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Hey, pardon my take, listeners. You can find every episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube prime members can listen ad free on Amazon Music. On today's pardon my take, we have an awesome interview with R G three in person from last week. Pft got a little emotional.


I did, I did.


I didn't expect that coming.


Yeah, it was a great interview, so get excited. We're also going to do a little Super bowl cleanup. Full disclosure, we're taping this podcast at three in the morning after shooting free throws for the last 13 hours. The stream is still going on, but we thought we'd have to hop in here and tape it while we still have a couple of brain cells left because none of us have slept. We're going to do hot seat cool throne, which I'm sure we're very well prepared for.


I am, yeah.


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I bet on Kansas.


Oh, okay, well, you could have picked one of the sides.


Yours was a smart one.


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Okay, let's go, boy.


Now, in the street there is violence and then a lot of work to be done no place to hang out on washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh, no, we gonna rock down to electric I rendu and then we'll take it higher oh, we gonna rock down to electric it's.


Pardon my take presented by Barcelona sports.


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Happy Valentine's Day.


Happy Valentine's Day.


Let's go, guys. You guys get each other anything here?


Yeah, I got you some lingerie.


Thank you.


I've been needing some.


So just to set the stage. Jake, what are you doing? Jake's showing a Valentine's.




He's doing the Taylor Swift heart that invented Valentine's Day.


Gross. The Taylor Swift heart. All right, so just to set the stage, it is three in the morning right now. We've been streaming our horrifically awful attempt at hitting 41 free throws in a row for the last 13 hours. No, 11 hours. 11 hours. It probably will go for another 13 hours. We are literally in hell. And so we figured, let's just record the podcast right now, because by the time we finish this thing, we will have not slept for, like, 48 hours, and we'd be speaking gibberish. You get the last bits of brain cells that we have left running around in the top of our head.


Yeah, it feels like my skull is in a knife fight against my neck. And we're soldiering through it. And big cat has probably, what, 600 points?


Yeah, 600 cumulative.




I think I've probably got about that many rebounds. Hank has that many minutes sitting on the couch, so we're all exhausted right now.


I got benched. I just want to say I'm here. I just want to say to anyone out there, have you ever thought it'd be fun to. Hey, let's just try to hit 41 free throws in a row with your friends. It's not fun. It's not fun.


It's not fun. Especially if a lot of your friends don't play basketball. We had a little moment where I thought it was going to happen when Pat Bev came in. Shout out to Pat Bev made the drive down from Milwaukee tonight. The middle of the night, showed up and he just got to the line. He was wet. He made like, I think, twelve in a row or something like that.


Vibes were so high.


Vibes were high. So the worst part about this entire experiment is, right at the start of it, you guys got down to three.


Shots left at 630.


After the first 2 hours, I looked.


At Hank, three shots. I looked at Hank, and we both had this look like, oh, fuck, we're going home for dinner.




Who's had more shots today, you or Patrick Mahomes?


Senior Patrick Mahomes Jr. Looked like he was. Did you see him at Disney World?




Or Disneyland?


Which one's Disney world is the one in Florida?


They were at land because it was closer to California.


They're in California. But he looked like he'd been partying all night in Vegas and then was forced to go to Disney World or land, which was very funny. He also said something interesting, which we kind of alluded to on Sunday. Credit to us. He said that Andy Reid had already explained to the Chiefs that they were going to go for two if the 49 ers had scored the first touchdown.


Yeah, there was a plan. Chris Jones, we talked about that on Sunday. Yeah, Chris.


I don't remember anything.




So, Chris Jones. The Chiefs were very well prepared for this exact scenario. More and more interviews with different 49 ers came out, and they all said that they hadn't really talked about it. So I don't necessarily know if Kyle Shanahan talked to an analytics guy. I think there was probably, like, some guy on the sideline with glasses, and Kyle was like, what should we do? And then goes like, you always receive the kickoff. So I think that's what the Niners plan to do. It did end up fucking them. I actually had a thought this morning, because I woke up, just one thought. I woke up still thinking about the Super bowl. If you do get the ball first in overtime and you score, should you preemptively go for two?




Well, I was thinking that as well. I don't think you would, because then the other team can win with an extra point if you don't get it. If you don't get it.


But it's something to think about.




That would be the only thing that could save the 49 ers. If they said, yeah, our plan was to go for two. If we scored a touchdown, even though.


We didn't score a touchdown, Dan Campbell definitely would have gone for.


I like, in thinking back to the Super bowl and the cleanup that we have of it, it really just goes back to the overtime decision. And there's one other play that stuck out when I was kind of going back through it all and watching it. It was in overtime when the 49 ers had gone down to, I think Chris McCaffrey ran that ball to, like, the 19 second and two. And remember when we were watching the game and we're like, who's number nine? Why is he on the field? George Kittle was back from being in the locker room. He was ready to get back in. Chris McCaffrey had come out of the game because he needed a blow. And why didn't Kyle Shannon use a timeout there to be like, hey, we should have George Kittle and Christian McCaffrey on the field instead of Elijah Mitchell and the guy who got a holding penalty against him.


Yeah, they didn't even go, Ray Ray. They passed over. They took Ray Ray out of the game because Ray Ray was on fire at that point. They put that guy into block, and it committed just an egregious holding.


And I also think that the other thing people were talking about a day later was Kyle Shanahan, his offense sputtering in the beginning of the second half when they could have really stepped on the Chiefs, and they never really took that moment. I went back through. People are like, oh, he abandoned the run. I never thought they fully abandoned the run. They had some bad penalties to start a couple of those drives that put them in bad spots. And I don't know, it just sucks. I don't think Kyle Shannon is not going to get over this for a long time.


Yeah, this is a lay blood's going to wear on him. It is what he is at this point. Like, until he wins a Super bowl, we're just going to say, yeah, Kyle Shanahan is the guy that can't win a Super bowl. And it sucks because he's good coach. But he did run up against Patrick Mahomes, who, by the way, I don't know if you saw this, Hank, you'll appreciate this. Your good friend, our dear friend Mike Florio, wrote an article praising Patrick Mahomes because he just set another all time record in the Super bowl. Oh, most fumble recoveries ever in a Super bowl. In the Super bowl by a single quarterback. And so he has that record, and.


That seems like a record didn't get tracked till, like, 2002.


Also, is that just the bad snaps?


It's a combination of bad snaps and also him having fumbles forced against him. Yeah, and he picks those up.


But was it like the three snaps that were so low that he had.


To pick them up?


I think that probably had a lot to do with it.




I was seeing people saying that the Chiefs recovered, like, six fumbles. I don't remember that many fumbles.


If it just skips to you, is that a fumble?




Mike Florio also is trying to get Andy Reid to retire.


He is trying very hard. Very hard.


We kid, Mike, we're joking.


This is the end of.


We joke like that.


We just. Because we love.




It's Valentine's day, Mike. We love you.


So, by the way, shout out to her. Valentine's Day, I think. Sorry, Miley, I'm sticking with her.


Oh, you are?




I've done a deep dive into her catalog today.


Oh, nice.


Pretty impressive. Nice deep dive. She really knows that. Never mind. I'm not going to say that. Okay, so at the end of this article by Florio, he said, does anybody think Mahomes won't be back to the Super bowl? He's 28. He's only getting better. He'll soon reach supercomputer status.




Where he'll know what to do before each play starts.


Oh, I feel like he already has that.


He's just becoming AI. We've got AI Mahomes, Florio thinks, is going to start getting developed this offseason.




I don't know, but I like the idea of a supercomputer quarterback.


Yeah, I do, too. So, supercomputer Mahomes going to go after everyone.


He's going to get neuralink.


It looked like the party afterwards was very fun. Travis, Kelsey and Taylor Swift were singing Taylor Swift songs. It was squad goals. It was so fucking romantic.


Me and who?


What if you're going to do Taylor Swift lyrics to me right now at this album?


No, that's just girls seeing those videos, being like, me and who?


Me and, like, one day I'll find my Travis.


Like, I'm Taylor Swift.


And who is my Travis, like, hall of Fame tight end who just won his third super bowl?


Oh, okay. Yeah.


Me and who?




Yeah, it's honestly goals.


It's big time.


Just something weird's going on with women in America right now. Why they think that they are.


Okay, wait, hold on.


Women in America?


Hold on.


Okay, let me. Let me just get my seat so I can go back a little. Yeah, go ahead.


All right.


And I do have my gesturing pin out right now.




Shout out, pug.


Shout out, pug.


Every woman in America thinks she's Taylor Swift.




That is fact.


Yeah, it's a fact. Like, they're living vicariously through Taylor Swift. There will be guys that get plastic surgery to look more like Travis Kelsey. So they can start dating women.


And every guy is living vicariously through Travis because they just want to win a Super bowl.




No, Hank's right. Because they want to win a Super Bowl.


I feel like there was a little bit of time where I lived vicariously through, like, Johnny Bananas. That was about it.




Oh, I lived vicariously through jackass.




I was like, that's just me and my friends.


Yeah, Johnny Manziel.




At a and m. Yeah.


I don't like. I guess living vicariously, though. I'm saying, like, johnny Manziel was an incredible quarterback. So it's like, I'm not going to be an incredible quarterback. Johnny Bananas is a regular guy who just dominated the challenge. It's like, that could be me. What do you think? I was on real world.


What do you think? The dude equivalent of Taylor Swift is? Like, a guy that every dude goes nuts. I think it's John Daly.


It might be Daly.




There was a TikTok thing saying it was Shane Gillis.


Oh, yeah, that makes sense. Shane is definitely.




Every woman's like, I want to find true love and settle down and just be happy for the rest of my life. Every dude's like, I want to get fucking hammered.




All the time. It's the perfect Whenever they have the perfect ten female lead and then, like, a kind of a gross, pudgy male lead and like, yeah, of course he's got them.




I blame commercials for that.


I blame king of Queens.


King of queens sitcoms and commercials. It's all.


And Seinfeld. Costanza had the fucking hottest girlfriends.


He did.


Kramer got some babes, too.




But, yeah, every commercial you see, it's a big, schlubby guy with a hot wife, and he's had the hottest girlfriend. He had hot girlfriend Marissa Tome.


Dude, he had the fucking model.




He had the model picture.


Yeah, but that was one episode, and he had the picture and he lost.


He had some hot girlfriends. It's kind of crazy. Jerry didn't get AIDS.




I guess it was a little bit past his early ninety s, but he fucking slept around. Yeah, he was very promiscuous.


There were definitely some. There was an episode that Larry David wrote about one of them getting an STD.




What are you going to say, max?


I just wanted to make sure that everyone remembered that you haven't slept for 15 hours.


This is the Valentine's Day episode.


Hey, why didn't Jerry Seinfeld get aids?


Maybe he did get aids and that's why they cut the show short. Maybe it was implied. It's like, well, we don't really know how to wrap this up. He obviously has aids.




Wait, we're talking about just frumpy dudes in commercials and it's always a hot chick. And he's always, like, complaining about his nagging bitch wife who's way too hot for him.


I'm just picking my nose. So hardcore on this.


Just realized I said 15 hours. That would be 9 hours of sleep.


That's plenty of balls.


Yeah, no, I'm on. I mean, you guys are probably in the same boat, but off of the Vegas trip, it's like the last four days, I maybe have slept a total of like 9 hours total.


Yeah, it's pretty bad.


It's pretty bad. It's getting a little foggy up in the old dome.


We do have another storyline from the Super bowl we should probably talk about. The ratings came out.




Turns out a lot of people watched the Super bowl this year.


Most watched.


Most watched show of all time.




And it beat the moon landing.


Feels good to be part of history.


Yeah, it's pretty cool.


We fucking watched.


We watched the one thing that everybody else watched.


Fuck, yes. What are you having a hang?


One of my favorite tweets of all time from Glennny balls when he said, I've been up for 16 hours and traveled from Long island at 04:00 a.m. Everyone's up.




Rona was like, that's a regular day. Glennny, 16 hours is what?


08:00 a.m. To midnight.




Yeah, I'm up for 16 hours.


I'm up seven to eleven every single day. No matter what.


I can't get my solid 10 hours of sleep tonight. It sucks.


That's incredible. What were you saying?


Oh, I beat the moon landing 112.


In your face.


Hey, you guys can't laugh at us because you said you wanted to do the podcast right now.


In your face. I love this.


This episode rocks.


This episode does rock the Moon.


Kind of overrated, by the way. I think we've discussed that before on the podcast.


Yeah, I'd agree. Not made out of cheese.


What does the moon have?


Except for predicting lions games?




Yeah, that's a valid point. Also, it used to protect us against asteroids. That's why there's all those craters on there. Haven't seen an asteroid hit the moon in millions of years. Worthless piece of shit.


Yeah, it was supposed to be our fullback.


It was our fullback, but the fullback got phased out running the spread offense.




What else do we got?


Moon landing and this Super bowl. Also both government psyops.




Something interesting to think about.




Let's read a couple of headlines real quick, and then we'll do hot seat.


Jason Kelsey also rocked at the after party.


That was my cool throne.




That was my hot seat.


Victor Wimbanyama had a triple double, and he had ten blocks.


Oh, fuck, yes.


So not a bust.


Not a bust at all. Steelers released three players, including QB Mitch Trisky. Oh, that sucks. Yeah, that might be it for Mitch.


If you love something, set it free.


I think that might be it for Mitch. Caleb Williams had a GQ spread.


He did some spread.


Some spread. You could have them.


Okay. All right, I'll take it.


Listen, I don't know, man. This might just be 03:00 a.m.. Talking. I do want him on the bears, but you got to play in the NFL first, dude.


You got to know the picture.


Putting up a lot of bulletin board material on himself.


Well, the last, like, full year.




There's another draft pick there and be.


Good for a little bit, and then you could do anything you want.


There's another draft pick that wore a dress in a photo shoot for magazine, went by the name of Ricky Williams.


That's true.


He turned out okay.


Mike Dicka.




Mike Dick got married to Williams. Yeah, legally. By the way, Ricky's way hotter than Mike Dicka.


I don't know. Dicka was kind of hot back then. Mid 2000, Dicka was in his prime. That wasn't his prime, but, like, in his prime, he was a good looking dude.


No, I agree.


The strong. That's what men used to be.


I agree.


I think the dick. That's a guy. That's a man you can set your watch to 2000s dick.


He's a little chunkier.


No, thank you. 2010s Dicka 2020s. Dicka hot again.


Yeah, daddy. Yeah. No, Dicka was. That was what the strong men in the world look like. They all look like. What else? What else we got? They're changed.


How about that? D? He did. Yeah.


That's good.




Phoenix Open changed. They're going to change the rules because of this weekend.


All right.


That makes sense. Not I don't like it.


That's a good not.


Yeah, I fucking got everyone. I bet you there was one person in the car who's like, oh, shit, they're in for it.


Not I think you will see a complete operational change of how we manage, really, on our Friday and Saturday. Not only on the Friday and Saturday, but the entire week. We're very proud of what we've built. We've been the tournament of the year on the PGA Tour five of the last seven years. But we don't like what happened on Saturday. The players don't like what happened on Saturday. Our fans don't like what happened on Saturday, and so nothing is off the table. If you acted up like that at a live event, what do you think they.




Probably give you a lifetime contract, cut your liver out. Yeah, one or the other.




That's kind of the two paths with the live events. It's the bone saw or you get a billion dollar contract.


We should start our own golf league. Mandatory drunk fans. We breathalyze you on the way in.




You cannot get into the golf match unless you blow a .2 or higher.


Yeah, I like that. I like that a lot.


That would be great. Okay. Anything else? Anything else? From anyone, about anything, literally anything. We did Jerry Seinfeld as aids and the moon landing.


I think we're good.


I think we covered all we could talk about any.


We've talked about all the sports. I think I saw something about the 49 ers. Players didn't know the rules.


Yeah, they do. Overtime. We talk about that. Memes.


I asked Max if we talked.


I missed that.


Yeah, we did. They did not know the rules. It confirmed yet again that we know ball. There's a lot of people who are saying we're stupid, that the Niners defense was gassed.


No, they need to make that the regular season overtime rule. I really don't understand.


You know what, Jake? I think I agree with you. Because it's weird having different rules for.


Overtimes and the excitement factor and the strategy and the risk involved. It's so different.


And it's also more football because it's.


Such a gray area. There is no clear cut decision on whether or not to get the ball or not.


Or they should just do college football overtime, which always has been the superior overtime by far.


And there are some people out there that hate college overtime. They think it makes a mockery of the game. No, they go out there, they play football.


It's good football.


Do you know what they should do? They should do college football overtime. No kicking. Yeah, it's just score a touchdown from the 25.


Like flag football.


No, there's no kicking.


Is that what you're saying?


No, I'm just saying. No, I'm saying everyone could be able to hit. Everyone can hit a field goal in the NFL from 25.


Like when you're playing flag football, it's either a touch, you score a touchdown or you turn the ball over.


No field goal.


Yeah, it's flag football.


Yeah, you can still punt if you want to.


Yeah, you can punt if you want to.


There'll be some hilarious coaches.


I'm just saying. You just only can score touchdown.


Tod Bowles would figure out a way to punt in that overtime scenario.


Yeah, or maybe do the drop kick field goal.




Jake, everyone loved your halftime boomer. Congratulations.


I'm glad it worked out.


It was awesome.


Thank you.


It was awesome.


Appreciate it.


We got to get Jake in the booth. Like the recording booth?


Oh yeah.


Singing some songs.


A song I'll do said if we had Jake do wet ass pussy, he should.


We should actually make a song out of the Ray Allen tweet.


Yeah, just called.


I'm getting there.




And we'll auto tune the fuck out.


Of you Jake song.


Don't we always do a great week.


Song take on me remix?


No, but we should do an original.




Is a banger. All right, let's do hot seat cool throne. We'll get to RG three hot seat cool Thrones brought to you by our friends at Cores Light. Hanging with friends and family to watch the big game is the best. That's why Cores Light has that signature ice cold refreshment to keep you feeling chill. You might even know an iconic beer train that is known for spreading good vibes in Coors Light to those who need it. After twelve years on hiatus, cores light beer train came out of retirement for the big game. When it's time for a refresh, just open a Coors light. There's only one beer out there that's the chillest that's out there for the chillest big game and that's Coors light. Stock up or get Coors light delivered straight to your door with Instacart by going to celebrate responsibly. Coors Brewing company Golden, Colorado we love you. Coors light. Our favorite beer in the world. The coldest beer in the world. Coors light. Go right now. Stock up on Coors light. You can get it Instacart or by going to Hank.


We forgot to talk about ice spice doing devil worship.


Oh, that's my hot seat.


Okay. My hot seat is love.


What is that?


Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan broke up. Broke up?


No. Fuck.


Why would happen if they're not going to make it? I just don't know if anyone is in this world. I know it's Valentine's Day, but a. Just a huge bummer.


I would always look at them be like, me and who?


Me and who think MJ and Scotty will talk again?


They're probably like, hell, yeah. No, probably not.


Yeah, no, probably not. We just nailed that enough.


And then my cool throne.


It would be very funny if he texted him, was like, hey, man, now I get it. I'm sorry. That was kind of fucked up on my part. I can see that now.




Or like, Marcus Jordan probably texted Michael Jordan, like, yeah, you were right. Probably shouldn't have done.


Yeah, good point. Okay. And your quilt.


Jason Kelsey, absolutely blackout drunk at the after party.


Look like a sodas guy.


Every clip he was wearing.


Was it Ray mysterio?


I think it was luchador.


I think it was Ray Mysterio.




Which is a luchador mask.




Was it a chiefs one?


I think it was gear. It looked like.


Every video is like, the. I mean, it was Taylor Swift. Superfans. Like, this is Taylor and Travis walking out, and it's literally just Jason Kelsey, blackout drunk. Like, stumbling over himself on the way out.


I did not think that anything Jason Kelsey did for the entirety of the playoffs was weird, but going that hard at a Super bowl party when you're in the NFL is a little weird.


But he's why it's a party.


He's not in the NFL. He's retired.


Did he retire?


Oh, yeah.


He didn't file his paperwork.


No, he's retired. You're right. Good point, Hank. He's retired. Play on, playa, and he rocks.


I mean, tell me you didn't watch any of those videos and be like, I want to party with that guy more than anything in the world.


No, I was like, that guy probably forgets to hit the button.


All right, fine. If you're going to say that guy is like me, that's the best compliment you've ever given me in my entire life.


Do you think maybe at the end of the night, they go back to their hotels? Jason Kelsey passes out in his bed, then wakes up in, like, Taylor Swift's bed by accident.


You guys can keep doing this.


This is flattering. This is so flattering.


No, the video of them, like, walking in the hotel and just pans over and he literally falls into a bush because he's so drunk he can't walk.


I walked a hundred times.


Did you get any point in his career, Jason? Kelsey's been like, jalen hurts. I want to suck your dick.


My girlfriend did text me that video and be like, okay, I get it now because I always say that I'm just like, was like, the parallels are there.


I'm kind of into, like, at the start of it, I was like, it's a little bit weird that he's going so hard for the Chiefs. It is his brother. But at the Super bowl after party, that's like, have you ever been over to a friend's house who's celebrating a holiday that you don't particularly care about, or you just get really wrapped up in it because you want to have fun?




If you go over to, like, a really irish person's family on St. Patrick's day, and you're like, fuck it. My family's 10% irish.


No, he was having a great time. It's his brother. I get it.


He's the best.




I was more just trying to bother Max, but my brain can't even.


You ended up just complimenting me. Like, the best compliment you've ever given me.




This might be a reason why we need to sleep. Max can finally outsmart us. Fuck.


I slept 3 hours last.


Mean, you. You're dumb. Like, we just got into your level.


The thing that's going to fuck me up for this entire next day is that the podcast isn't coming out for their full day.






There's going to be something that if.


Something happens, we're going to have to. Breaking news.


I'm going to accidentally schedule the tweet to go out Tuesday morning for sure.




Okay. Pft, your hot seat.


Cool drone. My hot seat is humanity. Oh, I'm putting all of humanity on the hot seat because I read an article today that the bubonic plague is back. So they found it in Oregon. Somebody caught it from their cat. I don't know that you could never had that. I don't know.




Watch out. Matt Eberflus. Be a real shame if he came down with it. But, yeah, that's just maybe a reminder. Don't get a cat.


Another booster coming.


Another booster coming. They're getting us. Oh, isn't that election season?


Oh, how about that?




Gas price is coming down at just the right.






That'd be awesome. If Joe Biden was in his office, he's like, we got to bring the plague back.


That's the only way I get reelected.


Wait, what was that?


Joe Biden muttering? Listen, Jack, I can't do a Joe Biden.


Yeah, that was like, yeah, I wasn't.


Even trying to do a Joe Biden. That was my belichick.


Yeah, that was Belichick.


I was Belichick in the White House.


Bush or belichick?


I'm Joe Biden. We're onto 2024. We're onto Trump.


What was the tweet?


His tweet yesterday after the Super bowl?


Oh, it was Dark Brandon. That was the dark Brandon meme.




That was fucking weird.


What does that mean?


Joe Biden was saying, like, all the people out there that think that I put together Taylor Swift and Travis Kelsey as a psyop and that they were going to win the Super bowl because I want to get reelected. I did it. That was my idea, and it worked. That's what he was saying. Just like, we drew it up.


Okay, I might have to go out and shoot some free throws, boys. This is going to be bad because they're going to yell at me so bad if I have to go out and shoot free throws. And I was sitting here. They're going to be mad.


What's going on?


They're getting there.


Switching back and forth.


Yeah, it's our song.


Yeah, they're getting there. My cool throne is Taco Bell. Taco Bell on the cool throne. Because they did a hilarious, awesome menu explanation. It was like the unveiling, like apple does for their new products, where they have all the weird apple fanboys and Jeff D. Low in the audience, just creaming.




And Taco Bell did one for the new menu items, which was awesome. It was this dude giving, like, a TED talk in front of a massive audience, showing the new products that are coming out. Let me just say that the cheese it crunch wrap looks. Looks I. Without tasting it, I can tell you that's probably on my Mount Rushmore of Taco Bell foods.


Yes, Hank would agree.


Probably wouldn't be on Hank's because his Mount Rushmore of Taco Bell food sucks.


But all taco Bell foods are Mount Rushmore foods.


But a giant cheese. They invented a big ass cheez it to put in the middle of a crunch wrap just when you thought science couldn't go any further.


Yeah, it looks incredible.


And I think they got, like, a baja blast pie.




Oh, and they got the new green salsa.


We got to go out there.


What are they down to?


I think Dave just hit.


I think Dave just hit the 30.


Okay, we're back. And. Holy shit. So if you're following along, we just ran out of the room in the middle of the podcast. It was 03:00 in the morning because we're doing this 41 free throw challenge, and it was my turn. I was up on 39 and 40. Well, I choked. Missed. 39. Back to zero. We're now sitting here 7 hours later. I just hit 39 and 40. Dave hit 41. We're free. We did it.


We did it, Joe.


We did it.


Incredible. Pft. Incredible rebounding. Jake got the ringer to show up. Max memes. The boys stayed up. Everyone stayed up all night throughout the whole challenge.


It was really a team effort.


Everyone slept.


So I walked into the studio because I had to grab my cell phone in the middle of the shooting, and I saw a mass over in the corner, kind of huddled up, and I looked over, and it was a body. It was a human body. And it was covered in a blanket. And when I say covered in a blanket, I mean it was covered in a blanket, head to toe, like blanket. You know what it was, Hank. But at first, I thought I walked into the heavens gate cult, and I thought that it was just filled with bodies, because all I saw was nikes sticking out of the. Yeah, but no, it was our sweet, dear Henry Lockwood over there, passed out in the corner.


I also came in here and. What?


You are thinking of the wrong person.




No, that's memes.


That was in the corner.


That was memes.


Wait, memes in the corner? Hank was on the couch.


Hank was on the couch. Memes was in the corner.


Memes. You freaks.


Do you sleep like that every night? No, the lights were on.


Wait, I didn't know there were two bodies in here. I came in. I just saw. Actually, Hank was so out cold, because I came in to get my keys, and I had my cell phone flashlight, and I turned it, and it literally shone right in Hank's face. Like, directly in Hank's face. Did not flinch at all. Little baby just kept on sleeping. Yeah, that was crazy. I don't know really what to think. We have still not slept well.


These are some of my favorite shows because we just kind of get drunk off not sleeping.




So the shows get loopy. We make less sense. Maybe we're smarter.


Yeah, maybe we're smarter. It was a crazy, crazy 16 hours. So what was the final shot? Counter. Jake, do you have it?


I'll look.


Wait, I have it. I have it. It was 7608 shots, 16 hours. It was hell. We were just out there grinding. I think I came close to making 1000 free throws. I think I attempted like 2000. So before 39 and 40, so I was terrible, my body's broken. I was trying to hit the first two of the whole thing so that I didn't have to hit the pressure shots. Unfortunately, I had to leave for 35 minutes to go get my son from my house and bring him to school. And then when I got back, literally walked in the door and we were like at like 35. And I knew that it was going to be me and I had already missed it. Last time. You were like 10 minutes ago in the podcast, I already missed 39 and 40. I was basically shitting myself, like, how could I do this?


Did you have to explain to your son at all what you were doing? Did you try and like, no, sorry, I haven't been home, son, no, daddy, daddy's had to hit some free throws.


Daddy was working the line.


Well, it was important that he got to school so that he could get education and learn like that. Don't do this. Be a real contributing member of society, not a podcaster. I would say the drive to school, I think I told my son probably 15 times that I love him so much because I was like, dad's going back to jail in a minute. I may never see you again. I kept on being, you know, I love you so much. Like, I love you so much.


I love you.


But you also know that daddy is an influencer.


These 5 minutes I have with my son here are the most precious 5 minutes because I'm going directly back to jail and I may never get out.


It was a good time with the boys, though. It was a really good time.


We're saying that now.


The vibes, yeah, they were high. We had a great time. Everybody involved was excited, we were into it. Great camaraderie, team building. Wouldn't trade it for the world.




I'm so fucking glad it's done.


I'm so glad it's done.


We're all the Popeyes meme, the exhausted chicken sandwich worker.


I thought there was no chance we were ever going to get out. I thought we were just going to be fucked. It would have been fucked forever.


It also would have been funny if we were not allowed to leave the room. Them eat or drink and we all just died in that room. Make free throws.


Well, there was. I mean, listen, I want to take a break from these challenges after needle in a haystack.


This was dumber, by the way.


Dumber, by the way.


Needle in a haystack was stupid as shit. This was a million times way dumb.




But I will say that these challenges, they're so taxing on just your mentals and everything, but there is a part of you that, like, just hanging out with the boys. I think we ordered 17 different types of food.


Yeah, we got chicken, we got a bunch of McDonald's.


We got McDonald's breakfast and McDonald's dinner within an hour of each other. And we got blizzards and we got everything. It was not fun, but it was fun.


So when we started the stream, it was myself, Nick, and KB doing the broadcast of the event. And we're like, yeah, this is a good idea. Maybe it'll be over in like, an hour or two. You don't have a lot to commentate and talk about during a free throw shooting contest.




Especially after it reaches our number four. And then KB had to go to the hospital for butt surgery, so Nick had to drive him. So unfortunately, they had to leave.




Thoughts and prayers to KB. He's getting a butt transplant today.


He's getting the brazilian. Okay, so thank you, everyone, for watching. That was incredible, everyone. We had, like, 20,000 people watching at four in the morning. It was nuts. So always incredible to watch all the people, like, tuning in and just being like, holy fuck.


Shout out, Pat Bev.




He's got a game. He's got a game.


He had a game and has a game.


He's in between two games.




Literally in between two games. 24 hours in between two games. He came down to Chicago to pump up the boys.




So appreciate, Pat Bev. Okay, my hot seat. What was it supposed to be, Hank? Ice spice. I didn't prepare. Is she on the hot seat?


Debo is on the hot seat.




Debo Samuels. Futuric. Cox owned his ass on Instagram.


Oh, I just know that you said ice spice. I said, no, that's my hot seat. Don't ruin it. But I don't have more hot seat.


God. Ice spice was doing devil worshiping signs.




Was she doing devil or was she doing the rock?


I think devil.




Wait, what happened with Debo after the Niners game? Fletcher Cox had an Instagram story that said 19 problems is Debo's instagram handle. Keep the Eagles out your mouth. Boe. I don't know what that means. I still got something y'all ain't got. Yeah, I've been holding on this. Eat a dick.


Wait, this is sad.


Max, why I love is.


Why is Fletcher Cox going at Debo?




Fuck Debo.




Because he said that if they had their quarterback, they would have beaten you guys last year.


No, he was talking shit. He said the secondary trash, which it was.


Fletcher Cox is like, yo, bitch, we lost to the Chiefs by less points than you.


No, but you guys went to overtime.


He was saying that he had a Super bowl ring.






He doesn't. Which is fair.


Yeah, that is fair. He does have a Super bowl ring.


Make a quote card out of that. Yeah, bitch, we lost the Super bowl by less points than you. That's not what literally, Fletcher Cox probably by one point.




That's just not a quote.


I'm paraphrasing.


That's not a quote.




All right, my cool throne is vacation. We can go on our vacations.


Let's go.


That was scary.


So, pretty much the second that last shot went in, I got a notification saying, you can check in for your flight. And I thought to myself, right before Dave hit that shot, well, I'm not.


Going to use that.


I'm not going to click that link.


Listen, this vacation, I need it so, so bad. And the fact that it was in really, really makes us embrace this might be the best vacation ever. Yeah.


Let's have the best vacation week ever, guys.




Because we almost didn't have it. We were that close. All right, Jake, your hot seat, cool throne.


My hot seat is people who don't think that people can hit 41 free throws in a row.


Facts. Sean Quigley.




They were wrong.




Even if it took 16.


Big wrong.


I'm on team Kristen Duschek.


Fuck Quigs. Yeah.


Fuck Quigs.




My cool throne is friend of the program recurring guest, JJ Reddick. He got an in season promotion and he's taking over for Doc Rivers. He will be calling the NBA Finals. Oh, wait, Mike Breen and Doris Burke.


That's a big step up for JJ. Also big step underneath a much bigger, not a microphone, magnifying glass microscope for JJ Reddick.


We'll be nice to him.


That's going to be a great.




Was the Jeff Van Gundy firing the weirdest, dumbest thing ever in retrospect?


Well, it's part of the ESPN layoffs.


Yeah, I understand, but like Jeff Van Gundy. Everyone likes Jeff Van Gundy.




The Celtics?




He's a coach on the staff was.


He's like an assistant.


He's a Mark Jackson. I don't.


Well, the only reason I like Mark Jackson.


Knock it out of the park. No disrespect.


The only reason I like Mark Jackson is because it's soothing to hear him say Jeff Van Gundy.




Hand down, man down.


Jeff Van Gundy.


Jeff Van Gundy.


So now JJ Reddick's going to just be like, they're in zone. Doris. That's a good catchphrase. That was some great high screen action, Doris. Oh, sick.




Happy for JJ. I am JJ.


I'm also going to miss Mark Jackson just because he really dumbed it down to a level that was even too dumb for most people that were watching. Yeah, JJ Reddicks, he might be too intelligent.


Yeah, for sure. He's a smart guy. Dukey dookie. Okay.


He's also got that championship pedigree at Duke. Won all those natties there. Yeah, true.


Oh, damn. Didn't happen. Okay, let's get to our interview, RG three. Great interview. Before we get to RG three, want to talk to you about our friends from raising canes. It's Valentine's Day, and in my opinion, there is only one way to celebrate. It's with raising canes and their one love of craveable chicken finger meals. Now, Valentine's Day is the only special reason to stop by a canes near you. Raising canes is also raced through with an awesome partnership with Tony Bredinger, the NASCAR driver. They both know a thing or two about speed at canes. That you always get your favorite hand battered cook to order chicken fingers fast. Doesn't matter if it's drive thru or dine in. You know you can trust canes to deliver on a delicious combo every time. Just go to and check it all out. Better yet, make sure to let your valentine know that you've got dinner covered. Satisfy your canes fix today. There really is no other option. We love raisin canes. Get the bob butter on both sides when you get raisin canes. Incredible, incredible. Hand battered chicken fingers ready to go. The best fries, best sauce.


The bob. Do it all with raisin canes. Satisfy your canes fix today. There really is no other option. Okay, here he is, RG three. Okay, we now welcome on a very special guest, Heisman trophy winner, Washington Redskin. Now, commanders, you can see him on tv all the time with his takes. It is Robert Griffin II, RG three. We've been looking forward to this for a very long time, so thank you for coming by.


No problem.


We appreciate it. PFD probably has a lot more detailed questions because obviously you were his quarterback for a while. Right. But I'll start with an easy one. Can you still play in the NFL?




Are you retired?


Technically, no.




I have not put in my paperwork, know, signed anything with the trust or anything like that. I've done that on purpose.




Because I didn't want to have to do it twice, but no, I just train every week like I'm a player, and then if I get the call, I'm ready to roll. I got calls. This just. It wasn't worth it. You guys know how this goes. At some point, it does become a business for you, too. And what I've been able to do on ESPN, and I got to make the right business moves and decisions, but I can still play. I still want to play. I'm not afraid to say that. And I encourage everybody out there to. Don't be afraid to talk about your dreams. People laugh at you.


I am retired from the NFL.


No, I've yet to retire.


Okay. All right.


If I get a call, I'm ready to go. My leg is still good. I'm good from 30, but, yeah, you were telling me that the jets. You were like, if they call me.




You would have picked up that call.


Correct. It was the jets and the now I actually, I put out a post about why the Browns should have signed me and then they wouldn't sign Joe Flacco, and it was like, well, that's a pretty good signing. Joe Flacco, Super Bowl MVP, got a lot of respect for the guy, so I wasn't mad about that. And then, you see, so many guys went down this, know, from a starting quarterback perspective, it was crazy. Yeah, it was kind of, you know, then those teams have to make a decision, right? They could go after a guy like myself. They can go get a guy like Cam Newton. But how long are you making that commitment? And were they really trying to win games was really the question. So the jets was an interesting one. I thought for sure they should have went and go get Joe. Joe was just there, like, go get him, pick him up and give him an opportunity. Look what he did with the Browns. But some teams are willing to lose this year, and that's okay.




So you're still fast. You still got the legs, still got the arm.


Yeah, I ran a four two eight.


You beat that eagle.


Last year. I'm faster than I've ever been. It was hand times.




What was the wind like that?


The wind was horrible.




It was a headwind. Crazy.


On a track.


It was not on a track. It was on football field. But they actually went back and recorded or timed it on the camera, and then it was a four three eight.




All right, we'll go four three, eight.


I'm cool with that.


Listen, that's faster than I've ever keeping you honest.




I appreciate it. What can you run a 40 in?


I don't know, probably about a minute and a half.


I did one two weeks ago for an advertisement. I ran a four four.


He's lying.




Okay, hand up. It was less.


It was 39.


It was 39 yards.


It was 39 yards.


39 yards.


You can see PFD. You ran four 4.


May harbor was. It was instructing me. He was my coach. He timed it.


Four four.


It might have been like 30 yards.


We've all had a coach that's, like, tried to boost us a little bit. You threw that 75 yards.


You're special.




It was like a 35 yard throw. Question I have for you, though, before we keep going. You mentioned the name, right?




How do you feel about the team name, commanders?


Yeah, I think it's a terrible name. I think it's an awful name, man. Nobody was excited about it when it came out. I instantly wished it was still football team.


I agree.


It makes me miss football team.


The football team felt more exotic.




And I think it was like, the simplicity of it actually was cool, even.


Though people made fun of it at first. Who do you play for with a football team? But it's like football, but then it's what you are. You think of, like, european soccer.




With the commanders, it's like, okay, we're the commies.


Yeah, commies.


We're the commies.




It's so weird.


Like, with the football team, you can talk yourself into it. You can be like, yeah, football. This is a tough, masculine sport. We don't need a cartoon bird as our mascot telling people we're a football team.


No pigeons.


No pigeons.


No pigeons.


So, yeah, I don't like that. I think that they're probably going to change it back.




Well, maybe not back to football team. Maybe for, like, a year. Football team. But I think it's not going to be commanders long term, because if you've seen Josh Harris, I kept an eye on this all year. Josh Harris, he always wears the Washington hat, right? With the w on it.




I've never seen him wear commanders on his shirts. And he always wears, like, a generic burgundy sweater.


That is true.


Or a burgundy polo. And he's, like, going out of his way not to wear that word.




Said he's been on it. Like he's been on it.


This is my super.


He's been watching. I think I've seen everything he wears.


I don't know if it's a conspiracy theory. I think there might be some truth to what you're saying. Yes, I was team Red Wolves. I don't know.


I like red Wolves, too.


I think the hogs. Awesome. Red Hogs would be great. Hogs play football.


Yeah, you can see it and it's into the name.




The offensive line there. So I thought that was a perfect segue into that name. But they went with commanders. Dan Snyder said, I'm going to get you guys one more time.




Commander's name. That was his double middle fingers on the way out.


I'm going to give you guys the.


Worst name in the history of sports. Enjoy it, assholes.


Now, Stephen a. Is calling us the Commodores on first.


Day, easy like Sunday morning.


There you go.


So I do want to talk about your history with the Redskins. So when you were drafted, I'm not exaggerating when I say this, you made me fall back in love with football again.




Your rookie year, I was at your first game in New Orleans, and it was cool because in New Orleans, you got family from there. And the Saints fans are obviously, they care a lot about their team.


They do.


But after the game, I was just like, I was on cloud nine because I'm like, holy shit, I got a quarterback for the next 1215 years and I could see everything going really well, right? And we walked into this Daiquiri bar afterwards, and it's filled with Saints fans, right? And so it's me and two of my budies. We're the only white guys in there. We walk into the daiquiri bar and it was a record scratch moment because everyone's wearing Saints uniforms, we're wearing redskin stuff, and they just stare at us and we're like, I don't know if this is, like, a cool place to be. And then they started clapping, and then everyone started standing up and clapping, and they're like, we love Robert. He's got family here. He played a hell of a game. We have to take our hats off. And so at that point, I was like, you know, like, I've been through a lot of bad football with this team, but now it's like, things are fun again, right? And so that rookie year meant a lot. I wouldn't have started writing about football if it wasn't for that, because I saw people starting to hate you.


And so I started that Twitter account in a way. So it was making fun of random Internet commenters, right? And I was like, I'm going to figure out how to hate Robert Griffin the most, like, making fun of those guys.


He definitely.


Was. It was a satirical take on some of the dumbest people online.




And I was like, going over the top, and I remember at one point you blocked me.


I did, yeah, definitely blocked. I definitely blocked him because I think.


You unveiled your new logo. And I was like, you know who else had a logo? Hitler. Not an accident.


I remember that.


It was pretty wild.




So we got off to a rocky start, and I was like, damn, my favorite football player in the world.


Okay, let me put it this way. Let me attack this in every angle. So, first of all, you were getting a little emotional.


Yeah, I was.


Because it did make me fall back in love with football.


Yeah, you're getting emotional there. And can I give you a hug? Can we hug it out?


Hug it out, bitch.


Yeah, you didn't mean to call you Hitler.


Now, Pft knows this because we've been talking recently over the past couple of years, and you mentioned about the blocking really early in my career, it was like the first time when players were really being exposed to social media in a drastic way. And some of that stuff, it can get to you. So for me, it was like, all right, this guy's like going way over the top, trying to comment on every single thing and every move that I'm kind of making. Let me just block him. Not because I hate the guy, but just because I just don't want to see, like, let me just move past that. But you bring up the Saints game and the fact that a lot of people don't know that my family is from New Orleans. Like, my dad has seven brothers and sisters. My mom and dad were both born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. So that game meant a lot to me to be able to start my career there. And kind of what you talked about, it was a little bit of the hope that the whole city of DC felt when I first came there and was able to play at a high level.


And that hurt me the most. I kind of felt like I had let the fans down by the time, with all the injuries and everything that happened there in DC, I felt like I had let some of my teammates down. Like London Fletcher. I've told the story before. He was my locker mate, and he came back in 2013 just to try to win a Super bowl. He knew he was done playing. He couldn't do it at the level that he wanted to anymore. But he came back and we bombed that year. I think we were four and twelve. So kind of that hope that you're saying that you got from me being there. It wasn't just from me, obviously. It was also from the team and what we had put together that year in 2012. Alfred Morris. Alfred Morris at running back. I mean, you talk about Pierre Garcion at wide receiver. We had Fred Davis, who was balling out at tight end. Even Logan Paulson was catching some touchdowns for us there. So I think that part of it hurt me the most was I felt like I let you guys down. That hug was as much for me as it was for you.


But I've moved past that now, and obviously we're doing great things now.


How much do you think things would have gone different if the Redskins at the time just had a good grass management?


Oh, I mean, the grass is horrible. I wasn't the only guy that got hurt, believe. I think either Reggie Bush got hurt there. Adrian Peterson, I know, got hurt there. Joe Burrow got hurt. There's, there was such an emphasis on making money that they were going to rent that stadium out for concerts and everything in between. And the grass management wasn't that great.




It was like we were playing in the sand.




No, I remember the slow mos of that playoff game and you trying to cut and it's like, that's a lot of sand that's getting kicked up right there.


Before the could, somebody did like a walk across the field, and it was sand that had just been painted green. This is not a good environment for a football game, especially with a quarterback that's got. It was an MCL, right?


I had an LCL. So the first injury when Hellodi Nada literally destroyed my leg on that hit was an LCL injury, which is this ligament that goes along the side. I still can't feel that to this day. Then I ended up tearing my ACL, maybe. I think I tore my ACL in the first quarter. Then I obviously played for the rest of the game, which I shouldn't have done, should have been pulled out. I should have pulled myself out, too. But we're warriors, right? We're out there. It's fight or flight. We're going to fight. But that injury certainly set my career back, obviously altered my career in many ways, and I shouldn't have played in 2013 at all.


Looking back on it, I remember you did like the all in for week one, going to 2013 to me, when I saw that, I was like, I hope he doesn't come back early because of part of this marketing initiative, because I think it was like with Gatorade or something at the time, right?


It was with Adidas.


Adidas, yeah, but it felt like it put more pressure on you to come back.


But a lot of people said that. But I didn't necessarily feel that way. Like, name me one player who got hurt at the end of the year who wasn't all in to come back and play week one the next. The. The marketing campaign that was put on by Adidas, I didn't feel like it put any more pressure on me. It's just when you're the starting quarterback in Washington, DC and the team just won the division for the first time in, I don't know, was it 13 years or something like that in 2012? Yeah. Everything you do at that point is going to be magnified. So was Carson Wentz all in when he got hurt for week one? Yeah, he was all in and he played. Was Joe Burrow all in for week one when he came back after his ACL? Hell, yeah. And he played. I shouldn't have played, but it was because my knee injury was a lot more complex and significant than even I knew at the time. But that campaign had nothing to do with it. So I appreciate you bringing that up because I haven't really talked about it, but there's not a marketing campaign out there that's going to make a player go play because they feel like, well, darn, if I'm all in for week one and I don't play week one, was I really all in?


No, everybody's all in to come back from their injuries. It just so happened that people latched onto that. I feel like because I was a quarterback for the Redskins at the time.


So the knee injury, was there ever a point maybe a year or two down the line where you're like, wait, my knee is never going to feel like 100%. Could you feel how different it was? My superpowers have been diminished a little bit.


Yeah, superpowers. We all feel like we're superheroes. We all feel like we're superheroes. Don't get me wrong.




But it's kind of funny when you don't play, you reevaluate everything, right? So 2015, right? I got the stinger in the preseason game. They called it a concussion. Wasn't a concussion. Got cleared from the concussion, then uncleared. That's a whole other bag of worms conspiracy theory that we can unpack at some point, but that year, I didn't play a snap. So I actually went back and I watched the 2013 tape, and I was just like, oh, my gosh. I had the big knee brace on. I wasn't as mobile as I had been before.


Was it Texans week one?


Exactly. Yeah. It wasn't Texas week. Texans was 2014. That was week one. It was the Philadelphia Eagles, remember, came out. Mike Vick was the quarterback for the Eagles. We came out with the flag, and it was a great thing. We were back.


Let's go do it.


And then we got Mollywap.




Chip Kelly changed the NFL.


He changed the NFL for one game. 100%.


Yeah, one game. No, I remember after that game, it was like, how is anyone going to defend it? We'll just defend it.


Listen, you can't trade away all your best players and still be successful. So getting rid of shady and what Deshaun and then Mike, that's not the way to win games.


We're going to get slower.


Let's get rid of all of our dynamic players.


We're going to play fast, but we're going to run the offense through Riley Cooper.


Oh, man. Riley Cooper. That's a great name. Great name. But no, the whole thing of going back and watching that in 2015, let me see it for myself. Like, I had watched that tape already, but I've got boatloads of time. I'm not just breaking down the team. We're playing to help Kurt Cousins in the meeting room. But I'm like, well, what else can I do to try to get better? Let me go back and watch some of these things, watch some of my mistakes. And I just came away from watching that tape in 2013, honestly, disgusted.


That's interesting because we've talked to players before where we've had that same kind of question. Like, when did you know that it was different, whether it be injury or age? And a lot of them have said something similar that you don't really know while you're playing, but when you watch it, you're like, who is that guy?


Who is that guy?


Yeah, that's not me.


And I figured out a way to manage it and become somewhat efficient there in 2013, nowhere near as well as we played in 2012. But just going back and watching it, I was like, yeah, I shouldn't have played at all in 2013. Gave myself a full year of just watching tape and watching the team and building those bonds with my teammates, as opposed to I was on the side working out for what felt like eight months.




Didn't get to practice, didn't get to really do a whole bunch of stuff, and that doesn't really put you in the best spot to go out and be successful. But the bottom line is I did play. Right. And what you put on tape is how they're going to judge you. And that's why it went that. So then you show up in 2014, and now you bring in Jay Gruden as the head coach, and I think I got hurt that game, like, first game of the year, and I'm out for eight games or whatever it may be, that's tough. You're hurt, you're not available. You're not getting to develop, you're not getting to play. You're not getting to build that trust. And I came to that realization in 2017 when I was out of the league. So you realize things when you have unlimited time on your hands. You can go back and reflect and be like, damn. Okay, maybe some of the stuff that happened was just like, damn, I wish that would happen a different.




But the bottom line is it didn't work out in Washington because I just couldn't stay.


Yeah. Going back to your college career, I guess your high school career before that, is it true that Mac Brown recruited you to be a safety at Texas?




So I actually called a Mac game this year with Drake May in North Carolina against Clemson, and I talked to him about it, and he's got a different recollection of how it all went down. But the bottom line is, at that time, in 2007, 2008, if Texas offered you a scholarship, you went, yeah. There was no debating. They walk in the building and they go to your coach and say, hey, we want to offer this guy as an athlete, because that's what he offered me as. He offered me as an athlete. If you don't take this offer, it's off the table. I said, well, coach, I want to play quarterback, so I'm going to decline the athlete offer here. Now, it wasn't Mac. It was the recruiting coordinator.




I don't know his name. I'm sure he doesn't work with Mac anymore, either. After all the quarterbacks that he missed.


Out on, he also did that to Johnny Manziel. He was like, you can play safety, maybe.


So. It's like he walked out and he said, well, offers off the table. They weren't even there to offer me. They were there for a guy named Tanner Brock.


That's a great name.




It's an unbelievable name. And he was a linebacker.


Yeah. Okay. Wow.


So middle linebacker, he was a sophomore. His brother was our tight end. Great player. Went to TCU named Logan Brock.


That's a great tight end name.


It's a great tight end. So they show up and they're like, hey, who's this quarterback? And I'm like, oh, awesome. Yeah, we think you can be an all american safety.




Okay, well, thanks, coach. I'll pass on that. But Mac was great about it. If the transfer portal today was there in 2008, 2009, I don't want to say I don't know if I'd have stayed at Baylor, but Mac offered me a scholarship in the middle of the field my freshman year in college.




We had Texas. Texas was highly ranked. They had Colt McCoy. Right? We had them 20 to 20 at halftime. Now they kicked our ass. They beat us 42 to 20. We didn't score a point in the second half. But in the middle of the field after the game, Mac comes up to me. He, and we really missed on you. Didn't like, well, I'm not going to be like, yeah, you missed on me. I'm like, oh, thanks, coach. I appreciate the love. And he says, you want to come to Texas? You can come anytime you want.


Wow, that had to feel good.


It did feel good. And I told my coach, and coach said, yeah, fuck him.


Yeah, I'll be pissed off if I were him.


Like, mind your own players, budy, but staying at Baylor was great. You win a heisman, you're only Baylor player to win a heisman. It feels like that program from what you did there, their growth from there. I mean, don't they have a new stadium and everything? I'm not saying it's directly from you, but it feels like a lot of it is because of what you did at Baylor.




I mean, I tell guys this all the time. I went to Baylor thinking, like, Baylor had just gotten beat, like, 76 to 14 by Oklahoma State.




So when I committed to Baylor, everyone in my high school is like, yo, what are you doing? You got Texas, you got a and m, you got Oregon, you've got Florida State. All these schools coming after you. Why are you going to Baylor? And I'm like, well, I kind of want to play all three sports. I want to play basketball, run track and play football. And coach browse at the time told me, said, you can come here and do something that's never been done before. And he believed that we could win the heisman and that we could do all the things that we did. So the gratitude I have towards Baylor is more about the guys that were there when I first got there.




I show up, I'm fast. Everyone knows I'm a fast guy. And I'm like the 20th fastest guy on the team.


That's crazy.


And I went to college at 17, so as a 17 year old, I'm like, holy cow, these guys are super talented. Am I going to be able to be that guy at the college level? And I'm at Baylor and they just got their asses whipped by 50. And what I learned was that in college, all these colleges have great players. It's about building that culture of winning. And it took us time to do that, to go from what we were doing to now seeing what Baylor has became over those years and then what it's been up and down over the last couple of years has been nothing but enjoyable. But it wasn't just me.


Well, yeah, I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that you had a big part in building that statue there. They put a statue of you in.


Front of not the coolest statue. The coolest statue you ever had was the subway one. Oh, my God. That was weird.


Now, let's be honest here. Okay. That was pretty creepy.


Yeah, it was very creepy.


I was like, oh, my God, my.


Hair was like jalapenos. I think it were like olives.


Olives was like some of the hair.


Of the facial hair. It was honestly unbelievable because they told me, like, hey, we got a surprise for you. And I'm like, what is it? It's a sandwich that looks like you. Okay, guys, well, I'm not eating it. I'm not eating this sandwich. But, no, that was an interesting time. Obviously, we're all content creators. We're all in this space. They were definitely searching and trying to find something that hit and it not hit.


Trying to get people to stop talking about Jared. They're like, I know what we can do to make the ugliest.


We don't want to talk about that. It worked, which they shouldn't. But let's be honest here. But, yeah, let's get them to talk about rg three and the sandwich that looks like him.


There's a lot of stuff that I like to talk about, about those Redskins teams, because, again, it was a very impactful time for me as a fan, and there was so much being written about you. It was like they realized that anything that they wrote about Robert Griffin and the post, like, it's going to be a big story no matter what. And there was a lot of back and forth, back and forth about what happened after that rookie year where you wanted to protect yourself, you didn't want to run the ball, and after getting hit by, you know, your leg wraps around the side of his body, I think it's a pretty reasonable thing to say. But there's a lot of back and forth of, like, I want to be a pocket passer. And then Mike Shanahan didn't want to adjust his offense or Kyle didn't want to adjust his. I don't. Honestly, I have no idea what the truth. So, like, after that season, what were the conversations like with you and the coaching staff?




You want the truth?


The truth.


Capital T. You want the truth or the capital t?


Stand on business.


Stand on business. All right, so listen, a lot of the stuff, and when I say a lot, if somebody said, hey, rg three was 14 of, I don't know, 22 for 105 yards, a touchdown and a pick, that's a fact, right? That's in the stat sheets. You can't argue that.




You can manipulate or talk about how you feel that person played in that game or whatever, but once it became, like, personal attacks, that's where it was. Like for me and my family. I was like, I don't know how to handle this because I had never experienced anything quite like that. So to your point, where there's a guy like Rob Parker, who actually worked at ESPN, at the know, saying what he said about me calling me a cornball brother, which is just, uh. And making claims about my political affiliations or whatever it may was, it was open season on. Let's try to dissect Robert Griffin II in as many possible ways as we can. So, to answer your question flat out about Mike and Kyle, it wasn't about me wanting to be a pocket passer. Name a quarterback who does not want to be a pocket not. It wasn't a valid statement. The issue there in Washington wasn't about pocket passer or running. It was more so about what are we asking from me? I had this conversation with Mike Vick on my show on RG three and the ones, and they said, listen, if we call quarterback draw on third and 15, just tell me what you're trying to accomplish.


Like, do you want me to go get 16 yards?




Because if you want me to go get 16 yards, I'm going to go get 16 yards, right? And in my rookie year, I took a bunch of hits on those types of plays, going to get those 16 yards. So after the season, we had a conversation, we talked about it, and they said, no, we just want you to get positive yards and protect yourself. So the conversation wasn't, hey, let's not run this play. Let's not run that play. The conversation was about, coach, I want to know what you're asking from me, right? And once I know that, boom, I can protect myself, and I can do that. Now, what I will say is that when it comes to coaches and players, probably you guys as well, everybody's got an ego, and at the end of the day, it's about managing those and having good relationships. And for whatever reason, because of the injury, because of the injury, it made Mike and Kyle look a certain way, and they did not like that. And there was honestly nothing I could do about that. Immediately after the game. I'm sure you guys can probably find it somewhere.


They asked me, hey, did you want to come out the game? And I had Mike's back, and I said, no, I wanted to play. I wanted to be out there. I wanted to do this, I want to do that. But because of that onslaught of, it was bad. I remember that onslaught of the media attacking your head coach, even though I had his back and said, no, I wanted to do this, I wanted to do didn't. That burned the relationship really bad, and it made it to the point where it was like, all right, f that guy. And I didn't like that. Mike Shanahan was my dream coach.




I was a Bronco fan growing up, right? John Elway, shannon sharp. I knew the damn center. Tom Nalin.




Okay. Terrell Davis, Rod Smith, Ed mcCaffrey. Like, you know, exactly. Mark Schlearth. I knew these guys like the back of my hand. So when I got drafted to Washington, I'm like, oh, my God, mike shanahan is going to be my Coach. This is incredible. And because of that whole injury thing, as you guys have probably come to find out, in any industry, it can become a huge blame and that blame game, and then you figure out that there's issues with the owner and the head coach. And I didn't know that shit when I got to. To DC. I didn't even know that the Redskins at the time played in.


Yeah, yeah.


Practice in Virginia, play in flying.


We fly in from the draft, and we land at Dulles airport right in the private jet. I don't fly private a lot, by the way, but in the private jet. And they're like, yeah, we're in Dulles, Virginia, and I'm like, or Dulles at the airport? I'm like, why are we in Virginia? Why are we in northern Virginia? Oh, well, we actually practice in Ashburn, Virginia. I said, okay, well, where's the stadium? Oh, well, we play in Landover, Maryland.




I'm like, so we're the Washington Redskins, but we don't do anything in know. So I didn't know a lot of things when I first came into the league, but going through that process has actually helped me in this part of my right, knowing how to tell guys stories, knowing how to respond, how to talk to the media. So I'm not bitter about anything. I learned from all the mistakes that I made. I learned from the things that happened to me, and I try to push it forward.


There's a lot of stuff that was.


Going on behind the scenes before you ever got there that I feel like led to some of the stuff that ended up blowing up in the media. And honestly, I do blame Dan Snyder for your blame. The condition of that field at the time was, no, I don't think there's animosity from the Washington fan base towards you. I think you had an incredible year when you were healthy and then everything just blew up after that. But it was all because of that one incident.


I was going to say just on the coaches, you went from Mike Shannon, who was your dream coach, to your real dream coach, and Jay Gruden. Has that beef been squashed?


No. Listen.


Oh, we can still active beef.


I like.


No, no, there's no active beef. And to be quite honest, I'll answer your point about, and then I'll get to Jay. See, everyone wants to talk about the Jay thing.


Well, he's talking about dream coaches.


We might as well talk about.




So that was, what I didn't understand was that before I got like, guys, I wasn't a Washington Redskins historian. Like, when I got there, I was learning a lot of stuff on the fly. So I didn't know a lot of the stuff about Dan that had transpired before, and then I didn't know anything about any type of internal struggles between him and Mike. So it was like, when you say like, hey, if I'm an evaluator, I'm a GM, I'm never drafting a quarterback into a situation where there's a split in the building.




Like, don't do that because the kid's not going to be able to have the best chance to be successful. It doesn't mean you can't be successful because we were very successful in 2012, and all that stuff was just festering in the background, but we were winning. So winning kind of quells all of those things once we stopped winning. I don't think I've ever seen a team go from what we had in 2012 to what we had in 2013 and the coach being out like that. No, I've never seen anything quite like that.


It's a great point. I'm a Bears fan, and it feels like the Bears constantly do this where they draft a quarterback, then they fire the coach after a year, and you're like, wait, so now the guy who wanted the quarterback is not here anymore? It's like this guy has no chance to succeed.




And it's not to say no chance, but it's harder. It's harder.


It's harder.


Like with Bryce Young, I don't know what the dynamic was, and I don't want to speculate on who wanted who, when, where, how. But I do know that only one guy is there that made the decision that was part of the decision making process of who the quarterback was going to be. And it's not the head coach, the OC, or the quarterback coach.




They're all gone. So I don't know who wanted who or what happened, but you can't draft a guy if everybody's not going to be in lockstep to help develop that.


And I do think a lot of NFL fans don't fully realize how much these front offices kind of are at odds at times where it's like, these are my guys, and if you hire a new GM or a new coach, they're like, fuck these guys. These aren't my.




It's crazy.


Honestly, it's the Daniel Jones dynamic with the did. Why did they decide to pay Daniel Jones? A lot of that know, they don't want to admit that they made a mistake. They made a mistake.




But gms, coaches, personnel guys, they're all trying to make a name for themselves. So if they find that Brock Purdy, right.




Now they're like, this is the guy that found Brock Purdy. And everyone in the coaching circles is talking about that they're going to hold on to what they possibly can, and they don't want to like Mitch Trabisky, unfortunately.


Right? Yeah.


They don't want to be like, yeah, I'm the guy that drafted Mitch Trubisky.




And no disrespect to Mitch.




But, yeah, it's more of just like, they don't want to be connected to those types of things.


You probably got like nine people in San Francisco that are like, yeah, it was my idea to do.


They're all telling everybody it was my pick. I'm the one that did it.


Isn't there a saying like, success has like a million fathers and failure has one or something like that? It really is. I don't know if that's a saying.


I might just be a genius.


So then you get to the point where some NFL execs or decision makers, they operate on opposite sides of the spectrum. More like what we do, not what we do, because we're like, you guys are phenomenal.


Right? Thank you.


We don't do this. There's people that operate on the far right and people that operate on the far left. So now they're either holding on too long to a guy or they're not giving him enough time.


Yeah, no, it's true.


You know what saying. So there's a balance there. If you're going to draft a quarterback and you're going to give up. I don't know. What did Washington give up?


I think it was like three ones. Three ones and two twos.


Maybe two twos. I don't remember.


It was a lot.




Right. They got the whole list of the Rams players that were acquired because of the trade. If you're going to put all that into a guy, you got to give him more than two years, right? Yeah. You got to make the structure be to where this is a nice two, three year, four run where we're going to fully develop this guy. And if you don't do that for the quarterback and you have a terrible team. In 2012, we weren't a terrible team, but we were three and six at one point. We won seven straight games down the stretch. Right. But if you're going to teams that have not been very good. Sorry about the Bears. Yeah, no, sorry. I know it's a tough.


Is what it is.


Very sensitive subject for you.


They stink.


But if you do that, you can't go with Justin Fields and be like, all right, let's give him a year and a half and see if he can get it done.


No, it's true.


You guys have been bad for a long time.


Long time.


You got to develop that guy. I'm sorry.


All right, so Jay Gruden, the beef.




The beef with Jay is done. Right? And here's what ended it, to be quite honest. I think it was a mutual thing.




It's never fully mutual.


That's very true. But here's what I will say. Okay. I was not searching for a beef with Jay. Jay said something about Jalen hurts. Someone tagged a bunch of people tagged me in it, so I saw it. You guys know how this goes. Social media, we're having good time, having some good laughs. I post the picture of me with the eyes, like, say what? We're having a good time. Jay took it somewhere else. Once he took it there, it's like, okay, well, coach, you've done some things towards me that nobody really knows about.




So then when I put that out there about the press conference in Washington where I challenged the team, and this guy asked me to do that, and then he didn't have my back and then doubled down on it in a team meeting, that was just. It was very. Not even hurtful, but it was just like, man, what the hell is going on here? You asked me to do this. Why don't you have my back in this? Right?


So, he asked you to challenge your teammates because one guy can't do it by himself. He told you do that.




And then you said it in a press conference.




Was there like, a miscommunication where he was like, you need to challenge the guys, but not in a press conference?


No. He said, we need somebody to step up and tell the guys, challenge them in a public forum. Did he come to me and say, hey, Robert, I want you to challenge the guys at the press conference right after the game, after we just lost, and it's very emotional? No, he didn't say that. But he asked me to challenge the team in a public forum if we were continuing to not experience the success that we wanted. And after that happened, and then everything that I already talked about transpired, I was just like, all right, what am I now supposed to do? And this is a thing that I think players need to hear. I know that you guys'fan base is phenomenal, and they listen to what you guys say and they want to have a good time, but players need to know that there's a reason that the mainstream media has the coaches backs, and it's because no matter how long you play, that coach is going to coach longer. Tom Brady played for 21 years. Bill Belichick's how old? 79,000 years old. What is he, 104? You know what I'm saying? Like, he's been coaching for a really, really long time.


That relationship with that coach is more important than that relationship with the player.




So when you see narratives like Russell Wilson and you see like, okay, there's like one or two guys that are talking. You're not bad about Sean Payton, but just about what he did wrong. No one else is why we did.


Yeah, we said it was because y'all a real one.


Yeah, we said it was fucked up.


It's so messed up.




But there's more people that won't because they know that Russell Wilson is probably going to be done in five, six years, and Sean Payton is going to probably still be coaching, and the people in Sean Payton's coaching tree are going to continue to be coaching. So it's an interesting dynamic there for players. Sometimes as players, we have to bite the bullet and we have to do what's best for the team by not saying that. So that story that I shared, that story is nine years old. It's never been told, though. Why? Because I was in the NFL, and if I tell that story about Jay Gruden, I'm not getting another job.




What coach is going to want to work with a guy that you tell the story about what the coach told you, and then he didn't have your back, and it's like, they don't want to do that.




So now, at this point, when I'm basically retired, I'm like, okay, cool, Jay, you want to try to burn bridges, or you want to make a joke about me racing a pigeon? Which I didn't race a pigeon, by the way. It wasn't an eagle, either. It was a hawk.


It was a hawk.


Fastest bird. And I'm sorry that I can do things.


You dusted the hawk? Don't just say race.


I'm two and o versus tame of the hawk.




Are you two and o?


You raced him twice.


Twice. Him twice. Raced him. Last year. They wanted a rematch because they said he pulled up at the line. So I said, okay. So they put the hawks trainer ten yards back from the finish line this time. No excuses. Okay? So don't punish me because I can beat a hawk that can fly at 120.


Tabor is going to hear this. If that hawk attacks you, I might be like the hawk. Rg three talked a lot of shit on that hawk.


Listen, so I'm three and o versus wildlife because I also beat dubs the second from Washington. So I'm three and o versus wildlife. I'm open for any suggestions, of course, but I'm not going to stand here and allow anyone to badmouth tama and or pigeons, okay? Pigeons are legendary. All right? And I'm not going to throw any other shots. So Jay came out and basically apologized.


So it's good.


I had, like, 30 minutes.




I had, like, 30 minutes of ether for him.




But I decided to put that in the back pocket, because I'm not going to throw punches at someone who has their hands down.


Yeah, okay. Yeah, that's fair.


Put your hands up, Jay, and we.


Can keep doing it.


We're done.


But if you want to.


But if you want to, we can do it.


Pigeons also helped us win World War II, so you got to respect pigeons.


Mike, you read the tweet?


You read the tweet carried messages.




So now we're carrying a message to everyone out there.




Don't throw punches at people with their hands down. But if they throw one, we're going.


To get back to rg three in a second. And he's being brought to you by Mountain Dew. That's right, baby. Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew wants football fans to have a blast. A mountain Dew Baja blast, that is. I know firsthand that having a blast can be as simple as cracking open. A mountain Dew Baja blast anytime, anywhere, even on a Sunday. If you're watching football, even when you're watching basketball, college basketball, march madness. Nothing I like better than making a run to Taco Bell. Getting a giant, fresh baja blast. It is delicious. It's the best fast food soft drink. I've always loved it. Mountain Dew Baja blast, the taco Bell fan favorite, is now available all year long in stores nationwide for the first time, making having a blast easier than ever. I know that Hank loves Baja blast. You're a big fan, aren't you, Hank?


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I drank Baja blast before it even had a name.


That's right, Hank. Named Baja blast.


I love Baja blast.


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I got a non football question for you. And your lovely wife is here. What happened with the flight, the southwest flight and you leaving for the birth of your child?


Oh, yeah, that's a great one, actually.


Because we were like, where's the child?


I was like, wait a second.


We're going to need a birth certificate.


Taylor Luan, like, basically broke down in tears and helped escort you out of the stadium. And now there's no Robert Griffin in the second half of this game.


Also, where's the child? Like, I actually had this exact thing happen in the birth of my third child. We were going to West Virginia for our rough and rowdy fights, got to the green room, and wife called me and was like, my water just broke. Get right back on the plane and go back. So little stolen valor. I need to know when this child was.


So first you said the flight with the child, and immediately my mind went to when our baby was that GMEA, when Gamaya was born, I was in Baltimore, okay. And coach Harbaugh let me miss the flight to be there for the birth of my child. And then I had to fly southwest with the Ravens fans, essentially, to get to the game. Threw a touchdown, did a whole story on it. So that's where my brain went at first.




You're talking about running off the field.




At the Fiesta bowl. Correct. Two years ago, basically. Now babies won. The baby's won. But it was. So it took a whole year for.


The baby to be born.


That's a good one.


You know what?




So at the end of the day, so I get the call from greta that, listen, I think I'm going into labor. I had already pre talked about it with the group, like, hey, there's a good chance that you're on high alert. That I'm on high alert. It was risky to actually fly to the Fiesta bowl, but because Pat McAfee asked me to do the alternative cast from the sideline, I'm like, you know what? I got a lot of respect for Pat. He's doing a great job. I'll do it. I'll make sure I'm there. It was Taylor Lawan, AQ Shipley and Cole Kublick. Exactly. It was a great group. But I'm like, I think if I get the call, these guys can carry. They can carry the broadcast. These guys are phenomenal. So we're all laughing about it before the game, like, yo, it'd be pretty sweet if we just did it anyway. What if we just act like it happened?




So when I get the call, I'm thinking like, okay, this is fake, right? She's not really going into labor.




So their reaction, I don't know if they knew if it was real or not. But then I get the call, and I'm like, no, I got to go. So from that point going on, I don't know if they actually knew.




Like, he actually got the call and his wife is going into labor. Or if it was just like, well, we were kind of joking about this earlier. What's going on here?




So I got the call. It was a real call. I ran off the field. That was all legit. So I get to the airport, the southwest flight. So now I'm on the plane flying home, and I'm thinking to myself, well, damn. I've got all these pictures in my phone of my wife from, like, a pregnancy shoot that we did, and I'm not going to get a chance to post them.


Oh, no. The real problem.


So I'm like, one, I don't know if I'm going to make it to the birth of my child, but I've.


Got to get these pictures off.


So I'm on the plane, and I buy wifi. It's like an arm and a leg, $9. Like, God dang it.


I think that was the only southwest flight that took off that weekend. Everything was shut down.


That is actually true statement, because all the other southwest flights were shut down. But they found a way. God found a way for me to be able to get back. And I'm thinking in my head, yeah. All right. So I think I posted, like, six.


Okay, six pictures.


Maybe don't quote me on that, but they're beautiful pictures of her and just us together and enjoying the moment. And then when I land, so Wifi goes out for, like, 10 minutes or whatever. So I land. I'm running to get to the car. I get in the car, driving, heading. There you go.


I got you.


I'm driving to the hospital, text her, like, hey, what hospital did you go to? Boom, boom, boom. And then she calls me. I'm like, maybe 10 minutes from the hospital. Hey, they told me it was false labor.




So now I think that was that. Two weeks. It was, I think, two weeks later.


Two weeks.


Two weeks later. After that, Gia was born.




Gia. Shali Griffin. So she was born, and I actually left the next day and went to call a bowl game in Texas. We were in Orlando at the time, and everyone that I saw six months after running off the field, every single one of them was like, man, that was so cool. Great that you made it to your baby's delivery. And I'm like, I corrected them for two months. Hey, guys. It was actually false labor. I actually put out a tweet saying that it was false labor. But people didn't see that. No, they saw the tweet that went viral, and after three months, I was just like, yes, thank you. It was incredible. I don't know how I made it.


You had us in a real pickle because I have three children, so I know that labor is very intense, and it's scary when you get to the last few weeks. So we were kind of toeing that line of, know, we don't want any complications, but produce the.




How long did we take to post Gia? We took a while to post her that we posted that she was born, but I don't think we posted on the day that she was born.




And we did that on purpose because of some of the confusion going on. But as a dad, you know, this. Women die, dude.


It's crazy.


So it was concerning for me to be at the Fiesta bowl and not be there for the birth of our child, but also like, oh, my gosh, I don't know if my wife is going to survive. Now, that might sound Debbie, but it's a real thing.


It's a real thing. You don't want scary moment where there's a lot at stake here.


So I'm very excited on the plane going home, like, all right, our baby's going to be born.


Look at pregnancy.


Let me get these pregnancy pictures. I'm like, this is awesome. This is so cool. But in the back of my mind, I'm like, man, I kind of want to make sure I get there and there's no complications, no issues. For sure. A moment will always remember.


Yeah, I'm happy that everything worked out because we really were. Yeah, we were stuck.


So me and big cat talked about it.


You put us in a bad didn't.


We didn't want to say anything on the air because you don't know what's happening in somebody else's life. But right after it happened, we kind of floated the idea to each other, and we're like, wait a second. Every Southwest Airlines flight is grounded. I think it got so far in our heads that we're like, I think that Southwest paid RG.


Yeah, we thought it was an ad.


That's right.


To get some good publicity for him.


Now that they say that, it's bringing back memories, because Southwest was, like, under fire for weeks about some of the stuff that was going on with their planes. So I can understand why. I don't want to say you're conspiracy.


No, we spend too much time online. That's really what it is. Our brains are.


You consider yourself a conspiracy?


No, I enjoy conspiracy theories, but I wouldn't consider myself to be a conspiracy theorist.




So there's this weak long.


We had a lot of private conversations. We're like, we need to see this, baby.


Yeah. Facts.


I'm not going to lie.


When I got to the airport, that was my number one concern.


Is the plane going to take off?


I just ran off a national tv. There's no way I can get back to Orlando fast enough via car from Arizona. I got to take this flight. And it took off. So maybe Southwest saw the broadcast.


We got to make sure this flight.


Has to go out.


Yeah, I like it.


Mayor Pete gets on the phone. He's like, I need this flight. I'm getting a lot of shit right now. There's another. A great video of you. I think this was, like, 2007.


Drinkable, by the way.




Zero sugar, more than drinkable body armor.


Got to love it. There was a video that you put out on Instagram a while ago, maybe my favorite. We like the James Winston workout videos. Those are our favorites. But a close, hilarious, close second was rg three throwing footballs at trees. You remember that one?


I think you guys commented on that.


It was like, pick a tree, and then you'd hit the tree. It was actually impressive. Like, you're fucking nailing those trees.


Appreciate you. Trees didn't stand a chance.


Have you thought about, like, if you're not retired, try to get some buz going, go hit some more trees?


Well, you see, that's actually not a bad idea, because after that video, I did get a few calls from teams, and it actually led to me getting signed to the Ravens in 2018. There you go. Honestly, I know some people, maybe, who have a lot of time on their hands on the Internet would be like, it's fake.


Oh, fake tree.


The trees are fake, or the video is fake. I was literally out there throwing, didn't have any receivers. And at this point in the year, everyone's like, canadian football league is playing. The NFL is going. I'm like, I don't have anybody to throw the ball to, so I got to find something. So I had ran a track workout. I start doing some drops, and I look at my wife, Grete, and I said, pick a tree. I'll hit it. In my mind, I'm like, there's no fucking way I'm hitting this tree.




But I dropped back. I hit three trees in a row.




This is off camera.


Rg tree.


There you go. Rg tree. We got to trademark that. Cease and desist.


I got to talk to you about something else, too, so no pressure, no diamonds.




Your slogan.




Did you know that you let the trademark lapse on that?


I did.


Do you know who got that trademark?


Did you get the trademark?


I got the trademark.


No way.


Yeah. Do you still have it?


I don't, because I traded it to Mike Florio. So now Mike Florio has it. Has the trademark.


There's no way.


In exchange for him not suing me for calling myself PFT.




Florio's got the no pressure, no diamonds trademark.


So Florio pro football talk has the no pressure, no diamonds.




That is hilarious.


So every time you just said it, that's money.


It's money for Florio.


It's in separate podcast that is on.


You're going to get a check for this.


Every time I say, no pressure. No.




You can't say that.


I can't say that. Yeah, no, he's going to get. He's a lawyer.


That is hilarious.




Honestly. That's funny that you picked it up. The reason I let it lapse is because we weren't going to be selling any merch from it, but we're going to continue to use it. So I guess when I do start selling merch again, I'm going to have to go get it from Mike Flores.




You can pay me, and then I'll pay Mike.




And I'll just take my cut from Mike because I'm kind of like his agent in a.


Okay, that's.


That's actually this whole thing.


That is hilarious. I would not have never have guessed that.




So there's a period of time where I just basically lived to troll everything that you did.


We know this.




But I forget what show you on. You said something very nice, like, maybe a year ago. You're like, yeah, we used to hate each other. Now I think we're boys.




So I would consider you a friend.


Love that.


No, I consider you a friend. Honestly, the backstory that you gave at the beginning of this whole conversation, I never knew that. I never knew how much of a fan you were. Right. And I can understand the angle of. Let me try to go, like, you created this Persona but I don't think it's a Persona anymore. I think it's just who you are. But it was maybe a little misunderstood in the beginning with everything that was going on with me in Washington.


Honestly, I would be concerned if a starting quarterback was getting into the depths of levels of satire on the Internet, that they completely understood every joke I was making. I'd be like, you should probably spend more time playing football.




So when somebody drops a logo and then somebody says, you know who else has a logo? Hitler. Then it's makes, it doesn't make you think. It makes you like, I got to get blocked this guy. Get him out of here. But no, I do consider your friend, and I've been really excited about this whole media journey because I feel like what you guys try to do, or what you do is you celebrate the game, but you have a good time.




And I understand the satire now because I'm enveloped in it. I'm in the thick of it. Like Kyle Lauer, you know what I'm saying? That's because he's got thick legs, in case anyone was wondering.


Big ass, though.


I actually got a call from somebody.


About that, about Kyle Lowry's ass.


I wouldn't say it that way, but just know maybe Kyle didn't like it. Okay, so I actually have not said it for months. This is my first time in months saying it's very difficult for me. Thank you. Welcome back. But no, it's just the way you guys have fun talking about sports, talking about the players, talking about your favorite teams. I think it's more so what sports should be, what sports media should be, it should be about celebration of these guys and having a good time. And I think you've moved away. You have moved away from a lot of the stuff that you used to do in the beginning.


Well, because right now it's going to sound like a brag, but the podcast is pretty big, right?


Oh, it's huge.


And so there's going to be a lot of people that weren't there at the start that didn't understand what I was doing, where if I say or go after somebody like I used to, they're going to be like, holy shit, this guy's insane. Or maybe worse. Some people that are like, he makes some good points about RG three and.


Hitler, but I'm with you, though, and that was more so I would say the issue, and not just for me, but like other players, not just with you, but with certain people who might take it that way. Yeah, I think you guys know, I think a big reason for your name was the fact that people would tell you, don't read the comments.




Online, don't read the comments because it gets gnarly in the comments. Well, players, they see that, and then it's like, now you're attaching things to their name that they don't like or things not even that they don't like that shouldn't be there. Right? So we hugged it out before, but I'm proud of you for what you've been able to do and what you've become. And it's been cool to see just the growth and development. And I hope you and everyone else out there sees the same thing from a guy like myself. I'm not a 22, 23 year old young man anymore. I'm 33, about to be 34. And I've learned from a lot of the things that I went through, know what to say, when to say, how to say it, and hopefully people see that in my coverage of sports.




All right, so I got one last question. It's been awesome. Rowback question. Rho back promo code, take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, shorts, qzips. They got the vests, everything fleeces. Rho back promo code. Take 20% off your first purchase. So your media career has blossomed. You're doing a great job. Tough question, though. Are you too horny online?


Sometimes. Good question.


That is a great question.


Listen, if I put together a wordsmith of a tweet, right.




I'm deep in my bag.




How you interpret that?


So it's our fault?


It is not your fault. This is not a blame game. What I'm saying to you is Alex Orgy the quarterback.


Why'd you use that name?


Because that's his name.


Okay, but, I mean, I just asked if you were too horny.


Did you not know?


No, but did you not. Yeah, right. I asked too horny, and you just go right to the. Yeah, yeah, got it.




No, you did. Okay. Yeah, you said orgy. You said orgy. Alex Orgy.


You went right to the orgy.


You said, I likes orgy.


No, I did not say that. Being like, oh, I'm a comedian. And you're like, no, I'm not a comedian, but I do comedy. That makes sense.


Yeah, it's like my favorite quarterback, Spencer blowjob.


That's what you just did. Oh, my.


That's a random name.


I did not say that at all. I said the backup quarterback for Michigan was Alex Orgy.




So one of the ones that took off a couple of years ago was, I called, there's an orgy in the end zone.


It's a good call.


Right. But it was because Alex Orgy scored.


Was in the end zone, and we.


Kind of built it up. Like, he had a couple plays on that drive where I just did not say his last name.




And I was like, I'm not touching that one.




Alex with a nice throw. Alex with a nice run. And it was just like, you know what? This guy, if he scores touchdown, I'm.


Going to say it. Yeah.


I'm going to say his name, and I'm going to make sure that it's in the hall of lore forever. So when I said that one, the Michigan fans took it and ran with it and had a good time with it. And what I try to do is have a good time, but never put my employer in a situation.


Yeah, no, you do a good job.


Where they can't be like, it's not explainable.




Right? I had a tweet, man. I've had some tweets now.


Yeah, that's what I'm saying.


Had some tweets. Yeah, I had a tweet. It was when ab. Antonio Brown exposed himself.




And I said something about, I think I deleted the tweet, honestly, after the rev share came in.




But no, I don't even think they were rev sharing at that time. So this is a joke, but ab, like, exposed himself. And there was a defense that was not playing very well. And I tweeted out, and I'm saying something like, antonio Brown showed more d than this team and it took off. And I deleted the tweet because that kind of put my employer in a situation where they're like, all right, well, why are you referencing that? It's not a guy's name. It's not this. So even in this media game of doing that type of stuff, you find the spot. And I feel like I'm in my honeyhole of, like I can be myself. Have a good time.


You're in your what?


My honeyhole. My honeyhole.




It's fine.


I said honeyhole.


You turned it into something else.


That might be fair.


You know what I'm saying? If your mind is in the gutter, I can't help get you out of it.


All right.


If I say, oh, my gosh. Did you see that big hole that the running back just penetrated down the middle? Oh, my goodness. Did you see with that cut.




Ran right into the box, you know what I'm saying? Those types of things, I watch games and I can't not hear those things.




It's unbelievable.




You know what I mean? So I just try to have fun, have a good time, but also let it be explainable, you know what I mean?




Oklahoma had a backup quarterback, what was his name? General Booty.


General Booty and John David Booty.




And I think they're related.




John David Booty.


The booty bros.


The booty bros. Yeah. And General Booty. I had no plans on mentioning General Booty, okay. But Dylan Gabriel got hurt and the backup got hurt and then rg three gets horny. No. So on the sideline they pan to General booty warming up. What do you think I said? You don't know, do you? No, exactly.


I said probably like that's a booty.


Is getting loose on the sideline.


Oh, okay. All right.


That's a good one, right?


It's a fact.


Yeah, you did it. That's smart. Booty, you're doing a good job.


Getting loose with his arm on the sideline. Right. So I don't try to find those things, they happen naturally. And I think I have a decent knack of knowing when they're good.


It makes the broadcast fun. Yeah, it does.




I got one other thing, but I'm trying to find this picture right now on my phone. Oh, here it is. Great timing. I went as you for Halloween one year. No, it's not bad.




No, it's not what you think. Is that cultural appropriation? I did braid my hair.


Oh, I thought he had blackface on.


No, I had a sprained ankle at the time. And you also had a sprained ankle, so I went at zoo. Is that okay?


That's okay. Listen, I got a bunch of the Halloween pictures of the knee brace or the crutches or the cast on the ankle, but nobody's ever done like a Halloween costume of like me racing tame of the hawk.


Yeah, the subway thing or the subway.


You know what I mean? Or like griffining on the ground after the first touchdown with the Saints. Can we get some of those? Yeah, no, but no, that's fine. It's 100% fine. And I appreciate all the fans.


Yeah, well, this has been awesome. Thank you so much for making time for us.


And you have to come back on.




You're a recurring guest.


You do.


I'm a recurring guest now and it's not going to take twelve years for me. How long have you guys been doing this show, actually eight years, so it's not going to take me seven years to come on the show. But before we leave the show, I do have to make a couple of proclamations. Okay. We got. The Super bowl has already happened.




What do you guys think about Brock Purdy?


I think he's a game changer.


I think he's a game wrecker.


He is a game wrecker.


He plays the game of football. I always say.


He's not a manager. He's a man. He's a game man. He's a game man.


Game man.


He's a game man. I like that.


Unless he loses, then he mean, come on.


I mean, according to the mainstream media, if you lose in the Super bowl, you suck. Not the fact that you got there or that you were Mr. Irrelevant and you've done. If you just look at Brock Purdy's stats right from the regular season, you'd say he was the best quarterback in the NFL this year.


You could make that argument, probably.




But I've always pretty good. No, Lamar was the MVP.




There's a difference. Yeah, Lamar was the MVP. Brock Purdy played the quarterback position better than anybody in the NFL.




And I've always said this about stats. Stats are like bikinis, right? They show you a lot, but they don't show you everything.


I like that.


So you have to actually watch the tape of Brock to go back and see, like, oh, this guy's a creator. He creates plays for them, not just with ball placement or throwing the ball where it's supposed to be or eye manipulation, but with his legs in the pocket and outside of the pocket. So I actually believe that the real Mr. Irrelevance are the people who throw shade at Brock Purdy.


Oh, I like that.


That's good.


Yeah, I like that.


I also like calling him, like, a play creator.




I've never heard that before.


He's a creator. If you watch the tape, and I know everybody doesn't have time to do that. And I'm not trying to sit here, and I know some people are like, I watch more tape than everybody. I do. But I don't want people to think that I'm trying to say that as being a snob. It's just to say studying the game and being able to cover these guys the right way.




That whole thing about him being a game manager and being not even in the top ten on his team, first of all, he is top ten on his own team 100%. But he's not that and if you're saying that you're not watching the actual tape. Okay, I don't compare Brock Purdy to myself. I'm not playing right now. I don't care what he looks like compared to me. I care about what he looks like when I watch that tape.




So that's a good football player.


And if Mahomes loses a Super bowl, he stinks.




They're going to say that he stinks.


Two and two in the Super bowl.


And here's the thing, guys. For how many. Okay, say they lose the Super bowl.




Mitch risky never lost a Super bowl.


It's a fact.


Stop me if I'm wrong.


That's pretty funny, actually. But either way you cut it. Mahomes is either going to have two Super Bowls in his six years or he's going to have three Super Bowls in his six years of being a starting quarterback.




So he'll already have been the second greatest quarterback in NFL history in six years.


It's crazy.


It's unbelievable. Yeah, he's on a Brady track, but John Elway didn't win his first Super bowl till his 15th season.




Right. I think Steve Young didn't win his till his 10th, but yet we're going to try to hammer a guy like Patrick Mahomes who's on a legendary pace. Yeah, I think if they win, Mahomes and Andy Reid will be on track to becoming the greatest quarterback coach duo of all time. And that's a big statement because we already know what Bill and Tom Brady did. But that branches me into my next gripe about the people with Lamar Jackson.




I mentioned to you that Elway didn't win his first one to his 15th season. Well, what was Peyton Manning's record after six games, six postseason games, what was one in five?


It wasn't good.


Two and four.


Two and four.


What was the thing that they kept saying about Peyton? I don't know if you guys remember choker. He can't be Brady. He can't win it when it matters.




How many Super Bowls did Peyton end up with when it was all said and done?


One and a half broncos D list was really good.


They were amazing.




And I will say that Peyton never had a quarterback rating over 90 in any of his playoff Super bowl appearances.


So he was a choker.


He is not a joke.




Peyton Manning is one of the greatest of all time. You're not going to get me to say that, buddy. He's one of the greatest of all time. But for me, with Lamar, I don't think it's not unfair to criticize Lamar. That's not my issue. It's like when you try to compare him to the greats.




If you compare him to Peyton, then you got to know the facts about what Peyton went through and how it took him nine seasons to win one Super bowl.




And Lamar's going into year seven.




So, like, give him that grace that we gave to some of these others.


We feel the same way about Josh Allen.


Josh Allen as well.


People want to rag on him. We love him, and it's just like, yeah, it's a weird sport. And when you got a guy like Mahomes or a guy like Brady, they steal a lot of Super Bowls.




It just happens.


Patrick Mahomes is 100% going to leave us with a generation of great quarterbacks that have no Super bowl rings.




Because of how great he's been, because of Andy Reid, because of the Travis Kelsey thing. And now he's got a number two defense. Like, come on, man. But I'm with you, with Josh Allen. I'm a Josh Allen guy. I love him. I hate the fact that they're debating whether he's great on tv every freaking week when he loses a game, because at the end of the day, if Patrick Mahomes is your standard of great, then, yeah. No one else is great.




You can't compare. It's not a comparison. But to say that Josh Allen isn't a great quarterback. Come on, man.


Yeah. Yeah.


Are you just mad because he's greater than you? I don't got. Come on. Like, support these guys. They're the best in the world, and I think you guys do a really good job of that.


Well, sometimes if you have a bad team, you just want other franchises to also have bad times.


Yeah, I'm with you.


A lot of times, it's deflection away from how badly you feel about that. The guy that you root for, well, your guy's not as good as you think he is. Correct.


But that's okay from fans.




Media is different.


Do you guys consider yourself media?


Yeah, I know we're fans first, but you're fans first.


If you're on ESPN or Fox or CBS or, like, I know that they're fans as well, but that's not your job. Your job is not to be a fan and analyze from a fan's perspective. Your job is to analyze from a professional standpoint. And you cannot tell me that Josh Allen scoring damn near 50 touchdowns this year means he's not a great quarterback, right? I know he threw a lot of picks.




It makes a lot of sense.


How about this one, though? This is the one that trips everybody up. Dac. Yeah, talk about Dac.


I know he's a joker.


We just hate the Cowboys. So yeah, we will say like, are.


You horny right now? What are you talking about?




He is not a.


Give Lamar some time and the same grace that you give to Peyton Manning, Josh Allen do the same. Dak sucks.


Pretty much it.


That's coming from a Bears fan and a commander's fan. I just look at Dak and man, I thought the decision with Tony Pollard and getting rid of Zeke. No, they needed Zeke was a difficult one. But for Dak, I think I said this last year, he's now moving into the realm of is he going to be Tony Romo or is he going to be Troy Acman right now? What did Troy Acman have? He had a phenomenal offensive line. He had Emmett Smith. He had Michael Irvin. Right. Dak has C D Lamb. Is Tony Pollard going to be that Emmett Smith or they're going to have to bring another guy in. And do they have the pieces up front to be that dominant offensive? No longer. They're not going to give Dak any more grace for everything that's going to.


Go out on a limb and say Tony Pollard will not be Emmett Smith.


Yeah, I like Tony Pollard.


Yeah, I do.


Now Emmett Smith is, you know, he leads the NFL on rushing yards. Yeah, I don't think that's. You're not condemning him for that.


It's the same thing you said with Mahomes. That's great. Then everyone else thinks.


Now I know you tried to stop the episode, but we're just having such a great conversation. So I'm actually wearing this Saiyan jacket, right? This is not a sponsored ad or anything like this. Where is this jacket from? Box lunch. Yeah, things from box lunch.




Not sponsored or anything like that, but use promo code.


Take 20% off.


There you go.


I made this comparison on Monday night countdown about I'm a dragon Ball z guy.




And I made this comparison with Patrick Mahomes. There's a character on Dragon Ball Z named Cell. And he's the perfect combination of all of the attributes of all the greatest fighters on earth. Goku, piccolo, Krillin, Tien, all these guys. And to me, that's what Patrick Mahomes is for NFL quarterbacks. He's the perfect combination of all the great quarterbacks we've ever seen.


Yeah, right.


He can process, like Manning and Brady. He can extend plays in a similar way to guys like Steve Young. And the thing that makes him so great is that in clutch time moments, he has that. It's not even a clutch gene. It's just like, you just anticipate.


Yeah, 13 seconds.


Whatever. Yeah, 5 seconds. He'll find a way to get it done.




So I always wonder that. And then I guess my question for you guys. Are you guys dragon Ball Z at all?




But you're avengers, right? No, I'm not a nerd. You're not a nerd, Tony Stark. You're not a nerd.


I play football.


Yeah, you play football.


Play football.


I'm a nerd. I'm a 100% nerd.


No, there's just some things that for whatever reason, we miss. We just miss those things.


That's fine. You can miss Dragon Ball Z. I've watched enough for all three of us.




I love how passionate you are.


That's why I didn't watch it. Thank you.


So my question to you would be, you guys know who the Avengers are?




You don't know who Marvel's Avengers are?


Incredible Hulk.




Yeah, all those.


I think Brock Purdy's Iron man. Okay, for the niners. Who do you think the other guys are?


Oh, Batman.


Who's Batman? Well, Batman would be DC.


Batman's Brock Purdy.


You think Batman's Brock Purdy?


Yeah, he's just a regular guy. And then he puts on his armor, and it's Debo, and it's kittle, and it's McCall.


That's actually a really good reference.


Nailed that one.


But if we're going to go with.


The Avengers, I think Joe Burrow is Iron man.


You think Joe Burrow is rich as fuck.




Just got paid.


Yeah, he's the rich one.




Iron man is the rich one. But I think you're misunderstanding the conversation. I'm asking you for the 49 ers.


Team on the Trent Williams's pikachu.


Oh, Ray. Ray McLeod's baby Yoda.








His name's Groku.


That is his name. You're right. My kids have the baby Yoda.


But his name is.


Okay, I thought that was the name of the species.


And it's Groku, not Goku from Dragon Ball Z. And we're throwing Pikachu and Star wars and all this into here.


Chase young is predator.


He's the. Oh, wow. That's actually a good one. Yeah, it's not in the Marvel universe, but it is a great.


Oh, incredible Hulk. Trent Williams has to be, right?


That means Debo would be the incredible Hulk.


Incredible Hulk.




I think Debo might be Debo from Friday.


From Friday. We're throwing Debo from Friday into the Marvel universe, too.


I like McCaffrey is force Gump.




Force Gump. He just keeps running.




I think we nailed me, and Kyle was like peas and carrots.


We nailed it.


That's pretty funny. I got nothing else.


That was awesome. Well, yeah.


This has been so much fun.


Thank you so much.


You definitely are coming back on.


I'm coming back on.




And I want to maybe come to our office. I want to see that speed up close.


You guys are in New York, right?


We're in Chicago.


In Chicago, yeah.


We have a huge 40,000 square foot office with a basketball court, everything.


Holy cow.


You know what?


We're going to make it happen.




You found James. Put us through some drills.


We should set up a race. Set up a race in Chicago with some wild animal.


Maybe we can do a bird Olympics. You can compete in multiple sports.


We could do the bird Olympics, and we could honor pigeons the way they deserve to be honored.


I agree.


Jay Gruden. If you race every type of bird. Yeah, that would rock.


That would be pretty funny.




We start with, like, a chicken, and we just keep going up from there.


So while I'm racing these birds, what are you guys going to be doing?




Yeah, on our phones now Robert's raising ostrich.


Oh, my God.


Get them all.


That might be pretty frightening.


Start with a penguin, I think.


Yeah, penguin.




I don't think that would be, like, final boss unfair.


It'd be funny.


Have you seen their feet?


Yeah, I think you can beat a penguin.


You've seen happy feet, right?




They great singers, but not great runners.




Wait, happy feet?


Wasn't that the.


I think a penguin could beat Kurt Cousins in a race.


In happy feet? Were they dancing? They were dancing against.


Oh, I'm thinking of March of the penguins.


Come on, get happy.


What did you say about Kirk Cousins?


I think penguin could beat Kurt Cousins in a race.


In a race, actually. Well, right now he's got an Achilles injury.


Right, exactly.


But not when he's healthy.


Can I ask you one more question.


About that Redskins team?


Yes. Okay.


Was it weird when you got drafted and then Kirk Cousins gets drafted in the fourth round? Or was it fourth?


Right, it was in the fourth round. It was only weird because Mike came to me during the draft. I was in the meeting room with Kyle and Matt Lafleur learning the offense, and he comes in, opens the door. He's like, hey, Robert, we're going to draft Quarterback from Michigan State, Kirk Cousins. Are you. Now, this is a rhetorical question, right? Are you cool with that?




What if you're like, no, I'm 22.


This is my first day in the building, because I think it was the second day of the draft. Right. I don't know how they did the days back then, but I think it was second day of the draft. So what am I supposed to say? Nah, coach, go do something else? No, but what I came to find out was the reason that that pick happened was because of the internal struggle that was going on behind the scenes. So I didn't know that me and Kirk shared a burrito together. Okay. Our rookie year, we shared a burrito. Now, we didn't eat it at the same time like lady and Tramp, but we didn't do that. But we cut it down the middle. Shared a burrito. We were. This was rookie minicamp. So we're roommates in rookie minicamp. We're studying the system together. We're learning everything together. Me and Kirk, we have a great relationship. We are fine. I like Kirk. I support Kirk. I think he's turned the corner in his career from the early years when they're saying he couldn't win in primetime and do all this stuff. I know his record might not say that, but what he's done the past few years has been impressive.


I'm happy for him. I'm hoping he lands where he wants to be at. But to answer your question, it wasn't weird because I didn't think anything of it.




In hindsight, being 2020, there was a clear reason to.


Yeah. Yes.


All right, well, RG three, thank you so much, man. We appreciate it.




Great interview, big cat. Appreciate you. Appreciate you all, man.


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Okay, let's wrap up the show with, pardon your take.




And one guy's on chicks via memes.


Oh, and one guy's on chicks via memes.


Is this a question from memes?


No, that little note was from memes about there's one guy's on.


I think it's a question from memes. We'll like to hear the question. I can't hear you. Memes talking to the mic. That was actually better than your stand up set.


Fuck you, man. That was so bad.


Is this the guys on chicks?




No. Pardon your take.


Yeah, I sent it to you.


I got nothing left, boys. I'm on all the way past e.


That's why we're doing part in your take. Please finish our show for us, listeners.


My husband and I have been married for six years. Every year on the Sunday before the Super bowl, he pulls out a vhs player and says he has to watch a 1999 vhs tape from his childhood called Super Sunday because you can't interrupt the streak of Sunday football. And I have to lock in for Super bowl week. It's only about super bowls up to 1990. I don't understand why he has to watch something over 30 years old when he can find more relevant football stuff to watch.


I got it.


How weird is this?


Real short answer for him. It's because the beer commercials were so much better back then. You got to watch old broadcasts to really get the vibe of that era. And the beer commercials were just. That was the art of the know.


What used to rule. I don't know if they still do it. Ah, the 24 hours leading up to the Super bowl, they would do the NFL films of every Super bowl. That fucking rocked.




30 minutes, condensed version with some interviews and stuff. That was the best. Hope they still do that.


Does anybody watch VHS still?


They don't.


Does anyone watch VHS where it's, know, people listen to records on vinyl?


No, I don't think the quality's better.


Yeah, I know, but that's a problem. It's still kind of cool to watch VHS.




The then where it's like, the FBI.


Will shoot you if you copy this tape.


I think I have a guess for this one. Hypothetical question. What would your guys dream sports moment be like? The moment you dreamt of as a kid? A World Series walk off shootout, goal in the World cup, et cetera, et cetera.


Oh, if we're playing.


I would say making a buzzer beater. I think March madness.


What about, like, your team's down two or one at the line, you get fouled, get two free throws.


Always as a kid. Yeah. Or like, your boys are trying to get 41 free throws. You got to get there.




You have to hit two of the last three.


You get fouled shooting a three pointer, and then you make the first two, and then someone comes on the court and abducts you. They have to get the other guy to shoot the last one.


Yeah. And your best boy is snoozing away on the couch studio.


Yeah. It is what it is, correct. I got benched from the team, so I wasn't contributing much anyway.


Was anybody else out there that got.


Benched from the team?


We were rebounding.


No. PFT actually got promoted to this?


Yeah, I got promoted. I got brought down from the booth. When was the last time Jim Nance got brought down to the sidelines to get in there and help the backup quarterback warm up?




This isn't about me.


PFT is Jason Whitten.


We did it.




Yeah, we did it. I asked Steven.


Steven, how mad were you that you missed it?


Not mad.


We did a dog pile. It was great.


It looked great.


I was crying a little bit.


I missed Jared's hole in one, too. So it might just be like a Super bowl concourse situation, but I kind of dozed off being like, I'm going to wake up and we're still going to be like, it's going to be 10:00 in the morning and we still have to do the podcast. And I'm going to miss my flight and vacation is ruined. So at the end of the day, the vacation still being you would not.


Have missed your flight. What was that?


You would have stayed here.


What did you just say?


Yeah, I would have.


There is a zero point team. 0% chance that you would have missed your flight. Absolutely.


Oh, no, I would have stayed here forever.


That was the biggest lie I've ever heard.


No, you guys know I would have stayed here.


Doing what?


Rooting team. I couldn't let my team not hit that without me being there to support facts.


I always dreamt of hitting a home run. Game seven of the World Series.


Are we in the NFL? Film the vhs?




Your childhood sports memory? For me, it was always hitting that dinger in game seven.




Mine's buzzer beater, NBA Finals, March Madness.




Three, two, one. Or buzzer beater. Or hitting two free throws.




And one.


Or being the horse that wins the Kentucky Derby.




That's a dream to have you just retire and fuck. That's life.




All right, last one. Would you rather have DeMar Hamlin's on field experience during when he died or have Alex Smith's leg injury?


Oh, DeMar. Because you get a peek at the.


Afterlife, it's like Nikki six, right?


Yeah, for sure.


Die for like 7 minutes.




Didn't Alex Smith actually win comeback player.


Of the year, though?


Yeah, but good point. That is all mangled.


It's a fair point by Hank though, because he gets the glory tomorrow. We've got is a fake punt. No, I would rather be tomorrow. I'd rather be tomorrow. Because you get to take a glimpse at the afterlife. You get treated as a hero. When you come back, you get a free.


Only thing. Only counterpoint is Demar Hamlin, definitely, he's probably made a lot of money, or a decent amount of money off this. And being able to be associated with people, someone will hire him. But man, he's got to basically answer the question of what was it like every day for the rest of his life?




What does God look like tomorrow?


Yeah, that would be tough.




Whereas no one really says, what was it like when your leg got mangled?


I think that Alex Smith, his career was good enough where it might not be the first thing that comes to your mind when you see Alex Smith. It's probably the second.


It wouldn't be for me. It'd be small hands.




Oh, yeah.


Alex Smith, you were the guy before they won all the Super Bowls.




I'd be like, wow, Alex, what was it like showing Patrick Mahomes how great he can be at football?




And also, wow, that was a really weird handshake because your hands are small.


Do you think Alex Smith. I can't remember how the contracts worked out and everything, but there definitely was a moment where he's like, fuck this guy. He sucks.




They give him my job.


You think so?




Now he's just like, whoops, I think.


I've seen some interviews with him where he was like, yeah, he was just very clearly a great quarterback the first time he got to camp, because that probably happened.


Like, Drew Bledsoe probably thought that, right?




Probably was like, this is bullshit.


Yeah, probably Tom Brady.


Guy sucks. That turned out like even Brett Favre was like, Aaron Rodgers. He fell in the draft. He sucks.


He's right. He only got one Super bowl.


Yeah, true. I don't know what else.


That's it.


Good question.


Good hypothetical question.


Good guys on chicks memes.


Good guys on chicks memes. Reminder, we're going on vacation. Finally. Thank God.


It's not that we don't love you.




Thank God for our body, mind and soul.




Football season is very taxing. It takes probably ten years off our life, so we'll probably die next year. But we have dungeons and dragons on Friday. Ryan Rosillo, NBA preview on Monday. We will have new content on Monday to intro Ryan Rosillo. So we'll recap NBA all star weekend quickly.


Watch dungeons and dragons everywhere. The graphics team does a really good job and puts a lot of work into it. So make sure you watch it instead of. Well, you can listen to it and watch it.


Do both. Download it both.


Actually, what you should do, it's like when you go to your friend's house and they're listening to the radio broadcast of a game while the game's on. Watch it on YouTube while listening to the podcast.


I love that. Yeah, I love that.




It's called Amarta.


18, 41, 48. Were you about to do it? Yeah, 3323.


Also, I added.




I added Pug to the winners wall.


It's already 20.


Halfway home.


You should do 24 out of eight of us, Hank. For the 26th letter in the Alphabet.


I just hear Max hiccup again.




Max with the sodies.


Two soda, Max. Wait, did everyone guess?


Yeah, I don't think I have an enchanter here.


Oh, my God.


99. Oh, Pug. He was contemplating.


Wait, no. Did you not hit reset no, you definitely did.




Yeah, you definitely did.


Because we dropped it. Pug and I were. He was asking how the machine works, and I tested it.


99 back to back.


No, it's not back to back. Well, like on the show it is, but I showed him how to do it earlier. It's like other numbers.


No, it's 99 back to back.


Okay, run it back.


Doesn't matter if she hit it. You and Pug are playing fucking tummy sticks in here.


If 69, the sexual position is represented by the numbers 99 might actually be back to back.




Wait, is it back to back? No, it's spoons shaken pug when they come in here and hit the fucking lottery ball machine together. All right, let's do another one. He was contemplating his number, so I don't know if that would have.


Wait, should we text him right now and be like, pug, what's your number?


No, that doesn't count. That doesn't count. All right, numbers. 41.






41. 64.


Nintendo. Love you guys.


I'm getting there.


When you must be.


Think about my tongue. Oh, your clit.


And switching back and forth. Switching back and forth from my dick to my tongue.


Stick to my tongue, dick tomato. Switching back and forth from my dick to my tongue.


I'm getting there when you must be. Think about my tongue.


Oh, you're clit.


And switching back and forth. Switching back and forth from my dick to my tongue.


Dick to my tongue. Dick tomato. Dick to my tongue. Switching back and forth from my dick to.