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Hey, part of my take, listeners. You can find every episode on Apple podcast, Spotify, or YouTube. Prime members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. On today's part of my take, Super Bowl 58 in the books. We're going to talk about the entire game. The Kansas City Chiefs. Dynasty has begun. They win in overtime, which was a slow game to start, but became an instant classic in the end.


We say they're the Last Great American dynasty, Big E.


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Okay, let's go. Now in the street, there is violence, and I'm allowed to solve work to be done. No place to hang alone, washing. And then I can't lay all on the sun. Oh, no. We're going to wrap down to electric avenue, and then we'll take it higher.


Oh, we're going to wrap It's Part of My Take, presented by Marshall Sports.


Welcome to Part of My Take, presented by DraftKings Sportsbook. Go download it right now. Use code take. You get a no-sweat bet for all new customers. Up to $1,000 if your first bet loses. We're back with DraftKings. Today is Monday, February 12th, Super Bowl 58.


What? What?


What? Las Vegas, Nevada. City of Sin. We're live from Las Vegas, the home of sex drugs in Rock 'n' roll. And would you look at that? America's Sweetheart is watching on from a sweet, sweet box. That's right. Mark Davis was in attendance. Jowan Howard-Jennings slapped the Chief's defense in the first half as Christian needs to watch his feet after getting them into pay dirt. William Henry-Harrison Bucker has kept the Commander and Chiefs alive for the last 31 days as he finally got Kansas City on the scoreboard to end the half, and we go into halftime. Jake. At halftime, the score was only 10-3 as Usher took the stage after both offenses clearly told each other, I just want to take it nice and slow. Into the break. Only 30 minutes left in the season. That's It Chris. Take that, rewind it back to September, that is. The Chiefs and Niners would take it to the locker room with the homies trying to get a little L-V-I-I dub and a TD. As Lil John took the stage, Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan were Spending their time how to draw up another round of shots. Shots, shots to the end zone.


Touchdown for what? Touchdown for what? That was your half-time report. Just two more quarters until we find out who would be making Love in this Vegas club. Hey, love in this Vegas club. Hey, later tonight. Back to the fellows we got. Thank you, Jake. Very cool. Great work, Jake. Back to the second half action where the game turned when Ray, Ray, you, you get off of McCloud, fumbled the ball and rolled the stone right over to the Chiefs, giving them a 13-10 lead.


The Niners answered, but Jake Moody kicked it into the tunnel of chaos as the ball said, Hit me. In Vegas tradition, both teams wanted to play as we head to overtime, where Kyle Juh cracked that Soulja Boy. Check.


Copy Travis Kelsi's whole flow, word for word, bar for bar.


But the Niners only got three and left too much time on the clock for Patrick Mahomes. Patrick, trick, trick, trick, trick, Mahomes.


It was actually unlimited time boom.


The Chiefs drove down the field in the last play of Super Bowl 58. It was a hard man.


No, not every American watching Taylor Swift on their TV.


She's hot. Michal, who scored the game-winning touch-out. As Patrick Mahomes said, Hey, 49ers, you got a real purty mouth. Now I'm going to bend you over and watch you square like a pig. Chiefs, 25. Niners, 22.


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Anybody here bet against Patrick Mahomes in this game? That was me. That was dumb. You were smart. You were smart. You know when to stop chasing it and just lean into it. You are literally, if you can't beat him, join him. Yeah.


It was a moment where I was like, You know what? I've gone through so much pain going against this guy. He is inevitable. I don't care how this Chief's team has looked all year. It's playoffs. It's different. They've reached their final form of being the dynastic New England Patriots because they are a dynasty now, three and five. Three out of five, yeah.


Back to back. They have the opportunity to get three in a row, which nobody's ever done.


Yeah. Wait, hasn't anyone done that? No, wait. No. No, yeah. The Steelers did the two and then two. Two, two. Yeah, you're right.


I would actually go as far as to say if they don't get three in a row, it's a failure. Yeah, I'd agree.


He's a bust. But they did it. The Chiefs have won again. He is inevitable. The Chiefs defense was incredible. But what I was going to say is they've reached their final form of having a regular season where everyone said, These aren't the same Chiefs. They've made mistakes. They don't have pass catchers. Then they get to the playoffs, and they do what they do in the playoffs, and that's win games, tough games, games they win different ways, and then the perfect cherry on top. We said this when it happened earlier in the season. We said that the Chiefs are becoming the Patriots because Michal Hartman getting back on the Chiefs after being on the Jets is exactly what the Patriots would where their players go scurry around the NFL, suck, and then come back, and they're good again, and he scores the game-winning countdown in overtime to beat the San Francisco 49er.


It's like sending your kid to military school. They go there and they're like, Oh, man, this sucks. When I get home, I'm going to act right. I'm going to behave myself. Then you got back. Also, shout out to Michal Hardman, we all remember in Hard Docs, when Oze the Mentalist was on there. He said that it was going to be his team, which was the Jets at the time, over the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Oze's prophecy comes true. So never doubt the man again. I've got some fun Mahomes stats. First is that he now has 15 postseason wins. That puts him one behind Joe Montana. Then Tom braided, Obviously, 35, quite a bit of distance there. He is 28 years old.


He's played sixth season. He's third all time in wins and third all time in Super Bowl. He is also the record holder for most quarterback rushing yards in Super Bowl.


Whoa. Already.


That's crazy.


It's appropriate because there was that one play that they ran tonight. It was the keeper on the option. Yeah. He took off, and then he got pissed off afterwards. At that point, as somebody who was betting against Patrick Holmes, I knew I fucked up.


It was actually the play before that he got even more pissed off when it was a third and two, and he had to run through a couple of 49ers. I said at the moment, I was like, I think he just woke up.


Yeah, that's right.


The next play was the keeper.


He had the scal on when he got up because he got contact. Then I was like, Well, this whole thing is fucked.


This is a weird stat. The sample size is pretty small, probably, but it's still cool. In the last 30 years, there's never been a quarterback to go eight for eight or better with 27 plus rushing yards in a single drive. In any game, regular season or postseason, Patrick Mahomes did that in the overtime of the Super Bowl. That's crazy. I have some more crazy Mahomes stats. We're going to talk about everything else in the game because I think the Chief's defense was out of this world good, and Brock Purdy was not bad, and we'll get to all of it. But some more Mahomes stats. Hank, let me know if any of these you want to just chime in at any point. Okay? Okay. All right. Patrick Mahomes has started 96 games in the NFL. The Chiefs have only lost three of them by more than one score. That's pretty crazy. That is crazy, yeah. That's pretty crazy. In the year six, Mahomes' year He's in his sixth year. He is three for six. 50% of the years, he's been a starting quarterback. He's won a Super Bowl. He is three for six in Super Bowl appearances.


Or no, sorry. Yeah, three for six in Super Bowl. No, four for six. Four for Six. Four for Six, yeah. In Super Bowl appearances. He's six for six in Conference Championship game appearances. All these statistically ahead of braided in terms of percentages. Pat, go ahead.


I got a couple, too. Yes. He is Since 2019, he's five and one when trailing by 10 or more points at any point in the playoff. The rest of the NFL is six and 48 in that same scenario. He also is the first quarterback in the NFL history to win a Super Bowl with the biggest cap hit in the NFL. So he's even bigger than the salary cap.


This was the year to get him.


He also had to have Jazelle on deck to make his salary lower, Mickey Mouse titles.


He also made Trey Akemen look like maybe the worst tweet of all time. This is from September 2019. The Athletic, Kansas City said, In case you missed it, Patrick Mahomes has thrown 36% of Troy Akemen's career touch downs in about 8% of the of the names, Troy Ekeman quote to you and said, In case you missed this, talk to me when he has 33% of my Super Bowl titles. So it's five years later, he has 100% of Troy Ekeman's Super Bowl titles. That's brutal. That's a brutal quote-tweet. He is on the path to being... Is he on the path to be the greatest?


The greatest.




I mean, this is insane. I think now we need to raise the bar and be like, Will he be the GOAT GOAT? We have to start comparing to Michael Jordan.


And Muhammad Ali.


Yeah, we should have that debate. I'm sure Skip Bayliss is ready to do it. But yeah, we need to elevate that conversation past Tom braided. Right now, Patrick Mahomes is on pace to be the greatest athlete of all time.


He's got six years, and he's a no doubt first ballot Hall of Famer if he retired tomorrow, which I love doing those. But it's the truth.


That'd be wild if he did. I would definitely do that if I was Patrick Mahomes. That would rock. Because then everyone would just take your current stats. You'd be like, What if this guy kept playing?


Yeah, we could have won them all every single year because it does feel like that at this point, where Patrick Mahomes, again, a year where it felt like the Chiefs were a lesser than version. It was wide open. Everyone talked about the AFC being all these incredible and obviously injuries happen, but it doesn't take anything away from the Chiefs going through the gauntlet, getting back to the top of the mountain. They've won back-to-back championships, and it felt like it watching that game because PFT, you did mention at the top that you did bet against Mahomes. You and Brandon, it was so nice being on the other side of it for once where you guys just kept on saying, Well, this is going to suck because it's Mahomes. It was the last drive to end the game, the regulation. It was the last drive in overtime. It was just he didn't even play that great to start the game. He was off. He had that weird interception to start the second half where he either didn't throw it to Travis Kelsey or completely over through Travis Kelsey. Then from that point on, he was Patrick Holmes, the best quarterback in the world, just doing whatever, every big play you felt like he was going to get, whether it be with his feet or a pass.


And he's back there. He's done it again. Three titles in six years as a starter is fucking insane.


It is incredible, and it did feel inevitable. There were about four times in the game when I knew I was fucked. I did a really good job of just putting myself into a delusional state, not thinking about it, not thinking about the fact that I was taking the Niners against Patrick Mahomes. On the drive into the office, it hit me, and I was like, What have I done? This is going to be dumb, but I'm going to ride with it. I'm going to ride. Yeah, to your point, Purdy was not bad. He wasn't great, but he wasn't bad. He didn't turn the ball No, he wasn't the reason they lost.


Patrick Mahomes. I never felt, watching that game, that you could point to a couple of things. Rael McLeod, who it wasn't... He should have fallen on the ball. It wasn't a straight-up fumble by him because it actually had hit a player's leg, a Niner's player's leg, so he had to try to get it. Rael McLeod was a huge pivotal swing because the Chiefs couldn't do anything on offense. That happens. They score the next play. All of a sudden, the Chiefs are up, and you're like, The Niner has been out playing them because the whole first half, it felt like the Niners were the better team. But it never felt like the Niners were playing so poorly that it was like, damn, I can't believe they did this or that. It was just the game is tight and Patrick Holmes will have the ball at some point, and there's nothing you can do about that. He beat the Niners in the end, and it's not like, Man, the Niners, how could you do this or your game plan? It wasn't a Raven situation where their game plan sucked or Bills where their defense failed them or even the Dolphins were there a no-show.


It was just, Patrick Holmes is the best in the world.


When you ran through all those teams that they beat, they did beat maybe... That was the hardest path in Super Bowl of all time.


I think Aaron Shatz said it was Dvla toughest Super Bowl in terms of the four teams they beat.


So not frauds. Not frauds at all. Chiefs, not frauds. We're glazing them. Listen, we're equal- They have to be glazing.


They just won the Super Bowl.


We're equal opportunity glazers. We're going to glaze the fuck out of the Kansas City Chiefs because they're very good. They did it. Actually, the Kaderius Tony being inactive. That's when I should have known.


I was hoping it was going to be like, I could justify betting against Patrick Mahomes and betting on Brock Purdy if Kaderius Tony was going to be on there because you could look back at the season and be like, Kaderius Tony on the Chiefs That's like them.


The Chiefs were taking batting practice. They were taking warm-up swings with a leaded donut on. Then they get rid of them, and now they're hitting the ball 450 feet to straight away center field. It was expert mode.


They were basically like, Hey, no one has gone back to back since the '04, '05 Patriots. Why don't we try to do it with Kaderius Tony again?


Let's do with Kaderius Tony. We're going to give the ball to Michal Hardman inside the 10 Very frequently for no real reason. We're going to have what some people were saying could have been the biggest distraction in NFL history going on throughout the entire year. We're just going to still win anyways. We're going to do everything hard, the hardware.


Do you think he even goes to the ring ceremony?


I think he should have a ring ceremony of his own tonight. Yeah.pop the question.


Yeah. Kaderius, Tony?


Yeah. Congratulations, Super Bowl champion. Kaderius Tony. I could imagine a world where they show up to the after-party and Tony's there and he's just like, You know what? I'm going to ask Taylor Swift to marry me. Yeah. Take your shot. Yeah, take your shot.


Hey, I got a Super Bowl ring.


Get a Super Bowl ring. Yeah. He's on cloud nine. He is a world champion, so shout out Kaderius.


The other part that needs to be mentioned for the Chiefs, and we'll get to the Niners, But Steve Spagnola, incredible, incredible. We knew it. We knew it going in that he was going to have a game plan for him. He's the first coordinator to win, offensive or defense, to win four Super Bowl. So he's won these last three with the Chiefs and then the one with the Giants in '07. It was like everyone went into this game saying, Well, what about Chris McAfree? Because the Ravens didn't run, but if they had, it would have been different. They held Chris McAfree at 3.6 yards per carry, which was his lowest of the season. He had a couple of explosive plays, the one in overtime where it was a pass. Brock Partee made a great play. Spags was dialing up all the perfect blitzes. It felt like even though the Niners had some nice drives, it felt like the Chief's defense after the first... Maybe there was that first drive when the Niners fumbled. After that, it felt like everything was difficult for the Niners, and they were going to at least make them earn it. Spags is out of this world Good.


It's crazy to have a defense coordinator that good and be able to keep him because he's already failed as a head coach. Maybe he doesn't want to coach again as a head coach and be able to have that. That unit has just become so good, and they were phenomenal again this year and this Super Bowl.


Chris Jones was awesome, too. Chris Jones was just leaking through that line all night long. He's a closer. Does Chris Jones get an escalator? He got a million dollars. He got a million? I think so.


Either he got a million for getting there.


I think he was going to get 2 million, I think, if he won Super Bowl MVP, which if he was like half a step closer on a couple of plays, you could maybe make that argument. But it was always going to go to Mahomes. But yeah, Chris Jones, he made himself a lot of money in this offseason. Yes. I'll put it that way. So he's a free agent, right?


I think he's a free agent again, and they might franchise tag him again.


Again? And then maybe he'll hold out again.


Yeah, Lejarious Sneed is a free agent, but we shouldn't do that to the Chiefs right now. No. They deserve... I mean, they're a dynasty. They're a dynasty. So, Hank, we've been glazing. You bet on the Chiefs.


I did bet on the Chiefs.


I bet on the Chiefs knowing I was doing it simply because I didn't want to be sitting here right now saying I didn't bet on Patrick Holmes as an underdog in the Super Bowl. Am I even going to say the Brock Perry part because Brock Prudy played well? But I was like, I can't do this to myself again. I was, in my heart of hearts, still wanted the Niners to win. It was an insurance plan of, I think I know exactly how this is going to go, and it went exactly how it was going to go. I might as well win some money with it.


Yeah, I did the same thing. I still, on the stream, you can watch it, you and Dave were emphatically rooting for the Chiefs, and I couldn't even get myself to root for them. I was rooting against them the whole time, just being like, Get a third downstop, get a third downstop, get a third downstop. I live bet them at halftime. You were just taking- I won one prop bet and was like, Again, the Chiefs are going to win this game. There's no way they don't. Just praying that my mush could lead them to lose, and it just wasn't even close to enough. Holmes played out of his mind. Legacy Drive after Legacy Drive.


It was close to being enough. It did go to overtime. Yeah. Which makes it worse. We were very confused for a little bit at the start of overtime because the Niners hit that drive down the field, took like, what, seven and a half minutes off the clock? Yeah. Then we said, There's no chance it's going to happen. But hypothetically, what if the Chiefs also go on a very long drive and they don't score before the end of the first overtime period? Well, the answer ended up being that it wouldn't matter. They would just continue that drive in a second. What's the point of the Why is there a clock in overtime then?


You guys were gaslighting me to a point where I was-No. Not intentionally gaslighting me.


You were asking questions.


Why was that a clock? Because I kept on screaming, It's a new game. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. No too many. Then you guys kept on saying, But what about the clock? I thought, Holy shit, what if they're right and this game just ends?


That would have been the funniest ending to a Super Bowl if Andy Reid did not know that constraint, and they were driving down the field and the clock ran out, and they were at the four-yard line.


I think me, Cole Hartman, didn't know that they won the Super Bowl, but judging by his reaction when he caught the pass. I think he didn't really celebrate.


I think he blacked out when he caught the pass.


I think he was surprised that he caught it.


Yeah. The Chiefs were just... Even down 10-3 at half, I don't know if you guys felt this way, but I was like... It obviously got a little hairy to start the half because they come out and they have that bad pitch play to Isiah Pacheco, and then Mahomes throws an interception. But I was like, the Chiefs, as long as the Chiefs are within one score, they're going to win this game.


Once they start connecting with Kelsey, then that was another over-fucked moment where it was like, Okay. In the first half, Kelsey didn't do shit besides assault Andy Reid on the sidelines. He asked Andy about that in the postgame. He was like, I don't know you guys caught that on camera. I was just off balance, and he got me. He's got a new hip. Andy Reid's got a new hip. That was even worse. So he's blaming himself for it. This is not a good pattern of behavior. I mean, you have to wonder.


Yeah, elder abuse. I I think it was a bad clip for Travis Kelsey, but I think it turns out to be good in history because in the first half, he had one catch for one yard, and in the second half, he had seven catches for 85 yards. If you can actually blame Travis Kelsey for anything, he probably should have assaulted Andy Reid earlier.


Violence works. That's what we took away from this.


He probably should have just punched him in the nose and been like, Wake the fuck up, dude. I'm Travis Kelsey.


Also, it would have been... I don't know what would have happened if they had lost. The fact that they won, it's now Look at these fiery guys. This is just how they communicate with each other. If they lost, they would have been so pissed off.


Oh, big time. What are you going to say, Hank?


No, it takes me great if they lost. I was getting some cooked up. Also, the Dre Greenlaw thing, it's like you can't- That was brutal.


Sodfather at it again.


He's going on to the field after a punt. So brutal.


So, so brutal. He was jumping up in the air, getting amped up, and then he planted. Boom. Achilles popped. They brought out the smallest injury cart of all time for Dre. Dre, where he looked at it and he was like, I'm just going to ride shotgun. I'm not going to sit in the back of this thing. Give me the ox cord. I'll sit up front.


The guy's got a torn Achilles and you're like, Yeah, let's make him sit shotgun? Yeah. Made no sense. You had a guy in some khis sitting in the back seat all comfortable.


It's actually a zip car ambulance, and you're going to have to drive it yourself, Dre. It was really strange. But yeah, the fucking sod father at it again. I'm just going to blame. I'm going to blame everybody. Do it. But I'm the one to blame.


Although- It was tough after the game, watching you just sink into the couch. Yeah.


We got to stew in it.


I've been there many times.


People aren't talking about the fact I gave out the sharpest pick of the night. No doings. Yeah. There were so many doink opportunities. There were no doings. I think there were 10 combined extra points and field goals. Not one even came close to hitting the uprights, except Moody's. If that didn't get blocked, I think that was going at the upright. But that was a bad extra point.


That's probably the worst part if you're a 49ers fan.


Jake Moody was, well, the extra point was a pivotal, pivotal change. That's what I'm saying.


That is what is going to be sticking with you the most today as you're listening. It's like-What I tell you about Jake Moody.


We went to overtime.


If only we had one more point, we had an extra point.


But It's like the Ravens game. When the Ravens stop the Chiefs for the entire second half. Mahomes is so good that I am now under the assumption that whatever points he needs to get, he'll get. You can play the game of they would have got They would have been up four in a field goal, they would have still been up one. Chiefs really just found a way to score a countdown because that's Mahomes. If he doesn't need it, he can wait for it and get it later. It doesn't matter. He'll get whatever he needs to get.


Also, in fairness to Jake Moody, he did boot some long field goals. He actually set the record for longest field goal ever in a Super Bowl, which I don't see that record being broken anytime soon. Yeah.


He set the longest field goal for the shortest amount of time.


Yeah, it It was what? Like 15 minutes of real time?


No, it was like an hour because it was first half, second half. But it was a quick amount of time that Harrison Bucker then broke his record by one single yard. All right, before we get to the Niners, Let's do a couple of ads, and then let's talk Niners, and then we'll talk more Super Bowl, everything, commercials, everything, halftime show. But do a couple of ads, and let's do that.


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By the way, I just got a little hot flash because I thought someone comment. I posted that Troy Akeman tweet on my Instagram, and someone was like, It's fake. I went to try to make sure I didn't get duped. It's real, and he now has 12,000 quote tweets.


Oh, Jesus. Yes. No, that's a real tweet. I remember when he put that up, and I was thinking to myself, Watch out, Troy.


That happened so fast. Yeah. He just... Patrick Holmes has a better career than Troy Akemen. No offense, Troy Akemen, but it's just a fact. He's played six years. All right, 49ers. First of all, credit to the 49ers. They fought than the Philadelphia Eagles. They took the Chiefs to overtime.


I would say that this 49ers team is better than last year's Philadelphia Eagles team, no questions asked.


Would you agree, Max? Overtime.


No. It went to overtime. Overtime. Did you get overtime? We didn't have a chance to win the game at the end, the Niners did. What was the score after 60 minutes?


What do you mean the Niners had a chance to win the game at the end? But the what? Well, the Niners kicked a field goal and they could have scored a breakdown.


Right. But after 60 minutes of the game-We didn't get the ball back.


Okay. What was the score? The Niners didn't get the ball back either, but they played so well for the beginning of the game that they were able to go to overtime.


But they didn't get a chance to win the game. The Eagles didn't get a chance to win the game. The Niners did. They did have a chance.


Playing in the game is a chance to win the game.


That's a great point, Hank. Oh, my God. No, I mean, you guys are talking about overtime.


I'm talking about we didn't get the ball back. Because of a holding call, we didn't get the ball back, and they got the holding call.


We didn't. They got the call, we didn't. But it was tied when the Chiefs were driving at the end. I don't care. The Niners were up when the Chiefs were driving at the end. Therefore, that's why it went to overtime. You were tied. You didn't get the ball back. The Niners were up. They lost the game. They were able to force it to overtime. The thing about that is they lost the football game.


No, the thing about that is the Niners didn't get a chance to get the ball back either because there were seconds left in the clock. They had a chance and they kicked a field goal. Yeah, okay. Overtime.


Jalen Hurts was scoring touch downs. Okay. That's when I said I would have sucked his dick. Yeah, except for the pick six or the fumblesick. Wait, what? He did say he'd suck Jalen Hertz dick. All right, let's talk about the nine.


You had to remind people of that. Everyone else forgot about it until Max just said it.


That was good. No, it's good that we got that back on record. Well, he was playing great football. That's what I'm saying. Okay, let's talk about the Niners. Forget about the Eagles. They clearly finished third. If you had to power rank these last two seasons, Chief's number one, Niners, two, Eagles, third.


Probably, yeah.


That's how we I might put the Lion second in their Championship game, lost to the 49ers.




By the way, speaking of the Lion, real quick, Detroit tons said right before the game, This shit just makes me more hungry for next season. We should be on that field.


Love that. That's good. That's the right mentality to have. Yes.


All right. So the San Francisco 49ers, they didn't play bad. They made a couple of key mistakes that left Mahomes in the game. But I do think if you had to I would say one thing that I would point to, taking the ball in overtime was a huge, huge mistake.


I think Kyle did that out of just force of habit because you always take the ball in overtime, right? Right. And we I said when we talked about this rule changing, I think within two seconds, we're like, Wait, so you want to actually kick off in overtime? Correct. Because then you know exactly how many points you have to get in order to win or tie the game or whatever the case. You know the scenario in front of you. The Niners won the coin toss. They won the coin toss. Thales never fails in overtime. What happened was, Kyle said after the game, I wasn't doing it because my defense was tired.


Because that was the- That was the out that he had. That was everyone He said that like, Oh. I didn't buy it at the time because I don't know how you could say your defense was tired when the Chiefs had the ball for two minutes.


Also, you just got the end of the game and then the coin toss and all that. I think everybody was probably pretty well-recovered at that point. He He said that he wanted the opportunity to get the ball back and score. If the 49ers had scored and Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs had also scored, then the Niners would get the ball back and have an opportunity to win. But I still- He was doing a lot of fast forwarding.


Which still doesn't make a ton of sense to me because under the new overtime rules, which I love, by the way, in the playoff, the fact that you get both teams get a chance, if the Niners had scored a countdown, the Chiefs could have scored a countdown and gone for two, and I think they probably would have. End the game right there. Because then when it does become sudden death, you're right. Having the ball, the next team to have the ball, it is a huge advantage because it's like the old overtime rules, where if you kick a field goal or the old, old overtime rules, where if you kick a field goal, the game's over. We're going to say Hank.


We gloss over at one point. Why was there a clock?


Yeah. No, Hank's right.


I think they need it just for the play clock. I don't know.


The only reason I can think of to have the game clock-There is none. Well, the only reason I can think of is to give the teams a break at a certain point.


I mean, they had it in the Super Bowl in the overtime with the Patriots and the Falcons.


But that was the old rules, right?


Yeah, but it still doesn't matter.


Yeah, it still doesn't matter.


It still doesn't matter if it's sudden death, you shouldn't have a clock, right? It actually is dumber to have it in sudden death.


I think it matters because the NFL needs to make money on commercials if it does get to the end of that quarter.


Also, it would be really weird if we didn't have a clock. Think about how weird that be. Remember the Jacobi Jones play, Baltimore, Denver? That went to double overtime. We almost had double overtime. Yeah, we almost had double overtime. Back to taking the ball first. It makes no sense because under the new rules, each team gets to possess the ball at least once. If you're the second team to possess the ball, you have all the knowledge of what the first team did, whether it be a field goal, a punt, a countdown, it doesn't matter. We We saw it instantly when the Chiefs had to go for it on fourth and 1 at their own 34. If it was fourth and 1 at your own 34 to start overtime, there's a chance you could punt it and be like, I don't know. Because if you get the ball first and you're faced with a fourth and 1 and you don't convert it, they can just turn around, kick a field goal, two goal over. It makes no sense for him to take the ball there. It proved to be true because you had the Niners settle for a field goal, and the Chiefs, knowing that they have to score here, knowing they have to score a countdown to win the game, but they can at least get a field goal, they used their fourth downs.


There was no punting, there was no punting. It was like, This is it. We have to go. We have to win the game right here. I think that's what lost him the game. I know if Mahomes gets the ball first, he might score a countdown, and then you don't... Whatever. It could go a million ways. But I would always want to go second in this situation because let's say Mahomes did score a countdown, you have to go score a countdown. What are you going to do? You're going to go for two to not give Mahomes the ball back.


What was the yardage on the field goal that the 49ers attempted? They were pretty close to the end zone.


They were very close to the end zone. They kicked a 27 yard.


Yeah, so a 27 yarder, they would have gone for that and tried to get a touch on that. It would have been the exact opposite scenario that we're looking at right now. Correct. The exact opposite scenario would have happened if they had opted to kick the ball off instead of receiving it.


It makes No one can explain it to me. Even our friend Sam Schwartzing was trying to explain to me in real-time that it's obviously the odds are different than college over... Because essentially is college overtime, but it's different because it's a full field. It's like you're not already in the red zone. You're not already in field goal range. But it is like the percentages are obviously very different and playing into the fact that if you match score for score, you then get the sudden death next possession. But still, I'd always want to know what I have to do after seeing what the other team did. All the information is so much better and being able to make all your decisions based on what they did first.


Yes, and we saw it happen exactly like recording for that plan.


At the time- This is in hindsight. We were arguing about it literally the minute the coin toss happened. We're like, Why the fuck would you take the ball first?


Yeah. Shout out to Memes for reminding us of this. Cbs Sports Chair, Sean McManish said that the NFL has alerted them that the game will go to two over times. You pay 2.1 billion, you get double overtime. They tried. Yeah, they tried. Cbs tried to pull that one past us. But yeah, it's very clear. You get the ball in the regular season for that overtime. In the playoffs, you kick the ball off in overtime.


Do you think they coached that, though?


They should have.


But they should have.


I doubt they did. He said that they talked it over. They met with their analytics guys, and they said that this is the way that they're going to go. So they did have that prepared.


And they fucked it How did the analytics add up for that?


To me, maybe- That makes no sense. Kyle might have just been like- Because there's no time. Time doesn't matter. There's a good chance Kyle at that podium was like, I fucked it up. Blaming on A. I fucked it up. I'm going to say I talked with the nerds. I'm going to blame the nerds for this. Don't get me wrong, I would suck Jalen Hertz dick for Kyle Shanaan as a head coach. He's a great head coach. But you have to start talking. We have to talk about his record in the Super Bowl because he has the biggest blown lead in Super Bowl history when he was the offensive coordinator, which isn't all on him. The defense obviously gave up some points. Then he blew a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 54. That's the second largest blown lead. Then this ties, obviously, with that, a 10-point lead, second largest blown lead for Kyle Man. Yeah.


Three Super Bowl as an Osi and head coach, three double-digit leads.


Yeah, it's tough. That's brutal.


Hank, the only thing that I can understand, and people keep saying this, is when you get the third possession, now it's sudden death. That's it, though. The Chiefs would have gone for two if they had to.


Do you think the Chiefs- I think it only makes more sense because the Four Yonders defense was tired.


Yeah, but he said that that wasn't the reason. It just makes no sense. In the 49ers- I actually do think that the Chiefs would go for two.


Yeah, I do, too. What would you rather do?


I would go for two.


End it right then. Getting up a field goal and losing the Super Bowl or getting two yards with Patrick Mahomes.


After Jake Moody has already hit a 56 yarder, that's Pretty quickly, you're in field goal range. I guess you could… Would the Chiefs, if they had gotten into a fourth-down situation in the red zone, kicked a field goal there? Probably, depending on if it was fourth and, I don't know, more than five. But still, they went for a fourth down right away as the drive started. The Niners, though, like… Brock Purdy was fine. I don't think he was bad at all. I thought he played a pretty good game. He actually played a really good first half. The Niners as a whole, I can't point to one thing and say, Yeah, the fumble was really bad. Chris McCaffery's fumble going in in the first drive of the game, and obviously the punt muff. But other than that, They played really well, and Pats from Homes is just Pats from Mahomes.


They stopped getting pressure on Mahomes a little bit. They dialed it up pretty good at the start.


Bosa and Chase Young were awesome.


Chase Young and Bosa were great in the first half, and Bosa had a couple of plays in the second half, too. But the pass rush, it wasn't making them uncomfortable at all. Mahomes would drift out, find a guy, or at least just escape with no real damage done. But yeah, I wouldn't say that the 49ers, there's not anything you can point to and be like, This was a major fuck up for them. Christian McAfree wasn't great, but he had some nice plays. He still ended up with 80 yards receiving, which is pretty good. Eighty yards rushing, obviously not like the yards per carry that you'd want. I think Kittle was injured.


He also was blocking a lot.


He was blocking a ton. They didn't really look for him that much. He made one nice catch, but I think he dislocated his shoulder at the end.


Yeah, they had the great trick play with Juan Jennings. That was a hard attack.


Game manager, that's what they're saying about Juan Jennings.


He was in line to maybe win Super Bowl MVP there for a second.


That would have been wild if he went Super Bowl MVP. Wild.


But he had a countdown catch and a countdown throw.


We had a good catch or no catch with Usopp.


Usopp checked the end. Yeah. Des Bryant did say That wasn't a catch, which is very funny. But yeah, it's got to be very painful for Niners fans because you're sitting there like, We didn't play bad. We just let Patrick Mahomes end the game. We let Patrick Mahomes have the ball to end the game. It's like, if you ask Niners fans, What's the one thing you're so deathly afraid of? It's Patrick Mahomes having the ball to end the game. They almost ended the game in regulation. The center for He's a very good center. I think it's Creet Humphrey. Was so low all night, and I think it's been like that all year. So maybe Mahomes just used to it. But that final play in regulation, Mahomes had Rasha Rice over the middle. But because I think the Snap, and he was already maybe thinking, I'm going to go to Kelsey, that didn't work out. But like, yeah, the Niners, it sucks. And now you're looking at the Niners, and it's not up there with the Bills' heartbreak because nothing can be the Bills for Super Bowl's four years. But the last five years, the San Francisco Four Niners have lost in the Super Bowl.


2020, they all got injured and they didn't make the playoffs. 2021, they had the dropped interception in the NFC Championship Game that would have taken them to another Super Bowl. 2022, they had the Brock Purdy injury in the NFC Championship Game.


Otherwise, I think they dust the Chiefs.


Yeah. 2023, they lost Super Bowl. They have been, besides the Kansas City Chiefs, consistently the best team in football, and they have nothing to show for.


Yeah. Patrick Mahomes, Thief of Joy for so many other teams, so many other fan bases.




It is tough. It sucks. I'm actually glad that my team is not competitive right now because it would suck way worse to just be really good and never win. Actually, we should punt on it. Yeah. If you suck and don't win, yeah, no shit. We suck. I didn't ever think I was going to win. But if you're good and Mahomes just caves your face in year after year, that's tough.


It's a great time to be tanking.


Yeah, it is.


Congrats, boys. We planned it perfectly.




But he did it again.


He did it again. I love after the game's over when they the owner on stage and they give the trophy to him first. Clark Hunt. Clark Hunt, all-time nerd move by Clark Hunt. He was wearing the ear protectors. What are they called? Just the-Ear plugs. Ear plugs. They handed him the trophy. He hands it over to Mahomes. They give it to Kelsey. Kelsey gets on the microphone, and he leads them in a chant of fight for your right to party. The owner of the Chief's-First song I ever heard at a strip club. Nice. That's a good one. With ear plugs in. Starts lightly singing along to fight for your right to party. It was just a touching scene all around. This guy definitely fucks.


There was a report that came out, which I don't know if I fully believe or not, that Travis Kelsey made the team cry the night before. The night before. Do you believe that? Yes.


He gave the biggest pump-up speech ever.


He was toying with people were saying he might retire. Why would you retire? Because Travis Kelsey proved it yet again. Again, back to what the Chiefs were, the regular season. That wasn't his best regular season. Everyone was like, Oh, is he getting old? Some drops. He was incredible in the playoff.


Yeah, he took a note out of Billy football's page and actually ran somebody over. He'll run you over in the Super Bowl. They said that he reached his top speed running this year. He got up to almost 20 miles per hour on that catch where he almost got in the end zone. That could have changed the game right there because it looked like he was going to score. He was getting downhill, and it was a big hit from the defensive back that knocked him out. But yeah, I guess he got better all the way up until the very end of the game. Yeah.


I don't know what else. Andy Reid, he's going to be starting to creep into that goat conversation as well. He's got three. He's halfway there. I guess you could say the same thing with Andy Reid. Well, no, because Andy Reid only lost to Belichick once in a championship game, right? Because, obviously, the 2-0, braided over Mahomes is the Super Bowl as well.


But he lost in the Super Bowl.


He did lose in the Super Bowl. That's true. Okay, so you have those true Trump cards.


Listen, it's not a competition. I think it's different eras. The Patriots were the best team of their era. Chiefs were the best team of this era. When the Chiefs played the Patriots, the Patriots won. But yeah, hats off to them, I guess. Good team.


People approach the MJ LeBron debate the same way. It's two arrows. Yeah, two errors. Can't debate it.


The difference is they played each other.


Lebron has lost so many NBA Finals. Question, question, question.


Did MJ and LeBron ever play against each other in the playoffs?


I don't believe so. Yeah, and it helps that the braided and the Patriots were at the end of their run, so you can't even do the like, you know.


Yeah, Tom Bradie was 40 plus. Right. Smoked them.


Yeah. Twice. That's fair. You put me in my place.


It's a pretty big Trump card. I would say that Mahomes would have to win one more than Bradie to actually be able to give him that time.


That's a huge tie break. Yeah, he's almost halfway there, so that's impressive. I feel bad for Kyle Shana.


He's a great coach.


He's a great coach. He's a great, great coach, and He now just like, Until he wins one, this will be his story. There's nothing you can really... You can't say anything about it.


It's just crazy how fun of an offseason and how easy it would be to flip narratives and do story lines that the Chiefs had lost. It's vice versa for the 49ers, how much brutal it is because you just have to go through an offseason of hell, even though you were so close to winning a championship. All you're just going to get is hate, and Shana Hans is going to have to deal with headlines and naysayers and stuff. It's like, you coach a good game. Brock Perry played a good game. Except for the coin toss. You had a freak injury. You had the coin toss. That was stupid. But they're just going to have to hear it all offseason.




The worst part. There's nothing you can do about it.


There's nothing you can do about it.


It's just going to have... Also, what a cucked moment for any Raiders fan that was watching on TV. Having John Elway walk the Lombardi Trophy in on your field up to the podium to give away. You You should hire anybody except John Elway.


Yeah, we said it with the Super Bowl story lines. It was the worst possible matchup for the Raiders and the fact that it was the Chiefs and the team they used to be a rival with and share a region with. Then they added John Elway on top.


Yeah, John Elway was a sprinkle on top.


Where would you guys rank it in Super Bowl? It was a weird game to start. It felt like we had a million punts, none of them touchbacks.


So close, too. That sucked so bad. We had two.


We had two.


They were very close. Fielding the ball at the nine-yard line, the eight-yard line. Put your heels on the 10.


It was so close, but it was a weird game to start, and then it became an instant classic. Overtime in the Super Bowl, you There's nothing you can complain about with that.


Yeah, the second half was one of the best haves of Super Bowl.


It was basically the Ray-Ray McCloud muffed or fumbled. That was when the game just woke up.


Yeah, the game became awesome. The first half, not that fun to watch. Nothing really cool happened.


Feeling each other out.


Yeah. Well, I guess that Juan Jennings' breakdown pass to McKee. That was sick. That was pretty sick.


That was very sick. We now had three in a row, decided by exactly three points. Oh, wow. Rammed over bangles by three last year, Chiefs, and this year, Chiefs. I did. If we went back and looked at the Schwami, when I asked them to do a Schwammy, I was like, 25, 22? So we're that close. We're very close. If he had said 25, 22, it would have been great, great clip. All right. Other things about the that we missed or didn't talk about. A lot of Taylor Swift.


A lot of it. What would you say was the box of the night? Because she had Ice Spice. She had who was it, Blake Lively?


Yeah, I believe so.


She said the F word Blake Lively said the F word, Taylor Swift chugged a beer in front of all the kids who were watching at home, trying... I don't know why we have to expose them to alcohol during NFL games, but Taylor Swift still chugged a beer.


The official NFL account, we did it out.


That's disgusting. The official... Okay, so now the NFL is comfortable promoting alcohol. Binge drinking. Interesting. I would actually say Box of the Night goes to Jay-Z and Jack, Twitter Jack, Jack in the Box. Yeah.


There was also a Las Vegas box that had Jimmy Kimmel, Carrotop, your great teammate.


Great teammate. By the way, Carrotop, one thing I learned from him when we were doing the dozen, you would not expect this from Carrotop. He is the best smelling man in show business. Oh, wow. He smells incredible.


Patrula, right?


It's like Patrula. He's got this custom oil that he gets for himself, and he doesn't like to tell people. He told me, but he doesn't like to tell people what it is because he doesn't want people walking around smelling like him. He smells... Also, nick Tarani, with maybe the meanest jab of all time at me. I walked in with Carrotop when he was getting ready to be our teammate, and nick came up to me. He had that smirk on his face when he was about to say something hilarious that you're not going to like. He was like, Wow, PFT. It's like looking into your future.


Oh, that's not a bad future. Good-smowing guy.


Carradop is worth $70 million. Thank you, nick. Is he actually? Yeah.


Holy shit. Good for Carradop.


He's jacked. Well, yeah, he's pretty jacked now. He's pretty jacked.


The commercials, I don't really care for.


The braided Affleck Matt Damon one was great.


The Dunkings. Also, the Arnold Schwarzenegger one was good.


That was just ripped off from the Simpsons, though. That was when they had Rainier Wolf Castle try to say Up and at them, but he kept saying up and at them.


They might have done it on purpose.


Okay, great commercial.


Yeah, great commercial. Super Bowl commercials, because we see them all beforehand, they basically just exist for Darren Reveal to complain about Super Bowl commercials not being good anymore.


Yeah, the Paramount plus one when he throws Hey Arnold with Creed playing was great, but it came out like a week and a half ago. When I saw that for the first time, I would be blown away.


I like the Scientology commercial. I was glad to see them make an appearance. That would rock if all the Swifties got into Scientology.


I wouldn't be surprised.


That's probably the strategy.


That's a Coors Light Chill Train. Yeah. Featuring you guys. Plug God. Yep. In the digital version.


Extend Cut. Extend Cut.


We were on there.


Jesus fucking living large. Yeah. What was up with Jesus? He's got a cake.


Jesus got a great marketing team.


He's got mad money.


He's really into feet. Jesus is a foot guy.


Oh, did you guys see Kanye's commercial? I liked that one.


Yeah, it was hilarious.


I didn't see that one.


I'll play for you. It was Yeah, it was actually the perfect Super Bowl. He basically did a Super Bowl commercial that if we ever bought a Super Bowl commercial, that's exactly what we would do. It's just a cell phone video. This is my commercial.


Since we spend all the money on the commercial spot, we actually spend money on the actual commercial.


It's just a cell phone video in his car. I like that.


That's a great commercial. Say what you want about Kanye West, but the Super Bowl commercial.


Super Bowl commercial. We I also had JJ Watt use the Super Bowl to try out his new hairdo. He was aware.


He was very aware.


He did tweet about it saying, If anyone is ever wondering if people would notice your new hairdo, they do. He was trying to bring back Boyband? I don't know what he was doing.


Maybe he saw a guy, Fiery.


Yeah. Somebody pointed at him and said, It looks like Derek from Sum 41. That's pretty much the perfect description.


He basically was like, You know what I'm going to do? What no one's I've done in a long time. I'm going to get a shitload of Ax body spray in the Ax clay and do the, Oh, my hair's messed up. What?


Yeah. I just rolled out of bed and got there.


Listen, JJ understands he made a mistake. The best, what you got to do, you got to self-scout, you're going to watch the tape, you come back with something better.


At least it wasn't Greg Olson's jacket.


That's true. Nothing's as bad as Greg Olson's jacket.


That was awful. I would have rocked if Berman had showed up with a mullet, like a full head hair.


Yeah. Hopefully, Tony Romo won't still be announcing next time the CBS has a Super Bowl.


I have a feeling that he might not be. Yeah. Because they said-2028. They said, I think Jim Nant said, I love you to Tony Romo. Sounded like he was going to have him killed afterwards. Like a kiss of death.


Tony Romo, he just doesn't, and we were the first to this take, so credit to us because I think everyone agrees with us at this point, he doesn't add any substance anymore. He makes weird noises. He was singing into commercial. He just says obvious things, and he misses obvious things, too. Remember that? The Chief's Fumbles that they just never mentioned? That was crazy.


The forward pass, almost, that Pacheco through. Tony Romo does it how I would do a game without any preparation, which is Jim Nance narrates the play, and then Tony Romo narrates the play again, except with more inflection and weird grunting noises. Right.


He didn't like... It's hard to Mahomes, but that's your job. That interception from Mahomes is a bad play. He was just like, I just felt the pressure.


He also was just making like he was hoping for things to happen.




As the replay started to show up, he said, Now watch this guy's hand coming, and the hand just never came. Yeah.


What's up with the replays that were triggered by the booth that didn't happen? Because there were a couple of times. If I was a Chiefs fan and they lost that game, I would be furious about it because there was the USSEC catch, which It was close, but they didn't even look at it a second time. Then there was-First down. The first down that was, I think it was Pacheco got tackled, and he pretty clearly got to the line. It was close, but he was at the line. They kept the spot a full yard behind. They didn't look at it.


Then there was the other first down in overtime where they had to go fourth and one. By the way, the Chiefs, I'll tell you what, the only thing they could do that would make them better is stop being cowards and let Patrick Holmes do a sneak every now and then. They haven't done one since he broke kneecap against Denver, however many years ago. But it's crazy they don't even have that play because there was a couple of times just like, All right, it's third and one. They're going to run it, and it's probably going to get blown up. It's like, You just do it. Jake, are you going to criticize Tony Romo with us? Sure. Okay. Oh, you are. I mean, I understand what you're saying with the lack of substance in some phrases. Okay, that was Jake on Tony Romo.


I I understand.


We're going to clip that. Jake goes off on Tony Romo.


Jake, you want to take that back?


That was insane, dude. Holy shit. You just fucking eviscerated him. I thought Nance was great. Yep. I thought Noah Eagle on Nickelodeon was great. You listened to that?


I watched some clips. There was a great clip on the nick broadcast when they had the streaker that ran across the field. By the way, I'm going to die on this hill. If you're a streaker and you're not nude, you're not a streaker. No. You are-Just got lost from going to the waste management. You're an enemy combat. It was Hank's doppelganger. You are an enemy combatant at that point, and you deserve to be killed. If you're going to streak, take your clothes off, get arrested, get kicked out of stadium, slap on the wrist. This is the best. If you just interrupt the game and you're wearing pants, you're not a streaker. That's stolen value. You should do that.


If you do that route, you need to get into the huddle. Yeah. Then I'll give you credit.


Or take the ball, run to the end zone, do Something weird with it, but on the nick broadcast, they had, I think it was Larry the lobster shirtless as the streaker running across the field. Oh, that's cool. That was cool.


By the way, we got a new breaking news. Yeah, breaking news. Mooze, sorry. New Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, insults that for the Raiders has dropped. Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid now have five wins at Allegiant Stadium. That's more than any other head coach QB combination, including from the Raiders. That's tough. That's brutal. That stadium was just built.


It was just built. Also, I think it-It won a Super Bowl. I think it's the... Is it the smallest stadium to host a Super Bowl in terms of capacity? It's a very intimate stadium. It is.


Very intimate.


I have been saying it to you guys, but I think we're going to be in a world where Vegas is going to be hosting a lot more Super Bowl after being there this week.


Let's recap some more Vegas stuff. Let's do a couple of ads, and let's put a bow on our entire Vegas week and everything. Pft, do that.


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Okay, so Vegas. Hank, you think they're going to have the Super Bowl in Vegas every year Wow.


I hope not. If not every year, it'll be once every two years or once every three years, it will get a more frequent rotation than any other stadium.


I think it's going to be right in there with New Orleans, Miami, Vegas. You're right. They'll probably want to do more of it. It was a crazy week, especially Friday and Saturday in Vegas.


Yeah, the numbers haven't come out yet. I'm sure it'll take a week or a few days or whatever, but there's going to be the amount of money that was spent in Las Vegas this past break every record ever done.


Everyone won because they bet the Chiefs.


And also went to the Tunnel of Chaos.


Yeah, we should talk about the Tunnel of Chaos real quick. We should also just put a disclaimer that I understand some people are like, We don't want to hear a story about how guys who have money just got more money.I get that.Agreed. Yes. But we went to the Tunnel of Chaos, and you're probably saying to yourself, What the hell is the Tunnel of Chaos? Well, here's what the Tunnel of Chaos is. It is the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, probably about 25 minutes outside of downtown Vegas. Dana White's Home Turf.


You say how much money you want- To an extent. Somehow it happens. We were talking about at the dinner table before we go in. We're like, It's just a culture of winning inside the Tunnel of Chaos. It's not that much dissimilar from the Patriot way, where you go in the building, they do things a little bit differently there. You eat your humble pie, you do your job. So your job is to tell Dana White how much money you want to win. Yeah.


In reality, Like any gambling, you can lose. That is exactly what happens for me all the time. The Tunnel of Chaos, though, Dana White basically is like, I want my friends to have a good time, so I will play Blackjack for them with my money. Then the minute you are up, you just stand up and walk out. We went nine of us in a row, sit down, one-on-one blackjack. I did not even touch my cards. Dana White played for me, and I was like, Yeah, I want to win $20,000. He's like, Okay, played three hands, won $20,000, stood up, walked away. It's pretty great. Again, it's his money, so it's like it is gambling. It was Dave's money, too. Yeah, but it's Dave's money. Dave was using his money for us, too. But that This is the big wrinkle that's like, Oh, this is not real life because you got to know Dana White and be friends with Dana White.


It's a one-on-one set up. Everyone's watching you, but going in, they're like, All right, you say how much money you want to win, but basically, that's your bet. It's 30 grand maximum. If you want to win more than that, you have to play multiple hands. But for me, who only had a few thousand dollars, I was like, All right, high roller. I'll say I want to win a thousand because that way I can at least play two or three hands, and then I'll be out. But in the heat of the Tunnel of Chaos, Dave won, you won, PFT won. Then Dave was like, Hank, you're next. I sat down and Dave just put two $5,000 chips down. I was like, All right. I guess I'm trying to win 10 grand. Played one hand, pushed, played a second hand, one, stood up.


Walked away. Done. It really was the tunnel of chaos. Again, not real life because you have to know Dana White. But more than If you're going to want anything, it was a reminder that gambling and winning with your friends is the best feeling. It was camaraderie.


It was hype circle. There was a hype circle going on. I stepped up. I missed the dudes. I put down my first bet for $10,000, and then Dana grabbed my cards. Then Then that hand lost. Second time it comes out, he's like, Play two hands. I was like, Okay, I'll play two hands. He reached out for my cards. I grabbed my cards from Dana. I'm going to play him. Then I thought to myself, Why am I? I'm going to let Dana do this. It's his show. Double down on one of them. Now I got 25 grand in my pocket. I'm like, This is not real life.


Dana is a legend. I think people listening, because even in conversations of how it's my friend, it just pisses them off.


Yeah, no. I understand that 100% because it's a shitty story to be like, Yeah, we just all won money. But it was more about the camaraderie and the fact the tunnel of chaos is the coolest thing to say.


I personally will never stop thinking about the tunnel of chaos. The vibes were on an all-time high, and it was one of the craziest and most fun experiences I've ever had.


It's not even the gambling for me. It's like a retired NFL player. I missed the locker room.


I missed the boys. Yeah, the boys were good. I miss the boys. Although I got to put my hand up, which I ironically didn't do after I won my hand.


Yeah, I'm still waiting. Here, give it to me. This is two. There we go.


That made for two videos in a row where I accidentally left Big Cat hanging on the moon. One was, I think, after the Chilles three-point shootout, which I didn't see. I got pulled away as Big Cat was reaching out for the dap up after I hit my hand in the Tunnel of Chaos. I blacked out. I just blacked out because I'm like, Fuck, this is awesome. I grabbed Dana's shoulders, shake him around a little bit. I dap up somebody next to me. I didn't see you reaching out for it. I had tunnel vision in the tunnel of chaos.


People are saying, and I'll take some ownership, they're saying that my high fives are too high for you.


That's not the case.


That's what people were saying. Not the case. They were saying that it's too high up there. I got to bring them down low to more your level.


I'm an excellent leaper. I got a great first. I can get that.


No, it's not you can get that. It's an eye level thing.


Oh, they're too high for my-Eye levels, yeah.


I got to bring it down to your level.


I don't think that's the case as much as it's just like-I'm not saying it.


People are saying.


You black out in a tunnel of chaos.


It was great. I mean, Vegas was great. I hope that it's I got there every year because I like going to different cities. And seven days in Vegas, I took the red eye back on Friday, which is not a red eye when you're going to Chicago. It was three hours, so I didn't sleep. I was just like, Fuck it. I'm just going to watch Wolf of Wall Street and be like, Man, I wish I was in the Tunnel of Chaos. But it was crazy to just be in Vegas and just have so many people, famous people, NFL players, just walking around, just seeing them all. I got absolutely steam rolled by Donovan McNab. He was walking, and I was like, What's up, Donovan? We've had you on the show, and he just didn't break step and was like, Cool.


I was like, Fuck. That kept walking. That sucked. We did run into Mark Davis, booked him on part of my take when we went out to dinner on Monday night. We saw him walking through the ball, spot him like 50 yards away. That can only be one man. That's Mark Davis. We ran up to him. Big Cat was just like, Yo, it's the guy's in part of my take? And I was like, Part of my take? You're coming on the show? And he was like, Yeah, I'll come on the show. So that's an official booking from Mark Davis on the pod. And then you saw him again. I saw him again. You had a great smile. On Friday, I had a wonderful smile. On Friday, after Big Cat left, he left me with some treats. Should we keep that part of him? You're boomers. Yeah, okay. So left with some fun guy. Yeah. He was a real fun guy. At dinner, we went out. It was me, Hank, Memes, Max, Jeff D. Lo, and we go out to dinner, and I got the things in my pocket, and I'm trying to time it out. I'm like, Maybe I'll eat these pieces of chocolate right before the food gets out.


Hank is like, No, don't do that. I was like, It usually takes 30, 45 minutes for it to kick in. I think I'll be okay. I eat them after we place our order, and about five Five, 10 minutes later, I start to get this feeling like, Oh, this is a lot more than I thought it was going to be. I was looking at you guys and you looked AI to me. You looked like your faces were made out of clay. You were so smooth.


But quick get also gave him in a snack bag.


Yeah, in a snack bag. On the side of it- That's how I keep him, I keep it in a snack bag.


It gave- In my Fanny pack.


But it was all broken up, so it was harder to... It was just like a choose your own adventure.


It gave recommended doses. It was like light dose, one to three pieces, medium dose, four to six pieces, heavy dose, nine to whatever it was.


I think the official thing was you want to see the walls melt. Yeah.


I took three, which I thought was a heavy light dose, which is, to me, the perfect amount. That's not a heavy, light dose. It's just a pretty solid dose, it turns out. I was very happy with the exception of memes, and memes just kept staring at me.


I saw-He would be the worst.


I saw what Dave saw during the standup where I was just like, Memes, stop fucking looking at me. Just do anything else except look at me. That made memes look at me harder, and that was freaking me out. We're supposed to have a nice little quiet night out afterwards. We're supposed to go to Old Vegas and hit up a dive bar with Marcelo. I got a text from Marcelo being like, Hey, We're actually over at the Encore. Okay, that's a little bit different than a low-key dive spot. That's where Shaq's Funhouse is. Okay. We go over to Shaq's Funhouse at the Encore in that lobby, and I walk in, and it's just massive celebrities walking past me in the brightest, most crazily-colored environment possible. I was just like, What the hell is going on right now? I was on the moon. I was in a great mood, fantastic mood. Then, Max and Memes leave, and I'm I'm like, Fuck it. I got to go find Ryan. I started walking around, and who do I see? But Big Dom. Yeah. Right after Max left, I see Big Dom.


He was in Taylor's box. Yeah.


Was he? Really? Yeah. Damn. Good for him. Probably for Jason. For Jason Yeah. I see Big Dom, and I'm like, Fuck, yeah, Big Dom. I go up to him. Nicest guy ever. Of course. Also, everybody else that's around us at the time is like, Oh, there's Jeff Loury, the owner of the Eagles that's walking by. Yeah. I see a security guard. I'm like, I want to go talk to that guy. I go talk to Big Dom, and he was the nicest dude. He was like, Yeah, great to meet you, Pizan. Thanks for having my back. He's like, You guys are the ones that have my back. I was like, Yeah, we got your back, Big Dom. Come on the pod. Big Dom agrees to come on the pod. Love it. He will be on part of my take. It's another Booked another one. Booked another one. It was about 30 seconds after Max couldn't have been sooner after I left. When you told me that he called you a pie zon, that was like, I'd pay a lot of money to hear Big Dom call me a pie zon. Would you suck Jelenherd's dick?


I I never said that.


I don't know why I brought that up again.


It was also great. I was getting on my flight, and I was obviously seven days in Vegas. It felt like shit, knew I was going to be on a flight, feel like shit, not sleep. I just kept on getting text messages on the group text from PFT with different celebrities, and he just had the most I am on drugs smile all time. It just made me so happy. I was like, he's having a great time. Facts.


I get a picture with Big Dom, see Mark Davis again. I was walking past and Rusil was next to me, and I was just like, Mark, part of my take, you're coming on. He was like, What? Then I went up to him and was like, Yeah, you're going to come on the pod. He's like, Yeah, I agreed to it. So he's going to be on the pod. Okay, love it. Then about five minutes later, Russell Wilson walks in. When I tell you a man steals the show, Russell Wilson walks in with Ciarra, and he's got this look on his face like he practices this look. Oh, yeah. In his mind, he's walking through that casino like he's on red carpet. He's got blue steel, like an angry blue steel look on his face. It was the funniest thing to me in that moment that here's Russell Wilson coming in looking like a pissed off Terminator on purpose, walking through the halls. I see him, I start cracking up as he's walking right at me. I turned around and I took a selfie with me and then Russ and Ciar in the background walking past. I did not tweet that one because even in my drugged out stage, I zoomed in on the picture and my eyeballs were entirely pupil.


Oh, yeah. Entirely people. But it was a lot of fun. So thank you for the boomers. Yeah.


Vegas was fun.


What were you going to say, Hank? No, I was just going to say I didn't go with PFT after doing there. I went to the club, ended up at a roulette table with Ralph from Outer Banks at 5 AM. Fuck, yes. Oh, yeah. Celebrities everywhere.


I ended up at a blackjack table with a certain running back. I would say the best running back who's going to be a free agent coming up. It's intimidating being at a blackjack table when someone is playing significantly more money than you. That felt... Yeah. Oh, I did that with Brooks. Brooks was there all week. Brooks-champion. Yeah, Brooks is a champion. Smash.


That's right. He won.


It was great seeing Brooks. I also, I don't think I told this story, But I was staying in the same hotel as Roger Goodell and Dave. I was under Dave's name because Danielle booked it. It was like my room was literally Dave... I was signing Dave Portnoy for breakfast. I knew that Goodell was there on Tuesday. I was trying to time it up. He was at the gym. I think Wednesday, I went to the gym for an hour just sitting there, not doing anything, just waiting for Goodell. I wasn't even working out.


You weren't like, Let's kill two bear with one. I'm in the gym. I might as well work out as well.


No, I sat at the bench press machine and did maybe 10 reps and then just sat there for 20 minutes and then did 10 reps. The thing is, if you're in a gym, you're burning calories. Yeah, right. Because I just wanted to get a picture of Dave sliding up next to Goodell on an elliptical machine. I kept this a secret all week until, I think, Thursday or Friday, when we were doing our Burst to Alive, I said that we were tracking Roger Goodell. We were tracking him. I'd say it on Thursday, I go back to my room. Two hours later, there's two guys standing in front of my room, and they're like, Hey, we're here for a random Super Bowl check. We need to look in your room. I was like, Do I have to legally let you in? They're like, Yeah. I'm such an idiot. I was like, Okay. I also had that flash where I felt like I was 15 again. I was like, I don't have drugs, but do I have drugs? I actually did. You did have drugs. I'm thinking about that, but I think it was in my Fanny pack on person, so I was good.


But they went in and just checked my room.


They were hoping to bust you for anything.


Yeah, my room's name was under Dave Portnoy and Austin, who's Dave's right-hand man, he also had a random room check on his room. His name was under Dave Portnoy as well. Interesting. Yeah, so the NFL was all over us. What are you going to say, Max?


It's like getting a random piss test after you have a career game in the NFL.


But it was the worst feeling of when you get pulled over, you're like, I didn't do anything illegal. Did I do something illegal? What are you going to say, Max?


I wasn't going to say anything, but we didn't bleep out on Friday, so we already said this.


Oh, we did? Because you had already talked about it on... We said we were going to bleep it, then you went to Barcel Radio. Oh, we didn't bleep it out.We talked about it.Oh, we didn't bleep it out.Okay, perfect.We didn't bleep it out.Perfect. But I did not tell the story about the Rooja. No, you didn't tell any story. Yeah, because that happened after.


That is the random piss test that you got from the same guy, Goodell. I was going to say our Who's Back of the Week should be Being Bad Boys again. Yeah. Being bad boys.


Yeah, you guys were on a list.


Big Cat got a personal visit from Goodell's Goons. The NFL. Then on Thursday morning, the NFL security sent out a memo to all the casinos in the area. It was a picture at the top of myself, Hank Lockwood, and Liam, and Buba. Buba. Three bad boys. It said, Per NFL Security, these members have been known to cause disruptions and have a large following that can attract a large amount of people. They're not truspassing, but you should be on the lookout. What an awesome memo to get. That's awesome. Awesome. Cause disruptions. Thank you. Thank you, Roger Dell, for continuing to do this. The second he starts letting us into shit is the second we become way less That's cool. Seriously.


I wouldn't know. Radio Row wouldn't be fun if we were part of the media and we're like, Hey, do you wash your apples? Yeah. From with a credential.


Yeah. Warning, be on the lookout for these three rugged and hilarious individuals.


The NFL's back on us.


They also use a great picture of me.


I was hoping that they were going to plant something. That would have been a great storyline if I had just gotten arrested by the NFL. Yeah. Planting a gun. Yeah. I would actually... That It would actually be badass. If you got arrested for- If everyone thought I had a gun.


Yeah, for gun possession.


Yeah. It would have sucked if they planted- A bunch of crumpled up tissues and a bunch of lotion in there and took pictures of it.


We found a bunch of stuff in Big Cat's room.


Molly would suck. People were like, Dude, you're 39.


Yeah, mother of three. What are you doing? I didn't even say weed would be cool.


Yeah, it'd be fine. But yeah, the NFL is back on our ass. It was a good week, though. I don't know if I could do Vegas every single year for the Super Bowl.


I don't I don't want to do Vegas every year if it's the Super Bowl. I just think that the NFL's reaction to this week is going to be, We should do it more. Yeah.


I would probably agree with that because it was- I like cities better because Vegas is used club or casino. It's just constant. Yeah.


More of a bar. New Orleans is going to be great because Casino is an option if you want to. You can also just go to bars all night.


You guys know this because I want it on the record for the AWLs. I lose my voice at least once a football season. I was almost losing my voice this past week, and I did the right thing. There was one night where I went to sleep at nine o'clock. I told you guys I got to go to sleep. I went to sleep so early. I've never felt like such a loser that the maid service came after I got in bed to turn down my room. Oh, yeah? I had to get out of bed and be like, No, I'm actually already in bed. They're like, What? You're in Vegas. It was nine o'clock, but I was doing it for the AWL. I was trying to save my voice, but real big loser move by me.


No, I like it. I like it. There were a couple of nights I wanted to go to bed early, and I was just like, You know what? It's Vegas. What's Vegas?


I was doing it for the people. I would have lost my voice 100%.


Now, that said, I think I still love Vegas. This trip actually rekindled my love for Vegas. Again, it might- Most of that It might be because of the tunnel of chaos and the mushrooms.


For some reason-We had some good meals.


For some reason, great meals.


Komodo was incredible. Not all the Fontainebleau guys.


When I win a shitload of money and then get all the endorphins that my brain has, I tend to have a pretty good time. Yeah.


Leaving Getting Vegas with money was great. New experience for me. Only because of the tunnel of chaos. Otherwise, I would have lost a lot.


Yeah. I did the thing when I got home because I went with a significant amount of money, and I came back with more money, which does not happen often. I gave my wife the profit. She was like, Really? You lost all that money? I was like, Got you. Fucking tunnel of chaos. I was like, Yeah, that's a profit. But I'm keeping the rest still because I'm going to lose it at some point. All right. Anything else from Vegas? It was a great Super Bowl week. I mean, the guests were great. We got another interview coming Wednesday. By the way, quick programming note. I think we've alluded to this, but we are actually taking a vacation. Finally. We take vacation after football season ends. It's been a long football season. The plan is Wednesday, you get a regular show with all of us in studio. We have an awesome, awesome guest you guys are going to love. Friday, we have the long away Dunson & Dragons with Tim Woods. He's back, green screen.


nick also back.


nick also back. Awesome. Maybe our best one, I would say. We're leaving on Wednesday for vacation. We're coming back. I'm coming back Monday night. Sunday's show, the first part of it will be Zoom, and then we have an hour and a half NBA preview with Ryan Rusillo. We made sure we took care of the listeners. We're taking vacation, but we're not leaving. We're not leaving you.


There will be new content coming out on all the regular show days. And shout out to us doing the Trade Deadline/MBA Preview with Ryan Rusillo way after the season started and way before the Trade Deadline.


When he came on with us, I think we taped it, what, Tuesday night? No, Wednesday night. And he was like, I'm about to do a big trade deadline for my employer, for the Ringer. Can we not release this tomorrow? We're like, Dude, this is the NBA preview. We're not He's releasing it until February 19th. Don't worry about it. Yeah, we got you. We will have our NBA preview post All-Star break.


I was thinking about, I don't think anything really happened that big at the NBA that would make him look dumb at the trade deadline.


I was hoping so bad that Kyle Lowry went to the Clippers because we alluded to That? Yeah. Where did he end up going? Sixers. Sixers. Back. Philly boy, Nova boy. Back. Back. Two sodas, Max.


Five sodas, Big Cat.


Yeah, but I took a shit before I got on my plane. Big difference. Max came in hot being like, I saw you drink all those sodas. I was like, Dude, just so we're clear, two sodas is not a ridiculous amount. It's just a very funny thing to say being like... And Max had two sodas. Yeah, that was funny.


Two sodas. I actually showed up to the airport-Sign of being unhealthy.on Saturday. So unhealthy. I showed up to the airport on Saturday. I had a soda in my hand, and Max looked at me, and the first thing he said was, Better not get a second soda.


It's the best. For a part of my cheesecake, we are going to have a max combo that is literally just buying two sodas. That's all you get, two sodas. The big max combo. You know what?


Could we make a cheesecake burrito? It'd be great. Cheesecake burrito and two sodas.


We'll put it in a nice box called the Fart Box. Yeah. The Big Max combo.


When you order it, they play techno through all the speakers.


Yeah, it's like a hallmark card. It opens up and it's just fucking techno-blasting. The Big Max combo. All right, let's wrap up the show with our good friends from cars. Com. Cars. Com is a leading digital marketplace that connects car shoppers with their perfect car, celebrating 25 years of helping shoppers research, find inventory, finance, and sell cars wherever life takes you next and whoever you're looking to be. There's a car for that on cars. Com. Up to 50,000 cars are added daily to cars. Com. Shop over 2 million cars for 2 million possibilities. Find your next possibility on cars. Com. Where to next with cars. Com. Listen, they got all the cars. Go find them right now. Every car you've ever wanted, cars. Com has it. It's the best place to find a car. So go shop over 2 million cars for 2 million possibilities. Find your next possibility on cars. Com. Where to next with cars. Com. Okay, let's wrap up the last football show. Hank, rowback question. R-h-o-b-a-c-k. Com. Promocode take. Qzips, polos, hoodies, joggers, everything. Rowback. Com, promo code take. You're going to go golf. You're going to go golf.


I'm going to play saugrass.


Rowback. Com has the best polos out there. Q-zips for when it gets a little chilly. I'll be playing golf. You'll be playing golf, Jake. Rowback. Com, promo code take 20% off your first purchase. Rowback. Com. Question. Who's back of the week, Hank?


My who's back of the week? A little bit of a future you, maybe a future Firefest. I will be packing my rowbacks and bringing them to work tomorrow. Oh, no. Because Big Head has put a gigantic obstacle, potential obstacle, in front of this vacation.


Yeah, I'm in the same boat. No, I know. I have a flight to Mexico on Wednesday, and we might be fucked.


We're doing a stream that will not end until we complete it, which hopefully we do. It starts Monday at five o'clock. Five o'clock Eastern. But if it doesn't end, we are in a spot where we have to just cancel everything.


Vacations, yeah.


Which is a concern.


That is a concern. I didn't really fully think about the canceling everything.


What's the stream? We're doing a free throw challenge with DraftKings. You can sign up. It's free-to-play. It's a free-to-play contest, 100 grand in prizes. We have to make 41 free throws in a row. Dave, Big Cat will be shooting in every group, and then they're going to pick the other five shooters. Every time we miss, we'll start over. Dave and Big Cat will pick their five. We'll try to get 41 free throws in a row.


That is the NBA record for a team?


That's the NBA record, Miami Heat, 41 consecutive free throws. Everyone in the group has to hit two. No one can hit more than 10 in a row. We have Titus is a good free throw shooter. Big T is a really good free throw shooter. That's it. That's the list.


I'm a good free throw shooter.


You're a free throw shooter.


I'm a free throw shooter. You didn't say good.


Yeah, PFT, nick and K are going to be on the call, and it's going to be now- I think we can do it. But we can also- There's mulligans.


We can bring people in from the street.


I'll say this right now.


But you and Dave have to shoot every time.


If you're a really good free throw shooter in the Chicago area, there might be a time during this broadcast where we say roll up.




But I don't want- But that just puts more pressure on you. Yeah, but I don't want anyone coming if they're not... We should actually- You can do a one-day contract for people here at Barcelsports. Yeah. If If we have people roll up, we might have to have them do a test and then just kick them out. They have to shoot 20 free throws. If they don't go 19 for 20, you're out. You can't lie about it.


I think Rear Admin should get a shot at it. I would like to see him try to make 10 free throws in a row. He basically did the other day, right?




We're fine. He's got great form.


We're going to be fine. I think we're going to be fine, too. It's just it is planning for a vacation. I actually genuinely have to bring my suitcase in tomorrow because I have a flight Tuesday, and it's like, this might go overnight, and I might have no time and just go straight to the airport. Yeah.


I believe.


Yeah, we'll be fine.


We'll be fine.


I might have the worst job in all this. Having to narrate everybody, like if it goes on for a long time.


You can tap out. Just leave us to a B.


I might. Just let the game speak for itself. Yeah. All right.


Who's your Who's Back, PFT?


My Who's Back was going to be being Bad Boys. I'll just say me being horny during musical performances is back.


Because-oh, Usher, you were getting... You almost took out your penis for Usher.


I have a thing for her. Is it H-E-R? Is it her?


You don't know what she identifies as.


I don't know, but either way, backup boys got you on the list.


Yeah, the lady that came out with a guitar.


Oh, she's shredded.


She's awesome at guitar.


Shout out Lil John, by the way.


I didn't know what to expect, but her H-E-R, I don't know what it is. I'm going to become a fan. She's awesome at guitar. She can play. Then Ludacris coming out was incredible. I think that they should do a Luda Bowl halftime show where it's Ludacris that goes out and he performs all of his features with all the other artists that have had him on their songs. I like that. That would be an incredible show. Again, Ludacris, I'll watch anything Ludacris is on.


Yeah. All the fast I liked it. I liked the halftime show. I feel like every Super Bowl halftime show goes the same where I watch it and I say to myself, That was cool. Then you go online and everyone's like, That sucked.




Well, I don't know. I never I'm never watching the Super Bowl halftime show being like, I need to be so entertained. I'm more watching it being like, Can we get the football back on?


Yeah. Gaga halftime show blew my mind.


That was pretty good.


Prince was obviously very good when the game wasn't great.


Gaga was in person for it. I know it was the same thing. I was like, Let's just get through halftime. When I was sitting there, I was like, Holy shit. This is one of the greatest performances I've ever seen.


I thought Katie Perry was pretty good in Arizona. There's a cycle that you go through. It's like, Oh, I think this is pretty good. Some people say it's good, and then about 15 minutes later, everyone online points out to you how it was Satanic. Yeah. I haven't seen the Satanic takes just yet.


Rollerblades, big sign of Satan.


Alicia Keys was dressed in red. I've seen that, which is the color of the devil. Can't wear red. Let's see, Satanic. Half-time show.


He just won the Super Bowl in red.


Okay, Satanic Half-time show. Yeah, the takes are coming. Okay, perfect.


All right, my who's back is the Waste Management because it was an absolute shit show, and I loved every second of it. You had literally everything, like the waste management. There was bad weather. They stopped serving beer one day. You had golfers getting mad. Zack Johnson was getting mad because people were still chipping about the Ryder Cup. I love it because this is what the waste management is. I always had the feeling that golfers begrudgingly said, We love it. It's once a year. It's great. But this year, it finally reached a tipping point where like, Fuck this. This is bullshit. Everyone's too drunk. No, no, no. That's what it's billed as. It is the premiere. If you had to list for the winter months, it has to be one of the number one guys trip weekends that guys go to. Everyone was hammered. There was a kid who jumped in the sand trap and almost broke his neck. He said he thought it was water.


The guy that dove in?


Yeah, he said he thought it was water.


I was trying to figure out what he was trying to do there. I thought he was trying to do a hand spring.


No, he thought it was water. That rock. Yeah. There was just drunk everywhere, falling down hills, mud. But that's what I want from the waste management. There's definitely going to be a push to curb that. But it's like when we do broadcast for the bowl game, it's I wouldn't want the waste management every weekend. People saying, Well, you never see this at Augusta. No fucking shit. The Masters is the Masters. I don't want to see this. But once a year, I want to see it. So don't tell me that it went too far. It It didn't go far enough.


If that happened at Augusta, if there was a dude that was running out diving into bunkers, that guy would disappear. Yeah, right. He would no longer be alive. Right.


So give me... This is what the waste management has been billed as. It's what it's sold as. I want this, so don't try to change it. I want more. I want guys- Get drunker. Yeah, stealing golf clubs and shit.


It is like Woodstock, but for people that earn between $50,000 and $250,000 a year. Yeah. If all the hippies, instead of getting into drugs, just got into just absolutely pounding domestic light beers.


Yeah, and they won't- That's what that is. Don't take it. It's the Shane Gill's tweet, Guys can't have any fun anymore. If you take away waste management, then it truly is the last place guys can have fun.


They should actually make the golfers get drunk. Yeah.


Why not?


You have to shotgun a beer after every hole on the back nine.


But who was the other golfer who got pissed? There was another one. Billy Horschel. Billy Horschel, don't talk in my backswing. No, dude. He was defending another guy. I don't care. Who I think was a Monday or something, really needed to play well. Don't care. Talk in his backswing. It's the waste management. People are fucked up, and they're going crazy. Oh, it's once a year.


But there's a little bit of basic.


I hate to become an old stuffy golf harder.


No, the guy who is back there, you can't be yelling at him.


You make an event for dudes to get as drunk as possible and scream and yell and do stupid shit. You can't be like, No, that's against the rules now.


That part, that's how they market it. That part is true. Correct.


You can't invite everyone to come do it and then be like, No, don't do that.


They shut down the beer and they shut down admission.


They were like, We've lost control of our culture.


That's wrong, but I think it's okay for golfers to then chirp at people and be like, Fuck you guys.


Yes, of course.


That clip of Billy Horschel wasn't him. Zack Johnson was being a huge tech. Trying to get him out of the truck. He was like, Hey, come on, just shut up. The Billy Horschel just happened to be walking by. Okay, that's fair. The guys were screaming in his backswing. He was like, not in his fucking backswing.


I think that golfers should get to fight someone.


Yeah. You should yell back. Yeah. Yell back if you're a golfer and then be prepared for the criticism and the drunken screams that come back from the gallery. At the Ryder Cup- It should just get like Hell's Angel to fight the people that yell in backswing. Yeah, that's a good idea.


All the caddies should be bounces. That would be awesome. It's a great idea. Imagine if they had all the Scottsdale bouncer be the caddies for the week? Yeah. That would be fucking... That would rock.


There should be dancers on the pins? Yes. That would be incredible.


Don't sell it as this crazy party in an awesome time because it is an awesome time and then get upset when it's an awesome time. That's my big point. At the Ryder Cup, they always do it where, especially in Europe, they get the chants going, they get the songs going, and then they know to stop right before the swing happens.


That's impressive when you get a bunch of drunk hooligan Europeans just immediately shut up right before the swing happens. But I also wish that they would be able to cheer throughout the entire swing. Yeah. Because, hey, answer me this. It would be fun. Do you think it would be... It's way worse if one guy is yelling in your backswing, right? If the entire crowd is cheering.


Yeah, then it just becomes background noise. Yeah.


So just everyone cheer through the backswing.


I don't care. If you want to- I don't think it all works like that. If you want to pay the guys to an appearance fee for just this event, I'm fine with that. They know they're going to get abused. It was a tough for the PGA when I think it was maybe Friday, the leaderboard of the live was insane, and the leaderboard for the waste management was not.


I love doing that during during tournaments. You just look at this board.


John Ron. This is such a good board. Although John Ron was getting upset It fans at Liv, which is very funny when you take that paycheck. You should not be bothered about anything. I just assume you should just show up, golf but louder. All right, Jake. My who's back is Joe Flacko. He pulled off a huge upset, and he beat Demar Hamlin for Comeback Player of the Year on Thursday night. Shocking.


It was the fake punt. I think if Demar didn't do that fake punt, I think he would have won. But we saw him, and it was nice when he got on the field and he could be like, Oh, look, he came back. He played in the game, gets the ball in his hands. It didn't look so good.


Good for Joe. Who won MVP? Lamar Jackson. Okay. Who won Defensive Player of the Year?


Jalen Carter.


No, no, no. Defensive Player of the Year. Miles Garrett. Miles Garrett? Miles Garrett. And Who won Offensive Rooky of the Year? Was that C. J. Stroud? Yes. Who won Defensive Rooky?


That was actually his teammate.


Who? Jalen Carter?


That one was Jelen Carter, yeah.


Oh, no, it was actually Will Anderson. Oh, fuck. From the Texans. I don't care. But Jalen Carter was minus 250.


I don't care.


You definitely care. What about Joe Crocko? Demar was a big favorite. He lost. If you had- I wouldn't have done shit. Who cares? You would have. You've been telling us, We said Will Anderson was a good bet in December, and you're Jalen Carter. Pull the clip. Find the clip. I absolutely said that. I absolutely said Will Anderson. You said, Will Anderson, you said, Jalen Carter.


I'm not pulling the clip.


Okay. So Jalen Carter did not win?


No, who cares?


I thought it was- You cared a lot?


I thought it was funny that Joe Flacko. I still think it should have been Baker. I think Baker should have won that. He won a playoff game. Who did he beat in the playoffs?


Jalen Carter.


Oh, Jalen Carter. Yeah. So Baker Mayfield should have won that award, but whatever.


Although it's not that impressive to beat the non-defensive rookie of the year.


That's a good point.


I'm shocked the media didn't give it to Demar.




No, it was- No, it's actually a win for guys like us and a loss for guys like you, Jake. For the storyline. You were rooting for Demar. Yeah, he deserve Oh, this fucking guy died.


Okay, so if Ammar Hamlin had taken that fake punt for a first down, they converted. The Bills win that game. No, but they don't- He's 100% winning come back.


Aren't the votes done before the play? I don't know how that works. I think they They are. They absolutely are. Yeah, Jake, I'm actually happy he didn't because you absolutely were. You would have done a tweet being like, From death to come back player of the Year. Not that direct. Dreams come true. Well, I was also thinking Travis was very close to scoring the game when he touched down tonight.


Yeah, story line.


They wanted that. Yeah, did that ruin the Super Bowl for you? No.


I bet on the score of a touch down on that drive, too.


So that ruined the Super Bowl for you? Yeah.


I mean, I would have been happier for sure.


I'm just so happy that I've been on Patrick Mahomes. It It feels so good. It really does. Chiefs fans have been giving me so much shit, and now they can't because it's like, I agree. I agree. You're the best. What are you going to do?


You're the fucking best. You can't say anything at all. You can't.


They're the best. They deserve the glazing. They're the fucking best team, and they have a dynasty now. Patrick Mahomes, what if he wins next year?


He said that he's flipping into villain mode, which he's not becoming a dick, but at some point, you have- Everyone around him is? No, you have to embrace. Well, no. Actually, Brittany, big glow up this time. That was awesome. Brittany Mahomes, Jackson trying to get into her VIP box. Jackson tried to get into her box, and there's a bouncer right outside that was like, Sorry, man, can't do it. Then Brittany just with the casual shrug, What are you going to do?


Also, Listen, we've had Patrick Mahomes on the show. I want to have him back on the show. We've tried to get him back on the show. He hasn't been back on the show. Brittany is attractive. She looked great. Sports Illustrated. In a classy way, she looked... She looked… She was a very attractive. Nice. I want to just all due respect Patrick. You've won.


Well, I think she's just a great woman.


Yeah, and she was hot.


A great woman.


Yeah, and you just won the Super Bowl. I got this one. And your wife is hot. And would.


I'm not saying that.


You let me finish my sentence. I would say that his wife is very attractive. Good job.


That's good. Yeah.


I finished it. Okay.


Last football. I would like sleep with her knowing that I'm not thinking about sleeping with her. Right. Agree. I want to go to bed tonight with Brittany Mahomes knowing in the back of her head, PFT is a good guy.


Right. Yeah. She was too drunk, I would call her an Uber.


Yep, absolutely.


Last football show, boys.


What, Max? Hey, Max, do you know that in the- Get your mind out of the gutter. In the five seconds that the microphone was on during this show in that booth, caught you in a nasty little hiccup earlier. Oh.


Too much soda.


Yeah, big soda boy. Two sodas.


Hiccups have nothing to do with sodas. Max, get me two.


What do you mean hiccups have nothing to do with sodas? Burps do. They have everything to do with sodas.


Burps do. Everything to do with sodas. Hiccups, for sure.


You probably your butt was hiccuping on that plane because you had two sodas. You guys don't even understand what a hiccup is.


Boys, we're going in the darkness seven months before there's another football game.


Yeah, but we got the draft.


We got the draft. Draft goes to us. Bears are on the clock.


We are the draft Kings.


Bears are on the clock. I heard it was a historic call.


Historic call is what they're looking for.


Shut up, Ryan Polls. Finally, we got a GM that knows how to work the media because it was like Rapport and Schefter said Historic call within three minutes of each other.


Yeah, that's pretty good. Sent that text. I actually did get a chance to speak with Jeff Loury, the owner of the Eagles, while I was out of my gourd on mushrooms.


Did you congratulate him on his defensive rookie?


I did, yeah. I congratulated him on that. Another great season for the Eagles. Long way to go before taking on a team. I congratulated him on getting a new head coach who they surely fired after this last season. No, I said, Who do you think we're going to take? Do you think we're going to trade up and get the number one pick and take Caleb Williams? And he said, I certainly hope not. So exclusive reporting.


There you go. So that's one team that's not going to be taking. I'm going to report to the Chiefs will not be taking Caleb Williams.


Okay. Jeff Loury hopes that the commanders do not take Caleb Williams.


Yeah. Oh, wait. Jeff Loury?


Or you said the Eagles? The Eagles, yeah.


What did you say, Commander, sir?


Because I I said, Do you think we're going to take- But did he know you were a Commander's fan or you thought you were an Eagles fan? No, he knew I was a Commander's fan. Oh, okay.


Because that's confusing.


No, I saw Jeff Loury, and I just started talking to him about the Commander. Oh, got it.


I thought you were talking about the Eagles. Yeah, that was confusing.




Okay, that's all right.


You still have mushrooms? No, I wish.


I think he may have thought you were talking about the Eagles, too.


There's a very good change.


I would say if you go up to an owner and say, Are we going to take Caleb Williams? He's like,.


No, I was wearing a Commander's hat. Still.


Still, I think he might-It's a very good possibility.


I don't think I was explaining myself.


I certainly hope not. And you were on my team.


I don't think I was explaining myself in the moment that thoroughly.


All right. Great football season, boys. Going to miss it. But you know what? Schedule always does us well. I feel like I'm tired. I need a vacation. You know what?


This is the best way to get into the beautiful cyclical nature of sports. I'm going to look up how many days it is until pitchers and catchers report. How many days we got? Start dates. Base is coming back to Arizona and Florida. The Dodgers and Padres will report to spring training earlier than everyone else. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They're going on February 14th. Wow.


I was going to say right by our NBA preview.


So wait, we have two days.


That's Wednesday.


Two days until Pitchers and Catchers report.


We did it. Five weeks till Selection Sunday. We did it. All right. Numbers. 40. 71. 8. 3. 18. 20. Shane? 99, Pug.Pug. Shane? 21 for Shane. Pug, what did you think about the halftime show? Great halftime show.


It was great halftime show.


Pug. Thank you. 44. 44.


Love you guys.Oh, shit.


Hold on. Go back.




False alarm. 44 was already in there.


What do you mean?


I didn't hit reset. We're going We're going again. We're going again. Someone just got very excited about 44. It was already in there. Imagine if I had said 44, Max would have been just fucking spending all night being like…


Well, nobody won.


I said if I had said 44.


Oh, yeah.


I'm going to need four sodas for how late I'm going to stay up. All right,


Please don't bark at me, though. So boop boop? All right, so you want people touching your face? What about belly rub? I bark at me. I think the bark is definitely better than the boop.


Yeah, okay. I'll take the bark.


Yeah, no booping. Sniff his ass.


Or just hump him. Yeah.


Way to go, Pug. Fucking huge. Great football season, boys. This is great. Great football season. Great football season. I think Pug is the only person on the show that everyone is universally happy that Oh, yeah.


Yeah, by far. Because we don't want to see the other guys win.


I don't want to see any one of you win except for him. Hell, no.


Jake, do you want to see us win?


Jake, do you want to see us win? Yeah, he does. Of course, he does.


He wants to see us win.


He's a weirdo like that. I want to see everyone win.


Yeah, he's a weirdo.


Yeah, disgusting. I'm walking away. I don't know what to say, I'll say it anyway. Today is a modern day to find you. Shine away. I'll be coming for your love of case. Shine away. I'll be coming for your love of case. Needless to say. All the sentence about Things that say, yeah, it is about me. Stone, little blip. Southern, the lines of pain. Dream, God. Dream, only dream. Dream, only dream. Dream, only dream. Things that say, is it love? You just remember you wait. You are the things I've got to remember. You're shying away. I'll be coming for you anyway. You're shying away. I'll be coming for you anyway. You're shying away. I'll be coming for you anyway. Stake on.