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Follow Mason's journey as he unravels the secrets behind a disturbing case of a kidnapping gone wrong. Uncovering the truth means exposing a city full of corruption and everybody is guilty. The series premiere of Perry Mason airs on Sunday at nine p.m. on HBO and stream it on HBO Max.


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Successfully. OK. One down. Next item on the agenda is. Oh, hello, old friend. I was wondering when I'd be seeing you again. Come in. Come in. Welcome back to Radio Rental. A lot has happened since last we met. Oh, I would love to give you a hug, but as we all know, sadly, the golden age of hugging is currently on pause. Six feet of distance, if you please. In fact.


Could you please stand behind that stain on the carpet? Sit down. The other went back up. No, not not. Not that one. The other one. No, the other other one. The reddish brown. Yes. Is that a green measure? There we go. Good. Now, how convenient that I have never had this carpet cleaned. So you caught me updating my voice mailbox greeting. I try to stay up to date with the latest digital trends and the voicemail.


Believe it or not, is still quite relevant. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at all the tender messages I received during our break. Here, let me play or some of the reasons.


My name is Cheryl. I have a membership with you guys. I rented a movie and I'm just wondering if I could get an extension on it. I'd really appreciate it. Thank you very much. Bye.


Okay, Joe, if that is your real name, whoever you are, you are either a master of condescending sarcasm or just really vague. Okay, hold on. Hold on. I think this one will be more affectionate.


Not sure what I'm supposed to do when I have not return a movie after that moment. I got a one get. Well, I think you sense at least take it off. Let me know. OK.


So those two may have been more logistical requests, but I assure you some of my earlier messages were quite a few civ. Now, as you can tell, I'm clearly needed here at Radio Rental. I'm happy to announce that I'm back and ready to share new stories with you all. And boy, do I have some insanity this time out. Let's get in the way back machine and take a trip to the grocery store. Remember that place? This is a time before insta shop or uber carts and e food or grub grab or whatever you call it.


Just a good old fashioned trip to a harmless grocery store. What could possibly go wrong? It's a common childhood memory. Running errands with your mom as a kid. You're just going along with the motions, waiting for the boring adult tasks to be done. Grocery shopping is the most common errand of the mall. Nothing out of the ordinary here. Everyone goes to the grocery store. I was an only child for a very long time, so I would accompany my parents almost everywhere.


Grocery shopping is always sort of an ordeal where you hold it off until the last possible second. And then inevitably have to go for that big hall on the weekends. As a child, you would just come along with her on Saturday. You get put in the front of the cart. You'd get told to mind your P's and Q's for a minute. And, you know, afterwards, maybe we'll stop and get ice cream on the way home. We had gone to some big box store, whether that was a Sam's Club or a Costco is kind of escapes me now, since they're all pretty much the same.


Cart was half full with whatever we had decided we would need that week, and she had pulled me off to the side and she will stay here and grab a couple of things. Be right back. Was something that she had done before, it was something that it just made it easier for her to to move around and I'll have to log an entire cart. She just pulled me off the side and said, sit tight. And I kind of not in that way that kids are like they I would I really I'm listening, but I'm not really listening.


And went back to playing my video game, which at that time was a little lime green Gameboy color, busy plugging away on Pokemon Crystal. Focusing on the screen, very engrossed in my game, boy, you can see things in your periphery, but you aren't early seeing them. They're more of colors and shapes rather than actual people or things. I remember at one point the car just starts to begin moving. I remember seeing red fingernails. I just remember stopping and kind of looking up and looking at this woman.


She's very tanned skin. Very bright red lips. I remember thinking how weird it was for a moment that there was someone with bright red nails pushing this cart. My mother is not a very feminine woman. We're Midwestern. People are pretty sturdy fok. She would never paint her nails. And if she would, she would never paint them bright red. I don't know what it was, just this animal sense of. I just wanted to stop. I don't know how to make it stop on my own.


I don't even think I was old enough to be consciously aware of the bad things that can happen to children, especially children left unattended.


We started to move and we started to get further and further from where my mother had originally placed me. I think it was that sensation of moving that started kicking me into gear. We're going somewhere and I'm going somewhere with this woman and I am trapped. I can't move. I'm sitting here. This child safety basket in the front. And if I want to move, I need help getting out. If this woman is taking me somewhere, unless I do something immediately, I will be forced to go wherever she ends up taking me.


This has to be a mistake. People don't just start pushing a child in a cart for no reason. Fight or flight? And when you're such a young child, you don't know what to do. Sometimes it's also fight Flattr freeze. I just remember pausing and feeling that icy stab of panic. I don't know you. And something is happening here that shouldn't be happening. I also, as a child, have been very, very talkative, very outspoken, and I remember my brain catching up with my mouth a second later, but very loudly saying, you're not my mom.


She. I remember her teeth. I remember them being yellowed. And I just remember her leaning in almost like we were like sharing a secret. You're not my mother. And this woman kind of got like this weird look in her eye, almost one of disbelief, continuing to push the cart and stared at me. And she's like, What are you talking about? It just seemed like a very pointblank thing, like, I don't know you, you don't know me, like, why are you acting like I'm the one in the wrong here?


And she's with intensity in her eyes, just sort of leaned in, was like, But honey. I am your mom. I remember feeling that this is not right. This isn't correct and that blind sense of panic when a situation is bad and you recognize it's bad and you recognize that it can get worse. She was pushing the cart away and kept insisting that I was her kid, pushing me further and further away, trying to give me to quiet down, trying to get me to just go along with the green.


I belong to her was her child. If you've been to like a Costco and at some point in the store, there's usually broken up into like smaller islands. Sometimes it's books, sometimes it's clothing. And I remember looking over this island of produce and seeing my mom on the other side and just yelling really loudly, Mom. Looking back now, it's kind of dumb because you yelled, Mom, you're at a grocery store. There's probably hundreds of people who are mothers.


Like, why would one child yelling, Mom, get my mother's attention?


I don't know if that scared her. I don't know if she just wasn't expecting it, but the woman pushing the cart stopped and I yelled at again louder, like, Mom, mom, mom. My mom would always tell me this story when I was younger, that the second I was born out of it, she could pick out me crying in a nursery. She could pick out my voice like one kid yelling mom from across a crowded grocery store.


My mother, again, the very intimidating looking woman, and she just comes charging across this grocery store. The woman who was in front of me and she just looked spooked. I just remember her looking at me, realizing I think that she lost control of this situation and just leaving. One minute she was there insisting that I was her child and one minute she was just gone. My mom starts running over and she gets into my face. What was happening?


What was that? And at that moment, it just kind of all came to a head like, oh, this is a situation that something bad happened. And now my mom is mad at me for it. And when you're a kid, you don't really make sense of situations in the way that are normal. So you see your mom emotional and worked up and looking back. She's obviously not mad at me, but concerned, scared about the situation.


I just remember her getting in my face, me, like, what was that? Who was she? What was this woman doing? By the time she had called me down and I had told her that there was a woman, we had kind of established what the situation was and she realized I wasn't lying, I wasn't making this up. This wasn't some kid, like, imagining things. Costco is one of those types of grocery stores where you have security cameras pointing in and out, you can see people on the screen coming and going, and then they record everything.


They make you present like a I.D. You you have to be a member. You have to be somebody who, you know, belongs there. Once we had told somebody it was at the point where she had slipped out with a bunch of other people and nothing became of it, nothing happened. Which to me is just kind of I think what makes it set most in my head. Nothing became of it. As an adult now, 20 years later, it's like that lack of resolution that kind of makes it stick with you.


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Well, what did you think? Sounds like some lucky therapist out there is about to get a loyal new customer for life. Now, as you were savoring that first tape, I came across more fan mail this time, good old fashioned snail mail via the good old fashioned U.S. Postal Service. Long may it wave. Rest in peace. Postal Service. All right, P. Now, where is that letter opener? OK, now this was sent in by one DILLANE Do cool to do Koto.


I don't know. Dear Terry Carnation, please come back from the Dominican. We miss you and we're pretty sure your cat's gone. He stopped eating the treats we put through the mail slot. Well, that got dark pretty quickly, didn't it? I suppose I should go find Malikai. Don't worry. He's part Carillion Bobtail. He knows how to take care of himself. Did you know a pack of Kerlin Bobtail can fight off a grizzly bear? Oh, it's true.


Look it up. Google that shit. Now, how about you amuse yourself with the next tape while I go off and look for him? OK, off I go. This was in 2009.


I swore I would have been 20. I was living in a smaller apartment. I had a girlfriend who went to school and she would come visit regularly. Like every weekend. Our relationship was a pretty casual. We said, I love you and stuff like that, but never had the conversation about living together or getting married or God forbid, having kids. It was never like that. I mean, 20 years old, standard, semi long distance kind of thing.


She was over one night. My girlfriend got there. I want to say six, seven o'clock. We went to Arby's, picked up some Arby's, came back and all that, made some popcorn and started our movie.


We're watching a DVD that she had brought the movie Revolutionary Road. We're watching the movie. And then within a split second, even faster than that, like faster than a blink, I found myself sitting on the foot of my bed in my bedroom as opposed to living room where we were. And I was nude. And the lights were turned off. They didn't feel groggy or sleepy or anything like that, it was just so sudden. Immediately after the jump, I was immensely confused.


Felt like a newborn. Just completely betrayed by all reality I've ever known. Spent a good second or two trying to catch my breath. And when we came to on the bird, I don't really know what else to call it. I was kind of panicked. My first thinking was, am I hurt? Am I okay? Found that, yes, I was OK. And I'm bleeding anywhere. But I took a couple seconds to figure that out.


It took me a couple of seconds to realize I was in my room. Had to look and see my poster on the wall and stuff for me to go, holy crap, OK, I'm in my room. I spent a couple of seconds thinking that maybe I died or something because it was just so bizarre. And then I realized that my girlfriend is sitting right next to me. Also nude. And she looks like she saw a ghost. I tried to speak first, but I.


I choked like there was some cut my throat. I don't think she blinked the whole time. Her eyes were just pasted open. It was really eerie. Look. White eyes, white as a ghost. Mouth agape like you had just seen someone pop out of a grave. She was trembling, shaking, sort of like that tremble you have after, you know, a near miss in traffic where your whole body is just rigid and shaking a little bit.


Shallow breaths. I guess you could call it shock. She asked me what the hell happened. The first thing she said, which surprised me because I thought it was just me and that honestly made me even more afraid because I was hoping she had answers. But that was the first thing she said is what happened? Did we turn the lights off? Did you turn the lights off? Did I say it was time for bed or anything like that?


I wasn't expecting her to ask. I thought I was gonna have to sound crazy and tell her, hey, something just happened and then she's going to call me nuts. But no, she asked me what happened. I don't know. Did you turn off all the lights? Did we decide to go to sleep? No. OK. What the hell's going on here? Right away. I thought something must've fallen off the wall and hit my head or something.


You know, I was trying to rationalize it from what I could tell, just talking to her that she experienced the same thing I did. She didn't see anything that I didn't see. And vice versa. What if your life was like a movie with someone or something calling the shots behind the lens? If a part of your life was slow or boring, it simply snipped out. Cut to next scene.


The jump was like the cut of a camera in a movie. Like the way we're talking now, the camera would switch from me to you, me to you as we took turns speaking. And the way it happens when it transfers the camera is so fast there's no fading or clipping or anything. It's just a very sudden switch. That's exactly how fast and unexpected it was. It came out of nowhere when I found myself in my room. My blinds were open and the moon was creeping in.


Everything was turned off. And I mean, it was equally as creepy as finding myself in a completely different room, let alone the lights being on or off. It was almost like we were sitting in the dark the whole time, sitting on the edge of the bed. Both of us read on the foot of the bed. We were dressed sitting up straight all four feet on the floor. It's not like anyone was falling asleep. But after the experience are close, we're in a crumpled heap on the couch and we've never done that before.


They're always either put in a hamper in the bedroom or left on the floor in the bedroom, that really stood out to me. That was strange. I decided I should call my mom. I was kind of a kid, I guess, and didn't know what the heck I was supposed to do. And that kind of situation, when I picked up my phone, I saw that it was four hours from the time that we were watching the movie.


Last time I checked the clock, it was 11 p.m.. Next thing I knew, we were on the bed and it was 3:00 a.m..


That just floored me. Immediately after we had that brief conversation about do you know what happened, do I know what happened? It was maybe two minutes. And checking the lights and finding our clothes was maybe another two, three minutes. And that was when I decided to call my mom because nothing was adding up. I was gonna ask her if she thought we should see a doctor, if we should go to a hospital. If she wanted us to go to her place or what to do.


She said she knows that carbon monoxide leaks can have these kinds of effects on people. I have a car, monoxide detector, but that's just a machine, and they fail all the time. So I took my mom's word for it. He said, just go to the hospital, honey. Call me when you leave. Let me know you're OK. So I'd say about 10 minutes after the jump. We were out the door. I decided we were gonna go to the E.R..


In case we have been drugged or AIDS something poisonous or who knows what? I know it probably wasn't the right choice for me to drive. Considering everything that was going on, I probably wasn't the best candidate to be behind the wheel. I didn't see any other choice. I had to get to the hospital.


We told them that we were having issues with our memory and we felt a little funny. We didn't want to tell them what happened for obvious reasons. We just tried to play it off like, oh, you know, might have been carbon monoxide or some kind of mold. Can you just. Is there any kind of blood test you can do? So they did a just a standard blood test. I'm not sure if they were checking for drugs or what they said we came back.


No drugs in our system and no poisoning of any kind. They could find. My girlfriend kind of thought maybe she had a seizure. And I tried to explain to her that it happened to both of us. You know, it wasn't just you. I don't think it was a seizure. But she was adamant. So she got like a CAT scan to check her brain functions. Which came back exactly as it should have clear as a bell. I was constantly bringing it up for a while, for a few weeks, it was all I wanted to talk about when my friends came over, it was all I wanted to talk about, things that guys online were sand and all this and that.


And she just wanted it to go away. It affected our relationship. It was already kind of difficult to begin with. With the distance, her friends didn't really like me at all. She didn't want to talk about it. I did. I embarrassed or when I brought it up around her friends and it just we were just done. The next day came home from the hospital, laid down and been for a while tried to sleep. My head kept kind of telling me that maybe it was gonna happen again.


It could happen at any time.


You didn't see it coming last time. It could happen now. So I couldn't really sleep. But almost immediately, as soon as she left in the morning, I started. Sounds a little childish, but just Googling things.


A lot of my searches led me to some pretty serious conspiracy sites. I wanted some real concrete answers. I was looking for something scientific. And it just kept bringing me the bizarre things, to be honest. I threw a Halloween party shortly after and I was all messed up in my head because it was all I was thinking about. Obviously, a lot of people brought up Samhain. I'm not sure if it's pagan or what it is, but it's a day where the dimension from our world to the world of the past is open and they're able to come here and supposedly mess with us.


And some people have been known to go there unwillingly or unwittingly, I should say. I mean, a crazy situation can only have a crazy explanation. So I entertained every idea that they would give me Hobgoblins, Samhain, Quantum Death.


And I was always trying to tell her what I was hearing from these people. I wanted to share these things with her and she said I sounded crazy and I don't blamer. I'm sure I did sound a little crazy. Now, when I look back on it, it's very eye opening, almost educational in a way where I learned that I don't know everything. I can't control everything. Sometimes things happen that you can't change. You can't control. You can't understand.


You can't explain away with anything. So it was pretty educational. I guess I was kind of a cocky little asshole, like 20 years old, running around, slamming my religious grandparents. You know, science has an answer for everything. Don't you know that? I learned that. I don't know anything. I don't know if it made me a believer. Maybe a little more on the agnostic side just because I know it sounds lazy. But science is failing to explain it for me.


And maybe there is something else at play that we can't possibly ever understand. And in that sense, I wouldn't say believer, but in that sense, maybe open up my eyes to the possibility. I haven't been going to church or anything, but I understand more when people do, because at the time I had this mentality that there was an answer to everything there has to be. I was just convinced that there was an answer out there and I just wasn't finding it.


I've settled down. I don't have a theory. I don't know everything and I never will.


In the high stakes world of crime and justice, understanding the legal system isn't optional. It's critical. Hi, I'm Philip Holloway, host of the podcast Schwan from Tenderfoot TV and I Heart Radio. We've got an all new season and this time we're tackling the problems directly. We'll look at faulty forensic science, false confessions and mandatory minimum prison sentences.


California has the largest prison system in the United States. United States is the largest prison system in the world.


In some cases, capital murder cases just preventing a death sentence and getting life without parole.


Was it when people just want justice so bad that they're willing to accept everything at face value, when they need to really look deeper and really stand up when they hear about an injustice that's happening. Season two of Schwan is underway and it's available now. Listen on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, guys, I want to tell you about a new fictional podcast called Looking for Latoya if you enjoy dark humor or satire in true crime tropes.


I think you'll enjoy this one a lot. Looking for Latoya is a true crime parody that investigates the disappearance of Latoya Thompson, played by singer rapper Cizre. If you're a fan of EESA Ray's hit series Insecure on HBO, then you're probably already familiar with looking for Latoya. But instead of getting bits of the story, you now get the full investigation.


Looking for Latoya also stars Terri Vaughn, Ray Jay Carney, Burruss Tucker, Porscha Williams and is executive produced by Isa Ray from Tenderfoot TV, Radio and HBO looking for Latoya is available now on all podcast platforms and at looking for Latoya AdCom.


Chilling, huh? That is so one of my absolute favorite. It's so relatable. Don't you think I mean, who among us hasn't been watching old reruns of Night Gallery and found themselves suddenly naked in the dark in another part of the state and somebody else's yard, the cops pulling up your perp walk on the front page of the local paper. Private parts barely blurred out. It's just so it's so relatable.


Been there, done that. It's coming from one of those boxes of Malikai. There you are. You gained back some of your weight. All of your weight and then some. Oh, very nice. What have you been eat? Oh. Oh. Oh, good God. Oh, good God. Malikai. What is that smell? Is that a poached salmon? Clearly not a fresh one. Oh, well, what a gag reflex. Well, friend, it looks like I'll have my hands full for a while with Malachi and his pesky salmon.


I see you backing towards the door and I don't blame you. Well, I do hope you'll join me again soon. I have the most tantalizing selection of ghoulish McJob hand-picked tapes to share with you this next go round. Farewell, thrill seeker. Until next time, all or all. Radio rental is created by Payne Lindsay and brought to you by tenderfoot TV in Atlanta, executive producers Payne, Lindsay and Donald Allbright, hosted by Rainn Wilson as his character Terry Carnation, produced by Payne, Lindsay, Mike Rooney and me, Meredith Steadman.


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