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You are listening to the Reality Steve podcast with your host Reality Steve. He's got all the latest info. And behind the scenes, Juice and Claires upcoming season of The Bachelorette. I'm interviewing some of your favorite reality stars. Now, here's a reality, Steve. What's up, everybody? Welcome to podcast number one. Ninety eight, I am your host reality, Steve. Thank you all for tuning in and a fun show for you this week. Former podcast guests.


It's been a while since she's been on. Comedian Sarah Carlana is on the podcast today, talking quite a few things that we'll get to momentarily. I know that we're getting close, filming has ended for The Bachelorette and everyone is expecting answers. They want answers.


Five minutes ago, five days ago, and all I can tell you is you'll be getting your answers soon. Just want to make sure I got everything, double check things and make sure I've got like I said, this is going to be a little bit different this year with 42 men that were released in July.


I need to account for all of them, because if I don't, after I release Despoilers, it will be like, well, what about this guy? What about this guy? So there are guys that never even made it on the show. There are guys that made it on the show and met Claire. There are guys that made it on the show and met Claire and were still there. When Taisha took over. There were guys that were brought on just for Tatia, there were guys that were eliminated by Clare who never met Teisha, they were guys that were eliminated by Tatia who had met Clare.


It's a little more confusing this year with two bachelorettes and men who may or may not have made on the show and whatnot, but I you know, I'm well aware of some of the things that are out there online.


I keep getting sent to me and stuff like that. And, you know, I brought it up a couple of weeks ago in the Instagram live story about an Instagram account that said, you know, this person based on social media must still be there and whatnot. And, you know, you know, it's.


You can choose to believe what you want to believe if you want to believe that a Instagram account that started during Claire's season and has 5000 followers has all the answers. And by all means, then that's your answer.


You don't even need me. But I can tell you what was the information that I have and what I saw on that site, there are things that are wrong there, so.


Don't worry, you'll have everything soon enough and, you know, explained it as well as I can, and there's been stuff that has been released throughout the season. You know, this this notion that Claire is was a tyrant and refused to come out of her room and wouldn't go on dates. It's not the story that happened. You hear Sarah and I talk about it and a little bit more. But it's nothing that I didn't have haven't already said to you in the past when I wrote that column a couple of weeks ago, I think it was.


Where I just explained, like, hey, here's the deal, it's what these people are reporting at these sites are reporting about how Claire was difficult to deal with and she was the one that wanted out and she quit and she wouldn't come out of a room like none of that was true. So I don't know where those people got it from, but I guess it made for a more salacious headline. And that's why they wrote it the way they did.


Well, regardless did not happen, and, you know, we'll have everything explained to you once I have the spoilers that we've got six weeks until the first episode airs.


So it's not going to take me six weeks to get you this. I will get you as much as I can as soon as I can. Just want to finalize a couple of things. So there you go today with Sarah Okolona, comedian. We're going to talk Bachelorette for the first 25 minutes or so. And we're going to talk a little comedy because she is a stand up comedian, one of the industries in the entertainment industry that has definitely been affected by covid.


And then we talk a little love island, believe it or not, and then we talk a little very, very little about Big Brother. Sorry. And yeah. So that's what we're at today.


So let's just get going already. All right. Podcast number one, 98 with Sarah Carlana. All right, let's bring her in. She was a podcast guest before, haven't had her on in a while. She has authored two New York Times best sellers, Life as I Blow It. And has anyone seen my pants? You've seen her on shows such as Unsatiable and Shameless. It is comedian Sarah Cloner. Sarah, how are you?


I'm good. How are you?


You know, just getting through things, you know, getting through covid. And it's been quite an unbelievable last six months. I'm sure your life has been turned upside down like everyone else is. And, you know, we'll get to that in a little bit.


But I want to start off by talking bachelorette stuff with you. I know you're a huge fan.


And I don't I I'm a confused fan of yours, and I will explain as much as I can to you, but. When we had you on last time, obviously, Claire was not somebody that was on anyone's radar, really, and I don't know if I've ever heard your opinion of it. When it was announced that Claire was The Bachelorette, what was your first response? Are you excited about this? Do you remember her from her past seasons?


Are you someone like. Oh, she's just the one that's been on four times or were you thinking.


I didn't I didn't remember her. I didn't know her as I'm I mean, I'm a fan, you know, since the last like five, six years. So either I missed her completely or she was on one of those seasons where I was like or maybe I mean, I guess I've been watching it longer than that. But no, she wasn't really someone I remembered. I didn't remember her story. I looked her up and I was like, OK, she's you know, she seems like she'll be a fun bachelorette.


You know, I like I don't know. She seemed like she was. And she has definitely obviously, you know, tried and failed a few times. So that kind of adds to the story, right? Yeah.


But yeah, I was like I was just very I wasn't overwhelmed with excitement by any means, as I especially even if I did know her well, I'd be like, yeah, but I you know, you kind of want someone from the recent years, someone that you've just been like just came off a rooting for, you know, I think.


It was tough because coming off Peter season, they got a lot of criticism because these girls were too young. You know, you had a final two of Madison and Hannah and they were both 23 years old. And while in a normal year, that would have been like a perfect transition into being bachelorette, especially someone like Hannah and who he chose and then dumped, kind of like how already did with with Becca, it seemed like that would have been a good role for her.


But again, at 23, I mean, look at your life. Were you ready to get married at 23? Oh, hell, no.


I definitely I mean, that season was, you know, a train wreck for many. But, you know, in many ways, but definitely the age of everyone, I was just like, these girls are so young. And so the drama is so. And you don't even know you don't even know yourself yet, you know, at that age.


So I definitely liked that Claire was actually, you know, someone of like an age that would should be getting married.


And now, you know, I mean, I know some people get married at twenty three and it lasts forever and and that's great.


But it's it's a hard it's definitely a hard one to to do. And I think that was kind of the cool part about Claire too, is that she's, you know, a little older, not old by any means obviously, but older than twenty three and seemed like she would be, you know, ready.


And then I was like, oh, this means some of the guys will be older and so not everyone is going to be like a twenty three year old guy that also doesn't know what he wants. Yeah.


And then now I'm really thrown for a loop.


Yeah. So it was like, OK, we're not going to give the twenty three year old girl a shot to be the bachelorette. Just two young Pieter's women were not even well-received overall. Just seemed like a lot of fighting and a lot of cattiness between them.


And then Claire was certainly a surprise to bring in somebody that.


At the time of filming is 39 years old, which is eight years older than the oldest bachelorette they had had before her, which was Rachel.


Rachel is the oldest bachelorette they've ever had, and she was thirty one when she filmed in Classer Crazy.


That's quick. And tell me what when I mean, I know I looked her up obviously when it was announced, but what was her last appearance on The Bachelorette?


So the first thing she did was Juan Pablo season. That's where she came in second. OK, he actually did OK.


He dumped her at the end and then she did seasons one and two of paradise. And then she was on Winter Games and she got engaged on Winter Games. But that lasted about a month or two to that. You remember her from Winter Games. She's, you know, a Canadian guy. Ben. Ben.


Oh, yeah. OK, no, I did not realize that. And I did Juan Pablo.


I definitely watched part of his season, but I was in and out on that one for a few reasons. But yeah, I completely I mean, I remember looking it up and saying she had been on there, but I don't remember her from any of the episodes I watched on there, so. Yeah, but she knows on that.


So the last thing she was on was Winter Games and that was that Winter Games er during Ari's.


Yeah I know.


I was watching. So that was like two years ago. So yeah. I didn't, I did not know her.


God I'm bad. Poor Claire. Yeah. I mean or I'm just you know or I'm just I told you the other day, yesterday or the other day when you texted me that I almost wrote you back and texted you my phone number. So that's when my brain sat right.


Now, you know, I know it's just been I mean, I've said it to a lot of friends recently. It's like the one thing, you know, for me during covid hasn't really changed my day to day routine because I work from home. But the one thing that I don't know and you ask me at any given moment is what day it is, because they all just kind of run together for me. And the and the way I find out what day it is without looking at my phone, clearly I could just look at my phone on it, but I do it off TV shows.


I just know what days TV shows are on. It's like, OK, what did I watch last night? Oh, that's on Tuesday nights. OK, today's Wednesday. That's how it with. Yeah, that's what I figured out what day it is. That's the only evidence.


I would suggest also that you can make, you know, do things like Taco Tuesday and that helps you remember that it's Tuesday.


Yeah. Right now. Right now. I know that if I, I watch, you know, on Mondays while I play poker, I play poker online with my buddies on Monday nights along with WWE Raw. So it's like, OK, I know Mondays and then Tuesdays is hard knocks which I'll watch every Tuesday night, Wednesdays and Thursdays is Big Brother and then Friday and then Friday is Smackdown. So I'm like, OK, I got every day that we covered.


I know what day it is based on those airing and no other way other than, you know, looking at my phone clearly.


But OK, I was going to say hopefully, hopefully you're the big brother too because I am. And that yeah. That's I keep track of days that week. That way. Love Island. I'm watching. But that's on every night. Yeah. Oh we will, we will discuss. Love Island.


I've got, I got. Yeah. Oh my God. OK, yeah. I can't wait. We will get to that. So. So let me know. Give me your confusion or questions that you have in regards to what you've seen and what you've heard of Claire and what's going on.


Yeah, because you've broken it down as much as you can. But then I see them saying, like, so I know that Tatia you know that Claire is leaving somewhere at the beginning because she either. Fell in love, right, like I think you even said she she had met someone before they started filming and then they kept talking when filming paused.


Well, that was that was the assumption. OK, I was able to confirm that there was no contact between Claire and the guy that she ends up with this weekend.


I've talked about it's Dale and she there was no contact.


It was just this. Overwhelming connection, apparently, that happened now. Now, here's the thing from what you can obviously tell, this is the first time in the history of the show that the lead was able to see her guys for, you know, see who her guys were for four months before she actually goes to film because of Coverdale was in the first cast of guys that was released back in March. And then two days later, they had to shut down filming.


You know, covid started it was declared a national pandemic. The day clear season was supposed to start filming on March 13th. So this is a girl that was able to go back home and look at 32 guys that were posted as these are the guys are going to be on your season. No other Bachelorette has done that now. Right?


She had her phone because she had her phone that she was allowed to look at anything.


Now, from what I've been told, there was no contact. It was more along the lines of did she look at every single one of her guys? Absolutely. Did she probably watch all their Instagram stories? Absolutely. And then I heard it was just that guy, Dale was just as interested in her and following all her stories and just kind of going along. And then when they finally met, it was, I don't know, love at first sight or something, even though they had kind of already looked at each other for four, four months and they kind of had an idea of who the other person was.


And then it just sparks flew. They filmed for two weeks. And I think it was more I mean, there were stories about it was Claire being difficult. And then I was just like, not what I heard. I heard it was production went to her and said, look, we can see that you're not giving any of the other guys much of a chance here. It's clear that you're into Dale. How about we do this? And they went to her and I guess obviously he had to agree to it, too.


And so, yeah, about two weeks into filming, which will be about three or four episodes, she gets on her own, will see her relationship develop. And then they yeah, they brought in, they brought into and she finished out the season as The Bachelorette. Right.


Well, because it was interesting because I remember, you know, I mean, I get most of the news about from you and I remember, like at first they had thought, right. That she was, like, refusing to go on dates or something. But then it came out that the that she was she wasn't being difficult. It was just she wasn't into it. Right. That's what I like. That was the final. She wasn't refusing to do anything like.


Yeah, I don't there was nothing that I was told. I mean, maybe we'll see it play out differently. But I haven't been told anything that she said. I'm not stepping out. I'm not stepping out in front of another camera until you and let me in. Dale leave like. No, it's it wasn't anything. Yeah.


Which would be it doesn't seem like it seems like that would be a strange move for anyone anyway, you know, like so I didn't that's why I was so confused. But now what's confusing me now is they're like Tatia took over, it's going to be but now they're like now here's Claires, like all the ads are about Claire. So I like we don't you guys know that you guys told us that she's taken her place. So why are you acting like it's still you know, it just seems like they promote it differently?


I don't know. Well, what it was, was ABC has not officially announced Tatia.


Everybody knows Tatia took over film. And because all the smaller accounts and all the tabloids, you know, people US Weekly, ET online, they've all reported it, but ABC hasn't confirmed anything. So this is just something or so they're just they're just going along with it and getting people to it was like attention for them.


And now they've got everybody hook, line and sinker seeing saying, oh, I can't wait to see this start because we want to see what happens. But ABC, no, they haven't come out and officially said anything I say.


So they're just they're just kind of like putting their hand on the head in the sand, being like we're still promoting this as classes and we're not even addressing that. It's Teisha. Yeah, because she's going to get she's going to get three or four episodes.


Are we going to see her first night with all the limo entrances and and her first few dates and group dates and one on ones and all that. And then we'll just kind of see her relationship with Dale develop. And then as we get to probably three episode three or four, then maybe ABC will take the reins and be like, you know, the rumor, you know, the rumors that you've heard about all summer finally come to a head next week or something like that.


You know, they'll promote that. Yeah. But yeah, it's I think could they have gone with it and said back when this happened, two weeks into filming that and made an announcement that due to.


Something that you'll have to watch play out, Tatia is our new bachelorette, they could have done it that way, but they just chose not to and they just chose to let everyone else report it. And then when the season airs, we'll be like, OK, now you can watch how it took place.


Kind of like a you know, I was looking at this like like a Kardashian episode, like, you know, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We hear everything that's going on in their lives as it happens in the tabloids. But then the show airs what they're on like a two or three month lag. Right. And it's just like, oh, remember the story where Kim had, you know, Kanye had a meltdown? See, that's that'll be on this week's episode.


So it's almost like it seems like that's how they're treating it.


Yeah, it's interesting. I mean, I guess that I guess that makes the most sense. But I just was like, what a weird strategy, since we all know. Yeah. That they're that there's no even mention of it in their promotions or anything. But I guess that is, you know, that I mean, that's what they do all the time, right. They kind of like you. You bust spoiler stuff on them and then they just act like they didn't know that you talked about it, even though we all know that they know everything.


So I guess that's I guess it is par for the course.


I was just like I was watching that, you know, the new promo today. And I was just like, wait, where's where's Teisha?


Why do they put her in here?


Like, it's interesting, I oh, well, and this one is weird just because it wasn't just me, the despoiler guy that was doing it. All the major outlets have actually run with this one, because if it was just me that said, hey, everybody, Tatia took over filming, she's going to finish off the season as The Bachelorette because Claire fell for Dale, that would've been a little bit different because I'm still not as as much as people, you know, are aware of reality.


Steve, if it gets reported on US Weekly or people or E.T. or online, more people are seeing it there. So and they all ran with it.


So that's where I thought maybe ABC would lean into it and be like, OK, yes, Taisha is our new bachelorette, but you will have to see how it plays out. But they haven't said a word.


They're just going to. But they know. I mean, they know. They know. A lot of people know their clue, right? Oh, yeah. Because because the main tabloids have covered it versus me reporting something and the main tabloids not running with it or choosing to not run with it because they want to stay in the good graces of ABC, which happens all the time. So. Right. That's where this has become different.


And I thought maybe they would lean into it and say it.


But no, they just they're going to we're going to probably get I think I think Claire had three or four roast ceremonies. So they're going to show all those and then we're going to see to finish it out, I guess.


What do you think? It takes two seasons. It's like two seasons and one. Well, I really liked her a lot. I like her a lot. So I was actually really like I was like, OK, this is someone I don't know. I like her personality. I think she's levelheaded. I think she seems to know, you know, what she wants for the most, you know, I mean, as much as any, honey, that's all that she does.


Yeah. So I was I was excited when I saw that. I was like, OK, like, that's that's you know, if this weird, you know, I was sad to see, like I said. Oh, because I mean, I'm not I'm glad she found someone, I guess. But I was just like kind of excited, like I said, to watch like a thirty nine year old woman, you know, on the show rather than everyone V12.


But this is what in her 30s, I think she either she's either twenty nine or thirty I think.


Oh actually yeah. Actually I think she turns thirty tomorrow. I think it's like September. I remember looking, I actually can do a real quick.


I was thinking she was thirty one for some reason but yeah. Then thirty probably according to Wikipedia assuming Wikipedia is correct she is twenty nine years old right now but she turns thirty on September 4th.


So you know that. Well when this airs it'll be airing on September 4th or released on September 4th.


So yeah, she turns thirty today. I mean I'm glad they didn't like, you know, turn around and run back to like a Hanahan or something super. You know, I'm glad they I thought the show was a good choice. I like I liked her, you know, so.


And then the other thing she'll be the other thing that was being reported all season was the fact that all these cameos are beginning to be made. We're going to see a lot of alumni showing up during Taylor's season. I think that's just a way of them. I don't know, covering themselves for paradise, not airing this summer because it couldn't because of covid. So they're just we're going to see a lot of cameo appearances by our favorite alumni over the years, the Ashley and Jared's Jojo.


And, you know, Wells had and is there you know, they're all just doing stuff and showing up and going to make cameos. But yeah, right.


And that and there was that was it Jojo that stepped in for when Chris Harris that had like his son's graduation or something. Yeah.


Yeah. Starting at TCU. Yeah. I don't know how many episodes she did. I think it was only one though. I think it's only right.


But yeah. She had. Step in and, you know, there's there's just been so much reporting going on and fairly soon everyone's going to have their answers and break down from me for everything that's going on, just just finalizing things here and there.


But, yeah, everybody knows the killer stuff, but it's just it's really. This season, like I said, has been a little bit different because you had 42 guys that were released in July before the season started filming, and you've got some of those guys never even made it to the first night. Some of those guys met Claire and then were still there when Claire left and Tatia took over. There's some guys that were part of that 42 that never even met Claire and were held on to until Taisha showed up.


So it's like almost when I do the spoilers, it's a little bit more detailed this year, because I have to tell you, of those 42 guys who never made it on, who was eliminated by Claire, who never met Claire, who was eliminated by Teisha.


So it's a little bit different. Yeah, it's a little bit crazy. Yeah. It's a it's like as I was talking about in my live this past Sunday, it's like if you've watched Homeland with Claire Danes and she's got that that board with all the everything connected, I mean, that's kind of what I've had to almost put together this this year because it's.


Well, I know, because I think and I think you were the first I mean, you were the one that kind of made it clear that it wasn't like she didn't just get I don't want to say stuck, but she didn't just I think everyone, like, my first worry was like, did she just get stuck with, like, whoever they chose for Claire because she's good, you know, she's going to have different tastes or different. Yeah.


So I was glad to see that. No, they did actually bring some other people in, it seems like anyway from right there.


Yeah. They brought him in but they were part of the forty two. There's not as far as I know, I don't think there's any guys this season that weren't part of hey, here's the guys that are going to be appearing on Claire's season, but some of them just never. Showed up the first night and they kept him there for two weeks. I think the original plan was and what I'm hearing was.


The twist, if you know, if Claire doesn't do this thing with Daniel or whatever the twist was going to be, they were going to bring in guys a little bit later for Claire. She was going to get X amount of guys on the first night.


But then they had some guys still waiting that they were going to bring in and episodes like two or three. But by the time, right, they were in episodes two or three, they realized they had an issue on their hands. And then they were like, oh, well, now that we know we're bringing Tatia and we'll just introduce these guys to Tatia. So she'll have a few new guys. I think it was four or five. It wasn't a ton.




But at least it won't seem like they're all, were they? Yeah, exactly. And all were like, bummed when Claire left or something, which would be weird. Yeah.


But yeah, she does get a majority of her guys. Yeah. Our, our players leftovers or or the guys that were still on the show when Claire left after Rose ceremony number four. Yeah. Oh that's crazy.


Yeah. It's just going to be mean. It's different just like everything else in twenty twenty. It's just going to be a different season. People are going to have to understand that this is not going to be a normal season. It was all in one location. You know that too. So.


Yeah. And why couldn't they, why couldn't they do a bachelor in paradise the way like I mean if, if they're throwing everyone on a rooftop in Vegas to do Love Island, why can't we just do that with a Bachelor of paradise?


I mean, I guess you could have, but I guess their biggest thing was their franchise is Bachelor and Bachelorette, and they wanted to do those first. And once you once you started filming Claire and in July and it just ended filming this week, you've got now bachelor set to film and now they're back on schedule. Bachelor will film in their normal end of September through right before Thanksgiving. And Matt James season will start airing first Monday in January. So I think because they wanted to get back on schedule, because then if you air paradise after Bachelorette, where is your bachelor season going?


And I think they really like this idea of for the last I think it's been eight or nine years now that that first Monday in January is OK, New Year, New Bachelor. And I think they really wanted to get this done. And as long as there's no covid issues and there's no breakouts and or outbreaks, when Matt James season starts filming at the end of September, beginning of October, we're we're back on track. And then I'm assuming Bachelorette will the next Bachelorette will film in March, like Claires would have been Dumais and then Paradise will film in June.


But I guess the virus will dictate what we're doing with that, because can you as of right now, you won't be able to film a bunch of people down in Mexico. So will we be able to by June? I don't know. And if and if not, do you do it like Love Island and just say, you know what, we'll do it and we'll do it in Vegas in one spot?


I don't know. Maybe they could. Yeah.


Or somewhere else in the U.S. where it's just some beach resort in the U.S. and you don't have to go to Mexico. But I don't know, I guess it's almost too early to say. But we do know that Matt James season is going to go off, start filming and you would assume plantation season went off without a hitch. Nobody got covid as far as I know, during filming. So assuming it there's no outbreak during that season, we're we'll be good to go.


Yeah. I mean, once you got everyone, you know, actually quarantined and that's I mean, because that's the other thing. I think people are even like even sometimes, you know, when I'm watching anything right now that either was taped before or is being taped now, you know, even if I know that they've been quarantining or whatever, but when I see the make outs and stuff, I'm still like, oh, my God, I can't believe people are just shoving their tongues down each other's throats.


But I have to wear a mask everywhere I go, like, it's just like a bad idea. But but, you know, once they're quarantined like that, there shouldn't be any outbreaks. They're not going anywhere. Yeah, they're all. But then there is the cat. Yeah. There's that crew and stuff I guess is where it could they're going home and whatnot.


Yeah. I think it's at this point. I mean, look, there's obviously there's people in states who have been locked up for six months and, you know, they can't get out and they're and they're like, you know, there's plenty of people that have said, why is The Bachelorette filming, especially in a state like California, which has had, you know, one of the top three states in terms of positive cases and deaths and all this stuff, why are they even doing this?


And it's just like, look, you got to understand, it's just they took every precaution necessary. This show isn't going to film and just do something willy nilly because they needed to get a bachelorette season aired like the health and the safety of their contestants in the cast was first and foremost on the scene.


Oh, yeah. I mean, they have a they have a huge you know, and it would be such a backlash if something like that happened. So for sure. Yeah. Like they're obviously going to. So I do feel like at least everyone's being cast. It'll be nice that it'll be nice that The Bachelor is back on like regular programming because this is going to be weird to like didn't you didn't you flush it out that it's going to be going into like December?


Yeah. I mean, if you have a regular we now know that the season starts October 13th on. Yeah. It's going to air on Tuesday nights.


Well, if you have a regular season of 10 episodes, 11 episodes every Tuesday, that puts you in December before this thing ends like it.


So I don't know. And then you got to assume that they're not even going to have a Tuesday episode on November 3rd on Election Day. There's no way, no way they're going to show an episode that night. So going to have to double up some other week. It's just. Yeah, I don't understand why I started in October. You could have easily started this mid-September in two weeks because filming is now ended. But I don't know. I don't really understand.


They're the only the only thing I thought of was maybe because if you started in October and you ended in mid-December, it gives you on the back end. Hey, now, there's only two weeks left before the start of Matt James season, which is going to be first Monday in January, like it always is.


So. Right.


Maybe that's their plan is like, look, OK. We might be ending in December with clear season or season one, we want to call it, but we'll maybe call it closure or I call this season.


But now we're only two weeks away, like at the end of the season, at the end of the season, at the after the final rose of this bachelorette season, you could say, hey, everybody, stick around in two weeks.


We're back, Matt James, because Matt will start filming in October, first week of October and right before Thanksgiving.


So, yeah, that was the only reason I can think of is like, OK, well maybe they just on the back end say we come back in two weeks.


Yeah. Maybe they're like you've been you've been out then without us for a while. So we're going to basically make sure we start at one point and like give you almost nonstop programming for like until like next spring. Yeah.


You've got you had nothing from us from March until October. And now you're going to have basically a bachelorette and a bachelor season er from October 13th until mid-March. You're going to have five straight months of them, six straight months of them basically. So yeah. Without it with basically maybe a two week break. So that's, that's probably why they did it. And I mean that's fine with me.


I means I don't have to you know, figure out what to do is that it airs clearly, you know, being a comedian, this has been a huge covid has really affected the stand up comedy business.


I'm a huge fan of standup comedy. And I mean, I've started to see things online from some of the people that I follow. I know. And just and just kind of seeing what people have done. I know Mark Normand has done some stuff in New York and, you know, in the park I've had I've seen a former podcast guest, Nikki Glaser, did something recently on the East Coast, somewhere where it was an outside venue. I've seen a comedian perform and everyone else is in their cars.


And instead of clapping, you just flashing lights like and honk like I just driving comedy crazy times.


And I, you know, I went, you know, before I spoke to you, I went on your website to see you've got a comedy club appearance coming up, unless this is old at Skyline in Appleton, Wisconsin, October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Is that still happening?


OK, well, that is I mean, I had I have had so many shows cancelled. I had a bunch all the schedule and, you know, even in March. So from like March, my march to August got canceled. And so I had this one already booked before then. And I keep wondering if they are going to, you know, tell me it's not happening or if I'm going to tell myself it's not happening. But they haven't.


They are open. And I know with restrictions of how many people and social distancing and the tables are spread out. And I do know the owner of that club really well. So I do trust him. So I think I'm going to keep it as long as, you know, it's it's deemed safe to do so. And then I just actually got a Portland date at the end of October that is also doing there at like I think 50 percent capacity.


And the thing is, I mean, across the board for everyone, it's a little bit it's like, first of all, when you know not to talk about the money aspect, but when clubs are only able to have a certain amount of people there, they also can't pay you what they normally pay you. So you're kind of weighing the travel and the risk and the, you know, and all the things of what feels worth it, you know.


And, you know, for me, something like Portland, I'm like, OK, what's the West Coast? It's right there. You know, I live in L.A. so I can get there pretty easily. It sounds like things are going great there, you know, right now.


Yeah, no, but so it's you know, in Wisconsin obviously is a lot of travel. But but like I said, I know the owners, so I know that the club is what they're doing. And I know and and I'm just really I need you know, I want to perform. I miss it. And I'm sure I haven't done I've only done like I did one, you know.


Shoman zoom that at the very it was kind of at the beginning of this and it was actually to help the guy who does own Skyline Comedy Club. He also owns one in Tacoma, Washington, and Spokane, Washington and Oklahoma City. And I had shows in all those places and they all got canceled. And so I did like a zoom show with another comedian to help them. They they they, like, sold online tickets. And and it actually gave them money to pay their employees for a little bit.


So, you know, for that one I was like, OK, this is worth it. And and it was actually it was more fun than I thought it would be. But at. The same time I haven't done one since, because it's just not you know, people ask you all the time, like ask me all the time, like, oh, you just do an online show. And I'm like, well, why don't you stand in your living room and tell jokes to nobody?


It's awful, but it's not the most of the you know, not most of it. All of comedy life stand up comedy is is just that being alive and having fans there. So it's very strange to do it in any other capacity. But, you know, when I first. Thought about doing these this Portland show, and also when, you know, Skyline, it seems so far away that I was like, well, that's not until October, but now here we are in September and things are still as they are.


So, you know, I know every club is making sure when they do book anything that it's all understood that it could be canceled and you could and you will be refunded and all that stuff. So for, you know, any fans that go to it. So I feel like everything's a little bit like just keep checking the websites if you if you think so, if you're going to go to a show. But for now, it seems like I said that one in Wisconsin has been open and they've been operating and doing well with their distancing.


So I think that one for sure, for sure will stay.


And I I mean, this is the longest I've been home in since, I don't know, for ten years. This is the longest I've been without going on a plane. Definitely. Yeah. In ten years. So that's been it's been good and bad. You know, it's interesting. But I mean, obviously, workwise, just like everyone else, it's really difficult to lose a lot of work. But at the same time, I'm like, OK, well, I'm looking at the bright side.


My husband and I have never spent this much time together. So I think, is that a good or bad? It's actually been it's been really good. It has.


You know, we both like we didn't I didn't get married till I was 40. And he for the fans that we had because we were talking about him before we were recording, but he's a football player and he played in the NFL for thirteen years. So he's very used to being on the road and being spending his time alone. So I think since we're both so used to our personal space and being apart, we are very able to kind of dance around each other at home and notice when the other one might need a little more space.


And we're lucky. Luckily, we do have a lot of space here.


So, yeah, we have a room above the garage that we weren't really making use of, but we turned it into the the pandemic room is what we're calling it. And we we have like exercise equipment up there and a big television and we even put a little bar up there. So whenever one of us disappears up there, when it seems like the other one needs a little bit of space. So that's been helpful.


Well, here's here's a question I have for you as a comedian. I got to imagine over the six months you've gotten to have some new material written during covid, just maybe observations during covid stuff, you see, I'm sure you've got some new material that you definitely want to try out.


And that's the thing that you mentioned about, you know, crowds and you guys live for crowds because that determines essentially what you think hits and what you think, you know, something that might kill and something that might bomb. But you don't know that if you don't have an audience to try it in front of, you could do it in front of your husband all you want.


But he's he's biased, so. Right. So I'm sure you've gotten some new material from covid, right?


No. One hundred percent. And like I know since you're a comedy fan like you, you actually just hit the nail on the head. Like a lot of times people will be like, oh, you must have a lot of material. But I'm like, yeah, but I haven't had a chance to do it, you know? And so you just nailed that completely. It's like I have stuff that I have stuff written down. I have ideas, I have thoughts and it's like.


What's this going to be like when it comes out of my mouth for the first time? You know, it's so strange because that is because usually when I'm I perform so much that usually I'm thinking about something and then I get to try it like that weekend or the next weekend or something. And I can quickly, you know, say, great, this is going to work or forget that or I can say that great, this is going to work and I can build on it and then build on it the next weekend and the next.


And that's how you get your, you know, your material. But to not be able to perform for this long is kind of like, OK, so what's this going to be like? The first time I hit the stage? I you know, I know that. I know that. I know what I'm doing. But it doesn't mean that it's not going to be super strange, just strange, you know, and weird to try to.


But I think everyone is is understanding that to at the same time. And it might be kind of fun for people to see you sort of like, hey, this is something I have been working on in my head for six months, and this is the first time I get to say it out loud. So here we go. So, you know, you definitely have to sandwich that in after doing some tried and true stuff so that people are definitely seeing a show that, you know what you're doing.


But it's definitely it's definitely strange.


Have you ever done apart from a set that you thought was going to kill and didn't and on the flip side, ever had, apart from a set that you thought was good, wasn't great, but you wanted to try it out and it did kill and had a super response. I'd be interested to know just as a comedian, I got to imagine over the years it's got to be something that you had.


Oh, definitely. Both on both. Both. I've definitely had things that I like or that has gone. You know, one thing that I really learned after touring after like especially when I really started headlining and touring heavily, which was like when I was on Chelsea lately, we the comedians toured a lot, you know, and what I got from that was definitely OK. That that works last night and an X date. And then I did it tonight and it was a much different reaction.


And you do kind of tailor stuff to where you are. And it's not even really necessarily because of, you know, I don't talk about anything political, nothing like that. But I think sometimes it's like the the club in this area attracts a certain age of people as opposed to this area or more people are single in this area and married in this area and things like that. So it's just a little bit more of a different tone that they're kind of looking for.


And it's not it's not really that's definitely not for overall, because overall, you know, once you've been doing this for long enough, you you know what you're you know you know what your audience is. But when but sometimes just like one, you know, one small snippet of it of a like quote unquote vet or a joke that I think is going to land like it did somewhere else, you're just like, oh, that didn't that didn't work as well.


OK, but, you know, that's also why you have to have a whole lot in your pocket to move on and to think on your feet and try out new stuff. And and then definitely there's been. Like, even recently, actually, there was something that I thought was so funny in my head and I was like, I don't think this is going to work on stage at all. I just think this is me, my reaction to this topic.


And I did it and it went so well. And then I've been working on it. And now it's like a good like probably a seven minute. Story that also I end up bringing up at again at the end, and it's like a huge, great bet that I was right before all this happened, I was like basically had a brand new hour to get ready to tape a new special ends. And so now it's going to be a while before that happens, obviously.


But I was like, oh, this this thing that I thought was like, no, I'm not sure this is really going to work on audiences as as much as it does in my head. And then it has become like this super fun, relatable fit. So it's so weird how that works.


Yeah. And you know what? You mentioned something about the crowds and some places that'll be skew younger, some place will skew more married. And, you know, the amount of times I've been to a comedy club and seen in person is plenty over, gosh, over 50 in my life.


So I've seen plenty.


And I always, you know, when I'm at my table, especially if I'm in the back, you see the next comedian standing in the back watching the comedian that's up on stage, their opener or whatever.


And so now when you said that, it got me to thinking when you are waiting to be on stage and the person in front of you is performing, are you looking at the crowd for ages and getting a glimpse of it? Because you're like maybe you had a whole set going in about, I don't know, maybe older skewing material for an older crowd. And then you get to the club that night and you're watching the person before you and you're looking at the crowd like, oh, my gosh, it's a bunch of, I don't know, college kids or it seems like it's a younger crowd and change it up on the fly.


Or do you just go with it no matter what?


No, I do. I definitely change it up. And I would say the more than maybe looking at the audience for, like, their demographic is age or demographic, maybe I, I think it's more about like I do.


I definitely watch who's going on before me, my feature and I know and sometimes people don't. And then what happens is you walk on stage and you either, you know, say something to a person in the audience that has already been it's already been addressed by the person that went up before you or you touch on a subject that was so obviously touched on before you and you don't know it. So like that's to me one of the reasons I always, always, always watch the person.


I always watch the full show. But I think I look it's more like I'm looking at their reaction to that person's material maybe is, you know, because I mean, it it's a mixture of both for sure.


It's definitely like demographic. But that also, yeah, it's definitely more like their reaction because sometimes you can walk in and see a crowd that you're like, oh, these, these, these this crowd's a little bit younger than I thought it was going to be. And then they'll completely be on board with everything you're saying. So you can definitely judge them by the cover, I guess, you know, in the wrong way. And so that can so I kind of like try to pay attention more to their their sense of humor, like what they're picking up on in the on the person and the person on stage performing.


So you can get a kind of a good idea, like are they laughing at anything, any just because they said something dirty, are they laughing or are they not laughing at that or you know. Yeah. You know, are they looking for more of that or less that like that kind of stuff you can definitely check up on?


You know, I've asked this in the past to comedians I've had on my ass. I know asked us to Heather McDonald and some of the ones that I've had, I think even asked it to Nikki as well. But I want to ask to you is that, you know, comedy is subjective. Clearly, somebody can hear two people can be sitting at a table and somebody can hear the joke and think it's the funniest fucking thing. And some people will be like, that wasn't funny at all.


Like, it's so subjective. But as a comedian, when you watch other comedians, obviously you probably have some favorite comedians even even going right now, man or woman, that, oh, I love their stuff. And some you might be like, I don't get it. I don't get why this person is funny or are there a lot of people out there that you have seen there? I don't know their hourly stand ups, their Netflix specials, whatever the case may be, and maybe our bigger names that you're like, yeah, I just don't get it.


You don't have to name names, but like, I just don't get it right.


You can't do that to me. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not going to I'm going to do that.


But are there is it is it a lot or is it just there's a couple out there that I'm just like, yeah, I've never, I've never got it.


I don't I they obviously have a following but not for me. One hundred percent.


Oh yeah. And it's fun. I mean it's definitely not a lot because like you said, it is subjective. But when somebody is becomes like hugely popular, it's we usually feel like it's pretty easy to see why, you know, why whether or not I think it's funny doesn't really matter if you're like, oh, I can see why that caught on. It's not necessarily my style of humor, but I get it, you know, but there's there's probably like a couple that I to this to still I'm like.


Really, really nice, you know. And which, by the way, I'm sure that, you know, other people feel the same about me. So that's why I know it is subjective. But there's been a couple that know comedians over the years, not necessarily right now, just like over several years, where I'm just like I've never understood this big deal about this person. And you and I have to always check on that because I'm like, did that just mean I'm jealous?


You know what I mean? Am I just jealous of this person? But I don't I definitely don't think that's it, because, you know, for me, I don't there's so much room for all of it, of all of us. So I'm just kind of like now I, I usually especially if I see someone who I do think it's funny because for the most part, all that all the you know, any time I'm seeing someone successful that I think is funny, I'm just like stoked because I'm like, OK, get another comedian, you know, rose up and that's good for all of us.


So there's definitely always been a couple that where you're just like, yeah, I don't get it. And I think everyone probably feels that way, not even just comedians. I think there's probably you know, you probably see some, you know, someone that you're like, yeah, I don't really get it. OK, so I guess they're huge.


So, yeah, I mean, and even for you, when you talk about it, is it do you compare yourself when you when you just compare yourself to comedians in general, do you do a gender thing, is it do you compare yourself to the female comedians out there or is it just overall like.


No, it's overall I mean, I would say to one thing that I, I think my my reaction when I see something like my my quote unquote just don't get it is sometimes when I see something that just seems so.


Then that can disheartened me to the point where I'm like, well, why do I work so hard if that's what that's what everyone's laughing at, you know? And and then and then I realized, like, oh, but that's why I have to remind myself, like, no comedy is subjective. Sarah, just because you don't think that's a funny approach or a funny topic or a funny demeanor for it to have on stage, does it mean that, you know, the thousands and thousands of people going to see them are probably are wrong?


You know what I mean? Like, obviously there's something there. So it's just because it's just it's just a sense of humor is so, you know, specific to people. Yeah.


And when I had Nikki Glaser on a couple of months ago, I mean, there's a there's a girl that is polarizing in her comedy because she her last standup special, Bangin, was one hour straight of sex talk.


And I'm talking and it was and look, I thought it was funny, but I it's so funny. I know that they're funny. Yeah.


And I know people out there would just be like, this isn't all she talks about is her vagina giving blowjobs, anal, like that's all she talks about. Like how is this funny to people.


I know people think that I, I found it hilarious.


I mean I just she's really good. And I've kind of followed Nikki throughout the years. I've seen her specials from eight years ago on Comedy Central. And I've seen to where she's gone to now. And I've always been a fan of hers and I've just enjoyed seeing her success from a distance.


And but yeah, I can see where that would be like, oh, god, no, this is not funny to to people. And I yeah.


It's like because I mean with her I think she's so funny and that special was hilarious. And it's definitely not like that's not my style of comedy. Yeah. Person that I do because I, I just don't, I it's just not like that. You have to be able to pull that off, you know, and she pulls it off. And so to me it's not always about the materials in that in that way that you can just be like, oh my God, this person can pull off anything like, you know, or there's or there's people that can pull off kind of a really a topic that seems so every day.


You know, I mean, obviously, like Seinfeld is a great example of something like that. But there's plenty that comedians that can pull off like these everyday topics that you're like, wait, that's I can't believe that that that got turned into a joke. It seems so simple, you know, and then and they turn it into this great bit.


So it is so, you know, it's like luckily I am glad that I can appreciate other styles of comedy without, like you said, like without me being jealous because I'm like, well, that's just not I'm not going to ever be like that on stage.


That's not my, you know, style that holy shit, that person does it well. And holy shit, that's funny. Yeah.


And I mean, it's not like I'm somebody that has to have a dirty comment because two of my favorite comics of all time or Brian Regan and Jim Gaffigan and those guys don't even curse. I mean. No, you know, I mean, I've Brian Regan is somebody that I mean, from nineteen. I had videotapes of his stand up on Showtime in 1991 that I've watched. I could I could recite his whole set and in and he's a guy that has been around for years.


And it's weird because because now in this day and age where everybody it's almost like you start in standup and then that leads to whether, you know, a film career or television career. For a guy like Brian Regan, who's been doing it for so long, it is pretty amazing that that guy's amazing.


He's never done anything, but he's never gotten a pilot. That is I'm sure he's shot a bunch of pilots to, you know, have his own show, but he's never taken that next step. And yet he's what you ask anybody. I mean, he's so many people's favorite.


I met him Comedians in Cars with Jerry Seinfeld set him on, I think twice the comedians in cars with coffee.


I just I don't it's amazing. I'm just surprised that he has never gotten that jump from standup guy to getting his own, you know, sitcom when other people who I think are less talented have but, you know, to each their own, I guess there's nothing you can do about it.


It's funny, I met him and this is a great example of of what you're talking about. Actually, it's just like different styles of comedians. Like he he I met him in North Carolina. I think it was Charlotte. Yeah.


Was Charlotte at this club. He was there doing like a big theater. And I was there performing at club. And he came to the club that night and just watched my I said I don't I mean, he doesn't know me from anything and. I went into the green room afterwards and I saw him and I was like, oh, my God. So I had this like closing bit that is dirty, like not, you know, like I said, like, my whole act isn't dirty, but I definitely have some, you know, jokes in there that aren't clean.


And so I was like, so this whole joke about sex in the shower, that's like graphic and like the whole thing. And when I walked in the green room and saw him, like a part of my heart sank like, oh my God, I just probably disappointed Brian Regan. Like, that's all I could think about.


It was like he's, you know, and he was like, oh, my God, Sarah, that set was great. Like, he was so kind to me. And any and I could tell he meant it. Otherwise he probably would've just left and we like went out and got beers afterwards and he was just the coolest guy. And it was like, oh my God, it was just so nice to just meet someone that I respected for so long face to face and then like, hang out with him afterwards and have him treat me as like a peer, you know, which I especially at the time, did not feel like I, you know, feel like I was up to, you know, and I just was like it was cool.


It was cool. I was like, we couldn't be more different. But, you know, there was no judgment. There's just appreciating the other person's style. So that's really that's a cool thing. Yeah. Yeah.


It's really cool that a guy like that, you know, wouldn't you know, you wonder if a guy like Brian Regan likes would like a comedian like Nikki Glaser or what Brian Regan think bangin is hilarious.


I don't know. I mean, yeah, I think he probably respects Nikki as a writer because Nikki is a great writer as well.


So but maybe, you know, I just she's very clever. And it's not just like, oh, hey, here's my vagina and hey, let me talk about this and blowjobs. And it's the way she tells.


No, actually, her next special is called Here's My Vagina. Exactly.


So, yeah, I mean, she just she's good at storytelling in her total accent. That's what makes it so good. It's not just cheap sex jokes, you know.


No, exactly. And I think yeah, I just think for the most part, we every comedian's like, OK, we respect each other's, you know, writing process and whatever their style is on stage. And and, you know, so I think for the most part, the only time you're like, I don't get it about someone is more just it's it's really not about their style or their it's just like, oh, I don't get it, you know, I just don't get it about that person.


Since you can't name it. I'm I'm trying to think of somebody right now that's fairly big, but I just don't get it.


God, I think if there's anyone right now that I can feel that I feel that way about, I can say there's been a few over the years. I'm trying to think if there's anyone right now and I don't get really I'm I already know.


I mean, I can list off a bunch of the recent ones that I do. I really like Mark Norman and Joe list. I like their stuff. They're I think they're hilarious. Oh, totally.


Yeah. Oh, and Sam Sam Aurel, I think he's I think he's really good.


Yeah he is. And then I saw that he's dating Taylor Tomlinson and I'm like, wow, that's interesting. The comedians are dating each other.


Oh that's right. I only just found that out recently too. And I was like, well I'm like, oh, come comedians dating each other. How does that work?


Jeselnik I love I think his stuff is I think his writing is is really clever. Yeah. But I can see where people don't he's a guy that's very polarizing in that I can see where people are just like, I don't get it. I don't get how this I mean, he's it's funny but his his because it's so slow and you're used to a meeting up there just rattling off stories and joke after joke after joke. And he just is so methodical in his jokes.


But for me it's I find it funny. I know there's somebody out there right now that I'm just blanking on that I'm just like, I don't get it. And I know people think that this person is funny. And I it's it's escaping me right now. Are you can you can text it to me when I think of it.


When I think of it, I will. I want to wrap up with what we talk about earlier. Love Island.


So did you watch did you watch last season? Did you watch it last summer? Yes.


OK, so. You know, same thing it was on, you know, seemingly every day and. Here's my here's my like I really want to like it, and I think I think last night it actually started getting pretty good. But my problem with it is this. And because you watch Big Brother and you and I both watch Big Brother, I just feel like there's not enough that goes on on Love Island and it has nothing to do with the location.


I just think it the whole it's it's one hour of, hey, let's go over here and talk.


I think there has to be some sort of competition. You got to include some sort of competition like every single episode. Now, even that one that they did with the the plane and the baggage, that was basically just a way to for everyone to reveal something about their sex life in their past.


Yeah, I had the Vegas thing where they had, you know, the roulette wheel where it's like a kiss, somebody that's not your partner.


OK, I just think something like that needs to happen every episode. It's just nothing but talking. And it just, you know, or or somebody new has to come in every episode. It just feel like nothing gets accomplished on that show.


No, I agree. And I and I was trying to I was trying to remember last night and like, was it but was it that uneventful the first season as well?


I think so. Why? Because I was like I was God. It was it just because I covered it, just because they're stuck on this roof. And but I'm like, no, I feel like it was just it's just too slow.


But I hung in there anyway, as I do for reality TV.


Yeah, this season is just and like you said, probably is the same as last, but they're just there just needs to be something I don't know, you know, at least and they don't and they don't go out on like, you know, they can't even just go on like a date or end up in a helicopter or whatever the hell right now, for sure.


They can't even just leave this hotel where they all just looked so uncomfortable. But it's so hot up there.


And the very first episode, everyone was pouring sweat. And I was like, they got to get some fans on these people. Like, this one just looks uncomfortable on this rooftop.


But, yeah, there's just I did like I actually liked the guy that they sent home a lot like not the other guy from Missouri that was from Missouri is from the south, the really tall black guy, really handsome. Oh, Jeremiah, Jeremiah. I was going to come. That's right, Jeremiah. I really liked him. And I was actually born to you at home because I was like he could I felt like he could have been interesting.


I didn't the other guy that went home I think needed to because he seems like he was like a little bit of a loose cannon.


The guy that was the guy that went off on Moire. What did I do? I didn't do anything. Yeah, I'm talking about. And she's like, yes, yeah. No, I didn't say James. Right. James, James.


Yeah, yeah. So I was I was kind of like but so I was kind of like, oh, but the fact that I was actually disappointed that someone left was like, oh, maybe I am getting into this show.


Yeah. But that's the most interest I've really had.


They just seem it just seems like something else needs to go on, you know, because it's just conversations up on that rooftop somewhere, you know, and even when they had a date, when they brought the two guys, the two newest guys in the ones that sent Jeremiah and James home, Calvin and Caleb, first off, you get these name James, Jeremiah and Caleb.


That's why I feel like I feel like I keep messing up anyone's names. I'm like they all. And then there's like Carrington, Carrington. I'll start with a C or a J. Yeah.


And when they did bring those two guys in, Caleb and Calvin, it's like their date was just in the casino, you know, right around the corner from the rest of the house.


It wasn't like any sort of date. I think. I think the reason why I said I'm I think the good thing that they added, I guess if did you see last night's episode? Did you watch it yet? I don't want to spoil it if you haven't.


No, I guess no. Well, I saw that there was a girl coming in, OK, that was. Yeah. And then Tuesday.


So we didn't see the episode after that then. OK, so I guess what I watched last night must have been Monday's episode. Yeah. Which means I got a double header tonight. This is exciting. Yeah. This is a big night.


No it's not, it's not on tonight so you're not to worry. Wait Big Brother's not on tonight. Isn't to say no.


You said I didn't. I thought you might. Double header of Big Brother and love island love islands online.


Oh. Oh it's not ok. Sorry I thought it was on every night. Yeah that's they said five days a week but both Wednesdays it hasn't been on and both Saturdays it has been on. It's been on Sunday through. It's been on every day of the week except Wednesdays and Saturdays. I don't really understand why they're taking it.


So it's OK. But yeah, the new girl that comes in, brother, this new girl that comes in from she's got the accent from the UK. She has everybody in influx. It's it's good there.


Finally, it seems like there's a little bit of drama happening now because, you know, it's it's it's a weird show because, look, to stay on the show, you have to couple up. We know this, but then the whole point. Is will you when you bring in singles, those singles have to go out with somebody and they have to go out with somebody who seemingly coupled up with somebody else. So somebody is going to be upset.


And yeah. So if you're coupled up with somebody, do you.


You know, someone like, you know, Carrington and Kirstyn, they seem like a really cute couple, and then you've got Mackenzie and Connor, they're like a little cute couple. But then, like, if you're there for the experience, do you want to hook up with somebody immediately and then just be like, I'm I don't go with anybody else. I'm closing my closing my mind off to anybody else. It's not going to happen. But then if you do, then you look like a dick to that girl who's just like, wait, I thought we had something.


So I guess I'm saying I would never do this.


They would never cast me.


I'm forty five years old. I'm not quite in the demographic of that show, but I just it's a really I guess that's the whole point though.


They just want a bunch of drama people hooking up. Yeah. Cheating on people.


They are like that's how they'll stir up the drama that it is so funny. I mean, I mean obviously this happens on The Bachelor and stuff too. But like it's even more so on this show because it's only been on like, you know, we're in week two I think. And, you know, last well I guess it was Monday night's episode, not last night's since I'm behind one, but Monday night's episode when they're saying, you know, why they picked the guy and why they want them to stay.


And they're like, first of all, they call them boys. And it creeps me out. She's like, which boy do you pick? And she's like, the boy. I want to say, I don't like that. Like, just a guy. She they're like they launched into these monologues about like from the beginning.


And he's been there for me. And I'm like, that was last week.


I know. And this and this shows for you this show's turnaround time is like Big Brother.


It's like two or three. We're only two. What we're seeing is only only happened two or three days ago. So, yeah.


You know, yeah, there's not some secret, like, they haven't been dating for a month and we're just seeing a condensed version. Like it's just it is exactly what it is. Yeah. So that part's kind of entertaining.


I like just to say he's been there for her from the beginning. Yeah.


No, it's, it's, it's entertaining. It's like, you know, it's Trainwreck TV. You want to, you want to see it play out. But yeah. Last night's episode which you can get caught up on tonight. Yeah. The girl that comes in really stirs it up because all the guys basically have their tongues out when she walks on set. So it's, it's almost a free for all because every guy, every girl thinks they're in a solid relationship and then this one walks in and what when she pulls each guy to talk to them aside, these guys are like, yeah, you know, I've come I've been seeing so and so, but, you know, I'm open to things.


Yeah. But when he's with the girl that he's supposed to be with, he's like, yeah, I talk to her.


All right, cool. You know, she's a nice girl.


Like, no big deal. Yeah. My friend did my friend did mention something about her eyeliner. So I don't know what that means yet, but I guess I'll find out when I tune in.


She was like her eyeliner is she didn't want to draw the cat, the cat eyes and what's called where you have it that extends out that she has that.


OK, but she's. Well, that's not that big of a deal. Yes. She's smokin hot. She's the hottest one on the show, if you ask me. Yeah.


I mean, I remember them showing her at the end, like just a quick clip of her at the end of Monday night. And I was like, oh, that's going to be like, she's hot.


That's going to be trouble for everybody. Yeah, it's I mean, it's look, it's it's it's a summer show. My thing is that the ratings of Ford are terrible. You can't get people in America. I know it's a huge show in the UK. People in America aren't going to dedicate five days a week to a show for six weeks. It's just not you're not going to get this giant audience for this show. And I just my question is.


Does CBS pull this before their six week run, like can they can they continue to keep floating the show out there that's giving them one and a half million viewers a night and a point three rating? I just I don't get it.


But, I mean, it might be. I'm sorry. I'm sorry about that. That's my. That's our LAAM. That's like a oh. But, you know, Dooralong know. And so my and my husband open the door.


So I told him not to during the podcast, but I guess he did. Sorry. But now everyone got to hear it. No, I was going to say, oh, there's nothing else really though.


Maybe to air.


So maybe for them it's like, you know, great. Like maybe maybe they're sad. Number is like, well, we don't have anything else to put in this spot because of covid. Like they don't have their series, you know, tape they don't have.


Very true. I don't know. Yeah, yeah.


I guess it's better than running a replay, a repeat of something. I guess that's I guess that's the way they're looking at it. But yeah, the ratings aren't great.


I mean that's to be determined but but I'm getting something out of it so. Yeah.


I mean I'm looking at it like, hey, this is it's summer television programming and it's better than a repeat of something CBS has to offer. Anyway, I'll I'll take it. I just think more. You know what you said more needs to happen on it. It just seems like the whole episode is just, hey, let's go talk over here and then.


Yeah. And that's it. And then it's some of it's whispering so on. But we have to read subtitles. It's not enough.


There's a lot of whispering they need and they need a lot more boom operators or something running around because I feel like we have to crank up the volume on it so much. And then a commercial comes on and I'm like Jesus Christ. So I feel like I can't hear anything.


They said, well, we still enjoy it. Big Brother, do you have a prediction? We're still early, but where are your favorites? If you have a prediction of who is going to win this season?


I, I was sad to see Janelle go. I was always. Yeah, so and because she and Kacer were so close, you know, I'd like to see him win sort of like for them, but I feel like he's way too big of a target like there, you know, unless he's able to to get power. I don't know that he's going to make it very much longer. So I kind of think maybe I'm going to predict Tyler.


Tyler, hmm, interesting. I mean, it's certainly can I mean, he's in he's in one of the power alliances. He seems to think his game got blown up by David outing him last week, but. Right.


But I don't know. I think he's I think he's a good he's good at the social game and being, you know, buddies with all the guys, even though well, maybe not David anymore, but yeah, I feel like I don't know. That's just good. I'm not saying it's a good prediction, but it's my prediction. Yeah.


I think, you know, with Kacer, with you gone, it seemed like the whole house wants to target the Janelle and Kacer duo. They got Janelle out last week, seemingly. We already we already know that Casey was on the block for this week. Him and him and Kevin are the two nominees. So we'll find out tonight who wins power veto and possibly one of them comes off, even though if you read the spoilers, you know, I was about to say you already look OK.


So we know. I mean I mean, I'm talking to you. Not like I obviously love spoilers, so they don't bother me at all. They actually make it more enjoyable for me.


Like, that's why I love them. Like, it does not ruin anything for me to know. It just just makes me more invested in the outcome. In the weirdest way, I've always been that way.


OK, so you know that Kevin won and put Christmas up and. Yes. So yeah. OK, yes.


Which definitely means life, which definitely means that it looks like I was gone.


I just can't imagine thinking about Christmas out. I don't think there's any sort of blindside coming here.


I don't know, Christmas to do anything to anybody to get voted out. And all the votes so far have been blowouts. I just don't see this being any different. This this slick six seems to be running the show anyway. If all six cases are, he's gone, you know. Yeah.


And I was actually happy when I read the spoiler to see that Kevin won the power of veto because like, he had been so devastated, you know. Yeah. That I was like, oh, OK. This is like a win for him. Like, I just I was I was happy for him that sense. So. Yeah.


And we will see it probably when this airs, which will be Thursday. I mean, probably tonight. Casey was getting voted out.


So yeah. Be sure that spoiling it for anyone. Yeah. I'd be shocked if he didn't. But Sarah so great kid getting caught up with you. I'm glad I can talk trash TV with you. Somebody else that I know is watching Love Island. It's great.


We're the two.


So again, thank you so much for coming on. I appreciate it. And for those. Thank you for having me. No problem. And for those that are in the Appleton, Wisconsin area, as of right now, you are set to be at the Skyline Comedy Club, October 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Right? Those are three.


Yes, yeah. And Portland area. It's the weekend of October. Twenty second that weekend.


So whatever that is that Thursday, Friday and Saturday of that weekend. So I literally just kind of like locked it down so the dates in my head. But they'll be up on my website by tomorrow. So perfect. And then keep an eye out. People will see how the rest of it goes. Yeah.


I mean, you definitely one of the the industries that has really been hit hard by covid. I mean, you just can't you can't perform in clubs. You know, some like you said, some clubs are at, you know, fifty percent capacity or whatever. But this is this is one of the industries that really, really hurt. So I'm sorry that it happened to you this way. And, you know, obviously others are affected as well.


But, you know, hopefully we get through this and. I can go back to a comedy club and I can be excited to go back to a comedy club and see people at the Addison Improv, where I go four times a year. So I know I love that place.


Yeah, yeah. You can feel free to laugh without worrying about your droplets. Yeah. Yeah, I know when we all get there, but thank you for having me.


No thank you for coming on. And yeah, we'll definitely be in touch and I'll text you, the comedian that I know is slipping my mind right now that I don't get.


I'm excited. All right. Take care, sir. OK, you too. Bye bye.


Thank you so much to Sarah for coming on and doing that. Yeah. If you're in the Appleton, Wisconsin area. Hey, go check her out beginning of October 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Portland at the end of October. Had her on about two years ago, I think always great talking to her, and we didn't even talk football. This time, her husband is punter Jon Ryan, who's played for numerous NFL teams and who currently is a free agent.


And we didn't even talk sports and sports with no fans. And what she thinks of the NFL season. And is John going to get picked up this year? I'm so sorry. I didn't get around to that. I did it before. The thing is, I forgot to do it because her and I talked about it before we started recording.


So I felt like I guess I felt like, oh, crap, we did we did do this.


But that's my that's my fault. Anyway, I hope you liked it. Is a really cool girl. I really like her stand up as well. And, you know, there's I like most comedians, there's I keep talking about this negativity, about these people. I just don't get there's very few that I'm just like they suck or why are they so popular?


Dane Cook up, but Dane been around a while. I just I've I've never gotten the hype around Dane Cook when he was like the number one comic out there. I didn't get it. And I still don't I don't think he's doing as much comedy now, as much standup, but I never got it. Anyway, thank you so much to Sarah for coming on.


Thank you all for tuning in. Please write, subscribe and review an Apple podcast. It's much appreciated. It certainly helps with the podcast, certainly helps with advertisers. And we want to get those ratings up as many five star ratings as you can. And if you are going to put a one star rating like I know some of you have actually put a legitimate reason why you think it's a one star rating, because I've seen some of the one star ratings on it.


And look, I don't think everybody in the world likes me. I get it. Not nobody in the world is universally liked. But when I see someone leave a one star rating and then a comment, that doesn't even make sense. I know they're just doing it to troll and to bring my rating down. You're an asshole. So I'd say that I just think it's you can not like I'm not saying you can't not like me, but give a legitimate reason as to why you're leaving a poor rating as opposed to some of the stuff that I've read on there.


It's kind of ridiculous.


But whatever it is, something that. You know, I don't what everybody gets it, like I said, nobody's universally liked, I get it, but I can tell when someone's just trolling in the in the ratings section, so.


But yeah, right. Whatever you want. Leave a comment. B great. Like I said, it helps the podcast. The Colten one a couple of weeks ago was the number one podcast on the TV and film category. The episode was and then my podcast that week was their own podcast and the TV and film category. It fluctuates week by week or it's all based on downloads and stuff like that. So anyway, I really bet you all listening.


We're coming up on this. December will be four years. I've had the podcast that is crazy to me, so we'll be back next week.


Not sure who yet, but I think I know who it might be. But we'll leave it at that. So anyway, thank you all so much for tuning into. Appreciate it. And we'll talk to you next week.