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Down to Electric Avenue. It's a part of my take, presented by Marcy sports.


Welcome to part of my take. Today is Monday, December 18th, week 15. I'm not going to whoop. I have no whoops. Dough. Give me a what, Max. What?


I had a risk of being on a daily fire.


We start in Detroit, where Dan didn't hear no'band' Bell' and the Lions got off the mat in a big way. Sam LeBron Porta said not one, not two, but three touchdowns as Detroit went up and down the field on the Broncos defense. Sean Connery Payton said he doesn't think there's anything wrong with hitting your quarterback with a verbal terrorade for the whole world to see, as he screamed at Russell Wilson for not holding on to the rock, reminding everyone that there are no untouchables going into next year. Lions 42, Broncos 17. What?


We go out to the Queen City of Cincinnati, where the Bangalores host The Vikings. And in a tribute to our Spanish speaking friends, we're going to spice this up with some sin a men. Big-dick nick Mulins is take over the starting job, and he found a connection throwing some mighty ducks to Jordan Bombay- Addison. The Bangalore's offense responded, giving their fans a heart attack, throwing a TD to supercharge Penara Ice T. Higgins. Very cool, Jake Browning and.


His roster of Mr.


Positions bent the Vikings defense over and the defense took the tush-push into the A-gap. Seven minutes and Evan McPherson stepped up big and The Bangles are making out like Bandits, winning 27-24.


In Cleveland, where the Chicago bears once again blow a 10-0.4th quarter lead, leaving fans wanting to blow something else out, their brains out of the back of their heads. It was Alex Amari Cooper using the gluck-cluck 9,000 to suck the life out of the bears yet again as Chicago tried to make a last-second hail Mary, only to have Darnell. You never give me your mooney. You only put the bears back in the funny papers as he watched the ball drop out of his hands for a loss. Browns, 20, bears, 17.


What? What?. What? Up to the frozen tundra where Tucker Carlson Kraft and Aaron Alex Jones were trying to move the Packers in the right direction, telling the Bucks D, I'll beat your goddamn ass, you son of a bitch. You piece of shit. You fucking goddamn fuckers. But they went in to turn the Bucks offense. As Co-quifed, squeak went out and Mike Bob Evans pulled out his big meaty sausage on the way to the end zone. Folks, have you heard this one before? They're saying it's no longer Lambo Field and now Mayfield as Bakers are owned the Packers on Sunday. Bucks, 34, the Green Bay Packers 20.


Okay, we head now down to South Florida, where we have our correspondent, memes, on the sideline. Memes.


We head down to Miami where.


The clock.


Struck midnight on the Solarella story. Zach Wilson suffered a head injury from a chubb.






Did his best Leo.


Impression and fucked Zach Wilson.


Before he turned 25.


Country roads take me.




To the place we.




Out of the playoffs. Dolphins 30, jets zero.


Okay, we head out to Foxborough with our friend Henry Lockwood on.


Field, Hin-Bow.


In Foxborough, Bailey Mbappé was in his onion bag early, getting on the board early with a connection to Hunter Henry Winkler, who found a hole in the Chief's defense. Patrick Berg and the Homes couldn't hit a cow's backside with a Banjo early, throwing two interceptions, including one right off of Cedarius Tony Sopranos' hands, who if were up to Chiefs fans, would end up swimming with the Fishes after that performance. Kevin Kamala Harris said, We did it, Joe, after rushing in for a touchdown, but it was not enough to steal the game from the Chiefs. Chiefs win. Yeah.


A lot to a little. That was a good announcement.


I liked it.


I liked it. Good job, Bo. Thanks, Boon. We go out to Los Angeles, where Puca Mon Go and Picachouper Cup saw all those balls and said, We're going to catch them all. Meanwhile, the Washington Commanders played like absolute ash. Cameron Three, Cheeseman and Bong Rivera helped their team get really high draft picks. I haven't seen a blue-dressed opponent put a stain on a Washington Commanders legacy like this since Monica Winsky. At the end of the game, the Cammys Mount of furious comeback and with damn near five minutes left and the ball at the one-yard line.




For the wrongest time. Oh, for the wrongest time. I intend to hold those for the wrongest time. Ron Rivera is an insane person who should not be allowed within 500 yards of a football field, losing to the rams 28 to 20.


To Buffalo, where James served up all the yards at a very reasonable price as the Cowboys defense looked like a giant drive-through. Doug Wilson-Prescott struggled to get the offense going all Sunday, and in an out-of-character experience, was seen running from a Cougar and Oliver all game. And Sean McDermott told his team they could learn a lot from Dr. Robert Oppenheimer and the creation of the atomic bomb and how to stick it to McCarthyism. And -teach?


No one circles the.


Wagons like.


The Buffalo Bills. You were supposed to say yeah, boom.


Teach? Yeah, boom.




One circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. Bills 31, Cowboys 10.


Stay in an Acona, James, Winston down in Nola. Such a fine sight to see. It's pre-game, my Lord. And the giants are worn. He packed his own bag and you know it's Louis. Come on, Davino. You're getting beat, though. Don't listen to the haters who call you Gwino.


Sights go marching, 24-6.


That was the fastest two minutes. Great job, Max. It's all brought to you by our friends at Chevy. There's a new family with Unstoppable grit, and they're the official partners of the Pardon My Take family, and that is the Chevy Silverado ZR2 family. The first ever Silverado heavy duty ZR2 joins the franchise to make Chevy ZR2 the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your off-road adventures take you with exclusive, multi-matic, DSSV, dampers, rugged mud terrain tires and up to 14 available camera views. The Chevy Silverado ZR2 and Silverado HD ZR2, a family with unstoppable and commanding grit. Head to chevy. Com and check out the Chevy Silverado and the family of Chevy ZR2s, the official trucks of Pardon My Take. Okay, week 15 in the books. I apologize to everyone. I'm losing my voice. It happens once a year. It's very frustrating. I don't drink. I don't party.


It's all.


The Coke. No, I don't do anything but fucking work and parent and not sleep. Then I wake up one day a year being like, Where the fuck did my voice go?


Quick question. What does work entail? Does it entail talking a lot? Yeah. That might be it.


Yeah, and not sleeping is probably not great. So fighting, I'm going to fight. I apologize to everyone. If I wake up tomorrow and I still can't speak, I'll shut it down for a.


Whole day. We'll take a.


Day off. I'll shut it down for a whole day. Yeah, no Hank. It's clear my schedule.


You hear that? Hank is eyeing that seat.


Clear my whole goddamn schedule.


I got the chilliest.


3:4 shootout. Well, cleared. I'll just have to be in mine. I'll have to be like, I feel like Darko didn't talk a lot.


Hank is thinking about sitting in that seat, taking over. I think Hank is.


Like-he doesn't. No, he's.


Like, filled the.


Billy roll. No, no, no. There's one person who's filled the billy roll sitting right there.




No, Jake would love to sit in the seat. He would love to sit in this seat. What do you mean? He's got his voice.


It's your guy's show. No, I'm just fucking with you, Jake. Yeah, I apologize to everyone. We're going to get through it, though. Week 15.


Great week of football.


We're a great week of football. We are watching the third quarter of Jags-Ravens right now as Trevor Lawrence finally gets him off or on the board with an awesome touchdown pass.


They had two missed field goals in the first half, one of which hit the up right. They had a fumble inside. Was it inside the 20?


You can't even say that was a fumble. He just dropped the ball.


He got scared. I think he got spooked when he was about to get tackled. Honestly, that's what I would do if I was a quarterback. I'd just be like.


He just was like, Now I have it, now I don't. It wasn't like someone hit it. He just.


Dropped the ball. It could have been technically considered an illegal forward pass the way that he just dropped it forward, like a little shovel pass forward. Then they had the debacle at the end of the half where the Jaguars are just allergic to the end zone until they hit that deep strike. But I have no idea what Doug Peterson was thinking at the end of that half. No. Well, second to Ron Rivera, worst clock management.


Well, that can also be Trevor Lawrence. You got to know situationally to spike.


The ball. We're going to throw it to the end zone.


Yeah, but yeah, we'll update that game once it's over. But we had this week the return of Saturday football. We're going to start with Saturday. We'll go in chronological order on Saturday, then we'll hop into Sunday. But Saturday football, Saturday NFL, it sneaks up on us every year. It's always a nice little treat. But there is that moment. I don't know what you were doing on Saturday, but Bengals, Vikings, I had to get everyone in my household understanding like, Hey, there's NFL about to be on. Just so you know. I know this is not normal, but dad's going to go and watch some NFL right now.


Basically, what you have to do is you have to give up your Friday night. I went to a holiday market on Friday night that I was going to go to on the Saturday to buy Christmas gifts, which is not how I would ideally like to spend my Friday evening. You get those chores out of the way on Friday, and then you can be a total piece of shit all day long on Saturday. Right. My only request to the NFL, and I remember last year, the game that was on that Saturday was the Jeff Saturday game where it was the Colts against the Vikings. Oh, yes, the comeback. Where they had the historic comeback, which was an awesome game. But I would prefer if those games don't start until maybe a little bit later on the afternoon. Yeah, noon is early. Do the weird time that you start the game that you kick off on Thanksgiving, where maybe you kick off at 2:30, kick off at 3:30 or something like that for the first game. Give me some time to be a human being on Saturday before I have to just be physically part of my couch for the.


Next two days. Yes. It was also, I mean, bowl games, college basketball games. I love this time of year. It's like, what do I want to do? I want to sit on my couch and watch everything.


I'll tell you what this game was, though. The Bangles Vikings. This was, Max, case and point for you. This is what the Eagles need to show the competition committee to be like, You should not ban the touch push because it's not an automatic first down for everything. It turns out that when you have a player that weighs probably about as much as Hank, lining up behind Center, trying to push your quarter back forward, doesn't really work.


That well. Well, he also fumbled to snap. Yeah. That also didn't help. But yeah, Max.


Is so- I got.


Blown up. Max is so annoying that every time the touch push doesn't work, he just goes on a tarade where he's like, Thought it was automatic. You guys do it the best. I don't think anyone disagrees. The Eagles do it the best. But yes, that was a tough look. This was also a game that we had the Vikings. It felt like they completely squandered an opportunity to get even further into the playoff picture because they were up 17-3 with four minutes left in the third quarter. They had completely confused Jake Browning for two and a half quarters. Then the Vikings come roaring back. T. Higgins with one of the coolesthis ever, when he caught it with his back to the end zone and was able to twist the ball around the defender. It was just like time and time again, the Vikings. I know nick Mullen looked better than Josh Dobbs because everyone does. But those two interceptions, especially the one where he's falling to the ground. That was so funny. That was when wanting to make a play goes wrong. There's points where it's like, Hey, dude, it's okay to take a sack.


Well, he couldn't believe that it got picked off after he got swung to the ground and he tries to just throw the ball away. It ended up being, I think we'll have to get some stat like Amazon Web Services or whatever Jeff Bezos's stat machine is. Tell me if that was the shortest throw and interception of the time. Because it might have been. I think it was like a two-foot pass. Mullen was trying to throw it away. Then as Mullen is getting up, he's motioned to the referee. That wasn't a fumble. I passed it. I threw that.


That's like, No.


We got a guy. It's like, no, it actually hit the guy in his face, then in his dick, then his knee. Then he caught it and was like, Oh, holy shit. Here's a football. I have a.


Football now. Yeah, just like, I'm going to go down trying to make a play. Sometimes just don't make that play. But yeah, that was I walked away from it being like, Well, so the Bengals are very much live for the playoffs. Are they in the playoffs right now? Yes. I think they would be, yes. I think they're a six seat. The Vikings, they should have won that game. They weren't able to close it out. But now I'm back to being like, Bengals team of Destiny, nick Foles, Jake Browning. That first half, Jake Browning, looked bad. You're like, Oh, shit. This is why the backup. Then the second half, he woke up and started figuring some stuff out. I can't believe that the Bengals are actually a scary team.


They're feisty. Right now, they'd be the sixth seed. They would travel to Kansas City. The Gibronie mayor of Cincinnati would get his chance at revenge, Travis, Kelsey.


They also had a bunch of injuries. They get injuries every game.


They do, yeah. Actually, I came away not so much impressed with nick Mullins. I think I just forgotten about nick Mullins because every time he plays, I'm like, Oh, yeah, this dude's got a little shit to him. He's got a little gunsling at him. Yeah. The throw that he had to Jordan Addison, which was the all-time no, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes throw where he just whipped it across his body, let Jordan make a play on it. Those are the plays that you get with Big Dick, nick.


Yeah, nick Mullins is a great case of if you just take out the two red zone intersections, he had a great game. I feel like you can say that almost.


Every time. That one was a fluke, a fluke interception. But yeah, he will make a couple of plays. That's why I think he's the ultimate backup gunslinger. Right. Yeah, I don't think a team will ever commit to nick Mulans as being the guy ever, but he's fun. At least you'll say this about nick, when he plays, you want to watch the game because he's going to do some crazy shit that's awesome. He's going to do some crazy shit that's stupid.


Yeah, and I like nick Mulans. I think he might be a listener of the show. We got to get nick Mulans either an ice bath for his face or one of those things that you rub, the chicks rub. He was looking.


A little puffy. I rubbed one out the other day with one of those ice things on my face. Wait, okay. Yeah, I know. I actually rubbed two out because it was both my eyes. Those are very… They work.


They work. You're doing a lot of cosmetic.


Changes right now. Well, no, I had one in my freezer and I was like, You know what? I had a couple of drinks on Friday night at the holiday festival. I'm going to rub my face out. It felt awesome. I highly recommend that.


I feel like nick Mollins might have just continued with his holiday plans of drinking on a random Thursday night or whatever, not realizing he had to start an NFL game. But I do like watching him play. He raises the ceiling for what the Vikings offense was with Josh Dobbs, who was pathetic the.


Last couple of times. Yeah, that was pretty bad the last couple of weeks watching Josh Dobbs. You know what nick Mullins has? It's not like resting bitch face. It's resting stung by bees face. Yeah. It always looks like red and swollen a little.


I think it's just... It was like he got hit by a shovel. He looks like the wet Bandits. Yeah. The iron came down and hit him when he was walking up the stairs of.


The facility. Yeah, but to your point about the Bengals being a team of Destiny, they definitely believe. They think that they can win. That's half the battle. They're fighting hard every single game.


I think they have tie breakers over everyone, too. I think they beat the... I think they beat the... Oh, no, they lost to the Texas, but they beat the Bulls. This is tie breaker season. They beat the Colts, who will be right around them. Yeah, the Bang... The AFC, there's no rhyme. The AFC playoffs, I will not be shocked pretty much with any team that gets to the Super Bowl at this point.


Yeah, you.


Could see- What team would shock you?


The Colts make it to the Super Bowl.


Colts, okay. But that will most likely be, if that's not the Colts, if the seventh seat is the Bills, and it's Ravens, Dolphins, Chiefs, Jaguars, Browns, Bangles, Bills.


I feel like I'd be most shocked out of all those teams to see the Jaguars make it.


Yeah, but it's crazy how wide open the AFC playoffs.


Have become. It is, yeah. The Bangles, what's the spread? Guess the spread next week they're traveling to Pittsburgh.


Bangles at the Steeler's. I'm going to say Steeler's.


Minus one. I think it might be Bangles minus one. What do we got?


We've got Bangles minus two and a half in Pittsburgh.


Your formula says take the Seelers.


Yeah, well, all right, so let's just segue to it because the Colts 30, Steeler's 13, that was the second game. The Stealers were actually up 13-nothing in this game. And Michael Pitman got hurt and Zach Moss got hurt, and you would have been like, this was finding out Santa Claus isn't real because this was the death of the Mike Tomlin spot. Mike Tomlin had two back-to-back games as a home favorite by almost a touchdown both times, loses outright, has to rally the troops. They're underdogs. They couldn't look worse. This was the moment that you're like, Mike Tomlin will find a way to have the stealers win this game. And it started going as planned too, with the pump block, up 13, nothing. And then the Colts ripped off 30 straight points. The Stealers didn't even come close to scoring again. Mike Tomlin, this is actually the first time I've been like, It might be over. It might be over for Mike Tomlin in Pittsburgh.


It was a bad showing in the second half. Tj Watt looked really good considering he was coming off a concussion, or excuse me, coming off definitely not having a concussion, where he had to change his visor to be the dark-dented man.


He looked good in.


The first half. He looked good in the first half, but then just ran the fuck out of the game. They emasculated. They ran the fuck out of it. You see the stats that they put up with a three-headed monster in the backfield, no Jonathan Taylor for the Colts. You think maybe Jim Merce shouldn't have gone and paid all that money to Jonathan Taylor because he felt guilty about flying a whale across the country and spending more money on that than on running back.


Well, because the whale died, he didn't have to spend all that money.


Yeah, but it was a bad… You think he had that money laying around because the whale died? Yeah. Like, Domino Effect, the whale died. Correct. Jonathan Taylor now-What?


-is paid. There's someone, some pipsqueak with a pocket protector and glasses walked into Urcey's office one day. It was like, Mr. Urcey, the whale died. By my calculations, we have $40 million that have just opened up.


Your sick whale budget just became completely free right now. You can distribute that as you see fit. Yeah, Herce was like, at the time, he was getting bad PR because of the Zach Taylor thing, or not the Jonathan Taylor thing. He said to himself, If you know what? I'll fix this. I've got just the right idea. I'll get some good PR going by flying the whale. Everybody would be like, Thank you, Mr.


Herce. Then instead, the reaction was, How can you fly a whale? Like Hank has been talking about.


For a while. Yeah, it's impossible to fly a whale. But yeah, the the moral of this story was the Colts can run the damn football. When they run the damn ball, then anything else opens up?


I don't even know if the Colts can run the damn football. It's just the Steeler's defense is like, everything about the Steeler's is bad. I'm actually happy. I think Steeler's fans are happy that them lucky their way into the playoffs would have sucked. Because I want to see. There are seven teams, we just listed them that I could see making a miracle run to the Super Bowl. The Steelers can't win a single game.


Well, they're going to get Kinney back. When they get Kinney back, anything could happen.


It's bad watching it. I'm going to say something that's really sad, Hank, I need you to listen to this. I think it might be over for Mitch.


Yeah. Yeah, there was a bad show. It was a bad show by Mitch. It was also a bad showing by Pickens.


You know, Pickens, not.


Run blocking? Not run blocking at all. I feel like the Steelers lead the league and having position players with just real bad visuals that's here in terms of giving up.


On plays. That's what I'm saying. Like, Tomlin, his team would have bad moments, but he would always be able to get them back on track and win a game that they're underdogs and everything looks terrible. I think that Tomlin might be done. He might need to go somewhere else.


You have to have a sliding scale of talent where you have like, Antonio Brown, Levion Bell, and they're just absolutely destroying the locker room behind the scenes. But they're still really fucking good when.


They play. Right, you can.


Handle that. With Pickens and Deante this year, they've given up on film multiple times throughout the season, and they're not good enough to be able to just quit.


Didn't you say it, too? That Big Ben said that this is the end of The.


Steeler as we know it? Steeler's culture is done.


It does feel like that. This was the game they were supposed to win. When they're up 13-nothing, you're like, They're going to win this game.


Yeah. I actually think next week is the game that they're supposed to win. This will be, are the Stealers, as a culture, definitively dead yet?


Because-yeah, them beating the Bangles would make sense.


A home game- Is it underdog? -a home game, traditional underdog. Probably played Renegade a couple of times. Tj will be ready to go. Backup quarterback for the Bangles. I feel like that's where we can pinpoint and be like, This is the end of the Stealers era.


Yes. I also would like to say that I have officially decided I am willing to do one Coach of the Year vote, and it's going to be for Shane Styken. Okay. I've decided that. I usually split my votes. The faculty, Colts are eight and six. Gairdner, Minshu, playing good football. They're a fun team to watch. It's crazy. The whole thing is crazy. Teams aren't supposed to be expected to be bad and then be this competent. It's not even like they're an incredible team. It's just their competence level is so high. They're well coached all the time.


The details are perfect for them. Right.


He's a first.


Year coach. He's a first year coach doing a great job. My coach of the year, Vot, I'm going to split mine. I think Shane Styke is definitely deserving. I think I'm going to give one to D'Amico Ryan. Okay. In Houston, and then Sean McDermott. How funny would it be if Sean McDermott won Coach of the Year this year?


That would be great. His speech would be awesome.


I must see TV at NFL Honorist Night. Have Aaron Rogers introduced him. They have a lot to talk about. I think that the Colts will make the playoffs. The segment they did with Gairdner Menchou, they were talking about the van. Was it Torico that was doing that game? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Torico was pretending to be grossed out about how Gairdner Menchou lives in a van at a local gym, and he plays pickleball against old women. Basically, without saying in so many words, they were like, Gairdner Menchou bangs all the Cougars down in Florida. He bangs so many Cougars that he just brings them to his van so that they can't sleep over and then goes get to the next one. It sounds like a great offseason for Gartner. Yes, PFT.


I think, now this is going to be something I shouldn't write a check for us. I don't know if we can cash, but let's just say it, okay? If the Colts, they could win the AFC South. If the Jaguars lose this game right now, I think they'd be tied because they have split, I believe, their games this year, right?


I believe so.


If the Colts have a home playoff game and it's played on that Saturday, most likely, I think we have to go.


That is a big track.


I think.


We have to go, though. What's that? January- It's like 13th.


-14th, I think we have to go.


Also, it was Rich Isen on the call?


Kurt and Kurt Warner. Yeah, then we should go, so we don't have to hear that.




That-it wasn't Tariko. His rich eyes are just chuckling to himself thinking about Garner banging moms.


I just couldn't help but think about how mad Kurt probably was that there was in a dome.




No, he was loving it.


No, he.




It. That's probably why Eric's closed the roof because he was like, Kurt's going to be just going to rip me a.


New asshole. I want to see that puffy vest. All right, we'll put that, we'll table it. Maybe we will go.


I'm a firm maybe on that one.


It's only a little drive.


-yeah. Do I get free playoff tickets if I'm a season ticket holder?


No, I don't think so. You have to pay for them. Yeah. Well, that was why I was... The only reason I was going to say because we have season tickets, that was the.


Only reason. Maybe we go down there and interview Mr. Urse before the game?


Do you think you'd want to do an interview right before a.


Playoff game? I think you'd be fine with it.


Yeah. Do a turn.


Yeah. Sit in his box, get in Mr. Urse in his box.


He would probably.


Let us. Yeah. I think he could.


We could be in.


His box. I could see myself in Mr. Urse's box. Yeah.


A couple of guys in his box. We're fun guys. Yeah. Okay. Last game for Saturday, Lions, 42, Broncos, 17. The are back. They kicked the shit out of the Broncos. I feel like this was a fraud passing of the torch. Everyone's saying, lions fraud, their defense not great. The Broncos are the real fraud. That was an ass kicking up and down. The Lions started the game with three punts. They then went on five straight touchdown drives for 80 yards, 61 yards, 81 yards, 75 yards.


75 yards. They killed. Sam Laporte was awesome.


Jameer Gibbs.


Was Yeah, Laporte has got to be one of the top five tight ends in the league right now as a rookie. Really good. They did take a couple of shots deep to Jameson at the start of the game, which I've been saying for weeks, just do that. He's so fucking fast. Just to hear it out, stretch the defense out a little bit. The offensive gameplay was awesome for the Lions.


And then-Also their defense played well, which is what you need to see. They played pretty well, although I still think the Broncos just suck.


Well, what happened with that fake off-sides call that they had? Yeah. Did they line up in the neutral zone?


The helmet was in the neutral zone. Then they score a touchdown. I think they might have scored a touch on the play, then they call it back. Then Sean Payton just starts ripping into Russell Wilson.


He assumed that it was Russell's fault.


He assumed it was Russell Wilson's fault. Meanwhile, as he's ripping into Russell Wilson, he's having them go out there for a field goal to make a three-score game, a three-score game. Take it from 28-7 toto tent. Yeah. Like Sean Payton feels like, Yeah, I get it. Russell Wilson, not the old Russell Wilson. I also feel like Sean Payton is just throwing a shitload of blame on Russell Wilson when he probably needs some blame, too. It felt like the team was not ready for this game.


He accomplished the impossible in that moment, which is we felt bad for Russell Wilson. We took Russell Wilson's side and we sympathized with him. That sucks that your coach is doing that to you. I didn't think that was possible for me to feel that way about him. But yeah, he was not... He was not the one who was wrong. The Broncos, they're clinging to it right now. I could.


Still see them in their playoffs. Their schedule is so easy. Actually, Jake, you need to set a reminder for us. They're playing the Patriots and the Chargers at home and then at the Raiders. If the Broncos make the playoffs, I will bet everything I have against them. They're not good. They're lucky.


They're not good. Also, the baby bump worked. Russell Wilson scored.


Yeah, he did. Yeah, true. That's his kid?


His kid. He gave birth.


Yes. Got you.


Yeah. Why the buddy pregnant?


Why did buddy pregnant?


It was good, though, to see the lions get their groove back. But yeah, I think the Broncos suck. I really do. I know that people were like, Oh, that's bullshit. They've turned it around. They turn around with smoke and mirrors. I know they beat the chiefs. That was nice. That Bill's game. If the Broncos can't get three turnovers all in plus territory, they're shit.


Out of luck. Now, do we officially take the lions off fraud watching this game? Because I think they just beat a fraud. If you beat a fraud, does that make you not a fraud? I don't know. It's like, catch me if you can. If you're a fraud and you get hired to find out who the fraud is, are you still a fraud? Are you still a fraud for life. They have an opportunity. The Lions have an opportunity week 17 when they go to Dallas. If they can beat the Cowboys in Dallas, then that might be the fraud bowl.


If they beat, no, fraud bowl is next week. Dolphins, Cowboys. Yeah. That is the fraud bowl. I feel like-That's literally whoever lose that game will be.


A fraud. The Cowboys are playing back to back to back fraud bulls.


Yeah. Well, no, the Bulls were never a fraud team. They were just.


Snake pit. They were just not good.


Yeah, but they were also when they are good, they're.


Not a fraud. Yeah, when they're good, they can beat any team in.


The NFL. Yeah, fraud is like a front running. Cowboys, I think, are the leaders in the fraud watch right now. I would say the Lions aren't off fraud watch, but they definitely take a nice step back because their defense played really well. Their offense, when it's humming, it cannot... If they get a home playoff game, which they're very close to getting, by the way, if the Seahawks lose, the Lions officially clinch to the playoffs, which would be great. If the Lions get a home playoff game, I'm very bullish on the Lions winning that home playoff game. It's when the Lions have to go on the road. This isn't like anti-Lions because it's like, who would feel good about going on the road against San Francisco right now?


Yeah, no one.


No one. That has nothing to do with the Lions not being good. They are very good. It's just if they went on the road to San Francisco, I don't know if they can win that game.


What's crazy about the NFC is there's a chance, a pretty good chance that two NFC South teams make the playoffs.


Oh, I know. Because the- Yeah, I know the Saints are in the playoffs.


Right now. The Vikings have to play the Lions twice. Correct. That's going to be a tough.


Schedule for them. No, the Packers have shit all over themselves. The Saints-Rams game next week actually is a huge playoff game. Yeah. Thursday night, too. Yeah, Thursday night. But yeah, no, there's the Saints. We could get the Saints and the Bucks.


Jesus. Yeah, it's crazy.


I don't know what that does to my calculation about NFC South coaches getting fired. I still feel like it's every team that doesn't win the division.


Yeah, I think if you make.


The playoffs, you're not going to get fired. Yeah, if you're right around 500, I don't know if you get in as wildcard, the Saints might still fire.


I think if you find a way to get in the playoffs because they'd have to win two out of the last three. You could say they.


Finished strong. They got hot. Yeah.


Either way, that was an awesome game for the Lions. That was what the Lions needed because they had gone what? It felt like four weeks a month where, yeah, they went two and two in the last four, but they have not looked really good in those four games. Dan Campbell said he's going to be more irritable. He's going to have to push them harder. Then we saw it. That was what the Lions looked like early in the season when everything's clicking on offense and Jared looks great and Jameer Gibbs, they have so many weapons when everything's working that I love watching them play football. It's fun to watch the Lions play football.


It is. They get CJ Garner Johnson back next week, maybe. He's practicing now. That's going to be a bit. Yeah, you can definitely you can tell yourself that the Lions, maybe their defense is getting good.


You only.


Really have to believe that the defense is getting good because then you might accidentally play good. If you shut down the Vikings twice and you hold your own against Dallas and you get a good important player like that back, you can go into the playoffs being like, Yeah, our defense is fixed.


Jeff Saturday told us on Friday, just get guys lined up right.




Just if you're a Lions fan, you just going to walk around being like, Once we get guys lined up right, we'll be fine. That's all it takes. Not a lack of skill. Get guys lined up right. Okay, let's go to Sunday. We'll start with the Browns and Bears. Browns 20, Bears 17. I'll start with the Browns because I'd like to give the Browns a shitload of credit. The Browns have had so many injuries. They had at one point, I think during this game, they were on their third right tackle, third center, back up left tackle, back up guard. They've had so many injuries to every place on the football field, and they're so resilient and their defense shows up in big moments. Joe Flacko, that pass he made to Amari Cooper to tie the game, it was a tight window with three dudes right around him. The Browns deserve all the credit in the world for being this tough, hard-nosed team that has had so many chances to quit on the season and have always answered the bell. If you're a Browns fan, I know this season has been weird, disorienting, everything. Right now, you have to be just proud of your.


Football team. Yeah, Flacko can throw the dick out of the ball. That pass was so pretty. It was sick. Right in between the zone, Eberflus gave a loser answer to it after the game. He said that that ball should have been intercepted. He's like, If we make that play again, we probably pick him off. Well, he's a loser. That was a designed interception according to Matt Eberflus. Usually, they break quicker on the ball than that, so he has no regrets about the play call. Maybe, okay, at least just say we should have tackled the guy after he caught it. You can say we had the right coverage. It was a better throw. At the very least, give credit to Flacko for making a great throw on that one. Well, I know- Flacko loves Cooper and he loves David and Joe.


Yeah, he does. The Bear's defense is not the problem in this game. Here's a fun stat. Since 2015, teams with three plus sacks, three plus intersections in a pick six were 40 and 0. Now they're 40 and 1. Thank you, Bear. Also, here's a fun stat. No head coach has ever lost multiple games in a single year despite owning a 10-point lead and a plus two turnover margin until today. Matt Heberflus.


Come on down. Setting records, baby. I would like to say and get ahead of this before the end of the season when the Justin Fields debate happens because it's going to happen. It's already happening a little bit. We should adjust his stats at the end of the year because he had two interceptions today, both on Hale, Marys.


The first one shouldn't even.


Count it. The first one was not an interception and Fields was like lobbying with the ref at half time like, Hey, call that an incomplete pass. That wasn't a pick. He was trying to get it reviewed before they went into the locker room, which he should have because that wasn't an interception. Then the one at the end that was in Mooney's hands, Mooney was holding it like a baby. He was cradling. He was swaddling the football, and then he kicked it up into the Brown's hands.


Such an insane way.


To lose. Those should not count as interceptions. He had a dropped touchdown. Robert Tanya. Robert Tanya just dropped a wide-open touchdown. In my personal book for Justin Fields at the end of the season, I will be adjusting his stats to include one more touchdown and two fewer interceptions. No, I.


Don't want to do this again. I don't.


Want to do this again. With the Justin Fields convo?


No, I just said this was a gateway game. I talked about Friday. This is a gateway to my happiness. I was legitimately excited for this game. I legitimately thought the bears could win this game. Their defense played really well. I agree with you, Justin Fields was not the glaring problem. Offensive line couldn't block today. Receivers dropping balls, execution in the fourth quarter. Time and time again, you start to drive. It's run, run. Then be like, Hey, Justin, get us 12 yards here on third down when everyone's expecting it. That's not winning football. That's not how you can conduct an offense. I'm tired of everything. I actually have decided BFD, I think what's best for my health. I'm just going to say whatever Ryan Poles does, I'm cool with.


You're trusting Poles. Yeah. You're trusting the process.


Well, guess what? Montez sweat's a.


Fucking beast. Yeah, he is awesome. Right? Two and a half sacks.


And we have the number one pick.


I think Montez sweat is now leading two teams in Sacks this year.


Yeah, and we have the number one pick for a reason, Ryan Polis. I don't want to do whatever happens, I'm good with. I'll just do whatever. Whatever Ryan Poole says we're doing. I'm just going to be like, You know what?


That's what we're doing. I'll say this about Justin Fields, he's not bad enough to be generating the type of insult stats and insult graphics that are going around about him. He's a decent quarterback. He plays the game a little bit differently. His stats aren't always glaringly obvious Oh, look how many yards this guy threw. Right. But he's decent. But I don't know if you think that Caleb Williams is as good as advertised, you can't pass up drafting him. You can't. I'm just telling you, you're going to.


Regret that. Oh, that was, oh, Jeez. We just watched Keaton Mitchell hurt his knee very badly.


Oh, no.


That was a very Ravens thing. Moment of silence. That was bad. You missed it. His knee just popped real bad. I get what you're saying, Kale Williams, the whole thing, the financials. I just, and I get it. I have to debate it. I will debate it. After a loss like today, losing a game where I got my hopes up that the bears were going to make a run to a potential... Yes, I know a lot of shit had to happen, but Falcons and Cardinals at home. I was like, bears could maybe make week 18 at Lambo a super meaningful game. I was excited at that proposition. Losing the way they lost today, I just don't really want to opt out of future quarterback discussions for 24 hours.


Yeah, but you're going to have a nice look at the playoff machine. You need that nerd, Steve Kornackie, to give you a full-on breakdown about what happens if you finish eight and nine. No, I.


Don't want to do it. No, today was... No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.


I'm trying to open up.


That gateway. No, I'm staying firm. When I have a gateway game, if we lose it, it's over. It's over. It's over. Could get back over. No, it's over. I'm being honest. I'm being realistic. I don't want to play this game. This was the game they had to win. If they won this game, I would have my hopes all the way up. They did not. It makes me realize getting your hopes up for your sports teams is the dumbest thing you could possibly do as a human being. There's no reason for it. Nothing ever good happens out of it. There's just nothing on the other side.


But how nice would it be if it was you and Green Bay? Winner makes the playoffs.


And you've won the Packers. That's all I wanted. Well, the Packers stink, too. Hold on, I'm looking right now at the... These are the fifth pick right now.


First and fifth. First and fifth. Yeah, I'm on tankathon big time.


Right now. Yeah, I don't know. If after a game like today, if you look at the box score, you're like, Justin Fields stinks. If you watch the game, you're like, There's a lot of other problems that need to be fixed. Maybe that's the answer. Just fix all the other problems, but whatever. That was a brutal way for them to lose that game because you knew as soon as the... You just knew how it was going. It's gone this way for two years now where it's like the three and outs start coming in a flurry and you're like, Uh-oh, this is about to be a really tight game. Even though the bears dominated for the first.


Three quarters. Oh, they did, yeah. Flacko on the flackometer, he.


Was-well, their defense dominated.


Their offense didn't do shit. Yeah, Flacko was a bum for the first three quarters. Yes. Then it's like elite. That's why he's so confusing because you have to almost min and black yourself and take the device out and make you forget all the bone-headed mistakes that he made. Yeah. Because he thinks he can make every throw and sometimes... The one play that the Bear's defender made where he was at the goal line right after they got the muff pump, Flacko throws that pick. That was one of the best interceptions I've ever seen. Yes. That was incredible. That was incredible. I don't even know if that was a bad throw by Flacko as much as it was just a great play.


Yeah. The Bear's defense was legitimately flying around today and playing really good football. By the way, Keaton Mitchell did not look good walking off the field. That's just like a Ravens running back thing.




Oh, he gave a thumbs up. I'm a farmer from Spinal Tap. Yeah, no, you're talking about Stevenson's interception. It was incredible. Yeah. And yeah, the Bear's Defense makes me feel good, makes me feel warm inside. Everything else, I'm just going to trust Ryan Poles and credit to the Browns for being like, I want the Browns to fucking go on a run now. Blacko is like, so much fun to watch. The fact that he's out there doing this.


Is insane. And the fact that he makes so many people mad.


Yeah, and he made $75,000 today.


Yeah, shout out.


He actually did our podcast joke.


In real life. He gets in Bored Apes.


Yeah, he gets $75,000 an episode.


Per win. Then in the playoffs, he gets like 100,000, 200,000, 500,000, a million, two million, something like that. Imagine if you got a check for two million dollars for-.


Just winning a.


Football game? Yeah. That'd be sick.


Yeah, this is why I'm saying. I should have like a billion dollars. I don't understand why owners don't do that. I don't know, maybe it's illegal. But if you're an owner, if you had as much money, how much money does Jimmy Hasen have?


Billions. Let me see. Billions. You should give them discounts on pilot, flying J.


Gas for like-$8.8 billion. If I had $8.8 billion and I owned an NFL franchise, and I would definitely put in for my quarterback, I'd be like, If you win a Super Bowl, I'll give you $200 million. Dollars. It's so.


Worth it. $200 million, but you have to bet it against me in one hand of blackjack. War. Yeah, and war. If I beat you, you don't get any of it. And if you beat me, it doubles.


I like that.


We should be in NFL owners. We'd be so much better.


Than Tepper. He would want to come play for us. Yeah, for sure. Why wouldn't you? $200 million.


If you would. We would probably get investigated in-$200.


Million, maybe. That's what the contract says. $200 million bonus if you win the Super Bowl, parentheses, maybe.


If you have the balls.


Yeah, if you're man enough. Yeah. Okay, moving on, bear season over. I want everyone to disrespect me. I appreciate you trying to be like, Hey, look at the playoff machine. Disrespect my wishes.


I'm addicted to the playoff machine.


It's over. This was the gateway game. I've never won a gateway game. My happiness doesn't deserve it. It is what it is. Okay, the one thing I did have that was happy today was the Bucks 34, Packers 20. I got roasted. I take a little blame for the Bear's loss today because I got roasted. We have seven games on. I was very into the Bear's game today. It was my gateway game. I wasn't watching every second of the Packers game. I looked over and it was at the end of the game when Jordan Love had a fumble. I'd sent out a tweet being like, He sucks. All the Packers train was like, No, he was fucking great today. What I should have said was the Packers defense sucks because they got absolutely torched by Baker Mayfield. I take it back, Jordan Love played well today. The Packers defense was a joke of a unit today. The Packers went from no one wants to play in the playoffs, to, Are these guys going to actually get in the playoffs?


Yeah. They've lost back-to-back games to Tommy, Davido, and Baker Mayfield. Yep. Tommy dropped 24 on Baker dropped 34 on him. Baker looked great today.


Four touchdown passes, 381 yards.


If I'm the Bucks, I think I might just run it back with Baker next year. Why not? Why not? You're probably going to make the playoffs. Probably going to win the division.


Yeah, we talked about it on Friday. I agree.


With you. Yeah, bring Baker back. I still go back to the way Cleveland just flushed him down the toilet. He was the best quarterback that Cleveland's seen in a long time. Certainly the best one that they've drafted in a long time.


He also played.




They can't keep a guy.


Healthy now. Because he wasn't perfect and there were some throws where you're like, Well, I wish that maybe he had taken some time to heal himself before coming back and trying to gut through it. Guess what? That's not Baker's call. Of course, the player is going to want to play all the time. Your coach has to be like, No, Baker, you can't play with a torn labor. Shut it down for a little bit. The Browns really fucked up by getting rid of Baker Mayfield. Then he was on the Panthers and everyone was like, Oh, Baker stinks. No, he just caught an acute case of pantheritis. He had to get that out of his system.


Matt Rule.


Was his coach. Matt Rule. He had Matt Rule. He had full-blown Panthers, which is not a position. It's almost unrecoverable. He got a bad deal in Cleveland, bad deal in Carolina, looked okay for the Rams and spot dude who came in. I still think Baker Mayfield is a good NFL quarterback. He's in that above average tier.


He was 22 for 28, 381 yards for touchdown. This is his best game since the Browns. He was incredible today. The Packers defense stinks. They stinks. Absolutely stinks. Back-to-back weeks. Baker Mayfield is better than Tommy DeVito, who we'll get to. But think about it. Tommy DeVito drives to that field goal win on Monday night. Then Baker Mayfield, every time you looked up, the Bucks had a guy wide open running down the field.


Do we need to talk about LaFlor as being a coordinator killer? You know how when you have a quarterback that's a coach killer, they just slap to that label? Laflor might be a coordinator killer. He's fired three coordinators in five years as the Green Bay Packers coach. It looks like Joe Barry is probably going to get fired.


What coordinators did he fire?


Let's see. We did Hackney. Hackney didn't get fired.


He got promoted.


He got hired as a head coach.


He got big.


Time promoted. Yeah, but no, he's fired three coordinators. This would be the fourth if Joe Barry gets fired.


Wait, so who else, though, did he fire? I'm just wondering what side.


Of the ball? I don't have the list in front of me right now. I'm just saying coordinators in general. Laflor exists on a plane above his coordinators, where he has a great sense of who his fall guy is going to be at all times. I know that.


Packers fans have hated Joe Barry for a couple of years now. I'm trying to remember who their coordinator was before that. The thing is, Packers fans all have just wanted Jim Leonard to be their coordinator for the longest time. Hold on. Mike Pettin was before Joe Barry, I believe? Yes. Yeah. The defense coordinator for the Packers, I think, is always just the most hated guy in Green Bay. Yeah.


Feels like. Yeah, because he is the cure to all your answers. If you have an offensive-minded head coach and you have Aaron Rogers as your quarterback, what are you going to do? You're not going to fire Aaron Rogers' best friend. Right. It's like, Okay, well, we need to fire somebody else who has the title of coordinator. Yes.


But yeah, the Packers are... That happened so fast that they beat the Chiefs on Sunday Night Football and hand up. I probably shouldn't have crowned them as a team definitely going to the playoffs. Bad analysis by me. I apologize. That was sloppy. But two weeks later and it's like, This team stinks. Their defense can't stop anyone.


They need to kick in the ass. They need to put Matt LaFloor on sabbatical and have Rich Bessachia step in. Just coach them for one week. Just ass-kicker. I actually think that Rich Bessachia could walk into Matt LaFloor's office and be like, Hey, Matt, you're fired. Yeah. Matt LaFloor would be like, Yes, sir.


Yeah, okay, no problem. They do play the Panthers next week, so I will have to root for.


The Packers next week. That'll be nice.


Yeah, that should cure a lot of the problems.


I've decided, Big Cat cover your ears. I've decided that I want the Packers to keep winning and I want the Bears to keep winning. Then I want a week 18 game between the Packers and the Bears. Winner gets into the playoffs. How awesome.


Would that be? It's already done. No, but they had to both win today. It's over. That was my point. That was the gateway. I don't know if it's- Today was the gateway.


I told you to close your ears. You weren't supposed to.


Hear that. That's true. No, but today was it. You can't. The Bears can't. They're fucking five and eight, dude. Five and nine.


But why aren't they eliminated? What's their path?


Everyone else losing a million games? It's not possible.


They didn't get the giant graphic.


No, it's.


Not possible. They're still in the hunt. Yeah.


No, they can't.


It's stupid. But they can't.


But they can't.


Jay, can you come up with a formula that has the Packers and the Bears meeting in the.




Was the day. And the winner gets in.


If both teams won today, it would have been.


Collision course. That would have been the ultimate. It still could happen.


It's not going to happen. You should have rooted harder today.


For the bears. I took my eye.


Off the ball. Yeah, you took your eye off the ball. You wanted something that.


Was- I had a lot of emotional ties with Joe Flacko.


I've been spending the whole week thinking about this. Today was the day it had to happen, and it didn't happen.


I got Jake on it.


Packer, Steven. That sucks. But Jordan Love did look good. I went back and watched some clips because I wanted to correct myself that's how much I take my job. I want to.


Get it right.


Yeah. If he was making some really nice throws.


We try not to be wrong.


I'm trying to take. I was in the moment wrong because I watched a fumble that was very funny to me. It was also a fourth down fumble, so it didn't really matter to defend him a little, even though I don't want to. But yeah, Jordan Love was not the problem. Their defense gave up 381 yards to Baker Mayfield. Then I think even they were getting gashed in the run game, too. It was just bad all around. Let's see. What was it? Yeah, they gave up 100 yards rushing and 381 yards passing. Jake's doing it right now.


Yeah. All right, what? I'm looking at tweets. I see one formula that's like 15 things.


Yeah, it's over, P. F. T. You had a chance to root for it, and it's dead.


It's higher than 0.0, 0%.


What do you think I've been getting so nervous about and saying gateway game and talking about how big this game was? It was because of.


Week 18. It was because you had a playoff implications.


It was because if they ran the table and the Packers ran the table, week 18 would have been for everything.


I guess I'm just looking at the NFC South. I'm looking at the playoff records of the Vikings at 7 and 7, a couple of other teams that are at or beneath 500 that are technically still in it that could lose some more games. Max is doing on the playoff calculator right now. Yeah, I'd love the playoff machine. The playoff machine on ESPN is my very favorite thing in the entire world to use.


Pft, do a couple of ads and Max will work on it. Okay. He's got it. Okay, we'll get it.


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All right, Max, read it to us, or Jake?


It's going to feel like Francis are reading just numbers and names.


It also- I.


Texted you guys.


This also does the opposite of what we're talking about. That's why the Packers and the Bear need to win today. Because I'm reading this right now. It has like, Panthers over Packers. It's basically getting the Packers eliminated.


Before-no, I plugged it in the ESPM playoff. Then week 18, I had the Packers beating the Bear and the Bear's beating the Packers, and they flip-flopped the seven seed.


Okay, so then tell us.


All right.


Eagles over Seahawks. You got to listen. Yeah, I'm listening. Because you wanted this. I'm reading it right now today.


Eagles over Seahawks tonight. Week 16, saints over rams, falcons over colts, titans over Seahawks, lions over Vikings, panthers over packers, jaggs over Bucks, bears over cardinals, eagle over giants.


Okay, there's a couple of red flags in that one.


Yeah. Week 17, bears over falcons, giants over rams, Bucks over saints, packers over Vikings. Week 18, lions over Vikings, and then bears, packers becomes a win.


There's four games on there that I'm circling. That will never happen.


Yeah, Eagles over giants or no, I guess that could happen.


Yeah, I guess so. I don't know. What do you think Max is going to be rooting for in that game? Tommy DeVito or The Eagle?


He was pretty upset. He's saying it's for desecrating our boy.


Titan, Seahawks. Titan's over Seahawks. Maybe if Drew Lock's playing, I could talk myself into that. Yeah, there's a couple of iffy ones here. Yeah, I don't think it's going to happen. I'd say giants over rams is going to be tough, too.


Yeah, Panthers over Packers, pretty tough.




Bear's over Packers, probably pretty tough. Either way.


Maybe it's for the best.


Yeah, I told you the.


Gateway is closed. It might be for the best, though.


I feel like I had all these hopes and dreams and they came smashing down upon me. Then you showed up two minutes after and you're like, Hey, what if this happened? I was like, No, dude, that was what we were just hoping and dreaming about.


It could. Now, what would actually be the worst thing? This is why I'm saying maybe for the best that it's not.


Going to happen. It's not going to happen. It's over. It is for the best. It's over. I'm not going to.


Do a memes thing. I could see a world where going into that potential week 18 matchup where the bears win, they lose that draft pick, the high draft pick. Then whoever picks in that position takes an All-Pro Hall of Fame player and you're like, Oh, yeah, looking back on that meaningless game against the Packers that I wanted.


So desperately. No, but it would have gone to go to the playoffs. You never say going to the playoffs is meaningless.




That's a fact. Going to the playoffs is never meaningless.


Maybe if you're a Saints fan, it might be.


I don't know.




Yeah, maybe- If you're going to the playoffs, you're four wins away from.


Winning the Super Bowl. That's true. I feel like the Saints have reason to believe now. They've got reason to think maybe we can win a playoff game. This was a big shot in the arm for that.


I guess if the Steelers went to the playoffs, that would be meaningless. Yeah.


There's a lot of teams that would be meaningless.


But if the Bears were on the table, it would not be meaningless.


Yeah, for a Bear's program, we never go to.


The playoffs. Program, I like that.


Especially with the.


Number one. It'd be good for recruiting in the NIL. If bears could go to the playoffs, they're portal.


Oh, you know that Harbo would take on and be like, We got a strong program here. Yeah.


All right, next game. Not a strong program. Chiefs 27, Patriots 17, Hank, sit on up. Billy is happy actually didn't look that bad for a little bit.


Yeah, they were throwing it all over the field in the first half.


Yeah. He likes everyone.


He hops.


He does. He dances back.


He likes to hop up.


The offensive line was bad. They were giving him no time, but he was getting out of a lot of situations.


There's that one sack where the entire Chief's team was on him. I think he might have actually ended up in an interception on him instantly. He had no time.


The interception in their own territory.


Was bad. How do you feel about the defense? Are you still high on the defense?


Yeah, I mean, the defense is one of the best defenses in the League since week 10.


The report was walked back a little bit. The Belichick report I'm talking about where they said they've already made the decision to move on from them, they walked that back a little bit and they're like, No decision has been made.


Right, just a report.


Yeah. Did you see the new Hotness?






The new report? By who? I should tell you, PFT first.


Yeah, I told you last week on Thursday, that was a fake news report.


This is very funny, Hank, because a lot of times the world's out to get us is bullshit. This one made me chuckle because they spent all week saying Belichick was going to get fired. Then the report I saw today was that Jared Mayo is rubbing people the wrong way because he's supposed to be the successor. They just basically were like, Oh, that Belichick report was fake. This guy is actually the problem.


I like that. What do we like that. We got two camps going at it. I feel like that might have been Belichick getting his word out there. Like, if you're going to replace me, you better have a guy lined up. I don't think that this is the right guy.


Yeah, that was a make good by Kieran. My bad. But the thing is it probably will happen. It probably will happen. They're just mad that it is all happening publicly.


Yeah, they thought that they would be able to handle it differently than every other team has ever done it because they're the Patriots and they do things the Patriot way there.


Report, Patriots Coach Jared Mayo has been rubbing people the wrong way this season via Greg Bidard, multiple team sources indicated Mayo has rubbed at least some people the wrong way, hopefully not Kraft.


Is that a shot at Orchids?


Yeah. Multiple people the wrong way in the building since his extension. When he perhaps received a strong indication, he would be the successor. And the picture that was used was Mayo and Steve Belichick. Oh.


So yeah, he's probably treating Steve like he hasn't earned anything.




It couldn't be farther from truth.


What are you thinking, Max?


This is beside the point, but we just saw the injury video.


Oh, I saw it in real life. It was crazy, dude. Keith Mitchell. It was Willis McGahey.


It's really bad. I'm going to.


Send it to.


The group. I'm going to watch it live. I did not see it when it happened. Graphic knee isn't supposed to bend this way.


No, it's.


Willis McGahey. Let's see. He's stepping.


What the fuck?


It's an upfront angle.




No? I think it's an acute angle.


No, acute is less than 90 degrees.


Don't question, Jacob.


Yeah, exactly. The joint is like that.


It's smaller. No, his knee was like this.




It's like.


A-that's above, that's more.


Than 90 degrees. I guess it depends on which side of the knee we're referring to when we're judging the angle. If we're talking about the front or the back side.


Either way, it's an angle.


That's not-The front is acute. The back is obtuse. Okay, so-I am personally being obtuse right now.


Wow. Get well soon.


Yeah, it's bad.


Yeah. Running backs.


I also just enjoy. I hope they keep Cedarius Tony around for the playoff run because watching him blow a playoff game would be just….


It's at this point, it is 100%. If they keep him around, they have no one to blame but themselves. I'm getting to the point where I think that someone's trying to take Mohomes down and they're like, We'll use Cedarius Tony to do it.


Either that or Mohomes got so bored, dominate the NFL, that he's playing on expert mode with Cedarius Tony, who will probably cost you at least seven points trying to catch a football.


That was the funniest interception ever. He was playing like, Keep it up. Let me make sure. He basically couldn't catch the ball and was like, Wait, hold on. Let me make sure I pop it up one last time so someone can catch.


The ball. It also doesn't help matters that he just looks insane. Whenever they show him, he's just got this big smile on his eyes are crazy. He's a rare example, but I feel like in three or four games this year, if you put an average person on the field in Caderius Tony's position, it might actually be better off for the chiefs because you would never get the ball thrown to you because you'd never be able to get open. But at least you wouldn't actively cost your team points.


Hand the ball for him.


Give your other team points.


Yeah. My homes, he actually showed a lot of frustration for the first time.


Which he should have been doing. Well, since the end of the game.


Last week. Last week. Well, that was to the rest. I'm saying for the first time in his own teammates. But yeah, if Canarius, Tony ends up playing on the playoff roster, he's going to fuck it up. Then they're going to be like, We don't know what happened. We know what happened, dude.


How could we see this?


How could we see it coming? He's shown a million times. I think Kelsey dropped one today, too.


He did, yeah.


A boy-ass play. Yeah, Tired Fingers. They showed Taylor Swift up in the box. She used the F-word loudly. You have to wonder, is that the girl that we want as the face of the NFL? Nope. I don't.


Think so. I saw a good caption online and said, Taylor Swift, when she found out the Lighthouse wasn't real.


That's good.


It's funny.


You hate that Lighthouse, hey? You have no respect for the Lighthouse. I love the Lighthouse. No, we built it because we had an old Lighthouse and then we had a scoreboard and had to build a bigger scoreboard, and then you had to build a bigger Lighthouse to look over the new bigger scoreboard.


It's one of the biggest lighthouses in the country.


It's not that good. It's not in person. Yeah, as a father of a Swifty, I think I'm going to have to.


Ban it now. I mean, it's disgusting.


My son did actually say fuck head the other day, and I had him tell me it again because I wanted to laugh. Then I was like, Don't ever fucking.


Say that.


Then he got very confused. Yeah, no, I slipped up. I was like, Don't fucking say that. Then he's like, Wait, what? It was the whole thing. I'm not great at that stuff. Yeah, freak. But a four and a half year old saying, Fuckhead, that's funny. It's hard not to laugh. I laugh at the worst moments as dead. The worst. Clyde Edwards-Gilair.


Remember him? He exists. That was a great catch that he had today. The chiefs were back on their fuck shit that they do in Southern Red Zone. They're doing the thing, trying to keep loose. Let's put in some weird plays that you've never seen before. Something that Andy Reed, he likes to tinker with during the week. He did some tinkering this time where he had the homes lined up as a running back, right? Yeah. Is that how it was set up? He had like a two-running back-to-back. The homes was offset to the side and then they ran it inside and it was an awesome play. It's like, okay, the Chiefs are having fun. I think they had such an emotionally… They were a little bit extra with their loss last week. Yeah, it was a get right. Then Andy Reed is like, Okay, we're going to do some fun stuff in the Red Zone like the ring around the rosy bullshit that we do sometimes. Keep the boys loose.


Out there. He's like Gordon Bombay. Throwing the beach ball out on the ice, being like, Remember to have fun, guys.


Let's have fun. We're playing a kid's game. As a fan of The Patriots and the historical franchise that they are, it's sad to see that we've fallen so hard that now we're the team that other teams practice their most fucked up, complicated plays against. You're the get right. We're the get right team. But that's such a life. That's how it goes. You got to take the downs with the ups.


I completely forgot about this, but it just reminded me. Remember when Jake said Clyde Edwards, Elair?


Yeah, I was going to say something just then, but it's Elair.


Oh, we know.


Yeah. No, we all know. We've never.


Mispronounced it. We've never thought it was a Helair.


That was one of my first ever mistakes on this show. I think about it every day.


Damn. Do you keep a list of your mistakes?


I have them in my head.


What's your biggest mistake on the show?


My biggest mistake on this show?


I just.


Want credit. I had a joke that I did not say there.


Okay, tell me.


What were you going to say? I'll tell you offline. You could.


Just text me all right.


Okay, all right.


I'm trying to think of other ones as I sit on my body, Armor, Sportwater.


The other thing I had noted, Rasheed Rice is good. Yes. That's good for them. What are you guys betting on back there? That was a perfectly coordinated-.


We're still sweating out this over.


It's not hitting.


There's still a shot.




There isn't.


You guys are Delulu. You're here as Delulu as it gets. Jake, I don't think you've made any mistakes that have ever been actually of consequence minus the hilaire thing. That was so bad. That's fine. Yeah, that was terrible. Trying to think what else. You've made no others. Look at the fucking Tweedledee and tweetledom screaming at each other in.


The booth. You know what it is? Because Jake's mistakes are like, they pale in comparison. Even his worst ones pale in comparison to our smallest mistakes.


Yeah. Well, yeah, I lose sleep over the small ones. Yeah.


Andme while Max literally slept through his biggest one, not pushing the button. He had a fucking nice night of sleep.


I thought you were going to say when he went out and blacked out.


Oh, that too. Yeah. For the Super Bowl.


Yeah, also. That was one of the more fun nights I've had on part of my take out that night with you guys.


Yeah, it was a great time. It was so much fun. I was surprised that night before the Super Bowl because I thought that Jake might just leave the podcast after hanging out with Max and being like, This.


Is the thing.


About Max. Well, he was making a.


Fool of himself. Yeah. Is this what you guys are.


Normally like? This is-This was almost a year ago.




So we got to stop talking about it.


No. Vegas, the enCore. We should have a year. The enCore. -the enCore. -tell the story about it.


What story?


Oh, yeah. For your stand-up. -full night of max.


-retell the whole story. -yeah. -yeah. Actually-you can tell the full story. -yeah.


We might make an exception and then Hank or PFT and I could maybe act.


It out. Reenactment?


Yeah. Last thing, Hank. They finally did the insult graphic to Bill Bell check on the broadcast.


Which one? The Wins one? The Wins one?


Yeah, with braided, without braided.


I feel like they've been… That's always been an online thing. Then when they put it on the graphic, it's official. That had to hurt, right?


A dozen because it was 20 years.


Of braided.


Yeah. Yeah, so big sample size.


Yeah, it was Bill Belichick with braided, 266 and 75 without braided, 43 and 52.


But it's like one of those things where it's just I view it as people that say that are just haters because it's like, Yeah, this was the greatest run of all time in sports.


It was great.


People are trying to knock them down by saying, You're not as good as that right now. Right.


But I was just shocked to actually see it on… I feel like they've never done that on the graphic.


Yeah, me neither.


Yeah, on the actual broad.


One thing that you should prepare your sofa, Hank, is if Belichick does decide to resume his career elsewhere, not in New England. Right now, he's at 301 career wins. George Hallis, second place all time with 318. Don Shula, first place all time with 328 wins. He's 27 wins away from passing Don Shula to become the winning his head coach of all time. When that happens and he's not wearing a Patriots logo and he's not on the Patriot sideline, that's going to be a real mindfuck for you.


Yeah, that'll hurt. But he's a student of the game. He's a football legend. He coached elsewhere before. If he coaches somewhere after, so be it.






Can't PFT. You know how it is. You're not going to get people to get us to hate on our heroes.


That's true. That's very true.


Very true. Okay, next up, Dolphins 30, Jets 0. The New York Jets have been eliminated from the playoffs. Memes.


It's a sad, sad day.


At what.


Point-roger's is back, though.


Yes. Well, I was going to say at what point this week is he going to be like, I would have been back. Would have ran the table.


But we're eliminated. I know I've been talking for the last two months about how I'm circling this commander's game as the day that I come back from an unprecedented Achilles injury. Now there's really nothing that he can do that would benefit the New York Jets by coming back and playing. Yeah, I thought that game was going to be at FedEx Field, and that would have been an all-time script.


But it was-He was getting reinjured?


Oh, my God. Yeah. No, he would have died. That field would have killed him or fallen on him or something. But during practice this week, Aaron Rogers probably did the one thing that he can't do in terms of Zach Wilson's fragile little confidence. He played defensive back on the scout team, and he intercepted Zach Wilson. What? Yeah, he made a one-handed interception? No. Was it off Zach Wilson or was a different quarterback? I'm not sure. I saw Rich and Meney's tweet. Yeah, he was picking.




No. -their quarterbacks as a defensive player during the week. You can't do that, Aaron. You got to drop those.




Yeah, very tough times for Jets fans. This was an ass kicking. Zach Wilson left the game twice. Yes. The first time he left the game, there was some speculation about whether or not he had a concussion. He left the game and they told Jeff Darlington that it was because of a head issue that he's working with and not a concussion. Turns out he was just dehydrated. Which I guess your mouth, that's where you drink from. I guess that could be classified as a head injury. Then he did, I think, go into the concussion protocol later on in the game after a different hit. But I felt bad for Zach Wilson during this game because they were just not blocking anybody. No. It seemed like their script, like the design of the plays, was for him to just get the snap and then run diagonally backwards and throw the ball either at his closest receiver's feet or throw it out of bounds. That seemed to be what they're trying to accomplish on offense. Right. It was.


Tough to watch. Yeah, it was very tough to watch. The Dolphins, that was a good bounce back for them. They needed to kick the shit out of someone, right? Yeah. And now they have Jake, you are on the fraud bowl. The Dolphins and the Cowboys is the fraud bowl. The loser of this game, no one will take serious.


Yeah, but it's still on a fell for the Dolphins to lose this game. People will count them out and they'll beat the Ravens on the road. I'm never.


Going to be back on them. I know I won't be back on them. I truly think that whoever loses Cowboys, Dolphins, I'm out on officially.


They showed another tough stat on the screen that said, Raheem Mostarch touchdowns this year. He has seven more touchdowns this season than the entire New York Jets offense.


He's leading the League in touchtowns, which is crazy because if you asked anyone that question, they would have been like Christian McAfrey.




He's got 17 rushing touchdowns.


It's crazy. It's nuts. They did this without Tyreke, too. Yeah. Tyreke, I think he was healthy going into the game. He was running routes on the field looking good, explosive. They're like, You know what? We don't really need the best receiver in the NFL to win this game 30 to nothing.


Yes, yes. What are you going to say, Jake?


Revenge of the two-of-fingers part two.


Oh, yeah. -destroyed. -two-of-fingers is funny. I'll stand by that forever.


I'm sure we'll.




About it next year.




The two-of-fingers? Yeah.


He's never letting.


That go.




Yeah. I still think that's very funny fan behavior. I know it's a sensitive subject. Just the idea of someone doing that to you in the 300 level of MetLife will always crack me.






It's like the idea of somebody thinking that that was a good thing to do. It's so NFL.


Right. And also the fact that they found the one guy they could do it to that was legitimately offended.




He's taken aback. Jake was legitimately offended by it.


Jake took serious umbrage to the two.


Of the fingers. Keep in mind at the time, it was a week after it happened, and we didn't know if two would ever play football again. People said if he had one more hit, his.


Career could be in trouble. Yeah, but remember he said that McGruber was funny, so he.


Was fine. He laughed the.


Entire movie. Yeah, he laughed the entire movie.


The Two is the man. This is a big game for the Tooha is nothing without.


Tyreke Crowd. Tyreke Merchant. Yeah, he had a.


Good game. I've been watching the Hard Knocks about the Dolphins, the in-season Hard Knocks. It's pretty good. You can't dislike Mike McDaniel. He's a fun guy and you want to root for him. He also did a big profile in Alek Engold, which was awesome. That is so-But it's just more football. You get bonus football during.


The week. Yeah. I stand by the fact that Stephen Ross doing the Waddle has ruined the Waddle for me. They just and they're now showing him every time. But yeah, the Dolphins needed like the Chiefs where it's like, just get right. Just kick the shit out of a team that has no business being on the field with you. Now you feel good. Now let's go play the.


Home stretch. I do think that an owner doing the Waddle, it's better than the owner trying to rip off a griddy or a dab. True. When the owners would dab. That was always a tough look. At least with Stephen Ross, when he does the waddle, you're like, is that just how he walks? Because he's old and frail. And you have that moment where you're like, Oh, no, he's.


Doing a dance. Yeah, when Stephen Ross does the waddle, you don't know if he's doing the waddle or if someone had knocked into him like two hours ago. Yeah. He just still is just going back and forth.


He's got a hip injury. Yeah. He's dealing with. Yeah.


He just keeps going back and forth. By the way, the Ravens are going to win. Lamar, that was an awesome run.


He's fun.


Yeah. Anything else on the... Oh, I wanted to say, Dolphins. I know the Jets offense sucks, but the whole reason that I have believed in the Dolphins in the last couple of weeks is because of Vick Fanjo. Today, their defense was awesome. It's hard to shut out a team in the NFL. It is. It is. You get credit for it for me no matter what. That's why I believe in the Dolphins is Vick Fanjo. That's the name. That's the guy who I believe in. Okay, Texans, Titans.


Congratulations to the Houston, Texans for winning the uniforms back in our.


Own eyes. Texas-19, Titan-16. Yeah, this game sucked, but yeah, congrats to the... The Texans stay alive in the playoffs. This is actually a huge win for the Texans because without C. J. Stroud, without Nico Collins, obviously, Tankell, we put him out for the year a couple of weeks ago. And Kase Keenem had one of those pick sixes. It was like, Fuck, that's why he's Kase Keenem. But yeah, this was a huge win for the Texans to stay alive, knowing that they could get healthy and their defense was awesome. They completely, I think, how many yards does Derrick Henry have?


Derrick Henry, I actually have that stat because he set a record today.


Okay, because I was going to say anecdotally, I didn't write it down. I felt like every time I looked at that game, Derrick Henry was getting.


Zero yards. Derrick Henry had 16 carries for nine yards. Okay, so I was right. Which is his worst game that he's ever played in the NFL. He also became the first player in League history to get 20 or more touches and register less than 15 yards from scrimage.


So this was-0.6.


Yards per carry. -and they got eliminated from the playoffs today. -yeah, and.


Will Levis.


Got hurt. Will Levis got hurt and Derek Henry spoke to the media after the game was like, This sucks because I might not ever put on this uniform after this season because he's going to be a free agent at the end of the year.


I think because the Texans.


Won it in this game. Because the Texans won it, yeah. He'll never wear the Houston Oilers jersey again. But yeah, he was upset after this game. Something that you don't really see that much from Derek Henry, him being like, Yeah, I might not. Realistically, I'm probably not going to be here next year.


We talked about the Cliff. And what was it? Was it or something? Something like that.


Yeah. Shout out to Kase Keenem, though. Kase Keenem has never lost a game as a Houston Texan starter. He's 3-0 all time.


That's huge. It's huge. I would have thought he had started way.


More games. Mr. Perfect. Yeah, it's because he feels like the platonic ideal of a Houston Texans backup quarterback. When they went through that, the TJ Yates era, Matt Shaw, Ryan Fitzpatrick, you name it, they all played. There were just nine different iterations of Kase Keenem. Yeah, if you put them all together. Yeah, he had just started two games for him until today.


Yeah, and the Devon Singletary, he was cast off by the Bills and he basically saved. The Texan season was saved today. It was because I know that they still might not make the playoffs, so we don't know when CJ Strowd is coming back, hopefully next week. But they actually have a chance now to play out the string and still get in the playoffs, which no one thought was going to happen, especially with Kase.


Keenem playing. They could do it. They have the next week, and then they've got the Titans again the.


Week after. I really wanted this game to be a Thai.


And then at the Colts.


It was so close to.


Being a Thai. Yeah, we've been teased.


It was like, what, 40 seconds?


We've been teased, Thai tease so much this year, and we need to get one. I just need that one-one in the record column to just combo break it. Make it look interesting on the stat sheet.


The field goal happened with no time left, but it was the run, the touchdown run with 50 seconds left when they called that back. Yeah. I was.


Like, We got it. We got to tie. I think the Bangles are going to get us a tie. They've come so close so many times.


Do we think the Texas are going to get.


In the playoffs? I think they might because, again, they get to play against the Titans again. Browns, Titans, Colts. Browns, Titans, Colts.


There doesn't seem to be enough spots in the AFC playoffs for all the teams I want to see in the playoffs.


I agree.


This is going to be a problem.


This is why we need bowl games in the NFL. That's the end of the season. Teams that don't get in the playoffs should be matched up in the most entertaining matchup possible, and they should play one more game. Maybe the winner of that game is the one that gets the better draft pick?




Out of whichever two teams those are playing against each other, that's the tie-breaker.


Wait, do you have the thing up, Max, right now? What's the Texas Chance for the playoffs right now?


This is a calculator to see how you get into.


The playoffs.


I just look up.


Oh, damn. There's a mathematician over there.


Yeah, I mean, memes has become an expert on this.


For all for naught.


Yeah. -figuring out a way. Texans are at.


55 %. Yeah, so they're 55%.


To get to the playoffs? Yeah, because, I mean, the Jaguars losing today. What are the Jaguars at now?


Probably isn't.


Going to update. What about the bills? What are the bills?


Let me fuck.


God damn it, Max.


This is hard. Bills are 69.


Nice. Nice. I think they're 30 %. That nerd Cornaki told me they were 30 % to win the division. I think they're much higher than 30 %.


I agree. I think it says 40 right here according to New York Times.


We don't.


Trust them.


We should put out a statement about the jerseys because it really pisses.


People off. Yeah.


It's crazy how mad.


People get. The jerseys belong to... Also, it wasn't just the jerseys. Vrabel wore the bum Philips had. Yeah, he did. Which was stolen valor. I would never say that to his face because he kicked the shit out of me.


It's very funny because we don't think they're ever going to give up the jerseys because why would you give up a jersey that sweet? But man, do Titans fans get upset about it? They do.




You did take their team.


You took their team and you lost the jersey game.


I got to go back and find it. When we had this first argument in September, and one guy replied to me and was like, You don't know any of the history. They wanted to keep the team in Houston, but they wouldn't give them enough money to build a stadium. Literally how every team gets moved.


Every team. Yeah. It's like, can you imagine if whatever Las Vegas baseball team they're going to have the Oakland A's uniforms? Yeah. I don't like it.


Yeah. I don't like it at all. They're like, Oh, no. Oakland never supported the A's. It was the city's fault. This is how it always goes.


Yeah. The owner wanted more money and the city said, No, we're not going to spend tax money on you guys. We need food for kids in school.


Yeah, owner finds other city that will take team, uses other city as leverage against the current city. Current city says, Fuck off, because you have billions of dollars to pay for your own goddamn stadium. Owner says, All I need to do is get my other rich owner friends to buy in on this and I can go get a new stadium, new stadium, more revenue for everyone.




And then-Fans.


Get fucked. Then once we move the team, then all my other rich owner friends, their franchise has become worth more money. Correct. Then since their franchise are worth so much more money, then they can go to their local cities and say, Hey, we need more money to stick around for a new stadium. We need more sweets. Then the city or town that they're in says, No. Then the owner says, Okay, fuck you. I'm going to make myself and my owner friends money again. It's a big cycle. Yeah.


It sucks. Yeah, we should put out a statement saying the.


Jerseys go back. I will not acknowledge any further Titans games where they play wearing the Oilers uniform.


I like that.


Not going to count their wins.




But if they lose-.


But I count their losses twice. The Titans are eliminated. They're actually five and 10.




Yeah, they lost with those on. Okay, Saints, giants, saints, we're wrapping up the early game, Saints, 24, giants, six. What they did to our boy, Tommy DeVito? It was an anti-Italian discrimination. It really was.


It was. They did the finger celebration.


They did the finger celebration. They basically knocked him out multiple times. It's sad, P.


F. T. That's not your gesture. If you're not Italian, you can't use that gesture to an Italian person as a way of demeaning them.




Bullshit. It's bullshit. It's a hate crime even.


It's also like, Tommy DeVito is like, he's not… I understand if it was like, My home's doing something, then you do it back to him because you beat the biggest, baddest dude on the block. Can't Tommy DeVito just do.


His thing? Well, this is another case of anytime you have a celebration that you have to be ready for somebody to do.


It back to you. I understand how it works, and it wasn't surprising to me whatsoever. But deep down I was like, Come on, Tommy DeVito. He's undrafted. What are we doing? Why are you guys taking personal offense to.


Tommy DeVito? I did love his agent in the stands, Sean Stelato, wearing the Italian-American sports Hall of Fame jacket. You get a green jacket when you get induct into it.


He also had the.


Pants to match. Yeah, the pants were great.


You might have just gotten the whole suit. We're also now getting Tommy DeVito insult stories coming out. Be aware. It's bullshit. Ravel said, Caniglios pizzeria and bakery in Morristown, New Jersey, says, We'll no longer have Tommy DeVito at the restaurant this Tuesday. They said they were told his fee increased from 10,000 to 20,000 after the Packers win, and the family biz said they couldn't afford it.


I like that. I like that they called him back up as like, Yeah, we told you it was going to be 10. Price goes up.


Sean Slato refuted this. He said there was never a price. Never a price. There was.


Never a price. Never an agreement in place.


I just feel it. I know people are going to come after our boy, Tommy. We can't let it happen. We're going to fight for him.


He got jacked up a couple.


Of times.


He got killed. They put him in the concussion protocol, which I guess he passed. I would love to see what Tommy DeVito's baseline concussion test is. I like the questions they ask him. How many fishes are there? Seven. Yeah, okay, he's good. Kid's good. Yeah.


Who was his name? Vito? Vito? Was Vito Gay?


Yeah, he was.


Well, he wasn't gay. He was just sucking off a guy in the parking lot.


What was Vito's lover's name? Johnny Cakes. Johnny Cakes. James Winson had an all-time great moment to the game. They usually have players doing the tunnel walk where they see what type of fashion they're wearing, what clothes are wearing. With James, he was just walking on the field. That's how he goes to work. He walks across the football field, and he was carrying this giant briefcase. I have no idea what was inside that suitcase. I want desperately to find out what was in the suitcase. It was definitely some motivational prop that he had on.


Wait, you don't know?


It was nothing.


No, that's- Oh.


That was a fake story? Yeah, I tweeted out the video and I was like, I want to know what's inside this briefcase. People just start saying. I think it's probably like he's got fireworks in there. He's got a Bluetooth speaker. Maybe even the suitcase itself is a Bluetooth speaker. He's probably got a sandwich in there. I was just trying to think like, What would James Winsor be carrying in the suitcase. Then from the New York Daily News, Leonard from the New York Daily News, he said he opened the case and there was nothing. That's what's between us and greatness. Nothing. Then he said that as a joke to me. Then the aggregators saw that and they're like, Oh, this guy said that is carrying nothing in his briefcase to show that's what's... Now, that very well could be actually what happened. I would not put that past James. Got it. But I want to know what James was carrying in that suitcase. Yeah, I do too. Maybe it was a cake shaped as a W.


It could have just been toilet paper.




Man. He's just brings his own toilet paper.


This shit is so bad.


Yeah, he looks so good.


Maybe it was like a giant, very intricate remote control car that he just brought to the locker room, take it for spin with a bullet.


A drone?


Yeah, a drone. I could see.


Yeah, he's just droning around.


In the I could see him doing that.


Yeah. It could just be like a game boy.


Yeah. He's definitely the type of backup quarterback that would still get his offensive line and presence like he's the starter. Yeah. And his, oh, my God.


It could be watches.


Yeah. Could you imagine how much better James Winston's gift to the offensive line would be than Derrick cars? Oh. James Winston would buy you a fucking present.


Derrick car would get you a Bible and sign it himself and be like, here, this means more than any. I know what you were really hoping you were going to get like a souped-up golf cart.




But this will give you years of pleasure.


Eternal life, really. I've given you, yeah, don't let the yeti Cooler fool you. Your real present is the kingdom of heaven. Yeah.


I know. No one wants that from Derrick Carr. Saints actually look pretty decent.


They were fun today. Yeah, saints look good. Yeah.


Then even have Chris Lavi.


Out there. Yeah. You got to be way happier this week than you were last week if you're saints fan. Now you can be like, if everything clicks correctly, we're a good team.


You know what? In a weird way, if you're a Saints fan, I know a home play off game is fun and all that, getting in it is a wild card. It feels like you earned it a little more. Whereas winning the NFC South as the like, everyone knows it's the worst division. It's like, Oh, well, they had to give it to someone. The Saints just earned it the old-fashioned way and beat the Rams this weekend on Thursday night. Wait, is it Rams? Yeah, Ram Saint is a game. If they beat him on Thursday Night Football, it's like, Oh, hey, look, they went in the hard way. They didn't just- They earned it. -even though the Bucks would technically be above the Saints.




Something about it, I'd be like, Yeah, the.


Saints deserve this. They earned it because if you're a wildcard team and you get in somehow, then it's like nobody.


Believes in you. You beat out everyone else.




You didn't just have to beat out your own division.


Your own crappy division. You beat the entire league.


Again, the Bucks would have beaten out the Saints, but that's.


Neither here nor there. That doesn't make a difference. It's going to be in L. A. That's a huge game. But yeah, if you're the saints, you can make the case like, We've had our ups and downs. We've had to battle through more adversity than the Bucks did getting this.


Division to him. We've had to battle Derrick Carr being out for the year over 17 different times and having him just show up. The saints players, that might be why they hate Derrick Carr. They're on the precipice of getting the substitute teacher walking in the door. Then their teacher hobbles in. It's like, Actually, I'm here. Take out your workbooks. Jamus being the starter would be so much fun.


Yeah, I think that with Derrick Carr, if he doesn't practice during the week and he's hurt and then he just shows up on game day, he hasn't been there for long enough to be able to do that. In fact, people likeplay around how tough he's being because he's probably being pretty tough. He's got nine broken ribs. His shoulders fucked up, his neck's hurt, whatever. If you've been there for a while and the guys already like you and trust you and know that you're tough, then you can do that thing. If you're new in town and you're just like, No, I'm just going to show up and play on Game Day, probably some of the guys are like, What the fuck is going on? Right, exactly. Getting all the good drugs from the team doctor probably?


Yes. I did sense Max rooting for Tommy DeVito. He had some whimpers when he got knocked out, Max.


No, I'm not rooting for him, but I don't like to see people get hurt.


Especially the Italians. That's not really true, though. Yes, it is. You do like to see some people get hurt.


I mean, yeah. I also didn't like the disrespect. I can root. I can...


Division rival.


I just don't like to see the disrespect with Italian-Americans.




Were you going to say?


That's all.


What were you going to say? It's more so that I wasn't rooting for him, but I didn't like to see that against him.


But you're going to be rooting against him as an Italian-American.


Oh, yeah. I saw one tweet that it was a picture of Sean Slato, who will be on the show on Wednesday in his green outfit and everything. The quote tweet was just like, I can't believe Italian-Americans are even a thing. It was like, Yeah, that actually is funny. Yeah, they are crazy.


Yeah, they're fun. Yeah.


They got character at all times.


If you went back and you had to put Rocky in the concussion protocol every time he got his bell wrong, would never have lasted past the first round. Yeah. Italian shouldn't have to enter concussion protocol. It's against their culture.


Are you waiting for me to comment? Yeah, sure.


Okay, so we knock him out, Max out, and he can't say.


Anything about it. Yeah, would Rocky do that?


Yeah. If Max ever complains about the concussions that we're going to give him, we're going to be like, You're not a.


Real Italian. Not a real guy. I've thought about if I lose the thing for the opening, I would just do 15 minutes of Rocky monologs.


Wait, like you would just memorize Rocky?


Some of it.


That would be awesome. It would be pretty. You might need that.


But you'd have to be shirtless wearing the Rocky- No, he wears the- -the boxing outfit.


No, he does the beater.


You'd be like that little annoying kid.


Yeah. No.


I hate.


That kid. Oh, the kid that-.


That movie sucks, but it's the most….


It's crazy. What are you talking about?


You're talking about Rocky Ball Bow.




It's fucking. I'm talking about the fucking kid that shows up and does it to real size. He's done it to Hulk Hogan, too. I fucking hate that kid.


That was awesome.


I thought you were- What? That was cool.


No, but Jake, you don't know about this kid.


This kid was so annoying.


It's like baby Grok.


Yeah, he does that everywhere.


That's his thing. I thought it was just a cool moment.




And you know what? He's going to keep doing that. I thought.


It was a diehard Rocky fan.


He's going to do that once he's a pre-teen into his teenage. He's probably going to be 30 years old going up to Celvestia, Ceylon, and the retirement facility.


He's done that multiple times.


Remember me? I'm cute. I'm little. Yeah, okay. I'm a little small.


Also, it's no less about the kid. I don't hate the kid. It's like somewhere there's a parent who's... That's all they're doing is like, You got to fucking remember this so I can take a video and go viral.


Yeah, they had the meet and greet with Sly circled on the calendar a month ago. Okay, we got to prep. We got to study for the time. Where are you going to say all the lines back.


To Rocky? Yeah, mom and dad, I just want to go play with my friends. Like, No, you're going to fucking learn this because I need to get my numbers on Instagram.


It's really a stage mom. No different from Honey Boo Boo.


Yes. Or Jon Bené, Ramsey.




Yes. Panthers, we date ourselves when we say that.


Which one?


Honey Boo Boo? No, Jon Bené, Ramsey. Oh, yeah. Captivated a nation. Yeah, there's a whole- You guys don't even have any idea?


All we could talk about.


What ended up? Who ended up who was the killer?


They don't know. Seriously? They don't know. The dad is suspected by many people. They never found out? Never found out.


Never found out. Jesus fucking Christ. I thought they figured… I lost interest. I didn't think the cops lost interest.


I think the cops were just like, We're onto the next thing. Damn.


That's one thing that you hope the police don't lose interest in?


Yeah, I think they could.


Just never- The child being murdered. Proven. Yeah, Jean Benobain. I think it was also the name, Jean Benobain.


Just child beauty pageants are the most fucked up thing ever.


They're so crazy. All right, last game of the earlys, Panthers, Falcons. Panthers 9, Falcons-7. Fuck the Atlanta Falcons. Pieces of shit. Desmond-ritter, you're a piece of shit. I never want to watch you play football again.


That was just a painful game. It was soaking wet. There was nobody in the crowd at all. If you saw it when they came back from half time, I'm going to guess that there were 200 people in.


The stands. Yeah, shout-out, Pantos. He was there.


Pantos, what is his full Twitter handle? He had a picture at half-time. He's like, You got to take the bad times with the good. It's like, No, dude, you don't actually have to go to this game. Pantos 704, which is probably his number.


For his- That's the Charlotte area coach.


Okay, Pantos. Yeah, he's a diehard Panthers fan.


My theory is that Tepper bought up all the seats, all the ones that were like, $0.45 a piece. He bought them all up so that it wouldn't be like 45 cents listed as the get-in price and then just didn't sell any of them. He's like, I'm willing to spend a million dollars just not getting completely embarrassed with the prices, not thinking through to the fact that there's still going to be pictures of people in the safety.


It's empty. The Panthers uniforms look cool. They look awesome. Helmets look cool. Bryce Young, game-wining drive. Shout out to the Panthers. I know Panthers fans have been... I feel like you probably see it too, P. F. T. Maybe three times a week, I'll have one. A Panthers fan hit me up and like, Please, we don't have anything. Just take it easy. Here's your moment. You won a game. Bryce Young, game-winning drive. Helmets look cool. Desmond Ridders sucks.


Good job. You beat a divisional opponent at home. That's cool. That's always fun. You protected your home turf. It was on three field goals. But don't let that - It doesn't matter. -it doesn't matter. You had a a drive. Drive. To nine.


Announced attendance, 70,301.


Shut up. What? Yeah. 70,000 people were there?


There? Hank, you pass me another water?


70,301. You can just say anything. Owners can just be like, Yeah. Yeah, there's no way to prove it.


There's no way to prove it.


How could they do that? They can't get away with that.


Well, there's probably a lot of people who had paid tickets and they just didn't go.


That's not attendance.


Well, paid attendance is what it always is. It's not people who go through the turnstiles.


I like that they didn't go... If this game was played in North Korea, they would have said 100 % attendance. They did something that was like, it's not believable, but at least they said 95 % attendance.




Yeah, Remember when the Falcons wanted to get to Sean Watson, but not Lamar Jackson?




That was crazy. It was not. And then they're like, Hey, all this talent we have, let's just have Desmond Ritter be our quarterback quarterback.


Yeah, Ritter stinks.


That interception he threw was so bad.


Yeah. Bison might be back in the Dog House again. He had a Dog House share of carries today. He got seven seven carries from got 14. Fuck, they brought out quarter-roll Patterson. He scored. He scored a touchdown today. Yeah. He had five carries for negative two yards today. But yeah, Bison, what is the purpose of the Atlanta Atlanta Falcons? All these good players? I don't know. Just to keep them away from other teams having them? You know what?


I know a couple of weeks ago we're like, Oh, the Falcons will be the fun team. Desmond-river changes all of that. They're not- I don't want to see Desmond-River.


Play anymore football. It's actually like next level. If the Falcons were just like a puppet franchise that were secretly run by a different team, get all the most talented offensive players, put them on this team, get Desmond-River as your quarterback so you never win anything, and then our opponents won't have those good players on them.


Them. I Falcons fans were thinking we're probably picking on them.


No, they would say the same thing. They're more frustrated than we are. Yeah.


Here's another thing. Just like I said, Lamar Jackson to Sean Watson. Arthur Blank said on Lamar Jackson in March this year, Looking at it objectively, I'd say there's some concern over how long he can play his style of game. Hopefully a long time, but he's missed five, six games each in the last two years. Sean Watson doesn't want to play football. They tried to get to Sean Sean Watson Lamar Jackson who wanted to go play in Atlanta.


It's crazy.


Mar Jackson on this team would be so fun.


The wild thing is that the Panther or the Falcons aren't out of it. They are. They should be out of it. There should be a disqualifying loss.


They should should like to gain favor. They should just disqualify themselves tomorrow. Do a press press conference, like, Look, even if we win the next three games, we're not.


Doing it. It's like when a team gets bowl eligibility, like a good program, and they're like, We're not going to go to that bowl game. It's not worth it. If you have any pride in yourself, yourself, you will say, We do not want this this wild Yeah, make yourself ineligible. Unless Taylor Haneke is the quarterback. Then I'm in.


And I'm back in. Then I'm I'm 100 % in. Yeah. Okay. Do a couple more ads, then we'll finish off with the last three games, including Hank's Cowboys.


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Okay, next game. Game. 28, 28, 20. Guess what? That means, Shake Shack. Yeah, boy. We did it, boys.


We went.


Three for three. We went three for three. Three. So had the Raiders on Thursday night. I had the Lions on Saturday night. Hank had the Rams on Sunday. Sunday. Was actually the only one that was actually a little bit in doubt. He's in doubt at the end. End.


They look like like on the statue.


They do. The bottom line is we went three for three.


Three for three. That means free chicken shacks, bacon, cheese fries, and a classic shake for the people. Go get them a shake shack with code code for the the ChickenShack. Code PropFry for the fries code Prop fry for the fries, and code Shake Spread for the shake. Go right now, go claim your offer offer today at local shake shackshack or at shakeshack. Com, you can do it on the app. Again, for the chicken shack, it's Chicken Line. For the fries, it's it's PropFry, and the shake, it's it's Go get it. Launch on us. That's so cool. Are we.


Getting it? Yeah, we're feeding.


The the We're getting it today. Definitely. We have to. Rams 28, Commanders 20, 20.


Pft, thoughts? I've got one particular part of this game I would like to just draw everybody's attention to because it was was shocking, for Ron Rivera. It was one of the worst head coaching displays I've ever seen. I'm glad that this wasn't on a nationally televised game like a standalone game because it would have been everyone in America freaking out about what the fuck is Ron Rivera doing in this situation. All right, so we're down 28-14. There's five minutes left in the game, fourth quarter. Quarter. Jacobi in a quarterback. Sam Howe is still the guy, but but Jacobi stepped in at the end of the game. Wait, what happened? Happened? Sam wasn't having his best day and we needed a spark. Okay. Jacobi Preset was the spark today.


Got it.


Five minutes left in the the Jacobi Preset hits Terry McLaren, who almost scores for a touchdown. It was like a 40-yard pass, 50-yard pass, great throw, great catch. Terry Terry tackled at the one-yard line. We're down by 14, four minutes, minutes, seconds left on the clock in the fourth quarter. We get the the Rams call timeout. First and goal on the one-yard line. Rodriguez up the middle, one-yard, no gain. How quickly do you think we ran the next play after that one, Big Cat?


Well, I know the answer.


Do you think we hustled to the line?




Again, we're down by 14 points in the fourth quarter. No, we take the clock down to one-second left. The play clock down to one-second left.


You were screaming at the TV during this.


Jacobi, Breset, quarterback sneak, up the middle, no no Do you think we to the line after that that No, we didn't. Clock continues to tick down to three minutes, 18 seconds. Short pass across the middle to Logan Thomas. One-yard touchdown nullified by penalty. Now it's third and goal on the 11. 11. Preset passed short and middle to Curtis Samuel for four yards. Do you think we hustled after that one? No. Do you think we hustled? No, we didn't. The clock went down to two minutes, 31 seconds, fourth and and goal, to Terry McLauran penaltys, pass interference, then we get the ball again at the one-yard line. We go up the middle again for minus two yards. Twenty-seven seconds left until the two-minute warning. Do you think we try to get another play off before the two-minute warning? No. No, we don't. We let the two-minute warning happen, and then we run another play, pass and complete after that. Then on fourth down, we finally score a touchdown. Now there's one minute, 46 seconds left. Three minutes to get one yard in a game when we're down by two scores. It was tough to watch. 14 points.


I had had look this up because I thought to myself, myself, has got to be the most amount of clock that's been used to gain one yard in NFL history. He looked it up. His stats only go back to 1999. But since 1999, the previous record was your Chicago bears. In week 12, 2013, took two minutes, 46 seconds to score a touchdown from first and goal in in the one-yard This is the worst case of clock management I've ever seen. It was bad. Bad. And then, Rivera's got three timeouts. If you're trying to win the game, Oh, wait, let me jump back after we score the the touchdown. By 14, he should go for two there, right? Yeah. He doesn't.


And the field goal gets blocked. He wanted us to get.


The fries. The extra point gets blocked. Or the shake. Thank you, Ron, for letting us get the shake. Then he kicks off. He does an on-side kick, which is impossible to recover. He still has three timeouts in his pocket, and then they just run the ball, run the ball, run the ball, expire the clock. If you're trying to win that football game, you would probably kick it deep, use your three three timeouts try to get the ball back somewhere around midfield. I don't know what Ron Rivera does. If he's ever watched football before.


Well, I don't think he's trying to do anything. He doesn't do anything. He's He's fired, he already is fired. I think they probably were like, Hey, dude, you're a nice guy. We're not going to fire you during the season.




What's happening. He just doesn't give.


A fuck. He wants to retire at the end of the season.


But I don't blame him because like- Yeah. Right. They probably told him like, Don't win any games, dude.


If you're trying to win this.


Game- He's not.


-he can't be trying to win this game. No. He can't. It's impossible for somebody to mismanage the end of the game unless they're doing it intentionally.


You were looking at the end of the game as through the eyes of a rational person who's watched football and knows how you should operate in a football game. Ron Rivera, I bet you we sat down when they they were like, Hey, we're firing Jack Del Rio. You want to go with him? Or do you want to just stick around and run out the string? He's like, I'll fucking stick around. They were probably probably Josh Harris was like, All right, just do me one favor. Don't win any more games. He's like.


No problem. He did a hell of a job not to win this game. Game. The long snapper, Cheeseman, you can't suck that bad and have your last name be Cheeseman. It's soft. Everyone knows. He had a quote after the game where they're like, Are you thinking that maybe your your job in jeopardy right now? Are you nervous about that? He's like, Yeah, I've been nervous all year because I haven't been very good. I think to myself all the time like, They're probably going to get somebody else here. Everyone that's watched the the game this year since week one has been like, The long snapper is not good. He almost got the punner killed trust way. So many bad bad today. It was very frustrating to watch the end of this game. An eight-year-old that's played two games of Madden would be able to tell Ron Rivera what to do better than he did it at the end of this game. It was was just, it bewildering. Bewildering. I no idea what I watched.


I feel like, though, it made perfect sense because he's not trying.


He's not doing anything. He's not trying at all. He's going to retire and they're going to make it seem like it's a mutual parting of ways. Then Rivera is probably going to try to get a job with the Panthers as the the consultant. Like consigliary or maybe even president of football operations.


No, David Tepper will get Ron Rivera to go find who the next.


Coach should be. Yeah, interview him, shake his hand, look him in the eye.


Yeah, tell us that he's a.


Football guy. But yeah, Matt Stafford, Stafford, know I went on a little rant there about Rivera because it was shocking, but Matt Stafford, he's still got it. He's still got it. He did the one throw that he does every game, the red meat out there for Daneravsky to talk about little sidearm out to the sidelines. I think it was to Higby. The dude can still throw the fuck out.


The Rams are definitely in the list of teams that I want to see in the playoffs because they would be fun to watch. Matt Stafford, we had this discussion last last week, has the ability to beat anyone because he is playing at at that level.


Yeah, still very, very good.


The The is going to be a pseudo elimination.


The Rams, they got weapons. Kyron Williams is a great player.




They're fumbling. He did fumble a little bit tonight, but still good.


I just remember that because that over should have hit and they just kept on fumbling.


It definitely should have hit. In the standings, Hank had a massive two-game swing today.


Yeah. How close is he now, Jake? I went went 0 for for the first time I think all year. It's over.


Over. Went went 2 and Both of you went went 0 and Hank is now three and a half behind PFT with six picks left.




Over. What if we did an extra holiday pick? We did a holiday pick for Thanksgiving.


No, we did do a holiday pick.


No, Max, stop that, Max. I know.


What you're doing.


I know what you're doing.


Hank probably threatened you. He was like, You're fired if you don't play it. We did do a-That makes sense. No, it doesn't. It makes no sense.


I said there's a lot of people to go to. We've never done that. We've never done.


This format before this year. Year. Yeah, we did do one for Thanksgiving.


We always do one. Hank, I know it's a charity case.


Case. Is different. Different. The holidays.


Yeah, it's.


The holidays. The games were played on on on Christmas. Christmas. Monday.




And Saturday. Saturday. Saturday. Saturday.


Next week we'll do do holiday. Holiday. Days of.


Football, three picks. Picks.


And then you can do Sunday, Monday.


This is shenanigans. Stop the steal. -what? You don't think you're leaving your pitch?


-you're watching it happen right now.


Now. You don't believe in your pitch? You have to do is is win in real life. You're going win two games, PFT.


Pft. Know we we saw this is fraud. Going to win two?


Two? Is fraud like we've never seen this country before. Before Hank.


How many am I.


Ahead of PFT? I'm going to get my stands to just fucking storm Barclay.


Big Cat, 19 and a half, PFT 18, Hank 14 and a half. So Big Cat, right now you're up five.


With six six to Anyone that cares about democracy in this country should call Hank out on this bullshit.


It's the holidays. It is the holidays. You sound like the Grinch, right?


It is the holidays.


By not doing an an extra- have Scrooge. No, I want more money in our listeners' pockets. I don't want them to be tailing or fading our picks. I want them to have money to spend on their family, not gambling on.


Another game. Game. Hit him with the line.






The White House House is… Oh.


It's Dude, what the fuck? Why are you.


Bringing up the fucking White House?


I have a a I don't know what what else.


To do.


The holidays. It is the holidays. You just say that.


Over and over. Wait, where are you.


Going with the the I don't don't know. I was trying know.


That was weird, dude. I was like, What line? What lines do I have?


What a line. The line you've just been been using, the holidays.


It's the holidays. Holidays. It's the holidays. It's If you you were big believer in the holidays, you don't want to encourage people to go out there and sin and gamble?


We do Thanksgiving because it was the holidays. Why would we not.


Do-it's not the holidays. No, it's not the holidays. The holidays are like now. Thanksgiving isn't the holidays.


Thanksgiving, not holidays.


Oh, wow. There's three Monday games on Christmas. Maybe we just do the Christmas special pick.




Are you saying-No, no, no, no.


We should just make that worth three points.




Idea. Idea.


Or 25, No, there's two games.


On Saturday. It's ruining the integrity of the the.


Wait, go back. You said.


Thanksgiving is not a holiday. No, it's a holiday. But the holidays is like Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year's. Those are the holidays.


Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday.


That is a holiday weekend, but the holidays are the December holidays. Booby Christmas. Those are the holidays.


Booby Christmas does rock.


Booby Christmas. Shout out, Booby Christmas.


You just sound scared.


No, don't say say it's scary. No, there's nothing to sit on.


Scared. Scared little boy. I'm not scared. Fuck you, little boy. This little boy put his foot up your ass. Whoa. Yeah, that's right. That's That's true?


I beat him straight up head to head today. Easy.


In what?


The rams.


Two and a 0 and two.


All right, we'll put out.


A poll. Hank does have a little boy.


See what people want. Extra pick or no?


Holidays or no? Just so you know, Hank is trying to manipulate you. This is election fraud.


Wait, whose suggestion? I told it.


You told Max to say that.


Wait, who did?




Yeah, Max, what place are you in?


In? So the warmup, I I have the I went went and Max is is the only and and one and Mims is the only. Excuse Max is is the only two.


Listen, I don't care. I'm already mentally committed to this hour. I'm just trying to give the listeners something extra for the holidays.


No, I think I am actually the one that's in favor of the listeners because I think what they want to-They want to to more than anything. -they want to-Is Hank Lockwood doing an hour of of a.


Some people in the holidays, they're either not with their family, they're alone. It's a lonely time of the year for some people, unfortunately. Having distractions distractions helps, so they're them them extra extra games. Can be distracted on Saturday, they can be distracted on on Sunday. Can be distracted on Monday.


They're still the games. The games are still going.


To be on. But they want to tie back into the show.


They can watch the games.


With an extra bonus of wondering what.


Happens next. No, I I think the true interest.


Of our our listeners- we are family and this is something to tie us back to our family. Family.


Stop the fuck up for In the interest of our listeners, I think they want to see you go on stage. I don't want to take that away from our listeners.


But they also want to see you.


This goes back to the the.


Mount thing.


You guys are the show.


Wait. They want to.


See you guys.


But they also want.


To see-They listen to the show.


For you guys. But if I'm being honest, I would much rather see Hank on stage. Stage. Learning guitar. I've been teaching Hank guitar.


They also want to see us do picks on.


The holidays. Yeah. No, they don't. I don't think that they.


Want to see see on holidays. It's crazy if you don't think people want to see you.


They don't want to see see on holidays. No, I want.


To see Hank. Why wouldn't they want to see you? I think.


It's a very bad question.


They definitely want to see you.


They would want to see you. They would.


Want to see you. I think about the business. I think that Hank would be a great choice. Listen, as a service to our listeners, I can tell you I would much rather see you you Hank.


I'm going to say right now I'm in.




Competition, too. That's nice. I'm not scared of Hank catching me, so I will be happy doing an extra extra I'll man up.




We just take a poll with the group? Why don't we just do four picks or five extra picks?


Let's just.


Take a poll between us three then. Or six extra picks. Where do we draw the line? When does this stop?




Extra. All right, here, it'll be pretty cut and clear. If there's a holiday, we'll do an extra extra.


Okay, what about New Year's Eve? New Year's Eve is a holiday, Hank. You're going to beg for another handout then? Is it a football on New Year's Eve? You're going to beg for a handout.


Well, then we should probably do.


Another another It's actually pathetic. It's pathetic, Hank. It's It's beneath.


We could just do a a for Monday Night Football, all of us.


Us. Well, if that's the a good idea. Let's just change the rules. Let's just change all the rules for Hank.


No, I mean, you guys rigged the whole fucking-I think Chris was-Mount.


Rushmore, Lex.


This has nothing to do with Mount Rushmore.


I'm just saying you guys are acting like.


We're-you have PTSD from spending 23 hours in a room with Max.


Listen, like I said-It's the holidays. Holidays. The holidays. I'm fine. I know I'm going to do it. I know I'm going to lose. Pft literally only has to win two games. There's basically % chance that he does lose. I'm fine either way.


You're just more like, like, is he so scared?


I'm just more like, again, tough time of the year, holidays, we want to feel a connection to our listeners.


Jake, is that a true stat? I have my magic numbers numbers.


You're three and a half up with six to go, so it depends.


That doesn't sound like I think Hank made up those numbers. Hank- Yeah, it's.


It's not.


It's one and five.


Five. And four and all and and six, would lose.


It can't be two. Yeah, it can't be two. What if we did did a barter here and we can do an extra pick for the the holidays? You agree that if you lose, you get an extra 10 minutes after.


Your shot. Fuck, no. I don't get like...


What? I'm down. It's the.


Holidays, man. It's the holidays.


It's the holidays.


Why Why you do extra 10 minutes? It's the holidays.




Don't have 10 minutes to start. It's the holidays, though.


Give me two songs and I'll deal.


Performing them?


Yeah. Yes.


Performing them? Yeah, guitar. I've been.


Learning guitar. Okay.


He's He's learned three But they.


Can't be more than six-minute songs. All right.


All right, so Hank's three and a half out with seven picks left. Yep. Odds have just changed.


Changed. An hour and 10?


An hour and 10.


With two songs.


I don't know.


You You disagree-do it. Just agreed to it.


I'm going to shake on it. An hour and 10 is a lot. An hour is a lot. Five minutes is a lot.


But don't you want to provide more entertainment for our listeners?


I'm doing an hour.


You're pretty much saying like, I think so lowly of our our own listeners I'm not willing willing to-.


Actually a favor to the listeners for me to do less time.




They want to see you.


I want to see you suffer.


You guys do. The listeners don't. The listeners want to see you guys perform because they actually like.


You guys. No, I know. But it's see us perform because they like us. The only other option is see you suffer.


They're going to do that. Right. The suffering will get old.


After like 20 minutes.


No, no, no. That would provide them so much more joy. Yeah.


Suffering gets old, but then it becomes funny again.


Five minutes.




Two picks, 10 minutes.




So it's up to you. As much time as.


You want to add. Seven minutes, one extra pick for the holidays.


You really should just add the pick for.


The holidays. For the holidays, hey? Yeah.


Seven minutes. Minutes. As a gift, don't have to get me a gift this year.


Okay, that's fair.


I already gave you a gift.


Was it Tiffany?


Tiffany? Yeah, a gift All.


Right, so one extra extra.


Seven minutes. Even, Steven. Seven minutes. Handshake. Shake my hand. I just want to shake your hand. Shake it, Hank.


Come on, Hank, we got to get going with the show.


All right, that's a shake.


That counts as a shake. That's a shake, seven minutes.


Nobody take what Hank just did with his hand and he was biting his lip. Nobody make that into a.


A You have seven picks to win this thing, Hank.


Would you also have to do.


Seven extra minutes? No, just Hank.


No, absolutely. We just added seven minutes to the.


Show run time. No, I said if you lose, then you have to get an extra 10 minutes, which we bargain down to seven. That's crazy. That's what you.


Agreed to. I don't really care because I'm going to lose.




Shook on it. What about the holidays?


I was only thinking about the holidays. Pfg is the one that's playing the most scared ball I've ever seen in my entire life. A little.


Bit of scared ball. After you talked.


About Ron Rivera playing playing.




Ball. Are terrified. That is a little ironic.


That's not not.


Scared You.


Are up three and a half games with.


Six picks to go. Ron Rivera wasn't playing playing scared He was playing just just insane.


That's what you're doing. Doing.


No. Have an agreement. I like our agreement.


Okay, Okay, so okay, Cardinals. 49ers 45, 45, 29, 49ers of of Clint's the West. Congrats. Brock Purdy is the MVP.


Brock Purdy said that Christian McAfrey is.


The MVP. That's true. Christian McAfrey McAfrey said Williams is.


The MVP. I think Trent Williams should be the MVP.


I think George Kiddal should be the MVP.


You don't even like George, though. You root against him in the playoffs. Here we go. Did I lie?


Brock Brock probably should be.


Mvp just.




Numbers. Yeah, his problem is that he's always going to have to deal with how good his offense is and how many great players he has. Then they'll look at Christian Christian and be like, Well, we've known that he's been good for longer than we've known that Brock's good for. So if the 49ersIf you split the 49ers vote, I feel like more people would lean towards towards.


It really just matters whoever is going to get the one seed, too. If the 49ers win out, get the one seed, it would probably be be Purdy. Maybe if the Ravens win out, get the one seed, maybe they become Lamar.


Lamar had a pretty good game tonight.


They can be like, Oh, we could see this. We've already done it before. The MVP debate, though, is always just like, I don't really care. They're going to give it to the the quarterback the best team, and they're going to decide it all within the last month.


Of the season.


It's like the Heisman. Yeah. Well, I I guess- we cared. We cared a lot about that. Anything from this game? I don't really. Fortinators have a couple of of injuries the Cardinals are able to run the ball down.


Their throat. It's ass kicking. But yeah, I guess you could say the the defense, you'd like to see them tighten it up a.


Little bit. Yeah, Hardgraves, I think, is out and someone else is out as well. I can't remember. But yeah, they got whatever, 49ers. I got cute with this game. I was like, Oh, Cardinals can maybe sneak them because 49ers have a look at with the Ravens. Dumb. Dumb. 49ers are a freight train right now, and you should not get in front of them under any circumstances. If you're trying to bet against the 49ers right now, sit down and ask yourself like, Why am I doing this? They are really, really fucking good at football. Every time they're healthy, they've killed everyone. It was Armstead and Hardgrave for both out.


I'm just looking forward to the the holidays game next. The holidays? The Niners and the Ravens. That's going to be awesome. That's a great game for the holidays.


Good news is we got one last game to get to. Actually, we'll do do Jag as well. Well. 31, Cowboys 10. Henry?


Bloodbath. I saw this coming, though. The Cowboys needed to get a couple of home playoff games to have a shot.


All the the home games. But guess what? Today, losing this today, it's going to be tough.


It's a blueprint game. This is a blueprint on how to beat the the.


Just have them on the road?


Yeah, just run the ball down their throat.


I was just just going to just play them not in Dallas.


Run the ball down their throat. The Cardinals game this year, was that in Dallas? No. Was that in Arizona?




But they ran the ball down their throat. That's the key to beating the the.


But the Eagles can run the ball. They weren't able to do it. The The at home are seven and a zero. Their score average is 40 to 15. The The on the road, they're three and four. Their score average is 21 to 22.




Just night and day, different team. Josh Allen didn't have to do anything. He said after. He's like, I feel like the kid who got the A who just didn't help at all in the group project, which is a great sign for the Bills that Josh Allen didn't have to be be and they still win.


Yeah, he'sHe had a passing touchdown and a rushing touchdown today, but he was not the star of the show. The star of the show was Cook. That's the 10th game this season that Allen has both a passing and a rushing touchdown. That's the most in a single-season NFL history.


He could be MVP.


He could be.


Be. If narrative-wise, that's.


They do. If the Bills win that division, I think Josh Allen could probably would be the MVP. Yeah.


Yeah. I people listen to our our Bills rant we had a couple of weeks ago because they're now down to, I think, 13. They are officially, if you had to go just off of not record, who you wouldn't want to play right now? Bills. Bills are probably number one in the AFC. Getting hot out. Ravens, maybe? Yeah. Ravens still look, I mean, that was a good win for.


Them tonight. Yeah, we'll see what happens next week. But yeah, right now, now, the Bills I'd say it's the Bills.


Bills are 13 to 1. I'm so happy. I mean, the Cowboys are just, they're just prods. They'res just the same thing.


Every year. Rob Grunkowski called them Mentally Mentally.


Hank, thoughts? Rob played for the Patriots. I don't know if you know this is a Cowboys fan.


I did. I heard his interview the other day. That was great. Yeah, no, they're bad.


I don't know if they're bad as much as they are just mentally weak.


Well, I think they might be bad just.


Because-but this might be the game that everyone forgets about them. Everyone just discredits them from the playoffs. Then they they go a run. There's the bullet and and bore material, I just thought thought of. When you win championships, they'll usually have a scene in the beginning to start it, a down part of the season. Maybe for the Cowboys Championship DVD, it's highlights from this this game and the narration starts and it shows the run. That would be cool.


I mean, this was an an old ass kicking. Just running it down the throat, manning manning up. Like, Jack Jack looked like shit. He's had a great year, not taking away from his year. But this is the question with Jack. Go on the road, play a really good team.


What do you look like? Trash. Yeah. He looked very bad today. Yeah, the Cowboys, they got to circle the wagons right now.


They do. They have the Dolphins on the road next next.


America's Game of the Week.


America's Game of.


The Week. I would call that limping into the playoffs if they get their ass kicked by the the It's the the fraud bowl. And by.


The Dolphins. It will be the fraud fraud bowl. Then the if the Dolphins lose one of the next two and the the Bulls win going up to week 18, week 18 will be for the AFC East East which is crazy.


That'd be awesome. Crazy. I'll give you a spin zone, Hank. Would you like a spin zone? Yes, please. All right, so the Cowboys were all sick this week. They They all are? Had the stomach flu. There were 10 guys on the team. I think Dan Quinn had the flu too this week. So there's that. That plays. They were just crapping themselves themselves week.


That definitely plays.


That's what happens with the Eagles tonight, right? Yeah. Well, one day. Maybe it was the Eagles got the, Jalen Hertz got the.


Cowbooks sick. Yeah, he's the carrier.


Good point. Great point. Wait, are all the Eagles sick right now, Max?


No, that's why Jalen Hertz took a separate plane. He didn't want to get the team sick.


Did he take a private plane?


Yeah. How much damage that took to the environment.




Damn. I didn't know-What? Never taken a private plane?


Plane? I know he had it like that, bro. I know he had it like that.


Yeah, he just signed a pretty big contract. How much? I'm sure the Eagles probably paid for it. It. Own NFL franchise. I guess they are an NFL franchise.


I talked for one sentence, too many. Last game, Ravens, that was a good win for the Ravens. Yeah. The Jaguars are falling off a cliff.


I feel bad for Jaguars fans. I do, too. They were on cloud nine when they had that six and two record.


They were playing playing back It looks looks so Jake Browning.


Yeah, they had everything. You had it right in front of you. We would have Pete Prisco have this as a.


A He probably had his loss.




That was- He had 13 and and.


That was very tough, though. The start of that game, having three trips, four trips on the other side of the field and getting zero points. The Jaguars are like a team where all the pieces are good and make sense. But then when you put them all together and you have to have execute against at a high level, it just doesn't work out.


Yeah, I did like what Trevor did with his Christmas present for the guys, for the offensive line. Yeah, the golf golf He got them golf cards, really tricked out golf cards, which is cool considering he would not take a golf card card himself. Last week. But yeah, if you're a Jaguars fan, you're not optimistic about how this is going to end.


Three losses.


In a row. Yeah.


They have to go to the the who are playing good ball.


Florida Bowl. Shit.


The Ravens are one seed right now. If they win, who do the Ravens have this week?


The Niners.


Oh, that's a tough one. Shit.


Yeah, they they the Niners. Then the week after.


That- They're going to put it it all.


For The The are going to fucking end up with one seed. Chiefs Chiefs They just always do it.


They're going to lock into it. There's a good path for the chiefs right now, for sure.


The chiefs are going to end up with the one seed.


Yeah. Who do they play next week?


Garbage. They play no one but garbage.


They play the Raiders next week.




Play the Bangles after that at home.




And then they.


Finish up- Easton Stick?


-at Easton Stick. Yeah. It's bullshit. Yeah, they might-The Chiefs.


Are going to have the the.


One The Chiefs are probably going to win the Super Bowl this year.


The Chiefs are going to get the one-suit. The Dolphins are going to lose to Cowboys. The Ravens are going to lose to the Niners and the Dolphins. Everyone's 11 and 5.


I mean, I would love to see a rematch. I would like to see the the Chiefs the 49ers. I'd like to see that game. How about Bill's 49ers? Yeah, either way, good game.




Getting down to it. I'm rooting for the games now.


So much football. Okay, should we wrap up with with who's back of the Who's Back of the Week? Who's Back of the Week is brought to you by Rowback. Rowback question, Who's Back of the the Use promo take 20% off your first purchase. Use this polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts. Rowback. Com, promo code code take best. I wear the joggers all the time. The shorts in the summer, the polos when you're going golfing.


Christmas shopping. I was doing some shopping today. Today.


Dads love.


Love My dad.


Loves. Exclusively. Loves. Wears Robac.


Yes, loves Robac. They're the most comfortable. Comfortable. Com promo code take. Hank, your Who's Back of.


The Week. My Who's Back of the Week is the MLB. I'm sure you guys saw this. It is the busy time of the year. Some would say it's the holidays. Holidays. We had had.


Nfl Oh, we have one more pick.


Monday Monday Night How many.


Games are you going to ask for?


I'm joking. I haven't.


Asked for any. I'm I'm asking for suggestion one and.


They can't suggest other one. Joking. I'm just kidding.


I mean, just win.


It's pretty fucking simple. I've been winning.


Sounds like you're scared, though.


That you're going to- I'm in favor of rules. I'm in favor of a structured competition and integrity.


Well, this is the the League this year of this-.


We are one-for-one on holidays.


I'm just in favor of integrity, that's all.




Sounds like you're scared. But yeah, probably the busiest time of the year, everyone's got holiday parties, everyone's celebrating the holidays, football on on MLB not even even broadcast, decided to host an all-MLB event award show where they flew all the players out, announced first team, second team, all-MLB. No No one that it was a thing until Saturday. Wait.




I have no idea how the MLB decides to do anything. This is the first time.


I'm hearing of this. This happened? Yeah. Or it's happening?


It happened on Saturday, December 16th.


Who won?


Wait, what did they announce?


They had an award show like the NFL and the NBA. The NHL does it.


Yeah. Where was it?


I don't know. Know.




You don't.


Have any details? -it was in Las Vegas.


They just designed stuff to not have anybody pay pay attention it.


Who was there?


All the stars.


What the fuck?


Name one star that was there.


Well, that's the problem with MLB. I don't know who these guys are.


This is very funny they did this.


Was Mike Trout there?


I do not see Mike Trout in these pictures. Oh, I guess it was on MLB MLB 8:00 PM Eastern.


December 16th. Yeah, they they out of their way to have nobody pay attention to their shit.


But that's just classic MLB, so MLB is back.


Carobus is still awake?


Yeah. What else is he doing?


Call him and see if he.


He this shit. Probably lifting.


He's probably lifting. He's probably doing mock drafts. Drafts.


It's probably watching TV in the shower.


Jerking off to himself or something. He's got a curl in one hand. He might be asleep. It is the off-season.


It's 12:19 AM. He might be.


Yeah, but he also doesn't have a life.


It's true.


So he could be awake. Awake.


No, he's Is he ducking you?


I think he's probably, I think, 12:19.


Oh, yeah. What about Dan Heron? Asking him, did he he wants.


Your call has I don't think he would. He's not like a baseball baseball super He's in baseball. Why would he watch? Jared would watch. If Jared watched, then we know who was the target audience. If Jared didn't didn't.


Then-i don't see any tweets from Jared.


About that. They organized their award ceremonies like we would organize a happy hour.


Two months after the season season ends. Was thinking.


About hanging hanging out.


A a busy Saturday when people are watching NFL and it is prime time. Time. Like have to do shit like Christmas parties and work parties and all that stuff.


Yeah, if you're not doing anything this weekend, I was thinking getting a big group of guys together, hand out to Silver Slugger.


There was NFL. There was bowl games, and there was five top 10 college basketball games.


Nhl, NBA.


Let's fucking hand out a couple gloves.


Pug down. Pug down.




Is Pug hurt?


He's okay.


What happened? Did he fall? Did you fall out of the chair, Pug?


Pug is is like-.


Broke the the chair. -you broke chair?


Chair? It was already broken.


Pug is like the Mr. Bean of this podcast. He's always falling down, getting hurt. Yeah.


But quickly scurrying because he's like, Oh, no, the camera is about to get me. Another incident for Pug. All right, PFT, what's your.


Who's back? My who's back of the week is Uganda Football. Yeah. Uganda Football, they lost to Kenya. There's going to be a video coming out, two videos coming out soon. They lost 38 to 22. You might have seen Billy's all 22 clip of him throwing a dart in the red zone. I think it was a seven-yard touchdown pass. I think he ran for another touchdown against him. Billy says that they had to overcome a lot of adversity on this trip, which I'm sure we'll hear more about.


Oh, Oh, Donnie texted me. It sounded like.


A lot. Yeah, I was trying to talk Donnie through it yesterday being like, if you need more money to make this happen- I said the same thing. -i'm -I'm down I think we got to figure out. Apparently, the head of the Uganda American Football Association just took all the money that we gave them and just didn't ever book a bus for a 15-hour bus ride.


Kind of respect.


Didn't give the.


Guy any- That's That's a scam.


The guys didn't get any food, so they had to travel overnight with no sleep, no food. They played against Kenya. Apparently, they fought their guts out. This was a tweet from Donnie earlier today. This trip was special. Leaving Africa this time with zero regrets. The The coaches- Also zero wins. -zero wins. But they did score points, so Billy's not fired. The The players, and everyday people we met were so inspiring. That fat, corrupt, scumbag Stephen Oaking, who runs the Uganda Football Football tried to ruin it for everybody, but he did not succeed. Uganda has a legit football team of of I'm wicked proud of. If you thought that Donnie and Billy would escape Africa without starting an international conflict, I think that you were probably wrong. I think this is the start. We hope that they get home safe. They are in Kenya right now, not in Uganda. I hope that they can get home safe and not run into any problems over there. But it seems like they're turning this into a flame war with the guy that stole the money.


We also had an an all-time Billy clip from the news. Donnie said that they got split up for a day because Donnie was going earlier. It was like, Don't do any media. Then literally the 12 hours that Donnie and Billy weren't together, Billy went on Uganda TV. First of all, his name is William Carter, which I like. But here's the clip from Billy, all-time Billy clip.


In the first week, Kenyan triumphed against Uganda, and now the.


The will be be.


I've been.


With these guys.


Working with them since early November. They're very ready. The thing was.


Last game.


They were ready, very ready, and they played better than the Kenyans.


The Kenyans got got away with some...


Away with some, not cheating, but some mischief. But this time we'll have more refs in Nairobi.


I'm very confident.


In this team.


They've studied hard.


They've trained hard.


We will be ready for.


The the Kenyan White.


Hey, Billy, while I'm gone, before you meet up with us, can you try not to go on TV and give any bulletin board material to Kenyan? To be fair, he said that he didn't want to accuse him of cheating.


It was mischief. Mischief. Mischief. That was a Super like, that was a super troopers. Billy, how many times did you say the word ready? Yeah. He's like, We're ready. We're really ready. This time we're going to be really ready.


Last time we weren't ready. When he was on the news in L. A. And he was victim blaming people for wearing nice watches.


Yeah. Billy is a one of a kind mind. William Carter. Carter. Like William Carter. I do like to cut a William Carter's jib. It might just be like his alter ego. But if anybody out there knows mischief, it's Billy. Billy is the king of mischief.


Just a nice four-second pause on TV.


Think of a different word for cheating. Cheating. Cheating, I'm trying not to say cheating, so I'll say mischief.


He's like, think Tom and Jerry, what are they up to all the time?


Mischief. High jinks.


Yeah, that's what's happening. All right, my who's back of the week is Matt Patricia.




And Max said that he was going to talk about the game now.


Yeah, so Matt Patricia is-Might.


Be be.


The nice of Yeah, looks like Max.


-taking over as the defensive coordinator, right?


That's correct. Wait, no, wait, PFT. Let me ask you a question. The Eagles are 10 and and 3. Was maybe maybe weeks weeks ago I saw one of their their kept on tweeting out that they were the the one.


They were.


That's crazy. Change your defensive coordinator and you're the the.


One Their defense is stacked with with too, right? Right? Yeah. Pretty much all all of Georgia. All of Georgia. Yeah. Entire team. J. L. And Carter. They've been pretty good historically defensively. Why do you think they're making a big change right now? You think this is a good thing for a team? Seems like a panic move. Yeah, you could say panic move. I think Slay is not going to play, right? Yeah. His first order of business was not allowing Slay to play. Play. I don't I don't want to say that's going to upset the locker room, but- Panic move? Who does Matt Patricia think he is?


Max. I mean, no one got fired. This happens all the time in the NFL. They switch up play call or someone just switching up.


The play play Does that happen all the time to teams that had the the one.


Well, yeah, every team had the the one at one point in the year.


You know what I'm saying, Max?


I answered the question. Question. Memes. Can Max, can you max switch seats?




Okay, thank you. You. Can you make sure that you sit in that seat going going I want you sitting right there. Okay. Max, do you think that you got punished at all right now?


Punished for what?


Or just demoted a a I.


Need to... No.


We just switched up the seats.


It's no big deal. But you don't feel comfortable.


It's not a.


Panic move. I can tell that you're you're uncomfortable in that.


Oh, I get it. We're totally fine. Fine.


What? This isn't even What would this be panicking about?


You just got demoted.




Isn't like a system here. Here. There isn't a chair, one chair, two chair, three.


No, there is. Maybe think about putting in a system.




A three and a half. Yeah.


No No one got-We.


Sitting in the middle is the power chair.




When? Since the whole time. That's the power chair. We can't even see you right now, Max. You're just talking. We can't even see you.


All right, fine. I'm down to stop talking.


Matt Patricia over there. Yeah. Oh, no, you're Sean Desai.


I would be a little bit concerned. Yeah.


You just lost a big seat.


I am worried about beating Seattle, and you're just trying to switch up this narrative, okay?


What? It It does like a panic move.


Yes, the defense is in panic situation. You said it yourself. Last week, what did you say? The The defense cannot win the Super Bowl.


Okay, it's fair.


Something had to change this change.


How do you feel about tomorrow night? Tonight?


Really hope Jalen Hertz plays. Slay not playing.


What's wrong with Jalen Hertz?


He's sick.


He's not himself.


He hasn't been himself.


Correct. Right now, he is not himself.


Because I heard some talk about them benching him for Mariota. Anyways.


Yeah, I did, too. I heard some media.


Saying there were rumblings.


Rumblings. See, you're panicking.


No, were there not media reports?


Not real media reports. There's been fan fiction on the.


Twitter Twitter You sound like Hank.


Yeah, because you guys just like to put out fan fiction.


No, it was an actual report.


It was not an actual report. Show me the fucking report.


I'm not going to show you the report. You find the report.


I don't care about this report. You're the one who cares about this report.


We can't even see you right now because you've been demoted.


I don't know what you're trying to prove here.


I think I proved my point. Also, it's midnight, but I proved my point. I proved my point. Memes, how are you feeling in that chair?






Still doing the switcher while Max.


Talks to you guys. Oh, Oh, okay. What does Max even do? In here? Yeah.


Nothing. Wow.


Oh, no.




This room? Oh, no.






Oh, no. Okay. You really are shined aside.


How is this to come on me? I didn't fucking do anything wrong.


No, we're confused about the various media reports because I've heard it was a demotion, but you're saying it's not.


No, it is a demotion. I said it wasn't a firing. You guys are putting fucking words in my mouth here. I didn't do anything.


I would be concerned because isn't Matt Patricia an offensive coordinator? Now he's supposed to run the defense? No. He's not.


An offensive coordinator. What was his last job in.


The NFL? He's a Super Super Bowl defensive coordinator. Coordinator. Hank, fucking fiction.


Fiction. He had to be a fiction.


Yeah, he did win.


The Super Bowl- What was his last job in the NFL?




Eras ago. Yeah.


The events changed a.


Lot since then. Well, also, Belichick was running the defense. We know that about our our Right, Hank?


No, Patricia was calling plays.


Thank you. Now, Belichick was running the defense. It does feel like a panic move that you're getting an offensive coordinator to to now your defense.


That is incorrect. The defense was really bad. The defense was in a spot that could not win a Super Bowl. Who knows what's going to happen now, but it's not the same as it was the past three weeks, which was historically bad over a three-week three-week strike.


Is this a must-win?




Oh, okay.


But now it's the whole situation of whether I say it's must-win or not must-win, it all comes back on me of looking bad.


Correct. Correct. You figured out what we've been doing. Go words. Go words. You got it. Took you a year and a half to figure out what we were doing, and you did it, Max.


Do you think there's any bad juju around the holidays for a fat guy getting rid of his his.


That was hilarious.


That was awesome.


Great question. Thanks, Jake.


Very cool. He's not getting rid of his slay. His slay is hurt. His slay is injured. It's like Rudolph. I don't know where I was.


Going with that.


Max, is the.


Dealer's fan now? Max, if you lose tomorrow night, the season's over.




No. No. You just said it was a a must No. Because this has been my argument.


Since day one. One. No, but, Matt, what.


Happens if.


You lose a must.


Well, if you lose, must-win, the the season over. It's all over. He just said it's a a.


Must Yeah, if it's a a must then you have to win it.


You have.


To win this. You should have made this a a can't.


It doesn't matter. It's the same fucking thing.


Thing. No, you're the must I've been.


Trying not to curse so much. You're making me curse a a.


Lot right now. Why your mom tell.


You to stop cursing? My grandma tells me to stop cursing. Does your.


Grandma listen to to show?


No, she sees clips on.


Twitter, though. Your Your grandma on Twitter?


My grandma is on Twitter, correct.


What's What's your up?


I don't know. Know. What's her I honestly have no idea.


Never mind. Mind.




On. I was just curious if she was one of the reply bots.


That-shut up.


Next- -ask if I'm up for something.


-lottery ball. Jake.


Jake. Who's Who's Back of the is award-winning listener, Charlie Woods. Yes. Big weekend for Charlie, playing with his dad. He had a chip in. He drove a green on a par four. He's an absolute beast.


He is a beast. Did you see him walk in that that Yep.


Yep. You him wave the drive goodbye? Yeah.


He hit like, I'd say, 17, 18-foot put and started walking it it in- halfway through. -halfway through. Through. Charlie different.




Awesome. He's built built different.


Him. Charlie, if you want more part of my take, golf gear, we'll send send your way. Shoot us a DM.


I think he's better than his dad. Duh. I think when all is said and done, Charlie Woods is going to be the guy that completely transforms golf. Agreed.


You're going to break the mold. All right, good show. Sorry, again, everyone, for my voice. I feel like I was okay.


Actually, it sounds better than I did at the.


Start of the show right now. I talked myself into into Yeah. I know. There's like a T that's out there. It's supposed to help your voice. I tried it, and I feel like it made it worse to start the show. All right, numbers. Numbers. -forty. -numbers. -eight.


-71. -20.


I get this, I get extra game.


18, 3, deal.


Wait, but if we get this, there's one less game.


Yeah. Fine. Deal.


If I get it, I'm on Hank's side. What?


Okay, love it. Thanks.


If you get it another game? Yeah. Okay. What are your numbers?




40. 71. 3. 10 for Shane. 18. 18. Pug, are you?






You You have to Pug. You have to say Pug.


You have to say Pug.


Pug. There we go. That is is I am.


Everybody says Pug a lot.


I want to see the video of Pug falling down.


Max, what's your number? Number?




Ninety-five. Here I was born. I'm Max, right?


I'm Yeah, I was Pug. I'm Max. I'm Max. We're all 95.


Pug. 95. All right, good show, boys.


Love you guys. I'll


be gone. We left to war too. We left to war too.


We left to save our odds and heads, but we still run it away.


We're learning.




Life is okay. Say after me.


Life felt better to be safe and.


Sorry to be safe and sorry to be safe and sorry to


be safe and sorry. Dokey, dokey, dokey, dokey, dokey. Docy, dokey, dokey, dokey.


Take on me. Me. I just feel better to be safe, it's all right. To be safe, it's all right. To be safe, it's all right. To be safe, it's all right. To be safe, it's okay. To be safe, it's okay. Take on me. Me on. I'll be gone on a day or two. Jim Gaffigan here with some more Straight Talk.


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