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You are listening to the reality Sede podcast with your host Reality Steve. He's got all the latest info. And behind the scenes, Juice and Claire's upcoming season of The Bachelorette. I'm interviewing some of your favorite reality stars. Now, here's a reality, Steve. Hey, what's up, everyone, welcome to podcast number one. Ninety six, I am your host reality, Steve, thank you all for tuning in. Fun show for you this week as Entertainment Weekly's Kristen Baldwin joins me for her pretty much yearly appearance.


We'll get to her momentarily. Not a ton of stuff to talk about in bachelorette world. I've been hinting at a couple of things I'm starting to finalize some things that I'm hearing who's left. One thing that I can tell you is friends and family of some of the guys that are left on the season are in looking to right now. And were quarantined before they were brought on the show, but you'll hear Christine and I talk a lot about the actual quarantining aspect of the show, because I think what's getting lost to a lot of people, and I see it in your emails to me and your comments on Twitter, is that you just don't understand how the show is even being filmed, how it doesn't seem like these people are quarantining for enough time.


And I guess it would all depend on where you're from if you're in a state that has literally been shut down for the last five months and you still can't even eat in a restaurant. Yeah, you probably don't understand how quarantining can only last five days. But unfortunately, just because your state is taking a precaution, maybe, you know, a state like New York where if you come into New York and from a certain state, you have to quarantine for 14 days.


It's just not like that everywhere, unfortunately, probably. But. You also have to know that this show isn't going to put a bunch of positive covid contestants or people on the show, someone test positive, they're never getting anywhere close to coming on the show. And clearly, if anybody is positive, they're not going to be on the show. So I think you just have to understand that the way the show is doing it, they are taking all precautions necessary.


My guess is they're looking more at three negative tests before someone is allowed on versus X amount of days in complete isolation from everybody else. Now, that may not be the way your state does it, but that's the way they're doing it on the show. It just has to become accepted.


And look at we're five weeks into filming. They're almost done filming The Bachelorette, which is something that at the very beginning of the season, a lot of us questioned. I even said it like, hey, they're definitely going to start filming. I just don't know if they're going to end it. And it looks like they're going to end filming because they're only about seven days, seven to nine to ten days out for filming ending on the season. So they've made it this far.


And clearly nobody there that's positive has been allowed to walk around the set or kiss anybody or be a part of it. So. I mentioned this before the thing even started like this might be a good thing for television in general that, hey, look, it can be done now. Granit reality shows are a lot different than scripted shows because reality shows, you can film the whole thing in a quote unquote bubble and make sure that anybody that comes in, which most recently is family and friends of contestants on Taissa season, those people that are coming in definitely have to quarantine, are definitely tested.


And then assuming they're negative, they let them on. And I'm sure I'm assuming it's more than one negative covid test. And yes, I understand that we'll covid can possibly show up in your body five to 14 days. Why are they letting the mom within seven? I, I can't answer your question. Asked the show. I think the show will address it at some point of the safety measures that they took. But Kristen and I talk about it.


We talk about the Chris Harrison and Jojo thing because Chris definitely didn't quarantine for more than five days after he came back from moving his son into TCU in Fort Worth, Texas, last week. But to sit here and complain, I don't know what to tell you. If you're going to complain about quarantine or whatever, then just don't watch the show. If you're that bothered by it, I would just say don't watch the show or wait till they address it.


But if the end result is nobody is passing it on to anybody else and everybody there doesn't have it, I think that's what we're I think that's what they were after. And if they got it, they got it. So I'm not going to sit here and bang the drum on why isn't everyone waiting 14 days until they can appear on that show? That was just never an option. It was never going to happen. I understand that it is that way for some states, but they're not doing it for that show.


I think they're I think they're focusing more on at least three negative tests before you're allowed in. So that's that.


Like I said, there's a lot of other stuff to go over that Chris and I go over for about the first thirty minutes of the podcast. We go over a few things in regards to the Bachelorette season and how different it is and how weird it is.


We talk about ratings and stuff like that, and then we get to some other stuff. We talk about scripted shows that have nothing to do with The Bachelor because she's the TV critic for Entertainment Weekly. And I wanted to get her take on some of the things reality show wise and scripted, show wise going on in TV right now. And there's a couple that I was really interested in.


But so that's what we're at on Bachelorette filming. We're only about seven to ten days away. And then I think the show's probably going to premiere in mid September. We found out this week it's been made official by Dancing with the Stars begins Monday, September 14th. My guess is that Bachelorette is starting the next night on the fifteenth latest twenty second the following Tuesday. But if I had to guess right now I'm saying Bachelorette starts September 15th.


That's actually the date that I heard because Nick's Nick Nechvatal season of.


Nick Viles, Gote episode is on. August 31st, that Monday, and then Juan Pablo is on the seventh. I would think the next week would Basharat would start because Juan Pablo is going to have a lot of clever stuff on it, which is going to lead in the clear season. That's why I think it's the 15th, because Juan Pablo's goat episode is airing Monday, September 7th. Makes that makes sense to the next what we say at the end of that episode here was, you know, you watched Claire's journey.


Now next week, tune in as The Bachelorette begins and we get to see Claire's journey, which will be on. But that show is on Tuesdays. It would really kind of be weird if. Juan Pablo's goat episode is on the 7th, and then all of a sudden they say, oh yeah, in two weeks, is it possible, sir? But with Dance with the Stars now officially premiering Monday the 14th makes sense that The Bachelorette would premiere the next night.


But nothing's official yet. They haven't made an announcement. That's just my prediction of when we're going to get that to air. So without any further ado, let's get started.


Podcast number one, 96. All right, let's bring her in, you know her from Entertainment Weekly, TV critic for Entertainment Weekly. She's been a podcast guest at least two or three times.


Last time we had her on was September 5th of last year. So we're coming up on a year since we last had you on, although it seems like 10 years with covid.


Kristen Baldwin. Kristen, how are you? Good, good.


I like doing our yearly chats. I think it's it's a good milestone.


And would you say this is about as interesting times as we could possibly come up with, especially not even just the times we're living in with with covid and all that? Just the fact that we have just a bizarre bachelorette season going on right now. That is kind of what is unheard of.


And I mean, it isn't isn't it incredible that what we thought would be kind of like the most boring season of The Bachelorette may now be like perhaps, as they say, the most dramatic season ever?


I know it's it's certainly drawing the interest. And I guess they're playing it correctly if you're a bachelor PR, because they're not addressing anything, they're not talking about anything, and they're just letting every media outlet run with whatever story they have. And they're just sitting back saying everyone's going to tune into this to see what really is going on. Now, granted, I plan to have the answers before they start, but that's another story.


So, I mean, right now, in talking about the show, I mean, I've given my take on what's going on and reported something.


Right, but. What's your take on everything, Bachelorette What you heard has happened in the time of a pandemic where very few shows have even restarted filming, this one is almost done filming. Yeah, if something like this can maybe even help matters in the TV world.


Well, you know, I do think that the whether it's the NBA or The Bachelorette or Tyler Perry's bubble down in Atlanta, this sort of bubble format is the only thing that seems to really be working right now with television production in that, you know, if you get everybody in one place, get them quarantine, get them tested, and then nobody goes in or out.


You know, it seems it seems to be working backward, and I do think that it's easier to do that with something like reality, certainly, you know, Big Brother is another example. And, you know, with the NBA, I guess because of the Disney ABC connection, they were able to just live in Disney World or whatever it is. I think it's going to be a lot harder with scripted shows.


Can you imagine the cast of this is us agreeing to, like, relocate to the universal lot for ten weeks?


Like, I don't think they wouldn't do it, but reality stars are probably a little a little more amenable to that type of, you know, intensive.


And I'm you know, I really honestly did not think this season of The Bachelor would happen.


And I am both, like, slightly horrified and yet very thrilled that it's going to whatever it turns out to be.


Yeah, because it seems like I mean, as far as we know. Everyone that's still on the show or participated in the show this season did not have the virus, right?


I mean, I feel like really stupid if you did and they were about or would have known at this point if somebody had because it would have been like highly unethical, you know, not to stop production.


And so, you know, I still I've been I read all your stuff, all your columns, and I'm still like I'm having a hard time figuring out, like, how many men were there and then weren't there and did any come back for rotation on that. But like, it seems like whatever they did and with Chris Harrison having to leave to I mean, I'm upset that he took his child to like covid central Texas to go to school. Like, I feel like maybe he could just do the semester at home.


But again, you know, people got to do what they got to do. But then he came back and I guess he quarantined and everybody's fine.


So it seems to be working. Where are they getting their hands on all the tests and how much is that costing? That's a great question that I would love to know.


But yeah, that's the one thing that I'm surprised they're not addressing it. Maybe they'll address it once this is all over and yeah, pre-season interviews start.


I mean, you're going to probably get you know, Entertainment Weekly will probably get an interview with Chris or maybe even write emails or production.


I'm maybe I'm guessing they got to address it at that point.


Like, look, these were our protocols that we did.


But it is kind of weird because we actually have look these days of quarantining for 14 days that I know some states are doing like New York, like if you travel to New York from California to Texas or Florida, you cannot leave. You basically have to quarantine for 14 days.


Clearly, that's not happening in California because even just last week, we have visual evidence of Chris Harrison last Tuesday at Texas campus, Texas Christian University in Fort Worth Wright with his son in his dorm room.


And then this past Monday, Entertainment Tonight post pictures of Chris outside and looking to with Claire in a red dress, which means those pictures came from the day before. So let's just say Chris took a night that day that he took his picture with his son. He flew back to California that night. He probably didn't probably flew back the next day. But if he flew back that night, he's back in Lakita Tuesday night. And on Sunday, he's Marsalis around Claire.


So clearly they're not doing even seven days. That's that's a max five days. And I'm guessing it's more like four days because I'm sure he went back today day.


So, yeah, that's what I'm saying. Like now now someone from New York like yourself that lives in New York and has basically had their life shut down for the last four or five months, it's probably hard for you to understand something like that because you haven't even been allowed to go to a restaurant, eat inside for five months. So. Right.


Yeah, I mean, I do. I I am surprised that, you know, I am surprised that he didn't. They said initially he was quarantining and it was unclear for how long.


Maybe if they had, you know, if they had tested him every day for five days and he was negative, they were like, OK, we're good to go, which, you know, probably fine.


It's just. It is. I think now Los Angeles and California over the last month or so has definitely seen how bad it can get, and so I don't think people are as cavalier as they were March, April, in that in that period of time in other parts of the country.


I am a little surprised, you know, because it's not like you. He was coming from a state that hasn't had a huge outbreak.


Texas is not great know.


So so, you know, good luck to all of them. And I really hope everyone is safe, especially his son on the college campus, because, you know, college kids are notoriously, you know, not super. They're not real responsible when all the time. So I do hope that everyone ends up OK.


But yeah, I mean, I guess here's my question then is do you think Jojo is going to show up at all? Or was all that like just a red herring?


Well, Chris was definitely gone for five days, so she had to have been there for at least one rose ceremony. So one rose is OK, at least one. It's possible, too, because if Chris posted the pictures on Tuesday, he probably left Monday. So. Yeah, yeah.


I mean, it's definitely one, probably two. But this this story that US Weekly had about Chris Harrison came back and all of a sudden had a quarantine for 14 days and he was upset and pissed off and had no idea like that.


There's nothing to that story that there was a lot that makes no sense.


Yeah, there was a lot of sort of and the you know, the headlines that were basically essentially saying that he was being replaced.


You know, the headlines. Yeah.


Which is like first of all. But as you know, I mean, I put this in my own post.


You know, this is the first time in 11 years that he's missed the show. Yeah. And he only missed that show one show. Do you remember one episode?


I posted it when the Chilean season. He wasn't there in Spain when she sent West home. And I am still traumatized by it. It's very disconcerting not to have, you know, ladies or in this case, gentleman. Chilean final rose tonight when you're ready, like I mean, you need that as a viewer.


And so it was it's going to be weird. It's going to be weird.


Steve, did he ever say why do we know why he missed that episode? I remember asking him once. I think it was just it was some travel thing. He wasn't able to get there for that.


You know, I think he had some conflict for that one leg of The Bachelorette global travel.


So he just missed that one that one episode.


Yeah. It seems that, look, Chris always knew when his son had to go to college. What a great story would have made more sense if he was like woke up one morning. And Lakita is like, oh, shit. That's right. I got to get to Texas because my son's. Yeah. Checking into college like it makes way more sense that he knew it was preplanned. Yeah. The Jojo thing was a little surprising. I thought maybe they would have gone with a Ben Higgins not saying that Jojo can't host the show because it's not like you have to do much as a host of the show.


But I it was kind of different that Jojo got that call as opposed to something like a Ben Higgins or a Sean Lowe.


But, you know, whatever. I mean, that was their choice. I think one thing that you brought up earlier about the testing, like, look, if Chris was gone for five days, maybe he tested every day that he was in or not gone for five days.


But, yeah, after the Laquinta grid where he was doing anything on set for five days. You know, my guess is based on what I have seen and what I have heard, I think they're going with a five to seven day quarantine with testing every other day. Yeah. So Chris gets back on Wednesday, tests its negative test Friday, again, its negative test Sunday. Again, it's negative. And they're going with, hey, you get three negative tests.


You're fine in our bubble. Right, because that's what the NBA is doing. There's a guy who arrived back in the NBA bubble after watching his wife give birth and he arrived back in the NBA bubble and four days later, he was allowed to participate. And NBA is being about as strict as any organization and they're getting zero positive tests.


So and by the way, they also developed help develop or fund a test, the saliva test. Yeah, the celebrities.


And, you know, don't forget ABC, you know, Rob Mills, bless Blasim is also, you know, he's head of alternative, but he's also kind of involved in what's happening with NBA and stuff like that. So, like, it's entirely possible that they could have taken a protocol that is similar to whatever the NBA is doing and that's obviously working. So knock wood again. So, yeah, I mean, whatever they're doing, I'm sure is very expensive.


But it also seems to be very extensive in that, you know, everybody seems to be safe. And that's great.


I mean, it is going to be weird watching people meet each other and like then start making out and getting all touchy, because right now we're all a little, you know, that gives us all the heebie jeebies. But it I guess it's a nice a nice sort of hopeful, aspirational thing that someday reality TV stars will be able to make out again without quarantining.


Yeah, I think I think at this point, like. We're at a time right now where, you know, hopefully this goes through like that was my biggest thing I always knew they were going to start filming was just a matter of. Yeah, yeah. They're going to end it. And it looks like they're going to I think filming ends next week.


So we are at a point where this is one of the first few shows that's going to be back on the air in something that filmed in advance.


Dancing with the Stars clearly is is live starting September 14th, which means that ABC hasn't officially announced the start date for the season. But I think it's the 15th. I think it's the night after Dancing with the Stars premieres. It doesn't make sense to premiere it a week after. I guess the twenty second is a possibility, but the twenty ninth is definitely too late. It's either going to be the 15th of the 22nd and I heard 15th, but I guess things can change.


I will say like what I mentioned earlier, I do hope that either Chris or Rob Mills does an interview with, you know, whoever you guys or people.




Hollywood Reporter variety, whatever, and explains their protocols during this, because a lot of people do have questions and are still a little confused on every you know, when the Chris Harrison story broke and they brought Jojo in is like, what? Doesn't Jojo live in Texas?


How did she get one team? Like, exactly. That's the other thing. Like, Chris didn't wake up one morning and say, guys, I got to leave. I'm on a plane tomorrow night, Sia.


And then they're like, oh, I will I will say it's possible. And I don't know this, but it's possible that maybe there was some back and forth with his son's school. We don't know. They could have been postponing the date or sort of not officially announcing, yes, we're doing in person or we're going all virtual. You know, it's possible that that information could have been in limbo. And so, Kristen, you know, Chris thought it was possible that, you know, his son would be doing virtual learning for the first six months of his semester and would be living at home and then that changed.


But I think more than likely you're right in that like this was planned ahead. So perhaps they were able to, I don't know, get Jojo to look into early and they had to, you know, yeah, there's no other way or else than she walks on set and becomes them.


Then they would be patient zero. Yeah. Breaking they'd be breaking protocol. So I'm sure she was there days before, just like whatever happened with you know, we know what happened with Tasha.


She was there before. She had to be there at least four to five days before they allowed her. Because one thing that we do know and one thing I can't confirm, filming never stopped. So it's not like Claire made her decision decision and they were like, oh, crap, we need to call somebody who's the closest one tastes in Southern California, let's get her. But if we get her here, we have to stop for four or five days, then that's not what happened.


So they saw something happening with Claire and Andale. I don't think that's a spoiler anymore at this point. And then they got on the horn. Now, maybe when they got on the horn, it was like, look, we need to bring you here. There's a good possibility you can be the bachelorette, but we don't know yet. But we need something in place. And then that's exactly what happened. I don't that we don't know yet because clearly she was there quarantining before Claire ended her stay as bachelorette.




Well, you know who also I would love to hear from once they actually start talking about this is Carrie Fatman, who does wardrobe because can you you know, he he outfits the bachelor bachelorette head to toe for every single scene that he or she is in.


And so did he have to leave, go do a bunch of shopping and come back and quarantine and then, you know, disinfect all the clothes. Like there's so many questions. So many questions.


Yeah, I it's a I never even thought of that because otherwise why is she dressed in, you know, stuff that you can buy at the La Quinta pro shop? Like, I really doubt it and I hope not.


Or maybe she had Claire's wardrobe. Are they I mean, thinking of the two of them in my head right now, I mean, who knows?


I they. I have no idea off the top of my head, but, yeah, similar bodies, if I'm not mistaken, it's possible they could have just altered Claire's wardrobe.


But I would feel kind of bad for Teisha because, I mean, you know, these wardrobes, like he really works. Carrie is you know, he really works with The Bachelor and Bachelorette to come up with something that is their style but obviously is glamorous and, you know, looks good and is fashion forward and all that. And I don't know. I mean, Tasha and Claire seem like people who I mean, they both obviously are beautiful women, but they probably have different tastes, you know, so I feel kind of bad for her if she had to kind of just get Claire's hand me downs.


But on the other hand, you know, she probably is so thrilled to be The Bachelorette that maybe she's not going to quibble.


Yeah. The one thing that's interesting that has just recently that I've just recently found out about is like, you know, we've talked about this bubble. And like you mentioned earlier, the bubble seems to work, whether it's in sports or reality television with Bachelorette. And we know it's working with Big Brother right now is the fact that they are bringing in family and friends into the bubble, but they are quarantining them. Again, though it's certainly not 14 days because then you're bringing in families when you still had, I mean, a 14 day period and the show is literally three and a half to four ceremonies like.


Right. Why how could you bring in people that early?


I do know that family and friends are being brought in and they are being quarantined.


So, again, that brings up the issue of it. It's really looking like there, Max. Quarantine day is about five and probably, yes, five days. You're getting tested every other day, which is three negative tests. And if any of those people do happen to test positive, they're not getting on set and they have to surprise anyone else.


So it certainly look, they are getting so much publicity out of this. And it's you know, when I first heard about the Taser thing, I was like, oh, this is just going to be like Caitlyn and Brett, like there once was established after the first night, they'll just say, hey. But then I realized, you know what? If they say that, then they have to address why there is no longer the bachelorette girl that they pumped up for the last three months.


We saw commercials during Listen to Your Heart. We saw commercials during the goat episode saying apply to be on Claire Crawley season. Oh, yeah. And then if you all of a sudden say, oh, this is our next bachelorette, make some sort of announcement, they're going to they're going to want to know why. I guess they could have just said, why are you going have to tune in in September to find out. But that seems like kind of a big deal.


So maybe that's why they haven't addressed the Tatia situation. I don't know.


All right. And I do think they'll do I mean, they've started to do this in the last several years. And a lot of it is, you know, you'll have a spoiler or something that everyone knows. And I think this happened around the time with DJed in that everyone knew, you know, he had a girlfriend and all that.


They start incorporating hints of that stuff into the narrative, but also into the promos like, yeah, you've heard the rumors.


Now find the truth and you'll see the truth on tonight's episode.


So I do think they could do something similar with with this, you know, like, you know, whatever. I've heard the rumors. You know, you've seen the you've seen the stories.


You click the headlines, but now you know it all all answers will be given in a way to just, you know, acknowledge that this is not really a secret.


Yeah. But how it unfolds is obviously still a secret.


Yeah, that's the big thing is how it all unfolded. How did Claire come to this conclusion? How did Dale go along with it? Production seemingly obviously had to sign off on it and allow it, if not encourage it, it is it is it is different. This is going to be a different season. And this was like the it makes more sense to me now that production was like, you know what, instead of fighting Claire on this, because plenty of other leaders would have loved to have cancelled their season after the fourth rose ceremony and has been like, look, do I have to fake these people?


I don't know who I want and why do they all have to go through with their contract? And Claire didn't. I think that's going to be a question that people are going to have. I know I have it, but they do.


When you look at them and you know what's different, what's different is covered, you know, and said that I think you're right in that that is why, you know, they they already knew, like, this is going to be a hard season to make exciting.


And, you know, whether it was one person or it was a group of Tiffany or whatever who realized like, hey, we can, you know.


Right. You know, steer this in the direction of a typical season or we could just blow everything up because that looks like where it's going. You know, it's better that they blew everything up, especially a show like this, you know, has. It's you know, it's got its structure, it's got its formula, they haven't really been forced to change it or adapt it in any in any way beyond these sort of like.


You know, shocking finales where somebody changes their mind or there's a Kolten fence jumping situation, but the actual narrative of the season itself hasn't they haven't really had to change that. And now, you know, this was sort of a necessity is the mother of invention type of situation, I think.


Yeah. And it's they were set for a season that was going to have no travel.


And, you know, like what are the dates even Steve is going to be like today? We're going to the pool. You know, today we're going in the tennis courts like, I don't know.


Yeah, I mean, it's all stuff locally. It's all stuff, not even locally. I mean, also they can't leave resort. Yeah.


You know, like I reported one, there is a there is a dodgeball date which is reminiscent of desert season that had one. So I mean, it's. Look, it's funny because. You getting past seasons and you talk about some of the travel they've done in the past season, the people are just like, oh, you know, why do you watch the show? Oh, I love the travel. I love the places that they go and stuff like that.


And, well, except the U.S. travel, because when they go to places like Virginia and Cleveland, Pennsylvania, people are just like, wait, why? Why are they going there? And this season was supposed to be Chattanooga before they had it overseas. It was supposed to be Chattanooga, Tennessee. And then they were going to Iceland and Rome and Croatia this season.


So, yeah, nice. Is that going to is are people going to be like, well, I'm not going to watch The Bachelorette anymore because it's just going to be in one location.


I, I really don't think when you really break it down, location of where they travel to any season is really a precursor to whether or not somebody will watch the show.


I don't know for sure.


No, I mean, more importantly, the drama and the desire. And it's a nice you know, the back. It's always nice, like it's a nice backdrop and it's like, oh, that's pretty. Or you like to watch when they, you know, have to try to like, interact with other cultures and they're all clueless or whatever.


But no, it's not. And I really don't think it's the reason anybody watches the show.


And so and I think, you know, conversely, had they had this stuff not happened, people would still be tuning in to see, like, well, how are they going to do it in one place?


Because they haven't done that for, you know, essentially even even season one.


You know, they went to like this. They still got to go somewhere. Yeah, they got places with overnight.


Yeah. So this it was all within the U.S., but it was still like travel. So I don't think it's something that people people would want to see how they pulled off the challenge of like keeping them there and making an interesting. But now they'll have all sorts of other things to pay attention to besides what you know, the fact that they're not leaving the resort.


And I think from everything that I'm hearing, Matt James is essentially going to get the same thing. It's going to be a one resort place because I still start up in like September.


End of September. Beginning of October. Yeah, yeah. And then the world travel is not going to be happening at that point.


I can't imagine five weeks from now, all of a sudden domestic travel within this within this show, because obviously people still travel domestically right now.


Obviously, international travel is off the board. But I think five weeks from now, is this show going to be comfortable with putting usually travel starts with about 15 people after they're going to be willing to put 15 women and cast and crew on a plane and go to a different city. No, no, it's not happen. So, Matt, season is going to be the same as Clares. I'm hearing where it might be and just waiting to get confirmation on that.


But same kind of place.


It's just another resort place in the U.S. and, you know, look, it's it's we're not used to this. I think I was glad that Matt season seemingly, seemingly will put us back on quote unquote schedule because. Right. Class season. We would be we would be on a non covid year, we would be two to three weeks into Bachelor and Paradise episodes right now, clear season one filming or ended airing end of July. It started May 18, was set to start May 18th, would have ended last Monday in July, our first Monday in August.


I don't know what 11 weeks out would have been, but we'd be in we'd be in bachelor paradise mode right now. And the fact that clear season isn't going to start airing until next month, which means Claire's season is going to be airing and they're going to be filming Matt James season, which is going to be totally bizarre, at least for me, because I'm going to be covering two different things that at one time. But but by Matt season being filmed in September, they're going to be on a normal schedule because still film in September and right before November.


And then here we are with our bachelor premiere in the first Monday of January. And then we're back on schedule with Bachelorette starting to film next March like it would have for clear season. It's just a matter of next March. Where are we going to be?


Where are we going to be with this virus yet, this virus? Are we going to be able to do a. I still think international travel is going to be out next March, I don't think they're going to take a chance. No, I agree. I mean, but at least domestically, maybe they'll go places.


And they'll also have the chance, more time to plan, even if they are in one resort, you know, they could bring in additional people or they want to have some awkward concert or something, you know, like they could plan in advance to have outside people come in to quarantine and then do, you know, activities or whatever with them and say whatever, have a guest star or something like that.


So they will be able to normalize it a little bit more. But yeah, I think for a while it's going to be like this.


And, you know, luckily for ABC and Warner Brothers, both seasons have something unique about them in that Claire has this crazy Taisha drama and then Mad is the first black bachelor.


So both things have unique drawing points besides the fact that to counterbalance the fact that they're going to, you know, be a little more boring from a location standpoint.


Yeah, I I'm curious to see how it all plays out. And like I said, we've said this. This is a ratings. I'm curious to see how the ratings were going to be because before the switch up and before the Claire into bachelorette thing. I already knew and I was telling people like, look, don't Judge Claire season based on ratings, because I can already tell you right now it's going to draw the least amount of ratings of any previous bachelorette season because fans of this franchise are programmed to watch things in certain time periods.


And the fact that it was going to air from September to November and it was going to air on Tuesday nights is just you can't compare it to the last.




It's The Bachelorette seasons that all started and ended right around the same time, starts in May and the end of July like. Right. People just aren't ready for that stuff. And you can even look at the numbers for bachelor paradise. Even when Bachelorette ends bachelor Paradise is clearly their third show because it draws the third biggest ratings between Bachelor, Bachelorette and Paradise. So basically, Claire's first few episodes will be. Almost well, actually, Bachelard Paradise airs August and ends in the mid September, so this is yeah, and they've never had bouts of programming during this time period.


So at least in the last eight years, I mean, back in the day I used do.


But run it all different times. Yeah, yeah.


It's it's going to be it's going to be interesting. It's not going to be the highest rated season. I'll probably be the lowest rated bachelorette season, but not due to lack of drama. I just think people just aren't used to when to tune in to the show. And the fact that it's not on it's it's airing may think it's not a big deal, but airing on a Tuesday nights versus Monday is is different for the regular people are going to be people are going to be thrown off by that.




And the fact that, you know, it's now going to have to compete with this is us, which it's never had to compete with. You know, this is us. Well, assuming this is us starts in September or October, but they haven't even gone back to production.


Yeah, I don't think so. Yeah, I yeah.


I think that's I think it's going to be I'd be surprised if anything scripted, especially something like that that isn't owned by Tyler Perry started, you know, before October.


And even then, I think it's entirely possible, you know, that things just won't be ready by then. Totally agree, and I think that we you know, we're looking at shows and you mentioned Tyler Perry, you mentioned scripted shows. I want to talk about I want to get off the bachelor stuff because I figured we covered that enough right now.


I want to talk about some other shows as being the TV critic of the four.


CW is you get a lot of I see a lot of screeners and you get to see shows at a time and preview them. But before we get to that, two things I want to talk about.


Two reality shows. Are you a Big Brother fan? Oh, my God, yes. OK, so. Again, another show where these people were quarantined, I believe they actually did quarantine these contestants for two weeks before, yeah, they made the announcement, moved them into the house, and now we're up and running with this craziness of of Big Brother. What have been your thoughts on the early season of Big Brother?


You know, I was like, I will tell you, I almost choked up. I was so happy when I came on the air because I love Big Brother so much. And also just the idea of seeing, like. A show that we everything else has been pushed this summer, Big Brother, such a big part of the summer for me, I love it. And just seeing something new being made in this time made me happy. You sort of like with the SNL when they would do their their episodes from home, even though it's hard to be as funny.


Like, I just really appreciated all of the effort and the the creativity and the inventiveness that went into making that show remotely. And so with this, it was a little weird to see everyone wearing masks in the beginning. And like it was, I'm standing safely 12 feet away from you or whatever. But since it's been since it started, it has felt like a season of Big Brother to me. I mean, we're, what, two weeks in and like, you know, I definitely have the people that I like.


I've always been a Ginelle fan. I've always liked Nicole. I feel like Cody's really boring Memphis. But I'm already like getting to the point where I'm like people I like, people I don't like. I'm I'm wondering, like, has Danny even spoken a word yet? What's going on? What I do wonder, the competition so far have been pretty like they're not physical in that they're not you know, nobody's climbing through the muck trying to get some hidden key out of a giant bowl of pea soup or whatever.


I do wonder if they've made the competitions a little more sterile, even though everyone's getting tested regularly and things are you know, there are protocols in place. There just hasn't been sort of the goofy messiness of the competitions that we usually see. And maybe that's coming later. I'm just a little worried that what if we don't see Steve? I'm going to like I'm going to be upset if we don't see Otome.


Well, I mean. Are you are you a super fan of this to where you can go back to what season did you start watching? Season one, but I am not a I'm not a super fan in that I remember things because once the show is over, the season is over, like it all leaves my brain. Yeah, but I've seen it.


I see every one of these contestants, you know, every contestants. If I asked you, do you remember their game play and where they finish each season, ok. Yeah. But you know who's decent.


OK, see, because I only watched last season, that was my first, that was my first time. And now, you know, dating someone from last season. I've clearly gotten an update on education and education on how this show works. And I'm totally into it. I I'm following it now. And, you know, the first couple of days of this season, I was looking at the live feeds and I was just like, look, I cannot do I be on this all day long?


I can't do this.


Yeah, no, I have never done the live feeds for the exact same reason.


The the one thing about this season that I do kind of like, even though I don't know these people and their past gameplay, I know the names and kind of things that catus, you know, filled me in on, but I don't know enough about their their gameplay. So to me it's just outside of David and Nickolay.


It's it's 14 other people that are just like I know there's new people to, you know, people to me.


But I do I do appreciate the fact that there hasn't been any covid the stuff that you talked about was covered kind of behind the scenes that they're not making.


Right. But there hasn't been any openly covid stuff outside of, you know, when they started with the mask. And then when they you know, when when Keisha got eliminated last week, she had to wear a mask outside of the house to talk to Julie.


But other than that, there hasn't been this. You know, we've had Koven Shubha Throat for five months. We don't know.


You're right. It is nice that and they're not, you know. I do believe if it may come up at some point, if it it seems relevant to the story, like if somebody, God forbid, has lost a relative or something like that and they bring it up and it's an emotional moment that they show, but otherwise it is nice. I agree with you. It's really nice to just see them, you know, shooting the breeze about just anything else and just focus on gameplay.


And these are people who don't have to worry about covid essentially right now. And that's that's refreshing and really kind of soothing to watch in a way.


So and in terms of how the game is being played, I haven't really noticed any any differences. I do think I think it's noted notice notable that at least twice they've showed us conversations about race and about because one thing that Big Brother has been consistently terrible at is casting people who then on reveal themselves is usually on the live feeds to have some truly offensive ideas and opinions. And then, you know, then they have to sort of deal with it after the fact.


It's not usually addressed on the show. It's very it it gets very ugly. So I do wonder it seems like there may be a little more hyper aware of that this season and will be kind of monitoring because there are two audiences there, the people who watch it just on the show, and then the people who watch the show and the live feed and like talk all about the drama on the live feed. And that stuff takes up a while, but takes on a life of its own, as you can imagine, with with bachelorette and bachelor stuff.


So people get all worked up about like so-and-so said this on the live feed and it becomes news and then it's frustrating when the show doesn't actually address it. Yeah.


The only thing that covid has come up in and this was on. Live feeds that made it to the the Twitter accounts was. Cody didn't really grasp covid, why am I not surprised he made a comment about, oh, what am I going to do this tell me. He didn't say it was a hoax. Nobody said, well, they said, well, what if somebody said to him, what if you get it? And he's like, oh, what do you mean?


What if I get the sniffles? You know, then it was just like, oh, yeah.


So there is someone. But it was never shown that was on the live feeds that made it to the to the Twitter account for the update.


Right. Glad it was probably not shown that we don't need a disk, we don't need that kind of. Yeah, we don't need more, you know, misinformation and ill informed people bloviating about, you know, a virus that's killing hundreds of thousands of people.


But it is really nice to to watch. It's an escape for sure.


The other show I wanted to bring up was something we mentioned earlier that starts Monday. The 14th was Dancing with the Stars and. Obviously undergoing major changes, they kept all their judges, but the elimination of Tom and Erin, Erin, look, she does a great job. She's overworked with NFL on Sundays, then having to be at the ballroom on Mondays. But they've gone through four or five women on that show as as hosts.


So it's not as big of a deal letting Tom Bergeron go in favor of Tyra Banks.


I guess we won't know how it is until it plays out, Tirhas is not as good of a television host as Tom Bergeron is any day of the week.


I don't care what anyone says. Tom's not saying Tiger is a good, but she's not. She's been around as long as Tom. It's different, Tom.


You know, he's like he's old school, like, you know, classic type of host, like a Regis Philbin. Whereas, you know, she definitely has her niche. And I like her a lot. But, yeah, it's interesting. We don't know who she's going to be paired with, if anyone.


Right. Who know. We don't know. I'm saying like we don't know who it is. Oh, Tyra.


If they're even giving her a co-host. Yeah.


Don't you think they're going to give her you would think they would have announced that by now if they had one, right? I don't know.


She can't just be there by herself. Right. I think I mean, I guess I've just been assuming that it's going to be some big surprise or I guess because otherwise it's like it's just going to be her.


Maybe maybe it will maybe it will be her. But then, like, don't think need to people like somebody to be in the interview room.


Yeah. Yeah. The thing about this show is like, you know, it's a very upbeat, it's a very positive show. But this looks to be I mean, I'm guessing this show is now going to be filmed in front of no audience.


And I just I don't understand the excitement level of the show going to be nearly what it is with zero audience members.


And they're just maybe they'll maybe they'll type in audience noise like they're doing with baseball.


But I guess I don't what I don't understand is, I mean, are the contestants and the pros, they're not bubbling, right?


They're going to be like at home and then going in and rehearsing and then going home and then coming back in, like, I just don't understand how you keep that just makes me like that makes me anxious, you know, to think about even if they're testing people constantly, like just to think of all the people, all the exposure, I guess they're going to tell them, because usually on after after shows on Monday nights, there's always a group party, you know, at a restaurant where they all go out.


Clearly that's not going to happen anymore. It's just going to be practice and go back. You know, they they house all these people in the same area at that that apartment complex by the grove. They don't just go because someone like, you know, grocery store Joe, when he was on the show like he was in Chicago, he didn't fly back to Chicago after every Monday episode, he stated. Right.


But how is you there? But maybe they're just going to leave it alone.


Anjali's if you live in Los Angeles or in the surrounding area and you and the pros certainly aren't housed in a dorm or something, are they?


Well, did you see what did you see what came out yesterday about the pros. No, there's well they announce to the pros. Ah this season it's pretty much. Yeah.


A lot of the crop that we had, they they added, I think, to people from the troop this year.


But we have three married couples in the pros this season and they've told those married couples you have to separate for the filming, the duration of the filming of the show. Those people are not going home to each other like Shayana is married to Sasha. No, no, no. Who's married to Sasha? I can't get that straight. Yeah, the one that's married to Sasha.


They're telling them like married couples, you're not you can't see each other for three months. You can't live together.


So the idea being because then they would cross contamination or they just don't want them going home separately, they have to go home to them, to themselves and just go home and stay in their own little place, probably putting them up at the at the Grove area. So, yeah, it's, it's Yeah.


That and there's three married couples so that's all three. All are not allowed to, to go home to each other until I don't know if it means until the whole show is over or if one of them's eliminated. Can now I go back and see my spouse. I don't know.


That seems odd but I mean presumably there is a method to that madness.


But, yeah, it is going to be strange to imagine that show without an audience, because so much of it is, you know, love and the hoopla and, you know, panning the the the ballroom and the disco ball and all of that, it's basically we're just going to be watching their rehearsals.


It's what it's going be me grab. They'll be all dressed up in full makeup and gear and glitter and all that.


But, yeah, it's just going to be a different just like everything else. But they're baseballs and different basketball has been different. Whether you type in crowd noise or not. It's just not the same without shows you how much audiences of matter in the world of sports and and just in the world of television and certainly shows like this there, I think I mean, I guess I would say I just I would say, you know, I'm not a huge Dancing with the Stars fan, so.


But if I were, I think I would be so happy just to see a new season that, you know, I deal with. Even if it's not as special or as exciting, I would still be happy to see it. Just like with The Bachelorette. You know, this is even if all this other stuff hadn't happened and it was just clear. For nine weeks in La Quinta, even if it seemed a little more boring, I would still be thrilled for new for a new season.


You know, in this year where we've lost, you know, so much and things have been postponed, like anything new feels like, you know, an extra special gift. So, you know, people will probably it definitely probably take a hit in the ratings, like you were saying about Bachelorette in terms of dancing. But I think a lot of people will still be thrilled to have it back some semblance of normal.


When you talk about something new, there's three shows that I want to hit you with that I want to talk about. If you know, I definitely there's two of them you definitely know about, but there's one that I don't know. And one of them is this. It premieres next week, actually. What's the date today? The 19th. So actually premieres this weekend on Freeform, This Love in the time of Corona. Have you seen the trailer for this or the screen screener for this?


I have. And it looks. It it looks cheap, like I don't know how else to say it.


You know, I think it's definitely like ambitious. It'll be interesting to see how it will be interesting to see how they try to make a scripted narrative. It definitely at a time it was obviously shot during the time of Korona.


It just seems kind of to me like a almost like something like a Hallmark movie, like those movies you can tell our shot in seven days on some set in Vancouver or whatever, like.


But again, I am quite. I applaud them for for making this happen, and I don't know, it doesn't to me, it doesn't look like my cup of tea, but I also think the more that these productions can try things and get them done safely, the better they'll all be because people can can learn from that.


And again, free form owned by Disney, like it's all coming back to the you know, there's there's definitely a commonality to like they're all under that umbrella.


And so perhaps they're all getting the similar sort of protocol and safety precautions that we're seeing with MBR and seeing The Bachelorette. So God bless.


It's not not my cup of tea, but and it's and it's a scripted show about people dating, looking for.


Yeah. Love.


I think it's one of those in a time of Korona where there's social distancing, but they're also so I do think, you know, it's going to be like little interconnected stories. You know, maybe people living in the same building, I don't know.


But, you know, it's got a decent cast.


Leslie Odom Jr., Gil Bellows, do you remember him from Ally McBeal? He's in it know.


So I, I don't want to sound too snobby, but I also just think, like, you know, good for them.


I hope, you know, people enjoy it. It's just doesn't look like something I would watch.


Here's something that. Comes to us this weekend that I'm definitely going to tune into for the sole reason that. I was a huge Smallville fan. I know what you're going to say, Steve, so I'm so interested because I don't know how many people are familiar with Allison Mack, who played Clark Kent's female friend on Smallville for nine years on the WB. I think it was nine seasons off camera.


She got involved in essentially a cult, which was called Oh, it's a cult, which was called Nexium.


Nexium, right.


Is how you pronounce Nexium Lexia heartburn medication.


Yeah, Nexium. But it was an ex I.B.M.. It was. There was. Anyway, there's a documentary on Nexium that comes on HBO this Sunday night. You reviewed it. You saw it. You wrote your recap of it today. I just posted my review. Yeah.


And I got even more fired up when I read it.


So without giving too much away, explain exactly how this was done, because this isn't a from what I gather from what you wrote, this isn't a hey, we're going to talk to you about Nexium in in and how it worked in twenty twenty. And just get some people who may have been in it and got out of it or whatever. This is actual footage from inside this cult. Yeah.


It's really incredible. So you know, E.S.P. Nexium was founded by this guy named Keith Ranieri and in the late late 90s and essentially this this series, The Vow is a nine part docu series and it focuses on a group of people who were in it and who left, including there's a filmmaker named Mark Basanti. There's an actress named Sarah Edmondson. There's another actress who is in the Star Wars films. Bonnie, Peace, Peace, Peace. I don't know how to say her name.


She would play the opera anyway.


She all these people are people who were in it and then for one reason or another, left. And so the series is a documentary that includes, you know, sort of interviews with them as they are today, talking about what happened and how they got in and why they liked it. But Merc's isn't. He is a filmmaker. And when he joined in like two thousand four, two thousand five, Keith, the head guy who had everybody call him Vangard, they decided to have him document Vangard and document Nexium and just start filming everything.


So there is tons of footage of workshops of, you know, casual conversations of their like parties of, you know, audio conversations, of phone calls because they would record all their phone calls.


So you really see. This man, this guru in action, you see his his minions in action, you see Allison Mack who joined the group, she didn't participate in this documentary, which for reasons that will become obvious.


But you see you see footage of her giving, giving tutorials, giving in promotional videos. You see her first meeting with Keith Ranieri, which happened in the middle of the night at this volleyball game because would keep people up all night playing volleyball and is really intimate. And it's really you hear all kinds of conversations between as these these people are are considering starting to have doubts about the program and thinking they maybe I need to get out. You hear the conversations that Mark will have with with Vanguard expressing his doubts and you hear how the guy kind of tries to talk him off the ledge.


You hear it's just really like immersive in that way.


So while there is definitely sort of, you know, people talking to the camera today, recalling their experiences, there's also just a lot of direct footage of stuff that happened and conversations and things like that. And it really, really brings it home in a way that in a way that more that a documentary usually can't.


Usually they're relying on like snippets of archival footage and maybe some old photos.


But this has just countless hours of content from the actual inside the actual group itself.


So this is a nine part series. Yeah.


And did you get to see you've seen online or show you the first few episodes? What did you get?


I saw the first seven. OK.


Oh, and by the way, the other thing is, of course, that Catherine Oxenberg, who was really instrumental in bringing the group down because her daughter, India, got roped into it and became a member of this sort of subsect of of Nexium called DOS, which was like this creepy, creepy sex cult thing that you learn all about.


And you really like she all of her efforts to get publicity about this group and to get the authorities to pay attention like that's all on film to Mark Descent is working with her and they're filming everything. And so you really it's like you're watching this mother and all of her desperate efforts to save her daughter from this group. And it's really I mean, it all feels very immediate and urgent. Wow.


So it's going to air the next nine Sundays, I take it, on HBO.


Yeah, unless they're I mean, it starts Sunday at 10:00. I'm not I believe they're only airing one episode a week, but, you know, definitely check to see a day. Maybe they may double up some nights but yeah.


And it'll of course all be on HBO, Max and whatever else after the fact if you want to binge.


Yeah. Because you know I got to do it because I heard about. Allison Mack, and she was part of the the. The sex cult like recruiting women and and I was just like, God, that just seems so bizarre that she's involved in this. I just yeah.


And, you know, I mean, look, it's a self-help group. And like many cults, it, you know, has a lot of things that are appealing about it, especially if you're somebody who, you know, is looking for a purpose in your life, you're looking to improve yourself. And there's a lot to it that is appealing. But the more the deeper you get involved as whether it's with this or Scientology or any and any number of things, you know, it starts demanding more and more of your time, more and more of your money, and there's more and more sort of control that's put over you.


And, you know, while Allison Mack does end up, you know, she became somebody who ended up having to plead guilty to several charges. You know, you can see how somebody might get initially pulled in and why they might find it appealing.


And the last one that I wanted to talk about, even though I haven't seen it yet, but my friends have seen and said it's hilarious. Ted LASO got accepted first season. A second season did. Yes. Did you like the first season? Yes, I loved it, I loved it, I watched all 10 episodes. This is one that they're doing weekly, but I loved it. It's really funny. It's essentially it's based on a character Jason Sudeikis created for NBC Sports about this kind of buffoonish American coach who moves to England to to coach a British football team.


And he knows nothing about soccer, as we would call it, the UK football. But for the show, they've actually made him know. He's still very upbeat. He's very funny and folksy, but he's he's more of a thoughtful person. And it's about like how he decides he's going to turn this team. AFC Richmond, which is a UK Premier League team, threatened with relegation, which I didn't even know how he's going to turn the team around by making them better men both on and off the field.


And it's a really, really funny it's very sweet. Juno Temple, who's a British actress, she's in in the first season of Dirty John. She's in it as one of the wives and girlfriends, one of the wags. And she's hilarious. It's just really, really smart and funny and optimistic, like he's a really upbeat guy without being a Pollyanna. And that's in these times, Steve, we can all use a character who who looks on the bright side of life.


So I'm assuming Ted Laszlo was all filmed pretty covid, right? Yeah, I think so. I mean, it's all shot and it appears to be shot in the UK. And it's it's definitely I think it's something that's been in the works for quite a while. And, you know, Apple has a lot of money in a lot of content that they probably sort of hoarded before they launch them so they could have stuff to roll out throughout the year.


And, you know, obviously, we saw a lot of.


We saw a lot of, you know, promotion and hype around, you know, like the morning show, but they've got a lot of stuff in there, in there on the, you know, in there. What do you call it? Like just in the vault, ready to go. And this was one of them.


And then actually one final one, and this is one that you and I have talked about enough times. When is Cobra II, season three coming out?


Because this this one is definitely yes. This one is definitely that. They they filmed they wrapped before it ended. So how is this not been released during covid? I understand that they got to do post-production stuff. But I mean, we're in August now. Like, how was this?


You know what, it's not released because Netflix now is looking at their vault of original unreleased material and trying to figure out how they're going to write out the next however many months. And they're like, look, we've got that now that they own it. You know, you can soon, I believe, later this month, seasons one and two will be available on Netflix.


But they're going to hang on there. They're not going to just burn off, you know, this this gem that they've got that everybody's waiting for. And it's going to be a huge hit once people see it, especially on Netflix, because, you know, it's going from a platform that nobody knew existed to premium to a platform that pretty much everyone has. So I think, you know, it's going to be seasons one and two are going to premiere Aug.


28 on Netflix.


So if you've never seen it, you can watch all that and people go nuts for it and pretend like they're discovering it for the first time, just like they did with you, which moved from night life time to Netflix. And then I think they will dump or drop sorry, they will drop season three, I don't know, by the end of the year, sometime by the end of the year. But they're going to make us wait, you know, like because they know they can't just they have to start rationing.


You know, they're eventually going to run out of content, too. They've got plenty, but they're not going to just start burning things off left and right. They're going to be very strategic. And I think they're going to look at what the landscape is and what, you know, other networks have and other streamers have. And they're going to, you know, use their big guns strategically. Well, I can't wait.


I know you can't wait for that one as well. Oh, I'm so excited. Yeah, I'm so glad they got it in before covid hit. And we have a season three. Elizabeth, you better be in it. I don't know. I don't see how she isn't considering I mean, if she's not, I will be so sad.


Yeah. Considering the way season two ended, there's no way she can't be in it, but. Right. You know, we'll see. But Kristen, thanks again for coming on for your yearly visit. Maybe whether a next time. Well, maybe we'll get you right around the beginning of Matt Jameses because we'll have class last season that will have aired when it finished. We'll talk about it.


Yeah, we'll have plenty to talk about. So, again, thank you so much, Kristen, for coming on. Appreciate it. And we'll be in touch.


All right. Thank you. You got it. Bye bye. Thank you so much to Christiane for coming on, I love talking to her, not just necessarily bachelorette stuff and bachelor stuff. I'm just such a TV fan of a fan of shows and ratings and how shows are made and stuff like that. So it's always good to get the scoop from her as she, being a TV critic, gets a lot of screeners of shows that haven't come on the air yet.


And I'm definitely into. This is the show starting this weekend on HBO, this nine part documentary, Menary on Nexium, which should be just absolutely crazy. I mean, the vow I can't wait already set my DVR tonight. Looking forward to it. But, yeah, having watched Smallville and having watched Allison Mack play Clark Kent's best female friend in high school, Chloe Sullivan, I was when that first broke in the news, I was like, this can't be true.


Like, you know, granted, I'm judging a book by its cover that you just seemed like this little sweet little innocent girl. And then she's all of a sudden involved in a sex cult and recruiting women to be brainwashed by this Keith Raniere guy. And I'm just flabbergasted. I can't wait to watch this. I want to see how this all played out. But yeah, she's obviously someone also that likes Cobra Kai, which I do as well.


And just wanted to get her thoughts on a lot of other show, it's always fun to have her on, definitely probably have her on again in January so we can wrap up our season station season. And then as we, you know, get to maybe the first few weeks of Matt James season, assuming everything goes off as planned, which they filmed McClair season.


Seems like seemingly fingers crossed that they finished their season in the next seven to 10 days, Claire Taisha, I'm calling it Clair's, it's going to be hard for me to always say Clares.


So. Assuming that finishes in the next seven to 10 days and there were no issues, they clearly know what they need to do for Matt James season, which is set to film and the September beginning of October. And I'm working on the location for that. It's not going to be in California, it's not going to be at the mansion, and I've heard a location, I just don't know if this is a location that's one of many that's being scouted or it's the one they've honed in on.


So I will I will let you know once I get that confirmation. Anyway, thank you all for tuning in.


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And so I think normally. From the times that I have checked, which is maybe once a month, I'll go in and I'll see like, oh, how did that episode do and stack up in the TV and film category?


I'm usually in the top 20, maybe top 25. Some have made the top 10. I remember when I first started out, almost all of them made the top ten because I took screenshots of all of them.


But then I just stopped looking because the way they do it is kind of funky. They don't really explain anything. They don't have the download number next to the episode or anything like that. I know my downloads, but the way Apple's rankings work are leave a lot to be desired. And if you Google Apple rankings and Apple podcast rankings, you'll see that there have been a lot of complaints about it. So I pretty much gave up looking. But the code one number one, four, four or five days.


So that was great. Thank you all for that. I hope you all enjoyed Kristen for her on reality, Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. We we'll talk to you next week.