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Let me see here. Devilishly handsome public figure, radio celebrity Horder. Well, slight quarter is seeking a woman with big personality who is a moderate drinker, morally adventurous. Much like horror movies, enjoys walks on the beach while enjoys very short walks on the beach and being designated driver on weekends. We'll put up with hoarding. Well, slight hoarding. Collecting. Yes. Slight collecting. Collecting behavior of an award winning celebrity. Boom.


Oh, hello. Didn't see you there.


Perfect timing. Malachai and I are setting up my very first online dating profile. I'm excited, but also cautious. I'm ex cautious trademark Teri Carnation. I have been blessed slash curse by having had many admiring fans throw themselves at me daily. But what I really want is an equal Malachi's and wonderful companion. But like most catty, he lacks the empathy gene. Quite frankly, he's aloof. And were I to suddenly die at my home, he would probably feast on my corpse.


Jerk. So I'm in the middle of setting up an account right now. The site I joined. Well, that's right in my arousal wheelhouse. I've always thought there should be a dating service geared towards the wooing of much taller women. And this site I've found is called Amazon dot com. Yes. So wish me good luck in the pursuit of my six foot four sweetheart of my dreams. Well, more about my love life later. I know why you're really here.


Time for another tape. This one's very creepy. I say that all the time, don't I? Well, this time I really mean it. I didn't mean it all those other times. This time I mean it.


Who could it be? My very first online dating message. Has someone slid into my B Ms. Well, let's take a look. Okay, that's odd. Seems to be a communication from a man named Dale with a job and customer support asking me for a five star rating. We haven't even gone out yet. And I'm not attracted to tall men. Very, very short ones. Mm hmm. I'm open. Anyway, I will let Amazon security know about this.


Dale. And speaking of security, why don't I play you this next tape while I figure this out?


Well, I was 18. Six months out of high school, and I'd taken a job, work, security. There's a city about an hour east of here called Rocky Mount, and they have a factory called Ilka.


Youna can make keys, locks and stuff like that. The hours weren't great, but the money was pretty good. Usually I worked evening and overnight security was usually myself and one other guard. We had an office. We monitored security cameras. 15 minutes in is when you usually did your first round, which was a long one, which went throughout the entire factory and the perimeter that kind of round would take you if you did it properly.


About 35 to 40 minutes early, nine. I want to say around the end of March, early April, I had told my supervisor I'm going to be leaving. At that point, I had put in my notice within probably two days. They had hired a replacement for me.


They came in one night and told myself and one of the other guards who worked there that it was going to be a gentleman named Calvin coming in. He's supposed to be coming around 9:00. He's going to start his training. They said he was a good worker, thought that he would do well at the new location. So just to take him in, give him the rundown, have him follow you on your rounds, see what the procedures like. My primary co-worker was a mirror.


She was right around my age.


She was 18, very self-assured and confident and pretty outgoing.


We would joke a lot, almost like brother and sister.


We got along really well, though, where she was typically very, very strong willed and very self-assured.


Most of his training felt to me and then a mirror.


She and I were around 18 at the time and he was around 32, 33 somewhere in there. So he was a little bit older. He just seemed really quiet. Once I get settled in around somebody out, I'm very talkative.


So I was home him my situation, I was fine.


I'll move in. He would not reciprocate. We knows he had a wedding ring on. And I remember I think the second night he was there, I'd asked him, hey, how long have you been married? Just trying to get him to open up a little bit. He didn't say a word. Flip the light off, came out, closed the door because I knew he had heard me.


You know, I was still expecting him to answer. He just completely shrugged it off. Okay, well, he's quiet. He doesn't want to come in here and talk. He doesn't know me. You know, maybe I've offended him. Well, if he wants to talk about it, he'll approach me. He'll he'll talk about it. He was a lot more open and a lot more talkative to her. The first time the two of them went on around together, he could hear them coming down the hallway.


He would be talking. And he was a complete 180 of what I had seen. Not only was he a lot more talkative around her, but you could tell a change in his tone of voice.


There was a lot more excitement. And if anybody else got any attention from her around him, you can kind of see he didn't like it a whole lot.


Toward the end of the first week that we were training with him, I'd gone on around and he opted not to go. At first he said he had a stomach cramps, something like that. He they want to be out in the middle of the plant where there's not a restroom nearby. If he had an emergency. So he wanted to stay in the office with her. I asked her, I said, is that fine with you? She's again, we'll be we'll be all right.


So I went did rounds.


I was ninety five percent through when I heard the buzzard off at the front door indicating that somebody had left the office and locked the outer door so that somebody couldn't get in or out.


That's kind of strange since the both of them were up there. So I went back to the front. She was coming back from the cafeteria with a cup of coffee. We got to the office and there was nobody up there. She saw several cops just like, well, I told him I would only be gone for a few minutes to get the cup of coffee just to watch everything. And if you feel uncomfortable, go ahead, lock the door, because he knew how to operate it.


She's like, when I heard the buzzer, I started walking back up here. The closest restroom to the guards office was in the nurse's office. So I went to check there was nobody in there and stay that way right up until she was about to go on her next round. At this point, he had been pretty much missing for close to an hour. His car was still in the parking lot. So we knew that he hadn't left. We didn't know where he'd win.


We knew he had to be inside because you can't lock the door and then get outside without setting off an alarm. So she left to do her rounds. So that point, he'd been gone for forty five minutes at the least.


She got just barely into the opening of the factory, which when you walk in at that hour, it's dark except for security lights.


There was nobody working in that area. She kind of heard him call her name off from the sign. She turned around and saw Calvin standing there. Where have you been? It's been almost an hour. You just disappeared. We don't know where you're at. He's like, well, I'm sorry, but I'm here now. I'll help you finish around. She would ask him, Are you OK? Where are you at? It's like I was in the bathroom with the nurse's station, but she knew I'd already gone there and checked when we could find him and there was nobody in there.


She knew that something was off, that he wasn't being honest with her. She's got to be thinking he's out here in the dark. And then all this law knows that I'm going to be doing my rounds, calls my name Al surprises me. And then when he's questioned where he's been this entire time, it's a lie. So she's already a little bit on edge. She said she wasn't feeling well. She came out of the office and asked me to finish around.


She also, when she answered that, asked him to go with me, she said, I want to be back and forth to the bathroom. I'm a go ahead, lock the door. You two go ahead and take care of the rounds. He went on the ground with me. We would get maybe a quarter of the way through and he would be. She didn't look so well. Should I take her a drink, a water or something like that and go back trying to separate himself from me on the round to go back to where he thought she was going to be?


You can tell when somebody is got genuine concern about a person or situation. You can hear the tone of their voice with him. It was more of an assertive statement. I need to go check on her every three or four minutes. He would ask. She didn't look at.


I need to go take her a drink. I need to go see how she's doing.


Once we got back from the other round, I didn't really have any time to really convey to her what was going on. I pretended to file a report. Arrows up and down to her where he wouldn't be able to see it. He's acting strange. He did leave to go to the restroom, which was probably about a half an hour after hour round. So I told her I'm uncomfortable around him now because he was asking about you nonstop. Wanted to come back here by himself.


It just seemed like he want to get back here to where you were. She kind of got a little pale and she told me what happened when he appeared, when she was on her previous round, that she had cut short the he had popped out around the corner. That's why she came back. She went on for a couple of minutes and just decided, I'm not doing this on Wal-Mart at the office. The next time there's around, I'll take him with me.


And she's like, no, she's like, I'll do the work that I'm supposed to. He's just being a creep. If he tries anything, I can take care of myself. And we kind of debated that until we could hear him coming back. When she went to do her last round of the night, she took him with her. We did have closed circuit cameras in certain areas. So I would try and follow to see where they're going to make sure that he doesn't look like he's about to try anything to make sure that he's not being aggressive.


They left the office to do their rounds. And I was able to watch the first 15 minutes of the round that they were on camera by camera watch and make sure, OK, they go up. They do this. He's right there beside her. The last camera angle that you see is a key station at the outer edge of the tool shop.


Just beyond that, you just see a black rectangle, which is basically the hallway that leads into the brass mill.


It's no man's land. You're not going to see a thing. Once they go out of sight toward the back of the facility is when you start to really wonder what's going on. Do I need to lock the door and do I need to go back there? This is an area of the plant where there is nobody. There are no workers in this place. After six o'clock, just the two of them, I was standing outside the office basically watching my watch.


They should be here by this point, they should be here by this point. That's I'm an I. The ones out you were always here almost constantly grinding a key again, still wetstone scowling a HIGH-PITCHED Great. Almost like a buzzing sound that stopped. Inundated in silence. Something's not right. Something bad has gone on. And that's about the time that the phone went off. It jara's you. Almost the point where you wonder if you actually heard the phone ring.


OK, well, the lights went off, so the phone is ringing. I'm not completely out of my head. You just hear her almost close to sobbing, really heavy breathing. You could hear her breath hit every so often.


She said my name loud enough that you almost want to just pull the phone away from her.


She's like, you need to come back here. You need to come back here.


You need to come back here. She sounded terrified, that level of fear. Her voice told me that something, something serious had gone on. I had shot out the door.


I saw him come around the far corner of the hallway, headed back toward the front. He's walking back past me. His clothes are not messed up. There's no blood or anything on him. He come up here to look for me. Is he going to the nurse's office to get something for her? Didn't say a word. Didn't really break stride and kept going. I said, okay, well, to hell with this. I'm gonna go back and see what's going on.


I found her still close to hysterics and tried to get her calm down so she could explain to me what had happened. They were actually in an area of the plant called the brass mill, which is where they have a furnace and each corner that they used to melt brass to get up there. There are still work steps, then a grating. You turn 180, you go up another flight of stairs. She got the first flight and there's actually a key check on that first landing.


She went a turn to go to the steps. And as soon as she turned around, he was right interface. Less than an inch, his face from her face. He leaned in with his left hand and put it against the grating beside her face. At that point, he started to make suggestive comments about her appearance from what she had told me. There was a lot of sexually explicit comments coming from him about what he wanted to do to her.


The first thought that came to her mind was to point at his wedding band. He said That's about to be over.


She said that he just kind of smiled at or kept his hand there, would just look at her just eyeball or she pushed her way past him and she did the smartest thing that she could have done at the time, which was to go to the office for the brass note, which is actually at the top of the next flight of stairs. She picked up the phone and she hit the button to call the front desk, which is where I was at.


She's like, I don't know where he went as like he he passed me. He was walking back up toward the office. I helped her up.


So what we'll do is we'll go into the cafeteria and see if there's anybody that's on break so you can sit with them.


I'm not going to take her back to the office if he's still sitting up there. There were two or three people that were eating. So I left her with them. One of the office, the magnetic lock had been turned off.


He was gone. Looked outside. Where's Cori's part? Wasn't there.


When he took the job, a security guard, he probably never expected the biggest threat to security to be his co-worker. But maybe it's no big deal. Maybe he's just a creep. Right. The next shift that I had was the following night. Add to that, which was actually my last shift before my notice was a. Got there about 715 that mights and a mirror, the same guard was working that night. She was in a frenzy to the point where she was at the door when she saw me pull in, wave me to come inside.


I was like, Jesus, what the hell's going on? You go up there and she starts talking and she's like, you're not going to believe what's going on. He had been arrested. So the police car is all over his house. He had actually been under investigation by, I believe, the state Bureau of Investigation since before any of this even happened because his wife had disappeared. They found bloody clothes in a burn barrel on their property. There's a pond and it's at the plant where I was working.


Security is less than 50, 75 feet away. They found human remains in there that they were able to tie back to his wife. They found a burn barrel on a property that somebody else in his family owned that had other parts of her body in it where he had cut a rug and tried to burn. To get rid of the evidence. I don't think I really absorbed it when it happened. We shook hands with the guy you were working in close proximity with this person.


By the point that we were working with him, he was already several months removed from having done this. He not only killed his wife, but he mutilated her body, he cut it into pieces, completely dismembered her. It was just so it was so big, I couldn't completely process it. You really think about what might have happened if one of us had said something that kind of pushed him a little too far the wrong way? What might have happened?


It's kind of hard to really get a sense of something like that because you don't ever think that you're gonna be in that type of situation.


In the high stakes world of crime and justice, understanding the legal system isn't optional. It's critical. Hi, I'm Philip Holloway, host of the podcast Schwan from Tenderfoot TV and I Heart Radio. We've got an all new season and this time we're tackling the problems directly. We'll look at faulty forensic science, false confessions and mandatory minimum prison sentences.


California has the largest prison system in the United States. United States is the largest prison system in the world.


In some cases, capital murder cases just preventing a death sentence and getting life without parole was a it.


When people just want justice so bad that they're willing to accept everything at face value, when they need to really look deeper and really stand up when they hear about an injustice that's happening. Season two of Schwan is underway and it's available now. Listen on the I Heart radio app, Apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts. Terrible, dreadful. And to think that man was almost a licensed security guard. Talk about hiding in plain sight. Well, let's take a quick break.


While I choose the next story. Not interested right now, but thank you for thinking of me and send it is the weirdest thing to your listeners. Someone sent me another strange message on my new dating profile for exceptionally tall women. Amazon dot com. But this one is just a list that says tech gifts for daddy. None of these items have anything to do with romance or even fantasy. I mean, who gets off with a fax machine or a label maker?


I don't understand these new kinds of dating paraphernalia. Am I missing something here?


Oh. Oh, that's that's a very nice printer. Look at that great price, too. And that is that is really nice. Bluetooth enabled. OK, I'm going to put on the next tape for you while I take a little look at this mechanical beauty.


Yeah, it was around 2016, so I would have been 46 at the time. I do video production and at the time I was a one man band, so I had a lot of gear and I thought I'd be a good idea to buy a production van. The van I happened to choose to buy was a 1994 Dodge Ram 250 cargo van with windows on it. But it happens to meet the exact criteria or the Hollywood stereotype of what a kidnapper's van would look like.


If you ever see anyone in any show being shoved into a van or kidnapped or if there's some black ops team or someone spying on you or something, it's always this type of band just meets the profile of what apparently a kidnapper or some sort of burglar or criminal of general kind would want. As I was driving home one evening from work in my van, I was driving, it was still sunny outside and there was a woman pushing a stroller staring at me very intently.


It actually made me feel a little uncomfortable. She had sunglasses on so I couldn't see her eyes, but she kind of had her mouth hanging open and her head was just kind of on a swivel. She was walking one way in and staring into the street. And me driving by my road also happens to have speed bumps. And I had a lot of equipment in and fragile gear in the back of the van. So I was driving very slowly over these speed bumps.


I was just going through my daily life, just trying to work my job and go home.


About a week later, after the incident that I had already mostly forgotten about. We have a group e-mail thread for the away in the homeowners association that I live within. The email lists for the HLA started heating up with e-mails flying back and forth. One guy got on there and mentioned that a white van was stalking his wife. That's pretty serious because there are parents with children in there, I have my own children, I have two little girls. And then he went on to describe it as a white van.


And that's when I was like, OK, I didn't know that that man was somehow connected to the woman that I had seen.


But I replied to all to everyone in the email lists and told them, there is a resident that lives there with a white van, so don't come after me with your pitchfork and mob mentality. I told them my address. I told them the plate number on my van. I just wanted my neighbors to feel safe. And I don't want to have the police called on me in my own neighborhood or area since the topic of the e-mail thread that was going around was all the suspicious things that people had seen in the neighborhood.


And I joked at the end of my e-mail and said, by the way, I saw a very suspicious woman that stared at me very inappropriately and it made me a little uncomfortable. And it was a very last sentence in my life. I was like, oh, by the way, I was driving by my white van. I said at the time of day what day it was so they could figure out on their own whether it was me that they saw or whether it was an actual stalker.


And he didn't need a reply. I mean, once he he realized that that was me and I'm a resident there and he now knows who I am and we can be cool.


He said, I can read between the lines and see who you really are. There is something about you that you're not sharing reading in between the lines of my email that I didn't like him or like his wife or that I was trying to cast out or belittle their their version of events.


He was so angry to the point that other neighbors that are normally really quiet and docile on the e-mail thread started getting on and saying this this e-mail is making me really uncomfortable.


So I stopped replying to all. And after a while, his e-mails stopped coming to me. Shortly after that, I have a small dog as well, that I would walk through my neighborhood and walking by a particular house. Suddenly this girl would come out and be extra friendly with us and chat about our dog. And it was every time we walked by, she would come out from her home. I asked him how it have been about 10 years old.


She would tell me things like, oh, my family's really poor. I remember her saying this and thinking it was really strange that she would say something like this. She would always follow it up with. I'd do almost anything for some money. She would bring up something like, my family's really poor. I wish we could afford a dog, but we can barely afford to feed ourselves. I'd do anything for some money. The girl didn't look hungry or poor or anything like that.


And she just said she wanted to say hello to my dog. And then one day she shows up at our front door, said that she wanted to come over and play with our dog and that her dad would never let her have a dog. And she would just like to spend time at our house and hang out with a dog. Can I play with your dog? Can I come in and play with your dog? That would be very inappropriate because I don't even know her parents.


And I don't want my kids going to some stranger's house and I wouldn't want any other kid having coming over to my house. And I told her, no, you and I need to talk to your parents before you ever come here again. And I want to talk to them anyway now. So please, I need to talk to your parents about a week later. There's another girl neighborhood that we hang out with my two daughters, my two kids.


It's kind of like a playdate. So I'll take them over to her place for a playdate or she'll come over to ours. We were over visiting at her place and she was about seven at the time. She told me she had an older friend who was about 10 and said that that girl had confided in her that her dad was telling her to talk to me. She told her that her dad was making her be friendly to us. This little girl had told her friend that the dad was inside the house taking pictures of us talking whenever I walked by with my dog and was compiling some sort of attack fodder for accusing me of something, taking pictures of us.


That's when it kind of clicked for me what what was going on. So he was so convinced, reading in between the lines of my email or seeing me drive by that one day that I was some sort of child abductor, child molester kidnapper, that he was trying to use his child as bait. They had never met the husband face to face. I had only seen the wife in the incident where she was staring at us in a way that I later found out was very accusatory.


He's been taking pictures of us, not just me talking to his child, but my kids and my dog and everything, and I was violated and shocked to the point where I didn't react to it for maybe a full day. Started just making my own guesses as to what's what he was planning on doing. Judging from his initial incident with his wife and the tone of his e-mails and then this additional information, I just felt like he was generating some sort of campaign against me.


They seem to be doing what any good parent would do. Mysterious white vans in the neighborhood. We've all seen that TV special. But when the same loved ones you were trying to protect. Become a part of your scheme. Maybe you've gone too far. He eventually contacted the family and brought up with their daughter had revealed. But they never admitted to anything. The e-mail stopped and the little girl wasn't seen again.


Maybe it was a coincidence. Don't think so. She stopped coming over. She stops approaching us. And I've never heard from them again.


And it's been four years now. My conclusion from the ordeal was maybe this is a wife who was in that sort of stir crazy mode, had seen maybe too many movies and told her husband he probably got excited and thought they were onto something. And perhaps they genuinely were concerned that there was a danger to the neighborhood, which is why he brought it up to the age away and then might have felt that I was belittling his position on the matter. My my kind of take is that assuming everyone is out to get you kind of creates a confrontational situation in itself.


If he really felt like I was a stalker, why would he send his child? Put put his child in danger like that. I mean, as a dad, you constantly have to be aware of your surroundings and who your child, her children are in contact with. And not only that, you kind of have to imagine the different possibilities of scenarios that can happen. Me putting my daughter in a scenario like that is just something that could could never cross my mind.


All of my interactions involving the safety of my children have revolved around a sort of defensive, whereas he was just at the equivalent of putting his child on the front lines. I guess another take would be I'm a lot less suspicious of people now judging, judging them by their appearance. Now that I've tasted a little bit of what it what it feels like, I feel also a little bit angry at the dad for pretending that they're victims when there are real victims out there.


I feel like they're kind of belittling the people that have really been affected by kidnappers or buy by child molesters or abductors or anything like that, pretending to be a victim of something that you're not.


It's insulting to those victims, to real victims, unnerving. That one's not for the faint of heart. But I guess I should have warned you earlier. Oh, well, strike up one more reason to stay inside and be a recluse. Fortunately, I've been practicing that for years. Well, I think that about wraps it up for today. But we'll be back next week with another lineup to keep you teetering on the edge of your seat. Until then, keep calm and radio rental on.


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