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Today, as part of my take stone cold, Steve Austin, a good friend stone-Cold, is back on the show.


We have national championship recap, a huge announcement about our wonderful boy Billy Football.


Get excited for that.


We have smelling salts.


We're doing it right now. We have smelling salts.


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Happy birthday. Happy happy. Happy birthday. Happy, happy. Happy, happy. Happy. Happy birthday. Happy birthday, Billy.


Football Billy. Are young Gary becoming a man we knew?


Billy you didn't think we knew birthday here a part of my take. Good. How you didn't think we knew my friend. It was my birthday. I got you something.


Yeah, here you go. Look at that, Billy. I know how both of us. I know how much you like gains. So I got you a hundred dollars worth of meat.


It's been sitting in the studio. Let the Moelis like, let you go. Let the meat say we don't hang on.


All right. Now it's now it's one hundred dollars worth of meat.


There we go. There you go, Billy. Really happy birthday. We have a big announcement for Billy. Coming up in a minute, we're going to talk about the national championship. I have to say happy, but don't open your present to the mike. Come on. Come on.


Oh, look at that. Canned tuna and chicken.


Tuna. It's the tune of the land beef sticks. Oh, my God.


You are truly a Labrador retriever.


I'm so happy. This is this is the exact same thing when I open up my father when I have my park box for Stella, she has the same exact reaction.


All right. Happy birthday, Billy.


We got the Billy announcement coming up in a minute. Let's talk national champions. Can you put the back down to put it back down?


The Alabama Crimson Tide have won another national championship. Nick Saban is the greatest coach of all time.


Unassailable seven national titles, six with Alabama, one with LSU.


Can we say in any sport, Nick Saban is the best coach to ever coach anything?


It's getting there, man, and he's not slowing down. Like the craziest part is he's going to be seventy next year and he just won another national title.


So he's got the best recruiting class in the history of recruiting classes already. It's Crazy is the number one recruiting class in the history recruiting classes, let alone Alabama. He has now won six titles in Alabama in fourteen years. If Nick Saban walked into your living room at any point in the last 14 years, he could say to to you and your family, you will win a national title if you come to Alabama. And it true and it is true.


You can look at it oh, nine, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20. Even if you only stayed for three years, you were guaranteed to win a national title. That's fucking insane. I think the biggest problem for Coach Saban is when is he going to get bored because he could keep this going until he dies. And if he never gets bored, then I think he would get mad at himself if he started to get bored and be like, Nick, you got to get back to work.


Right? I think that he's going to he's going to keep doing it the biggest. It's like the larger, more effect that we talked about, the butt of the new butterfly effect. Do you have more effect if West Virginia had not won that Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma when they beat him by like twenty points back in 2008, Nick Saban wanted to go to West Virginia to be their head coach. I think I would love to see Nick Saban at some point go finish his career at West Virginia, just like maybe once he turned 75, get the get the end of the run for save and have him bring a couple of titles to the Mountaineers.


He's not going to slow down. And so the the craziest stats are that Nick Saban has. So he's now, like we said, he if you if you walked into a living room in the last 14 years, he could actually guarantee that you would win a national title if you went to Alabama. And it became true. He he has now won six national titles in Alabama, five different offensive coordinators, three different defensive coordinators. That's crazy. He basically has to just turn over his staff every single year.


He had to turn over his strength and conditioning coach. He had forever. This year they got somehow better. Devonta Smith was insane. And then the twenty seventeen recruiting class is going to be football porn for like ever because they so depending on how this draft goes, there will be ten guys that will be drafted in the top 50 picks. Right now they have to a went in the first round. Cedric Wills, Henry Rog's, Jerry Judy and Xavier McKinney went the second round.


That was last year. This year will be Mac Jones, Devonta Smith, Najee Harris, Alex Leatherwood and Dillon Moses. Those will be like first second rounders. Ten guys in. One recruiting class are going to be first or second rounders. They had three Heisman finalists. That's fucking insane. Like think about how insane of a recruiting class that is to have 10 guys that are drafted in the top 50 of the NFL draft from one recruiting class. And on top of all this, you'll love this.


So all those guys, you know, it's going to end up being somewhere around seven, eight, nine first rounders. They also in that recruiting class got Thomas Fletcher, long snapper, four year starter, not one bad snap.


I love that. So easy to draft him. Draft details. Belichick is going to draft that guy into a slot receiver. He's the next gunner. That's Nick Saban, though.


Down to the details. All these guys, all these insane prospects, he's like, yep. And we also have a long snapper who didn't who played four straight years and didn't miss a single snap.


It's incredible. The run that he's going on is nuts. But it is it's it's starting to make college football a little bit boring if you don't appreciate greatness us as a podcast. I think one thing you can always say about us is we we respect. Great.


See, I still I still don't think I mean, I guess it would change. My view would change if I were a fan of Ohio State or Clemson or even even Ohio State like Ohio State.


It's gotten to the point where they are the Alabama of the Midwest. Yes. Where it's like they're all they're going to be dominant and they've got the program set up to a point where they're not going to have any really down years down year for them. It's like maybe they lose the Big Ten they lost to Purdue or Iowa. One of those weird. Yeah, that's that's I guess, worse. That's as bad as it's going to get there. But Alabama is like so far above.


Don't know what's going on behind the scenes there. Frankly, I don't care. Well, if you can reach a point where you're able to get away with cheating for as long as Nick Saban has been dominant and the SCC like, good for you. Yeah, that's that's also that's actually more impressive than winning all those things. If you can just continually dunk all the NCAA, investigate whatever it is. And Saban might I was about to say he might not be bending the rules or cheating at all, but I'm not going to say that.


But it's just all impressive what he's done down there. And great credit to LSU for being the combo breaker there. Yeah, yeah.


And it's crazy because he's done it with defense. He's done it with offense. He basically changed the entire like that I've referenced. But the Kick six game when they were running RPO is against me, couldn't stop it. And I think there was that moment where he even said, like, is this how we want football to be? And everyone's like, yeah, it is. Remember, Brett Pillemer tried to change the rules and Nick Saban cosigned with Nick Saban also was like, if these rules don't change, which they won't, we'll just beat them with offense.


So he's completely changed how he's molded Alabama. It's it's insane. There's nothing really else you can say. Besides, he's the best ever. And yeah, I don't know. I don't know what else like the the Bear Bryant. So I was looking up last night, I was reading more about Bear Bryant just because I don't I mean he was a coach before we were born. He died before we were born.


But he might be the ultimate football guy because I didn't realize this. So Bear Bryant also has six national titles. Nick Saban broke his record last night. He said in his last game, he played the Liberty Bowl versus Illinois. They won. And the reporter asked him he was retiring. He said, what are you going to do? And he said, I'll probably just croak in a week.


He died four weeks later. Yep. That's the ultimate side.


Once you left, he literally died four weeks later after coaching his last game, he outlived his own diagnosis by three weeks.


Yeah, I remember reading about that in Bruce Arians book that he wrote because Bruce Arians used to be the assistant for Bear Bryant. He said, like Coach said he was he would always say, like, I'm probably going to die once I stop coaching. And there's I think there's an element of football guys where it's like, yeah, that's how I want to go. Yeah. It's like leave it all out on the field.


But so my back to the point of, like, has Alabama kind of ruined college football? I really don't think unless you are in SEC West fan, I would get it because like, that's got to be frustrating.


But college football for everyone, except maybe six teams, it's not really ever about national titles. And once you realize that you enjoy it for what it is, it's about the stadiums. It's about the tailgating. It's about traditions. It's about rivalries. Like that's what it's about. It's about winning. Mobbles So it's OK.


Like, if I get it, if you're a Clemson fan or you're LSU or USC and you're like, fuck, how are we going to beat Bama? But for everyone else, ninety percent of college football I have there's no I don't have any less fun watching Alabama win the title every year for my college football in Georgia.


I didn't like the second half. I really enjoyed the first half. Yeah. When Devante was going off and then that was video game that was the most dominant and I got ball since Blake Bortles in twenty eighteen. Yes. Like this was a lead shit. Like it was unfair to Miami three to remember. I think, I think Greg Kittle did that a couple of years ago pretty much and then they just didn't throw the ball to him at all in the second half.


But that wasn't due to an injury. That was just due to being fair. It's like he's too good, so we'll just have a block to have our kid, Kittel was probably like, I'm sick of catching balls and let me hit somebody. But it was insane the shit they were doing the first half. And then in the second half, you run out of ways to start talking about the game. So like Kirkup Street and Chris Fowler just kind of resort to the fact, like, it's just great to see excellence.


And at that point, I was like, you know what? The guy's right. It is. It's great to see. Yeah.


And they had their center come in for the last snap, which was awesome. Hooter's ACL in the championship game No. 69, Jalen Wato was out there. A lot of hand-wringing on Twitter. Gillenwater, why are you out there like. Well, maybe he wants to be.


Oh he definitely wanted to be out there but like yeah I know it was painful watching him run.


And then the clip that Will will live on in this national title is Poor Tough Boehland, the linebacker for Ohio State, who I likened it to, a person trying to drive their car with a boot on it. That's how he looked when he was running, trying to guard Davonte Smith in space. Someone actually said on Twitter, which is perfectly put, he actually tried to change his running style halfway through to see if something else would work. And it worked even less.


Well, what he did, it was it was like watching it was like watching that clip in Forrest Gump when force is playing at the University of Alabama and trying to run in the movie, they obviously made him look really fast. But it was the same exact running style and tough was thinking to himself, well, I'm not able to catch up to this guy. So maybe if I just stop the ground harder with my feet, I get faster. And he was right.


It was I thought I was going to be a Dick Metcalf to point out where he was able to chase him down. But it was you should never have a guy named Tough guarding a wide receiver.


And it it was just so baffling. I guess you don't really know what to do because he actually looked like he was floating because he's that is that good in that fast. And like, you don't even have to talk about Najee Harris, who's incredible as well. They have so many weapons. Do you think so? The debate now is which is crazy to say. Last year's LSU team was dubbed the greatest college football team of all time. And now people are saying, well, maybe it's this year's Alabama team.


I'm just enjoying the fact that we had Back-To-Back years where you can actually make that claim. Yeah, because I think the last year LSU team was incredible. And then Alabama probably gets the slight Trump.


I do think I have a twenty seventeen UCLA. I would I would pick last year's LSU team, but I understand the argument that Alabama played in SEC only schedule. Yeah. Went undefeated. Yeah.


I mean they were both really great teams and and the Alabama it was a remember Alabama LSU when they played the nine to six game. Yeah. A while back like both teams completely changed who they are. They played the only three to six and then twenty one. And the only way that this can change because you can sit there and you can yell at clouds and you can fight against the wind, but it's not going back to the way that it was.


It's never the only way that it goes back is if they say the defense is allowed to use twelve guys on third down. Right. That's it. Which might happen one day. Who knows if this keeps up, but we're just going to point we're going to get a lot of points. I, I took the over last night.


It was great. It was. In what world can you sit there and bet over seventy four and a half points and then at halftime be like this is awesome. Yeah I'm good.


This is awesome. And it will be the worst news for anyone who is against Alabama is. So Nick Saban is like I said, going to be seventy. Who knows. Let's say he coaches for seven more years.


There is a world where Dabo Swinney goes home and takes over for Nick Saban afterwards. That's not the craziest thought out there. He played it Alabama. He's from Alabama. Like I would say, it's probably a low chance right now. But who the fuck knows? And could you imagine if that they go Saban to Sweeney?


You know what I would do if I were Nick Saban? I would say I will make you my head coach in waiting. But you have to come here and be be my offensive coordinator for five years. Yes. And then after that, I'm retiring the program's year. Yeah.


Now, I think Swinney would think about now because he's a king and clubs and I actually don't think he'll do it. But it is it's one of those weird things where right now he's like, if you if I had to go gun to head, I'd say he's not going to go to Alabama in ten years. But you never know what ten years looks like.


And, you know, if he just gets pulled back, there is like, hey, I want to go dominated Alabama.


We got to see something last night after the game that I never thought I would see. Nick Saban cried. Nick Saban was crying. I don't know if he was upset because he was hungry. Need another oatmeal cream pie. If he was mad because he wishes that he was practicing instead of playing in a game. I don't know why he was. He was really emotional after the game, and I didn't think that it could happen. I don't think that he had tears.


Yeah, I knew. We always said, like after Nick Saban wins national championship, he he jacks off one time and that's his that's his moment of pleasure. He's got a little mayonnaise packet filled with Kawhi Jelly in his pocket. Pops that sucker opened. He keeps in there all year long as a reminder of his great goal. But then after the game. When his eyes start to lactate, it was like he didn't he didn't even know what to do with himself.


He was like, I'm I'm very emotional. I'm overcome.


Yeah. Yeah. It was so Alabama dominant. It does feel good that like they're the clear winner. And it was a weird year. And there was all this, you know, without playing out of conference, could we get a real. Yes, this was a real winner. So there's some finality.


I think Georgia could have beaten them. Yeah, maybe Texas, Georgia and shot.


I would like to see Notre Dame, actually, all things considered, held them, I think their lowest total all year. They should actually they should definitely let Notre Dame play against Ohio State and just have Ohio State whacks the shit out of.


All right. Let's get the big cat weight. What we're all saying, like the college season's over. How many people out there have forgotten? We get Fox football in like a month? Yes, we get an entire season of spring football. We got Deon Sanders, we got Trey Lantz is not playing. So. So who has a shot this year? Winning the Nattie? We got it. We got a second football.


True. It's true. It's coming soon in February. I'm excited for it. Dion is going to we got to go down to a game. That would be awesome. All right. Let's get to our big news. You want to get your big news. Let me do this. Add real quick.


You know who you don't mess with? Liam Neeson. Dude has a particular set of skills that you do not want to be on the receiving end of. He's going to be in a new movie called The Marksman. And it's the kind of role you love to see him. And he plays a no joke, straight shooting bad ass rancher who makes a promise to save the life of a boy being hunted by drug cartel assassins.


It sounds like the greatest movie ever.


Liam Liam warns them he's an ex Marine. Should have listened. They should. I'ma tell you right now, they should've listened. He's an ex Marine, begs them to leave the boy alone. You think they're going to listen? You think this ends up with a group hug? Check out the marksman rated PG 13 only in theaters January 15th. I'm excited for this movie. Liam Neeson movies always, always hit. All right.


I like the fact that Liam Neeson always reminds them. He's like, hey, I'm going to give you fair warning and you have one chance to apologize. You're also going to kill everybody that you love. Yes. Nobody ever takes them up.


They never listen. OK, our big announcement, February 5th, West Virginia. Billy, football is fighting Jose Canseco, it is official. Let's go, Billy, it is official. The contract has been signed.


It is official. It is official.


So the back story is I said I would fight Jose like two years ago. I don't even remember why. Then for some reason in the middle of December, Jose just popped up on Twitter and was like big cats ducking me. Two years later, I was like, What? OK, I'm two years older, a father, I'm fatter. I don't want to fight you, but I do have Billy Football, who's my champion.


I watch Game of Thrones. You are my champion to that end.


Well, for the champion always.


Yeah. Oh, no, not Derian. Not against the Viper. Yeah. OK, so no, forget about that, Billy. Don't watch negative energy, Billy.


You're going to fuck Jose Canseco off the hook for him, the Mandalorian. So. OK, there you go. That did work.


Billy Hunter, you're going to fight an old bloated worm. He's always shriveled up like a fucking like a razor. It's been left out in the sun too long. This guy whosay can suck it. That's what I call him. No, you did a very good chance.


He dies in the ring. Oh, come on. Do you want to kill him? Would you come in the ring as a grape? I would commit manslaughter. I wouldn't commit.


OK, all right. That's fair. Yeah.


So you were just for the record, I have no intent to kill him. Right. It's whatever happens in the ring happens in the ring.


But I'm excited you're going to kick his ass. Yeah. I'm so pumped. You've been training. I've been low key. Been training, like for a long time.


It's been telling the only thing that you tweet about is your training. You've got a bag full of meat. You're going to get some games on there. You're going to weigh in. He's going to have to respect your mass.


I'm lean and mean right now.


You're excited and you know, like you are fighting for my honor. And A-Rod and A-Rod, if you lose trickle down, I have no honor left. I know. Right. So I'm I'm honored. I'm so excited.


I cannot wait to get in there by Ansar Dotcom bet on this. I don't know. February 5th is a play by play basketball.


There you go. You just say it. Hey it. Barstool, February 5th to five to one.


Now, Billy, quick Q&A before we get going with the fight prep. There's rumors on the street that you are going to make yourself a weapon.


I'm going to make myself a lethal weapon. OK, so that's confirmed without the intent to kill, that is. How are you going to try? Remember that's confirmed. Tell you. How are you going to travel?


Hmm. Oh, she hasn't thought about travel as a weapon. Yeah.


Can't cross the line travel. Wait, wait. No, you're a weapon. OK, travelers, wait till you get down there to weapon.


If you're like yeah. If you're like Megatron, Megatron turned into a gun. So you can if you just turn yourself into a transformer, you can even weaponize yourself. And then once you get to the location, so boom, you're gone again. I'm not the feds.


I'm a lethal weapon everywhere. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, I'm so excited.


Ah, I have a question like yeah. Once it got announced and it's official where you a little bit like oh shit, this is actually happening.


Or I was because I was like oh my honor, this is not really going to happen.


So basically, you know, when we first discuss it, when the tweet first surfaced and I was like doing my laundry, it was a it was a I sat there was this.


No, but think about it. It's a Saturday. I'm just like trying to get all my stuff done on my day off. Yeah.


All that work weekends. You know, it's a Saturday. Saturday is the day when Billy does all of his work.


The week suddenly. Oh, I remember. I have a whole other like school like I got to early training for they were working really hard. I'd like to see how many how many call of duty hours do you log a week.


Well, it's the only thing I can do in my free time. Right, anyway, because I can't leave. Right. Anyway, so I'm just like doing all my chores. We didn't kidnap you. Right? Well, you can leave. I know. I know. I know.


But like but like it's Saturday is a good day to get a lot of stuff. All right.


Anyway, so you know, so then I'm like suddenly my phone starts blowing up and of course like my mind goes like to worst case scenario, like, oh my God. Like something really bad has got canceled. Yeah. Like something terrible or like, you know would be terrible in that case. I don't know, like the vegan rumors got picked up by the news.




Like, you know, someone saw me buying vegan stuff anyway. Oh no. But then it's like oh like hundred Jose Canseco and I'm like let's fucking go.




I'm like so basically the first thing I did was just, you know, shadowbox for three straight minutes to see if I had the conditioning.


I've wandered off. Right. It was my day off early. Schily, we're going to have to get you training with your chickens, chasing chickens around, trying to be doing. Yeah, I worked for Rocky. Yeah.


So no I've been I'm so excited. You are a weapon, dude. You're in the prime of your career.


He didn't mean this is going to play football and he uses a big fucking fraud. Yeah. And not only is he a. But he's like trying to stir the pot a little bit, trying to tweet at people, trying to be clever. Yes, I even Hosie that's tweeting, by the way, that's his little cuck wannabe stepson, Evan Solti's comments.


No, no. The honor is already on. No, they're my comments and I will own them.


He's got a little a little thirsty little boy, Evan, that likes to tweet to people in D.M. people being like, yo, they actually really thinks that he can come on your podcast. If you pay him twenty thousand dollars bill, you're going to take down their Rick. You're going to. Yeah. A little Rick. You're going to send them back to where does he live now.


So they even have a permanent status. Are you worried at all that it might be Ozzy that shows up.


Yeah, but I'll beat them both, OK? Ozzy was the one who did less steroids, and that's why he's not.


No, I think that I think Ozzy did more more steroids. I don't really care.


It's all dead weight. Now, I look at the picture, I'm hyped. You got to focus on yourself because you are positive energy, weaponized Billy, football, everyone gassed them up.


We're going to do it once I you know, if I beat up Jose Canseco and he loses this fight, I don't see how he can even show his face in public again.


So literally wiping him off the face of the earth. Right. We're never gonna hear from me. I'm so excited. And then it's so.


And if you if you're thinking yourself, hey, like, I don't really like football, like he's annoying or whatever, like you might see me get knocked out to know you're you're fighting for my honor.


Right. For for me, my dignity.


So I'm like, yeah, I think if you can't get behind Billy Football in a fist fight against Jose Canseco, I don't think you were an award winning listen to be OK with that, we've got to bring bring the troops together verbally.


We say this for parler verbal, mean me with a bunch of knives going to my back, protecting them from big cat who's also protecting A-Rod.


Yeah, Hank, we got to get you set up with Hank Lynwood. Do you think about that?


Oh, anyway, from Hank, I know that's a no comment. You he has no platform to speak. Billy. You got platform Hosie. Yeah. D platform Ozzy. You are in deep, deep, deep, flat. Take him out Billy.


And then that is on to Jake. Paul Yes.


That is utilize your second. I believe this is what we've been telling you.


Like once you get some tape out there, now you're a fighter.


Now your first Domino Hosie, then it's Jake Paul and then I'll probably retire corner kicks harder than I'm not.


I respect, I respect.


And James, I'm no, I'm just here to, like, take on everybody. Yeah. I'm like the IRS then. Low take on Fridays. Yeah. Yeah.


Take down the whole Paul Opper. Exactly. Oh yeah. Yeah. He can take Logan Logan's actually probably more Paul George because Jake's bigger.


Yeah. Jake's pretty tall. No Logan's taller. No Jake's like six three.


I'd fuck up anyway for February 5th. They were going to kill Hogan. I'm pumped.


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I have a few. The first one is Kyrie Irving and NBA in general. I don't think we talked about this on the show. It happened Thursday night, but he did not play against seventy Sixers. He didn't tell anyone why he wasn't playing Steve Nash like I have no idea why he's not playing. I haven't heard from them.


So that's a tough look. You know, just in general. Yeah.


He's getting very well acquainted with Kyrie Irving very quickly and then now he's being investigated because there's pictures and videos surfacing of him partying while he's away from the teams or his father's birthday.


Ancestors' birthday. Yeah. So I'm actually I'm a team Kyrie matter.


I mean it's a little different than like just a random stripper party, right.


Oh. James Harden was supporting his his girlfriend who's the boss now.


Yeah. And Dwayne Haskins had a strip party at his house. That's so we didn't go out for it but Kyrie I, I like Kyrie ever since I saw the video of him cleansing the arena with sage walking around like how can you. Not root for that, how can you not possibly be on the side of the matter? That's why I forgot what there was a reason to go.


There was a problem because it's a Native American ritual. But Kyrie is part Native American, right.


So that was problematic for you. For what? For whatever. I don't know. Is he was is he part. Yes. Like Kyrie Warren. Yeah. Yeah. No, they're related, they're yes. They're first cousins very closely but yeah. I like Kyrie Irving, I like it when he does weird shit like this.


What's weird about just not showing up. Yeah that's the same thing as Dwayne House. So I would never, I would never like it on my team but I like Kyrie in the mix.


That's the part I as someone who doesn't root for the nets it's a cool interesting story.


It's like hey look Kyrie just do whatever he wants, like he's made a ton of money. He can come and go as he wants. If you're nuts man this probably sucks and it's probably very frustrating.


And the, the NBA is imposing a new rule. So I guess they're having like a bunch of outbreaks. You're not allowed to do handshakes before the game. Hockey would never you have to do a fist bump and then, like, return to your side of the court and then after you come out of the game, you have to put a mask on unless you get like a one minute cooldown period in a cold seat or the cool thrown as it should be.


No, nice where you get to sit by yourself in a chair that's 12 feet away from your teammates like LeBron James in twenty nineteen point.


They're still playing. They're still playing on the court. Yeah.


And still they're trying to put it in there.


They're they're kind of like they just need to kind of suck it up and accept that there's going to be like they're trying to put in protocols that just are not going to work.


Like they're trying to say that you're not allowed to go anywhere except for your house after games. It's like, how are you going to enforce this bubble it again.


Right. That's I mean, that's it seems like that's the only logical solution. But they're not going to get there.


They're not going to go to a bubble. And I don't know what they're going to have to. Yeah, I don't know.


It's interesting to see over the next couple of weeks, free throws can't tap hands. Oh, that's a I your head to where does your teammates what is Duke going to do when whenever the ref blows the whistle for literally anything, are they going to be able to huddle up as boys. No, no.


Said my other hotsy chase Claypoole. That a bad loss to the Browns, he said on Instagram. Like he said, it's a bad loss to the Browns.


I know it's a bad loss for the Browns to get clapped against the chiefs.


So that has he said it again because he said it last week I was Juju. Oh, Juju also juju.


Sounds like Brown. Brown still talking shit. Still, I hope you never saw the game, right? Yeah, right.


Chase people after the game, after they lost. So that's a bad loss. But the Browns give me a clap so who cares. Oh my God.


Do they. And then Sammy Watkins said that they're not going to have a problem with the Browns. I like that Sammy Watkins is getting on on the shit talk, too. I mean, the Steelers you just lost, right?


Just shut up. Right. Crazy.


My cool thrown is Stefon Thomas. Oh, that was mine. So he this is the guy he has a shit ton of bitcoin digital wall that holds 7000 Bitcoin, but he forgot the password of it. Mm hmm. And so what does he have, like three.


So he has two more gas. Two more gas. He has ten. You have ten guesses on your passwords. He's used eight of them and he has twenty two hundred and twenty million dollars in Bitcoin just sitting there. And he was like, I just sit up at night trying to think about my passwords and I just I don't have it.


So you would think that would be it. Put him on the hot seat, but I put it on the cool. Throw him, because this is basically the greatest game show ever invented.


You get you get you know, how you figure it out. So where does it go if he doesn't get it right? It just goes to the Internet self. Yeah. Al Gore gets it. Yeah. It's you know, what do you do? Remember the night that I forgot my password.


He's got to get up and take a walk. I forgot my password. My computer took up, got up, took a walk, came back boom. And had it. But you didn't have stake's I mean, everyone thought I was losing my mind and that I had covered. So there were some stakes.


If I were him, I would I would try every drug. But either way, I take acid or mushrooms, try to try to unlock that portion of your mind. Yeah. Because whatever you do, you tried it sober, didn't work that way. Kill your ego. Yeah. There you go. You got to have ego death and then go back in time and watch yourself enter the password. Yeah.


I just hope that one of these networks can figure out a way to turn this into a game show because it's an electric concept.


Yeah. Yeah. It also sounds like a great like rom com. Yeah it does.




It either it sounds like a game show like idea or like a script girl that he meets ends up like somehow knowing the password.


Yeah. Now would he be allowed to national treasure. Could he, could he hedge out of this. Is there anyone that could like buy his last two guesses from him for one hundred thousand dollars you would never like.


How would you get like you you just guess he's got to have a ballpark. Yeah. You'd either have to guess or maybe like someday in the future you could like that's that's internet real estate. Those Bitcoins. I have no idea how Bitcoin works, but if you if you deposit Bitcoin into a wallet at some point, you should. In theory, be able to get your 220 million dollars back. I know how Bitcoin works. Every time I buy Bitcoin, it goes down as happened twice now.


I did buy some last week. I always buy at the peak. I'm heavily very smart, investing, heavily leveraged and dogecoin.


Well, Bitcoin, the craziest thing about Bitcoin is you just hold it buy and hold. I listen to a podcast. Right. But understand any of it like the whole point of the original plan to spend money and do cool shit bitcoin.


If Bitcoins in the next 10 years, it's going to be the only currency that exists. There's going to be at least a few people who die in there, like they're going to be on their deathbed and they're going to be worth 100 million dollars. They didn't spend any of it, but they're like, but I was right.


I'm going. Is it possible to just get money for Bitcoin now? Like, give me a hard time if I've got, like, six bitcoins. It's hard to look. Can I just can I get money for you guys?


But it's hard. You could lose a small amount.


I want to turn my if I had a million dollars worth of Bitcoin and I wanted to go to the store and buy a Cherry Coke Zero. No, I couldn't do that. No, that kicks ass. It's actually pretty cool.


You transferred some of it to like a cash app account and then you could liquefy it easier than would have been is actually accepting Bitcoin for a sweatshirt so you can just buy sweatshirts.


I like that bitcoins kind of like if we create Bitcoin and then told everyone else every all of our listeners to make a wallet and then, you know, it only has about us. Right. But then we made all our merch.


The only way you could buy is with Bitcoin, OK? And then it would raise in value because of all of us.




Our own sumai much we think my bitcoins are just photo shops of coins with Danny Woodhead and Mike all stored on them. But they're only available if I tweet them at somebody. That's how they're authenticated. So I know there's a centralized authentication process. The block chain is different.


You need a little more crypto. Yeah. So belinostat crypto. OK, cryptozoology block change is fascinating.


You can put block chain in front of anything and it goes up in value. Remember that like two years ago there was an ice tea company that decided to call themselves like block chain tea and their stock went up 5000 percent. That's business.


Realistically, we should do block chain voting. That would make a lot of sense.


Say that for another post pointed out. All right, that seems like a DFT. What do you got?


My hot seat is Tampa Bay, my hot seat, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, because Tom Brady tweeted out a photo shop yesterday after somebody said to him online that every future Tom Brady game should be played on the History Channel. And Tom Brady's Photoshop that he put out was him and Drew Brees, both looking very old, but both looking very old and very, very different ways. Tom Brady looks like he's Kenny Rogers bodyguard like Kenny Rogers on Penality X while he's still alive.


And then Drew Brees looks like a guidance counselor and he's like, very bold. He's got a fucked up Tom Brady in his Photoshop, gave Drew Brees neck cancer. He's got like skin cancer on his neck. He just looks old, out of shape. And it's going to be bulletin board material for the Saints, I'm calling it right now. Drew Brees, quote, tweeted and said, this is good exclamation point, which is the most passive aggressive thing ever.


Well, it's accurate. Yeah.


For Drew Brees wise Tampa Bay on the because it's bulletin board material for the New Orleans Saints.


Got it. I think that, like, I know Tom Brady definitely went out of his way to make himself look good and make Drew Brees look really, really, really, really bad in this. I don't like it. I don't like it for Tom Brady. I think Tom Brady's going to online in the last couple of years.


OK, yeah, it's going to be I'm excited for that game. Very excited. That's my cool throne was going to be the Bitcoin guy, too. So instead I'll just do my cool throne is Nate Sudfeld because the Philadelphia Eagles sided with Nate Sudfeld over Doug Peterson. Yeah.


So my my cool Thrawn was going to be Doug Peterson because he's actually free of Philadelphia, which seemed like he hated coaching there.


Yeah. At this point. Well, he's he said he got sick of being told what to do all the time, which is a pretty big part of being an employee.


And the hotseat is like Carson Wentz is now, because I assume that they will keep Carson Wentz.


It feels like I mean, that was that's pretty much the main point of it was like, get the guy who got fired for he risked it all for Nate Sudfeld essentially. And they're like, we need to keep Carson Wentz as our starting quarterback. Let's give him another shot. Although Carson Wentz, he was starting to become like, it's my new favorite game to play mentally in the NFL. It's like just close your eyes and imagine this quarterback with Kyle Shanahan.


It's like, oh, man, OK, Carson Wentz I, Cam Newton could be good. Justin Fields, talk about Pride. Kelly with Kyle Shanahan.


Talk about pressure that like your coach gets fired and now you're probably going to start again. Also the I mean, the statue deserves to be up because it's the first Super Bowl in Philadelphia history.


But the fact that we're three years removed and Doug Peterson and Nick Foles are no longer there, that's wild.


Yeah. I mean, listen, they took down Joppa statue. They might take these guys down. For different reasons, different reasons. Yeah, Bill, you got high school, right? Yes, hotseat, Jack Easter by all these Easter B, how do you pronounce Easter?


But say whatever anyway. Well, that's right.


Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins are all, you know, bagging on the Houston Texans for saying that Deshaun Watson should stand his ground and get traded. Everyone's just piling on saying that the Houston Texans are a terrible organization.


So Sean Watson with Kyle Shanahan. Yeah. Why did Sean Watson did just tweet like when Trey speaks listen about. Oh, no, that was I was DeAndre Hopkins about Andre Johnson when basically everyone everyone here is like the Texans organization.


I don't know Sean Watson have it in them. Like he has to sit. He has to sit.


If he wants to actually get traded, he has there has to be a real threat that he would not play for this to work.


I honestly think that if he if he sat Texans fans would be like, we understand.


I don't think he has it in him, though. I really don't. And that's I just think he's wants to play football. And it's it will be interesting to see, you know, what he should do, like a you know, a repetitive knee surgery like anyone did before the surgery.


I really agree with what I really want is for the dolphins to trade three in two for the Texans because to be the biggest cock trade of all time.


Yeah, their own. Get your pick back. Yeah, we've been holding it. Essentially, it was like ransom under a draft pick. Yeah. Would you win if it was like we'll trade you this pick back and. But we have to hire Bill O'Brien.


Oh OK. Nick Saban might do that. Yeah. These are the latest names for out there. But I think Deshaun Watson, his whole thing is like he wasn't part of the process for hiring a general manager or head coach when they told him that he would be. And it was very funny watching the press conference that they gave when they were explaining, like, how the process unfolded because they just referred to Deshaun Watson by his number. They just kept calling him for No.


Four was a very intimate part of this process. When we were bringing in Nick Acero, they gave everybody a name and then they were like they just always referred to their star quarterback as number four. That's why it kind of feels like it's not totally the same. But Aaron Rodgers, remember how Matt allegedly he was mad that Matt Leffler was hired without his say and eventually he's like, yeah, well, I'm going to keep playing.


I feel like I'm just going to keep playing. Yeah, I don't know. He seems mad. Deshaun, we don't know if you want to come to a functional franchise. Feels Washington football team. We know how to run an organization. Buddy Calderon, we'll have you.


That's OK. Do you have any hotseat, hotseat cannons?


Because the PLL just came out with a new team. The cans across the water dogs no longer the new kids on the block.


Cannons, cannons see tits now kind. I like the cancer.


They were the most popular animal animal out there just in a merger. Boston. We merged. Yeah, merged with the league. I think this is actually probably like a huge moment in the lacrosse history.


This is like with the advent of this merger, nobody like we had the same exact thing.


Is the NFL in the NFL merging? Yeah. Yeah. So now we're just going to have to refer to all the championships. Pre merger is not really counting. So. Exactly. The water dog's not winning for Long Beach. Yeah, it's just cool.


Yeah, it is cool. Throw in the Masters allowing unlimited fans in April. Hellyeah back to normalcy as usual, like limited fans still, right. Yeah. Yes, yeah. Are they, are they doing pimento cheese. That's the only thing they care about. Oh yeah. These aliens are going to be back here.


Yeah. All right. Let's get to stone cold. Steve Austin. Before we do that, what do you got up to?


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Let's get Roman dotcom take now. Here he is, stone cold. Steve Austin.


OK, we now welcome on a very, very special guest. It's actually I'm going to say your good friend. Can we say that you're a good friend? It's stone cold. Steve Austin. We're friends, right?


Absolutely. Yes, OK, I love that because I did try to give you the shirt off my back, I wish you were still in studio right now, but we have to do it over ZOOM. So stone-Cold is here. He's got his second season of his talk show coming out January 11th. Straight up, Steve Austin, let's talk about that real quick. So I was looking at the guest list. You got Stevo and you got Brett Farve is part of a great guest list.


Now, for people who didn't watch, it's the first season. It's essentially a cooler, more badass version of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars getting coffee. You're hanging out with these people all day. Tell us real quick, like Brett Favre, is he going to come back? Did you get any sense that he can play football still?


Oh, I can still throw the football. He threw me one, but I don't know if he's coming back. You'd have to ask him that. But it was great to go out there in Mississippi.


Hey, what would you guys do out there? Did you go hunting? I know he likes to spend a lot of time out in the woods. We did something that could be construed as hunting related because I guess he hunts just like myself. I do so well. I'd like to come and actually have grown up in the South and being from a small town. So it was really cool because I was wondering how that guy would be. I've watched his whole career and then to go down there and hang out, you know, where he comes from and figure out it is a laid back guy.


And what you see on TV is Brett Favre, not the football player, just just the guy. He's very humble, dude. I'm trying to think what that means.


When you say we did something that could be construed as hunting, that could mean a whole a whole lot of shit there, Steve.


It could be. But you in the vein of and. You know, using something. OK. Did you try to guess that's a great try to kill a squirrel with a football? Did you stone a moose? You can.


I wouldn't know. Moose down and Mississippi does that.


Is that like something that people ask you even when you're hosting a talk show and you're interviewing them? Has anybody ever been like, sir, will you please stun me?


No, that has never happened. I'll tell that story. A long time ago, I studied a guy that there was German somewhere, someone who stuttered on a concrete floor. God dang, it hurt my ass. Some severe burns place to give a stutter. The only place to go stutter is a damn ring.


Yeah, or pool. Pool stoners are always fun. Yeah, but you're not going to get the full impact. The water is going to slow you down here. You're not going to hit the pavement, but you're not going to deliver the full impact of this region kitchen right underneath that jar.


When was the last time you gave like a true stunner? When was the last time in in a do you think you're maybe a little out of practice? Because it sounds like like do you lose out? Is that something you lose or you just it's like riding a bike you can stun. You know, you can roll out of bed and start studying people, dude, rock and roll out of bed and start talking people.


That's one of the things that you don't forget. You can go out there and you can lose your timing and have a little bit of ring rust or, you know, your punches might be all but Stonner. I mean, I l I did that so many times. It's just like I said, like, you know what? You learn how to ride a bicycle. You don't forget.


Do you have like a mental list that you keep when you see people like either on the news or just like on television that you keep and you you're like it's on site with that guy.


I want to stun that person.


I want to stop because I made hell. I mean, that was stone cold wrestling related, you know? And I also look at people that could give a stutter to you because, you know, it's basically I guess you could shoot with it. I've never shot with it. But, you know, it's a work move.


Yeah. So you had Stevo on the show. There have been some people on TV that I'd like to punch in the mouth. Yeah. Yeah, well, you throw the stunner out. I think if someone's making me mad, I just rather punch him in the job. Yes.


Yes. So when you hit Stevo on, did you guys compare injuries? Because I would say you two might be the most injured people on earth combined.


We did run through an injury list. I mean, that guy has been through the wringer just like I have him, probably even more so than I broke a bunch of teeth and stuff like that. So, you know, it's funny watching that guy, you know, back in the Jackass days and they're making another movie. But back in the day, you know, that was that show was a thing. And it was kind of right along the timeline of when we were really hot.


Yeah. All these years later to sit there and talk to that guy after watching him do all of the carnage. He's a highly intelligent human being and very well-spoken. And you never thought it watched him back then. But what a cool guy he is. What a smart guy and a smart self marketer he is. I agree.


We like being, you know, in our mid thirties. I would say we're the last generation that has our feet on the ground and a sense of normalcy because we weren't raised by the Internet, we were raised by Jackass and the Attitude era. So like, come on, we don't know Facebook. We're just stunning. We're just normal and normal, throwing ourselves off buildings and.


Yeah, pushing my friend in a shopping cart into like a cactus. That's how we were raised. Yeah. Good shit all around hijinx. Yeah.


What have you what have you learned doing this talk show, because this is something that's been like a different career path for you, trying something new. And by all accounts that I've seen, it's been a real success. Like people are like, damn, stone-Cold is actually really good at not fighting people, but interviewing them also. I was there a transition process or was there a moment when you were like, OK, this is easier than I thought it'd be?


No, it's not easier than I thought it would be, because it was all a work in progress. But I guess, you know, like I was talking with bogarted all day and, you know, we're going into business, pro wrestling. You know, you can learn how to work in training, learn how to cut promos. You learn how to deal with people. And I'm getting into the podcast business. You know, I did that for, you know, damn near six years.


So you're interviewing people and you're having these conversations with them. So now all of a sudden you get someone out there against and you put a couple activities in front of. So you're doing stuff that you can bond over, kind of helps facilitate the conversation. But when you first start doing it, it's kind of like trying to, you know, walk and chew bubble gum and juggle at the same time. So there's a lot of different things going on on the show.


So it's a work in progress. But after getting in season one in us and we did really good in the ratings and now season two, I really know what the show's all about. It's about my guest and a little bit of me having fun and sharing their stories. It's got easier with repetition, but if we get season three, we don't wait so long to film it because of this covid thing. It'd be really great to get. It'd be really great to be able to get back to work.




Yes, absolutely. So for people who are listening right now, the first time we had stone-Cold on. He was in studio, it was like about an hour interview, that's when I fanboy out and asked all my fanboy questions. So now we're just friends. I don't know if I asked you, though, what was the maddest that like Vince has ever been with you behind the scenes? What was the the like most contentious moment between Steve Austin and Vince McMahon behind the scenes?


And what caused that?


You know, I don't think there ever was that time I wasn't there in the building when I know showed in Atlanta. Yeah. So it wasn't a face to face. I'm sure he was mad as a hornet, but I was on an airplane drinking Bloody Marys, headed back to San Antonio. So I can't I can bring it up, but I can't speak to it. I'll never forget. Early on, stone-Cold character started getting hot so automatically the two biggest things back in the day was stone-Cold and the undertaker, or should I say the undertaker and stone-Cold.


So they were just going to put us together in a match because we were the two biggest things going at the time. And so, you know, Tiger was a babyface. I was kind of turned Babyface and I figured, hey, if they're going to book this match, I think it was in the garden. I went out and cut the scath and he'll promo just to try to get some heat. And I went back to the dressing room after the interview and Vince calls me a shot.


It was almost like a learning lesson or Putnis put me under the learning tree. Who goes, God dang it, Stav. He goes, what were you doing? You know, because I'm figuring you got to have this is back in mid, late 90s, I think. And you've got to have a good guy. You've got to have a bad guy. And if he's kind of a good guy, I'm going to be the bad guy. So that was a learning lesson and not even a stern talking to.


But that would have been one of those moments.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, that's that's a fascinates me just because Vince McMahon, you know, through the years, I think his eye for the story and the talent is what has made it all work. And like knowing it's the famous line, like I know what you want more than you know what you want. And that's that's really true. Right. Like that. And I would assume that you got to that point to where you knew what the fans wanted before they knew what they wanted.


Yeah. And there are sometimes, you know, when we would disagree on finishes, whether it was in the states or overseas of what Vince thought the fans might want as far as it went. And I disagreed and we had a conversation and maybe something got changed. But I agreed know. Ninety nine percent with most of the direction that Vince always went. But there were times when we disagreed. But but he's the smartest guy I've ever worked with. And I always tell everybody I've learned more working with this man than I have anywhere in my life, including your five years of college is a smart, smart guy.


Yeah, yeah.


I think last time you were on, we talked about a lot of the beer stuff, like the time that you went swimming in the ring, which was for my money. That's the best moment. Wrestling history when you're swimming in like an inch and a half a beer. That was wonderful when you sprayed Vince McMahon down with the beer hose from the beer truck another all time moment. But I know if I'm looking back in my own mind about the best tasting beers I've ever had, I'm not talking about, like, different types of beer, but, you know, that beer that it's different when you think about like a certain moment in your life.


Is there a beer that sticks out to you as the best tasting beer that you've ever slammed?


Now, the best tasting beer I've ever slammed was probably down there in Tampa a couple of years back at the raw, whatever it was, one thousand episodes or a real reunion or whatever it was that I drove. I drank my own beer, broken Skalak on television in Florida. That was the best tasting. But as far as kind of that moment that you're talking about, when, God dang, this is almost a celebratory beer, because I've been through much what I've been through so much was right after two two occasions once after working with the Rock and Philly and Russell Manea fifteen because I was going through a divorce, I'd forgotten my best to walk to the ring and a t shirt that sucked ass.


So those beers after beating him was like, yeah, right. Yeah. And then another one was in the Buried Alive match against the undertaker. They actually wanted me to run that backhoe and I refused to because I think I thought I would have done damage to him because that thing was that was the one thing I could have learned to drive on live TV and fashion. And I've been going through some kind of stomach virus for about three, almost four weeks.


I'd lost about fifteen, seventeen pounds going into that match. I've noticed a noticeably slimmer than I was. And my go to that match, I was sick as a dog still and making it through the match turned up some cartilage up a rib cage during the match and then guzzling those beers. That was like yeah, I got through it. But drinking those beers was the most painful thing that I'd ever done because my gut wasn't ready for beer.


Those two moments, the first thing you have. Yeah, it's like you sick for two weeks. Like first thing. We have back is a big go while you're burying Undertaker alive, you got that's why you're a legend. Yeah. You got to put your body through. You got to see if you're ready for a performance. The best way to do that is just slamming two beers at once.


What's this buzz about? You may be coming back in the ring for maybe another match.


I see it. I see the buzz. You want to talk about it?


I don't see a buzz. I don't feel about us. I feel the buzz now. Well, I don't know because I just got finished talking about it a while back, RBD or somebody said I was looking for a comeback match and I am not I can see talk like I do say, I ain't looking for a rematch. I'm not looking for another match. That was a rumor whether he started it or someone else. But I can tell you right here in camera that, you know, I'll never wrestle another match in my life.


Why? That would never say never say never. I'll say it. I'm done. Never a million dollars. Yes. I mean, I got I got I got that a long time ago and I got the Russian bug out of my system. But that was a long process. Not talked about that extensively on this project I've been working on. But I love the business. I love watching the business. I love watching the current talent or watching legends go back and having one more run at it, but not me.


So one hundred million dollars, one match now and worth it.


So wait, so that's interesting what you just said. It took you a while to get it out of your system. How long was it from the last time that you were wrestling? Like consistently. How many years did it take for you to fully be like, you know what, I don't really miss it. I know you've done appearances and you've been involved and you've stayed in the limelight somewhat. But like, how long was it before you were like, you know what, I don't need to be back physically in the ring going through a twenty minute match?


You know, it took me a couple of years to get over that. And it was a hard pill to swallow because I was a guy that blood based on the injury that I had at a summer slam at ninety seven, I had the neck fusion, got back in the ring, made a couple more years, but I just started adding up and it was kind of like, dude, you need to get out of Dodge, although I made the decision, the hardest decision I've ever had in my life.


And it took me a long while, a couple of years to come to grips with that decision and deal with it and move on. Right.


I was I was looking up some pictures of old school stone cold. What should we call you? Mr. Cold? Steve.


Mr. Dunn, we're just friends. You guys come in staged. All right. I love it. So you Steve, I was I was looking up.


Do you want to come on just out of default or have it? That's fine too. OK, OK.


Mr. Mr. Steve, I was looking up these pictures of old school stone cold and I found one back when you had hair. This is an awesome picture.


Look at that picture. Yeah. So it's great.


So the blond hair that was like combed over to the side is you holding the United States heavyweight belt right here at work here.


But that would have to be WSW. Yeah. Yeah. It was your days. At what point did you decide, like, OK, it's time, it's time to shave the head? And did you feel a difference in yourself, like in the character stone cold when you went from having hair to having no hair at all?


Well, that will comb over job. I was trying to kind of reinvent studying Steve Austin. I didn't think I was marketable, so I tried to do that hairstyle and then ended up going to Japan to try to step off my arm. But when I got fired right after this, during the rehabilitation of that injury, that's when I decided to let it grow out again. And I was growing it out. It was about halfway but halfway scruffy. I started at NCW Rugg and so it's kind of getting long.


Again, that's when I got the call from the bench. This is about the third time we talked and he presented me with the ringmaster idea. And any time you go up to New York back in the day, they kind of change things around. So, you know, it looks like you've been repackaged shit worse repackage a job in the history of the business. So Pulp Fiction had just come out a while back and Bruce Willis had that buzz haircut.


Yeah. So that's where that look come from. That was inspired by Bruce Willis before picture. And so, you know, that that look was not a good look. Me with a buzz haircut, no goatee to say it was not money I owed money.


Yes, OK. And so me and Goldust, Dustin Rhodes were traveling together back in the day and we were working Pittsburgh Mellon Arena. And I looked at myself in the mirror. I said, do this look like crap. I just got a raise. I started shaking my head, just said, Dude, what are you doing? I said, man, effort. I said, It looks like trash. Anyway, I'm just taking it off. I showed it below with the bald haircut of, like, because you couldn't really see it unless the camera came in and it was a different look.


And that's what I started messing with that goatee. So to really question what. When I buzz that hair off and then I started growing that goatee, and that's when I started feeling like somebody, yeah, that's when I started feeling like stone cold and the ringmaster, I never had any identity or any kind of feel for that as a character to try to make decisions, not knowing who and what that thing was supposed to be. And there I am looking like Hollywood blondes, boots, you know, emerald green trunks.


I switch them to black. You know, they might have brought me in as ringmaster, but they didn't have that grand plans for me. And that's what I decided. After six months, I got to take matters into my own hands.


And we we talked about this last time, but the the bald look always made it. When you bled, you bleed and people that always showed out. So. All right. So you're not. So this is my last question. You're done wrestling. So because you're done wrestling, we could do a hypothetical if you were to wrestle one more match and you could pick any wrestler dead or alive any year from their career to have that one match against.


And also pick your year. What year? Stone cold. Steve Austin, would you pick?


Match it up for us. That's a good question, right? Well, it's a tough question because there's so many great people that I have so much respect for, you know, Undertaker came over to outsmart, came by the house and just Rogich concessions. And we always talked about as matchwood Burns or Browdy, he got roughed up a little bit. And when Broda used to come down to spor to trim down in Dallas, Texas, I was in college right before I got into business.


I'd go down there and see him beat snot out of people. And I just love the way he'll stand and just walk out to the ring in Japan and swing the change. They didn't care. So Bruiser Browdy would be really high on my list and it obviously be in prime stone cold, brawling years, yosh armed robber, because that's the only way a stone cold can match up with the power for size and strength and wild man tactics of a bruiser.


Browdy Bruiser Brody's face like the mount, the what he put into wrestling, the amount of like cutting he did on his forehead and just hoof to the Bruiser Browdy, walk through the doors of the PC dinner in Orlando wherever the hell it's at.


And there's guys that are bigger than him down there now.


But there was something about Brody, the way he was built, that his athleticism and that look man, a guy who had money written all over him, you could have been another Brodin and bring him back into twenty twenty one. It'd be amazing. I love it.


I love that answer. All right. So you got other stuff you got to do. You have other shows you're going to go on. But everyone check out stone-Cold straight up, Steve Austin, January 11th, USA. Great lineup. I was I was watching the promo this morning. Great lineup of guests. Also, we are friends. I don't even know if I want to say this, but I did actually appear I was I was interviewed for your documentary.


That's coming up. And I had some nice things to say, obviously. What else would I say? They probably cut everything I said just because I was all I was like, dude, stone-Cold was so awesome.


You were probably telling them they're like, what's your favorite memory? And you're like, oh, do you remember when you did this? Yeah, yeah. They were just like, OK, cool, dude, you're too much of a fanboy. Thanks anyway.


I'm excited for that. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I've seen, I've seen a little bit of that. Yeah.


So that should be great but awesome. Catch up with you man. Really appreciate it. And friends of friends, you know. Great to have you on anything.


Great seeing you guys stay safe and what his name is. We'll get a chance to do this again in person.


Yes, please. I really appreciate we're going to drink beer. If you if you're going to got they bad on the floor, I will just sell it. And, you know, I appreciate you guys help me plug the show. This is our second season. I really enjoyed this this segment of wherever I am in my life as far as a job goes. Yeah. Because it's got today I'm blessed to work with the people that I'm working with.


And basically I get paid to get on TV and have a good time and hear some more stories and raise hell with them. So shit, I'm almost stone cold, but I've lost a lot of people. Thanks for helping me.


Yeah, thank you. I think so. Cool. We'll talk to you later man. I don't know what I see.


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I see the truth, you don't talk in a war zone. But when I take my I get more kills as a single person in a war zone, when I take it three CZI, then we do as a team when I'm playing with Billy because you're in a trash lobby.


I'm not a trash lobby. You're in a trash lobby.


You lobby sucks. Billy, Billy. I'm you know what skill-based matchmake.


Billy So you actually like playing Billy.


I am going to ban you from war zone. You should be training for Jose Canseco. That's the war zone. You should be thinking about the boxing ring anyways. Three is great. It'll make you better video games there. I just said it. Go to 3G dotcom. That's number three dotcom shop for Delta eight vapes, gummies, tinctures and oils. Make your own homemade edibles out of there. Use promo code. Pardon at checkout. It's promo code.


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They're just giving you a little bit off making sure that you get in the door and you trying because they know that you're going to be back. That is a fact. I love three cheak or three dotcom is promo code. Pardon. OK, let's wrap it up with guys on Cheque's. We got a big Friday show getting ready for our divisional round.


I love Divisional round so much. I fucking love Divisional round. I'm so excited for Divisional Round.


I'm so happy we call it Super Divisional Round because I do think that it should be super. But I really think every team should make the playoffs now just so that we can have more football.


And it just is 16 games in the first weekend, 16 teams get a by and eight teams get a double bottom. How about this?


How about we have a seventeen week long playoff and then after six after 17 weeks, you go based on like group play. Yeah. And then those teams advance, you know, but all the teams events.


But they already did. They were already in the playoffs. Yeah. No, no. I just want to try to get more football. All right. Super tough game. Divisional round weekend.


All right. Hey guys on ChiX.


Hey boys again. Once again, mainly handsome. Hank, thanks for reading my question a couple of months ago about whether functional athleticism is more important than being jacked. The same boyfriend who claims to have functional athleticism took your advice and administered his own combine.


He's most impressed with his punt pass kick competition.


Results of 132 yards is one hundred thirty two yards a replaceable number for punt, a respectable number for punt pass kick. And should he be bragging about it?


No, it's forty. That's what, 40 yards per. Yeah, that's that's no, that's a few hundred thirty two. No, because that's probably, I would imagine not that far.


Like he probably thirty yard field goal, 30 or 50 yards to 50 yard pass 44 is not that good.


Oh, I think he's. No I think you could beat it. Oh million percent. OK. Thirty five yard kick. Yeah exactly. And then thirty five yard punt and then seventy yard. Yeah that's. Yeah.


Could easily be that haymaking. I do love this guy because there's something about like losing your functional athleticism overnight and you just don't even realize it because you're not using it every day and then like you know, so you basically you're this great athlete maybe playing a little ball in college, then you stop using it and one day you wake up and you've got to fight Jose Canseco.


You're like, you don't have a name.


Yeah, that's not going to happen, you know, but that's why you start training when the first inkling of it happens. So it's not day one today. Remember, back in elementary school and we'd have presidential fitness tests. They should do those. But just for adults at every age. But it gets easier. You don't do the same. You don't do the flexed arm hang. You don't do the pull ups you onto the vessel as you get older.


It's just like getting off the couch. Can you install a car seat in under five minutes? Do that's actually the hardest. Yeah, that's what I'm saying. You have to get presidential in under five minutes. Can you walk up two flights of stairs and then have sex.


Hmm. No, no. Also no, no.


You have to be there. You're sick. You want to leave flights of stairs and say a sentence? No, no.


Dear PMC fellows, I went to dinner with my boyfriend's family and they talked about how much they hate tattoos. Little did they know. I had just gotten one the night before.


I'm going to the beach with them in a few weeks and my new tattoo is easily visible in a bathing suit. Should I break the news to them or wait until vacation? Surprise them?


Oh, depends on what the tattoo is. Makeup. If it's angel wings, then I think everybody everyone appreciates like a giant set of angel wings on the back of a girl.


I think you actually should just tell them the actual truth, because that's a funny story. Like, remember the other night when you were saying how much you hate tattoos?


Well, I actually got one 24 hours beforehand haha. And then hope that works. Maybe do maybe throw in the SpongeBob laugh just as like a ice breaker.


Hello to my favorite boys. Sorry for your loss. Dad can pfft. Maybe your teams will bounce back next year. Probably not. Definitely.


Should I be self-conscious about my boyfriend jerking off mere hours after I gave him a blowjob. I gave him a blowjob in the morning on a Saturday and when I left his house and met up with him a few hours later, he mentioned he jerked off before he took a shower.


Oh, wow. That's a that's a compliment. So he's just he's memory. Hold the blowjob and he's like, I can't wait to rub one out while thinking about this. Praga.


Yeah. Like, just being like I've come twice today. No, dude.


I mean, I remember my first time, my first time I was at one point I was thinking, I can't wait to crank off to this later. This is perfect for the spank bank. Guys think like that.


What's up, Chunk Cat and Big Dig?


Billy, my boyfriend and I have been dating for a week and we have not had sex yet, only kissed. He jerks off in front of me and makes me clean it up with a paper towel. I asked him, why don't you come on my back? And he says, because it's nasty. Do you think he always got to have sex?


We need to clean up guys on chicks. It's got to be less sex and more like actual functional. Like what do you guys think?


We've got to we got to help them out. Well, no, it's it's about chicks. Chicks. It's that song. Guys, you guys on chicks, guys on chicks, but also how we can help everyone out.


All right, here's here's one then. Hey guys.


And Billy, recently I moved in with my boyfriend in one day I went on his laptop to check for a recipe and saw that one of my coworkers, Instagram's, was pulled up. There we go. I thought nothing of it at the time, but on separate occasions I was on the computer again and saw that not only my coworker had an only fans, but then my boyfriend was subscribed.


I haven't brought it up at all. What should I do supporting women in small business? What you've got is you've grown up. You've got a prince. My girlfriend.


I can't believe Ashley has only fans. How gross is that? I think you what he says.


I think you should do it in front of both of them. Just be like, oh, Ashley, you have an only fans, because I know that Billy subscribed, subscribes to it right in front of them.


What that would actually be very and then film it and send it to us.


I've read so many stories about girls with only fans recently that I feel like 65 percent of women between the ages, like 20 and 40 have only fans. Is that about accurate? It is. News flash drives are horny.


You found a way to pay wall the horniness.


You found you found a market weakness that you're exploiting.


Pilly has won what only fantasy points for my feet.


Those different bills can potentially win more money this month and he's probably ever had it in his life at one time. I would say that's between streams and oh, the rough and rowdy.


Yeah, I feel he might be rich by the most by the end of February. I could be very, very well. Imagine what's going to happen to the parlays. Imagine how many frogs he's going to have in his bar. Oh, my God. I mean, I wouldn't want to be from New York's tri state area. Know, I mean, I thought, oh my God, a huge aquarium to be sick.


Billy is the drill to eat like someone help me with my finances. Rent 6000 thousand dollars. Yeah. Fifty thousand dollars for new frogs. Yeah.


Our last one. That was it. Well I got one. Yeah. Go on. Hi guys. My boyfriend is training for a boxing match and he doesn't know whether to abstain from jerking off or to jerk off seven times a day like Tyson Fury said.


What does he do? You're not as cool as Tyson.


Yeah. So I'm I'm going to also ban your band from War Zone and pornography.


We didn't mention, Billy, that you were threatening to let Frank loose to possibly date Jose's daughter.


Yeah, if I beat up Jose, I'm going to introduce Frank to his daughter. Yeah. And you guys know. Yes. You know what? Frank's series is raw dogging with Frank. Yeah.


You know, I would introduce Frank to his. So, hey, might just. Oh, I wanna buy his car wash. That's the whole thing.


If I win, I'm going to use the money to buy Jose's car wash and then keep his name.


I want to keep his name on the car wash and make him still come inside autographs on a salary.


Oh, wait. You're going to you're going to punk them by paying him money for his business? Yeah, you can. And then by employing to pay him ding dong on a guy basis, you're going to cash Hosie out and then give him a stip.


I can't I can't wait to see how he spends his winnings.


Yeah. All right. That's our show on Friday. We got to do our version of Rock on Billy, but like, get it before he starts getting more.


One hundred eighteen seven, eight thirty five. Billy, if you lose this fight, you have to bring sixty nine and said thirteen go because then that's the only thing I have fifty fuck demands. I love you guys, but you know what? That's the third one in a month. Whoa, I'm guessing 50 burgers. That's how it works, right?


Female bedbugs don't have vaginal openings, so males must stab them in the abdomen with their pieces.


So just don't time all the time. No, it's. Yeah. You talk in a way I don't know what to say, I'm saying to find a else, I'll be coming for your love of shot. I'll be coming for your love, take on me, take me out.


Oh, he does. Needless to say, I'd set it for me, so it's OK, say. The better to be safe than sorry to say. The better to be safe, and so they don't need to take me out because I'm. Things that you say, I just came up with all things to remember, Sean. It'll all be coming for you anyway. Sean, enjoy all the Cold War you take on me. Take me up.


I'll be gone. I'll be good.