling because he does the perfect blending real life in wrestling. Yeah, I thought he got blackballed for real from W. D. B. And yeah, he's back. All right, who's your who's back?


My who's back of the week is, I got two. The Sunbelt is back. Twelve out of 14 teams from the Sunbelt are bowl eligible. They're going to be playing bowl games this year, including J. M. U. We did it. We did it, Joe. We got J. M. U. To a bowl game because there weren't enough other eligible teams. You're welcome. Thank you, Big Cat. Thank you to Wisconsin.


Twelve-kocked off, PJ Fleck. How's that boat doing?


Twelve out of 14 teams from the conference made it. That's the best conference in the country in terms of bowl representation. Don't ask questions like, Well, how many of those teams have six or seven wins? Because it's a lot of them. But still, that's pretty cool for the conference. I like the Sunbelt, fun brand of football. Then Christmas trees are back, baby. Christmas trees. It's Christmas tree season. I got to go pick mine up. I got a fake white. You got a.


Fake white? Faked white.


Dolly Parton? I might get two. I might get another one. Yeah, I can't co-sign on a fake tree. You're putting a lot of Christmas tree salesmen out of business with that one, but I guess do what makes you happy.


Fake white is like, I feel like 1950s Frank Sinatra. Or like Frank Sinatra era.


Like 1970s where you have your foil TV dinner and-Yeah, just do it.


-your dinner is yellow.


And yellow.


It came pre-lit too. Oh, hell yeah.


That's cool. That's easy.


Super easy. Pre-lit, that's what we say about Nicky Smoke.


I'm thinking about what to do in my house. I don't know how dogs are with real Christmas trees, especially puppies. He might just destroy the tree and eat the entire tree, which would be funny. But yeah, I'm a real Christmas tree guy. Give me a Fraser fur. Don't give me a plastic white one.


I'm a little disappointed at you, Hank. Why? Fake white.


I'm going to have two fake YTS.






I put one in the corner. -stunt on them. In my other corner of the room had a plant.


But it's white and green. I was like, What if I just.


Tie it up?


Double fake YTS. I think if you got two fake white trees-Double fake YTS. -and I know you're not like this Hank, but my first impression, if I went to your apartment and saw that, I'd be like, Coke guy. Double fake. That's a Coke guy move.


Yeah, double fake is definitely a Coke guy move. All right, my who's back is us. I think people probably don't even know this is happening right now, but the Barclay sports store has 20 % off. Shut up. Yeah. Probably not a lot of tweets, but yes, 20 % off. Cyber Monday is today. Do support us, please. It does help. We're doing a thing this year where everything above our goal is going to go to the producers and the behind the scenes guys. Pay for Max's footage. No, I wasn't going to say Max because that's not a way to incentivize Ptrue. Shane, Pug, who doesn't have ankles because he got crossed up. Tune into PMTV, we're going to put that clip in.


Memes. Gia.


No, Gia's content. Max, I guess, too. But please, yes, do buy something. Here's the real plug is tomorrow or today, Monday, we have a telethon at 7:00 Eastern, 6:00 Central. But before the telethon, we are doing the first-ever producer bowl in the Chicago office where we have all of the producers in the entire office, I think it's 22 total, are going to play in a competition basketball, five-on-five with a bench to 1,000. You're going to say, Hey, 1,000? Playing to 1,000? That's going to take like 75 hours. Yeah, that probably would because we're not good at basketball. We're going to stop every 10 minutes and have mini games that will be worth a ton of points. You're going to get to see all the producers compete in stupid games and win stupid prizes, and it's going to be awesome. We'll be live streaming that from where?


Stool streams.


Stool streams. Talk about back. What's the YouTube? Stool streams YouTube. Stool streams YouTube. Tune in. It's going to be awesome.


I'm excited for Badminton. We were doing some Badminton simulations earlier. It's a very.


Visually funny game to watch.


It's also a fun sport to watch.


Because you hit as hard as you can and you can't. It doesn't go anywhere. Yeah. So Max will be on the IR, but Max, you'll be the heart and soul of your team, I assume, from the sidelines.


I had a joke I was about to make. I didn't make it. I want to say it for the record, just not make it. No, let's just keep going.


Make it. Make it to me. Yeah.


No, just say it to him. Say it to me. No, no, no.


It's fine. Heart and soul?


Yeah, and the mouth and.


The stomach. Yeah, and the mouth and the stomach. Not the toe, though.


I don't get that's.


Over my head, but that's fine.


It's actually right beneath your head. Okay, Max, also fun fact-.


Still thinking about it.


Yeah, fun fact about Max is Max almost didn't even have health care because he waited until the last 15 minutes to sign up for health care. Oh, nice. Then he spent the entire night worrying that he didn't get his plan. That would have been a disaster, Max, if he didn't have health care with that. I was thinking about that a lot when.


I was in the E.


But yeah, good luck, Max. You will be the heart and the soul.


Yeah, but Shane's going to be in it. Pug's going to be in it, all the producers and then all the content people are going to be doing the broadcast, doing the social. We're going to be chasing around with videos. It's going to be an awesome time. I think it's going to be a very, very fun time, very fun watch. This is why this office was built for these type of events. Tune in, please, and buy some merch if you want. Also, Still Blue Coffee is 20% off as well, including yearly membership. You can get 20% off your yearly membership. Every dollar counts because this is what we do for our business. I know people are upset. I know people get mad about Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We are for profit, and we're trying to keep everyone employed. I know that sucks.


The more you buy, the more you save.


What are you trying to do? Make money? This is our job. We are trying to... Yes.


Also, BigCat has very generously offered $300 per member on the winning team. I've offered a thousand dollars to the MVP. To the MVP.


Yeah, this is out of our.


Own pocket. I will be crowning the MVP based on just a random, whatever I feel, my eyeball test. Yeah.


$1,000. I like that. I think people are incentive to get selfish at the end.


I like that. Or maybe I value unselfish play. Yeah.


Can you win the MVP if you don't compete because you can't reach your toes?


Actually, yes. I'm going to say Max is eligible depending on his performance, not on the court, but just the stuff you do often. I can't reach my toes. Mims didn't want me to say that I can't reach.


My toes. Okay. Then you probably should have cut your nails. Jake. My who's back is sportsmanship. Last week in San Antonio, Gregg Popovich during Kauai, Leonard's free throws, hopped on the mic and he told the fans to stop booing.




Was such a loser move. He said that's.


Not who we are. It was sportsmanship at his finest. It was the most Coach K move I've ever seen from somebody who's not Coach K.


It was such a loser move. I hated it so much. I don't hate Pop, but I think I might have to start hating Pop.


It was bad. It was really bad. In fact, it.




So bad. If I was a Spurs fan, I would have booed Pop, telling me to stop booing him. I know.


The boo is intensified.


Good. It was in the.


Middle of the two free throws.




Yeah, it.


Was a crazy story. Also, what if Pop was just trying to psych Kauai out by getting on the mic and be like, Hey, I know all of you guys hate Kauai because of the way that he left and he was a jerk to you at the end. I get why you're booing him and you all hate him, but please stop. That's actually almost worse sportsmanship than booing him, I would say. Yeah, I'd agree.


Maybe he's reverse sports. I'd agree. All right, good show. We're going to talk all the college football on Wednesday. We have Kirk Herb Street on, which will be great. We have a lot to get to because it was a hell of a Saturday for college football. Let's finish with numbers. Max, is there a chance maybe this is all karma for you being a loser?




Yeah, 15. Oh, there is. Okay, so you admit. I don't know. I'm down bad. Yeah, you admit. All right, 71, 3.




What are? Everton, Shane? Shane. 10 for Shane. What was everyone's number?


Seven, usually.


I'm 20.


What was your number? 15.


Oh, new one.


Some guy in San Diego.


San Diego? I was with.


You and my parents who just came up to the table. I was like, 15.


Oh, Jake. Oh, 18. Jake's in. Let's go. There you go, Jake. Way to go. Way to go, Jake. I'm in new, Jakey.


Hi, Hank. You know a lot of people are winning this lotto machine. Yeah.


It's interesting. Yeah, Jake, get ready for Max to figure out some way to discredit you. Let's go. Congrats, Jake. Thank you. Huge. I'm happy for you, Jake. I'm fine. No, you're not. No, you're a loser. You're a loser. You're a crybaby, and you're going to find a way to make this illegitimate.


I'm happy.


For Jake. I am happy for Jake.


I was the first one to say I.


Was happy for Jake. But you are also going to be the first one to pull up footage and be like, This is illegal.


Well, he doesn't press the button.


So there's no way. Okay, but you're going to find a way. Did he wink at me? I think he wink. I saw Jake make in motion, and that's when I hit the button. -wrong. -fact, watch it back.


It's a score, a goal for the lot of the machine, too. Yeah, good job, Jake. It's never been drawn here. What a day.


Let's go. Huge, on the board. Max, hope your foot gets worse.


Love you guys.


I'm talking away. I don't know what to say. I'll say it anyway. Today is another day to find you shying away. I'm coming for you, love of a dream. Needless to say. I'm all set in it. But I'm here, don't let her away. Slowly learning that I've learned my life is okay. It's no better to be safe and sorry. Say up to me. It's no better to be safe and sorry. Say up to me. It's no better to be safe and sorry. I hope that things that you say, yeah, is it all I know?


Just to.


Play my.


Worries away.


You are the things I thought to remember, and the shine of the way, I'll be coming for you anyway. The shine of the way, I'll be coming for you anyway. Take on me. Take on me. I will not let take on me.


Take on me. I'll take on the take of you.


Take on the take of you. Take on the take of you.