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Oh boy, we have a lot of football to talk about. An incredible, incredible super wildcard weekend. I feel like all I've been doing the last 48 hours is watching football. It has been glorious. We're going to recap every single game.


We're going to talk about the Browns getting their first win in forever. We're going to talk about the bills getting the first one in forever.


What an awesome weekend for those two franchises.


We also have Kirkup Street on the show, long overdue, with an announcement about a new advertiser. And we're going to break down the college football championship game, which you will be watching tonight. More football on deck. So we have a packed awesome Monday show, one of our best shows ever. I'm just going to predict it right now. We haven't recorded it yet. One of our best shows ever. And we're going to do it with the cash out cash app is the best app in the world.


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Today is Monday, January 11.


Soup for Wild Card Weekend Watch or soup for Wild Card Weekend.


We start in western New York where Bill's fans were saying Frank party like a rock star has Buffalo hosted their first playoff game since Buffalo Bills. Clinton was getting blowjobs in the Oval Office as Captain Josh Allen and the rest of the men were decked out in their blue dress shirts, getting ready to smoke.


A very sticky victory cigar despite the Colts best effort f f for Rodrigo da you suck by Blankenship, Jack Doyle and Water Found Separation scoring a touchdown late to make the game close. But in the end, Philip Rivers Phoenix ended up dead as Josh Allen walking into the end zone and after a twenty five year wait, it feels great to say no one's circling the wagons like the Buffalo Bills Bills twenty seven Colts twenty four. While you head out west to Seattle where John hungry like the Wolf, Duran Duran directly into Jamal Adams shoulder and then Jared Goff de Louis C.K..


Matt Copwatch complaining about unfair press coverage, has all he wanted to touch his balls. And a lot of people are saying he could permanently be locked up. And Jalen Ramsey, that is, Aaron MacDonald took his McRib is off the menu, leaving that game in the second half. I that's feeling like title down as Cam Los Angeles. Akers took down Russell Wilson and the Seahawks director park in Nashville, where the Ravens were trussing with the boys Big Trus Lamar, Janet Jackson and Justin Tucker.


Timberlake exposed the Tennessee Titans on live television. The Ravens defense said to AJ Brown, I'm a Armalite. Wait, what's the word? I'm like, oh, I'm going to I'm I'm going to score. Lamar, I missed a word when I wrote it, but Lamar, Jack, Sunny side up, connected with Mark K'iche Brown for an answer saying That's all jokes. Mike Greenberg. Vrabel put on his sandwich eating glove and surrender, punted in the fourth, but his wife will be happy his penis remained safe for another year.


John Harbaugh board with the board to bang the bang. Dig, dig, dig, dig, dig, dig and head up the buggy. Had his kids rocking in the divisional round. Ravens twenty, Titans thirteen and Washington truck got an rühle John Barrow underwear and Dominican stormed the capital and attempted to block the Bucs against a football team and a panel of receivers.


Mike Oh thank heavens was open. Twenty four seven and Terry McClure McLaurin man. Well Miranda couldn't be wrapped up. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Anarky put out a couple hours of good felt and Steven Jay was happy as Lynn NRD Barnett gave Washington a Farrall. Thirty one forty one. Standing on the corner, Jameis Winston down and no such a fun site to see, it's a marshmallow taking home the award. Yeah, he's got an MVP.


Give em hell, son. Try to tell them they're moving up the power rankings with young Shugden.


The Saints go marching twenty one nine and financial unpacks bearhug where the Browns and Kareem and Nick work. Don't believe a ball. Yeah, yeah. Big Ben trouble found time at the end of the first half and Kevin McCallister Stefanski was home alone and in a touching tribute to Aaron Rodgers made his family disappear. Thanks for the donation to the bar stool. That was very kind of you to turn down for what and low John Pooh-pooh shit her couldn't walk the browns off their butt cheeks as the Browns crushed the Steelers for their own.


Oh, right. Soup for wild card weekend in the books.


I think that was the best super wild card weekend we've ever had.


Oh, there was a moment on Saturday we're going to break down every game. We're going to start with the Sunday Night Football and then we'll go back in time to the beginning of Saturday. There was a moment on Saturday. It was right after the Rams Seahawks game and it was perfectly timed. That game ended.


And I just computer just to monitor. To monitor. Billy, that's OK. We're going to play through it. We're going to play through it, actually. Know what? Well, you guys put the monitor back up on and do a quick aderet. Let's just do that, OK? All right. Jack Pocket Jack Pocket is back on part of my take. That's where Jack Pocket Jack Pocket is the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpot. They're now worth over half a billion each.


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Major draw dates during the week are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. So check it out Jack Pocket dot com or download it in the app. OK, we're clear. We got the monitor back up. We're good to go there. What I was saying was there was a moment on Saturday when the Washington or when the Seattle Seahawks and the Los Angeles Rams finished their game and it was so perfectly timed that I was like, you know, that moment when a game ends and you're like, what do I do now?


I was like, Oh, yeah. And I just hit up on my my remote. I was like, oh, here's another game. Great. I don't even have to move. That was all weekend. It was just beautiful football. And the Bears also played beautiful football wall to wall, six games, great drama. And we ended Sunday Night Football with the Cleveland Browns winning their first playoff game since 1994 in an ass kicking of their long time foe, the Pittsburgh Steelers.


The first time that Big Ben has lost to the Cleveland Browns in Pittsburgh happens in the playoffs. And it was awesome.


You have to wonder if that Bernie Kosar Jersey that's buried outside the stadium had something to do with it.


Or you might wonder if maybe this had something to do with it. Juju Smith, Schuster well, before the game, he trying to.


He is low. No, Big Ben. That was so sad to pain. I mean, that prolonged zoomin that they had on him, it was, hello darkness, my old friend. Oh, this actually makes me very sad. I mean, his chin's looking really fat. You don't know if this is Big Ben's last game in Pittsburgh, or at least he'll say that it is at some point the big is definitely going to do. I need to take some time this offseason with my family to discuss and my family.


He means all of his sperm. How many sperm?


That kind of broke me a little bit Anarkali. We might have lost two legends this weekend, but. All right, go ahead.


So Juju to dismiss Schuster before the game, he said, I think there's still the same Browns team I play every year. I think they're nameless. Gray faces, they have a couple good players on their team, but at the end of the day, the Browns is the Browns. Well, guess what? These Browns is not the Browns. These browns is those browns that we saw against the Tennessee Titans. Four have these browns just won the Super Bowl because I don't think anybody expects the Browns to go out next week and beat the Chiefs.


I know. I don't. I think the chiefs are probably going to have some, especially if they're missing all their offensive linemen like they appear to be. But this was the Super Bowl for the Browns and they did it. And maybe, just maybe the issue wasn't that Juju Smith. Schuster was dancing on opponents fields and doing Tic Tacs, maybe just that Juju Smith Schuster is addicted to giving bulletin board material.


Yes, I was going see, like, how is Juju Schuster not learned his lesson on that, on that? Well, he. Did he stop dancing? Yeah, that's true.


So you need to Mike Tomlin needs to strip quote out for him. Yeah. Yeah. All right.


So this game this was the ultimate Michael Corleone gift. Just when they just said I thought I was out the real me back in, we thought this game was over twenty eight. Nothing. I mean, most teams when they got twenty eight, nothing. You're like this game's over.


And it felt like it was after the very was my point.


Who was it just when they thought I was it.


Oh it's Paulie Walnuts. I mean it's Michael Corleone. Hank's right. Michael Corleone in and Sopranos did that or. No, no it wasn't Paulie Walnuts. It was bad.


Yes, it's it's Michael Corleone. So in The Sopranos, he's doing three, which I don't understand why you would forget. So he was doing an impression of The Godfather, right?


Just when I thought I was out, they put me back. He thought that Silvio invented that. I love it. You only watched one season Sopranos. I might have had the wrong Michael. Yeah, I bet that's OK.


All right. So George Michael Corleone should have been over after like it felt like it was over after the first step. I think everybody.


Oh, no, Michael Will was this was the. That's not the guy that.


Does that give what are you talking. Just when I thought I was out, they put me back in.


That's Michael Corleone. It's this guy I'm sorry for Michael's. I thought Al Pacino's. Michael Corleone.


That's Al Pacino. Oh, wow. All right. I thought you were saying no. Why would you ever think this game was over? It's the Browns that your executive.


Yeah, that's why we got all watch The Godfather in the off season.


Even though I'm going to read the book three, the my my cable provider has been like trying to make me watch three recently. Is it? They don't have Verizon, they've literally it just ads for three.


Is that watch. Have you just been talking about no godfather. It's like I suggested that I've been like here let's try some check me. He's going to be wrong.


Let's try something real quick. Godfather three. Godfather three. Godfather three. Let us know if you get any suggested ads for watching The Godfather.


All right. So just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in the Browns. Twenty eight, nothing and ass kicking. And obviously the first touchdown was a fluke because it was a high snap. But so we all said to ourselves, oh, OK, the Browns got a lucky one. Whatever. No, no. They fucking kick their ass. Yeah. They were running the ball down their throat. They had that moment in the third quarter where did get a little hairy because they don't have a head coach.


And you thought, oh, the Steelers can do this like that. All the momentum is going their way. And then right when the Steelers had all the momentum, Mike Tomlin decided to punt from fourth and one chickenshit football.


You? Well, it's because the Steelers can't get a yard. There are times when the Steelers have the ball, when they need two or three yards and they can get two or three, but they can never get one. And so Mike Tomlin pulled a chickenshit move when most coaches would do the thing where they say if we don't get a yard, we don't deserve to win. So let's go for it. Mike Tomlin, he he cut off his eyelids.


He always talks about like, you can't blink if you cut your eyelids off. He cut his fucking I was off.


The craziest part to me was you had all the momentum and then and then the Browns, it took them like three plays to get exactly back to the same part of the field where you would have given the ball to them if you had gone for it and not got it. I did see one person. I love this idea that the Steelers in some teams should do this. At some point they went to the line in punt formation. They tried to get him offsides.


They took a five year penalty to play a game.


Why not fake it that after you get the five, you're not expecting it?


Yeah, no. No one's going to let you do a harder fake. I actually think if you're going to if you're going a punt the ball there, don't bring your punter out there. You have the best pooch kicking quarterback of all time besides probably Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger, who can punt the ball, literally has a boot within the ten yard line every time he tries. Yep. And they ended up kicking it out of the back of the endzone, get a touchback.


And like you said, the Browns drove down the field very easily.


This does validate our take that the Steelers were the worst eleven a team of all time, and that's bad.


So I was saying earlier this year that the football team broke the Steelers, which they did in a way. But this goes back even further. This because the Steelers have not won a playoff game since. Blake Bortles broke the Steelers well, in this game, funny enough, this game was almost a mirror image of it because it was yeah, the Browns jumped on him like the Jaguars, remember, were up twenty seven in that game. Big Ben ends up throwing for like 500 yards.


He had the most completions in NFL history. Yeah, like the whole game felt like catch up for the Steelers. And it was like I think, I think the game kind of broke at the end of what is it, the end of the first half. Yeah, it was the end of the first half when the Steelers scored. Made it twenty seven. And you're like, OK, this could be a game in the second half. And then the Browns just went right back down the field and scored again.


And I yeah. I mean it's, it was, it was an ass kicking and I'm so happy for Browns fans that was probably their best for many Browns fans, definitely their best moment in their life. You have a date with the Chiefs next week, but don't fucking worry about that. This is a this one is a full on. Enjoy this till like Friday night, maybe kind of wake up and be like, oh, yeah, we got to play the Chiefs this week.


Friday night. You get until Friday night to just bask in it. And there's something we talked about a million times is probably the most relatable sports fan thing. If you're a Browns fan, you take tomorrow off, not because you're so hung over. No, no. You take tomorrow off so that you can sit your ass on the couch and watch every single hour of SportsCenter and every debate show and every like. That is the best feeling when you win a playoff game and you get to sit there and you get to read all of the recaps and you get to even go and read like the ah, the Steelers done.


Is Big Ben retiring? You get to read the other team's message, board everything, soak it in. It is the fucking it's nirvana. It's better than winning the game. Yet winning the game is fun, like the afterglow of being able to just consume all of sports media, including this show right now is the best get up hits different after a playoff win.


It really does. And you're going to have Ryan Clark, just like I was talking in the highest pitched voice possible, saying, blow the entire thing up. It's going to be it's going to be a real treat for Cleveland Browns fans. And you're going to have all day Saturday to get drunk and watch football without having to worry about your team and what's going to happen in the game. So you get you get a bonus extra weekend essentially in football and plus almost all day on Sunday.


And you're sure you have to play three and you're and you're still in it. And there's still a team of Destiny five because it is Swagger's Death Day on Super Bowl Sunday. So you never know. You never know. And but it's it's this season is a victory for the Browns. Yes. The Cleveland Browns have won the Super Bowl of Ohio.


Baker was phenomenal tonight without a head coach, which is significant because it did feel like in that third quarter, we're sitting there being like really would have been nice if they had a head coach right now because it felt like it was slipping. And they had a couple of drives where they just went run, run, pass for try to pass for a long third down. Yeah. And you're like, OK, this they're just trying to hope the clock runs out.


And then they woke up a little in that fourth quarter, scored a couple more times. Kody Parker didn't miss any kicks.


Jarvis Landry, the most important player on that Browns offense, was great. Awesome. Van Pelt, he was the guy that was coaching. Right? He got out. He got to throw a challenge flag just that. Well, he did it. Really no reason for the challenge. No, but he was like, you know what? I might not get this opportunity again. I'm literally going to leave it on the field. I'm going I'm going to throw the challenge flag.


I thought it was the shocking part to me. I mean, we all knew the Browns were good football team. They got to the playoffs. They won, you know, ten games, eleven now, eleven games. But they won ten games. No, they won alone.


Eleven, twelve games. Twelve wins now. So now Jackson like forty years to. Yeah.


We all knew they were a good team but I think it was incredible how much they were able to have their way with the Steelers defense, which wasn't what it was to start the season when it was the number one defense. But it still is a top ten defense and it still has like some dudes on it. So, you know, if you told me the Browns won, I would have thought, OK, well, they want a low scoring affair that they were able to get a couple bounces.


No, this was a straight up shoot out and they kicked the shit out of the Steelers.


Yeah. What we learned was that practice is overrated. This week, the Browns didn't practice at all. They weren't allowed to practice. They did like zoo meetings. They did everything remotely because their coaching staff was all sick. And so they didn't practice. They were fresh.


I'm happy they want to just because it was it was an Iverson was right. We would have sucked.


It would have sucked to have that entire, you know, like, well, they got screwed by the NFL, which I think they kind of did, but not have that have it be like, all right, you won even though you didn't have a coach. That had to be the coolest thing ever for Kevin Stefanski to be sitting in his basement watching it by himself and being like, holy shit, we're going to win this game. Yeah.


Like, what kind of snacks do you think he had going? I feel like he might have been one of those coaches that's like too nervous to eat, I don't think. Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. The Covanta can't taste anything. That's when you should eat. Yeah. It all. Yeah exactly. If you can't taste anything gefilte fish I would. Yeah I would be slamming like. Tequila in the bar. Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I did get a chuckle out of people tweeting that the Steelers should fire Mike Tomlin now whether they should or they shouldn't.


I don't think they should.


No, I don't think he's had a losing season in like 20 years. The Steelers don't fire coaches.


So if you thought a fourth in one punt was going to get Mike Tomlin fired, you haven't paid attention to the Steelers organization. They will be back next year. They will probably win between 10 and 12 games.


But we don't know what the future is for Big Ben because four interceptions, he looked old ish through first two yards against the defense that was kind of playing prevent for like a half.


And he just can't move. That's the bigger issue. Like Big Ben. If you can't move, do you think he just gets a walking boot permanently attached?


What do you think? What do you think he's going to do? Big Bang things? Maybe maybe you just put me on and just kick your kick tootsies up on the couch, maybe pull up your pull up your true religion jeans mean we just slot into this booth. We cared a whole heck of a lot about you and we just like take a little time for us. We can't keep doing this band. You're you're fucking seventy five years old in football years.


You missed me being on this. We fit so good together. Let's sit. Let's sit down. Let's have a nice sit in the booth. Listen, some Christian rock throw football to our kids in the backyard. Call it a career.


But you know, well, just for old time's sake, why don't you mosey on over to UPO and come see what all the new videos are. You haven't touched any of them.


How about you just retire for the next three months? Come on back. Ben's going to pull Lamar Odom and watch every porn video on the internet. It's going to be done.


Was going to die from gas station boner pills, but it's going to be just in his like in his office, like he didn't even go anywhere.


Well, guys, my my my elbow injuries acting up again. Can't figure out why I hope he doesn't retire. I don't think he'll I think I'll retire. You said it. I think he will retire for like two months. Yeah. No, he's definitely going to retire. There'll be a lot of retirees. Yeah.


He if they had made it to like the AFC championship game, I could see him walking away. But this is going to leave a bad taste in his mouth. Offensive. Kevin Stefanski, he's going to he's going to want to come back. He doesn't want to go out like this in Pittsburgh. Right. And it was I really enjoyed this matchup. I don't know what it was about. The colors of the teams, the the Browns orange was popping harder.


The Steelers black at home at night in a playoff game. Is the black is black. That's ever been black. It's so dark. It's so awesome. I'm going to I'm going to miss Big Ben playing for the Steelers if this is actually it for Cam. But you know what's going to happen? They're going to figure out a way. They're going to get another great quarterback instantly either. And right.


I still think they're going to get Sam Donaldson. He's going to be the new Big Ben. Could be he's kind of fit for it. Big, big, big guy. Throw some picks. I bet you Big Ben has a funny face.


He's played through Mano several times. Yeah, absolutely.


That's nothing. All right. I got to start. Yeah. Give back to us, Jake. One score me really. Forty eight. Thirty seven. Unreal to last five weeks of the season. Just two and Steelers won one.


Oh that's worse to eleven and no team of all time. I think the city of Pittsburgh. You don't owe me an apology. I'm not going to make you apologize. You've been through enough tonight. But just so you know, I was right.


I mean, yeah, I mean, they they were they just fell off. They fell off. That was kind of reminiscent of last year's Patriots team starting. Really. Yeah.


Undefeated and then being like, OK, well, now they're playing a little bit tougher teams and it's starts to fall off.


I did miss the slime in this game. You can't just give me back. You can't give me regular football after giving me a slime game. Can you imagine how electric that end zone would have been on the very first play of the game when they recovered that like an unexpected fumble recovery? Yeah. Touchdown. Yeah, the slime cannon sitting. I don't know if I can go back now.


We can go back that. We'll get to that. We'll get to that. All right. Let's go back in time. Let's start with the bills calls the bills. Speaking of teams that have not won in a very long time, nineteen ninety five was the last time the Bills won a playoff game.


Same goes for you, Buffalo. I mean, I'm sure you were just enjoying that. That is really the peak. The Bills won their first playoff game in twenty five years and they got to sit and watch five NFL playoff games after already having money in the bank at that profit. Man, that's the best weekend of your life, Buffalo.


So the it was great to see Bills Maffia in the stadium.


You see that one guy dressed up as a polar bear polar bear? We had a couple of guys with the Pinto. Ron got some shine Pinto. Ron has a TV that's no bigger than eighteen inches.


It was the R. Kelly TV. It was great, though, because my initial thought was like, we've got to get picked on a bigger TV. And then I realized, no, Pinto, Ron is I. I went and I started reading some old articles, articles about Pinto, Ron, and they asked him and one of them like, what's the weirdest thing you have in your Pinto? He's like, Oh, I got a jar. Milk, a jar of milk that's 25 years old.


What he's like, yeah, someone gave it to me and it just stayed there and I didn't smell bad. He's like, well, it smelled pretty bad for the first 20 years.


And then it turns into just 20 years. You got to get through the first 20 years of your milk smelling terrible in your Pinto and then you're good to go.


But it was also like the tenth least weird thing about Pinto, Ron. He's an American character and I'm glad to see him happy again. Like, this is a guy that gets bookmarked with condiments before every single game just for the fun of it, just just to get people going. Just that people could have a good time. He sacrificed so much for that city and now he gets to be entertained by this team. It's good for people, right?


Yes, it was. Also, I think we're out of practice with Bill's mafia because of covid. And there have been fans that that video that went viral of the kid going the little baby going through the table never was like this child abuse. Yeah, no, it wasn't. The kid fucking had a great time. It there's a mattress.


So it's not like the dad was making his kid eat beans. It was just a natural celebration. Yeah. I can't get it open. I've got to take about Joshel. Yeah. By the way. Kicks ass.


He was awesome. He was great. He did have his mash, he had to match the buttons plays. Those are the best. The touchdown play where he ran into the whole line and then I was like oh shit, I'm going to throw this. And then the fumble that thank God was recovered. But that was a big time match.


The ball. Yeah, just at the end of every play, he's like, I'm going to do whatever I can at this at the split second. And that's I hope they don't totally every coach that I joshel, because that's that's the magic of what that's what makes him like the most exciting quarterback in the NFL right now. It's like even when he does something bad, it can be something good sometimes, too, but might take about Josh Allen. Is you ready for this?


Yeah. So you know how he's improved his accuracy so much, which everybody thought was impossible, because like Mike Leach says, once you're, you know, sixteen, seventeen, you're not going to get more accurate. I actually think that his feet are better than his arm. Yeah, we all talk about his hose. You have to always refer to George Arm as his hose cannon. He's got a hose out there. His feet are the best that I've seen in the NFL this year.


He's like he's always on balance. Yeah. He's never off balance. He's he's like a mountain goat with his balance and footwork. And it's turned him into the most exciting player. Like if you're always on balance and stepping into your throws, you put your feet in the right place. That is actually sometimes better than having a hose attached to your shoulder.


Yeah, and he's got a hose to boot. He hoses one codes.


And I actually don't think I think if you asked him, like he it wasn't a perfect offensive game for the bills. It felt like they left some drives out there where they were not as sharp. But he made the big plays and they had to they were five. He was five for six on passes over twenty yards with including a touchdown. So he's accurate when he needed to be.


And it was I mean, there was the big story coming out of this was obviously Frank Wright's decision at the end of the first half to go for a touchdown.


I loved it. I thought that was the right call. Everyone obviously played the results after because the bills go down and score a touchdown. But the they won the play almost worked.


Phil Rivers missed them by just like an absolute like maybe like four inches to the Colts needed to have happen against them.


Two insane sideline catches and then jumping off offsides. Yeah. When you can't do that. But that was also like it just I like the aggressiveness. I thought it was the right call. I don't think you can beat Josh Allen in that bills offense by getting field goals. It was a real step on your throat moment there up ten seven. If they go into the half, up seventeen seven, they feel like they have a ton of control. It didn't go their way.


But I don't play the results in the fact that like, hey, that was a stupid move.


After that I thought it was, it was the exact right call. Right. You got to go for it there. And maybe it's been just like I've been watching too much Ted Larson recently. So I have a harder time criticizing coaches because now I think they're all sweethearts, that she was poison my brain against hating coaches. But Frank Reich was correct in his decision.


I just think he's also an aggressive coach and he's always an aggressive he just he explained it poorly, I think, after the game because he started tossing around the word analytics. Right. And you start to lose people when you say analytics too much, you just have to go back to saying, like the chart says, that I should have gone faster.


If you blame everything, if you know, you don't even say that. You have to say you can't beat you can't beat the bills with field goals. That's also that's all you have to say.


But if you blame it on a chart, then it's the charts fault. It's not yours. Like a chart is a tangible thing. You just got to go get a new chart.


The charts never wrong, but you just if you just say you can't beat that team with field goals, no one will ever disagree.


Yeah, because it just sounds right, Jim. I should do a press conference, be like the Colts in the chart, have mutually agreed to part ways. We'll be looking for a new charter.


So it was the Colts were in that game, though. They were they fucking played tough. You know, I don't know what's going to happen with Phil Rivers. I have a couple of quotes for you. After the game. He was very emotional. It broke my heart.


Also just brutal watching him try to throw a Hail Mary five yards short.


How do you do you have to Kolby Brisset for the job. And how how that was so set after the game. Phil Rivers in Ultimate Pure Phil Rivers form talking about the Colts, he said it's a really neat team. And then he said it was a heck of a fun season.


Yeah, that guy is is that is that Phil Rivers 20 year NFL pro talking about losing in the NFL playoffs or Philip Rivers, 12 year old playing in Little League and they got bounced in the first round. And he's like, hey, guys, it was a heck of a fun season. Let's all head to the pizza place. Pie's on me. Yeah, I want to see I don't know the difference.


I want to see what he said behind closed doors in the locker room. If he was like, more emotional, more angry than that. But that is Philip Rivers. Oh, Philip Rivers gets. No, no, no.


Not in that. No, he gets angry at the refs. But I'm saying, like, after the game, I think it's just at this point of his career, he's like just kind of crying, kind of teary eyed and everyone feels bad for him.


I feel bad. Well, if you really hate, hate, hate losing that much in your Philip Rivers, you can't stand to lose in the playoffs. You probably would've retired a long time ago. Right. He's he's kind of used to this at this point. Said, I think I still think the Colts are solid team. And when I say solid, that's code for saying that they've built their team in the complete opposite way that I would do if I was like a general manager with Madden franchise, because I think you and I would be like, OK, we need a quarterback.


We knew the Raiders. We need someone that can sack the quarterback. We need some fast guys that why we just stock up on like five great wide receivers and maybe a big name corner. And the Colts, they've put all the resources in like the least sexy positions and they've developed a solid till they're seventeen.


They're good. The only team, I think in the playoffs that was top ten on offense and defense.


Yeah, there are nice. We'll build team them. They might be this off seasons one quarterback away from becoming a real team.


Carson Wentz from Carson Wentz bring them back together. Either way, I'm very excited for the bills. That was awesome. I'm sure that matchup coming up.


I'm shocked that we haven't seen any Buffalo Bills too early Super Bowl tatoos. Yeah. That they got out there. I feel like that just happens every year. And it's not even it's not a story. It's not a story anymore.


But Bills fans, they get another home playoff game. Awesome. It was it was a little too sunny, little too nice in Buffalo on Saturday.


I kind of wanted some maybe we get a forecast when we get way too early. Forecast for some flurries going. Let's get some flurries.


Let's get either flurries are like five degrees because if it's snow, they're going to steamroll the Ravens, right? Yes.


I also think this was a perfect game for the bills where they got PM snow showers. OK, there we go. Oh, my God, that's beautiful. It is a perfect game for the building. I don't think if you even if you ask the bills, they didn't play a perfect game. Like they didn't play their best. They survived. They found a way to get a win. They found a way to get a playoff win. Kind of a monkey off your back like feels good going into the next game like that was there.


They didn't look like they had been looking in the last half of the season where they were just trucking teams. So now you get the added bonus of like, hey, this is a lot harder.


Let's button down here for the next round. You know what? Maybe they had some playoff jitters. Yeah, maybe this is a playoff jitters. No, they came out. You won.


They played well, but they definitely didn't play a perfect game. And that's a good thing. Yes, they won without a perfect game and they still have a perfect game in.


Can somebody please explain to me what happened on the second to last play Zach Pascal play where he man, he was on the ground, caught the ball. He stood up on the ground, then he fumbled after he picked it up.


Can I just say I'm if the play if the play was wrong, if the play is wrong, which it was, they called it wrong, but it ends up not determining who wins. I don't care anymore.


Like I stop caring like I saw Coward had a tweet being like lots to talk about. But the main thing on my mind is what the hell was happening? The end of that bills Colts game. Imagine if the Colts had won. Well, they didn't.


So I don't want me gone. I'm only concerned because I don't know what happened. I don't know why that ruling was put into place.


I think they just they just fucked it up. They just fucked it up. It's just a fuck up. It was just a straight up fuck up. But again, it didn't matter. So as soon as a ruling doesn't matter to the end result, I just don't care anymore. I just I just wash it away from my memory.


I'm not going to be like, oh, man. Could you imagine if. Well, no, it didn't it didn't end up matter. Yeah. So we're good.


You brought up the jumping offsides part and that guy is was probably the most offsides player in the NFL this year. This was he was more offsides and AJ, he was like nine yards into the into the bills backfield. There's there's something about a quarterback that knows how to do the hard count correctly. That is something that only a few quarterbacks really think. Aaron Rodgers cheating on it. Like if I were a quarterback coach, I would have them take voice lessons.


I would have them. Can you imagine, like a ventriloquist quarterback throwing his. Voice into into the backfield or like maybe maybe a guard being able to mimic the quarterback's voice. Yeah, so you have two of them going at the same time. It'd be amazing.


Yeah, there's like there's definitely like one of those. That's a difference between a very good quarterback and a great quarterback. Yeah. If you can get those guys to jump offsides and get free plays out of it and Josh Allen with a free play is a very dangerous thing because he's just going to hose that ball downfield. Yeah.


So that was a fun game. Great game. Great start to the weekend. Yeah. Next up, we got Rams, Seahawks, so we're going to start Seahawks Rams because let's start with the Seahawks, because I love Pete Carroll, but I think he might not be a great coach. OK, I think he's had some of the best talent on defense. He's had Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson covers up a lot of stuff. If he goes out there and balls out all the time, Pete Carroll, he attracts talent.


Maybe there's just something about Pete Carroll that he will always have talent around him. But as far as in game, the most adjusting he does is just switch has gone from the left side over to the right of the game.


The Seahawks there were reading the quotes afterwards. It was kind of shocking. They're like, yeah, we knew how they were going to defend us. We just didn't have an answer. Like what? That's the whole.


And it happened for the entire second half of the season, like the first half of the season. The Seahawks were essentially able to just bomb it deep. And most teams are playing with one safety. And then teams just started being like, hey, guess what? We're not going to let you bomb. We're not going to let Dick Metcalf go one on one, try to be this other ways. And they never adjusted. And that fully came to fruition in this game against Rams where they fucked him up.


Pete Carroll said afterwards, I have no place in my brain for this outcome. I think he's going a memory hole it so that one just doesn't exist. If you ask him about it two days from now, he's like, I don't know what. You're complete opposite. Sean McVay. Yeah, he he is memory holing this loss.


I have no place in my brain for this outcome. He's said something, though, there that I got to ask you about, because this is now a narrative coming out of this game. I saw it online. I saw it with Seahawks beat writers. I saw it with Seahawks bloggers. There seems to be a little bit of a rumbling that Russell Wilson is more to blame than people are letting on now.


How quickly they turn. Yeah. Now, I want it on the record right now. If the Seahawks want to trade Russell Wilson to the Bears, I will do it in a second.


I will do anything. I will trade anything, everything. So I think Russell Wilson's a fantastic quarterback, but if you're a Seahawks fan, your frustrations are at least coming out a little bit. So he's played now sixteen playoff games and in those sixteen playoff games, he's twenty five touchdowns, twelve interceptions, two hundred thirty six yards average.


That's not like lighting the world on fire. No. And it's weird to see it because you think Russell Wilson Klutch. Unbelievable, ridiculous plays ridiculous comebacks. And then you see those numbers and you're like, wait, so he's not one of the best postseason performers. That's weird because I had that moment where I was like that. That's kind of bizarre. I if you showed me Russell Wilson's playoffs, that's like, oh, he gets better in January, but he kind of doesn't he's kind of the same guy.


And this loss was on him as much as anyone else. Like, they were not he got he took a lot of sacks.


The interception was on him, though. That interception was not good. I mean, that wasn't a good, like play.


It was on if it's a quick screen like that, you can't blame the quarterback if they don't get to their places.


Well, he also was forcing the ball to the UK. Metcalf who? Listen, we love Dick. He's our guy. But that was when you when you have a little bit of a tantrum in the first quarter and like everyone sees it in an empty stadium, it does change the narrative coming out of the game. Like you've narrative. You've narrative yourself.


Oh, no, I love that. Would decay like decay. People don't give them enough credit for looking like he's a bass player and like a rap metal band. He flips out, man. He has like a mosh pit with himself on the side. Yeah, he's smashing home.


It's like it was early, it looked sick and it looks sick. I'm going to stay with you on the dick you looked off for you.


You did that. That that changes Russell Wilson like that interception was him trying to force the ball to Dick like he was trying to get the ball. Did he cave for the rest of the game? And I don't know. I mean, the offense was a mess for a million different reasons. And that's not even we should talk about the Rams and how good they were defensively. But I just noticed that.


And again, I would take Russell Wilson over.


I don't know every quarterback except like for yeah, he's definitely top five quarterbacks, but it is crazy to see those numbers and be like, wait, that's weird. I always thought he was this incredible postseason guy.


And then you think about it, you're like, what's the what's the postseason moment that you think about when you think about Russell Wilson, a million different passes and Doug Baldwin.


Right. But like, what's the what like like that that game against the Packers were the Packers just fell apart. Mike McCarthy fell apart in that onside kick. But like, what are the I don't know. I just I'm asking the question again, I. I don't want this spun as like a. Russels, because I'm definitely not, but when you think about, like Brady and Brees and all these other guys, like they have these insane playoff games, I don't know if Russell Wilson has had that type of resume.


I think it's more on Pete Carroll than it is and Russell Wilson, because it's Russell Wilson playing against the best defenses. And during the regular season, he's always a very good quarterback. And yeah, he feast on some shitty teams. I just never got to see him play against the Falcons like three times every year. And he always puts up, you know, 450 yards on them during the regular season. But in the playoffs, when he's playing against really good defenses, it's not you can't put that on him.


I think that Pete Carroll has to take some of the blame.


You can you can't put it all on him. But if you are in the conversation as as as amongst the best quarterbacks in the NFL like this is the difference between every quarterback and then the upper upper elite guys who can like you, they can kind of put it all on them. Yeah. And they can find ways in the playoffs to do things and they do elevate their game. That's I think that's where the disconnect is. I think Russell Wilson is amongst that group.


But when you actually lay it out, it's like, OK, well, where has it? Like where can you point to it? Like, oh shit, he was unstoppable in this playoff.


Well, he's also played behind some really shitty offensive lines over over the last like 12 years are not twelve years. When was it twenty twelve that he was right. Over the last eight years he's played behind some like really bad like Tom Cable used to basically take a shit and then put a helmet on and say, this is your left hand, this is now becoming me.


Just hating on Russell Wilson. I don't want it to be that way. But well, I also believe that he does run into a lot of sacks. I think he I think he doesn't help his offensive line as much as like some other guys do.


Yeah, I do think there are many times in the game where it's like, what is he doing? He's not stepping up into a clean pocket. He's he's doing things that are kind of leaving his own offensive linemen out to dry.


Russell Wilson, I think, is a very, very good quarterback. And he's played I think he's been above average for the most part and the postseason. But again, you run into better defenses there. He ran to really, really good defense against the Rams. The Rams, they're officially my don't look now team. Don't look now. But the Rams and I have a future on Rams are back.


If Aaron Donald is hurt, that's obviously different.


Also, Russell Wilson, that one throw he made where he was going left and he threw that deep ball. I mean, that's why he's Russell Wilson. That's why incredible. Yeah. But I just I it's just something to put in your brain like is we all put him in the Mahomes Rodgers Brady category. I don't think he is. Probably not rights, but he got bigger here we go, because Aaron Rodgers is like he's the best quarterback physically and he's been the best quarterback physically for the last ten years or so.


This is interesting that so many Super Bowls and then Mahomes is just like a freak, right? This is Russell Wilson is still like a very good above average postseason quarterback. And he's a great regular season quarterback. So I don't I'm not ready to write him off just yet. In terms of a postseason go. I'm not that I do like the fact that we're talking about. Right. This is the first time I've ever Paschen. I never even thought about it until I saw enough of it online.


And not just like random people. It was people who cover the team, people who, you know, blog the team saying these things. And I'm like, oh, OK. Well, let me at least look at this. I love. I looked at his numbers and I was like, all right, yeah. I can actually I would still take them over again, pretty much any quarterback except like four guys. But I, I am looking at them to be like, yeah, you're right.


It's not like he's lighting the world on fire.


I love the fact that this is in the marketplace of ideas. No, I disagree fervently, but I respect to hell you're right to say it. Yeah.


I just some of the losses haven't been great. And he's kind of I mean, this was he did not play well. He did not play well.


No, he didn't. It was it was very over eight. So this might kind of fall into what you're saying after this game was over, there was a moment where I was like, wait, the Seahawks can't be out of the playoffs. Right. Is Russell Wilson's why Russell Wilson is going to keep playing. It's literally Pete Carroll. I still think that, like next week, the Seahawks are going to be in the playoffs. Still the only place in my brain for this outcome.


So let's talk about the Rams. It doesn't make sense that golf didn't start to me.


It doesn't make sense. They didn't start a third quarterback. They didn't have a third quarter was absent. Right. What do you mean? It doesn't make sense that he didn't start. I mean, he was good. Jared Goff, he played he played pretty good for having a broken thumb.


I think he did. He had a very gutsy performance. Yeah. But he wasn't good. I feel like his dad had no control of the ball. I feel like his his thumb might be better. Maybe it's gripping the ball too hard. We're not fully healthy.


I give him all the credit in the world for being out there with fucking surgery eleven days before. And he had a gutsy performance. I think he did just enough. I don't think I mean, he wasn't good. There was a moment where he had that one play where he, like, scrambled and threw like a little ball to his right. That ended up being like a fifty yard pass.


But before that he had like 40 yards on like two quarters he played he played a lot better than a quarterback with a broken thumb was going to play and probably better than Wolford would have played if he had played the entire game. But the only thing I'm going to take away from the Rams this performance is those jerseys are fucking disgusting. The Rams, white, whatever. They're like seven different tones. They've got nine different fonts on them. They look like a ransom note slapped across a uniform that's like written.


If you're taking Jeff Fisher hostage, they're ugly. I hope I never see him again. I don't like him. I don't like seeing they make Aaron Donald look fat. And Aaron Donald has abs, which might be part of the problem.


Oh, by the way, Aaron, Donald can't pull fat, dodges a million knifes and survives, then gets sat on by Russell Wilson and dies. That makes sense.


No, it doesn't. It was like he was like Houdini. You got one sucker. He he he he goes down down the Niagara Falls in a fucking chains and survives. And then one sucker punch to the gut and he's out.


Is Russell Wilson getting fat? I don't know if that was crazy. He might be getting fat. Russell doesn't have knives in his ass. It was weird because it instantaneously like right when he rolled off and grabbed me, by the way, I hopefully my rib is just exploded. Yeah. And it's like, well, that's Russell Wilson. Just kind of like rolled on you. Yeah.


It was weird. That was a weird place. So my biggest takeaway from this game is Sean McVay. Now, obviously he doesn't have any Super Bowls, but he went to one. But when people put him in, the conversation is like the next Belichick or Mini Belichick. This is why. Because when I look at the Rams and the fact they went to the Super Bowl two years ago with one of the best offenses in the league and then look at what they've done this year, and they basically completely changed their team to a defensive team run running team.


That's why he's a mini Belichick in that it doesn't matter. Like he's not going to try to beat you just his way. He's going to beat you whichever way is best. And I was reading an article about his defensive coordinator, Brandon Staley, who's going to probably get a head coaching job, maybe not this year, but at least next year.


So essentially, he wasn't even on Sean McVeigh's radar. They he had an interview. Sean McVay basically changed over his entire staff, which, again, that's kind of a Belichick move to be like they all got hired away to be Wade Phillips.


You know, he left, but he was he was basically like, I got to change. Our whole staff sat down with him. Brandon Staley was is a Vic Fangio disciple, was with Vic Fangio forever. And Sean McVay basically said Vic Fangio is the one guy who can stop my offense, Kyle Shanahan's offense, these offenses. They have been taking over the league, brought him on, and he's been incredible, like he's been an incredible defensive coordinator.


What what the Rams were able to do, they mauled the Seahawks like they were awesome.


They can get after Aaron Rodgers. Yeah, it's going to be 25 degrees. And I know they're a Southern California Los Angeles team. I think that this Rams defense is built to play in cold weather. I think they can get after Aaron Rodgers and not Brown is going to be it's going to be very cold. It's going to be a good match. I'm very much looking for the native of the the Sean McVay against the McVay disciple in Matt LaFleur.


Yeah, that's going to be a spicy one.


I just love it. I mean, Sean McVay like that is what makes a great coach, a great coach, like the guys who can think outside the box and be like, OK, who's the person who I have the most trouble with defensively? OK, let me go get him. Let me go hire him. Whether he's resume ready or not.


Like I'm going to go with that resume ready. But like, that's that's what Sean McVay did.


Brandon, Staley's only 38 years old. He he I don't know.


I don't think he was the defensive coordinator at in Denver because I think Vic Fangio was still calling the plays. But like, that's that's that is the smartest guy in the room.


Kind of feel like, hey, well, instead of trying to beat the people that are really smart across the field, why don't I get one of them and use their powers on my side defensively? And he's changed the entire M.O. of the of the Rams team. They're running team. They play good defense. It's awesome to watch.


That's why so many Belichick it's double genius because you take a guy that can beat you off the market. And so then down in the future, he's not going to be out there kicking your ass. So you're eliminating that threat from your future self.


And everyone everyone's talking about offensive football. Everyone's, you know, everything's offense, offense, offense to have the foresight be like, hey, I'm going to go get this guy who's an up and coming defensive guy and basically mold my team in that in that fashion. I don't know. He just gets he deserves a lot of credit. And then the stat out there, I think it's now thirty seven. And so when Sean McVay is leading at halftime, they win the game.


So I mean that's that's crazy. That's just good coaching. And then yeah I this game next week is going to be fun. We'll, we'll obviously preview on Friday. I just hope that the Rams can get like a little bit healthier. I hope. Aaron Downs. OK, Jared Goff storm like that. I hope he can grip a football and cold weather. Otherwise we might see John Wolford again. Yeah. I don't know. It was yeah it was.


More questions for the Seahawks and the Rams being like, we keep losing guys and we keep winning games. Yeah, don't look now the Rams are back. Yeah, they are. Hey, we got that future. I don't know what's going to happen with it, but who knows.


Look bleak when they lost the Jets. All right. Let's do Saturday night, your team. Let's before we do that. Yeah, I'm sure while you were watching, you had your coupon, right?


I did have my eyes going crazy. It was my heart rate was fluctuating all over the place, mostly from just hearing Stephen talk. That'll get that'll get your blood pressure in a hurry. But I'm wearing my whip right now. We're all wearing what we're monitoring ourselves. Billy's trained for a big fight. His strained numbers are off the charts. I'm getting back on the peloton. I'm going to be doing more buns of anarchy stuff because I put on like twenty five pounds after I lost twenty five pounds.


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Spoiler alert. It's usually going to be more sleep, especially if you're watching football. Actually, you know what? My steps I probably don't get any steps watching football, but I feel like I'm getting a full weekend worth of exercise. I basically do an ultra marathon, a triathlon.


If I'm watching three football games, one right after the other. And we'll tell you exactly where and how to adapt your lifestyle based on what you're doing in your day to day life. And your sleep group is a must have heading into 2021. And right now they're giving fifteen percent off. When you go take it, check out. Go to woop woop dotcom. Promo code, take a check out and get 15 percent off, OK? Saturday night, Fuks Washington football team, Taylor Hinoki Game.


We cover the spread, we cover the spread. Good teams win. Great teams cover. We were a great team on Saturday night. We didn't embarrass ourselves watching football. The season of Destiny sadly come to an end. Alex Smith probably not going to be back, I would guess if you injury like what's left of your calf muscle and it knocks you out for about a month, probably, probably shouldn't be playing football that much anymore. I Smith had played this game, started this game will be dead.


It will also they will have hung tough like that was Taylor.


Hinoki was very good for a guy who's back up, has an NFL back way, way too many tattoos for a quarterback.


Yeah. And kind of what we're talking with, Chris Long doesn't really know he's supposed to suck.


I think he's going to be a great backup quarterback. Yeah, he can win you like a game and a half in a year. And he comes in, you're like, fuck it, let's let's get weird with it. He's like the bad boy boyfriend that comes in, scoops you up in a Corvette, is like or not a Corvette, probably a Camaro, a bought used. And then you go right. You drive around the block a few times and roach and come back feeling great about yourself.


But you don't wanna do that every day. Tilahun he was fun to watch, right. The bucks were clearly the better team. I mean, the real the winner of this game was the Bucs offensive line. The Bucs offensive line. Yeah. Handled the Washington defense and sucks for Chase Young.


When you say all week you want Tom Brady in your graphic, he was saying, Tom Brady, I'm coming, I'm coming. And he did not. He just flopped out. But I mean, the defense is still great. You know what's great about this Washington football team, Big Cat is going into the off season. I'm going to get I'm going to be able to get mad at all the power rankings that disrespect us because we have something to build on.


We're major like we had a quarterback and we could be one of the best teams in the NFL. So when I see us, if you have us listed, if you have the Washington football team listed below sixteen in your power rankings, I'm going to write some fucking letters. Oh, yeah, I'm going to address those to you. I'm going to tell you that you don't know what you're talking about because we made the playoffs.


So the the one downside of super wildcard weekend is the boosters get stretched.


I don't really need to hear Tony Dungy anymore. No, he's not good, Tony. And he was going so I tweeted like Taylor Hinoki franchise quarterback, and people were getting mad at me. I was very tongue in cheek. I do think I agree with you. I think he would be a very good backup and, you know, could come in and win a game like that's kind of the guy.


He feels like Tony Dungy had him in. Ken, I don't know if that was I mean, hey, did you watch the game with sound?


It might have been Tony Dungy hate for Tom Brady, but it was crazy how effusive he was with his praise of Taylor Heinicke.


It's definitely having a lot to do with Tom Brady and Tony Dungy. The best thing Tony Dungy does, he's only good for like taking someone who's troubled, someone who gets into, like, severe off the field issues. Right. And rehabilitating them by saying Tony Dungy now approves of this guy. He's turned his life around. Once you get that stamp, then you're hireable, right, man? If you're a player, coach and if Tony's like all is well, I've cleansed him of his sins.


He's back. He should not be on.


Well, and here's my problem is that Tony Dungy, you're in the booth.


You're supposed to be assessing the game from a professional standpoint. Right? So you shouldn't be going like Taylor Heinicke. He's a ten year starter in this league.


That's for what that's what Twitter's for. And that's why when we all freak out about Taylor Hinoki on Twitter, though, like, well, actually or he's not really a good quarterback. People shut the fuck up, dude. That's what makes football fun. When you have a guy who plays in a game, he's not even supposed to be there and he's playing out of his mind and you all feel like you're in on this big moment. That's cool.


That's why we get swept up with Taylor. No one woke up on Sunday morning being like Taylor Heinicke. He needs one hundred million dollars in five years. No, but in the moment when he's playing out of his mind and he's playing way better than we all expected and he's running and fucking lunging for end zone, we're fucking goddamn right. Where is he? Taylor Heinicke. He's a franchise quarterback, not you. Tony Dungy. Let us the idiots.


The Meatball's do it.


We're prisoners of the moment. Tony Dungy needs to be the warden. Can't be walking around making sure we're in ourselves, wrapping your nightstick on the bars and making sure that we don't get out of line with that shit. Tony Dungy, not a great announcer. Stick to being the guy that always picks wrong on Sunday Night Football before the game starts. That's what you're really good at.


And Tom Brady's incredible. He's good. Yes.


Like he broke the record for oldest player to throw a touchdown pass, like he slice and dice Washington football team. I don't know how he can I don't know how many are we going to be doing this in three years? It's Tommy. Forty six.


Tom Verlaine playing in the playoffs. He's done this for. I don't crushing them, I don't get it, and I I mean, I'm very excited for next week's box, round three, heart beat a team three times. Alamar wasn't playing for round two, which is significant for that Bucs offensive line, which has played a lot better. And yeah, has he ever lost three times to the Dolphins?


I don't know. Probably not. Probably not. He I just don't know. I mean, I know Mike Evans is incredible. Mike Evans is incredible. I felt I felt like even like Antonio Brown was very good. Chris Godwin dropped a few balls. But like and also I forgot we got to see Lenny back.


Lenny Fernet. I mean, there's no better, like, feather in your cap than you can give to that offensive line than saying you made Leonard Fournette look like excuse me, Leonard Fournette looked like he was alive. He looked like an athlete because he had some holes to hit. And fortunately, he wasn't pulling the Trent Richardson thing where you get the screen caps because Leonard Fournette was well on his way to being the next, like Trent Richardson of look at the size of this hole that he did.


He was good, though. He was not bad. He was pretty good. I mean, I was saying on the livestream, like, please keep feeding Leonard Fournette.


Oh, you said I tuned in in the beginning and you were like which I agreed with your point. You're like Stephen Shade.


Do you think that Leonard Fournette is good at football? And he's like, yeah, he could be good. No, but he's right here. And then he actually ended up playing well.


Was the offensive line to the offensive line block really well for him? And they blocked really well for Tom Brady. So they they won the game for the bucks. So I have to I have to take my hat off to the Bucs. Good job. You beat seven to nine. We're probably like the third best seven and nine team of all time. Hung tough. So we hung tough. We didn't if I if I could do my calling coward analogy about this game, I would say that like the Washington football team, we didn't embarrass ourselves.


We took a very out of our league attractive woman on a date. We went to a nice restaurant. We didn't spill food on ourselves. We didn't have her credit card declined at the end of the evening. And then we drove her home, went in for a kiss, and she was like, just maybe on the cheek. And we're like, fine, that's it. I gave it my best shot.


Taylor Hinoki is like meeting a woman at a wedding. And you guys hook up.


You meet Friday night for the rehearsal dinner. You have a great time. You hook up. It feels like it's going to be great. You have some unbelievable sex. You say you're going to keep in touch. Then maybe she comes and comes and flies to your city like a month later and you're like, oh, we're not compatible at all. That was Taylor Hinoki.


We got a lot of weird have it was that you don't necessarily want to cohabitate. Just keep it in the week, keep it in that one weekend, keep it in that one time when you thought that you had found your soulmate.


We cover the spread. I said that we needed a defense, a touchdown to win. That would have been nice. Yeah, we kept it respectable within two points in the third quarter. I couldn't turn off the game, couldn't turn the game off. Good job was we could we were just here. We weren't here for a long time. We're here for a good time. Yeah.


Oh the Dolphins swept the Pats in to thousands of birdies are here.


OK, but not very, very tight. Right. Right in the playoffs. Oh, three times. No. Yeah, no.


OK, beat Tom Brady three.


I would doubt that he's lost. Well what about didn't they lose the Jets one year in the playoffs. Standby. I wonder if I would I'd be shocked if Tom Brady's lost three times to a team in one single year.


The Bart Scott can't wait here. Yeah, yeah. That would be it would be shocking. I don't see. I see. I don't see back to back losses.


But I mean, they lost when I say they lost they that's a capital l when they lost two thousand for that too.


Yeah. For two losses but not three. All right. Next up, Ravens titans Lamar, by the way, Washington football team, that's this is a loss that you come away from being like the future's bright. Yep. Which is good. It feels good. It's the we'll get to the bears the opposite, the bears loss. It feels like everything's on the up. And I'm optimistic. Right, right. Right.


You're building towards something that's a building towards something lost versus a tear it all down. This team is garbage and I hate everyone. All right.


Ravens Titans Lamar gets his playoff when they come back down ten early. They do the grass stomp. He has the terrible pick and then ends up, I mean, the play where he ran for a touchdown, where he's just I don't know how he's twice as fast as everyone on the field.


Yeah, it was it was his signature play of it wasn't like he hasn't had one of those moments yet. And he was like the gas pedal that he stepped on at the thirty five yard line was absolutely insane. If you're chasing somebody that's that much faster than you, it's got to be so demoralizing. Can even Karl probably never ran full speed for the rest of the game, just knowing like this guy can get away from me right at the drop.


He was running like there was a toilet in the end zone. Yeah, it was good to see. And I mean, I know Ravens fans are trying to do the gotcha. Unfortunately, I slipped out of that one like six weeks ago because I said the Ravens are going to win this game. I bet the Ravens I think the Ravens are playing really good football.


I think they're fucking. Live in the AFC right now, especially because everyone kind of forgot about them and they're back to, like, just running it down people's throats. But so Lamar gets the win. Good for him. He played well. The big story is the Ravens defense was awesome. The Ravens defense was down 10 nothing in the first quarter. They gave up three points for the rest of the game.


They held Derrick Henry to 40 yards, lowest total since week six last year.


That Ravens defense is like they got everyone kind of healthy on the defensive line.


They're playing really good football and that's why they are scary. Scary team.


Yeah, Patriquin is really good. It turns out there was also the element of the Titans preparing for the Ravens by using Deshaun Kizer as their scout team, Lamar Jackson, which is I mean, come on, I don't know if Vrabel has had a chance to look at Deshaun Kizer run. But Lamar Jackson, he is not. It would be. It would probably be. No one is more similar to have like fat Vince Young right now. Yeah.


Be the scout team. Lamar Jackson then Deshaun Kizer.


I'm trying to think, is there any Tyreek Hill maybe. But Tyreek Hill has a different style. Like Lamar's elusiveness, Tyreek Hill is probably fast.


It's RG three. That's why the Raven signed him so that nobody can use him as a scout team. Lamar Jackson. Yeah he's so elusive.


And I guess the real story of this game, it's, it's Lamar Jackson getting his first playoff win one and coming back from a ten point deficit monkey off your back.


Like feels good because if he had lost this game would've been like, what's going on here? To Mike Vrabel, friend of the program. We love him. He's a fantastic coach. The punt was baffling. The punt was absolutely baffling. You have Derrick Henry, it's fourth and two on the Ravens. Forty yard line in the fourth quarter and you punted the ball and then the Ravens then went and went six minutes and forty one, six minutes and forty one seconds in the other direction for field goal.


You basically surrendered the game. They're like you can't punt the ball to a Ravens team that is built to run clock.


You're down seven points, you're in plus territory, it's fourth down.


What you said is fourth and two fourth and so forth. And on the four on the Ravens. Forty fourth and two on the Ravens. Forty. So worst case scenario, they get the ball back on the forty yard line and you're still down as opposed to like kicking it. Where are they. Down the ball. Like the ten.


He's got a great no. Yeah. I don't think it was a great mike. Vrabel cut off his balls instead of his penis. You want to win a Super Bowl, you got to make sure you're going after the right thing.


He it was it was honestly the most cowardly punt that I've seen.


It was him and Mike Tomlin this weekend. Bad weekend for Mike's and their punt bad is punt weekend. That was. Yeah, no. Oh it was. I think it actually was down.


It was. Oh no it's fair. Catches the fifteen.


So it was a they got a twenty five yard punt. Insane.


Insane. You can't do that. You just can't do that. And then yeah. The Ravens go all the way back down the field. Justin Tucker. Like if you're the Ravens the offense wasn't great. Like they still don't have great wide receivers.


They made enough plays. Hollywood Brown played well, but he's fast again.


Hollywood Brown got slow for like three or four weeks. And now he's quick.


He's also and I listen, we're pussies like we're just pussies. We're podcasters. Hollywood Brown does like to go out of bounds.


Yeah, well, so does again. Yeah. Yeah, it can work. I guess that's a slight I would, I mean it wouldn't even be on the field.


Deshawn Jackson loves to go out of bounds to. Yeah. If you're that small. Yeah. You got sometimes get out about listen to sidelines your best friend get out of bounds.


So yeah we are pussies this big time push. Huge push, push, push. That's why I don't even play in the NFL.


Yeah. Yeah exactly. I'm afraid of getting in. Yeah. I always stay out of bounds and my next injury is death. Yeah. If I get injured significantly again it's over. Yeah. I mean have you seen. I know the not to move too fast.


You saw what happened to Doug Sagara or what's his name. Tom Scotchgard. Yeah. Right. His body explodes. Right. At a certain point your body will just eat itself. Yes. My next injury is death.


But Justin Tucker, this is he missed a kick. And when Justin Tucker misses a kick, he gets this meth face. He's like, God fucked up. He like, looks at this guy is a God. You really you really screwed the pooch on that one, buddy. I don't miss that kick butt. Justin Tucker kicks weren't they didn't have that pop that Justin Tucker pop that it was. Where was it went? I don't know. I don't know.


It was weird seeing it, but I guess that's probably good to have a miss that doesn't end up being a loss and it's in the first round. But either way, the Ravens are tough fucking team. It's going to be a great game against the bill. That feels like a game where, like, if any team, if either of those teams doesn't come with their a performance, they'll like, you know what I mean? There's no margin for error in that type of game because both teams are very, very good.


Something to keep your eye on. Tedy Bruschi brought this up in the simulcasts room that they had Lamar start handing the ball off with his right hand even when he was going to his when he was turning to the wrong side. Right. And Tedy Bruschi is like, something's wrong with his hand. Something's wrong. It's his not throwing him. Put in your tickler file, it says it's as well, I guess, since he runs with the ball a lot, it does make a difference if you have a broken hand on the left side as opposed to if you're just like a pocket passer.


Yes. Won't really matter that much.


Right. If he's running to the left side of the field and he can't and it's now on his outside. Keep an eye on that. Keep your eye on the left hand.


And the the the stomp on the logo is awesome. We know the bad blood. We need more bad blood. Like it's good that these two teams hate each other. It's good for football. I loved it. They all just instantly went and stomped on the logo. It's fucking awesome. And that's what's great about sports.


And the game was still very much going on. Yeah, three time outs. I'm like a minute and a half a minute. Fifty. So yeah, like that. Left in the fourth quarter. But here's here's a weird idea that if you don't want opponents to step on your logo, don't put it at midfield on a foot high tailed. Put it on your.


That's like you can't do that at Washington. You can't do it in railgun.


It's the field that's my favorite. Whatever. Whenever there's a new locker room and they don't step on the logo and they make a logo enormous. In the middle of the locker. Yeah. It's like, hey, we have this new 10000 square foot locker room, but you can't use nine thousand square feet of it.


Can you imagine, though, if a team did something like that, the Meadowlands, and just stomped on the NFL shield, how quickly would Roger Goodell have you killed?


Yeah, be disrespectful and shout out to Patrick Ricard, who's three hundred and eleven pounds.


He's bigger now. He gets bigger every time. He's now he's he's 320 pounds. He's six two six six. He's a dude. He's that guy. Listen. And it matters for them. Yeah.


He run the ball, they fucking pound you, they play punch you in the mouth football. And that's why the Ravens like last year, they were scoring all the points. It felt like they were passing a lot. Now it feels like the Ravens have found that identity, like we're going to punch you in the mouth and we're going to play really good defense.


Here's my take. I think Patrick Ricard is the best athlete on that Ravens offense. Probably right when you look at the size. I know Billy respects Dez Bryant. Yeah, Dez Bryant. Right. He's yeah. He fell down. He's, what, three hundred and 290. He's wide. He's a tight end. Patrick Guard is a dude. Dad, the Tennessee Titans lead the league in boys respect to the boys, but they didn't come all the way back to the boys.


Didn't have enough dudes.


And Will Compton's I think he's running like a starter jacket. You look fucking awesome going into the game. Shout out. Well, all right.


Last game and then we're going to get to Hurby Saints Bears. Wait, before we do that, do you have another.


Yeah, I do. Let's do it. Let's do it real quick.


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All right, Bear ST's. Fuck the bears, man.


They suck, but they you won the MVP.


They play a soul sucking version of football. It's that I respect you for being able to. You've watched forty four hours a week. Four times sixteen. Which four times sixteen. Sixty four. Sixty four. If you watched sixty four hours that's that's like three days of the year football this year.


It's, it, it actually is exhausting.


Like at halftime I went and sat in my corner at my desk and just sat like I didn't even look, I didn't look at my phone and do I just sat because I was like I need a break from watching this fucking team try to play football.


I don't even want to like everyone saw it, they suck. There was only one shitty performance, truly shitty performance this weekend, one shitty game. It was the Bears like, how many times do I have to watch them get absolutely pantsuit on national television and looking like absolute clowns and jumping offsides and fucking Anthony Miller, get the fuck off of my team punching people after everyone knew that was coming from KD Deuce or whatever the fuck his name is, the best shit talker in the world.


Deuce is the best pest, he's he's an MVP, most valuable pest, he got two bears kicked out of games for throwing punches this year. He got Michael Thomas relegated to the sidelines for this. He is a great talker. He is. He's like Metta World Peace. He's he's Metta World War. How about Javon Wims? Like, Javon Wims was the first CD Juice, you know, person he got punchy, just gets kicked out of the game, gets fined for suspended for two games.


The Bears bring him back like Matt Nagy. You talk about culture. You talk about building a winning culture and all this fucking mumbo jumbo. And you get so emotional all the time. You brought back a guy who did that, who's not even a very good player. And then he comes, he drops a sure thing, absolute dime like you are the Chicago Bears. Your offense sucks. You get very few chances to have a trick play.


Not only work, but Mr Brisky throw an absolute fucking time from fifty yards and it goes through the receiver's hands who you should have caught in October because he cost you then. And then the same thing happens to another guy this week because guess what? You didn't cut the first guy and now Anthony Miller is like, hey, what's the worst habit? I'm going to get cut, cut him today. Like, I don't see this over. But either way, the bears are just soul sucking.


Like, I also love the fact that they went deep, they tried that play and then they, like, kind of never went deep again. Like that was their shot.


The game does change, though. If they catch that, that's a tough one to hold that penalty, which was terrible. I just got some bad call. Thank you, Alex. You fucking piece of shit. I fucking hate you. You're the worst. That's the ref crew that I always hate. Jake, I'm actually mad at you, by the way.


I told you. Yeah. Jake, Jake tweeting at me is not telling me.


Next time Alex Kemp has a fucking crew and he's in he's in a game. It's one person. Yeah. Jake, here's what we're going to do, though. Has to be on the podcast.


No, you have to put a piece of paper in front of me stating what game Alex Kemp is reffing and I have to sign it and date it. OK, I see.


That's the only way this is going to get notarized. All right. You have to treat it. You have to treat it, know there's going to be Moniteau.


So he needs to have like a Post-it note. Yes.


You have to write it down or post every morning and you have to have a picture of me holding it up, being like I when I when the first quarter started in there. And now we go to the crew. Alex, fuck, fuck.


I just can't get rid of them. But I knew the first time I saw. I told you. Yeah. One former and.


All right. So the bears suspect. I hate them. I hate Matt Nagy. You've got to have a poster that says this is Alex Kemp. He is against you. Do not trust his lies.


Right? Right. Exactly. So I hate him. I hate Matt Nagy. Mitch needs to be set free like Mitch.


We've been through it a million times. You talk about the MVP, MVP. Let's get to that in a second. But, Mitch, we've been through it. It's not going to work. I don't know. I hope he has a great career. He's a nice guy. It makes no sense that you have a quarterback. I remember we had this conversation a month ago where it's like, hey, we're going to keep Matt Nagy. Do you think I keep Mitch?


This is exactly why they can't both coexist, because Matt Nagy doesn't trust Mr. Besuki. So he puts handcuffs on the guy and then like, hey, go out and try to win a playoff game with handcuffs on. We'll do a trick play and then we'll never throw deep again. The whole thing's a joke. The defense tried their hardest. I you know, they're offsides, are bad, coached just a fucking dumpster fire of an organization. This is the opposite of Washington football team.


They're losing this playoff game. And I feel even worse. I feel worse because there feels like there's no end in sight.


It's just going to be the same product over and over, because that's what's always been it's always been this product.


It's always been this exact iteration of the bears where they just suck the life out of you when they have the ball on the offensive. Somehow the entire NFL has changed everything they do to play offensive football except the Chicago Bears. They're the only franchise that hasn't figured out that you could score points in twenty twenty. It's like illegal to them. Cody Pakhi scored more points in the Bears today. He did. He did. He scored more points. The Bears today, like they scored nine points, but they really scored three points because the touchdown at the end was kind of just whatever.


And Jimmy Graham makes a great catch and it's just maddening. It's terrible. It's gross. I hate it. And I can't wait for next season because I'll probably sell myself into them. Winning the NFC North.


I forgot about that touchdown at the end until you just remind me right now. Fuck Matt Nagy. It was he allowed to next.


So even if he wanted to know the change or if he couldn't say no, now goddamn change the rules. So if I wish they had never scored a touchdown, an extra point doesn't change.


They might actually have to change this rule when gambling becomes legalized everywhere. But if an extra point doesn't change the outcome of a game, it does change outcome.


I would have won my no, I know. I think they might have to change the rule. But that's why. That's why that's shukman. That's the end of that game. Sucked just because they got me so close and. I was like I was rooting for Mitch on that last drive, just out of the possibility that maybe we could see an MVP type performance out of him and get a touchdown that would cover the spread. And at least your defense is good.


Your defense is still good. High. Yeah, your defense is fine. Yeah. So they don't tackle first downs. All Day Saints weren't great.


No, the Saints are who we thought they are like as crazy as it is.


And every everything I just said about the bears, this was a completely winnable game going into the second half like the Bears were.


They were in a game where they could have won. And if they had any type of just base level competency, they don't. So they couldn't. But like the Saints, it's I mean, Drew Brees, the you can't stretch the field with him. Their defense is good, but then sometimes it's not good. I don't know. We'll see next week. Going to be very interesting against the Bucs. Yeah.


I'm just glad that this was the Nickelodeon game, like the fact that the Bears were such a miserable team to watch offensively. All their games should be on the Nickelodeon show because it makes it so much more visually entertaining to watch the Bears when you get some neon colors mixed in there. Like I, I love the slime. It felt like I was watching football on acid when they had the first down marker and it was like glowing green with slime. The first down line that they had go across the field.


It was thicker, it was like twice as thick. It was is it was visually I felt I felt amazing watching it, even though it was a soul sucking brand of football. And I understand from your perspective that, like, you don't want your clown show of a football team to be featured on the clown network. It was for me, it was like, yeah, this makes this football game fun.


The first half, it was torture because I had Billy who legitimately was like, oh, we've got to slime people like Billy. He's ten years old, a sitting next to a ten year old watching this game.


Billy, you can talk why when we watch the game on Nickelodeon, because it was a playoff game.


I know Nickelodeon was better.


It was an objective. Isn't here the heart? It's hard to it's hard to not feel like a complete joke when your team joke and then you're on a joke fucking now with all my cool stuff. OK, well, you saw it. That was the thing. I couldn't hear it to six televisions. We had the Nickelodeon channel on the entire time. We had the sound on the CBS.


As soon as I don't know why my alarms go off as soon as the game was out of reach, because pretty much when the when the Saints scored fourteen points, that was out of that was officially out of reach. We just switched to trying to get Mr. Brisky his MVP award and that became fun because Collodion Valuable Player got the MVP. He won it, running away the most prestigious NFL Award, only one winner.


He's he's the first he's the youngest MVP winner. Russell Wilson's never won it. You know who else hasn't won it to get Patrick Mahomes?


I would like I mean, Deshaun Watson. I know that this is recency bias, but tired Super Bowl Lombardi trophies, wired MVP, MVP.


I'm so glad that it worked out that way. I think we're going to try to get Jameis Winston, the MVP, but you can't vote for him because he wasn't playing. But Mitch was right there at the top. Mitch ended up going home with forty nine percent like it was a landslide. Allen, who's was a fucking dominant victory by Mitch, and they tried to steal our MVP, too. They tried to give it to Drew Brees on the show.


Right. They saw the numbers and all of a sudden the numbers stopped. And then next thing you knew, they were going to be hundreds of thousands of votes that just appeared in the middle of the day that went for Drew Brees. It's his birthday. He's old. He sucks now. He loves kids. He's got kids that watch Nickelodeon. They're trying to they're trying to steal. We stop the steal. They're trying to give it to Drew.


Yep. Mitch Robiskie. I don't know if he has. Do you think he has any, like, bonuses, his contract? He's done very well, especially on pro football.


Reference two twenty twenty one NVP. Yeah, we were selling a shirt. It was it was the perfect encapsulation of pretty much life where pain, suffering, watching the bears and just miserable time. What do you do with it. You don't talk it through, you don't try to change, you just bury it with humor. Yeah. You make the whole goddamn thing a joke.


But you know what? You got the blimp, though, was great. I had a great time. It was the best fourth quarter of a losing playoff game I've ever had.


Do you think that they went into the locker room and gave him the trophy? I hope so. I don't think they don't want the trophy. I want it. I think they just, like, announced it on the game. And then just they're like, you know what?


We can't have people who don't have Twitter. They literally. So Nickelodeon had vote for our MVP, Nickelodeon Valuable Player, and we just started tweeting it. We got Mitsch for MVP trending on Twitter. He won the vote with fifty percent. It's a fake award. What's the guy's name? Bumpkin.


Let's give it to him.


Lex Lumpkin had to give it to Alex Blumberg and gave it to and the whole thing was a farce. But we spent the entire fourth quarter trying to rig an election. It was fun. We ended up playing ourselves, why? Because, oh, Billy's magic is no, no, no, Billy's bad because we violated the sanctity of the Nickelodeon. No, this is what happened.


Basically, their plan to real live slime someone during the broadcast was to slime the NVP winner. Yeah. And since it was on the losing team, no one wanted to come out to receive the trophy.


They should. So no one got slimed. They should have known you are so mad. And it was like no one primary season will get slices where when I said watch next to a 10 year old, this is what I'm told.


But I was like, you were intimately upset that we didn't get slime. You like, where was the slime? No, I get it. It would have been very funny, though, if they had slime. Mitch, after that came and Sean Penn did get slimed, not live on.


So you feel good to see who's a fake slimy.


Yeah, it was OK. The only thing there were two things I didn't like about the broadcast. One was the SpongeBob net.


I didn't like the SpongeBob cartoons and I was just envisioned it was too much a huge kick with the spoon. Yeah, it would have been so. And have the SpongeBob net laugh at you. What would that sound like, Billy Boy?


Well, yeah, I didn't like that. It reminded me of the Popsicle just made me want to eat a SpongeBob Popson. True. And then the other part was young Shelden, this fucking young kid, they kept popping up and mansplaining nerds planning to me, he's he's like Darren Rovell. That's exactly what Darren Ravell looked like when he was a kid. Except I don't know I don't know what this young showman's kid's deal is. But he's fucking obsessed with buttons.


Yeah. He's got more buttons on his shirt than anybody in the history of mankind. He's always popping up saying the most annoying shit. Well, I'm trying to sit here and engineer a rigged election for an MVP. That was the moment that I wanted to actually like I wanted to just end it all.


I want to end the whole I want to light the whole room on fire and have us all die. When we were I was watching the Bears in the playoffs. Get a pick, have the pick. We overturned and Naproxen was like, see the tip of the ball? It's like a dog's nose coming out of there. And I was like, what the fuck is going on? Kill me now.


So that ball hit the ground. Kind of like if you'd imagine a dog's nose sniffing a carpet. Yeah. And it was and I was like, I want to to what I said, I would have pulled the pin and handed it to Frank the tank and we all would have blown.


I did see some people come back to me on Twitter and it was very, very funny to see adults that were like replying to tweets, getting mad at the Nickelodeon broadcast. They're like, this is the worst broadcast in sports history. It's like, dude, you're willingly watching your children dropping it and you're getting mad about it. You can. There's another channel if you want to hear the most adult people on the planet. Jim Nantz and Tony Romo talk about a football in very serious tones and drab colors.


You're more than welcome to hit that last button and remote control. As for me, I wanna see some fucking neon slime on the field.


Any other charges that a great job. What a great job. Any other any other game I would have been in. It's just very hard to stomach the Nickelodeon channel when your team's getting pants on live television for the tenth time this year.


I understand that. But on behalf of the rest of America, thank you for making the best broadcast entertainment holiday. All right.


Let's get you Herbie Kirk, Herb Street College Football Playoffs Championship tonight. Ohio State, Alabama going to be great and a huge announcement. So Curb, Curb Street, Coors Light guy. We are now officially Coors Light.


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Coors Brewing Company, Golden, Colorado. Also a special shout out to Coors Light.


Because when we were getting the deal set up in late December and everything was working out, I was it was I don't know what day it was.


Maybe like a Thursday night. It was probably ten thirty. I see Billy walking out and he's got three cases of Coors Light under his arm. I was like, Billy, what are you doing?


He's like, well, like when you call right now for content, you're like, All right, Billy, it was the greatest.


Like he thought he was the smartest person in the world. It was such a fucking funny moment.


God damn it. He did pull a very, very smart move, like shockingly smart for Billy to the point that it scared me when we were getting the lottery machine set back up. And here Billy had to bring a bunch of cases of Coors Light into the room, which meant going out to the kitchen and probably making six or seven trips to come back with all the beer. And I saw him filming two of the guys at work here, bringing the beer in for him and putting it down because Billy told them, I need to get some behind the scenes footage of us setting up pong machine.


He was like pretending to film them on camera just so that they would do his work for us.


That's Billy Chillen because Coors Lights made to chill chili foot.


That's the way to go, Billy. I friggin love cause. Yeah, dude, I do too. I love. Of course I love the Blue Mountains Buffalo. We love the taste better with Coors Light. It's the best performance, the coldest beer in the world. All right.


The best beer is a cold beer. Yeah, it's always Coors Light here. We got these best beers, a cold beer and the coldest beer is Coors Light. Perfect. All right. Let's get to our friend Kirk Herb Street. And we talk about college football, championship game mood.


OK, we now welcome on a very special guest. Long overdue. It is the legend, Kirk Herb Street.


You've seen him every Saturday morning, every Saturday night in the fall for God knows, two decades. Plus, he is part of the fabric of America. This is a good intro. I'm just going to keep going with it. Part of the fabric of America.


He will be calling the national title game on Monday night, Alabama versus Ohio State. And on top of all of that, you just actually heard us announce that we are now officially sponsored by Coors Light.


So. So and Kirk, I know that you love a Coors Light, so pretty much you're the perfect guest. Great to have you on. Great to have you here. Let's talk some ball.


Well, I just want to welcome you guys. First of all, it's great to be with you guys. I've been following you guys for a long time, and I appreciate you having me on to join you. I know that talking with my guy, Sean Farrell at Coors Light, this is a huge deal for Coors Light to have you guys now part of the team. And I've been with Coors Light for a number of years. Unbelievable. Not just a great beer, bud, but a great organization and a great group to be partnered up with.


So congrats on that. And I'm glad we're now teammates.


We're very excited because a little known fact. My favorite thing in the entire world is when the mountains do turn blue, there's nothing better in the entire world than when you get in. Actually, like I think it's something psychological about seeing gold as well as feeling the cold that makes it the best beer in the world. So that's a.


Oh, yeah. Agree with you. All right. Let's talk a little ball. Let's talk a little I actually want to talk a little game day two. I think Pat does as well. Let's start with let's start with game day. Let's start with game day. You've been doing the show forever.


It's it's an unbelievable show. It's I think I think it actually might be the show that the most like the highest approval of any show out there.


Everyone loves game day. No one doesn't like game day. What is your favorite college campus to go to? And what's like the craziest like one off like maybe one that you've been to, that you haven't been back to the light to go back to, you know, twenty five years for me.


I don't know where you guys were twenty five years ago, probably elementary school. But I was I've been doing this for a long time. We first started doing this. There'd be a you know, like. Like what? Probably you've seen your show grow there. Maybe a couple of hundred people around our set. Of course, I didn't even put on a mascot ad. He would just find somebody around the set had a crazy hat. He'd tell somebody to go grab it.


And then things changed into Michael Bechara. Frank Beamer was the first coach to kind of get what game day was, and he was the first coach to recognize it and really embrace it and. The Hokie Nation, when game day comes to Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, we're going to bring as many fans as we can and we had like 20 thousand fans show up one time to a college game day. And that was like late nineties, maybe around two thousand.


That just changed everything from that point on because he was the first coach to recognize what it could do. It's basically an infomercial. If you include sports center and everything we do on Friday and Saturday, it's like a forty eight hour infomercial for the school. So he got it. It changed everything where I love to go. I mean, I'm from the Big Ten. I grew up in Ohio. Obviously, if you eliminate Columbus, where's home.


I love going to places like Wisconsin. I love going to Penn State and the Big Ten because they're radical. They love college football. They're they're passionate. I just love going to places. They're passionate about the sport, the SEC. I mean, it's pretty much interchangeable. You go to anywhere down there, Tuscaloosa, Athens, Baton Rouge, they're all connected. Eugene, Oregon, would shock you guys. I mean, maybe now they have more of a reputation.


When I first went out to Eugene, Oregon, I couldn't believe it was dark out six in the morning and there'd be ten or fifteen thousand people as far as you could see. So those are the obvious places and some of the fun ones. You guys are like Jamu. Yeah, Fargo, North Dakota, you know, places like that, that when they told me we were going there initially, I was like, what? What are we doing?


And then you go there in the entire town, shows up more in downtown Fargo. I mean, so those are the ones that typically stand out when we go to places like that. Yeah.


Harrisonburg is the Paris, France of Western Virginia. That's what they often say. Yes. It's a great place to visit. Yeah. Is there something in the contract with College Gameday where you have to have Kenny Chesney on a certain amount of times per year?


Is it like right now? Yeah, it's like we don't have a guest picture. It might as well call Kenny up. He's got nothing to do.


Kenny, Eric Church, Luke Bryan. You're right. He's been on a ton. No, no. I just think, you know, we try I don't even know who comes up with with the ideas. I know we have we have an entire department. They try to get creative and trying to come up with with different people. It's challenging, man. I mean, we're even offered him a free plane ride to come fly over. And this is back in the days when we were in the show is traveling now.


We used to assume people when Bill Murray has been on a bunch, Will Ferrell has been on a bunch. And yeah, it seems that we definitely have our fair share of country music stars. Sure.


These are one campus that you've been on where you've either you or somebody else on College Gameday has had either a bad take or an aggressive take about that school. And you get there and you're actually like a little bit fearful because the fans are like screaming at you a little bit louder than normal, like they might start throwing stuff at you. Have you ever had to put up the, like, the chicken wire that they use in Blues Brothers?


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. We have chicken wire. It's like it's like an invisible net that we have around the entire thing because people used to throw things mainly at Corso. But but I would get friendly fire as well. The only time I've experienced that is Michigan fans early in my career. I'm pretty much the way I'm talking to you guys right now. It's kind of how I talk on the air. And Michigan fans, I've always I've treated Michigan like any other team, but just being an Ohio State guy, it was like back in, let's say, ninety seven.


We were up in Ann Arbor, Ohio State was undefeated. Michigan was undefeated this year. Michigan went on to win the national title with Woodson. And they threw they threw like snow ice balls, hit me in the chest, hit me in the back of the head. That was before we had the the net up. I think that was what led to that. And somebody threw a full beer can one time and drilled right between Corso and his head and blew up.


It came was worse. It blew up on the on the set when it landed. And I think after that our boss said, like you said, there's some strong opinions, people in college football, I think more so than the NFL. Yeah. Yeah. They take that, you know what I mean? They take it really personally. And so, yeah, you feel that from time to time when we go out on the road again, we have been on the road over a year now.


That's what makes college football.


College football, though, you know, I love to like debate with people when we get to playoff time on Twitter and people will sometimes be like, oh, man, like, why are you spending your time? Like, you know, an entire afternoon on a Wednesday debating with random people? Like, that's what I like. I like doing it because everyone is super passionate. They're debates, unfortunately, that we can't always decide on the field. But that's what makes college football, college football totally agree.


It's subjective, right? I mean, even the playoff we have a committee. No one really understands what's going on behind the curtain. You know, anything that you guys say on your show about college football, anything we say on our show, anybody who has an opinion at all because it's subjective. At the end of the day, it's it gets people really fired up because you're. Right, like whether it's your NFL teams, if they finished nine and seven or whatever they finished, there's a tiebreaker.


Whether you go to the first, second, third, fourth, all the way down to the fifth tiebreaker, there's some way of establishing who's going to move on in college football. There's not like Texas A&M fans right now hate me. They hate anybody. They hate me, too. I thought they hate me, too. They hate, you know, anybody who thought A&M shouldn't be in the top four, you know, you're dead to them.


And so next time we go down there, you know, you'll feel that wrath. So you're right. That's what make because I don't know. I don't feel that the NFL is as passionate as we all are in this country about football, in the NFL, NBA, MLB. I mean, it's I guess it's the closest thing to European soccer, college football, just because of the way fans, they get sideways with you in a hurry if you disagree with their team or their player.


It also, I think, goes to the history of the game in the history of programs. And that's where you get like the crazy, crazy college football is when the expectations don't meet, you know, reality. Whereas NFL, it's kind of you know, you can you can you can be good for a few years. You can be bad for a few years. Not like, well, this we need to restore ourselves to this this tradition. Like, where is college football?


You have fan bases, Michigan, Nebraska, you know, Texas, USC, who are saying, like, we need to get back to what we were. It's like, well, maybe I don't know if that's true.


Like, I know if you can. You're totally right. And, you know, I really don't know how you guys feel about this. I know you guys follow football and you're into it. How do you feel right now about college football, the way it's trending? You know, like the post season, I think is a frustration for a lot of fans because you got Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State every year and then it's like, who's the fourth team going to be?


I don't know how healthy that is for the sport. I don't know if there's ever been more of an emphasis on the hot the high school player that's going to college on just where am I going to go for three years and bounce to the NFL? It's just all about the NFL. And I just feel that these high school going into college, these kids are missing out on an opportunity to really make a difference in the college game, because if you have a great college career that can set you up, even if you don't become a brilliant NFL player, make millions of dollars, you can still have a great life.


And I think these these kids right now, they've never been more focused on the NFL. And it's like they don't even really plant their roots at their college stop. I don't know. I think it's a little bit of a slippery slope right now for the game of college football.


There's definitely a problem, I think, at least from our perspective, with like a pipeline. So if you're an elite kid, that's coming up. By the time you're in eighth grade and you're one of the best athletes, there's a pipeline that's already in place. If OK, here's the summer camps you need to go to here. The guys need to be working with and we're going to feed you to like one of four schools. And then those four schools are going to continue to be great.


And, you know, it'll be great football on the field, but you will lose a little bit of that national aspect of the sport. So in my opinion, I feel like they do need to expand the playoffs, even though there's nothing I love more than having a Yusif claim, a national championship because they didn't get into the playoffs. That's why I was rooting for like Cincinnati this year. It's like the more the more teams I can just, like, claim that they won a national title, I think the better for the sport and for the conversation around it.


But they need to expand it at least to like eight teams minimum within the next couple of years.


I think I also think they need to do to specifically what you're saying, Kirk. Like, I think the thing I hate the most about college sports is when guys go pro and they go into the draft and they're told that they're going to be some, you know, first round draft pick, lottery draft pick, they end up being a day to second round or no, not drafted. And then they're kind of stuck because someone got in their ear and told them that they were going to be making millions of dollars next year.


So I think the easiest fix right away and we don't want to get into paying the players. There should be a rule that, you know, two weeks after the draft, you can go back to college, you can say, I'm going back to college. I'm you know, this didn't work out the way I thought it was going to be. I went in the seventh round. I thought I was going be a third rounder. I hired an agent.


I made a mistake. Let me go back and play some more college ball.


I really do think they should give that ball again up that I love, that I think that I think college basketball. You guys have to tell me if that's still a case. I mean, if they don't contact an agent and they go into the NBA draft and it doesn't work out, can you still come back? I used to be that way. Yeah.


There's a new rule that you can basically test the waters and do tryouts and stuff. And then so they made a little bit. But it's the same thing in college basketball where they need to make it so that a guy you see it every single year, this guy thinks he's a lottery pick and he ends up being a second rounder. And then, you know, everything kind of changes from there where he was totally someone got in his ear for selfish reasons.


And they're just you know, I know they're not kids because they're 21 years old, but like when I was twenty one, I was a fucking idiot. So, you know, I can't say they were they're just kids.


Well, I think you're you're you're definitely onto it. I believe that the power five, there's a good chance if you listen to a lot of the talk, the Knights Commission, there's a chance. They break off and away from the NCAA, create their own governing body, and I think if they do that, what you're suggesting might be one of the things that they might consider or have to look at because we're at a spot right now. These kids, they listen to their agents or their parents listen to these agents.


They're told their first or second rounder either goes second day or they end up not getting drafted. I think it was like 40 percent of the kids had declared early last year, ended up not even being drafted. And you love to have an opportunity to be able to put them back on a roster. I just think it's unfortunate that they're these kids. And I'm not trying to act like listen to me. I'm trying not to I'm just trying to help you.


It's like you're going 80 miles an hour towards a bridge that's out and I'm just trying to help you help yourself. And the thing is, if you go to play college football and you have a great career and you're you're kind of a humble dude, it's gracious. The people around you, Wisconsin, for example, when you're done, you're going to be taken care of in so many ways. People are going to want to help you in business.


They're going to want to help you find a successful path in your life. And I just think all these kids now, they all think they're going to become Patrick Mahomes. They don't hope they know they're going to become a guy that's making hundreds of millions of dollars. And I feel like we need to help them understand. That's cool, man. Shoot for those goals. That's great. But when it doesn't happen, you need to have something to fall back on.


And that's where I think the college experience is so important for these guys. I agree.


And I think that actually something that could help with that is if we went ahead and kind of advanced some of these like name and likeness type rules, we're all kids at school. You're encouraged to be part of the community because there are all sorts of sponsorships out there, like if you're a backup or like a rotational guy down in Starkville or something and you're not going to make the NFL, you're not going to make millions of dollars, you're still bringing in a lot of money for the school.


If you want to ingratiate yourself to that community, start doing like local ads for a car dealership or whatever it might be, and they'll pay you some money while you're on campus, that's going to give you a further tie in to the area even after you graduate. And you're also able to make a little bit more money while you're there. So I feel like that's a win win situation for everybody involved.


Yeah, I think name, image and likeness is going to be an interesting, interesting aspect of college sports and how they handle it, because I agree it would be great. I think maybe just up the scholarship and the cost of attendance, you know, name, image and likeness. Let's say, you know, you're you're a five star recruit and Alabama's recruiting and Ohio State's recruiting and USC is recruiting you. How often would name, image and likeness come up like they're saying they're going to get you, you know, five hundred thousand in name image like this, we can ensure you a million dollars in name.


I don't know if that would come into play, but the thought of that, it almost becomes like the wild, wild West. So I don't know, maybe there is an assurance of that. We somehow get these guys a little bit more money. I have two kids in Clemson right now or preferred walk ons, and I can assure you that these college kids are not going around without money. They have plenty of money. I think sometimes there's a perception that they're being exploited or that they don't have money.


Now, a guy like Trevor Lawrence, you know, he's one of the few guys or just in field some of these guys that that have really been out in the forefront and not really the faces of the sport. That's really different. What I think you're talking about is those guys could score. I mean, those guys could definitely take advantage, whether it's Jersey sales or just going down there, like you say, a local mall and signing autographs.


There's no doubt about that. Or even based on how many followers you have on social media. Yeah, this ends and, you know, so there's opportunities out there. But I would hate for the boosters to get involved and become the wild, wild West because I think that would be dangerous for the sport as opposed to what it is right now.


But the even worse. Yeah. Let me get some breaking news, though, from you. If the name, image and likeness, they figure this all out and we actually do get the greatest video game ever created back NCAA college football, will you will you do it?


Will you call it? Will you will you be the voice of it like you were when it was still around in 2014?


Man, my kids play it. Fourteen game. They download the rosters. My youngest son in eighth grade, you know, he's into it. One of the greatest honors I ever had because I grew up a gamer myself. I started with Bill Walsh College Football and then it became NCAA and George Galloway. And I used to it's embarrassing how many hours we used to play. And I hated Joey because he would me and the other guys got a big D and another guy named Snoop, we would all play and it was embarrassing.


Joey would bring out like Ball State and beat us and and he would not use Florida like one of his good teams. And more like he's just so cocky on how he would play and but we would play our we went between that NBA live and live like all of them. But the college football game, it's so much better for me than the Madden game because. The option part of it and and Kubi run, so it would be that, like I said, one of my great honors when they asked me to go from playing the game to being on the game, I would love to do that and hope to get an opportunity once that game comes back.


OK, I'm done. Want to talk about the national championship, obviously for a second while you're here, are you going to be able to be impartial? Are you going to be are you going to play straight? Can we trust you as now?


Yeah, because I've been doing this for one hundred years. I mean, it's the only time, you know, that I said this to somebody the other day. Twenty six I did. Ohio State, Michigan. Ohio State was number one in the country. Michigan was number two. Bo had died the day before my cars.


Yeah. Like, are that a big game?


That game Ohio State ended up holding on with Troy Smith and Ted. Again, I call that game with Brent and I'd like to go back and think I was impartial. That was the only time, you know, if you ever thought, how are you going to be? Because the first time I called Ohio State and Michigan, but I've done so many big Ohio State games, I get used more being mean to Ohio State or too tough on Ohio State.


I just honestly do what I like right now. Here's my board right here. Like when I get done with you guys before I was with you, all I do is prep. And so when I call the game, I've done so much legwork. All I see are just Jersey numbers and exos. And I just I just break the game down. And if people like it, they think I'm biased and they think I'm biased because there always will be those people.


If they think I hate Ohio State, then there's going to be people that think I hate Ohio State. But the reality is between the three of us, I just break the game down and call it cold. But I see no, I actually do.


I agree with you from someone who watches a lot of college football. I know that you're impartial. The only time you're partial or biased that pisses me off is sometimes you get a little too on the side of the refs and that makes me mad.


So maybe just going out every now and then.


Like, if you were a fan of this team, I could see how you'd be pissed. Right now I get on the refs.


No, you get you know, you defend the refs. I remember. I mean, this is all really just the Rose Bowl, Wisconsin, Oregon. Last year I, I went back through my tweets and I was motherfucking you because I don't know what you were talking about, but I was mad that you were like defending the rest of whatever happ that sounds like that sounds like a bet on a game.


Yeah. Duh. One day I come hang and your guys. Yeah. You guys are so much fun man. Yeah. That looks like you got a ball. Yeah. One time out of the come. Obviously I can't do it for college football but maybe on an NFL Sunday maybe I can come in there. I just want to watch all, all this shit talking and everything that's going on in the room.


Dunn will have it be done, but I have to actually ask you for a favor back if you do come. Maybe my favorite person in all of media has to come as well. And that is Chris Fleak of the Bear, who I consider a friend. But he is so he basically is with you all the time. Right. Do you is he just a walking, talking stat machine? Do you just like look at bear and you're like, hey, bear, what do you think about this?


And he just spits out like a computer all this data for you that fills your head with information that I know he used to be that guy.


Then he became an on air guy and now he he keeps the stats to himself. And thankfully, I grew up in.


Oh, is that a selfish move by him? Are you like, hey, now that you're a Hollywood, you know, bears on on air. So now he's keeping all the good stats.


Bear and bears. Never been a stat guy with me. He's been more of just an extra set of eyes bears very analytical man. He knows the game any and that's what I value. I've always valued about him. When I when I went into the booth to call games, the first thing I requested is can bear come with me to the truck and be in my ear not because of stats, but because he just knows the game. And so he'll give me a thought during a game of something because you can only talk about so much when you're doing a game and the bear will see something that's very it's not so much against stat oriented.


He's so much next level than just looking up stats. And I'm not a stat guy when I when I do my analysis. So I just I really value the dude's knowledge of the game and his ability to kind of see the big picture. He's legendary, but he can give you all the stats you want. He can do, especially the betting trends. Yeah, he's rain man when it comes to stuff like that. And so, yeah, if I come into the room there to watch games, Bear would definitely come with me with with all his bedding intel to be able to help you guys out.


We love that. He's just such a funny dude and he's no like you said, he knows the game. I've also heard through other mutual friends that he can fall asleep anywhere any time, like right in your face.


He'll just fall asleep, like usually sitting there asleep in your face.


A I should send you some pictures. It's always betting forms, the horse betting forms, and it's just on his. It just puts his head back and there's nothing better than seeing the bear with his horse or betting forms on his stomach with his head back snoring. It's a price to see on a Saturday, by the way, when we're supposed to be back, like you guys, we have a room in the back of our bus. It's got like five TVs and we're watching college football.


On the bottom left screen is freaking horse racing Saratoga wherever betting. And there's my man in the front left with his with his betting for some point during the day for a couple hours.


I love it. So he's got to come he's got to come to the gambling game because he is a true gamblers gambler.


We've got 60 days, so we'll put horse racing on one or two on. Yeah. Whatever it takes to get him there.


But where do you guys do that? Is that New York? Yeah, well we go we, we were going to Philly a bunch because we have the sportsbook app and then the covid regulation. So we've been doing it more in New York. But we're going to be traveling all around. We're going to be opening up the sports book in Illinois and Michigan, hopefully Ohio at some point, Tennessee. So we'll figure out a way to get this the gang together.


Hey, by the way, congratulations on that fund you guys have done and created. I, I put some money in initially when it first got started up over like twenty million.


Twenty million. It's crazy. And I, I think that it's I know you guys like to have a lot of fun and bust balls and all that, but I think it's incredible to show that giving spirit and helped so many different people out. And I know I talked with Coors Light and they want to give one hundred thousand dollars to that fund as well.


That's amazing tribute. All right. Well, Shannon, you guys got you got. Yeah, yeah. You guys are making a big difference. So I don't know. A lot of people are appreciative of what you're doing. Yeah. I mean, people need help right now.


So that's why we need to deal with cause like, you're the best there are the absolute best saving river companies would never do something like that. I need to thank you, Kirk, because you are the last bastion of integrity in modern media with you not ever picking the Saturday night game. Where do you go either way to be like and Kirk will not pick this game because he's calling it. That makes me feel good as an American every week. I'm like this guy that this guy has integrity.


He'll never pick the game. But I do have like a small piece of advice because I know you do make picks on that game. You just don't tell people you should go. And only thing, yeah, you should sell that last pick on only fans and everybody would buy it because that's the one thing that I've wanted, like my entire life watching college game is like I need to know thinking for that late game. You've created such a demand by never saying it's cool.


You could sell that picture for a lot of money every week or the.


Here's the thing, man. The reason, honestly, I don't make the pick is this morning, for example, I was on the phone with Alabama's defensive coordinator, Pete Golding, and he talks to me. And all these guys are very fortunate. They talk to me in a very different way than they talk when they're doing a press conference. And then later today, I'm going to talk to Sark and then I'm going to go talk to Nick Saban.


And these guys all get serious coach and tell Coach Saban, coach, same coach, same. Yes. And then I'll talk to Ryan Day and then I'll tell you so. So by the time I do the game. I've got so much knowledge that I don't I don't want to make it look like it with that knowledge, now I'm picking this team, so I don't know, it's no big deal. But I like your idea. I may I may.


I may have to use that. Well, maybe.


And with all the knowledge, I would assume still even knowing everything that's going to you know, what this team wants to do, what this team wants to do, you probably know half the time it goes differently than what you expected. Right?


So, so true. So true. And I guess that's why I don't how you guys feel about the NFL. I guess it's even harder to predict, but college football, like Ohio State, Clemson, no matter how much intel you guys had or I had on that game, The Equalizer, and I think it's more in college than pro is when you get a team pissed off, you get an entire team, not two guys, but an entire team that spends seven months to a global pandemic and feels that they got job the last time they took the field against that team.


That's just such an equalizer. You throw out all the exos, just throw it out. It had everything to do with just a chip on their shoulder and attitude. And you never know when you're preparing to do a game. Is that going to play out? Are they truly that pissed off at the end of the game for Ohio State? They were. Now, we don't know. They're going to it's like they're manufacturing ways to get mad at Alabama.


Maybe Coach Saban's daughter got a man who knows they've got another way to get mad, you know what I mean? You try to get ready for it.


So you brought up Saric, which is interesting because I remember a couple of years ago when Alabama was in the national championship game and Lane Kiffin had taken a job and Nick Saban said, you're not going to stick around for this game. See you go focus on what you're going to do with Saric. It's a similar situation because obviously he's going to Texas. What, what's the difference there and what has Sark done differently where Nick Saban is like, yeah, ok, I trust you, you're still on this team, you're still going to be involved leading up to the championship game.


Actually he's had a bunch of coordinators that have left to take other head jobs. Jim McOwen did that a long time ago with the Colorado State, Jeremy Pruitt, Kirby Smart, and they've all finished the deal. The only guy that didn't was Lane. And if you go back, think about it, they played Washington. They didn't look really good. They didn't look like they were locked in. He was saying some things publicly about the job at FSU.


And so it was not a mutual understanding from my from what I viewed it. I think Nick Saban just kind of said, hey, look, why don't you go ahead and go, go start your job and we'll try to win this championship. And and I think it had everything to do with focus and targets. No issue at all. And this dude is a locked in and he's got one of the great jobs in the country waiting on him.


But I'm telling you, until they shower that night, January 11th, and he wakes up January 12th, he's right now Alabama's offensive coordinator. And I think coach feels that there's no division within his thoughts. He's not already putting his staff together, thinking about what he's going to do. It's one hundred percent focus on game planning for Ohio State. And so I think coach respects that, wants him to be able to finish the season. So I think I think the only outlier really was, was Lane.


Yeah. So all right. This game on Monday night, everyone's expecting a shootout. Alabama's offense has been out of this world. They may even add Jalen Waddle back. Johnson Field is incredible against Clemson. How many stops does the winning defense need to make to win this game?


Would that be a bet if that would know that we can make. I know, but I've been saying, like, I think it's only like three. I think if if a defense makes three, stop counting field goals and stops.


No, no. It's got to be a punter.


A turnover, three stops, I think wins this game. Yeah. Wow.


That would be that would that would play to what Ohio State would want. Right. If if it goes that way. Because this game on paper, as we prepare for it, you're dead on. I mean, have you watched it? We thought LSU, this offense was one of the best offenses we've ever seen. And then this kid, Matt Jones, you know, Jalen hurts all these. They were already talking about the next quarterback. You know, they weren't even thinking of Mack Jones.


And here he is doing what he's doing. And you're right, if Wadle comes about people forget Wadle, Devonta Smith was a second option. Yeah. And Jalen was healthy. And we see what he's done. So Ohio State's got to hope for turnovers. We don't know this covid story that you guys heard about probably on Monday or Tuesday. You know, we don't know what players are impacted by that if they will have some guys out because their defensive line, that's the rumors, their defensive line may have some people out with covid.


If that's an issue, that's the strength of their defense. Yeah, that's the one area that they dominated. Clemson was the defensive line and who's out. So I think three stops. I would say three or four stops would would would be a game that would be in the high 30s, low 40s for both. You know, I think if that happens, that would be a good thing for Ohio State, because I think that would mean they're scoring with Bama, which I think if Ohio State wins, that's what they're going to have to do.


They're going to have to try to score with Bama. Nobody has stopped this team, but people have scored on them. I mean, Ole Miss, you talk about Lane Kiffin. Ole Miss scored on them. Florida scored on them in the SEC championship. So that's the game that Ohio State's going to have to play. Then we got Justin Fields before he got hit by SKELSEY. He was a factor running the ball after that hit. I mean, you guys saw he would scramble and just kind of duck down and just just just basically give up.


How much further along is the hip pointer? And is it going to be a factor in this game? Because if he's hurt or if that injuries nagging and he can't run, that's a big problem for Ryan Day. They need him running and being that same athletic guy that he was most of the year.


So is it more about the hip or the ribs? Because it looked like there were some rib issues as well.


I totally agree. I mean, when you looked at the video, that helmet came down right at the ribs. Right? I don't have any idea. But they're calling it a hip pointer, so it's down lower and go have some padding. And he's going to wear something that he's not real excited about in the game because he didn't like to have to do that. But your pain tolerance and I don't know if he can I don't I don't want to get involved in speculating if he's going to get an injection or not.


I don't know if he can. If he can, I would recommend doing it. If it's just about dealing with pain, especially in a hip pointer area, because like I said, if he's a six out of ten when it comes to running and being a threat, then it's all on. Trace him in the run and it's all on the passing game. And against Bama, you go back over the years where it's been Johnny Manziel or Ole Miss had some guys that gave them trouble.


It's always a running quarterback that gives Alabama. Nick Saban fits. It's a tip. Well, it's a tempo offense and it's a quarterback who's a dual guy that can create and do some things with its legs. And that's just in fields and that's Ryan Day. But if you take away that aspect of the offense and again, I don't know if it will be taken away, but if you if he can't be effective running, then Ohio State, I think, would have a hard time staying up with Alabama's offense.


Have you had the moment where you've just taken a step back and been like, I can't like it's crazy how different this sport is than it was even ten years ago, like you called the twenty one nothing Alabama LSU national title. And now we're sitting here being like this game is going to be in the 70s easy, you know what I mean?


Like have you at that moment where you're like, this is a totally different game. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


I think I think when you especially when you grow up in the Big Ten, Wisconsin, Ohio State, it's seventeen, thirteen kind of games. I grew up and now it's it's about scoring, it's about quarterbacks that can run and can throw its freshman quarterbacks coming in ready to play. It's about receivers that get downfield and can win one on one. It's just the games just changed and who knows, it's cyclical. Maybe it'll change again and come around.


But I don't I don't see it. I mean, we've been really in this cycle for about seven years now where it's like which quarterback is going to have the ball last is going to win. But you're right, you do need to kind of step back and realize even in the Peyton Manning era, it wasn't like this. It's just it's it's the up tempo, you know, the rich Rod, Chip Kelly, Randy Walker at Northwestern, Joe Taylor at Purdue, they all helped kind of change the game, though.


Those offenses used to be offenses that were like they'll never work in the Big Ten, they'll never work in the SEC. Now, that's all you see all over the country or teams that are running this style of offense.


Yeah, it's not going to change either. I mean, the only thing that's going to affect it would be a rule change on defense to to kind of give some of the defensive backs a little bit more help or enact holding penalties, a little bit more on offense. There's going to have to be some sort of a difference that comes down from officiating. Otherwise, I mean, we're not going to go back to the era of slugfests, maybe some big tangoing with teams that do that, or Wisconsin, Stanford, when they were good.


Notre Dame is kind of doing that, even though with the quarterback that they had, they were still able to be a little bit more tempo. But the equalizer now is to run I formation because defenses never see it true. If you want to be a change and be different, be a ball possession formation, run downhill lb these defenses that are running three three five, they're built for spread, they're built for space. So like Wisconsin, when they're good, they're beating people up at the line of scrimmage.


And these defensive linemen and linebackers, they're just not used to playing it. So it's still there. It's just not there like it used to be.


I mean, Wisconsin ran in the mail with three fullbacks on the field at the same time. I love that personally, like watching Wisconsin play against like Stanford. And the entire field is just fullbacks to me.


That's like I love porn. Explained to me. Yeah, no, it's the. What's Big Ten weather in your mind, overcast? Yup, not natural surface. Fifty two degree.


Oh, maybe it's a little balmy. That's a little warm there, Kirk. You want to you want to get into the high 30s. Forty five. Forty five maybe.


It rained in the morning now, but I don't want I don't want any sun though. Yeah. Has to be overcast. Correct. Has to be overcast. Yeah. That's Big Ten weather and natural surface grass. Yeah. Grass.


Yup. I there's nothing better. There's Yeah. The overcast like his as you can get. Actually I actually like the Big Ten weather when it's when you can tell the sun is out there and it's trying to get through and it can't but it's still like it's bright but it's dark. I know that doesn't really make sense but it makes sense. It's the dome factor. Yeah. Yeah. They're from like Halloween till like April 1st. It's just like this big.


Yeah, yeah.


It's big is you growing up in the big tent and being around the big tent all the time, a significant contribution to the fact that everybody always thinks that you're sunburned. So like you, I don't know you know this, but on Twitter, if you do a search of curb street sunburn, there's like thousands of replies and I really like it. I think it's because you are from the Big Ten and you're not used to having the sun come out.


So if you go, like, watch a football practice outside, you don't think to bring sunscreen. Whereas if, you know, from the SE sunscreen, that's that's a required element if you're going to watch football.


Well, I'm going to blame my mom who's got some Indian in her background. So what happens to my skin if I get in the sun, I get red and then I get kind of brown. I get kind of my dad gets my dad. He's passed away. He's red or white. So I guess it's I guess it's what I inherited. But if I get in the sun, you're going to definitely see I don't I don't burn. A lot of my friends will burn.


I don't sunburn. But I get I get a reddish. And then if I, if I if I'm on air, especially when I was younger, if I ever got embarrassed or I got uncomfortable, I'm more like I gave a speech one time in ninth grade. I'll give you a quick story. I gave a speech in ninth grade. I was a super shy kid and the the prettiest girl in the ninth grade class was in the first row.


And I gave a speech and I started to get embarrassed and I turned super red when I was given. And she points up at me and said, Oh, my God, look how red he is at my face. And I was humiliated to the point. My senior year, it was time to give another speech, teacher called on me to give my speech. I said, no, I'm good. She goes, What do you mean, you're good?


She goes to your turn. I go, I'm not going. And she goes, This is you're going to get a zero. And I said, That's OK, I'll take the zero. And she goes, This is like twenty five percent of your final grade. I said, whatever, I'm good. I so I'm scarred from my life to give it. In fact to this day I can talking on TV in front of millions of people. But if I have to get up in front of sixty five people and give a speech, it's not my, it's just not my calling and it all goes back to ninth grade.


So I appreciate you bringing that up man.


No problem. I had a similar experience but mine was more about wearing sweatpants at the time.


I read somewhere that you don't drink coffee now. I just never did. I never really got into it. That's that's crazy. That's crazy. I'm not like I'm not like making a taking a stance against coffee. I just I never really liked it.


Used to I never got into you just so the the line was he doesn't have coffee. Instead he relies on the power of adrenaline. What I do have that I do have adrenaline when it comes to college football, I'm lucky enough to do something I actually love. But yeah, I've just never I'll try it. I've just never I guess when I go to Starbucks, I don't even know how to order. I don't even know, like, I hear people order.


I don't even know what they're saying. Yeah. So I just I don't like black coffee so no I've never like crazy like this. I like sparkling water. Yeah.


I don't understand people who I mean I guess it's intimidating going to Starbucks if you don't speak Italian for so intimidating. I don't even know what to say. I don't even know how to or how do you get yourself pumped up in the morning.


Do you have like a ritual? Do you like stare at yourself in the mirror and yell at yourself from the chest when that's all you know?


And I just wake up, drink a water, drink a juice and roll. I saw you guys. Are you guys a big coffee drinker?


Yes. I mean, just caffeine and yes, I'm dead inside until I have coffee. Like adrenaline, like I don't have adrenaline left.


I drink a Coors Light normally to start my dad.


That's actually a great way to do it. Yes. You've been around Nick Saban a lot. Coach. Coach. Excuse me. Excuse me, coach. Bleep that out. Hank, you've been around Coach Saban a lot. Do you think he ever has fun?


Fun would be a relative term, right?


Because I feel like if Nick Saban catches himself having fun, that's not actually fun for him. He's like, I've let my guard.


No, no, no, no. Like fun for him because I know, like, it's like Bill Belichick. Like, they both like to have fun, but they just don't like to have fun when they're coaching or when they're at a press conference. And what are the only two ways we typically see Bill Belichick and Nick Saban, they're coaching or they're at a press conference. Those are not. There are two places to have fun. I've been with Bill Belichick when he's having fun.


He's a great guy and I've been with Nick Saban and now Nick Saban, fun to him is fishing or golfing, something like that. He can have fun, but he definitely both those guys give off a vibe that they're a.. Fun, but they would surprise you, I can promise you. Yeah.


I just I feel like when Nick Saban is having fun, he's just, you know, kind of neutral and he doesn't like that. You know, he I feel like for him, fun is actually being, you know, passionate, which translates to him being upset about something or trying to fix something or trying. No, no. Here's what it is for him. Is it if he knows that he's currently making something better, if he's improving something that's fun, even if he's mad while he's doing it?




How about when he when he holds the trophy, after he wins the title? You know, it lasts for about twelve seconds. Yeah. You know, and then he hands it to the players and then he's, he's off, you know, it feels like he's off to go study film.


I got to go recruiting. Yeah. This trophy presentation to wasting my face like that was a good thing he did in the semifinal.


He we got the trophy and he just turned it was like here you take it like other things to do. Yeah.


Yeah. I don't have time for that. Yeah, totally. All right, Kirk, last question for me.


Thank you very much for joining us. Like I said, long overdue. Now you have to come on whenever we ask, just see, you know, any time. Yeah, you have to.


But if you if you had to pick a game Monday night, if you had to pick a team Monday night, who would you pick?


Man, I just wrote on a piece on a napkin, he's taking bamma, and then he flashed it in front of us.


Whoa, that's crazy. Let me let me ask you, you guys, is everybody taking Alabama?


No, I'm taking on the state. I'm taking a plus time. You know, you take an oath plus you're not taking them straight up.


I might take them straight up as well. I really I there's something about a Trey sermon, what he's done. I mean, he really does. I know it's it's silly to just say he's a Zeke Elliott 2.0, but what he has done the last two games is the Ezekiel Elliott, like that Ohio State championship run. If they get him going again, like, why not?


Why not? The fact that you reminded me of that of the narrative that I had forgotten about, hand up that Nick Saban struggles against mobile quarterbacks. We talk about that every year as being like the one thing that you can always say to sound smart about, like going up against Johnny Manziel or Swag Kelly. Yeah, exactly. He'd swag Kelly, get Chad Kelly under center, then you're good. But you reminded me of that. So now I'm thinking that I might take Ohio State, too, but I'm going one day at a time.


I've got NFL playoffs to worry about tomorrow night, so. Yeah, yeah.


Give me your give me your NFL. Who's who's what's the biggest surprise in the NFL?


Saturday, Sunday, the Washington football team and the Chicago Bears are going to make it respectable.


Both be within a thirteen Browns, Browns, the Browns, three browns. Yeah, the Browns could win. I think they're the team that everyone's written off this weekend. The Bears, the football team are just we're here to hang out.


Are the Browns today? The head coach is out there. Anybody else out for them with covid issues?


Yeah, I think they've got another coach out, but I think that the Browns are going to win, too. I really do. I think that, like the Steelers have proven to be kind of a fraud team the second half of the season. Even when they're good, they're only good digging themselves out of a hole that they created for themselves. So I feel like the Browns, this could be the year for them.


And if I were them, I would 100 percent choose who the two teams in the Super Bowl. I think it's going to be the Bills and the Saints. Those bills and S.R. Bills and Packers'. I'll go chill's so the bills are yeah, they're legit chiefs bucks, the bills are fun team to watch. They don't have to go to Kansas City, not the crowds. Are you staying good.


You got the Kansas City does have the biggest home field advantage this year because I think they're having like 15000 fans that are allowed in the state. Yeah, yeah. There are some people there.


Hate bills, bills. Casey would be a hyped AFC championship. That would be a great one. I hope. I hope we end up getting that. Yeah, that would actually be a lot like Ohio State, Alabama.


The overunder on that game would probably be around 75. Yeah, definitely. That's what I'm rooting for. Well, currently a shootout.


Thank you so much, man. We really appreciate it. We're going to set up a time where you and bear come and watch some NFL with us. And thanks, of course, hooking this up. And good luck on Monday night on the call. And you so you're putting you down, Bama. You're picking Bama.


I didn't say that. You didn't say it. No, I. I'm keeping it. Keep it clean. Keep it straight. I'm going I'm going to sell that, as you said. I'm going to put that out there maybe later, but not right now.


Write it on your feet and put it on the only fence. You'll get millions of dollars. Perfect. Perfect. All right. Thanks for having me. And let's do it again. And Bear and I are definitely going to come any time you guys let us come hang out. We love to come watch the games with you guys. All right.


Thanks so much, Kirk. Be well, man. OK, all right.


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Pardon? Again, that's VMT Dotcom. Pardon. All right, let's wrap up.


We got football guy the week and then who's back of the week? Billy. Billy, go football guy. The one guy.


The guy. The week you have it, you have it and you have a job having you this have happily. I had to have it. All right.


First up, we got Sean Payton's plan to get fans in the stadium. He's part of my tax plan that came up with us, but he does the craziest thing. I know he listens to part of my take.


You know that. Yeah, he does. All right.


And for one, no, to create a scientifically safe home field advantage in the Superdome, it's very Machiavellian to, you know, and just you get. Yeah, I did. Would you how do you spell Machiavellian?


I'm a c h i a v l l i and I guess that's pretty good for the ends justify the means.


So this one is actually really cool. This guy named Tyler Blondel beat cancer. OK, finish chemo. OK, went out to ring the and the chemo bell. Yeah. Was wearing Aaron Rodgers jersey and shotgunned beer.


Well Aaron Rodgers could never do that. Yeah. The way fashioned. Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers in the bar stool.


Funny. Also one part of my take at some point I also fuck you all the Packers fans like Aaron Rodgers doesn't even know who you guys are. I thought that was a huge football move because basically just accomplished a huge, hard task and then just made it harder on himself to celebrate, much like.


I hill running through the hole defense. OK, so all right, so you're doing the cancer shaming thing to try to get us to be like, good job, a good job. No, that's that's the one. Why are you comparing this? This. I just.


I can't. I can't. I mean, I think it's a great story that you just ruined by comparing him to Tyreek Hill.


Danny Smith says he tested positive for covid-19 had minor symptoms of his time on the covid-19 list. He said, I don't have many hobbies and not to have football just about killed me. Not the virus. Yeah, huge football, big football guy Danny Smith.


Basically he is Chromeo with a county that has ten deaths, all in New York State.


Yeah, you would have written a book about it. Yeah. Dennis Smith is the biggest gum guy in the world, I think.


OK, last hobby is just chewing gum.


He's like, I like sitting watching film and then just hunkered down in a big piece of bubblicious.


Are you're one you're one and a half for three right now. But also one of those is you shameless with cancer. Go ahead.


Ohio State, tight end Luke Ferrell. I'm playing in big games. You can't be afraid to die out there.


Huge Machiavellian. Yeah. Is that that's just he's just leaving all out there like his life. It's just bad. I don't know.


Do justify the means if you die, that's the means. No, but that's in the end it's the ultimate.


But he like you know, other people die, not you. Farrell does all the dirty work on the Ohio State offense. So like, he's a bad ass, OK?


He says that he's not fucking around.


What size is he huge. Yeah. Yeah, huge. All right. Good job. You know what? I actually have some more. Yeah, yeah. But since they lost this weekend, I didn't want to include in the four we had Mike Vrabel saying he'd fight every coach in the NFL.


Yeah, he would.


With another Mackie win to wait and see from the Bronx. Yeah that's true. That's Jared Veldheer was a offensive tackle I want to say. Yeah.


Left tackle on the Colts, who didn't play in the beginning of the season because he retired, was coaching high school football. But during that time, he, as an offensive line coach, he was realizing he was really missing football and he got the ball coaching football.


Yeah, OK. That should be on. Yeah. So he was missing football while coaching football. Exactly. That's so.


So when I got the opportunity to play for the Colts after the regular season, he took it and he started.


All right. Nice good job, Billy. Good job, Billy. Billy snaps Billy follow. Couldn't do without Jake also. Yeah. I was going to say bring me big time snaps for Jacob Hester managing this project.


All right, let's wrap up. I know we've been a long show, Hank, who's back of the week? AMA who's back? We have a few. My first one is YouTube.


Oh, OK. Oh, yes. Yeah.


Channel We're now uploading our full episodes on our part of my tell to.


Am I on TV right now. You are. Hello there. Hey, I'm on. Yes. Go subscribe to our YouTube channel please. We can do a lot more YouTube stuff this year.


We can I just hey guys. Make sure to like comment and subscribe to if you're digging all the stuff we put out in this video.


Hey, see that little button underneath you hit that like button you guys joke about you're going to actually start doing those soon. No, and I know I want you, I want twenty twenty one goal. Cross up more people with an invisible basketball one. Get more YouTube subscribers too.


I got to make sure I'm more presentable. No, this wasn't an open forum for everyone to throw out there, Bill. You look like a YouTube. Ah, 24/7.


No, but now I like shave all we should have just a giant like cartoony, like neon colored outline of Billy's face. Be like part of my take new episode super well and just Billy with a backwards hat and it's like his arms crossed out YouTube.


You look like, you look like a YouTube.


Her the mother whose back is DeMello Ball. Yeah.


Youngest NBA player to ever have a triple double. Yeah. Baseballers.


Yes, I was definitely hand up. I was I don't even know if I had to take on the Millwall, but in my brain I was wrong because of that.


One time they made a highlight tape of all the times you pulled up at half court and bricked a shot.


I like this guy stinks. You stink forever. Credit to me though. I've gotten off. That is like that is how easily my brain can be it.


All right, my who's back of the week is David Baker. David Baker. Season is upon us. He is the giant man that comes and surprises you when you made the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We interviewed him last year at the Super Bowl. He's even bigger in person than he is on the TV screen. So last year we got to see him. He's a prize to Jimmy Johnson, somebody our core Koua, and made him cry on national television.


That was great.


He's looking right now because they've whittled the Hall of Fame down to kind of the last finalist. He's out there lurking. But it's not going to hit the same way this year because I don't think he can show up in person. I think it's going to be like a David Baker Zoome surprises is not going to be the same. You need to have him standing next.


To something to let you know just how massive a human being he is when he pops up on the zoom, I don't know what that silver dollar have him be like, having me holding like a Chihuahua on a leash when he comes on the screen, because it's not going to be the same if you don't get that, if you don't understand just what a unit this guy is. Yeah, but I'm still looking forward to him coming back. Who do you think who could he show up in surprise this year?


How long's already. Tom Flores. Tom Flores course like was like.


Yeah, yeah. All right, my. Who's back? We didn't have a show Friday because we don't have shows on Friday. We have shows on Friday.


We don't tape on Friday. What are you doing, Billy?


My husband was about to get really emotional. Who's back of the week is unfortunately death. Tommy Lasorda has gone to the big Dodger in the sky. You were in the moment, Billy. Shout out, Tommy.


We had some fun. We've had him on the show. We've had some laughs.


Hell of a life. Hell of the life. He lived 95 or 96. Who knows? He doesn't know his own age or he didn't. But yes, we will be making a visit back to death to try to talk to Tommy.


One last interview with Tommy Lasorda.


He's up there in heaven kicking the shit out of somebody. Yeah, that's all I know is fighting in heaven for Tommy Lasorda is he gets up. He's he's probably still throwing heat because probably he's probably talking shit to somebody behind home plate. The person says something to him. He punches them in their lip, and then he goes home and enjoys a nice big bowl of pasta with no sauce on it, no gravy on it. I'll remember that when Tommy Lasorda made fun of us for putting sauce over pasta, he's like a real a real Italian guy just eats his pasta plain.


He's happy with it.


He said that clip that I tweeted from our interview on Friday of him, just like a mash up of all the fights he got in that one, one he's like and I says to him, I should have killed your father.


Yeah, that was Tommy. All right.


There's only one way that we can properly eulogize Tommy Lasorda. Earvin Magic Johnson.


Oh, Hall of Fame Dodgers manager, L.A. icon of my great friend Tommy Lasorda, passed away late last night. For the last eight years, I've sat next to Tommy at every Dodgers game. He taught me invaluable lessons on the strategy and history of baseball. I will miss our conversations about the Dodgers and the Lakers. He meant the world to the Dodgers organization, MLB and to the city of Los Angeles. He will always be known to Dodger Nation as Mr.




You and I are praying for the entire Lasorda family. Maybe our happy prayer emoji hands. So shout out, Tommy.


Shout out to all of you. AWOL, AWOL. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. All right, you guy who's back real quick, Billy, let's let's do it. We can just leave it. No, Billy.


Billy doesn't have one. We have one. He did this guy who is UFO's.


U.S. intelligence agencies have 180 days to share what they know me to give you. No. Eighteen hundred. Six hundred. Great fucking show. Four hundred forty one sizzlin. Yes, like nine. That's got to be a. Oh, drop down. Has this happened before?


We don't think during part of my take, but it's happened before. I know we got to do it again. I think this is the first time I read your official some every like one out of every 10 years when there's less. The ball doesn't go up. Are we missing?


Hey, maybe you could bring the ball back 69. You fucking asshole got brains work for was found on the floor today or a hundred. Is that fifty eight, eighty five, eighty five. It's a good year, oh, they're feral hippos in Colombia.


They're descendants of Pablo Escobar, his private zoo. You all know that.


Wow. Last three of the last four. Eighty four. Eighty five.


Eighty seven were three oh oh oh eight to Pigou eighty six. Love you guys. Flamingos can drink boiling water and freeze their whole bodies. Love you guys know that one.


Well, today is the day to day lives to see Singer. Infectious disease specialist at the V.A. thinks the cat killer can keep through it. I'll get the latest on your ass on the tiny old paper, thin windows making noise all night. Become loud to the mike to me, right? Yes. We're separate. Never touch the stuff shit like the weather did. So we're going to make you sweat. Today is a day to continue, needless to say.


So. This week of attacks against. It's pardon my tape presented by barstool sports.