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Hey, pardon my take, listeners. You can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime members can listen ad free on Amazon Music. The reviews are in for McDonald's hotter juicier burgers.


Let's hear what Hamburglar has to say.


What our old friend Hamburglar said is the patties are juicier.


The bun is a thing of beauty.


The cheese perfectly melted.


Bravo. My burger dreams have come true. You heard him, folks. These are McDonald's best burgers ever.


A comparison of McDonald's classic burgers to prior burgers.


On today's part of my take, we have our good friend Peter Schrager from good morning football in person. We're in New York City. You probably, if you're watching on YouTube, you're seeing this and it's like, hey, where are these guys? Well, we are in New York City. We're in one of the pod rooms. Hank is producing. We're going to talk championship Sunday. Little preview for the two big games on Sunday to see who's going to the big game. You like that? Super bowl? Big game going to the Super bowl. The Super bowl trademark registered. Very excited for that. We have Firefest. We're going to talk Doc Rivers to the bucks. We had a great Friday show, one of the last, second to last penultimate football weekend of the year. Man, that's sad. But it's all.


Don't forget about the Pro bowl.


That's true.




Pro bowl, baby. Flag football. We are doing this show together with Apple TV. This message comes from master of the air on Apple TV. Plus, from the executive producers behind band of brothers in the Pacific comes the next masterpiece about the pilots who fought in the skies against Hitler in World War II. This is PFT's show. Austin Butler takes flight in the nine episode limited series. It's a thrilling and emotional epic that is not to be missed. I actually think this show is so up your alley. Pft. I wouldn't be surprised if you did like a dream board like a couple years ago about this show.


I did.




I had Kyle Sloder piloting one of the aircraft. But besides, uh, man, it sounds awesome. I can't be. You know what? I think planes are having a moment.


They are.


You had Top Gun maverick.


You've got this boeing, you've got that.


Lady that got kicked off for farting on the plane. A lot of stuff about planes recently on this podcast. People who have been on planes.




So this show is going to be awesome. I cannot wait. It is out on January 26, which is right now when you're listening to this. So go check it out. Apple TV plus experience. Masters of the air. Only on Apple TV plus now streaming. Go watch it. We're going to watch it. Probably talk about it, because it's going to be an unbelievable show. Masters of the air. It is a show about pilots flying over the skies against Hitler in World War II. Masters of the air. Only on Apple TV. Now streaming. Okay, let's go. Now.


In the street, there is violence and then a lot of work to be done no place to hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh, no we gonna rock down to electric I venue and then we take it higher oh, we.


Gonna rock down to electric pardon my take.


Vision about Barcelona sports.


Welcome to pardon my take. Today is Friday, January 26, and Henry Lockwood is producing this show. Hey, throwback. Yeah, we're in a little throwback state. We're in New York City. We were traveling Wednesday night. We have rough and rowdy coming up tonight. If you buy it or you're going to see this afterwards, you can still buy it all weekend. But, Hank, it's a throwback. When was the last time you fully produced the show?


It's been a while. Probably a year.


Are you in charge of pressing the button?


I'm not in charge of pressing the button.


That's still Max.


Yeah, I'm recording the show. We're sending all the files back to Chicago and not fully producing, editing the show.


Do you remember, Hank? Like, I actually think about it, how crazy it was that you did all of the producing and editing of this show. For how long?


Two, three years alone. Probably three years.


Jesus Christ. Like, thinking about back when we would do the Sunday episodes, and it would be one in the morning, and it was just Hank. He's just like, I got to just grind this whole thing.


The craziest was when we did the first grit week tour, and I was the only one that really knew how to operate the bus, so I was also taking care of the bus.




And then we would do interviews, and I would film them, record the audio, and do all that stuff. That was bad.


You don't get enough credit.


You would also have to empty the septic tank on the bus.




Sometimes maxim memes, I feel like they give me a little bit of, like, you don't do shit around here. And I'm like, back in my day, I was doing all this on my own. They sometimes try and make me feel bad for. And I leave. I'm like, all right, see, you guys. And I can feel that, like, fuck you.


The resentment. Yeah, on the first and in my.


Head, I'm like, I don't feel bad at all. 1 second.


I remember we would show up to places for an interview, and we'd tell the people, I think we said this to, who's the coach that we interviewed at Youngstown? Trestle. When we go into Trestle's office, we're like, yeah, we need about five minutes to get our cameras and stuff set up. And Hank would just give us this look like, what?


You fucking assholes. We don't need five minutes. It's just me. I'm carrying everything. You're right, though, Hank. They should not give you any guff, have any resentment. This podcast was built on the blood, sweat, and tears of one Henry Lockwood.


And also on the blood, sweat, and tears of me and big cat having to call Henry Lockwood at 01:00 in the morning to wake him up so that he could record the show.


Once I went on a boat.


It's one time you went on a boat on a Saturday. All right, so we're here in New York a little bit different. We're going to talk about conference championship. We do have our friend Peter Schrager in person, which is great. We get to catch up with him.




Before we get into the games in the NFL this weekend, we should talk a little bit about the other sports that are going on. Doc Rivers, officially the Milwaukee Bucks head coach. It's weird because ESPN got rid of Jeff van Gundy. Doc Rivers is like, yeah, I'm in, I'm ready. And then what? Halfway through the season, he's back in.


Coaching, and the Celtics got Jeff Van.


Gundy and the Celtics got, wait, he's.


Like a special assistant.


Oh, that's funny.


Yeah, he's like an advisor type role.


Be careful with it. Yeah, doc Rivers just kind of installed himself from being an advisor to now head coach. Yeah, I feel bad for Adrian Griffin. I feel really bad for him. Like, you work your entire life as a coach to get a job coaching an NBA team, and they fire you after, what, 43 games, and you have a good record. I feel bad for him. Obviously, it wasn't working out to the point that they wanted. What are they in second place in the conference?


They're currently in second place.


Yeah, I feel bad for him. They're kind of like, blaming him for the lack of defense on the Bucks, which. Do you know what happened in the offseason? Do you remember the personnel change?




Drew holiday.




And you got dame not exactly a lockdown perimeter defender, and then you bring in a first year coach and you're like, yeah, we're going to fire you because this advisor behind the scenes has been telling us that he wants to be a coach. And then I don't know if you saw the reports that WOJ was doing on ESPN, on sports center, they were like, woj, can you talk us through how this whole situation played out behind the scenes? WoJ spent like 3 hours going on various shows refining his message over and over again. I saw the first one that he did, and he was stumbling all over himself because he was like, yeah. And then after they decided to make the move on from Griffith at that point, then the Bucks front office made contact with Doc Rivers agent, and things have just gone really quickly since then. And then by the end of it, he had it down to a science where he was, you know, the representative from Doc Rivers made contact with the Bucks at this time. He had, like, the timeline nailed down. Doc Rivers was running this whole thing behind.


So the only reason I don't feel bad for Adrian Griffin and the doc Rivers part is annoying. Like he was kind of set up to fail. The fact they brought in Doc Rivers and he had his eyes on coaching that team probably from the first 2nd he walked in the facility. But the only reason I don't feel bad for Adrian Griffin and I might be minimizing the job of a coach in the NBA, but his only job was to make Giannis like him. And maybe Giannis never gave him a shot. Maybe Giannis was just never going to like him. But if you could just get Giannis to like you, you won't get fired. And so whatever he should have been like, forget scheme, forget how I'm going to coach, just become Giannis's best friend, and I will at least have a shot.




I would imagine that Giannis was asked about this transaction.


I would say that all the reports is they didn't really see eye to eye from the jump, but I still.


Feel bad for him.




Like, as a person, oh, you got.


To remember, he's got probably a family. They got to move, change schools, millions of dollars. But that doesn't, you know, he still gets paid, right? He still gets paid. Probably if they win the championship, he gets a ring.


Should get a ring.


He should absolutely get a ring.




I feel bad for the guy, just on a human level, having that happen behind the scenes. I think you're probably right that if Giannis liked him, right, if he was a disappointing head coach. Let's say they were in like 4th, 5th place in the conference, but Giannis liked him. They probably would not make this move because they're thinking the back of their heads. We got to keep this guy happy, right?


If you want to keep your job in the NBA for a couple of years, you could either, one, be so good that they can't fire you, or two, make the star of the team love you. So I feel like, I don't know, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I think I could become best friends with Yanis if he gave me a shot.


You think so?


Yeah. Whatever you want, Yanis. Whatever offense you want to run, whatever you want to do. We'll just do what you want to do.


He and I would simply go to raising Canes every day and order 50 chicken tenders.




Be like, hey, Yanis, you got any other siblings you want on the team, let me know. I can get everyone. Your son, you want to put him on the team?




Done. Yeah, no problem. So, yeah, that was the big news we also had in coaching. Jim Harbaugh has officially been named the coach of the San Diego Chargers. I did say San Diego Chargers because he played there, and I feel like that is just, they should just be the San Diego Chargers because it's not really like Jim Harbaugh coming home when it's the LA Chargers. We had the fun wrinkle of the famous Chargers. Man, I got to find my wife. I'm so hungry for some PF Chang's tweet that the Chargers account, if people don't know, the Chargers Twitter account in, like, seven was just run by a guy who would just do his personal tweets. A lot of tweets about pf changs. Fun wrinkle. Jim Harbaugh met his wife in a parking lot at a PF Changs. I love that.


Time is a flat circle.


Time is a flat circle. So maybe that was Jim Harbaugh running the account. I think Jim Harbaugh will be in a Super bowl within the next five years with the Chargers.


So Harbaugh is a great coach, a great NFL coach. There's like a clock that you have to put on Harbaugh, and we love him. But if you are like a GM, if you're another football guy in that front office, Harbaugh, and you will probably get along really well for the first couple years, then there will be an incident, and Harbaugh will not like you anymore because you're not enough of a football guy for him. And then after a while, things are probably not going to end fantastically out there when it does end. But you definitely have like a four or five year span where you guys are going to be an awesome football team and Harbaugh is going to be a very good head coach.


And actually, I think he'll have more time this time. It depends on how they structure it with, like, does Harbaugh get to call the shots GM wise? Because that was the big thing in the Niners. He had the power struggle with the GM and that's kind of with Trent balky and that kind of fell apart. I just think that once he starts winning, which he will do, I think his career NFL record is like over 70%.


Yeah, it is.


He will win. Justin Herbert will look good. They will go deep into the playoffs and winning cures all. And if there is one franchise that Jim Harbaugh could change how we perceive them, the Chargers, whether it be toughness, injuries, like just bad luck, it's Jim Harbaugh. Like, he's going to make them a tough team instantly. And Justin Herbert's a very good quarterback. So, yeah, start the clock. Five years. I say five years. He will be at least in a Super bowl. It's hard to win a Super bowl once you get there. He will be in a Super bowl within five. It was. It's nice that Jim Harbaugh is trying to fulfill the prophecy of winning a Super bowl so that not only can he sit at the big kids table, but he could have one over his brother. We played the old clip of when we had John on and he was talking about how Jim Harbaugh would just hold his head underwater when they were adults. They would wrestle in the ocean and he would hold his head underwater and he could feel that that was maybe because of the Super bowl.


Yeah, I think that there was definitely. It had an impact on Harbaugh deciding to go to the Chargers. The fact that they play the Ravens next year. Yeah, I think Harbaugh saw that and he's like, yeah, you know what? I want my revenge ASAP against my brother. And the press release was pretty great that the Chargers put out. Just said, jim Harbaugh is football personified.


Yeah, they were doing some great football. Yeah, he is a football. He's told us many times. All he wanted to do from the very young age was play football till he can't play football. He wants to coach football, then he wants to die.


Yeah, he probably wants to be buried inside of a football.




As a coffin. Just like get chocolate football.


For everyone.


Yeah, maybe get like 30 footballs and just put his ashes in all those and then throw them out into the ocean.


I'm jealous. I'm jealous of the Chargers. He will fix them right away. Now Michigan. It's weird that people are like, he's leaving a mess in Michigan. I get it because of the NCA and there might be some sanctions coming. He just won a national title. He beat Ohio State three years in a row. If you're a Michigan fan, you sign up for that 100 times out of 100. No matter what happens after this, you just won your first outright national title since 1948. I think every single fan base would be like, yep, sign me up. Okay, we get sanctions. Oh, we're going to suck for a few years.


Who cares?


Who cares?


Mission accomplished.


Mission accomplished.


Paying the banner. He did what he was brought in to do. And congrats to Michigan. You're probably pretty happy if you're a Michigan fan. Like, you're not happy that he left, obviously. But the way things worked out, you make that trade every single time. It's definitely worth it for you guys.


And I think he finishes three and one against Ryan Day, possibly because I know he couldn't beat urban. I think he was three and five overall. It might actually be three and o against Ryan Day because they canceled the COVID year. But either way you have that over. Like, Jim Harbaugh can be like, I did it. I came back. It took a little bit longer than I expected, but we beat the fuck out of Ohio State every single year and we won the national title.


Fantastic football coach. And it's going to be interesting to see how the Chargers deal with Patrick Mahomes. He might be the best quarterback of all time.


They're going to just have to beat him.


They're just going to have to beat Patrick Mahomes. Do you think that's part of the application process for somebody that's going to the AFC west? What's your plan to take care of this guy?


It is great that Harbaugh because when we're talking to different people being like, what job is most attractive? It's like, well, you don't want to be in the AFC because of Patrick Rahomes, Josh Allen, Joe Burrow, Lamar Jackson, CJ Stroud. All these guys are going to be good for the next ten years. You really don't want to be in the AFC west. And Harbaugh is like, bring it. Yeah, fucking bring it. Human body craves contact.


AFC west. Great coaches out there.


Great coaches.


And yeah, I'm very excited to see how his return is to the NFL. NFL is better when you got Jim Harbaugh coaching in it. He gets people amped up. He's going to get the city amped up. I'm interested to see how he's going to deal with being like the little brother in their own get.


Are they not? They're not. I'm thinking of the Clippers. They're not building a new stadium.


He's going to be pretty upset when he walks in and he sees like, all this ram shit everywhere. Yeah, he's going to have to. We're going to have to put up some Chargers stuff.


He might be the one who could bring back the Chargers to San Diego.


He might bring back.


I also. I just want to say I need.


An update on how that Chargers fan is doing right now. Yeah, the plant.


He's probably very excited. Oh, the plant. Yeah, she's going crazy.


She's nuts. She's crying.


I know that there's a lot of fake news. Twitter accounts, people reporting stuff like the weird, like football insider Twitter account or whatever NFL rumors. NFL notifications did say. We've been told that Jim Harbaugh had real interest in coaching Caleb Williams in Chicago. GM Ryan Poles decided to run it back with Matt Eberflus and Harbaugh ended up in LA. I know this is probably fake, but it still hurts my feelings. I just want it on the record.


It should.


It hurts my feelings.


It should.


I mean, imagine. Imagine Caleb and Harbaugh together. Pretty good.


Man. Man. All right. Anything else before we get to the games?


The Falcons are interviewing everyone.




Vrabel and Belichick are going for the same head coaching job.




And am, my four year old son. Chris and Blake are tracking Arthur Smith's jets.




And it's kind of a weird thing because they've also interviewed the defensive coordinator for the Panthers. But they flew out, they picked up Vrabel, flew him to Atlanta, and then they put him back on their jet and they flew him to his next interview with that.


Actually, that actually makes sense because no one wants a Carolina job. So they're like, yeah, fine, we'll treat you so well. We don't care.


You can go talk to them.


Yeah, it's actually like.


It's like dropping a hoe off at her next dick appointment. It's like, here you go. I know you're not going to stick with that guy.


Yeah, right. It's seeing apartments and, like, a real estate agent will show you a really shitty one. And then they'll show you one that's, like, marginally bigger and like, holy fuck, this is a lot of. They just. That's all perspective.




No, go. You can even put on a Panthers hat. You can go pretend to be on that team. You're not going to want to stay there.




I'm going to show you this penthouse, and then I'm going to take you in my Mercedes coupe that I drive for all the appointments. I'm going to take you to the worst slum in New York City.




Go check this one out.


Enjoy the cockroach. Let us know how it goes. Let us know when you to come back for a second.






So I'm not too worried about that.


No one else is interviewing Belichick, though.


Well, yeah, so we're going to have Schrager on. So we'll ask him, like, is there a chance Belichick doesn't get a job this year?


That'd be interesting.


We're going to have to ask him that. We'll get into all that because that will be very interesting if he doesn't get a job this year. Okay, let's get into some games. Championship Sunday. I fucking love championship Sunday so much. Just the idea of teams punching their ticket to the Super bowl. It is brought to you by our friends at Supercuts picks and preview segment. You want a free haircut after this year's big game? Well, if the big game's final score meets or beats 75 points, you could win a free haircut at supercuts. They're running a deal. Why 75? Because Supercuts has been cutting America's hair since 1975. And 75 just so happens to be the highest ever score of the big game. Was that Eagles Patriots feel like that was 75, right?


41 33.




77 four.


So what was it? Can we look up what the actual game was? So we're looking for the. Over on the super.


28 to 30.


Super cut, 28 to 62.


Supercuts high score of 75 points for the chance to catch free cuts at Supercuts salons nationwide. Head to To register, read the terms and conditions. And for eligibility, it had to have been one of the Cowboys blowouts, right?


49 ers samples, San Francisco over San Diego. 49 26.


Jerry Rice went off. Natron means business, January 95. Steve Young getting the monkey off his back.


Yeah. Okay.


So head over right now. Supercuts get your hair cut and root for that on the big game Sunday. 75 points since they've been cutting hair since 1975. Head to to register. Read the terms and conditions and for eligibility. This is basically a free bet, so go check it out right now. Head to to register. Okay, boys. Championship Sunday the Kansas a Chiefs are going to Baltimore, the first ever championship game in Baltimore in Ravens history, which is pretty crazy. A team that's won two Super Bowls in the last 25 years is hosting their first AFC championship game, also the first time since 2017 that the AFC championship game won't be in Kansas City, which is just a wild thing to just think about that it was five years in a row that it was just like, yes, they'll have the AFC championship game. How are we feeling about this game? I feel like the Ravens are the better team, but it's Patrick Mahomes.


That's exactly what it comes down to.


That's my analysis.


It's Patrick Mahomes versus the entire city of Baltimore right now.




They're bringing back the legends. You're going to have Ed Reed there. You're going to have Ray Lewis there. Jonathan Ogden is going to be the captain. Michael Phelps is dropping off the game ball.


Hell yes.


You've got Stavi, baby. Ronnie, you mean Ronnie Ronie is going to be there. They're going to have Terrell Suggs, who said that he's going back. Didn't Terrell Suggs also play for the Chiefs? I think he might have. That might be an all time. Like, I can't believe this guy played for this team.




But yeah, it's going to be Baltimore against Patrick Mahomes and Baltimore is a better team.


2019 Chiefs also 2019 Cardinals.


Oh, that's weird. That's really weird. Yeah. It's basically the entire Ravens franchise against Patrick Mahomes because they're the better defense, they're the better overall offense, but they don't have Patrick. They have the MVP, but they don't have Patrick.


Patrick Mahomes. And it's Hank. Sorry to bring up Tom Brady here, but it does feel like that type of game where we could, in my heart of hearts, I do think the Ravens are the better team. They're going to win on Sunday. But if we're sitting here on Sunday night and we're like, the Chiefs are going to the Super bowl again, it's going to be very similar to a Tom Brady. Like, how do they do it? Oh, yeah. Patrick Mahomes.


Oh, yeah.


Tom Brady. Like, there's no explanation for it. It's just Patrick Mahomes somehow had the ball late and he was able to drive them down and win the game. And if you're a Ravens fan, that has to just be keeping you up at night because again, I do think they all around more rest better, they're healthier. The Chiefs got a bunch of injuries in know Joe Thuney might not play, which is going to be huge in terms of pressure up the middle. It doesn't matter, though, because it's Patrick.


Mahomes, and if he does play, that's a pretty significant injury for an offensive lineman to be dealing with. He's got the strained, which means like partially strained Pec muscle, which you use a lot if you play offensive line. Obviously they also have gay. Gay is hurt, not injured, but he's going to try to play. But it's like a stinger in his neck. It's a neck situation, which might impact him and he's going to be a big factor because he's the spy.




So he's going to spy Jackson, which.


Doesn'T really work with Lamar Jackson.


It doesn't, but it's good to have the spy there.


You need to spy and then you need to do a hybrid spy and then just let him loose because if you spy Lamar Jackson, he will just stand there and then when he wants to move, you're going to be like flat footed. Oh, fuck, where am I going? How can I. You can't spy him the only way so fast.


You just need him. You need a player that's as fast as Lamar spy to counter Lamar and as good a runner. But if they have to go to a backup, I do think it's going.


To impact a little and it's. I think the Ravens will be able to run the ball. I think that's their key is because the chief secondary is pretty damn good with Snead and McDuffie. They've done a very good job and I think maybe just run the ball down their throat. You saw the Bills have a little success with that. And then on the other side, you just have to hope that doesn't just, he isn't just what he has been his whole career, which is the best quarterback in the world.




Because I do think the Ravens defense is going to give a lot more of a fight than we saw from the Bills or the. A little, we're a little skewed because you have to play the game in your head. Like we saw the Chiefs offense be broken for the majority of the regular season, then they get to the playoffs and it looks like, they're fine because they played. Is it because Patrick Mahomes is in the playoffs and he's to I'm just going to elevate my game and elevate everyone around me? Or was it the Dolphins are really injured, the Bills are really injured. Could the Chiefs offense still be slightly broken when they play a real.


They got, last week they got the MVs game. Mvs played really well. I don't know if that's just who he is as a player now. I doubt it. I think that's as good as you can expect him to play. I feel like without him playing to that level, they're not going to be able to beat the Ravens.




So it's like, can this guy catch Lightning in a bottle? If you look at his hands? Probably not.




Also, the Ravens, we should note because there are levels to this, the Ravens have played a lot of playoff teams this year. I think they're something like eight and one against playoff teams and they've killed them all. Pretty much. I think the Browns, that one loss is the Browns game, remember, where everything kind of got freaky and they were up 14 Steelers. Oh, yeah, that's right. So they've lost to two. That was also a game where they just Ravens dropped everything. So that's a possibility.


It went to overtime against the Rams. That was a close one.


Yeah, but they beat the Texans, who made the playoff. They killed the Lions, who obviously are in the NFC championship game. They killed the 49 ers. They killed the Dolphins. We'll see Patrick Mahomes in the back of your head.


Hypothetically, like obviously Patrick Mahomes, greatest quarterback to ever walk the earth.


No, we did not say that.


Get him as plus money in the playoffs.


I think we said on track. He's on track to be in the conversation with.


How does the conversation change, hypothetically, if they lose by ten?


Plus, I'm not here to have hypothetical discussions about this, Hank.


Well, Brady lost in the conference championship game.


Patrick Mahomes is eight and three straight up in his career as an underdog. Hank, to answer your question, Patrick Mahomes is not as good as Tom Brady yet. He's not. There's no debate on Patrick Holmes retired tomorrow. There is no debate. It's the path that he's on that you have to at least admit.


I have admitted like, that's what it is.


But yeah, Tom Brady lost championship games.


Not until he won three Super Bowls.


I mean, that's true. So after he won three, he didn't.


Lose a playoff game. Till he won three Super Bowls.


He also didn't go to the playoffs his second year after winning one Super Bowl. Patrick Ho just goes to AFC championship.


And then what did he do the next two years?


He won two Super Bowls. This would be the first back to back since then, right? Yeah, it would. It's very hard to go back to back.




You have to admit that it is like, repeating itself in terms of, like, this guy. It's very rare that you can sit here, like we've been saying before, he's.


The prince in waiting, but he hasn't been crowned yet.




I feel like people are like, oh, well.


But here's why he is on this path is because what we've just said for the last ten minutes, the Ravens are the better team. But Patrick Mahomes. Yeah. That's an actual argument to be made. I also am very excited to see Steve Spagnola versus Lamar Jackson because it feels like they can't blitz as much as the Texans. But Sphagnola is one of the best defensive coordinators in the league and it's going to be a great chess match. Chess matches all over.


The chess match on both sides, too, because then you've got McDonald. Mike McDonald, the coordinator for the Ravens against Patrick Mahomes.




Chess matches against Andy Reid. Yeah, it's actually funny when you think about the. It's the meme when the Marines or whatever army guys are lined up and there's one clown. So it's like Mike McDonald, Tod Munkent, John Harbaugh, Andy Reid, Steve Sphagnola, Matt Nagy. Yeah, he's a clown. That's the one guy who doesn't fit in, in those six coaches that are.


All incredible coaches, according to Mike Florio, the stoner that doesn't smoke weed, he thinks that Bienemy might be giving some advice, some consulting to the Chiefs, and that's why the Chiefs offense has improved.


Oh, I like that.


I actually just made that extra nugget up because I like imagining a reason for the Chiefs offense to flip. That was saying, Florida was saying if they make the Super bowl, they could bring Biennemy in to be a consultant. I personally would just like to say I think that what's been happening, two things. One, Eric Biennemy has been providing secrets behind the scenes to the Kansas City offense to improve them. And also, Connor Stallions has been helping Harbaugh out after he had to be let go from Michigan. So he's helping John Harbaugh and the Ravens defense especially figure out the offensive signals. It's a fan fiction bowl.




I could see Harbaugh, like, hiring Connor stallions to come up with stuff and then just not using any of the reports, just being like, I want to make sure that he's working for us and no one else.


Or Jim Harbaugh probably told Connor Stallions, hey, go help my brother out. Go help him win another Super bowl or get as far as they can, but also write down every fucking thing that happens. Ravens. And then I'm bringing you with me to Los Angeles, and you're going to help me beat my brother next year.




I like this.


Is that legal for me to work for two teams at once?


Well, is he under contract right now?


He is currently our offensive coordinator.


Got it.


That's interesting.


Yeah, it is interesting. Legal. I don't know. I've just become kind of jaded to the fact that a bunch of shady dealings happen all the time that are kind of outside the scope of what is legal and what is not in the NFL. And so I feel like if he really wanted to, if Andy Reid called, he would answer the phone.


Correct. All right. Do you have a nerd nugget?




For the Chiefs, quarterback Patrick Mahomes's 38 career playoff passing touchdowns are 6th most in NFL history. And if he throws three in this game, he would pass Peyton Manning and join the top five for most postseason passing touchdowns. It's crazy considering. Still feels like Mahomes is so early in his career and he's already on the verge of passing Peyton Manning.






Peyton Manning was a choker in the playoffs for a very long time.


He still won a few Super Bowls.


Yeah, but remember, he was a choker for a very long time until he won a Super bowl.


Yeah, that's fair.


My murd Nugget of the week is that Ray Lewis is going to be a legendary honoree of the game in Baltimore this weekend.




For the Ravens, with last week's win, they now have 17 playoff wins since 2000, most in the NFL for teams not named the Patriots. And you mentioned all the good teams. They've beaten ten wins this season against teams at winning records, the most in any team in NFL history.


That was a stat. Yeah, that's a good stat. When we talk frauds and everything. The Ravens have played very good competition and they have beat and destroyed a lot of it. Okay, Lions at Niners. Lions at Niners.


Our boy Jerry Goff cracked a few jokes. The reporter was like, you've got some very good players.


Hold on, let's replay it. I'll be the reporter.




You've got some really good players on your, you know, maybe not the superstars that everyone knows, like the Niners.


Okay, never mind.


It was awesome. That was insane.


Just punked him.


It was a great delivery by him.


To try to talk shit about his teammates, like, no, no, Jared's a good teammate. Jared's a good quarterback. I cannot root for the Niners. This I am.


I'm rooting for George Kittle.


You have to be able to put aside your pre existing fandoms and be like, you know what? Detroit needs this. Detroit needs it. There's such a good story. Like, how can you root against Dan Campbell, division rival?


I've already been through this. I'm not rooting against them. I'm not going to be like, fuck Detroit. They made it to the Super bowl. But I told you, I've reached my limit.


But you would be happy if they made it to the super?


I'd be happy for my friends who are Lions fans and Detroit Don and Superfan. Because we'd be buying them tickets to the Super bowl. So I would be happy for them.


Super bowl week would be fun. And I don't hate the Niners. I like the Niners. I think they're a great team. I think they're know they're favored for a reason. The one thing that makes me a little bit nervous, if you are betting on the Niners, is we don't know what's going to happen. Debo and their offense is so much. Debo Samuel has the impact on their offense like most quarterbacks have on their offense.


49 ers are twelve and one straight up, and ten and three against the spread. When Debo Samuel starts and finishes the game, they are one and four straight up. And Owen, five against the spread when he doesn't. The 49 ers record when Debo Samuel gets at least one target. When he gets at least one target, they're 44 and 13 straight up. When he doesn't, they're nine and ten straight up.


It's crazy.


When we look back at that Packers Niners game, that is way more significant than the rain. And, like, how Brock Purdy looked is losing Debo Samuel. I know people will be like, well, that just proves the point that he's a system quarterback. Who cares? Debo Samuel is that good. He's that much of a game changer. If he's not playing, the Lions are as live as live could be.


So after talking to Chris long about the two levels of quarterbacks that we can have the elite conversation and the game manager. I just think that Purdy is an elite game manager.


Yeah, that's a good one.


And that's, that's lovely. That's a wonderful thing to have for your team, especially if you have a really talented team with like five impact players on offense. If you have an elite game manager, guess what? Your game is great and it will be managed really well.


Yes, I do think the Lions are going to be able to run the ball in this game. I want to see some man football out of Dan Campbell. I'm nervous about the Lions secondary, especially if Debo Samuel plays, because the way the Lions play defense. This is from my friends at sports info solutions. They play a lot of middle of the field, open coverage. So cover zero, man. Cover two. Cover two. Brock Purdy is the best quarterback against that type of defense, and it makes sense. Dicing up guys, going across the middle, like, hitting guys with timing all these.


Things, getting the ball to kittle and then letting kittle run for like 45 yards, running through motherfucker's face, right.


Christian McCaffrey coming out of the backfield catching passes. So it will be interesting to see, though, if the Niners, who are a very good running team, going up against the number one rush defense in the Lions, it feels like, not to be cliche, this game can be won in the Trenches.


Oh, I like that.




Old school football, right?


It's like if the Niners can run the ball and they can somehow stop the Lions from running the ball, as effective as they've been all season, it feels like the Niners have a huge, huge advantage. And if the reverse happens, it's game on. Lions.


I'm concerned that you check isn't going to be geared up for this game because he's going to be online gassing up his wife for whatever Taylor Swift wears to the Baltimore game.


Simp of the year.


Simp of the year, by the way, can you imagine loving your wife that much? How gay is that?


I was on Pittsburgh radio this morning and the guys had a good idea. Taylor Swift should not go to the game this weekend because if she doesn't go to the game and they lose, she can be like, I was actually the lucky charm here. If they go to the game and win, she's going to be the big story in Vegas anyway. No one will kind of remember that she was not at the game in Baltimore.




Also going from Bills fans to Baltimore fans, a little bit of a difference. Bills are crazy, but they're also lovable and they welcome people. They welcome people with open arms. I don't feel like Baltimore fans do the same.


I don't know if they'd welcome people with open arms.


I don't know if Buffalo Jason Kelsey was just partying with all.


I don't think that Buffalo welcomed Taylor with open arms. I think you have to take your shirt off to be welcomed with open arms in Buffalo. Like Fitzpatrick. Unfortunately, Taylor thought that was beneath her to do that.


And her hat off during the national anthem.




Kept that on. Allegedly.


Allegedly. Well, mince.


That motherfucker doesn't mince either. Ben Mince has years on the ground everywhere. But I don't know, I feel like.


Baltimore, they got an edge. I like it.


They got an edge to them for sure. But I don't know that I don't think she's going to miss. I think she's going to be there.




I'm just saying it wouldn't be the dumbest thing to just skip this one because like I said, if they get to the Super Bowls, be like, well, it's Taylor Swift's Super bowl, and if they lose, you can be like, you needed me at every game.


The NFL definitely wants her there.




It was like the most watched tv event.




They absolutely want them there. Yeah. Okay. Anything else from this game?


I got something.


Oh, yeah. Nerd Nugget.


Nerd Nugget of the week.




On Sunday, the Detroit Lions are aiming for the first playoff win since 1957 when they beat the San Francisco 49 ers.




Detroit would then go on to beat the Cleveland Browns in the NFL championship game, who would then relocate in 1996 to become the Baltimore Ravens. Is this a sign the Lions will once again beat the Ravens in the Super bowl?




What about the Super bowl logo stuff?


Oh, yeah.


Super bowl logo is Ravens and Chiefs. So for the past two years, the colors of the logo have corresponded pretty closely to the teams that end up making the Super Bowl. I think that every time I look at those logos, I just look at the old ones and I'm like, those were so much better. Bring back the old Super bowl logos that had, like, an identity that had personality to them.




They've been sanitized also.


There's a bunch of red teams and a bunch of purple teams.


It's also true.


What do you mean?


Like, they're saying it's 49 Raven teams.


The Vikings.


The Vikings.


Pretty quick.




There's a lot of red teams.




I believe in that shit.


You think Roger Goodell for the season he's like, you know, to. It's time to examine the logos for the Super bowl. They'll never pick up on this. I'm going to make them the exact colors of the teams that are going to be in there.


Will you admit that Patrick Mahomes is on the Tom Brady path if he beats the Super bowl logo?






Because that's big. That's significant. I'm just so. Oh, you taking the Ravens?


I don't think I'm going to bet it because I've been so bad and it would just be doubly painful, but I think the Ravens smoke them.


How much? Actually, you know what? We'll ask Peter Schrager about this, but I always wonder because Aaron Glenn and Ben Johnson are doing a bunch of interviews, how much that actually, it has to affect you a little bit.


It's a shitty rule.


I thought they used to not do that.


Yeah, I know.


You shouldn't.


The Patriots coaches weren't allowed to interview, I remember, until after the Super bowl or until the in between week before the.


Yeah, yeah.


The coordinators doing interviews right before the biggest games of their careers. It doesn't feel right because you're basically.


Taking an interview for the biggest job of your life and you have nerves. You got to get prepared, and that has to take away hours from getting ready for the game.


If I were a coach and somebody was interviewing me to see if I want to be a head coach somewhere, I'd be like, okay. So I didn't prepare for this interview at all because I'm laser focused on winning the NFC championship game.




And then as an owner, I'd be like, that motherfucker hired. Yeah, we want that guy.




I'm not even going to take this interview. If you want me, you can wait. I care about my team so much. Care about the guys.


I've got one more thing on the Niners. Quarterback Brock Purdy is the fifth quarterback in NFL history to win a playoff game in each of his first two seasons. Can you guys name the other four?


Wait, say it again.


Fifth quarterback in NFL history to win a playoff game in each of his first two seasons.


Mark Sanchez.




Andrew Luck.


Joe Flacco.




Robinsberger. Tom Brady.


Not Brady.


Oh, yeah. Because this is the second season.






Big Ben, Mark Sanchez and one more.


Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.




Patrick Mahomes, because he wasn't technically his first two seasons.


Russell Wilson.


Russell Wilson. Andrew Luck.


Might have I said that.


Oh, you said that? Yeah.


He won his first year. And that comeback against the Chiefs. Oh, no, they lost to the Chiefs.






They had a big lead against the Chiefs.


That was the 41 to ten game.




First Saturday game.




I had that flipped in my brain.


Yeah. Okay, let's get to our interview with Peter Sugar. We're going to talk more ball. We're going to talk more conference championship, preview the games. He's got all the inside sources. Before we do that, pft, you got a couple quick ads.




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The best commercials of all time.


I would agree.




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Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest, recurring guest in person. It's Peter Schreger from Good Morning football. Also, NFL Network.


NFL Network, NFL Network, Fox NFL kickoff. We do the weekend show for Fox.


So what does it feel like being just owned by the league?


Yeah, no, it's a burden. It's great. I get to do the show on NFL Network. I get some of the perks in a lot of ways, being behind the shield. So people pick up my call when I call. But, yeah, got to toe the line where appropriate.


Are you behind the shield? Are you protecting the shield?




I'm in the front lines.


You're the shield. Tip of the spear of the shield.


They tell you before the season starts who's going to be playing the Super bowl, right?


Lay it all out. And they say, just play along with this script.


I saw that your pick was the Chiefs and the Niners. That's interesting.


So back in September, we have to make our picks. I have now had five straight years of picking the correct Super bowl champion. And I take great pride and pat myself on the back for this. And that included the Buccaneers run with Brady, the Rams run with Stafford.


That's crazy.




And then this year I went and did a whole thing because I realized in our world, if you don't promote yourself, no one else will. And so I was like, well, they're certainly not talking about this on all the other shows. I'm going to talk about it on our freaking show. So I did a whole thing and I basically said, and I just don't know how it happens. I don't know where it happens. But the Chiefs will win again because until Mahomes. I see him get knocked off his block. He's not losing and they're going to beat the Niners. And that was kind of it. And now I'm in this jam because I'm watching this Ravens team and I'm super into them. And to break the fourth wall, my wife is from Baltimore. Her father is a diehard Raven coltsman. My wife's father has been to every Baltimore Super bowl ever, including Super bowl three.


Holy shit. So he's like, was he in diner?


He was in diner.


He was right across from Barry Levinson while they were filming that.


Yeah, you can pass the test.


He could pass the test. He knows all the stuff from the Colts teams from. The son is seven years old getting into sports and he just loves Lamar Jackson, loves Baltimore, and it's one of those like heart versus mind versus my own career. Do I just ride with the Chiefs right now or do I say screw know? I'm going to root for the Ravens here because it's good for my family and I can actually go back for thanksgiving.


Well, it sounds like you've hedged yourself nicely, which we just finished doing. We were doing the preview and we're like, Baltimore is the better team.




Overall better defense, like offense that has looked better for the course of the season. But it's Patrick Mahomes.


That's the thing.


And that's it. It's Patrick Mahomes.


You're watching last week against Houston and there was like five false start penalties. There was a couple delayed games and that was just a crowd. And already they've said, who's going to be at this thing? Ed Reed and Ray Lewis are welcoming them in. Terrell Suggs will be there. Michael Phelps is going to be involved in some way. So this is like the ultimate Baltimore, their love fest. They haven't had a home AFC championship game since 1971 in Baltimore. This place is going to be pandemonium. So everything on paper says it's going to be ravens, and yet it's Patrick Mahomes.


Don't forget about t pain.


T pain?




Fallout boy last week. No, not fallout. I'm sorry. Our guys Jimmy eat world last week.




They should get Cisco back.


T pain?


Why not?


All right, so I want to talk about the conference championship games, but while we were doing the show, we had an interesting thought that you're so clued in. Is there a chance Bill Belichick doesn't get a job?




Yeah. What?


Why? What's happening?




The only thing that was coming up was was they met last week?




We're recording this. It's Thursday. He already had a second interview with them. And if you're Bill Belichick or if you're the don't, you're not getting a third interview. Actually, let's go back and watch some of the stuff that you can sell yourself to us.


You would know by now it's crazy that he did a second interview.


It's crazy, the second interview. And I tweeted this last night on the x. I took to X. 14 different coaches have interviewed for this Falcons job.


Yeah. What?


But 14 different ones and Belichick twice. So it's like if it's not the Falcons, I don't have another team for them.




Here's a little nugget for you, though. To my knowledge, I think Belichick is the only one that got the vacation that took him to Antigua.


That's it.


All the other ones have taken place at the Falcons facility.


He had a.


But they wind and dined him a little bit more.


But what's going it, what is happening that he's not like, if you want him, you should have hired. It's done right.


And it's, you figure out the financials and yes, you can bring McDaniels and yes, you can bring everyone you want and bring your whole band of characters and we'll rebuild New England here. It hasn't happened yet. So it's Arthur Blank. Arthur Blank has a son who I think is getting more involved as well. And then you've got Rich McKay, who's a longtime NFL guy, was with Tampa for years and then of course has been with Atlanta through and through. And then they also have Terry Fontano, who's like a young, up and coming, really respected GM who they hired from the Saints a couple years ago. And to hear McKay and Fontano are also in these interviews, or at least was in one of the interviews, is really interesting to me. Does Belichick gel with guys that he inherits? He, of course, knows Rich McKay from years of being at the league, but it seems like that's an unorthodox situation, too, where Belichick's like, yeah, Terry Fontano, guy in his, has drafted players for the Saints in the glory years of the 2000. He's going to tell me who to pick. I'm curious, the dynamic and what that's.


What'S the hold up is the front office. So if you had to put your money on it right now, who's going to be the coach of the Falcons? I don't know. You have no idea?


I have no idea. Mike Vrabel, potentially Mike Vable, as we speak, is meeting with David Tepper and the Panthers.


Well, we were saying that if you go to the Falcons, then you go to the Panthers. I don't think you have to be worried that he's going to go take the Panthers shop. That has to be the least exciting.


I disagree.


Why I like the Panthers. Why I like the Panthers. Is David Tepper paying you?


David Tepper will pay. Okay, first of all, I guess he.


Technically, in a roundabout way, can I.


Do a little tepper thing? And everyone could, you know, of course, you're from the league. You're going to talk positively about the owners.


I don't think exactly what we'll say.


I don't think all the owners do talk about Tepper.


All right.


Do you know Tepper's career, like, a little bit?




So this was a guy who was truly the renegade of Wall street. And I kind of like that already. He worked at Goldman for then, you know, after a bunch of years of being passed over, he's like, all right, I'm going to go start my own thing. Appaloosa. They have this great ride. The guy who kept on passing him over at Goldman ends up, I believe, getting a divorce has to sell his Hamptons house. Tepper buys the Hamptons house, and it just demolishes grudge. Nice grudge.




So, okay, so already we're kind of like, okay.


Seems well adjusted.




Apparently, you walk into his office on Wall street, the Appaloosa thing, you walk in and there's just two giant brass.


Again, well adjusted.


And yet he's had employees there for 30 years, and he's had.


He pays well, probably.


He's had remarkable, very good at blackmail. And then the other part of it is he three different times in his career, because I had to do a whole study on it. Obviously, Black Friday, he was ahead of it. Like, knew that was coming. Whenever that was in 87 or it was black Monday. I'm sorry, whatever. It was 87. He beat that one. Then in eight with the housing market, he beat that one. And then on Covid in February of 2020, he's on CNBC being like, I'd get rid of all your hospitality stocks. I'd get rid of all your restaurant stocks.


Wait, all of this is nothing to do with football?


My point is, this is a guy who has gone all in against the grain. I think it hasn't clicked yet with the football. And I would say, okay, I'll roll with that guy. And did he spill a drink on a fan from Jacksonville?




It was.


Not an accident.


Row was the word.


Do we have any idea what was going on before that? I'm not defending David Tepper.


So now I do think you're getting paid by David.


We don't know if the fan wanted to have that drink.


Sorry for spilling this.


So what you've told us is that he's kind of a baby and he has successfully beaten the market possibly through insider trading.


Can't work with others. Basically has his people skills are essentially, I'll pay you money and then you'll stick with me.


I kind of like that he's against the grain. He's a voice. He's a new owner, and he's kind of a voice in these league meetings, too. Where, but hold on.


You know how this league works. When all these guys and women get together and they know a guy who's trying to do it his way and he keeps failing. They like him. They want to keep him around. Dan Snyder stayed around for a long time. He was good for all the other guys because he's never going to be competitive. Jerry Jones loved Dan.


That was his best friend as far as owners go.


They see him and they say, oh.


Gosh, they're the worst team in football. Keep them around.


They're the worst team in football. They don't have their number one pick, and the guy can't figure he's having meetings with Frank Reich like twice a week, which any football coach? Well, I think they'd be like, what the fuck?


I think they're doing a good search right now. Obviously now I'm already in the bag. It sounds like I'm just trying to.


Put yourself in a corner.


I'm now fighting out of it. I would say Dan Morgan hire was unexpected because everyone figured he would just wipe everyone out. Morgan was there, so you're going to bring him in. They're probably going to bring someone else who can handle some of the salary cap stuff and also the contract negotiations. And then I think they're going to hire a coach that can work with Bryce Young. I don't think it's that horrible a job. I think Charlote's a cool city to live in. I think there's opportunity. And I also think the NFC south is still wide open. Next year they could turn it around.


The best argument you can make for David Tepper as an owner is because of his background and his makeup and everything that he's done in his life. He will reach a point where he gets so sick of losing that he'll be like, maybe I have to do it someone else's way. That's the best.




I don't think his way is currently working. But, like, a guy like that, they don't like losing and they don't like being a joke. So he will eventually hit that threshold where he's like, okay, yeah, I probably should listen to someone else.




And I'll tell you, it's going to be an uphill battle, obviously, with no first round pick, and that hurts. And you could say, well, their salary cap's a mess and all that thing. I don't know. I kind of like guys who, Al Michaels calls games, right? And it's always like he's got like these. He's a little bit of a rascal. I feel like Tepper is a little bit of a rascal.


Rascal is a great word.


And he's kind of like, all right, this is how I'm supposed to do things. I'm going to do it my way. And I think he wants to win so badly, and he's done it on Wall street, which I think is as competitive as the NFL. And I understand that there's a lot of personal stuff and you could say, well, it's more about teamwork and chemistry than just some renegade out there. I think he desperately wants to win, and I wouldn't sell on David Tepper and the Panthers just yet.


Okay, well, I think that with the character arc of an owner like this typically goes, you go in, you try to do it your way, you fail. Then you say, I've learned my lessons. I'm now going to turn things over to football. People that understand football sounds like they are, but step number two is, you say all those things, but you still meddle behind the scenes. Then step number three, the third act is when you actually take your hand.


You'Re just like, all right, someone else can run this show.


If you're variable, though, and you interview the Falcons and your son is signed to the team, I feel like that makes it a little bit more attractive, right?


Yeah, I feel like that has to be if it's offered, right? I think it's interesting. Varable, Belichick, both these guys, Pete Carroll hasn't even gotten an interview anywhere. I think everyone thought, well, if they're really going to still want to be coaching all three of those guys, would we get first dibs in? I don't know if it's a changing of the guard in the NFL, where a lot of these owners are like, I'd rather just do it my way and bring in a young guy and we can mold that thing together.




We're going to get back to Peter Schreger in a second. He's being brought to you by Coors light. Hanging with friends and family to watch the big game is the best. But as the game heats up, it can get intense. That's why Coors light has that signature ice cold refreshment to keep you feeling chill for the big game, stock up on Coors light and choose chill. I've been drinking Coors lights. Beer's back, baby. It's beer season. Enjoying beers, drinking beers, buying beers, keeping beers outside, keeping the mountains blue. And guess what? You might even remember. An iconic beer train that's known for spreading good vibes and Coors lights to those who need it. After twelve years on hiatus, Coors lights beer train is coming out of retirement for the big game. Talk about cracking open an ice cold light and listening for the sweet sounds of love train. When it's time for refresh, you just open up a Coors light. How great would that be? If you're chilling, you're thirsty, you're parched, you need an ice cold beer. And then boom. An ice cold beer train busts through your wall, delivering frosty noble pilsners right to your brain.


I love the Coors light.


One of the best commercials of all time.


I would agree.




People over the world join hands and have a beer train. A beer train. There's only one beer out there for the chillest big game. That's cores light. Stock up or get Coors light delivered straight to your door with Instacart by going to celebrate responsibly. Cores Brewing Company, Golden, Colorado and now here's more. Peter Schreger we got something that we want to fix on this show. It's the process of interviewing coordinators as they're still in the playoffs because it feels like it's broken. On one hand, you don't want to spend all your time interviewing guys that you don't want to hire. Wait till those teams are bounced from the playoffs and now you can interview them. But at the same time, it's like they have a job. They've got the most important games of their life, in some cases coming up that they need to be prepared for. What is the solution to this?


It's tough because last week, Ben Johnson, who is the hottest name you're wearing, obviously your Washington stuff, I think that's a good fit for them.


I want that.


I think you do, and I think he'd be great. He interviewed for three different jobs via Zoom on the Saturday before their game on Sunday. And you got to think, well, God, that's the perfect time for these last second adjustments. And looking at Dave Canales, his opponent was also interviewing for the Carolina Panthers job the day before the same game. So it does seem like it's messed up. The plan would be just, you can't hire anybody till after. Got it. But then you're knocking on the door with the combine, which is a week later the draft, which is already happening. So it's an imperfect science. They've changed a lot of the rules for the better, I think, to give more opportunities to minority candidates, and the Rooney rule, of course, requires that. And now you also have things where you can't interview those guys can't be interviewing right now. If you're playing this weekend, you can't be interviewing this week before the conference championship game. So that is at least in place. But it's an imperfect science, and the worst situation is a guy spends the entire night before the game interviewing with some other team, and then they get blown out because of.


Yeah, yeah.


And we definitely would blame that.


Or if you're a coordinator for, like, a Super bowl team, and then the day after the Super bowl, if you lose, then you get hired in the same town that the Super bowl was in.


That would be Jonathan Gannon.


That would be a strange look, too.


Yeah, they paid the price for it.


I actually like what the Eagles are doing. I like Fangio.


I like Fangio, too.


He's the best.


Who would you guys want as the offensive coordinator? It literally is like an episode of the batch.


As a commanders fan, I hope that they just bring Ron Rivera over there as the offensive. They do like the Matt Patricia thing where it's like, okay, you know what? You know how to beat a defense because we've seen how you play. So I feel like as an offensive coordinator, you'd be really good.


What's interesting is they have already a staff there, and not all those guys have been fired. Sirianni is an offensive coach, gave up the play calling last year. So now you're in this weird deal. I know one coach. I'll even say Kingsbury interviewed for them. He did it via Zoom. He said it was really good, and it was, like, interesting because I think a lot of these coaches are coming in and it's like, all right, well, Nick's an offensive guy. Am I going to be able to run my offense. You guys give it. And apparently the Eagles are like, yeah, bring your offense and bring who you want with you and let's see what you can do. And I think it's going to be a very attractive job because all the skill position players and the offensive line is incredible.


Is it, though? Because I always wonder this, like the Bears and the Eagles, obviously different because the Eagles went to the Super bowl, but if you're an offensive coordinator candidate and you're trying to get this job, are you in the back of your head being like, this guy is on the hot seat already that if it doesn't go well, we're all going to be looking for jobs again? Or does it not matter because, hey, there's only 32 of these jobs. You got to take whatever you can get.


No, it's a great question. And in Eberflus's case, if you think he's a lame duck coach and this is like the last year, and obviously Shane Waldron got the job, you'd also say, I'm also taking on either a rookie quarterback in Caleb or I'm coming in with fields, where I've got to kind of adjust to whatever they're putting around him. The Eagles one is different, though, because you already have the fully built offensive line.


I didn't mean to compare.


No, no, but it's a good point. And then the question is, did they hit such a low this year that no matter what, if you're the offensive coordinator, you're being praised and it's like, okay, well, they fixed the offense. You can't get worse than what it was.




All right, so let's talk about the games this weekend. Let's start with the AFC championship game. You have people around the league. You talk to everyone. What is it about this Ravens defense that has been so special this year? We have the hypothesis that there are some franchises that it actually matters that Ray Lewis and Ed Reid played there because it seems like the Ravens just play with that edge that's just built into their franchise. They have that edge. They have the dudes that are just, like, nasty and want to get after you. But when you talk to different offensive coordinators or coaches, what is it that gives them such an edge and they're making, it's so hard to score points on them?


Yeah, I think John Harbaugh had a really cool quote yesterday, and it's actually from Steve Smith, who said it years ago. He's talking about Roquan Smith, which I know it breaks your heart seeing?


Yeah, no, he's a perfect, like, and.


He said, he goes, that guy has been a Raven his whole career. He just didn't know it till he got here, which is such a badass concept. And they've had guys like that, whether it be the CJ Mosley types or the Terrell Suggs or even Helloti Nata. Those guys, they're like Ravens. That's just what they are. And I think they've got a bunch of them on this team. McCordy, who I work with, Jason McCordy is a defensive back for 13 years, so I could talk to the offensive coordinators, but I also talk to him every day for 3 hours. What they do is they mix and match. It's like you don't know what version of the defense you're going to get. So one day they're looking at you and it's one totally different look than it was the week before. And they have kicked the shit out of so many good teams. I building what they did to Detroit was real. They beat them by something in the 30 something. And obviously they beat the Dolphins. They beat the Seahawks. When the Seahawks were the hottest team, two seed in the NFC. They blew them out.


And then they go up to Santa Clara, obviously into that. And last week I thought that it was going to be a closer game, especially at the half, it's 1010. And then, then it was just too much. It was suffocating. And you're talking about all those false starts and all the way the crowd got into it, it felt like it was just an avalanche. But this guy McDonald, if Ben Johnson isn't the coach of Washington, I'd keep an eye on him also there because he's brilliant and talking to him a little bit. I don't know him that well, but his story is cool. He was at UGA, and then he went to the Ravens for a long time, and then Jim Harbaugh took him to Michigan. As you probably know, he was defensive coordinator there, and then John took him back. So he's got the college and the pro, and he's 37, smart, cool, and the players really connect with him. So I think what they do is they match up with everybody, and you can't really prepare for it because they do so many different things.


What about Kansas City's defense? So Kansas City's defense, much better than it has been in the past. Chris Jones will just fuck you up. He just has a few plays every game where he's like, I'm going to fuck that guy up and he does it and it seems like it's impossible to stop it. They got some injuries. Are they going to be able to slow down Lamar at all?


Yeah, that's the thing. I'm trying to envision a situation where Lamar is completely stilted and there's been three games where he's struggled. The Colts, which was like in the rain at home early on in the season, they hit a wall in the second half against Cleveland in a game this season, and then they have one more loss to the Steelers early on, which was just weird. But for the last few months, Lamar's just rolling. So spags all respect to him and what he does. This is asking a lot from Nick Bolton and Willie Gay and Drew Tranquil, the linebackers, to try to make a way to stop this run game because I think it's coming. I think Lamar is going to be running a lot.


I think they're going to run a lot. So another team that's going to probably try to run a lot, well, actually, both the Niners and the Lions are going to run a lot. The Lions run. I know that you've talked to all the people in the building. It's pretty incredible because you don't really see it in the NFL, where it's like they zagged. They went with Dan Campbell, who was not, I think, chris long put it perfectly when we had him on the show on Wednesday. All these owners are bubble boys, where it's like if they sit down with a football guy through and through, it's like these two people in no other profession would have any conversation with each other, but they go with Dan Campbell. The rebuild happens. It looked bleak for a while last year, and now they're in the NFC championship game. I mean, is it just like Dan Campbell? You can't say enough about what he's done for the culture of that team.


It goes even above Campbell. So when they know, we're like, okay, we're firing Patricia, we're going to start anew. We're going to look at this thing. There was two big hires. One of them was Chris Spielman. So Spielman, you think of Chris Spielman. When we were kids, it was a bloody face. Like just hardcore Lions linebacker. And then obviously played for Buffalo in Cleveland. He was working on Fox. He was like the third announcer on Fox and the ownership group, they had him as the preseason analyst. They said, would you want to join in some capacity? Very nebulous job. But they're like, would you come back? And he left Fox, which is a pretty good job, pretty comfortable. You're calling games 17 weeks out of the season. You're off the rest of it. And he joined Detroit and he kind of advised a little bit on the coaching search, and they brought everybody in. They had Salah in there. They had Arthur Smith. They did the whole coaching search. And Dan Campbell came in who Spielman had no relation to, and they hired this other guy, Mike Disner, who was in Arizona.


They hired these guys.


They don't have any connection to Campbell. He was all about the right things. And it sounds a little. A little corny when we talk about, like, grit and what that city's about, and it's a working class city, but, like, Campbell sold them. We're going to build this thing from the ground up. And then every single decision they've made since then has worked. Aaron Glenn fits what they do. This Ben Johnson is brilliant. They found him from Miami, where Dan Campbell worked with him. And then the draft picks have all worked. This year's draft class is incredible. But beyond that, and I think Chris long mentioned it on your podcast last week. They got three first round picks on the offensive line. So they're really good, really talented, but culturally, it's the right place. There are no divas in that building.


I think it worked because it was so closely tied with who Dan Campbell is as a person. You can see, any coach can come in and say, we're going to change the identity of this team to fit the city. And then eyes are going to roll and be like, okay, yeah, whatever. I've heard this before. I remember when Juergen Klinsman was the coach of the US men's national team. He's like, we're going to play like America, which is, we fight overseas. We're going to fight in your territory. Everyone's like, well, this isn't going to work. But every coach tries to do that, or a lot of them do.


Think about it. Campbell shows up with him.


It's like, it's real. That's his story.


This is going to sound patronizing as like, a maneuver, but he shows up like, it's not a great looking suit. It's a blue button down, it's a striped tie. He's not trying to win any awards or go to the Milan fashion show. So that starts it. And everything he says, he's true to it. So he lives and breathes it from way up to the ownership group. They live and breathe it, and again, they embrace the city and what they're about and every one of their stories, whether it be Aman Ross, St. Brown having 16 wide receivers taken before him, whether it be Gibbs, everyone rolling their eyes when they take a running back for whether it be Goff, who obviously was discarded and kind of told like, we're better off without you. I think they all fit that kind of mantra.


Yeah, it's crazy.


We do this challenge with every guest, say something nice about Jared Goff without qualifying it at all.


Jared Goff's got edge this year.


Yeah, okay, that's good.


Say what you want qualifier. Because this year, this year, I know.


What you're going to say.


But no, he is like, okay, everyone talks about Brock Purdy being the guy that anytime you pay a compliment to him, there is always a but it's also in the system type thing. Jerry Goff is kind of that, too. This year, where people, every nice thing that someone said about Jared Goff, they're like. They add on. Like, when they do play action at the end of Jared Goff, I think, is just playing good football this year. He's just a good football player.


And they had one bad game on Thanksgiving, and the story the next day was like, well, Hendon hooker is being activated from injury. Like, maybe it's time we start considering that's how short the leash is with fans. With Jared Goff, the stat was crazy. I think there's been, like, a very limited group of quarterbacks who have played in the Super bowl for two different teams. It might be like Brady Warner and a couple other guys.


Yeah, no, it was like five guys who played in the championship game with two different. It was Brady Warner, Bret Favre, and Peyton Manning, and then that, and then Jared Goff.


And I think there might be, like four of them. I guess if you want to get rid of one of them who's done the Super bowl, he's a game away, so that's legit. But the edge thing is interesting because he's always been the nice guy, taking the high road and this northern California vibe. And the Rams, he was on hard knocks, like three different times, and at no point were we like, that's a guy. That's the man. It's always like, nice guy. All right, who else on the team? Because that seems like he's just kind of steady Eddie this year. The Amazon post game show, I guess, or in the pregame, someone, I think Ryan Fitzpatrick.


Yeah, it was Fitzpatrick. We busted him up for that.


But for him to come back and I guess one of their pr guys whispered in his ear before the game, they called you a poor man's Matt Ryan. He, like, stopped the show and was like, wait, so you said I was a poor man's Matt Ryan? And then yesterday they were asking, one of the locals was in his press, you know, you're not really household names, this team. And he's like, stop it right there. Amon Ross St. Brown's the first team all pro. Penny Sewell is the first team all pro. Like, stop.


Yeah. I mean, it really is to me what jared has done this year. And you can count last year as well. He's never going to be the most vocal guy. He's never going to be like, crazy press conferences and clips. I think it's just his story fits in so perfectly with Detroit's story that he becomes such a great leader. You could say quiet leader, but it feels like that whole team just rides with him because he was discarded and it was like, oh, well, he's a bridge quarterback for the Lions. And then he's been playing so well. It's like, no, wait, he's really good.




And the rubber is going to hit the road this offseason, so he's going into the final year of his contract next year, and it's like Detroit can talk how much they love Jared and Jared's our guy. Are you going to pay him 45 million and we'll see.


I think you should pay him more.




If he chooses to do that, but I think they should.


He has the option.


He can't pay him enough money where he has money that he would want to give to us.






All right, so the Niners, it feels like the Niners have been building. Last year they were building to this moment. The entire roster is just loaded with, like, in terms of, I don't want to say legacy, but this is a very important game for Kyle Shannon because I think he's one of the best coaches in the NFL. But at some point, you got to start winning some big, big games and get to the Super bowl, and he's been to one. But what's the vibe with the Niners in terms of window and this year? And it's all in, they got to win it.


I think they felt good all season long and last week was really hairy at points. And then Purdy has an awesome drive to end it. Like, just takes them right down the field. And I think that not only bailed out all those niners, but I think it was a nice sigh of relief. And I think this week they're going to come with a much different game plan. Debo Samuel is huge, though.


If he's not, he's everything thing.


He is such an important piece to that. But I'll say this, that Joanne Jennings, 15, they call him third in jawan. He's been like good. He's awesome.


And Peter's always got one of those.


Drop a little one. Yeah. He's the dude that wants to fight in practice. He's the guy that the defense is like, relax, we understand. He's like, you're Rudy. Great. He's that guy. And I think you're going to see him have a huge role in this game. And I was shocked watching Purdy on that last drive because it's number 15, Jawan.




And then you get he's hitting. I didn't even know Chris Connolly was on the team. I know all these purdy had to rise above and Purdy was really, really good on that final drive. Just talking to other coaches and I know that sounds like I'm just bailing it out here. It's like what they do with McCaffrey is so unique and that if Kyle needs to and has a whole week to prepare for this thing, you will see stuff that you have not seen all season and they will use McCaffrey. They're just so freaking tough inside.


I know.


What about their defense? Their defense has a lot of dudes on it.


For sure.


They've been good. They've been a really good defense. But I feel like they're a little bit susceptible to running the football. They are because they play with the leads so often that you can tell Bosa, pin your ears back. Quarterback's going to drop back, go sack them. You can say that's chase young, too, but when they have to play from behind, it feels like it's a different game and they're not as stout against the run as you would like them to be.


That's good analysis. I mean, that's right.


You don't have to answer. I just want to get.


That sounded really good, too. Like Aaron Jones last week, they had a game plan. They're like, we're going to go him outside. We're going to run Aaron Jones. He ran. He ate like he had a great game. And at the end of the day, that obviously love throws that interception, but they were in striking distance. I think Detroit's going to be able to move the ball them as well. They're very underrated on the back end. I think Lenore's very good. Trevarius Ward's very good. And then those three linebackers that they have, they're among the best in the league. So between Greenlaw and they. They have dudes behind just that defensive line.


How you feeling about Ambry Thomas? Not a great game from Amber Ambry last week.


It also hurts that he's a name that you can remember.




Before the snap, you could see love was like, ambry. Yeah, get big.


If he was like, ben Thomas, Joe Williams Thomas. You'd be like, wait. Oh, yeah, that guy Ambry, though, you're.


Like, yeah, Ambry is a concern. I'm circling him on number 20.


Yeah, no, look, was not a good day for him yesterday, and you'd like to think that he can redeem himself. They used to forever have, like, jawski Tart and Jimmy Ward, and those are the guys in the middle. They quietly transitioned off of those guys. They've got all these young guys now, so they're going to have to step up.


All right, so you're so plugged in, allow me 60 seconds to ask you a Bears question. Is it Caleb Williams? And I saw Mel Kuiper said that the Bears could get a first round pick for Justin Fields. I don't believe that. So I would like you to tell me that actually is true and I'm dumb.


I think it could be either a first round pick or a second round pick. But if you're talking about first round pick for just talking about a team that needs a quarterback, like, what team is giving up a top ten or top Falcon pick?




That's the 8th pick up the 8th over pick. I don't know. That seems like a pretty steep price for a quarterback who's going to have to be.


I don't know.


That seems like a great deal, but the contract is real, too. So you're going to have to extend. Like, you're not bringing them in for.


A one year, so it's not going to be a first round pick. Melka was just getting me hyped up. Is it going to be Caleb Williams, though?


The fact that they interviewed Kingsbury was interesting, so I thought immediately like, oh, they're going to want to bring him in. But they might have just been asking about Caleb getting intel because they ended up going with Shane Waldron financially. You talked about it for six months. It makes a lot of sense. Just draft Caleb and say, let's start and reset it. But they've not made any indications that's the case yet. This is what we need. We also need this.




The draft goes through this podcast.




We got the one, two and three pick.


If they told us what they were doing in January, it would screw us for the next.




Smokescreens everywhere right now. I saw Mel Kuiper said that Jaden Daniels was going to go number two. My theory on that is that Kuiper likes to update his mock. He always. He wants to have some room to move a guy. So in, like two weeks, he'll be like, you know what? Now I'm feeling more Drake May. Now that Ben Johnson is the head coach, they get an entire UNC quarterback room.


Ben Johnson, breaking news.


Drake May.


Sam Howard Kuiper mock draft 2.2.0. That's how we go. We all lose our brain.


Yeah, but it seems to me like Jane Daniels is a more intriguing prospect. Right. Because we saw his explosive play.


Just seeing Kyle, you watch, who would you rather have seen? The two, right?


Don't I don't watch enough Drake May. I've only seen, like, three games of his and he looks good. But when I watch Jaden Daniels, I'm like, holy. Like, it's kind of like Lamar when he was in college.




He has that factor where you watch it and you see things that you've never seen a quarterback do before, I think. But I'm also dumb and I want.


To chase that high, of course.


But maybe just having a good quarterback like Drake May is a better idea. I don't know.


That's a great analysis. Also, it's perfect because you're right. You know, Drake May, there's a prototype.


All right.


That's him. He's a great quarterback. Everyone likes it. I don't say, like, Justin Herbert's the ceiling for, like, that's what they say. Like, just big, statuesque, can throw the ball. Great kid leader, the whole thing. Jaden Daniels, though, is a complete wild card in that. This guy could be a know and could be that guy. And in the Heisman season, he was that early on in this thing. This is before he won the Heisman. I had a GM of another team call me and be like, why is everyone saying it's May versus Wilson? It's actually May, Wilson and Daniels. Like, he's that good, too. And the fourth name in which I think is not getting any buz right now, but will climb. I think JJ McCarthy is going to get a lot of buz.


I don't know.


Here's your Mac Jones type of, like, this guy wins game. Him, throw him in. But in the draft process, that was the Mac Jones thing. In a loaded draft class. It was like, yeah, but if you draft Mac Jones like you're getting a winner, you're getting a guy. That's an Internet. Whether or not that worked out, I don't know.


He is really good at handing the ball out.


I get it. I get it.


Crisp, clean pocket hand.


I think JJ McCarthy could be a good pro. I just don't. You would not put him in that crazy to do a top ten pick.


On the big conspiracy.


Big question.


The big conspiracy or the big outside the box thing is Harbaugh just took the Chargers job and everyone loves it. Him and Herbert's going to be great that he ships off Herbert and he drafts JJ McCarthy with that 6th pick.


Best quarterback in Michigan history.


That's what he said. Pretty good quarterback.


He could trade the Herbert to the Bears for the first pick. Give the Bears the 6th pick. Yeah, that works.




You'll take that, right?


Take Jason McCarthy one.




What about the patriots? Hanks Patriots. He doesn't understand how the draft works. He doesn't understand trades and all that stuff. But he is picking third right now.


He thought that he could trade up to the first pick but also keep the third pick.


Yeah, that's. The Patriots don't have two first rounder, though. Texans did trade up for get the two and the three last year. Anything's possible and we don't have a GM yet, so we have no idea.


Yeah, true.


What would you say they need the most if they're draft quarterback?


Yeah, but if it was Belichick, who knows? You end up taking a corner or a guard and you say, okay, well, he knows better than we do. But now I think you go quarterback.


You trade back all your picks and draft like five offense alignment in the fifth round.


Beef it up.


North Dakota State.




What we showed them.


It's going to be interesting because there's a good high percentage chance that the three of us all have three new quarterbacks.


It's actually cool.


Yeah, the top three is going to be.


It will destroy the podcast because two of us will have shitty quarterbacks.


What was the analogy you guys made? Like a russian roulette.


It's a mexican standoff because we're just going to be spending the next five years being like, no, my guy's good. No, you should have taken that guy.


It might actually be bad for the podcast for the future of it.




Because if one of them ends up being like Super bowl worthy and the other two suck, there will be heavy resentment.


Yeah, but isn't.


I'll just say it right now.


Well, if yours is really good, if the Bears win the Super bowl, then.


It'S a little different. You took one.




You guys didn't have a choice.


But the Bears have never passed over a great quarterback to take, not in recent history.


If PFT takes, if it goes caleb Williams, Jaden Daniels, then Hank gets Drake May. And Drake May turns out to be the best of the three. I'll hate him for Hank's fired.


Hank hasn't had any great years of football as an adult.


Hank deserves this. Actually, he's Detroit personified. It's been tough from the.


What do you got, Chad? You got breaking news.


Who we got?


Read it.


I'm surprised the Panthers are closing in on a deal to hire bucks OC Dave Canalis as their new head coach.


Let me give you some Canalis if you can.




Yeah, give us some already. He's already on the hot seat. How about some David Tepp?


Some canalysis?


Okay, some canalysis. Let's trademark that was in Seattle for years. Passed over a bunch of times for that OC job. Was like the quarterback coach, whatever. And then he was Gino Smith's quarterbacks coach that year. But he did spend a ton of time with Dan Morgan in Seattle. Dan Morgan was in the front office. He was the quarterbacks coach. Goes to Tampa this year and everyone's like, all right, throwaway season, whatever, juice. Like ton of know one of those guys. I think a lot of scripture in his life. Also a lot of pep talks for the guys in the locker room. He is beloved in Tampa. And Baker soared. Obviously, this was like an outside the box interview. I heard he crushed it in Carolina and was great.


And I love, has anyone not crushed an interview?


Fair point. I mean, you don't hear often, but for them to bring in a second interview. But Canalis was not the lead dog in that room going into this thing. Of course, Ben Johnson and you would think Bobby Slowick and all these other guys, but all along they wanted to go young offensive to get Bryce Young like that guy. And what Canalis did with Mayfield was tremendous.


He played football at Azuza Pacific.


Let's go. Let's went there. Yes, he did.


So he's being brought in to save Bryce Young.




And he will be judged specifically on how Bryce Young does as a quarterback.




He has a long relationship with Tony Dungy, as are very tight. I've been told that there's a scripture. There's your scripture. But just like a ray of light in that building in Tampa this year. Where everyone thought they were going to suck and he was like, no, guys, we're good. We have this and people. He was really well liked in the building and I think that's a good fit.


All right, I'm going to give it a c plus.


What happens with Baker next year?


I think he's back. I think he wants a huge.


They end up breaking the bank for him. They're like, you've proven enough this year.


I think so.


I hope that happens. I feel like they ran him out of.


Baker was great last week.


Yeah, he was.


He was.


Yeah, he's been good this season and I don't know if there's a team that fits Baker as much as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.






Seems like a good spot.


Good city. All right, I got a couple wrapping up. I got a couple of non football questions. First, is your show good morning football? What's the worst part about doing it?


The worst part consistently is that 430.


That's crazy. I just wanted you to say 430.


It does not ever get fun.




What time you go to bed?


It's really hard because there's games on Thursday, Sunday, Monday. So a lot of times what I'll do for those late games during the season, I'll watch the first half, go to sleep and it's like the old, like Seinfeld episode. Like, don't tell me what happened. I'll wake up first thing. No one else is awake in the world. I don't check Twitter and the NFL on their website. NFL plus has like the condensed game and I'll watch the second half and then I'll read all the articles from 430 to five.


Are you able to go to the NFL website without seeing the score out of like the corner of your eye? Do you know where they put the score?


I purposely go out of my way. I've got a whole process. I like to have fresh analysis. It's also fun to wake up to. But most nights when it's not a game night, it's like I put my son to bed at eight and I'm in bed by thing.


It's got to feel good, though. The reverse. Being done with your day at 10:00 a.m., done, bro. Yeah, done. That's incredible.


What about on weekends? Has the early wake up affected your weekends now where you get up at like five?


So this sounds sick, but I work for Fox on the weekend. That's in LA. So I take the first flight out on Saturday morning. Yeah, that is sick. I'm up at five every morning anyway, on Saturday. And then you're sick fuck. And then on Sunday, it's 430 wake up pacific time because we do the pregame show.


Yeah, you're sick fuck throughout the Shrieger sick fuck.


Yes, colon sick fuck. But it's 04:30 a.m. Wake up throughout the football season. So you can imagine what the hell. Honestly, though, you and I talk offline, and I'm not trying to, but I watch you. I'm like, all right, you're looking good these days. You put on the weight. You're looking good. These weight, for me, it's like, I will put on 20 pounds no matter what during the football season. And I tell myself mentally, like, this is the year that it's not going to happen. You just can't avoid it when you're flying and you're watching football at those hard.


That was the other question I had for you, not football related. So the thing I love about you, Peter, is don't take this wrong way. A little nerdy, but you embrace it, which I love. I think that's self aware, is what I. Yeah, it makes it fun. Like, if you get excited about football, that's a fun thing. I get excited listening to someone like you who's excited about, you know, you're a good looking guy. You're an average guy. You're an average guy. We're all average guys. We're not like showstoppers, right? We're not Kyle Brance. The aloe sneakers, though, what do you think? That's a hot guy brand, you think? I don't think that I would be allowed in an aloe. Have you seen an aloe?


It's like, it's quiet luxury.




It's like lululemon on steroids.


All the people who go in there are the hottest people in the world. What are you trying to do?


Can I tell you?


Come back to us, dude. We're just regular guys.




Well, I always find it cheesy when the white guys wearing, like, the cool Jordans and I cringe so hard. Aloe as a brand, I can't. I mean, I'm not an ambassador for aloe. Aloe is like, if you're not athleisure but, like, high end athleisure, do they let you in? So here's the deal. They had sneakers. I was in LA, and I go to the store and I have never seen the aloe sneaker. So I'm like, I'm going to get it before it becomes a thing. So I've never seen anyone else wear these as sneakers? I can't wear. Like, I'm not wearing the juicy couture pants that they sell.




Got these sneakers.


I just want to make sure that you got to trust me.


I'm man of the people.




All right. Because I see aloe and I'm just like, that's hot guy people. The hottest women, the hottest men, they go to aloe, they do their fucking sauna and their cold tub and they're like, this is how I'm hot.


That's a hot guy jacket and a.


Hot guy shirt, too.


You're trying to be a hot guy. What the fuck is going on here?


Alligraphy on the shirt?




I don't know, guys.


You're trying to be a hot guy.


I'm trying to be.


You got to remember your sick fuck.


Let me tell you about the 1971 AFC championship game at Old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore. Can I change the topic?


Give us your analysis for the games.


Tell us what the score is going.


To be for each game.




Get you back to the numbers.


I actually think Chiefs Ravens is a low scoring game. I think it's in the think it comes down to the end.


Total no.


23 20. I think it's pen says shit. I think it's an amazing scene in Baltimore. I picked the Chiefs before the season. I am going to continue to roll with the Chiefs. I think the Chiefs win and we're getting one more week of Mahomes and Taylor Swift and the whole thing. The other game, I think San Francisco rolls. Oh, rolls.


All right.


What about the point total for San Francisco? Detroit?




That one, I think is more points.


I'm toying with taking the over in that whale play.


As an NFL employee, I do not engage in such specific talk of numbers and whatnot, but I will say I.


Would expect we can predict the score of the game, right?


We do on the show. You're right. So I'm going to say it's smart.


Of you that you keep yourself out of it because the NFL does not do any advertisement with gambling companies.


I'm going to say it's more like 34 21 than it is like.


Okay, that would be the over. Okay, my last question. Rowback question. Rho back promo code. Take 20% off first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers. I'm wearing the joggers right now. The most comfortable clothes in the world. You don't have to be a hot guy to wear rowback like aloe and what Schrager is trying to do right now. Promo code take go right now. 20% off. Okay, my last question, what is something that's going to happen between now and the draft that's going to shock us? Is it a job? Hire a quarterback getting traded? Could there be a quarterback getting traded?


This is good questions. I think one of these star wide receivers will be traded.


Oh, I like that.


And I'm saying that. But when you look, Diggs and AJ Brown might not be traded, but those type of players that are like, these are guys that are for years we built around the wide receiver. Now it seems like we're building around the tight ends a little bit more in the running games. I think there might be another big wide receiver trade I'm trying to go through. Like I don't know if a Keenan Allen is a big name, but there's.


Going to be a big name Cooper.


Cup now with number two to Pukanakua as he traded. Actually McVeigh loves him though. That's why I think Stafford loves him. But I think we get one of those big veteran trades. Last year's offseason was crazy with Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson going through his contract stuff. I don't know if we can top it as far as hysteria goes, but I will say this. With Chicago, with the Patriots, with Washington, and with the Giants at the top of the draft, you have four mega fan bases. Like monster fan bases. I think draft season this year is going to be awesome with great quarterbacks and wide receivers.


Oh, I did have one more question. You just brought up fan bases. What fan base gives you the most shit? Because I know we deal with it. If you talk about everyone in the league, there's one fan base that always feels like they've been slighted or we don't talk about them enough. What's the one that is always up?


I've tried to so many times address them and be like, guys, I didn't pick the Dolphins to make the playoffs this year. Sensitivity around Tua. I never flew Tua in my top this and even seeing the name Tua starts him off. But at the end of the season they lose the way they lost in Kansas City where it was barely a fight and you're like, well, they were injured and all this stuff and I'm like, for all the shit I took all year about not having the Dolphins in the playoffs, they lost in the first round as a like, I don't know what to say. I got it wrong. Great, they made the playoffs, but Dolphins fans it's love hate, because I do appreciate Mike McDaniel, and I do give them a lot of love at times. But I didn't put them in the playoffs year, and I heard about it all season.


Do you ever split it up with everyone on the show? Like, all right, you're going to do the should? Yeah, you should.


Last week, Kyle did this real piss and vinegar thing for the Buffalo Bills, and I did one for the Kansas City Chiefs. And that felt like it balanced. But we're pretty authentic in that we don't just like, all right, this is good for the show. Why don't you do cowboys, and I'll do how it goes?


Right now it's on site in Kansas City for Hank. They don't like Hank.




Which was for us. We were actually banned from the city of Kansas City for a little bit.




Honestly, I don't know.


We didn't respect Patrick Mahomes enough. But everything that we said on the show, we always preface with, Patrick Mahomes is the greatest quarterback in the NFL. One of the two greatest quarterbacks of all.




And then we talk about the.


It's also a weird dynamic where it's like, we are very effusive with our praise for Patrick Mahomes because he is the best quarterback. But I get it. It's football fandom. Nothing makes sense if you're a diehard fan. They don't like that. We like Josh Allen.




That's really what it comes down. Oh, and we glaze.


That's the term always. Why there was glaze.


We're glazing. We're on that dick all the time.


Well, no, it wouldn't be. We're like, they're right off our dick if we're glazing them, right?




Aren't we sucking their dick?


Are we getting glazed by the bills or we Bills glazers?


No, we're Bills glazers. Are we sucking their dick?


No, but that wouldn't be. Are you talking about the glaze?


Peter's like, what the fuck? No, this is interesting.


What's the Homer Simpson mean right about the fundamental.


No, but no, it just occurred.


Let's go back to when you guys.


Talking about taking to Twitter.


It just occurred to me, maybe. Hold on, Peter. We're about to find something.


Maybe the glaze is saliva from our mouth. That's a remnant that remains on the bill's dick.


Got it. That might be glazing.


It could be.


So we are technically sucking their dick, but it's the after effects of it.


That's the glaze.


We have sucked their dick.


Is that right, Hank?


No, I think PfT's initial point is correct, that glazing is used incorrectly almost all the time.


Okay, so what is the correct term? Are we sucking their dick?


No, we're getting glazed.


You're knee padding.


That's sucking their dick.




Or playing volleyball.




Peter. So, Russell Wilson.


Peter, you still here?


We lost you.




My brain is on that elevator already.


I'm going to bring you back. I'm going to bring you back.


Russell Wilson. Is he going to be a Denver Bronco next year? And if not, is he going to be a starter?


Oh, who's that?




You can pick it up. Is the source Sean McVeigh.


Hilarious. Sean Payton.


Oh, can you ask him?


He's been on the show.


He'll probably say he likes you guys. Peter is the number one. Sean Glazer. Sean McVeigh. Sean Payton. McDermott.


I like the name Sean McDermott. I'm in. I don't know. Look, I think because I talked to Sean after that all went down, and his whole thing was, didn't. I didn't say he's off the team. It's not like Derek Carr where it's like, pack your bags. He was the number two. Those next two games, they went with Stidham. And I think Russell Wilson obviously took the high road, and people thought what Peyton did was outrageous. And the things that were said about him, I thought were a little over the top, over a player decision in the media. You'd think he did something horrible to a quarterback. I would think they have to look at other directions, but there also has to be a suitor and someone who wants to take on. I don't. I know Sean likes Russell Wilson and likes him as a guy, and I think that they were just trying to get a kickstart to the season at the end. That sounds like it's bullshit. It's not. Their offense was struggling at the end. They wanted to go to Stidham. So I think they're going to have their conversations, but we'll see.




All right. Well, Peter, thank you so much. Hopefully, the glazing interlude there doesn't keep you off of our show. You probably in his head, he was like, simmons never does this. What the fuck? Listen, you weren't part of it. It was our conversation.


I hope I didn't offend any white guys in their bought a cool pair of jordans, because I see a lot of that and also now a lot of women do that as well.


And it's, listen, my whole thing with shoes, just wear them. Wear your shoes. Don't buy shoes to just look at them. Wear them.


I'm not an endorser for aloe. Really comfortable shoes. If you want, go for it.




All right. Well, Peter, thank you so much. You're the best. You can watch him on good morning football. We'll maybe see you.


I want to come to Chicago. No, forget Vegas. I want to come to Chicago.


Come ball out.


I want to hang with Mincy.




Come watch some games with us. Hang with Mincy. He'll probably get you in trouble.


Well, Mincy's got better sources than you do.


He does.


How does he fall for that?


He's scooping everyone.




How does he fall for just. He's Mincy.


And who's the guy from this office.


Who was doing some. It was a couple of our. And also the best part, this is all Mincy getting duped. When Lane Kiffin was potentially going to Alabama, and he said he posted text change where he's like, I'm not going to reveal the source. And then he said, a source at the Seattle Times. I mean, there's, like two people writing there in the sports section. What are we talking about, Mitzi?




I love listening to you guys. Congrats on all the success in Chicago. And it's cool to watch from afar. I'm jealous. It seems like you guys have a blast, and it feels like it's only getting bigger and bigger.


Schrager is like a real Barcelona. I just watched about Frank and Mincy.


When Jerry got the hole in one. I think a tear, like, one lone tear came up. Watched in real time. I tweeted about it in real time during the heat of NFL coaching stuff.


Jerry said that he's like Peter Schreger, Tom Brady, everyone.


All the guys. All right, well, thank you so much, Peter.


Awesome, guys. Thank you.


Peter Schreger was brought to you by our great friends over at Chevy. I love Chevy.


I've got a Chevy.


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Okay, let's wrap up fire fest of the week. Henry, what's up?


What's up, guys?


What's up, Henry?




Hey, guys.


Henry, I'm sad that this is the second to last weekend of football. That's not my fire fest, but it's just dawning on me. Just got to embrace. Yeah, but Sunday is going to be great.


Then you got the combine.


March Madness.


March Madness.


College Basketball has been of.


A lot of good teams lose. Are there any good teams in college basketball this year?


Yes. Yukon's good.


Houston's good.


North Carolina is good. Purdue, well, yeah, I like Houston.


I like Tennessee.




Those are my two guys this year.


Okay, Hank, that was college basketball preview.


We are a week and a half out this week. The whole month I've been trying to take it seriously and getting prepared, learning a song on the guitar, writing a lot. And on Monday was the first time I was like, all right, I'm going to turn my camera on and start to practice reading the material and putting the show together, getting things in order, getting the videos and pictures and stuff I need. And I realized while I was reading off the things that I wrote that I thought were funny, and realizing how hard it is to present or whatever, like, speak publicly alone, how bad it's going to be. And my anxiety has been at an all time high. I've probably lost, like, every night I get in bed early before midnight, and I'm up to, like, 03:00 a.m.


It's going to be relief. It's going to be relief when you're done.


You know what, Hank?


The good thing is, no matter what, it's only 60 minutes. And it's going to be, like, the worst 60 minutes of my life. But, yeah, when it's over, no matter what, when it's over, it will be over.


I'll give you a compliment. I've been watching your progress on guitar. Hank has learned guitar pretty well for a true beginner.






Yeah, I gave some way my joke last time, but this will probably be part of it, too, is I've spent probably, like, 30 hours learning guitar for, like, three minutes of my stand up set.




When I could have spent that doing something else, but I have enjoyed it.


You sound good.


The guitar is one of the only things that helps me relax.


You're going to be great, sweetie.


You're going to kill it. I'm excited.




No, I'm not. It is what it is. It just is what it is.


It is what it is.


Fire fest of the week. Lost a lot of sleep this week. Like last night, I was up till four.


You're performing for no reason on Wednesday night.


Tuesday night.


Oh, Tuesday night. Next week. No, Wednesday night.


Wednesday night. Next week. Wednesday night.


Oh, Chicago.




That's only, like ten minutes.


Yeah, but it'll be good. It'll be good to get you up on stage.




You got to think, this is going to be great. The aws are excited, but there's nothing.


Yeah, that part is like, just don't watch. Don't buy it.


No one watch, no one buy it.


Don't attend, don't come.


Don't do it. I'm going to come. I'm going to come so hard.


You know what? I'm going to come to.




All right. Nice.


All right. Pft. You can see the thousand miles yard stare with Hank right now becoming very real for he's saying it and he's feeling it as you watch this.


I'm so glad that we didn't have to do this.




So glad. Yeah.


You guys would have done better at it, but I also would be curious to see how you would have tackled it. But, yeah, last night we were at dinner and Rowan started talking to me about it, and then he was like, what are you going to do? We were walking through it. He was just being nice, being conversational, and it got bad.


Hank's already started to blame us for this, by the way. I'm not blaming you did last night. Last night at dinner, Hank was like, these assholes are making me do this. People were like, why are you doing this performance? Because of those two. Right. We all. We were in the same deal.




And we would have had to do.


If we should have picked better games.




I'm not blaming you guys.


Yeah. Okay.


You're not mad at us. Okay. PFD, your fire fest.


My fire fest of the week is so. It is our birthdays next week. This is the last week that we have as 38 year olds before we turn 39 Hank has been saying that we're 40 for the last month. No. You have one conversation where I knew.


You guys were getting up there in the. Was like, you guys are turning 40.


Hank's telling people that we're 40.


I did it in a questioning way because I wasn't sure, and you guys were. I can't believe you just said that.


No, we're almost 39. It's a realization that's slowly creeping over us. But for my birthday on Saturday, I've actually reserved time for myself in an f 18 flight simulator.


Hell, yes.


And a Boeing flight simulator. So I'm going to see if I can actually land a plane and fly an f 18. My fire fest. That sounds awesome. My fire fest about the whole thing is the company that I'm going to be flying in their simulator. They also sell simulators, and I am, like, 90% sure that on Saturday, I'm going to spend $10,000.


Why don't we get one for the office?


On an f 18, we get one for the office. Good question, big cat. I wanted that. And you said no when we're talking about what to put in the office.


I don't remember that conversation. But we can do it.


I talked about an f 18 simulator.


I don't remember saying no to that. I heard do it.


I heard a lot of no's regarding the.


Well, if it was like building an entire. Yeah, I don't think that.




No, it 100% happened. Yes. That was the one thing I wanted in the office.


Yeah, we had that conversation.


It was no.


Yeah, but I'm saying it's a yes now.




Oh, that's the problem. How big is it? It's not.


The size of an iwexual f 18.


Yeah, but I'm saying yes. Depending on yes. If you can put it in your.


Studio, you can have it. You have a whole studio.


Well, there's other places in the.


We could find it. Yes.


No, I heard yes. And quite frankly, what are going to do if I just show up with an f 18 simulator?


I think I'm going to put it.


Yeah, you'll just put it somewhere in.


Your studio where you want to put it.


Yeah, I'll put it anywhere. We'll bring it in the back door. But, yeah, the fire fest. I'm probably going to spend ten grand on an f 18 simulator this weekend. I do own a house that's accurate.


I think you should buy it and we'll put it.


I would probably get more flight time in the office.


Yeah, we'll find somewhere. We can find somewhere.




So I'm pretty excited about that. I'm going to macro dosing studio.


No, we'll find.


There's a giant question mark desk in there.


We'll find somewhere. There's no room in macro Pft. You know what? Where is there? Buy it, and then we'll figure it out.


Green screen room.


We'll figure it out later. We'll figure it out later.


Yeah. Okay.


My game plan is going to be purchase it, have it dropped off at the office.


I'm now aligned with you. It's us versus Hank. We can win this battle now.


It's someone else's problem to deal with. But, yeah, it is going to be fun, and I'm going to be able to fly a plane and achieve all my dreams because I'm afraid of heights. But I love flying planes.


You're flying a plane on the plane yesterday?


I was, yeah, I was doing a flight simulator on the plane yesterday. Yeah, it was wild. So, yeah, that's my fire fest.


Jake, can you bring Peter Straeger's jacket out to the lobby? He forgot it.


Oh, my other fire fest is I just realized right now I left my apple watch in the shower at the hotel.


Oh, you got to go back and get it. Yeah, you got to go back and get it. All right, my fire fest. I got two. One is, I didn't realize this was a thing, but I pretty sure Max wants us dead.




So we were flying from Chicago, New York yesterday, and this is totally independent because I mentioned it to Hank, and he mentioned. So what happened with, what did Max say to had?


There's, like, a couple of us trying to set up a tether ball pole in the gym, and max kind of, like, not creepily, but just sauntered over, kind of like, hovered over a little bit. Like, he didn't walk with purpose. He just kind of, like, hovered over. And in my head, I was like, what is Max doing? Is he going to help us? He didn't. He just kind of walked over, walked past me, and was like, hope you have a safe trip, Hank. Safe travels. And then walked away.


Jake didn't take his jacket. What is he doing?


Whose jacket did he take?


Yeah, I don't know.


Maybe that's all right.


All right.


But he just kind of walked past the group and was like, safe travels, Hank. Hope you have a good trip. And then kept walking. And I was in my head, like, that was weird.


It was weird. And then when I was walking out of the door, Max said to me, turned me, said, I hope you have a really safe flight.


Really safe.


So he wants us dead. I explained to him that I was like, it's me, pft, and Hank on a plane together. If we die, your life is over.


So, wait, when he said to he, it sounds like it was kind of a normal way to say, like, safe travels. And then Hank, you said, what does that mean? And then he got that idea and then rolled it over to you and really leaned into.


I I didn't say that to him.




It was in my head.


I was like, that was, he wants us dead. And I tried to express to him that of all the people in the world that are rooting for us to not die. What? No, no. Leave it for him. Leave it for him in the lobby.




Of all the people who need us alive, Max is at the top of the, like, I have life insurance. My kids will be like, Max will not be okay. He's got nothing. But he wants us dead.


What about memes?


Memes? Who needs memes? He's a rascal, to quote Peter Schrey. Memes a rascal. I would bet memes would find something pretty quickly.


He would land on.


He's got rascal tendencies. We have a lot of memes.


Got a million on TikTok.


Yeah, memes will figure it out.


We got a lot of podcasts at Barcelona sports that need somebody who's a full time employee to just roast them so memes would be able to find a spot, I'm sure.




Max, I don't know what his deal, what I don't know why Max is.


It almost felt like. It's like a weird almost. He was upset he didn't come type thing, and, like, passive aggressive.




All right, well, we're going to FaceTime do the lottery ball in a second, so we'll find out. But my other fire fest, and I want to apologize to Bills fans. I feel like enough time has passed. If you were watching us on the stream on Sunday, you noticed I was wearing a hat for the majority of the game. In the last five minutes. I took off my hat, shout out to 47 brand. They rereleased a bunch of Super bowl hats. The hat I took off and was wearing all day is this hat, and it is the Bills giants Super bowl wide right. So I was wearing this hat for the majority of the game, and then the Bills lost with a wide right. I feel awful about it. This also just shows you that jinxes are real, vibes are real. I'm sorry.


It's big of you to apologize for jinxing the Buffalo Bills.




I know that as somebody that's in sports media, if you ever did something that would jinx the Buffalo Bills and outwardly ruin their season, you were the type of person to say that you're sorry for it.




Which is very big. I don't think everybody would be like.


No, not everyone would do that, but I am sorry. Like I said, I bought a bunch of them. I just grabbed this one, and then it happened, and I was like, you could see in the stream. I took my hat off because I was, like, feeling where it was going and to be wearing the wide right hat while a wide right happens, bad vibes. So apologies. Apologies. I'll burn this hat for everyone. Although 47 brand makes the best hat.


There'S also a good. I feel like most Bills fans opted out of sports podcasts on Monday. Yeah, I certainly would. If I was a Bills fan, I'd probably not even be back. But we're probably getting a big percentage of them back for this week's game. And now you just volunteer that to.


All right, my bad, guys. My bad. Hand up. All right. Jake finishes off.




So a few weeks ago, you guys requested a trophy case for the studio.




Eventually it got there, and I tried setting it up by myself, and it was impossible. I was just staring at it for an hour. The instruction manual had no words.


Yeah, it's a glass trophy case. You did a great job, Jake. We now have a Lombardi, like, fantasy football Lombardi. Oh, we're going to need a real Lombardi.


All right.


It's going to be expensive.




That's just, we're buying a flight simulator, so, yeah, we can afford it.


We're going to get an avian award.


Yeah, we have some emmys.




But it took, like, 3 hours. Shout out Ryan in Chicago for helping me put it together.


But it was, you get to know your strengths. I'm not a building guy.


I really want to order a task rabbit and just like, let it happen.


Yeah, you had Ryan do it, but you did a good job. The trophy case rocks.


Let me know what else you guys want. I'll order the trophy.




I love that. All right, I'm going to call Max right now. We'll do the lottery balls. By the way, we got some big interviews coming up. Just so everyone get excited.


Super bowl week is going to be great.


Big interviews coming up. Big, big interviews coming up. Ones that the so big girls are going to be very happy.


Almost too big.


Are they almost too big?


Almost. I said almost too big. They're actually just the right size.


Hey, Max, real quick, before you do the lottery ball, why the fuck do you want us dead?




Why do you want us dead? You were hoping our plane would crash. That's actually the exact opposite of what I was saying.




And also, Hank, gaslight central trying to say that.


I say that he doesn't do anything.


I've never once insinuated that.


Yeah, it might have been towards memes.


All right, that's more towards memes. But when you tell someone you hope they have a really safe flight, that is 100% being sarcastic. That is not true. Yeah, I was hoping that you were.


Safe and you ended up being safe.


When you say, like, have a safe flight, that's totally normal. Really changes the entire tone of that sentence. Well, I mean, you could have, like. There could be turbulence. Yeah, you want us dead. He wants us dead.


All right.


I want no turbulence.


I wanted it to be completely safe and sound, and you guys just have a lovely flight.


Max, why are you wearing a Leonard Skinner t shirt right now?


Stevie Ray Vaughn. It's not true. I'm wearing this.




All right, you ready for numbers? All right, this is honestly tough because I can't look. Yeah, you can't look.


71, make sure Max isn't looking.


1818 for Jake.


Ask the other 148. Wait, do I click select?


I click start.


You might have to hit restart, so it drops the old ball and then you just do start and then select is how you hit it. All right. And put it on there.




All right, go. Looking ball is there. It's seven. Is it seven?




Okay. All right, thank you, Max. Hopefully we have a really safe flight back.


Yeah, I hope you have a really safe flight.


See, he wants us dead. All right, goodbye. If we die, you're fucked. I want to say on the record right now, if we die in a plane crash, part of my take podcast, do not hire Max for any job ever for the rest of his life on success rate. I want him blackballed. I want him blackballed from the world. All right, goodbye. He wants us dead. The really love you guys.


I don't know what. Anyway shine away I'll be coming for your lover shine coming for your lover ain't on me didn't need like to say the case to me it's the better to be safe it's the better to be safe on me I won't go you all the things I've got to remember shining I'll be crazy light on me only faith. Only I faith on me.