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OK, well, I'm sorry. Spoiler alert. There is no prize. I didn't think it through. I'm just too excited. I'm too excited to move on to this next story. This next scare. Are you ready? Of course you are. Otherwise, you'd be listening to Joe Rogan right now. Woo! This one's a bit dusty. That's a good sign. Or maybe it's not. Either way, it's the one you'll be listening to next.


Take it away. VHS machine. I think I was around seven or eight. We lived in this really old farmhouse, small town, Indiana. It was a very, very old house.


The house is built in the late eighteen hundreds. The house has been in my family for a very long time. It was purchased back in the 40s and my grandfather used it for his farm hands as farm hands and their families live there.


Across the street was a barn that we had in our family for a long time. There were pigs and cows. It was out in the country. I really loved living there because we had all the farm animals, trees and rivers and rocks, and it was just a really cool place to grow up.


I was absolutely terrified of horror movies as a kid.


I was definitely a scared child. I don't think that I ever intentionally watched scary movies. But, you know, you'd catch clips here or there. And I remember watching Ghostbusters and just being absolutely terrified by the pink sludge coming up from the bathtub.


I'd see like a movie cover and it would be a gremlin coming out of a toilet. And those things always stuck with me. I was terrified of various things that I'd seen, you know, on movie covers. So I definitely had a lot of fears as a kid.


It was an absolutely gorgeous old house, but it was showing its age. There is a lot of creaking and cracking and just how settling sounds. When I was so young, I interpreted that as probably goes. It was an absolutely gorgeous house and I have great memories there, but it was definitely scary. Growing up in an old house like that. I remember I had a bedroom on the second floor. My parents were on the first floor. It was just scary being on the second floor as a little kid had a lot of nightmares.


I had a fear of someone being under my bed.


I had this fear that there was someone or something in the attic that was next to my room. So there was my bedroom. And then right next to it, there was another bedroom. But it led into an unfinished space, which was kind of angled with the ceiling rafters there. And it was just this foreboding place that I was absolutely terrified to go. I don't know why I had it in my mind that there was something living there. Something bad was gonna happen if I went near that attic.


It was just really scary being away from my parents in this room. Although myself, my brother was across the hall, but I was just there by myself. Then I think a lot of the fears that I had just sort of manifested, you know, being alone and being alone with my thoughts up there. One night there was a really bad storm. My bed was positioned in this nook between the wall and where the end of the chimney would have been.


There was a window right next to it. There was a thunderstorm. It was very, very loud. And it was very scary because it was right there next to me. It was an absolutely terrible storm. The rain was pounding on the windows. There was thunder, there was lightning, the trees were shaking. It was just a lot of sounds, a lot of sounds from every direction. I was laying in bed. I remember looking up and seeing something on the walls.


What is that?


It was this dark red staining just coming down the wall. Individual streams coming down off of the ceiling. Is this real? Is this imaginary is something that I just made up in my head. I didn't know if it was real. I remember staring at it. Intently. It wasn't something I wanted to block out. It was something I felt like I had to look at. I didn't want to close my eyes. I just wanted to figure out what it was.


I just had to experience that. I had to figure out what it was. It looks like blood. Blood running down the walls. I was terrified. It was definitely a process where I was waking up and trying to piece it together in my mind. This can't be real.


It's not what I think it is. It can't be blood. It can't be what I think it is. It's not happening. It's not happening. This is a dream. It was like all of my nightmares were coming true. It was the color of blood. It was the consistency of blood. There was blood running down the wall. Imagine being a kid. You're in a room alone. It's dark. It's storming. It's the landscape of your worst fears.


You've been told there's no such thing as monsters. But then you're worst. Stephen King's nightmare comes to life. Blood is hosing down your walls. It's definitely not a dream. There are quite a few times where I gotten out of bed to get my parents because I wanted to sleep downstairs or I didn't want to go to bed or I just didn't want to be in my room. I knew I'd be in big trouble if I got up. So I stay there and I forced myself to stay in the bed, even though I was terrified.


I just remember feeling paralyzed. I was paralyzed with fear. Looking at this blood. I just I didn't know what to do. So I woke up probably pretty early and went in, got my parents. The movie it one of the characters, she can see the blood in the bathroom, but none of her family can. She's the only person who can see the blood. Maybe it was like a hallucination, maybe with something that only I could see.


I wondered if it was something that I was making up or that it wasn't really there. I remember bringing my parents in and they could see it, too. We figured out what it was.


It was a funny story. We figured out that it was the bricks or disintegrating and they were forming like a sludge in the rain.


Over the years, these bricks deteriorated when it had this big rainstorm and lots and lots of water.


It formed sort of a sludge. That sludge, that dark red sludge was running down the walls and it made it look like blood. My parents thought it was hysterical. I mean, it was terrifying at the time. I knew it was. It was definitely a funny story after that.


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Now, all that aside, let's continue with our next story. It was a Friday night at the time. My husband had just thrown a job where he was traveling a little bit more than standard. I had nothing else to do. And I had a friend that was mentioning going out. It was a little bit bored being home. I wanted to go out and do something and have some fun and get dressed up. New shoes, all excited.


Ready to go. As I was driving down, there was kind of hitting me that this is the first time I've gone out without someone with me in years.


There is a specific alternative club that we prefer to go to and the area that it's located in. Used to have a reputation of being a bit more dangerous.


It wasn't like every night or anything, but it was enough that you kind of kept your guard up.


I parked. I make the walk there and I make eye contact with the parking attendant for the staff parking wave. Say hello. Make sure I'm seeing. I walk in and it's packed. I can't remember last time I've seen it that busy.


The bartenders were just hustling. They were super busy. As I'm walking upstairs, I'm kind of taking a look around to see if I know anyone.


So I'll go with the flow and I start to make my rounds.


And I notice that there is this blonde woman who is clearly smashed and she is draped.


And that's the only word I can think of to properly explain how she was on this guy. She's draped on him. She's clearly trying to go for a kiss and he's not paying attention to her. I just remember thinking how weird it was. Well, this woman isn't necessarily my type. Objectively speaking, she was a very pretty woman. The hair was done up. The makeup was done up. And here's this guy. He's not paying attention to her.


My first thought was, OK, well, maybe he's the designated driver. He's let her go off and have her fun. That's a reason why he's not responding the way that you would expect. I'm not one to judge. She turns to me and asks if I could take a picture of her and him. I take the phone and she told me it's my birthday today. My oh, happy birthday. Just like is his birthday, too.


As soon as I'm done taking the picture, she says, I just met him. It's his birthday. It's my birthday. Birthday twins. That something was just a little bit off. But I chalked it up to just me being by myself for the first time.


It's like, cool.


Happy birthday to you, too, man. Here's the phone back. He thanked me. He's let me get you a drink. Something wasn't clicking. So what now? I'm OK. I need a drink. My husband is getting off of work and he should be meeting me here soon. It's a new I want to thank you. I want to thank you for for taking the picture. It's a picture, man. It's like hold on the door for someone.


You don't you don't usually pay people. He sounded almost like he was just saying the words. I know. I have to say these words. I'm going through the motions, not really putting my all into it. It just didn't make sense. He's chit chatting with me and I'm talking to him and my anxiety levels creeping up more. I knew he was going to take over and he was just going to keep throwing out that. Let me get you a drink.


Let me get you a drink. So finally, I say I can't drink. I'm on antibiotics. Oh, well, let me get you a water then. Fine. I'll take a bottle of water. I knew as soon as you walked to the bar is like, OK, I'm going to need to get myself out of the situation. I'm going to extract myself as naturally as possible. So I pull out my phone and I pretend to check it like, oh, my friends are here.


Better go find them.


He was back at the bar and he hands me the drink, which is supposed to be a water, but it is definitely in a tumbler glass.


The only time in this club you ever gonna get a couple of glasses. If it's a mixed drink, there's liquor in it. When you get to water, it always comes in a water bottle that's sealed. He hands me the glass of water. And before I can even say this isn't how water comes, he turns around and he walks off. Nice talking to you. Have a good day. So I walk into the women's room and I look at this glass and I swear there's like this pink tend to it.


I dump the thing down there. I didn't even return it to the bartender or I just put it on the sink and I headed down the stairs looking for a way out.


It felt like I was late for something almost where I don't have time to wait.


Just go. All my senses just kind of narrowed the sense of foreboding and sense of something's not right. Felt like this ever increasing buzz in my head. It was like just noise. It just kept ramping up, up, saying, danger, danger, danger, go. I need to get to the car. I need to get that car locked. The moment my foot hit the sidewalk and I'm officially away from the club.


This voice in my head just as clear as day just goes, Oh, you messed up.


You messed up bad. That voice was so serious, it sounded scared. It sounded like it was trying to stay calm, to keep me calm. But it was terrified.


And I've no idea what this voices. It was technically my voice, but it wasn't my thoughts. And I'm starting to question like, what is this?


What's going on? Explain it to me. And it responds with you messed up. And you've got one chance to get out of this. We don't have time. Get your keys out of your purse. Get them in your hand and get to your car. I remember asking it, should I turn around and it responds, Nope, you don't have time for that now. You've got one shot here. I'm walking and I'm focused on what's in front of me and voices talking in my head saying, don't look around.


Don't talk to anyone. Keep your eyes straight. They're coming. They've got eyes on you. Just get to the car. It felt like this voice knew exactly what was going on. It had access to information I did not have.


It did not want me to show my hand and let this unknown danger know that I knew something was off. As if it was guiding me as if it had like some kind of scripted plan of what was going to happen next.


And this is how we're going to respond to it. And one step at a time.


Call it intuition, a sixth sense. Sometimes in situations of peril, people describe a feeling of overwhelming focus and clarity. In this case, a voice commanding a mission urgent. It warns you of the danger. Two blocks.


It takes no time at all to walk these two blocks. I see this car that's parked the wrong way. I remember looking at that car and saying, is that the danger? Is that why I'm freaking out so bad right now? And that voice says no. But the driver has got a catcall. You ignore it. Don't respond to it. Don't take time. Act like you didn't hear. Just keep walking. Get to his car. There's a driver sitting there and he said something about my skirt.


I didn't even look at him. I just had straight eyes for I kept walking. Somehow this voice knew that this was not an important thing to focus on.


That panic that had been increasing throughout the night was near deafening.


I'm not sure if I would've heard footsteps behind me at this point because of how loud this rushing noise was in my head. My heart must have been pounding. I somehow knew that the danger was going to be behind me. I wanted to turn around and see what it was that was freaking me out so bad. And voices like do not turn around. Do not look. Do not hurry, but hurry. Don't run, but walk as casually and quickly as you can to your car.


Do not detour. I'm heading for my car. I'm about to get to the darkest part of this walk. I remember just feeling like I was taking a big breath and jumping in to a pool water or something. And I've got my keys out. And that voice, which was clearly trying to stay calm for me, it started to ramp up.


This is the most dangerous part. This is the make it or break it part. Get in there. Go. Don't even worry about being casual now. Just go then. I'm hurrying toward the car and I get my key and they lock and I turn it.


And just as soon as I turn it and I start to open the door is when this car pulls up from behind me and into this spot that was directly behind me. He is facing the wrong way and he's pulled in at an angle that has him still half in the street. And as soon as I see this car, the voice said, that's it. That's the danger. I've got the door open. My heart's going in. My in friedland's up.


I can't hear anything that voices rapid fire giving me directions. Get in the car. Close the door. Lock it. Lock it. Lock it. Lock it. Hidden this lock as many times as they can to make sure that all the doors lock not just my driver's side, but all of them. And I'm shoving the key into the ignition. That voice in my head is saying he's here for you. You need to go as I'm backing up.


I can see him getting out of the driver's side. I pull back as far as I can go, thrown into drive, cutting the wheel as far as I can go. As I'm turned on the car, I can see him coming up to the passenger side door trying to open it. I see just this one fist outside of the window and he's he's clinched it. You just this angry fist, whoever he was, whatever he wanted. He came for you.


He got out of his car as you got to yours. And he got in his car. Louis left. There is no other reason for him to have been there.


The ride home was surreal because I'd spent the last hour having this buzz of panic and a drilling pump up and pump up and pump up and to the point where it was almost deafening. And I've got this voice directly talking to me the moment the driver was out of sight. I pull off to the main road. I get on the highway.


It was so quiet. It's weird to have that voice in your head speaking to you for a full minute and then quiet. I think it didn't happen. Humans in general have a lot more senses than they realize they have.


We take in a lot of information from our surroundings and often we're not aware of how much we're taking in.


I think on some subconscious level, parts of us start putting things together that we may not be consciously aware of. I think that voice was still very much me, but I think it was a part of me that doesn't normally speak up. I don't think it's a guardian angel, I don't think it's some kind of supernatural being that was watching over me because there's so many other people out there that should have rightfully had a guardian angel. And I I'm just one of many.


I think that my subconscious picked up a lot of information that to this day I am not aware of and was able to put together pieces that I was not able to consciously put together. I can't explain as to why it coalesce into an actual voice that had a conversation with me. I'm glad it did, though. I think if I didn't have that voice giving me clear directions on what to do next, I would have felt the need to investigate to find out.


Why are you feeling like this? Let's go look around. Let's go see. I want to walk myself right in to some situation. I wouldn't have been able to walk myself out of. It's OK to be a little bit paranoid. And if that feeling is in you, if you start getting a gut feeling that something's wrong. Don't bother with rationalizing it. Just listen to it. Just go.


Alas, the time we've dreaded has finally arrived. It's the final tape for this season of radio rental. Oh, it has been fun. It has been harrowing. And it's induced more than a few nightmares. I'm sure your patronage of the thriller genre, your support of the weird has been admirable. You, my friend, are bizarre for choosing. This isn't bizarre. A great thing to be in this world of forgettable. Borz, thank you my fellow Basar ones for all of it.


Now the last tape. Roll please.


Whose name? Well, drumroll, please. Now, drum roll, seriously. OK, fine. Just put in the tape, just let's go. Let's go. Last story. Here we go.


My aunt and my uncle had kind of an eclectic room in their house with a lot of cool stuff in it. They had a phone booth. It's all wood framed in glass and bifold doors with a bench in it. There was no phone in it. There was just an empty box where the phone would have been. But when you closed it, the light in the fan came on and reminds you of something like at the back of a saloon or something like that.


When I was a little kid, like probably no more than five or six used to play in it all the time. I always wanted to go in there when we'd go to my aunt's house. My motherland are really close. And so we were there quite a bit. We would go over there with my grandmother, spend the evening catch up, and I think they would play dice. My sons were a lot older than me, so I really play with them tight and how much to do.


It was just me. So I would just plain fun of. The first thing that I really remember, I think it was like eighty seven or eighty eight hours by about nine or ten. I mean, my cousin that was the closest in age to me. You used to play in the yard. They were just playing outside and it was just kind of dusky. And we were just tossing a big softball. And my grandma had in the garage back and forth.


He tossed it a little high and it went over my head and down the side yard into the back of her yard was fenced in completely by like an old rusty chain link fence.


The alley behind it was all overgrown. Weeds and bushes and things like that. I headed to the back to get the ball. And before I actually got to the edge of the fence, I could hear like a rustling sound. I got a little closer and I saw saw some movement, it had like a like a brownish colored first I thought dog or something like that back here.


And then the closer I got, I realized it was bigger. It was vaguely human shaped like like like a man laying down. And I can see the the hands holding onto the chain link fence. Joe had a long snout and pointy ears and it was just sort of dragging itself down the alley. And my 10 year old mind, I'm and I'm thinking like it's a monster. So I froze and kind of stared at it for what seemed like a long time was just a few seconds.


And then I ran up front, got my cousin and said, hey, let's there's some crazy in the alley back here.


I'd seen something weird. And he wanted to see it. And we went back there and peeked over the fence and took us a few minutes to get back there. And then by the time we got back, there was nothing.


I don't think I really thought much more about it till the next time I remember having an experience. I think I was probably a sophomore in high school. My routine was getting over the school, grabbing something to eat and going in my room and laying down before I did homework, before I went out or anywhere, did anything like that. And I was just chalk it up to hormones, like I was just always tired. I was laying in bed.


I just felt like I wasn't alone. And remember, it was dark in my room and it was dark outside, but my bedroom door was slightly open so that there was some light from the rest of the house coming in.


So it wasn't like pitch black. But I just I felt like I was being observed. I thought my parents were in my room at first. Then I realized that there was several of these creatures. It felt very dreamlike to me. Thinking back on it. There were at least three or four of them very tall. I laid there for for maybe a minute or so, there's just my eyes closed. And then when I open my eyes, they were gone.


It was just I was just having a dream or a nightmare or something, some sort of bizarre teenage Parman dream or something weird like that. It didn't feel like a dream. It didn't feel like a dream. It felt real. I felt very real. I felt like they were physically in my room. If I felt like I was being observed, I felt like I was being watched. And I was left with that with that feeling, when I think about it now, even I get I kind of get it kind of an eerie feeling.


It was just. What were they doing? Why were they why were they standing there staring at me while I was sleeping? I didn't feel like a dream, but it had to have been. And there's no way that that there were these three or four animal down people in my room. 2005, when I worked at Borders bookstore, I had a bunch of friends and we'd always go to a restaurant right in the same shopping center after work, sometimes on nights that I didn't work.


If there were a few people going out, we drive up there and have a few drinks with them or grab dinner. Gary Knight, my husband, who was my wife, and at the time, Gary and I drove up there and met some of our friends. Mean, stay very long. Maybe a beer or two. I think we had some appetizers and things like that just unwound a little bit. We headed home, but we were driving down this long, countryish road.


A lot of woods in the side. And a few blocks before we got to our house, I noticed there was something in the road and we were just still chatting, just going through our conversation. And I started to slow down. And then as I was slowing down, he noticed that I was slowing down. And then he noticed what I was looking at and he stopped talking to. And so we were sitting there in silence.


It was misty out just a little foggy. By this time, I had stopped completely. I was at a dead stop. Was on all fours like a dog. Long snout and the pointy years, it stood up on its hind legs. It had human arms and torso, but its legs bent like a dog, kind of looked in our direction a little bit.


And then it was just sort of not there anymore. Did we really see that? Was that really their. And I said, tell me what you saw. And he described exactly what I said to you. Exactly what I had seen, it was there. I was there and I saw it. Maybe the thing in the alley was just an injured animal of some sort. And by the time my cousin and I are back there was gone. Went on its way or dragged itself away or maybe a dime.


We just weren't hearing it anymore.


Maybe it was in the heavy underbrush. Things in my room were just a dream. A hormonal teenager just having weird dreams. The only one that I can't explain. The only one that I that I can't really rationalize is the one in the street. If Gary and I both said, oh, we saw something, he described exactly what I saw before I said anything to him, exactly what I saw.


There was a. It was a. A dog person. Maybe I'm creating it all in my mind, maybe. Maybe my mind is so powerful that I projected that thing onto the street.


And both Gary and I saw it sometimes I said, I think about it. I'm like, man, this is really weird. This is not normal.


Every time I've seen them, they've felt physical. I don't have a good answer. And so that's always like an empty spot for me. I've had people tell me that's not me making it up. Cool story, bro. You know, he's in or out of fire and you try to scare us to believe it. Well, that's usually when my husband is like B.S.. I saw it. It was their. After I was thinking about it, thinking about all the incidents from when I was at my grandmother's house and then at my parents house and then what we saw in front of our house, I thought of something and I thought that it might have something to do with it.


The phone booth. Maybe this is related somehow. I don't know what made me think that, but I just felt like it was. I don't have a like a clear start to finish of why that popped into my head.


The phone booth popped into my head and I called my mom and I said, hey, remember that phone booth at Nancy's house? And she said, Yeah. What did I tell you that I was doing when I was in there? She was. We were kids. Are you? It was nonsense. You know, you just go in there and you would sit on that bench and talk to yourself and just giggle and play. And it was like a built in babysitter.


We don't to worry about what you're doing left in the phone booth for an hour.


And then I just kept pressing, you know, like, can you think of anything, anything that I said when I was in there, even though I said when I came out any, anything, anything.


And she, of course, asked why, what is this, 30 years ago or which cares?


Then I think I said something along the lines of something. Something happened. Not bad. Don't worry. But I'm trying to just piece some stuff together. As kids, we fear the things that go bump in the night. What if those monsters followed? You appeared again and again throughout your life. You might be able to justified if you were alone. Maybe you're just seeing things that your imagination for another person sees it, too. How do you rationalize that?


Maybe an hour later, my mom called me back.


I remember, I remember she used to go in there and when you would come out, you would say that you went to visit the puppy people. My blood ran cold. It just I felt chills. I felt. Shocked, I knew there was something that I was trying to get out of this, but I don't think I expected that. I didn't tell her anything about why it was asking. I had never told her anything about what happened in my bedroom and never told her anything about what happened till right then until what happened with Gary and I.


We saw it in the road. So I didn't coach her or anything like that.


So then I told her the story about what happened. She's not superstitious or anything like that. So I think she was like, Oh.


And she just wasn't.


I don't know. She doesn't believe me. But I think that she thinks that it's more like a dream you had or you had these weird things and you and Gary were imagining something together. You know, it just it looked it looked so similar that you guys thought you saw that same thing. Maybe that's maybe that was just the start of my imagination. Maybe it was just, you know, I was just imagining all this stuff and and dreaming about it and and projecting my thoughts from when I was a kid on to this poor injured animal in the alleyway.


Then we get to adulthood without experience, and I don't have. I don't have a good the whole puppy people thing kind of just raises more questions like I don't have a reason that I can just brush that one off. The other ones can all be explained away. You know, imagination, dreams. It's fascinating to think at least feel that we're all going through our lives, doing our regular everyday stuff.


And there's possibly more. There's potentially something just on the other side of the shadow. Just on the other side of of what we can see. I like to think that there's more. I like to think that there's that there's just more going on than just us crawling across the face of this planet.


We were just accidentally the right distance away from the center to be here. We're not burning up. We're not freezing to death.


And here we all are with the wolf to this. But I like to think that there's more. I just think that that we've been visited or that there are other things here that we just know we don't see every day.


Whoo! The thrill of it all. Spooky. My hair is standing on end. I feel a chill, actually. I hope I'm not coming down with something. Oh, dammit. Malikai with the AC down at 59 again. Never mind. Anyway, good night, listener. Farewell. Lean into the unexplained. Be open to all possibilities. Our world is full of them, and that's just part of the magic. And we honor all of it here at Radio Rentoul.


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