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You ready for this? Get clean socks on. Don't mess up my set over there. Rolo, did you fully just mess up my vibes? Welcome to raising heights with Zach and Tori.


I'm Zach.


I'm Tori.


I am very excited to help.


Are you nervous? I think we start over. Just keep going. You're doing really?


We just start over?


I've been, like, nailing this, though.


Let's start this over.


Okay. We'll start it over right now. We are officially podcasters.


We are podcasters.


We're here. We're doing the dang thing.


Yeah. Welcome to raising Heights with Zach and Tori. I'm Zach.


I'm Tori.


And this is our podcast.


They let anyone in these days.


They do, yeah. Why are we starting a podcast?


I think we're starting a podcast. My opinion of why we're starting a podcast is we still feel like we have really interesting stories to tell, and we still want to tell our stories, and this is our way of doing it through our own journey perspective. What?


I agree. No, keep going.


Why are you starting a podcast?


I am curious on how. I would love to talk about what I want to talk about. And we have fans. I believe they're fans. Some of these fans are fans of Zach from people big world. Like, not like how many fans know who's actually Zach.


They know who you are from little people big world. They don't actually know you.


Yes. I'm not to say the depiction of me on little people world was not right, but I feel like this could be a lot more in know. I think there's a lot of things, just normal reality television, multiple characters, you don't have time. And the show was a lot about relationships and just different things on the farm. But I feel like this I can go into what interests us, what interests me, things that I'm passionate about, you're passionate about, and people can get a more in depth understanding of us. Yeah. So that's what I'm excited about to do with this podcast. Raising heights. How did we come up with that name?


I have liked raising heights from the beginning. That was always my top pick. We had a couple of different ideas of what we wanted to name our podcast. And raising Heights has always been at the top for me, just because I think it encompasses a lot of different things. I mean, it's obviously a play on the height difference within our family, but I think it's like a fun kind of play on words of we're raising kids, we're raising relationships, we're raising life right now. And it's the perfect, I don't know, kind of name to encapsulate. We're raising heights.


AI helped you, though, too, right?


I mean, probably a little bit. I didn't want to use the short stature, and the tall lady wasn't really into that.


But you use the app and it works, right?


Why didn't we. You know what we should have called this podcast? We should have called it, except for that one. If I had a podcast of my own, which I'm already, like, branching off away from you. If I had one of my own, though, do you know what I would call it?




Reaching top shelf.


Reaching the top shelf. Reaching the top shelf.


That's a joke in our family, is I'm reaching the top shelf for the rest of my life.


You are.


And I'm okay with. So. Okay. Maybe we should tell people who are here for the first time. Thank you, by the way, for being here and finding us. I hope you can stick around. Maybe we should tell them, though, a little bit about us. Not just like the show, but about us. So I'll let you explain it because it's kind of more obvious.


Zach and Tori roll off. We have three kids and a dog, mostly known for being part of the family from little pubic world, a reality television show.


The longest running reality.


Very long running. Yeah. I was 1314.


Zach has, like, a Guinness book of world Records somewhere around this house.


Somewhere around there. That was a couple of seasons ago, too.




But, yeah, I grew up on the show reality television and 33 now, so someone can do the math there real quick. But, yeah, it's time to move on. It's time to pivot.


But for those who don't know, Zachary has achondroplasia, which is a type of spinal.


Skeletal dysplasia, not spinal skeletal.


Dysplasia. Wait a yes. And our three kids also all have achondroplasia. So they're just like dad.


Yeah, three kids. They're supposed to be a 50 50.


We're convinced it's 100% in this house.


I'm not good at math, very bad at the whole math concept. But I've heard in statistics such thing. Don't laugh. There's such thing as a cluster.




So you can still be. If we had 20 more kids, the next three could be average height, but by the end of it, it's still however many. I just said 50 50 dwarfs and average height. But we're happy with our kids.


We're batting 1000 over here, and we love it. And I think that has to do with our title. Raising heights is we really are raising a family and trying to do it in the best way we know how.


Totally. Did you want to say anything about yourself?


Oh, yeah. I guess I'm here. Oh, yeah. Well, I'm Tori.


Tori Rolov.


I don't have achondroplasia and I taught before I met Zachary. Or I guess Wally taught.


You were in school?


I was in school when we met, but I went to school to be a teacher and I taught kindergarten. Loved it. But then once we had our first Jackson, then I stepped away from teaching.


We got married somewhere in there, too.


Got married and. Yeah, I guess. Did we say our kids names?


Our kids names are Jackson, Lila and Josiah.


Jackson is how old?




How old is Lila?


Three and a half? Four. She's four. She just turned.


Lila is four. And how old is Josiah?


One and a half.


One and a half.


How old are you?


Should we say a little something about them?


Well, I'm sure we'll get into that.




You never said how old you were. I said how.


Oldest question?


33. How old are you?


32. Thought you weren't supposed to ask a woman that question.


I thought it was about weight or that question, too. Or if you're pregnant or not material.


Yeah, don't ask. I've gotten asked that question a couple of too many times.


Yeah. What's wrong with age?


I don't know. But I do think something important that maybe you haven't said yet. But I do feel like one of the reasons why we really wanted to start a podcast was we have some of the best fans. Since I've been on the show, we've been able to meet some really cool people. And I think this is a really cool way to connect with fans more and like you said, help them get to know us better and the real us and what we're truly passionate about and what we're excited to talk about.


I would agree. Yeah. Have a more in depth fandom of you and I and our family. And this could just be great opportunity, too, to speak on issues that are passionate to us. Yeah.


I also just think, too, this is like a really good therapy session. We're saving a lot of money on therapy by just sitting here.


Hey, we didn't talk about our. Okay. We talked about how old all our kids were and everything, but we got married in 2015. 2015. So that means how many years have we been married? What's going to be our wedding anniversary?


Is this nine? We're coming up on nine.


I was just jumping ahead. So you didn't ask me.


I did. Kind of like, wasn't it last year that I got it wrong? You got it right, and I got it wrong.


All right, good. We have that.


I feel like after seven years, I've kind of lost track.


So this is going to be year nine. Yeah. Wow.


Which is such a spec in the spectrum of the world.


And we met in 2010. We met in 2010. What were you doing?


I was going to school at WSU. At WSU? To become a teacher, and I got a job at the farm. She was a greeter, kind of as a joke. I'm not going to lie. It was a little bit of a joke, but it kind of turned out in my favor.


She says hi to everyone.


I was a greeter. I was, like, at the front. Every time somebody walked in, I was like, welcome to roll off. And the number one question was. The number one question was always, where's the bathroom? Pointed people to the bathroom, let them know where to buy their tickets, and then. Oh, to your right, you'll see Zach Roloff taking pictures. So that was my job.


Did we talk that first?


I. You didn't voluntarily know first. So when I first met Zach, he was the shyest human. You just didn't talk? Yeah, I think the first time I.


Ever actually know that part about me.


Can I actually tell you, though? Do you remember our first time ever meeting, actually, or having a conversation?


Was it the COVID story?


Do you know what we talked about?


Oh, we talked, though.




It was with Katie Shep.


No, Katie Shep didn't work there. The first year I worked, and I.


Was smacking down a Havata tavern burger.


You had all the stuff.


Yeah, it was you, her, and we talked.


Really? Okay, can I tell it from my perspective? So I'm the greeter. Right. And this particular year, there was a woman who had a medical.


Sorry. Okay, continue.


Does that ring a bell?


Yeah. No, continue.


So I was working the front, and a woman had a medical emergency in her prius. I'm pretty sure it was a Prius.


This was the first time we talked.


This was the first time we talked.


I don't remember that. It wasn't the hand thing.


This poor lady ran into the fence like, she had this medical emergency in her car. She plowed into the fence at the front of the. And so I'm the only employee that's up there. So everyone was coming to me, asking me what happened. It's the most exciting day I had on the farm. And then we had lunch at the same time. We were eating underneath the covered bridge, and you asked me about it, and that was, like, the first time we had a conversation. As I told you what happened all while you were slamming down a halvacious Daver. You still are. Dude, I love you, but you've come a long way.


No, but hold on. I haven't changed. I eat fast and I slam it down for kids. I blame it on kids now, but, no, I've always.


You've always been that way.


Yeah, I can throw it down.


So true. You've always been that way.


So there's no one thing about our relationship. I had no surprises. I was straight up.


Zach keeps getting surprised every year.


I was super consistent. I still am. Okay, so that was the first time. Okay, talk about the hand story then.


Okay, so then fast forward. It was. I think the last week we were. Was really. I got along really well with another coworker named. Can I say her name? Yeah, I got along really well with our coworker, Shelly. Like, her and I talked all the.


Time, but Shelly was also my. I would go down and meet fans, and she would help facilitate that. Take pictures. So her and me also talked a lot, like, she was with me, and she would, hi, you want a picture with Zach? Take your camera and help facilitate that.


Yeah. And I was standing here greeting everyone, and you were standing, like, ten yards away from me taking photos of fans. So, anyway, I talked to Shelley all the time. Shelley talked to Zach all the time because she was helping me with pictures. And I don't know if it's true. You could set the record straight here, but you told her that I was cute, but you'd never go out with me for whatever reason, fact or fiction.


There needs to be more context.


Well, the way it was presented to me was, Zach thinks you're so cute, but you would never go out with him. Like, so immature. High school. Whatever. Well, I said jokes on him, tell him to ask for my number at the employee goes, no, no, come over or, no. Then she's like, okay, I'll get him to. I'll get him to. And then she's taking photos with you, and she awkwardly calls me over, and she goes, Tori, you have to feel Zach's hands. They feel so warm. You have to come feel them. So I came over. He had hand warmers in his hands. Came over, felt his hands. I was like, this is unbelievably awkward. This guy's never going to call me. Thank you, Shelly. Bye.


Yeah. Then we didn't talk after that.


The employee party.


I did not talk.


The employee party. Everyone dressed up, and I hate dressing up. And so I was already kind of insecure because I was like, I'm not. And you won. Zach's ego was up here. Mine was way down low because Zach was wearing girl skinny jeans, which I still have, and I could put on one of these podcasts. That's what people want to see, man. You had your mom's leather jacket, and your hair was like the fonz. You were so good looking, driving a tractor that way. Come on.


The employee dress up.


I didn't dress up, and I fell the second, because we were bowling, and I was so embarrassed the second time I threw the ball down the thing, I fell.


So I was just feeling.


I was. My ego was shot, and Zach's ego was through the.


I was super busy.


You were super busy.


So we didn't talk.


So we didn't talk.


Fast forward what we remember. Fast forward a couple months. January, mid January.


Mid January.


Which, by the way, the point of this story. We should have said this in the beginning. Valentine's Day is coming up. That's the point of this story. Valentine's Day.


There was a point somewhere.


Moving along, we get to January. I called you up. Cold called you is how we remember it. Right?


Remember it? Yeah.


Just called you up.


There's no text history of this.


No, because flip phones. You had to delete your. I still have a flip phone.




But you had to delete text messages back.


Get more text messages.


I called you up. You came to the farm. Because I wasn't going to, so you.


Cold called me, though.


I cold called you.


And I think it was one of those, like, what are you doing tomorrow night? Okay, cool. Let's hang out. And that was all there was to the conversation.


I didn't say, like, do you want to go on a date?


Yeah, I don't think it was that at all. But you didn't even give me. There was no instruction. Okay. Also, I remembered this little detail this morning, the next day, because I'm pretty sure it was the next day we had this date planned, right? And you're like, meet me at the farm. Whenever it was.


I feel like I would have called you on, like, a Wednesday, whatever it was.


When I met you at the farm, there was no information exchanged. It was just like, hey, come to the farm at 07:00 okay. And then I asked you, what's the address to the farm?


Google it.


This guy. I should have known then.


Google it.


Well, so I googled it. Met him at the farm at 07:00. Now, if you've ever been to roll.


Off, why do you need the address of the farm, though? You worked there for a whole month.


That's a good point. Maybe that was a different time. Maybe I was giving it to somebody else. Yeah, good call.


Okay, carry on.


Anyway, I show up to the farm, and if you've ever been to Amy Roloff style farmhouse back in circa 2011, there were always people there. It was always a chaotic scene. But then also this particular night, everything was pitch black.


Yeah. None of the outside lights were on.


That would never be like, the lights weren't on.


Tori was already scared. Out in the wilderness by yourself.


I was going to get eaten by a coyote for sure. But I roll up, I park my car. And Zach, very specific about where you have to park your car.


Mr. Was like that. And everyone knows that you cannot just park.


I'm already scared because I'm like, I'm going to park in the wrong spot. So I park my car in the spot that I believe Zachary is telling me to park in.


Emma was your boss, too. You knew this about him?


No, I had my own parking spot the next year.




Anyway, park my car and I'm walking, what is it? 50 yards to the front door in pitch black, thinking I'm going to get eaten by a coyote. Knock on the door. Which also never happens at roll off farms. People just walk in.


But I'm like, that's weird. Who's here?


Who's here? And they open the door and there's like seven guys standing in the entryway. All my friends, all of Zach's friends show up for this guy's first date.


They didn't all show up for that. They were probably already there. No, they were already there.






It was still intimidating. It was intimidating to come to the door with seven guys. Just be like, have fun, Zach.


So then we go on the date.


Where did you go on that date?


We went to a movie, country strong, which became kind of a thing.


Kind of a thing. We should watch that again.


That's a great movie, country strong. And then Zach sat like, hands folded.


In his lap the entire time, seemingly. Did not even give the opportunity to hold hands.






We didn't know this is a date. And you're thinking, I was going to hold your hand.


I mean, I was an experienced dater.


I know you were.


Gosh, talk about that in another episode.


We went to a movie, dinner, and then on the way home, we were passing the farm, and I said, like, do you want to keep this party going? And you said, sure. And so we drove past the farm, up to Skyline. We got out of the car, right?


Did. We walked up skyline.


The clearing, got back in.


That's probably illegal, though.


Coming home, though. We called up Mueller and Jeremy, and I was lost at the time. I was. I can't. Do we take it straight or do we go right here? And then they're.


They told you were supposed to go right and they told you left or.


Straight, whatever it was.


They specifically got us lost.


Anyway, an hour and a half later, we ended up in scapoos. You guys can do the map. Look up the farm, google it, and then look up Scapoos. Okay.


Significantly. And we're talking back distance away.


Yeah. Not Highway 30.




Backwoods. Anyway, about an hour and a half later after our.


And this was before the time of, like, look up directions on your phone.


No, this is flip phone.


There was no directions on the phone.


I didn't have a map in my car.




We finally got to Scapoose. From Scapoos, I can get to Highway 30, logi trail, but we also had.


To stop in scapoos. You had to get gas, and you had to ask for directions in Scapoos.


I don't think so. Highway 30. I would have known by then, but.


I think you were asking the guy at the gas station, like, where is Highway 30?


No, Scapooth. It's right there. Okay. Anyway, finally we get home. Finally we get home. And that was the date. But in that long journey, it was.


Like a four or five hour date.


We were very comfortable. We became very comfortable in silence. Like, there's times we chatted, but then there's also. Sometimes we were just cruising. Also, I found out Tori played soccer.


Can I also just say, though, cute moment.




I knew that night that I was going to marry you. You had no idea?




I knew that night because of how comfortable we were in the car together. I knew that night that I was going to marry you.


That's super cute.


Isn't that super cute? Okay, keep going.


I ran a coed team, though. We were always looking for girls soccer players. So ching. Date worth.


And of course, I'm like, I'm so so. I played one year of high school ball. I'm so good.


And the first time I passed her the ball, it was a glare. We talk about that. We went back in some of our Facebook messages, though, and we had a whole conversation about how I was rude to you?


No, but also, Zach, the farm from my house growing up, was 45 minutes on a good day. So I would drive 45 minutes to play a 40 minutes soccer game. He would invite me to a campfire after because there was always a campfire every single night unless it was raining. Yeah. So he would invite me to this campfire and promptly not talk to me.


Wait, so hold on. We're skipping Valentine's. So this is January. Okay. And then you started playing on the CoA team pretty right away. Right. But then Valentine's came around and what happened?


Yeah, I think we had gone on one day and then played soccer, like, two times in a row, two weekends in a row. So that's like three weeks of hanging out. Valentine's Day rolls around, and I did not receive a Valentine's Day text from even.


I don't even think that remotely crossed my mind clearly.


I remember being like, he's going to say something that morning. It's going to make my day. He's going to say, happy Valentine's Day. This guy is the guy for me. And Zach didn't say anything.


Yeah, there was nothing.


Radio silence from Zach.




So we question often in our relationship how I stuck around.


Yes. How did you.


How did I stick around?


It's a miracle.


It's a miracle.


There's multiple things.


But then Zach also thinks he's going to write a book on relationship because he's got one and done.


Not one and. Yes, one and done. But one and, yeah, one and done. One and done. If you did what I did, we talked about this. If you did what I did intentionally, that's probably called toxic. But I was very, like, doing my thing. I was on my mission, playing soccer, working indoor goals, PCC. I was just.


And you knew by not saying happy Valentine's Day, you were like, no, that was line and sinker.


It definitely hooked you. But I'm saying, like, you can ask me what I want to be. Back then, I would have said, soccer coach. I want to play soccer. I want to work at indoor goals. I want to do this, I want to do that. I had all my right. Am I right, though? I had all my lines figured out.


I want to ask you this question now.




When is Valentine's Day?


February. Mueller's birthday is 9th. February 11. When is it? When is it?


When is it?


I don't know. When is it?


You still don't know? February 14.


I said the 11th.


It's the 14th.


That was a solid, close, solid.


You missed the day.


All right. February 14.


And when a girl says she doesn't want anything for Valentine's Day, get her.


Something for Valentine's Day.


Get her something for Valentine's Day.


I've been pretty good since then, right?


Yeah, you have.


I've been solid.


You have. You do flowers very often, which is very. I love that. I love having flowers.


Yeah, we do. The candy.


The candy. You buy me really nice jewelry. I love when you buy me jewelry.


Have you fixed that necklace?


I haven't. Our kid, our Josiah, is a little bit of an aggressive guy. He grabbed my necklace and just yanked it off. I have to get it fixed. But you do jewelry really well.


Thanks, babe.


My ring.


You do gift giving really well, though, too. Thank you. I remember one of the first, like.


What is it, Mark Cohen? Do you remember that?




Did I give you something for Valentine's Day? That must have been for your birthday.


No, you didn't. You did something for my birthday.


Mark Cohen. I read that Facebook message you gave me all your favorite Cohen songs, and I made you a CD.


Yeah. Oh, my gosh.


Remember when we used to make cds?


I thought you straight up got me the CD I think you got.


Maybe I got it for you. Yeah, even better.


We're aging ourselves hard here. Flip phones, no Google Maps. Cds.


Don't even get me started. This was only, like, 15 years ago. I know. 15 years.


All those things are completely gone.


That's so wild.


You said we're going on our 9010, so.


Yeah, it's 14 years ago.


14 years ago. All that stuff's gone, man. Our kids will never know. They won't even know what a commercial is.


They won't even know what a commercial is. Isn't that wild?


Much less rewinding stuff and switching it down anyway.


Well, we have come a long way in our relationship.


Yeah. So Valentine's Day is coming up, though.


Get your girl a Valentine.


Yep. Even if it's flowers, even if it's.


A cart, even if it's a text message. Just text her. At least text her. Learn from Zach. Text her.


What's the likelihood of guys watching this first podcast?


I think I got about 5% on my insights. 4%, maybe.


Well, if you are a guy watching this and you got a girl, you're hanging out, but you're not sure, still get her something for Valentine's Day. Right?


I don't know, though. It worked out in your favor. Like, maybe not.


But if you're intentionally not doing it, that's toxic.




So now that you've heard this from us. You got to do it. Yeah.


If you're just oblivious.




I think you were just oblivious.


I was totally. I had no clue. I knew Valentine's. But I don't do feelings very well, though. You know that. And now it have been expressing some hard feelings.


Roll off. Don't do feelings whatsoever. You've gotten better, though. But we've also gone back through our Facebook messenger. Messenger messages. We've gone back through our Facebook messages from, what was it, 2013? I said we were super annoying in 2013.


Everyone was.


And I would send him, like, a three scroll message.


You sent me some engagement thing, though. In 2012.


I knew on that date that we were going to get married.


Jimmy, cricket, you didn't know it, but I was just enjoying it. You were my first girlfriend. I was enjoying it. I was just like, just fun. Let's hang out.


I'm so glad we don't have to do that anymore, though.




It's a dating guessing. It was kind of fun. It was exciting.


I'll say it was fun. And it would be fun to, like, our kids are in that stage six. What do we just say four and one, but get back into where we can just be spontaneous and date.


We do a good job of dating, though.


I think we do a good job. We do a good job. But you're still right.


I feel like we get to the point, though, in our dating life right now that we need a date. You know what I mean? It's like, oh, we're exhausted and we need to reconnect without being interrupted. Let's go on a date. Instead of just, hey, I want to go on a date tonight. Tonight.


It's just this season of life. We have to put that on hold. People come up with messages all the time about that. Like, get through this season of life, and then you can not get through this season of life is very fun and enjoyable, and we're going to look back and it's be like, that's the good old days. But for our relationship, it's very kid dominant, which is okay to say.


And it's exhausting. It can be exhausting, but it really is rewarding. And I think that's one of the things about this podcast that I'm excited to talk about, because I think that's something that you and I are really passionate about, is parenting and kids and relationships and people and all the things. So it's going to be fun.


I feel like, yeah, I have a lot to say. I feel like I can be more interesting and I know a lot more things than I publicly let off.


Zach is one of the. You're one of the most well read people I know. We'll go to, like, parties or gathering. Not parties, not well read.


Don't say that. That means, like, book smart.


No, but not necessarily well read. I feel like we can go to a gathering of people and somebody will bring up a topic and you know something about it. It may not be the whole factual, it might not be everything, but, you know, a good amount.


I appreciate that. Okay. Yeah. I could have a conversation about generally what's going on in politics.


You could do, like, pop culture. Pop culture politics to sports, to some random railroad system that used to happen in Hillsborough. There's just so much.


Okay. No, I get that. Yeah.


We can't finish books in this house. I wish we could. But you read articles. You are very.


I used to read books, but I think reading articles killed it because it's hard when you read a book. Some of these books, they're very repetitive. It's 300 pages and it's like, this could have been a 30 page article. It could have been an email. Okay.


That's why I feel like I have come to podcasts and, like, audiobooks, because you can listen and be working at the same time. It's awesome.








So something that we hope to do each week on our podcast is something that we do in our house all the time. So a lot of times during dinner, we'll ask each other what our peak in our pit is of the day, and we're hoping to do that on this podcast. So usually we'll probably open with this, but why don't we talk about peak and pit for the week?


What was your peak?


My peak, 100% was the snow that we got here in Washington.


Should we clarify that? You guys, Valentine's Day is coming up when this airs, but we're filming this in January when the snow happened.


It's a little bit of a lag.


So there's a little bit of a lag here. But this week.


But this week it snowed.




And it was so much fun. We played outside so much, and it was just beautiful.


Our kids are at a good age. Jax is at a great age. But also, you did a great job. You have the kids dialed for when the few times we do get snow. They have their outfits. We're not mismatched all over the place. We have a good snow outfit that stays in a box. I think that made this week enjoyable.


Easier. Yeah, that was definitely my peak, just watching the whole family. What about you? What was your peak?


Peak. I really like it when you walk around the property.




I tell you that all the time. And you walked around it quite a few times this week.


I love walking around because you always do something on the property that's fun to go see what you're doing.


But I like it when you go out there and enjoy the property.


We are definitely blessed with where we are in southwest Washington here. For those of you who don't know, what do we have? Like two and a half acres, 2.12.1 acres of land that has a really cute creek that goes through it?


Yeah, we're kind of backed up. We're the last house on the driveway, and so we're backed up into this forest area.


It's so peaceful. Especially. I love summertime here because obviously summer is great. But I love when our creek is going because you can just go sit by the water and it's so peaceful and relaxing.


Yeah, no, I love it. That's one of the things we can talk about, how we found this house later in another episode. But it was a water feature in.


A backyard that I love.


Yeah, that was my peak. Watching you enjoy the property, the backyard, walking around. You took that gorgeous picture, too, the sunset.


So good.




Ooh, it. Okay. Honestly, my pit. This is kind of a random one. So I taught for almost six years, and I was in my own classroom, and I loved what I did. I had great classroom management, and I thought I was a really great teacher. I subbed a couple of days this year, and I realized I'm not as great as I thought I was.


No, I think. What do you mean?


It was hard to sub. I will throw my hands up and be like, subs are amazing. That's a really difficult job. And that was kind of discouraging for me because I thought I was going to be like, oh, this is going to be easy. It's going to be so great. And it was not as easy.


Practice a little out of rhythm.


That's what it is, is I am not. What's it called? Conditioned. I'm not in shape.


And the first day was canceled for snow. So you get thrown off. The second day had a two hour late start.


But I think that I always kind of pictured myself going back in a subbing capacity. I don't know if that life's for me.


Okay, that's unfortunate. That's your pit. I think you are a great teacher. Can bring great help to our kids school in the future. If you choose, you already do with parent teacher. What's it called?


Parent teacher classroom or just volunteering? I'm the classroom mom.


Classroom mom class mom. So, yeah. Don't let this discourage you too much.


Well, I think that was just my pit of the week, though. It was hard, but I still love teaching. I love being with the kids. It's my fave. What's your pit?


Sometimes the kids can be tough.




They had a couple of moments.


That would have been my other answer. We had kind of a rough week with the kids.


The kids are great, but being stuck.


At home during a snowstorm and everyone's on top of each was. It was a pit.


And Lila's coming into being. Not a toddler. She's coming out of her toddler. She's a little girl and Jackson's. Or a boy, but they're in that same. She's coming into his phase of life where instead of Jackson's here, and then Lila and Josiah are here. Lila and Jackson are here, and Josiah's.


Starting to have her own opinions and.


Her own, you know, Jackson, come play or come do this. But Lila can come, too. She's old enough now. She can do this, she can stay know.


And I think that they've just been going through a sibling situation, which everyone tells me it's normal, but it's very disheartening. It's hard to watch your kids fight and argue with each other nonstop.


They're not non stop, but certain situations, they haven't been great in the car. They haven't been great.


Yeah, I need my van back. I haven't been able to drive my van, which separates everyone. So we need my van back.


Yeah. The Subaru puts all three of them in a row there.


They're all in their space.


That was probably my. Yeah.


Well, tomorrow's a new day.




We're going to be better parents because of this. And, yeah, I think I'm excited to dive into some parenting stuff on this podcast.


Yeah, parenting stuff.


I think that's what we love. We love talking about parenting and the psychology of children.


Yeah. Some things to know. Parenting talk.


Jack's excellent relationship advice, how to get the girl.


Yeah. Heck, yeah. Done. We already did that one. One and done. Check. Okay. We don't have to talk about that again. Soccer, dwarfism.




Yeah, motherhood.


To bring in some motherhood kids.


That's the expectation on season one of this podcast. But also, we'll be in tune to comments and fans. There can also be like, hey, this is what we heard.


Yeah. I'm excited to hear what you guys have to say, too, about what you want to hear from us, what you want to have on the podcast. I think we have some exciting things planned, though. There are some episodes that are spicy, top notch. Like, I can't wait to talk about them.


And I have no problem, too, doubling back if we hear something in the comments saying, hey, last week we talked about this. Just want to button that up because here's a comment that clarifies something so many. We move on to the next topic.


But I think we have a lot of really cool things that we're excited to share with you guys, and we're hoping that you come back next week.




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What is that?


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Raising heights.


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