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Plus, schedule a custom on today's part in my Take Super Bowl 58 Super Bowl 58 is set. It is 58, right?


I'm not good with roman numerals.


I hate roman numerals. But Super Bowl 58 is set. Chiefs Niners rematch from a few years ago we're going to talk about both the AFC championship game, the NFC championship game, brutal, brutal loss for the Lions, brutal loss for the Ravens, too, but a different way. So we're going to get into that. We're going to do fastest two minutes. We're going to maybe talk a little basketball. We got who's back of the week? Some coach. We have more coach talk to go because, pft, you're about to hire yours and Bill Belichick might be out of a job, so we'll clean up on that. And maybe some early thoughts on Super Bowl 58. And before we get to all of that, game time, you shouldn't have to worry when you're buying tickets to your next big event. Game time is the fast and easy way to buy tickets to all sports, music, comedy and theater events near you. I've used game time for everything. I've used them for football, for baseball, for hockey, for basketball, for theater, for comedy, for music. Everything with game time, last minute tickets, flash deals, zone deals, easy to find and buy tickets for every kind of event in your area.


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Now, in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done. No paper hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh, no, we gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher oh, we gonna rock down.


To electric it's pardon my take isn't about Marshall sports.


Welcome to pardon my take. Today is Monday, January 29, and it's championship Sunday. Championship Sunday. Some spread Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. No gonna get them in Baltimore, where the Ravens offense looked like it was ready for a bad Valentine's Day instead of Super Bowl Sunday because all they could get was likely flowers. I say, I say, I say. Isaiah Pacheco made the Ravens look like big chickens scampering to a second quarter score. And the Ravens, much like Forrest Gump, abandoned the run and said, I think I'll go home now. I can't even do Forrest Gump.


I think I'll go home.


I think I'll go home now. I think I'll go home now.


Me and Jetty was like peas and.


Carrots in a remarkable rookie season. Taylor Swift will be going to her first Super bowl, and it will be a hot topic who will be inside her box for the big game. Speaking of Taylor's box, the Ravens watched their season tick tock away as Jackson Mahomes hit his dance on the city of Baltimore. Chiefs 17, Ravens 14. Out west, Brock Purdy woman made a couple big mistakes, huge in the first half before getting the Niners offense into Richard Gere. Speaking of into Richard Gere, they ran through the a gap like a couple of hamsters, colon scoring two touchdowns, but the Lions up early. Josh Burt Reynolds found the centerfold of the defense but couldn't make a play. Girl, a Christian escaped the Lions den and found the end zone for the game winning score.


And lieutenant Dan Campbell needs new legs.


Magic legs, because he bit off his own kneecaps. Niners 34, the Lions 31. And that is your Super Bowl. I just remembered the Niners. And that's the same team where I saw the play.




Tom Brady as a young.




And look at all that hair. Look at that hair.




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Okay, Super Bowl 58 is set. PFt. The Chiefs and the Niners set to meet in Las Vegas in the desert.


We're running it back.


We're running it back.


Last time this happened, this was our last four weeks of fun.




So rip to the NCAA tournament in 2024.


Oh, my God.


Don't say that.


There will be no spring league football.


New strain of COVID just high level. Before we get into the games. I've seen some people complain that, like, well, this matchup stinks because we've seen it. Whether it be Taylor Swift, the Chiefs fatigue, I don't care. There's nothing that would ever stop me from enjoying the Super bowl to its maximum. It's the last game of football the year.




I can't believe there's actually people like, I'm not going to watch. Shut up. You're going to watch. You're going to watch. You're going to like it.


I almost stopped watching today because they canceled the b two flyover in Baltimore because of weather. And then they cut away from the flyover on the west coast game, which is the least american thing you could do. That'd get you most unpatriotic thing. Well, they tried. They didn't try hard enough. But you're going to watch Super bowl because it's two great teams. It's Patrick Mahomes continuing his quest to topple Tom Brady, which might take a while. I've actually got some stats here. I'd like to see what Hank has to say about these.


Oh, we're going to get right into it.


Yeah, I think that we should. I mean, Patrick Mahomes was great.


We can talk about the others. Yeah.


Chiefs 17, ravens ten. The AFC championship game. Yeah, let's hop right into it.


All right, so here's some stats for the first six years of the two of them starting in the NFL. Mahomes 72 and 22, Tom Brady 70 and 24 playoff records. Mahomes 14 and three, Tom Brady twelve and two. Four AFC titles for Mahomes, three for Brady, two rings for Mahomes. Playing for a third, Brady had three rings and touchdown to interception, 258 to 69 for Mahomes, 167 to 87 for Tom Brady.


Yeah, I mean, it's tough to deny if he wins a Super bowl, he's on pace.


Yeah, I'd say ahead of pace.


Yeah, it's inevitable. And this game was, it was crazy because the beginning of the game, it was like, well, this is going to be just Patrick Mahomes surgically dicing up the Ravens defense. That first drive was perfect. That second drive was Peak Mahomes because they had four third down conversions that were all Mahomes. Especially he had a scramble and then that flip play to Travis Kelsey, which was like, how the hell did this just happen?


That's vintage.


That was backyard was. It was crazy. So the game starts and you're like, whoa, this is just going to be Mahomes day. Then the Ravens defense showed up and they played great ball for basically after the Chiefs went up 14 seven early in the second quarter for the rest of the game, the entire second half the Chiefs had 98 yards. But it didn't matter because it was way more about the Chiefs defense and what Steve Spagnola did to Lamar Jackson. And I do want to say real quick, Steve Spagnola, he is probably one of, if not the best defensive coordinators of all time. When you think about what he's done, he's got three Super Bowls. He stopped the 17 and 18. And Patriots, one of the best offenses of all time, held them to how many points? How many do they have? 1717. The Ravens were one of the best teams this year in terms of offense. Like completely befuddled the mvp of the league after the game. I don't know if you guys saw, but the shirts, the in spags we trust shirts.


Yeah, those are awesome.


Which are awesome. And you can tell like every single guy on that defense just trusts everything that Steve Spagnola is doing. And he said before the game, be relentless, be a pack of wolves, just get after it. And that's what they was. C SPaC Nola just ate Todd Monkey and John Harbaugh's lunch for four quarters. That's what we watched. And again, it was Patrick Mahomes early and then it was the Chiefs defense, basically for the majority of the game, just completely, like making the Ravens look stupid and getting them out of what they do well. And he deserves all the credit in the world because that was a masterful game plan they had.


So I should say that the score that Super bowl was actually 17 to 14. So they won with 17 points.


They won with seven, just like the Chiefs did.


This is from Ranny Jezelieri by DvoA we already knew that 2023 Ravens were incredible, right? The 2007 Patriots were one of the other greatest teams ever by that stat. And Spags both won big games against those teams by scoring 17 points.


He was the mvp of this game and that's not taking anything away from the Chiefs offense. And again, like that Mahomes, that second drive, the first drive was scripted plays that worked perfectly. And we thought, oh, this is going to be a long day for the Ravens defense. And like I said, the Ravens defense showed up. They even forced a field goal off of Lamar fumbled. That was when I thought the game was like fully, fully over. But they did a good job of stopping the Chiefs for the majority of the game. It was just. The Chiefs defense was just incredible.




So shout out to Spagnolo. Did you know that he does an award, a weekly award for his defense? It's called the Cram award. Whichever team crams the hardest, I love that. Like, for hardest hitting big plays, they get the cram award. And the winner of the Cram award gets a home cooked meal from Steve Spagnolo's wife. Makes you whatever you want.


So you have to cram before the game.


You cram before the game and then you cram after the game.




Because Legerius needs to get the Cram award for punching out Zayflower. No, you crammed during the, during the game.


You cram during the game.


Got it.


So he crammed the ball right out of Zayflowers. It was a cram pie.


The play of the game. Yeah, that was the play of the game.


When you fumble at the 1, it's so deflating because you've done all that work. You've gone that entire distance and then just to have it happen. That's why Bill told you don't reach out to one.


Yeah, don't reach out at the, and, hank, I think you've actually kind of admitted it now that Mahomes and the Chiefs are the new Patriots and just how they do it. This wasn't an explosion of offense by the Chiefs. It wasn't like they were just, they were better than the Ravens. The right team won, but it was like they have shapeshifted year to year, and especially even in this year where it looked like they had no chance of going to the Super bowl, to a team that is the toughest team in the league.




And on the road, too. They beat Buffalo at Buffalo. They beat the Ravens at Baltimore. That obviously adds to the narrative that before it was like, he can only win at home this playoffs. He's done it on the road.


They've won 66% of the road playoff games that have been won this playoffs. The packers are the only other team that won a road playoff game.


That's crazy.


One, two. The packers won one. It's pretty crazy.


And the defense was the story, but we're still going to just talk about Mahomes because it's fucking Patrick Mahomes.


No, I mean, that drive, he was.


Really, I mean, there should be some blame on Todd Monkin in that offense.


Well, Lamar, we got to get to defense. It was bad.


The defense for the Chiefs, over the course of the season, I think they were tied for 27th in terms of yards per carry allowed. And then. Do you know how many times the Ravens ran the ball today?


Yeah, eight.


They ran the ball to the running backs eight times. Lamar had a couple of others, but they ran the ball with the running backs eight times today.


It was crazy to watch. It felt like they had a game plan, and then the first three and out happened and they're like, well, we'll just abandon all this. And Lamar was not good. That is a fact. Like, Lamar did not play well. He was missing receivers early. That interception to likely was one of the worst situational awareness balls I've ever seen thrown because you not only have Isaiah likely triple teamed. But you're in a situation where you're down ten in the fourth quarter. It's like you need to, no matter what, get a field goal here so that you make it a one score game with Justin Tucker. That's a pretty certain thing that when you're in that, like, what were they at the 30 or 20? And having that happen was just like, how do you have that happen? How do you throw that ball?


Their offense was just Zay Flowers is down there somewhere. For most of the game. They threw it to likely a couple of times. And with Zay, when I say they ran the ball eight times, two of those were like little swing passes with zay flowers or gadget plays with zay flowers. So they really only ran the ball with the running back six times over the course of the entire game.


And yeah, Tod Monkin deserves a ton of blame. But Lamar, he was not like precise. He had guys, he missed guys routinely all day. A couple deep passes he overthrew and.


He was taken forever in the pocket, too. Like, Lamar should run with the ball like a full half second or full second before when he was taking off today because you wait that extra time, then he gets caught from behind for like a 1 yd gain. It completely neutralized Lamar's ability, although he did have an awesome play where he threw and caught the ball at the. That was incredible. Maybe Bill Polian was right about that all time play. Maybe he's a wide receiver.




But yeah, it was an all time play and he got caught from behind, just barely. I think he probably would have scored a touchdown if he had just stepped out of that one tackle. But that was an awesome play.


Yeah, if you're a Ravens fan, that game had to have been like torture because it was constantly the Ravens, like, after it settled down and it was 14 seven and it was like, okay, the Ravens defense is starting to make some stops. They sacked Patrick Mahomes for the first time in these playoffs, which is crazy that he had gone two full games without being sacked. They started to make some stops. And then you have the Zay Flowers big play taunting penalty, which we both agree taunting should not be a penalty in the NFL. They're pros. If you want to do it in the college, that's fine because you want to just pretend like, oh, yeah, they're amateur athletics, whatever. The guys are putting their life on the line. They're playing a passionate game. This is the biggest game of their lives. You should be able to taunt, you.


Should be allowed to taunt. There are a couple, I think, at the point that it turns into a delay of game, probably flag it for delay of game. If it's that excessive, if it's just a taunt, you can do whatever you want, but if you step over the guy, if you step over him, he's allowed to hit you in your nuts.




Besides that, it's all just. It's like a passionate game. These guys are playing a million miles an, you know, bodily harm and all these things, and you're going to get upset, you're going to throw a flag because he stood over them. Fuck that. Let him taunt.


It's the AFC championship game.




Joe Burrow agreed. He tweeted, let the boys taunt.


Yeah, let them taunt.


Let the boys taunt.


Taunting is fun, and if you want to stop them from taunting, then stop them from catching the ball 50 yards.


Someone pointed out that if you let them taunt, you got to let them fight. I kind of okay with that, too. Yeah, that's a little scrap.




Hockey does it.




But they did have, like, the Ravens just kept on wound after self inflicted wound, where it was like, even in the end of the first half when Calvin noy gets that penalty, Travis Kelsey was doing a masterful job of just goading them the entire day. And then you have the Zay Flowers taunt and the Zayflowers fumble, and it's like they keep getting close and they can't cut the deficit. And then the likely interception, it just was torture. It was torture for the Ravens because they had these moments where you thought that they were going to be back in the game and they just kept on falling short in these big moments. And it's all credit to the Chiefs defense and their game plan.




Mike Florest's head is spinning. He's so happy right now.




Mike Flores was right. We owe him apology. I have a question for you, big cat. It seems like Jason Kelsey, brother of Travis Kelsey. The brothers don't know if you knew that. It seems like he's the biggest Chiefs fan in the world right now.


He is.


He's wearing Chiefs gear head to toe. Loves the Chiefs rooting for Travis. Would it irritate you if you were an Eagles fan, seeing Jason Kelsey root so hard for the Chiefs?


I don't think so.


You don't think so?




If you were an Eagles fan.


I actually don't. I think brother, like being brothers, kind.


Of trumps everything some are saying. I saw a couple tweets that he's a bigger Chiefs fan than Max is an Eagles fan.


It would not bother me. It would not bother me.


Brotherly love.




I think that's one of those things that if you're trying to find an issue with that, you need to touch grass, as the kids say. I'm just saying, go find another. I just, I'm being dead honest. Like, you gotta root for your, like, you have to in that mean he has been at the games. They had a big hug after the game. Travis Kelsey, by the way, should, I don't know, we should put out an investigation against him because he looked so washed for the second half of the season and now he looks incredible again. What happened? Was he just rope a doping us?


He was playing us.


He was.


I think he was playing the long game on it. I think the Chiefs, the Chiefs as a whole might have been Ropa doping us the entire season, trying to get the people to say, oh, the Chiefs can't do it this year. This team sucks. And then they have all the bullets and board material they could ever want. Maybe the entire Chiefs, maybe Cadarius Tony was actually the best signing of the offseason.




To tank a few games, make them lose in very embarrassing fashion. And now all of a sudden, everybody doesn't take Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense seriously at all.


Kadarius Tony, with an all time idiot move of going on instagram live being like, I'm not just, they're keeping me out of the game. It's like, dude, we all knew that the Chiefs were basically being nice to you, saying that you're hurt so you can save some face, maybe go to another team next year. They're not playing you because you're a detriment to the team. He was the last person to realize that was what was going on.


Maybe I don't think they can say that you're sitting out the game if you're injured, if you don't have an injury. Yeah, but I also think that they're being nice. They said in the report, right. It was like, for injury and also personal reasons. The personal reason being like, you're not very good at football.




So I have something else I want to say about Patrick Mahomes that was probably people like, you're glazing him so hard. Patrick Mahomes deserves a ton of credit for how he's handled this season. In moments that he's been criticized publicly, whether it be complaining about the refs after the packers game, complaining about the refs after the Bills game, he deserves a ton of credit because what Patrick Mahomes never did this entire season is give any type of complaint publicly about his wide receivers. And it's paying off now because he stood in front of the bullets for these guys to suck for the majority of the year and get their feet wet and get a Rashid rice to a point where he's like an actually really good receiver that you can trust. And I feel like that's an underrated part of his leadership where he was complaining about everything else but deliberately never saying, like, my receivers just suck. Who would have blamed him if he had said that after all they went through this regular season? And I think that's a key piece of the Chiefs in these playoffs and being able to play like they're about to win another Super bowl.


In his ability to keep these guys together and these young guys, their confidence doesn't get shattered because the best player in the world is like, yeah, you guys suck.


I liked Andy Reid's play call at the end of the game, too, when he was like, it was the ultimate. They'll never see this coming. Yeah, mvs, when they hit mvs way down the field on that play, like, nobody thought that's the guy they were going to go to with that much time, with that important of a play happening at that moment, it's like, no, they're going to throw it probably to Rice or to Kelsey or they're going to try to give the ball to Pacheco somehow. But no, they went to the guy that probably hadn't. There were a lot of times this season where Mahomes, you're right, could have just destroyed the ego of his guys and maybe he did behind the scenes. I don't know.


I doubt it.


But definitely not in the press when he didn't even look like he was thinking that way.


Yeah, he just would blame all, we all criticize him because he looked like a baby sometimes complaining about the refs and all this stuff. I'm thinking back to it, I'm like, that was probably a little bit deliberate where it's like he's going to find anything but his receivers to blame. So. Yeah, and mvs is a perfect example. Like, mvs gets a lot of, he's, he obviously has problems catching the ball, which is his job. Mvs also gets asked to catch a lot of the difficult catches because he's.


So over the shoulder.


Right, right. So there's a little bit of like, he's not know, five yard slants where it's easier to catch. But yeah, that's a guy who, his confidence could have waned and then in the big moment, Patrick Mahomes trusts to throw him a perfect ball to seal the game and go back to the Super bowl.




If you're a Ravens fan, you're probably pretty upset because it seemed like this was the healthiest that the Ravens could possibly be.




Over the last like three seasons. I think today was probably the Ravens at their healthiest that they've been maybe like week one of the 2021 season.


And Kyle Hamilton was awesome.


He was so good.


So, so good. Zay Flowers was awesome. Obviously he fumbled, but he was their offense for a while there and then.


He cut his hand on the bench.




In frustration. And I don't know, like Lamar, obviously, the easy hot take thing to say is like, you know, he choked again in the playoffs and it does suck because that's all we've seen. We have not seen him step his game up and get to that next level. This was the moment to get to the next level and it was just weird watching the Ravens, especially in the first half. It felt like they came out being like, we're going to win no matter what, and they got punched in the mouth and then they were just chasing it for the rest of the game.


Lamar has these games in the playoffs, though. This was not the same Lamar that we've seen for the entire season where he has the lowest offensive output, the lowest number of points score, where he just turns into a different player. That happens once every playoffs with sucks. It sucks if you're a Ravens fan, sucks if you're a player on the raven. It sucks if you're Lamar, too, because now the narrative is fully there.


And I mentioned this to you in private, but I would like to make it in public and everyone could chime in here, was watching this game on a bigger level. Obviously these two guys, Mahomes and Lamar. Lamar is about to be the MVP again. Like, he's an incredible quarterback. I'm not going to diminish that. But was it just watching the Justin Fields versus Caleb Williams debate play out in real time? Like one guy can make all the passes one guy can. He's a good passer, but when the things get tight, windows get tight, moments get tight, the passes aren't exactly precise like they have been maybe earlier in the season.


Yeah, I can see where you're coming out with that. The first half from Aholms was just electrifying. Yeah, the ball wasn't touching the ground.


I think what he ten for ten.


His first ten were complete.


He was out of control.


And then I think the 11th one might have been a drop.




So, yeah, he was very good. I think that Justin is different from Lamar, though.


No, I know Lamar is way better. I'm saying that. There's no debate. I'm just saying the. When the big moments happen, you have to have a guy who you trust passing the.




And Lamar I thought, I trust passing the ball, but there was moments today where I was like, that likely interception was so bad. Again, he was missing some short throws early, and you could call if you want to say the play calling was so bad that he never had a chance. I actually will buy it because it was so baffling to watch what the Ravens were doing. It will. It will follow him because this is another moment where it's like, we need Lamar to make these big time throws and they just weren't there.


And the deep balls, too. The deep balls were problem.




So the deep balls to. He had a couple to Odell. There was a very funny one where Odell put his hand up like Randy Moss when he got two steps on the cornerback. And then the second the hand went up, he slowed down so much that cornerback was just all over him. Ball was still overthrown by like three, four yards. There were a couple of those to Beckham and then there were a couple deep ones. I want to say that there were to Aguilar, me, that were overthrown that same way. But, yeah, if he gets a good pocket and everything's on time, he's a great passer. If he has to move around a little bit and he's trying to decide whether or not he's going to take off and run or whether or not he's going to stay in the pocket and throw, that's when he doesn't have that exact touch that you want.


Right. And maybe it's maturity that I'm trying to find a way to not just knee jerk winners and losers. That guy stinks. That guy's good because I still think Lamar's a great, great. He's a franchise quarterback. He's top five quarterback. But this was a disappointing game. No other way you can look at it.




Speaking of which, I just wanted to throw. No, you know what? I'll do that at the end of the show. I have a stat at the end of the show I'll do so that we'll keep it to the end of the show. At the very end of the show, in terms of the Chiefs going back to the Super Bowl. I know people are very tired of the Chiefs. This is the next step in greatness that the whole country starts to hate you. They had that, I think meme did memes post it, the AFC championship game from 2019 where it was like, who's rooting for the Chiefs? And who's rooting for the Patriots? And it was just New England rooting for the Patriots, and the entire country rooting for the Chiefs. And then it was this year, who's rooting for the Ravens? Who's rooting for the Chiefs? It was just Kansas City and Missouri rooting for the Chiefs. And the entire country rooting for the Ravens.


Was that one of those maps? Was that a Jeff D low map?


It feels right, like everyone was rooting against the Chiefs. That's the next step in greatness, where the whole world happened to the warriors. This is what you get when you're this great all the time. The 31 other teams do not want you to succeed anymore.


Yeah, it's them against the world, quite literally. Yeah, I do agree with that. The Chiefs say what you want about them, but I think they're more fun than most dynasties like this because it's hard to watch. And Steph Curry is the same way. I would equate them to being like, you can watch those two teams play and be like, holy shit, it's amazing. I love watching what this guy does. Yeah, there's some dynasties where you watch players and you're like, I'm just sick of this shit. I'm completely over it. But Mahomes is good for, like, one or two plays a game that you'll never see. And you have to appreciate that greatness as it's happening. So I think people can be like, no, I'm sick of the Chiefs. But also, holy shit, this is.


I mean, you see it.


Yeah, I'm sick of them. I don't agree with that. Yeah, I root against them as hard as I can. Not fun to watch. I mean, Mahomes is great. He played great. With that being said, they didn't play great in the second half. Lamar Jackson was just nowhere to be.


I mean, that's kind of how the Chiefs have been, though, this year where they're. I mean, it's. I think the stat is something crazy, like 16 and two to the second half under. Their offense kind of goes into whatever needs to be done. Not anymore. And their defense starts to shut teams down. Like Chris Jones, even Nate Tyce, who does a great job. He does a podcast with Robert Mays. He had a stat where Chris Jones, not that he's like taking plays off, but his stats, first half to second half are like insanely different because he's just kind of feeling out the game and then in the second half he's like, I'm going to be the closer. I'm going to shut everyone down.


That's a vince young. First half, chill out. Second half, go the fuck off.




So there is something about how the Chiefs, that's kind of how their season has gone where when they win games, it's like punch them in the mouth, get up big and then not hold on. But the game slows, they slow down the know and their defense shows up. It sucks to watch because they just suffocate you.


Is it good for Tom Brady fans such as yourself, hank, that all this greatness from Mahomes is shining a greater light on how good Tom Brady was?


Oh, it's a good point.




I mean, they keep showing this.


I wouldn't have read those amazing stats from Tom Brady if Patrick Mahomes wasn't doing this back to back.


Brady was two and o against him in the playoff career, which is. You can always hang your head on that, but it feels like the magic has worn out. The Chiefs are going to blow past the 49 ers in the Super bowl.


Early prediction? Yeah, they just find a way. They find a way and they have completely changed. Like, think about the Chiefs winning their Super bowl. The last time they played the Niners, that defense wasn't great and that offense was explosive. Now, their offense can still be explosive at times because it's Mahomes, but their defense is like carrying a huge load.


They were down going into the fourth right against those Niners teams. Garoppolo overthrow in the fourth quarter.




And they're pretty much winning by eleven.




And the 49 ers, it feels like they should have lost both of their playoff games. The Chiefs went into Buffalo, beat Buffalo, went into Baltimore, beat Baltimore.




It wasn't pretty, but it was like. Yeah, they went in two tough places to play and beat teams. They were underdogs in both games. And that's just Patrick Mahomes as an underdog. He's an underdog again in the Super bowl. Crazy, fucking insane. I'm going to do a game of the year on the Chiefs.


San Francisco was up 20 to ten with just more than six minutes left in Super bowl.


Yeah, that was 21 points.




Their defense wasn't great and Patrick Mahomes offense and Tyree kill and all that. But this also goes back. I mean, again, we said it a million times with the Tyree kill. Not signing him to a long term deal turns out to be genius because they have remade their. Like Lujerius Snead is one of the best cornerbacks in the, they, they're young everywhere, and that's just incredible roster management like the Patriots used to do, where they'd have to just have a whole new roster of guys around Tom Brady. And, you know, if you have Tom Brady, you're going to win.


Also, Mahomes is playing on a sweetheart hometown.


Yeah, yeah.


Remember like, the day after he signed the deal, people were like, well, that he's already underpaid, basically.


Well, he's one of those athletes. Like, it's him and LeBron where it's like, if it was free market, they'd get paid a billion.


Yeah. Yeah.






If there was no such thing as a salary.




Right. What is he worth to your franchise? A billion dollars?


Jerry Jones would give away his entire family for Patrick Mahomes if he could.


Easily, easily, easily. So Andy Reid also going for potentially in the GOAT conversation again, we've had this debate. We said the debate was whether there would be a debate, which I think we're going to be right about, that he still has a long way to go to get to Bill Belichick, but if he wins back to back Super Bowls, which hasn't been done since Bill Belichick, three and whatever, however many years this has been, and going to four, and he's gone to Super bowl with two different franchises, pretty crazy.


Really crazy.




I think you're right. I think if he does do this, then we'll talk about it. We won't say that he's obviously has a long way to go to get there, but he also had a pretty good, successful run in Philly for a long time. Just couldn't get to the Super bowl.


Last thing we're going to get just completely drowned in Taylor Swift talk. You know that.




I mean, it's already happened. It's already happened.


You see, Andy Reid did point.


They pointed at each other post game. They pointed at each other. They looked to share a little bit of a moment there. I saw a picture that was going around. I don't know if it's real or not.




She's suing.


How many fingers did he have?


He had six that I could see in the point he was pointing all six fingers at her.




So it seems like sparks were flying in that postgame interaction there. Also, if you watch the video of Jason and Travis saying, what's up? To each other, dapping each other up. Taylor sneaks around. She lets them have their moment. She falls into the background, walks around and makes a beeline. Towards who? Jeff Darlington.




He had another viral tweet about her. He was the one who tweeted out the.




Also, Tony Romo saw Taylor Swift. That was fun.


She complimented him.


Yeah, well, she's got bad taste.


Bad taste in men.


I have a take. I have a take. I think that the Super bowl should be announced by the best announcers that year. Well, just like the game is played by the best teams that year. We're going to get Tony Romo and we're going to get Jim Nance. And Tony Romo is going to annoy the fuck out of America. It should be Greg Olson and Jim Nance.


Well, good thing we have an alternate option.


This is, I'll say a friend of the show told me not. He has no inside information, but I want to also protect his identity. He has a theory that this might be Jim Nance's last football game.


Oh, really?




He did retire from March madness this past year.


He's going to do the Masters.


He's going to do golf. But I started thinking about it. We've had potential trades in broadcasters before. I think. Wasn't there a deal like Al Michaels?


Al Michaels was traded for the rights. Oswaldo the rabbit.


Yeah, that's right. All right, so why doesn't CBS if they lose Jim Nance? Because then we're going to get just stuck with Tony Romo and Tom Brady might be coming into the mix of Fox. Why does CBS trade for Olsen?


Yeah, that's.


Greg Olsen is so good. And I know he's a friend of ours, but he's so, like, just trade for Kevin Burkhart and Greg Olsen. Have Tom Brady do it with Jim Gray. Tony Romo, just go play golf.


He is actually doesn't really call games.


I know, Jake. It was a joke.


He is.


That's all he does is he does podcasts with Jim Gray.


That's it.


Tom Brady only does Jim Gray.


So I think we said this last year, but Greg Olson did so good in the Super bowl that he at least gives Fox something to think about because they've got what?


He's incredible.


How many millions invest in Tom Brady on, like, a futures contract whenever Tom decides to show up.




Like, you could maybe even trade the rights to Tom Brady. CBS.


Ten for 375.


Get Greg Olsen, swap with Tony row. Tony Romo also had an all time no no in the broadcast booth when he's like, and that's the game. And what was it, like five minutes left and I think it was after the likely interceptions. Like, you don't do that.


That's a game. Almost.


Yeah, almost.


Pretty much, yeah. No, what they should do, I think they should trade Romo for the rights to Tom Brady to CBS. Keep Greg Olsen on Fox and Jim.


Nance would probably stay if he got to call games with Tom Brady, got to work with.


And then.




Then Romo gets to go do whatever.






Solved it all.








Chiefs back in the Super bowl and they're underdogs. I'm going to make it a game of the year. Are you going to do it, Hank?


Yeah, I already did.




It feels like the Chiefs, like they're inevitable. Patrick Mahomes is inevitable. I'm sick of just getting burned. I have to reassess my strategy with futures and maybe I should introduce the word hedging into my life because this was now four great values that I lost in 13 months, all to Patrick Mahomes.


But it's good value.


That's the thing.


It's great value.


It was a good bet.


Well, people are like, oh, you're such an idiot for betting the Ravens. Like, dude, I bet him in August, 18 to one. You would love to have an 18 to one ticket going to the championship game as a four and a half point favorite. The part that I fail at is the hedging.




I still haven't figured out which way I'm going to bet during the Super bowl. You're right. You're right. He's inevitable. But now I feel like everybody is saying Patrick Mahomes is inevitable.


Well, he's been inevitable for a while now, though.




But everyone's realizing it. I don't know.


I'm going to stand by, but I've.


Realized Brady comparisons, it's like they said that, too. And he always won.


Yeah, stand by.


I'm going to run the numbers, I'm going to crunch them, and I'm going to trust the data.


Still going to be a lot of people who bet on the niners. I said on Friday, I was like, if I didn't have the Ravens future, I'd bet on the Chiefs in this game because that's just what he even. I saw it coming. I probably could have done something, but I'm too stupid to do something. But I did see it.


You were pot committed at that point, right?


Exactly. It's fun. To have something that you ride for an extended period of time to hedge out of that. Come on. But I should probably reassess this situation. This situation is fluid. What are you going to say, jake?


I enjoy watching this run of greatness. I know a lot of people are sick of it, but you're going to look back one day and be like, damn, I got to watch Mahomes and Kelsey do this year after year after year and it's like, as a neutral party, I'm like, this is cool to watch Hank.


I want Hank's thoughts. Right?


I'm sick of it.


Yeah, I know you are.


That disgusts you, what Jake just said.


Yeah, and it's going to disgust a lot of people. I like watching it.


As a fan of an AFC team, that's especially disgusting. Like a team that has title aspirations that maybe gets one of the homes.


Now that they're eliminated.


Biggest weapons few weeks in the past.


It'S like, all right, this is cool.




As a fan of an NFC team that hasn't been to a Super bowl in what, 34 years, 33 years. I'm okay with watching greatness at this level. But if I was a fan of an AFC team, I would also much.


If Patrick Mahomes, I'd hate him. Yes.


I would hate him. I would hate him if I lost to him in a Super bowl as an NFC team, I would hate him.


Yes. Oh, I'd hate his guts so bad.


But again, I don't live and die by my fandom.


You like to watch the story.




This is a great story for the history of football.


It would have been great if Lamar had won a Super bowl, too. It would have been a great story for the history of my bills. Or the pills would have been dolphins. Or the Dolphins. Or the Steelers. Or the Browns.


You could twist it in any way.


Or the Texans. So the point is, what you're saying is dumb because literally anyone who gets to the Super bowl, there's a story.


Yes, but these types of stories.


If the Browns were playing in the Super bowl this year, it would be an incredible story, would it not?


It would, but the Texans were the longer version of.


Actually, the Steelers are the only story that probably would have sucked. Yeah, that's it. Like every other AFC team, there would have been at least a cool story.




With the Steelers, I don't know what the story would have been. It would have just been like Tomlin like average team overachieves their way to greatness. All you see students out there have something to hope for.




This is why you never get divorced. Yeah, just stick it out.


Stay with it.


You're fine.


Stay with it. Eventually you'll have one night of great sex.




Have another kid, another quarterback. Yeah, you just stick.


Save the.


It was. It was just a masterclass by the Chiefs defense. And Mahomes first two drives were just so. I mean, the ball didn't hit the ground.


It was insane.


It was crazy. That second drive. I know the first drive was great because he completed every pass. That second drive, though, was so like, that's what breaks your back if you're rooting for a team against Mahomes because it was four third downs that he picked up all himself. And just big play after big play after big play, you just know he's going to be there.


And when he completed that pass where he got hit in the face, at that point, I thought it was over.


It was like, arm.


When that shit happens, then you know that there's something weird going on. It's going to be one of those games.


Yeah, he got punched.


It was a clothesline. It was.


Not. I can't say that I'm rooting for the Chiefs, except I'm just going to bet on them because they are inevitable. That's how I feel about the Chiefs at this point. I would love for our good friend Kittle to win a Super bowl, but I'm going to emotionally set myself ready for Patrick Mahomes to win it again. And by doing that, I'm just going to bet on him and we should.


Go back and watch that Bucks. Chiefs Super bowl how did they stop?




What's the magic?


The Chiefs offensive line was completely decimated. That's how they stopped them.


It was a home.


I think they didn't have anyone. I think they literally had no offense. That was the end of the big contracts, not on the offensive line. And they basically shifted. And the Chiefs offensive line has been awesome.


They were so good today, especially considering that Thuny had a pec tear. Yeah, like, what the fuck? You're just able to put another guy and substitute for one. I was ready in the league, just not lose any steps whatsoever.


But that buck Super bowl was the Chiefs had no offensive lineman left and I actually weirdly watched been. I guess it's not weird because I like football a lot, but I've been watching back old Super Bowls like the condensed cut on YouTube and I watched that a few days ago and Mahomes had like no time and was running for his life on every play.


They had like no fans in the stands, too, right?


No, they did have fans. They had first responders in the stand pretty full.


So we need another pandemic to stop Mahomes.




The only thing that can stop them is a Covid year.


Well, if they beat the 49 ers in the Super bowl, watch out, world.


Watch out, world.


Yeah. I don't like that.


That's not great. What did you guys think of that pregame kerfuffle?


The what?


The kerfuffle.


The kerfuffle before the game. Justin Tucker, Travis Kelsey. Bullying a poor, helpless kicker.




Is that the message that we want to send to people? Is that, like, that's cool? What? That's what you should do, is pick the weakest, skinniest, best singer on the field and then just treat them like dirt. It was awesome. It was good. I liked it because everything about this was leading to a big game. It was like these two teams don't like each other.


Yeah. There was another one. It was like one raven versus, like, six Chiefs before the game kicked off. I want that. I want the anger to be just boiling over right before kickoff.


I want these two teams to hate each other.




I want them to despise each other.




I want them to try to bring knives on the field. I want it to be like the last Boy scout. I want as much a possibility for violence to happen at any given second.


I got one last question for us before we go to the NFC championship game. Will you trust Lamar next year when they're in the playoffs?


Probably because I'm dumb and I've got the attention span of a goldfish. So if Lamar has another mvp season, I'll probably be like, you know what? The playoffs are a small sample size. You have to look at the ods. The ods are, Lamar is going to.


Be good because I love watching Lamar play football and he's so much fun and he has been so good, but this one hurts. If you're standing on the know, he's up there in terms of passers with all these other guys because it didn't look like Joe Burrow or Patrick Mahomes or Josh Allen has looked at times in these big games.


He can have these types of games, though, as long as he runs with the ball. And he was like a half second, like I said, I know he was a half second late leaving the pocket for almost the entire game.


I know.


So if he has these bad games, it's okay as long as he's still breaking off, like 1520 yard runs left and right. That's fine. That's actually a trade off most people would make to have a guy that throws like a bad boneheaded interception, but at the same time ends up with like 90 yards rushing in a touchdown.


All right. Yeah.


All right. I'm going to trust you can talk.


Yourself back into Lamar Jackson.


Imagine if Dak had thrown that pick.


Yeah, it would have been great.


That would have been incredible.


There were three guys right there.


There were three guys.


Three dudes.


And it was all you needed was you needed a field goal. You had to have a field goal in that situation.




He's like, fuck it, I'm going to throw it into Isaiah. Likely covered by three guys for blame.


I'm giving 70% of the blame to Lamar and then 30% to Todd Monkin.


Yeah, Todd Muncin deserves a lot of blame. He got his lunch ate by spags and by his own doing, his own stupidity. It did just feel like the Ravens thought they were going to win that game and they didn't realize that it was a game until the second half. All right, let's take a quick break and then we'll talk NFC championship game. Okay, quick break. Thanks to our sponsorship with Instacart, if you're hosting for the big game, got a friend who always shows up empty handed? Ask them to download the Instacart app and order your favorite snacks and drinks right to your door in as fast as 30 minutes. It's the absolute least they can do. This is actually genius. Everyone knows the one person, guy or girl, shows up to the big game party. Oh, I forgot to bring something. Well, guess what? Go on your app right now. Maybe get us some chips and queso, some salsa, some seven layer dip for the game. You can get everything on Instacart. So with delivery via Instacart, I can easily order all those things and I can get them in as fast as 30 minutes and without leaving the house.


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To lose a football game. You had CD Deuce waving goodbye to the Niners fans in the first half. First half was all Lions.


The first half looked like the Niners were one of the worst teams in the league.


The play calling was awesome from the Lions. The second half, things started to get tight. There was some fluky stuff that happened, some weird shit going on. Deep pass to Brandon ayuk and it bounced off Kendall Vinder's helmet.


Yeah, that was bad.


And then pre, he said in the post game that before the game, a ladybug landed on his shoe and he knew he was going to have a lucky day. That was pretty fucking lucky. That was Ladybug luck.


That was lucky. That was like the pass in the Seahawks Patriots Super bowl, where it bounced around on the defender, picked it up.


And then who was it? The tight end right on. The Seahawks caught that one. Yeah, we don't talk about that that much because of what happened next.


Right. But it was cursed. Yeah, it was very similar.


It was wild. It looked like the Lions could run the ball at will.


Against the Niners, it was like three yards every time. Not three yards rushing. Three yards. The offensive line would displace the defense.


They were getting shoved every time, shoved around. And we've said that the 49 ers have a hard time playing from behind on defense, which I still think is kind of true. But then some weird shit happened. The second half, they had a great force fumble against Gibbs. So you can't take that away from the Niners defense. They forced that fumble.


Oh, yeah. That wasn't a force fumble.


No, the one they reached in.


Are you talking about the one where he went the wrong way on Gibbs? Handoff was like all disjointed.


They reached in, they grabbed the ball.


Yeah, but it was a disjointed handoff.


It was disjointed, but they still forced a fumble.




And then the fourth down play calls.


We should talk about. That's what everyone's going to want to talk about. By the way, the Detroit Free Press tweeted, final. You know what happened, as sad as it gets. So the fourth down play calls. There were multiple people will focus on the two in the second half. I think you actually have to talk a little bit about the first one in the first half. At the end of the first half, with 10 seconds left, Dan Campbell kicks a field goal. Now it was a chip shot field goal. They were on, like the five yard line. That was a little confusing, though, because Dan Campbell has been the king of aggression, the king of balls to the wall, and that was like, okay, I'm a big believer in, if you want to go aggressive, stay aggressive. If you want to know, punt it and play defense, do that. That's fine. Just don't go wishy washy. That's what killed Brandon Staley. When you start to just second guess and do things differently in situations like Dan Campbell, I thought he was going to be aggressive there. He explained it, that it was just a little bit too far for what they wanted to do.


Fine. The one in the third quarter, they're up 14. They're on the 30 yard line. 28 yard line, I believe. I think it was 28 yard line.


Because I think it would have been a 45 yard field goal.


It would been have a 45 yard field goal, and they went for it. And that's the one that people are very upset.


I don't mind that one. Yeah, I don't mind that at all. Because the play call worked. They probably should have run the ball there. That probably would have been easier to do. But Josh Reynolds, he just dropped the ball, right? It was a play that worked, and at the time it felt like you get that first down and you step on their throats and they're done.




And, yeah, you can send out your kicker to try a 45 yard field goal. He's not the greatest kicker in the world.


They don't trust him.


You're not guaranteed to make three points with that.




I don't mind that play call whatsoever. It was a good play call. It was a good call to go for it. He just dropped.


And we've had this debate a lot, like analytics know, I don't even think this is analytics. I think it's just Dan Campbell is very aggressive, and he's been aggressive all year. The whole reason the Lions are in this spot is because of his aggression. That's how he coaches the team. That's how he's built the team. Like, they just go for your throat. So I agree with you. I don't hate that call because I really think people are just forgetting the fact they do not like or trust their kicker. I think they brought Badgley back, like, a few weeks ago. He's tried two kicks over 40 yards, 77%. I kind of like the fact that, and Dan Campbell knows in the back of his head, our defense isn't the best. We have to keep scoring seven, not three. I agree with you and Josh Reynolds. The ball hit his hands.




Touch it, you can catch it.


People are mad at Dan Campbell because he's always the guy. He's the meme of the giant balls in the wheelbarrow. This time, his balls were so big, his receivers couldn't catch him.




And I think the right call. It was the right play call. It was a bad execution from Josh Reynolds, who. He had some bad drops.


He had that third and ten drop.


That was really bad. The other one.


The other one is the other one. Yeah. They were not a similar situation, because then by the time we got to the other one, it was 27, 24 niners. So the first one happened, it was 24 ten lions. So they were trying to basically be like, if we can go up 21, we'll put this game away. People are going to say, you go up three scores. I get it. You can convince me kind of either way on that one. I like it. Just because that's how Dan Campbell's coach, and he's being consistent about it. The other one was Niners are up three, and you're on fourth. And I think it was fourth and three this time. And it was on the 30, that one. I feel like maybe you should have kicked.




And I don't know what the numbers say if you get into the math. We're not math guys. I don't know, but it feels like it's very important to tie the game right there.




Because what happened is the Niners then went and scored a touchdown and became a ten point game with four minutes left. And it's like, game's over.


Everything fell apart after that iuke touchdown. Everything. They had that one bomb from Jack Fox, I think he punted the ball, like 75 yards in the air, and it bounced straight up at the 1. Guy catches it and steps on the goal line, resulting in a touchback. It felt like all the small stuff was falling apart for the Lions at that point, and the game kind of.


Got out of control for here's. I don't know how these numbers are crunched, but I'll just say them. Ben Solic had it. Expected points loss for Detroit Gibbs fumble minus five and a half. Iuke reception off Vildor's face mask -3.3 Reynolds, fourth down. Drop -3.2 incomplete to St. Brown on fourth and three. -2.6 so the Gibbs fumble and the ihouk reception cost them more than the fourth down. Failed fourth down. Yes. I know that the game can be. We do this thing because we watch, and the easiest thing to do is criticize the coach. And I get it. People are going to be like, dan Campbell's an idiot because there's one other decision I want to get to that was very mind numbing. But the biggest plays of this game were those two, the fumble and the iuke reception. Those were the biggest swings in win probability.


Yeah, but this is going to seem like a big knock against being aggressive on fourth down.




I don't even think the calls were that aggressive on fourth down. You're only calling them aggressive because they didn't work. If they had worked, it would be just another Dan Campbell fourth down play call.


Correct. And Reynolds, if Reynolds catches that, the Lions probably win the game, which he should have. Right.


As somebody who had bet on Josh Reynolds to catch more than one and.


A half balls, right.


I know for a fact that Josh Reynolds should have caught at least two balls that game.


So the fourth down decision bot we're looking at right now, it was a go for it because it added plus two win probability. Now, I honestly don't. People get mad about the numbers and I understand it because you can't play football on a spreadsheet, but there's such.


A thing as a game flow, right, and understanding a situation and who you're playing against.


But that's my whole point, that that's why I didn't hate him going for it on fourth and two the first time because he knows his team and he's been this guy the entire season and this is what got them there. And their defense is not great. You could see that there was going to be some cracks forming in the second half. Go try to go up 21 and put the niners away.




So you can criticize his decision making for sure. But as far as having Dan Campbell as your head coach, do you think the lines would be better off if they did not have Dan Campbell as your head coach?




Like, no chance they're in the NFC championship game. They have not been in the NFC championship game in 30 plus years.




And credit to the Niners, too, because the Niners, they were able to kind of adjust and respond. Brock Purdy played like shit in the first half. Second half, he turned into the ESPN article, what if Michael Vick were white.




That was Brock running everywhere. The last one I wanted to say about Dan Campbell, one thing that did drive me nuts is that timeout that he used at the end of the.


Game and to run the ball on third down and then call a timeout, that's not hindsight either. Like, we're watching that.


We were saying it.


We're like, what the fuck are you doing? Now you have to recover an onside kick, right? Which you can't do. And this is kind of an aside. This has nothing to do with this game. They need to change the onside.


It's impossible.


You used to be able to recover an onside kick once every, what, ten? It was like 1011 percent of the time. Now, no up ever to happen to have a chance at it. They need to change the rule. Because I like the onside kick, but I don't like how it's set up right now.


No, it's impossible. They've made it impossible.


Let them do the ten yard run up.


That was a sick play. Change it like the XFL and be like, you have to convert a fourth and 20.


Yeah, that'd be fine too. I'd like the team to have a chance. Whoever's trailing and mounting a comeback, I'd like for them to be in the game at the end. But now, how once they burned that timeout, it was so bad. It was like, the game's over.


That was so bad.


Tod Bowles would have just packed his shit and gone home.


Yeah, yeah, right. He would have just shook his hand and been like, I'm not even going to use these timeouts. I thought they were going to kick the field goal there. That's why they ran. So they were going to rush out the field goal unit, kick the field goal, go down seven. That was baffling to me. Why they would run and then have to use a timeout. That one you can run on fourth down. It did feel like Dan Campbell as the game progressed, one thing you could criticize him for, and I'll buy this, is it did feel like, and I know this is a gambler myself, he was kind of pushing a little bit where he's like, I'm going to keep pushing. I'm going to keep pushing. Someone said that Dan Campbell would hit on 18 in blackjack. It did feel like he was doing that where he's like, just keep pushing, keep pushing. And that was where I was like, what's going, going in his brain right now?


Yeah, he doubles down every single time, every hand and he doubles his bet on the next hand.




Again, I don't have a problem with going for it on the first 4th down. I don't have a problem going for it on the second, although I probably would have rather kicked that. I just don't feel strongly enough to say, like, you have to kick that. I don't mind it. It was a weird play call. But then also at the end of the half, kicking a field goal, going along with the rest of your strategy for the consistency doesn't make a whole lot of sense.


Like, go for it all three times. Kick the field goal all three times. I kind of like that they were all very similar situations where it's like you have two or three yards to gain, and that was brutal for the lines because it really did feel like everything fell apart in those. I know that they'll say momentum, but momentum had nothing to do with a ball thrown 50 yards, bouncing off a guy's face mask into Brandon Ayuk's hand. Yeah, that wasn't momentum. That was just an insane, crazy play that happened.


That was a ladybug.


So, yeah, the Niners. Brock Purdy was very good in the second half. Christian Caffrey continues to be just insane scores. No matter. I mean, his prices to score are insane, and he just keeps scoring. And, yeah, that first half, I won't get out of my mind, though, with the Niners going into the Super bowl, where it's like they just got run on so hardcore. They were just so out of place in every play, and they did make good adjustments and they did dial up some stuff in the second half that you saw. Jared was a little more rushed, but it was crazy to watch. The Niners like, this is now two games in a row. Like Hank said, they barely won both these games. They get credit for winning them, but it's also, like, that's not sustainable.


They also beat the cousins curse. Until this year, no team that had lost to Kurt Cousins had ever been to a Super bowl.


Oh, wow.


So, yeah, monkey off the back. Kyle Shanahan apparently can come from behind in the fourth quarter. That's another thing that they've gotten off there. But, yeah, Brock Purdy, not good in the first half, second half, different guy. If Brock Purdy was taken with, like, a top ten pick. I'm not even saying, like, number one overall. If he was a first round draft pick, I think we'd be like, purdy is good, showing signs of living up to his draft status.




I don't think that we'd shit on him all the time. There was a very funny moment, though, in the cave when he dropped back and Aaron Foster is watching with us. He does not like Brock Purdy. He watched him drop back and he goes. He reminds me a lot of TJ Yates. And then as the ball leads his hand, he threw a pick. Intercepted. Yeah, like right away. But I think that if he had that pedigree, if he was a first round pick, we'd be like, purdy's good. And I think he's probably on track to be a franchise quarterback.


It is crazy, though. So by the way, they were tied going into the fourth quarter. So Kyle Shanahan doesn't get an extra win on his.


Oh, on the one and 31.


Yeah, on the one in 31, he doesn't get an extra one. They were tied in going in the fourth quarter.


Well, he's one and 31 when not winning, not leading the game.


No, it's one down by five or more going.


Okay, got it.


It is crazy just how much everything swings in these games in terms of Dan Campbell. If they win this game, they go to the Super bowl. Even if they lose the Super bowl, they're the last franchise that's played every year has not been to the, like, he's statue. Even if they lose, he's probably a statue. And if they win that game, if the Niners lose, that, like, is Kirk Cousins the quarterback next year?


He still might be.


He still might be. But it's just nuts how much the swing is with how you feel about these teams and their future. He still might be. You might be right.




So let's talk about this matchup compared to the 2020 matchup because I think I've seen a lot of people saying, like, we're going to do this thing again. The Niners are a much different team. They don't have Jimmy Garoppolo. They've got Brock Purdy, who I think we can all agree is an upgrade right over Jimmy G. Would you rather right now have Jimmy G starting well.


Jimmy G is older and, like, hurt every year.


Yeah, I'd take Purdy.


I think they're very similar.


I would take Purdy. They did not have Christian McCaffrey right in 2020.


So that's where I think big difference. Put Jimmy on this team from 2020. I think it'd be very similar, but.


Yeah, it's a big difference. Yeah, but I'm just saying, like, this 49 ers is better offensively.


Yeah, no, they have a ton more like Brandon Ayuka has. Come on.




Christian McCaffrey makes all the worlds different.


Debo is still Debo.


Yeah, Debo is still Debo. It also a fun stat, this. Hold on, let me find the tweet. Here we go. Brock Purdy would be the second 7th round draft pick in the last 25 years to be a Super bowl starter at QB. The other guy, this guy, Tom Brady. Crazy.


Whoa, there was another stat. I forget who.


Wait, you guys didn't get it? Tom Brady was actually a 6th round.


Draft pick and Brock Bell deleted this. Wait, read the tweet again.


Brock Purdy would be the second 7th round draft pick in the last 25 years to be a Super bowl starter at QB. The other guy, this guy. Tom Brady. It was Tom Brady as a little kid in the San Francisco 49 ers jersey. He had this loaded for a very long time.


Yeah, that's wild. He was picked 199th overall, right?




He deleted that.




We're on your ass.


I'm very excited for the Super Bowl. I really am.


I am too. I think it's a Super Bowl.


Super bowl. How could you not be excited also, I mean, it really makes you go back and think like if the Niners had had Brock Purdy last year in the NFC championship game, how much different would this be? A rematch?


Well, I actually have a funny tweet about that. This game really makes you wonder how much more the Eagles would have won by last year if Purdy never got hurt. That was from Philly Maze.


Oh, when was that?


That was around 730. So it's probably halftime. Quarter.


Maybe at halftime.






It made you wonder after wondering on it for a little bit, what did you come up with?


Eagles still win that game for sure.




Yeah. Oh, also all the listeners out there, Max has agreed to try to get Taylor Swift on the podcast for Super bowl week.


I have sources that say that she's not going to be in Vegas when we're in Vegas.


We could.


If you want, you can book it.


We'll go.


I would go to Japan for that. You know what we usually just do in person interviews? I'll do zoom.


Yeah, I'll do zoom too.


I'll zoom with Taylor.


I'll do zoom. Or if she wants us in her box, we will go inside of her. Right? All right, perfect.


You have a connection with Jason. He'll be in the box.


Do we have a connection with he? Maybe.


We're both podcasts.


We would.


For him, we would be friends.


Yeah, we would.


You actually would be friends.


Hung out with him once.


No, if I hung out with him we for sure. So I guess that is a connection.


Yeah, I think he'd probably listen to that if that was your pitch. Like, hey, Jason, you don't know me, but we would be, like best friends.


Look at me. Look at you.


He'd probably be.


Yeah, you're.


This guy's probably right.


I would just read the chase Hutley to him.


Jason, like, if, you know, a couple inches taller and maybe a little bit have. I could have been your life? Probably.


What do you think the ods are that we get Taylor on the podcast?


0.0. Sorry, I burped 1%.


So it's not zero. So you're saying there's a chance?


No, because there could be, like, if everybody warfare and everyone dies and it's just us, and we're like, you want to do our pod?




No one's coming to your show, right?


No one's buying any tickets.


Travis could put in a word. He's been on.


Jake, I don't think you understand how any of this works. You think Travis is going to tell her to.


No, but that's the.


.1 yeah, no, I actually don't think that's the. .1 like I said, the zero one is like nuclear warfare. Everyone dies except us. And we're like, hey, we have to send out help to the aliens. Want to record a message with us, and we'll call it a podcast.


And then she'd probably be like, have the aliens on.


I think I'd rather die.


The 0.1% is the exact same percentage of the likelihood that Travis has not heard any of the clips from us talking about Taylor Swift.


True. I do like Jake that you think that if we've had someone on, they're like our boys forever. Yeah, I would say that's the goal.


Friend of the show.


Yeah, it is.


I'd say it doesn't work for a lot of the guests. Maybe Travis. I don't think Travis. If we saw Travis on the street, I don't think he would.


Didn't he make fun of.


No, no, that was Billy.


Yeah, he made fun of Billy.


Would he stop? I do not think so.


I don't think he'd say. He's probably on his way to a commercial.




My problem is with Travis, Kelsey, that every time, now that I see him on tv, I think I'm in a commercial. Like, he could be on the sidelines, and I'll cut to him. I'll be like, is this an old spice commercial where they're dressed up as the chiefs? Yeah, he's all over the place.


He's really good, by the way.


Good for him. Making the money, but still as a viewer, he's now part of the commercials.


Yeah. This will be a big time. Like, who's got the best tight end bowl? Because we're. We're partial to Kittle. Did you see George Kittle his block on Aiden Hutchinson? That was football porn. Did you see?


I did, yeah, it was. You could tell he's laughing, too.


He fucking bodied him. And I know Kelsey's a better, like, has the accolades and is a better catcher. Maybe Kittle has to block a lot so he doesn't get as many chances. There's a lot of weapons that you got to feed. Kiddle can mean he could play offensive line. He's fucking nasty.




I love him so much.


I can't wait for the mic duck to come out from this. Like the NFL Films recap. Watch inside the NFL. I guarantee you he was laughing after that block.


And we'll get kittle on the show Super bowl week. So I'm excited for him to get back to the Super bowl. People were playing that clip where he know, sitting there being like, I'll be back here. I'll be back here. So I'm happy he's back to. He's got to win this one, but I'm happy he's back there. All right, anything else, Lions fans? I feel really bad, Detroit. Donna, he did reach out to me. He said he's pretty sad, pretty down, but there's a lot of things to be looking forward to with this young Lions team. I told him that in perpetuity. If the Lions go to the can't, the one caveat is they can't beat the commanders or the Bears on the road to the Super bowl.




Because I don't want to buy tickets for that. But if they go to the Super bowl without that happening, I will buy them two tickets to the Super bowl.


But imagine a commanders Lions NFC championship game, and the stakes are either I get to go to a Super bowl or the Lions go and I have to buy them.


Okay, so maybe we'll keep it in.


Yeah. How much more exciting would that be?


You're right. You're right.


Got to chase that high.


That was tough, though, for the Lions.


I feel bad. I do think that the Lions, at least from what I've seen in the post game, they have a pretty good attitude about it, which they're not saying it sucks, but look at all we accomplished. Like, Panay Sewell was like, yeah, this doesn't mean shit that we lost. Not, this isn't what we set out to. We're now we're like every other team that lost this postseason.


Yeah, Dan Campbell had some awesome quotes. He's like, it's going to be twice as hard next year. But that's why we do it. This is what sports are. They crush you. Oh, yeah. That's what you feel now.


I'm looking forward to the discourse of what do you do with Jared Goff? How much do you pay Jared?


I'm not looking forward to that.


You're going to have to pay him. You're going to have to pay Jared and he deserves every penny.


Yeah, well, Ben Johnson is going to be your coach. Ben Johnson.


So watching this game as a commanders fan, it was great for me because Ben Johnson is fucking awesome. I love his play calling. The offense is just next level. They're a step ahead. And then on the niner side of the ball, adam Peters, our new GM, helped put that team together.




So I'm feeling if we can just merge these two teams together with play calling and talent, then that's what I want.


I was going to say I want to get the talent part is definitely important because Ben Johnson is incredible, but he will not have the Detroit Lions offensive line.


He won't have that. And Jared had a good quote where he said, what I love about Ben Johnson is that he does what we do best and he optimizes that. And then as a commanders fan, I'm like, well, we don't really do anything that good.


I'm not sure he's just going to.


Get in training camp and be like, shit, yeah, just punt, I guess.


Way all tress spinning all trace way all the time.


We have a running back that bounces back extremely quickly from being shot.


So maybe that.


Shoot him again and then punt the ball.


Yeah, I like that. Okay, we'll do a little Super bowl talk. Let's take another break quick for some ads, and then we'll also do who's.


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Ooh, I like that.


How good would that be?


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Okay, so Super bowl real quick. Chiefs opened as two and a half point underdogs. It's now one point underdog. So it has moved significantly early money on the Chiefs. I've already bet the Chiefs plus 114 before it moved. I said I was going to do it. I could get burned. But I'm sick of Patrick Mahomes burning. And this is the rare bet where it's like if the Chiefs lose and I lose this money, I'll be so happy for Kittle and he'll probably maybe give me the money.


I would be very happy for Kittle, for shanahan, for Trent Williams to win a Super Bowl.






Christian Chase Young played so bad today. I don't know if you saw any of those clips.


Yeah, no, he's dogging it.


But yeah, I would be very happy to see those guys win a Super Bowl. I think I might go with Niners. I haven't decided yet. I did put a future on Christian McCaffrey winning the Super Bowl MVP. I would assume that would mean that the Niners would win that game.


They would have to win.


The only thing that I know for sure is I'm going to bet no doinks again. I'm going to chase the no to. I have to get that money back.


Yeah, you have to. I'm going to do the unstoppable force versus the immovable object game of the year versus Patrick Mahomes or the game of the year on Patrick Mahomes. Which one is more powerful?




My jinxing ability. You could be terrible. Like my awful, awful gambling record. One of the worst gamblers of all time.


If you game of the year and the Chiefs lose, it is going to be on site for you in Kansas City.


Yeah, that will be fair. Chiefs fans can absolutely say I'm not allowed in Kansas City, although I am believing in your guy.


Where's chiefsaholic going to watch the game?




Jail. Still in jail.


Probably jail free. Chiefs aholic still jail.


I think it was mvs tweeted a tribute today.


Did he really?




Let me double check.


That was probably a difference in the game.


I've also taken the Chiefs.


Okay, so Max.


Max is a loser.


Max is a loser. Yeah.


This Niners thing is yukon written all over it.


He tweeted, oh, you're just going to bet against them every single. Oh, they didn't cover against the packers?


No, I actually haven't bet on the Niners or against them because I thought that they were going to kill.


Have you thought about how pathetic it is what you're doing?


Yeah. Okay.


Yeah, I just want to make sure because if you had won the Super bowl last year, I would understand everything you're doing, but you lost.


But it's Niners fans that are just annoying.


Let's talk about this because if you have the 49 ers that are definitely better. That motherfucking graphic. Yeah, get off screen. It's the Washington coach's graphic. I hate it. If you take this year's Niners and you just put Brock Purdy back in that game from last year, they probably beat the Eagles, right? Right. How many points did the Eagles lose by to the Chiefs last year in the Super bowl?




Three points. You think Brock Purdy is worth three?


I versus a non quarterback?


But we're going to find out.


Yeah, I guess we'll find out exactly how many points Brock Purdy is worth.


Again, if you had won the Super Bowl, I would totally understand what you were doing. But you didn't.


But it's not justifying it to myself. It's the Niners fans.


You just want to make sure that the sanctity of the championship banner that you rose, you put up.


I just don't want to hear it from Niners fans anymore.


Got it. Well, they kind of already proved their point.


Well, if they get smoked by the Chiefs, then they don't.


Well, no, because they would have just gotten smoked by the Chiefs last year.


But the Eagles did not get smoked by the.


Okay, so. But they would have still been to the Super bowl.


No, their point has already been, your math doesn't work out.


No, they would have beaten the Eagles. They were good enough to win the NFC last year. They won the NFC this year. Who knows what happens in the show.




Because they had Brock Purdy healthy. This year they won the NFC. But last year they didn't win the NFC.


But that wasn't against the Eagles.


I'm just saying both teams accomplished, but.


Both teams will play the, the Niner if the Niners get blown out by the Chiefs.


So you are just trying to keep the sanctity of an.


I'm just, I just don't want Niners fans talking about how they would have won that NFC championship.


You don't want Niners fans getting so up and.


No, they can't.


That they tell you that they would have gone to the Super bowl and lost the Chiefs.


Correct. But they can because they.




You're upholding the sanctity championship.


He's upholding the sanctity of his second place.


Yeah. Right. It's pathetic.


Only for Niners fans.


Got it. It's pathetic.


Not for my own enjoyment.


I will say this, though. Max is the best at being second place, so I understand that.




I don't want to be second place.


I don't want to be second place.


How awesome would have been, though, if it was the lions and the Chiefs and you got Eminem against Taylor Swift.


That Eminem picture was so cool.


Double birds.


Double birds to all the niners.


It would have been great. What if they came like in their pregame hype up video? It was Eminem doing the eight mile battle rap, but he was just rapping about Taylor Swift the entire time.


It was actually Vivek doing it.


That would have been insane.


Yeah, just doing it. All right. Okay, I have a row back question real quick. Rho, back promo code take. Use that right now. 20% off your first purchase. QZ polos, hoodies, joggers shorts. promo code take 20% off. Henry. Yes. Is Bill Belichick going to be unemployed?


No, I think he'll have a job with Fox.




I heard a rumor today that Fox is going to throw the bag at Belichick. Brady Gronk.


That would be awesome if Belichick was sideline reporter for.


Edelman involved in the.


Studio four man booth. So the story broke right after we had to record early on Thursday because we were doing rough and rowdy Raheem Morris got hired by the Falcons. That looked like the Bill Belichick destination. It looks like it's going to be Ben Johnson to the commanders and I believe. Is Mike McDonald going to get the job in Seattle?


I don't want to jinx anything. I would like Ben Johnson for the. This is what I'll say. And then, yeah, they're saying that probably McDonald.




Either that or maybe Dan Quinn.


Still. I don't know.


Mike McDonald did a good enough job today that he should still get. Not that you should judge it on one game, but if you were thinking about hiring Todd Monk and don't. Yeah, that's crazy, though, that Bill Belichick is going to be unemployed.




Insane. I guess it's just because of his age.


I think it's probably want to do.


This all again in four or five years.


Control is probably. My guess is that no team wants to give up control for the. It's a control age combo where it's like, we would like Bill Belichick to coach. We don't know if we want to give Bill Belichick the entire franchise if he's not going to coach for the next ten years.


It's like an older person just wrecks their Range Rover.




And then they're like, hey, I'd really like to get the grand wagoneer instead. And you're like, wait a second. What happened to your last car?


We're going to take your license away.


Yeah, maybe you go take the test. Should be a. I would take Bill Belichick as a defensive coordinator right now, no questions asked.




It is crazy, though. It's like a very big passing of the torch if Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick can't get jobs.




Is Mike Rabel just going to sit out a year?


I might be a defensive coordinator somewhere. I don't know.


I'd like Mike Rabel to sit out a year and wait and then you can coach Caleb Williams in a year? That'd be nice.




Love that.


It would be weird, though, especially because Belichick did take the interview and then for him to take an interview and not get a job. Who else? It was the Falcons and who.


No, two interviews with the Falcons.


Yeah, two interviews with Falcons. It'd be weird if he did those interviews with a team and then they passed him up, which is what happened. I feel like. I don't know, maybe he didn't want it.


I don't know.


He probably said, this is what I need. And they were like, yeah, I don't give you all that.




Or maybe he asked for something to be changed in their front office and they said, no, I'm not going to do that. There's another theory that was posted in our group chat. I don't know if you guys remember this, but the notion was that the Eagles would sign Kellen Moore to be their offensive coordinator and they would get Vic Fangio as their defensive coordinator. Those two things have happened since we've gotten this text message. And then surprise, surprise, Belichick would swoop in and coach the.


Ooh, so you think that would be Hank's nightmare, Max's wet Dream. He's so happy.




For the sake of the show, I.


Hope that Vic Vanjo is a great hire, by the way.






Vic Vanjo is great. I'm optimistic about Kellen Moore, but Vic van Joe is a slam dunk.






He was.


He was pretty good for a long time. And then he went to the Chargers, right?




I'm going to chalk that up to the Chargers. It's the Chargers.


Yeah, he got Chargers.


He came down with like a minor case of Chargers. But you can bounce back from that. You don't have full blown falcons. You have like a small case of the Chargers.




And he's an experienced play caller, which is what we needed, and that's what we got.




And then any other Dave Canales, which we actually caught on Thursday's show with Peter Schrager, he gave us the Dave Canales shout out. Schrager, he, five years in a row got the Super bowl.




People are like, oh, well, they were the ods on favorite. Fuck that. It's hard to pick the Super bowl.




The two teams.


It's hard to pick the Super bowl if you do it. If everyone could do it, they would.


And he had Chiefs over Niners.




He had Chiefs over Niners.




The Chiefs winning.


Not even the logo could pick the Super bowl.




This year?


No, it's going to be an all red game. Oh, you want too much red?


You want a color stat from Jcuda, who? I've shouted him out a bunch, but everyone should be following him at JC U-D-A every time the 49 ers have won the NFC championship game versus a team that has a shade of blue in their logo, they've gone on to win the Super bowl. And anytime they've beaten a non blue team in the NFC championship game, they've gone on to lose the Super bowl.




So think about that. I'm thinking cowboys, bears, bears, rams, Cowboys. All those years they won the Super bowl and then Falcons in 2013 and packers in 2020. They lost those Super Bowls. Just some things to think about when you're handicapping the game.


What would you say in 2020?


Falcons and Packers.




Yeah, Falcons and Packers. Just something to think about.


Shrieger, by the way, he has 34 28 Chiefs. Trent McDuffie picked six in the fourth quarter.


That's not going to be. I would be shocked if it's that high scoring. I think the Chiefs defense is good enough to keep. I mean, that's just how they play. They strangle you to death. I would be shocked if it was that.


What's the over under?


47 and a half? That'd be slamming, too. Yeah, that'd be a fun game.


I do like the over, though.


Yeah, that'd be a fun game. Okay, should we do who's back of the week? Who's back of the week? Hank?


Who's back of the week is college basketball.




Football is winding down. Time to get another sports. Ed Cooley came back to Providence.




Which is probably the best things in sports are rivalry games, big games, and then also when a fan base just hates someone that's coming back to their home court. And the Providence fans were as crazy as I've ever seen any college hoops fan base for anything.


It was awesome. It was awesome. The signs that sign that just said Cooley as it cheats on his wife, and then nothing for Ooley or nothing for the second o. They were just screaming at him.


Cooley brought his wife and kids to the game, and the fans were chanting like, where's your mistress? It was a wild move to bring your wife and kids.


I bet she probably insisted on it.




Because if it was up to him, he'd be like, no, please stay at home.


It was a great atmosphere, though. And they were like, I think at the dunk, they just served beer to everyone, which I'm still getting used to that, like in college sports, because for the longest time you couldn't. That crowd was ruckus.


Ruckus, that mascot for Providence is a whole lot scarier when it's cheering against you.




When it's on your side, you're like, okay, at least we got this creep going for us once again. That's menacing as fuck.




And then Butler had one of the all time comebacks.




That was incredible.


That was a great game. Ed Hinkel, two overtimes.


I will say, since we're talking college basketball, did you have something to say?


No, I'm just happy we're talking about like, eleven and seven college basketball games in fucking January.


Well, that was the biggest storyline.


That's huge.


It was an incredible. George down and who's back of the week?


Talking about? Butler.




That's a great comeback.


It was great comeback.


Double overtime program.


Big time program. Jake, that's fact.


Won two championships in the last seven years.


Hard to do. You'll be happy to learn this, Hank, because you love to. Just relish in my sadness. I am all in on the Badgers. They're good. They're going to be top ten probably on Monday. They're really good. And I'm believing. I'm believing in a miracle march run. I can see even in your eyes right now, you're like, yes. The pain and the suffering.


You just think about downloads.


It's going to be.




But I'm usually pretty honest about where my heart in terms of do I fully believe? Because I can usually emotionally keep myself safe. I'm going to be unsafe in March. If they keep playing the way they're playing, I'm going to be emotionally unsafe.


Yeah, I feel like.


That sounds like a sweet 16.


Yeah. What if they play Arizona?


What do you mean, what if they play Arizona?


I mean Arizona beat the fuck out of.


Oh, I'm sorry, Max. What's the last two times that Wisconsin played Arizona? In the fucking tournament, you idiot. Learn college basketball. We whooped them twice in the Elite Eight to go to the final four.


Two completely different teams.


Okay, but that's. Every Arizona fan heard you say that. And like, max is the dumbest person ever. He doesn't know ball. Every Arizona fan is scared of Wisconsin.


That's a just. That's the only Wisconsin game I've watched this year. I bet on Wisconsin. Okay, but there were two different teams.


But you picked the one team that was dumb to pick. But those are, I'm telling you, every.


Fucking Arizona player that is on those.


I'll do a poll tomorrow. Arizona fans, like, no, I do not want to play Wisconsin.


There's not even the same coaches.


It doesn't matter. Greg Gard was an assistant coach. Okay. Yeah, it doesn't matter. That was a dumb thing to pick.


All I'm saying is that.


But you sounded dumb. You sound like you didn't. No, you sound. No, you sound. No, we'll do a poll tomorrow. Who sounded dumb for Wisconsin fans? No, it's Arizona fans. What if Wisconsin.


Yeah, I would love that. All right, Arizona fans. Although Arizona is coming off a bad week. Arizona is coming off a bad week.


I think you should do two separate polls. One is Arizona fans, how would you feel about this? And the other, Wisconsin fans, how would.


You feel about this? You're so off. I can't wait.


I think neither team wants to play each other.


I mean, they're a better team right now, but again, they were a better team when Wisconsin played them in 2014 and 15.


I think both fan bases are scared.




They have more NBA players and all that shit. I'm not scared. I'm scared to get my heart broken again, because that's going to happen.


All right.


PFD year, who's back?


My who's back was going to be Belichick because it turns out he's behind the scenes also still talking about other franchises. So I think this was on an athletic podcast. He said that apparently Bill's been telling coaches that are thinking about going to the Giants, like, don't go there. I don't like the way the organization is run now. So he's influencing other coaches behind the scenes, pulling the strings. But since we already talked about Bill, I'll just say my who's back is LeBron.






Big win. Big win. The other day, Anthony Davis, every time he falls to the ground, I think that he's.




I think that we just witnessed a death on the court in basketball, and then he just comes back, like two minutes later, he's fine.


We're going to do our big NBA preview as soon as football ends. I watched that game. It was an awesome regular season. It had everything. LeBron, big moments. Steph, that crossover he had on ad to take it into overtime, like hitting big shots. Clay hit a big shot. That was fun.


He hits shots from the corner, and I have no idea how. The shot doesn't get blocked.




And it doesn't touch the rim. It just goes straight and it's was.


That was a very fun game.


Draymond Green's killing people again.


Draymond was laughing when Anthony Davis went down.


Yeah, that was funny. All right, so that's actually similar to my who's back because I watched that game, and it was so incredible. My other who's back is load management because we were robbed of Joel Embiid playing in Denver against Yokich.


To be the man, you got to beat the man, right?


15 minutes before the game, he's like, no, I don't want to play. I want to duck nuggets again.


Well, he's probably like, Philly fans ran me out of town last year in the playoffs.


Yeah, B ball Paul.


He's ducking them, though.


B ball Paul outplayed B ball Paul.


But do you agree that in be one ducking Yokich?


No, I don't give a fuck. You can't be like, oh, regular season doesn't matter. Regular season doesn't matter. Regular season doesn't matter. And then he doesn't play a regular season game and go, oh, what the heck? Regular season matters.


Why is he playing games regular season?


It would be nice if he's rivalry. No, but that's just like, it'd be nice if he played.


Everyone just likes to pick a narrative for when they want that narrative.


Well, it was rivalry week. I think that beat the fuck out of narratives.


I think that the kids that paid good money to go see that game and were deprived of having Joel bead, maybe their favorite player, playing. I think that's disgusting.


I want bead to be healthy in the playoffs, what everybody says.


Okay, but he did duck him.




I don't care. You tweeted a lot about it for someone who doesn't care.


Well, that's because you just kept sending things to me.


No, I mean, he ducked him.


Don't care.


Oh, he played him last week. Guess the last time that embit has played in Denver.


Oh, I don't know.




Oh, wow.


He likes to play Yokich at home, and then, weirdly, when they get to Denver, his knee hurts and he doesn't want to play.


Ryan Howard has played more games in Denver since, like, 20. Since forever.


That's that rock. Hank, great job. You really nailed that one out of the park.


Also worth mentioning, MB did not have the highest individual point total in the NBA this week.


Oh, yeah.


Luca scored 73.




So there are too many high school.


Talk to Rosillo about this, and I know JJ Reddick has gone on about it, how the offense is really just the offense, so great. You can't tell me that the rule changes that they've made have not forced this to just be an insane. Every game is in the 240s. Total wise guys are scoring 70. You can't hold or grab anyone. You can't touch them. It's stupid. I think they've gone too far.


You should be able to touch people.


You should be able to touch people.


You think 100 is going to be.


Broken probably with no rules.


I don't think so.


These rules are insane, though. It's trending in that you literally can't, like big week. You can't touch a guy around the perimeter.


But Jake, it's such a big difference between 73 points and 100 points.


If someone really wanted to try to do it and the whole team was like, let's do this. I actually think it could happen if.


The warriors did the ring theory that you saw on Reddit, which is just every other player ring around Steph Curry and they let him dribble the ball up, forming a screen. Steph Curry could probably do it.




But Luca. Yeah, he's insane, too. I think Jordan is back.


Jordan Poole could do it. He might have to shoot the ball 600 times.


Pool could do it. If he had like ten overtimes.




Played every single minute. Okay. Jake finishes off the week.


My who's back is talking tennis.


Oh, yeah.


We had the Australian Open. Sinner and Sabalenka are your champions. Big upset over Djokovic. Which big hat. You said don't count because of the time.


And it also wasn't that big of an upset. It was like plus 180 for him. Losing. That's not that big of an upset. Wasn't joker.


He was like minus money at.


And the people were yelling at him. They were yelling him vaccine things. It was a hostile place.


Well, he's banned from the tournament a few years ago.




Supported, right?




So he didn't have practice on that court. Yeah, it's hard.


So Sabalanka, she got her revenge on Coco. Golf. Remember that big semi final or championship match at open?




Jimmy Butler. The Biebers were in Coco's box when she won it. And she got her revenge in Australia this week.




So first major in the books.


Who's the guy? Sinner.


Yeah, sinner.


I like that.




Yeah, I like that. Yeah, he is. Of course he is. What's his deal?


He's just one of the up and comers.


Just an italian center.




Just trying to break up the big three.


You guys want that stat that I alluded to earlier?




I'm going to do a blind QB poll.




All right. So the good news is these teams, this is against the exact same defense in the exact same situations. QB won, 26 for 39, 258 yards, three touchdowns, zero turnovers, 24 points scored, and his defense got two stops the entire game. QB 220 for 37, 326 yards, one td, two turnovers, ten points scored, and his defense got seven stops.


Okay, I'm going to take QB one.


That would be Josh Allen versus Lamar Jackson, but Josh Allen gets a lot of the blame. Yeah, I saved that for the end of the show so people can't get upset at me.


Well, Lamar is going to deal with his fair share.


He is. But there was a lot of, like, Lamar's better than whatever. I don't want to do the whole thing, but I think Josh Allen's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He just keeps running into Patrick Mall.


It just sucks that he's in the AFC. Yeah, I'm actually glad.


If he was in the NFC, he probably would have been to at least two Super Bowls.


Yeah, the AFC needs all the good. Please.


Yeah, please. That was a stat. It was the end of the show, so people can't get mad. All right, anything else? Anything else? That was fun. That was a fun championship Sunday.


We got to do narrative Wednesday.


Narrative Wednesday. Also, bonk list this week. Yeah, sure. I want to add myself to the bonk list real quick. If you can do a late submission because I was one of the 29,000 bookmarks on the Sydney Sweeney hot ones.




29,000 bookmarks on that tweet and everyone's like, look at all the bookmarks. Like, fuck it, I'm going to bookmark it.


Do you ever actually go and look at your bookmarks?


Every now and then I'll look at a couple. Never done. What do I have? Let's do a quick bookmark.


Sometimes I'll have tweets that get like a shitload of bookmarks. I have no idea why.


Oh, this one sucks. I bookmarked someone.


Look at bookmarks.


I bookmarked someone at 02:14 p.m., today, which must have been like five minutes into the AFC championship game. Someone said, imagine fading mahomes. I was hoping that I was going to come back to that bookmark that didn't work. What else you got? Oh, I have some personal vendetta bookmarks that I can't talk about, but I have them. What do you guys have? I bookmarked the guy who got stuck in the vase. That was awesome.


I don't know how I get there some fun nuggets?




I have so many. Oh, I bookmarked this guy. He's got me real good. He said, great coffee, man. Are you excited to get dominated for another 15 years? So I was like. I almost retweeted it because it was still blue coffee, but then it was on top of a Jordan love jersey. So I'm going to hopefully come back to that. Yeah. You guys have anything bookmarked?


I don't know how to find them.


Yeah, I have some good bookmarks.




Here we go.


Bookmarks. I got none.


I got some stuff that I was planning on reading and just never read.


I got none.


I have some bearstat bookmarks that I tried to use to my benefit also, Hank, you might have been right. That I was flip flopping.


Thank you.


You might have been right. Okay. You might have been right. Yeah, pretty much. They're all grudge bookmarks. And then Sydney Sweeney. Oh, my God. All right, ready? 40.


PK. You didn't say the number.


I'm going to do 40. Nice.




Hank, sorry you have to go last. Got it. I'll go 15.


Okay, good pick.


399. Pug Shane, 21. Is everyone picked?


Yes. All right.


Hank, 17.


Really suck at 1740. Oh, 47. I got nervous there for a second. 47.


Love you guys.


I don't know what today to find you shine away I'm coming for your love of dream shine away coming for your love of dream come take on me take away take only it to be safe and tell me say after me I so better to be safe and tell me take on drink on the chain drink on me today my you all think I've come to shine away all we could wedding light shine all we could take only take on the jump on me all take on me I take only take on me only take on me take.