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And today's pardon my take, we have Paul Bissonnette, one of our good friend and cichlids fame, awesome interview in person interview. Always great, always different energy when we get someone in person live in the flesh.


We went all it was great talking with them.


But also we got in the mind of his career and having to fight a bunch of guys. Very funny interview. Get excited for that. We have Dak Prescott getting paid. We have hotsy cool thrown. We have guys on ChiX. It is Wednesday and we brought to you by our friends at three CHY three. Chey is industry leader in Delta THC products.


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Right. The present violence, I'm not looking and I'm going to hear that, and I don't want to be like you. It's part of my team presented by barstool sports.


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Today is Wednesday, March 10th, and Dak Prescott got paid Piddock big time paid good for him. Monster paid very good for him and it's actually like maybe the best contract that's ever been signed for him or for the Cowboys or for a player.


Right. It is front loaded. He's getting like sixty million dollars this year. Sixty six million dollars the minute he signs. Seventy five million this year. Ninety five million guaranteed against industry injury. And then like one hundred and twenty six that's guaranteed. Otherwise they'd basically have to cut him to not. So it's like one hundred and twenty six out of the 160 million is guaranteed and it's four years.


What do you think happens when you sign that, when you sign your contract and you do. Sixty six million dollars. How, how long after you sign on the dotted line are you allowed to be like, where's my money. Yeah. How does that direct deposit hit immediately?


Do they give you a check? I think it does. I think it hits immediately and then you just have the money. What if you sign it and then you have to wait like a week and a half for payday?


No, I think it comes right away. That's a good answer. I think I think you press a button and it's just like Jerry Jones has a button on his desk, direct deposit.


It just it's like the Mr. Burns thing where it opens up the floor, except you fall into the Scrooge McDuck vault, just gold coins.


What do you even buy right away? If I'm d'arc probably a mouthpiece. Probably a personality. Yeah, probably bodyguard. And go to Panama City Beach, try to try to make up for some right. Some wrong. Yeah, exactly. But it's good for him.


He bet on himself. I always root for any guy who bets on him. So wait what was the personality thing.


His color's great really.


Now he's one of our best interviews. We are we have talked about doing a worst of the first worst of of all time on a podcast. I think we should do it this year. I listened. I think Dak Prescott is a nice guy. There are certain people who come on the podcast who are it's clearly a PR hit and they're just here to to, you know, pitch their product Aaron. Donald, you know, like and then move on.


Well, he sat down and we were like I think one of the first questions you asked him was, what's the deal with your name? You know that you have porn stars name. Yeah. And he was like, I'm actually just here to talk about yogurt.


Yeah, well, and we also had some history. That deck, to his credit, had no idea about when we were supposed to interview him at the Super Bowl in Minnesota.


That's when I stood up and we spent like an hour trying to get into this building and then he stood up.


But either way, hell hath no fury like a podcast or because I'm happy for Dak Prescott. He's a great player. He bet on himself. He deserves the money. It's awesome for him. I don't understand. Like, so there is obviously an argument to be made, like if you don't think you have the guy paying him, a lot of money will screw you up. But the Cowboys are they don't win anyway. And they also if you want to point to one thing they screwed up.


It's probably Zeke Elliott's contract, right? Yeah. Like Dak Prescott. That's the going rate for quarterbacks right now. You want to have the argument, where does he rank in the top ten or top fifteen? That's fine. But that's the going rate for a quarterback that is above average. And that's Dak Prescott. Yeah, I think at the time with Ezekiel Elliott, Dak was I don't remember exactly where Dak was in his contract, but it felt like the jury was still out.


You didn't know how good Dak was going to be. So I can kind of I can argue this both ways. So I guess that's what I'm going to do. The first opinion.


Let's pick sides. Well, well, see, here's the thing. I can see it both ways.


And the way that I see that it's good is depending on how I'm currently defining the MVP award. So that best suits my current argument.


You could make the argument that Dak is an MVP guy because you saw what happened when he went out last year. And I am his team. The team just stunk like a.. Don is probably an average backup. So he that goes out and he comes in, the team just goes to absolute shit.


So the take I wonder, I'm sure this has been made. But as far as Chris Broussard says, the first that I know of I'm making this team is that the first injury that actually got him paid because that injury what you're right, like Andy Dalton, the Cowboys are not the same. They have a ton of weapons around them. They drafted KD. They have Amari Cooper, they have Zeke Elliott, they couldn't do anything and you'd have to think like did they did they watch that and say, wow, Dak Prescott is probably better than we thought?


Yeah, I think in a way to get him paid.


The only other guy I can think of is Drew Brees, maybe. Yeah. When when his shoulder got hurt and then he became a free agent and he kind of had his pick of the litter. Granted, he wasn't making as much money as probably would have, but like becoming a free agent turned out to be a good thing for Drew Brees at the time. But with Dak, it's like, yeah, maybe that's the blueprint. Like break your leg early in the season when you're about to become a free agent.


And then that way you you limit your risk of having a catastrophic injury later on.


Well, we also I think there's a thing that happens in the collective conscious of like injuries where when a guy gets injured, you're like, oh my God, this could be it for him. Like, you know, when you franchise tag a guy, it sucks because he could be injured and that could be it. Injuries aren't like that.


If Alex Smith can come back from his leg almost falling off like the injuries aren't the same as they were 30 years ago. Like it's not who is it, Mickey Mantle who stepped on a sprinkler. Yeah, and that was it. That doesn't happen anymore.


You know what you don't hear anymore? You never hear a guy being like, I blew my knee out. Right. Like your dad your dad's friends be like, yeah, I was pretty good. Then I blew my knee out. That was all right through my my arm out. And then that's as far as medical science went at that point. It's like, OK, his leg doesn't exist anymore with Dak. It became very clear last year. And I'm always going to be a little bit of a hater on Dak just because he's a division guy.


Yep. And I don't want to see him succeed as much as some other people do. But I think if we're doing quarterback tiers, which you have to do, OK, tune in Billy's bracket of draftable cause you're actually going to do it. Yeah, we had a little discussion about that tonight. But if we're doing Teres, I would say that Dak is a he's a great, very good quarterback. So he's like the best. Very good, you know, give me the tier.


No, he's the best. Very good quarterback. But give me the give me the I. That is how I usually rank I rank socks and good. Right. And so I, I actually think he's the worst good quarterback. Oh.


I actually think that he's an average good quarterback. Yeah. I put him a little bit high. I would put him out like number seven. No. OK, yeah.


That's right around where my cutoff is though. OK, I remember the Matt Stafford line was always my good Sukie.


So yeah I think he's, he's a great, very good quarterback. And this is the going rate for a free agent. Great. Very good quarterback.


And next up is well Aaron Rodgers wants a recommitment from the Green Bay Packers, Josh Allen, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. We are going to get paid a ton of money. We when we first had Josh Allen on. Yes. Did we say in exchange for providing services, pumping up his draft stock, we get, what was it, two and a half percent of his lifetime? So let's just say two percent. Two percent.


Let's be nice about it. We'll call it a little off. OK, we'll give we'll give the point five percent to charity.


He's going to be he's. Yeah. The next quarterbacks. It's got to be it's got to be pretty awesome when Dak Prescott gets paid and you're one of the next guys. Yeah. You're like, oh this is nice. It keeps going up and up and up.


Aaron Rodgers is probably already pissed off about his his contract. Yeah. He wants the recommitment so you can look at it that way.


But then I was thinking you can also look at it from a different perspective and that is what you get when you have your owner being Jerry Jones. So the extension. OK, yeah.


You're on the wrong hole. Oh, sometimes wrong.


You proved it wrong. Oh yeah. Which all you want to put it in. So Jerry Jones, any time he I think his perspective on this was that this is like Jerry's opportunity to pat himself on the back for drafting a good quarterback that no one liked. So in a way like Jerry is proving himself correct by being like this guy that I found was the fourth round nobody else wanted. He was like the eighth or ninth grade guy from all the scouting services.


I took a chance on him. I saw something in that kid. I drafted him. Look at me. I was. So right now he's being paid the most guaranteed money of any quarterback to ever play. It's like it's like Obama putting the Medal of Honor on Joe Biden. He's like, look what a great vice president I picked. Yeah, look, he's he's a Medal of Honor award winner.


Well, more than anything, it's just this is you see it. Every team has this issue where if you have a quarterback that is a little bit better than good, you're going to have to pay them. And there's not there's no other I went through this when when when the bears are paying Jay Cutler.


And I was like, well, you can't do that. Yeah. You have to like you either have to you when you have a quarterback that is a little bit better than average or a little bit better than good. I'll say Dak is better than good. You have to pay him. You can't like it was never even an option in my head.


Yeah. Binda Nucci is not the guy that's going to take you to the Super Bowl. As much as I hate to say it, it's not in the cards. Dak is I mean, you could win a Super Bowl Dak. Does he fall into that Category four?


Is he a confetti quarterback? Petty quarterback? I can picture.


I can picture it. I don't know, because this. It's not even on deck, it's more just that I just don't trust that Jerry Jones and Stephen Jones will do what's right for the rest of the roster. Right.


Like paying is he called Mike McCarthy, not a confetti coach.


I know he's won a Super Bowl, but this iteration of Mike McCarthy, he's he's a he's a confetti cake coach depends on how many watermelons.


He's like, will he be smashing watermelons next year? Yeah, I this is a reason I would love to play for Jerry Jones because he would do stuff like pay you a shitload of money if it made him feel good.


And also he I mean, let's be real. Jerry's getting to the end of his line here. He's probably in the mindset of you can't take it with you. I can either spend all this money on my players and, like, go balls to the wall and really try to get one more Super Bowl. Or I can just, like, give it to my idiot son and have him fuck everything up for me. Yeah.


So Jerry Jerry's giving his money away. Jerry, he's spending like a sailor on shore leave.


Well, I don't I don't know if that's. Do you think that that's really how like I think they're just going to they're going to spend the salary cap every year. I think Jerry wants he was going to save any of this money anyway. The Saints would beg to differ.


You can do the salary cap doesn't exist in the NFL, right?


No, I'm saying he was going to spend no matter what. Right. He's very. But he's got more than enough money.


If Jerry Jones likes you and you play on the Cowboys, there's no job in America that has better job security besides maybe being an employee, a partial sports where nobody gets fired.


Yes, but it's true. It's it's silly. Bill, he's still very much in this room right now.


But, yeah, good for disability. I'm glad for Dak. As a Washington football team fan, I'm not super excited because he's definitely the best quarterback in the division there. I said it. I know that's controversial.


Although Joe Judge did give notice, Gettleman gave a ringing endorsement of Daniel Jones today and he said, you know, not not everyone is great at their job after two years, but Daniels or Guy Daniels or has a fact.


I I'm still I'm still a believer in Daniel Jones. I'm still buying stock. It's cheap. It's very cheap right now.


But, yeah, this was going to happen. I don't know. I guess I'm just never really shocked. Like, I think the tax deal was better than I expected just by the fact that it's for years. Like I'd rather have Dak Prescott steal than Patrick Mahomes.


Oh yeah. Five hundred million. That's a lot of money.


It is. You know, it's all nice but not all guaranteed. It's ten years like Dak Prescott, if he's good for these next four years, can get paid a ton of money again when the salary cap goes back up, when TV deals, when you know, like old, he basically is giving himself another shot at. Right. Like like maybe Patrick Mahomes ends up with more money career wise. And Dak Prescott probably will, but Dak Prescott at least has another shot at it.


No state income tax in Texas. It's also that like we joke about the after taxes thing. And you're right, nobody likes you after taxes guy, but you always have to throw that in there just to just sprinkle it into the conversation. The state income tax guy, that's the smart version of the after taxes guy, because it actually does make a big difference if you play in Texas. Yes. I don't know how they figure that out in terms of how many games you play on the road, how many games you play at home.


You have to I think you do have to pay down on the road. On the road. Yes. Yeah. So that actually does make a difference in the seventeen game season that.


Yes, absolutely. Year to year. Yeah. Although when you have that much money, I don't even know if you do you even see it.


You probably just I actually if you had, if you had sixty six million I would ask for them to like print out a receipt like a bank, like almost an ATM receipt and be like just show that to me.


Oh my God. Every time I was at the ATM, if I was withdrawing like forty dollars. Do you want receipt. Absolutely, yes. And then I'd leave it very delicately, like on top of the trash can.


Someone see this. Yeah. All right.


Other news, Meyers, Leonard WAPs, the Oh Jimbo of the century. Yikes.


I this is I'm actually shocked. You know what? I'm shocked that this doesn't happen more often. What did he do?


Because so he used he dropped the K bomb slur, a Jewish slur on a live stream. A war zone. Yep. And yeah, it was it was actually crazy because you can you see it happen. You see him almost see like, oh, that was probably wrong. And then like five minutes later he takes a phone call and then gets off the stream like I got to go, my wife needs me. No, dude, you just you just fucked yourself over.


Yeah. It was it was a hard kaibab to verify. There was a wind up for it. He took like a breath. I liken it to this is a deep cut. But the line that Uncle Uncle Kracker delivers in Cowboy by Kid Rock to smash it where he takes a big breath and goes, but now I'm just blunt like he winded up for that he was ready to go if I could put it in war zone terms.


If he was dropping bombs, he wasn't using an RPG, he was using a signa. There you go.


Hank will get that. He he uses that word that came out Pritt. It was Papa John's Papa John has spent 20 months trying to get the N-word out of his vocabulary to take my hotseat.


Cat. Well, I mean, it's appropriate for this will. Is it not? It's very similar, like Meyers, Leonard will need 20 months to get the word out of his lingo because that definitely was effortless.


Yes, it's not something that if you use the K word, then you use it all the time. It's not something that you that you sprinkle into a conversation occasionally.


That wasn't the first time. He was like, oh, I'm going to try this new word out on war zone.


Right. He probably says it while he's eating breakfast. Yeah, it's that salt. Yeah. K word.


It's a very casual thing for him obviously. I don't I actually don't know anybody that I don't think I've ever been in a room when somebody has dropped a cable.


Have you been in a room when someone drops the envelope. Yes. Oh yes I have. Several times by yourself. No, no, no.


Definitely not. Definitely. But but, you know, I'm saying, like, I don't know anybody that uses that. It's weird that it was so casual for him to just, like, bring it up. So, you know, he was a very, very often it's something.


And he's happy to use the general rule of thumb if you're going to insult any sort of nationality or any sort of ethnic group to stick to us, Italians, Irish, Scandinavians.


I don't know if you can even do that anymore, though.


The real question is, is, you know, what style is going to go for his apology for this? Yeah. That him and his, you know, chopped off 100 percent. Don't say I don't know. But like, when you put a little yarmulke on his dog, he's like, my dog's Jewish. He considers himself a screamer.


So I figure he's going to have to do some type of like, you know, apology, YouTube video, like coming clean. And that's that's really the question.


Nine reasons why you shouldn't say the cable. Yeah. And in the YouTube thumbnail is going to be him with like his hands on his cheeks, I think with his mouth open to his wife.


Do you think he's going to go the route like I didn't even realize anyone was watching, which doesn't actually isn't an apology, because that's really what that's the crazy thing about like twenty, twenty one and people streaming and they they let their guard down because they're screaming and they don't realize that people are watching. And if you play video games for I don't know if he plays video games, it's the all star break. So he's playing video games for six hours a day.


He then slips into the conversational words that he uses in private.


Yeah, well, he's going to have to do something maybe with the team actually know what he's going to do. He's absolutely going to put out like an Instagram post that has his words, like a notes app. But with a picture in the background, the words will be like cursive. It'll be like really fancy done Photoshop. But he's going to have to do something with the team because correct me if I'm wrong, but there are probably a few Jewish people who are Miami Heat fans.


Yes, I would say so. Jay can confirm. Yeah, there's probably Jewish people who are fans of every team. There's probably one in this room. Yeah. Yeah. We go, oh yeah.


What are you I mean, he's got to go but he's also got to stay because that's why every word you say everywhere you send a hot micrometers.




It's true that if he had said this fucking care, it doesn't. It doesn't it doesn't help too that he's got a very memorable name because not a lot of people named Mires know they really.


And they had a lot of hair care at all. I can recognize names. All right. So Ryan Meyers, there's definitely tons of money involved. Yeah.


So he's definitely going to he's going to die. His hair back to Brown has to. You can't continue. It's already been done. Yeah, that's that's step one. He's probably going to have his wife next to him if he does video because she was involved in it too when she called him.


I don't think that was him, but I don't think that was his wife who called him. But he's going to be like, I think you go, you wait. You don't know his wife. That's what he said, right? Yeah. Yeah, that wasn't. But that was his age being like, hey, dude, you just fucked your career. He's going to have to continue with that lie. And so he'll like, have his wife in the background.


It's going to be the Meyers Leonard apology tour is going to be one for the for the record books. Maybe a was it there's a deep drive into left field. Yeah. He's going to have to do something like that.


Go to Puerto Rico for you can puts some on the back of his jersey or something.


We can say, Billy, you know those trucks near Madison Square Garden gotta like get Batmitzvah today.


Yeah. Is he going to convert? He thinks that would be hilarious. That would be very hilarious, but probably wouldn't happen.


Yeah, probably not. I'd say no, not going to happen.


Like little people want no one ever. OK, here's here's what you have to do. Get circumcised on air. On air. Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm still on your stream. Yeah. So no other way figured it out. How has he been playing this year.


Poorly. Poorly. I don't think he's played a lot.


I looked up his stats because I saw you average six points a game for his career. But this year he's down to like three points a game.


Yeah. He hasn't been playing for a while, too. I think he's been injured. Oh yeah. See, Amyas, take this. I mean, I don't feel bad for him again, if it had felt like that was a stretch for him to say that. But he really did. It did feel like he said that a lot.


That's the thing is like I don't understand how it could be a stretch to like, oops, that one slipped. Yeah.


Yeah. Who among us hasn't done that? Anything else? We've got conference tournaments. The Basel Sportsbook app will be live in Illinois starting on Thursday at noon. So get ready for that. Can't bet on Illinois in Illinois, but can beat everything else. Jake, did you have any conference tournament like teams that you thought were going to win? I think the popular pick this week is going to be UConn in the Big East. Yeah, I love you comes back there.


The three seed Villanova lost their best player, unfortunately, last week.


Connor Gillespie, did you know that there was another Arcidiacono? Yeah, that's crazy. They are the Plomley of Villanova.


I was fully I'd like the Dunkin's of Vermont.


You know, if you tweeted Erdos that you tweeted that you retweeted something. If you retweeted something, that's.


But I always thought his name was Archie, you know. Yeah. No, his name's Ryan. Yeah, that's crazy. Just get ready if you kongos on our on James Booknotes the guy to look out for Kemba Walker going to here and Creighton's been dealing with some off the court issues. So what happened there.


He's back there and say to them, I'm not going to go.


He went on he went on a war zone. Lifestream Yeah. He used to play.


And so you have the one seed without the best player of the to see dealing with some issues in UConn. Yeah, totally. OK, I mean, I love Danny Hurley.


He I think he's going to show out Danny. Oh. Always as well at mystery.


That's true. Yeah. Yeah. It's her hometown. Yeah. Yeah.


I love Danny Hurley. Duke is currently playing with No by the FCC. Yeah. That's on his podcast. The other season could be over their final BCS off. Probably not.


But yeah, I'll just say that if Duke does lose tonight, Coach K should consider lighting himself on fire like a Buddhist monk on the sideline.


He is a superstar, has won four games this year and they fired their coach two weeks ago. He should retire then if Coach K loses this game. Hank, retire. No, come on, Hank. You hired a, I believe, a ten to lead right now.


Let's go play in basketball. The game is on. Oh, it's on. I think it's more right in front of us. I hope it's more than six. Excuse me. OK, so it's you see. Wow.


This team get hot for oh, run this to me is this week is how you separate the casuals from the real fans. You should get hyped for conference championship week.


I, I think conference championship week oftentimes is better than the actual tournament.


Like I liked it. I love the tournament more because it's just everything about it. But there are more games on Thursday and Friday, a conference tournament week than there are in the tournament.


Plus, I think it helps that, you know, that it's not going to be the last game of the season. Yeah, it's wall to wall action. You know that there it's not final.


Yeah, it's not like the end of the road, whereas the NCAA tournament that's always looming in the back of your head, like, well, I'm not going to see that team anymore.


And you going to scrub teams that have no like the only way they get in the tournament is they somehow finished. Yeah.


Thursday, which do the Jerry McNamara Thursday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or those three days. And they're the best. They're the fucking best. This is the best time of year. This is March. We have Jon Rothstein on on Monday, very excited about that. And they should have this on Wednesday.


They should have to get people ready for this fucking ridiculous NCAA tournament. Yeah, you're mad. You're big mad, Hank. They should have done it this weekend as well. What do you mean? Like, they should have done it Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. Oh, to get a body. Right.


I break it to Hank that that the Sweet Sixteen is Saturday and Sunday. And he was very upset as Monday.


Tuesday. It's it's the it's the Monday. Tuesday. That's upsetting.


Right. But there's no there's no Thursday. Friday, right. On the second week. That's awful. Yeah. Right. That's terrible. Yeah. I had to reschedule my vasectomy again this year. Yeah.


It's, it's, they are making us quit more cold turkey than they ever have. Going Monday for action to Tuesday. No action.


Yeah. People are going to it's going to be crazy. It's going to be bad.


Jones This is when we need Mac football spring Mac football. We should throw out a game on a Tuesday.


They should, they should put some excuse during the week. CBA is the CBI happening this year?


I love those tournaments. I don't think those terms. I know the reality is happening with 16 teams in Dallas.


I think I told the story, but I the moment I realized that I probably am not cut out for the real world was I was I was taking a GMAT class to take the GMAT for business school.


And I did so poorly on it because all I was doing was sitting in the back of the class following the CBI and the night it was like Oregon State with CBI still up in the air. Yeah. And I was like, you know what? This probably is information.


Which one was a term that they had?


The Golden Pineapple is the city. Yeah, that was the one that they placed in the CBI and in the championship is two games. Right, isn't it. They play.


It's something that's so weird and awesome. So yeah.


That's do you guys most some of the way, way back in the day. Right when text message technology first started to come out. This is back in 2001, 2002.


I signed up for text alerts for it was like the upset alert from the CBS Sports Minute, whatever it was called, and they would text me in class if there was an NCAA tournament upset in progress. And by the time I would get the text, I would turn on the game and the game would have been over for five minutes already.


Yes, I count very low Daytona Beach, Florida, seven hours ago. So. Yes. All right.


So I'll be on that now. Will be great. Yeah, those are I. I have to like, look up the year in the game.


It was. I think it was. Oregon State can't remember who they were playing, and it was so bad that I was following that, so, yeah, that was a lesson, you know.


Yeah, if you're good sometimes if you're to be bad at something, be so good at being bad at it that you make a career out of it. Right.


And also just realize that you don't have the aptitude or the, you know, ability to to take tests anymore. Yeah. Or be a serious person. Be a real human being in this world.


I learned that and that was it.


We're anti standardized test on this podcast. Could you imagine taking a standardized test right now? No, no. I should probably do that to a scantron. Get your number two pencil out.


We should probably take like a not even because, you know, some people are like, oh, we did the fantasy football like electricity. No, I think we should take like at some point this summer, we should take like a ninth grade.


This is a big future history to test the S.A.T., you know, something that's so that's a Meyers Leonard version, like an 8th grade math class test S.A.T. really just got.


Did they make you take it in high school?


OK, and the Mars Lander version, is that the one where now if you get like a 600, that's really just an F..


That's that's. Yeah. They changed all the scores.


They it's basically like when we did our three point contest and made every three point or a thousand points and we have the record are like what football does when you score one point.


Yeah. Yeah. All right, let's get to our hotsy cool thrown. It is brought to you by our friends at Coors Light. Coors Light is the one to chill. Everyone's treat me their Coors Light. The mountains were blue this weekend. Love to see it.


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I love seeing those. Yeah, it made me thirsty. Yeah. We saw I had one right away. I feel like we should do a contest where the person with the bluest bluest mountain something.


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Thank you to Coors Light. All right. Hotsy quarter on Hank Heartsease Alabama and Georgia.




What am Rush class coach from Georgia these days, there's leaked audio of him basically like snitching and saying exactly, you know, how much Georgia and Alabama are playing paying players.


That Nick Saban's money guy is Bear Bryant Jr..


Whoa, who owns a bank in Alabama.


And so whenever he needs money, he goes through bear and that's how they like better and like get the money to pay the players.


That, to me, sounds like bad operational security. If you're Nick Saban, you have to have like a secret bagman. You got to do better than Bear Bryant Jr., who owns his own bank.


Yeah, that's a little too often, although that is kind of untouchable, right, in Alabama. Right. Like, no is going to go after that. And like, how do you're not going to find a jury in Birmingham, right? Yeah.


And if you own a bank, it must be super easy to like, you know, move money around.


I'm going to go ahead. And now I just like to show people, find out that Alabama and Georgia are cheating and paying players. Like what?


It's probably not even real smart. It's probably just just a building that has a lot of cash in it. And then it looks like a bank. But when you drive through, you get a special card from Nick Saban that you put in the machine, like here you go. Here's your payment.


Everything I thought is a lie. I know they pay Georgia players 90 to 150 K to sign with them.


Unbelievable. This is also the coach, by the way, if you don't remember, two days, he invited his mistress to a high school game with his wife in attendance as well on reality television. This guy's a gem. I mean, he also got fired for something, I think.


Yeah, no, his his his rap sheet got it is absolutely crazy. So there is a chance that, you know, this is like, who knows, not wait for him to stay in the headlines.


Yeah, but yeah, that was just heartbreaking stuff. My entire, you know, world view on college football has changed on my cool going. I have a couple.


First one is Avatar. Oh. Giving out like twenty thirty two.


No. Well they're, it's like they're supposed to make like ten sequels. This is a crazy move by James Cameron though. He's rereleasing Avatar in China on Friday in an attempt to reclaim the highest grossing movie ever.


So if they just make seven point four million more dollars, then they get to, you know, up themselves over Avengers End game, which apparently you can do.


That's cheating. Remember when people people got, like, depressed after Avatar because it wasn't the real world? Oh, yeah, I remember that. That was he wanted to be in that world.


That was the most blatant, like, publicity stunt ever that the studio leaked is like people are killing themselves because the world is not up yet, because there can't be like these tall blue people running around and sucking off a tree of life.


Can't James Cameron just, like, rent out a movie theater and play Avatar? And so one ticket for seven point five dollars million to be smart? Yeah, that's what I would do.


Yeah. Although he probably would make more than that. Releasing it and trying it, right. Yeah, probably right.


The my cool, other cool thing is cocaine bears. Hmm. So this is I don't feel this is a tweet I saw earlier, you know, just a movie a must see. I'm already slapping a must see on it. So Elizabeth Banks is to direct a bear centric thriller, Cocaine Bear for Universal.


The film is based on true events from 1985, 175 pound bear accidentally consumed over 70 pounds of cocaine that was dropped from a plane by a smuggler. The exact details of the film are under wraps.


Are you sure that this is about cocaine? Because there's an actual story that don't ask me how I got this far down into the into the rabbit hole, but.


Well, you can say it's for work now.


There's a there's a bear in Washington, the state of Washington, that that drink like seventy beers that were left behind at a campsite and the name of the drink certain types of beer and didn't drink like the Bush Lite, the only beer that a drink was called Coors Light. Kokanee. Oh so it looks like cocaine but this is a different beer.


Maybe that's a secret. This is real. I talked about this bear on my first deep dove. Oh, yes. Real bad for forget. So what happened? A drug smuggler knows what happened to the bear.


I got drunk three times.


Well, he got he got very high. Then he got some EDM and talked a lot.


He got very he died. Oh. Just grinding his teeth down. Yeah.


Well at one point they like give it a more you know, better and couldn't get his dick hard.


It also be a great thirty four thirty named for the Sam Hurd story. Yeah that's true.


Although yeah. I mean he was, it was a lot of cocaine that he got busted for. I think it was probably more than 70 pounds. Yeah it was, it was a significant amount. A significant amount. Is that it. That's it. OK, I mean it too. OK, well you only had the one hotseat, right.


Yeah. So it's asymmetrical. Yeah. Yeah. I guess my hotseat still racism because Papa John is he got his eighteen month chip for not saying the N-word for the last 20 month.


Oh. Twenty twenty months for him every day. I like to think that he's got one of those apps that you use to track your sobriety where you like just pushes a button. He didn't say it today. This week it must have been tough, like Papa John's watching the all star game if he could get through that.


You can do anything, Poppy. Yeah, and yeah, he's like he's one of the final bosses where, like, we will know that racism is cured officially when Papa John gets his three year chip, he always looks so oily.


Oh, he is. He's just he looks like he uses olive oil for his hair product. Yeah. I kind of appreciate that. He's his own pizza, I think.


Did I tell you about the time I met him at the Super Bowl? This was back in San Francisco, I think. No. Is in Arizona.


So before I worked for Bristol, but I met him and I took a picture next to him and he was just standing next to me breathing. And it's the most off-putting thing ever to stand next to. And he breathes like this. And we do an impression.


Oh, yeah.


That's how he just walks around all the time. He's got like cheesy bread stuck in his sico, his throat. Yeah, it was very Jose Canseco like. Yeah. Do you think before he took a dove. Yeah.


I was going to make a joke but it's too borderline so I won't say it. But it must be racist if like your three most famous products as an industry, what was the joke.


It was more borderline than saying the Papa John couldn't watch the NBA all star game. Yeah, I was going to put it in everyone's head.


Not well, a little bit. Yeah, I was. I was pretty like on the on line.


He doesn't probably on the subsidy sells only offers oil and not the second condiment. That's how much he is willing to to stay away from that word at all costs.


Got it. Got it. Yeah. OK, anyways my other hot seat is top shot, top shots on the hot seat. There's other reasons why it's on on the hot seat that I don't really understand. All I know is my Caruso stock is we're nearing the moon. We're in lunar orbit right now.


But Rob Gronkowski is making his own Invictus nice, which this was Butterbean.


Yeah, that's true. There's no doubt about this is how you know that the bubble has not yet begun to burst. When Rob Gronkowski gets in as an early adopter, he's probably just selling his memories. Yeah, he's probably just like I'll sell you this memory I have of sweet night that I had in Scottsdale.


He's probably just selling the number sixty nine. Like if you NFTE 69. Right. Can't you sell.


Yeah. That's actually that's a great idea. Yeah I, I think that's what he's doing. If someone will buy it I will.


Yeah I will absolutely. Personally buy it. You got another one. I know it just goes to hot seats and then my cool throne is chivalry.


Chivalry is on the cool throne because Burger King in the United Kingdom had a nice message for everybody in International Women's Day, which was yesterday. They tweeted out a woman's place is in the kitchen. And then they followed it up with reasons why we need to encourage more women to become chefs because they're underrepresented apparently at the top of the line chef levels. But it was a it was a choice. It was an interesting choice to start out International Women's Day.


They were doing the right thing. Shout out to Burger King, shout out the king would like to see a whole royal family of burgers built around it eventually. But you've just got the king for now, and that's fine.


But it was one of those things where it's like, you know, what they were going for and you know, you know that they had like a series of meetings leading up until that week and everybody was bought. And they're like, this is actually a great idea. It's going to get a lot of attention.


See, I like to imagine it was just a rogue person who was like, fuck International Women's Day. And then they were like, quick, we got to think fast. What's our follow up that way? And that's what they did.


That would actually be brilliant. Yeah, it was a rogue intern who's like, I just want to tweet my terrible thoughts on International Women's Day.


Yeah, that would that would be the best handling of a PR crisis like that that you could ever imagine.


And now if that's even if that didn't happen because they got blowback, because I think they probably could have done it in a different way, they should just say that's what happened. Yes. And just go with that. Yeah. Because then they get all the credit in the world for Chrispin and we thought fast, I like that.


Or just take my advice and build an entire royal family. Right. So it's not just the king. Give them like an old give him an old stodgy queen that hates the new work. Papa John.


Mm. There. That's what I would like to see. Yeah. I mean the king and queen or there is no king. Billy, can you stop being like real quick.


Look, I got you. It's not your it's not his fault people. It actually is not Billy. He's got a deviated deviate buckled septum. But I was just noticing it so. But the Yeah. The King and ah not the king but Philip, whatever his name is, I still think that if you fuck the queen you're the king.


That's I, I totally agree. It feels like they're getting dragged every single. But you know what, what happens is we wake up because of time zones. You miss all the you know, English like England reacted to it. There was all the Good Morning Britain clips. But by the time we woke up, it was already gone.


Yeah, it's like I hate that when I wake up in the morning, everybody's pissed off at Piers Morgan for something like what do you do? Yeah. Oh, seven hours ago. OK, well, that's ten years old. One cares anymore. Right, exactly. All right. My hotseat is Peter King because he said in his whatever his columns called, now that the bears are screwed in the quarterback department barring a miracle. I'm just saying. Peter, you're fucking screwed because I still got interest running on your burgers.


I just want to remind you, you should just call the hamburger on the spot. Yeah.


And we should just keep a tally of how much money he owes me. You know what? Imagine if we had used that money for Bitcoin, be through the roof to add it out of the tab.


I heard that inflation was the thing that was happening. It is. It is happening.


So we're sure we better get paid. My concern is anyone who was desperate for more Manning content, because Eli Manning now has a show on ESPN plus two.




What's it called? Eli, Eli, please don't eat Mom's world.


It's Eli's. Yeah, I don't mean Peyton's place is a thing. Cooper has his thing on Fox now. Eli has a show. It's great. I love this. All the madness.


And they did do one manning just go full in and become like a commentator on on Monday Night Football.


Yeah, they're kind of teasing us a little bit, aren't they? It's bullshit. I've seen some of the Peyton Manning stuff and he's pretty good. No, he's funny. The Peyton's place, his stuff is funny. I've laughed at it and it's going to make me sound stupid, but I usually learn something and feel good after.


Yeah, I want more Peyton Manning. So he's doing the right thing, I guess, keeping us at arm's length. And now Eli is like, hey, can I get my own show too? Like he's going to spin off. Essentially we're doing a spin off for Eli where he's going to walk us through all his fake memorabilia that he sells like this is going to appreciate in value, because I've got I've got my son throwing my helmet down the stairs every four hours.


But it's yeah, we need more manning stuff. So we have it.


Billy, my house, he was the sesi, the royal family, but now the Bears Kyle Long will be returning to the NFL. Not not bears, but that's why they're on the hot seat, because he does want to go back to them.


Well, yeah. Yeah, that's fair. So that's it. All right.


Hotseat, I think that's actually just it's smart for Kyle. Yeah. Not want to be on the bears.


It's very smart. And it is it's not a good look for the Bears. I mean, hotseat. What what what has been a good look. It's not I don't think it's I don't think it's a good or bad thing. It's just like Gronk going to the box.


I don't think it's necessarily a bad look, but it's just it's just so he but Kyle's been very vocal.


He does not he's not a fan of Matt Nagy. Kyle's not a fan of Matt. He's been very, very clear about that. So it was never even like it was it was never even in my the realm of possibilities for him to go back to the bears.


I think Kyle is firmly into the realm of he's a guy that we're rooting for to get a ring no matter what Timmy ends up correct or another Pro Bowl.


Add another Pro Bowl. OK, my cool throne is GameStop. GameStop is rallying again. Yeah. Getting back up there and going pretty crazy.


And yeah, I found that most of my investing success comes just from stocks that I forget to sell. Mm hmm. So I forgot to sell GameStop. I've got diamond strong hands. These things are rock hard. And it shot up what, in the last week, 70 percent, 100 percent, something like that. Just keep going. I know.


Is that between that my doge, I am again lunar orbit. It's pretty sick. Yeah.


Let us know when we're on the moon. Cool turn. Mother Nature hot killed one of my hands. That is not to talk about that.


No. Now is this a situation similar to your frog where we have to ask what?




I woke up this morning and my chicken got a fucking what a crazy night that was.


Why are there all these feathers in my bed? I woke up this morning and there's a hawk that uses the same kind of condoms I do. A hawk swooped down and got one of my hands.


It did your head and crawl under your ass. No warmth like Christopher. Cozette? No, I said no, I'm serious.


I'm serious. Are you OK?


Did you see it happen? No, I didn't see it happen. I just saw the feathers. So you were being negligent?


Yeah, honestly, because I didn't let my dog out, I was going to say, what's the point of having a dog if you can't protect the hens? Well, sometimes the dog doesn't do well with the chickens. What does that mean? It just depends on the morning. What day sometimes he'll go after the chickens. Has he killed the chicken? No, he's not killed the chicken. Has he attempted to kill a chicken? No, he's bhakta chicken.


Never tried to kill a chicken. OK, he's a very well behaved dog. OK, so didn't eat shit in the office like six times.


I always know he was a puppy and I was coming into the studio and I had a lot to handle. I said, Spike Lee, please watch my puppy while I record.


And he was a puppy inside.


So it ate the entire chicken. It flew away. Oh yeah. It ripped it up. Hawks attack from the sky and then they hit. Oh, how birds work.


No, but like Falcons will swoop and hit things from their air to air.


OK, honey, where's your chicken was here.


The around 30 feet in the air is where no oxygen if its wings. Yeah. Oh that's not. No no that's very OK. Loud. Yeah. And you also. Your dog's tail, right, and no, no, no, I didn't I did not crop my dogs years at all, you know, something's definitely legal when Billy says it's very loud, it's very loud. No, it's it's people do it. All right. Let's get to our interview.


We got Paul Bissonnette before we do that, after you had a quick word from our friends at Rakan Rakan.


Yeah, I don't know about you, big cat, but I feel like I'm always looking at a screen. I don't even I don't even check my screen report anymore because it's not good. Nothing good has ever come from looking at that report that your computer sends you a phone sends you. But I look at my screen now more than ever. And whether you're an avid, avid news watcher or if you're in serious need of a distraction, unplugging yourself is easier said than done.


So one of my favorite ways to rest my eyes and still get the content that I'm watching for put in my recon wireless earbuds and I listen to something great.


What have you been listen to anything good I've been getting? I was listening to Queens of Science today because I went back into the Island Paradise and back in the gym.


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Here he is business mogul.


OK, we now welcome on one of our best friends in the entire world. It is Paul Bissonnette, also known as Paul Miss.


That is our commercial. Oh great. Are you kidding me? I want to talk to shot.


My only complaint is that they don't play it enough. It does.


Yeah. I should have won. And the worst part of the commercials during the NHL playoffs, they legit recycle for commercials. So like everybody hates your guts by the end of the first.


Right now we had wit on and Wit gave us a little sneak peek behind the scenes and said that you wrote that line about yourself, the Paul Mishnah.


Is that true? Oh, somebody had said it to me before. And like when they originally started, I was like, yeah, it's kind of funny. That is, I mean, spitting spit hot fire. And then, you know, all of a sudden we went there. I think there was a bit of a disconnect, like they were kind of like, you know, say say what you would say on the podcast.


And we're like, yeah, that ain't going to fucking fly. And I'm a C see, buddy, like I talk about chicks eat my hoop like, you know, if you got I mean more if you guys want. Not anymore. How many years you got wet. No, not anymore.


So Biz, it's good to have you in studio. Great to see your face. Great seeing you guys. Let's talk a little hockey and then we have some important business.


No fucking pfft was all over me about this. Tom Wilson hit Cry Me a River. Listen, it sucks for everybody involved. I'm sure Tom Wilson doesn't want to be sacked. Seven games. I'm sure he doesn't want to forfeit over over 300 K in salary. That's a that's a kick in the dick.


And then the players don't get paid a lot. And then Carlos was banged up. He had to go to hospital. You know, you don't see guys up.


So so how much that hit was kind of in retrospect, like the hit itself was. Yeah. By the letter of the law, not clean. I will say it wasn't clean. But do you think he would have gotten anywhere near seven games if the outcome of the hit wasn't, you know, a trip to the hospital and all that?


No, I mean, you know, they obviously get a little bit of time afterward to absorb, like, what happened to the guy, like obviously a trip to the hospital. I'm going to be good, especially for Tom Wilson. Listen, he plays on the edge. It has benefited him greatly because he is a feared type of player out there where everybody's got their head on a swivel. He plays on that line where, like, I I can't really defend what he did because, like, I played in an era where I think that that would have flown and it was starting to get weeded out just because of like everything they were talking about with the head shots and their hey, like, player safety here.


Let's try to eliminate that. So, you know, it's just for the new style of game. You just you just can't do it now. You know, I'm an old school type of guy. I would have probably got up and try to take a run at him if I can grab him, but.


Well, you wouldn't you would have been on the ice. That's a fact. Right, so but in an imaginary land, I would have been, from what I understand, the problem is he does play on the edge. He is had a bunch of bad hits, but it doesn't seem like a bad guy, whereas like a Rafter's just a scumbag. Bad guy. Oh, come on.


That's one of the best teammates I ever had. Yeah, he it tough to defend, especially the last one when he was in San Jose. And I think he was already on his last straw. Right. And it was in pre-season and he legit took a guy's jaw off right here. I think you can go YouTube it. And I think he got ended up getting like 41 games.


I think that's yeah. That's a sausage, sausage and a half.


Yeah, that's a double sausage, but that's it. Wouldn't you say something like Tom will say? It seems like guys respect him, but he does play on the edge.


I think that I think the guy's in his own team love having on their team. I think that most other teams I mean, they're supposed to hate them. And and that's what is is is slowly fading away from the game. And my opinion is that genuine hate, you're seeing more of it this year, especially maybe in the north division in the NHL, just because they're kind of stuck in their own eight, eight to 17 division right now. So it's a fucking guillotine bloodbath.


Lower the cage, you know, undertaker out of his casket type. Chessell Hell on the cell, baby.


So what happens if you're one of those teams in the north and you have an Austin Matthews or you've got a kind of McDavid, you got a young star that you need to protect? There's always going to be a place in the game for a guy like Tom Wilson.


Let's put it this way. If Tom Wilson would have done what he did to Connor McDavid, he probably would have got a full year Sosi, because I think I think it's getting to the place where they got to really protect those guys.


Now, just as far as, like protecting the stars, I think that most teams who have guys like that have done a good job of surrounding them with with a little bit of meat, as they say. Yeah.


Like you look at very good teams like Los Vegas where they got Revo there.


You look at Washington, they got Tom Wilson, who I think that I think if push came to shove, he probably would fight a rival. But even going towards Toronto, they picked up Wayne Simmons in the off season who can handle his own business. They had Kyle Clifford there last year. So I still see a very relevant position for four guys like the Ryan Reeves in the NHL, because, you know, you look at any of these rosters that have made it to the finals, the last how how many every year, every year is like they always seem to have a guy with one guy.


Yeah. What I saw was it took back his here's a man. Can I hop in there? Just a prime example. Tampa was having a hard time giving over the hump.


They had Bogosian, Luciane and Pat Maroon as big meaty guys to be able to handle that type of play if it ended up going there. And it did a little.


Yeah, it doesn't even have to be. I think your point is it doesn't have to be like the traditional goon is going to be bigger guys who can handle it when need be distractions.


Right. Distractions. That's when we won the Calder Cup like we had our fourth line. It was me, Josh. Right.


We what does that is? That's that's when the Hershey bears play against the railing.


Naylor's is that lower above like Lorino Arena Arenal.


So we're going to with with KB Swag drop in the pocket center. Nice. Moondog Dunlop's. Yeah.


I love it's Nick and Kirby on each other's shoulders. Skating is one of the. Yeah. So it's kind of like in the outfit that was not semipro. What was the figure skating movie. Oh Gloria wait.


So finish the Calder Cup when you won the Calder Cup.


Sorry, we all remember. That's a real thing. If you have if you're one of the in fact, for people that haven't seen this call. Yeah. In Manchester. Yeah.


In Match Vegas, as they call it, not far from from Boston. I love watching that. Whenever like a city like is the worst ever.


It was like I guess on the Vegas on it start again. Yeah. Yeah. There was one club and during our time there I believe somebody got stabbed at it and so like he was going, yeah.


So it was, it was a bit of a rough scene in Match Vegas.


So survival of the fittest. Hank. Hey, thank. Hey, thanks for the haircut. Yeah.


Don't mind us if you debuted on air live. Oh that's nice. Yeah, it's looking really good. Oh no. She shaved the beard.


Do you need to play the basic training. Do we. I think I think it's a nice haircut.


Hank, I'm not going to make fun of you for it. Yeah. Oh it's OK.


This is quite a luck. You all have. Yeah. He just put this on me.


Me. All right, Hank? I don't know. I got sunburn at the Whitney Cup. We all know struggle. All right. So we did take back his comment. He said when he was on two weeks ago, he said the Blackhawks have no chance to make the playoffs, no buy.


They probably the most surprising team, and especially after they got off to that dogshit start, that new goalie can't even pronounce his name. He's playing well. And, yeah, they just they're just finding ways to win. Like, I mean, they just hung around with Tampa Bay. Yeah. The last three games, they played a triple header. Hell no. Yeah, a little Helensvale action. But mind you, they were up three. Nothing in wit sends out the tweet saying like, you know.


Forgive me, Chicago, and then he completely missed the Hawks six unanswered by the Tampa Bay lightning, the finish line.


That's Ryan Whitney, thanks so much. Hey, I actually have a real hockey question. What the hell's up with the Buffalo Sabers?


That's that seems like a situation where they've been bad for a really long time and they have Jack ickle and they still aren't good, it's like they had to have too much juju going for the Buffalo Bills and he sucked it all out of not going to happen to say.


Yeah, yeah. Kind of like the monsters.


Yeah, well, it happens when there's not one when they don't have four teams in a city because it's just they don't really know how to spread the love.


So Tampa's just stealing all the love.


Yeah, sure is buzzing. But seriously, what is it like. Are they ever going to be good? It's just one of those organization organizations right now that that seem a little bit colorist. And, you know, I would imagine that it's going to have to get a lot worse before it even gets better. And that's saying a lot. Yeah, I you know, I feel bad for Jack because, I mean, he's a good player. And sometimes when there's like, I guess not enough weapons around it, you know, gets a little bit stressful and it's hard, hard to carry the load.


So they're not saying it's just you know, there's a few other guys. Sam Reinhart's had a great start to the season this year, so it could have been there, like the worse still to good to get better.


They have to get there really bad. Yeah. Yeah. But they're still too good to get better. They have to get worse to get better. They're broke because they're broken. They're broken organization.


Yeah. I mean yeah they need to fix, fix a lot of problems. Like it's not good.


I don't know, I don't know how else to summarize it without beating a dead horse and genuinely feel bad for this organization because it ultimately comes down to the fans and we know they're just as crazy as Bills Mafia and they've been waiting a long time since to pay to repay the rest of the teams in the league for the foot increase.


And yeah, so the new schedule that's out this year, you see teams playing almost like baseball type series against other teams where they play like back to back. What is different about playing a team like twice in a row? Would you prefer to play the same team two times in a row, three times over the course of a week? Or do you like cycling around and skipping around through the schedule?


I think that it would be very wise just from a hockey related revenue standpoint as far as not burning fuel and wasting all this time hopping around places, and especially for teams in the West who have to travel so much, go to a place, play two games, I think.


I mean, Coyotes played the St. Louis Blues seven times in a row this season.


That's pretty fucking awesome. I mean, it was, but yeah. Created so much hate. That's to the extreme. And it made for a fun series. I actually went to seven. I think that they should at least be playing two games. And Jonathan Taizz was a guy who's been harping on this for a while.


And, you know, normally when it's a guy of that stature saying it, it gains a little bit more steam. But I 100 percent think they should adapt it, especially especially within teams of your own division. I think if you're going to California. Yeah, go play the Kings for to go play Anaheim for two and go play San Jose for two and come home.


Well, it's like, you know, basketball and hockey, they don't play the same schedule as baseball 162, but it's half of that. Why not just when you go play to. Right, like no one complains about a baseball series because it's just something we're used to.


Yeah, it would be cool if there was a hockey series. Yeah.


Play two game and sometimes you'll you'll play like a back to back. Well we'll play in Edmonton and you'll travel to Vancouver that night and then you're like playing the next day where it's like why can't we just have go to back to back in Edmonton. Saves ourselves the cost of fuel, the all the green getting a going green business green plan. I like this business green deal.


I think that they are going to adapt it moving forward. Sometimes it just takes a situation like this to force the hand where I think they're seeing enough positive feedback from it, including the North Division, which, you know, I think it was a good experiment for one year. I think it's going to eventually go back to to all.


But it does seem like we're segregating the Canadian teams a little bit. Well, they're doing that because of the border situation, right? No, I totally get that.


But I don't understand why it took so long to get to this point where they're doing series, because maybe you can tell me a downside. But if you get teams playing against each other twice in a row, they're these little mini storylines that build up. It generates more interest in those games. Like you said, you save on travel costs. You get to unpack your suitcase in a town occasionally.


I don't know where you might get to head up the Cactus Club, which is that you did it before in Edmonton or Calgary, you know. Yeah. You get to yeah.


You go out on a date on a day date with the person that you met. Yeah, maybe a little. It'll make for. Yeah. For a better relationship because maybe the follow up day you gain a little bit closer and you know it's OK. Instead of changing it up the next day on the road, you're, you know, you're snuggle up don't you too.


Do you like the Canadian division because it guarantees that a Canadian team gets in the final four which like, you know, they haven't won a cup. And what how many?


Probably overwhelmingly. Yeah, definitely. I think it was 93, 92. I think I think that it's been really good for this year. Yeah. It's good to see Toronto got tests and Leafs nations buzzing, you know, I mean, they still got they still got to get past the first round. I don't think they've done so in the last fifteen or sixteen years. So this is a starving fan base.


They're seeing a better opportunity to to. Yes. Get out and they don't have to try to get through Boston.


Right. So is this the Leafs here? I said on the podcast at the beginning of the year, I truly. Believe with the ups that they made and and adding Joe Thornton's experience to maybe calm the young guys down in a sense of deflecting media and keeping it more positive during stressful times, yes. I think that they're going to win this thing. I am.


I'm on board there, my Canadian team. Are we allowed to have a Canadian team? You can do whatever you like.


You should as an American, as the number one priority one sports podcast. You could probably do whatever the fuck you guys want.


OK, well, Toronto Maple Leafs, the Leafs are my Canadian team. I do want to see them. If it's not going to be the caps, I'm absolutely rooting for them to win it all. I think they're fun.


Who's your Canadian team? Probably the flames. I like that. I like the stadium. So they just, you know that they just picked up Darryl Sutter.


Right. Who is the new coach they can coach mid midseason here.


OK, of King's. So Darryl Sutter is a hard nosed coach. We actually just got his brother on. There was six brothers who ended up playing in the NHL, their.


Yeah. Their all time hockey family.


Yeah. So Darryl Sutter was off for six years, ended up coaching in San Jose with a guy named Dean Lombardi, where after six years of him, just completely in our coaching, Dean Lombardi hired him as the L.A. coach midway through the season and then had winning two cups with with L.A.. Yeah. So he's been on the shelf for another three years and now he's been underperforming. So they end up hiring him. But he's a hard, hard nosed coach.


That that series.


And I want to say was 2014 the Western Conference finals when the Kings scored on a Game seven overtime goal at the United Center?


Remember that was it sucked. Was it you? It was fourteen. Yeah. Yeah, they won in six. They beat no, no. I'm sure the L.A. Kings, when they beat who they when they beat New York or.


No, I'm talking about in the Western Conference Finals. Yes. They beat New York in the cup.


Yeah. Who did they beat. Oh they scored a game winning goal overtime game seven goal at the United Center. Yeah.


That was an really sucked the air out of that was a kick in the dick to.


Yeah he's I like the hard I feel like they pass. I feel like hockey passes around the hard nosed coach guys like it's like oh towards the score to whip everyone in shape.


And then in three years everyone's going to hate his guts and they're going to have to go somewhere else. Yeah. He's lasted quite a long time in Columbus based on a shelf life as usual.


Yeah. Yeah. Right. Like he's, he's, he's expired milk at this point we should do what you guys should do, a draft list of who the hardest nosed coaches are and give us some more guys. Well, in the NHL right now, kind of boy, yeah, but he kind of gone, yeah, he got canceled. Yeah, a little too hard. He was playing mind games, right? Right. He was. He took cardinals to an extreme level.




He was strapping guys up to lie detector tests in the room. Really like that. Yeah. Nipple clamps like you know, when saving Silverman when the guy lights up.




It's like I could actually see a hockey coach doing that again, a polygraph. Like he doesn't know how to read it, but he pretends that he does. So it's those to. Would you put Trott's up there.


No, I would know Trott's is a good dude. He's just very system oriented. So LaViolette, I think he's I think he's more of a player's coach and a hard nosed coach.


Although you guys have talked probably about Dry Island on here, haven't you? Dry Island. So Dry Island was something.


So during the Philadelphia fliers, during some of their peak years there, when they had Mike Richards and Jeff Carter and then Chris Pronger came on board, I think that they were known at the time as a bit of a party team where they like to have a fucking good time and get after it.


So the coach ended up proposing, but not consulting that the leadership group about this dry island. So it's like everybody who wants to stop boozing at a point in the season till till, I believe the end of the year was going to join Dry Island. So you go write your name on the board. So a few guys in the leadership group like Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, they were like, no, like Richards is a throwback old school player.


So he's like, no, I'm going out and I'm battling for sixty minutes and I'm grabbing a fucking beer after the game because he never got on dry.


So he never he never joined Dry Island. I don't think I'm not sure if Jeff Carter did or not, but it was just I think it was part of the respect factor, the fact that he didn't consult them, that he was going to do it. Yeah. Which which rubbed them the wrong way a little bit, too.


And and ultimately, I, I don't I don't say this is the final straw, but it ultimately the Jeff Carter that I'm getting trade in the off season of Columbus, Mike Richards ended up getting sent off to L.A.. Well, Jeff Carter ended up in Los Angeles with him because he was over Columbus and about six weeks and they got two cups together.


So that's that's like alcohol persecution. It was like the prohibition in the fliers locker room. That's crazy. If your coach says, like, we're going to form Dry Island, it's totally voluntary. If you want to sign up for this, it's like it was like this.


It's voluntary. But if you're not on it, right, don't, don't, don't. Yeah. Do you. Islander's is the other group. Yeah. I wonder if I wonder if anyone took themselves off like went a race themselves.


Yeah. What are we going, are we going to applaud the DUI islander's there. No I'm actually curious about a little club snapshots mouth. What happens though if you're on Dry Island and you fall off the wagon, fall off the motorboat, whatever you call it, like if you get caught having a ball? I think that that might have been part of the issue to where there were guys on Dry Island who were actually, you know, sneaking a few cocktails.


Maybe they were going for a piss on the team flight and they were doing well. Yeah.


Any pink Whitney's on board. Yeah. Weren't look like a couple of Crown and Coixet separately. I think Whitney's nice plug.


So let's wait. Give me give me your final four. Give me the biz stone cold lead pipe locks for the final four.


You have talked about this on your own. It's just it's just hard early on because I feel like when teams peak a little bit too early, it's it's a negative thing. I think that Vegas it might be Vegas this time. They're getting very good goaltending from Flower right now. They got a wagon of a team up front. They just get contributions deep down the line up and they got a solid back and they got a couple of young bucks. They got that Shay Theodore.


So they're my team in the West. Obviously, I love my coyotes. I'm just trying to be realistic about this.


They're not in the right, are they? Are they are they going to make the playoffs? I think the Giants are going to get that four spot.


OK, so so, you know, who knows? Maybe they can knock off the big boys.


I would probably have to say Tampa. I would say Toronto. And who else who else should I pick the fliers? Yeah, let's go with AC squad, let's go with the fliers. Yeah, we're not they're technically right now outside we're looking it 12, seven and three. Yeah, there are two points back. But it's also weird because everyone's got different games, played like they've played two less games than the penguins, the capitals and the islanders.


We've really don't. This hockey team. Yeah. All right. Let's transition here.


Fighting talk. Yeah, well, I was going to just say. How are you? I'm doing good. I'm doing good. I'm growing up day by day, slowly.


Why are you laughing over there? Hey, I was a late bloomer, man.


I was immature for a long time and I'm trying to figure this thing out. Yeah. You're no longer immature.


Oh, I'm like, still. Yeah, I still am mature. I'm but I'm ahead. Abilio over here. That's true. That's now at least twenty to thirty six. Yeah. But yeah that is true. Where you're thirty six is in 1985. Well see I look older you when you want your birthday.


Eighty five March 11th coming up in a few days.


You're not eight thirty six yet. No I'm turning thirty six in a few days. By the time this comes out maybe I'm thirty six big cats older than you.


Mm hmm. Wow. So he's pretty, he's, he's having a he's got the right, he's got the kids and I've got a kid and he's, he's got a little quarterlife crisis where he's pretending he's twenty eight. Yeah. Things.


He's a great man. Very, very fortunate to be associated with barstool by the way. I think we should plug the pink Whitney Cup that we had today not to try to do it, do it, plug it, go house.


Jake, what did while you called it right with Jake. Jake is unbelievable.


He loves you. Yeah. He had the nice things to say about you on the way back.


I'm hey, listen, I think we talked about it. And should we break it to him now, Jake? Is he in here? No, he's not.


Oh, he's not. So I'll break. But this room is not that big. Forgot what you know. I thought you was totally monitor over there.


But he's going to be joining us now. He's going to be leaving you guys, Jake, whenever Jake, we're never going to become our it's payment for Billy.


Call in with Buddy. OK, so let's get to that. So are you going to fight Billy Football at Rough and Rowdy?


No, we were playing Tommy Sticks today at the house of a guy too nice of a guy.


I tried to keep him away as best as I could there just too much alike. Speaking of betrayal, I was going to say the chemistry between Billy Football and Patty on the coaching bench today was was good.


We had quartzite hotseat, big cat.


Oh, OK, that's fine. They can go off and do anything they want. We had a university ninety 92 year old or nine. We had a great rapport going. He was part of my front office. I was the coach. Billy was our general manager. We're not going to spoil what happened, but Billy and I had a great time coaching hockey.


I love hockey. I like so mad. I played basketball growing up.


Like I think we should put talks on the bottom of those boots and see him next year.


I will learn to skate to play in the cup next year 100 percent. OK, how do you get a tan today when you live in Arizona?


Because we were standing direct, me and Jake, we were buzzing, man. That guy was so good. He was so good at remembering all the names. And even when they threw him a curveball where it was just like random draft. So he had to like figure out all the names of forehand, talk about a professional. Oh, that's what he was.


You don't have any head trauma. That's zero. Now he's the go. He was he was here. He's saying the fact if you don't have CTE, you're able to remember and put much more prepared.


Yeah, no, no. Like just pulling names out from the back of your brain. It was also Billy's way of actually reminding you that Jake didn't play contact sports. He wanted to write anyone any the time. You guys know him better than I know he tries to be all like, oh, Jake's just a nerd.


Because Jake, actually, you know, you probably have it. Well, no, Grinnell does a good job for you guys, but like, you have people in your life who just constantly let you down and then you have people who always come through. Jake always comes through, constantly lets me down.


But so he does think that he has reached on you. Therefore, he could take you one last time you're in a fight. That's the that's the problem.


Last time I was in a fight, I believe was my last ever professional game. And I was like Bambi out there. I had actually so I, I tore my what was I tore my right ACL halfway through the year, ended up trying to come back because I knew that I was going to be my last year at that point. And I tried coming back one game. I knew it wasn't stable enough. So I took another month to like get it strong enough to wear a brace and then finish the season on.


Didn't get well. Sure enough, I come back a few games before playoffs were in San Jose and I get hit from the side in the second period and I feel my other one go and I. I go over to my trainer on my hey, I think I just tore my other ACL and he was like, no. And we went off after the second and he moved around. He's a yeah, you just try to try.


I was like I was OK, but I knew it was my last game. It was emotional. The coach came in. I had that coach in Junior and we also want to call the cops together, not to go back to the fact that, you know, I want to call the cop. Not a big deal or but, you know. I knew it was going to be my last game, so I went out there and finished the game and I was like, bam, because I was falling over because I had no ACL.


And I end up fighting a guy, Zach Sportin, they used to call him Huggy Bear and in the NHL a little bit. But he's he's a tough customer and I would probably give him the edge. And that was my last ever professional fight. And I don't I mean, I've grown up enough to not be fighting in bars and shit now.


So you are fighting on two torn ACL, so that's fucking crazy. Yeah.


Well, it was it was like it was sad.


I was like, this is going to be my last night. It's all over. And, you know, I had no idea what was going to happen. My media career was kind of just like your livelihood has been stripped from you and you're like, oh, shit. Like I got to restart this whole fucking thing.


Did you sit in the locker room for a while with your pads on? No, no, no, not really. I actually hurried up and got on change and put some ice bags on because I was so swollen.


You know, I looked like I looked like the fuckin Michelin Man with all these ice bags on me.


But, you know, did you get did you get surgery on both at the same time? No, I still haven't gotten surgery on my right, but I got ACL on my left and I use the. Is this the patella tendon. Sure. Yeah, this one. And then I got to fix my left one. So that was a loss.


That's another reason why I would be nervous to get in the ring. I got to get my leg strong again before I do anything that's pretty bad ass. So to be like I've just been walking around a torn ACL for the last five years.


So surprisingly, a lot of soccer players play on torn ACL. And the craziest thing about the soccer guys is they're not allowed to use braces either way to soccer guys plan torn ACL.


Yeah, because if you're if you're able to to to get the muscles around it, I think they call it rehab to wear before you actually get ACL surgery. What they recommend doing is allowing the swelling to completely go down and to retrain the muscles around it before you end up going under the knife, because if you do it right away, it just it's a it's not as clean as a recovery. At least that's what they told me. And that's what a lot of people have heard.


So that's why I was the rehab thing seem like a good idea. I just didn't realize I was going to tear the fucking other one when I tried to make a comeback.


Soccer players tougher than you might think. Yeah, I don't know if that's true, though, that soccer players.


Well, I tell you, this is one of them out there that have done it before and they've actually done it without a break because you can't use braises in soccer.


This is why this is why Billy and Biz can't fight. They are the same person. Yeah, like that was a Billy fact. Yeah. Yeah.


I mean, we can't see U.S. troops. I bet your troops are.


No I don't I, I highly doubt that. Like world class.


I love Billy facts don't get me wrong on tornadoes. That's a fun fact. And I might be wrong and if I'm wrong but we don't know how to.


I know we can't we can't prove that or deny.


Yeah, I know that soccer players have come back from surgery in three weeks on a meniscus surgery and played.


Oh, that's different. Jesus. You guys could just go back and forth with facts that, like, no one can really prove. So wait, who is your fight against your last fight? Zach's Tortoni fourteen. He was playing. The most pathetic part about it was they had an NHL team in San Jose and they draw unbelievable for the NHL. They sell it out most nights, but they get like 200 people for a game. So I my last game was played from like 200 people.


OK, I'm watching the last fight. You're squaring the guy up. You're in a couple of rights. I got beat. I so you got to you got to get hold on Jersey. They're swinging. Do you know balance. Do you miss just mixing up. No. Some knocks. No not really. Not you would your journal would be just like racing after a fight.


So what sucked about fighting was I was, I wasn't like a natural fighter. I kind of had to start doing it because I wasn't really good enough as a player to where I had to add it to my bag.


So I would I would just get nervous because I had to fight all these guys who are tougher than me all the time. But yet I knew I had to do it in order to survive and potentially get to the NHL.


So that so my pregame nap, it sucked. I was nervous.


I had a shitty feeling on my stomach the day of games and and you were always the guy like, so was there were you ever on a team where there's another guy like you that could maybe take a little bit of a load off? Or was it just always, hey, it's bizarre. Like when when when we got to fight business coming out to fight?


No. So my my ah, sorry. When we won the Calder Cup, not a big deal. For the third time this episode, we had a guy named Josh Gratton who is was like a superheavy.


So having him on the team is nice, although I was still willing to go calling him a superheavy. No, no, it must've been amazing to have him. So it's like, oh well, he can go do it. Yeah.


To have anybody else at least is equally as tough as you is nice because you can split the split the load and most sometimes teams wouldn't even engage because they were like, hey, these guys got a couple mutans on their squad so we won't even bother. Hell yes.


Like the Bass Brothers. I talk to other guys though, who did the job and they wouldn't get nervous really. Stage. Yeah, they could just do it naturally.


And what how many times did you fight right off of the face off.


Those are my favorite. Like, Hey, you want to go buddy. All right, let's go, buddy. It's just boom. Drop the gloves right off the face off. Yeah.


Because I wasn't a relevant in. Player to where I was out there getting in the mix most nights were some nights in the NHL, a legitimate I two minutes, so they would send you out, they'd be like, Ipis, get out there. You know what you got to do? Yeah. At that point, it didn't have to be told to me. Right.


And then and then fighting in the league became more and more irrelevant for especially for guys who couldn't contribute offensively and who were just knuckle draggers as what I would consider myself at that time.


Now, this is fascinating to me. Sorry for all the questions, but was there ever a time where a guy wouldn't go like you just were sent out there ready to go and he just he just turtled, fell down maybe just before he wouldn't even go?


He just because, you know, you can say no to a fight. Yeah, yeah. Not not often. Sometimes it would, but it's for different reasons. There's like a psychological momentum shift, at least what some coaches think. And I believed in it, too, whereas when you had the lead, you never wanted to engage because you wouldn't want to lose a fight and then potentially lose that momentum. Some people think that's the dumbest thing ever.


Like, what does that have anything to do?


But if it's a let's say it's a home crowd and you're up you're on the roll. Right. It's their home crowd. You're up three one and all of a sudden you lose the fight. Their whole crowd's going nuts. Sure. Sometimes the energy will put another team on their heels. I just think that maybe your team is a little bit mentally weak if that's going to be the deciding factor. Although there's been cases in my NHL career, I remember I had a really good one against Jay Rosehill.


He played for the Philadelphia fliers. He's a lefty, too. He's tough as nails.


I would probably give him slight edge on that one, too, but he was smart about it. So he got out there against our captain, Shane Doan, and he kept taking runs at our skill guy. So at that point we were up three one. I look at our coach and I say I fucking go, this guy like, I can't let this this is embarrassing. I look like a clown right now because he's rubbing my nose and shit in my own building.


So we had a pretty good dust up. I mean, you can be the judge of that. And I still think it was a good scrap. I don't think that the fight lost momentum, but we ended up losing five three.


They scored four and answered, yes, sir, you're up three one.


You guys both got a couple of shots in there.


One thing I love about, like a really good fighter is, you know, you have to have that grasp of the jersey so you can kind of control him with your jab end. And then even if you get beat, if you have a good grasp of that, you can pull the guy down. So he hits the ice like right before you. And then it looks like he won. And then maybe you get a shot, he's down. You get knocked out.




Most traditional hockey hockey viewers and who have watched enough fights can usually vote on who won the fight, who got the best clean shots. And you talked about that reach and grab, though. Yeah, that's that's an important aspect, right. Because that's everything as far as what your balance is off the hop. And there's a funny one you can watch, and I call it Pocan the Bear, but I thought Ryan Reeves in St. Louis to where we got off to a horrible start and he he got the no from his coach, probably because he's like, we have momentum.


I don't want to give it up. And there's no point in fighting you right now. You're probably a liability on the ice.


So I gave him a little kick in the back of the leg. And and sure enough, on that fight, I went in to grab and I missed. But Rivas got such long arms, he got me clean and he just started wailing.


I'm like, no, OK, you started it.


Yeah. And I looked like a clown because I try I poked the bear and but but I agree with you that first grab is so important because it's everything as far as your leverage. And if you miss and the other guy gets it, look out, you're going to be eating and knuckles.


Yeah, he got control. You're pretty good in that. Oh right in the back of the head and then body slam. Yeah.


That was really Masami through the earth's crust. Yeah. I do like the you you know. And then he gave it the belt after the home crowd we got some fucking bananas.


So like in in a Bruins Capitals game from a couple of days ago, one of the young guys in the Bruins went after Ovie Fredricka. Yeah. And Ovie kind of shook him off and was like, I'm just not going to I'm going to stand here. I'm not going to move, but I'm not going to fight you. I think. Oh, we probably heard some of the criticism from the playoffs a couple of years ago when he thought the young kid on Carolina and just like broke his face.


So sometimes you get these ultimate skilled guys like Ovechkin and Ovechkin to bear. He's like 240 pounds. I mean, he is a mammoth of a human being. So he's so skilled and good. Normally, those other guys he's lining up against aren't fighters either. And they if they were going to pick one, it ain't going to be against over you because they don't want to fight a Russian bear.


So this Svetlana Qof poked the bear, as I said earlier, and Ovie just caught him with a with a hard right.


And that's pretty much been the only noise that Olav's heard since as far as challenging them, this Treant Frederich guys trying to make a name for himself. But Onvia bothering himself with with a guy probably of Fredrik's caliber, at least to this point. And I don't know if you guys saw the cupcake afterward, though. He stuck them in the nuts and got a five thousand dollar fine, which I think Olav's got that in his fucking cupholder car. Putin just slid the black.


Yeah, he gave me the blocker. Yeah, that's that's a real thing, right? Yeah, I don't want to be starting rumors here, I have heard from a decent amount of people that, yeah, Putin gives out this like special black card to to a bunch of hardcore Russian Russian athletes who make the country proud. Yeah. In that it could be a complete myth, but I think we should just roll with it.


Yeah, I like about it. Have you seen this? Putin's like hunting lodge. That's basically an entire it's like three billion dollars. That's the whole reason why there's like looks like a Louis Vuitton. It's, you know, not only that one, but there's like this whole you've obviously I've seen yeah. I think it's on the Caspian Sea.


And he keeps saying that it's not his house and it's like it's insane.


It's a it's a whole country. Basically, the whole house is made of marble. It's all the same above. It reads like all these tunnels. There's actually an underground ice rink. He is underground. There's a big hill and underneath it is an ice rink.


And you've seen his game. He's pretty nice. Yeah. Dude, he scored seven goals. Okay, so I don't know if it has ever told this story on your podcast.


This is unbelievable. Where he was playing in Russia.


He showed up to the rink one day and there was these these metal detectors and never was like that. What's going on here? And I think there was a Russian player at the time going into the building and he kept asking them and I don't think he got an answer before they got into the building. But then ultimately, when they're walking in together after going through these metal detectors, he was made aware that he was a Putin Putin.


So Putin had rented out the ice at this at this building that they played out of. And there was a bunch of people in the crowd and it was just Putin on the ice. He was skating around, no goalie, no nothing. And he would just skate down the ice and put the puck in the empty net. And these people who were asked to be there would stand up and start clapping.


But, you know, the players were not allowed to go to the ice to watch the only way we could get out there. He went to where they used to. I saw the sticks to where I think the Zamboni entrance was to where you get a look at what the hell is going on. So there was about four or five hundred people in the crowd. Putin was just skating down to the other end after he picked it up. Other than that score, another one at the same people just keep chalk.


So I'm not a Putin guy. I think I know, right? Yeah, right. I don't think any of us are right.


But that type of story that no one told type of story, though, knowing you, Hank, I tell my parents I love them, is so perfect because if I had that type of money and power, I would do the exact same thing.


I would I would like invite a bunch of ten year olds over to my house and just swap their shit into like the third third row.


That's what I like. Bieber does, right? Yeah. Like he hires people to suck at basketball. Yeah, right.


That would that actually like I would I would build a baseball field and I'd have fucking. I've actually said this to croppies. I was like if I paid you a million dollars a year would you just throw me fucking meatballs and I'd send them to the moon and. And he's like, when I have to pretend I'm try him like, yeah, a million dollars a year, he's like, yeah, I'd do it like, OK, that's what I would do if I could do that and have him just like actually be mad and throw his glove and just fucking moon shot me.


I haven't given any thought as to what I would do if I had that obscene amount of.


It'd be incredible though. You just ask Billy what Billy what would you do if you had that much money by Jose Canseco?


I'd probably buy a farm somewhere.


Chill maybe. Oh, I want Highland cattle. I want to I want a herd of Highland cattle. Look it up. It's sick. Like these super furry cattle. All look like nice looking Khaldiyeh diet here.


Poinar take to have a goats and shit. Yeah, I do. They're sick. OK, I'll take your word for you. Some gentlemen farming. That sounds awesome.


Yeah, I would get you know what I would do? I would get one of those couches that Doc Animal had and Tiger King. Yeah. That's purchasable to the huge the room. That's just a couch. My entire house would just be couch I think.


I think Connew did a good job and I think it's going back to what Billy said, the farm aspect. Did he buy a place in Wyoming? He has these crazy vehicles that can they can go on water land. What else can they fly to? Yeah. Yeah, they can do a bunch of shit. And I think he bought it from overseas and you got to import it.


And it's it's a quite a bit of cash that's actually not so. And then. Right. Sick beats and drops and fire.


Yeah. It's good life. All right, last question. So the robot had fun by the way. It's great to see. So we have the robot. We're going to give you some free robot gear on the way out. Do you do you wear Robeck? It's actually very, very. You're going to like it.


You're going to love it.


The robot question promo code PMT for twenty percent off your first purchase are basic dotcom. And for our guests say we'd like to give you a roback performance cusip on us. Do we have that. We have that somewhere in the it's somewhere in the city.


So actually that's part of the fun is you got to find it in this studio.


The Oh well we can give you that too. There's a bunch of stuff we can give you because you're like, oh that's the last question. Do you like our studio.


What do you like. I love you guys. Studio has a lot of character. I would love to be able to sit down with a spit and check what's podcast's and do a. Live, it just I think that, you know, I living in Arizona, it's not not ideal, I just feel like we have so much more rhythm when we end up meeting up together wherever we are.


We we just went to Florida to. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, it's Bloss. I mean, it's just the flow is so much better. We live in this.


Well, during the last year I don't think we really had a choice anyway doing I think and then we've gotten good enough on Zoome. But there's something about being together.


Yeah. How about this. Here's my last question.


What advice do you have for JJ while moving to Arizona? Well, give him some of some business tips of the trade on this.


Go back for you. I swear to God, I think that Arizona and Scottsdale area mainly is one of the best places to live in the country. It's been very good to me. I'm really grateful that when I was put on waivers that they picked me up because I don't think I could have ever seen myself moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, and for eight months of the year, it's it's unbelievable. But my advice for JJ, what would probably be just be stay away from I mean, he's he's married, right?


He's got a girl. Yeah. I would say it's probably the business.


Sugar, sugar daddy capital. The world's all the away from the thoughts.


Got it. Got it. That's good. I mean, there's a lot of don't bring a go around. Paul Bissonette. Yeah. I've got a girl now guys.


Yeah. He's grown up. Yeah. Farmers. Oh here we go here and here is your roback. What size you are.


Double Axel. Thanks. Bye week. Why don't we give him a size that he actually was going to be joining you with the cycle or what. Yeah. Let's give him an excel. You're not so.


Oh oh. Oh yeah. Well all right. So there it is, a parting gift. We podcast you gone on to give you a parting gift as you go from Roback Arico Backa.


I've been got a live podcast since probably the last time I was in here. Maybe.


Well, no, you just said you did one in Florida last week. Well, yeah, but am I on my own podcast spin podcasts out there.


No one can. It's not a big deal. Yeah, I got a Calder Cup winner, a guy who got traded from a Stanley Cup team.


Quebec peewee championship. Yeah. In 97 and maybe the most gregarious raconteur of all time in Reracked. He's he's won more Stanley Cups than probably anyone.


That's true. He's he's been with a lot. One thing about our aura is, is the Forrest Gump of the hockey world and every single Stanley Cup celebration, he's like behind the scenes, just, you know, getting a picture in there. I think he's got one with, I know, Detroit. He's got a picture with Darren McCarty. And then they tossed him out of the room and a couple other. But it's been a fun, dynamic man.


He's such an interesting guy. And like I said earlier, I'm just grateful to be part of this bar stool family.


Walk me walk me through real quick the toe cheese incident that happened. And how have you guys recover from that?


And also, is Meems ever coming back? Meems got deleted off Instagram. He broke too many rules. So he's he's in purgatory right now. I think I think what guys is trying to work out is a 30 day suspension. So we hope that guy's got some strings.


We got to get him back. Yeah, he's he's one of a kind. So coaches the coaches incident was just RJ rubbing his coaches on with and sometimes hours it's a little bit oblivious and and now has got some fungus that he can't get rid of rubbing.


It was he was rubbing his foot on on Aura's foot.


He started wearing sandals on and he he just coaches and then he sees and then when.


Yeah. And then he and then he gave him the fishhook so then his mouth. But it was like Absent-Minded he did it right. But then you watch back on the replay and you're like holy shit.


What is now living in a bubble in quarantine. So you can't get a new coronavirus to do a live podcast anymore. Oh my God. Filaret ruined.


Billy, thank you for not ever doing that to us. Yeah.


Oh, well, you guys you guys thought you had a bad. Yeah, no, we don't billies. Fine. Thanks for having me guys.


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That's 25 percent off. That's a huge deal. I don't recall them ever giving us 25 percent off. I think that's the biggest number they've ever given us that they've ever passed along to the award winning listeners. Yet 25 percent off. Wait.


Sign up today. Norton Dotcom.


All right, let's wrap up. We got guys on chicks. I love Paul Paul's best business. The best. He's fucking awesome. Great to have him in person, too. Are you ready? Yeah.


I think we should start to brainstorm on maybe some new we're starting to run a lot of fakes, a lot of kind of.


Yeah, I'm down. So we should maybe think think of some new ideas if any.


A.W. also have ideas for the end of Wednesday shows where you can say bring back Jimbo's. That's a Friday thing. Fridays we're.


Yeah, maybe Drew most of us we could. Yeah. Just keep it something to keep on your minds or some more real stuff, you know.


I don't know. Yeah.


I agree with you some a or something you know.


Oh hey fellows, when should the woman start paying. When they first start seeing a guy. I've been on four dates now with one guy and I'm feeling pretty bad that I haven't offered to pay once.


All you have to do is the reach. Just just make me think that you're attempting to. That's that's really what guys are looking for is the gesture. I think it's one I think like after four dates said four dates. I think like somewhere in the next few. And it doesn't have to be some crazy, you know, big dinner.


But yeah, I would I would throw down once I feel like the schedule is the guy pays for the first few dates. Maybe after a couple of them you do the fake reach for the tab, the guy still pays. And then when you have like dinner at one of your homes, a lot of times that's the first time where the girl is like, I want to make you dinner. Like your Burger King. I'm Burger King. Well, because there are women out there who are great chefs, sometimes unappreciated, right?


That's right. That's when you want it percent. That's when you load up on the wine. That's when you load up on a nice dish. And that's your way because you're putting your heart and soul into it.


Yeah, I like that. Depends on who chooses the restaurant. Oh also cometrue. Yeah. Yeah. I mean if you choose. Yeah. If she's like hey I want to take you out or hey let's go here. Yeah.


OK Billy. That's good Ed..


Hey Big Cat M.D. Ribs Mr. 35 and Ria's both my boyfriend of two years listens to every one of your episodes on his way to work.


We've been living together for a few months and he had the same job for the same amount of time.


Well, he wants to move somewhere closer so he can match his commute to your episode length.


He says that he hates not having to you guys to listen to on Tuesdays and Thursdays because he listens to half on his way to work and the other half on his way home on Monday, Monday, Wednesday, Friday.


He's actually looking it up. He's actually looking at houses and new jobs that would make it so we can listen to your episodes every day of the week. Is this normal? Please help.


We need to go a little longer than normal. Yeah, either that or on Tuesdays, Thursdays, listen to the Yak and Mercado's or just put it on half speed.


Yeah, put on half speed. We'll sound drunk. We can go longer for this guy. But I like that. I like the commitment to get a little bit. I mean he's just asking to get a shorter commute, which is a good thing no matter what. So I don't think he has to say it like, hey, I'm doing it because of PMT. Just say, hey, shorter commute is better period.


Yeah, that's what's kind of messed up about podcasting is back in the day when you used to drive to work, you would have a rhythm going. So I knew that I would start my drive right when what's his name was going to be playing the the parody song on Mike and Mike in the morning walking I think Joaquin was going to do is trivia, sometimes a buzzer only. And then by the time I would get to work, it would be immediately at like the second commercial break.


But now you can't you can't time anything out that way.


Yeah, well, you could just listen to Graney all day. Every day. That's true.


Green greenies always there. Yeah, he's always on. My recommendation is just Mike Greenberg is always on at any hour of any day. So just listen to that. Yep.


He's like the eternal flame. Hmm. Hey guys. Specifically Big cat. My boyfriend constantly drips up on his boxers after peeing. It's like he doesn't know how to shake.


I think it's disgusting. But every time I bring it up, he just shrugs. What can I do to get him to stop?


So skulking around in his boxer shorts specifically for me, how did how did she know that I have that problem?


I don't know.


You look like a small drop of pee on the front of your body. I mean, I do guilty as charged. You saw me all the time. You really do. Yeah. I just get in and get out.


I don't I'll do no horn shake. Yeah. Sometimes I. I do. Well no hands. Yeah. Yeah. So guilty as charged.


I would say don't shame him. It's just a little pee and guess what, he's efficient. I'm an efficient guy and it's sterile.


Yeah. Listen if you're a man on the go you don't always have time for the third shake. Right are like that guy that we talked about a couple of weeks ago that uses toilet paper to wipe his dick after a piece, that guy's slow, lazy. He's always late to shit. Yeah. What are you doing? Wipe your dick again. Yep. Mm hmm.


It's also like sometimes when you turn a shower off, but something is leaking out, like sometimes the pee is done. It just you have no choice. It just comes out five minutes later.


Are you OK? It's just leaks out. Yeah, well, it's going to leak. You have to. Have you had a test recently. I like that.


The oil just leaking a little piece. Yes. Over you walk in and just, you know, goes out. It's actually a mockery out of your dick. Yeah.


It's more of an efficient male. If you just have a wide urethra that's always constantly I can hold my bladder at ologist.


When you have a child's bladder, we all know that comes out.




I mean, I was making a joke that you just I was rude. Do you have a child's body? Yeah. I mean, you do. Are you saying you don't have a child's bladder?


I was in I was trying to you know. Would you say that you have a strong water? Yeah. Really? Yeah. I don't know. I my PC's hard.


Oh. Oh yes. Hard. Yeah. When do you go. You go balls to the wall.


We were in extreme strength competition. Oh so you got a wide hole and I just push hard. Maybe that maybe got a jacked up prostate. Maybe you got you swollen since the end like a hose so.


Yeah no I put my finger on the tip, I dig deep, bend my knees a little bit and just go hard.


Yeah. We should invent a penis quirk that just like it stays in place all day. Have them already. What. They're stones. Yes.


Well yeah but that's like that's coming from inside. They don't, the stones don't block the pee. I'm saying some of that goes in the end just like, like a wine bottle. You cork it up or like a champagne bottle so it goes leak.


You go to the bathroom and you shake it a couple of times.


Are you still are you still stoned? I'm stoned. Yeah, I have an ultrasound actually. When I next week we'll do a gender reveal from a kidney stone. Yeah. Yeah. They're going to, they're going to figure out because they're not sure if there's one that's that's said the same place as the vasectomy.


Just or two for one.


Yeah. You know what that's actually it's similar to that except if they want to destroy the kidney stones they have to go up there and then shoot a laser like Armageddon, break them up. And then apparently that is they've told me that that would be Leakage City afterwards. So I'm trying to avoid that at all costs. But I think I'll be good. I think the Stones are small enough. I can piss them out. All right.


Two more. Hey, Bobcat, PFG and Huncke. My boyfriend recently got laid off from his job and moved to Colorado. He broke up with me shortly after getting laid off and said he needed time to grow as a man. What should I say to get him to return to the Northeast and isn't normal for guys to pick up and move after losing their job? Thanks.


Yeah, guys are always on the lookout for that one point in life where they can just do something we like. Sometimes it takes kicking the ass to make any sort of move.


Getting fired is the perfect opportunity to do something like that. And plus, once you go to Rada, you don't come back.


Yeah, I think you got to let him go and never, never worry about him again because he when he said he wanted what was the quote he needed time to grow as a major wants to fuck.


So just I find someone else who respects you and treats you the way the queen as a queen that you are. And when you if you were to come back from Colorado, he wouldn't be the same. He'd be different. He'd be wearing sweaters like what Hank's wearing right now. He'd have like a flat brim hat on all the time. I like that sweater.


He no, it's a great sweater. I'm just saying it's a very Rodo sweater. I like that sweater. Thank you. I'll save it for fire fest, but what a weird day for me. Why, what happened are, say, too early. I got a haircut and the amount of gas that I've been receiving.


Oh, yeah. I mean, everyone clapped because I was uncomfortable. But then, yes, I walked in because I got one clap. Right. Which was like, you know, I was kind of funny. But then I've been walking around and everyone's like stopped me like, oh my God.


That means your hair was terrible, right? Yeah, right. But no one told me you're on the other side.


Because, Hank, I'll be real honest with your new haircut. It's a it's a decent haircut. It's like to think it's great. Well, it's a decent haircut.


That's the fact people are freaking out about that. Totally normal, decent haircut is like, wow, I really must have looked like for home alone before.


Right? Yes, right. All right. Last one. So you're mad that we can say anything, but I thought you'd kind of given up.


I thought we all just have to be honest.


That's been I thought I was just like, you know, coronavirus pandemic. Like, you were just you just kind of had thrown in the towel.


I was boiling over. Like, you look at my sick flow, which no one really. Oh, no. I gave it it. I was it's like I'm going to give Hank space because he just doesn't care anymore. So I'ma let him do his thing, like once you were there recently and that was the turning point.


Yeah, RIA absolutely hated it.


And I was like, no, it's cool. Like now I'm not going to pretend to be nice, like I hate it. Yeah. And she was like, you know, proven, right. Yeah. Yeah.


There's no big time. Does Normy recognize you? Yeah, of course. She's like, I better behave myself because my real dad's here. Yeah. The fuck ups. You got to work hard for you of course.


Oh that's been happening recently. Oh you just gave me a look like.


Yeah, there's this, you know I've been doing some testing and it's oh no, no.


It's been jerking him out real. He's gone last week and the humps were like significantly higher.


So I think he just like it's something about a girl being around or not being around dogs.


I don't know, man. I'm kind of. Yeah, you know, I'm just looking at this. I'm looking at the stats, the numbers like REI's come home and he hasn't been humping like crazy. Reia was gone. He was going nuts on his fucking hammer.


So you got to be like, yo naum like that's your mom, dude. Yeah.


I just threw some porn on and he stopped me. All right, last one. Sup boys. Especially Curry ruined. Pfft at curry ruined.


Oh, I don't know. My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. Whenever he sees me, you always say hello, my sweets in a baby voice, and I've always found it to be cute and endearing. We recently went to visit his parents covid safe, of course.


Who cares? And why should we care. Yeah, don't. Yeah, but no. But who cares for this. Yeah. Like I don't. You didn't even care that you do it but I don't care that you added it in this.


Upon arriving we were greeted by his parents. When are we going to send the police like well hey actually if you send the guys on Jicks in recently and you haven't told us that you recovered safe, we have sent the police to your house.


Wait, so your boyfriend's dick leaks, but is he wearing a mask? Well, it leaks.


Upon arriving, we were greeted by his parents and more importantly, his child, the dog we greeted.


That seems like that wasn't safe.


As the dog went to greet him, I overheard him say hello, my sweet, in the same exact tone and voice to his twelve year old border collie.


I didn't pay much mind to it, but he kept saying it across the whole weekend repeatedly. Also, he didn't say it to me once while we were there. It has been bothering me ever since. Am I like a dog to him?


Should I say something or should I just let it go and forget it?


Not so. I think guys just have kind of two modes stuff that you really like and stuff that you don't really like. And if it's something that you really like, you have like one go to thing whenever you act around.


This is actually a huge compliment. Yeah, this is like he loves you as much as he loves his dog. That's a huge company.


It might not sound like it to you, but it actually is the it's the nicest thing that we can ever do. If you did it to a cat.


Different story, but a dog. Come on, let it let it fly. Does he pick up your shit? That would be a major move. I would be very. That would be too far. Too far. All right, Billy, Alberta, Canada is the largest population in the world that is rat free.


I did know that.


Actually, I knew that they actually have fines, too. Yeah, no rats. Yeah, they have fines, if you like.


I think someone brought a rat like a bunch of rats and they the guy had to go to jail. Yeah.


That's a found really. FACT's back to Bill. That's a fucked up like going to Alberta and bringing your own rat. Yeah.


Ninety nine. Eighteen eight, 77. I actually got seventy said a lottery machine.


Right. Didn't thirty to forty pound. I said no me too actually five times zero eight twenty point eight eight. Oh wait that's ninety nine. Did you get that. Ninety nine. Did you get it too. Oh my God no.


What did you say. Well no way.


I always say ninety nine. Wow. Wow. That's not sixty six. Let me see, let me see what I mean. I mean the line on the bottom line. On the bottom. Yeah. 99. That's 99. Wow. I'm two for two in my last two. Welcome to the club. Ho ho. Yeah you did Jupitus. No, just welcome to the club. OK, who's the club million? Billy and Jake, what are the odds of that?


Wow. Two in a row. Two in a row. Well, it's. No, I'm not. Thank you. This is I tell you what, this guy's about to get hot in gambling. This guy's about to get hot and gambling at the right fucking time. Love you guys. Outtalking, Ali. To say and say, that is today is a day to find John. I'll be coming for your love, a shiny. The upcoming book is Lovo.


Take me out, I'll. Needless to say, I'd sit in for of and the applying is OK, say to me, it's better to be safe than sorry. Say to me it's better to be safe than sorry, Takai. Oh, oh, oh. You all got to remember he shot in a. I'll be coming for you anyway. I'll be coming for you anyway. Take on me. Take me up on. Because. It's pardon my tape presented by bar stools.