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On today's part of my take. We have andrew whitworth and ryan fitzpatrick in studio. We're going to talk week eleven picks and preview. We also are going to talk about the end of the Bengals season. Thursday night Football, the first one that we were very excited for, and it was a bummer. So we got a lot of show, though. Great show. Friday show. Get you ready for the weekend. It's brought to you by our friends at Duracell. Few sports are more technically demanding than auto racing. Because of those standards, Williams Racing only trusts one brand of batteries. Duracell. You may not think you need the same level of performance in your batteries until you do. That's because Duracell hold on, let me get the hat.


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No, that's a fact. Duracell, Williams Racing. Thank you to Duracell, the number one battery apart my Take. Okay, let's go, boy.


Now in the street there is violence and a lot of work to be done no place to hang out or washing and then I can't name all on the sun oh, no we're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher oh, we gonna.


Rock down to Electric it's part of my take. Isn't about parcel, sport.


Welcome to pardon my take. Today is Friday, November 17, and the Bengals season is over. That was a bummer.


It was a bummer on drone Thursday. Nonetheless.


Oh, my God.


It was the pageantry was incredible. From the NFL, we had Obama remote controlling army of drones.


I think we had two that was two. There was two drone delays. Mark Andrews went out, lamar Jackson got his ankle rolled up on, and then Joe Burrow looks to be out for a very long time. It's a UCL injury. Couldn't grip the football. Just the biggest bummer. Like, I sat there and I was like we've dealt with so many quarterback injuries this year, and the Bengals have no margin for error because of the way they started their season. And now it looks like we will not get the Bengals or Joe Burrow, more importantly, Joe Burrow in the playoffs and get to see what they could do. It's a complete and utter bummer.


Yeah, it's a huge night for as a Blank fan, I'm seeing a lot of as a Ravens fan, I'm sorry to see what's happened to Joe Burrow. As an avid Steelers fan, I'm sorry to see what happened to Joe Burrow. Just support pouring out from across the league. It's touching to see that.


Yes. Actually, as we were taping this, jake Browning did score a touchdown. Yeah. Jake Browning the future.


And unfortunately for the Bengals, RG Three has already committed himself to trying out for the Browns if they'll have him.




So he put himself, his name in the hat for that. Although there was a picture of Joe Flacco on an airplane going up to Cleveland. What a story that would be if Joe Flacco came in, handed the ball off for 90% of the time, threw twelve passes a game, and the Browns won the Super Bowl. I think that's what I'm rooting for now.


Yes, it would be incredible. But yeah, we have to come to grips, know Joe Burrow probably for a long time. It does feel like he's going to be out for a while. The body language, he was pissed. I think they showed him on the sideline coming out of the half, talking to Sam Hubbard. He was like, can you go? And he's like, nope. And he had a mysterious wrist brace on that the Bengals social media team accidentally tweeted out. And Chris Long did a great job. He actually found the play from last week play two. He got squished by a lineman, and so Chris was all on top of that, found it, and then so he might have had a pre existing injury to that hand. He re injured it or injured it further. And then we got our favorite guy, Mike Florio, who will be on the show on Tuesday. We figured Thanksgiving got to have your crazy uncle that you don't really agree with, but you love anyway. So Florio will be on the show next week, but Florio said, meanwhile, the NFL injury reporting system is a joke, as evidenced by Burrow's wrist injury being hidden.


The joke will be on the NFL when Congress calls a hearing or prosecutor convenes a grand jury. Yep, I would love to see that.


I love it when Mike really sinks his teeth into a story and thinks way, way outside the box. And listen, if Congress got their act together and brought Roger Goodell under testimony and just grilled him about the injury reporting process, I actually think that would have bipartisan support. Yeah, I think everyone can get behind that. There's only a few common enemies that we have left in America. There's the NCA there's. Roger goodell. We used to have Osam bin Laden, but the events the last couple of days, I'm not so sure about.




But, yeah, if you want to get people behind you, just bring Roger Goodell up and make him testify under oath.




You said Chris Long was the one that found that.


Yeah, Chris Long found it.


Chris Long.


Chris Long.


Like tape study Chris Long.


Chris Long went he saw the picture of Joe Burrow that was deleted, and he went back to the Texans game and he found it. Play two in the Texans game, he got Smushed in a bang bang play with his offensive lineman, and you can see Joe Burrow, like, shaking the hand on play two.


Chris Long, your number one source for right wing news.


Yeah, he got he's dude, he did the for the as for the Ravens. So Joe Burrow doesn't play defense. The Bengals defense have their own issues. I know the game flow changes when Joe Burrow's not in the game, but the Ravens offense looked awesome.


Yeah, they look really good and banged up. Lamar find out?


Yes, we're doing it.


Lamar went down a couple of times where it looked like old Lamar would have been able to keep running, so I don't think he's going to be 100%.


He was protecting himself, it felt like, but he was throwing the ball around the yard.


Odell Beckham looks good.


116 yards for him. They were running the ball. The Ravens are like all the way back where they now have many backs who can get you yards.




And they said Keaton Mitchell, Gus Edwards, and Lamar Jackson all running. Did Justice Hill score a touchdown? No, he didn't. This might be the in for a play. I don't know if he scored a touchdown.


You remember a couple years ago when every Raven got hurt? I know it happens every year. Yes, but a couple years ago, it was like weeks one and two were just crazy for him at the time. Towards the end of the season, we're like, holy shit. Are the Ravens actually just geniuses by getting all their injuries out of the way early?


Best free agency signings is getting a guy back from the IR.


So are the Ravens going to be peaking at exactly the right time?


We'll see what happens with Mark Andrews. Hopefully that's not a long term issue because he is very important to their offense. Like that first drive, they marched right down the field.




Why do you think Mark Andrews doesn't necessarily get as much credit as, like, a Travis Kelsey?


Because Travis Kelsey is better.


Yeah, that's probably true. But Mark Andrews is pretty damn good.


He is very think.


I think he's underrated, actually.


I would agree, too. I also didn't realize until like, a few weeks ago that he's a diabetic and has to get his insulin tested every time he comes off the field.


Are you serious? Like on the sidelines?


Yes. I think it was maybe inside the NFL he was Micked up. Every time he comes off, he has to get his test to see where his insulin levels that's great. Crazy. So, yeah, the Ravens look good, though. The ravens look good. And I'm just bummed about Joe Burrow.


Yeah, it sucks.


It sucks a lot.


For a fan of football. It's just bad. It's bad because you want to see the game is more fun when Joe Burrow is playing because he's awesome.




And now to when we do our weekend preview. We got an all time memes desperation spin zone. But memes, maybe there's a spot open. You got to just jump like six teams. Maybe there's a spot open.


Got to win Sunday.


Got to win Sunday. All right, we'll get to that. All right, let's do it. Let's get to all of our picks and preview. We're going to talk about every single game on Sunday. Then we got Ryan Fitzpatrick, andrew Whitworth and fire fest of the week taking into the weekend. Okay, week eleven picks in preview time. It is brought to you by our friends at Uber Eats. Delivered with Uber eats. It's football season and you can get almost almost anything you need for game day. Delivered with Uber eats. What do we mean by almost? Well, you can't get my Power rankings delivered, but you can get pardon My Cheesesteaks delivered. A live dog, no, but pet supplies for Blake and Stella, yes. Six pack of ABS, definitely no. But a six pack of beer? Uber Eats can get you that. There you have it. Get almost anything for game day. Delivered with Uber eats. Official on demand delivery partner of the NFL. Alcohol and select markets, 21 plus to order. Product availability may vary by region. See app for details. Uber Eats. Get almost almost anything. Order now with Uber eats. It's all delivered with Uber eats.


We use Uber Eats whenever we're getting food. I'm probably going to get some milkshakes tonight. Delivered with Uber eats. So get almost anything. Order now with Uber eats. Okay, boys, week eleven, maybe not the greatest card ever. We do have the Monday night game, the Eagles and the Chiefs super bowl rematch, everything else. There's some good games. I actually want to say maybe this is going to be our chaos week.


I was looking at the schedule and on paper, nothing that really jumps out to me of being like, oh, God damn, I can't wait to see that game during the day. But we're getting great primetime games, so let's not forget that. And you know that some of these games are going to have very surprise endings to them. Like, there are going to be some teams that get upset this good.


Yeah, there's going to be some stupid shit that happens. So let's jump into it. We'll get to our picks later, but let's start with the best early game because it means the most in terms of the AFC North, the playoff picture. All four teams in the AFC North right now are in the playoffs. Or, no, sorry, the Bengals are not, which that was stupid to me because we just watched Bengals Ravens, you heard us talk about it, but let's get to it. Steelers at Browns. Deshaun Watson out for the year. DTR starting, who is not good. I know that PJ. Walker is also not good, and I guess I could see the reasoning of, like, hey, you want to see what you got with the young guy? But DTR's not good.


He's fun. He's definitely fun in a bad way. Like, he throws the ball backwards. But I think first things first, we should talk about the injury to Deshaun Watson, because this sounds like he's the toughest guy on planet Earth. According to his agent that texted Tom Pelicero. So according to old TP, he said Watson wanted to be shot up in an attempt to play through his shoulder and ankle injuries. He also reported that Watson received multiple medical opinions, and they told him if he took a hit to the same spot, his shoulder could fall apart.


I love it.


His shoulder could disintegrate. His shoulder could explode. It's broken.


His body would be broken.


It's like juju's knee, right?




It could just disintegrate at any given.


Time, which, by the way, we're still waiting. It could happen at any time, anytime.


That's the thing about it. But with the shoulder, he's got, like, a fracture where it pops back in, like, at the very tip of the upper arm or whatever that thing's called. So it sounds to me like it's an injury that he's had. I know he says it's a new one, but you get that injury when your shoulder pops out and then it pops back in, which is exactly how he hurt his shoulder previously.


It also sounds like Deshaun Watson is going to be in the running for worst contracts of all time.




A hundred million dollars guaranteed has not been able to stay on the field. The Browns have a roster that is Super Bowl worthy, and now he's missing the rest of the year, and they're going to be having to fend off the AFC North with DTR or PJ. Walker.


Yeah, I have an idea for their offense because the running game is good. The defense is, like, one of the best that we've ever seen. But as far as passing the ball, what if they just put Miles Garrett in at tight end or receiver?


And David joke is pretty damn good.


But wait, here's the twist to it. You throw a jump ball, you let the safety intercept it, and then Miles Garrett comes down and hits the safety as hard as he can, force the positive yards. Positive yards every time yeah.


This game is I don't know what to think about it because I feel like the Steelers, they can't really move the ball, especially against a good Browns defense. The Browns are not going to be able to move the ball with DTR. They're going to load up the box. It's going to be ugly. It is one of the lowest totals we've had in the last ten years. The only one. Lower was actually the Grapple Game Saints Browns. So right now, I think it's sitting at 33, which is crazy for an NFL game.


That is wild.


And I think if you put a gun in my head and was like, which side are you going to pick? It would be the under. You can't take the over in this game.


No, you can't. I probably will, just as a personal challenge. But you can't. You can't like a normal person would.


Not you should not you should not endorse 32 and a half. It's 32 and a half right now.


You know what the Steelers are nate Diaz just get the shit kicked out of them for, like, three quarters, and they get stronger as they get worse.




They just want to be down going into the fourth quarter by one score, and they're in perfect spot.


Give them a shot.


Excuse me. I also have a really sad stat for the Browns in the last decade. This is the 55th time they're starting a backup quarterback.


That is very sad.


And it's even sadder than that because for two straight years, baker Mayfield made every start.




So it's really, like eight years and 55 times they've had a backup, not their week one starter start a game. That's pretty remarkable.


Do you think people are coming around to the take that Baker Mayfield was the best thing that's ever happened to the Browns and they should never have let him go.


So Browns fans, I think, are thinking that. But more than that, and this is now, I think there's multiple teams who are having the same thought. Giants, Jets, Browns, browns have a real case for it. Why did they get rid of that's? Like, there are so many teams right now being like, Josh Dobbs could fix all of our problems.


He could.


If the jets had Josh Dobbs, they would be a playoff team.


I would say with Josh Dobbs right now, the Browns would have more wins than they do with Watson playing.




So and they had him on the roster, I think all the way up until August, right?




So Josh Dobbs is basically the guy that everyone looks to and is like, he could solve everything.


Yep. You see, they dusted off the old what if Tom Brady comes back take for the Browns. The Browns?




You think Tom Brady would want to live in.


I mean, he's it's been a while since he's played.


I actually think that if LeBron played quarterback for the Browns. They would be better.




They just run wildcat.








I have a cough I can't get rid of. It's like a small cough. I'm not sick, but I can't. It's like when you get something stuck in your throat.




I can't get rid of it. I'm going to try to cough really loud. What are you looking at, Max? There we go.


Yeah, it doesn't always feel good.


No, I ate a dumpling a minute ago and it's fucking stuck in my throat.


Ain't no fun when the rabbit's got the gun.


Yeah, that's fair. That's fair. That's fair. Okay. Josh dobbs would fix everything.


What kind of dumpling did you eat?


Donnie made them.


Damn, that sounds good.


We're getting Chinese in a minute. Uber eats.




Okay, so this game's going to stink, but I'm going to love it.


I think it's going to stink in a very Steelers way.




You know what?


And a browns.


This should actually be a game where the Steelers should outgain the Browns. They should on paper, because the Steelers have kind of fucked themselves because their defense is so good that they usually don't have, like, a full field to work with, even if they go kick a field goal.




So now they can put together a drive from their own maybe 35 yard line and just go kick a field goal that's positive yards every single time. As opposed to just getting the ball on the 35 yard line kicking from right there.


This is one of those games that if someone has ten points, it's going to feel like an insurmountable lead.


If you're drunk enough. The Steelers are going to look like Iowa this weekend.




And the Browns will probably look like Nebraska. Yeah.


Shout out to Danny Smith. Danny Smith, all time football guy, special teams coach of the Steelers. You remember on the last play they intercepted it, ran to the sidelines.




And a coach fell over.




He got just absolutely got destroyed.




That was Danny Smith. Danny Smith. You might recognize he's the shorter guy who's always chewing, like, twice the amount of gum that Pete Carroll is. All time gum guy. So he tore every muscle in his rotator cuff.


Oh, my God.


Pop back up. He's staying on the sidelines. You can't get that guy.


And Deshaun isn't playing.


And Deshaun's not playing. Danny Smith's shoulder could fall apart at any given moment.


And Deshaun's not playing.


And Deshaun's not playing.


Jake, your nerd nugget.


Pittsburgh's 28 victories in one score game since the start of the 2020 season are tied for the most in the NFL. Also, it's a shame that PJ Walker is not playing because he tweeted. Can't wait to meet you, baby girl.


I think I might bet him still.


Because he's the backup.


They might.


ODS are going to be juicy.




So something to keep an eye on. If he plays the rest of the season.


Okay, that's a good wait. Now, is the baby born?


I don't know.


I think that's a pregnancy announcement.


Oh, he's just bragging he had sex.




They might not even know that they're pregnant.




Can't wait to meet my daughter.


Her water broke and he tweeted it.


I don't think you tweet when the water breaks. No.




Maybe he's going to be a dad.




That's like a nerve wracking time. We're like, hope the baby comes out okay.




Let me take to Twitter and be like, can't wait to meet you in like, 2 hours if everything goes okay.


That's fair. Yeah.


All right. Raiders Dolphins threw this on there. Antonio Pierce got the Raiders two and O in his interim head coaching. They did beat Tommy DeVito and Zach Wilson. And now we have Miami off a buy.


So what you're saying is the Raiders might be frauds.


The raiders are not ready. I think and this is just a theory, I think I'm ready to take Miami off the fraud list. They won't do it this week, but I'm gearing up for them to be off the fraud list because I'm thinking that their defense is going to start playing really well. Vic Fangio, a couple of months under the belt. Jalen ramsay back, guys. Healthy. I'm now on take Miami off fraud watch. Fraud watch.


Interesting. So what do they have to do against the Raiders, though?


Because they got to beat the Raiders by 21 plus.


And if they hold the Raiders to.


Under ten points yeah, I looked at their schedule. They have the jets on Black Friday, which I will remind Miami fans that I said that the jets would beat the Dolphins at that time. I no longer think that. And then they have Christmas Eve, they play the Cowboys, and then I think the week 17, they play the Ravens. So those are their last two chances to fully get off fraud watch. But I'm itching to get them off fraud watch. I think they're going to start turning the defense around and the defense is going to start playing really well. And with that offense, I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm feeling like I'm going to push the button and say, no longer fraud.


I read an article. It was basically a long pro profile of Mike McDaniel. And god damn, do I love that guy. Yeah, he just seems like the best dude ever. And did you see he went up to the podium the other day and they were talking about how it was raining, and one of the journalists like, with all this rain that we're getting, and he's like, oh, it's raining. How fortuitous for earth. He's like, Mitch hedberg if you gave him a head coach.


Little one liners.


Little one liners here and there. Big news for the Dolphins, though. Tua got his hair.


Did he?


Did he got he looks like fucking Drake.




Per our colleague Nikki Smokes on Twitter. Our QB is fucking Drake.




Huge news to elite. Huge news. McDaniels. McDaniel.


McDaniel. This is confusing.


I don't care. I'm glad to say that I don't care.


I'm glad that the Raiders fired McDaniels.




I'll say whatever I want to say. McDaniel. McDaniels. There was a reporter who asked about a chain and he was like, how much money you got in Fantasy and just flipped it on him.


I think he's going to play, though.




And another reason to maybe get them off fraud watch. I'm feeling it. I'm feeling it. The Raiders are not good, but they're.


Two and o under the new version of the Raider. The new look.


Tommy DeVito and Zach Wilson.


Yes, true. The new look Raiders. Antonio. He's the only Antonio to ever coach in the NFL. How about that? So Antonio's are a thousand percent in winning percentage.


Antonio's, stand up. You don't get a lot of Antonios.


You don't.


It's a powerful Tony or Anthony. Yeah. Jake, your nerd nugget.


This is a good one.


Oh, let us be the judge.


Okay. Since the start of last season, the Dolphins are six and O and have averaged 41 points per game with Kevin Harlan on the call.




Tuatunga Viola has thrown 20 touchdown passes, averaging 332 yards per game. And he returns to the booth in Miami this week.


I thought they never won with Kevin Harlan.


That was Frank's thought they put up 70.


They put up points.


Doesn't make sense at all. Frank told me otherwise.


Dolphins might be good. They might be off fraud watch.




Kevin Harlan, 53rd, man.




54Th, man, here's a stinky game. Giants and commanders.




Very stinky. Tommy DeVito. We get to watch Tommy DeVito again. I've become accustomed to the insult graphic that goes around about the former NFL coaches or the former Washington coaches that are now head coaches in the NFL, where you have LaFleur McVeigh, McDaniel, now Kyle Shanahan. And then now people are saying that the coordinator sloick from the Texans is going to be on that list. I don't know what happened to make it go ReViral again, but now it's everywhere. Every major news publication is talking about it. Yeah, I get a you know what? Our head coach was Mike Shanahan. You think they were going to fire Mike Shanahan and then promote Kyle Shanahan to be the head coach? That wasn't going to happen. But I have to deal with more of this bullshit, which is fine.


Well, yeah, I was going to say the one person I can't give you sympathy because literally every I think the CBS Sports account lives like their entire social media plan is to insult the Bears.


Yeah, that is true.


Do the 4000 yard passer. They do the receivers, they do everything.


Yeah, but I don't know who started it this week, but it came out of nowhere.


Usually CBS sports.




Like sports centers on it. ESPN's all it's weird that they're taking this week to do it, but at least we get Tommy DeVito this weekend. He's going to be fun to watch, tommy DeVito.


Yeah. Good job, Tommy.




I don't really have anything to say about Tommy DeVito other than I'm rooting for him, I think.


So they did a profile on him, and they asked him what his favorite food was. What do you think Tommy DeVito's favorite food is?




It's chicken. Chicken. Chicken parm with vodka sauce.




His hidden talent what do you think his hidden talent is?


Cooking meatballs.


That's racist. Throwing no, it's not throwing anything. Yeah.


No, it's making art. That's what you say if you're really good at art.


Well, if you watch a Tommy DeVito listen, beauty's in the eye of the beholder. A Tommy DeVito quarterback game could be considered art.


That's true. Favorite movies, what do you think his favorite movies are good for? Fast. Too fast, too furious. And bad boys, actually. Great taste from Tommy DeVito.




Fantastic taste. And if he gets three dinner guests, who do you think he'd want to invite?


James Gandolfini.




No, it's jeff bezos, elon musk, al capone, and floyd mayweather. Oh, money, money, money.


Love that.


Love about the money.


Also, I think the Commanders are going to win this game. I do think there's the ability this game could be just some fuck shit happening. Like the last one where the Commanders, the Giants didn't score for the last 38 minutes of the game and won 14 to seven. But Sam Howe, the Giants game, that game, I bring it up because that might have been the tipping point for him. He took six sacks in that game. Since then, the last three games, he had seven total. So maybe that was the game that he's like, hey, I should stop doing this.


Yeah, he's gotten a lot better at staying in the pocket just the right amount of time and getting rid of the ball. But I'm by no means confident. I think the Commanders are nine and a half ten point favorites.


Right, right.


They should not be nine and a half point favorites to anybody in the yeah, I don't care who's playing quarterback.


Let me see.


It's nine right now.


Nine right now.




Well, it's coming.




So it's trending in the correct direction, I believe. I'm not confident in this game. Either one of these two teams could win. I think we're going to win.


Could be some fuck shit.


But I would not be shocked if the Giants ended up winning.


Yes. Nerd nugget.


First off, I'd like to correct myself. That stat with Kevin Harlan was with two A, starting okay. Dolphins.


You were wrong.


That was the concussion game where the guy made fun of me. Dolphins.




Oh, concussion fingers.




That was funny when that guy did that. No, it wasn't. Yeah, it was.


So that's the one game with Kevin Harley. In the last years where they lost, but that doesn't count with the two stats anyways. Commanders quarterback Sam Howell has thrown for 2952 yards so far this season, the most by a Washington quarterback through eleven career games. More than 500 yards, roughly. Then second place on that list, robert Griffin II. Sam Howell by far the best eleven game quarterback in Washington history.


I might have just I might have just jumped past the whole is he the guy conversation. I'm ready to ask if he's elite, because as many insult graphics have been going around, there's a lot of complimentary graphics going around about Sam Howe elite. He's first and big time throws. Do you know what a big time throw is?




Yeah, it's a big time throw. I actually throw it big time.


When you throw it big time?


Yeah, I think it's over 20 yards.


I don't know what the actual definition, but goddamn. When like Pro Football Focus says he's first and big time throws, I'm like, that's a great stat.


Big time throw. Okay. Next up chargers of packers. I hate this game so much because the packers are bad, but the Chargers shouldn't be favored on the road against anyone.


Yeah, I was looking at this and I was like, we still given the Chargers credit for being the Chargers.


It's crazy. I know the Chargers are better than the packers, but if you tell me you have to put your life on the line for the Chargers to be able to maneuver a road game and win by exactly three or more, I couldn't do no, no. Something weird is going to happen.


This might be the most lopsided fan to fan ratio of all time. Do you think there are any Chargers fans that are making the trip to Green Bay for this game?


Probably not. I think there's no people still like to go to Lambo. I think the most cathedral. Yeah, I think the weirdest fan to fan would have to be like, Chargers Panthers, you know what I mean? Where it's like, I don't really care about seeing this stadium. If you're a Chargers fan, you definitely circle the schedule and be like, this one, let's go take a trip to Lambeau.


Yeah, it's Lambeau, but it's also mid November. It's right before Thanksgiving. I think there's a lot of stuff adding up against the Chargers on that. I would be shocked if there were more than 500 Chargers fans, like true Chargers fans from out of town that make this trip.


Yeah, or like I'm trying to think what other ones? Maybe Chargers, vikings or, like, cardinals, bills.




How many Cardinals fans would go to Buffalo, like, in the winter if they played in December?


I bet you there are a lot of people that are Cardinals fans that are from Buffalo that retired and moved to Arizona, though.


I feel like they go to Florida.


Yeah, I don't know.


East coast Florida, and then everything west.


Maybe charge Chargers giants. Probably not a lot of people Chargers.


But then you're going to New York City.


It's a direct flight.


You got to think of the places that have nothing. I got to go to this place. I go to this game.




I wonder what that would be.




It might be Chargers commanders, I think. Chargers? Panthers? Yeah, chargers panthers. Feels like who wants to go to that stadium is even boring.




If you're a Chargers fan that's going to this game, like traveling specifically to Green Bay for this game, let us know.


Hit us up.


Very interested in hit us up. Learning about you.


Yes. All right. Nerd nugget for this game.


Packers quarterback Jordan Love leads the NFL in completions of 30 plus yards this season with 17. Matthew Stafford has 16. Sam Howell and Brock Purdy right behind with 14.


That sounds like a pretty good stat.


Okay. All right, next up, bears. At lions. Justin Fields is back. That's all I got.


That's it?


No, I have more, but I have some things that I shouldn't believe in. But the Bears are not as bad as people think they are. There are the worst teams in the league, which are the Panthers, the Giants, maybe the Patriots, the Cardinals. Now the Kyler's back, maybe not. I think the Bears are a step above that. They get lumped in there. They've actually been playing really good defense.




The last five weeks. Their run. D is ranked one. Their total yards against is ranked 6th. Their explosive plays against is ranked first, and their third down percentage is twelveTH. Like, they're playing good defense. Justin Fields playing competent offense will be the big question mark, and obviously the Lions are much better all over the field. But the Bears aren't as bad as I probably say they are and the media says they are.


I would agree with that.


They're just a little bit better than really, really bad.


Their defense is good enough to not get totally embarrassed anymore at the start of the season.


They were bad, right? They were very were very, very bad. And now that what are they?


Three and three in their last six?


Three and three in their last six. And this is the part that makes me nervous, because I am nervous that if their defense plays well and keeps playing well, that they're going to keep Matt Eberflus.


I don't think so. He's so ever I know that we've said a lot of things about Eberflus on the show.


He's dweeber fluce.


Have we ever talked about just how weird he is?


He's just weird looking.


He's just a strange guy.


He's a cat guy.


They asked him. Yeah, that's a great way to describe you need to know he's a cat guy. After the game against the Panthers, they were like, what do you have up your sleeve? Or what do you have up your sleeve? He's like, what do you have up your sleeve? And then he laughed like he was the joker.


He's a weird guy. If they keep Matt Eberfluose and then draft a new quarterback, that will be I think it's 25 years going right now that the Bears have never had a coach quarterback on the same wavelength.




Timeline. Like, bring a new coach, bring a new quarterback same time.


I don't think there's any chance they keep Eber fluce.


Their defense is playing well. What if they beat the Lions? I don't think they will, but what.


If what if they demote him to defensive coordinator and then bring in a head?


I'd be fine with that. I feel like coordinator right now.


I feel like he'd stay yeah, no.


He is the defensive coordinator, and so his defense, our defensive coordinator left, and no one knows why. I do know why. It's very funny. I won't say.


Oh, come on.


I'll tell you after.


Okay, yeah. Well, shit.


Do you know why the running back guy left?


That one, I do know as well, is also not as funny.




Both aren't really I wouldn't say either are funny. They're funny in, like the Bears are a joke of a franchise.


The defensive coordinator was using the women's bathroom and refused to stop.




Okay. That would be funny, though.


I was sworn to secrecy. There was so much weird shit that was said during that that I don't want to say anything publicly because then what if I'm wrong? And then also in the weird shit, like the whole FBI and all that stuff, who the fuck knows on the.


Line side, you know? Malcolm Russell.


I also don't even know. I just said that to say to.


Sound cool, you gotta be.


Just like I've been telling people, like, yeah, I know why. You know why? And then trying to get them to tell me why, but I don't know why. It's old trick, Hank. You got me. You think knew?




That's a good prank.


Still do.


Art of the deal. Learn it. Read it.


Rodrigo. You remember him from hard knocks.




Middle linebacker on the lions. You know he switched to fullback?




So this is what the Lions did. So they had Kabinda at fullback, and then he got injured, and then they just took another linebacker because Cabinda was also a linebacker that got moved.




So now Rodrigo is playing fullback, and he's, like, one of the better fullbacks in the league right now.


That guy's a dog.


He's a dog. Absolute dog. Total. When should we drop the watch list for the Low Man Trophy? You want to do that next week?


Should we wait till the after the season?


No, the watch list, though. All the watch lists are coming out right now. So, like, the Heisman watch list.


Okay. Yeah.


Then we can do it next week.


We'll do that for the Low Man trophy.




So yeah, Diape up. Get your diaper on if you're a Lions fan this weekend.


Yeah. I don't think the Bears are going to win, but their defense is playing better and I want to give them credit for being not as bad as the worst. That's baby steps.




No longer the worst.


Their defense is actually good. They have a good defense.


I have this stumbling in my throat. Can you get me another water, Hank? There's five teams that I would say the Bears could confidently four teams the Bears could confidently beat. Cardinals, panthers.








There's water right there. There's water right there. Giants. Commanders, they did beat you beat us. Raiders.




If Joshua Daniels was still the coach, kick the shit out of them.


What about the Rams?


I have thought on the Rams when we get to it.




Jake nerd nugget of the week.


That's the sound that we're doing.


Yeah, I just made it up. That was the breaking news jingle.


What instrument was that?


I don't know.


Just like when you watch TV, it's.


Like, is that the sound that they used to make when Knights would come into the arena?


I'm mad that I was drinking some water and I couldn't react.


You can still react. I was shocked by it.




I've never I didn't hear it.


Do it again for Hank.


Nerd nugget of the week.


You did your own you did your own entrance music.


I don't know if Hank likes it.


Hank gave me a look when it happened that would suggest strongly otherwise.


Hank's head. Nog. Was that's a thing?


I'll have some awls who like it.




And some people ate it, but hey.




That's podcasting.


Yeah, that is. People love it.


Some people ate it.


That's a fact.


Jake for the first time since 1979, three pairs of brothers are set to appear in the same NFL game. Amanrat and Equinimius st brown romeo and Julian Aquara and Pena noah Sewell Whoa.


That is wild.


Jake that's why it's the near nugget of the week.


It is very cool. Do you think when they named them Romeo and Julian, that's, like, a little bit weird?




Well, they expected it to be a girl.


Yeah, for sure.






Like, maybe they'll still fall in love.


We only had one name.


I was supposed to be Jackie if I was a girl.






Now we're just going to have to jackie Marsh.


I'd fuck you.


I kind of like Jackie.


Yeah, I'm thinking about it.


I mean, I was a woman in the commercial.


Yeah, you look good. Yeah.


I'd fuck you for yeah, I think.


That'S a pretty sick nerd nugget.


Yeah, that is.


It is.


So, three brothers, huh?


Same field, three brothers, assuming they're all on the active roster, but it's like Saving Private.




I was going to say if two of them get injured, we got to get the go to the third set.




Okay. Next game. Cowboys at Panthers. All I wrote for this game is maybe take the Panthers question mark.




So my only note on this game was we've got a coach taking back play calling duties here because Frank Reich, much like Mike McCarthy used to, uh, you pass around the play calling duties like it's the talking stick when it's your turn to speak, whenever your job is somewhat in jeopardy. So he gave the play calling duties to their offensive coordinator and then that's not working out so well. So he's taking it back to fix the is.


Did you see the picture of Frank Reich, his opening press conference and now today. And he is aged in presidential years.


It's so bad. It's bad dog years.


That's David Tepper. And David Tepper also had a very bizarre I don't know where he was speaking. It was like he was like at the side of maybe the podium or something talking about the draft day trade and how there was a trade for them to be the second pick with Houston, three way trade with Chicago. And then he's like, but then we decided to go one, essentially saying, like, he's trying to cover up the fact that maybe they didn't want Bryce Young. But the whole thing is confusing. It sounds like he just is an idiot. And Houston was like, wait, they're going to take Bryce Young. We can just not trade.




There were all sorts of stories that came out as the draft was happening of why they like Bryce Young again. It's the scallops dinner. They went to dinner and they were super impressed with this young man. So then the owner, Tepper, was like, yeah, I want this guy. This is a guy I can build. And I'm almost ready to like, I know that we've been comparing stroud to Bryce Young this entire season, and that's going to happen for the rest of their careers no matter what, but I want to see Bryce Young play somewhere fun.




I'm now mad at the Panthers for potential. Maybe not the organization as a whole, but like, Reich for sure of making this potentially fun guy not as fun to watch.


So this is not a fun place for Bryce Young to play. But I had a thought, shower thought, dumb thought. What if the Bears traded the Panthers number one pick back for Bryce Young and Brian Burns and next year's number one from the Panthers? I like got bright. The Bears got Bryce Young. I just was thinking about it. It's kind of like a toddler. You give a toddler a piece of candy and they won't eat it right away because they're like, I want to hold the candy. I want to see the candy. If I eat the candy, the candy's gone. That's how I'm feeling about having two number one picks. I don't ever want to not have two number one picks. I want to have two number one picks for the rest of my life. So I don't want to use both of them. I want to trade and get another one and just keep kicking the can down the road and having two number one picks. It's so fun having two number one picks.


And you're also seeing another kid holding, like, black licorice, and they're like, this is so gross. But you see another kid holding a piece of candy, you're like, I want that. Yeah, I wonder what that candy?


That's my thoughts on draft picks. But yeah, David Tepper, he also had the awkward moment where a boss that's a piece of shit makes a joke and everyone has to laugh. So he was like, yeah, we were going to do the trade, three way trade on Wednesday. And I'm impatient. I'm from a world of trading. So I was just texting our GM over and over, like, when's the trade again and the GM had to laugh and yeah, you did do that. My fucking life sucks.


Yeah, he seems like a miserable guy to work for.




Just stroke those brass balls.


If you're looking at the Mount Rushmore of ways that coaches try to save their job midseason, it's got to be one. Like benching a quarterback, right? Yeah, that's got to be the first taking I think actually passing play, calling.


Duty is probably number I think that's first.


You think that's number one?


I think benching a quarterback is usually last resort or one of the last resorts.


What about firing your offensive coordinator?


That is definitely one of them.


Definitely one.


Firing anyone on the staff is one of them. Like, you special teams coach. Yeah, we got to change something.


Frank Reich, he should coach from the booth. He should be head coach from the booth. Just move up there.


Or just not even head coach.


Honestly, coaching from a booth would kick ass.


Yeah, you get to see everything, all.


22, and you get your dip cup right there. You got your Diet Cokes hang out.


Be like, oh, can't come down at halftime too long.


The bathrooms right there.


Yeah, way better. Way better.


Okay. Yeah.


So I don't know. I think maybe I'll end up taking the Cowboys, but the thought crossed my mind. Maybe I'd take the Panthers.


This seems like one of those games where the Cowboys just beat the shit out of an interior opponent.


They like to do that. All right.


Jake Dallas is the only team in the NFL this season with 340 point games since head coach Mike McCarthy arrived in 2020. The Cowboys have the most 40 point games among NFL teams, with 14 of them. 1414 raise the banner, 40 plus.


That's a lot of Super Bowls, right?


Ton, what do you think about the conversation going on out there about that? We should use that same energy every time Josh Allen throws an interception as we did when Dak threw interceptions last season.


I would say that we're biased.


Yeah, I would say I would agree with that.




That would be my counterpoint. Also we're biased.


Josh's interceptions just look cooler. Yeah, I mean, come on.


Yeah, they look awesome. Josh has also won a playoff game. Has Dak won a playoff game? Wait, did he?


He did. Yeah.


They beat the Bucks.


Oh, yeah. They beat the Bucks.




Josh has won two playoff games.


How many NFC Championship games has Dak been?


Josh has won two playoff, right?




Yeah. Also, Josh won multiple playoffs.


Also, Josh has been throwing interceptions since day one. Yeah, that's kind of his thing, right?


Josh? You know Josh is going to throw interceptions. Yeah, that's what he does.


You just hope that the cool shit that he does that's not an interception is way cooler than the interceptions are.


Dak doesn't throw interceptions against bad teams. And then when he plays a good team, he's like, fuck, I'm going to throw an again.


When he throws interceptions, the cool shit that he does afterwards isn't cool enough to outweigh the yes.




So that's easy. And we're biased.


We're very biased.


All right. Titans at Jaguars. I think this is get right for the Jaguars. I think we're going to kill the Titans. I was looking at it. The Will Levis, who we believe in, he went up against the Falcons, the Steelers, the Bucks, all bottom of the half in the league in terms of coverage. Now they're going up against the Jaguars who are actually good in coverage this year. I think it's to going be a long day for the Titans. I think the Jaguars this is kind of a who are we? Like, we got embarrassed by the niners who are we?


Trevor's injured. That news came out this week like.


Yeah, Doug doug Peterson heard it in the Saints game.


Yeah, Doug Peterson mentioned it specifically. He's like, we're limited in what Trevor can do because of his knee. So I guess it's worse than we had all thought. Which would make sense because Trevor hasn't been playing exceptionally well this season. Yeah, he's been okay. And the thing about Trevor Lawrence is even if he's injured, he just looks like a quarterback so much that you're like, okay, this guy's still good, but apparently he's been injured. My only note on this is that one Mike Vrabel has been taking drills. This putting he's been in the drills. He's been love that taking part of the drills. So, you know, that's great. And then also this should be a Thursday night game.


Yeah. Titans.


Jaguars. We should get one of those every.


Late December Thursday night game. Okay. Nerd nugget for this game.


The Titans are the only team in the AFC who are still winless away from home this season. And in those six losses, they're averaging just twelve points per game.


Yikes. Their offense is tough to watch. Okay, this is going to be a fun game. Cardinals and Texans. Kyler Murray looked really good for someone who hadn't played football for a year.


He was very fast.


We were all kind of shocked. I thought there was going to be a lot more rust.




Stroud is incredible. I'm a little nervous about the Texans in this game because didn't it feel like the Texans were we've been on the Texans being like, Texans are good. The Texans are good.




Stroud's good. The win against the Bengals, it hit that critical mass of now it's MVP for CJ. Stroud Texans in the playoffs. It might be a read your press clippings type of game.


I would agree with that. When they started immediately after the game saying that CJ. Stroud MVP.




That's when I was like, if I had CJ Stroud stock right now, I wouldn't actually sell it, but I would look at the price and then calculator and be like, man, if I sold this right now, I could be rich.


That's the only thing that makes I think the Texans will win. But that is the only thing that's making me nervous about this game.


And the Cardinals get paid to play football, too.


That's facts.


Those guys are pros. We also have Stroud Boys shirts live in the Barstool store right now. I'm going to try to find it underneath.


Find it.


Find it now.


Find it. He's finding it. He found it.


Straud boys shirts, barstool, sports.


Nice find.


Thank you.


Straud boys with the outline of Texas. How perfect is that? Show your support. Stand proud. Stand back. Stand by.


Throw it up there.


Thanks, Max.


Now I've seen I have two of them. Unbelievable.


Straw boys.


Straw boys.


Straw boys. Stand up. Nerd Nugget for this game with field.


Goals of 51 and 56 yards last week, cardinals kicker Matt Prater now owns the franchise record of 17 field goals of 50 plus yards despite playing in just 40 games with Arizona. And he has 76 career field goals of 50 plus yards. That's 18 more than any other player in NFL history.




Great kicker.


Great kicker. Damn. Who's kicking? Wait.


Say that again.




He has 18 more 50 yard field goals than any other player in NFL history.


That's kind of insane. 76. That's a lot more 50 yards.


I think Vina Terry is second or someone.


Where's Justin Tucker?


My guess is he would be 18 behind.


Yeah, he'd probably be second.




That's nuts.


Okay, good.


Nerd nugget. Thanks. Afternoon games. Bucks at 49 ers. I hope the 49 ers kill them. I think they will.


49 ers are back.


They are back.


They're so back.


Turns out having your best players play helps.


Did you see the replay when they put together the various clips of Trent Williams on that one play where he pulls out to the left and then the cornerback just runs away from him?


He's a monster.


He's like, no, I'm taking myself out of this play. I opt out.




He's got cornerbacks opting out of plays instead of trying to actually make a.


Tackle when Trent Williams and Debo Samuel on the field. I know. I think the problem is the 49 Ers have so many dudes that you think, oh, you lose these two guys, you're fine. But you also have to remember the drop off of someone that good is going to be larger because he's that good. Like the backup to Trent Williams. No offense to him. Trent Williams is the best.




Also, if you're the backup to Trent Williams, you probably just think the entire game like, fuck, I'm not as good as Trent.




Like, what would Trent be doing?


Like, I don't want to get in because then they're going to see we're different species.




You miss a block and you think yourself, man, Trent would have had that. He's so good.




Also, Brock Purdy is back to being, I would say, top ten quarterback.




Absolutely. Borderline elite. The Bucks just bummed me out. I don't know. What do they do that makes you excited?


Mike Evans dropping a ball because he's thinking about which fan he's going to hand it to.


That's kind of cool Mike Evans. Baker sometimes running around Tod Bowles is a bummer. Vita bay is fun. Yeah, the Bucks bum me out.


Their offense coordinator is, like, a little too attractive.




They always show him in his tight shirt, showing everybody up.


This is also biased because Steven Shane is so annoying. Yeah. All right.


Nerd Nugget 49 Ers running back Christian McCaffrey is averaging 121 yards from scrimmage per game this season, second in the league, right behind Tyree Kill.


OOH, that's pretty good. That's pretty damn good.


Score a touchdown last week and get America Chicken. I'm not going to forgive him for that.


That hurt.


Well, he would still have to do the dance.


Anyone put it on. Yeah, but he was going to do the dance.


You don't think he was going to do the dance? Why do you think he do the dance?


Wait, Jake, why do you think he doesn't like chicken?


No, that seems racist.


He does, but anyone could have done it, so why are you blaming him?


Okay, he was going to do the dance.


He was going to do the dance.


He was 100% going to do the dance.


I would have done the dance.


I would have scored, and then I would have done the dance.


Right. If you give me four opportunities from inside the ten yard line like he had at the end of the game to score a touchdown and you don't, I would score at least two of those.




Oh, wait, Shake Shack tweeted that Tiller Luan's chicken dance was good enough.




Done through 1119.


Till Luan.


He did one.


Yeah, he did one from the Busting with the Boys account, and they said, that's good enough for us. Free chicken shacks online.


Let's go. The golf podcaster.


Taylor Luan did it.


Let's do it.


That's wild.








Let's go. I don't know what that has. Footballer. All right. Jets at Bills. Memes.




Wait, Jake.


Jake, do your entrance for memes. He gets the same entrance you do. I would think that if we're going to do a trombone as his entrance, it should just go.


Yeah, the price is right.


Just imagine Eeyore walking onto camera. Memes.


Hank, give us one. Okay. Thanks, Hank.




Memes. Memes.




I didn't really have anything to ask you. I just wanted to see that you're paying attention.


I'm paying attention.




How you feeling about this game, Izzy season? What?




The running back, is he I can't pronounce his last name.




They released Michael Carter.




And they're giving Izzy a shot.


So is hall.




Bries Hall's still there.


Why? Brice hall is good.


Brice hall is amazing.


So then what do you now Izzy steps in to do what?


He's going to be the second back.


Okay, but that's not third. What about Dalvin Cook? I don't like dalvin cook. I know you don't, but what are we talking about, memes?


If we're talking about the New York Jets, why would a borderline backup running back have anything to do with whether or not you'll be a better team this weekend? Because the Bills can't stop the run.


But you just said the third string quarterback is your takeaway for this game. Is he score. Now I'm going to have to bet on him to score. Fucking A. Memes you put us in a box, he's going to score.


I mean, you guys do have Josh Allen's number. We do. The line on this game is scaring me a little.


Exactly that's. I love the Bills because the jets feel so easy. Like, I looked at this and I counted as a win because I was going to take the jets and I was like, wait, what? You got to take the Bills?


Yeah. The seven is scary.


Seven scary. Memes it's too many points.


I'm going to declare that every game for the rest of the season is must win for the Bills.


I would say so.


I think they need they might be.


Able to get one more loss, but.


I'm going to say it's a must win, though. The margin of error is too small. It's a must win.




They have to look good because it feels like I was just thinking about, like, sad Bills fans walking out of the stadium. Dark out, late game.




You got to win this game. You have to win this game.


That sucks, doesn't it? I went outside. I was out at the park with Blake at 445 in the afternoon yesterday and it was dark out.


It sucks.


It fucking sucks.


Just end this stupid charade. I saw one person tag me and was like, big catcher. Told you about. This in Chicago, it's like, wait, in New York, it gets dark at the exact same time.


It actually gets dark earlier in New York.


What are we talking about?


All the buildings. So the sun kind of sets.


It's just change the fucking whatever it's called. No, my problem savings. I can't remember. Is it daylight savings or is it the other thing?


Daylight losings?


No. What's the spring one leap back. What do we have to do? Not do daylight savings or do daylight savings?


Not do we want the one in the spring?


No, I know, but are we done with daylight savings or are we keeping it?




Done with it.




Okay, great. Done with it. I'm done with that shit.


It sucks. No, my quarrel wait.


Why is it called daylight savings when we don't save any daylight?


I don't know.


Because I think when they put it in, that's when we get more do we just lose daylight savings?


No, it's the morning is when it gets the it's so fucking stupid.


It's the stupid farmers boss move by the state of Arizona.




They do what they want.




Someone told me once it was someone told me it was the farmers once. I'm just going to blame the farmers. Shout out the farmers. I like farmers. But this thing is stupid because they said farmers don't want to wake up and farm in the dark. So now it gets light. The sunrise is 630, but it sets at 440. Who wouldn't want to take the sunrising at 730 and setting at 540? That's way better.


It's so much better. And I know that we do have some farmers that listen, so if you're out on your tractor, I love whenever they send a picture of them plowing the field.




Shout out there.


I like that. But I would like you to explain to me how come we have to change our clocks just for you.


Right. I want to know that lights exist now.


Yeah. Just set up Christmas lights in your field.


Everywhere. Done. All right.




I kind of like the Bills in this game, only because of the spread. It's scared me off. The jets.


This does feel like everything inside the Bills facility this week was probably just straight business.


Oh, yeah.


I think they're about that business this week. I also don't want to get my hopes up. I really don't, because we can't score a touchdown. But if the jets win and the Dolphins lose, black Friday is for the first place in the you're still you're still thinking.


Yeah, but Kevin Harlan's on the call for the dolphins.


Yeah, I mean, the Dolphins are not going to lose the Raiders. Memes.


Anything could happen. I think it's time for an intervention.


I mean, Izzy was really the rock bottom. Yeah, Izzy was as low as he.


Can'T score a.


To again, I'm going to have to bet on him because you fucking said this guy's name, and now he's never going to score a touchdown. Probably won't be on a roster next year. But now I have to bet on him.


No, he's a good running back. Played a pit.


Okay, but if he's a good running back, why wasn't he playing?


They signed Dalvin Cook. So memes.


All right, is he izzy is the.


Guy, but do you really want to win this game? Like, you've already said that you don't want Aaron Rodgers back this year. I did say that, but so confused.


He's so confused.


The division is also right there.


If you win a couple of games, he's so confused.


Play the Dolphins twice.


The Dolphins are not going to lose the Raiders. Memes.


Ain'T O'Connell. Okay, AOC. You love her.


You sound like Max.




But, like a shittier Max, because Max does this, but his teams are good.




How are you comparing the jets to.


The because you do this thing where you start regardless. You do the thing where you start talking yourself into circles, then you get, like, confused with your own words when.


You said that, you remind me of Max right now. Both of them got offended for opposite. It was great.


Max, like when you said Philly's almost title town.


All right, fair.


Do you remember when you said that?


Yeah, I remember. No, you guys have never mentioned it again.


Oh, we haven't?




Oh, Max, speaking of, I don't know if you saw this, if this came across your desk yesterday, but the new rankings for most popular dog names are out in the United States. Max is second.


Oh, so funny.




No, it was number one. It was number one for, like, seven years in a row.


Yeah, that was always a fun fact that I had growing up, that it's the most popular cat and dog name.


But now it's number two.


Cat and dog, second place.




Damn. All right. Seahawks at Rams. Oh, wait, nerd nuggets.




Bills quarterback Josh Allen has thrown a touchdown pass in 18 consecutive games and needs one more to break Jim Kelly's club record set in 1980.




Why is that biased? Oh, you're the AWL.


Yeah, no, that was biased.




Congrats to Josh.


Yeah, no, but it's biased.




It's biased. There have been some people in the analytics community that have been like, Josh Allen. Like, if you actually look at the tape, has been playing great, and he doesn't have many turnover worthy plays. Yeah, I'm in for that.


They're doing the bad turnover luck.




Well, this is kind of josh, you're always going to get some turnovers. The real difference, if you watch the tape, look at the box score, is that Josh isn't running the ball as much anymore, which is good. Which is I think that's one of those things that we talked about with Justin Fields where it's like, Josh is a great quarterback. We want to limit the number of hits that he takes. Let's have him run the ball less. And then guess what happens when you run the ball less with your dynamic running quarterback. You're not as good anymore on offense.


Throw more.


Yeah, you throw, but like, let Josh run. You know what? Free Josh.


Free Josh. Free Josh. All right. Seahawks at Rams. So I was correct when I said that the Rams stink, and then they went to stink really bad against Cowboys, and then they lost three in a row. I think I'm ready to buy back it on the Rams healthy. Stafford this also is one of those spread games that makes no sense to me. Seahawks are six and three. Whatever their record is, they're good. The rams are bad. The Rams are a one point underdog.


Yeah, somebody knows.


Just I think the Rams are going to win this game. And doesn't McVeigh own Carol McVeigh?


Let's see. McVeigh owns Carol.


I don't know if that's true.


They all own the Cardinals coach. We forget this every single year. Kyle owns McVeigh.




So then it would make sense. I think Carol might own he's eight and five against.


Who does Pete Carroll owns? Think.


I think so. Needs to make a chart for us, please.


So I'm upset because we got a Carson Wentz signing out in Los Angeles on the bye week. So we didn't get one appearance of Carson Wentz. Once you have Carson Wentz, you just want everybody else to be afflicted with full blown Carson Wentz.




You want to spread the disease around. You want to take everyone gets a piece. You want to take joy in the misery of others. That has to deal with it, too. I feel like those who have not had Carson Wentz play for your football team are missing out on a very painful experience that I want to commiserate with.


He just had a baby, too.




Carson wentz.


He got signed and went right home to have a baby and then came.


Back shocked his sperm didn't get picked off. Max, when we got Carson Wentz, were you happy for me that you got to see another franchise, like, deal with the bullshit that is?


Um, yes, but there's also still a part of me that's that thinks that Carson Wentz could be.




I'm glad you admitted that because I was texting with somebody the other day about Carson Wentz signing with Rams. And I was like, also, if he has one good throw, I'm going to be like, fuck, Carson Wentz is still good. I'm going to fall back into the trap. So yeah, but I do want other people to experience having full blown Carson.


Wentz because I fought for him so hard for so long, and then obviously all shit hit the fan and then everyone hated him so much. But enough time has passed where I fought for him longer than I hated him.




So now he could be good.


Having Carson wentz as a former quarterback for you is not unlike being a zombie. So you got it. Now you want to spread it to somebody else? I want to bite the Rams. I want to watch them curl up into a little puddle and then go hunting for somebody else to bite.


It could be good. Yeah, he could be could be good. All right.


Nerd Nugget rams quarterback Matthew Stafford is set to play in his 200th regular season NFL game. He needs 198 passing yards in this one to surpass Matt Ryan for the second most ever by a player in his 1st 200 regular season game.




Matt Ryan. There's a name. Have we talked about Matt Ryan?


I zoned that one out. I didn't even listen to it.


Sorry. It's all right.


Say it again.


Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford set to play his 200th regular season game this weekend. He needs 198 passing yards in this one to surpass Matt Ryan for the second most ever by a player in their 1st 200 games.


Oh, okay.




So with Matt Ryan, though, have the Browns kicked the tires on old Maddie Ice?


There was a Tweet, I think, that said it was like the Browns should call him awful.


Announcing said the Cleveland Browns best option for replacing Deshaun Watson might be in the broadcast booth. And it was a picture of the booth, and Andrew Catalan play by play guy said, it's a good fit. I used to run Stefanski system in my backyard.


Now that's funny.


So with Matt Ryan, I think he has a clause in his contract where he can get out of the booth to go play for an NFL team, which tells me that he's thinking about it.


Well, remember watching Matt Ryan last year?


He's sitting by the phone.


That was really bad.


What about Philip Rivers get all the.


Old he's got a playoff game on Friday.


Oh, yeah.


For the high school team.


Yeah, that was reported on that.


I would say that Matt Ryan would be a better option than DTF.




I'm just going to call him DTF.




It's a cooler nickname.




Okay. Vikings and Broncos, Sunday Night Football. Josh Dobbs. Russell Wilson. I'm excited. I am excited.


Josh dobbs, baby.




Josh dobbs is fun.


He's so fun. And you know what? Russell Wilson might eke back into fun as well. Maybe. I also think the Broncos like that win against the Bills. Russell Wilson is playing a lot better. They started at, like, the 50 yard line every single drive, and then they.


Got, like, 15 yards.


I know. So I'm going to take the Vikings in this game, most likely.


So on Monday night, Russell Wilson was good. Say he was great.


No, he was good. He is good.


He did what he needed to do.




They're four and five. Everyone was going to laugh at the start of the season about the AFC West record. And outside the Chiefs, every other team looked like dog shit. But now that the Raiders have ripped off two in a row against the jets and the Giants, the whole division looks a little bit better. And the Broncos are not out of the they're in the hunt. The Broncos are in the hunt graphic.


They are in the Hunt graphic. Yes. They'd have to pass some pretty good teams.




They're one game behind the Bengals and the Colts, I guess. One and a half behind the Colts.


And a half game against behind the Bills.




I know they have the tiebreaker, but they're four and five. The Bills are five and five.




So, yeah, they got some work to do. Would be crazy if the Broncos made the playoffs.


It'd be awesome.


Would be.


That'd be fun.


Russell Wilson in the playoffs.


I think it'd be good for ratings, and that's what we root for.






Jake, history says this will most likely be a close game. Ten of the 15 games between these two teams have been decided by four or fewer points, including each of the last four matchups.


Okay, let's do some picks. Where are our standings? Do it. Do points.


Big cat or sorry. We'll start off with the warm up. 15 minutes. 15 minutes in Las Vegas. Jake. 11.5. Max. Eleven. Memes ten. Race one and a half. Spicy separating all of us. And the main event, 1 hour between the three of you.


Big Cat.


Hank, just side.


Big Cat. Twelve and a half.




Twelve. Hank?




And a half is a big half point there.


Hank, next week we will do three picks.


Hank if it's in constellation yes. Just know that your PowerPoint on the Lighthouse was so good that I have full faith that you'll be able to put together a full hour on you got this. Whether or not this presentation is actually real.


1617 picks left.




And next week we'll do three. So we'll do around maybe we'll figure out with the lottery ball who gets to go first. But we'll have one pick. Everyone has to do one pick for Thanksgiving Day or Friday or Friday.




No, Thanksgiving Day. Then you can do Friday or Sunday.


Hank, I've noticed that you've been quiet. What are you upset about?


I'm not upset. I'm just not looking forward to doing an hour of stand up.


You got this. You're a big boy. All right, who's going first?


Believe it's. Max? Yeah.


Just pick some winners.


Hank? Fine.


Don't pick the losers. I don't know. Who's going to confirm it?


Somebody just matt? I don't think I don't know.


Well, we started with PFT, and then I think I went last week in this studio.




I don't remember.


Yeah, whatever.


We rarely see each other's.


I am going to be taking the Bears plus seven and a half.


I like it.


Against the lions.




I like it. They're not as bad as people say they aren't. Hank or no memes.


Eagles chiefs over 45 and a half.


That is fun. Yeah, that's very god damn, that's so fun. That's fun. Fuck.


I want to take that picture so I can smile.


This is not going to make you smile. It doesn't make me smile, but I'm going for it anyway. Titans plus seven against the Jaguars.


That's not fun.


What's your strategy on that injury?


I think Jags are banged up. Will Levis bounce back game. Frable coaching. Going to keep it close.


Okay, I'll take Bucks niners over 41 and a half for my first pick.


That's a good.




That was going to be mine. The 49 ers might get that on their own.




I don't have anything that I love. I'll be honest with you guys. Don't have anything I love. But I'm going to go with the Steelers. Road Dogs.


Plus one against the Browns.




Let's do it.




I'm going to go with the Dolphins. -13 and a half against the Raiders. Kevin Harlan. And I'm going to go with dolphins. Raiders over 46 and a half.


Oh, double dip.


They love to score at home. I love their crush teams at home.


Double dip. All right, PFT.


I'm going to go with the Cowboys. Panthers over 42 and a half points. I think CD lamb gets like, 21 points on his own.




I have to do a spread now. You know what? I'll back it up. I'll take Rams plus one. Back up what I said. My theory.


I'm going to take the Bears. Lions under seven and a half. Justin Fields coming back. Little rusty.


Bears defense, playing well.


Bears defense, playing well. Lions defense, non existent bounce back game.


Oh, okay.


I like that you can just say, like, if a team's good at something, be like, yeah, they're good at this. And if they suck, I'd be like, they're looking to bounce back. Yeah, they're fired up.


You got it. Oh, this is the dumbest desk thing ever. If you hit any part of the metal mesh, the whole thing just falls on me. It's like a trampoline back.


Also, the TV is too small.


Don't hit it.


Fix it.




Why did memes what did Max go? He left.


They're playing music on the court and he's telling them we can hear it from when our mics are hot.


I like Max just screaming at him. All right, memes.


Anybody take the Seahawks?




Seahawks minus one against the Rams.




Max. Grand finale.


Is there noise for the grand finale?


My pick.


I want the grossest pick, the Brown steelers under okay. I think it's like 31.


I just saw 32 and a half.




Wait, did someone take that?






I also saw Steelers one and a half, so I don't know. I've got right now steelers plus one on ESPN, Barstool, Sports.


I didn't get a pancake update this week, so I'll keep you guys posted, okay?


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All right, finish fuck, boys.


Let's get it.


Let's get it.


How we doing? How we doing? How we doing? Hey, what's up, y'all fuck?


Fucking loser.


My name is Mario Batia Levy. Yeah, Mario.


Mario. My stardom is flashlights. Oh, it's getting dark this time of year. You're going to need a flashlight on your person at all times.


I feel like the sun. Hey, I got a theory. I think Mario might have just picked his fancy fuck boys. Based on what we talked about, it.


Might be it could be.




Carson Wentz.


No, I haven't seen you around too much. Why you been what? You snitch my sit? Him is smoke.


Smoke one of the OGS, all time greatest. Smoke is Snoop Dogg. He retired from smoke. Oh, he didn't die? No, he's not dead retired, but he.


Might as well be.


He retired from smoke.


Full time. Gummy.


Guy probably going to last a couple weeks.


Have some brownies.


And my sleeper draymond.


Green. Yeah, don't fuck with him. He'll fucking choke you and put you to sleep. Put you to sleep.


He's sleeping with fishies.


Love that.


Hey, what's up, assholes? It's Tommy DeVito. Looking forward to playing football this weekend for the New York Giants.


You're always Tommy DeVito.


I'm Tommy DeVito. This week again, bitch. Shut the fuck up, Hank.


Your quarterback's, Mac Jones.


He's worse than I am.


Haley Zappy. I'm third string.


I'm starting beer. We're drinking beer again.


Love that.


It's beer season in the wintertime. I'm sitting, not drinking beer. I used to not drink beer sometimes, but now, guess what? We're drinking some stunts. And my sleeper this weekend is me, Tommy DeVito. That's right. Tommy's going to go into Landover, Maryland, and he's going to throw for at least 20 yards.


Oh, hell, yes.


That's a fucking promise. That's a DeVito family promise.


Love that. Love that. Tommy DeVito. You like chicken palm?


Love Chuck.


Chicken palm.


Chicken palm.


Chicken palm and bad boys. Now that's what I call world class night.


Chicken Palm. What's up, you fucks? My name's George Santos.


Hey, Georgie boy.


My stardom is only fans. Fucking love that shit. Love tipping everyone, seeing all these chicks, guys, whatever you want, whatever you're into.


It's supporting small business owners.


Yeah. My sith is my OnlyFans page. I don't have one. Didn't peel a banana with my feet on it. People ask me that, Georgie.


Did you?


I never did. Never said that.


Hey, Georgie, what do those tootsies do, huh?


No, it's never happened. And then my sleeper is gonna be Hank Lockwood. The fuck people sleeping on this guy. He's an up and comer. Hey, he's a fucking guy. He's a big guy. He's a good guy. Oh, Max is making a face like I don't know about that. You know what a real piece of shit.


You know what I heard about Hank? I heard that maybe he's got conflicting business priorities.


Oh, what's that?


That's what I heard. Not from me. Are we still doing the voices? No, not for me. I didn't hear that. I didn't say that. But there's we can talk about where Hank's priorities lie right now.


Yeah, I don't know what's going on. There's a mutiny going on.


A mutiny.


You gotta get your boys in order.


A mutiny is incorrect.


What happened?


I don't know. I tried to ask Max and he was like, I'm not talking about it.


I'm not talking about to are they going at the King?


Max and memes are forming a know.


It'S been a long time coming, this new office. There was a couple new things that are coming around, and Hank is just PMT is just not his top priority anymore.


And that's just a fact.


That's bad.


Can you give me some examples?


Give us some examples.


There's just one example, and I get it. I agree with you. Viva TV should be a big thing, but it's just part of my take. Doesn't matter anymore.




What happened?


Yeah, but what have I done to.


Make you think that part of my take doesn't matter?


Well, every Thursday night, we release our PMTV. PMTV vlog. And we had an agreement that I was like, oh, this Viva TV thing. You're going to go monday, Wednesday, Friday? We're going to go Thursday.


Oh, no, you broke the agreement.


And then all of a sudden, today.


Monday, Thursday.


Oh, hey, I side with the boys in the booth. It's at different times. I side with the boys.


They're not released at the same time?




What are the times?




2 hours.


It's kind of similar.


So Thursday nights.


For a few weeks.


Yeah, but what was Monday, Wednesday, Friday was the agreement.


Yeah, it sounds like you don't it could have gone Monday, Friday, I'm with Mutiny.


And then I also talked to him about it, and then it became a.


You and us situation.


You and us.


Well, then I was like, I thought.


You were on I thought we putting up PMTV. No, you said, what time are you.


Putting I started saying, if you're going.


To keep me out of and us.


No, he did you and usum. And it's also about Hank being like, well, I'm technically like the senior Vice president. I'm SVP, so I don't really work on part of my take.


That also was part of the SVP.


And the head logo is spinning and he's laughing at us.


It is a know, there's a lot of shows, podcasts streams. Like, things have to come out in the same days. There's not enough time. There's not enough days in the week to do.


Memes is the real one who should be.




Memes doesn't speak. He just fucking chirps me from the clouds.


I like that memes. Keep going. Izzy army.


Izzy army.


Stand up.


So, Hank, what do you think about these? Like, to me, I'm concerned because it sounds like you don't have your boys in order.


It's memes. Memes is a mutineer.


Mutineer nice.


And I don't again, like YouTube, the way YouTube works, the algorithm, people are going to watch what they want to watch. I think releasing something at the same time would be crazy. I think releasing things at different times when you have a company with.




Shows that all do videos.


I don't think it has anything to do with podcasts. I don't think it has anything to do with the scheduling, to be honest. I think it's more of you versus us kind of thing. I don't like that you forgot where you came from.


I haven't. That's crazy.


Actually, now that I think about Big Cat, did we ever give Hank any crap about one of his guys forgetting to press the button?


Because that technically this isn't what we.


Have to talk about.


That's true. You supervised. That was on you. Or having one of his guys have the worst attitude ever and just be like, moping all the time and saying Izzy into the microphone.


Yeah, that shouldn't be a problem for too much longer.


But we can't say that, you know, memes will spiral. Memes can't we never said we didn't.


Say it was memes.




He's not going to fire you.


I just like the idea.


Might reassign your ass.




Oh, reverse it.


I like the idea. Just blaming Hank for everything that they do, though.




That to me, seems like good workflow.


No, I don't like that.


I don't like their boss. I don't like that.


No, I love it. But that way I just get to get mad at Hank and I mean, on top of the parking post situation, hank things have been kind of dicey.


I feel like they're not too far off. It's you versus us kind of thing. You forgot about us.


I am us.


No, you're not you. We're us. You're. You.


We're us. You didn't hear the we're all. No, you first.


That every view, every dollar. Everything goes back to Dave Portnoy.


I just want to make sure that you're still part of this team.


Like, you still look at yeah, you still like us. You still wanted like, did you do the best for us?


I like most of the people here.




Rank us. No, I'm just kidding.


No ranking. But also memes and Max are like.


Fuck, we're going to be bottom.


Hank had a look at his face. That was like, I really want to rank you.


Also, the moral of the story is there's two great Vlogs that are out right now, me and PFT.


Which one should people watch first?


Whatever the people want to watch, I want them to watch. This is a team thing.


Very similar names. I don't same day.


Memes is also upset about the name, but I will say Me and PFT had a nice did you come up.


With the name PMTV?




Me and Liam did.




Me and PFT did a nice investigative journalism of the headspace of Rico Bosco during the invitational.


Scary place.


Scary place.




It was up close and personal. You should go give it a watch.


I will say this. People are going to give Rico some shit for not paying attention to the Mopping, but he did a great job being the assistant coach for the Faul.


Memes, do you think people shouldn't put out podcasts on the same day?


No, I think they should.


What's the difference?


Different podcast is a sports podcast.


Macro dosing is a yeah.


What does macro dosing means?


Conspiracy podcast.




One Vlog is a Vlog about PMT, and one Vlog is a Vlog about what's viva TV about what happens at the barstool office.


What's PMTV about?


What happens within the part of my take podcast.


Where's the part of my take podcast.


This situation? It was at the basketball arena.


All right, I think we should just end this discussion and just say, you're on notice.


That's fine.


You're suspect that's fine.




Keep your house in start.


That I need to do that is my biggest takeaway.


You got to clean your oh, he's threatening memes again.


Now, Hank's going to take some Adderall tomorrow morning and then just spend all day breathing down your necks.




Wait, here's what I want to do. Can we also make a video series of Hank bossing you guys around as a sub brand underneath PMTV?




You produce that one.




Got it.


Oh, wait. I have to do my 1 second in the life of angry Hank Lockwood TikTok that I'm working on for this entire year.


Have you been getting every day?


Yeah, I started yesterday.


Love it. Love it. All right, 363.


What if you don't see him some days?


What about next week?




No, I'll find him.


Okay. Yeah.


All right, let's get to our interview. We got Ryan Fitzpatrick and Andrew Whitworth in studio and who's it brought to us by?


It's brought to you by Duracell. A few sports are more demanding than auto racing because of those standards. Williams Racing only trusts one brand of batteries. That's Duracell. You might not think that you need the same level of performance in your batteries until you do that's because Duracell is engineered for more and a proud partner of Williams Racing. Don't forget we're giving away the ultimate experience race tickets, paddock, club passes. Meet and greet with one driver and way more. If you're watching on YouTube, scan the QR code or visit slash barstool to enter that's Slash barstool to enter paddock club passes, race tickets, meet and greet with one driver and much, much more. And make sure to tune into the race this weekend in Vegas. Now here's Fitzine Whitworth.


Okay, we now welcome on two recurring guests, but they're together. It is Andrew Whitworth. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime. They're in Chicago. We're going to run this next week. Apologies for the Bears Panthers game, but you guys have an awesome slate coming up. You have ravens, right?


Do yes.




Yeah, we're on opposite sides of it, too. It's not contentious.


Yeah, well, we both played for the Bengals. People forget.


Yeah, people do forget. Yeah. When you do these Thursday night football games, are you just like, oh, I guess I'm rooting for this team. I guess I'm rooting for the half. The league is yours.




Well, witt only bangles and Rams, he'll root for him every time. He already said the Rams are making the playoffs this year.


He still stands.


I think they're going to win more than seven and a half games this year.


That's actually what I said.


I said they stink right before the Cowboys game, and I was proven very right. Okay?


Well, Matt Stafford got hurt.


Yeah, but they stink.


But we actually have a whiteboard in my house and we write all the teams down and then that I've played for and circle the ones that win or lose. And the other week I went Owen five with four by weeks. That's a rough week for us. But usually when they play each other, then it's like, okay, we're guaranteed at least some sort of win.




You're probably the best person to ask about this. Like Josh dobbs. He's bounced around a little bit. We want him to find a forever home. What he did last week, how hard is that actually to go to a new city and you've got like three days to practice. You don't even get any reps in practice. How difficult is that to step into a game and do what he did?


It's impossible.


It's impossible.


We saw it last year with Baker Mayfield when he went to La. And the Raiders game, but Baker was going to be the starter for that game. Like Josh was an afterthought. They brought him in, they had to get a rookie ready to play. All their focus was on hall and what he was doing and the game plan and for him to step know on the sideline, talking with the center about where he puts his hands, what the snap count is, how do you want me to that was like during a game and Atlanta lost the it's. I don't know that it'll ever be done again. I mean, that was insane.


So from an offensive lineman's perspective when you have a new guy who you've never blocked for, do they say something like, hey, this is what I like to do, I'm going to roll, right? Or is that even a discussion?


Probably not in that moment, because they didn't have time. They don't know him well, and he's just getting in there, trying to survive, right? I mean, he went in there long enough to know half the plays and concepts, right? So he's trying to figure that out. So I don't imagine there's a lot of dialog with that. But as a lineman, especially tackles, you're protecting the edges, so you don't know. Is this a quarterback who likes to set deep in the pocket? Does he like to climb up in the pocket? You're trying to feel this guy out as the game goes and where you need to protect for him. And then I think we talked about it probably beneficial that it was a road game and they're using a lot of silent count, right? Because then you don't have to go off cadence, because a quarterback's first time, I don't care what practice, what it is, the first time a new quarterback comes in and says the cadence, somebody's jumping, and the whole game you're going to be guessing how he's going to use his cadence and those things. So I think it probably helped them out some, being in the gun, using silent count.


At least that way they're just using their mechanisms and not the quarterback.




So we're at the point of the season where obviously injuries start piling up. And this is a question for both of you, because it's great that they probably did this on purpose. Quarterback, offensive lineman, how many injuries to the offensive line has it become like, uhoh, we're in trouble? Because I know teams can come over one, they overcome one, but two, then three. It's like depth issue, but also cohesiveness with the quarterback. What's that tipping point? Usually in a season where it's like, we're now in some trouble, no offense to the backups, but at some point it's like we just aren't playing as a team.


Well, I think that probably the premium is your outside guys first in the sense of it depending on the team, right. If you got a young quarterback, veteran center is without question a massive loss if you lose that kind of guy, because he's probably declaring everything. He's doing all the communication for that young guy, and probably the calming force a little bit for him while he's playing. But in most offenses where you got elite tackle play, you look at San Francisco, how good they were playing, until Trent Williams goes down and misses a couple of games here, that he's not healthy. It matters because you literally build your offense around how good that guy is and what he does. And so that is a big loss. You look at what happened to the Rams last year, it's unheard of, right? Every position other than the right tackle was just a rolling wheel of players that you have no chance. But I would say for good football teams, probably one or two is like the max. And that really depends on the quarterback situation and probably whether that's a young guy or a veteran QB who kind of mean.


Drew Brees was an artist that I used to always say, obviously being with the know, I'm rooting against the Saints, and it's like, man, the Saints are missing some linemen. I'd get livid watching Drew Brees just get the ball out fast, have all these answers for, oh, man, he's under all these pressure, but the ball comes out. I think those kind of guys can handle it better, but you better be in that kind of situation if you lose one or two guys.


I've got a different take than Super Bowl champion Andrew Whitworth.


How many consecutive games did he play?


Did I play? I played yellow.


The man played a lot. So for the bad teams, I always had that rule where if I'm in the huddle and there are at least two guys lining up on the offense that weren't here at the beginning of the year, that's the tipping point for me. We can do one. We could fill in at left guard, but that's when you're on your third guy and you're moving your right tackle to left.


We weren't really talking about the teams that are going to go six. And yeah, it depends what perspective anyways.


But that's a good point because it does feel like the minute you get that second, it's like, uh oh. Like even the Browns, right? Their Jedric Wills goes down. They've now lost both tackles, and now they're talking about swapping their tackles, which I think people don't understand when they're like, oh, yeah, we'll just put the right tackle at the left tackle. That's totally different position.


I mean, Tristan worfs obviously has done it this year, and it's insane to me that he's done it as well as he has because I was making this point. We were talking about their game a couple of weeks ago. Name a guy that you know that's played both sides that was like a really good player. There's just not any I mean, most of the time that guy's average player at best, right? And so whenever they say that, it's like, that's not an easy fix. Flipping a guy another side is not the answer. Maybe putting another guy, whoever your best left is, and give him help a lot, chip or do whatever you got to do to help him, to me would be better. And at least be good on one side where the quarterback knows, like, hey, I can trust my right side. Like, we feel good about the left side. I know where pressure is going to probably be coming from.


And to wit's point, too, sorry, he said and he put it in context for me, because even for me, it's hard to say, like, well, why can't you just flip over to the right side, right? Next time you go to the bathroom, wipe with your left hand and see what happens.


Thank you.


Give it a wipe with the opposite hand.


I had hand surgery back when I was in high school. On my right hand, my life was turned upside down by not being able to use my right arm.


What do you mean?


I don't get it. I'm confused.


I think we can strangely, for, like.


Writing, we can read writing weight.


Got you writing.




If you're playing left tackle, though, and you try to switch to the right as a left tackle, is one side of your body naturally stronger from doing the same pass set every single time?




If you look at most offensive linemen, like retired players, if you're a right tackle, the left side of your body is where the majority of your injuries are your left ankle, knee, hip, left arm, elbow, because that's really where you're taking all the pressure on that side of your body. And then if you're a left tackle, it's the right side of your body, because your inside part, your outside leg, is your kick and stretch leg. That's how you move. But the inside leg is how you stop force and power and everything else. So usually your inside part of your body is what's injured the most. So a lot of guys, why they can't flip, even for somebody like me, like, my right side of my body is where I took all my injuries. So to go to the right side and start telling me I got to open that up, move it a whole bunch, it's like, man, no, that part of my body doesn't want to move at all.


Right. Yeah.


Makes sense. When you're playing a defense, which would you rather go up against, man or zone? And would you rather them blitz or not blitz?


Man, 100% of the time?


Really? Like Gino. I'm fascinated with Gino, who can't play against man defense, and he just kills.


Zone, which is shocking because that's about matchups.


Right? Right.


So it's like, okay, who's Gino throwing to? We got Lockett, we got DK, and we've got Smith and Jigba. So it's like they should be able to win some of those matchups. The hard thing is when you don't have dudes to throw to, you got to manufacture it. The rubs the back out of the backfield, that kind of stuff. But for me, if it's man coverage and I got a guy, it doesn't matter if it's mean, if it's Brandon Marshall, I'm just closing my eyes and throwing it.




And some years it works, and some years it doesn't.


We were saying that about Joe Burrow. It does feel like once or twice a game, he's just like, I'm just going to throw it to, like and even Jalen Hurts with AJ. Brown. Like, I'm just going to throw it up there. It probably is not smart, but he's going to make the catch.


Most times when you watch it, he makes a play. It's like sometimes we complicate football too much.




My guy's better than your guy, so I'm going to give my guy a chance. And that's why I love the AJ. Brown thing because it's like that's what he does three times a game. And two out of three, it's either pass interference or AJ's bringing it.


Yeah. Yeah.


So, Fitz, from your perspective, we're actually talking about this on Monday's show. As a quarterback, do you bring two separate outfits to wear after the game in case you lose and in case you win? Because there's no worse look than a guy wearing something at the podium after they just took a big loss. And it's Cam Newton having the shirt that looks like your drapes and like a cowboy hat with tassels on and he's answering questions somberly. Did that occur to you? Because I know that you wore some pretty crazy postgame stuff, but that's why.


I always borrowed other people's stuff because I would just show up still.


Does that normal?


I would just show up in something normal and then I would be like, okay, we actually won a game. Like, here we go. I got to put somebody's stuff on, which is the deshaun stuff and other outfits as well. But yeah, it's always a tough luck going up to the podium and then having to walk back to the know and the flare when you just lost.


Yeah, that is tough. You're all dripped out and everyone's just talking like the sad walk back to the car.




It's not good. See, these are the small things that we think about that probably players don't think about as you guys, you went to Harvard, you went to LSU.




Which school do you think is harder to graduate in four years? Because I would say LSU.


Yeah, that might be to I'm going to go LSU. Four years would be tough, man. I mean, you got two years of being incoherent.




You got a lot of work to do in two years.




I feel like there's a lot of pressure on you.




They don't have a Fred's in Cambridge.




You're not worried about Fred's and bogeys tiger land? Yeah, I agree.


I would say LSU.




You had a pretty good Harvard.


It's really hard to get into, right?




That's the hard part for some.


Yeah. Uh huh.


For some. Not for this guy you went to school with.


Who was it?


Natalie Portman at Harvard.


Portman was there.


Did you hang out with her?


Never. No, not one.


You weren't in the Natalie Portman.


JTT Listen, really?


He can barely get in there now. I mean, he took us last year. So look, we go to the Patriots game.


We're there.


He's like, hey, I've never been on a subway. He's like, man, we're going to take.


The witt had never been on a subway. We took him on the took me.


On the just took me on the T. I went on the T. We went to Harvard. Fitz was going to give us a tour of the school. We got kicked out of the cafeteria. As soon as we walked into it, they're like, get the hell out of here. I don't know who you are or what you're doing. Get out of here.




So we get kicked out in our first building.


Then we went to the Widener Library, and thank God Tony Gonzalez was there.


Tony being a beautiful human, we got invited to go on a tour by one of the guys that worked in the building. It was great. But Fitz got us kicked out of.


Kicked out of the library. No clout.


No clout.


Zuck was there at the same time, right?




Did you ever meet with Zuck?


Did you get face smashed? No, that was called smash or pass.


I've done that, but I don't.


Know. Yeah, the Winklevy, Zuck, they were all there.


Yeah, the whole that's like that's like the Florida like the era where they had Dan Bilzerian, Aaron Hernandez, Tim Tebow. That's like Harvard for you guys.


Yeah, you've seen the movie. I mean, that's exactly how the parties.


Went down. All right, so you guys have I mentioned at the top you have a good schedule coming up. Again, sorry for the Bears, Panthers, Black Friday. So dolphins jets. I have a question about the jets offensive line. And maybe we're because we actually having this conversation with our friend Sam Schwarzenegger, who you guys know, he was in the really, really smart guy. Great interview. The offensive line. It's so easy when a team struggles to be like, the offensive line sucks. The jets feel like maybe that could be true. What is the fix when you're having those type of problems? Is it coaching? Is it play calling? How do you fix it in season? Like, we cannot protect the passer here.


Yeah, I think there's so many things that go into that. Right? I mean, you got to know the guys you have up front, what they're good at, because regardless of when you're struggling, I think sometimes, as Fit said earlier, we make it more difficult than it is. And it's like, all right, if we're going to have to be a team that we run the football first and run play, like, what's the best version of a play action we do with the guys we have? And then if we get in those downs where we've got to sit back there and throw it and we got to throw the ball, then we've got to have some answers whether the screen game, being able to move the quarterback at times, getting the ball out faster is that quick game, whatever it is. And the problem with that is, in this situation, I don't know that what Zach Wilson's good at yet. So it's like, all right, what is our answer with our line? And then what is it that we can trust?




Like, all right, if we're going to move to quick game because our line struggles and we want to just jump everybody and we're going to get the ball out fast, then there's got to be a trust that the ball is actually going to come out fast and that you can read zones and know this is who it's got to go to. So I think to me about, man, I don't know if they have any we talk about identities on offense, but I don't know if they know enough about who they are and what they're good at to have any answer other than let's just try and run the football because we're big and strong and that's what they want to do. But you look in every game where that's not an answer for them, it's over with. They have no offensive answer other than we could run the football and try and smash somebody.


Right. I think their identity is we're hoping Aaron Rodgers is going to come back.




Their identity is, watch this pregame throw that Aaron Rodgers makes. Maybe he'll come back in a couple of weeks.


Yeah. How pissed would you be? And Fitz, you could answer this too, because Zach Wilson, we said it, he's been struggling. He loves to take sacks to the max. Like, when he's going to get sacked, he's like, let me get even ten yards further back. Would you tell him, like, hey, man, a sack is a sack. Don't go backwards every single time because it feels like they're in like fourth and 16, fourth and 20 more than any other team.




And I would say not firing shots, but the work that we do watching like Justin Fields is kind of the same way, where there's some bad sacks and so there's different styles of quarterbacks.




And so the Tom Brady's, the Drew Brees, the Peyton Manning, like, that ball was coming out. It didn't matter who was in front of him, what the front five were, it was coming out. They were going to defeat you just by doing it over and over and over again and frustrating you. But then you have a guy like Patrick Mahomes and you look know all these next gen stats and stuff like, time to throw for Patrick Mahomes. It's like 4 seconds. It's crazy at times, the amount of.


Time, and one of the least sack quarterbacks.


He's one of the least sack quarterbacks. So for me, it's like if Zach Wilson let's, first of all, only scramble forward, right. Never go backwards out of the pocket. Because it was something that was a huge issue for him last year, that he got a little bit better at now. We've seen a little bit more of a regression, but Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, too, I guess, like, the pocket presence and being able to move around and always was amazing. So stop running out of the back of the pocket, because sometimes Zach Wilson, he has a hard time, even though he's got a strong arm, making it back to the line of scrimmage with the throws, not grounding right. It's like he's on his back foot throwing at 35 yards right, Tom?


That's what's so incredible. He got injured, he tore his ACL, stepping up in the pocket and taking a shot like that, and then he came back even more fearless to step up in that pocket and throw. Because if you're a young quarterback, you see these big dudes coming at you. It's human nature to say, well, I'd rather run away from those guys.


Yeah, I mean, there's a lot of clips with Zach, and that would be my biggest thing that I don't quite say that I would buy in with him with is that there's just a lot of plays where it's just like, dude, you have no feel. Do you not feel that the entire line is getting you got to be able to feel that. Mahomes is so great at that. The second he feels alignment's backing up or there's pressure, he's gone. Like he's finding a new place to stand. I'm somewhere else. But there was a couple of clips the other night. Zach's standing there, just padding the ball, and literally both tackles are just condensing down on him. I'm like, Dude, do you not feel this happening? I think there's a lot of football that is hard to explain. When you're a really good football player, you just feel it and you know what's happening. Like, when I was playing to play a long time, I could feel somebody's about to roll up the back of my legs. I could feel that. I'm like, oh, I'm in traffic. I'm in trouble. I knew when to get myself out of those situations, and I just don't see that kind of feel that I don't know that there's a fix for that.


I will say, like, watching Will Levis, I mean, he was a guy week one, lights the world on fire, four touchdowns. But watching him play the next week when we had their game against, like, he has a feel, right? And I don't know if that's because he played a bunch in college. Brock Purdy played a bunch in college. So it's actually like getting out there and playing in these games. But Will Levis, we came out of that game.


Me, too.


I think I gained more respect than the non four touchdowns.


That's what I told him after the game. I said, look like four touchdowns in the debut. Amazing. Like, the fantasy football owners, they love you and everything, but I come out of this game more impressed watching you the beating he took early, how he still stayed in there and delivered some of those throws. He was really impressive.


And just seeing like, a rookie quarterback be able to climb the pocket like that, you just see it. You're like, okay, this guy gets like he's going to be successful.




And good offensive line. Like, Detroit's got a great offensive line, but quarterbacks can also help out a mean some of those stats, like Sam Howe is a good example of a guy, especially early on, it was like taking so many sacks. Now, the other thing is they put a lot of pressure on him because they throw the ball so much. But there's another guy that he's a young guy. He has played a lot of football, but he's had to learn this year how to know when the play is over, how to get the ball out. And he's put a lot of pressure on that offensive line because of the amount of throws they have, but also in holding the ball back there.


And I think he's gotten better.


I agree.


Nine and a half.


I thought that was something where it would be tough to improve on because it's like human nature. You are who you are. He's played so much football. It's going to be tough to teach him to avoid sacks, but it seems like he's improved. I might be a delusional commander.


No, I agree. I agree. I like him. I like watching him play. I think he's competitive. And I do think some of those things he got away with in college that you can't get away with in the NFL. But he's learning that right now, okay, I can do this. I can't do this. And it's been fun to watch him progress.


He's four and O against Super Bowl winning head coaches. You know that?


Oh, wow.


Yeah. Fun.




If you include the preseason win against Harbaugh, which I do, because that was I mean, they take the preseason well.


Preseason worked out since Matt Skinny pickett in relation to the season as well.


Since Matt Canada came down on the field, the Steelers haven't lost either.


Is there a difference in having an offensive coordinator or a defensive in the booth as opposed to the sidelines? Because we've got Wilkes out in San Francisco, right.




It's the same kind of relation to player only meetings. It means the end is real close.




Right. That means the ending is coming real. If you're doing player only team meetings, kind of what happened with McDaniels and those guys like, hey, the players are leading this thing. The end is real close. If you're bringing the coordinator out of the booth and he's going to stand down on the field, we're right there on the teeter. You know what? I'm not going to fire you.




Come down on the field and let's see if we can stand by each other and this thing can go better.


I think we aren't the smartest guys, but one thing that we do do very well is seeing those signs. It's always the owner vote of confidence. If the owner has to come out and say, we like our GM. We like our head coach. No, they don't. You have to say it. You don't. It's coming.




If you're at the midway point and we're having player meetings like that, just go ahead and get ready for the offseason. Get a know start getting a game plan for your vacation because it's coming soon.


Then it leaks out. What went on in the yeah. Oh, were you a leaker or no?


Come on. Who was I going to leak things to in Cincinnati, cover our game?


Would you guys talk in the player only meetings?


No, I usually just sat back and said it's like a great just drama on TV. Like, I'm going to watch this shit show happen. I'm going to watch just all the chaos. I might even kind of throw a little flame out. Hey, you remember you really hated that concept we had a couple of weeks ago, right. Do you want to talk about it? I love to kind of stir it up because I always trusted I could calm it back down. So I like to kind of flame it up a little bit.




Walking out of a player's only meeting, I have to imagine the emotion is the same every time, which is like, that was a shit show.




But we all just yelled at each other.


It's also you get back to your then meeting rooms, quarterback room, o, line room, and the coaches are like, what happened?




What'd you say?


Who said it? They're talking shit about me.




We were a full flow shit show.


When a coach says it starts ends with me in a press conference, that's also a sign that the end is near for them.




When they say, I got to take a long look in the mirror. If two weeks in a row you say, I got to look in the mirror on this one, then that's a good sign. Like, things you're not going to be.


Around for that much. That and then also, anytime a coach talks about how good the practice was oh, yeah. They're like, yeah, we've been practicing great. It just hasn't shown up on Sunday. I don't believe that.




That's the worst practice.


I don't know why we were terrible today. We had a great week of practice.




You should have seen it. The guys were firing all week.


You mean all the plays we scripted together worked well, you're running against air.


Yeah, those do work.


Can you guys talk to us about CJ Stroud? Because we've been Stroud boys, believers in CJ since the very beginning. Since week one, we're like, okay, this guy is going to he's going to be a better quarterback than Bryce. At least his rookie year. But with CJ, it looks like he's doing stuff that even vets are astounded with. So what is it about him? Is it the mental processing? Is it the throws that he's making? Or what is it?


So I would say, first of all, just watching him throw the football, it's pretty like if you have a son, you're like, all right, if you want to learn how to throw, just watch this guy and the way that it comes out. But I've been really impressed Sloick is running that San Fran Shanahan really impressed, A with his accuracy, his toughness. But even last week, for him to take that team down the field in 48 seconds, or whatever it was against Tampa Bay on the ten yard line like Mr. Clutch and Throw the touchdown, those are games that are going to start defining this dude's career and giving a new feel to the Texans. So I've been nothing but impressed with them. I think a lot of it as we go forward. When the season started, were we big Houston Texan guys? But now he's got me believing, man, he's got all those it's that rare.


Characteristic, right, with Burrow, some of these young guys we've seen, just all of a sudden, you even start believing in the guys they play with more. You're like, oh, wait a minute, this dude makes this guy better. Now I think this dude's a better receiver than I thought he was last year, right? I believe in this defense more. You can just kind of see the effect, I think when you talk about that position, it is obviously the most important position in football, but also to a team's confidence and belief and really how they go out and play. When they find one who's like, oh, man, this dude's different. That whole team takes this step where you're like, man, this dude plays, the more confidence I've ever seen him play with, regardless of the quarterback. And so I think he's got that rare trait where you're seeing guys, they find a new level of themselves just with playing with him, which I think is what makes you really the most excited.


That's interesting to think about. And I think if you've got a guy that is elevating everybody else's confidence around him, there's probably an element of guys being like, oh, this isn't a wasted year. We're in the window right now. Because I would imagine if you're on a team, there are some years where, you know, after a few weeks like, well, this is going to know a season where I'm going to go out there, put out the best film I can try to compete. It's my job. I'm going to take pride in it. But if you don't have that actual belief in being able to do great things, then you're probably not going to be able to reach that same level personally as a player.


Well, and compare it to Carolina, right. So Carolina is in a spot where they've got the young just there's so many pieces missing around them and thus far, other than Adam Thielen, nobody else has been elevated really on that offense. Whether it's Bryce's play or the play calling or the line or whatever it is. I think there are two really interesting ones to look at because coming into this year, if you're like, okay, who's going to have a better year? Not Bryce or CJ. But who's going to have a better year, the Panthers or Houston? I think a lot of people would have said Carolina. I mean, maybe I'm in the minority in that, but I thought Carolina would have a better year. But now you're looking at it, you're like these guys not just a quarterback away.


They're yeah, you start going, how do they get better? When you look at their team, it's like, all right, well, how could you make this team better right now? Well, wait a minute. They traded all this draft capital to get him, so they don't have a lot of that to fix it with. So they got to make great decisions where if you're Houston now, you got this confidence in the quarterback. You're seeing how he plays every you see guys stepping up places, you start believing in other guys on the roster. Even from a front office standpoint, you start going, all right, we know the two or three pieces we need to put around this guy and we're going to be a whole lot better really fast. I relate that to Burrow in Cincinnati. You're talking about an organization who had never signed free agents. All of a sudden they get Joe Burrow and they see his impact and Jamar Chase and these guys and they're like, oh, we're going to get Trey Hendrickson. We're going to go get this know DJ reed. Or they started investing in people outside the building, which they'd never done in their history.


And it's not just them all of a sudden changing, it's, whoa, this dude just made us all think we're this close. We got this much confidence, our organization. I think that's something CJ's doing at Houston Texans. Wow. Let's see what they do from here with yeah.


How much fun do you guys have on the road? It feels like you have a lot of fun.


It's the best, man. I mean, Wit usually gets in on like Monday, but here we know Witt's always got some side stuff going on. We definitely always are in Wednesday. Last night we took in a comedy show at the Laugh Factory, had dinner together. I think the coolest thing about it, I don't know what other networks do or what it's like elsewhere, but we all genuinely like each other. We like hanging out and it's so much fun, so much different than a player because as a player, there's still all that stress in the back of your mind there's, okay? I've got a meeting.




I've got curfew.


All right?


Tomorrow I actually have a game I've got to go out and perform. I've got to get there for warm ups where this is like, we get to show up, talk about football, which we love, and have fun. Our producer isn't overly strict on the commentary and what we're talking about. We truly enjoy each other and what we're talking about, which makes it pretty easy.




And I mean, for me, it's just like, if they ask me to get in town enough time to film something for, like, ten minutes on Wednesday, I got to get in Tuesday morning.




Situated a couple of nice. They need me to come in and film something Wednesday at four. So I need to get in Tuesday at, like, 03:00.


But this is how it goes, too. And it ended up getting canceled, but we're in Baltimore next week, and Witt was like, we had to be in La for something. He's like, well, if we do La on Monday and Tuesday, we could fly to Vegas, which is on the way to Baltimore Tuesday night, golf Wednesday. Then we could get out. So that's like just trying to explain that to the wives. We actually have to amazon's making us.




This is a life on the road. When you're talking about football, you have.


To do all this.


Um, we were talking before we started taping. Fitzy's got some weird shower habits, some weird cleaning.


Mean, you seem like a smelly guy.


Okay, it's soap involved.


I'll say two things. I mean, one thing was we went around the room. Maybe it was even Carissa that was asking was like, do you wash, like, with soap below your knees? The answer is no.




You let it trickle down?


You just let it trickle, right? Do you guys scrub your calf?


I'll just give a little quick. Also counts as my yoga for the day. Like, one little stretch.


It's last of my priority. But if I'm taking normal shower yeah, you'll get down.


You do go below the knee.


It's not that you guys shower here.


Do you guys have a locker room? We do have a shower here.


Shower shoes or no, you go shower sand. Some people have problems with that. I don't have a problem with that.


It's gross sometimes when you go to, like, a real gym locker room, that has a lot of people I would argue different. Listen, I don't put on sandals, but I will admit, sometimes I'm like, this may be a little gross.


You walk a little bit on your toe. I'll do the shuffle a little bit.


I'll shuffle the toe like I'm in a shower that I know has been used, like, 75 times.




You get as of the gunk on.


Your feet as much as you want.


How often is the shower?


This is maybe what Wit was getting to I had a confrontation with my wife the other day. She said, okay, I'm going through the laundry. You've got twelve shirts and two pairs of underwear in the last two weeks. What's going on? So yeah, that's where I struggle.


Yeah, that's on you red handed on that?




I think you went, what, two weeks in camp one time, no shower.


Yeah, but that was on like a I bet myself it was like a dare in Tennessee. Two weeks training yourself, no shower.


Yeah. Nasty. Is that yeah.


That's gross.


Just really pushing the know pretty bad.


You get some biohacks.




That's great.


Now, were you after every practicing game.


You'Re showering or not every game, but every practice, yes.


Not every game.


No. It's cold weather. You're not really sweating that much. Playing on turf, don't have much dirt on you. Just going to go home.


You shower at home, right?


No, if you get in bed.


Oh, man.




Yeah, that's weird.


No, I'm weird by you guys.


No. What?


This is weird.


We're the normal people.


I think it's weird to not shower after you exercise and then get in bed.


Yeah, okay, I'm the weird one.


And then you have those like, weird black pellets.


Yeah, now that's weird.


Yeah, because those get into every got.


Them in your hairy guy. There's no way there weren't some pellets places we won't speak of.




So for both of you, because you both ended your career. But it felt like, hey, they could keep playing. When was the last time you got a phone call?


I wouldn't say I got a phone call from a team. I got a lot of pressure last year, obviously. I guess it was what, Dallas early people calling me, just buddies. Like, man, you got to come here. And then some reporters in Dallas and stuff. And then Cincinnati. When Jonah Williams went down last year, that was know everybody in like from outside the know, like, you got to come here, you got to do this. Blame Schrager and people for getting it started. But I think it was some pressure. But I was in no place I'd been running around with this guy on the road on Thursdays. I was having too much fun.


I will say though, he just hit a drive 330 in your little simulator.


Which that's not little.


Oh, huge simulator.




Super cool. And then he went like six for seven from behind the arc from downtown on the court. And he didn't try to dunk, but he at least did like the I can get over the rim finger roll.


Those are high rims and they're high rims.




So I think he could still do it if he wanted to.


Have you gone any call, take it down?


There's been a lot of quarterbacks.


No calls.


No calls. I'm done.


I would think you would know Tommy.


DeVito, you would be an upgrade for the Giants.




Tommy DeVito, maybe.


I don't know if that's a compliment.


Again, life is good, guys.


We're having a good you know, that's the thing. We have a good time doing the show. We have a good time traveling. But this time right now, normally, you take your normal Thursday. We finish our production meetings. Fitz and I go and just walk the city. Like, we go find antique shops and dig into some you guys couple fur shops. We go buy listen, we bought the crew fur in Green Bay. We bought Tony some gloves. We went in an antique toy shop, found some old 50, 60 year old toys. We got these ladies in Green Bay, the fur shop, to describe the rabbit fur and how it was removed and the noises.


The rabbits kill any rabbits?


Yeah, they didn't kill any she did the noises for us.


Oh, that's cute.


Literally, if we just documented our Thursdays at lunchtime, walking around, I think Seattle, we did the fish market. We were throwing around raw fish.


You know, you screwed up just now because Amazon's going to listen to this and be like, why aren't we doing a video?


Well, maybe I didn't mess up.


Yeah, you did mess up. Well, that's how it works in the content business. You got one fun thing you do, and they're like, how can we monetize?




Now you have to travel out, like, Monday night.




So if we're doing something Thursday but it's like a long segment. Babe, how many days do you think I need to be there to acclimate?


I think Monday it's time zone. It's like traveling over to Europe. You got to be there, let your body adjust. And then you do the filming. Probably Tuesday morning.




It's like a London.


And then you don't have anything on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday or Thursday until evening. But you still got to stay in town.




Being practical to fly back and then.


Fly back wouldn't make sense.


The environment.




Got to do it. What's the best food city you've been to? You're going to say new Orleans? We were actually talking with I will.


Say, yeah, now Witt's going to be mad at me because he was doing a little keto, whatever, but it went out the window in New Orleans.


The diet was gone. We were saying, and I can't get back with Carissa. I was doing so good.


You go there. We went there for Final Four, and it was just like, oh, yeah. Why wouldn't I have a side of gumbo with every meal?


I might have literally took down 15,000 calories on the Tuesday. I was there with David Chang and we did Galatois and everything else. I mean, that was an insane day of food. I didn't eat for, like, the next day. I see them at dinner and I'm like, I don't want anything.


I can't oh, there's nothing worse than waking up full.


Oh, couldn't do it full sweats.


What happened?


I've been in a sauna yeah.


Between gumbo and jumbalaya. So I got to get both at every single meal.


That was the other issue is when we went out in New Orleans the next day, we had to try everything we ordered every what was the thing they brought you? The triple the chop.


Oh, yeah, the triple chop.


Yeah. And the other thing is no double.


Cut, triple cut pork chop. I mean, this thing like that, but.


You don't even ask for just they're like, oh, witty's.


A witty guy.


And it's just the food just keeps on.


What about you guys? Are both Cincinnati guys? Kind of. You spent time in Cincinnati. Skyline Chili.


Can't do it. Did you ever get into it?


Never into baby food.


Good job. Yes.


I think on the spaghetti.


I love Cincinnati baby food.


It's secretly delicious to have once a year.


It's great. Really? Yeah.


And then you get the, like, kind.


Of a closet thing. You're eating it. You don't want anybody to know about it, but you just want to try it one more time.


I was in the closet about enjoying Skyline Chili for years, and I like it, but you can't have it every day. You the oyster cracker with the hot sauce, do a couple cones and then.


You I just think it's embarrassing to call it chili.


It's the most disgusting looking dish in the world.


Put it on a hot dog. But I'm not going to do it on the spaghetti.


But that's the thing that is crazy for all these people in Cincinnati who, like, go to Skyline for lunch, go back to their job. They might be the craziest people in the world.


That's worse than the shower thing.




Way worse.




Especially if they're wiping left handed full.


Of chili sitting at your desk.


That's gross.


Weigh you down. All right, who do you guys have in the Super Bowl right now? We're in week ten. We're going to run this.


I'm living a lot less stressed on me right now because I actually took the niners Bengals as bowl matchup. So the first six weeks of the season, I was not a happy camper. Say it that way. I was really stressed out. Like, am I going to have to bash my Bengals on air? I don't know. But they finally got it going and now we're kind of looking like we're headed that direction. I love it. So I'm on the train again that I still think it's Bengals niners, and.


I've had Ravens niners all year.




Oh, those are two good.


So that's why I said we're in a little bit of a battle next week. We may not be that friendly. There may be no lunchtime on Thursday next week. We're on the opposite sides of the Ravens Bengals matchup.


But we do need to see San Fran get back on track. We do need they're going to get back on track.


Do you think that Brock Purdy is a perfect fodder for the first take culture of like, if they five and, oh, he's elite, we fall for this, we did that. He's top ten quarterback, loses three in a row. Is like, he sucks. He's good.


So quick disclaimer. We're from the same hometown, gilbert, Arizona. Okay, so I'm a little bit biased. However, he is good, okay? Even in these losses, look, there's been some turnovers, there's been some stuff, but if you put on the tape and watch the game the dude is playing yeah, you guys are big tape guy. We saw the film room right next to the simulator and all we do boop and yeah, you're grinding all 22. Yeah, he's just fine.


He is. I think the thing is that I've been in kind of that mode of like, all right, I think the dude's playing great. I'm not ready to call him some top five, whatever. Everybody wants to put him on his pedestal and then they're, like, mad at the people who said this all along. Like, no, look at all these other things. My deal is he's playing really well. I think offensively, they are also really good. They have a lot of talent and ability. But the thing that it's like, to me, it's not, oh, man, he's amazing when they're winning and then he's terrible. I think he's playing solid. He's going to make mistakes. He's played some really good quarterback at times. He's made a couple of mistakes last few weeks, but they've also run the ball the worst. They've run it all season, these losses. So they've not been that kind of team offensively as a whole. But he's going to wear it all now, right? Like now we're going to be like, oh, it's all him. That's not true. I mean, you look out of Adam Chris McCaffrey's top runs, they're barely under over three yards of carry.


You take two runs away from him in that stretch. So they have not been able to run the football well, and that offense is built on that. So if they get back to doing that, we'll get back to being Brock Purdy's. Amazing.


And I think it was a Cleveland game where he drove them down at the end of the game, they just missed the field goal.




I mean, like, literally.


Quick tip. That's a quick way to get out of media. That was way too yeah, yeah. No, he stinks.


I did this during the trade. Les Nead about people I think should go like, hey, Les, what do you think about this guy? This way he goes, wait, stop. This is the NFL. You're being rational. That's not how it works.


Records. And then if your record is good, then the quarterback is great.


You throw a pick your back.


I took your advice, by the way. This is from before I even started with the Amazon gig, and you said just hot takes. And if they're not right, it doesn't matter. But if you hit them then and I said a couple of weeks ago that the Chiefs would lose three of the next four.


Oh, it was great.


Or they beat the Chargers, but then they lose to Denver and it's now we got Miami and Philly.


Here we go.


It didn't work out.


That's okay. No one remembers.


I should stop bringing it up.


Yeah, you should stop bringing it up.


But now that's all I'm going to remember from you.




You really botched that Chiefs when they beat the Eagles, we're going to be like, Fitz is a fucking yeah.


Yeah, I'll take it, too. That's on me.


Yeah, I just bet against his hot.


Takes in the one of us is.


I think it's been awesome.




You can change your opinion. Material change every week.








There's one big question mark in the NFL right now, and that's who's going to get the last seed in the NFC. And it could be anybody. So on record, who do you what dog shit team do you think is going to make the playoffs?


This so but you're already saying, like, we're taking whoever wins the NFC South out of correct.


Yes, correct.


Okay. I always got to look at it just to make sure that we're not, like, missing somebody because there's like four.


Good teams, four or five really good teams that you can believe in.


Well, we had this argument at the beginning of the year when the Rams were playing good to start the season. I was saying that I think they have a chance if they can, they're going to win more games than people think. I think they have a chance to make the playoff because I was saying outside of the top five that you want to pick in the NFC, who the hell do you actually trust? The NFC? Nobody. So anybody could win it. The problem with them is they have a hellacious schedule, so getting a lot of wins was not going to be a very easy thing for them.


To say. Atlanta.


Oh, okay.


Thought you were going to like heineken.


Yeah, we're a big Taylor guy.


Yeah. He plays a fun brand of football.


He does. He does.


Oh, man. We're saying we think you know what, I like Atlanta.


I already picked Atlanta, though.


I know I like Atlanta, but I think Washington's going to make a run.


I like you.


Well, that's really washington making a run.


And now you can steal this take. I'm giving you permission.




If Atlanta or excuse me, if Washington makes the playoffs and they get matched up against the Eagles in the first round, eagles don't want to play the commanders.


They don't. Lost to them last year, giving up 31.




I agree with that.




Commanders defeat the Eagles in the first.


Round of play, and I think Sam Howell's a guy is only getting better. Yeah, but I truly believe that.


Am I okay and truly because I think I've reached the point finally where I could say, he is the guy, and we should build around Sam Howell. Is that a fair thing for me to truly believe in my heart, or am I setting myself up for utter disappointment?


I think that just to my point earlier about how you put a team together. I think that you do build around Sam Howell because you're going to need a roster to build around him. And if he ends up not being the guy, you don't lose in having a stacked roster of talent to be able to the best way to replace the quarterback is have a bunch of good people for him to play with.


You're okay with the roster thing?


I kind of have to be because the defense was just atrocious, and in the past, they'd played so well, especially that defensive line had played so well as a unit. Actually, in the years where Chase wasn't on the field, we were really strong. And then it's kind of a rebuild. Like the defense isn't working. You have to try to get something. I'm glad that big cat got him. Montez Sweat's going to be there because I think he's a better player than Chase Young.


Do you wait till after the game to see what Magic Johnson puts out in order to formulate your ideas of how they play?




So if we lose, I wait until Magic Johnson says, it's tough to win a game in the NFL when you only score seven points. And then I'm like, Good point, magic. We should try to score more than seven points.


He breaks it down.


He watches, doesn't play around with his opinions after the game. I love it.


He does not. He gives it to you. He doesn't hold.


I think after our game, he just really let him have it. Yeah, it was great.


Yeah, he goes to it. All right, I have one last question. Rowback question. Rho back promo code take 20% off your first purchase. Qzips polos joggers wearing the joggers right now. Everything Promo code take. So Fitz bashed our guy Jared Goff, and he hates Jared Goff. He got caught in that.




Have you gotten caught in saying something about someone and having them be like, what the fuck, man? We don't forget.


Well, you know that Jared Goff is like his best friend, too.


Well, he's our best friend.


Yeah, well, I'm outnumbered here.




Miss you, Jared.


Poor man's.




Sam Howell is a poor man's. Ryan Fitzpatrick.




Come on, baby.


Have you had it, though? Have you had it where you I don't think so.


I think it's the only one, probably for me that he could come back, but I still would say that the tape looked like it. I did say cave on Tibeto earlier this year. Really needed to start picking up because he was not living up to the hype. And then he's had some good games. Now, I would also argue if we went and looked at that tape, it was probably a lot of Zach Wilson holding on the football and running around with it. But he has played better, and he is racking up some sacks. So I feel like my take was a little more like, I need to see X, Y, and Z out of you. If you want to, that's good.


Fire him up.


Right. So I kind of feel like I can always go back to, you know, he had a good moment. Jared called him out on set.


It was great.


It was the best moments, and I was in betweens. It's like my budy. And then it's like, Jared my little brother, and he has this moment where he calls. It was great. I want to see him do that.


Both former teammates, you stuck up for Jared.


Yeah, I didn't stick up.


I cheered on his going.


We did, too. You're smart, though, to give yourself an out. Like, we do that with the Dolphins. Dolphins are frauds. But if they beat a good team yeah, if they win a Super Bowl.


Then they'll prove to me personally they're able to win good playoff games.


Be like, oh, yeah. You guys call them frauds?


Like well, yeah.


Then they beat a good team. Now they're not exactly wow. Yeah, it's easy.


And also, take credit.


You all tricks to the game. We're vets.


You're the one that basically told Thibodeau, like, yeah, you need to do this, and he used you as motivation.


Now it's like, motivation.


So it's now almost like you're a great player, too.


Yeah, exactly.


I called him out and he answered the call.


That's right.


Yeah. Credit.


Like my pump up speech to the Bears on Thursday Night Football. Like, I picked the Commanders because of how the Bears been playing. I gave a speech about Dick Buckus, and that was the night and happened. And so I was like, you know what? Let's live off this guy. How you talk about being football players. Let's stop talking about whose fault it is. Pointing fingers is it Getsty is it all these things, let's just go out and play football. Yeah, that's what we do. And they go out and they beat the Commanders.


Now, I'm an idiot.


I bet against them, but I got fired up in the moment. Let's go win. And then I realized, why would I give a pump up speech? And I didn't even pick that team.


And that was be neutral in the media. You're supposed to be a journalist out there, and then you go out and you inspire a team to win.


That sounds fair.


And that was like, you should be investigating.


That was the best game the Bears played all season. Said it at the time. I don't think it's a sustainable. Strategy to have a legend die before every game, but or to just throw.


Hitches to DJ Moore and then watch him gosh, you know what Carolina could.


Use would be crazy.




A DJ Moore type guy or Christian McCaffrey type.


They have to be smarter than that. When they put out the report, they're like, we're looking to add a veteran like DJ Moore. Like, you can't say that, guys.


Well, they're going have a high pick in the draft, so they'll be able to get playmaker.


Yeah. And then the Christian McCaffrey thing worked.


Like, by the way, keep your eye on the Panthers. So we are going to run this next week, but we are right before the Bears Panthers game. I think I'm rooting for a tie because that would actually be the best spot as a Bears fan for both draft picks.


Really? Yeah, really rooting for a tie, though.


You're not be the word.




You got to root for ties, especially in bad games. It's exhilarating.




Listen, we were both a part of the Donovan McNabb 1313 tie. That was huge.


Loved that.


Good job, dude.


Yeah. Good job.


Proud of you, man.


I feel like the Bengals tie more games than anybody.




Tied against the Panthers, too, when I.


Was almost tied against the Dolphins.




They just like to tie the Borough Bowl.




All right. Well, thank you, guys. Always great to have you on. Anytime you're in town, come play on our little golf simulator.


It was more like.


Big, like Lil Kim.


Like a rapper name.




We're going to now have to young. He called us out. We're going to have to build an even bigger golf simulator.




You're a little young golf simulator.


Young simulator.


I like that.


Young Lil.




This is a great spot, though, guys.


Yes. Thank you. Thank you.


Do you like drones? Are you going? To Vegas. The whole racing world is going, and our friends over at Duracell are putting on a drone show that's right before the race with over 500 drones illuminating the sky over Las Vegas. Hank, you should have lobbied to try to grab one out of the air.


Snatch that right up.


You would. It's going to be an epic tribute to fans of Williams Racing featuring the partnerships between Williams and Duracell. So come join Williams Racing and Duracell to illuminate the skies over Vegas with 500 drones in a tribute to Williams Racing fandom. Saturday, November 18, along Las Vegas Boulevard outside the Encore win and fashion show drive. Visit barstool to enter tickets to Win to see Williams Racing at next year's Miami race as well.


All right. Fire fest. Hank, give it to us.


My fire fest is I got a mutiny going on underneath me that I got to handle.


That's a fact.


My second Fire fest is a literal fire fest. I don't know if this is going to expose me for being I don't even know. Just having bad house talk it out. House manners or organization?




I keep all of my bread in my it's not a stove that's it's a little bit higher up off the ground.


You keep your bread in your stove?




Like it's a cabinet?


Yes. Okay.


And the other night I was going to make pizza rolls and I took all the bread out. I thought all the bread to heat up. Preheat the oven. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Was in the other room. I think I was putting some laundry in. And then I smelt something burning. Realized I left a bag with two hot dog buns in it and it was on fire.


So the plastic and everything?


Plastic and everything. It was late.


I was like, smelled so bad.


It was a late night. Like, I'm kind of hungry. Like, fuck it, I'll make some pizza rolls. And I was starving, actually. And then I was so flustered about almost burning my apartment down that I didn't even make the pizza rolls. And yeah, my house smelt for like a day.


Hank, before you turned your oven on, would you describe yourself more as being like, Snoop Dogg today or Snoop Dogg for every other day of his life before today?


Every other day before today.


Yeah. Okay.


That's what I figured. Pizza rolls?




Did the fire alarm go off?




Oh, that's lucky because that's the worst. You live in a condo and the fire alarm goes off.




I did that one year on Thanksgiving and in New York.


Makes a scene.


Leroy was like, pissing himself out in the hallway because he was afraid of the noises. My neighbors came out. I was like, sorry for ruining everyone.


Yeah. Yeah.


Not only am I not good at cooking, I can't even cook pizza. So, damn, I gotta grow up.


Tough luck.


You and Blake bortles.




You should get his recipe. He's figured that out, I'm sure.


Yeah. All right. PFT. Your fire fest.


My fire fest is that the NCAA has rejected the most recent strongly worded letter from James Madison lobbying to be included in the Sunbelt Championship game as well as potentially a New Year's Six bowl if they were to go undefeated from this point on. So we're going to write more strongly worded letters. In fact, the Virginia Attorney General has now written a strongly worded letter, so we have no shortage of letters that we are willing to write.


Best letter writers on it.


Yeah, we're going to get rejected like 20 more times.


Love it.


Hope you have your rejection stamp ready on you. But that's okay because we've got game day this weekend in Harrisonburg. And I know that people in Corvallis are upset about that.




Corvallis had a very strong case for this weekend's game, so I do feel bad for Beavers fans, but Harrisonburg is going to be awesome. They had game day back in 2018. It was massive. And I'm going to be the guest picker.


Whoa. Yeah.


It's going to be very exciting. I can't wait to go back to Harrisonburg. It's been a while, actually, just over a year since I've been back there, but it's going to be a fun time. Excited to hang out with Corso, hang out with Herby, put on a mascot head.


You should steal a mascot head before Corso can do it.




What is the mascot for? Is it the Mountaineer App State?


Oh, yeah.


They just wear the hat with the gun.


Yeah, they wear the hat. I would love to steal the gun.




Don't you dare, Lee.




Okay. My fire fest is I was going to walk Stella down the alley the other day, and there was some 13 year olds in my alley, and they were like, hey, big cat, you want to take a shot? They were shooting basketball. I was like, well, this is bad because they're 13 and they know who I am. That's bad. And then I proceeded to shoot and miss, like, ten times in a row because I was shooting one handed while I'd Stella in my other hand, and I deflected and I was like, what do you guys think about Justin Fields? And then for the next five minutes, I had a debate with 213 year olds in a Chicago alley about Justin Fields.


Did you win?


No, they agreed with me, not the guy, but unfortunately how it all went down.




But yeah, it was just like one of those moments like, what am I doing right now? Why did I do this? What am I doing? I'm just literally just missing shot after shot, being like, yeah, he hasn't really had a fair shake, the injury with 213 year olds.




Well, you got to get your takes off somewhere.




I think it would be a great show, a great sports debate show. If you had a host debating, like.


An eight year old, it would be fun.


And you could include anything like who's better, Spiderman or Superman?




And get into serious debates with a child.




It would be fun. Just if you see me and Allie talking to a couple of 13 year olds, those are my new best friends, so don't be freaked out about it. Jake, finish us off.




So Tuesday night, I was credentialed for the Champions Classic over at the United Center, and I went to the Media Buffet and I got red sauce on my shirt. A new button down.


No, Jake, I don't know.






Delicious food, great spread, club soda. But I'm nervous about the shirt. We'll see.


Damn, Jake.




You know what? If you spill red wine on your shirt, you know the best way to get it out? Pour white wine on it. True. Pour white wine.


Actually, yeah.


Is that true?


I did that one time and it worked.


That is true. Yeah, it's true. It's true to happen.


What is true?


That's a fact.


What is real?


Right, Hank? He's not listening. He's thinking about Viva TV. Yeah, 100%.




He's commenting under PMTV. This is pretty good. But Viva TV.


This week was 100%. You were just looking at Viva TV?




Subscribe to them all. Yeah, everybody eats. It sucks because you just shouldn't.


What's viva TV about today.


There's a lot of stuff.


Hank getting the lottery ball. Imagine if that was the first episode.


That'd be great.


All right. Numbers 1718. I go 73. Three.






What do the other boys got?


Chuck said having to come in.


Ten and 22.


Did you just make that up?




I like it. 84, 80. Looking at Hank. Just look at the water ball.


Love you guys.


Talking away I don't know what to say. I say it anyway today is another day to find you shine away I'm coming for your love of needless say I won't send it away say after me it's the better.


To be safe and sorry.


To be safe and stop me come just to play my worries away you're all the things I got to remember shine away I'll be coming for you anyway shy away I'll be coming for you anyway take on me I know take only me take only I know face.