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Terms apply on today's part in my Take week. 14 picks and Preview we have a twofer for the people. Rob Gronkowski, Bart Scott. Great combo. We got an all time patriot. An all time Patriot hater. Can't wait. If you're watching the YouTube, which you should always be watching the YouTube, there will be a portion of the show that you'll get to watch. Max and Hank a recap of their 24 hours stream when they're keeping a balloon up for the entire time. And we're also going to talk about the 24 hours stream during fire Fest because we got both boys in studio. Back in studio, fresh off the 24 hours. Before we do all of that Chevy, there's a new family with unstoppable grit. And they're the official partners. The pardon My Take family. And that is the Chevy Silverado ZR Two family. The first ever Silverado Heavy Duty ZR Two joins the franchise to make Chevy ZR Two the only truck brand with a full lineup of trucks ready for wherever your offroad adventures take you. With exclusive multimatic DSSV dampers, rugged mud terrain tires, and up to 14 available camera views, the Chevy Silverado ZR Two and Silverado HTZR Two, a family with commanding and unstoppable grit.


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Rock down to electric pardon my take. Vision about Barcelona sports.


Welcome to Pardon my take. Today is Friday, December eigth, and the Patriots are back fully.


Well, I'd say. I would actually say it's Patriots win. The Steelers have done so. The Steelers have lost back to back games at home to the Cardinals and.


The Patriots, which I just want to say my guy, Mitch, I know there's probably some Steeler fans that are upset at him right now, but in his afterlife, he helps out the Bears. Because the Bears now have a stranglehold on that first pick. He lost to the Cardinals and the Patriots. Like you said in back to back weeks, they're now second and third in the picks with three wins, and the Panthers have one. But Hank, the Patriots won a game. Bailey Zappi looked good in the first half.


He looked real good.


Really good. Hank, you don't want to win that game. Yeah, that was a bad game to win because it's like, do the Panthers have two more wins than them? I don't think so.


Hank is also just exhausted and delirious, which I don't blame him for at all. You deserve to be every bit of exhausted and delirious, but that game probably didn't do a whole lot to wake you up.


It was fun in the first half, scoring touchdowns like, oh, this is a fun team to root for. But I obviously am a big fan of Mitch. I wanted the Patriots to lose. So I was all in on like a second half Steeler. There's comeback, Steelers lose, Patriots look good, but we still lose. And so that was worst case scenario.


There was one moment at the end of the second half, the Steelers were driving the ball. I think it was fourth and three, right? Fourth and three.


Yeah, it was fourth and three. Fourth and three.


And Mike Tomlin did the thing I hate.


No, that was actually a fourth and.


Like, oh, yeah, that was fourth and one. At that time, it was fourth and one. Tomlin did the thing I hate the most from a coach. He took a think it over time out. I hate the think it over time out. You should have already thought it over. That's what the week's for. That's what preparing is for. And then you take a time out, talk it over, see what you like, and then send your guys out there, run a play. They got a first down, which was great. And then they had the fourth and three. And on that fourth and three, they thought that they had an encroachment against the defense.


Which they should have.


Which they should have. Instead they called a false start on the center for moving his head up slowly.


And it was such, the encroachment was so obvious. We said in the moment, we're like, that is the call down to the field to tank. Yes. Like the Patriots realized, oh, we played well in the first half. That was fun. We got to lose this game.


And for a second, Tomlin and Belichick had a standoff. And you remember when Belichick and Vrable had that standoff where they deleted time in that playoff game. It felt like that, except the saddest version of that, where each coach was, no, no, we committed the. Yeah, no, no, we committed. But then they end up getting the ball back. Mitch didn't really do much with it. I don't understand the go route on fourth and two. At the end of the mean, Will.


Was sitting with us and he said, know, that's just kind of. If you can see one on one on the outside press coverage. Yeah, I guess, go for it. But yeah, the Steelers are bad. And listen, I don't think the Steelers are a playoff team. They shouldn't be up. They are now officially outside of the playoffs, which is good for love. We love Pittsburgh. We love the people of Pittsburgh. We love Steelers fans. But I think Steelers fans agree, like, this iSn't a playoff team and it's probably for the better if they get a better draft pick and maybe reassess everything.


I was going to say it's good for the Steelers that they lost this game.




If you end up having a winning record getting into the playoffs and then you go one and done with a team that never really had a chance to do anything in the playoffs.




Why? Because you get one more week of being like, we're still, I guess if you're a loser franchise, like for me.


Oh, I would love one more week.


I would love to get my ass kicked in the wild card round. Yeah, that's like my dream. But Steelers fans, that's beneath you to think that way.


They need a reset jersey. Jerry was talking that they should trade TJ Watt, try to get a lot for in. He was talking like it was like a dog, like a city dog that needs, when you get a cattle dog. Yeah. This dog should be out in the wilderness, out at a farm it's not an apartment dog.


It's just going to sit around and nods, paws raw.




It's going to drive itself crazy. Send it to a farm.


Yeah, give this dog some space. But yeah. Hey, congrats. You won a game. Thanks. I'm very happy you won't.


Thanks. One of us.


Yeah, but Bailey looked good in the first. That first pick. Yeah. Oh, boy.


I swear, Al Michaels was just trying his hardest to get Mitch to throw a pick six.


Yeah, he was.


You know, he's never done this. He's never done a pick six, which it surprises me every time I hear it.


Wait, he hasn't.


Mitch Trubisky has never thrown a pick six.


Big cat.


Fun fact.


I've definitely envisioned him throwing a lot of them, but no, he has not.


Also, Ryan Fitzpatrick went to Harvard and Kelsey's are brothers.


I have to check that because, pft, I'm, no offense, but I don't know if you're trying to get us, but the Jokic stat was just wrong.


No, he leads. Are you talking about, like, per, I said total rebound.


I thought you meant he led the league average. Yeah. Tweeting me. No. And I told someone that stat, and they're like, no. And I was like, wait, what?


No, it's total.


Total? Yeah. Total. Yeah. That's a weird way. No one cares about total. That's a weird way to. I care about. That's just who's played the most game.


I'm not into this load management stuff. Best ability is availability.


I got it. Okay. That's funny. If you had asked me, like, life on the mind, has Mitch thrown to the pick six? Like, yeah, for sure, but he just has not. Never. Yeah, that was. That was a better game than we expected.


Yeah, it was. It was fun. It was.


It's better game than we expected. I was fully over hit in the first half. I thought everyone was shitting on the game beforehand. Yeah.


A game that's so bad that it's good, but instead it was just so good that it was not bad.


Yeah, well, we can get to it.


With the 24 hours stream, but there was a portion where we were taking callers that were part of the Golden Mug giveaway and everyone was asking about the game, and I was like, patriots over. Patriots over. Patriots over. And then the stream ended. I didn't have time, didn't put it in.


But you made some people some money.




Yeah, everyone else. That feels good. That's almost better than winning. Sure.


It's definitely.


No, it's worse.


It's way worse. It's so much worse.


Like, I was out of it.


I came over, the Patriots scored, and they just marched down, scored again. I was like, oh, this way over. And Patriots are going to win.


Yeah. Great.


Also, congrats to LeBron James.




You're in the finals of the in season tournament. I'll just give the floor to skip Bayless on this take. He said, I give LeBron this. He did keep his team together long enough to outlast everyone and win a bubble championship that deserved a Cubic Zirconia ring. And now he has won a cute little, gimmicky November December tournament in its first year. Impressive.


He hasn't won over. He hasn't won it yet. He hasn't won. Yeah. I mean, the in season tournament has been very fun. It is a win for Adam Silver because it's games that no one would care about. And now we care about. Right. Like, I watched them, I was like, this is fun.


What do you think LeBron's going to do with the money?


He hasn't won yet.


No, but I'm saying, if he won, if he gets, what, half mil?


Yeah. Here's the thing.


They get 100K each.


Two, three, four. No, I think they get more.


Half a mil. I think they get more than 100K.


Yeah. They get 500K. Yeah.


It's enough to make you care about it.


The Pacers have seven guys that are making less than $6 million. Yeah. So it means this money means something.


For them, but it also means a lot to LeBron. If he can win this and then make a big show about where he gives the money.


Yeah, he'll definitely give the money away. I did see one mean tweet that was like, LeBron's trying to do the one thing that MJ never did leave Las Vegas with $500,000. Kind of funny, I thought you're going.


To say, yeah, MJ never won a midseason tournament. Kareem never won one.


But, yeah, that's been fun. And then Juan Soto, Yankee Yankees are going to just try to. I like this. The Yankees just keep trying to be like, we're going to hit the most home runs.


Well, Juan Soto, in that short porch environment, he's going to hit some fucking ding dongs.


Yeah, he is.


But pitching still matters.


Yeah, let's just out hit everybody.


Yeah. And then John Rom to the live, which. Okay, who do you think is going.


To get more money? John Rom to the live or Shohei Otani, who's apparently commanding, like, $600 million? I know, which is insane, but.


John Rom, 450, I still don't understand. Like, they merged, but they're not.


Yeah, I guess you can still jump leagues.


Okay, then. Smart for John Rom, because he gets to play in everything, right?


He gets to play fewer rounds of golf.


Make like $450,000,000 guaranteed.


Make like ten times or more money. And then, yeah, just show up when.


He wants to and he gets to wear shorts. He doesn't have the swamp ass shorts is great. That might have been the big sticking point.




Can you explain the shorts thing to me one more time?


Why do they have to wear pants in golf?


Yeah, I don't know.


I don't care.


Gentlemen's game, but, yeah, John Rom just sitting at the negotiate table, like, listen, the 450, I don't care. 450,000,000. But just tell me. Walk me through this shorts thing. Yeah, just explain it like I'm five years old. I can wear shorts.


There's going to be another golf league. Maybe Qatar can get in on this. Have the Amir get some money out there. Just as much money as Liv. You get to wear shorts also. And you get a cart and you.


Can wear tank tops and. Yeah, just gun show. I like that. Yeah. Would be sick.


I just thought of something guys thought of the week.


Yeah. Earlier this week, Max is asleep.


Didn't LeBron say, didn't he tell his teammates he's going to miss a game.


If it's for his son?


Brawny, I think, is playing on Saturday against Long Beach State. The NBA in season tournament championship in Las Vegas is Saturday.


Oh, this is the dilemma.


Well, he could probably fly. I think he'll probably get Saturday.


I don't know what the timing.


LeBron will get the game time.


What? It says Long Beach State, but it's.


An interesting thought experiment.


I just Googled, it says Sunday.


Let's just berate LeBron for the fact that he would have missed that game. Yeah, that's why he's not a champion.


Is it Sunday or Saturday?


I'm looking. I see one tweet says Saturday, but it's not.


Oh, I'm looking at Google, not tweets. Sunday says Sunday. Sunday, Sunday. So no problem for brawny. He probably got it moved. He probably was just Sunday. Yeah, I had it, but I didn't. No, you didn't. No, you did not have it.


I did exactly what they told me not to do in journalism school.


Read a tweet, be first. Read a tweet instead of be right. Don't ever read a tweet. That's always a bad thing.


You should actually never write a tweet, either.




Like, across the board for everyone.


Yeah. All right. So, yeah, I'm rooting for the Pacers, obviously. 500,000. What? I say seven guys under six live.


Like a king in Indiana.


Also winning $500,000 in Vegas. Got a rule? Yeah.


I would not leave. I'd leave with less money than what I won.


Oh, yeah. I'd put it all on Red.


Charles Barkley definitely would.


Yeah. For sure. You could just be like, well, we would have. It doesn't matter. Yeah. It's not real. I'm rich. Yeah. Except I'm not because I make a player who makes, like, $2 million a year. Budy heels should have to do it.


Yeah, that's fair, buddy.


Heels should have to do it. I think Bruce Brown got paid a lot. Bruce Brown. Yeah. Makes 22 million a year. So, yeah, the three top guy, Buddy Heel, Miles Turner and Bruce Brown, all make over $19 million a year. They all should have to put it all on red for the team.


And if it hits, you split it.


That's. That's. Or maybe they put it on double zero and then they split.


That'd be huge.


That would be awesome. Okay, let's kick it to ourselves again. If you're not a YouTube watcher, this is one you want to watch on YouTube because we have Max and Hank in the lower third keeping up a balloon for our picks and preview, and then we have Gronk and Bart Scott. Okay, picks and preview time. It's brought to you by our friends at Uber Eats. Get delivered with Uber Eats. It's football season. You can now get almost anything you need for game day delivered with Uber Eats. What do you mean by almost? Well, you can get a win in game seven for Max's teams. Delivers. You can't. Sorry. Get a win. That was stupid of me. You can't get a win in game seven for Max's teams delivered. But you can get wings delivered. A strong defense. That's a no. Strong deodorant. That's a yes. Pet supplies for Blake and Stella. Yes. A six pack of ABS, definitely no. Not for me. But a six pack of beer. Uber Eats can get you that. There you have it. Get almost anything for game day delivered with Uber Eats, official on demand delivery, partner of the NFL alcohol and select markets in 21 plus.


To order. Product availability may vary by Region C app. For details. Uber Eats get almost anything. Order now. Okay, so we're going to do our picks and preview for Week 14. But if you are listening to the podcast right now and you want to watch it, I would tell you to go watch it right now because what is going on if you missed the 24 hours stream, Max and Hank, while we taped this on Thursday afternoon, are in hour 18 of the stream. And what we have told them is that while we're taping part of my take, so it's going to be about an hour here, they have to try to keep the balloon that we gave them up the entire time. If they can do that, they get out an hour early. So if you're watching the YouTube right now of the pardon my take episode, we're going to put them in the bottom corner for the section of this show of them trying to keep this balloon up. Shout out everyone who watched the stream, who rode with them. Max. MVP, Hank.


Well, Hank is there too.


Hank's there too.


Max has been great. Max has been delightful. I tuned in a couple times in the middle of the night. I would wake up, check my phone. Max just talking to the chat, talking to himself, just keeping the people entertained. This morning when Frank the tank went on, it dawned on me that we recreated the Stanford prison experiment. Yeah, and we're the wardens and they're the prisoners. I don't think that we've done anything over the line. I think that most of the activities that we've given them have been engaging, entertaining, stimulating. Even the Frank the tank video. That was hard. Yes, that was tough.


So we will also, after, we're going to tape in segments today. So fire fest. We will have Hank and Max on. So you can keep listening. You can hear their recap of everything but Max and Hank. It starts now. Keep it up for the next 45 minutes to an hour while we do the weekend preview. Ready, set, go.


Okay, they're going. There was a part of me that thought Hank was going to just hit it into the ground.


All right, Shane, you want to pull us down and we'll get back into it?


They don't have to just alternate the entire time.


This is so funny.


It's actually kind of soothing watching this.


Can I just turn the logo on? On the.


This is the balloon bouncing around is kind of like we're watching the DVD logo thing. Screen saver. It's kind of nice. Also, shout out to Max. Built us a dresser for the studio that we're going to be adding. Did a really good job with that. Looks awesome. Memes was low key, integral to the entire stream. Memes stayed up all night last night interacting with them the chat memes is a beast.


Okay, Pft Week 14. I know you hate when I do this, but I have to do it.


We're not going to do it.


14 is so late. You know what it is?


It's not that late. It's because you're forgetting about super wild card weekend. That's bonus football. Then we get more playoff football. Then we get the Pro Bowl. Then we get the Super Bowl.


No, that's not what I was going to say. What I was going to say was when college football ends, it always is. Like, wait, what? How is college football over right now?


Yeah, college football season is way too short.


And then we have bowl games. But yeah, it does. Like Week 14. It just dawned on me that, listen, our job gets a little easier because I think we showed it on last Sunday's show. There's some games that we don't really have to talk about. That don't mean shit. Yeah, but we will preview every game for Sunday. We have two Crown jewels. Two crown jewels.


If you have two Crown jewels, you don't have one. So we have to list one Crown jewel. Okay, there can be a crown jewel then there can be like, I don't know, a scepter. The Royal scepter.


Okay, so the Crown Jewels come later. Let's start with the noon 01:00 slate. And we have some great games in that slate as well. Rams at Ravens is where we're going to start. I saw that there was a report that Lamar Jackson might be dealing with his annual diarrhea because he wasn't at practice today.


It's about that time of year.


Yeah, it does feel like this is right around the time of year where he's just going to randomly miss practice for an entire week and be like, what's going on with Lamar Jackson?


What's going on with his ass? That's what we all need to know. I like the Rams actually to cover on this. I think the Rams are sneaky. They got enough talent.


This is a Rams for real game. Yeah. Are you for real Rams? Well, I think even if they lose by three, they could be considered semi for real.


I would say if they cover. Yeah, because it's seven and a half. So if they lose by seven, I'm going to say the Rams possibly still for real at that point. We forget the Colts beat Baltimore in Baltimore this year. Yeah, it can be done.


Kyron Williams has been awesome for the Rams. He is like the know. That's McVeigh's offense. You need the running game. And I think that you've seen moments where the Rams have not looked great. He was out for a whole month. Now they're back playing some good ball. I was thinking about this game because I agree with you that I lean Rams even though it's a bye week for the Ravens, they're off a bye week and they also have like the one seed very much in focus with everyone else losing. But I was thinking about it because Mark Andrews is out, and I went back and I looked at the stats. One, I don't give Mark Andrews credit enough. I always think of Mark Andrews as an injury guy. He's not. Yeah, he's not an injury guy. He's actually not been missed that many games. Yeah, but Mark Andrews, when he has been out, he's been out four times when Lamar Jackson's also. So because there was obviously Lamar Jackson missed the end of last year. Lamar Jackson stats in the last four times that they have played without Mark Andrews. You ready for these? Twelve for 17, 107 yards.


Twelve for 22, 130 yards. 17 for 23, 169 yards. 18 for 32, 177 yards. Yeah. Not eclipse, 200 yards. The only thing that you could say counter to this is they have way better wide receivers this year than they have had in the past when it was just Mark Andrews. But that makes me nervous about the Ravens. Mark Andrews is a big part of their offense.


No, the Ravens system has been to just not ever have a wide receiver, ever.


And now they have them.


They went out and they got several wide receivers. So that's going to make a difference. But that's why I was saying earlier this year was I feel Like Mark Andrews is to the Ravens what Travis Kelsey is to the Chiefs.




He's not as good as Travis Kelsey. He's still very, very good.


Baby Kelsey.


One of the best in the league. Is he older than Kelsey, though?


No. I feel like Mark Andrews. Sneaky young guy.


Is he sneaky? It feels like he's been on the Ravens for a while.


You guess an age, I'll tell you.


All right, well, shit, now I'm going against myself because I know what Travis Kelsey.


What do you think?


I'm just going to guess 31.


He's 28.




Yeah. He just turned 28.


Same age as Randall Cobb.


Randall Cobb is 27.


Yeah, 26.


I thought. Yeah.


No, Mark Andrews. I think he means as much the Ravens as Travis Kelsey means to the Chiefs. Like the offense doesn't really work without him. But also, you have to take into account this year. They've got Zay flowers. Who's nasty? Odell Beckham. Who looks way better.




Better than I thought he would.


Ravens fans can do, and this is a logic jump that all fan bases do. But I would do it if I were a Ravens fan. I would say, well, maybe this is actually good. If Mark Andrews can come back for the playoffs. Now Lamar has to get on even better page with his wide receivers. All systems go come January. This actually helped the Ravens.


He's got to learn how to play with everybody because he's not used to having those.


It's something that we all have to figure out a way to do. When you have a key player go down, you have to figure out a way, like, actually, you don't know this team. This was actually a blessing in disguise.


Because they get Mark Andrews back and then it's like free agent, then it's hyperdrive.


Yeah. So I agree with you. I kind of lean the Rams here.


It might be a backdoor cover, but I think if they get in seven, if they lose by a touchdown, I'm going to take the Rams seriously.


Yeah. All right. Nerd nugget for this game.


Hello, guys.


Hey, Jake.


How's it going?


Hello, guy.


Under John Harbaugh, the Ravens are twelve and three in games immediately following the Buy, which is the fewest losses in the league over the last 15 years. And those games right after the buy coach Harbaugh took over in 2008, they're allowing just 16 points per game, first in the league.


Okay, that makes me nervous.


Yeah, a little bit nervous. A little bit nervous about that one. I need to know what Ronnie from. Where's Ronnie from? Ronnie from Dundalk.




Stavi. I want to know what his take on this game is.




Maybe we should have him on the show soon.


I think we're going to have him on the show soon, sometimes. All right, next game up, Colts at Bengals. The Bengals. Can the Bengals make the playoffs? Can we do the Bengals? Jake Browning equals Nick Foles. You know, some Bengals fans might be thinking it now. The Eagles, the year that Nick Foles won the Super Bowl, I think their record was way better. When Carson Wentz got hurt, I think they were the one seed.


He was probably going to be the MVP.


When he hurt, I think there was something like twelve and four somewhere around there.


But in the games since Joe Burrow has gotten super healthy, he's played like the MVP.


True. I don't know, if I were a Bengals fan, this is what I'd be telling myself.


I think it's heresy to compare Carson Wentz to Joe Burrow.


Yeah. And also maybe Jake Browning to Nick Foles is double heresy.


They were 13 and three that year.


13 and three. So a little different because the Bengals still have to make the playoffs. But if you're a Bengals fan, that Monday night win got you at least another week of rooting for a team that is in contention, which is beautiful. That's nice. Like, if you win this game now, you actually are thinking maybe you will go to the playoffs.


It's not just that you're in the hunt.


You're in the thick of the big time.


You're in the deep shit if you're the Colts. Colts are also five and one on the road this year, so don't forget that Gardner Minshew looked pretty good last week.




Their special teams was awesome last week.


Their special teams, they got a coach fired.


There are special teams to essentially scored ten points for him. Yeah. It was so good on your punt blocking unit that you got another special.


Teams coach fired and a guy injured.


Yeah, really injured. I think the Colts are going to have ten wins this year.


You think Sean Payton never did a bounty on a punter?


I'm sure bounty on everybody.




Who was their punter? Was that Morstead back then or was too early for him?


I bet you Greg Williams. Yeah.


Was like, punter just anyone?


Yeah. Water boy. He's like, I want chain gang.


I want as many carts on the field. Oh, speaking of that guy, chain gang guy. Good news for. Yeah, not as bad as it looked.


It looked horrific.


It looked awful.


Oh, so he will walk at some point again in his life?


It was a dislocated knee, but it.


Was a. Oh, that sounds bad.


It was a cleanly dislocated knee. So apparently he doesn't need surgery or anything.


He just popped it back in.


His leg bent 90 degrees to the side, and then they popped it back and I think he's going to be okay.


Do they put you under for the pop back in?


They should. I would request a coma.


I know it's not surgery, but please, sir, that's, again, anesthesia.


When you watch players dislocate their fingers, which happens every week, and they just go to the sideline, pop it back in. That, to me, is like the craziest part of being NFL player, but, yeah, so gross. I guess they popped it back in.


That's good for him.


Great for him.


They probably should have made more fun of him.


They probably would have had to just put him down at that age. If you break your leg, take out a curtain, tear out the patella, ACL limb Cl. His knee in that moment looked like. I'm expecting JuJu Smith Schuster's knee to look like at any moment this year.


Yeah, I've told this story before, but I was at the game when Joe Paul got rolled up on his sideline by a Wisconsin player, and the whole crowd chanted, shoot him like a horse. Maybe. Actually not so bad in retrospect.


Do they shoot horses?


Yeah, they shoot horses. They don't shoot them. They used to shoot them. Now they just euthanize them. Yeah.


Make some glue out of Paterno.


Yeah. But a whole crowd Channing shoot him like a horse. We actually ended up being right.


Turn him into, like, a Starburst.




Use all that gelatin in his hooves.


Yeah. The Bengals also Jake Browning. We need to remember this is a great lesson in time and place and skill positions around you, because Jake Browning looked really good on Monday night, and it shouldn't have been that shocking. It was a little shocking, but it also shouldn't have been that shocking because, oh, yeah, the Bengals have, like, awesome wide receivers. Yeah.


They've got a great roster, and this is actually a perfect moment. Jake, if you're a listener of this.


Podcast, which we know you are, I'd.


Say it's probably like 50 50, right, Jake?


Yeah. Journeyman.


Seems like the guy. Journeyman, backup quarterback.


What up, Jake? We always been fan of you.


Huge fan. Have that ground beef and that honey, Jake.


Oh, that's funny. I actually just thought of that. So the ground beef and honey, and his name's Browning.




Yeah. When you combine, maybe that was him doing that. Like, I'm just browning the hamburger.


I'm browning the meat. Jake, now is the time to fake a deep tissue injury.


No. Win one more game.


I think right now you're coming off. I don't think it gets better than Monday night.


No, but that was, but you could always say there was a one off. We learned our Matt Flyn lesson a long time ago. You got to do two.


I don't know if every GM did. If I were Jake Browning, I would walk out, take one snap, and then be like, oh, my hamstring. Ah, damn it.


Do you know what he needs to do? He needs to add one thing to his repertoire. He needs to get hit really hard and be okay, and be like, that guy's tough.


Bounce back up.


He's also tough.


Okay, so take a big sack and then bounce right back up, and then go to the sidelines and start moving your arm around. Be like, oh, I think they're broken. It's my labrum.


Oh, shit. Where's my check? Yeah.


Because you will, Jake Browning. If this is your body of work right now, and I mean if you happen to beat the Colts this weekend, you have a Monday night victory in front of the world, then you go and you beat the Colts. You have earned yourself, my friend, probably $20 million.


Although I would make the argument that Jake Browning. Yeah, money's cool. He could go, maybe. I don't know if anyone would. He'd have to put in more work to be, like, someone sign him for a starter. But he might just be like the Jim Sorghy to Peyton Manning. If you're just career Joe Burrows, backup. That's the best life ever. Yeah. Because you're also on a loaded team. Yeah. So that might be. What's the cost if he got paid. How much does he get paid? Let's see how much he gets paid right now.


He's been in the league for a while, so I'm going to guess probably around, like, 3 million.


He gets one year, 750. Oh, he's getting paid 750 right now. So if you're Jake Browning and someone offered you. Yeah, he's made 1.7 total, so he's getting paid 750 this year. If the Bengals paid you 2 million and someone else tried to pay you four to be a starter on a shitty team, I think I'd take the two. Oh, yeah.


No, I'm not talking about, like, getting a starting.


Yeah, yeah.


I'm saying, like, this is a great chance for you to get paid as a backup.


Yeah. Just get paid a little bit more as a backup. Bengals can be like, hey, we have a real backup.


You know what I would do?


Get to the playoffs, and you actually would get a starting job.


What I would do, if I were Jake Browning, I would try to get a Deshaun Watson type contract, but as a backup. So, like, I go for seven years, fully guaranteed, 2.5 a year.




That's pretty good, right?


That would be hilarious. A seven year, $8 million total, cash. Yeah. Guaranteed.


I mean, if you're Jake Browning, that's pretty good.


Yeah. Signing bonus, maybe 50K.


You have fifty K, and, yeah, you get, like, maybe a nice Jeep Wrangler.


Yeah. Jake Browning. Good for you, though. We're rooting for you, and thanks for listening.


I always take pride when I share a name with someone who does good things in sports.


Fans of Jake's.




When Dan Campbell wins games, you're like, that's my name.


No. PFT.


When Mike Florio writes your great article.


I'm like, that's your name? That's PFT.


Yeah, no, I don't do that. Yeah, but it's cool that you do. Yeah, he's got twelve. All right, I'm going to DM him right now. His DMs are open. I'm just like, Jake, we're rooting for you, Jake. Fake.


Fake an injury if you have a.


Good first for you this weekend. Thanks for listening to the show.


I. Look, he doesn't follow PMT on Instagram.


Yeah, he doesn't follow me, but his DMs are open, so I just hit him up. Okay.


I bet Spencer knows him.


Yeah, he probably does.


Okay, I'll text Spencer in a little bit.


Okay. Nerd Nugget. Oh, this is early nerd Nugget of the week.


That was a painful one.


Jeff, would you rather be in a room 24 hours with Max and Hank or have to listen to do sound one time?


Yeah, probably in a room with Max.


Yeah, I'd agree. I'm actually jealous of them right now.


They look like they're having a great time.


Yeah, they do. Trade.


This is the I 74 rivalry. Cincinnati versus Indianapolis is the closest geographical rivalry among cities in the AFC. With a driving distance of 110 miles along I 74, the next closest is Cleveland. Pittsburgh at 137 miles.


Ooh, fantastic.




So there's a lot of blood between these two teams via the map.


A lot of blood map between them.




What's the closest in the NFL?


Would it be? It would be probably jets and Giants.


Or Rams and Chargers.


I was going to say Rams, Chargers.




But like, teams that play in different.


Stadiums, I would guess like Dolphins, Bucks.


No, I think maybe commanders. That's definitely commanders.




Yeah, for sure.


I got a sneaky one for you that I always forget about because they don't even play in the same conference. But Atlanta and Nashville 4 hours apart. I never think about that. Atlanta and Nashville are 4 hours apart.


I would also say Eagles. Ravens.


Yeah, Eagles, Ravens.


Those are really close.


Eagles, commanders.


New York, too. And Eagles.




The Northeast is all just jumbled.






Okay, so that was your nerd nugget of the week was a map. Yes. Okay.


Shout out to Bengals PR for this.


Yeah, Bengals PR.


Well, it was in their game.




Jake doesn't come up with these on his thought.


For a second there, I thought he hit up Bengals PR and was like, what's a nugget? And they're like, well, we're actually pretty close. Yeah.


Do they stay overnight? Yeah, they have to, I'm sure have to. Have to.


No, but they'd have to leave like.


07:00 a.m.. Yeah, they're definitely doing that for body like, for being able to wake up in a hotel.


I'm pretty sure home teams stay at a hotel, too.


Yeah, they do. They always do.




All right, Jags at Browns, I have a question for you. Pft. So there is now a report that Trevor Lawrence might play, and we like Trevor Lawrence, so no disrespect for what I'm about to say, but if Trevor Lawrence plays, does that make him tough or a pussy?


Well, that's an interesting question. It's a conundrum because when he left the field, right? And we talked about this on Wednesday when he left the field, every Jaguars fan thought not only is this season over, correct, but next year's drain, too. The way he like, slammed his helmet down on the ground again, just me, I would never leave a game like that. I would stay in, I would never get tackled. But sometimes a sprain is worse than a.


It's a.


This is a very fine line we're walking because, listen, it would be tough to play, but also be like, dude, what was that reaction? It's like when Mac Jones was crying with ankle sprain. It's like, I don't know. I thought you never were going to walk.


I think. I think we have to look back and I mentioned it to chaps. I was like, chaps, I'm going to say something to you that I will not say on the show. I ended up saying on the show anyways, but Trevor Lawrence kind of a pussy. Yeah. And then chaps was like, well, here's what he was actually crying about. He was crying because he was mad that he couldn't finish the game with his guys.


Oh, okay. That's fair. That's football, guy.


That's a great spin zone.


So I actually think Trevor Lawrence should not play just so that we can have some time where it's like, oh, that was a real injury. Then next week he becomes tough. Yeah. Because next week it's like, yeah, ten days of rehab, he's back. Tough.


They need to say like, doctors said it would take me six weeks. I'm back in two.




This game is going to be weird, though. This is going to be a weather game.


Yeah, we have a few weather games.


We got some weather going on. I think it's going to be like 20 miles an hour winds or above in Cleveland. It's going to have rain. We might get gropple which that's apparently weather that only Cleveland gets. The geography of Cleveland is so interesting because it's right on the lake, and it's got all this crazy wind and all this crazy precipitation that comes in. They're the only city that I know of that gets gropple. I've never heard of Gropple before, but it's dirty sleet. It's like that shit that you find at the end of February that's been frozen on the roads for the last four.


In a parking lot. In a target parking lot. Yeah, the piles. Cleveland is basically America's rainforest.




When it comes to how weird and random the weather can be. Yeah.


And there's so many different species of animals that live there, actually.


Yeah. Cleveland's our rainforest.


I like that.




Don't destroy Cleveland.




You're probably destroying the cure for cancer.


Yeah. Right. We need Cleveland. Cleveland is the oxygen hub of America's lungs. So I actually think that if Trevor Lawrence plays, that's bad for the Jags because the Jags have been very good with moving him and having him run for first downs. And if he plays, there's no way he's going to be 100% on the ankle. And if you're playing against the Browns defensive line and they have a quarterback back there that, you know, can't scramble, they're just going to tee off. Yeah.


Counterpoint to that, though, you'd probably still want an immobile Trevor Lawrence over CJ beThard. Well, third round pick, right?


Yeah, it's a fair counterpoint. The other big injury here, and I actually think this is a significant injury for this game specifically. So remember back week one, I think it was Christian Kirk had a bad game. Everyone was like, Christian Kirk could be awesome in this offense. And then after that, Doug Peterson said, I can't remember who they played week one. But he's like, yeah, they played a lot of. Christian Kirk is. Thrives against man defense. And if you look at the stats, like, throughout the season, when they play heavy man defenses, Christian Kirk usually goes off. The Browns are the number one man defense. So that's actually a huge injury for this specific game. Christian Kirk being he.


Yeah, he would have gone off.


He would have been their antidote to what the Browns want to do defensively, and now they don't have that well.


So if you're the Jaguars, if you lose this game, you say it would have been totally different if Christian Kirk had.




So that's a good built in excuse.




Addition to maybe a backup quarterback more Flacco, more fun.


More fun.


More fun for the people. Let Joe air it out. He's used to playing. That's why the Ravens took him as high as they did. Yeah, the story was that he played at Delaware. He played at Pittsburgh for a little bit. He's used to playing in shitty weather. In the AFC north, you have to play a lot of shitty weather games. That's why they took Joe also. Big hand, strong arm. This is going to be a classic Joe Flacco, shitty weather game.


What's the crowd reaction to Joe Flacco? Is it full cheer? I don't think you can full cheer him yet. I think I did beat your fucking brain in. I'm going to look up Joe Flacco versus the Browns, but I don't think.


They ever had real animosity towards Joe Flacco. Hating Joe Flacco was like hating a dog.


Joe Flacco's record versus the Browns. Want to guess? 21 games?


18 and three.


Yeah. Really?


No way.


I got. Yeah, 18 and three.


I was going to say 18 and three, too.


Yeah, you were right.


I was right. Thanks.


Good job.


TFT. 18 and three.


Thanks, Jake. Very cool.


So he did kill the Browns. Yeah. But I don't think everyone killed the Browns back.


I don't think they hate Joe more than they hate, like Peyton Manning.


I want the Browns to win this game. I want the Browns to be in the playoffs. Yeah. I'm rooting for the Browns to make the playoffs.


So am I. I'm heavily rooting for the Browns to make the playoffs.


All right, nerd Nugget.


For the third time in team history, the Browns have started four different players at quarter quarterback in the season. Deshaun Watson, PJ Walker, DTR and Joe Flacco. In 2008, they had Derek Anderson, Brady Quinn, Ken Dorsey and Bruce Gradkowski, who we saw in grit week at Toledo. And in 1988, Bernie Cosar, Mike Pajel, Don Strok and Gary Danielson.


Wow. Yeah.


I mean, it's classic Browns. The quarterbacks they've had this year will be a nice little addition to that sad jersey because you got Deshaun, then you've got two guys that probably won't play there much anymore after the season. You'll kind of forget their names over the years. Yeah, maybe DTR.


I had the stat a few weeks ago. It was something insane. Like, in the last ten years, it was like 35 different quarterbacks played for the Browns. And that includes two seasons where Baker Mayfield didn't miss a start. Yeah, it's crazy.


And you also get Flacco on there, and that'll be a nice combo breaker when you look back on it.


Oh, yeah.


You remember Flacco was a Brown.


Yeah. Okay, next up, Lions at Bears. I think the Bears can win this.


Game, so you're not insane to say that. I think like a month ago it would have been like, okay, big cat's trying to talk himself up, get himself amped up for a game here. I think it's going to be another city weather game.


It's cleared up a little, but get the early reports. It's funny how the gambling works. I saw the Bengals Colts game, had bad weather reported on Monday, and it went all the way down to like 41. And then on Tuesday, they're like, no, just kidding. And it went right back up to 44. So you got to be careful of the early reports.


So I guess it was an early report that I saw, but the Bears look it up. The Bears are looking way better than they were a month ago. The Lions feeling hot right now, 36 degrees, no precipitation.


That's not bad.


I don't think a look ahead game exists in Dan Campbell's universe. I think Dan Campbell respects the game of football.


No, they're not going to look ahead because the Bears almost beat the Lions three weeks ago. So I don't think that that's a possibility. I think the Bears can win this game for a couple of reasons. One, the Bears run defense has been much improved. I think they're number one against the run in like the last month. That's what the Lions want to do. Two, Frank Ragnau, possibly out center for the Lions. Also, you know how we love to do, who's the most important player on a team and Lions fans, you can tell me I'm stupid. You can tell me this makes no sense.


I think it's goff.


No. Well, no. On their defense, Aleem McNeil, their defensive tackle, is out. And if you watch the Lions, he has been the guy in the middle who's been able to keep things together. He got put on IR. He's very, very important. Not like a name that everyone knows, but he's very important. And then three, justin Fields against the Lions. They have never been able to stop him running. He's averaged 127 yards against the Lions on the ground running.


There was one game last year we just went off on him.




And did some very.


Remember he had that touchdown where he just broke everything, rushed that linebacker in the end. That now you could say, also counterpoint, it's still Luke Getze and Matt Eberflus. And I'd say, you know what, that's a really good counterpoint because the Bears will always find a way to lose a just, yeah, I think the Bears might be able to win this one. And Lions fans know we've talked about it. Like, their defense is troubling.


Very troubling.


It's troubling and I still think the Lions are a really good team. So it's not like trying to shit on the Lions. Their offense is elite. They just have to figure out, and they will get guys back, they'll get guys healthier. So they can hope. Late, late December, early January, they start to turn a corner. But right now I'd put it under the troubling category.


It's concerning to me. If I was Elon Musk replying to a tweet, I would say this game concerning for the Lions defense. Their defense last week against the Saints was very bad for about two and a half quarters. That game felt like it was out of reach after seven, like nothing. No lead is safe. Really, if you're a Detroit fan and they're getting.


Yeah, I think what, Anzaloni's been out, CJ Gardner Johnson has been out. They have a few guys that are going to come back. Aleem McNeil will hopefully come back. I think he got put on, I think they said four weeks and I think they signed another guy in place. So, yeah, maybe they'll be able to turn around once they get healthy. Get healthy at the right time.


I do love Branch. I love Branch beast. He's a monster. There was a very mean report that came out yesterday. It said Brian Branch said that the Washington Commanders said that they were going to draft him if he was still on the board with a 16th pick. And then they just didn't do it. And he's like glad that we didn't take him, which is fair. I'd probably be glad if I was a defensive player that did not get drafted by the Commanders. But to put that report out now, it's like one of my favorite rookies wanted to play on the team that I love and then he's like, but they just didn't take me. It's unnecessary. Loving salt in the woods like the coaches graphic that they show. Yeah, that's just one. This season's been hard enough. We're losing all our good players. Our pets heads are falling off. I don't need to know that Brian Branch wanted to play for my team.


Yeah, the enemy is going to be the next coach of the Bears like this suck.




Yeah, thank see. We'll see what happens on Sunday. This is why they play the games. I hope Lions fans know I do come in peace because it's like the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I have not gotten. I think we talked about this before the season. There will be a moment when the Lions are good enough and start winning enough that I will start hating them because in Division I have not reached that moment. I don't hate the Lions.




And I root for Jared.


That'll be way premature if you start.


No, they have to start stacking up some, you know, titles. And I'm like, yeah, fuck, I hate them because they keep winning this, but it hasn't gotten there yet. It's still all eyes know the packers and how much I hate them.


If the Lions win this weekend, I think I'm going to crown them champions of the NFC North.


They'd be pretty close.


I'm going to anoint them.


They'll be pretty close. They're getting close to their magic number. Okay. Nerd Nugget.


Lions tight end Sam LaPorta is just the 6th player in NFL history and first tight end to produce 60 receptions, 675 yards and six touchdowns through twelve career games. He joins Justin Jefferson, Michael Thomas, OBJ Marcus Colston and Kwam Bolden.


He's a beast.


He's so good.


He's have those numbers as a tight end.


We talked to Gronk in a minute and he mentioned Sam LaPorta. For people who are watching the YouTube right now, Max is now just doing the balloon by himself. Hank has quit on the balloon. It's very funny.


Maybe they're going in shifts. Maybe Max is going. Then Hank gets sloppy.


I can see Hank just being like, you know, I'm your boss.


Pass it around here.


You take the balloon. Okay. Next up, Bucks at Falcons. This could decide the NFC South.


I think it probably will.


If the Falcons win, it would be hard for them not to win the NFC South.


The Falcons aren't dead. If they lose, by no means because they already beat the Bucks, it's a tie. But yeah, if the Falcons win this game, I will anoint them NFC south champions.


And I feel like the Bucks defense is getting by a little bit on reputation these days and they have a ton of injuries.


Still got Kalaja Cansey. They do so many TFLs, which I.


Meant to talk to you about. Should we maybe put a little on Will Anderson?


Let me see.


Because Will Anderson actually have a nerd.


Dogging on him later on.


Jalen Carter I think is the favorite and Devin Witherspoon. But if the Texans go to the playoffs, I think Will Anderson like he had two sacks last week. He's starting to. He might be the guy right now.


Trying to find the.


I think he's plus 350. I think it might be a Will Anderson bet time.


Let's see, defensive rookie of the Year.


Where are we at? I think we need to go.


Jalen Carter is -200 Will Anderson's plus 350. Brian Branch plus 4000. I'll sprinkle on Will.


I think Will might win it.


I'm also going to sprinkle on Brian.


If the Texans get to the playoffs, I think that they'll clean up on some of these awards.


Well, they're going to get CJ for sure.




He's like locked in right now, although.


Puka, Puka, puka, Dapuka. Not bad. Dapuka.


Comeback player of the Year. Maybe Metchi. Metchi's going to be stepping up.




Tank dell out.


Yeah. I like the Falcons in this game and I'm just going back to what no one in the NFC south excites me, but if I had to pick, it would be the Falcons.


The Falcons, they can be fun.


Yeah. No, and I just, I wish Taylor Heinecke was playing, but in terms of being in the playoffs, I don't want to watch the Bucks in the playoffs. I don't want to watch the Saints in the playoffs. I could talk myself into watching the Falcons in the playoffs.


I think the Falcons might be a team you don't want to play in the playoffs.


I don't think that's true because they.


Can muck it up.


I think whoever will most likely be the Cowboys, I think they'll be fine playing the Falcons in the playoffs. They'll be more than happy to go play the Falcons in the playoffs.


They're going to be the most disrespected team in the playoffs. And rightfully, why are the Falcons hosting a playoff game?


Yeah, and rightfully so. But still, I might unload on the Cowboys now that we're saying it. Okay, nerd Nugget.


Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans, as we mentioned the other day, now has 1000 receiving yards. It's his fifth career season with that having 1000 receiving yards and ten or more receiving touchdowns, that ties him for the fifth most in NFL history. Every player with at least five seasons of ten touchdowns and 1000 yards, all in the hall of Fame.


Yeah, he's a first ballot hall of Famer. He's been incredible.


What do you think about Baker? So if the Bucks in their season, let's just say they're eight and nine at the end of the year, probably realistic, right? Maybe seven and ten. But if they're eight and nine, what are the chances Baker comes back to the Bucks next year?


I think he comes back. I think they'll probably draft someone.


Yeah, but I think they're done with Trask. Yeah, I think if Trask hasn't taken over the job by now, he would have done. There's probably a reason for that.


He would have done it. Okay, next up, Texans. Oh, no, sorry. Panthers at Saints.




Gross. The only thing I had on this game is I oftentimes struggle with a narrative, and when the narrative actually dies. Example? Like Oregon, when they switched from Chip Kelly when they had a couple of string of bad coaches, and I was like, but it's Oregon. They're going to be good offensively. Like, they're going to score 70 points. I can't get it out of my head. If I know a team is one way, and then all this evidence shows me something else, I'm like, no, but it's so hard. This is exactly what it is. My point is, the dome is not a home field advantage right now. So the Saints are owing five against the spread this year at home. They're owing seven in their last seven against the spread at home. They're five and 15 against the spread at home. Since 2021. The dome is not the dome.


Yeah, the dome has been aging along with a lot of their roster.


Right. But in your head, you always say when there's a game in New Orleans, you're like, tough place to play.


I think the dome picks and chooses its moments. So, like a big third down, the dome can still bring it for like, one play, but it can't sustain it. Doesn't sustain it.




It's like an aging veteran that you put in to rush the passer on third and longs, and that's their specialty. That's kind of what the dome's at right now.


The dome needs to get its cardio up.


Yeah, well, I don't know if the dome can get its cardio to the point that it once was.


Yeah, they need good players. That's probably what would get the dome.


They need the second that they don't start anybody on offense. That was also around during the Drew Brees era. At that point, then I think the dome could get its mojo back because.


The easier way to say it is it has nothing to do with the dome. And it's the fact that Saints just stink.


Wait, don't discount the dome.


I'm not discounting the dome. I'm just saying. You could alternately say, well, yeah, because they're not good.


The dome is. It's had an off couple of years.


It is the first time I think they have this Owen five against Spritz since like 1980.


It's also cool that they just get to call their dome the dome.


The dome.


It's the dome.


It is.


It's not the Superdome. Like other domes, they exist. There are other stadiums that have domes. But if you were to say, like Atlanta. No, you don't call that the dome?


No, that's Mercedes Benz. That's the butthole. Yeah. It's where they don't serve chick fil A on Sundays. Yep. Dome is just a great name.


Yeah, I love Dome.


I do, too.


I love every fan of Dome. Huge fan.


Jake. You love Dome.


Can't say I hate, right?


All right. Okay, so I kind of want to take the Panthers in this game.


Yeah. I still don't know what to make about Tabor, the interim coach. There was a report that came out this week that it was like the Hunger Games inside the facility where other coaches were, like, texting with Pepper behind Frank Reich's back. Is that really behind the head coach's back? On an NFL team, is it normal for only the head coach to have a relationship with the owner? I don't know, because I feel like a functional work environment. It's like everybody should be in contact with everybody that wants to talk to them.


No, I would say the special teams coach probably doesn't talk to the owner very often.


It depends, I guess, on what's being said.




Like if Tepper is reaching out to the special teams guy and he's like, hey, Chris, what do you think about Frank's play call right last week when it was fourth down and he went for it, and then if you're doing that kind of back and forth, then, yeah, that's hunger game.


I also the Panthers, I'll say this, JC Horn is back. He played last week in limited amounts, but he's going to be ramped up this week. He does change their defense. Yeah. So I think I'm going to take the Panthers again. If you're a Saints fan, and I had a lot of Saints fans reach out to me and they agreed they should not be winning games. Now. Getting into the playoffs this year for the Saints is bad for the future of the franchise. They need the full reset.


Give me a full Taysom game. Give me Taysom.


All we might get. Jameis.


Yeah, I don't know. I don't know.


I feel like Eric Carr just doesn't want to sit.


I made the switch last week where I thought to myself, like, taste him as a starting quarterback. I think he gives you the best chance to win right now if you have him. Yeah, but he's so hard to plan for.


But Derek Carr, like, this guy, won't just sit down for a game. Let me. He. Yeah, he's limited in practice.


He's tough.


Just let Jamis play.


It also just occurred to me that there's a chance that David Tepper himself was the source of the Hunger Games quote.




Because in his mind he's like, I run such, like a tight ship around here and everybody fears me that they think it's the Hunger Games and he thinks that's cool.




There's a good chance that that's what happened.




He definitely wasn't like somebody complaining about being pitted against their coworkers.




Tepper wants people to know that's how I run.


Welcome to the Hunger game. Yeah. David Tepper joint. Okay. Nerd Nugget.


Last week, Saints running back Alvin Camara surpassed Marcus Colston to become the franchise's total yards from scrimmage leader at 9809. So he's 191 away from 10,000 yards.




As a saint.


Last early game. Texans. The Jets. Memes, I got bad news for you. I think I'm going to take the Jets. I think Zach Wilson is the spark. I do. I think he's the spark.


You're not trolling?


No. I keep thinking about it more and more, and it's maybe less Zach Wilson and more. Just looking at the board and being like, everyone's going to say Texans minus three and a half is the easiest bet.


They pay those guys on the jets to play football, too.


And Zach Wilson might be a spark.


So it's the saddest spark ever.


No, I would.


I think it is.


No, we said it. Tim Boyle to Tim Boyle. Trevor Simeon to Tim Boyle.


That's a sad spark. Going back to Zach Wilson, that's sadder, but for much, much different reasons.


Yeah, but I still think the benching Trevor Simeon for Tim Boyle is the saddest spark you can ever do.


At that point, it was about more like just not having Tim Boyle on the field. Like anybody but Tim Boyle. With Zach Wilson, it's like maybe he's learned how to play quarterback.


In the last week, yeah, maybe fresh, fresh legs.


Maybe these last three years, we can just kind of put those out the window. Maybe now is the time something clicked. Yeah. Did something click for Zach Wilson during this last week? Was getting benched in that fashion a wake up call for young Zach?


It's a good question. It could be memes. I think he's the only semi mobile quarterback left in the room. Like Trevor Simeon took three steps, immediately got hit.


Maybe that's why they're putting him back in, because Salah hates him and wants him get hurt. There was that report really?


From Joe Bonango, the WFAN radio host. He had a text message with Robert Salah and he leaked it on air and made it sound like Robert Salah hated.


Could be this could be coach being like, I'm so mad at you for I had to start you so many times this season when I didn't want to. Now I'm going to start you and hopefully you're going to get destroyed. Yeah, this could be a vengeance start from Salah.


It's very possible. And I think the defense might even be like a week or two away from just completely think. Yeah, I think they're a game to game quit. Watch. Like, we saw the Dolphins game. It's the halftime.


Yeah, last week they were still flying.


Yeah, it was a chance for a second there that was like, hey, maybe they're going to win this game to nothing.


I love it when defenses fly around out there. That's my favorite.


And then you also have the rookie quarterback.


CJ Stroud is due for a rookie quarterback game.


No Tank Dell?


No tank Dell.


It's an elite defense. Robert Salah knows Demiko Ryan's very well, kind of a master student in the pupil. Is that no teacher student. Teacher student.


No, teacher and pupil.


Teacher and pupil. I said student and pupil. I don't even know why I'm trying to talk myself into this. Well, I'll give you, because I started this snowball.


There's a certain young man that's coming back this weekend expected to make a big difference on the jets offense.


Are we talking spark?


Big spark for the Jets. People have been talking about this guy for the last couple of weeks, like, when's he going to get out there on the field? There have been videos of him warming up all the time. When is this guy going to play?


Is he, is he season?


It's officially.


Season. It might be officially is. He says, oh, my God, I'm going to have to bet this fucking guy who's never even going get in the game?


No, he's going to get in this week, right?


There's no chance he never gets in.


It's not confirmed. But Bries hall was.


Bries hall said he was going to play.


But will he be 100%?


Will he be 100%?


Would you rather have 60% Brief hall or 110% Izzy?


60% Brie Sallall 110% is he 60% Brie Hall.


110% is he.


Give me take a 10% brief hall. I take Bries Hall. He doesn't have legs.


Feed me, Izzy. All right, let's just do Brice hall and Izzy.


No. The jets are going to score two touchdowns. What are you talking about? Without the Jets. Betting the jets to score two touchdowns would be the craziest bet ever. But noW, fuck now maybe they will.


Yeah, I objected last week when they said they lost a one score game with the Jets. That's not a one score game. Also, that's like a four safety game.


Here's something for you, memes. The last eight Texans games, lost by two, one by seven, one by two, one by two, one by three, one by five, lost by three, one by point. These games are always tight. They could be better than a team. And it will come down to the last possession. I think we're going to take the Jets. Memes.


Texans playing fun games.


Okay, Nerd Nugget.


So I confused Willie Anderson and Derek Stingley. This is about Derek Stingley, Texas.




Texans cornerback Derek Stingley is the first player in franchise history to tally four interceptions in a three game span as the only player in the league to accomplish that feat this season, he joins Darius Williams and Matt Milano as the only players to record an interception in three consecutive games this year.


So, wait, you gave us a preview of the nerd Nugget and it wasn't even the right guy?


Well, Will Anderson got brought up a few games ago, and I'm like, oh, yeah, I have something on him, but.


It was the wrong guy.


Different text, different guy on me.


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Jefferson back. Which is good because this is another receiver that Josh Dobbs does not have a connection with yet, meaning he will play really well with Justin Jefferson. Yes, that's what he does. We looked it up. I think it's the Dunning Kruger effect where you start out and you're really good, then the more you know, you get worse.




And then at the end when you're an expert, then you're really good.


Uh, Justin Jefferson, also Nate Tyce, who does a great job, wrote an article about Justin Jefferson in the run game. Like the Vikings run game is way more efficient when he's on the field, not even because of him as a blocker, but just because of what defenses have to prepare for. With Justin Jefferson this game, though, any result wouldn't surprise.


That the, I don't think that the Vikings are good enough to be expected to win this game.


And the favorites on the road.


And their favorites on the road and the Raiders are not actually been, they've been okay. They've been decent since making the coaching change like Josh McDaniels is probably. What lies do you think Josh McDaniels is telling himself to explain how they got so much better? Because he's not admitting like schedule.


He's probably doing a big schedule thing. Yeah, look at, oh, look how soft it was. I would have won all these games anyway.


I didn't get the right opportunity.


Yeah, stole this from me.


That's probably what he's saying. But they're a much better team without him, obviously. And I think these are just two. This is the mid off of the week. Yeah, Vikings. Raiders mid off of the week.


And whoever wins can tell themselves maybe playoffs, even though I think the Vikings might. There was that nice run, but the fact that the Rams and the packers have looked ascendant makes me don't the Vikings have to play the Vikings play the pack? Oh, they play the packers one more time.


They play the Lions twice.


They play the Lions twice. So, yeah, maybe they could still make the playoffs. They could.


Oh, yeah. If they beat the Lions twice, they.


Definitely, they have to win this game. They have to win this game.


They got to win this one. And I mean, if you're a Vikings fan, you got a team that fights. You guys have been fighting your dick off.




You got a defensive coordinator that at the start of the year looked like somehow this defense might be worse than the defense was last year. But things have gotten into shape over there. There was an article that came out about him, about how he invented a new kind of defense this year, like a new way to look at the zone blitz that's never been done in the history of the NFL. So if you're a Vikings fan, you've got that. Your defense is better and you've been fighting in every game. So I guess you're happy. It's like you could say that if Kirk Cousins was still our quarterback, we'd be right in the thick of it.


Yeah. And now that I'm looking at it like, they do have everything in front of them, they play the Lions, packers and Lions to finish the yeah, but.


They got to win this Fighting.


They have to win this one. This is a must win. Okay, nerd Nugget, fight this game.


Vikings fans are familiar with Raiders receiver Devante Adams. No player has caught more touchdowns against Minnesota than Adams, who recorded 13 while with the Packers.


Okay, all right, next game, Broncos and Chargers. I like the Broncos in this game and I'll state my case. I was looking at it. PFT the Chargers offense stinks. It's back to the dome discussion about perception. You're like, oh, Justin Herbert, they got all these weapons. Austin Eckler looks old. They can't run the ball. Joshua Palmer has been out, so they only have Keenan Allen. Pft Keenan Allen has the most receptions on the Chargers team. How many more receptions does he have than the second most?


I'm going to say he has 800 more receptions.


He has 71 more receptions, the second most receptions on the team.


Are you talking about this year?


This year? Okay, this year, 71.


Yeah, it's a lot. Keenan Allen needs to be respected more.


He does. So I went and looked at it since Joshua Palmer has been out because he was a good receiver. He was a good complimentary piece to Keenan Allen. Keenan Allen has accounted for 46% of all Chargers passing yards. Yeah, it's literally just throw. I think Brandon Sale even said it, like, if I could throw it to him like 80 times, I would.


There was one game, they threw it to him probably like 25, 26 times. Yeah, he's awesome. He's the most crisp route runner in the NFL.


So I say all that.


That's probably not true, but he's very good.


I say all that because the Broncos, if they want to do this, who knows if they will, but they could just put Patrick Stan on them and.


Then they have nothing.


And they have literally nothing. Like, this is a team that is getting by on. I don't even know if they're getting by on reputation anymore because everyone thinks they stink. But you do think Chargers. You think offense, like, they have so many guys, they don't got anyone.


It's also a sad state of affairs if you're the Chargers and you're like, people are only talking about us because of our reputation as the good reputation. Right. The one thing that's holding him up, I think Khalil Mack is leading the NFL in sacks.


He is.


So he's having a great season individually.


He also, I think, has had the. I think he's like four games in a row, multiple. He's. He's been a. Yeah, he's.


He's still very. This. This spread. Chargers minus thrEe. I'm going to tip my hat to Vegas. I think Vegas nailed this spread.




Because somebody's winning this game by three points.


You can do the old Mincy. Yeah, they got it right.


They got this one right.


They got this one right. So this is a stay. No need to give a pick. They got it right.


It's a stay away from me.


I kind of like the Broncos.


I think they got it right.


They got it right. Okay. Nerd Nugget.


In this game, Broncos wide receiver Courtland Sutton needs one touchdown to become the first Broncos since wide receiver DeMarius Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas in 2014 to record double digit receiving touchdowns in a single season.


He's good. He's good. He's good. He's been very good.


Those teams are amazing, too.




Peyton's guys.


Yes. Okay. Bills Chiefs. BFD. I'm going to talk crazy for a second. Permission to talk crazy. Go off if you think the Bills are going to win this game.


I do.


I do, too. If you think the Bills are going to win this game. Why not bet them to win the Super Bowl?


I guess that's fair.


They're 35 to one right now.


It's fair.


They have to get like the Bills to me right now. I don't know if they're going to make the playoffs. I think it's probably a toss up at this point because they do have a tough schedule and if they don't make the playoffs, it's only themselves to blame because they lost games in the beginning of the season to teams that they should have beaten easily, and we know how that went. But if they do make the playoffs, and considering all the injuries and weird shit that's happened on all the teams ahead of them, why would the Bills not be just as capable as all these other teams who in their current form, maybe outside of the Ravens, you can say there's a hole there.


Yeah. So I understand your logic. Their schedule is not super easy.


No, it's hard.


So there is a way that they could win this game and then very easily not make the playoffs.


But my point is, if they're good enough, if they win this game, the price will go from like 35 to one to 20 to one. Yeah.


Now would be the time to do it. Then maybe cash out. This is, by the way, we should do an alert because people have been accusing us of glazing the Bills recently. Oh, yeah, I'm glazing the Bills big time. I'm Jay Glazer over here.


I mean, the Bills, they're getting glazed. I still think they're a very good. They. The Bills have only themselves to blame for what has happened this season. They have lost games that they should never have lost and they lost games to teams that they should have killed. They lost to the Patriots, didn't they? Yeah.


Lost to the Jets.


They lost to the Jets. They lost to the Broncos when the Broncos were still bad and hadn't put it back together. They've lost games. They are only themselves to blame. But I'm just saying in terms of a value proposition, if you told me the Bills were in the like, what would be the argument? That they don't have just as much of a chance as every other team given what's happened in the AFC. It's not like the Bills are so much better than everyone else. I think everyone else has come down a little bit.


I think the value proposition against that would be they're still coached by Sean McDermott.


Yeah. And it's been tough.


There was a very interesting article that came out today. I don't know if this came across your desk. Big cat came across mine. Tyler Dunn wrote this regarding Sean McDermott and some of the ways that maybe inside the building, he's lost some of the team. There was an anecdote from 2021 when he was addressing the entire team. This was at St. John Fisher College in Pittsburgh, New York. McDermott's morning address began innocently enough. He told the entire team they needed to come together. But then sources on hand say he used a strange model. The terrorists. On September 11, 2001, he cited the hijackers.


This is an athletic plus plus.


This is not the athletic premium plus. I don't think when I saw this, I was like, I thought to myself.


Did I tweet this screenshot out?


And so I had to look it up.


Okay, continue. Sorry.


He cited the hijackers as a group of people who were still able to get on the same page to orchestrate attacks to perfection. One by one, McDermott started asking specific players in the room questions. What tactics do you think they used to come together?


Oh, man.


A young player tried to methodically answer, what do you think their biggest obstacle was? A veteran answered, TSA, which mercifully lightened the mood. Fact check. TSA did not exist until after 911 for a related reason. But, yeah, if you've reached the point in your motivational speeches where you're asking the guys to emulate the hijackers on September 11, 2001, on your football team, I think it's time to start asking some questions about how can we get this guy, like, just a word of the day calendar that we can all study and rally.




Let's get back to watching hell bring in Sean Payton and have the Wildlife Channel of, like, gazelles getting hunted down by lions.


True truth and lies. Trust fall. Yeah.


Let's go back. Maybe let's do another rookie skit.




The rookie skit.


Fun facts.


Goes out there like George W. Bush.


Yeah. All right, so I just searched Sean McDermott's name on X, formerly Twitter. He spoke to the media today. So this is breaking news of the last, like, ten minutes. He said that his intent with the team meeting in 2019, in which he referenced 911, was to emphasize the importance of communication. He said that he regretted it and apologized to this team soon after for not better communicating his point. That's ironic. Yeah. He was doing a lesson on communication, and he didn't communicate that. You shouldn't use the terrorists on 911 as the point to prove about communication.


He should have had someone come in and speak to him before he talked to team and use the 911 hijackers as an example of how he should be communicating with his team. Then he would not have used the example of the 911 hijackers when he communicated with his team.


Okay, you know what? Everything I said about the Bills winning the Super Bowl I'm throwing out does not count.




Listen, I didn't expect it to go this way, but I think they're going to win this game. But the fact that their head coach has to do a press conference today talking about the time that he said that the 911 hijackers were really communicated well, and they're admirable to look at in a team building standpoint. Yeah, I didn't see that one coming. I'm going to say you can't win a Super bowl if that happened.


I'm going to agree with that. You know what?


Everything we said, we're no more glazing. We have not glazed anymore.


Part of my take, we're removing the glaze.


Yes, we are.


Glaze has been removed on this podcast. If we stand for nothing else, we're anti Nazi and we are anti 911.


Hijackers that legitimately change. I was going to bet the bills, and I will not. I can't. What are we talking about?


It's the old drill tweet. Like, under no circumstances do you have to hand it to the 911 hijacker.


Yeah. All right, Chiefs.


All right, Chiefs.


Chiefs it is. I think I got to fix my advisors pick.


People are going to say you're pro 911 now.


Yeah. When they see advisors and they're like, oh, you picked the bills. Material change that was taped on Wednesday.


Can we go back to our interview with Sean McDermott? Just add to the lower third part of my take does not endorse the 911 hijackers to just run during that interview.


I wish we had known this. This would have been a good clip for us to bring up. It would have.


Yeah. I'm actually shocked that none of this came out before now.


Yeah. They say it actually is a sign that he is in trouble because someone's been holding that. They're like, I know that I can just say this to a reporter at some point. Yeah.


Because when you're winning football games, nobody cares what motivational tactics you're using. But the second things go south, all of a sudden that 911 speech that you gave gets brought up.


Okay. Wow. Yeah.


Shocking. Shocking even as far as NFL head coach motivational tactics go.


Yeah. Okay. I'm going to have to change my pick to the Chiefs everywhere. Okay, nerd nUgget.


The offenses, led by Josh Allen and Patrick Mahomes may end up stealing the show here, but both the Bills and Chiefs have three players, each with at least six sacks this season, tied for the second most in the NFL. The Dolphins lead the league with four players who have at least six sacks.


The Chiefs defense I'm a little worried about because I think maybe Nick Bolton is coming back, but they had Nick Bolton go down, I think, in the Chargers game. Then Drew Tranquil went down last week in the Green Bay game with a concussion. Both like, those are the guys, Green Dot guys, who are communicating the entire defense. And you could tell in the packers game like it was a drop off. So I think Nick Bolton is going to play. I don't know what Drew Tranquil, if you can get out of concussion protocol that quick, but that is something to watch because that is part of like, C. Spagnola wants to do some funky.


Ass shit you probably can't get. It's very rare that a player now comes out of concussion protocol within the week.


Brock Purdy did.


Brock Purdy Elite. He's built different.


He's elite.


As far as the 911 thing goes, again, if you're going to motivate your players, it actually makes sense that the Bills seasons have been the way that they were because the hijacker, they didn't study how to take off or land.




And they're always bad at the start of the season. Bad at the end of the season.


Yeah, man.


They're good on cruise control.


That's shocking.


It is shocking, isn't it?


Yeah. By the way, we just got a text message, I think from me or no, maybe from Shane, saying Jerry just asked if he should go in and leaf blow the balloon. Yes.


That's good.


We won't count it against them, but I would like to see them react like that. If you're watching on the YouTube right now, you're going to get a treat because Jerry's going to pull the balloon and see how they react. This would be great. Okay. Seahawks 49 ERs is the last afternoon game. Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp. Oh.


Bird nugget of the week.


Bird Nugget of the week. I Like it for the Seahawks.


That's a good tune. Where'd you get it?


Chirp, chirp, chirp, chirp. That's good. I like that.


I like it, too. Bird nugget of the week. Did you know that a Seahawk is not an actual bird? Oh, it's not a bird. The Seahawks have a mascot and a logo that does not exist as an actual animal in real life.


Now, some people seagull on steroids.


We got a bunch of osprey heads out there being like, yo, pft, it's an osprey. Some people call an osprey a seahawk. In the first place, that's two words, sea and hawk. In the second place, there's other birds that are also called seahawks, so it can be a skua or an osprey. There's no such thing as a Seahawk. Now, other fun fact about the Seahawks mascot.


Wait, are we on live? Did Shane put us live on the stream? Don't put us on the stream because we don't. I mean, we're doing Pertnuggets of the week. We can't have the people. You got to tune into part my take for that stuff. Yeah.


So this is very important because you might say to yourself, hey, pft, they actually have a live mascot. That's a hawk. And you're right, they very much do, in fact, have a live mascot.


It's not a seahawk.


The live mascot that they use is a captive bred, ten year old Auger hawk named Taima. Does he live by the Sea Taima? No. Auger Hawks live in the fucking mountains of Africa, and it's not even a seahawk. So there's no such thing as a seahawk. Bird nugget of the week.


Chirp. That was great. Bird nugget of the week.


Good song.


Niners are going to win this game.


I have talked myself into the Seahawks being frisky.


Okay, can I help you?


They were frisky last week.


Yeah, they were frisky last week. It felt like it was throw everything at the kitchen sink game where it's like, we got to win this game. The Niners officially are the best team in the NFL. You could just point to their three losses, Debo Samuel and Trent Williams being out, and how good they've looked every single game that they have not been out. I also think the Seahawks struggle defending the middle of the field, struggle in tackling. Christian McCaffrey is pretty good at avoiding tackles and running routes in the middle field. Same with Kittle, same with Debo.


You know who's good in the middle of the field?


Bobby Wagner. Bobby Wagner's maybe lost a step.


Well, he's definitely lost a step from his prime, but he's still not bad. I like the Seahawks to cover in this game. Ten and a half, I think they're.


Trapping you that's a lot of points.


I think you're getting trapped by the Niners. Yeah, they're coming off a mini buy from last Thursday.


No, the Seahawks are.






Yeah, the Seahawks are coming off a mini buy from last Thursday comes the leaf blower.


They're struggling. They're getting up. They're getting up. This is great. This is some great action right now.


Hank's trying to block Hank and with his body.


They're doing a good job.


Yeah, this is good teamwork. You know what? Hank and Max, they seem like they've learned a lot from the 911 hijackers. How to communicate.


I'd say so. All right. They're fighting back. Yes. That's Mark Wahlberg right there.


Does he have a box cutter? No.


Good. Okay. Yeah. So I think it's a Seahawks trap.


I don't think I'm getting trapped. I think the 49 ERs are obviously the best team in the NFC, and when they've got their guys back, they're the best team in the NFL. I just think that ten and a half points is a lot of points. I don't think that the Seahawks are.


Going to win this trap.


They're not going to win this, but they look frisky enough on the road in Dallas on Thursday night that I'm like, they should not be ten and a half point underdogs.


Exactly. Trap.


They shouldn't be trap. I think you're getting trapped.


No, everything you explained is the trap.


I saw them on national television playing.


Well. Yeah, exactly.


The most recent game that I saw.


Is a perfect amount where you're like, they don't have to even be close.


Yeah. Back Dormy on ten.


Yeah, no, that is open. All right. Nerd Nugget.


Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf needs one reception and 88 yards to become the third player in NFL history to reach 50 catches, 900 yards and five touchdowns in each of his first five seasons.


Randy Moss, AJ Green, he was awesome on Thursday night. I'm faster than him.


It was great to see that. You are facts. All right, last game. Crown Jewel. Eagles of Cowboys. Eagles have been outgained by 100 yards in the last five games. Five straight games. Yeah.


They've been winning some close ones.


Yeah. I think this is the battle of fraud defenses.




The Eagles, that's the stat with the Eagles. They've been out gained 100 yards in the last five games. The Cowboys defense, I was looking it up. I was getting into the weeds. So they've given up 220 points in five of those games. They give up 40 total points. Those five games are against the Patriots, the Panthers, the Giants twice, and the Jets. Those four teams are the four last teams in offense in the NFL. So in five games this year against those teams, they've given up eight points per game. In the other seven games, they're giving up 27 points.


Yeah, they beat up on bad teams.




And so it's like, crush bad teams.


I love this. Over. I really don't know. This is kind of a. Maybe we'll go back to the Mincy, like, perfect spread because I kind of wanted the Cowboys, but now it's three and a half.


Good job, Vegas.


Good job. Like, three and a half makes you scared. You look at three and you're like, ooh, that's yummy. And then three and a half, you're like, oh, I don't want that.


The hook dangling out there because then you know for certain you're going to lose because of that half point. We should talk about Mike McCarthy and his health adventure. He's been through this week. He had appendicitis. He had a swollen appendix. They removed it. He said he's going to coach free diet. Free diet?


Yeah, because he just lost his appendix. I lost two pounds.


Mike McCarthy might not have been fat. Maybe his appendix had just been gradually bursting and growing for the last 15 years. And they're going to take it out and he's going to be hot.


He's like Violet Bogard.


He's going to have a six pack.




So McCarthy, I could see him also using the appendix as a motivational tool. Like, have it in a jar.


Smash it.


Smash his appendix. Get his guts. I'm spilling my guts for you guys. I'm getting my guts on all these players.


So I was wondering how this would play into it, and I asked our good friend Will Compton and Kyle Long, who were here today, and they said that this late in the season, it actually would maybe be good because it's like a substitute teacher energy where it's like the defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator are now running the practices. It kind of makes it loose. Like, oh, you think you're going to be the head coach? Oh, you're not the head coach. So kind of like a fun vibe that they can get out of this.


I would also like it if Mike McCarthy coached this game from a hospital bed.


It would be great.


You freeze. That would freeze it, like, up in the suite next to Jerry. Maybe Jerry's there, like, manning his IV, telling him what plays to call. Yeah, that would be.


Be it. Might be a good thing if Mike McCarthy doesn't coach.


If you have Dan Quinn step mean.


That throw that they made on third down on Thursday night to stop the clock. Like Mike McCarthy still does some really stupid shit.


That's what I was saying at the start of the show on Friday was no one's going to talk about that because they ended up winning the game. But that very easily could have cost them the game. Yeah, he gave them like 40 seconds.


It's crazy.


Here's 40 seconds for free.


Mike McCarthy also, I saw someone pose this but he is in the running for like one of the best regular season coaches of all time. I want to see what his record is. I'm looking it up right now. Scrolling, scrolling. Head coaching record. Here it is. 164 and 100. That's pretty good.


That's pretty good.


That's pretty good. That's not best of all time regular season. Okay, nerd Nugget.


Philadelphia is three and out on Sunday Night Football under Nick Siriani, which is the longest active streak of SNF wins in the NFL. The Eagles have won each of their last two games versus Dallas on SNF.


Okay, three games in a row.


Although the Cowboys Dak has actually beaten the Eagles. More like he has a better record against the Eagles than you would imagine.


I actually thought the way that they lost the Eagles earlier this year was perfect because the Cowboys played good enough to beat the Eagles in that game. Dak played awesome, had a great game and then just stepped out of bounds barely, just by a little bit, two yards shy where it will just drive you insane and people be like, see, Dak sucks he stepped out of bounds when in reality he played an awesome game and they'll all forget about that and be like, oh well, he cost us at the last minute. That's the perfect way in my opinion, for any Dallas Cowboys loss to occur.


Remember that game too, when we were watching it, the Cowboys were just able to get yards a lot easier than it felt like the Eagles were. Go to CD and they were just kind of ripping them up in the middle. Jake Ferguson has also been very good and has kind of changed their offense a little bit. I'm going to look it up real quick. The Cowboys Eagles game from earlier this year. Wow. They played a lot longer ago than I realized. Was it like four weeks ago?


Three weeks?


Yeah. It was Week 9. November 5 flies by a long time ago. Yeah. The Cowboys had 406 yards to the Eagles 292. Okay, wait, did you do the nerd nugget? Yeah, you did. Okay, that was a great preview, boys. Didn't think we were going to get into 911. McDermott just got a Schafter.


Just tweeted the article, too. So it's official.


Yeah, he did a press conference talking about it, so he clearly. That must have sucked for Sean McDermott to be like, any day they could say the 911 story.


Yeah, I got a notification. McDermott addresses 911 comments. Bill's coach said he regretted comments that he made during a team meeting. This does feel like a fake article. The entire thing feels fake, but it's real, which is crazy.


Yeah. That really is insane. Okay.


We think Aaron Rodgers would say about that, actually.


He'd be like, good.


Actually. They didn't work that hard together because it was the CIA.


Yeah, it's wild. Wild. Okay, picks. Let's do it.


Five weeks to go. Ten picks remaining for the opening act. Jake, 16 and a half. Pf. Excuse me. Memes 15 Max 14 close.




Yes, very close for the main event. Big cat 17 and a half. Pft 16. Hank, eleven and a half.


Okay. Hank is naughty.


Four and a half points out with ten to play.


I mean, anything could happen.


Anything could happen.


I'm not safe.


We're looking at Big Cat. You're not safe.


No, you can't expect to be safe.


But Hank, yeah, he went Owen two last week and Big Cat went two and O'be miserable. The opening act is wide open. Any of us. It could happen, too. And then pancakes. Big cat, would you like to report your change? Big cat, a transactional change.


So McGlinchey got hurt. Taylor McGarry. McGarry got hurt. So I've picked up Moses Morgan. Moses Morgan. Moses. I'm really on top of this football team.


So here's the standings. With five weeks to go, Hank continues to dominate with 44 pancakes.


Good for him. He needs a win.


Max, 34.




And I tie with 31. Big cat, 25. Memes, 24.


All right, I think that's going to.


Be a fun video, too, because we're all going to be participating.




Except for the person that sees 24 pancakes. I don't know if you can.


18 is really tough, too.


Third place is premium.




What's third place?


24 is going to take zero.


3612 1824.


I want to get 1212. Pancakes would be the best right now.


Pft. Me and you are tied for third and fourth. We'd probably just split it and do nine each, right?


Sounds good.


That'll be another stream that we'll get for everyone, I think. I was thinking about it. We can just have Chef Donnie, make us pancakes. That way we can do it here.


Get a couple of tall stacks. Dermot will show me how to attach.


Chef Donnie made French toast for the guys for the stream today. It smelled so good.


Yeah, I can't remember. Is it just 24 pancakes straight, or is it the deal, like, I think.


We'Re doing the hours?


Yeah, the hours thing, right? All right. You could sit, eat twelve pancakes in 12 hours. That still would suck.


Just depends on the size.


And then the people who have to do six. What is it?


6120 3612 1824.


So the people who could do the other, as soon as they finish their pancakes, they can leave? Yes. Pretty good.


In Hank's case, most likely zero.


Yeah, so he can hang out and just make fun of us. He needs that. He needs a win like that. Okay, memes, will you be ready to eat pancakes if we have to do it? Oh, yeah. This punishment rules. I don't think it does. I think you're very wrong. I once tried to eat ten pancakes just on a bet, and it was hard.


Yeah, ten pancakes is a lot. I think twelve, though. You get to have two meals. You split it up into six and six, and you just hang out with the boys, eat pancakes. I like that idea.


It's technically kind of another 24 hours stream. Could be. Could be, yeah. If you don't eat any pancakes, you have to sit in that room for 24 hours.


It would be kind of funny to.


Eat just one pancake. Yeah, just be like, I'm on a diet. I'd rather just hang out, interact with the chat. Yeah. Okay.


Also, they submitted their pick, since they're not on the show right now, they.


Also only gave one pick each.


So should we give them their picks?


Oh, so they're just doing like. Is this a silent protest?


Well, we can talk to them, right? Get their picks right now.


All right, so they both get pick, and then we'll do all of our picks, and then they can just pick something random.


Okay, so Hank has the Chiefs minus one and a half against the bills.


He probably knew about the 911 thing.


He did.


And then Max has his Eagles plus three and a half against the Cowboys.


Okay, so who's up first?


I believe. PFT. I'm going to take the Browns minus three at home. Like it?


Against the Jags?


Yeah, like it. Like it.


Okay, I'm going to take the Niners, minus ten and a half against the Seahawks. I think they really separate themselves again.


Trapped, Jake. Okay, we'll see. Okay, memes, I think Max would be up here. No. Well, we're just going to go to them at the end for their two picks. Okay. Because they were asked to give two picks, they just didn't. They also didn't have their phones. All right, well, we'll let them just pick random. Eagles Cowboys over 51 and a half. I wanted that. I wanted that bad. All right, so I got two. I'll do bears plus three and a half. And I'll do bucks. Falcons over 40 and a half. That was a game, remember, it was like 1917, but there was seven turnovers in the red zone. First time I got like 700 yards of offense or something crazy like that. Okay, memes, going back around to you. Colts plus one.


Okay, I see one and a half.


I see one and I'll take one and a half. I'll take one and a half.


Give me one and a half.


I'll take one and a half.


Means to stayed up. He deserves that half a point. I'm going to take Texans jets under 33 and a half.


Okay, you didn't have to say it like that. Really hit the under hard.




Pft Zach wills.


I am going to take. It's down between two for me right now. I'm going to take the over in the Rams Ravens 39 and a half.


I like it. Okay, you can wire us in, Shane. We'll ask them for their last two picks.


Are all their picks there?




No one took any of their picks.


Yeah, they have their first two. Yeah.


So I'll just say them memes. Excuse me. Max took Indianapolis Cincinnati over 43 and a half and Hank has.


They did do picks. They did, yeah. But if you wanted something. Okay, Shane, don't put us in. We don't need to talk to.


They didn't send a backup.


Got it.


None of us took them.


They sent one pick.


So if you had it, you got it.




So Max took Colt Bengals over 43 and a half and Hank has Broncos Chargers under 40.


Okay, so it worked out perfect.


Yeah, no overlaps.


I was confused. All right, we got two interviews. We're not doing fantasy fuck boys this week because we don't have Hank be back next week. We have two great interviews. We're going to start with Gronk, our good friend Gronk, and then Bart Scott, who I like Bart Scott. He gets fired up.


I want to see him and Shady McCoy do a show. He gets takes.


He gets fired up. We got him a little fired up.


He doesn't understand the butt fumble, though.


Yeah, the butt fumble. He still doesn't gut it. We couldn't have explained it. Yeah. Still doesn't gut it. Okay, so these interviews are brought to you by our friends at body Armor. PMT is always brought to you by body armor. Real hydration, real ingredients packed with electrolytes, vitamins and nothing artificial. Body armor has great tasting flavors like strawberry banana and blue raspberry. Not only do we hydrate with body armor, but some of the best athletes in the world do as well, like Christian McCaffrey, Joe Burrow, Ronald Acuna, CD Lamb, and Bryce Young. My favorite is Strawberry banana. I love it so, so much. I'm drinking body armor all day, every day. It is all over the office. They're so delicious. PFT's got the orange mango right there. Such great flavors. And the regular bottles, the water bottles, perfect amount. And they got the wide mouth, which is my favorite as well. So body Armor is the best in hydration, available in stores nationwide, but you can head on over now to the Body armor store on Amazon and get yours today. Become a body armor athlete like us. Body armor. Thank you. To body armor.


We love body armor. So go right now to the body armor store or Amazon and get yours today. Okay, here he is, Rob Gronkowski. Okay, we now welcome on one of our good friends multiple time recurring guests. It is future hall of Famer Rob Gronkowski, and he's with us because he's hosting a bowl game, the LA Bowl, December 16, Boise State, UCLA. Gronk, great to see you. First question, what the hell does it mean to host a bowl game? What does this entail?


Yes. What's up, guys? Great to be back on the show. I love you guys. Love your show. And on top of that, man, it's a special moment for me when I got the LA bowl brought to me the interest of me hosting it. It definitely triggered something because my last game at the University of Arizona that I played in, it was actually in this bowl game when it was in Las Vegas. It was a conference matchup, the same conference matchup in Las Vegas. It was the first bowl game the University of Arizona went to in ten years, and we beat BYU, who was ranked number 17th in the country at the time, and Willie Tutama, our quarterback, who's going to be at the bowl game, actually the LA Bowl. He lives in San Diego now, so he's driving up. He threw for over 300 yards. My brother Chris, who was a fullback, had a touchdown up the middle. I didn't have a touchdown, which was rare for me in college, but that's all right because, and now it's a full circle moment, because this game is now in LA. It's the last game I played in at the University of Arizona.


Now I'll be hosting the bowl game that I last played in. So that's pretty special, man. It's a special moment, and that's what really got me to host this bowl game for sure.


I love it.


That is very cool. I can only imagine thinking back to all the touchdowns you did score those teammates you had. Now you're hosting the event. As far as hosting the event goes, though, what does that entail? What does hosting a bowl game mean? Are you just getting the party started?


Yes, that's exactly what it means. I'm going to get the party started. Also, you got to go on a little promotion tour. So I'm here doing the little promotion tour, going on a couple of shows promoting the bowl game to get people there. We got Boise State versus UCLA, which is going to be a great game. But then on top of it, when it really matters, is bringing the attitude to the game, bringing the atmosphere of energetic type of atmosphere to the game as well. And obviously, I got to perform. I can't just host a game and show up and wave kiss Babies. I got to perform. And this is where I got to talk to you, big cat, because I know that you've done some special things. I will be singing the national anthem at this bowl game, as well, and I have watched you about four or five times in my life, sing the national anthem at the Rowdy fights that you guys help, also other couple events. So can you please give me a tip, big cat, on what I need to know when I freaking Sing this national anthem and light up the whole arena.


Okay? So can you sing?


No, I cannot sing.




I was on the mass singer, and I beat Lil Wayne in the first round and shock a Khan in the second round, and I think it was because of my dance moves. But then after that, I was voted off. But they're also helping me out because I did sing for them. I did sing for the committee. Julian Edelman was there and told me he needs ten more shots for me to continue singing because it was so bad. But they got the New Directions Veterans Choir to sing with me, so they're helping me out. They don't want me to fail. I got a good base around me.


Okay, so I guess my only tip would be, you got to have someone hold up the words just in case you freeze up, because I've screwed up the words before, and that's the worst feeling in the world. That people take the national anthem very seriously. So maybe someone know. Maybe have Gordy just standing behind the camera with a big cue card. You ready to know?


That is a good point. I was already thinking about that. And sometimes they put the national anthem, like in the NFL games.


I saw it.


They put it up on the Jumbletron just so everyone can sing along. But really, it's for the person that's singing the national anthem. So I'm going to have them do like you.


Obviously, everyone knows the national anthem, but it's like little stuff like bombs bursting in air, not through air. And like, that had. The first one I ever did was the Windy City Thunderbolts, when Dave and I went out and tried out for the team, and I think I said through air instead of in air. And I had, like, a World War II Navy vet come up to me after, he's like, you messed up the anthem. And I was like, oh, fuck, never again. Never again will I mess up one word.


You're never going to get USAA if you screw that up.


Yeah, and you're a vet.


I got to get USAA. And that's very true. I've been trying to get. I even jumped out of the plane at the Air Force base on Fox freaking three weeks ago. And then one of the cadets was there. He's like, you deserve USAA. I was like, I know I do. And then he's like, but you haven't served yet. He goes, how about you marry my sister? You'll get USAA that. I was like, oh, man. Hey, whatever it takes, I need to get it. Maybe singing the national anthem will get me.


That might do it. Or you could just go overseas and just fight in a war on your own. Just be like, hey, Gronk's here. I'm just trying to get that good.


Yo, what if I did serve before our country and I went over? I was in Afghanistan. I was freaking in the army tank, shooting frickin'rockets out of it, all that good stuff. That'd be pretty badass.


Yeah, it'd be sweet.


You might be too tall for a tank, though.


Yeah, it's close quarters in there.


Julian Edelman would fit perfectly in a little tiny.


They would make. They would specialize. They would get in the factory right now and do a specialized tank for myself.


Gronk tank would rock.


That would be sick. So we're not going to ask you if you're retired, because I know that you are retired. But I will ask you another football related question about your time in the league specifically spending so much time around Bill Belichick. There's been a lot of smoke out there about Belichick maybe taking a different coaching job next. People, a lot of people are having the conversation about the Washington commanders for Bill Belichick. Would you be surprised to see him go to a different team?


I would be surprised for him to go to a different team. I mean, it would just be really weird. First off, it'd just be weird just seeing him on another team. I mean, he's been with New England for so long, I kind of feel like, yeah, this season's really rough, but he is still one of the greatest coaches of all time. There's no doubt about that. I mean, I played for him. I learned from him. He helped develop me to be the player that I was. There's no doubt about that. And if he's not one of the greatest coaches of all time, he is the greatest coach of all time. He knows his football inside and out. I saw firsthand every single day. There's no doubt about that. But just to see him on another team would be really weird. I believe he'd really grandfather claws in with the New England Patriots. I mean, he would have to have another year, like, this year, next year for them to finally be like, all right, it's time. Let's move on. But I truly believe that he will be here next year. But if he does go to another team like the.


I mean, it doesn't. Right rival with the New England Patriots, kind of like when we went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it's not like we went to the Miami Dolphins or the Buffalo Bills. So it would have to be a team like that where it doesn't have any beef with the Patriots. So the Commanders, I would say, would be a team he would go to, but I just don't see that happening after this year, I think he'll definitely have another year to redeem himself.


Yeah. So you are retired, but when was the last time you got a phone call and it could be from Tom Brady, I would assume when Tom Brady thinks people maybe kick the tires on him, he's like, well, I got to make sure that Gronk's also coming, too.


Yes. Well, no, I haven't got a call from Tom. The last time I talked to him, though, was actually yesterday. He sent me a clip of our playoff touchdowns, and he wrote to me, bro, no one done it like us. I was like, bro, those are some badass clips that actually got me. And I haven't really realized, like, we were freaking badass. We were, if not the best duo to do it in the game, my man. I mean, watching the highlights now, ain't no one doing like what we did back in the day. There's no doubt about it. We played physical football. We played smart football like no one else does. We've grinded our way out of situations whenever we needed to. But on top of that, I got a call from two teams this year in the, you know, I just wasn't interested. I mean, there were great teamS. That would have been a great situation, but I just wasn't ready to go.


So the Bills and who else?


No, it wasn't the.




No, no. Well, first off, I mean, it's kind of out there. It was the Giants because of Brian Dable. He was my position coach for three years here and I loved having him as my position coach, man. He was just a great guy. Great attitude brought the juice to the table every single time. But, I mean, he knew it was kind of like a home run. We talk every once in a while and he's like, yo, come on, come out. Come with us. You and Darren Waller, you guys would be a great duel. And I was like, I know we would be, but, bro, I'm good. I'm all done. I got eleven years in the league, freaking four Super Bowls, six times went to the Super Bowl. A lot of crazy action off the field as well, up in the New England area. So did it all, man. Very satisfied with my career.


And then what was the other team?


Oh, the other team. Oh, man. I don't even want to say no.


You got to say it. Come on. We can guess. NFC or AFC? You hit it. What's that, NFC or AFC?




All right, we got three guesses.


I got one.


The Raiders.


All right, you hit it right on the.


That wasn't too. That was actually really easy.


Josh, you got McDaniels over there when he was there. I know the mean. That was an easy guess, my man. You got it right.




Do you think you would have been able to play in Las Vegas?


Yeah, I would have been able to play. I mean, not at the beginning of my career, but I would have been able to play in Las Vegas. Now. I can block all that mayhem stuff out now.


So you are retired. Have you had the moment yet? Because it's like there's not many guys that retire and it's just a guarantee. First ballot hall of Famer. Have you had that thought like, hey, three years from now or whatever it might be? Three, four years. I can't remember what the exact date is. You're going to get the knock on the door. It's going to be a pretty fucking crazy moment.


It's going to be a really crazy moment, man. It still really hasn't hit Me, and I think it's still really weird to me because I'm so young, and if I never came back out of retirement and went to the Bucks and I just stayed retired, it would actually be this year that if I went first ballot, I would actually be going into hall of Fame right now, and I'm just 34 years old, and that would have been super weird because that's like a moment that you want to cherish when you're older. So it still really hasn't hit me because I'm just 34. There's guys still playing the league that are my age right now currently as well. So maybe it'll hit me in like a year or two. I mean, I just went into the hall of Fame at the University of Arizona.




They just put me in the sports hall of Fame there a couple of months ago, last month, actually. So that was a good start, man. That was a little kick to get that feeling of what it's like.


Sounds like you have to have a kid. You got to have a kid before you go in the hall of Fame. Then you can hold.


It does sound like that, man. First off, I got my dog who's just chilling right next to me. He's kind of like my first kid. He's getting me ready for a real kid. But, man, I would love to have a little gronk running around just going crazy. My brother is. I am actually an uncle. And what is it? Uncle. And let's see, one where you have a nephew. I'm an uncle.


You're an aunt.


No, I'm not an aunt.


You have nine nephews. Nine nephews.


No, seven nephews. Two nieces or three nieces.


There's going to be so many Gronks in the world. Oh, my God. That's a scary thing.


Let me tell you. They're legends. They're athletic. They're going to be the next generation of Gronk athletes as well. I'm super excited to see them. It gets me juiced every time I watch them. And one day I won't be having a little Gronk running around.


You're going to have baby Gronk running around?


Yeah. Oh, yeah.


What is up, Livy Dunn?




What went through your head when Baby Gronk was all over the news for that week. You remember that week?




That was just crazy, man. And I actually followed Baby Gronk when I was doing a little autograph signing. The autograph guy was like, yo, you see this baby Gronk guy? And I'm like, no, I haven't. He's like, you should follow him. It's kind of funny. And this was, like, way before he blew up. And it was like, kind of funny stuff. And I was like, oh, that's cool. But then he just took it to a whole freaking nother level, bro. Like, whatever, a couple of months ago, and it kind of blew my mind. I was like, I'm not kind of here to support that. I think it's just too young of an age to just see what they're doing. I mean, some of the material was freaking pretty funny. Like, did you see when they posted his mom? If that was really his mom? It was the most outrageous picture. I lost my mind. Like, the cleavage was just sticking out. It was so out of control. And I wasn't even sure if it was a bomb or not. But I would say just maybe they took it to a little bit too far level, and it's kind of like setting your kid up for failure.


I would say a little bit because, you don't know, they're so young. He's like ten or twelve years old.


Let kids be kids.


The dad, like, feeding them all the lines and stuff, that was a little uncomfortable.


We're baby digs guys anyway. I don't know if you've seen baby digs.


Yeah, I did. That was pretty cool, too.


Yeah. Baby Diggs is a man. Baby Diggs rocks.




Sorry. So, Gronk, you're crushing in media now. You're everywhere. We all kind of figured you would be because your personality. How has it been, though? Like, transitioning to media being. You have to watch games like we watch games. Not so easy, right? Like, we've always said that watching all the games might be harder than playing in the game.


100% agree with that. Watching all the games is harder than playing in the game because you got to know about every player. You got to know about every team. And that's why I'll never be a commentator as well. You got to be way too into it. I'm way too busy, man. And I love the game of football, but I don't see myself commentating on games. That's why I like the job that I have being an analyst. And I'm also part time. I just signed a new deal with Fox where I just do about ten to twelve of them a year so I don't have to fly out to LA every single time. And I got all the playoff games as well. But it is a job, man. I'm actually impressed with what you guys do. How you guys always tweet out info, knowing what's going on, knowing the players, knowing the stats. It's impressive, man. You got to be fully into it to actually understand what's going on, truly. And it is work, man. And that's why I'm just an analyst, though, because you can pick it up, you can kind of watch the game and then throw your thoughts out there as well.


But I feel like it's the perfect job for me that I have right now that I'll stick to.




One underrated part about what we do and how hard our job is. Not only do we have to watch every game of football, we also have to watch every pregame show and every halftime show and every post game show. And we have to take what you guys say, then we have to analyze that, too. So it's like two jobs. We're working more than full time, doing a podcast. It's hard.


Yeah. And then on top of it, you have to be funny as well.


Try that ideally. Ideally, that part's hit or miss.


Or you can be so bad sometimes that you become good.




That's the other thing about being an analyst, is if you're like the loudest, wrongest person, then you're actually good again because people will just argue with you all the time.


I would say that's where I started. When I first started with the Fox team, I was so bad. I was talking about Julian scoring touchdowns and getting that nut in the end zone because he's a squirrel and got hit off. It was so bad, but it was so good, man.




Did anyone speak to you after that? We're like, hey, Rob, we like what you're doing. You're pushing the edge a little bit. But maybe if you could not talk about a player coming on the air, that would be great.


No, they loved it, my man. No one talked to me about it and I feel like they want more of that type of stuff. I mean, it was clean.


It was. Yeah. You brought up Jules. We haven't seen him in a while. He's been ducking us. Hopefully we're going to see him soon. Is he getting a little chubby? Is he getting a little fat, Jules?


Oh, my gosh. I would love to see Jules Chubby. I would just rip on him every single day, like, man, what happened to you? Because every day in the locker room, he used to walk by with his shirt off. I'd be like, bro, you boxer rip. Because Julian is ripped. He got the lungs coming out the bicep showing he like boxer Rip, where everything's just popping. So if he gets a little chubby, I'll be kind of. You're not boxer Rip no more. You sumo wrestler rip.


Yes. Dude, I haven't seen him with his shirt off in a while. He used to just post all shirtless pictures on Instagram. We gave him a lot of shit. The famous Father's Day post where it was just like, him with his shirt off, catching footballs, and his dad kind of like, putting his hand in front of him. And that was the Father's Day post. It was literally like, look at how ripped I am. I haven't seen him with his shirt off in a while.


I actually did see him with his shirt off that week because he's actually with Fox as well. He does the pregame show before ours and sometimes comes on ours. I sometimes come on his, and I saw him change again, and he actually is still really ripped, man. But he goes, I don't really have it. I haven't worked out in a while. And I was like, bro, well, you super ripped for working out for a while, so he's going to back into it, but I'm actually for it. For him to get Chunky, that'd be pretty funny.


It'd be very awesome. He would look so fat with the beard, too.


It would just go outside.


He'd look like Jersey Jerry.


If he'd be awesome, great. It'd be great.


Gronk. So I'm curious to know you've been out of the league for a little bit. You were a guy that loved physical contact. You liked running over people, throwing people out of the club. Do you miss that aspect of it? Do you have an outlet for you to physically dominate another person in. In your daily life?


Yeah, I love doing activities, my man. I love competing, still, obviously, like cornhole. I mean, I get intense in cornhole. Play some pickleball, I shoot the basketball around, three point games and all that. But I would say that aggression came from when I was a kid, man. I was at three older brothers, one younger. We have about 20 other kids on our street. They were all older than myself, and I was always competing with them, playing tackle football at seven years old versus ten year olds, taking them out. Still got tons of beatings when I was a kid Charlie horses every single day. So I was kind of a guy that just feed for the pain, feeding for the hitting, and I feel like I was numb to the pain as well because of my childhood. That's why I just love the aggression of the game, and that's why I could just hit someone, and it was like nothing. I could just keep on going. My man.


Yeah, but you don't have any of that right now. Like, you don't do mixed martial arts, you don't wrestle.


No, nothing really like that, man. I think it's finally out of me. It took about 30 plus years to get out of me, but I still grind, still get that lift in, still run a little bit. But that true aggression of trying to hit someone, I'm just saving it if someone tries to cheap shot me. So I'm ready just to knock them right out.


Yeah, that's pen up. We got to get you to our new office in Chicago because it's a gronk toy land for you. We got a basketball court.


You guys still in New York?


Yeah, we still have an office in New York, but we have one in Chicago, too. We have, like, a full basketball court, like, tons of games. And, y'all, you would love just. We just get you wrestling.


There we go. I'd come there, I play some basketball, shoot three pointers, and throw down some serious dunks.


Oh, you can dunk?


Oh, I can dunk like a madman. Right?


Like that. I like what when you close your eyes, you think about, like, one touchdown or one game. What game is, uh, the game, I.


Would say, is the first Super bowl that we won because it put me in the Super bowl club of winning a Super Bowl. Also, the game was legendary. Versus Seattle, obviously, with the Malcolm Butler interception. And just overall, the game was just crazy. The up and downs and then the catch, I would say, would be the one handed catch. Two of them versus the Broncos. When I just put my hand up, Tom threw it behind me. I brought it down to two. And then also the one hander versus Buffalo Bills, my hometown team. So it was just special to do it against them. And it was at Gillette Stadium. I just put my hand out like that on the one. Tom threw it back there. I just brought it right in for a touchdown. So the one handers always stick out.


Would you say I'm going to look up the stats right now? Because I can't think about it offhand, but I feel like. Just like remembering games. I feel like your best game was in a loss. That AFC Championship game against the Broncos was like, the best game you ever played because you were just everything.


Yeah, I would definitely say it was one of my best games. What was crazy is I think I got food poisoning from the night before I showed up to the game, and I was feeling like complete poo, man. I wanted to throw up everywhere, but I just got my wheels turning, my engine going when we started, and I remember it was fourth and ten in the huddle. I'm pretty sure Tom got a screen pass called in, and it was fourth and ten on our own 30 yard line. And it was like, what, 45 seconds left in the game? And I was feeling the game, though. By then, I've already had a good game. And Tom looks at me and I'm like, bro, what's a screen pass? Let's call something where I can make a play. And he calls us all goes. And I run right by double coverage. And one of the guys was Chris Harris, all Pro DB. So these guys are running like four threes. I turned up the notch a little bit at 260 pounds and ran right by the little guy. He threw a bomb about 40 yards in the air.


I brought it down on fourth and ten to save the season for the Patriots at that moment. So whenever it came to clutch plays, man, that's what I live for, man. I live for clutch moments like that. And then down there, too, fourth and goal on the goal line. Tom Food and double coverage again jumped over the guy for the touchdown. And unfortunately, I was open on the two point conversion to tie the game, but we won't talk about that.


Yeah, I just looked up eight for 144 and a touchdown. That was the game that Dave didn't account for the air. That was his biggest excuse after he's like, I didn't account for the air because he booked Airbnb in San Francisco for the entire week before you guys even got to the AFC championship game. And then he was like, fuck, I have to pay for this whole Super bowl house, and I didn't account for the air.


Is that why we lost?


It might have. He didn't account for the air.


Well, on that note, how much credit do you give Dave Portnoy for the Patriots success throughout the years? I think he would probably give him. He puts himself up there. Well, I guess Robert, Hank, too, said, yeah, Hank. So it was like Belichick, Brady, Portnoy. That's what Kraft said. So between Portnoy and Hank, how much credit do you think they deserve for the Patriots dynasty?


I would say Dave deserves a lot of credit, no doubt about it. I mean, the guy kind of put the Patriots on the map in some great ways. I mean, he grew up. Like I always said, Pornoy started at the same time as I. We were kind of like rookies together, and we both grew with the Barstool brand and my brand at the same time. We were both blossoming. I was a big fan of Barstool. Barstool was a big fan of me. You guys were writing the craziest articles about me throughout beginning of my career, and we were loving every moment. We would read them in the locker room and stuff, and we'd be laughing our ass off doing it as Portnoy, you know, definitely a huge Patriots fan. Definitely helped put the Patriots just on the map even more than the Patriots were on the map. So I got to give some serious credit to him, man. I would say Mr. Kraft is know he's number three in line. How can you argue with.


Yeah, well, with Hank. You remember Hank got arrested for Tom Brady going through Flakegate. Hank locked himself in the lobby of the NFL league office. What was your reaction when you saw the barstool guys, like, chaining themselves in an act of civil disobedience, going to jail for your know, that's why I.


Loved you guys even more at that moment. When I saw Hank do that, I mean, I knew he was all in as a Patriot fan, and that's a true Patriot fan that he's willing to go to jail to represent the Patriots and to represent Tom Brady. So I love you guys. I love you, Hank, for doing that. And also gave us entertainment as well, because it's a, you know, it's a grind with the media as well, sometimes, know on top of us. And then to see something like that in the media with you guys, to see Hank doing that, it's kind of a relief. And it was funny, man. We love Hank for it.


I don't know if the story ever got told. I think it probably did in one of the documentaries, but Gronk was actually. There's people out there who went to when we did the blackout parties. You don't realize it, but Gronk was there with the mascot hat on, dancing on the stage, so you saw Gronk?


I was at a couple blackout parties, about two of them. All my friends always went to them before as well. I went to one in Tampa. I put the mask on, and I'd be dancing on the stage like a maniac. I remember we have a bottle of, like, vodka, too, on the side that we'd be pounding underneath the mask as well. So we're feeling definitely good under that mask and just going, absolutely ham. I mean, those parties definitely fit me when I was, what, 23 years old on the Patriots. I mean, those were the best times for sure, man. No doubt about it.


Yeah, go ahead.


I was just going to say, looking around the league right now, who's the actual baby Gronk in the league? We like to always anoint the next big tight end. Like, oh, this guy's next, Rob GrOnkowski. But from your opinion, who's the guy that plays a game most similarly to you? Because there can't be another gronk. But if there's a guy that's next in line in that vein, who would it be?


I'm going to go with the guy from Detroit right now. He's a rookie. I mean, he brings it to the table. I mean, he's having a great rookie year. I mean, to have a rookie year like that in the tight end position, a lot of tight ends don't have good rookie years because it's a tough position to play and to understand because you got to block and catch as well. But Samar Porter is bringing it to the table. He's fast, he's got great hands on the run. He breaks tackles as well. He can line up out wide, do the slants, all that good stuff, and he's willing to block as well. I won't say he brings it to the table like I do in the block game, but I would say he's the most similar guy that's up and coming. That kind of represents my game as well.


That is something like, you were such a tremendous blocker and I think that there's a lot of tight ends now that are more pass catchers. But like a kittle is like he blocks his ass off, like watching. Know I just called him Greg Kittle because we make a joke about that. But those guys who could do everything, it really is, they're the best athletes on the field.


Yeah, definitely, man. And I took pride in my blocking, that's for sure. I mean, I always was focusing on the blocking. Every single practice, especially my second year in the league, that's when I really, really learned how to block. And actually my first year as a rookie because that's what got me on the field because I was so so in the past game. At the moment, I actually couldn't remember the plays in the past game, so that's why I really didn't have that much targets. My rookie year until halfway through the year finally all clicked. But they loved my blocking and willing to block, and also, I knew it would garner much respect from all the other players willing to sacrifice and get dirty in the trenches. And that's what I did, man. I loved it. And I go back now, and I watch some of these highlights. So, like, when Ridley beat whatever ran against Kevin Hart and tore his. When Kevin Hart tore his oblique or whatever in his stomach. So then the NFL posted that on their Instagram, and then they posted some highlights of Stephen Ridley running the ball. And then I saw some of my blocks just from Steven Ridley running the ball, some random plays.


And there was three plays in a row that they showed, and each time I took my DN, and I just tossed them back, like, five yards and right to the ground, I was like, holy shit, baby. Like, no way. That's how I was blocking. I mean, I was a fucking dog, bro. And I loved it. And I'm sure that's why a lot of my teammates respected me, because I love grinding like that. I love having the big hits. It was just as good as scoring a touchdown.




I also love the fact that Tom Brady texts you with a highlight reel and just like, hey, remember how awesome we were? Yeah, that's pretty cool, because fans do that to each other. I could see a Patriots fan just, like, texting Hank on a random day, like, remember how awesome brady and Gronk were? But you're actually looking at that. You're like, yeah, we were pretty good.


I was like, bro, we were legit. And then I was like, we were the best to do it. No doubt about it. The best duel. There's no doubt. I was like, I'm watching football now. Ain't no one did it like we did, baby.


What do you think is your funniest play that you've ever had? Because there are two that come to mind. There's one where you just laughed in the guy's face and did the gronk spike, where you did the big ha Spike. And then there was one against Ryan Kerrigan where he tried to tackle you, and he probably weighs, like, 285 pounds, and he just grabbed the back of your shirt and kind of tried to sit down, and you just ran him into the end zone like he was a sled behind you. But you've got a lot of very funny plays. So, in your opinion, what's the funniest?


All right, bro, those are two good ones right there, and I got two for you. One of them was versus Steelers. I caught a first down pass up the seam. I was laying on the ground, and I just decided to put my hand back as a first down marker. Laying on the ground. Like, it made me laugh when I saw it in the film room. And then another play was versus the Baltimore Ravens in the playoffs. I caught another scene pass, and the safety came and grabbed me. And the way he grabbed me, it pulled down my pants, and my ass cheeks were hanging out, and his face was right against my ass cheeks. My ass was showing in the game, and there's a picture of it on the Internet. If you just type it into Google, like, grind Baltimore Ravens ass guy, or whatever it is, his face is right against it, man, and it's great.


Oh, my God. How's my good? He literally is right in your ass. That's so funny. He definitely got to get that framed. Yeah, you got to get that framed in your office. I do.


I got to get that framed.


No doubt about that. All right, well, Gronk, this has been awesome. I got one last question for you. It's a rowback question. Rho back. Use promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase cues. Polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts with Most comfortable clothes in the world. We wear the joggers all the time. The sweatshirts are great. promo code. Take 20% off. All right, so, LA Bowl, December 16, Boise State, UCLA. I kind of want to see you do the Gatorade bath on the winning coach. Can you do that for us?


I didn't even know that was a possibility, so I'm down to do that. I mean, if the team is willing to let me do that, if the players are willing to let me do that, then I'm down to get in on that action about it.


All right. Maybe get Chip Kelly wet.


That's a good plan.


Yeah. Are you friends with Chip?


I never really met Chip before, man. I faced offers him a couple of times, but he said some great comments about me because I faced him when he was at the University of Oregon. He was the offensive coordinator there, and I went off that game when we played on my sophomore year for, like, 150 yards, touchdown, and, like, 1514 catches or so. So he remembers it to this day. He's had nothing but great things to say about myself, and I have nothing but great things to say about him. He's had such a great, successful year, as well, but it'll be my first time meeting him.


Yeah, he's a good dude. He's a good dude. Also, our booker who is big part of our team? Kelly. She's actually on the Zoom right now. She just texted us and said, ask him when he's going to propose. I would never ask you that, but she wanted me to ask you that.


All right. I like the way you did it.


Yeah. She's literally on the zoom. It wasn't my question.


Yes. Camille's lovely. I love Camille, and it's definitely got to be a possibility very soon.


I love it. Yeah, because you got to get the kid before hall of Fame. Yes.


I got to get that kid.


I can't wait till you're going to be the best dad ever. Oh, my God.


I am going to be the best dad ever.


I love that. That's a fact.


Have you decided who you want to induct you into the hall of Fame? Who gives the speech?


Dante, the Don.


Dante the Don. He can DJ, but he's not going to induct me with the speech. I'm not sure yet. I haven't thought about that yet.


Man. That's going to be a tough to be. It's going to be a great moment. Well, Gronk, we're always a fan. Have fun with the LA Bowl. I can't wait to watch you sing the national anthem. You're the best. And we got to get you here to Chicago and get you running around and dunking on us.


All right, next time I'm there, I'm going to come stop in, man.


All right. Love it. Thanks so much, Gronk.


All right, man. Take care, guys.


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Enough for something completely different.


Okay. We now welcome on a very special guest. Eleven year pro in the NFL. You can also hear him on ESPN Radio and get up every single day. He's all over the place. It is Bart Scott. Bart, first of all, thank you for joining us. We're fans of you. You have some takes that we love to listen to. So let's start there with just the NFL. Right now. It's Week 13. Do you have a take you've been sitting on that we can talk about a team that you think stinks or a player that you think is having a bad year. Let's get the people going.


I don't know if particularly I have a hot take. It's like day by day, right? Just the NFL is what it is. I think that we thought that the AFC was going to be the powerhouse, but it looks like the NFC is going to be the one that has the most compelling competition. You look at the Philadelphia Eagles and their lack of being able to stop the run being dominated by the 49 ers. Surprising that Shaq Griffin, Shaq Leonard decided to go over to their side instead of picking Dallas. After watching both teams play, I'll be interested to see what happens as far as what the contract details are to see if Philadelphia gave them an extra year that maybe another team didn't give know. I thought that was interesting. I thought it was a battle where both teams are auditioning for him and I thought if you look at the audition objectively, I think you would think that, you know more admirably or more dominant than the Philadelphia Eagles. I think that Philly may be a team that hasn't played well all year and this is kind of the last Swan song for them as Dallas is a team that's trending.


You look at Philadelphia as a team that's trying to win in this last window before they have to reboot and find a different window. If you consider the fact that know thinking about retirement, you think about Graham. And we know that this is Cox last year as well. So it's kind of like the last dance where you're trying to see if they can pull one out after playing bad and finding ways to win. But they ran into a juggernaut and we all know know when healthy. San Francisco is probably one of the most complete teams in all the so.


So a question about the run defense because you did play in the NFL for a very long time and defensive it. When it comes to stopping the run, Philadelphia has dudes, is it a mentality thing? Like is it at this point in the season where you say, hey guys, we got to figure out a way to kind of nut up here and stop the run? Or is it, hey, we don't have maybe the linebackers that we need. We don't have the guys behind the front line to schematically be able to stop the run.


I mean, to me it is the communicators on the second level, right? You talk about in the world of RPO game, it's about the linebackers being able to understand. That's why Shaq may not be what he once was, but he's a guy that has played at a high level. He's seen a lot of football, understands formations, tendencies down the distances, tips from linemen, pulling guards, guards sitting off the line of scrimmage, sitting heavy on their fingers. He can help them with that pre snap recognition. The D line can only do their part, but at some point they can scheme. Getting linebackers up to the second level and you saw them bludgeoned by San Francisco and that's something that they're going to have to address. Because if you can't stop the run in the playoffs, where possessions are shorter, where teams find ways to move the sticks, they scheme up. You don't have familiarity with a lot of these teams when you play them because it may be the first time or the second time that you play them, but you don't know them know them because they're not in your division and you don't have that intel that you know.


So you need a guy like Shaq Griffin that can kind of man the second level, especially when you talk about an era where you have formations and you have schemes where teams don't go with regular personnel. Two tight ends, it's three wide. So you're stopping the run out of a light box. To do that, you need everybody to be a man and a half, not just a man for man. Because if you do that, you cancel out and you get to the second level. So you need war daddies that's going to sit on the train tracks when the train is coming through. So Kelsey, guys like that, uncovered guys pulling into the second level. You have to understand how to stop scoop blocks, how to read the shoulders of the running backs and it's a bit of a lost art. You have some good linebackers, but you can always tell the teams that don't really have high play at that position. They get taken advantage of.


I love that phrase. Man and a half war. Dad, I'm a man and a half.


Bart, who are your top with that shirt?


You have to be a man and a half.


I'm almost a man three quarters right now.


Who are your standard uniform? I don't know if that's uniform.


It is. Yeah.


This is basically my day to day. Who are your top three man and a halfs in the NFL?




Well, when you talk about guys, know, I always love Dalvin Thompson out there in Cleveland. Right. He's a throwback to the Casey Hampton type of fat, mean guys that's going to hold the jump throughs from getting to the linebackers. That's going to make sure he sits on the double teams to allow his linebackers to flow backwards. Of course you can go Quinn Williams. I think his stats don't really show and indicate how dominant he is, taking on double teams and freeing up the linebacker, CJ Mosley and his brother behind him. But you also have to go with, you know, he plays at a high level. He's a throwback, a big guy. But you, you can pick anybody off of Jalen Carter. You can pick a lot of these war daddies on the other end. That's kind of what it has to be. You want to have a man for a man, so you have that extra guy to the hole. These are guys that play at high levels. Chris Jones does it a different way. He's not particularly sitting on it, but he's a one gap penetrator. So you got guys that can keep guys off, but then you got the one gap penetrators like Aaron Donald that gets penetration, that forces the running back to cut back where he allows the lineback to stay square and fall back.


Understanding that the running back is reading the three technique. So you got to appreciate those type of guys. But I'm sure it's plenty that I'm leaving out, but it's a lot of guys playing at a high level. Name a few.


As a linebacker, though, I feel like the linebacker position doesn't get talked about as much as it used to. It used to always be you got to have a dude that's your middle linebacker captain the defense. He's the most feared person out there. Now more emphasis is put on the edge defender, somebody that can get to the quarterback. But in your opinion, who are the best? Like the most fearsome middle linebackers in the game, right.


Still, you still got. I'm thinking I'm losing my thought about the guy out there in San Francisco. CJ Mosley plays at a high level. He's super consistent.




Fred Warner, Rayquan Smith, of course. Bobby Wagner, still playing at extremely high level, still getting it done. He's kind of a throwback because now you look at these linebackers nowadays, they're 235, 240. He's a throwback to a 250 plus size type of guy. Of course, I like Levante, David, all those guys down in Tampa, they've been one of the most complete dynamic dudes think in the game for a long time. Their ability not only to be liability, they're not liabilities on third down. So they don't take one of them out. They leave both of them out there. They don't bring in a dime backer because they trust them against tight ends, which is usually a mismatch in today's game. So I can really appreciate those guys. And you figure out that you don't have a linebacker. You only know about a linebacker when you don't have one. Right? Where would Buffalo be if they had Milano, who was playing at an All Pro season and that defense was drastically better? He was killing them. Right. One of the guys that kind of pop up is the cat from think is it Logan or something like that for Cincinnati?


I like the way that he managed the middle, but you think about where Buffalo would be with Milano. I think they would definitely be a plus on the win column and still sitting in the driver's seat as far as being able, uh, not be on the outside looking in in this division. It'd be a tighter race.


Yeah. You're talking about Logan Wilson on the Bengals. One thing I like about you, Bart, is that you feel know you played in the league for a long time and you've been in media for a long time, but you hold grudges and I like that. I like players that hold grudges. So you hate the Patriots. How much fun?


I don't really hate the Patriots. I hate Bill Belichick.


Bill Belichick. Yeah. So how much fun has it been to watch this Patriots team be this bad this year?


I mean, listen, I remember when the Patriots were playing the Atlanta Falcons, right? And I can remember trash talking to twelve year old and I told him, listen, take your victory lap now that you have a team. Of course he wasn't from New England or Boston area, Providence area. He was just a kid that's following the wave. The same difference. Like when you look up and you see a bunch of Golden State Warrior fans, you know, they're Fugazi, you know, they're not real fans. They're just jumping on the wave, the bandwagon, a popular team, right? But the same thing make you laugh, make you cry. So I just wanted to inform this twelve year old, and it's come to fruition a lot earlier than I thought, that when twelve retired, his life as the Patriots fans would be miserable. So like all the jerseys that he got, enjoy it now, right? I'm sure the same was being said when the guarantee happened with the Jet fans and Jet fans never knew what lies ahead of them. Well, I think the same thing lies ahead of the Patriots. Right. The Patriots are going to go back.


They won in their window and they dominated. We'll never see an organization dominate like that again. But for all the people that's not from there has no reason to be. Patriot fans just jumped on a wave because Tom Brady was popular. He had Giselle. They're winning Super Bowls now. They're going to live in the misery. And now they're going to figure out what it's like to replace Jim Kelly. They're going to figure out what it's like to try and replace Dan Marino. They're going to see what it's like to try and replace Joe Namov. And that's what I love about football, that is balance. Right? And the football guys always open the windows and close the windows. And the same thing, the same people that was pounding their chest, chest out like a peacock strutting their stuff is now going to realize that they got a life full of misery ahead of them because that's pathetic over there. And then they're going to walk away, just like Miami had to walk away from Don Shula. And some know, either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. And pretty soon Bill Belichick is entering the Sith Lord type of realm where I think that fans are going to start to hate him.


They realize that the patriot way was more know Tom Brady than it was him and they realized what they have in the future because he ruined Mac Jones. And you're going to trust him to pick another quarterback and develop another quarterback and make his defensive coordinator the offensive coordinator and screw another kid up. You just set yourself up for another five years of mediocrity. Right? And I'm not sitting here pounding my chest as a jet fan because we haven't figured out either. I mean, Zach Wilson won't be here. I'm sure they'll probably try and take a swing again. But even a blind squirrel finds a nut. And we'll see what team in this division is able to try and find the answer. For years, it was Buffalo and Miami. Seems like Miami has found their answer to us. Found a way. Maybe the jujitsu. He's found a way. How to fall softly. Or maybe he's found out how to get rid of the ball so quick that he can't get hit. But those two guys have their answers. Their quarterback. We have maybe a temporary Band Aid on a gunshot wound in Aaron Rodgers. But after don't, we'll find ourselves right back where we've always found ourselves, searching for a franchise quarterback.


I like how that started. Like, yeah, I don't hate the patriots. I just hate Bill Belichick. And then the grudge comes out. Like I said, I like that. I like when players retire and they're in the media and they're not just going to start sucking everyone off. It's like, I have grudges. I have people I hate.


Well, Bill was an ass to me on something that had nothing to do with, like, after my. So, like, listen, I'm an equal opportunist asshole. You know what I'm saying? Listen, I'm the cam man. Anybody can get it. I don't care who the hell you are. So if he got smoke, we got smoke. So listen, if I see him and he wants some, he can get some. I don't discriminate, age, discriminate nothing. Yeah, you said, I don't rock with him.


I think the quote was, you said if Belichick was on fire, you wouldn't piss on him, would you?


Not at all.


You still wouldn't piss on him?




I'll probably try and stump the fire out.


What if he was like, Bart, I'm on Fire. I'm sorry for everything I said. Can you please piss on me?


I ain't gonna be able to do it.




That wouldn't feel even a little bit good to just piss on Bill Belichick?


No, I'd rather let him burn.


One thing I also appreciate about you is that you have served kind of as, like, a realistic point of view for Mike Greenberg, because Greenie needs all these emotional support animals around him. When the jets start screwing something up, you tell it like it is to him. Can we get a status update on Greeny? Is he okay now?


I mean, listen, he understands this is a fail season. Before yesterday started, we were talking about how everybody that has a backup quarterback. We're talking about how everybody that has a backup quarterback is sucking and nobody's going to make it. And then Brownie does what he does last night. So we got to kind of hit the refresh button and say maybe it is something to do with the play calling in the discipline and the development, because we saw a backup come up yesterday that had, two weeks ago never thrown a pass in the NFL in a regular season game, throw for 300 yesterday. So shout out to Cincinnati because it looks like they still may find a way to sneak in. Now it depends on who's going to fall first. Is it going to be Mitch Trubisky as the backup that kind of ruins the Pittsburgh Steelers season, or will Brownie be able to continue to play at this level to find a way to sneak in? Going to be.


I the jets are this whole Zach Wilson thing. You where do you side on Zach Wilson saying he might not want to play because of the injury risk? Because it does feel like it's over between Zach Wilson and the Jets. So why would he play? Or do you think that that's kind of a soft move?


Well, if he goes with that philosophy, then I think he's going to get a black eye because, listen, he's set up to be the backup world is already saturated, and if you haven't proved that you can play, then as a backup you don't have a lot of value. I mean, Baker Mayfield was a backup. Sam Darnold was a backup. ThEy accomplished more as a quarterback than. So, you know, he's going to have to try and find a place. And the fact that you kind of gave up on your troops, or it's going to be perceived that you gave up on your troops, you had an opportunity to play football and you decided not to because it was in your best interest. Like you need to go out there and show that you can play football, you can continue to be a professional because that's the life of a backup. Backup gets plays, he goes down. He may be submitted to the practice squad, depending on what the numbers are. So if he doesn't do that and make that decision could be detrimental to him, as all these coaches talk. And if he had did everything right, he had went out there, played, did everything he was supposed to do, and now all of a sudden, if he does this, it erases all the good favor that he got from handling the press conference.


Right. We knew it was tough for him to be able to accept the blame. Most of the blame. Some was his son was warned, some was just the fact that this offense wasn't built for him. And if it doesn't have Aaron Rodgers in it, we've never seen it be successful with Nathaniel Hacker with anybody not named Aaron Rodgers.




GMS love to have a guy as a backup quarterback where they can say, like, this guy's a pro, this guy's a professional. And if you do something like saying, I don't really want to play for the rest of the year, I don't want to get hurt, I feel like a lot of GMs are going to look at that and be like, we just want, like, a stable backup guy, a humble guy that can come in and keep his mouth shut, do his job. And I feel like Zach Wilson's kind of taken himself out of that market a little bit. In addition to what you said, like, never actually being that good in the.


What about, what about the fact that all the times that the defense still had his back after he had bad performances continue to go out there and support him publicly even though, you know, they were frustrated with some of his, you know, really? Those are the guys that you're telling you, I don't want to get hurt. Well, what are they saying? Know, they didn't say, hey, I don't want to go out there because know can't play. We can't put points up. So I don't want to get hurt because I'm a free agent. They went out there and tried to win and do their part. So if he doesn't do his part, I think it's going to be a black eye. We'll see if Aaron Rodgers words reportedly reaching out to him. But the fact that this report is out here, I think the damage is already done.


So we've talked about this with the jets this year, and you played on some defenses where the offense wasn't that great. How much pressure is it on a defense when you get on the field on Sunday and you know that your offense is not going to score more than like 1014 points? Do you feel it game to game where you're like, we have to be perfect, otherwise we don't have a chance to win?


I mean, we always had good kickers, so we knew that we could manufacture some scores, and we knew that if we got turnovers, we really practiced on pitching the ball and getting in because we knew if our offense got. No, no, seriously, if you ever watch any of our Ravens games, you see Ed Reid, you see multiple pitches, you see everybody. It was organized. It wasn't something that we're just know. We set up a perimeter. The guy who was closest to the intended receiver, makes sure that somebody blocks the intended receiver so he can't tackle from behind. We got to the nearest sideline, guys peeled back and guys went and looked for the athletes and we left the offensive line until whoever was returning the ball. If you look at the Ed Reid touchdowns, the Ray Lewis touchdowns, the Juan Landry Touchdowns, the Chad Williams touchdowns, they were all orchestrated and it looked like a kickoff return. That's because we practiced it and we worked on it. It can go all the way back. Know, Ravens was one of the first teams that people can remember on Monday Night Football against Denver where Chris McAllister went back on a long field goal and took it back to the like nothing that we did was by happenstance, it was all premeditated and understood and worked.


It was, it was very fun to watch. So I want to bring up something. Maybe it might be a little sore subject. The butt fumble. The butt fumble. Because I've always wondered about that game.


I think it's the most overrated incident. Just because you give it a cool name don't mean that it is very cool name.


He also.


Very cool. Cool name name.


And also he did run into the guy's ass.




Okay. He ran into the back of his lineman who was being pushed back by Argley, one of the greatest deep tackles in the game, and Vince Wilford. So of course he's scrambling and the guy gets pushed back into him. We've seen guys get tackled plenty of times by getting pushed back. We saw the jets get a safety by pushing a lineman back and tackling a running back. It's happened so many times that you can't even name it. But because you put a name on it, like butt fumble and it makes like, oh, it's cool. And it's something that's rare. Yeah, all the time. He's not the first guy to fumble because somebody pushed back the defense, but.


He ran into his butt.


His face kind of ran into his ass.


The butt part.


You're not picking up on how funny.


The ass.


Yeah, no, I get it.


I don't know if you do get. No, he ran into his butt.


Yeah. It's a big ass.


Big person.


So of course if you run into the back of somebody and they're bent over, their ass is the farthest thing away.


Yeah, but it's still the ass.


Yeah. Okay.


I think it's one of the overrated things. They try and have the anniversary and stuff like that. It happens all the time. You heard Mark Sanchez talk about it in week one. Oh, so guy runs into the guy and fumbles the ball. Oh, what a kwinky dink.


But from your perspective, because I know that you don't hold back and when you get to the locker room and you watch the replay for the first time, did anybody?


I never saw the replay.


Oh, you should watch it. It's very funny.


You don't know.


I've seen it since then and I know it's Brandon Moore, but when it happened, I just knew he fumbled. How did he fumble? He ran to the lineman.


You're missing the butt part. Still don't got it.


It's a big ass. It's a big ass. I played with Hellodi nad and Chris Jenkins. You know how many times I've seen guys get knocked down and fumbled because he threw people into him? And I'm sure they asked was it was common practice for the defensive tackles that I played with trying to run a zone scheme, you get pushed back, tackle with the ass.


So no one made a joke about it to mark afterwards. I could imagine somebody trying to take the air out of the situation, making the first joke and Mark just like staring at and be like, dude, don't joke about that right now.


Listen, I don't think anybody on the team ever even really associated that he got tackled by ass. It's only when it goes on the media. But I feel like the jets are one of those organizations where people just look to crack jokes about and I don't understand the national hate why, you know, with his big ass forehead and looking like Lurch and looking like Frankenstein himself would ever have a joke at a country awards when at that time the organization that he played for was a bigger joke with what was going on with the Broncos early in the season than when he made the joke about the jets who had just beat the Philadelphia Eagles. But know, I don't know why Peyton Manning hates the jets so much. You can hear it whenever he comes on and he does his Manning cast even when they, they beat the Buffalo Bills. But you wouldn't think that they were going to beat the Buffalo Bills based on how Peyton and Eli was talking about him. I have no idea. He also gave us Adam Gase, which was a Manchurian candidate who definitely was brought in here to ruin the organization.


Peyton Manning refused to come here. Right? So that's another thing that he's so, like, I have no idea why he hates the jets so much and why he thinks like the. Listen, so I don't understand it, right? Because I came from an organization tHat's well respected in the this. Like, it just seems like people like to make the jets the butt of the joke. Listen, I have to own up to that. I have to be a part of that because I'm a part of that history. But when I played outside of the butt fumble, you can't say any of the teams that I played on was a joke.


You were good.


I think the NFL and everybody took that team very seriously, whether we fell short or know we had respectability. But I don't get why. Know, Jets, Mets, knicks, like, they're just easy punching bags, not just for people in the division, but I think people as a whole just like to clown them. And I never got it. But you never understood it. Maybe it goes back to something far before I even start paying attention to sports, but it's like those teams get clowned. Those teams get clowned more than the Lions. I'm a Lions fan. I'm from Detroit. The Lions have been the worst organization in the history of sports. Them and the Cleveland Browns, and they don't get the national hate, I think because people are envious of the fact that it's a New York team. They think that New Yorkers are arrogant because they're supposed to have the best of everything, but they haven't won any titles to really suggest who they are. Right. If you title time, you would think Boston. Right. You would think those teams are Los Angeles teams that have had more. Well, Philly hadn't won a Super Bowl. They were the last team within the division to ever win a Super Bowl.


The Sixers are okay, but the process has been a failed experiment as.


Wait, Phillies didn't win anything. Yeah, no, you're right.


Philadelphia Union.


It is the Jets.


It was Boston. Boston. Boston was title. Title for a long time between the Bruins and Red Sox. And the 2000s, early 2000s, was basically based in Boston.


Yeah. One of our guys that we love, who we think is elite, came back to the NFL this week. Joe Flacco, you played with him for a year. You played against him when you were on the Jets. Did you ever stop and be like, damn, he throws such a nice Spiral because he really does.


Yeah, I used to call him Frida and Fucko was his nickname for my nickname for Don't. People don't know that he came in the league and he came in the league like Anthony Davis. He has a full grown unibrow. So I used to call him Frida. That was my nickname for him. Of course, people know my nickname for Mark Sanchez was Nacho, but Flacco that's when I stopped calling me. When he threw a 15 yard out, which is the hardest ball to throw. It's the farthest ball, and he threw it on point. I stopped calling him Fucko. I stepped calling him Frida, but I stopped calling Fucko.


Yeah, he does have, I think, the nicest spiral in the NFL, and that's.


Something that he has. One of the strongest arms in the history of football, in my opinion. And Carson Palmer, before he hurt the time, he had the same difference.


Yeah. Yeah.


I read a story that you got suspended one time for eating an apple. Is that true?


You guys went deep into the archives, right? They call it Bar Scott's fearful beginnings. It's well documented. I had a defense coordinator that was an asshole, and he decided to focus on me eating the apple while we getting our ass kicked. And obviously, me and him was only ones in there because he had benched me and he tried to smack the alpha my hand. And there's certain things that you can do to me, but being from Detroit and being built on respect, culture, not we going to challenge that authority when you stand over me as a grown ass man at that point, 19 years old, and so I was ready for the smoke, right? So he didn't want to smoke. He act like he wanted to smoke. But I ended up getting kicked off the team, and that kind of hurt me because people thought. Didn't know who I was. They thought I was like a bad person, didn't understand that I had committed to Michigan State, that I turned down scholarship to Michigan State. And that's a whole nother story within itself. But that guy tried to kiss my ass years later when he was a member of Morgan State.


Try to tell everybody that he had coached me because at that part point, I was a starter for the Ravens, and he was trying to impress the staff in Morgan State by saying I coached him. And we had a receiver that delivered a message to me, so I delivered a message back. And he's trying to hold court with his guys, right? Where people come from different places, they're trying to act like they big time. And he was like, oh, I told Bart you said hi. And he's like, oh, yeah? What'd he say? He said, when I see. He said, when you see in the streets, don't kick your ass. He forgot about shit. And to this date, if I see Mike Biden in the streets, I'm going to smack the shit out of. He tried. He tried to take a dream from a kid that was just trying to play hard and wasn't doing anything wrong. And I'm not the only guy he did it against, but that led to some other stuff. Jerry kill.


Jerry kill. All time football guy. I love Jerry kill.


So, Jerry Kill, when the Ravens came and people had questions about my character, told the Baltimore Ravens, who were the only team that came and scouted me, that if he died today, he would be honored if I raised his children. So that erased all doubts about my character, who, you know, even post career, never heard my name in any controversy, anything at all. Right? I've always been clean, straight down the middle. I just don't take no shit.


Yeah, Jerry kill. That's a big thing from Jerry kill because football almost killed him. He had seizures, and he just loves football so much. He's like, I got to keep coaching football. Yeah.


I talk to him all the time.


He's the best.


He's a football have.


I don't think you have grudges. I think you just remember facts. Yeah, that's what I think. I think you remember things that happen.


And, well, you do that. You keep that energy for, like, you know, Bill, Mike, vite. I don't care.


Peyton Manning.


Would you piss on Peyton Manning if.


He was on fire?


Well, no, I don't mind Peyton, right? You know what? The hate is one thing, but I don't dislike Peyton Manning. I love Peyton Manning. I think he's one of the funniest dudes ever. I think his personality belongs on the face of Tom Brady. Like, Tom Brady's supposed to be the cool, funny, cool guy, right? But Tom is opposite. And actually, Peyton is the funniest guy.


You know? I.


What mean the cool guy? The guy you want to hang out. Right? Because personality, right? Who knew that him and Eli had this type of talent? The dry, sarcastic humor, you know what I mean? They're like the football version of Will Ferrell.


Yeah. How many times? I know. You got to run in a second. How many times do people on a given day just yell, can't wait at you?


I get it all the time. It's kind of like icky with the icky shuffle. I can remember seeing icky, and icky was like, god, still coming to him, asking, do Igki Shuffle? He's like, man, I'm 40, man. I don't do the icky shuffle no more. But I don't mind. I can't wait, especially around here. They haven't had much to replace it, so we hold on to it. I think Richard Sherman tried to do a similar interview later. But it didn't come off as authentic. And the punchlines wasn't flowing as well either. But he tried his attempt. The reports are that he had did it already with the Spanish network, and then he actually recreated it.


Oh, no.


But I like Sherman. I like he speaks his mind. And listen, I would like to think that because he saw mine, that he felt great to express. And I would think that the reporters went over there because they were hoping, knowing that me and him had similar personalities, that he could be able to spit some hot fire. Now, it's not quite the ether that I put out there as far as the bars. If you break down the bars, you'll realize that the can't wait is the punchline with the poetic justice, the nosebleed and all that type of stuff was actually the hottest bars that probably was ever spit in a post career rant. So I'll own that.


That's great. All right. I know you got to run. This has been awesome, Bart. We appreciate it. You welcome back on anytime. Also, how awesome was Jim Leonard at football?


Jim LeOnard was great at football. I think Jim Leonard being hurt really stopped us from being able to win the Super Bowl. The fact that he was out, if we'd have had him or Chris Jenkins just healthy in any of those NFC playoff, those AFC championships, we'd have won with Jim Leonard. But if we'd have had Chris Jenkins, it wouldn't even been wow.




My last, last question, just how awesome is it being named Bart?


That must have been pretty cool when Bartholomew.


Well, actually, it's Bartholomew. My dad's name is Bartholomew. My son's name, Bartholomew. So it's love that one thing about Bartholomew is I get to the interview before they realize I'm black.


Bartholomew. Yeah. Bart is a great name.


At that point, it's too late if you go with all those 80s babies, Deon J and Devante Dalvin, all that shit. They deny those interviews, they don't even get to the building. So I'm all good.


I did my research on you. I knew that you were African American before we started this.




You didn't think knew.


I knew.


Well, Bart, you didn't know if I was Wayne Brady Black or you ain't know if I was.


I'm not going to comment on that, but that's fair.


Yeah. Bart, thank you so much, man. We really appreciate you coming on. We'd love to have you on again. And good luck with your radio show today.


Appreciate it.


Thank you.


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PFT. Jake and I do you guys want to go real quick? Because I think it's really Hank and Max.


I can forfeit my speaker.


Yeah, I don't really have anything.


I'm really tired today. It's been an exhausting week and today we just work pretty much nonstop.


I slept like 6 hours last night.


That's pretty good. I had like 7 hours but I need my eight. Yeah, you know that. So I'm basically running on less than fumes right now. Yeah, I can't wait to go home. Just probably take a long weekend, recuperate, rejuvenate my body.


I'm just exhausted.


Your body doesn't recover when you're.


No, it takes a couple of days. Max and Hank, do you guys have a fire fest for us?


I'll let.


He he you've never looked more like Hagrid.


Yeah, no. Max is in a worse state right now than I am.


Max. So Max didn't sleep. Hank slept for 5 hours.




How many hours was it, Max? I don't know.


I'll tell the story. We did the 24 hours stream. It was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone that tuned in.


It was awesome.


It was good vibes with the chat. This was at like four or five in the morning. Me and Max were just loopy hours, having some laughs, messing around with the chat. They kept asking us to kiss, take our tarps off and just asking all types of ridiculous stuff. And we had the timer that was like 17 hours, 18 hours. And I was starting to get tired. It was 04:00 in the morning and I'd been up all day. I was like, I know if I don't sleep for a little bit, I'm going to want to die. Like, by the time big cat and PFT come back, they're going to be awake, I'm going to be tired, and they're just going to be like making us do stuff. I'm going to be miserable. So I made a deal with the chat if I kissed Max's gout toe, that I could sleep. If I do that, can I sleep? And they're like, yep, it's not gout. We made a deal. Not gout. Whatever. Diabetes.


Not diabetes.


So I kissed his toe, fell asleep for like 2 hours, I think. And that made a huge difference. I woke up 07:00 we started doing karaoke, but by the end of the day, I still had a little bit of energy, a little bit of momentum. Like, you can go one day on a little bit of sleep.




Going a full day and a half on zero sleep, which is what Max is doing, is what Max did. And as the day was going forward, I just watched his body die. In the last like 4 hours. He just wasn't like a human being.


Yeah. No, he was just a body. The lights were on, nobody was home. Now, Max, this would really be a horrific turn of events if for some reason you forgot to push the button. I'm going to push a button. And you ended up with a two year soul patch.


I'm going to push it.


What do you have in place right now to make sure the button is pushed? I'm just not going to leave this.


Place until it's up.


Okay. So other people will be around you? Yeah. Do you have a spotter? I don't know.


I think you should have a spotter. Also, Max, Hank. You guys did an awesome job.


It was incredible. You guys were great.


Memes is a fucking soldier. Memes stayed up the entire time, too, helping to produce it, which we didn't ask him to do. But memes, like, I'm going to do this.


He was killing.


He did the shit out of it.




And also Evan and Shane just crushed. Was. But Max, man, I walked away from the stream with a newfound appreciation for Max.


You were MVP.


MVP. I call him Max De Lente west because that dude's a motherfucker.


If we have an MVP, do we have to have an LVP?


I guess you kind of have to.


All right, so Max is the MVP. Who else was in the stream? Hank and I were.


I think Hank was in there.


Yeah, I don't mind.


Listen, Max, listen. Go ahead. Sorry. Max was MVP. Yeah. And you guys did it. You did all 22 and a half hours. Yeah.


Big stream.


When are we going to do the 24 hours stream?


I mean, you guys told us if we did.


I did say when you guys got out. I was like, I can't believe they got out or they left early, because they have to know. I'm going to bring it up. I know.


24 hours.


24 hours. They did 22 and a half. So close.


Well, you guys gave us things to do, and I think I did a great job. The people that watched will say I was complaint free. So was Max.


Yeah, it was just the time when we were doing pics and preview and PFT was doing his ads, and then I pulled up the chat and everyone was calling me. No one complained that that happening.


The chat was me.


Because the chat fucked with you guys.


A little bit, but in a funny way. And you guys did accomplish, like, they turned on me and big cat. They're like, these guys are the ones that are the puppet masters.


Yeah. We came out of taping the show, and Max and Hank were like, you guys did a poll? And we're like, no, we've been taping the show. And like, fuck, the chat got us. So the chat chat might be the MVP, too, because they're very funny. The chat is always so fucking funny in those things.


And also, please stop calling him Hank. Vic, we've moved on past that.


He did hit Blake.


He did do a Marty McSorley and hit my dog in the head with a hockey stick. But that's okay. We've moved on.


I apologize to Blake and a lot of people. Again, I take full responsibility. I was trying to take all the ownership completely. There was a lot of people, not me, that were saying, like, pft, let his dog go off a leash into a game that we were basically playing to the death. And if you scored a goal, then you won a massive, massive prize. And Blake, surprise again, jumped, like, ten minutes of phone time. And Blake jumped in front of the ball. I did hit him, and I did feel very bad, and I take full responsibility. So the people saying that's kind of on the owner for putting his dog in that situation, I disagree with.


I halfway agree. I think it's 50% on me, 50% on Hank.


I'll take full ownership.


Max, I want to hear from you, though, because you are running on more than fumes. What's going on? What's going on in the head right now?


Not a lot. Not a lot going on. And then this head of mine, BMCs. BMCS was a thing that got brought up.


What's BMCs?


I don't know. That's between me and the demon.


Hours of the chat.


What's BMC?


Yes, tell us what BMC memes. What's BMCs?


Big meaty clackers.


There's a close up shot of his camel tow. I was like, damn, dude, you got some big ass nuts. And he's like, yeah, my big friends used to call him the big Meaty Clackers.


Thing about Max is he's got huge balls.


The BMCs. Now the whole titty fucking thing makes sense why you can't do it. You can't title those clackers. Who's fucking who? Okay, so, Max, you were definitely titty.


Fuck somebody with his nut.


He's titty fucking his own dick. He just tucks it down. He just draws nipples on each ball and starts going up and down. That would hurt.




You don't like titty fucking because it's just looking at your own penis every day. All right, so, Max. Yeah. You guys were troopers. 24 hours in that room was crazy. Did you start to just lose time and space? What point was it? Like, where the fuck are we? Mine.


It was probably one of the highlights was, I don't know what time it was.




We were in a room with no windows. And I did sleep for a little bit, but I woke up, I was delirious. We played a game, and then we just started doing karaoke. It was probably like 08:00 a.m. 09:00 a.m. You guys came in to get karaoke. Will came in, and it was just one of those. I was kind of tired, kind of got energy and just started screaming, singing just went all in. And that was like, one of those. And then I was watching the clip back. I was like, this is funny. I was like, I think this was at 08:00 a.m.. Yeah, first thing in the morning. We were just doing karaoke.


Yeah, overnight. I know that we probably shouldn't have started it at 09:00 p.m. But was very funny leaving you guys where you guys were kind of angry about the situation, still had some pep, and then coming back in the morning, and it was like we just came into two different people. You're just like, we're just grizzled vets. Don't fuck with us. We've already reached the point of no return.


When I left, Hank was very salty about putting together the IKEA furniture, to the point where Hank, in protest, just took a hammer and started just beating the one wooden piece with it. And you're like, I'm building, I'm building. Are you happy? The facilities here aren't up to my code. And then facilities were fucked. In the morning, when I woke up, the first thing that I saw was the picture of the shelf that Max built overnight. And it's the funniest fucking shelf I've ever seen. Like, you put all the pieces together, but they don't fit at all.


Yeah, I thought that I was walking out of that with the perfectly built dresser, and then once every. You built everything separately, and then once you put them together, that's, like, what made the final dresser. And I had each piece, and I was working on it for 6 hours. I started at 11:00 p.m. Finished it at 05:00 a.m. And it was like a moment. I turned to memes. I was like, memes. I did it, man.


I finally made the dresser. It's going to happen.


And then I put all the cabinets into the thing and just immediately just started to crumble.


It was legitimately from a movie.


When Jerry walked in and he looked.


At that dresser, it was one of.


Those laughs that I'll remember that laugh forever.


This is the cabinet.


Looked like Homer Simpson Spice Rack.


I was so mad you guys didn't give us chairs to build. That was all my.


Chairs. Well, we actually were thinking practically when we did the meeting before, we're like, you know, we could probably use, like, a dresser or drawer here and maybe a TV stand so there was practical use to it, just not in the moment. Yeah, you guys crushed it. I thought that was very fun. I mean, we have some more bets coming up. But that one was a very fun one.


That was fun. I would say the two low lights, sneaky, shouldn't seem as bad, but the puzzle was brutal.


Oh, you came in. I came in. Max had built half his puzzle, and Hank just looked at me and snarled. And he's like, did you fuck with my puzzle? I was like, dude, I didn't even fucking buy these because you guys reached.


A point where I was.


Everything we did was fucking well.


The bag was open.


Yeah, I don't think we fucked with you that bad.


No, but I was on high alert. But really, the worst thing that we did that still is probably going to be the thing that affects me the most throughout the weekend was playing knee hockey to start. Yeah, my knees fucking kill. Knee hockey was scratched up.


So funny, though.


Every time I stand up, it hurts. And every time I'm moving, they're all torn up.


Max for shower is going to hurt really bad, too. Yeah. Max in front of that goal was just so funny. He looked like he had diapers on.


Oh, yeah, you were wearing the pants.


So I was wearing the pants, and then I was also wearing shorts underneath because I was worried about climate control over the next 24 hours. BMCs.


Yeah. You had a moment where you're standing in front of the goal and the pants are so ridiculous that there was no five hole, zero five hole.


It was great strategy by me.


And then I took them off and.


Went straight knee to the thinnest carpet of all time. It was basically kneaded cement. We were so excited for knee hockey at first, and then by the end.


Of it, we were like, we were going to go first to 100, and.


Then we're like, let's do first to seven.




And first of seven took like, 15 minutes.


Yeah, took a while. Yeah.


What about the paintings?


How do we feel? Oh, the paintings are right behind. Yeah, I, like, did a good job with these paintings.


Max's painting is really nice. Look at that. We got the Black Mountain, and then we got the pretty good.


Yeah, that's where Max, in the middle of Bob Ross, he's like, look at these facilities Bob Ross has. And then I just. Yeah, we have shitty facilities.


Facilities became the word of the day. Yeah. Great job, though, guys. Also, I know the Awls appreciate it because you guys were very entertaining for 24 hours. Yeah.


I mean, we had a lot of people watching in the middle of night. That always blows my mind because we were just loopy as fuck. I did sleep talk and yell at memes in my yeah, completely.


That's so funny.


Would you say, don't you fucking try like I'm unprompted.


I was completely asleep. I watched the clip back. I was like, yeah, no, I don't, this wasn't even like half conscious. I just was like, don't even fucking think about it, memes.


Oh, my God. Well, you guys crushed it. It was fun.


Yeah, Jake, you did a good job, too.


Jake was on top of everything. Jake was a saver on the Madden because the Madden was lagging and he came in and announced it. It was good. And, yeah, it was good time. We have another one coming up with the pancakes. So it won't be 24 hours, but it probably will be eight to ten considering it'll be a while. Yeah. I want to see 24 pancakes. Yeah.


That's actually huge that Hank's going to win it because Hank eats so slow.


Yeah. And he can just mock us now. Yeah.


If I had a pancake, it would be probably longer than 24.


Yeah, well, no, because it's 1 hour off every time you finish a pancake.


All right.


I think you'd probably eat like four pancakes. You're not a big eater.


Oh, I got it.


Yeah. So it will most likely whoever loses has to eat 24 pancake doesn't have to eat 24 pancakes. They have to do 24 hours or pancakes. So realistically, it will probably be like an eight hour stream because you probably can't eat more than like 16 pancakes.


When I was doing the phone calls, I took my picks because we need your picks. I was on the phone, I was like, give me over. Give me a spread. So my picks are just from some random dude that was calling and I've already accepted the loss. And I started to practice my set and I think the 24 hours stream is going to pale in comparison to how bad.


No, I liked your stand up.


Your stand up was. That's going to be tough.


The thing you did about Dave and how he takes more than one bite, that was good. What's the deal with that?


What is the deal? No one ever talks about that.


It's called one bite.




Yeah, you got tat. I got tat.


I'm kind of addicted to tasks now.


I'm a tat guy. You can't get just one.


I'm probably going to get several more on this. I switched it up at the last second. I went left arm instead of right arm. It was like spur of the moment and I'm just like right arm. I can do the swaggy P right arm strictly for buckets.




And also Mitch the tat guy. So he comes in the studio after we're done, and he wants to check out the studio, take some pictures. He was an awesome dude. Check him out. Mitch does tats. And I was like, hey, you want to pick a lot of ball? He's like, sure. He's wearing a Brian Branch jersey. Number 32 on the lines. He's like, I'll take 32. Jake was in here as a witness. Jake ran the machine. He looked away. Mitch got 32.




And so then we're like, well, I'm going to bet on Mitch. Score touchdown tonight.


It's signable.


And Mitch scored.


Yeah. And then didn't win.


Then didn't win. Didn't throw a pick six, though.


Didn't throw a pick six. Never thrown a pick six. Okay, so let's do it. Let's finish the show. Good job, Max and Hank. Proud of you boys. Numbers 839. 1871.


Also from some 20 randoms. Tell a blue purchaser.






What's yours? Max? 20.


What did you say?




20. Okay.






Pug. Pug. Pug. Pug. I am Pug the pug. Chance was so good at 71. 78. Oh, so close. 78. Fuck.


Love you guys.


Fuck. Talking away days I'm not safe Shy away I become for your love of coming for your love of take me out I don't get it, but