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Stay tuned to the end of this episode where we announce the winners of the radio rental VHS tapes. But for now, let's check in with Terry.


Greetings, fans and friends. You've reached the voice mailbox of award winning radio personality Terry Incarnation. Terry is currently indisposed or besieged by a mob of his most loving devotees. Either way, he's too busy to pick up the phone. Leave a message with your request. Perhaps you would like to purchase a signed napkin or an actual lock of Mr. Carnations here. If so, please go to Terry Cremation Dotcom to the IRS. Mr. Conexion would like to refer you to Section two two zero two of the care that would give them an extended grace period until December 13th.


Thank you. Leave your message at the tone.


Hi, Terry. I just want to know if and when aliens land on our planet, should we welcome them or fight them to the death? Thank you. Goodbye. Thank you for your call.


This is Terry Carnation, of course. Excellent question.


We know, of course, that aliens have been here for hundreds of thousands of years, if not longer. They mated with Homo habilis, thereby creating a Homo erectus or humans, humans of humanity. So we are part alien when they return.


They are probably already among us. But when they return in force, they will want their planet back. It's really that simple. So I would be ready. I would be prepared. That's all I have to say.


Hello, Terri Carnation. I was just wondering what your love life looks like. Are you single? Are you seeing someone? I am curious to know. I love the show by. Thank you for that question. That question, when it hits hard, I've got to be honest with you, many of you know that several years back I lost my wife, Zelon. I literally lost her somewhere. It was, I believe, in Tijuana, I don't I don't remember.


I had been in Beijing for a while, but she is gone.


She has disappeared. Zelon Vietnamese and I have been in a state of perpetual heartbreak ever since.


Recently, I've been thinking about getting back on the dating horse, as it were.


And so what I've undertaken is posting pictures of my feet to some sexual foot fetish websites, hoping that there is a woman out there that finds my feet exciting, irresistible. I understand people are willing to pay a lot of money for four feet and access to the right feet.


I have incredibly beautiful feet and gamze, so perhaps I'll find Mrs. Right out there and Mrs. Wright will enjoy my pads and we can have a mutually beneficial relationship.


So wish me luck, America. Thank you.


Hi, Kerry.


My name is Faith. I love your video store and I think you do a great job running it. I was just wondering if you had to direct your own video, what would it be about and why? Please answer my question. Thank you.


My, you're quite pushy.


Please answer my question. You know what? I may not answer your question. You know what? Fuck. You know, of course I'll answer your question, but seriously, stop being so pushy. I have written a film script called The Secret of Emily's Hair. I'm sorry. Did I say secret? The haunting of Emily's hair. And it's it's a think piece.


It's a bit gruesome and involves personal hygiene and involves the underworld, the nether world, as it were.


Do I have the skill set to bring this to life? Do I have the skill set to run a crew of 200 people and place the cameras where they need to be, provide the editing, the music, the the post-production, the special effects and visual effects to bring a story like this to life?


Well, yes, I do. So if you know any financier's, please direct them my way for the upcoming horror opus, The Haunting of Emily's hair. Thank you for your call. Pushy.


Hey, Terry, it's Keegan. Just wanted to call say hi, thank you for sharing your story with us. I did have one quick question for you. I don't know who my dad is, and I wanted to know. If you would be my dad, I know you don't love kids. But I'm I'm an adult, so I'm not sticky or anything, but I just I need a dad, so let me know. Thanks. Keegan, thank you so much for your call.


I actually get this request a fair amount. I will say that many people listen to my voice, they listen to the show, they call in. They are interested in dark air radio or radio rental or what have you and see me as a surrogate father figure. I would, however, need to reject your offer, as your name is Keegan. And I'm I'm so sorry. I don't understand that name. And it's a series of consonants and vowels that really have no place bumping up against one another.


So I'm very sorry. Thank you for your call.


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Hi, Carrie. I was just wondering, what decade do you think you're stuck in? I'm not sure of your question, what decade do I think I'm stuck in, I know what decade I think I'm stuck in. I can tell you what my favorite decade is, the 90s. And if I'm stuck in the 90s, so be it. Oh, by the way, I'm speaking about the 80s and 90s, the gay 90s, an incredible decade in perhaps the greatest century in human history.


Thanks for your call.


Kerry continues to speak really fast because I don't know how quick this is going to cut me off, but goddammit, let me tell you, I adore you. You're you're delightful. You're delectable. You remind me of the crypt keeper. You're absolutely glorious. But listen, I just wanted to say that this is my most favorite podcast I've ever heard in my life. My name is Christopher Fly. You can use my name on air. I bizarre. Bizarre.


My question is for you, the best I could come up with was how did you obtain your bizarre and glorious VHS rental store? That's the question I'm asking because I'm sure the Terry Coronation has a good story behind that one. I'm Christopher Paul Floor NCB. That is all. Bye. What a strange person. Thank you, Christopher Fly. Thank you so much for permission to use your name on the air.


Excellent question. How did I trick our nation? Raconteur man about town, disc jockey, traveler, provocateur, obtain the radio Rentoul VHS rental video store. Well, I tell you, Christopher Fly, I inherited it from my Aunt Connie.


She passed away under mysterious circumstances and I found myself with a video store, many of my family members early on and in the ordeal of her passing or disappearance, rather, I should say, were certain that I was implicated. I was involved in some way, shape or form because I knew very well that I would be inheriting this wonderful video store from my beloved Amirkhani. But I can assure you that even though, yes, we were hiking and yes, there were many swift rivers and cliffs and crevasses in the area, I had nothing to do with her disappearance.


It was some kind of creature, some kind of dark thing, some kind of animism, I'm certain that I saw on the trail. And I will miss you and Connie to the end of my days. Thank you. Charikar Nation polled well, I wanted to ask you two questions. My first question is, what is your favorite movie of all time? And then number two, if you could be any villain. From all of you know, my history, what villains do you think you would be?


Thank you, Carrie Kahn and I thoroughly enjoyed your show.


Thank you for your wonderful questions, all my favorite movie of all time, quite simply, the events and prices, The Tingler by William Castle in its original incarnation.


However, as you know, the theater seats were rigged to vibrate during electronic shocks, shall we say.


So there was a surround sound sensor sensory experience.


If you were asked where and when watching at home, when enjoying at home, even on the YouTube's, one needs to evoke a similar kind of physical reaction.


I use a vibrating egg that my ex-wife kept by the side of the bed. I'm not sure of its function.


I believe it was for mixing pancake batter. I'm not sure it's something. It's Japanese. I put the vitamin excuse me. I used I put the vibrating egg vitamin. I put the vibrating egg.


Well, I honestly, I just sit on it. And at times when it is supposed to vibrate, I, I turn it on to achieve the same sensation. Our favorite movie villain of all time, George Lucas.


By Peregrination, I was just calling to ask if you've ever heard of the chain stores that were called Blockbuster, I'm not not sure if you know about it, but they they rent movies and it's kind of out of business now anyway. I hope you're doing well. I love the show by. Thank you for your call and of course, I know Blockbuster, I was, after all, alive in the 80s and 90s, the the height of Blockbuster.


And it is my firm belief that very soon we will go back to a similar renting structure economy. It makes the most sense. I mean, think about it. You have to sit at home and figure out your television remote and pick from one of thousands of titles that you want to watch. Or you can simply get in your car and drive several miles down the road, find parking no matter what the weather, walk across the parking lot into a local video store rental house, and you see the titles up on the wall.


You can read the boxes, you can see which actors are in them. It makes far more sense. And so that is why I have invested, well, a large sum of money in not only radio rental, but several video rental houses springing up in the Los Angeles area. Thank you for your call.


Hi, this message is for Kerry Carnation. This is Danielle Gack from Chicago. I was just wondering if you had any comment on the potential feud with Joe Rogan. I'm not sure what he thought about you being more No. One than him. So seeing if you wanted to weigh in Congress love radio rental. Thanks by. Thank you so much, Danielle, thank you for that call, Fuat, I'm not here to feud with anyone, not the least of which Mr.


Rogan, no hair.


I'm not here to feud with Joe Cueball Rogan. I'm not here to certainly to wrestle with him. Cretton I'm simply trying to tell incredible stories, true stories to bring them to an audience, let people hear them.


And Mr. Joe Rogan windbag is welcome to his his show, welcome to his reality and really no hard feelings whatsoever.


Thank you so much.


But it was very tarnation since Mary Rose. This question is actually for Malachi. I was just wondering if he thinks that Bruce Campbell is overrated or not. Our favorite pastries. Have a great day. Well. I know well, I think that wraps it up for me today. Until next time. I think for me this season, one of the stories that left me with the most questions was dog man, or probably better known as puppy people. I'm sure you remember, but I'll refresh your memory.


My aunt and my uncle, they had a phone booth. All wood framed in glass and bifold doors with a bench in it. There was no phone in it. There was just an empty box where the phone would have been. But when you closed it, the light and the fan came on and it reminds you of something like at the back of a garcelon or something like that.


When I was a little kid, like probably no more than five or six, I used to play in it all the time. I always wanted to go in there when we'd go to my aunt's house. My mom and my aunt are really close, and so we were there quite a bit. So I don't have much to do, it was just me. And so I would just play in front of. My mom called me back. I remember, I remember she used to go in there and when you would come out, you would say that you went to visit the puppy people.


My blood ran cold, it just I felt chills. So what's up with these dog people and what about that phone booth? So I called on the follow up on this and get some more details. Both David payments pain. Hey, how are you? I'm good. How about yourself? Not bad. Not bad. Well, yeah, I wanted to just kind of follow up with you and just sort of pick your brain for a second about the phone booth.


Could you tell me what you found out about it?


On my way back from meeting with you guys? The first time I called my aunt and I just said, hey, you know, tell me a little bit about this phone booth. And my uncle had that neck, I'm assuming like an auction or something from the city of Chicago. She said Rock Island. But I looked it up and it's a train station in Chicago and there was a bank of all phone booths in there. She said that he got it and supposedly can be able to be seen in the Alfred Hitchcock movie North by Northwest, several parts of L.A. City police and train stations and phone booth and stuff like that.


So it's something I'm actually going to I wanted to look into a little bit, but she knew immediately what I was referring to. She didn't know the other parts of the story because I never really told her that. But she remembered immediately what I said when I came out of it. Oh, yeah. I used to go in there and say that you'd visit the puppy people. She said they used to call it puppy dog land. I don't know if that's something that I said or if it's something that they just came up with because of what I said about the puppy people, but that was it.


She said that it was just something they always had. Surely there has to be something, something know, otherworldly or supernatural about it. I saw some of the people on the post on Twitter after you posted the picture. I kind of liked a few of the comments and some people were like kind of reaching out to me and saying, I've got so many questions. One user said that possibly a like a I guess a doorway to another dimension or something like that.


And I was like, I guess I'd never thought of it really that before. I don't have a clear memory of what happened when I was inside. I don't remember if I thought I was going somewhere or if I was just I have absolutely no memory of what happened while I was inside the phone. I mean, even though I was just a little older than a toddler, I do remember playing in the phone booth. But once I was inside, it's almost like there's just a void in my memory.


Maybe it was a kind of a doorway to another place. And in order to to protect themselves or to remain anonymous or secretive, maybe that's something that they did, was just remove that part of my my memory. So I didn't immediately come out and say, hey, I went to this weird place, even though I did even though I did sort of say something along those lines. But not but no details. You know, I didn't have any specifics or, you know, and of course, it's easy to just blow off a little kid and be like, oh, you know, vivid imagination.


Have you talked to your husband at all about your experiences since we met you?


I mean, I kind of went over everything that we talked about and all that kind of stuff. I mean, he didn't really have much more to add to it, but he said that he had no problem letting letting people know that I'm not just I'm not just saying this because, you know, because you're my husband. But I actually saw what we saw and I don't know what it was. But I know you know what we what we saw together, I've never really thought about it in this much detail before.


You really just going around a campfire after a couple of drinks, that kind of thing. But now I've had to take a deeper look at it. I would like to do more research. I would like to see if there's any more details on sale of these phone booth. I just want to start recording the podcast was was definitely a bright spot in this whole pandemic thing. It kind of gets boring and not having much to do, only going to the office once in a while.


We're actually going camping this weekend with some family and a couple of friends. And so I didn't really tell a lot of people what happened. I'm just going to play the podcast for. One more story that really piqued my interest this season was while you were sleeping, the woman, she thought her house was haunted.


But it turns out there was a man, an actual person living in her attic.


My dad said, well, we've been having really weird things happen within the house. We've had stuff happening. Things seem to be progressing and we don't understand. A few days went by and they called back. He was super apologetic and said, I am sorry. I have a brother in law that actually went to prison over an incident that happened in the house, we were under the assumption he was still in prison, but they let him out and nobody told us.


And nobody knows where he is at. The things you're talking about could be him. If you want us to change the locks, we will do that and we'll pay for it. They came in, they changed the locks, and it was almost instant that things stopped. No more food was missing, no more money was missing. Things just stopped. Who was this guy living in her house? He had recently got out of prison to where do you go to jail for?


There is a bank in Fort Morgan that was robbed and it was him. I've spoken with the policemen in our town and they said it was actually an aggressive robbery in the sense that it was a holdup.


She sent me some old newspaper articles she'd found. And as it turns out, this man was out on parole in connection with some theft and robbery conviction when he shot his brother in law with a shotgun. It didn't kill him, but he was badly wounded.


He then fled the scene and was on the run for a few days. And when I was probably 10 or 11, the library had a display of famous crimes in Morgan County and the house, our house was in it from the original standoff when he shot the brother and they tear gassed the house and couldn't find them.


A few days later, the police got a tip that he was hiding in some person's house. Mind you, this is before he was hiding in this lady's house. This guy just liked hiding in houses. So it was at that point I went home and I said to my mom, our house is at the library for famous crimes that happened. And she's like, Oh, yeah. And I said, yeah. I said, what's going on? So it was at that point that our parents sat us down and were like, well, we need to tell you guys what happened when we first moved in.


So police got a tip that he was hiding in this random house and they show up, they raid the house, they use tear gas. It sounds like it was insane. And they eventually find him hiding in a crawlspace.


They arrested him and the guy whose house it was for harboring a fugitive. All this happened before he was hiding in the house when the lady lived there. So when he finally gets out of jail for this, he goes back to the house and just lives there when another family is living there.


It wasn't until I reached out to you guys that we did the research to find the old newspaper articles and seeing his face and hearing him how he escaped and was found in the other house within a crawl space. That was his M.O. That was something that he he liked to do. I just like get the goosebumps. And now talking about it again and seeing his face once we pulled the newspaper articles and seeing his face was super creepy. Thanks again, guys, for listening to season two of radio rental.


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