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On today's part of my take, we're talking Final Four awesome game on Saturday said game on purpose because the other one stunk. We have Triple H Wrestle Mania is this week, Wrestle Mania Sunday.


They got stuff all week long, though. Triple H is on the show. We're going to talk a little who's back at the week.


We also have some segments, a great Monday show to kick off Masters Week. This is sneaky. Just a great fucking run of sports.


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OK, let's go.


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Today is Monday, April 5th.


Hello, friends. I was going to say in sports rule. Yeah, kind of jumped me. They're sorry. They do.


We have differences Wednesday in sports rule because we have the national championship tonight in the final four on Saturday and one of the best basketball games, tournament games we've watched in the history of the tournament. I'm fine with maybe being a little hyperbolic with that statement.


That game fucking ruled sports rule the game on from start to finish, like every single part, even the beginning of it, when it felt like, OK, at some point Gonzaga is going to turn it on it. I feel bad for UCLA because UCLA played the best game that they could possibly play. Everything right happened for UCLA. Yes. And it just wasn't enough at the end. It could have gone either way, like they could have easily, very easily won that game.


But it was it was a life affirming moment in sports where it's like, I'm glad that I sat through like a few Clint Clunker's games, some stinkers. I'm glad that I lost a responsible amount of money in Detroit gambling on these games.


It's all worth it because that game kick so much ass it ruled.


And yes, it was the Houston Baylor game was not fun. It was a blowout. I mean, it was fun. If you're a Baylor fan, Baylor, kick the shit out of Houston. Kind of. Listen, Houston, nice run. Gets the final four. But kind of what we always thought in terms of the elite teams that Houston wasn't on that level. And that's no shame to Houston. Then we had a our long Miley Cyrus concert, which also ruled that there was so much time in between the games.


And then we get to the Gonzaga UCLA game and Gonzaga is fourteen half point favorites. You think to yourself, OK, this team has won twenty nine out of the thirty games by double digits. There's no way this is going to be close. And you're right, UCLA deserves so much credit. Mick Cronin is a fucking hell of a coach. Johnny Juicing is just a fun name to say. And also the blue bloods keep on losing because if you're a Kentucky fan, you're like, wow, Cal couldn't have played Johnny using just a little bit more.


And he transferred from Kentucky to to back home to UCLA.


But that game was awesome. The whole time I was sitting there being like, well, when's the the Gonzaga run going to happen? When are they going to do what they do to every single team where it's like stop transition, you know, easy bucket three, you know, stop transition, easy buckets, seven point run time out, boom. They've got this. But UCLA just hung around and they just played their balls off and it was fucking awesome.


After the first half, I knew that UCLA was going to stick around for the full game because they were running with Gonzaga. They were able to keep that pace up. Yeah. Which I didn't think that they would call me that in the first half, that it was going to be that high scoring and that UCLA was going to be able to, like, keep pace with him. I was like, no, no chance in hell. The formula was like, Mick Cronin is going to do Mick Cronin things, slow the game down, rock win, win ugly.


But no, Mick Cronin was like, we're going to we're going to execute a game plan that nobody sees coming, which is we're going to turn into UCLA. Are we going to turn into Gonzaga basically? And then really the only lucky parts that UCLA ended up having in the second half, when they start hitting like some of those desperation, mid range jump shots, well down the stretch, that's when it was like, OK, everything is going right for UCLA right now.


They felt it felt like a team of destiny.


Well, it was. Yeah. I mean, their defense was good because but they also just were hitting insane shots like there was as much as its game plan. And Mick Cronin is an unbelievable coach. They also were just hitting so many shots. What was the issue, Jake? What did they end up shooting from? Like, there was a point when they were shooting like fifty seven percent from the field and it was like Gonzaga was shooting sixty one percent.


I think in the first half.


Yeah. UCLA shot sixty two percent twos.


They were just the shot making was off the charts. And it was we deserved that game because we had the lead. A kind of stunk, you know, just being honest, it kind of stunk. There wasn't a, you know, a super close, exciting game. It felt like we hadn't had that game since UCLA in Alabama. And I'll say this. So UCLA is not going to win the tournament. Obviously, they're out, but they won that tournament in terms of they gave us the best stories, like the Alabama game was an all timer.


This game was an all timer, Alabama. Is a different time. That was more of like an all time or tournament game in that the quality of play wasn't great, but the drama was off the charts. This game had it both. It had the drama and it was fucking like highly, you know, played basketball games. So UCLA, they go six games because they played in the first four.


They make this run first team to ever win six games and to win their last six games of the season and not win the NCAA tournament.


After all, five games they won. Five they won. That was their sixth game. What did they win? They lost to Oregon. OK, yeah, my mistake first. That's why they end up being an 11 seeds because they lost their last four games of the season. Yeah. First team to win five games in the NCAA tournament.


Not of these in the world actually. See you. You see twenty eleven. Goddammit, sorry. The first year of the first half, that was the whole shotgun that was shot.


The whole storyline that UCLA was the first time to do it since VCU. Well I agree for a final I agree with the sentiment that UCLA won this tournament. Yes, they are. They're the champions of this tournament. And it was you know, what it came down to? We were we even started out. We're guilty of this, too. We made this about X's and O's, not Jimmys and Johs. Turns out that UCLA had the Jimmys and the Johs in the Giannis and the Giannis.


They were just and the juice. They were just as athletic as Gonzaga was and they were able to play. I mean they played the game of their lives and watching Bill Walton react to it was that was another life affirming moment. Yeah. Because he like he didn't even have a moment of silence or sadness. He was just like he saw the shot go in a certain clap and he was a basketball man. Life is beautiful.


He was he was Kyle from SNL and good. What is it, good neighbors who just has the sports on the side of. Yeah, he he just stood up making jokes, sports. There's nothing else you can do about it. That was just sports. Where are you going. I was going to say shout out to you, big guy, from pushing the buzzer beater into existence. Unbelievable. Or so sports.


So yeah, in the bars like and I, I created this bet like obviously this bet you can find other places, but we, we like we had a whole thing where if, if there were multiple buzzer beater it was basically a lightning round where you doubled your money, quadrupled your money. So this bet came from my brain. I bet it was the bet. So you could bet buzzer beaters for the tournament and it was under two seconds. A shot that's under two seconds.


Game winning. You could beat it for the whole tournament or you can get it round by round. I bet it every single round. And then on Saturday, I'm driving to Philly. I saw it plus twelve hundred and I was like, now fuck it. Like Gonzaga is going to kill UCLA, Baylor is going to kill Houston. There's no reason to do this. And the one time I didn't bet it just fucking thank you for not betting.


Yes. On behalf of the rest of America.


I want to go back to your point, though. So Miley Cyrus. No, Charles Barkley. Whoo hoo! How would you rate your do in hindsight? Do you think you were too horny on Twitter? No, not horny enough if are overreacting to your horny. Listen, listen. I'm an appreciator of art, Hank. I'm an appreciator of good musicianship. And I am I am as simple as fuck for Miley Cyrus. If there's a scale of like one to infinity for my simple level, for how many concerts you've been to of hers.


I've watched because I've been to I've watched several of them. I went to the one where she did the tour and she had a bunch of it was like it was like almost like a mini circus that she brought out onto the she's for a long time. It was awesome. Yeah.


For the record, I tweeted a picture of Milena said if this was Dog the Bounty Hunter, I would move to Hawaii and get arrested.


I appreciate her music. I actually. So no. Oh, same. I mean, like, listen, 90 percent of this is about the musical performance you put on and her song selection, that's a life hack is just if you're like an A-list artist, just cover other people's kick ass songs. And if you're a good singer, it's going to sound awesome. Plus, when you come out there looking like a dog, the bounty hunter mix with Freddie Mercury mixed with Pamela Anderson from Barb Wire.


You're going to have my attention for at least 30 minutes after you're done performing, like for the first five minutes of the game, my brain was still only thinking about Miley Cyrus. Also, the horny police are turning into like the old takes exposed the worst. Like you mentioned one thing, it's like semi horny, spiritually police horny. Sorry, sorry for being a red blooded American male.


I retreated to like a girl from Real Housewives. And everyone's like horny police, like, dude, what? Shut up, you horny police. They're they're the horny ones. He's all they can think about is sex. You know what? Get your mind. What are you, a sex addiction? You addicted to sex? I think I think we need to normalize being horny. So if people stop being horny, then all the people who are horny police would not even exist.


So my Miley Cyrus stories, I went to her concert in the United Center in 2014, I want to say, and our friend Dante had backstage passes so, so excited, wore shirt, Miley shirt, rocked out online. He was like, I think we can I think we can get a chance for you to meet her. And I was like, fuck, yes, this is going to be amazing. And I waited in the bowels of the United Center for two and a half hours.


And then I find. He asked the security guard outside the like locker room, the dressing room, and I was like, hey, do you think Miley's coming out soon? And he was like, dude, she literally went from the stage to the bus.


She's been gone for two and a half hours. And I was like, OK, so I probably needed the horny police there. I would do I would wait in Miley. It was for much longer than that.


That's that's too much my respect her fucking choke me with my own guitar. I respect your music.


Worst part of the horny police is the bunk with the dude. Yeah, I got I got a bong. I know I got bumped like a million times. But you know what at the time was like, what if Miley just hit me with something that would feel good to don't send me a jail jail?


What I was gonna say is back to the Charles Barkley, the Jimmys and Jones and then Johs and then Jimmys. So the Beyler Gonzaga game, there are no Jimmys and Joes. There is a jol, though. OK, so who do you think has the edge there, Joel? Well, no, Joe. Joel is a Joe that's holding an L, so I'm saying.


So Gonzaga is going to lose. Yeah. That's that's your official perso. Baylor. Yeah. Yeah. Gerard Butler is going to go off. Yeah. So God the a couple other things from that game obviously. Jalen Suggs, the I mean the play the the block which wasn't a block.


I get it. UCLA fans, you have reason to be upset about that. They also got to make up call like ten seconds later. But that wasn't a block a foul put. The pass was incredible. And then obviously the buzzer beater was insane. Like to have the presence of mind. I feel like most of the time a player will shoot that way too early in the shoot it like at half court. He was just nonchalant, like this is exactly I know my spot.


I'm going to throw it up there. And I, I think the bank counts because I think that's exactly what he's trying to do.


Well, yeah, you just try to get it up with the right amount of work on it and then, like you put it in the general vicinity of the basket and let God take care of the rest. It was in both those plays. I think they both took like exactly three seconds to get from one court, one into the court to the other like that. It was it was one of the best shots. I'd say maybe the best shot in NCAA tournament history embrace debate because, well, actually, people do it tomorrow.


But people because people are I started to foul as well. What people are saying that technically the rules at the hand is considered part of the ball when is in contact with the ball.


It is not a foul of defensive player makes normal contact with the players. Oh, here we go. When it is in contact with the ball.


So people also are saying, though, he didn't establish himself in bounds as well. People were well actually in the play is like, dude, it's a cool fucking place to relax.


I did see that part. I didn't think that it was foul, but he did. Yeah, but it looked like he took one step out of bounds, one step in bounds, then touched the ball players. At the end of the day, I think that there are a couple of strong feelings I have about these types of plays. If it would if it took place in a basketball game or in a football game, if it's cool enough, yeah, it should not be a penalty or foul.


Secondly, I also think that if you are are the type of person that's going to well, actually a great play like that, you should have a great play taken away from you as well.


Well, if you are the type of person if you're a UCLA fan, you have permission to. Well, actually, but if you are just a I'm a well, actually, guy, go fuck yourself.


Well, the end of the game, I also saw people saying that that was not a charge. It was a charge. It was I. But I also believe that if you you should not be able to get called for a charge if you dunk the ball after you charge it, you know, I'm saying yeah.


So I thought I was in charge because juicing was out of control, like he was out of control. You could tell he's out of control. Who just said that was the best buzzer beater? I mean, Chris Jenkins is number one. He won the national title. Yeah, that one has to be number one. It's no matter what, it's number one. You wish it was a buzzer beater to win the national title. So this overcaution late in your shot, I still probably would.


The pass was so and like Duke, Kentucky, and just I don't know that one in Christian Litner, who he was and how he did he was and all that shit and was that that was the same guy gave me stop the guy. Right. No, it might not. It I think it was a different game. But either way, Christian is number one. You won the title. I heard our friend Rico Bosko was saying that Gordon Hayward should be in that discussion, even though he didn't make the shot, should have gone in.


I disagree with.


I love. I love him.


Yeah, same game. So, yeah, that's the stomp to a buzzer beater. I think that I think that's two, but I think this makes it three. The oldest is number three, the Christiansen's. That was like a design play right off an inbounds nose.


Yeah, it was from coast to coast. Yeah. It's close. It's close for me.


Definitely. You can't you cannot top a buzzer beater to win the title. The entire game was just so awesome. I'm still buzzing off of it. Yeah. No, I was I couldn't fall asleep. I was, it was it's just one of those affirming moments like sports rule. This is why we watch 51 49 Michigan UCLA game. Yes. Till midnight. Like this is why we sat there and watched Baylor kick the shit out of Houston. And I guess if we want to, like, go.


Oh, one other point I had about Gonzaga, Gonzaga. Drew Temmy on Gonzaga is so fucking good in the post, but he is testing, he is really testing like if I want to go full Dad because when he does his flex and the mustache thing in a like one possession game, when you're 14 point favorites and he did it multiple times, I really want to yell at a cloud like I really it my inner I'm just like, dude, just get back.


Fucking act like you've been there. This is the number one seed. Shut up. But I'm not not going to do it. I'm not going to do it.


I'm going to want to I'm going to buy a copy of the Charlotte Observer tomorrow, see if we have any letters to the editor, because that's where we would see it if it was. I think that you're on to something, just a slight suggestion for Timmy. You should not do that while the clock is running. You do it do it at a at a break in the game. That's what it feels like. You get to do the celebration.


I'm going to touch my mustache thing if. Well, if you're doing it while the clock is running, even if you're not in a place where you should be getting back on defense, I'm going to be like that guy is a reason for that next bucket because he didn't get back on defense because he was touching his mustache. Yes. And also not covered safe. Yeah, not well.


And I love the emotion. So that's why I'm reserving I'm not going to go full crazy on him. But it just it struck me more in the situation that it's like it's a one point game. Usually he's playing their balls off. You're a fourteen point favorite. You're supposed to win this game. You're undefeated and maybe get back on defense again. I'm not going to do the full thing, but we just basically did it. I'm just saying, either way, I love watching him play because his low post moves are insane.


And, you know, he's clearly, you know, how we do the not the best player, but the most important player. He's the most important player. And he might even he's probably also the heart and soul, I would say. Well, he might be. What if he's the best player and the most important player?


He's not the best player in my mind on Gonzaga. I think Jalen Suggs or Kispert are in that category, but he is the most important in that it's clear that he's like the emotional. Everyone looks to him for the emotion.


The problem I have is maybe you have too many good players on Gonzaga. It's the just one ball.


They're so good and they're passing is so good and like it's not like they played a bad game. It's not it wasn't one of those almost upsets where it's like, oh, the favorite was just off to UCLA, just made all their shots and just fucking, you know, with toe to toe with them. So I'm this this game tonight is going to be awesome. Some are saying it's the most anticipated game since USC, Illinois in 2005. Jon Rothstein is one of them, one of our good friends.


So I listen, if you're a hoop head like us, I would say it's up there like I don't think it's going to get the national number, you know, for all the ratings police that are going to try to shame us for watching the game that it was only rated.


We're going to get bonked, by the way.


Yeah, I would say that, you know, anticipation ratings are a, you know, result of anticipation, but internal. So ratings are bad.


But I get how high could the anticipation really have that?


You're right, nationally, I wouldn't be shocked, especially with the game starting it, I think. Ten, fifteen Eastern Time. That's I know it's nine twenty, but that's still ridiculous. Nine twenty. Sorry. Like that's full. That's dinner that's sitting around. That's a snack after dinner. That's another that's your late night snack and then the game is going to tip off.


It's going to be late but make a 30 minute halftime. But it's Miley Cyrus. That's actually what they should do. If they want to ensure more people tune in. Yeah. Have a running back, do the exact same set list, wear the exact same outfits. And she was wearing.


Would you say everything exactly. One of those cues by yourself if given the opportunity. Yeah, those people were those were the there was one guy that's with this girl. I didn't want to be there. They were so unnecessarily spaced out. Yeah. It was like fifteen feet in between. They were like those little gym mats that they give you in elementary school to be like, this is where you have to sit. It's like that's that. It was a credit to them for being able to rock out in an environment with like, you know, five other people attending.




But in terms of the game, OK, so I agree with you, Hank. The ratings are not going to be great in the national conscience. It's not going to be the most anticipated game. It's not going to be even close to the most watched game. But if you follow college basketball and you love college basketball, this is one of the most anticipated finals in terms of it's a covid year. The these are the two best teams since the beginning.


They were supposed to play covid canceled that game and now you have it where it's OK. The two teams that have been head and shoulders above everyone else for the entire year because, remember, Baylor was undefeated and they get covered. Then they lost to Kansas and they lost in the Big Twelve Championship. Like Baylor doesn't get covered. They might be undefeated, too. That's how good they've been. And Gonzaga going for the first perfect season since 1976.


I'm fucking excited, guys. I'm sorry that I'm the same guy who's like. Shorts are cool, but damn it, sports are fucking cool, so there's going to be high ratings in Indiana, I bet they're going to be watching because, you know. Yeah, birthplace. Well, not only is it the Mecca of college basketball, but it's also you get to see whether or not that Gonzaga is going to take your crown as being the last undefeated, because right now that's like what Indiana has as that's that's their like bragging rights right now is like nobody's done this since us.


And then they've got actually this whole final four was very Indiana heavy. Well, yeah. Kelvin Sampson. Yeah. You had a lot of stuff that was like directly daggers twisting in Indiana's heart.


Well, in 49 states, it's just it's basketball. But in Indiana, it's something different. It's life. Yeah. It's like the SEC. It just means more. I like those things. But yeah, this is I'm just excited. I'm excited for this game. Who are you guys? So are you taking Baylor?


Well, I mean, I don't know if I can say that I'm taking Baylor just because they go against a guy named Joel. Yeah, but it makes a lot of sense.


Really makes a lot of sense to me. It was funny, though, so that Charles Barkley clip about the Jimmys and Joe's X's and O's and can you play the clip?


You put that in between Baylor, Gonzaga and these other teams. He's still got some Joes on the team, got some Joes. These are the only two guys. Guys got Jim's Angels. And that's what we in game. A lot of teams got gyms and gyms and our team got some chose Baylor, Gonzaga, the only team. There are only two teams at the time we got Jim's Angels.


So I tweeted out that video and then I woke up this morning and I had like hundreds of people arguing in my mentions about the state of race relations in America and how that how identity politics is either ruining or bolstering the American electoral system. I was like, what the fuck is going on here? And then I realized that Charles Barkley had another political take that he said earlier that looked exactly like what this video was. I I don't care about the other one.


I think that shows Barkley's diatribe on Jimmys and Joes and X's and O's was great. It was incredible. Like the sabermetrics he was pulling out of his ass. There were unbelievable. So I think I got to go. Joel or yes, Joel. I'm going against Joel. I'm going with Baylor. I'm going with their guy Jared.


I love Julietta. He's fucking good man. He's so good taking Baylor.


He's so only one team has had a player that's come on the show in the past few weeks. Yeah.


I heard a little birdie in my ear said that Corey Kispert might be an AWOL. So we'll see if that if that works out, I'm going to take Gonzaga. I think they're going to win. I think it's going to be an awesome game. And I'm hoping for another buzzer beater because I still have over one and a half buzzer beaters for the tournament. There you go. Silver. Yeah, over's club.


Who would ever fucking. Oh, yeah. Over's Club tonight to if you live in a state where we have the barstools sportsbook, we have the over's club jacket, which is awesome. We are opening up. It's like the La Cosa Nostra. When they open up membership we only open it up like three times a year. So if you want to be part of the over's club, you got to do that. Yeah, I'm just excited for this game.


Jake, you have any updated one shining moments from this week?


I mean, not just the thugs shot and the thugs blocking pass sequence fuck photos, maybe some Beyler threes against Houston. But those blocks, maybe some Houston tears. Yeah, couldn't GRYMES It was so weird because Houston about the Arizona girl's coach.


Oh yeah. Who's back. Yeah.


So the saji used to have others. That game was so weird because the first like minute and a half Houston did the thing where they just got like four offensive rebounds and then scored, you know, like, oh man, this is going to be tough for Baylor. And then from that point on, it was Auburn.


Did you see the tool that they use in Houston's practice? The basket? Yeah, the bubble that they use. Yeah. They just put like a bubble that's got five different bubbles on top of the rim and then so you can't make a shot and it makes the rebounds unpredictable. Right. And then Tracy Wolfson was like, this is why Houston might win tonight, because they're used to offensive rebounding. And at the time it made a lot of sense.


And I was like, fuck, she's right. Houston is going to be way better because it used this weird thing. Turns out that there's more to the game of basketball.


I would say seeing the ball go through the hoop is also important.


So it's important to be able to make sure that's the other side of the coin that she didn't bring up. They literally put a seal over the rim. Yeah, she had me totally convinced that the fact that they were able to grab their own misses more effectively made them a better team. It's like, well, maybe maybe Baylor isn't as good at offensive rebounding because they don't miss as many shots.


Yes. And shut up that Baylor walk on who came in and hit the over with, trying just way too hard in a 20 point game. Actually, you know what, Jake? Put this in the rim, put this in your calendar. Reminder, I want to do a first team walk on like National Walk on Team of the year for all. Just leave. That player got put on scholarship the night before the game.


Oh, wow. That's incredible. So I want to next year, like everyone does, like, you know, all Americans, I want to have a spread covering walk on all-American team. Got it. So we're. You have guys who cover spring because they always it's it's the best part about college basketball is like guys who come in with two minutes left and they shouldn't be playing in a game and they are just trying way, way too hard. And you get moments like that.


You could tell that he wanted to make one of those shots. Yeah, he stepped up to the line. He started like patting his chest. He's like, you got he was following through on his chest on a free throw. You rarely see that somebody hold the hand up and wait for the shot to go in. It was electric. Where do we stand on the court?


Are this the splattered paint, the Jackson?


Yes. It did look like there was a massive spill. It looked like the court got Bukowski before the game started. It was it's a little distracting. I'm one of the guys that when you see like a final four, I just want it to look normal. Yeah.


As normal as you can make a court, that is the perfect final four, cause it reminds me of there's a great writer in in Chicago, Rick Telander, who he's been a sportswriter forever for the Sun-Times, and he like think was pretty about ten years ago. You know how they have the graphic on the baseline in the NBA? He thought that it was actually coming out of the ground and he wrote an article or amendment, a tweet being like this is a hazard to the players.


They could trip over it. I like it. And it was like, no, dude, that's actually just like painted on there. Yeah. It's like when you watch a professional like EPL, sometimes they'll have the fake 3D graphics on the screen right in the middle of the field. But he's like, somebody should get that big triangular pad that says fly immoralities off the field. Someone's going to get hurt. But Rick was ahead of his time because I actually agree with him.


Yeah, they like some they get too funky with the baseline and it fucks you up. I agree. He like he was criticized then he should be lauded now. Be like the technology on the baseline. Just keep it simple. Yes. I want a court that looks exactly like the courts did the minute they introduced Hickory Hollow.


Yeah. Yeah, exactly. I don't even yeah. I don't even want anything there.


I just want it to be old would look don't you think though it's like it's like the Super Bowl logos, like it's better when they have more personality, like when they show clips of the old tournaments and they're playing on the the random floors or the different colored floors, like it's better than when they just turned everything into generic put it at midcourt.


Boom, done. They actually do different Final Four logos every year.


It's just the paint splattered did fuck me up a little. Yeah. Because I thought there was confetti on the ground or something. Whose job was it. I want that guy's job to just like go around and drop cans of paint on the baseline on the sidelines.


We had a lot more to work with because they're like we have no fans. So you have all this extra space. Yeah. Yeah. Like the court look like I had been standing on it watching Miley Cyrus perform. All right.


Bonke the don't act like she didn't put on the best performance on television.


Yeah. I've ever seen. I love Miley forever. I fucking love Miley.


Yeah. I'm out on Cardi B I got new friend Miley Cyrus. Yeah. Miley's fucking awesome. She's a great singer. That's where I respect her as a singer. Anything else from the final four. Anything else. Well we had also the women's championship tonight. Arizona won or no. Stanford won. Arizona covered. So Arizona won in my mind. UConn, though, chose bad Friday night. PJI buckets Friday. Awesome game. So like the Baylor UConn game was up there with any other tournament games.


I'm not just saying this. I'm sure people will be like, oh, you're just I fucking I watched the from I think the Sweet Sixteen on. It was great.


The Stanford, Arizona, Stanford, South Carolina game on Friday night was one of the best games basketball I've ever seen. Like the second half of that last chance.


Last ten seconds. That's crazy. You saw like there was a put back shot that hit off the back room from Boston and then she started crying. I've never seen somebody cry more tears as fast as she did right when that happened. Like, you have to be very sad to have your entire face covered in tears within a half a second of something bad happening. Yeah, it's just you felt bad. It was one of those water. I was like, yes, because I bet on Stanford.


And then I was like, well, now I feel bad. But yeah, the last I think the last like five women's games I've watched have all been incredible.


Yes. Yes. And yeah. Shot out Arizona for covering. All right, let's do who's back of the week and then we will get to Triple H who's back in the week is brought to you by our friends at Kashyap. Kashyap is back. Kashyap is back of the week because you can buy Bitcoin, you can buy stocks, you can do everything with the cash app link directly to your bank account. Super easy to use. And if you put in the promo code, take or sorry BASTABLE, you'll get ten dollars for free and ten dollars goes to the ASPCA.


Download the cash out from the App Store Google Play store today. And of course, thank you again to our friends at the cash app. Go do it. Download the cash app. It's great app and use that code bar stool. You get ten dollars. For free in 10 hours, the ASPCA, Henry, who's back of the week, my guy Paul Pierce, the truth. Yes, yes. Went on Instagram live Friday night, had like 300 people watching them, I think.


I don't know if you you know, he's the guy that tweeted a picture of the rocket emoji instead of the actual emoji. You know, there's the picture of him with the two phones, you know, knows if he knew that he was actually on Instagram live or not Internet literate.


No, no. Yeah. So he went on Instagram.


I've had a bunch of strippers at his house whose answers, OK, we don't know if they showed up in that in their underwear or if they took off other clothes to get into their underwear.


The reality of pfft, he's going to talk about ramming stuff down Miley Cyrus's orifices.


No, no, no, no. I was talking about her doing that to me. Please dance. Totally not stripper. Yes.


I was hanging out with the dancers shitfaced and it was just a hilarious thing. Yeah. Like three people watching. And then obviously someone screamed, recorded it. People took the screenshots, put them on Twitter, had like a bazillion views. Everyone was talking about it. And then he tweeted like at like seven o'clock last night, like good morning, the greatest one of the greatest tweets.


Like if you don't have the context, you would not understand what's going on. But it's in the middle of the Gonzaga UCLA game.


And he just pop song for a good morning because, you know, after being basically the conversation, you know, everyone's like there's always a main character on Twitter every single day, like he never wanted to be you. He was the main character on Twitter for the entire morning, like lead up to the Gonzaga.


It was impressive that he was able to log off and stay offline for that long. He actually just woke up. But, yeah, like most people would have tried to put together like some sort of PR statement or like an apology and notes app, maybe, but not Paul. He was just like, you know what, I'm going to wait until the middle of the most exciting basketball game possible. And that's what I mean. It was actually a brilliant move on his part.


It makes it so much better knowing that there were probably people at ESPN and Disney freaking out and like his agent was calling him. And everyone's like, dude, what are you doing? Like your trending. Good morning. Like, what are you going to do? You know, he's up now. My favorite was when he was he was like talking to the phone. It must have been a bizarre thing to see if you were in the room because Paul Pierce was just holding his phone up in front of his face, talking into his phone while he had women stripping behind him, dancing, dancing, throwing chips.


And he was like, music. Where are you from? Oh, in Istanbul's. Yeah, I like turkeys. Yeah, like, I've been to turkeys, man.


What I mean, it's awesome. Hilarious move. And Paul Pierce, like an athlete just essentially saying, I have all this money, I have a ring, I'm just going to have fun. And what are you gonna do about it. The truth.


The best. The best is that.


Yeah. And I also had every franchise in the history of Warner Brothers. Oh yeah. Space Jam, Space Jam commercial came out and every franchise in history, Warner Brothers was made a cameo. Game of Thrones, Clockwork Orange, Clockwork Orange making a new super team.


Guys see that here about that. Yeah, that was funny.


Lola Bunny before everyone shut up, shut out our guy beat up Carlin being like this movie's for kids. Like if you don't like, I was like, dude, just that's what's wrong. I don't care that it's for kids.


I'm still going to bash it like of course I am. That's what I'm going to do. Yeah. No, I'm gonna watch it. And if I like it, which I probably will, I won't say it. Yeah.


What, what was it like. What in the Matrix. Hell yes. He's like going into the server and then he is like yeah. Does it honestly looks like it's going to be in the head.


Yes. No it looks like it's going to be a good movie. You wanna watch something like that. That's what I'm thinking. My who's back in the week is Jordan Spieth.


Yeah. Jordan Spieth won. And it's very funny to see the people who were like, this is the best storyline. This is the best thing that we could have for golf, because Jordan Spieth won again. We've all been rooting for Jordan Spieth to finally make a comeback. And I've never really understood, like, I guess Jordan Spieth is OK, but he's like he's like Billy's little brother. Well, he was supposed to be the next one. Yeah.


But I don't understand why people are like, this is so awesome that Jordan Spieth is why is he the most suitable?


Because personally, he was everyone anointed him as like the next great thing. He was awesome to start his career. And if you watch him, he is the biggest headcase of all time.


So I think everyone feels bad for him because, like, he'll do that, he'll do that thing in the tee box where he'll he'll like have like a nervous tic with his, like, club in his hand and his towel and all that stuff.


OK, so he reminds them of him some of themselves sometimes. Yeah, he's had meltdowns, he's had just very public like failures. So I think it's just like anything in America where we build people up just to tear him down. And when they're at their absolute lowest, we root them on and be like we were with them from day one.


Yeah, exactly where you get the greatest story, watching somebody overcome a situation that you've put them in. Actually, that's why that Sorgi did so many kidnapings and murders.


Yes, he enjoyed the story of watching them escape, but it was weird like seeing they acted like he was like he. Battled back from having like a severe back injury or like he was paralyzed and now he's learned to walk again and he can win or like a coach that got into a vehicular manslaughter situation and then they came back like they were acting like there's a feel good story like that, not just like a guy that was good. Then he was bad.


Now he's good again. Yeah, OK. But he's also balding. But OK, that also adds into the whole thing where it's like, hey, that sucks. You're like 24 and you've lost your hair. Not twenty four anymore. But he was losing his hair when he was like twenty four.


Yeah. That one shot that they'd always have of him at the end of any round on the 18th green taking the hat off, you see the giant white line on his forehead.


And if you can get the bald community behind you, I mean you got like SBP to Kivi Forcillo Sello not really balding. That's more by choice. The Rock, the rock.


Larry David here. Howie Mandel. Woody, Billy, Billy. You got someone. Petchey Oh, Jesus. Colbran, Charlie Villanueva.


Come on Kevin Durant. Come on Billy. You Keogan one bald person. Who Rogan. Joe Rogan. Oh here we go. OK, ok. Good job Billy. He's searching bald people.


People. Yes.


Tell me what comes up the night king. The night king. Good one. Hank Costanza. Johnny since. Oh yeah.


Go the porn route. Carl Ravishes episode ever. Carl Ravich. Yes Bill Self the boy.


All right. My Who's back of the week is war mode. War mode is back. So I was driving into work, you know, a couple hours ago and I was pulling on from Twenty Ninth Street to seventh and I see a young Billy football crossing the street. So I thought, hey, this would be funny. I run them over, turned towards him and I lay on my horn and to say that I saw war mode boys, he didn't know it was me.


He clenched his fist and started screaming so loud at my car.


I was actually nervous that he was going to, like, try to just strangle me through the window. I saw war mode. I saw it like now I know why Jose Canseco took a dove wearing his Sunday best for Easter.


It was crazy. And then we were like a little V-neck sweater.


When I when I pulled down the one, I was like, Hey, Billy, it's me. He was so, like, ashamed because I saw a rage and I saw I saw the weapons.


Yeah, weapons.


I mean, if he, like, punched your car, he could have destroyed it.


It was fucking nuts, dude. He was he went for berserker mode zero to 60.


No, no, no, I it wasn't zero to 60. I beeped in the crosswalk. I get beeped out once and I'm like, oh fuck is the light red. Am I the asshole. Look, I saw green light and then in my mind it's like, OK. And then I was like, oh, maybe the guy I moved my brain moves pretty fast. Yeah.


Maybe the guy that's an understanding. Maybe the guy didn't know that.


But then guy. Yeah well whoever was beeping at me. So anyway the guy in my who I don't know who it is yet lays on the horn again after that.


And then I was like this motherfucker and he went, he's a rageaholic. I think you know, do you remember when he was doing the burner thing and he got and you saw the veins pop? Is that is that the mode you saw? Yes, sir.


I'm scared. Like, I actually you know what? My shoulder started to hurt right away. And I was like, I'll just take my million dollars and and lay down in the corner of the ring. I'm not on steroids, I swear.


I think Billy just walked away. I came out of nowhere. Everyone was accused me of roid rage. Everyone everyone. Was everyone still doing it?


Yeah, well, that's no. OK, no, seriously, Billy, are you all right? I think most people right now listening to this objectively are like Billy's definitely not on steroids because he just said it out of the blue.


Guys, I'm also I swear on the record, I'm not on steroids. I'm not on steroids as well.


Same Billy. I mean, I will take a piss.


I could look at you and be like, I know you're not on steroids, but people can't see that shit. Jay shooting up with things he hasn't said early. Slip me some.


Oh, Mickey. Oh, my other. Who's back is Brooks Koepka because he's going to play in the Masters. He's going to give it a go. I think he's still injured. He actually had an Instagram story where it was I think it was the kid from Little Giants.


He's got to pay for that engagement ring. Yeah. All all like bundled up in and Styrofoam.


So he's, he's going to do it. He's a warrior. It's it was a questionable move on his part to get engaged on April Fool's Day. That seems like a very tricky day to be able to pull off something that's sincere. Yes.


Oh, also, John Rahm, I think just had a kid. And that's like the best, like betting advice you'll ever get in your entire life is after guy in on the PG has a kid. They always win.


Yep. Because they always have the. Maybe that shows up to greet them and yeah, yeah, maximum of plus five thousand. Does he have to make the cut to where Max Max should just like, adopt a kid last minute?


Was mean to me. Maybe we'll have him on on Wednesday. Max, if you want to adopt Billy so that you can be like I also have a new son. Yes. Get a little bit that magic going. He's not on steroids. No.


All right, Billy, I. Who's back the week is ketosis. I think it's time, as I've been, you know, thinking a lot about your guys health recently. We've been through a couple of health scares, kidney stones, whatnot. And, you know, big cat. He's been on a diet recently. So I thought, let's take it seriously.


This time for four days, we're going to get you guys meal prep, which is great. And we're just going to go for it because I read this study that it out when your brain runs on ketones, it's neuroprotective.


So like it wards off stuff like Alzheimer's or like, you know, like, do you think we have dementia?


Do you think we're in this? How does how does the inquisitive mind like yours go about finding studies?


These I live on a weird part of the Internet, but it's fine, but I think it's actually really cool and I'll do it too this time.


All right. Here's my only problem is last time you put us on ketosis, the rules changed. Like every bite this having this time I'm going to get the the plan made out by a little meal prep type stuff, and it's going to be awesome. I've also heard that ketosis cannot be a great idea if you have any sort of, like, kidney issue.


Is that true? Having liver issues, liver issues? Well, I might have that, too. Yeah. So. Well, you want to look at the beach, I you want a six pack summer. Yeah. So we'll actually get it. We'll get to it. We'll be sick. I'm actually not going to get a six pack. There's things that I have, the goals that I have in mind to achieve a six pack. It's just a list of six goals.


I call that six. Not true. I changed my mind about having a six pack the second it left my lips.


No way actually can do it. I want to make Jake do it to be great. All right. Billy's got a scheme, but that's besides somebody paying Billy to put us. He's got a scheme.


I don't have a scheme. You have a how can I get food scheme? Yeah. Yeah.


Billy, you just want free protein. He told me this guy I mean, he's sorry he didn't tell me there's a scheme. He told me it was like, here's the plan. And it actually is a good plan. It's legitimately good plan. But now that I've thought about it more, it's really just Billy. Once he was like, we could get a meal company or we could get like someone to give us a bunch of meat and we'll cook it.


Got it.


Now, I'm realizing now that you're saying it out loud in on the show, it's like you're just figure out a way to get meat all summer. Respect. Yeah, no, dude, I'm cool with that. You get me in shape, you get free me boom.


Done. That's fair. No, we're actually do it. But you need to do the shape. You need to get me in shape.


You know, I will get the free man. So it's basically like weed ptosis.


What's that? It's like this new diet. I read a study on you just smoke weed.


Yeah, I've I have a question for you, Billy, as our nutritionist, do you think, like, I was thinking, could there could I just like do like a cereal diet or like PB and J diet, something that's not that hard. Like just like we only eat peanut butter and jelly. I'd probably work. All right. So maybe we'll do that. You should use me as your test tube. Then came Tim Brown used to do the the cereal diet.


Right. Did I think so?


I think his thing was like people be like how are you in such great shape all the time showing up for training camps. You'd be like, I literally eat cereal for every meal.


That would be awesome. But like I want. But I also like the the problem is I say it, but it's all just going to be sugar cereal. Well, you also get you get protein from the shrimp. Yeah, no, it's true. I want to see what my brain is like on ketones because like they say that you get so much more energy and like people drink less like one guy.


I was like, I don't have to drink coffee anymore. I'm just.


So it sounds like you just want to use cocaine. Yeah. I don't want. Will you you're you're your great on ptosis. I might be like being on cocaine. I'm in. I'm in man. Billy Boom. Billy what way. Billy makes this podcast Joe Rogan show. That will happen in the summer. All right. Do you have a who's back.


Skip Bayless. Not being nice. Wait, that's the segment Kingsnake. Are you stealing that because thinks the law is unintentional. Scratch it. My who's back is languages.


Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK, they get on his feet here. No I actually had it ok. I like this. They released the Russia and the Hispanic final call is all cool. I saw that is like rate this versus that.


Well how do you know that they're not cussing in those languages Jake. They could be. They could be. Yeah. The only word I recognize is when they said the name.


Yeah. You should learn more languages and then you could be like a one stop shop for all the calls.


OK, I'll be kind of cool, right. Yeah. Do you see this. Do you speak Hebrew. So there it is.


You do the Hebrew cause you did a good job with your call. It kind of got washed out because they were all screaming but yeah.


But that's, you know, that's fucked up. That's worse baby. Yeah. And that's just the moment swept us all away. Happened I think aptly said he saw me just sink into the couches because I didn't get to. Well yeah, it happened.


I was like buzzer beater. I was like, I can watch this reaction pick that's going to go nuts. And then everyone stood up and started screaming big cat like sunk on the counter to go on, wear my emotions on my sleeve on that one.




Maybe I'll learn you should either do Hebrew or the Canadian call. Do all be very funny.


Do always do like twelve languages in the final call. Yes.


I'll try my best. Let's, let's have it ready for for Tuesday show. Have the winning like five seconds in every language that you got it. OK, awesome love Jake.


All right, let's get to our interview we got on the show. Before we do that, it's March Madness time and we're making up for last year's tourney, getting canceled by going bigger and harder this year. Look, our favorite sports drink body armor just came out with a new sports drink, plus caffeine called Edge. It's got one hundred milligrams of caffeine, a thousand milligrams of electrolytes. Keep you going through the last buzzer or finish line.


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It tastes great. It will keep you hydrated. And it will also make sure you're alert while you're watching, you know, the championship game tonight, one of the best games that hopefully we'll have all year. So check it out again. 7-Eleven or order on Amazon. You can find the flavors. Berry Blitz, tropical chaos, power punch, orange frenzy.


It is new body armor edge, body armor. Edge has it all in one drink. Caffeine, electrolytes, antioxidants, B, vitamin coconut water. It's all there for you. Body armor edge. They get a body armor edge. OK, here he is.


Triple H move. OK, we now welcome on recurring guest, someone we've had on before. We went up to Connecticut to interview him last time.


It is EVP of Global Talent Strategy and Development for WWE. It's. We have the next take takeover coming up April 7th, simulcast on USA Network and Peacocke, April 8th, live on Peacocke Wrestle Mania coming up that weekend, April 10th and April 11th, live from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa on Peacocke. So Triple H, I think we'd only ask you this question because we're not with you right now.


But we have had other people who are streaming on Peacocke on the show. And we have to ask, what's it like being on the clock? So far? I've loved it.


Yeah. You know, I didn't think it would be something I would say, but yeah. You know, so far it's been great. You know, some people complain about it, you know, but but so far it's been good. I think people are enjoying the peacock.


Yeah, OK. So so it's a real question here. People were complaining about it. So what do you do when you guys been so successful for so long? Is there a part of you when you hear fans be like, hey, this is the wrong direction or, you know, we're mad about this in today's world, does anything happen that people don't necessarily complain about?


You know? Oh, sure. Yeah. Tweeting about Paikin or something. You have dessert and baking even that. I guarantee you that people will bitch about baking. They have some kind of complaint about it right away. I cook too much. Like there's really no complaint about that. I'm of the opinion that no matter what you do, people are going to in their initial take on it. Their initial thought is to question or criticize. Nothing is perfect in its first iteration, and there'd be a lot of changes that are made.


We're aware of a lot of the things they had to get through. The transition was fast. They have to migrate a ton of content. People don't understand how much Clubcard there actually is on the WWE Network that needs to migrate over to peacocke. And and that's happening now. So, you know, it's a it's a work in progress. It's great that people like the WWE Network so much that they're concerned about where it's going. But I think that in short order will get there.


I think people will be excited. And I think there's going to be a great thing for people long term, you know, for the for the same as what you were paying before. You getting a lot more content and a lot more alternative stuff. And I think it'll be a good thing long term for everybody.


So if you're listening at home and you're not you're not watching this place right now sitting in front of a giant bookcase, you've got it looks to be like maybe one hundred books behind you. Have you read all those books?


What I was going to say, I like to imagine that they're all just really heavy things that look like books just in case you need to beat the shit out of somebody.


Yeah, there's a lot of that, actually. There's some of those are like books, that stuff that people send us over time for things that we were in or stuff like that. Probably not looked at any of them. I just oh, I was in that put on the shelf, never really looked at it.


It looks like you've got one anthology up there. Anthologies are always a nice look in the background.


Yeah, that's always of make you seem important, you know, towards the bottom. I don't know if you can see it towards the bottom. There's like some top stuff and some album stuff. I sweep my for my fiftieth birthday. My wife had Billy Gibbons played at my birthday party with.


I'm blanking right now, the singer from Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fogerty Fogerty song, already played, and so it's all stuff from that. That's awesome.


So I don't know. I'm sure you saw because you probably lived with him. But I saw a video of Vince, your father in law, deadlifting over almost a thousand pounds. He's 75 years old. Are you worried that he's going to kick your ass?


So you saw a video of him deadlifting a thousand pounds squatting.


It was squatting. Sorry. Oh, sorry. I'm laughing. Yeah, it was a weird squatting machine is.


Yeah, yeah, it's pitch dark, it's called. No, no, look, Vince is incredible and you can. Say that it's almost like every level he's he's seventy five plus his work ethic is greater than anybody I've ever seen. He still to this day, you know, I mean, he's he's in the office first thing in the day. He's there all day. He's meeting with writers till 1:00 in the morning, 2:00 in the morning. Then he goes downstairs and he trains his trainers.


They're like ungodly hours. They go downstairs at two a.m. and I mean, he just gets after it and he doesn't sleep that much. Still trains like that still, you know, it's very particular about his food. He's just a machine. He's just a very disciplined person. And that is his work ethic is second to none of his most people that work in this company. I think long term, it's just there's just a burnout factor. It's hard to hang with him for a long period of time if you're on the same schedule he's on.


And it's it's it's twenty four. Seven. Yeah.


I'm watching the video right now. It's got you've got AC DC blaring in the background. I have to imagine just walking through the hallways of WWE, there's just always coming from every single room if your event is there.


Yes. Yeah. It's like kids go to music, especially for training like these. He listen to the same stuff every time when he trains, you know. Yeah. He just he's just he's a creature of habit, but he's also he's just insane when it comes to that stuff. You know, he will will wrap up Raul. You know, on a Monday night, it's 11, he's got to travel somewhere and then, you know, you'll you'll get where you're going and he'll go out, I'm like speeding.


I've got to gym right now. And he's either found a gym that's open twenty four hours before he's had somebody preemptively go in there and talk to the gym owner and he's got them going in there and opening it up for him at 1:00 in the morning or whatever time it is, so he can go in there and train and he's just the machine with that stuff. And yeah, it's a great thing if you like to work out. It's a great thing having a beat head for a boss in a way, because, you know, you're going to have a first class gym.


We're in the process of of talking about moving some things and and, you know, office spaces and all that. And that's the first thing. He's like, well, where's the gym going to go? Let's ask his first question. What keeps so it keeps him moving. So I'm pumped for wrestling. Maybe it's in Tampa. I have a prediction. You can I'm just going to judge your eyes if you don't answer yes or no. Rob Gronkowski is going to make a return to wrestle mania this year.


Yes or no?


It's a possibility. It's been. I know that's been discussed. I'm a I'm of the opinion that as the first opportunity with Gronk was happening and we were meeting with them and around the Super Bowl and everything else, like you kind of sort of don't know what Grant's going to do until he does what he's going to do. So you can have a lot of conversations, but until he actually shows up somewhere, I don't know that it's actually going to happen.


So there's been conversations around that. But, you know, there's going to be a lot of, as always, celebrity influence. And I know, as you guys know, Bad Bunny is is heavily involved in this year's wrestle mania will actually be wrestling the biz. I might want to wrestle mania, and that's incredible. And it's funny to me to tell you this, because I think a lot of people look at somebody like that bunny and they go like, what is he doing?


You know, WWE, I wish they wouldn't do that or whatever. I haven't seen is one of the guys that from a celebrity standpoint, he's been a huge fan. And I've met him a few times and I knew he was at that level of fandom. But when I say dedicated himself to the idea that he was going to do something with WWE, like picked himself up, rented a house in Orlando, moved to Orlando and has been at the PC every day.


I mean, going at it, I see people on line go away. First time he takes a bath in the ring, he'll be done with it. To do that was a long time ago. He is tearing it up in the ring every day. So when people say, you know, always taken up is what he's earned my respect and he's spot that he has. He doesn't need to be doing this. It's a dream for him. He's like a little kid.


That's that's getting the opportunity to do what he's dreamed of his whole life. And but he's not just saying they're giving me the spot because I'm a you know, I'm an international music star or whatever. He's he's earned every second of it.


So one of my favorite parts about wrestle mania is the Hall of Fame. And came got is getting inducted this year, one of my favorite wrestlers of all time.


How does the Hall of Fame voting process work? Because we like to make fun of like Baseball Hall of Fame. They're all just old writers who are, you know, stuck up their own ass. How does who decides the Wrestling Hall of Fame? How does that go down?


So there's a lot of people that put in suggestion on it from within the company. So writing teams. You have people in television production, so across the board, there's a lot of people putting input into it and then it gets whittled down by different departments until we get to a base of more people than we need. And then Vince makes the final call on where it's going to go from there.


I love that. So you just to get to decide, it's like whoever will get the highest ratings, right. Vince is going to put those guys.


I love his life to get to a degree. I think it's a little bit of that. You know, Vince looks at Hall of Fame as WWE looks at Hall of Fame as a moment of entertainment as well. So it's not just about who's going to go in in that moment. It's it's a part of a show. And what he believes in as part of that is somebody like Chain is going to get an opportunity to go on a stage. This year will be different because of the way it is, but but, you know, in years past, you're going to get an opportunity to go and relive your career one more time in a show and sort of be a part of that and have an entertainment value to that.


And you want to kind of make that a show across the board, not just be. Some stodgy show that's, you know, you're an hour and forty five minutes in and you regret watching because everybody's been saying the same thing is boring. You wanted to have kind of ups and downs and the entertainment, and he really believes in that. So that that's what a lot of what goes into it. I think the the sort of the who deserves to be in is talked about a lot from everybody else.


And then he kind of takes that list of who deserves and then kind of goes through it and figures out how the entertainment component of it can work and say, like, this guy is going to be really dry. This guy will be dry, too. Let's wait for this dry guy in next year, because I put this dry guy in already this year. So, you know, balance it out.


But all Hall of Fame should be like this. That's what I was kind of getting at. Like there. If you're the if you're the commissioner, if you're the president, if you're the owner, you should just get you basically become God. Vince McMahon gets to be God. And he's like, all right, you're in, you're out. That's how it should be. Not writers. None of this other stuff. It's just one person deciding all of it.


You know, it's a funny thing for me is when whenever I see stuff like that, I watch people go, well, well, who decides this? And why is it decided that way? And it's so biased. It's terrible. But anybody that decides, if you let one person decide, it's always biased. Right. Because at that point, it's just opinions. Music Hall of Fame. What's good music? It's opinion. Yeah. You know, so.


So all those things become opinion. Who should be and who shouldn't be. And it's all opinion, I guess, to your point, at the end of the day, if you if your gig, you get to have the opinion. Yeah, exactly.


I also read online that you're friends with Ben Roethlisberger. Is that true? I am. So what are the odds of Ben ever getting into the ring?


You think you think Ben could handle a few bumps and stuff, and he he he's he's one of those guys that's that's played some seasons, pretty banged up and and and, you know, just keeps rolling. It's a funny thing. I met Ben years ago. A bunch of the offensive line came to a bunch of shows in Pittsburgh. And then they they did something with us at a raw television with Dayaks, actually. And Roethlisberger was in the ring and they did some things.


It's a funny thing. I'm not a huge football fan, so I'll go to the Super Bowl, but I don't know enough about it to sit there and debate it or talk about, you know, Shawn Michaels makes fun of me all the time, like I make the joke, but I don't even know what it is. And so Ben and I kind of hit it off, but more based on just outside life. And and we never like I've been to some of his games, but we hardly ever talk about football.


He's come to the wrestling, but he doesn't really ever he doesn't follow that closely. But at a time in his life where he was trying to figure out how to stop being Big Ben, I think, and get down to real life and not have to be this image anymore and and, you know, get married, have kids and change who he was and all that. We kind of bonded around a lot of that stuff. So we have a cool relationship.


We don't talk all the time, but every now and then, you know, we get on the phone together.


So you might not be able to answer this, but I'm very curious. The Wrestle mania is such a great spectacle. It's awesome to watch on TV, watch it on the Peacocke, be on the peacocke streaming on Saturday and Sunday night and take over Wednesday and Thursday. What's the funniest or most ridiculous line item in the Wrestle Mania budget like? I would imagine you look at the pyrotechnic techniques budget, you're like, whoa, we spent 15 million dollars on fireworks.


We're like, what's the one that you look at? You're like, whoa, you've driven some crazy cars into wrestle mania that I'm sure cost a lot. What's the one thing that pops out? You're like, whoa, we could there's a lot of money for this. Yeah.


Well, it's tough to say, I think I've been blown away sometimes by this one, I don't know how much it costs, but years ago, you know, my music stunned by Motorhead, quite a few. They played me to the ring at one of the wrestling venues. And I remember walking into the dressing room when we were talking. I remember walking in there and like it looked like we were at a liquor store. Yeah. There was so much booze in there.


And and then like a little like tray with like some ham and some 20 something, you know, like. Yeah.


And just like every booze imaginable and like shelves and piles. And I just thinking like, wow, that's the writer for them. Like how can you live like this. Like, you know three of them, like in person crew. How much booze can they drink. Apparently you know, and I would get to know them much better after that, but a lot. And so it always just baffled me sometimes the things that like when celebrities come in that they require the one celebrity one time that came in where we had to have a bus for months set, even though we had locker rooms and dressing rooms and everything else that had to be a bus and the thread count had to be like 5000 thread count sheets that we had to have special order.


And then he never even went on the bus.


Yeah, but that's just going to know that he could do it. Yeah, that's a power move.


Yeah. That's how he trusted us. Is like he just walked on the bus. Look, there's five thousand thread count sheets. These guys are quality people. Yeah.


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Back to Triple H.


Would you play our show like Wrestle Mania? I've always wondered how you time it out. Like when you're when you're going through the matches, you're like, well, it's going to take us two minutes here to set the ladder up.


It's going to take us three minutes to get the snakes. Like, how how intricate do you get with the timing to know how long each each match is going to last and what goes into that?


So it's funny that you when it comes to the individual stuff, you sort of we've been doing this for so long, you have a handle on these items are going to take this long, this entrance. We've done it enough by that. Where we've done the rehearsals, we know about what the entrance is going to take. We know what the layout of that when it comes to the matches. Our talent for the most part, have been doing this for so long that they almost have like this internal clock inside of them that plays through.


So as you're laying stuff out, you know, it's not always accurate to try some matches. You might like something out for 20 minutes. You end up going twenty seven or Manea where time is of a premium or even more so on live TV, where, you know, you got to hit, you've got to go off the air at 11:00 and they're just going to go off the air. So if the finish doesn't happen, that doesn't make the air.


You got to be pretty accurate with it. You learn to do that over time. It's it's tough. You know, you're there's a constant dialog of the performers talking about things like. So that aftermath there with the run in and this feels like it's about two and a half. So let's budget that for three to week. That means we need to go here and have the finished take place here because we need three minutes on the end of that just constant dialog going of you trying to figure those things out.


And then as the production is coming through, time cues are happening and you're and you're trying to be as accurate to it as possible. But it's. It's a process, and I can tell you from from our standpoint, we sit up there and and do all this stuff, but if you've never been in it and you were to come up to what we call gorilla position, where everybody goes up, we sort of control everything. If you're not used to that, the amount of information that's happening and how fast it's happening and how quickly people are talking and changing things is mind boggling.


You know, to is just kind of what we're doing and it's just happening. But I think if you weren't used to that, you'd be like, oh, my God, how do they ever possibly do this show, you know, and have it work? Yeah, because it's it's all over the place.


So Anex kind of your baby. Wednesday and Thursday, we have to take over. What should we expect from that? Because I think a lot of people are excited and you've done a great job. You now see the kind of minor leagues I don't want to call it minor leagues, but you've seen the transition where some of the people you have signed are now wrestling and wrestle mania. But what can we expect on Wednesday and Thursday night?


Yes, I think over the years and he's grown from being just kind of exactly that. Only a developmental product where you saw these new talent come in and then they made their way up and they they kind of either thrived or fell off as they made it to Rod Smackdown. And you see that from everybody from, you know, Roman reigns to Drew Macintyre to, you know, big even was, you know, in the next and was champion there.


I think next, he now has has morphed into becoming sort of its own brand, and we will have two nights of what I think tends to be. This will sound bad because I don't want to talk a lot, but sometimes I will hear people describe it next as a bit more passionate in that the it's sort of like college football where you're still playing for the love of the game. It has to become about just money yet or just position yet or, you know, questioning if a guy's going to stay in there because he might be slightly injured.


So he's going to pull himself out of it. Whereas I think in the next team that there that passion comes across after they're still trying to prove a point. They're still trying to make a name for themselves and still trying to prove to the world that they are among the best in the world. And so I think when you get to that level and you get to night one, you're going to see people that are some new people like Ricardo Gonzalez is going to be there to try to show the world that she's one of the best women in the world.


Uteri who's been considered that is going to make sure that everybody knows that her spot is is well received. And up the next night, you're going to have the same thing with Baylor and guys like Baylor and Adam Cole that have been there for a long time or been in the business for a long time, continuing to show their dominance. But yet guys like Kyle O'Reilly carry it cross, try to show, hey, I'm I'm the next generation and I'm taking this spot.


So I think you see that passion a bit more. The product is intense when it when it comes to like NFTE stuff.


Big Kanigher, we're both pretty dumb, but I think we understand what NFTE are. We don't get them. But I feel like WWE is like tailor made for NFTE. Like if you if I could buy like Mick Foley jumping off of a cage or stone cold beer hose down, you like driving the beer truck out.


That actually that to me makes more sense to like buy those moments than, like a random NBA block. So is that something that you guys have been exploring at all?


Yeah, I think those are things as technology changes, as those opportunities become available, it's always things that we're looking at. You know, Vince has a big philosophy of not wanting to be the first person to jump in the pool. You also don't want to be the last person to jump in the pool. You want to you want to kind of let one or two people jump in there, make sure it's safe, then you jump in. And that's, I think, where we are.


But we look at all those options. And I do agree with you. I think in some ways we're tailor made for that, rather like you said, rather than some random dunk or something like that. In the NBA. Our moments are iconic. It's what we do. We create iconic moments, you know, Andre slamming Hogan or whatever, that it is those iconic moments that live forever in people's minds. I think those are the things that lead themselves to that.


And look, I'm to be honest with you, I'm like you. I don't necessarily fully understand that stuff. But it's something we look at and have a lot of people in our company that are a lot smarter than any of those things. Looking at them constantly.


Quick headline grabbing C.M. Punk. You remember maybe maybe give him a call, when's the last time you talked to him? Last time I talked to him. But a year and a half, year and three quarters ago. You know. It's a funny thing that people constantly will say, you know, when his return is or but but in some way, I don't know whether he does or not, but that has to be what he wants, right?


When people talk about they go out, make the call. What says if we make the call, he wants to answer what says if we make the call, he doesn't go like that. I'm not ready to do that anymore. You know, maybe he's just done with. I think that those are conversations that only those people can can directly answer and think. If he wants to do it either, either we would get word and we would have those conversations or he would make a call or anything like that.


But but there has to be desire there to do something like that. Is businesses to all in the. Just go like, all right. I think it comes back to like as a wrestling fan myself, you always when guys are gone, you always just expect that dramatic return like undertaker's retired, right? I still expect him to show up. Like, I just. You always expect the guys that you loved watching to pop up when you don't expect it and be like an unbelievable pop.


So I'm going to pretend that that was the coy answer. And you've talked to him and it's just around the corner.


Yeah, no, that's what people do. They pretend whatever they want to believe and then they get to the they get to the answer they were looking for in the first place.


So, yeah, people can believe what they want. They can read into it, they can read it the conspiracy theories. They can read into all that stuff. Part of the beauty of what we do, I think it's part of what resonates. About WWE is there's always that possibility of the what ifs, right, and, you know, it's funny, we did a thing a bit ago here where Sean Michaels came out on Urtext and put the ladder out from under the ring to make a ladder match for a match between Santos Basketball and Jordan Devlins that take over wrestle Mania Week.


And after that, when he was leaving, he ran into Adam Cole backstage and they they just had a moment together and then they just walked off and the Internet blew up with people saying, oh, my God, the what ifs, what a tease. That's the ultimate badge to want. And what they don't know is that three minutes prior to that, when Sean's music hit, he was walking out. The stage has left BKB out and he started dancing to his music because he almost fell off the stage because his left knee is so bad that he buckled on him while he was walking down the ramp like, yeah, that isn't going to happen.


But but in your mind, it's always the what ifs. Right. And those are the that's kind of the magic of what we do. Any moment Taylor can come back, any moment. Maybe Cain can come back. Whether when it's done, you are glad you saw it is another question.


But it's there's always that that what if that was such a smart way for you to just be like Adam Cole and Sean Michaels are never going to be in the ring together. That was smart by you.


That was a good cover up. Good job. Yeah. Triplicates, you're good at what you do, but I could just be making that up totally to throw you off. Yeah. So I was going to try to win that match.


I was I was just like, why would you have gone to those links to tell me that story you're reading off of something behind. This is not the first time you've done press.


Exactly, exactly. With the sandwich is like it's the same thing, it's why you wear glasses.


So I don't know when you're lying during these interviews except the entire time, everything that I don't believe a word that I say honestly, the the way I did the scene punk stuff, it sounds to me like it's just a case of like a couple and you're waiting for the other person to make that call.


Like, show me that you want this.


He's probably on the other end being like, I'll I'll take the call any time they want to call me. But so maybe we can say, for the record, you're saying that if she were to call you, you would take that call, you would be interested to speak with him?


Look, I think at any point in time, if somebody in this business, for thing like people say, would you take the call for me that I can't think of anybody in the business, that if they called me, I would take the phone call, whether in the business or whatever, and I would answer the phone. I think we would have a conversation about it. But again, you know, she worked with us on on the Fox show of, what, a year ago?


And there was opportunities there. There were people around each other at all times. You know, again, I'll never say never, but the desire needs to be there on all sides to make things happen.


What about you? When's the next time we're going to get you in there? Of course, I could be just saying that, you know. Yeah, yeah. I hear you. Yeah, exactly.


What about you? When are we going to see you in the ring again?


Who? I hope not for a while. You know, it's. WWE is a fast moving company, and in this last year, especially with covid and all the challenges that it's taken us people forget what it's like to try to put on a live event still in in this environment. And we're on a weekly basis. You know, it's live television, live performances, and we're still in the middle of a pandemic and don't have fans. And it's challenging and it's gotten busier and busier and busier.


And as as we got closer to wrestle mania this year, there were a lot of people that came up to me and said, hey, what are you thinking about wrestle mania this year? What do you think about being you? AJ Styles being one was very vocal about it. He kept calling me out on the Internet doing all this thing and we talked about it on TV. And I was like, AJ, it's not going to happen, dude.


Like I you can. I know you think you're just baiting me into this somehow, that I'm I'm playing coy and I want you to come out, but it's not going to happen. Like, I just don't have the time or the bandwidth to be able to do it. So, you know, of course, that could also be my story, right? Yeah.


Well, I mean, what would happen at Wrestle Mania if somebody just walked up to you, any wrestler just walked up to you and just slapped you in the face on camera and then said, come meet me in the ring. You'd have to go meet that person in the ring.


Right? I suppose I would. Yeah, but it's a long walk and I might change my mind partway down. You know, Raymond James Stadium, a big stadium. So the ramp, the state, by the time you get halfway there, I don't know, your anger goes away. You know, I'd be angry at four by the time I got halfway there. I kind of know maybe I'd just go back and get some catering or something, you know?


Yes. Yes. Well, good cheesecake.


Yeah. Yeah. Well, it's just been awesome. We appreciate it. Everyone go watch Wrestle Mania on or so two weekends from now. It's April 10th and 11th from Raymond James Stadium and April 7th and 8th is the next take over. The Wednesday night is going to be on USA Network and Peacocke April eight, Thursday night will be on Peacocke. Go check it out. It's going to be great. There's nothing better than Russell Mania Week. We love it.


It's it's the Super Bowl for wrestling. So appreciate it and good luck.


Thank you very much. You guys should come on down. Let's have a ball. Yes.


I mean, I think you still owe us a date at the we were going to become refs. You're going to put us in the referee training program for next week. We'll do it. I feel like that's what we were meant to do.


Let's do it, let's do it. So come down Wednesday, Thursday, watch the show, Friday will train for Saturday. Sunday.


Russell Perfect. Perfect. All right. Well, thank you so much. Appreciate it. Appreciate it, guys. Thank you very much.


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OK, let's get to some segments.


We should just do an emergency way to stay relevant baseball. Shohei Ohtani is fucking electric. Yes. So we actually before we started the show we were like, hey, let's wait and see him hit. He throws one on one in the first inning and then he hits a fucking bomb in the second or sorry, bottom of the first first pitch. He's is like the modern day Babe Ruth. This is it's the plot of the natural. If you've ever seen that movie.


Yeah. This is awesome. This makes baseball so much fun. Yeah.


You know, I feel bad for Mike Trout because more people are going to be able to recognize Otani than Mike probably already in the world.


Yes. And the only weakness in Ohtani game is he's beatable. So, like, if you were if you really wanted to do it, you could just be an ohtani, what, four or five times a game? Yeah, really. Take away their best offensive and defensive player.


Everybody you got being the guy that could literally just be right back. Yeah, it's a good point. He could be in everybody.


Yeah, well that's what you want. He throws one. Oh he throws faster than what you can be. He can't bring all of us.


Oh yeah he could. Yeah. I guess you probably could. Yeah. So people tell you that might try to run.


Has never won a playoff series. Oh never been. Oh he's never won. Never won. I don't know if he's bad.


Is he like there Ben is Mike is saying. No I don't think he has. No I don't think he's bad. I think he's the Ryan Fitzpatrick of baseball. I don't think he's been Brandon Marshall. I don't think he's been.


Has he been the last time there in the playoffs or the twenty. Fourteen they got swept in the LDS.


Was he on that team zero wins. Yeah, never won. OK, so he's been to the playoffs. Have you really been though. If you've never won. Right. Yeah. Got swept. Yeah. I don't think maybe was twenty eleven. OK so he's been but he is not. It was also Tim Christian probably had to just like an hour long orgasm because I was looking it up about Otani the last time a male team didn't have a year had the pitcher DH was actually Joe Maddon incorrectly filling out the lineup card in 2009.


We had third base. Very funny. So then they had to cancel one third baseman and the pitcher had to.


How many baseball fantasy league managers are getting emails from everybody in their league trying to figure out how to score Otani performance? They changed the rules, right? Jake, you were saying something about it, I saw numbers.


My question, this might be a very stupid question, but if he comes out of the game as a pitcher but stays in the game as DH, can he come back in the game as a pitcher because he never came out of the game as a closer or whatever? I'll be saying.


Also, we say, heck no. Why did come out of the game? No, but he didn't he still in the game? If you're a pitcher and you go and you come out of the game but you go to first base, you could then come back and pitch, could you not?


Well, no, I don't think that you could. What would happen if you got put in the game as a first baseman?


No one was shown that you can be removed as a pitcher and come back as a pitcher because they don't stay in his hitters because it's never happened before. Right.


I don't I don't think it's I think it's defensive and offensive. I think it's different.


I think it's the same as hitters like you can't you couldn't be a DH get taken off as DH and then become the pitcher and come back over Little League rules so it doesn't count as long as he remains active in the game, he can reenter as a pitcher.


This is from Kaura. No shot that little league, no matter who you are or where it's like, oh yeah, that crowd.


Yeah, yeah. And that person, especially one guy who is the president of a strange company in Silicon Valley, there's all the questions. Whether they should do is they should have him like come out of the lineup when there's going to be left handed batters for that inning and then come back the next inning. Right. They should treat him just like, yeah, he's going to break the rules of baseball. OK, I'm on a message board called Baseball Fever that has this this is a thread from 2008.


Can a pitcher come on to pitch that after he's done get switched to play another position and then come back to pitch? That's the question. It's illegal and literally tuition's below. Uh, yes, players may switch positions any time during the game with the following rule being the only restriction on the pitching position. Rule 303 comment. A pitcher may change to another position only once during the same inning. For example, the pitcher will not be allowed to assume a position other than a pitcher more than once in the same inning.


What does that make sense?


That I don't know.


But I'm on the forms because they have answers to everything best they say. As we all know, there are several different positions in baseball. One common strain between all the positions is speed. Speed is an important role in all positions. In this workout we're going to be doing we're going to focus on explosive behavior.


There we go. You know what? Maybe should we try to call Dan Heron? I don't. I think you can do this, Hank. I think this is possible. I just want to call Devin Harris.


He's going to be like, what are you guys doing? Why are you calling me? I don't think I've ever FaceTime him. I don't know.


He would he would never pick up the face to face some guy.


If you have pugs, I think that's what you use them for it. That's true. What's the point?


Yeah, we'll cut this if he doesn't pick up and also really hurt my feelings I haven't talked to in a year was last time I had him on is about a year ago.


I think this is going to hurt my feelings.


He's probably mad that Billy didn't put together and stand here in for the Hall of Fame.


I yes, he probably got in probably excommunicating we in there and say, why did you pick up? I think you can do it, Hank, based on, baseball fever, dotcom and ask for. Yeah, I think that there's I think we found a loophole. I don't know why they would do it.


That's that's probably the more there's got to be like I'm trying to think of a scenario or if you had like a lefty come up and you're like, hey, we're going to do a lefty specialist for one at bat, then bring him back in.


But you can't do a one at bat. Lefty specialist, right? That's right. That's right. That's right. All right.


Well, baseball should let that happen just so the angels could do it, just so Tim Christian could get, like, reach Nirvana.


I'm also loving Tony La Russa in this game right now, because you know that you know that Tony has had two pops. He's got this underneath that mask for sure. Yes.


Like Andy Reid's barbecue rib. He's just got like, was it the the airplane bottle of Jack Daniels?


Yeah. Strapped in there. Yeah. Yeah.


Look at that mask is huge. He's got a CamelBak of absolute Absolut vodka.


You think he has like a race simulator in the dugout just so he can, you know, simulate getting behind the wheel.


I thought you were going in a different direction with the simulator thing. I do think he's got a tanning bed and hair dye guy back there because he pulled a major con, Skip Bayless. He came back in the league like, you're going to say that I'm old. Well, guess what? I'm going to come back with sandy blond hair. Yes, not the same La Russa.


So speaking of Skip will go to our Kings, St. Kings after that game on Saturday night, which was incredible. Skip Bayless, King St. Kings says no idea how you can call that an all time great college basketball game when it was won by a lucky shot. Unreal. It really is the best of being like. What does everyone like, let me go the opposite well, because he thinks that if he likes what everybody likes, then he's a casual skip has figured out the key to having a long, successful career as being Skip Bayless, and that is he is fully 100 percent comfortable with every single person in the world except for Earnestine hating him.


As long as he's got Earnestine at the end of the day, as long as he got a nice warm bed with Earnestine in the adjacent bedroom, unless it's a Saturday night. He is the happiest person on Earth.


He actually Skip Bayless. His brain should be studied just because he truly does not care that everyone hates. Yeah. And I think he might be the only person no shirt that actually feels that way. Yes. No, no shame whatsoever. I, I know that giving him attention is the wrong thing to do, but I just said it like 1:00 in the morning. I just tweeted, fuck you, Skip Bayless. It's just sometimes fun to just say fuck you.


And and one of our listeners responded, which I should have gone with this one. How about you go microwave your dick, Skip? That was good. So that was good. Yeah.


Did you see the most recent post that he put up on Instagram where he was shirtless all the time?


The rules and Skip Bayless house are bunk with what?


Me? Yeah. Yeah, you're right. I'll take that box.


He comes home, you see shirtless skip, and he comes home and he says, the rules in my house are earnestine makes me strip the second I walk into the door so she can put all my clothes in the washer and dryer. Just a picture of nude Skip Bayless and he's got a chain around his neck is chain, says Skip. Oh, God.


He's actually the more I talk about him, he's got it all figured out.


Yeah, he does. All right. We have a stay woak for the for the pro day that you had. Pfft.


Yeah. I've been noticing that every single player is running faster than everyone thought that they would.


So like Justin Fields ran what, like a four, three, five, four for Kyle Pitts I think also ran a four forward Kyle Pitts guys on this podcast.


I think I think that the major programs out there are making a section of their practice fields where the hash marks are slightly closer together. So the place where they have them run the 40 yard dashes at their own pro days, it's actually slightly less than 40 yards, which would make them time out better and then have pro scouts draft them higher, which in turn would increase recruiting in the future. Billies look at me like, holy shit, no, just blew my mind.


What do you think, Billy?


Are you in on it or are you going to say. Well actually how they do we just got to wait till the combine.


Well there isn't, there's not a combine should have taken place a month ago and it didn't. So it's pretty much this year thing because this year is the you're not here come. No, this is the year. This is the first year. They really are doing well, I guess. No, last year they did. Come on. This is the first year they're not doing combined. So this would be the year to get away with it, to get away with.


But in the future, you're going to have players probably not go to the combine as much. Yeah. Be like you can come to my pro day, check it out. And honestly, like, it's just if they're not doing it, they should be doing it.


Shame on them. Shame on you for not standing up for your players. I also think what they should do is they should take weights that say like forty five pounds on the side of them and make them like 35 pounds.




And then just be able to like break all the records when it comes to the bench press. Well, you know what the trick is.


You always max out the old rusty plates because because they're like a little bit lighter because of gravity.


Yeah. Are you Billy, are you just are you sad because it just on on you right now that you actually didn't get an invite to this year's combine. You were still waiting for that. You just thought that it would be.


Yeah. You were you were shocked that the Kombai hadn't happened already or was about wasn't.


I thought it would be a bigger deal if they canceled it.


Yeah. Was it was a pretty big deal. It was a pretty big deal. Yeah.


You're busy at the time. Just didn't care. You didn't come across your desk. You're busy. Your chickens were dying. Probably way more important things. You know, that we should we should be rooting for Jalen Suggs because he was he's a football guy. First he was he was offered a scholarship by Urban Meyer. So, you know, his character checks out and he's Terrell's cousin. Mm hmm. Is that true? Whoa. Yeah. He's just like, oh, that's awesome.


I didn't know that. What about this?


The idea? Are you sure? Nephew, niece and nephew. Well, probably not. Niece. I don't.


Yeah, I'm going to guess nephew if it's one of the two.


Yeah. Those are easy to confuse.


What's Jimmy's and Joe's more important than X's and another X chromosome.


His his Suggs fathers, Larry Suggs, who's second cousins with former Raymond.


OK, so that's not very related to Suggs is really he was he's a cousin to Eddie Jones. That's bigger. A first cousin. Eddie Jones maybe. So his Suggs second cousin is NFL second cousin. Got it. Got it. What do you think about this, Eddie Bechet? Yeah.


Going along with the the Jim that. Has the fake heavyweights. What if you set up a gym that was strictly for influencers on Instagram and then it had like all these weights that were seriously like half as heavy as they said they were on the side, and then you could show people working out and people were like, damn, that dude, strong as hell. Look at all the weight that he's lifting. And then you just charge people money to go workout in this fake gym.


I feel like that that would be like we could make some serious. Yeah, they do that all the time with fake weight on the screen.


I know how this wasn't like isn't something that was in every broadcast like Clayton Kershaw and Matt Stafford. But as a youth football player, he played center on offense and his quarterback was Joe Mauer. Terrell Suggs. I knew that Joe Mauer was like Mr. Football in Minnesota. I didn't know that. Yeah, that is crazy. You know that Jalen Suggs went to the same high schools page. Buker did not know that. Yeah, that's crazy. They were friends.


Crazy. Imagine if they got married and had kids. Whoa. That's the kid would be a bucket. Yeah, it would be a bucket. Yeah. Yeah exactly. Where are we.


I was just talking about my my pie in the sky idea for the gym.


I like you're a good influencer. Yeah. Like people would pay a couple hundred bucks to be a member of that gym.


I had an idea I was driving back from Philly last night at 1:00 in the morning and I don't have any friends on the West Coast besides or so. So I was calling them to catch up with them this otitis. But he was in Indiana, so no, not true. Spencer has to fuck. But the is a show, you know, how they have like camps for like the what did you what was the camp you went to the Manning Passing Academy.


No, no. Johnny Football. OK, your name is Football Camp.


I was pretty close. We should we should create a crafty camp where we teach kids who are like, clearly not going to be great athletes how to do just enough to get by. So it's like be able to shoot like a baseline, like a bank shot from like the baseline extended, be able to hit opposite field in baseball, actually, like given our network.


Yeah, well that we've had on this show, I actually think that we would have the best possible roster of councilors for that craft.


Yeah. Topspin on a, on a, on a tennis shot. So like we're not going to teach you how to serve, you're not going to be able to you're not going to be able to like dunk. But we can teach you how to do the few things that everyone but oh, that was kind of cool. We need a knuckleball guy. Yes.


Really the knuckleball and all the gap that we have.


But like Mark Schlereth would be the head instructor for the football camp. Like, here's how you get away with holding on every single right and also pissed yourself before every play to write shit yourself. If you teach to teach like old man tricks on every sport to kids, it's it's basically just a group of kids. It's like we figured out that you'll never be really good at any of these sports, but we give you enough that when you're playing people like, oh, look at that.




The guy who the kid who is like a little pudgy and just runs three point line to three point line and just is wet from three like him. Can't do anything else. Matthew Dellavedova is charged taking stage. Yeah.


There's like a little crafty things. I think we could, I think we could create a camp to do this because they don't have those games.


They have, you know, the Hasselbeck has a camp and Manning Joe Namath camp and all these elite eleven and all this shit. They always had the camps for the incredible athletes. Where's the camp for the average Joe who just wants to be able to play a little rec sports in their mid 20s and have people respect their game?


Yeah, the the Blake Bortles Handoff Mastering Academy. Yeah.


There's all these things that we could get people to like get to a certain point where it's like we're going to give you the tools that you won't embarrass yourself when you're playing intramural sports in college.


I actually think it's a pretty good idea. Yeah. And if we incorporate the shoulder together hash marks, we could probably get some of those kids college scholarships. Exactly. Just getting their speed. Yeah.


Yeah. I think we just solved all the problems. All right. Last up, we had hurt or injured the MMA fighter who lost his finger.


I'm going to say hurt on this one. I'm going to say once you don't in the ring.


Yeah, yeah. His finger came off, fell into his own glove, fell off during a fight. Yeah. And they looked for the finger and they're like, where's the finger? You're missing it. It's got to be around here somewhere. It got lodged in between his glove and his hand.


It was just the bone sticking out. But then they reattach it and he tweeted out, all good, which is an all time tweet.


What if it was your thumb and you're like, you're getting stretchered out of the ring, you're trying to give the thumbs up.


You're like, oh, shit, catch it. But what if if you're my father because he tried to continue, you can't first of all, you can't break your finger anymore. Once it's been John Bobbitt in second, you can't poke the other guy in the eye. There's less of them to grab. And if you had no fingers, you just be wildly throwing punches. And I worry about this. Yeah. Not worry about breaking anything really is our fighter.


I see if he you can fight without a thought. I think the fight ended once they found out he didn't have a. Did he want to keep fighting? No. Yes. He went out there and fought the second round. Yeah. And and then they noticed in the second round, the ref was like, something's not adding up with this guy.


Oh, yes. In between rounds, I think he came out for the second round, OK, after he lost it in the first round.


Let the boys wait. Yeah. Let him play crazy fucking crazy. Look at this, Hank. If the guy's willing to go out without a finger, I'm good.


That's gross. Well, you see that it's fucking gross. Looks like Chubb's his hand. Oh, that's a warrior right there. That is a war mode. Yeah. You're actually soft.


Oh, that's like being like I would die, but not saying like I'm willing to lose my hand. All right.


Here we go again, Dan. Hey, we're in the middle of taping part my take if if show if show you my scenes, they might show short show.


Otani Shohei Ohtani came out of the game as a pitcher, but stadium as a DH. Could you go back in as a pitcher?


I don't think so. Why not? See, I think well, I think if you gets removed from the game as the pitcher, then you lose the designated hitter.


What? No, no. Yeah, because. Well, yes. Because then when say, if he comes out of the game as a reliever comes in, the relievers got a hit, right?


No. Because he's in the A.L..


We just blew your mind. Yeah, yes, we couldn't find the answer on the various message boards we tried to find, so we definitely know who's the guy.


I can find out, though. OK, find out for us. Just yeah. Just text me when you find out.


But yeah, I'm going to text someone. Text my God. Right.


OK. All right. Thank you, Dan. I hope you're well. I'm going to come back on to say hi to the Pugs for me. Just say no, no, no. We mean that.


Say how did the out of the park. So I want to see your pugs again. Well one died.


Oh. But I'm sorry. My dog died too. I think.


You think my dog has a huge thank you to him. I'll talk to you later.


Oh no I do my duty pugs. I said you were on there. I knew you were playing with fire. Thank you. Well, you don't talk to someone for like a while and you like, hey, how are those people?


That's that's why we haven't reached out to him in a while, because we wanted to give him some time.


Oh, man. Did he say the guy, you know, he's got to probably rules guy.


You got to have a guy. I'm really sad about this. So everyone, if you treated it then being like, hey, why don't you pick up now please. Tweeted him being like, sorry about your pug dude. I feel sad. Yeah I do too. Oh yeah. Also Lincoln Riley's terrible cooking brisket.


It was a very funny picture of Lincoln Rowley's brisket. It was insane. Is medium rare. Plus, plus, plus, plus.


There's there's nothing better than people who post pictures of their food and they think they nailed it.


There are two things you should never post online. Well, probably more than that. But the two that come to mind is always your meat. Don't post any picture of meat and then don't post your thumb because your thumbs always look bad. No one's thumb is ever looked good. Everyone's like, dude, what the fuck is wrong with your thumb? It's always a picture of a guy with a normal thumb, but it looks weird on camera with this one.


You know, he should have done just if you're going to post a picture, fucked up thumbs. I got no thumbs.


I got let me just get out of this. I've changed thumbs. Yeah, no, just when people see a thumb on picture, it looks weird no matter who's thumb it is.


But if you're going to post a picture of something that you cooked like meat, just post in black and white and everyone will get mad at you for that. Yes. I can't tell if this is good or not. And it's driving me insane because I want to judge you. Yes.


No, you're right. The the the thumb thing is actually spot on.


I don't think I have weird thumbs, but back at what for texting us the picture. Well, I didn't know if you wanted to put it in the show. OK, I'll put the picture in right here. OK, just do it.


I don't know. Just tell us. You can put everything in there. Tell us if you think the guy with no finger has a weird thumb.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, dude. Oh, gross. You miss your finger. But let's talk about your thumb is wrong with your hand. All right.


All right. That is our show. All right. Hey, I got to put this back. Thirty to forty seven or out ninety nine. Eighteen thirty to forty eight. Dogs can get vasectomies as an alternate treatment for nutri. 23. All right, everyone, Wednesday, because because know the first time. Talking away. I don't know what to say on say anything. Today's shot, I'll be coming for your love of Kate shying away from becoming another take on me.


Take me love. Oh, be. Needless to say, about set in stone. So let me say, I mean, it's better to be safe. Some say it's better to be safe. So take on me. Take me out, because. Some things that say. Just recently, you all things got to be shying away. I'll be coming for you anyway. I'll be coming for you anyway. Today gonna take me up.


I'll be gone. I'll be gone in a day. It's pardon my tape, it's by far.