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Visit carvana. Com or download the app to get prequalified today. On today's part of my take, football week 13, we're going to talk about every game from Sunday, the crown jewel. The Max haters are going to have a great time. Lions back on track. We also are going to do Fast as Two Minutes, as always. Because it was a crazy weekend in college football championship weekend, the playoff is set. We will be discussing that and how Florida State got screwed. So great Monday show for everyone. Football football, football, football. And it's all brought to you by our friends at Proper Number 12 Irish Whisky. Rich and smooth, Proper Number 12 Irish Whisky. New smooth to the core, Proper Number 12 Irish apple, new crisp and fresh, Proper Number 12 Irish apple. It's founded by Connor McGregor. For every bottle sold. A donation is made to support our Brave First responders. I've been drinking, Proper Number 12 Irish apple every single weekend with the college football show. It is delicious. It's the perfect football whiskey. It's a perfect tailgate whiskey. It is whiskey season. Thanksgiving to Christmas. It's Whisky every night. So shoot your shot a Proper Number 12 Irish whiskey.


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Take it higher. It's a part of my take, this isn't about.


Martial sports. Welcome to a part of my take. Today is Monday, December fourth, and it's week 13.


What the? Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.


Tick, tick, tick, tick.


Tick, tick.


One more. I'm going to get them.


Thumbs, bro.


We start in Texas, where I'm stroud to be an American, where I might be MVP. As the Texans took on the Broncos and ran the annexation of Puerto Rico, Collins to the tune 191 yards at a touchdown, down. Tank Dell saw Brad Pitt acting in the movie Furi and said, Break a leg. Too soon, boom. The game came down to the last drive as Russell Wilson went back to pass and ward. What is it good for stopping Courtland Sutton? Say it again now. Now, as the Texans win with a walk-off interception. Texans 22, Broncos 17.


What? What? Over to.


Ryle John.




Where it was a.






From the commanders as.


Tyreke got.


Down with the quickness and the.


Quarterback said, Two.


Two, two, a-a-a-a.


Sam, can I buy a.


Foul and try.


To solve a puzzle?


Is it.


I-o-u, a new head coach?


Andrew Van Pinkle was a light colored streak through the red zone as he scored on a first half pick six.


And Riverboat Ron.


Looks like he's about to be out to sea.




Dolphins, 45;.


The Commanders, 15. In Pittsburgh, where the Arizona Cardinals got Murrayed, as Jonathan Gennon said to his quarterback in tight end, You now may kiss McBride. Lebron James told us not to use the word bitch this weekend, but he never said anything about Mitch as Trabiski came in relief for Pickett after multiple rain delays. The Stealers trying to rally late, but James Connor McGregor knocked them out, leaving the Stealers looking like a dead mascot clinging onto its former glory. Speaking of Connor McGregor, buy your property of number 12 Irish whiskey today. Cardinals 24, Stealers 10.


Over to the music city where Gairdner, mini men.


Mini, mini, mini men.


Mini men, wish.




Upon me. Minceau might be the second-string quarterback, but that equals 50 cent. It was popping them thanks in overtime against the Titans.


Ryan bonehouse suffered a brothel injury as back-to-back punch were blocked.


Changing the course of the game. Michael Sarah Pitman gave a super bad ending for Titans fans in overtime as the.


Colts walked off with a touchdown.




31, the games, 28. We now get to our program of games that were absolutely horrible to watch, and no one ever wants a recap for. First stop, Falcons, jets, with our correspondent memes in Metalands.


We head up to MetLife where Arthur A. Smith told the jets, Stay off the touchdowns. My J. Cole Pruitt was yelling, Get off my dick. After scoring the only touchdown of the afternoon. Robert Murtaw Sala turned to Xavier Mel Gibson and said, I'm getting too.


Old for this shit.


Simeon Rogers died for our Simeon. Beep boop bop. You are dead. Simeon.






Jets eight. That one was terrible, but we got an even worse game. We're going up to Foxborough with Henry Lockwood for the Chargers and the Patriots. Over to.




Where a.




Took place to the likes.


Of which New Englanders haven't seen since.


The American Revolution.


Price Hall-Baringer.


Said he's.


Not a fighter.


He was never a fighter. After putting up his best.


Shot at total punting yards in the game, but ultimately coming up short to JK Rowling Scott, who lit up the scoreboard with.


The Lumos spell for a.


Total of 367.


Yards punting on the day.


Speaking of JK Rowling, Cameron, Dick Her.


Identified as he / him.


After knocking in two.


Field goals, including.


The game winner, New England Zero, the San Diego Supercharges Six. We go out west.


Where the New York Jet hasn't landed quite yet as Joe got canceled late. The Rams ran the Airopostale raid offense with their puca necklaces as Cooper Cuppa noodles chipped in, having the sidelines, cheer-like raw men. John Johnson, whose name literally translates to Glory Hall.


Stuck his head through.


The wall and sucked away a deep ball and Browns lose as L.


A. Takes down Cleveland. Thirty-six to 19, we.


Now go over to the.


City of brotherly.


Love with our Chief Eagles correspondent, our bird man, Max.


We head over to Philadelphia, where the 49ers won the Super Bowl in week 13. Big Dom Torretto DeSandro took it personally when Dre Greenlaw tried to threaten the family, but the birds were unable to fight for his honor. Aj Sopreno Brown returned to his dominant self, but was left looking at his.


Final stat line saying, So what?


No fucking TD now?


1, 2, 3, Bo Samuels, backed up his.


Shit talk by scoring a trio.


Of touchdowns against the trash Philly secondary and.


Ultimately smushed the birds.


Two-seat 49ers, 42.


One-seat Eagles, 19. Boom, you developed a little bit of Italian accent over there, boom. I mean, it was an Italian show there.


Yeah. I was a little biased there, you boom. A little bias.


Oh, no, I'm just reporting the facts. Standing out.








Winston, down in Nola, such a fine sight to see. It's Jerry Gulf, my Lord.








The lions looking good at.


Nine and three.


Put your nuts in the sea.




They're biting kneecaps.


Just like always, this song.


Ends our recap.


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I also want to say that I love the new wrinkle that we do where whenever someone in this room has a bad loss, they have to write a boomer about it because Max, memes, Hank, great job. Yeah, truly. Great job all around.


Max, I laughed out loud at Simio Sopranos stuff. Yeah.


What? No fucking?


Td? There was one moment today in the Eagles game where Max actually got mad at AJ and he goes, Fucking AJ? And he sounded like Tony Sopranos. He sound exactly like it. It was awesome. He didn't even realize it. That's what made me think of it.


Yeah. All right, we're going to talk about every game. We're also going to talk college football this week on Monday show because a lot went on. They deserve some time. But let's dive right in to Sunday, which, we'll just be honest, there wasn't a ton of great football being played.


There were a couple of good games. The Texans-Broncos game was pretty good at the end. The Saints tried to make it a good game against the Lions.


Yeah, so that was the first game I listed. Those are the two first games. Yeah, those are the best ones. I had Lions 33, Saints 28, first game listed. The Lions jumped out to a 21-nothing lead in six and a half minutes. The Saints, I got very frustrated. We actually were watching the game and I was like, Get the Saints off the main TV. I can't watch them anymore with sound because they're so frustrating to watch. But the Lions defense will keep any team in the game. It looked for a second there like they were going to blow the perfect start to a game, but they hold on. They're nine and three. They are, I think, I can never do the math. It's not as simple as it feels like it's not as simple as baseball, even though it's the exact same math.


The magic number?


Yeah, I think their magic number might be five.


Well, the Lions have now officially won the NFC South because they beat every team in the NFC South this year.


Yes, but they are on the precipice at nine and three and the second-place teams being sixand six and six and the Vikings and possibly six and six in the Packers. They are on the precipice of having their first home playoff game since 1993.


The tricky part is that they still have two games left against the Vikings. Yes. We have to watch out for that. But yeah, the Lions, it felt like the game was over after six minutes into the game. I've changed my mind. We're not Saints fans, so it's very easy for us to say just put James Winston in the game all the time because he's more entertaining for us to watch as somebody that doesn't have a dog in the fight. If I was a Saints fan, I would still want Derrick Carr out, but they should just let that offense run through Tasom Hill all the time. Yeah. There's nobody like him in the NFL. He seems to be effective at moving the chains. The offense is something that you can't really prepare for that well. It's like facing the triple option if you're in college. If you have a Tasom Hill game, you haven't played an offense like that all season, and Tasom Hill is good enough to being a quarterback and good enough running with the football where I feel like he would be a much better starter than.


Derrick Carr. I also think that to Tasom Hill, there's a human element to Tasom Hill that a defense probably would just get so sick of guarding him because it's either a pass, he's okay as a passing, but when he runs, he's just going to try to run everyone over. At some point, it feels like Tasom Hill never runs out of energy. But yeah, I agree. The saints just have to admit that they suck and they have to start blowing everything up because the saints have been doing this for… It started the end of the breeze era, and it's been going on ever since, where they just continually kicked the can down the road. The next year, they're going to be $71 million over the cap. I don't even know how that's possible.


The saints are always in cap hell. They've been in cap hell for the last.


Six years. But why wouldn't they just start trading people?


I don't know. The cap.


Doesn't exist. Start trading. Just reset everything. I don't know. If you're a Saints fan, you have to want a fresh restart because they've been holding on for what feels like a decade now to a lot of the same pieces. Yeah, they got robbed in the NFC Championship Game when the Rams and the pass interference and everything. There were moments where they were close. But at this point, it feels like the party, it's like this party has been going on for way too long and everyone's looking around being like, Hey, should we just go home? We got to end this.


I feel like the Saints are the perfect embodiment of a team with a roster that was awesome four.


Years ago. It still has names that you think like, Oh, shit, this is pretty good. Then guys are injured all the time. Michael Thomas is out again, and Rasheed Shaheed, who I love, was out today. That actually brings me to my other point is like, the Lions defense, they'll keep everyone in the game because we joked about it on Friday, how Dennis Allen says this is an explosive offense the Saints have. He was right today. Chris Lave was incredible, and they only had really Chris Lave. Jimmy Graham scored a touchdown. Jimmy Graham, everyone in the room was like, Jimmy Graham, he scored a touchdown. The Lions, I don't know what they're going to be able to do in terms of figuring out what to do on defense because every game is just going to be a heart attack for them where it doesn't matter what lead they have.


Everyone's still in this game. Yeah, they're just hoping to outscore everybody. If you're an Alliance fan, or at least I do, I want to see James and Williams get the ball in space way more often. I feel like he's always open, run it, streaking down the field. They'll throw one deep shot to him per game. They gave him the ball on, it was either a reverse, end around, something like that at the end of the game. They ice it and got him in open space. He is so fucking fast. Get him the ball in space, and then I think you'll be able to outscore almost everybody. But yeah, the defense is an issue. Hutcherson had that one hit on Derrick Carr, which I think we might have a competitor to Drew Braves' 16 cracked ribs that he had that one season. Yeah, it was bad. It was a nasty hit that Derrick Carr took. Then when Tasom came in the game, you're right, I think he delivered... He tackles guys as they're trying to tackle him. He's like, If you're going to take me out, I'm going to take you out first and wrap you up and take you to the ground as I go down myself.


He treats a football game like who will tap first. It doesn't really matter about yards and production. It's like, I'm just going to try to physically beat up everyone on the defense. When there's no one left, then.


We win. Yeah, he's going to try to run into your face if you're a linebacker. Then the next time you try to tackle him, maybe you'll be one step slower because you don't want to get hit in your face. He gets an extra two yards off that. I actually think that the Saints, if they want to win and you still have a chance to win the NFC south- Which is crazy. -which is crazy. You're not a very good team, but that division is garbage, so you have a chance to win. If you want to win, just do all Tason all the time. Put James in occasionally. I like him as a change of pace guy. But they should-.


You need a pun. They should want to lose. If you're a Saints fan, and maybe I'm way off, Saints fans can tell me I'm stupid for this, but if I were a Saints fan, I would want to lose because I would want for there to be… The worst thing that happened to the Saints is they somehow get into the playoffs as the NFC South representative, lose a game, and then they can tell themselves, Oh, we were pretty close. We were a playoff team. You just got to hit reset on everything.


Everything. Just a reminder, Dennis Allen is a head coach. His record is now 20 and 45.


He's so bad. The other big story from this game was the ChainGang guy who probably had the worst injury of any ChainGang operator of all time.




Coolhandluke. Yeah, CoolHandLuke shaking over here, boss. It was crazy. He got carted off. They stopped the game. He got carted off. That's how bad he broke his leg on the sideline. They showed it and he was screaming. I feel bad. I shouldn't laugh. I'm not laughing, but I am also laughing because it's just got to suck to be wearing the- The visor, the Bib, and then getting carted off and having an NFL game stop because you have to get.


Carted off. Yeah, anytime you get severely injured in a BIP, it's not a very good look. He didn't have that human reaction that most people have where your body goes into shock for a second. He was immediately.


In pain. He had that one shot where his leg was just dangling and you're like, Oh, my God.


One thing that I love is when players, if they run over a cameraman or a chain gang guy or anybody on the sidelines, if they stick around, they help them up, they give them a.


Little hug.


You should not be penalized. They should continuously reset the play clock to give a player enough time to pick a guy off the ground and make sure he's okay and just get him back in the zone, tell him a little joke, learn a fact about his family, something. Because I understand why Camara had to run out of there after he saw that the guy was injured. He's got to get back on the field for the next play. But just from a human element side, Roger Goodell, I know you're a long-time listener, big-time AWSL, just reset the play clock. Let the guys take care of the people on the when they run them over.


Getting injured in a BIP, that's just a bad. There's things you just don't want to be. You don't want to get injured naked. You don't want to get injured.


In a BIP. You're pretty much a baby if you get injured in.


A Bible. Yeah. Because you know that he had to go off. He gets carted off and then they're in the tunnel and he's probably writhing in pain and they're looking at him and they're like, Hey, man, we're going to need this BIP.


Do you get access?


We're going to need someone else to be on the chain gang. We're going to have to take this BIP from you.


Do they have a backup and emergency chain? I'm sure they do. Third-string guy? Do you get access to the team's healthcare professionals and their facilities if you get hurt on the chain gang?


Yeah, if I were on the chain gang and I got rolled up like that guy and I was just sadly crying in my BIP in the tunnel, I'd be like, Can you at least give me some Toradol? Just at least give me some torto. Let me feel fine for.


A minute. I'd be like, shoot it up and send me back out there.


Yeah, give me a prescription, Doc. I had one last thing. Sam Leporter is awesome and a fun stat. Sam Leporter had 140 yards on Sunday. So he got very close to Iowa's entire yards output on Saturday. They had 155 yards against Michigan. Sam Laporte had 140 yards. I know we're going to talk college football and the playoffs and everything, but I have a fun stat from you from the Iowa season, which I've professed my love for Iowa because they piss everyone off so much. But, Iowa, do you know that Iowa had over a thousand yards more punting than offense this year? They had 3,052 yards offense, 4,119 punting yards. They were 133 out of 133 on offense. They were first out of 133 on punting.


That's awesome.


So, Jay Cuda had that... It's beautiful. But Sam Laporte. I don't know how Iowa has the best tight ends and these awesome offensive players, and then they just don't play offense on Saturday.


Yeah, so you've got Hawkinson in the league. You've got Kiddle. You have Laporte, you have Noah Fant, right? Yeah. You've got some pretty good tight ends- It's crazy. -in the NFL, and they all dominate. In college, they block. They're primarily like Noah Fant, caught a lot of passes, but they're primarily blocking tight ends in college. They get to the NFL, you're like, Oh, shit, you can do that, too?


I will right now, as bad as their offense was 133 out of 133. I don't know exactly as a fact. People say I'm maybe stupid, but I bet you somewhere on their roster right now is a pro ball.


Tight end. Yeah, or maybe even a wide receiver.


It's going to end up being, we're going to see this guy in three years. We're like, Wait, he was on.


That team? My favorite part about Iowa this year is that their punterner is by far the most dynamic player that they have. Huber Jean? Yeah. He's out. They don't use him on offense.


Well, he.


Got injured. But I'm saying during the season, he's electric with a ball in his hand. Plays defense. They refuse to give him the ball on offense. Actually, if you are going through Iowa football withdrawals, fear not, because Thursday night we've got the Stealers and the Patriots. Seriously. It's going to be a backup, maybe even a backup, backup quarterback for the Stealers. If you're drunk enough, they're going to look like Iowa football. Tune into that.


That will be great. But yeah, Lions, I think all Lions fans are just going to be like, Hey, we're riding the rollercoaster here. We're a nine-and-three. They're a very good team. But their defense every Sunday is like, Who knows? Who knows.


What will happen? Bruce Irvine, still in the league. Did not know that until today. I think he just signed with the Lions, but I think he's been one and done. By one and done, I mean, one game and then he gets injured for the last four seasons in a row. Bruce Irvine, first round draft pick, same draft class as Russell Wilson in Seattle, still in the league, still making plays.


Yeah, so Lions keep just having fun games. Addison O-Strange is the current Iowa tight end.


He's next up.


He's next up? Yeah. Based on what? 29 catches, two touchdowns. Okay. That might be too many catches. That's what we're saying. Over 11 games? No, I'm saying usually the tight ends have become incredible. It's a freshman right now who's just blocking. He's a sophomore. And he'll just be the best.


What are his measurables there, Jake?


Addison O'Stringa is 6'4, 255 from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.


I like him. I like that guy. He'd be a pro bowler. He's checking all the boxes.


Right now. Yeah, pro bowler.


What if Hayden-Large got into the league and was just the most athletic person ever?


It will happen.




All right, next up. Texans 22, Bronco 17, I have a question for my friend Henry Lockwood.




Hank, do you now believe in turnover luck? Yes. Literally what I said on Friday was going to happen. It happened. Turnover luck. The Broncos turned the ball over. They threw three interceptions. The Texans fumbled the ball a couple. There was a botch snap and there was another fumble that they fell on and didn't turn the ball over at all.


I'm going to push back on you here, Big Cat. I think that the Texans might be the best team at recovering fumbles.


Well, the Texans take care of the ball. I was saying that on Friday. They don't turn the ball over a ton. The turnover luck for the Broncos having just every ball bounce their way was going to at some point stop. It stopped in this game, and it also happened to be a game where Russell Wilson threw three interceptions.


Yeah, the Texans made great plays on those fumbles. The offensive line were just hitting the ground, diving all over the place. There's so many small things that the Texans do really well that end up making them win these close games because they are the king of close game in the NFL right now. And CJ Straud, you just know when he's dropping back and his body relaxes, you can see his shoulders just lose all the tension. He's about to make a sick throw. Somebody's open. He's about to do it. Like you said last week, the game moved so slow for him. Whatever his processing speed is, whoever leaked the information about CJ Straud not being able to pass that S2 cognition test, genius. The lowest test ever. Yeah. Genius smokescreen because that guy processes things so quickly.


Actually, the Broncos did get a little bit of turnover luck in this game that kept him in the game because it could have been even like the Texans couldn't have... It could have been a game that didn't have to come down to the last play of the game with Russell Wilson throwing an interception in the end zone. That strip that they called, they whistled the running back forward progress was the dumbest whistle ever. I think we've gotten better in football that they let them play the play out and then they'll go review it. That was an old school 10 years ago where they just whistled the minute there's contact because that was as clear as a fumble could be. The running back was trying to make a move. He was trying to shed the tackle.


There was another play, too, with C. J. Straud, where he got tackled. He got sacked. The second the Broncos linebacker put his finger on him. The ref blew the whistle. C. J. Straud kept back pedaling away from the sack. Probably should have had another six yards on it, but they said he was in the grasp as soon as contact.


Big forward.


Progress crew. Huge forward progress.


Big forward progress crew. But yeah, this was more... So C. D. Strowd has been the story this year for the Texans in the League. I thought this game was more about the Texans young defense showing up because Derek Stingley was incredible. He had two interceptions. Second one was awesome. Then Will Anderson had two sacks and a bunch of pressures. It was like, this Texan's defense has now come along to a point where they can play on both sides of the ball and they're just a good team.


Yeah, you were correct about your take going into this game with a fumble-lock, turnover-lock. I was just a little bit early on the tank del being out. Yeah, I know. Do you feel like you just don't- I feel terrible about that. What happened was, and I apologize to the listeners, we try not to get things right on this podcast, but I realize that when you say something like this player is out, you should probably get that one right. Yeah.


That was fine. I believed you. I went and checked my lineup and I was like.


Oh, no, he's fine. I got so many people from the fantasy football community being like, What's your source on Tank Del? I haven't heard this. My source was I read a practice injury report where Tank Del was out with a calf injury. I thought that meant that he was out for the game. It just said Tank Del out. I didn't dig any further. That's on me. I should have dug one level further.


Well, now he's.


Out for the season. Now he's out for the season. I did feel bad. I put a bet in of him to score a touchdown, and if he had scored, I was going to give it to somebody who had been negatively, adversely affected by my erroneous Tank Del reporting. But unfortunately, he got hurt, which sucks because he's awesome and the Texans offense is way better with him in it. But that didn't really stop CJ today.


That's one of my favorite parts about this podcast because we get so many things wrong. But if you are a Texans fan or own Tank Del and fantasy, you stop and you're like, Wait, they're wrong. It's like, dude, if you were following every team as closely as you're following the Texans or Tank Del, you'd realize we get.


Everything wrong. Yeah, a lot of stuff.


It's just that this happened to affect you personally, and.


You're like, That's wrong. I was just a little early on the news. I feel bad for him because it's a fibula, and I don't know, depending on how bad a fibula is, maybe he could be back if they make a run in the playoffs.


They did say out for the season already.


Yeah, it's the non-weight-bearing bone. I've had that one. Okay. It's not great.


They have Nico Collins, though.


Yeah. He's really good. What do you have?


191 yards there? 191 yards, nine catches. It felt like the Broncos just ran out of the luck that they've been running on. I still think the Broncos could potentially get into the playoffs, but everything had been bouncing right for them. Then you had Russ, I think two out of the three intersections were bad. You had Russ fall back to earth a little bit, and now they are back into a... I mean, probably have to win every game. I mean, I don't know what the seventh seed is going to be in the AFC. What do you think? 10 wins or 11?


I think 10 wins is the number.


10, so they're going to have to win four out of five.


Down the stretch. They're going to have to pass the Colts.


Yeah. We'll get to the Stealers. We have it coming up in a minute. But as much as an injustice for Florida State, we should do a committee for the playoffs because I don't want to see the Steelers play the playoffs.


I don't want to see them in the playoffs. The starting quarterback just got injured. You have to think they're a different team. Different team. I don't want to see this team in the playoffs.


There should maybe be a fan vote for the seventh seat. I would actually not be opposed to a fan vote for the seventh seat. Well, it's his biggest market. Well, no. Probably. They have to be.


500 or above. If it was media market, it would be the Chargers. The would.


Still get it. But there's not enough fans.




I'd rather see the Bulls than the Steelers. Would anyone rather see the Steelers than the Bulls and the playoffs?


If we're going on who the best teams are, I really do think that it would be fun just for one season to have it come down to a college football type of game.


Yeah. The Texans should be in the playoffs. The Texans would be fun to watch in the playoff.


Right now, close your eyes. Bulls, Steelers, neutral field, who wins that game?


Do you want to see the Chiefs or the Ravens play the Stealers, or do you want to see them.


Play the Bills? Well, the Bills have some really good losses on schedule. They have.


Great quality losses.


They had a great loss against what? The Eagles? The loss overseas, you can excuse that it was a travel loss. We'll close our eyes, pretend that one didn't happen. Yeah, the Bills should be a two-seed.


Yeah, and people are going to be mad at us for saying this, but I'll throw in Texans as well. The Texans I would like to see in the playoffs. They are a very fun team to watch. All their games are a fun watch. The playoff chances, we said it on Friday, but the percentages swing wildly after this game. The Texans now have a decent shot to make the playoffs. The Broncos have to jump a bunch of teams.


Yeah. Right now as it stands, you've got the Colts at the seven-seed, Cleveland Six.


I'm fine with the Colts.


They're fun. Pittsburgh fifth seed. Yeah. Actually, either the Colts or the Browns, I'm fine with either one of those teams. Yeah.


I know Steeler's fans. I don't think Steeler's fans will be that upset. They're just like, we're also of watching.


This team play full-pull. They understand. When TJ went down, that looked like that was the last thing they have to root for. Yeah.


All right, speaking of the Colts, Colts 31, Titans 28, the Cults survive by the Special Teams Wizardry. I don't know who their Special Teams coach is, but he drew up. I don't know if this was more the Titans, not understanding how to block enough guys. But they did have like, it was basically the guy running free to block back-to-back puns. One was so blocked that it was actually not a block pun, it was a fumble because he got there before he could even pun it. They took out the punter for the Titan Stonehouse.


Stonehouse. He's a beast.


Which again, like, BIP injury, really bad. I actually think punter injury is just as sad because when a punter gets injured, they don't really put a bunch of medical support.


Around him. No, because the play keeps going on. Right. The punter, I think he was going through shock because he was just laying completely motionless, like he was dead on the field. Then the play goes on around you and there's people like much larger people than you jumping over your body trying to get to.


The ball. I would just imagine if a punter gets hurt, they're not having the head team doctor look after him. They're like, Hey, we'll just have an intern just bring you into the locker room and we'll.


Figure this out later. Every team has a vet that they send out there, and that's for the special teams. It's for kickers, punners, or lesser extent holders. It's just a sad injury. Not the real doctor. I can't think of anything Mike Varebel wants to do less with his week than try him to find a fill-in punter. That's the last thing that Vrabes- I think Vrabes did.


A good job.


He did okay, yeah. But you know that Vrabel is going to sit down at his desk and be like, Fuck, I have to find a backup punter now to join our team? I don't want to do that. Who cares? Yeah.


Ryan Tanehill came in and not the best hold on the extra point that could have won them the game if they had gotten that because they went into overtime. Then he redeemed himself with the field goal. Then Gairdner Minchou, he's hit, I think, his ceiling of Gairdner Minchou. I think he's at peak Gairdner Minchou right now. They're seven.


And five. No one has more fun than Gairdner Minchou when they win, which I love. After the game, he was so pumped up in the locker room. People seemed to be excited for him. Again, they're a really well-coached team.


Shane Syken is Coach of the Year. That touchdown play, the Michael Pitman touchdown, where they ran a fake rub route, was so perfectly… We're watching every game, so I don't know exactly every single play, but I'd have to imagine they had run that rub route a bunch of times and then to save the fake for that exact moment was ran to perfection.


My two votes right now are going to, I think I'm going to give them to Styken and then D'Amico Ryan's.


I'm going to give mine to Styken and nick Saban.


Okay, smart. Coach of the Year. Well, Belichick, too, because he's doing a great job of tanking. It's a great job of tanking. Really good job.


Of tanking. Incredible job of tanking. Derek Henry is still good.


He got jacked up a little bit.


But he still had 100 yards.


Run too high.




Titans are- Colts are five and one on the road, which is pretty incredible. One of those wins is a road game in Germany, too.


They won a game, remember? They won a game in Baltimore.


They won a game in Baltimore. People forget that they beat the Ravens.


They beat the Ravens in overtime. I'm still shocked that the Colts are the seventh seed right now. No one expected this from this Colts team, especially after Anthony Richardson went down.


Yeah, right. If they make the playoffs, I'm going to get an El Camino for Gairdner-Mitchu. It's what he would want.


How many years do you think it's going to take for the Titans to play on turf before I get used to it?


I'm still not used to it. Do the Titans playing on turf? Yeah. Probably forever.


I just expect them to have that grass that then in late in the season, it gets really weird-colored. I think they had grass last year. Pretty sure they did.


Yeah, when did they change?


I think it was this year. But every time they show a Titans game, I'm like, What is this?


What are we watching? It would get gray. It would.


Get really gray. I think they had it when, remember, it was at Josh Dobbs versus the Cowboys. They covered the spread last year on a Thursday night game. Maybe it was it was the game that they showed Taylor Luan in a wheelchair.


Oh, yeah, that was a good one. That was a really good one. Yeah, there are certain teams that I can't ever imagine playing on turf like the Bears. I can never imagine the Bears. The Commanders. Commanders. They should always have just shitty stadiums.


Right, the Titans were a brothers and arms with the.


Shitty field. Who's next up? Who's got the worst field besides me and you? The commanders.


No, we just said the commanders.


We said the commanders and the bears. The commanders and the bears have an awful field.


You guys have bad teams and.


Bad facilities. Yeah, we know. Bad teams, bad facilities, bad records, bad coaches.




Got the worst?


We get a lot of bad teams. The Browns could be up there. Jets. Yeah. No, the jets have fake turf. We're talking about the real turf teams that are going to... Because the Titans were one of the last basions of like, This is grass that's going to really suck in December. But it doesn't matter because Derek Kennedy will run it down your throat. Then they made the switch and I'm not used.


To the switch. Heinz Field.


Heinz Field. If the Steeler's played on fake grass.


That would bother me. I would.


Quit football. That would bother me a lot. The Steeler should actually go back to Three Rivers and play on the pavement.


Astroturf? Yeah. I saw a picture of Barry Sanders running football this weekend, and he was wearing just basketball shoes. People used to wear basketball shoes, basically, during NFL game. Yeah, it.


Was awesome. Okay, so, yeah, we've lost a lot of grass recently. We're losing grass at a.


Rapid pace. It's all this synthetic.


K2 shit. It'd be weird if Lambo ever went to it. That would be very bizarre.


That'd be really strange.


Yeah, but.


They somehow keep the grass looks... I think they put a tarp on it all the time. They got the oils underneath. You know what the difference is? They don't have concerts there. They probably do have concerts, but it's not like massive events like in Chicago or in DC.


Yeah. They definitely do. Big concerts? They have all the seasoned ticket holders. That's a lot of weight.


Let's see. Where else would you have a big concert in Wisconsin? Well, Lambo has-You could have it in Milwaukee. -or Madison. Lambo has like... How many people live in Green Bay?


I think it's.


Not more than like-Like 100,000? Yeah.


It's not a lot. I doubt they have a ton of.


Concerts up there. Do you think Taylor Swift is going to stick around after this game and play a couple of tunes?


Maybe. Nice.


For people? It was funny how they.




320,000. Oh, that's a lot more than I thought. Yeah.


Metro area. I don't know if that's.


Suburban Green Bay. Sorry, Green Bay. I just slandered you. There are.


Some events-We're saying, though, your grass looks really good. Your grass always looks good. I don't know why the grass can't be good everywhere else. Okay, next up. Cardinals 24, Stealers 10, the rain delay game. Two rain delays. This game lasted forever. This game also was won by the Cardinals when the Steeler at the end of the first half, Kenny Pickett got hurt. They went for it on fourth and one with four minutes left. Then the Cardinals had a 109-yard drive because they actually got a 10-yard penalty, so they had to get 109 yards that lasted the rest of the half, going all the way down the field, scoring a touchdown, and that was it. That was it. It was like it's over. Then they went into rain delay madness forever.


Kenny going down with an injury should really make you appreciate Kenny Pickett if you're a Steeler's fan. As bad as the offense has looked at sometimes this year with Kenny Pickett playing, they look way better when he's in there versus when Mitch Trabiski is in there.


They were moving the ball. They were moving the ball a little bit when he was at the beginning of the game. It felt like they had a couple of drives that I know they had a field goal drive, but yeah, that was the game. This was such a classic Steeler's game for them to lose as a big favorite at home against a bad Cardinals team. Mike Thomas said afterwards, it was just JV football everywhere around.


Yeah, Kyler was scampering around back there. Kyler gets very confused when he gets to the sidelines about how he should hold the ball out when he goes out of bounds. I don't know if he knows the rules or not. There was one play in particular where he's running off to the sidelines. It's about a yard and a half short of a first down. He started to stick the ball out with one hand, held it out about a half yard, transferred it to the other, and then held it backwards about a yard as he went out of bounds. He gets confused. He gets confused on the sidelines. But there was a touchdown pass to Ryndale Moore again. I think I dropped this nugget maybe early last year. That's got to be the shortest combination of passing touchdown in NFL history, right? Yeah. In terms of total inches from the quarterback. Unless the only thing I could think of, maybe at one point, Darren Sproles might have thrown a touchdown to Danny Woodhead. I don't know if they- Doug Floody. They might not have overlapped at all in L. A. Or in San Diego at the time.


Doug Floody to someone maybe?


Doug Floody, maybe... Who is the Don Bebee? Did Doug Floody ever throw in a dump? Probably not. I don't think they overlapped either. But that's got to be the shortest. We got to-Yeah. Ronale Moore is what? Five-seven? Five-six-and-a-half? Yeah.


Five-10 and one-eighth and five-seven.


Five-seven. That's not true. That's not true.


That's what our.


Adam Horst at reported. Kyler got heal implants and he turned his back on the 5-9 crew before the combine. Never forgive him for that.


The Cardinals fucked up the draft pick, though. I guess they got to keep playing, though, because they don't need a new quarterback if Kyler is going to be good. But yeah, they're inching closer to the 4-Win team, which is there's a slog there. From the fourth pick to the eighth pick is all 4-Win teams. Now they have three wins.


That's a good word for it, a slog. It is a slog. It's a slog of four and eight teams. That third pick is going to be very valuable, too. Very valuable.


They got to hold on to it. But I guess they also... I mean, it's a new coach. Kyler, he's having fun out there. Trey McBride is really good. We saw obviously, Zach Erts has gone. That's why because Trey McBride is very good. I think the Cardinals are in that frisky territory where they're not going to quit. They're not quitting on the year.




And the Stealers, yeah. I don't want to see them play.


In the playoffs. Or Thursday.


Or Thursday.




Is-especially not Thursday. -that's going to test everything we've got.


I'm going to do it. I'm going to sack up. I'll be the first person to say it. I'm going to watch fucking Thursday Night Football. Yeah? And there's nothing you can do about it.


I'll probably be asleep. No, we got to do the show, Hank. Well, luckily, we'll have other content. Well, no, but we're going to do that. Hank, you got to do the show after you do your 24 hours stream. Got it.




That's part of the deal. Did you not think we were going to do the show? After the game. We'll do most of the show while you're in the box with Max, but after the game, we're going to do the beginning of the show. And then I'll edit.


Yeah, during the game, I'll probably be asleep.




I'm going to be up for.


24 hours. You're not going to watch your Patriots?


It's going to put me to sleep. But Hank, can you... Listen, people love to see delirious Hank. Tired Hank is actually my favorite Hank. I'm doing 24 hours straight. Hank, you're very funny when you don't have any sleep. Tune in Wednesday and Thursday.


The good news, by the way, is I don't think the Steelers will make the playoffs, especially if Kenny's hurt. They have the Patriots, which they should win, but they could lose.


That's anyone's, yeah.


Then they had to play at the Colts, Bangles at home, and then they finished with At Seahawks, At Ravens.


Yeah, I could see them losing four of those, maybe five.


Yeah, it felt like if they didn't win today, then it's... Because if they win today and they end up whatever they were going to be eight and four. Now they're seven and five.


This was a must win for Pittsburgh.


This was a must win. But it's probably for the better. We got to figure some things out in Pittsburgh. I like the Steelers being in the playoffs. They are obviously a traditional playoff football team. Just maybe not this iteration of the Steelers because they're a tough watch.


It's like the Saints. You don't really do yourself any favors by making the playoffs this year if you're the Steelers. Yeah.


All right, before we get to the next slate of games, PFT, you got a couple of ads.


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Com/take. Okay, Falcons, jets. Oh, boy, this is when we get to the tough stuff. Falcons, jets. It was so perfect that this game started to nothing. The jets defense started the scoring. It was just 2-0, 7-2, 7-5, 10-5 at half. Just the perfect scoring for this game.


Did you know that the jets have more first quarter safety this year than they do touchdowns? I thought that was an.


Interesting stat. That is tough. The jets actually out gained the Falcons on offense because this wasn't the Falcons offense beating the jets. It was the Falcons defense beating the jets offense, which is probably easy to do.


Yeah, well, they tried. They went for a spark, which maybe it was the saddest spark of all time, putting Trevor Simeon in the game. As far as sparks that I can remember, when you go to a backup quarterback, going to Simeon is you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel there.


Good news, though, for the jets and memes, this is very good news for you. We might be all the way back around the circle on the spark because Robert Salaw said afterwards about Zach Wilson. He's always in consideration. But to what level? Like I said, I'm not there yet.


Yeah, so I wasgetting there. I was going to say, I think we've reached the point where Zach Wilson is now the spark.


I'm getting there. Picture me switching back and forth between Trevor Simeon and Zach Wilson.


I think Zach Wilson could come in and maybe he's had enough time on the bench. Maybe he's been humbled.


He might-He might have sat on the bench long enough that he's a spark.


Yeah, that's what I'm saying.


He's a spark. Yeah, he's re-engaged.


His sparkness. You know what? The flame is back. The jets might be ready to go into hyperdrive. Yeah. We might have hyperdrive with Zach Wilson, memes. What do you think about that? Yeah, I'd rather him out there than.


Tim Boyle and Trevor Smith. Yeah, I mean, it's ugly, memes. Season's over, right?


Yeah, season's over again.


Until Friday?


Until now, we're playing Texas. How does he do? Still hasn't played.


Yeah, Trevor- Izzy was the original spark.


Trevor Simeon coming in to be the spark to ignite the offense and having three fumbles was not exactly what you were.


Looking for. This game had nine three and outs, two fumbles, an interception, and a safety. Three and outs, there was also multiple times when it was like a four and out. It was like get a first down and then pun on the first play. It was so bad to watch. And the Falcons, I guess, get credit because they are leading the NFC South and you had to win that game. You could not lose that game. It wasn't pretty at any point. Desmond Ritter is still not the guy, but you won the game and you just got out of there. Credit to the Jets defense because they have not quit. They still are playing really, really hard and they got their two points. Imagine if they had won 2-0.


This was, if you were to tell me, if you look at... What was the final.


Score here? It was 13-8.


Yeah, that's about, I think, what most Jet fans would have expected. They asked Arthur Smith about this after the game. Now, Arthur, he has a good excuse. He said it's hard to win games in December. This was a December-type win. That was. I like it. This is big boy football. Yeah. If you can win a game 13-8, that's a team that you can go deep into the playoffs with. The Falcons.


Defense actually has been playing well, though. They've gone 24 possessions straight without allowing a touchdown. That's pretty impressive. That is, yeah. Yeah, week 10. So, Mims, it's over. Rogers, let's not do this, right?


Yeah, Rogers, let's not do this.


Okay, draft pick. Draft pick, get off of- You have a seventh pick right now.


Yeah, and I think we're just going to.


Keep going up. And you're in the slog. So, yeah, you.


Could go up. Are you mad at anybody in particular? I feel like a lot of Jets fans are just going to play the Aaron Rogers is coming back game. What do you want to change, though? Is there anything besides just adding Aaron Rogers to this team that you want to see happen? Should heads roll because of how the season went? Well, I wish they would have just said they were fucked right out the gate. I was going through my book marks and I saw a quote from a cult, OC Tom Moore, when he was the OC during Pete Manning. He said he was asked why the backup QBs weren't getting any reps and practiced during the Pete Manning years.


Moore said, If 18 goes down.


We're fucked.


Don't practice.


Fucked. I wish they would have just said right away like, We're fucked. We have no backup plan.


Aaron Rogers is a plant. Right.


Now going forward, it's just we have to see if this works and if he is the and.




Just have to hope everything works out. Okay, hear me out, though. Wouldn't it be better if you did have a backup plan? Maybe. With that thinking, yes, with everything that transpired. Yeah.


The cruel part of this jets season is that the best game that Zach Wilson ever played in his career was the spark to give you guys hope that things could be different when he almost beat.


The Chiefs. You know what? That might be the best loss of the season.


That was what started. Then they beat the Eagles, they won a couple of games and you're like, Oh, shit. The jets could stick around long enough for Aaron Rodgers to come back.


The jets might have the most impressive loss and the most impressive win of the season. That win over the Eagles and they're lost against the Chiefs. Yeah, I think you're right. I think that they should be in consideration for a BCS playoff system. Yes, yes.


Memes, would you accept? Yeah, I'll accept. Okay, nice. The season's back on. Wait, what? Yeah, I'll be back in tomorrow. Okay. Yeah, Friday you're just going to be like, Listen, win this one, then win the next week. We can jump the Texans.


Rogers comes back. Are Jets fans, have you guys just completely given up? Are you still mad during games?


I think.


Still mad during games, but everyone has given up.


Yeah. That was a really, really tough game to watch. This is one of those games that the setup of our gambling cave, the people who are sitting in the front row can see it all and then we're sitting in the background, you can have an obscure view of those bottom TVs. I was not asking anyone to move out of my way to see more of this game.




I was just loosely like, Okay, Falcons have the ball. Okay, they hunted. Jets have the ball. Will they hunt or they turn it over?


I mean, it's important game for the Falcons because now they are in the catbird seed of that division.


Yeah, they have a big game, I think, next week against maybe the Panthers, who have been eliminated.




Officially. First team eliminated. I know they're playing the Bucks next week. That's actually a huge game. They beat the Bucks and they end the.


Bucks season. Yeah, because if the Bucks beat them, I think the Bucks, I don't know how the tie breakers work, but they'd be tied with them.


It's a mess. The NFC South is a fucking mess.


If the Bucks beat the Falcons, the Bucks, I think, would be tied is what I'm trying to get at.


Yeah, they'd be six and seven and so would the Falcons. But the Falcons already beat them once.


Okay, so then back up.


To-remember it was a famous Chay game where it was like, We're better than the Falcons even though they beat them.




Yeah. Okay, so sorry, memes. It's okay. It really is the saddest thing to go from Tim Boyle to Trevor Simeon.


Let's see if this will get people amped up.


What's the saddest sentence in American history? We benched Tim Boyle for Trevor Simeon. That's it right there. That is. I think that is.




How did to press an entire region of the country in one sentence?


It was bad.


It was real bad. Okay. I'm just like, Man. All right. I think it was also bad. Dolphins 45, Commanders 15.


I got a couple of fun stats about this game here, Big Cat, because I thought it was very interesting. Thanks, Jake. Sam Halt threw another PIC 6 today. I just want to remind you that the last quarterback to throw a PIC 6 in three consecutive games, Matt Stafford, 2021. They won the Super Bowl that year. Thinking Soopy. We might be thinking Soopy. No, he's one game short of Matt Schab's record of four games of the PIC 6 that we all remember from 2013. It was not good. Sam Howe wasn't the biggest problem today. He didn't have his best game. Washington right now has given up 13 touchdowns of 30 or more yards this season. Next closest is Atlanta with seven. Washington has now given up eight touchdown plays of 40 plus yards. Next closest Atlanta with four. Washington has now given up seven 50-plus yard touchdowns this season. Next closest is the Cleveland Browns with three.


That was all in that Colts game.


Yeah. We suck. We suck real, real bad. Tyreke Hill just… I'm convinced that in the first half, Mike McDaniel was trying to get Tyreke Hill the ball on specific plays to break DK Metcalfe's speed record that he said on Thursday night. Yes. That's how bad our offense was. He was designing plays, in my opinion, to try to get him to break a meaningless speed record. Yes. Two weekends ago, our team was so bad that we got get engaged in a celebration proposal off a sack bad. Last week, we were so bad that the Cowboys brought out turkey legs out of the Salvation Army kettle. We were that bad. This week, we were so bad that they engineered a six-person roller coaster tycoon simulator to celebrate on us for a touchdown. Jesus, that was bad.


We're bad. That celebration lasted so long, we all were like, What are they doing? It took a while for us to figure out what they were doing.


It had three acts. The celebration had three acts. We did lock down Tyric Hill in the second half, though, after he put up 140 yards on us in the first half. Commanders are not good. The defense stinks. It's same old, same old. Ron Rivera, this was his defense to control. Looked no different than Jack Del Rio's defense. We were on a buy week. Maybe Ron gets fired this week. I don't know what else to say. The team's bad. There are going to be some big changes made. I know that Josh Harris gave an interview, Magic Johnson gave an interview talking about how to build a team for a sustainably great future, saying it would be a quick solve to try to get us to competing for a wildcard. That would be a one-season turnaround, but he wants us to be really good. I think I'm in trust of process mode. I think I'm just going to full-on, buy in. I'm going to trust the process, suck it up. Next season is probably going to stink too. Then who knows? Maybe we'll be good after that. But right now, I'm pretty upset being a Commandant's fan.


I have reached the point where I'm just full-on tank. Yeah, it was bad. It was really bad.


It was really bad. But we thought it would be- Sam Paul has been sacked 58 times for 400 yards lost.


I saw some people call him White James because he does have that boomer-bust mentality. I'll tell myself that if that's going to make me more excited to watch the team.


Some people would rather him than Josh Allen.


Yeah, some people would.


Hank, is your back okay? You want double pillow?


Yeah, I'm just trying to sit up more. Sit up more. Okay. Work your posture.


Yeah, it was a tough watch. Will you have some stats, Jake? Yeah, mine was going to be the final score of this game was 45-15. It's never happened before and I had full history.


I didn't even know the score, Bobby. Is that what it's called? It'sit's every fucking week. Did you take a picture? Yeah.


I missed all of it. Yeah, I missed the picture.


I completely missed it. Two things are going to be true. You can be correct that it's happening a lot, but I can also enjoy it. I've said you can enjoy it. But it's crazy. It's happening every week now. It's insane how many... It's happening so much I didn't even know that it was a score of a game until you.


Said that. It's so much worse when you get your ass kicked so badly that that score has never happened before. Yeah. I honestly do think that the Dolphins could have scored 70 points if they wanted to.


Well, it was their second win, Gami of the year.


That was very funny, Jake. Is that what it's called? The chop delivery. Trying to open up a little bit.


Yeah. Also, fun fact, after the game, there was hot water in the showers at the next field. However, the fire alarm was going off, so they had to evacuate. Yeah, that place sucks.


The Dolphins defense is getting a lot, lot better. They are for real. They've been off fraud watch for me for at least a couple of weeks. I know they still have to beat a team that's over 500, which they have not done. But I don't care. I think they're very good.




Are. Here's a fun one, and I know this would never happen because we learned that it would never happen in 2021 when Cooper Cup hit the triple crown. But why isn't Tyreke Hill in the MVP conversation? I think he is. He's going to get 2,000 yards.


I think he is.


I don't hear him talked about we should talk-.


Right now.


-we should be talking about him more. I think- Well, look what we've done for Jaden Daniels.


Tyree Kill, if any wide receiver gets it, it should be Tyree Kill. How about that? Yeah.


There's never been a wide receiver that's won MVP.


Yeah. I think you can't have Tua in the conversation. I think Tyree Kill has now reached the point where Tua is eliminated. All the Fun Dolphins offense stats will now go to Tyreke Hill in terms of the MVP convo.


What are his odds? While you're looking at that, have you guys seen the TikTok trend of this teacher? No. The answer.


Is no.


This teacher, Ms. Martinez, she teaches her kid's class by Tyreke Hill's Yards. It's pretty cool. I saw how I see every TikTok when it ends up on Twitter. Yeah, but it's pretty cool that she's teaching kids math based off of this historic.


Season by him. It must be so fun to be a Dolphins fan right now.


It is. For the.


First time ever.


So fun. Well, Dan Marino was fun. My lifetime. Yeah. Yeah, the Dolphins are really good. Tyree Kills should definitely be in the conversation for MVP.


We're having it. We're having it right now. I think he is.


There are people who are having the conversation as we speak.


Tyree, Kills, VP. Tyree Kill MVP. So Tyree Kill has 1,481 yards. 2012, Calvin Johnson at this point had 1,428 yards. So he's about 50 yards ahead, 53 yards ahead. And he gets the extra. And he gets an extra game. But we're very dumb. The media is very dumb as dumb as you think me and Big Cat are. All the people that actually vote on these awards are probably dumber. If you see a nice number like 2,000, I think you'll get a lot of voters being like, Whoa, I've never seen that number next to what I'd receive before.


Well, and it's also a weird year because there isn't a ton. There's no breakaway quarterback. Right. Like, Jaylen Hertz probably took a hit today. Jack Prescott is ascending. It does feel like no one's having one of those statistical anomaly seasons that is running away with it. Brock Purdy. Brock Purdy. Oh, is he getting in the conversation?


Is he.


Keeping it out?


Okay. No, I do think that Tyreeke Hill is actually- You should be in it. It's a serious conversation. Yeah.


Okay, Charger 6, Patriot 0.


Yikes. I do have one stat, Hank. Just numbers never lie. Just a statistic. You can interpret this however you want. The Patriots have now lost three consecutive games where they held their opponent to 10 points or less. I'm saying their last three games, all individually 10 points or less, they've lost all three of those. That's impressive. That's very hard to do. I saw some people saying that Bailey Zappy looked like he was in command of the offense a little bit better out there. They still scored zero points, but I guess that can also be possible to be better than… He had a better zero-point performance than any Mac Jones zero-point performance that I've ever seen. Yeah, I guess that's something.


Sixth game that they've lost, that's a one-score game.


That's just great tanking. Right there. They actually, too, Hank, if the Panthers can somehow win another game, which I don't think they will, but maybe they can, you would actually have the tie breaker. That's huge. So if you both end up with two wins, you would have the tie breaker to be the number one seed.


That's exciting. Can you imagine if Hank tanks so good that he took Caleb Williams away from the bears? That'd be awesome.


I don't want to talk.


About it.


I'm watching the Packers. They just showed… I think Christian Watson just got hurtneeling.


He was trying to slide. I think he kneeled because he got hurt.


No, I think he kneeled because he was trying to stop the clock or keep the clock running.


Why was he kneeling?




He's-protesting police brutality?


I think he was doing it to-Look, he goes down right here. See? Oh, maybe he did get hurt. All right, yeah, he got hurt before. Yeah, Hank, the pages are really bad. Billy Zappi didn't turn the ball over, though. Nope.


That's cool. How do you think about your defense, though? Because I feel like your defense is good.


Yeah, they're playing hard.


They're doing all they can do. They're holding teams to less than 10 points. That's a good defense.


Yeah, that is a good defense. The Chargers are not good, but they did beat you guys. The Quentin Johnson thing is bad. They had a graphic, and Shane is a Chargers fan. He's sitting in the room right now. He knows this. They had a graphic. Quentin-johnson has 190 yards this year. There were 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 receivers picked after him, and all eight have over 400 yards so far this year. I'll list the names. This is Quentin Johnson. He was the first round pick. The receivers picked after him. I know you can do all hindsight stories, but this is pretty crazy. Zayflowers, Jordan Addison, Jaden Reed, Rashee Rice, Tank Del, Josh Downs, Michael Wilson, Pukka Nukua, all picked after him and all way better than him. He dropped a ball today that was the easiest pass ever that if Justin Herbert just walked off the field after it, I would.


Have understood. It was third and 12, and he hit him for about 15, 16 yards, and he bobbled it three times and ran out of bounds.


It's bad. The Chargers are going to clean house, I would assume, everything.


Yeah, I think this is maybe the worst win that you can have if you're the Chargers.


Because your offense looked terrible. Well, the guys just dropped balls for him. That's all they do.


Do you feel good at all about winning 6-0?


No, because it wasn't even a win to be like, Now we're two wins away from being in the playoffs. It was a win to just be marginally closer to not.


Making the playoffs. You know what this win did? All this win is ammo for Braden and Saylor to be like, Look, my defense, I've turned it around. Right. I'm not that bad of a defensive coach. We held the Patriots to zero points. I don't know that you can really make that argument with the Patriots. No, I'm saying the stats are going to lump in at the end of the year. And he'll be like, Look, these are the categories I dominated in factoring in that Patriots game. Don't fall for his tricks. Don't fall for him. Firebrand and Staley.


Firebrand and Tom Talesko. Yes. Picks Quentin Johnson. Shane's nodding right now. He's like, Yes, please. Christian Wanson got hurt. I hate to see it. I don't root for injuries. I really don't. I don't, Max. Why are you looking at me like that? That sounded like you were rooting for injuries. I said, I hate to see it. I don't root for injuries. What part of that could be seen any other way?


You could see it a.


Different way. Okay. Afternoon games. Bucks, Panthers. Another one that, okay, they played.


You got to be honest, I did not really watch that much of this game. Bryce Young did not look like he was comfortable under the new coaching regime.


They tried, though. They tried hard. They covered and they tried hard. They get credit for both.


Those things. They did those things.


The Bucks defense is like all injuries.


All the time. Collagen-cantsey is a difference maker.


Yeah, Collagen-Cansey, he is a difference maker.


Defense work even more.


That's a fact. I did both these teams, I don't know what else we could spend time on. Mike Evans, 1,000 yards. Yeah, Mike Evans is a Hall of Famer. 10th straight year. He's incredible. He's a Hall of Famer.


I was going to say Mike Evans had 1,000 yards for 10th straight year.


That's pretty cool. That is cool. The Panthers did try hard. They had a little bit of a bounce back, the dead coach bounce back, but that's it.


Yeah, I guess you could call it that. I would like to see more-.


Covering a spread count.


I would like to see more feist. I would like to see a feist your performance from an interim head coach than that. He screamed a couple of times, but I want an interim coach that looks like he's about to kick the ref's ass. Yeah.


All right, let's, Rams Browns. Shaw McVeigh is really good at calling plays. That was my big thing that I wrote because the Browns defense is good, and I know that they're banged up, but he had them go in all different ways, 400 yards of offense. It was like vintage Matt Stafford, just slinging the ball around, crossers, everything, pookin' to cool, making crazy plays. They just did. I mean, Joe Flacko was cool to have back, but the Rams. Sean McVeigh is still such an elite, elite coach in the NFL.


One thing he wasn't good at today was his challenges. He missed two challenges. I don't know if you have a photographic memory and the first one happened right in front of him. Can't he just go back and review that himself and be like, Oh, I shouldn't challenge this. I don't know how you go over to if you're McVeigh, but Matt Stafford threw some awesome balls to Puka Nukua today, who's tough as a motherfucker. Yes, he is. He got hurt. Then he came out, then he went back in, got hurt worse. Then he went to the locker room, probably got shot up, came out in the second half and played awesome again. He's really tough. I like Puka Nukua. Joe Flacko actually look good today.


I love watching him throw.


A spiral. Actually, good. The spiral was sick. He has an elite spiral. He was hitting dudes downfield. He had a connection with Elijah Moore.


He can play behind this offensive.


Line, too. Yes, he can. He's not that great at handing the ball off anymore because he's so immobile that it takes him a quarter of a second too long to run and hand the ball off. They need to have him like Big Ben at the end, just handing off and shotgun. He doesn't actually have to take those steps out. But Flacko was still thrown the fuck out of the football today, and it was fun to watch.


Yeah, it was. It was very fun to watch. He also had a vintage show, Flacko, where he threw an interception that you're like, This could be the coolest pass ever. Nope, there's no Brown near him. It's just arm pun. It felt like putting on an old sweater.


You didn't see the safety coming over. Yeah, it was just nice. It was nice to see. Yeah, I'm bullish on Joe Flacko. I think he's definitely better than D. T. R. Or PJ Walker. If you're a Browns fan, you're probably happy you come out of this game, you're bummed that you lost. You probably had this one as a win mark down. You're super pissed about that. But you're also like, I could see Joe Flacko taking the team to the playoffs.


Yeah, I agree. It's crazy to see him out there, 38 years old.


He looked like a corpse at the end of.


His last season. But I think it's just all-offensive line. He was playing behind a bad offensive line. He looks terrible. Now he's playing behind a good offensive line. He can still throw the fuck.


Out of the ball. He throws such a.


Nice-his spiral. I could just watch him throw a spiral.


All day. Best spiral ever.


Ever. Okay. The Rams are ripe to sneak into the playoffs as well because they've strung together some nice wins here and it feels like it's going to be them or the Packers. Yeah, I like the Rams. I don't think anyone wants to play the Rams because they still... Matt Safford is still really good, and Aaron Donald is still really good, and they have weapons.


They're six and six. I told you take the over on seven and a half. You got that? I told you they might be a playoff. We still haven't gotten it yet. But at six and six, it looks pretty nice.


They're in the seventh seed for right now because the game hasn't ended. The Packers, I think, will jump them because they have the head-to-head win over them.


That's the fourth field goal? Love it.


Too much time for Patrick, my homes. A minute and nine seconds left.


Too much time.


All right, well, let's do a couple more ads and then we will talk about the crown jewel of Sunday. We'll also talk about the Packer's Chief's game.


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Okay, last game. We talked Saturday night football. 49ers, 42, Eagles 19. I don't know if that was a fumble or not, but it looks like it might be and the.


Packers are going to win. They're going to let the boys play on that one?


They're going to let the boys play and- Flag. -find out if that was a fumble. It looked like it might have been a fumble.


Patrick Mohomes is pointing. He knows. He knows. Patrick Mohomes has an earpiece or like a cochlear implant that's built in. Let's watch.


The end of this game because I don't really want to take away from the Eagles 49ers discussion.


Let's not diminish the crown jewel.


There's not much to talk about. There's a crown jewel that we have to talk about. I don't want us to be sitting there being like, Hey, the crown jewel happened, and we're not even talking.


About the crown jewel.


His chin might have been down.


His ass is down. His ass is down right there. His ass is all the way down. Wait, is his hand underneath his ass?


Did you guys hear one of the rest today say the butt cheek was down? He said that on.


The mic. The hand might have been...


No, I think the ass cheek was down. This is bullshit because the Packers are going to go to the playoffs. The rest of their schedule is giants, Bucks, Panthers, Vikings, bears. The Packers are going to go to the playoffs and Jordan Love is good and it's fucking bullshit. It's absolute bullshit. They shouldn't get away with this. It's absolute bullshit. Jordan Love is throwing balls that should get intercepted and they're not getting intercepted. He looks good and he looks comfortable. He's doing fucking Rogers shit. The whole thing is bullshit. Nothing in life is fair. If you're trying to teach your kids why life isn't fair, just show them Brett Farv to Aaron Rodgers to Jordan Love. It's not fair. It's not fair, PFT.


Well, we're too early on the Jordan Love thing, though.


No, I think he might be good. He looks so much better than he did at the beginning of the season. He's come along and it's bullshit.


I thought it was bullshit how the Colts had Payton Manning and then Andrew Locke right after. Yeah, but then if you get.


Three in a row.


But he retires. Jordan Love might retire. It's true.


He should retire. He should retire. Football is a dangerous sport. It's a very dangerous sport. You shouldn't be doing it, Jordan Love.


For your long term health and safety, you want to be able to walk.


Your kids. Derek Rose wanted to be able to walk my kids to graduation.


Who was very confused about what happens at graduation. Yeah. I think he was confusing, like walking your daughter down the aisle.


Yeah, it was also after he didn't play for five years. It didn't go well. But either way.


This is bullshit. I want to walk my son to Coach Calipari's special tutor that will take the SAT for him in high school. Man, they're.


Going to go to the playoffs, PFT. The only hope I have is that the bears do like a lions last year and start ripping off wins and then beat.


Them week 18. That'd be nice. That would be your Super Bowl.


It would be bigger than my Super Bowl. I would raise a literal banner in the office. If the bears beat the Packers week 18 to keep them out of the playoffs, there will be an actual banner made that I will raise and have a banner raising ceremony. I know that sounds so pathetic and so sad, but I do not care because it would mean that much.


To me. Permission to go off on the NFL real quick? Yeah. They gave us five iterations of the in the hunt graphic this week. Oh, my God. There was one that the first one they showed today had the bears and the commanders still in the hunt.


14 out of the 16 teams in the.


Nfc were in the hunt. It was the Panthers and then who else? The Cardinals. And the Cardinals were.


Left out.


Who might be in the hunt? The Cardinals still might be in the hunt. They're not out of the hunt yet. No. There should be one graphic because then the rest of the graphics they showed today did not include the bears nor the Commanders in it. But you gave us that one momentary glimpse of being in the hunt. It was great. It was great. It made me feel so much better about my season. It should not make you feel any better about your season, but it does.


In the hunt, sniffing around. Lurking. We don't have the sound on. There's a personal foul on the Chiefs. I think this fumble doesn't count. The Chiefs will still have a chance to maybe win this game, which would be very nice.


On the field reversed.


But Pacheco got...


Oh, Pacheco.


Hes been tempted. Pacheco did something bad. Pacheco did something. He had been a bad boy, Pacheco. Let's see. What did.


He do? He's on.


The ground. What did he do? He nutshotted someone? He nutshotted someone. Oh, yeah. Oh, then he hit him. He actually did the most dangerous type of nut shot is when you don't do the full punch because the full punch you can like, all right, here comes a full punch. The grazed nut shot can actually be way more deadly.


Yes, it's the flick. Yeah.


The flick hurts. Where it's like you got to get it just enough. My son's in a phase now where he's been hitting me in the penis. It sucks so bad. I've been hitting the dick like four times in the last two weeks. It's not sustainable.


My home's.


Going for PI. Oh, that was a PI. He got a PI. All the PI. Oh, the Packers get away with everything. They didn't call PI. They get away with everything. What? This is what I'm talking about.


Here's the thing is for the Chiefs wide receivers, it's hard to say what's a catchable ball because they all stink.




This is what happened. Yeah, that's MVS. No ball is catchable for him.


This is what happens.


Uncatchable. Oh, my God.


That's a bad miscall. Yeah, he jumped on his back. That's really bad. This is what happens when the Packers start getting their fucking voodoo going and they start winning games with bullshit things happening and Jordan loves throwing up 50-50 balls that always get caught. It is bullshit. It's bullshit. I know there's Packers fans listening right now who are just smiling ear to ear and they're loving every second of this. You're a sicko and a pervert. You should be in jail. Memes has the ref jump doing Lambo leap meme ready. Yeah, hit it, memes. Fucking tweet that shit. It's real. It's real, memes. It's real.


All right, my homes.


This is going to be a bad play. We might at least get a Hell Mary. That'd be cool. Packers are fucking pack. People are just being mean to me online. It's just like all the... What's old is new and new is old.


I just want to get ahead of the headlines. It's going to be Tail Mary, T-A-Y-L, Mary, and it's going to be a picture of Taylor Swift. Oh, I like that. I'm just going to say it's a PFT.


19 seconds here.


If you see that in The New York Post tomorrow.


This is all rigged. Taylor Swift was at the game.


Oh, really? Yeah. I don't know if you saw that. There was the walk that she did in the tunnel. And Jeff Darlington was down. They put Jeff Darlington on Taylor Watch waiting for her to come in. Then I noticed she turned around and she looked back at Jeff Darlington. I think Taylor Swift might have a thing to do. Yeah, he's a good looking guy.


He was taken by the League.


He looks like that guy, Danny on Veep.


That's going to be a pic. Maybe she's into journalists. Oh. Travis Kelsey is into this. That's true. Media. Yeah.


We pay her salary.


You should start dating her.


Fine. Be good for the pod. Fine.


Okay, last play. It's coming down to this. We're doing the rally fingers at my homes. He's telling everyone to huddle up. Oh, no, not last play. Oh, he just do it at a bounce. He just based it a play. What was that? He was trying to get quick out. This is the last play, fourth and 10th. Okay, here's what's going to happen. Five seconds left. If there's a God, if there's justice in the world, this is actually the anniversary of the Rogers, Hale Mary Against the Lions. Is there any? Yeah. There's justice in the world. The Chiefs somehow convert this and score a touchdown and then win the game. Then we can all go home happy and we can just pretend. Everything I said just doesn't count.


See, what I would do here is I'd rush to and then put a QB spy on him. I'd agree.


And then Isiah Bond in the end zone. Here comes my homes. He's turning around.


He's going to be dizzy.


Threw it up. Oh, someone almost caught it.


Pastor Ferris, third-flag.


The Packers are going to the playoffs, P.


F. T. Okay, some silver lining. Swiftys are going to be furious at NFL offitiating after this game.


Swifty. Yes, I'm going to treat that. Guess what?


You, Swiftys, you joined this league. We're glad that you're here. You're watching this game, rooting for your guy, Travis. Travis got fucked tonight, probably because Rodgerick Dull is sick of having Taylor Swift steal the spotlight from his league. I want you to investigate NFL officials. I want you to look into why we don't have full-time officials in this league. Look, the passing interference on Travis, Kelsey on the Hall Mary. Swiftys, what the fuck? They tackled them in the end zone. We need your help, Swiftys.


If you're as powerful as you say you are, you get it overturned the whole game.


Yeah. Do it. Do it for Taylor and everybody else that had the Chiefs. But for Taylor.


Okay. I mean, the Chiefs, that was a bad loss for the Chiefs because now the one seat is very much in jeopardy for them, Jaguars and Ravens.


Yeah, Ravens looking pretty good. That was a huge win by the Ravens tonight. They might have.


Won the by-week. They might have won the by-week. The Packers are going to the playoffs. I have to accept it right now. I have to just deal with what's going.


To happen. Did you know that Matt LaFlor is now 16 and a 0 as the Packers head coach in December?


But that was Rogers. They're going to go to the playoffs and they are going to… They could win a playoff game. In a year where they're rebuilding, they just are somehow good and they're going to fucking go to the playoffs. If they get to succeed, they could beat the Lions. They just beat the Lions in Detroit. Lions fans, you need to do something about this with me. We need to all come together. This is bullshit. It can't happen. Get this game overturned, Swifty. All right, back on track. Crowed jewel. Niners 42, Eagles 19.


Max. Yeah? I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. That's your talk. I don't know. That's your talk. I'm going to talk. I'll start. I spoke when spoken to you. Do you want me to just lead the show? I'm going to start. You lost the Dom game. Yeah, that's it. You lost the Dom game. Dom got ejected, security Dom. I'm mad at Max. I'm mad at him because this is the exact type of guy that I would have loved to know about for the past five years, six years. It seems like every Eagles fan knew about him. Security Dom, except for us. Why did you keep Dom from us?


Well, he's known in Philly for.


Being the guy, but he hasn't done anything that's viral or anything before today.


He's the best. He's the man. You should have told us about him. You should have told us about him. You lost the Dom game.


I know that hurts.


Losing the Dom game hurts. Max, let's talk about this game real quick. Do you think that maybe what I said about the Eagles defense being maybe gas was partially true? Yeah, no, that was true. 92 snaps on Sunday and then- Three games in 15 days. The Niners had one game in the last 10. The Niners just gashed them. Yeah, I know there's a lot of tired legs out there. Do you think... I accidentally retweeted a tweet of yours during the game.


Sorry that you accidentally.


Did that. Max said, I can't stop thinking about how no one believes the Eagles will win this game tomorrow. It's fueling me. It's so fantastically disrespectful. You were going to come in here if the Eagles won this game and be just the worst max possible. Instead, the Niners ate your lunch, bullied you in your house. Thoughts. Bad games. Week 13, who cares? That was a- Week 13. That was not like- That was week 13. But that was not just like, Oh, this is a bad game. You got pumped.


Yeah, week- You.


Got shit pumped. Yeah, in week.


13, you got shit pumped. Max, the last seven drives of the game for the 49ers. 85-yard touchdown drive, 90-yard touchdown drive, 75-yard touchdown drive, 77-yard touchdown drive, 75-yard touchdown drive, 47-yard touchdown drive. Yeah, what about the first quarter? I mean, that's seven drives. In a row? That's seven.


Drives in a row.


Hank, your team.


Fucking blows. Wait, wait. -oh, here.


We go. -mass. -shut up. I'm not letting you off this. We already dressed Hank's shitty team, which is way worse than the Eagles. Way worse. It almost beat you week one. That's very true.


Do you think, though, that this was the Eagles have been flirting with it? They've been making these- They've played a lot of snaps in the past.


Three weeks.


They had tired legs. It's week 13. We're not going to overreact over one game.


They have.


The one seating the NFC. As of right now. Stop saying as of right now. They have the- As of right now? Yes, they have the one seating the NFC. What is that? What can I say as of right now? Well, that's just what everyone else is saying. It's like, Oh, you're going to lose this weekend. You have to beat the cowboys. Yeah, we.


Already beat the.


Fucking cowboys. We're not talking about.


The cowboys. We're talking about there's a lot of.


Football left to be. The cowboys are in your head. No. P. O. T. Told me the story about you earlier. The cowboys are.


In your head. That's a story from earlier. Good question, Hank. What happened was I was like, Max, you guys, I guess one thing to lose the 49ers, they're a very good team. Eagles are still a good team. But the way that you're getting pushed around, you're getting out physical. You're just getting really just beaten down by them. That would be concerning to me if I were an Eagles fan. I want to hear Max's take on it. Max was like, So what? Every team gets pushed around. Every team gets out physical. Oh, yeah, this is bad. The 49ers got out physical by the Cardinals. I meant to say, Bengles. They got their shit pushed around by the Cardinals. No one talks about that. Then I thought, first thing, I was like, Max, tell me more about that Cardinals game where they just beat the fuck out of the 49ers. He's like, Yeah, I mean, it wasn't like an ass kicking, but it was close, but it was the same deal. They just got out physical by the Cardinals. I was like, When was that game, Max? Then Max thought about it for a second. He's like, Oh, yeah, that was the Cardinals and the Cowboys.


You were thinking about the Cowboys.


He's always thinking about it has been the Cowboys. Some say that you were looking ahead to the Cowboys.


At that point, yes.


No, but before that, you were looking ahead to the Cowboys. At that point, the.


Eagles were getting shit pumped, so the game was over.


We're looking to next week. Let's play a quick game. It's called Rank This Statement in factuality.


Ready? I love this game.


The 49ers are the best team in the NFC.




You want.


To-yeah, let's play the right now game. Right now, yes. I don't understand the rules of.


This game. I just was asking you to rank the.


Answer right now, yes. That one statement. Yeah. Five balls.


Five balls. Does that make you nervous, Max? Win this week. You're going to just-If we lose- -skirt the question. -if we lose.


This week, then yes, that will make me nervous. If we win this week, no.


Does it make you nervous, though? They were rested. We were-Forty-nineers, you'd have to maybe play them in the playoffs and they are better than you. -wouldn't we have rest? -do they have a quarterback? No, you wouldn't play them.


You didn't have a quarterback for the full game today either.


No, the 49ers would have a quarterback. Yeah, the Eagles.


Would have a quarterback for the full game today either. Don't do this, Max. Don't do this. That's sad. That's beneath you. I won't talk about the penalties. By-underneath. I wouldn't.


Do that. I mean, come on, Max. This is sad. No, obviously, the 9ers shit pump. Penalty's worth 70 points. Obviously, the Niner's shit pump the Eagles. They're the better team right now without question. Yes.




They had 10.




Of rest. We played three.




Not just obvious to be like, Oh, yeah, we just saw what happened. That's what's.


Going to happen in the.


Nfc Championship Game. There's going to be a lot of other factors that aren't going to go that way. Shane, can you make us a quote card that says, The Niners are the best team in the NFC? And then have a- Right now. No. Shane, I'm your boss. That's what I said. I'm your boss. But I'm Shane's boss. Okay, well, I'm going to say, Shane, don't worry about Max. Make a quote card that says, The Niners are the best team in the NFC. No. The Niners are the best team in the NFC.


Make right now.


Really small. No, don't even say right now. What was the first thing I said? They can't even hear me. The Niners are the best team in the NFC. Then have a checkmark saying approved by Max. Fact approved by Max. With the.


Soul patch picture.


With the soul.


Patch picture. That's mean, Hank. Yeah. But let's talk about thisdumb fella. Dom fella, Dom de Sandro, the Eagle's CEO of security or sideline guy. I don't know what his official job title is. He's just the guy. He's like the sideline protection guy.


Wearing a sleeve, arm sleeve.


Wearing a compression sleeve, an Italian patch on the other sleeve. Get's up and drape Greenlaw's face on the sidelines, pushes them apart. Greenlaw tries to- He was doing his job there. He tries to put… Is that his job to break up fights during the game?


His job is to.


Protect the players. I don't know if it's his job to step in- He's a head of security. -during the game. Head of security. Okay, Okay.


Regardless- I like Dom. Listen, no, I.


Don't want to- If we were to get to a.


Scrum, would.


You want Mike to step in and protect you? I don't want this to turn into me against Dom because I respect him. Yeah, well, other people were against Dom. Dom is great. I actually think it might be anti-Italian discrimination that he got kicked out because it looks like he was kicked out for gesturing emphatically with his hands, which, as the Pisans know, he was just communicating to trade Greenlaw. At first when I saw that, I thought to myself, This might be a boost for the Eagles because Dom is getting kicked out. They might rally around Dom. I think it was the lack of Dom on the sidelines that cost the Eagles this game. I think that was a good trade for the Niners to get Greenlaw kicked out of the game if it means that Dom has to hit the showers early. No, yeah, it's definitely.


Something to look into.


I mean, what are the Eagles without Dom? He's been on the sideline for the past.


25 years. Right.


I'm mad that you didn't tell us about Dom until then.


Are you worried that Dom might get some repercussions?


There's people talking about that.


If they.


Do, the.


Team will rally around Dom. Because Dom is-We'll do.


The whole hardball.


Thing just for Dom. Just for Dom?


Yeah, free Dom. I like that.


Free Dom.


Free Dom isn't free. Also, shout out to Jeff McDavid on Twitter. He made a hilarious fuck at Dom highlights before.


This game even started, which rocks.


He's not getting enough credit for that. That guy is awesome because- Central casting. -there's no chance that you could know going into that Dom would play a central part in this game. He just made the highlights.


He already had the highlights. The ready to rip. One of our inside sources from Philadelphia sent me a DM with some more information on Dom. This is from a bigger man on campus, no longer a big man on campus. He said a little background on big Dom DeSandro. He's from South Philly, then moved to North Philly from what I know, played high school football and then went to Penn State and played football. He didn't appear in a game, kicked off the team for an unknown reason, hired in 1999, likes tracksuits. Oh, he likes tracksuits. That's a scouting report.


He loves it. Isaw it, Max. He showed me a picture of Dom on the sidelines rocking a tracksuit. He had the sickest fate ever. He's just a guy that you want on your side. He's great.


I want a Dom. We should try to get him on the show. There's no chance he would be on the show because Tom doesn't talk. He would not talk publicly.


I want to hire him.


I do, too.


I'm seeing some shit. It seems like Dom is a perfect.


Fit for the Eagles, though. I'll say this right now, Dom, definitely, when the Eagles were in their war room this year and they're like, We're drafting Jaylen Carter, and they were like, Dom, you cool with this? He's like, I got it. Don't worry. He won't speed in any cars.


Dom definitely checked out what happened in Georgia. He's like, I think we could work with you. You also saw the clip where when Jaylen Hertz returned to FedEx Field, right?


Yeah. He was holding up the.


Railing to.


Make sure it didn't fall on him. He held up the stadium. He was like Atlas with a world on his shoulders. He was the fucking best. Now, you mentioned this. I think you were alluding to our good friend Mike Florio, Max. We said some people are asking to look into Dom. Mike Florio is asking why the NFL won't discipline Dom if they revoke Tyreke Hill's cameraman's credential. He's drawing those conclusions on the side.


Now, to be clear- I'm going to say, Mike, you can't do this. It's Italian on Italian crime.




To be clear- Stand down, Mike.


To be clear, the NFL should not have revoked that camera guy's credential either. That was fucked up that they did that. But let Dom, free Dom.


I'm woke on that one, but yeah.


Oh, go on.


I think they planned that. He had a video… I'm not talking about Dom anymore, Max. I'm talking about the cameraman. I think the cameraman and Tyree Kale planned that celebration.


I understand the NFL. You can't be an NFL employee and plan celebrations with players.


I'm okay with it.


I'm okay with it. I'm okay with it. But I thought the video was like, when he was like, I'm being persecuted. I want to be like, But you guys planned that, right? If he had done a video, I planned a thing with my friend, Tyree Kale, and then the NFL took my camera, I've been like, That's bullshit. He made the video sound like Tyrae Kale accidentally just showed up to his corner in the end zone and was like, Oh, give me your camera. And then they took it. He was just standing there minding his own business. He also did the camera. Yeah, right. It was planned. It's okay. It was very choreographic. I'm okay with it.


He took the phone and did the fake camera.


I think it's bullshit what the NFL did. I just didn't like that he released a video looking for pity, being like, This is insane. I didn't know this was going to happen. Tyree Kale just happened to do this. No, it was planned. It's okay. It was planned. It was cool.


I don't think that Tyra Keel would plan an elaborate touchdown celebration. We haven't seen it recently.


Back to The Crown jewel. Max, the Niners are better.


Right now.


Do you have anything to say about maybe the line should have been like 20? No, it was the right line. Okay.


Well, I still think the line was disrespectful.


Because it was not. It was disrespectful.


To the 40 Niners. Silver lining and the crown jewel, though, Max. Lane Johnson ate nick Bos' lunch. Lane Johnson looked really good today. In the first quarter of rock. He looked very healthy today.


Let's do whose lines is it anyway? Cowboys Eagle, Sunday Night Football.


Next week. In Dallas, I'm going to say Cowboys two and a half.


I'm going to say Cowboys three and a half.


Cowboys six and a half.




I was like four.


I like four.


We have the Dallas Cowboys minus three.


Okay. I think I like the birds. Hungry. I think I like the birds. Oh, you're.


Hungry now? Hungry, birds. Wake up call. The cowboys aren't hungry? Cowboys lost to the Eagles. It's also bullshit. We keep getting teams off of.


10 days of rest. Yeah, that is bullshit. That's bullshit. Bird Nugget of the week.


We got the Chiefs off of by. We got the Niners off 10 days, and now we're getting the.


Cowboys off 10 days. Damn. Bird Nugget of the week. The Eagles are undefeated in games after which Dom DeSandra has been kicked off the sidelines.


That's a fact. Bird Nugget. Updated playoff picture of the Packers are in the seventh seat. It's fucking bullshit. Also, the Eagles end with giants, Cardinals, giants.


That's pretty good.


Tommy DeVito.


Him and Dom are going to have probably for a nice steak.


Dinner before. Yeah, Dom will probably pay off Tommy DeVito take a dive.




He definitely will. Yeah. And also, Max, not to add insult to injury on your no good, terrible day, Roger Goodell came out and said he wants to ban the tush-push.


Well, he's also a loser.


Okay, that's a really good answer. I also don't really care about.


They banned the tushpush. I think we're still just going to dominate. Yeah, I agree. I think as always, it comes down to Jerry Jones, who basically runs the NFL. He's pretty much the actual commissioner. If the Eagles beat the Cowboys because of a tush-push, you bet your sweet ass that play is getting banned next year.


Yeah. But it's just the.


Push that's like the pushing- The push. And you'll still be fine with a normal quarterback.


I think a normal quarterback is equal. The tush will still be there. Yeah.


I mean, that tush is there.


The touch is going to keep moving forward.


It's a good touch. Great touch. They ran it with Mariotta, too, and it worked.


You're not freaking out, Max, after this? Not like tweeting the standings over and over and responding to people? No, I.




Responding to anyone.


I never respond.


To people. Okay. Except that one Viranova guy that got under your skin. Yeah, well, he's a Nova Legend. Meanwhile, Viranova. We're losing. All the Philly teams are losing. This isn't a.


College basketball game. No, but I mean, you do have to address Villa Nova losing. No, I don't. Why?


Yes, you do. It just got brought up.


People are having the conversation. I can't say anything- Our listeners right now, listen to this podcast- I can't say anything about Kyle Neptune or else I'm a clown. Because we're a sports podcast, Max. Address Viranova losing.


Viranova is.


Really bad against Philadelphia teams.


Okay. All right, well, I'm excited for Sunday Night Football next week. We're going to get peak max. We're going to try our best. We'll try to record a little early so maybe we can stream and people can watch max.


I hate to have to do this again. I think that's the crown jewel for next time.


I think it's the crown jewel. You're all in one and crown jewels. I'm done with crown jewel games. No, you're all in one and crown-We also have Bill's Chiefs.


-oh, we got two crown jewels.


I still probably take crown jewel is...


Bill's Chiefs, that might be if you have two crown jewels, you don't have one. We'll do the math on it. We'll figure out which one is the actual jewel.


Okay, let's talk some college football before we do that. Game time. If you're trying to go to a bowl game, they announced the whole bowl schedule, you shouldn't have to worry because when you're buying tickets, use game time. Game time is a fast and easy way to buy tickets for all sports, comedy, music, theater events near you. Game time gets you into everything and they have last minute tickets, flash deals, zone deals. Easy to find and buy tickets for every event in your area. Game time is the only ticketing app that gives you complete peace of mind with your purchase, see the view from your seat before you buy so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive. All in prices show your total upfront so you know you're getting a great deal without hidden fees. Buy tickets in seconds with two taps. Take the guesswork out of buying tickets with Game Time. Download the Game Time app, create an account. Use code PMT for $20 off your first purchase. Terms apply again. Create an account, redeem code PMT for $20 off. Download game time today. Last minute tickets the lowest price guaranteed with game time.


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Yeah, so if you ask literally any division one coach, I suspect it would be about 100%. Who would you rather play? Florida State or Alabama? I think they would all say they would rather play Florida State. I think Alabama is the better team right now, but Florida State got absolutely jobbed. We told you what was going to happen. When we talked to Kirk Herb Street, we could see a world where Florida State goes undefeated. Then the committee is like, No, you know what? We're just going to have it be one of the... You hate to say big boys because Florida State is a historic brand in college football. But if you're talking about just the matchup of the game and the ratings in the game, yeah, it's going to be fucking Alabama. That's the reality. Also, you got fucked because this is the last year of this playoff format. They don't have to worry about what the precedent is moving forward. Correct. I think that if there were two more years after this or if this was just the way that it was where there's going to be a final four for the next 30 years, I think they probably would have put Florida State in because they don't want to have to worry about that coming up to bite them in the ass in the future where they're like, Oh, clearly this one team that's on a nine-game winning streak and demolishing teams is better than the team that's undefeated and won their power five conference.


Which by the way, crazy that there's power five. There's five conferences. There's four spots in the college football playoff.


Well, that happened when they fucking did the whole thing and all these conferences, they're the dumbest. The commissioners were so stupid and they just kill themselves every single way. It's absolute bullshit because you're basically saying that the season does not matter and what you do to get there, they're just going to go with, Oh, who are we like right now? Florida State going 13-0, beating a Louisville team I know is not great, but they were a top 15 team and their defense completely.


Shut them down. Florida State's defense is incredible.


But Florida State, soof me thinks, like the woke part of me thinks that the college football playoff- Did.


You change the logo?


Well, part of them doing this right now is also to make it so that there's less complaints. I know they don't really care about this, but there will be less complaints about the 12-team playoff now that they've had this injustice happen because everyone's going to be like, Well, what was the alternative? You leave a 13-0 Florida State out. Florida State just got screwed by this four-team playoff from the start to the finish. If you remember back in 2014, the first ever college football playoff, 14 playoff, Florida State was undefeated, and they were third in the final standings behind Alabama, who had one loss and Oregon who had one loss. That was a game, Jaymans, Rose Bowl lost to Oregon.


Such a funny fumble by James.


They literally went bookends of getting screwed over by this committee. The problem is the whole point of the playoff is to get it so that there is an undisputed national champion. If Florida State goes and beats Georgia in their bowl game, which they might not probably get smushed because Georgia is a better team and Florida State doesn't have their quarterback, Jordan Travis, I get it. That will probably happen. But it doesn't matter. If they win that game somehow and they're undefeated at 14-0 and they beat Georgia, how can you say there's an undisputed national champion?


That's what's great is if Florida State happens to beat Georgia, claim that national championship. Claim it. Just claim it. Just say it. Pull the UCF. There's no rules saying that you can't declare yourself national champion if you're undefeated. That's what I would do. If you're Florida State, there's probably a good chance that you would have lost in this playoff, but we never know. You can't say for a fact, Jordan Travis said, I wish I'd broke my leg earlier in this season. It was so sad. I think you were tweeting something about this big cat, but I was thinking on Friday, they would be better off if Florida State just lied about the extent to which Jordan Travis was injured and said he could come back- To the Aaron Rogers. -in time for the playoffs? Yeah. Because then at that point, that would have put them up against the wall on the playoff committee because they'd be like, Oh, shit. How do we figure out exactly how injured this guy is?


He might be back. The problem that, and again, I want it very clear, I'm excited to watch these games because I do think that Bama is better than Florida State as of right now without their quarterback. Again, the joy I'm going to get watching these games, these games are going to be great. These are probably the four best teams. I'm just saying from a standpoint of playing a season and the games mattering, Florida State got absolutely screwed because the games should matter. If you beat everyone in front of you on your schedule, and not only that, they beat two nonconference SCC teams, so they beat LSU in week one, they beat Florida at the Swamp, so Road games, I know the first game was neutral, you should be rewarded for that. It's bullshit. My biggest problem with it is when you play the game of who's powerrated better, who's favored, that just basically takes out all the fun in sports. If you go back to just Friday night, Friday night before the Washington-Oregan game, if you ask the line makers who... Oregon was nine and a half point favorites. Oregon would be favored over everyone in the country.


What happened? Washington came out and beat Oregon. If you did the whole who would be favored, then Georgia should be in the playoff. If you ask the line makers right now who would be favored over all four playoff teams, it's Georgia. Georgia was favored over Alabama on Saturday by five and a half. Alabama beat them. That's the fun of sport. Sport is supposed to be, hey, we think one team is better than the other, but we don't know. When we get out there.


We find out. Washington was a nine and a half, 10-point underdog against Oregon, beat them twice again. The games do matter and they should matter.


It just takes out the fun of like, hey, upsets happen, random things happen. If we just went off of who we think is better and a power rating, all the fun of sport is gone.


I do love the people that are making the argument about the loss that Alabama had. That was the best loss.


Yeah, someone treated me.


Like that. You can't say Alabama had the best loss because it was against Texas, but then also say Alabama had the best win because it was over Georgia. Then you can do the circular logic. Somebody tweeted at me, Don't you understand that Bamma lost to a team who beat Bamma in Bamma? Great loss by Bamma. Fantastic loss. Bamma over Georgia is a better win than Texas over Bamma, making Texas over Bamma a better win than Bamma over Georgia. You can do the circular logic. If you go through that, then you'll just end up being like, Well, Oklahoma is actually the best team in the country.


Yeah, no, someone straight-up said to me that Bamma should be in over Texas when that debate was going on because people thought maybe Florida State was guaranteed in because Bamma's loss was better because Texas loss to Oklahoma has two losses.


Yeah, it was a.


Fantastic- Bamma lost to Texas.


Only has one loss. Fantastic loss, but Bamma with the loss of the year.


I am happy at least that the- But wait, is it- -the committee did rank Texas over Alabama because it did show, hey, do games do actually matter? But yeah, it just sucks because Florida State, again, I don't think that they were one of the four best teams without Jordan Travis, but you won all your games. They should be there. You won all your games.


But to your point, wasn't Bamas lost to Texas only good because Texas beat Bamma? Yeah. Because Texas was a better team than Oklahoma.


Oklahoma beat Texas. You just couldn't teach them. There's no worse team than Texas.




Going to drive yourself- Even though Oklahoma beat Texas.


Yes. You're going to drive yourself insane if you think of all these different scenarios. The irony is that the college football playoff was delayed in terms of moving to 12 years by the Alliance. Yeah. And the Alliance- No, they're all idiots. -the Alliance had the ACC in it and it ended up fucking them over at the end because we should have been in the 12-team playoff this year.


I'm happy that the committee gets roasted. I'm happy that the commissioners get roasted because they're all a bunch of morons how they've dealt with all of this stuff. This is what we get. We get a 13-0 Florida State team not in the playoff. It sucks. It was funny, though. They did a Zoom meeting for I don't know what bowl it is. It might be the Orange Bowl or maybe the Orange Bowl, but it was just a Zoom meeting of Mike Norvel and Kerby Smart. Yeah, it was Orange Bowl. They're playing. They looked so miserable. I'm looking furious. So, so miserable. I want to talk about the games real quick, too. Kerby Smart, I don't know what happened, but he just resorted back to scared of Bam, a Kerby Smart. That playcalling in the first half where Georgia went down the field in the first drive, throwing the ball and dicing them up. Then they just turtled offensively. I actually think it'll be a hot take and Georgia fans are not going to be mad, memes you can rate my take. I think that Brock Bowers actually hurt Georgia in that game.


They were trying to force it.


To him too much. They were forcing it to him, and he was clearly not 100 %. They have like, it's Georgia. They have guys behind Brock Bowers. I know that Brock Bowers is incredible, but when Brock Bowers hit 75 %, like put in the guys that can get crazy separation, put in the guys that can stretch the field, they were able to do that at times against Bama. Then they were just had possessions where they were running the ball and trying to force it to Brock Bowers, and he couldn't make the same explosive plays that we've seen him be able.


To make. You also had Lad McConkey get dinged up. He was playing-.


Again, just putting like-.


He can't replace Lads.


But Bama, I give all the credit in the world to I mean, nick Saban, best coaching job he's ever had. Tommy Reese gets a ton of credit because what that offense has changed into from that Texas game.


A jail of Millrose has gotten so much better.


It's incredible. They're able to do so many dynamic things and they're clicking at the right time. I'll say this, the Florida State debacle aside, this is the first time I feel like we have a college football playoff where all four teams can win the title. It's not like a leap of imagination. It is four teams that are so fucking good, and they all do stuff. I don't really know how Michigan's offense is going to match up against Bamma because Michigan's offense isn't that explosive. But I also think Michigan's defense is better than what Bamma has faced Texas. Texas defense is phenomenal. Their secondary is a little weak. Washington can pass the ball. It's going to be a great match-up everywhere.


It's awesome. There's four very different styles of play, four parts of the country represented, which is awesome, and four different colors, which is cool. New colors. You got the crimson, you got the Orange, you got the purple, and you got the blue. It's great. It's a very visually appealing final four for college football. I'm excited for the games. Also, I think that the committee, it was a couple of things. They don't have to deal with the repercussions and the precedent that they set by fucking over Florida State. Also, they don't have to deal with hundreds of thousands of very pissed-off SEC fans that want to burn all their houses down.


I get it. You canthat, it would have been weird if the SEC got left out. It sucks. But this also was a down-ish year for the SEC.


We wouldn't even be having that conversation if Auburn- That was what I was saying. -had just not rushed two players and put a third as a fucking spy.


It's so crazy that we're like, Bamma is playing the best ball. They were so close to losing. I know rivalry games are always different throughout the record books, all that shit. But they were that close to losing that game. To say that they're killing everyone right now is just not actually correct.


It's not true. They should have lost to Auburn, but they didn't. Now, if Bamma had lost to Auburn, Bamma against Georgia, Bama beats Georgia, do you think they put in Georgia over FSU?


Wait, say it again.


If Bama had lost to Auburn, it would still be Alabama in the championship game against Georgia. Oh, yeah, probably. Do you think Georgia, if they had lost to Bama after Bama- Ohio State? -maybe Ohio State gets in.


I was hoping that got in the mix just trying to plead his case because Ohio State wasn't even mentioned in a hypothetical.




Was never even said. Also, I know the votes have to keep, they still have to be submitted. But we're looking in a good spot with Jaden Daniels. It's pretty good. I felt bad for Bo Nicks. At the end of the day, he had a pretty good press conference after. He was like, All I ever want to do is play college football. I want to take my team to national title. It was a perfect ending for me and because Bonx, because Bonx, very first game in college football, I remember vividly. I bet Oregon against Auburn, and he made incredible. Bonx pulled plays out of his ass to beat me. Then his last game in college football, I had a future on Oregon. I was like, Bow Nicks again. He got me. I watched his whole career and he.


Got me. I was a believer in that first game against Oregon. I remember watching that in a bar and I was like, Bow Nicks just sounds like a Heisman guy. Good news is he's got two more years of eligibility, so.


He'll be.


Trace for twice more.


It was crazy because there was a lot of people who watched Friday Night. Unfortunately, I think the public who tunes in, I'm not going to say casually, but some casual fans who tune into college football are very much like Heisman voters because I got a lot of people saying Michael Pennix should be the Heisman after Friday night, just completely erasing the fact that the last month, Washington has struggled and barely gotten by, which their defense has gotten so much better as the season's gone along and they are absolutely in it to win the whole thing. But it was just funny watching people be like, watch one game and be like, Pennix is.


A Heisman. You can also say that Pennex is an awesome quarterback and he's very good. He's really good. His story is incredible.


He'll be in.


New York. He's definitely a top five guy. But then you watch Jaden Daniels play and you're like, Holy fuck, this guy is clearly the best player in college.


No, he'll be in New York for sure. But yeah, it was a great weekend of college football. It was also really funny just watching like we had Texas just kill Oklahoma State a great SEC Championship game. Then on Saturday night, it was just two games that were painful to watch in Michigan, Iowa, and Florida.


State, Louisville. I kept thinking, Iowa is going to cross midfield.


They did once and.


They fumbled. I was hoping that I was going to, like you said, you like that they piss people off. I've been hoping for the longest time since before that Minnesota game that Iowa was going to somehow win the Big Ten Championship and force their way into the college football playoff just to piss off the most amount of people. I was hoping for an upset. But they have two losses. They got two losses now because of the Minnesota loss. But it was a bad game on all accounts. It was painful to watch because you kept hoping, thinking something's going to happen. Something interesting is going to happen in this game. Nothing did.


It was just the Iowa defense playing their balls off, keeping. I bet Michigan, and it was the hardest I've ever had to have a team cover that was so much better than the other team because it was so hard for Michigan to score.


I just wanted one touchdown from Iowa. That would have done it for me. Just one touch. It would have been incredible. It would have been nice. I think I might go Texas. I think I might be leaning Texas here.


I'm worried about their secondary against that Washington offense because that Washington offense is so good. But yeah, I think we might get a rematch. I think we might get Texas, Alabama.


That would be amazing.


That was tough. Michigan's reaction to Alabama.


Yeah, that tells you what you.


Need to know. They should not have had that someone. I think it was a journalist in there. It was Adam Rittenberg who works for maybe the Big Ten Network. They shouldn't have allowed anyone in there to tape it. In a twist of fate, Michigan should have made sure that no one could illegally tape them.


Well, what they should have done is they should have recorded one announcement where they play against Alabama and then one where they play against Florida State, gotten the reactions and then been like, Oh, okay. Yeah, they're going to play Alabama. Also, it was fucked up that they had Florida State on camera finding out the news. That was tough. I do think if you're a Florida State fan, you have every right to be pissed off. You got fucked.


No, yeah, you got fucked. You're 13 and a 0. You can't do anything more than that. You're a power five school and people start throwing out Liberty and UCF. We're talking power five schools.


Liberty had the last in terms of strength of schedule. They had the weakest strength of schedule of their opponents.


But people like to do that where they're like, What about Liberty?


They're undefeated. The last place.


Guess what? In the 12-team playoff, Liberty would be.


In, which would be great. In the 12-team playoff, people saying, Well, you're just going to have this debate times 10 when it comes to the 12-team playoff? No, because here's what you say, you should have won more games. Right.


The difference is we're never going to be debating an undefeated team being left out. We're going to be debating a three-loss team versus a two-loss team.


That you can swallow a lot better than anything else. There's going to be a lot of those debates will be head to head. We'll be able to decide it. But yeah, I'm excited for bowl season. I'm going to bet every single bowl. That's a fact. I love bowl season.


I love bowl season. If anybody out there is on the Armed Forces Bull Committee, I'd love to be involved in the flyover. Who? J. M. U, Air Force. Let me know. You're going to get in there? I'll put aside my fear high. High up there. I know I lost out on my flyover back in April when I had to close on the house or May. So just letting you know, I'll identify.


Every player. We get Solito. We get our guy, Jason Candel.


-solito, Arizona Bulls going to be sick.


Wyoming looking for revenge after last year's heartbreaking overtime loss. Yeah, it's going to be awesome. Yeah. So bulls season, nothing like it. And Florida Safe fans, we stand with you in being upset. But if you make a T-shirt saying your national title, National Champions, PFT and I will wear it on a show.


Yeah, claim the fuck.


Out of that national team. Send us some T-shirts saying that you're national champions. We will wear it and we will… You got to do it right now. Because if you get smushed by Georgia, there's going to be a lot of like, see, see, see. Do it right now. This is your three weeks to just enjoy the.


Fuck out of this. Also, same two things can be true at the same time. One, Florida State should have gotten in. Two, I'm glad it's all damaged. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. As a college.


Football watch. It's okay to have two thoughts in your head at one.


But you did get fucked.


You got fucked, but I'm happy because it is probably the four best teams. Yeah, it's fair to say. Okay, let's finish up. Row back, use promo code, take 20 % off your first purchase. Q zips, pull those hoodies, joggers, shorts. Rowback. Com, the best clothes out there. We love Rowback. We're non-stop. I'm wearing the joggers all the time. Rowback. Com, promo code take. My Rowback question is, Hank, who's back of the week?






I'm shocked. We did.


All this.


College football talk without talking about this.


The half time Dr.


Pepper challenge. Back this.




Best part.


About a college.


Football championship weekend. I love the refs.


The refs are great. We had one guy actually throwing normally, which I respected. Then we had a triple overtime or a double overtime. Triple. Triple overtime.


Gavin and Ryan.


A little bit of controversy, I guess, in the first overtime. They counted six.


For Ryan when it should have been five. Gavin should have won. He ended up losing.




Doctor Peppard.


Challenges are always great, but this was.


The first triple overtime I've seen.


Always and it's exciting. My favorite was the dude that's going to community college and he got $100,000 for community college. That dude is going to buy so many cigarettes. It is great.


A little dystopian, but it's great.


Extremely. That's what's fun about it. The dystopian part? Here's how you get to survive in your 20s without being up to your nut sack in debt. You have to throw footballs into a giant doctor.


College costs so much we're going to wheelie out here and you got to win your freedom.


Tell me how much you love this fucking soft drink. But that's why the Gavin.


Got robbed, literally. Yeah, well, no, but they paid him, right? I think they rectified him.


They did. They paid him both out. That's good.


They could do that for everyone.


Yeah, for everyone in America.


Sounded like Bernie Sanders over here, Hank. Did we just get a light bulb off in your head? I do. I've always been a Bernie guy. Yeah. I'm also going to guarantee that whoever wants to advertise with us, we're going to do this year, the week leading up in this office. We're going to have a huge challenge. And maybe we'll find a way to make it as dystopian.




Someone wins. We'll get them out of debt or something.


We'll pay for if you have any health care bills.


Yeah, but it will be great. We're going to... And should we ban the chest pass?


Yeah, 100 %. Yeah.


Okay. Yeah, I'm 100 % in on that. 100 %. Okay, they should just move it back. That would ban the chest pass.


Yeah, it was 20 yards. Yeah.


Pf to your.


Who's Back of the Week? My Who's Back of the Week is also related to college football. My Who's Back is mouthpieces. Yes. Mouthpieces are back. We've been discussing mouthpieces a little bit on this show, all the new trends and how people are just wearing their mouthpieces on their face mask, not putting them in. They flop around. The Bulls receivers are leaving the league in that. I remain convinced that the mouthpieces, if they're hanging that far down, they get into your field of vision at some point. Yep. Whatever. This is my most old man, Yeells at Cloud Take. I'm sounding like Colin Coward, but I think I am actually right about this one. It reached a new level this weekend in the Georgia game, Georgia, Alabama. Anthony Evans, I think he's a freshman. He's a punc returner for Georgia. He was wearing not one, not two, but three mouthpieces at once on his person. Look at this big cat. He's got a red one in his mouth right here, red one in his mouth. I saw this guy. Yellow one hanging down. Then he has a third mouthpiece that's jammed into his left earhole. Oh, I love it.


On his helmet. I love it. He's accessorized. I hate the two mouthpiece look when you've just got two mouthpieces dangling just randomly. I love three mouthpieces. I want to see as many mouthpieces you can fit on a person's helmet. Fully accessorized. Yeah, get every hole plugged up with a mouthpiece.


I love it. Yeah, mouthpieces are becoming a thing.


But if there's two, Congress needs to step in. Tommy Tuberville would absolutely do something about this. Oh, without a doubt. No, you can't do two. You can do three or more. You can do one, zero or three or more. That's my ruling.


All right, my who's back of the week is LeBron because he got into it with Eme Udoka. This is great. We got the actual audio of it. Eme Udoka told him to stop bitching. Lebron said, No, that bitch word ain't cool. Don't use it so loosely. Udoka said, What are you going to do about what I said? Walking over here like you're going to do something soft-ass boy. Fucking ruled. Eme Udoka looked him up and down like, are.


You going to do? I think you may have a token.


He stands-Did he get hit by a car when he was a kid?


Did he? I don't know. No, I think about Kelly Uber.


No, that never happened. Did you say anything about soft-ass boy? What?


Softass Boy? What about soft-ass boy? Why are you saying soft-ass boy? That was the quote.


One of them. There's a huge.


Difference between.


Soft-ass boy and little boy.


Ass play. Yeah, Max. Soft-ass.


Is he saying he has a soft ass?


No, he's saying his ass is soft. What? Soft that? Like your ass is soft.




Ass? You said little boy ass play.


It was the same thing.


No, it's not.


Yes, it was. The FBI will show up to your house for one or two of those things.


The ass is just an.


Accessory to the sentence. You're thinking a lot about little asses.


You're the one who was thinking about little asses. There's a big difference between a soft ass and little boy ass play. -correct, hang on. -but they were both used in the same manner.


Ass play and soft ass.


Yeah, I think we can all agree.


- Worst case scenario for soft ass is just like, like a little mushroom ass. -i'm just saying. - Worst case scenario for little boy ass play.


Is a lot worse. I'd say every case for little.


Boy ass play. -yeah, little boy ass play.


-but you understand that it was used in the same manner. No. Listen, soft asses... Soft asses can be good sometimes.


A good boy ass play is never the play. I got the Eme Udaka thing, by the way. He is a badass. When he was four years old, I'm reading this from a Ringer article, he was getting dropped off by his bus for school. Eme knew he should wait for the bus to pull out before he crossed Denver Street, which was always so busy. But the bus driver smiled assuredly and waved him across. Even at four, Udoka felt a sense of trepidation. He peaked out, saw nothing, then took a step. The van driving by in the lane adjacent to the bus didn't see the boy until it was too late. Udoka was clipped in the forehead and sent careening back onto the concrete, where the back of his head squashed like a soft pumpkin. He lay in the street blood flowing in a gaze. This is when he was four.


Soft ass head.


Yeah, email Udoka I would like to see that fight. I like getting some soft head sometimes. I would like to see that fight, though. It was funny, though, that LeBron really gets in his dad shit sometimes. He was like, Don't talk to me. I'm a father of three. He's still rattled.


From the woman from Golden State. Yeah.


How does.


It feel to be a pussy ass bitch? Yeah.


Hey, who said that? Remember when he's like, Don't talk to me like that. I'm a father of three. But you know what? I'd make the joke, father.


Of three. It makes a difference who's saying things to LeBron because he will be language police on you all day long if he is intimidated by you. But if you're Dylan Brooks, you can say 10 times worse things to LeBron. He's just laughing at you. And he'll just laugh at your face. The fact that EMA got in his head about this tells me EMA is mentally alfie.


Don't like that word, bitch. Okay, Jake, finish us off. My Who's Back of the Week is Old Takes, exposed. We got on the part of my take account this week from a blog that I wrote reporting Andy Staples' comments titled Texas football will once again disappoint in 2023. Oh, so we didn't get Old Take exposed. Well, I reported it, but it was Andy Staples. Yeah, no, we didn't. Andy is a.


Fucking moron. No, throw him under the bus.


No, Andy is an idiot. And also future old take exposed, and then, PFT, your coach who left for Indiana, Kurt Signetti, he went to the Indiana basketball game.




Said, Purdue sucks, so does Michigan and.


Ohio State. Yep. Listen- That won't backfire. No, I respect his ambition. I love his passion. I love his passion. Good try. But that's very clearly a guy with his first power five job going out trying to say all the right things. I guarantee right now he's looking back on that like, Uh-oh. Well, I mean, there's also a good chance that Ohio State and Michigan just don't care.


I was talking to Ibo, who we work with, who went to J. M. U. And I was like, Welcome to big time college football because now you're in the spot as a J. M. U. Fan where you're rooting for your awesome coach to fail so he comes back.


I'm thinking the other way around. I want him to succeed. A lot of people at J. M. U. Are pissed that we lost him.


But he'll come back, though. If he in three years doesn't do anything in Indiana, he'll come back and it will be awesome for you.


You have to be realistic. J. M. U. Is a stepping stone job right now. We're a very good group of five school, one of the best group of five schools. But if you're going to have great success there, you're going to get power five schools that want to poach your coach. They can pay way more than we can pay. Just accept it. Be like, This is a great job to have if you want to get an elite job next.


Also, he was on Big Ten network from Lucas Oil, and he said, I figured I should make this trip up here since we were playing in.


This game next year.


I love it. He's a moron.


Yeah, he should not have said that.


That's stupid.


He should come back.


No more divisions, though, right? Yeah, but all you got to do is save. We're going to beat Purdue and then just be good with that.


Kurt Signetti, I think what we've learned in the past four days is that you're not ready for that job yet. Just come on back.


Come home. Exactly. That's what I'm saying. You just got to root for him to.


Come back. Just come home.


All right. Good show, boys. Covered everything. Let's finish it off with some numbers. I'll go with 71. Seven. 18, 28.


Shane? 10. 10. What did.


You say, Hank? Memes. I have three.


Pug's got 10. Wait. Shane's got 10. I don't know why he gets 10.


Shane's got 10. 18. Somebody has 10.


What's yours, Hank? I don't have it. What number?




Pug has 28, he said.


Twenty-eight. Part of myballs. Com. 44.


44. Hank, were you enjoying that body.


Armor today?


44. Yeah, it was. Interesting.


We pissed in it. No?


I didn't. But I did put it in my butt hole. No, you didn't. We'll roll the tape for him tomorrow.


It sucks for you. Also-i mean, if you did that, that's bad for you. No, that would actually, I would say we don't have HR anymore, but you should hire new HR and then complain. Yeah, that will be bad. Yeah, no, that would be bad. That would be over.


The line. I accomplished everything I wanted to with making Hank maybe 10% think that he just drank out of my butthole.


He taste a little butthole in your mouth?


No. But just a tiny bit.


I didn't do it. Also, I pooped my pants a little bit yesterday. Nice. Also, check out Surviving Barstool tonight.


Yes, Surviving Barstool. How can they watch it, Jake?


Barstool. Tw. Yeah, Dave announced it on Friday. We're going to do 9.99 for the rest of the season. There's seven more episodes. We got kicked off YouTube. It sucks. I understand that asking people for money always sucks. And if you don't want to pay for it, totally understand. If you don't want to pay for it, that's cool. But it's 9.99 for the next seven episodes. Once the finale airs, you can get it for free on Barstool TV. So if you don't want to pay for it, if you're like, This is bullshit. I don't want to pay for it, totally understand, you can get it for free afterwards. If you want to watch it live, I think it's very much worth it. It's an incredible seven episodes that are coming up. It's 9.99, not a huge price. But yeah, anyone who supports us, we love you. On-demand. Okay. Slash.


Not backslash. Pretty sure it's on all Roku TVs, too. Awesome. Oh, nice. Hell, yeah. We appreciate everybody that bought Black Friday merchandise that was in the Cyber Monday that cut 20 % off. Asking you for money, we understand it. But as Big Cat said, in my opinion, it's worth it if you want to pay for it. If you don't want to pay for it, it'll be there and tonight's episode should be wild.


All right, let's do one more number, though. That was too much time.


In between numbers.


I love you guys. This count's official. 40, 73, 28. So Hank's the one that changed? You went to 40?


What did you got? 10? What are yours, Pug? Pug 28. Pug 99. Pug 99. So Edmund and Hank changed. What was yours, PFT? Eight. Thirty-one. Thirty-one. And that looked like 81. Thirty-one.


What was it?


Thirty-one. Oh, that's our first repeat in the new machine. Wow.


Love you guys.


I know we're.


Getting tired.


We've had a few.


Don't worry.


About it now.


Sometimes it's hard. Don't you.




Give up.


Because it's never too far from reach.


Because it's never too far from reach. Because it's never too far from reach.


No, it's never too far from reach. Our lives are.












Oh, my God. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. I'm so tired.


I know it.






We've had a few.


Don't worry.


About it now.


Sometimes it's hard.


Don't you ever give up. Because it's never too.


Far from me.




It's never.


Too far from me. Because it's never too far from me.