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You are listening to the reality seed podcast with your host Reality Steve. He's got all the latest info. And behind the scenes, Juice and Claires upcoming season of The Bachelorette and interviewing some of your favorite reality stars. Now, here's a reality, Steve. What's up, everybody? Welcome to Podcast's number one. Ninety nine. I'm your host reality, Steve. Thank you all for tuning in. Great show for you today. Casey Campbell, Temptation Island, season one.


If you've been a fan since season one, you know, she was a weekly guest back then, well, now she is back. We haven't spoken to her since the end of season two of Temptation Island. Got a lot of things to talk about with Casey, which will get to momentarily. I know a lot of you are waiting on spoilers and stuff like that, and obviously if I had them, I'd post them. I don't have them yet, so I will get them to you when I can.


And when I get them. And that's the latest on spoiler, sorry, there's nothing else to say. There's been a lot of things that happened this week in Bachelor Nation. Two things that a lot of you have emailed me about over the last couple of days. The interviews that Nick Viall did with Nikki Farrell. And Victoria, if Victoria Fuller. I haven't heard either of them. I don't really want to listen to them, but I know you want a reaction.


I don't think I'm going to give you a very long, detailed reaction if I do get around to listening to them, but I will address it on Sunday night if if whether I have to listen to them or I had somebody recap it for me, whatever the case may be, I don't know.


I do do I really have to sit through two interviews of Nick Vinals podcast, I, I don't want to. So we'll see. But anything I have to say about those two will be addressed in Sunday's Live with Ashley Sparboe. Which is always every Sunday night, always very entertaining Sunday night. 8:00 Eastern, 7:00 Central, 6:00 Mountain, 5:00 Pacific on my Instagram live, which is just at reality, Steve. And as for anything else going on in Bachelor Nation, obviously the spoilers are the big thing and we are done with bachelor programming until October 13th when the season starts airing.


I say, Claire, I keep wanting to say Clarissa or Galatia, since we know it's both of them. But yeah, October 13th. So we've got nothing. No more goat episodes. Those are all done. Thank God I watch the first three or four. I never watched one minute of probably the last six.


So anyway, that's that's where we're at with that. But I will, I will address those.


To podcast, if I get around to listening to them on Sunday, one podcast that I did listen to was Katie Morton on the Libya Crisis podcast. If you haven't heard that, go listen to it. It's really good. And I thought, Katie. Again, somebody that's out of contract decided to kind of spill the beans on what went really went down and how she was feeling with the whole Chris Bakowski thing on the last season of Paradise that we saw, which was season six.


And once again, a contestant tells you, yeah, what you saw is not what happened.


So go check that out. But as I said at the beginning of this podcast, this is broadcast number 199, which means next week is 200. When we were approaching my hundred podcast, I didn't plan ahead, I was just like, look, it's tough because I usually record my podcast one week in advance or even the day before sometimes, but it's never more than a week out.


But this is one I was like, you know, it's 200. I want to get somebody good. I want to get somebody that I've never had on before. And I did accomplish that. And it is Bachelor Nation and it is somebody that is relevant to the franchise and somebody that has never been on this podcast before. You're all going to hear it. And the only hint I'm going to give you is that. It's personal to me. This isn't going to be like a tea spilling podcast.


This isn't going to be like a Kolten podcast or a Meredith Philipps podcast or anything like that. This is just someone from the franchise that I think is an excellent guest and I have already recorded it.


And so when you're hearing this right now, I'll probably tweeted out later today, but it is recorded and I'll let you know about it on my Twitter. This isn't something I need to, you know, keep secret for a week or whatever, you know, because it's not there's no tea being spilled in this.


I think at the end of this podcast, you'll hear me say, I haven't recorded it yet because I recorded the ending probably two days ago. But I'm recording this opening the night before you're listening to this. And yeah, I recorded it today. So it's all set to go. And it's a lot of fun, especially the ending. But I'll let you know who it is and kind of fill you in on that.


But anyway, that'll be episode number 200. Wow. Next week started in December of 2016.


December of twenty sixteen. For years, I've been doing this podcast crazy. Anyway, you're going to like Casey Campbell and this one, because especially if you followed her since season one. This is I just I just love how she's a changed woman since that season. We talk about what's going on with season three just a little bit off the top of Temptation Island. If you didn't know it started filming two days ago in Maui after it was shut down for filming in Maui about a month ago.


So we talk about that.


We talk about her relationship with Evan. And if you haven't seen her YouTube videos or her.


Or Morgan Lolas YouTube videos, I suggest you go watch those at some point and we talk about how the whole Casey and Morgan relationship came to be their friendship that has developed from both being with Evan and the stories that they shared and stuff like that. And then a very interesting conversation. We spent a good 15 to 20 minutes on the fact that Casey has started an only fans account. And I know a lot of you have a stigma towards only fans.


And I'll be the first to admit so did I up until about, I don't know, like a month ago.


Maybe two months ago, where I just thought, OK, if you have an only fans account, you're doing porn, there are plenty of people that do porn on only fans, but that's not what only fans is for. That's not the only thing you can use it for. So a very good discussion about that and why she decided to start. And only fans account, even though it's no nudes and no porn. So we get into that as well.


So let's just get going. Here it is. Podcast number one. Ninety nine. OK, let's bring her in. You remember her from season one of Temptation Island. She was a weekly podcast guest during that season, which seems like it was about 15 years ago now.


And Scenery's it's Casey Campbell. Casey, how are you?


I'm good and happy to be back. I love you. Yeah, it's it's been a while, but probably probably try to think the last time we had you on it was about a year. We talked about the season, the last time we had you on. We wrapped up the season two shenanigans that were going on. Yes.


Yes. That is actually that was like a year ago. Crazy.


And my gosh. We talk about Temptation Island and so, like, I don't know, I think it was three or four weeks ago we saw a story break out of Maui that, hey, Temptation Island season three about to begin filming.


And then literally within 24 hours, the shut down the the locals out there, are they what are they called Hawaiians?


But the Maui locals are locals. Yeah, definitely.


I was going to call the Maui INS or something, but I probably just offended somebody by saying that.


But OK, so the locals, the locals in Hawaii literally stormed the mayors, the mayor's office, and was like, no, we're not having this show here. I don't care if they're isolated. I don't care if you do testing and all that. We're not having it. And then it just within 24 hours, it was shut down. But now the latest is, as we record this on Tuesday, September 8th is filming is set to go today and today we're going to see a premiere in January, right?


Yeah, I'm actually stoked. And I heard there they like season one and season two. They film for a month. They're actually filming for two whole months and they're quarantined like in one resort in Maui. So everything is going to go down at this one resort. And it was actually where I had my overnight date. So it's a sick, sick resort. Like I mean, it's amazing the amenities. It's on a beach, like it's insane.


I wonder if that's going to change a little bit of the dynamic in terms of, you know, when you're on the show, at least the first two seasons that we saw you. Women are with single guys at one side of the island and the men are with a bunch of single women on the other side of the island.


Now, if everyone's going to be in the same spot, will there be more opportunity for the couples to, I don't know, run into each other, running on each other and meet up with each other secretly, try and get out and be like, I don't know, like we just we won't know until this is all said and done.


And, you know, we start hearing stuff once people are back and yeah, once filming is over.


But it seems like you can't do the same exact thing you did in season one and season two in the snow in the same resort.


No, and this is the thing because like, I know what the resorts like, because it was me, I think Shari and Justin, and it's big enough where you can, like, literally be on like two opposite sides of the resort and like not see each other.


But that was only four of us.


I can't imagine doing it with like eight people in the couples and then twelve single girls, twelve single guys out, like nobody running into each other like it's a huge resort.


But like, I don't know how. I mean, it's going to be interesting. It's going to be it's going to be a different season for sure.


Yeah. And you know what? The biggest thing for me is? I'm just glad there's a season. I mean, I'm glad I'm glad that we're doing it. It's been proven, especially since The Bachelorette just completed their filming. It's been proven this bubble thing works and you can follow me. So I went to Love Island. Yeah.


I mean, it's still going on. It's definitely possible. Yeah.


With Love Island still going on and Big Brother is happening as we speak, you know, that's being filmed. So the bubble thing works now are the ah you know, not that the dates in season one and season two were ever really you didn't go very far. Right.


I was just like, hey, let's go down to the beach. Hey, we're going to go parasailing. I mean, you got to do stuff. The dates this season are probably going to be the same of, like Bachelorette and and Love Island where you're just not leaving the immediate area that you're staying in.


Yeah, that's kind of the vibe I'm getting. And I know the resort like they have a lot of stuff going on, like I didn't even get to experience it all. They have, like multiple pools. It's literally on the beach. So you can walk to the beach. There's restaurants like clubs.


I mean, it's like a very spoors. Like there's a there's a lot to do at this resort.


It's the Anderson Maui. Yeah, the Enda's. OK, so so they'll definitely be able to do like date ideas that are on the resort.


It's I don't know. It's going to be interesting. I'm kind of excited to see how it all works. I'm curious.


I don't know if we'll ever get a story. Maybe the Maui newspaper will write about it again. But I'm curious to see. If the locals are still pissed and, you know, obviously they were able to get through it to where they were like, look, this is what we're doing, and maybe they had to explain to all the locals, this is how filming is going to take place. You're safe. Don't worry. This covid isn't going to spread because everybody on that set is going to be tested and everyone's negative.


It's not going to go anywhere because they're not going anywhere outside of that.


Yeah, yeah. And that's the thing. Like I've lived on I've lived in Hawaii before on the Big Island. So I definitely know, like how the locals are. They're very protective over their islands.


And like, I think the thing for them is like on an island, like any sort of disease or whatever, like can spread so fast. So I think that's why they're freaking out. And plus it's like such a big production. Like, I don't think people realize, like how many people go on to the island. I mean, like when we go to film t'ai on Maui, like we take over the islands, like it's everyone knows everywhere we go, there's people like with their camera phones, like recording.


So I just think they already knew, like, what it was like. And I think they just kind of panicked. But I do know that because I've talked to a few different people, I think like production on the network, they actually like sent a proposal to like the mayor and the governor of exactly like the safety protocols that are going to happen and how it's all going to work. And that's why it got like re re like non postponed, I guess.


Yeah, yeah.


I think it was they had to explain to them this is what is going to go on.


I remember texting you about it because I remembered when we had our talks back on your season, you talked about the fact that you lived with Evan in Hawaii for a while. You were very familiar with. How low, because I was like, Casey, why are these people freaking out? It's a TV show and you were like, no, this is so serious. Yeah, they they already like I mean, like everything about the islands is like so sacred.


So already having like production and like movies filmed on their islands, it's already like kind of not the they're not fond of it I guess is how we can learn it.


So then on top of the adding, like a pandemic, they're just like they freaked out. And I totally I wasn't surprised at all by that outcome.


Yeah. And I think it's funny because there are so many things that are filmed out there. I mean, yeah. Lost filmed out there for six years and. Oh yeah. And Jurassic Park. I know parts of Jurassic Park were filmed out there, if I'm not mistaken. So I. Yeah.


And it's just I mean, there's probably way more other productions that I'm just forgetting. But those, those are two big productions that I know filmed in Hawaii quite a bit. And it's just like it's weird that they it's I get why they feel that way. But then you're also like, hey, this draws attention to you guys. But I guess that's their thing.


They don't want to hurt employment. They don't want tourists, though. They don't want people to visit. That's what they don't know.


True locals like true Hawaiian locals. Yeah. They're not about like tourists and all that because it's like they want to keep the snake, like, keep it sacred. Yeah.


You know, with season three starting today and I, I had no idea I was filming for two months, that's going to be interesting.


So now they're going to be I can't even imagine like that's like people are definitely leaving their significant others, like too much new mums and dads and now we are you shitting me.


There's no way I would in the last two months I'd have a whole new man. So there's no way.


Only 270 days. It only took about two weeks to drop you.


I mean, shit like, you know, sixty days we and all sorts of new couples.


I just can't unless unless literally a couple that goes out there, one of the four couples goes and just is kind of on the mentality of sorry jaivin where yeah, they are like that and and they don't even last too much. And they just say, look, after a month, even production is like, look, we're we're not getting anything out of them. They clearly are there for each other and and and let them let them go home. And just like, all right, maybe you can write.


That would be interesting. And who knows if they replaced him with another couple.


Because I remember on the original that did happen. One of the couples. You're right. Yeah.


One of the couples did wasn't they were like actually didn't they have a kid together or something? I think so. Yeah.


Yeah, I found out about it after the fact, which is amazing that how you know, that changes the early stages of reality TV. There'd be no way that somebody could get on a reality show right now, a couple get on a reality show right now with a kid and production.


Not even know about it. Like, come on. No, not even possibly even close.


They know they know your best friend from colleges phone number, I mean. Oh, yeah.


They they would know if you had a kid, but and I wonder, have you heard anything in regards of because they're filming for two months, maybe it's more than four couples or is it still four that I haven't heard.


I do know just like knowing like production and the different people that work on it, they're very much like they want to stick to the formula because they they've talked about like spin offs and stuff.


And actually, I was almost going to be a single on season three, but with their original Temptation Island, they're very good about sticking to the formula for couples. Twelve singles. No, like all stars. It's very they're very strict on that. So I don't think they would. But then at the same time, it's like they might want to spice some things up because it's going to be back right when everyone's really needing a new show.


Yeah. And I think, you know, you're looking at you said, like you said, two months. I mean, oh, I like you.


You have a chance in two months and I'm like loyals. Hell, yeah.


Unless you have Ushery Jaivin out there, one of the four couples. I got to think we're getting four break ups again. Yeah. Yeah.


We're going to call it right now because that's that's a long time unless like we mentioned earlier during these two months, they do give the couples more than a video clip where maybe they give them. Yeah, that's a good point. You get a call, you get a call once a week. I don't know. But then you would know what's going on with the other person. That's the whole point.


And what if they did like an overnight date, like a month in where you could go with a single or your original significant other? Oh, great.


Yeah, it would. I mean, it's a good idea because they're right, but. Well then it would just be like, holy shit, he didn't choose me. He's been over there for a month and he didn't choose me like right then. It's almost immediate breakup once you do the. If if they don't get chosen, I mean, there's so many different ways they can go with this, I'm excited. And it wasn't until you told me I had no idea.


We were looking at two months. I had no idea.


Yeah, no. I think it's because, like, they're kind of limited with, like, date options.


And I think because there's so many people filming at the same resort because, you know, like when it was a beach villa in Mount Villa, we could be filming like entire days at each location without worrying about having to run into each other. Yeah.


And we had different like production teams, like a beach villa production team, a mountain villa production team. I think the reason why it's taking so long is because it's all the same spot. So they have to do like one day we're filming the guys and the girls are just staying in their rooms. And then one day we're filming, you know what I mean? So it's like a lot longer.


So it's longer. But the amount of time that they spend filming the girls versus the guys is actually in the basement.


I'm thinking that's like the only reason why I would think it would be a whole extra month, you know?


OK, so I want to ask you this, and it's it's really weird because it's yours was two years ago and whatnot.


And you guys were like, even though the show had been on before, it was early 2000s, it's totally different this time around. You guys were more like guinea pigs on on your season of Temptation Island because it was it was being rebooted.


But 15 years later, it's like, look, we're starting over.




I don't even know if you can do this because of your experience, but what would be the best advice you could give any couple going on this show? Well, besides, just don't do it at all if you want to stay together, because I don't I mean, I think most people look at the show just like anybody who's really serious and really at a crossroads. Of their relationship shouldn't do this show. Yeah, you shouldn't it's just not going to go well for you.


Yeah. And out of eight couples that we've seen in the first two seasons, Shari and David are the only ones still together. Now, Nicole and Carl did find their way back to each other, which is something I want to talk about.


But we'll be your best advice to give to a couple going on this show, maybe even taking your own experience out of it, because yours was just so bizarre.


Yeah, my advice and I've actually thought about this before and people have asked me this first off in my mind and who I am today, if I was like truly like in love with someone and they were in love with me and like, we're building a life together. I mean, the thought of like putting him on a show like that with me, it wouldn't even cross my mind. Exactly.


So I think my biggest advice is like just the fact that you guys are willing to do this is already a major red flag.


So go in to that and just know that this might not be your person because you don't bring your person to an island.


So go into it, be respectful of your partner because like you want to be a good person and karma's a bitch. But it like also listen to your gut and your feelings in your heart because you might find your person in the show, to be totally honest, if you think you're there for a reason and it's not because you're with the right guy or right girl.




I mean, I like I said, if you're really serious about somebody and they're serious about you and you guys are really at a point in a relationship, you would never go on the show in the first place.


No, never. Like, I've actually thought about it like I've liked different guys like you over the past two years. I'm like, what? I want to go on, like, tii if, like, we were like serious and I'd be like, fuck no. Like there's no way like I couldn't be paid like, no, it's not happening.


It's just not. It's great entertainment for us, but for real life situation and a real life relationship, no, you don't want to put yourself in that position. You don't want to put your significant other.


Because the whole point of this show is, look, I know producers have a job and I know that they want to see people grow in their relationships. But the bottom line is, if they had a show where four couples went on and four couples never got tempted and never got cheated and never cheated on the other show, it wouldn't it would be it wouldn't be interesting. Sorry.


No, it wouldn't be interesting. That's the thing is like at the end of the day, what we're trying to make a TV show, we're trying to get ratings. So it's like, yeah, like that's great if we have like one happily ever after, but there can't be more than one happily ever after, you know, like we have a storyline to make happen.


Yeah. It just would be so boring. And you know what, after season two, which set the bar so high when you had sex on the first night with someone.


Oh, my God.


It's like it's almost like, well, gosh, if if we don't have sex or anything like that right away or if we don't have some sort of cheating immediately, we're almost behind the eight ball behind season two. I mean. Right. Everything that happened on your season and all the bad stuff that, you know, the with Evan and Morgan getting together, it still didn't happen till Episode five.


And then last last season, they come back with Ashley H.


And what's his name? Kwame.


What's his name was Nate CaBi Asaji and actually G. Yeah, Nonissues, ACG and KBE happened on the first day.


So it's like, how do we top that? The only way you talk about I guess it would be a threesome on the first day, like the only one, and that's something we even got last season.


So I think it's like that's what I'm saying.


It's like, look, people you have to understand what's going on here. They're going to make a show where there's cheating is going to happen. And you you you kind of have to be ready for that.


Oh, one hundred percent. And I don't think I mean, we talked about it enough with your season.


I don't think you were ready or you I don't think you ever thought it would happen to, you know, so like that's the thing.


Like what you said earlier is we were guinea pigs. One hundred percent. Like, I don't think people realize how in the dark season one cast was and how real season one cast was.


It's like we all singles couples. None of us knew what we were really signing up for. Like it really was like everything was in the moment.


Everything was real, like it was it was an insane experience.


And season two, like, yeah, it was fun to watch, but I get messages all the time. I see comments on different like blogs and stuff. It wasn't the same genuine like realness that we had in season one because they were prepared.


They they knew what they were signing up for.


They knew what was going to happen. They knew how it was going to work. They knew what limits to push. I mean, we didn't know any of that.


Everything, you know, happened with us was real in the moment and like raw and like it was nuts, but like a hundred percent, none of us knew how crazy it was going to be.


And you wonder if casting for season three, when they were doing casting, if they kind of asked couples to do it, that I don't know, didn't really care to watch season one or season two.


Like, you almost have to get the naive people because getting to they want to get that season one realness again.


Yeah, because you ask somebody if you ask a couple to come out to L.A. and you interview them and you put them in front of production and they're like, oh my God, we love season one. We love the Shari Jaivin couple. And we did. And they dissect it both seasons. It'd be like we don't want them because they're going to try and game the system and they're going to they're going to try and outdo us. And we don't want that type of headache.


We want people that are really oblivious to how reality TV works.


It's kind of hard. Exactly. It's kind of hard in twenty twenty to find somebody like that. But there are people out there. Yeah. And then you're going to have your couple. There's certainly going to be a couple that goes on it strictly that tells themselves whether or not they end up cheating or not. Probably yes. But that tells themselves preshow. Babe, this will be great for us. It'll be great for Instagram followings and all this stuff, you know.


Yeah, like that's like me and Evan, like straight up like in my gut, I knew that this is like not normal and like this is OK that a red flag. But that was literally our mindset. We're like, we're going to get like followers and like it. Life's going to be great. Like we're going to get like pay deals after that.


It's like, yeah, like straight up like there's definitely going to be a naive couple like that. Kind of turned out a little bit different than that for you.


A little bit better honestly. Yeah. I mean, you know, I don't even know how many people know this.


I mean, I'm sure obviously your people that are big fans of you and have followed you ever since your season are well aware of what's happened in the last few months with with and Morgan and release. Videos and stuff like that, but for those that don't know, you know, we've gone over your season with Evan ad nauseum. Like I said, you were a weekly guest back then. Yeah. Evan left you mid or left you on that season for Morgan.


You basically told everybody you said it on my podcast, like, look, wish them the best, but this ain't gonna last. I know him. I know I know who he is. And I know he's going to do it to her just like he did it to me. She didn't listen to you now and then for those that don't know, you know, tell everyone how you and Morgan. Post Morgan and Evans break up how you guys came together, you shared your stories about your time with Evan and you kind of grew closer because of it.


And then each within the last month or two released your own YouTube videos talking about what it was like dating Evan.


Yeah. So, yeah, I mean, my past interviews and podcasts with you and even on the show, like you can see there's like a partner like me in the cooler walking away. And I'm like, this girl has no idea what she's just signed up for. Like I've been saying it in the most respectful way because I know Evan better than anyone in this world. It's a fact. I don't care what anyone says. It's just a fact like I do.


I know that man.


You're ten years.


So, I mean, for people to forget your ten years with this guy with the last six being a couple like five.


Five and a half. Yeah. Yeah. So like I know him, so I always was respectful about it. But I'm also a very honest, blunt person. So I would always say it's like I wish them the best. Like I hope that they are going to get married. I hope they have a happily ever after and I hope he's really changed.


But no, like that it's a matter of time like but even missing a matter of time.


I actually did think that they would get married and have kids and this would happen in like five years.


Like I thought he would keep his shit together longer than like a year, like his like game has really gotten poor. So basically I was just chillin.


I think it was a couple of days before New Year's Eve. I was chillin.


I was like an eyelash appointment at the time, Erica. I was my roommate and I always have my phone on Do not disturb like anyone that knows me knows this. So I never get calls or texts until I check my phone. So I finally get down with my appointment and I'm not even kidding. The amount of text messages and calls I had from Erica, I thought like some I thought someone died, knock on wood, like I literally was like something insane has happened.


So I immediately call her. I don't even read the messages. And she's like, so basically I just did like everything and more to Morgan. And she wants your number. And I don't want to give it to her unless, like, you have permission and I'm not going to lie at first. My initial first reaction was like, this is going to sound bad, but I've been nothing but nice to her since. But it was really like, fuck this girl.


Like, no way. I'm not giving her my number. And I called my dad and my mom and dad both were like, no, do not give her her. No, she needs to deal with this on her own after everything she did to you and like, bullied you online and like, it was ridiculous. Casey, do not do it. So I spent like an hour to just like kind of thinking about it.


And I don't know, ever since I got out of my relationship, I mean, I really try to work on myself and like my mental health and just who I am is like a woman.


And even though a lot of people don't understand it, it's like I'm just trying to be the absolute best person that I need to be in my one life I've been given. So at the end of the day, it felt like it was the right thing to do because I knew what she was going through and I knew how confused and like lost she must be. So I texted her, I didn't call her. I didn't want to talk to her on the phone.


And it was just like the floodgates were open.


I mean, she just started telling me everything and she was asking me a million questions. And I was just kind of reassuring her, like, you know what?


Like this is what he does. Like, I'm really sorry that you believed in him, but like, it doesn't nothing you're saying right now. I was surprised, like, at all whatsoever. The only thing that's surprising me is like how quick it happens, because I thought he would probably keep it together a little bit longer. And we just talked for weeks and weeks and weeks and I really helped her through it.


And she made it clear in her YouTube videos she was still very lost and manipulated. So she was still talking to him. And I mean, I knew I wasn't stupid. I'm one of those people that, like, act like I don't know things. But what I actually know, well, I was just like letting her do her thing. And she kept asking me to do like a funny YouTube video with her. And I I mean, you know, besides talking with you about it in my last YouTube videos, I'm really trying to move forward.


So I kept telling her, no, no, no. And then she finally dropped her YouTube videos. And it was like the stuff that she said was just next level, dropped a bomb on everyone. And it got to the point where I had no choice but to address my relative, my past relationship with Ivan, because people were just kind of thinking I was OK with being in an abusive relationship.


And like, I was just fine and like I was just getting a lot of questions. So it got to the point where I had no choice but to clear the air and just do my videos and move on.


You weren't mad at her for doing her video, were you? Like, because it forced you to do yours?


No, no, no, no. I wasn't mad at her at all. I was actually very, very supportive. She actually even sent me some clips. Of her videos before she would post them and would ask me advice like, is this too much? Because she was still very angry. And I think you can sense the difference in our videos, how she's still very much in it emotionally.


And mine are very much like I'm done and over it, like, here's the facts and I'm like laying it out. I'm more upset over, like, what I'm dealing with now just because I was in an abusive situation for so long where she's still kind of wrapped up in heaven.


But no, I was very, very supportive of her and not mad at her at all about the videos. And actually, I will say Morgan Morgan is very good about warning me about things. So every time she goes to do a podcast and my name is mentioned, like, she'll let me know, she'll be like, either way, like this is exactly what was said. So I'm not ever blindsided by anything because she's very aware of how I'm really trying to move on.


Like I'm not I don't like being attached to Evan in such a public way anymore. Like, I want like you watched at the end of my YouTube video, like I want my happily ever, ever after like I want my person. So she was very, very respectful of the fact that I didn't want to do a YouTube video with her. And I was very supportive of her doing her own videos.


Yeah. And I don't want to sit here and rehash everything that Morgan said in her videos and you said in yours. But for those that didn't watch it, first off, I would tell you to go look it up on YouTube, go look up more alola on YouTube. And she did I think three videos maybe was a two or three a lot.


Yeah. I don't know. Yeah, she did two out of three videos where she literally broke down from the second her and Evan left Temptation Island season one to the second. They he left her high and dry in Virginia the day before they were set to move to L.A. together.


Yeah, you have to listen to it yourself. I mean, you rehashing it can't do it justice.


And it would take a million years and it would take that. Yeah, it would take forever.


Same thing with you. If you if you haven't heard if any of you out there listening haven't heard Casey go over her past with Evan, I would go look for it on YouTube. And the bigger the gist of the whole thing is.


Not because everyone is just like, well, you know, in terms of naysayers or haters, whatever you want to say, it's more along the lines of, I don't know, get over it or your fault for, you know, staying with him. That probably came up a lot. Your fault for staying with him. How how did you continue to stay with somebody who was you have nothing good to say about him now, but yeah, this was happening in relationship.


Why did you stay? But, you know, that goes into a lot of deeper things. And I think you dove into this in yours was. Yeah, just mind manipulation, mind fucking and, you know, almost being trapped and feeling like you couldn't couldn't get out of it. But the biggest thing that you were dealing with and what I've noticed through listening to Morgan and listening to you is.


You're dealing with someone. Who I'm not going to diagnose him, but one thing, I guess one thing I do know based on but both of you have said is he is a compulsive liar. And when you're dealing with someone who is a compulsive liar. Yeah. Someone that serious. It's it's not as easy as just saying, well, you lied.


I'm done. I'm out of here. It's not. No. And so go ahead and expand on like I'm not going into your video, but expand on exactly.


Yeah. You know, I'm comfortable talking to you about anything. Yeah.


So a few things first off, that I wanted to say from my video after I did it, their overwhelming response was positive. Like I actually got a crazy amount of apologies from people that had been hating on me for years. I mean, like the amount of apologies I received was actually overwhelming and made my family emotional and made me emotional. It was insane. And I had a lot of people that actually went on Hulu and watched my season after watching my video.


And they were like, holy shit. Like, so much makes sense.


Now, that didn't make sense until we watched your YouTube video.


Yeah. And the thing that I want to say is with someone like Evan, I mean, especially when you grow up with someone like Evan. And this is actually very sad. And again, I'm not a doctor. I don't know what he's been diagnosed with, but I watched Evan deteriorate over time. So Evan was not always that Evan that he is today.


There was actually a point in time where Evan was terrified of becoming what he has become today. And he really wasn't on it to be a good person.


And he he knew that he had serious issues. He was very aware of it.


So I think that's why it made it so hard for me specifically because I grew up with this person, like I've literally like we went to the same middle school once rival high schools, like we met each other and like, kissed for the first time when we were 19.


So for me, just being an empathetic person and and after everything he went through with his family, it was hard for me to give up on him because I knew how damaged and flawed he really was. And I just wanted to help him. But then it got to a point like what we were just saying, the pathological lying. And I I'm going to be totally honest right now. I didn't even realize how bad the pathological lying was until after Ty because I finished I mean, Ty.


And then people started reaching out to me like from cast and production with like questions, obviously. And everyone thought like insane things about me. They thought that I just stayed at home and did nothing, that Evan is like crazy, wealthy. And my mind, I was like blown away because these lies were just so over the top. And I always knew, like, he had a lying problem.


I said that in my video, but I didn't realize, like, the gravity and magnitude of the lying problem until after Ty. And honestly, I. I work for him. I feel bad for him because he's clearly very, very, very, very sick.


So, yeah, dealing with someone that's a pathological liar, unless you're in it, you can't fully understand. But it's a type of manipulation and abuse that, like, it really brainwashes you like full blown. Like I was brainwashed. I was not the person I am today. My family knew I was brainwashed. My friends knew I was brainwashed.


And unless you've experienced it, you just really you can't speak on it because you're just you're going to sound ignorant.


Yeah, no, I when I listen to it and I and I watched it and it's stuff that you had told me in the past in text conversations before.


But to, you know, to to watch a YouTube video, to listen to details because you had notes taken where you because you didn't want to forget stuff and you want to know this wasn't just a stream of consciousness thought of like, oh, I remember one time when we were dating and he did this like, you know, it was like, oh yeah.


All planned out. It was this is what he did. You know, you have receipts of everything. And, you know, this was, again, for those that didn't. See it yet, I would go watch Morgan and encases YouTube videos for sure.


Yeah, and look, I don't want this to be a you know, by doing that, it's almost like, well, gee, Steve, let's pile on even now.


And it's like, look, you know, I don't know, Evan, other than the times that I spoke to him, the two times that he was on my podcast, but also the two times he was on my podcast, I didn't know what I know now about him. So I can't put much stock into what he told me on those podcast because I know he is a compulsive liar because I've seen certain receipts.


So, yeah, that's the thing where I'm going to be like, OK, I don't want to pile on the guy because I there's a part of me and I'm sure there's a part of you. You can't you've moved on from him, but he's still a guy that was a major part of your life.


Yeah. If if if you found out something bad happened to Evan, you would still. It would hurt. I know. Oh yeah.


No, I think about it all the time. Like it's a regular thought because I know how like not OK he is so. Yeah. Like I'm, I love that.


Like we're bringing awareness to this type of issue because it's actually extremely common, but people don't understand it. And I feel like me and Morgan truly are helping people all over the world. But at the same time, I think everyone needs to remember that this is not like a normal individual. That is just like being an asshole to be an asshole, like there's something actually very wrong with him. And like we all need to like.


Yeah, like, let's say the facts. But at the same time, like, just let him be and like he needs to heal and figure shit out.


And it's almost like, look, it's a it's. I don't think he'll listen because it's coming from his two exes, but, yeah, Evan needs help and I don't know if he when he hears it. And that's basically what your videos were like. This guy needs help. Yeah. He's going down a path that's not good right now. Oh, good. And someone needs to intervene. Someone needs to step in. But we don't know who's close to him anymore.


It seems like the people that he does hang out with are more enablers than people looking to try and get 100 percent.


Thousand percent. So that's what I mean. It's just like, look, we can say it. So we're blue in the face. You can say it, Morgan can say it, but hopefully it gets through to him. Somebody somewhere gets through to him, because even though I don't know the guy, I don't want to see anything bad happen to him.


I know, you know, and I think people forget that like we're human. And this is actually like, yeah, it's crazy that it played out on a reality show in such a public way.


And like, yeah, it made season one entertaining as hell. I mean, two years later, people still want to ask us about it.


Why do YouTube videos, podcasts? But it's like at the end of the day, it's our real life, like this is real shit that we deal with on a daily basis. So I think people forget that.


Well, for sure they do. And that's where it's just like, look, this is more of a cry for help for him. And hopefully, definitely hopefully he gets around to it and listens at some point. Yeah. Or else he's headed down a road that just doesn't that just doesn't look good and you know. Yeah.


And that's one thing I wanted to say about bringing up receipt is I did have a few people because I think I posted like back in the day.


I posted like one screenshot of the like pages of text messages I had after tii from him.


And they were like, oh, like he was just being nice to KC, like saying he was like on a Pentagon tour, like he was doing anything inappropriate. I'm like, OK, what about like the one where he's saying I'm etched into every fabric of his life and it's far from over and he's calling me a little bird and telling me he loves me.


I'm like, frickin Steve. You've literally seen them all. Like, I'm like, this guy would say the craziest things and people are finally just now believing it.


But I literally was labeled like I was the psycho, like I was the pathological liar for two years in front of the world. It's insane.


He was saying all that stuff while he was literally either sitting right next to Morgan or. Yeah, driving out there to see her. It just. Yeah, yeah.


It was it was nuts. It was nuts.


But like I said, I didn't wanna spend too much time on it. But you want to know the story and and the lies that this guy told over the course of numerous years together with you. And in the one year that he was together with Morgan. I don't even know sometimes if you put me in a room and said, Steve, come up with the best, most creative lives you can come up with about yourself.


If I could come up with the stuff that Evan did, I just it's bizarre.


I was like, yeah. And like, for no reason.


Yeah. Like, there's no reason, like me and Morgan both.


Like, we're we're very different. But we also have a lot of similarities. We're both very low maintenance girls.


Like I don't need to be with a guy that has a lot of money that has like a trust fund like it. Just the lies that he says are just literally for no reason. Like there's no purpose for them.


Yeah. I mean, saying he owned bars and oh, I have this going on, this go when he had nothing and had and had nothing in his bank account. It's just like, OK, that's some serious, like you said, next level.


Yeah. I want to switch gears now and talk about something that has come up recently with you and.




And it's and it's fascinating to me because I will be the first to admit I when I had first heard of what the story is you have started and only fans account and yes, your only fans account is. Pictures of yourself, not nudes and not and not porn, no. So this is where I come in and say for the longest time, first off, I don't know how long only fans has been around. This seems like a fairly new thing.


Six months, 12 months.


I mean, I honestly, just like I don't really know. Yeah.


I think it's been a maybe I don't know, maybe a few years, but it got really popular, I want to say, the last year or two, like really popular.


OK, yeah, it became a thing. And when I first heard about it, I think the first way I heard about only fans was Chad Johnson from The Bachelor. And he basically started a porn career. And I'm like, I don't get how this works. So you just pay a monthly fee and you can watch Chad Johnson jerk off.


Who the fuck wants to do this? And I know.


But then it turned into he started doing collabs with other women. And basically he is selling himself, having sex with women on his only fans accounts, which is which is copyright protected. So I'm just like I just had such a bad taste in my mouth of this thing.


Yeah. And then it's Chad Johnson. Yeah. And especially it's Chad and I had people reaching out.


I saw the ad that Chad put out on Craigslist to recruit women. I had women. He did recruit contact me and say this is what this guy is doing. So, yeah, I mean, so I got dragged into it somehow. And it just so the whole thing left a bad taste in my mouth.


But then I started to realize I thought only fans was literally just for porn or nudes. That's why I thought it was.


And to be honest, I thought that same thing until like a few months ago. Yeah.


And come to find out, it's not the bottom line is I could start and only fans account tomorrow and put a newsletter on it. You pay a monthly fee to get a newsletter from reality TV. I could put my spoilers on only fan. I could do private emails. Yeah, you pay whatever I set of that. You pay for ninety nine a month and you can privately email me.


It has nothing to do with strictly nudes or porn. But do, do a lot of people use only fans for that. Yes they do, yes.


But you have decided to. So just take us through your thought process of why you decided to, to start with the fans account. And like we said, it's not you're not going to I'm sure you've been hit up by guys saying, hey, will you send me a video of you playing with yourself or something?


I'm sure you've gotten it, but not in some funny request. Yes.


So but just just explain, like what you thought, why you wanted to do it and and what you do do on your only fans account and shit.


Pitch yourself to anybody listening who wants to maybe purchase your only fans account. Yeah.


So basically as I think most people know that follow me.


I was an executive assistant for almost two years before this whole pandemic happened in March. I got laid off from my job, which honestly was kind of a blessing in disguise because I wasn't really happy there at all. I feel like it was kind of like a universe God kind of like finally like pushed me out of my comfort zone.


And I had always known about only fans and I always knew, like it was girls doing like porn and nudes and making like a shit ton of money.


And it always kind of bothered me because I'm like, damn, like I want to do something like that, but I don't want to do like porn, like show myself naked, but I want to be like paid for my content. Like, what the hell. Yeah.


So I was actually in Dallas on one of our like Fab Four trips with the guys. Carl and Jaivin were there as well.


And when we get together, all of us, we really I think we kind of inspire each other because all of us are like very much like work hard, play hard type of people. And we all have like our different ventures and we all still do like social media and reality TV and like entertainment stuff.


So we all kind of bounce ideas off of each other. And I just kind of threw it out there at lunch one day. I was like, what if I did? Only fans? But and at that point, what I was going to do is I was going to do like lingerie pics, but where stormtrooper mask. So no one knew it was me, but every single picture was going to be like crazy. Andre takes with the stormtrooper mask and they were like, damn, can you see?


That's actually like a really good idea. And so then I just kind of went from there and I was like, no, I was like, you know what, like screw it. Like I'm going to break this frickin stigma. Like I'm in a post content on there that I don't post anywhere else. If people want to see it, they have to subscribe.


And I'm going to be myself because like, yeah, any girl can be hot and show their naked body and you request, but not any girl can be hot and lingerie and have like a fire personality and like be funny and like have good conversation and dimes and like do funny cooking videos.


And I'm like, you know, I'm going to make it my own little network. So I just said, screw it. And a bunch of my friends and even my family. They all were like Casey, like, you're going to get hit, eat, like people are going to assume we're doing porno. I'm like, you know what, I'm going to be the first one to, like, change that. Like, I'm just going to do it.


I'm going to make it my own little show. And honestly, it's been like a week and I'm not going to get in how much money I've made. But it's been pretty frickin successful so far.


And I haven't even really done like insane content yet. I've done I've just done like some selfies, some cute, like lingerie pics. But eventually I want to do like workout videos on there when I do like funny cooking videos, more like a studio type photo shoots. But yeah, it's been going well.


I actually have other reality stars and other social media people reaching out to me now, asking me like how I'm doing it, how it works, do I really don't have to post nudes? And I don't know, man. I just think to be a leader, not a follower.


And that's Pat. Yeah. I mean, you've done well for yourself and you've only had, I think two weeks now or something like that. Yeah. And you know, for those that are asking and I had this question, I think I think I know the answer to it, but people are like, so how is that any different than anything else that you post on Instagram?


So basically what it is, is someone would go to your only fans page and whatever, whatever your monthly subscription is, whatever you have it set for. What is your price right now? Minus 20.


OK, so 20 bucks, you pay 20 bucks. And for 30 days you get whatever content that Casey chooses to put up on her exactions page now.


You know, like you said, we don't do nudes. You don't do porn, you post a picture of a lingerie pic. If someone screenshots that pic and sends it out to a message board or sends it out and it ends up you end up seeing it somewhere online, then what can you do?


You can do the hell out of them and press charges because you have a copyright notice in there and everyone has a copyright notice.


Will anyone that's like smart and running it like an actual business has a copyright notice immediately in their feed?


And actually all of my content and only fans in whether it's a video, whether it's a picture, it actually has my like link at the bottom.


It's like only fans dot com slash Casey next door. So if they screenshot it and post it somewhere else, like you can see my link on a picture. So, yeah, that's actually something I just had that something like that happened. Nothing got leaked, but someone threatened me in a REDgroup.


They're like all get to see your nudes when they get leaked on here.


And in my mind I'm just like, honestly, I hope that happens so I can sue the hell out of you.


Yeah, unless you can never trace who took the screenshot, that would be the issue. Right. Because what if someone took a screenshot and just posted it somewhere under, you know, obviously they would never post it under their real name. So that's that's the thing that would get tricky. But that's where you're protected in only fans is. Oh, yeah, definitely.


And that's why, like the porn industry and like they really took off with only fans because no one there, you're allowed to post eighteen plus content, whereas Instagram, Twitter, like you can't.


And the number two, like you can have a copyright notice. So everything is protected on your page. So that's why I'm so appealing to the porn industry. But yeah. Yeah definitely.


I mean even Sharon jaivin, they both have only fans now and the three of us, we, we kind of brainstorm together all the time and they do theirs.


It's like fitness and lifestyle stuff that they don't post on their regular social media accounts and they have people subscribe to them as well.


So I think it's just a matter of time that the more people that start doing it, the way I'm doing it, I mean, it's going to be a matter of time before it's the norm.


Yeah. And the stigma being it's not just for porn and knew exactly. That's where I guarantee 95 percent of the people listening in right now before we just went over that probably thought it was for porn Inuit's. I did up until a hundred percent.


And that's kind of my M.O. like since I was like a little kid, I've always been the person that like like if I want to do something, but other people, like, look down on it or whatever, it's like I'm going to take that idea and I'm going to turn it into my own thing. And like that's what I did with only fans. It's like, screw this.


All these bitches are making like crazy amounts of money a month, like, to frickin post themselves and Nakib like I'm going to make money doing the same type of thing, but like not actually selling anything.


And I'm actually doing it. Yeah.


And that and that's great. And I think that the people look, I've heard stories of the women who do do porn on that thing. Yeah. The bank that they're making, I mean, it's.


Oh no, that's the thing. I will make that clear. Like some of those girls are making like 30, 40, 50. KAMMEN Yeah. Me not posting my titties.


I'm not going to be making 30, 40, 50, K a month. OK, yeah, but is it going to be a nice source of income. One hundred percent.


Yeah. Yeah. And it's yeah. And you might and people might think like whoa. Are you serious. Yes, we're serious. That's the type of serious these girls are like millionaires.


Yeah. Like they, it's a business. They're hustling and they are making crazy amounts of money trying to retire real quick so they don't have to show anything ever again.


Yeah. And it's not like and it's not like they're just shooting it on their iPhone and turning their iPhone around. And, you know, I mean, maybe some are doing it that way, but, you know, they've got of better quality.


Yeah. They've they're hiring camera crews. They're hiring they're getting the perfect, you know, backlighting in there, the ring lights and all that stuff, like it's one hundred percent. It's a thing.


And I, I respect the hustle now. Before I would have laughed at it. I respect the hustle. I don't really think you know the stuff that Chad's doing. If you want to go the porn route, I mean, that's your own deal. But that guy is also headed down a road that I don't think is all that positive right now. So definitely not.


Seems to be doing a lot more, talking about how much, you know, when Chad constantly has to tell people how much he's making and how great he is. Oh, my God. Yes, I'm going to start a porn palace like that.


They're actually broke and like not who they say they are.


If you're always talking about money and posting about it, red flag, which is which is all he does and he's got his part, his porn palace, I think we heard about four months ago. And it's still hasn't come to fruition. So I don't know, maybe it'll start tomorrow. And Chad Johnson will be the king of pawn in two years and one and we'll all be bowing at his feet.


I, I tend to get my wife's back. Yeah.


I tend to guess otherwise, but, you know, who knows. Maybe. No surprises, but, yeah, I mean, I've been I've been alerted to the some of the stuff that he's saying and doing, and it just it's a lot of talk.


It's a lot of talk. And unless you literally show us your bank account, it's just it's just words to me.


I don't. Yeah. And and the fact that he thinks that's the end all be all in life kind of shows that his priorities are a little bit out of whack.


Yeah, just a tad. Yeah.


So, I mean, but look, I, I'm glad that you're doing it or I'm happy that you're doing it. You said you're only it's only fans. Dotcom and backslaps.


Casey next door. Next door.


But you've but and you will promote it on your Twitter. It's on your Instagram account. So anybody that follows you on Instagram that wants to have access to it.


Yeah, it's just you can just swipe up and it'll bring you right to your page. Yeah.


Where you sign up and then once you because I don't like overly promote it on my like I promise I'll do like one picture like here and there with like a swipe up. But I'm not like overly promoting it, but I still get like subscribers every day.


So people are definitely clicking the links. So I think that's the biggest thing.


If you're trying to promote anything like that, like only fans YouTube, if your YouTube is monetized, definitely have it in a link in your bio because people do click those all the time.


And not only is it just. Well, Casey. Wow. So you got a few subscribers. What if they don't subscribe the next month? You don't understand. Once you're in it, once you're subscribed to Casey's page. Yes. You get her content that she puts out on her page every month, but you also can tip her.


Yeah, I got a tip yesterday. You can just send a tip or you can also request. Something that you want personally, and I think and honestly, I've I've spoken to people about this and I did a little digging on only fans because I was just so curious about it.


Yeah. And they were saying, like, look, it's more along the lines of because I was like, why would somebody pay not just for Chad Johnson? Anybody on why would somebody pay for that when porn is free? I don't get it. Why would you pay for someone?


And what about the personality and the talking with them? Exactly.


And it was more like, look, once you're in and you're a subscriber to somebody's page, if you if someone emails you and says Casey really liked you on Temptation Island, think your sexy love in these pics, can you send me a boost to APIC or something like that? But you personally sending them a message for X amount of whatever you want to charge them? That's where that's the hook for them.


It just it's just personal feel of wow. Casey Campbell, who I watched on TV, who I find ridiculously sexy, is messaging me back and sending me something like that's what they look at it as.


And that's honestly, like most of my the my income that I'm making from only fans isn't even from subscribers like monthly subscription. It's from exactly that. So my subscribers, everyone's actually been very respectful, like it's been a really good experience so far. Knock on wood. But that's where I'm making most of my money is because they like talking to me like for real.


Like I just answer my DMS daily. It's like normal everyday conversations. And then like sometimes they'll want something like they'll be like, oh like can you sound like a booty pick and like bikini bottoms. And it's like, OK, like here you go. And like they'll pay for that. Or like one guy wants me to wear like my black lingerie outfit with like black boots and like take a picture in that. So it's just I don't know, it's just I have my boundaries and I have my limits and they're set and I have I have had people ask me for things that are OK over my limits.


And I'm very clear with them. It's like, no, I'm not going to do that, but I can do this. Or like if you have something else in mind and everyone's very respectful, but that's what they're paying for, is the interaction with the person and the person's personality. Because you can literally go on PornHub right now and watch porn, but you can't talk with an actual person that has a personality and like is joking around with you, asking about your day and like you're asking about their day and then you get cute pictures from them.


Can you go live on your only fans? I'm still like like learning about it all because I have had people ask me that, like people want me to go live and, like, talk with them the way I do on my ECG. I think you can, but I'm not sure how to do it yet.


So I'm still learning all of those type of things. But I think that is a I think you can.


And then for those that don't know a big thing that happened and only in the only fans world within the last couple of weeks, my Bellhorn.


So Bella Thorne started not only fans account and she promised people, hey, um, she did like a pay pay per view message, which is something that I actually do like I'll send out like a mass message in the morning.


And it's like a cute, flirty, like video of me, like in my blanket in the morning or something, not showing anything, but it's like sexy.


And she told everyone, like, hey, to open this message, it's two hundred dollars and it's a nude.


But then everyone frickin paid for the message and it's her in lingerie.


So she scammed an insignificant amount of people and now it's affected like all of only fans in the entire like pay structure because she made millions of dollars and everyone wants their money back and they want their money back.


So now you can own the max amount of tips you can leave for somebody is a hundred.


Yeah. Is it one hundred per picture or a hundred total. One hundred.


Like I want to say it's per picture because there was like there wasn't a limit on it before. And I think now it's, I think it's 50 or 100. I'm not sure though I'm still learning, but that's why I like me. Like I made it so clear in my bio, like before you even subscribe, like exactly what you're signing up for, because I think that's what people really need to remember. When you're doing something like only fans, it's like it is a business and like you are taking people's money.


So you don't want people to think it's something that it's not.


So like I'm very clear that there's like no nudity. I'm very clear that if you guys, like, start like harassing me or asking for things I'm not OK with, like you're going to get kicked off.


Like, you have to make it clear, like they're getting what they're paying for.


And what is the other thing about what did the hurt? Bella doing that due to private messages in terms of money, you can make off that, I think it capped it like you're just saying. I think it's like you can't go more than 50 bucks. Oh, it's 50 on a private message. Yeah. And I think the tip is one hundred and tipping is one hundred. OK, so that's what it is. Yeah. So before I think it was I didn't even have a cap.


I didn't maybe I don't think there was a cap because no one's ever met people like that before. Like it's never been like that big, big of a deal. And because she's so famous, like I think she made like two frickin million dollars and like a weekend. So only fans like they take a cut of everything that we make. So they all these people that she scammed, they're calling support, wanting their money back.


So they had to dish out like an insane amount of money.


So it affected, like only fans craters everywhere, like with getting their paychecks and paying their rent and bills.


Yeah. And maybe maybe it'll go back up after this settles down. I don't know. Yeah. I mean, you could have you could someone before this Bella one thing happened, somebody could have emailed you and said, Casey, I will pay you 5000 dollars if you send me a pic of you in bed in lingerie. And they and it could have been it could have happened like.


Yeah, it could not anymore. Now it's 50 bucks. It's capped. If you send a private message, it's crazy. But, you know, like I said, it's the hustle is there. And it's not just a porn site. Let's make that clear.


What people want of my guy friends, because I talked with him about it and he was like, yeah, he's like I knew about only fans way before people knew about it for porn. Like, I would go on it to look at like travel blogs and like learn like cooking stuff like literally like you can go on someone's only fans and it's like a blog of all the places they traveled in different like restaurants, they eat out.


There's like people that do just like cooking, people that just do workouts.


Like there's all sorts of different types of profiles you can subscribe to lifestyle, fashion. It's just that porn.


There's no other social media site that you can literally pay to see anyone you want doing porn and news. So and then for the porn industry, like you're a porn star, you don't have to use a manager anymore.


You can just manage your own business. So it's perfect for the porn industry. But no, it's definitely used for a lot more than just that.


Yeah. And I don't want my fans thinking that I'm actually considering moving my spoilers to a pay site. I'm I'm not using only fans. I was just curious about the industry when you could definitely.


Yeah. When I heard about the Chad stuff and I saw him promoting it, I'm like, wait, what is this? What is he doing? I didn't want to be ignorant about it because I wanted to talk. There's a couple of times on my live on Sunday nights where I have talked about Chad and the and what he was doing. And I was just I didn't want to sound ignorant and I just wanted to make sure I was I knew what I was talking about was like, OK, this is how it works.


I had no idea. I just I didn't understand. And I get it now. And like I said, there's yeah, there's a hustle there. He's doing you know, he's doing street porn and he's doing the business.


Yeah. Being a pig about it and, you know, shoving it in your face on on his Instagram stories and stuff like that.


But that's what he wants to do. It's what he wants to do. Yeah. But yeah, I congratulations on that. And like you said, you can sign up and only fans dotcom backslash Casey next door.


Casey, that before we head out of here, I had a question just following your Instagram. Account and your stories, you're obviously a big TV watcher, you get caught up on a lot of movies and Netflix shows and stuff like that, I have I have a. And what's. A question I'm going to give you two guys and you need to tell me which I'm trying to determine which one you like more based on what I've seen you say on, oh, God, I'm nervous.


So which which. So who would you prefer? Oh, Zac Efron. Oh, God.


Or or Jacob Lordi. Oh, God.


You're really giving me a tough one. One of them is like six five. One of them is five eight.


One of them is also thirty two. And one of them is twenty three. And there's also that.


Yeah. OK, so Jacob awardee. Yeah he is hot.


Love him in the kissing booth. He's like tall is ripped but yeah he's super, super young. He is like hopping all over the place like I think he just Zentan is now is like Gerba.


I don't know, he's just seems like honestly he kind of seems like an uneven like not a God and then but he's crazy hot don't get me wrong.


But Zac Efron, I don't know. I just love him. Like he was like my type when I was like in high school and he was doing High School Musical.


And now he's like a freakin 32 year old man and he's like ripped and scruffy and I don't know, like his new show on Netflix that like nature show what what do you know what I'm talking about.


Oh, yeah. Well, I know, I know. Watching the nature I know from watching your Instagram stories what it was because I had no idea was doing that.


And then I saw oh, I just watch it for him. Yeah. You're like, yeah. Oh you're like that can get it. That's what you. May I go for it.


I would, I would definitely go with Zac Efron. One hundred percent. He's my age. He's hot. Yeah. He's like smart as hell.


And I know that Jacob Olaudah is like the new he's like the new one because kissing booth. Yeah. Euphoria where all the women really that everyone is into to him that was the start of him being, you know, the the new it young boy now.


Yeah. But yeah. And he's and he's got the you know, because in in euphoria, you know, he just I had no I guess this happens a lot obviously with acting. I had no idea he was. Yeah. An accent I didn't know idea he was from overseas. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Where's he from. Is he British or Zee.


I wanna say actually I want to say Australian.


Australian. I was just say. European or British or Australian, I didn't know. Yeah, it's one of those because I never hear him with an accent, but yeah, because he wasn't an accent kissing Booth didn't have any kissing booth and doesn't have it in euphoria. So, yeah, OK.


I just want to I just wanted to see if you had to choose and you were forced to choose Zach. Zach so Zach can get it.


It wouldn't even be that hard of a choice honestly because it's like no I'm like a mature like if you would have asked me this like five years ago, I would have picked Jacob.


But now that I'm like a strong, confident woman, I'm like, you know what? Jake is a little Fatboys twenty three years old. I'm thirty one. Like, we're going with Zach because he's like, hot as fuck.


Funny can sing. He's smart, but he's also like stable, you know, and like knows who he is.


I think I saw today. Did you see this. He was holding hands with a new girl, Zach. Zach or Jacob? Jacob, no, Johanes, no, Jacob to Zac Efron has a new girl.


Oh, I'm going to Google as soon as you get off.


Her name is everything you need to know. Two hours ago, I was on people dotcom. Everything you need to know about Zac Efron's new flame, Vanessa Valot, Valladares Vallet.


Nobody here. Is she somebody she is. She doesn't have a ton of Instagram followers. She is.


I love what he was. Photographed having lunch with her Saturday at a beachside cafe in Australia.


She works as a waitress and she's a normal person.


She's she's a normal girl. She's got a booty on her. Um, but she does care for all of this. She does do some modeling, but she's only got she's got sixteen thousand followers on Instagram.


See, I just like Zach even more because of that.


You know, like he is just he likes he likes she doesn't have to be famous. She doesn't have to be like an IG model, just a regular girl.


Yeah, she does modeling but she's not like. She's certainly not. Aduba. Yeah, she's not like you go on her Instagram and it's nothing but her boobs out in front of you. Yes, like she's classy. She's yeah she's yeah.


So she works as she works as a guest at this restaurant, this Byron Bay General Store and cafe in Australia and. Wow. You seen holding hands with her. So I guess that's his new thing. I love it. Vanessa Villedieu us I stand.


I've never said that in my life. First time I ever said that. I go. Well, Casey, thank you so much for coming on. It's always a blast talking to you. When sometime in between January and March one.


I'm assuming Temptation Island three will be will will definitely have you back and we'll have you back on to talk a little T-3. So, yeah, definitely.


Good luck with only fans. Take care. And obviously we will definitely be in touch.


All righty. Bye bye. Thanks so much to Casey for coming on. I think I say this every time I do have her on, if you were listening to my podcast back during season one of Temptation Island when Casey was a weekly guest, we had her on 11 straight weeks at, you know, to talk about the episodes and stuff like that, listening to her then and then listening to her now. It's night and day, it's a completely different person, you can hear how confident she is back when she was on, you could tell that she was still.


Just in kind of shock of what happened to her on season one when Evan left with Morgan, but now the confidence just shines through. I love talking to her. I love hearing from her. And I did want to have her on because I really did want to talk about this only fan's thing, because I do think it did have a stigma to it. Probably I probably contributed to that stigma, but. Like I said, I can start only fans tomorrow and just send out a newsletter and send out my spoilers on that, I never will.


I'm not going to charge you guys for spoilers because my website makes me money that way, but.


It's more than that, I think I think the other thing that's going to take off on only fans is probably fitness stuff where people that do workouts that you see them put it on their Instagram stories or put it in their Instagram feed. Now they can just say, hey, for 999, look at my workout today. And, you know, you can set your prices on anything on that. People can tip you. You can get, you know, personalized messages, all that stuff.


So good for her. I'm glad that she started that. And if you're interested, like, again, like I said, only Farncombe backslash Casey next door. That's Casey.


I thank you all for listening to podcast number one. Ninety nine, please write, subscribe and review and Apple podcasts. Certainly much appreciated. Next week, episode number 200. I actually planned ahead on this one and I'm recording with them tomorrow, which would be Wednesday the 9th. I'm. I will say it is Bachelor Nation related, it is some it is a big name from the franchise. It's not someone that has never done an interview before. It's someone that you definitely have heard from before.


Probably not too much. It'll be interesting and it'll be interesting because the reason I'm having them on has a lot to do with me. I'll just leave it at that.


But this isn't something I'm going to tease for a week once I get it recorded. And once you're hearing this podcast with Casey on Thursday, I'll probably start tweeting about it on later on today or even over the weekend. So it's not going to be something that I'm, you know, promoting the hell out of and stuff like that. It's I hope you all listen to it next week for episode number 200, because I'm looking forward to speaking and conducting this podcast.


So, yeah, I'm looking forward to it. I hope you all will listen next week as well. But crazy 200 episodes. I never thought I'd get to 200 when I started this thing. But it's all thanks to you guys opportunity. So I appreciate it for Casey Campbell, inreality. Steve, thank you all for tuning in. And we will talk to you next week with episode number two on.